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Cranbrook Herald Jan 15, 1903

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. QkO, A. COX, 1'resi.leiH. tl. B. Wai.kkk. Gen   M:.
I'llil Up   Capital
T«il.l   Ki*..Hiri'i*.
Ss.iwii.iiiki im
'.snu.imii nn
.i.wm.iMiii un
Deposits Received,   liciicral lliinkiiiK Business Transude
saviniis HtNk DBPAB M8M1 Diwilli Received Inltrctl allowed,
This Means any
$211.00 COSTUME $13.50
$15.00 COSTUME $10.00
None have been in
stock over 2 months
For nny Hud of merchandise
■•mill* An Gilpin'-. ilrsl \Vehii\e
nil v«ni wa t ami  it will rave
tune lo gel nil III otic place.    If
wm have fniWd m find whnl
joti want TRY GILPIN'S nnd
joui tri ubits me over.
We do an immense business because our prices antl goods suit
and Glass Fitting has advanced to a science and thoughtful >•*-*,
m. people are every day showing their appreciation of this tact. r\
B By means of modern methods we can give results impossible a fi
ja-j few years ago.   It will pay you to look into this. %j
Black Prince   Hand Made       Lippencutt     j j
Is bad (or the eyes: You will save trouble by using our
colored glasses. II this does not prove .1 remedy then
come in and have your eyes examined Iree ol charge.
6llici.il Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C. P. R.
We wish all our numerous customers and patrons a  J J
Happy New Year
and arc sure W0J will  be youi  most prosperous year jj
j j il you trade with the ; j
King r.ercantile Co.
Reduction in Hardware I
Prior to annual stock taking I will make a
big reduction in all lines of goods for cash.
This will give an oppouunity for bargains. -—
The Pioneer Hardware Store
Q. H. Miner.
m» >^-^»*fr-s*>-?-S*?-9'&^VKi**frtf-***i_
l,'»it week we sent   out   a   number of
statements ot  subscription iccoanti to
tholB who me 111 itneiiri to Tbe ller-
nlil. One man who bu**- beta rending
Ilu- Ileralil Itir several yeais nml wbu
lins nut beet) pushed   fot   whal be OWH
ih semis lbe following reply:
Mr. I'Mitur*.    Vim  t'Hii  stop The llrr-
bl. We ilon'i whiii your obi paper
my longer.   During ibe four yean wa
luive taken it tbere has been thing! '" "
that llltl UOt please rut- or my wile. I
ilon'i think you OUgbt lo null us to pa-, 11
conl lor 11. 1 intended to stop it before,
but lei it i-oine as ilie futut-y wauled to
ice wii.u was I',-"**,*; on. Itui I have got
t<> rut ilowu  expenses to wont take it
any III ore, Mitylie some lime I will
■end |fOU some money, lint my wile says
UOt to pay you a cent ami 1 ilon'i think
1 will.
Yours truly,
As lie litis never paid « rent Ibis method of cutting ilo#n expenses in a good
one. The RCConnt will be given lu our
attorney with Instructions to mt, Hell
ts full of such people na tbat am! it ie
twenty in one that tbey   wony Ibe devil
tn the limit.
A Chicago gill named H.ira Meek haa
b -en asleep for 100 days. That is nothing. A Criinhronk merchant bas been
asleep over two years During all that
time be bas not nilvertised In The Herald.
iS © tt
M.'ssrs Beer and Rnw are candidalea
for Mayor In Nelson. Beer should he
a winner iu that town.
tut tt tt
Crnnhrnnk eiijnv-i one advantage in
not being inc-poried, It escaped a
mayoralty can paign.
tt tt W
Premier I'rior is chasing over tbe
country limiting for a candidate for
West Yale. Aa a man representing a
great province like Biitlsh Columb'a.
Mr. Prior is making a sad spectacle of
tt tt &
Cranbronk today is tbe most orderly
town of its size in Canada. Its people
are l.iw abiding, and any attempt on tbe
part of any faction to impress the world
al large thai this is a lawless minimi nit y
will fall flu. The facts will not bear
out the assertion.
tt tt tt
The publisher of a newspaper meets
with some peculiar experiences. He haa
a great opportunity to see the hypocritical side of life, and tbe meaner tendencies of humanity. If we would consent
to wtite everything urged upon us by
ihe people, an indignant populace would
niu us nut nf town. And yet, too often,
these requeit*| are made by people of
Intelligence and high standing in the
community. They have a peculiar Idea
of the duly of a newspaper, ami too
often think that It should be used to
give vein to some personal spite, We
have made enemies iu Cranbrook by
refusing such requests, but so long us we
own The Herald, just so long will it
never he useil by any indivliluai to score
some other,
The people of Moyie have formed a
debating society ami one week from
Monday they will discuss the qut-Rlion
ol a ilnty on lead, with P, J. Smyth as
lender ou the ntlirmative am) Charles
l-Vrcll as leader on lhe negative. To
irgue the negative or that question in
Moj ie will be « tough proposition.
tt. tt tt
Dr, Watt and K. I. T. CUlhralth. nf
Port Steele were In town last Saturday,
Hub gentlemen surely possess tbe
secret of youth ur bnih appear younger
tliatl they did a year or two ago.
N ■- i I h r r me spring thickens, yet both
possess the Hush ami activity of youth,
nnd nre a* blithesome ami gay as any
man in his thirties. Fortunate is the
mini who knows bow to gmw ohl gracefully.
Says He Will Push Through Certain
A Childish  Talk   By   A   Narrow
Man Unfit For His
■m'MhlrS        POLIO I'tmMUMUTHII
Hill ft Co. Claslii Hut.
'I'll*- lleialil regrets lo announce tbe
fail Hi it Hill X Co, are preparing to
cloifl nut their business in Cranbronk.
W. I). Hill, the head of the firm has
been in business here since Ibe early
construction flays ant) has hullt up an
Imiiii.-nie business. For purely private
reasons he intends to close out his slock
ami iu bis characleiislic maimer proposes In do it with a rush, by simply
•.lashing ibe price nf everything in bis
Immense stock of dry gnnds and clothing. The sale opened Saturday, and
lhe people art; Hocking In lo take advantage of the opportunity to get tbe
best of tbe goods nt prices so low that it
surprises every body.
The Herald uutl the people of Cranbrook will regret to see the Hill brothers
leave. They have been good business
men.  __^
Forget Canada's Loyalty.
London, Jon. 9.—Sir John Coloinb
M. P., replies in tbe Times today to Sir
Clmrles Tapper's attack upon him because he opposed the Pacific cable ii.
which he says he will oppose all Canadian demands on the pockets of the
British people for large cash contributions or guarantees so long as Canadian
statesmen fence, and the Dominion
neither pays nor guarantees a brass
farthing toward the maintenance of tbe
1 British war fleet.
on tbe government why the concessions
asked for by the Dunsmuir government
should he granted.
"In regard to Oriental immigration
I may say that the government la strong
ly opposed lu lhe it flux of this (lass.
Tne dominion government bas disallowed lhe acts passed lam season, but 1 Intend to have them re enacted as soon as
the linn-.'- meets, lo show tbat tbe people
nl British Columbia are in dead earnest
on this question "
When Colonel Prior was asked if lhe
gnvrriimeut would be sustained, be replied: "It will be. We have a decided
IT IS A CO THIS MELT "d ,he l0*"s " ""
"I am not in f.ivo- of the 2 per cent
minim,, lax The actual Htliouud col
lected is not material, but l| b*-ars unfairly 011 low grade ores in comparison
to high grade ores, and the sentiment
nf Ihe investing public is against it. Tbe
system of luxation on mining development will have tu be attended to and
revised before British Columbia can
gain the confidence of Investors. 1 intend to see that it Is revised at once."
The foregoing statement is credited
to premier Prior in an interview with
a Vancouver press representative on
Monday last. He is further reported as
having said:
"Tbe time has come when tbe government's ordinary expenditures should
be kept within the revenue. I do not
tbink the province should float any
more loans except for specific purposes,
such as railway development.
I believe tbe finance minister ia doing quite right in trying lo gel In all
taxes In arrears. It is not fair that one
should pay and another should get out
of paying taxes.
In regard lo the West Yale constituency, the government never bad any
intention of leaving West Yale unrepresented at tbe next session of the house.
They never bad any idea but stltuency
before the house sits.
Regarding the railway policy, I
Brmly believe It Is ibe boimden duty of
tbe government lo formulate a railway
policy. No country like British Columbia can he developed without being
opened up hy railways and it is the
policy of the government to develop the
province by railroad building. The government Will assist railroads where necessary. If assistance is given, however,
it will, I hnpe, take the fort:, nf land
subsidies under such restrictions and
conditions ns will promote settlement
and development. I believe tbat a line
of railway from Vancouver to the north
would be a laudable enterprise aud well
worthy nf assistance. I also believe we
should have another transcontinental
line from the Rocktesdown to the Coast.
I believe tbat such a railway should
come through Cariboo, then down to
Bute inlet and across to the island, thus
passing through tbe lower portion ol
the prtvince, where tbe population is
more thickly distributed. I do not approve of giving assistance to the scheme
to run tbe railway to Port Simpson,
thus building up a rival city to Vancouver, Victoria and other coast cities.
What is wanted is a line of more immediate advantage to the present centres
of population. I think a great deal
could be done In tlie way of developing
tbe resources of this province by the
construction of narrow gunge railways
as feeders for tbe main lines. Tbe
Coast*Kootenay road is also a grave
necessity antl must be built, as well as
some othe-r roads in the Interior,
Regurding the reqiest made ofthe
government by men aud companies interested in deep placer nml hydianilc
mining that placer, mid hydraulic claims
be crown granted, I will say tbat it is a
dfliicult problem to deal with. Tnere
is opposition to tbe scheme hy many
Individual placer miners. I can say,
however, that some alterations will be
made in the act providing for belter
titles to such land at present.
"Ar* lo immigration, I believe tbere
ibniild be a general scheme of survey
of unoccupied government laud, ao that
when intending settlers present themselves or write for in bu ination regarding desirable locations, the government
may be able to iiilorm them as lo local
conditions, extent and topography of
each section of the province wliere
settlement \n desirable, the nature of the
soil, possibilities nf livlihnod nnd conditions prevailing as in trauspoitattuii.
It would be an expensive undertaking,
but it Is very desirable to bave the lands
ofthe province taken up by good settlers
and tbe expenditure would well repay
the province Ol course, tbe scheme
would have to lie carried out gradually.
'■Regaidiug the unfair terms giveu
British Columbia by tbe dominion gov
ernuient, I am going to Ottawa to talk
the matter over with Premier Laurier
and his colleagues. Owing to our extent of territory and the inaccessibility
in many regions, the cost of administration in British Columbia is very
heavy, nnd as is Veil known, we pay
Jz.ooo.ooo more anuunlly into the dominion treasury than we get back. Tbe
Dunsmuir government issued a pamphlet to the dominion government giving
the reasons why British Columbia should
get more reasonable terras I intend during my stay in Ottawa to further impress
A meeting of tbe Cranbrook hockey
club was held at Ihe skating rmk Salur
day evening last fur tbe purpose of re-
organizing for the season. The election
ot officer a was the first business tllspused
of wiih the following result:
Hon. Pres., Dr. J. H. King.
President, k. li  Beattie,
Vice Pres., \>\ li Simpson,
SeivTreus., A. I.. McDerniot.
Kxecutive committee: A. Mallinsnu,
J. A. Motheiwell, W. Thompson.
The election of a captain was left over
for tuture meeting,
The rink management very kindly
placed the rink nt the disposal of Ibe
hockey club for practice on the following evenings. Monday from 7 to 8 p.
ni , Tuesday from 10 to 11 p. m., Wednesday from 7 to S p. m., Thursday from
10 lo 11 p. m,
Tbe secretary staled lhat helind wired
tlie Medicine Hat club to try ami arrange
to play a match here 011 the 171b inst.
Tbe following reply was received from
tbe secretary of Medicine lint club.
"Play nineteenth. Require guarantee
one hundred dollars. Writing.
It was decided tbat no further action
be taken in the matter until tbe com
nnmication referedtoo received.
The secretary was authorized to have
membership tickets printed making the
fee 81-00.
The excutive committee was requested
to Interview the rink management and
endeavor to obtain hettei light for practices and hockey matches.
Another meeting of the club was held
ou Monday evening January 12, principally for the puipose of selecting a
Captain, C. H. Prest, who acted bo
efficiently in that capacity last year was
unanimously re elected.
A. L. McDerniot was elected manager
in connection with his office of secretary -
As there were enugh good fast players
this year to form two teams. It was
also decided to give an exhibition
game on Wednesday evening January
14 at 8 p. m. The teams to compete
against one another to be eveuly matched as possible.
Work To Resume oi Tbe Marysville
As Soon ss the Weather will Permit Active Operations
Will Begin.
Situation li British Culumbla.
Of the present members of tbe legislature the Victoria Colonist gives seventeen to the government and an equal
number tn the opposition, while It classifies three ns doubtful. The list is as
Prior, liberie, Wells, Mclnnes, Prentice, Pooley, Dunsniuir, Hall, Helmcken,
Hnyward, Hunter, Dickie, Moitnce,
W. A. Smith, Clifford, Rogers, Kllisou,
McBride, Tallow, Garden, Martin,
McPblllps, Giltuonr. E. C. Smith, Ful
ton, O iver, Munro, Kidil, Curtis, Hawthorn waite, Taylor, Green, Paterson,
Neill, Stables, Houston.—3.
Of the doubtful members Mr. Nell) is
believed to be more likely to throw in
hia lot with tbe opposition and Mi. Stables, although recently a supporter of
Mr. Joseph Martin, Is thought to be inclined lo give his adherence to the government. The third doubtful member,
Mr. Houston, iB also believed to be a
supporter ot tbe government, which, according to this classification, would
have a majority of one in tbe legislature.
If a member of the government party be
elected speaker lbs ordinary voting
strength of tbe government ami opposition would be equal and the government
would depend upon the casting vote of
the speaker to secure the parage of opposed legislation. In addition to the
present members of the legislature the
seal of West Vale is vacant. The goveriiinent hesitates to fill Hie seat aud its
ch-iiice of carrying the constituency is
not considered bright. In case of an
eh etion ihe result would eitber give the
opposition a uiaj.uitv of one iu the legislature, exclusive of lhe speaker, or
would give that majority to tbe government.
Public Notice. ,
I have given A. h. McDerniot power
of attorney to attend to my affairs, and
be has my books In charge, with instructions to collect all accounts due,
and to take legal measures to enforce
payment If necessary.
41 Chas. Vroman.
undersigned    has
The undersigned has dissolved
partnership in the firm of Chartraud
Brothers, and retires, having nothing
more to do with tbe firm.
4a Hetry Chartraud.
Hardly a day goes by without Tbe
Herald being asked something regaidiug Ibe proposed Marysville Mueller,
Many people have predicted that nothing note would be done to lhe plant,
and that Ibe half constructed buildings
would stand as a monument to tbe
fonlhardiness of the company that projected them. There were others, again,
who have telt ctiufidetil tbat work would
be resumed ns soon as spdug opened.
As a matter of fact, there never has
beeu a question as to tbe lesutuptlon of
the work. It was simply a question nf
the manner of raising the necessity
funds. Some mistakes had been made
iu the past, but (bat was not lo prevent
the accomplishment of the original idea,
the building of a smelter to treat tbe
ores of the Sullivan mine.
The following from tbe Spokane
Sp lkt'sinau-Revii-w will make good
rending for tbe people of South Kasl
I'iiinticial arrangement* -are being
made (o pmviile finim-ii tocarry forward
the building of ibe Sullivan smelter at
Marysville, 11. C, and to provide it with
working capital. The work of reconstructing lhe plant will begin early tn
the spring and should he finished in
three months.
Sjnator George Turner, who is heavily
interested 111 the Sullivan Group Mining
company, has taken the matter np since
going east, and bus been in conference
with the Toledo men who have been
hacking the company. It wae first estimated tbat about $50-000 should be raited, of which $40,000 would need be
spent in construction. It is now planned
to raise 8100,000 and give a working
capital of $60,000. Tbe money will probably be raised on the security of mortgage bonds Issued by the company
The plant bas a nominal capacity
of 100 tons, but lit actaal
capacity is expected to be nearer 130
tons a day. Construction on it was
started over a year ago, hut tbere hsve
been a series of difficulties and delays
ever since.
It is expected tbat Spokane stockholders, Including Senator Turner, Major J.
M.Armstrong, L F. Williams, E. D.
Sanders and J. C. Williams, will take
half of the bond issue.
Prospector: Chsrles Chapman, with a
small force is now engaged in working
old-time diggings ou Fiulay creek; having ample supplies 10 last until April,
nothing will be beard from them until
be cumes out In the spring.
Tbe output of the Crows Nest Past
coal mines for December was 43,631
taus, an average »r abnul 1,74s daily. It
Is estimated thut the output Iur 1 </>,-; will
reach a total of 1,000,000 tons, a daily
production of about 5,$<»i tons.
James I.aidlaw was killed at tbe
Boundary Falls smelter lust S-ituulay by
being caught on a belt and pulled over
Ihe wheel. The body continued lo turn
around with tbe wheel for a half hour or
more liefore it was discovered.
At the present lime there are close to
eight hundred men employed in Rossland mines. The I.eKoi Has }tx> employees, Ibe War li-igle and Centre Star
mines 313, tbe Kootenuv 40, Hie Joiie 51),
Ibe White Bear 15, Uie Velvet 20.
Tbe Slocan Star has put a new rule
lu force stopping all Sunday wotk at
Ibe mine. Hereafter the Star will be
operated ona sU-day week. The change
cuts down the cheques flu a month but,
aa many of tbe men live lu town the
day's rest will be appreciated.
Prospector: Mr. Robert Dure, owner
of lhe Grace Dore nickel pinpeilv,
which was recently l-oiidcd to eastern
Canadian parties, received a small lirst
payment on the bond Monday. Tbe
total amount of lhe bond Is $30,000 The
property is situated on Wild Hoise
creek, three miles from Porl Steele.
On Sunday of lust week (be previous
big record for one days shipment of ore
was beaten. This lime jt cars uf ore, nr
about 1,200 tons, were sent down to  the
leller within lhe : 1 hours. This is
believed to be Ibe best record of tbls
kind in a single day by nuy camp in
Biiti-b Columbia and ■ 1 <- A-. well for the
Phoenix mine.
Senator-elect O'Neill, of Wallace.
Idaho, will introduce a bill in the commie session of the legislature of lhe state
providing for the taxation nf the mines
baaed on their net output. This lav
haa been in effect in Montana for a
number of years, and is giving entire
satiafaction to everybody. It Is a just
and rcaaonable solution to a very knotty
question, and it is to be hoped tbat
Idaho will adopt it as a means of assessing the mining industry.
It is impossible as yet to predict tbe
copper output for lsst year for Montana.
However it Is certain that the value will
fall several millions short of 1901. This
Is not due to ontput, but rattier to Ihe
price for which the copper was sold. In
tonnsge 1902 will rank with any of tbe
past. Tbe decline in silver will also
reduce the value of the oufput, as tbe
copper mines of Butte are large producers of silver. It csn be safely estimated
that tbe daily output of the Butte mines
Is fully [3,000 tons.
Crssbrook Is Lite.
The following is a copy of tbe reiolu
tion passed by the Cranbrook board of
trade on January 7th 1903
Whereas, owing lo ibe fall in price of
lead, and tbe consequent stagnation lo
tbe silver-lead Industry. The commercial interests of this district bave bean
very seriously affected; and.
Whereas, great hardship has been
thereby done to the commercial interests of this town, it being Ihe centre of
lhe silver-lead mining district of F;ast
Kootenay; and.
Whereas, as a consequence of the depression in thiB district, the Northwest
Territories have been losing, and will
continue to lose a very profitable market
for its products; mid.
Whereas, It is tbe opinion of tbis
meeting that a protective tariff un imported lead is essential to tbe life of the
silver-lead industry in Canada; and.
Whereas, the resolution of tbe
silver-lead raineownera in convention
assembled at Sandon, B. C, on December mib, 1902, bas been read and discussed ai this meeting and is approved;
Therefore, be It resolved that tbls
board do unanimously endorse lhe said
resolution passed at Saudon, B C, and
that the secretary write to lhe member
for this district requesting bim lo as
strongly ns possible urge tbat effect shall
be giveu to tlie request of the silver-
lead mine owners as contained in tb<
said resolution, and that a copy of this
resolution be forwarded to the said
Last week a fire did some damage at
the Granby Smelter, necessitating the
temporary shutting down of tbe entire
plant, but it was expected to be in operation again soon,
The owners of the Mineral Hill mines,
near Nelson, are to develop tbem eaten
slvely. Contracts have been made to
expend $240,000 on the property within
the next year and a half.
The average earnings of all imployes
of the Lackawanna coal company has
been declared to be 1433,«3 per annum
or 8311,05 per month.   The highest wage
Caiadlas Railways Pay.
While in Quebec during tbe conference of the provincial premiers, Mr. D.
D. Mann was Interviewed by a representative of tbe Chronicle, and the railway magnate made a number of statements which are of particular interest
tothe west- Iu denying the rumor tbat
tbe C. N. R. would he merged wilb the
Grand Trunk, Mr. Mann said:
"It Is true that a certain gentleman
with a small interest io our undertaking
ba* been trying to gel Mr. Mackenzie
and myself to meet the Gtattd Tiunk
people *,o talk the matter over, but our
minds are made up. We will have nothing to do with the Grand Trunx people,
and what is more, have no need.
We control 85 per cent, of the
•lock, and tbe interests of our enterprise
and mean to hold on to our properly and
manage tbe railway ourselves. We have
over l.'-Joo miles of road Onishednnd running, and shortly will have boo miles
more completed and running. We now
are making a large profit, having ■* surplus uf over $600,000 per year over tbe
running expenses, Iwsides paying interest on all tbe moneys borrowed, and
If we are receiving such returns In tbe
Infancy of the mail ynu can form your
own idea of what our properly will asset us when the road is completed aud
Ibe country settled and dtveloperi
through which It mns, hence you can
readily understand that Ibe Grand
Trunk people have nnt enough money
to pay us In return for uur property,
and even if Ihey bad we have no desire
to sell it, and what Is more the parly
wbu Is trying to bring ui together will
only have lhe troube for bis pains."
Premier Laurier Back.
Montreal, Jan. 7 —Sir Wilfrid Laurier returned tbis evening from Florida,
The premier has not gained a pound lu
weight, but looks considerably stronger
than when he left, while bis voice baa
regained strength. He declares himself fully prepared to undergo the labor■
of tbe session. He left for Ottawa after
half an hour's stay.
Foster Nominated.
Beaverton, Oniario, Jan. 7.—The conservative convention in North Ontario
met here today to select a candidate to
succeed the late Angus McLeod. Tho
nomination was unanimously extended
to Hod. G. ti. Fostct. CRANBROOK   HERALD
Editor and Proprietor
The Herald desire-* to plve the Ufws of the
duiriot.   if you know any about your town
)uur uilue ni your people, semi it to this oiiu-e.
Dan Mann lu denying that tiie t.iaud
Tiunk people were going to absorb the
Canadian N.mliern, made the following
We will bave nothing to do with tH*
Qriod Trunk people, aud what Is more,
b-ive in-' uenl WO Control 80 per cent
of tbe stock, and mean to hold on to our
property and manage the railway our
selves. We have over l,80il miles of
road finished aud ruuning, ..ml shnrtly
wlll hare Boo miles mote completed <ii.il
tuuulng. We now are nuking a large
profit, having a surplus of over m-.-..,-*..,.
per year over the tunning expenses,
besides paying interest ou all tbe
money borrowed, and If we ate receiving sucti returns in tin- Infancy of the
road you can form your own Idea ot
what our properly will asset us when
lhe road Is completed and the country
settled and developed through which It
runs, hence you ran readily understand
that the •fJcaud Trunk people have not
enough money to pay in In return for
our property, and even if tbey bad we
bave no deslie lo sell it.
And yet that compauy Is prepai Ing tu
eamp at Victoria for tbe purpose of
securing from British Columbia cash
and Und subsidies for extending the
road through this provlcce.
What British Columbia should do Is
to refuse to make further railway
grants. Tbe roads will be built, and
without delay. Both tbe Grand Trunk
and tbe Canadian Noribern will push
westward for a Pacific coast connection
tlmplv because there Is money It, Hut
if tbey can get millions of dollars from
tbe British Columbia government on a
big buff, they will do ll. And If the
Prior government holds together long
enough, they will succeed lu this province.
A.   L.   Sifton   has   been appointed
supreme   -justice     iu   tbe Noriliwesl
Territories.      Il   Is   handy to have  a
brother tu thc cabinet.
Chris. Foley Is an Independent can
dldate for tbe Dominion parliament In
Burrard district. Chili. Is after tbe
Orientals, and says only an Independent
member can drive them out. He will
know more after the three-cornered
election.    His candidacy Is spite work.
The gorgeous display of wealth at the
recent exercises In India bungs to many
minds on Ibe Aiuciic.au continent tbe
gifts of grain to the starving millions
of lhat country a short lime ago.
Many of tbe millions spent ln display
would have been better as a charity
fund for the starved masses of that
Premier Prior says, "I will do bo and
ao." It Is evident tbat he figures on being tbe whole thing at the cHtilng session.
Premier Prior says he Is opposed to
tbe building of any more large cities In
tbe province for fear they might Injure
Vancouver or Victoria. It iB to be presumed then, that he is premier of Vancouver and Victoria and not of the
province. The Herald said al the start
that he was a small man In a big office.
and every lime the premier opens his
tuouib he gives evidence of this fact.
How lorg will the present government maintain the government «nice**
In an Important district at the only
town in tbe district without a railroad?
That Is ibe situation ln (Cast Kootenay
at the present time,
If some of tbe money ustd by the present government galvantlng around the
couniry on political matters was put In
bridges In South Bast Kootenay li
would go a long way toward developing
lhe couniry,
Tbe Lord loves his own, Look how
tbe lumbermen bave been favored tbls
The C. V H. tightened up the trans'
poriaiiou business with the weekly
newspaper again this year. And when
it comes to enlisting the sympathy of
the newspaper In tbe cry of "Canada
for Canadians" to keep out an opposl
lion railroad and maintain high rates,
they will send Joe. Carter around with
bis sunny smile and expect to catch
•very sucker that owns a newspaper.
Tbe C. P. It. pension scheme Is about
like tbe Uulted States steel trust's plan
to get tbelr workmen to buy stocks, Ii
Is a clncb for tbe company.
The Winnipeg Telegram says tbat In
tbe absence of pauy government the
members of the British Columbia Legislature are split Into various groups
which render a stable and strong government a remote possibility.
Vancouver World: At last New Brunswick appeers to be coming io the same
conclusion that British Columbia has
reached; that stability and security in
provincial politics cannot be secured
until a definite division by party lines is
adopted and insisted upon by the people, ft Is tic government in New
Brunswick which leads the way in reform. The government in British Columbia dare not.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is v,-orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
The ■•■■s.al aluholill***.,  lelllrln*:  the
grot/lug luiporttnea ■*' lht Moirtttty
pott oltice, hive dtcld.ll 10 tltlblllh a
money ordei .111 e In c-nnecllon with I
The foot bridge ha. been rnm|.lett.l
ni last mil oonuqutntil Ilia .ll.unce io
ibtO. P. R -..jiion in. u.-rn liiitnetl
oy al lea.l lull lhe l.irmer walk. The
brlilga It con.lrncleil In lite ll*0tl|*,lt
manner poaatblt, an.l when nni-e Ibe,
pier, are loaded Willi stone, ll will lake
-iinlBluy hejvy llno.l locany ill.bll.lga
A. filieiitlanariiveti In town this week
lion Klko, ami I. Biting np IM» bnlllllog
oppoalta The Miner. Ill e lor a bakery.
Mr. Shetlilan ranks Willi the best ol
ihem In lhe bakcrv line, anil previous
lo his removal lo 1*1 ko was In this business several year, in Oronbro >k. He Is
raplilly ge Unu everything iu shape,
.tii.l will be open tor bnalntaa within lhe
next week.
15 0, Wilson thc Druggist, came In
Iron, li ko Wednesday night, anil this
lime he Is here lo slay. Hit bull-ling
a.lj lining the Morrlssey hot**l is tlnl-.li
eil and he Is busy placing Ills large
slock of dings, stationery and notions.
Mr. W.lapn Is well known throughout
ihls section as a ihorouphlv competent
bnalneaa man, and he will llnd a good
opening iu Morrltae* In his line,
Tbe lmmen,e building of the Crowa
N.sl Urtwing company is neaily completed till the Ilrsl catloa.l ol machinery arrived this week and Is b.,lng placed In position. II. Unit, one of tbe pro*
prlelors, arrived fiom Ivislo Wednesday night, and he otprcla the balance
of the machinery to get here al any
lime, as It baa already been shipped.
Under favorabls condition, the plant
should be In running order by the opening of spring.
From The !■ i'i nic Free Press,
Mrs. Chac. Held, whose husband keeps
a drug store in Frank,was in Fernie for
a couple of days this week, the guest ol
Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Sllllman.
Mrs.Dr Hlggln's many filends will be
sorry to learn of her Indisposition for
several days tbls week, We are pleased
to report lhat Mrs. Illgglns has] almost
fully recovered her usual health,
The new suits for the Hockey Club
bave airlved, and the boys wil. look
Bplc and span n their new nut His. Tlu
sweaters are black wltb old gold collars
cuffs and belts. The stockings are also
black with old gold ring*.
The hockey game billed for Monday,
the 5th, between Plncber Creek and
Fernie did not materialize owing to tht
mild weather prevailing and "no Ice''
was wired them on Sunday. It was
afterwards learned ibat Plocher Creek
was likewise without skating Ice.
From the Movie Leader
There are several cases of measles
In town.
Jack McT'ivinh Is now running tin
Itoyal Hotel In Kimberly, and Monty
Howe is head push.
F. C Malpas, manager of the Canadian flank ot Commerce, Ciaubiooh,
was In town yesterday.
K H Marsh, manager of the Imperial
liana of Canada at Cranbrook, was In
Moyie Wednesday looking over the town
and gelling acquainted with the people.
Irrigation In lhe West.
Winnipeg Free Frcss.
Mr. William Whyte, assistant to the
president of the Canadian Pacific Rail
way company, went west this week lu
connection with irrigation matters. The
company propose carrying out ver)
extensive irriga-iiiti work in the terrl
tory lying between Calgary and Metli
Cine lint. Surveys and other prelim in
ary work have been going on for He
past year nr two in connection with this
proposed work. The rapid seltleme* t
of the west and growing ilt-nund fir
land will brinn these lands into immedi
ate use as sron as they ate irrlgnted
The quality of tbe land is good snd the
situation convenient to the main line of
the Canadian Pacific railway, makes tbe
district a valuable one for settlement.
The only drawback heretofore has been
the insufficient rainfall in some seasons
to ensure a good crop one year with another, Tbe Calgary board nf trade Im-
endorsed lhe enterprise. This itnpnr
tatit undertaking by the company will
be carried out iimler lhe general diiec-
lion of Mr. Whyte.
Pay up
Is the
tu'. RhbI   K* la •-.••,   Whicli.   Hew.
■vt, Will Do -Nn Marar*-Count ef
1 oi,.  Itmiob sad tiblit-.iilt»u,
It muy be a long tiuie before we
appreciate the Importance of the
events uf tin- lust three days, (June
-l. 89, S8, lOOflJ, au.vs The Toronto
It lobe,   und   the   VftTue   ol   tht*  .service
■ivbit'ii hu-> beeu rendered to us bi Mr.
Ames nnd hia co-tvnrkei -»,  im-mlu-ia uf
tbo Toronto Board of Trade The
experience bus dune ui uu limni W#
have Imd a little tu&te ut tbe method!
ul war us against (hole oi peaco; a
temporary backsliding from civilization tu barbarism, trout the twentieth century tu tbu dark ngee. In*
quire miu nine-tenths oi the quarrels
ul mon—Individual quarrels, iiuse
quarrels, race quart els, national
quarrels—nnd you will timl thut tbey
were such as could have been settled
b> bringing tbu parties together uiul
compelling them tu state their case
in tin- tight uf reason und justice,
They wero lighting about symbols,
red tape, prejudices—or they were
lighting because one felt the need of
resisting Injustice or oppression und
the other hud u i-use which would not
bear stating in any court in which
decisions were founded upon plain
principles ui just P. e and common
Tbe reason why many people hesitate about courts of conciliation und
arbitration is that they find it ditti-
cult to break the bunds of red tape,
tradition und prejudice. It i'i bard
for thom tu conceive uf a. court in'
which  they muy  nut  bu defeated    by
some, technicality, or by the superior
cleverness uf un advocate, ui* by the
lung purse of an opponent. Perhaps
evon in so-called arbitrations they
have been worsted by s ich means,
Hut the spirit of arbitration or conciliation in labor disputes is entirely
different from ibis. It means simply
that the parties nre tu comb together, tu lay aside all considerations of
superior force or cleverness, and simply to say about each proposition us
It comes up: "Is it (air? Is it reasonable?" In wars, in law suits, lu
games, in elections, in debutes |u
Parliament, even In private controversies, we liute nil before our minds
thu idi'H of victory or defeat, Ai
tho end of each We ask: "Wbu bus
won? Who bus lust.'" This is human nature, It would bu foolish tu
quarrel with It. But It would he
equally foolish to full to re.'ogntze
thut it forms one of the main obstacles tu the fair settlement uf labor disputes,
Tiie remedy, as it seems to us, Is
not tu ignore the fighting Instinct
tiiut is intuitu in the meekest of men.
but tu remember that all the struggles In which they may engage are
subsidiary tu the buttle of life—the
man's endeavor to gain for himself
nnd those who are dear to bim not
only fund und shelter uud rluthing.
but the free growth and development
Of ovary  human faculty.    There is no
reason why the workman should not
sympathize with the large plans of
the capitalist—not the mere money-
grubber, but the genuine captain of
Industry, But that Involves a cor-
respunding obligation  on  the part of
the emi'luyer—u, genuine liiuiiuti sympathy with tiie plans of thu artisan,
his ambitions fur himself and his
family, bis desire that they should
reach the highest place tu which they
are entitled by ability una; character,
Some employers, dimly perceiving
tbls ubllgutiun, estubiish bulls, places
of amusement, e'tc., fur their workmen. The object is good, but the
best  means of attuiuliig it  is simple
fair play—the payment of fair wages.
The object uf arbitration ami conciliation is tu bring men togctbnr un
thut basis. One is to strive not to
win un advantage over tbe other by
force or cunning, but to show thut
his claim is full- und reasonable,
There is nothing visionary in this.
It happens every day iu discussions
between reasonable men, In such discussions it often happens thut some*
thing is said which strikes home to
a muii's reason or conscience. In
the beat of argument he muy not admit It; he mny search about fur soma
plausible utiHWer; but if he Is a man
of bruins uud limirt and bowels uf
compassion, be will sooner ur later
yield to the appeal. That Is what 1b
meant by arbitration and conciliation. It is not a cunning, cut-nnd.
dried device, to be substituted for
strikes and litigation It Is simply
a means of bringing men together
wltb their best side uppermost, in a
spirit uf good-temper, justice and
Practically it wus on these linns
thut Mr, Ames und bis co-workers
proceeded, uud It is Impossible to
praise their services too highly. They
have nut  only helped  tu rid un uf uu
Inconvenience— thut is a minor mat-
tor—hut tbey have helped tu put a
new spirit Into the dealings between
men  utiKnged  lu uur Kruut   Industrial
enterprises. Why. indeed, should
these noi be regarded as cq-workers?
What is the use ul' uur (iilktni*. ulmut
national development and prnsportt*
if the benefits nre nut to be shared
equitably among ull who ure honestly   wurk iug   fur   tlie   udvuiueuiuiil    uf
uur common country'.' In thu oon-
duct uf the labor leaders we see guud
ground for hope of Industrial pence,
We  Und,  as  tt rule,   tlmt   tbe more a
man bun to du with tbu organization
of labor on a large scalo, the mors
reasonable he becomes. He learns tu
look at both sides uf the case. He
finds tiiut h|s reputation depends, not
un mitklng trouble, but un pulling an
end tu trouble, and gaining solid advantages for his clients, In short,
among labor loaders, uh afpong politicians, there are statesmen us well
ns demagogues, und one of the hopeful signs uf tbe times is the development of statesmanlike capitalists and
BtatoBmunllko leaders of vyorktngmpn,
To both we ure indebted (or the settlement of the street cur dispute.
Vinf.Q.;ir as a Falvaat f*r Glue.
For all tho fish glues, yliiegur Is
a good solvent. When gluing ti piece
of woodwork, if uny particles of giue
get un places where It is nut desired, wet a bit of cloth with vinegar,
uud rub it oft, it the glue '" thu
bottle becomes too thick, thin it
with vinegar rather than water.—
•Undies' Jiume Journal:
"Te-fJ-tr   II li the Mast   Imtnrnni   Spat
in Canada."
Nature hus been kind tu the Pro-
vituu ui Cape Ureton It bus untold
resources These resources were Uo*
Ing slowly um gradually daweloping
until tbey fell Into the right hands,
uud thu Urcuinstuncee uf the times
justified a tuive rapid leap Into the
tide ut the world's trade Within ibe
last few years the results uf tins development have burst upon the Industrial world with a vigor seldom
seen, and an admiring Canada unit
New England havo turned their fondest and most in**, ing gaze in thui direction To-day the Island ui Cape
Breton is tbu must Important spot
iu Canada.
Years agQ  I  knew  tiiut  island well.
writes c.  II. James uf Ottawa,   it
wus then in its primeval slate-—une
ol the brightest gems m nature's
crown. Tbe Naiads und the Qraces
seemed tu buld lull BWny. Lately 1
revisited it, and found it u hive uf
Industry,  with just  enough uf   that
natural beauty left to make it savory with enchantment and romance,
Industry and art make thu plcturesqus
beauties o! the Urns d'Or Lakes, the
Margaret Valley, Strathlotno, Lake
Ainslie and other putts of tho Island
stand out mure beautifully. And
Cape Broton is rapidly becoming the
tourist'*   us   well   as   thu   capitalist's
favorite resort.   1 well remember my
lirst visit tu that island, it was in
the early seventies. My business at
thut time necessitated a visit tu the
Margaree Valley, and oh! what delightful visions and pleasant remembrances of that visit still linger in
my memory 1 It was a day in the
latter part of June that 1 arrived
there, The wide meadow-lands were
luxuriantly clothed with their rich
natural productions; tho hillside
(arms were neatly tilled; the orchards
were in bloom; the high mountains
which stand In tho background and
serve us a sort of bulwark were covered with the most beautiful groves
of maple—Iverjtthlng about seemqd to
strike mv Ideal fancies. It wus the
prettiest rural sight that I have ever
seen- The Margaree Hiver is the
must famous salmon Ashing streum
lu Nova Scotia The season opens
about the 1st of June, and contihues
until tbe last of August. In thus*
days of which 1 speak I repeatedly
saw the salmon—meraglng -Q lbs.
each—taken by one rod In u single
morning, and it was u common occurrence, and nut noteworthy, for un
ordinary angler to take six or seven
salmon daily. At thut time ihe of-
flcers ot the standing army at Hall-
fax, us well us many of the wealthy
citizens uf that city, and even gentlemen from England, spent tt great part
of the summer months at Margaree,
Since then the band of Industry and
enterprise hus been shaping and
moulding tbti appearance and future
uf Inverness, A railroad runs
through     the     county;   several    COftl
mines \>f great Importance have Li'on
devehiped; steamers call at all the
ports ou tbe const; en Immense
trade la carried on with the imtlsde
world. Margaree still continues to
be the angler's paradise. Lake Aiiis-
Uu and Strathlome and Mahon still
wear their beautiful natural appearances, and the sturdy, athletic Celt
uf that region gives one us genial
and us hospitable a welcome as he
did in the 1*-"'* ago.
Anoioat Waathar Statistics.
Tha Upper Canada Medical Journal
fur April contains some statistics of
the temperature uf Toronto during
the lust 24 years, very interesting
to those who love to speculate on
tlie weather. There are very few
old residents of Canada who do nut
believe that tbe climate is gradually
becoming milder. Tbey will generally tell you that there are Uo such
winters now us twenty years ago
The season which has just closed rather startled these believers in the
improvement of tho uge, fur an intensity of cold und length of duration it was ub distinguished us
anv tluit tbu oldest inhabitant can
recollect. Tho writer in The Medical
Journal gives the following statement uf the mean temperature during the last twenty years fur the
six months of winter, beginning with
November and ending with April :
18B1-8   38.A0
1882-8             »0.88
1888-4  81.48
1S94-5     28-88
1888-0  M.M
1888-7   tfil.8U
1887-8   i*w*8H
1889-40 -  8*.2H
1M41M    2tt.Jfl
184W1  @  88.20
18*2-11   87.48
1848-4   81.70
'1814-8   82.4A
1848-6   80.48
1840-7   80.07
1817-.**   82A'J
1848-8   -••■ 28
1840-60...  82 ns
1880-1   81.00
1851-U   -~ 10
In one respect the lust winter bears
ufT the palm frum ull competitors,
whose farts have been recorded
Ninety nnd ono-hu!f indies of snow
full during the season, while the average (all during I lie previous eight
years w«s only half that i;uniility —
forty-live und ft half, Thu smallest
quantity of snow was In 4U-H, only
fifteen and two-llfths Inches, The
lowest temperature marked by lhe
thermometer during twenty years
past is 2H degrees beluw. This oc-
ourred twicc-in 1881-2 mul 1885-0.
and lust winter it did
not go below 14,8, In 1H4U-7 the
lowest temperature marked was 1.1
below,—From the Globe of June 84,
For comparison with the climate
stutistics given ulene the iiunm
temperature of Toronto during the
same six month* of HI01-2 wus 81 -
HI, and during lifty-slx years has
been 2!),fl. The coldest record last
yuur was O.u above zero. Tbe average snowfall for 50 years has been
between   OH and GO Inches.
The systematic use of capital letters In writing und printing Was nut
common until about tbu year 1430.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given that  sixty tbiys after
date I Inteti.l t.i;i|i|.]y to tlm UlllBl I iuiiliii-.si.iuei
ur Lauds and Works fur permission hi luiruhoss
ubuut Olty acres of koul sltiuueil ou at, Murjs
river lu tue Southern nnisnni nr M»uth Unit
Kouieuuy, described us foiluwsi
Ct ueuclug ui the   imrihwait corner  of
KllgeUO Let lelV.s |nc I'lnjituiii, liieiu-i- U.-ril III
cbtUus, tlleuue Ruitll lo Hit* St. iMiiijs riser.
iheuce tallowing (lie suld river un sheum in »
i'uliu iliu- uiuili nt Uie | ml ul nt ii-iniui-iH, uenl,
ILtrULt; so mil in tin- |iuliit ul i-niiitii<lii'eii>i 111,
i'ttle-J al L'nUlbrODK, 11. C., Ni.V. .Will Ifta-f,
fc.ltiK.NK I.ki l.r.UC.
L.ind Notice,
'iiiii.y iiuysitiu-r date I Intend making up-
|.lu.ul..u     iu   im-    Hon.   Uie   , UllUHUUiUUur   "t
Uuudsuud Vtutkn tin iwriuuts.uii iu purttluuu
ui.- .uii.i.-.uutie.i'iiin-ii mmis
c.ii.iiieiii i ;- ,i |hui |iiuced iii Hie uoitliwest
coruei ui i ui WH, •« uiuts Um i ises, muidiis
Iheuuu west bU ttluilus, suutti 4j i-li-tii.s, tnul uu
chains th i» (bums in ..oiiii . r ruiuuieuce-,
nine, ugiitaluliiH ■'••■ uoiei luuie ui less,
|.iti--iU:.iiiiiiniii, .Niu. Will, lUuS,
at j, it. Dunlins,
Land Notice.
Thirty liays nfler dale I intend making iu<-
(lllCH    lu    lhe   Hull,   the i nnniilWniiei    nl
l.j.ti.l*. ami U, Iks I-if   iH'iiiihs.iiii in |iillvliaS'
tin- fullUWlni ili'ieillieil laud
-UuiniiienclHgut a i«•«-t panted »t Hsu iitirlli
WBSt   t'ullK'l   III   ||i'lllll|>llii||   .Nn.   i,| Hlii.1st
<u  ■luyce's    iiuii'i     rnniil it   thci    in
chaw nil, Uii'ticB .■•' olialiix west, llieiicu
kilIiiuiii njiutli, ilieiu'eaoolmhii east, euntniii
ing su acres,
. cranbrook November, will 1009,
■ w a. 11  Uuwues.
Land Notice.
tin- rni
ami Works fur 1 ksIoii lu in
lowing ili'serilieil Ian I:
c nienoinifiila |<ost idtinleil hall a  udln
west 01 pre eiii'iiiiiH na, riiiiidng llieiico imilli
SU ctlllllis lliei West   III rlialns,   III,   Ktllltll
Wolmlns, Hi eetut inoliiilus In imlni nf cum-
neueeiuriihtlils laml bein«.1. a.l.;u-ri<- a \>c- vm\\
tloil Sn. ..If., eiililjiSiili.j;:L'  iii'MM.
Crnnbrook Nnveinber, 81th iihk,
88 W,  1». 11)11.
Timber Notice
Take uotlce tlmt l liuve aiuiiwi in the chief
CoininUiloner uf lands aud Work" forusiie-
etui license tu cut un.i cany tiwm timber frum
Die following described Inuds;
ConintuucluK al ihu nortliwest euriier nf pie
emptluu No, xt; 1 Ing tin ue • iiiirth loo Dimius
tliem-e west -WcIihIiis, lliuiice south Iihi dial is,
thence cunt -ni ulinlai tu nulut nr commeuue
Craubrook November^ tutli mi
:w J. it iiiiiini'i.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given (but sixty
date I Wllu|i|il) tntlie < liiel Coi	
\mh sand Works Mr perinle-tlon 1.
tin* follmvlim ileserllied liiuds lu :
Kootenay t
(iiiiiiiieuciiigat a po!,! ttmrkeil **,
southeast corner" jilsuied nl K,
soiillnve t corner nml one mile im
mirilieait uuiiet ur 1 n ats group niti
district, ilicnce north bocIiiiIiih, then
obalns, ilisuce snutli bo cIihIih, tlei
Ullllllis, to tlie plai-e ul begluidlig, coll
iii-n's inure or Jess,
Dated this Blh Deuciubur itxa
W ,Ii»|
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given Hint sl\tj ilnys u'tei
dulellnteudliiiiiiplytotliei ftumuumiuuei
uf Units ami Worki fur |iennlsslmi tu pu olmso
the following desertbi'd lands in 8011II1 Kssi
Kootenay 1
Cutniiiuualng nt a p'lit hiarked "A, (lonriey'i
nor henst roruer," plaiitud ill the sniilhw. st cur
iter of W, b. n. rllug's piirctiAse, at itoek Creek,
tlieilOQ wen; on Cliallia tn tin- east limit nt I.ul .lis
group one Kootenay dUlrlet, ti n soitilt su
chains, thence east so chaltis, tlienoe mirth mi
eluilns lo tlie place nf begin ning, 0n.1t lining mn
uo.es more nr lens.
Dated the Bill ilu) of December ItKW.
•*e a. tlouiley.
Land Notice
Nollee Is hereby ulven tlmt sixty days nftei
date 1 intend toitpiily tutliuchlercummtaltiui-r
ui Unds uud Works for permlssluii to purchase
the   fnllmUtiK descrlbsd   lauds  ill Soillll   lust
K iiuti'iiay:
cniiiinenelng nt a pott marked "Jphn Anilcr.
son's northeast some-." plnated une mile cast
ol tlie northeast r urner of Utaisfti group nue
Kimteuuy district, tlieuce tveat tit) clinlllS tn stlil
l.iitais, tlieuee suutb along the east limit uf
said IM lltti 80 o,ialitB, thenee east u chains, in
the southwest corner or W, 1.. Diirling's »nr*
chase, th-nce tmit b sn chnlnsi.it be place of li
ginning. I'lintaluiug iii" aires more ur lets,
Dubai till* stii day of December IQOJ.
'i'i iJuliii Andersuii.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given tbat sixty days after
date 1 lutenil to apply lu Die Chief Ct lUshm-
erof bands ami Works fur |ieilltlsiloil tu pur
chase ihe r-iitiMin-' ileserlhed lauds 1
Cotilti.eurllig at a post plailteil ou the eusl
biuikiiriiie Kootenay river in tbe district <t
Bast   Kuuteiiuy abotlt   *JU    eltalus  lielu*v   ,|||n,
Urowu's appllcnilun for purclmse, thence tunning south un i-iiiiins foiiowlug 1 iver ii«wu Htreiun
tliHueetust-.'O iliiiiis, 1 lieu,,-  iii i'iU i-bauis
tlieuce wesi jo chula-i to piuce .uf coiiimeuoe
me tit I'uuiaiintii' su »eri'S mure ur less
Dated tills UOtll day uf October, ml
A. Iluud,
:!" Dun Hayes, Agent,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby Kivan that thirty days aftfi
date I Intend lu apply to tlm Chief ConilHlssluuSI
uf UndsHud Wei ks for a special license to cut
unit carry unity tlmhcr bum • lie following den
dllil'd IllnilS:
HH ugted la Uto district of Kasl Kooleuay
eomineiieiiig ai s 1 ost plauted nbyiit litu elialiis
south of the south west ooruei of lot am thenco mi
etiailiSloutll, tlii-u.-e W clijinit west, tin tuu si.
Ctlllllis Hi,Hit, Illlflii'llSil l'llJllhtfil-,1 Itj   (iblCI!    Ul
Duied this lltbdayof Hepptniiei-, mti.
lieu Carter,
1,1 by Dan lluyi-i, Aunul
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; Ueneral Jobbing....
!llulalde Ordrri Pramplly
Atkadrd to.
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Chicago and points cast
hlirnuult 1'nl.i.i.un.l ii,inl.tHli<t|iera
I....I .cum linnet rllliiikliiu Lllinir- I ar,
I--..I-Hull-, i-niii, r» „i„i hill ini-irin.ion
run 1111 or i-*lilr--a«,
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♦ i
F. C. BENJAMIN        <•
Wsnbriinl* I otfge, No. Ji
A. F. it A, M.
It I'ttulnr mefllttgs mi il.
Ililid Tliiirstliij ut ih
im mil.
Visiting brctliern welcomed.
Oro. A. I.kiti'h, Hen
80  YEARS' '
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anfone unnillnii k nketrh nnil dPi-srlpttrin mnr
riulelily imi'tiniitii mt t,|itiiltni frmi wliellior un
nii-imii.iii in priihnlily pntniitiitiln.   Coii ulcn
llimMiiiriiitlyeoniiitmitlal. Ifiiiiilbirofctin I'liientu
"itiit fn-ii. (iMcKt iii'Piit'y Icir Hficiirltiu paltintH.
HateiiU iiibrii tlii-'meli Munn a Co. reoetYS
tptruu notice, without chante, in tha
Scientific American.
A hfindinmoly llluilnlanl wnskly.   LrtrrrM nlr-
 -f mit •■ ici.ml.  l-<irt.*,i.    Toriiix. S i a
reiir; truirmoulbi.il. auldbyull nowntluiilRra.
MUNN S Co 3fl,e,o«d***> New York
Branch Offlce, 6» V St, Wuhlngtun, 1). C.
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dHynlKhl ul their lialln .,
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lu or **5** ,.|u-i
Because the i,|, arttaluihl. for
prenjutlllt aalll Jan. I, ItM
Because *t tutrtUUt every plug
Because v.....i**,i)*-.i*.H„iiii„-,r,i,..
i.-IiiihI   y, in  ii,.,„ey   | ,»o
sn* out s.li.h «|
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* •tteee-ieeeeseetefieeee*- $
i PITIK MATHGS0N, Prufrki-jr.      t
J **»«i*I*«-»«*-Mttt«t»ttt**>   J
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m it una I iiiml K" to Hie Kut  m
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.int.. I Inteinl lo apply in nn* nil,,, (lounnla-
slunnr nf l.nmls ami Wurk, fur perinlHslnii in
liuroliasa Ihe 'nllnwlllil iloserlhed IhiiiIs lu .Suiiln
Kust Konleniiy -.
I'.inuii.-iiehii,' at il post ninrhril "II. Mnrrl-Min a
liortliea.1 eornar," plauteil nt ihe uintliwesi
.-oruei-nf I'. I.nnil's |nm.htiae m HiH-k l.nel.,
tlienoe west 80 I'lmllls, tbenea snutli sn obalns,
tn Ilia noriliwesl porner or hit ik -.rum, ooe
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iiortlimlelmiiistoihoplace oi bpgianinu, euu
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Soda water in siphons.   The most.
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Physician and Surgeon.  .
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Foreta.il,   •   •   ■   ■   »:JI I. ||*'-- -•-
AlltriMti   ■   -   .   .   |:3| t.j:M
Ev.alag.    ....    ;.Mto|:M
CRA  BROOK,   :       : :   8. 0 I
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give yoyr order
To The Herald Office
■aw Mimiim Caaaa 1 rata tha   Cornwall
■tat la a   caught b*. tha in    Ilia raw*.-
au* Svlaallai li CaaflucatJ   Thai
Bralaai ItlralaM tWetagM
Hill B* CruMia« tha
it is nut given to every men to
etttKK*'-' hiuuiuitiy in either « baleful or beneficent scnee, but Mr Mnr-
ciiiii, tliu distinguished young Bcleii"
tiki, who tins coitipneeed the marvel-
vun MitiU'wiiiuiii ui comtituulcitlion
uitosji thi* Atlantic Oceiii! by wlro-
itaa telegraphy, nierltk llio credit ot
having startled tin* world in « mati-
ii«r tlmt win work wonders tor tho
public good. Circumstances have
vuinljwn.il tu make tills tliu greatost
spectacular icleulillc event uf modern
tlmei, it has revolutionized all tho
hiveptfii theories us to electricity
and Its uses, compelled scientists mul
thinkers to revise and newly adjust
their methods ol working und re-
■etrch, nml has tit one stroke placed
Us discoverer in the foremost runk
oi famous men ot the age in the history of modern scientific development, four greut epoch-making events
may be recorded — the perfecting uf
the electric light, the laying of the
Atlantic cable, the Inventing of the
telephone, und the discovery of the
Roentgen rays. To these niny be
added a fifth, thut represented by
Marconi's exploit last week, mid this
Ik undoubtedly the most wonderful of
them all, for no mute extraordinary
conception hus ever yet had its birth
from the mind of the most imaginative novelist than this seemingly incredible feut of transmitting intelligible signuls over 2.1IU0 miles of
rtpace, without wire or cable ur any
other visible or tangible ugetu-y
The story of his early experiments
and gradual success in the matter of
wireless telegraphy is un oft-tuld
tale. A special correspondent of The
(J lobe takes up the parable where,
having accomplished everything that
was possible within the limited ocean
areas which separate the British isles
from the European continent, this
scientific Alexander tinned in search
oi new worlds to conquer, To n genius of his tratiscendant ability,
boundless energy and ull-eiubiucing
capacity the prospect of eventually
spanning the Atlantic und linking
together the two hemispheres by Ins
electric waves must have been ever
the dream of his life, the ambition
which spurred him on to attain
comparatively great things uud to
attempt even greater When his experiments between England and
France were shown to be u complete
success, and the llritisli Admiralty
had set Us seal of approval upon
ths system hy Installing it upon several Warships, he induced hit
company to establish a large power
plant at Poldhu, Cornwall, for still
more important tests. As compared
with    his ordinary stations, located
around the llritisli coasts, and used
mainly for murine purposes, this
Poldhu depot possessed powers about
uue hundred times greater.
The Mat-titsarr I aad.
It consists of ihe buildings wherein
the generutors ami Instruments aie
stored In *Jn inasis. each BIO feet
high, supporting aerial wires. Hint so
connected us to form n gigantic conductor by means ol which the volume uf electricity produced iu the
generator is forced through the wires
und projected Into spice, causing the
oscillations of other waves, which
rudluie through the atliinspliPre, traveling outwards in overy direction
to ihe uttermost cuds ol tin- earth.
Poldhu station was bulll some eight
months ago. hut was portly blown
down In the bin gale which swept
the English nmmiei m September,
m>d if not yet completely    restored
Hut  It   proved  sullMi-iitl**,   eflcctlve   to
enable Mr Marconi, in Octoboi and
November,  to oxperlineul       having
great   things in view    With tlioll   most
distant station, that at Orookhaven
ou the coast of Irolftnd 996 miles
away     While he was receiving    men
sages at   thi  latter poat,  be observed
thut the strength ut the signals
which were recorded was very great.
■u much su, Indeed, that his long ex
petteine  tn  the subject  enuMed    him
to conclude that thoy would manifest an observable activity at a distance ten times us im As it was Imperative thut it sueh a result was
obtainable the facts should ha dotor-
tiiiued «t soon as poSllblo, Mr Mar-
cold determined to take slni* at the
surliest convenient date for New-
liiuiidiand. ihe nearest part of the
western hemisphere t<> tin* Drltlah
coast, and therefore the natural one
fi(jiu which tu make tin- requisite observations As the momentous slep
he was taking represented such uu
amazing extension of the existing
scope of the system, he wisely decided to keep secret the real object ot
tie tulsulon to the colony,
koaiuat far lavracr,
He shrewdly reasoned that, If ha
stated his purpose beforehand and
failed, the world would discredit Ids
Invention in its modest form, while
if he failed now, he would try again
inter, and If he succeedod his success
would be all the greater from coming upon the world so unexpected\yf
Fortunately for him a Ingltiimite reason for his visiting Newfoundland existed in the fact that he was interested tn the possibility of signalling
the Cunard liners traversing the
ocean beyond thu Orund Banks, 400
niiliis from that const, and he announced his Intention of undertaking
experiments looking to thut object,
* sufficiently ambitious one in tha
minds of the public, seeing that It
represented doubling his previous attainments. He left England on Nov.
36th on the Allan liner Sardinian,
and arrived at St. John's on Friday,
Dec. dtik He wus accompanied by his
two assistants, Messrs. Kemp and
one' they brought with them
all requisite apparatus and alee two
balloons and six kites, for the pur-
pOSS of elevating their aerial wires,
so that thu signals, diffused through
the ether, might be caught in passing
aud recorded on his inst rumen ts lo
cated in some suitable building at
the base ul the wire.
On   arriving,   ami   before   beginning
operations, he waited upou the Governor, Mir Cavendish Iloyle. the Pre
mier, Sir Robert Bond, ami the members of the Ministry, who promised
him  the hearty CO-opui'UtloU    ot   the
Government am) placed ihe resources
ol unv department at bin itispusai
tu facilitate Ids work Thoy uiiu offered him the temporary use of such
Irinds as he might require for the
erection of depots at   Ciipe   Mare     ur
else whore, if he dulermlueil lo rsi.ib-
lisli muium stations, which it was
then understood ho contemplated   lie
decided tu begin his work un Signul
Mill, a lofty eminence overlooking
tlie port and forming the natural
bulwark which protects it Ironi ihe
fury uf thc Atlantic surges 'I his
hill Is crowned by a plateau twu
aires In extent, aHunling an ample
area for munijuihiliiig Uie kites aud
balloons nnil ou a crag above the
harbor is the new Cabot Memorial
Tower designed as a signal station.
In tlie vicinity Is an old military
barrack, now used as a hospital, and
In part of this lhe Marconi apparatus
was set up. It consisted of a very
sensitive coherer, uu electric battery
and a telephone.
faraaaaaal SUtlaa  Nat  Haa-Jad.
Mr. Marconi, for the purposes Immediately iu view, did not require a
permanent station at this point, his
equipment of balloons and kites being regarded as adequate, seeing that
he could always fall buck upon the
erection of u high mast or stall, the
appliance with which the public have
become most familiar in connection
with his work. Accordingly, on
Monday, December y, be and his
aides began their tabors on Signal
Hill. Uy Wednesday they had in-
lluted their balloon, and it made its
first ascent, only to break clear after
a short while and drift away to parts
unknown. It wus a ballouii 14 feet
in diameter, and with a cubic capacity of 1,400 feet, charged wllh
hydrogen gas aud designed to uphold the "aerial," which weighed
about ten pounds, besides a slay to
hold lhe sphere comparatively motionless. Ou Thursduy he succeeded
iu elevating one uf his kites to a
height of 4UO feet, it keeping the
"aerial" iu position, and by this
means he was fortunate in being able
to receive the tnins-in*t-aiiic signals,
which have annihilated space and
made the abandonment of the submarine cable us certain as lhat the
electric light has superseded the tallow candle. In order lhat readers
mny understand how it wns done 1
must explain that Mr. Marconi before leaving England prepared a series of Instructions for the guidance
of the chief electrician at Poldhu Hta-
tion, Cornwall, Mr. Marconi was
kind enough to show me his press-
ropled duplicates of these Instructions of his official letter-book, They
Intimated thut, after bis arrival in
St., -John's, he would wire a certain
dale (as, Tuesday. December UM. to
the Poldhu operator, who was every
day after receipt uf this cablegram
enjoined    to    make the signal  "S"
(Which tetter is represented in the
Moras cods by three dots, thus . . ,),
at regular Intervals daily during the
hours uf 9 to A p tn . Greenwich
lime, until ordered tu desist. The
hours given were in local time at
St John's II 80 n m lo li Hn p. m.,
the most convenient period for winking at St, John's, and Mr Marconi's idea was lhat If bis theories
us to the force of the electric waves
were correct, he would be ahle to
receive distinct ami effective signals
ut  his base at  tins place
lha Greet:   Hay •' Trial.
On Thursday at t'J :»-i o'clock
great   idea   was  transmit led  uiU
nssurod fact.    Mr   Marconi at
liiMrumcnt   in   lhe  old  hospital
reived ths expected signals.
in view of the Importance ot
that  was al  stake, he dei
trust   to the automatic recorder
to use u  telephone attached lo
coherer instead,    Tor ordinary work
a  recorder  is  used   mi  instrument  in
connection   wiih   which a tape    Is
Worked,   lhe   dots   end   dashes     being
printed thereon The human ear is,
however, Infinitely mure sensitive
than the recorder, and therefore the
inventor chose it  U  his  medium   for
die     reception of the all-Important
Thoy were Qlllte audible to himself
and his assistant, Mr Kemp, who
also noted them The two observers
were at the Instrument at different
times, and the signals clicked along
ul Irregular intervals during thres
■ninnies They Were again noted at
1  10 p in., aud at 2 30.    They    came
lu a great number uf the conventional formula, which he had instructed
lo be bent, Were distinct and unmistakable, and were received about
twenty-five times altogether.
On Friday again, at 1.80 p m.,
Ihey were repented, hut were less
distinct and nut renewed after a
brief period, Mr. Mureoni's conclusion being thut the kites, which
worked badly, prevented the records
being mude with the sume distinctness und regularity us on Tuesday,
jiattti'da?'• «ttaa*at Fella*.
On Saturday a further attempt was
mude to obtain a repetition of the
signals, but it wus unsuccessful, owing to adverse weather conditions, it
being found impossible to elevate the
"kites, of which no less than three
were smashed hy falling to the earth.
Ue thereupon decided to discontinue
the experiments until he could erect
a pole 2(10 feet high on Signal Hill,
or at some other point which possessed the requisite facilities, so
that he would thus be rendered Independent of wind or weather. Another
advantage with the pole would
be that he could use a heavier wire,
as With a kite, elevated 41)0 feet,
the wire must necessarily be slight,
while that suspended from a mast
being stouter, would form a better
conductor for the electric waves.
After Thursday's experiment Mr.
Marconi wired his company ln   Lon-
, don of his success, and invited    ns
ot  to
opinion as to tht wisdom uf giving
the news tu the press The reply being favorably,  he announced  the fact
to    the iiew-fptApt-ra and correspond'
etits %\ !|t John's un Sulmdny
night, nnd the World wus toon made
aware that allot her gieui scientific
truth b*d tif||/ established, pvitiapa
the igus1 'uU-it'kiiMf iu some rt*
specie that the wm id haa ever been
enlightened by. When unu cuuies to
thlult ur all that was at stake In
his ai tempting Ibis stupendous effort une CatlUOt hut be amu'ed at
Ihe courage and lontidence which animated the t'-U'ter yuung scientist to
ailvenlute Uliop sittti a seemingly
hupeifSN iiueiq.
fbe rmara.
HfgjMriuig t|i    future ut hia project,
Mr    Var-nun  ijgimfc  that   ere      muny
uuuiih-, it will be possible tu trans-
mil coiiiiuerciai messages across lhe
Atlantic b.v his system at one-twentieth the present cost of cabling
It.v imuus of three stations—one
iu Cornwall, one in Newfoundland
and une in Massachusetts- ii will be
possible to link together the two
hemispheres by this wonderful electric agency and to have the ether
above us controlled to our use and
uiude play its part in uur commercial economy, bearing messages of
every import from all parts of the
world. Thut his anticipations muy
be realized to the fullest extent must
be tbe wish of al) who desire the advancement ot the world und the extension of scientific research.
Meaaae  SaaaSth   the   fraiaet City   la a
itSta «f head Kraiartalias.
Workmen engaged on the building
of an extension in the premises of
Messrs. Evans and Sons, wholesale druggists, St. Jeun Baptiste
street, we. e afforded a view of a
portion of old Montreal the other
day. In tearing down a building on
St. Gabriel street, they came across
two large vaults or passage ways,
extending right down the street.
On examination they found that
they _yx* built of masonry, several
feet thfck, and were covered by a
roof of solid" stonework. They were
provided with holes tor stove pipes,
nml every portion was in a perfect
Mute of preservation,
The spot is known by historians as
old Quebec, and was the centre of the
settlement at the time the Hudson
Buy and Great North-Western Fur
companies hrfd stations in Montreal.
Bight along the western side of St.
Gabriel street there are a large
number of cellars joined together by
passage*?, ft is believed that the
Norih:W>stern Company had its
storerooms situated there. The Idea
in building the cellars so solidly was
for protection in case of fire. Later
on, when Montreal had become a
commercial town, and warehouses
were being erected, oftentimes they
were built on the foundations of
these old buildings and sometimes
right on top of them, as was the
case wiih the building at present being pulled down.
The long passages found across the
streets, which have oftentimes been
spoken of with a good deal of mystery, were undoubtedly from the convent on St. .loan Baptiste street to
some of the outhouses, Before any
streets were opened up. the mnis hud
a very large pteco of property.    As
ihey were a cloistered order at the
lime, (he passageways were built
Under the streets in order that the
nuns should nut be obliged to appear in public. In tliis way a long
passageway whs constructed under
St, Paul street to a gulden situated
on the liver front, aud another Westward under St. Sulpice street into
"Voire Maine church, iu order thut
ihe nuns might attend the different
services. The only buildings in the
city built in the solid old French
Style are those occupied b.v the An-
tuitiariun Society, on Noire Dame
street uat, ami lhat adjoining, und
a portion of Hie building occupied b.v
the Fathers of St. Sulpice, next to
ihe French church.
a Staeia ■•■•■».
Lawrence Sullivan, who resides in
Huntley Township, must have %
churmed life- About leu o'clock last
Saturday night he left town to drive
homeward lie allowed tlie horse
to find'the road itself, and, in the
blinding storm uf suow und sle-t
then raying, mude himself comfortable In his cutter. But theauiinul,
which hud formerly helutiged to a
fanner near l{osebuiik, started along
the tenth lint Jowards that village
Mr. Sullivan fras unconscious that
bin horse **y«s 'on the wrong road.
Iilugiue hie Surprise when he found
huiisell hurled into the air by u
snowplow, his cutler smashed Into
slums, and pis horse killed. Tins
occurred at tht tenth line crossing of
the I'aiiudian Pacific Hailwav track.
His escape from instant death was
miraculous.' Next morning Mr. Sullivan blamed the whole itfTair to the
stupidity of the horse.—Almonte Gazette.
mt Oaf OWa Faei Margee-
At the banquet in his honor tn
Toronto last week the Hon. William Mulock rounded off his peroration with these lines, which he ascribed to Kipling:
"It's only an yld bit of bunting,
It's uuly sn eld tattered rig,
But 'suluiere 'kjnre died fur Its honor,
And' time hae ennobled the flsg,"
It is our good friend Mr. J. C.
Morgan who wus the author of this
stirring stanza, and not Mr. Kipling. Mr. Mulock owes Mr. Morgan
an, apology.' Kipling is not the only poet of Imperialism-Orillia Packet. : -
Vrlple el lediaa saaaaier.
There le an Indian legend to the
effect that after tht first frosts Ma-
nitod resorts to the island in the
Georgian Bay which ts called after
himself, and there reposes and
Smokes tha pipe of peace. The autumn haze Which is seen In Indian
summer is the smoke from his pipe,
and the warmth is the heat of it.
More than une of our Canadian
poete have enshrined tht legend i^
•*propri«*if verse, ja
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
lhe Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area ul the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.    I hese lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
I in- aKKri-ntli- amount ot prim ip.l and lot real, ru'i-pl in the
cast* ul l.in.l- under $2.5(1 an aire, is ditided into lea insliltnenls la
shot, 11 in Ibe table below; Ibe linn la be paid it lhe time ..I purchase, tne .uuml one yeir In.in due uf Ihe purchase, Ihe Ihird ia
two. years and ... un.
The folluwinf tabic shows lhe imnunl ol Ihe annual iiisialmrnla
un IM) acres al dillrreni pruea under Ihe abuve tundiliiins:
IM air*, al $2.50 per air. lai inalalmenl SM.ta    ,, rtitiil inlal'ls al $.10.00
3.00      -• ji.iki .. M.00
J.M      •• •• UM 70.00
*M     " " «5.M " M.00
4.50      " » 107.85 " DO 00
5-»      " " I1.85 •• IM.OO
Kimberlev is ,he busincss ani sWppinx point for the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,he divisional P»int ot the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, ownsile Agent.
For further lolormtllun tpply lo agents aa above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
I aad, older 12.50 per tire ire told
01 shorter lime.
II tbe liad ia paid for ia full al Ibe
lime of parthtu, • redacting from Ibe
price will be allowed equal lo lea per
cell aa tbe aawaal paid ia encea. ul Ibe
usual caab iaalalwat.
Interest it al, per cent will be
charted la over die insltlmenls.
The Coaipia) has also lulu for sale
ia tht lullowlni Iowa ailea in Hani kootenay: Elbo, Craabrook, Muyelle, biich.
eacr. Crealoa aid Klmberley.
Tke lerma ol piymenl ire one-third
ciab, aad Ihe balaict ia si, aid twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to the White
arouse copper fields.   J. T. BURUESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Do You Want
Fashionable Clothing?
Then Buy    . .
E. A. Smsll & Co's
"Royal Brand"
This meritorious brand of Tailor-made
Clothing has long since been tried and proven.
'Tis the best made, best cut, best finished, and
Ihe best value in the Dominion.
If you would have "Royal Brand" Clothing
look for this guarantee label in
the pocket of the
E. A. Small a Co., an founder. In Canada ot
Tailor-made Clothlag ready-to-wear.
ti Reid & Co., Agents For Cranbrook
Imparts a natural glow of warmth
and   health,   without   which,  the
system   is  always an easy  prey   to
colds, chills and influenza, which   are
engendered in moments of weakness and
undue   fatigue.    Bovril is not  merely a stimulant, but a highly nourishing   food,   containing  all   the
strengthening   properties   of   beef
a most convenient and  appetizing   form.     It can  be
prepared in  a moment.
Add a little boiling water
and it ii ready for me.
and Builder *
All work intrltlted.   See ut belort
yot build.   11 will pay you.
Cranbrook, B (.
Surveys m	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
Livery S
Proprietors •*» * j»
Teama and .Irivera furnished for any
point In Ihe diatrict.
Manager   j»  jt   j»
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Coi
Wheltult aad Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade ll Mliclted.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Tl" Empire Restaurant
Meadtmet Sbaw a Campbell, Propa.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown.   Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
We. have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, (ire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of   U. S
Office aud store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Cora*
mercd Crautirook, II C.
Upboliterli-i *ad Ocicral Pi mil nre Kipilrlai
Will attend to any work In Ihe district
Ai-tit for the Briitu MirMt tad QmiU
Workt.   Tombitooes, Htiditeiti, itc.
Stiilbl. People Travel by ibe C. P. ft.
The tbove three words luriii.h tbe ret
ton why the C. 1'. R. .*. ron.i-lere.l tbe
beat road aero*,, the continent.
Leave Cranbrook 3:10 p. m.
Arr. Winnipeg 2d day 8:50 a. m.
Arr. St. Paul 2d day 6:40 p. m.
Arr. Chicago 3d day 9.30 a. m.
Arr. Toronto Ith day 2:45 p, m.
Arr. Montreal 1th day 6:30 p. m.
Arr. New York 5th day 8:55 p. m
Clue C.a.ecllo.B lor All t'adera Polata
of thia company ate moilrlB of .lean  I
ncaa and comfort  and  are in charge of
porter, who endeavor in every way to
■lb. Ihe journey
Tbeae cars leave for the eust aa follow,:
Prta Daiaart Junctloa dally lar SI. Paal.
From Kooteiiy Laallaf Tueid.y .id Sit-
trdiy lor Toroilo, Motireil aid til rjatttri
Further  Informttlon    regarding  thi
"(July Wty" can be bad on application.
Gnu. Hiuim, Altai,
S. J. Coyi.k. Cranbroolr, B. C.
A. G. P. A., Vancouver, B. C.
J. S. Cirr-tH, D. P. A.,
Nelaou, B,
t   ■ ._*.*-*.,... ..-. a is *® ■>. ® « > ••• •    I
it Stock Taking Sale Specials! J
$10.00 Men's Suits $5.00
8    I5c Cosmopolitan Patterns each 5c. B
!|    $1.65 Fancy   Flannel Shirts, sale |
H -.Irvea «l fill ?!
JJ price $1.00.
All Ladies'Trimmed Millinery at fi
half price. ||
§ 10 yards fine quality gray sheeting ||
* for 75c. |
$1.00 Ladies Puritan Corsets, 50c.   ".*
,T New February Fashion Sheets and Delineator now in. I'.fc
® |',«
■j    REID & COMPANY    I
HK.vn   Oi-'FiCK:   TORONTO
Capital Aulhnrlicd       K0O0.00U
Capital Paid Up        2,80,932
Real       2,*UH,5V5
T.ILMerilti. riesldi-iii; i> it. wiikle. Vlca
l'ri'siii'iil: WUlii'.m Kuiiisny, Koli >.it .lulti.iy,
\Mlllum Ht:iiilrif, T. biiilierliui t Muv iier, Blu-1
D. K. Wilkle, i<«neriti Manager.
E Hiiy. AHsi-umt lienernl .Mhuhk-t.
\v. Mnttiii, inspector,
Nmtli-Wfst nnd Hrliisli OolumlllA
I'riiiilirniik, I'alitiivy,  Wliiiiti'i1}-. ttiatnlun. Mil-
initlltiiti. I'lutJij-e In   I'riiine. I'iiii. .-  Altipil, Ite-
L'niii.  Keveutoke,    sU'tUn-tnm,  Wewakivvlii,
i.iilili'ii, Ni'huii, FtTKiisnii, \ ic.iiriu. Viilit'tniver.
S.u.11 s   ILiiik     il--|.iirtini'tit    |Ii'|iiihIIs  nt   St
util npwarua received mid liiteresi Rtlowwl
Debentures  iwm-'iiM, Munii-iimi nndotliei
ilebeuttirvfl imrehued,
Aui'titi in tireal nnt.iu,  \,u,y\\ ii;in\. i.t.i..
;j i.-nniun.l St., i i"n.   wiiii whutn money
mu) Ik- ii.-ii.i*.ti*'.i f..r iiiiiiiirt-i l.\ u-tii-r, oi cable
to im-, or the above branches,
F. II. HARSH, Managtr
G. T. R.
Westerners particularly arc much interested in the
proposed new road to the coast as planned by the (I. T. R.
••It is n good thing," everybody will admit. It will open up
new country. It will benefit the Dominion and he a boon
to the west. (1. T. R. stock is a Rood investment. Would
you like to be a speculator? We have been fortunate in
securing a quantity of O. T. R. stock nnd will dispose of it
at the regular price ol 50c. It is done up in packets containing » and 16 ounces of tea that will yield you 100 per
cent more satisfaction than any other 50c ten you can purchase anywhere.    Sold only al
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
«)♦■«■'» 11 • •••■•••••*
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
We keep a firstclass stock of Tweeds and Serges. Thc
designs are kept right up to the notch. The quality is
always the highest. Every bit wool, pure wool. People
like goods of that sort.   They ought to, it pays.
Cranbrook, B. C.
MeDERMOT-& BOWNESS....       |
* <*
Wholesale Dealers In <jj»,
We Sell
Schlitz Beer
Fernie Beer
Guinness Stout
Bass Ale
Agents for
T. Lebel & Co.
Hay and Grain
A car load just received and we are
able to meet your demands in our
line. Mail orders promptly attended.
'     CRANBROOK, B. C.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The loth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, li. C
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season,
Hotel s s
l**l«l III ¥_)   (•}♦■*•■•*»-•>•>-»-•
OiiesiH Comfort i Specialty
Good Slahling In Connection
Nearest tn ndlroail find depot.    Has Accommodn-
tlnus for Uie public  unequalled in Cranbrook.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
It's All   Right!
The Bread Cake and
|       Pastry
■j* At the City Bakery
j   A. R. Gibson   ,
SHii-<!^s-<i>-<i)--<sHs>-®-f!)--<i)~® ®-
Picked Up About Ihe City  by Aitkin*
(JueHlionit ot Many People.
J T. Uiillaw wa> a Cranbrook viiilnr
P. O. Jones, of Moyie, was a Crmi
'mink visitor Suuilay.
I-reil Frith ot Moyie is now in charge
of the Cranbrook club,
P, McV-ftlgh and J. Pupore. of Frank
Alberta, were in towu, Monday.
Burn, to Mr. ami Mrs. Noiman Hill
Saturday, January to, 1903, a boy.
For Salf.-Onoil coal stove, just right
fur shark or room.       F. K, Simpson.
just arrived, car load of bobsleds.
Going fast. G II. Miner.
A second hand cutter, in good shape,
for sale cheap. G   H. Miner.
It Is expected that James Ryan will
return next month froui SatiFrancisco
A. I.. McDerniot and Miss Flossie
Ma gee visited Fort vSteele last Sunday
Richard Joyce came down from Fernie last Saturday and visited Klmberley
ii, !■:. Beattit* spent several days tbe
past week at the hot springs at Blair
K. Walter, of Morrissey, cBine down
.Monday with his wife and sick haby to
■otistili a physician.
James Hukter Is. now located in Van
-ouver with that branch of the Canadian nank of Commerce.
Frank Hums, of Calgary, has returned
to Cranbrook lo accept a position with
the eletric light company.
M. B. King left Friday for a short
visit to his old home in New Brunswick
He will return about February.
Mrs. C. D. McNab returned Fiiday
Irom McAdam, N. B., where she was
called by the death of her mother.
Quite a number of Herald subscriber
ire responding to the request lo pay up
subscriptions.   Let the good work go on.
Quite a number of people went to
Fort Steele last Monday night to attend
the entertainment given by the Macken
I, S. Munlock came out of collision at
the rink last Monday night with a badly
battered face, Skating is reaching the
interesting stage.
The SnnFrancisco papers say tbat
the horses owned by Tom Wellman are
making a great showing and have won
out In several good races.
George Miner has the heat equipped
private barn in thiB part the country,
He is 11 great lover of horses and he believes In taking care of theut.
Requests for the Christmas number
of The Herld continue to come in, bu1
unfortuuately tbe supply was exhausted
two days after the paper was issued.
Mr. Piioley, formerly with the Canadi
nn B ink of Commerce In tbis town and
jlterwnrd transferred to Skagway, i
now with the Nelson branch of the
The firm of Beale, Klwell & Hutchison will open an office at Morrissey in a
f.:w days. Mr. Moffat, at present in the
Craubrook ollice, will have charge of
that branch.
Mr,   Williams,    better    known    as
Shorty"   Williams,   passed    through
Craubrook Thursday for the east.   Ue
lias been living in the Boundary country
the paHt few years.
M, A. Beale returned Saturday from a
trip to the coast. He visited Vancouver,
Victoria, Seattle, Spokane, Rossland
aud Nelson and came back teellng good
over his vacation.
Services in the Methodist church next
H.ni'lay at the usual hours. Young men
in the city nre cordially invited to the
Paatoi'd Bible Class at 3 p. m. Strangers
nre cordially welcomed to all tbe services
in this church.
Fred Unities, of The Herald staff, got
mixed up in a collision while playing
hickey Saturday night at the rink and
was rendered unconscious for a short
time. He ia carrying a badly disfigured
countenacce as the result of hU accident.
'Six months in New York City." is
the subject of a lecture which will he
given in the Methodist church on January 27th, The lecture Is to he splendidly illustrated wiih lime light views.
The tickets are placed at lhe very
reasonable price of 2$ cents.
Wilmer Outcrop: The Cranbrook Her*
aid published an interesting Xmas mini
her which isillustrated with a number
of good nils, and the production Is a
credit to that paper. Chas. Est mere,
C. H., of Wilmer, supplies an instructive
article on the Windermere district which
we print in another column,
Mr. Calpmau, of Cowley was iu  town
Harold Jamleion came np from Moyie
lust Tuesday.
Mr. Hale, of Fnrt Steele, wns a Cranbronk visitor Tuesday.
J. A. Harvey, of Fort Steele was iu
town Tuesday on le^al business.
Mrs. Ed. Hill, of Moyie was visiting
Cranbrook relatives last week.
Mr. aud Mrs. Thos. Starhird, of Wilmer are Riiesis at the Cranbrook hotel.
Irs. W. D. Hill entertained a large
number nf her lady Memls last Priilay
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Vic Desauliner,
Moyie, um Monday Jan. u, lyo?, a
A. 1.. MoPormot weut to MorrUrey
Tuesday night to attend the dance al
ibe Australian bo el.
The Femis Free Press lun been en
Inrgt-il to a six column qnaito and ureal
ly Improved editorially.
Found, a cape. Owner many have
same by calling hi Herald office ami
paying lor this notice.
Last Monday At elite Currle received
the sml news of the ilealli ol his brother
D, a Currle, of Coll logwood, Ont,
Conditions are rapidly approaching a
conl famine in Craubrook. hiiiI several
people are using wood in coal stoves.
Mrs. P. D. Hope of Moyie returned
from Marysville Tuesday, where --he has
been visiting her mother Mrs Bennett.
John Hutchison went to Morrissey
Tuesday to arrange for the opening of
un office for the firm of Beale, Hutchison & Klwell.
Mr. Leitch, manager of the Kast
Kooteuav Lumber company, lias gone lo
Winnipeg to look after new machinery
for the company's mills.
Au order has been issued hy the government agent requesting the removal
of the tendeiloin district Irom its present location to the valley west of the
Mr. Mills,better known from Medicine
Hat to Nelson as '■Snowball" is now
with the Manitoba hotel. He has a host
of friends in Cranbrook who were pleased
lo see him locate here.
1,-lilies and gentlemen wbo are dislr-
011s of takii'g part in Mr. Mckenzie's
forthcoming production of opera, are iiv
viied lo attend at the Wenlworth Hall
on Fiidey evening next at 8.30, Our
'intting talent should not miss this
F. J. Smyth, ofthe Mnyie Leader was
in town Tuesday. Fred had a new tie
straight from the Palouse country. It
was not very large, but it was dainty,
and will atld much to that gentleman's
rtputation as the Berry Wall of South
Kust Kootenay.
Perry Creek is at present taking a rest
Irom iti recent activity. The different
mines are prepared to begin work as
soon as spring openB. Mr. Purge is in
Cranbronk looking after Mr, Wellmnn's
business while he is away. Mrs. Burge
leaves this week for a visit to Kalispell
Mout. willi her daughter, Mrs. Day, and
will he gone several weeks.
tiraham and Robert Love, plasterers
and bricklayers, have concluded to make
Cranbrook their headqualters ff.r their
operations throughout the district,
These gentlemen thoroughly . understand their business and have done
some firstclass work in the district. Letters addressed to them at Craubrook
will receive prompt attention, ' Read
their card in The Herald aud the Morrissey Miner.
Death Of J. R. Costigan.
Calgary Herald;—The news which became generally kuown at an early hour
this morning that one of Calgary's best
known and most popular citizens had
during the night beeu stricken down by
unerring hand of death, came as a terrible
shock not only to Mr Costlgan's persons)
friends but to every resident of the city
In which for many years he had 'ieen a
well known figure.
For some few days past Mr. Costigan
had been confined to his house, suffering from what was thought to be a
slight cold, His condition, was not at
all alarming, nor was It considered
even serious up to lost evening when
Mr. Costigan feeling that he was gradu-
allp becoming weaker thought it advisable to rail in bis physician, Dr. Macdonald. The doctor arrived shortly after
in o'clock and remained lor some lime
chatting with Mrs. Costigan and her
husband in the bedroom of the latter.
While seated upon tils bed, atld while in
the act of removing hit oat preparatory to retiring for the night suddenly and
without a moment's warning Mr. Costigan fell back and expired. He had some
time ago complaintd about his heart,
but it was not thought lhat lhat organ
was seriously affected. The immediate
cause of death was appoplexy.
A rise Entertainment.
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
Church have secured the services of Mr.
and Mrs. Mckenzie for tbe evening of
M inday, Jan. 26 h. The entertainment
is in honor of Robert Burns the Scottish
haul, whose anniversary falls on the
25th Sunday. The programme will be
varied, and of such a character that a
thoroughly enjoyable evening may be
In addition to the songH of Burns and
other favorites, Mr. and Mrs. Mckenz'e
appear In tbat cleverly written comedy
The Happy Pair, or Is Marriage a Fail
ure?" and by particular request "The
Bonny Fishwife."
Tbe price of admission has been fixed
at 50c to all parts of the house. There
will be uo reserved seats.
Hone made candy will form another
feature.   The ladles are going, to repeat
last year's success in   providing sweett* |
for the yuuug and old.
Sunday School Annual.
the annual meeting of the Methodist
Sunday  school was  li dd   U\{ week   at
Inch Mr. W. T. Reld was rt-elecled
superintendent by nn almo-sl unanimous
vole. Renominated aud the meeting
elected the following ladies and gentlemen as his stall of teachers. -Rev. S, J.
Thompson, Miss Patmbre, Mm. Slater,
Mrs. Prest, Mist Pi est, Mrs. Argue,
Messrs A T. Vrooro C. Vroom, \V. G.
Morton, Fred Lees, lien. Reece. J. B
Wntson, nnd W. Fen it, lilmilnn-*,; A J.'
Haney, secretary,.
During the ienr ihe sum ofa4i dollars
has been recti* ed tn collections, out of
wliich lhe supplies lor the school hue
baen paid, and I50 -dollars paid to
trustees on building tun,I. The average
attendance fur the year has been Si dob
lars. There is a very cordial CeeUifg existing betweon superintendent nnd staff,
and the coining year il is hoped will hi*
tbe best iu tbe bistoiy uf lite school.
CnmpuUory -.rhllratliin.
If any further Argument wen* required
to Induce the lawmakers ol America in
give most sellout attention to the least-
bllity nf compulsory arbitration, it is
found lu Die re capitulation of Ibe COSl
of the just ended strike in tbe anthracite
coal field.   Here is the astounding array
of figures: Tothe operators 36000000
tons of COal unsold at Ji 22,   f\\ 720,000!
maintaining and arming 5600 deputies
83,000,000; damage to collieries by reason
Of idleness $2,000,000; los-i to railroads:
frieght receipts 826,000 ooo| cost to state
for maintalug troops in the lield, al
$50,000 per day, fi,51x1,000; loss tn
miners, wages, averaged at $1, per day,
8171400,000; loss to merchants In. Ibe
anthracite region (estimate ,) $12,000,-
000. This will make the tolul loss
Pinched Ills Leg.
Fernie Free Prest-: Geo. Chapman,
brakeman, met with a very paiulii'l accident on Saturday night while at work
on the hinbline. lit* was passing ovel
loaded .slack oars and slipped on tb*
platform in front of a car where it- bail
filled up with snow aud ice. He slipped
onto the bumpers and tbe engineer noticing his misbap applied the brakes caus
Ing the bumpers to come together.catching Mr. Chapman's leg at Ihe ankle
Fortunately the bumpers pinched ii
such a manner as to force the leg horn
tlieir grip or he would have Icsl bis leg
As.il is, lhe bone and lhe cords of tin
leg are seriously injured nnd ibe unfortunate man suffered much pain. On
Wednesday he was removed to Hit
Cranbrook hospital for treatment.
C. P. R. Earns Millions.
Vancouver. B. C. Jan. 11,—It Is announced lhat tbe three great rail wat
systems of Canada—tbe Canadian Pacific, Grand Trunk ami Intercolonial—
earned during the year iguj ibe enormous sum ot $75 675 S42, the largest
earnings by far in the history ol Canada's railroads. This ainoui t was distributed as follow-**. Canadian Pacific,
839584,000; increase over last year,
$5531,000. Grand Trunk, $30,036,479;
increase'over last year, $1,0X2,419. '"'
tercolonial, $6,655,463,
On Friday, January 9, 1903, Roben
McPbail, of consumption. He lind 11
father and mother living at Poplm
Point, Man. The funeral took plact
Saturday from Campbell's undertaking
parlors, Rev. Thompsou oluciating.
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
We are ready to furnish estimates
.   on any work In our line anywhere
in the district.     Address all letters to Cranbrook, Tt. C,
Accident      Sickness
Palmer & Arnold
For Insurance
will be closed lor a tew weeks. '■'
i Will be opened in February-,- f
I have opeti.tl a
and am carrying a stock of
bay, onts, chopped oats,
bran, shorts, wheat and potatoes. I also have a stock
of fl mr made from se'ecied •
Manitoba hard*wheat.
I also have a- fret h ship* -
ment of butter each. week. ■
Fresh eggs aud poultry.
Prices are right. Give me
a trial.
«-»-»-» +-■»■»*>■  MMMH»t«t»Q
$30,000 worth of the best selected stock of Tlen's Clothing, Hen's
l:tiriiishinj;s, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Ladies' Suits, Skirts, Dress
tioods. Prints, Zephyrs, China Silks in all shades. Taffeta Silks,
Duchess Satins in cream, white and black, Rmbroidery, Insertion,
Cretonne, Pancy hTannels, etc. We quote a few prices which will
govern the Greatest Slaughter Sale that ever happened or will happen in the Kootenays,
Men's Suiis,
regular $211,110
cost $12,110
Men's Suits,
rcniil.tr   I.S.00
cost   S.00
Men's Suits,
regular   S„S0
cost    .US
Boy's Suits,
regular ,s.oo
cost    4.S0
Hoys' Suits,
reKiilar   4.00
cost    2.2S
Boys' Suits,
regular   2.50
cost     1.25
l.adie's genuine nil wool, heavy ribbed Cashmere llt.se. regular
.Sue, now isci other lines hi proportion. Six pair Men's heavy all
w,k,I Sot Si,    Might Spools Cotton for 15c,
(ierinan Sox and Rubbers we will just cut the price in Itvo.
lien's Mills, liloves and Underwear the same. We will sell everything in our store AT COST but lor SPOT CASH ONLY. No goods
will be charged or exchanged.
Ladies and Men, we thank you for your liberal patronage ill the past.
Cranbrook and Moyie
Money Back" Drug Store
We do not want to have a single dissatisfied customer. We would almost rather have anything
happen than have you feel that anything is not
right. If ever you feel that way come around
and tell me about it and I will make it right.
You will leel better, so will 1. Everything must
be satisfactory that leaves this store or I will
make it so, Yours for a bright, happy and prosperous New Year.
Beattie, The Druggist
• • • • • • •>-•>•> »-.+-0-m-+\*}
j "Hello Sam, have you any of those hockey shoes left?"
j "Yes, Jack, we have a few."
j "All right, I am sending a friend of mine oven you can
1 fix him up."
j j "Oh say, Jack, how are your weak ankles since you tried
♦, those hockey shoes?"
IJ "Why, they are just fine; I feel as if I could skate forever"
I © I ® t ® l ® t ® I ®J .01 ®j ®j ®j ®l ®J ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I ®} ® 1 ® I ® I ® 1 ® 1 ® i © 11?
<*>^s> 1 * 1 <■* 1 * 1 <♦» [ f 1 # 1 w 1 ♦ 1 ♦ 1 ♦ 1 v 1 wT<$ 1 ■* 1 w 1 •$ 14T*«>T«> 1 *T*vI * I -vjl^J
beg to call thc attention of the. public to the fact that they are "•"',.;
now prepared to act as CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS for '%
the Outport of Cranbrook. They have had a supply of the *g
proper forms printed! these forms cannot be obtained elsewhere.  ' *._
1   AT T EN TI ON   I
a**** «■
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J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
Heated hy furnace.
Comfortable 'rooms.
Convenient location.
The bar is supplied with only J
the best and we keep a com- t-
pletc line. $
-* I
When you visit Crnnbrook stop nt the
None Heller In the District
Rates $1 and up.   Short Drders and Oysters
served in any style Iron, N p. ni. to A a. in.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for cleanliness and comlort and the bar is supplied wiih thc best brands
of liquors and cigars.


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