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Cranbrook Herald Oct 30, 1902

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KUM 111*11 38
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
n. Quo. A. Csix, President. . B. K. Walkkr. Oert. Man.
1'al.l Up   Capital
Tntai Rcaourcoa
. 2.IKHI.O0OO0
Deposits Received,   (icncral Banking Business Transacted.
SAVIMIS IUNK III l'\W MENT   DcniiHlln Rtcelvcsf-lal.rt.l Allowed.
% WALL PAPERS at the LOWEST PRICES yet named
STOVES...  *
Heating and Cooking ~M?
An Immcnae Slock Older M
alovea may be food itovea but -1i»
McClary'a alovea arc baiter.
2 Cars Groceries l-""1'"■*" ■■*■ ■"•■•*** *"•■
fill Ibe lineal ordera al al.bt.
Q| wearing glasses Ior fear they might spoil your looks.   By the
Q temporary use oi Eyeglasses or Spectacles delects may be erad-
Q icated and the eyes restored to full strength and usefulness.
Q We can give you testimonials of people who have used our
Q glasses and found them 0. K.   Tests free.
Air Tights
Hot Blast
Down Draught
Up Draught
Sight Draught
or any kind of
draught that
you may want
in the way of
Cooking or
Heating Stoves
|      QUALITY-PRICE      I
i-j\ First, tin* highest obtainable quality; then thc lowest possible
j^ price consistent witli lhe qu.tlity. That's our principle. o* See
(J^ our line nl
to        Rings, Chains, Lockets and
to        Souvenir Goods m,,,, „n)t,ialti.c»t,„c
7 Olllclil Walcb Inipeclor lo. Crow. Naal dlvlaloa C. P. R.
The Craihrooit Fair Furnished Much
Horse Races In the Afternoon and
Boxing Contest At
Monday was a streuuous day in Cranhrook. It .started with a foot race in
the morning, on which thousands of
dollars were bet) then fullowetl some
very good horse races, anil in the evening there was a boxing contest, find
later a banquet that lasted until! 2
o'clock in the morniug. lhe foot race
was a lluke, although u pretty contest,
the horse races were all right, the boxing
contest gave forth the ordor of falti-.ni,
and tbe banquet wns one of the most
enjoyable ever given in Craubrook.
Tbe individual who played the whole
string, engaged in the numerous discussions arising out of the foot race and
boxing contest, cheered the winner of
the horse races and participated in the
feast of reason at the banquet knew the
next morning lhat he had made a day of
In some ways the day was • success,
in others It was a failure, yet in the two
cases that failure could be charged up
against the proceedings, (he foot race
and the boxing match, the management
of the Cranbrook Athletic a* social ion
could not be held to blame by any
reasonable man.
Tbe Foot Race.
There was a foot race in Cranbrook
It was a great event and aroused more
interest and bard feelings than any sporting event pulled off in Ibis district.
Aud the end is uot yet.
The race was a match between Harry
Nevin of Cranbrook and F. J Mitchell
or fernie lor $500 a aide, Bui the purse
was the small part ot lhe total wagers
made. Monday mc ruing the Fernie
men were rushing around with their
bands full of bills hollering for bets Aa
a result by 10 o'clock several thousand
dollars bad been put up. Wben the
bank opened another big bunch of Crau
brook money floated Into the street and
the Fernie boys began to waver. Here
and Uiere a backer of Mitchell would be
heard to say, "Can't take any more, I'm
all in.'1 Tbis continued until after the
grounds were reached, when It became
impossible for Cranbrook to put up any
more coin lor lhe reason that no man
wllh Mitchell money could be found.
Kverything was good natnied, although
at first the Fernie men did a gootl deal
of blowing, but as llielr fifties and hundreds were promptly covered their belling enthusiasm gradually died until
finally they bail nothing to say and
Nevin money bad to go begging,
Tbe preliminaries ol the race were
quickly arranged. Boih men inspected
lhe track, it waa carefully measured by
both sides, aud tl. llaiues of the bank
nn.I !l Rcutley .*■! Fernie were selected
as starlets, and James Kyan and ft. II.
Miner ol Cranbrook and 11. Hunter of
1'1 tidier Creek, judges of tbe horse races
were named as the judges,
Il was ariangcd that Mr. Haines
should lire a pialol if the start was right
but tbat if It was not satisfactory lo Mr.
Hentley be was lo lire a second shot to
call them back.
Tbe started was made, Haines fired
ami the two men came down the track
like a whirlwind, neck and neck. In 20
or jo yards Nevin got the lead, but j ust
kept ahead up to the 60 yard point when
he pulled out and then the race was his.
Mitchell made a good struggle but he
was up against too switt a man and the
finish left blm at  least  six   feet In the
ami sent word to Mitchell to appeat and
run at 18:30, Word came back thnt he
roiihl not run liefore 1 o'clocx, nnd he
told K. J. Peltier just as he was leaving
the --rounds tbat he would be willing to
run again at 1 o'clock. Then came
further word from llie Fernie backers,
lhat the judges had nothing lo say, as
the articlea provided that the second
race might be ruu at any time during
tbat day. Again Ihe judges teleuted,
Imping lo keep goo il feeling ull around,
The crowd wailed until nearly 2 0 lock
and theu gave il up ami wenl h< me to
gel something to eat, coming mil m
tbe afternoon, Several ui the Cranbrook men saw Mitchell between 12 and
1 o'clock ami he expressed a willingness
to run as soon as he had permission of
bis backers. Between 1 and 2 o'clock
word came lo the ground thai Mitchell
hud strained a tendon and uiigbt not ba
able to run, aud a 5 o'clock he sent uo
tlce to lhe judges to that effect, aud appeared ou lhe street limping badly and
carrying a caue. J. L- Gates was hurry,
ing around at 2 o'clock lookiug for tbe
cane, but at no time was a physician
called or allowed to examine Mitchell
to ascertain bis condition.
Theu came inquiries to the judges if
they would allow lhe Fernie meu to
draw down tbelr side bets, but no answer
would be given them except that those
matters would be controlled by their
Later in tbe day, the Fernie men who
had had the mosl to say in Ihe morning,
began to serve notice on the Blake holders not to pay over any money, llm not
all the Mitchell backers did this, hy any
means. Men like Albert Mauiz, William
Eschwig, W, W. Tuttle, Tom Rader, 1'.
McMahon, and others, said that Nevin
bad won and fairly, and that they were
willing to give up their money. But
McKercher, Gates. Shaw. McLeod and
others had notices served ou some of ihe
stake holders, and further notice sent
Wednesday by the law firm of Ross St
Alexander of Fernie to none-of which
any attention is being paid.
Tbe judges' decision is as follows:
We decide that Harry Nevin is the
winner of to days race with F.J. Mitchell
by default.
Craubrook, October, 27th 1902.
L- II Hunter,
G. II .Miner,
James Ryan,
And The Herald desires to state right
here, tbat no where in Hast Kootenay or
British Columbia could there be found
three men wbo would deal fairer with
any sporting proposition than these
three. They are well known througout
the district fur their integrity "»»*l could
not be Induced to perforin a dishonest
or dirty act for any amount of money.
Most ot the bets were made subject to
the judges' decision, and consequently
are being paid, and tbe stake money of
Si.uoo was turned over for the same reason.
It la most unfortunate thnt the affair
resulted as it did, but throughout It all
ibe people of Cianbrook acted fairly
and as true sports. Taey bet confident
tbey had the best man, aud bet their
money freely, and if they had been defeated they would hare given up their
coin without a murmur. After tbe race
had beeu run the men from Fernie who
were dissatisfied, never made a claim
for any bets, but seemed anxious for
some etcitnc to draw down their nnney.
And yet tbey all knew that Nevin was
the swiftest mau.
wanl ami tbe teferee niiuouiiced lhat it
was to be a clean break away ami lhat
the pivot blow was barret). After shaking   hands,   quick  art ion   followed, as
"PItz" seemed deteitnlned to rush the
tint tie fiom tbe start. Iu fact, there
was mure work in lhat part of a round,
than is often seen In several rounds ol
the average boxing contest. Within a
few seconds "l-'itz" landed a terrific
blow on Lewis' chin, sending him lo the
ropes and lo his kueea, where be remained uulil tbe referee bad counted
nine. From that time ou "Lewis"
work waa punk. He attempted to foul
on tbe bteak aways and three times
went after tbe pivot blow, although
repeatedly warned by the referee. The
thud time the play was ao strong, although "Fill" was always out of tbe
way, that the referee called off tbe contest and gave his decisiou to Fitzgerald
before lime had beeu called on the first
ruuiid There were howls of derision
from tbe audience, although everybody
Jeclared that Tuttle could do nothing
else under the circumstances But the
crowd was sore. They had paid to Bee
a buxlug contest of a few rounds al least
and there were many yells of "fake,
fake," as they left Ihelr seats.
Whether Ibe fight was fixed or not for
tbe first round, the principals got the
blame for it, although Lewis seemed to
come in for most of tbe censure. To
eveu the casual observer It was rank,
and to the men who put up their money
for a boxing entertainment it was rotten
to lhe core. It la such horse plays as that
lhat spoils the success of good boxing
contests by men who are honest enough
to waul to give a crowd a run lor their
Lewis claims that alter he got the
blow on the chin, he weut daffy and
dldu't know what he was doing, and
this paper gives him the benefit of his
Messrs. Haines, Coleman and Huler
There Was a Magnificent Spread
and Speeches On Many
and other cooking utensils used in Ihe
household should be
This haa many advantages over iron or
common tinware. Costa a little more,
of course, but the increased strength
amply repays this. This ware cannot
rust, is not affected by acid, and is easily
kept clean. We now have a complete
line and our prices are very pleasing,
a. H. MINER.
Pianola, and Tlnsmltbln-1. Caa.ectlaa.
Select private boarding school for
boya. Modern methods. Accomplished
musters. Excellent table. Home care.
Refining influences. Lugo, airy bed
rooms. Specially built class rooms.
Cricket, football, boiilim*, swimming,
military drill Pnlruni/.eii by the best.
Highest reference Prospectus, Rev.
C.J, Brett ton, M. A , Vancouver
Reference ibe Rev   11   lJcnrbiim,
The Photographers' busy season
is from now till Christmas. This
aud the fact that we are out of
town at times make it necessary
for us 10 aak our patrons to kindly make appointments for sittings.
A great cheer followed the close of the
race and the udmirers of Nevin flocked
onto the track and hoisted him ou their
shoulders and carried him iu triumph to
the grand stand.
But a chauge came over their dreams,
Word was brought up from the other
end of the track that it was a false start
No, no, that could not be! Tbe men
had run for blood. Kverybody could
see tbat it was a fair start. That, was a
mistake or a hoax.
But no. Two shots were fired, Harry Bentley. although satisfied lhat the
•tart was fair to both Bides, aaya tbat he
fired bis pistol accidentally!
And then came the war of discontent.
But true to tbelr sporting spirit, although
the race had been run fairly and won
fairly, tbe Craubrook crowd cried, '-All
right. Let her go. We'll run again and
give them another chance. We will
give tbem no chance to kick."
Nevin went to his room under the
grand stand expecting to be called any
moment.   But he Was not.
Mitchell was taken hurriedly to, the
Cranbrook hotel and aetitto his room.
Tbe judges met and, being anxious to
deal fairly with all, held a consultation
The Horse Races.
The horse races were exceptionally
good, in fact there were several events
lhat have not been equaled on the Crau*
brook track for Interest. Owing to G.
H. Miner's horse meeting v.ith an accident some time ago, the harness races
had to lie called off, The different races
and the winners were as follows:-
Three-elghihs Mile, Pony Race:—ist.
Happy Jack, owned by Andrew; 2nd,
Tommy, owned by Isaac; 3rd, Pinto,
owned by N. McConnell.
Four and one-half Furlong dash:—ist,
Roy Carruthers, owned by Isaac; 2nd.
Jessie James, owned by J. W. Robinson;
3rd, Homely Hank, owned by H. L.
Seven-Kightbs Mile Dash:—Merchants
and Hotel Keepers stakes, ist Christmas Gilt, owned by T. J. Wellman; and,
Roy Caruthera, owned by Isaac; 3rd,
Jessie James, owned by I. W.  Robinson.
Ind au Race:—ist, Bad Cayuse,owned
by Babtiste; aud, Roany, owned by
Lewis; 3rd, Indian Pony, owned by
The Boxlig Cornell.
The boxing contest between Fitzgerald
and Lewis, whether premeditated or
not, was a rank fake, as the decision
was given to Fitzgerald on a foul before
the end of the first round. W. W.
Tuttle was selected as referee, and a
better one could not have been selected,
and when his name was announced the
crowd present broke Into cheers of approval. The hall was not crowded yet
there were quite a number present, and
the seating arrangement was very satisfactory. The prices were $1.50 for general admission, $2 00 for the front rows
and $2.50 for ring seats. It was nearly
9 o'clock when the men took their corners and stripped for the contest,
"Pitz" showed his power In chest and
shoulders but gave evidence ot a lack of
hard training, as there was too much
superfluous flesh. Lewis on the contrary was apparently In fine fettle. When
time was called the men stepped for-
Wllmer-Cranbrook Mall Petition.
The following petition haa been aent
by tbe residents of the Windermere
country to I'oatmaater Oeneral Mullock:
Sir William  Mullock,  I'oslmaaterOen-
eral, Ottawa, Ontario.
Slri-The petition of the undersigned
residents of tbe Windermere District,
of British Columbia, humbly shewelh:-
That several months ago the residents
of said district petitioned your department to establish a mall route from
Wllmer to Cranbrook on the Crow's
Nest Railway.
Tbat said petition it ii feared did not
receive from the department the consideration that tbe merits ana importance of the subject matter therefore
justified, and now renew tbelr request
with tbe earnest hope of a more favorable consideration1
Tbe District bas made marker progress In the development of Its rich
mineral and agricultural resources In
the past few years, but notwithstanding
tbis, Its mall facilities are not as good
as tbey were five years ago tbe
Windermere-Fort Steele mall route
having been discontinued In the mean
The establishment of tbe route asked
for will bring tbe district In closer
touch wltb West and Sooth Kootenay
and tbe extensive development In progress there at tbe present time, and
thus our vast undevoloped mineral resources are within the easy reach of the
Investor and capitalist.
Tbe large Increase In the volume of
postal business transacted In the district
and Its Importance aa a mining and
ranching center justifies the assumption
that It Is entitled to better mill facilities
than at present enjoyed, and It Is believed tbe Postoffl-.e Inspector of tbe
Province will concur In this view.
Your petitionee respectfully submit:
1. That tbe district ls entitled to better facilities thin tbat now furnished.
a, Tbat the residents of the district,
who should be the best judges of their
own Interests are almost unanimous lo
their desire for a weekly service from
Wllmer to Cranbrook In preference to
a bi-weekly service from Windermere
to Golden.
3. Tbat the establishment of this
route means for tbe district almost tbe
difference between prosperity and stagnation In tbe development of Its ranch
log and mining Interests.
4. Tbat the expense of establishing
the route asked for will be less than
the expense of a semi-weekly service
to Golden; a consideration which should
appeal to the well-known economy of
tbe department over which you preside
5. That the fact above stated tbat the
mail service has retrograded, notwithstanding tbe material progress made
In the district served Is not In keeping
with the usual prcgresalve character
of the post oflice department under
your Incumbency.
In conclusion your petitioners bespeak
for the subject matter of tbis request a
talr consideration on the merits.
The people of Cranbrook are loyal to
llielr friends and are ever teatly to give
material evidence of their feelings when
tbe occasion arises. It was such au occasion last Monday night wheu the business element uf Cranbrook gathered
about forty strong lo display their esteem
and friendship for three citizens of
Cranbrook who are leaving to belt**
their conditions iu new fields of labor.
H. Haines, for neatly two years manager
of tbe Canadian Hank of Commere, C
IO Coleman, for a year aud a half agent
for tbe C. P. R , and James Hunter, now
teller of ihe Canadian Bank of Coiiimeice
have been uotilied by the companies by
which ihey are employed tbat tbey have
beeu transferred, and in a few days the
scenes that have known them in tbe past
few years well known them uo more.
Among their friends lu Cranbrook
there was n tinaiiiinous feeling lhat there
should be something done in tbelr honor
and In consequence it was decided to
give ibe banquet. Arrangements were
made fur the event at lhe Cranbiook
hotel, and a more successful function
waa never held in the town. Tbe tables
were arranged in tbe form of half a
square, mid when decorated with shining
sliver, potted plants and attractive
glassware presented a scene that was
pleasing to the artistic eye, ami a credit
lo Mr. T. Rookes. the clerk at thc hotel
wbo had the arrangements in charge.
It was about 10:30 when lhe guests tiled
into the dining room, and Chairman
Heattie and Vice Chairman Gilpin look
their places. Mr, Haines and Mr. Coleman occupied seats ou either side of the
fhnlrnmn. while Mr. Hunter had a seat
to the right of the vice chairman. Tbe
many good things to eat supplied by-
Mr. Ryan, lhe host, were thoroughly
enjoyed by the guests, while tbe different groups indulged in pleasing conversation, jokes and sal.ies of wit.
It wns about 11:30 when Chairman
Beattie Inaugurated lhe toast programme
by proposing the health of the King,
and "God Save the King" was sang with
hearty tones. The next toast was "Our
Guests," which was responded to by
Messrs. Haines, Coleman and Hunter,
who expressed their pleasure over tbe
honor conferred by Ibe gathering, and
their regret over leaving Cranbrook and
the many friends tbey bad here. In the
responses that followed there was
strong current of feeling displayed
when reference was made to ibe departure of tbe three gentlemen, showing
plainly bow strongly tbey had intrenched
themselves in the hearts uf tbe people
of Craubrook,
Tbe toast list was as follows:
The Railroad Interest—Messrs. Jamieson, McKenzie and Cory.
Lumber Iuterests—Messrs. Lund and
Our Sports—Messrs. H. jamieson, A.
Leltch and W. P.Tate.
Mining Iuterests—Messrs, Beale,
Hutchison and Klwell.
Banking Interests—Messrs. Malpas
and Johnson.
Mercantile Interests—Messrs. Pink.
Reid and Miner.
The Press—P. E. Simpson.
Toe Learned Professions—Dr. King'
G, H. Thompson and Martin,
The Ladies—-Messrs. Patterson and
Our Host—M. Mdi.ues.
Afler singing "God Save the King"
and "Auld Lang Syne," the guests dispersed, all feeling happy tbat they bad
beeu privileged lo enjoy such a pleasant
Creston, B. c.
Times are looking up,   Church service
every Sunday,   Creston will ioou be a
civilized place.
Tbe public school is progressing rapidly and will certainty he 11 credit to llie
The new roads east and mirth are now
in good shape. The east one goes to
Goat Riser Canyon where ihere is gootl
fishings and shooting and only iwo and
a half miles from lhe s'atiou.
The family of lames Barton, of the
Dominion Express company, accoinpa*
nled by Mr, Hale, Mis. Bartons father,
arrived last week and will locale ->n the
ranch as soon as the house Isci ni pleted,
Ou Sunday nght list, Bome sneak
thief entered the chicken coop of Major
Little ami removed some ut the his
choice fowls The door is now double
locked.    Better late than never.
Frum the amount of ground being put
Into shape a large number of fruit trees
will be set out ihis fall and the following
The weather here complres wi*. fav
orally with that ar mnl Cra nbrook
Provincial Notes
T. Alfred Reunion, secre st) of the
Grand Fotks board ut trade, ami for a
long lime a resident "I Ibat city, has
gone to Mexico He may liml il necessary to cease   filling bis   111 me  in  tlie
mldd'e wheu he gets down mining the
They are still playing base ball in
Grand Porks and Phoenix, They must
have some hot fans in that section ol
the province.
Charles C CHffe, ofthe Sandon  Min
ing Review, has sold the little paper to
his son, an.l has goae to the Soo to start
« dally.
Goldeu's new dailj paper plant hns
arrived at the scene ol it- future vicissitudes anil troubles.
Tbe bachelors of Grand Porks are going to give a ball next mouth. They
would better lie buying marriage licenses
than spending llieir money ou dances.
J A Manly, a prominent citizens of
ihe Boundary country, has ' een arrested
on tbe charge if being complicated in
tbe burning of the Colombia hotel at
Columbia three years ago.
Adtertlsiof Pointer-.
How much and how well yoo advertise rounts.
Don't expect to reap good business
from bad advertising.
Tbe bracing autumn air is full of
reasons why the clothing stores sbould
begin advertising liberally.
You can't advertise too often if you
are advertising ihe rijjfct goods in medulla in tbe right way.
The beat good sd. will prove powerless
unless it is supported by good gfjods and
good store management.
It Is on record that Solomon advertised
his new building There is a possibility
tbat hla 1,000 wives were what is called
"lhe indirect   results  from  advertising
No Doukabours Need Apply.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 22 -The provincial government has received a petition from the Doukabors of Assinlboia,
in the Canadian northwest, asking thai
they he allowed to move to British Columbia, stating that they are not allowed to practice their religion as they
would wish, for their religion holds that
tbey must obey the laws of no country-
no laws other timn those of God.
The executive of British Columbia has
declined lo entertain the proposition,
A Plcassat -Stat" Party,
Last Fifday evening James Gill gave
a very pleasant stag party to about thirty
guests in honor nf ll. Haines Ute manager of lhe Crai.brook branch of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce. Mr. Gill
la an ideal host on an occasion ol lhat
kind and those present will not forget
Ihe evening very soon. Music, cards,
anecdotes and words of good will formed
the intellectual programe (ut the evening
while lhe desire for Ihe material part
was met by an elegant lurch served in a
moat pleasing manner. Tbe evening was
a great social success In every respect-
As Isdepesdant Meat Market.
* There seems to be an Idea prevailing"
said M Mclnnes to tbe Herald man,
"tbat my new market is being operated
in connection with P. Burns & Co.
Tbat is a mistake. My market is independent of any other firm ur corporation
and baa nothing to do with P. Burns &
Co , or any other meat firm."
The Wonders ol Wild Morse.
Dave Griffith came over fiom Wild
Horse Tuesday with another consignment of gold dust and nuggets.    He was
ver only two weeks ago, and his load
was not as large this time, having only
about $[,600 iu dust and 8325 m nuggets.
The last time he came over hedeposited
over $5,000 worth of dust in the bank.
The nuggets were magnificent in appearance, being Inlirely free from quartz
and perfect beauties. There were quite
a number of strangers at tbe Craubrook
hotel when Mr. Giiftlth came in, and it
was a sight to see iliem open their eyes
when the nuggets and .lust were produced.
Speaking of lhe celebrated gulch
where nearly f30,000 000 iu dust waa
taken out in lhe eaily sixties, Mr.
Griffith said: "There are millions in tbe
Wild Horse yet. I have done pretty
well this summer, but the time is coming when that gulch will start tbe world
talking again."
Echoes of The Foot Race
The horse Race and the (uot race is
now over, but the great race to "McSweyn Si Griffith's" for a wlnler suit is
now on. There will be no injuction
served and everybody must win wbo
buys. So don't be laic. Cranbrook
Wc have sot advanced the price nf our
Tobaccos. Amber Smoking Tohauo. Bobs,
Currency aid Fslr Play Chewing Tobacco
are the same slie snd price lo the consumer
as formerly. We ha\e also extended Ihc
time for the redemption of Snow shoe lag*-10
Jssusry 1st 1894.
The Empire Tobacco Co., Limited.
Farm For Sale.
I will sell 120 acres of bea
- bottom
laud near
Port Hill,  Idaho,
the Ca-
nadiali sii
le.    It la as line a *
ilece "f land
aa can be found.   Well give-
liuyer a
Mrs. K,
XH •
.', B, C.
For Rent
1    A gond
seven room  IlOUSC
: c)
E.Utor   m.l Proprietor.
■\i i ni    i is-
nu. few
si\ i.i ■ .1* -
Tbe He
district    i
vour mini' i
Ive Hi-* news of llie
v nbout your towi
ml il l» this olllce.
There Is mora than oue way to get
sand bagged.
The lumber business will prove to he
the basis of continued prosperity in
manv parts o( South Bast Kooienay
during the next few years,
John Houston Is making a most read
alie paper out of his Nelson Tribune.
The Honorable Mr. Tarte is working
the old fake at protection io tie
farmeis that was worked un the agrl
cultural element In the Slates for
twenty years. A duty on farm products
the prices of which are determined by
tne export market, la the rankest kind
of demigogury, An I yet It will catch
some of them.
With qnarlz mining on the lucre;
witli many new properties being developed, with the lumber industry
rapidly growing, with tiie agricultural
conditions Improving ami the coal bus!
ness growing greater every mouth,
there Is every reason to be thankful
that one has to-day iu South liist Kootenay, the richest district In Canada.
Tbe 'ime is rapidly approaching
when hundreds of thousands ot dollars
will be Invested In the coal industry he
tween Cranbrook and Prank, Alberta.
in addition lo what Is already Invested.
This will mean a rapid Increase In the
commerce ol this section ami greatly
enhance the prospei ity of the district.
Thc subscriptions to The Herald have
beeu coming In at a rapid rale the past
two months, Tbe people real!/; that
If they want lo read the news of the
whole district tliey must read The
Last winter The Herald editor was a
philanthropist, lie had no fence around
the hack yard of his olllce. and coal and
wood were dumped pvomlscously on ihe
ground. This condition was taken ad
vantage of by a imiuber of la/.y skunks,
and our fuel bill increased accordingly.
Wc hive ceased lo be a philanthropist
We have had a high boaid fence built,
sheds put up and all fuel will he kept
this winter under lock and key. We
feel sorry for the la/.y ones, bul there
are other cli.irii.ihli> I noli nnil paopla
town lo whom they can devote their
attention this winter. We have had
They say ihat   Dunsmuir don't know
what to do about resigning. If he will
go to the country on the record his ag:
gregatlon has made, ihe people will tell
blm whal tie will do in short order,
The result o! llic big coalslrlke in the
anthracite legions  will  prove  a g
thing for both ca| Ital and labor.
The New Denver Ledge says thai
more people have come to Canada from
the Stale sof Iowa, llie past year lhan
through the work of the London oflice
presided over by IIjii J. II Turner,
and suggests that Ills olllce be removed
to DesMolnes, the capital ot the state
of Iowa. The fact Is lhat Mr. Turner Is
a superannuated polltlcan, aud lias been
given thc job at London as u sinecure.
It Is such policies as this ihat handicaps
n C, and will do so as long as tbe present crowd is in control
,1. 3, Miller, Cranbrook, was at the
Imperial Tuesday,
Barrister J-a Harvey left Tuesday
for a few day's stay in Winnipeg on
ft. II. Pollen ami J. T. Laldlaw left
Tuesday for Prfluk, A.berta, on business.
The provincial tax sale held at the
court house in Port Steele was a success
looking from the government aide of
the question. A small number of purchasers were present. There were nc
lots offered for sale In fernie or Port
Steele- Seven lots were sold In West-
port, twelve tn Moyle, 18 In Wardner
(18 In Cranbrook and two In Klmberley
no bids being offered for remaining lots
advertised. Messrs. Koblnson and
Clapp of Cranbrook were the largest
purchasers, Everything In Cranbrook
and Wardner was snapped up quick.
Klmberley lots were slow, and preemption market was overstocked, and
there Is some left for the next sale
which will take place in January,
The Moyle Lumber Co, is looking for
men.    There Is not an Idle nan In town.
The woik of laying new steel between Aldrldge and Yahk was commenced this week.
,1. Attwnoil, Moyle's new station
agenl, the family arrived here Wednea
day from Port Bteole i melton.
it is with sincere regret that the peo-
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is *vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
pie of Moyle lose Mr. Ullller, Alw lya
courteous and obliging, and ever ready
to do the people a good turn, he won
ihe affection of everyone, and he came
lobe looked upon as one of Moyle's
permanent ll Mures Tlie move, of
course, Is promo.ion, but not as good .1-
Mr. Ilillier ls entitled to. fur he Is one
of tbe oldest ami most faithful   men   .1.
the company's service. Cranbrook has
gained an excellent citizen lu Mr. III.*
ller, am) they should appreciate lhe fact
and extend blm every courtesy pe&Mblo.
!■:. s. Pollard, who helped to organlzs |
the Odd Fellows' lodge lu Moyle aim!
took such an active Interest In U aftct
wards, Is now over In the Coeur
d'Alenes. The lasl Issue of lhe Wallai e
Tribune says that "District lOpnly
Grand Master Pollard, assisted bj the
Olllcers and members tiom thc Gem ami
Wallace lodges, Instituted a new lodge
of the I. O O. P. at Burke, which wns
named Burke lodge No. 03 "
Timber Notice
Nonci: FORCRi-wroRS.
Ta',. noil
ctii.ii 1 havo nppllel in tin- Chief
I  .'1111111.-1..]
er ni Umls an.l Works ror nape*
WKH1   IlilllllTOItlKS,   JUDICIAL Dis-
"fm mu carry nwuy timber from
llllri 111   IVKSTKIlN ASSlSlliiUA.
n *ai a pnst marked "\V. Stocks s.
idiintQil ai ihe intersection ot tbe
Ill lho mallei ofthe i.siitto of James Wilson,
.Nulla* Tu Crt'dltiirs.
icreby given pursuant in "THti lie-
im s nt Hrlllaii 1 olumbln," IH07,
Hint till creditors antl others I -avlng
ini Ilu' I'salo of llie Billd  William
day of Nf
ler ut the Honorable Mr.
tinted Hu- nii tiny or Sep-
1-itih creditor or the above
ie undersigned
ember inn- ins
n.ii by it at nt
iiip'iih'i ivllli statement of the
liclil bi blm,
ua, tins lulli ilny Of Sept., 1001,
Public Ailmlnlslrutnr,
I'mliia, N, W.T.
I'll, tl  1111
lilt-   Mill
ir before
t r. Hunt i.r th
Timber Notice
-   Mih'
that ihiit) duys alter
to lhe chief C
1 Works at Vietoila
t ami eairy away llm-
escribed lauds:
l Hi.-ualuic.il tin
Morrissey Miner
Unry How, the Klko con-table, was in
town Wednesday. Mr. Dow expects 0
be transferred to Wardner within a
short time.
Harry Itentley, the saw mill magnate
of Pernie, was In towu last Sunday,
Harry is also interested in the mill at
ihis place, and says Morrissey Invest*
metits are a good ihlng.
The citizens of Morrissey should unite
in songa of thanksgiving and praise
over r,be fact that the ping pong craze
has not yet Invaded tho camp, and
the llrat one to introduce It will be
looked upon wllh suspicion fur all lime
to come.
"Mooch," the Miner mascot, came
within an ace of tailing nn unexpected
trip to dog heaven last Tuesday evening, as the result of gelling tangled up
under a pile of falling lumber at the
mill. No damage was done, however,
hm '-Mooch" has cut the mill out of liis
calling list.
The woik of clearing ihe townsile is
progressing rapidly, and as a result a
great change has taken {dace iu the appearance of the place. Now that lhe
mill is running steadily the streets are
rapidly being cleared of logs, am) In a
short while It will be hard tor iho old
timers to realize that ll is tne same
Oold weather will soon be here, and
as yet no one haa made a move toward
putting up Bre wood for use this winter.
There will be a great demand for wood
In a ahort time, and some cnergct c 1
chap could make a barrel of money in
this line. There Is any amount of lirst
class wood on the townsite which could
be got for the aaklng, but no one seems
to care about getting rich fast.
H. L, Stephens expects to give a
grand opening ball In his new hotel on
the evening of Tuesday, November 17.
Tbe large dining room, 30 by 1(1 In sl/.:,
will afford ample room for the dancers,
while music will probably be Import-, d
from Pernie, Special efforts will be
made to bring a crowd from both I'ernie and Cranbrook for this occasion,
and it is the Intention of Mr. Stephens
to leave nothing undone lhat will In
any way add to the comfort or enjoyment of his guests, Arrangements aro
now being made for the affair, and the
dance will go down In history as one of
the swell social events of Morrissey,
Joe Duchesne, a Frenchman who ba
been operating a ranch at Jeffrey for
Pinch & Jones, the saw mill men of
Marysvllle, is now in the tolls for shooting several head of cattle belonging to
Prank Dcrnsler, the hotel keeper of
JafTray. The trouble started over Da*
rosier's cattle using Duchesne's ranch
as a promenade. This Duchesne objected to, and he accordingly entered a
complaint wllh Derosler, telling him
to keep the cattle off or he would de
posit several pounds of shot In their
anatomy. This Derosler did not do. so
lhe next time the cattle wandered on
the ranch, the wrathy rancher emptied
the contents of a double barrel shot
gun Into their midst. He shot at close
range and succeeded In wounding three
of tbem In a serious manner. The own.
er of the cattle naturally objected to
having them assay so high In lead, ami
promptly got out a warrant fnr Dn*
cheane's arrest. A preliminary hearing waa helil bfore Silpemlurv Mflgls
trate Armstrong at JafTray last Wednesday, and the man behind Die gun is
now behind the bars at Nelson waiting
trial by the assizes.
.isi-il a
er Bitch lasl
.lor tillli tli<
mite tin* lis<
regard <>ui> lo the ctulins nr
lien linii' notIcO and llllll  tho
ui' -.vnh (he ..111 nnuoMJd will
lho said stssi-ts or any pail
I'lsnti nr persons or whoso 1 litiin-.
liuve in en received by lilm at
11 lay un ctubor, a. i\ 1002.
W, lm IIIKH.
ICR llvan, ailuiliiMial.il' witli the
i>l  William  Waller   Doble, lie-
Timber Notice
is hereby given that thirty dnysufiei
11 ;i|i]ily tu tlio Chlel Commissioner ol
ml Works for a special license to cul
nnvay timber from Hie following des*
ihc distti t of Kast
it a |m-,| planted nbout :
i iiay i.i September, I!
Dun llidoy,
l.y Han Hayes
Timber Notice
tlmt thirty duys aftei
10 Chief Coinmlssionei
special llcellSQ Incut
nm ilu: following des
in llie district ni linst Knot-
in ui a inst planted ubout iiw c:
> southwest curlier nt lot 3-Ja, tlici
this uiii dny ol September, 1002.
cuu Curtir,
by Han Hayes, Anient.
nn tlio i
inai i.n
is hereby given that llilrty days after
listen.1 ti> npply tu ihc AssMant Coin-
n* oMjimIs nml Works nf iho district of
iiti-nay. mnl ilm chief Commissioner of
ml works for n license to prospect fm
tic- following described land sltiinted
.nii side ot the Flathead Itlver, Um In*
1 being about ono half mho sun h nr Hie
Creek (rail ami aboul inn miles easl nf
ulary line i.f tlio Can idlnn I'uelflu rail*
net of land, lathe southeast portion nr
ntenny district, provbtw of Urliish Col*
ini* iie
icuchig at Ihc northwest corner |i»it,
al tiiu southwest comer nr Lot no*.
: easl SU chains more or Ins* tn the west
ryofl-oi mil, lln mo su chains south,
-11 chain-, ivast mine nr less lo tlie hound'
.titan, thenee north wi chains to ibe
t commencement, oiu acres more or less.
irook, OcloUer, nth, ioOj.
F. M. MAllOH.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
ditto 1 intend to apply io the Chief Commission*
or nl [.anils and Works at Victoria Tur a special
license io cut ami eairy away limber rrom tlie
tallowing described lamis:
Commen Ing at Ibe northwest corner pnst
placed <>ii '.he east boundary or 331 am) one milt*
Irom my No. 1 claim northwest post, rnnuiiiit
H'iO clialns cast more or less to the west bound.
lll'yofOSIO thence in clinlns south, llienee 160
chains west more or less lo lho cast houmtnry of
It. T, Arnold's pru-ompilon and bounded on the
west by sail! pre-emption ami block 331, Clo
acres mora nr less,
Cranbrook, Oololier, nth, lOOi
ilali- j I'
of Und
Timber Notice
ilieroby given that thirty days aftei
-mi tonpply to the Chief Commissioner
tint Works at Victoria fnr 11 special
cul and carry away limber rrom Ibe
described lunilsi
wleli>s. K.   ct
iniilil ni Doha
-st marked "J. bee Fen-
planted iiiiiiiii one mil
iimi mi ihc west bank or
lolil i reck; tbence north nw clialns, llienee
ct in eluiius, iheneo south 180 etuiliis, thenee
asi in chains, to  tin- pla::e or the beginning,
mi nllllllg mo acres.
Daloil this 27th day or August, 1004
Timber Notice
els hereby giwirtiiat tlilriy days afi
iii.ini toapiilj to me Chief Commissioner
I ami Works ftl Victoria for a special
tnc.it mnl carry away tiiiiUer from tm
ig described lamis:
iionclug at a post marked "I. A. Mnflaits
'orner,'* plaute.l Inrly chains west ot
llieas coiner or Lot No. iin, group 1,
loteimy; llienee east 40 chains. Ihenee
tu chains, tlienoe west 40 chains, thenee
'.ii chains,!., tin- place of ttie beginning,
log 010 acres,
1 this soth day of August wi
1 tins Till .lay ot October, iooa,
nclng at a pnst aliont sixteen miles east
au or Morrissey, being the southwest
Ijacenl to tho northwest corner or 11,
'lis claim, tlii'iiee si clialns east, theuce
t norlh, ihence80 chains west, theuce
south tn Uu- place or tiegluiilng, con*
l\ IllimlrOll ami totly acres,
1 this 10th day of September, 1002,
John Crahan,
by A. lla.-l.ctt, Agont.
Timber Notice
i-;is lierobyjgivsn tluu thirty days nfter
mend <•> npiiiv tn ilu* Chief Commission*
umls nml Works fnr a special license tn
1 cany away timber Mom the tallowing
sl lu Uu* district "f Mast Kixileiiay, com-
nt a pnst planted about -Wcholns south
iihwi'st onroer nf lot 823, ti  so
utli, tlience sn i-luiliis wesl, thenee si.
irtli, ihence 80 chains east m plnco of
1 11111
iiy nr Seplemher, IDW,
.lames Cramp.
by Han Hayes, Agent
limber Notice
lioroby glvon thai thirly itAya nftor
mi to apply to the Chief Commissioner
Hid  Works lorn special license looul
a»iiv timber from  ilio  following
ct i.r iCasl.Ki
tod itiiniit 10
Notice Ls hereby given thai thlrtj dnj
dale t intend to apply to the Assistant <
Sloiicrof Lnmls ami Works or llm ill-
Kast Kooteuay, nml the chief Ci mmlsal
Lninla anil Winks fnr a license to |iros|
oonlon the following lands, slum toil
soulh shle of the Hullieiul lllver, tlie liiii
being about one half mlto south of tho
Creek trull ami uboiil two miles easl
hoiinitary lino of tho Oanadlwi I'aclllo n
troot of laud. In [tu? southeast portion
lOiiienny district, province of llritish Co
Dated this :iii duy of Ocioboi", 1002.
''iiiiiiiii lugiit a  posl nhnul   slxtooi
dial of the town of Morr.ssoy, being tin
cast eornor adjacent to the northwest uo
II. I., Mcphe
nm oil iius nth day of Beplnnbo
1.-, imii Itayos, Agent,
Timber Notice
Notice Is lioroby glvon tbat thirty dnys after
dute 1 intend to apply to (he Chief Commissioner
nf I amis uml Works for  n  license to cut ami
ry away tinnier from ihc following described
slug nt  Um northeast corner post
iu> west boundary of 11. T, Arnold's
11  am! om-   hair mile  south  of hi:
inrnor post, running so chains west
hnlns sontli, thenee su chains cast
linlns north to the point ot commune
es more or less,
ik nih October, 1002,
Timber Notice
1 Nollce llial thhly days nftor   ilnle 1  I
n apply tn Hie ctiier commissioner 1
ami Winks fnr a special license to ci
irry nwny timber from tlw following de?
Timber Notice
Take Nollce that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Linds and Works for
a .special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "T,
Hook's S. W. corner," planted at tbe
south east corner of Lot 333, group 1,
Kast Kooteuay: ihence nonh 80 chains!
thence east 80 chains, thence south (hi
chains, thence west so chains, to tbe
place of the beginning, containing 640
Dated this lfuh day 0/ August 1002,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
-late 1 intend to apply to the Assistant Commissioner or Lamis an.1 Works  of the district of
*.asi hfi'ii.-nay. ami the chief Commissioner of
Lamis ami  Works for   license to prospect tor
coal nn tlie following described laud, situali-.l
on Ihe south side of tbe Flatlieud Itlver,
liill iat post being aboul one imir imlssoiith or the
l Inciter 1 rook trail nnd about two miles east or
Hie hniindnry line of the Cnnadl in I'aclllo rati*
ways's tract of laud, in the southeast partlnn
"f linst Ko Heiiiy, province nf llrltlsli I'olutn
Imteil this :th .lay of October, 1003,
'' lenclngnt a pnst about sixteen miles
oast of th« town of Morrissey, being the north
we-,t ciiner it.ij; nt to the northeast corner»f
iiinmascialiairseliilin. llioac.) sn ehalns east,
tlience su clinlllS south, Ihence BO chains 1
IIIOIICO so ihuliH north In llic place Of lieghiiiliin
 itnlnlng six hundred nml forty acres.
1 iftieil tins mth ,hiy nr Hoptotiibsr, 11*12,
11. L. Ktcphens,
by A.lluckett, Agent.
dial m
west, thoneo nu ohnlns nnrtl
easl to tho place or heglnuhii
ilnlicil ami tarty acres.
iii dny of September, 11102.
Tl as Ci'iiliaii,
by A. Ilu-'keti, Agent.
oiiclnu al  Hie   nnrlliiM'sl   c.iruc
a un- ion!Invest eornor of ll 1. \
inin running m oiinlns souili,
ill enst, tlience'Ut ehalns north,
is west to iho 1 niul of cniiiii
i moro or less.
i.e.I, lllll (l.i,ilnl. I'm-*.
is hcrelij glvon Ihnl thirty days alter
dnte 1 ini mi 1., npplv to the Assisiunt commls-
Jluriei  ol Lnmls ami Works  nf (tin .listrict
l.iisi Koolenny,nnd Hie chief comuiisslouer
Lainlsaiiil Works for n license hi prospect for
oonl on tho following ilosorlhcd land, siiusted
»n the north shla nf ihc Ftnthend lllver. ihe
I iltlill post belngftbout  half mile smith of
Hie I'lncher Creek trail a.i.i about two miles
cast nf the boundary line of the Canadian I'aei
lie railway's trnci nf html, in the -multi east
i"'1'1 t Last Kontony ii Ist riot, province of
llritish ciiiiiiuiiin.
Dated litis 7th day of October, 10.12.
Commencing nt n post about sixteen mltss east
nftho town nl Morrissey being the southeast
c.'iiicr   ajnceiil  lo tbt.   northeast corner
I Iwtnns 1 lahan's claim, thenee 1*0 chains weal
l,I,'i ai clinlns north, Ihence sn chains east.
llienee mi eluilns untilh lo the place of beginning,
cuntnlllhig ->i\ hundred ami forty acres,
Hilled this Kilh day of .septnmlior, um,
.Martin crahan
by A. iiaekctt, Agent,
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend 10 apply to the Chief Commissioner &f Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry iway
timber from .he following lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"Joseph Djbbs'N W. corner," planted
at north east corner of Lot 33«, group
1. Kast Knoii-nay; thence south 100
chains, thence cast 40 chains, thence
nonh Hln chains, thence west 4(1 chains,
to the place of ihe commencement,
containing ft 10 acres.
Dated this i-uh day of August, 1002.
The first 200,000 of these shares have already
been subscribed and shares are now selling at
15 cents on calls of 2 1-2 cents per month, according to the terms of the prospectus, and the
fourth 100,000 are to be sold at 20 cents, the
fifth at 25 cents, on the same terms.
2,000,000 Shares        Par Value $1 Each
For Further Information Apply to the Official Brokers of the Ashnola Smelter, Limietl
Ponton & Murray, Toronto, Ont.
A. W. Moore & Co., Victoria, B. C.
C. S. Douglas & Co., Vancouver, B. C.
W. N. McGannon, Morrisburg, Ont.
H. R. Cameron, Winnipeg, Man.
R. J. Steel, Nelson, B. C.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell, Cranbrook, B. C.
Code Address "Ashnola", Nelson, B. C.   Code: Morcing & Ncal
P. 0. BOX 714
SHSH9 lB-®-SH"
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following lands:
Commencing at a post marked "VO
Walcott's 8. W, corner," planied on thi
north east corner of J, Swinnarton's
timber limit: thence north 40 chains,
ibence east Itn chains, tbence south n>
chains, tbence west loo chains, to iho
place of the beginning containing 040
Dated this 3*>tb day of August 1003,
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
Take Notice tbat thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Com
mlssloner of lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry awa.
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "J.
Swlanarton's S W. corner," planted 40
chains south of tbe north east corner of
M. Dunn's timber limit on Cold creek,
Hast Kootenay; thence north B0 chains.
thence eaat §0 chains, thence soulh su
chains, tbence west HO chains, to the
place of tbe beginning, containing 640
Dated this 25th day of a up iim 100S.
Timber Notice
Notice ulit-rchy linen tlm! llilrty ilarqftflo
dnie 1 intend tn apply io the Chief 1 'nmmlsSloiie
of Lands und Works al Vlctnilii Inr a Speclft
license to eul ami carry anay llinlici frniu lln
fi'lliiwiiii* dflitirlbed hinds:
Commencing at ihe northern! corner |km
placed one halt mile south of tl, K. Mnrch'i
nnrilitv, at corner post No, ■„■ claim, 1 iiiiiiiii;: »
ehalns south, Ihence 80 chains ensi, thence si
clialns nnr.li, thence, so chains wosl to the ptilli
id coinmeiieeiiieiit, tim acics mine m less,
cranhionk i.tb October, Wl
ill W. ■>. MA1IC1I,
;. a.ply in
ml \V..rks
Mint thirty days after
; hj Ohtof Commission-
ir a  license tn cut ami
1 the 1 dlowliig described
st nnrked "M. K Fen
" pliiiloil al Hit- north
H&, liroiipi. Fast lum.c
111-.. south so chains, west
ns lo lhc plnce or the
I au :11st. 1002,
M. K. I IvXWlCk,
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thlrtj
days after date 1 will apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licjnse to cut anrt
remove timber from the following
Commencing nt the north west corner poat, placed at the souih west corner or block 331, 100 chains east, thence
-in chains smith, ihence Hil) chains wesi,
thence-iu chains north tu the point ot
commencement, containing 040 acres
mere or lcs>.
Cranbrook, Sept. 4th,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given, that, thirty
•lays afler date I will apply to the
Chief QommlBslonet of Lands ,
Works tor a special license to cut and
remove tlm her Irom the following
' Commencing at the north west corner post plac.-d otic half mile south ol
('. 11; Black's  north wcsl   corner   post
so chains east, thence Ho chalris south.
1 hence su clialns west, theuce su chains
uortli to lhc  pilul   nf commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less,
Cranbroult, Sept. Uh, 1008,
■J? IS8AC I'lllHI.ADO.
Timber Notice
Notice ta hereby given that llilrty dnys nfler
itate 1 intend to apply to tlie < hlefC mlssloner Of Lands 11111 Works ror a llcenso I it nml
carry uway limber fiom tin- following desorlhed
Commencing at ihe northwest corner posl
placed one half mile south nf fl. K. Mnrob'
northwest comer No. -i claim, running sn < linhn
soulh, thenee 80 chains west, Ihence sn chain?
north, theuce HO chains east tn the nolnt of coin
inencliig, mu acres more or le >s. i_
Crauhrook lit'. October, 1 WJ,
T'ivnhci    Totice
Notice Is hereby given thnt thirty days after
date l luteail toapplyto the Chief Commissioner of 1 .unit* and Works fnr a license tocill
niul carry away timber from the following lies-
crlheil laaits:
Commencing at a post 1 tarHod "Sl L Trltes'
N. W. conier,'pianti. at snutli wOsl corner It,
A. lutes' llmht-r IIH It] tbence east Mi clinlns,
Ihence smith so din 1     1 Iience west "fl chains,
Ihence north ho chuti.    n llie pliut of the beginning, containing tv. < arrM
Dated lid* '-:.lli day of Aligllrt, ..«■.
vti m, 1. TKITK8,
,       HOI,DUN AT I'OlfT
Notice Is hei.-l.y glvilll tlinl oil the Klttl ilny or
Heptcmbcr llWJll wuaortlered hy His Honor .1.
A, l-'urlii. jjai], .liul.e nf lhe  said court, thut
.Initios ii-ri'iis.m Armstrnng, Ofllelnl Ad minis*
irnlorofth imiyof ltonton:iy, tm Admliils*
tmlor of nit nml slngidiir the estate or a In
Connelly <i used, Intpslale,
ISvory person Imlebted lo tha said deceased
Is I'.-tpilivii 10 make paymeui forthwith to the
1 very poison having lu possession olleats im-
longlug in iho di used is required forthwith
to notify iho undersigned.
ItAory creditor, or oilier jierson, having any
1 lain' upon 1.1 Inleiest lu lliesllstrllmllon uf tlie
1 crsonnl estnld of Iho sum ileaottSed is required
willilii till ty lays of tils .late tn send hy regis-
terdd letter addressed tn the undersigned, h.s
iiamc ami nthlress, ami the full particulars nr
his e aim ur Interest, ami a statement ot his ac
count, mul uu- nature ol the secmiiy ur any)
held hy him.
Alter the oxplrullnn nf tin- snld tlilriy days
tin* ailtiilnlstraliii' Will proceed  will) tlio ilistri-
iiiiii'iu »r ihe oslnlo, linvlng regard to timae
claims only or which lie shall lia.c had HOMl'O.
Hntednl I'orlHteeletlilHailli.dnj offlcm 1008.
JA.MI1U 1'l.ltHUai N AlCiM'l.nNii,
a*.i*ot c mca 1 Adiiiinlttraior.
Notice is hereby given tlinl thhty dnys after
■late I inteml in apply t« tb,- chlel Commissioner nf Lamis nnd   Works for a license I il am!
curry away timber from Hie follow Ing described
Coiniueuolng nt a post marked "A. m, Kennedy's s. w. corner," pi inted one-half way be*
tween (told Creek nnd Hold Creek trail, three
miles nnrtli west or the north  west  corner of
Lot 391, gVonp one, Kootenny district! iheneo
ensi too chains, 1 Iience north in chnlns, thence
west mo chains, thence south m ehilns, in tim
place or commencement, containing aio acres,
Hated tlds SCttl day of August, 11)02,
27 A. M, KI-NNLHV.
For (letting; a Beautiful Wntch
and chain Free,- No Money Required. --Every Man, Woman,
Boy, or Oirl has the same Opportunity under our System.
In order to have Or. Arnold's English
Toxin Pills placed In the hands of all
persons suffering from bad health wc
make the following most liberal offer:
If you will send ns your name and
address aid agree to sell (or us twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnold's Kngllsh Toxin
Pills at 85c, per box. we will ■-Ive von
absolutely Free a beautiful W-tlth and t Itn In
In either ladles or QeiHS Slse, or your
choice of twenty other premiums Mich
an line setH of Jewelry, Kings, Violins,
Mandolins,   Tea   Seta,    Sateen   Skirts,
Cameras, etc. Remember we don't
wanl any money until alter you tell thc
I'llla aud vou don't have 10 sell any
mote lhan 12 boxes tn gm the premiums,
Tnls In a bona tide offer from a reliable
concern that has given thousands or
dollars worth of pre in 11 m* to agents ull
over the country.    Heinemliei nllt) thai
Dr, Arnold's 15 ig I Ish Toxin Pills ate a
well known remedv tor all diseases 11
the kidney and bladder, R right's
disease, diabetes, ihi'umats-m, iieivinis
troubles, and female complaints, nnd
are for sale by all iimi class drnggi*.la
aud dealers In medicines lu ill parts of
the world, You have only to show
them to sell them. You arc not offering something thnl the people don'i
know, Our watches are lhe tegular
standard al/e for Ladles or Gentlemen
In Nickel or (lun Metal Cases with
handsome Illuminated dials und reliable
lime-keepers, watches SllCh an no lady
or genilcman need be ashamed to carry
and they will be sent absolutely Free
to all who sell only twelve boxes of
those wonderful Toxin puis. Write at
once and be the tlrst In Vour locality to
earn one of those beautiful watches and
chain. As soon as we receive your
letter or post card we will send you
post paid twelve boxes, together wiih
our Illustrated Catalrgue and beautifully colored with y ur name and address on as our authorized agent. Baar
In mind that you will not be asked to
sell any more than lhe 12 bjxes and we
don't want any money umii after vou have
sold them. We bear all the'expeme
and are only making ibis liberal cffir
as a method of advertinlng Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills. Don't delav,
write at once and cam a beautiful present for yourself for CbrHtman.
Address ARNOLD Ml DICINli CO., Iiepi 116,
50 Adelaide St. Esst Toronto, Oaf. ■
/  ,-.
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customersgive your order
To The Herald Office
Morrissey's First Show,
Miiin-.sc.-. -timer
Mnrrhu-cy has had iis iimi -It iv, ai i
ni though thc eniurlah m ml was nf n
in .si ii lined and  high grado cbaracior,
the environ mi nis   was typical of a now
oamp      Messrs,   Kane i  ami  n .ik.
ihc proprietors of ihe Pioneer hotel
.i'iaii|;eil with tne advance 0guilt ol lln
Host-in Comody company lo show in
MorrlweVi the now dining room of tin
ItOtel to I sed as a iheafr.     Tin* per
liimani-e    waa    duly   advertised,    uml
wmk was unhid ou tin* new dining
room mid li Ion, which at the time tin
contract was  mado for the appearance
of Uie company a week an» was simply
a plan  In the grey m.vter of IVeml
K mouse's cranium,     n it the people ii
the west  laugh at d 111.allies,   The ho
tel proprietors mid ihey wool 1 have tin
room  ready,  and they did.   To Cytu»
ll ownlee N iwton   ihc mule member ol
lhe  iroupc,   and j an Dnirell, lhe bal-
nt.co of tha company, tha  ball, stage,
etc., in iy have   setmed  a  Utile erode,
yet they pui forth an effort worthy r.f tit
bent lh a er   iu   Vancouver or To'ontc.
R ch tapestries irom the Of lent, (curtains from  the old restaurant), fjiin
tbe dressing rooms on tho stage, whlb
ihe softest of Asmlnster detd mdili
foci tall on the s;age,    Thc walls of th
room were Immaculate  In  their whi i
ness. ( hey   hail jmt   b^cn  clothed   f«.i
paperln*.*)    whlld  the luxurious seati
were  iu-.de  In  their creation  and ai
Llilic In design,  (rough boards on bee)
kegf).    M>. Drake presided   ut ihe bo>
(111.:..', four   whiskey  cases piled one ri
the other, and a cigar  box for the cisl
drawer.   Ai 3:30 Mr, lianouse appeared
in Uie box :o*ui and announced that th
show would   begin.    The  gentleman  I)
noted for Ins   Huency of speech, and hf
broli"   thc record  on  that night,  anc
would hive roused the envy of the best
speeler on the Midway at the Wuilu'*
Pair.     Mr,   Ki House's   speech  was as
"Gantlemen: Tonight Morrlssev has
Its llrsl show, antl before I prcceed to
dilate upon the many attractive features of the. entertainment. I desire U
state that at the cost of $lfi 1 have se
cund a real live piano and It now slis
on lhe stage in all ba glory and pristine
beauty. Hot, gentlemen, what is tht
use of the most elaborate batquel tbat
has been served since ihe lime o! .Inlin-
Ciesar to Laurier, if there are r.t.
guests to gather around tbe feslat
biaid, and what Is the use or a piano
withoutaomeone to play it. li there o
thumper cf ivory In this camp* Ilther.
Is let him come foith and I will pay a
rewaid of 5.". in good Canadian money."
"I know where there is—" one man
started to suggest, tut another In a
l)«er tone stopped him by saying
"Stmt up. you chump, he may raise tb.
prlc ."   But no one came,
"Now. gentlemen, ihis entertainment
Isincharge of two Individuals who havi
in uie kings and queens laugh with jov,
ami shed teats over llie pathos pn sent-
ed. They have played from the Occident lo ihe Orient, Hem ihe barrel
simls nf Patagonia to the I..nil of lh-
midnight sun, and always to enthuslaa
tic audiences. On ns show the repn
sentatlves of the effete people in ihi
centers o( civil zitlon lhal Morrtsss)
possesses lhe true, artliilc lempeta*
mint, aid ran appreciate all there is li
the hlghor and classical realms el Iiie?
an merit and histrionic art."
Tno eloquence of lhespeakerrausee
a lull In the si ml poker game, nnd thi
crowd lined up ai the bar ceased lor Uu
lime tn till their glasses or .iteiie ou tht
coal strike.
' Theie may be some of v u." contin
mil Mi   K.iiioiise,   "who  ft-el backwan
abuut ontetlng the brilliantly lightei
hall because miii have c une herefrom
your woik and have imi no lime u
ni-ikc a change In vour attire I.'i Dl
(ahe modesty it du ince von I Blind
heie ready io exchange anv aitlclc ol
clothing thai I wear, hum my undershirt in my necktie, wltb toy q( yen
Itamamber ihat cl thes do not make thi
in.iii, but that wi- aie  allcieatetl n;iul
nnd are brothers togetbei In the gren
family of bumanliy Pits doors an
nnw open.    0.1   10   lllfl   hall   of   niettl
meni n d let i j be aaco ifl id
There was o momentaty silence whei
Mi K mouse had closed and then follow
edatush foi the hall Oolpi woracash
id in, glasses emptied  .mil ihe bu tu
CSniS deseiled (oi the thus  being
NOVO I    before,   plot) ah v,   had   el lln 'I
Mi Newton ui Miss Dttrrll worked trill
Sticll vim, nnd ihelr efforts w, re leeched wiih every evidence of appreciation
except by ont* Individual, who had Imbibed loo fteely and cams In tale Mi
N-wlou bad j isl started his mistei
piece, "The Heath Bridge of theTay,"
one of the Quest pieces written, ane
tells the story of (hat disaster. Tb.
Inebriated Indivli'nil listened to the
pathetic portion for a few minutes, ami
staggering to bis feet, said, as he reeled
toward the door, '*! didn't come in here
—lilc—lo listen to a--htc— Presbyterian
minister,"  which   brought   down the
Afler the entertainment music was
furnished bv Mrs, Illgbye and Miss Sit-
ger, and ihcn followed a merry dance
lint lasted until the small hours of the
J. S. C.irter, district pasnenger agent
nf the C. I'. It., with beodqwtera at
Nelson, was In town Wednesday and
made The Miner oflice a pleasant call
Mr Carter la a genial chap, -m dies
excellent o'gUS, and deals nut mOery
to thc publishers of thc province when I
It comes io Issuing transportation. He
was here In put In n supply of tickets
or Agent Lyman.—-Morrissey Miner.
You Save Honey
"Royal Brand"
with this guarantee label attached
to the pocket ofthe
coat or overcoat.
E. A. Small & Co., Ita makers, are founders In
Canada of Tailor-made Clothing ready-to-wear.
It has taken years of careful training in the
manufacture of this Clothing, in order to reach
the perfection, which "Royal Brand" has
" Royal Brand " Clothing is now reaping its
just reward by its enormous sale from the
Atlantic to the Pacific.
Compare Fit, Finish and Value of " Royal
Brand " Clothing with other makes, then ask
yourself which you will have ?
Reid & Co. Agents For Cranbrook.
It talks! Sings, Comic, Sacred and Sentimental Songs. Plays like a
full Baud or Orchestra. Yon can understand every words it speaks. It is
the greatest entertainer ever made. It uses llie Hard flat Disc Records
which lust for years.
The G nun-o-phone is made in Canada. A five years written guarantee with each machine.    Write for Catalogues—free.'
PRICES   $16.50  AND UP.
Sold on Easy Monthly Payments, if desired.
. . . MANUMCTURtD BY . . .
I. BERLINER, 2315-2319 St. Catherine St., Montreal.
KMJtXVKL KLOVT,  General Manager for Kanada.
R. E. Beattie, Agent.
"Haldy" Morris, lhe Oranbrook en
-tabic, was a pasneuger on the west
nound   train   last Saturday, and luring
he train's stop at tht- matinn, took occasion to shake lunds with his many
rrlends here. ''Baldy" is a big, fai
Dandle of Rood   nature,   antl   his   laugh
von'tl make a man feel generous enough
to love bis mother-In law. lie Is not
inly a goe.l fellow, but a pood (fl!-er,
ind Oranbrnnk Is fortunate in having
inch a man to look after her welfare
\Iorrtssay Miner.
tii .sn from .11.
Sl. Paul, Duluth. Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
hIii'ihuIi PaIiioo ami Tourist Blcapera
lilnliiit an I Ilulllil Brooking l.llirury Car,
F.ir it........ Polders ami Pull'inform*, lot.
rail iiii nr Iuillreu,
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
(I. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   liive me a call.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllce il Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   •   •   ■  9:30 lo 11
Afternoon 1:10 lo 3:10
EvenlnfS   •   •   ■   •    7.30 lo 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        I   :    B. C
Crinbrook Lodge, No. 31
A. F. * A. M.
Il.'ltlllnr IIIPrtlllKR nl. Ill
tlihil Tliiimitay of Hi.
**       month,
viNitiiiittin-titi-ri! welcomed.
<!m>, A. I.K.ic.., Hee'/.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
OatiM. Order. Promptly
Attended lo.
©>♦ >.,  . . .. **Q
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kooten.iv District. The prices range Irom 5i.no lo $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The n^'rcKiftt' amounl of principal anil inl rest, except in Ihc
case of lands under 12.50 nn acre, is divided inin ten Instalments as
shown in lhc lahle below; lhc first In he paid at tile lime of purchase. Ine second one year frum dale ol the purchase', llic third in
iwo years and so on.
The following luhlc shows lhc amounl of lhc annual Instalments
on 100 acre- al different prices under lhc above conditions:
IWfacrs al $2.50 per tier. Isl instalment $59.05 t> equal Inlnl'ls al $50.0(1
.1.00     •• •• 71.00 •■               60.00
J..50     i. >. 113.00 ■•              70.00
1.00     " •• 95.85 "              50.00
4.50     « ■■ III7.H5 •■              mi 110
5.00     " « 19.85 ••              100.1111
KilTlberlev Is the business and shipping point for llic
'   Norili Star and Sullivan mines.
BliAL & ELLWELL, Townsilc Agents,
Cranbrook "s "1c (''v's'°"a' P0'nl °f 'he Crows Nest Pass
Railway and lhc commercial centre of So ul h
Last Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
For further information opply lu agents ns above or in
A. TAYLOR, District Land Ajicnl, Nelson, ll. C.  or
Lands under $2,50 per sere are s
mi shorter lime.
If Ilic land is paid inr in full al
lime of purchase, a reduction from
price will tie allowed equal to ten
cent on lhe amount paid in excess of
usual cash Instalment.
Interest at six per cent will
charged in mer due instalments,
The Com pan) has also lots for **
in lhe following lown sites in Easl Kn
enny: Elko, Cranbrook. Moyelle, Kiti
ener, Creston and Klmberlej
The terms of payment are one th
cash, and Ihc balance in six and twe
Kitchener is in the center of thc great
Iron range mid the gateway to the White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
low nsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
I have flood wood ol all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
and Builder  *
.11 worts Kuaranleed.   See us before
you build.   II will pay ynu.
Cranbrook, 11 L
| HOTEL.... 1
* lit
ib   ************************   th
* PETER MATHESON, Proprietor. *
J ************************ *
! When you Hre hungry ami want J
** a good meal go to the hast rf
j Kootenny. JJ
JJ When you   are lired nml want a ^
-ft good rest go to the Hn-st Koo- -ft
* tenay. JJ
J When you are thirsty and want a J
•r unml drink go to the Mast hi
■t1 Kootenay. JJ
J In fact when you are In Cranbrook J
«■*,        stop at the Hast Kootenay. *■
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary  Public.
Cranbrook and Marysvllle, II. C,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
pV. i ne Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & I'I. Sliephartl R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Coir?
___ ||
In all ihc
Towns in
The only nil mil units, tietweoti an
[minis Isiist, Wesl mul South in ...
Intermediate Points,
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. K. & N. Company.
Nelson  with Steamer  for  Kaslo
and  All  Kootenny   Lake  Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
[iiisrass^soo--' n i mmmm
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
I Meat M^chants
gj Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
rr£3      Fish, Game and Poultry.
<£-Jt pi        We supply only the best.   Vour
N        trade is solicited.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Connects daily ,
At    Bosshur,   StnKe   Daily   lor j OOQODOOQQODOa*ODOOOOOOOQQ0fl
Orand Forks and Greenwood.     ^T^<_
tniK ..f tlie Most Comfortable
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Agl. ■    * * "*■»• • • • llofel, in Kail Kootenay.
T»« Empire Restaurant
Mesdames Shaw & Campbell. Props.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown. Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
ITti|>rleior of tin-
Candy Kitchen
Cnrrles aeomplolostoolt «r
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Olve us a call
O.O.F.     Key Cily l.nd(e
Nn. .-j. Moon every 1st™
yyit^ ilny nlBliI nt llielr linllu o
linker slroot,   ».>j(.,,, i,,K
0.1.1 f i-llnw- i'ni illnlly in........
A, Leilch, Jr., M. I', milium.
,      N. II. V.U.01
St. John
New York
Refilled Tbroughonl
S't-ssly PnraUhed
'*. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranhrook, II. C.
Vancouver! =============-=————____	
Victoria ^ *• *
SS= Cranbrook
San Francisco I.
Upper Lake Steamers
l.i   l.irl William. Sun , lue . Iri.
Leave Dunmore Junction dnllv for St. Paul
leave Kootenay Landing Toesdaj nnd Sntur
day for Toronto aod nil ea,lcrfl points
Leave Kcvclsloke dally lor Seattle, Vancouver'
and coflSl cltfc.
Through llckels lo Lumps- slnall Allaollc
Lines. Prepaid llckels Irom all poluii ol
lowest rales, lor lull particular, "pply lo
local agents.
R J C0VLB C li Cill.i;«AN
A. II. P. A . *l«»l.
Vanciuv.r. Cranbroo k
Livery  S
Proprietors .-* * *
Wc have a slock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Hrick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
'renins ami striven furnislie.l for mi)  places, boilers lined, or any job
point ill Hie district. j work ,„ ,he brkk Iine „,, on
Manager   J   J   Jt'
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
P. I), port Steele, D. C.
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college nf U, S
OITice nml store, Aiken block,
uuni Canadian Hunk of Com*
mi-NT, Crnuhrook. U. C
Iplinl-i. riiK' anil (icncral Furniture Hcpalrli|
Will attend to any work In tin- district
A (tn l (nr (lit   Urn ml mi Marble Bad (Irailtf
Unrki.    liimhHtoncn, llcaditoaci, «lc, The Small Boy
so much in evidence about our little city .ind
in our homes must be clothed and. what is
more, he must have Suit, Overcoat, Hat, Tie
an J Bouts
"Just Like His Pa."
Our new Raglanette Overcoat will be found
iust thc thing for this natty young dresser.
Our Boys' Shoes made in "Little Gents* Styles"
will be lound suitable for either school or [fine
Reefers, Ties, Collars,
Shirts, Suits, Overcoats,
Shoes, Hats and Caps
All for the boys.
to o
4> There are all kinds of potatoes grown, good and bad, e),
to according to the nature of the soil in which they ma- O
to Hire. .■* We have bought this year a potato guaran- O
m teed for its excellence by the proprietor of the Cold- SH
'^ stream ranch in the Okanagon valley. This ranch T
to 'ias Kil'l'ed an enviable reputation for distributing only <*^
to the best of its products. They ship no inferior stock. O
to This season we have handled over 200 boxes of Cold- <!►
to stream apples and never heard of a bad apple being O
?T found. We have several hundred sacks of their pota- m
'to tocs io °or cellar and we feel confident that every po- j*
to talo is a good one, large enough to peel and a dry, <%
| mealy Icllow when cooked. 0
G. T. ROGERS,        I
to o
~ Fancy and  Staple Groceries and Crockery, Y
gt| Tfi.it is our constant aim and we now have a small line of new
rjj China that is more up to date than anything ever shown in
^ town,   the quantity is limited as we must clear all before Xmas
&J goods arrive.    But thc price is — -well call and see what you
KJ think ol the prices.     Remember we havn't a car load of this
13 china, but it will pay you to call and see it
1        AT BEATTIE'S
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. Wc can lix you out.
Wc have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
Tho 3.0th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, 11. C
All kinds and superior quality. Our
Apples and Plums cannot be equalled
in town and the prices are right. Don't
think ol preserving until you inspect
our stock.
0 Wholesale and Retail Butchers o
1 o
0 Store on Armstrong Avenue Q
"0 S)
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups,   hampagnes, i ders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
cunuit.ic.il way to handle it.
Mind Your Own Business
is and old saying (tone wrong.
It is every man's to insure and
it is, therefore, our business to
look after yours.
Perfect Protection,
Low Rales and
Prompt Settlements
Palmer & Arnold
Manufaclurcr's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Thursday, Oct. 30th
In Their Unique and Up-to-Date
Concert and Specialty Show
Itetul t :e Mlmvlnn from tin- Wllliston, N, l)„
tuner hivs: "Tho lliirlcola family,who will
eliisetli ii oiiRHttcnn1 ni hero tlili ■■vi'ium*. mi'
w.'ll |. ini'iiili ri'il Iiy \> lilt-inn - nut-It' tovlllft
ihuroiis iitnii thotr visit iii'ie two years ago,
itli.-iiih-. Kttvu iv.,i performances in im.i .•'el-
Iowa Mull with si i*lu'\.'0].'.it siiiisfai-il.il]. I, .uh
I.,|ll.'     .llllllll   lli.lU   lill'll'   ellll'll.lllHll.'lllH llllllt)
iitli.u'lhi' I linn liiriiK-rly uml Hid liluli.'sl -iuiIh-i
is ii.'.'Oiiifii tin-in wherever limy npponr.'
Admission 50c.   ■   Children 25c
Nu Scats Reserved.
Come liarly If you wish a good seat.
Tickets on sale at H aide's. Doors Open 7:30
Picked  Up About the City  by Asklng
Questions ul Many  People.
Ed. Hill ol Moyie, was in  town  Friday.
Chan. Cisley left for Spokane on  Frl-
dny last.
Mr, Campbell of Kimberley,   was in
town tills week.
Dr. Keith rnme  down   from   Elko  to
attend the sports.
Don McKay, of  Port Steele, was hi
town Saturday.
Tom Ratter came Up from Moyie Monday to witness the sports.
Mr. nnd Mrs. It. Joyce, of Kimberley,
were iu town on Monday.
Paul Hundley and family of Kimberley, spent Monday in lown.
J. 10 Fenwick and wife, of JafTray,
came up to attend tbe races.
lames Warren of Kimberly, was in
towu ut the sports this week.
M li King has heeu confined to (he
house by illness tbe past few days.
The Methodist church will celebrate
next Stiu.hy, its third anniversary.
], lm Armstrong, wife and daughter
come over from Fort Steele Monday
James Findley, and wife, Kimberley,
were in town nt the sports on Monday.
Miss Nelson and Miss Watson, of Fort
Sleele, were Cranbrook visitors Saturday.
James McDonnel of Morrissey, was in
town attu^rnl tUya th« latter pnrt of  Inst
Harry Dlnimock and wife, of Wardner, were among ttie visitors last Monday.
Dr, Burlier returned tbis week from
Fernie and will be at home for several
Mr. nnd Mrs, II. D. McMillen, of
Marysvllle, were among the visitors
Frank Roberts, late of Cranbrook, has
taken a position in lhe Redpnlh bote),
Regulai services will be held at
Christe church next Suuday morning
and evening.
Tbe condition ol W.A, Prest continues
serious and there is no hope of ot bis
ultimate recovery,
R Dudley, wbo bas been nt Mcl.eod
for ibe pnst month, visited his family nt
Kimberley tbis week.
Mr. anil Mis, Klwell are now making
their home in Cranbrook, and have
taken the Miner house.
William F.schiug and daughter, ol
Fernie, were among the Fernie visitors
iu Cranbrook on Monday.
D. Murphy, tbe well known engineer
has returned from llufTalo, IS. Y., where
he went on private business.
Sonic changes have been made at the
Craubrook hotel the past week in the
arrangements of the bar room.
Mr. Lucas, of Fort Steele was iti town
Friday to attend the stag party given by
Mr. (lill in honor of Mr. Haines.
For rent, twn plastered rooms over
Tin* Herald ollice. Comfortable living
tooius for winter, F. E. Simpson,
Tbe Norili Star mine commenced to
ship ore again on Saturday. They intend tn ship six cars a week nil winter.
Joe Garter, district passenger| agent,
and O, II.Decker, traveling freight agent,
were Cranbrnok visitors last Thursday,
C. E. Held baa lefl for Frank, Alberta
where he will engage in tbe drug business. His goods were shipped last
R. Stewnit, representing tbe B. C.
Mining Kecoid, has been in town the
past week gathering mining data for bis
D. McGillivary of Marysville, came
down on Thursday last. He has been
ill for the pnst week, bul is slowly recovering.
Maycock & Harris have opened their
new meat market on Armstrong Avenue,
It is a neat shop and everything looks
clean and appetizing.
There is a fight on at Marysville for
the position of poBt master, and there
are two candidates for tbe place, Messrs. i
McNeil and Borden.
Johnny Wolf was tip from Wanlner on
Monday. He says that he will bet thnt
Frank McCahu can beat the winner of
the foot race on Mouday. |
tl the s-si sl talr.es nnil coke ovens of litis .listrict should close lutiinr
row e.etv sui-ltei iii llritish Columbia would close within thirlv daya
JAMBS  J.   1111.1.   HAS   SHOWN   THE   IMPORTANCE   OF 1 itK
1000 MEN will lie employesl in the near future in Hie mines anil at the
coke ovens of MORRISSEY.
Wi It. Wilson, representing the Giant
Powder company, wns in town Thursday
interviewing the Fort Steele Mercantile
company, his agents for this territory.
Theie is a benultlu! musk head on ex-
hibltion .it the townsite office, It came
(miii the Arctic regions aud is one of lhe
linest specimens in llritish Calnmbia.
Mr. and Mrs. 1\ McMahon, Frank McMahon, Mr. ami Mrs M. A. McKenzie
nml Constable Dniuimouil were among
the Moyie vUltors to Craubrook Thursday,
J. t-, Parker and wife came down
from the North Star Saturday, Mr.
Parker went to Made d Sunday and
Mrs. Parker remained to attend tbe
II Hunter, manager of the Hudson
Day company at Pincher Creek, was
among the visitors Monday, anil officiated as one ol the judges at lhe horse race
ami foot race.
J. W, Patmore, mining recorder tor
this district, lias resigned his position.
It is understood tbat lie will be the poat*
master of the new coal town at tbe
Morrissey   mines.
Governor Hansen, of Wasa, was In
town Monday. Mr. Hansen never
fails to come to Cranbrook wben
theie is n celebration, or fair, and he
always en(oja himself.
Don't forge*; the Scot'ish concert tt
Wentworth hall next Friday evening.
It Ib a celebration of Hallowe'en by the
Ladles Aid of the Presbyterian Church
and promises to be a grent success.
R.   Downs, of tbe   Cosmopolitan
hotel, has greatly improved the appearance of his bar room and oflice with
paint and new paper. He Is a great
man to keep making improvements
Jerry Boyce, of High river, went
through towu Saturday enroute to
Spokane. Mr. Boyce is in the hotel
business, in Hint town, owns a newspaper, .several nice horses ami In ■
hustler and n philosopher.
Rev. Thompson the pnstor will preach
special sermons next Suuday both morning and evening and the choir has prepared a special programme of music,
Miss Lund, the well known soprano has
kindly consented to assist,
R. H. Rogers, for some time clerk In
the oflice of W. F. Gurd, has resigned
and will seek a new location and engage
in the practice of law for himself. Mr.
Rogers has made many friends in Cranbrnok who regret his departure.
Messrs. Davis and Cartwright secured
the contract for building an addition to
the Methodist church for Sunday school
purposes. It is understood that the
Sunday school nnd ladies aid have assumed the entire cost of llie addition.
■Secrteary Hutchison, of tha school
board, bas received notice that the
government will provide for another
school room antl teacher. The upstairs
ofthe S eele blacksmith shop has been
secured as temporary quarters and Miss
Carter will be tbe teacher,
Mr. and Mrs. T- T. McVittie, Mr.
Goldie, of Fort Steele, and A, S. Gal-
braith, of Syracuse, N. V., were in Cranbrook Saturday. Mr. Galbraith is a
brother of Mrs. McVittie, and tins come
to South Bast Kootenay for an extended
visit for the benefit of his health.
"Patricola." a musical entertainment
will be presented at Wentworth hall
this Thursday evening, Those who
were present Tuesday evening say that
tbe violinist is worth the price of admission, nud many say it Is one of the very
best entertainments ever given In Cranbrook.
Remember the brill in aid ot the St,
Eugene hospital on Wednesday evening,
November 5U1 Dancing to begin at 9
p, 111. Music under the control of Messrs,
Anderion and McLean. Floor management in charge of A Jardiiic. Supper
nt 11:30 p. 111. superintend ed by the
members of the Ladies Aid Society.
Tickets f j OO,
Thc secretary of the Hospital Ladles
Aid society will be glad if nil the numbers can conveniently pay the quarterly
fees now due. Miss M. McConnell and
Mrs. McGnlderick will tall during the
next few days and solicit cakes etc., for
the n tning dance, thanking nil who
so spontaneously respond to the annual
call for this worthy cause.
II. L. Stephens has opened his hotel,
the Australian, at Morrissey, It Is too
feet long with a frontage of 30 feet two
stories high, and plastered throughout.
Mr. Stephens hns oue of the best bull .-
ings in tlie district, nnd it ts being furnished in good sbope, and of course with
him In charge will be operated as a first
class house.
Ac have not advanced the price ol our
Tobacco. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency and Fair Play chewing tobaccos
sre the* same size and price io the consumer
as formerly. We have also extended tbe
Unit* far llic redemption nt SnowBhoe tags
ta January Isl WH.
The Umpire Tobscco Co. Limited,    1
G. R i.t-ask. the pioneer contractor of
Craubrook has sold his simp and resilience lo J A Manlier, nud will retire
from the contracting business in Craubrook, and tuny remove to Spokane this
winter. Mr. l,"ask came to Cranbrnok
when the towu was little more than a
name, and many of the best building* iu
ttie town were constructed bv him, He
was always a good citizen ready with
his money aud time to piomote any pui.
lie enterprise and woik for Cranbrook
aud the district, and his removal will be
a loss to tbe town. The Herald regrets
his departure but hopes he will prosper
wherever be locates.
More Material tor The Herald.
The Herald office has just received a
large consignment of type borders, rules
etc.. to keep abreast of the progress of
times. Although it wns lhe be*.t equipped country ollice in Ki stern Bri'ish
Columbia, yet more purchase** have I eeu
made so that the demands ofthe people
in tbis district for first-class up to-d-ite
printing can be met. Sume people
wonder why it is tbat The II raid ge s
so much work from all over tile dislrict
That fact is easily explained. The people want modern printing, to do lnnlein
printing it takes modern type, modern
equipment, modern woik men with
modern ideas. This all costs money,
but it pays because tbe results are appreciated by the people. It is impossible to keep up with the times by crawl
ing in a hole nnd staying there,
From 1 be Fernle.Frce Press,
The pay on Saturday last   for Ferule
amounted to SlOowi.
Hiv. D. Holford, accompanied by his
wife, left for the coast on Wednesday
morning. Mr. Holford, although, not
entirely recovered from his recent III
ness, Is convalescent.
The spar to the'French mines seven
miles from Frank, will be completed in
about three weeks. This worl; has been
rushed with marvelous rapidity having
taken only three months. There are
over 30 pieces of trestle woik on the
road. The company have considerable
development work done am) will com
mence shipping coal on n large scale at
An agitation is on foot in I'Ornle
establish a branch of the League of
American Spot tsmen here. This ls a
step In the right direction. A branch
of this league would do more to look
after the proper protection of game
during the close season lhan all the
government officials In South F.ist
Kootenay. The indiscriminate killing
of game tn this neighborhood, and
particularly near Michel, is rapidly
thinning out tbe larger game and la
viewed with serious apprehension by
local sportsmen.
From appearance on Sunday evening
last some of our local gamblers thought
that Chief Forbes was only rannlag a
bluff on them when they were notified
that the gambling must be discontinued
Several games were carried on without
the slightest attempt at concealment,
Tbe action of the Chief upon learning
of this shows tbat altbougb he does not
intend to be hasty In tbe matter, be
certainly means business, He went to
each one personally and warned tbem
that It must stop or he would enforce
tho law. Since then, we understood,
all games have been closed down.
Considerable new work ts being started at the Coal Creek mines with a view
to Increasing tie output. Two new
tunnels are being run, one on each side
of tbe gulch, Tbe one on tbe north
side Ib nearly a mile below the present
workings and will be connected by track
wltb ihe tipple; men are already nt
work on the grade. It Is the Intention
of the company to tap thc scam at several points along this grade nnd the
cars will probably be handled by a
small locomotive similar to the ones
now used on the coke ovens. There Is
also a rumor that tbe company Intend
building a much larger tipple to be
equipped wltb all the modern Improvements to meet the Increased output.
W. H Blundell, who recently paid an
extended visit to Fernie and vicinity,
has been talking about tbis district to a
reporter at Nelson. He says that the
prospects for a prosperous winter along
the line of the Crow's Nest railway are
very good indeed. At Morrissey then-
are 7.5 cottage tn the course of erection
aud foundations have been built for (100
coke ovens to handle the output of the
Morrissey mines, At Frank and Michel
there Is also great activity and Fernie
Is looking better than It has for a year
past. Coal Is being shipped from Morrissey to the coke ovens at Femte
pending the completion of the ovens at
tbe former point. There Is very good
bunting In the valley of the Eik about
Fernie, both grouse and deer being
plentiful, Tbe train Mr. Blundell was
on surprised a bunch of m deer on the
track, killing a fawn, am) tbe train being stopped tt was taken on board.
H We have just received our.... $
O A full line of first quality Stub Proofs
to. NOTICE-With each pair of rubbers stamped I
to "Stub Proof" we will give a fully bonafide O
Y life insurance policy for $100.
Ft. Steele
Mercantile Co.
J. P. FINK, manager.
In presenting our varied lines of fall specialties, we
submit for your inspection the most exclusive and best
quality of fabrics possible to obtain from foreign and
domestic manufacturers, A visit to our tailoring parlors will prove of great interest to you.
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
Have You a Set of Books
You want looked after?    We are in that busi- ®
ness.    Headquarters for Insurance,
business in any part of the district.
We write §
\ Head Office Cranbrook, B. C.
Hotel s s
Quests Comfort a Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled In Cranbrook.
1 M. McINNIS, < I
Qj Dealer in Of
o _ o
©i Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. Q
Cosmopolitan Hotel
...Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, perbottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  1 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  1 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  1 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength) per bottle  1 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00
Claret—Chateau-CIossman, pints  1 00
Bass Ale, pints  25
Guinness' Stout  25 '
UtT _   In
"rV^V.VI. Mk **■-!■» MfcfiklkiW. -Ha^k HkitPi.-t.lF-.lfki^ tth *Vtlh "t. *% *L *ii f


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