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Cranbrook Herald Feb 15, 1900

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VIM.UMi'   •>.
CRANBROOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   Tlil'USDAV.   1 i:i*.l! I AKY    15.   1900.
I     The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
| Hon-. Hi.,,. A.Cox, l'resi.lenl. B. li. Wai.khr. Oen. Man.
I PAID-UP CAPITAL, $0,000,000.00.
! A General Banking Business Transacted.
j Deposits Received.
! London Agents--The Hank of Scotland.
). W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
First Class Dry Wood,
Fir and Tanirac.      ^saSH
Post Office Box 25
Save Money
By buying Theo mining shares
for 2 cents while you can. It
will soon be impossible to buy
at less than S cents.
You save $30
per thousand shares if you buy
McVittie & Hutchison,
Mining Brokers.
They Have Said Qood Bye ud Lit
tor Ike Front.
Notes of General Interest Pertaining to thc Boys and Their
Future Work.
■t_\ ,„->£*£xv
rx aho   *
Often Imitated,
Never Equalled.
Every Stove Warranted
t (oaln
t I.iiiijf
Van Lb*i
Had* only by
MILNE CO., Limited,
Pioneer dt Hardware
The largtst stock in East Kootenay.
The place to buy stoves.
The place to buy tinware.
The place lo buy chinaware.
I'he place to buy metal roofing.
price; right.
G. H. Miner.
Hotel 3 3
Neareal to -mllionfl nml ftepftt
tiixiM tm  tin* public iiiit*<|i
al'rd   in
Comfort a Specially
Stabling in Connection
..'.'. ,a'a a i~na a . a®
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Men's Furnishings
And Groceries
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cranbrook & Fort Steele s-s* Wardner
Ult Saturday waa a day long to be re*
nietnbered iu Cranbrook. Forty-two
aturdy young men of South East Koote*
nay, who had offered their services for
England aud the Union Jack, boarded
the eaat bound train bere at noon under
command of Captain Parker," and left
for the battle fielda of South Africa.
There were cheera for thoie departing
and. aa the train alowly pulled out, the
vast concourse of people gathered al
the station raised their voices in one
prolouged cheer for the brave boys who
had said good bye lo home and friends
and turned their facet eastward, as
soldiers of the Queen. Amid the cheers
there were many sobs, and down the
wrinkled cheeks of veterans as well as
tbe smoother onea of the young, tear
chased tear, and In many instances a
fervent hand clasp waa the extent ofthe
expression on either side. It was a sad
occasion, and yet'the patriotism and
1 yalty of the people predominated.
The tender feelings were sacrificed on
the alter of duty, and not one of the
brave boys regretted enlisting at the try
ing moment when good bye waa said to
relatives and friends.
The South Bast Kootenay contingent
arrived from Fort Steele about u
o'clock, accompanied by the Fort Steele
band and a large body guard of Fort
Steele citizens, there being quite a number of ladf«~fii*the party; Soon after
arriving the contingent was marched to
to the station by Captain Parker and
placed in line ou the platform when
Photographer Prest took two views, and
also another later. About an hour was
given the boys to say their farewella,
and to attend to auy business before
Wben the east bound traiu arrived,
West Kootenay's contingent, fifty-sis
strong, under command of Lieutenant-
Colonel Morris, marched up to the Cosmopolitan for dinner.
It was'about ri o'clock when tbe order
was given to board the cars The long
station platform was covered witb a
great mass of humanity, white on the
ground 11 the immediate vicinity there
were a couple hundred more excited aud
interested spectators. Tbe engine gave
a long, shrill, warning whistle, and the
command, "aU aboard," was passed
along the line. Then came the final
farewells. "Good bye'Haynea," "Write
to me, Charlie," "Pull Oom Paul's
whiskers, Ike," "Give 'em full steam,
Edwards," "Stay with 'am, Fish,"
'Keep your eye on the girls, Wilke,"
'Hurry back, Bob," and ao on with
neatly every uj-e tuber. The band
played, the crowd yelled, and aa long as
the train could be seen, just so long were
the boys hsnging out of tbe windows
waving farewell to dear old Cranbrook
and their friends,
the reply rauie in  :i t* '     *:i*   ■■  ■
last evening.   The hi
who has evident!
of the Imperial authni ith        t*vei
titular, states tlmt the   wnr i
fert that uo chaplains oi nurses 1
as ill arrangements m
them  i»  ill**-*"  oattic       .
oflice, lie s.n s, also   thin]
Keon and om.* veterlnar
enough tu look altei the
The minister of mill tin   -■ *. 11 '   ■ I -    ' in
wishes uf the high cow ml
the   war   office  In   these   particular**.
Another question  which has been  ri
ferred to Lord Strathcona *  that of sad
dies.   It has now bei ■■■■
that the Mexican sa   lies will be used
throughout.     Theie        -
are .Many Properties Tributary
lu This Town.
The Part Steele See-Jeff.
Last Thursday evening the people ot
Fort Steele gave a concert and dance in
honor of tha departing contingent. Both
events were a success In every r-fcspect.
Thoae in attendance, and that Included
nearly every parson lo Fort Steele, -vied
with each other in making It pleasant
for the soldier boya. There waa music,
both vocal and Instrumental, patriotic
speeches, recitations, ate. The dance
waa largely attended, and not a -soldier
boy was allowed to be a wall flower. In
consequence they all had a glorious
time, and tha Cranbrook members of
the contingent are loud in their praise of
courtesies extended by the ladies, ami
good fellowship displayed by tbe meu.
Moaore-i With Strifes.
The following members of the contingent were honored with stripes, subject
to |the approval later ol tba officer in
command: West, Clarke, Ilonsficld.
Foster, Hewea, Natbitt, Crcc, Hammond
and Harper aa corporals. 8. Wright and
William Panning were named aa ear-
geaote. Csptain Parker's rank with tha
contingent will be -senior lieutenant.
Tbe ray la MratkeaaV Herse.
For the benefit of those who are curious to know what pay the volunteers
for the Strathcona Horse will receive, it
may be said that until tha corpse arrive
in South Africa mounted police pay will
prevail, which is aa follows: Private
50 cents per diem, corporal 85 cents, sergeant^, sergeant major f 1.50. On arriving in Africa tha tine cavalry scale
will be paid, which is: Private one shilling and two pence, corporal two shillings, • sergeants two shillings and eight
pence, troop sergeant major three shillings and 10 pence, squadron^aergeant
major Tour shillings and four) pence.
Tbis may be supplemented by a grant
from the Canadian government sufficient
to bring the pay up to that paid to tbe
Canadian militia, which is about the
same as the mounted police rate.
Strsthceae's Hers*.
No nurses or chaplains will go from
Canada   with   tha   Strathcona   Horse.
This question  was   referred   to   Mini
Strathcoua hy Hon.  Dr. Borden, and
what more expensive  limn
bnse  ordi
narily used lor  mounted Imi
ps, 1 ■■ il liu
men are used Id tin ui  au 1
11 the west
they are consider* '1 the fiosl
iervici uble
all round.
Makeup ol lln* Corp
Ottawa, Feb. 8 — Full  i:*sti
urlions re*
garding the raising mid ei
tipping ol
Strathcona's Horse appear It
militia or-
der haued today.    The order
officially llut the corps will
,v deafena-
ted by name given nbove, ni
.1 will pro.
baldy sail from Halifax earl)
in Ma ch.
The force will consist nl regh
11*11 in I stall
aud three service squ idrons,
follows:   Tweuty-five officer*
,    war-
rant officer, 35 slal? scrgenn
s nnd Ber-
geants. ss artificers, six trim
peters and
448 rank and file,  n  tolul of
37 officers,
non-commissioned   officei s
Hid    men.
with 548 horses.   Tlle arriuiu
raising and equipping of cm
M   will   lu
substantially the same as In
ll,, en !
of the Second Mounted Rifles
Work   Will   Soon   Begin   on   thc
Theo Group—West Kootenay
Mines Shut Down.
a 1 n
Gifts From Fori Steele and Fertile.
The people of Fertile nre nil light.
They raised J477 75 for ilu* Fertile members of the cou tinge lit, ntul gave them a
sendoff besides. Tliey nlso mined *fi.Vn
by subscription and f23.I-.50 1iy it dnnci
for the patriotic fund, which with lhc
$60 given Corporal Nbrvnl makes a grand
total of $957.25 given by llie liberal
hearted people of Ferule,
Fort Steele peoplo raised f'25 the
night of their concert lot tin? foil Steele
members of the contingent.
ON   Till-   WAY   HAST.
Apodal 1*01 n 11 1.-nt of Hit* Mi mill
On Hoard Train, [*'eli   n. 1900,
Just a lew lines to lei yon I;now tlinl
we are going straight ill'roiigh to Ottawa
aud you run send paper- ilo-it*.' 3 lie
boys are all well and nre -tet'llttg down
fine uuder discipline', in* friiihei nasi
ward we travel, the belter we npprccinfe
the great send oil" of tin* Crnttbfoolf
"Flsh" O-Hearne nnd Morgan nre.on
fatigue duty today; O'Henrue i-i dish
washer and Morgan is scrubbing the car.
Charlie Peterson is waiier m Ih govern
ment straight now) niid'lie implies n verj
All the boys would liked to have
brought Brownie as a mascot
No more at pitment. Kind regntdu to
all. Yv\ .\. Clarke.
Tito' we mini 1 ior i-m 1 <<
We've men for every onll,
Antl some Hill prove (lie
Thu' from 11 toiiiiil-liiiii.i*
Ulil ever sucli a a|»1rlt -.n
As ttns sosiiori a tlm * -
Ami ini-iioftiill Miuli emu
Our heroes of the line *
Mostevery class and i]>iu
vvi-iiini amidst mirtlir.in
Ami tliosn wlinip nail. 1
To war aaatusl the wronu
Tlio" mueli lliey low Mil-*
Ami Hfe upon the Crow",
They sacrifice it to the mn
Anilwtltj wnr they g 1,
These men again ive hope
If such llielr luck befall:
May heaven eioa 11 thein 1
TbU la the prayei or a 1.
TlmaiKlioiit mn-.'. .111.11 ■ .
Thh klndreil Maine la allot
Forfervent saal lies In lit
Ol every llrltlslt liftliiP,
Cranbrook se a Mining Town.
yenr ago there waa so little money
I* spent oh development of milling
ertiea couliguous to Crnnbrook thai
ndd scarcely be called a mining
i, bin the yeai has beeu so prolific
-w euterpri es which, of necessity
lliell supplies from here, ami
1:, in mnny cases, are supported by
1! derived from local sources, tlmt
re now certainly justified iu regarding Crnnbrook ns one of tlie foremost
mining towns of South Kast Kootenay.
leaving oui of Uie; question ihe benefits
derived by lhe town from lhc working
ol the North Stnr'and Sullivan mines
in ,11 K'Ullicrley, and the great St, i*n
gene urotqinl Mpyie, nnd the uuiiietous
prospects in i-ourse of development east
ol Un* Kootenay river, we have directly
lithfllary lo CranbrOok the following
properties in active operation: The
Blnak Utear, being operated !>>■ the llluck
li.ar Mining company; the Pedro, oper-
led by the Kobteiipy & Algoma Gold
ig company; the Carrie I.ee, opera*
y Hit* St. Marys Milling & Milling
cuiupiiiij; tlie Mastodon, operated by
the Mastodon Copper Mining company;
ih*.* Coppei Crowii ami IJxcesR, operated
|0 Um Tin u Gold-Copper Mines, limited;
ihe Home Slide, by j,. it. VanDecar;
l.yk-'s Black Hear-group, about four
milty* eoutlieast of lown, heing developed
by ftlfH-trti. oiif-in ami West; theCoppir
■.'Ml, mar Palmers Bar, and Uie 1'hj
Roll   company's   prOpeity,   at   Nlggei
Tin- above properUe*-are et)-Hieing
.-uiivrl.v developed ntul all hnve bright
prospects and show strong evidences ot
future liiiportnuce ns ore pioducets, nud
as ovei twu utlllion'sliarea iu the"\'arious
roiiipaiilea an- held by Craubrook cltl-
/.ens, ib«* Kiicccaafu^evolution.of aeveral
ol them into paying mines means much
I Mill
Safe (*l in ing Investments
Many persons dislike the Idea ol buying
mining shares lest .ill of the money invested should be lost. The plan of operation
adopted by the Kootenay and Algoma
Gold Mining Company, Limited, absolutely insures a success sooner or later;
and thai -success seems to be now certain
in the PEDRO CLAIM which appears
to be on the same ledge as the Black Bear
You are sure oi some profit and it will
probably be a very large one.
We are instructed to sell
Net more than 20,000 shares al 6 cents
per share, in monthly installments of one
cent per share.
The Pedro will be a mine
Get in while shares are al the bottom fig-
McVITTIE <X HUTCHISON, Mining Brokers.
SALAD   and Jt
Mining Situation.
The  partial   closing   down   or audi
niiii.-^-is the I,»  Koi,   W-ir   Ragle  and
iViilt-i Star, and of   the   Halls   smeller.
■ in he easily traced to Ihs-eight hour
labor law and the subsequent agitation
Tin: ml lies mentioned will, during the
ceasntloit ol nctiye mining, install hew
new machinery aful prepare for a larger
output tliaij ever, and the, conviction is
iiuttvoid-jhlpUiAt the moment,the labor
question Is .settled die mining Industry
nl the province will be more active than
ever 'before, nud British Columbia will
experience   an   unprecedented   eia   ol
.\u- Wli
unfila pro
t' run, a nrne O * life-lot g
who has worked m;tlie Bholl
ierty ulten Mr. Jennings and
liia partners Were dewlopmg it, stales
ills't 1)0 believes the bottom of tlle shall
te In copper ore which is rich enongli lo
sblp.    At one point iu the shaft an assay
showi'd 1.15 ounces of silverfper ton, bm
ti - (foeB m* know what the silver values
au* til tin- bottom.
JUNE   FORIN   Ihin-i    UKfi   II
Pay Roll.
evi-tal    of   the   directors   were   ofl
dnesdny driven out to the Pay Roll
us tn Inspect the work ami decide on
ire operations,   The showing made
lo'titi-  is  very  satisfactory and  ar-
(fotmsnls   are   beiug   completed    lor
tinning tin* development by contract.
ei-*il  hiiuilred  pounds of o'e   was
ugbl   bach   by  the  party which has
:        been shipped lo ibe Trail smelter for a
lltilil rsfiiclter lest, so that a fair Idea may be
j had ofthe value ofthe ore. aml^an I til el*
liunii decision arrived at as lo the advis-
ainiti v of su iking regular shipments from
the large ledge.
Says It Takes Too Mtuli Time
Court In Porl Steele.
Judge Fori ii has beou holdin
court at Fort Steele this weeh
wu little or no buslneu, but this so
haa brought up a question nf import
It Is aaid that ju Ige I'm in ,*s;,|
bimself oil the (pieslioi.u if Imi.liny
at a point so far Irom Uu- rattrond, t
effect that the delay was nmiccep
and that the session nllotild hv held
some point on lii-p. lailniadi '•»,■ ibeci...
veoience of the pcppW'a«H J>1iif"*n -ii" i lhl' 1*sMl inst;U,t* H I" "°t >«t known
Speaking of himself, in* „,,i.i tu.u [f;\he ', '' ■'■■'''" long opemtlotis wHtlrt suspend-
court was held at Criuibrti-iijjjr tl ^..nT.l e'1' hu{ Pf0,wbly for some months, as t
be possible lor biiii io* Kave'Nel.,*,.n [(Jjiaaaid that the smelter crew will be all
thaevening, reach Ganl-rook n't miou \ disehmged. In any case work la not
therteatday.holiU-oiiaiiriii'.-iKrruo-.'i*.- lik,''>" l" !,e resumed*unlh the laboi
retiitniog.ilie ticyiinoiiiiij^aV.in* u-iiing I 'l1'1"*1''-1" is sufficiently settled to insure a
home lu the oveiiii'!', Hiiw-losing hirty •*■'
tWodaya. . Now, fm llie sftttw
took hlm fom davs, nud such
time uieajrt a^oud dc:tl in hijii.
Silver king Shuts Dowa.
Nelson Miner; Owing largely, if not
altogether to the effect a of the rig III-
hour law, the Silver King mine and tlie
Kelson smeller, owned by the Mall*
Mines, I bli Ited,  will he closed nowti on
• uk.
it I »»'eUcr
supply of lead  ores  for  (hr
A Big 'Improvement.
Jam-ea Ryan, of the Cruulnook'hotel,
hu made a ten strike wiili Ins samp} *
rooms. It has fast luui a nen'l siim, lm
he hat as a result* two ol the most roi •
venient sample rooms in'liu*- coitnrrv
that wil] meet with Ju* hearty n|
of the commercial mm on tin* roi
A First Class Ikniisi.
Dr. Biuber, of Nelson, haa* 1
towu this week' pr-ir.-j-.*iiifc de
He has done ll great ij;*;il ol
and is giving good siillsf"Qtin(i..
pectt to make' regtil^r visits ti
brook, Fernie ahd Fort Sl't^lf, i
tahlish a regular Hue of |it.iclii-'e.
So Cause lor Alarm,
nl,    Feb.    in.—Apprehension
islcd here after the War  Ragle
lose-down nud, which   was   increased
fheti   the   be  Roi   withdrew   from   the
bijjtililg lisi  teni[iorarily  has  been  al-
nyffl,   W Nile tlie camps wi'l "suffer from
...   comparative dullness for a time while
r     the War Regie, Centre Star and Le Roi
,-j   arc prepsrlng for woik on a more ex-
| t.i'iisi'.-.*, scale, the future Vis so well as-
! Mired Uul Uie lonresl pessimist (*an nol
I fail to lnke a hopeful veiw.   There is no
|iioli-iblIily of further suspensions.   The
in ] CMltlpfbas plenty of good   properties  lie-
y.   side Uie ones mentioned,   There -will be
rk [ lio Inclt of activity.    The payroll of lhe
x- i men employed installing machinery will
ii*   lo n great extent replace the sums losl
*s-   liylhe camp on account of the discharge
Qf.so iii tnj* miners,   "
Us. Monday n Ch
(own. It w.is imt nn
by any menus, but of
both li.Mid.ii-.il lell,an
rami winds and bu *
necktie that made mo
wliisilc ofthe ennitu i
town, and when it
street people rushed I
learn the cause ol th
wns   like the b»o co
holel.     Fred   Smyth,   of   tl b    S
lender, ivorethelie.au I on his fa
The gi idwork ul the l     u   ■
ii-ii   Uu Rnary  red,   I n
glare that  Illuminates th   ta
in*,' a greal couflagrati *■•    r Hi     r
of ii  vut votrauo     U was   ■ ,     *
ilnlay,  a dream  in c '*■-,  ■ •
McNcalj Rule Small  nnd    .1  ttetft
threw up llieir li inds,  while I ostm
Pent tie nud 1 rank Rankin  -
power nl Strathcona's Horse   hat il
shpubl i"*: be i '- wei    ■
rels rrom Ci ml i iok in iu
manner,  and   telegraphed   -     '       i
new  SlrntbcoiiB Horte  nei kti<
guaratiteed lo bent the Boers .
thing else.   Mr. Smytji « gl       -■■
short lived.    A Semen- ■-
ami ljuuiilluting defeat  will -ooi    i
The Nelson conlingenl ati
at the Cosm ipnlltan,   ai d CI
servejl Uie rullowing hill ...
Kruger nroth.
Prclorln Uke Trout,
Ronsl Roer Mend a la fti
Frirnsssee of Paul *.*. ith
I'lil.'i ul Piet and Bro«
l«iidysmllb S-imlw Icbi s,
Long Tom Fotnloe*,
Canned bydilile.
lotibcrl Spin ii b
Assotlcil Colonial Rnyonela.
Shrapnel Ora| *
Hard Shell Nula
Tugi 11 River Tea. Orange River Co
tru   enl  *- • rture, and cou*
*  *            . tint      There wasa
tggle,  th re resounding whacka
ng my  was over,  aud court nd-
Praak Raskin iu Charje.
utattaj er of the l.on-
he   -s
■'    ' ■
ti   Hi
1 i   .
er Uu
mipaity,  eame  up
■ H             il icleod to lake
■ : ■  McUuff, before
theo ntiogent.   Mr.
I two  daya,   .uul  in-
barge .-l" the
roi   ■.;     btorc tu  tlie
is   ,   ; . ,.   *,:i Uu* com.
.. ike .. *• tluable tnau
- hi ield
V-*. Hotel at Porl Sleele.
*  '*' '
ihatia to l»e built at
■■ .- - ■ ■  be one of the
•■   iiidwiltbeleaaid
■'-' in.    1- will hive three
1 lb rough-nut, fitted with
-  -   electric  belli and all  the
i modern establishment.
sow 1         drawn,  and work
men e ntiboul May.
.court    i
lhe   latest
ii   Uk*   wa
of lega
process   ii.
C ratlin
.ok, am) it
is currie
1 (iut wilh a
i.i   solemi
mill.uh llll**
that wins word-, ol commend iti ■■
all who wlt'nes-i Ih i im dern p
of ndmiiiUterlng [uatice    The   ■ ■
lion wa> held ni ibe Coamop ilitan hoti I
last Saturday,   A \ru\ unfortiinnte * u
ares-ted on the serloua charge ofi eal
ing discord ami  causing strained i
tioii'. between two friend!)  ; ■
taking down the Stars and Stripes nn the
sobber Itoys marched down the
The  charge  was  an   aggravate I
since several ol Iho recruits  were from
the United Stale*-,  and  hid volunteered
Pusliee presided, while I lerk We! m in
tool; short hand notes - i iht * *. di . - i
a manner lhat displaj d wonderful abi
iiy iii tint line, Tom t nrin ol i I :- ,
as prosecuting witness, while Tom
Rooks wi>s apppolnted hy the conn lo
defend the prisoner, The case was hu
terlv contested, but Uie evidence oI Mi
Covin nnd Willinm Tierne) was ovei
whelming against the prisoner, nnd be
wns declared guilty, j-udge Pn bee toh
the prisoner lo stand np, and ■
him ns follows: "Farmer, ron havi
been fouud guilty of n most •*,:*• ti
ciinii*. History fails to , htonit
displ iviug such moral depravilj nnd
reckless disregard if the courtesies d ■
between nations Vbtl arc guilty, ai il
you know it. I know il, and so does
Tom Rooks There Is mih one punish-
ment that befits tliej crime, ihcrefore I
•sentence you lo 'set out four loads and
six empties nml nuke a high daddy ol
the caboose,'   inni  miy   the  i xciiitionci
huve met  y on jom pailts(    Clcik, luu tl
Sea Baslaess Buildin**?.
--- '■-   il irted   work   last
i  * *■ lings to be occn-
Co., Preal -V Co.,   and
■nd  the work
.     Mr. Re*,l wUl
'    '■ et,  H ith   a   plate
resent -?toek of
dry goods and
wil    have their
*     -    on   the   first
-■- in the second
Di( kens n will fit
: -ii p and bath
I id  tha; will  be a
he lown.    The  building  will
•    ••jTt occupancy   by
lt\is\    MVER   CHLNTRV.
Ifv-rbcrt L'annctl Writes of Cro»s Nest Peo*
pic Dswa There.
ol   The Herald  is in   re-
pt of a  letter from  Herbert Conneli,
rho will be remembered as assistant to
irden   at Wardner,
•-■■■■■ oi '.imt division
I ollowing is an
it will    -.,' ■ eaeral interest to
this   ■   .*:;*miij:
•  I    l-'eh. *;, 1900.
sup] omewbat but-
hear lrom one of tbe pioneers.
intended writing yon for some
time to let yob   know  i   am   still in the
and ol living ami enjoying good health.
which   I   hope  jou   are ami al] my old
■■■■■■    in the west.   I have been with
in at.-. ever since I icfi the Crows
•*."■- -t  Purs   railway.    I  was  on   location
■I winter ami sum-
■ ai    it 1     eni "ii a section
■""lei  1       ■.. • j; -g|) Maun is the
1* iiiir.ii (or,     I am running an iiutru*
'"'■' al present   ..;i  expect  lo take a
ipiing, -Acstodiere.    Mr,
lard ii     nu-n In ihe Swan River country, . • ui ft ■■.- extension ofthe Caoa-
linn   N irtbern,   formerly   called   ihe
Dauphin     lie will come on  this line in
the spring, and will have charge ofa di-
Hi  G irdi n I   east at her obi
li nn       !  Ii ive mi t a number of old
-     pi        un this road, and one
whom I think )ou remember well is Con-
i ■ who   took   the   first
1 ovi   the K   ■■-•■■>■ river bridge at
Iner, a d        were passengers,    He
1 rtbur v   en 1 saw bim last.
(Tain  >n this mad.   I intend
taking ;i iii|i west   to fee you -ill Rga 11.
have 1 rink Rankin in your
vi; iuitj     KI .1 y remember uu* to bint,
su l lo lake Rink and Mr. Keay.
C. Herbert N Connell.
Sensation Al Victoria.
V ctoria, I * li 9.— Tlle long expected
pan ige * arms between Joe Martin and
run*,-..*. Minister Cotton, which was
: • : ■■■<■ as the "income oftjie Chinese
agreement last session, took place this
iftei It Was thc mosl sensational
ill c the   finance   minister   ever
. Ish * oltimbla politics since
Hum] ey's nol -rious .r-ark on Dans*
1 ' M rl '. .*. cased P nance Minister
( oil. 11 ol from Colorado by   a
lit train ind defrauding his creditors,
md I ired him logo lurk lo Colorado,
where I e waa charged ■•.iih gross crini-
Innl mii-demeanors, (hi Cotton giving
htm the lie he gave notice of a motion
1 lhe appointment of fl commission to
make .ti ' gmions inlo the gross crim-
ii. 1  mist nndu :l ..i lhe finance minister,
Coll  wealhei   scored n touch down CRANBROOK  HERALD, p0 you want
TH-JR8DAY.   ■   -FEB. 15. 1800   QQQ£ J^ ^f/Q^}
•   FEB   15. 1900
t*. K SIMPSON, EiUtoi an) Malinger.
TICIEMs ni*' SUIl'OllllTlOXi
The Herald deilru to give tl
lUstrk-i.    It yon know tiny nlmill y»ur i
your inino ni' yuur iieople, semi I, to Uii**- ofll
il thi
i Under the Trolley Wires. I
LBy Charles W. Harwood.    |
THK ahnrp ringing of u bell Bounded
clear above the tumult of llnmllton
Corner, where the bualeal thorough-
fores of Winchester meet. Cloaenl huiiil
•-aim- a hike car. ami .Inn Connolly.
springing forward with his Iron rod.
■shifted ii around the curve Into IVnti v
.Iim was Bwilchboy for lhc Klwtrh
Traction i-ompnny. 'liis poal wnn lhc
middle ol the street, where all dnj long
he dodged n-aiiis nml turned ehvtrlu
ears toward llielr varloviaduidlmitloiiK.
It was lair afternoon now: .Iim wan
tired uml  milter lonely, mid   us   be
glm 'I aboul  for some tieqwilnlnnee
his eves lighted oiiTed Case.\ stiitiding,
with* but II   to  him, on  lln* i*nrhn1	
nearby.  A bundle of nftern i pitpers
wns tucked unilerTeirBtinii, bul he wuh
staring Idly nl n fnnltistic poster,
The opportunity was lireriiillbltt. dim
quickly looked four wnys. imd kpoIiir
thai tin* conu'i' wus now free fiom ours
be darted over behind Ted uml seized
him by the collar,
"Aw, le' nn* be!" fried Ted, deeply aggrieved. Then, twisting aromul, he
coughi Blgbl or his captor, and grinned
ut hlm III a friendly Wlty.
"Why don'l ymi soil papers'.'" demanded lhe older bny, releasing him.
"The Inst edition will come oul before
long, und you'll gel sllick."
"fioin* ter," asserted Tod, slontly.
"Sny, Jlinniie, whal'a thai In yonr
pocket?" Wiih midden I'lirlosltj he
■snatched nt a queer object which protruded from the inside of his friend's
'•Ia-' gol" .Hm struck down lhe venturesome huml. "That's my life-preserver. Wnnl to see 11?" And with nil
of un inventor's pride he drevi mil ti
peculiar sort of clamp whieh he always
It wns formed of two pint; sticks rudely whittled into shape and hinged lo-
get hi-rut one end. On lhe Inner side its
jaws were faced with strips of heavy
ginss, whose use was not ut once apparent,
"What's it for?" nsked Ted.
"To handle live wires with. Theglaas
is proof against electricity," explained
Ted eyed the strange instrument with
Increased respect. "Did any live wires
ever get loose round here'.'" he asked,
eagerly, "Say. .limuiii*, le' me try il If
tbey do?"
"They might break nny time." .llm
replied, sagaciously. "You go und lend
to your papers! ynu haven't any business Willi the power." Me dropped the
clamp into n pocket, nnd, grinning significantly, rnised bis swltchrod as if to
.►Irike the newsboy'a leg,
Mm Ted glnmed cunningly down the
street. "Aw, there's a car!" lie cried.
and forthwith seized the chance tndurt
uwuy und yell hack derisively ut his
"They mlghl break at any time," he
repented, quite seriously. Onee he hnd
ventured   to  quest Ion  Ofllcer Wayne:
"What would y lo if a wire broke?"
"Live wire'.' I'd elenr llie sired nnd
send for lllggillR." IHggins wus foreman of tin* repair gang. "If it dropped
onto anybody I'd have to ring up the
nmbiilnnce, of course."
With n hearty respect for Ihe force
which  kepi  ull  those cars i ntlon,
dim had picked up, from iiioionnen.
linemen and engineers, u slorc of practical knowledge which llC was eager to
put inlo use.
Ills opportunity had been long hi coming,   und   tills  liny   promised  to  he  as
monotonous na any other. Itul 15 minutes later the long-expected accident
A car from the west side came out of
Pleasant streel and started norlh! As ii
swting nround the curve iis trolley
slipped otr and caught between the copper wires, snapping om* of them near
their junction.
The wire dropped Into the street..*iud
for u moment then* wus Indescribable
confusion ns il   hounded nnd  writhed
among frighti d horseannd scattering
people. The corner was quickly (dented,
und at u snfe distance n ring nf spectators formed to watch the wire spitting out blue and green llanies on the
Down on bin Center street switches
Jim had been startled hv a quick, jarring ring of ilu* wires,   lie no I need
the cries uud commotion, the rush of
people uml lhe stopping of ears in tell
him what had happened. Instantly lie
saw thai hla chance hnd come, audi nulling up be broke through Uie ring jusi
at Officer Wayne's elbow,
"I,ive wire!" he gasped, plunging n
band iuto bis coat pocket. "I can li\
lie bad started forward Impetuously,
hut Wayne cnughl him h.v the nnn und
pulled bim bnck, understanding only
that thc hov meant lo run inlo (lunger.
"Stand back!" aald lhe officer, ilwrp-
lv. "Don'l yotl know a live wire when
you sec ll? If you touch ihnl, you'll
never know whal hurl you!"
"It won'l hurt me!" cried the struggling bny, In n hot rage al Ihis opposition. "I've got something lo handle
It with."
Hut Wnync would nol argue. "You
stay here!" he gruffiy commanded.
"He quiet now! If you make any more
Iioilblc   I'll  arrest you!"
Indignant us dim was. he had too
much sense to contend longer wilh
the policeman.   Itul be fell that he rel
If you do come to Thc Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.   Try us and see.
his pltim-i. lie I'liiaed it from the pave-
in,-iii. nml I"! il"' li*.'' thing became
•,«i,ir anil apparent*) liannleae. He
bore it in tin' eorner of Pleasant street,
the rlnj* ..r people l>r"U- uml followed
hlm excitedly. It was ii moment ot
peril tor lit, heedless crowd, anil Officer
Wovne, seeing now titat the hoy kuew
lUs'hiislness, turned back to guard the
.iin, glared «i,11 open contempt ut
the people who presseil nbout him.
"Kolks are fools about electricity!" it*
,vled.   ",lusl br
. ih,. wire isn't
plnlli'l'liig. Unt thiol, ll'stlcnd!"
"Can ton In.1,1 il lliul wil)' n few itiiti-
ilcsV" naked Wayne, looking do*iibtful-
v nl lhc blockade "f vehicles on all
loll'! <
suld ,11m,  i-
I it nil dny.   Why
onms?   Hint-you
The Work Tells
the Tale   jt   jt
Greer & Co.
Estimates given on all classes of work
iu our line. If you intend to build, see
us.   lt may pay you.
ji   jl   B.C.
.■ Mi)
"We've telephoned,"
l-.s Nils lime Ho* oihcr polici m had
-•nim* to W.i.i jii's tiHslstltnce, und the
,,,1-ni-r was rn'iiilh cleared. On the
farther traeh ears began t" move north;
the nmtonncii smiled ihem slowly und
passed eautlouHly under lhc bunging
wire, which -iim had Ktriilghlened us
much as |i08sibh\ mid onlj Hie south-
hound cms lay helpless in a long line
on Main at rei I,
"Whal can be done with these?" asked
Wnync   "Xnlhlngr
"Tht're'H n switch oil Main street n
hundred ytirdu uwuy," answered Jim.
"Kim bncii lo the switch and tithe the
left trackl" he shouted to ilu* nearest
As u general rule, a swltchboy docs
imt glvu orders lo n conductor; bnl
Ofllcer Wny in- stood beside -Iim und
imperative!,') seconded his commands.
Wnnl   was passed  uloilg,  uud llie line
nt' curs moved bneli to return on the
other mils.
'I'he lirst iiiolormitn looked to .Iim for
further directions.
"Hun i" ilo* switch In front of thc
city ball, and sblfl back to the right
track." -.llm turned to Officer Wayne.
-I'hafs nil," he Mild, "Keep 'cm moving, iiml ;,-ll 'cm to mind their own
switches.   I'vognl my bauds full here,"
Oil Ilu* corner near hy Mood a group
nf people who annoyed dim with idle
questions and comments upon Ids courage In holding the wire. Courage? lie
bad noi thoughl of ii, though he was
proud ih.ii h>> knew how to handle the
Unt no nne spoke of his purtIco-tar invention until IHggins arrived, clud in
rubber linols und gloves which protected him from electric shocks.
"liave vim gol the wire, boy?" he
nsked. "What's thai you're holding it
with? Uy George,' you'll dotV he
•■- •laimctl, taking note or tbe glass In*
h tnrs. "llul why didn't you ground
the wire   i *h it down to tho mils?"
Jim laughed. "And stop the cars:"
wns his terse comment.
IHggins i-usl him a shrewd glance,
nml I limed to his mun. "Here. Jones,"
he snid, "cntch hold of this contrivance.
Now. hoy. we'll manage Ihe rest of it.
Uei back toyourswIteheB,"
"Tb* had grit," some one remarked, tu
Jim mn 11IV. "'Ihnl was a risky thing
In do, wasn't  ilV"
"Wc have to lulit* chances," IHggins
briefly answered. "Tbe lad knew what
h- wits about."
llul though he said little, he was
liwarc thul this yonng employe ofthe
rond hnd noted quite beyond bis own
liu.- id duly. I'm* Ibis reason he reported lhc whole all'air lo liic Mipi-rin-
tciidctil, aud .Iim uas summoned tonp-
pcar al lhc ofllce after his day's work.
T.*d Imiinl lhc message, fm* since thc
episode ol the broken v. in- he hud hung
nronnd his friend continually.
"What'll Ihe,*, give you. Jimmy?" lie
asked, in hopeful cxcllcment.
-uh. maybe a hundred shares of
slnck und it special car."
This  reply   was  designed tu tux the
newsboy's credulity, for Jim only
wauled a chance io display bis Invention. And like many another inventor.
In* forgoi ihat Its work could he easily
.(.mi* iu tt illtrcrenl way.
Tin* supei-inicii'lcnl was rending bis
evening paper when Jim entered the
ollice. Cumm -eport iiumiig the employes!- hud mude him a mun of slrict
iiili-- and pciittlllcsi yit lie did not seem
iih .ui-1.iv us Jim Imd imagined. "1 wns
ordered In reporl here," said Jim, advancing to the desk,
"James Connolly, switchman at Hamilton corner?" ashed tho superintend-
"That's my nan
"How   ure j
"Illgglus snya you managed thnt
break prctly well this afternoon. And
vou kepi t In-curs moving. How did you
bundle lhe wire?"
"Willi ihis." Jim hud expected Hie
question, nnd iu quiet triumph he
paused his clamp over lhe desk. The
superintendent smiled queet-ly us he examined il.
"Crude, bnl effective nnd scientific,"
be commented to himself. Then aloud;
"IHggins has annlher method of pro-
iccting hi nisei I which you will perhaps
11ml more g rally convenient."
ih* delected a look nf disappointment
ou the boy's lace, and added: "This
is certainly ingenious. How did yon
happen  lo have  the thing   in   vour
pocket r
"Dldn'l happen," said Jim, bluntly.
"I always carry it; I made it n-pur-
"l'ur jusi such nil emergency? You
seem to iimlerslniid the power."
"1 know* you can manage It, but vou
cnu'l   fool willi it,"
"That's so," the superintendent us-
G. Johnson...
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-Al.l,   KINDS   01'-
^ Assayer
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Lute uf Toronto
Contractor •«* Builder
Those contemi'lntlnR builillnj? will tio well to let
mt* figure on .lie contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Single Fare
Winter Carnival
Feb. 15 to 17
Agents and Pursers
Revelstoke and  South, Fernie
and West
Sell Tickets February 12th, .Ulb, 14th, ISth
nd IHh,
Limiting going portion to date of
sale ana return portion good to
leave Rossland up to Feb. 18th.
For rates and full infoiinatioii address
nearest local ageut, or
F. M. MEDHURST, Agt., Cranhrook
W. F. Anderson, T.P.A., Nelson, 11. C.
□ K. J. Coyle, A.G.l'.A , Vane niver, It, 0.
Certificate of Improvements
Situate In the Fort Hieulo Mining WviHlon o
South East Kootenay district.   Whoro lo-
i*aleil- I.yliiR north ot and adjolnlnu tlio
I'aymaster, on NInner creek.
TAKK NOTICE that 1, Archibald W. MoVlt-
He, free miner's cerilllciite No, M8870, acting as
aifi-ut for the Fay ltoll (iold Minion and Milling
coiiipaiiy, limited, or Cranbr.tok, 11. (!., tree
inluer's cortillcato No. noOTO, Intend sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the mining ro
corder for a certificate cf Improvements, Tor tlio
purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 37 must be commenced beforo tbe is*
suauce of sucb certificate of Improvements,
Dated tbis 2nd day of December, 189.
Certificate of Improvements
situate in the Fort Steals Mining DWL-tfon of
Soulh East Kootenay district,    Whero locn-
led-On Nigger creek, about one mile from
TAKK NOTICE Hint I, Archibald W. McVittle, freo miner's certlfitata No. 11*70, acting as
ngent for the Pay Roll Mold Mining and Milling
(•■ mimny, limited, or-t'raubronk, H C„ fn.*emlii-
wno nnn * nra certificate So, nmo, Intend, sixty day* from
resell ted tlio "mud," and ho wus not rpiHpiI, plensniitly,   "It doesn'l stop lo
yot defeAted.   Slipping Iwek   In   Uie Joltn.    Well, your knowledge of tlmt
crowd, lio run nround iis outer edge reel   is more vnlunlile limn yonr In-
11 nd worltod Ihroiiffli »t nnotlier point, venllon. 'riiei-eiu-potlie
whence In* ihnilo 11 sudden dnali for the mm Rwltehmt, nnd lllfffflns   needs   a I lhe date hereof, to apply to" tlie 'mloin-j'r'co'rd's'r
wire. '* helper.   Ilenalied foryon    To-inorrow   tor * eertlflcat« of Improvements, for the* pur-
A Bharp, warntn-K ery arose, for Ihe you will limlriiel lhc Ind whon. I shall   Snof obI*""n8 *crown HHat of lhe above
l.ysin.Hi.'rs lodkctl tnaeehimlnatiuitly « ymi, am »Ioiutny yon will re-j   Anil further lake notiee that aetlon, under
killed.   Way in* nml otlicra RjirniiK for* port to Mr. nigfflns.  Vnn firo promoted   section S7, unit |m cjmnienc«l befon the la-
ward, Imi li.-f.>i-i* iin-*, could reach .Iim i" the repair gang."   Voiith'a Com pa it*   ■»>■"» of web certlAcate 'of IrajiruvemBjis.
hohatlsBl/e bselnUllallTitfWlrewltli Ion. '   , , aroiuHaMmV. M'VITTIK
. -—™-  _         Dated tbis Jul day of December, Mi.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles andf
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home Industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors;
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything:,
fresh and up to date. ,
Notions, Furnishings, etc. :.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.      *■
The housewife and the bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay them. %. •
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams and drivers furnished fur any
point in tbe district,
Manager   Jt    Jt
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank DlCoiniticrco lll.lg. UlUNDIIOOK
W. F. QURD.B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor,. Etc
Cranbrook, British ClaaMi
11. I.. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, II. C,
W. ii. lt"s* ll. w. Hbhoiih-ui
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
House and Lot in Cranbrook
Five rooms, pattlry, cellar antl large
abed; for rent, fli2 per inotilli, or for
sale, $550, $25" easlt, balance $15 per
luoiitb. Advertiser will rent bouses or
stores in Cranbrook, Moyie, Fernie, Fort
Steele or Kimberley, forrentor purchase
oil easy terms. Apply, P.O. box 115,
C allbrook, II, C,
Promptly Attended to.
When in Cranbrook
Stop at the   :
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :   :
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcatlville of linsl Kootenay.
Terminus of North M;ir branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS arc situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power;    Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Via Cranbrook
Sole Agent
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines and  Liquors at the Bar
The Best Slock, Ihe Most Sitlsliclory Prices, aa I
First-Class Work.     Repalrlni Neatly Esecuied.
B. G Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Mann ["Klu re I** of all Kinds ol
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer-j.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
East Kootenay
1% 3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor ::: :::
t****fliis hold Jina-tot'ii refilled nnd refurnished,    fhetalfle
. T.  'isthe t^st^&itisfuct-fjry rates given regular hoarders.
feke> Sii«t     •':■:•,.;!-:       w       Cranbrook, B.C    |
m Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
lp¥i H E RS
rPernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, • Moyie.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel is open both tlny'timl JJ*
night.   The bar gooils arc Hrst class, £
and the illniiiu room is in chnrge nt- *jj
Thos. McCarm, ami Is aecond to none JJ
iu lite KootetiHj'.t.   l/ree saniple rooms *J{
aud the best uml qitietesl bedroduia in !JI
the town.
The North Slar Holel Is the large ami
iitRgnilicent hotel at Kimberley that
is" jtlst finished and is furnished new
throughout. I'vcrythiug in connection is first-class. When you visit
Kimberley, don't forget The Norlh
Slar Hotel.
■M /
FUli Poiaontnirf.
In thc United Stntes lish poisoning is
most frequently due to decomposition
in canned ilsb. The most prominent
symptoms nre nnnscn, vomiting nud
purging. Sometimes then* is n scarlatinous mull, which may cover the
whole body. Tlie writer has studied
two outbreaks of this kind of flsh poisoning, in both instances i-sumrit salmon was tin? cause of the trouble, Although a discussion of the trefftin-put of
hii-.li poisoning te foreign 'to this paper,
ihu writer must call attention to the
danger iu the udininlstrnthin of opiates l» cases of polabtiltig with crtuued
Vomlttlig nnd purglug mc oltorls uu
Hi.* pint nl nature to remove lhe poison and should be assisu-d Uy the atom
ii .-I i lube and by Irrigation of ilu* colon,
In .uie of ilie cases seen by the Wi'ttor
large doses of moi'plilnu Imd been ad*
Illllll8tl)t-0d In order to check ihe vomiting nml purftlhg nml to relieve the
pnlll,    In Ibis case dotltll lesiilled.   TllO
ilauger of nrrostlng tlio diminution of
lhc poison lu all cases of food poison*
III;; cannot be too emphatically con-
deluded,—Victor l\ V mm bun lu Popular Seleneu Monthly.
Doxter, Hept. ti, l8iW:
Hi*. Arnuhl Chemical Co., Toronto:
Dear Sirs*. 1 received u1 large' box
Of your pills by mail order, Uud,uow
write you to scud me by i*oturh-,miiil
three hir^e boXes mid four sample
bo.-ies of your pillsv which I Want
friends of mine to try,
I have beeu under oui*. local physi*
nan's cure for over, thrett.yenrs, and I
hnvo tnkou so much medicines that 1
thoughl my case hopeloSft, but' seeing
your advertisement in tho' Toronto
Slur, uml being un Knglisli woman, I
thought I would try u hex, jnst to see
if iinythiiiff'woiild ever benetlt uie.* 1
must say I am really a different vvo-
luuii. antl cau do my woik with pleasure.
Xo woman was ever more persecuted than I wus by irregularities and
bearing-ilowu pressure pains, so muoli
And All 11 fin ii a f Hr (unldu't Maattr
thr Troll-*)* Cut Walk.
"(lolag iu uml oui ..f a moving street
oar grQCQflllly ought to he part of il mud-
era education Ui deportment," said a man
n In hi l town. "It Is oue ut the uiuxt dllli-
eult feats lu the world and soiut-ttihi-f at
which USUI out uf 1,000 are almost certain
(o make tbeinselres ridiculous. I am peculiarly Interested lu the matter because
It has resulted lu a falling out with my
beat girl.
"About a week ago I get on hoard a St.
Charles avenue car this side of Lee -monument nud saw hur sitting next to the
door, in front. Of courso I started la
that direction, smiling aud rnisiim my
hat ns I did so, aud just theu the car
took the curve around the base of the
monument. I made three or four idiotic
lurches, grabbed the empty air and dived
head lirst tutu' a fat old gentleman who
was reading a newspaper. I must have
.knocked the breath out of the poor old
chap, for he gasped like a flsh, hut I was
on my feet hi a minute and would have
made the rest of the trip to thc end all
right if the confounded curve hadn't been
what Is called a 'reverse'—that la to say,
it crooks lirst one way and then thi other
like a letter S.
t "4 .jBtartctl ou my second heat exactly
la time to catch the upper crook, and I
promptly repeated my original perform-
nij.--e.wiUi variations. I wound up tbe act
by falling over the knees of a stern looking matron in spectacles, and she remarked In a tone audible to all hands
that Bhe couldn't understand why drunken men were permitted to ride with re-
•pectablo people. Tlu youug lady was
scarlet with'mortification, aud to avoid
corn-promising her I sat down on the other sjde.
"In a moment or two my hated rival
sauntered in as gracefully as a dancing
master and immediately monopolized her
Boclety. The" fallow was broke once In
the north and did a couple of months as
H conductor, so he Is on to the curve, and
sthce ihe episode I have described be has
frozen mo completely out. As I said before, the trolley car walk ought to be
part of every gentleman's education. It's
as necessary as dancing."—New Orleans
so that at times I hnd to give up, I
lost weight gradually, ntul was actually afrnid thut some wasting disease
like con sumption was attacking me.
My weight before I begnii vour pi Ita
was D7. I uoW weigh 107}iJ, tuid hope*
In lime to get bnck to my former
weight of 198 pounds. My husband
und friends are greatly pleased at my
progress, and say that I look liko a
liow womnn.
I cannot say too much for Dr. Ar-
iiuld's English Pills, and will be only
too Rttlrt nt nny time to give yon a
testimoLiiiil of their great relief to
Anyone can enjoy sound honlth ami
robust strength by using Dr, Arnold's
Knglisli Toxin Pills, tho only inedi-
Oino made (hat kills tho germs Hint
cause liisense. Sold by all ftrst-olnss
druggists at US cenls a small packel,
;.j conts pev large packet, or five for
$8; or sent post paid on receipt of
price, by Tin* Arnold Chemical Co.,
Limited," 49 Kim- Street, West, Toronto,
111,- ».niii.nt l.i«li I ii-t.Hle.tr*.
.Sump remarks made by Sir Willinm
Gal acre in leaving Colchester to take
Up tho command of ihu BAI British
Division in South Al'rlcn bear upon
tbo   gallant  conduct of the Irish tins-
iliers in the ougngoinoul m GHoncoo,
Ill ihe morning Sir Willinm had a
farewell audience of I bo lown rouuoil,
(he ceremony being it pti*Iui*CMiui> ami
[inpOBlug om*. ln reply. Sir William
(■niti he counted himself fortunate in
having u line loi uf im-u lo i-ommunil,
which im-lude.l live ornok   Irish bat
litlious. The knot tbnt tivc Irish regiments eould not untie iniisi bo a very
MitV OUO, for if Irish soldiers were iu
ih<< right mind I horo wns uotkiug on
this mortal earih ihey could not do.
A imiii who fuile.l with such a lorro
ns he would havo under him must I*
u very bad speeimen. —l.omlon Tele
K tail  tt' in-Ill  It mi-.thin.
"I new can fin-gel Mnhel Mridows,
Are Hendlly Itemoved hy Our
-i'puHtituthnal Treatment With*
ii lit the Necessity of Operation.
Mnny people are ofllloted with lumps or
minors iu various parts of the body that do
not scorn to ciiuse tliem mueh pain or incon-
venleuce. Tumors, It must notbe forgotten,
jii't* serious, and should not bo neglected for
m.-vend reasons. Iu the first place their
growth may involve or impair some vital
purt of tho body; lu tlio second placo (hoy
(jonatltuto a drain on tho system, and in ihe
Ihird place ihey frequently dove op Inlo
emiuors, as any physician will substantiate,
Few people enre to hnvo their growths removed by thu Kiiruooti, as they dreiid Ihe
•■[iin of llie opei-iiiuiii. Wilh our pleasant
home treatment ll Is different, You simply
take Iho remedy intvriiiilly. It goes through
the system, seurahlug out, und neutralix-ma
and destroying those poisons from which
■imiura and cunuera develop. Vou have
nothing to Buffer and nothing to dread,
Afteratlmn you will notice the tumor lessening in slzo and gradually disappearing till It
te eoiiipli'tcly cured.
Send twu stumps and we will mall you our
treatise und testimonials. Si on* tt Son,
puwrnanvllle, Unt,  Mention this paper.
And !■ Being Fermaneatl,T Cured Onily
by CUtke's Kelt* Co-mpounit-tti-iv ll
What n ttnmlUon Lady Hay* t
Mr*. Gilbert. 105 Rebecca street, RtunlUon,
writes: "1 have suttered from a bail form uf
n-nhmfl for over nine years, mid notwithstanding all the doctor*) coalddo for mu. got worse
anil worse, lo that my neighbors I" led for my
duath atony time, I spent money lavishly in
tho efforts to-jut relief, but nil to no purpose.
Pur six weeks at n time 1 could not get up or
down llnlm, and was In n mK'niblu condltIon
Uy daughter, who dorks In a drug atom, luul
heard » n--**«t deal of Clarke's Kola Compound.
nnu nrp.it tno lo try tins « ltint riHort.    I paid
Aw (or a bottlo, ana that is mulling, tur it Is
worth muni llinn that for ivurv i*ii-*i»mittnl.
Two dises gnvo tuo splendid relief, ana. after
imlng but oui' I utile, I nm a tnnrvrl lo nil who
know mo, I nm lining my own work, cun gut
iii-iininl ui well RS i*vt*r, and f«l llkt* ,i  new
creature. Clarke's Kola Compound has been a
i iuitwiul In mi', and 1 I nek upon ll u ■ u niarvt'l-
.ilii remwiy.   Vnu iiihv  no.* (IiIh lenltmony as
ymi m.*c lit. nml I  sliull bt* glad l«i give hill, r
puriU'uinru to any one im-niring. l gratefully
euuone Olarks'i Kola Ootnpauutl "
llilt* will It
s-ildiiy all druggists.   A fin* uunia
M.at to nay pi-nuui liniiblid Willi lliu illM-aw*-.
AildrmH Tlio liilltlth-*. A Maeplumon Co., 131
Ohuroh »n '-oi. Toronto, -nut.
An tJ«e***»ecie-i H^Baattea BzperUae-
ed br Manr Peraoaa,
Many persous who visit Niagara falls
find they have a great desire to leap from
various, points on the several bridges or
from oue of the numerous points of observation. For this reason, after one*?
having experienced the fascinating sensation that waxes them ou to death in
tho deep and rapid running waters, they
never go near any of the seductive points
without being in company with some one
who will guard them from harm as a result of what perhaps might lie termed
by some thoir weakness.
Mnny people who have visited Niagara
havo confessed that the waters of the
beautiful river had a weird fascination
for them while standing in places where
death would be ensy by simply letting go
one's hold and slipping Into th* river,
aud people saved from suicide thero have
admitted that they knew no reason why
(hey should end their Uvea, but tho scene
was so delightful that It coaxed them lo
seek the peace of death there.
ln olher places than at Niagara the
public comes In touch with folks whu.
wheuou an elevation, have apronenest
to jump-tiff, and. ft* this reason they keep
sway from all such'danger boluis. An
interesting explanttlou of this desire \s
tliat given some years ago hy Professor
Lowe of'the army balloon corps. Ho had
frequently Invited a-yjtipwipaper correspondent to make an aaecnsioa with him,
bnt each time tha luvita'tlon was declined.
Later be told, the professor of the
temptntleu Iip had U> Jiinlp from high
places and tbat he' feared making au ascent. IV this be waa laighed at, the
professor Mating that l|»0 '■rtaWm people
had such desires was that th^y JjTfre full
of electricity: that the, •piagne'tle current
In the earth wnS the" a t tract Uny and that
what be was standing ou carried'the current, lie also, said that when up in a
balloon tha coutiuyliy was cut off. Finally the man'mado an ascension and
found that the .dealro to jump wus not
present. It la a'oiirlonsstatement.—Philadelphia Iteeord.       ' ;
IIIH Thln-fi In I'rovIiU««■■**.
Providence liaatlte largest silvei*iwar#;
factory iu tho world, the 'hirgt»t.t *stre%
factory, the laigesl niaimi'itetM V0*
small tools and theV»rgesR flle.wprks.
Perhap-j It Is -especlHlly unlipio in pm-
duchig there flffwelry thaa ati> other eltf
In the United States and njiayly ns mueh
as all the rest of the country combined,
There is no cily whieh pohsessca'so mauy
separate and distinct shops for the manufacture of a single commodity as Provi*
donee deea for the manufacture Of jewelry. There arc at least 230 separata
factories devoted tu tho making of gold,
silver, relied plated, .electroplated nitd
brass jewelry tnd novelties. In addition
the auxiliary Industries for furnishing
supplies of Bpeclal labor to the jewelry
factories number more than 75. ■ Mauy ot
the jewelry shops are small, employing
only teu or a dozen hands, while some
employ as high as 300 and In ono cast
1,400.—Nashville American. i
BreuklMS Malneprlnsa.
The statement is made by many Jewelers that It is tbeir experience that they
faave many more mainsprings ef watches
to repair after a warm, humid day than
at auy other time. Others believe the
breaking to be duo to electric disturb*
once*, stating tbat after an electrical
storm they find tbat many of their customers bring their watches to them tor
repair. The sudden cooling and consequent contraction of the tightly wound
wntch spring, or main spring, caused hy
the removal of the watch from the body
ou a cool night following a warm day, la
believed by some tn account, In a measure, for the accidents In question. Ho
far, however, no entirely satisfactory explanation of tbo ditllculty has been suggested area by the Lost expert wor-k-
men l& this list.
Louis lle|inlille.
We mny sunn lietrr nl rewards bestowed
fm* stopping run Iwitj ,mi..in..iii'--. -
PittsburgOjiroidrh-Telejfii ph
The pi i.e nf niilli hits guile up. but it ia
nothing tu the price tlmt water emu mauds
-.ni the Stneii Kxj-lMit****.—T->ry Uwida
The Intest twin?, m arrive in Nett York
have-been named Thoutfle aud Lipton.
Quilt* likely they'll lift "nne eups appropriately itiseribod.-Hiistoii Hem Id.
Thnt Oklahoma town whleh put Itself
mi wheels nml imivi-j i.
certainly dlspla,
ami gUfttlveiiesi
There's nn dance, i i Buropenn yuelila*
mob learning tun iiiupIi '.r ..nr sailing
model when ilie Ciiluuibin goes abroad io
show her speed. Tin-y wun'l see lar beyond hei stern Hues.   Si. LmiU Kt'pabllc.
We notice tlml lhe HtJ uf Lowell has
fptinil it necessary i« aak tot an Incn'aso
of the police lone It] \
there under no license
to waii nu [hirst up iii
Kansuns will mi
picture now being
representing n two hum.' team hauling
three ears of coin upon a truck. There
should be ut least six horses in the team.
-lla-.-vto- Pust	
Why will you allow a i-*-ugh -to lacerate
yonr throat or longs nud run ihori-kot
tilling a uonflumpHVP'a grave, when, by
the Umely u-e or Blokie's Antl Consumptive Hyruji tho pain can U* ulluytid
and the danger avoided. This syrup Is
Idea-jant to the taste, nml un sur pus-Mil fur
relieving, healing aud curing all afTcu-
tlousuf the throat nud Inn 4-, coughs,
colds, bronchitis, etc., eto.
Tlie Si, llm- 111
Old sailors t
nrouud the wad
noto ihe dtsnpp'
old  ligtll-cbeild,
Hale Old Age.
Th*  N-avrporl   He
1 iu
i loi
Ptrit '
derisively over 1
iiitc.l in  the pape
Snd to see peoplo;]
advanced in years 1
s uttering fromBsck-'
ftehe, Lamo Bnck, |
t'rinhry Troubles '
u:td Kidney Weak- !
heUi A hale old!
nge. free from pains
nnd todies, can only I
__ lit* attained by keep- ;
'!'' j lug the kidneys rlglit and the blood pure. ,
befriend tho aged by freeing tbem from
pain und correcting all Disorders of the
Kidneys and Urinary System.
Mr, Thomas Ash, nn old resident of 1
Renfrew, Ont,, spoke tu follows]
" 1 ain 72 years of age, and have heen
troubled (or a number of years with pains '
ucross my baek. When 1 would stoop
over it gave agonizing pain to straighten
up. 1 was 10 bad tliat I eould scarcely I
walk. I havo taken many kinds of inedi-
eues, but got nothing to help me. Being*I
i.*i*titiimended to try DoQU'l Kidney Pills
1 got a box. After taking threo doses 1
noticed a great elinngc lor tho better,
imd I can now get around as smart as a
cricket. I can split my OWn wood and wu,
In fact, just liko u new muu."
il lilt* Flu ure It mil.
igh ua ihey wander
r front these days und
aruiuu of the famous
which used to lie'the
delight of every ellpi'-er ship's crew.
Thoy were huge wooden images of nl-
most everything iiiinglimble, but the
iViiiule furmvprodo|pjmiled, Many ilg-
urelieildH were to si'epl'osoht tlio fair
one nftor whom the sld\i wus 1 mined,
nml there Is an old sea yarn about a
su Nor who fell In love with ibe handsome Wooden iVnuillo which udorued
4iis ship. He used to slip down the
-'tlplphlii striker" nnd hung ou there,
wlillo the ship ho wed and lurched,
miking love 10 iin- tlgurelicad. Finally,
according in foiwinjtlu irndithm, tliu
IIguru sneezed, and Ute sailor, who was
known us "Lovely Mike.'.' hecuiisa lie
wus the ugliest muu that ever set foot
on a ship's deck, nearly fell Into the
sea. Ik* recovered his senses aud said,
"Did you spoiil.':"
■'No. I didn't speak.'' ret timed the
figure. "I Just sneezed to attract yonr
intention, You're known ns 'Lovely
Mike.' ain't you'; You're it uuu'r|ed
muu. uln'l yon'? And your wife has to
lake iu washing hoth when you're nt
Inline and when you're away, because
sbe can never get n cent out of you.
Mr. Farmer. Jusi climb buck to, the
forecastle ami don't bother any juore
about inc."
This railiei* curt Interview Is alleged
10 huve worked a mnr.ked change in
Mike, nnd when he got home he astonished Ids wife by giving Iter a couple
of dollars -Itiiliiimue News.
HE HAS TftUSD IT.-Mr. John Anderson, Kinloss, writes: "I venture to say
few, if anv, have reoelvod greater benefit
from the use of Dr. Thomas' Kclcttrlo Oil
tban 1 have. I have us«u it rognlafu* for
over ten years, aud have recommended It
to all sufferers 1 knew of, and they also
found It of great virtue In cases of severe
bronchitis and Incipient consumption,"
Queer-tat l'vnrl Kver Fonnd.
A unique aud beautiful gift wns presented  to   Louis   XIV   of   Franco  by a
Genoese, Qlahetlno S-niuerln.   li was a
pearl weighing 1*00 grains and had been
brought from the Indies by one of this
gentleman's relatives. Hot the most
striking purt of ihe mutter was not Itl
weight, but its form. It was the oioct
shape of thu torso of a muu from the
neck to the knees. Bfltnerlfl had ihe pearl
mounted In so artistic n manner that it
was the wonder of the French court.
The pearl was utilised for tbe body of
au armed warrjnr. Tho bond and arin*
ncre of hammered gold, tacked to the
pearl by gold mills, The casque and
plumes were nlso made of gold and set
with diamonds, The cloak and sash
wore of gold enameled in blue wilh gold
llcur-do-lls s.*iiiter.ii over it: tlni loW
f 1 mn the knees down were of gold*, the
In neo was of gold, with a single diamond
for its heud, shaped to a point. Three
lnrge diamonds form a perfect Henr-da-
lis iiih) nre suruioimhil by a gold crown,
set with diamonds, having a small Heur
delis on top. An .-ingel, also made of
hammered gold nnd carrying a trumpet
In one hand. mppoVtS the huge tleur-de-
lis mul crown with the other.
The trophies tyini* on the pedestal*ffri
a drum set with diamonds, a cuirass,
buckler, another onaquo, n turban, a banner with 11 diamond point, a saber and a
gun. Thirty-iwo large diamonds, rubies
and topii-r.es in nllerunti.ui form the border of the pedcst'ah which is supported
liy four gold sphinxes,—Philadelphia Inquirer.
The throe great vital factors
of this body of ours are the
heart, the ucrvos and the blood.
It is beeiiuse of the triple
1 lower possessed by Milburn's
lea rt and Nerre Pills of makiug
weak, irregular boating hearts
strong nnd steady, toning up
prun down, shattered, nervous
srstems and supplying those
elements necessary to make
thin, watery hlood rich ami
red, that so mauy wonderful
cures hava been accredited to
tbis remedy.
Here la tbe esse of Mrs, K,
J. Arnold, Woodstock, N.B.,
who says:
"I was troubled for some
time with nervous prostration
and general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated aud sleepless nearly all the time. My
entire system beonme ruu
down. As soon as I began
taking Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. I realised that
they bad a calming, soothing
Influence npon the nerves.
Every dose seemed to help the
-suro. They restored my sleep,
strengthened my nerves and
f.ve tone to my entire system,
think them wonderful."
loriatit in wintering bees 1
fosva nt the winding up
at any si-aeon of the
It is luipm
bave a well i<
Comb build
of the h.mcy
Ef bees can gather honey .luring ihe full
months, usually ihe brood nest will b*
well formed.
To have bees do well in while!* they
should be kept very quiet, with uo dis*
turbunce whatever.
Jf bees are wintered iu the cellar, they
must be kept ipiiet throughout und iu lit-
tur darkness all the time.
, Bees that are wintered in chaff hives
may hnve the entrances 10 the hives
closed entirely during cold weather.
Nothing will advance the progress uf
lhc aplnry so well ns a supply of empty
combs. With gum! care they will hist indefinitely.
Empty combs that are nol iu tlie hives
uud protected !•>* the bees ure iu danger
of being destroyed by moth worms. Fumigating with sulphur is the best means
of ridding them of moth.—Ht. Louis lie*
Cunnila't   Ur«atest    Lln 1111 toil.
Griffith's   Menthol    Liniment  Is   th..
Sreatest ourntlve discovery of thu age. A
nlment whleh penetrates muscle, membrane and tissue to the very bone, bun-
ishes pains nnd aches with a power Impossible with any other remedy, (lie it
for rheumatism, neuralgia, headache**
and all soreness, swelling and Inflamma
tion.   All druggists, SoctB.
The Length uf fcrmum,
lu  The   Methodist  Ti 9  long  winded
preachers are lushed wiih scathing rhcio*
rle. They are accused of "wicked sell
indulgence" and told ihat they nre
"guilty of the saint* moral offense us th**
It is an ingenious analogy, though it
cannot be pressed too far, for even tho-m
sf us to whom long Mentions are most abhorrent would hesitate to say of (lis
"moderate preacher" such hard things at
some teetotalers say ot tho "moderate
drinker." On tbe other band, the comparison holds good iu tliis—thnt, Just as
then* ma "three boiilo men" who can
carry (heir liquor wilh dignity, so. there
are "three-quarters of mi hour men" who
can preach for that length of time with-
nut wearying their hearers.
The ditllenliy is for uuy preacher to
discover what should bo the duration of
his discourse In order to produce the
maximum effect upon his congregation.
Perhaps he might Iiml a way out of it hy
inking u post card plebiscite of his pu-
rlsltlonere.—London Graphic.
Wheu the action nf the kidneys becomes
Impaired, Impurities ln tbe blood aro al-
n. .it sure to follow, and general derangement ot the system ensues. Parmeleu's
Vegetable Pills will regulate the kidneys,
ao thnt they will maintain henUby action
and prevent the complications wbloh eer*
talnly come wheu toera Is derangement
of tbess delicate organs. As u restorative
these Pills aru In tht* first rank.
( Aboul (aperi.
"About 8,000 kegs nnd barrels of ca-
pern, n small, sour berry resembling Id
color and shape n green pea, nre un-
uu.-illy imported Into llie United States
froiii Hpnln and France," snid 11 wholesale'denk-r In all sorts of foreign cou*
■dimems Id New V.orJ( io tbe writer recently. "Capers grow on a bush,.und
are extensively used by oil classes of
fcoqifs in this country for garnishing
salads nnd makiug a sauce whleh Is
usually served wiih boiled mutton and
olher meals. There nre four sizes of
caiiers. The smallest are commercially
known ns nonpareils and the three other sixes are culled capuclnes, en pot 08
uml smilues. The smallest capers are
ihe most desirable and bring the most
money. Very few capers are Imported
lu glass. They are shipped to America
lu kegs uml bnirels. holding from 13 to
in galjous. of the berries In brine or
vim-gar. The work of bottling the capers Is done by the wholesale dealers."
Washington sun.
If your children nro troubled with worms*
give them Mother Graves' Worm fixterml,
niitor; safe, sure, und effectual. Try It, and
murk tho improvement in your child.
V***-*?*- ,i:-**ikviJ«r|lt»|(-W;*«iP**.s?',
1 *i'*'*W^T^^'-',^,W'*-*'-'fi|ri'.i'-'»' .'*
Seenerr Tbnt Aeii,
Becuery thnt acts! If Wagner had
wrought uo other revolution ou the
operatic stage, he would deserve our
gratitude. Take for purpose of comparison tho vessel lu "I/Afrlenlne"
uml the ship lu tho first net of "Trlstuu
and Isolde."' Tho former shows the
section of a vessel us neatly divided
Into various comportments ns n box ul
seed stun [des. If tbe scene Is well
done, If, wben tbo double basses begin
to rumble nnd the ship begins
to roll, the women shriek la their compartments, the priests pray in theirs,
and tbe savages whose canoes would
surely bave been swamped lu the
storm, supposing they could have been
launched at all, climb over tbe ship's
side and massacre everything In sight
—well, we seo tbo cleverness of it and
are entertained, but hardly horror
stricken or overcome by terror.
On the other bund, tbe ship's deck
Id "Tristan," with Its group of silent
men near tbe helm aud Its passion
torn woman In the foreground, the distant horizon line suggesting tbe sen far
more effectively thau a whole platoon
of mechanically "worked" waves pos*
slbly cau, creates Illusion and atmosphere, aud forms as much a component
part of tbe music drama as the singers and orchestra. The ship lu
''L'Afrlcalno'.' Is a clover bit. of stage
mechanics; the ship In "Tristan" Is
scenery tbat acts.-Ctaitav Kobbs lo
The Newport ill, 1 1 Mm-urs claims 1 1
he the oldest .liewnpiiper 10 Unciicii 1'
was founded by a relative ul Beujamln
Franklin nearly n century and u half tig"
nnd hns heen in existence ever since
without change of name, It wns one er
thwfew papers in Amerjep to publish \he
surrender of Lord o-in wall is- Its Hrst
issues were prlnti il Gil Bll SlHlquatnl
hand press.
Uow The Mercury .111110 into being Is
uu interesting story. In the year 171T
James franklin brought n Itnmage print
Ing press from Uiuhni and opened 11
printing establishment in Hostou, His
brut her, the grent philosopher, Benjamin
Franklin, was bound om to him io learn
his trnde, and the two brothel's worked
together for several year-..
In 1788 James Franklin started the
first puper published in Uhotle Inland
culled lhe ltho.b- Island Uuzctlc. Tills
publication nlso was Abort lived, baring
been discontinued m the end of m\
mouths for wnnt of patronage.
Just previous to iii. brother's death
Benjamin visited bim ufter uu nhsciicc ol
ten years. Being in feeble health and
feeling that he bad hot 11 short time in
live. James obtained his brother's prom
ite thnt in tlie event ni' his death Benjamin would lake his young nephew lu
Philadelphia with him ntul tench hlm the
printer's trnde.   Accordingly at his fa
llni's death the llOJ   went Willi hit. uncle
to Philadelphia.
In 1768'the son, James, returned to
Newport und BOI lip his press, lhe same
hi- father hud brotlghl from Loudon in
1717 and upon whieh Benjamin Franklin
had learned his trade ns 11 printer.   Thi-,
press remained**tn the office lill  l-SflU.
when it wus purchased by Mr. John II
Murray of New York uml hy him pro
Bonted to the Massachusetts Historical
society-? by whom it is still exhibited nt
the society's rooms in Boston.
On |hc 12th of Juno, 1758, the lira!
Newport Mercury imide its appeninn..*
It was u little sheet of four pages, eneli
page measuring hut 1'2 by 7 inches, tiu.l
was sent forth uuder difficulties not tain
il inlers torn I ttt  this dny.  when  llie  news
paper Is considered n uecessiiy to all. but
was then* a luxury iu which bill few in
dulgcd. It lived, nml. uhlmiigh afler n
few years no more is'known of its fun ml
er, he Inning left Newport suddenly never to return, his uiolher. -Mrs. Ann
Franklin, placed her Tlupiint fill tho pu
per nnd issued it n** before,
The Mercury wns Iffibllshpd under sue
■cesslve owners'and-, with only- one Inter
ritption up (n the present llilie.—Fnti'rtli
Modern Wlr-u-nere*.
Why  is Iff    Take nu oldiuiiry  college
professor, especially one who bus gnu hi
nteii within 16 yeurs, uml enn reilinli'ly
express un opinion Upon his pet|agngleiil
speclnlty, antl he Will stare nl yuii In a
way ihnt fully expresses his eouleiupi fm
uieii who rush iu wiih view** tin iiiatler-i
concerning which thej ure presumed t->
kin.w little. Ami y-il-llio (.'outiJiy is fdll
of collego professors wbfiso "sheepskin"
still hns a fresh smell who will uiilie-i
tatlngly, in the piign-rs Mi rough ihe nun* 1
slues ami on the plat form, .venlllnlc ili-it
opiniotia upon the Illosi inlricuto pruh
lems in government, politics, linniue.
trnde, triinsporlnii.iu. leliiiinn, foreign re
littious, tniinieiimt control, -gin--, water,
street railways, telephones, IrilStSi nnd
they do this witb lhe uii uf men who be
lleve that what they think or sny selllcs
those problems in (ho only wny honor
able, safe or attainable, Mojhjsly Is nn
element that Is nppureiitly found in Vei\
small quantities In lhc muke np of tin*
latter dny university "pfdf&jsm's.' Tiny
kuow it nil. or nil thut te worth knowing
—Buffalo Commercial.
snv-fil HU Moln-ttJi-i.
A traveler cume along 1
of a
bumble cabin in 11 town,'in Alnbit
as ua old negro handed n couple of Jug--
to his son, who was aboul Ht years,oi
nge, und snid: "Now, Julius, yo' gwnn
down to dc grocery an git 11 qniirl *>'
treacle in one ob dem jugs, nn' hurry
buck." When the boy hud gone, lln
traveler said tn the father!
"You didn't lell him lo get anything in
the other jug. Is he going to leave it 111
the grocery'/"
"No, Ball—gwflll to bring it right buck
home," he replied, ,
"But why send Iwn jugs to gel n quint
of treacle'*"1
"It's jes dis way. sub. If he Ims lujfifa
In each hand, he ciin't go dlppth his tin
ger in lhe treacle nn enlln it as be cornea
Plaid elllt linings appear In some of
the wool dress skirts.      '   .
The back In inuuy u cloth budkejs-
made quite plalu, without any seam.
Tho new boas ami muffs seem id bo
chiefly mnde of mils, so many are nSed
Uotmd handkerchiefs emhrolderiwl
wlih vour favorite (lower Is the latest
Wide silk gauze scarfs'to tvi-iir about
the beck aud to throw overMhe shoulders witli evening dress areshowu In
greal variety lu lhe simps.     . ,.,
White tulle, striped with narrow rib
boll velvet, Is very uffuCtlVO over while
satiU for 1111 evening gown, and rutth-1
nt the foot are edged with the velvet
Very shiny are the black gauze but*
lertlies, spotted with cheiille uml spangles, which cau bo purchased iu the
shop's for renovating lust year's eveuing bonnet.
Patiently Bore Disgrace for Years
The human voice cun, in u few esses,
utter -Hii words u uiiutile
The shipyards of Great Britain, all
working tugctber, could turn out u nig
steamship every day of the year.
The historic Villcres puenn tree, near
New Orleans, never bore fruit after General Pakenham was wounded and afterward buried beneath it.
Under Austria's poor law every mnn 00
years old is entitled to a pension equal to
one-third thc amount per day which he
has earned during his worklug day--.
A trump's minimum inc. une iu ti tig-
land is over $1 a day. At least, u trump
has declared in court thut he did a bud
day's work if he could not lind 00 persons
to give him a penny. »
There are "peroxide" horses as well as
women in old New York. Horses suitable
for carriage work, Bave that tbey do not
Quite mulch iu color, nre now "chemical*
ly blondined" to thc tint desired in uiery'
few minutes,
Thousands of person--, iu Germany live
literally "on Straw," making it up into
blankets, pannlors, boxes, -knickknacks,
bnis, bonnets, etc. Professional schools
have eveu been founded, where thn trade
is taught iu all Us varieties.
A uovel way or pairing guesti ut fash
tollable dinners luu come into vogue iti
New York. The guests arc masked, ntiil
euch gentleman chooses a lady and es
cuts her to the dining'room. When the
■oup is served, the guests UUID&sk.
An exhibition ot everything relating tithe Industry of priming books h to be
held at Mainz Uc.u June by way o( eel
ebratlng the five hundredth anulversarj
of th« birth of Uu teu berg, The intention
is to muke the exposition permanent in a
Mmint itniiii-fr*-» shadows,
A recent visitor from the en-si to
Ptiget sound describes with onthusl
nsm the wonderful shadow effects pro
dticed by. nml upon, the gigantic
snowy com* of Mount Itainler. li Mime
times happens that the sky. us seen
from ihe cily of Tncouin just before
sunrise, is covered with a dome o|
cloud IJhMQO feet, or more, In height
While behind the peak. I own nl the ensi
the sky is clear, lu such clrciliustniices
the rising suu casts the shud.iw nl tin
great mountain upon the Cloud curtain
ovcrhi-uil   In   ihe form of 11   vhm   Mil.
ti'laiigle, the polnl of whleh reats upon
the itpi'.N of ihe peak. At other linies
the shadow of the earth can be seen
creeping up the cone lu a dlstlncl curve,
while ilu* flush of sunset stiiins the
sii.nv 11 hnvo the line or shadow 10 u
deep pink.- Youth's Companion
III litiiun liu.ii*» und   ahoed  OOtuo  corns.
Hollowav's Corn Curu Is the ortlolo to nse,
(let a iiotile at onee and cure your corns.
Iir   Ilhln'l   Stay   H"   1-otiK   ••■•   11*   Wlia
l'.X|M-elt*il TO.
"Now, my dear, I waul jrou to bo
very kind ty your Couslg George wheu
he Cones," said the girl's mother.
"Oh, mamma! I simply cant tote
him all over Detroit, and I don't think
you ought to wep-tjet mo to."
"But you mun entertain bim nicely
•while he's bere. Ilo probably will no;
stay long.'"
"How do you know? We've ne\er
seen him—wu dou't kuow anything
ubout bim. ' Dear me! I think its horrible! I don't see what he's coming
fm*. Just suppose he's dreadfully
Bwkard and doesn't kuow Imw to act!
Why. It would be too embarrassing for
anything! And the girls have beeu
Studying genealogy nt the library for
the last two weeks, and they're awfully critical about one's relations."
The next afternoon a coupe drove to
tin- door, and a young man alighted. It
wus 1 teorge, He was au athletic youug
fellow, who, thnugh he bad hailed from
a.small western town, bad been educated abroad uud wus as Que a gpecb
meu of mat/hood us could V fouud.
Marguerite was delighted, The relief
wu> gi.*at. Bhe bushed proftiwly over
her new fOUUd COtlBlU and otMvd hlm
ail sorts of social Inducements to sppnd
a week, But be left tbe next aftet-
"What was the matter— wily didn't
you siuy longer with your L'ne'.e Henry's famlli':" said Ijls father after be
had reached home. 'Didn't you llkB
"No. Tbey were the shoddiest lot Of
people 1 ever rau aeross."—Detroit
Freo Press.
Tin* Mnn Wliu itmya Bt Horn*.
Here'l lo till limn *'■ ■ i*j-» at ■ ■ rti»
Antl ii.ak..-* tin.* mill (ur i.i* wit*
Tu "blow la" wn-l.lv for ttie Jo*
Anil whirl uf ■ letitdi lit*,
Wlm world nml l-artali hll life iwty
Ami iicVif » proteit 111.-4,
Rtii counti lilmielf -m-I! paid (ar ill
Uy out.* ut iho lady'l iniik-t.
It-era's to 1I1-* miti *■-!..■ mit it 1  ;n*,
Ktld it'i mil li« fuult nlwiy,
P01 tiiic tvi.iiniii her iftit-T lull
Hm )..* w-nnli l.-t to lure ih* fc^t
11 ji Ms com till I toil can buy,
I'i.i um  iiiiiii tu-cUi lie up to list*
Oi onr H-nuM Hi* bctttr dis.
1I*ti-'-» to Hi-? nun -A-l.-i im it liom«;
A lino lu (vcim ii he,
Wlm Iim It im (uh 100 htiry Hut
Tin lii<li miy Iwppj hs,
And IM} llm imril tin* larriffct,
Ami may he tlml in 1 I.e wif*
The -TCORlperiM ot la-nihK lor*
To listen ihe loll of life.
- I'lii.iiMt'.hia  Nortti   Aratflai
A  Prlrn«ll>   Mi*»m-*ilmi.
"I'm afraid I'll Uuw to |i)0Veagain."
said Smith the other moral US ns hi
bearded a dowu town car.
"What's tne trouble now?' in.mired
his frieml Jones!
"The kitchen chimney Btnokoadreadfully." replied Smith, "nnd I'm unable
tO stop U."
"I'll tell veil whut to do." said Jones,
"tllve it one ol those elgar* like you
gave tie ye-iiet.hiv. und It's a teu lo
one sl >il   it   wilt .unl   sniokiiii*   of  Its
o«*U iiivord."- Chicago Now-i.
A ni-inonoirn-lfitti. '
She-l mc doctor, tiuu lbs learwfd
Uietnbers ..f your proTctoloo ob.tect to
klstilug Ikvhusc 11 >i lldblo to transmit
disease, Now. hou-^sttx, doctor, does bc|-
em c n-vognlu "V ddlue tin)* such thing
j as a hi-**-:
Difli.rOb.   yes,   rcrtaltily.    A   kiss
Is uii unlargtttnent of the heart, accotn*
pa tiled by more or less palpitation aud
a coutractlon of the labial muscles,
fir Instance—
■and Dandelion are known to exert a powerful Influence on the liver sod kidneys,
restoring them to healthful action, Inducing a regular flow of the iecretlou-* add
Imparting to the organs complete rower
to perform their functions These valuable Ingredients enter into the composition of Faroielee's Vegetable Pill?, and ,
serve to render them tbe agreeable an 1
salutary medloino thoy are. There are few
pills so effective as they In their action.
Mn, Oreu'i Opinion of Ednlti Boot*. '
fMtvtn Booth bud a very sweet char- |
ncter nud a charming manner at re
hearsatft, which he detested.    1 think.
after'  Hamlet,   his   Bertucclo   Id   tb*- j
"Fool's Revenge" was his Quest rep- ;
resentatlou.   He threw his whole soul ■
Iuto It, uud It was indeed a perforin
anco to be remembered.—Mrs.  John I
Drew In Scrlbner's.
Aonrrs Wajttkd li Um.i'-:-.i*x:-tid iAsrsicri
MiB*ctn  MKn   ami  K. ST, T.
A l'**rnonal linpn-aaliiii.
"Kit course," snid Senator Ijjrgbum,
"hewey is a remarkable map, but"-*
"Vou are not going tp qualify yum
"Well. I admire hte courage and ull
il'U!. bul I musl sny that when a mun
with his opportunities stands up nml
ni'tiVes 10 run tot ottiee It seta ol
uiighiy  bml   prifiilent."—Washington
Write  111  fur  lu,l  li.furiiialloii.     Vou
..-.it. »AVi:   HONKV.
V.   H.   SPROULE   &.   COMPANY.
Real Estate and Piaaaclaf Brokera,
375 Main St., Winnipeg.
If you keep cows you canntn afford l« •**
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, a&d If yo»
want ts have the beat, moat moderate la
price, and on tuieet tarma, apply ta
ft. A.  LISTEft A  00.,  LTD.,
ta* Klnc St., Wlnolp-Bf,
Dealera to Dairy Suppliea and Prodaea, Om-
ollD* KofliiM,   Hiiran TrMul l'»w«n, SU.
Kdffis&sS' dvxn. mm
"Tbis eoiuniy la very b-Pillitlfill. (Ju'11
yuu direct me to anj parth uhlrly in
IC-li filing Spots?"
"Yob, sir, Down this rond a mile Is
ihe poorhonse. .lest over that hill i*
thu In-iiuie usyliiiii.' Thut crossroad
thore lends direct 10 the buiut* for I111-
hvidlii children.'■
W« ItMll * li'-nlmiiit. nil Bualnau Sub-
It-el,  111.1 Tftlfitniiilir,     Wo   Hi.in...*,. «i
Xll.ii.     I111li11.i11.tl  limtrm li'.n.   >t.iiI«i>U
■ nay miter hi 11 ity Umi-.    litt r,uii< jlin,
(i, \V. HON II.U, tint.
LDCAI, |TCQJ I IBBTQL   -t'irau r*+*
I-pomr..fOro«rt«      fctSftSSS.
f Kill U. H-kDillton.Out.     L.S.A ILSpleaa
W. N, 0.
.__ tbe disgrace, suffcrluff, misery uud (irlviitloiii due
to my huiiiiir.ti's tlrinklu^ b:it>Us. lloarlnn
of yonr marvelous remedy .for lhc cure or
drunkenness. irhlcU I could give my lina-
band secretly, I decided to try It, I procured i( packaue nnd mixed It In bin food
nml eottee, unit, ns the remedy was odorless nnd tnsteless, he .Ud not know what It
wns thnt so quickly relieved his enivlnir for
llfjuor, He soon began to pick uji *ueinfj<
hin sppetlto for solid food returned,-ln>
stuck to his work regnlnrly, nnd \v__\_____
have a hnppv home. After he w**ig*Jjijljr-
pletely etired I tolA him
1 lia.l,prnntti*rf-ef.'rf-**Mht!l>*„r_
ed-ti'dUlitt. I^in.li li'.-n liR snvl
had nfiiajw rrtnttttlriii'ti
own atT^htsS'lrheaji.''
trlnt."V'■* '   '     -*—:—--,       1 ,,
A   pfcmiihlet  In  plaln,*.nii«ied..oji*t"M'".
sent uae, (Hvtnf lestlniohliilH-njSdiifi.tl In
1 <4M|»1MMksSMl w :*-fm#r*
-'• ^-J*ti^Sr^__m-it__r     !>«'
c .h..k-.. ,,; . I....,:. [,!it-o t >.i!n
 A  Ke*. .,r -WIU 0'"J  S:.-ll  lv'.-).n  l.rxUtt Mug.    	
toltrvmpuitle tnd wi isdd prfu muMt nmwfM prlet.   wmu toAa,    .„„ h-K notUr.t.
.         a »» perfi-iiiet ntul h.l.i .'<i,,.!,. nUdH Itl 'M Tr ..' - 1,:t,1» ■.-.,-. .tii'l uiit.,)J U'f^Ji
lit&tfun it,
uiblr.*. u t» wr iha d'ttf ind
■H,,ii.Hli1u.4lili.rfl*." '!<'i ■'■.■■' i.i, [■.,'. .,i„! ni,..,!.! H   .!,:,•» .--lurmll*.,.;-. .,.
ATWMIAJ Htl'Pl.V IO,. tti.LM) Ut*n Inrm-d HI., UctK.il. Mirk.
a    |iRiit]in
sent tyre, ,
fnriiui It'in*
Hr*1   •*■•*•* o
.   tr
.......'   WMAOLIY-J,|S
Wre*9r '-*<-
ii,. .    uauya      f
Ito ittjli
*,*ytmr\. ■ -rtatr-i'
,,,,    r-   ,,.s ^^
mmssem I.O.O.F.    Key City l.odjtc
No. CI    Meets every Friday m-Jit ;ii their lull on
linker stict't.   ttojourolnf
thill t'clIiiwH enidliilly tiivlieti.
James Oresr,    J, r. Fink.   a. L, MsUermot
N,fl, V, Q, see'y.
Books, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Office Building.
Tbe proper place for the government office* of South East
Kootenay Is In aome town on
the railway.
John Fink was in towu Tuesday.
The penuiue Mechanics ur soap at
J. 11 Medley was a Cranbrook visitor
Read the change in O H. Mi net's ad
this week.
Hungarian, Gleaora and Graham flour
at Gilpin's.
Insure against small pox. McVittie &
If you want crockery or a nice diuner
set, try Gilpin's.
Aliss Magee visited wilh friends in
Moyie yesterday.
ti vapor a ted raspberries, apples and
apricots at Gilpin's.
Rev. Smith is uow living with Mr.
Pat more on Baker hill.
Mechanics tar soap as fouud at beat-
tie's, is the best.
J, N. McCracken, of Moyie, was in
town Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. ti. Armstrong were
Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Miss Fletcher left yeslerdayjfor a visit
with frieuds in Slocan City.
Two comfortable bedrooms for rent.
Apply tu r. McCouuell.
Fred Pieper went to Moyie yesterday
to attend the masquerade ball.
P. McConnell bas gone lo Manitoba
to bring up a car load of stock.
Fiesh eggs and butter; the best in the
market, at P. McConnell'S.
M. Sherbino was in town several days
this week.   He left today for Fernie.
Try Gil,.in's for groceries. Always a
full and choice stock on hand.
The ladies of the English church will
give a concert next Tuesday evening.
Mrs. W. ti Grant, of tbe North Star
mine, is visiting iu Cranbrook this week,
Tom Rooks was taken to Moyie yesterday to play tbe piano for tbe dance.
K. L. T. Galbraith came over to Cranhrook Saturday to see the contingent
J. P. Joyce, J- Managan and P. Poisey
left Tuesday for the wiuter carnival at
Corey Dow has succeeded Ike Poster
as night watchman. Me will make a
good man.
Photographer Prest went to Moyie
yesterday to take a picture of the mus-
Mrs. Nelson. Mrs. Gilpin and Miss
WatNon, of Fort Steele, were among the
visitors Saturday.
James Kerrigan has built an ire house
for his establishment aud has filled it
with a fine quality of ice.
George Meyers, formerly cutter for M.
Mclnnes St Co., is now iu charge of Rob-
son St Roger's meat market.
Mrs. J. F. Armstrong. Mrs. Stewart
and Mrs. Dleasdell, of Fort Steele, were
calling on Cranbrook friends Monday.
For porridge you can get rolled oats,
groats, rolled wheat, wheattles, middlings and corn meal ot Gilpin's,
A nice selection of winter apples, such
as Spies, Baldwins Greeningi, Russets
Ben Davis, Sweets and Spilzeuherg at
P. McConuell's.
G. H. Gilpin is moving bis store Into
tbe room formerly occupied by Maggs &
Hughes. The latter atock bas been
moved into thc old Miner store room.
The ladies aid society of the four
churches are preparing "house-wives" for
the Cranbrook soldier boys and they will
be forwarded to Ottawa when completed,
Mrs. Spellman, the Misses Wellman,
Tom Wellman aud K. H. Small attended
the band dance at Fort Steele last night.
Mr. and Mr. Robert Mathers were
auioug those who braved tbe cold
weather and came over from Sleele Saturday.
J. D. Parker, superintendent of the
North Stsr mine, and Mrs. Parker, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Bremner over
There will be a song setvice'of unusual
interest in the Methodist church on
Sunday evening next. Everybody is
N. Mr Leod Currau, manager of tbe
North Star mine, with bis wife and
daughter, spent several days in town
this week,
Frank Rankin returned last Friday
from bis visit In the east, and bis many
friends in Cranbrook were pleased to see
bim again.
Ren Murpby, formerly, of Moyie, bas
bought a -$9000 ranch near Spokane, and
will turn his attention lo agriculture in
the future.
A. Leitch, Sr., and wife left this mor >
ing for a trip to the Pacific coast. They
will visit relatives and friends in several
cities ia the western part ofthe province
The Cosmopolitan kitchen ia being en-
larked to twice its former sfae. aud Mr.
O chard will hava one of the most con-* <
venteM places fur cooking in the country
('•eorge Taylor has ptirehuoed a hnlf
interest in the brick >.tnl from J. II.
Mc .Mullen. They intend to enlarge tbe
yu'd and increase the capacity for biick
The Odd Fellows will give a social to-
moirow night for the purpose of entertaining the Indies. A progriini lias been
prepared for the occasion, aud/a good
time is anticipated.
Macleod Gazette: Among the men
accepted for Uie btiatheoua 1 It" -e at
Fort Steele, B. C , is Mr. Edwards, a
locomotive engineer Mr. Eakln,aman
taken on here, was tbe bead fitlt-t in tbe
Craubrook shops.
Yesterday] was valentine day. The
u-ual edtunial vuleiitiue, -.honing a
bushy hi.-ii.ltil individual wlthfl red nose,
trying to write an editorial mi the tvtl-
of intemperance) was overlooked thi*-
Frank VanDecar left yesterday for
San Franclfico where he will vi-.it with
friends and relatives for 11 few uuuillis.
Frank has been a steady, tudustrtuus
hoy, and deserves a vacation aud h good
t ine.
Jeo Jensen, a rnr repairer, came in
from Sirdar yesterday, badly done up
He had been Involved 111 n fight, ami
was struck on the jaw, which resulted in
tbat putt of hit anatomy being bioken
iu three place-i
Nelson Tiii.une: The steamer Moyie
has been forced iiHo towing barges by
the exigencies of busiuess. S'le brings
down two barges daily and leturns with
the same number. The Nelson is taking
the Moyie's tegular passenger trips.
Methodist Social.
The Ladles Aid uf the Methodist
church will hold their tegular monthly
social as usual on the laat Monday in the
month. A good time for everyone, and
everyone welcome. Remember the time
nud place, February 2*1, in Methodist
No Bir To The Allea Miner.
Victoria, B. C, Feb, 8,—At the evening session Henderson submitted the
promised amendment to the placer mining act. This goes further than before
indicated, and not only permits aliens
to acquire mining property by purchase,
bul by altogether repealing the act of
the last session it makes them eligible
as before to take out free miners' certificates mid stake and hold property. In
consequence of this announcement, joe
Martin withdrew his bill to the same
effect, of which be had given notice.
British America Corporation Investment*.
Tbe British Columbia Review, pub
lished in Loudon, saysi The totnl investments made by the Iliitish America
Corporation in British Columbia amount
to $6,198,761 dowu to December 22. 1S99.
The following amounts were invested in
obtaining the properties mentioned and
expended upon ;tht-m for development
lo dale: I.e Roi, •3.950,362; West i.e
Roi group, (9-11,675; Fast l,e Roi group.
$559- '85; Columbia-KooteuHy group.
$471,165; Caledonia group, Sheep creek,
I.V.-'y; 'footsie and Whoop L'p, Sophie
mountain, $17,944; Hnskiusgioup, liiisl
Kootenay, $7530; Argentine group,
North Fork Salmon, I6722; Wild Horse
group, Vuiir, J41S5; making a total of
$5,978,060 Expended for examination
ot mines ami miuing districts in Britisli
Columbia, and on options ou mining
properties, ^42,832. On surface improvements aud other expenditure, $39,-
682. Supplies carried iu slock, $32,000.
CostJ of administration, $106,1S6; or a
grand total of $6,198 761
Moyie Litigation Ended.
Moyie Leader: Tbe many lawsuits
which have been pending in connection
wilh the Moyie townsite have been settled
at last, and from now on lots ure on sale
aud clear titles can be giveu by tbe company. Dr. J. F. Reddy came up from
Spokane Thursday and in company witb
0. Campbell went iuto Foit Steele
yesterday to make the final adjustment
of matters. By the decision of the
court Reddy becomes an equal owaer in
the townsite with Campbell, Howev*r
James Cronin, P. A. U'Fan el aud John
M. liurke.retain a small interest in
Reddy's sbaie, somewhere about a
tenth each. P. J. McMahon at one time
also had an interest with Reddy, but by
a compromise turned his interest over
lo tlle latter. The townsite has been involved in litigation for cloi*e on to
two years, during which time lots were
practically <.lf market, and the transfer of
properly' was done under a disadvantage
as sales could only be made with the
understanding that deeds would he
granted as soon as the pending litigation
was settled.
A New Tug oa Kootenay Lake.
The material for the new tug to be
built hy the C. 1'. R. to supplement
their towing facilities on Kootenay bike
is expecled shortly fiom the coast.
The engines will he delivered nt Nelfou
by April ist and thc calculation is to
bave the bull built by that time in order
that the lug may be put in commission
at the earliest possible date.
Closing Barber Shops.
We, the undersigned barbers of Cranbrook,  B.C., do hereby agree to close
our shops five nights in the week at
9 o'clock, and on Saturdays at  12 p.m.,
to keep closed until Monday morning.
\V, B. McFarlane.
F J. Dickenson,
Ernest Demets,
W. R. Stone.
The Port Steele Band.
The Fort Steele band gave a concert
last Wednesday evening to assist the
organization in raising funds for its uew
ball. Tbe band bas greatly improved,
nd the people of Fort Steele should be
proud of it, and do all in their power to
assist it in such efforts ns promoting lhe
welfare of the town. The members are
always rrady to assist in any enterprise
in the town, pay or no pay, aud nre da-
serving of a liberal support.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause n horrible Bum,
Scald, Cut or Bruise .Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, will kill the pain nnd promptly
heal it. Cures Fever Sore*, Ulcers,
Boils, Corns, all Skin Kruptinns. Best
Pile cure on earth. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed, Sold by R. E. Beat-
tie, druggist.
Fort Steele News.
Fort Steele Prospector—
Mr. Ship, an old resided lofForl Steele,
after a year's absence iu othet parts tf
the province, has returned.
C. A- Klingensiuitli arrived In Foit
Steele on Monday. He has been on a
trip to eastern points.
With Col. Herchmer who went out with
lhe second contingent, are his son Sherwood, and his son-in-law Mr Randall
It is said tn Toronto that the wife of the
latter wishes to go to the Cape iu the
capacity of nurse.
The contract for the building of the
Kootenay Club House at Fort Steele will
be let in a few days.
1 T*®r®7^h®r®: *-*> -®tQ
We have a very large supply of fre-sh
nud salted meats on hand and have decided to quote prices as folio*.*.>:
Wholes de.
Heel", hy side or carcass      y'tic
Pork, " '*           8   c
Million      " "         10   c
Beef, pi r pound     6   c aud up
Potk, "     i2#e
Mutton,       "   u^c       "
A Urge supply of smoked meats at a
reasonable price.
Thanking you for your past patronage,
we still look for your patronage in the
future. M. Mclnnes 8t Co.
Working Day And Nlghl.
The busiest and mightiest little thing
thut ever was made ia Dr. King's New
Life Pills. These pills change weakness into stiength, listlessness into energy, brain-fag into mental power,
They're wonderful in building up tbe
health. Only 25c per box. Sold by R,
ti  Heat lie, druggist.
ricMullin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Contracts for atl kinds of brick work
tiven prompt attention. Brick for see,
Those iu need of brick or work should
Se" us,
Pursuant to "Creditors Trust Deeds Acl."
, nil e i-i hereby trtv- n tliat Clement Ma-ris
ami 1'iuiik W. Iliiidi -t, ir..*iiiiK limit), tlie unnie,
style uul iiriuuf .*. aw"** ft Hughes, in the towns
offriin'-r ofc rn I Miiyw, in ttitpr rloc-a of Urlt-
l-.li ('iiliitiiiiln, hnve li/ ilieii bearing date thp Mh
day of fel-ri'iiiy, A. I)., Iimi. aiiltrueil all]their
|ier-j.iiuilikt-i,e, credit* and effects,, wlilcli tuuy
be -,1'i/rt.l iin.i ->i>M uuder wx< cnt.ou, aud alt tin Ir
renl est.il*-', to William IL Hon, uf ths town ut
Port .Steele, In tho 'said province et llrltlab Col-
umi la, haiTitier-at-law, Id trunk for the general
bf-iiftit ot tliflrcredltuts. The said deed was
executcit by ihs raid assignor on the Mh day ot
l-'i'lii'iiury. nwu. nml by (lie said SlstgllM Oil the
■-.'tli ilay ot February, tswo. All persons, Arms
nml corpora!foot having claim* at-i-Unit tlie snlit
.Ma-*!*:* a Hnftlies are requlre-l to forward tu the
iifuk-riiicueil full particulars of their claims, duly
verified, anil thu uttlure ut the sncuritles, if any.
lield (on or hefm-e.lho SOth day of Slant), li-Ou,
And nntlce is hereby niven that aftar lln* said
r-illli ilny <>f Marcti, IWO, the a-isbjnei* will pro-
ceoit to distribute the u-m-t'Cof the e-ttata anions
tlie parties entitled therein, having repaid only
In'.the claims uf uhfuit the suld assignee shall
iiii'u huvo had notice, and that the said assignee
will uul be n*s|iip,'isiiiie fur ths assets, er any
purl thereof, so distributed to any person or
iH'ituni, Him urruriwra'iun, of whose debt or
cliiliti In* shall not tlien have had notice.
A meeting Of Hie creditors aud tlie snid assignor will tic held at the om*-» of c. M. KUwards
in tlie suld town uf Craubrook on Saturday the
17th day of February, aw. at t o'clock In the
1 huh this i-Jtii day of Vebtuefy, i-wo.n
WU.1,1AM It, ItOMS
Nntlce is hereby given that Uie f llot-vhiftap
plications fur a license to retail lli-uur, will bo
niiiiiilHi-'-l. at tlie next meeting of (lie Uremic
Ctinunliilniiers of ttutith Kast Kootenay, lo be
lielit lu CianbruoK, March 2nd, 1900:
.luicph llruult, Canadian hotel, Cranhrook.
Chief ..'cense Impectur fur Swnb Kant Koote-
Noiicclslim-ny Riven that thirty days alter
iiati-1 inteinl to make i'pi'llcatfou to the Chief
Coinmbsloner of hamhtaml Works for permit*
slim lojiurcliaie six hundred and forty acres of
laml, commencing at a post nmrk-ml 11. I*, nest
of H.< river, and nmn lift north eighty chains,
tlit-nce west eighty chain-", Mimic* south stably
i-hiilus, llicnce east eighty chains to tlie iHilut of
Pnied al Fertile January ■», looo,
Nut ee is hereby Riven that thirty days alter
ilatr I liitfmd tomakeiapplleatlou to the Chief
Coinmlsiloneu of hands and Works for permission to i>urciia-ft six hundred and foily acres of
laud, i-ummeiicliiR at n \i st marked II, B„ about
tliii*'* miles west uf Klk river, and running north
eighty chains, llicnce west eighty chains, (hence
smith eighty chains, thence east eighty chaius
lu -Kiln ur commencement.
1 mti'.i Fertile, li, C, January an, 1000.
Take nntlce that one month after date I Intand
tn ii|.|ily 10 llie Chief t'oiiunls-ilaniir of Units snd
Works fur permission tu purchase the Mowing
described lands: Commencing it post planted
2S0 yards north nf the falls uu the right bsnk of
tlie t'piier Moyie river, near Nigger ereek,
ti,f*ni!f. east -in chains, thenet north tu chains,
thence west -IU chains, thence smith « oh aim to
the place uf beginning sod containing looser-M
more or h.*-s.
Dated Mils .'Mh day et February, iBco.
Certificate of Improvements
(NU. 3-SlHj
Situate in the Fort Steele Mining division of
Smith i*:»st Kootenay district.    Where luca-
le.l-Blluated on Nigger creek and Joining
(In- fay muster.
TAKK NOTICKthat 1, Archibald W, McVlt-
ili', free miner's ccrtlllcate No. imsTo, acting as
1 gent fur the I'ay ltoll floM Mining aud Milling
'(itu|iiiiiy,;iimlted,of cranbrook, B.C., (leemtn-
■r's ecrtllloate Nu. hui7o, Intend, so day* from
tha dale liereuf, to apply to the mining recorder
fur 11 <-.-j-iiii--ati-tif imm-ovtnneiits, for the pur-
I uso nf olitiilnitK a crown grant of tlie above
Ami further lake notice tbat action, under
seetlnn iff, must hu commenced before tin* i«.
ice of sucll eerililrate of linprovamniits,
I luted 1 liis 2nd day of December, tees. j
•*) &T#T$T£T*T * T • ~x J* T% T.jjj <^l 41 <? \$ te}
CRANBROOK, : British Columbia.
Is the divisional point of the Crows
^AIM t>KOOK Nest Pass Railroad.
Pi ■T?r^flHl*-n-nl^ "^as a I0"s,:a"' rour,d house, large machine H
i%         Call a/1 UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- f «j
tensive railroad yards. H
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East M
Kootenay. -ft?
f  T
$ Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- kj
tions of South East Kootenay. H
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in H
South East Kootenay. ■»*
Crailbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, M
manufacturers and investors. ^
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector for C. P. R.
James Kerrigan
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
Whiskcy     Wines
Ale   Stout
Rossland Beer in Kegs
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair.. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
Physician and Surgeon.
Get Your Freighting
Sam flitchell
P. O. BOX as
m m m m m m -i*i*,'a m m m m m t*t* m T*-*a m m
II     Planing Mill
$ »<Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors ** Mouldings
**   Frames  **
Band Sawing jt Turning
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Are fur those who know a good thing wben they see It.
A Snap....
A man's Black, Heavy Weight, D. B. Wool Suit, $10.00
Don't 60 around shivering when you can buy a suit of
Reld's warm, heavy underwear for $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
"The S Emporium"
Balance of Furs at reduced prices.
Some snaps in remnants.
Ready made clothing, odd lines, to clear, at 20 per cent
A few pairs of boots, both fine and heavy, to clear che; p
before stock taking next month.
Stock complete in every line.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Mack Hear... ]#c   Umpire  9.
Klmt-ertey ConaoHtlateri', loe
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
After Xmas
Everyone hai plclurea or pkoloi
Ital ibould be Iraraed.
We have a    Of Ready nude
good frames in stock
assortment ?iz"-u''- ""•uU-
ingsto nuke up
for aU sites.
Wilh Ibe latest machine in tbe market
for makiug frames, we feel con6deni any
orders you leave with ua will give you
satisfaction and he appreciated by ua.
Prest & Co, Photographers
Over poitafflcc, Craibrook.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
Th* bast of liquors at the bar.
All tha rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $a.oo par day.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
■  0  Cranbrook, B. C.
Refilled Tlumiglloiit
One of tlle Moat Comforlable
Hotela in liast Kootenay.
Newly Purnlahed
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Craubrook, H. C.


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