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Cranbrook Herald Jan 9, 1902

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Array ;< .n
Nniiii'i: in
Ihe lana nan tl
Uks, a. i nx, Pi   il.le
I'.'il'i tif,   L'itiii'.nt
'auk of Commerce.
H. 11 u'.w.k-KK, Gen. Mao*
..Isl Rei
W.tiiiii, tn,
\ Qeneral Banking Business Tr<.in-.acted.
I)-.p.Kiis Received.
London Agents    i Its- Bank of Scotland.
'.-■■- I R tj a • • •
We thank you most heartily for the
support you have given us in the year
iu-t passed.
Our business was more in the past
year than we expected, we trust that it
itui in the future.     We will
;   iL by serving you as we
past.    Thanking you again
be ,
try to titer
have in liu:
wc remain,
Mercantile Co. Ltd
FINK, Manager.
m »ni3ijuunaM
Conned Deliciousness
.      I
ce try a jar of Home Industry preserved   §g
fruit S
Wc have it. The finest fruits and vege-
tables put up by th' linest packers in the counts'.' for i'i-' finest trade it the city. Housewives
al- -nys enjoy a lastc of clhers' work.   For pure
l-attcy .'insi
Staple Groceries and Crockery.
II Is gi  ed ilini siilpln handle,
.■■ i.   Furniture, Carpels, House Furnishings, etc.
Dr) (ioods, ;;... Hats, Shoes, etc.
Iltirtlv -ni
Wall I'itpc
Flour, l-t nd, Crockery, etc.
tire, Explosives, Fuse
»l  heavy, con
plete stocks in nil
the district.
Gilpin's trade ei-
icl ling one <
f nbove lines only,
Ai  ONIi I IF'I il   llli. PROFIT
lie*l interests iletiintid thnt
.    ■v-.V-tf*
Prom the .Moyie Under
Capt. SanbUm left for Vancouver Sunday in report to the company with
which be is employed, after which he
will go to Park Place, Oregon, to sptnd
the remainder of the winter.
Another old landmark in the town is
disappearing. The log building hack of
tbe Kootenay hotel is being torn down
and cut up lor firewood,
J. M. Cameron, a Socialist organizer,
was here tbis week but did not meet
with milch sin-cess. He was Unable to
organize here.
Geo. Mitchell, accountant for r
&Co, at Ibis place, met with
bard luck n few days  ago,
letter   in   his   porktti
Burns & C
Thai Is the Question That
Be Solved.
streak of
Me   had  u
Idressed    lo   P.
Cranbrook, and in the letter was a check for $400 and f 100 in
cash. When be went inlo tbe pnstoii'ice
to register it wa3 gone and be could not
dud it, although a diligent search was
The Moyie public school will again be
opened next Monday with Mr. A. \\\
Sutherland and Miss Gladys Butler as
W. H. Bullock-Webster, chief constable for the Kootenays, with headquarters at Nelson, is making a tour of
inspection of Hist Kootenay. He was
in Moyie yesteiday.
Yesterday afternoon tbe new firehose
was given a trial and was found in every
way satisfactory. Water can easily tie
thrown iou feet. There is abundance of
water in the dam and with tbe hose now
on hand the town is pretty well protected against Bre,
A Bridge Badly Needed.
Those who possess the- authority and
power to build bridges where they are
needed, should lose no Hint* lo erect a
bridge over the St. Marys river at the
mouth of Perry Creek, and change the
road accordingly. Just ut this time
tlieie li not an Improvement in the
entire district tbat is more badly needed,
and none that would give a greater
benefit to a large number of people.
There is not n day that tills bridge would
not be used by people who are now compelled to drive eight and ten miles out
of their way. The people of Cranbrook
demand ll; the people of Perry Creek
demand it; and the people of Kimberley
and Marysville demand it Yet,tbe bridge
has not been built, ami no move has
been made in tbat direction. It is time
that the official oligarchy that has been
running things in this district, to open
their eyes aud gaze upon some parts of
the district in which Ihey are not so
closely interested. There is a limit lo
human induraucc, and even men with a
"pull" will over reach themselves,
Incorporation Presents Many  Advantages to the Growing
This Disirlct Will Soon Hate One.
While Slocan and Kast Kootenai are
standing Bttll Wailing tor sume big monopolist to come along ami build a refill-
eiv. what is the matter with the people
of Kootenay ridding one themselves,
It seems that the B C, government will
not build it, the C. P. R. "ill not build
it, Gooderhaui & Blockstock will uot
build, and the niun> other moneyed men
who have a loose milium or two handy
don't seem to care much about it Then
why not tbe people of he country build
it —Sandon 1'nystreak.
Bast Kootenay is not doing any talking, but tbe refinery will be built, and
very HOOD, too. Just as soon as the
smelter at Marysville Is completed*, WOtk
011 the n finery by the Sullivan company will be Inaugurated, and South
Bast Kootenay will then have a smelter,
and what will also be 111 nil probability
the first refinery In Canada.
Time lo Sclllc.
Hardware  Store. 1
\ Con ilete Stock o
Of General Hardware q
Always on hand.   Can fit you out with ^J[
Harness,  Robes  and  Cutters. |j
Call and inspect my stuck. 0
O" ' (1. H. MINER U
This mottth is n good time to settle
account!.. It you cant pay up, nt least
settle up. Get your accounts presented
nn,' innl out how much you owe and
bow much tbe people owe yon, Balance
up your bonks and start again, Pay if
possible, if not get in with your bll! and
say so. It is lhc best way to do business. 	
Canadian Paclfk Hallway.
Tbe tourist sleeping  car  service  wns
effective January 1st The Canadian
Pacific railway will operate touristaluep-
ing oalU on the following scheduled east
bound trnins:     Leave   ICmtenay   I-:ind-
log every Friday for St. Paul, Tor011 to,
Montieal. boston, etc. Leave Dun more
Juncllim Monday ami Thursday tor St.
Paul, Toronto niul Intel mediate points.
Westbound, leave Revel-duke Sunday,
Wednesday ami Friday for Vancouver,
Seattle, etc, Full particular cnn be obtained from all local agents.
J. S. Carter
D. P. A. Nelsou.
Hill & Gol^Mim
* +
« >
* 9
Wc wish the people of Cranbrook and South j
East Kootenay .1 Happy new year.   Our Mr. »
W. D. Hill is now in the eastern markets and S
3          will make  extensive   purchases   for   the   Big >
Store.   In ihe mean time come in and see our »
* bargains in Dry Goods and Clothing. 1
j J
Wind Stops a Train.
Frank Sentinel: A Crow's Nest train
was stalled at Cowley the other day owing to the high wind which prevailed, A
high trestle spans a stienm at tbat point
the conductor of the train thought it unwise to attempt a crossing lu tbe teeth
of such a wind aud wailed until a lull
set in.	
James (Ireer, Contractor.
Those desiring carpenter work dune
may leave oiders at my house or with
uiy foreman.
James Greer,
About one year ago, the question of
incorporation was talked of by the
citizens of Cranbrook. After a general
discussion, it was finally decided by the
leaders in the movement, that it would
be belter to postpone action until after
the first of tbis year. There were reasons for this delay, the chief among
them being tbe expressed desire of the
C. P. R. nnd Mr. V. Hyde Haker, large
properly owners in the town.
Tbe time has now arrived, and in cop-
sequence the talk for Incorporation is
being revived. It is the opluion of
many that some steps should be taken
iu thia direction and without delay, as
it will be uecessary to arrange matters
before the provincial house meets, so
tbat a bill can be presented for passage.
Incorporation will present ninny advantages for a town like Crauhrook, especially so during tbe next few years,
when there will be growth aud progress
It would place the people in a position
to materially advance the best interests
of tile town as Ibe opportunities were
presented. Naturally, the property
owners have the say in a movement of
this kind,but ills evident from expressions given ut various times that a large
majority of individual holders ot reality
in tbe boundary lines favor such action,
and tbe C. P. R. at the time the matter
was presented before said that under
any circumstances they would not oppose the movement, even if action was
taken at that time. Since the people
have indicated their desire to co-operate
with the company by postponing action
for a year, there is now no question as
to tbe attitude that will be aesuuied by
the railway.
It has been suggested lhat in all probability the best plan to pursue would
be to have a committee of about five of
ihe leading citizens appointed to carefully canvass tbe subject and prepare
a complete report. Then have a tueet-
ii g o( the property owners called and
the report submitted, Thequei tion could
then be discussed in an intelligent manner by the very ones who would be so
largely interested iu ibe movement. If
it is decided to go abend, that meeting
can take the necessary steps to advBUCe
tbe measure and have It brought before
the provincial bouse in proper form.
Tbe above suggestion seems to meet
the requirements, since it will leave the
whole matter entirely in tbe bauds of
those who will have the final disposition
of H. It is true it Blight be taken up
by the board of trade, but as that body
has not met since it received such
courteous treatment ami carefully worded assurances from the Hon. Richard
McBride, il might be difficult lo gel the
members together. Then, again, many
members of the board are not property
owners, and il is to the property owners
that the question must be left. Therefor, it would probably be better lo take
the proper course nt tbe right time.
Tbe Herald columns are open to a
free discussion ot the question, and Ihe
editor invites the views of those interested. Let the matter be thoroughly
understood. It will make it easier in
the end.	
funny Ideas of the West.
The fact that many in the east labor
under the opinion thai British Columbia
is a dreary waste populated by Indians
Biid uncivilized whites, is ofter made
apparent by some circumstances pointing that way. Nol long ago J. P. TIs-
d.ile. proprietor of the Cranbrook candy
' kitchen, sent copies ul The Herald io
tlie Danville, (Ont.,1 Chronicle, nnd a
recent number ol that paper contains
I,ie following notice :
We tecelved this week fiom J. P. Tis-
dale it couple of copies of the Cranbiook,
(British ColumbiH), Herald A perusal
of its columns would be a revelation to
the ouiinary Ontario man, who believes
that the far west consists of nothing but
rocks and trees. Tbe Herald is printed
on Hue paper; its iidveiti-euuuts are
sel 111 the very latest faces ui type, and
in a most artistic manner, that would do
credit to the most up-to-date Ontario
dailies. The news service is suprislngly
The Herald can return the compliment by saying that for Ontario the
Chronicle is not a bad paper, since it is
well edited and well printed.
— From iii- Free Press
.1 A I.-»nnle and A. B Trite* left this
week foi Toronto to meet the directors
ol li.e Coal Co. to endeavor to effect a
satisfactory arrangement with regard
\o mc mine store.
II. A. Kanouse, proprietor of the
Waldorf, gave a tut Key shoot New
Year's day. A. I*. Walker did the best
shooting. The brewery contingent
lauded lour turkeys, and a general good
time was enjoyeit by all present.
E. Kerfoot has been playing iu hard
luck. He was notified in Oreeuwootl
that he had been accepted (or Africa
but being up in the mine did not receive
the telegram in time He followed on
lo Cianbrook but was too late, the vacancy having been tilled. Mr. Kerfoot
it now In town and has secured a position In the Coal Creek mines.
About a week ago a case of smallpox
developed in a boarding house at the
mines and at present there are six or
seven cases. Prompt measures were
taken by the authorities to Isolate the
patients ami quarantine the houses in
which any suspicion exists of the din*
A single case in the town Is all that
Is reported and the same effective
measures taken to prevent any spread
of the disease, Notices have been
posted calling en the citizens to avoid
assembling lu any numbers and lo give
every aid to the authorities to stamp
out the disease. The disease Is of a
very mild type aud no great trouble in
effectually combatting it. There has
been no spread of the contagion beyond
those wno were originally exposed lo
Wonderful   Smelling   Record   al
Governor Mcintosh Talks In High
est Terms of British Columbia's Prosperity.
Canadians Nol Satisfied.
Toronto, January 2.—Tbe livening
Telegram's special entile says: "Tbe
Express to-day says thai u letter from
the Canadians at the front who have
joined linden Powell's constabulary
show there is great dissatisfaction
among the men on account of Canadian
troops being split up, making them
ball English mid half Canadian. It was
understood when Colonel Steele left Canada that be would command all of the
1200Canadians that went.with him, but
instead be was given command of division 11 only, one which had no Canadians in it. He was reluiied the Canadian troops that were in A division, and
soon alter tbe Colonel being ordered
north tendered his resignation rather
than go away with unreliable reciuits
instead uf bis own reliable Canadians
One letter declares a storm is brewing
and will come before long, and either
Colonel Sleele and a few of the Canadians will go buck to Canada inside of
six months or Colonel Steele will have
his own way and get control over his
men from Canada.
Greenwood, January 2 : The tonnage
of ore smelted at the British Columbia
Copper company's smelter at Greenwood
since it commenced operations last
February aggregates 117,565 tons. Sub
stitutiug a few days running in February
for those shut down for repairs in
August, the above-named quantity represents the ten months' run of a single
furnace of the nominal capacity of only
350 tons, and it gives a daily average for
the whole period of 384 tous. During
recent months though the daily average
has steadily increased, having been ,\.\
tons in September, 409111 Octouer, tog
in November, ami 422 1-2 iu Deceuibei
The last month's run wus a record one,
and totalled 13,698 tous, The last
figures are remarkable and constitute
eloquent testimony lo two promlneut
facts*. First, tbe particularly favorable
nature of the self fluxing ore*, ol the
Boundary; next, the skill uf Paul Johnson is designing, const meting, ami
operating a smelter to produce results
that are regarded as plieiloineii.il ill the
history of copper smelling.
Iron !': ispeetor.
I. Harvey, the well-known bar-
:■ ■  ■ place left for the  R 1st on
He will  visit Ottawa,
Toronto, Montreal and New York      He
■   in important mission,    nd  it
■-.■  I that  a  fire       gootl
will 1    ■   ■        ds visit to these u-oi -,■
c '.'■•■ the opening up of our
tniniu ■■   md oilier enterprises
■•■ ni Windermere ai.d late
of tl       trail   ■     ■ Horse left for .1 dil 1.
i" join the  Third   Con"
'termin d w f. be not lo
1 :..   ; ii i in-, own w»y   lo
-- ihe
Ml     !■.    .-.
:       - n  nt P .n  ■
■ '.   .. is la ken su 1
.   1 died after a da-'
.. I   work in the 1-Ot.
ig  has
■ (or the
Estella mil ..*
ti t her al Kitnl ei le).
paid Fort Seele  .1
Fur S\tn\ nl I *
- ;   1- .. fact  th ■
nge   ■-■     ■   nu
■   1     ■■ tii -  the
old. Iiii
A. D. Urant Hurt.
Frank Sentinel: While engaged wilb
a small force of men in replacing a rail
road car ou the track, which had run off
near tbe end of tbe spur below the mint
yesterday, A. D. Grant had a very nar
row escape from being killed. He was
under tbe car righting it with a jack
screw, and when placed on the rails it
started to run back, catcb.ng Mr. Grant's
head between the breakbeam and the
ties. Fortunately one of his men saw
bis danger and trust a crowbar under
and stopped the car. As it was Mr.
Grant bad his head badly squeezed and
his buck severely strained.
British Columbia All Right.
Ex-governor Mnckiutofdi of  Rosslaud
returned from England on the Campania
m an interview with the Montreal Star's
New York correspondent, the ex-governor apoke of tbe partial depression
noticeable both in tlnaiiciat nud social
circles consequent upon the prolongation
of the South African war. Aaked as to
the feeling in Loudon regarding the
mining situation at Rosslaud, be said :
"People generally, ami especially shareholders in the Le Rol and other mines.
both in England and Canada, did not
get all the truth. Nor will 1 impute
motives to any one or even hint at the
causes of itie strike The ore bodies of
Rossland are assured, and the diy will
come when tbe treatment of these ore-,
will cost half what they do at present.
Many yearB ago it took two dajs tu
travel from Montreal to Ottawa, ami a
longer time from Montreal to Toronto
What do we see now ? Tbe whole thing
accomplished in a tew hours. So science
is gradually conquering the elements
which up to a recent date have puzzled
the smelting man ami necessitated large
expenditures with little profit. This
will not last, and British Columbia is
bound to be one of the greatest gold and
copper camps iu America. Perhaps I
am au enthusiast, but I have studied the
question and seen for myself, and hope
to live long enough to realize all these
111 la   11 j           1
He   -onsiders the
a.,e  1
tj may 1        onsidti   d
11   .-
:;: in la be  fifty,     At
..  ..1 iwli Ige
1 . -
1     ■                ind
■    - ■                            ■.'.:.■.-'■.'
11   :  .    ring the f.*r-
■ rki iregai la is   he
a  career,  no   matter
wh a
. 1 .■ ..■■:   :   ::. iy   be.      A
■   .;
. ..       .   man  wn..
six :. b a  Ii-i-   v.
1■-- •'■•
'.  . ■.'.-■. 1 said ess n*
■>■ at fortunes"
-   ■   tde ifter forty.     If
1 f ■
;.-■■■  rv Oiat lii,.j
d pa ted       Tbe   real
in ■ nn   and   .1
si n
■ : -          .... nines al -t
■  ■ ■
forty      1 am  talking
ne,   but   ir m
Hard Lock Again.
The Herald is playing in hard luck
again. M. Rockendorf left last week
for a visit to the Boundary country. A
few days afterward M. Billings wus
taken to the buspitnl, while the editor
was iu Marysville. Naturally the conditions played havoc with existing arrangements. Ed. Murphy, formerly with
tlie Prospector, came to our assistance,
and Saturday Fred Haines, of the
Marysville Tribune, came down for two
days, so that we were able to get out
this issue of The Herald, but had to let
a lot of job work go by the board. Mr.
Billings is out again today, M. Rockendorf will probably reiuru tbis week, and
once more The Herald will move along,
Tbe Mild Winter.
Not for many years has theie been
such an open winter in South PUst
Kootenay as iB being experienced this
year. With the exception of two or
three days it has been possible to work
ont of doors all winter. Al the present
tin>e the weather is very mild, and 11
rain bus taken most of the snow tdf from
the valleys. Come what may now, ibe
Winter Is bound to be a short oue.
w< ■•.
The 1 ■
:      tl
. ipper Cent Esm.
■ ma le :   intri I    e
iry      N .   re 1401
more, and ni ne cai   lw
'. ii-i* no r.eed ofc. pp-ra.
pit in the easl until   the
..   a-  larger in  ihe
: .
flood Record for the Boundsr).
Tbe Greenwood smelter for last year
treated 118,448 tons ore and the Grauby
smelter at Grand Forks treated 230,828
ton, making a total of 249, 276 tuns unreduced at Boundary smelters. The bal ■
ance of the ore was treated at the smelters at Nelsou and Trail. Estimating
the value of the ore at |6 a ton, the output is worth $2,280,000. The expenses
of freight and treatment can be place!
at $3-75 per ton, and as eveiy ton mined
was treated in British Columbia, f 1,425,
000 were paid out for wages at smellers,
for coal and coke mined aud made in
British Columbia, and for freight to
railways operated iu British Columbia,
Tbe recoid is it good oue for the Ilaiiu-
dn-iy district and for llie province.
Opening of Royal sl Marysville.
Next Monday evening 11. Di McMillan's hotel at Marysville will hive a
formal opening. Dancing will he the
programme ami urraugeuienta will be
made for a jolly good time. A special
train will leave Cranbrook at 8 p, ui.,
returning after ttie dance. Conveyances
will meet ttie visitors at the train aud
carry them tu Ibe hotel and return. Mr.
McMilliau extends a cordial invitation
to tbe people of the district to be pres-
A Credit to the Town.
The Fernie Free Press issued a Christmas supplement tbat was a credit io the
publishers and the town. It was iu
book form, handsomely bound, and
filled with clear cut illustrations and interesting reading matter. Wallace the
business manngei, and Hittcktng, the
editor, make a good team, and tbe business men of Fernie should show material appreciation of their efforts. An
edition like the one ihey issued is worth
n good deal to a town. Boys, you got
, out a fine piece of work, and yon deserve
i bulb credit ami coin fur it.
Price ot Lead.
New York, Dec 'JO,—lleglunliig to-day
the new aud reduced price for lead will
go Into effect. At a meeting ol il.e
executive committee of the American
SnieRer and Refining company It wan
decided to cut tbe price of lead fiom
4 37 1*2 cents a pound to 4 cents. This
action was practically agreed upon at
a recent conference of the lead producers of Idaho and Utah in this city.
The management of the smelling cumpl
any have therefore decided to put th J
reduction into effect as an experiment
to determine whether there will be a
larger quantity sold at a smaller price
than before. Officials of tl.e company
state that the producers felt It would
be for their best interest to make the
- :
■ - foi
j-1) a week
la,   for
itlsl Lecture.
the .■:.. inizcr for ihe
ish Columbia, lectmed
■ -rnoon in  Leask
:  r;r.:r.^ it branch   in
tttendance wa» smi
leaving before the cio-e
■ talk.     They   do   l   t
i, n-:iiis of Mr. Cararr-
I - iveral who hei r.l
hitii 11 he "■    ion th u O- wo  .1
convert v..    few :   hi- way <A lliii kl
with t
speak in 1
Over o
lilar)   fo
duel    11
.- . 1 from the beginning of ti e
war including death., from
tits. ti ported   mUsing    1
men.    Of this nu  1   *i
, , -, ..... killed or died,    A
tn    : y.ii-n    were    invallt ed
home tbe 1      -   ■■ of whom recovei d
•tt.'; m mauds.
Registrar's Report.
The reglmrar of births, marriages
and deaths In British Columbia has
Issued his report for lhc year of P.ioo
According to this there were Hi7.i bii tha
1404 deaths and 1004 marriages registered during 1000, against 1755 births,
1415 deaths iml ■■■ marriages In 1800.
r i.csd Company,
id tt Oil com pa ay c< n*
■.em] 0*
dishing a line ol  plat is
',  '...
■ id   c -i.ifirs   from   N«w
York   io   the
Pacific coast.    The   m--.v
dint in Broi <*
yn will be in  operati  11
Januai.   ,    ■ ■
.  Intl .ition of the con-p*
any is 1   nan
another in the wi -\
ab   1
I, and to continue tl Is
method gradu;
..::eviv bai options <>n
cago, St. Louis and oth r
pOlU!     H
. .- ■ spectcd to becoDie
a.. Impi    j   •
.   ui .fi tde lead lodnsti y
be   made by the 0 d
Inin :i   [ ■  .
with ir.  Improvement
which it
i*n   perfected   and which
can .'"i I- .i'i   t
ig lead to white lead .n
aioiit tin-'; ■!.
:   ..."
1 ,- are of the opinion
that i rate kn
1   .. ttie   lead   trade   wi.l CRANBROOK   HERALD    glimpses or haufax
E-.UI prietoi
C£*M4 ■■'■ »- BSOhlfI'lO.'t:
Cbe HtnH
district, if roi
your mine ot yo
1HK   CHARM   ni    ONE    UACKAY.
Thomas A Mackay, secretary of the
V-ii-couver L bjiai Association, bas it
sued a circular In which tie makes Hie
following sutemen.
"With regard to adralulug Libera1
editors of papers »u| p irttou Lhe Domiu
lou government we au not think these
gent emeu are In anj way representa*
iWo of tne Liberal party in tldi prov-
Inci Neaitv all tie newspapers In
British Ujlumhia ■■ e owned or controlled bv corporations who have uo
polit en ami dmplv ' au Ilu ra lu the inter eu oi their business, lOJltois are In
ttie enploy ol these corporations and
are not allowed to express ..t have any
opinion contrary to the wish ot ihelr
employers We Lhorefore think that
lhe admission of men of this class
would not tead towards bringing the
Liberal party ot this province ato harmony".
Mr Mackav has demonstrated by the
abov; Lha'. b.* is not a
he la Ignorant ot exlstlti
Hits province, and that i
small buiiness when i
metbo Is to traduce ilu
fesslou iu Brh sh Coinir
been a close reader ol i
lumbia press for tour ye
ready to declare lhat i
most favorably with th
provu.ee oi any country for both Indu
pci.dei.ee ai.il ability. Who is this man
Mack iy, that lie should take it upon
himself to cbaracterlz! the editors ol
ibis pi ivluoe as a pack of senile slaves,
Without the courage oi their convictions ' Where does no nail from, and
from -'hat source tloes he draw his
nerve ' a pretty speed in au iu hold a
posliiou of hooor uud responsibility
Willi any political party, If the Literals are wise lu their day and generation, they will relieve Mr. M.ickay and
advise him to go way back aim sit
Killtarj Atmutpla-ra  ol   lit* Faraoua Old
Cltj-   Hm,.,,i ti,*.. ittuUI   LonB Walk
mi tha tlaiupartk
Halifax my     verifies    n assertion
.  bj   Ot.Oul to Lhu liiiiiL that .i circle
| may bu di-uwn    around     any tukeu
point as      a centre and ut any   Oii»-
i   tttlice   H'oUi   that   point,   writes   .***>    T
: Wood in The GloCe The eitj ts
1 drawn aium-a u-c citadel which risen
i eoiurortublj above it aud from
which the entire round ol its inanl-
| fold activities, its Industry mid ease,
j its plenty uud want. a-, beuuty and
tire escapes, its shady gardens und
dusty streets, spreads ...it as on *.
map. The soldiers lolling about on
the walls, iu red, blue, khaki und
tbut indescribable uulor that u
guerusuy assumes with rrequeni
wusbiug, beum to couteiiipliite lhu
lifu below them with philosophic
.aim Like ibe iiicumprelieiislblu
Tuufelsdrockh, they are aluuo with
thu clouds, 'i'hey can look down upon that splendid quurter Lu the
uorthwest, whero tho most exclutiivc
easto u( Halifax society enjoys its
u,.-,isuies u( lhe sweets o! life,     uml
an,  that
'fi c
hums in
pis  such
rial   pro
We have
It i
lisu  CO
nt stand
t   W
c   1
■i   in any
Socialism Is on the wrung track
when its advocates would reform the
government ami nut the people. A gov
eminent- he It good or bail is lho result
of act trlty or gross negligence of tne
people. The. power of politics, the
right iu make laws, ami the spirit of
enforcement rests, not with the few
but wiili the many, Tne ballot Is the
only effective instrument of reform,
and until lhe masses come to a full realization ot this fact, the classes will
legislate for their own benefit.
Education is lhe solution of the lab
oriug man In this age.    Wtiunt it he
will leinalii the servile tooi of the educated, ami hU rights will be curtailed
so far as such curtailment means profit
10 lhe capitalist. The educated laborer
1b not blindly ied. He will think more
for himself and be better able to judge
wbat employers can afford to pay.
Wh a Is more he will be better titled to
denund higher wages, for the reason
th .t be will bo mora able to give value
received foi the wage asked.
According   to   the   rumors   iloallng
around the district at thia time it costs
something to go Into tbe hotel business
In South Bast Kootenay,
The IJcense commission era are waiting to be re-appolated. It isqulte probable that there will b.. no change.
Official corn
up wherever (
■mould be  followed
A  man   who   wll
jell hi* official honor and his imuhood
(or a fun dollars. Is lower .nan -he yellow dog skulking up an alley foi a feast
on backdoor garbage.
In the minds of some juaplc a public
r nicer Is a personal graft- and il Is
wuiked to the limit
Honestly, now, nave you kept your
rest Unions '
H loilis to us very rnaeti like some of
our citizens makes their money llltu the
negro makes his hair curiov—It comes
natural to them.—A. li Grace, iu Fort
Steele Prospector.
Thee are 500 piano makers on a strike
In the oast. They evidently Intend to
make me manufacturers dance to their
Tiu- vtar 1003 will see a great industrial advancement In South Easl Koote
There Is a boycott on Gooderbam'H
whisk-jy on account of thatgcntleman'-i
fight igalnst the unions In the West
Kootenay mines in which he is lutcrefit-
ed, It ls llie tlrst case of the kind, and
U will be Interesting to note the results. A strike against Canadian
whiskey is a novel departure.
The United Stales Is moving towards
the government ownership of telegraph
lines They have had trust ownership
of g< vernuii-nt so long In tbe State?,
that government ownership ol a nu-tt
would be an innovation,
It ii now staled that the Honorable
Mr, Turner has seen unable tn float a
loan in London, owing to tne unsett'ed
policy pursued by the Dnotmulr gov
ernn ent. This makei another gjod
reai-m to add to loon others, why the
peoi la shoul' dew md i change.
gutting up uml look tl..wu io Walei
street, whuru the puld-oll suitor buys
bis glass ol tin registered whiskey,
"The joyful uud sorrowful ure there.
Men uru dying ihere and men are being burn. Men are praying on tho
other side of brick purLUions men
uro cursing," The soldiers mi thu
Wall  can   dwell   apart   in   philosophic
culm. They cnn look down on the
enlivening patches ol whltu uud color where recreation lolls in tlm
shady nooks of tho public gardens, or down to where u bnre-foul-
i-d deck detuil is scouring in nutlet-
pation ut ihe visit of ih.* Duke The
carriage, the curt, Lhu druj und the
bicycle move on in uudless profession. The wall of tin- Halifax citadel is h place io "loaf and Invite
your soul." A noticeable ihililnry
atmosphere pervades the city. At a
quiet strcut corner curly iu thu
morning a man in uniform with i-lile
anil lixt-d bayonet Is Untiling against
tin- wall. Two iimn- came up along
a lutio nud stand before him.
"Shunl llepl lln! Ho-hepl
'I'b.-ii thoy ehusso right uml left.
balance Lo partners, join bunds and
circle ai'OUtltl, and one is Lukeil amI
the other left. lb. who leaned
against the wall goes off with Lhu
corporal, while Lhu nuw sentry walks
up and down, the whole porfuritutnee
so common that passers scarcely
turn l.i look at it.
Tbu military air thai pervades the
city culminutes in the citadel, where
o very thing moves in accordance with
thu King's regulations. Plain civilian "K.-ep oil the grass" is rendered "Civilians not allowed on the
grass or to        cross       tbe
citadel glacis except bv tlie
paths. Hy order 0. it. 13."
Une civilian walked on tho grass und
crossed lho citadel glacis a lung
wny from tho paths, just to see
what would happen, but tho culm,
contemplative soldiers lolling on the
wall let him pass uuheed.nl. In the
citadul a visitor registers and puts
himself in charge of a soldier,     who
s ns to be selected on account    of
ids commendable    fncultv of silence
It is n long walk around Hm wall
of tho citadel, nml there uru many
tilings to see, There nre the harbor
and Iludford Dusin, whore the whole
fleet might, be sheltered. There are
tbe ships of war in the harbor, und
George's Island showing the outlines
of Fort   Charlotte toward tl n-
trance. This island Ims been made
inin a perfect warren of fortified
passages, h contains a number of
powerful modern guns which gave
my guide a great amount of hard labor last winter, mid it holds Lhe
central exchange switchboard of till
fhe mines that are lying aboul loose
iu the harbor, ready to blow up enterprising foreign Invaders. Beyond
Hns is McNub's Inland, also fortified, bigger, more imposing and
threatening to closo the mouth or
neck of tlii> harbor, floyond this
ure the lighthouses ami' Yurk He-
doubt, the most distant of Iho city's
fortifications Every point ami object of interest in Lho circular citv
cnn he Incite.) from lhe citadel
wnllH Hint slope gradually up on the
sides Lu a lu-ighl nf U00 feet above
lhe wiileis Uf the hnrhor It is n
remarkably [j,,,. <-jn|(. ,,f commercial. Industrial and social lifu thai
surrounds this extensive nren of national authority ami strength.
i tl    ■ "i
I   . ..-,. t
.-. mill
i ■       tl      . ' - .
.      id 1        '■':■.
.,,., ■■■ In HI -  1 I..
The tilt liiruugh .. h II ■■■
TUrpld with IttU ■• ■ 11 s.-i
SCflU cluttt(l J
Tbr lu.iii.1 >.rte|
i P*
A Grant Tiill
* French-Canadian bus b
ing camp all summer iu Hi
woods on ihe upper St .lolin Klver,
His duties Piuleil, he recent ly ram-
out to civilizuliuu aud lauded nf
Felix Herbert's hostelry ut Kiliiiun
stun, says 'I'he St. Joint Telegraph
Mine Host l-'ollx made lilm comfortable, und after nl tending to tin- inner man Was asked bv Uie newcomer
fur the news.
"What's the news, Felix?"
"No n.-w.s. whatever," replied the
jovial boldface, nml then remembering that bis guest had been absciif
many months, added, as an after
thought, ".Suppose you know* Lhe
Queen, ho dead."
Thu nuwcoiuor replied soiiiewlml
disgustedly thai this was old news,
as n happened last winter, tu which
mine host acceded
"Who got his job, Felix?" continued   tlio  newcomer.
"Why, Fihvanl, bis son, she got tli.
Job," replied Kollx.
The guest was silent fur n moment,
puzzling out tho mutter. Suddenlv n
light broke over bis countenance ami
be com-imted, "Sucre bleu. l-'ellx,
Hint fellow, Edward, she must have
great pull Willi l.aiiii.-r."
raiiuri* and Newfoundland,
The one big obstacle that has always existed in the faking of Newfoundland Into Confederation is thu
French shore ditlleulty. We have difficulties enough without going .mi of
.mr way to iinticx die prize troublu
ol tho western hemisphere. Uut ti
that big and li.ii.if standing trouble
can bu adjusted bofore thu eolonl■-
are unlutl it will be a good thing
fur all parties coaccrued.
i   tnko the
'■a Thnuiatid Han,
Th.- Ontario Fishery Department Intend to keep right on catching bass
in Lake Erie and transferring them
to inland waters. There will likely
be a time, when the weather i-s very
warm, Hint thu bass cannot be secured, thun Llm men will cense operations. Altogether tlm Department
has transferred 10,000 bass from
Lake Erie tu tlie various inland wat- I
• rs ,,f tlie province, and ns many
mote will bo placed lu the streams ,
and lakes „t ihu province bofore the j
WllltUI   conn:
■Whatever you du
12:10," Tom hud said when at breakfast Mrs. Johuule declared lier Inteu-
tion of running up to town, 'it's slow
nnd awfully dusty nnd there's generally a rowdy crowd aboard. Wait for llm
2:05 express."
But no Boonor tmd Tom taken his departure than Mrs. Johnnie decided lo
do nothing .if the son, site was a bus
fling little body, forever on tbe go, ami
or little head of hers sbu wus Inclined
to curry if through iu u Dulsh in her
own particular way.
Consequently Mrs, Johnnie did lake
the 12:10 local, r.nd within Ave minutes' ilme she was wishing devoutly
that she bud followed Turn's ildvico, for
it wns hot nml dusty, nnd tbey were
crawling along at a snail's pace, nud
there were some rough looking customers on board, and—well oh, dear! After
nil, Tom did know what he wns talk
tn» nbout occasionally.
At Ihu far end of the ear a young woman was Billing. She lucked su young
that one might tilim at I.ave called her
a child in spin- of il.e fact thnt ber
pretty lnowii hair wus twisted lip on
the top uf ber In ad in a vain Imitation
of tin- latest fashion and iho it.. Mrs.
Jolmnje) most atrocious fact that lier
cheeks were covered u iih ro ige.
Mrs. Johnnie gathered her belongings
together nnd set out to tnke possession
or lhc sent just In front of the young
girl, and then, half turning, she seru
Unlr-ed the young woman ai her leisure.
She could du so without rmli ness, for
the girl was guxing out nf the window,
mid her thoughts secun .1 to be far
awny. "It's :i sweet little face," Ihought
Mrs. Juliunle, "and I don't care it' it is
painted it's liiuocent nnd trustful. Her
dress tils ber abominably, but slie bus
a (jlorlous pair of eyes. She's a positive anomaly. I'm going to Introduce
The girl turned her head jusi nl thnt
moment, and ns their eyes met both of
them smiled, nnd each perceived  for
the tlrst time that tl ther wore the
little silver Malice cross of the King's
Daughters, The) needed no introduction after that. Mrs. Johnnie moved
Into the seat with her, nnd they were
Boon the best nl' friends. It did not
take Mrs. Johnnie very long to gain
the particulars of her story. She bad
never been to the city before, she said:
Indeed, except for some little excursion now ami then, she liml never left
ber home, which was In a little village
on the coast of Long Island. Sho was
su glnd tu have sume one to talk to, lor
of course sh.- was feeling n bll b uely.
Then she told Mrs, Johnnie that her
uiiine was Daisy Daisy Hope and
that she was an oi'pluui with Just one
sister. Her name was Sophie, nml she'
wus married now. They had always
been tho very best of friends- she uml
Sophie-until Dun Claekctl came along.
Nowmlnys, she added with a sigh,
Sophie lind eyes for no one but Dan.
"Hut 1 shan't mind It so much now,"
she added, suddenly brightening up
again, "now thai I'm going to be married too."
"Married!" exclaimed Mrs. Johnnie
In ustoalshmciit, "You don't mean to
tell me so! When Is it coining oir, und
whin's bis name';"
"Yes. we're going to be married right
awny—Jack aud me. This isn't very
much uf a trousseau. Is ItV" she added,
Willi an expressive gesture toward her
old fashioned cnr|ietbngr.nd two paper
parcels. "Uut .Iml. salil thai wouldn't
mutter. He could fix me up when I
eil me to town.    He fold me In bis letter
not to bring anything nloug; my country dresses would in ver do for New
York, he said. So I've lefl them nil nt
home tin-re, hanging up lu my cl isot—
all except my new pink one I got ul
Easter. It's so pretty I couldn't bear
to leave thai behind. 1 put - ll will do
for the mornings, now niul then.
"But wnsn'i it awfully good of .Inch,
thoughV lie sent me tins dress lo wear
on ihe way up and ibis tUnmoud."
pointing tu u huge brooch that fparkled
ut her throat, but which Mm. Johnnie's
eyes proumuieed to be very bud paste.
"And ihere was a boii .if complexion
salve ho sent me too. I've put some of
It un Just to please him, bill 1 can't raiy
thnt I llko It very much, It Itches so
nud funis horrid.  Do all Indies pnlut in
New Yurk V"
At another time Mrs. Johnnie would
have burst out laughing, but Just at
PMSetlt matters were Inking too serious
ft turn, Mrs. Johuulo was begltiulug to
Wonder very much.
"Hut. when ure yuu io De married, my
denrV" she asked hastily. "You have
ant answered my question yet. And
what does Sophie anj 1 For- of course,
you've told her all nbout it."
The girl bung Let* head, and Mrs.
Johnnie could see her blushcn even In
■pile of the ronge,
"Ymi see. It's this way: .lm-1; bates a
fuss ami all liml. Ho snld fot us to get
mtirrli'd llrsl ami then let Sophie know,
Thnt wns the hardest thing l hml to do
^leaving lier wlihoul it word of goodly. Uut Jack lumws best, 1 eupposu,
Only I wish"
"Excuse me, Daisy, you muatn'l think
me JniDerllut-nt  for nsklug nil  theftQ
qucflflou :- « ■'■   '~ ■1l,|,,i going to
meet yon   :
"Well, nn,    ' ' "■'•'''"''     tie's bo busy
Ut Oils lit:      ■      o J   n kuow,    i i it's
.-■." reason i '"   be i
things    He Mibl In ■    that be
bad shown tli '-- ton Imly friend of his.
She's to meet me at tbe ferry aud fake
charge of uie-IH he comes."
"Oh! And kow long did you say you
Lave known'., -a— JaekV"
Tie t^l huuu tur btad again, "lsaw
him lirst about six weeks ago. He
came down un oue of tbe yachts. He
eatuu down twice ou Sunday after tbut,
and he's writteu ever iu ofteu."
Mrs. .lo! um. laid her band tenderly
upon tin young gift's arm. "And do
yuu really Ihluk, luy dear Daisy, that
you l.n.'w Inn well euutigh tu marry
iilinV Wouldn't it be wiser to wait a
bll and take your sister Into your ..mil-
deuce? Wh) iml nsk Jack to watt a
\e.ir for you nnd then see bow mutters
BtnudV il.Oi wait for you gladly
.tt..ii,:li If he's really In earnest."
"Why should 1 keep lilm wailing'."'
she answered. "He loves me. Isn't
thai enough? I love and trust him
entirely, and he does tbu same by ineV
Isn't thnt enough?"
Mrs. Johnnie did not nuswor for n
moment.   Her lips were pressed tlghtl;
logethcr,  tor.  to tell thu truth, Mrs.
Johnnie wus making up bet- mind to
adopt ii desperate mensnn-.   'ibis .
bait' full of men was certainly nu pli
for n seen.', ami Mrs. Johnnie began
realize thai If she proceeded to do her
duty hy ibis llttlo girl n seem- wm
bound lo come.   The train was Jus
slowing up for a moment at u littl
wayside station.
"Well, my dear, 1 hope sincerely that
you will lind it is enough," she said.
Then, springing up suddenly, she
grasped the curpetbug und lier own belongings.
"Hurry up, my child!" she exclaimed,
giving the girl a little push. "Here's
where we change cars, yuu know. Come
"lllll I thought tbis train"—
"Now, my dear, tbnl'.-* jii^t what you
mustn't do. Don't think, but follow
my Instructions."
Before the girl bud realized what sho
wns tlning Mrs. Johnnie had bundled
her out on to the station platform.
The train moved slowly out, Mis.
Johnnie watched it disappear with a
High of relief, and then she turned to
the bewildered girl und spoke tu bur
very gently:
"Let us walk over to the little hotel,
Daisy, We shall have to wait there
half nn hour. Perhaps we can secure
n room there, for I want to have a little
talk with you."
In speaking of It afterward Mrs.
Johnnie always declared that to her
the walk from thu station iu the hotel
was by far lho saddest part id' all that
day's ordeal. It was then that the magnitude of the work she bad to du .Owned upon her for the lirst time. Before
they two should be standing ou thnt
plntform ngnln .tack, the young girl's
Idol, must be shattered nud thrown
from its pedestal. To Mrs. Johnnie
fell the tusk of displaying him In his
true colors, and, though it was a task
which she shrank Instinctively from iu
perspective, when the time came Mrs.
Johnnie was not round wanting. She
never told any one—not even Tom—
the particulars of what occurred in
thnt little room, but when tlie train
from New York came rushing along
half nn hour Inter the somnphore was
hoisted as a signal tu stop and lhe two
women slepped silently on board.
Both of them hud tear stained faces,
but there wus no rouge oil the young
girl's face now. Her hair hung simply
down ber back, und she wore her pretly pink dress. Tbut night, when Mrs.
Johuule reached ber own home, after
quite u long combat with sister Sophie,
Tom wns told Just as many of the particulars as Mrs. Johiiiilu Ihought tii.
When she had finished, he was silellt
fur a moment or two, while he exhausted bis stuck of anatbeums upon Jack.
Then, turning Ids ntteniiati to the woman lu the case, be exclaimed, "Well, of
all the Hale fools"-
Bttt  Mrs. Johnnie Interrupted him
"Dun't call ber that, dear," she added
ns she kissed hi 111. ".Hist thntik Cod
that I took the 12:10."
-!o FOR SALE....
;t HAST KOOTENAY j     20wtuuch«te-piston
1    j     , ■ - j-^i a- j ths old.
• • 'L.. OC!      1 ns; some pure bred
C, 15. .     .    >;' B"ll,MS'1"d
200-Ege  Incubator, by Stahl,
with electrical attachment,
J      l-l iti- 1,11 ill .UN, Proprlttsir.      J
J   umHiiDiss.turtiii,   *
foster mothers, etc.
Bon* Cutter, li^nJ a,,J power,
by Humphrey.
|jj Tor particulars apply to
J j G. H. Gilpin. Cranbrook.
>is        ttnosl re-el ku to the Kn.t Koo- m
* t.llny. '»
I Wl,.-., , sn- i|,ir«,Y „„|„„t, *
i,s ■ "".I   ilrlnh   ,.ii   11,  tli.'   I- is' ',.
T- I'lii.ti-'lmy.
;i; in 1...1 wii ,1 s.,„.„,.ii,er.ii,i,rii..k J
'H Slop .11 III.' I...I   IS .,,', i- ,y .p
'<S-tif«.«.f f t ..,,».-,-5 J**,* ,3J>'
I ook tot the
...HOT WEi.N3.ES...
A1 the
The Wentworth Hotel
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
tt is Healthy
!t is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
(or ihe
Ml.1 lis Up In 11,11.'.
Winter Schedule
.. Effective ..
Oa October 13th
) George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
There area tew points to
be considered in building.
A New Feature
Crows Nest
Good work,   Good    f
and lhc price.
Leaves Kootenay Landing Easl
hound Tuesday and Friday
latcri.il |L.11VCS Medicine Hal Westbound
I     Sunday and Wednesday
I For Hi,,.' Iflhlc, nn., full Information, .'nil ■
I or mistress nearest local agent.
I B. .1. COVI.K
j     A. li. I'. A.
Vancouver. B.C.
J. S. CARTER, n. P, A.. Nelson, II. C.
iSpokane Faiis &
Northern R'vCo.
Have jon loHtcd with anyone about building? I NelsOIl & Ft. Slicphard R'y   Co.,
Come and sec tne or let me see you.   ll may  Red     Mountain     Railway    Co
sis, us tin,!, jjecd.
w„li,i Han.!
Icttor lor .\| t»l
The only ..I! rail route between all
Contractor.        1,oi"la --"-*• -VmI """ s"""''°- •
Physician and Surgeon.
Office .11 Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   ■   •   -   9:31) lo It
Alls-moons   ....   1:30 lo 3:30
Evenings   ■   •   •   •    7.311 to »:30
sed Provincial Assayer
, ti'.'.'iii.'i
nn..-runs i
Indispensable in
.Every Home
A Reliable
White Ide».
One would hardly dare to ask a
friend to dine in st. many words, says
a writer In The Spectator, It' it were
not permissible for him to make the
l'nlse reply Unit la- was sorry he was
cugutfod uml could not come.
Ordinary social Intercourse, lustend
of becoming more direct, would have
to be carried un by tin elaborate system of hints; otherwise society would
become, metaphorically speaking, a
beargarden in which sensitive persous
would be battered to death. It would
he Impossible to get used to being told
"I do not like you. and your friends
bore me." or "1 eould come quite easily, but 1 do not enre to Identify myself
with tlio very second rate' people
niuottg whom you live."
Neither eould we Improve matters hy
revei'sim; the ordinary procedure and
allowing the guests to Invito themselves.
The rebuff of being refused hospltftll*
ty would be almost utihearnlde.
lln Hihti'.i N'mvi-iiiitio,
Win 'ii Etlwnrd \ ll ns I'rlneo ol
H'tih-H visited Aineriro In IHiJO, ('iiii-
ndu won I wild over him, nud In he
troil and Chicago tlm rruwdn were
s<> dense iluii itn- pnrlv rmild sau're-
ly reach tbelr hotel,   is,, t,m„j   WPrc
lai    f 'lions,    in which lhu I'rhu-u
piirticiputed tluu be finally broke
down through nhucr fuliKue and over-
exeil.'llietll.     The   Duke   of   .SeWeust le,
who was ihi- I't'iiif.-'s coiiipiiuloii, decided, therefore, lo stop o(T on tli.-ir
way to S|. Louis ,,t |t\viMln Stii-
tion, ii quiet vfltogij fuiiioiis for    Its
sh ing     The   I'rint-e   hronght down
ii Imi; of 11 bruii* of quail and four tiieOompiin
ralil.ii>. mn lhu pleiisure of Lliuiluy'orthet-flgls
wus marred bj the following Inei- i Thuhead
As ihe royal party approached a
fnrmlmiisu an immisliiknhly Hrltleh
Bottler nppoareil ut tin- dour and invited every in vtept  thu    Duke ol
Nuwciifctlo to et.t.'f.
"Nol -..ni, Ni'weoHtlol" he shouted,
"I liavi- |,eeii a i.-imiil of yOlll'S and
have Ku-nrn Unit you shall never set
a fool  ,,ii my  land."
Ai' hngly t ie party passed    on,
and tin- i,inner, HioiikIi revenged on
Inn i.i,i landlord, Oui lo forego lho
honor nf -jiiteri..niing royalty und."
bis root,
and Barometer
Worth |1.00, Specially matJ* to
meet the clim.nlc conditions ot
Western Can*iJa, will be sent
Tree to every yearly auiiscrlher
ot the
-Season 1901-1903
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one dollar nnd receive Weekly
Free Press for one year toj:<-Lh-
cr wiith a handsome thermometer and biii'juiffter.
lea Uiu.lliu l',
. nn Hint nl id Kytrii.-itli-
11  "i tlie 1 1 '.'■•. N.'-t ijimi
NriLSON and
Intermediate Poinls.
Cottlieelliu- >,t
Sl'OKANE will, tlie
Qrenl Northern, M-irtbern t'ttcific
•uid ... R. & N. Company.
ConneLts at
Nelson  with  Steamer fur  Knslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Daily fur
Republic, and
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   lm
tirand Porks am! (lrccnwood.
II. A. JACKSON. (ic„. I'nss. Asl.
!;! IVa'™;';; Surveys „,
.-..nijim!,}- ,,. be j -■
Land Purchases,
IVlining Clfiims,
Etc., made by contract.
TH0S. T. McVITTIE, I'.l.S.
P. 11. Furl Sleele, II. c.
h   <
Miami Meeting
lllli.'l  Till, A. II
11 n\
'  1  It'i'Siiltlti.ili;
ME ilia ni.|...itil-
:.    >.
tsbtiiy, t.8i).,nl
I   Of
II, Abbot, Ksi).
f.u the pur|io8fl
to the "Com tin-
imi 101 that Ihu
ll lie s
living ri
mil tlie
W  I'llll
' 11,100
-i'liil 1,1
_r.;.«*-»\       I.O.O.F.   Key City Lotlgc
ti'V K^«e s„ ..  M",'i si,,
; Wood
I have good wood ol .ill Icnoths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention-
Richard Stewarl
!Something for You
A k-nntiiiil "(llfus Slut Mount" wllh mum
pltoln in will he given with everj dnicn
111 hi lie I |tlCllirCS l/l On lief.iM' 1 Itri-shiiii-
Coiiic nnw, mnl given* Him hi gel inn
ClirlBlltlHB uml. mil Nn work |H imlseil
from (tils iinii- before three wcck> frem
Hun' ai lining       pri st, ih,.i„,i iphci
Certificate of thu RGglstratlnn id m Extra
Provincial  Company.
I In-rnhycnrllfytliiil tlio
mid MillingcmiiiwiiiiV'-iii
ImstlilBilnj been reitlnb-rr
l'l;ti,-,ini]-..iiy iiinti-rtlie "I
nver 1-i'iu.Mi'
mtililn extut-tlB.
i) nl llm (Mu] " "• »tt«Ht«l in
iiie, mate 01 WaahlliKloil, I . M.
1 tlttirnpltid uf ilu- Cotnimnj is
1,-iuil.i, prin
h ttie att'.niey  for lhe
.len.'.'.! tin- enintmnyls
Hum) 1- t|„'L'iiilij limited
ml an'i a'onl ol oiiii'c ni
iiiin.li Colmnlilii, thisOth
Registrar ol Joint sl
g-j .-,
Iriitilirniil. Lodge, Nn. .1.
:A' .■
A. V. & A. M.
VISlttllK In. Illi'lll iu'l'siiu. ,1.
W. F, Qlltlli, fioo'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
r unitrmils.        :
mid Builder   .-■
All ssurK Kunrsntccil.   See ns heforc
you Iniilil.   li Mill ims you,
Cranbrook, ll C
Nelson :Tent: and
Awn ing : Factory
British Cnlumbl.      THE0. MADS0N, M0R.
floyie's   . H°tel Kootenay
I i •        w The best ot accomodations
LXclU II fl g" f* for the traveling public.
I llOtCI Proprietors. li* I
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
piease you and your customers, give your  order
To The Herald Office
i......' •■■  ...,,. '.,.......... ...,.K.V.......,............. ....'. i
.   .   .   ....   ■   •         ..-..'.   .   . .   v •   • . i • I-i
. .... -i. .■••••■••  ' -■---..' .... . „ . . .,..   . . ., ... .   I
.-*•. -. a w—«. a /»a r*. ad m * I O
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the dudccst farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District, The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
"ll    W*.   H
ll,<-l.t    Sll..'...
odlug   the
Inlowtn.   fir
raul.il b,
SI...    ....IU   .,
• Uluill
Ibi.uk. .1   th.
. 1 tin. .liui,
ilte .1
Me K
1.'   Utlt.'SS
lis   Hi..
II.      till'
ml      .'inuiii
I.'i.Ill  ..1   I'll-
St    Itlllllllll.    Ill
a sn
.111   s
nr  nn
a liielily
Thu C
i.i.is   in,,
11;   Ml   til
irrntlfytiiB ,.i
mini by    ,si,
• Tu     ol
1       Ut
s   OCCII-1
•ii hy     lion
uf tin' flood
Uoads Bureau ut Washington
Mi Andrew t-uitullo, M. I' , repru
seating tin- Oovernment of Ontario,
followed President Mooro 11.- began by references tt* the hlslorj ..1
road Improvement, u, in,- um>,rt-
nnce of ilu* subject, i.. Un- work ..t
the Congresses that had been held
throughout the United States, ns
well as t.i the work Uml hail been
done iu his own country The following' is a report nf the eoneliidiim
purl ion of his address, corrected,
from the Buffalo Express. Mr. Pat-
tltllo  spoke  as  follows:
And now huvlng endeavored tu
show or to suggest the Importance
of tbe yood roads problem, the enormous economy of good roods, the incalculable loss through bad ones, to
suggest the many sides and phases
of tbis vast problem of transportation — affecting as they tin flu* social as well as the economic well-being of the people—let me fur a moment draw your attention tn another,   lo      what   I  may  call   a  national
ami International consideration. Yon
in this country, like ourselves across
iin- line have boon liiivine unexampled prosperity ..f bite TV wheels
<>f Industry hove been runnliiK fust
It will not always be so. Stagnation will come, and with it distress
ami social disturbance. In tbe olden
dues iu other lands the cure which
wicked rulers sometimes sought for
social disturbance was foreign adventure. There is little fear I trust
ih.it your rulers will ever seek sueh
a remedy; [or the lives nf ;1 \ang
line of great and good presidents
have made it improbable that any
but a good man shall ever lill     the
|.iill,y with you m your national
sorrow. I shall nm dwell .rn ihe
theme Which lias been inmli. perhaps too much, in your thoughts
und hearts during these bitter ami
lieV.'l-lo-tic-fni'Hi.lttUi   days
It   h.is  l.een said  lhat  tlie Vines of
nni iiie, of ihe great sounding ocean
11-..-ll, me loudest when still Ami
peihaps thu     most I'lnipieiit exprea-
yuui    pent up feelings would lm    u
III   |
before th
sl con-
..nils,, on  the tragedy  that M-eiiis  so
near ns 1.. daj
Hut l would' be tailing In my duty
if 1 .inl noi remind you in a l.w
vioi.ls ..I events that are unique ami,
so fai as I know, without, parallul
in  lhe history  of any  IWo nations    1
snid to this Congress the other day
ib.it vvli.-u you tin tied your President the people of Britain und of
Canada would stand with you in Imagination us mourners ..round tho
..pen grave. .Since that wo have
seen u day of mourning, officially declared, not only iu your laud, but
iu our own.     Was there ever such un
event   in the world's history?    Was
there ever such a tribute to it public
untu1 1 should liki- tlie press of this
country to tell ull tbe people of this
country that lu our shop windows
the face of McKiuley is us familiar
as here—that the draperies of grief
are us profuse— that on Thursday we
bud religious services in our
churches, us you had, und that from
every evidence our mourning was as
sincere and universal as yuur own.
By order nf the Qovurnor-Oenerul,
tats in ess wus suspended, batiks closed, school children dismissed, (and
bt us pray that the hoys nnd girls
of   the   United   States   and   of     Cun-
tidu may never again be taught in
'mile, but to love each other) uud
solemn tnournihg take the place nf
business on the one bund, and of rejoicing over lhe arrival to nur shores
of  Die     future      King  uf  the   British _ «-Petl1
Empire.    Blood is thicker than wa- j  (J'
ti.-r!    Have we not shown you that |
the ties of kinship uud of friendship
are stronger than the alien voices of
mitiuiuil hnie?    (Loud applause.)
After all  that has been said     t
Lord Btrathaona'i Oflfor  to Supply Bnukt
on i »«ml ii to Schauta.
A selection from tho letters which
have been received al   tl Uco     ol
the High Commissioner for Cntada
shows thut tin- recent offer ol Lord
Struthcoua to supply books on Can-
,nl,i for use in British schools and
to award a medal to the most proficient I'ni'ii has attructed widespread attention, Inquiries have come
from sueh social poles as the famous
public school of Winchester acd board ,
schools in the poorest pari ol the j(-
ensi .'inl oi l..uut.in. unit from places
so widely separated us rural schools
In the Cotswolds, attended by tho
agricultural classes, tho type .»t Bottler most wanted in Canada and itn:
suburbs ol Liverpool, "A tow years
bucfv yuu kludl) lent us some slides
for us.- in our evening continuation
school," writes one bead muster In
asking for tin- extension of the
scheme to Ids school, •■since then
several old boys have settled In Canada, und 1 know of others wanting
to do so" Another, in preferring a
Similar request, writes: •'More, thuti
one of our old boj s are already doing well in ttie Dominion, and it furnishes uii opening particularly attractive and suitable to boys living,
us we do, close to Liverpool."
This is practical work of the most
Terms of Payment
effective sort Tlie besetting racial \J-(k
sin of the Englishman uf the present ®$J
generation is that  lie bus not   como   I^v
Tils' aggregate timnunl of principal tins! int rest, except in lhe
ease of lands under S2.50 nn acre, is divided into ten instalments as
sh.svn in lhe table below; the lirst to he paid nl the lime nl purchase, Ine second line year front "ate „( llle purchase, the third in
tw,, yenrs und su on.
The following table shows lhe nmounl uf the annual instalments
ue lull acres tit different prices under lhe ahnu- conditions: toto
toto  lOOocrs at $2,511 per ,,cr, Nt Instalment S.VI.'IS   ,, equal inlal'ls „l 550.00' Y Y
toto 3.00     .. .. 7I.O0 » 60.1X1 Y^
■*2    " ••"■"    "        " MM " 700,i:'21n
wsK:   ■•        loo    » D5.S5 •• so.oo!'**
...ill     " " I07.H5 •• WOO
5.00     " •• 19.85 •■ 100.00
Kimberley is ",c tnis'ncss anc- snipping poinl for the
*  North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Ajjenls.
Cranbrook is the -livis'oni-1 point of lhe Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
liasl Kootenay.
V. HYDE IIAKI-R, Townsite Agent.
For further Information npplv to iif-enls an above or to
Lands under $2,511 per acre are sold
tin shorter time.
If the land Is paid fur in full al lhe
time uf purchase, a reduction irnm the
price will he aliened equal tu ten per
Cent nn the amount paid in excess nf the
usual cash instalment.
Interest :ti -i\ per cent will be
charged in user due instalments,
The Com|ian<i has also hits for sale
in the following lown sites in Bast Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook. Mnu'lle. Kitch.
eitcr, Crcstiin and  Kimberley.
The terms of pavnieni are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
to realize thut ihe nritisl
ity includes the Britons nf Greater
Britain. U Is with tlie young that
we must work, and a few years spent
in teaching tbe rising generation of
Britain in ibe iio-».ure of tlie wide domains inhabltatud by their fellow-
subjects would render fruit an hundred-told iu ibe direction of sound
und wise polities. Lord Htrathcona's
is ns wise as it is patriot-
A Vim* nf Ontario"* ScliouU.
ll is Interesting, iu view of the vis-
I it uf lhe  I Hi lie and  Duchess of    Cortv
ul | wall und York lo Canada, to glai.ci
written   during   these  sad   days,      no I At     the     account     of   tin'   I
poor words of mine would mid     to    schools which is given in itn- "Spo-
the tributes tbut have b  paid to ■ clal Reports" liitely published by lho
your dead President. We may well ' Bonn! of Education. Tho young C'un-
l.-avu his character and bis life-work udinns are evidently being well edu-
now to the Impartial verdict uf bis- cated, both in Ontario and Quebec.
lory. Perhaps his character and 1 The next generation will, in fact,
work, bis life uud death are hesl de- 1 probably be second to none in tbut
scribed in tlie words of your own i respect, either in Europe or beyond
poet, speaking to mankind, when he thu ocean, i'he religious difllculty,
said: i which gave so much trouble not lung
I ago in Manitoba, appears to he qui to
,   disposed of in lhe two
Sustained and moved by un unfalter
Ing  trust.
Approach the grave,
Like one who wraps the drapery   o
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range and the gateway in the •White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
Tow nsite Agent.
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent. Nelson, B. C. nr
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
If iMo^^oK^'f |C-^^^ v.-. ■ .-<. •. -.
"So   live   that     when    the  summons    s-jiOiue'lor
Que be
ngly ltoinan Catholic, and On-
>    overwhelmingly     Protestant,
in  each  case  the  rights  tif      the
irity    are carefully safeguarded,
W belli
ouch about him
duwn    tu  pie
of all denomin
is stated, take
e schools, but there is nu
of prosolytism. Upper
it  would seem, in u    fair |
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co,
Saw and Planing Mills
The J* .** ** «.* .< «* J* *.■*
The eil
terest i
Was there ever a man who tn the ' suggest
supreme hour of trial was sustained Canada
by a mure    unfaltering trust    than wnv to become a classic country, for'*
William McKlnley?   Was there ever a we read Hint no less than HH     per  J
man whose death could be more bt- eenl    of tb- high school pupils learn   3
ly   described   us,   in   ihe   folds   of     a Latin    It   would be strange indeed  if j **(
nation's love, a lying down tu pleas- the     Old  Learning, almost elbowed J
uitt dreams'?   Wo leave his clmrnciei out of middle class curriculums    at  *
uud career as n  national statesinun home,  should  nnd  H  refuge     among  $
with you. out colonists across fi..- Atlantic   An|J
Mul.   there  is  one  phase  which    has explanation  is  perhaps  found     in  lhe'
I api led  io every  citizen  of    Croat fact  that the Upper Canadians     are
I Britain    und     Cnnadu, lus love    ..f largoh of Scottish descent,    nnd ibe
! pence     During trying years bis atti- Sc»t,  of all  eludes,  has always re-
' Intl.', and the attitude of ilna nation garded Latin as part ol the ordinnrj
, un.i.-r ft tierce trial wus corroci   to- school course   Rut there i- no   dnn-
: wards tbe people of tbe British Km- gt-'i  "f tlm elassics excluding what is
! i.uv     lie did not forget, us you have called   more  practical   leaching    1'liy-
| not  fo'   otteit,  that during  youi   re* -i-V ar* « compulsor>   subjec't,     and
cent years of trial,  when you were manual training is can-full) intended
drawn Into a w.ir foi  freedom   and to alike     In prlinorj  and secondary
civilization,  the hoarts and    voices sehools.-From The London,     Eng-,
Of   lhe    British   people   W.-ie   one   with OlobO
you      Tb   i  that   tribute  which     he	
paid        .r..l winch  the whole   \ioui- B.C-. S«w Auet.t-O.tieral,
i..ti   peuj.ie  paid   to   Qi n   Victoria       The    lion      John llerberl Turner.
ot blessed mcinorj  will nevei  be for- who  is to go  to   London  as  Agent-
gotten        t>\    us        It    is   these   1-fCOth-C Oeiiel.fl   Ol   the        Pro\ lie'.'   M   British
lions,    added to the ties of kinship. Columbia,  is the son ol Mi    Turner
of language,     und    all the common of Ipswich,  England, and was horn
trndliions     of  the English  speaking m   Claydon In  ISM.     Etlucatod    at
inc.-  that  account     lot   ibe extraor- Whltestablo,     near  Canterbury      ho
it- Canada in 18S6, and nfter
 ALL   I'INJiS   01'-
II   Is  this    tluu     1"   I'li'si.li'iil       M.'Ki
■    who linlo Lis.-
I. ,.  ih.'i. uml li,.'.iili-
ill,   ilislitut I,,us.   I,,    Inn',
iKlisni, ungitKlnR    iii l.i.siiu-ss n
whole    llritish Btiupirc     Surely town, Prince Ettlwartl Is
,...sliu of those us,, ,„...|.t..s,   our ml    to     Victoria,     1.
slilj..   ,ii,,l  11.,--..- ..v.-ni. in  ,,„. |if„ foutllletl      Iiii'      cxti'lisiv
.sum ili'.nl rifsnlfiii wlll'tinlte   to linns.. which ffoofl b.  his
Billion, in Hi,' |,ii
Usmliluiilon, .m.l I
l.'I'SI.II.     ,111,1     III.I,.I
ilil.'s (,.i     svhlcli
I......  (>"   Hi,'si'  s.vii  Kii'nt   ,1s
,'i.  '   ..   gOl.lul,   illlllSliii    ,,(   |li.
In-   Ifl'uvo   lii.it   will   ,'inline   1
'       SI linn here ..- wc
-.1 .....I       Y,.u   I,.
ln.    ..,!.,-.  thul
.„„.      lis    .,   tl.lll
,„   11,,' Enittim, ,-,|i
III-    Sill
11   to
.it orilor .it
"1    A in.'t iriins,
world over'.'    ll
,1,1 tie ,!
ivlnit  i. Hi,  duty nl
nm wo, lii    tl,,' ,lul \
mil   ,,l   llnli.ns   il...    \ in.'ll
..( svhich in minuet, to !"■ tin, head.
II.. wns elected in lln- Victoria City
Council in 1876 nn.l Hi,' is.'i. folli.w-
ii.e .".us, imii wns Mayor ,.f that
his [nun 18711 in if-si At tin,
i'.'iii'.iI election In isflo ho wns returned to tin' 1,1'sii.sliitim. in the I'nii-
serviitlvo iiilt'i'i'st for th,' City nf
ml    hi 1KHT entoretl    the
Rough and 1
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, |
Shingles and f
One nf the Most Comfortnbh
Hotels in East Kootenay,
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnuhrook, 11. C.
\     K    II    Dl
"I   till'   |nisl
it,  n
Hi.-  In
nsh Hie
tho  |,,,'s,iil,   ,.,   s,,w  in   n   sinril     .,f rlcultltro      Ife  won sin.'.-s-ful  nl   the1 T
lllllll   l.'sulSr    II,.,(    ,„||     |,,||  I     1,- |;,.,|,.,;i|    nlCCtlOUH    Of     18H( I    1804,   I f
«.". -   .hill      lead  ,..  Ins,   i,ml order, nml III Mjni'li.  I80IS, on llln I'li'Viilimi i
,..   lih.'l'l.v   Without   llii'lisi'     iiit ill   Hill    T.   I'.ivi..   tn   lln-  t'hi..t  .Ins-'- i
Sllll    till
'..inlni'tit   nml   hell
illll.i,,.; in n is,nil, ii, a h,K|
I/. Hi, ,n.
Anil   sinml,I      wa  nnt   t,, ,1
liii.siii.'i, .,, the lini.'.l Hlal
fi lli.w i ti-S'iiii'fi i.f i'ii,iiiil
i.',' hero. i'ln»|i In,ii,Is   i„ ii,
me of pathetic hist.,,,,- „,e,n
I'l'SIIIll'    111       till'   s|.,ii,    ,,,    ,,,
IJi   nml  lln- K.inil   1
I   con- ti..'sl,i|., nue, led  him ,,* I
I   Civil- 1,1.,1111111,'   Die   iillliv   nf   Ullnls
In  nml  Aeiji'ulturi'      Me    , ,,,
•,    my cr t....It nn active pnrl In ilm form- .
,      niv 'i'i     'hi,     lirst   volunteer I'lllO
who corps enrolled In Prince Edward ls-
1."il,I- In,nl. nml served In tin' i.nilss nf the
•y. ami lirs,  vnliini ' corps formed In Vic- '
u.,,,,,1 turns,   11.  ('.
0 s
.■ue.'ll    li|„,    HU'   en,,11    , *,'|.sill,'lii        Win, *"*""*—————-——-"                          , ..—.■■   ............ j—- ,   .........    , ,,   ..... .......       ..,,,,. ,,,,.  ,„ „,„uu„n,,
hive passed uwnv this veal' that u I." Kn«w Woman.                   ! i°ur linn and ttoosls we h.ndle is»iiiiicklv ns pussihle.   SEND NO MONEY J
shall, unit s one people l„ lovS     A lady hll !,„,„ „  - on   she,-' JWITH YOUfi ANSWER.   This Is a I'll EH conteRt.   A postcard will do'
„,„,    ,  ,.,    ,        .,           . ,,„.,'",,'      "'" , " '"     ',      '. f           Those wh.. have not r-celvoil anything from other oontau, try Ihi, on..           t
".:;!.,:::.;,i ::l zs, ";:l:!-:t. :,s v£Z£% l:,,!,,i:;": *,:;s; •••^^empire supply co.. or,ll,»,0ai.*da.-»^-*u
I ,,!   1 s Mini ler nl I'lnnne id Ar-
I  nl   ie,'
the   past
,""l nml
I   the  III,,
II"'   ',.,!,, Is    leSS   hnleliil
police repression, the    Nn-
 loads A clutton    "I-
i lienor way
,,'  ,,, deal  in  tins country
ss win, wnii.    only
tlis. ilmivJitet,   nm,
their     voices are ,,i;.,n,si   i,,w     ,,,,,|
order und    nil lluil  smi hold dear
They arc    alien ," s I t" the
,t nn    nf    your Institutions     in-
■ Li ...I tlieruforo, nt s,ni|i ktlchcns for
the unemployed, (-Ive ilium honest
tabor instead nt wustlng your i.,-
«ources in winching ,,„. lawless , !,-
in ,,He,inns I,, your puis, offer It on
public works, un national lilgliwaya,
the  illternnlive ul labor ur  the  lush.
(Loud apiilultso.)    I .ssilnuli with nil    ,
sei'luusness   thai in tin velopmont i '"* wl'"'h ndologato
of municipal,    .•.late,     niul nnt
highways, in the Improvement nt tl
streets in your cities, Ihore is i
to you  tlm easiest,  in ■ wisest
tlOn   nf   Sulue   ul   the   Blent    mul
.null   problems  thnt    confront
And  it  Is  n SOllllkill   Ihnl   lines
Involve the throwing nwny nl  n
but  its   .vise  inveslt it       I,   ,„     ,.x!
jieiulitiire which while curing   suctuf
*,ul ii,ill,uml ills will yield s- ,n
ample economic return,    (Appl„„s„.)
,   And now I desire     in c 'lesion al-iullm vote,.                                       any position bul that of President of
spooking o„ liohalf of tli" f iintlhm I 'rl"' ,,,'"l'i',''lingn wee brought    to  tho    l.'niieil   Stutes,    nnothur  says
jnuiile,  to convoy to i    inr e i. ' a ulnar- at  18.80.    There were u low   there ere nil,Hides In his own    land              ,                   „         .
fings 1-t two respects, ou, Intorost In I a-iiin'llnna In th* -siiill. <■.   one   of  hoc, it roach, such ns Rldeou Hall, I    wc do. Yours tor trade.
tin. work in which t'hia ,.    .1 it..mis **'0 prominent uncs in-itig Mr   A. i\ j tl"' cotninantl    of the Canadian ,„ili- I
jCongrtins    ,. ongattotl  u,„. s> , -ivm- MaoLaron, II, I'., SUatfortl.               Hu. nnd the huisd place In a uulvcr
 '                                                                 aiti or two,
—FREE— \
Wo will give the above reward to nny person who will correctly arrange thef
iovo lettort* to spell the names ot three Canadian cities. Use each letter buti
inbove letters tospe
\once,  Try it. We will positively give tho mone> away, und yuu may
f fortunate peraon.   Should there be umro than 1 Bet of correct. iinnwe
i money will be divided eijually. For instance should 5 persons nend in eorrectl
\anewern, each will recoil ?-IO : Bhould 10 permna send in correct answersA
each will receive $L'0 ; iweniy i»?r.-oii«, $10caeh.   We do this to introducii^
letter buti
ay be the \
wars, thef
-reuluat  earthly gift tu man, us   a everyone on our sout snld "O! O!"
ticreil trust     for ibe highest inter- Dut this didn't du the Judy's head
sts ..t humanity, and conseL-rau* It any good,
o perpetual peace.                             | Before    the conductor could reach
When .Mr.     Patlullo took bis seat ber a   man  with  mi  eyeglass and a
prolonged applause,   dm- silk but   had jumped oil, uml, piek-
ihe iiutii- inK her up, commenced to brush her
ml moved that the thanks clothes,     Tbis merely  illuslrntes the
of tin- meeting uml of the American 'net that a man need not necessarily
.,, , people  be  tendered      to  tin-  speak.■!'. be u slilT because he Wears u silk but
(    ; and through him to the whole < nn- and -crews a monocle Into one eye
,    ' udiaii ami      Jlritisb  poople,  for     i be Tbis     uuin      knew      women  or  ho
„   ■ kind  words     which  they  hud  heard, would      not      hnve   brushed   ofT  her
n,' | nnd for the    sympathj   uml friend- clothes  before asking her how   her
ship that  bad been shown the Amor-   head felt. 	
ie-in  people in relation  to ilm death I ~ "
tif President     MoKlnloy,    The    mo- Bo'n* lmi'»Silble Pmltloni,
lion was responded in with loud ap- A" oxclmngo having remarked thut
' plnuse,   nml   aflerwiudfl   ettrried      by " Canadian  was eligible for    nlmost
A. T. Vroom,
Woj-oti riiiklnK,
nnil Painting.
All kinds of work Riven prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Cosmopolitan $
Hotel S A
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
American Drinks. Leading Brands of Liquors
and Schlitz Famous Beer dispensed by the popular
bartender, Charley Armstrong. "Ji
J. R. DOWNES, Prop. |
Robinson & \kKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
until you ice.
If to, don't buy    npi   TIPD    The Onl> Whole-nle l.li|uor Dealer In
rOLtl ICI\   South Bill Koeltniy.    Write tor Price,
Cranbrook, E. C * =8- *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
II Cranbrook
il Hotel .* &
liuests Comhirt s Spctialt>
iiu.iil Stabling in Connection
NcHresi tn rail toad and depot,    lias accommodations  for lhe public   unequalled   in   Cianbrook.
 Proprietor       \\
......... ...'.i
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he mak«
up for -iefici-cncics of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. Wc not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure* and improve a poor
one, but wc put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think  of  selling   at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Crnnhr.mk, li. c .......
Balance of Bt tnd Skirts at  bargain
prices to in. i . room foi our  spring stock.
A few good li   ■  left.
Bargains in heavy winter suits, Pea fackets
and Men's in I Bov,s Overcoats,    Call in.
...   .   -,   .
The Jeweler,
I keep a large and -.,, d
stock ol
Watches, Clocks.
Silverware and
It you buy oi Tate and il
is not milil, Tate will
make it right.
Official Watch inspector lur
Crows Nest illvlefon C. I*. ti.
J       LOCAL   NOTES      I
v«**-<■**•»■»*■» s»*»*»-l»»»»•**♦**•<
Picked  Up Aboul lhe Clt)   by  Askinjt
[JitesllouH  ni   Main   People.
:..-i,r- ■■!'■',-. in -uiiin,' will suit you,
\   i: nl.-.. -I Perry Cm.k, was in town
ei    Kiue    ul   NVlsi
i.i N   ,,l   .\    Co '■, ad  Ihis week,    ll
mi   Gill visited Governor   lliinseii
l-illmy,  win,  ii Crtui-
A Problem
II John Jones' in.'.'iii,
Jj.smkj ami ills- fiiiini.'l llvi,
expense of John   i'i"    in
I imily is ii,.,,' ami   [i li
J'jnes i.nly i'.i' ne,    i lib- i
Ruranee policy nl *.■ >
does Jiilm  Jones ,-;..,' hi
family to live tsvo >-,
his death?    In-i ■"■
NOW nml know lhat in tin
s-veiit nf yuur   sleuth   s ,in
s.ile uml   children    ire
ijuntely provisle.1 ,":
C. K. PALMER, Hisl .sin
Mul. Lilt; Assurance tin. ol'.
i  .i.n..i Tuesday,
Horn, lo Mr, anil Mrs, King, Moodily,
|ai u,s,y nil,, I','.-, ii Ims
I'he wenttle, has not   been  very  good
lalelj i , lhe hockey players.
I'b,   i,,:i I- and- streets have been a
;lnre ol iee the past few days.
Mrs Itrickson lias liesin t|iiite ill the
pus, is.,'I,, liiii is griiiluallt improving.
A   I! Grace smsl wife   of  Fort Sleele.
were s'.,iiil,i,,,,l. visitors lasl Saturday.
1    Inlin Ms-Ilonabl, svbo will open a new
b.ilel ii Murysville wasii, town Tuesday,
W  S. Keny and wife  lefl  Sunday for
I'ernie,   which   is   to   h:   Ihelr   future
ll ,s sniil Ibal I', sit. Meilburst, hump
y ol thisi-lly s«
iouthern Colli
station agent  on
ck-Websler, chief of pro-
ii> the Iviinti'iiiis's. is mnk-
lisiii'rtnill   .if  F.BSt  Kunte-
Livery  S
iif. Rnrbei lias leturned Irom Fernie,
ml will teimiiii in Cmnbruok fur a   few
HARRY l\ll.'. Il.l.li
Manager '.*•*•   ,,**   ,.-t
Pn.ltlie Mnlloy, -' workman at
'.In, -Mile who whs hurt ii few weeks
bjjo, wns able to leuve the hospital   this
Proprietors  **   ,<   ■<    :    On.-nf the most urtisti.  caletulats we
  llHVe  -e. ii I il -.line lime is llienne issued
Teams and drivers furnishi-d fm  :mj   Im !'. Ihiiiu .\ -.,..    It iu a beauty iu de-
point In the district, i)     md coloring,
| iiir-i, lonnerlv ofCiaiibrouk  in
ilu- early days, him lireii very   MiiTessfiil
I'.'.iiij:   it. Fernie,   and  is now  in
I   lliignu, ..! Spokaue, mm of the
..I- i ■ ul lb" ..Lu \r,ville li.wnnile, is
■■I he.illli nul ims gone tn Cali-
. foi Ih..- muter.
l'rest, Mn- photographer, hns on
n in In- window, iseverul pictures
i.'.viMe Iluit show lhe pro^re^s be-
, t.ie in tie-   inciter buil.lings.
Ihirus .md his general nuuiuger,
Vi'son, were in town Saturday,
■■ . with ..   W  Doble, the mans-
"i    Mi.-   rnmpany    in   South   I-;ast
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe .11 id
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.    Ml kinds
of repairing.   Qive mc a mil.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
The Misses Moii.it gave a pleasant
party Tiiesdnj evening io a number ol
Friends Progressive euchre was the
program, innl ilmse present spent a
mu t enjoyable evening.
■;r"i   ■ if| l.i.t Snl unlay for   bis
i ; V    I ,*■ iei lm** ht'en  working
Of all   kinds. hard in his line for the   past   two   years,
1um.il:   hu-.! man)   contracts  In Cran-
byrups,   Champagnes,   Udcrs,  bn>,.k, KlUo and Perole, and hits earned
Ginger Ales, Elc.
Soda water in siphons.    The  most i has a ranch near
economical way to lu.i lie it,
Home Hade
That is what ours
is like.   Tn il.
City Bakery.
Our hunt,, bread, cake uml tickets lor sale at
(1. T. Rtiger'i grocery Btorc.
was  iu i   Dtibronk  thla week
tter,  Mlas iMnood,     He
.,,1 foi lb.- Meruld before leaving,
lhat   n friend   bud  sent him   a
,: i'ni be Ihought tl  was a   good
; p.ipet tu hnve around the premises,
i-L.m Hit! Marysvllle Trlbuuo
Joseph Schalch returned from Nelson
aliet a week's vacation,    Mr. Schalch
aaya .Mai ysvllle ts good enough (or blm,
Sam Lovatt, the well known mining
uun, says -111 owned the Pedro I
would -.ell my sbln lo keep develop-
meat woik going ou it."
l'rest, Kast Kooteny's only photo-
giapher was in Marysvllle on Saturday.
lie look pictures of some of the city's
hilghlest business men.
A \V, McVlllte has been laying out
seme very handsome residential lots on
llie other side of Mark Creek. A small
public park or garden Is located In tbe
ceutie of these lots.
Mr. Greer Informs us that lie has
the contract lor the hospital and thai
he will commence work on the building
wilii llie nexl week or two when ll will
be pushed to completion.
The tlrst game of bockev was played
iu l.eank's ball between Hums and
Clark. The match was a tie, but after a
lively dlsciisslun It was decided by
lhe referee Fred 1'leper lo ^Ive lhe
victory to liurua.
.lelin McDonald secured his license
lasl Tuesday and will open bis bar iu a
few days. He Is experienced In his
flue, and will carry only the best, ami
what Is more, will always treat the
public right.
ilu Tuesday evening last a very en-
ioyable dance was given by a number
uf young people of Klmberley and
Marysvllle and one of the most successfu1
nl this season, ll was held In the North
Stai hotel. The dining room wus taste*
full)' decorated with bunting and ever-
gieeus. 1 .li ne li was served at 13:30
o'clock which freshened up the many
merry makers. Al 13 o'clock all of the
crowd assembled and joined hands and
sang "Auld Lang Zyne." Afler spending a very pleasant evening the gathering dispersed about 4 o'clock. It is
hoped lhat this will not be the last dur-
Ibg ibe long winter mouths,
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college ol I'
Tin  ll.-i
1,1  IS
ii receipt ol ti postal
ui One i
v   Mexico,   written by
Col. ... II.
lids,   one  of the  fust
selllei ■ "'
null and   formerly  a
large prop.
IS' nw
iei in this c!ty,     The
Colonel -.,..
-, II,,! 1
ug nl what he  Is (lo
Ing, lull -,'
Ui   Kins!
II,-   le
rds lo the pioneers ol
■ I yesterday from hi s
i Iiii  lather, Senator
King, •' ".
mproved,     Tbe  Doc-
he weather very mild
the entire
ni through Manitoba
were wondering what
they were not snlfer-
ity aboul   40 degrees
A.  Melhide    mllier ol   Ibe   Mcllrltle
rolbei       ihi   city,  is iu  town  for u
iei visil      VI1   McBride is uu old resi-
,-: ;t 1.nes, iiiiiI  is now en-
■ I 11 BUCCeRBftll business
i'iiu'i-1 ! ie easy     ll is possible
Opboltlerlnft and General Piirnllure Repairing tha: In joined here by Mrs  Me-
Wlll attend In nny wmk   111 tbe  di 'HeljlKldi', il    ' In >    nny    leui-iill    iu
Office and store, Ailceil bloi I
near Canadian Hank nl Cmn
merre, Cranbrook, H --'
I    ■■'   1 ■    '. ini   . \ ■.; iii vveeka.
"Hutch" Predicts (or Marysvllle.
Murysvll e Tribune,
The present issue of The Tribune Is
ihe tlrst of the year 1902, Of course
uo one can predict, with certainty,
what will happen during tbe coming
year: but still, by pulling two and two
together, one Is led to believe that January 1003 wlllsee a flourishing city at
Marysvllle. By tbe time that January
1003 comes around we shall see, on tbis
magnltlceut townsite, one or more
smelters with their toweling smoke
sucks, ilslng sky wards and proclaiming to the world that tbis Is the Smelter
City ol Eist Kootenay. We shall see
the tlrst lead retlnary In Canada In full
operation, converting the smelted ore
into pig lead ready for the markets of
ihe world. We shall see huge buildings
In which will be manufactured white
lead and lead pipes, thus for tbe lirst
time, in tbe history of lhe Dominion
supplying articles used to a vast extent
In Canada but heretofor Imported although tbe raw material from which
.hey are made is found In our mountains
in unlimited quantities. We shall see
or. Main street a continuous stretch of
brick blocks, perhaps not sky scrapers,
but still handsome brlci: stores two or
more stotics in helghth. Our streets
will be graded and macadamised. Our
electric light plant will be In toll working order, our water works and sewer
system will be running. The beau'.iful
benches to the north of the business
section will be dotted with handsome
residences. Tbe hospital will be In full
swing. Schools, churches and government buildings will be in evidence. The
new bridge across tbe St. Marys will
have been built so that the miners ot
Perry Creek and the country across tbe
river will be enabled to outtii at Marysville.
By the time 100H comes round Marysville as a city will be a power In the
laud, her population will consist of a
vast army of workers, there will be uo
room for drones ia our city. When the
whistles blow in the morning we shall
see this army of laboring men starting
for the various manufactories and work
shops witu their tin dinner palls and
we shall know that these bearers of the
dinner pall are the back bone of our
city, the foundation ou which It Is built,
and lie assurance of her future greatness. 	
The Cupper Situation.
That there should be some uneasiness
In a district, which, If it Is not a copper country, Is nothing, over the present condition of the copper market, is
not to be wondered at. And that un
easiness arises from two causes, which
may be put lu two ipiestlons that arc
asked dally by the people of the Boundary, vi/ 1 What Is the cause of the drop!
anil how will It a fleet the operators?
lu reference to the tlrst one, the
slump dues not seem lo be permanent
in character or to have Its source in the
supply ai.d demand of the metal. This
is dearly shown from tbe reports of tbe
copper ptuducers of the L'uitetl Slates,
given at their meeting held in New
York City.
The more reasonable cause attributed
by experts Is the failure nf the Amalga
muted Cupper company, controlled b)
John D, Rockefeller, and the Rio Tlnio
mines, controlled by tbe llothcbllds, te
come to a mutual agreement.
Wiih reference to the tjuesiion how
will It affect the Boundary operators,
and the district In general, there are
several things which should be borne
iu mind. First of all, if the llmilngs of
the copper producers of the United
Stales be correct, and there is no reason
10 doubt lhe ollicial reports of such a
comprehensive  body,  the   depression
will be of short tluraliou.
Then a fact of great satisfaction  to
' ■■    ■
il    ■
all our p.-opie 11
any ate tbe chi a
on   this  cot ni'.
that fact is 00
ponani •    ih ii
tbelr works... I
the largest aud
of coppd or.- in  li
The ores of the Irons
ami   Victoria  ar.
meuse bodies .ti  »"i ■
with the installation ol
lor loading, the cost at that end '-'-111 b-;
sllll further reduced    It must not  be
forgotten   tint   these ..res -.iio carry
large values ot gold,
One uf our local bank managers 0
authority   tor the statement  that tho
Granby company c»u manufacture copper with tho market al nine cen"., .mil
,1111 make a very band so me pr< Gt,
In thu face ul  ihe..- consideration*,
the worn that caa result Is that the
,'Otnpany may (ur a time have in be
loolent with a simllcr margin than at
present.    But ne ire assured   ili.il the
public need give  ll-ell  no Unxlfctj   0V6I
any other serious offct 1
The \\il> Uoer.
The following Is an Illustration ol Lli*
willingness ol ihe Ilcei
During lasl December, i .-i before
Oalviula was visited b) the invaders,
the village was liui.urt.l by lhe visit   oi
au organ grinder.
lis musical ifpeiton was of a pronounced loyal character. The turning ol
the handle almost always evoked ihe
strains ot '-God Save the lung " --Soldiers ot the Queen," eit.
Hare was a line opportunity for the
loyal sect lo declare itself,
Altera aection opposite th.: house of
a well-known "passive* res Iter," a per
eiuploiy onler to -move oa" came from
Its occupants.
The adjourning house happened lo be
the domicile ol a llag-wavlug loyalist,
and needless to say a liberal retaining
fee was offered the boycotted Itinerant
musician, who, nothing loth,   made   the
welkin ring with pattletlc airs, to the
delight of the loyalists and the discomfiture of the ami loyal-,.
I'or tbe nexl fe* days the organ visited every house of any pretensions in
the neighborhood, ami though the loyal*
Ists were iu a minority, the music
grinder's treasury benefitted hugely by
this species et ra-.iic.il opposition.
Alas .'or lhe pool loyalists—it was a
will of the Boer Intelligence dipait-
meut, for llie manipulator of the oiyau
was a Boer spy, whose method or discovering "who was who"  in   Calvinla
as infallible in Its results
InkT luipiTint Preferential Tariff,
The Canadian lO/.ue. published In
London, England, says 1 "Sir Cbarl »
Tupper lias, we see, returned to Canada
m Hogland more than ever convinced
lhat IMtlsb public opinion li making it.
toe direction of an inter Imperial pre
ferentlal tariff The Times advocacy of
a duly on com ia specially pointed to a.-
indlcaiive 01 changing pubi c opinion
here, but Sir Charles cannot be forgetful of the taci that the Times has, at
Intervals, any time these past ten years
talkttl lu much the same velu, We cai
frankly say that our reading of th
signs of ibe time lu lii 1 gland Indicate*
that protection in any I1.1111 likely t.
please the Canadian exporter, Is ne
nearer realization here than it wai
when, say, Canada adopted ber pro
British taritT preference."
,    10.
'; :.!:■'. 1 .1
..it..        ...
■ ■
belt li
tilt; ilti/nliug
.1   lo
, II
hell 1
I   Willi
-   Sll
to   tr
A Surprise,
Tbe friends of Wilke ,".
Christmas day for bis li
New York, were surpristi
on his way east he steppe
lage lor tbe purpose of ;•■-
The bildevvns Miss Mints quite a story connicte.
den decision of both pn
thut true love is bound
the end.
The Way oi the World,
Drink anil the gang drinks with you:
swear off and you go it alone, for thi
bar room bum who drinks jour rum ha-
a querulous tasie of his own. Feasi
ind your friends are 111 my: fast ami
ihey cut you dead; they'll not get mad
II you treat them bad, mi lonR as the 1
stomachs are led. Steal if you get 8
million, for then you can furnish bail
its the limit tiielf who nets out on leavi
while the little one goes to j.H A
vertlae and tha dollars couiu rolling;
quiet and tbey fall to arrive; for ho*--
are men who have more m mey to spent
to know that you are still alive.—Kk
MiiiiiikIiim; i" Drawer,
A woman will take tin- sunniest
drawer In n dressing table for her own
private use and will pnek nwny In it
bright bltfl ot boxes ur nil shinies ami
sizes, dainty fragments of ribbons.
scraps of lace, foamy rn flies, velvet
things for the neck, bundles of old
love letters, pieces of Jewelry, handkerchiefs, fnns, things tbut no man
knows the mime of, all sorts of fl'osh,
bright looking knlelcktmckf. tbnl you
couldn't catalogue lu 11 column, uud
she can go to that drawer nny hour of
tbe day or night ami pick oui nny nrtl-
ele kIh* may Imppeu to waul without
disturbing anything else,
And a mini, having the biggest
and deepest nud widest drawer assigned blm, will throw Into it three seeks,
n collar box, an old necktie, two handkerchiefs. 11 pipe and 11 pair uf braces,
and to save his IITe he can't shut tbut
drawer without leaving more emls
sticking out than there are things lu it.
und It always looks ns though it hud
teen packed with a hydraulic press.
The Mn 11 ami the  I.lint.
"When I was once lit danger from a
lion," said tin old African explorer, "I
tried slttlhi: down uud stni'lug lit him,
as 1 had no weapons."
"How did it work:" asked his companion.
"Perfectly. The lieu didn't even offer to touch me."
"Strange, How d.. you account for
"Well, Bonn limes I ve thought It wan
becnuBc 1 at down on 11 branch of a
vw> taU in-e/'-Peaison's WeeUlj,,    ,
ie I..m..-I. ruuiu
lite -.'■. f lu 1 ,,'.., :.■  - ,-!.-.!-,.,
I.-       .   ,:i   .-." tit ■     it:
i-: I..- .'i. r..-< !-...- und ample grumes
i  .'..... i ...j .,,.   1....,,, ,   .,
aero are (mitcle-i vast, with ihelr waving
lien-  llelii.* ..I   Wai-llltf,   md Lit  grttlu!
I'u I.L..I  tu tl.e Stilliuui'i-ili-j slie   u
l  tin   ■liver)   iiuum,  in »n aaure   iky,
Ike the piles ajar lu the m-inuiilji hind,
i -H-U :i.".' in in., ilri'tiuis,
Tlivu .....  in,- u'i f tu .."ii brlnUI slmre,
'.Neulii  in.'  11.,1 i.i,'  leal   um]   the  (fuldeu
,11 in.  ..,1.im sun,
■ t s. i     imi
era in  ti.'i   forest
'!"•' in.' hunt ,„ 1,.-,.'..-.. brave ,ni.l it'll.-,
.U iii- lu ml tvhli ii nave um   .1:111.
i ■
■  ..
■s- '• --
:,    '
A '-.' --
i'avs ro in ii. v im iti'.iiii   #
.    '■ V,,"   •/    ■!..,!'.!  J   U  ,j*    .
ok Books
A large invoice just received.
Everything in the way of rft.-<
tionery, tlie latest and best.
$ ~ to 1 -'-    ," .' ■■/ W1&MWfrfr*k$ O "
■V  -'       '    '     . IT I'AVS TO DUAL WITH BEATTIE   sV .
''. "•
lie New Year
• in
l„l   Hi
' I.n. I  "I   i,".,i   I  IIIJ.IIllli- s,..,,,,
iO.,,'»'.','.,'. OkVOOul'i 11,,,,.,
l'o lil« 1 1 uf  tlio ni:i|,!,'',  s'li,. SauJ ot
Ilio Hi','
o s'liiiiulii ,.„■ ever!
-A. j. Mark.
•I-, iiiiji.
TltAS    Ot    1,1.-    S Illl.l'V    o,    St,   Mil,,„o
lho Cl,,' ul Moi.ttt-t,l.
Illlrilm  llm ri'i'i
ltd   liiisihuss i„
\li,l'„    Ol    .I'I     'I In'   l.llilll-
fun,, iimli'i' ,i,i- sving of old Nolru
Uuin". Tlw Jocoi'silloiis consisted only
of ss score mul „ Imii' Hut's bung ovor
ilu. high stone wall. Tlu-j svuru ovcr-
■lia.luv.-G-l,  I'l'lipM'.l.   by   thu   displssys
positively nn,in looking in tbe iim.li-
-i'I's.uii . Iiii! in ilu' nun of s-yes ill,'
Mugs betrnv ,! bislory. Tbe lings uro
Willie,     yellow,     blue,     the   t'lnglisll
• I,n'l..   II..'   Ki'i'll.'ll   tl'il'i'l"!'.   .;!"l   llsult
ilia above all  the Willie e i     ol
ll„. society. The svhlti     isgs are gn y
with age.  the yelluw dl  ■ .   uml
tbu null il emblem.   Ion    !-. ■ ", .imI
worn. Tli.it big white ling above bn»
Ii  bus   Uoulod
uiliiiu victory li lt.12 n lluimleil in
the ln,','.'e will, lhe ti-l.iol.ir of
l-'riincii ,1,1,1 the .luck of ,,lil  Eugbinil
when s,.l..,.i,,|„,l wna i .-UGl-cri,     nil
ii   -.111!,,,Ii.i',I lhe joy ol   lii,'    liriests
sv,,',   ll.,' Jubilee \s.i-- celelu-nled
l-.i'i".   I'. 11:   ll'.il   greeted   tbe     I'ul.e
Prompts ns tn remark that ths.- Fttrii
tins, business is peculiar.    To plcast
people one niiist have goods and pri.
t!i;tl will  suit  the  people.    All Inn:
have been in business in Cranbrook onlj
;t few months our trade has rapidl)
creased until il has reached pleasing
portions.    Our Furniture evidently suits
the people.
Wishing you all a Happy and Prospe
ous New Year we remain,
Yours Truly,
!> F-M, Secretary.
Next Door to Poslofii
im—11 iiii mw    ■
I isra .m.i mmmmmmmmmmMfim
1 T
....Dealers in.
11 Wall S Paper,
i;;ij Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
] V/'       '""'-lidings, Etc.
=| /J\ Paper Hangers and Decorators.
un.   .li- . lio.r
I',,n't      iti.     it   isn't   tlis'   Iniko  ol
V. lone the 1..111,,11 cl rs, bul tho
throne    mill  the  ,plc  behind  II   -
tlio beef-eaters, tlie sturdy moil,
Ilmse who base made the little island great.
We look ,1! tlie Iiiilse mi,l pass lilm
usv.is down ll„- lung avenue of flril-
isb history. He cheer because Wellington   \s,,i   at   Wistl'I'loo    -ie   .li ■
because lhe maimed, glorious Nelson
fell mill es,',.' mull iliil bis duly; wo
cheer because of Gordon, the groat
in.in null 11 soul Unit '■'..,ni'"l in
,.'.u-li ran mul love the whole world
vie cheer because of Alfred the
tlreiit,   iiie road-maker and    btii'iioi
of    pancakes;  wo cl ,'  because     of
s'r.ii'.s. ,-il. iho old-time rough rider;
I ..11 1 Sllul espeuro,  tho pool   for
.ill Um..,  I Mllt.11 . Ills brother   in
v.1,11, Hi
iso nt  ll.vron    nml
11.I tllutl- ;    vs.
■r whom ss.' lovod,
lldmotlier; because
11 we respect,    Ins
I'he arches, Ibe greal guns, Hi" In
ilolfoll,   ,',11111 iirs 1111   lln'ir   knees,
el i". are uut   for  lho  Duke    uin
!,iu   in limn>r nl" lln' groat past of I
little   |.l.n,,l   lli.il   lie  ,',■,,iv .1,1..   ,1
ii, si ■ history  lm in,,',  .-..un' t,
iiil.f a vital pari  us King.
No It. It., -i.i!   .ur..li<.1
"'I'I.' fertlllly nl lhc soil
pn   ml anywhere,"  suld   Mr,
waul      nf     Iran portatl    whelher
,'.!',.,1.1   or   ts,"1st,11,1.   Ii.i.   I ll   n-
IIUIV1..1I       Iml I.  II   SSnillil   l«. 1 lilli, nil.
1 1  ,1 1 ■ do 11 .I.I.. 1,"lii for
inuiii'ii.ii '   Lift,   settlers   who
ur,.'  1 "'   .1! 1   1,1  grupplo  stub   tho
null s       illllli-illlles  .mil   I I.In,i'i
in,'i li'iilul     In original   settlumenl."
The limber in the 11,.in.   Luke ills-
trl.il   u '"  i,mul   lhu	
bull su I      I' •• ur.. large iirons
Inlin.    II
lube,' for lho lliereus-
nl.t    .',"!   iii   M.mill,, ,I,mill   I Iml   in
the near future     the    1.111 1  tho
IV Is mill Hutu-* I.ii!,.. iiiiiI lln' 1 1-
orolls other st.ii,!.. in  ibal   purl     of
tho t'riivln,',, ttnulil in- resorted    to
lit ler tourists ,'i'i'in  tho  I'liili'.l
Stall's  oa  well  us  from  older     Ontario. .
ivii III,,,1.nml ,-.„,..
Thn Ontnrio fishery Depurltiient Intend ,n keep rlgbl on catchlni* lias,
in Lnko 1'1,'ii' uud ii;iiisi,;rriiig tlieiu
in inland wat'.-n Tliero ttill lil.uly
be it liine, When tho Wi'iitbi'i'i.- very
vviii'in, that tin' b.iss cannot bo so-
cured, llu'ii Hi., men will censo operations.     Altogether the tlopu-'l ut
hits    ii'iuisi'ei'r.'il I......,,, I,,,;.     from
l.nl.i, I'li'ie to tli" various Inland waters    nf   lb>'   province, mul ai my
iiiinv will I"* I'liuvil in the streams
unit lukus ni tlif piiiviiiL,; beforo tlio
winter cumes,
Should not be\vitl,r:i!
Kin-Hec    Nickel
Quick Coffee Pot, Su
in Construction  and
feet in its Result;:.   C.
be had at the
THE MN-HEE QUICK COFFEE POT       l/INf.     M F R f A NT I ! F     I
THE ONLY Ptkl-LCT COITEE POT MAUE.   l-'l'"    111L,l\l/rt II 1 I L.L,    I
ivith hoHhiB
mil eolll-o ku
mi innl
waned! Llli
- High
i n ii
e.     A.
The O'tieit Rstablislted Hardware House
of Souiii Last kootenay
Cook Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and see our line.   Will make attractive prices la i
[f ivI.J' i>;<:\'
hen You think of Insurance
Ami vt'ii should Hunk of il with winter .0111111): mi
You think of HU1
See him or liis right bower, TOMMY TURLEY
in all the
Towns In
P. Burns &
Wliuk'Hak- anil kclaii
I Meflt Merchants
M Fresh and Cured Meats Fn. s!
m      Fish, (tame and Poultry.
Wi iiiitt
~-i        We supply only the best.    Your
>M       trude is solicited.
E3BEE!0Sa0JElEi[Silsa[i3^ .,


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