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Cranbrook Herald Mar 8, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oao, A. Cox, Freakleiit. B. B. Wuin, Oen. M»n.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Ageiits--The Bank of Scotland.
I. W.H. SMYTHE, Manager.
• • • • • • • • • ♦■♦ • •
First Class Dry Wood,
Fir and Tamarac.
See Sam Mitchell.
Post Office Box 25
Spring S Goods
Are on the road and will arrive shortly.   A large and .well assorted stock of DRY GOODS will be placed in their new store.
A First-Class Milliner
Has been engaged and is now purchasing a spring stock in
Toronto.   Hold your purchase for spring goods until you see
our new and up-to-date stock. REID & CO.,
Toronto Clothing Store.
Tie Strathcona Horse Have Uii -to-
lawa for Halifax.
th; "housewives" sent to the. boys failed
to go around. The ladies «-*re in formed
anil lour more ■ were pre}-.red and for*
varded yesterday by Dl><Br*1 to Halifax,
BO tliat ail lip •applied, i be other fiuu
.-wereHnriy MorgBU,' Alex- jWDoiiald 11.
Hutkeund Barry Thomas.
The Boys are Feeling Good and
Enjoying Lite to the Fullest Extent.
!! Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling ia Coaacctloa
Nun rest to railioad atul depot,    lias accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Bremner & Son,
J We have this week opened up a large
* consignment of goods from Glasgow, con-
$ sisting of
; Carpets, Rugs, Scotch
;      Ginghams,  Zephers,
I Mercerised Goods,
; Dress Goods, Etc.
£ We linve also another lot of Faacy   BImscs.
m Ladles' and dents1 Waterproof, S-alrtt, Collars, Neck-
Jl lies and Novelties.   Mist McLeiy li ta arrive Ihls
5 neck wilh a tall assortMCit ol ap-to.Me •Hlla-try-
m Her excellence as a milliner will he  shown   by
9 her work,    Further.tiolice |of millinery  own
£ inn will be given.
Utter from Walt Edwards.
Ottawa, Pel). 27, I90O.
Dear Friend Eneas: Hello, Ohl Fatty!
Uow are they using you anyway? They
are not using me any too had. It was
pretty hard on us the first few days, hut
we are getting used to it now. We drill
about four hours a day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. We have
about 300 horses here now, hut have not
used any of tbem yet. There seems to
be some pretty hard tickets among them.
Tbere have been about six fellows kicked
by tbem already. Tbey roll us out of
bed at 5:30 in the moruing to get out
and take care nf the horses. It has heen
very cold here tbe last two or three
daya. We bave got cur uniforms, four
•suits altogether. More clothes than I
ever had tn my Hie before. In fact, 1
hardly kuow what to do with them. Of
course if I had tbem in No. 10 I suppose
you, McNeil and Brock would have a
suit apiece, aud I would be as poor as
ever. Thia is a great town on Saturday
nights and Sundays, (Charlie says), you
have to beg to get a drink. Ike Foster
is the life of the camp. Jack-BonsOeld
was down home at Toronto for a few
days. AU the boys are pretty well doue
up with colds. We are on the exhibition
grounds. We hunk in Ihe stables and
they are a little airy. We get pretty
good grub, but are only allowed out till
9:30, unless we have a special pass, as
they call Ibe roll at 9:30, but we often
go out and stay later titan that and
make a special pass of our own through
tbe fence. I suppose]McNeil and Spell-
man are with you yet. We saw Jimmie's
mother and brother as we passed through
Winnipeg. They were afraid that Jim-
mie was wilh us. We should soou have
a pay day, aud I don't know what I will
do with all the money—four bits a day.
If I get it I will get my photos taken and
aead tbem down to the boys. Wk arc-
all about broke uow. so we have to keep
pretty quiet. Well, this is all tbe Hew&
I kmw at present, and I hope that'this
letter finds yourself and- all "the boys
well, as it leavea all the boys hete. They
all send ft-est regards and wish to he remembered to all. I think if you answer
this letter fight away it will catch us
here, and I will write you again before 1
The same old chicken,
Walt. Edwards.
, Card ol Thanks.
John Mel luff semis The Herald tht
following card ol thanks  from the Cl'att"
brook boys:
Ottawa, Feb, 27, 190*1.
Wei the undersigned, hug to lender the
ladies of Craobrook our most sincere
ili-itik-> for iheir great kind uess In providing Ul each with '•housewives" :
Chas. Peterson,
R. Shaw,
Wm. O'llcarn,
Edwin K. Murry,
Will. Fanning,
W. N. .Clarke,
John McDuff,
I. M. Foster,
Jas. Wilkie,
Adam Hall,
George Hazel,
Geo HauiMy,
J. K. Kennedy,
J. Uonsfield,
Jack Ntsbitt,
W. f. Haynea,
II. Melton,
W. Edwards,
Waller West,
Fred G. Arnold.
, letters have heen received from Curly
Hamb|y, Charles Peterson, John Mc
Dull" and Jack Kennedy by their friends
in this cily. The boys are feeling good,
and speak well of their treatment, but
find iL bard to get accustomed to the
rule of saluting every officer they meet.
They have bad a good time in Ottawa,
and are now neatly all broke, hut are
not worrying any.
The Members of tbe Legislature Desert the House.
UOViiRNOK speaks to empty seats
A Phase in the Political Fight in
British  Columbia That   Has
Attracted Attention.
Captain White-Fraser, formerly ol
Warduer, and well known iu South Kast
Kootenay, has received a commission in
I the Strathcona Horse, and will sail wiih
the contingent from Halifax.
Dr. King saw nearly all of the Craubrook boys at Ottawa aud found litem
feeling good and enjoying life. He
heard that Lord Strathcona intended to
bring the contingent home by the wny
of the Mediterranean sea, give (hem a
trip lo Europe and a visit lo the Paris
Adam Hall, -nne of the volunteers, returned yesterday from Ottawa, having
failed to pass a final examination on account oflns eyesight. He was given a
pat-s iu the Pullman hack to Craubrook,
with free dining car service, antl treated
like a gentleman.
Big Clearing
To make- room for summer goods wc will sell our
entire stock of
Rubber Foot Wear
These goods were bought early last year before
the advance in prices. We will give the public the
benefit of these low prices.   We have a full line of
Men's, Women's, Misses' and Boys'
than "Mr. Speaker and gentlemen of the
legislative assembly," when lhe galleries
again went wild. At every reference to
tbe house the ga'ieries again boomed
forth hisses and insult, some strident
voiced spectator yelling at intervals
"Where are the members?" Amidst the
uproar Ins honor went doggedly on to
the end of the address, the final sentence
ef which again caused pandemonium to
break loose—"I row release you from
further atteudnuci," And as he bowed
to the empty house, eerie in its emptiness, tho galleries pimply shrieked with
laughed and derisive comments.
Hen's Heavy Mackinaw Goods,
Will all go the same way.
Fort Steele Mercantile Cor w
Cranbrook and Fort Steele.
Strathcnna's Kit.
Att Ottawa  paper says the kit to bej
given* Uie Strathcona Horse is no exteu
sive if is hard to know just where to begin to ennui era ti- it.    Well,   lirst  of all
each uran will bave:
Three -woollen overshirts, two undershirts and two pairs woollen drawers nnd
three pai ia of socks. Mention m ust not
he foi gotten of two woollen waistbands,
or cholera protectors, *'
Next,  lhe outer clothing.   There will
be an abundance of it.
Two serge suits. *
Two khaki suits.
One heavy military overcoat.
One waterproof coat.
One cavalry hat.
Two pairs boots.
Oue of the serge suits is for mounted
dre-as parade, the other for foot parade.
When mounted the men will wear iong
hoota; the trousers for the riding uniform
are made short to suit; when walking,
the Men will wear ordinary hoots of the
heavy make, and puttees.
The riding boots, by tbe way, are of
splendid stuff. They are made of calf
skin, lau colored and are beautifully
aoft. They are sixteen Inches long. The
men -are -delighted wilh them. These
boots were made hy the Slater compnuy
specially for thc contingent, ami each
lutot carries a label to that effect. The
marching hoots are of very heavy serviceable leather,
The khaki suits; One will be used
for active service—that i.s mounted work;
the other around camp.
The tunics, both serge and khaki, nte
mane double backed, so ns to allow for
the wear of the bandoliers, or cartridge
belt.   When the material wears, a fresh
outer back can be sewed ou.    For both
suits there will be browu leather belts,
The serge suits, of course, are rifle green
Tbe serge suits have a white collar with
a narrow red braid at the top,
Other things are:
Two handkerchiefs.
Two towels.
Pour single blankets.
One toque (woollen).
One razor.
Two clothes brushes.
Two hair brushes and two combs.
One pair braces.
Oue tin blacking and brush.
Oue waterproof sheet.
Knife, fork, etc, etc., etc.
It Relieves In Protecting Ibe Business Men
of South East Kooier-v.
A few wfeeks ago The Herald received
request from an eastern advertising
agency for rates. The request was com-
ptiftl witli it nd lhe same rales quoted as
are gtv.eu to the business meu of this
district. The Herald does not believe
iu making fish of one and fowl of Ihe
olher in the matter oi rates, and we have
always insisted, since we have been in
lhe business, that if theie was lo he auy
cut in rales, it would tie given to the
home advertiser, aud not to some foreign
firm. The tales'were accepted iu this
case, and a contract forwarded for an
advertisement for one ofthe leading de- i
partment ' stores of Toronto. Now, a
newspaper editor hates to throw off any
coin. He needs it in his business, and
here was f 20 cold, in this contract, hut
It was no temptation to The Herald,
simply for the reasou that this paper had
no desire lo extend an Invitation to the
people of this district to send dowu east
for*_ their goods, when they could be
bought here at home. Snch an adver-
ii-ieul'eit't-woiild work' more injury to the
merchants than any oilier one thing
could possibly do. It urges the reader
to send for catalogues and samples, and
holds up llie inducement that big money
cau he saved by   patronizing the eastern
In the first place this is a fallacy.
Little or no money can be saved wben
postage and freight is taken in consideration. Then, again, the Toronto department house does not care two cents for
the prosperity of Cranbrook and South
Hast Kootenny. It there are sidewalks
to build, tbe home merchants subscribe
fi$lo fio. If there is distress in any
family, the home merchant assists to al-
leviatt it. If tbere is fire apparatus to
buy. the home merchant is nlways down
011 the list. If there is to he any celebration, the home merchant puts up n
large portion of the money. If there is
a movement to advance the interests of
Craubrook, the home merchant is thc
one who gives his money nud bis time
lo push it along. The home merchant
is 11 permanent resident of the town,
Ills money builds homes and furnishes
work to all kinds of labor. His money
is always in circulation for the good of
tlu* community and materially assists in
building up a town lhat enables the
workman who has left the east on account of low wages, to earn good wages
here. -
These are the reasons that caused The
Herald to return the contract endorsed
"respectfully declined," with the additional explanation' that this paper
would not accept aii advertisement at
any price, that it beleived would, directly or indirectly, injure'the business men
of this district. That is The Herald's
position, and it will adhere lo it so long
as the paper Is published.
Flud the Others.
Dr. Bell received a letter from John
McDuff, slating  lhat  there were  four
more members in (he Craubrook contlu-
gent of Ihe Strathcona Horse than was
A New Feature.
B, II. Small, proprietor ofthe Cosmopolitan, has inaugurated a new feature
iu Ibe way of Sunday dinners. Willi a
dining room double the size of the old
one, he is able to handle large crowds
with ense, and last Sunday he had the
first of his series of family dinners. E.
R, Orchard, the chef, had a magnificent
bill prepnred, and the dining room was
crowded, Prof. Fred Shaw, tbe pianist,
furnished   the   music,   and   the   whole
t generally supposed.   As a consequence  thing was n grent success.
Victoria, B. C„ March 3.—It Is probable (hut the scene enacted when the
stormy aud unprofitable session closed is
without parallel in the history of British
government. On the part of tbe mem
hers the action waa evidently pre-ar-
tauged, and so far as their part was concerned there was noi th; slightest bitch.
It all went like a well written play, aud
it will pass upon the records as tbe most
dramatic affair in connection with provincial legislative history. It was ot
coms;e tiie choice of Mr, Martin, for the
premiership, tbnt roused the dominating
bitterness aud prepared the way for the
most extraordinary spectacle* ever witnessed in a Bri ish house of representatives. The course adopted by the house
was arranged on Wednesday evening,
and both sides found themselves bound
in common cause against the the action
of the governor, l'arly d (Terences, old
grudges, were dropped iu the face of
what some did uot hesitate lo call the
common enemy. With a full under
standing of what their course would he,
ihe members went down to the chamber
where a stormy hum of conversation indicated lhat great events were ou lhe
tremble. Members stood in groups irrespective of party, and eageily discussed
Ibe rituatiou. Theu the speaker took
tbe chair acd prayera were read, tbe
vast audience reverentially standing in
silence. Almost before the people had
resumed their seats, Mr. Prentice hud
risen with a question of privilege resolution, whieh had a seconder iu Captain
Irving, nnd read as follows:
"This house has no confidence iu the
honorable third member for Vancouver,
Air. Martin, who has been called upon
by the lieutenant governor to form a
Wild cheers burst from the galleries,
aud tbe members joined unanimously in
the overwhelming uote of approval.
The rules were suspended and the motion passed, only Mr, J. M, Martiu of
Rosslaud, voting nay. Hon. Dr. Mc*
Keclittle was on his feet asking for a
record of the names wheu imperative
orders came to the sergeant-at-arms to
remove the bar of the house, as his
honor aud retinue were waiting to enter.
The sergeaut-at-arms hurried to the
brass rail tbnt means so much in the
pomp and circumstance of parliamentary
government, and hoisted it up and back.
The big doors of the hall were then
thrown open and his honor resplendent
gotgeous uniform, carrying a gold-
hilled court rapier, was seen for a moment, standing in the full glare of the
brilliant sunshine that streamed in from
the dome; behind him, iu formation of
lwo deep, were several naval and military officers, whose uniforms heightened
the effect of tbe picture. The imposing
pageant advanced slowly up the center
aisle toward the throne, and hia honor
leisurely mounted the steps Between
him aud Mr. Speaker Forster not a
movement of salutation was made. The
two simply looked straight at one
another, Theu the sergeant-at-arms
having removed the mace Mr. Speaker
slowly turned away, and went down on
the left side to the floor of tbe house,
his honor immediately taking the chair.
The oliicers grouped themselves on the
steps and ou tbe dias beside his honor.
AM this took only a few moments, but
while this was going on. every member
of the house had left the house, going
out by the doors nearest their own seats,
and when his honor looked up it was to
behold tbe strangest spectacle (bat ever
greeted Ihe eyes of a representative of
Uiieeu Victoria or any other British
monarch. Not a soul was lo be seen on
the floor of the house from the fool of
the house to the north door, where au
ohl man stood peering as though undecided whether to enter and take a seat
or uot. From tbe galleries burst a
slot in of derisive laughter, hooting and
groans. The officers of Ihe staff seemed
uch embarrassed. His honor visibly |
blanched and appeared for the moment
ompletely nonplussed. He coughed
slightly, put out his band toward his
private secretary, withdrew it and pulled
dowu the peak of his cocked hat, then
pressed his spectacles more closely to
his eyes. Next he took from his secretary's hands a copy ofthe speech. It
was upside down so he turned it around
and coughed again, The uproar in the
galleries continued. The naval and
military officers fidget ted and looked
surprised aud uncomfortable, It was
painful to observe his honor's restless
nervousness as he pressed his hands together in agitation, for the time being
seeming not to know what to do. Mr.
Joseph Martiu stood near lhe clerk's
desk, impassive as a statue—he showed
no sign of either agitation or anger. His
was perhaps the only countenance iu
the whole assembly that was absolutely
Immobile. His honor rose slowly, lhe
speech in his hand, bowed with formal
motion lo the empty benches, and fai-
leringly began to read the speech, A
wild outburst of jeering laughter, applause ami stamping came from the galleries and drowned his opening sentence
Then he tried again, aud  got uo further
There will he n slight change in the
editorial umuageuieiit of The Herald for
a lew UlOUths, 1 have anauged to be
absent fiom Cranhrook lor six or seven
months this summer and fall and Ibe
paper will be in charge of II, M. Went-
worth, editor of The Herald when it first
started, 1111 ! Mutt Rockendorf, who has
been with me at Warduer and Cranbrook since I have beeu engaged in
newspaper woik in tbis district. Tbe
names of these two gentlemen is sufficient guarantee ihat the work of The
Herald will be continued during my absence ou the same lines ti:at has established its reputatieu as a friend of the
people ami an untiring worker for tbe
best Interests of the  district as a whole.
The reason fur my temporary absence
is a simple one. '1 he average newspaper
muu, although laboring early aud late
for the prosperity of the community iu
which he lives, is uot bothered witb accumulated wealth. 1 am one of the
average, and at ihis time I have what
seems to me mi opportunity to make
some money, nnd therefore lam going
lo embrace it, 1 have formed a busiuess
partnership with William Doble, former
ly of this city, aud George Shier, former
ly of Foit Steele, for the purpose of going to Cape Nome with u stock of general merchandise. We will leave Seattle
one of the Ilrst boats, and have three
or four mouths iu the new Hldorado.
We may fall, but we expect success, and
are willing to hustle fur it. Our plans
have been carefully prepared, and we
are not going into Hns enterprise wilh
our eyes closed.
To the peopie of Cranbrook. I bave
only words of thanks and praise. Tbey
arc the besl lot of people any uewspaper
man ever had to ileal with, and my return this full will be looked forward to
with pleasing ant ciputions.
F, l;., Simpson,
Tbe English Army Continues lis For-
ward March.
Boers   and   English   on   Friendly
Terms   at   Kimberley — One
Victory Follows Another.
Londou, March 6.—The Knglisli forces
continue their marches forward, aud
meet with nothing but fleeing Boers.
Tbere has been little or no fighting the
past week, as Ihe various Doer detachments were too busy seeking cover. It
is uow thought that there will he ope or
two more decisive coute**ts and theu the
war will be practically over.
MitorThe Herald.
Many   Improvements   and   Changes   Being
Made b)  Business Men.
George Johnson, the assayer, has secured rooms in the post office block, and
will have his headquarters ihere as soon
as lhey are fitted up,
J. R. Cosligau will move his office to
rooms in the post office block as soon as
the work of refilling the place is completed.
W. F. Gurd will occupy the rooms vacated by the Cranbrook Stationery company in tbe townsite building.
As soon as the new store to be occu
pied by W. T Reid (& Co. is ready for
occupancy, Mr. Reid will move the stock
Into tbe new quarters.
Mr. Beattie will soon commence the
work of enlarging his store room. He
will add the room now occupied by W.
T. Reid & Co,, giving him twice the
room he now has. This will tie fitted
up in good shape, and when completed
he will have the besl fitted drug store iu
East Kootenay.
McFarlane & Dickinson will move
into their new quarters on Baker street
in a few days.
Prest & Co., the photographers, have
moved into their new gallery, and are
busy getting everything in shape.
The firm of Sherlock & Bremner has
been dissolved, Mr. Sherlock reliiing to
look after his interests in Lethb'idge,
and Mr, Bremner taking over the busiuess iu Cranhrook. Mr. Bremner is desirous of extending the business, and
will make arrangement! to carry out his
Joyous Scenes In Ud*. smith.
Loudon, March 2.—Col. Rhodes, the
brother of Cecil Rhodes, describing in
thc Times the entry iuto Ladysuiith of
Lord Duudonald and three hundred men
of the Imperial Light Horse nnd Natal
Carbineers, February jS, savs:
"It is impossible to depict the enthusiasm of tbe beleaguered garrison; cheer
upou cheer rau from post to post, tnd
staff officers, civilians and soldiers ran lo
greet them. The contrast between the
robustjtroopers or a dozen battles and
the pale, emaciated defenders of Ladysmith was great,
"Gen. White and his staff met .the
troops iu tbe center of the town. He
was cheered with heartfelt enthusiasm.
He addressed lhe Chilians and thanked
them and lhe garrison for iheir magnificent support through trials which we
alone cau realize. We could possibly
have hung on for fix weeks longer, but
ihe privations would bave been great
and tbe sickness and the paucitv of our
itumuniliou would have limited the
number of assaults we would have been
able to resist
•*We started the sei-ee with 12,000
troops, *K>no civilians aud 4000 natives.
Between casualties and sickness Sc-00
soldiers passed through the hospital.
I: is impossible to overemphasize lhe
privations of the sick. Since the middle of January a man once down was
lost. Tbe reduced rations of soldiers
fust sufficed for tbeir subsistence. Pally
thirty old bones and mules were slaughtered and convet ted into soup acd sausages. From January 15 to now there
have been over WO deaths from disease
alone. The last fortnight saw lhe majjr-
ity of tbe field batteries unhorsed and
ibe guus permanently posted in our de-
lenses. The cavalry 'and drivers were
converted into Infantry and sent to lhe
trenches. A line of defense had been
constructed with tbe view of a possible
final contingenry if tbe outer works
should be carried.
"Since the investment the total casualties were: Kdled or died of wounds
24 officers an 235 men; died ol disease. 6
officers and 340 men; wounded, "o
officers and 520 men, exclusive of white
civilians and natives."
iiii-mii'in has dunged
I'. Uvans retires nnd
of    Vancouver,   takes
The Kaslo Ki
hands ngnin.    W
Harold   Sands,
Tbey are giving classical concerts in
Kaslo now, and reports of the en tne are
being printed iti double columns.
Tbe Ferguson Ragle is now screaming
at Ferguson, for lhe whole Lardeau
country.   Col. Brayton is said to he batk
of it. 	
Got Their Heads Examined.
A blind phrenologist h'as been examining lhe beads of many of the boys the
past week, and has told the owners a
number of things that makes them feel
better. The average man loves to be
told lhat a hump or depression ou his
cranium indicates power for love, ability
lo govern, faculty of acquiring coin of
the realm, or any old thing. It don'l
make auy difference how lie got the
bump, he will gel down from the stage
firm In the conviction that the Lord in
tended him for greater things, and cruel
fate had Intel veiled her clammy band
aud yanked him nwuy from prosperity
and fame. The game is easy, aud there
are new ones to play every day. A few
catch phrases tike "material matter,"
"potentinl functions," "mediaeval mediocrity" aud "iiiispinarious aphorisms"
do the business and cause ihe coin to
drop into the hal.
Friend aid Foe Fraternizing.
Loudon, March 3.-— Lord Roberts
wires to the war office from Osfontein,
under date of March 2, as follows:
"I have just returned from paying
Kimberley a hurried visit. I was much
gratified at finding enthusiasm among
the citizens. Regarding Ihe care of sick
and wouuded, all the men had been
made most comfortable. 1 was struck
with the friendly manner 111 which tbe
wounded Boers and our men chatted together upon the experiences of lhe campaign.
••It delighted me to see our soldiers
sharing their rations and blseulta with
the Boer prisoneis before they commenced their march for Modder river.
Some of the poor fellows were very hungry after being half starved in the Ina-
from llie Free I'rm-
Dr. Bonnell, medical health officer,
has heen kept busy during the past few
days vaccinating the school children, iu
accordance with the requirements ofthe
provincial board of health.
The school board has engaged Miss A.
Wriglesworlb, of Victoria, as third
teacher for tbe school. Mi*-. Wrigles-
worth is a sister of Messrs K.andW.
Wriglesworth, of Fernie, and has had
considerable experience as a teacher.
She Is expected to commence her du'ies
here at once.
Tbe station agent at Crows Nest is evi
dently ofa reflective turn of mind, or he
may be something of a philanthropist.
The following notice, which he has
posted up in a conspicuous place in his
office would indicate tbat the public has
been in the habit of imposing on hts
good nature, and be is desirous of "rooting" out of them some ofthe worst of all
evils: "Notice—Ou and after February
18, 1900, the agent at this station will be
on hand to do business with the public
from 17:43 to 5:54 daily, or rather nightly; if any one desires to do business at
other hours must dig up $1.00 for lhe
privilege. There is too much evil in
this world and I want to get at the root
of it."       	
Look lor Somersaults.
If Joe Martin is successful in the fight
he is now waging, there will be some
great hedging by papers Ihnl abused him
while be was down. Ami Joe Martin is
sin nt euough to fool them, CRANBROOK  HERAU)
THURSDAY,    -   MARCH 8. 1900
I*. ]•; SIMPSON, Editor mil Mnnnger.
Mlli' vi*:ir 13.00
six months I.U
Tlie ileraUi ilestres to glvo tlie newsot tlie
district, H jou know any aboutjgrour town
your limn- in* yuur people, send it to tills ofllce,
Deeds ol Heroism In tha Wreok or the
Tasmania, un Mahal Peninsula.
To the brief announcement trom Australia of the wreck of the steamer Tasmania with heavy loss of life, mail advices from New Zealand add stirring
When tin* steamer left Auckland on
July 28 she hud iiii board Bfi saloon und
xt Bt 'age pasaeugors,  unhiding   o
number booked through rrom Sydney.
Tin* place where the vessel was lost is
oft the extreme northern point of the
Mahal peninsula, between Glsborno and
Napier, where tint rocks, awash at hi^h
tide, extend seaward n mile from the
shore. In dirty weather nnd on ;i dark
night ilu* steamer, In chargo of die
third ofllcer, mn nearer Into land than
wns consistent with Bnfety. Tho captain, aroused too lui'. waa unable to
avert the danger, and the vessel struck
eveu as the order was given to bring
her hood out to sea.
It is satisfactory to know thai all on
hoard, passengers and crow, exhibited
COlirngO and common sense.   There was
iiii Bign ol panic, nnd It wns apparently
with good intent, though in apparent
bravado, thai one man net himself to
pluy thi' piano in order tu keep up the
women's spirits. The limits were got
mt quickly and Iho transfer, desplton
heavy sen, made without much difficulty, Two hours after striking the
steamer went down, hows first, and the
boats made the- best of their way tn
Tin* loss of life oceurrwl In landing.
I'lie larger boats, containing nearly nil
the passengers, .-ame through surely,
but the dingy, iu which were eight men.
turned turtle In tho surf and two of the
occupants were drowned, The chief
steward's bonl Is also supposed to hnve
capsized, ond it is feared thul Its occupants arc drowned. Six bodies hnvo
been washed ashore nnd the loss of life
altogether ii pul al 13, Including two
men who perished  In an attempt to
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Good lob Work?
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Yorkea Teloacopo Showa tho Moon
Is Uninhabited.
steward's bonl
ig al flow Ilnr-
nrf. They np-
unsized in the
An old Maori saw tl
trying to effect n lam
bor in n very heavy
penred to have only on
u steer onr, The boa
fittrf, and every man swum totliebench.
When they touched bottom, however,
they were swept back, lour hung 1o
the Keel of ilu* boat, hut were washed
off. MeXellle, who wns the only seaman
iu thc carjwntcr's boat, acted very
bravely, When the others become exhausted In* stuck in tin- oars, and,single-handed, hrou-ght tin' dingy within
two chains of the slAre, whbn it* capsized, and he wns dashed on thc rocks
nnd killed.—-San Francisco Chronicle,
Inmirniiei- I'lltml Work** (ur lln- Poor
nn   Well nm lln* hi.-iiirrit,
At fires In the homes of thepoorjheso
detachments of the patrol work just
ns earnestly nud conscientiously to stive
property ns ihey would in the expensively furnished mansions ol ihe rich.
At tenement house (ires they are of
grout service. First lhey aid in getting
the people nut; then, guthering the
goods together, thc patrolmen protect
them from water wilh tarpaulin covers.
The majority of these fires breakout in
the bnseraonts or cellars: then, following the air uml light shafts to the lop
floor, they spread, nnd tio Hie crealest
damage in the upper sforles, To extinguish these tires, the olher floors below hau* fo be flooded, and wero it not,
for fhe fin* patrol in many cases the
poor families would lose everything
they owned,
One of the cnptalns of the patrol remarked: "Why, it would do your heart
good if you could heur how profuse
these  poor people are [ll Iheir thanks,
ind ilu* blessings thoy shower on us
when t hey (Iml we've unveil t hftlr t lilngs.
They go running nrouud, wringing
iheir hands nntl crying: 'Everything's
hwt! Everything's loni!' and thon,
when the (Ire is out-, wc lend them bad;
and show them their filings, ns dry nan
chip under the covers, and—well, say -
there Isn't anything they wouldn't do
for us! Half the Hmc they're not Insured, and it isn't our business to protect people who are not; bul we're nol
supposed to know everything and our
orders are to protect property Ilrst and
llnd out whether it Is Insured nfter-
wards; nnd ii is nol our fault if we save
the little all ot a lot or poor erent tires
who half the timo haven't, a change of
clothes to their hack. Yoit l-rt. we get
to work just as (juiek in n tenement
house (Ire llfl in a big house on I'ifili
avenue, and  we do the same work iu
both places, no matter whether it's for
the rich or the poor."—CharlesT. Hilt,
In St. Nicholas.
The m | ver un p.
Then an* fishes comparatively common that it Is almosl Impossible to keep
alive in captivity, or even to make cap-
tivc without Injury. Among these is the
-silver gar, Tins fish is found in coil-
sli km I ile numbers in these waters In
summer) in southern waters it la common. It attains a length of two feet, Is
extremely slender and spindling in
form, and iis head nnd jaws are pretty
nearly a quarter of its longth, the jaws
tapering almost to a point. It is liable when captured to do injury in the
net either to the tip of the long jaws or
to some part of iis slender body. Il is
accustomed to swimming nenr tlie surface, iu weH-aeruted water. Silver gnr
taken InQrafCBcnd bay, (hough handled
with the greatest of cure, have died before they could begot to Ihenrpinrium
in this city. The silver-gnr is very different from the hardy, bony gnr, of
which then* arc Beveral specimens now
at the aquarium.—X. V. Sun.
Thereby  BUowlng the Atuvrtiom ot
French Asttonotnees to lie Er-
roneous—No Air -ur vwe-
I ttt Um.
Neither water, nor air, nor vegetation,
nor ei Idence of life In any form can bo
seen on tin* inooii through tho most
powerful telescope ovor constructed.
The greal Yerkes telescope 1ms already
entered upon Itsoarcerof scientific uso-
fulness by adding further proof to tho
well-established fact that the moon is
.. dentl world. II hns been trained upon
the lunar sphere bj two of the best
known astronomers of this country,
who are connected with the Yerkes uh-
pervatory, nl u time when hy u peculiar
coincidence the scientists of Paris were
preatlv agitated over the discovery of
what were believed - i bo Indications of
rivers and plant*? up mi the moon.
Il was the good fortune of P. L, 0.
Wndsworlh, one of the observatory
sttilT, to gel tin* firsl glimpse of the
moon through the YerkcB telescope. E.
\:. Rnrnnrd was the next member of the
stoif to gaze ut thc far-away planet,und
Hi* conclusions of those two learned
gentlemen arc Identical in thnt they
ngree thai neither discovered anything
of Importance to the scientific world.
'Iii.- peculiar lines and spols noticed by
the Parisian astronomers on Ihe map
of the lunar planisphere that is being
photographed in the Mendon observn*
lory were not to he kccii through the
Yerkes telescope. There was nothing
edditlonnl to he noticed hut au unusual
iimoiittt of detail on the surface of thc
moon never seen before.
"The moon tea mnghlficcnlsight seen
through the Yerkes instrument," Raid
Mr. Itnt'ti'ird recently. "One can see nn
enormous number of small details never
seen before, sueh ns small craters nnd
minute crevasses, but Ihere nre nn
traces of air nor vegetnblc life to be do-
■ci ted. It is possible that the line*?
found on the photographs taken nt the
Mention observatory mlghl be crevasses,
I don't pretend to say what Ihey represent,   I only know that lhe observations
'aken here fail to glvo any confirmation
of the theories of the Parisian astronomers." i
The reported discoveries tit the
French observatory aroused the interest of a number of astronomers who
gathered at lhe Yerkes observatory for
tbe purpose of attending its dedication'. None of the number wns
■■indy to give nny indorsement of the
theory thnt life prevailed In any form
on the moon, howover, and all agreed
wilh the opinion expressed In these columns the other day by R, W. Burnham,
If lhe atmospheric conditions had been
fiivoruble il ia likely thai every one of
tin* distinguished scientists would hnve
uvnilcd himself of the chanco to peep
.it lhc moon, lint tills pleasure hail to
he foregone, because of I he clouds.
"There nre just us good photogrnphs
taken through small iuKtrumentH as
with large ones," said George ti. Hale,
director of the Yerkes observatory.
"Prof, l.newy. director of the Paris ob*
-ervtilory, Ims undoubtedly mnde the
bcsl photographs of lhc moon, hut the
best photogrnphs ever made will not
show ns much us enn be seen through
IS-lnch telescope. The lines noticed in
the photographs of ihe Mendon ob
servolory hnvo always been noticed, and
uo astronomer has yet ventured tons*
seri that they represent active rivers.
1 entirely agree with lhc views of Mr.
Ilurnhnm on the subject."
Carl Hunge, dii tor of spectroscopy
at ilu* observatory in Hanover, Germany, is another one of the distinguished visitors at the Yerkes observatory who holdB contrary viows to those
reported nn coming from Paris. He considered it very Improbable thai a photograph of the moon would he made ihat
would show objects 1,000 feet long or
high. With Prof. Hnlc, he believed it
possible thut the spots on the Mendon
photographs, which were not considered shadows, were to be accounted for
■is variations iu the color of the moon's
A niong the other nst ronomers present
ni the Yerkes observatory were Simon
Neweomb, director of the Washington
observatory; Prof. II. f. Lord, director
of ihe Emerson McMillan observatory
at the Ohio slate university, and Prof.
George T. romstoclc, director of   the
Washburn observatory of lhc Wisconsin -talc university at Madison. The hitler will present a paper before the distinguished gathering of special interest
under ibe circumstances.  It is entitled
"Atmosphere nf tho Moon," und will
iiituln the final conclusions of Prof,
unstock nftor a prolonged study of the
bjoot.—-Chicago Tlmea-JIernld.
iiuiiMKH  JiiiIki* ColllS h Wnnl.
They were discussing various tilings
in Ihe clerk of the supreme court's oflice the other day, that is, a party of
judges were. Finally the talk drifted
i.ti the subject of coining word-* and
phrases. Mr. .Justice Allen made the
remark! "J coined' a ne.wwnrd theolh-
et* day. It ia a good one, 1 ihlnk, nnd
perfectly natural, but I have been unable tn find* It in uny dictionary. The
word is 'enforolbllity.'" The lawyers
present studied awhile and finally till
ced thai the word would be very useful, and lit certain eases exactly. Chief
Justice Hosier declared that he onee
used a word that exactly described n
ertain ease, and it seemed to him that
il whs by fnr the best* term to apply.
The  word  lie  used was "obtentiou,"
j meaning the net of obtaining,   Judge
c.nm*.~.mHVa7r77n~Vnrin. Dostcr Anally discovered the word in a
Paris consumes yearly   more   Ulfln ' rare old work ou interstate taw.-To.
5,000,000 head  nf game, according to   P«kR Capital.	
the Daily Messenger of Tarls. This
eludes STO.000 hares, 1,075,000 lurk, I
(ion partridges, 12,000 deer, 221,000 quail,
176,000 ihrnshe*- nnd blackbirds, sr.,uuu
pheasants, Jlfi.OOQ woodcocks, i l.coo
snipe nnd 5,000 crnke. No notice is here
taken of game thnt is Bmitffjflctl into
the city, -N. Y, Sun,
White frost is ihe ortlinnry frozen dew
or hoar frost, Ittack frost occurs when
the cold is mi intense as to freeze vegetation and e.nuse it to turn black, without the formation of hoar frost,—Cincinnati Kit(|iiirer.
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Greer & Co.
Are prepared   lo   furnish   plains
nnd Specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
c4    .*    II. C.
K*********t2>**4 ***********al*******A**********A**»***l
\ The Cranbrook
1 Lumber Co.
|        Saw and Planing Mills
| ":AT
Q. R. L13ASK
Mile of 1'oronlo
Contractor «••< Builder
-AM,   KINI/S   OP-
ct!S '
Tliosp contera-ilntlnf; biillillng will tin well to lei
iiii- llgtira on tlie cnntrncls,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
(Jive*, the only dire< t rervire from
To all points
East and West.
First-Class Sleepers on all Trains
Tourist Cars puss Medicine Hat, dally for
St. Paul, Sundays and   Wednesday
fur Toronto,  Fridays fur Montreal
and Iloston.
I.v 9:10 n m     Cranhrook    l.v 13:01 p 111
Connection tri-weekly nt Mcl.eod for
Calvary and  Kdmontou,  and daily at
Medicine Hat for all points  Kast.    Con
nectioti daily nt   Kooteuay Landing  for
nil points in West Kooleiiay, Slocan and
Boundary Districts, nnd for Pacific Coast
aud Main Line point-' via IJevelsloke.
Through Tickets Issued and Bag
gage Checked to Destination.
For rales and full illfoimaUoil nddress
nearest local agent, or
ti. M. MEDHURST, Agt., Ctnnhroolt
w. 1**. Anilenon, T.P.A., Neisiw. it. c.
D It. J.CoylO, A.O.I'.A.., Van.- iivit, tl, U
Notice Is liereliy given that tin* part arslilp
heretofore rxisttm; between 1 abort .'.- Bltcrlock
or i.etiiiiriil to, AiUortn. nml iicorjje llremner, nf
Crnnbrook, it.*'.,dolus bit-tlnest mul r tin* nun
inline of Slinrinek & llretimcr, Is his tiny ills
solved by inntitnl ronsoin.
Tlio liiulnein will n« Mitlniioil i»j* Qeorue
UrcitinerS sou, in whom nil accounts nro m im
mid, nitil by whom all liabilities win bo lottlctl,
Wltn***** l(. V.. Blicrlnck.
a. McKaoliBin. 'ii'ii. Dreamer.
Dated mn Dili day of Mnroli, i-mo,
■Notice is hereby given tlmt I, T, O, Proctor,
iiitr v ilaya nftor ilnto hitoml tn apply lo llio
HiHrointnl-Mlonerof I-wiilsimI Work« for a
BUyoui lenuot n»i ocn-s ol html ttllntito nlioti
lour nillos west of Wnrdner nn UioCrowiNosI
I'nis rnllro.nl. CommeiieliiB nl n port nurkeil
'i. 1'., s. k. oorn«r.
(Rljtncil)    t. (i.'l'rootor.
Dnti'il Mari'liTtb, IVOU,
Notice lahorony plvon that thirty itnynnttor
iiiiti* I Intend to mako apt Mention tn ilia rber
Cotninlmlonorof l-twuls and Works ror pi-rinis-
lotl to pltrellOM BlX liiinilinl anil fni'ly iii-ri-s nf
ami, coininoiiolllfl nt ii |mst nuirki'il II. II, noil
of flrf river, mul 1111111111; nnrlli eighty i-Imi iih,
tii**tti!e wi-st oij-iity riin'ii-, tlionco smith eighty
olintna, llieneo eaat eighty i'lmins lo llio point or
Dated at I'ornte -January », vm,
11. MtNTi.y.
Notice Is horoliy glVoa that thirty dnys aftor
ttato I hitoml to tnnko lapjillcntloii in tlio uhlef
GomiiilBsloneii of Ijniiila nnd Works for permls-
sioa to pitrolia-io six iiiiiuiied uml rojty acres of
laml, commonclng at n \> it mnrkorl 11. II,, about
i* niiles west nf i-.ii; rtvor, ami running nortli
elidity lilialns. tlionoo wesi eighty olinlus, llieneo
south eighty chain*), thenoo oast eighty chains
tn  pnlii  nf ciillUlK-lli't'lll'-lii.
Dated Pernio, B,«'., JanuaryM, 100a
.JOHN. I*'. .) All VI9.
Tako notice that one mom It after date 1 hitoml
in apjity in tiie di e[Commissioner of Utuis ami
Works for permission to pnrrliAso the (0 loivfng
dosorjtiott iHiidat Cuniitioiiclng al post pianteit
yards miilli nf tlu- tails nn tin* ilrju Imnk of
tin- t'-i|ier Moyie river, nenr Nigger oreek
iio.ioi-i east tn i-IuiIuh. llieneo north lu oliidns,
iiii'in-i* west luehitlnii llieneo south 10 olialns in
Hip.-linn-nf Iii'kIiiiiIiik ami eoninlnltis looncros
nuiri* or Ii-*h.
Illltl-'l lllls-Vitll .111-* of IVIil
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fori
Steele has always been a popular house.
,   CANADAS        .
w grand'1
Ofton Imitated,
Nevor Equalled.
Every Stove Warranted
Rest Cookers, Stronj-eot Hs-st-srSi
1.--A Longest, USO Leu-.t Fuel.
Made only by
lha   BURROW,   STEWART tt    J
MJLNB CO., Limited, ~
Pioneer dt Hardware
The largtst stock In I'ii.-iI Koul-
lhc place tu liny stoves.
The place to buy tinware.
The place to buy Kranitewure.
Thc place to buy metal rooting.
Q. H. Miner.
The...      i
One of tlie Most Cotuforlnljla
Hotels iu East KooteiiAV.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind. Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellm-M & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
|T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen hii stock }   It includes the bat of everyt-hing-,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
I Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
j   The hnmewlfe and Iht hacheler ■hoatt ieal Willi Ua,   It will Mr tbea.
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Regular  Stage   to  Kimberley
Tennis and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager  Jt   jt
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk or Commerce HUg. URAN'BKO
W. F. OURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
British Ctlmakli
H. L. Cummins, C. B.
Pott Steele, B. C.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Criiiihronh om-oe
15 and IA Haiiioii Mock
ii. l> VANDKOAn,   'Omubrook, It. C,
House and Lot In Cranbrook
Five rooms, pantry, cellar ind large
shed; for rent, ft2 per month, or for
Hale, f55», fas casb, balance $15 per
month. Advertiser will rent houm or
ntorea in Cranbrook, Moyie, Fernie, Port
Steele or Kiniherley, for rent or purchase
on easy terms.   Apply, P, O. bor 115,(1
Promptly AtUndad to.
Refilled Throughout
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranhrook, il. C.
When in Cranbrook
Stop at the   :   :   :
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :   :
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & O. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and  Liquors  at the  Bar
Thc Best Slock, Ibe Molt Satisfactory Prices, and
Flrit-Class  Work.      Repairing Neatly  Executed.
L'5;i:;'':i^:i;;0*!iL^fi^^iKSI«^f8afleKli^£:)i ', ', ', \ ', ', ', 'i, '
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richarils |
I'mprlclar ::: :::
Till* hotel bus been refuted ami rcfurtttalicil.    tht table
Ih tlie best.    Stitit-iffielory ntli-.i niven regular boarilera.
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B.C
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,       Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
U the hp:rald.
riouirienlly CW uracil Typo Marlca
SpociAiiy Prepared I'nycr.
Tbe English trade papers hnvo within ihe paei six mouths devoted cousld*
enable Bpace to the discussion of printing without Ink, a. subject which litis
couslderablo IntereBt to all who aru
engaged In making books, whether
they be paper mutters, prlutera or
publlshera. Tbe bnsls ot this sehotne
in mi luvuutlou for prtutlug by au electrical process, the pnteuts covorlug
whleh bave beuu ncqulrwl by uu Uuic
llsb eorporntiou
i rum whnt tun bo gathered from the
vn lout prluted uccomitt, die prlutlug
by thi:- method Is eCTected without tha
imi* of lull lu any form, by simply bringing tlio plntu In cotitm-t with chemical
Iv duuiped paper, llneu, silk, wood ui
m in*r um te rln I, die rcwult being n good,
cleur Impivisloti, tin- ilcuslti nt which
can bo varied ni desired, The print ub-
tallied It) HiU process reaeinblw lu
eteuruoss a copperplato ur lltho-ougrnv*
lug. aud is obialuud In a more simple
inn nner than by loiter press print lug.
The ordinary prlutera' type blocks,
forms, stereotypes or oloetrotypes con-
Btitiitc in theinsL'lves u Bullnble printing Burfuce uml may he used in a Bim*
ihu way. merely coming Into contact
with thc damped paper to form tbe
The chemical addition's to tin- paper
which make It susceptible to tl»* electric flint* nt ii i'l- to In- utlded to tin* pulp
iiuil are sukl ta be so cheap ns to enpse
no uppreelnblo Increase lu cost. The
paper does nut depreciate by keeping
lu --lock nud cnu bt- Buppllcd to ibe
primer in iho usual form of Hat reams
nml In reds. It Ih the Intention of the
patentees to gram licenses on moderate
terms to paper makers, so tbnt theru
wi'l he no uecesMlty for chnnglug the
uvttnl source of supply. The savins to
those who adopt electrlcul printing will
be. primarily, In the cost of tbo Ink atul
iti time ami labor,
it Is claimed Hint nil printing presses
now iu use cuu lie ndapted at a nmnll
cost fot* electrical inklcss priotlng, The
only chnuges will be to leave ofl tbo
rollers anil fill movable parts of tbe
bikini; arrnogentunts, tit a tliln sheet
of line rolled /.Ine around the cylinder
it.-* ti eollductor, connect tin* negative
nml positive poles rrom the electrical
supply of the press, nnd it will be
ready to print. The same electric motor iluu drives the printing press will
also supply the current for prlutlug.—
PuUishers' Weekly.
iliiiKi'*-, Kola Compound Curca*
1 Homo vc-od ago thin wonlil Imve been oon*
1 nki.-i.-il im iiiM.^iliilUy, 'ml -Ur. CUrko bus
1 Mired ths fcrometn slue** ooraulfiUliS nls exyeri-
mnits witli tlio wundcrlul Kola plant tn tag*
liiiul. In Deetmiber, 18US he fotuid, that by
combining extracts from tbo Kola _wltn otaer
Tin* Name BlcKlnler.
- MneBetnlmd Maei-'lulegh, kin-,- of
Scotland for IT years from 1030, wns
the besl known member of the undent
family now named McKinley. Every*
Moil) knows the name "MacHeib," or
".Mnclietli." its It was anglicized by
glut, esp.-iite.
I'nslileiit McKlnley's family tree
would make lutcrostlng reading. Here
Is a mere scrap of tbe genealogy of
■-utiie vi hte forefathers: "McBentbac
Mil'iutaslc ("McKinley"), McKcnrebnr
("l-'ai-qiibarsou"), Slcl-'ennidnig. Me*
Pergusn r Ferguson").
Oilllocallum Mae nn Ollolmh (wblcb
Ih Bomethlug distinctly resembling
"Willinm McKinley") was a poet of
the sixteenth century. Here are two
variants of tbe nnme, "Gllcallum iii'yn-
DDlalg" aud "Uilllenlluai tn'yn nib*;"
lu modern Gaelic (lllllocnllum Mac au
niiaiioh. which Bignlflcs Mnlcom, thu
sou of the chief "bind" or the ■•physician," The name ims been modernised
Into two forms. "MeKlnlny" iof which
McKlnie.v Is a corrupt Bpolllllgl and
Tin* crest of tlu- McKlttUys Ok-KIn-
laysi is nn armed arm holding a branch
of olive, ntul the family motto Is •*Noi
Too Much."-New Vork Tress.
A N-tMV  liiilnnlt-y.
11, Unnss, a runner ot Ooorgln,
thlnka lu* beta Btumbled ou a*ocn Industry, "from 18 melons," he. says,
"weighing from 20 t» 28 pounds, We
made two gallons find one pint of sirup.
We ent the IlieloUs in halves, cut out
tbe pulp, ground it lu a cldor mill and
pressed out the jtilee. We bolle.l the
juice in porcelain kettles on the kitchen
Blove fur 13 limit'**     With a elder mill
ami hot nir or steam evaporator lwo
riicn ran mako 25 or;'..' gallons of ilrup
n il :y     At the ithnve Qgures ll WOtlld
ml,.' iii'init 870 no-leu-* tt* uinko 80 I al
hin-- ni simp, worth $15.   Tito melons
Would be worth ai wholesale UhOUl $5
iir 111   nml It WOUld tnko tWO Or three
dnys to haul ami sill tin-ui ut market
Whii u mill and evaporator lu the
melon pnfcli n rnrmer mid one or two
hands could realise 100 pei cent mora
hy making the meh us Inlo sirup and
feeding iho rehisf to hogs, cnttlo,
horsen and chlekens, which eat it
irniiii-t. Hu liter tan-*.
l-'t.nd Iniber Tummy, I've Just ro.
pelved from Pun in Clmis a tolegrnm
snylug lie hnsn'l ivnieliei euough h-ih
'I i.IOI
lillii  te
.fe\  .I.-:
Well  |n*t wire
n tl .< evening.
extnu-ta Hindu from tlio Orendolla ifinnt wwd*
grows in CnUfoniia, thnt llio eompoand ffeald
curt; tlio Hoven-st t'Qsea ot CBtlime. Upon ex-
eriim-ntltig in one nf thu lv-n-dlng London
.■i>sultnli In* fuund thut ftl \mr cent, or the cawa
were I'lirwltn fn»m 81 t'i W dnya' treatment.
Slice the introduction of this remedy into
t'miailn In isiiSttierv have lieen over K« i'WM»
t*ui-..l in Cuiimli iilunt*. Mr. It. S flume, C- P.
K. i-nicliim-, VVi*>ti*r» Division, write-*: "I hnve
lit'i-iiii groat BUfferw rrom Mtnmtt In its worst
luini lui* "Vvr iw.-lviiyi-urn.iiiitl iiovcr BllL-ciHidiHl
In Bi'tthiK iiiiytliiiiK in bel|i mo iHTiiwnently
uiiiiltiie-.*. v- n. doctor lircsorlwd Ulatktfs
Kuin Cuiiitiiiiinil f»r un* in iVi.-iulR-r lBUi, iviiuti
twotootU-S entirety owedraei at least 1 pave
not ultiei- luul iinv t-i turn of tin! unthtna.    I nm
|H'l-Hi.||!iUvm'i|ll.lillti*ii "Ull lit ItVIHl BlZ   tHTMIIti
wUolinvi-l u to .il from iiHtbnnv by Uarkn'ri
Kola i'inni miiiii. nud feel It my duly to rucuiii*
meml tt to nil *-,-, hiui.uy l<u troubUd with thin
A frte wraplo i-'itb* w in Lm ianl to nny oet
*• ll It'Olll'llll  « llll  UHlblllll
AUflrow tin* t.illllilm\ Mi,i-).|ifminL'u .ml*
I'.iii.iiliiiii    -if. fi.       'it   llllllili   -.Itvl,    ll'llltltO,
Ontario, Bold bj iiUiiniKKiitK.
Others iinv iriiiM>.tint ciarka's Kola ivi*
li'Hiuil ft.riiriilimi in i-lilfttl«lilU OlirOB.
Ami CuiiollttlOS Thai Tltt? Have m
ICooii Keitio nf lluinur,
I'ew peonle understand the mystery of
tniee. I think 1 inn, without ionooilesiy,
claim in understand mice, for 1 have
tninlt* thom n study for many years, I
used to thluh that nature supplied mice;
wherever there (coined to any call tor
them. Por example, if ymi live la a
bouse where there ate uo mice and lu
a rash moment provide yourself with a
mouse trap or set un a eat mice will Immediately make their appearance. To
ihe super field I observer this looks as if
nature, iicrcotvlng that you have a mouse
trap, proceeds to suniily mica for It, or,
noticing that you have a eat, semis mice
enuugh to satisfy tho animal. 'But thin is
imt the true explanation. In order to understand mice yoa must grasp the fuet
that (lie mouse Is an anininl witli a keen
sense of humor nnd a love of excitement.
Willi this key In yonr possession you cau
readily unlock the mystery of mice.
That the mouse has a sense of humor 1§
conspicuously shown by the way in
which he .vi!l rattle a newspaper In your
bedroom nt night, 'i'he mouse does not
ent iicWBpaporB, nor does he pnt them to
any domestic use. He merely makes a
noise with them, knowing that of alt
sounds the midnight rustic of a newspaper is the one which will most successfully banish sleep from your eyes. If a
mouse finds nn eligible newspnper In your
bedroom he will settle himself down to
ii night of fun and jollity. He will rattle
that newspaper till moruiug, aud the only
effect of throwing boots at him or of getting up ami lighting the gas aud searching for liim with it poker will be that he
will hide himself till you lie down to
sleep and then resume his little newspaper game. If this dt.es not show a sense
of humor it would he ditliculi to pay what
it does show.
Then ihere is the well known fact that
no sootier dins n mouse trap or a cat enter n house than it Is followed hy a
troop of mice. Cats nud traps draw mice
as tbe pole draws the magnet. The
mouse loves llie ptnie of teasing the cat
liy stiuiuhiUnu the letter's hopes of capturing mice, it is considered lhc height
of ruu among mice to scuttle across s
room In lhe presence of a cat ntiil to dia-
appenr in a hole just ns the ent is ready
lo pounce. Of course, now and then a
too reckless mouse pnys the penalty of
rashness by beiug caught by the ent, but
n-CCldeutS of this kind arc more rare
among mice than football accidents
Rinong men and iu uo way render mice
shy of the game.—t'eursou's.
\l llll  1HKAT.MKNT   WITH   TIIK
Thoro h ivo been so many failures In the
treatment of cancer, so many recurrences
after the uso of the knife or plnstor, so many
Insl-iuces of ths disease returning In a short
time after li bus bQou supposed to bo ourea,
thnt those who tutfer from this deadly malady nro apt to he discouraged nud ose aim.
"Thero la nothing ean euro mc; I m'ght ju3t
ne well give up.
But Btop a momont. Wo claim tlmt tho
now constitutional remedy, our Vegetable
Cancer Cure, eitu radically and permanently
rernovo every trnco of tlie disease, unless ft
is In iho last stngea.
"But claims nro of r.o value," you flay,
"No, not unless they nro backed up by
truth, and wo havo thu proof in our posMB-
alon that demonstrates beyond nil (piestion
tliat wo can euro cancer and that it remains
cur d."
If you will send us two stamps wo will
tend you copies of letters fnun perrons
cured SOYeral years ago, who nro perfectly
well today. Wo could not fufnleh stronger
livldenco as to tho postlve nnd permanent
guraUvo value of our ploatant homo remedy,
D iii'i. you ihlnk li worth your whilo to at
least Invustlgitta tho merits of our clulniBt
STOTT & JU*aY, Huwmuiivillo, Out. Moo.
(ion this paper.
Valuable ai-h to \nvt(i«ii«n nnd n»-
IMilrrrB Keen I lie in In Tone.
Oue of the mosl Interesting aids to navigation is tiie whistling buoys. There are
several ut tbem uff the cape, ami their
dull, hoarse groaning may often lm heard
for miles.
They nre clumsy affairs of steel, ranging la length from 80 to 'do feet, with au
aU tank shaped like a pear about 10 feet
hiuh and 0 feei in diameter frum which
no is inch pipe '20 feet long protrudes.
These buoys may be seen at the light
house department storehouses on Dla*
mom] island, where buoys of all kinds
and shape are kept ready to be placed
over some rock dangerous to navigation
or to replace any which may be damaged
or adrift
This loug pipe which runs down Into
the water is what furnishes the power
Tor the whistle.
When lhe buoy is In the water, the roll-
inn of the wiives up through tbe pipe and
the prcssnro on the air in the tuuk forces
it out through the whistle, and Ihe well
know ii dismal Bound te the result.
Whistle buoys in different ports or the
roast nre given a different pitch In order
lhat the mariner may, on n thick uight,
be able to know his locality by the differ-
,'tu-e Iii the sound,
li is the duty of the officers t» adjust
the pitch of these whittles when lhey get
OUt et tune, nml they hnve het-ome so expert nt It that they ciui detect and feme-
il> lhe slightest variation from the cor-
ml pitch,
Tin adjustment of these whistles must
In   mado   Willi* they  an-  In place,  and
sometimes thc great necessity of the
mark* on dangerous rocks obliges the
men on the buoy boats to wake these re-
I   ni' in \ety rough weather.
Tin- repairing new usually Includes the
mate nnd one man, who ate rowed Up to
the hnoy until they are able to grasp the
ring* oa lhe hide nnd i Inmlior up ov.*r the
lldfl to the cage which protects lhe whin
Perhaps   the   most   dnngerons   duty
which fulls to the b.l of lhe buoy tenders
Ih thai of replticini the heavy buoys dur*
lug a storm or while a httivy sen || running.
Witb the steamer rolling her mils under the greatest care iiiuhI be taken to
avoid accident, and tunny are Ihe stories
of narrow escapes related by strong, rug*
Red  men  who  nerfonn   this  dangerous
fault iii"* i* : i- *•    n'
The   fnrullj    ul    :.*i »rn fit!
iccastounli.v n man is*!*-* :,*■.-■ .* bla
own epigram.   A in-: ■!■ *       ■. Sew
Yorker who  wns  n-veiti * ■ ' ' ■ i
la u branch of the oil '■ - tn nd nt I
out to get the [MttroD -■-''   ' ' ;   ' '   ,:-i:-
Aim.  Tin* bend of the eonevru wns reluctant to make ti elinuw.
"Tbe oil we hnve Uvu getting lifts
not be.'U e,l|vii!Ur'..'I..tV," unhl lu-. "and
I tnll to m-v why wi Nbuitbl nmke n
change. Are itn-n uuj estm lutture-
ttiems you ion utlVt ■ l\"W du yuu uro-
pose to luipitive mi ihe i.S.i tpLiilii;.'.-"
"lu this way." wnn the protupl ou-
B*wer. "1 propnM* in give the tiusluess
my persounl nttemli u. I Intend io put
some of my bra Iiih Into every laurel of
oil we send out."
The rejoinder pleased the old gentleman, nud he became n eustoiner.
A few inonibs Intel the buslllug
young iiiiiii was obliged it) make a Journey, and In hla nbaeneu, ihrougli aome
oversight, the Quality of oil was allow-
ed to deteriorate, it was quickly noted,
and a letter on tile In the office records
ono of tho protests, li rends: "Uentie-
men—Whon we were Induced to use
yonr product, we were assured that
Mr. Blank put some of his brains iuto
every barrel of oil. We deeply regret
to observe thnt Mr. Illank Is thieatoued
with paresis."—WnshIpgton Hun*.
HAU LA (.ltll'1'1*;. Mr A.Nlokerson.
farmer, Dlltton, writes: "Lust winter 1
bad la grippe, and It left mt* with u
severe pain lu tho small uf my bank and
hip that used io woh me whenever I
tried to climb n fence. This lasted for
about two months, wheu 1 bought a bottle of Dr Thomas' Eoleotrlo oil aud used
lt both totornally and externally, morn-
lug anil evening, for three days, nt the
expiration nt which time I was completely cnml."
A Th il It-i   Scot,
A good story is lold by au English
tourist who m. id for a week In apart*
ntenlR In Aberdeen, the "Ornulto Cily."
■•I bad heard," he says, "of llie eanuy
folk of Aberdeen. Hllil my experience,
short though It wan. proved that rumor
had rightly estl millet I the c Intra der of
tho people. The streets nre granite,
the houses are granite, ami the Inhabitants nre granite, aud wben tbey have
a granite baby they give it a ball of
Q-tunite for fear it should break auy
nt ber toy.
■l bad n grunlte landlady, and one
day when I was going llshlng hor
sou volunteered to aceompiiny tno, I
pinvldcd the lunch, the rods nnd the
lines: he provided the worms-dug
ihem up tn n uoighhoi's garden with a
borrowed spade. I nuigbt 1(1 trout; he
-nc the lunch nnd broke my best rod.
When we go! hniin*. I made a present
of 11 or tbe lish to my granite Itindludy
antl nsked her to cook the other two
fot- my teu. Hhe tlh) and charged uie
ihtt-epenee for the dripping iu wblcb
tbey were fried:"-London Answers.
A -Kruvo <)ji,-allon Settled.
Atl anecdote of Itusslnti pcasuut life by
M. Btrannlkl
Vaskn, a splendid workman, strong and
young, was dying. He wns rcsigucd, but
toward the end he snid calmly:
"Take me to my mother."
He was placed In n covered telyega and
slowly borne to the Isbn of his mother,
not far away. As the cart approached
the iimt her eame nnd looked at It. No
one spoke.
Tin* old woman arranged the kerchief
on her son's head, leaning over lhe cart.
"Vnskn," said she. "what shirt do you
want to he buried in, thc red one or tlie
pink percale?"
"Keep the pink one. It's pretty good
yet," gasped the dying man. "Red one-
good enuugh."
They took hlin In and laid him upon t
bench under the holy ikon.
A -flrent Help.
Pui-ke-noirt you Hud it ft great
thing to have a telephone lo your
Lane-Ves, sir! My neighbors tell
me thoy couldn't get -along without It
Wlmi lie Wan Looking Par.
"1 tell you, sir." lie suld, "tbe girls of
today nre not properly educated. Before 1 mnrry 1 want to tlud a girl who
is able to cook."
"Ves?" returned tbe other disinterestedly,
"Don't yon';"
"Cnu't nay that I care particularly
about that."
"Whnt klud of a girl do you want,
"Whnt kind do 1 wnnt? Oh. I want
a girl who Is able to hire a cook and Incidentally a butler and a coachman and
a footmnu nnd nil thc rest that go to
make life comfortable."—Chicago Post.
GOOD DKiKStluN HllOt'1,1) WAIT
ON At-TLTlTL.-To Imve the stunaeh
well is to tuive (he nervous system well.
Very dellento nra iho digestive organs.
lrt siiiiie so sonslttvn nra tney that mmos-
pherlc oba gas affect thorn. When they
oaoome disarranged na better resulatdr is
procurable than Pnriiir-lee's Vfgi-t-nble
Pills     Thev wili   a-i-t-t   tt.e digestion so
ihat the hearty inter will suffer no lotion-
venlenoennd will dorlye :dl the -.benefits
of hi* final '    J
<,rat<alti-,;-.|>-r>r   l.liicl-i-r.
Among ihe ittneiers round in the Hooky
mountains i*. iim*--ii,.it-,»-r glacier, which
lei Ives it-* nnme rrmn the enormous <jmindly of grnwln ppt'i* ['i-maitis thnt are
rmiiid on and In ihe gliuler. Periodically
th    g...-lu |.|i   ^ iBhf their  Uight  SOUth*
w:ii.l nud uiii-t . i.^s the mountains
'Iheit fnroritc route serifls to be ncross
thc  wide Blaciw 1  In  the passage
vim-, iff thnumnds iff ihem succumb to
the rigor of cold nml wind, rail helpless
Upou the snow and are Untidy entombed
in lln- ii-e.-Ciui'luiuiti Klirpdrcr.
R)la-afnl Uomenti,
llanlou-He iis-ured tne ho was very
sorry that I mn.ie mjself npftear so
Melvllle-Tlun's nil right. There nre
a great many persons who are never
happier than when they are feeling
sorry for somebody else-—Boat-Oil Trap*
Gave then* blood enriched, their
heart strengthened and their
chocks rosy by using Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
Insufficient quantity or poor quality of
tho blood Is ono ot ths evil results that
iisuiiiiy follow any dorangoment of the
If the heart beoomes weakened In'any
way it cannot pump the blood to tho lungs
as it should, tbere to be purified and Impregnated with the life-giving oxygon,
Aa a result the
blood deteriorates.
It loses its nourishing, vitalizing,
health-giving qualities. Tbe face be-
comes pale, thla
and waxen, the lips
bloodless, the hands
and feet oold.
Than ta weakness, tiredness,
shortness of breath and palpitation. When
those suffering from thin or watery blood
start taking Milburn's Heart and Norvo
Pills they are assured of a cure. Every
dose acts on tho heart Itself, causing lt
to beat strong, steady and regular.
Every dose, too, Introduces Into tha
blood those vital elements necessary to
make it rich and red.
Boon the paid cheek takes on the rosy
hne of health, thoro Is strength instead of
weakness, energy and activity take tha
place of tiredness and lassitude.
Miss M. Bkulllon, 60 Turner Street,
Ottawa, Ont., says: "I was greatly
troubled with my heart, together with
extreme uorvousiiess for many years.
Theso complaints brought about great
weakness end feeling of tiredness. My
blood wus of poor ouality, so mnch ho that I
became pale ami languid. Millmrn's
Heart and Nerve Pills cured me after all
t-b*u fallud. Tln*y built up my system,
eurlched my blood, strengthened say
aerres aad restored ms to health,"
Couldn't sleep at night
with the torture.
Eczema, or Salt Rheum as it is
often called, is one of the most
agonizing of skin Hiseasesj nothing
but torture during tbu day and twofold torture ut night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema—
relieves thc itching, burning* and
smarting and soon leaves the skin
smooth and healthy.
It is Burdock Blood Hitters.
Mrs. Welch, Greenbank, Ont.,
tried il aud here is what she says:
"B.B.H. eured me of Eczema lhree> ears
ago and I have ii.ul nn return of it Since,
I was so bad that I could not sloop at nlghl
witli il.
"Being told of B.B.B, I tried it,and twu
bottl-A mado a p*i feet and permanent cure.'
Dewey's name reversed Is "y« wed,"
itul he did.—St, Louis Star.
Probably the lion. Cecil Rhodes dues
not need any alarm clock lo wuKe him in
the morning these days.—Chicago Trib*
John Quartet-dollar nud Nancy Nlehol
were married at Providence the other
day. Uuw like, ,1U cents they must feel!
-Denver Post.
Turn Kml managed congress all right,
hut we expect to see a high old time
when he attempts to en 11 ihe janitor of
his Hat lo order.—Washington Post.
.Congressman Roberts announces that
lie hai uo intenllmi ut resigning. The
successful husband *if three wives is uoi
goin*,' 1<- h" seared before lie te Uurl.-
Milllienpolls Times.
In view uf the excessive demands made
by the inventor nf \*nreless telegraphy,
the tvnr department HHlhortltea are imt
ready tu my, "We want ruu, Mureoiii-
yes,  we dn."
ll-BUi-wly  lur   IIunit nml   Smlil*.
A ool dents are liable to ocoor at any
time. Vour child or yourself may bo
come sotildud or burned at tbe most unexpected moment. That la why Griffiths'
Menthol Liniment should ho kept In
overy house. Its eouthing effect Is felt
the minute applied, and U uuennalled by
any other romotly. Sold by all druiigi--its,
-.'j centft.
-.-..i  Hi* TmiH-.t  in.* Tnblea »•>  th*
■tillii    \\ Imi   Suit)   \l*   WOUld.
A young ' !hd ago man wbo came to ihl» j
ci.Lut:.*. several years ogb unable to apeak ■
English Ivan somewhat depeud-jut upou '.
his own countrymen at Brat
He was a fair draftsman, and os h«.
had made tbe acquaintance ot au archi
tect of hj» otvu nationality he asked fur i
work iu that line nnd was accepted ns an
assistant for Ute supposed merit without
auy stipulated salary.
The first Job he did was a perspective
in eulur of a country borne, lie did it iu
three dnya und uuw Ills employer receive
•vO therefor. At the end of tht- lirst
week he asked the architect how mueh
he thought Ute services were worth.
"1 think 1 will pay jou $4 a week,"
wns the respouse.
'■Four dollars a week." suid the surprised uriist. "1*11 work on the Street
"Work nn the street,  then.    5foU ate |
uot competent t" emu mote in this country.   Vuu can't even Bpenk the language.
Ifou'll starve to death."
Ko tin* young itrnuger worked on the
stteet awhile, saved money, got to draw-
lag pictures ogalu, mude the acquaintance "f ii young lady with some money
also, married her and decided to build u
bouse fm himself,   lie already owned a
fiDe lo! on the south side.
Oue of the first things be did was to
bum up Ids old empluyer. As he walked
into the office of tin* architect that pleasant mannered person shouted; "Hello!
Come back for your Job, Imve you?"
"1 have come ti) cousiilt you About
planning my new r-fsldence—that is, i desire to tilid out   whether yotl nre eoiupe-
tent to design n gentleman's house."
The architect was surprised, but was
anxious to get business, so be changed
bis mnniier und became quite obsequious,
lie was permitted to y,u ahead with the
After a week or so the young mnn ascended in the ofiice again und found u
complete set of plans waiting for him.
Turnlug them over contemptuously and
tossing them down, he auntledi
"Is that the best you nut do? 1 enii'l
Use those plans. Yoit don't seem to he
competent to hulld au American gentleman's house."
The tables were completely turned,
The architect at last said:
"Well, yuu have got even with me nt
hist, but you ought ut leust to pay mc
something for my work uu these plans,"
"All right, air," wus the eold blooded
response. 'Must take It out «f that $50
you received for that perspective drawing," und that whs all he ever received la
A Prominent American Divine
on an Important Subject
la His Literary Uen,
"Molly, tins tbe butcher gone?"
"No, dear.   He's waiting."
"And the baker?"
"On tho front steps, dear."
"And the grocery man?"
"He bas surrounded the house, dear."
"And the man with the gus bill?"
"He's taking out the meter, dear."
"Well, I'm golug to climb to the roof
and finish my 'Ode on Poverty* in tbe
"1 wouldn't do thut, dear, If 1 were
you.." tbo little wife replied. "The
hailiir is up there levying ou the shingles."— Atltmta Constitution.
bring the dlgt;stiytj organs Into symmetrical working Is the aim of physlolaus
■Alien thev find u patient suffering from
■tomaoblo Irregularities, nud for this purpose they ean priborlbo nothing hett-ir
than Pnrmeleo's Vegetable Pills, which
will be found a. pleasti.it medicine ot surprising virtue in bringing tho rofaotory
organs into subjection uud testorlng
thein to normal action. In which condition only can thev perform their duties
NO Hon in lo lluty ChlcS-VO.
"Say, cap'u," snid the man from beyond the suburbs, "do you ever fnll
while you're wnlUin around on them
teu foot BtiltsV"
"I fall every duy regular," solemnly
replied tbe advertising fakir. "Uot to
do it. It's a pan of my contract. You'll
see me fall wheu L como to a pluee
where there's room.",
Tliis Is why uu eager spectator followed him for the uext three hours
aud then went home a disappointed
man.—Chicago Tribune.
Severe colds are easily cured by the use
■f Blt-hle's AntbConsumptlve Syrup, a
meUicine nf extraordinary penetrating
mnl hulling properties. Jt is n*>now-
ledgtd by tiuso who have used Has t*iug
Un- best medicine sold for ooughs, •r-itds,
and till ikir>-ctliins uf the throat and cnest.
Its agreiMilileuesB to the tasto makes it a
favurtto with ladies and children.
fltinrii of tlie Hohoea.
Wln-n Uie days ind nlghtl Krow chill/
An-! tiie rciudi ure deep with mire,
When the wind and rain cause ihlveit
And for rant lor | there'll ik-ilre,
lt li then the ivt-nry hulxM-i
Kor tin itr winter qimrirn yeim.
And. their i.itir ■ nlmiptl; ewltn-f,
To tin city they ri-tyra.
Borne '.'iniie plodding hick o'er hlfbwsrt
At a ilow nnd Lilting gilt;
Same icroit lhc fl'-hli are cutting.
Same ire coniitit; in liy Ir, ii-».
tn they pour from all dln>ttiuii»,
Ulrt and littl*.*, young snd old,
Al) Intent on flmliii*- iht-lltr
From thi winter long ind cold.
They ire taitt-rcj, wi-iry, hungry,
lint »ii-it worrh-s them ttio wont
tl tlie leurdty ot niikeli
And a fieri*,*, coniumlng Ihlnt.
So ni- nt the Itrtetl die)'iv roaming.
Sail!)- poling In their rags,
from tiu- pawn Iir M-nlHni
Cull to furnish them with "jigs,**
It i* then that trakhlul -coppers
Who art up to liobon* neyt
SiiimI Ihctn tip lielorr the juillct,
And tht court nyt, "Thirty daya."
Thcre'a a jnurnei 10 tlie W'jrkliouje,
liui the hobMi doa't protest,
For tlicy then Oml wint»r quarters
Where lhey IP*t their annual reat
One term ended, tlicrt'l another
iirought aliont wttliuul delay,
And the reitliig li continued
Till thc winter allpi an-ay;
Then, when roa'dl are Hi for traret
And the onlmnli are in bloom,
Hoboi-i leave their winter quarters
And their iramplng toura rciumt.
—Pitubum Chronlclt-Ttlstftsih
A Ptilnre Wnuuc-rlte.
Mrs. X. hm] imi n eery good ear for
music, hut she liked to huve her daiijrh-
Ier play the piano when there were visitors, On nne nf Ijiese ooenstons her
daughter declined to play becnuse one of
the keys In the pitiun wns broken.
"Never mind." until Mi's. X, "Play
the key nenrest to the broken one. No
one will know the. difference."—New
Vork Commercial Advertiser.
Hen ring thnt an ancient Bible sold nt
a bonk miction f"t* .sr,tit), nn uhl colored
brother exclaimed. ''Thank de l.nwd. salvation's freer dan ditt In Oeorgy!"—Atlanta Const itnt hm.
Ity co ineaiii llie h-itht liberal mnn lu
rcH-icel of Iih beliefs Is the man who
kreu-4 hin beliefs strictly to bim self.-Detroit Journal.
DlMtUU-OtlS   Iti-aiitU   Only   Averlrd   tiy
a t't-n  I'lii'iili I ti ei,iiUl-».
"Ye.-.." said Colonel B till well, "everj"*
tbiuy te progressing nicely with the
people In my part of tho country. I am
Toronto,   Ont.,    Doc—It   is   not  happy to put."
otott clerrgymnn who shows snoh a :    "It Is a floe region," said tho young
genuine and kindly desire to benefit ; girt,
his fellow men. as does  the one wbo
writes the letter tbnt follows.   The
person who is in a condition  similar
to thnt of Rev. Mr.   Glass,   and   who
rends this letter, can hnvo  uo  u-OOBQ
fnr farther suffering.   The minister
shows tbe wny out, and it is open  to
all who choose to take it:
Thousand Island Park, July i'i, 1&99.
The Arnold Chemical Co.
Dear SirB,—At tbo beginning of
this month my constitution was BQ
mueh run down that I had to get Ibava
of absence from my coucrei-jation for
four months. 1 left New York on tho
10th inst., and while in Toronto I
saw Dr. Arnold's English Pills advertised iu the News and bought a box Of
them. Wben I commenced taking
thom my condition was such that I
could not sleep and my apjietite was
very poor, but before 1 had tinislied
tin* box I could sleep well and enjoy
u good meal, and uow  1  feel   like a
new man, In tho first place 1 feel* *-tl ll)UM jmve l(ecn dreadful Still,
indebted to tho Toronto Vews for put- yotl could send elsewhere."
ting nte on the right track, and in tho * 1 -.ould. So could the other oompar-
socond irtace I think Dr. Arnold's atlvely well to do people. But I was
English Pills the best medicine I ever I tbinklug of the poor. I tell you, If It
*00]it lltmiu't Iwt'n fur thc charity of u nam-
Enclosed please find two dollars for ;■'■''   "r   charitable   cltlsens,   myself
which yon will please send me  three j1'
boxes of your pills to tbe address  be- \
Km   r.vt'ryilii-t   Snni]il(-  at   Anf  nt tbtt
itiiMroiui stations.
Three Mexlcaus, nppnreutly of the
middle class, enter u railway ear in the
Interior, two to make a jouruey and it
friend to see thein off. After a lively
chut of a tew moments, thinking the ear
uhout to start, lhey bug and pat each
other on the buck, say their farewells,
and the friend rushes for the door, keep-
in*,' up u lively chut on the way out. Iu
about hn«ir a minute, seeing that ihe ear
does not start, he returns and greets the
two prospective travelers witli as much
pleasure as though lhey had just returned from a journey Instead of beiug about
to make oue.
Suddenly he appears to think that
some louse change might be useful to
them nn their journey, so thrusts his
hand down In liis pocket and secures several silver dollars, which he offers to
them nud which they loudly protest
against receiving, lie. however, insists
and, forcing it into their hands, retreats
for the door for fear they will thrust It
back upon him, nil the while keeping up
the lively chat.
In about another minute, seeing the car
does not yet start, he opens the door and
comes iu, talking as lively as ever, and
his companions are very glad to see him,
wclco'tnlng liim very effusively aud again
shaking hands and saying goodby as he
departs for the oulside. Ou the friend's
fourth entrance and departure the two
travelers follow to the platform aud
stand chatting, laughing and saying more
farewells until tho train starts nud they
are compelled tu separate, to their great
mutual regret ami with expressions of
hope ihnl they will soon meet nguiu.
United States people would say, "So
long, old hoy; take good care of yourself,"
just once and be none. The train might
stand there half nu hour, hut the depart-
in*: friend wonld uot enme back for a second farewell.*
A Globule or Boston Wit.
Jones—Funny what an Influence mu-
sle cau have over the body. On tbe
steamer there were several people seasick, but whou Miss Banger begun to
play the piano tbey all got over It an If
by magic.
Smith—It actually charmed their Illness away?
Jones—Ou the contrary, it was ao
much worse than their seasickness
thut tbey forgot all about It—Boston
Snw Verslon-i
Sunday School Teacher—You may r-**
peat the golden text.
Johnny-Them WOt's not, gits; an
tbem wot's got nothin gits left!—Harlem Life.
A Deeorntlve I'lirmtoi.
"GeneraI White can't expect tbe Victoria cross."
"No, he's gui her cross already."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The *mmiI«'Ii  < imnillnnr*.
"The Scotch Canadians of the present
dny." snys a M out renl correspondent of
The Catholic Standard nnd Times, "be-
long to Clan I'ronperons, In actual numbers lhey foiin hut -iiit-tweiitielh Of tin*
population of Montreal, yet they own
one-fourth of the wealth of tho city.
Their castles on the mountain snd their
mansions on  tin*  Hue Htierhi ke are
sights io see. -Judglug from the business
signs one iniKht fancy thut ihe city is
within a  tnili* o'   Hdlllboro  town.    The
deadly practical branch of lhc (Jacllc
race certainly has a leontue share of tin*
prosperity to whieh it has contributed Its
quota. Tbe hum headed, farslghted
Scotch make solid clttaens wherever they
yo, nnd they hnve helped to muke Montreal a solid commercial city."
lu India elephants over 12 nnd up to
4"i years of age are deemed tbe best IC
p-ft hnse ami will generally work until
rliey are 80 yearn old.
The Iron Klml.
SiluliTcl-Thcse are the hardest nuts
I ever tackled.-.New Vork Journal.
It Is, one of the most salubrious on
! earth. It Is there that the great golden orb as It swings on Its diurnal path
1 across the sky pauses to send Hs teu-
! dcrest messages across the sunbeams
j whleh bind hlm to tbe earth."
| "You duu't say so!" exclaimed tbe
youug girl. "It's something like wire-
. less telegraphy, isn't It'r"
| The colonel looked a little annoyed,
1 and sbe hastily exclaimed. "It must be
1 perfectly lovely there."
; "It Is, The only gold we ask for te
■ ibill whieh is coined from tbe sunlight
Into great enrs of yellow eoru. That*s
what my neighbors aud I used to pride
: -ni -selves on."
"Corn is a very useful article," she
; -a..t, witti a dainty chirp.
'i If i h'm* it iti People could not get
aloug without it, I remember one
year, one of the mosl terrible I ever
! experleuce-d, Mj sj ni pat bli ti ew
never before so deeply moved. There
j was u drought Tbe oorn crop was a
Vours most respectfully,
(Rev.) J. O. Glass, D. D.,
Thousand Island Park.
Dr. Arnold's English  Toxin   Hills
tho only medicine on earth tlmt cures
disease   by   killing   the   germs  tliat
cause it, are sold by alt  druggists  at
Toe. n bot; sample size 25c,   or  sent
postpaid on receipt of price,   by  The
Arnold Chemical Co.,  Limited,   Canada Lifo   Building,   48  King Street
West, Toronto. 	
doubt that a
ef those unfortunate behave   died   of   thirst."—
Hen ■■ I ri-nlril.
The glittering generalities of Thomas
Jefferson Hint nil meu ore created
etpia! and Hint the right of life, lib-. r<.*■.
and pursuit or happiness Is lunllenn
hie. have beeu tho texts fur mauy In
Jitrious instructions, Tbey are Hi**
lorlcal flourishes, meaningless to ibe
gCUtlemau on the scaffold and lu Hlng
Sing, who pursued the fleeting pltao
torn of happiness with tbe Jlnuny nl
lhe burglar and the dagger or the as
•sitsslD. Men are nut created inpial
physically, morally or Intellectually.
nut' lu aptitude, opportunity uoi**condl
tion. It Is perhaps accurate to say of
ihe l,60O.O0O.0OU Inhabitants ot the
".•nth nu two are created eipial. Nature
is Incapable of uniformity and detests
•rjunllty as much as she abhors a
vacuum. Otic is made to honor, an
other to dishonor, as one star differs th
from another star In glory.—John J. la-
lYllglllQEtOD S'iU.
Tlte l-hllu.iM.lij »
Di'itil li.nu.np,..
"Now,"   -mlil   lb
.   man   wbo   Iiml
yearned for ri< hes,
', will so forth to-
.;«> nud risk onco
noro.   Smv.'ss inn
aiiendi-d nil mj v.*
iture*.   1 hnve JO,-
OtHMtOO.   II nil p'.'
\i,-li today. 1 "ill
i«. ten inn.- :. n
III inalro.   Theu 1
niii r-Mlr-i   Thon
will rlsh tk> limn-
Tin n 1 will be con
ent, nuil boiug one
else mny Btop Inn
tbo placo that 1
lento vacant.
So lie risked ncaln ami won tho ?KV
000 that he thought he needed In his
busiuess Bul (be man who lost the
money wns uot dead game. If be had
initi dead game, be would bave said
mulling and hoped for letter luck next
time. Pherefore. lacking the qualities
thai make for gauieoejw, be Jumped
Upon the man who bad wou uud
(bumped bim so hard that he died on
tbe way to thc hospital
There Is In tbe heart of every man
who succeeds here below a soft siwi
for ih" dead game loser.—Chicago
T   . %HT\ Light ot
LAMP**-*-,   the Age.
r.'1-.ll-.    I Mr.i.-il.
"Ves, I turu over a new leaf the drst
day of every month."
"Yes. i-u my calendar." — Cleveland
l'lnln Dealer.
The superiority of Mother Grave*' Worn
Ksterminator te shown by IM good effect*
on the children. Purchase a botUt
and give Ita trial.
I.ifr -iirotv 1 iiu l.-iT'E«-r.
Professor MonaQehl Merrlman, study
Ing the United States census reports
illueo IS"", has discovered a niarkeil
and steady Increase lu the length of
huiiitiii life In onr country during the
last half century. His statistics, which
were preseutod at the recent mooting
of tin1 American Association Tor tbe
Advancement of Science, show that in
ISTiO tho median nge of the entire population was tiA.'d years, while in IHD0 it
had risen to 21.4 years, lo 1000, be an
tlclpotes. U will be 22.4 years. By
-'median age" is meant lhat which divides the population .finally, one half
being above and tbe other half below
tbo median,
A Wnmnn'-) Cuart.
ll Is proposed ill Kniuce to establish
■i court of Justice ruu by women and
for women, to wblcb mny be earned
all those cases concerning which the
most learned men know nothing. This
will relieve a in an Judge, for Instance.
from determining questions as to tit
n mi in brought by dressmakers
tigaluat their clleuts, and it ought to do
away also witb much expert lestiiurmy
in such **,aBe».
Corns oauie Intolerable pain. Hollo
■vay'8 Corn Cure removes the trouble
try It and teu what an amount of pain te
tared. |
Tht* II u •> I ti •* >> ■ l'ur Hlm.
Little Charles-Sister lold mamma
yesterday yon was burn to be n politician.
Mr. Hkiinpley -A politician? I wonder
why she thinks so.
Little Charles-she nays you can do
so much talkln without comtnlttln
yourself.—Ch lm go Tlmet*tIero1d
Mollle  at tl;i*   Mountain   Houso)—■
We luul a ucrmaii laat uight.
I'oil in a visiter from the Valley
HotiMy—Poohl We imve a Frenchman
at our Iiuiinc fc.r thn whole summer.
J— *j3 rtoew
Gi ei utiwird1 of tl-eaodtt i» mat *j( '(*:M fo* »
ii..ur-«!i0,'|.l To- Or-UVH ACiEMS
TH£ Toronto Alter light Co. ma.
/   TJSE
Pay In SCRIP (or Dominion Land, and
Bave 20 per Cent. Discount.
For ful' Information apply to
Alloway k Champion,
Or lu unyoftteoul the MEBOHANTS' BANK
CANADA in Manitoba ur Ihu IVeat,
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
PHn -a Wire Oonn-jctlon wt a a'l LMulInt
Marhctd. Grain -tudSMurlilM Bought.Bold Mia
O rrled ■ n M-trn M, O iMIK>i d-**no.i*ilioited.
PriT»l» Cypher CodoFuriilih-sd upun Ai.yll..•*
148 Prlnetu St., Winnipaf, Man.
*. o   U HAW KM HOT.
Aawwn Wi..*tT«n i* I'iiMi-huiiiiM Diftmion
K»i|«n Man* wl  W.W.T.
DOaMINIQN   lands
Writ**  ui   fur  fnll   liif-iriu.-itliiii.      Vou
W.   H.   SPROULE   &   COMPANY,
Rtal Bittie and Pia«nclkl Broken,
375 Mala Hi., Winnipeg.
Cmnlmga*,  Ik-Bgotii,' BArrowt, WinduiTlUl
t%*.   COCK3HUTT PLOW CO., Wlnulfsf.
Wc irmtth Khurlhand, nil Bfl*ln«M Bnb«
(Mti   in.,I   Ti-1.-milpity        Nil   ll.-li.lin--   »l
XniiM     liuhvliliiiil  limtrui-U-Dn.   Kli.dnnU
uiny enter Ht any time.   <*• i run leu iim,
■11. W. DONALD, Sfi:.
inui, STEELE I lEVni   cintt tmi
taperter. el Or^rU.      _ J * •;%*£*
Tm U H-*mtlUm,Out.     liin>piM
W, N. U.    8M cZ~*?*o.        I.ll.ll.l'.    kc> CM) l.inlKe
t^ris£»^S    N"  I-'.    Jl-ri-.-i.-ty I'll-
We '5S*$J ;:;;^;:;;;',.;:; "'2,^,lZ
u,l,l L-eUonrsconlliUlyiuvltuil,
Jn siiiv.i.     J. P.Fluk,   A  1. M.-l.-'i l.
-....'. WO. Boo'y.
Books, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Office Building:.
The proper place for lhe government offices of South East
Kootenay ia in some town on
thc  railway.
l      LOCAL   NOTES     j
* . 2
Picked  Up About the City  by  Asking
Questions  of Many  People.
T, T. McVittle, of Fort Steele, was in
town Monday,
It is about time that Ute fire company
wns organized,
Al Brown has sold his draytng outfit
to George Taylor.
Constable Barnes was in town Piiday
on official business,
New dress costumes and dress pat
terns nt (1  II. Gilpin'.**.
Mrs. P. Nevins Ims opened the large
railroad boarding bouse.
Another car of furniture arrived ibis
week at O. II. Gilpin's.
Charles DeVau has set up a burin r
chair in the Cosmopolitan,
iiegulat services will be held al the
Church of England next Sunday,
Fresh eggs, 33c rer dozen; uew co3e
eggs, 25c pet doxen at G. II, Gilpin
Miss Fletcher relumed lust week from
a visit with friends in West Kooleiiay.
Two fresh n.ilk cows ntul 2on hens for
sde. Apply lo P. McConnell.
A. St. Elol is the proud father ofa lit-
li* unl who arrived last Saturday morn*
Charley Kdwards went over lo lhe
ranch yesterday to he absent several
The license board met last Friday and
granted Joseph Brault's application foi
a license.
James Kerrigan mounted his Arabian
Steed and hied himself to Port -Steele
Chartrand Brothers are preparing to
build a new bakery shop 011 Hatisoil
Por bed rootii suites, mattresses, par
lur suites, springs, easy chairs, go to ti.
II. Gilpin's.
P. J. Smyth, the versatile editor ofthe
Moyie Leader, was a Craubrook visitor
To lei—one unfurnished and two furnished rooms, apply opposite Mi-Far-
Mr. Woodruff, nf Brandon, superintendent el Missions for the Methodist
church, is in town.
German Sox, Rubbers and MackhiawB
going at cost, at the Fori Sleek- Mercantile company,
William Doble experts lo return to
the roast by the way of Cranhrook, and
will be hete about April 1.
The Foil Steele Mercantile company
are selling Rubbers, Mackinaw's nnd
German Socks at cost.
Dan Murphy, the engineer, bas been
quite slcll, but is recovering and will
soon be aide to lake his run,
A bunch of three Yale keys have been
loft al this ofiice. The owner can Imve
•saint by paying for ihis notice.
A cost sale of Rubbers, Gentian S>
and   Mackinaw's   nnw  mi   at   the   Pi
Steele Mercantile company,
Twenty store hogs for Bale, live months
old.    Price $7.00 lo fto <ki each.
P. McConnell.
Cranbrook's second school was opened
Tuesday  In  one of the rooms of lb*
Aiken block, with Miss Dykei as teacher,
"Had" Jndson, of Sirdar, was among
the wlutesses subpoenled in the railroad
larceucy case tried here yesterday.
Editor Grace, ofthe Fori Steele Pros*
peclor, was a Craubrook visitor Friday,
and shook hands with his file nils iu thli
Charlev Henderson, who played the
devil iu The Herald ollice, is now learning to slug pills iti K. E. Beattie's drug
Tbe Fort Steele Mercantile company
and G. II. Miner have the lumber on the
(■round to build 11 cross walk bet ween
their stores.
J. P, Armstrong has decided to build
two more houses ou Hanson avenue for
rental purposes. Greer & Co. have the
P. McConnell returned Tuesday front
his trip to Manitoba aud brought back
about 400 hens, several cows and quantities of produce.
W. T. Reid returned yesterday from
the east: where he has been purchasing a
large stock of dry goods ami millinery
for his store,
Friends of George Puslice have received word that he 1 xpeels to leave
Rossland for the roast and will go north
to Nome this spring.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
lias Installed a magnificent fire-prcof
safe in their store in this city. It
weighs 3600 pounds nnd is a beauty.
Mrs. Henderson has taken charge of
the   fruit   and  randy store in the Ciatl-
brook hotel block, nud will keep it well
BUpplleu with everything iu that Hue.
William Mills, one of the popular miners of .Movie, was mart ted last week near
Wetaskiwlll to Miss Anna Holt, He returned lo Moyie this week witb his
Prank Campbell, proprietor of the
Clarke house in Nelson, was in town
yesterday. Mr. Campbell bas many
friends along ilie line who were pleased
to see him,
William Eschwig, one of the leading
citizens of Fernie, is a Cranbrook visitor
today. Mr Eichwig is 1:1 the hotel bus-
im-. Hiitl reports everything in good
shape in ihal towu,
Hr. B.trl er has found it difficult lo get
aw.iy ftom Ctaubrook as bis business
while here has innessed so rap-dry. He
is in Steele this week, but will leturn
again 111 a few days.
A Leitch was chairman ol tlie com*
miLlee that prepared tesolutions of
thanks for the officers ol the steamer
Moyie for llielr kindm-ss to the passengers during the  two week's iparautiue
Pou't 'all t-fl see lhe grand comic elite rial 11111 cut on St. Patrick's Day in aid
1.1 St. Marys church. .Mr J I,, Hughes
ni the Winnipeg Mandolin aud Guitar
club, who is visiting iu Cranbrook, will
tulce part,
The Herald is under obligations lo the
Fort Sleele band fi»r tickets 10 their masquerade ball, which is lo he given on the
nlghl of February 16 The dances given
by the band aie always a success, and
the attendance should be large.
iir, King returned yesterday from his
visit in the east and New Volk, where
lie attended a course of led 111 es Tli
doctor is looking as if his trip agreed
with him. and received an enthusiastic
reception fruil his host of friends iu thb
George Bremner & Son is the nnme of
the new fiuu that succeeds lhat of Sherlock & liremiiei. The Herald extends
its best wishes lo Mr. Hieuiner and his
son, John Bremner, aud piedict for them
a continuance of the huge business they
have built u,*i iu ibis community.
On Saturday, March 3, 1900, Mrs June
Ebz-ibelh Udtlicotttl, wife of James JJd-
dicoatl, of heart faimre, 1-iinera] services weie held at the residence Monday
at 2 p 111., Rev, "Sinilh olliciatiug, and
lhe remains were interred in the city
The deceased was bom In London,
Eng . and was fifty-eight years of age.
She came to Craubrook several mouths
ago with ber husband, and had formed
many strong ftiendships among the people uf this lown- For some weeks she
had been failing and Satiuday death re-
leived bej of all sorrow and suffering.
She has seven children living, four of
whom live here, .Mis. Geo. R. Leask aud
three sons,
Sanderson Bound Over.
Robert Sanderson, charged with stealing nu express package containing $150,
at lhe lime of tbe wreck uear Crestou
last January, had a hearing before
Magistrate Armstrong yesterday aud today. J. R Costigan appeared for the
C. P, R. A large number of w-tnesses
were examined, but the tin st damaging
evidence was a partial confession made
to Mr, Jenson, the C. P. R. detective.
Sandersou was bound over aud will be
taken lo Nelsou.
Ile Fooled The Surgeons.
All doctors lold Reuick Hamilton, of
West Jefferson, O , alter suffering 18
uionlhn fiom Rectal Fistula, he would
die unless a coatly operation was performed; but be cuied bimself with
Buck leu's Arnica Salve, the bent iu the
World Surest Pile cuie on Earth. 25c
a box, at Kealtle'a drug slute.
Enjoyed Themselves at Fori Sleele.
Messrs. Moffat, Beattie, MeKenzie,
Grnut, McDonald, Juhusou, Tate, Dr.
Ik-ll and McMillan went over lo Fort
Steele Monday night lu attend a meeting of the Masonic lodge. After ad-
jour ent the guests  were treated to a
*e lunch and shown every courtesy.
tu*   Shareholders  ol  Ibe  Black  Bear
Mining   Company,  Limited, of
Kimberley, B. C.
A general meeting of lhe shareholders
will be held ai S p III,, on the 15th day of
Match, lyoo, at the Cranbiook holel,
Craubrook, B, C.
Chas. Estmere,
Black Hear Mining Company, Uuiiled.
Marc lltiilJiiiKs lur Cranbrook.
Geo, R. I/-ask ban contracts for putting up the following buildings:
A   six   room  collage and  a barn   for
George Taylor,
A lour toom cottage fur Scott Mi*
A six room collage for J, I*', Armslronj,
A bicycle livery lot H Parrott.
A kitchen and smoking room on Uie
Maker houiLStead and olher repairs,
A Card of Thanks,
We thank our customers for their pat-
rouage during lhe past, and ask a kind
continuance of same fur llie new liim
and will use our best endeavors lo suit
you in till lines wc carry.
0. Bremner St Son,
Old Abe.
The CaMwell Mines, limited, is the
name of the company which has been
incorporated to work the Old Abe group,
consisting of six claims near Bull river,
with a capital of i,o~o,ooo ten cent
shares, of which 450,000 are treasury
shares for development purposes.
There is considerable work 011 tbe
ground already, consisting of two tun
Dels on tbe ltdge, The upper tunnel,
101 feet long, ts about 500 feet below tue
apex of the mouutaiu over which tbe
ledge runs. Tbe lower tunnel is about
350 feet lower down aud is in a distance
of 120 feet, showing a ledge about sixteen
feet in width, carrying a steel grey galena in sufficient quantity to pay fur concentration, while there is a strong pay
streak of four feet in width assaying
from four to 700 ounces of silver per Ion,
and from 10 to 67 per cent uf le u).
The property is veiy favorably situated
for economic working, as an imnitiise
quantity of ore can he reached by tunnels, ihe work uow costing not moie
than $6 per foot, Tbere is a government
wagon road within three q larters of a
mile of the workings and arrangements
are now being made lo construct a good
mat! over lhat distance, so thai transportation rates will be light. The property
is ten miles from Wardner station, aud
only five miles from ihe Kootenay river.
The affairs of the company are managed
by A- T. Caldwell, with Bob McKimmou
iu charge ol the work.
The Empire.
Chas. Kstmere returned Monday f.om
the Empire mine He reports progress
on the cross cut tunnel, and says they
are uow in 151 feet, and expect to strike
the vein iu about 31x1 feel, which will
give 335 feet of depth. The total amount
of work done on the Empire up to date
amounts to 432 feet. A force of men are
rawhiding tlu ore for shipment, aud the
ore will be shipped fiom thc siding at
Empire to Trail.
Au inspection of Ihe work lu tlte shaft
on ihis property last Tuesday showed
over five feet of ore at lhe bottom, of
which fifteen inch.s shows high values,
and the remainder is fi.st class concentrating ore. The water is causing little
or no trouble and wurk is progressing
steadily. Don't forget lhe general meeting of shareholders next week lo elect
the directors for the year.
Mlfltaj r'ot.s.
The Black Bear com* any has started
to drift 011 lhe 30,001 1 vel to the north,
and ate taking out clew ore for shipment,
J. C. Drewry, the well known mining
man, was in the cilv today. He has
been examining some Hull river properties, and has his eyes on several other
properties in South East Kootenay,
For Real.
A six room  house, with cellar  and
wood shed, for a term of months.   See
F. K. Simpson,
or McVittie & Hutchison.
What's Vour Face Worth?
Sometimes a fortune, but never, If you
have a sallow complexion, a j iimdiced
look, moili patches and blotches on the
skin—all signs of Liver Trouble. But
Dr. King's New Life Pills give clear skin,
rosy cheeks, rich complexion. Only 35
cents at Beattie's drug store.
G, Johnson....
W Assayer ud
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
ncMullin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Contracts for nil kitli's of brick work
*h'en prompt atlentimi. Ilrick for sale.
Those in need of liriik or work should
see us.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK, • Brjish Columbia.
CPANRPOfW ,s the divisional point of the Crows 1
•-WIV*! ^ L>IVWV7IV Nest Pass Railroad. M
m  CjYfi flhtYifll-r  Has a ,0=sta** round house, large machine a
ffl, c"llLfl V-VIY shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- g
rer tensive railroad yards. M
M Cranbrook I* the natural and commercial center of South East H
If Kootenay. M
|f Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- la
m tions of South East Kootenay. ' m
II Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in ii 1
South East Kootenay. <jy-
H Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after Kr
week. |.i
■pj Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, fc|
manufacturers and investors. ©
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
■^-®-^-®-®-®-®-®-®-®--®-®--®-® -■■• •   •'■
■■®iX^®--4Hii^®^!i-<e>--i^..>-'iy-.v ts /-.   - .
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
CRANBROOK,    -    B, C.
Official Walcli Inspector lor C. P. R.
Notice is liereliy given thnt the first
KiMiciiil meeting of shareholders of tlie
Theo Gold-Copper Mines, limited, will
he held in the ollice of ihe company in
Crailbrook on Wednesday the 141I1 day
of March, 1900, m 2:30 p.m.
C, M. Edwards,
Change In Date.
The date for tlie Miners' Union ball at
Moyie hns heen changed fiom March 17
to March 16, so that it may come on
Friday night Intend of Saturday night, j
There should he a good attendance, as'
the dat.ee promises to he a great succ*. »■-.
Passing on the Norlh Star Branch.
Mr. Forrest, Miperhitendent of the
Northwestern Central, is here represen-'
ting the government and will inspect-
the North Slur branch, He will then!
go io the Robsoil road to peiforui a like J
service. '
CRANBROOK,    :::::;    R. C
Pursuant to " Creditors Trust Deeds Act.'
tullee In  liereliy given tlmt Oil -nt Miirbh
nml Frank w. Hughes, tratiiu-j lor tho niuuo,
style nml firm of *«ia«(:, \ Knglici, in the towns
of iranlircok aiui Moyio, in tin* pmvlDOfl nt Uilt-
isli GoluntOlu, Imve hy deed linirhiK ilaU* the Hh
day of Fehruary, a. i>., hnm], Mutinied ullJtliBlr
I'ltriiiniali state, credits and eir-vis whleh tuny
be -ivl/cd ami snlil under execution, nml all lln-lr
real eHtal-e, lo William It. Itiisa, of llie town of
Port Steele, in ihe said province of British Col-
nmlila, lmrrliter-at-law, in trust for the general
benefltf of (their crediturs, The suld deed -was
executed by tlio *uiti assignor on the Mh day «r
February* luoo, and by the said asslgaeu ua the
mh day of February, iwo, au m-nums, firms
and corporal In nt iiavinj' rluiins m*altist the said
Magg-i & Hughes are i*-<jnlro l ta furward to the
nmlerslgned full iiirtlcnlnrs nf their claims, duly
verified, ami tlio nature of the snniritk'H, ir any,
hcllt on or before .Hid 30.li day of March, IUW,
Ami notice Is hereby given thai after ihu said
iiuth tiny ot March, i*w, tho itssimn-,* will pro
i:«i'ii to distribute llie asseU of the estate amaiiu
tin* pa lie- entitled thereto, having reg inl only
(0 the i-l-ilms of which the said assltcnec shall
then have had nolfce. and that the said asilgnoe
will not bo responsible fur tlio assets, or any
pirt thereof, »1 il;slrllmteil to any per.-mi or
liersoni, Rrinor corpora Hon, of whose debt or
clal a lie shall not then have hud notice,
A meeting of ihu erodltnrs and tue sild assignor will in- Held at the ofllce of <:. M. Edwards
In tlie snid town of Ornnbrook on Saturday the
mil ti.ty of February, nun. at$1 o'eloukin the
Dated ibis 12th day of Fotiruary, lW,a
WIM.IAM ll. I Hiss
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then nave tne p .
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
James Kerrigan j   J^OBSON & ROGERS,
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
Whiskey     Wines     Beer
Ale   Stout
Rossland Beer in Kegs
Planing Mill
ii »»* Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Mnmifaclurers of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
.-*   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Pour lots oorlli of llie Methodist cluircli.
Wholesale and retail dealers
In ull kinds o{   .   .   .   .
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
fP^Orders called lor nml promptly delivered.
m oeney is mi
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mii es as the Norlh Slar, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu^euy,,yi'yC,,* Lots from $I25=$4C0
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribe I   $2.00.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Mnck Ttcnr,,. ,ijjr   Kiiiptro    9-,
kimberley Consoltdnted, 10c
Kimberley, B. C
Via Cranbruok
Heated by hot .'iir throughout,
The UiniiiK rotim is lirst class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
New Stand
New Skylight*
New Scenery
Better. Work
Picture frames in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding: to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
^f-TI'liiff doom east of Pofitofiice.
I'he hest ol liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Kates, $2,011 per day.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE jt jl jl
Q   O   Cranbrook, B. C.


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