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Cranbrook Herald May 31, 1906

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Array nc
- as ;.T.-
Paid-up Capital. $10,000.(100.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
«. I*:. WALKER,.,.-,,. i.,i U ,, .ill *.  UAIKU, Aii.. 0«n'lMan«f«.
A yuii.ial H,11.i.nil liiiMin - . Imn .1 '   '     ,    Quntl i III, I"- n|„'ni',t mnl . uiijuc.tl hy
,11.11 with .in .rani ho, ul thla Bank,
Deposit. 1.1   II .m.l ,i|".n.i    1   .mi,.I. ,1,1.1 luiinsi allowed at
tiui-rcitt i.iiis.    I he iis*p. si.,,1 i, si,1,ji.tt .Id... .vl.at-
tviir 111  ilu   1111 Inli u\ ,. m  tne  .vl.ulti .1.' uny
portion ni  Hie deposit
■ .. a.    $_\
llEI'TIl    Ol*'   I-I .KIT IVI
in: 1 I AT
Cranbrook Branch,
P. (J  MAI.I»AS, Manager
; Capital Pai I Dp $3,900,000.00  Reserved Fund $3,«KJO,000.00
5 D. R. Wilkie, President. Iluu. If. Jalfray, Vice.-President J
4 *
4 Branches in Province's nf British Columbia, Alberta, Sas- *
* katchcwiin. Manitoba, Ontarln uud Ouebei t
* *
4 Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- *
* POSIT at high.it current ra.ei an. co npounded halt yearly.   J
J J.F.M, PINKHAM, Manager.      jjj
« *
tor =.,\i.i: by
Two stories, cellar, furnace, batli, hoi or cold water
closet, electric light, telephone, lawn, fenced and all
modern conveniences!
Several dwelling and office premises
m Our Summer Stock
Ol souvenirs have arrived, .uid wo
believe we have as line .1 selection .is
can be Imind in the Kootenays. Anyhow drop in and see lor yourself
Pricesrange from  25c up to   $1.00
Yankee Cleaner
CLEANS painted surfaces, bath tubs, straw hats, carpets,
rugs and otl cloths. CLEANS AND POLISHES silverware,
brass, copper, nickel, tin, kitchen utensils, glassware, mirrors,
windows, ii..
We sell sewing muhi-c nil and gnu oil, especially 3 In 1,
Sold entirely out ol hair oil; also n '( k oil.
J. D. McBride
Oranbrouki B, O, Hardware
Been here since IS°o, liable to slay longer
Cranbrook    .
hi.nik   ..     .
Frank     .nnl      '
I.-.IIH     . unit-   tOgOl
mn tin- Cranbrooi
i,n Um- in i game
riit- \m*i weattoei |
days previous t
.ii.l.uH.k Uii'isse
,i ..ti May -4m.,
Athletic ground*,
it iin- Crows N«t
lln- couple ol
lhe 34th bad put
iiw grounds In exceHevt sbape mm
although 'In- day was u Utile chilly
im (asl lacrosse, it was tliy and
pleasant, The weftbound twin wti
fifty minutes late and the game.
soheduled to commene* at eleven
o'clock, did not really start until
l! :ui ji ni a good crowd ol spscta-
lors turned nnt to see ihe vaine,
which, fm Uw lii^l ol the season,
w.f. h good one
The defence players nf both teams,
a., is usualIv tin- ease unMl the home
players get team practice, had things
mostly their own way and kept the
• tun' down.
The score of B to i in lavot ot
Cranbrook would seem to indicate
ilini lln- teams were very evenly
matched, while in reality Cranbrook
placed shot after shot on the Frank
goal, but did not seem to be able to
miss the goal tender, ..-ho only had
lo stop two or three shots with hi*
stick. On the other hand Cranbrook
goal tender had very little to do,
onlv two or three shots besides the
one whirh scored being dangerous.
it .1, McSweyn acted as field cat*-
lain for Crnnbrook, and handled his
team verv effectively. Mr, Hishop
arled in (tic same rapacity for Frank.
The game started wilh'a rush on
Uie Frank goat. BeReek secured tbe
bajll and passed to "Miller who shot,
Iml the Frank goal tender was there
wMh the baseball protector. Lennos
got the hall and made u run, hut was
stopped by Jameson. Jameson
ami Hodgson had a little
mix-Up ami Jameson went on
the fence Tor two minutes.
After the draw Miller passed to
DeBeck, who shot and missed. in
this quarter Cranbrook had the hall
must of iIk* time and were going tast
but  could not score.
Lennox got ihe hall off the draw tn
the second quarter and carried it
cleat down tlie field, passed to Bris-
Ian, wlm shot and missel Staples
secured, carried down and passed to
DeBeck who shot hul hit goal un-
carried ball down,
J passed hack to
Imt lui-li Parsons
Staples secured,
and passed to Wll-
.In.i .md missed.
nne:, down ft.,Hue
n  hack   and loses.
.,!.•■   .i   t.ill   out      ol
iiiui- mimrtefl    to
Williamson    pets
DeBeck, loses to 1'ar-
i«d    io Lennox,    to
who shoots    wild.
rough for remainder
\ Frank man is hurt,
11, nil'*., .11
,* Mocked
in •*,
III mi. who
il   li.irl.        ,i
Ii.i 111
.1      ""Mil      III
Oil       ll-lli.
1,    01 -.1
>..   (III*:.   1,1
OS ami ri-i
,i now hoi.
passes to
who      pa!
ip, to I.aiip
£i-ts pi*,-..
ll l.l
.i it i'i*
ilillr-r ii.i*. I
ii>,.    ilm
.1       im
lum i,i|i
i\l      mini ter     Frank
Craiwrook's    dags,
shoots      and      nils
,on got n and
imii",': ii down but loses to Horrlbln,
who passes oul lo Hodgson Williamson Mies- hall ont of scrimmage
passes tu Staples, who loses M.ithe
-.Ki lakes ii Irom Kanouse and
passes to Miller, to DeBeck, who
',, ,-*. :,, Hodgson He passes tu
Demo, who eat lies it down and loses
lo Matheson, who passes to Miller.
lo Jameson, who shot and missed,
Horrlbln secured and passed it up ihe
field and Williamson nailed it and
I back to DeBeck, who shot the
uid apparently it wenl Ibrough
Ball is passed up and down
nnil Williamson secured and
i io DeBeck, who loses to Far
wh.. passes to McMullen, to
to Hrislaii. who shoots. Mat-
stops ami passes lo M0»
to Hayed, lo Miller, to Be-
lu (Vothtei. who hits Laidlaw
is ,i mix up and Lennox passes
i» MeMullin. to Lang,
loses       to       McLean,       who
 _t to Jameson.     Jameson    car
rim ii down ami passes to Clothier
who shoi from side and hit net
I lm i iimi passes to Parsons, to Demo
who -.lores, lirst goal Im Frank It
iu  Amines Flay    gets    rougher,
\IiI1im secures ami carries full length
ot field, passes to clothier, to Patton who loses tn Horrlbln, to Hodg-
,(,ii io Demo, who makes a wild pass
and Lennos here went on the fence
three    minutes, and Mie qimrter
I hew
territory, bul with no more scoring
Following  was the line-up
. Goal ...   ... Mm hews
Point McLean
Cover Point Mitbeson
1st Defence Bai hie
Jnd Defence Staples
Center . Hayes
3rd Home Jameson
Jnd  Horn*- "Xfiller
1st Home   • PfBeck
Outside Clothier
Inside PaUon
K    . M<-Mtilla.il. »I   Tte
M. Mullen
He li.).        Fl
lun I o
[\ ■• > -
PBSIfe 4>4>4>44>4>04O0
Mi Rw
,J  _9.-ttli,i,
r    Canyon  ci
iss ll
at ohe
.rv lia
1   that
uvot J*.
10 sll
iw III,.'
■an h look
jt  Willi tlie nu.ml, ol .In mi il,,. mi.■ni i..mi- ,,i iveililio*!
I..-II- nnillil.*   -ill* ni l..||ii.|..l,l*llli.i-   llll'lll.. l.i i.l,-.    it Is
ui ,,ii,-ii Umi iii ii iuiui   iiii-  size ni  r,iiiii„'ii.il, tliemost
artlstli-miml run liuMiliallcil  I" Hie .."lenii [proscntB, yet
• ui'l. Istl.ocaBunl the Jewelry .loi I Win  I'. Tnto St Son.
Tliolrstoekis plain, ami Uio her niter tlio rlglit klml
of a gilt iitii'il go in, iiiitlii*!*.
Offlcial Watch I nspwiton for C.P.1L Crows Nest Puss Division
with "he ball  around
Cranhrook net.
Uilh Flank     one lo
Id teen   mitiilles   lo pi,
Imd I,, do oi die. sn H.i ill it- was pul
in goal and Bill) Mathews sent out
lo llu- home, ami things begun lo
happen Matheson goi llm ball
oft ihe draw, passed mil lo DeBeck.
to Matthews, who shot and missed
Hull was ihrown hack hy Frank to
Hayes, who passed io Clothier, who
lost, and hall travelled hack to Lang,
who shot nml HaDiie saved and clear
<■! McLean passed  to Hayes,     to
Staples, to Williamson, to DeBeck,
to Malliew's, who loses to Horribin.
lh- pas-.es io Parsons, to Demo, who
lo-.eslo MiHei, lo Mathews, to Be
Beck, who Bhoots and hits Laidlaw.
Hon ilim passe-; kill out to Kanouse,
who carries down till checked hy
Staples, and holds Staples stick till
Hie referee had to unlock his fingers
ami gave him two minutes to reel
good. Miller secured off draw, passes to Mathewr., who 'loses. There
is a scrimmage iu front of Frank's
goal, ihe goal lender lost his stick
and Pal ton scoops Ihe ball in*
Second goal for Cranbrook, -thne 16
minutes, Williamson secured off the
draw, passed to DeBeck, who made a
run and ahot, Laidlaw stopped and
cleared. Frank took hall down to
Cranbrook'fl goal and Dunlop shot,
Bathle stopped it and passed to
Hayes, lo Williamson, to Mathews,
io DeBeck, who made a beautiful »ig
zag run and shot the rubber into the
net. Time, three minutes. Crowd
wenl wild nml carried Delleck around
the field Fm the rest of the
quarter the hall was kept in  Frank's
upenesl At Caldwell this morning,
Moyer, Haywood and Peitiboiw- were
Clarence Barrow had arrived from
Chicago and was entered as on* of
llie attorneys lor the defence, ihe array embracing L. F. Kichard.son, of
Denver, Fred .Miller, of Spokane, and
John F. Nugent, oi Boise, in addition to Mr. Barrow.
The .state was represented hy J.H.
Hawley aud ff, K Borah, of Boise,
W. A. Stone, of Caldwell, aud l>. M
Vaiidusen, county attorney.
The day's proceedings wcr* taken
up wiih ihe question rais<d by ibe
staiute of the United Stales prohibiting further proceedings in a case of
ihis kind pending ihe determination of
an appeal to the I'niled Stales
.supreme court on a writ of habeas
Judge Frank J. Smith proved rather a .surprise to the prosecution. It
was the belief of the attorneys for
lite state that nothing more was necessary than lo call his attention io
the fact, leaving H to hiin to determine whether he should prucmi. The
judge, however, tiKik the ground Ihal
a motion for continuance was
necessary. The exchanges were somewhat sharp, Judge Smith finally
took tlie matter undot advisement
Until Thursday morning
In the slmrt discussion that oc
cur red Incidental to the claim liy the
state that as a bar was Interposed
by federal law the state was power
less to proceed unless the defense
.f iheir two
■ com t hv
was raised,
Ihey wished
weie asking
for a speWy trial. '    -^
.Indue Smilh Dually disponed .r.ilie
matter foi lbe day by saying: "I
am Irani* to sa) ihat this court can-
not lake judicial noi ice ol urtut is
proceeding In ihe supreme court- of
the United States and you come in
here ami unload on this court a lot
ol affidavits wJhout any motion ami
1 don't see how this court is going
to consider the mailer al all.
"1 will take the matter undei advisement, however, an.l will pass
u|h.n it Thursday morning at 10
o'i'l.iH There is nn motion before
ilns eourl there is absolutely nothing
belore this count, I do nol take
judicial notice ol what is now pending in the    supreme   court of    Uh1
t nilitl Stales. As I say all I know
Is ihat ihesp men are here demanding
a trial and under the constitution of
ihe stale of Idaho Ihey are entitled
io an Immediate trial.
"I will consider the matter but I
will say that I don't see how I can1
act up.-n it."
If the court holds the case can be
proceeded with the stale will go to
into tbe supreme eourl fo get a de-
ctnion from that tribunal on the
question as it is felt that the state
cannot aftoid'to go to trial in face
of this provision of the federal statute. The procefrdrngs will have lbe
form of an application for a writ of
A motion was Died for a change of
venue, also a motion that another
Judge he called in, but neither was
made of record, pending ihe determination of the olher question.
The petition for a change of venue
was accompanied by 153 affidavits,
These allege excitement and prejudice
among ttie people, rendering a 'air
(rial impossible.
In a motion for a new judge it is
set forth that th.- judge was appointed by Governor flooding, that be took
an active, part in a temporary citizens' organization by which the search
for (file assassin of Governor Steunen-
berg was started and that he manifested prejudice in many ways sufficient to disqualify him I
Weare makings leaflet of
UI-CAl'SI: We are lull), cm
vinteilil i.s lhe best soap value'
on the market today. This
soap is made in the WEST,
and has more friends in the
west than all other laundry
soaps combined Meiause it is
the purest and easiesti.yva.sli-
i.tg soap that you can buy,
suitable lur either hard or
soil water.
The Quality
the Highest
The Price
the Lowest
| Golden West is the King of Laundry Soaps
Kaslo Koolenalan:—If is stated
that the McBride -government will appeal to the country this full .iklhci
lhau risk defeat in the hoilse-'iiest
session al the hund.s of ihe socialists
or the malcontent of .their- own
party. In Kaslo politieal circles il
is further said that the lion. IV V.
(ireen will not contest the Kaslo, riding, but will give way to V.- ' \V.
McAiiu, who, il ;is rumored, is aspiring (or political honors. Mr.' (liven,
it is believed, will contest liw Slocan
J    F. I"'«
who bought
F    J    F..t'en_
partner's interest in tlie callage \ius\A
ness in this town, appreciates whaLay
in   the
Last year was a lesson to the
people of Cranbrook so far as a big
celebration was concerned A better
programme had never been prepared
for the town, and so good was it,
tbat It war. dark before the last event
had been reached. Visitors from
oul-i:le cvit.-ss.d Cc wonder iha*.
the Cranbrook people did not extend
t .e celebration over two d.i)«. Ami
■'•.j.-. is what the committee *fc *»M -i-i
this year. A first class foothau
match each day, a warm lacrosse
match each day, with horse races,
lumber contests, pony races, Indian
feats, industrial parades, and other
sporting events, would easily make a
programme that the people would
come miles to see and remain the
two days. To prepare for a two
days celebration there should be early action in the matter. A month
or six weeks would not give the committee time to properlv prepare for
thc big time, Let a meeting he
called and a strong committee be
named, and let the celebration this
year be one that will make Labor
Bay be long remembered in Cranbrook am) throughout the district.
tield is ollered by Cranbrook in
line, and is putting forth1 every
to improve his equipment to meet
the demand that luay be made upon
him. He has fitted up a convenient
oflice just across the streel from the
C. P, It. station, and Installed-. K,
Patmore, who was formerly wiih" the
raiiwav company, as clerk in Charge.
Mr. Patmore will always be ou hand
to attend to those Who call at lbe
oflice or use the telephone, and lys
familiarity with the freight husiness
will he of value to many who want
draying done. Mr. Perry says that
Cranbrook is a growing lown, ami
that Iw proposes thai his business
shall gro* with the lown, and lm is
willing lo do his pari lo merit ihe
increase that he is gelling. He is
agent for the Imperial Oil company,
Mr nard and soil coal, appoint
mover tor lite Mason A Risen piano,
and is prepared to give special attention to ear distribution and warehousing. Mr. Perry will make a
bigger success of the business ihan
ever for the reason thai he is going
out after the business in character!*
tic style with all the energ) thai lie
W. H. BoMnn, the painter, is making (ireat headway in Cranbeook and
Is doing'his work in a mosl satisfactory manner.    This fact is evMenenu
hy the immense amount of wurk ihai
he  is doing over the city       lie has j
just completed a large contract    lm
tbe Royal hotel, also lot the   Crnn-I
brook hotel,    is now'engaged tm    a]
large job for thc Manitoba holel. ilid
a lot ot work for the St. Kugene hospital; and has a number of olher contracts secured which he will do    as
soon as he can reach llicm     Mr, Bolton is rapid in his work and extremely particular, and aims al all limes
lo give tbe best  of satisfaction. 'IJ
is    -that    kind    of   an   effort
such a desire that   will build up
payini business for   Mr. Bolton
this otty.
DoiVt Yo\i Get Tired
of  the  Old  Story?
"Just out," "Onthe way," " At the Ireight sheds," tte.
We carry the largest and best stock
* io. thf Kootenays and the prices
are right   ::   ::   No  substitution
& *±-"i'
FIVE ROOM COTTAGE with half an acre of
land and good stabling accommodation. > J. * jt
Several other desirable residential properties for rent
or sale. ,.
Real  Estate'
J... and     ■
Insurance *
C    R    A    tN    B    R .0   O   K,   B.   C,
James Kerrigan, tlie brewer, has
shown his interest in sport and ai
the same time a most generous nature, in putting up a handsome cup
for the victorious football Hub in
Cranbrook this year. The cup Is a
large one and valuable, and is a
trophy worth winning by any football
team in Canada. It Is on exhibition
at lbe cigar store ol S. .1. Mighion.
Zinlanile.1, St. Julien
or I'oiilct Canct
i'ii, llm lilgiiiwl linui.l.
iuiij.,1 In,in froncfl
Willi- Willi- .Mi-nli-iil
..Il.c. Phone 17 THE   CRANHROOK    IIKKAI.O
from Donegal
Have you set vour heart on an
Irish Homespun Suit tor _|jring iii.il
summer wear .
Vi,u ought to see the elegance that
lii Reform t.iilors have mouUcJ inio
ilui beautiful lri.li fabric*.
Ouite tlir richest effect! that e.en
I .'il Kill,nn lu. r.tr shown.
Suits, $lJ.oo, f 1S.00, J.o.oo
.j..|..|-.i- -m-M-H -H-M-fH
H-..-..- l-l-l-l-l-l •.••W-t
The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
■fw! ! t-ll-l-l-H-l-l-H
■I-l-l-l-l-l-f.hH-4-l-H I I I I |.|.|..|"i
l»HONi: 57 V
4?    HAY AND GRAIN      $q
Wf nlvniys Imv i Iniiiil u liir^ii stock of KratulaBB qnnlitv.
n>. nn. iiiatiiiliiiK Uiu  lutnut iiuirliiiiiiry  to eoue with our Ire.
i nn iniinii, kui.siii,'.. Irnili*.     At prcsi'iit wc are soiling nno-lialf Ion
1 ini* .vei?- of ilu- mnsi |i;tl.-iii.iilili. sausage Cranbrook clU'/dis
lliivc liistud,
Th,- in-,, iliiiiiirlin.ini. tn nnr Ijusint'ss is the tatnotia
niv Hi'llinu us last as thoy wm !«■» curort,
Smi will I'l'.'i'ivc attention nnd civility from all our employees
♦♦  —      _= —
20.000 ACRES
nf ilu- very pick of tl looted lnmls In ihe beautiful Koolenay
Volley, Knst Koolenay,  li. ('.. extending from Canal Flat Lo
Klko, mt! pfforoil for sale ut from *}'d lo (Ki per acre.
Thc Kootenay Valley li of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and tha Moat Picturaaqua Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The himIt- present every feature of usefulness. Including tim-
I ie red bonchus, lirushy Hots, marsh, prairie and meadow. The
l.-mdiy ilms, iiiur-.li 'uml meadow lamls consist of dee)., black
if nu : ih.'iieii.ii hin.l lining a Humly loam, splendidly adapted
fm fruit vulture, Where Irrigation may lie necessary mi the
'-iM-lii'*-, wnler van be lutll from the mountain creeks Mowing frnm
ilu* II." I.'i.'s inin llie Kootenav river. The lands lire fully our*
voyuil uml smne of tho loin havo Wen subdivided Into fenced
in. I.- oi .liuiui HO neroH onoli.
Ii.i- |i indiasu prico will Include lhe limber, whieh nan ha snld
hj iin'i.m. Iia-'i wiitioiit. any lialiiliiy to government or other
nivuliy, I li'iiiiii-i-i will in many oases more than realize the por-
■ I..-., prim, ami will In nl I uomu materially recoup the amount-tin-*
.• '-i.' ■!. Irfigu iun ho driven on the Kooteitay river, which touch*
'- every lot save ..ne, The main wagon roud through the valley
I.uitima ovei or .In.-i- in each lot, nntl the proposed Kootenay Ceil-
ii.tl rail way will parallel the wagon road. The 0. P. K. Is quite
convenient lo thu lands.
For further particulars apply io
Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
I **    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    **   f
*.- .*,
\ Otto V. Hough, Proprietor                            *}
I ELKO, B. C.                                    |
... N'.wly  r.i rn isln-d  throughout.    Beat of (lining room iprvice  ...
... ...
v      .null* fort.-ilili' rooms,    When in Elko, call and soo ub,     j>
*iisi. . t. •■* i i;i**eVtrt**.*!tiiSt*tl9^t9* *9*i*tt*»W
VALLEY  ** **
Transportation Will  Make
it a Wonderful
The annual report   ol Ihe minister t ing formed Irom what We)
ii tepoit of ihe minister
ot mines lot I Wis contains the following, bj w v. Robertson, provincial mineralogist, regarding his trip
.through ihe great northern plateau.
lying In
■ui ilu* Kum'i an.l Slteona
The general scheme of t-he feopo-
graphj oi Urltisb Columbia coii.si-.ts
oi para-Hal iiioiini.iin ranges wising
Y W uml S. ■!*;., with itrtervonlug
valleys ami waterways. 01 thoso
ranges, ihc Itoeky mounlalns, on the
easleni Itoimdaiv  nf I lu* province, and
ihe Coast range, following the seaboard ou ih.- west, an* ihc strongest
ami mosl persistent, hul lhe altitude
abov e sea lev el ol i hcsc ranges
ilIininlsltOK in northing antl, as the
general level of ilu- Intervening valleys ami plateaux is higher in northern UlttU iu smith llritish Coliimhiu,
the height of ihe ranges around lhe
surrounding country is thus still
luriiiei diminished.
In the southern part of ihc province, between these bounding ranges
oi mountains, we have Intermediate
and parallel ranges of less impoi t-
ance, although often quite as high,
of which ihc nu.si important, the
Kasl Koolenav. Selkirk and Clold
ranges are distinctly defined mountain lunges. As these Intermediate
ranges proceed north ihey gradually
diminish, until at about 53 degrees
north latitude ihey are replaced hy
rolling hills and plateaux.
This meat nortihorn plateau is the
source uml feeder nf most of our
larger rivers. tho Kraser flowing
...ulh, the Peace to the Arctic
ocean, and the Skeena lo tin north-
.•rn I'acilic; In tact, only in ihis comparatively level lake country do the
streams have the opportunity of uniting un,| forming rivers of any great
In Hie southern part of the province the mountain ranges, while ail
mil ting of railways and roads being
,'asily built along ihe intervening
valleys, viz., in the N. W. or S. K,
lireel ion, offers serious barriers to
mads running cast or west; a facl
whieh has greally retarded ihe development of Ihai section. In this
northern Interior plateau uo such
obstacles exist, and roads may he
run in uuv direction with easy
grades, deflected only sullieienily io
avoid lhe lakes which form such a
largo part of ihe country.
The course, therefore, which - railway make lake across this part ol
ihe province is    regulated only    by
lhe portal   I'hroilgll which  il   pc-iietia.1-
es the eastern harrier, the Rookies,
and that by which ii goes oul
tl gh the 'coasi range.
Whatever route may eventually lie
selected tor u railway across this
portion of the province musl of
necessity run very near several of
the large lakes of Mu- dislriel, and
as these lul.es aie ull navigable, and
of I en connected by navigable streams,
ibis svsiem of waterways vvill prove
valuable as feeders lo Ihe raiiwav,
and will ai the same lime bring
under lh.- Influence of railway leans-
pollution an ana of country much
Iai get i intn would he possible hy a
road iinassisied by Water communtC-a-
I ions.
Thc main summer Irip of the pre
uncial mineralogist in 11105 was
through this northern lulerioi plal
eau, an,I extended Iiom lbe Krasor
river al Quesnel, westward In the
Skeenn rlvei al Maxell on. With the
ii.nl along ibe old "overland telegraph" route between ihese two
points as a base, li'lps were made lo
lhe noi tb and soulh. so covering a
belt of count ry which seems lo oiler
the hesi and ' probably the most direct route from ibe Rockies to the
Coasl   range al   the latitude of    Poll
Simpson, li may, consequently,
he assumed as probable ihat wiihin
ihis bell will he the eventual locution
of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway.
The following is a brief summary of
ihc informal ion gathered respecting
ihc districl traversed during tho
Thc country from Quesnel lo the
headwaters nf tho Bulkley is a gradually rising plateau, having an altitude above thc sea-level of Irom
i!,.'iitn io 3,fifl0 feet, and lying between B3 degrees lo 51 degrees 3ft
minutes norlh latitude. This plateau
has lieen at one time covered, except
in a few places where the solid rock
formation roso above it, hy a deposit
of the glacial age, composed of
clay and of sand and gravel mixed
with clay. The erosive action of
vvuler and ice has cut iulo this general plateau depressions now occupied
hy lake and river beds. Some of
these lakes and rivers were primarily of considerable size, and as only u
portion of their original area is occupied hy the beds of ihe modern
lakes and rivers, there are to-day
along these later water courses
benches and terraces representing the
moccppieil porl ion of those ancient
lake and river beds. It may Ite said,
therefore, that tlie area of arable
land consists of strips along the
present watercourses, and represents
the old river or lake beds. This
area, while but a very small proportion of the whole, includes nn acreage capable of supporting n large,
though scattered, population.
Very soon after the passing from
ihe Interior drainage area io ihai of
Ihe Skeenn rlvei ami coast, the ml-
lim; hills and plateaux give way to
more sharply ilflin.il mountain
ranges; the smnllei streams become
iiioiiutuiti  tm itiiis, und only  in    the
I Inland
The vullev of the HiilklcV-thut    is,
of the old stream—is t lo fl miles
wide, of which, for a distance of 50
miles, is stilled for fanning, This
valley is also lower Mian the level of
lbe inlerior plateau, lying between
1,800 and 2,500 feel above mm level,
whle lhat ol the Skcena, even above
Ilnzollon, is lower, and cou'laius a
large amount of good laud, aMImu-vh
il is hul a. small percenl.ige of the
ana of the disiriet.
The soil found nn lbe plateau proper
is poor and usually gravellv, save in
small rcceiii depression's wbioh have
lieen filled hy local washings from the
surrounding ground,  The benches and
. mg ioiiiicu uum wuibi weic originally
wi-icarnc locks, very cosily disintegrated by aUnospheric action. The
.uiu»niii ut humus ni leaf-mould is
veiy slight, probably due to the
evidently dry climate and to forest
fires, which luvr repeatedly swept
over lhe district aud hunted up all
surface carbonaceous soil.
As far as the quality of Ihe soil
cau bv KUUKCd hy chemical analyses,
the bem-h muds aud terrace --nils
appear io be Unusually i'."o.l, a inl aie
ho classed by'in. Krank Shuli, chlri
obemlsl of the Dominion experimental
fuims,   whose  lettei ou ibe subject,
together with lhe analyses ol the
soils, is incln.ltd in lhc addenda In
this report.
The quality of the soil may be
judged by lbe giowtili which it did.
oi does, support. This ci ili'i I,.ii
would, of com.se, he Influenced
adverse)) by ihe climate in au unfavorable year, and conseuuenlly, to use
lhe plant-life as an indicalol ,,[ lhe
soil, a faioiablc year, climatically,
mils! Ik- laken. In such years wi
find the growth of almost uuv ibin;
pij.nie.i io be unusualh proline, ai
the grams and vegetables found m tin
most favored provinces of ihe Uomin
ion crow weil, as th) such ol tin
small fruits thai have as yet been
tried. As 1o lhe grasses, ihc vv ri
er, wbo is familiar with all tt
southern portion of tho prlvinco and
wiih much of thc Dominion, has never
before seen such prolific growth.
.Most of the luxuriant summer
growth mel with iu lbe dislriel, such
as peavine, etc., provides splendid
green feed for stock, and makes good
bay if properly cured; hul most nf
such feed grows annually from seed
and if cut ot eaten ofi belore ihe seed
is dropped will nol come up again.
This fad, taken in conjunction witli
the climatic conditions, warrants tin
assort Ion that the districl is nol a
cati'lc-ranging districl; that it is
Splendid for summer grazing, but thai
feed ior winter feeding ot stock must
be pui Np, and that such winler feeding vvill have to be kepi up for from
three io tour months,
The summer growth, In a latitude as
tar north as 5? degrees, is such as
would astonish one not familiar Willi
ihe length of ih? summer days and
ihe number of boms nf absolute sun
light ihai a day iu ihis northern Iai
ll-tlde contains, sound hues about -n
hours, more than farther south. As
vegetation grows only in tbo sunlit
hours, ibis additional sunlight means
just as much more growing lime, and
the crops gSOW and ripen in just a
proportionately fewer number of
days. In considering the season here
available for agriculture, ihe southern agriculturist must lake ibis fact
into sellout! consideration.
The climate of the interior is dry,
though llierc apprars to he usually a
sullieieiil rainfall, aud lhe summers
are noi very warm, while tho winters
are sometimes very cold, tbe thermometer dropping Co Irom 30 lo in
degrees below zero. The only
absolute stalislics available are those
of llu* mctorologlcal observer at
Sliiart lake, given on pages mil MM
of Ibis report.
Slimmer frosts are unquestionably
at present prevalent, hut that these
will disappear as soon as nny appreciable area of lire soil is ciiltiv.it
ed, there is every reason to expect
from Ulie experience of lhe noil hern
part of Washington slain and thc
Canadian  northwest.
The climate of lbe valley of the
Bulkley Is undoubtedly much moderated hy the influence of tbo warm winds
from the I'acilic coast iu spring and
slimmer, although the coasl vegela-
iion does not show itself until within
;l few miles of Hazel ton, lhc air
being robbed of its moisture at this
distance from the coast, although it
still carries its warmth. The lower
allUnde of this valley has a marked
influence on its climate, as compared
with that nf the resl of tbe inlerior,
although summer frosts are even here
prevalent at present.
There are evidences scattered over
the district Indicating lhat at one
time ihis whole d,strict was covered
with a heavy growth of very large
fir. In many places nn occasional
charred stomp, or a large root Imbedded in a muddy bank, proves this
conclusively. This heavy grow I h
was removed by fire, presumably in
prehistoric times, and was replaced
by a second growth of inferior timher, such as jack pine and small
spruce ou t*ie higher and drier levels,
with poplar on the benches and Cottonwood and willow t.u the low
lands. The low lands and terraces
are easily cleared, and can soon be
brought under cultivation. The uplands will supply an amount of ral her
inferior timber sufficient for home
consumption if the country w&s all
settle! up, but with little suitable
for export out of the district.
At present the district is absolutely devoid of transportation ol any
kind, and there is neither wagon nor
wagon mad lietweeu Hazelton and
Quosncl, A trail there is, of a kind,
which served in lhe pasl, but which
cannot be accounted as a factor in
the future economic development of
Mie district. This lack of transportation (Indeed, of ordinary means
nf travel), renders the land in ihis
part ni the province practically
valueless, notwithstanding its undoubted possibilities. The fat titer
has no market, ami no means id gel-
ting his produce Ihere, if he bad nne,
and if he drives his stock over Ihe
I rail to Ha/.el to 11 or Qlicsiiol, he is
met at llw1 former place with a pin*
hihiiory steamer freight and at ibe
ladder liy a further "drive" of 2ihi
miles, through a compolitivo stock
country, tn ihe nearest railway.
Itefofe. IbeTOKe, any attempt can
be made at .fovWopineiil, wagon roads
are au absolute necessity, and most.
I'ouneci the agricultural sections with
the distributing points nf tlie districl, and Should, furthermore, be
used l-o connect tho system of mil uial
waterways, This only by way of beginning, ' liowever, for the country
will not liegin its real growth until
tlie advent of a railway.
"t is much more difficult l-o summarize the mineral probabilities of
llie   district   than     the agricultural
valuable mineral. Tho most that can
h<* done is to judge the rock forma
tion seen by ihe wraerience Rained
cUevh.-u-   will,    s.milur   foriwttons,
aide,   by the few sli^h. dovek ,.„.-
which have been made on such claims
as have l-ecn located.
Prom Quesnel westward to tin-
Bulkley at the Telkwa, as has been
already desorlhod, the country is  an
a rule,  so COVerod   wilh  glacial   wash
as to bide whaievei solid formation
mav he underneath, effect I vclj block-
lag all prospecting lot lode deposits
such peaks ol thc formation as up
ucai above llw glacial drift are poetically all of comparatively recent
geological age, and aie of volcanic
origin, belonging lo the Tertiary age,
and wen- so classed hv Dawsou iu
\si.le from Uie theoretical eonsld
oration that such recent volcanic
locks aie very unlikely lo cou tain
llssuie veins of any iitlhirtance;    the
actual   expel lencc  of  milling  does  linl
Indicate   llml    such   lot ma Lions rise
When    have been    found      to c am
valuable   mineral     deposits. These
rocks undoubtedly do contain small
percentage!) of various economic nun
orals, disseminated throughout them,
which through the solvent aclb i
WatCI have in places heen lead iti) mil
and HilcpoMlcd  in small  fissures, bul
such action requires much llmo and
pressure to produce deposits of com
menial    imp..Hame.      These   e li
lions ale   beic   lacking,   as   lbe   locks
aie younger than even the llgnltu
formations. Wnh the older rocks
effectively covered, as far as could
he observed, and only the recent
rucks exposed iu a few pMCes, tbo'
chances of successful lode prospcotitigl
in ibe seel ion under consideration
seems slight.
Ai various points     coal or lignlle
formation was    noted, ami nlil gli
im seams of commercial sljto ot quality have as yet been found, ihere   Is (
always   the  possibility  of  such  beingi
discovered at ono of many points   iu1
(h)s dislriel. |
As ibe inlerior plateau approaches,
mt its western boundary, tho Coasl
range of mountains, the conditions
change; the upheaval which formed
this range carried up with it on lis
eastern flunk ihe adjoining rocks of
older formations, ami sent off into
these older rocks spurs and tongues
us dykes or larger intrusions, Along'
lhe contacts thus formed there appears io he every likelihood of mineral deposits being discovered,
Thc rocks of the Vancouver island
series are supposed to have been
formed at the same time as were
Ihose of lbe Coast range, and thoso
have lieen shown to be iniiieinl-h.'ar-l
Ing along their contact with the
niter rocks, I
Speaking generally and from a gen-
logical standpoint, it is considered
that the Coasl range and its eastern,
foothills is the only portion nf llu*
district which offers anv verv hopeful field for lode mine prospeel lug,
hul this section is well worth stub
Investigation, The headwaters of the
Telkwa is about lhe eastern boundary of lhe area probably Influenced
hy lhe Coast range. Here it will
doubtless ho found that the deposits
will he smaller, lhough probably|
higher grade ihan nearer lhe main
The present mineral dcvcilopmenl is
Inn liven!  and      Ion slight   lo permit
uf even an approximate estimate Iielng formed nf the district; the claims
seen have been described, and they
seem lo Indicate possibilities of very
considerable min.'inl being eventually
discovered in Hns vicinity.
I nlil adequate transportation facilities are provided, even lhe besl nl
lbe claims seen are id liiile value, as
limit' of the ores ale free milting,
nor arc tbey of a grade siillicienih
high in stand pack-train transportation to lla/eltnii.
The ('nasi range is exceedingly
rugged, and the ultimate location of
tlto railway to the coast, whether hy
mie pass or unolher, will have a
material influence on the respective
eatnpsj and whichever I'OUle mav be
ilium.iiclv selected, il will he necessary to build (rom it hraneh lines lu
tap one oi other ..f the new mining
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Good to-eat bread is bread
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In tlie matter ot nutriment.
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best tlml is in ilu- wlir.it,
^uiiniil in a snowy whiteness
mul |..iiiiiiil I.y electricity.
li produces bread tlml ia
light, i-.!..y to digest nnd h.'st
nl nil— nutritious. I Igilvie's
Koyal Household i-s to be
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Ugilvie Hour Mills Co., ltd.
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The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers,
Drop in and see us any lime.    Wc are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
WENT   Tlll.<Hdll   THK   Ill.llHii:.
Vancouver, May 21.—The bridge
broke across the Illeeillewail river at
noon lo-day. The bridge is a high
nne and the old woollen structure is
now being removed hy a scries of
steel spans, and when the locomotive
or the C. P. IJ. passenger train from
Vancouver ran over one of Uio new
spans broke. The engine and two cars
filled with rush Ireighl were Immediately behind the locomotive, and
wenl throtygh the gap in the rushing
river below. Fireman Corbet Was
insiiiutly killed, by being crushed between the engine and the tender.
Kngiueer Purvis escaped with a few
bruises. The coupling broke just
back of the second freight car, and
liie air brakes on the passenger cars
being automatic, the train came to a
standstill just at the edge of tho
gap, Nunc of the pnssengors were
hurt. The accident will not delay
trallie alter to-morrow.
Nelson. B. C.. May 20.—At a meeting of ihc local and' olher shareholders held here il was decided to Blurt
another morning daily paper, to he
called ibe Mom fag (!aiiadi.ui, iu lbe
Conservative inlerest. It is slated
ii will be under ibe management uf
Have Carley, proprietor •nml alitor ul
Uie Nelson Weekly  Economist,
Hotel & s
(luemtt Comfort a Specialty
Hood Subline in Connection
Nearest to railroad ami depot,    Has aeenminoda-
tious foi  Ibe public unequalled lit Cranlirook.
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Rough and Dressed Lumber
terraces which flank lhe water-f -since die mineral-bearing formation
courses, and which formed lhe beds,!8 Usually covered, nml even where it
of the ancient lakes und streams, are is ex|>osod and is ot such character
covered villi a silt, deposited hy as elsewhere carries valuable mineral,
these old bodies nf water, assisted,! there is no guarantiee tliat such fnr-
no doubt, hy washings from the maliou is here similarly mineralized;
higher land, and Ihis soil, while while, on the other hand, a torma-
ligbt. is rematkahly free from hould- tirm whieh on one district may he
ers or stones and is very fertile, be- barren may in a second district carry
PACTS        ABOUT        CANADA'S
Canada has 107,1178 Indians on
I,Hi resolves,
They decreased by 255 in (005 over
I flu I.
Tbey cullivnle IR.OflO acres of land
The value id lheir farm product in
11105 was $2,11111,1100.
The value of lheir Hshlllg and hunting was $1,1.12,00...
Wages earned iu H'0f> over a mil-
linn and a half.
Nine thousand seven hundred nml
nighty five Indian children at lem! 208
Two 111111111111 and twenty -one Indian
youths are leaning trades In industrial schools.
Canada spends $.100,000 a yciu on
her Indians.
The Indians own 37,830 horned
stock and 82,835 cattle, i in:  ni \\ BROOK   licit \i.ii
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed'from   private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Firstclass undertaker in attendance *0 **
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Wc supply only thc best     Vour f"g]
trade is mi I Id led pn
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1 ■;■    I! NOTICE I!
bhii to notify tho restilents of E-wt Kootenny tlmt he Ims I
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.*.  | >.-i 11..■ 11.-i,i  uny
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ti the besl hotels in the district.   Headquarters for ±5
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■ II ST SMILE ami l'i UM, I I
Oh. ilu    not    in.- discouraged,    lull,
li.-.u i,
Tina   timid   is ),,,i
ii  oui ,1. \* iopra?.
\ I   l_.l   sli.   liad ivii
had i i..
Mllililitr Dl
lil.lllllil.-S  I'.K.Ii
\   I..il   -i
tlr.1  If  -iillu-liMH-s   Id.
.ill I  li-.ll,
l.ni,'! let  lh,* sn.itili.-s
Km   all Ilk*    litIK*     M„iiim.    llial   In
Tin- siiiail rotations tlu.  s,,    grieve
ami Inl.
To-morrow Hn*.  mil vanish iu'.i an
I'li.-ti sinllr. ili*.u livail   Just smile .nil
linn l.ilc-1.
.nil   ll   I...lav   tin*  ski.-  aie ,.Il-ll.ml
S..IU.U li.-l."   Ill-  -Hull   llu*  slUi  I.s  .-.l.lll
lUg Mill.
Iis -.ih, hail"-    brims Hi.* I,,«.i
mi; rli.ilils.
lll.l   \li* llial   i.il.li      its  i.l'.ll   ll     in*
.»i   id.i   M.r nau  i.iiro  hi a   nv.mip : S ft mm . J
,.i bei :iu.- sell, .mil ui ii.i resources jX N^vpn     V^arc    Arm ^
.,'ni.* II,, -uilli:.!, an.i Mamma ol I,,*,    I   ^VCTI      X earS    /YgO »
people were superku in ilms,- ,,i am   # .-     —        , , $
* in Cranbrook ,* «_t s
|  I
ll   Is  ■■m-i   In
sliuillil   l.lll
KiK.ll   11    is
lllll  il  »,.
Hi,* itarki-i
.1 fl,
Vmi uiini
tin* i
.1    li.lls
ml  Luii ill
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Tli,' Ilulpn   walks
i- UkiukI.    wi-
ullrl   ..i.il     lulu II,,- llxlll
„_   iu .*ii*l,li.**
■   ili-ail an.l
li, .1,11 |,.,v
liunl.li, nl
,*  lis all lin
ts mil lln- happiest imiii nt woman
Ihi*  must      slur,*s-,tnl   in   llu*    Illnln-sl
iten-u nl tin' word'/    tl-lvtii lln- com
lulls   ilf   llll',    is   ,l||l llllm;   lllllll-   lll'slt
alili'   I han   Mu'      siiti-luili* nl a    llapp)
iiiilllr, ..hi'li' a loViltg Mile ulnl Im-lll.
happy ihililii-ii altiili*. ami ..Iu-i
iriends t'ongrcRale lot* olieet-I.il, ii
spliiun iissKH-iiitiim*' Industry an
t|.|ii|ii-ialu'i- ami couraffc Mill bring
in any uuui th. comforts nf llle.
A ihi i'n ihis u kind heart uml a generous, lui'ifiil consideration toward
ull niuii uml life is complete.
"Ili'iuiisi. Uuui liusi ki-|ii llm iuiui
uf un iiulii'ius*. I alsu uill keep lliffl
from llu' Imiii* uf lempliifion niiiiii
shall i*hI,ii* ii|iuii all lln* world lu In*
ilii'in Uiat dwell upon Ihr rarHi. B_-
h.ilil. I come quickly; hold llml fust
ivhich lli.... hast, that tm mun lulu*
thy crown."
nf     .\
,   SMUT   t ll*-
.is   ll,-,-||      .,
> Ihnn Ihis.
id," if il i.
lllil   h nil ii,--
The name ol moMirr is our childhood's i.iliMu.it, mil- ii-Ium' anil
.iifi-Kiiiiiil in all mimic misery; 'lis
Hi,- liisl hulf-fmnnil in,i,I Ilini fulls
fium a baM.lll.fi tongue; tin. lirsi idei,
Hint dawns upon tin* mind; the first,
the f, ti.lest nnd must lasting lie in
which affection ean bind the heart lu
Tin*: i.AiT,iiTi*:i:.
A     mother    euiuint  inflii-i gmnier
lumisliiiieiii upon a'daughter ihan in
allow   llur  tn ruler   iviimuiiliunil   »lllllllll    u   practical     knowledge ol    Hi
rqnji.lrem.Hits nf lit.*, hn.
thing ma. In* provided fm lhe v,
uile hy the loud husband mil de.
pmi tils. In,  unless sl... Ii.i- nn i
iigoni conceplion nf tlm home si
serlouslj  hnmlicnppc.1.     Wiih   i
people ii knowledge nt housework
ridiculed, lun n person who dues
give lionie-keepiug n place among
line ails shows     an  inlelliTlii.il
lire a.iu.  down     below   llie eumi
plan-     A husband wllh ,. n I
nil   lines nut  lessen the ueees-ill
knowledge nl housekeeping nml 1„
making Tin* Imuse anl limn,
quire a bend ilie same us anj
business Nn stud) is uf greater importance In u tlill: aftei mania*.!' slit*
ultra wishes sin- knew more ut cooking  anil   less  nf  I.alill.      Mone.     anil
Ime eiiiiihiiied does nnl lorn, u sale-
guai-il where Ihem is domestic iu-
eapaeit. A woman wlm is capabie
..i lllling hei home in even* --use ,,(
ihe word is    worthy nl mute    mm
■ ili'T niiunii      ^^^^^^^^^^^
Tlie iui trade was mu tu-i iodus-
,iinm* 111,* llllll* lilieii
(.,:..,.1., ..,: ilisis.iei.d, and ulowillg
Up    Rl, ..lluntl *   .     el        I'm   !l-!iir
,,.    -.-..:,   .,:   lis-    ii,n.l   >-\'t.„<!,!uiaiv
Value I'l,*   Hieal   i-sl   ll.ililslii       ||,i*l
Iluiu;,,-  wilh  f,""l  l"i      DVel
.*. *   le  in  lis-  WOS.   lie  pos-
*!„. m,.s,  remunerative salimu.
in   ibo world       I'm*    ,,,l,t
ll.ll.-I- uf nil! lukes I ,M-III,s| lll'l, ll-ll
.*   * 111"   *   .1 i.i!.'I     all I   OUI    sinullel
In paradise .-i ine
angler, n.igl.1  In*   iiuuiberod by    .he
i| ie!     Inin-    quite .,--   valuable,
a, it I.-i .,, ,-*. .,- uu I it liesl ,,.;' ii llllll, ,i!  I,,,,,I.      nm   Il-hcrics emplu.Td
>,,.,,".,    tii.M Tl,,    i.il     we're;
I -,.;   11 mu ii      187?     'IJ .............
rn..    , i       I _-*, I.Utt
Tin* lorosl    nl Can, i.i I,., I Iwn .sii-
 <l    111     Ml I,il,:;.uI      ll.uiniiiuii
'.i.iiisiii-i.iii,    I,,   euniaiii    iiiii.ii ii
Inns id pulp wood, niiiiii ttuaiil Hint
,1,   •!„    ii-.,!    Inline   lie   llulllil   lu-.   fill
!'iil|i ami I'.it'i*! lhe supplj house ol
iin- uui l.i Ami vol Sraatoi l*:,l*
ward ,t *l„* in ,-m t.u.--.11 eui,i, n
'i"!i I,a,I stated l-'ial sevi n veals
BUppl.    .,!   llie    I tti!,.l   Slales      alum
iiuuiil leave us inaeiiiiill. bnro,
ulmii kl.ii.visl ilie essential Importance ,,i lm,-i  preservation
Tout-linn; tint,.      n,   Ii.ii! um- uf llll-
lielu'SI   countries   111   tile   lluli.l In
g.dil pririiuoi ion in- were surpassed hy
. l.ll I lln uill,,I naUtlllS, Ulnl III enal
lie  Ilall  iilill   luiiuii  In lillllll   what    11
lul ami I,, develop II. As i„ ou
factories  no nal on nl tlie sunn* pop.
lull, ii eilhei |inssesse.| ulie-liull ul mil
varied induulries oi averaged tbrougli
.nu  ill.  same high standard nf n i
fill-lured gnidls Al Hie lusl i-eusus nu
t.eiuiies numbered 11,010, employing
aiin unu pcoplo, nmI representing uu
invo-tt.1    eujiiiul ut   something    like
1500,(1011,0110. In 11101, llle lusl census year, lite mnnufnoturcs nf the
"uuiiiiv macliwl si.mi.nun.mm, whii'h
was greater Hun lite value nf nil
Canada's agricultural, dairv, mineral,
tores! uml Oslicries wealth' c Iiineil.
"Agrlcullurc is nut- basic industry,
■iml ivnulil su remain tor many veins,
if nut fm* ever. Only one-halt uf
'he entire iiruvince nf Manitoba was
ns yel cultivated, nml only 3 per
■.■eni    i f lhe     I.mil   iii lhe Null Invest
available fm*   minimi      wns . at
presenl lulun up. Manitoba, Sas-
kait-h.'u'iin and Alberto contained
171,0110,000 acres nf good land, .villi
,nly 5,000,000 in use. For llie decade l.Miii-liiim, uut win-at average
wns nineteen luslmls per aire; mul
mih one-fourth uf the 171,000,000
iuiui. aires nil Hi.mil ihe yield would
he 812,000,(100 bushels, nr four limes
ilu* quantity yearly imported hv
((teat lllilain, showing Ihal we lielil
llie secrei .,[ Iter fund supply. Hi
excelled ilu- Culled Stales in ihis
respcel, hoth in capacity ami uiinl-
AiCiiinst    uur   arena-    nf  III
S llk
4   Ht
INS  r'L'l.l.I.U   I HUM  Tin:
tltAl.ti    OF     THAI     I'ATK  J
\*************et* 4-****:**
A iiniuiii.. ul Hi.- citizens «u Ciuii-
1f.iH.ls—.ill men—iiileicsleil iu Hie ile-
leluf,llll'lll   uf    Snulll    Musl    Knul, mil
haie decided in re-organizo ihe Kun-
i,inn ami Algomu ..nl,I Mining eu'ii-
patii. Limited, .net in move ihe head
uOiti- in L'ranbrtHik This cHitpan)
nlii-ii.li  nuns    tun goad il.uiiis    in
Uesl   Knul, nul.  hill   llu- object  ill  Ihe
e,,tn|iiiiiv     iiill   lu*   lu iteielupe claims
tliluil.nl   In I'lanhluuk.      Uilli    Hus
object  III      uev   Hie    llesl    K,„.l.na
l-l.llllls   lllll   he   sul.l   an.l   llie   lnmls    •
111.*   i.,11,[i.,1.1    lllll   he   .lei,,1,,I   lu    il,
.-ctopmoirl    ii,ul  in  Hie iniinii     ,
A I,(Ise ul lln* >|KlO|iet.d...l ami in
lelilielisl tllKl I,""- Ims 1,,','lt O.gall
lu ,1 in Cluiililiiul. Ttie uiiiaiil/atlui
is einlnilll a sue, ess as lhe iiialmill
ut Hie liieltihel- ale enllii stasl le. U.
Jnllllll ulie .llllll anil althuuiili in
hale nn sel inns euuiplaili: - t,,     make
• a,n lingering u-
s   per
1.1. llll
Hie  I ni
each*   nil
*.l  SI,itiller cent
lb .Tll   IVKRIS  iTII-.TII-:
A young mmi eame up In the
linlliiii; pincr i.n election ilnv mul offered his vote, li ivas his (irsl appearance in the eli.truel.-i nf an elector, uud In* bad the independence, or
nul.uuv. i,i Iill,*, politically* frnm
his father.      His    father challenged
'"*'    'J'^AAJA,   g Is-"  ,l,,„.,„,,e,l   .he
'^liloVTell *l<»i.B-»mii'r.
sli I  21."
**1   um   21."   asserted   the   vnlllll.
"Nn,   you're  nol,"  said   llie father;
"yuu in.n't he 21  till lo-mol inn "
**i   s.n      I   Hill,"      eiietl   the   vnlllll.
■I  wns' li  mi     Hie I2ih day    nf
Nmi'lilliel It's   dnun   in   lhe'    ulil
II ,11   mil
"llnlV "   I
.n'l I Hi'
Well." t,
u.i     deliu
mistake," s.i
eleii'l limn
llth uf Nu
tl lhe nlil
llll      lhe
ember, I
applnuse than if she pus
aieutiifilislum-ills      lie n
mueli impressed In* the
1- doing a steal   nud gn
humanity, bul the    mie
mother! wlm presides oi
nml cl.il.tmi wiih u lien
demons! rating kin.ln.-ss
u-lueli   puis   lbe blush
life       l.el   Hie parents,
well as Hie    mother, ii
then   i,,litis    d'Ulshlers.
.He   iii     the eiiimll 1   st-ln
college, Hu i Hie in
sphere is in the hmne. a
hus ss nml educational
have I in mi ii u id,* open
woman   dues nol     den
•SstSl     111,1111  i
. often very
mii.ui whu
i,l work fm
liim roluins
I mul head
nml Jl,,In,
in Hie pi.blli
lie lulliei a.
ipress llliot
,i hel her ihei
nl   house   ul
Old :..,.!
Iiiih- boy!
Uni-I'lense,  ,
Is lieu   hut.
Old   l.udi-llit
etv alfo.it "it
llm—Please   i
tl   Ilil. I.  '.*  lusl
i  IIIPKI'lltKNl'I'l.
Hltui uif imt crying fm*
e. lillllll, my luiiili,*]* Ins
I.   h.
Mill       1
III       III'.
Ill      III
kltlll    .
Ill     I
l.'l    US   	
11 ih-    wmnniily
■    lllvll.-sl    .-llllfil
Imi   l.i'.-|i lli.'ir
i.l.'h   llirm      till
■|mm:. ami Rrat-r
t*l»inft   H	
ili.Mi  Ui.ii   i
r.ii-t.n.  in  iu-i-
I.    llll      Uhi-li    silt
Inm.  iMMlil.'
.•.■I....:- 1.,. path
t-.li UU- hi
  sliuillil ■
lll.il   t||i-  .I.HI.'lil.-l's  ]
lllllllll l.llli lh.1!, llll)
Hon uii Iiuiii ji,,,IHi
Tli.' |)M-*i..il I mlu In
in ils infllli-iicr; c
ui'i.ii   it,   uluii-.i-r
ill   piuil
lieiIiii receive
The [irovlnclal lilnaiy in llie Free
il ilu- Kroat-I KwwHns Hooin, Wails block, i.s free
tu all ami conltiins ono liuntlred vut-
macs, nil new, un ilie following
topics, \iz: Moclai science, ntilural
science, useful nils, literature, de-
Tflucal-el scrlpUon ninl tfavol, fiction, juvenile
1h.oLs, biogmphy   uml   history,    by
mhiii; nf I lit' ht-.sl  ailliiuis of the day.
Any irshlt-iii of (Jrnii'lirool. nr viein-
ity Is .iiiiiIkI lu lira lu.ui ol    t-h.-se
liooks us long ai. fiiicli person    eoni-
pllos  wiili  Un*   rules,   having    lirst
I signed Uie (igreemeiit, which   will   he
presented   hy iht- librarian.     Uelow
are a few uf tin- rules tu hr complied
j Willi;
miriii     Uooka must   he h.iinlliil   wilh   care
uuui' ami loaves must not hv turned down
iliictt-jTwo vuliiincs may he drawn   liy each
reaih-r anil  relaiiit'd for  two    weeks.
The line uf five cents shall he   paid
fur each book kept over time,   and
nu books .shall    be lent tu any    one
lu whom hunks or an unpaid line   or
lini's are eharged.
TIIK DOMIX-1   a reader desiring a book imt at the
lime in tlie ease may have il reserved for him fur forty-eight hours after its return by giving notice to the
A realtor returning a book, whieh
is not reserved may renew it fur
tWO weeks.
In addition to this library Ihe room
is suppliisi with the leading newspapers Irom the Atlantic u> tibu
Pacific, also milgflZhios ami periodicals.
The room is nicely furnished ami is
a eitiiifurtalrle   place tn spend    ynur
nul  nut    hy,
inn*   in the interest   nf any   church,
parly, nr clique.       Kveryhmty    wcj-
IteiiH'lilbi'r lln-   plate,   sivond
over Million's
,<llh ti
■ ■	
vails bul liltic
is f..i roaclilM
■nibliig tti'imi.ls
■ise may he    a
ur   ambition Iel    hei
the Him ciHiahlcrallon.
It, .1.   Yuung, ex-secretary uf    the
Canaitiaii    Mauufacliiers'  assofialinn,
in a ivi-eiil  pililit' address, spoke   oi
lhe development     of Canada in    ihe
following terms:
1 The development  uf Canada is al
the presenl lime the most remarkable
mi lhe face of lhe f_.lobe.    While born
in 1KII7,    she had    mil  really    found
herself until tbirty years later, during Ibe elnsinn days of lhe last century, when she revealed herself     to
lln1 nations, and showed  Ihem    what
site really was to become,     Iu    llie.
earlier limes   progress was eompara-! "pare moment*, and t
lively   slow;- perhaps   because, above
all else,   she lacked   a true Canadian
nfft'Iopai sentiment, whieh meant so
• much in the upbuilding of anv nation.
I llut during the last len years a great
llmir,    Walts block,    .
tobacco store, (taker street,
yet neither have
lepli'ssilile      ilt'-viii*     11,       lulu   ogttill,
Hi.-ih.-ts Mi-ih.iisi.     Dunbar, llea-ttlo
aim l.cilth     pilninl us H uh    Hi.'
Myst.iu mazes ol Initiation. Wu
have recovered ami are glad nf ii
Uh.n une suddenly plunges deep down
inlu lhe river St..x an.l can easily
bear ihe twang ol golden harps an.l
the sun tread of main feel oil thu
streets that arc paved with previous
metals, and then is siuicri',1 in return
in ihe land of Itriglll siiljxhiiio uf this
glorious world, his heatl Is full ul
ilianks^ivin^ and his suul overllows
wilh joy, We still retain a confused
idea uf ilu1 obligations as administered hy the Kxal t ed < i rand Mast A
Mt-ibtirsi, but the physical gyrations
of Hie liist degree as demonstrated
hy Iti others Dunbar an<! Leilch Iel
an impression that will mil be easil]
oradieatcd. We saw stars and mooni
eiiutij.li iu form a brilliant eoustella-
tion and ibe memory ui tin- mumen-t
IHigers now like au Iridescent dream.
W'e are a Goo (inn and we trust a
member iu j;ood standing. Anyway,
we ate willing  In let   il  go al' that.
IV McC'oiiell. of Winiiipey;, has e!us-
pd the deal wilh Mr. Kvre and laken
posst'ssiuii ol tbe bakery an.l will
continue the business.
W. T. Ileid has been enjoying a
visit from bis brother, ('has. K.
Keid, uf Hevelstoke, who will engagu
iu lb.- clrii|* lnisiness al Kernie,
rui.*i.-.a.,t-,..l.|„. ,1... I- ., ,
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kuril's Pioneers
"Spanish Blossom"
Ful   -:.!.*   liy ail   .U-alof*.
Kurtz's Pioneer Cijfir haciorv
1IM....I..V:.   >t.   \\ ,
v\M oi vkii . . . a c
McVittie & Laidlaw,
MiniiiK Kn^inecrs
and Surveyors,
THOS. T.  McVlTTIF,  V. h. S.
J. T. LAIDLAW, M    E.
lor I ir-t .lass  Music
I- PASTA  Ilns'JW Kerni
<■&> V*
<?>   First-class Work by Exwri-   **
v-/ •»
<?> «nccd   Hands. <•>
<9> <-»
I    ThcCranbrock Hotel    l£
I i
X   Facial M.iss.i*;, a Specialty    *
r-ropr. r
it-i-t-*.-. • ii.t.,*....,. ,*
♦ Vr*'1"! v w X   \ is now located in its comlor'
♦    t able and attractive new qua
J   j ters in the Manitoba Hotel.
!This institution is iust up-t.
date and is modemly equippe
4 I   Turk head mould
♦ I Golden Rod cake tin
.     —      30c ,
- 2 mel n cake moulds        25c 2
2 Sets ol drop cake tins  25c ♦
Set ol four steam bread       T
4     tins worth $2 00 lor $1.40 2
♦ I   Do:,   separate  bread ♦
tins three for 25e *
I   Large bread mixing pan JI •
R. N. FINCH A CO.      $
Coro-ECT.oNcn Phonc 132   +
T. Forrest, nf Dbiiald, arrived last
oveulug and will proceol nl once with
lhe work of completing his largu
hotel building nn Maker street, Mr.
Korresl savs there is nu question bul
ihal the Nurlh Star branch will be
built from Crnnbrook and ho is
anxious to gel his hotel in siinpu as
soon as possible.
Joseph Milchell disposed nf his
wholesale lltiuor business 1,1 .lames
Kerrigan, nf Winnipeg, and mined
over Ibe business vesterdav. The
Hernld h pes ihat Mr. Mileliell will
conclude to remain in ('niiihrunk and
nl Htf same lime exinnds a cardial
welcome to .Mr. Kerrigan, who is a l
young husiness man nf ability ami
(i. I.. .Johnson formerly of Kernie.
has localed in Movie ami opened nu
assay olliee. Mr. .Johnson is a man
id experience and well qualiliiil for
his work.
A Six Roomed Cottage
In first class repair, two lots,
stable and hen house, on one
of the most attractive streets
on llaker llill, lacing Si. Joseph's Creek, Ilea son able price
and favorable terms.
Fred    Dumont
(--■: ~ ..i^.i.pped  j
to do iust the best wo.k in all J
, branches ol the tonsorial art.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It ia Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Maple Leaf
There are running shoes and
running: shoes but none to
equal those with the Maple
Leaf Brand on the sole. They
come in both tennis or Ox-
lord styles for Ladies or Gentlemen, Girls or Boys, and thc
soles of all are made from
pure para gum rubber.
Maple Leaf
Tennis Lacrosse
or Running Shoes
Look   well,   fit   well,   wear
well and   are   stylish   neat
and durable
For sale   by    all   good
shoe dealers.
Ask for them
I Ceckie Co. Dd.
Selling  Agents
I will sell my two lots facing *
Ihe station,   wilh building, or}
will sell bits   alone and   move
building.      Price, $1500,    one
half cash,        AM cash, better
price will be given. «j>
Call on or address x
<8*'-j'§"$'$-$6,*S' I ■i'i i-i--*'*-*-ir-i'i*s"i-5>
< » In lllill.'ll   nil   rol.il'l   Of lillllll- X
■Hi nlmI'l ll.ll i.'.
SluikittiiJ or I'lilitnrv prices.
Piirpiuilhiami hbuikiiii'tj.-erH
iimi.- tn ordnr. Hare .lun
iin.i ir.-i_.iii hj ordering from
*#e Buy and Sell on   Commission
WANTED.-Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
90 day round trip
Winnipeg, Port Arihur,   Duluth,
St. Paul.
Through Excursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime Provinces, New York, New
on Application.
Dates of sale :   June 4, 6. 7, 23, 25.
July 2, 3.   August 7, S, 9.
Sept. S, 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations
of route and include meals and
berths on C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
iko. llillier, Agent, Cranbrook
J. S. Carter, D. P. A.
Nelson, BjC.
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash    j
and Door Factory ;
All kimls nf finish work iu
wny of iliKirs, wimlows. trim.
souih, etc. Kiln dried lumbor
for inside work. < 'ur work is
tfii;irunt»'*il 'uui our prices nre
miti_»f.irt«iry.    Screen    iloors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calgary Butcher Shop
Oeo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high clttH!* work in dyeing,
i'li.';tiiiiiii\ pressing, repairing and
Freicl Dr/ Clunia; a Specially
We do ull kinds ol ladies' work T.IK   CRANBROOK   UKIi.VMi
ki.  t.e 1I.-UI.I   I'l.l.li Hm <' I'-uiy,
Editor nml Manager.
Tht Herald is worth ll" a year, li
costs uuly !-.      So man in   Soutli
I.a,l  Kl u.u  '*.IU a".'Hi  l" he "Hit
uu. ii, ami ever)  living  side ol
Ihe di-'iiri, via' is iiii.-rei.u-il u> H'o
urogres. ol this set-tiun, slmiilii read
H,     it publi-hos ill,* news wiuli* n is
1.,-ws.   1. is contrullwl absolute!,  hj
u.e uubllslicrs.    No iiuiii.-. i'
Itidlvlilual iliii.itr-  Its   I'.iii'
dun't try to |ilwise tlw |m.|.l
desire is m |iuWisli u u.iui'.ii
v.,1: iu- a oroetll    lo Uw .iuiii.iui.iiy.
Kind ill  ...ut   st -ripii."   ■'■'l   )""
will be lliaiikiiil ,*vi*i iiluinvam.
Advel....ui.. rales II I'd "*';'. I"''
month, itn more and   ■   *
Reading mattei 13 '•■->- i"*'' ,l:'
to L..n-.idii*i!i-.*i-. !" "*"'s |u-l lim
l*.  [ettuUi   ati-*i'is-is.
K ,,„, de In  in reueh llw |f...|.l.' 'J1
S,,ut'h Easl  K***.i i   )• sl •'■'
vertlse in li"' Herald.
The Ilrmild Ii.i* .i t"-1 el.iss Ml
ulj.ni. a.ul its work i- "I lhe besl
Ttie ||rraid don'l wanl ehnriiy.     I
wants a square    dnil tm   )    1"!
work, II wc ran I suit ymi in qual
It) and tui"' kick*, anl smd >..nt
*.,,tL io some Cheap -i"11 lion r li
tbe east that nevei s|iei.ils a eenl ir
1,000 a Week
l*i.— i,,,,tu iiiui ftil.--.-ii|.
III.n ll-l- ..|.|.|i t» luvottlg...
Unit ity iiilvurtisers ul uny
Tlie Ilernlil glvoa a ilolliu
in value Inn. ilolliu Iniiin...
ey.   Tlte ailvertlBtii lm- llie
riplll  t..   Iiiii.ii   wlllll   lie   Is
receiving   tor  lii-   money.
Tlie Ilernlil   Is      l.t'l".'
Unit .•.nuts luvesUtlgtttion,
Tbe Herald  will be found on X
sale al the lullowinK places: T
Marysville, Marysville Drug Sture
Wardner, U Donahue's Store
Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drug Slore
Kyaa, K. P. Finlay
Heroic Purdy's Hunk Slore
lilko, Holbrook - llouk Store
Craubrook,   Keaflir  & Alcliison's
and C. li. Keid & Cu. >
Governments as well as Imlh duals
havo a rlehl  to protection from   llm
press,    since   governments    are   oi
should In- a form nl legitimate representation of tlie people.     Take hero
in     British   Columbia, rot  instance
There arc rumors awl rumors, alleged
malfeasance and defense   and counter
charges.     So rapid Imvo lhe allegations beon made, so prompt have th.-
pleas in defence appeared, that    the
human mind is confused, ami the citizen su.ps to   ttuiuli'i ai  ihe turmoil
prevailing and    marvel in his    o\\
mind as- lo tin* umi    iiuiii.       Tl
Herald prints the following io    gi.
its readers mi Idea a*-  lu thc sifiu
(From Mie Vancouvci World |
Hon. Kichard McBride, as pre
mier ol ibo lirsi Conservative
government, British Cnlum-blii Ims
had, w II find his position Infhvlte-
lj less secure wli u thu house ti
next summoned i..r the despair!)
of business Mi. Chnrlcs Wilson
and Mt, \. II It Mncgnwnu.
Imih metnbors ioi Vancoiivei t-u\.
being no longei Just I (Iol in l he'll
own opinion in supporting thc-gm
ernment. lion. Mr, Wilson, il
will in- remembered, resigned bis
portfolio and lefl foi Ottawa dui
ing the laic days ol lbe llKld ses-
nion, although ilu- fuel ol his re
slgnatlon from tlie minlslrj wns
carefully concealed from llw house
And country until lhe formei bad
Mr Wilson's ivi iivm. nt from the
minlslrj have uol yel lieen made
nubile, and when a meeting wns
held in Vancoiivei recently with u
view io tooling public oplnlnn a- a
pin rolnar] to sending back Mi
W .1 Uowsei io In*, eonal-ittieiils
wnh the prestige ..( Hie altotuej
gcnernltdilp, Mr, Wilson «tni<d
simply Mmi 1,.- would make public his reason* .it lhe proiiei time
Subsequent1!) luterviewiil as lo
the meaning <•( tin-- promise, Mr.
Wilson stated thai il would Ire ,i
depart un- from iisnge ami propriety were bt* lo discuss his reasons
for difference wilb the governmenl until • h<- legislature aexl
assembles and lie can stair Ins
liosiii-ii.ii on tin- iim.r nf parliament, h is an open secret,
hnwoior, ihat the Mum and lionesl a-l-torncy-gcinoral laltes strong
ground of iiifierencc with liis lalf
colleagues in tin- matter of the
Kaien island transaction, many
features of whioli were concealed
from him an.l onlv brought lo
hie. notice bv tin- Inquiry conducted by Mr. .1 \ Maodonald,
leader of the opposition, The
compact of Hi;' governmenl wiih
the socialist members is also a
suhje-ci upon wlm li Mr Wilson
cannot- see eye to eye wltb Prom
ler McHride, Mr. Macgowan is
ua    tbe same   position,   and has
ft.vh   st.it.d   Dial   In-  Mill sii  and
vote a- an independent Conserve
■i.i- ii.-\i   ..-S-.IOII—lit-,t taking cul.*
lo .-\|.i  ih.v.-.'U  win  he with
ili.ius  lii.    ..Il.-an.-i-    ..   (he    Mi-
Ili ni.- .. Imlnistrni lon
l ganl both   io Mi.- ease of
\li      Wilson and    Mr.  Maegowaa,
another transaction in which Mn*
lands .iml works department and
Mi. and Mis Anderson are coupled, is said '" '»' "i"' stomal oi
difference with Mi.- governmenl
Mr Macgowan Indeed has \*aid
thai ii statements since made to
him had been receiveil prior to thi*
rising o| tin* house, bv would noi
li.tic consents>i tn iis adjournment um il .in iin psl i__at ion had
1..-. I. held, The stated lacts of
Mn- ease m question nro briefl\
ihese: Messrs, W. V Puulrav
,\ Sons were desirous of obtaining ii si rip ol land ai lhe fool ol
llellevue street, Victoria, upon
whieh there was a government
reserve, iu connection with the
i-t-.i-ti..ti oi til ii new paint fae
lorj .mi loap winks premises
TIiim weir advised thai Uie re
serve u..uld he lificii and llie laud
ndvenised as open in lhe customary waj Tea tors f.u n-
nurehase would Ihen he put in
This course was followed. Mr.
r. n.li.u pui in a tender for ibe
land \ few dais later, and bo
fore the time had arrived for llie
■ •h iiiiiii i.f Mi.- bids, ii is alleged
iiul Mis dames a Vnderson
called upon .Mi |Vt.\ Hrown,
who acted as Mr, IVndrav's
.t-.-i.• ..nf laughing!) remarked
i" blm Mut Mi. Pemlraj would
have i" go n little higher if he
wanted that land—at the same
umi' mentioning Mie amounl of
bis lender, whicli bad been oare
fulh guarrfwl, \ day or s,, later
a second hid was pm in, iust
SJ'ti in advance ,.f Mr. Pendray's,
In a young woman employed as
stenographer at Mn- Hotel Drind,
allegedly acting not for horsoll
bin foi Mi. and Mrs. Anderson
and   Ml.     .lames    Munav.        The
I'mdiav firm declined to raise
Mi.-ii hid and Informed ihe government thai unless Hie land was
given Mieiu Ihey proposed to expose lbe whole transaction, this
In ing bm shortly before Hie rising
<d (inrlinmrnl. Neither lender
was accepted, nnd as a compromise Mn* land was leased to Mi.'
Messrs. IVtiilrav ft| a nominal
figure ami the erection of their
works proceeded, At the same
I.ime as a whip lo ho used in ease
of accident, Mie governmenl is
stated lo have iuserte.l a clause
in the lease providing for its possible eancellntion ou :t0 davs'
noliee. Ai ilu- present time
iicMhcr Mr. lVu.liav, Mr. Hrown,
nor any of the others directly
concerned, will discuss ihe mutter, li will l*> brought to the
attention ol Mie legislature, bow-
evor, ai iht' first opportunity,
most prohahly liy Mr. WHson or
Mr. MacL,'iiwan, and a thorough
and Impartial Investigation de-
Some lime ago it was staled in
Tin- World thai Sir Henri Joly,
whose lndigna4'lcn was arousrd hy
tbe Kait'n island iransaeiioii, had
resolved in ihe fuiure lo examine
carefully inio all Mie circumstances connected witli the Issue of
land grains. As a eonscqnonce
a largo number of crown grants
have heen before his honor for
soine time and il is believed thai
In- will pass ihein over to Governor Dunsmuir lo deal with.
Tlie documents lhat are held up
mostly relate Io Ifaal pari of the
coiiiiiry Miat will ire Iraversed In
lhe (irand Trunk Pacific. Smne
of the lands are eloso lo Kaim
Island, others are situated in
itulkli-y valley; others aro further
up tiie coast than Kaien, Sir
Henri is to Iw congratulated
upon his watchfulness and the
eoiitiii) ma\ he assured that bis
successor will bo equally vigilant.
(loss I p.
(From Mie Victoria Colonist.)
\s a very good instance of lhe
w.i\ efforts are pin forth lo injure Mie governmenl, ii mai be
sialeil Mial an article was reeent-
Ij published iu the World of Vancouver purporting lo detail lhe
methods whereby, through Mr.
and Mrs. .lames Anderson, and
Infert ntlnllj through their influence wiih the 'ollii-o of Mie
chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, an attempt was made lo
bold up Messrs W. .1. Pcndray A
Sniis in connection with the
government     reserve    at    Sehl's
Point  al      the    loot  0f    HelleviHe
sit tot-, whieh was wanted upon
which to erect paint and soap
works. Published as it was editorially in The World, no particular attention was paid to It. although ii was copied wiiboui
comment in .me or iwo up-couii-
ti>    paper.-.. Thai   information
bad bct'ii obtained fiom ibe fle-
liiiitiiinii in lespeci lo a under
-iihmiiicd hv Messrs. Pcndray A
Sons for ihe lots in question, in
order thai others might bid over
'bi*m, was too risky an inference
i"t even Mn' local opposition
organ to indulge in, hm then-
wen- ..ihei moans found for lho
Jiiurunllsllc vultures who prey on
political carrion,    i,, disseminate
Mie gossip ol  the  Woild        ll   was
telegraphed liodll) under tl,,. dale
line of Victoria-.is D despaleli-
i" 'lie oinlern papers, ami a|i*
pears there under sensifctlonal
beoiHines,     li is hinted thai the
m.i Mel   will  he   llie suhject   of    an
investigation as soon as the legislature opens nexl session We
sincerely I nisi thai ii may. Tin-
story, ih nigh clmimstantinlly
tolti and sulmlnntiall) correct in
many of Ms details, Is Intended lo
convej an impression as false as.
ibe person is who wrote it.
li would seem to ihe Herald Mial
if ibe siiilemf-uis made by the Vancouver World are true, the situation
is Indeed serious. And ll is equally
serious if ihese statemems are. nol
based upon fad, but are prinled as
Intimated by the Colonist, for poliii-
eal purposes only. If ihey are true
ilien Indeed the present governmeul
of ihis province has descended to a
low level, and it is Mme for Ihe
people lo think tor Miemselves, regardless of party. If it is true Mint
Pendiay brothers were subjected lo
the disadvantage of oul side parlies
souring advance informal ion, in a
business deal wilh Hie government,
ihen ilie time has come for tlie inner
workings of ihc administration lo he
properly shown up and Ibe burden
ol disgrace fall upon the shoulders of
ibe guilty parties.    The people  have
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rigliis and these rights must be pre-, policy lo attack the grafters in one's
served, II the government, Mie men own party, for if ihev ate allowed to
who hold nllice by the votes ol the (Operate Ihey will bring Mm- parly to
peuple, are nol true lo their 1 rusts, I defeat and disgrace, sooner or later,
lionesl in the performance of their Mm there is another and a stronger
duties, it is ibe light of Mn- pcoplo reason for attacking political graf
io know it. | tors,     ii    is   one's   ilut-3     to     the
On ihe other hand, if tlie above eoiihlrr and Die people. The wel
charges are wilhoul foundation, If fare of lln* people is ol far more
ih,- publication of them is prompted importance than the welfare of any
hy political malice alone, Ihen it'is political party, and Mu- protection ol
iiuie thai tbey should cease and prop- home and self is fai more Important
er proteciio'n he given to gov- than the political elevation nt anv
ernmenl olllcials thus wrongfully iml.vidua).
maligned. j    lint Mu* cry goes forth, "Yes, yes,
The Herald would like to sue lhe perhaps tliere was a little graft in
irulli revealed. If there is political thai acl of certain politicians, hut
rottenness at Victoria, the people don'l sav anything for it will burl
should not he kept longer iu Ihe the partv." ' Thin it is thai Hie
dark; and if the ministers are ihe Herald feels like saving, "lo hade
iniioceni wclims of misrepresentation with party."
notion should  be  taken at   once     to j    No party has a monopoly in polll
* indicate 1 hern.
cal purity, and no parly is free fro
grafting barnacles if || "has heen
power any length of lime,
There is graft in British Columhl
iiul  all    kinds of it, and  yet
The people in charge of ilie Sunday
disorvaiice measure  now  before  par-1 Conservatlra pnper    in  (Ill's provin
aiNfltit,    are   displaying!     fanatical j will say a word, for fear of injuring
tendencies in smne propositions pro-
filled for discussion, and especially
he Sunday newspaper. The Victoria Colonist in the following, bits
the nail squarely on the bead-
As we had anticipated,  the eastern
Mie party
To baiies with lhe nnilv. Protect
the people. Hemaiid an honest gov
There is grafl in lho Dominion
'tiiinenl,  and  yel   there an-  Lib
fanatic oil the question     of    Sunday i eral papers and Liberal politicians ile
newspapers is to have his way.    The.fending il, for fear any othei   course
Mon lay paper is io be permit!oil   lo will Injure the party,
he published by  tbo employees going Tn nndes with party.     Proleel Ihe
to work .,u Sunday     evening at    8  people,      Demand an   lu s| govern
o'clock,     Thai  is, ol course, rid leu- ment,
'mis i.i ihose familiar with Hie teelihi- It is the work of political graders
cal   requirements     of a     newspaper thai does more ihan other ono thing
olliee.    In order in start the uicchaii- to Increase taxes,     It js the work of
leal stall at  work al  8 o'clock,   tiie I political  grafters  thai   makes  politi
editorial anil reportorlal staffs musl cal honesty a farce, and political in
have  a    large    amount of material lenrlly n canard     The real wny    In
ready,       That neeosBllales   working protre!  party as well as ihe people,
for some hours previous and prnctl- is tu demand    political lionesl)     oi
call)   all da)       Is  there any  law  of-! public dismissal  of anv  grafier, high
feel ivo i rnot__.h to    proven! an editor nr low, in the councils of the pari]
from placing his views on paper    al The Hernld believes in going lo   the
tiny lumi of Sunday, m  would a ser- root of the evil, and demanding hon-
iotis attimpl be     made to nrresl    a esly in  public otlice as  well as hon-
r.-pori.-i   in willing down au oeeounl est)   in private business affairs.   The
of  lbe ordinal)     happenings  ol     lhe difference of political opinion nalural-
daj'7    A inan would be worse Ihan a Iv creates political parlies,  but     u.i
slave who would submit   io  If.     As man '-hould he so strong in his poll
for   Sunday   newspapers In    Urltlsh Meal   belief   thai    lie   will overlook
Columbia, wo  have alread) expressed grafl m his political part.,
our views on the subjeo!.   The    piir The strongest article Umi has boon
pos.d  law,   if  il   should  go  im..    cf- written  on   Ihis question  for a    long
feet, is     imwort-hy of a iree   country lime,  strong because il   is  Inm    nud
and will do    more to read asnlnsj stroii.; because it   is fair and    nou-
Ibe nllemptrd  tyranny of clericalism partisan, since ii    deals severely but
than anything else we could  imagine, imnariiullv with both parties, is   lbe
The peuple ..f iliis    counti') are pro- following  from    lhe   Toronio Cllobe,
pared  in comply      wilh a  reasonable Mi.* lending  Liberal  paper of Canada:
nnd    sane observance of Sunday    as Graf! is no supporter of govern-
Sahbaib: but ihey are not In Ire menls. Neither the Lanier gn
whipped Iulo a slavish obedience to
tbe dictates of any class or seel of
the community. Wise mon will let
well enough alone, and in interfering
wiih established insi it itt inns which
work no wrong tn the public to satisfy a religious fad. thev are creating
trouble tor themselves m the fuiure.'
ernmenl a! Ottawa nor the Whitney government at Toronto, nor
any oilier governmenl al any
other eapilal, ean afford to eolliil
ilself Immune from Ibo unlawful
greed of its professed friends. In
vigilance alone i.s there safety for
any government. Foolish partisans and Ibe government's falsosl
friends mav cry peace! peace! hul
Miere can be no peace.     The gin-
The    Herald     has always   opposed ernment that  is not forever on tin*
grafts    in governments,     no matleri alert, knowing that, siege is   laid
whai party might bo guilty.     Prom' against overy    department,    lhat
a political standpoint,  it is a good' whore all seems   well is tihe like
liest spol for ihe looter to appear, and Ihai in politics as elsewhere a man may smile and
smile and he a villain—ihe governmenl ihai is noi (orevei on
guard is doomed and ils course
fins come it. lbe beginning nt il.e
Human depravlU is said to he
Imiii (olal ami general, hul under
..ur di'iiioti.ii ie svsu tn il has
special opportunities, and n finds
peeulinl expression in some species oi political plunder, some rake
oil oi lottl or graft, by which a
department of governmenl is made
ib.*  insiruineiii ol   public robbery
I.n   private gain.      The slake liny
be only smne potty otlice with a
salary of a tew liundred for which
ibe politician's henchmen grasp,
or il may be some greal pi.lilic
wmk involving hundreds of thousands, or even millions, hy which
corporate ambit inn and greed are
aroused. The financial mai gin
varies with the size of Mn- enterprise, hm the moral qua-lily is lhe
same. And in every case lhe
splrll nf grafl—ihe dishonest desire io prolii at lbe expense of
Mu- public Uirough the Ignorance,
ibe weakness, or the cupidity of
public men oi public officials—
works for moral decay alike m
public administration and in pn
\iiic life.
And it is this weakness and
enpidlly in its own departments
and this greedy dishonesty ou thu
pari of its own Iriends that a
govornmenl bas most io fear, As
a ruli*—a rule almosl without exceptions—no govemmcnl falls he-
ctiise of lhe ill lacks of its opponents eiibei in paiiiaiiienl nr on
the platform or in the press; it
bills because or ils own weakness
ni incapacity or cm 'million. ll
was so in ISflfl when the sliolig-
esl aggregation of nun ever united iu an) Canadian opposition
laileil bn ' years in nverllirow a
governmenl that had lost prestige
ami bad neither ahlHI] um homu
io iis crcdil; and il was not uniil
iis virtue and worib Worn poison
llled in (! gi- 12   .-'osier anl bis
nesi of trailors thai ihe Poiisei
vallvo government collapsed bv
the deadweight of its own moial
toiti ss. Nor did ibe Conservative opposition iu Ontario ite
foal  the Liberal   governmenl    in
1110.1.        It   was  nol   because     tlio
people ehose Mr, Whilney and his
associates, ot were influenced bv
the attacks nu Ihi' goveriiiinnl In
ih.- opposition and ils newspaper
allies, llial tbt' political complex-
Imii of Mu- Ouiario legislature was
so alinosi completely ch mgi-d.
The thing was made possible bv
Liberals who wnuld no longer
slain! for the methods resorlod to
by alleged friends of ihe govorn-
meiil. That significant fact should
be laid lo heart hy lho government at Ottawa, which is strong
because of the supporl of Liberals
who would i.oi hesitate In punish
ihe wiring doing of their own politieal friends; and the gnvernment
at Toronto should nnt forget thai
it owes ils present position, to the
il.-leiiniliili.iii of Liberals llial  Ibe
barnacles l.e removed Irom the
ship oi stale Wlml was done
then in.iv be done again, tunic
readily and wnh more straight-
going decisiveness
li is ibo part ..( the Cnnservn
im- newspapers io pla. candid
friend to trie Plemioi iif Ontario
in ain lielil he may pul up againsl
ibe grafters ami looters Ihal
hiingei I.n ciown Offices or that
jockey f.u position in mining
cJairns or limber berths or public
contracts Tin- worst enemy
Premici Whilney has in bis ranks
—lhe most dangerous adviser and
Mu- saddt-sl |ool-is ih,- man or
Hie newspaper ihat assures him of
tbe honest) of all these claimants
and of ih,- Impossibility of graft
ever touching his government.
Am! it is the bitdness of the Liberal newspapers t-o make stronger
than evei ihe moral (Hire of lhe
Ottawa governmenl, to encourage
the Prime Minister iu his demand
lor honesty and efficiency in llm
public service, and to warn Hie
grafter-pot I llelnn thai admlnlstra
irve crookedness will nol be con-
doned noi will electoral corruption go unpunished.
three  weeks ago   the people of    the
prairie were worrying ovei threaten
wl ilrniig'bi. Now thoy are wading
through ihe mud and praying foi  the
lain  lo cease.
Pails aie being laid on the Koole
ua) Crnlral ni the floldon cud of ibe
I  When ih.i',1- tails rench Cranhrnnk   llieli-     will   he  a   bijl   jollilica
Hon meeting.
|      Ml     U,illlil nl t    the  well   I wn   ie
[ nresenlntlvo nl    Mm-  v.i it    Cash
llcglstoi company, was In lown lasi
j week, Speaking ol itowspnpen . Mt
] Wallhiulgc sail! "I (ravel all ovei
1 lliiiish Columbia and I tin! ihat the
, Cranl k Herald has tlin reputation
ol bring lhe besl   we.-kh   papei   m  lhe
province I beni nl il.,- lletald Iiom
I the Coasl In K.-inie. and lbe people
. hero sboiil,l he proud of such a paper
li  is a good iidverliBomenl for    ibe
!    There     is i,» ho a    new  dull)     n,
1 Nelson,     strictly     Conservative   In
' Polities Hate        Clllioy,     of     lhe,
; Kcnnnmlsl, is io be ihe manager, nud I
I (lev.     Itaer  will   wield      lbe ivIMorlal !
pill.     Mr. Carley is a  i ot nbllll] j
and  Mr,  liner is said io possess high!
literary     fiunlifieatlniiR-     bill    bnlti'
gentlemen and    tin- overdraft editors
i will   (Iml  a  Inud  row  lo hoe  with  a
second daily  iu  Nelson. ;
I   Tbe floldon Times is a new publlen-
| linn al (iohl. n.     h  i„ diminutive in j
1 size, but  lull of good  things, and if
it  survives    lbe period nf babyhood,
may devolopo inio a paper ol which
Qolden will bo proud. ;
All or the people shnuld unite Inj
lhe. demand for honesty in the man
agement of governmeul   affairs,     regardless of jiarly affiliations.
Kvery stranger who comes to
• Tahbrook goes away speaking good
words for the town
A political graft in Canada seems
to Ire a regukir Standard Oil finch.
It is. said that Premier Mcllnde
ami Chief Commissioner lireeD will
visit Crah'hrook in a few days. Those
■who have tiie ear ot the government" should take advantage of thu
opportunity io impress upon the distinguished visitors the necessity of
ihf short, road to Marysville, bv way
of a new bridge over tlie St. Marys
South Kast Kootenay will cut lfib,-
uim.iHHi feet tif lumber this season.
Thai- is going some.
There promises to be high water
this season. Tlie snow in the hills
has not started to melt as yet.
A new Conservative papei at Nelson and the huiried trips of Mm
ministers over tlte province would
indicate an election this (all. Ttie
Liberals are ready for an election a*
any time.
Premier M.-Hride and Chef Com-
iiiissioui'i (lreen are traveling over
lho province, ostensibly for the
province's gtnid. if tbey were actually doing that, the Herald would bo
I'liMiusiastie in ils words of com-
mnidation, as it believes thai minis-
leis who shotildet tbe respoiisilnliiy
o! tlie work for the province should
visii ihc various portions of the
province so as to famfllarlza thorn-
selves wllh the needs n( Die   | pla
nnd  lbe conditions     ol  Ibo   counti)
llm   Hhev are nnl     doing thai In
lioldcTi   lbe oilier day,  the repm I   of
i the   meeting    stales     that  "Captain
1 \rmstii.ug, president of Hie   (loldeu
Consurvallvo association, was In the
jtii.ii!"     in nlber     words ilu-    two
ministers are making a campaign loui
I "I   ibe c Ity al      lhe people's     ex .
t p.-iise Theii' is an election nil Mil)
I taph. aul fences need lixinn, lu-ncn
| Mii-. swing around  the ciiele.
I The pie card brand of pugilists aie
i again infesting Kernle. Thai lown
f siin-h  has Mime bard luck sl leaks
lh.- Wilmer Outcrop is seven vear*.
old. Kiljlnr Kvans is still holding
I ibe fori with increased /oal and faith.
The Oulcrnp has done much lo Ftp rend
Mie gospel of Imlh ahout ihe Windermere, valley, and to-day hundreds
know of the opportunities present ei
i hoii- who would have remained iu
ignorance had it not been for the in--
strueiive sermons preaeJned by tlu.
Outcrop. Financially, the Outcrop
bus nyt been a gold mine. Continuing its publication has lieen done at a
personal sacrifice by the editor, but
there is a silver lining to every
cloud, and some limes even a pair of
deuces win the pot, and Hrolher
Kvans will reap the reward for his
faith and perseverance. It sh .uld bo
a big reward when it does come. THK   CRANBROOK   HERALD
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ii ti-i-'l ou patent leather or enamel Blioei
when new will soften an.l prevent the pIioph
iiotu eiaekiii..'. Shoes will laNl twice a* long
und Blwuy* look new it you use this piepara-
G. T. Rogers
laiuv anil Staple l|rik.*eries and Crock*
r... HiHit«, .Mines and Hosiery.
C. E. REID & CO.
Druggists, Stationers
Phone 74. Dispensing is our specialty
< *****a^*>**a^»»v***w*^^^^ww^v.^^**»
Vou will lim) tlml lha) Imj Iholrriolhra from
nu.    II vmi wind u;iiiim'IiI» lliut art* i'\|iri'h_.ivt*
ni  ull   that's   smart    in    Position,    Material,
'I' a i I 0 r i 11 <_   ami   Kit,   we Imve   Ihoin  all
IftcSWCyit, tht Ceadlnfl tailor
jt ** T H E j» j»
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
Iin um i.f ilif tn ui.mu
Rose ian  Opera
In hull™ Bnlli„lil|,,]„
"The Bohemian
" 1 Hmt ml I Dwelt in Mnrhle Hull-- "
"Then Vou'll Kemeni bur.Me"
Sftit   Sale opens  M Iny. .1   III..
10 a.   io,  al   l.ealtle \   Atehlion'ti
0. T   Rogers foi dairy butter.
Presh strawberries ni Stetwnrt's
Frank McMab   ol   Bakei   was     in
town lasl Monday
R. Robson, ol Mayook waa .it llie
Royal last Thursday
llill   A     C.     ale   put l tm-.  in     BOMf-
verv fine display windows
Mrs Crosby, ol Ontario, la u-iiin.
Mrs   Ryckman, ol litis ojtj
David Anderson lias u-turneii from
an extended trip lo Spokane'
Frank .Johnson, ..! Moyie. was    Hi
Cranhrook one tiny 'In*  week
I). .1 Wilson, oi Rlkmoulh, Has ..
Royal hold guesl laai Monda)
Mis Losby, ol Sirdai was visiting
Mrs  ii   II   Bremnei thi   weeh
■l tfcQuaig, ol Michel, was d
Cranbrook visftoi  last   ritesday
.lames Ryan lias im pro veil ins resl
iletitv hv ihe building ol .1 verandah
George Laurie, ol Creston. was ml
the Royal on \Yedn*da) ol lasl week
Mr. A. McBride, ..1 Calgary, Is
bhe guesl ol ins son, .1 i> flcBride
Neil, wlm is now shrppei .ll lhc
Watis null, was m town ovei Sun
The Krank lacrosse team all regis
teml at Ihf Cosmopolitan on Thin.*,
lay -
(io 10 Stewart's f,.i Vsparagus,
Cucumbers, Radishes, arriving Iresh
Vic Desauhrier, ol Moyie, was In
town lasi Monday transacting hind
Charles Finch, of MarysvHIe, was a
icsl at ihe Royal on Wednesda) ol
last week.
Mrs. WHson and daughter, ol Ward
ir, were Cranhrnnk visitors last
ll c Moognn. of Prank, accompanied   lhe  Flank   lacrosse  team     to
Ins city
c M Shaipsion. of Walla Wall..,
Wash    wns registered at  ihe   Royal
,1   Tuestlay.
1. .1 Murphy, one ol Movie's besl
known nieicliauis, was In town one
lav Mils week
.1 llaggarty, ot Movie, was in lhe
[■Ity Tuesday   ami registered nl    llie
l.osi— \ siickpin, an eagle claw
holding a pearl. Flndei please ji-
turn in Di   I-'. K  King
The itoscian Opera Company nl
Cranhrook nexl Thursday, .lime T,
in ilu* "Bohemian Girl."
Dt I-'. K h un; has Improved his
home lij lhe constinelion of a line
walk  in  lhe fl'onl  of  the premises
(let your Bulla sponged and pres
ted. it* only costs om- dollai al
ilu* Cranbrook Dye Works fl ti
Mrs. Thorn, of Rlko, came up wiih
Mrs. Kliiigensimtli last Wednesday,
aud returned on Thursday.
Oeorge Morion, represent-tag W. ti.
Kilhuiu, of Winnipeg, was registered
at the Cosmopolitan tins- week.
"Sandy" Cottoui, one of last year's
lacrosse players, arrived Uns week
and will be enrolled on the homo
We guarantee modern high gradi
blower work, backed by our own
reputation, which assures you only
the best.—Patmore Bros,
In llreenwood the city council passed a by-law prohibiting people using
the sidewalks Ior bicycles. They
have some great heads in that council.
The sidewalk acrofis the creek on
the east side of the town has been
completed by Contractor Leask, and
ttie people over there are happy in
JOS Mat Beau, ul JafllaV . Was it
'.•ul Sundav.
\ table tilled with odds and end
al tia.ll price at G    1    Huge; .
• I A (ioupill, ol .Movie, Was .,.
the Cosmopolitan yesterday
tt 11 Olver, ol Hies,*. Mich reg
tend ai Hn* Cosmopolitan Tue day
.lust open, a large Invoice ol
Ormulu clocks at W  y  Tate .\ Son
A new sidewalk is being buill hum
Deal*- a El well's eornei to ''..- Royal
A l' Chenef te. • ■' ibe smeltei citj
was transacting busine iu lown ».*.
Cranbrook has some .it the pretties!   lawn, to Iw found ill all "I    the
Mas McSweyn, ol Nelson 1 Uie
laili-i-r til ,1 bouncing boy, and via*.
bought wine,
Uo to Stewart1 foi fu- .n ■ ggs
J >t a tioi Choice dan) bui i-V ui
I ih   bricks, a5<
William U INmim .>t 'h - Wentworth
hotel   ha. been undei  Mie Wuuthei  the
|ja. I   lev.    tl.iV
Hugh Irwin and Thomas McKee ol
Revelstoke, were   registered a'    llm
Royal   oil   Salilt'lai
■ Ranger,1     lhe   rii>  heal      The
'ho.,l,-ii.i.   '      Kuflge   1     ..ui    l.i-a.iel
It lead. -Patmore Bra
\     Sin-lion   and   Wife   l.ll    last    Slllt
day t.u Winnipeg where di Sheliou
tut a position wiih the Canadian
Sort hem
Jacob Dover, one ..I the besl
boosters Rial evei lived m Nelson,
.print a couple ot days Ihis week II,
Wallace Hamilton, nl Fertile, came
down lasi Thursda) lo see tbe hi^i
lacrosse game and visil tils uiulhei
and sister.
\l     Mm/, of   Hi.- Fernie brewery,
was in lown several davs lasl week
-.hakiiif', Irunds wiih iriends and
uisi-iiiit; business.
C. \. Cnek left y.sleiday foi Nelson io attend the meeting nf ihe
'-Yi'cniivi. committee of the Rnglish
,'hurch synod al  Nelson
Alderman Jackson gave a wild
i-ayuse exliihit-foii on Baker sin, 1
Tuesday afternoon',   and ii  is iiutler-
itOOXI     Itiat   ||<    did     liiit   secuie  a   li
•ense before doing so.
See tt. V. Tate a Sous window
'or nifty desiuiis in silverware.
Grant Downing was in town yester
day between trains. Mr. Downim
dill noi care 10 remain any longer a.*
he is get 1 inn; suspicious of some 0:
his Cranlirook friends.
Alderman Kyan is searching for n
team suitable for ciiy use, anl expects 10 he able io make n plirehast
wiihin a short litne. flood horses
arc very scarce Ihese days,
Mrs J. A. Harvey, Mrs. V, V,
Kiu^,, Mis Deveic Hunl, Mrs. Jamef
Ryan and Mrs. W T Reid expeel io
leave 111 a few du)s foi Ihe easl 1,1
visit lho old home and relatives
June wediling presents in cut glass
ai 1:  T. Rogers,
Charles Farrell, formerly of Movie
and Morrisscy, lun now of Plnnier
Creek Slalion, was in lown the
olhel d.iv      di   Farrell is inierestcd
in     Hn w    hotel    insi  erect 1 1 at
Pincher Cm-t Station
\ \\ Nicholson tleoiae s.
\ llail-.iotie. all of \larysvlll
n. ..1. Frhlaj lasl, .01.1 lefl 1.
easl   S.,tui.lav Th.    h...
lhree named i^entlemen »iii l.e .,   ..,,i
trlow I,, the Marysville 1 hall team
.. il..-. w.-t.- ,Ji good and elHlitiaiits
it.  plnyurs
Mi I'li.til.-- K in,,*, I. imi I, Is ' o,
'h.- st 1:114.io- hosnlial where .h.
v..i ..ii.-i.,!.-,! upon Tuestlaj ii\ Drs
Km,; nml Oreen      Mi   Kliugi'iisiuilli
1. - down in.in F.Ik., yesterday and
w.t*. pleased lo imd In wn.- in ,1
mosl nromlslng condition and re
tiirned irome in the ulternoon feeling
moro relieved
"I'll,-   Love of  find,"   will  he     lhe
sermon subject n, ihe Baptii I cl -h
nexl Sunday morning \t nmlit
Pat loi Ooodfleld will enr iin- firm of
.1 sertei of sermon* upon   -The Orea!
M.-ri ol tin- HilUe " The lirsi one
will   he   "Joseph " These   sel mous
will l.e of special Interest 10 voung
men      \li he.uiilv welcomed.
W   F   Tate and wile visited fii.-nJ*-
t.   Sirdai   thr   v.
it   ai.il
..I   Hi
ai Stewart 1
otu Unisirong mel with a paln-
an.l dislresslng Bccldenl while nl
k al Staples mill nue day last
week lie was pulling some gahiin-
itetl ir. ti pipe together an.l a piece
lipped and caught him on ihe wrisl,
eve ring an artery. Quick action
ad lo lie taken lo prevent hlcediiig
to death, and in consequence Mr.
Armstrong is now taking an enforced
..teat nui,
ll  is said thai  ■'   S   Caiier will be
moved  from Nelson   lo Spokane    as
hi as ihe Corbln road is completed,
took alter  Ihe C.  ti.  ti.   interests
ihat  pari of the count iv      llritish
Columbia   would hate in'lose     Mr.
Cartel,  hut  he should he in a larger
town  ihan  Nelson.        As a  railroad
11 he is growing,   and in Spokane
his  tii-letits will have   a    chance     to
'ad. and thai  is whal Ihey will do
tliere.    Mr, Carter will he succeeded,
mi it is said, hy J. R. Prnelor,    the
present agent at Calgary.
Charles McDonald, of I'hillipshurg,
Monl., is in the citv visiting his
brothers al ihe Manitoba hotel. It
is th.' first lime in twentv-thrro
j ears ihal Mie four have heeh tn-
Eeihei. There is Dan, Hie manager
of ihe hotel, John ami l.ailghlto, his
assistanls, and Charlie who has just
arrived, and lhe hoys have had a
greal reunion and a good time balking ahoui boyhood davs iu Detroit,
Mioll , where 'all ot them lived, hul
originally Ihey eanie from Bruce, and
now and Mien forgel themselves and
sign iheir naiiies on registers as from
that historic county
High grade "Roofing" and "Sheet
Metal" work ti oui bobh..— Paimorc
Art Sheliou, who is now running
ou the Canadian Northern oul of Winnipeg saitl to the Herald when iu
town last, week thai he had met
quite a lot of Cranhinol'  hoys since
r Bum, a Co., ai-.- improving Ui
inu-rjai  *''  thell  inan.,*i   ia a    wi
-Uai   Je^Ie-.'.
Mt Foote, Mi-, McKay and \li,
SieVHisun. ui Moyie, wt-n- Cranbiou
11 .;•■(■. la .1 Tuesday
Dauy bin iei in pi mi ., i n,-. u,
45c. ai ti    1    Rogvi .
\ 11 isiit- am! appropi iate icii 1 s f,.
June brides at W. h   Tate a Son
\v Cotpinau came down fiom Cow
Ivy ttie in | ,.1 the week 10 spend ;
lew  days  wilh  Ins iainilv
Examination t.u high iriiool ex
nam. will h."iu .a llie public .j-,.,.1
I"-"']'   ■    ,"        Unndaj Iuspectoi
Ull KHi   will   |,.u,-  elial^-.
1: M .1. :-t -.1. mi Stillwater,
"dim. . ... :i   o.ii lavoidbh  know	
Hie   cut      ..u„.     in    I  „|.lV    Mn\        ,
vi 1:11,.   witb lu     on ..1  ttjelMe
Jotm     Dal),    ..1    Simkauc,   passtd
throtlgb   the  ilU    la-1    lu.-   Uo   oil   lo
way  io sp.ikaii.-,  where !.«• i-,.,.-.    on
tm .it.--   ■   t"i    the   Sl     Rugtlte   Untie
Messrs Hradley and Tuck lell la 1
Fnday fot Calgarj. where th -\ will
open a store foi tin- sale oi ladles
w.-at     --'I. aftei      lbe ini «.t     t-h.
Fl.ilil.     i'..ll.-   .ilid     ft lie    at.- at     Hie
1 oast   .oi a 1 rip      Mi   Parks i   one
..I lhe hu.slling Stall ol J. D Melinites ali.l lie is taking a welt fain*
td  vafaiioii.
ll   ii   Curtis and  family left   lasi
Fnday   for Slocan, where   Ihey      v.ili
remain during the summei Mi. Curtis will devote some linn- Id private
interests thai he has in thai pari of
ihe country,
Sain Hayes has had llie pa-ssenser
run on the Crow lhe pasL week, and
may of Sam's old friends were
pleased lo see him al this end of th.1
line,once more.
Fred Smylli, of the Moyie Leader,
was a visitor in lown tins week and
was held over a day hy the delayed
train, Mr. Smyih still thinks that
Moyie win eventually he the cap!lal
ot British Columbia.
John Swinueitoii came up from
Kiugsgale Tuesday and spent a tew
days in lown. Mr. Swlnnerlon is
doing well in lh.- holel business al lho
llouti.laty town and his friends here
in Craubrook are t$Jad lo know it.
We do all kinds of cleaning, pressing, repairing, at ihe Cianbionk Dye
works. Prices moderate special
aHeniinn tti ladles' work. Men's
suits, sponged and pressed, $1.00.
Over Calgary Carrie Co.'s butcher
shop. 941
Don'l delay about gelling- your
tickeis to lhe Rosclan Opera company ue\i TlnirMluy i-M ning. There
will" he a hij, rush and every seat
Will   be  t-aken. The company     is
stringer  than   when  it   was  here lasl
Oeorge Porteous, of Lethbridge,
hm formerly of Ibis city, relumed
last Saturday and has taken a P,,si-
tion with Hie King Lumber Co.
Oeorge'.. Iriends are many, and Ihey
are pleased to see him hack in Craiibrook again.
nn.. Hough, ni F.11.0. was in lown
yesterday. Mi Hough sajs Uiat
ihe popularity nf Rlko as a summei
resnrl is rapidly ineicaslng, ami that
Ihere an- manv organizations ar
ranging to hold picnics at that L'ele
hraliW place.
The new bowling alley 1-. u >''eai
success and is being w.-ll patiTinUed
the nun...-.'in. t.i     has   altalu-i-d     Iol
Tuesday and Fndav iiltcrnoons to Ue
ladles dav, and this eoiirtesj is In- ng
y.ie.*.llv     appiecialed      b\    Hie   lelli.tle
..I   tin- popllllll	
11.>ii McKay,   road     superiutendeul
Hank   EWei   is in  ih.   bospltul,
M   U     King visited Calgarj
I til
,11       Hi-'
Iol   I Ite
lllsl  ol  the  Weel'   I.u    utppli
gang of 111.n Ire has working on ihe
mad that I"- is building aUmg     si
Maiys    lake li„-   mad    hu'.   bien
buill 10 ihe head »| Hi.- lal..- and Is
1,'.uh  ioi  I in Hie nu ihai distance
Ut ..n.l Mr. I. li. Vai.Dci.il will
leave in a lew davs lm Calgary and
Banff. At lhe latter plan- ihey will
uieei iheir son Albert and the three
accompanied hy Mrs. West, of We
ia-,krwiii, will nuke a i«<'ii «>1 the
e.ias-1 cities. Mr. anl Mrs. \aiiDee.u
expect- in be absent about a month.
James Ryan has received a U'Mvi
from M. Mclnnis. at Calgary, in
whuh he savs ihat ihal pari ol lhe
country is suffering from continual
cold rains and snow slorms, the
worst iu years. The people of Sunny
Alh.-Vta shnuld come over in Brirish
Columbia an.l enjoy a little banana
Miss Nannie Slraeh.ni flolashiels
and Gavin Speucc, ihe Scottish singers and enleitainers, will appear al
Weillwortii hall on the eveniug of
June 21, under lhe auspices of lh."
Caledonian society. One of the leading features of the entertainment
will be lbe Scotch character s. n:<;s
iu full costume.
Do not fnrget the Roseian Opera
company next Thursday evening. This
in the best company that visits this
part of ihe province'and lhe people of
Cranbrook s.iould feel thankful ihal
thev will have au opportunity to hear
such talent. The company has been
receiving the highest of praise from
th.- press of the larger cities of the
Some of lhe ingenous people rmploy-
d at Mie J. D. McBride hardware
slore have constructed a battleship
oul of goods sold in the slore that is
attracting an immense amount of
attention. Thr design is perfect and
the manner in which the idea has
been carried out is bringing forth
many eomtmnts ol a complimentary
VI t hough t he 1 lerald employs a
larger slat! than anv weekly paper in
lhe province, yet thev are all kept
hustling to Iill the orders that come
into ibe office. Good      printing!
hririgs business and (or the past two
weeks it has been absolutely impossible for ihe Heratkl to keep up with
(be orders that have flooded the office. Those patrons who have not
received their work as promptly as
usual will have to pardon the delay,
as every effort is being made to ealch
up with the business.
Peter   Matheson, of the     Imperial
goii-tg down there. Emic Dykman hotel, returned last Thursdav from
was running as a passenger conductor, an extended trip through ihe Ed-
from Battleford to Edmonton. Harry mon ton country. Mr. Matheson
O'Hagan was running out  ol    Port' savs that he saw a great country up
Ueotge   ttat uu   ..'     1 oil   Sleele
WUS  in   tOWU  10 dav
vit     and     Mi .    ii 11. an,    Vl ,i,. 1
Mail -Wile   ye-slri day
Hairy Drew, ol Kimtiei ley, 1 at
the Cianbrook to-day.
To rent, a three roomed plastered
house.     Apply   to J   Leask.
Joseph Daiuhiick's new liouse is oni
of ibe prettiest on Bakei lull
Harrj Odlatid ol Fernie. was in
town Tuesda) and registered ai the
i: I' Uoffari ol Claresholtti, \l
hei tu, wa registered al thu Cran
brook I u.- la)
li i. reported thai there was a
itrike ai Hi.- Mai) villo uuellei .mc
da)  thi ■ week
\   Cain '). government    1 imbei  in
SpeCtol",    Wa .    t.-(;l-.l. l.*il   a<     Hi,*   I'l.il,
10...il.   yt-j leid.iy.
There will in- a football game Fri
■la> ev.iou between the J- iro Ut Ij \uie
an.i in.-  luwii learn
I 1; Buurgoine is now in clturge
..1 ih. ...ok hou ,.■ ••! Cartiu a Do) le
lamp   i.cal   Foil   Slnlr
.lu.j tcceived, a new -.loik „i .,',
vcawate and cut glass, suilublc    loi
WeUdlUg  pl.'.el.l .    .v>   W    ll    V\ il  ,,i.
I. Pompeii), 01 Luk.- Creek, wa
ai  the Cranbiook v.- rterda)
c 11 jell, .a Calgor), Was at
the > rami rook last 11 idaj
•lames Staples, bead iieik in tt    I'
Keid A  Cu, s,  vveiil   lo  I'.lunii.i.m  la  l
nii'i,  101   in-, vacation      Ite  will he
gone  atlOltl   IWo  weeks.
'Ui.'iv is to be a dauec ai Hie Ward
tier holel, ttatUnei, lii-iuuiiuw vl'ii-
.lay j f-tening. fc-Aerytbiug will be
done Ui give lhu gut'sU a r.*'"d time
All) ih.atrkal compaii) oi .i.',-t
laouis who euine in 1 raiiuiuok and
atth loi a guaialilff should lie gncli
ibe cold eye. 'Hus guarantee i.a .1
u.-ss iu lne pail ol a lul *Jt peuple
lloatin,;, over the cuniill. is gelling
iti ue a che-stliui.
Alls. F. W Smith, sister ol Rev
Fortune, is visiimg her brother.
Mrs. .smith attended the convention
o. Hi,- tt F. M socii-iy at tt inm
peg, as delegate   Irom Toronto    ami
tame  on   wesl   lu   Clalliilt.ok.       Allei
a visil here Mrs. Smith will go on to
lhe coasl.
Archie Smiih letl lasl 'I'm—lay foi
Winnipeg, wltere he goes lo accept a
poMiiou 111 that city. Mi. Smitn ts
one 01 ibe hesi accountants that evei
did wmk in Cranbrook u line lei
low, and his host 01 mends m Cratt-
bi00k wish bim all klirJa ol luck in
ihe Chicago ol the west,
When Lethbridge and Cranbiook
play their lirsi game ol lacrosse
Uus year, Mayoi limine Rogers, ot
Lethbridge, aiid Mayoi Ueoige It...;
t-rs, oi Cranbrook, sliould have iiu
face oil ai Hie siari ..i Hn- game It
is a strange coincidence thai the two
mayors should have lhe same names,
ami il would b.- well thai they slarl
the game.
Mi and Mrs. Cliff Borne) lefl yes
terila) foi theii old home in Vei
I uon I       Ml    Baiuej   has been  Lnmb
lid wilh rliuilu bin  ti-- pasl  lew
months and he has seemed .1 Hmv
mouths layofi Bum tin- C P R hu
ihe purpose uf 1 mug the effw 1 ..1 a
change ol olhiiatu     Ah   and Mt 1   M
BallR-v       have  laken     lbe      h-uiie and
moved in this week,
In Maclocd tbey have no u.e tot
the heathen Chinee, and bis methods
Looking upon the Chinese estahlis'h-
meii'l'; as a menace tu lhe city, the
ytmileil passed a b) law placing lb.;
liccic.e on Chinese laundries al SH'".
The   Chinaman   will nevei  pay that
ami 'ui Ihev .lie goin^ to move outside ..1 lbe ciiy limits. Why woukd
ihai.noi he a M,uod niea righl here in
Cranbrook. That would make it
possible iu change Hie appeaiaiice ui
the front street.
J. L, Brown, who s.-iu the famous
Kurt/ cigar, wai. iu luwn last Mon
day. Mr. Iliuwn has a snap alnce
he is wiling one ol the vcrj besl
elgats Umi is pui on the market, a«d
whal is more, 11 is made in Itnn li
Columbia, li is a iiiiioii made cigar,
ii is made oi the hest of tobacco,
and it is made right. The average
man, if he will lake lbe Kuiw .uai.
will stum bum lhe habit ol slaying
wilh lhe besl 111 lhe land, and he will
lind it ilillicitli it. qitH,
It. Lounshtiry lefl lasi Tueartu) Iol
his fuiure home in Saskatchewan,
where he has taken up a homestead
Mr. Loimshiiiy is now nil years ol
age. Five years ago he came i"
Cranbrook Wilhoul money and wilh
oui friends. When he lefl here he
Was taking with him nol less than
$6,000 and he made lhe money right
here in Cranbrook, besides Jt good
living. And yel there are young
men, wilh wealth, youth and
strength, who say thai the country
is .no good. The'Herald irusts ihal
Mr. L.uinshury may live to be able to
ihe rest of his life he may he able to
take things easier and enjoy tbe
fruits of his labor to lhe Iilllesl ex
lbe wav  I., make Ciaiibl.. .k  altrac-
iive is 1,, keep cleaning street* lam-s
and yard       L.-t  it..- good work   go
IhlVe      l.ni!,!!,        aw !),«•   la. ios-W
..I-.' "ii I li 11 ..i.u anil joined ibe
• '"»-i thai  w.-i.t    to Marysville     m
Hi-'  all.-i I:
The ciiv lathers have decided to
meel only twice a week, Thai would
seem io be enough now ihat ibe
heavy work i-. ..vei.
James Fta/.-i, wh.. has been driving 'he Windermere     stage for    the
pasl   six months, has quit   i.i    devote
bis 111111- io ranching.     Jim's cheery
smile will he missed on lhe ruad
Tin* mn na,. Kivm i,v Mrs. Hislop
and       h.-i     pupils,   assisted      bv   well
known loeal lalent at Wentworth liall
Tuesdaj  evening, wns lai^-ly aitefcl-
•■d and pi ■■'.- ,1 .01 artistic smvess.
Mrs. Hislop 1.as won an ttiviable rt-
putation ii. Hi.- ,[!-, as a muiidan
■uid        inslnu't.,,. ,,n<l      it      wa.s
generall) emie. ded Ibat the euter-
t.iinm.in di.iwi.i thai Cranbrook pos-
,..     |U.i|e|    ji'.u-mii    jo  puni  v. s-_.ssd_i
which Hi.* people mav well [eel proud.
l.'iilllll Its KltDI.KI.il
.   Ma)    II  -The   jurv    re-
Ull mM   al
1 : 15 a m   and could    Uut
a.' 1 n-      w
ie   discharged    New   tual
 "    -'<   1
'"1   .1 in
M..\   m —At   in   o'clock
.. to. tn  't
v miv in the iram iittibety
cast-   W.-H-
m.abb- io reach an agree*
UI. til.       sl
iiiiiii..  seven   hn coavlotlpo
md   lne   l
11   acuuittal      Thev  a.*»ked
tin- court
<>i  in tor ma ti is to what
iveaine  ot
tlie h ack    hat   Kdw&nls
was said  l
.  W.-at       the  lligtil  oi     tbe
\*0  ev idi i."    Was  given    on
his point
Ih.v ..is,,   wished    to
.now how
fat   Ih.n.   the   iailw.iv    ttie
1..1, were
supposed     i>. have eaiuped
..1   lhe Wi
ek oi   ten  dav - ^tt-\ ious t.i
I.,-  lobhel
'1 be   dlStai "'    "a-      sll
11 lie         1,
formation as 1.. prints   oi
i.m ailed
hoes was aim asked    The
01 tb.-     published des. np-
iimi!   ..i.-i
lines ..i men as given   by
lln*   train
..-!,   has    ev detltl)      lau-ed
:.  ilie   minds ol  the jury.
\ disa !.-.
ut. tn   1-  probable and     if
-itch   liuppi
Hie case   will probably
,e |itt u\
'     mli     ',.'\l    sessimi        aiid
Dunn  will
!..- immediately  tried nnd
'i   an  md:
tin.*:.' charhing hun    witb
•^1 tin.;
wilh intenl    to kill"    at
lottglns Li
ke   Ma) tl
OF MRS   -t    U STIN.
Lasl    S
nlav   \lt-   -1    Austin     ot
■:iko. cam
■ io the Si   Eugene    hos-
E. J, Hill, of Lethbridge, on.- ..1
the Hill brothers, and Hu- ddesl -1
ibis    large    family of brothers who
have  all   become      successful    blisjlie-.-.
men, spent Victoria Dav with tt D
Hill and family. The Lethbridge
member is one of ihe mosl successful
business men in western Canada, and
the younger members of lhe family
have ^atiiiered much of their business
acumen from association with the
elder brother. A number of years
ago Mr. llill went io Lethbridge anl
ngagi-d in business To-day he has
mO of the largest and lu^si stores in
Souihern Alberta and is arranging to
put in a new building and Increase
his facilities for lakmg care oi his
growing trade. Speaking of Cian
brook, Mr. Hill said thai he was
surprised at ibe growth of the town
and was pleased to know o( Hs continued prosperity.
Harry Melton is in town (or a lew
days. Mr. Melton has been working
hard all winter oh bis Baker Mountain iron property and has developed
a man clous showing. That man
Mellon is going to surprise tin- people
of Cranbrook some day, lor there is
no doubt hut lhat he has a wonderful iron properly, and in ibis day and
age    (Von   is   the builder     of eiUes
pual '" undergo a mosl serious oper-
ai ou loi cancel The operation was
performed on Monda)  ami ihe patient
.aim-  off       .-I   H.e   Utile    wilh     every
promise •■!   nliimate  recovery      But
aboUl twelve O'clock lha! B«ht she
si-em.sl 1.. sustain a phv-nal shock,
and since thai lime, ahboihcb all
ihal wa- possible foi medical science
lo do was done, v.-t her condition
gradually grew more serious, and
mtii noon to-daj death triumphed.
Ttn- t.'-i.-.i.H husband ha- been bere
ilurin the trying ..ideal hoping
1 .,H   ■ ■;.   recovery of his
wile, aud Urdaj when the Wow final-
■ b.: ... , overcome witb met.
\ Hie motl and slstei ol 'he de-
ce-a •■•! are on their way here fiom
1 h taw a, no arrangements l"i tbe
luneral have luvn made.
\hs Austin had livid fur a number
ol years in Elko where Mr. Austin is
station agi nl Ior Hn* C. P. R Her
L-entle manners, kind disposition and
friendly smile won for the deceased
the friendship and respeel of all In
Elko, and tbe news of her dftirii will
l»e a sad Wow to the people of that
town Then* are three tilth- ctoil-
..: lefl two girls and a boy, and
lhe youngest Is little more than a
baby. Tbe lympatby of the people
,,l tjiii di trict goes oul to ihe bereaved husband in-this, his great
!,, . and wish lor hun courage lo
meet il  lbe best that he may.
Quebec, May .11 —Immigrants are
simply pouring into Canada t-hest.
davs through Quebec, and the demand i..r passengei space 00 the othei O'le of the Atlantic is so great
that tlte deamsbip companies are
making arrangements lo put on extra
steamers Two thousand Biz bund-
11-.I more new settlers arrived yes-ter-
d,i. UOti Scotchmen and Scotch*
women rrom tbe port ol Glasgow,
nnd the balance foreigners Horn continental Europe, mostlv of the laboring class, who sailed from Antwerp.
Notwithstanding that ocean passenger
tiaihe oul) commenced on tbe St.
Lawrence thrw weeks ago, l«,lll immigrants wh., came u. lhe iteerage
were l..nd.*d in Hi s city, and fully
one third more a1! hound for ibe
Cai,11 ian noithwesl. .aim* out as
intermefllate paMtengcrs, making a
total ol ovei 2-1,000 Bettiers to arrive
since ib.- opening of navigation This
is fullv 10,000 more iban arnvrd last
yeai nnd tbe Influx is unparalleled In
lhe history ■-' Canada
Lai 1 yeai HI,000 steerage Immigrants were landed al Quebec, which
surpassed all previous veara, aod ii
is expected thai this will ti' Increased
hv full, iti pei cent or more ibis
siason Tin- British immigrants is
much largpi tins yeai ihan ai any
lime m Canada's histon. and the
Scot.-b Influx 1- a magnificent rap-
Following is ,1 llsi ol those who
hav.- contributed t,, the school exercise prize fund not heretofore pub-
h ibed
Hill & Co .    ... $ 5.00
I'   Dun.. .'. Co .   .. iu bu
Harris Bros    6.00
\   1.   McDermot     6.00
Drs   King A (lreen     5.00
K   F    Simpson       5.00
He.tiii.i   A    Atchison,   kodak.
.1    II.    McBride,    live    prizes.
The exercises will be held at Wentworth hall on the evening of the 22nd
ol June.
Fuiaished by  Beale A Elwell,  Brokers, Cranbrouk,  B,  C.
Canadian Consolidated  130.00
Canadian  fin!d(ie|ds   1
Arthur and was due to  get a mixed there but in many ways it did    not   Haker mountain may prove the foe-n-
or passenger train on the next. turn. I compare with   this   part of   British dation    of a  great'   Cranhrook    and Western Oil A Coai   IS
Dan Wvncup     was running out     of Columbia, notwithstanding t-he great   Harry Melton may he spoken of   as International    Coal & Coke ...   .11
Port    Arthur,        J.    H.    Cameron, rush of   people.     "The land is    all  ihe nian who brought about the won- SuHivan  Group  Mining  Co 2&
brother 0! the former superintendent right, " said Mr.    Matheson,     "and  derful  change.       Mr.     Melton   is a Nicola Coal    Mines,  Ltd 5
at  Cranbrook, was a conductor run- they will see a great growth, but as   worker and fnr six years be has held Nicola Coal A Coke  I
ning   out   of    Port    Arthur.     Jack far'as I am concerned I prefer   this  on to those claims,     and each vear, N'erth Star  4
Scott was chief despaleher at   Port part ot the west.    We will have just he has labored to meot the demands Rambler Cariboo  22
Arthur and was next n line lo get a as great a growth here as they   will of the   government  and     slowly de- Canadian  Marconi    3.50
division.     Mr. Shelton said that   all have there during the next five years,  velope  the  property.     The     Herald Rocky Mountain Oil      85
the boys formerly in Cranbrook were and British    Columbia looks mighty   trusts   that be   will get his reward Sullivan  Bonds  66.00
doing well. good to me." and that it will be a Mg one. , Granby ConsoWoated     14.50 THE  CBAKBBOOK   lIKIt.M.n
, MM ti   ii..-.;t..th<M«»|«C(ll»<K.>
i>»33■•>33 HMMHUHMIsItHMIMMM<M|a-i-l
I rom On- .'nm.* Kit-i- Pn-ss I
..  -.ul lll'ii.vllilie,    accitltlll    iirilllli-.l
.it Ui--,  Ki-iin.- "ii  Mi.ti.t.i. evening al
  i.    vi.,i    A1I..-11   All.,,,,   sun  nl
II      nli"      ItVM   lirill*      Hu*
i wt,  lid   Ins lil.'  wlllll1 pluyiltt.    ..n
.-  ii,   tin* null  tali- nl  lln- Klk
 npany.       Allwrl,   iilin   n.i-
iiilliili .i in. till, nt being ti'ti years "1
., ;,■ u.t*. plaving .villi MIh-i-i Taylor.
I In. 'I.u I.n ii.,i inamicyil ,., gel mil
.mil  ill.* .1.*..*..-..1 l,i,i imiilil likewise
li.ill*   ,-, .,,'  ,1     ., -    l„-   ,,,lllil    -llllll.   lllll
Ii ■ v..r  sl nul, Iii  ,i lnj; Tli.itniis,
.m   ..I.l.-t    In,,Iiii'i     lit,,,   WUS   on      111,-
,.ns nn.il.i. ,.. .I., .un Ibim*.  i"1
111.* drowning lll.l.
I'l ' ,    I'   II  .1,.' im.ki.tg plans   i.
upon   it),   ili.*n     11,,-nut   i ;     mines
.u,.l   ,1   i-   I,,-.,i   lli.lt   .1 iii*.
In' fill   In  unl-   llii'ti*    H.I.
III.,ii, I, ..: tin- engineers "In
 ,u.l   ,        I,.*   .ll'ltlll.'-   til.t|i,*lll     lot
ll,,.    ('      I'      It.    ,,!    1*1,,11-    SCSI,        .111.1
i.i,,' i u.u.,'1'1 mi; work .it
■   lim  .,,   It..iiil..*.,.l.  was    in
Iti .",. unit Join, Uiiniil
,    ,...il expel t.        These     it
I.ISI-.I  ; lipplie.   l,,i   ,i   .-.u,in   li,    ti,*
*   ..t   lliwiner, mnl in* have
■ J aiiiltiirll.   tint  rmwitloi
I.- ,li*ii'lii| nt  mil in' ilim.    iin
.i    \     llrolr,   lell
lil   i.,i   It'lniilpi-g  '
  liiinlii'i deal.
it     tl t.li
ill    i
.111.        'ill
.lll.l ll.ll
lllllllltl I
III,- I'.,'It
.*  ,1.1,1,,*
llll'   I Ill   .11
tit,* Slav,in-
 -Ill's,   beaded      li.
I lti.ililt.il in ti lioil)
■ lm.••:..   where     Uui
Iii llr.   Fattier   ('i.i*'
In     I.m       ll.ll, In-il   I,,      tli.
llls-IO   llmll    In-.i.l   i-ultniiil,--
l      Hi.  Miners' union ltel.1
1     t ,nm   in ilii'it* lull
Imiii  atit-tnliil      A|.|i
nl .ul-lii'ssi's i,v   Revs.
H    ll,,--. .1   Itolisnlt anil II. I.. Kflil|i-
 mil t'..|ii,iin Tiaviss. eonsl'llutt I
lln. pincecilings nl lhc meeting. Win.
Iml,,it. in,-iil,.|ii .,( tin- |.'enile iminn,
iiceiipidl lln* 'Ii.iii
Miss Evans, c I',
resinned lun posilio
iiu*l, ut* Winnipeg
I.elllllliilKe,  is tin* t,
. o|iernlor lus
an.l   It'll      litis
Ml. Tail, 111
.1 il IV. Ilall .m.l Morris A. Hull
nt ll" imi. were in tlu- ciiy ngain
tin*. iii,*l,. These gentlemen tire
liti.iiu*].illi intcresliil     in lunilier     in
tin- i  nl tin* coitnlrv iiiui ii is -.ii<l
Ihej Imve more deals pending
W       .1     111 I.*ll s-liiiw.il   iis    Ihii
week si,nu- inleresl Ing copies nl  tlu*
I .lm. Tillies   iiiililislitil aiiav   luck
cimsiilcralil) over a hundred years
.I'm nm* i*.iiii,iituil us u supplement
nn cxael reproduction i,f Hi.' MtiRini
i'lnliim nt l*iir> uml its translation
mt,. modern Knglisli.
gresslve     a- l.i-tlllill.li;!*        lit*    sal -
tin1 new union depot here bt-ais .my
Ob llu- main line.
F. in,,,,..,,, a .' r. It. ronduetoi
Irom Cranbrook, ..as in town Tin-s-
lay looking in.i real eslate with a
view in Investment.     II,- mil In-   .1
re.sil.CUI  .if l.el lllll i.l,;.' as s,„.li as   It,.'
ill. siiin.il point is ItH'al.sl hel...
t'onduetor Haves, ,1! Jdedloluc Il.n.
remarked   t.i tin-      11,-l.it,I  tlte     ulli.-i
niglit .Iiai     ilu* railroad   men    who
l.i.lll.l   lelli.ive  llnlii  Ills  ell.   tit  l.el I
bridge would miss the natural gas
lie 1,,id nt uiu* engineer whose lull
tm* heating ali-l trilling in April ...is
only ll -ie 'I'ln* lii'aiin*. covereil a
furnace and two stoves,
u 11. Robson lus returned lo
Lundbreck, after spending a couple
nl weeks in lown. I.iiu.itini'k is going ahead rapiilly, nn.l Mt. ttobson is
tuul i-ltipliiyeit nn a lait-v ti...11-.I111;
house ihai"is bring creeled, li is
understood that mines ate ah.ui. 1,1
tu- i.jinii-.l at points easl ami wesl ol
I.iii, lln,i'L
I,,,,., expects     ...  tun,   tte     'WHAT      00       FHE     IDLE
Manage! rernau has im-n retired fiom'
ibe tiiaiiairriiu ni iv ie report tuis
now been confirmed in an Interview
published m Hi.- Kelson News
.1 K Hull, of Calgary, Boll Tei.-
phi ue c.'.'.s manager toi Mlierln
was in lown on U'eduoxtla). lie savs
w.uk i- progressing on the long distance line between Calgary and
Lelhbridge. The lino Is now n.-.u
High I.ivei. Ii will run lo Macleod, bm owing 1-0 ihe existence of a
private line tliere, an exchange will
noi    he   established.       The line to
Lclhbiid.u* will likely blanch ou froni
Leav 'lugs and strike Cnrinengay and
oilier poinis norlh.
K    A.   Wallace lefl   a few  davs   am.
foi I'Miiioutott io accept a position
with ihe Oruil Trunl, Paeilie survey.
\s a result the firm of MeViiiie'an I
Wa'lair has hem dissolved. Mr. McVittie has opin.d an olliee in ih.-
Coaldale hotel here.
This weather .ins: soils Chris Rcfe*
sioriii. Ilf speni a year iu Southern
Alaska, where ii rained tin months
of the vear.
\loyie Leader, j
Ileal   li.
ier   Smith     has announced
inli     move   Hie   ,\|(.\..-   post
Horn ih.- drug m«re lo K Cl
tie's store in ilu- Kaiiell hlocl,.
v.,ri dftic 1.1 ibe removal is uol
known, Imi n will ptohab'H lie with-
m Irn days in less. Tliis brings ilu
posl niti.v ti.ick 10 almost its original location, 'Alien it was just
across the streel and I*   I)   Hope was
.111   \lclli
sh   j..  h.
e from Blair
has gone    li
Prof.   Ihtrnri   W
Sniulpoinl  Hi lu.,ii.-.
A son was bom in Mr. and Mrs. V
llesauliiii'i' vcsii-rdav evening.
Rev. IL W. Perlcy will preach hi
farewell scrim n in Movie lo-iimrrow
evening m the Methodist church and
will leave i.n Toronto to re-cute
eollegr Ihs posllion here will hi
nihil h\ \h T. S.iwerbrlte, a reern
arrival fiom Lancashire, Kngland.
The giisf>line engine for Hugh Cam
.-ion's launch Inmhil here lliis week.
and chihlton .,
Kaslo  visiting    wnh   relatives
li lends.
\ln    11   1
reporletl      that   Miss  Lindell
barber, in lends reluming   tt
'ameron nnd baby left yearn   hei   hum.-  ,„   p,j,-.,-     K.I-
Island,   where she will spend
lhree nmnlhs.
Tinnitus, formerly pastor
-     Methodist ihiiiih. hul
year   sta'llnnrtl al  Ned-
lev. is hcie on' a short visit, ami   his
friends in Movie arc many.
Tli- Lake si ■ hotel is again open
lo llie public and Ik now under ihc
uiituagemenl of W, J. Williamson
Mi      Vouirg  will  hnve charge of the
 11       The fur in r 1111* is all new. and
Hie hum.,- has it-be hex! id nt-commoila.
■      : 11  workingmen,     Mi. WIHInm
one  id    Moj le's      besl   known
1 'is, .nui nu doubl Ins new -venture
vv tll  me.-t   Willi  success.
th..  Lei
(Krom lhe Lethhrldgo Herald.)
Ilnrrj   Howard     was down    from
Mial re "ti   IVtdnesdnv lo see   his
hrotlier John, who is mfll in the hos-
pilnl, but ti Improving.
There is lalk uf having a celebration in a eouple of weeks in honor or
Li'thbridge's creation as a city.
The 1 i.iiu crews will he removed
here al Ihv eiril ol August. This
slnlemeiil was mode bv a C P. II.
emnloyec lo the Herald the olher
eve|ung, anl his Infornmiit was
snjiei Inleiidenl  Krlckson.
Corrductor 'itci-ws. of the mixed
Irani running between here and Mac-
leml, md wiih .in acci.h'Ul at Si.
Marys lasi week which forcwl him
10 I.u oil Ihis w'.-i'k. CotHllielor
Haves, .,f Medit'ine Hat, is taking his
\ I*' Weils, iu conversation with
ilu- Herald, remarked Dial on bin
Irip easl to Ileginn he did uol see a!
town  thai   was   as lively and    pro-
(From lhe Blalfmort Times.)
l-'iank   intends lo hold ipiite a eel.
hiaiion ou -lutii' 5th when Ihc   home
leaiu  will meet  the lacrosse club    of
Tabor ou tlu- home ground.
The mines of the International Conl
A Coke Co., of Coleman, are now
turning oul for shipment over 1,2011
Ions of screened cnal per day. He-
sides lihe coal shipped from that
puinl about I3S tons of coke per dav
is made and shipped to It. C. points.
The lown itsrlf is building up rapidly and a-IHltotfth not yet three years
old is considered lo lie the leading
lown of the  Pass.
The ground Is being prepared lor
Hie mouth of the slope of ihe Inlei-
nali.mal Coal A Coke Co., for the
elect ion of a huge slone lire-proof
building for use as a lamp mom and
Owinir to the lale heavy rains lbe
Krank mountain is slutting down <
sldernlilc rook from ihe site or ihe
big .slide and as a resort of nervous
people ihat town is at presenl a de-
cidid failure.
The new tipple being built at I'Tank
will he completed within the nexl
sixiy days and ihe manaigemcut ol
ihe mine ihere, confidently predicts
an output of over 1,000 ion's of coal
per da* when the tipple is cotrihlel
(From The Frank Paper.)
The board of license commissioners
mot, here Monday to consider lbe applications for renewal of liquor licenses for this district. There were
tit applications all told and ail) but
one were giant.d. The exception
was ihe Sanitarium hotel al lhc
Springs. Last year the board gave
notice lhat- unless a new holel wa
lmil I at thv springs within the vein,
ihe licence would not he renewed. As
ilie building has not been binll the
renewal was refused.
Peler Patterson, national board
member nf the United Mine Workers
visited Frank during Hie week and
while here wus qucslioned by The
Frank Paper relative to a .reporl
which is said to have heen in circulation down lhe line, at Macleod aud
other places, recently to the effect
that the miners of tiie Pass were
cnniemplftling going on strike in
sv mpuihy with lhe Le1hhrid«e
sirike "You may say it  is    all
iionsf-n.se." said Sir. Pattersoti
"Then* is no grievance here and tho-
coal does nol tome inlo competition
with Let'hbrltlgc coal: As we do noi
call Sympathetic strikes (here ean be
no excuse for n strike here and it is
difliculi to understand where such a
report could emanate from. Tlm
Talwir eoal does come inlo compeli-
lioti wiih Lrthbridge coal hut there
is uo IhollJCht of a strike Ihere as
long as the operators continue to be
fair. In facl we ale only too glad
to have ihem lake tlie contracts
l.t'thhi idnc cannot Iill and give lhe
Lt-ilihri.'Ue men work. Cf course if
Hie operators al Tabor were io take
lhe Lethbridge cr.iitracts on a per
cent age basis or do anything ela
whereby ihe Lcilibridgi' operators
profiled, it would In1 a difTcrent mat-
ler bul ihus far they have acled per-
feelly fair and I know of no reason
for any strike talk anvwhere on this
line aside from Lethbridge."
Corporal Askew head of the local
detachment of the mounted police, is
suffering ihe misfortune this week of
lieing laid up wilh a case of measles.
The barracks i.s quarantined and in
Hie meantime the work of Hie police
is Iielng looked after hv Constables
Hart, of Lille, and Miles, of Macleod.
Pincher Creek, has attained lhe full
dignity of a town, Hie proclamation
erecting the village inlo a town having been issued. An flection of
mayor and council will he held at
once. J. II. MaeKachern and A. IV
Dempster are the nominees lor
The warming up of lhe roasters at
the smelter, preparatory to blrvwlng
:n     is still in progress and Manager
(From U.e Holden Stat 1
\1.a Sinclair, shift boss tt-| Hi,
Pallisi-i ramp mule ».tables, wus
kicked in ibe lell at in bv a cranky
nub- lasi Tm*s.la\, and is sp.-ii Unu a
i-w days in Cold.-u until bis aim ads
troll.; enough io wield -a club ihal
vvill knock ib.- quadrtlprd down
Till)      Marshall,   liteinaii on em
ini.'i, ibat     has   h.-in relieving heie,
lell   I.n   licvi'klove Mfllldtt)        TiiiV  is
th.- jumbo .d ib.- c p R system,
siumlnc. i. ii I m in his slorkiir.;
hvt, and weighing 3fi:t pounds lh*-
fote cut eld ng ilu- emplny ..f ibe C P
I! h,- w.,s om- ul lh.- best ropers iu
the wesi      He Is a native son ol Uw
.l.in.mii   .lei'liu-l    believes   in
tail |il.it llie Impel inl ll.mk lift.*
lllll ..li-ene tin- U, llii-l.ll ll.ill llull
ll.ll su 1,11 as |.l.,eli,al,le.' t,-lil.lllllli:
iipeti i.nli lm tin* pn. liii'tit ut Holes,
thus aniii.liinl tin- stnit tn t-ccusiuiiul
Ot.por.UI.i1J   tin     lni.l-..eek  teeti-atii'li.
\n tilt i   eofurnlene..   insi Iuml    It.
Ml    .le.'l.tnali.ill ..ill he the ope *:
ut tin* iiaiil, iinm T-'tn tii ti n.m. ou
tin* unit ami I7lh nl cult  nil, during Ut.* summer, wbieb uill meet with
len   general iipiilu.al lluiiuj t  tin*
ilisiriei In  reason ui   tin- Inei    licit
uml, ii   uill  In*  .il.i,*   tu  cash   iiii'i I
i'ln- s nllllosl   .is s ,,  the.    ate
K   il.,r.in.Lun,■
.'.  A.     linker,
nliutlnt   ill''     until
Iiuiii,,.,  Wodnesduj
nl .'i.n
uf       Sl
i   itllests
ilitiiok,  and
I'atll,   were
al   Hie t'.i-
Kiuie Stitln'ilaii
tiapplli*.  ami  In,,
lor  III.* past   two
ilil,*.* line fai  In-ill
ll      Mini
has    hcon
has secured
.1.  Peck  McSwaiii. whom  the police
has permitted lo remain iu Golden for
the lasl elfflll inonihs, leaves Monday
for t)eirl ch man's Caves, where he has
scciind a '•governmenl job" working
wiih lhe pick and shovel on lhe trail
io be built from Koss Peak to the
Caics. This time Peck is a trail
blazer Instead of a rail blazer
(From the Outcrop.)
J.  McCiillong-h hns announced    lv
iilenHon of taking   out one or tw
carloads of the hiiji grade ore on his
properlv ndjotning th. B (    situated
ou llie north fork of Toby creek.
A couple of West Kootenay miners
went up wiih IE. s. Oal lop Sunday
io examine ihe M. T. Fraction, on
the norlh fork of Tohy creek, and ai'c
figuring on taking a base un tlie
Kvcry steamer is bringing up large
quantifies of general frag-IH for lhc
Columbia lllver Lumher Vo., which is
lieing stored in Hieir bin warehouses
at Athaltiier. ll is sla-led the company arc iiilrend)' preparing for next
wiiihu's work ami arc determined in
lav in lheir supplies early in order ti'
avoid Ihe usual rush at"lhe close of
iia\ig;ni.>ii. Il is also slated thai
the force io be employed in lhe lumher camps iiexi winter will number
U-Iwhii dim and -1110 men.
('has. Munroe arrived from Nelson
ou lhe Cranhrook stage Sunday and
bus sine- gone up Toby rivek io con-
liuiic developmeiil work on the Lucky
Uuv, from which be hopes to make a
shipment oi nre ihis season.
Lasl Sunday afienioon James and
John Lamlveri uu i wiih whal mighl
have proved u serious accident,
While driving down the steep grade
tm lhe AlhiUmer hill om* of ibe neck-
yuke sI raps broke and Ihc wagon and
horses ran down Hie hill a -short
distance and over Uie embankim-iti
Holh men were thrown out of lln
wuyoii and John receives a nasty cu
on lhe nose. The wagon tOIiglfc ran
inlo Hev, Mr. Smyth k hug^y and
threw it and ils occupants oil' tin
road, wilhoul serious damage.
Mr. and Mrs, 0, A. Starke intend
to leave on llie next steamer
Cobalt. Ontario, Mr. Starke will
spend ibe .summer prospecting north
of that place, and bis nCineinu:
friend-, hope he wiH si tike some of
the best ledges in llial rich camp
before he returns next fall. Mr,
and Mrs. Starke will he very much
missed from Wilmer.
K. A. Ilnggili, M.K., an ived from
Hevelstoke lasl Saturday and tlu
licit day start,d up No. :i creek,
presumably to examine the milling
properties, in ihai vicinity, Mr.
Iltvgfchi is mc huver and representor
live of the Canadau Metal Co.,
operating smellers nl Pilot Hav and
Frank, and il was through his report
ihai the company recently took a
bond and lease on the Giant mine at
Spilhiimiihciie. Ile is also one of
lhe owners of. the Uevclsloke Mail*
lletald an I has been connected with
newspapers at thai placn and Golden
for many years. Mr. Ildgffln is -an
old-l imer in ihese pai Is and it js
hoped he will yel be successful in
milting Uirough more mining deals
K   c   ... WOIIK
Golden .'■''■■i - us '-.-'.-I; a nan;, id
thirty men fiom : i ■ -u'lstnieiion
camps were busy uuloadi.'ig len cat
of sleel rails mid linings • i h - .^,-d
in ihe btiildiiig of ihe Koolcnay (.'intra! railway, this being the first shipment of rails hro'i;bi in. Kach car
contains ..nc hundred rails, making
one thousand in all. which ;it Hie
lowesl possible estimate would cover
thiv miles of track; and this alone
means thai considerable wmk is yet,
lo be done, it Mug generally imder-
sli,od lhat ihese rails are not being
hrniiglil in for ihe purpose of being
ind, up, The rails are of a some-;
whal liirbter variety than ihose in
use on the main Wue. the difference in
Weigh! Mug about furlv pounds t-o
lhe yard. j
Work miring lhe roufe is going merrily on, and llierc is no excuse for
any man being idle if he is looking for,
work in this vicinity. j
Tuesdav last was'pav dav on    lire
con: '■■—" " ......
Spokane.      Mai      3^.—D.   C.   C.ubiii
has started work ..u ins _-,,,.i propel
lies    III or     id  nulfs      B h  ,,f  lb.-
Canadian   Pai ilie   railway,   n.-ai      lbe
Crows Nesi company's hahlinss m
Fast Koolenay, It. r. \]ni ),,IVl.
gone in to etcct quarters, and a eren
of miners will soon be at work  This
M-asou   wiil   s,e  consul,-,able  pi,. „
,tt\ work, ,i\,d iierhuph so  ms-iaibi
lion ol lu.ubiiicii Mi. Coibin |ias
)i, ot 17 sqiiaic mites of cal land
undei lease The th.uaitei ..f ll, ■
Coftl will not he known until it is
ib-veio|i.-d Some ui ii promises to
he a good coking product, and otlici
seams give promise of making excel
bui steaming coal.
"1 do n.ii   look f.u  any dlfllriilh
over ni)   ic.isvs from  Hn- rectttl  ml
illi;   of   Hie   siipl.'llie   colli I    of     Hull..
t'ol lll.l    11.    Hie   PftSe   ol   ll.'.'lises   tm
disputed coal lan.h- Ileal tlieie," sail
Mi     C ti
(Bv Wundid Black, in UcnvH   Post )
A Detroit womwi klUsd bet self \.s-
lerday becttuw she ttiulduT stand ttie
buuiitiatii.il ul working hn a living.
She Kdl a note Idling the i-oionei all
about n.
'*l was brought up iu luxury," she
said, "and now nn lailn-i is dead
aud my broth.-r is m South America,
and mv iit'll sistei says thai hei bus-
baud doesn't set' why" a strong, able-
bodied woman, wilh a good education, .should be siippoitrd h\ hel relations, so I .iiu goini; to die."
Aud she did hei hail in the latest
Manvl!es wave, pul tm ltd pieiliesi
fliH'k, bought a hoiiqtiel ol whilt-
losvs,   swallowed      a  dose  ol   poison,
and lav down and died!
pom, liM-le, foolish, loay, cmpiv*
luudi-d ereaintt' She dui one sen
sible  tbllg  III  hel   short   hie. .ilivwav.
Mid lhat was h. In- down .ind die.
A woman who thinks it  is a hard j    (fatIce  is IkmcIm   bIvcii ihii  ihiiH
ship i„ .mui her    own living is   at   lt,.\s ,,-„.. ltttU, , 1|;U|1(| l0'appl)  t..
home m jusl om- place ou tht-. grnsi   ,|h. n inil|,|,. ,|„.     ri.iei Coiitml
oarili, .mt ihat    place   .s a narrow. „ <imK    ^ ffu k    ,    V(;,
grave,  somewhere    on o   qulol   hil.',m.|n (,., ;l Kpceh ei.se i„ .'til .„,.!
where she won I have lo got up    m   ,.lin ftWft.   , [n     1|h, r„IUlwh
the morning until sin* l.vls like u      Iihfn.rilnsl lands m South Kasl     K."1'
Whai is ih,- mattei wilh lhe mud.'iit
American woman, anvvvav' I low I
manv women do you know m your
own circle oi acquaintances who liavn
ever cariieil the right   to live I.	
single,     golden,   uuselllsh,    ginieruus
lu Mir?
Uill of ivt-iv li li women ihal J'OII
lueiM in a casual walk up lhe Btrtvl
liHlay, there arc at least (iiill whose
i lie atubiiion seems to be to liu- a
life of absolute idleness, ami hnvu
llial idleness sumptuously paid for
by some poor tool of a man who
works and worries and frcis and
strains to pay for the rustle ol Hits
particular woman's petticoats,
We used to have a name wc called
thai soil of a woman, a good old.
plain Anglo-Saxon name, lhat
doesn't sound prelty when ii is pronounced. We d.ui'i use it au) more.
1 wonder if it's because it would lii
too many ot our acquaintances loo
well. I never dim- al a holel or a
big boarding house without wondering
whal on earth some of the women
who live Ihere imagine Uuv tin to
pay for Iheir board and clothes.
Doll wilted, not particularly pretty, not even clever in the art of dressing well. What ho ihey think Ihey
great privilege of their mere existence?
I know a woman—she's somewhere
around -tt, I think—who lives al lhc
finosi hotel in town. She has A line
suite of apartments, two pug dogs.
a canary, a parrot ami a manicure
She doesn't help her husband in his
business even hy keeping up a visiting acquaintance with people who
mighl be of fissisianec to him.
She's too lazy to make coffee and
loo stupid to know whal to lalk
about when uny poor unfortunate
pays hern visit,
Her husband is fond ol the theater,
hul she never goes wiih him because
she prefers the matinee.
She does pot read, she does not
ibink, she doesn't even lalk; she
takes care of the poodles ami the
parrot and lhe canary and the manicure set—and I suppose sh.* would he
horrified if some one should ask hei
why her husband doesn't gci up in
tlte night some time ami run away
off to Soulh Africa somewhere and
gel rid of her and her wrappers ami
her [uuk petticoats, and her dogs and
licr birds and her manicure set, once
and for all.
What's ihe difference between thai
woman and the son of woman whose
name we never speak even iu a
Kverv other lii He snublnsl-nosed,
rreckle-foced, dull-eyed, high school
girl these days tells her bosom friend
that she's going to many a millionaire or nobody.
One of them told me ahoul, the millionaire the oilier day, poor thing,
and I asked her whether she thought
She was going to gel a good harjiaiii
for -his millions. She thinks I'm
A good bargain? Why not? lie's
going io get her, and lier little thin
head of hair and narrow eliesl and
had complexion and empty head and
shallow heart.
Why shouldn't lie pay a million, or
four or five times ;l million, for Mich
priceless possessions?
"Oh, no, I never go anywhere."
sighed a big-eyed Utile creature with
a voice like the whine of the wind in
a fir tree. "I'm a perfect slave lo
my family—we are all, more or less.
I used to fret over il a good deal,
hut I've made up mv mind to it
Pom mall ir. I wonder what she
iMllighl she ought to he doing in ihe
world instead of taking cure of her
babies and mending her hoy's clothes
and making home a real resting
|rtnce for the man who. also, is a
petfrei slave to his family, perhaps.
although lie doesn't spend' quite so
much lime talking abonl It?
Silling on a gold throne with a
diamond crown on her head, listening
to a throng of worshipers who spend
the day and night ebon king hei
A slave to her family. Who isn't
a slave io something or somebody
The man or llie woman most to lit
pitied in a-U the World is the mail 01
the woman witli no plain duly to do.
I wish l belonged lo some hero oi
heroine fund or oilier.
I'd take part of the money and go
out to Detroit and put up a iiionu
ment io ihe poor little creature win
had llie good taste to leave tin
workaday world for which slio was
so ill-Ill ted,
c leitelng nl  a  posl   planieil a
ih.- n,.i Hi eastern cornel ..i l...i Mi
U p one,  Kl.ot.11.1v  districl, ihenci
nun!, |ll chains. thenee easi si
chains. Ih.ucc south IU tlums, Ilnii.*
wesl   su    iiii ains   lo    'he plan- uf    be
Iranhm.ik   I oval Union   1241 al thc Uidlctl
ttr.ilhcrbiHul al Curpcnlvrs anil Joiner*
"I America.
Meetings eveiy Thursday evening at
I. u. ti. r. ii,ln[ uu., i»aimoN Bioa.'
Vtsiiing brethren cmdially Invited,
''"■d   "Uill, Fdwa.d   loi.te,
llec.-Sce. President.
I.U.U.I,     Key I'll) UiIkc
No. 43.  Meets every
SB ■VuT^w'   Monday      uight      al
N.vv      I'lateiiiily     Hall.        Soj 1-
ing Oddfellows cordially invited
sl   Hit
3IHi dav  ..I  Maj    \   ti
Harold Darling
hereby given    llml  Iwi
dale I Intend to nppli
Commissioner of   Lnntli
desciibed lamb
sl   Koolenay di*
N.,1 ite is
inonihs afle
to Ihe Chief
and works
chase lbe follow
situate in Souih 1-
Commencing nt a post localed   on
the Kooteuay  river,  near  tin-  Hi
wesl corner pnsl of Humphrey's pre
emptlnn, No. la, thrnce *m ' chain*
east, llu nee souih -I" chains, thencr
east SO chains, thence norlh 21
chains, ihence west (ill chains, llicnii
north Mi chains, ihenee wesl It
chains, more or less, to tin1 Koolenay river, tl'enee along ihe Kootenay
river in a soulh-westeiiy direction ti
the place of commencement.
John -I. Grady.
Dated  Ihis  Mih dav  of Mav.   \.H
Hlflfi. ' 8-51'
I City Scavenger I
X ':'
X, V
•j.     The City Council     !•!
X      have appointed     ;•;
! R. Stewart!
x, x.
? the official scavenger;!;
a of the city of  Cran- %
•;• brook.    Parties   hav-
.-. in? closets   to clean, A
.*. »•»
i* refuse matter to haul '.'
S **,
*\* to    the   City    dump •:-
X grounds should leave £
$ orders with him.  The ?
X city musl he cleaned.!!;
X ***
A Address Hox IflS. A
The British Columbia Publishers'
association, an organization of those
Interested in the publishing business
for ihe mutual henefil of its members, was organized al a meeting
held fot the purpose in Vancouver ou
Thutsdav, May 17. The following officers were elecled: President, A.O.
Sargisiiti, Victoria; firsl vice-president, V. J. Dcaiic, Nelson; second
vice-president, W. R, Wilcox, Phoenix; secretary,   J. D. Taylor,    Van-
sirucHon'work" 'and'nlnsiderable! ^'r;    ,r^S,   C'    V'  "CoWon,
trev  was circulated as a result,      \}j™™««   eirwutive   committee,  D
1    x * \. Molt,    Kernie;     Frank J. Huide
The late Paul Krugcr was not an
ehnpienl man, hut he excelled in brief
and pithy sayings. To a nephew wlm
waiitiil an nliiee he said:
"My dear hoy, you are not ele\'er
enough for a subordinate position, und
all the higher offices are filled.—Ex.
Vancouver, D. L. Tavlor, Vancouver
♦  '	
Man to   ship uud take charge    ol
Kobt. Stewart,
China Creek Lumber Co., Ltd.
8 China Creek, B.  C,
for a particular purpose is easy   fi
us.     llecausu we   have Ilium for  all
kltltls of use.    Naturally our
is far supcrlot to   that ol the luu
which has   lo carl coal during    lhe
week and curry his owner to u funeral
on Sunday.     If Santa Claim saw our
horses he would pension of! his    old
reindeers, chop up his old sleigh and
hire a rig from us. Vou should do lhe
same when you require the services of
a horse and carriage for any purpose.
Especially   as  our   scale  of  charges
makes il really cheap transit.
The Hundley Livery Stables
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Culm i.m* Ldimib No. :i:i
Cranbrook, It. C.
Meets every Tuesday nt 8 |>. in. al
New  h-ia.lvi.uty   Hull.
J. A. Arnold, Kits.
(iiiu..ii 'I'l.omiiBon, CO,
Visiiini;  bretnren  cordial); Invited
tu  itlL'llli.
!•'. II. MoKi
N.  11.
M. I.   Hill
1 tit il tin ink I nilKt*. N.i. J.
A. P. A A M.
Hegular meetings on
the thud Thursday
of every month,
Visiting Melt, en welcomed.
S.   II.   Hoskius, Sec'y.
iM. A. Heale, W. M.
p. o. i:.
M,vt   in    Patmore    Ilall   everj
I'. Rosa Tali*, tV. 1'.
A. M. Illack, W. S,-c'v.
Visiting lirolliers conllally Invited
LOYAL, OltANC.: 1.011(11.:, Nl), 11171
Mwl :.l ll. of I.. K. li.ill 2ml   nml
Illi Saturday each month,
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Royler, ,l.is. IS. Lnrrlgan,
W.M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
Hazcll Block Cranbrook, II C
I       C, H, DUNBAR
«    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
J Public, Etc.
J   Cranbrook,    -    -    ll. C.   %
I'hysititins and Surgeons
Oflloe at Roatdei.ee, Atmstroug Av..
i.'(ll*l'lH,UII.S    -   -   -   -   li.'ltl   10     It
Altornooiis - - - ■ 1.30 tu 3.111
Evenings 7.3.1 to 8.3U
CRANUllOOK ::    ::    ::    ::    B. C
I tii !_ a.m.
I to   6 p.m,
7 to   _ p.m.
Oflice ami residence on Armstrong av,
I to IJ a.m,
1 lu   0 p.m.
7 to   8 » 111.
Oflice In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
h'uotwcar lo Measure a Specially
The Daintiest Yet
Our New Pholo
Picture  Framing a
Prest Photo Co
Livery S
Team, and driver, furnished for any
point it. the district.
A. D0VLE, Manager
farm for Sale
•j' Sitiiiili'il  "ii tin' Kiiiitt'iiny y
X. river, 0110 milo I'r Mnyook, X
•j. I'liiitiiiiiiiii; Hill iiiti's: ilUacros -J-
X. liotliiiii Innil:' ol) uoroB iinili'r X
.[. i*iill.iviiliuii; ni'.v li niiiiii innil- »:•
X i'i;n coitiigi.'. Als.. :!.-, lu'iul X
A of cattle nml tin' liursi't.. with .*.
V nil I'.'iriii iiuiili'iiii'iils. Y
A ., • A
,t, rnr icirllriilnrs apjily in A
X Samuel McLean, Mayook. B. C. X
9 A
I j (im* force inuni..,w" ti\vniii|i8   ]
I    Hi fwl iu ui.ltI..
il   ,   ' •
,1 'I wo irluaa front office lini.rs.    E
1 l*'
i;{ On,* I', toot ofllco wiiulovy.
[).] Dm.  Id fn.it ^iilviiiiizisl inn. h
i'l     i-lii.nn.-v tiiu.
I' '     r I*'
I All ill good iwiditioii.  Apply S
Herald Office 1
ip-^i__HiBEiaiaai5isiaBiaai3 Haiaa
Cranbrook   Foun-1
dry and
Machine Shop'f
McKinnon ft Jolinslon
Wo uri' |in*|iiirisl  tn
llll   llll    klllilli   uf   I'm
pair wurk lii'ii.v nnd
light, iiiiiki' oastlligB,
turn siutl'lH, I'lr.
[* Scic.itilic     H..rscsl.oci..||    u
'   A. W. McVittie   }
uiiifii unu rruvn,-1 t
Land  Surveyor. \
i Dominion and Provin- j
_ cial   La
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
I CRANBROOK,   B.   C. {
Pete's Barber  Shop
lias removed Irom tlie Wentworth
hotel to next dour to A. C. Bowness1 ami opposite new bank building, I invite everybody, My work
will give satisfaction. Flrsl-class
barber sbop.
P. J. Uitluuiser, flffr.
13* Edgar Davis
•}.       BRICKLAYER and       |
;!;       CONTRACTOR       i'
...        I''iirii,*ii'i', floilor,  lliuigd, A
,1, and Fin-plin-o wurk it Bpooial- X
!"■ !
***       .All tinsoHpiioiiB ol stono- y
X wurk iiiiiltTtaki'ii. (tnl.-iH I. ft •>
.1. I». MiHUIDKS
*i« will rouiovo prompt iiltotiUott, •*•
Oeo. R. I.eask & Co
: ivi.ili in inn* nilvortlsciiient, I... I wo
pul this ml in tlie lli'iiililjlii
emphnalse It,
u* LmviT ,1 rinstronu Avonno,
Notice is hi-ii-liy Bi''1'" "'"I Uilrty
days nlti'i* iluiu we inl,ml to apply
in lln- rh,,-I Commlasl i   ol I..mils
and Winks ni, Victoria, i.m o Bpeclnl
llei'iiso in iui nnd carry away tlm-
,,,-, I,mn nn il„- I, ll,,11 ii,,.. .Inscribed
limils in Smilh K.isl. K n.iv:
Coinincnclnn ni a pnsl planted at
lln- smilh cast niiiiii nl llie lli-n.
Carter limil, lioonao No. 11(1*11, thonco
runnln-K mi chains cant; thenco nihil n*. sn chains north, ttic.ee rntininK
sn ib,tins west, thenco running sn
ehains soiillt In point nl commenco'
Dated tins tub day nt Apill, A.I..,
lllllll   II. Itnss-,
.Ids, W, Itnss.        :i .'.I
TIMDEH Nii'l'li'i:.
Notico is hi'ii-liy Kii  lli.il Ihlrly
days ufli'i* iluiu wc inleml tc. a|iply
tn thi* ('lunl Commissioner ul Iannis
anil Works ut Victoria, Im* n special
license tn cut. ami carry away limber from nil llie Ml,,ii in,; described
lamls in Smilh Easl Koolenay:
Commencflig at a pnsl pl,mitil ul.
lhc mnlb-i'.isl corner nl lln- ()i<<>.
Ciili-r limit, llcrt.se Nn. 0,111, llii'iii'i.
rnnnlng sn rhains ensl, Uienco running .sn ch.tins norlli, tlu-iii'c luimiii*.
sn cliains wesl, tlienee ninning sii
cliains snulli tu puinl nt cnlnmi'iici'-
Dated Ihis 9IJi day „( April, A.I..,
II. H. Ross,
Ji». W. Ross.        _-Si Ill K   ORANBROOK    IIII li A l.ll
«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«»««♦«♦♦««.♦-.♦♦«««♦«•»»««♦•««■««.•. i
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie. Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Ye-ar
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald Publishing Co.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
| ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Tli.      Liverpool    licensing
abolished .-.i\;>  .i\, licenses
'   -nm.
Thomas Donovan, a Blacuavon nt'*-
luiii, iii. u i .0 tu take lum lo   Cau-
,, ..;      ll.* squandered the money and
li I U Wlllll   bUUM.11,
Uaii> I.nnl, j. hearse driver, drop-
I'-. dead ui a fuucral ui Poleshtil,
ueai Coventry, as ne was open iut*; tin-
,i   tu iei eive tbe culliu.
Mr. James Storey, a chemical man-
iii.i*Liiiit*i, oi    l..iiu.i-\t-\, ban    t n
11..'-.! i>> tailing Uii.mi .in au sltalt at
a M,,mil.-iivi" hold.
The Kev. ti, lv Park, speaking al .i
uuvling ui Hit- Bridlington Kutiil "Is
Lnci 'ouui il, dew tmod .i motoi «.u
ub   .i km .ii iron .m.i ,t sivuch."
l.i.nli.ii . .*! 'ii'.iM  ,, 1 1 pupula
I iun i   su I, MiB, ,t. ■ unliirg lu ,i it-inn.
.    .     l|)      III.'    IllHr.ll lull    I'll lillllll  I..      ml
.i    1.nnil ml.  lil)   runIn ll.
A nun who was lined al Wuie   no
,i  llug   WlthoU)    a  1 Ceil iU     in
i..uuui ii..- i".-.'it    ili.n  h.' Imd   kept
unu    wuii,mi  ,i     licence  (or     tluiij
The balls during the Dublin season
have revealed a greal dearth ol dancing imii- Rows in pn ttj women
bavf l.e-wi placed In the position ol
'wallflowers" [or wait! ol partners.
The problem prows mote acute everv
year. It is a society ease of the
unemployed, and a rellel scheme
thould in- devised,
Mr. Kretl S'aub,    ue
..iihi'si.-t    Liberal    ■
ll.'   nl   111.-  lies I   KII1I.M1
i Turner, who lias just died at
luui-, Sm lit lli-vim, w.is in lln-
' ul une i.hiiiIj I'm sixty-fight
and served tour generations.
nel Robert Lewis Taylor, C.R
iitl a liislinguisbwl milium  an.l
.uie career in   India, died
eighl) live.
■en ut lhc obituary notices in
.i recent issue ol the Tunes, rotated
i-i persons between tie ages ol 70 and
101, One was 70, one was 7-1, one
;i,. two 80, one B2, two B4, one 80,
two B8, one 89, one ■••* and one 101.
Die centenarian was Captain Du-
ni.ii.*si|. i.f Tasmania, formerly in tlto
sen Ice <if "John Company."
A  prisoner a-t     the Leeds quarter
session, wlm was brought iu ninliv
uf sheft, vvas asked if ho had any-
thing to say whv sentence should not
be passed un hun. "1 don't think I
haw had a fan trial. In- replied
"The jury haven't put Miolt he.nl*. to-
gethel lui ine minutes "
An "on" beei license was gr;
i>v iii.* 'luit.-iihain mnglslrales
luini   Ucxandei  Wightmau, an
penal 'i,  wl 'tired  wiih  lb.-
.•I m-i-.r.i m m n jo i      (hs fathrl
iii hm rommixsioii fm bravery,
lu*. greal Rraiidlalbei ea I his
missiuii fm gallantry at Wat eric
opened .,
, i don,
i\ boys i
A man wh
Camden Tow
lh.- first   day
quire ihe price oi some
women called to ask for .
ladies called io solicit i
one man came in horr
ami four travellers
samples. His total 'filial amounted to Is o I
.ii ih.- .
t. Sv.'ln.'i   -Smith, une "[   Un- pro-
■ i., i >," ui ilu- spur Ismail, antl    lite
■ represcninUve ol the partnership
eli it tl.-tl iin- newspaper in LKlia,
just died in his eightieth year.
The 1'
unit' uf Uulcs lintel, In   Vic-
.111.1   .sl
reel, llt'lliisl, iv,is lho   scene
1 .1 Iuc
whicl. ni  ono  iimi' iliii'iiicii-
*,!     lo
•ISSllIIIC   VOl'J       SI'llUIIS   |lln|llll-
i, nm.
AIhj.,1  Mil,,.uu iiiiiiingi'5   ".is
'IT,.' in
ulnl j-aclit    i-liili litis ilcci.lcil
hal  lln
• inlei'tialiuttal cup race    fur
i.uiul  1
mills, I'm* i.lmli Ainerlcit li.u.
li.ill, ,u
il, sliiill lake place uu Thins*
Iny, Ai
,_iisl II, al Hyde.
Ii. Ware, a Crimean veteran, who
<_ hiiiiul at Holyhead, joined the
y ai Surk, iu ls->7, went through
Crimean and China wars, ami was
isiuind   irom    lhe  coastguard     in
lhe prit
rs. Punic
,i copy *
'iiniiil    a
Klglily-slx pounds vvas
paid ili*~ iiih.-t day al Mesi
,u,tl Simpson's  rooms fur
tli.- in-i i-.hii.iii ul' Olivei '
\ if.it  ..I    U.ilo'ii.-hl,"     [
Salisbury in lTiiii,
Henry Veals, a lalmrei of I'resto
Hud Hum heart dlscasu while wrei
ling witli lus brother Walter, alter
l.Mii.Mnn i,i ihu match bclwe
llackciiscbmidt and Madrali.
a Wignn tuwu councilor rc-
wltbdraw ihe words ■■cad"
wanl" ai the mayor's n-
n alderman said: "1 would
ua- words down his Huo.it. u
nut stilTering    from physical
.Mi. Lmnanl (iuuflwiu, ,
Colonel .1. K. Uoodwlii, u
minster, while playing buck
itruch hv  a hall in  the fun
iweui  lh.- eves.      IU I  p,,|-
ili ..ml he died.
Mill        Of
v, was
cad, bi-
■nini; .set
"tt w.is too big in go iu uur
pui keis," was the explanation by
Urs. llenrj Jacques, who was summoned im leaving a motor car un-
allended m ihe streel in Iron! of au
holel.        She    was     fined His    and
Thumas llfiiiy Scull, one ol
iiieiiiost breeders and judges ol
trrlers iu ilu- world, lias just.
nl   Kile),      lie   Imd  and owned
im.ns sire Jester, whose des-
tts are to he found in all    the
ust-lii-iy,    In  rumiiii'iimralion
won lasl year's Derby, In
Inking fountain ami a wai
i  horses and dogs circuit ou
Downs   close   lu     the    r
Tin-,  dough h.-ars  lhu
null simp in
mys ihat on
ait tele,   f.nu
tango, thnv
iw a stamp,
■ailed wilh
•ipts fur lhc
Miss Julia Hianiti^an. n farmer's
daughter, sued I'ai rick Unwell, a
farmer, for breach of promise in Duh
liu. The evidence showed that Howell agreed to marry Miss Urnimlgan
upon ihe condition of his receiving a
marriage portion of £250. He said
he gave the Rrannlgans lime to raise
llie money and when biiey failed to
du sn be married a Woman who
broughl him £300,
Dei wet n fifty and sixty tinplate
mills have stopped iu South Wales in
consequence ol the depression of
hade, lln- slackness of demand hehig
caused eblellv by tlie Russian dtstur-
Imiiecs ami Hit- high price oi tin. lu
Llalielly 3,000 hands have lieen
thrown out of employment. The
Smith Wales works, the largest In
lhe Itade, aie among  Ihose closed.
A terrible explosion, resulting in
ihe death of two men. occurred at
the Black Heck Powder works, near
inversion. The works are situated
in the beautiful valley of the Leven-
\i about half past ten in the morning a number of tourists boa-rd a loud
reporl, antl sn\J[ a grea-l cloud of
black smoke rise liiu.li in the alt above
the mill. In lhe ruins were the
bodies of Iwo men, John Wood-burn
and Walter Bell.
The CiiiTaL.li of Kildare, which is
close to Punches town, may be said to
he tbe home of Irovsc-rncing III these
rountt'les. The Cnrnucti (wbieb is
the ll'Bh for "racecourse") is declared bv Irish sportsmen lo have been
noted for its horee racing before ihe
Christian era! Racing was literally
ihe "spun pf kings" In thai part uf
Ireland,    for    Ihe     kings   ot   Leinsler
had lheir homes at Naas, dose to
which Punches!own is situated, The
('•rragh afterwards became "SI.
Drighl's pasture-ground."
While on his recent visit to In
land, Lord Aberdeen, may have see
near Naas a curious memorial of ..
famous tint unfortunate predecessor of
bis hi lhe vicerovallv of Ireland. Il
i.s all that is left of a huge brick
mansion which was commenced bv
lhe Karl of Stafford when he was
the Viceroy of Charles I. The mansion was never completed. So excellent wen- the bricks ami cetiienl
used in the building Ihal portions uf
lhe walls erected havo withstood the
exposure of centuries.
The list as it s.airdi to-day, is as*
W. T. ltKID,
lilt. W. S. Hl.l.l..
tl. T. ItOOEKS,
lilt. MILES,
J. IJ. McUltlUE,
A. Vi. MeVtTTlE,
.s. .1. MIOHTON,
W. K. UUIll),
J.  llAltlllS,
0, E. REID,
W. II. nn.SON,
Ii. .1. UeSWEVN,
A. ll. KENWtOK,
_•'«. t Sleel.
0,  A. t'Ot'K,
W. f, TATE St SON,
.1. F. M, PINKHAM,
II. I). 0URT1S,
lilt. F. E. KIN.:,
C.  H.  Dl'MIAIt,
I). J. ELMER, Moyie.
lt. II. BEN EDICT, Mayuo
F. J. SMYTH,  Muyie,
Furt   Steele,
Miss Mansfield will du fancy l*,*,*-
wr.ting (ur alleniuo!! ur evcniitg i-n-
lerlaitiiucul- al i..... i..i1ju- tales.
Ouess wutk qut-stiuiis su|itilied, ul
typed flow minus. tit-tl
iKuint 1-.)
-liuin, an oeloKcnarian
nlm died tlu* oilier day un ilu* lln.il-
ing hnspilal ship in Harwich harbor,
had im niaiiv vi-iiis liusi alone in a
little Imiii in lho harbor. Ilo resisted nil uiii'iupis in remove him    to
III,*    UllllillllllSC.
When cro-8-exnraIned hy Iter husband, nlm ims charged wil'b ossaiilt-
,„ * hei .ii Hi,* ilreitlioi-d piiliee court.
Mi . Umi' iiiltnllliil I Ii.i I she hud
broken bottlos, a toapol nnd .1 do-
cantor nvcr bis ihcul, tl.real.-ned In
st.Ji him, imd    [ -Iincil bis bicycle
■n,     nf
L'.'ill. IIIIII
nl Milk
cl, I.,,Ills other
li'i'Vf A-.
lllll ler
. !|oov_   St
 IlIIKCll   In,
N. ilinli.il Cimdcli
's hu'l,uics ul Chilli
Cnri'lek, ami     vuci.
Mils.      This   ffives  (
i'n.. control nl mosl nl llu
Industry between Clare ami
The I.'t.al.Is nn tile extensive Diui-
di'imi I'statc, Ciiiiutv Dunn, ibe properly nf Lord Downs-hire, have signed
iiu agreement fur fbe purchase nt
Hieir holdings  lor llu* I..1111I Purchase Aet.
During llie hearing nf a ease al
Dudley*, Worcestershire, in which two
men were charged wilh nssiinlling a
tramway oillcial, il was sluicd Ihal
■luring lbe scuffle in lln- il.nl. ,1 policeman lunl linndciilTed uu insiicclor wlm
li.ul cnplurcl the men.
While workmen were removing a
I'liilfunil used lor u meeting at.
Oastlcbrldgo, Wexford, tliey found
Hiitc young children huddled asleep in
11 h, a hiix, whicl, luui been nne nl
Uio   supports.     Their father,   Owen
l-'lynn, was sentenced to (ourteen days  r«ti..Vivwi,"
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The Canadian Pacific liave placid
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scries of low rate excursion ilckcn
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tow lug latfs ap|»iy nvun Rossland
Trail, Nelson and 1*0111111011 points 10
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Knightfi oi Columbus ftftl.uti, sclUtig
tlul es May 84, -1. and 'Jti,
WiniiijH't;, Port AiUiur, Fort William, Iiniuiii, St. Paul, Mimittipulin.
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in; July 2, .'(; August 7, 8, tf; Sept,
8, 10. ' On same dates through ex-
iiiv.sion lares will be quoted io all
points iu Ontario, (^uettec, Maritime
Provinces, New York and New England. Tickets are lirsi-elass, bt^r
UU days limit tor letuin and are subject to usual variations oi route, are
also good in one or botfl directions
via llie (treat Lakes, including meals
and births on lake steamers. Detailed information on application.
J. S. Carter, D.P.A.,
8 NeJson, ti. c.
Take notice that I, Thos. T. McVittie, V. Al. C. No. D73773, ageat
for Prank Williams, F. M. C. No.
1(7.1710, Uus Kallnutii, V. M. C. No.
H7-1781 and Walter Van Arsdalen,
Fit* Miner's Certificate, Eo, B7378S,
(attend, sixty days imm date bereot,
io apply to tin' Mining ttecordci tor
a Certlftcate ol lmprovemcnu, foi
Uh* purpose of ol.laining a Crowa
Umut ot tlie above claim.
Ami further lake notice tliat action, under section ■>'.. must w coni-
ineuoed before the Issuance ol ^cii
Certificate ..f Improvements.
Dated this 38III day ol Maul), A.ti.
1906. 1-U't*
Notice is hereby given Uidt thirty
days alter date Un- Bakei Lumber
Uo.| Ltd., ittlciiiK io appi) u- Um
tiiit-i Commissionei ol Lands and
ttorUs al Victoria, loi a special license to cut and carrj awa) umber
ti.itu lhc following descnht-tl lauds
iieai Crows Nesi Landiitg m Souih
h.isi  Kootenay  district:
Commencing 3u ciiains wesi ..[ the
south-east cornet ol Wardropo'a nin-
iK'i lliiiise, saul license being about
iu chains north ol lot suti i, .<■..,-
l, thenee mi chains south, thence tm
chains wesi. thence SU cliains north,
thence m chains east Lo point ut
The Uaker Lumber Co.. Limited,
Pot Jno. Choitiii.ii,
7-5t AgCOt.
Dated 1st ol May, 1006.
Thirty days after date I intend t«
apply lo the Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works for a special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following desciibed lands
si luatc in Soulh Kast Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planted
ahoul three-quarters ol _ mile west
of tlie south-west coiner of lot 1186,1
Uieuce soulh 40 chains, thrnce west.
Mi chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 40 drains, thence north
-10 chains, thrnce east 80 chains,
ihence south 80 chains to the point
of commencement and containing t*40
acres, more or less.
John Strong.
Located this 7th tlav of May, A. D
19011. 7-5t*
Sixty days aftei date 1 intend to
apply to the duet Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works ai Victoria, B.C.
(or permission to purchase the following lauds in South Kasi Kootenay, B. C.J
Commencing at a post planted at
tlie N. K. comer ol lul 8688, fcioup
I, thence twenty chains wesl, ihetice
twenty chains noith, thence forty
chains west, thenco sixty cluius
north, thence sixty chains east,
tbence forty chains souih, thence
sixty chains east, thence forty chnlns
south, thence sixty chains Vest to
place of commencement, containing
UM acres, more ur less.
John V.   Adams, Locator.
Dated   April   17th,   1006. --ut
Take Holier that Iw.. months allft
dale I intend lu apply io the Cbiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Wurks
lot permission tu purchase the following described lauds iu SouUj K*-.t
Commencing at a point marked
"James Ryan's north-east coiner
post," planted at the south-east cor
ucr of Lot 2!"i7, Group 1, tbence
south five chains, more or less, to
the norlh bank of St. Marys river,
thenee westerly lollowlng the said
north bank of St. Marys river ttti
chains, more or less, to the southeast corner of Lot 6667, Group I,
thence northerly along the easterly
Hmit of said Lot B667, fifteen eliains,
more or less, to the southerly limit
of said Lot 20it7, thence easterly
along the southerly limit of said Lot
2907, eighty chain's, more or less, to
the plaee of beginning, containing 77
acres, more or less.
James Rvan.
Dated at Cranhrook. B. C, this
30th day of April, 1906. 6-n
o a u.v
i •.ii.-it
SI'i IK Bj-JM A .VliU Vi BW ^^^^^^
Ten  eni is fi«r  line each lnn*rtl»n.  Coun
■ l*   words   lo  it   line.
24Words li
l>er  ||nt   euch   Inriertlon.   CoutU
Syul»ite. Wh»Ii.
rlU your adv. plainly, tnclotlns amoun
Sixty days after date 1 intend to
applv to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works to purchase the following described lands situate in
South Kast Koolenay, It. 0.
Commencing at a i"»st at the s.
K. corner lot 20-17, group 1, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 10
chaius, tbence south 100 chains,
(hence west 20 chains, thence north;
20 chains, ihenee west 20 chains to'
the place of beginning, containing 'dbO
acres, more or less.
Baled this 8th duv nf May. 1M6.
7-»t* Rov C. Myers,
Notice is herehy given thai   thirty
days after date, I intend making ap-
E fleet Ite, Sunday, Jan. 31st, following changes in passenger tr»im
schedule: No. 3 leaves Bexford 10 4*
a.m.; Bonners Kerry 1.30 p.m.; ar
rive Spokane 5.40 p.m.; leave fc uu
p.m.; Adrian 9.40 p.m.; Pacific
Avenue 5.40 a.m.; Everett 6.40 a.m.;
Seattle 7.00 a.m.
No. 1 leaves Bexford 1.00 sm ;
Bonners Kerry 3.30 a.m.; arrive
Spokane 7.00 a.m.; leave 7.15 a.m.;
Adrian 10.30 a.m.; Wenatehee UIU
p.m.; PacUje Avenue 5.45 p.m.; connecting wiih No. 272. Everett 5.fri
p.m.; arrive Seattle 7.30 p.m.
No, 2 no change.
No. 4 leaves   Seattle   8.00    a.m.;
Kverett     9.1U   a.m.; Pacific   Avenue
6.20 a.m.; Wenatehee s.05 p.m.;
han 4.50 p.m.; arrive   Spokane
p.m.;    leave    8.40    p.m..    Bomiets
Kerry 12.25 am.; Kexford 5 02 a.m.;
No, 250 leaves Bexford 5.20    a.m.
connecting   with No. 4 Swinton 7.34
arrive Kernie 8.00 a.m.
Ad,      i
plication to^the lion. TheOhef Com-1   No. 24« leaves    Kernie 10.00 p.m
a'Swinton   10.20    p.m.; Kexford  12.40
iiiissiimer of Lands and Works for
Special License to rut and take a*ay
timlier from lhe following described
1. Commencing at (he south-east
corner of Lot 067ft, near Yahk
S1 al ii>n, Snuth Kast Koou-nay,
tfcenee running west 80 chains, wiuih
80 chains, east 80 ehains, north 80
chains to place of commencement.
linen Imn   -taalrcd,   ami   iut_
*UI.    mJv.    Int.,I.J    lu    UtUt,
for  numbtr o< I
ta    whrthrr   yui, I
Uf,    auuil»»      ei I
conne cting  with    number  1.
Through sleeping oars operated between Spokane aiid Kernie.     S,eeprr
fare  between   Spokane   and     Kernie
Kernie to Vancouver 23 hours and
45 minutes, cvnneetion being made
with No. 272 at Pacific Avenue.
Extra local trains Nos. 2«5 and 206
will 4m operated bei wmi Spokane
and Leavenworth, leaving Spokane
4.04 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.m.;
Wenatehee 12.03 a.m.; Spokane 8JK)
a.m. Bufiet sleeping cats will be
operated between Spokane and Leavenworth, trains Nos. 2fi5 and 266:
also extra train between Seattle and
,Skrkomi9h, leaving Seattle 6.30 p.m;
at the south-east.Everett 6.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenue
(■.■liter of No. 1, Uience 1 tinning vest; 6.15 p.m.; Skykomish 10.20 p.m.
80 chains, south 80 chains, east 80 ' Returning leave Skykomish 6.00 a.m.:
chaius, north 80 chains, to place of: Pacific Avenue 8.09 a.m.; Everett
commencement. 8.23 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 a.m.   Looal
Bated and staked May 18th. 1906.1 train    being operated   between Bou-
J. Hanbury        iters Perry and Spokane will be wit*
2. Commencing at the first southwest angle from the Moyie river of
the King Timber Lease (Lot 1897)
Soutli Kast Koolenay, thence running east Wl eliains, south *0 chains,
t 80 chains, norih 80 chains, (o
placo of commencement,
S,  Commencing
Elko, 6. C. THK   CKANBROOK    HKIiAMt
iUarysville, May 86;—Although darl
mask's ot raTu-U'aim^Tntro&^Tr
i\l Uie setting *.uti ou lhe evening o-
lhe 23rd, mueh to Ute delight ol all
601b townspeople an*J intoudio-4 vim
Kits, the gttJa oi l.e weather wen
propitious aud  Victoria i*** dawned
bright and  vlt-ai
trout kuubeilev thc mines, an-i
ttyclitle  a   slicatu ot pUusVju-Swkius
Inwividuals pouted in during the low
ti.HJU, along with these who came
irom Cranurooli on the um>i 1*103
Al a special meeting ot tbe committee in charge oi the sports, it was
decided to postpone starting Un
events on the programme uniu 1
p.m., which gave outsiuers a cb«
io visit local points oi interest, such
*i uie smelter, St. Mary's toils, etc
*^J nine passed pleat>antl) ior all
until alter lunch wiicj, everyone —-
paired t-o the recu-anon giouud.
I'wing 10 the lateness 01 the boui
when Ute lacrosse .name in Cianbrook
v>as Qulshcd, tlie at tor boon *&xha
train wa* held over until Ij 0 clock
to accommodate those wn.> wished to
come, and the) showed thell aj_r
preulaiiou by turning out -u Iw-ge.
uuiiiu-i -, tiicrc boin^ consMerwi)
ovei do1 hundred on board, who arrived tu Marysville ai u o'utoeB '~
*m^ie dtiu- do join in Hie spot
tu  ..-I   the  tfa>-
t-.veiywhere good iiaiutH- prevailed
and the expect at Ions oi all
V have aa enjoyable rime were
realised 10 ihe fullest eium
At 1.80 o'clock a start was wad-*
up ihe different events and great, (a-
teiwt was shown during IU eudu
afternoon by the spectators ir. the
wn tests,
pat -, (handicap)
       Stuart Kletenet
iinls race, uudei  i- years (handicap)
   Laura  Chenette
Pipe race        Q, Olson
Running bn.ad jump (distance W u.
« in.j fi. E. Pouipellv
Standing broad jump  (distance
4   in.) 	
Boys race, undei
Rowing Imp.
40 It.  1  in
Kgg   race
Sack race ...
Sack  lace,   u
del   1
K. E. Pompeily
step and jump (disUuicu
i   E. E, pompeily
... Francis UcCouueii
  K. E. Pompeii>
: years (handicap)
... Martin Suu'tb
. E. k. Pompeii)
shot (distance 'd\
... 41. MeDermid
. E. K. Pompeily
(dwi-aticc 34 it. -
... M. Mcl>ermi4
.....  K ravels . M
Hid yards dash ...
Putittug 16 pound
It.  11 mo -
Hurdle race 	
Tossing thc caber
Wheel-narrow  tnce 	
CoimelJ and Pompeily
The pony race was (lieu caileJ mad
this proved to be very e|clwn| *iU
ttviy fa»t.
three eullre:
luj  t
mn the early   part of thi first halt,|■M-I'H-I'H'I *'!-H-H-H-H-H-I«
-jlthou^h no goals tad bees scored     ' .*, .j.
Upon n^utninj; play the home team -r    00_f        O f J
nnued    detrrmiae to .--core.      After   *   t\f%0    \ .WXWWTX^T T
wveral   unsuccessful rushes CfcrlstUm,J   o***n*    livuiuvi  J
heary Willie-.Owned by IL MoDennld
Krank—Owned bj   Indian.
lHaii—Owned hy Claude Smith.
Kirsl heat—Frank wins easily by 3
lengths, with Dan and Willie struj-
gli tig tor 2nd place.
Second heat—Weary Willie, apparently lusl getting warmed up and
running well, passes under lbe wire
wilh ism 2nd.
Third heat—Proved lo be a neck
and neck struggle between Weary
Willie and Frank, hoth being jockey-
til by uidiaiis, and much lo the d&-
llght of his many supporters, Weary
Willie, makes a gallant finish and
wins the raee by a neck.
Sadie horse race—Two entries, vi*:
drey Eagle—Owned by R. 0. ile*
Stanley—On ned by St. Marys livery. .
U-r<<y Eagle proved to be the taster
ot ibt. two, winning both beats,  .be-
iui; ridden by tire owner, waile Stanley bad for his mouul 0. A. Hall.
Cigar race on horseback ... o.A. Hall
Slag pot race	
    -1.   McLeod and C.  Hansen
Long kick football 	
  Won by A. A. -Ward
Captain of Marysville toot.-l__s.ill
team, who wiih a .single I ry ou t-
elassed all r.ther kickers
The relay race did not come <A
ks advertised, owing t<o the lack of
time before rehurn of special' to
Cranhrook vs. Mary&ville.
Tlie foot'liall game had 'been adver-
tlsed as between learns from Ferule
aiid Marysville, but owing to the
■'act of lhe former being unable to be
present, am] insufficient time n-ring at
the disposal of the committee ■ io
1 charge of the celebration to announce
lhe change m the programme, much
gratification vvas fell by them to be
able io n-iy ufMjn (lie Craarbtook
Foothall association io send up
tbeir besl Pleven and thereby assist
in keeping ihe programme intact
Owing to Un- excellent games oi (Aie
■pasi in-twee^ Cranbrook and Maryo-
ville teams and ihe ireeni defeat of
the ladej by (he former ou theii
(Cranbrook) grounds, great interest
had been aroused as to the outcome
..f lhe game. This was augmented
considerably, when tx.Th sides lined
up and the spcotators had noticed
Ibat tbe captains bad been Improving
the personnel ol their loams.
The  liniMip   was  as   lollows:
(.ranbrook—Goal,    J    Haves;  fullbacks, S,   Baldwin, T.   Aliidge, half,
backs,  P. Howard, w   Burton, Fred
Long; forwards, Vi, Harrington,    R,
nds,   A.  Shnnklaiid, --   Medea-
pecurrd the ball aai while runttlnj
Jo^»q the Une parsed in to Vance
#t» in turn save it tn Ward who
wcoied one ait bin swift shots for
Marys-vilir. The ram* continued very
evenly contented although the visitors
dlaplarnd better ttidalvf in 'eQtnWna-
tim, which res-ulted rn many strong,
charges upon rhe home teats'.-; goal.
The Marysville boys pi»t aa. an excel lea r 'defence and ua*de several
speedv attat*t? upon Hayes, wbo Aud
1o s-'op. two, very swift shots ftotu
Fiwlly ttie l'ranbrook team -became
dtv4e<tty -iTj^resvive and the home de-
i«*n:-v wijis working aoUy w prevent
a n»o*e. A shot being made bis-top
caught the UaU and wa". so preyed
be bad only time to kick it when
aii •#j#t>o.-'.tt£ iwrwatd foully cbeclod
'-'.tuj. T-i» whittle was blow a, tbe
tr-ferea- gravTiux a penalty again.1
-Maiysvitte, * flaltutng thc goWkecpec
ba>L iun with, the'bad-1, but iwwlliag
the very evMeat foul by tbe Cranbrook fuf**ard. a iter kick was fiveff.
'in--* playcrt. on either ,.;.de at fir^t
Bpt knoaiut whose, frw'kiek it wax
gtouped iu Front oi the goal oue yard
from the ffM.1 line and aero allowed
t-0 retu-in their pp-sitious-evefi while
Srott was kicking oft. In the
jcrimmage vbui followed. tht ta-l I
lOl'.ed out just' in front of the nul.
i.,-Lop kicked jt against a C.'riUi-
Li.w*. player ud it bounced im\
Through the goa.'l, which wa." allowed
ai a store for Cran-brook.
Play wai being hustilv rcsumtd
hut ihe spectator:;, who had been calling; time tor nearly tea minutes, spe-
t-eeded in aious-.ng tic relerec lo the
lact tba't due had long betn up.
The game was pronounced by the
spectators to lave keen, an exceptionally gotwl one, remarkably clean and
fast BoM teams   had many    eu-
hhuslastlc supporters, wlo cheered
hear!iiv during the game Aaiong
lhc spectators were many people who
thoroughly understood lootball.
(.juite a lew were heard express reg-
pel because ol the peculiar ruling
which resulted in the irregular play
leading up t« i'jv scoring of the last
goal, and also 'I* custom of one m^n
acting ia the double capacity of tc-
leret and timrkeepefs. It is evident
the referee's whole khteutlon should
ue coiaiuvd to tht play, lu the present instance lime was so completely
ovcilv^ked that tht second hail occupied 40 minutes of play instead oi
W. This resulted m a draw g-ame
Instead Ol a wia lor Marysville and
proved quite disappointing to uot a
lew of their supporters.
'laken as a whole Victoria Bay
celi-butit u was a grand success and
genera' swWstaetloa was expressed by
ihe visitors,
Ihc celeb ri tii.a committee and the
on wus ra feaerail leel grateful to the
visitors tropi I'caahrook and the
other towns,anil esp«vially to th.'
Cranbrook Herald for"Us great as-
sis-tianvo in making our cvleUation a
The pos-tpoaoi game between the
■Stoopa and Towa tcaXBH was played on
Monday e.veaiag. yuite a targe
crowd wtaie&wd. Uae game, which was
one of Uie best that -uv* taken place
during Ute scamp. The Towu teaui
tfitccetdeil ii driving tbe ba.ll through
the gout m Ue first half, la id*.
second half tdfe Shops, alter several
unsuccess-iill attempts to score, managed to get la a cto» shot .whicl; was
shopped by Lewis, the go*.! tender,
but as he was staafU.ag almost ou tlie.,
line, the goal was awarded, as it w%s
elaimwl Watt ia clearing Ue gor*l ot
the ball, he.carried it, ia his hand,
over tbe Hue. Tie game ended with
Ue score of l,to 1.
Thos. Stark acted, as referee and
ga.ve general satisfaction,
I Industry V   |
The Ciothcis Lumber Companv *-
mill is a busy spot IhCKC days They
have Uk'ii new mouhlct and ree-savv
instalkd, aul are now neu.iej, out
hoveled siding, and all kiwis ol
moulding an.l linish. The saw mill
and planing mill aie combined,
aie tun b) two engines supplied with
iieam from one Oi horse-powci boll
er. The planing mill consists of .,u
Burfacer, one tnaichcr. one mouldei
and two rco-sawd. The average cu
foe the lasl mx days was :iii,u;<
ie*,.-t 01 mostly oiu- Inch lumher.    Tin
h gliea-l  cut   lot   one  day      bt'iug   i\i,
■4m*J> feet
A   HBl Cl T   V1IKAB
It Is estimated thai ihe cm ol
l'iiiit,v-i in Snuih Kast Koottua) the
coming season will nm ovei  ISu.UUU,
WO leet. Ihal means thai lltn.-. a>c
bound io he ,nood in (his countI) ami
ibat lh.iv w,.l W pleiitv ol wmk lui
every man who Is sviiuiislv looking
for a job.
li  bi
ll'llls   IHIsslhl,'   tll.il    111,-,l'
has Ixi
■n .1
man living ..iilmi , com*
..lm in
inl 1.
li-ii    iiiil,-s ,,1  ri.uitirti.il.
in* il.t. lasl wwk hail not
mu   11.un   siu-f   Ilif    vial*
18..- 111
i.l     1
ll.ll         U.ls      il.illll   llll       lh,-
I'.iii.iiii.i.       \iiii vi-t dial
is   .1   1,
[1*1     ;
mil    In-     ii.ilili*  is Roger
VI >.
.Imiii' is a  raii.-li.'i*  wlm
lives ,,
11 l\
mill's luun  l*',iil Slivli',
uml is
.<!     III    111.'   lli'sl    Ol    1"Mllli
lii ilu*
1' .11
 1   I.S'iS   III'   |i-(l   Illi-
The Herald appreciates thai Ihe
lumber Industry is tli-.- leading one m
this     district at    ihis u  and    is
anifOUS   io   gel   thc   IieWs  ol   Uie   Vftl
lous vamps,        Theteloie il   Ui.-u-     Is
anything   going   on    in any of llie
camps in the way ot news, n a    is
sent 10 the Herald ii  will  be greatly appreciated.
■ 11, Hanson
Mai v,v illi—Un.il, |)r, Bishop, lull-'
lucks, fl, Scott, w. Jackson; ba-lf
Hanks, I. (Jinchv, A, Ktnpwa, A
Hailstone, orwards. O Tyler, A
Nloholson, T chris'tiaii. W Vance,
A,  A.  Ward,
K. M Black, ol Cuubroak, «et«l
*s referee and timekeeper
Tlie jfaine was called sharp oa
time, Marysville haying the kick oft.
After a few passes hy their forwards
a Cranhrook halfback secured tbe
hull, cleverly passed forward and a
rush upon .Marysville goal resulted.
Scott relieved nicely only to have to
Osrtrt another rush and both he and
Jackson were kept busy, for about
ten minutes cheeking tbe repeated
charges nf the visiting forwards, wbo
displayed mueh cleverness in -both
combination and indieiduaJ plays.
Hailstone's brilliant playing planed
Ward's halfbacks in control of t-be
ball and MarysvUle's first great rusk
followed, only to meet a strong and
^fe defence. The remainder of the
first half was a .series of alternate,
charges hy the forward lines aud
successful reliefs by lhe defending
fullbacks of each team mixed with
clean, heavv checking, on tAie part of
the halfbacks, both goalkeepers beine
ca-'led upon to stop many s*wift and
accurate shots. Tbe Cranbrook tea»
bad  considerably  tbe advantage dur-
At a meeting of tbe executive of
the association, the protes't which tj«
town team bad 'brought in, was dealt
with. H was. unanimously carried
that the referee s decision be npheld
and (be ga>m« be declared a draw.   '■
The following are the condition*
under which the Kerrigan cup is to
be played:     ■
1. Final game must be played iq
2, That all games 10 be played
u»Jet law*; A hngiish FViotball as-
'd. TM cup <Ia playei loi in the
U'nwl cup tie form.
4.   That <a(ry fee be U.OA.
Arrangements are now uodet way
for tbe drawing up of a schedule and
as soob as a leacue is formed tbe
games will be played.
Nelson will have a lacrosse team
thfl year, says tiie Nelson News, and
pro-bwMy one little If any inferior to
those wluich led tire championship of
Kootenay until last year. Seven old
players are available lot coaching
and some of them, when needed, for
matches. They are Joe Thompson,
Al. Jets, Cbartie Jeffs, .Jack' Kox,
C 1). Blackwood. W. II. Deacon auJ
A. Perrier. There are over thirty
junior players available..
Aa fcrgaa. izai ion moetiu^  was he-Id
• Kaslo, May 29.—AU llirco by-laws
were carried to-day by overwhelming
majorities. A total of 75 voles was
east. Six votes only were polled
against Uw bonus, i againsl llie
exemptions from taxation, and t
against  Uie grain ot free wain
The passage of those by-laws means
the early resumption of operations ai
ibe sawmill.
■MiWHiBU'lii'iMWMigMiftM Ibad since   thai    tun..    aMj  Vet     slu
I      bv the old man.       2 j pf 'J„ S*-J «■":;:^£
J»**.ii»<^-v,(«t-uitfrfrefc   j oiher memhera ol the companv
.1   a. Arnold, who toi six consecutive terms, has otllcialed as KceiH'i
rn' Keeoiilh    and    Senls nl the Cranbrook lodge of    Kid I.is nl  Bythlas
>ecu.l lasl Tuesday evening    t,>
the olliee ..I Chaiieetli.i CoiniimiHlei
I III ring Uu- time ihal Mr Vitiol.l h,i-
lii.il office In* has missed onlv two
neetings, and Uiat was when tu* was
-.tliliii.'d lo llie IlliUSC b) illness
l-'altltful al  all  limes in  lhe pet loi tn
.- of b\< duty, obsolutelj accurate
everything thai he did, it is   noi
be wondered ihat the members up
predated lus efforts     on a    turtnei
mti   ihe   lodge  W.HiInl   l,,      .l.,,w
ill.u appreciation in a maleilul way,
bin, Mt. Arnold would nol Ileal ol ll
He was iml ihat kind ..1 .1 ini'inhol
t'ue.itflv evtii nn li.iw.-v. 1, he we
H.-vaiid io th.- chlel olllce tu ihi
lodge ami ihe members i<h.k the
mallei in iln-n own liat.il. regard
less ul Mi \iii,.|.t\ modest) it.-
fore   ibe evening woa owi  be    wa
siuptl.ivl bv bav \nu, a beautiful, open
laie  void   Watch   |>ie,1 *-J   hi  lum   .c
,1 token oi ih,* high esteem In   which
ti.>  is hrbl   hv   he.  fellow   liictuheis aiid
llieli appreciation ol the good w-.nl.
ihat I..- li.-. done while liohHng    the
OllICO   Hi   Whieh   su   llillcli   J.1 Imi    IS     Hi
volvi 1 ih' in."..ni.ni.-ii look Mi
-.iiiol'i hy siinui-e nnd It was with
iliiheiiiiv U1.1i In- guve expiessloti to
In*, feel(11 gs ot appreciation .md giaii
[hm 1 nm ovei Uie UioughtlDlnesB and
kindness of his fellow members
Isthmus .m.l i.iiue to Victoria bv an
English ftigaic and wcirl io work
with ilu* |i.h 1 v  thai was establishing
ihe h.i Ian      lm.' between  Canada
 1 Un-   i  1   siaiis    lie drifted
around tin- cuiinlr) and llnall) i.i'nd*
cl in tin 1 part ol ih.- countrj during
ihe guhl evciiemenl nud has remain
e.l evei iimv Coming in heie be
ton* Un- lime 1.1 electric ln;hi 01 tele
phoue.lie h.i-- iii'iu m,i M'.-n eiih.-i of
these grcal modern Improvemints
We si.,.,,1 on ihe platform whin lhe
wesi IhiuiuI paskengei thiin eame In
.m.l il.,- ..1.1 gentleman kinked al  Uie
cu-   will    Utile   ini.'iesl       L.ilei
m r pant   wnh   \l   Boyle he visit
.-.1  ll,- ('wnll lv hoi.-I       Ubi.i asked
io listen in .. conversation ovei    lhe
telephone   Ui    ll - saiil    "No, su
l .nn .1 lull.' like ih.- Iinli.il. I am
Mi|ii-isi ii i.m, Vnd  then   11     infill
bring mr bail iml- Wlien nskwl to
remain    in   town   iiitIII  ihe electric
llgbls wet.' mi iml ..11 so lhat he
llltflhl   have   .,n     op|ioi tiltiilv    to      ROC
Uns marvel ol modern in vent-Ion, Mr
Moore posiliveh ileelined, saying thai
he did i,ul  i.iii'  it. sn- Un- light    Ml.
Mi - Is   veil neill tour-wore but he
is Imle and heart v, nnd seems lo en-
jo)   llle lo Uu- mn limit
hill ale
selves  1
if ihey
hvp.ici 11
ihai Km
in* men who piate hoii-.slv
ashamed to look at them''
the glass Th.-v know that
.U.I Ihev vv.uihi see a lank
I'nl   vmi .-lei   know   one
l.l 1
The North Star mill wains to gc-
into the bis cut column of news, am
oue oi the men interested sent iu lln
Information that one day aboui twi
weeks ago the mill made a cut 11
uU.ulHi feci ou a day of nine an.l om
half hours aeiu.il cutting. That is
going some.
Tbe Kimberley Milling A Manufacturing company, on tjjc -tth of the
monih made the record cut at their
mill, which has a capacity of 35,01)11,
On the date named lhe mill cul ld,-
.100 feet, and about half of this vvas
inch lumber, the balance two and
three inch, That Is the way the
boys at that mill celebrated Victoria I
Uay, and ii was a great record.        |
Unfortunately the Herald made a
typographical error in the statement
of last wrek as to the cut made at
King's mill, and In consequence Urn
stall has had the door barricaded for:
a weet to stand oft any attack of Iho
miii boys who were held up to ridicule, in this manlier. The anion ill of
Uie out referred to was JO.-IHfl feet,
instead of -[(i.iifiii. There is a big
difference an.l it is no wonder thai
the hoys at tho mill swore vengeance
on the Herald crowd. The trouble
was caused by the Herald hovs trying to make a big "cut'' on Wednesday bo that ihey might gi 1 oh on
Thursday for the celebration, and in
consequence ih'V were slightly rushed
in some of their work.
The price of horses on the prairie
is s-tMl going up.
.1. 0. Brewery, who has .1 ranch
nn the prairie, near Cowley, said to
the I lei aid one day this week, "Tin-
people have no right 10 blame llie
manufacturer of lumber for high
prices, for as a rule M is the retail
dealer who is giving the purchaser
1 lie worst of it. I know what I am
talking about.    TI16'manufacturer, is
entitled lo n good deal more Ihan he
his been getting the pnsl few years
ifM wlmt he is golfing now Is 'mr
more than right,"
The huildiug of the hi-.; -works by
■ih? Kinzs JI lis Luiiiber c.mipany
here in Crnnbrook is gpfrifl to lie a
mighty good thing for th.* lown,
There will he a large friree of imn
at ,work at good wages and this
force will he .1 permanent addition 1..
the population r.f the town.
The Jalfray mill of lhe East Kno-
t^say Limber eompanv will be ready
to start up next week. The ptanei
will also lie ready iu about iwn
The announcement that lho floscian
opera company arc returning to
Cranhrook to 'give another splendid
performance of comic opera, will be
resolved with a feeling nf ploasuralilr
auticrpatio'i by ilie many admirers ot
this rem.irk.ihly elever organization.
The Rosclnfts. sin.-e their eiwragoineiit
here, have, played all ihe trig West
M11     oiiics,      including   Vancouver,
   Seattle, Victoria, Portland, Taeoma.
in the fireball last night" and wast Mut re. Helena and Sail Lake, ,u,.|
largely attended. Ftnj Starker was wpw direct from tho Spokane I heal re
elected to the chair and Chief t>easy.j w^-re they have been making big pn.
acted as eecrctaiy. After an in-fductious <,f comic opera to '.'iioiuioiis
formal,discuspioa of the prospects, it audiences. Tlie company is linger
was a*md tAat good material was-anl stronger than vvh.ni last seen
aibu.t_.4ani and onlv drill was aeoded. here, and Inoludos all tlw farnrlt-es,
T)be following ofBcers- wer,e<elected '-Luola Nola, Prnnk Walters, IHIHard
for the season: ' President, <l. P. Campliell, Claude Amsdon, Hazel
Wrtls; vjee-presWent, N. L. ilclunes; lHvenport and the principal members Novi
Ufccretarv and manager,-.Chief DWisy; oft the,former chorus. In addiiion oleel
rtwfeuifer. K: 'Sto'rkey; ««ulive com- Mtis Winifred Crowley, of Kossland,
mittee, C. D. Blackwood, W. A. B.C.,, is with the company. She is
TharoBSi and A. W, Ilvadman; team * charming eontralio. nf*mousing ad-
eommittec, A. Jefis, ,1. Thompson dress*, und is rapidly forging her way
and I.. Steele.    The choice of a cap- to the front in tier chosen profession.
Cranlirook' Ims n uuinln
girls w'.o mid ihe imsiti
switch iihiiin.I llieli auatnmj mmi
llie) .ue laiighl t.i b, have thomsolves.
I'eiiple wlm are Iv lug awake nights
worrying ahoul tlie heatltcn in * the
foreign i.m.I. would do well to lake
n look ovei Craubrook. There are
girls here in town, girls who h.
iust reached the simpering age, and
vei the iliingerous age, who are plav
im; nn lhe verge nl a volcano of sin
and inis.-n. These uirls can In
round waiiilorlng around al a late
lu.111 ni il..- iii-lii wiih young men
who are vicious in ilit-it Intentions
and reckless ,,s to results. Thev
are (lining with a tire thai will consume litem h.dv an I soul if they arc
imi en 1 vi'til. What parents can ihink
..I 1.1 permil lheir young girls 10 he
subjected lu such temptations and
run Uie risks ihai they are, is beyond
our comprehension. Parents should
watch the mils and Uie girls should
Wiilch themselves. In this way
life of inisi'iv and ijaiue mav be
li ili>
.iill III
tl     .1,10
niton ilm-
ilii'ii. uiiniil tlm iliRRlnf! nl
li,* it i.l   llml   is sn   at-
I rail nr In 1 lir iivt-rajic jii'isuii. TnKi
ilu* nm!, ,,11  ilu* even .'ni Inn ni    tin*
..Unl In li'.li' I* "'I' Mi'lralllili' lillllll
in_ Kii-ii 1I.11 ilii'ii- niuy liv soph
[inm mn' in a iln/i'ii nt iuiui. |n*o[il|.
slim.liim sa/.illK "Ull ilili*lisi' inll'li'sl
ill Hi.* uml, nl Inklns mil tin' iliil
Kill* lllllll inn uill lllli IlllTI' is Slllllis
lliiin Insi'llmliliR alinill any wmk nt
ilu* km,! mnl 11 nm,'i lulls tu appeal
In llm im.pi..
.l.ll,.* IJnli'l nf Ni'Isiin. Vil* linl
lius ami nlilsi'lf um* slnlllltng in lln
nllir.. nf Hir i'i.11.In.ml, lintel imi' iia.
Ilns ui-i-K uii,11 .Inin-. ilairis ilinv
mi ilu' scales neni llie iiii' house .villi
a Innil nl lialeil Inn. rnnslslin-i i.
lui'lii- liniiilli-s The i|iii-slifm as* I
Wfi'ilil iiinsi- iimi llni'i' finesses \.*er
ma.Ir Il.iii'i inissnl il hiiillv, w
ueii' nearl. ns hail, lint Rollins
i*anii. u-iv I'i.ise Mm  Mullins hail
the iiilvniit.ii*!* Hi* was raised    in
I''ml s II Iras several aeres planl
nl in polaloes iliis leal* nml for lh-
pasi ut'i'l, In* has Insn invitie his in
vi'iitive, -i-iiiiis in iii,-*limil  in an en
ileavnl  tn (Ik i a 'lap thai will
■■ui.ii    pul  lull's.       Tlieri-   is
riiiiiiiiiiiin ivlm Iras plniiloil a patch
nf imliili,i*- nliiiitl an half mile frnm
Small's nnil Hit' latlel ui-nlli'inan has
I* rii.il Hie 1.I1*,. .if lunl.line a plat-
fiit 111 .villi nn easy liiellno in lhe
irnel, ni  the limis ns   ilii-v approach
lln-  li.lil lln   tin'   Inp  .if   llll'  pint
fi'iin is 11 circular enclosure .villi
ii*i*l  hull" mnl in Ihese holes an- tu
he  III loil    "imi.*.      mull in™   lensc
These .nr all iliii'i'H'tl inward lla
I'lnii. 1111.ill's pnlnlne patch mill when
tin* hnKs lin.l, .In,mali Hie lenses the
t'liiiiniiinii's plants will Iml, su Ihir,*
.m.l in. 11 un; Uml 'the lulu's Will l.-iiv.
Sm.iil's paleli nn.l hike lo lhc I'hinn
lllall'-s. In lliis uny Mi. Small e_
peris iu save liis invn einp and dis-
('nurane Ulinilal Inlim in lliis pall nf
llie prnvlnce.
Tim week's ,1-11 in' .iiin'iiised fur n
 I slcii.ly min.    Th.* II.ml.I is lim
n.-il  mi  niliel'lisiiia   Iiiiiii   In  taki
uh chances.     \- n resuli nl the ml
lis   lillllll 11     h.i-   Iii-i-ii    visilc.l   will
1111 iieallv i-ii-ii   ilnv foi   IWO weeks
,1114 'fl'li'inls ilnily   fnr     mil*
mistake I him Ural wc iniiv    lie
lm mun   il   ii,*   1  r  llinl   in     the
iniiiii' ui' iiill nnl advertise lur lain
H> uh un*  ml s uf ih,* Herald
11   1-   iiussilile lu a<'t   Inn mill ll   nf    n
an.,,1 iiiiiii,
Tin- li.u,nm,  ei
up Innks
''in   'Ii.iii  mil   -
■!•     Wl'
.•en 111  lhe I'i'iilii
I'lii'l,'     uill    In-     Jul)'    weather
ihis miii if the provincial
called ilul-inn  Hint   ........h
Wc hen i.l nf a (mn ilv lhe olher day
nln, live in 1*1.iniinii.k nnil ilu nnl
ninl 111.' Ilernlil. Thnl is nnl il.'lil
fm* eilhei* hiisli.in.l ni  wife, nml if ilm
!?f *TSJ'!L»i2 1^ ',""" co°i?>!i" if" ^'A' il"1 "T1-1"" iil'l'oniii'i"!' li.ttbn.Hl  will send In wuul wc    will
t«.     Tte.ue-rtnFtif f« was Med  bere is Ihiirsday, .lime ?, mid "The pul hi n Ihc llsl fm three months
*t 11, WkMOr Jua« Ist.               Bohemian   Oirl" will ho   lhe opera wlllinui cosl   lusl lo stow Wro what
I.. I P,2?cnle,i;1' J}™   b'-'i'iiilnl ballads,  he is mlssln-.      N iwn enn    nf-
©t'NSJH'IR SWORN I\-             rZH,    ?"r     ,K™™l,"'f    •"■'." "I lord    In live in   Crnnbrnok and not
vl-x""*" tnt^tvKS i.n         -|J>*nmt    I Dwelt.In   MnrlHc Halls," road lhe Herald
,-m.,,     „     ,,    ,,   ,,      ,,   ,      T« Heart Ilnwoil llnwn." nml "The 	
Ifc**J_fcT.»Tl^..i^^   m '-and of Poland," are the musl- Th, Roscian Onera company will he
"What 'is your name, little girl?'
questioned the teacher.
"Ottil a Kalamagoulapagos," atis
wired tin- new pupil
"My st.ns chilli!" evcl.iiuiiil tin
teacher,     "Nobody    needs in carr)
Bitch a liaine as llnl alotind in Uu
cunt ry. Vou ouglit to Imve 1
"I'm Rolu' t... ma'am." saul Un
new     pupil       Wilh   piMleet   si-ll-|it.. .es
sion, "wli.-n mo and Demetrius bask
asoupnlolllpopolos (fils a lew yean
MondaV     m.u a tl • s     tiai„    ,,f   i\^\
ut,i brought to Cranl k ., mosl in
letestiiiK passt-n-.-i  in the person    ol
Miss     Victoria   I..     MeCleailv The
la.lv travelled   illroct   from Monet on,
S  ll .   an.l   was   mel   ;lt    Un-  i,H,H    sU.
11..ii by \lt   \   K. Pur<|iihar, ol Kimberley Lumbei nulls      \\  1 ui h, \\u.
niton 11    the above   panics    wore
quletlv  maiii.'.i ul   the resilience   ..f
Un-  I lap Usl    pastor.        Ihev   hitctiil
boiisvkiH'ping ai  Klmberley ami    loll
ft  iiiiii new home Wednesday mom-. I
ha the Jiid Inst. '
There is no better exercise than
bowling li gives play to the
mum-les, enthuses lhe mind and Is
conceded 10 he one of lhe very best
method* of physical culture. The
ho\ |i;tll alleys ou Armstrong avenue
will lh1 open Tuesda) and Friday
afternoons for the use of ladies and
those    t*enl It men      aceoiniiaiiieil       by
lad es,   fiom   i no to 1. uu     Everything  ti neat   and  attractive.      Next
Kridtt)   afternoon  the alley  will     lie
ti. the ladies
R. i.astiii. Prop.
The  police  should   stop   Ihe     J'OUnf
hoys from   hanging around the rail
wny station when train--aie passing
Some  day lho   Herald will have   :«
horrible .in.-iil.nt to record 11 II is roi
Palgnn lieiall:-A chemical ex-po'ri
savs. (hal alcohol will dissolve sugai
That's nothing. Alcoliol in Cnlgarj
has' been known to dissolve gold, silJ
ver and lulls, as well as houses ami
Wilmei 1 int. ion.— There is no belter way uf hikldlng Up .1 (own than
giving (0 nut homo business men mu
entire and exclusive patronage Tbo
more we help each other lhe more we
help the lown
Oreonworal Ledee;—At Sainton llie
oiher day n delinquent subscribe) to
lhe local' paper while on a drunk
came in and paid Die editor (ML The
editor now expects to live nnothel
year, and has censed writing oil it 01
lats aboui ilrinklnts nothing bui
'SuforDjdmonds'are mdde Iiom tiuff&neSugdr, grown on ourown (rfitifettons,
and crysfAlJzed to resemble Rock&tidy.1he^din5 s|)dri(lelikf uitcufajatnonds:
If isfhe moil delicious Su^if made lur T-trt ur toffee:—SoldXverywheic...
'Endcrlij Progre
cause a newspapo
scrap of news, sr
no pains in ^ive
Hon. Ue have
rails ti
■ long as ymi i.iio
the edltoi infoima
ciders win
lies  hivaiis.
were much put out ut ti
we make no note of the arrival ol
departure ol a friend visiting ihem
or of a local affair, 01 of the heaven
si-ni babies Unit visit th&lr homes
over night. The average nowspnpoj
man Is not a mind reader, hut gets
most of Ids news the same way the
dairyman gets his mill.—by pumping
Phoenix Pioneer:—According to tho
Nelson Economist, business was never
better than it is in Nelson to-day
Which may account.Inl the reported
efforts of some people to become
separated from their cash by the
threat to start a second daily papei
in the Kootenay metropolis Apparently there is no accounting for
tbo ways that millionaires choose to
gel rid of then  money.
Nelson Economist:—Wm. Ross, M
1' P., for Fernie, defended the Italian , charged wi t h murder. M i*
Ross' speech to the jury is said to
have boon amongst the ablest ad
dresses ever heard in the Kelson
court house.
Anv available Dominion Lands
wiihin lhe Railway Dell in British
Columbia, may be homes!ended hv
any person wiio is the side head of a
family, or any male over IH virus ol
ago, to the exteiil of om-qiiai lei
section of l"li acres, more 01 ness
Entry must Ih- made personally ul
Un- local hind olliee for the districl
in which (lie laud is situate
The homesteader is required lo per
fm in the conditions connected Ihere
wllh under one ot the follow lug
(1) At least si\ mouths' residence
Upon and cultivation of ihe land 111
each vear for lhree years.
(2) If Die father (or mother, if lhe
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in ihe Vicinity of the I.m.I entered Toi, ihe ro
qtiiremeiits as to residence 111,11 he
saiisiiettby such person residing wiih
ihe father 01 molher.
(.'D   If ihe settlor hus   his penna |
neni   residence upon farming l.Hi-l own
ed     by him in    ihe vicinity of    his
homestead,  tlio requirements ns    to
residence may be     satisfied by lese,
donee upon the said land.
Six mon ihs' noliee in writing
should he given to the Commissioner!
of Dominion Lands at Ojtnwn of intention to apply for paten I.
Coal lands may he purchased al $10
per acre for soft coal and (20 foi.
anthracite, Not more than !12fl
acres ean he acquired by out* Individual or company.     Royalty at the1
P. J. F. PKRRY   ::   Proprietor
Transfer Co'y
Old  Firm  Under New
Mr. Perry has purchased fir. Fiti.gtr*W* Interest and
Ls makinic extensive improvements in his equipment.
Mr. U. I'at...me, who has had extensive experience In
Ireitihl matters, i.s In charge ol the office, located Just
opposite Ihe C. I'. R. Station, and will always be on hand
tn book orders. 'Cranbrook demands an up-to-date
cartage equipment, ui.U ftr. Perry proposes to meet
thai demand. "He i- also agent lor the Imperial
Uii Company, hard and soft coal, and lor moving the
Mason & Risch Piano. Two ol his specialties Is Car
Distribution and Warehousing. II you wanl a trunk
transferred, furniture or piano moved, in fact anything  in   the   way   nl  cartage,   call at the olllce or
Promptness   and   Reliability
Our   Hotto
S£S^*W£ £ feS*??*? - S&ff' AAArJAilnT^ SUMS, SJSfif- !?2 SS
 _.       *" mm mm. 4,    »«. «qn« nm He secure* »t Beattie   St Crowlov nlmiil two vrars ago,   when  this advertisement will not be   paid,
, «i**__u_._. ( she had nol hail lhc training shehas|tor. I
i'.iiiils tlul luvr t v 1 t
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    struck  Cranbrook.   All
sludrs and colors. J* .-*
11 your house wants painting, jusl get our prices ind you will
Ih* surprised l.nw little money il takrsto paint youi house with
our  paints.
HcCallum & Company


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