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Cranbrook Herald Aug 4, 1904

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce [
Head Office. Toronto. ♦
Hon. Can. A.Cux. rrreiiL-n.. B. li. Willi., On. Man. .
Psld Up Capital   H.7MN.M I
Deal          HIM.tMM •
tot.l ItMlrttl Nov. M. 'M   SJ.tM.SMN •
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Tnnsacled {
StVIN.IS BANK l.liPAVTHIJM   Iteposila Rcc.lv,,-liltrtal Altow-Ki.
(lu. ut lui. ii stlCOUIltS ri-i-i-ivi-I"
tn the luiiiiiiK-'i nf tin- r.illililiH
in.V In* iinnii' nml willnlrawti lie mail.
,- iilti-iitiiiii.   ('iiniiii.iiili-a.ionH aililrMM-ii
ni tit. l
, ait ilr.
I, brand, will receive prompt ntnuitii.n.
F. C MALPAS, Manager.
I Capital, Paid Up     $3,000,000 t
* Rest $2,850,000 S
T. R. Mcrrltt, Pro.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Prts. and Gen. Manager §
J A general banking: business transacted. Drafts sold araila- J
J ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
X attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manaf tr.     J
\***************f ft*******************************?
is IT
They arc perfection in fit,
style and material They
are the best made in Canada.
is growing every day, because we carry nothing
but good goods and our
prices are right.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
YOUR .->>>>>
These hot, summer days Double the Danger
BEALE    &
C R A N B R O O K ** j* **
h».<» *-»•*<•■>-»-«>--<•■>-« -®-®-®-®-ta-®-®^
■-Si J. <j> <£>•(!> 4> -S> '■" v ® ® '*'■' 4r4rtri
We don't suppose there it. a house in town
l.t.t hns occasion occasionally to patronise
ft jewelry st.ire. This store likes to bo of
service to ns ninny people as possible. We
nre pleased to quota prices to thoso who
are only looking around. Or wc will explain what is iii tnvor for presents, or give
a.iv ulher iiiforiiiiilion within the know.
ledge of the jewelry iiiiiii	
H. Wilson, SSS!T.
Lust Friday morning between
the hours nf i nud ,'l o'clock the
oitisens of Craubrook .ven- aroused
l.y tin- alarm of Are uml awakened
to liuil tin- thri-e-story building
opposite the station, known us tbo
\ it-toria hotel, a muss of flames.
As near as eau In- ascertained tli-*
fin- stiirt.-d near tin- sitting room,
but the origin of tin- saitu- is u
mystery. The building was owned
jointly by Messrs. K. t'onruyt and
F. Uudileries, und a portion of tlie
tirst floor wub occupied by .Mr.
Couruylus a clothing sUire while
the balance of the building wus
utilised as an hotel uml boarding
house nnd conducted by Mrs. Con-
ruyt. At the time of tin- discovery
of the lire the Humes bail gabled
such headway thnt it wus useless
to attempt to save the burning
structnro with our liiniliil lire
npiMiratus, so all efforts were put
forth to eonliiie the tire nml save
the adjoining buildings and Unbalance of the town, anil that these
efforts were crowned with success
seems little short of a miracle, anil
hod it not been for the light rain
whicl. came at this opportune time
thc business portion of Craubrook.
undoubtedly, would have now been
a smouldering mass of ruins, notwithstanding the heroic work of a
number of those present. Ami in
this respect we wish to state that
it was a noticeable fm-t that men
who had not a dollar invested in
the town were in the majority
among the fire fighters, and too
much praise* cannot lie given them
for their work, one of these men
working on the nozzle of the hose
which was being used to protect
the blacksmith shop and dwelling
adjoining, until the buck actually
fell ont of his coat, the lient being
so intense.
Shortly after the arrival of tin-
people on the scene a line of hose
was laid from the station ami was
kept busy soaking the fronts of
Vroom Ai lle-zall's blacksmith shop
ami thi- dwelling houses lo the
snulh of it, and later a second lino
was laid from the I'rnnlironk hotel
corner and thus the people wen*
' enabled to save not only these
buildings but the Chinese build*
inga to the south as well, but iill
wt-re iii ii badly scorched condition,
j Some of the inmates of the Vietorin liolel were libit* U. save part
of their belongings, but most of
them lost everything. A carpenter named .lames Sweney. who wns
Bleeping on the thiol tloor. jiun'ied
from the window mu] was quite
seriously injured, liis aim lieing
fra.-tur.sl and seven.I cuts received
alxiut the faee. Another carpenter
named Kd. Foote, w-ho had escaped
from the building, iu un ell'ort to
return nnd save his personal effects
had llis foot badly injured. In
alxiut forty-five minutes from the
time the alarm was given the lust
vestige of the burning building
collapsed and the danger was
Mr. t'onruyt estimated his loss
on building, furniture and clothing
stock at between $10,000 and $11,-
000, partially covered by instirai.ee.
The fact that the Bre wardens
have been very strict in seeing that
all rubbish and paper was cleaned
up iu the business part of town
had much to do with saving the
town from total destruction, as
burning shingles und brands of
lire were carried Several blocks by
the wind nnd scattered nrouud
promiscuously, and had the streets
and alleys been iu the same condition as a few months auu there
would undoubtedly have been fires
springing up all over town.
This fire should lie a warning to
all property ownors to use the ut*
ntost caution in future nnd sen that
no paper or other inflammable
matter is left lying around loose
and in this way much danger can
be avoided.
...BUYINO  A...
Ih n matter tbat require eipericnw Ut)
jiiilgmimt. Thn ■HghtMt variation lo color,
% di-fwtive cutting or imsllett flaw in » itou
will make a marked (Utterance in ita »alu».
You can rely on our judgment and our repu*
ttilinti when jiurclitming from um.
W. jf. Gate,
Jeweler anD ©ptlclan.
Oltkiul Watch los-Metor II, P. It., CrowsNtat
fa.. niTMoD.
Union Sunday School Picnic. |
By Willium  IV.trt, Age 14 I
The station ot Cranbrook was
crowded with a happy throng of
men, women and children gathered
to attend the Union Sunday school
picnic to Wanlner Monday morn.
It i-otisist.il of live accomodation
coaches full of people, a freight
car to enrry the hiiu-li buskets nml
refreshments, aud Superintendent
Erickson's private car number  ,'1-1.
It left Cranbrook about 0.20 a.
, and after considerable delay
the train arrived tit Wiinlner about
Shortly after the arrival the
crowd repaired to tin-picnic grounds
and dinner wus served to the hungry throng. After dinner sonic
of the people went fishing others
secured horses ami rode around tin*
grounds, and others walked to town
and viewed the sawmill, while the
tired one* lay down nml rested
It was not till about four o'clock
that the sports stiirt.il.
The first on the program wns a
a Imselwll match between iwo boys
teams captained bv Rode] Mr-Peak
and William Johnson. At the
end of the third Inning the game
was called off owing to the short
time layed out for fhe races.   The
Same resull.il in a tie the sconcing IH to IS.
Next followed the fix.t races, the
first was a boys race
Boys, fifteen and under, 1st
Jack Hamilton, 2nd .1. Thompson.
Hoys, twelve years and under.
1st Rodcl McPei.k, 2nd ,Georgo
Children, eight and under. 1st
Laura Richards,
Girla fifteen und under, 1st
Alice Spolatcod, 2nd Louise Rollins.
Qirls twelve and under, 1st.
Louise Rollins, 2nd Muriel!
Girls eight anil under, 1st Grace
Welsh. 2nd Lilli McC'owini.
Boys walking race, 1st .lack
Hamilton, 2nd, John Thompson.
Girls walking race, 1st Alice
Spelstesd, 2nd Florence Welsh.
Boys wheelbarrow race, _ 1st.
Joe Burgen and Johnnie Welsh,
2nd Jack Evans and William
The potstoe race came next.
1st Jack Evans, 2nd George
Owing lo tbe shortage of time
the rest of the sports were
called off.
After the sports the people got
tbeir lunch baskets and hurried
to the train., which left Wardner
at 7.10 p, ml'and after an undelay*
ad and delightful*' trip it arrived
in Cranbrook about 8 o'clock,
No acoldeiitB occured and with
the exception of a man left behind
everything went along smoothly
and in a first class manner, and
every personwent home feeling
that he or she had passed an
enjoyable time.
Lsvineur Cap Is Ours.
The Cranbrook lncroBse club
kept up the pace they had set from
the start of the season .-:. Monday
lust when they defeated Lethbridge
in the closing game of the series
ut that town oy a score of il-2.
Those present from Cranbrook say
that it was one of the fastest and
cleanest games of lacrosse ever seen
in the west aud speak iu the high*
est terms ot the treatment aceoroea
the C'ranbruok boys by the Lethbridge team and citizens generally,
lt was exactly 4:Hi when the
referee's whistle blew for the first
fiu-e-otl' and two minutes later Bell
had scored for Cranbrook. At
4il6 liobson scored for Lethbridge
and the first quarter was ended
witli a score of l-l,
The second quarter started nt
1:12.   Nothing doing.
The third quarter started at
5:21*) and itO seconds Inter Bell
scored for Crnnbrook. and at i>:24-J
Matthews duplicated Bell's performance, 'ihis quarter ended
witli the score 31 ill favor of
The fourth quarter started at
oitViJiiud at 11:17$ Skeith of Lethbridge registered the fluid tally of
the game.
The game was referccd by Mr.
Moore of Pincher Creek, and it is
snid that he filled the position to
perfection, being firm and impartial with both Blues.
The timekeepers were Messrs.
Wright of Lethbridge, and Tate of
Owing lo blood-poisoning in Ills
linud Arcliln Leitch was unable to
participate in the game.
Among the Cranbrook people
present wero: W. F. Tote, Fred
Tate, R, E, Benttio, W, N. Clarke,
Frank Clapp, Charley Breinner,
Guy MiiBon, Colin Leitch, Art
.Shelton, Geo, Gougoon, Frank Mc
Peak, Mm. M, Gillis. und Miss
Ethel Peverelli,
The Crnnbrook team wont from
Lethbridge to Medicine Hat,
where they played the latter town
Wednesday and were defeuted by
a score of 4-2.
The team arrived home this
morning and were given a rousing
reception at the station and loaded
on to a decorated float and hauled
around town by a orowd of enthusiastic admirers.
S observations!
Edited by Rsv. 8. J. Thompson.
I appreciate the privilege of addressing a few {words to the largest
audience in bust Kootenay, for
thai is what Mr. Simpson has before him every week. There is no
pi.|K-r among the weeklies that
com.- in my mail that contains so
much bright, up-to-date news as
the Cruubrook Hernld. Moral
Subscribe and advertise in The
The parents of this towu ought
to appreciate the friendly interest
that the editor takes in the young
growing boys and girls, and these
young folks are undoubtedly
thankful for the good advice given
and will be profited thereby. But
gentle renders let me remark that
it will tnke more than preaching
to help these youngsters. Why
not have a gymnasium, reading
rooms, and play rooms under wise,
kindly control. 1 am sure that
amongst the many needs of Cranbrook, this is ono that would pay
u hundred fold for tho money it
would cost. Who will lead the
at at* .
And, by tho way, gentle reader
did ever it strike you that those
who have no children uro always
the surest that tbelr neighbors
children are the worst lot of un-
regenerate humanity aud aro going to the everlasting bow-wows.
Did you ever take n ride in an
express wagon, on the broad of
your back on a mattress, with a
broken leg or rib. or suffsring tbe
torment of a burning fever, say
from the station to the hospital?
And did you count the jolts and
jars, caused hy the atones In the
road? Do you remember tbe agony
of that ride? Well In the name of
the poor fellows who have taken
that ride let me suggest to the
inspector of roads that a few loads
..f saw dust or cinders would greatly help.
Talking of roods leads me to
observe that the one to the cemetery could- be improved a good
deal without hurting the feeling's
of the electorate.
I observe that some hotels in
this town have verandahs where
the guests may sit and chat and
smoko in comfort without being
an inconvenience la the people
who use the sidewalk,
There is u story told about one
of the pioneer preachers in this
country. He was riding on horseback and was overtaken on the
rood by .. couple of lawyers also
riding. One on each side of the
preacher they began conversation.
"You are a preaoher?" "Yea sir."
"Do you not frequently make mistakes In preaching extempore as
you da? "Oh yes," responded
his reverence cheerfully, For instance, I was endeavoring to quote
that passage about "All Ham shall
have their part in ," and
made a dreadful mistake." "What
did you sny??" anxiously inquired
the party, "Well," said thc
preacher, "I sold," "all lawyers?"
"Humph," said tbe lawver, "You
are moro rogue than fool I think."
Oh,no,saidtho preaoher looking
sharply from one to the other "I'm
just between the two."
We, the undersigned, hereby ox.
press our gratitude to  the non.
combine insurance companies represented by  Arnold  & Roberts
tor their quick and fair dealings.
We sincerely thank all thoae who
gave us a willing hand, and also
express our heartfelt sympathy in
our recent misfortune,
F, ComiuyT,
Stamp ssd Caricature Photos.
If you want a cabinet photo or
views go to your local photographer
for he's O.K. But if you want a
good stamp or caricature photo
come to my tent studio, next to
A, L. MoDermot's liquor store,
Main street, I'll fis you up for
50c por dos, Come at once as my
stay Is short,
Bulldlsf lor Sals,
As The Herald will move to its
new building in July, the present
Herald building is for sale,
F. E. Simpson.
At Craubrook, Saturday, July
SO, of consumption, Sarah Beatrice,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chaa,
Manners. Deceased wss 20 years
of age. The funeral was held Sunday from tho Methodist church
and the remains interred in Cranbrook cemetery.	
Slill Is ll,
The report thst B, H. Short ft
Co., painters, paper hangers
etc, have sold out is not
truo. They wish to say they are
still in the lilisiuess and have no
intention of selling out, snd are
prepared to do all kinds of work
in thoir line.
Sl. Petersburg, August 2.- The
feeling at the wur olliee here was
distinctly gloomy this morning.
The otficinl telegrams had been re
ceived by the general slatf from
General Kouropatkin. who was
communicating direct with the emperor, but front private sources at
the front it already was apparent
that Sinioiicheng (18 miles southeast of Iiui Cheng at the juncture
of tho Feng Wang Cheng Sin Yen
roods) had been lost. tiein-ral
Stalkenberg's outposts have fallen
bock to Hai Cheng. No wonl w
received enabling the stuff to either
confirm or deny the reportnl cap-
ture of the late general Count
Keller's position nt Ikhavucn, cast
of Liao Yang, and Yang Zee -mss.
30 miles east of Liao Yang, but
heavy fighting continues on both
the southern and eastern fronts,
the object of the Japanese in the
1st being to flunk General Keller's
rus from the south nn.l north,
ich is easily possible. The
1 gressof thu enveloping move,
a., ut may have forced the corps
to retire oil Linn Dial. Sinn, which
is the next position in the direc*
tion of Liiu. Yang. Official iles-
patches detailing the engagement
are hardly expected till the even*
iug. The failure of the garrison
of Simoucheng to retreat along the
northern rood probably was due to
tho presence of the Japanese column flanking the late General
Keller's corps from the south. In
view of the inability of the Rus.
sians to hold Simoucheng it is
considered unlikely that Generals
Zearonbaff aud stalkenberg will
attempt to offer stubborn resist.
ence at Hal Cheng. It is possible
that they arc already retiring on
Anshanshun, half way between
Hai Cheng and Liao Yang, as was
indicated in these despatches last
night. There iB reason to believe
that General Oku's divisions are
advancing from New Chwangon
Hai Cheng with a view of flanking
and cutting off Genoral Stalkenberg's retreat, but this movement
is not likely to anocee I on account
of Stalkenberg's abii.ty to retire
northward on Anshnn .ban.
An interesting detail evidencing
the fierceness of tho artillery duel
south of Hai Cheng on July 31st
is the fact that tbe Russian batteries on the left of the flank fired
4,842 shots in four hours.
It is officially announced that
the Russians have fallen back from
Yangze pass but are holding their
positions on the Siamatze road and
at Hai Cheng.
General Sakharoff, under dat* al
August 1st, reports obstinate fight.
ing in the direction of the Sia-
iiintsze-Liiiii Yang road on July
80th nml .'list, tin- Russian via*
guard remaining in its position
until August 1st. when  it retired
to \ .*llm/.e pus-. .
No Decision Yel.
St.   Petersburg,   Aug.   $.-Mr.
MeCollniek, thc AIllericlUl 11411 hut.
ador' nrriveil Inn, tulay' froia
Cnrlstndt, ond says the "t'uitej
Slates government has heen l»*
formed tlmt no deciaion reli-jive to
the release of the PortlanB aud
Asiatic line steniner Arabia, cap.
tttriil by iln* armored cruiser
Gromoboi of tin- Vlodlvostoek
squadron, cm l»- rendered uu.
til after her trial before the prist-
court. The admiralty has not ysl
•eivnl official confirmation of
tbosinklngof a German steamer
by tin- Vladivostock squadron and
Its name has uot been revealed.
l"p to this Iiuui* iln* general staff
has not received an official report
if the fighting .nst of Lino   V»ug-
Later News.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 3.—(3.30 a.
111.1 -The Japanese and Russian
reports seem to agree on the maju
points of the military development
up to August 1st. luit stop Bbo|t at
the interesting p.>int. namely re.
garding what happened on August
2nd. when it is possible that a decisive struggle was going on east
and south of Liao Yang.
It is evict -nt that the Russians
abaiiiiotuil Yangtze pass, falling
buck on Liati Diau Sian, a Strang
defensive position on the hills U
miles southeast ot Liao Yang. ,
General Kouropatkin admits
thot there were heavy losses along
the Saimatsze-Lino Yang road
July 31st. The official account in*
dicates that although the Russiana
withdrew from their advanced
position, Kouropatkin hoped to ba
able to hold liis mniii positions,
even in the face of the superior
Japanese force an.l that he e«.
dently expected heavy fighting
along this line, probably sbout An
Ping. Tliis battle possibly w%s
proceeding August 2nd. Mean.
while, 0 serious enveloping move.
ment of three Japanese divisions
was maturing around the Russian
left at Hai Cheng, where thsn
already lighting on July 31.
Plskbam Smy;«e.
On Wednesday, the third day of
August, Christ church, Cranbrook,
was the scene of one of the prettiest
weddings that has ever taken
place there, when Maud St. Clsir
Smythe and James Farquharson
McLeod Pinkham were joined
together in the bonds of holy
matrimony, Tho ceremony wub
conducted by the Right Reverend
Bishop Pinkham, of Calgary,
(father of thc bridegroom) assist.il
by the Reverend Havclock Beacham, rector of the parish. The
bride was led up the aisle by Mr.
F. R, Morris, an old friend ot the
family, wbo also gave her away.
She was attended by her sister
Miss Keay and looked very pretty
in 11 travelling dress of cream sorgo
trimmed with corded silk and a
piciure hat of white luce and
osli . li plumes, carrying a magnifi-
can jouqnet of roses. The brides-
mui. looked charming in a dainty
dresii of white albatross, trimmed
with white satin ribbon and chiffon
applique and a Gainsborough hut
of block velvet, white chiffon and
ostrich plumes) she also carried a
bouquet of white and pink carnations.
Thc bridegroom wus supported
through the trying ordeal by his
brother, Mr. Augustus Pinkham,
of Revelatoko,
The church was prettily deco-
rated by the many friends of the
bride nnd groom, and the musical
part of the ceremony was conducted by Mr, Elwell.
After the ceremony was performed the wedding party, to whom
only the most intimate friends of
the bride were invited, repaired to
the borne of her mother, Mrs, Keay
of Baker Hill, where the.happy
couple received the good wishes
of their friends and a sumptuous
breakfast was served which was
enlivened by many friendly
speeches from those present,
Mr, Pinkham, the bridegroom,
who is the manager oi the Imperial
Bank of Canada here, is highly
esteemed and possesses the confidence of the business community
of the town and dist.ict. The
bride, Mrs. Smythe, is one of thc
leaders ot Cranbiook society ond
also one of its earliest inhabitants,
and has taken an active part iu the
affairs of Christ Church as was
evinced by the beautiful and costly
present which was  presented to
her by lhe members of the Ladies'
Guild. f*
The wedding gifts were numerous and costly. *.
Mr. and Mrs. Pinkham left b6
the afternoon train for Calgary
and Banff (or ,m extended honeymoon.
Imperial Dining kirnm Opes,    la
The dining room of tie.- Imperial hotel was thrown open to tlie
public Wednesday and from no^*
on the proprietors will endeavor t-o
provide for their guests the ben
that the market ,-itl'or.ls. served In
the height of culinary skill, and if
you wish to partake of a meal that
is at once.inviting ami up|x-tizing
you should give thein a call.
First Coal and Oil Licenses Isssel.    .
Victoria, August 2 -The first of
the prospecting licenses for coll
and oil hinds in South Kast KooUf*
nay will be issiinl to-morrow. Th*
remaining ones will Is: sent as soda
us they cnn In- prepared, There.
are fit-out l.nnii licenses applied
for. Not more than 500 will be
issue.l Man-, w iiiiii have risked
cliances on establishing a title to
their --li-i-n with a UM fee, but will
nol do so wiie , .*luj is required.
Frmn llii* froipsotofi
R. D. Mather and Wm. Forsyth
were at Crnnbrook Wednesday on
business, '   '
Mrs. R. O. Jennings and Mrs.
H, Kershaw visited Cranbrook
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Harvey, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Teetzell, Toronto, visited
the Wild Horse creek placer mints
on Thursday. ,  -
Two parties  of  engineers  are
now in the field locating the pre-- «
posed   route   of   the   Kootenay' v
Central railway.   With the com* '
ing of this ruilwny the transpo>- V
tation    problem,   now   a  senotis . S
drawback,    will   be satisfactorily    *
settled.      " -
The Herald is keeping pace with "*
Cruubrook's march of progress* It 1
will soon occupy its line new build- * /
ing, and, simultaneously, will add
extensively to its plant with new »
machinery and new type.
i nn: ci;.\v.:;t-iiK   HERALD
PP IVI'Pnil!.'     HRRiI.D alluring,    v  entnin.-i.i
l-li.l.Milillv'K     Ill.liAI.I     ,b8ori,ilu,. ,.„*. !,.,,,   ,1!
ufc M
I., tlu-ir \vi\vs. p "-*"—hi ! :n '"''in
,-.i rytliiuH h I 'rfii
Coavei -1.
W.* tmaioi
iiiunths ini'l lmvi* bti'ii uh ii
1'ivilll. uiul " ..f-'i-jii::'   III   Illl I
is tin-  mingling of iui  In1 irl •   ..- we thom ; '-
^.yJtLV-vY       uf organisms irrt'sislilil-)  ittnicti L. iin spite ol   thai -    ure fore
*       of i uls thn) I'"' I witli ■■■"   ■       ' ];'  ■   '■-■    P       okitiM
IV Hw ..: * in
mil*. %2,   So tu ■ Sun      I ■-'  K
it * *•■■'•"■■'
i ..
in thvi-t. gl
It |.iililt-i.. - I
,*,.i,ii-.ii-; - ':    '" ''■   imWWii'i    Nn
.*li.|ll.', |-:t: I      . •- II   |..'ll''V
h':,.U       pj I   ,"■■:" I
t.. IT* ■ i
tu.ii.an-l .in-! ymi w ill Iw thankful uvi i niter
othor, fi' two brains forming onolourli Igor thai ■ • man}
mini!. ..I' two lives nml lows from   btul ilubts,    Tin-  ivim*!,**   [or tliis.
which  spring othor livi vol   us busii vi usk oursolvos':
unothor lovo twrontnl utTi'otion.jThoiv is only ono tvply: That is,
This is true marriage, uml iu this give no credit. On this we have
state woman is mosl lovely lU'ckled to net, and hare decided to
Standing on an equality witli her convert our business into n strictly
Imsljfttid, she is adviser nnd assisl i busiiu «s, begiiiuiug eVug, 1st.
.ml the sharer of his happiness \*u ! usinoss man doing u ereilil
nml his troubles, his helpmeet, his ImsiuoRR considers ''is bad debts a
mfort, his joy. Thai thero nre toss. Ho simp'y adds the amounl
irriages far iiitTeroul Erom this to his porcontnge of profit and tho
is true, mosl unliappv; bul even cash customer mn?l by inereuset]
liere woman shows lier power For, tiirees Itidaitco liis ledger, < hi the
i'vil if she chooses toi arse, or good,' othor Imnd, if ti cash business is
ifshedesires i" bless and oubbleidoue there is uo worry for* the
the life thus brought beneath her merclianl ; uo bad friomls through
personal  iuHnence,   *\ great  i»oet asking u man for his acconul ; m
Advertising i ■■•■-  11  i--  -■■' -" ;U '■",
muu, nor in
iii-.t-l:.,. •"•'■ "
.nu,,,*:   .-      IU >>r line tu nv llul ad-
i,;vG-       H IrtplTlilll-
.„■ :    ii
jj.-,,,,,   .-...   ■   ■ - f. -i :■■ ■ i Suutli
Kuil K imi   1-"  "im ■   ■ ■ ''■
■I'll,-   II.   I..'* ' !
ItuwurkUul ' ■    ■         r     II.thM ilnu'i
v. .mi , Iij.i i .. i                 -   -   ■ "■ ''*■"' '"
, i    ■                      nui in i|lliil*
iiv nn.I i-i.-  n   v-'ottt  tn
■4      I'll) I
,-i h|..-i...-.. ■■ ..  ri
ITiiin,* is ii place of refuge   Tossed uny by day upon the rough nntl
sinnm o'eei f life, hiirrassed   by
worldly cures and perplexed by
worldly iiii|iiii*liiili*s. the weary
s|iirii yearns nfler repose, It
si-cks nnd Hnds it in Iho refuge
which li-inir supplies. Here the
iiiiinl is nt resl: the heart's turmoil
becomes i)tiiet, and the Bpiril
baiks.iti the peaceful dolights ol
domestic lovo.
In   I'rini! of   every   young  ninn
ami maideii tbere life always  twu
paths mnl it the young | lile win
rend this column, whoso feel are
lingering in sufl green uu ndows
mul Rowery piilhs. will pnuB.- and
consider mosl earnestly the two
roatfe -before iii.iving onwnitl and
choose llic one thai truth anil
reuEibl'J.-tells them lends to honor.
bucccss nntl happiness, llien f l.<-\
hnve". wisely elms™. Tin* other
road is too well known to need
inscription. Al the end of this
mud' vi hi find onl\ mined hopes
44IVS tlint
A- llll> III,.. 1,4411,1 i- I'n- i. if- i-     'I    I" niiii-l
mil. ii
high prices ; ,fdr the man who sells
for cash can nffonl t" sell clioiipt-r,
and that is what  ive iiili*iul tn do.
1,„| „,, „,,„,,.. - al 1,1, ,,;.„v „, v.*    W[. ,    y    i , i    	
u.-iulil III ,Iiiih UI.-4) •! iffll .      .,. . • .
  •   i    i-ii   • i,  pelitors of selling too cheap, but in
Tins » w'twiy faihio b. I  ; lrti    „     ,  ,,„:„,,. uv IU„
will always be ll trongesl thnl
lends, whuther their strength In- of
', sell cheaper still, cutting just t -n
, - ,J , ,  ,. i   t-'T cent,  nil  mi
an iiiti-lli-i'tunl in- moral force, nntl      •
4-       .!.     I I-   ..    14  , J    ''      Si
iilrewh   .*!
a tt-oiimn of llliud, of relitietne.il nl
Morrow A McFarlane
\ ; fei is flood   B
*  \ I-    kv Women I
\ / t'
\ . ..'I        |   , ,   .      I i       >:.!. Gin Is    feir,
■ \ -v i ,~>   .i'i1-       • '■'•' b
m :-4.*. .
'—|*B '*-. - .
_: - *
-     4
^       ,4     tS
Canadian Gin
I      I, llio iiiiii C 4, iv,,,i„4i,i*ii!,*,l liy |-li- m,   —:
1    lorn..*! lal    ,, I.*., hm ■'« ,-i,Or.lyl,in. \
.    <   <\ known ana gu.-inn.le-.-U lo bt- nb-wlulv-ly
/ -    >*.Nv\\ |i,.r,-.,:4 li*,„i.,u ;:.'i -.. nui, .11. i i   ■ i - m
(I ;    ,       .*\   i ... .!..„,',.„.,. in,, i. .[,i. k,w
\ \        *,\ In Ilm imU.o .m-l li." not tl   I l>>"   * ■
''  -   ' N     '-,'*, ->v ' ■'•■.'   ■•'■'   ■'-'--:■ :"   *
A- '.'.*'• '-V'0>v    I--"'  ;" dCI"-   ",''"'''
}•"■ '     ' ''   l'{v\       -   '•"*l I'""'-'  ■ ■    ■     * '
---A **v *.,  ,-.:',;v-:'\ .- '*.■-i..*...-i-i
^(t (••»•>•>•••*>••»♦•
ii Cranbrook
!! Hotel 3 3
•a  *,
QmsIb Comfort a Spciialty
(iimtl Stabling in Gum-cti-n
■:        .. ■ ,;V' '\   '*: '-',-* mew
Diilfibulinij A|rnti,   Mniitissl, Cstl.
A woman of 1
■tie inl
ll blCflsing nl ho
ni*. in
Eriuuds. nnd   in
y.     \
i-vi-r-slii- goes --1
e earn
M      Wil
i  1
n licidthgiviiig
is ;i beautiful li
t   1
ohntnicter thnl i
I  "Iim
respecl wliieh s
mn rn
is int.
Tin- Inltuenee i
i worn
111 1
i upon oooiotv 1.- ni  ll .-I    iMililtiin
kind: Kite strengthens right principles i'i the i in is,  incites the
stilish and iiidillereiil to good
actions ami gii'i-s In even the lighl
and I'riviilniis it taste for Food more
siilislnnlinl than the frothy gossip
with •..which they Book to Bccretu
thoir miiiils.
Al the hands of n thief or u
murderer few of ns in life Buffer,
cvi-n indirectly. Iini front the
careless Imiiuiit- of n friend, the
.tiimI tongue of nn enemy, who is
free? No human being cnn livt* a
life sn pure, bo true, s,> fair, as to
be beyond the reiicli of malice, or
iiiiiniini* from the [loisoiions emanations of envy. Tin- insidious
attacks iigainsl nin-'s reputation,
the lotitltsomo Sinnuendoes, slurs,
half-lies by wlneh jealous mediocrity sucks I" inin its Buperiors,
aro like llnisi* insect parasites thnl
kill tho hciirl and life ofn mighty
oak. .S" eowiirilly is the iiietnal,
su Bteallhy the Bhooting ol a
poisoned thorn, bo iitsignificiiul
tho sophrnte acts in llu-ir seeining,
thai \  is mil on gtiiuil iigainsl
tin-in. • If   is ensii-i-  tn ilodge mi
elephant thau ii microbe.
honorable nature, of ideality uld
nol fail In mollify and even correel
Llw mnterittlity thai  may exist in Distribute Leal! Bounty.
her huslimiil's thoughts, feelings. I!. ll. Bueliiiuani lulniinistrtitor
or actions, ub his very coarseness of the lead bounty on/Saturday
would  serve 1" lessen  Ins power,  received iiuotlier.batch of cheques
A wife ii I ii"t i*inl- tothe level of  lor lead bounty piiyu\ent8,   I-'i 11.■.-n
the'clown'to whom Bite is'mated.' nn-ived togetlier. reiiresentlng tin
Shi- i-mi raise him, [jerhaps slowly, -nin of ■-] i.tl'.llhS.") within l.'i penis
but still surely to her own standard,  ofi-xhetly uu  uvcfugi-   of Sl.UOU
Lei   her   liral  i- li  his  henri      t-iii-ri   iilthougli'as it mutter of fuel
through pity, through Bhume. or thii ch'eiiues rnriul Trom >j"iil to
run through his mere pass'ioiis, ovt-i-Si.llOli or $H,Q0U,
imt onco possess |iowei- over that Tin- lucky claimants tire the
mnl ii will imt l-i- difficult lo in-j Duh'dee, Arlington, Umrn Doone,
Huenee the bruin. If the soil can I'n nnii,'. Triune, Mountain Con-
be imui,* to respond to bemitifnl solidnted live ,*li,*,|ii,*s. Wakefield,
mid refining agencies, the battle is I Aittoine,   l-lcbo,  Lucky   Boy, nnd
won,    ll  may  taken lifoti ; bul   the Slocan Stnr,
u wiiuinii .-an atl'.iril to spend even I     I'estei-ilny    Mr,   Buclimiiin   n
a   lifetime  in 8Ucli ennobling en- ceivcil thrue tnon- clu-ijups aggre-
ileuvor, MMiiii*-■.-*:.'.Iim. This will he divid il
I    A   man  fiitda his warmest, his. between the Suusi-t, II- , and tin
iiiobI   tender,   liis  mosl   tinsellish  Clitderolln uiul.'Mralfbnl.  Tho totnl
| friend inn woman.    Possessing no distributed    this    time • will    li
interests thnl clash with  h'-'. nln   *-l ;,lKl!l.tiii,
believes  in   liim  thoroughly
hopefully, ntnl  her great fnitli
his powers I'licoitragi.-s him   to
niu,, her standard of belief,   1
makes him [eel tluil sin- trull likes   Ni !  Ni ws. ■
liim.    Il,*i* nll'i-ction  is Ernnlt and
free, anil In* nppivcinlea her bj'iii-*      Sbellmount Wins Member's Cup.
pathetic intprcat, her cheerful looks,     James    Ryn'u's   " Sliellinoiiu
her many little womtiuly [ways thnl  ngnin  canie'tu  iin*  fronl   ut   the
make till  her surroundings in liar-  Seattle  races Siiturtlay Inst   and
moiiy witb herself.   If weary, her covered   himself   witli   glory   l>> !'"'
sensible, tmicl lull,  rests him; il  winning tho Jockey Club's "Mem'-'J°
discouraged, sin- finds n thousand  hers Htindieiip" iii record breukitii
ways to -chcor htm; if too elate, her tim- for thai track, covering tin
Bound common sense gives him the  mile ami nn eighth iu 1:51 flat. Tin
uoeded  bainicc.      lhe   tamp; p    v, wns S7r,0 „n,l ,,„,.*„.. wit]
friendship burns clear anil bright [i the tnembbrs ''loving eun " Tin
botweon man and   woman    lil   by   cnp  will arrive in it few-days nnd I
■'"  ''" ""   Bprlnging   from   the  be on exhibition ut tho Craiibrook
best impulsoB of human*nntn-ro,       hotel,    '.'Oregon"   Heorge   Weill  I
worth,   wlm   has  charge  of   Mr j
Ponder Tin's, j Kynn'a string of racers, lefl Sealtle
We mv asked why wu qui sell  'J"' l''*"ll;""1 nM> I'l" atrtbl-p Tuea
cheaper than other Btoros '.'   The ,'"'•*'•
reason is this:    We deal exclusive- j -
ly  in mn- line; \\v give thai Iini
all uur attention; we buy iu line
quantities, and Erom u few houses
therefore we  are able   to securi
rales mnl terms thai are Impossibli
in a department di general Btore
where Inil ,-> BUiall line in each ile-
To be li.id iron; HcDermot and Bowuess
I  Hot and Cold Baths
Nearest tu nilltoml ami depot,     lias iccoiiiiiiihIh-
Uom fur the public urn*, pi-tiled iu Cranbrook,
Hoggarth & Rollins;}
 ProprU&o{i     j
*« liGyGGlTEGGIGlGGGIFSM^Mi:: I     QEtti
Wlicu you v-lsit Cranbrook stop at lhe
Nunc Better In the Dktrlct
Kates si mul up.   Short Orders and Oysters
^> st'iwd in any style In.in 8 p, in. tn 6 a. m. GK
*f- Tiie tabic is the be;t. the rooms are unsurpassed for dean H
V^ liness and comlort and the bar is supplied with the bt-st brand H
4r» ol liquors and cigars. Aj
ty L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.       ,f
9.mmm&iMEE£GiG.Gim.\:im . ..-:■ -;.i^
llllllllll    Will   be   i.l    lh
'. for lhe purpose o
: tim . unlil lln- end o
nl  vear   .June  'lUtli.
Orange Meat
A sll your Grocer to sliow you a sample of tn««e
' nnii ,,**,, iii.i im  Tlu-y mil iii you
, I Df till-   H-ti'l-l-
.„ -II -4I4-.I   nnii
,l,il,. illi' fiinni'i'  ro.ll
■'■i- hi, rill til- Ul.l. fill
Leask & Henderson
..      .  IM   . M   *
....MARYSVILLE, B. C.   |
. The Pioneer Hotel of thc St. M.irys Valley.
I ,       I
g Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining room service, and  the  K
best oi everything at the bar. ft
g       .-..*..■. ...*. ;..' n.j
Proprietor. |
.   3'>-J-S-3-**4.Jig--*>4
Timber Notice.
Tnk„ imli.,* Him llli'l? -In..*, n't-*, -liu--. I
il,l,-ll,l   lllll|l|ll.l*  I"  Illl- I'lli.'!   Il,4llllll4-M,4|l,-I    nl
i urn's nm] -vorttB, lor ,t special llcenso lo rut
uml ,'iirrj-nn uy iiiiiti,-r Irom the tiillunlni!  Sync"*!, ol Resnlatlodl Igr dltpoul ol It'll.
ilesorllioil Innds, sllliat*In SouthEe.tK  er,|, „,, llu,„|nlun Lanils in Manitoba
I44IV  lililihll l*l4lllllll'IH4 .,.., . r        ,.      , 	
r,miiii,,|iiiiiigiil ,i |io»l |ilmiti.,l In i tie rjroitnO ",: ™0f*nwesl Territories oinl llic 1 ukeit
nl I li.. uurlli eiKI 4-.,r -riill. Oremoer'stlm- Territory.
her li,-,.isi, utiitiil-iillii'iiiiitlii-riiliiiiiiiiliir.vKf;
.1. |-iirU'liiii!..-r lii-i-lni.-. lh.-n.-i- .-.l-l « I chllln.
Ihenee HOIltll Bile ilili*-, tlienn-wi-st Klli-hnlli
thenee noith siii-li-iins n, [iln, t heglnnillt
i-iiiiiiiinii,ir il In ni'ii's more nr le...
II Walter Loring.
.timi* Huh. innl
Timber Notice.
■Inle.  I
i In,III
Qreinge Mf**t.
T Ash Tfour Grotcr
ISI ® I ®  •   •  .*:...   s ISI® I® I ® I t ® | ® | ® I
Just Arrived
Tnko noil, e tluil Ililrty iloy. I
Intoiul loii|.|i)} ii4 ii.-, i.i.J 1.441'
l.iiliileniiil irn.hs. V, 1..II4,. II. I
I,iii ,.,, in rut iillll enrry nwny
in,, l„ll,„iiiii,l,»irili.,illii.iilB-iiiii,l4,ii,Siiiilh
IJn-i Knoletuiy:
(iiiiiiii, mi,in iif'iiini-i i Inutfilln-theirrauni]
nl lli,* 4-. 4, ..irnu'i-f 11. tlri-iiiiur'stiiiihi-r lii-
I en«-, tiiiii'-,. mi nth sn i'liiiiiin. Ilinin. ii...!   *-')
I i-luilns, iln -in Hi "ii ,Ii,iIiii-. Ill »l
iwiih.ln.li, lln- JI.'Bii.iiinir. iniitiiiii*
Ing tilt, noros rl.-...
l i Violet Luring
1 Inn., in  IM-I.
Another shipment rf
BUTTER,direct (rom
factory, in M and 23
The Spokane Pair,
Kvell ||8    til,
pui'tmenf is carried.   Tin- uilvnn-
ige we lmlil by thus deuliiig wu
ivo innili* custouiprs, The last, VV. A, Uoplon ls.again in ohm
though by no moans lonst, reason oi the mining .deimrtmenl of lh
for onr cheap prices is that we nro Spokane Interstate Pair, which ir
Biitisfted with a living profit. From held from October J! to 9. .Mr
our present i-lu-up prices wu nre Copleu is not. much oi. a talker bul
cutting 10 per cent, oil for cash, j.hiis determined to mnke the exbib-
Here   the   ensli r lias   Ittiother  il fn.in Ilie mines fnr  better  tliun
rnko-otV.   Watch the pontiles, il was lastj-eur. ui)d Insl year   lliis
Morrow & MuFiirlutic,  depiittmenl was much bettor  limn
 ■ j it liitdlieen before I'm-several venrs I   Tl'".'
Aklinlilritli In Nelson. |    The fair has rotni lull the ex- ™'™[JJJ]{
.1.  P. HcCloldrick  .if tin- Mb. Ilibi''of '"8t.'W ji,1 Uiia depart-\"Jlk, ,
(i.il.lriek   Imi. r  Syn nte, has  '"""■'""'"" •) f* * "l"*n s  iiilen-   „,.,.,..,
been in the city for several days,  "on ',° n*'ld to 'lllfl ?*h»bit by nn* ,t ,,,
.„.,.  ii,„ \*,.|.,.'   w,,.,..    ii,i ..,'; i   sntiiples trom the mines which were  w.un-.-.i
-.lljO     III'      *^<  l^'^.l    *^«   i>*^,       I 11    :-. I [i | . .     - ,,
.„ -i ,,i,,,„,   not reiireseiiteil then.    He nlre.-*dv   ■" In
Hisii.iimnt't]   .       . . ,     , i
lias Ireeu through the Conor ■! A-   ■>mw'>>
lenes mill BllCltred  |ll*illllises    which ! -1'11"1"
presented lastyenr.    He
* pound boxes ,*ind bricks, put up expressly for Manning; *&  Sid- J
_ dons; in fact we sell nothing But fresh goods  that  are sure to ^
,.* please lhe most ex.icting. j
We have a few of those TAILOR-MADE SUITS direct from A
- London, England, that arc being sold so cheap that they will sur- 1
2 prise you.   Oh, yes, and those FANCY SUMMER VESTS. 1 ' -
® Come and see them WE ARE HERE TO PLEASE
Timber Notice
T.ili.* m.i i,-.-1 l.n. thirty ilnys niter ilnte,
i,. ,ii„l„,.i.,ii„,l.iiiii.i„lt,, npply Jnthnrhli
I4>l41li.. .'MM ,ll llllllll. uml iiiul.*. nt Vi i,,iii
r :.   iiiTiiil li.i-ne-* t.i rul uml enrry n«*i'
IIM"*    11. .1,1      lll„    IllllOIVlim     ,l4'.4'lil»..|   lllllll
s,,:illi fj4i.uKiinl-liil.V  Hl-lrii-1:
I   I'liiiiiini in nt   n |in-l   nlnlitt'.l  in   III*
j iiurlli iii'.-t rn-iii-r nt lot ■JJ.'.ll. Lhenooousl SI
ihi'iii'i'»"ii'h *ii ohnlns, llionee «os
-1 -•'; ?• is-, l * l» i -ii i ® i ® i i «* | * ■ i <;. i -s i ,y i ,i-1 ^, | <f, | <!, | *, |.»| vsi
nhinok, ll. i'.. iliign.i a, i-.iiii.
linen nl I rn'nlirook:-«'u the
iliilrymenol Cranhrook Imrohelil
i hi'hulf of tl,,' .pes, nt price of
.:; litt'lii, ilriinghl .iii,l im gnsa
■t-lli I i .-i.i-   iiii.I im,; I,,-,,,, nml
i, lll
ll 4;i little lnisiness here, bul   have
othing definite to sny v.-l."
Mr. McCroldrick bus 1 i visit*
pnsi'tl nl millions of   iiiinuto  rays. |ing the cohbI cities of Washing
tin- Iinnii' life uiusl   be sii tu ted
nf little tendernesses, kind looks,
sweet- l/ittghter, gi title words, loving
councils; il musi nol be like the
lorehliln/e of natural excitomenl
which is easily iiuenehi.*il. Inn like
the Bcroni-. i-ttnsl.-in-il lighl n-hich
Iiliins as safely in lhe dry east
wind ns in lhe slillesl ntiiioBphere,
Let eneh bent* the ntlii-r's bunU.it
fin- while, lel eneh cullivilte tin
tiuturid .'..nii'i. nee ivltich is it gifl
capable of inert me nnd improvement, mill stum il will In' found
that kindness ,- HI spring up on
every side, even as we have Been
sweet iviolots .mo! primroses dis-
pellinn ih*1 gloom of the graj sen-
, lii'liillille, ( ll'leilt,     HI
in      in hi  I ..itiiiliin.    lie snys   v ',   ,     ,      !,, ,
.\.'M..ii.   Liii-i- he wi   take in I
il xi. visiting Danville '
I 'reek ami
lh.»-«:    T, n
lii.* lumlier industry is nol flourish-
ing in either place, Washington
mill men ure selling prnclicnlly for
uny price they can get. The
llritisli Columbia ownera nre help. J
Its. nguiiiBl sueh eoinpeiition.
They cniniol ulfonl to sell al tho
price for which tin* A -ii-im linn-
Iter eun lie itlitnilietl. mul   lliey will
I-., helpless, he thinks, until' llu-v
er iiiiniiig districts of the north*
Ainiilicr Clinngc.
iin M miliiy, Angusl 1st, I..*.-1.1
Clapp, who Insl week purclinsed A.
Shell i   inl'i'4 il   in   ihe   Wen!
worth -hotel, transferred  the sum.
In Williain  Rollins, and hereuftet
;l" lOTtecJeil by in. n, i tlmy, „,„, ., „*„ ,„. ,„l„l„,1,„| ,,, ll;,
lo;v \'"'G nt,t"'8,i'1   l"v'""1'"-  i.t'bstrious i  popul
nn- ill iiti Ih-iii-it In tl itisutnevs:   „.l,l, H     ,    it' I  .1   , ,,'   '
tho future is too uncertain to per   "   m „   7",V    7G'I]
mitofntiyreilnction in the reliiil    Z\w.l'   i*   ■     ' '!1,"1"',1.''' .'-"^
priee.   Conseqnoiitly I uleris T-i '"l    iT    r \*    n 11       ! ,G
gaining; at the expense of the tint- ',"■''       "\,"\    "    '['""'V'1 lh'
Let- Iiinil ownors, without'any nil-  ^wS witlulie   iu -        7'" 'll
Profti   I.is cradle to his grave ''"""-'''" ""' ^'""mi I"1'11'1'-        Inffill.hi^iiniiiier'^ml'tn^mpmy
mun relies for his hnppincBS upon T.      „,,., with Mr. Clnpp thoy should make
the love of woman,    lis light, his       ..      rhtwe Oil Licei»e>. I tt strong t^nnt.   Tlm* new firm will
joy, his-very life depends blind- > ictorin, Aug. 1. It is stilled on put forth every'elforf to eiuiiliiei '
ingly.urtd trustingly upon the fe'00[l authority thai licenses for.one of thii best-dollar-ytif day
mother love thul nurses his infnnt the fiiinous oil liimls of Boutheits! In,uses in tin- Kootennys,
years, tends his childhood, trainsIKootonny ivilMie issued by iho"
his yn'mh and rejoices in hiaIchief commissioner of lumls mu!
iiiiiniitiit'l, ,Infinitely holy, utterly works on Wednesday next. The'
self-sacriRing, pure, noble, benuti- scramble for lliis properly is infill is the "maternal instinct" and dicated by lhe fuel thai since lln*
mul knowing the heights of it, ordor-iii,comii-il passed a little over
proving ite strength, seeing its ab- « month ngo, tbroivin'g open the
negation of self, men call it divine lauds, nenrly 8110,000 hns been.
nnd so realize tho  love of God collected   by  the  government. In
until nil I innily.    Yel even fromI fees,    ll is expected thai the tolnl.
this fount of exquisite tendernoss revuuue will nuiouiit to $110,000 or     -i-,..'. ...
..| I.* mi ip toe iln
ill tlie m-i of Mn)   1(100
,'in.i.l-  'ill!  I... iiiiiiii- fm
pi'l-M'lil iiiiinl lm will In- lit
ml over In cnnti
ill    fuller tin
in tin* Kith ilny ul
I Ii  Lounshiie.v
: IV, II. Il.ir.lu,'
I T   'Tnylor.
i    SMOKE    I
5 El Presidente ^
|    CIGAR    1
|    =====    |
ir.ll r
. lit
Notice of Dissolution.
[■ li,'. ■'., iileen Hun lhe llr
nl -"11"
tlu-y turn their stops to n lovo more | over,
-Miss Slump.
the new.
All the time
rj .1   Klugernlil,  .I„itm   bllslllen. lllnlw III
in I t'riiiiliriii,!,  I'tirn.'i,'   mi,! TiMii.r
* puny, is hereby 44.4,i,i,,ll, .11,--,..I■..■ I    I
J    P.  I'M,    Ilili   ,' i,    t|,„   I,I,Mil,'-   uu
nettle nil nri Inline I,t III
nil liiil-itii„ Hi., ilrm.
Cranio k, It ('...lulr la, IH0I.
f. I. I-. I
I'.    l-iltet
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Benin, &  Elwell,
lirnkei'fl, Cranbrook li. C,
Noelh   rttnr	
St. Eugene  J
I'ny   Hull	
Sr. Eugene Ut. Mim-p  I
iVi-bti-i tt Oil tuul Col (.■um p my  l
(iilitiiliiin liniil Fields .',	
Iittt-riititiiiitiil fun! null Coko  ,*
Dominion  fonBollJaioil  I
Imperlnl Oil nnil Conl Compiuiy  .-.r,.,
Sides:   Western   Oil  and Cnu
1,000, Sullivan, 500'.    .
jou euntnlnlng mu uerea.
U.Tntntnencliigfll n pool ptniite.! nt tin
Hinilli 44i.«l I'unii'i* nt l.n *.-Jl!i. thenee ensl
mi chains, thenee north so elinins, llu-i	
innl Hi ell int.. thenee solllll SO elinins, to
plnce uf Ifoginning contnlplng 040 tier,,.*.
l>,.tc,l ui .M.iri-villt,, July L-l. llml.
Dora IJ. Wnll,,!-,,.
: • Ii. McFarlane,
Timber* .Notice.
Tlillty iln.is ti'nr tlnl*- I. tl lers'gneil,
Inmls uml' iiiu*!:- for si iul li inn lo rill
IIII.I    'Mil.*   44 4MIV   tlllll,4T    .1*141.1     lilt'    tl lllll ll I Ug
iloscrlbeil liinil-
C mousing ul n post plnnten bneoiuln
llllll Hill™ illllllil uf  li.iiltMl nril   ii'tirn pOSl
murkeil '.Ijuiies   Jnyeo's northsnst  -nor
|,nst, tlinitfi, running   In ,li iin- enst,  120
i-iiiiiiiK Himiti. hi cholos 14 1-,,, the  1"
i-hiiiit»ntir.ili.lli-i I" iliiiiliH Wirt,  lli.'l.ft*
Ml'ehnltis iiiiiiii !•• |l ofhpglnnltig,
Dntoil llii- I-'lh ilny "(.Inly. 1001,
is .tlliui Mm	
Sweepstake Mineral Claim.
.44  ii, i|„, I'm I Bleelo Mining tlivlsln
ul IJi.-t Koiileliti.v 4li.,ti4'l t, li.i,. I,„,.l
Oil SI .'Mlltyspinili. ii.in I.ill '1>1
Tnk 'i-  Ihnl   I   II.114444,   Limit In
iiiiiiir. inn illi-ule iiiimlii t   Itjll.'l  I n.-iii  im
Lull,, ni-ik  in.hliiippir  Mining ran) i
l.lmiteil, noU'Vefsotinl liiihility, lm- nin r
ei-llillonto  niiiiilii'i-   ['.(lii:,-.!.*,, iui Ih   »l\n
inn-li i lln,,Inm l>i,|,,il in npil)  I., in
mining r irilii* f '"inn,Mi,- ol in pini.
nil-ills; lor Hu/pilrpoHo.'o. olitnlnlng n irom
iriMM ill I ho nhovo eluiill    Anil flietltei  Inl"
ii,itli-e llml ui'tiiil lor seotjon 117  hi  In
rnuimnneeil Imtiire llin ie u eul stlel ll
lli-uti* it linpiqvertieiilB
Hnii.it iiiin iruiiiin.i ni .nm,. mn
Illlil l.'.livnril l.liii'll.
Timber Notice
.  Tnli ,1 ii-i- llml  thirly ililysi fn-r iliiln. I
tin* iiiuln Hiiitiiil. iniilnl tn npply to tl hie!
commissioner of I mils mil uiuU nl Victoria
Iur ll  B|l.-'l!llll   I C0I1S0 III  Clll   llll-l Clll'iy llll'll.V
lilllln'I' tl'illll lliellllloilillg ilininilnil Illli,I-'
r,illiiii,'ili'llu: n. n I'.iel plnlieil  nliuiil  ii e
ilml u hull niil.. Hiiurli uf iliuittnll running su
chains south. tliet-ooHp tlnitns wobL ttunco
so'I'luiinsniirlli. Ihenco JU) ehniiiH, ennt to.
plnce ul licgiiiiiing.
Dntoil this 12th uni n! .Inly, Hint.
James Jl oyer,
13. ■ Locntor. i
III.'I'r ll
•will i*i. il mni -.". i i
rllJHl'.i 0
I't'l    hi
,  .ii ilm
fm per
t:.     N..t
.lite ot
1 >|i-i-k i'tllll|i.Hl.f- It'll
ilUi in.
A In
IIIIHT'1  Wl-llll'ljtl-   U
for unu
Lt iitl..
uiul fi
u-i i r jT.fto pur i.iiiiiii.i
i..; a'l,!;,
I, lutny,
t, ii the Biitne Willi i**
Unu ik lici'tiin.' ai .-in
end on
ifi'.i! m
Iiti Una
nl i.i.-1
Aaya it
lllllll  Mlllli   ht>   1'iv   1   1
locntei! within ten i
'.1 wtUili
il,-. ..r ;
1 litt) lllll
n ft ent
».'ii fur
At le
ciwli y
i    i i. nl tu ihi! nt ii',
i ,1 i'iihIp
in lieu
Hi.* liii-i
I llis Ml
ill,HI., ij;
it, *iinr*
m.t .,r
roil ami
111.   1
fui  111.*
I-   rnteti
inn*, iiii-*
i s j-i'i*
I'll   1
Sm/iii i-.'Vi'i'u!. I...'."
id ilia N
W.  T..
i!i;;lll  h.-Olllltm.l 1,1   Hi,.   Mil,III.-I
ni ol tlie urn beloH low wnti
i.j'.i tu tlie rlgliti ... mi iiersoi
'I   111.'  IlllM-   f.l'
in or ciimmny
'll   Is stltllrl- n|.
in- touMihall Imvc n tlwlg
wllliin one seaioii from tliQUftiii
.•nell hvo mlifs but whore n pen
hns obinluoil mora tlinn one lea
'">' <;t']i Btieeii nnl.-*. i.rii.ttii.
lea -eil. ' Itoyn iv ni iln* I'jiti'oruMi i,n,| J( jn,
pel ".ni ooiieoied on tlio oui|iiil nfiei it exowi
^ lirfiiglng In the Yukon Torrlttiry. sk le-ise
ur tho uiHf.8 eitch may hu unun.-.i in n in
miner for a torm ot twenty year*, also reno*.
i In; li's-,i i-'sii^lil is cillllllii'il  In  tllC il lb 111 Oil
i>ii I.- -i .ir intra i** Du* rii i  below i«i«  wnti
niii.h.lliat iMHimliiD In b*' llvi'l h\   it- poiltiii
..,i tii.* isi .ins .,r August in ilie yeai ••! lln- tin
' 'I in* leasee sliai] have one drctls morn tin
isIthln iwu lean from ihci it ml Die lease, an
i- f.,r n
ii-' i. It data,
riui'Ol MbitliK
rem in lenatli, i
: - If    .K     ,lll",'1U
ii LIP. 1)1   II- III.,
i ii.i.i* i..r nrnt
rrltury.   Creek,
i'I"^-.   nt
rj mu.I  lit< niili  i- "rn.ui
ti un. | mil j
, •"! i'u i
phnrimd, Die
liiynh) nl Um ralenftwo nn.l
ni4bn\uhmi.i li. lu|,
 irritorj  paid in tliu
■-..ii' 11vi r
■I...', in.iit
 I  fr,-.-
luff notice an-l
i ymt; if nm. H«< elami shall li<<
iiinuil ii.nml upon in occupation
suiut.'ij' h> havInBasurveyi
nntlcos in ilu* \ni,.. 11Mill-in)
I'etroieum,  -Ui   iiimiiiiroiulaletl  Domliiioii
l„*imh In . anllul-a, Ilm  i\.>uli^,»t Tn i ih-rli's
ami  mllo o  Swkuu T
.^mi.i'liiiifiy mi Um luml in hn pr.)-.|.e.tuill an
na of tUO acres, Stmulil llu> | mspn ior .lls-
ivcr ml In |<:n In-: i-iiiintllii's, nml sitmfjii'iorllv'
.nil,II -li siit-l, ilisi'i.\erj'. an area m.t i'\ui*i-.iitii;-
...'iiii'l'.--, ii.i-:i,iii)ii:tii,'ii|i wtii.,ml Mi.-ii mli,.?
dis,'!.v(u"r1V;m'V'i''el,'ih>ilfiV1!,!'':;"!'' -"' Ul"
In rnyiillj ut sin-it ralu ai may hu spi-cliled by.
hepai'iiiiuni nf tiie Interior. Ottawa. Sept..
im, ■■ .-
JAMKS A. HM.-iBT. *   -.
I i.'i.iil-j' of the M nlHtcr ot the Interior,
I'll AMUIOOK.    Kl.Tl'lSlI    in, RSDAY,    All..    I     1     l-l
MM 11 Kit    lit
Wanted Immediately 1
toacti Fen  i".    H   ,i-h'' n.-'-i.n-
and.'nrmi., l.i-li-— • '■    llooil pay »wk|» i
oultlt li,-     Tl i* his oi.ii.ey in this work
torn i-i-ui'I..- men
iiVll: nm ycitKS
Wthnvs mnl, i, nln illliill ..-•■' 'I'"' '"'i-'H
„IXiir»,-,SI,„'t  ,i" i.'lii" "" " ,'■'   mu'
hcHt viiii'li—I-", ."luH"l Iiin.l  n   (.llllll
Ing.   IVoivlltil il'vi-rii I- I lomors in
.  Ir,4,'l.i   lmlil
m',""1.,','.",'.""!,'',.'."'' I-I   l't".l.l» Ilu" clUna'
OSBieflnull i "i in     lu1'- '""- '."' '.""-
I-lin Ol NURScm un .Toronto, Dol.
N It. tA'lllluiilo'.irrung.'l.ie.llslorl il.****-.*.-'
ur lor ihc hi ii.v ole> i."... i.'iii" y.
lllllll  AM) Slll'l. M \K1:.K.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specialty
New lii:*!. ;;....il llrivillg
nml siniii!.* horsea at
n-iisotitiblo rule- Our
iiinnull botogivogooil
rare t„ nil horses sln-
lileil with ns.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
lt is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kindt-
of repairing.   Give me a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
,<   .   BUILDER
■• '•**■>• »>■
Cranbrook Methodlsl Church.
Corner ol tl.nsoo Aienne soil Loull Sliwl
Smnl.iy Snii...
llllll,,    \\ ,4-1,11- I'    -     ''
Huiuln. *-l I ■ ■■ :'- '   "
Ull'lne IVorohlp 	
Pnrwllll       l'|,.4,„il,    I.,.,i4in-   "i   il.e-'iin
IJ,,. 4.'.'   **   r     "
r I.,..   W...I.I, I'my.-i Mi-i-lins    « '' •'
Crnill.rook llui-li-i tliunll-
S In.,   Siln
V,.llllll 'Wl
I'lu- pnlille nn
.1   Illge
|.     Ill     'I'll" "I..
III tt."lll"l'l'
,1,1 , 1111,1,"I I"
I'n.inr. .'   W   An-
Crni.™!- Presbyterian Church.
ninl 7.11" p. "I
Jl p. in
y S p. 111.
iilml 1,, nil, inl
t'uiis*. i:nt l.iiiuii: No. ill)
Craiilirook, 11. C.
lloots ami nnil 4th Tnesilnj m > !'■ '"■ "
I n.ii. I*. Imli.
.1. I. AII44il.li. K. II. S.
nliiilly imili"
Crstibrook Utal Union 12.1 ol lhe United
Brotherhood ol Carpenters anil Joiners
of America.
il'. I.. I', lm
, ii,,.'I11...11'.
"linlly Invitei
J. II. Urlta'
I.O.o7f.    Key Cily Loitgi
'"l^^S, N". .'-'■ Al.-'ts.-Miy Mn
'V;.'>5iJ iluv niniil at llielr hull >..'
"I*** -^   ..:., -..r    m,un,,In.
World's   Fair
Excursion Rates
Cranbrook to
St. Louli
r,,ri,ii J,,
; ........ Chlcaco
M.J5  Montreal
i.-I.mi *.,".. Vork
S 05.00
111 I.till
:; M<1
I Uill
I;   4   .  .
I,  , 1      ,",.4       4.  .-,
■   In.     I
*...,    I,.
for nil 4-:,i      v iii  nlso l«
"...,i. i ■     i   ■ ■   1'i.rl    Irtlw
•i.   M.M   4
or .I., rim "■ " "i, l Sl   i
l-'or lull -nirl     I !
(i. Hllllcr, 'i,..i.i, Cranbrook.
I. s. I'Alil ' 11,
I'.l.A.. S   .    i
E. .1.1 '''. I E
.I'.A.   V;4li4'"H','
Derail Brothers
Horse Shoeing i
Carriage Repairing and      j
General Jobbing....
Outside OrJers Preoinlty ;
AHemlcd in !
linker ..root.
mra*. eonthilly Invlteil,
I Iin.-,. IV. II   Mel'l
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 3-
A. P. 4 A. M.
-tegular meetings mi i i
tliinl Tt.urHitiiy or lh,
liri'trrn   iveli'iuu .
M  A  IIIAI.K, Seii'y.
fHB A. L. L'. NO ,167
Meats  evory   Sntnnln.,
night in   I. ii   "• P*   hnll
Visiting Brethren cordially Invited lo nllend
Olflcc removed tn store bulldlnf next
Ki.i-il Hotel Blk'i  Uiriihi l-l.
East Kootenay
Boitiiiig Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of all Uinds
Syrups,  Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Et,-.
Sod.% water in siphons.   The most
economical way o handle it.
Q. I'.  .
Cranbrook       j
'I ■■' :.>. iss call j
.   ■
'4, l
■ j! Papering?   <
i!: :   > :     :
W. N.CLA *. H.
Harness Maker,
Cranbrook, 13. C.
CM - -   {   u
■    ... .-.     .1
'•    ' \
-- ■"*, -,*  '*       *,
fi m  "' > s>A
IV   ■'   ■     ■''•'■-*■   ;.   ' Si   :i
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
A I..use Stick in Casket.-, and
Robes,   h*   J>
Phone night and day 77
Livery  3
■s. Soililli-8,   lluiui**-** ami
Horse* Hiiiiplii'S in stock
..Repairing of all Kinds..
Each Month....
brook.   Tin* people t'viilentlj
llHVI 4,-nli.-"iui' in im- nii'i m.i
work. Si .■ uu* fur pi.him uml
estitii ti s.
James Greer
Contractor mul Bnililer
Prest Photo Co.
Craiilirook, Fernie, Moyie
... British Columbia...
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
il.mii Ulmli Cranbrook, ll. C.
j. H. THOflPSON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Nolary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
I*' •"      ,,i, Cl Hii'rooll ,
...  1   5 V :■ *1 S -< I kJ,.,.
i -   '. . -
.Sl. I iiii
Ihreuih I
1.     .4,4
Dala..,,     I-
il.,', , Chicago
ract    .      .
.    Portland,
• nnd!.-
.'■, ! tbrary Cars
..' DAILY ?
oi ttdilreps
11. r.i;AMV|'
r. C. A T. A
i;i\.i-i-li- Ave
„!.■*. Wmh.
■ iin1 i
I- Inm
.     ■'    !
.       :■       : ■   '
i   - i  wlia Uas '"'' ii
Ulltll,   1
i tell ot the liul
■ ■ - -.    i ■- t i
i ,    -.*-.'■■_.
...':'■     \M'.i,,;-i
o   both,   but i. i     .
.   '■ t.i        I-..    I'.-. ! :. ■
lliiru was n vpi ■ i
, ,       : . . I     I .1     ■
i, .   a   .... i i, ■■;,  ,ii Ontario   ■'■■■■
[| . ■ WOO ■   t   '1*.    nftT-
,    •  i      ni   l on<lon,   m-i	
[Vol I vi \ .■'■■ I -i
tlini the   In
'    -      ,   I,..I    i,nli   It.,.*.   t;;il)i-r-
td ii " ■■■
Hail Itralni r«r t,v*.
Tlio story uf the way Joe went to
l ,-'.'.■ nn ai il ll..' adventures lif hnd
rn tlie Journey, would mnko tho nv-
i I'atfo novelist sorrowfully ftilmti thnl
in !'iiihi its imi linnglnal nm mil ..(
■ :'':.. Jin to s: euk, in ''.'ii •'..■■
i ! '...s oui mi the Pnciflc CoaBt,
whither \,<- hatl rotunioil from .-\u^
tralla eftor huvlng had In thn Antipodes "nn unsuccessful [.romonndo,"
aa onr Fronch friends would rut. It,
Uiih Boyle had como from Australia
Frank Slavin, in his prime n second-
rate heavyweight pugiii*!, who lind
nover become n topnotcher owinp to
loo mud) good nature ami n rcltic-
tanco to adhere to thf rules of
strh t training. Sln\ln had been n
plaror miner in Australia before ho
entered the prize ring, mnl when Iho
rush lo tlm gold fields ot 'lie Vukon
bepan he and lloylo derided '■• go
lhiil.fi*. Neither of thein I id more
thon a. few di,liars, bul Ho; la had
Innins for two. ile lind a good
education, a taking manner, ami a
physique thut. would havo helped
liliu had ho, like hia friend, gone in
for bruising. Kvcn as nn amateur
Boyle waa a mighty .handy man with
his lists.
A Ci ie of Al. -l.n.
There tboy were, theao two luKent-
urers. stallril in Seattle with hardly
onon^h money tn keep them for a
week or eo, or to pay for a deck
passa^o lo Juneau, AIuk'-u. 'I'he hus-
inej-s nmii of tho twain soon made
up his mind. Jt was a case if "Alaska," and tho tickets wero bought,
Five days later, wiih perhaps ton
dollars ' lefl, they nnd their K.;iniy
belongings arrived at Juneau, ami
Iho next thing was to got m, ro
cash. Boyle looked around, and
tiio'igtt he saw a chance <-f making
a stake. Ho went io <b^ proprietor
of tlie »aly hul In tli1' town and
hired it. lie ami hii friend Slavin,
the world-famed pugiliat, would, lie
announced, give a red hut boxing exhibition in thf hall, and no gentleman who considered hlinaolf in be
an uji-to-dnti; Bport would r-ijiy
away. Tlokola five dollars. There
Was a printiinr olllee iu Iho tuwn,
and hy Iho afternoon of the liylit a
hundred or so bad been sold. Slavin
and Boyle saw their wuy to Pawnon.
-yule!* ciiiiuu-.r i-r Prop-ram.
But things worn not quite so rosy
ns they appeared. The territory of
Alaska is go\ornod direct from \Wish-
Ington, nnd the ollirer in command
of llio army post nt .Juneau was a
Strict constriiclionist. He lind been
Instructed to allow no disordor!Iness
in the town, nnd ho considered n
boxing match lo lie disorderly. 'I'he
oponing of the performance was dim.
I'he hour nnhed, nnd with it the
cnnimand.mt and a h'e of men. Ad-
dreaslng tho crowd, tho representative of tho Qovorninont announced
that he was going to permit no
fighting, eitber k1o\o or bare fist.
Tho minors "booed," but thero was
no mo^tiitf thnt warrior.
Boyle, however, walked oui to tho
front if the stage and addre-sed the
roomful of rough fellows. "Gontlo-
men," he said, "you havo nil heard
what tho commandant says. 1
didn't know that there wns any regulation against boxing in this enmp,
or 1 wouldn't have sold you the tickets. It is clear Hint thero can lie
no exhibition, but 1 sre a piano in
that cornor, nnd if you will kindly
excuse me a few minutes, Mr. Slavin
will j;l\e nn exhibition of bag-
! punching, After thnt, it will Lo up
I to me and tho piano. And 1 hoc to
slate llml. If any gentleman th'.-iivs
, to lime Ms money back, he can get
11 ir Miner* **nl Tit lif.
I 'lhe Boylo dived behind lhe
skimpy aconery, and gol oui of Hie
! linhis ho bad donned fnr the boxing
, Miow, nnd Into his street clothes.
1 Tho mine.s eat tight and watched
: Slavin smite the hog. in a few
i minutes, Boyle emerged from the impromptu dressing room, rolled    tlio
&*-,*>■*. Mtm'.ti* •-(  ill*   lut-iami-iit  of C*U>-
i.,i i. i *.. -    i.i Living.
A correspondent writes in 'Ibe To-
i'n nu; liie. I.i' ■■    | art
ber,   3 and   January,
■. . -       ion ot ni<     en
bu  tin.- parliai -   t of I anada,   thi n
i     ado east   and Canada
v..   -J    . i,' ..■ .. e   all i I . .'..I*'--   .   V .      i     .    ,
.  was ni mm,* than
Lo the del ■      . ;- Benta-
; tion and other    mea:
, .|. seated by tlie Refoi m pai iy
und-.-r the   li •"'■ ■ hip ol    Ui *    '■'.».
i.i. ,. M.   'i hero wi re B'xty-fivo
ben   n om I ■ nn la ea t and a I
; |      i Canada west,   the    i<-
;■ ■- ■ .      .      Lter being,   al
tbe terraii      »n ul the polll
tfa ted d u i    ., pei i ",i ■ , .       i
I Itefo u ■  ■-    and    27
i-i e ,   Mr.   Brown, howevfj ,
be       ■ ■   .. .      tltui '■•■ ■ - ■
but ovi n-
tually ri ibe  laltor  con I i   i-
.'.■-*. .    .1   being
111      ■       :-', ,1   l'.   M.     .    I  -■ -.
In Canada i    t Uie   Co
w. ro Ian,: dy in ii io majority, and
th. ir votes, added to tlieir n I
tne western Proi lm *, go .- the existing Maodonald Carll r (■
meat a substantial majority, Parliament iiet in 'I oronta In February,
l'^:, *, and of tho 60 in   ■ be s    f 0m
Canada we t. who w.-re iinn suni-
in,ai.-.1 tu meet In delibernl Ion 8-ti, I
think, woro in ai tendnni *. Dr.
Church of North I-eeds and ' Ir nv lile
having di,*il meanwhile, aid North
Oxford being without a representative until Ihe follow ii.. M..... ; r. i.
1:. Oowan was Bubsequently choaon
lo succeed i'r. Church. Of f. e OH
members alluded i.. I I lh ve onlj
-•even are now li'. Ing, tbey -■■ I thi
then constituencies being us follows:
Peel, .1. C. Alklns; Condon, John
Carltng; West York, W. V. ITowland;
Ni.i.h      Oxford,      Wm.     Mae ' -
So ub Ontario, Oliver Mownt; Ottawa, li. \V, Seott. South Wellington,
I                   l kinds  ol  i hii ese and
■" - ■   Fanej   da,   Call and lee
- - gl    * ill;-.   T:   :..*-- and
I.i]   ■ -.-.  i .i Set**, Novelties, Rti.
Siore on Armstrong .Avenue.
or u
Of      111
The Two Factors
'    jileiu ml drive are famished bj thehn m
■    ■     -■
I     ,        .   *i •,, tl,.-..- ,,itr ..iittiir.!i,v,.iinii*li
ii-i..-i\!.  iinni i-(..und in the u*>nal lirerj
The Handley Livery Stcbles
■nn Iur.,imi >,i,',j. ,   lutflia lor any purpose
i ni tiii-1..: ired I ngn, dinerdn. etc , al mod.
PAUL iiwin.bv
two were supporters
ulil-i.'nrtief Government and fivq were opponei ts. I
■m\o writi' u the foregoing purelv
trom memory, bul have no doubt
that the fads 1 have stated arecor-
roet, unil I allude to tbem solely us
Intel osting romlniscences.
Chinese Labor Employment \jcncy
Oriental Ba/aar
1*'nil liiu- i-l C'liini su tuul ,l;iii.*!in*si-
I..'"4 ii,',-U. Si4,r,- on Durir-k
ivi   in.-, .ii|-.sii.' olil 11,'i.iM --tlii*!-.
mi, i]im»'i,h-  i,i    [ |.l»ce to get » ..K-e WeOuini Cake
■ologlcal Servli-d    *    itt.1 ornanietit'-in the latest style.
,.,,   avernga aniiual    .   v : .'■' -"'>"'" or, ler mil .if lown
e   is ni.,, ,i :a    de-       bimI perl   ■ - . nve Ike icing  brok-
en by snipping-.'   Oui prices i*i*.-lit
Paoat 51 [inpi-sile H. K. diurtli
-"• — • — sJ-®-@-®-®
( liniHtr. of tlm  Klnmlik
Speaking of the   climate
Klondike,   Mr, Stuj
iho Canadian Metcoi
recently Bntdi
uioaii teinpoi'i
grees; tho mean of the three Bummer
months is about 5% degrees, July being i;i degrees; and Hie tbn-e winter
months 10 degrees below zero, wi'h
January 2J degrees below. S| l '■■ ;
mny be snld to be open towards the
end of April, the lost zero tei r.
line of ibe winter usually occurring
about tho 5th of this month, Muy,
with an avei'ago temperature of d-1
degrees, Is by no moans an unpleasant month, and the 23rd .- the average dato of the last frost of spring.
Dally observations during five
summers indicate that on Ux» >*•. •■ -
age tbo temperature rises tu "0 degrees or higher i.n 46 days nr. 1 t'i
yo degrees or higher on 1 I days; °0
degrees wns rocorded in Dawson in
June, 1890, nnd 96 degrees i-i July
of tlie Bame year.
Those temperatures witb much
bright sunshine and an absence of
frost during three months, tog tl r
with the long dnys of a latil ide
within a few degrees of the Arctic
circle, amply nccount for the success
so fnr achieved by market gardonu a
jienr Dawpon in growing a. large
variety of garden produce, tn< I d i
let t nee, radishes, cabbages, cauliflower, potatoes, and warrant the
belief that the hardier cereals might
possibly be a successful crop both in
parts of tho Yukon Territory and In
tho far Northern districts u the
Mackenzie Basin.
,    .    .'    .    ft-t?H»-<8H!>-®--<&-«-<3
Yes, Bud i  - Cm lUkERV is the
■ •   get a nice Wedding Cake
DR. B1DLAKE, M. R. C. V. S.
mul Lameness
Land Notic*:.
1 ii-rel.y _ ■re i   tics that Mil
1   intend to apply   to the
I        ■    ■:.:•-   uer ol Lands and s\ arks fur
• -   .- asi-.  "U" liuiidr" I  uud
ho i. more or I---. KUuuted
the   KootPOBT   liver.
■       n    . - mtli <.f Wanlner, pom*
_ ,* . : ■■-• marked Walter IjoHng's
■;,-i.i* north 4o .'hiiii.u,
11 *   10 •),.■.!. more or I*-- to 1I10
K then ■■ - inlfa folloHJne ilie
r v 1 Link -i'.  fhalm more or It-w-, theuce
■ - m ire or l*^* t» Ibe place ..(
■•■ ■ ■
Pat. ! :•-. lane. 1904.
1.'-'i W . '■ *   I (.r'fiir.
Noti:d of Dissolution.
■ -* - ■ uivei thai the i- irtner»hlp
u ■ ■ .-...-> -■.*•-■   a Plapp
matnat eoi wmt.   I,.
pp will rontinae to rondnM  the Went*
nh hotel I u*h •— ..; ! [ i] ell I illi ngainBt
.'.-■--- and  ■       • ... onta due
I1    *■: al  'Vin,
ok, B.C ,3nty25.19(1
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
ARNOLD  & ROBERTS   j A. D0YI.E. Manager.
and Surgeons
Office a. f.eili
ence, Armstrong Ave.
Porenouns,   •
Afternoons   *
Evenings   ■
■   ■   ■   9:10 lo II
-   •   •   1:30 lo 3:30
-   ■   ■    7.10 to 8:30
:   :   :    :      :    E. C
:    ■-■,-.
I'        i ■ "
piano    to     Ibe foi.lliulrB,    and     sat
[down.    Tho   surprised   crowd   found   on, before enteriiiff upon a pe
I that they bad mot with Ihom In tho
stalwart    young     follow   with   the
clean cut. vliago, nn entertainer that
bopt them laughing and applauding
from ii e moment ho loucliod tho firat
Ley.   Slavin was as aurprleod as any
of'tho others.
It..vie si a Monologue Arllit.
A Mi Attn NiWfpap-ar t:v il-
Talking of newspaper 1    A -...
EPSls a protost against tbi  continual
breaking of articles   10   conl n n
soma succeeding or other page* mi ro
often other by tbe same token. Iter I-   1
Ing a daily Journal lias   come to be
very much like reading a weekly  or   ,
monthly serial, only Instead of hnv- ! ■
inff   one   novel to follow,   you have
half 11 do/en, the result   being  that *
you  either overlook something   that |
you would like to know or loao   lh'! !
thread of the argument and  have to '
repeatedly turn back.    The tendency .
is always nowadays to length, and I
must, confess that I sigh for lhe good
old daya   of   pith    nml in i fhtndsi,
when, (or instnnco, The    Now   Vork
Sun u od to givo all the news    all   :
tbe time in concise form. Those do: 1
will rot urn, mark my words, r,nd lha   j„h ■nn
inoit succd-ssful  and nm*.    profitable   Ma   ivlll
paper of tbi future will  bo    tbo one       Dited till- Hfltli I   ■- ot July, A ".. 1904.
tlmt gives buslnosa men    the   day's l- John A. McDonald,
Information at tbo breakfast    table
in concise and easily digestible form. '
I, for   one, nt ver fall to    read   tl 0 ,
ary of the news if one Is glv- Timber Notice.
.. ti..- 1 bul I'.iiiy days alter-lnt*,  I
T kei
tire thai thirty dnyn aftei the flrs
ii j,f ibi- notice I Intend "».ijij.lv
4--   ommlsMioneraofthe Cranbrook
■  fi-i from mynell i" fiolwrt
f th.-li.-.-i,-.- lot the Centrnl Hotel,
tho main body ol 1 he papor, In thai
way I  often gel   pi---' s* Ion  ol m ■■
that In tliu   hurry   would 1 0   0V1 r-
looked.—The Captious one,    in   Toronto Sunday World.
Tin Raklmni ^r (».ih.i,i
'I he Ci m ua Bureau recontly received from liev. a, tVuIton, ' It r h of
Doyl ■ had never told bun that bo i . i..,.,i wiss on rj , al Fori (h-orgti
knew a nolo; vet. hero wa Moylo, j ,,, \\y c,r-t shoie ol Uud on Bay,
Binging eonga In a full, rub bnH-1 iho aiheduha ,-: an enumeration of
tone, tolling snubs thai neiil tho 1 Kiblmon, In L'ngnva. The
Aigoiu uls and siiloiR into fils   nnd    were nol fro 1 Ottawa until the
generally behaving like a Biilj-Arcttc : 8pring cl L90J and d ,1 not roach tho
Oroisiuith. Slavin smiled placidly: enumerator until the Eskimos had
Ht hit i<fyo, and v.nt down and ROr.o from their usual domicile nt
Dined tbe audience,     lie knew that [Big   Whale    River to their hunting
m,...|. Intend to apply 1- I he chief
. ... tu ~.i.,ii.: nf iin.i*. mni works at Vk-'torls,
II   1       ■  n -' license to rul aud enrry
iiml. 1 from the following dMcrlbed lands In
I --■ I-.- .*-1 '.v Dlilrii 1
C 11.i-i.. 1 ■ hi h j iii planted bi 'li" nottlJi
,    ■   porimi  ..I  '.,■  j-l-   tber - nonh *0
.... n,.«! ho fii.-nii", thence luoth
• niliiiai-. Ih-uceesJil -" eholM to place ol
■   1 11|. 840 .„■!.- mom nr Ins.
Dated at M irjivilli  .Inly -1   I0<M
S 8, Mftiuil.ii".
!•* Lnralor.
To tun...in-.
To 100 room
Rooi-lliig Houi
Tn I*". niniii-
To 80 rooms
To 50 room*
Lannilrlm - .
Dated al Crn
1 iderablo d
north. Mr, Walton hnd, therefore,
to wall until the spring of 1i>0U, before l.e could lake the census and It
was not un 11 tbe subsequent So[>-
tember thai an opportunity occurred
of forwarding t0 Ottawa tbe nsilts
of his labors.
Oi.o  it .ml c 1 end eeventy-four Fn-
W. I'. ■
for the Com, nny
Dawson was tl go,   Mnng about clo-
I ven o'clock Doyle, wbo had been giving 0 monologue for about nn hour
and a-hnJf, announced that the show
I was   over,   but   iho  audience would
' not havo it tlmt wny by nny moans,
They protestod that thoy wero ready
1 In pi y another flvo dollars each, but
they wanted more songs, more stories, i oro music,     Bojto,    beaming,
0(Wined    tbem thnt bo was honored
by thoir appreciation, but   that   ho    There wore altogether forty
,   and  Ids partner    would not accept    n;, fl.    All belong to tbe 1
,   another cent.   Then he went on   for    England   and   almost all the adults
,  t#enly minutes or su, and when tho   pfln read and write.    A typical name
lichivi went out, bo    was the   most    for   tho   head   of a family la Ooch-
pppulnf man in Junsau. atmgwak and for a w'^c Molukto.
N'nrira in hereby given tlmt fiO days alter
.'.■•e' ii-■ r,ii-i Kn'.tei.iv Lumber Company,
Limited, will np|iy to His Honor, the L1eu>
i-t.unt Uovernor In eooncll under section 7of
the ■Itivpis ami Streams Aet " to clear bout*
dew, log |nms and other obstructions Irom
1'.,-1..-1 and hnnks ol Dig Sand creek, British
■ olnmbla, nnd Itn trlbntor'es, from Itspource
to where to where the creek Intersects the
L-rowsNesI Pom Railway, and lo straighten
Un*i-iiiirw> of lb" snld creek, and toeonstrnet
dnnid, boomB, and mako suchotbci iui irovo*
nuni-a*- mny he nece»nry for the driving of
lii_*-.tt nd lln mi i'i.- i.f lumber therein.
Dated Ihe Oral day ol June, 1004,
W, P.Onrd,
Bolaltor l-or the nppllennt Illl'.   CRASiiKDOK    BEBALD
...i.i-.. illill
atmm<r*i*zri i>~>' v- <vt?^?s-i»jrg^g*'MW^*ai^iia*i'.'r'*f-r*/otfi
1   ft^w«^*
.   .-.-*.-."SOS8aB««
BBWi-as:.'-;  1'j.u--     .t--*klc?3k----, '• ;,j,T3:«3-'Js^.~-:^rii-E*ai-JiJ:«.; KTSMMsass :.*''^v.'CT4'ii,.-:.*4s:«sflKi«*«3;.i;
reatest  Celeb
iii   Wi
KKEi-iIWJfr. *.'     ■ ■*.   ..-jim"-;.;-^^.*..        ■ ^^^^
Tie Making     *£     Log Sawing1      «£     Log Cutting
Rock Drilling   3   Loading Contest
Indian Pony and Foot Races
3   Caledonian   Sports   3
i-ji..i;,'.j -..*   ;*iJiCj*-'Bsiss*l
BJij *.. - 'ljjjt,.:.
«***jesaur4**i.'„-jat«s!isi«*''^^ -v.-.-.- *;*■.
H PROGRAfl.^^^^^^
—»»:■'■   J. .•■.'iii-iffliai.s'.'-r-.JJJ'c^a-sJS^jrJs^jyj'-'.v^ ■..■.■ji'aaBiMHi'iBH!OT«t»5ai«*i«si
:I. R. HANIMING, Secretary.
I ->.->
, tiw; rn.vxnnooiv  iii*hai.i>
Ladies Blouses
ALL our F*ui.:y Vesting*, Linen, White .ind Colored Blouses .it
50 per cent discount; or HALF PRICE
Children's Canvas Footwear
Misses' Canvas Oxfords, sue.; 3 to 2, reduced to Qtk a p.tii
Boys' Laced Boots, canvas, $1.35, now .$1,011
Men's Straw Hats
Any Straw II.it, all cur new sailors* styles, 50 per cenl discount
Boys' Wash Suils
have still ,i few
k, g.iI.iiiM, etc.* .\
REID   &   CO.
Wc h.ivc still ,i |-*w Boys' Wash  Suits  in   linen,  crash,  drill,
duck, galateAi etc.j .it greatly reduced prices
W6***i -a.i* , -■    . t******.*,*9**
fci  „  A,
W A llijj Loafer...     $
IJ        //G*l~'i\ Lots uf lestslinve |in,viil 9
j*     A(    \'■' '   Hml otllliVII-l'S Hour uro. •*>
9   /U~>->    \     '.. i   ,1,,,,-s Ml lltl-: .-mil IIHITI-.U A,
3: />''"'v ... • • i .- .iiisii.-1-.-iii. 8uok8 tiio a
m I  \JSs3'     "j    '    ■'-.. '    w.-il,-r up mul nivi-« Ilu- nir n !W
*y \2sqf;     'i      J '   ,.|,mi,-,-. Ii.-n.v rlBos quickly M
9 \V=k-    *~"h"ti' nun makes liollel-lirenil.    I'lll <A,
I VSiW      W-    "I it to the tost.                        X
H   \-Jjr    r     '' i Ogilvle's Royal Household __
ks  (CJVl     ^         /'■.. Is not equaled by any            *)
Rj    T\,   TT       —J I            """■'■■ br",Tl1 ol ,ll"lr            H
**        '-"""""^ o. rr. pociRR.s    H
_ _ ^ "3 1New g°0«i> arriving each week in the way of
|   Camming Season   |     HARDWARE
Is \Herc3333
J   and everything that goes with a first class
stock in a Hardware Store.
Pane) unit Staple (Iroccrlcs, Crockery v
LH\NHK«0K <$
ti*9r****.**.**.*.,- r ><W9»$9ift9ia&$
•   •   t   *   ,        i-1 i * N
|«i|*W>|$|«|*l#|*|f If |«
I * I * I -5-1 * I * I * I «• I 9 1 **■* I *Xf
Good Building Lots
In Cranhrook For Sale
9*       J>        9*       9*
■J"       J*        ,
*     .jWi     J*     §/■    *fW
Real Estate Agents ..* Cranbrook
„ s
I * I * I <$ I * I
i> 111 *
,, CfilflK Of U$ ..
w- ^c wan* V°u trt think ot us whenever you think of Clothes ®-
-® Our whole energy is concentrated on securing' good things for (•>*-
®q you to wear «j®
(S Our Spring and Summer Styles arc now making a strong  ap- ®-
' $ peal to you. while our reasonable  prices make an equally K:
'5j strong appeal to your purse.    Wc are waiting to serve you jj^
'g  RilU Co., CranbrooK's Greatest Slore
i«i«,i*,i..... .
•    *    •    •
Wlu-ii  vou  are  ilown  town  call   and  sec   our
Yoho Proper Bath Heater
Don'l fail to see ii In operation in our store.
We are Sole Agents for this district v v ><*
Cash Cash Cash
Tnkr mymlvU'o voiinji nmn    I'uj n
us vmi tfi».     \on  llftVi'   lllrt'iivf Ihiij
Mniimv   .*.    \l. r.i.l.u,.-"-, .ii   ! I. ......
theli   clifop  pi -.     rhpy ure  n
I'liltliiR tit might 10 I'KltCKS r. fui i':i
If ymi nm«;i\i' lun ri nr- un every Jul
you aptfiftl tlini surely i- n pwifinvi
ini'iit. "IV ivi-f Uwliij ' ninl L.,. in
CASH STORK for ymir (Jent'a I'nn.i
ItlgS.    Tvilnfll'oi'i'ii-li.
Morrow & AlcFarlane,
I      nm    i     -.   .       ;..    .      ■    '.       . ,        .i       1*1
-.It* ul ull " ■ ■ ■
llif t m a irk !>! llif tn
-l,..,l     4.      . '■.,,,' -        .
tm.I I..-.In,,.in (nu,iini.-   i
Cranbronk Cottage Hospital,
' ■! Armstrong are on-1 Lev    St,
-t-,,1  full |.*iili,-ill;il-..'
riiss Moss, ■ Matron.
li'inliniii- ..( Ht. I.nl,,''- Hospital, Vim*
14,114,'I', It. C.
Teach-jr ol pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between houra
of three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence of
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
Picked  Up About tlie Cily  Ity  Asking
Questions of .Many People.
A sliiiio 10c.   O.K. linrlii-1-Nlnii*.
'1'. li. .Tom's wns up from Wili-tl-
iii-r Monday.
Colin Li-iti-li visitetl Lethbridfrp
tin- [IIISl Wl'l'lv.
Jits. Htokey of Sfttrj'svillti was in
town Mondny,
M. 11. Kiiit.- rcftiriK'il t't-uiii \\'iii-
nt|iog tliis morning.
Mrs. M. (Iillis. is visitingfrionds
in MiuT.-.hI tliis week.
Chnrles Armstrong was up front
Moyii- Wwlnestlny.
Mrs. I). .1. Mctiimiimi riaitucl
lliu-ysvilli'   uml    Kimberley   Insl
S, S. Wnllnce, of Fernie, wns in
lown li eoupii- of iluvs tin- pu^l
W. I). Hill, wife ami family
vfsiti-il Wanlner the lirsl of the
Fred Qeiler, mnnnger for tin-
Cranbi-ook luvtt.r-, .-isital Movie
I-i. MncBt-th ami I'm..ih- iii*i*iv,il
from Innisfnil. Altn., Insl week nml
will ninki' their luiin-i' liotnn in
ll is oxix'cteil llml il„* I'ii i
brook-Moyio telophone line uill Iw
completed ami ready for oimrntion
by Snturdny night.
Mrs. (ii-i-rp* t'nrtwriglil mul
daughters returned home on Tn. .-
ilny al'trr n |llc.istllll \isit wiih
friends nt Nnrtli Star uml Kinds r-
We carry what the
campers need, camp
stools, fishing tackle, photograhic supplies and everything
that makes the life
of a happy camper.
I New Drug Store
I Ins is uiu busy linn-,    Wi- In,,,. *„„* „„n„i i„too,trne»
::!"''''* '""l ""•' l'"'.v Kntting ..in g Is in sliais-. ,„„1 ther»
!*< the new slock to tnke care of. IW, will bo settled dowt
in a I-n ilnys, \\u .va.il ymi to call and see us. Vouwill
'.'"'"",".' ' ;''*n'*''t.'Bt..i-j.to.diiti- drug stores in British
i olumbtu, i.ll.il with in ,1, ilrngs 1 druggists' novelties.
C E Reid & Co,
Regist ercd pharmacists—	
Private Hotel and Catering Co.
Banquets, Balls, Weddings, Picnics, etc., catered for
The dining: hall can be engaged for private partiee
For terms apply lo
.Mr. nml Mrs. E.H.
Moyie Momlny.
AV.  Spilsti'iiil  was
visitor Insl week.
Steve Mnnnhnt. wu
Mnrysvilli* Tuesdny.
•I. I,. Gates, nl' Fin-nil
Crnnbrook visitor last Frii
null visited
lown from
i. T. M. Holbrook
Cranbrook  visito
inn ut
u* Me
al tin
Till*   ipiarl.'l'll    ■n.l-nm, iiiiii
rices will bo lu-l'.l
i-liiirili lu-.vt Still
hours. Strangers in town cordially
Tin- Roynl hotel nl Kimbnrly
changed liau.lfl lliis week, Mr.
Forsyth of Furl Steele sei uriitg il
Boole* l-'.lwrll real estate ngi-lits
ut Cnuibrook conducted the di ul.
.1 A. Wotmoro,arrivetl in Crnnbrook Miimluv from Revelsloko
ami has assumed charge -.1 thr
Imperial bank during .1. F, M,
Phlkham's absence.
has   been
W. 11, Hoss.of Femi.
;ii-tiiiur    lilisiuess    in
.Mon, lay.
Geo. Bnker is ulwuys
tlir O.K, lo give yon ;
shim-, HV.
Wm. Carlin, ol' Fori Steele, wm
transacting business ii' Crunbrool.
Snturdny last.
Miss Florence I'u
tiimorl Fridny Insl from
- isil iu t tiital'in.
A. M. Blaok, of Hill'& Co.
token it 1'ii-iltiiiii ii., i„,ii!iki'i'i
the Culgnry Cnltlo cotnpiiny.
Mr, mid   Mrs, Albrigl    let
Weduesdny for Viineouver, when
ilirv expect I., mnke Iheir fiiturt
Souvenirs of every description
nt Wilson's ihe Jeweler,
Mrs. lii'o. Broinnor is visiting
friends ut Sirdar ond Nelson.
.lohn MoDounld of Mnrysville.
wns ii Cranbrook visitor Mondny
Mt. ond Mrs. (I. P, Tisdnle nnd
dnnghter  visited Moyii- Mondny,
Mrs. ('liuiile Mimslii'lil fotnritcd
Inline Sunday after an extended
visit in Oittnriii.
K. Ailn-iis nml F. 10. Haines, two
of Criuibrook's "Beon Bruntmels"
woro visitiiif; Moyii- Mondny,
.Mrs, W. 10. Lounsbury returned
to Cranbrooli this week nnd hus
agniii taken up her residence here.
Miss Cnrdiir left tor Itousliiml
l-'l'iduy last, where she hns gone to
act its bridesmaid at the wedding
of hn- friend, Miss McLenn,
Archie Vroom, who hns been
rusticating ou his i-ntieh uenr Pincher Creek the pnsl three months
in visitiii},- in Cranbrook this week.
All members of Key City Lodge
Nn. 12, I. n. 0. P., nro requested to
In- present ol lodge next Monday
night ns lliere will be business of
importance to ti-nnsaet.
Frank Murphy has entered lln-     .Mrs. ,1,  F, Powers, wife of the
employ of R, 10. Benttie  with the station ngent nt Fort Steele Ji -
intention of becoming n  full lludg- tion, brought her little son to St.
til pharmacist. Eugene hospital  for an operation
Geo. Hunter wnn to Juffmy P" "is k,lcQ Wednesday.
Tuesday, where ho has n contract Miss Pnliner, of Ottawa, sister
| oft', lioss Palmer, arrived in Crnnbrook Friday lust, am! in company
with Mr. Palmer went to Kitchener
in,.!-,- iivdil : Ki per cent, oft' our where they nre spending the week,
regular pricesfor the rash trade.| The Indies of the Methodist
AIiiitow \-.MeFnrliiiie. ji-huirli  will  serve  ice ereiini und
Mr, nnd .Mrs. W. II. Wilson, Mr. I1'"11'' on Mrs. MeFiirlnne's Inwn on
and Mrs Eager uml Mr. John WotUieadnj* evening, Aug. 10th.
Wilson visited tho Wild Horse Orchestra in attendance, Refresh,
placer works Monday lost. I "l('nts l5c.
The big rock wliieh will In- used' Mrs, M, B, King nnd Mrs. F. 10.
in the drilling contests on Lnbor King were IkiIIi sufficiently re-
day hns nrriveil uud is roi   uxhibi- covered from their r. nt illncBs to
tion nt the station grounds, leave the hospitnl this week, nnd
v. ,   .,      „   ,.   ,,   ,,■        I their many friends nre plenseil to
Mr. nnd Mrs   R. K Benttie re* ,.now of t|,.-ir convalescence,
lui'tieil home last Sntnrilav  alter u
iiliiisniit. visit with  rotations nnd     For Side.   A sniall house, plus-
iiii-nils ut Portnge In   Prairie und ''-red, three   minutes   wulk   from
Winnipeg. IC.I'.K. shops, nlso n seveii-rooined
, .    ,7... ,,.,     ,       ,,      i dwelling neur   the   pump   house
• lllllll   \\ lIsOll. 1.1   l-iil-nlllilll    title    Mi- i       ,,. ',..
| A.  C.   BOWNESS. Wholesale dealer
I   Wines Liquors and Cigars
9 Now Rooms In (be Aikc, Block, Jn-i North ol Imperial Haul, Corner
Sj                    Agent for Calgnry llecr anj .'inter
Sj                    Agent l.n- I. Lebel & Co., Il.-iy and drain.
Sheet Metal
for the uses to whicli we pul it.
IVG IIUi*-.l l.tll'IKTIlilil: IS
" Blower Pipe "
Because wo iiiiderstuuil the ckiss of
iiiiitei-iid ami work n'.|'iir.-,l.
Our "Sunsliiiie Furnace"
Is tlio very boat, burns a Itoi liunl .-...il.
coko or wood. Lotus haw n milt with
you aliout your furnace system.
to Iniilil n liuiiii- for the linsi  K
teutiy Lumber ooiupoiiy.
We have linriu'd our hooks
10.1.  10. Tho
Drinkwnler,  o
tnrrive-1 in tow
A. (im
and   F.
T(je Calgary Cattle Company.
A   .1.   Honey,   wl
storekeeper [or the C,  P, I!.  I
some lime past,  hns  resigned  I
position,   Geo,  Jolferos has lie
li Is only twenty-two miles from orrtved in Cranbrook lostweek nml righ,   f„r ,,ls,,    A   ,    (0 j^
(rows   ^.*mI.   II. ( ,. to  I'Inthend I will spend some time visiting with  i*.-,.,,,,.,
lownsile   nnd   n lirsl-elnss  Irnil. his soil nud daughter, W   II. Wil. |
guides, i-n.-k hoi-si-i uud i-le..  fiirn- I sou and Mrs, lOau'.-r. |    "wing to one of those iiiiuvniil-
slied nl OrowB Nest, ,,        ,      • ,,       ]ablo orrors which will creep into
|_ Henry   Lye, insiirnltce mljuslei* neivspupers lhe   signature of Hie
of Vm uver, arrived hero Mun, [ Hrni inserting the item "Coitvertetl"
E. day nnd nfter ndiiisting the loss by mis omitteil in Inst  week's issue.
Pntterson,   N'.li.'tli,* lii f Friday morning, lefl The nrtlclu is reprinted this week
Insl Tuesday antl Wodro-stbiy itftortioon for  Fernie with the proper signnturo uud ii
are looking this section of country where lie will ndjiist  Ihu  losses u-lll pay you to peruse the same.
over with a view  of engaging in  cmised by the bush fires there IiibI      ,,',,,      ,,    ,,
some line of lnisiness.   They left  week, 1 ,.-»''■  "»"   Mrs.   1 loud ley, ofthe
for Nelson, B.C.,-Wednesday morn.     ,rl    ,,,.,., ,,        . | Wilgn, gave nu lmprouiptu tlnnco
jn„ I     rito Kobert Buehuiinn Drnuintic on WedueBdny evening Inst, nearly
eonipniiy opened n live in,Ill's en- fifty guests being in iiKeiiduiice.
Juntos McBride relumed* homo gngeineut nt the opera house IJnnciug wus imiulged in until 2
Sunday after a month's tiipintliel Tuesday evening uml has been a.m., and nil present had n wry
enst. While nwny Mr, McBrido giving eminent sntisfnetion. The onjoynble time, Whist tobies woro
put iu ii we-'k nt tin-Si. Louis ex-1 compnny hus n nnniber of high provided for those who did not oiro
p.isitiun nnd snys llml it is nltnost j clnss plays in their repertoire and to dunce nnd this pleasing pastime
impossible for'one who has not,' they nre well produced, Change was highly enjoyed by a party of
been there to form nn adequate of program every night. |elderly gentlemen.    Delicious rt
opinion of the  innnimotliness of ,r         .,   j   ,,   ,,     ,   ,,    froshniontswere served nbout 11.80.
,]ini • Alessrs.   il, ,1,  prntlley «  Co.,
nu- tan, ,, ii   , -i'i —— . ——
flu- well  known  painters, decora.
The "Wilgn" is rnpidly growing tors  uiul  sign   makers  of  Went!    Wauled   eompotcnt    nurse   to
In popularity as a private hotel and Kootenny hnve ronted the Kelly assisst with care of twin bublos,
iio.v numbers  among  ils guests block on Armstrong nvenue and Apply Mrs. Geo. Hoggurth, Crnn*
j the following.   Mr. mul Jlrs. .1. ]•'.' are carrying a lurge stock of up-to- brook hotel,
I Armstrong, Miss Armstrong, Miss dute wnll papers, mouldings, nnd
M. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs, A. C. house detorntions,   Tiny an- very
Nelson. Mr. uud Mrs. F. 10. King, enterprising and nre doing lots of
Mrs. Otis Staples,   Miss  Staples, business.     Sign   painting   is   a
Miss   Proctor, Mrs. Brock,  iMiss speciality with thein uml llu-ir work
Tunliiiiiser,   .Miss   F.   Tanltnuser, eun   be  seen   around   the   town
Key, Slont, Mr. Wefinore, nnd Mr. nlrendy,   Rend their ail in another
F. Pnliner. column.                                        '
ShouM not alone be roar guide wheo
univhariDtf fee I. QUALITY a Ino should
I-* >',.:.-i Icr.-.l U.. know that the
quality of our feed J- unsurpassed, aid
onr prices are not any higher thin you
are probably jwying for poor feed, It
will   pay yon  :.■ give   your horse   tht
Harris & Jolliffe's Meat Market.
New Business
For Cranbrook
ston- 111.
ui on i.i -iiou visitors in
sl complete stock of
Wall Papers and
Room Mouldings
in tin- KontGimyB.    We res] (hilly s<
licit a shore of your patrotinge, and in
vi to you to* cull and see our ^ootlu nn
o>p\ mn- jiriris.   We make n Bijomnllv i
lOstimnU-s cheerfully given.
F. ]* Bradley & Co.
l Armstron-j Ave.        CRANBROOK, B. C. 'Phone 52
jptfige Meat
'"Ah,Ideal  ririahfi.st
Second Annual Exhibitiim of the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
New Buildings,   Fine Grounds,   Bis Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Pri.c List.
J. I:. ANNAItl.l;, Sec, Nelson, B. C.
d*m—mt Till-:   CBAUBBOOK   HERALD
a CTj Cosmopolitan fiotel      |
A Firstclass House Centrally Located
Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms ^
arc airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the ii
W market affords. IX
^?    IF YOU WANT   ^
!   As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip
Which, being translated, means that those who wear
OUR suits, made up in first class style by first class
workmen, well know them to be the BEST      **      **
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.
»■»■>♦■» •.•.♦©(!>♦♦•-*-•
.;t,w!*   T-4,*-  .J.     ,
■■'"'..Ct i,;X^-I •>*
1*2;*%*. I ''-
':*;t; j '
4-^?7 ;
is like buying ii pig i» *• l'»S
with florae people, All meatfl
look alike to them nnd — they
very often get poor quality.
We want the trade ol thoso
who know good
nml those that don't. The former will know tlint we liuve
tlint   kind for  tbem and  the
atter can rely upon ns to give
l to them.
I  ...Manitoba Hotel...   {
5 (Under New Management)
$ D. A. McDONALD, /Manager
2 This Hotel is in the center of town. The rooms are
| comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first-
I class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you
S want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. |
I WF filVF VOU VnilR MONEY'S worth I
„.Zhe ©wl Cafe....
C. E. Egtegt Proprietor.
Open gag a»& Wtgbt,
The Beat of Everything in the Eating Line
If you come ot.ee you will come often.    We
... aim to picnic...
,\riii-inii.:: uv.'lllll'
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis, Props.
Furnf»ce& Boiler Specialists
All descriptions of lirick work
undertaken, FIugb plastered
hy now firo proof process.
Common brick, pressed lirick.
fire lirick and tile on hand.
t Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
wny of doors, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed und our prices nre
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Por Sale
Land Notice
Tuk** notloe thut nlxty ilny» nfter dnte I
tend to apply to the Chief Oommfanioner of
Landa uml Workn for pcrmWinit to purchase
the following described luiids ill South Kasl
Commrnclng nt a post plnnied at thi'
northwest cornor of Lot 8005, thence went to
the east limit of Lot 6400, thence south to
lhe mirth limit of Lot 8578, thence east to
thn west limit ot Lot 8005, thence north to
die piiii'i-of lii'uinninn. iiiiitttiiiiiitt ;ii'n acres
more or lean.
Datnl thiNiiih ilar of.lune, 1004.
11 William Profltt.
Barrister, Solicitor,, Etc
A beautiful line of Home*
sputiB and Worsteds for
Ladies' Tailor Matle Suits.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Rooms on Armstroni Ave.
r *♦♦•♦•>
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer
We tire in business for business.
To keep it nnd secure more we
must il.i business in a business
like manner. AVe are prompt
uutl reliable. That is business.
We tlo all kinds of drayage and
cartage.   We want more.
Leave orderB in our office in
tin- Cranbrook hotel block, opposite station, or telephone !Ml;
residence, lilt
Foreign Liquors Galore
Just received the larg'est consignment of Foreign Liquors ever shipped into the Kootenays.
Direct importations from the distilleries of Scotland, Holland, France
LOCH ACHRAY, the purest and most popular whisky in .Scotland today, put up in
octaves and half octaves, Imperial pints and quarts, wine quarts, flasks and
half flasks.
KIDERLEN Holland Gins from the largest Gin Distilleries in the world, put up in
octaves, half and quarter octaves, crystal jars, pints and half pints.
FROMY, ROGEE & CO.'S Famous Cognacs, " Medical Reserve."
Hy purchasing direct I hive uved Ihe tnld-lleineii'a profit., the benefit ol which I will give lo oty cu.tomer..
rhone 17     A. L. MeDERMOT,     ^0-17
Importer and Wholesale Deuler in Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For li-rnis, maps iiii.I fitrllu-r particulars uppl)' I" tho following
•nenl luml agents:
V. Hyde llnki-r, Cranbrook, li. t',    1-1. Mulliiinlniii,., .Ir., Creston, B. C.
I. II. Wilson, Wanlner, It. 0, U. & M. Bird, Nelson, B. C.
R, K. Bruce, Wilmer, H. C,
Or to
J. E. Stephens,
H. L. Stephens,
M. Rockendorf
J. Laws-ill,
As we predicted several months
months ago, the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines are
running'full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district—, ,	
Stephen. Broi, tt Co., Owner, and Proprietor.,
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
II. L. Stephens
J. E. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the "Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stephen. Bro.., Owner, tad Proprietor.,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacilic Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Special correspondence to The Herald.
The Smelter Co. have close to
100 men on the pay roll.
A new drug store, also u dry
goods firm, is expected to open
here shortly.
Big Bill Cook has accepted n
position in the culinary department of the Central Hotel.
Two well-known young people of
tin- Bmelter City will form a matrimonial alliance before the dews of
September full.
J, Curran, of Cochrane, Altn.,
has lieen doing considerable work
on his Bonny Doou claim neur the
lake, which is showing up well.
Mr. Hunter, of the Hudson's
Bay Co., Pincher Creek, paid the
burn a Hying visit lust week, having driven over with Paul Hundley of Cranbrook.
Business in the stage line between here and Cranbrook seems
to Ik- flourishing as there were no
less than five stage loads of passengers came overland Monday.
0. Early has just finished burning his tirst kiln of brick, containing 100,000. on his smelter contract.
The bricks hnve been pronounced
by ex-x-rts in that line iib Al.
Hurry Bradford, one of the old-
tiini-rs who left here several months
ago for a trip across the sea, is expected to return in the near future.
Report snyetli lie is not travelling
W. Noble and Bob Hitggard
have done considerable work on
the Melbourne group, where thore
is two of the finest looking leads
of t-opper ore in sight in the St.
MarvH valley.
Bob Johnson takes the cuke so
far this si-iiboii for heavy weight
fish ns he hus just put in nil up
pi'iiranee with a trout weighing 7J
lbs., which was safely landed in
local waters neur town todny.
How* und (i minim have returned
from up river having been absent
three weeks doing work on the
Mountain Dew (.roup of claims,
They certainly can show some fine
looking ore which assays high.
There is more work lieing done
on the several properties this season than hns been done for many
years past. And it is only n question of time when there will be
large daily shipments of $12.00
copper ore made trom the St.
Marys valley, as it should lx-
landed to this point very cheap, as
a railway can lie constructed having only 10 feet grade ill 14 miles,
Thero have been Beveral fishing
parties up to the St. Mary's lake
recently, all   of whom report ex-
I ct'lli-nt hick. Mr. Anderson, mnnnger of tin- Staples Lumber conipnny. says it is ns good a fishing
camp as lie has struck yet, and lliis no chttbber in the fishing business, us he loomed up with a $75
'fishing tackle, and returned stnil-
ini- nil ovei .villi u Hm- sample of
trout for the folks at home.
J. McDonald, proprietor of the
Central Hotel, one of the oldest
hotelmeii here, hus sold out his
business lo Mr. K. Johnson, lute
of Steeves' hotel. Frank, Alt*. Mr.
McDonald has not quite decided
whether he will retire for goal or
not, but his many friends throughout KiiBt Kootenny hope to see
him in business again before long,
for his like you don't meet every
day. As Mr. Johnson is well-
known and one of the best mixologists handling tarantula juice
in Britisli Columbin he needs no
Introduction to the public and
should get ii share of the business.
Tlii- I'l-t'iilil Correspondent.
During the month of July, the
St. Eugene mine has been running
full blast und 8,000 Ions of ore
were shipped or an average, of
100 tons per duy as the workings were closed on Dominion day.
Thc ore turned out is a high grntle
and tin- St, Eugene never looked
more promising thun it does today.
Everything is running first-class
and it is expected that during
August even a higher average will
be made than during the past
on AND HOOK -MOTHS telephone,
Tin- telephone system between
Cnuibrook and Moyie is now Hearing completion, as the linemen expected to reach Moyie on
Saturday, The Moyie office will
be in tin- Hotel Kootenay and the
charge fin- communication twenty-
five cents, with ten cents extra, if
tlm person to lx- communicated
with, has to be sent for. Thus
Moyie is proving that, without a
a doubt, slm is again a live town.
On lust Friilay evening, the men
working in the St. Eugene concentrator gave a dance in the Morley
hall. Tin- music wns furnished
by Prof. Wilson und left nothing
to be desired. At midnight, lunch
wns served in the Palace restaurant by R, T. Howard. After supper, dancing wus again the onler
of the evening and was kept up
until the early morning hours,
when those present dispersed, voting tin- affair, one of the best ever
given in thejown.
J. II. Hawke was re-elected
school trustee last Saturday.
W. il. Walker, of Nelson, wns
in town the latter part of last week.
D. J. Johnson, the contractor of
Crnnbrook, was in Moyie last week.
W. L. McGregor, of Toronto,
was doing business in Moyie this
R. G. Bellington, of Vancouvor,
was doing business in Moyie lust
Geo. R. Taylor, of Cranbrook,
was u guest tit the Hotel Kootenuy
on Fridny.
Fred E. Haines and R. 1..
Aiken, of Cranbrook, were in town
on Sunday.
M. Fleishman, of Vancouver,
wns registered at the Hotel Kootenay last Thursday,
Peter Dewur, of Missoula. Montana, was registered at the Hotel
Kootenny on Snturdny.
Chas. Farrell, owner of the
Society Girl mine, was up from
Morrissey Mines last week.
iMiss Branton has been engaged
to teach the junior room of the
Moyie school the coining term.
Prof. Chase, of Spokane, is organizing a dancing -class in town
and gave a free dance in the I. 0.
O. F. hall last evening, whicli wns
well attended.
Willie Whiteside, who was working in the lath mill at the Moyie
Lumber company's saw mill, hail u
large sliver rim into his left hand
lust Friday. Dr. Harvie dri-BBcd
the injured ...an and he is now doing iib well as could be expected.
There is talk of installing an
electric plant in Moyie. If this is
done, Moyie, with her telephone
und electric light,.will be u town
tlmt iB, Indeed, up-to-dute.
i S
* Locals In this column will be *
| charged at thc rate of 5 cents |
{ per Une each issue. jji
House lor tilde| five rooms; pantry
uml cellar; two f.int-t-it Inln; stable tuul
chicken liouse; ♦576 if sold ut once;
across creek. Apply to Mrs. W. J.
Welsh, or Herald ollice.
House for rent. Apply to Harry Vmi-
•flint what you want, the liest photos
Proflt Photo Co. ,
Butter, Kggs, Pork, Etc, — For shipment to British Columbia. Al quality.
Write lor oth prices, I. PeFchr, DWb-
liurv, Alta. 17*,r-t
For Snl,;.—luo acres ol land adjoining
Craiihnx.lt. Apply to Mrs. Tho.. May.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
We are now In shape to furnish all kinds of
Orders promptly filled and delivered in town. For prices apply
King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Dro p in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hour
out of the 24
Manufacturers of anil wholesale and retail dealers iu
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
We own our own quarries, and the ijuulity is conceded
to be the best. Monuments, Headstones, riarblc Trimmings lor Building-., u specialty. By buying from us you
gut tin- material at first cost, /
The Canadian Bank of Commerce     !
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Gio. A. Cox. President. B. B. Vuin, Cm. In
i'.ii Up Cipit.i    int,*****
«...        MN.NMS
tiiiil Hciiurtc. Nov. 311, 'tl   U.MMM.M
Deposits Received,   (icneral Banking Business Transacted
vrniiNr  DtpoiiM Itclw-i-lsi.ru. AU.»rt.
Deposit! mnv Im- made and withdrawn bv mail.
ve every attention, t'onimiiiiieaiions ml-lr-MM-l
ibrook iirmicli will ri'i-i-ivi- prompt attention.
F. C MALPAS, Manager.
S VINUS B1K 111:1*
fini i,tt,i44n accounts ii-i'i-
In tlio iiiiuiii,:'', nf tliu du
_ Capital, Paid Up     $3,000,000 I
2 Rest $2,850,000 _
JT.R, Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager I
J A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold avail*- j
fble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe    Special _
attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager,     J
%***tt* *** *************** ************ ***************
to the finished Shoe, no matter how small the process, GEO. A.
SLATER'S army of workers nre conscientiously carefulto make
everything as it should be. As sure iib wis loin it tho wealth of
the wise. Ida
are praised by those who know what good Footwear ia. Do not
be hasty in spirit and exalt folly, but purchase your next pair
of shoes of us, and you will be satisfied.    We know that what
we sell is all right.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
-®-®-®-®-®-®- ■ ®-®-Hi-
Will buy one of the
finest hotels in East
Kootenay. For full
particulars see ot ot **
Baker Street, **j* Cranbrook
-®-® *
We don't suppose there is a house in town
but has occasion occasionally to patronize
n jewelry store. Tliis store likes to be of
service to as many people ns possible. We
are pleased to quote prices to those who
are only looking around. Or wo will explain what, is in favor for presents, or give
any other information within the knowledge of the jewelry mnn_	
W. H. Wilson. 0EPS,AND
dirty or badly adjusted machinery of any
kinii cannot do satisfactory wurk. Tbe dell*
uate ini'ciittilium of
requires the Attention of an expert at least
once every two yearn. Utiles* they areclean*
ed. repaired anj n-gulated that often they
t'lintmt be expected to keep good time.
Wn put watches In perfect working order
und nliurgn moderate prices for the service.
The government boa prepared
nml issue.1 licences to prospect for
.-oal und petroleum in tin- Famous
Flathead country to the   following
named iters, ms:
A group for which Angus Cam.
enui is iii-fiii composed of: Win.
McGregor, M. A. Newbv, K. Anderson. 1. M   llodsi.il.  J,  (I.   I'lll-
.lam. S. A. iMet'iilliini..l. Anderson,
A. Wright,A.M. Hay, P, Dinsmore,
A. W. Anderson, 1). W. .Monro. ]*'.
M, liny, E, MoOallum, A. .). Dun-
lop, L. Wright..!. A. MoCallum,
E. li. McCitllum. V MoOallum,
M. Kennedy
•lohn Watt group, comprising, J,
G. McCoy, Ueorge Wutt, AJex
Watt,.I. E. Smart, J. A. Ford, Al-
fred F. Marcus. .Maggie Watt. D.
W. Rhodes, Sarah M. Watt. Kobert Watt, Wm. Watl, Munley
Heiihsmuii. John Watt, Albert
Wiegund and Thos B watt.
John Hutchison, V. H.Baker, A.
W. McVittie, E. L. MoVittie,
James Baker, H. N. McVittie, I.
Baker, C Hutchison, AV. F. Gnrd.
A. T. Watt, H. L. Stephens, (A.
Haekett. agent).
E B Webster.Jns Caineronjigeiit,
J. K. Miller (James Cameron,
Agent), A. il. Tower (James Cameron, agent). W. A. Prott,(Wm.
Forrest, agent). James Cameron,
Angus Cameron (Jas. Cumeron,
agent). Wm. Forrest, Albert I.
Goodel (Wm. Forrest, agent) S. B.
Jottill. Jas. E. Spankie, li. R, Red-
puth, Hugh McCutcheon. D. K.
Wottson, M. E. Annnble, J. A.
Cryderman, Wilson Chislom (Jns.
Cameron, agent). Henry Foster.
(J. T. Bluff, agent), Emile Cote
(J, T. Bluff, agent). Wins. Hay.
W. J. Basset, Geo. W. Floyd, H
H. Spinks. Wm. Cook, W. B. G nui-
ville, Frank Miller, Elizabeth
Cook. John Mcintosh, Jas. Newby.
Stanley Willn, H. S.   Caryley, t.
C. Tollefsen, Hector Kelly, Mathew
Taylor, Jas. Hodson, Thomas Newby, Ann Kelly, Neil Y. McCallum.
W. W. Shaw. Peter Wright. G. A.
Evan, Margaret .1. McGregor, Wm,
McNee, Louise MoKwen, A, C.
Sinclair, A. H. Blnck, George A.
Willn, Samuel Horner. Arch. Buchanan, John Temple. Fred Lnwrie.
J. V. Brown, Peter T, McCollum.
Jas. McAnUde. Peter Wright, H.
W. Gregory. Percy St-cord. A. E.
Blackewav, Chns. Cussiin, W. 0,
Putnam. 1). McMillan, W, -1. Morrison, F. .1. Loftus. .1. MoKnight,
W. H. Hoffman. M. W. Sullivan,
and Fred Waldon.
A group with A. L. Aiiderson.ng.
ent, comprising John Tuttle, Sam
Flynii, A. I. Looinis, George A.
Tuttle. Kdward Biuimester, W. F.
Diftenliui-ker. Lucille Miller, li. D,
Miller. Wm. Barlow, George Lee
Hopkins, Nnni-v ti.Barlow, E. A.
Ziniiel. Robt, Morrill. Wilis, ile.
Guire. Rol.t. Rii-lumls. Roltt. L.
Beard. J. B, Moosely, W. E, S,
Coyne, John Tine, T. J Kittsbury,
George Russell, .lohn Gloyue and
E. G. FaniBworth.
With Wm. Forn-st as ngent    W.
D. Shea, J, J, Davis, A. J. Bogle,
1). P. Kane, W. R. Allen, S. H.'M.
White, H. Geigeriob. M. V. Brnd-
shaw, L. A. Cie.gerieh, G. Martin,
A. T. Garland, A, S. Minnion, J.
Millington,  P.   H. Walsh,   J. R.
Kirk wood.
A itjroup for which W. J. Bluff is
ugi-iit composed of Jane Bluff. G
I"r,|iihnrt, R. A. Grant. W.J. Bluff
.Miiiidf. Bluff, Thos. II. Arm-
Btrang Simon 0. Vee. A. E Denni*
son. anil Thos. G. Newman. A.
W. Vowel] I W. J. Laugly. agent I.
Jus. Wark IW. J. Laugl.-y agent).
I'. LoiiL-hurst.
The following long list is repro-
sentiil by Andrew Haekett us agent
Andrew Hnekett, Delia F. Hncket.t
John Fahey, John Mailer, R. J,
Logan, Mury Fahey ■ Geo. Miller.
W. A. Haekett, John Anderson,
•lames Anderson, E. B. Davis A. i
I,. Davies, J. L. Manning, Alice
Fahey, Norah Fahey, Marion Powell, Wins. Austin, D, K. McDonald
Christiana Anderson, Mabel Au-
lerson, Grace Shaw, Edwanl An-
lerson, Isabella Anderson, Catherine Anderson,' Daisy Anderson,
Wm. Anderson, Caudaee Logan,
Rebecca Logan, C. C. Dempster,
John O'Neif, E. A. Patrick, Ole
Huff, Chas. S. Clute, E. B. Camp
bell, 0, P. Potto, Wm. Donahue,
Sterling Matthews, J. M. Birks, D.
D, Birks, Martha Hoff, Sarah A,
Ross, C. A. Prather, A. E. Austin
Aaron Harris, P. W. Dillon, ThoB.
A. Buckell, Minni* M, Miller. M.
Danzuc, S. Callahan, IduM. Whit-
son, M, Isbeter, Clarabel Kaufman
R. A. Hutchison, F. H. Smith,
Emma J, Stone, Albert Sickafoose,
J. B Prather, Annie S. Prather,
HattieL, Smith, Jas. H. Smith,
John Hennessy, Jas. N. Prather,
C. Carlson, G. Carlson, Ellen Carlson, Edward Cokery, D. W. Morrison, G. B. Taylor, G. H. Kelly, T.
H. Tollifsen, D. F. Anderson, Re-
gitia Carlson, Ida Carlson, J. F.
Donnely, G. Turner, E. Guibb, T.
Foster, Anna Can, T. V, Reed, W.
Malanfnnt, C. E.;Slone, Cora B.
Slone, Bartin Bergenstron, P. I.
Levander, Mabel H. Haekett.
Joe Astley (William J. Astley,
agent), Jos, A. Kinney (A. S.
Thompson, agent). J. E. Grant
(J. E. Bluff, agent). J. W. Philips
I A. Haekett, agent). E. E. Phillips, (Andrew Haekett agent), R.
S. Lonnle, (I. W. Dnlby, agent).
S. D. Howell (I. W. Dnlby, agent).
W. B. Hudson (I. W. Dalby, agent)
Oscar White (I, W. Dalby, agent).
J. Fred Hume, W, McAdams, J.
Stewart, J. L, Retallack, Fred
Elliot, W. C. Moresby, S. 8. Fowl-
er, P. C, Cuddle, R, A. Froldebeux
I. W, Dalby, H. N. Lennie, John
Elliott, M. S Davys, T. M. Ward,
A. H. Kelly, A. Whenler, W. G.
Bumhaui, W, P. Tiernoy, W, H.
Thompson, B. N. White, W. J.
Wilson, Isaac Coward (J Astley,
agent) Anna Astley (J, Astley
agent). John. Astley (J. Astley,
In granting these licenses the
Mi-Bride government does not
guarantee title to the land, but accept your money and give yon the
license with the privilege of fighting for your rights with other
claimants in tho courts of the land.
In the meantime the clerks in
the hinds and works department nt
Victoria are still busy accepting
the coin and grinding away at the
list nnd it is expected the total
number issued will be close to
W. f. me,
Jeweler anb ffipttctan.
Offlcl.il W-.t-.li Io.r-ntor It. P. I., CrewsNMt'
•        fac-vcMM,
Labor Dsy Program.
Preparations am steadily going
forward for the big celebration in
Cranbrook Labor day, and the committees nre doing everything in
tlieir power to mnko it the biggest
success of anything of the kind
ever held in the Kootennys. The
prizes have been apportioned and
the following program prepared :
rAKADE AT 11 A. tit,
Best Union Float 810 00
Best Float representing the
lumbering industry  10 00
Best Merchants Float  10 00
Best   Individual   Float   in
parade  10 00
Union   with  Best   General
Appearance  25 00
Union with Largest Repre.
sentation  25 00
1 I*. M. AT OEOl'NDS
Half Mile Dash, ponies 14 hands
or under., 1st $10 00; 2nd $4 00
Chopping Contest
 1st 120 00; 2nd $10 00
Hundred Yds.  Foot  Race
(open).. 1st $20 00; 2nd $10 00
Running Broad Jump
 1st$10 00; 2nd $4 00
Tie Making Contest	
' 1st $40 00; 2nd $20 00
Indian  Pony  Race  (Half
Mile).... 1st $10 00; 2nd $5 00
Sawing Contest	
  1st $20 00; 2nd $10 00
High Jump (Running)....
 1st $10 00; 2nd $4 00
Boys' Races, prizes amount-
ing to $10 00
Back   to  Buck   Race
i    ....horses).. 1st $10
j*T> KM x>w*;m*j-j*9 X-frS-K 9e
****>i**H******)IX *>3**tm<?
K-liltil liy Q. II. Tliotu-json.
Thank the Lord 1 um not un
editor. 1 am working night shifts
on a special line of prayers for Old
Muu Simpson. He needs all he
can get.
When the Old Man went away,
to s'-enil part of his millions, and
iiistriirteii me to look after his interests this week, 1 told him I
would talk politics but 1 am reformed flint Hi-formed) nud won't,
But dear Brother Fortune dosen't
the trouble between Laurier,
Fisher, et nl and Lord Dundonald
remind you of the Irishman who
married, got hilarious at the welding, and after administering a
Donneybrook chastisement to llis
bride, kicked her out of the liouse
"because" said he "you ought to be I
ashamed of yourself to be low
enough to marry me,"
At a meeting ot the membors of
the Cranbrook Law Association
the other day, it was unanimously
decided that the next man who
gets off that "liar and lawyer" joke
on any one of us will find himself
seriously injured. We don't mind
its sentiment, because everyone
knows it isn't true; but we do hate
its age and musty smell.
Talking about lawyers, did you
ever hear how they got a patron
saint? It is told by one of the ancient authors, that every profession,
business and calling except luw,
had a patron saint, and the lawyers
in convocation assembled, determined to apply for one to His
HolinesB, the Pope. As the
church of that day was just out of
saints, and as they couldn't find
any lawyer who had become one,
(it not being necessary), the request for a whole individual saint
was refused, but they wore told
thnt one of their members could
outer St, Peters blindfolded, walk
uround three times, and the first
saint whose image he touched,
would take upon his shoulders the
multiformis woes of the law society
in addition to his other labors.
The leading judge of the time was
chosen to perform tho duty, but
alas, the first image he touched
was that of His Satanic. Majesty,
"whereupon" saith the chronicler
"the peoplo cried with a loud voice
'behold', the lawyer has got the
Devil," aud that is why he has
been getting it ever since,
I wish tho government of British
Columbia would become wealthy
and build a court house, and when
they do, I hop it will be in a cool
spot; if passible right on top of an
ico house, When you nave a
Chinamen prosecuting a Japanese,
and two Italians, three Slavs and
an Indian as witnessess, all in the
present court house, during these
dog days, it is expedient to have
handy some iced lemonade, an
electric fan, some chloride of lime
and a stomach pump.
Climbing Greasy Pole	
 1st $10 00; 2nd-
Ludies' Horse Race	
 let $10 00; 2nd $5 00
Log Loading Contest	
 1st $50 00; 2nd $25 00
Girls' Foot Races, prizes
amounting to $10 00
Putting Shot (16 lb. shot)
 1st $10; 2nd $5 00
Indians wrestling on horse
back 1st $15 00; 2nd-
Squaw Pony Race	
 1st $10 00; 2nd $5 00
Fat Man's Race, 200 lbs. or
over 1st $5 00; 2nd-
Union Men's Race, 100 yds,
 1st $10 00; 2nd $5 00
Miners Drilling Contest.,,,
 1st $175 00; 2nd $75 00
Tug-of-war, Railroad Men
vs. Lumbermen Prize
Committee on Mining and Lumbering Events—Wm. Oliver, J. P.
Fink, J. H. McDonald.
Committee on Indian and Horse
Racing Events—Jas. Gill, E. H.
Small, F. E. Simpson.
Committee on Foot Racing, Tug-
of.War, Jumping, etc.—W. Small,
W, Rose, A. Dowson.
S, McDonald,   I. R, Manning,
President,        Secretary.
Building tor Salt.
As The Herald will move to its
new building in July, the present
Herald building is for sale,
F. E, Simpson.
9  lc
8; 2i
Ind $4 00
Type writing wanted.
Miss Stamp.
Apply to
I have read a good deal lately in
The Herald, about the boys and
girls of Cranbrook; and if I did
not agree with the editor in any
other manner, I would second him
in his campaign to have the
I younger members of the community kept from evil and wrongdoing,
Tne boys seem to be divided into
two classes. (I am writing only
of the rougher element of the buys
whom we see on the streets, loafing, at all hours of the night).
There are the bad boys and -those
who are not quite so bad. As for
the latter, I am a bachelor and of
course am supposed to know nothing about raising children. I don't;
but I have vivid and somewhat
painful reminiscenses of some of
the days when I was raised myself
by a father and mother who wero
anything but strict disciplinarians;
and I still believe that the home
influence will keep nine out of ten
boys straight. As for the "real
bad boys", I had the pleasure of
taking part in a conversation with
the powers that be, including Mr.
Morris, about certain of the youths
of this town, Remonstrance has
been tried, parental authority has
been invoked, some of them have
been "put in quod" for a few
hours and some ot them have been
sentenced to take their meals in a
standing position for a period, the
length of which depended on the
toughness of their epidermis; but
nothing seems to answer. Let me
tell, not only the boys, but the
parents, that the next little lot,
are going to a placo where they
won't trouble tho people of this
community for somo time. And
the word "reformitory" sticks to a
boy or man for life. This is a good
broad hint from one who knows;
and it would not be a very difficult
It would seem thut tires nre get* j ruins this morning,
ting to be u weekly oconrrenee in I   il 8et*ms almost beyond belief
Craubrook as about 9:80 lust even- j'!1"' » **»  ™'"I>osed «'•»«' «*
,,    .,.,   ,, , ,. . tirely of frame structure  closely
iug the City Bakery was discover- j c01,8truct(xi (ls ,h(.y _„, in the bill.
ed to be all ablaze and  within  an I ness part of Cruubrook, with OU
half hour hud been totally destroy-1 limiti-d fin- apparatus and wales
ill.    The origin of the  fire  is  un-  works, could have two such  fiats*
known as no one was in tlie  build-; fires us  we  have  hud in the last
iug at the time.    Mr.Wilsoii states : fortnight and escape with us littU
thut he hud a lire in the oven  and damage,   and   again    wc Bay too
lind his l.reiul ulreaily  for bilking muoh credit  cannot Ih- given ts.
und wus waiting for the fir.- to m< those who  have  rendered   such
down before starting to bake.    In valuable nssistnnee iu fighting tke
the meanwhile he went to his barn (tames.   At one time Inst nighl it
to look lifter his horses and had . seem.il almost    certain  that   lha
only been absent a fow moments [Manning cottage would be destroy*
when the alarm was given, and  he i wins the side and  roof were all
is unable to understand how the ablaze antl the water in thc hoar,
blaze could have started us he left j gave out to such un extent that it
everything in   good   shape,    Un could not be even thrown on th*
hearing the alarm he mailed  back low roof.   At this point Brakemaa
to the bakery but the flames hud ' Leonard and Wm. (nit-urn and a
gained such progress that it was I lumberman    named     McCaffrey,
impossible to enter the building, 'climbed u ladder at the north sum
and in   an endeavor to save his of the cottage with the hose, and
books he broke a window, rocelv. Isucceeded in putting the blaze oa
iug a bud gush iu his wrist in the. the roof out with their limited sup-
operation,   but  the    flumes   und i ply of water while the bucket brig,
smoke were so dense he was driven | tides did yeoman service iu the ex.
K„nt,   -...1  ..„„....    ■   ■-•
back and nearly overcome. As
soon as possible after the alarm
a line of hose was laid from the
Cranbrook comer and severnl
bucket brigades were formed, but
it required the combined efforts of
all to prevent the Are from spreading and save the adjoining buildings. As it was, the south Bide and
roof of J. Manning's cottage is
badly charred nnd window lights
broken out, while the fronts of the
Methodist church and parsonage
were badly scorched and the glass
in the front of the church smashed
by the beat.
The bakery building was a two-
story structure owned by Robert
McLain and was valued at about
$1,«00, and insured for $500. Mr.
Wilson estimates the value of his
tools and stock at aliout $1,000,
with an Insurance of $250.    Be,
tinguishiilg the blaze on the aid*
of the building, and Fire Chief J,
P. Fink is loud in his praise of tht
services rendered by all. The
heaviest loser by tbe fire is Mr.
Wilson, who had spent nearly two
years of liunl labor building up
his business and was just getting
things in i^ood shape, and is now
left without n suit of clothes te
show for it.
Tho citizens of Crnnbrook again
have cause for thanks that tha
fire was no worse, for if the wind
had been blowing as hard as during the afieriuxui it would hav*
been an easy matter to have wiped
out the town.
The second floor of the building
was occupied as a residence by
Mr, and Mrs. Wallace McDonald,
and both were away from home at
the time and they suffered a lots
sides the loss of his tools and stock | of between $200 and $300 in furai-
Mr. Wilson lost his tiu-ik, clothing I ture and wearing apparel, losing
and all of his personal effects with 'all of their clothing except what
the exception of his working suil; they were wearing at the time,
wliich he had on at the time, i The damage tu the Manning
Among his personal effects was a! cottage and the Methodist church
little over $30 in cosh and of this j and parsonage is fully covered by
he recovered $11 in silver from  the | insurance.
job to name tho boy'B whose fathers checking the conflagration.
I hope will take the hint. ! situation bas reached such .
s a ffl j proportions that   on last night *
\ meeting of the Board of Trade w|»
I have heard a lot about the held and a committee appointed
"law's delay" but they ure not m am* the following resolution wired
it with the claims department of,t0 Premier McBride-
theC. P. R. The local staff are] -The Board of Trade strongly
all right, obliging and business u^ps the appointment of Sn
like, but when once a claim hus to \ warden for Cranbrook district and
go to Winnipeg, well, it's hard on
the claimant.
Speaking of delays, are there not
two BideB to the rale of the lumlier
companies, which compel a mun
who leaves their employment, to
wait, sometimes, two and three
weeks for his wages? Of course it
is u check on a workmnn, suddenly nnd without cause, leaving his
job, and, perhaps disarranging nnd
delaying the operations and business of his employers, But on
the other hand, I have known
many cases, where the employee
has quit for a perfectly legitimate
object, and hus had to wait around
tor his money so long thnt he has
spent it all in his efforts to collect
it. I am not looking at the question from a legal point of view, but
as a mutter of fairness to everyone
concerned; if the employer can
discharge the employee without
any notice, as we all know is the
case in this country, Bliould not
the employee be entitled to discharge himself and get paid, without delay, for his work? It is u
matter worthy of discussion and
surely some method might be ar.
rived at which would satisfy both
By the by, what is the mutter
with incorporation ? Are we to let
a poor, misguided burg like Fernie
get ahead of thc Queen City of
East Kootenay?
The dutios of every Cranbrookite
nowadays are two fold.—Boost up
Labor Day celebration. Pray for
the furnishing of funds to fight
the disastrous fires now raging.
Situation serious and immediate
relief necessary."
As the government receives over
$32,000 yearly in cash for timbai
licenses from the district of South
East Kootenay it would seem no
more than fair that the government
should put forth some effort and
spend some of these funds for the
protection of the timber, for if tha
present conflagration keeps up it
will mean not only heavy losses to
the holders of the licenses, but de.
prive the government of a large
source of revenue, and if the present dry weather keeps up hundreds
of thousands of dollars worth of
valuable timlier will be destroyed
and the district receive a set beck
from which it will not recover for
years. The Herald is reliably in*
formed that every other province
in the Dominion furnishes assist.
ance and protection in like caaea
and keep fire rangers constantly
employed to prevent the starting
und spreading of bush fires and it
would seem about time that British
Columbiu, whose sources of revenue
depend so largely on the timber
industry was getting iu line. Besides the sum received from licensee
the government receives a royalty
of ii) cents per thousand feet for
all lumber cut and this should
prove a potent reason for render.
ing the assistance needed.
Tbe Victoria Eire.
The Biuh Fires.
The bush fires which have been
raging the past week all the way
from Kootenay Landing to Crows
Nest are daily increasing nnd have
become a mighty serious problem
to the eitizens and business men
of South East Kootenay. Every
mill company and most of Upholders of timber limits, together
with the C P R have hud crews
out fighting the flames of the ) ast.
week, but even with the assistance
of the heavy rains of Saturday
night and Sunday last have been
unable to make much headway in
Victoria, Aug. 10.—A consem-
tivejestimate of damage resulting
from yesterday's fire is $100,000,
but it will not be known with any
degree of certainty until the damage to the Albion Iron works,
where the fire started, and which
was Partly gutted, has been corn.
puted. The pattern room, most
modernly fitted up, together With
the patterns wus entirely destroyed
while in the store room the rains
of 12 or 14 engines can be counted.
An insurance of $75,000 waa car.
ried by tho company.
One block, with the exception of
two structures, was wiped out. On
the opposite sideof the street seven
houses were destroyed, while fire
houses, cottages and some cabins
on two other streets are also goo*. THE   CRANBROOK   IIERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
aid ii
,.Nti*lO <
Etui Koo1 !
-ul.l r.'.i
fl per inch, single col-
mora timi im lew.
 it*,  per line to lion*
ht line to regular ad<
,aln Ave MUU per lln*
wbo chase through lit
hand, making every one
household uncomtartuhle  1
of n  littlf oust,   upsetting
lust   cloth
The 11
imly fl'.   Nn mini in  Sunt
fan afford to In withoul it
livitiuniitni.li' i.f tbe district, v
in tln> progrew "l thin section
It publishes, tho new* whilo it in news. It is
controlled absolutely by the publisher. No
clique, party or Individual dictates il policy.
It don't try to pleotw the people, lt'» desire
int.. publish :i in*ivepuper that will In-a credit
to th* community.  Semi in your iubecrlit*
tion ihkI und you will In* thuiiklulever nftt-r-
Advertising rati
itiiin, por month, uo
Beading matter l
lldVOrtiSt'l'H;   111 i-i'lllf
verttstro.   Business
iu*)) Insertion.
if you desire to rei
Eaii Kootenay yoi
Tha Herald haa n Brateluai job plant, mul
Ita work Uot the beet. The Herald don'l
waut charity, It wauta u square deal on
your |ob work. If we con'i unit you in quality and price, kick, am) Bend .M>nr work to
•otne Ubeap .lohn houae iu the
ar apenda u cent in Crnnbrook
ople o(8outh
ihi Hint t
There are joys whieh long to Incurs. God sends ten thousand
truths, which come aliout us like
birds seeking inlets; but we are
shut up to them, and so they bring
us nothing, but sit and sing awhile
upon the roof and then fly away.
,.     of     the    whole      family
for the sake of gratifying your
passion for honseoleaning? Or do
you prefer to live as comfortably
as possible, ohoosing ratherto have
a home, a saored nnd beloved spot
to husband and children, and hold
their love above even tin- sacred
duty of ohasing microbes? We
have an acquaintance, who believes
herself to be a model Christian
wife and mother, but who keeps
her entire household stirred up
and miserable. They inusn't do
this because dirt would In- brooked
nor that because it would make
the liouse untidy. Nobody gets a
bit of rest anywhere, on account of
the   sweeping ami dusting,   and
ihaktng and beating that is nlwnys
going on. Would you not almost
rather Ik- considered a "little slack"
than to make every  body urontid
ou so uncomfortable?   We would.
Sampson Transferred.
Constable Sampson has 1-eeu
transferred to Morrissey when- he
will Bucceed Mr. Tranter os guard*
inn of the jM-nee for the three
towns. Mr. Sampson is a painstaking officer who will no doubt
fill this difficulty position satisfactorily. The government could very
materially lessen thiB difficulties
by building a lock-up in this neighborhood,   Fernie Free Press.
Our life abroad iB but a reflex of
what it is at home. We make ourselves in a greut measure at homo.
Thia is especially true of women.
The woman who is rude, coarse
and vulgar at home cannot be expected to lie amiable, chaste and
retined in the world. Her home
habits will stick to her. They are
woven into the web of her life.
Her home language will be the
first on her tongue. Her home by-
wonta will come out to mortify her
just when she wants moat to hid
them in her heart. Her home
coarseness will appear in most refined circles. We eunuot cheat tlu
world long about our real characters, The thickest and most
opaque musk we can put on will
soon become transparent.
Resolve, and tell your wife of
your good resolution. Hhe will aid
it all she can. Her step will lie
lighter and her hand will be busier
ail dny, expecting the comfortable
evening ut home when yon return.
Household iill'uirs will have been
well attended to. A place for
everything and everything
in its pi .ce, will liki
some goal genius, have made even
an humble home the scene of neat
neas, arrangement and taste. The
table will be ready at the fireside
The loaf will la- one of that order
which Bays, by its appearance, you
may cut and come again. The
cups and saucers will be waiting
for supplies. The kettle will be
singing; and the children, happy
with fresh air und exercise, will
be smiling in their glud anticipation of that evening meal when
father is at home, uutl of the pleasant reading afterwards.
iug tiii-kle iii shn'-e and avowing
Intentions of fishing every stream
between the Bookies and Kootenay
lake in au endeavor to equal Cameron and llamption's catch,
Frank   Dickinson   and   James
Bates were at llostner Saturday
last and ns a result of their day's
fishing brought book sueh a bunch
of speckled lieuuties that it was
necessary to secure the service of
a dray to transport them from the
station up town. While their fish
were not ns large as Cameron nnd
llainption's biggest ones, they had
the latter named gentlemen beat to
death in numbers, ami even at that
the smallest of their catch weighed
a pound,
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
K. Oorbett, on Monday August 4*,
l'.iOl, by Uev. S. .1. Thompson,
Mr. .lohn Lionel Fox, of t'riin-
I brook lo Mrs. Lilly I), l'lileheni. of
Spokane, Wash.
Tbe Osme Protested.
R. E, Benttie, president of the
Union nnd Crows Nest Lacrosse
league, received an official protest
from the Lethbridge team, on
Monday, of the game at that town
Inst week. Tl ey bi s - their protest on the grounds that R. J.
Black, had not been a resident of
Cranbrook for the twenty days pre-
icding the match, but was employed in Lethbridge, The fncts are
that Mr. Black, (the same as eight
other members of the Cranbrook
team) is employed by the C. P. R.
and has to ly. wherever his employers want hint, and in compli
mice with orders is at present
stationed nt Lethbridge relieving
a man who is confined in the
hospital with illness, but he wns a
registered and accredited member
of the Crnnbrook team since Juno
20th. If the strict letter of the
rule under which the protest iB
made is enforced and the protest
upheld Crnubrook's team might as
well disband as not only Mr. Black
but the eight other railroad men
on the team are liable to be working at any point on the Crow for u
month or more previous to mutches,
and if reports are true Lethbridge
would lxi in the Bame predicament
as their game with Medicine Hat
was protested by the latter on the
same grounds, but the protest was
turned down by the committee,
We would suggest that the
Lethbridge teum take their medicine like true sports and forward
the Luvasseur cup to Cranbrook
wliere it liclongs,
How much capital have you
invested in tlie worrying business?
Home folkB put everything they
have into it nnd never draw out a
cent. All they get in the end is
crow's feet around their eyes, sour
fuces.and dried np souls. Uocb it
The back yard of the home is
quite often the best index to the
refinement und culture of thc people who live in it. Some back
yards are to some what dirty hose
are covered by the drapery of a
siik dress. Clean up in front, of
course but clean up the back yard
as a christian duty.
Melancholy cannot hold its own
with perenniul good nature. Sunshine is contagious. Smiles ore
epidemic. One joyous nature will
fill nn auditorium with good cheer.
Despondency is a poor debater.
It can bring no argument that a
sunbeam will not penetrate.
Cheerfulness is a gospel that
every woman should possess; it iB
worth more than creed or dogma.
Ask the man who lights the hard
battles of life, what it means to go
home to a cheerful wife. Cheerfulness iB a jewel either in prosperity or adversity. A low-spirited
fault-finding wife can kill the last
bit of hope nnd i-nthiisiani remaining in a troubled heart, wliile the
cheerful hopeful one leads it to
press on or to begin over again
with a "heart for any fute." The
prime requisite to success nnd
happiness is cheerfulness, The
mother who allows the blues and
sulks to Overshadow the home, who
allows herself to lie moody and
discontented fails in a chief duty
and places 11 handicap on her husband and children in the rnc.i of
What kind ot n woman are you
Ht home?    Are you ono of those
Ou Wednesday, Aug. lllth, nl
10.JIII 11.111. a pretty wedding was
celebrated at Christ Church, when
Miss Mary Kerr, of Cranbrook.
was married to Mr. Win. Flowers,
of Macleod. formerly of Rat Portage. The bride who was given
away by her father, Mr. George
Kerr, was prettily gowned iu whit,
silk with an over dress of point
d'espril with trimmings of chiffon
applique and satin ribbon, She
carried a bouquet of white carnations and wore a veil and orange
The bridesmaid, Miss Annie
Keeniin, wore a gown of pale blue
china silk with lace yoke and
carried pink carnations. The
groom was attended by Mr. John
Dezall, of Crnnbrook.
After the ceremony, whicli was
conducted by the Rev. Huvelock
Beacham, B.A., rector, a wedding
breakfast was served ut the bride's
home and the happy couple left on
the 3.10 train for the enst, visiting
old friends in Buy City, Mie'
nnd other points. The bride was
the recipient of many pretty gifts
among others a valuable clock from
the Ladies' Guild of Christ Church
and a china tea set from the Sunday school, in both of whicli she
has for a long time been a faithful
and efficient worker. Mr. mui Mrs
Flowers will reside in Crnnbrook
and they have the hearty goixl
wishes of all their friends.
A Warm Bunch.
The Lethbridge lacrosse team
are certainly a warm lot of sports
nit. It is an understood mie of
the Crows Nest and Union leagues
that all tho visiting team get out
of a game is their hotel expenses
while in town, and every team that
has visited Cranbrook can atteBt
the fact that their hotel expenses
have been paid by the Cranbrook
boys and that they hnd the best
the town afforded, and when the
Lethbridge team played here the
24th of May they nrriveil in town
on Sunilny and their hotel bills
were settled by the home team
without h murmur, as a team cannot l*e expected to travel 200 miles,
play lacrosse, und get out of town
inside of %i hours, when there is
bit one passenger train each day,
But they evidently have a different
way of looking at tho matter in
Lethbridge as on Tuesday last
Manager McSweyn received an
itemized statement from the Lethbridge hotel for one day's bill for
the team. It may be all riglit but
it looks cheap from the rond,
New Sawmill For East Kootenay.
Nelson Tribune of August 1st:
Malcolm Mclnnis of Cranbrook wns
ut the Hume last night on his wuy
to Spokane. Mr, Mclnnis is the
owner of one of tho best timber limits in East Kootenny, near Crows
Nest He is aliout to form a
company in Spokane to put in a
large null on the property, Speaking of forest fires in Enst Kootenay,
Mr. Mclnnis snys that near Blairmore and Crows Nest, it looked at
one time last week ns if every stick
of timber In the country would go ■ tlmt     m    d     j,     .,.     k fo
Spokune this morning.
The Kooteasy Cintral.
Just after the lust issue of Tin
Outcrop hnd been put in the poBt
office a message was received announcing thut 18 surveyors under
W. Irving had arrived in Golden
and were there to start the survey
of the proposed Kootenay Central
railway from thut point through
this valley until they meet with
the survey party that started out
from the Crow's Nest Puss Rail
wuy. This good ii«wb spread very
rnpiilly and has been the one
absorbing subject for conversation
during the week. On the arrival
of the steamer Ptarmigan the report, was confirmed. This accounts
tor a lot of work the OP. R. has
done at Golden thiB year which
has puzzled the people of that
town iib the numerous new switches
»pd other work was much more
than the business there warranted
The Golden Star says;
The party got started on Wednesday afternoon from u point near
the C> P, R, depot nnd continued
tlieir line across the Kicking Horse
and will follow close to the government wagon road until Canyon
creek is reached, where it is expected they will cross to the west
Bide of the Columbia river and
continue from there on to Windermere lake, where the party from
the other end will be met, und two
lines run there to the southern terminus, one on either side of the
Kootenay liver. It is also giveu
Out on good authority that the
work will be begun immediately on
the completion of the locution,,
From the Statutes it js learned
that in order to keep the charter
for this road alive it is necessary
that $10,000 be spent in surveys or
construction before the 1st of October of this year thus there can be
no doubt as to the survey ' being
completed, and fr»in what little
can be learned it would seem that
thp chances of construction following immediately are most favorable
inasmuch Its this route will boused
as tl.o main line of the C. p. R.
from 01**11 to ocean as it will save
time and heavy grades compared
with the present route traversed.
Without again rehearsing the
resources of the country this road
will pass through, its great advantage can easily bio judged, and
from uow on we may rest assured
Fish Story.
"Billy"  Cameron   and
rich districts of North und South
gust Kopteniiy.—Wilmer Outcrop.
License Commissis^efs Meet.
The  board of license commis*
Hampton arrived in town Saturday' sioners met on Saturday evening
night with thirtyfive or the finest at tlin court liouse to consider sev-
trout ever brought to Cranbrook.. erjd applications, which were dis-
They were certainly beauties nnd posed of in the following order,
ranged In weight from one pound     Katie Laeey, application for a
und a half to four pounds and were transfer of her hotel license bou.
caught some where in the vicinity Gateway  to   the   Palace    hotel,
of Michel, bnt so far the boys hftve Jaf ray,   IJujected on the ground
refused  to divulge  the   locality thut it *us not needed,
where they captured them.    In thn      ,1.   A.   Anderson   new   license,
meanwhile nearly every disciple of Union hotel, Jaffray; rejected.
Walton in town is getting liis fish-     Jofen S. ljockett, now license,
* Wherever you find a judge of line whisky, you
find " Peter Dawson's "—a mature spirit of great
••Extra -Special"
Old Scotch Whishy
To be had from HcDermot and Bowness
Hands and Brains
The man who works wiih his hands and the man
who works with his head will each find in
Orange Meat
all the requirements of a perfect food.
Science and experience have proved the sustaining
Ask your Grocer for a Package
(op tlmt pair of tronnpt*n. Tliey will fit you
to perfection when we'll have them ready for
yon. The cloth will bo tht- best ot the eelect-
.•il material, too, tint) you'll lie mat ieftod witli
itn lusting <tu - lilies. You know tbat the
mmte 111 order t r.iiiwrn are fnrhuperlor 1 o the
i*eiidy-ma<le ones, nml whilo the former caste
n little mnn, they are cheaper in the eud, for
thoy will outwear the others. Tbe reputation
nl our establishment for high eluss work in
well known, and our priCM are reaBonable,
too.   Let's havo your orders.
Leask & Henderson
Wil* t    Another shipment of
II1CT     ArHVPfl    Fr»h  CREAMERY
U UO I    /il 1 1 V CU    BUTTER,di«et from
____^-^^_______   factory, in 14 and 28
pound boxes and bricks, put up expressly for Manning & Siddons ; in fact we sell nothing but fresh goods that are sure to
please the most exacting*
We have a few of those TAILOR-MADE SUITS direct from
London, England, that arc being sold so cheap that they will surprise you. Oh, yes, and those FANCY SUMMER VESTS.
Come and see them WE ARE HERE TO PLEASE
»I -8> I «> I«I * I * I *
Elk hotel, Li-i-nril creek. Wns not
considered us the liecoBsnry money
hull not been paid.
W. B. Giinong, transfer to N.
Hansen The Windsor hotel, Morrissey Mines.   Granted,
Peter Arena, application for new
license, The British Columbia
hotel, Morrissey, rejected on the
ground that applicant was not on
the voters list nnd ulso thut the
hotel wub not required.
John Marsh. Loop hotel, The
Loop; application for a new license.
Adjourned until August 16th when
fuller information will be submit,
ted.—Fernie Free Press.
Valuable Silver Gifts.
The best Canadian wheat cereal
-Orange Meat—is ll nutritious
and tasty food. "I not only use it
myself, but advise my convalescent
patients to use it," BayB G. M.
Stratton, M.P., of Napunee, Out.
Every leading grocer can show
samples of heavy silver-plated table
ware given free for coupons enclosed in every 1,5c package. A
splendid line of tea nnd dessert
spoons iu sets of six und three,
respectively, a beautiful pattern in
a Biigtir shell, and ii handsome new-
design butter knife, all of very
henvy silver plute, without stamp
or advertisement, nre among tbe
premiums which muy be secured
along with this i-xruHnnt C'aiiudiun
Wanted to Purchase.
Five or Bix roomed house, centrally located for ciiah. Apply box
4 Crnnbrook. •
CC0UNTS in ft
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?  *
If the rush of business
prevents YOU finding
fiii)e to tyrite up your
books, or having yguf
bills and accounts regularly rendered and collected, apply to
P. 0. Box 217
Notice of Dissolution.
Notioo in beroliy given that tty Hrm ol IVrry H Fit-egeruld, doing humm-m-i under tbe
niinii. of Crnnbrook Cartage*, and Transfer
rompany, fa hoi'eliy mutually dissolved, F,
J. F. Horry will continue tha business and
net tin all accounts due by tho linn and rollout
all hills due the firm.
Crnnbrook, B. C. July Iii, 1004,
F. J. F. l'erry,
■    <v Fltigernld,
Cranbrook License DUtrict.
A special in ii-tiiig of the Hoard uf Llconee
Commissioners, Cm ((brook License .District,
wilt heboid itt the Court House, tjrunbronk,
on Friday, Atigim! till.  |.HJ|. ut >i* o'clock
In the Itironoou  to  ooutJidor ilm following
application i—
Win. Fornyth, ttoyal Hotol. Kimtierluy.
J. II  MfMuliiir,
I'iiiii I.ii'i'iiw Inepeetor.
M.44U tu |«l.lll,  «l|4. ,|..|,.. llul,  ...||. Ii, 1,4,4" INIIIK* "-4.4I-
14 111. 114,-1 4, 111 l.-lli.4h.lll.  >„,'„-(. ll,
•ml ll lm. ilu- -1114.il * mil |*it„i,im* uf mMiv «f Ihi, far.i
4,144111..      1I.,.|-4I> >■!>!   I4III      lil-l.',, II... 4 TlH- l,„l.l lll.li.il. ul
4..,,  44 1,111.111    lln- ll-*. 1,1. 1',-liliratb. A|4-|4.Im>,„i 4>l
C' 1". -1-    IIV.C. J,HKNI0N, *.«.. Su.IUl.lf,
'Ifi ||l 11114*111 H|.. V»N|til-4,ll, v: ii.
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Benle, & Elwell,
brokers, Cranbrook B. C.
Wat Scrip  aaii.oo
North  Htur  8
ijul|ty-iri ., ,  IS
8t. finder-*..,,..,            ...      *-;,. -lf|
l'aj   Hull [.,,",„„*,,*,' '.     t
Ht. I-JiiKi-n-'MI, MIiiph , ,.„' 10
WeHtflru Oil anil Coul Com p uiy........ '96
l-iuiiiiliuii Unlit Pli-ld.      4
ItileriiutiiiiiuH-tiiil ittiit Cuki*  Sfi
Diimiiijiiii  Uuti-iiilj.Iiil,:il  %0
Impi-rlii) Oil nm) Coal Company  £5.0
Sales:  Western Oil and Coaj,
1,000, Sullivan, 600.
HIM •••(£(•)•»♦♦•>•
Hotel 3 3
flatsli Contort s Specially
(Iood Stabllnf Is Cooseclloa
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Ru accommoda-
tlnu. for the public unequalled ln Cranbrook.
t  Hot aod Cold Balks
Hoggarth & Rollins
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In the District
Rates tl and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style Irom H p. m. tu 6 a. m.
Thc tabic is thc but, thc rooms arc unsurpassed (or clean
lincss and comlort and the bar is supplied with the but brand
oi liquors and cigars.
The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley.
_ Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining room service, and the
g but of everything; at the bar.
1 FRED DREW,      ,%V       Proprietor.
rictor* i
Timber Notice.
. Take notice that thirty dayn n'ter dato, I
inti'inl to apply to therhiet rorainiMioner ol
Laudn and works, (or a epeeial lirenee to out
and oarry awny limber Irom the following
dofu'ribed land*1, ittuate ia Houth Kant Kootenuy Briiitth Columbin:
. Commencing at a jioet planted in the ground
at tb» north oast euri er ol D. Brotnner'n timber liooiifw> and »l«o theeontheru boundary ol
,1.1'urkf-1 imlior Ik-onso, thenn eut S'> chain*
thonco south NO ol nine, thence wett 80 chains
thonoe north B0 chains to place ul boKinning
containing li-io a.-ros more or less.
14 Wulter Loring.
June 18th, 1904
Synop*.!-" of Refulailou for dlipoul ef Mia
crais oo 0o rail loo Landi ll Militate
the Northweit Terrltortet ui Iht VikM
Timber Notice.
Take notice tbat thirty daye niter dato. I
intend to apply to th" chief commieeioiior of
i.tiiuU and works, Victoria, R. C, tor a sp* <■-
ialiicense to cut ami carry nway timber from
tne following dom-ribed lands mtuau-iuSouth
Kast Kootonny:
rmnmi in iiiK at it [iiint i-luntciliu tlio ground
at tho e. e. cornor of D. Bromner's timber lii—
onuo. tln'irv south SO chains, thence woet 80
ehaitm, thenco north 80 ctiniim. thence oust
80 clipiiiin to tbo placo of b'-ginning. containing till) acrea moro or lent.
14 Violet l.oring
June 10. 11)04*
Timber Notice
Tnke notice that thirty days nfter date. I
the undersigned, intend to apply fo tho chlot
commist'uner ol lands nnd works at Victoria
for a special license to cut and carry awny
timber fri.iu the following deecribed binds
in South Bast Kootenay District:
1. Commencing nt a post, plauteil at the
north wfwt corner of lot aaiiO, thence east 8<)
chains, thence south ?0 cbainti, thonce west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, to place
of In gin n inK containing 040 acres.
2. Commencing at a post, planted at- tbe
south west corner of lot 2'24fi, thence east
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thonco
west 80 ch ius, thence south 80 chains, to
place of beginning containing 040 acres.
Dated at Marysville, July 24,1004.
DoraE. Wallace,
D. McFarlane,
18 Agent.
Timber Notice.
Thirty days after dote. I, the undersigned.
Inti'inl tonpi'ly to thoohiofcommlsHionnor of
tumid und works (or special licenso to cut
ami carry uwuy timber from tbe following
described lands:
Commencing at. a post planted oue and a
half miles soulb of Goat fell and noar a post
marked James Joyce's north-east comer
pnst, theuce running 40 i-haum east, ISJ0
chains, south, 80 chains west, thonco 40
rlinins north, thou -t> 40 chains east, thence
80 chains north to place of beginning.
Dated this tilth duy of July, 1004.
18 Allan Muuson.
Sweepstake Mineral Qalm,
Situ-ite in the Fori Htoele Mining divleion
of Kust Kootenay district,  tt hrm located, on Ht. Marys praire near Luke creek.
Tuke  notice that  I   Kdward Klwell Iree
minors cnrtillcuto tniuilior Il7,'t;i"4 agent for
Luke creek flold-copper Mining company,
Limited, non-personal llnblllty, free mln- ra
certificate numbor   IKliijfii.fi, intends  sixty
days from the date hereof to upil.v to the
mining recorder for a certificate ol Improvements, lor the purpose o' obtaining a crown
grant of tbe above claim.   And farther take
notice that action under section 87 must be
I'opimencofl before ihu is-uaucs of such certi-
tieate of improyoipcnlu.
Dated this iflth day of June UhU.
Ill tit Kdward Klwell.
acre tor soft coal and im for anthracite,
more than St acres cau be acq, ilretl by une la-
dividual or company, royalty at the .rate tl
ten reins per ton of J.iW pOUOJI shall becollecl-
cdini the uroBs output,
Quarts—Peruni uf eighteen years and ore?
ami J.iliu stock companies Iniiillng tree mloer'e
-,-ertlttctttei may obtain entry tor a mining luca-
A free minor't certificate In granted tor oa-a
or mure years, not oxceedlnu five, upon pay-meal
In advance nf t'M per annum for an Individual,
aud fr. in $■"■" lo f iuu per unuum for a company,
ac-joriling to capital.
A free miner, having discovered miaeral la
place, mny locate a claim 16-mhioou feei by
marking out tbe tame with two legal posit, bear*
InK locnllou notices oue at each etMoa Ibe Um
of tht- ln.lt' "T vein.
The cliilm snail ba rec-wled within flfteea
days If located within teu inllei ot a aUlag
recorders' - filer, oue additional day allowed for
overy additional ten miles or fraction. The fee
for recordhiR a claim is *\\
At least |loo must be expended oo tha elala
each year nr paid to the mining recoruer In lie*
thereof. W Inm iwo has tieou expanded or paid
lhe locator may upon having a survey isade.aat
upon complying witn other retirements, pur*
ctiue the laud at 91.00 an Cere.
IVrml*.stun inuy be i-rumed by tbe Minister ol
the Interior to locate claims containing Iron IH
mica, also copper. In the Vukon Territory, ol aa
area nut exce-odln*- lt'-o acres.
Tho putem f»r a ml nln ■ location shall provide
for tho payment of royalty at the rate of a* par
cent of the product of the location.
H**er MfnlnK.-MaulU.biand.be N. W. T.„
excepting tbe Yukou Terrltory.-l lacer mtalag
claims generally are 100 feet square- entry fee,
Ifl. renewable, yearly. On the Noith ttukal-
cht'wuii rlverctelius are either bar or bench, tha
former being 100 feet leng and extending ba*
twc'ii high and low water mark. The latter la*
eludes bar diggings, but extends back to tbt
base of l lie bill or bank, but nol exceeding l.eoe
feet, Wh< re steam power li used, claims Wl
feet wide may be obtained.
Dredging In the rivers of Manitoba and tat
s. W. T., excepting tha Yukon lerritory,—A
free miner may obtain only mo leasee of flva
Thc lessee's right Is confined to the submorg-
t"i bed or bars of the river below low water
murk, and subject to the rights of all persons
who have, nr who may receive entries Ior bar
diggings or bench claims, except on the Haskat-
cliewan river, where the lessee may dredge tt
limli water mark ou each alternate leasehold.
The lessee shall bave a dredge In operation
within one season from the date of the least for
each five mites, but where a person or company
has obtained more than one lease oue dredge
for each Dfteeu miles or fraction Is sufficient.
Mental, liu per annum for each mile of rlrar
leased.    Royalty at the rate of two and a half
Ser cent collected on Ibe mil put after lt exceeds
Dn-dging In the Yukon Territory.-Six liaise
of five times each may bo granted to a fret
miner for a termor twenty years, also renew*
The lessee's right Is confined lo the submerged bed or bars Is tbe riv r below low water
ma.k, that boundary lobe fixed by lis position
on the 1st day of August la the year of the data
of the lease.
The Icmee shall have one dredge In operattoa
within two years from tbe dale of the least, snd
n|e dredge for each five miles witliln six years
from sucli dale.    Kemal, tnm per mile for first
Sear, and #i» per mile forei
loyally same as -' '■■'
l<lu,.ar  \f llilliu
riiii'ei Mining
mllo for ea-'ii subsequent real.
ilar or 111 111 I lull ihe Yukon Territory.- Creek,
Timber Notice
Take notico that- thirty days i.fter date, I
the umln signed, intoiul to apply to the chlel
[.onitp||jK(oppr Rf luuf}K u^d wp,rk| at Victoria
lor* a special I'jwnefltQ cu(. and pi>rrygfay
timber from thefollowing dospiihed lands,
Commencing at a, jiof! plan'od about >y a
and a half miles south of (loatfoll running 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west, tl)otice
80 chains portb, (.hence 8p chal|i| east tft
plan* af beginning,
Dated this 12th |iay of July, JQOf
James Joyce,
 Ig In Die Yukon Territory.- Creek,
Ktilcli, river ami lilli iliilms iluill not exceed Ml
rent In length, mrasured on the base line of
geiietnl direction of the ereek ur gulch, Ibe
wblth being from 1 ono to a.noii feet. All other
pliit'tir claims slmll be Vhi feel sot-wre.
( luliiisare marked by two legal pnits, ooe at
nmii end, hearing noiieea Knlry mnil be oh-
taiuod wi hin ton den, If lhe elnlm le witbla
ten miles of milling rocoidor'a ofiice, uaatitra
dny ailuweii fur each additional ten mUee or
The person nr company staking a claim must
hold a free miner's eerllflcnls.
The discoverer of anew mine is entitled to a
claim of I o o feet la length, and If the fatty
consists of two, I /-iii feet allogo her, on iht out*
put of which no loyalty shall be charged, tbt
rest of the party ordinary elalmi only.
I ntry foe Ilu. ttoyally at tbe rnle of Iwt and
one half |.«i cul on the value of the go.d tBla-
ii.'d from the Vukon Teirltory lu be paid to Ibo
No free miner shall receive a grant of mart
than oue milling claim on each *n-*rate river
creek or gulch, nut the same miner nay bold
any number of claims by pui-cliase, and fret
miners may work their claims In protnerahla by
ll IIiik iiniloH and paying fee of |l A ehlM
maybe hand-nod, aud amithttr (ibiained aa'flll
Name dreek, giiiuh or riM, by givlnV noildejJ
Wring a («( ^^
Work must bedoucon a claim eaoh year to
the value of at least Isua
A cei tilloate that work has been dooe Mat be
ub alned each year; If not, the claim shall Ig
uud entry by a free miner,
The boundaries of a claim auy be denned ab*
prospecting for petrol--.... —
im ™v* J?r fiOiiteM
ingJliladlilneiV on (he mod tb he pi _,
firea'hfMU acres,   Khohlit the prosi
cover oil In '(laying quantities, and kailsl_.
establl-h such dlseovety, an area not ex«
tn.) acres, Including the oil we land suea __
land as may be determined, will be sold to L
discoverer at lhe rate of ll.oo to acre, sublec
to royalty at suoh rate as may bo apMllM r
order IncoiiucIL T
Department fit tht interior, Ottawa, 8tfi{
Deputy of the Minister of tblpfffWr


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