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Cranbrook Herald Aug 23, 1906

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Hmmil.  UC-
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
«. E. WALKER, Oenan.1 Manager ALEX, LAIRD, Am. Gent Mu.,_
A ginarll Banhln, bu.ln... Iran.scl.d.   Account, may b. open.d tni innducbd if
mall wllh all branclie. gl till. Bank.
Dcpimlt* of   $1   und upwards received, mid Interest ullowtd at
uurr«nt ruler*,   rhe depositor in Hiibfect to no delav wh*t*
■v«r iu  the   uiihdriiwul of  the   whole  or  uuy
portion uf tlio  dcpoult
Cranbrook Branch,     -      P. C. MALPAS, Manager
Z Capital Paid Up $3,900,000.00 Reserved Fund $3,900,000.00 J
4 j
; D. R. Wilkie, President. Hon. R. Jalfray, Vice-President *
I Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Sas- J
5 katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec .
4 *
4 Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- J
J   POSIT at highest current rates and compounded half yearly. *
* *
J 1. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     S
4 t
\************f ***********************************£
Between Rent Paying and the Birbeck Plan of Rent Purchase
RENT PLAN. Pay $15 to $50 a month for the use
of Bomebody else' a Iioubb fur lo yrs. /\t the end of tliat time
tho landlord has limiso ami money: tlio rout payer has
a package of receipts,
BIRBECK PLAN. Pay from $io t.i $50 a month to-
ward the purchase nf a house of your own costing from
$21*10 to $5000 At tho end of ton years ynu Imvo the
house and the money too, for the house is worth money
mul  saves  you   money.
Sole Agents Cranhrook li. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ i ********************* *
$1200.00 IN DIAMONDS
Wg Imvo jimt received u imrivl t
ranging in price Iiuiii $ Iti in
in tuul pick one out. We'll
stylo Betting you ivisli.
each.   I'.
'imt it in
W. H. WILSON, j£S£l£I "'"' ___.
Lethbridge Defaults the
Last Game
Resume uf the Season and Correspondence Regarding
What in tlw spring promised to be
ie of thu most interesting ami su*--
•ssful seasons in ilie history of   tin*
t'iows Nesi I'ass lacrosse league lias
l last ended in a fiasco and     C'ruu-
intik lias been awarded tin* cup uml
championship hy default.     This is a
very unsatisfactory ending 'or    true
liners of good sport and to say that
tin* citizens ol Cranbrook in  general
and tlie  members of   tie Cranbrook
lacrosse team in particular are   dis-
Satisfied With the result is putting it
mildly, but circumstances over which
they bad no   control ait* responsible
for this condition of afiairs.
When ibe season's schedule was arranged ihere were four 'towns included
in    the leaguo,    Tatar,   Lethbridge,
Flank and     Cranlirnok. hut oil     the
date   of ihe    lirst LetWhrW«)-Taber
game the latter town had failed    to
mply   with the rules of the league
.1   liPthliri'dfic    naturally   objected
and   the  game  was  defaulted,     after
which an exhibition game was played
ml  Lethbridge   won.        The Taber
team     was    then   dropped  from  the
league and their schedule annulled'.
From this time until July lfi everything went along smoothly, Cranbrook winning two games from Frank
and one Irom Lethbridge and Let-h-
'bridge winning one game from
Frank. Considerable Feeling was
aroused in Frank over the playing ol
thc Frank team with Letbhtidge 'team
and the Frank team finally defaulted
their second game with Lethbridge
ami disbanded. On July tti, ihe
date set for the Cranbrook game ai
Lelhbrldge, the latter team was accused of lieing guilty of the same
violations ol the rules as tte Taber
team in the beginning ol the season
and Cranhrook played the game under
protest and was. defeated.
Wlien ihe protest ,game up for
hearing at Frank More President
Lang Cranbrook was sustained and
the game ordered played over, the
location and dale of ibe match being
left with President Lang, who later
announced Ihal Ihc game should he
played in Frank on August 20-, This
was satisfactory to Cranbrook and
preparations were made to abide by
the decision, but on August. 13th,
President Lang notified secretary-
ireasiirer Arnold that Leilthrnlge had
refused to plav and ihe cup awarded
to Cranbrook by default.
Thai Cranhrook has acted fairly in
tbe matter all the way through is
amply proven by the following correspondence:
Frank, August ilO, 1906.
-I.   \.   Arnold, Cranhrook:
Dear Sir,—I sincerely regret to
have to Inform you that Lei Hh ridge
refuses to play tare, on any conm-
iimis, i',inti'ai\ bo our meeting here.
Nicy were to abide b) my division
Tliey refuse on account of our grounds
nol Ileum large enough. My teph
in fhni letter is: if Cranbrook refuses to play you at Pineher I'reek
im decision must stand, So now I
,i'ii wailing to receive your wire, if
you will play al Pineher well and
good, ir not, my own opinion is you
will not bave another game with
Lethbridge, and tlie only thing 1 sec
1 can do is to give you game by default, II ihev will not agree to play
here        Wire me at once your deoi-
Dear     Sir,—lie    !-•
Cranbrook  . an - ■   - wl    here
next Monday.     I havo "*;■■ dai  noti
lifil Lethbridge thai game is d
of)  owing   in  Lethlrt i i ■
reply to raj   let lei
and   not     u li     boi
a Ivei Use     gatm        Btu
this il.n  v, iti t'.      then  i -■'." i
lave therefore
umi to Craubi   bj la
faulting,  which,   I  ■ an
regret      I mu I than
i.-.tin fi.t   tb- bu
has been run,
A. V   l
Pre    C.N.I    I.
\   V   Lau-,    Esq.,  Pre i lent  c,  s
I.   I. , Prank, Alia.:
Dear Mr. Lang — I am to day in receipt   nt   yoill   lellei   Ol     I
re   Lelhbrldge and     Cruutmii
tested game being    declared oil      I
icgti-i  very much you have hul      lo
give us  ibis   game   hi   dt laull       It
only proves to us whai poor sports
they arc.     Let  me again thank   you
on behalf ol the club for lho kindness
we    liave   received from   you at all
times,    l am bonding youi letter to
lhe manage) ol Ute Cranbrook paper.
I .,iu vi.uis irulv,
'.I.  A, Arnold,
Sec.-Peas ('.   L.  l\
In conclusion we might say
of the games actually played, it
ing the    protested   Lethbridge
brook   game,   Cranhrook    has
three and lost   one   while l,.-itil;
wmi Iwu and lost one.
Tie silver speaking trumpet presented by Messrs. Tale A Son, for
the winner of llie huh ami hub race
on Labor Day has arrived ami is
now on exhibition at their store.
The trumpet, or megaphone, is of
silver, beaipl-tfully engraved and ti
one thai any hose team on tho confluent might be proud to possess,
and Messrs. Tate A Son have certainly shown a high appreciation ol
the fire depart ment by presenting
this handsome trophy. The following nre the conditions and rules to
govern the contest!
1. Prize to be competed for nol
more bhan once In the somo town in
any one yenr.
2. Winning team musl pul up for
competition lhe Tate challenge
Prize on the day of tleir animal celebration.
3. Tbe team winning b'lrec tunes,
either successfully or otherwise,    to
become llie permanent owners of the
1. Teams to consist  nf nol    more
ihan twelve men.
2. To run one   hundred and    fifty
.1. Pistol stall, hubs to be over
starling line.
1. Teams tn run wilb approximate
ly  lhe same weight   reel.
competing teams.
That's one reason why we carry such a varied stock of Breakfast
Poods—another reason is that the demand lor this wholesome food is
constantly increasing. The Scotchman may stick to his oatmeal but
onr Canadians want variety—the spice of liie. There are breakfast
foods not represented on our list, we've left them off lor a reason.
W'e have tried to select only the best.   Our list comprises :
tlrapo Nuts
Mull., Vitu
i 'range Meat
Ralstou's Crisp
Kire Flukes
Wheat Flukes
Oreiim of Wheat
I'rttijolin's Breakfast Po
Aunt Jemima's Pam-uko Flour
Dulley's si-ll'-ruis. Buckwheat Hour
Yellow t'liniiiti'iil
(Juaker Boiled Oats
It.,. K, Rolled Oats
H. & IC. Granulated Oatmeal
Lake of tho Woods Breakfast foo.1
Lake fifth,' Woods whom Hour
Lake of tho Woods tlriihtuu Flour
Lake of the Woods Rye Flour
We don't let our stock grow old on our shelves.   We don't charge an
exorbitant price.   Perhaps this accounts in part for our large sales
Our Goods
P. S.—Get a copy of our printed receipe,
J i
How to "lake Ice Tea.'
Valparariso Nearly Annihilated by Shock
bread m
Universal Bread
liuin you enn innko a
Johnny Cake
,1   tin-  I.ie.i.i bettor th
ytni ever nuule before,
ozena of [ili-nsi'il users
I'niveisiil iu ninl around
Hardware, Cninlirook
A. V. Latiff.
An*;.  11, '06.
Business  Part of the  City
Ruins and Populace
Must now have " Aii.irs'rmi to Five Positions " engraved on
the in to meet th" requirements of the O. P. H. time service
If you are at all interested or thinking of buying a watch, call
iu ami let us show then, to yuu.
Wm. F. Tate &  Son
Graduate  Opticians'   Official Watoh Inspectors for 0. P. R
Crows   Nest Puss Division
Cranbrook, It (
\   V   Lang, Prank, Alia.
Refuse lo play   at. Pineher   Creek.
Uill abide by your previous decision.
.!. A. Arnold,
Sec.-TreaB, 0. L. 0.
Krank. Auk- M, 10OG.
.1   A. Arnold, Cranbrook:
Dear Arnold,—It, seems impossible
to gel anv wind from Lethbridge re
game Monday. I wired blrnn this
morning, viz;
Time,  in a. m.
Elmo Frnzlcr, Lothbrldge, N. W, T.:
Are   vmi coming or    *re you de-
fun Ring   name     Monday.        Answer
Now li o'clock and no word. 1
will let you know and keep you protected ir anything turns up. They
an- indeed acting strange, and I do
not. know what to make out ot theni.
Voiiis truly,
A. V. Lang.
Frank, Aug.  Ill,  1900,
.1. A. Arnold, Esq., Craubrook:
Dear Arnold,—I wrote A. B.
Sial'ioivl, Dr. MoOlure and Dr. Slew-
art lasl night that I must, know
liy 12 o'clock to-day if they are coming or not and it. Is now -1 o'clock
and no word, t got. agttit at Leth-
briilge lo see Kra/er for a reply to
my wire and lie wires: Cannot get
reply from Kra/er. Signed, Agent,
Lethbridge, So all I can do is to
give you game. I sincerely regret
lhat Lethbridge act as they do. It
may lie wise to keep prepared, as
tbey may wire any time. 1 would
have some difficulty 1»>W t-o keep
hotel keepers to their contract*, as
they informed me to-day t-hat unless
■they know so tliey ean ad-vertise
game tbey must withdraw. WiH
keep you posted on anything new
turning tip.
A. V. Lnng.
Frank, August 17, liKlfi.
J. A. Arnold, Esq., Cranbrook:
New   York
to-day prtnti
vestoii,  Texa
tremor   or
tnl   thi
, Aug. IR.-'I
Ihe following
Chile, Friday, vij
warning an    earl)
city at   8 o'clock
L lhe slightest
ii    earthquake
night, bringing death lo hundreds ol
persons and leaving many hundreds
moie imprisoned in the ruins, many
of whom were burned lo death bdfore
aid could reach ihem.- Fire started
immediately after the firsl shock and
every branch of lhe city's service was
paralyzed. Panic and consternation
indescribable followed, and ihose who
escaped death and injury became
frenzied with fear and could render
little assistance to the victims,
The business sccti if tlio ciiy ti
almost entirely   destroyed, and Ores
are   still  raging.     We ate   suiter
here a repetition ol thc honors
San Francisco.     As nighl comes
lho eity is everywhere     aglow with
unobstructed     tires,     and   clqutli
smoke and vapor sel tie in tho sl reels
where throngs ol homeless ones   are
wandering ahoul, crazed by the awful
It is almost Impossible to ase.-rta n
how wide au area of country the
visitation has. laid waste. Nothing
has been heard from Santiago, the
capital city of Chile, and ii is feared
that the fate of the city is as bad or
worse than that of Valparaiso!
Telegraphic communication is cut
off In all direct nils and everyone here
is too mueh depressed by l-lte calamity at home to seek Information in
Other*places. No trains have arrived in the city or left it since the
great shock came, as all ol ihe railroad tunnels are filled and miles of
track are twisted and rendered useless, It is onlv known from general
accounts thai death and destruction
are ihi all sides.
There were two distinct suocks. the
second one following almosl instantly after the first and completing the
work of destruction.
The day had been unusually calm
and pleasant. At 8 o'clock the
whole eity seemed suddenly to swing
backward and forward, anil Uiero
came a sudden   jolt of   such mighty
force thai rows of buildings toppled
lo lhe earth as it made of brittle I
plaster. Whole rows of buildings
were down in a few minutes.
As soon as tho second shock liad
subsided it became known tliat thu
'business pan of ibe. town was doomed. From lhe Bella Vista section
Utile was heard, but before raid-
oighl tires were seen burning llieie,'
and it was learned that tliat section
of the eity also was doomed.
The city stands upon a formation
nf granite* gneiss, wliich seemed to
aecetitilato lhe force of the shock.
Before, tho stunned people were
given time to realize the magnitude
of the calamity again the city was
shaken with violence greater than
before. The earth in places lifted
and pitched ihe buildings forward,
in olher places tliere was a terrible
uinioi thai shook every structure lo
lhu ground. This shock continued
lunger than the first. When it subsided fires were blazing up and
thousands of terrified persons were
praying, and panic swept the city.
.Many landslides have occurred
around the city and scores of lives
have been lost.
ll has laid waste the best part of
lhe husiness portion of the city and
has doubtless put Chile hack many
years in lhc scale of civilization.
The captain of the Gorman vessel
Vran, which arrived to-day at
Cocfulmlio, stated that when 'in miles
at sea he could see the Haines raging
in Valparaiso.
Many inhabitants are terrified with
fear of olher shocks and the work ot
rescuing ihe bodies is proceeding ver\
The Bella Vista district referred to,
whieh is on the hills behind ihe city,
apparently sintered the same fate that
overtook Nob llill in San Francisco.
Wc have every
required and the
Best Line of Pens and Pencils
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Santiago, Aug. ID.—Thc latest
news brought here from Valparaiso
conl rail lets some of the first exag-
getated statements from there, bill
show thai thc catastrophe was extremely severe, Senor (lie/., one of
lhe refugees, relates that the first
shock was very prolonged and threw
lho entire  city into  an indescribable
panic. People crowded ttlO sl reels
and squares, crying and lament ing
The first shock threw down a number
ul buildings. The second shock was
more severe, and resulted in tbe
crumbling of mosl of bge'toutkUmn In
the Alinei,dial quarter. Immediately afjcr the second shock the entire
city was plunged into terrifying darkness. This, however, did not last
lung, for the scene of destruction was
sunn lit up bv the fires Which broke
out in Ibis quarter. The light from
lhc flames came as a welcome relief
from the darkness. The people were
in an extreme state of terror, manv
believing that the end ol the world
had come.
Among the buildings destroyed were
t-he Victoria theatre, the Bella Vista
Kailroad station and llie Club de
Setimhrc, Most of'the severe damage was done on the lower ground
reclaimed from the sea. The church
of the Eripiritu Santo and tlie Church
of ihe La Marcod. as well as a lame
part of the buildings on victoria
street, were destroyed.
Tbe masses of material thrown
inio the streets made cicculatiiin nt-
possible. The known dead do not
exceed 1,000, according to tbe best
estimates. Among those dead is tlie
wife of Admiral Monlt.
The bills s^u rounding Valparaiso
suffered but     slightly.     Moro    than
Wanted-For Rent
(Continued on page eighl.) TIIK   II! ASIUtOOK    11 KHALI)
It  Will   Pay You
To call .i'ii examine  our slock  if  you are
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ricCallum & Company
(e-e-e-fss-s«.es-e-e*e<f w
. - 5 e-( vtifm . t -.
. . -m t, : f. . i.Ut,
A Series of   Articles   Treating   with  Conditions   as   they are
Found at the Dilferent Mills ol this
limn.t.itixl     to
tor. in
| v.,
Wc have just received
! Two Cars Timothy Hay
\ . Quality
Alsu nn hand large quantity Oats and feed
ilium:,.   Imiiliir In lif  loiiinl   In Kimi Km iv. being III mill's
fi * m.l   |iii-ii.ilii*i*.   Tue  Kniil.-iiiiv ri'tiiiul  llttiiwiiy
*.    ll ia Inuni.led mi miuslill! I.y 1.
funis ,*m*-I1i-iii   t t  uml  .-In
■ n. i- ,i i* ..miry ...iiul.lu,,( untxing .
lui*..... siifiiin .vhicli
sn,...uii n tin* in ^^^^^^
li nn.l r.-1 lionil uf .'.ml.- nml iimnv |ir ising milling prospects
 lining worked in ilu- imialiliuiiiig in num. nn.l apart from
.;..-.t>- .limilil .- ily hufoine very rnlualilo lor
on   iii-i'iinnt   nl   llie I'latllvallv colllrnl position it
.1 'ii tin. siuToiuiiliii*! country,   i'ltl nin-ua nl lliis
Ii gill   iin.ler ■•illtivillion  .villi unao nn.l thnre
a nli.Mill*   _()  ami's   in   mixed   nrop.   70 tuns nl Imv nn. 1*111
iiiinllv nil tlii-lumi.   Then nro siiilillile bllil.llngs Ior nil lull'.
ana mnl   nn  irrigiaion ilitr-ll lina been cnlistrucloil which will
niiiiii iinfld.iiiieiftle purposes.    I'm* further
linrtiei.li.ra  apply lu   	
fi in.-tin-  pi
ml,,-, ptiipnaea
1,,-nm witli regil
Hunl   Haute Agents, Cn.iil.rook
mnl if ii i- nm ,1,-iiiilili. in purchiMu thu property ll o largo
lilni'li il rim  hu Il'l' I'l' mnl I'lVlliHll inlu siiiilllei*  pnii'ela
T II l*i  T 1 I' l! 13   IS   IX   1' I. I: 1' 13 I' T   C ' l N II IT I 11 X
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**5f#»»«««* »«-»*♦«< >«.«««»♦♦«««♦♦*»♦
** —*   -__.      ♦♦
20.000  ACRES ||
ul tin- very piuk nf tin- solecteil Inmla in tlm boni.tilul Kootenny     ♦ <
i .      Valloy, I3nai Kootonny, ll. C, extending Irom Canal Hint tn
XX     Elkoi nn offered im* aula ut from (ill m }in per acre.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
*X The Inmla present overy fcatn f usefulness. Including tim-
**      I II _hoa, brushy llnta, marsh, nrairle nml meadow.   Tlm
♦ ♦      lirushv lints, iiinrsh 'nml meadow lnmls eonaial uf deep, black
♦ ♦      Iniim ;'lhe l,.'ii.'l. Innil liuin*; n aniiily lomn, splcluliilly niliiptoil
•♦      Ior fruit uiiltiivi-.    Where irrigulion mny hu necessary iiii the
I'l,,- pi.rcl.an. price will include the tlinlior, whicl. enn lie ml.1
hv tho purcluufor will t. nny llnhility tu govori »l in- oilier
royalty. Tl.eti.nlnr willin ...any eaaea ...ore Ihnn realize lhe pin-.
I'lmse price, mnl .vill iii iilli-nsi". iiiiiii.i'i.lllv  l-oi'illlp tlto lllnoilllt in-
voated.    Loga enn i..- drive., ul.tliu K 'luiuv rivet*, which touch.
es everv lm save une.   Tlm niiiiii wagon mail lliroiigh lie- vnlluy
pusses ovo. ur i*l m euch Int. nml the proposed Koolcnny Central railway will parallel the wagon road,    Tin- C. 1'. 1,'. lauilile
'Iiimii tu the lnmls.
.'or further particulars apply to
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B, C.      Z*
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, pkopkiktok.   cimnhrook, h. c.
Headquarters for
The Mnnll.lmlB centrally locntod and has ono ol the lint.Ilningmn.na
in tiie eity.   Tlie Imr is mppliud with llie hest of l.ii|lluis nml Cigars
Brewer nl'
Fine Ales, Porter and Lager
Manufacturera nl' all  kinda of Mineral  Waters, including
Liiliiu and  Beltzer  Waters, eiiunl  tn any imported article,   Try a sample ease.
IIU-; BAKKH I-' Wtih'.ti VU.
A tew years ago those Interested
in th,. recently incorporated Baker
1.umi.ri compan) acquired 800 acres
,,[ L.i in belonging lo -***- Kootenay
, company, Intending 'o l»W
x Will site. Along Ifoo Iront-
agu oi Uie portion so aoqjilrod tho
Kuolenay tlYtf llows wilh baldly a
perceptible current. Uown there
lis green waters arc .is still as *l
take, -so still, Ifcal peuple a&k what
i.,iUf n js? This place has been rc
cognized toi years as lite best mill
.sue between L'anal l-'l.u ami Jennings, Mont. The lo# that Uoal
tiown tliere need no persuasion oi
booms io iiitiiiie ilieui io linger,
Noverl-heless, lhe cumpaiij will pm
in piurs in the mWdle of the river,
ami in ilns waj maintain an open
passage toi logs go.ag down below
iluiu an.l also ior 11.iMn.1iion.
Subsequent in ilu- acqtitreiw nt of
Un* mill-sue all the Umber on loi
l >i, amouutiug io about iu   million
leel,   was      pnteliaseil   through  Ml.  '1
ti. I'lini.ir, manager ui ilie Ivuou
ua) Valleys company, ol Nelsou, an
a.s lititiis wen- added to limil up
along Hit- Kootenaj valley and otbu
places, ihc Idea oi the prauticahility
ut forming a coinpanj iu work Lhe
\aiioiih holdings ol those interested,
gittUUiillj tooK tangible luun. 11
i.i now uu accomplished tact, and tiie
baker Lumber cuiiipany, with \.
Hyde liahet as presi-Uent, U. ti, Mc-
-Nan    as mauager, Josepn Al.  Agnew
Hj-uii, J. a. Harvey 'and J. At.
Agnew ah directors, can oiler .sunm
mi) cugctit iaci.s lu sliuw that il is
■ni organization to lie reckoned wii.i
ami    one Lllill     Will cut a big swathu
ui Un. lumber industry in bast
i. 1*,. Kendall, who lias superintended tlie ulcciinii ol' sulue ul Llie
biggest and most impro.od plants in
Untish Columbia, i.s in charge ut
ihu construction oi lira very line mill
now being put up al Waldo, That
place— it   is   ucwlj   clil'isleued—deli\es
us name frum William ttaltto, omul our most respected residents an.i
uld-!liners. ile has lived iluwn by
tin- niituili oi lhc Klk iui many a
year, and still retains an inleresl in
ilie locality. Tlie new mill is going
in ou ihc exact spot where lie uscii
to iuc—u spot mule familiar iu
everyone who had business that way.
Ilo still retains un ins hands a nice
tract ui' laml, even after sclliii}; some
thirty acies ut su to the lius-. ti
oi j'.li-iuuiitli, who will pioli.unly tu
tli.-ir in 11 from its present somewhat
inconvenient pusiiiuu Lo a belter unu
facing the Kogteiiuy rivei
Waldo is a townsite now, it will
soon be a town with all the adjuncts
of civilization such as a l:igh pressure water supply, electric light, ami,
maybe, a steamboat service south tu
Montana and north io Kort Steele ur
lurther. .Iust nuw the townsite is
in a state ut' apparent chaos, it is
mnili mure apparent than real,
though. The Li. v 11, tracks aru
within a couple of hundred yards ut
the Kuuienaj river. Between the
iwo arc tue townsite and tlie mill-
site, with a partly complcud spill
starling Hum the'railway an.l pointing lu ihc frame of the mill building. Kuund about and all over are
limbs, anus, hearts, hones, sinews
and joints uf the mechanical glanti.
lhat will be chained and disciplined
iu du docile labor in Uie big planl
thai ii. growing, hour by hour, under
ilie skilled supervision ol Mr. Ken-
ilall and the luiiy experienced eyes ul
tlie manager. ;-t..cial cars uf
nu'iy are just now uu the spur, and
many have been unloaded. All ihc
machinery is supplied by ihc Water-
ous Engine Cu., uf Biaiilfurd, OnL.,
and frum this very emim-nt-Jinn was
received the working plans which
were specially made witli a view to
accommodating the particular de-
talls ol' the plant abuiu to be installed.
The mill will be ol Hie double cut-
liii^ baud saw type, iu which a horizontal band re-saw will (ill the
function uf the usual gang saw. Ii
alppears lo be the intention that tlie
baud mill will merely slab and rough
cut the logs, while Uu re-saw will
Hvlde the log into boards, etc.
The logs will come up (rom the
river by the jack-chain ami ladder;
will fall on the log incline; be seal
io lhe carriage by lho steam loader,
and ihr nigger will sec lo u lhat Ihe
logs gel their lecih siitlieieiillv fast
oi lliem to ensure a solid grip for ihe
set rated edge of Uie big steel ribbon
Hul will go Uirough lheir vitals
wailmg destruction ami howling
calamity. Vour hand saw is the
very lasi refinement of destruction
organized fur a purpose. After being run through the hand re-saw, the
material vvill go i„ i|)c |„K 72 Inch
gang eager, an linplpujenl ihal will
be provided wiih a mat ler of eight
saws. After llial il travels, hv
means nf cmllcs.-, ehains, m Un- six
■aw trimmers,       The trimmer saws
will 1 peraleil from a plailorm by
means of levers, piei ly much as
points and signals are operated iu
ihe obi country railways fiom a
signal cabin. The waste material
ends and so on, wbieb will he cut
the Irimmers, will irn down a
lo I1    ■ "
the jack-chain,
__ 1, steam teal,
carriage, ba*nl saw, rolls, clger,
11 iminei and conveyor. All tnese
portions ui the planl will be installed ou ib.- middle Uoor, Hm third will
Ik- devoted uiaibly tn the purposes ot
the Illtiig room—aboui tlw most Important depart meat in a baud saw
null. In length tin- main building is
I,, hvi by iu leet 111 W1.I1I1. Side
extensions to cover ihc lath null, Uio
necessarj   platforms .md su ou, will] sine.   .
add   veiy   coiisideiahlj    lu   lhe  extent | lumbei
nl   lhe in.uii .Miinliu'e  whieh  is ol   a     n	
verj cOcelivc design wiih, what >s a  in eltaigo Hu-i
ii.-i i.le.i   i.u rtj  in    purulj    iiuitisii iai   hi:;]i piotcet-ivi
vi.h>l. Tbe Dump will be ditecth
ronoectod    with tlu Kouimay river,
,s.» that   Ihe extent     uf  the supply  is
not  a mattei   lhat -au   insurance   un-
ileiwuter can register a kick about.
Tlie entire   concern    WUI |K. i^hhul
*.y electiicily stipplud Iiom a dvnaiiio
placed 111 tno engine house. The
dynamo will have its own engine io
iun it. This detail will furnish
energy for UNO—IU caudle powei in-
catilcM-cut lamps and will be t-uili-
iieiit fm all the purposes ot Un
plant an.l    yards    and leavu enough
over lor lbe otluvs, the bouses ol the
nieii,  the cook boUSQ and also for  the
earlier mnils uf Uie coming town of
Waldn, ful a lown is bound to spring
up about Uu1 null.
\ demand appears to he arising iu
the Stales for certain kinds of British Columbia lumbei wbieb can bo
exported and sold at prices, even
allt'i payment of duty and Ireighl,
Mow a ld»«' class of American "lake,
he   tni'iuliets   ol   lhc   Anteinaii
combine  lake the fullest advantage ol the high protective larin
own countrymen    a
uiiceius,      a     cei lain     amount
rchiteulurai beaulj ul design.
Tbe  WulCtOUB      Iwiii eligini1
pi lee   loi    Ihen      own
11 Mull.        And ihal   same coastiLutes
j one uf Uie great  beauties ot  the high
^ysieni proteolive i.uih .svsu*m, whereby lbs
will   lumisb Um chid power.     Kadi people,   voluntarily,    lax themselves
wpial  in     no horse power,|tot 'be mighl) aggrandisement ot Um
ipled directly tu the   axle few.      The few, Uirough the medium
wheel  wnh .111 imh   ot   the    press,  leach  lhc people     thai
lltral  posl-   tils he.uililiil example of sell-saci line
lbe engine j is "patriotism."    Isn't it wonderful
a    very
ypo, Tho
ground i,!loor where it i
iwcd as ("oil (nf Hie steam '■hog.'
This is a porcine ehewer up of all
sorts nf odds and ends of lumber.
Shin' ihal does nol admit nf being
into either laUl or lumher goes
lbe hog, and Uial interesting
il, wilb steel leetli and a easl
digest inn, chops and chews it
a piup, am) tln-n spils il out,
to Uie conveyors, which turn it
tn tbe furnaces. Krom the
trimmers tlie lumber keeps on agoing
llie sorling tables which will ex-
i| some 125 feel mil from the
mill. Thereafter iis destination is
determined by the pile sel apart,
from the particular kind of slufi' it
righl ly    belongs to. From   tliis
nne familiar wilh sawmills will realize lhat the plant will
will be   ^^^
ol lhe 10 lool  II1
face that will ol'eiipj a
imn   Iml Wtvn   lbe   two.
beds are ut solid emmet
excellent and must massi
ubjii-l   is     iu   scenic    BteatHli
upciaiiun ami this object
he  attaiued    if   solidity
anyiliing.      Tbe    boiler*
number, .">_, feet In  in, return     time
paiii-rn   wuh   automatic   leud,   will
also be set on   ihe   concrete foundations   now   ready lo    receive them.
These boilers     will he nf lhe     totc-
hearili, or Dutch oven typo, wiih induced   draft     produced    hy a fan  10
feel     in diameter   revolt mg   at  150
revolutions per     minute.     The     fan
will hu run hy an independent engine
placed     in ibe    boiler   room.     The
gieat    advantage    ol    the    Induced
ili.ili.    system     is thai  the positive
cuiiihuslioii nf lbe lllel is insured
under any oond lion of weather, no
matter Imw moist ami muggy it may
b.', or how damp the fuel' maj' be
Kngincei's in charge nf boilers of Hie
ordinary type know well the diili-
cullv lliey sometime have In make
sleam in wenUjer when lhe air seems
sn dead and inert lhat it (eels as if
ii lacked the encrfcy to flow through
lheir tubes ami up the smoke slacks,
Tbe fan will remedy all lhat ai"l
will lie of special efficacy in a case
like Ihis where ihc fuel is derived in
great part from logs ihal arc saiur-
aif.l, Uirough anil through, wiih
water caught up during their voyage
from Uie limits. Anolher advantage
ui' tbe sj'stem is ti'.ial there is neither smoke nor sparks from ilie smoke
stack whieh, nn Ibis account, can
he made so low as to offer little or
no resistance lo the wind.
The entire mill building rests on
concrete foundations ami nut one
limber of lhe structure will touch
the ground. Independent and special
concrete foundations are provided for
lln' hand saw mill, the nigger and
the log loader. One has only to see
a aiggir in action, twirling a lex-; l,:
feet long by two feet In diameter,
as easily as a lumber jack whirls a
caul hoOk, to realize how il jais and
shakes a building and the necessity
(nt* Ms having a solid base to do its
lucking and lifting and general bang-
ng from..
As the logs will be Utted from the
river, a strong spray from a five
lube washer will remove all sand,
grll ami small pebbles, which if
loticbed might easily spoil lbe usefulness of Hie band saw and put it out
of action till another was put iu lis
place. hogs whieb are driven on
rapid streams ami floated long distances wilh long delays un sand bars
and gravelly banks may he expected
lo piek up grit and pebbles in t-iieir
hulls and bark. This .spray gets
away with them.
The mill will be equipped to cul
75,000 feel of lumber in each wort
ing day of ten hours.
The advantage of the dry kiln sys-
lein has been proven and is freely recognized by all lumber experts. There
are thuse who maintain that aif seasoning is preferable, hut nol one of
Hii'in will contend thai lumher kiln
dried in lhe first instance and then
exposed to the action of the air is
not the equal, in every respect, of
Uie naturally dried stuO. At bhe
Maker plant " the div kiln will be
healed direct fmm the boilers. This
detail of lhe plant will be 20 by lim
feet, and lhe end at which lhe material will be discharged will Iw conveniently close lo the planer building. A considerable amount of
handling can be saved by the judicious placing of Uie buildings which
contain the var ous details of manufacture. It may be depended upon
thai this principle will not be overlooked bv C, I). McNab, the manager
a I  Waldo.
The planer building will be provided
wiih its own engine, Hi by IK inch,
Waierous pattern, high speed, and
supplied wiih sleam from lhe main
battery of hollers. This building
will be detached from the mill and
will he so placed Ihal lhe railway
tracks can he carried righl past the
shipping platform. The machinery
equipment will consist nf si/.ers,
matchers, sticker, hand re-saw, hevel-
sidlng machine, 1'lp-saW, swing cutoff, scroll saw, lather and chip ex-
hnusl or chip blower. As all lhe
material worked up in the planer
building will have come from tbe drv
kiln, ihe chips and shavings will ho
m Hn- best condition iu use iu the
furnaces, and it is therefore probable
that the chip exhaust will carry Ihis
waste material directly tn the automatic feed conveyor for use under tho
Wbelhcr lire protection is heller
Ihan lire insurance will gel no positive answer from lhe Maker management. It is probable Muy will decide Ihal a judicious combination of
lhe iwo will ahoul hit the line of
maximum safely. They may improve on that obi war crv of Cromwell's 	
] — wnh huw little wisdom the world .-
governed? it may be found to paj
to ship lliis stuff, for whiuh  He   di
bound to'"land exists, across Uie Mm1 liy
Minis fur steamer. Assuming that such mar*
inm [ulkot exists, of Uiat such a market
1 can be worked up to an extent lo
warrant the experiment, II is pretty
certain tlmt a linn having a slcaraRi
or two ol Us own could expotl to
various points in Montana ami Idaho
at an expense that would, or sav the
least slightly embarrass Uie tl. K.
It., and once that lumber was over
Uie line uo railway companv cou.d
hold it up (or cut throat "fieigh'
rates, since the interstate commerc*
law could he Invoked undei' certain
circumstances. The (i. N. it. and
lhe ('. 1'. ti. are honorable men--
tbey are all honorable men—but when
nne has a second siring to his how
it slnuts a beam into their organ uf
recollection wh ch makes it almost
a pleasure for them to be reasonable,
Steamers used 'o run trom Jennings, Mont., Ui some distance
above Fort Steele, One su-amei
even wenl Uirough from Uie Kootenay
inlo lhc Columbia lakes via Hie famous canal at Canal Flats. Tbero is
im reason, therefore, if the markol
ou the other side warrants it, why a
liiile fleet should not be plying fiom
Waldo lo the States and helping us
to know uur American cousins and
ihe color nf lheir money a shade better than we do. This is a mere
liiul, with a touch of prophecy iu it.
And lhe prophecy will lie fulfilled all
in its own good time.
There are a number ot ranchers
over on ibe east side of Klk river
and down by Gold creek wlm will
market their produce in W'aldo when
the ferry contemplated by Mr. .1. V.
Armstrong, Hie deputy commissioner
nf land and works,' is completed.
ll may be in wurk Ihis year, but in
any event, il will go in soon, The
gi'ieijil public fails to understand
what a One and well Inhabited country tliere is down by Waldo and
around by Klkmouih.
Another year and the old, quiet
order nf things around the mouth of
lhe Klk will have past, and t.he clans
nf to-day, the apparent confusion, tho
jumble of material, will shake itself
into form in accordance with th?
design which exisls in the minds of
men like Kendall and McNab, who
are responsible for compelling those
masses of iron tn obev Hie intangible, unweighahle effort of the intellect- and fall each into Its own allot-
t-ed plaee an.l space. There will be
harmony. Tin.light and calculation
will verify themselves, and in that
lies the bidden sweetness of The accomplishment of something really
worth wltile. Then there will be a
line business doing down there, and
ten dnllais will bloom where imw not
ten eenls do blossom.
A couple of Americans were inspecting an English Ore station. One
nf them, addressing the chief engineer, said:
"tio you know, in New Vork we
use a nine-inch hose, not a paltry
three-inch, such as you have here?"
''Oh!" replied the chief engineer,
"Uiat small hose is for watering
the station; this twelvo-incih hose is
what we use at fires. Besides, it
saves the use of a Ore escape, f.
when we want to semi a man up to
the top of a building we just place
him on tlie lop ot the hose, turn un
tbe waler, and he is up there In no
"Ves," remarked one ot the visitors, "hut hffiv does he geL down
"Well," replied the engineer, "lie
simply places his aims round the
jet of waler and slides down!"
Noliee is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply lo
ihe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works al Vieloria (or special licenses
lo cul and carry away timher from
Hie following described lands iu
South East Koolenay:
1. Commencing al a posl planted
on Uie northern boundary ot lot 12.1,
one mile from the iinil.d-easl corner
of said lut 123, marked M. Melnnes1
(1) S, W. corner, ihence north llll
chains, more or less, to M. Melmics'
Umber application, (2) of I.iis dale,
ihenee easl 125 chains, more or less,
lo O, Kelly's Umber license, ihence
south 40 cliains, more or less; ih.-nce
wesl 85 chains, more or less; Hunce
south 20 chains, more nr less;
lo ihe northern boundary of lot 123,
and Uience west along said boundary J
in chains, more or less, lo the place!
of commencement, containing 010
e or less.
*0     •
rts a
f Ga
O-  cd  ed
3 r
B. C. Livery and Fesd Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and BlcycleJRepalrers
M:L\ughltn C»rria^.'..»iii D.-.erlng  Implements for Sate
CRANBROOK,    li.   C.
Shop Phone 50
P.O.Box 111
>%««%«*% *%0 £»»•»•*»«
B.un Phone90
I Cranbrook
Hotel *# s
Guests Comfort a Speclslt)
(iood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ami de] ot.    Etna accommoda-
tloim for tbe ('liiiin* u:i'*','i t"t-'i in Cranbrook,
Hot and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins j
 Proprietors j
ll The Cosmopolitan 1
4, 1 *T
. **,      =—          „,                 = --   ff ■_•
The place where a |
man will return after ?
stopping once.
|i|.|„|,|,| |i,|,|,|,|.|„|„|,|,,|,.|,.|,.|..|.,|..H..|-|-Hi
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
llml thirty ili.y.s allrr
triisl In I'liiviilriur-iHit k(.,.p!'"'"'
jiiiii*    powder dry" and mako ll read     „    „ ,
"trust   n insurance—but k.-i>|i    ynur!    -■   t'Onimencinp; al    a post planled
liydrnnls v.i-l."    Anyhow, Ore   pro-"1*  ■•"' north-east eornei' "f Inl  nm,'   'l'"1*'''  "[''"■'    , ,* .   ■   ,
tcotion will be sotiRh. hy means ol a ""'*"''' s"'*l,!> l!,:11 ohains, Ihenee I<lal* '• l1"' ""''''■•"Ki"''1. I"!1'"'* "!
very thorough equipment indeed   n,„|. wesl    HI   eliains,   thenco   snuih     10 W'f ™ ™> O.iel Commissioner   ol
ii Insurance be carried ii will he   at  '',a'"'s "'■' '"' ll!ss. In lhc norlhorn1 l,all<ls nM Works al  Viotoi'ia, i....,
lhc Irreducible minimum tor saw mill houndary ol C. Melnnes' Umber li-l ■'"' n special license in cut ami carry
concerns. AH Hie buildings will havo ''™s''* "•«•» ™st to the north-east away tlmher Irom llie lollowlng des-
sheel Iron fools, anil all walls    will   '?."V. "' said, license,  ihenee south] oi'™1' l:""'« ,n ■'/"?!    ."'.S'^'i.
have an external lining ot iho   sum.          ~	
 , 1'iicn   in    an    Independent    bnildine  -  —
lira liif. nne. will lie Installed a special  Waierous   ohains, llhenco north .111 chains, morn
The mill liuililinu well deserves des Is"'"" Pump capable ol lorclng 1,50(1   '." '''"s. I" Elk river, thence lollow-
.liplion.      li uiu |„, 0f ||„w pmirs   gallons nl water per niiniiic through   ")B """' ■'■'■' river down to tho poinli
Tin* ground Hum will lie lli leet,    in   ""'   nel   work ol pipes and hydrants  "' commencement.
height, ami line    will he tho space'"""   which all   pails nl    bhobu(M-|    - .  - M* Melnnes.
for shafting, pulleys, gears and    sol'"^s* as we" as 'he alleyways    be-
torlh, hy which in,, power will     i»| i"'"'11    the lumher piles, will he pro-
l      "..n.i   ni   ...mi   iin-iisi*.   ini-nei-   sniiui. * ■;  *■ ; :       ,,    ■   ,
,.   ill chains, In M. Melnnes' application1    Commencing al  Iho north-east cor-
,.  No. I of lliis dui,.. thonco cast riiii1"'*'   "'   I"1 r,*!'11.    Il11'1"'1' wesl  UIO
*   *      - chains, tlience nnrlli III eliains, (hence
Daled    lliis    18th     day ol August,
11)1111. 22-5t
tlience nnr
easl lllll ehains, Uience snulli '111
chains, to jilace til commencement,
containing six hundred and fnrty
aores, more or less.
Arthur Pigolt.
Cranbiook, Aug. lOtlt, 190(1.    22-51
T.ili* nolleo Ui.ii Ihlrly days aflei
dale I, Uii* undersigned, intend In
apply to lho < -l.i.-r Commissioner ol
l.iiniis a"il Works nl Vlrloi'ln, III1 .
fnr n special license lo cul and carry
nwny limber Iinm iin. following des-
crihed lnmls ill Ensl Koolenay:
Commencing al a posl planted nl
Un* north-wesl corner of lot Blfiil,
thence smith sn cliains, Uience .vi si
70 chains, llience north 80 chains,
Uience easl Tli chains lo place of
commencement, containing six liundred aires, mure or less.
Arthur Plgott.
Cranbrook, Aug. Ullh, iiiiiii.    22-51 1
Undertakingand Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Firstclass undertaker in attendance ** J*
CranbrookCooperative Stores
Wc h.we the best facilities In the Kootenays For
rjj   during the summer weather,   Wholesale and retail
Ll m
Rigm2SflanaBiaB_e^3BnH ■■■
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
jj§ Drop in and sec ns any time.    We are on deck 25 hours
Pi out ot the 24
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
! IF YOU WANT        |
X clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, ♦
| "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in \
t make call and see the new stock of Ready ♦
I made clothing just received. All Union
X Labor.
J 4
m******** ****************i^
Hsnufsclurera ol
Rough mul .Ire
LUflBER uml
Also nil   kinds of
•l.ill'rnv.  liymi ni
Cranlirook, ll.i
Head Olllce, -Cranbroi.il     I |i
^yyyvvvvyvvr wvvvrv*vww>'c
%mi\bin_ Business
Ifoouses of flDar^s-
ville    Che Smelter tiny...
Mnrv-svillo hns
 in* into Iut own.
Tlm lull HI   hm,
a  iii'iiiiiiin ni  on.
..•Il      Till. llrniM
run    In lirlil.     rn
.lon... tlm Following
Im.iiu'Sfl Ito.tst'B:
|Central Hotel TTllll
Ss     Mlandley, IYop.,|S, J. Morrow, Jlaiiajr..       Marys valley. §9
_     , '   ffl
ffl liuiui^ lit.oni'seniic Ihe best, ffl
$ The plaee to slop when visiling the Smeller Cily ss
\\\m-*4 ~ -      -- ■ m ffl
v ^^—--— o
w A. P. Chenette Proprietor
1 The Royal Hotel
i of I
w Mas been recently refurnished and is now one ... ^
ES the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for £5
S the people. g
§ Marysville Drug Co.
JS We carry a complete stock of everything in the $g
&, Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away EX
» foryour goods. Jg
Rambling Reveries
There are
who, ii ..il tin: daj R thoughts and
Feeling    were ■■-:.. j develop
ed mio acts, visible to the eye,
would run Irom   themselves, .is   men
ii   ■-.,: ■ 'i.j'i.ii,       j m   [row 'in' fiery
* :        ol Hie gro in I, and
mis cracks tlial open lhe **aj
uiu .1..Inl cenlei   ol  perdition.
We -I..niii lien   ihi   burdi      ■        ■
Itmtully. il   is is roe    tu culti
vate discontent men I wll ■ ■■ *,;
euju) peace and   Uappim Some
peoplo    look   on the    dark
every picture, .mil  thereby I" •■
beaut)   <>i  in .i.u b sun tbiiK
cipatiug  il"- dark clouds ol
row.     I.ri  us i.iiii i  eali li ihr   suit'
slnne and    weal e ils
min ,, fubrli   "i  life, .ui i  wlien    tbe
miilii  ol      orrow       !"■:     il      loom
an.Uml   ii ,   UlU •■   i Llr,. i
HiiiiHliine will ni.ti'C -mi  Badne
We should  meet  oui   troubles will! ..
uill il>-ieniiiiiisl  in conquer.
mm lum nol im a inomenl fell
wlrilu climbing lbe sleep [iat.li ul life
llml in-, burden waa lieatwi than his
lii-ati iniiiil Ihmi' Itm we musl
.-\ei innl, upward and novel falter.
li we \\ il! renew oui hope and continue in nui route, our ambition uill
ai losl be crowned with success, it
lias often been .saul Ihal "ovory day
has iis pain and sorrows." Tliis is
line, Iiiii u<- musl uay llial everj
il.n Ims likewise Its pleasures and
joys. We arc onlj drinking mn t.i
ili.ii mixed cup which Providence lus
prepared lot all.
Tliis column is published weekly in
Die hope that it mav awaken nu' lhe
pari oi the husband and child .1
deeper, appreciation of her who ti lhc
ecu!ral figure of home, thai it may
strengthen the iamily bonds, making
Ihem more beautiful aul tender; thai
it may encourage charity and breathe
hnpe fnr the future, where language
is music and love is law. We trust
iliis department may to ihe young
brighten and deepen t-he pleasures antl
ineiiinries oi home, while in the advanced 111 years something may lie
said ihai will bring to view Uie reflected radiance ot a golden dawning,
We should he pleased in occasionally
hear frnm our readers who appreciate
this department. It does uo harm
lo drop a ward even in the pathway of an editor whose road seems
ever in lead among the thorns.
Teach the childiicii lo ho kind to
the unfortunate In life, and never to
make game of anv, for heaven loves
and pities the poor .md humble Let
conversations til homo be pure, help
ilu- children wilh iheir lessons at
nighl and .see thai they give proper
litne lo tbelr lessons while a) home,
and to Ite respectful to lheir teachers, And, again 1 say, help ihem
with their lessoas. ol course, Ihere
nie .some parents who arc unfortunate and can't nssist their children.
So much the more should tliey give
them the advantage of studying,
that they may profit wherein Ihey
themselves liave erred. Rven if
fancy work Is laid aside and the
I j title dresses are to he plain, give
more lime antl Interesl tu Improving
the 111.ini, foi h iw mueh boiler, savs
Raskin, is a soul and mind well cared for, than fine dress For when
refining qualities surround the home,
the home will influence lhe school,
and Uie school influence ihe community. Atnitn.l the home hearths
mav lie the serpents coiled lo strike
wnh iis poisoning fangs lho
pra-tt'ling   child   aboui  its   mother's
So Invove Uie guaixiian angel ol
peai - to hovei ovei your home nesi,
thai you may be secure under     the
I Seven Years Ago 2
| in Cranbrook ** jt *>
§ ll 1 119 CULLED PROW THE u
last   \
The provincial library in ihe Free
Reading Room, Watts blink, is Iree
to all and contains one luui-lied Volumes. «.i new, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful arts, lueiaiuie, description and tiaved, fit linn, juvenile
books, biography and tiisioiy, by
some ot the besl aumors ot tlie day.
Any resident uf Cianbrook or vicinity is cutnit-d to the loan ol    these
Ins u i
\'i   :. il     waste   your   i ltd ilj  and
time ■.. onxret) about youi itetgl
spiritual oi   moral condition.
Pile one thing ol Importance above
all others Ior each Individual is self-
developitieii, Once developed you
will ti' an inspiration te others to
help   themselves You were   senl
bere to make the besl use ol yout
spirit  and    mind I'nless you do
this, ii is useless tor ynu to attempt
to benefil others II you do tins
your example will ho an Inspiration
and a guide.
li you keep quiet and sel an
example ot happy, all raetivc moral-
It) ami unsolfishness you will lie a
more successful reformer ihan a
tbouMuid aggressive ami disagreeable
teachers and meddlers.     Vnu cannot
ul   v«
vom  nun  I live il  well      Ask no
man's advice, Imi sliidj ihe people
you iiieei ami avoid lhe habits and
manners which you find annoying to
von iu iiihers,' and cultivate lhe
qualities you lind aro pleasing and
i'ln- liim* many people give fo
worry over tic depravtlj of tlw
world mighl be given to sell analysis and met)Ilib! Ion
Itosolvc lo do ami bo what you
wanl others in do and be.
li  i>, more important  lo lie Iban lo
d.i   remember,  yel   II j in   mine
Unug worth while vou ftro mire to
dc snmeihiim worth while, The
lighted lamp elves forth radiance
■l\u-\e nre Ihosr who waste life in
running al i    ihc    umid     offering
m.llelte.s   In   follow   pllgl lilts   IlieV    lie-
Move in be in Hm dark, white thell
nun lamps ate un lighted,
There ts a greal planl ol siiiiii.ii.il
electric Hghl within yoursell The
mosl Import anl Ihlng in life is to
find that |il.mi and to conned all
your being with It.
He a radiant center wherever you
Keep ymir own wires in good work
Ing oitier and you will no) need tt
urge others io avoid lhc darkness,
They will see the radiance you easl
and il will he a more convincing argil men I  Hunt a thousand sermons.
Onee you sel ahoul ihis wmk of
self-development-- spiritual development, nol menial cult uri'—you wilt
find thai you are a growing power
among pcoplo. Luck, health aud
happiness will attend you, Strength',
stimulation, courage and hope will
awaken in those with whom you
associale. You will become a power
for good. Make yourself before you
attempt to make others.
ig ore being brought   into book* as long as such person    com-
Tbe abaft i    lown nuw  aboui plies wiih the   rules,   having    flrst
- feel   below    the ftooi  ol  the tun- signed the agreement, which   will  be
tho value "I ore across     the pieseua-d   by the librarian,     lieluw
.   now    tbat shipping   will be are * few ul the uiles tu be complied
a                     "A   aHow.     ..i with:
thi    on   to the railway. Hooks must  be bandied   with   can-
1        lerabli    work     has     b en Jii.e ami leaves must not Iw turned down
*■ ad    Ihal     Ian  -■■
iwo volumes may lie drawn  bv each
ud e, and on the dump manv  r  ,, , , ,       , v*
much -.I ii   going    into'toi oaoh book kept ovei   nine,   auu
lhe    thousand     dollai.'. a  inn-     Mr. j no bookb shall    be lent to any
■ nDecai and bis ai oclau. i tee
. plea "i v, Uh ' Ite otitil ■... am
in.* town "i Cranbrook i an be congratulated i.n having one more ship
ping mine in iis vicinity,
io whom Nooks ot au unpaid hue oi
inii») an* charged,
a reads! desiring a book not at the
time in llie ca.su may have it icseiv
cu lor lum im forty-eight horns at
ter its return ny gi.iun nutice tu mc
lima! ian.
a reader returning a hook, which
is not reserved ui*y   renew it
■"■■*! McVittie cS: Laidlaw,
professional cards I        Mining Engineers
Cre» est Loihib N" 33
Cran^ronk, IJ. C.
Meets every Tuesday  at  K  p,  m.  at
New Fraternity Hall.
T. M. Robert . K I! &3,
J. A, Arnold, C C.
Visiting   brethren  cordially invited
and Survej ors,
thos. t. Ui vn riE, v. l. s,
J. T. LAIDLAW.  '__   E.
to attend.
ii--M*\      I.O.O.F,    Ko Cut Lodge
2TjS^S[*?S N° *2, M,'t,,s every
New     Fraternity    Halt,      S urn-
ing Oddfellows cordially Invited.
V. II. McKay, W. T. Humus,
N. 0.
brsBbrooklLodge, Ne. i*
i.P.4 \. M.
Lasi Sunday Martin O'Toole 9te|
pnl mio the rooms of Elmei Mus-I two weeks,
grave and E. II Small, proprietors' lu addition to this library the rnum
nl the Cosmopolitan hotel, taking .u is aupplivU with the leading uewb-
u.ihh belonging in the former, and papers Hum the Atlantic to tin.
filly dollars in money from tlie latter. | Pacific, also uiagoxtues and period)
Mr. Musgrave had left Ins room only   uals.
a tew minutes before, and during his The room is nicely furnished and is
In ict absence O'Toole look lh* wateh a uouiturtable place to spend youi
iinm tin- lahte. lie gol Mi. spare uiuuicuis, and is not run hy,
Small's money when that gentleman nor iu the interest of any church,
Was asleep. As soon as Mr. Mus- party, or clique. Everybody wel-
grave missed tlie watch, having seen come. Keuiember tbe place, second
O'Toole hurrying down lhe .stairs lm floor, Watts block, over Mightou's
' tobacco store, Raker street.
What was the longest engagement
you ever look part in, colonel'.'
It lasted two years, and u.u*n lhu
girl   married  anolher  fellow.—tix,
infiiiimd nighl watchman Foster
\nd within 15 minutes lhe thief was
in custody. Monday afternoon he
pleadud guilty belore Magistrates
Leiteh and Moffat to taking tbe
money, declaring, however, tliat he
only got $20. lie was sentenced to
six months in Nelson, and Const-able
Morris took him lo his fuiure residence on the evening train.
Messrs. McVittie and Hutchinson
have secured the Radger group of
claims on the Soulh Port of the Sfc.
Marys river from Fred Ha/en and a
companv will al once he formed iu,
England to proceed will: the develop-
monl work. Tho group consists of
.six claims on one ledge, which runs
Wuoughoul tho length of the whole ■
properly. Tie ledge is over 12 hvt
in wiil ih and ou Hie surface It eon.
sisis of magnetic iron carrying good
values in gold and silver. The headquarters of this company in the province will be, of course, Cranhrook,
The I'm.m Jack work is progressing',
steadrlv and llie showing is verv
satisfactory. Al the depth of I'd
fool a seam of talc carrying lead car-
inmates (in Mie vein horizontally,
and beneath the laic a notable difference in the bilge mail ter occurs,
the quart/, being much softer ami
more easily broken, and show.ng considerable galena nnd copper at the
hot inm of the sh.ifi. On Monday
Messrs Melnnes, Ryan, ami McVittie
drove oul lo the shaft with Mr.
Saucier, who is well known as a
mining engineer of the Rossland
camp, Mr. Saucier stated thai the
properly showed very good Indications and expressed himself gcneral-
h in favor of the prospects of the
claim, slat ng thai lie Iboughl llial a
large body of ore might he encountered al a slighl depth.
G, R, Leask, the oonlru
menccd wmk on a m'w i,
T. S, Gill, a C. P. R. en
will be 25 by .Iti foot wi
li .
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date, i intend making application to the Hon. 'lhe Ohiel
Commissioner ul Lauds and Works
ior permission to purchase Uie following descnued lands:
Commencing al a post planted al
Die south-east comer of loi So. U'dVa,
Sand Creek, South Kast Kootenay,
ihence running west ttU chaius, souih
la ehuius, more or less, to lot No,
bil'd, thence eust til) chains, north 15
chains, more or less, to place ul
Dated May 81st, 11)06.
U~n        John Hanbury, Elko.R.C
•tor, coincidence for
.imvi*. It
i an addi-
Notice is hereby given tliat thirty
days alter date, 1 in lend making application to the Hon. the Chiel Commissioner of Lands und Works fo
special   license lo   cut   and    remove
limber from    the following desciibed
lands commencing a-t   the south-east
corner of lot ultil, South East Kootenay,   ihenee    running west eighty
chains,   south   eighly    cliains.,    cast
eigbly chains, north eighty chains lo
place of commencement.
J, Hanbury,
A. Milton, Agent.
Dated July 31sl, 11HW. l-(it
ihe largest residences in the city
Pasto,    the   Italian,    convicted nf
Ning     Edward   Ryan in tli
.  I .lack Lorone, convicted of steal
: g 100 cases of dynamite fi
.'.  P, R. warehouse ai Fen
seen laken lo     the penitentiary     a1
Victoria.      Pasto goes for  life   and
..none for two years.
■ 1.lines
Greer     has been at Fort
ele the past week,   where he   has
be contract for several buildings.
Sixty days after date I Intend    to
apply to \t%a Chief Commissioner   uf
Lands and Works to purchase the following   described lauds   situate    ii
South East Kootenay, ti. C.
■ted of |    Commencing at a post at the S.
s city,   E. corner    lot 2017, group 1,   tbence
"*'"'    north 80   chains,     thence east    40
cliains,    thence     south    100 chain: .
thence west 20 ciiains, thence norlli
20 chains,   thence west 20 chains   to
the place of beginning, containing 'dn
acres, more or less.
Daled this tith day of May, 1906.
7-Ot* Roy C. Myers.
Notiee is hereby given that under
the provisions of tilie "Railway Aot,
1U03"  ttie Canadian Pacific Railway
N. C, MoKinstry returned from
Spokane last Friday, aecnuipan ed bv
Ins bride, and lefl that day for Kim-
bet lev.      The bride     was formerly
Miss   Agnes McRae,  of S.unia,  Ont.,   Cmpmy  in1?etKi8    lo ttppiy  to     lho
and the   wedding took place   on   ihe   n.^.-ii „f n__.ilu._iv nnmmfutti^n»i
i\sl of lasl  June.     They will  make
their home in Kimberley for lhe present, where Mr. MeKinsliy has    extensive milling Interests.
that it lakes a harcbrain
lo  appreciate  a  harelip. Anyway
the harelippcd man lias become such
a useful commodity thai no wcll-
pqulppcd humorist's workshop should
bo mlhoiil   one.      One handy    hare-
1|1lMi:l!im'llwaiii,r'h,f'1VT.adn,it',,(A I legistry_qmJe>    the Province    of
sweel-faced  mai roii, accoinpnn .-d   liy |
an angel child, walked pai
quired:     "Please, i "
Board of Railway Commissioners tor
Canada after the expiration of four
weeks frum the date of Uie first publication of this notice or soon
thereafter as the application can be
heard tor au thorny to construct,
operate and maintain two branch
lines from a point on its Kimberley
branch to points on Lot 2593, Group
1, East Kootenay Division, the location of which said proposed branch
lines is more particularly shown on
a map or plan, profile and book of
reference    deposited in    the   Nelson
when    does
[•lip p.
Miss Jenks-Have vou realty broken nn vom engagement to him?
Miss: Flylhe-Oh. yes. | j,lst, had
lo. He was getting too sontlmentnl
—iwgan tn lalk lo mu about matrimony.—Ex.
clock train
kered    into a sneer
Hal  liiuc     o'lioek!"
sweet-faced    matron  said,    "'l
ynu," the angel child anlckerod
ihev walked away.
A few iiiiiiules later mother
child reliirinil.     "Did you say
lhe nine o'clock train would he
nine?" she asked,
"Ileitiiinty! Ileitainly, It ine o'hock
"Thank you," saw! the lady, leading awav her smiling offspring Two
minutes later Die pair wenl lo the
harelippcd man wilii another inquiry
uiiniil ihe schedule nf the nine o'clock
train. 'Die harelippcd man's patienca
was exhaiised and re shoiilwl, "Hood
heaven's, ma'am,—hldn't hi hay bine
o'hock hixteen hinies?"
"Well,   mister,      Voll   needn't,     get
provoked about ii,"' said lh
faced   mai roil,  soothingly
care    nnything ahout tin
my little hoy likes lo heat the funny
way you talk."
British Columbia, on the Oth day ul
April A. D. lllllti as No. 524 "X",
notice of which deposit is also hereby given pursuant to the provision*
of the said section.
Dated this 27ih day of June A. D
c. Drinkwater,
17-4t Secretary
I hat      	
The   Canadian   Pacific bave place
on sale   at all   Kooteuay points
series of low   rate excursion ticket-
to various eastern points.     Tbe toi
lowing   rates apply    from Rossland
Trail, Nelson and common points t
New Haven, Conn., account meeting
Knights ol Columbus $83.til), selling
B,.   dates May 24, 20 and 20.
sweet- j    Winnipeg, Port Arthur, Fort   Wil-
"I don't  Rum, Duluth, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
train,—'hut   $52.50; Oinaha, $55.05; Kansas City
'    ' $58.25; St. Louis,     $00.00; Chicago
$04.00. On sale June 4, 6, 7, 23,
25; July 2, 3; August 7, 8, 9; Sept.
8, 10. On same dates through excursion fares will be quoted to al
points in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
V     Regular meetings on
*^   the third   Thursday
ol ever) nmuib.
Visiting iin-ti. cn welcomed.
S,  II.  Hoskins, Sec'y.
M. A. Ileal,-, W. M.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wcilni ilay evening   at
K II.III.   ill   11.   ill  I..   I*     li.ill.
C.  Itu...*i Tale, U.I'.
rims. Snulli. tt. Sec'y.
Visiting liii-iliii-n iiiitiiiiliy invited.
Meet at 11   ol L. !•'. Hall 2ml   ami
■ith Saturday eaoh mouth.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Boytor, .lus. E. Larrigaa,
IV. ill. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
IliielTBIock Crsnbr    .. 1 C
J is now located mi us comfort- .
, abie and attractive new quar- m
f tcrs in the Manitoba Hotel.
, This Institution is iust up-to-
4 d.ite .in-' ly .'quipped
J to do fu .fi k in all *
, branch. * orlal art. I
i. *
■■Han*-*' ■     ■:.*
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co
)##*♦#*#**#***#♦*♦#♦♦♦♦•.* i
C, H, DUNBAR       \
Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    *
Public, Etc. *
Cranbrouk,    ■    -    B. C.   J
'JTe Buy and Sill on  Camniission
WANiTEDs-Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflic* at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - • . 1.30 lo 3.30
Evenings . - . . . 7.30 to 6.30
ORANBROOK :i    ::    ::    ::    B. C
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong ave
I to 13 a.m,
1 to   I p.m.
Ilo   I ll.m.
Oflice In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
If you  have beauty
we will  take it,
Ifj,|you_have   none
h we will niakTTi.
Prest Photo Co
r >>
When Yuu
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephen? & k.ickendori
Opposite R P. R.
Si.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary. Alta.
Cranbrouk Sash    j
and Door Factory j
All kinds of Bnish work in J
wny of doors, windows, transoms, etc, Kiln dried lumber
for inside work, ' hir work is
guaranteed and >ur prices tire
| satisfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Cor Sale
O » ...•
The   fashionable plrl   had accepted   .
liim and the younK man was wonder-j Provinces. New Yorlt and New   Eag
liiK how fur liis Vdti a week     would   laud.    Tickets are    flrst-olass, Ih-ac
'go* 90 days Hoilt tor return and arc sub-
"Vnti must rcmciii'lier lhat life is; jeot to usual variations of route, are
not all gulf and tennis," murmured j also good in one or both directions
he. | via the Ureat Lakes, including meals
"Whv, nf course il  Isn't," she   re-, and births on lake steamers.       Ue-
s]iuiiiliii lirlghbly.     "Tlicre's boating * tailed lnlormaition on application.
innl coaching aiid bridge and over so' J. S. Carter, D.P.A.,
many tilings,"—Ex, I Nttsoa, ll. c
Nol ice is hereby given that HO days
after dale I Intend io apply to   lb
Hon.    Chief   Commissioner ot Lands
uml Works fnr     permission to    pur- j
chase ll.e following     described lands'
on the    railway from Crnnbrook   to
Kimberley, in the Kast Kootenay district:
Commencing at a pust marked "W.
II. Moore's N. E. corner" (and adjoining W. Love's N. W. corner);
thence west -in chains; thenco south
10 chains; thence east -HI chains;
thence ninth Hi chains to point of
commencement; consisting of 160
acres, more ur less.
Dated June 16th, IflOB.
W. II. Moore.
16-5t Fernie, ti. C.
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calfarj Butcher Shop
Geo. It. Powell, Proprietor
rk in dyeing,
epairlng ami
French Drv Cluaniog a Specialty
Wodonll kii le ol lndlee'work
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦fi ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ STRIPE   DU    K
If ynu    have a   cow   ynu are not
usiog and want, a pasture, I will tuk*!
care ol it tree lor the milk.
1) K. .4. Baron.
♦       fi,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«,« thk r,imminnKrtF.iiAT,T>
Hy lint Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
The Herald Is worili S10 .. year, li
costs only Sl. No nnui in South
blast Kooteuay ean aluml lo be without it, and everyone living outside ol
the distrit't, who is Interested in il'*>
progress, ol this section, Bhould read
it. It publishes 'In' news while 11 Is
news, lt is controlled absolutely n
the publishers. No clique, imi'! "
iiiflivnlu.il dictates Its policy. |i
don't try to please ilu* people. II s
d,-sire is to publish a newspaper Hi.it
will be a credit to lhe community.
Send in your subscription ami you
will be thankful evei .lilriivan.l.
Advertising rates Jl per Inch, pei
month, no iuiui' uml in' loss.
Reading matter 13 cents .it line
tn non-advertiscrB; m cents per line
tu regular advertisers.
II y.m desire lo reach Ihe people ol
Snulli Easl Kootenny y»u musl advertise in The Herald.
The Herald    has a Drst-el .1* n
plant, and ils work is ol thu bi'sl.
Tin. Herald don', wanl charity. It
...tills a squall1 deal uu vnur |oh
work. 11 we can't suii ymi in qual-
ilv and iiriec, kick, anil si-mi your
wink lo some Cheap .lolm house in
tlie east that never spends a mill in
mori:  than
1,000 a Week
This is Uio gnaranl 1 nir-
,-uliiti Iiiu* Ilernlil
I'rasa niiiiii mini sul>M*ii*i-
limi lists n|  iii investigation liy iiilverlisers  ul   nity
Tlio Ilernlil gives a dollar
in valuator a dollar In money.   The advertiser has lho
right In  know wlmt   lie   in
receiving   lor his   money.
The Herald   is one  paper
that courts Investitlgation.
The  Herald  will he found on *
sale st lhc following places: T
. i aryjvllle, Marysville Drug Slore *
Wardner, Q Donahue's Store T
Moyie, S. K. Hnrvie's Drug Store ♦
Ryan, R. P. Finlay ♦
Fernie, Purdy's Book Store X
lilku, Holbrook's Book Store T
*' Cranbrouk, Beattie & Atchison's ♦
and C. E, Keid & Co.'s %
To-the man who lives in British
Columbia there Is no place like this
province. The longer thai a man
lives in thc province the more loyal
ho grows, it is in the air, in the
climate, in every thine thai he
breathes and sees. Take the man
wlm has lived m British Columbia
Inr H few years. Could vnu gel lim
to go back lo his eastern homo?
Yes, fnr a visit, bui, not to live permanently. Once a citizen of British
Columbia, always a citizen. Tie
Iwsl boosters ihis province has are
those who have lived here for a
number ol years.
When tin- Herald stated tlm thero
would be an amicable settlement al
the St. Eugene mine sn Ear as the
hours were concerned, it tell thai it
was sponklng advisedly. The Herald
was (airly familiar with tin- policy ol
the management ot thai mine and
with tlto characteristics of ibe men
Perhaps there is nol nn Industrial
institution in the province where the
management and the employees arc
so closely together, There has never
been uny trouble there for there has
always been a disposition on the
part ut ibe management and Un* men
in give n sijiiiire deal. As a resuli
there bus never been any difficulty.
When any questions .nose l.nit- sides
got together und settled the matter
In a manner satisfactory to nil concerned. This has bei-n the ease In
ifcls last, Instance, ami It will always
be the case.
Comrade Hawthornthwaite should
io to Russia, lie would have every
.nportunity then- to resorl to his
•hotgun brigade to win peace uml
British Columbia bus nn use fm
< hincse labor. They are barrnd iinm
the province now and thej will Btay
barred. No white man can compete wilb lhe Cbinese tor they will
Hot live like a white man. And
is on thui pnint where every man in
business is interested It is what
iho laboring man buy,- ih.it given
business io anv community, whether
it. be Cranbrook, Vancouver. Toronto, Chicago or New York. ' Take
away the purchasing power of the
laboring man and vou rob your own
eountry 0f its most, potent factor of
success.     With  a prosperous,  fairly
paid  laboring element   vnu   will  see a
prosperous, profit-Miming community. Reduce tie wage nf the laboring mun to lbe level 0f Chinese com
petition and whal have you'' It li
true that, here and tliere some employers may grow rich, bul that, does
not bring to anv community genera
prosperity, There may be at this
tune a dearth nf labor. In fact progress along certain lines may be
retarded on this account, But if is
far belter to put up with that than
M would lie to open the gales to a
horde nf Chinese in nil the present
demand and later drive every   white
mui. to the wall in ihe life and dealt
.n,i:-.|e tin existence. Tlie while!
laborei is a consumer, because lie
lives like a white man. Ami il is
unsumci that giv - ata '"" ''v :
to any country. Cul oil lm con-|
: and vmi reach thc vitals oi
commerce. British Columbia has nil)
In- Cbinese llml she needs and    the
j pic mil uol  stand toi   ibe bats in
be raised.
Hi van's ad' nuco agent is working
ovei lime these days, .m.l what Is
.. is e.nning his money. The
reception thai will be tendered Bryan
on his return from abroad at New
Vork will probably be tha greatesl
demonstralion ever shown in honoi ol
,i plain, private citizen. Bryan Is t
bound lo be the next nominee for tlio
presidency ol the Benuicratic parly,
ami'Unless tliere is a great change in
liie United Slates in* will be elected.
Tbe   Honorable   Mr.    Fielding has]
been unsealed by the decision oi   tin
courts.      The reasons are that   certain evidence ol a criminal charactei
liati   been     produced      againsl    Ml
Kidding s agents   In the last    cam
paign     Death loves a shining mark
and s,, iocs partisan politics.   Then
i- it..t a man In Canada lo-day whi
stands     highei   than    Mt.   Fielding.
IU- is    an ideal Canadian, a    noble
citizen, a crudil  to bis province and j
to Mie Dominion,        No man, be   ito
Conservative or Liberal, would for a'
moment  entertain the idea that   Alt. i
Fielding, personally, had beeu   guilty
..I anj  w rong lining in election mai '
lets. '     Agents,   in   then      zeal,  Call |
easily    violate   the election   laws ul,
Canada, without going vers fa*, and
it is for some such acts as this that
Mi.   Fielding  has  been  made a     Victim,     li makes n necessary for him
in seek a re-election, and tliere is no
doubt about tb,- resuli.     His return
will be by an overwhelming mnjurity,
ii lhe opposition gn mi fai as to   op-!
pusc liim, ami  tin: majuril)   will   be
in ibe nature of au enthusiastic vindication.
The Liberal association ot Nelson
win ni-M monlh express theii preference for u candidate Ior tlto local
house and the choice will lie between
l'iol Hume and lu. Hall. Bulb men
are well kuown unl stand well In Hie
conimuuil) and eiiber would pruvo a
Mitiii.'L in tliat riding,
Walter Wellman has postponed his.
Hying ship trip to the North Pole.
Ur. Wellman must exercise gieat care
..i hu will be classed wiih a certain
Iol ol professional fakers.
Tbe kind .if politics lhat. Canada
has ■, Hghl to demand Is honest politics, and whether It be in provincial
ui Dominion mailers, the people have
iin* right to call Ioi  a square deal.
When ymi have a lew minutes to
spare put in a word ior Cianbrook
.iml  Kasi  Kootenay.
Never quit boosting, lt. has counted ior Craubrook In the past and will
fount tor it in Lhe future,
Don't forget to say a good word
for Labor Day. It will be a great
celebration this year, and nu person
m ibis part of the country can afford
to miss it.
Tin- lletald seems tn be growing in
■popularity every week. The subscript ion list is growing day by day,
.unl at the present time there is not
a weekly paper in the province that
has as large a bona fide list as has
tie Herald.
Recognizing the fact that tho lumber industry is the leading industry
iu Ihis part ol the province, the Herald ai tlie expense of between $200
and $300 bas arranged for the publication of a series ot articles showing
ilu- siatus of this industry in the
territory tributary to Cranlirnok.
A representative of this paper is vis
iting all of lhe mills and talking
wilii Uie mill men direct, thus gelling bis information nYsi- hand. The
object of these articles are to give
in the public an adequate idea of ihc
lumber business iu ibis part ot the
province and the men who have Invested lheir money and given their
time and brains to tlie development
ol this part ot the country a prouer
Ilawllioriilhwaile bas al last turned mi lln- powers that be, and now is
injuring forth some nf liis vellum upun
the bead nf  Boh Clreen.     Ye    gods
what i
11  is
ilillieult Ior ministers of   ilu.
llie    |ll
1" '
kiss ll
lhe 111.
ople.      There are    loo man)
il sycophants win. arc ready li
■ li.in ol the garment worn li)
n lu power mul ilius prevent a
i    limn Betting al tho    Liu.
It lus ever been Ilnis    ami
y will evei  remain so.
weulieili century belongs    i,
mul  Cranhrook.
by wo
v.iv to eel there is lm    wmk
s [wis been won inure liiiu-s
k ihnn uny oilier wny.
There is an old maxim that
" clothes do nol make the man "
but there is no getting around
the fact that, in this generation
at least, the general appearance
of a man has much to do with
his success in life, and the man
who is neat and tasty in his
dress creates a good impression
at first sight and thus wins half
the battle. To dress well it is no
longer necessary to pay the high
prices of custom tailors, thus
creating a large inroad in your
yearly salary. Pay a visit to our
clothing emporium and we are
satisfied we can convince you
that the 20th Century Clothing, for which we are sole
agents, is not only up-to-
date in style, but is superior
in quality to any goods now
on the market, and we
guarantee a perfect fit at
prices lower than any competitor. In fact we are in a
position to furnish you with a
complete and stylish outfit, from
the hat on your head to the shoes
on your feet for less than you
would pay a custom tailor for an
ordinary suit of clothes.*.* _*_»;.•*
- j1" >*vo'
Call anil ho c on v i nc oil
that we can substantiate   •> 11 r   statements.
Walkover Shoes
for Men
Em press Shoes for
Slocan will come into her own.   And mueh beauty.     But  Kaslo is beauti-'not stand tariff spoliation.     And wo cloth and carried a bouquet of carna-
ihat time   is    hound   to  come,   tor ful at long range, and more beautiful  sympathize with ll  iu resenting it.    lions.     The bridesina'd  was attired
around that eity are resources iu the at closer inspection,     It  lays on   at                                 __ in while organdie and carried a boil-
way of mining and lumbering that ti point In the Koolenay lake, with   a' quel  ol carnations   and sweet   peas.
bound to again fcive that community magnificent beach and a pleasing cool  «io           ■?.,-,'.J ,'.   ,-,. After    the ceremony   at Uie   church
prosperity.        It is Hue lhat a man wind  that robs the summer beat ot]                   MUCK-RAKE. <iiu. wedding party was driven to the
by the name of Smlther legale,    wlml all ol ils terror.     Too many people'   Halifax,  VS., Chronicle:—The Ad-limine of    Mr. and Mrs. Many Robi-
pitollslted   a newspaper     for   several! in ibis    country   have   not   visited  venture sails tor    the tar north Ui- chain!   where     a   hnunliiul   wedding
Sav, young mun, have you star led
thai bank account? If you bave not
vmi are making a mistake, Nn otic
will atari II for you. Il depends
upon yourself, .And if ynu gol it,
ilarted   once you will    nourish     it
lil.e a     She  bear lines  her  Cllb,       Ne\l
w.-ek is a good time. Still better,
'.[nn ibis week. Tin 11 you are sun-
nf a start.
Rob Edwards, of the Calgary Rye
11 pi ner, is gel i ing good. His paper
lias nol been shut oul nl the mails
for months.
If you liave time ibis week send in
your subscript imi to Ihe Herald. Vmi
i'eallv have no right in read n paper
like 'the Herald without  paying    for
There has heen a Iol ot talk abonl
Slocan City in the papers during the
pasl few weeks, ami most of it bas
lieen of a character that, was bound
to be detrimental fo the town and
the people. SIncan City, like many
towns in the West, has had iis ups
and downs, but In its population, it
lias some of tlio best people on earth.
There are men wbo are pioneers, men
whn bave tbe future of the country
at heart, men who know ot the resources of that district and are confident   Ibat  the time will come when
Uial town and also served
as eity clerk, gave to himself as publisher a vast amount of work for
which he is demanding pay to-day.
The hill runs up into thousands and
be bus secured judgment. But that
money will be paid. Tliere are taxes
due ' lo far more iban cover the
amount, and when this is collected
the town will be on a good financial
basis. There is no fear of the future
of SIncan Cily. II Iras the right
kind ot peoplo, and the time Is coming when thai town will be one of
the best in Wesl  Koolenay.
Sandon, at 11c present time, is
ipiiel, dead quiet. And it is strange
thai ibis is t-u> ca-v. Ml arour.d
ib.ii town there are properties llial
if winked In Ihe fullesi extent, w" Id
make a good town nut of sandon.
Iiul they say thai mueh of Iho
depression al lie present time is due
t.i ivbnrbiiani transportation rules,
Tbis is up io the C. P, H. nnd the
fln-.ii Northern, and if ibis is true
lbe world should know it. There
are men In'business and mining companies whn have spenl hundreds nf
thousands nf buildings and the development ol properties, and if the
railroads are placing a handicap
upon such a country, they deserve all
the censure that ' the Anglo-Saxon
longuc can pul inlo words.
We met al Sandon Mr. -Davidson,
Ihe laboi ivprcsenlallve nl thai ills-
ttni in tlie provincial bouse. To
speak plainly and honestly, Mr,
Davidson did nol Impress us vory
favoruli v. The man shows what be
In—n ilislurbei in labor circles, one
wbn would profll bv dlscontonl and
despair, whn would hy smooth tongue
reap Uie benefits nf an lionesl
man's labor, In our opinion     Mr.
Davidson is far frnm being a friend
nf labor. Me has discovered tho
sunny side ot Easy street in the
snuggle ,-f life, and as long as
be can keep Hie peuple fooled, the
men who earn a livelihood by lhe
sweal nf their brows, while he lives
in luxury and idleness, he fas ft good
thing, lie ca,, harp on the "capllis-
1 if classes," anl t-he "wage slave"
problem like his leader and prototype
in idleness. Comrade Ilawlhornfh-
waite, and cal in I v laugh up his
sleeve al the niipidtly of his followers. Davidson knows he has t) good
thing, and he is showing an ability
to work il tn a finish. II is simply
a question how long the people who
an* the real workers will stand for
bis game, ami already a large number In thai district are getting
Kaslo,  and  consequently  have     not'day, but up to date "Billy" Bennett! breakfast  was served and lire   happy
bad au opportunity to know ihe town  has uol app.antl to "check the   sup- couple    received   the  congratulations
ts people.     And speaking uf ils  plies." | ol tlieir many friends,
pcilplc, there is not a town in
of   the province that    has a better
bund:. That is    where    the Hon.
Robert Green    was discovered, and
Hamilton Spectator:—If ther
incut-ri 111,   umi , 1    ' , , ,11111    nui    ihvii
that is where John Kean, Arthur *V'nVr'n,y a^'ived immigrants u..,.,.,.... ,u M,llvsvj,u, w)
Goodenough, Mr. McAnn, otic of tha K ft.i ?'" Hi.J? 'V?,-,,_2St *°*<la " sponsible poi
bngbiest    lawyers iu 13   C, J,    H. Na ",' , ' "',   (a,('-idin , BuUM1 u,t Sullivan smeltei
Mr. and Mrs. Lomphrey left on the
vestfbouml tram for the coast where
hey will spend    a brief honeymoon,
id  will   then  return   to  lheir fuiure
Hie gloom
11 at    'he
"..n'lii.ii        ..... 11 in    111    IJ,     \j,,    ,) .        11.                ,   . „      ■     . .               ...     , ,       . . ,            . .Till I I» ,111    Ol 111 1 III ,
Rilallck,   W.  V.   Paiiwortli,    and   a1!"'*1" "'.!!   " I""*'**'1' ■"W lj"'"     Tlio*. ig presents were lwiulilliil
host     ot 8O0.I   follows reside,     And jan* ""'-v   musl ™ ut'1*") use" and valuable, the follou-ins being    n
ll)i._     Vl'.lt-     k'^cln    id     .r.-il-rr     tt,     1,^.1,1          ~       ICSS. II.lli,1    litll ■
Ihis year Kaslo is going  lo hold    a
fruit  fair,  and  people who are desir-1
ions nt ascertaining where good fruit A  DISMAL PICTURE.
ean he grown,  should be sine     and     Nelson, B.C., Dally News:—It
sii      lhat   fair.     That   is an   ideal   pitiable faet,  but  il'
I list:
j    Cabinet of   silverware,   from    tin
employees of    the    Sullivan smeller,
s   a'silver fruit   dish, and  marmalade  jar,
a fact  never-: P.    Uqbiohnud;     silver    cake    dish
climate tor fruil   raising, and     men  Ihcless, Ibat this province has nol in ! Anna Oulletle; silver egg stand, M
wlm are wise enough to secure lands   recent vears been able lo produce nne,.nnl   Mrs.   II.   Knliithauil,   clock,    Mr.
in that district al the present prices single administraloi nf marked    con- and Mrs. Joseph    Brault; Batlenberg
■ " ,a|,|(. doilies,   Miss Anna Bamhanlt,
silver bullet' knile, Miss Edith H.,11,
silver fruit knife, Miss Maggie Kennedy;  silver    fruil   spoon,  Mr.     and
laying the foundation for big' stnu-iivc ability. The picture
fortunes, If you have lime be sure ] jurcd up by the record oi the present
ami vlsil that fair. Vou will get government is. a painful one—not bc-
ibal   in  the future    may i cause  that  governmenl   has done
■ Invaluable to to you.            "'   much Ihal is had (though there have Mrs. J. B. Ilall; pearl landted butler
been a good many things Ihal   called   knife     *»_■   "«'"    "»•■    '■    ' ■■■	
But, to put aside the talk of Brit- for criticism), but because il has as
sh Columbia, which in a way, may' vet placed no act on the statute
In- considered shop talk, I want lii1'book wliich promises to stand throiigp
tell you ahoui a definition I heard of the fuiure a monument of its pat
a peck-a-'bon waist. Ii is so apt riotlsm and clearsighted judgment,
and so good that I must give it to
my readers, it was given'by a passenger on nn ocean steamer to a
foreigner, who was coming lo Amor-
nd had beard nl this waist but ' ',!!i"1 ";.„„',' -S. ,
,,i ....,..,.     ti... Ami* ._ ....i"11" expensive i
did iiiii -savvy,    Tbe dctlnltl
cenwood, B.C.,   Boundary deck
11   is  sometimes    dangerous
be to,, court
oisnuw.       i.e .leiinti.nn was as politicians or thv     Sir Charles llib-
'"w^ieb Lr wTrS,,ri!S''-f» T *t typo.   .Tho public (nier.
Ml. and Mrs. (!. Lew
glass vase, Mr, and Mis, R, K.
Heal lie; trav and water sel, Joseph
Lo Dan, silvei sugar bowl and eui-
lerv, Mr. and Mrs J. V. I'ringle,
fruil dish, Mr. fl. TIsct; glass Iodic
sel. Mr. Carnii, dressing case, Mr.
Sarganl; silver blsuuil Jar, Miss
Grenter;    groom's   presenl  in     the
bride,  cheque.
which  ynu    are expected  to look
,,.„   ",,       -.. ' '.  ', ' ""   esi   are RoiieilllVfl   uelicr  RorVtt       iy The    iilins  fur  the  tniiiiiiiini   i.n ■ 1,1
'■„.''" 'n;AJA'iAr\tJ^ AT """"'  ° ",H' "•"'" 'T "''';AJJlAlTZVlA,
luokln, „.,*i Hi,'  iinJiAA IA""'     """'          gfe ,""' ""','""A ' ' '!
limil'll   lends   Inr   In   lielleVO   lilll Ilns SiiUllilnv   ln*M.        Iln*li*   |S  a   i*,i|l\*   ni
la "too™      LiMiii,:,!   1,1,,,,    , I.".       INDOIW   AS   TO flllAKT.        Ito nana ami     »i,.*ellleallo„» 	
Ireniely mndeel man 111 ysell cm1   Brockvllle   Times (Cnn.)l-ll tlicro   »' " novoiimeitl      \«tnl  Anns Ir :
.iiceiil.                                ' is unvihini!   iinlnii, oi any Btisplclon ;""1 '"."' *".ll sl*'v'"   Ihwrn,     Ito..-
nr any suspicion
nf grail in the awarding of the
Temiskaming railway tender lo a
company In which lbe son uf a Con-
servalive MLA. is Interested, Ihe
acceptance should be cancelled.
Premier Whitney cannol afford to let
any such work tarnish his government's record.     He has tlie    people
Chal ham     News:—Lucky      Eui ope!
There are sometimes banks lhat    go
up and food thai i.s poisoned; gas -behind him. He possessos their coil-
that Is dear and bribable councils Ihlence, which is n sacred trust, and
and municipal and slate officials; but he is' not lho man to forfeit that
the Lord help ttie scamps when ihey   trust
ne caught!
Winnipeg Trihuue:-The   great   mis-   [j.!;".!^
proper     constitution. The   great
mistake was made by the late Brit
Have you ever seen Kaslo? It is
wilhi.ut n doubt one of tbe finest
looking eil ies In     British Columbia
rhe wedding wns a quiet one, onlv
Ish government when il reeopl?.ed I *tJ,mmS}la]je tMe'telMl.?S™t
t™ languages as ollieial in    South  !^rararomon* .vas SrfSSU^T 8
fi'cloek in the iiiiii niliR, the hride he-
Ing tfiven awav hy her unele, Mr.
Iliurv Iliiliiclii'iiul;' and Miss Anna
OllMol-lc nnil   Mi*.     Peter Rohiehainl
   ,     Hamilton Times:—We shnil have lho
New Denver is really lis only rival , western market onlv so long as    wo aoblifg as bridesmaid and hest man
hut lhe wiil,- creek bottom that flanks supply it   wilh good guilds   at lea-; Tte Iniili* was married in a beautiful
M      ,1    ... .   . > ' '   .". _._.,  n..l      It  ..,111       I , ., , ..1 I..,, ..,,11      . T        A I,I'll     1,1 IU, ,i   I,".:
I .me wiih Mayoi   lingers,     Then
llltle ilmilil  Hint  lln. in vl lew il.n
will   see   lbe  giiimiil   lilllkell  Inr     lln
iuiil.liiii.,s ami     ih,*,   will be rapidly
ins-hill iii completion.
BAim.V-l.RWia-On   AiiriisI   I5l.li,
lllllli, ill    SI.  Paul's    ehuiell.  V nil
ver, by   the Ven. I'.ilwui s   IV. Pen-
Ili*ii 11).   ll.ll..    A mil,1.mi I  i'i.Iiiiii-
biu. H.lherl Sleivml Baron, nl Uran-
lirook, Il.c, elilcsl son ni Rev. li. II.
Ilaron, nl Dnintlns, Isle nl Man, in
Kiliib, sin-mi daiiglii-ei ni Tlionins
Lewis, 1'li.q., nf Vancouver.
(Inlerior palpcrs please copy.)
Take nolleo llut siviy days ailer
dale 1 intend lo apply in Un* Chiel
Commissionei nl Unds mnl Wnrks al
Um   lull.iu un,   ili'sriil.'il    lands     in
luiiili l-'.nsi, Kool.-nny:
Cuiiiinene ng al ' Un* norlli-
wesl        iiiiiii.i* uf       Inl       35111,
lln mv wesl In       cbains,
iluiu*.* uuuil   Hi chains,  thence   ensl
In chains, llience soull. 111 n'.i s, lo
placu nl couililcncuicnl, collie g iu
.ill luu acres, mole ol  less.
•Jl-I'l.- William    bun*.
The Youth—Why is it.,Ibat so many
marriages are unhappy?
The Sage—Because Ihere are so
many marriages.—Ox.
I'linllv—I 'thought perhaps you bad
a  inefeieiiee fnr Rdbby .lories?
Mildred—Nonsense! You are just,
as* welcome here as he is.    Why, he
New Denver nn mm side, rolls il   „I sonable prices,     But lhc west   will  traveling    suit ol   Alice blue ladles is ,hl. musl (nsugota|,ie i
Thirty days alter dale I Intend In
apply in ihe <'Iiul Commissi i   nl
Lands ami Works lor special licenses
iu rut and carrj away Umbel nmn
iin* lollowlng .im, iii.ui iuiui, in I,, .i
ll)   Commencing ul „ posl  plaulnl
nil   lhe   wesl   li    nl   lln*   KII,      In. I
one-hall mile smith ul Iol 118113,
Ihence sn chains wesl, Ibeiu-c sn
cliains snulli, Ihence su chains, more
nr less,  n.mi   In  llu* li.uil.   ...   Ill,, snld
liver, thenco i Irani lu the | I
uf    i milium, ,-iiimi I    . ..in.. 	
l.lll mil's, inure ul less.
Ill   .'niiiiii, in:', ul  a  |in:l  plaulnl
mi  llm    wesl    unl,  nl    llie  KM,    in
mu, ami  one hull  miles   ...... I,  nl   Inl
11833, llience    u-csl   in chains,  Ihei.™
suuih  Inn   ih s,    ll.ni i   I"
chains, nm   less,  lu lie     iaid
river, Uumcc up siren.	
llm   |i.il    nun 'inilil.   .in,	
lllllllll)*.   I'M'   .u In:,.   Ill     Iel
1.,,mini    llll*.     I,Hi      il.i,    ul     lm,,   I
Kun:. ::i in,'
N..Inr i.   lmi, In  gl.ni   Umi    im.
lllll) il.n . .iih I   il.il,>   I   ml,,ml   lu   mi
|>lv      In   Hi*     Hun.    I '..liiiin * I I   nl
Lands mil     W'nrks lu nun-ham.     lbe
lollowlng   ile.ulllnsl   l.llli     Slllllll I
K.li.l      km,I, li.u        iiii     lln*   ,-|",l, ,
Hraneh 0. P. 1,'. seven miles suiilli Vl
Curtail, li.r.. un l.lllln Hnyle lim i
Sluilni:,  nl ,i  enlliel   |m i   iii.iil,,*!
"ll.       ..lull's    i-.iili.-l     '.l.il.i*,"   l.i.	
nurlh parallel lo C. I* ll Hecks
sivlv eliains, lli.niv wesl hull I mi
chains, llienee snulli .-imi (in.)
chains, llience ensl  forty I l.i, eliains
lu polnl  uf i leiii'i* nl  nml   i.n.I
lu minium iwu liundrnl (3(10) ai'ii*-,
mora or less.
li. Muir,
lluliii     nt   Curtail, H.I'.. in  K.i,I
Koolenay, August, Inlh, 1008. -1 Ot*
Good old t me shaves, fine haircuts,
.shampoo, sea foam, massage, liair-
singing, everything in lhe tonsorlal
opposite posl otlice, (-raiibiuok, 11. 0, THE   CRANBROOK    HERALD
Reid & Company's
Discount, all suits, sizes 22 to 33
We carry a full range of Williams' famous
School Shoes for Boys
Cranbrook, B.C.
nt 1. price u working ...nn c.-ii. nftord If, pay
Ti-ui Chrome Lneeil Bool
Mulnskiii Lace Bool
Muli'skin Gniter 	
G. T. Rogers SSSL (t
Cranhrook, I). C. (♦
Will give  a demonstration in
our store from Aug. 27th
to September 8th
Call and consult the hair
Specialist on the growth of hair
Phone 74.
Druggists, Stationers
Dispensing is our specialty
CigaLr Store
Huv » box of Riifino
50 In box, $5.00
1 ticket.'* Club Special
25 in box, $2.00
S.J. Mighton
1 (Ulwmr men Dress Ulcll      *
\l HI llll
B.     I f Jl
ni nli
'I' ,1 i
llml limy l.uv llii'ir 1
i, ml Kiirin.'iils tlml
nil's    -IIII.I1-I     in    I''.!)
rn* 1 m:  mil   l'u.
utlu ■■ tr.1111
ri* .fxprcsaiv
iim,,   Mnl.-.
,*  lia...-  lln*
l       ittcSwcyit,,b{ M>wCai|Cir:
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Mel   Tickets $b.00 Easy terms for sk.idy Bo.ird
Harold Jamieson lt*f 1 yesterday lor
s. .1. Morrow was down fuun
Marysville tin- lirst of lhe week,
■Jos, Tanhauser, nt Kort Steele,
was a Craubrook visitor Tuesday.
Mr, and Mrs, .1. A. Harvey arrived
home Irom     then eastern irip    lasi
Mrs. A. P. Olienette, of Marysville. is visiting luei.ds al Feline
bills week.
Mi. .md Mrs. McKowan returned
home last Sunday lioin their wed-
oi.g ui|).
Mis. A. I'. Nelson entertained Iol
liei  sister,     Mrs   lii&li\ on Tuesday
V, .1. McMahon, o( the Koolenay
■.-:.*:. Moyie, was a Cnuibrouk visi-
,,'i   I'ucsdny.
Oeorge Mender came up from Toeh-
l\ yesterdu) ami i\ ill remain in
Cranbiook a few days.
.sked iu a few
ting in honoi
,. Tanning.
j    Palmoie Urns.,   ti
\ bers.
1    Frank Rutley lell to
1 weeh 1 visit at Baiin.
Wanted—Kirst-ela^ cl ...
■ tlie Cranbrook *■   ■ •
Otto Hougt, of Elko, has been in
I town tbe past few days.
.1. p. Fink t> .\: 11 eted  I
:.   -,. item trip to-mc
Di. s. K. iiarvii,
I town on    professional b 1
.1.,     Balfour, tbe   C. P. I
a&ce a^enl lia* been .:.
,\ ,-vi*.
1. .    II 11
I Craubrook to lay
■:,.  1-ki Country,
Mis. Wm   V. Tab V   Ito -
Tale, .or expw led hoi 1
:. \ Lsit to morrow.
Mt.   an,l  Mrs.   A. Yu
ilu-i., ni Edmonton,
the Cranbi  hot* I
Dave ti''-■ '■■-■■■ id
Factotums ui  lbe Crow
Lumbei 1 output) I
It   W   lluckcll, .,1 .
towu   lo-du)   nn  Iiii  w.t\
Wlll'iU   lit'       f\|lr. Ls    lu
A  school lm,; « il! be       en to   I be
in .1  -...11 boys and
1...-MI   1 (iinuieni 'ti-.      Mi iida)
iTtb ai Keid a Co.
Prevent   typlioid    fever.   Take  l'i
St'llll.S       lilMt.'    Ml     llf.l, -:       1     UUIIIlliU
iinm .     Beware t.i  1nni.1i i.u,,.     toi
sale by  Deal tie -a  Alchi uii
Alls. P. l.ni,il ami children win
were camping .11 St, Mai) laki, re
turned tu Iheii liome .11 ttawluei
the nisi ol Hn- week,
Mi .md Mrs. Richards and daugli
tei .ni.I .Miss Ward, wbn bave beei
camping iti si. Marys lake, ret ur net
llume   lbe  Hist   of   lln-   Week.
Prevent lyphoid fever. Ta1..- Mi
Scott's citrate ol Iron nnd iiuiniui
Louie. Beware ul imitations, em
sale by Beattie & Alchisou.
Don'l  forgel  lhe big celebration ii
Craiibrook    mi   Labor    Di
everybody   turn     oui nn.l
lbe banner event  ol  lbe dis
Wm. Hose and Win. Olivei
the flrst of the week from
tn   West   Kooteimy.     Hun
irip they purchased a fruil farm neai
Kaslo.   '
R. A. Macnell, principal oi the
Cranbrook schools, win. Ims been
spending iiis vacation in Winnipeg and
vicinity, arrived homo the llisl 01
the week.
Far sale-One National Cash register, Tolal adder; uuly a shorl
lime iu use; good as new; price ver)
reasonable.— The Finl. Mercantile
Co., Ltd. 21
Arthur Jardltie, whn for ibe past
year lias la-Id ibe position of engi
neei' a-t bhe Cranbrook brewery, has
accepted a simllai position w.ili Lhe
Electric Light Co.
John Kelly, wlm for the past yeai
lias been, in the emplny ol Tate iS:
.Sons, jewelers, bas severed his connection with thai firm and on Wednesday left for Spokane.
Harry Milton, who has been doing
assessment work on his mini ral
claims .ui Baker inounhain, is in town
in-dav. Hnrrv says thai prospects
arc looking bel'ler every day.
Tliere will be a pure food demon
slraliou at lite store of lb-' Fluk
Mercantile Co., Lid , by Miss Eruin
H. Nieol, on Tuesdav, Wedn .d.u and
Thursday, August *::., 2K and £Ulh.
I "am' getting   ready   for   my   fall   stock   of   cloths, anJ  have  on hand about
which 1 desire to dispose ol at once.    These  suits are up-to-date in style and finish,
bul as I am closing out this branch of business I propose to let them go
The man who wants a first-class suit at a price lower than he could buy in Toronto
or Montreal, call at once.    The first come, the first served.
Leask & Henderson, THE TA1L0RS
ak_ Ihis
A pool
11I  .Ml
M   V.    Schilling,   tins. 'I'lii'i*-    mill
Vi. Tlu-all, ol I'.'iiy    Creek, mil*.
11,■*.:*,  .il      llu*  I'uMiuiliiilUiiii     llolel
l-'.u*   Sale—My business lilofk
fii'ik, and worry multiplies ill.'
housekeepers care. ' Hi-i .1 "Koote
nay" range Ural ..-.luces llie work
.unl ellmfiulcs the worry.—l-nllnore
Mr, .mil     51m   T.   \. Corey     nn.l
children  passed     Hi nli  Craiibrook
i.ml.n iiii ili.'ir ii'iuiii 1.1. Umil home
.11 .M.ilii-iiif li.u, Mrs. run*, having
recovered sullifii'iiily uuui hm recent
accident to travel.
There will   lie j imn' Imiii .I.-iiii'ii
siiau,hi   al llu-   slore ol    ilu* Kink
Mercantile l'u , I,III., liv .Miss I'll m.i
11. Nicul, im Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, August 27, it .m.l 31111..
Patmore    Bros.
plot*.!     lilt*  l-Mi'li:
Ior lhe Kasl Kim
large pla
stroug avi'iiiie. 1 will sell at a' ami'are """' ''u>
it the Kms Kim
nit mill here.
lau  price and   011 reasonable terms,
John I'fii. IJ-tl
C, Malpas entcr-
iiu-iifls nu Monday
il Un* visiting l.ifl-
Thirteenth Annual I
$35,000 in Prizes and Purses |
ity mnl Dlstrlel   Krnll
,;.,, ,,'i.i.hi i.tiii.iiiDi mi,..
lllllllll. ill 1-u.r.v ,i,.|„,r	
TwoweskS In
Sept. 24th to Oct. 6th, '06
Open Day and Night
)everyuHm-nnmi.   I'nio Vinnloi-lllo nml Hand l'i
nlglii..  AiIhiUhIiiii iilii-i-ii |i. in., only uii*.
|.',,r Pragma., l-rl/j. Uitltf iiiiiI mil' oilier Inform
BID flint Avenue, Spokane, WiihIi.
a. limiiHii, Un* popular i"o*
■im ol ih.- Miiiili.iii.iu holel,
.  trammeling husiness in     Cran-
i.k   Ki nl.i.   l.ml.
,.:„ rinililiiit, ehiel dork nt lhe
n iii. iiiiiii*, returned from llie
: yesterday, wltere lie hnd been
,\ ud'. ins vacation.
s K'.i ii'k.smi anil' daughters, Xci'a
is nn Thursday evening, in
i nl hm i;iicsls, Mis. Nolile ninl
have .iiimii i'niiiii- blower sysletu
,'ii.iv Lumber nun*
It mill ni Jalfray,
■nlarglng lhe plant
•i i'.i.'s new plnn-
James Staples, lor the pasl     Iw
years in charge nl lire dry goods dc-
partment ni Held A* Co.'s sum* lia:
resigned lis position .villi Ihal   lim
and leaves lo-dny fnr th.* coast.   Mr
Staples Intends ' Knins "" Inesi
lm* himsell Iml  as \ii  Ims iinl  ili'iiil
ed ou a local inn.
Don't lorgol the his celebration n
Cranhrook nn La'bor Uay. bo
everybody turu nnt and make Ihi
llu- Inmiifr event nl ihf dlslrict..
llm Clothier, "1 Nelson, w.is lu
uuui several days week.
in Bishop, ni Marysville, wns in
llrmil k Sniiiiday last.
llun'l forgot llie his fflehi'illlnli in
ri.inin,ml. uu I.nHiui' Day. Let
everybody turn unl ami in.ilm Ilns
In* banner cvenl ol the dislriel.
Mis. Vi. E. Nobles, Willi hel
children, Edgar and Portia, lelt lor
mitiiuiiiiiii uu Monday alternoou,
aheie Mr. Nobles has located. A
largo number of [.'lends were at the
itaiion iu bid ilieui good-bye,
Mi. anil Mis. .1. 10. Dickson and
Imiii lm) lell nn Monday afternoon
iut iL'eir new homo in Edmonton.
i.uih Mr. iin.i Mis. Dickson will he
.really missed by ihei. many Cran-
urook Iriends.
It. Werdcn, ni thf Imperial hotel,
Km i Steele, Ims been suffering lhe
jnist week wiih a severe aiiat-k ol
utisiliiis and un Tuesday he wns
llioughl In Cranbrook imd' placed in
SI. Eugene liospllal, where he is al
present slowly improving.
Tlie wurk ul laying the new sidewalk was commenced i-his week, (loo,
ll. Leask ... Cu., scouring the con-
iinil lur SUII tcet of 111 foot walk nil
ilie smiili side nf linker street.
Tenders have also been uskod for
.nlfiv.ilks uu Armstrong avenue, Hanoi! avenue, Luuis slreet, and Cran.
brook slreet luun ilu- Canadian
Dank    of Commerce    to   the school
One third nf a housekeeper's life is
-iii-tit  in her kllchen.     Ono hall the
.iimi rn' I sokeeplng is at tlif cook
-iun..     Your range can double   or
nilin Um cooking slavery uf   huiise-
,i- in;.      (ini  n "Koolenay" range
mil lake im chances.—Patmore Dins.
.1 u. li,*ii*. ilm shoemaker, led
llomlay lm* n uvu weeks visit at illl-
erenl points in Montana. Since
rn,mis in Cranbrook .Mr. Heir Ims
■miiiiii'il himself closely in his wmk
n.l is certainly eniiilcil lu a    vaea-
Remember the
The Biggest and Best Ever
SEPT. 19, 20, 21, 1906
Horse   Races,   Lacrosse  Tournament and other
The largest Fruit, Vegetable and Mining Exhibits in
the province.
N. I lanson was     down froi
Tuesday  witb bis automobile
Miss     N>*
Vmi arc Invited   lo take a     walk     jir, a[|l[ \irs   n.o  Lewis of Waldo ! l)run»mo»di
thc Methodisl church next Sunday  wero Uranbrook visitors Tuesday     '   uidit  '... resume h i   _tudies u\ l'io-
-'iniij; and heal     Kev. -J.  I\ Wrsi-j    () v ] w, '[     |   .:     ■      ..  ideray, Vancouver,
irivu hi.-i address
Mis. II. Northey and -Mis^ Northey,
nd   What the Uity.»' Uayard,    wero shopping in   Urau-|
Will Then he   Like."
will lie furuisbetl bv
(inud    inu.ic
liiooU yesterday.
lirsi ot lhe week.
Koii.id-At Galloway, B.C..
;)iiudiir.s of bedding ami olothlug. j -I. (i. Drewery, of Movie, passed
Duner ean have name by proving' through Cranbrook Monday (J11 Hs
property.        Ulto  Wlsncr,  Wardner, j way to his ranch on the prairie.
,   ,.   ,,,.„! „     ,.,.;,,,! i, ,„„ (,-  i,i0      Mr. and     Mrs.     A. E. BookwaUer
trip % i.'£vrsl.re*yeiastl"Jnd «* »"- ^.^' «'. ««V .Uie,
were     guei
,,   ,     , .,    ,   „    holel Tuesday.
Brake lell  about             ;
$5.00 it-waul   tnr   return ot   white
Fox Terrier Ditch; white an.l yelluw
lair, Wending to Bl.nl* ai  ears    an.l
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       extending down right     side ut neck:
Mi--  Tanning. | black spol like figure 8 ri«lil side ol
,,       ,.     . i   .      ., v        sad-Ik,^il.u'k spol  HiZG    silvei   iloll.it
Mia. l.rckson and daiigtvtcrs, Nora on limt u[ lail  lullll. oS()olto     K,.
.."I  Hurciico, accompanied by    Miw ,'     ... ,,   », Crmttiruok     B
McDonald, lefl   i.iday t.u a trip   to|n'in  '              -.,
Tliey will lie away abuui
lhree weeks,
Mn. (i. t. Itogers cnbortalftod do-
i. biiullj nn Friday evening im the
:.i in-, visiting In Cranhrook, A
 n   iriends enjoyed     Mis.  rtogors
Uev, V. MeBolM'its and Kev. ('.
CniiMer, ot the London, Oni., con-
teii'iit-e, an- in Crnnbrook this week
mt ,i business and pleasure trip
llm.null   lhe  wesl.
II. T. Baynes, wbo bas 'been confined to SI,' Rugcne bospiial witb an
attack of pneumonia, has so tar recovered thai he is now able to he
mil mid around again.
Miss McTavish, who has been visiting wilb her aunt, Mis. A. Leiteh,
left on Monday for ber home in Man-
ilou, Mali., after a stay in Cranbiook of a couple ol weeks.
Mrs. Franklin 13. Smith and son
Vincent, of Denver, Colorado, arrived
ou Mondav for a visit with her
mother, Mrs. \V. K. Phelps and sis-
tcr, Mrs. F, E. Simpson.
Airs. Noble and Mis. Tanning, with
liiile Miss Hope Tanning, wbo have
been tjictgucats ol Mrs. Erlckson, the
past week, left Irinday tor Sirdar and
after a sliort stay there will return
to their homo iu Medieiue liat.
Walter Kdwards letl Mondaj foi
Wetasklwin wfcere he will In future
have elmrgo ol tbe engine on lbe
passenger I lain on Hie Wetaakiwln
branch.     Mrs. 1'ldwnrds accompanied
Iiiu as   far as Calgary,  nml      fi	
lltt'ie      she   will   e,»i Iol' a   v^il   wtib
her parents in Thornhlll, Man., before joining her husband al tb-n neu
Don't forgel tbe bit; celehrntion in
Crairbroi.k mi Laboi Day. Let
everybody turn out and make ibis
lbe banner cvenl of the districl.
Nnvin Bios, of Moose .law, formerly ol Cranhrook, last week secured lhe conlraei tor pul/ting hi
$38,000 worth of cement walk a'
Medieini' Hat.     I nrter lbe len
oi     the Cosmopolitan
"c. i\ u.   mT. LTJri'vTvT^r. '"""' '''"'"■■'■",
two months ago lo lake Mrs. Brake "co Haacn, who has bii*n conAnod
back     lo   England,    as    her health 'u   -St- Eugene   hospital   smne tune
would not permit    of ber remaining wiil1 il" atlack of typlioid, is     lm-
louger    in ibis climate.   Mr.    Brake proving nicely and wrll soon be able
says that   Mis. Brake is slowly   re- to he out. again,
eovorlna at ber old home. |.-, j, Smyth, editor of tbe   Moyie
,-    ,       ,-    , ,   ., .    ,     ,.   ui ... Leader, eame up yesterday, suflering
K;is o      Kuole U.i a   — A.     -..   Walls,    f   L,ti,rhi h,,l     i i,   .   i,,
. »i ,i,i , ii r*. ..I,, ...i ..a tiom a sngnl atlarK o bnmi-ii -.
„i     Waltslimg, 1.   U,    who   mends ( s
building asavmil nea   Piocloi, was  ll(JhjMUL
a visitor in kaslo a   tew days   ago. i      '
Mr. Walts bas purchased fiom W, E.I Colin Sinclair and son, of Gateway,
Cooke, mosl of the machine)y iu tbe'were iu Cianbrook -Monday. They
old sawmill here and will ne lull it in were bere lo visit Mr. Sinclair's son
liis plant at Proctor. Tbe [emulations wbo is in St. Eugene hospital cecov-
oi Ilie new mill are already laid and cling from an accidental gunshot
a spur .s being constructed from lbe wound in bis toot.
l'   ''■ l!* "' >''' ml)1»llB' |   W. li. 11.11, ol     llill At Co.,    who
\ i.iiinlinr nl liie lacrosse Inns nnl ''as been suiieiing Irom ill health lor
together Tuesday evening and gave a -*""<■' '',""'• '''" Monday lor Vancou-
lii'tle baiinuet at lhe Wentworth holel Jf, ,™1'" "» Bo''s 1". trealincnt.
,u liuiini .'[ James Staples, who has Mr. U.U was accompanied ui, lhe
been ii nieiiiliii ol lire tea... the pasl '"I'.1'!' •'•■• l»"H"*i, I-.. ... 11.11, ol
uvu years, bin who is leaving lur Hie M"lP|e*
eoast to-day. J. A. Arnold acted as c. E, Murlitt, mie ul the most
chairman and a very pleasant even- faithful employees ol the Co-operative
iin; was passfil by all presenl. siures, is in si. Eugene hospital
■■■liiiiiny" Siaples was one ul ihe suffering fuun au attack ul typhoid
must  popular young   men In    Cran- fever.
liii.nl, and   Ins   bosl nl   Irluinls   will -^-—^—
wish him success whcrovei he locales.!    Hev, 11  Cloodfleld,    will, nexl Si
,  -.-.-.   in   Uw   Baptlsl     church
go lloggarlb  mni.il    a preach upon the niipuriani subieel uf
lew ul Hi-,     iiifiids    last eve g to "Salvation."       The prcaohei      will
in.-.-i  Miss Daisy 1'lelsl.ii.an, ol i.m- make pointed rclercncc lo the "crlm-
couvcr, fflio is slaying wnh lui on a inal carelessness ol   those who   are
sl     visit  before     proceeding     lo responsible   lm*   the shocking mural
Montreal and Tor o Iui  ihe   com- conditions ol our lown." All Intcrest-
phiiiiii of licr musical education.   It ,.,i in noble living ami heroic rctorm
is Hi,, intention ol Miss Fleishman lo are Invlled to attend.
remain with i-'.ic    Canadian masters
im ,, year of sn and     lu then enter
Ihe famous conservatory of music at ,     ,
Loip.dc,     (Ifimaiiv,     where ter real J'",1*-"1' °-, '•",1"1
slllllies  ol   Illn      possibilities Ol       Ull     	
triiineiii ui czpressioi
pi.mu as
will Ire i
uni|ilfif(l iiinln
Iiiii, Mfl.finl. who has had charge
the construction work lor Brecki
^^^^ llieli     Spokane-
international contracts, was iu town
the firsl ol tie   week.    Mr. McLeod
stales-    thai,      ulnli- he believes    tll
pupils nuw    world
Corbln mail will ha*
•fl   laid
year, lie dues   not
of Mayor Forsler Medio nc lln
making rapid progrss in lira wn
up-to-date improvements.
The provincial .lc.pi.ty minister
agriculture an.l lire clremlsl ol     U
Dominion cxperlnrenlal farnin arc e:
pecinil in Cranhr  Sntu.day mori
ing and durlns ll"* altcrn i     Uu
will be locati'd nl lira governmenl o
licr, where Ihey will give advice i
lo l-he. quality ol *""ls sut»milti.d t
thfin. Saturday evening n pulii
nui-lilifi will h e lifl'l In Patll.o
hall, to whieh all Interested are I
lamous.       Miss I'Soi,.;,, lias   nol ]'"" fASuAj JJJ.'iL"! J',1
in.  l,.,.|.,.i.,„i,. ni       iM-i-.t   ..iiUi    1""1,  f"1   'l""1   '" '*ilu   "'   r"ad
lire l.iliiiuitie ul a Rii-at ailisl, ,,„.     ,■„„„,,   ,,„„•„    Mr,
i>iv :"::,i'"'TTJ:RA,J" KmLi™..i\«n next.   Th,* i,,ai,iiii. 0i   in.
line musical
"r   temperament   that illuminates.       oc  „„_,    , .,.„ ,, , ,.
0l|liRhts   from   within,   her   wonderful i {'U,M "' m  (UU^'
readings of lbe sound poems ol    ibo]    Kor ibe beneVil
of'great  masters she lovos so well.   Hi ing about the new
ho   is a deltghl  to hear ber play,    and   sireel     starting a
idcrful to  relate  she docs; Mayor    R
The Labor     Daj  c mmittce     met
Tuesday     evening and aftei con   I
in^ a  few   minoi      : .tail    appointed
the following judgi    for the different
Parade and Float -II ..i. Cameron,
Moyie, D. V Moil Fernie, and ti. ti.
Dulmage, Cranbi
Horses in Farade-Dr. W. S. Bell,
Cranbrook, Jam Grant, Moyie, IX.
A. Klm| ■ *        rc,
Decorations—F. .J. Smyth, Moyie,
!!. B. Bi-:.. lii • Ma) m k L imbei Co.,
and S. A. Speers   Crei ton.
Horse Racing, Indian Sports wid
Caledonian Sporl —.'■.. K Leiteh,
,1 affray, J. F. Pringle and J. F.
Huehcroft, Marysville.
Lumhcring Evenl —J, li. Henderson, Cranbrook, II. Cameron, Moyie,
I). V. Mi.it., Fernie.
Tht_judges foi Uie hose Taces arid
drilling contest will Tie selected by
ihe contestants.
The schedule of special trains is
lieing prepared a rapidly a^ possible
and bills   advert the aa-me willl
Ire out Saturdaj  m uming.
Tin* Herald wa In erroi ta■' weel
in stating th.it the lumber and raining events would be last on tbe
programme. Th ■ exacl lime ol the
different afternoon sports has not yet
been decided, bul will be announced
later. In the meantime bwst ilu
"Bv the way, old man, could you
let mc have ,i flvi 1 ill to moi tow
"Soi ry, hul I haven'! a thing but
ibe five l jusl boi rowed from Bii-
For particulars r;ill up 'phnne So-
»iS between the hours of 0 a.m. ar.d *>
p.m., or 'phone No BO ufter olliee
hours. All orders will receive
prompt attention.
22 (',  J, MANSFIELD.
of those complnln-
sidewalk on Baker
it    the     coiner of
.,._,..     .. siore,    the Herald
_ retend even to have reached thej would say tliat In the lirsi place live
m.l of learning. Lots of piano play-l mayor bad notlilna; to do with the
ers, musical murderers, and those of I starting of Ihal work, since it, is en-
ibe "Maiden's Prayer" class put on| tirely in the hands of Aldermen Jackr
n deal more airs than does Miss son and Baker. In the second placo,
Fleishman. A most enjoyable time | the people generally wanted Hit-
was spent. It was one of those'walk st-aricd there and completed
occasions Whioli Ihere are entirely j prior to Labor Day. It is always
i..., few iu Oronbrookj well to be lair in all criticisms)
1. P. It. Qui
nlil Hull, i
MMM,     -* ■   - -      -•:■---     ifft'ttttfKIHH
VhIW 9*99 .-
.From the Moyie Leader.)
-M1I.I.M1A DET EI011T I"" ':<
,\„ dghl hour .Li'  '- no«
al the St. Eugene coi    »
,,,,1,,-s. ,.l the mil   '",",*•;
,„\,.,i,*.il.iv .unl IIH-! '	
Jl,*',.,.eui an ei
 "«  i(,'
tin* l"'h
*&*£*?. ■' A' AJ-
l%r.:       s'-ii;1,
,e,v     svs,f..l       The    '"'	
inust.ilii'ins will work *
The   engineers  al   the
an  «sked    some i.me ..1,0
haie  U bnu's   ....  ti in  1-   ■
bui     ,. rn   innl"'*' '   '■■-'  ■■''
Vf-lballl M"1'.'"-   ' *'-    """'  l ,,','
l.iiiknl yesterda.      and .*  »a»     ml
it,,.,*    considerable    persuasion lhat
.,,,*, consented     ... work until    Mj*
Aldrldge   would    arrive to-uaj
discuss Iho matter with lb in
(hero an- only lour in.ui*. r>
In all probability ihei
iN.    granted    and   Hi
mi the. trouble
(Since Uie above was In lyi" "
niglnecrs have lieen Bianliil iheii le
tpifsi iiiiiI will work bm eiglti ii""1-*1
A pretty wedding  * I'l'"', •"''"'
Catholic church In  M".'i'' l*'-'   }}""'
iil.i.l in  learn Ihal     Daly is   headed
i      .-iguring nu his- vole    in
<;   shuuliiifssy wired that    ho
.   '.-.,,,-.     imt he would
,  cai nl   lus service:     "Work
train  leaves   Moyie every     morning
Can ie S'ation senl wold to John
to retrain [rom partaking ut any
inure Irish and sal i Uial her hatchet
was ns sharp as over.
Mi I'.ih v.i. presented with a
hand ■ u.e i in _,'lass decaulei lilled
.villi lush whiskey.
Mi ,inn in - li.ii, and children are
leaving lo-day loi Mullen, Idaho,
where tie. mil make their home.
Ill Dal) mil lake chargo ol a store
ini Min I'l'iii'i.il Mining compan).
i ii i v Mackay, manager ol Ilia
il.n- M.uli.ii Milium fiiiiii'nny, own-
in t] n sun marine mining proposi
umi on Moyie lain*, is again in lown
.inl i- busily engaged doing assess-
iiiini null,. ' Anolliei test mil In-
made in ascertain ibe ileplh ut lasl
rock mi ihf Sl. Eugene side ol the
lal ,* l.'hfie lhe saiul pipe was
driven last spring it showed an alluvial depusil nl su leel. This was
neni  llie edge ol lhc sh ire.   The new
:.'->   llill  he ma.le smile   distance unl
iii tho lake, The company recently
purchased l\iu lots frum .!.'('. Ilien'-
r) iijiiin which will lm built a warehouse, olliee building, elo.
.im In* in
day uuu ninn "'
■i,  \li   Tl -is S	
mers    anil     .li
u-il  in  in.ii i iagf     1"
Hev. .'allifi ''In
 1     W, .1. William
SOU     iilllfl.lt ml
bridesmaid.      'I'ln
Miss    King     .i
bride and groon
Innl   Hi,-it   '.m.l.lm
bifnlil.isl  ni   111
in,inn   ol   Mr.       an.
Mrs. 1'.   Siiiiui
•rs, ami  lefl  tin     Uu
iin    lm   ' liitiliii'",.
where they    wi
in  .Millie anil n
ill    the  r.i'in
mnl.'ini'    llll       llnyil
avenue.      Mi.
mi    Mm.    Summers.
have a liusi nl
i ends lum uhu vi-1
them every sum
Al   tin* Wfil.ln
R   llm  Innl,- was    at
tired iu a    in*.
iii    cn binere   dim-
trliiim.il wilh li
ins iif  lln- I.llll'l .  nil
wore a .'eil and
ii wreath nl lilies.
iniuiel. 1,4  lift iii length, is to be
an  i*\i*i*|iiiimalli   lame one,   --  leel
Wide and IU lift Inch.      1.   Sluekfll.
.[ Bank-head, is ,,: Hosmer this week
.issistiin   Mi. IIiiiuii. the local sup
cl Ititenilellt
\ driver named Thos, Palmer bad
In- leg broken below Un- knee at
Coal Creek un Tuesday. The limb
_ul caught between the bumpers ol
two loaded tars causing iis fracture.
Set eral camping parties are spend*
ing pleas.nl outings ...  Hosmer Uus
week,    ii ■uiiii'iisinn Matin    and
Mis. Bleasdell, Mr. and Mis. I.awe
and the former's mother, Mrs. Iliggins, imd Miss McLean, returned
carlv In lire week. Anoihe. ci
poswl nl Mr. an.l Miss dates, Miss
Amlcrson, E Rutherford, and .las
Falconer, wenl oul on Tuesday, and
a thnl. composed ol Mrs M.u I. Mis*
Mull. Mis. !•'. Watson, Mis. II. Wat
sun. Rev. Omni ninl V I Motl
wenl u|i mi to-day's local.
Lasl Ki nln. game warden Randall
charged ■' Slreeler and Ins son, "I
Elk-mouth, wiili shooting ducks and
chickens iu thf fins.* season. Tin
ease mine up in Mi Melnnes' oilie
at lOlkniniiih before Alex. Watson
.1 1' ami ihe nccused were lined
Sl" each .villi costs,     Mr. Randall I
ilniini e I    work in enforcing     lhe
game laws in Uns pall nl thf prov-
jiiff nml in liulliu*. a slop In Ilif il-
IokII1.ii.iIo -l.iiidiinii'ie nl ihf birds
whicli iiiiiai-t tourists and sportsmen   In  ..HI*  lllsl I ill
\lt  1'
iinell is doing, n splen
f;   X. 1
of   Ve
ot llu
t.   lu
There arc quite    t
nie people taking ad
s\ iai rates over lh
mend Sundav   al    lha
li is rumored ib.it G. A, King In
lends leaving Moyie nhnul the lirsi
ol September, and will live For .1
while in RpoKftiir, where le has 1
comfortable home on Mansfield ave
.lames Kerrigan was up Iron
Cranbrook yesterday.
Miss Edith Hawke is iu Cranbrooi
visiting wall the Cllne gir's.
A. L, McDermol was up Iron
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. llill aud little!
girl were visiting in Craubrook yesterday.
Vi. II, Wilson, lhc Cranbrook
jeweler, was in town Tucsdy looking
after business.
Mrs. Cowan Is ben* from N'akusp
visiting with her mother, Mrs, tiou-
pill, and sister, Mrs. Cleiiellc.
Mrs. Whitehead, who run-*, thc
boarding house at the St, Eugene,
was in Cranhrook lhe first ot the
Mrs. P. T. Snivib and daughter
left Monday fur Mullen, Idaho. P. T.
Smyth has a good position in the
Morning mill near Mullen,
J, II. Cartwrlght, who has been
working in the St. Eugene concentrator for the pasl two years, lefl Wednesday with bis wife for Spokane
They ' will probably remain in Spokane for a lew week's and ihen go to
the Coeur d'Alenes,
A, fi, Blaine, who, with Mr. Fred
Small, is conducting the Steam
Laundry al Cranbrook, uas in town
Wednesday. The boys arc atlending
slriei'ly to business and arc getting
plenty ol work. Tbey do not employ 'Chinese, therefore, they receive
a big bunch ol wmk from Moyie each
The popularity ol John Daly   was
fully attested   Thursday    evening al
the smoker given In bis honor al the
Hotel Kootenay.      Anv man   mighl
well      feel   flatiered    bj   Uie  words  ol
praise, and tbe rogrets ol bis departure, which he received,
The smoker was one of tho must
pleasant features of Its kind ever held
In Movie. The best ol feeling prevailed, there was ample good things
for-everyone to cit and drink, the
loasfs "were responded lu with
promptness and they were Without
exception crisp, witty ninl lo the
point. Then Miner's orchestra, ol
live pieces, was right there with all
Un* late and up-to-date music, as well
as the national airs and other appropriate    llllisif   for       .Ueh   ;ili   nei',1
AI 0 30 o'clock forty peuple were
seated around the tables and enjoying (he good things iiii.I li iti nin lo
lbe sweel strains from lhe urclieslia
Alter the cigars wen- pa ll 1
Klmer, ibe chairman, rapped
order and tho evening t programme
was started, Following 1- Hie toast
list and Uii.se who responded:
l.-The King.
2.—President ol tbe 1 nitcd
3.—Dominion Day—A, p, Macdon
L—Mining Industry—W. P. While
a.—Our American Cousins—E. 0.
Kamm and J). A. Ayres,
8.—Our suburb, Nelson—II. Dyers.
7.—Our Merchauis-i.. Campbell
and K. A. Mill.
S.-The press-F. J. Smyth.
0.—The provincc—J. P. Farrell.
lllt-Tte bachelors—Williamson and
ll.—Hose team—E, 0. Kamm and
ll, J. Stewart.
I2.-Moyio and   its   future-,!.     P,
13.—Mine host—The chair.
(From The Feinie Ledger.)
A new s,am of cnal has been
-Hurl, in lhe iiunibci two side 0l tie
Coal Creel-i mine.*-, wbieb runs from
: wo tu six tt-ei in thickness, and is
..i ex irn good mini ity,
Hubert K.ii is home again from
Craubrook, where he has been looking
after lhe Fmk Mercantile compan) 's new building, Mr. Kerr expects io lem,un several days m lown
looking nflei building matters in
whieh he is interested.
Thos Palmer, a miner, whn was
hiving ai Uie time, bad Ue misfortune    yesterday    lo gel cauglil    lie-
l«  lhe bumpers ol   the eoal cars,
ami had liis leg broken below the
. im-. Dr. Keith set ibe bone, and
he 1- being cared for at bis home at
Coal Crock.
Dr, Iliggins lias Iel to Kerr A
Campbell n contraci for ilu- building
ui ,1 residence on ilowland avenue.
Phis mil be quite an addition to the
residences of thu city, being 2-4X.H
leel, two stories in height, with a
kitchen 12x111 leet in the rear, and
will cosi, when completed, $2,5U0,
rhe Hi, expects in occupy lus new
(KHl.se some 1 ime m October.
L, P. Eckstein and family returned
from iheir vacation at "the Coast
Monday morn ing. Mr. Eckstein is
looking well, and reports the political outlook at Victoria as being of a
very quieting nature, lie is very
simislic as lu the possibilities of
election this fall, and thinks lbe
/ernmenl will not multiply their
'utiles by Hying Lu evils they know
otio Hough, of Rlko, stepped on n
rustv nail n few days ago and had
a nasly attack of Mood poisoning.
Ile came to lhe Kernie hospital for
ttea 1 men! and I"' is now rapidly recovering and able lo gel almut,
\. .lovce mel Wllh a painful aC-
c'denl on'Saturday at his home. Ilo
was standing on a railing in the
cellar wav reaching a high shelf when
he slipped nnd fell, receiving a painful injury in his. back, lie has sini*.
been confined to his bed and is attended by Dr. Bnnnell. Onvcrnmenl
Agent MeMullin is looking after Registrar Joyce's duties at llw oflice.
In the course of the evening
telegrams were received imd
One from Theodore Roosevelt, 1
"Sorry I cannol be wuii you
trust and coming election demni
undivided  attention,    on this
(From the Fcrnie Free Press.)
The firemen ol the city last night
held a public ball in Stork's opera
house. li was tbe lirst firemen's
nail and so successful was it that
everybody hopes 11 will become an
annual affair, The ciU/.ens ol the
lown allowed their appreciation of
iin.i useful and energetic organiza*
lion In put ionizing ttem generously
and the gathering last night was a
large and very sociable one. Tbe
ball was given under the auspices of
llle brigade, bul 11 was taken in hand
ehiclly by llie bust- raring team, who
took Unit method lo raise funds for
expenses Ihey have lately Incurred.
I he total receipts amounted to aboui
SIUO and after paving ihe expenses
Uiere will be ovei Vui lefl for t-he
firemen. The firemen as hosts are a
decided success, and ihey are lo be
congratulated upon tbe very plcawtilt
evening tbey provided for iheir
friends last evening. The music and
lloor weie ;ill Umi could be deslrod.
The ball wus comfortably fllfod, not
overcrowded, and a very nice supper
iivided. The dancing did not
p until about 3 o'clock.
low Is pay day fur Ibe ('
oal company. ' Tbe amount
I be paid mil by ibis    com-
Iho month of July are
(From the Outcrop.)
V. L. Snook has thc contrncl of delivering the Paradise ore at lho
landing and already has ahoul half
of i! tliere, and the balance is now
piled up al P.nehiosl, fro'*: where he
is making daily trips.
The (irsl carload of the ore t.i be
shipped ibis season from the Ptarmigan mines was taken down the
river on the steamer Ptarmigan Sundav, en route to the smeller. Two
teams continue to haul the ore frnm
the compressor to the Wilmer river
landing, the ore being delivered from
the mine to t-he compressor nn the
V. I). Fil/siminniis now has four
men mining and sacking ore at llle
11. C. mine, situated uu lhe north
fork of Toby creek. Ile has buill a
good pack trail to Ihe property ihis
season and now has over two carloads of high grade nre sacked oil the
dump ready for shipping, J, S,
Barbour bas" Uie contract for delivering this ore al the river and it
saitl lie will start this week to pack
ii down lo the road.
Mrs. Thos. Martin has one of tt.
finest gardens in the valley this year,
situated at ber hnine on Toby road
four miles from Wilmer. Mrs, Martin
has dime neatly all the work tcrself
ah Mr. Martin has been fort-man qn
K10 roads all season, ap I she may
.veil be proud ol results attained.
She has successfully  grown  in     large
quantities   nearly every variety    ol
vegetable,  but    perhaps    bet" squash
and tomatoes are the   must remarkable.     The squash arc already    very
large and will continue to grow   fn
some time yet, and the vines show
wonderful   growth,       The   t ornate
plants are exceptionally strong    and
high and are loaded down with tomatoes, some of    which are jusl begin
ning to ripen.
Owing to a slig'bt mi sunders tanding
between the Uvo captains and fi
shortage ol gasoline the race lictweei
lbe Ctlatil and Ptarmigan WAS postponed until next Sunday, when Captain Norlhcoie Cant lie and Captain
Armstrong promise the excursionists
lo the Golden races a" exciting time
The ollieers and crews of each boat
are taking greal Inlerest n lbe conlesl and have explained to ihe Outcrop jusl how and why tbey will heal
each other, but ivp will not here betray ibe secrets.ol either, and advisi
all ihose who want a fast rifle not
to miss the excursion,
(From The Prank Paper.)
A pleasant marriage event took
jilace Tuesday week in Hellenic, at
ibe home ol ■'- w. Ashdown. The
contracting parties weie .1. D, Her
iiu and Miss Ena Robinson, Bistet ol
.Mrs. Ash.lown. Many tneiids of tb
happy couple were in attendance to
witness Uie tying of the tile line by
the   Rev.   J.   It.   Fiancis.      Useful and
handsome presents were much in
evidence test Hying to the esteem In
which tin- couple wero held. A
honeymoon trip was made to the
west, and thej have now laken up
lheir residence al Lundbreck, Both
bride and groom are well known in
llie Pass, where both have resided
lm some time.
IV.  It. Wain     and Miss 1 Iai riet Mil
lis were united in m.i 1 riago Sundaj
week at 1 p.m, The event took
place at the residence ol tho gloom's
brother, VV. 0. Warn, Frank, llw
ceremony being performed b) the
Lev. 1; \ Robinson, in tlio presence
ol .1 gathering ul Intimate Iriends,
lb. groom is a well known resident
>i Uns place while the bride lias
just arrived from iHuby, Eng. Many
and iiumeiiiits were tiie gilts, and
congratulations are the unlet ..1 lho
Much    Indignant     talk Is being m
iliilgcd in in consequent upon lho
Lethbridge lacrosse learn refusing io
pl.n tin- deciding league game al
Frank, ns li.nl been arranged tor
Monday, Ute 20ih. Leihbridge contends in 1.in- ...1 ihc decision arrived
ai b) un- [Oiliest cominil i.-i- on
which lintI lown was abl) represented, thai justice 1,,n nol been done
The contentions cover main points,
according 1,, ihu story, viz: ' Frank's
unfavorable grounds, moro advantageous terms ollered by Pineher, and
lho protesl fee of si:,. Lethbridge,
accord.ng in the latest accounts, has
decided to Iel lhe game go by default, refusing to pla) at Frank,
Ignoring lhe decision of the president,
which wa.s perfectly jusl and legitimate nnd Cranhrook will UicreToro
ibe cup. This is certainly a
bad. down on the pari al Letbbrhlge,
The Iriends ol Alts. Vim-el Andrew-
sbeck were shocked this morning bv
the announcement of her death, which
occurred al nn earl) hour al U
Malcolmson's hospital. Mrs, Am
rcwsh.-il. was une of Uie strongest
.111.1     must  robust    women in Frank
iiuiii within    ihe week was
perfect health.     Denlh was due to a
complicated uITcrlioii of the bowels.
Building operations in connection
with thc Frank cement wurks will he
commenced almost Immediately. i\
it. McRae, const ruction engineer for
Ibe Canadian American Cual A Coke
companv, returned Saturdav morning
from Cranbrook, where h- had been
on business oii In I1.1I1' of the company.
$*&*   ICranbrook
Livery «#
Any available Dominion Lands
...thin tiie Hallway belt in British
Columbia, may be boniestcadtxl by
any person who Is llie sole bead ol a
family, or any male over IU years of
age, lo tile extent of oue-qual ler
section ol llill acres, more or ness.
Entry must be made personally at
tbe local land Office tot* tlte disiriet
in which liie land is situate.
The ihniii'sli-iider is required to per-
form tbe conditions connected thorn*
wilb under one of tliu following
0) At least six months' residence
upon iimi cultivation ol tbe land It.
each year lur Unix, years.
(8) If .be tallie.' (or mother, II tbe
fiiiber is deceased), ol Hie btuiiesiead-
ei it-Miles iiimii a tarn, in lbe .lem-
ny til tbe land onlercd lor, lbe .e-
iiuiii'iiifiii. a.s tu residence may be
Batlsliod by such person residing with
ibe laiiiei tn mother.
fi) it tbe settler bus  bis permanent residence upon [arming land 01.11-
eil     In- lum 111    tlie .leiiiily 111    I.
homi-si't-iid, iin* requirements as   to
resilience may be     satislictl by res
deuce upon Uie saitl laud.
six months' notice in writing
Bhould be given lo the Oommlsslouer
ui Dominion Lands al Ottawa ol Intention io apply fo. patent,
Coal lands may be purohasod at nu
per aeie lur suft coal antl S2U lor
aiilbl'iit-ile. Not    mole    than Hill.'
aces can be acquired by one Individual ol* i'oiu|iiiiiy. Royalty at lbe
rale of ton cents pot ton ol 8,000
pounds shall be collcotod on ibe gross
Deputy ul the Minister ut lhe Interior
N.H.—Unauthorised publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
I'mil      l'i irk
Carbonado    ..
Total ...  .
II "lill.irul lm
ns emu mel [,
.1  Hu* SI. I*: ,
. MS.S'T.'I.IS
... 53,_.'ll.*l_
...    1,8(111.80
. Sill,lil 1.711
en|il|ili*l|.||  llu* Klilil-
ilie laid  extension
ll. Ill ul l.'elliie.
lie 1- null* 1*1*1*111.11 ilm ihe |iil for lbe
111"..'     ..lies   Iii  lie  |illl   in.    Tie   scull's
"'!  I""  H opposite lhe C. I'.
H   scales     Two cai  loiuls ol    steel
lm lhu 11,nl.- Imvo arrive] luun
il mi  ei .il.i ih.* umi, ..I laying  ii
'111    In*   iniiiil *eil      In ii   lell* davs.
I'i.'ii* .ne ..im Uvo miles ..[ track lu
11. 111, which .villi iiiiii mnv available
will give Hn* company ample room
fm* handling ilu* Increasing ship,
incuts ul coal and coke.
The i'. 1'. I.', mil imi in ,*, sawmill
.ii Hosmer tu maniiiacliiro mine ami
olher liiniliei* fm* lbe operations al.
ilm! iniiiil. Tin* company have sev-
'T.il square miles uf Umber ihere.
The mil! will be erected a*l onee, lhc
machinery Iielng already ordered.
lim lin'iiuiil ilisiiii 1 meeting nf
ihe Meih.ulisi church fur Soulh   Easl
Koolenay    mm      held   ut   KiTiiji'
«'i ilni-s-ii.ii-. Those who attended
were Rev. .1. I'. Westman, Cranbrook, president, II- IV. I. Hull, Fcrnie, secretary; Revs. Kinney, Michel:
liiill.mils. Conl Creek; Vance, Klmberley; nnil Snwcrhulls, Moyie. A
public meclliiR was ilield in lhe churcli
in lhe evening.
Mrs.    11  i*: Taylor, uf Kimi«.|*in.,
arrived in Pernio mi   Wednesday    io
"  her parents, Mr. and Mrs'.
Mrs. T    '
(From the Golden Star.)
Married—In SI, Andrew's church
(Itrlden, »n August -Hill, Iiuiii, I.v Iluv.
Vi. L, Macrae, Adolph Frederick Larson lo Colin Eriksiiu, holh of Gulden
E. A. Ilaggen, M.E., nf Revel
slnke, ivas a visitor to Holden lasl
week. Mr, l-lnggen has given up
neiv*J|)a|ii..r work and devotes ul tuition lo mining and real estate business. His husiliiig abilities will ensure his success,
Leslie Moittlic has been given a
six iiii.iiilis' furlough iimi will shortly arrive in Clolden mi a vlsil in llll
narenis. His many Iricnils will in
pleased in see him aficr a six veins
service in Suuih Africa, where lie iia'
served under Itndc-n Powell.
A i-oprcsenlat'lvo nf the Itnivlhoin*
ihwallc wing nl Hie provincial lions,
paid Clolden an official visit I'ocenlly,
cvidcnlly lm* Hu* purpose nf feeling
ibis constituency, lie mel with 11
very Irosly reception, however. Hi
liit'd liis lileialuie on one ol oul
prominent holel proprietors, who rc
fused puinl blank lo accept uf n
which aroused lln* ire of |.|ie fme
iiiniier who, ailer giving vent lo his
doctrine In strong terms, took lhe
lirst train oul of lowu promising
never lo return.
!•'. N, Anderson, M.E., lell Thursday morning fm* llu* CI00.I Luck mini'
In go over lbe ground with a view
In deciding on lhe adrlsalbHIly nf
running a new and shorter Irail '
lhe property, II is Hie Intention nl
lhe company to do away with Hie
climb over two summits, as al presenl is lhe ease wlllll Ihis properly
if a feasible route can In* found. Ilm
sides sliortleiiing lhe distance, lhe
llie contemplated route will also   re-
R.i (luce lhc grade and increase lhc
■ ■■  1.    ■*, ml  Mrs  c V ,  !" ,p   i '•"•"T-ng capacity of lbe pack horses.
.1 ,,*■ vie ' ' ' °'i   (i,ls* ',"h»M™ •»"» -lown ■■"•■'   tl"'
,','.,    ,. ,      , 'Shining Beauty mlno on Tuesday ami
Work al the Hosmer mines is  pro- reports lhat property getting better
Blessing   satisfactorily.     Tin-    main every day.
Team, anil driver, lurtil.li.il lor set
point In Ihe dlitrlel.
A. DOYLB, Manager
 ______ ^
j One force pump, two awninga ij
*** *•* '***!• *** '** '#* *** 'I* •!* *y*i* *** *t* **.* *i* **.* *** *****,*******
Icity Scaocngcrl
(From The Blairmore Times.)
Complalnl     w
againsl  the man
ll I     Ioi*   sellilii
hihllod   hours,
costs was impos
.1 nines Bates
E. II. Small, 'I
Frank Dlckison,
iin- pasl Uvo
North Fork,
wilh lhree keg!
back full.
The many flic
liquor during   pro-
A line ul {50     and
,   Qeorgc Hoggarlh,
■ I.    U'ellinan ami
nf Crnnbrook, spenl
weeks  fishing nil  lhe
Tiie huys wenl    out
iintl   brought tliein
if Ml*, and Mrs.
il. A Jackson wiil rcgrel lo learn
1I1.11 their Imiii* (laughter Gertrude, is
seriously ill.
The Ilillerest miners .ire ul present
i.lh* otvipg to ii ill.pule between lhe
nianagemenl ami lhe employees, This
cannol he called either a strike nt a
Inck-i'iii ami no doubl will lie satis-
faeiniily adjusted within lhe next
few days uud lhe mining operations
continued ihere. 11 appeal's lhat
there has been for some time friction
between lhc miners and management
in regard in lhe prices paid for lhc
dilToretil classes oi work about ihe
luini', nnil Hint the men have been
anxious in secure a contraci or agree,
meul from lhe company similar tn
llial in force in all other mines in
ihis disiriet. Twice Un- company
has hen, npproacJlcil mi the subjecl Iiiih.' officials ul lhe 1'iiiled Mine
Workers, ami August 1 was sel as n
dale when it was tn be discussed and
arranged. When lhat dale arrived
C I', llill, llie general manager uf
lhe coal company, had nul arrived
from    lbe     easl,    iin.i   ih,.   dale of
settlement  was post) nl until    lhc
I'lih. On lhe l.ilh, Mr. Hill sliil
being absent, lhc miners concluded
in suspend wurk* until such time as
Mr. llill could be heard frum nntl
some deliiiiie arrangemenl arrived at.
No ilnulii ihis iriiiihlc, if ii can ba
called suet., will he adjusted within
llie nexl dav nr two, as il is nol
even a misunderstanding, but merely
a husiness proposition.
Robert Kerr, who hud lately taken
up a homestead near LiimMireck, while
leading a horse to waler, on Wednesday evening, was dragged lu death
by ihe In use. The deceased was well
known hen-, was aboui 80 vears ol
age uml leaves u father ami lumber
In uiiiiiiii his untimely death.
The Alberta Coal ,v Coke I'n., win.
are npcrallng Hie How-ley mine near
Lundbreck, Imve jusl completed a
prospeel shall un lheir properly anil
slruek ■, line seam nl exeelleul domes-
tic coal. A iniiiii working shall is
in he stalled    nl mice nml Slanngei
Slelealf    ex-peels in Vive a   i iplole
Plant Installed ami running ibis
[The City Council
have appointed
R. Stewart
V the official scavenger •;•
9 X
... of the city of Cran- .%
? brook.    Parties   hav- •!•
X 'a'
.-. ing closets   to clean,.{.
-'• refuse matter to haul i'
.{. to    the   City   dump >{•
X grounds should leave X
X X.
•{• orders with him. The •'•
X ...  .    .. _. X
X city must be cleaned. X
A Address Bm 105. A
ti> •!•
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
For First-class fit-sic
Fnrt.niiiigi.il ts either III Ferule or oiiIrIiIo
points   Apply.to
1'. PASTA, llux 2SII, Kernie, li.r.
Nnl ie,. is hereby given lhat thirty
days after date i Intend making u]l-
lilif.itiuii in lie llmi. ihe Chief Cumin ssioner of Lands uud Works fur a
special license to cul and lake away
tlmher Irom lbe following described
lauds, situate in South Ensl Kootenay, II. ('.:
i. Commencing uf the north-west
corner ol Inl iiii2«, Perry Creel-,
thence running nurlh nil cliains, cast
eighly chains, soulh eighly chains,
wesl eighly chains, In place ol coni-
2. Commencing at lbe north-west
corner nf Inl i;ii28, Perry Creek,
llience running north eighly chains,
west eighty chains, snulli eighty
chains, east eighty chains, lo place
nf commencement.
J. Hanbury, Elkn, II. C.
A. Milton, Agent.
Daled Aug. 3rd, lllOli. 22-5t
Winnipeg,  Port  Arthur,   Duluth,
St. Paul Sioux City.
Kansas   City  $57.85   St.
Louis $50.60 Chicago
ON   SALE.    Aujf.  7   »   9 Sept.
8 - 10  FINAL  LIMIT October 31
TORONTO   $76.25
ON   5ALE   September 8-9-10
LIMIT November 30
niLWAUKRE $61.80
ON      SALE        August   7-M-0
LIMIT   October 31 st.
Through   Rates at Al!   Stations
Ontario, Quebec, New Vork, New
England. Harltlme Provinces
on application
not 1 ci*:.
Notice is lu'u-by k'v<'» Uiat thirty
days after date, 1 intend to apply
to tim llmi. i'liiel Commissionei   oi
Lamls mnl     Works ati'l    tti  tUu As
sistoiit Commissioner ot Uimls n»ii
Woiks lur the district ol Last Koo-
Iviiay, lm a lirnisc to prospoot foi
coal ami potroloum on iin* [oHowing
described laml, situate «m norUi-easl
Michel Creek, about seven miles nortii
ul the C1iiJ.1l ail I'ai iiii' laihuail, alld
lying   west ut    ilu*    Mel linos uroup
ami   luiiili  ul   Illi'  CrOWS   Nest     I'ass
Coal Company's lantl, being lusl
iituili uml adjacent tu UuuorfleW's
ami Martin's claims, whose license;
are i,titil uml U.UUO respectively
1, Commencing at a post planted
une mill- nui ih ui ihe norU)*-east col
iut of C, L. Uutterflelil's claim, tin
same being Hie initial post ul Muiilia
Corner's olaim ami muiktxi "Martha
Corner's iiorlli-east eui net"; thenee
SO ehains wesl, thenee HI) chain;
souih, thenee 80 chains east, thenct
Uti ehains north to plaee ol be^itininj;
containing almut o-ni acres.
Alatlha Coiner, Locator.
J. 11. Hemphill, Agent.
2. Commencing at a post plantetl
at the north-east corner of Martha
Corner's elaim. the same being tin
inilial post of W. J. Demoresl'i
claim, ami marked "W. J. Demoi
est's north-west corner": tlience mi
ehains east, thenee SU ehains south,
thenee Sll eluins west, thence Sl
ehains north to plaee of beginning,
containing ahout iill) acres.
W. •). IVniorest, Locator,
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
3. Ouimneneing at a post planted
at the north-west comet of W, .).
Demorest's claim, the same bvinii
llm initial post of T. J.
Demorest's claim, ami marked "T. .1.
Demorest's south-west corner";
thence 80 chains east, tfcence SO
chains north, thenee SO chains west,
tlience SO chains south, to place of
beginning, containing about 010
T.  J. Dcmorest, Locator,
J. 11. Hemphill, Agent.
4. Commencing at a post planted
at T. J. Demorest's south-west corner, the same lieing the initial post
of Kmily Coiner's claim, and marked
"Emily Corner's south-east corner";
thence 8ll chains wesl, thence 80
chains north, thenee SO chains east
tlience 80 oliains souih to place o
beginning, containing about 610
Emily Corner   Locator,
J. II   Hemphill, Agent.
5. Commencing at a post planieil
one niilf north of Kmily Corner's
north-west corner, tlie same being
the inilial post of J. IL Hemphill's
claim and marked "•). II. Hemphill's north-west curncr"; thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east
llience 80 chains north, tbence SO
chains west to place ol beginning,
containing abowt 640 acres.
J. IL Hemphill, Locator,
6. Commencing at a post planted
at J. 11. Hemphill's north-west corner, the same being the initial post
of It. G. Belden's claim and marked
"It. O. lleldeu's soulh-west corner
thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains north, thence SU chains west,
thence 80 chains south to place of
beginning, containing about 640
IL O. Belden, Locator,
J. IL Hemph 11, Agent.
7. Commencing at a post planted
one mile west ut a point about
two miles north of H. O. Beltlen's
north-west corner, the same being
the inilial post ol A, E, Wayland's
claim and marked "A. E. Wayland's
north-west corner"; thenee 80 chains
east, thence 80 chains south, thence
80 chains west, thence SO chains
north to place of beginning, contain
ing about 640 acres.
A. E. Wayland, Locator.
J. IL Hemphill, Agent.
8. Commencing at a post planiitl
at A. E, Wayland's not l-h-west cor
iht, the same being tlie initial post
ol A. 0. Hemphill's olaim, ami
marked "A. 0, Homphill's norlli
east corner'" Uienco an elinlns wesi
thence so chains south, Uienco so
chains eaffb, thence 80 chaius noith
Lu place ol beginning, containing
about 640 acres.
A. 0,  Hemphill, Locator,
J. ll. Hemphill, A Kin t.
9. Commencing at a post planted
at A. C, Homphill's tiorlh-eaH cor-
ner, Ute same being lhe initial post
of V. Vi. Hemphill's claim ami marked "P. IV, Hemphill's south-oasl cur-
net"; 1 In'lire si) chains north, tliencc
80 chains west, thence 80 chains
souih, Ihence 80 chains east to place
of beginning, containing about 610
P. W. Hemphill. Loealor,
J. H. Hemphill, Agent.
li.1, feet in wiili
0 Two Lilusb front office Hours,   1
1 One 0 foot offieo whitlow,
s Oue ID font galvanized iron |
H      cliimiii'V top.
I Allin^.o.ln.n.|ili.„,.    Apply |
,    F. L SIMPSON, I
] Herald  Office I
ii_!ii_]iiT_9ri^n3re,ri'lh-j[i''ri''jr'lii''ii',ii'ii*i(,''il-ti,''ii ,,j
: Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
:Machine Shop:
j; McKimion& Johnston
Wo iirr pn-iiiiri'il lo
ilo all kimlfl ol' iv
pair work \wnvy ami
* * lielil, lllliki- custiugB,
I \       lum shafts, etc.
|| Scientific    Horse shoe ing   u ||
J. S. Carter
D.  P.  A.
E. J.Coyle
a. a. p. a
10. Commencing at a post planted
at P. W, Hemphill's south-east corner, the same being tlw initial post
of ii, E. Belden's claim, and marked
"B. E. Belden's south-west corner";
thence 80 chains north, thenee 80
chains east, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains west to place of beginning, containing about 640
B. E. Beldon, Locator,
li, U. Hemphill, Agent. lMt*
A. W. McVittie   I
Dominion and Provin- {
cial   Land   Surveyor. 4
j    H. H. McVittie   j
t (ieneral Agent i
', TIMER, MINES  and t
5 CRANIWOOK,   B.   C. {
X       BRICKLAYER and       ;i;
&       CONTRACTOR       *l*
... y
•j.       Fnrimco, Boiler,  Range, X.
X iiiiiI Fireplace wurk n special- A
u. i
v       All descriptions of stone- y
X work nntlortaken. < inlcra left •>
!" !
A       J. 1). MoBRIDE'S i
* X
j> will reoievo prompt uttontion, A
y .;.
_f I'liimc 115. I', tl. llux 864, 9
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
Our work ih onr advertisement, Imt wo
put this ml iu the lleral<i;io
emphasize it.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue.
Notice Is hereby given th.it no
days (nui) date I Intend to apply lo
ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works, at Victoria, for permission to
purchase Uie following described lauds
on the railway fiom Cranhrook to
Kimberley, iu the K,i.*.t Koolenay
Commencing   at    a    post, IV.  n
Moore's N. Is. cotnei (ami mlj. nu
W. Love's N. W. corner) Iheniv went
Hi chains, llience south m chains,
thence east to chains, Uienco north
40 chains la polnl or commencpinent,
consislitu; of ti,u lines,  u: oi  jeuu.
W  ll   Moore.
Dated Jmie n.tii, pun;. 1:1 nt
Slxly days after dale I Intend to
apply lo lln- Chlel Commissionei of
Lauds and Works, at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission to purchase lhe following descrllwd lauds in Soutli East
Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post, planted at
lhe N. E. doner of Lot 21)08, Oroilp
I; thence 20 chains west, tiience 20
chains norlh, thenee 40 cbains wesl,
Ihence (if) chains norlli, thence 40
chains east, thence 40 chains south,
thence 00 cliains east, thence 40
chains south, theme 40 chains west,
to place of commencement.
W.  0.  Hodges, Locator.
Dated June I91h, 1000. j;t-!H
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting for afternoon or evening entertainments at reasonable rates.
Guess work questions supplied, ot
typed from copit*. AMI THE DRANBROOKHERALD
♦♦♦♦<-»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦w
ȣ i.vr<.& iv*e-
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
thcit tells of home and home
people.   **   Human   nature   is
much  the  same  everywhere,
and we like to know what is  |«
gAiCii; on about us. |4
jftom Canada's Eastern Gateway
P.   A. CVFarrell Surveys  tlu-  Country  from Quebec's Cliffs
And   Writes oi   its   Wondrous  Evolution
'**■•?■.$*■:■■ ■   J   ----- '■'■.-O- t*oooooooooooo*o*t s*»
the | ill-natured     scepticism;     lbe    sami
Uiing i risiB
:    ■ : :.  | I
i ■     * . .i   and look i g u il  •■■' i    Si
Lawrt-ni i       nob ■
I am ii resist
I ■ .,•;.;    time   ,,   ■
I   Hai 1 Hon boi
Here   the    Morj   ol *tuetoet
\\ ...    i      U      *....;      '1,-
■ .  i'.- ■      unti    Im ■ '■ lo ii"     Lallj
. ■   :       ■ an empire
..   ■ ;..■  i ■ .-■ lavoi
and     cyi opltant ■*..,'■■ i   \\
I  that einpin I... Ij
It-generate   kin
i India antl Canada,     hi the one lucid
. areei     Ot. rge il
I       ceptre in On   haul      ol
ti iv:   ,,i i with Uial  ftu   Ikii
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
ot interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yeeir
$1.00 For Six Months
♦ _
b empire     Hi  louml I   Ihr  '  that yuu see llie smrel t.i   Hi
;    .   it. 1...1,   .-it.|.,,.  .. neni
. *,, Ureal lliii.ni..
H.i.1   France a   I'M, I . o
Lawrence _nJ lln   mi.- *.    ..
Ill   .    |.|ii,   *:  lit.)   ..I     tli
I   1 mm   ,,!, |    III,-    I.-Mil,Ilf    l„V..||
1 'ai    .   would liave been *      ii ■
Ifivlonwl initlt'i   I-'i.i,.|i .ii,.1   n.
l.'.^lisli Influences     I'ln In In
...   Iin.i regime   smashed    l-'i.tncf'
i-nf. t-i ui  \:n.'i lea and    sliajiwl
ill -i.i,i   oi  ilif in**.*  \t.ill 1       Ii     wa
P *'      .*i*ll!lls      lli.il   |iiil„:|  Wnll,.     [in
'li* < uniinml   ul  ljiit-:>i-i,  i*   ..*a*    I'm
lli.ll   In.il.*   Ijitll.u. 1   mi.lim-   ,,l     lln*
.,.1 Tin* dull-witted li...!...!' Hi.
Third could new. liro.il. him noil* lh.
'lii.ii'. anil lh.- luiiili, niiiul ni Kiii*
laud's    groalest    modern   BUUoMiiaii
*.*,.|- rnl*i|ii-ili-il In m-i- .1 v.i|ii,l in,ui.ii,ll iii.iIi. mosl of hm ».nl., ami .tlin .-* wreck tin* t-ininit. ttluili hh
jcnl ii li.il erealwl. Tin* lolly, Hi.
perversity and 'In* prctrimlons ol
llt-tiise 111. drove I'in Insane nnl lh.'
Herald Publishing Co.
E. SIMPSON, Manager
icmorles born nf a
i 1 now behold from
Hi,- heiuhis nf Quebec. Tin- elder
Pill .in.l Burke, alone nf ihe stales-
men ni' Uielr age, foresaw the mightj
destiny awaiting ihe people who wore
slowly colonizing     ilu*   new    world.
Neither      lie  fierce-',   not   llle     still
i v   degenerate    kings ..(    France,
li l the remolcsl eoncepliun ol it.
To th- rulers uf Franco .ml England
i i-i mui y an I a half ago, America
was ,-. laml fur slaves, Un revenue,
.ml for eourl favorites to plunder
'ih. v li.ul tm higher conception uf it.
lesllny. Ua-. it possible lhat Pitt
r.itil.l have foreseen 'he time when a
commerce greater ih.ni any ever seen
upon iin- Thames ur i'he Mersey would
il..,it upon die si. Lawrence; was il
possible ihat he could Imve belield
in ,t vi-Lh n Quebec ,i greater mart of
commerce than Liverpool or Bristol?
li were hard indeed iu lell, bul
changes have laken place fai surpassing anv ever dreamed uf in lhe
n i.hiv miml uf Pitt. Quebec an,I
the estuary of 'he St Lnwrenec will
Iteeomp ihe seal of a commerce ureal-
■ 'li,ui anv th.* world I.as e\er vei
-•n. Kur Quebec is tiie eastern
leway "f Uie commerce nf Canada
li I Ihai euitiiiieie.' is growing faster
Mi :u tlie commerce ol any country
evi t grew before, with lb• possible
i vceptinn nf the I nil..I St.tie.-- ot
Vnierica. Canmln is already glixl
ill.- " nr 1.1 its own tlet ts u'f trans
■ i  lin.-rs.      Last month I    h-fi
i vi ri I  in one nf her grcal ships.
Hi ■ Empress of Britain. Five hnnrs
b :- ■, we lefl ihe Mersey, 1 saw th
Campania sail awav. hut 1 was land-
in Quebec ami had reached Mon-
al a ilav ahead nf ibe passengers
a-h . -ni -,| nn ilie Campania. Tint
i- a portentous fact. I found th.'
Empress ut* Britain .i*. fin • u ship as
ever sailed lhe seas. Hardly wa
tlte .mt nf siclH ,,f ih,. Irish coasl
'li.itt Newfoundland wns in view, an.l
th-' lasi rtavs nf id.* voyage were
".i -.-.1 looking at thf pohsI uf Nova
-■> 'ia ami the shores nf lho Si
e rooms,    lhe    appointments anil
aterlng on the Empress were all
could    Ih- desired  hv  ihe    mosl '
dioiis    traveler,  ami long before
reaches Quebec he can have     bis
.■ i'\.imiiiiii bv  ih.* customs of
flei is aiul cltecked lo iis destination
When Quebec is reached, all he    has
to do    is tn   slop oil llu* slop     ami
! I  the  Haiti   ihal   will  take    him
In ah\ pari nf Canada ur America
ll i*. true thai Quebec is some si*
or seven hundred miles nearer Liverpool Iban lhe port uf New Vorh; ii
i< Hue also, thai tbe Quebec route
affords more constant rnniinunie.ition
with land throtighoul thc voyage, bui
tn Uu- jailed traveller ibe escape
hom ihe abominable Inquisitorial
nn lliods uf the American custom
house officials will nverwelph afmnsl
any other .iih.iut.i-e. Then, is no
waiting; at tbe pier in Quolvee, and lln
absurd and gross extortion hv express   companies   and   cab-drivers.
At :l ihe reluming tourist en route
tn Chicago, Sl. Louis. Si. Paul ami
Portland and Sea-tile will soon Hnd
oul ihal he will Bave time and money
by making his periodical trips lu
Europe iu Canadian ships such ils- the
Empress of Britain. This is a very
extraordinary phase in ihe develop-
men! of 'inlcr-ueean Iraflle, The
iwlflesl Heel ol ships ploughing lho
Pacific ocean are owned nml operated
cit      lln-    ( 'iiuidtati    L'i: .li--'  raiiwav
There Is imt <  of them thai is unl
loaded in its full rapacity ovory
voyage, ami ii is (he ambition of the
amo company tn own mnl operate
ihe fleetest ami Ivst ami mosl comfortable ships sailing between America and Europe, nnd ihe magnificent
Empress slops have already out
class,d some uf Ihe fines! si ips sail-
Ing mil of \ew Yorv.
Canada ti creating grenl oceangoing Beets of its own In han lie ils
own commerce, and In capture a
bum- pari of the tidal wave nf
Ymoricnn I ravel tn Europe. I commend these fads lo the study nf
American transportation magnates.
who allow English nml Herman firms
in reap the linn's share nf Un* -* nlden
barvcsl nf American ocean traffic.
1 commend these facts ;ils<i_ to the
authorities at New Ymi-: '.iml llnslon
ami Washington, that they may devise smne scheme to dn away wilh
th- intolerable anrioyancp, delay und
extortion that travelers entering
American ports are subjected to.
Mut the threat lesson for Americans
i.s that Canada is building ber own
commercial fleets. In handle Iter ever-
guowlng iradio, and that there must
he snmelhing rotten in lhc state of
Denmark when America cannol do ibo
\   greal, new li e and hope of the Dol
uuuil   ui Canada,      Tie people    ol
,1   Quebec and Ontario haw* hardly   yet
Usui in lbe full concept ion of    the
,    lestim   in    ilorc fot   ilu-   Dominion
I[Travel from Montreal to North Ha)
j   ii -h    ihc valley nf    ih,* Ottawa
,ind you will see on every hand
evidences thai a new Canada is Iielng
evolved—a Canada of wonderful Industrial    activity    and achievement;
'. | Iml   yoll  see alsu  ibae  lis growth     is
slow, conservative and sure. You
s.v us beautiful capital city gloriously silugted gbovo the Ottawa
tivei, and its piles of magniflcenl
governmenl buildings, which yd leave
i sleepy impression on your mind,
as if tht- rulers of llie Dominion have
even still some misgivings of ilieit
own or iheir country's destiny. Ii
is not very lorfg since Lord John
Russell, accompanied by Tom .Moore,
vlsilcd Canada. He was a greal
English statesman in his day. and his
wuul was mure potent in lbe political affairs uf Canada Hun Hie wishes
nf all lhe people of Canada ctrmhin-
-d. It was wl ile boating with Lord
" II   on the Ottawa ihal   Moon
KllKi.Uld.      Nnl   „ne
man in a million lias the slightest
ooneeptiun nf the prospects and !">*
nihilities ol Canada. From end m
'tut ut th,- Dominion there is abounding life, energy ami prosperity. The
amazing industry and limit of the
Fiemh element is lasi transforming
nto meadow, orchard and witeauield
■ fertile vales .md dells ul Quebec,
,_ * ii''i.i'iuti pasl, weie clothed wnh primeval forest. Thru- is
nol ■< eitj "i I ami. i ol Ontario tiial
; nut surging wiih hie .m.l em rgy,
an.l tb,- eity ui Toronto is uitipii's
tionabty nm* uf tbe musl progressive
.mil ambitious moUopolitan cities of
the world.
Hut il  is nul  in Quelx-c oi   in    On-
i miles built. Anotbei Urand Trunl
I'acilic is pushing through n nm i,,
tb.- Pacific, while tho Canadian Pan
in- is rushing wmk ai a hundred dn
i.-it'iu points io feed ns migltty railroad       North,   sniui.,  ,-asi   .mi'west,
railroad construction is moving onward, am' >et lhe ity ana the heed
mi   more  talttoads   is  lieai.i  m,  even
ride.     Hundreds oi bbousands ut the
(iiuntri  tanners ui v-uiaska, Miane-
-uta. tlie Datvolas and Kansas lave
.ul.t nut   then      lauds  in   lbe Stales,
and   migrated across     the Cauatlian
iifil.'i and settled down in die Cau-
,i Ii..ii northwest, whiuh thej ate
changing into a rich and cultivated
i.iiti lh,- wilderness uf the j»asi
iready becoming ttie
1 world. I lie flnust
and puiiliiy iaise.1 on
cunt nieni   ean   he   li.ul
l provinces ol Alberta
iliewali, ami  th h \ti>l  new
s become ihe i.l Dorado oi
-sceKerb   of     Europe   ami
Uow hap|>y is the lut
P.i t   ,..«,    ...,„„,
eailuhl lbe pla nlive melody nhal Ile
welded to ihe Immortal song,
"Itow, Hrniheis, How."
The English slat.-smuu ami tfce
Irish poel saw in Canada a lonely
mil picturesfpie country from which
England would forever draw material fm iis Wooden walls and its
commercial navies. Tliey never
Ireamel ihal Canada was fated ti,
become the granary of the world, nor
liad they the least conception that in
t generation tie seal of power would
tu- transferred fuun West m Ins ter to a
parliament house to be built upon a
lonely cliff overlooking the river over
which Ihey were gliding. Wlul
would Lord John Russell have said
if told that haidly would be himsell
lave disappeared fiom ihe busy staj;e
uf lib In lie silence and oblivion uf
the tnmh before ihe people of Canada
would have assumed lhe shaping of
iheir own destiny, and tbe molding ol
i mil imt lhat wuuld vet rank among
the gnu-tost, Lord John Russell is
nut a memory and his shade owes
whai ever   Immortality    ii   possesses
to  the friendship    nf  Moore. The
Canada of his day is dead also, but
another and happier has taken its
' Canad
has lhe greatest water-
power in the wnrld. It is available everywhere, from Dawson city
in Montreal, from Vancouver to
Quebec, li is wnterpower that
li'H'hts its cities, ili'^s out the gpld
.ind copper, and silver, aud lead and
nicked, from iis mines, and it is
walmpower that will ultimately run
,ill ils railroads and place Canada
imong the foremost manufacturing
nations of lbe world. .You see lie
beginning uf those things at Sault
Stf, Marie and at Ottawa, at Vancouver aud at Montreal, at Toronto.
ami Bonninglon Falls. Recollect
ihat Canada is Imt in the infancy
nf iis ^rcai industrial and commercial career. Western Canada is year-
Iv sending out through the "Soo"
ml Irom the ports of Lake Super-
.... a tonnage greater than ail Canada furnished a generation ago. Port
Arthur, or Fort William, may be
called ihe porl of Winnipeg, and over
ihe (ireat Lakes Canada now exports
100,000,0011 bushels of wheal yearly,
and more hogs and sleers than all
Canada raised when Tom Moore and
Lord John Russell were enjoying a
summer holiday on the Ottawa. Indeed, when the Dominion governmenl
nablcd Sir William Van Hol'ne and
his associates to run out tbe Cana-
iian Paeilie railway to the Pacific
M-eaii, there were but few Canadians
ihat did not deem the enterprise a
mad one. Western Canada, between
ihe (ireat Lakes ami lhe Rockies,
was thin a llowlln*. wilderness.
There was scarcely a lm£, or a steer,
.ir an acre of wheat raised west ol
Late Superior. A motley crowd of
hun I ers, trappers. halfhrecds and
Indians were scattered over the
boimdlcwi prairies 'if the west, but
ihey were as remote from civilization
as a dusky Arab, or the Soudanese
slave-leaders. To the world at
large Western Canada was a vast,
unpeopled desert and nothing more,
and il was lhat desert ibat the
builders nl the Canadian Pacific and
the fathers, of Ihe Dominion of Canada undertook in tratisform nto a
region of happy homes and cultivated
fauns, and h!ie transformation lus,
ind.id, been marvelous.
Recolleol Uut the prairies and
rolling foothills of ibe Canadian west
cover an area greater than all con-
i in. niai Em ope, if we eliminate
Russia. Ri-colleet lhat in this
territory then* are 1,000,000,000
acres of rich ami prolific soil that
will yield bread, and beef, and pork,
and 'liuller, and cheese, and mi4k,
and cream, and honey to feed a
hi! I ion peoplo. Recollect that there
is room here Ior a 'arm population of
250,000,000 and ymi will get some
idea of Uie vast nes*; of the wonderful
eotiiilry lhat .'If) years ago was wilderness and desert. Staid and conservative men looked upon lhe builders of the Canadian Pacific as W»
wildest of dreamers, bul the Canadian Pacific lias developed into the
greatest and mos-.t perfect transportation system ever known, ami ihe
wilderness of Western Canada is now
botng grldlroned with railroads, moro
rapidly Ihnn any part nf the world
has ever known before. Someth nu
like S2lH),0(Kl,ftno bas already been
appropriated for Immediate railway
construction in the Canadian Northwest, and Uiat is to Iw pushed as
fasl as men can be secured to do the
,im. work.     The   Hill system  is pushing
Sometimes I find Americans who its way up tbrou^i tbis wonderful
ire supremely sceptical of Canada's country and the Mann and MacKen-
'rowth and destiny.     It ti not    an  aie system has already Uiousands of
gra'iarj   i.i  th
puih, and beet,
ihe  American
in ihc wonder!
amt S.i'
ibe European exile, who leave:, liv
mmi hun a nightmare of baleful poi
itical and economic conditions auu
settles heie in _, land oi overlloW'Dig
plenty, undei condition more ad*
tiiulageous lo the tiller oi the soil
Uiau those enjoyed by inm in aii\
i'ai i ui Lurope of America.
Run out ovei any ol the railroad*
though ibis vo»i agricultural country, and you will sue Un* wondroun
evolution lading place, ihe oldet settlers dwelling in line lartnliouses in
the midst oi gloves ami gardens, and
higiil) cultivated fields, and line herd*
ul cuttle, tin* sellleis ol lo-day living
still in lenis while the laml is being
plowed and lhe wiieal sown. When
Ihal is dune, lhe lot cabin or ihv
little wooden shack will shelter lhe
piniieei Ull bis crop is harvested,
there will he many a long day before him ere his toil i;_ none, before
he has sulla'nlo shcllei for bis little
inlk.s, cere Uie land has been brought
to the high slate uf cultivation in
which he sees his neighbors; hut he
knows that the laud is rich and the
crops certain, and lhe yield gieat,
and bis is ine joy of Iiiu transiorm*
ing lhe wilderness into fields ol gol-
dt n grain' and i it'll meadow , and he
toils and is happy.
'Mere aie those who will not envv
the lite nf lac pioneer. Thev prefci
(he Ii.iie and  flatties of   the Oil)   wilh
ns heartaches ami iis iiagnlies, bin
lo me Ihere is .sonieihiug supremcl)
sweel iu a lUe passed amid Ute odoi
u| ploughed  fields and   lloweiy   meads
om in Alberta, not fat fiom that
glorious, monumental peak, known ^s
die Crows Nest, 1 chanced upon a
I'lpperary peasant who had grown tu
manhood in llut won.ltmis golden
vale overshadowed bv Oashol's sacred
toek. His father had bui twelve
acres of land, and after the run was
paid there was nol enough led to
properly feed ami clothe Lue lamlly
u was grinding toil frnm year's end
io year's end, and from dawn to
.lars, and as (be children grew up
Ucre was nothing loi lliem but exit,
if Ihey would esuupe a lite of poverty and drudgery in Ireland. Twenty-live years ago my TIpperary friend
came to Canada, ami his strong arms
itelped io run out Uie Canadian Paeilie across deserts and mountains.
lie was thrifty and industrious, and
ny tiie time ihe railroad was completed he had accumulated a snug
liltle sum, though he had not forgotten Uie folks in the old land,
lie bought a section, or iiiu acres,
uf land in Alberta for $2.60 an acre.
In lime more railroads came, and
his cattle multiplied and he was
growing lo busshels au acre of wheat
each year off his -land. Then he sent
to Uie old country for the sweet-faced peasant girl whose memory was
ever with him, and married her. He
had already built a borne for her
away out in tlie wilderness. There
it is over there, nestling in groves
and Howors. On every hand you see
aig'hiy cultivated fields or rich pasture
or golden grain, and herds of cattle
as fat a.s any ever raised in Tip-
perary's golden vale. Look at those
rosy-faced children with lhe blue
eyes and golden hair rompihg on (he
lawn, happy as larks, and sec how
father and mother enjoy their play
and their merry peals of laughter.
Each tree and shrub and Howet was
planted by the master of those broad
acres; ihose rich pastures and field*,
of golden grain were all created out
of die wilderness by him; those fine
lieinls of cattle and flocks of slieep are
all his, and so are those extensive
barns and outhouses. He owns now
two thousand acres of (lie finest, und.
and at Coleman he has a substantial
cash balance wilh his bankers. He
lives like a patriarnh. His daugh-
ieis will be educated at Montreal,
and his sons will go lo (he Jesuits at
Spokane. The Irish landlords, to
whom his sires paid tribute fur g-en-
oratlons do not live as well, nor are
tliey to-day as rich as he. He is the
creator of his own fortune, and of all
lhat ynu sii' surrounding his home.
Ask him bow he likes liis country
and he will burst forth Into eulogy,
ile will tell vou (hat last fall be
harvested 20,000 bushels of lho finest
wheal from aim acres of land. He
will show you returns frnm 200 bead
nf cattle he had recently shipped to
UirUnhead. where tliey filched the
highest prices. He vvill lell you of
ihe long, cool, delightful days that
are his in Alln-ria, the brighi, blue
skies, the beauty nf lhe dawn, the
-glory of the gulden sunsets of tdils
Area'ndian land. lie will (ell you
ibat the winters are not bitterly
cold, as in Winnipeg or Illinois; loi
ihe Chinook winds come over frequently from the Pacific, waiting
warm ih an.l moisture and balmy
breezes to the people of these happy
regions. In lhe land of his birth
iKcre was nothing for him but
drudgery and poverty, while here he
is privileged to be an empire builder, for has be not helped to create
nut of desert and wilderness a greal,
new. rich and prosperous country?
And this is (he type nf men who
arc creating a rich and prolific land
out of the wilderness of a generation
These pioneers ate Dutch. French.
Irish, Swede, Italians and Russians,
as well as Canadians and Americans-.
Thev are all enthusiastic about the
country, and a'l proud of iM-ing there
in the' upbuilding of a great, new
country. In ten years this country
will Be raising as mtui!i wheat as the
United States, and before the century closes, il ean grow wheal enough
to ' supply lhe world with bread.
These are portentous fads worthy of
consideration and study.
Moreover, Canada with unrivalled
and untouched and unlimited water
power, ant ils cheap food supply, is
deslinod to become a great manufacturing count ry. Already great
sleel plants haAe been built at Syd
nev, Nova Scotia, and at Sault Ste.
Marie. At the Crows Nest Pass of
the Rocky Mountains are coal fields
nl immense   extent,   from which    is,
produced tbe very finest <i mtity "t
cnal. li is but a question nt time
when British Columbia will take her
plan*   as ., great     producei "f steel
and umi, tm the law iuaieti.,1 is
there in boundless quantities. Moreover. British Columbia tanks among
th.- rtehesi mineral countries in the
wmll. Its mines uf gold ami eop-
pei ami silver and lead an.i /mc ate
<>f fabulous extent, and its great
seaports on Un- Pacific an* the
ti.itni.il gateways ol ever increasing
commerce wnh ihe Orient ami
Alaska. Ponder on all these laets,
and ymi will begin to realize the
prospects and possibil ties Mid the
mighty destiny of Uie Dominion. In
your mind's eve ymi can see thus and
ships ..f all nations crowding una
another un the majestic river that
mils onward in the sea pasl the
heights uf Quebec.
The Mystic Ordei -d Enak-ops has
btvn organized in spukane bv young
men wlm are pledged in make" the
opening nighl carnival ol the Spokane
ia ii as greal a success as pnssible
each year. The new order was organized iw.. weeks ago with t.u charter members including -"tm* nl the
must prominent citizens uf Spukane.
The ritual i> a mosl novel un.- ami
the workings ol ihe ordei aie differ-
eni from any othei This is ihe
thirteenth annual i.m a' spukane and
will last 13 days, ami this order was
organized I.v  LH met. on tho 13th ol
llh- mon lb and defies all 1 In,„.s aiui
ill omens The Initiation fit* and
annual dues are Vt nines 13 or $1.69.
The membership will be limited to
did. A few Invited persons Irom
towns outside nl Spokane will i»e
given tho privilege ol unithw with
he order, h was promoted hv officers ol the ISO "nu club, wim-h has
charge not onlj ol the home Industry exposition in connection wnh
.he fail, hut the opening night parade
and fun on September 24.
Manager Robt. fl Cosgrove has assigned each dav ol the two weeks ol
tlu- Spukane Interstate fail to some
order oi some special purpose. The
Shtiueis have been given September
i*' and will have meal ihungs un ihat
day. Tlte chamber oi commerce day
is Tucslav. September 25, when commercial hollies will send delegates in
a convention which will be held m
Spokane Lo 01 ganize tbe Pacific
Northwest publicity movement. Monday, September 21, is lju.ouu club
day and opening carnival mgiii.
Thursday, September 3-7, is live
stock dav. Spukane day is Friday,
September 2S. Washington slate
college day is Saturday, September
20. The davs of Uie second week
are as follows: Eveiytio-dy's day,
Sunday, September 30; British Columbia da>, Mui.day, ueioOet 1;
Woodmen ut ihe world day, Tuesdav,
Octobei i. Coeut d'Alene "day. Wed-
uesda), Octobei 3, Derby dav,
Thursday, October 1; Bagies' day,
Fnday, Octobei 5; Modem Woodmen
day, Saturday, October t>.
Thirty days alter da'.e we intend
(o apply io the ctief Commissionei
of Land's and Works, Victoria, B.C.,
for a special license to cut and
carry away timher Itotn the following described lands, BBuated iu
Smith East Kootenay:
Commencing at a "post planted liiO
ehains west of mile post 7 on the
western boundary of lot 45U1 at first
south-west aii-le of lot 1897, ttence
running east .?9 chains, thence souig
Id chains, thence west 160 chains,
thence north 10 chains, thence east
80 chains to place uf commencement.
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated  Julv 31st,  1906. 20-dt
Thirty days after da^e we inteml
to apply to the Ct-ie! Commissioner
of Lands and Works,  Victoria,  B.C.,
for a special license to cut and
cany away timber from the following described lands, sil-uated in
Soutli East Kootenay:
Commencing at a 'post planted 4n
chains south of post planted 160
chains west of mile post 7 on t-he
western boundary of lot 4691, at
first south-west angle of lot 1897,
thence running south 80 chains,
thence running "west FO chains, thence
running north 80 (hains, thence running east 80 chains to place ol
The Kins Lumber Mills, Ud.
Dated July 31st, 1906. 20-Ct
Thirty days after date we intend
to apply to the Ctief Commissioner
nf Lands and Works, Victoria, B.C..
fnr a special license t-o cut and
carry away timber from the following described lauds, situated in
South EaBl Kootenay:
Commencing at tie northwest corner of L, Harvey's timber license
running SO chains soulh, thence 80
ihains west, thence SO chains north,
thenee SO chains east to point of
The King Lumber Mills. LM.
Daio-d July 22nd, 1806. 20-Ct
Thiity days after date we Intend
to apply to the ctief Commissioner
ol Lamia and Works, Victoria, B.C..
for a sp.-eial license to cut and
carry away tlmbei hom Uie following described lands, situated iu
Smilh East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at Uie
nniih-easi cornet ol F. II. Pollen's
i imber license, running south 80
chains, thenco west 40 chains, tbence
south 40 cbains, ihence east SO
chains, thence north UO chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of
The King Lumber Mills, LM.
Dated July 21st, 100B. 20-6
Notice is hereby given that thirt
days after date I intend to apply t
the Chief Commissioner of Lands an
Works at Victoria for a specia
license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands
iu Soulh P^ast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
Ibe south-west corner of J. Melnnes'
licence near Elkmouth, B.C., and
running north SO chains, thonce west
80 chains, thence south SO chains,
thence east 80 chains to lhc place of
beginning, containing 610 acres, more
or less.
Dated at Elkmouth, B.C., this 20th
day of July A. I). lflOfi.
\ 18-5t C. Melnnes, TUK   OBANIlllOOK.   IIEIiAI.D
The Committee in charge of the Labor Day Celebration have decided
to hold a one day celebration this year, and that will be held
on the main street of Cranbrook. There will be no admission
fee. Everything will be free, and it will be a grand re-union
on the main street of the visitors and townspeople :::::::
Wm. SMALL, President of Committee.    H. WHITE, Secretary
[On the Hain Street of Cranbrook
Will be arranged East
West and North
Host Union Float J15.00
Hest Lumber-mans' Float  15.00
Host merchants' Kloat   15.Oil
Best  Manufacturers' Kloat   15.UO
Union Willi Best General Appearance  25.00
Union With Largest Representation   25.00
Best Driving Team ,..  15.00
Best Draft Team   f5.U0
Best Dressed Team   15.(111
Best  Decorated  Business House   25.00
Best Decora/tod Residence  15.nn
Chopping Contest 	
Loading Logs  .o
Tie Making Contest   48
Sawing Contest     35
Drilling    Contest!;,    Open    Only   to    Miners ol
Kast Kootenay  150
1110 Yards, Open  125
Hose Reel Race, Wet Test, Harvey Cup and
lillO Yard Ponv P.ace, 141 or Under  $15
llllll Yard Indian Pony Race, Open   10
lillO  Yard Open Dash   20
Cigar Race, 31)0 Yards anil Return   10
Cow-liny Race,  Four Barrels   10
Indian Wrestling on Horse Back   10
Teepee Building Conlest, Squaws   10
$ 8
Half Mile, Open
Running Broad ilrnnp
Running High .lump .
High Pole Vault. 	
Pulling 16 Pound Shot
Union Mens
Union Mens
Hoys Race,
Hoi's Race,
Gtrls Raee,
liirls Raee,
Thirlv dollar
Gun Club shoot.
Race, 20 lo .'15 Years
Race, 35 to 46 Years
Under 16 Years 	
Under 10 Years 	
Under 16 Years 	
Under  10 Years ...
was set aside lo furnish prizes for    lhc
Will be arranged East
West and North
ll S
NOT A NSW El! I'll
IV inuni
vei Wm Id
Editor Woild:-
-In lilie Inl
JitNliee will yuu
kindly insert
lollowlng letler
ui     explai
.our piupcr:
At a meeting
hold   In u
e    (
theater on Slind
ty evening
Ihnililliwaile,  M.P.P.,  was
i  io
me in    answer
Ihe   folio
I. Is it not Uue Uiat ymi were
prepared lo supporl Uie government
iu giving $1,6110,000 to lbe V. V. \\.
fur building tho Nicola branch, lhat
contemplated steal being frustrated
bv the patriotic spirit m Mr. Shat-
ford and Mr. Macgowan; said mad be
ing now built wulhotit a bonus?
'i. Why did ynu put up such a desperate argument iu favor nf and vole
for the HOiJ.OOl! acre laml granl with
perpetual exemption frnm taxation
until alienated from the c. I'. It.7
.'(. Is it imt line lli.il ymir vote
and Influence would havl' saved lliis
800,000   acres  nf  land   In   I In*   peuple''
■I. Uid you use ynur influence iu
have the governmenl tax llie II, C
Southern lamls, which ought in paj
taxes and an- nnl now dning so?
5. Did you not stalo from tho
platform that labor unions an- and
always- will bo a failure, one, either,
or both?
(i. When you voted tn whitewash
the government on the Kaien Island
BOandaloUS transact inn whereby lhu
Andersons, so largely profiled, were
vmi nnl aware ihal iiteo South A fri
can veterans and ten of iheir sub
si itn t ps had scrip nied (hereon in
advance nl Anderson's information ol
ttie existence nf said Kaion Island?
7. Do you think it righl Unit these
veterans should be dispossessed in
such a manner''
8. Do ynu think that any membei
of the cabinet profiled bv this nefarious deal?
0, Did you state from the platform
during your reconl imn tlml ihu
Smith African veterans were nnl
worthy nf being shown consideration
and that it was tint patriotism thai
inspired them lo enlist? And if noi,
What did you say in reference to saiil
10. Was there not a compact lielween yourself .md McBride "or his
cabinet" or "some member" or members thereol, to the extent lhat vou
were to have a [ice hand in lhc
house, but under no consideration
were you to allow the government to
meet, defeat if vou could in anv wav
lu-lp it? If not: What understanding
was there between ymi and the government relative to keeping Uiem in
II. Did ynu not refuse to answer
rjnestlona or at. least some questions
'' when at Kernie remitlv," fi mn
some worklngman,    al  cither    your
meeting or at   Ulu- annual  convention
of miners, then being held them?
i'i.   Dili vnu nol   refuse Mr. J.  A,
Macdonald the privilege of discussing
your record in tin- parliament    when
u wen- a! Rossland    recently?     If
i, Did uut your chairman ao    te-
It. Were not those bills which inleresl labor, actually passed belore
vnu had occasion io vole on Uie
800,000 acre  land  stead''
II. Was not ihe hill lo reduce the
deposits required of candidates from
S2QI) in $loii actually passed some in
m 11 davs heron- vmi voted on the
800,000 acre land grant?
l;i. Did ymi Introduce or attempt
to Introduce any measure during tlte
last session having Ior its object the
keeping of Asiatics mil of B. ('.?
III. Why did vou vote against Uu*
hill ymi fought so hard for. said bill
having fur its objeel the allowing of
certain classes of logs to he exported wilhoul lhe imposition of prohibitive myall es thereon''
17. Would it* tml put ihe governmenl out of business if vou had volod
Inr Dial hill?
is. Can you blame tbe worklngman
[torn classing vou as a Conservative
when you lad ' lln- chance In forei
any measure ynu saw lil through Un
house'.- And should ihe Conservatives have refused in supporl vou ou
suck measures, vmi could have voted
Ihem nui ami thereby have caused
another election, the results of which
could be no worse, wilh everv chance
uf a heller government being retuui-
are     not
and   one;
i 'ipi it
aid   tin
Now, Mr. Editor, I ask
Ui.se slraighl questions,
which in nearly every case
simple answer nf ves or no.' Itu
what did Mi. Ilawlhorntliwaile do'
He started righl ahead In abuse th
nue Uml asked them, j(e first ftc
eusnd me of being a lawyer.      When
itement   was  refilled  be     then
e (piestions were written hv
soneiinc else, nnd thai I was a paid
nKetll ni capitalism. Now, Ml.
Ivlilnr. I thnllghl neailv evervlio.lv in
Vancouver .md in fact in British Co-
lumbin knew iha! I ,uii no lawyer;
muck mote, did ihey absolutely know
tlml never in mv life did 1' repic-
senl capital. Much mure, als,,. Unit
I never was paid bv capitalists or
any one else for what inlerest I have
hpielororc taken in behalf ut honest
In answer to my firsl question Mr.
Ilawthui'nlhwaite nicclv evaded same
hy saying thai such « measure was
never introduced in the house. This
wi- all know very well; hut what I
wanted to know was, was ii not
known to him lhat such a measure
was being caucused with the intention of Introducing flic same intn the
house. And was le nol willing
that it shnuld pass. An.l I fully |H-
Ileve that il would have been 'both
introduce-.! and passed |-,1;I it not been
fnr Shatford and Macgowan.
Regarding question No. 2 Mr.
HawU'orntnwaito simply slated lhat
it was no concern of lhe worklngman
Imw much laud was given away.
Thai, there were two million acres
of land sti'l lefl and if the working-
men wanted any land llu-v could help
themselves. I suppose lie means by
Ihis- assertion Uiat 11nv aro lo organize lhe rifle brigade thai, he proposed lo inaugurate should hiis   pre
dictions fail to materialize. That is,
in my opinion, anarchy wilh a vengeance!
In answer to No. 1 he started on a
crusade againsl the leader of the opposition claiming Ihal Un- sad leader of tin*, opposition could have forced tiie passage nf a bill making n-
l inactive assessment possible and
some day in the fuiure we could
make lhe C, ti. It. pay up the arrears of taxes. Why does ho not
insist on the 0. 1'. It. paying the
taxes now and let future generations
take care of their own assessments?
In answer to question No. ii he
did come out square In the poinl and
herein did he show his real disloyally lo labor by stating very emphatically that labor unions always wore
and always would he a failure.
In answer lo question No. li, after
expressing a lew uninteresting and
not complimentary remarks ahout
Mrs. .limmie Anderson and after being hard pressed and held to the
point, he did admit that he did uot
know Uiat there were three Snuth
African veterans among Ihose that
located scrip uu Kaien Island prior
to any claim or application from
Anderson A Co., notwithstanding
thai the petitions fnr relief presented
to the legislature slated such to be
the case. He Ihen proceeded to say
ihal lhe island was previously reserved and wa.s therefore noi open
io location.
Now. Mr. Editor, I doiiU like to
use harsh words, hut Ihe o-eca.-sion almost tempts me to say lhat herein
h.- is untruthful, as lhe reporl that,
was presented by tie commission
acknowledged therein lhat lhe reserve covered Tsimpscan peninsula
only, and mil Kaien island. I am
also of lhc opinion that he was fully
aware thai tliere was one pre-emption ami several scrip applications
on said Kaien island, which should
have Inin granted prior to any deal
being made whereby lhe Andersons
had a cinch on mak ng a handsome
profit, Who an-    these  Andersons
llial Ihey should lake precedence
over Soulh African velernas and honest applicants for this land'' Wlm
waves a manic wand''
Iu answer to question No. 8 Mr.
Ilawibornihwaite stales Ihal he
would tint wonder If the eabiiu-l or
ai leasl some momlier or memliets
thereof did make n profit out of this
nefarious  Kaien  island deal.
In answer lo No. II he inaule what I
tnok to Im- a very muddled answer,
the resulls of which I have concluded
is equivalent tu a .statement thai
the South African veterans were not
worthy of consideration. Whereas,
he based his argument on bis asscr-
tfon that they were fighting for .loe
Chambcflain and Chinese la'hur for
South Africa. Now, Mr. Editor,
is it nol a fact, that the Balfour-
Chamberlain government was conservative-—the self-same as the one that
Mr. HawthornihwnHe is supporting
al Andersniiville. And if such Conservative government did abuse the
victory that the ailxive veterans
fought so nobly fur, is it a reason to
throw mud in their faces, when, as a
matter of fact, the evil done hy thc
said Conservative government is rast
approaching an end. Since the said
Conservative government was annihilated at the last election in Ureat
Britain does     Mr. Hawthornthwaite
feel evil towards lhe new Liberal
government in Ureat Britain, who
are doing all in lheir power for the
woikinniiiaii.' Who are also undoing
sn far as pnssible the evil Hint hti
11 law ihurnlitwaite's) much lauded
and ever-su[Sported Conservative governmenl imposed upon the poor, helpless t'itlanders in South Africa? Mas
not the course of uur worthy veterans al lasl met its reward? Hul
how! Only hy the united eO'nrt of
the British worklngman uniting on
one gn-al common cause: Tre annihilation of the great much -lauded
Conservative party.
In answer to No. Ill, Mr. Hnwlh-
oriitliwaitc instead of answering tho
iquestion, just laughed and Btated
thai he wished he lad a chance to
gel his legislation through the house.
Vei he does not slate the reasons-
why he did not attempt to introduce
a few nf lhe measures so batl-ly nood-
ed hy thc workinginen. Did'Ih1 for
a fact Ily io Ihe rescue of the gOV-
ernmenl Whenever he thought ihey
were in peril?
Ile en I i rely ignored question Xo.
II, jusl as he ignored the Ferine*-
-Miners' convention questions*.
In answer to question No. is he
simply said lhat he would be willing
In supporl such a measure, hut why-
did he mil "introduce some measure of
relief wlu-reby Ihese Hindoos, ele.,
could he kepi  out of this country.
In answer to question No. 16 ho
evaded it by staling that as Mr.
Macdonald's amend men 1, whereby
some grades of lumber cmild he exported frc<> was Included, he therefore could nol suppoi t ii in its
amended   Infill.
Now, Mr. Editor, it is quite plain
lo me lhat the real reason for Mr.
Hawlliombhwallo's opposing his own
measure was the fad that lad he
supported il the government would
have been pul mil of business. Any
sane man knows thai ibe Anderson-
vllie gnvernmeiii bas nothing whatever to do with the export of lumber
aflei it has been sawn; bul I suppose be came to the conclusion lhat
a  poor excuse  was iu-ltcr  than  nunc.
He [Mr. Ilawthointbwaite) entirely
Ignored 'questions Nos. II, 12, 18, II,
17 and 18.
hi answer to Nn. 18, the nnlv reason that is apparent to me as to
why he did not vote lhe government
mil was tlw facl llni he wou-ld be
intieh bef|e_r off financially by keeping
Ihe present* government in power as
long as possible.
In conclusion, kit nie stale lhat I
am very doubl fill niboul Mr. Haw-
ii'U'TuihwiL'ite's sincerity in his socialistic discourses, and ■would be
quite pleased to meel the smooib-
tongtiod orator on the platform and
allow lhe audience tn judge as to
whether or not my reasons then produced, would nol convlce lhe tomes!
workingmen, that he, the said Mr.
llnwlhotnlhwaite, was in reality a
political monstrosity and a traitor
tn tbe cause of honest toil and the
Ceo. T, Kane.
(Continued Irom page one.)
00,000 persons have taken refuge
here, That portion of the city
where are the custom houses' and the
ciiy hall was noi seriously damaged,
A large majority nf the houses are
not fit fm habitation. The slore
houses of lhe customs house are almost totally destroyed. The water
pipes nf the city were broken ami
ihe waler poured through the streets.
There is even hick of waler for
drinking purposes. Provisions are
lacking, and hunger is being felt The.
resources of Valparaiso an- utterly
exhausted ami. await ing ihe rc^estah-
lishinent of the railroad lines to relievo lie situation.
Vulpaftiiso, via Calves ton, Aug.
10.—Proportionately ihe catastrophe
is here considered 'greater than lhat
wliich befell San Francisco. Valparaiso and neighboring towns are
wrecked and partially burned, and in
a I of lhe towns of the Acogonua con-
ditinns are similar. In the southern
portion of Chile several quakes* were
fell, hut there the disaster was not
appalling. As yet no authentic news
has been received from Santiago, although a courier is shortly expected.
Quakes occur from time to lime, but
an :;leadih diminishing in force A.s
to the dead and wounded, an accurate estimate is as vt t Impossible, but
il is believed that' the former will
exceed 1,000 in this and surrounding
towns. The authorities have the
situation well in hand and have assumed ihe distribution of food.
Couriers have been despatched holh
north and soutli fur provisions, and
Uiniisaiuls of tons of fluur, wheat and
rice are held In store here, and il is
mn beWoved a food famine will occur.
Thp .wily wire working are subterranean, and the sea cables lo south-
em American points, which escaped
ChoNv— The dentist had a terrlWo
time filling my tnolh.
SarcasmuK—Probably the eavi'ty
extended right up Into your "head.--
Ex, ^
AN  INCREASE  OF  $11,00(1,(100
Ottawa, Aug. 10.—For the first
mmilh of the fiscal year 1900-7, Canada's foreign trade amounted to
$-12,000,000, an increase nf $0,000,000
over lho same month last year. Tho
Imports for July were $23,500,000. an
increase of il.otm.iipfi.
The board of lailwav commissioners has decided against, lbe complain! thai transcontinental rates
from Eastern Canada should not exceed tlmse from lho eastern states.
The board finds lhat for lhe distance
hauled, and the character of service
performed, the domestic rales are
reasonable; that the lower rates of
lhe United States companies are due
to Uie powerful compel tion of Uie
Panama and Cape Horn routes, which
competition does not exist from
Eastern Canada; that by competing
Witt' the Cont'd States carriers for a
portion of this trallie ttie Canadian
company enables itself lo fill out its
transcontlnen 1 al _ t rains and give
Canadian shippers better service; and
Uial. the    competition  ot   American
with Canadian shippers better     set-]      HON, I'lKl.lHNU UNSEATED.
vice;   and   lhat   ihe   competition of	
American   wiih     Canadian    shippers!    |ta.|jflix   Aug.  17,—Thi' election    of
^AJAAA^TnZ „:,;■>» «■. s. „,*„,„„. s„, „,
liid tm a share of this foreign iruf- duaiicc, as   llie   parliamentary J2»-
tie for    tralispnr.nl inn    through  Can    sciilalivo   foi     I) lis Slielliiinie,    is
ad...     This pui lion ol lhe elaim litis  ,m|| nm| v,,i,t.    Sn decided I'liiel .lus-
• lit-eli dismissed.
Mrs. A. Ilallnii and her Mllli' sou
.Merrill Ilallnii. will leave on Sunday
f.u* a viSll lo Fort William.
13, Helper, lirakeman, will leave
sliulllv nn a fishing Irip in llle viciu-
ily nl'.Michel.
.1. P. Atlwood, slnlioii agenl nl.
.Moyie, accompanied hv his family,
will leave next week for a Vlsil in
Winnipeg and Nelson.
Iltr \\ ,*l Ini I  anil Mr. .Iilsllec Itus-
sell, wlm have lieen silling In   Liverpool for lhree davs conducting     tint
trial.    The elceti s voided on the
ground nf corruption  practiced     by
.iRenis,     Tin* luminal eharges  lei;
whlrli il was lirst sough I In disqualify the minister were wnli.li.iun
llliymor—Is ii necossary foi a poet
to ndopl n i""ii de plume?
Spacer—No, Imt  ii's safer -Ks.
east 411 i'ln
snuih    lo   placo     nt 111 ii'lieeuieul,
containing 11.11 acres.
Hugh Mcllugh.
t'einie, II. I'., Aug. II,  lllllll. a I III*
,,    ,   ,, „ „ ,, , Take notico that sixty days   limn
ll.  A. Mi-Unmet   will visil  Midiellif-   -  ,        ,      ■  ,     1        , 1        ,
Hill   nexl    week   [nl     ll.e purpose     of   ?t0      '      "ll'1"1 '"      i"'l'l>       '"
mcoMng his (lance mi lict arrival ""' ('lM''r Commissionei nl
Irom TceswaiiT, nm. Thev will he. Lnmls and Works ill Vn-
niarriitl in Medicine llal uiul will, '""n. '"t" uci'mlasloii in puii-huso lhe
then proceed lo Cranlirook where Jollotvng described lnmls In Snuth
ll*cil   home will  he in Inline. Easl   Ivnnlenuy:
  Commencing nl a posl plnnled   nl
ll. M. RHd, station agenl al Fori.I,""' B?""!"WiCn Rn'i! ,'J l'"'R'u-
Steele Junction, has I,,*,-,, I ronsforrcd  ' '*" niarknl Hugh Mcllugh,   licnee
to ('rest,,,,.     lie is sucera v  11.   WM| '"'    chalM'      <hmv    l"""'   '"
A. I'assiiinte, lately of Cur/on, Ont.
Thos. Caven will leave on Friday
fm Calgary in visit his moilier who
is ill.
I,, A. Duncan, Bt«nographcr in the
Itesidi'iit Engineer's olllce wns ou
Sundny lusl recalled Biiddciily In his
liiime in Crcslon owing lo his
mother's death.     He lius Hie sincere
sinvpalhy  nl  his fellow   ellinlnyt-es   ill
his hi-teaii-nienl.
II. Vi. Morgan nml wife, of London,
om., arrived iu Cranbnmk mi Mon
dny, ami have lalteit up lheir residence heie. Mr. Morgan has lieen
appointed In Die position ol iraln des-
pnleher at  Ihis point,
.1. II. Suae, „[ Loihiiihi,.,., arrived
in lhe oily ihis morning. He will
lake up the ilulies of ehiel clerk iu
lhe Irolghl  ilepnllliienl  al Ciaiiliin.il..
Tii Ihose intercs-lnl in lln Ihod.
of   railroad const ruction there    win
In* offered   nn upprliuiilv nl witnessing    lhe laying nf lhe   netv heavy IB
rails wilh whifh  Hie "Crow" line   Is   :l       Dlf     D lltr t 111        '*!
Wng mnlpped lor alinosl iis ,.„ii,„ |      KII.    KAk(|A l\
length ihis season.    Tin* Irncklnylng i'l      mu    l**ll»Willi      |
gang will he In Crnnlnnok yard dur-ll ,. , .    0
inn lh"' lirst wis-k in Seplcmlw, The  | I™ >'"n  wiinl  u  bnrgi  I**
work is being dune under the super-, g Craubrook pro_X!Hy,     I will I
vis-ion ol   lt.-ailiiiio.ior    R. Sinclair,I ffl M.|  my  business lionso uiul |
with Foreman M. Newlnnd in i rcct U i„, ,„,:':,„ ,.,,.,    i ,   , U
charm of operations, and the    mils  U '<?' "I'l1 «'"' ( *    • "• depot Jj
are Iielng retold at lhe rate ol some-  l*'j ohenp, I ii.vb gooil rent,   bine |
Take notico thai slxly d.u-. ailer
tl.iie I Intend in npply In ihe chief
Commissioner nl Lnmls iiii.I M'nils ill.
Vieloria, B.C., for permission lo
nuiclinso    llie    following    descrl'lied
lands III Snuih Kasl   ltlnnlrli.lv: Colli-
 Iicillg  ul   a   pnsl   llinl.Inl  al     llie
noi lh easl corner of inl 325, running
ensl kii chains, norlh in chnlns  wesl
KII ehains,   Ihenee snulll   III  rhains   lo
the  plnee nf commencement containing .'inn acres,
Harold  Hulling.
Wardner, ll  t\, .luly i.iih, iiiiiii.
17 III,
ll*'ll'Vlr1li*'li*lk'l,*lrlliJlr'li*l|i.'li*'lr!lr';.*. ;,-'l|. fl,-'
lllltlg over a liiile eaeli (lav.
I.'j investment.   Aililr.
the reason. H    Gum Lee, Cranbrook, B. C. 1
  ia H
HreaUiless Traveler—Come, summon b| ,,,. T   l   .. iu ,.,. fs
all your (lagging energies. . S Or J. A. Harvoy lff-12t. |
Station Man-What for? | @ |
Breathless Traveler—1 want you to. a__iaiaHI__iaia_iltajatar-_U__l__l__l__l_jre!li3raiai
.'.tup that train.—Ex.


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