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Cranbrook Herald Dec 8, 1904

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i|. L-'o.  ..uK.
1904      £
^.A   B'V
What could please a man more than a pair of I n vie ius Shoes.    They are right up to date in every
respect.   We have a very large stock to select from.   Every pair guaranteed.
We have a fine large range of Men's Shirts.   They are beauties and the prices are right.
and up to date colors.   The price is very low.    Nothing
DTIMIMPT? ^FHT^ *^ k^t stock ever brought to Cranbrook. This is a direct im-
L-ai>U.>1J-iIV kJlm. 1 O portation and the price is very low.
'D/^O'CTUfT A 1^ \T A QpQ See a sample of these goods in our west window. Handle vilEdyiLTU^I ▼ I^OCtO some g00(js for Christmas presents. Prices are surprisingly low—goods must be sold.
w& We have a full line of Wolsey Underwear and Socks, 'QK* *^cs* 8°°^s are unshrinkable.   We will replace every gar
M*'. ment that bears the Wolsey stamp that shrinks or does not ftftjggfl give satisfaction.      There is nothing nicer or better made  than the  Monarch  !*C>-
Sweaters; we have a large range SBa of colors.
Our store is filled to overflowing with Ties, Handkerchiefs, Half Hose, Braces, Gloves, Dress Mufflers
and Way's Elastic Mufflers. Don't fail to see these lines, as we have some beauties and the prices are
very low.   They make nice presents.
Don't forget that the Diamond J. Collars are the best on the market.  We have all styles and sizes.
If you are going east for Christmas you should have a nice Suit Case and Grip--we have some
good ones at poor prices.
P AMfV TTp A   CpHTC An immense stock to choose from.    The latest designs
nicer for a Christmas present.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Oko. a. Cot, President.                       B. B. Winn*, Gen. Man.
Pill Up  Ctini   ...tt SMfMNM
it«i     mum*.*
Tout  Reiourct« Nov. 30, 'M   U.NI.MI.M
Deposits Received.   General Banking Business Transacted
SAVINGS BANK DEPABTMENT-Depoilll Received- Imertlt Allewrt.
HANKINll RY MAITj— Deposit, may be made and witli.lrnwii by mail.
Oui-ol-lowii ni'i'iuiiita rivciv,. every attention.  Communication! adun-aaetl
to the manager ut .lie Oranhrook brarieb will mauve prompt itlenllon,
Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000 S
Rest $2,850,000 J
T. R. Mtrritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager 1
A general banking business transacted. Dratts sold availa- J
bit in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
attention to collection!. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     »
Our stock litis been in,'reused by ll shipment of
Sterling Silver Novelties
nnd TOILET SETS, and nt prices which make    •
it possible for you to buy n grent ninny with little money.   Hnvo you seen our line of	
Manicure Pieces
nt 30,115 and 50 cents each? Eastern firms can
not possibly beat these prices. j» We hnve n
great vnriety of SrERLING SILVER LETTERS which will he put on articles bought
here FREE. j» We ngnin remind you not to
put your engraving off until the last moment.
Do it now, don't wait until tho Inst moment...,
Wilson,  The   Jeweler
Although the St. Eugene Consolidated Mining enmpany, owning the
wonderful St. Eugene mine at Moyie,
B. 0., made profits nl $11:\!I36.09 in
operating the property for the four
months ending September 3ft, yet the
lead bounties paid by the. Canadian
government, amounting to (91.061.11,
were the most important factor in
the profits, says ihe Spokesman-Review.
As the president, George Goorier-
ham, says in his annual report, "We
arc depending almost wholly upon
the bonus for our profit, and while
that will last for three years from
the 30th of June next, on the ore
smelted in Canada, tbe bonus on ore
exported will cease with the close of
the government's fiscal year."
It is a remarkable commentary on
the condition of lead mining in British Columbia when rhe St. Eugene,
which is admitImI to bo one of the
greatest mines in the North West, is
tJbliged lo look for government aid
to permit of its operating at a profit.
John A. Finch, of Spokane, is a director.
In his annual report .James C'ronin,
of Spokane, the manager, says :
" The strike made in June in a
rnisc from Ihe l,8»0 feet level, and al
a depth of about 1,01)0 feet horn the
surface, is proving ol substantial
value. About (be first of September
the * tunnel of Ihe 1,700 foot level
reached the oreshont of this strike
and was Continued In ore 150 feet,
the ore varying in width from '1 to 10
foot. The ore lu lace of tunnel shows
a width of live feet, and is ol a qual-
tily that will yield one ton of concentrates lo every two tons of ore.
So far there are no signs of weakn
cuing of the on- as the drift pi-ogres'
ses easterly.
" In running the east drift on the
1,900, or shaft level, the development
work there has heon going on very
satisfactorily. Since the first of May
this anft has been extended 280 feet,
and in all this distance only about
20 (cct of the drift showed the vein
that was of an unprofitable quality.
At present (October 28) the voln in
the face of the drift shows seven feet
of good concentrating ote.
" My last annual report, made
when the mine was operating, stated
that 46,000 tons of concentrates were
practically in sight; without giving
the details here, I find that there are
now about 43,000 tons in sight.
" From s topes and development
during five months of milling operations, the ore broken amounts to 58,-
45R tons, at a cost for breaking of
$1.00 a ton.   It has concentrated 4.7
toi.s   of crude pre into one of   concentrates."
The financial statement is :
12,786,860 lbs. concentrates,     net     value     from
smelter $130,053.24
Government bounty on 8,-
260,357 lbs. lead    62,127.04
Total   net value $193,181.18
Or About $30.00 per*\on.
To It,  Vogelsteln
8,032  lbs.
To Beer, Sondheim-
er & Co   659,040 lbs.
8,692,065 lbs.
Net value from purchases.$127,410.71
Government   bounty    20,533.20
Total   net value $156,943.91
Or about $30.00 per ton.
" The milling capacity being reduced by rain places us in a very serious
condition about filling our contracts
in due time. The total of the contracts calls for 33,000 tons, and we
have until July 1, 1905, to complete
the total. The October production of
872 tons brings the total to date up
to 11,611 tons. Adding 1,500 tons
Tor November make 13,111 tons, leaving 18,889 tons to be made in the following seven months, or an average
of about 2,700 tons per month. I am
of the opinion that we will be able
to produce the required amount unless some other unforscen trouble occur^
The attendance ol tbe pupils of the
Cranbrook schools for the month   of
November is as follows:
Dlv.     Boys,    Girls. Daily. Av. Att.
1 9 10
104       102
The pcrcoiitagti of
the month is ;
of attendance
Average   percentage
for tho school, 82.93.
Out of 206 pupils in actual attendance, only 31 made perfect attendance,, By perfect attendance is meant
being neither late nor absent on any
occasion. The following made this required attendance :
Div. No. 1—Maud Hickenbotham,
Edith Duncan.
Div. No. 2— Lucas Barnett, Belle
Bardgette, Wilbur Cory, Jessie Kennedy, Robert Laurie, Annie Muir,
Maudie Short, Annie Tisdale, Bella
Taylor, John Welsh, Sybil White,
Lilian Leask, Minnie Armstrong, Helen Drus.
Div. 3—Raymond Armstrong, Bry-
son Finniss, Arthur Fowler, Ruth
Harvey, Rupert Jeffares, Cecil King,
Charles Morrison.
Div. 4—Word. Fowler, Marcus Dcrr,
Robert Derr, Olive White, Eric King,
Chas. Barnhart, Marion Robinson.
Div, 5—Stanley Alton, Nathan
Barnfiart, Jessie Hunter!
One naturally looks for a display of
artistic taste in a modern jewelry
store, and one is not disappointed in
this respect when he goes into W, il.
Wilson's place of business. Although
a month ago Mr. Wilson had a very
attractive place, yet he was not satisfied, and since that time he has expended considerable money in papering, painting, adding new fixtures, until now his store is an ideal place for
the display of jewelry stock. And to
keep up that stride of progress that
has marked his career ever since he
came to Cranbrook, Mr. Wilson has
more than doubled his stock within
the last month. As a result, today
he has a magnificent collection of
jewelry, cut glass, silver and gold
ware, toilet articles, in fact everything that one would natura'lly cx-
ficct lo find in an up-to-date eslab-
ishment of that character. Not only
has he the goods, the quality, but he
has something more that is causing
considerable comment this year, and
that is prices that are proving extremely attractive to the people.
That is why his trade is advancing
by leaps and bounds. The people appreciate such conditions.
■ —o	
Quebec, Dec. 3.—The remarkable
fecundity of the French-Caua.li.ui imputation of the Province of Quebec is
Illustrated in official statistics in ihe
public offices of the Provincial Government here. It is shown, for instance, that up to the present time
no fewer than 3,437 applications
nave been made for the state reward
of free grants of land for fruitfiilucss
in the marriage state.
The rewards were provided for by
an, act, adopted by the Legislature of
Quebec some fifteen years ago, when
the late Mr. Mercier was Prime Minister of the Province.
As tbe law now stands, tbe Government of the province records a
grant of a hundred acres of land to
every father and mother of twelve or
more living children, and, as already
stated, more than 3,400 married
couples have already applied lor the
legislative prize.
The Fink Brothers, of the Fort
Steele Mercantile company, arc great
hustlers after business, and they arc
believers in the use of printer's ink.
For the past year they have been experimenting along this line in The
Herald, and with such satisfactory
results that to them it is no longer
an experiment. When they have anything special to say they say it in
The Herald, because they know the
people will read it. This week they
make an announcement that will prove
interesting reading to the people.
They take the first half ot the front
page to do it. because they believe in
doing the thing right. And by the
way, they have the greatest stock of
Clunaware that one cares to see. It
is worth one's while to gaze upon
the beauties they have displayed.
Have you seen the special spoon
sold hy Tate, with the Crows Nest
stamp, He has them for all towns in
the district, and there is not a nicer
present to be found.
The Biggest Christmas Stock
ia the Kootenays
For everybody, little nnd
Toys for lioys and
Toys for girls,
For babies and 'Busters."
Things thut bring as much
pleasure to "Grandma" and
"Uncle," and "Dad" and
"Mother" ns any toys could
bring to little folks.
This is the Christmas shop.
Unndii'B—Christmas din-
Pure sweets of Xmas trees
Fancy Boxes of finest Confectionery for Elegant pres-
Lowney's celebrated
Chocolates and Bons.
Leave your   orders  now.
The candies will be made
fresh just before Xmas nnd
delivered on time.
Templeton Says
Holiday books]
The pen
Is mightier than—a good
many other things beside
thi? Bword.
Our  stock     of    Holiday
books prove this—
Hooks to make the baby
Books to make Baby stare.
For sister some verses
Beautiful, quaint and rare.
Cook Books. Romances,
Story Books and "Fancies."
You know that in our lexicon
There is no such   word  as
We never fail to please.
Merry Christmas!
Shopping?   So am I!
Razor for Brother.
Perfume for Mother.
Sister n Manicure Set
Candy for   Flo—You   l»'t.
Everything handy here
Prescriptions when feeling
Chwolute nnd candy
Everything's just
All in this store—
nnd lots more.
Big Book and Drug Store
Where It will Pay to Deal the Year Around THE   CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
Tlu BaraU ,. trortb »io » y«,r.  I. toil
,„ilv 1:1.   No man i>, Booth Kti.t Koot^Ln;
caaaftord to I* wtthool it, ,.„J merjomi
In it,. progriH ol ihlaawtlon, should n-ud11
li pahBaUM thenewi while ll i» „«»». I'l"
controlled •owlutelf byth. publiebar.   No
tliqu.', ourty or il,ilivi,l„,il ,li,-„,t.-» il policy.
Itdool tiytopuwMthe|iMpui. It'edliSra
lito I'lii.liHi, a nawapaperthat wlllbiacwdll
tu tt,.' commanlty. Hind i» your lobicrlp
Hon „,i.i and yon will b. tbauUul iter alter
A,lv.T,i»i,,K r,,,.'. 11 l"'r Inch, llngW '"'
uuii,  |,t-r ,n,,n,l, Ui» Don ,,,"l no !«*..
Raadlag matter 1"' eiate i»r Unetonon
•dvartiaerat 1„ '•>•„," l»'r Una to regular u.|.
varthwr. Buelnae. Bocali lie cent! per Hal
neb luertloD.
llyoudcetre<o reach Ihe people olSoutt,
Ku.i Kootenay you <„>>»> ailiertlie ," Th*
Thi Herald bai „ Bntelaii n't' plant, ano
Ittworkl.ol the i»'", 'l'1"' Hernld don I
uut charity, It waaU a muari deal ">>
jour |ob »-,,rk.  I' we can', »»,i you i„ ,i„»i
ity ami prine. kick, ini'l ..'"'I yottr Work  .„
.,„,„■ c heap John bowe,,. ib m ,!„,■ nei
.,- ependi „ cent In Cranhrook.
The Liberals ol British Columbia
met at Victoria last Friday and gave
Senator Templeton a banquet in rcc
ognition „f his services in tlie rrcrn
The authorities are still alter the
hallut-box criminals in Ontario. More
power to tl.eir arm. The Herald
hopes that they will not cease lu
theii ellurts until every man guilty
ol monkeying with the ballot box Is
landed behind the bars. That is tin-
only place lul such reprobates.
Any party that lavors the granting
ol a land subsidy to the Ota id
Trunk Pacitlc in the Province .,1 Urit
ish Columbia will die oo the vote
that is taken to settle the question
Tho people ol this province will not
stand lor any subsidy ol that kiad
lor the Grand Trunk or any other
road. Tho Liberal or the Conservative- who advocates such a move
lounds his own death knell. The land
that Is left must be held lor tlie people. Tliere are some reservations
now that must come oB. The people
have a lew rights, and what Is more,
they propose that they shall be respected. No more land gills la British Columbia.  Wc have had enough.
A couple ol weeks ago the editor
ol the Medicine Hat Times called
The Herald's attention to the lact
that Cranbrook was not the only
banana belt on earth, and spoke
many words ol praise of tho climate
ul the Medicine Hat brand. Last
Thursday the weather report said
that the thcrniumetor marked 20 degrees below in the Hat, while here In
Cranbrook it was 05 degrees above
and the men were it. their shirt
sleeves and the ladles wero wearing
summer dresses. No, no, Irlend Harris, thcro may be a lew imitation
banana belts, but there is only one
genuine article, and that Is found in
" Buy Irom tho Fellow Nearest
Home." That is a good slogan, and
one that The Herald firmly believes
in. The shorter the distance your
money goes the more likely it is to
come back. That is the way many
communities are built up. We can't
expect to have people follow out this
plan unless we do llie same. II a
man owns property in Cranbrook the
growth ol the town is lar more important than to save a lew cents on
the puicbaso of itomcthiiig down east.
The way to make a towa grow is to
all stand together. The property becomes moro valuable, and the man
who owns property is better oil. .So
let us buy Irom tbe fellow nearest
Our old friend, Fred Foritel, editor
ol the Medicine Hat News, has been
aiked to become a candidate tor
mayor ol that prosperous city. For
the past lour years he has sat as a
member ol the council, and during
thai time has made an enviable record lor himscll as a municipal legislator. And lor the past tea years or
mora he has edited The News, and
week after week he has labored lor
Ihe best Interests ol the whole com-
munlty. We would be willing to
wager that there Is hardly a man
who has lived in that towu lor a
year or more who is not under obligations to Mr, Forster lot some .ci
that would assist in some way. We
know that Forster Is competent, we
know that he is honest, we know
that he is progressive, we know that
he is loyal, and il we had tbe say
about that election, we would simply
make it unanimous for Forster, and
(eel satisfied that the town would
have a first-class mayor.
A report irom Ottawa says : It is
about a year now since the poll tax
on Chinese entering Canada was increased to five hundred dollars, but
so far not a single Celestial has paid
the price. The C. P. R. has paid the
entry lee for two Chinese who were
being carried through the country in
bond and escaped from tho railwav
company's custody. This should
make good reading to every white
man in Canada.
The death ol the muck parliament
Is due to the indlflcreuee ot a lew.
In this way an institution lull ol
promise has met an undeserved fat*.
Man has his strength and the ei-
etcln of bis power ; be is busy,
goes about, oeeupies bis attention,
thinks, looks forward to the future,
and finds consolation in it ; but
woman stays at home, remaius face
to face with her sorrow, from which
nothing distracts her ; she descends
to the very depths of the abyss it
has opened, measures it, and often
nils it with her vows and tears. To
feel, to love, to suffer, tn devote
herself, will alwayd be the text of
the life of woman, Man has a precise
and distinct language, the world being luminous speech. Woman possesses a peculiarly musical and magical
language, iiiterspering the words With
song. Woman is affectionate and suffers ; she is constantly in need ol
something to lean upon, like the
honeysuckle upon tbr tree or fence
Man'is atlaehed to tbe lireside, by
bis affection to her, and the happi
uess it gives him to protect and support her. Superior and inferior to
man, humiliated by the heavy hand of
nature, but at the same time inspired
hy intuitions of a higher order than
man can ever experience, she has fas
i united hi in, innocently bewitched
him forexer. And man has remained
nnclianted by the spell. Women are
generally better creatures than men.
Perhaps they have, taken universally,
weakei appetites and stronger affections, but they have much stronger
affections. A man with a bad heart
has been somet imes saved by a
strong head , but a corrupt woman
is lost forever.
A group of sticcesslttl men were
once recounting the scenes and in
(unices that had sluytd by them
-into youth and given them help ami
Inspiration through their struggling
manhood. One said his dearest mem
Qriw clustered about the old apple
live by the kitchen door, where his
grandmother sat and sung familiar
hymns of old, while she sewed and
spun. Another said that memories
oi a certain coiner in the living
loom lu his childhood's home always
siifSnoio ts.iq s;t| iitiii.it! oiu; pojieo
and hiKhest motive*. This corner
was covered with pictures of great
men and women taken from newspapers and magazines unframed—simply
fastened on the wall with flour paste
-but their influence has never been
effaced. Still another said : "Whenever 1 sit down at a dinner table, be
it a grand banquet or a simple res
taurant, the memory of my mother's
i able i ernes back lo me and I once
more see the plain glass vase with
its few green leaves and its spray ot
pinks or its sprig of mignonette—al
ways there—summer or winter, shedding a sweet benediction upon us.
You may smile if you like, but that
memory has kept me pure."
The wife becomes a pillar of
strength by being the inspiration of
her husband's life. For her be is
strong, and through the years of
wedded life he has drawn from her
the inspiration that would hold him
in a spell of love ; and the desire to
retain that love develops in his character all that is good in him.
Some one has said a good wife is
Heaven's last and best gift to man,
his angel and minister of graces innumerable, his gem of manly virtues;
her voice bis sweetest music, her
smiles bis bright day, her kiss the
guardian ol his innocence, ber bosom
the safest pillow for his cares, ber
prayers the ablest advocate of Heaven's blessing upon bis bead. Tbe true
wife makes a man's life better, nobler, stronger, by the inspiration oi
her love and devotion turning all the
forces of his nature Heavenward. By
her refinement she clothes him with
the gentle graces of a refined and cultured manhood.
Tbe wife makes the spirit of the
borne. As an inspiration in the home
sua is universally loved, and no
woman need feel her sphere ot Influence is limited as long as she is
tbe crowned queen of a worthy man's
home. She is the ruler of his career,
and she can inspire him by filling his
home with the desire to b« what she
truly isa
The Columbia River Lumber Company's mills at Beaver closed down
this month for the season, and the
men have been paid oO.
A boom containing over tiiiu.OOO feet
of the finest spruce was brought to
Vancouver a few weeks ago from the
IJorl Renfrew's camps on Vancouver
Island, for use in Vancouver mills.
"Larson & Jewett give the customary notice of their intention to remove onstructions Irom Sand and
McHayne creeks, in East Kootenay,
to make said creeks available for
A syndicate owning extensive limits
on Evans creek, six miles from Slo
can, are getting their plans in shape
for the erection of a milling plant at
the mouth of that creek. It is their
intention to have their mill up und to
be manufacturing lumber and shingles
by next April.
Messrs. Proctor and McOougall, or
the Fernle Lumber Co., of Fernie,
have opened a lumber yard at Calgary, and will establish a planing
mill and factory there. The yard and
factory will be under the supervision
of Mr. W. McKinnon.
A. 0. McKay is moving his saw
mill at Poplar Creek to East Kootenay, near Fernie,
The Hat Portage Lumber Company's sash and door warehouse at
Brandon was completely destroyed by
fire a short time- ago, the flames
completing their work of destruction
shortly before midnight. The firm's
boo'iis and sale were all that was
saved. Tbe loss will be in tbe neighborhood uf $211,1)011, but tbe amount
of Insurance is not yet known. The
origin ot the fire is a mystery, but it
is believed to have been of an incendiary nature.
Oregon is building a factory that is
the only one ot Its kind in the United
States. The plant is located in Sum-
merville and is owned and managed
by Turner Oliver. It manufactures a
fiber and an oil from pine needles
The fiber is used for stuffing mattresses and the oil utilized in the manufacture of medicine. A powder is also
produced which has a great value as
an insect destroyer. The plant is
building now and will start operation? about .lanuray 1. The entire
product of the plant has been contracted to D. M. W- Brune, of Alaska, and H. H. McCarthy, of Portland, for a period of five years. The
operation of the plant will be watched with a great deal of interest in
other parts of the country, as on its
success depends the erection of similar plants in districts wEcre the pine
tree thrives.
It is reported that a company to be
known as the Mundy Lumber Co., ot
Bradford, Tenn., will build and operate a mill at Tbiee Valley Lake, in
the Eagle Pass, 15 miles fiom Kevel-
stoke. on the train line of the C. P.
U.   Mi   Muady, ot Bradford, is pres-
~ North Star
War Scrip
lii-fore ordering n new Suit of
Clothes. Becniise we know we can
please you. Onr measurements
tire correct, our styles proper and
our prices plensiug.
You will be astonished how much
your iippeiiriiuce will be improved
by wearing Clothes Mnde to Order.
Don't make n mountain of n molehill by thinking thut Coat nnd Vest
made to oritur will be too expensive for you to wear,
Leask & Henderson
and hia followers is ready here. Jewelry and Christmas are naturally asocial
ed, ami both are here for your delight.
We Invite Everybody
tn view the display, and feel unit they
have never seen a tlnor collection of jew*
elry. There are gifts innumerable for
young and old, male ami female. Costly gifts and inexpensive. But each Is a
present worth getting, as you will admit
when you see it.
Official Watch  Iunp.-f.tol' 0.   P.  It.,   Crown  Neil   I'tun   l-iviiion.
LD    V
0 B
V 'PHONE 99 E«~
ident of the company, and will visit
the district shortly to complete all
arrangements lor building and installing the plant, E. R. Schoonmaker,
the manager, is getting a gang ol
men at wotk clearing out Three valley Creek in readiness lor floating
logs, and will start next week the
erection ol a logging camp on that
•reek. The company will later put in
a logging railway to handle the logs
towards the Spallitmcheen and Mabel
Lake. Mr. S. A. Mundy and other
gentlemen associated with him spent
several weeks in Ihe province last
taring looking into the conditions ot
.lie timber trad,'. Mr. Mundy advised
us that his company owned sonic
very valuable timber limits, ana mat
the natural facilities lor getting logs
to the mill on Three Valley Lake arc
enlarge: 0. P. R. DEPOT.
This week The Herald representative had an opportunity ul seeing the
" ns lor tlio enlargement ol the L.
1-. It. depot In this lown. The rool
will be raised so as to make a 'href-
story building and to nearly double
the room iu the present building.
This move has been in contemplatloa
lor sunn, lime, owing to the cramped
rondititui „! ilu- vaii„„3 departments.
The remodeled building will be inod-
pvory way, well lighted with
watting rooms and Increased
spar,' in nearly every department,
tell ,'„inpi,'t,',l it will ho the larg-
depot building on the I row .1
■si line a,,d a credit to tlic pros-
tons tuul growing town „l trail-
firook.   ll is expected that work will
iotni.iei.ci  tho changes In   tbe
building until slil'lng, us the plans
were not ready In time t„ ,l„ any.
thing before cold wcaihcr would set,
On Wednesday, December 7th, at the
home ol Mr. and Mrs. J. Prttdden, at
the North Star mill, Isaac Everett
Cobcrt and Miss Elenor Gertrude
Dorr, both nl Fernie, Rev. S. J.
Thompson officiating. The bride and
groom left on the afternoon train lor
Fernie, where they will make their
future home.
l.l,,,.l,,,| (il. ...... ........ .......a .tjii
1 Cranbrook
Hotel S s
Qmili Contort ■ Specially
Hood Stibllii li Cornell*!
Nearest tn railroad slid depot.    Hal arrnnimoda-
ttmii fot llie public unequalled In Cranhrook.
Hut and Cold Bath.
Hoggarth & Rollins
g,,,,,,,,, 1,1 B'	
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In the District
Rates $1 and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed (or clean
lineu and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
of liquors and cigars.
L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.
The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley.
j Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining room service, and the $
best of everything; at the bar.
FRED DREW,      ,\V      Proprietor.
5-85-5^-9-5 ■3-S-i5-3-5-5-3-3-3-5-5 J SS;, 5iJ?-J-3-J-5-S-33-J5*tC-S-5-S-5-3-S-S45'S«-3
)..,,. « .©B). ..................... .♦(
em 1
I Forks, Nov, 80.—Jacob
igloth, president >„ tl„' American
I Co Ltd., ol New York, has
,„„. elected president „( the llranby
Consolidated Mining & Smelting corn.
', in succession tu S. II. *-'. Mu-
ol Montreal, resigned, Tho selee,.
,,u„ was made at the 1ec11.it meeting
nl the board ol directors held ia New
'" fi. Mr. Langlolh Is one ol the
wiuld's leading copper magnates. The
board has decided tn install two additional litruaces at the smelter here,
increasing the capacity to 2 501) tuns
' "y. The new lurnaces will be in
tatioti in February nest.
Tom Johnson, the negro who assaulted Pete Mathesnn on night last
week with a knife, inflicting two or
three bad wounds, was brought before Magistrate Armstrong last Monday on the charge of plant assault,
found guilty and sentenced tn live
months in Jail. Constable Morris
took him tu N.ltoi last Tutiday,
Fancy Box Chocolates
at the Candy Kitchen
AIho Robertson * I.ear.v'n both
in 1kj\.'h und in bulk. W* have, over
1 Mi 1 "nn of ("11 mlif h and morn on the
wii.v. That rupniiH notue 125 kind* to
mm, from. SHE OUR 2fic MIXTURE
fur tbe Chrint-mwi trade; an gonil a*
ymi roiild buy In Toronto. Special
utt.'iitioii given to mal orde-ra.
)»«>< t«t«SH«»SI Mil ■> •♦♦Oi]  |
DAN HOLLAND, the Shoemaker
We are now in shape to furnish all kinds of
Orders promptly filled and delivered In town. For prices apply
King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
William Gordon [
McCallum Block CRANBROOK |
The Latest Delicacies,
Fresh Crabs, Shrimps, Herring and Lobsters.
j» Always the best of meats and fish.    The
market that sells nothing but the best,   j*
The Calgary Cattle Company.
Shop in tlie new ndilitionio tho
Aiken block.
Ho does only the bust work.
Call and sea him,
Taka nntire that II I. my intentim, lo apply to tbe Board ol l.icenne C'otnmjnsionnr.
lor Cranbrook Dietrich at lb. n.it reiolnr
meeting on December lfnI,. 11)1.4, lor a tranx.
far Irom myaall to Robert H. Holmrt ol, Im
hotal been, for the Wardnar hotal at Wanl-
Dated at l.'rtahrook, 11. It., N„v. 14. 1U„4.
11-4,1 A. A. L'urtla,
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
I'KicsiiiXT Lodge No. 38
Cranbrook, B. C.
Mwlw 2nd and 4th Tueadny at 8 p. at. iu
1.1). ,l. F. hall.
■I. A. Anttiii.n. K. U.S.
N. Bill, CO.
ViMtiag Brethren cordially invited t.i atlaad
Cmbraak Lacal Uihm 1241 .1 ikl UilMd
Braiherlaad .1 Caran.cn lid Jalati.
.1 America.
Tin. b.,',,1 nuwtH pvpi-v Fridtiv evaaiu
B |i. ni. in I'. I.. It. hull.
Vbltlng Brethren Ctniiull.v invited.
J. A. L.Miltv, J. II. M,l,,i..l...
BIMBO, I'skmiucit
-*flfcfiU.,00f     «e> CUfUej.
FAjKJFjS "'<■"■ «»»n.rriiM
^BWijCSB*  *'> "'"" •> U>Mr ban aa
Hakar itrarl   Bojoartag
.(Id K.llitw. cniduuly Invited,
s.l. Morrow. VV. II. MrKarlana
N.   II.
traaare.il Udft, Na. M
A. t. * A. M.
H<-Knl»r liieaK.lfl ,m IS.
Ibltd Tburwla, or tn
man III.
V,"„„,«,'".,»„  analeoinea.
M.A,   baml me'f.
THB A. L. U. NO Ml
Meeia  ,-very   Haturday
iiiflht in   I. ... 0. p.   hall
Vl.lllni Brelhrea cordially lavlled to
Meet! 1st ...nl :tr,l T,,e«lav every manll,
at Abltotteilule.
Vleltlng brethren cordially invited
A, Mi-i'.n, in. 0. R.    Wm. An.:«MTav, enat"!
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hatell Block Criatrook, I. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   Z
Public, Etc J
Cranbrook,    -    ■    B. C.   S
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olllce it RuMiaci, Armilmi An.
Firciaui,  •  ••• Ml M II
Alteram.!!   •   •   .   .   liMMJtM
Evealiii   ....    ;j»i. |Ji
CRavrrook,   :  :  :    ■ * :   a, c
ili'i'ii-i::—ArmatronK Avenue, op|Ht.lla af.-
C'oanell'l furniture alow
Omen 11,,,'hh:—Forenoon, 0 to 11; afternoon, t.ttu ti) 11,1)0; evening, 7.80 to N.8U
Telephone, ti7
I    Dr. G>nnolly,     |
".'   Physician and Surgeon @
S Office on Armstrong: Avenue =
(S   S
I.) HnnMi—B lo 11 a. .„.. n to 4 p. at, 7 <tf
in up. m.     'Phone tOS ;i
l.l'ICl! HOURS
li to 111 a. ....
I to .1 p. m.
i lo H p. in
UR. lilDLAKB, M, R. C. V. S.
Hiirs,' Dentistry nnil 1,,,,,,,',,mi
I. Nuecinlty
Tel. Na. 74. CRANBROOK, S. C.
tip bill urge me not,
Down bill trot, me not,
On tbe phiin .|,nre un, not.
And tn .-awe of ainkn.H rail up
CRANBROOK. B. C. Ptraa. 74
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
TllOS. T. McVITTIE, P. L. S.
NUMBER   :».
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For terms, nuiiis mul furthor isirtii'itliirs upply to the following
Infill lllllll IlKi'iils:
v\ Hytle Bnkor, Cranbrook, 11. 0,    E. Mullniuliiinu, Jr., Creston, 11. C.
I, H. Wilson. Wiinliinr, B, C. H. JI II. Bird, Nelson, B. C.
H. K. Bruce, Wilmer, B. 0.
Or to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
British Columbia Illustrated
lllllhl Mil IHU   tlif!   III.llll,ll.-HB  II.'BI.IIII'I'rl n(
The Richest Province in the British Empire
it* Mini, oil mnl flintier; iin flslierlea on son, lake and river; its mineral nml
iigricuttimil resource*; ith alien nml towns; its river, Ink*, nnd  mountain sceneiy.
tHjefi-itilly iiiiiHirniiiit: itn trri'in mining development, with vifWH of nil the principal
nm,**. mill*. smelt pre, atC,
Sent Pott Free on Receipt of Price, $1.00 end $1.50
Address, JAMES LAWLER, RossUnd, B. C
Tl.p largest advertiser in nnd for Drltlah Columbia
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent, tn shares is now in our
Treasury.   Shares fully paid and non assessable.
Mini's directly west of tho
Id'Kni nn.l LoRoi No. 2. War
Bagln nml Centre Stiir. four
of th.' liup'st Rolil-ooppor
mini's iu the world, nil of
which hnv,' piii.t large .liii-
Ha)"Snin,' iilcitticul i.ri'tnnl
veins now in sight on tho llll I
FOl'lt.   Larue pre hallos.
Astmyi. fnun $■"> to #MXI in
golil. copiKir, silver, etc. Very
rich tlispluy as now on exhibition III the ,'ily ore exhibit,
Ottllsttlg with' en,uient.
We huve nciirly lw„ llliloa
nf rnilwii)' on Big Knur property with wnter mul ti.nl.er iu
ltoBslnu.l ore Bliip.tit-.ilH for
11102. 860,000 tons. Shipped
for LflOtt. nlH.ut 1111,1X111 tons.
Totul vuluc of Hosslunil ores
niiiuil, 127.01X1.(11)11.
Please Note Price at
15 Cents p?„are
For One Month
linsshiml's large ore botlies
nre a grout success with the
conccntnition system of ore
reduction. $11,011 ore now
pays to mine as now proved
by the Intest reports auddivi.
No less than 100 shares
sold. SI,t,res can la. had un
insti.Hjncnt plan, payments
monthly. Twenty per ii-nt.
cusli, Ijttltini','  within a year.
riuupnuy has no debts or
liabilities, and n full force of
men now working.
References. The Hon.
Mayor, Hold Commissioner,
poBtinnstcr, or nny lunik or
business lumi in city.
Tfam in „ tiil*' In die iitinirN ot „,.„
Which takan nl tho lloo.l, laa.li on ...
Omltto.1, nil tl"' rojage ot tbalr life
I. bound In .liadowa and In mlHrlai,
Any aiaaaat III. 111! IM .... by
aaatolllcc nr ctprei. naaey erdlr; .v.r
thl.amoail, by aaakdrallta Secretary
Big Four Coasolidated G»M Miles.
Ltd. KossliiiJ, I. C, Cis.ii.
Order DIiit.Wm nml onr mo§l contprflhenatvti and complete Illustrated Prospectus showing nil HohhIiui.1 iniin'M itmi giving valuable Information, with Maps and
Report* from Mining onglneera, sent only to Investors or thorn! desiring to IiivphI.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
Alt Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Tbr*» mouths after the timt pubUeatlon ol
this notice au application will !,•■ mii-le to
tlie I,it«ii1i,iiHi.t-(..iv.-riiiir-iti-i:oiiii.'il under
Section tt of ilu- "Companlfti Aft," WW," bj
the "Granbraoi Bain A Dour Company.
Limited," for pennlaaloti to change itn un
for that of tin- "Ktmbtriajr Hilling * liana
fu. hiring Company. Limited."
liiit.fi nt Cranbrook, Ootobar lfltk, u**-
Harvey \ UcCarUr,
31 Soiirfton for the Applicants.
Land Notice.
Sixty i|*,?s after dale it m iny Intention tl
apply to iii** ChUd Oomu'ialoiiar oi Landt
ami. Works to purchase tittlollowtflgdaierib
rtl lands in South Rail Kimtpnay -
I nmini'iiiiiiK nt n pOil tiliuil."! nl tin-in.nl
fun! corner of n t Arnold's preemption
thence -111 chain*.uut. thence ■<> cnaiua wmi h.
Ilieiiee    '-'"   chain*   iii'Ki,    i Inn,n   40 .-ItaiiiK
north along ll. T, Arnold'a Ilu to plum ■
Dated September iMtli, A, I> 1004
87.01 Robtrt i inrit.
Take notice thut It li my Intention to ap
|.lv to tin- Hoard ol l.iceliH. I'liuiiiiilHi.iiiern
for Cranhrook dlltrltil at iheir next regular
Meeting on I)eceiiil.i-i loth, 11.04, for a
traimler from mym-H tu Kulierl .lohuiton of
the hotel license for tlm Central Hotel, Marysville.
Dated at Craiibrook, Ootobar 2Btk, 1004.
HA-. .lohn A. McDonald,
Do you want a Stover Do you
want Boots or Shoes? Do you
want Bargains where New
Goods are arriving daily ?
Then come to my store.
Formerly Hotel Phair
B. TOflPKINS, Manager.
Tliia hotel is one of the beet in
British Columbia and up-to-date
in every respect. Well lighted
sample rooms.
Dezall Brothers
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Ilatlldt Order. Praia-ally
Attended to.
Livery S
Ttaiua and driven famished for any
point In tbt district
A. DOYLE, Miniier,
who en|oy a drive along the conntry roads
■honld wmi to
The Handlcy Livery Stables
for the accessory outBt.
The tnrnoutfl supplftd by ua are handsome,
wall appointed and entire!v aatlafactory.
They add much to the pleaenre of a trip.
Then ia nothing about home or rehicle to
cause nneasinrea to a aeneltive paraon nor
anything In the appearance ot either to jar
thoae who are particular aa to etyle.
Syaopsii of Regelation for diapossl ol Mis*
crila an Oetalsloa t.andi In Masltssa,
Ihe Northwcai Tcrrltorlei and the Yukon
Coat -coal .anils in.i. bo pnrnliaaoil at fin i*r
acre for Hfl mill au«l ix f..i  until incite.    Nut
iinm- linn ■• ,u :re-t .-.-■ !■• ai-ij :nn.l by onn in
.In Hindi of c.iiii}iiiii> lU.yitll) -it the rate of
if u rfiii* |i.-t t.hi .if .:..-"i i"".i, ,- nlmll t.Hi-.,|ii.,'t
•'.I mi the |TOM output,
Qttaru, rtnooa uf elghtaaq roan ami over
MM Joi'ii atonk oompulaa liobllng traa nilnari
.-.'Hitii-Hit-. nmy Dhtniii entry im i imuinu i»c»
a (ntnlntr'i ojrtiBeau it grautod for one
nt iimr* ycurf, lint eM'ee.l in : Ihe, u|m.u |iiyineiit
In ;i,Unn,-.' <<r I7.BI1 pei iiuiniiii for un imllvbliiHl
ami ii'.iii » " tn aim i"-t ..luiiuii for .1 comiwiiy
•vcciinlliiK t,, .;i|.iiiii
A free miner, liaffUg dlaOOTond inlnrtiil In
nlace, inuy iik'HU- ■ ,-1111111 ItWOXUkll feet l>>
DUirktai; i. ,t tlie Mine w 1, in., legal jujitM,boar
liia looatlon ni'iices ono at oacli ena on the imc
»f tin- lir.li- i.l Vein
Tlie .1.11111 -nail im rer >r.l>»l niiiiin lirteeu
.in)-. It l.kisateil willnii ten miles or a uilnliiii
leconlem' ..nice, one aUdUlonal day aUowtil fur
• veiy iul'lltional lei. imle.i ..i frii.lHiii. The tee
for 1 et'unlU.g a ulalm it •'■
Al lenHt $100 must lu- Bgponded "ii llie clulin
fii.'h yai >'i |i.inl In the iiiidIiik rODOMoi In lieu
Utf rent. Whnii arajn bus bflOU ex|i.'iiUaU or iwlil
tbe I.H'itt..! nmy him... navlng asiiiAi'jr iiiaiie, atnl
reniiUhbui may be ui.uiieil bjr tbe Mllilmer of
the Interim tu locate claims cuiiUliiiiiKiriui ami
mien, Hi<tocu|i|ier. Inthe iiikou Territory, of an
urea not esccwdiint nu ucren.
The imteni fir a nilt.lii 1 luciulnii slmll nrnvlde
fur llie ua) im'iil of ro) ally ut tbe rate nf ItH |<er
cent ut tbe product of the locatlmi.
Itacer MfnliiK.-MiuiiitiiiH anil the N. \V. T.
evceutinn the Yukon Teirllory.—I'lat-er ininiri;
vlalniN generally nre 100 feet square; eulry foe,
|6, renewable, yearly, on tin- North Siokat-
chewati river claims are eiiliw bar nr bench, tlif
former belnu 100 feet lotiif ami eKtemlliiK In-
lwe«u hinh Hint low waler murk. The latter Includes liar diuK'1'!?"' hut extcnilii buck to the
base of ihu bill ur bank, hut nut cxceediiii 1,000
feet. Where steam power If used, ctaliiia 'J0U
feet wide may be obtained.
Dredulmjiathei'ivci* uf Manitoba ami the
N. W. T., exceptlnt! the Yukon territory.—A
free miner may obtain only two leases of live
miles each for a term of twenty years, renew
able In the discretion nf tbe Minister of the Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the submeri;
en bed or bars of tbe river below low water
murk, andiubleol to tbe rights ot all iiersotis
who have, or who may teclve entries for bar
digitIiiksor bench claims, except uu Hie Maikal-
chewan river, wherethe lessee may dredue to
blah water mark nu each nlieruate leasehold.
Tbe lessee shall have a dredge In operation
within one season from ihe .late of the lease fur
euch live miles, but where a person or company
lias obtained ninn* than .me lease one dredge
for each fifteen miles or fraction IssiimYleDt
Uental, jm per annum for each mile of river
leased. Itoyalty at the rate of two and a halt
per rent collected on tbe output after it exceeds
Dredjfinir In the Ynkun Territory. - Sk leases
uf live miles euch may tie Kiauted to a free
miner for a term of twenty years, also renewable.
The lessee's rlirht ll confined lo the submerged bud or bars is th- rlv r helow low water
nuk'k, that boundary to th] llxe.l by ns position
on the 1st day of Aiojuhi lu the year of the date
of the lease.
The lessee itiftll have one dredge in operation
within two years from the date nr the lease, and
on dredttt fur each live miles within six years
from such dale. Itemiil. «l"t> per mile for first
year, and 110 per mile for each subsequent year,
lioyaity same as placer mlninu
Placer Mining In the ViiknuTerrttury.-Creek,
uulch, river anil hill 1 Inlins sbuil not exceed >uu
feet in length, measured <>n the base line nr
geuetal direction of the creek or Kiib-h. the
width iieiu-j from l txhi to '-V«m feel. All other
placer claims shall be m feet sun ire.
I'lalinsure marked by two legal post*, one al
each end, bearing notices Kntry must be obtained wi bin ten dais, If the claim is within
ten miles of mining recoi der'i oihce. i<ae extra
■laya.lowed fur each atldttlunil ten miles or
The person orcnui|>i(iiv sta'iimta claim must
hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a
claim of 1 on feet In leiiuth, ami if the part)
consists of two, 1,9m feet altoueher, on tbe output uf which no royalty shall be charged, the
rest of the party qraloary 1 latin* only,
l ntrv fee 910, Itoyalty at ihe rate of two and
one half par ceiil on the value of the gold ship
ped from ihe Yukon Territory to he paid lo the
(Joffl pi roller.
No free miner shall receive a grant of more
than one mining claim uu each separate river
xeek or gulch, Mil the same miner may hold
any uumher of claims bv pun-hav, giid free
miners may work their claims lu partnership by
lining uotlce and uayluif fee of fj. A claim
may lie haiidnncd, and another obtained on the
same creek, gulch or river, i>y giving notice and
paying a Tee.
Work must I
must be done on a claim euch year to
tbe value of at least «:ini.
A certificate that work has been done mnsi he
ob.alued each year; If nut, tbe claim shall he
deemed to be abandoned, and open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may hedelliied ah
ljindslu ..mnltoha, tbe Northwest Territories
and vvlthlu the Yukon Tcrilmry are opeii to
prospeetkng fur tietmi.-uin, ami the minister
may reserve for an Individual ur company having machinery on the laud to be prospected, uu
area of em acres. Slinubl the prospector discover oil lu paying i|iiantltlea, and satisfactorily
establish such dlscoveiy. an area not exceeding
i'*l acres, luoluillug the oil well and such other
land as may lie determined, will be sold to the
discoverer at ihe rate uf 91.00 nn acre, subject
to royally ut such rate as may be speclfled by
iveputv of the Minister of the Inter or
Kept, Interior,
Land Notice.
Sixty .In.vs after date I intend to apply to
tbe Chief Oommieaioner of Lauds and
Wurke for permlsBion to purchase 7fi neree
i»f land eitunte In the dlatrlct of South Kant
Kootenay und ileHcribeil ua follows:
Commencing at the intersection of the
west line of Lot408(1, Cfroupl, Knotatnoy district with the right of way uf the llritiah Columbia Southern mllwuy. I hence south about
40 chains, thence west to the miiil right of
wny, thence along stii.l right of way tolpla-'*
of commencement.
,'i:i-lM Kllsu A. Muiiner*.
OrAbbrook, B, C, lat November HMt.
Timber Notice.
Notice ie hereby niven thai thirty days
after date, I intend to apply to the chief
■ommlsalouer of lauda and worka nt Vic*
toriufora special license tn n\t and carry
nway timber off the folluwihg<lei*rrll.ed lauds
lu Sunt h-1'.ni.t Kuotetiuy :—
t ommeuiiiig ut a post plumed 011 Ihe
east boundary of K. P. Kogau's timber limit
fill chains north from the aoiithetint corner
thereof; thence north W> ehains i.itheiinrth-
eaet corner puni of eaid F. I'. Hokhh * timln>r
limit; Ihence westerly 14 chnioe; theme
mirth .11 chains to the aouth-wesl corner of
Lot9847,Oronp I, Sonth-Knet Kootenay;
thenceeaaterly to 1 lie bunk of Luke Creek;
thenee southerly 160 en tint j tlmnee weeterly
■JO chains to the place of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or teas.
Dated nt Cranbrook, B.O., ibis ,1lh day of
October, 1004.
»|-9t, F. YV. Mitehell.
Notice la hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the chief com-
miealoner of landu and worke for permission
to purchane the following described lands
situated Id Hast Kootenay district;
Commencing at at n post planted JO chains
south of E. 0. Smith's north-west corner,
thence south HO chains, thence west an
chains, thence north HO chains, thence east
HO chains to post of commencement containing 160 acre* more or less.
Dnted October 36,1904.
A. H. Turner,
ill-ft. Applicant,
Copyright. llMji, liy th*
s, s. iVcClun Omapoiiy
■ ».».»■».» -»#-.e>.^. »-e>..>><i
"QwOrge,   I've   let   him   liev   the  ole
buuiofsienii farm, belo' li*»'« tin1 ohletl
ut the heap; Martliy Ann. alie'a gol ilif
blackjack holler itrlp; Uoluuibua uu'
Jinny, tkcy'ffl got the two twenty aero
Iota, uu' tUej'rg to take keet of ids
long es I lust, turn 11 limit."
Uncle itiiiv itiis.-oiii looked us imn,
clit'i'iTuI ami alert uh n gntulioniier us
bv sat on ilu- lop mil of Hu- old fence.
"An' 1 reckon itusiiy never icd i>a
much as n Ininloi-k patch."
/eke Ariiist.iul looked bunl nt I'lu-lo
Billy, who fiijiiiniii-il a little,
"Itusiiy got .Ii-il Hooker. That ought
to HHtlsnYil her, si-i-iii' every kin jier-
ton Hhe bed wns sot ag'lu liim. nu" i-f
be left ber a wldder wltluml nu iuih-Ii
es tbe ormolu's; of u mush kittle ihe
bad herself to thank. Howaonievor,
not to make it look too p'liiteil, I've
give ber the three cornered lot yondei
tt Buttermilk ridge."
Uncle Billy chuckled.
Zcke growled like tn Irritated mastiff.
"Tbe three cornered lot—a little ole
scrap or ground in the tiff rock country, not big enough fer a truok patch
an' too pore to raise bluck eyed pen*!
Tbat'a t big slice fer your youngest!"
The young innu started, bis train
along. He whs on hit. way to town
with a load of cordwood, About a
mile beyond Uncle Billy's he slopped,
bitched bit team In the simile titid followed a narrow, weed grown path Unit
aeemed to lend nowhere, but brought
up at a tiny cabin. Its tertippy little
doorynrd was full of that cheerful
common yellow flower known ns "butter and eggs." A plump, fair young
woman in a pink calico sunhomiet wits
feedlug a brood of chickens out of a
tin pan.
"Mornln', Bushy," said Zeke.
MMornln\ Zeke.   How's everything?"
".Teat Joggln'. I bear your puw'i give
you tome land."
A rill of clear laughter rung from
under the pink bonnet.
"Yet. the three cornered lot. It'll
make me rich, I reckon."
"Want to sell It?"
"Go 'long, Zeke! What's the use
itkln' foolish questions? I'd most sell
ft fer two bits, an' nobody wouldn't
give that."
Kusby's tmlle hndn't nn atom of bitterness In It. yet ft went like a lunee
through Zeke Armstead'a heart. He
knew a little of the sore poverty endured by the girl be bad wooed before
hli rival won her.
"Busby, why won't you quit your
contrariness in' take me tn' let me do
the oiipportlu'V"
The pink bonnet w» shaken decidedly.
"You know why, Zeke. Tour mnw
don't want me at ber house.   She's
never ferglve me far murryln' pore
Jed, though be did go an' die. An'
you ain't able to support two families."
"I will be. I'm a-goln' to be-you'll
tee. An', Busby, soon ei I sell my
wheat I'll hev fort. Kf you'll take that
fer the lot, It's t trade."
"Why, Zeke, you're plumb crafty."
Busby's voice quivered u little. "Yon
know et good cs I do 'tniu't worth tbe
half of that An' what'd you do with
It anyway?"
"Dig a well," laid Zeke promptly.
"I've got tome land over that away
I'm MowuV to make a stock pasture of,
an' I'll need a well right there to water 'em."
"Ef you're tbore about the well,
Zeke, I'll take $25 fer tbe lot, on' you
can go ahead an' dig your well. Tlm fa
a big price fer It, an' I won't take e
grain more, not ef you talk a week."
Bushy aat down upon ber doorstep
when Zeke bad gone and wiped ber
eyes with a corner of the pink sun-
bonnet cape.
"Best friend I've got In the world,"
said the, sniffing t little, "an' got to
be leptrtted from him by that crah-
bedy maw of bls'n."
Once, la the edge of a pink summer
twilight, Zeke Armateod rode up to
Ruibj   Hooker's cabin.    Buihy  had
|ust come Dp te the door wRh 1 tt»
bucketful of clear spring water, which
t-li" tet upon the rough step.
"Mighty glad to see you, Zeke," ihe
Hiiid. funning berstlf with her apron.
"Wliot you been iloin' with that little
old three cornered lot'/ The way things
bus been bappenlu1 fairly skee-rs me."
"Whin's ro dor asked Zeke.
"Well, honest, Zeke, teuce you've
been over yonder n-dlggiu' your well
1 could hev sold that snap of Ittnd
forly-'leven timet over. Klrot come
Brother George, then Columbue, then
Mnrthy Ann an' Jinny, all t wantin'
to trade Iheir lam I fer It or buy It I
told 'eui they knoweil good es 1 did I'd
sold it to you. but they 'lowed you
hedn't paid yet un' ihe, bargain wasn't
blndln1 an' offered me more than what
1 let you hev It fi-r. An" next half
the county, 'peered like, come polio'
along, till a-wnutln' the three cornered
lot I 'lowed to all of 'em I'd made
a bargain with you an' I'd stick by It
ef they wugged their tougues off, an'
to I will, Zeke, But wouldn't none of
'em tell me what they wanted It ferglve one reason an' another there
wasn't a grain of sense In, an' I Jest
naturally knowed 'twaan't tbe real one.
An' fjeorge sn' Columbus an' the girls
Is all as mad at paw ei raili fer let-
tin' me bev the lot.first place. What't
ft alt about, Zeke?"
"Come over a-purpose te tell yoo.
Bushy. I didn't strike any water a-dig-
gln' that well, nor oil neither, but I tell
you what I did strike -a solid bed of
salt. I hustled sround spry tn' hed It
looked Into by them that knowed, aa'
they suid It wus 1)9 per cent pure aalt
Tbe I'liilrnnd folk* are a-goln' to build
a branch truck out there. Your folke
an1 the others heard what was a-gola'
on, an' of course every tinker of 'em
begun to flgure up what they could
make out of tt. Rushy, your three
cornered tot Is worth more than any
property In this county."
"I'm mighty glad. Zeke," said Rushy,
"but 'taln't my three cornered lot; U'e
yours.   I've sold it to yuu fer $25."
"Well, I reckon not!" vowed Zeke.
"You've got to take It back—or else
you've got to take me. Which Is tt,
Rushy was sitting fn tbe doorway
now, and Zeke was cloae beside her.
She was looking dreamily away to tbe
western hi I la, w here tbe amethyst
sbadowa of the twilight were spread
"I reckon," she made reply, "yon
could tend to the salt mine better than
what I could, Zeke."
•        *        *       e       •       •       •
One sunny morning Uncle Billy Baa
com turned his back upon bis four elder children.
"They're io durned cranky no feller
couldn't live with 'em," he explained
to an Inquisitive neighbor. "I dona
pretty well fer Bushy, an' ber an' Zeke
has asked me to come elong an' live
with 'em."	
A Cohjnatal  Duel.
Charles Coypeati, Sieur d'Aisonet, a
French poet nnd musician of the seventeenth century, relates in one of bit
"Aventurea" that his father and moth*
er were one day engaged In a discussion upon questions of law when a dispute arose between them with regard
to the precise signification and bearing
of a provision In Justinian's code with
respect to the rights of brothers. Ulti*
mately tbe quarrel waxed so furious
that the disputants lost all control of
themselves, defied each other to single
combat and proceeded to settle their
difference and determine the mind of
the ancient legislator by a fight .with
This singular duel took place In their
son's presence. Coypeau pere was an
advocate by profession and a member
ot one of the French parliaments.
Madame was exceedingly diminutive
and had to wear exceptionally high
pattens to approach the ordinary stature of women, but she was fierce and
domineering tn temper. Tbe combat
appears to have been a drawn battle,
and the sense of Justinian remained ai
obscure and debatable as ever.
Wamti Esecated Far Trc«s«a.
Two women suffered tbe detth pea-
■Ity for polltlctl offenses In England
In tbe year 1085. One of these, Mrs.
Alicia Lisle, gave friendly shelter to
two fugitive rebel! after the battle of
Sedgemoor. She defended herself with
much ability, pointing out that as the
men themselves hnd not been convicted
of treason, she could not be considered
an accomplice. Jeffreys, tbe notorious
judge, overruled this plee and, having
caused ber to he found guilty, sentenced her to be burned alive. A petition
procured for ber the leas terrible doom
of death hy tbe ax.
The other victim, who was tried a
few days later, was Elisabeth Gaant,
an elderly Baptist, who had assisted
one Burton, who wai concerned In the
Bye Homo plot, to escipe from Justice,
Afterward, to screen and live himself,
be basely betrayed his preserver and
appeared as principal witness at ber
trial. The hapless woman wai condemned to be burned tllve. A hetvy
downpour of rain while tbe wti tt the
ittke wts Interpreted to Indicate divine wrath at thli Inhuman deed.
Didn't   Mite   Shaltesprnre.
A lady living in New York has a
maid of whom she Is quite fond end
whom she considers a superior young
person. Thinking to give ber a great
pleasure, she purchased tickets for the
theater and gave them to her. The
next day sbe asked the girl how she en-
Joyed the performs, nee.
"Well, ma'am, I didn't think much of
It" said the girl.
"What was the play?" asked Mrs. B.
"Well, tt had do name, ma'am," said
"No name!" exclaimed Mrs, B. In astonishment.
"No, ma'am," said Julia. "The programme had printed on It 'As Ten Like
It* and we didn't like It at all."-New
York Herald.
Is British Columbia, ■*<.««l»c Bstrt.D|«d
f i-otsi tsosila'    tin or Baalism
Ihlekai Thin Biood.
'There    is   to-doy a very distinct
and veiy dangerous cleavage between British Columbia and Sutam
Canada." were the significant wotds
of Rev. O. W. tiordon t "-Ralph Connor") of Winnipeg, in the courso of
his  address   on   Western   Canada     at
Toronto Central Y.M..C.A. Hull    uu
the evening  oi  the   21st    Feb.
people of the Western Provtne
not use the word "Canadian"
uiuuh as "British Columbian."
business inieiesib of the cities on tbe
i au.nl,an coast were very closely allied  with ihi.se of SeottU and other
American cities in thnt part   of tu*
continent, Ile did not wish to infer, however, thut the people ot British    Columbia   wen   loss   loyal   than
ihose of other Canadian Provincee,
In the South African war they had
fought in the veiy front of the Canadian contingents.
"But business is thicker than
blood," Rev, Mr. (lordon continued,
-and before business, blood and
water and almost everything els*
disappears." It the business relations- between those Canadian     and
American cities went on increasing,
then ihe ties of blood were in great
danger of being sacrificed, "As Canadians. " said the Speaker, "we must
set ourselves to prevent any permanent cleavage between Eastern   and
Western—Shall 1 say Greater—Canada? There is a national cleavage ol
about 500 miles of conntry between
the East and Ihe West. We do nut
know why ProvWenea placed that
rocky bt-lt there. Soms day, however, th« discovery of hidden wealth
further north may Solve th* question."
*«sp»«sl»mil*t of Forilla Has,.
Public men, he said, had great re-
sponslhiliiies m making end retailing a united Canada. "The man
who ought not to be sent to Parliament or trusted as a leader," said
Mr. Gordon, "and Bhould be turned
down SWHt and hard is the man
who, under stress of party exigencies, emphasizes the difference between people and people, or Province and Province, I'm a Protestant and a Ottisen of Winnipeg, but
my interests es a Canadian in Manitoba are not different from those of
the French Roman Catholic who Is a
citizen of Quebec. Nor do the interests of the Pilgrim of the West, who
likes to go on a ramble once a year,
differ from those of any cultured
ire'itleman of Toronto. They are
hnth here, and each is Valuable In
his place. Both the man of Toronto and the Poukhobor of the plains
may turn out to be equally good
nnd honest citizens." No member of
Parliament should, therefore, he
said, be representative purely ot
manufacturers, or of farmers, or any
oiher class. He should represent Canadians In the broadest sense of the
Tt* Miking of th* Wesl.
Turning te the making of the West.
the speaker said that schools and
colleges should take an important a
place in this Western development.
Some men failed to sea the advantage of higher education. For the
Wrist ihey though' only self-made men
wore needed, men who perhaps could
only read and write, or maul*
wealth. Of what use were poets or
writers of ficiion. for instance, they
said. "Well, if he is a bad poet,"
observed Rev. Mr. Gordon, "or a
bad water of fiction, h* is a dangerous man; but if he writes a good
pn-rn or a good novel, he should be
paid a iarce salary. Do not deapisa
the unpractical man."
On the previous Friday afternoon,
Mr. Gordon, in the Convocation
Hall of Knox College, Toronto, lectured un ideals tor Oei.adians. Sum-
rofd up his talk would resolve itself
into a literary sermon from the following  text:
"The material is a great possession, but greater than the material
Is th* spiritual."
We have a great heritage, he Mid,
and with it comes a great responsibility. Canada had lately been rediscovered by thi* Americans. A new
West had sprung into life, and the
Dominion had entered a second period of youth. Now was the time
for forming ideals while young Canada is still in the formative period.
The ideals he held for Canadians
wer* thoae of self-dependence as opposed to the parasitic spirit, unwavering fidelity to duty, sympathy with
others, a national unity Irrespective
of rare, language or religion, end
finally spirituality aa opposed te
Th* f*Mp*att* Wmi.
Coming from the composite West,
with its growing mfiture of races
and creeds, the lecturer naturally
emphasized the need of unity. Weat
of the Great Lakes, ga(d he, there
were flO.000 fellow-citizens who did
not speak our language, and who
did not believe in our religion. Thi*
complexity of racea and creeds wis
necessary in a new country. No bar
could keep out the people of other
londa, who were attracted hy the
richness of our territory. And Canada needed just such people as tbe
peasants of Europe, men who would
do a day's work for a day's wage,
who would take up willingly tho
work our own Canadian youth passed by. The peoples from other countries, who came to share our prfv-
ileses would, he believed, if received
in the proper spirit and encouraged,
soon become asfiinllnted, and prove
true and worthy citizens.
Ialrltoa.1 PotsatlellllM.
Lastly, the (deal he cherished most
for the people of Canada was the
fostering of their spiritual potentialities. Our foreste and our wheat
fields and our oceans nf fish were a
wonderfully rich possession, but beyond all it was the unseen, tha spiritual life, that counted for greatness. Thnt for which the university
stood, high thinking, lofty Ideals,
nobility of character, held the flrBt
place among the things that would
ensure for our young nation an enduring greatness. THE   CRANBROOK   HBRALD
I Job printing ie an *Bxts<£S S
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Printing in this office*    That is the best* |
By Frank H. Sweet
Copyright KM. bj th*
fi. S. Mi.'*'iur« Company
Two men were working their way
through tbo thick masses of palmetto.
•Suddenly they paused to listen.
"Whut n voice.'" one of them ei-
clalmed. "A backwoods nightingale!"
"It must be old Dobessou's daughter,"
■aid tbe other. "1 was here live years
ago, and she wns then thu wildest and
happiest little thing 1 ever saw, n beautiful child with a wonderful volca."
Again tin- clear tones floated out to
them. As they died nwuy the tirst
speaker drew a lung breath.
"What nu acquisition abe would be
to my chorus!" he suld.
His companion laughed.
"There you go again. Never a fine
.voice but you must be covetous—the
penalty of Luring a thcuter urn linger, I
A few moments Inter they emerged
from the pulmettu. Iu tho doorway ot
a cabin which stood lu the small clearing wai a young girl. At drat she merely looked at them curiously; then ihe
aprang forward with outstretched
"Mr. Low'py, for all tbe warl'l" she
Cried, ber eyes Bpurkllug with pleasure. "Hit's mighty pleasant to see
you rouu' ag'hi. Paw'Il auttingly be
"And I shall be glad to ice him,
tdlza," said Mr. Lowery heartily. "We
■save had some rare hunts together. But
bow you have grown! You were only
a little girl when I left." Then, nodding toward bis companion, be said:
"I've brought my friend, Mr. Daniel-
son, down to try alligator hunting. I
tell him your father ia probably tbe
best gator guide la south Florida."
The girl's face clouded,
"Paw's in right pore shape," she said,
"He was lost lu the Everglades an'
got tbe shakes pow'ful bad. I 'low he
can't do no more guldln' for right
The men looked at each other In per*
plexlty, seeing which the girl hastened
to add:
"Cleb can guide you all better'u anybody except paw. He ain't but twelve
years ole, but paw says what be don't
know 'bout gators ain't worth takln'
leBBons on."
Bnt Mr. Lowery looked doubtful.
"I remember Cleb," he said, ''but It
■trlkes me that be would be rather a
email chap In case of emergency."
"Paw says that Cleb can get awty
IWltb most anything,"
"Very well, we'll try him, of course;
It Is thirty miles to tbe nearest settlement where a guide could be found.
Now, suppose we go lu and huve a
talk with your father."
An hour later Cleb came In, a email,
freckled face boy with quick, sharp
eyes which seemed to take In everything. Soon after appeared Mr. Low-
ery*s man wltb the camp equipage.
"I suppose we can have tbe old camp
site by the creek Y" Mr. Lowery in-
"Suttlngly, surtlnglyl" responded Mr.
Dobeason heartily. "You all act Jest
like you was to home en' help yourselves. There's rafts of garden sass
an' melons spllin'."
Before night the enmp wns rendy,
and late In tbe evening tbe two men
wltb their young guide went down to
the creek for a preliminary "brush"
iwltb tbe alligators. And it did not take
long to discover that tlie girl's praise
of ber brother was Justifiable. Before
many days the two men expressed
themselves as perfectly satisfied with
bis services.
As the days went by tbe relations
between the bouse and tbe camp grew
more Intimate. Mr. Danlelson was an
enthusiast In bis profession and found
tbe voice of the young girl fully as attractive as nlligutor bunting. Day
after day be listened to her singing,
making comments, suggestions and
often accompanying it wltb bis own
trained voice. And tbe more be listened tbe more be wns resolved to take
fcer back with blm to New York.
"I would like the training of such a
voice," be said to Mr. Lowery. "She
will make a grand woman some day.
If only her language was not ao barbarous."
But In time even her language grew
less harsh to bis earn. And ber eyes
were so brown and deep, so frank and
open. What mattered a fow oddities
of expression T
One day Mr. Lowery took blm te
"Ton must go slow, Danlelson," be
■aid warnlngly. "You are only twenty-
eight, and Liza Is no ordinary girt. But
you know the Impossibility."
For a moment bis companion made
no reply: then be said:
"Yes, I know the Impossibility. I
have convinced myself of It a dozen
times. Tbe girl Is absolutely Ignorant,
a cracker lu the extreme sense of the
term, while I am what books ami money have made me, and yet," after a long
pause, "as soon aa 1 convince myself of
Its absurdity 1 am sure to begin to
make plana to take ber north aud give
ber an education."
Tbe next afternoon as tbe two were
practicing together Mr. Danlelsou asked In a matter ot tact tone:
"How would you like to go north sud
study music, Liza7"
She raised her eyes frankly. This
was one ot her attractions. She never
showed embarrassment or self consciousness.
"1 used to 'low I'd like to learn things
right much," she suld simply, "but
money's been tease, an' since paw's
been sick I've done give hit all up."
There was a wilfulness In ber voles
wblcb he took Instant advantage of.
"If you could arrange to go north
with us," he said eagerly, "you would
have a chance to learn everything. My
mother would look after you, aud"—
"Hit's too late, an' there's other
At this moment Mr. Lowery came
up. With blm was a young man lu
rough costume.
"Excuse tbe Interruption, Danlelson,"
said Mr. Lowery, "but I want you to
know my friend Norton. You've beard
me speak of blm—my guide among tbe
keys; saved my lite off Anclote and
nearly lost his own."
Mr. Danlelson advanced cordially.
He bad beard many stories of this
brave guide and wus glad to meet blm,
But before he.could grasp the baud
a lithe figure sprang before, aud Liza
"Oh, Bob, we didn't spect you 'fore
orange plckln'l" Then, turning about
and with a sby air of proprietorship,
'Hit's my Bob!"
The Marys.
Much confuslou has arisen from confounding the common laurel (Lauras
census, or laurel cherry) with tbe famous laurel ot tbe ancients (L. uobllis).
Tbe'former was not introduced into
Europe until 1570. Us leaves contain
tbe potent poison prusslc acid, whereas the leaves ot L. nobllls contain a
fragrant aromatic oil used iu confectionery. It Is to this, the true laurel,
that we apply tbe term bay, and we
use it as a poetical term for an honorary crown or garland bestowed aa a
prise for any kind of victory or excellence.
We apparently get tbe word bay
through the Latin bacca, a berry from
the French baye, or, as Holland's
"Flinte" has it, "The bales or berries
(bacca.) that It (the rolall laurell) bear-
eth." Hence also the term "bachelor"
la supposed by some to be derived from
the ancient practice ot crowning candidates for honors with bay leaves and
berries, whence tbe term baccalaureus
and laureate. Those who were found
worthy of the honor obtained tbe laurel of bachelor or the laurel ot doctor (laurea bacca la ureatua, laurea doc-
toratus). In tbe Scotch universities
the act ot conferring degrees is or was
styled "laureatiou," and a chaplet was
used In some of them. In tbe ages of
chivalry the bas chevaliers, or men below the degree of knight were admitted to serve by being crowned with a
chaplet of laurel berries aud were
hence called baccalaurel.—Notes end
Although the snake appears to have
no legs or feet, It may be said to be
practically supplied wltb upward of a
hundred pairs of them. In fact, each
Joint of the backbone bears a pair of
ribs, which are mobile and bsve their
points attached to tbe Inner surface of
one of the large transverse platelike
scales which clothe tbe under surface
of the body. Thus by the movements
of the ribs attached to It each plate cdu
be drawn forward and Its margin applied to the ground. By tbe successive
application of these multitudinous
plates the body can be drawn forward
In a straight line without Its being
thrown Into undulations from side to
Bnt rapid movements are also effected by such undulations, and serpents
can, by pressure and appropriate muscular action, climb trees and sometimes spring forward. They also swim
easily by lateral flexures, bnt do serpents advance by vertical headings of
tbe body, though they are to often
drawn In inch an attitude.
Itasadtas •■ His Rlarhta.
The next witness was a hard fisted,
resolute yeoman .with a bristling chin
"Mr. Glgson," said tbe attorney for
the defense, "are you acquainted with
the reputation of thla man for truth
nnd veracity in the neighborhood In
which he lives?'
"I reckon I am," replied the witness.
"I will ask you to state what It Is."
"Well, sir, his rep'tatlon fur truth
ain't no good. His rep'tatlon fur vras-
sity—well, that's dlff'runt Some says
be does and. some says he don't."
"Witness," Interposed the Judge, "do
yon know the meaning of 'veracity?'"
"I reckon I do."
"What do you understand by the
The witness twirled his bat In his
Angara a few moments without reply*
Then he looked op defiantly.
"I refuse to answer that question,
judge," be aald, "on tbe ground that It
might b^lscrimlnsteaaer'-ChlcagoTrib- I
Miss Paulln* Jofcaaua'a Tottm *tth*C*a-
•tllim Mauufaciurtns* Dlaa*r.
At the recent bnmpiet tendered by
the local manufacturers of Brant ford
to the ifuo members of the Canadian
Manufacturers' Association present.
one of the unitjiie features of the
affair wns the reading of the following orisitml poem by the Mohawk
maiden, Mine E. Pauline Johnson,
SllUt led:
■' Mail* In Canada."
What La tbe creed nnd the railing that w*
of  tbe   ninth   upholdT
It Is never iii*- cry for power. It la never
the greed nf gold.
Let the en*!, aud smith, and west eouteud,
like wulvi-ri for a maverick nou*.
But Canada fur Uu- Canadian* la the ureal
that wi: call our own.
Good wince nre at  Kal-er Wllbrlui's, good
cakes are at Uucle Sum's.
And  lu dear old   lliHulna   larders art the
bi-dt of nluini aud Jains.
But t>«i-f and l>n«d. and a trtauket, a pipe,
a mug and a Are,
Are the rains* that we save lo Canada;
wliat mure van a nam deslNf
We don't need tbe mart* of Eroropo,  nor
the fade of tlie eastern Isles,
W* don't ueed the Yankee's corn and wine,
nor the Aula tic's smiles,
For what ao good as our feme-mad* cloth,
and under the wld* blue doa*.
Will tou tell me  win-re you have touted
bread like the bread that ts baked at
And we axe tbe young and strong, and who
ao fit for tbe tight sa we?
Wltb oor faande of steel and our Iron heel
and our heart* like the oaken tree.
Vor we are the lioiue-hred, home-fed wen,
the pride of a princely land,
And tne things that are iue.de In Canada
are tbe thing* that our sons demand.
Bo this Is the creed and the calling ttut
we of tbe uurth upholdt
It Is never tbe cry for power, It Is never
the greed of gold.
Let tlie east, and south, and west contend,
like wolves for a maverick'* bone,
But Canada for the Caiasdlan*, Is tbe creed
titat we call our own.
sawdust:and fish.
■ffsel *f th* On*  tfp*a the Uf* ef the
A recent Saturday night's lecture
at the Canadian Institute in Toronto was by Prol. Knight of Quean's,
who in a most interesting manner
gave the result of some further experiments ha bad made on the effect
of sawdust on ilsh life. The lecture
was a continuation of the address
which he gave to the Institute about
a. year ago. The professor has mads
an exhaustive study of the subject,
nnd the conclusion at which ha has
arrived may be summed up as follows: That in a rapidly-running
stream of water the presence of sawdust has no injurious effect upon the
lish; but if the water la stagnant it
rapidly becomes Injurious. In his
experiments be found that this was
due to certain substances which were
dissolved out of tbe wood, and, further, that the sawdust from white
pine and from cedar seemed to be
the most injurious; also that the
character of the saws used to a certain extent intluenoed the amount of
the material that might be dissolved
from sawdust.
In this experiment he also tried a
slowly running stream at the laboratory with varying rates of flow and
varying amounts of sawdust, and in
the experiment where the smallest
percentage of sawdust was present
compared with the flow of tbe stream
he found small fish would live about
two hours. That waa In a atrengto
of .Id per cent, of sawdust. In comparing this with the amount of sawdust In a stream such at the Bonne-
chare River, and taking Into account
the flow of the stream and the
amount ol sawdust passing In per
diem, the professor arrived . at the
conclusion that In such a river the
amount of sawdust would not reach
more than .004 per cent., and he did
not consider that it waa much of a
factor In tbe destruction of fish life
In such a river.
Prof. Knight said bis further experiments showed that the destruction of fish tn stagnant water by
sawdust was not due to putrefaction
of the sawdust, but to these extracted substances from the wood, and
that in time with fresh air and sunlight the water would purify itself.
Wonderful  Aalasala.
Nothing from cattle is allowed to
go to waste; from the horns to the
long hair on the tip of the tail all
is utilized. Tbe latter is turned into curled hair for upholstering. The
hoofs go chiefly into the kettle to be
boiled for glue, and the residue is
made into hoof-meat, a valuable fertilizer. Even the tankage water Is
bolted to extract its fats. The coarse
bones are either carbonized and- sold
for sugar-refiners' use or turned Into
fertilizers, and tbe blood Is mostly
dried and turned Into another aid ot
agriculture. Before the horns are
sold, the pltli i.i extracted from
them, und tbo Hnost grade or gelatine is obtained from the pith. The
sinews arc separated lo be used for
gin.- stock, and the'.bladders are sold
for holding snuiT.ntul the greater part
of the intestines are used for sausage
casings. Tlie lining of the windpipe
Is also of particular value, being
used for n fancy sausage casing, und
also us lining for pipes through
which beer is passed in breweries. A
new line lias recently lieeu discovered
for the cntilenlK of the paunch,
which until lately had to be thrown
aWuy to the dogs. It has been discovered thut a good quality of cardboard can be itimii- of it. and It lo
now  being .saved  for  that  purposo.
A Com iill<tated Procesi.
This is how a woman in Toronto
Pays a street car fare:
"1 saw a woman in a street car
open a satchel and take out a purse,
close the satchel and open the purse,
take out a ten cent piece and close
the purse, open the satchel and put
in the purse, close -the satchel and
lock both ends. Then she gave the
coin to tho conductor and took five
rents In exchange. Then she opened
the satchel and took out the purse,
closed the satchel and opened the
purse, put In the smaller coin and
closed the purse, opened the satchel
and put In the purse, dosed the
satchel and locked both ends. Then
she felt to eee if her back hair .-was
all right, and it was all right, and
she was all right, and just as sweet!
That was a woman."
U. C. C. BOYS.
OharacUrlatl* Trails *f Sons. Pual Is Aflsr
Th*j BUd Left School.
When Mr. Q. R. R. Cockburn was
member for Centre Toronto there
ware In the Houee of Commons woven or eight old Upper Canada College boys who had been at the old
school under Mr. Cockburn. They
annually had a little dinner, and
great waa the enjoyment at that
function, says The News. T. Muymi
Daly, then Minister of tho Interior.
was one of Mr. Cockburn'a favorite
pupils, and li annually was the
former principal's habit to tell the
company how Daly and a certain Toronto newspaper correspondent were
the only boys whom he had vvei
"licked" three timea in one day.
Both Daly and the journalist were ul-
esays at the little dinner, and Mr.
Cockburn Invariably expressed doubt
sa to which had been the worst boy.
But the wickedness waa only schoolboy wickedness. Pillow fights, "skipping out"—!, a., going down town
without leave, and such like offence*;
were the sum total ot their crimen.
But Thomas. Mayne Daly had to his
credit one crime that, for all that in
known, may yet be talked of with
bated breath by th* collegians of today. It certainly was a famous
school story fifteen years alter Duly
left College. In the principal's garden, la the old days, were two great
cherry trees, and Daly was the only
boy within the memory of the oldest of the College servants, who had
ever been bold enough to scale the
fence and purloin the cherries. Of
course he waa caught, and equally of
course, he wan caned In good shape.
But he was a hero for all that, and
long after he had gone into the big
world, new tioys were told how Daly
of Stratford had "swiped the Principal's cherries."
Pare* of Schoolboy Habits.
The force of habit Is strong, and
even when he waa a Cabinet Minister, Daly always addreaeed Mr. Cock-
bum by the schoolboy "Sir," as, in
fact, do a good many bearded men
in Toronto to-day. The citizens perhaps don't see as much of Mr. Cockburn aa they used, but it Is pretty
difficult for him to negotiate a two-
block walk on King street without
being greeted by some one of hjs
old boys. And ho never forgets a
name. Also, he pretty nearly always has some recollection of some
escapade In which the boy was con-
corned. This latter, of course, applies mainly to the old boys who
were boarders. The day boys, the
Principal and masters saw comparatively little. In the old days, It
was th* cheerful habit of tlie board-
era periodically to chase the day
hoys home after school. These demonstrations were calculated with the
sole end of convincing the day boys
that, while they might be decent
enough fellows, they Were hardly on
an equality with the lads who lived
*4 the College. Your boy at a big
residential school Is usually rather
prejudiced In such matters, and perhaps it Is well that be should be so.
When he geta out into the world, u
good many rough edges are worn off.
But while he la at school. It Is a
good thing for blm to believe that
his Is tlie best school In the world.
And Upper Canada boys never hud
any doubt on that point.
Me, Umutj W. Autlea, Who R**anlij Arrived irom t«*ll*ud.
Mr. Henry W. Auden, M.A., the
new principal of Upper Canada College, Toronto, Is now in his thirty-
sixth year, and has been until recently assistant master in Feit.es
College, one of the best known educational establishments in .Scotland.
He was educated at Shrewsbury
school, remaining there from 1881
to 1886. in October of the latter
year he entered Cambridge University, having been elected to a Senior
Open Classical Scholarship at
Christ's College. During his residence at Christ's.College he obtained
the college prizes for Greek and Latin Verse Composition, and the Por-
teous Gold Medal for Latin Prose.
In June, 1887, be obtained the Bell
University Scholarship for classics.
In 1889 he graduated B.A., obtaining First Class Honors (Second
Bracket) In the Classical Tripos
Part I. Remaining at Cambridge
for a fourth year he devoted himself
to the study of the Comparative
Philology of the Greek and Latin
languages end the acquirement of a
knowledge of Sanscrit, Ho has
since graduated M.A., and la a member of the Senate of Cambridge University. After a short
residence at Marburg, where he
attended the lectures of Professor
Nlese and Professor Victor, he was
appointed, In 1801, assistant muster
at Fettes College, a position which
he held until he was selected by tho
Board of Trustees of Upper Canada
College to succeed Dr. G. It. Parkin.
While at Fettes,.Mr. Auden endeavored to keep in touch with the progress of classical studies, both In
England and in Germany, and not to
fall behind in understanding the wider problems of education, especially
the study of its methods. He bus
traveled in Italy and devoted his attention to such of the antiquities of
Rome as aie Important for a thorough appreciation of Latin literature. He has edited one of the
plays of ITautus for tlie Cambridge
University Press, the Pro Planclo of
Cicero, for Messrs. Macmillan, and
also the Latin Phrase Book for the
Same publishers,, and he is at present general editor of the classicul
series now being Issued by Messrs.
Blackwood, Mr. Auden Is undoubtedly a man of wide educational abilities, and will be a great acquisition
to the society of Toronto.
A Pertinent Question,
Speaking late one night, Hon. Mr.
Peterson of Brant attracted the
notice of a gentleman, who had been
dining, and who kept Interrupting
him with crlea of "Rot." After enduring this for several minutes the
speaker paused and said, "If It's
rot, why does the honorable gentleman drink so much of it?"
Then- are a number ol Oranbrook
merchants who have been bringing
apples in t'liinbiuMk by the car-
loud. These merchants have compim
with ihe law. which makes ii necessary for theiu tu have each box
marked with tho nrowet*s name,
where grown and the grade of the
apples. This insures .t liist-class article to the purchase, s, Recently an
individual Horn ihe outside brought
in a carload ol apples and started to
peddle them shout This outetrYi
nati no Intpriwi In the lown, nevet
ga\c a t'tit in assisl nny local enter-
prise, and furthermore, was Belling a
product wiili boxes not marked as the
law toqutrcs, Inspcctui Kted Kdrty,
of Wane t a. arrived mi llie scene and
condemned mosl nl the carload. Tins
is a protection lo ihe ptopje nf
Crnnbrook, a protection lo tho merchants nf Cranhrook, who nre spending ili:ir motley fir ilu interests nf
the town Vgaln The llei.ild sava,
" Buy ol the fellow 11oar081 homo.1'
The Rov, E, II. Shanks and   Mis
Shanks, who air HOW doing evatuie-
liSltC vvnt k under  llie HapllKl   Mission
Board of British Columbia, will ip n
a scries nl services In Ihe Bap Ms I
church here on Sunday next, Deo, ll,
continuing every night dm ing tho
week, except Sn tut tiny. They have
visited several churches on tho cons*,
while greal work has hem done.
Mr Shanks is a clean ami fallllM
preacher, and Mrs. ShatiKs sings llie
Story id the Cross with rare Bweet-
ness nml power.
Sck Quotations.
Famished liy Beale, A-  Elwell,
brokers, Oranbroolt B. C.
st. Rugeno  *•■'•
Hijllivn.ii  7
North   Star  ."i
International Coal and Coke  2-"<
Wi-dtern Oil nml ('mil Company  -•"•
Imperial Oil uud Conl CornpAny  B0.no
Hull River ffnter Power A Light Co. 1,00
Bt, RugeneMt, Mines  Ill
Alhertnl'iml and Coke  II
Pay   Roll  l
Sali's   1.000 liitoriintioiml Conl,
fiOfl St. Eiigeno,
Cranbrook Presbyterian Church.
Sabbath Services: ll a.m. and 7.30 p. tn.
Sunday H.li.nil mnl iilbleolnss ;i p. ul.
i hrletfnn Endeavor, Tuesday h p, nr.
The public are cordially Invited to attend
alt the meetings.
Pastor,  ft*. Q, VV  furlime it. A.
Cranbrook Methodist Church.
Corner of Hanson Avenue and Louis Street
Simdnv Si-rvici-H:
Divine Vorshli M a.m.
Sunday School !l i\ m.
Divine Worship. ":.'tti e. *j,
Tuesday:   Epworth   liongnn  ol Christian
Kinlcaver H e, M.
Thursday! Weekly Prayer Meeting ...,h e. u.
v i-ii-linl Invitation is extended to the
Pastor, fi. -I. Thompson,
Cranbruok Baptist Church.
i ln.1.1
Thefollovrlng Is a list of the
hi the Baptist Church:
Sunday 11   u. m. and 7:!10 p
Sunday School :i p. tn
Young Penpw n p. hi. Tnesda)
Prayer Mentlug H p, m< Wednesday
The pnblie are cmlially  Invited tn attend
nil iti.'.'hii«n.
I'aslnr..!. L. Stout.
Notice Is hereby given tluit sixty days
afterdate l Intondlo apply to the rjiIefCoidf
mienioncr ol Lands mid Worksforperinissiuii
to purcliiut" Hi.- following desftrihod laud
near Goatfell station, in Hie district ufSoutli
Kiihi Kootenay,
Commencing nI a pnsl phialed notir Ihu
south cast boundary ul Inl :t!in:ian.l nbont
iiiiiecliaiuH north of th.- Uritlsli Cohimbli)
Southern Railway, marked "A. K. i'.. IS*. \V.
corner" thence south nighty cha.ins, thence
east forty chains, thence north eighty chance
thencewestfortychains to place of com-
meticeineiii containing 'tL'n acres moreor lesSj
Doted at Crnnbrook, November Ifltli isn't
A. K Paulson
.'I'-UI I'. A. Paulson ngent.
vnriotiu kituls of Job Work
wanted tins wintor. To get it
done promptly nnd riyht sci'
James Qreer
Contractor nn.l Kuililor
is up t„,lul,'will, its tin,, instliiij
lin-iul. smile ns tiiotltot used to
milk.'; try it. Weililiii^ l.'iikes nr,
in oui'line. We litivflll line sloi'k ,,l
,'iike (ii'iiiiineiits to suit, nny wclilin^.
ORCHESTRA        i
\ Mu.lc lumiahed lar Halls. Parlies, dC. »
Two to .even piece.. *>
Cranbrook,   -   -    -    h. C. »
•tW**«»*#**##*#«*dlM.#*d>d** !
A La^ge Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   J>   jH
Phone night and day 77
Toronto, Montrvnl, New York.
Maritime Provinct-s, New England,
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattlo,
I'iiliforniti Points
Unequalled Passenger Service
Sleepers, Tourists' Cosjohei, Dining
Oars, Tourist Sleeper Service, wesl
from Revolstoko Momlny. Wwlm's-
ilny nml Thursday to Seattle nutl
Vancouver;   east   from   Dtiumon*
Jot Sunday, Monday. Wednesday
mul Friday to St. Paul, Wednesday
and Sunday to Toronto, Monday to
Montreal, Irriday to Montim! and
Through   bookings  to  nud from
(■hill r.tiiiiiii mul tlie t'uiitiiii'iit
For dill particulars apply to local ugmu
0. Hillier. Axent, Cranbrook.
I.S. t'AKTKlt, K. .1. OOVIsK
D.l'.A., Nolsoii   A.ti.l'.A. Vancouver
Wanted Immediately !
to'sell Fruit Trww, ltas|iberry, QnoseWrr,
and I'm nml HihOies, ele.   tin.i.l |.h.v weekly
uiittii Free. There Is lug money in this wort
for tnststortliy ll
w.' hnv.-. underrulltvaMon. nver SOfl aores
Niirw-n Httiok, including the eliolee*t and
t.i'ol varieties for iiMuiril nnd gnol-n plallt
in it. \Ve will deliver good* t .-in.tniii.-rri ii
aiind condition, frulgllt . aii Our ugeiitr
liave every advantage that this Hus of imsi
ueMr, ,iui oftei I hem,   Aoply now for terms.
PEI.HAM NURSERY CO . Toronto, Oil.
. • Will make arrange ineuts for local agency
New rigs, yoixt driving
nml saddle horses at
reasonable rate. Our
iiiiujwill bo to give good
nii'e to nil horses sta-
l,le,l with ns.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Rrop.
A beautiful line of Home-
Hpuus and Worsteds for
Ladies* Tailor Made Suits.
Siitisfiictioii guaranteed.
Rooms on Armstrong Ave.
Olllce removed to .tore bulldtnf act!
Royal llolel alter AUf.it III.
«^ Ctmtum*wm.amt
Purohaae Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for eld machine
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
way of doors, windows, trnn-
souib, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work il
guaranteed and onr prices nre
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
Paint that Stays
\\Y use the ln'Ht of mu-
tetfttl tuul our work always
gives Hiiiisl'.'irliuii.
When you want paintiiiK
p;i|i.r iiiui^.ii";, diroruling
oi  B.gu  writing,   Bee us
ARE—tt- YOUR rv
CC0UNTS in f
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   e
■  If the rush of business j
\ prevents YOU finding ;
j time to write  up your
books, or having your j
bills and accounts regu- ,
'  Iarly rendered and col- I
\ lected, apply to
; P. 0. Bat 217 |
CRANBROOK, jl   jl B. C. ;
Draying is a Particular
We iniike that onr business.
Didyou ever heiiriiny couiplainta
.limit our work? We employ
the Lest men we can find to do
the work. They nre caret ul nud
prompt. Thut is why we please
the people. We want your business mul if we get it we will keep
it, lx'canse we will satisfy you.
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Olllce oppo.lu C. P. It. 'PHONE il
St. Paul, Chicago, New York
Palace ssd Tourist Sleepers, Buffet   Llbrsrr
Cars, Modern  Dsy Coicl.cs,  Dtalaf Cars,
[Mesls s ts Csrle.
m East and West Dally *
Special excursion rates lo World's Pslr, St.
Louts.      Vour choke ol roult.
I'm ruti'H, fnlili'iH un.I full information
riwoilihg trips, mil on nr iuIiIichs
0. W. P, A, t\ P, A T. A
BoAttle 701 W. EUversiiie Av*
Wiihl,. S|rt>kum>, Waah.
Notiii' la lirri'hy given llml Hii days after
date 1 inti'iiil tli mjijiI.v to tin- ciii.'f Onmmli
sinner uf I,inula tuul Works for i»'imisolnn to
linn-tinni- HiPfolliiwiiiK ilesi-rilwri land, nior
(loatfell minion, in the District <t( Houtb
Kiirit. Kootetiny l
CumraenrlntJ nt n post jiluiitiil tn tlio mm lb
of 11. 0. .Southern Kiiilway, about one mil*
«Mt of Clout fell Station, nnd joining ilu. east
boundary nf the A. K. I'aulson land, nmrkod
"C. A. P. N. W." (torner, thnnce south eighty
i-hainH, thence east forty rlialns, tlieoi-e
sorth eighto rliiiins, thence west forty chains
to place ot commencement, containing S20
Sens more or less.
Dated at, Ooutfull Station, November 17th,
I'. A. Paulson
85-tlt pec P. A. Paulson, Agn\ THE  CRAXBBOOK   HERALD
Building Sale
Snaps 1
15 only Ladies' Wrappers, regular $1,25 to $22.5,
        To clear, 75e
All our ladies' Walking Skirts    ..    Reduced 33 1-3 p. c.
Fine Tapestry, wool and velvet Carpets and Rugs,
        Reduced 25 p. c.
A (ew remnants of wool and tapestry Carpets, Hall Price
Cashmeres, in navy, black, brown, green and cardinal            50c for 37 l-2c; 75c lor 55c
Tweed mixtures, suitable for children's wear
 85c for 55c, 75c for 45c, 35c for 25c
12 pairs Men's Fine Shoes; odd lines, regular $3.00
$4.00, $5.00, for             To clear $2.00
All our Boys' Fall and Winter Suits, for the week.
       Reduced 25 p. c.
A few sizes lefl in our Men's Tweed Suits
 '..      ..       $15.00 for $7.75
A clean, heavy, Wool Sock at 5 pairs for $1.00; 20c pair
* * *
is delighted with the gift of a choice piece of China
or Glass. The china cupboard, the sideboard or the
dining table has always room for a bit more. We
have in stock some of the old English makes—ancient,
registered patterns, quaint old shapes—besides new de- M
signs and colors in real china, such as ss
Tea Sets in Crown Derby colors W
Tea Sets in old willow blues j$f
Five O'clock Tea Sets j§
After-dinner Coffee Cups    Odd Cups and Saucers $
Coalport   l.imlimiges      Crescent      Wedgewood    M
Berry Bowls, Cake Plates, Bread and Butter $
Plates, Biscuit Jars, Chocolate Pots, in fact |8
everything that is needful to complete a China js
collection and add to the beauty of a table ijj
decoration. |£
1 Berry Bowls, Water Bottles, Spoon Hold- $
| ers, Celery Dishes. Oil Bottles,  Butter 18
Plates. 8
j We have the usual assortment of Japanese iff
i Ware, Cups and Saucers, Plates, Vases, Jar- 8
\ dineres, Water Sets, Etc., Etc. 8
,   i
" It is needless to enumerate here
Everything is dis- jg
s played where it can be seen, and our time is always at S
j disposal of visitors. ijg
Q. T. ROGERS,       1
Fanny and Staple (iroccrics and Crockery. §j
Cranbrook, It. C. j3s
'{/$&    The Sun's Rflys
especially in winter, in eolipeerl by
ll..' wiirnitli of <„.r much inliniml
An Attractive Feature Is Our
Then ana few iir*t dam Go Carta left at
verv low plicae to rlniir
Iii I'AKPKTs wo nn- oBering some very
eiMi'itt! imliiiviiH-iilH   to  Iniyi-rn.     Wticu  wi
say BARGAINS wt menu |na| that,  tome
Now in the tin,.' to onliT your
Photo *& *£
Also to "tiler thut K.il.irKi'inriit yon
want to Bi'iiil to mother.
Prest Photo Co.
()l.l Sol Isn't in it with oneof onr
heaters, These use fuel ua a miser
,1,,,'s his money nud eonsume conl
with constant economy, Some
stores use fuel with very poor
heat result. Come to us for revelations in money snviiiK heaters,
nnil ranges,
{§    STOP,   FRIENDS    »
Ami let na look nt tho™ TOILET ARTICLE8 in Manning & Shldons window.    1 never thought they would
bring such goods to South East Kootenay.   Thev are
gmml. 1st uu junt step in aud inspect their stock, 'They
have got in a ear of FRESH, CANNED GOODS direct
from tho canneries.     By tlie way have you hnd aboi
of (heir APPLES. They arc line eating. You will make
no mUtnke by leaving your orders with them.   They
always get their goons nml nt the right time, as they
have the best delivery in town,   (live ns a trial.
«   Manning & Siddons   *
Picked Up About the City fey Asklif
Questions ol Many People.
Morrow A McFarlane.
The new fire hall was turned over
to the brigade today,
Mrs. F. E. King is visiting Mrs.
Keith at Coal Creek this weea.
Mrs. Pettlt and daughter, Miss Birdie, have gone east for the winter.
Morrow A McFarlane.
Wanted—Suitable    place     for   free
reading room.   Apply The Herald.
Wardncr souvenir spoons at Wilson's
fitting reminder for a Xmas gift.
Morrow A McFarlane.
House to rent. Apply to W. F.
Sweet potatoes 5c. per lb.; cranberries 15c. per n,t.( at O. T. Roger's
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gillis, of Morrissey, have taken the Preston home
for the winter.
The twins, Tom and Jerry, have
arrived, and will probably remain during the cold season.
Marysville people are reminded that
Wilson the Jeweler has souvenir
spoons ol that place.
Christmas and   New Year's   come
i   Sunday this   year, much to the
disgust of the smalt boy.
E. A. Hill and wife came up from
Moyie last Sunday lo visit a day
with Cranbrook relatives.
Morrow & McFarlane. Outfitters of
A. Leitch has gone to Winnipeg on
business connected with the East
Kootenay Lumber  Company.
Mr. Criederman, business manager
ot the Nelson Daily News, spent a
few days in Cranbrook this week.
Dr. Connelly's mother and iiBt?r
have arrived, and will make their
home iu Cranhrook with the doctor.
Morrow A McFarlane. Outfitters of
Word has been .received ihat Senator King has imp'roved very much and
that Dr. King lias started on his return trip home
Mrs. Elwell and buby, ami Mrs.
Hoadley left last Saturday for a trip
to England. Both ladies expect to be
absent about three months.
Morrow A McFarlane.
The services in the Methodist
church next Sunday at the usual
hours will lie conducted by the pastor. .Strangers iu town cordially welcome,
Mr. Terry, who has been confined to
bis room lor the past few months by
Illness, has so improved that he was
able t'O bo out last Monday for a
short time.
II L. Stephens, of Morrissey, was
in town last, Monday. He said that
through trains would be running on
ihe Great Northern to Fernie within
a few days.
Morrow A McFarlane, Outfitters of
Frank Parks returned last Saturday from a visit, to Seattle and other
coast cities, and has resumed his duties as chief factotum at McBtide's
hardware store.
Mrs. F. E. Simpson returned home
last Sunday from Denver, Colorado,
where she was called by tbe illness of
ber mother, Mrs. Phelps, whom she
left much improved in health.
Morrow A McFailanc.
Mr. Woods, of The Trilcs-Woods
company, was in town last Monday
between trains. Mr. Woods enjoys Ihe
reputation of being one of the best
business hustlers in tho district.
The delegation that is to go from
British Columbia to Ottawa to interview the government in behalf of the
lumber industry of this province, will
leave the first week in January.
Morrow & McFarlane.
The ducks and geese at Sirdar are
as thick as friends ol the successful
candidate, but they are very shy this
year, and in consequence the hiintcts
are having a hard time of it.
Don't you know what to send home
to the Old Country ? A souvenir ar
tide, characteristic ol Cranbrook and
the district is the thing. Tate has
everything in this line—spooas, pins,
M. Mclnnls came down from Calgary last Monday- He went from
here to Elk mouth, where he is interested in a saw mill proposition that
Is made I.y sir.'....,,us endeavor al.lv directed, and
any Kood propositions forcibly presented must
win. We hare been au,l are still coiicentratitiK
onr every effort to offer the people of Cranbrook
and surroiiudiitu' country the rerv Ik's! ::::::
pojsible to Im- offend by any rimi. The co-operation Coming to us its it Hook from thi*  buying
public iinsw. r ins ilini our efforts are appreciated.
It is not how much we can get out of you for n
HAT, but hnw good a value we can give for tin-
money received from you.     With this motto  in
view we afe bound to win.    Thanking you for
your attention, we un- respectfully yours : :
Morrow & McFarlane
First Class Boarding Establishment
Apply to
A McFarlane, Outfitters of
Wi  are running our own business.
Morrow A McFarlane.
Victor Rollins expects to leave
within a few days for a visit to hiii
old home at Lucan, Out. His father
has not been well fur the past few
months, and Mr, Rollins will return
to see him.
If the news in The Herald is a
little light this week, Ihe readers
can attribute il to the fact that the
whole force is working about 11
hours a day in Ihe endeavor to get
out the big annual.
Morrow A McFarlane.
One of the prettiest sights iu town
this week is the window ul Tale's
jewelry store, where he has a most
attractive display of souvenir spoons,
pins, brooches, bracelets, pin trays,
etc. If you have not seen this display you should,
Mrs. J. D. Gordon, of Gateway,
came up last Monday with (lor two
children, Marshal ami Jessie, .ml ihe
children took ihe high school examination .Mr. ajtd Mrs. Gordon havelwu
vorj bright children, who aro .i audit
lo their parents.
Ml*. Nelson, the assessor, is on his
rounds, uud you might as well tell
him the truth, for he will know it if
you don't. He can come within
twenty cents of the cost of a building by just looking ut it, and he will
U-ll the value of a watch by the tick
and the cost of a piano by hearing
one play " God Save the King."
Morrow A McFarlane.
W. ,1. Thompson, of Calgary, is the
expert secured to install the new
tvpesetting machine in The Herald
olliee. The Herald is very fortunate
to secure such a man, as he is a
master of the machine, and also a
line gentleman to have around. Mrs.
Thompson came with him, and they
have rooniii at the Imperial Hotel.
Mr. Tisdale, of the Candy Kiichen,
has just received his second car of
apples from Spcnce's Bridge. Those
are the best apples that can be secured, and this shipment is especially
fine. Now is your opportunity to get
the best apples for the same price
thnt you would have to pay for a
poorer quality.
Morrow A McFarlane.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
H. R. Heath will he shocked to learn
of the death of their son, Milked
Warren, who died in Spokane, November 25th, aged 6 years 8 months and
8 days. The little fellow had been
suffering for seven weeks with diphtheria, followed with paralysis of the
throat, when death came to his re
lief. Mr. Heath was formerly a rcsi
dent of this district.
Mi. David Wilson, inspector of
schools, was here the first three days
of the Week holding examinations Im
those wishing lo apply for entrance
to high school. There were only three
who took the examination, Charley
Ilninnei, of Cranhrook, and Marshal
and Jessie Gordon, of Gateway.
The program prepared for the next
meeting of the Cranbrook LHorary
Society is as follows :
Piano solo—Miss Hutchcroft.
Phper-"Reminiscences of Early Life
in British Columbia "—J. F. Smith.
Song—Miss Mercer.
Current Events—C. H   Dunbar.
Piano Duet—Misses Hutchcroft ami
Song—Miss Mercer.
Morrow & McFarlane.
Those wishing to secure conies
The Herald Annual would better
ilacc their orders early, for it now
looks as if there would be a number
short, Tge paper will be larger than
it wus first planned, and will reach
32 or more pages. It will be valuable in many ways, and one of the
host descriptions of the country to be
found to send to friends who want to
know .about the place in which you
live.   The price will he 25 cents
The Wentworth hotel and the Hei-
aid office had a narrow escape from
lire Sunday night. The woodwork
around the big chimney caught fire
about 2 o'clock in the morning and
hnd secured quite a start before it
was discovered. All of the inmates
of the house were aroused, and most
of them grabbed what they could aud
regardless of their personal appearance started for safety. Fortunately
the blaze was soon extinguished with
little damage done to the building.
Morrow & McFarlane.
W. A. Jackson, C. P. R. conductor
between Trail and Rossland, and the
youngest-looking man for bis age in
Canada, is visiting his cousin, Mrs.
S. J. Morrow. He was accompanied
by Miss Jackson, of Nelson, a sister
of Mrs. Morrow. Mr. Jackson is the
oldest. Odd Fellow in this province,
and last year attended the meeting of
the grand lodge at Rossland, where
he made himself exceedingly popular
with all the visitors by giving  them
will probably keep him thcrs most ol information    about the golden   hills
the winter, [around that wonderful city,
Herald Animals will sell at 25
Fresh fruit always on hand it!
McConnell's fruit store.
For rent, furnished house, three
rooms.   Apply to Herald office.
MeOalluni & Co., hardware store,
is the place to buy your skates
from 75 cents to $5.00.
For Sale—Corner lot, house with
cellar and furniture, $250 cash.
Apply P, O. Box 74, Cranbrook.
The kind of candies that will
make yon come back again can he
found at McConnell's fruit store.
Pure sweet apple cider at McConnell's. It will make you think
that you are back east on the old
Mr, Rhode, the harness maker.
has had a severe Biege of sickness
but is able to get back to business
Paul Hundley 1ms moved into
his new stable. He has a fine
place now and the equipment „
one of the beBt in East Kootenay.
In the Baptist church Sunday
next, Evangelist Shanks
preach morning nnd evening, and
Mrs. Shanks will assist in singing
Wanted-Young lady (English)
desires engagement as clerk, tern
porary or otherwise; eight years
experience shipping and general
office work.   Apply The Herald.
The weather continues to 1»
mild and pleasant, A finer climate than can be found iu this
banana belt was never created. No
wonder people brag of Cranbrook
and this district,
The C. P. R. shop employes will
give their dance tomorrow night,
the Mi, and not postpone it as first
intended. Everything litis been
arranged for a splendid time, and
the annual ball this year promises
to lie a great success.
It is not strange that it is difficult to arouse any enthusiasm alxmt
the skating rink in town witli tin
thermometer dallying around tin
sixties and seventies. One would
think more about golf jnand lawn
tennis than skating rinks.
The price of the Herald Annual
will be 25cents. It would be
cheap at twice the price. The orders are coming for them every
day at a rapid rate and those who
want to be sure to get one should
register their orders without deluy.
Messrs. Cummerfonland McLeod
have commenced work on the build
ing formerly occupied by Mr.
Haudley and will transform the
the place into a handsome club
house, They expect to be ready by
the first of the year to open a first
class club in Cranbrook, of which
a number of the leading citizens
are the incorporators.
See Our Cine of Christmas floods
Just arrived, the latest and newest up-to-date
Calendars and Pictures. Etchings, Crayons,
such as have never been shown here before.
Burnt Leather (lomls of almost every description.
For gentlemen and ladies. Dressing Oases,
Manicure Sets and Companions in Leather
and Stoghorn.
Dolls of every description for tin- children,
For everyone the latest Books, including
Pocket. Note, Prayer and Hymn Books in
latest and most fancy covers.
For music hear our phonographs.
it will In-worth your while to see onr China
anil Crystal wan-.
Step in, look around and Bee for yourself.
C. E. REID & CO.
Houses for Rent 111
From $10 per month
and upwards
Stove Time
Is HereU**£
You cannot afford to let your
house get chilly. Neither can
you afford to overlook our stock
of HEATERS. We have the
largest assortment ever brought
to Cranbrook.
A large ,'onsignment of
Spanish Wines
^ Port and ^
Wholesale Wines, Liquor, and Cigars
1 Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Hay and Grain Dealers
Prices and Quality Guaranteed.
Notice to Public!
All the Stores of Cranbrook will
be kept open every evening dur-
the  week preceding Christmas,
19th to 24th
The Saratoga
H. 1TO, Proprietor
This is a new restaurant, and
will be operated on modern
plans. Open day and night,
and^thelbest the market affords
will   be  served   on  the tables
Best meal in the country for the
least money
Tobacco, Cigars and Fruit
Opposite C. P. R. Station
All You
Have Guessed
May be Wrong
(So the parson told us), and we wish to prepare ourselves.
This is a thought constantly before each individual employed
in Cranbroolc's Greatest Store; therefore, we must unload not only our
sins, but the Greatest Stock of Ladies' and Men's Goods ever brought
into the city.
As an incentive to the CASH purchaser we will deduct 15 per
cent and refund it cheerfully from all cash sales.
This holds good until turther advised.
fcfl • • «■»» • • ■■>■* K««I»»M« ++m>(QQ)*> » •-» « ♦■♦-#-•■♦ a><t« •■♦ »©
*(*      We are showing some
f     Beautiful Suitings
for the Christmas Holidays
j» jl jl LET US MAKE YOU ONE jl jt j»
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
Don't forget that we do all kinds of PLUMBINO required in
your bouse.    We guarantee all our work to
be done by iirst class plumbers
When You Buy Liquor
Buy the Best
We are in receipt of an invoice fromjthe Royal distillery. It is pure, has the age, and from a medicinal point is
just the thing. We sell everything in tho liquor and cigar
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.   Ash for CranbrooK
Beer and insist on having' it.
The Cranbrook Brewing Q MaJtmjj Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of tvll kinds of Aerated Waters.
CRANBROOK. *   *   *   British Columbia
J. E. Stephen*,
H. L. Stephen*,
M. Rockcidorl
J. Lamm,
As we predicted several months
months ago, the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines are
running'!" ull blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district.	
Stephen! Broi. k Ca„ Owner, aid Proprietor.,
Morrissey Mines, B. t.
H. L. Stipteai
J. E. Stephen!
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the cast.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the " Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
find your man there.	
S.eaicii Bra.., Owners >■< Proprietor!,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
tbe Cosmopolitan Botel
A'Flrstclass House Centrally Located
Fine Sample Rooms in Connection. The bedrooms
are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the
market affords.
t|5>-<S>r®-®- ,.Mi)-®-«p-®-®-ffi-S,      _   ...  ... ,„ ...  ,., ...  „   „  _
SV®-®-©-®- ®-®-®®-®-®--®-<!>-(•)--®-®-SHU-®"ffi- •«•> ,*M!>-®-«-
Manufacturers <>f nn.l wliolosnlo .....I retail .l.'nl.Ts in
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
We own onr „wn quarries, .....I ll..1 quality is com-eded
to U' th.' Ik'hI. Monuments, Headstones, itarNe Trimmings lor Buildings, a spoolulty, Hy buying from us you
get the material at lirst cost.
Beauty is a dangerous gift. It
is even so. Like wealth it has
ruined it's thousands. Thousands of
the most beautiful women are destitute of common humanity, No
gift from heaven is so general and
widely abused by women its the
gift of beauty. In about nine cases in ten it makes her silly, senseless, thoughtless, giddy, vuin, proud,
frivolous, selfish, low and menn.
We think we have seen more girls
spoiled by beauty than by nny other
one thing. "She is beautiful, and
she knows it" iB as much as to says
she is spoiled. A beautiful girl is
very likely to believe she was mode
to be looked at; and so she sets
herself up for a show at every window, in every door, on every corner
uf the street, in every company at
which opportunity offers for an exhibition of herself. And believing
und acting thus she soon becomes
good for nothing else, and when
she comes to be a middle-aged
woman, she is that weakest, most
sickening of human things—a faded
It seems to be difficult in this
world for men and women to keep
a middle couree, For one it is all
saving und worry ing.for another all
spending and shirking, But
neither is happy. Idleness lias as
many miseries as overwork. It is
only those lives in which labor and
leisure are united that are truly
happy. The middle course. We
must have some purpose in living
and work enough to be self-res.
peeling. No idle person is self-
respecting, and without self-respect
we cannot, be happy. We must
havp time to rest nud cultivate the
mind and the heart. Too much
work stupities the intellect and
deadens the affections. A woman
who is "tired to death" cannot be
bright and cannot appear affection,
ate, however tender hearted she
mnyhc   naturally.
It takes a groat deal of intelli
genet1, cliari.ct.,rai..l good sense for
a woman who docs her own work
nn.l cures for her own children, not
to overwork. The demands upon
her time aud strength are manifold
There ars u thousand things to Ihk
done it. the house.
Surely life wus mude for something mure lln,ii this, or els., is not
worth the living. God has endowed man witli several natures- a
physical, a mental, a moral. M
cannot live I.y bread alone. He
nuiBt have fool for tin, mind and
food for his heart. It is as great a
sin to starve the soul as to starve
the bxly. A mental or moral suicide does not seem so dreadful as
physical self destruction, because
it is less palpable, less sudden, less
apparent in its results; but it
would seem more terrible if we had
the power to see the effect consummated. A dead mind, a dead heart,
a dead soul, that drags itself about
in a living body, is a terrible spectacle. Whether this deadening of
the soul is the result of active immorality, or of passive submission
to over work and neglect of the
higher nature, its result is the
same. We must not fling away
and squander the best of life.   Vt.
must work but we must not drudge.
We must remembor that God
breathed into us the breath of lite,
that we nre living spirits, and that
Clod and man hold us to account
for the fruits of the spirit as well
us for the work of the body. When
we have labored until we are weary
it is right to stop and rest; it is
right to have the spirit and character to refuse to be reduced to the
level of dumb, driven cattle. It is
right to stop and think, to distinguish what absolutely must be
done, to realize that each dny
should hnve its plensures nnd recreations, aud to take the time for
A Dally and The Herald lor 12.51.
Sny, The Herold haB the greatest proposition to make in the reading line that was ever offered to
the public. To all new subscribers
of The Hernld, and to those who
are taking the paper and pay all
arrears and one year in advance, we
will send The Herald for one year
and the Daily Toronto News, an
independent pnper edited by Mr.
Wilson, one of the leading journal-
ists of Cumuli.. Think of it. A
metropolitan daily with all the
news of the world and The Herald
for only f 2.50. It is a money in advance proposition, bnt it is one
that should appeal to tho readers
of this notice. We make this offer
for the purpose of increasing the
circulation of The Herald. Also
asan inducement for subscribers to
pay what they owe. Yon enn nf-
font to do it.
M. Pi.illipps, the big rancher, has a
largo number of men and teams plowing ... the big meadow near tbe
Frank and James Desrosier bought
another big bunch ol lit cattle Iron.
Ihe ranchers around here. This is the
second visit these heel kings have
made with in HU days,
Tom Quirk aud Ed. Doners shipped
fourteen cars ol tat cattle over the
Ureal Northern to Chicago
People looking lor Iruit larms
should come to Roosville, the home
of the big red apple and nuni'..oth
Quite a number ol Americans are
buying land on the Canadian side,
across the Kootenay liver.
Visitors from Cranbrook and Fernie
are   surprised    to   see the ranchers
Vancouver World : Always ol interest, though seldom properly supported iu British Columbia, is the
country newspaper. This province
has little to complain ol as far as
the number of newspapers go, and
nothing to urge aguiust the way it is
served by them, considering the limited means at their command and the
often very large districts they have
to attempt to cover.
Of the making ol newspapers there
seems to be no cud in British Columbia. The most recent towns to have
new publications are La.lysmith, En-
derhy and Kclowna ; now Heflley is
to be no longer newsless, and the
Lardeau is to be hotter served. The
Hedley Gazette is just about to be
issued'. Its " editor and proprietor"
is Mr. A. Megraw, who is no novice
at the business. In the early days
oi the Boundary excitement,, when
the toundations of now Uuttes were
being laid all over the district, Mr.
Megraw and Dr. Mathison founded a
newspaper at Okaiiagan Falls. It has
gone the way of the Vancouver Telegram and Ledger. Let us hope the
Hedley venture will have better sue
As lor the Lardeau, the Ferguson
Eagle and Trout Lake Topic have
joined bauds. Both names have dis
appeared Irom the newspaper list,
and the Lardeau Mining Review has
taken their places. Mr. Murray introduces himself to Ihe people ol Ferguson as a "journalist and mining
expert; " his partner, Mr. J. J.
Athcrton, bows when one speaks ol
him as " a competent journalist and
printer." The Mining Review, being
painfully aware that the sheet it publishes is " no typographical triumph," announces that it will instal
an up-to-date press at " a very near
date." The use of the adjective
proves that times must be tairly
good in the Lardeau. Of course, the
growtji of the district has not been
such as to allow the newspaper " to
reach   that state    of ah1uei.ee which
trends towards the purchase of a
linotype" machine of the class which
" Ur cr " Simpson is about to put in
at Cranbrook, but the Mining Review
lays to its soul the nattering unction
that it has "a circulation iar ahead
of any newspaper in North Kootenay," Soon the "only newspaper in
British Columbia " will have to look
to its laurels.
around   here   still   putting  up hay,
and that vegetables are still
in the gardens.
They are enjoying revival services
iu Gateway every evening this week,
and wc are enjoying beautiful sunshine. Its not Paradise, but the very
null door to it.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Magulre have
moved from their ranch into Dr.
Hugh Watt's house at the line tor the
There is a big demand for long.
hailed cooks among the young ranchers down here.
John McMahon has returned from
Kalisprll to the Happy Frank  ranch.
George Miller, the champion rail
splitter ol Tobacco Plains, who was
recently married in Cranbrook, is Ailing at. engagement with Messrs.
Pearson and Jewells, JaltreV.
Ed. Cassidy built a small frame
house on his laud purchased from the
0. P. R.
After 25 years ol Manitoba weather
Mr. and Mrs. Roden, of Winnipeg,
who are visiting their daughter, Mrs.
Fred Iloo, think Southeast Kootenay
an ideal spot.
" Bill " Davis, one ol the Tobacco
Plains cattle kings, drove a big
hunch ot cattle up on the Bunch
Grass Flats tor the winter.
" I was naked and ye clothed me,"
is tho hearty expression of many a
man in Cranhrook.
Morrow ft McFarlane.
J. T. Roger has ordered an automobile that will hold twelve persons,
aud he will use the same lor stage
service between Greenwood and
Shalford Bros., of Vernon and Fair-
view, general merchants, have managed to finance ll.e Ellis ranch deal,
and the land will now be subdivided.
The amount mentioned in umncction
with the deal is $-ii.ii,(..iii, of which
taiifl.uiuj is for the laud and $ltlu,l|,i(i
lor the slock. The company In which
the Ellis ranch is lo be vested is lo
he capitalized at JT>OU,tl..O. The shareholders will comprise business ...en
Iron, every purl ..I Canada, from the
Atlantic to the Paellie.
A question which should l.e seriously discussed ut ll.e furthcoming meeting of tile associated hoards ol trade
of Eastern British Columbia is ihe
lifting of numerous reserves which
have been placed un the public lands
in this pruvii.ee. The day of land
subsidies is past. All available laud
should be thrown open lor settlement.
Daily trains will be running into
Phoenli over the Great Northern be
lore the New Year.
The concert given by Helen Lazier
Pcake last week in Ihe Methodist,
church was very much enjoyed by the
large audience present. Mrs. Pcake
as a reader stands high in the pro-
tession. Her rendition ol " The
Raising o, Roicas," " The Settler's
Story," and " Seeing Things at
Night," was very pleasing. The musical numbers by the members of the
choir was also much liked, especially
the solo, " Big Ben," by Mr. Sims.
When we want advice of other merchants as to the selling price ol our
goods, we will call on them.
Morrow & McFarlane.
.Manitoba Hotel.
(Under New Management)
D. A. MCDONALD, manager
Th'"- Hotel is in the center of town.   The rooms are
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first-
class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba.
ei&Wall Papers*^
Wc are making special
reductions in prices of
all lines of
Call and see us before
buying. Our patterns
will please you.
Mouldings to match
all papers.
F. J. Bradley & Co.
Armstrong; Ave.       CRANBROOK, B. C 'Phone 52
Drink Home Beei
It Is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Have you seen  III.	
Crows NcBt Steam Laundry
work of I
It's certainly up - to - date,
Special rates for hotels nnd
family work. Specialtis —
llaiinels, blankets and curtains. White lnlxir only,
Perfect satisfaction given by
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SLATER « McPHEE, Proprietors
To Subscribe for the
I'ilANIilllltllv,   ItltlTlSII   COLUMBIA,   THUBSDAY,   DEC.    15,   1904,
DEC 201904
Wh.it could please a man more than a pair of ItlVICtUS Shoes.     They are right up to date in every
respect.    We have a very large stock to select from.    Every pair guaranteed.
We have a line large range of Men's Shirts.    They are beauties and the prices are right. r:rJ[
We have a full line of Wolsey Underwear and Socks.'£|* These goods are unshrinkable.   We will replace every garment that bears the Wolsey stamp that shrinks or does notl^M give satisfaction.      There is nothing nicer or  better made  than the   Monarch
Sweaters ; we have a large range ******* of colors.
Our store is filled to overflowing with Ties, Handkerchiefs, Half Hose, Braces, Gloves, Dress Mufflers
and Way's Elastic Mufflers. Don't fail to see these lines, as we have some beauties and the Prices are
very low.   They make nice presents.
Don't forget that the Diamond J. Collars are the best on the market.   We have all styles and sizes.
If you are going east for Christmas you should have a nice Suit Case and GHp»«we have some
good ones at poor prices.
FANCY TFA   SFT^ An immense stock to choose from
nicer for a Christmas present.
The latest designs
and up to date colors.    The price is very low.    Nothing
direct im-
,.-r ;-..    1-
A  .-■- - i ■--,   .-■ .
OTNNPR   SFTS  ^C ^afgest St0Ck ever bought t0 Cranbrook.    This is a di
•L-/J.1 >|1 ll^lv  mJLmt 1 kJ portation and the price is very low.
D^T-ipTWrT A "M" W A QpQ See a sample of these goods in our west window. Hand-
*-'>-'* li-*iyil/i.l i V I\OL-dO some goods for Christmas presents. Prices are surprisingly low—goods must be sold.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce     i
11. R. tt'.uiii, ,
.... Stl.7IMI.0IW III,
MIllll.tMIll (HI
M.llOli.im, is.
Head Office, Toronto.
A   Cox. President
Pill tip   Capll.l    	
Tut.I  Ke.nurte. Nm. .10. 'Ill
Deposits Received,   General Bunking Business Ir,
SAVINGS Bivk OBPABTMBNI   lii-finsiu Received   Inirrcf Hi
IIANKINU UV  MAIL   I1„|kmIU, ...... Im mn.l I wltlhltnv.
I,, the ,,, ,„.,j.-, .,, ,1,,-,',.,„,„■,,.,k lir.iu, ! I    v.' nmnipl „,,
i.l. t ..—-.-
i Capital, I'.iid Up             $3.tXH).ixH)                   t
f. Rest                                    .$2.81,0,IXK)                       2
I T. K. Meruit, Pres.   D. R. Wtlkie, Vic. Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold avalla- J
i> blr In every pari ol Canada, United States and Europe* Special *
I attention to collections. J. 1*. M. I'lNKHAM. Manager.     *
A* J*
Christmas Ulill Soon
De fiere
in |inlty iiiui uhi'I'iiI lur (lii'islniJis lmI'Is Umii
pul till'huyiiiK,vour ClirislniiiH pivsniis unlil
llie hisl inouit'ii'i. (lur stock is now complolti
find our prices lire lower tluiii ever hetWe.
There is nothing whii'h pli'.-isi's ilir umjority
uf prupli'. i'.;pivi;illv the ladles, nan nice piece
nl! jewelry. If you wuul uu inexperiBivo iirti-
rli-. wi* liiivr il: if you wiint to tfu into tlm fifties or Initidi'i'ils. wi1 huve it. Pick mil whul
you want now and huve il l.iiil nsiilc until
Xiims I've if yon wish, ...    	
Wilson,   The   Jeweler
N. li. Artitflns llouirlil htm, ,-,
■,l fr,v„l',-li;irt
I -
S'esI   I
.'\.   In  Kernie in    as-
llie \,isi  business ,,t
Jus)  before leaving
uut the tallowing lli-
Olobc .
iln\t have been most
he replied, " haw
, Ihi dosing up ol out long uiil-
sl mil tup differences \uilt the Caiintli-
.l'i ('.it ific Hallway Company, securing tn Ihcm iiti'ii riglU ol i\.i\, an.l
tn ns tlie conveyance of the Lwu
1 i ,.li.',l .ui.l iHtj   thousand acres   ■ (
i".il   km.Is   COmltlR   10   US   lllitlri     oil'
n ,in :in'tiis wtih them. The govern-?
ia mi having selected Us niiy ihous^
an,i hcres, the coal companj becauio
nihil.-.1 i.. the deed, but so man) di!
ficult/les nml complications had arisen
owing lo the carrying on ol exit nxive opera) Ions and the lapse of
lime Mm.' the tailwaf was built au:l
Ui,- coal company commenced work;
ilifttiuueh adjuslmenl became necessary before final closing, However, a
M.,ul understanding lu., been anlvod
ai, ,u..I ilif conveyances were executed bj both compa'nit's .unl handed
iivci  in Montreal ycslerday,
" The lapse of the Coal • creek
biaiicli was signed In Montreal tbe
lama day .unl lakes elTeel .m the lfilh
mi Deccinlicr, mi which dale Ihu coal
company will operate Ihe hue from
llie coal mines in I'Vrnle. The crossing i.i tho Canadian Pacific Hallway
in   ilir inw line which wc have  con-
 lei  in conned  Ilia branch   wiih
i!..' (Ileal Nni'iheni Hallway, bus
been allowed, and is now constructed. This will nm- direct connection
wtilt bulb tin- Canadian Pacific Hall-
unit ami ilif (io-.o Norihern Hallway in hum'. The Clreat Northern
Hallway will be rlinnliig Iraini   inl"
Penile before tin- end ol  llie  th,
establishing cuiiimtiuicalinn hetwoeii
ihnsp Ifniinrtn.ni mini's ami the I nltud
Si.iics markol."
" Win this   widen your markol ? "
" Cm Lai n I j, iin- (I I reel communication between the mini's and Ihe I [tiled Stales will enable marketing in a
Himli wider men than hitherto.
■■ Tlie nett   railway  accommodation
isl l,i help the car sluulago, as   it
will make ihe distance between the
Montana smelters, which we are now
supplying Willi coke, and the mlne.i
much   slimier   Ihnn heretofore,   the
same iiumbev nf cats doing a i Bill-
crahly larger business. Our present
mitpul is al the rale of one million
lolls ol coal a veal.'1
W. IT. Wilson tlio Jeweler, is offer
in}!; u dressed dnil, valued al, M"i
which is shown in his show wn.iintt
t.i the person who will make ih
iiiusi English words mil of i)io fd-
lowing, W. II. WILSON, .ikwki.i:k
ami OPTICIAN. Proper names (,ot
alluwetl. Contest to cli.se at ;i)
o'clock on night of December 22,1.1
N'ame nf winner will ho placed in
window at 7 o'clock on night of
3'llli, Prize to be delivered New
Year's Eve. This contest is open In
W.  K.  Maclean, Hon.   (i.  13.  Knsl»
j        ami Others are Candidates.
Montreal, llec. 18.—Tho Herald pub
shes the following In reference lo
the Conservative leadership : "Some
things Which happened .it llie I'ccclil
ence of the Conservatives here
were unl mentioned in the public. I)
was announced that Mr. K. L. Hut-
den h ut liei'ti unaniinniislv requeue I
in continue the leadership of lite Conservative party, hut thai at Air.
Hoiden's retpiesl the matter uf Ihu
(eldership was left in abeyance until
tin' firs I caucus of the Conservative
representatives alter the meeting id
thu Mouse. Ii has developed thai the
offer ol ihe leadership was mil unanimous. In fact, there was active opposition. Some of the more generous
spoils among the Conservative members expressed their desire thai Mr.
Horden should continue in ihe leader
ship, without regard to the consequences of the elections in Nova
Scotia. These gentlemen cave Mr.
Itm.teii the choice of several Ontario
seats, There were in llie gathering,
however, those who objected, and
their spokesman was W. K. Maclean.
Mr Maclean frankly staled that it
would do tin- Conservative party no
good lo continue a man who bad not
sufficient weight lo carry his own or
a single seal in his native province.
Mr. Maclean demanded a suspension
of judgment hy ihe Conservatives in
the matter until allot* the House (list
met, and until the Conservative mein-
bora elected could all bo galhci'ed to-
gwher to express the Heiillnrfnts of
I'misci valives in all pal is of tlie
Dominion, ll was afler Mr. Mae-
lean's speech thai Mr. harden announced that he would nol make, a
declaration as to the leadership   m
tllC present time. There was some
regret, but n.i Ul-fcelllig, as ihe te-
sull of Ihe stand takPlI by Ml Mae-
lean. There was general recognition
of ihe fail Ihat Mr. Maclean had ihe
right m mnko Die protesl Uiai be
did. li is understood that ihe lirsi
caucus nf Hie Conservative members
at Ottawa after the meeting of ihe
I louse will see an Interesting struggle for iin- leadership, Perhaps Mr.
Maclean did unl make his protesl
from a wholly disinterested motive,
lie was a candidate foi the leadership in   1 *   when  Mr.   Ilmdeii    was
selected. He Is still a candidate. (I
Is interesting tn note thai neither
Htm. Geo. E. Poster not Mr. 13. I"
Clarke was mi hand lo offer Ills seal
or support to Mr. Horden. Dolh Mr.
Clarke and Mr. Foster are undci-
stnod l(» he candidates for ihe leadership. It is understood llt.il they
will he found wiih a following al Ihe
Hist Conservative caucus.
^   _
We have souvenir spoons for Cranhrook, Kort Steele, Moyie, Marysville. Kimherley, Elko, Ryan and
Wnrdncr, With Crows Nest i'ass design. Tale the JcWelc
Our Christmas stock In pearl
brooches, gold watches, chains, lock-
els, tie plus, etc., are so large that
you can easily he suited for Christmas gilts. No trouble to show yon
out stock.
Tale The Jeweler
Biggest Christmas Stock in the Kootenays
TEMPLETON'S STAFF Now consists of [hc f°llowing p£rsons:
Mr. Geo. Beattie, first assistant; Mr. Frank Murphy, second assistant; Mrs. Terry,
Miss Ella Johnston, Miss Georgie Small, Miss Ethel Fink, Miss L.utra Oulette, Miss
Burgoin and Clark Lounsbury.
To Make Things Interesting for the Ladies of the Store
Tlr. Templeton will give a Prize valued at $10 to the lady selling the
most goods during Christmas week.
To Make Things Interesting to the Public
Mr. Templeton will give a Prize valued at $10 to the person who can
guess the nearest to the amount of money taken in by the successful
lady during Christmas week. Any person who makes a purchase can
guess, but only one guess a day will be allowed.
We .will have several delivery boys on hand the day before Christmas so that anything ordered now will be safely and surely delivered Christmas Eve. Clark Lounsbury, who knows where every person in Cranbrook lives, will superintend delivery.
We have just received from LOWNEY a huge stock of
Xmas Chocolates and Bon-bons
at prices Irom $1 to $10
See Our Immense Wedgewood Stock
Our Stock of Christinas Goods
Consists of 4,500 HOOKS from 25c to $8.50; 2.1 Doll Carriages, 40 Sleighs, SS gentlemen's
and ladies' Dressing Cases, iS.i Fancy Baskets, il Toilet Cases, 17') Mirrors. 52 pair Military Hair Brushes, all kinds of Perfume, hundreds of pieces of fancy China and China
Ornaments, Vases, Statues and all sorts ut beautiful things for Xmas presents.
Calendars make suitable Xmas presents fur friends in the east ami wc have about
340 or more. Xmas cards Irom Sc to 65c. Our TOY DEPARTMENT is so large and the
stock so varied we cannot enumerate it. Call and sec. .4 Mrs. Terry is in charge ll*
STAIKS and is well assisted by Miss Small and Miss Fink.
Miss Ouleltc and Miss Burgoin will be able to look after the French speaking population
Templeton s Big Book and Drug Store
Where it will Pay to Deal Ihe Year Around
^#*###+*********W#***#V*'lp**+****VWV****3S UK   CtlAM'.llOOK    llKR.W.O
I   Tin-    i",,|,!i-   ",    Cranhrook   were
tn.m,,i    tn   a surprise   last  Kri.ljy
; wl,.-:,    ,1.,-   news   circulated   on too
■,,-    thai .,   11   Dnwitn. l,.„l   soil
out l,,„ intcicsts ,,i the Cosmopolitan
The ileal ivas mailc ,„ a   lew
In,,,, . and K  ll. Small, wl... was or...
ul p,. priel ,r      ,,,  ,ul,   ,,,,.    proprietors,   „,„1   who
named ilu- hotel, ,^ „;.,,,, proprietor
\, lirst i, was s„i,l thai II   B. Beat-
Th. li.-n.i.i 1.worth$10 a >>>,,r.   i,,,,.m  !u- was one of the partners, toil this
unl, t-.\  Ni, mini in Si,mil Kim. K,,,,',-,mi   prove.)   to   in- a mistake.    II,
i-aiiufiui-,1 ,i- in- will,,-in It, Hii.l i-n-ii  simpl.  made ,1„' deal as a   husineas
HviiUfoutald.ottti.tlli.trti-t.wliotaint.'r.'.twt  proposition.,    puttitie, up  the    n,,,,,,-;
in l.ii-|,i-,,Ki.-ss,,[i,,i-H.'i,„i,n,i,,„l., rmnl i,    nn.i     tur.linK over  ,l„-  whole llUSilll'S
lipuhllshmtlwneni wlilh, I. i» „e,v»   It i»  ;,.,. nexl dai ," Mr. Small, and clean
.,.ntrniimi ni,~,iiu-ii by.h. pui.ll.    s>> i„e »|. -i nil,- prolit. how much   Thi
.,, i„,n pail., .,i iniiiviilitul ilii-iiit.i* I. ,",''■'   Ili-rald is not fully Infnrmcd, t,„.  il  is
I, ilntr, ni li, ,,|.-.,M- tin- |,,-,,|,l,n     lis,,,-,,,-   ;.   :,:■..:   that   II   was   I,,-, Wri-,1 .*..'
la.uliuhlial. „ ll.w8|i.,|n.r,l,i„ ,. ill l-.-u -r-'-li,   am,   SI,I	
ninl nn.I }
n, bi
ailverllalnn rale. 11  	
lumi. per nu,mil. uti in,,,,- nm
Iti'll,llllll llnillni     I.",   ..n    -
ml,mil.,.,..   In,,.,,!.   ,,,.	
i,>,,..,-,.-     |,ii-,i,.->  I.,mil-   I
.,, ,, in.,-11,,,,,
), .,,,11 ilmln, in n-wli ,li,< |
Kaa. Km,',-i,,,i  >■«>, i-i .
rile Herald baa a „r
work laid   I —
,„l,  .llillll...      |,    1VII
no I..I, ,.... k     |l,ve
i ihi-i ,,.,.■.■ kick, „,,,
,.iiii- i ,i,..,|,.l,,,ii, liim
i h|„.i,,,. ,1 re„, in .'ii
nl,,Hi.,- Ill  lln
l„h|ll     nn,'
•   lim.,In ,|„n i
-,', I,'„l ,,„
.,,11, ,„i In 1,1ml
i,,in  ni,,k  i,,
1 !„■
Tin-   ,'.,,1.1,1..,!.    Hank   uf   t'oinmcic,
Will  All",  SI,3UU,IIO(i ol Slink.
Toronto, Dea 0.—To ...eel  the   re
,|,iiii-„i-„is nf its e\].aii(|j..|. .'.mil.'i
an business tin- ilheeto.s ol the ,'.,
nnil,-ii Bank ,,. Cuinmercn i„nn\
passed a resolution providing loi tlu
issue ,'f St,3(111,01,II, I Im lial.1,,1'1-nf the
authorized capital stock ol if,,,,„,,,-
(,i,i,. Tlu- new issues will be allotted
In shareholders ol the record ul Jan
nary v>, win, al which da,,' Hie
books will close. The proportion o,
allotment will bo one new share tor
every 0.00-100 uf old slock, Tin-
Muck, which ,s in $.",,, -.1, s. will he
issued nl 170, thai is a,  I III, in coo.
parison   will,    today's    price ol old
stock ui, axchantco ,,'t   101,   Tin-   net.
issue   will    bring in a    premium nf
$520,000.   Tin-   dcvclopmenl    nl    th-.,,,
wesl is expected   tu call innre   and
more   ,„, the   facilities   furnished hy
ilu- hanks for business, and it is the
in,,-mi,in ,,f Ihe management    in   be
ready Inr that development.   Tin- cou-1"
Rlruelion ul ,1„- (I. T. I'. and the ,-x-1
tension   of   the   Canadian   Northern ',
will he accompanied, ur quickly   lol- ,
lowed   by  an  opening   nl   branches ,
aliing these lines.
lln v
ii tbe Cosmo-
uf an ovation
a strong le-s
leell, in wh„'ii
people  gen,-rally.
„l the
Mr. P. C. Mailtos, manager
Cranbrook branch, wns asked in
Bard to the foregoing telegram,
confirmed the statements made, and
added ihat al the directors' meeting
held yestei,lav, il had been decided
,„ mid to the rest fund nl llie bank
$500,000 out uf accumulated profits.
Tins will bring the rest fund up lu
$8,000,000. The hank's year ends „„
Nov. .'tu, nnd its report will be available in a lew days.
nn.l liy   III
y Saturday h
uioppcit in lo wish him luck and all
In,,,is ul prosperity, For many years
Mi Small has lived in South I'.a-si
Kootenay, ami lur the past two „,
linn- years lie lias been the customs
ollicei at tins point, a position which
lie will now resign tn ilevute all nl
Ins tin,,- lu the hotel. Naturally .Mr.
.Small lias a number ut Improvements
in view, as lu- proposes lu make ihe
(osinopolitan one ol the best hotels
"ii ,1m 111,e ul the 1'n,,,'. One Hung
11,,,, be did a, llie slat, was lu dis-
Icharge even (liinaiuan about the
A PLEASING ENTERTAINMENT, hotel ami pul while help ii. their
The "At Hume" given last Thins- Places. "1 don't want any China-
day evening by ihe c I' It! sin n '"-lr working fur me any mure, said
employees nt th,- Wentworth Hail 'Mr. Small, "and now that lire couu-
wus a great success. The hall was "') h.,s become mure settled one call
cruwded will, ladies and gentlemen secure wl,,,,' help, and thut is the
and ihe programme presented waspi.l. kind I wuul around the place.1
interesting from beginning lo end. A I'ernaps llicru is „,,, a man ... Hull. Eager ullicinted as chairman cn-i distncl win, lias a wider circle u,
he proved the right man in tbe ,i,;l
place. Alter a few appropriate ,,
marks be in, rod need tin- programui,
which was as follows :
S(,Nli Mr. A. Shank-land
IIninllv, and MacDonald,
SONG \. Black
SONG Mr. Sims
DUET Messrs. South ami Stcwarl
SONG    (Quartette.)...Messrs. (iraves,
Abbott, Shaukland and Sims.
Cnwan and Sun
SdN'fl  Miss Flnniss
Messrs. South und Stewart.
SONG Mr. A. Mack
DUET—" The    Heigt,   uf   Roses"—
Mrs.  lteid  and Mr. (Iraves.
SONG Mr. Sims
BANJO DUET South ami Sir,,,,,
S(iN(l  Mr.     Graves
At. Ihe conclusion of ,he programme
refreshments were served.
- nit
re  (l'i
be wi
1 do
a big
is    a
110 '
The B. R. of T. hold iin election «.i
ollieers Ilns week wiih ihe following
result :
Master, P. Dingmnn.
Vice-M;ister, G-eorge Monahan,
Secretary, I). McLean,
ilournal Agent, ('. II. Knocke.
Uelegato   to convention nt Buffalo,
\V. Cameron.
The K. of P. lodge held iis rcgulai
election last   Tuesday evening,    anil
llii' following ollieers "were elected :
C, C, .1. P. Fink,
V. C, .1. nremner.
Prelate, A. Al. Black.
M. of W., R- Tale,
K. uf R. and S,, J.  A.  Arnold.
M. of A„ If. C. Bowness.
M. of K., N. 1). Mill.
I. O., F. Johnson.
0, ().. s. Grimmond,
The special mission services which
are being held in the Baptist church
every evening during this week and
next are being much appreciated by
ihii.se whn attend.
Rov. Mr. Shanks sets forth the
Gospel truths in a clear, forceful
manner, which holds tho eln.se attention of his auditors. Mrs. Shanks,
with a rich, lull, soprano voice, sings
tho story of ihe cross with great
effect. 'Already some have signified
a desire lo lead that life which glorifies Gud and is more beneficial to
our follow men.
The London Bioscope Company'.
entcrtaiiiiuenl, wlucli, under the title
of " Living Canada," has mel witli
Mich extraordinary success in llih
country, pays a return visit lo tin
Opera House on the 2isl Inst., lot
one performance, and in addition u
an entirely new senes ol Canadian
views will be included a nuinhei i
subjects uf a novel and startling na,
Tiieic i.. so.: libit :i new thi.. Ill'<
and an intensely Interesting departure in ilns class of entertainment. Ji
consists ol a collection uf animated
views, showing every pba.se uf the
life-boat service, from Ihe first cry
nf " man the life-boat," to the final
scene of itm hi-, resuscitation and
return to land.
" A Balloon tragedy in mid-air,"
ride " mi tup " nf ihe Imperial Lin:
iteii,  " Gulliver's Travels,"  "Drive
from   luitne," the great Loudon pantonine     '• Sleeping beauty,'    in i
nt.-, etc., etc.
We offer for sale
Half section of land within a mile of Cranbrook. most
suitable for fruit growing.
Also numerous dwellings
in Cranbrook for rent or sale.
F»>r l'i,ill.,-r |K,rti,'„l,.rs ;,|,|'1\ ill our
IS     STOP,    FRIENDS     V,
And let us look at those Toll.FT AHTICLKS in Man-
ntng A SltldoitH window, I never thought iltey would
bring Bitch good's to South Kiwt Koutt'imy. Thev are
grain), U'l us lust step in and Inspect their flock. Thev
have got In a car of FKK8II, OAXNKD llOilptfiltrmt
from the eauneries. Bv the wav have von liiul 11 Imx
of their AITI.K*. They are line eating, Von will make
no inii-take by leaving your unlets with Ihem, They
nl way b get their goods nnd at the right lime, ns they
have'the beat delivery in lown.   (live ua a trial.
Hi   Manning & Siddons
000 MEN.
Wu know ih.
re are thousands "f moi
in [his dit.lt te
, who would gladly buj
a Christmas ]
rescnl lo send   to thelt
friends in the
east or .somewhere mil
of  to\wi weie
it im! for the   trottblt
if   packing   .
n.l mailing.    Fur    tlu
Christmas   m
mill we have establlsh-
'.I a packing
nd mailing department
n   uur store.
Buy   your present or
gin anywhere
you like—from Morrow
& McFarlane,
we prefer—leave at out
store,   with
name   and   address ol
tarty to whoi
i you wish goods Bent,
m.I we will \
Llll pleasure pack    and
seo thai    snn
e  is promptly  shipped.
We have a ful
line ol suitable   gifts
or gentlemen,
surh as fancy   shirls,
suspenders and    neck-
les.   Give us
a call.
The St. Eugene Mountain Mines,
Ltd., at Moyie, is making application
for crown grants for various claims,
says Ihe Kalso Kootcniau. These,
claims Immediately surround the St.
Eugene mine, and when some systematic development  work is dune"   un
ihem there is little doubt but    Ll o
will be some agreeable surprise In
store. 0, A. Sutherland, of KaUo,
who organized the company owni.ig
the above property, is ihe sccreUrv-
trcasurcr, and deserves great
,i   A. Gillis Buys T. A. Corey's In
Iciest in the Company,
A change took place in the Mac-
con nel I Furniture (ompany this
week, J, A. (.jllis, of Morrissey,
purchased T. A. Corev's interest in
Ihe business, and in ihe future the
firm will he known as iVIncconnell &
Gillis. Mr, Gillis is well known in
Cranhrook, as lie lias been 'omei.titl
with two or three firms In this trwn
the past few years, but for past two
years be has been engaged in business in Morrissey. Air. Corey has
never taken an acllvc interest in the
work of the business, as he had other interests, and bis connection was
merely n matter of Investment. Mr.
Gillis will take hold of lite work like
a veteran, and with Mr. Macconncll,
they will make a strong team.
for having so successfully financed the  Hants     Tit
crown gtanfing of the claims |flie  il.Lged.
Halifax, Dec. Kt.-Pctitions were
filed today against the return of Hon,
Wl S. Fielding in Quecn-Sunbury ;
lion Sii Frederick Borden in Kings,
F \ Lawrence In Colchester ; II.
11 i.m'.u, m Cumberland ; E. Mae
l.l in Plctoil   and .1. B. Blaek iu
UpI  charges
Read Morrow &  McKarlane's ad.
Triumph Jewel cook stoves at
Airs. R. (1, Templeton and two
children arrived last week, and Air.
Templeton is now happy wiih his
family in the residence lately occupied by Air. and Mrs. Pet til.
Best aud cheapest line of shoes in
town at Sage's,
The young people have been eiijoy-
uging soiiiu line stiuliii-g the past few
vecKs mi the ponds north oi town,
ud they propose to keep the ice
lear for skating all winter,
Thirty years in ihe lead. " Eld-
lidgc " Sewing Machine. Sage sells
Alt. A. Lei toll has ie turned from a
trip tu Winnipeg, where he went two
weeks ago on business. Aliss Jessie
Leiich, who has been visiting friends
u Manitoba for the past few months,
eturuei with her father tu spend
Christmas at home.
I. F, Adams, who has owned a
ranch just below Marysville a few
miles, has suld his holdings, aud
within a few days will leave for a
i.sil to England, where he will remain the balance of the winter. Mr.
Adams has suld to a good advantage
,i fact thai all who know him will lie
pleased to hear.
Dear brother, do not worry your
brain in trying tu select a Christmas
present for your father, brother or
irieud. Monow A McFarlane have
thu ugh I oi" yiu long before this   and
Iccied a line stock of fancy shirts,
neckties, handkerchiefs and suspend
■rs, from which we know you can
asily select a gill. We itivile yuu lu
Dr. J. II. King returned last Monday Horn Ins old home al Chlpmun,
S. !!., where he was called by the
serious illness uf his father, Seuatui
King, lie reports his father much
improved in health, which will be
good news to the Senator's many
iiicnds in Cranbrook, where lie has
visited a number uf limes.
Good Goods.
New Goods.
Low Prices.
Alorruw & AleFurlaiie,
Tbe second annua) smoker for the
St. Eugene Hospital will be held in
Wentworth Hall on New Year's Eve.
The one given last year was a great
.success, ami this year's effort promises In lit- even belter. A line programme will be presented, and the
" boys " fur miles around will he
only inn glad to be present and pay
their mite fur a ticket.
Head Morrow A: AlcFarlane's ad.
Moore's " Matchless " Treasure
ranges at Sage's.
The C. P. R. Quadrille Club's annual ball will be held this year on
the evening of Decemher 30th. This
club has always endeavored to make
these annual eveuis a success, and, as
a result, they have become very popular. This year there wfll he nothing lefl undone to snstaln the reputation established hy the club, and
the dance is looked forward tu wiili
pleasant anticipations.
Fine line of bftltjus, violins, piccolos, Utiles, flageolets, accordions and
musical Itislrtiinenis coming for
Christ man at Sage's.
Docs your organ heed fixing.   If so.
now   is- v     opportunity,    Joseph
Bros, whn lives opposite llie Mulho-
disi church, in new house, is an expert.   Call on him at once
Joe Botilaiige leaves fur Ban y-
viiie, Out., where be will make a protracted visit with relatives, and Mrs.
Boulauge will accompany him. Joe
came west with the construction and
helped in cut ihe right-away, helped
grade the mad bed, helped'lay the
steel, worked uu ihe lll's-l trains that
ran, ami for some time has been yard
master in the Cranbrook yard. Bur
ing all Ibis time he has not been further easl than Medicine Hat, of further West than the Landing. He has
earned a good rest and a good time.
Get your wife an "Eldridge "Sewing Machine fur a Christmas present
at Le Hoy Sage's.
A. Chenctle, of Fen
Mlgeuii,   ul'   Cfi
m ih
, ami Gcurgc
Easl Ki
McPeak's inn
etmy     hotel   tt:
chtirgo yesterday. Mr. Cheiiolto will
will give very lilthj personal attention lo the holel, as il will lie it,
charge nf Mr. Gcotlgeon, who Is very
popular wiih the people ol' litis cuu!-
mutiity, and tui years had charge nl
a train nn the Crow, Already cat-
pouters arc a l work making some repairs, as ihe manager proposes to
havu one nt the neatest places in
town. " Yuu won't know the place,"
said Mr, Geotigcoii, " when tbe carpenters, get through. We propose t
make a number of changes and hav
an hotel where one can get the best.
Returning officer for Kootenay,
Join. Buuiii.ee, uf Rossland, accompanied by his assistant, 11. P. Mc-
Crnney, of ilu- Golden Uity, went
over all ihe returns of the deputy returning ollieers in the recent elec-
linns last week iu the registry of*
IIm, the ballot boxes having been
kept there m place of at the court
Mr. Uoullhcc did not open up the
packages made up by tho several deputy returning officers, but went over
am! checked off their returns.
W.  a. (lalliher's    official majority
over C.  II.  Mackl sb is 7fiH,    and
ovot     tbo    oombliiL'd    Tory-SooUliM
vote IH.
The ulllcial figures ale as fullows :
(ialliher 2,1s.
Mackintosh      i ;.;•)
Baker.  fj(r5
Ihe loliil vote polled is .1,827.
Mackintosh [lulled mure voles thtiu
did John McKnnc, the Turj candidal. ■ ii. the previous election, lur il u
same pulling places, I,m Un- greatest
falling ull is seen iu the Folcy-Bnker
figures, Chris. Foley pulling over
^.mili voles lu Baker's tint).
In the previnus election the riding
included what is known as Yale-Can
Imn as well as the present emistit i-
eucv uf Koolonav, the total vole Doing , Galliher, :i,l Hi ; Foley (Labor). 2,IM8 ; McKanc (Conservative),
2,")Sli, or a grand total oi 8,37-1 fur
lh» present joinl ridings.
Before orth-riti^ a new Suit of
t'lotlics. Becuusewe know wo run
ph'iisi- ymi. (Inr iiifjisiiroiiiotits
an- correct, onr stylos proper ami
our prices pleosuig,
Vim will In- nstuiiislioil how niucli
your nppenmuoe will Im iiuprovetl
hy wennny t'loilios Made to Onlcr.
Don't iii.iko a itiuiiiitain of a iixdo-
Inll liylliinkiim tlml Conl anil Vest
mode (<> onlor wi'l Ih> Uhi oxpon-
sivi' for you to wenr.
Leask & Henderson
Hotel & S
liuests Comfort i Specialty
llooil Slihllnjt in lotineiliun
NcniPfit to iHiln.il.I .ni.l depot.     Hits nerniiiiiioilio
liinin  fiti   the  public  unripinlled   in  Cnotlirnuk.
Hut and Culd Balhs
Hogarth & Kollinsj
* •>•- «•••••
\> MMH^mmmmmm^mmimmmm *
When you visit Cranbrook stop at tlie 7
None Bitter In the District 4)
Hate.. Si and up.    Short Orders and Oysters *)
served in any style Irom X p. in. lu 6 a. ni. «£
T.i: table is th; b:.t. th; r3m5 are uns.irpa.scd for clean R
V tiniii ail comtort ana th: bar is supplied with Ihe best brand &
'4$ o! lijjjri and cigars. *%
$ L. B. VANDE^AR. Prop.        «$
m wmfflua mmimmmmmmwmmm*
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.    We are nn deck 2.S hours
out ol Ihe 24
t-t-et cvec it i-.t-t.-t-«-e.e-e-«-e-e-<-«-s e«-s-^
....MARYSVILLE, B. C.  j
The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley. |
Comfortable rooms.   Satislactory dining: room service, and the ''J,,
best ol everything; at the bar. !J
Proprietor. |
e®99S993^-9»?-M-S-?-a-S-S-3--a-S->-1->-:i S-M-3 5-.1 >~■-,,-S-M?l-t-3-S-S->-S-3-3»-3a'B:-a«:
We are now in shape to furnish all kinds of
Orders promptly filled and delivered in town, l-'or prices apply
I j King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
■■" 8
CrESL'BKT UllXlH No. Ifil
Cranbrook, D. C.
ii,-.-.. j.,.1 ihi.i in, t,i,»,i„., ,,i ■ ., ,„ ,„
1   ,,. ,,   I-   lull.
.1. A. A,,-.  K. II. S
\    II.......-. .■
llaltlnx li,,-,lir.-ti ,,,nli,iiiv iuviii.i ,,, attMul
l. ran hi imk   Local
liil oi
(he I niic
Hmlhi-rlioiitl nl
lert nml Ji.iiur-*
of Amcrtti.
Thin 1 1  mi-Hi. mttm   I'mIn
"I ni   I   t
VilliIiik Hi. Un,
lllj 111.
1     \    l.tM.IM.
lo, An
11    M,
i  j"; L>
CIO   1 DdfC
daj i
.'.   Mi'i-l
itm .it
lever) \lou
luii lull ..ii
i f.iibfinil, I nd|r. Nn Jl
K. I'. * I. M.
Tilt;   A. L. U.   mijii
«l,l   III    I    .,    ,,    |m    lmil
Vl.l.lni Brtthrcn cordla.1l) Invited in .umj
OUAXIlllOtlK l.tllHIK, sin:;
I II Wlllll.ilk, ||.(!,
Mni-l- l-l i„i,l Unl T Iiit mn,v  iiiaiill,
,11   Mil Hda.li>.      '
Vi,iii„B Im-llm-n mnliully Invllwl
\. M,-,'„w..s, C ll     1Vm. AlmiiMK-rur, S«-'i
W. F. OURI),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary  Public.
Cra.ibn.uk, II. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, lilc.
Haiell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
'       C H. DUNBAR       I
8   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    *
t Public, Etc. ;
X   Cranbrook,    -    -    i». c,   %
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olllce al Resilience, Ami.tron. Ave.
Forenonna,   ....   g:,nj |0 n
Allernoon.   ■   •   •   •   l:J(l to J:J0
l!venl»|!    ....    7.J0 lo «:J0
CKA- BROOK,    :   :   :    :       •    E   ('
«-• • . •* »•••»•»•«•»«•<'.'
William Gordon
Fancy Box Chocolates
al the Candy Kitchen
Ottawa, Deo, 13.—The minister of
agriculture is favorably disposal towards making an exhibit of Canadian
profliicls at the Lewis ami Clark exposition In Portland, Oregon, nexl
year. If the invitation is accepted
(he Canadian display will emphasize
particular lines that, would most effectively advertise Canada tlttougll-
out thu western states.
Aim RolierMnn
in lifiXl'H Iin   Lull.      We
lU-tni-HOf I'utlllbH Mini imn.- m. Ili.>
way. Tlml m.-miN h.hii-- I-'-"> Inn.hi..
m.ii ft-    SK|>: tilu nr,v. MIXTURK
fill till' I'll! lMf IliriM   li'ii.ji-; tie   liMDil   iih
.nm  M buy iii Toronto.   HpeHul
niliiiiiiiii nn-.ii Loitmll ordi'M.
■ imn,
i    „	
| MeCallum Block
■: .Ti-SJ'.-- ft) -J -J-.-i .T|..n».-i-.-!if
DAN HOLLAND, Ihe Shoemaker
Shop in the new llllllilioil In  tl..'
Aikon l,Wk.
jl.- iloHS only tho IiobI work.
Cull unit boo I.U...
0. 0. o.
No frozen slock.     All meats killed in Cranlmmk
Presh shipments of PISH, SHELL  FISH,  POULTRY
Try our SAUSAOIiS.   Once  tried you will eat no other
Before you order your turkey, goose or duck see our Xmas Display
Taltn iiollco.li.it, tl in tuy Intention to np-
I.V In tin- llnilli] Uf l.iri-lihi- ('iiiiiniiHi-iiii'ii'ii
ilfiH-Criinliiiiiik l.inli-ii-f „, ,l,i> tii-il minlur
„,i-i,ii,|;ii,i l)i><-i',iil,,-,'l'i,li-lfl(ll,fi,i-„ .ii,,,,..
for fi wyaell lu Rntjnrt ll. Bol.u.rt. nf Ilia
lintel II a lor (ha  IVanlnrr Imlalat Wanl-
luiln.l,,, iMiiil k, It.,'., Ni.v. 11, Im,!.
j4-4» A. A., uiim.
Repairinj; Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specialty
iin i-n-
, I.„,,,,,
T.'l.-|,lll.l,n, !,;
I     Dr. Connolly,     |
r    Physician and Surgeon   ;,,
® Office on Armstrong Avenue
^ llnnna,-
, tn 11 „.,,,.. tl ,„ i j,
I p.m.     'I'l I,,:,
I ♦ ! ...' I ■•-' I n!> I *
,,1-ici-: nouRSi
I. lo III a „,.
M. R. C. V. S
ll' DoilliBtl'J
iiiiiI Linn,>nrBtj
II Sp,
lei. No. 74.
rilE   HOKSE'8   rt.l..\
' hill ,„■,"•	
II.,nn llllllru
,,,, , ,u-1,In,,
Ami „> 'ii.,
urn ii,,,.
H|IIII1, in 1.
•ul Kill, lira, null ll|i
im.  vnuc.-,,   ind H0RS|, |)BNT|ST
CKANIIKIIIIK. II. C. •Cli.inc 14
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
TBOS. T. MtVITTIfl, P. I. S.
J. I.LAIULAW, « tl.


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