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Cranbrook Herald Jun 6, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, Prcsiilellt,
Paid Ip  Capital ..
Total  Resources ..
B. Ii. Walkkr, Gen. Man-
.... 2.MMNN
..    UMS.SMM
A (lenernl Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
At Gilpin's....
Latest styles in straight front corsets
25 per cent discount on our Ladies'
Skirts and Wrappers.
Ladies' and Children's Shoes, the cheapest in town.
Q. H. Gilpin.
New Qoods
We have them in Men's clothing
We have them in Men's furnishings
We have them in Dry Goods
At prices that will please all.
•••••••••••(3)   tj^at>-tym-m*ts
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort ■ Specialty
Qood Subline in Concetto*
Nearest to rnUionil nnd depot,    Hm accommodations Tot  the public unequalled in Cranhrook.
...........•»•»,,eS  ®a+.a
| Best on Earth
I Laycock's Creamery Butter
9 Made at Pox Warren, Man.
V Wc carry a complete line in stock
$> I Ib bricks, 14, 28 and 56 pound
*V boxes. Try it once and you will
X have no other. Wc are sole
9 agents (or Ihis line buller lor lhc
K territory extending Irom Kootenay
9 Landing, II. C, to Blairmore, Albt.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
J. R, PINK       j*       jt
When You Ride a Wheej
I have a line line this year, including the Cleveland, Dominion, Gen-
dron, Antelope, Geneva and Ideal.
Come and see them.   Prices Right.
...   G. H. Miner
Hm. Frnk J.   Lnsccllcs   Kills His
Chinese   Servant.
Rolling tn Wealth He Has Lived
a Life of Dreary
The Honorable Prank J. Lascelles, nn
an eccentric young Knglishuinn, ulio
has heen living on Columhia lake, near
Canal Plats, for the past eight or nine
yeara, shot and killed a Chinese employe on Wednesday morning of lasl
week. Afler the tragedy had occured,
Lacelles, who was dressed in hin
pajamas, put on a top coal, and Inking
a rifle and some cartridges in a licit, lei:
his bouse for the woods. Word was aent
to Ould Commissioner Griffith, at Gol
den, and officers were sent in search ol
Tha Canterbury Outcrop, which is
published about twenty-live miles from
Thornier HHI, the home of Lascelles, has
the following In regard to the murder:
Lascellrs returned from Pelerboio on
Thursday, the 33rd inst., where he had
been aaa witness in the ense ol Gallop
vs. Hauklns am) at supper was mote
sociable than usual. At times on Sunday be acted peculiar. Tuesday morning at 5 o'clock he got up and asked Jack
Lambert to go fishing with him. They
etnrned at 7:50. Tuesday morning
about 10 I first saw Lascelles wheu he
cane to tbe new bouse where we were
working, and talked sensibly. He called
Lambert out and started to talk about
H. Maedonald. About 11 he left on
horseback and did uot come back until
10 at night. Had no horse, hat or coat
and waa drenched to tbe skin, and appeared wild. The Chinaman gol him
supper, which he ale.   This morning as
it was just breaking day 1 first heard
Mt-ttt-OT, I iv  -HM -till i,>tloK ..I--..I Mh-.
donald and appealed to think be was
about the place. I heard him say:
Don't try tbat game or Til shoot." lie
also said, "I'll count 25 and if you don't
come I'll go after you." Jack then got
up and went out. Lascelles called two
or three times lo knuw who opened the
door. He got no answer. He then said
he would shoot the first man be met, 1
then started to get up with tbe intention
of protecting myself. In tbe meantime
he went into ibe store room. Then I
looked around for the other Chinaman
Lambert, but could uot bud tbcni
I then walked six miles to Bullnian'a,
got a hone and road lo Windermere,
It is said that Constable C. Cameron,
1). Gramger and Dr. Million, wbo were
seat to investigate the affair, found
Lascellea sitting at the roadside on a log
He pulled up his rifle and commanded
the party to halt. Tncy did so, and engaged bim in conversation, and by using
a little diplomacy succeeded iu gelling
hold ot his rifle. When this wns uccoui
pllsbed the prisoner was handcuffed and
placed iu tbe rig, and tnke n to Winder*
Hr. Lascelles is a young Bngllshmatt,
worth probably nearly #300,0.0 He came
to North Kast Kootenay about nine
years ago to find a place where he could
lite in retirement aud solHnde. He
selected tbe land where he afterwards
built bis borne, on thi* opposite side of
the lake from tbe government road, so
to he away froui people travelling
back aud forth, and even punted his
bouse green, su that there would be uu
contrast between it and Ihe grass nud
trees, for the purpose, nn be stated, to
prevent people from looking over nt it
from the road.
There are several people in Cranbrook
who know him well They nay lie was
full of eccentricities, aud alwnys ban
heen a very peciiliai individual over since
he came to the country. He made lew
friends, hut for those whom be showed a
liking, tbere waa nothing he would not
do for them, lie lived with two Chinese
servants and a companion. To bis servants he uever spoke, and they lived lu
abject fear of hia peculiar tetnpcrmetit.
Although having a liberal supply of
money, he dressed lu the plainest fash*
Ion, He seemed to have au anti pi thy
towards women, and would uot have one
about hla plaee.
There seems ta be no doubt among
those wbo have kuown bim well, lhat
his mind finally gave way under the
life he was leading, aud the tragedy is
tba result. He will probably be cou
fined in an asylum until his friends
fiom Kngland come to look afler him.
liis sudden death ct >ue aa a grout shock
to tbeui. He was in Cranbrook only n
few days previous to his death, and
visiled G. H. Miner. A. Leitch and J. C.
Slitter at tbat time. At that time be
seemed to be In the bent of health and
spit its.    Tbt Winnipeg Free l'ress in nn
account of the tragedy, says:
Mr Ilnrgrcnves was une of ibe mosl
widely known of Winnipeg couimercia
travellers and was a pnst chief ronsul of
the tl. C. T.'s and past president of lhe
N W C T. A. lie wan an old time
resident of Winnipeg and came west In
1878 or 1870    lie had been connected
with Hit 0, V, Stephens Co. foi iiiiiny
years and nt one time represented level •
nl well ic 1111*11 eastern firms iu the wesi.
He was bom near Manchester Kngland,
mul came to Canada at nu enrly nge, nml
lived for some lime at Perth, Oul. Deceased wns about 45 years of nge and
leaves a wife and two young nuns residing pn Kennedy street.
<kiir);c L. Morrow and W. S. Keay
Honored by Friends.
One   Left   (or  Cub.1,   tlie   Olher
Goes to California to
Get Married.
testimonial oi! EMENDS tiii:kii*:mis
JM 0 Y I El
9 *
* News Notes From the Mineral City |
Saklde ef William Hsr* reaves.
William Hargrenves, ol Winnipeg, vice-
president and travelling representative
old. It. Stephens & Co., of Winnipeg,
committed suicide at Rat Portage lusl
Priday by culling hia thront in bis room
at the hotel where be was stopping.
Tbe deceased waa well known to quite
auumbcr of people lu Cruubruok,  and
Everything at the St. Kugene is now
in first clans order and Ibe present mouth
in sure to be a record breaker. The
high waler in the lake interfered wilh
the tailings for n short time, bul Ibis has
now subsided mid no more difficulty
will be exuerieuced. Kvery day immense quantities of oje arc being turned
out, but lasl Tuesday Ihe output was
even a little higher than usual, 1-25 tons
of concentrates being lurned out between the hours of 7 p in. nnd 5:30 a.m
Thin was surely a record breaker, and
shows that the St. Kugene in II is a first-
class one.
The work ou the new sawmill is now
steadily progressing. The timbers will,
iu a short lime, be completed, wheu lhe
machinery lor lhe mill will be put iu
place antl lhc lumber for the frame of
llle mill sawed Work on the spur ftom
the C. ti. K. ts nlso being pushed and the
grading wilt likely be completed this
Tom Rnder and O J, Johnson nre hard
nt work on tbe Aurora, having a sumll
force of men   employed     They  report
prospects brighter.
The smnll pipe for Lhe Moyie waterworks has now arrived, but the main
pipe is not yet here, being expected nnv
dny. On its arrival work laying it will
at once commence,
Tim 1. o. o. v.
At a recent meeting of the Odd Fellows lhe following officers were elected:
I*'. I. Moore. N. 0 , J- S, MncKachern,
V. G., A. W. Sulheilniid, R S., A
Drummond, P. S., W. L. Reid and R
Smith, Trustees.
The merchants of Moyie hnve decided
to close enrly during the summer mouths
Kighl o'clock wns decided upou and uow
all stores are closed al lhat hour.
J, J. Mttrphy was down to Perry creek
lhe fust of tbe week arranging for assessment work lining done on his claims.
The mining students of McGill university, who are makiug a summer tour
through British Columbia, visited Moyie
on Tuesday last aud went through the
Sl. Kugene mine and concentrator.
T. B. Collins, the barber, has returned
from Blairmore and is uow established
in tlie Kooteuay holel.
The Western Supply company hns now
moved into the new Farrell block and
has one of the best locations in town.
G. H. Miner, of Cranhrook, visited
Moyie on Tuesday Inst.
F. Filch ban returned from lhe lower
lake where he hns been doing some
work on a gold-copper proposition.
Prest, ihe phologrnphcr.ofCranbrook,
was in lown this week.
McMahon Pros, intend lo open their
new hotel, the Kootenay, wilh n grand
ball on Friday, June 15.
T, Norton, the tailor, has had his shop
moved from oho of the aide nlieela lo
Victoria avenue, nnd now has a fine
Mrs. J. Sorman is now running the
Lake Shore boarding house which wns
formerly in charge of Mrs, Doig.
Rev. Mr. Perry occupied the Methodist pulpit here last Sunday.
A Short Vacatloa.
Tbe editor of The Herald nnd his better half will leave Saturday morning for
a trip to the coast. They will go to Nanaimo, where Old Mnn Simpson will
represent Cranbrook and Moyie I. O. O.
ti. lodges al tho meeting of the Grand
Lodge, and from there tbey will go to
Victoria, Seattle nnd Tacoma. During
the old man's absence, M. Rockeudotf,
The Herald's right bower, will hnve
charge of the paper, He is duly authorized to collect all he cnu antl not pay a
cent, to keep thc machine going. We
piopose to have a good time nud toss oil'
the worry of the whole business for two
weeks, and on our return dig inlo hatd
work fur another 12 mouths.
Last Priday evening the Masons of
Cranbrook lodge, No. 34, banqueted
their departing member and district
deputy, Mr. G. L. Morrow, who left for
Cuba on Sunday afternoon. It was
about 10 o'clock when the Masons und
it number of Invited friends took their
seals nrouud llie tables in tbe dining
room ol the Crnnbrook holel. The
tables were at ranged in the form of a
square, one of the Masonic emblems,
and were loaded wilbnll lhe dainties he
market aflbided. Chef Walcoit did
himself proud in the dinner thai was
seived, and on ull sides were heard winds
of praise for the magnificent spread.
A. Moffat officiated ns chairman and
Dr. J. II King as vice chairman, and
wheu cigars had been lighted and the
smoke was floating toward the ceiling
Mr Moffat rapped for order ntlll proposed us the first tonal "The King,"
after which "Long Live the King" was
sung wilh spirit.
The guests were then naked to rise
again and drink lo the guest of Ibe evening. Mr. Morrow, which was done, ami
the chonts "Por He's a Jolly 'Good Pel-
low" taken tip wilb enthusiasm. Mr.
Gurd then read on address from the
Masons to Mr. Morrow, selling forth ibe
high esteem iu which be wns held by
lite fraternity nnd the people,
Tbe following toast list was then presented:
The Press—P. ti Simpum.
Learned Professions—Dr. Keith, Mr.
Gurd nnd Mr. Gaiiverenn.
Mercantile lyteresl8-—Mf*oar* uini*-
Miiii-i. Deatlie, Reid and Gilpin.
Hanking Interests—H, Haiues.
Song—Ji W. Robinson.
Lumber and Mining-—A. Leitch, J. W,
Robinson, W. W. Doble und J. Hutchison.
Visitors-A. W. R. Mnrkiey.
The Ladles—Messrs. Gurd, Parker,
Gntivcreau nud Bell.
At tbis juncture Mr. Morrow proposed
tbe tonst "Beautiful Cinnbrook," coupled
with tiie names of W. P. Tate, 1L ti.
Beattie aud F. lv. Simpson.
The chairman then proposed the closing lonst "Onr Host," nnd the crowd
sang "For Jim Is a Jolly Good Fellow"
until Mr. Ryan hliishtd in his modesty
itl snid some good things ub he nlwnys
After joining hnndsand singing "Auld
Lang Syne" the crowd dispersed.
Following nre the names of those
preMlli: Dr King, Dr Bell, W P Gurd,
M Rockendorf, M li King, Frank Clapp,
George Milliard, Geoige Lwich, A D
Parker, W T Reid, li Haines, John
Hutchison, A Leitch, A Moffat, N B
Gauvernu, W W Doble, J W Robinson, 1
J P Fink, G II Miner. G H -Jflpin, Jas
Ryan, Chas McNab, Geo Johnson, W F
Tale. A W R Maikley, V ti Simpson, R
E Beattie, B Carter, W Stocks. Dr Keith.
Ante-Nuptial Farewell.
Salutday uight in not ihe best night iu
the world to bold a banquet. Therefore,
it was nearly 11 o'clock before the
guests invited to say farewell lo VV. S
Keay, who left Monday morning foi
California to be married, wete seated
around lhe "eleelriu-lighl-kissed festal
board" at thu Cosmopolitan hotel. The
table waa beautifully decoialed wilb
flowers and bunting, and the many fancy
dishes nud display of glassware presented
a scene thut was pleasing lo the eye anil
n credit to Mr. Smnll, the host, ti. ti
Simpson officiated as chiimaii and It. ti.
Beattie ns vice chairman. After drinking lo the health of lhe King aud -Queen
Mr. Beatlie, in his hnppy style, explained why tlie mourners were present) and
thtu culled upon Mr. Hutchison who
read nn address lo Mr. Keay. Tha address wan a touching effort, and expressed the sorrow felt over the loss of
Mr, Keny lo lhc bachelor element nnd
the congratulations of the betiedlcls on
his wise step. A bentitifitt emblem was
then presented nnd Mr. Keay responded
thanking all for their kindness. Then
billowed a flow of eloquence in response
ton toast list that was a Utile diffeienl
from the ordinary list presented, and
the replies included talks from nil
King and Queen.
Old Married Men—II- McVittie.
The Mercantile Grnfi—G, II, Gilpin
nnd J. V. Pink.
The Divorce Court—W. P. Guul
Jong—J. W. Robinson.
Words of Consolation und Congraluln
tiou—John Hutchison.
House nud Lot—V. Hyde Baker,
The Meat Bill—Mr. James and W.
W  Doble.
I- Jt a Good thing—M Rockendorf."
Tbe Races, Irish Included — E. J.
Pel 1 ier.
The Government Graft —Mr. Jamison.
Take Your .Medicine—Dr. King.
The Graft of Grafts—II. Haines.
Batching—N Gauveresu
The Cosmopolitan —K   IT. Small.
Al Ibe close the guests nl) shook
hands with Mr. Keny and wished him
every happliiese in bis new relations.
MINES   ********
A pnrly composed of United Stntes
Senator Turner, rd Spokane, G W Hull,
of Toledo, Ohio, C W Ibirdsall and Leonard Ct-vier, of Spokane, ariived yesteiday ntieriioon nnd look a conveyance at
once for Kimberley, Mr Turner and
Mr Hull are largely Interested in lhe
Sill li vnn  mine,   and   they are here wilb
MrCevier, a mining engineer,;and Mr
Rilrdsall) ihe former superintendent, to
investigate conditions with a view of
pulling in a smeller if circumstances
Warrant It, It ia quite probable, if any
nelion is taken Hint way, Hint llie stuel
lei will be located near tbe falls ou
M.-uk creel;.
Iran la Suiilh liiisi Kuotenay.
Nehioii Tribune:   Some Ilitbrestlng.de*
velopiueiit work Is now going on in the
Goat Kivei miniug division, which mny
result in the establishment iu thut district of lhe greatest iron industry in
Canada. Monlre.il men are furnishing
tin* money, and if they have -a lint ihey
think lhey have the Ctergue iron and
steel industry at the Canadian Soo will
be crowded into second place.
The work which these Montreal men
have iu hnud is the exploration of ibe
big ledge of hematite tiou, between Ar
tow creek and Goat river, and iijkjii
Which some twenty claims have been
located The properties were foimerly
Held by C. P. Hill, of Porl Hill, Idaho,
wbo a inotiih ago gave a bond upon ihem
to a Montreal Syndicate headed by William lll'tkciuoie,. formerly manager of
the Crows Nest Coal company's property
ut Periile. Mr. Ulakemore has assumed
personal charge of tbe development nnd
hflfi tio"1. "'•  '■"""V" •luirnin'ilt-Ttilnrqtint.
ol the btg iron ledge wilh the aid of two
diamond drills which ure now on the
ground The ledge te from 40 to 130
feel wide, and has been traced through
the mountains for a distance of six miles,
aud assays made of il show 60 per cent
magnetic iron. Mr. Ulakemore promises
that if tlle ledge holds the same values
as depth is attained by the diamond borings an iron and steel industry will
spring up around Kitchener which will
be second lo none tu the Dominion In
addition to live iron measures there is a
water power III lhe Goal river which is
snid to tqn.il thai of Boutiington falls for
power purposes*, nod anticipating the
value of their iron ledge lhe Montreal
men have secured it. The exploration
of the hon ledge will be proceeded wilh
as quickly as possible.
Ore That Rubb High la Copper.
M.J. Hniptn, of Whiiewnter, passed
through Nelson yesterday on his wny to
Kast Kootenay, nays the Nelson Trbune,
to do some work on claims be owns over
theie, which are situate on St. Mary's
river, some three ami a hulf miles from
St. Mary's lake. The ore on his property
runs as high as 25 per cent copper, aud
carries a lllile gold. Mr. Hal pi fi-believes
that he has something worth walking,
and as he is a practical miner he intends
pulling in some hard licks for a time.
It  Promises   to be a   Greal   Gold
They Excell   thc  Lead Mines   of
the Sloc.tn by Big
Mining Notes.
James Cronin, manager ofthe Sl. Kugene mine, was in town yesterday,
C. P. Hill, who was instrumental )n
gcltiuu capiiai interested iu the Iron deposits near Kitchener, was in town this
week. He snys lhey hnve bail n hard
lime gelling their machinery on Ihe
gioutitl, owing to high wafer- bul that
everything is in good shape for the work
of prospecting with iheir di itnond drill.
Tom Slntbtrd, one of lhe besl known
miniug men in Kast Kooieuay, wnn in
town yelierday. lb* hnd jusi returned
fi om thc Windermere ronntry and says
that they have been held buck there in
mining operations hy the laie spring
but llial during Ihe pnst ten dnys the
snow bas been rapidly dirappenring from
the hills.
The Herald is in receipt ofa pamphlet
from Hon. Richard Mcllilde, minister ol
mines, that is a most comprehensive review of the mining Industry of British
Columbia. The pnmphlel has been prepared for distribution at Ihe Glasgow
and Buffalo expositions.
"Do you know," said nn old miner of
this district the olher day, "it would
not surprise trie any lime lo bear cf
some one finding tug pay gravel un
some of these creeks, if llley wiil go to
bedrock. It takes time and motley to
do that, but ibe millions 1 bul were taken
out of Wild Horse in the Sixties did not
clean np llie gold iu ibis district by any
means. Prospectors should have llieir
eyes open for placer as well as qnarlz
lt Is surely here."
The Herald has alwtys malntaliied
lhat one of the tichesl territories tributary to Crailbrook is the Perry creek
district, and it will Iw n gold camp wiih
strong values Already there has been
a large amount of placer gold taken oul.
and in tlte work done il is thought that
the tichesl gravel has not been reached.
John Murphy, of Moyie. Who has two
claims on the creek, lhe Daisy and Gen
eral, visited the district ibis week in
company wiih OKvei llurge, lo look
after the properly ou winch Ihe assess**
ment woik is being lone bj the Pollard
brothers and A   L-gget.
SpeftkIllg ol the work done in lhe dis*
tnut Mr. Murphy said. 'The Perry
Creek Gold -dining company, limited,
have 121*1 feet of tunnel Work on their
property, and hnve started to make nn
upinise where il will give them n depth
ol 180 feet. Their tueln tunnel is in 14-.V1
feel. During the last few Any* lhey
have struck a pocket ol rich gold ore
that ussi.ys over ftoo per ton. They
have ui e men iu the camp.
''Jack Thbuipsun and lhe Hanks
brothers have gotten lo bid rock on
Perry creek at78 feet, ami they are the
tiist ones lo do so, and have been ie-
warded by finding sis feel qt pay gravel.
They had a wheel m the creek to do ibe
pumping) bu; the bigb water took it out
nd they hnd '-o suspend operations until the water recedes They intend to
push their work as soon as il is possible.
"Mr. Sherwood will start in a few
days to ilo assessment work on his prop-
Town ami getting ready to do the work
ou his claim Shakespeare Theis hns
staked a tewnstte near Young'? property-
just above tbe townsite staked bv lhe
big company. Prank Vllleoeuva has
doue a lot of work on hte pioperty. having 130 feet of tunnel. He has a good
property I took >otne of his rock and
panned it out. finding colors. Oliver
Burge has a properly tbere and will
have the work done on it.
''I look upon the Perry creek district
ns one full of promise. The properties
aie looking welt and with a stamp mill
lhey can be worked at a profit. There
should be a road from Cranbrtok to tbe
district ns Cranbrook is iheir natural
market. It would be a big thing for
Cranbrook and a great convenience lo
llie people of that district."'
Famous Esst Kooleaay Mlaes.
The North Siar, the famous silver-lead
properly near Cranbrook, B. C , will
soon pay another dividend of three
cents a shue, snys ibe Spokane Review.
That will be equal to *J39,»oo, for ihe
compauy hns issued $1,300,000 in captlal
The new dividend will be payable on
June 15 It wil be the second distiilm -
tion of profits in nhich the shareholders
will have participated thii year. The
previous dividend, whi< b nlso was for
three cents a share, was made in March,
The toial sums that have been paid by
lhe North Star up to date have been
Notwithstanding the depression under
which lhe silver-lead mines of British
C tumbta have been suffering,it isnotin-
sble that ihey still contribute liberally
'o the profits of mining In the province.
The St. Kugene Consolidated, ut
Moyie, twenty miles from Craubrook.
which is controlled by ihe Canadian
Gold Pieids syndicate, has j aid profits ol
tiio wni this year. A dividend of three
\tet cent wns paid on January 1. nnd anther of the'sam* shea on April 1 As
thc capital of the compnny is fi.scn coo,
each distribution of profits nmoiinled to
The St Kugene has suffered considerably from lack of a market for lit ore
aud has had to send its produce lo Belgium to be handled. 'I'he property wnt
almost closed for n short lime, but the
announcement was made n few dnys ngo
thnt il is lo be worked ngain with a full
foice. There is got d reason to look forward lo a continuation of dividends.
Since the first of the yenr the silver-
lead properties of lhe Slocan and Kast
Kooleiiay hnve pnid £398,500 in profits
of which the St. Kugene has pnid $tlo,-
ooa and the Noilh S ar £7^,000, making
a total of fi77 500, more lhali all the
lead mines of Ihe Slocan. Tnd) South
Kasl Kooieuay is nil right.
R, Hertz, of The Port Steele Mercantile company, wa*. married Wednesday,
June 5. nt Port St. ele, loMt*-sM. Secord.
of lhat cily. Rev. Bench am officiating.
The I ride aud groom lefl Ibis morning
'or a trip lo Spokane and olher points. 1
Editor and Proprietor.
The Hen-iiit de-ilres ta give tlie Q«wi of tlie
-district. It yuu know any about your town
your mine or ymir people, send It to this ofllce,
Corrected by "Hutch,"
North Star 6ac
St. Kugene 702
Sullivan H#r
Republic  , wjjic
Payne iic
Crows Nest Conl 80 00
Canadian C. P   S      *&3X*r
Olive  5'/ic
Success depends upon a liberal
patronage of printing offices.—John
Jacob Astor.
On Wednesday, Don McKay iu charge
of n small road gang, left Steele to work
on the Wild Horse trail.
Mra. K. I). Mather was visiting at
Kimheiley during the enrly pari of this
M 11. King and wife, Mrs Beattie and
Dr. J. II. King were visitors at Sleele on
-M4-l*****4-i*4ttt **********
*-1***4 4*4 49* 9******* ******
9 *
I  News   From   the   Coal   Metropolis J
A smelter   In South But Kootenay
will go a long way toward relieving the
present situation.
'■Beautiful Cranbrook" is fully em-
phssli'd these days.
Tbe Nelson papers are at It again.
The people of tbat town are patient
Ao hypocrite is an abomination In tbe
eyes of man. He may think be Is fool
lag the Lord, but he Isn't.
Cranbrook Is a great sporting center,
In fact, when railways, commerce, man*
ufacturlng and mining li considered, It
Is the center of all these lines tor tbis
Tell your frlenda when you write all
about South Hist Kootenay, and If you
are too tit* I to tell them, send them
Tbe Herald, and then they will get all
the news. 	
The Libby News editor Usued a paper
again laat week. He says be is not
positive when he can get out another
paper. If the Mbby people know ho
to appreciate a good thing, they will see
tbat the News editor Is encouraged to
Issue bis paper each week.
Nowhere Is there a better 01 richer
mining district than South Em Kootenay. Here mere Is vast wealth to be
found, and here prosperity will orlug
happiness to countless thoinands with
In the next few years.
ine Ferule rise nos >uu .ua ..»■.
Leader each gave considerable space
last week to Cranbrook's big celebration. The Port Steele Prospector lg*
nored it altbogether. flrace, you are
old enough to know better.
Cranbrook made a big success of ber
■prlng meeting, and the success was
made possible by the hearty co-operation of most of tbe other towns tn tbe
The man who knocks at South Eaat
Kootenay today Is simply driving nails
In his own c-jflln.
[ From Hia I ree Press I '
McRae's mill sl Coal Creek has closed
down owing lo high wnter.
The Pernie Church nf Kngland hns
extended a call to the Rev. Houghton,
of I'm berry, Manitoba,
There is some talk of organizing a
baseball team from the Cranbrook and
Pernie teams to go to Knsslanit and Nelson some lime in July,
It took about five hours for the special
train from Cranbrook on Tuesday evening to reach Pernie. Tbe accomodation
although only second class, was princely
compared with tbat of thc excursion
rain last year.
The application of Alfred Doyle, ot
Port Steele, for a license for the Crows
Nest hotel, which was to have beeu
heard on Saturday, the 251b, in Cran*
brook was withdrawn, owing to failure
to meet tbe requirements of the law
His petition contained 430 names. The
counter petition contained 400 name?,
over 30a of whom are house holders.
Thirty householders signed both peti
Now tbat Cranhrook has improved its
baseball team by tbe addition of Mike
U'Hara, one of tbe best pitchers in the
west, it is expected tbat some very ex
citing matches will take place between
Pernie's team aud that of Craubrook
Our boys are not tbe kind wbo will take
a back seat at the lirst defeat.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'jC).
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co,
The only all rail route hetween all
poiou East, Weti aod South to..,.
Intermediate Points.
CnnneclinE Ht
Sl'OKANli wilh the
dreat Northern, Northern Paclllc
and U. K. & N, Company.
(•>-»- ® -®-®-if
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
Take uotlce that l linvi'iii>|iliedtnttiaclilefcoiii
mtislouer 01 lamb ami works, at Victoria, h-1\
fm a HpecLii license to ntt ami carry away timber mi mul rrom llm foiUiwitiK described vacant
crown lands In lhe district nl smith Kast Kooieuay, it. e, ■ Commencing uta ixi.it planted on
the went line uf Lot UOI, (Troup 1, Kixitemiy District, nnd ahmit uno mile smith ulthe norili*
west curlier of lho snlil Iut, ami Wllleli |W9tls
niiirki-.il "Alex. MolTnlt'S S. K. corner," ttieiice
went si rhaliiK more or less, tlienoe north sbnut
•ui i<haliH to the south side of tlie Klk river,
tlienee north.emterly, following llu* sonih Hide
uf the saiil river aiinnt ini rli ilni to n point dm*
nurtii of the i.iiit north-went corner nf tlie s id
lot, theuce south about 111 olialns tothe placs of
ben iuiiliin, t*i mini til nc in. 0 iini's more or less.
Dated thn with day or May, a. I), IU0I,
»;i;*lwlj|niteftM.ili.**xs *.^& miu'Mii, w
Victoria, B. 0, torn sneelal license to cut ami
carry away timher nu mul from lhc foil-wlnn
deHcrlhed vitcmt crown lauds In Uie ilUtii-r. oi
Hou h Ka t Kootenay, 11. ('.; Cnnuneneing al a
i«»tt |ilaiitad ahout one mile -wintli of tlie smith
hankottlic Klk river, la lhe said district, ant
a nnu om* nml mie Imlf uille-i frum the niOntll
of tlm said river, ami which post u marki'd
"iory Dow's N. W, corner." thence east hi
chains, theuce.smith su elialns, thence weal »)
chains, thence north tmcliiilns In the plane nf
lioKlniilne, cntitaltilnjrtnu acres nn te or lum,
Dated the will duy of May, a. l>. i-joi.
Take nntlce that I have applied to the chief
commissioner of lands ami works at Victoria, It.
C.furu special license Incut and carry nwny
Ilmher on snd frum lhe follnwItiK deacrloi'il
vacant crown hunts In the dhlrict of South Knst
Kont 1-tiny, ll I'.. rniniiieiiHiig at n post planted on the south liank uf the Klk river In the sahl
district, ahout one ami oiw-lialf miles from the
lumith nf the snid river, and wnlcll pest h marked "-F. It. Morris s N. 1*:, corner," ilieuee smith
sn chains, thenee we«t so rhulus. tlienoe nm th ku
clialus, ilieuee east sn chains lu lhe place of be-
KtaniUKi coutaiUK Ml acre* more ur lens.
Dated tlie81th day Ot May, A. D, I'M.
V.  It. MiillltlK.
Hon. J. II. Turner will not resign aa
provlucial treasurer until he has been in
England some time, and Hon. J. D
Prentice will act as provincial treasurer
H. C. Killeen will have full charge of
all roads and Hails in the province in
tbe future, and ti. C, Gamble to bave
charge of the dyking works.
Provincial Constable Forbes,  who re-1
signed his New Denver station 00 the I PtutMrsjdsiareto tisI paid to Alias D, Vroman,
*        . . aad a 1 chiins agaltut the said partnership urn
provincinl police for   service in South 1-j,, tiB pnid by hlm.
Dated at ('rnnbrook, May :11st, loot.
W. F. Ill: Itl) 1 Ull Alt l,s P. VKOMAN
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice Is hereby Klveu lhat ihe partnership
htretororeexWtlng between ns, UieiiiiderslKiieil,
usproprleiorsof the Wentworth hotel, In ('ran
hroiiK, II. ii, lias ihu day been dlsinlved by
mu mil consent.   All il**bt» owIuk t" ihe sulil
Africa, anil who since his return hia
been stationed at Lardo, has beeu moved
to Kimberley.
W. R. Hocking, formeily of Moyie,
who is serving time on the charge of
bigamy, has had bis case taken up by
the United Slates authorities on the
grounds of new evidence that will show
he Is not guilty.
Tbe people ot Ferguson are kicking
because all they can get from lhe government is receipts for laiea paid. No
money hns heen spent on the town in
public improvements.
The Lardeau tingle says tbat many
prospectors nre willing to u»e space in
tbat paper lo boost their claims, but
never think of pulling up a dollar on
subscription to keep tbe presses going.
Foot pads are working in Nelson.
It is rumored that the Canadian Smelting works of Trail, It C, uow lhe largest producer of lead bullion in Canada,
will proceed immediately with the construction of n lead refinery. It bas not
heen decided whether these works will
he located in the Kootenny district or on
tbe Pacific const, or at some point on
tbe Atlantic senhnard. There is also
some talk to the tffeel that Canadian
capital in being rnised for the purpose of
erecting white lend works iu lhe eaat.
Liod Act Notice.
Notice la hereby given ihat l have made application to Die chief cum missions uf Inmls and
works, Victoria, H. V., tor n special license in cut
and carry away Umber ou and from the fallowing dewrlhcd vacant crown binds, ln lhe dhlrict of t-nutll Ktst Kuotenay, II 0,   Cnniineiii*-
innai a post planted nn the north side of Telegraph tralli aliinil two miles soiltheasl of the
cinssliiu of llie Klk rivet by tbe said trail, lo the
said ilMil't, and which post U marked ---J, Ih
Costigan's S. W. comer port,'*- thence north I9S
chains, thence east hii cha lis, thence south IIU
chinas, ihcnce west ao chulns (n place of begin*
inni:. enntaltiliiK 1<H><>ucres more ur lesi,
Duleil Die 2nd dny nf May, IU0I.
Laad Notice.
Thirty days afler date I luiemi to apply lo
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fir
I ic mil--.i un to pun hnse thn follnwlnu deiirlbed
land: Commencing at the north east corner of
Thus. 1.1*.ink's pre-i'iupiloii oil iv ry Creek, riming east 10chains, tlienee south unchains, theme
wi'-t tn chains thence uur. li so dial 11 a to point nf
Chester McAdam.
From Fort Steele I'rnspector.
A small force is at work repairing tbe
Windermere road norlb of Wasa,
ti- ft. Woodford left Fort Sleele on
Thursday on a visit to Winnipeg.
Mrs, J. A. Harvey and daughter left
on TueBilay for Chicago. They will
visit Toronto and other eastern Canadian
ctiei before tbey return.
M idem
The Canadian Pacitic Railway Company control a large area oi the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from in.oo to *!■■-;<»> an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Nelson  with Steamer for Knslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Conner's iliiilv
At    Bosshurg   Stage   Dally   for
Grand Porks and lireenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Oen. !*■««. Ait.
Direct route to all
East ■ West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily West daily 16:10
16|I0  " East "     7:50
13:00 Kimberley 18:50
, Ximberlev trains   on Tuesdays,
Ihursdays ana   Saturdays.
For lime tables ind lull Information, call on
or idJrefls nearest local agent.'
B. J. CIIVLE                       C.E.CM.EMAN,
A. II. P. A.                             Agent.
Vancouver, B.C,                Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelion, B. C.
Land Acl Notice.
Take niitlci* llial I llflVO ii]>|illi><! tn lln* I'lifef
commissioner or lands nml works at Victoria, It.
0., for a special license to cat ami oarry away
iimiiiT mi mnl frum ilu' following described
vacant ernWii hunte, in tin* district nf Bfllltl) Knst
Kontt'iiay, ll. C. t'umiuuili'liig at a i"»*i i>latilpil
at Iliu Uortli Vest ninn-l nf lnt 3B0, group I,
Kimlciiiij  illslrletj ami iilil'li ims! Is timrki'tl
"Edward -Tamil's s. w. eoiner post," tlienee
nm ih I'jfi chains, I hence east no rhnlns, thence
south liffi ih tins, iheuce west wu duiliis, to idnce
ni ih'hiiiiuhi: I'liiiiiiuiinn iuhi acres more nr u*
1 nufii tin* Hnd day of May, a. I>, 1901,
Liod Acl Notice.
Take nolloe i Imi I have appHHil tn lln* i Inef <*"m
in ih louor <>i iiiniK iimi works ni Victoria, 11.
for a s|n'i*iai iiivust* in out aud cany away llm*
lier on and from tht* f--u...vln« described ineaiil
orown lands lu the dlsirlct i>r .-nutii Kant Koolo
nay. ll. i . Comnienellig at a wit planted nn
the iiuitii side uf Teleitrai>li trail, alanittlires
miles Hoi-tlieasl or the crossing nf tuu Klk river
hy tlie said trail, lo llie nalddlsiilel audwbloli
post is marked •<'. I'. * 'Kelly's s, w. corner
ihisi," thenee norlli i-S chains, thence cast BO
olialns, thence south laielmlns, llieneo west so
cliiiiii!* io |ihn t b.'glnilliiB, coiitatnl.-K 100U
acres mnro or less,
l.i.ui'.i the Snd day nf May, hhii,
('. I\ UKKM.V.
Land Acl Notice.
Take notice llmt 1 Iniveaiuillel to the ClllPl
commissioner ni lands and works at Victoria,
M. (., for a soccial liceuse to cut a il carry sway
(imher  nn anil from lllS  Toi owing  ilPHCi'llicd
vacant crown lands in Die district of Houth ivw
Koutenay, ll. 0, i Olumeni Iim at a [Mist iiii n il
on Uu* nun li tliluol 'l'i-l(*nni(ili trail, aimnt tnree
inilcs smiiiieasi or the cro-isliig or ihe Klk river
hy the said trail In tin- said district, ami which
ixist is marked "i\ lllesel s n, \v. corner itott,
Ilieuee snillll k1', chains, llicuei*  cast   *(t ejiid i|
llience im l li MS c.iiilns, I heiiee wi-hI hii chain* In
pluee or beRlnnliiBi uanliilHins a**'a ires mure nr
Dated the vail day or .Mny, iimt,
Land Acl Notice.
Take nntlou thai I have H|)|tllCll tothe elder
eoiumlsslotier of lands ami works at Victoria,
It. (',, turn <t|ieclal llccnso tu -Pill and cany nway
Milliter on ami from tin* rniiowiiiK described
vacant nrnwii limits, In tin* district of Hotitti
Kut Kniiteiiny. Coininemlni; al a posl |i!anti<il
nn the soutli sl-le o( Tolc|{ra|ill Trull, aliont out*
Imlf mile soiitli nl Uiocrim-liiKftf the Klk river
hy (lie suld trail, In the said district, mnl W'llloll
tinst is imirked "W. W, Dolile'a N. K. corner
|Hi.st,' tlienee smith 120 elinlns, thence west so
chains, theuce north )•-■"> eliailis, tlienee enst sn
chains in ilie pluee of bej(liinliitf, eoiiiainiiig lndO
•res mnro or less.
Dated lln* Mh liny nr .May, A. I>. 1001,
W. W   DOHI.K.
At the	
Herald Office
Timber Notice.
Notice Is herehy Rlvon HiaM linve ni)|illcii In
the chief coiiunisslniiei* of lauds ami  > orks for
permission to out nnd cany away timher from
tlm following tloiprlboil lands In Sonih Kast
Knolcnay, ('oinineiicliiji al a jinst iiiarked ,1. II,
MoMlllllll -*> soiitli east corner plantod near I'al m
ers liar creek and the I'liyroll Miniug Coiniian.
wagon road, thence nortli i*.'.■■ chains, tlienue
; so chains, thenco smith 135 chains, thonco
cant ho chains to |ilnoo of iiettinuiiiK, eoninlulnR
lomiarrefi more or less,
Dated at Urnnbnmk, ll. ('„ this mh day nf
.May, iwu. J. 11. MeML'LIJN.
Terms of Payment
The anreiite imounl ol principal and interest, except In lhc
case ol laad* under MM an acre, is divided Into len Instalments ns
shown in tne table below; Ihe Ilrsi to be paid al Ihe lime nl purchase, Ine second one year from dale ol lhc purchase, lhc third in
two years and so on.
The following table shows the amount ol Ihe annual instalments
on IM acres al diflerenl prices under Ihe above conditions:
IM acrs at J2.50 per acr, Isl Instalment $54.45 o eu.mil Inlnl'ls nl $50.00
3.M     "           »               7I.M ••               MI.OO
J.50     "           »               UM •■              70.00
»            4.M     ••           >•               95.85 "              HII.IHI
4.M     w           ••               107.85 •'              WOO
5.M     »           »                14.85 **             100.00
Kimhprlpv is the business and shipping point for
ixMiiuti t*ay Norfh Sfar gnd Su||ivan min(!S_
^^^^^^^^    Nortli Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agcnls.
Cranbrook '8 ***e ("v's'ona' P°'n' °' "ie Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.    	
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II Ihe land Is paid lor In lull al Ihe
lime ol purchase, a reduction Irom lhc
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
cent on Ihe amnunl paid In excess of lhc
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cenl will be
charged In over due instalments,
The Company has also lots lor sale
in the following lown sites in East Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kllch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balance In six and twelve
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
N'ottco Is hereby jrlvon tlmt we have miule aj>-
plicMlon to tin* duel eommltalon-ar of lands nml
works, at Victor tt, for as|.ci'liil license to tut
nml carry nwny timber from the to lowing iles-
crlh-wl viu'iuit orown lumU in the dhtrlct of
smilh Knst Kooteimy. H. C: Commencing at a
post |il;ml''i| IU HiiKli O. Mr.MilliHH soulh-t'ail
eorili-r, an<l utiotil hulf a mile above the junction
of Little nn l Um siuiil creeks, cniniiienrlii)! at a
north-fast QortlOr post, thence south JO clmlDs,
llioncfl west nio chulns, thenee north ion chains,
tlienee cast -to chains, ilMiiea smith oo chains,
thence cast 130 chnins to place of beginning,
containing luoo acres more or less.
Dated the oth day ot Mny, I'JOi
THE McNAlt M'MBKIt t'U.I.T'l).
Liod Act Notice.
Notice Is hereby gh ,-n Hint I have made application to Ihe chief coiiimtsNl-jner of lands and
works at Victoria, II, tl., for a special license to
cut and carry away litnlicr on and from the following described vacant crown lands In the district of Houth Knst Kootenay. 11. ('. -Tomuienc-
mi at a |m it planted on tlie soutli side of Tele-
griiph trail, ahout one- Imlf mile from the itom-
lag of the Elk river hy the said trail, In the said
district, ami which ihibII-i marked "Malcolm
Mcliin-'B' 8, W. corner pnst," thence north 126
chalni, tlienee east st clulns, thence south us
rhnlns, tnence west t*a otiains lo place of beginning, containing lOUu acres more nr less.
Hated < ranhronk, 11. V, May 2nd, 10OI.
Surveys „	
Land Purchases.
Mining Claims,
etc., inuiie oy coiuract,
P. 0. Fort Steele, H. C.
»<> Builder 3
::::;Cranhrook, 11 C
lent Act Notice.
Taka notice that I have applied to the chief
commissioner of lands and works at Victoria, II.
<'., for a special llcemrt to cul and carry away
timber ou and from the following described
vacmit crown lands In the dlst. tot of South Enst
Kooteuay, H. ti, Com neinlng nt a posl planted
on the soutli side of l elegraph trull, about two
miles south east ofthe crossing of hlk river by
the said trail, in the aald district, and which
post is marked "(itsorge miller's N, W. corner
mist," thenco south 195 chains, thence east so
chains, thence north M chaltii, thence west 80
elialns lo nice of beginning, containing 1000
acres more or less.
luted the 2nd day of May, iwi.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Plre Brick
and Tile
Beauty and Bargains
In Oil Paintins framed
...At Prest's
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Btltlih Columbia
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
Tommy's City Bakery
I> m.klni lhe llowcri klwia.
I, making Tommy's kuilicll bloom.
II you w.ol health lo bloom
E.t Tommy', Bread, Cakes .oil Paelry,
Tbe besl bloomllf product la Ibe city.
Shipped lo all part, ol Soulb Bail Kooleaay.
Delivery lo uy pari ol tbe cily.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
Solicitor, Etc.
tuuk ot Couninre. BMg.
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber*
Shingles and
Do You Sell Liquor????
II so, don't buy   nCI  TI PD   n' "■*'•' wl<,leMle '■•««•' D"'" •■
until you see..   rEUIlKIV.   South t.st bootenay.    Write lor Prices
Cranbrook, B. C *' * »
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Have yon talked wilb anyone about bulHUnr?
Come and see me or let me see you. II may
do ns both food.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
Ail Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsljiury
Is now-prepared to
Fresh Milk	
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
Kt-yptinti Onlf*. lor needing-—smalt quail-1
lilies ac per pound; In quantities, $35 per
First class Use ol Jewelry, Clocks,
and Silverware alwaya In stock. ::
W. F. Tate,
Olllclal Witch Inspector larC. P. «.
 Jewels THE  HERALD.
Mrs- Artmints Dubbt,
?wiiilent ot flfti-t'ii ctubf,
Member ol aa many more,
•Soditi In Imll * score,
And read
And Hn(
And Hid
IB ber clubs trom dawn till bed.
Bhe was ever on tlie ito;
"Hustn't mlas my club, you know."*
Daybreak, Health and Ureskfait clubs
H<wored Araminta Duliba.
HurniiiK cluti from nine lo ten.
Browning club—thon on again;
Luncheon club and Sisterhood,
Euchre club and Heller Food;
Ibsen club and Anutteiire
Uad (or her their clubby lures.
And chat
01 I hie
And tlml—
Tallh," or "How to Trim a Hat,"
"t-atttt Bearchea Kor the Pole."
*'fflnl We Know About thr* Smil,"
"Woman's H|>lierc" and "Hsljl Hi* Men,"
"How to Treat a Hitting Hen,"
"Ibsen's Mystic Inner Th nine lit, "
"Wblchneaa ot lhe Why and Wutl,"
"Immorality ol I'lays,"
*'la the Walking Skirt a Oi-ot"
"WlralrH Uesaaicea lo Hum,"
"Lima with Famous famile Stare"—
And on
Th* |4
Hrt. Dubha waa atvtt slow]
Talked ind wrote and played and drtw;
Took cours* In cooking too.
Borrow cau.e, though, liter 'wldla
In a very sudden atyla.
Mr. Dubha became qulti 111)
Bul, with martyr's Iron will,
Mrs. Araiuluta Dubbs
Ke|>t bar ocaaelua round of club*
Till one aliernoiin, when aha
Wss, as sweetly as could be,
Breaking with much grace and III*
On "Th* Duties ol a Wlla"
To tha Ualtla and Matrons' guild,
•ill her cloqusne* wu sillied
Which her
Speech marred—
Dabbtf soul had been unbarred.
Mrs. Dubbs represaed a sigh;
Bald, " "Twas mean of bim to dig
Just ia I'm about to resch
Finest part ol all my speechl"
But, of course, she had to quit.
And that was the end ol It,
For, wben she had burled Dubb**
Sad to tell, all of tho clubs
Had another on her throne,
And the found herself alone,
Who stubs
Her toe
On clubs
Should heed the late of Mrs. I.uliha
-Italtimu'.' American.
curti Diphtheria.
French Village.
cure Croup.
Capo Island.
I   know   MINARD'S   LINIMENT is
tho best remedy on earth.
Norway, Me.
Evelyn Millard mny piny the title
role In "L'AIglon" this season lu Und-
Grace George Is to appear next sen-
son In a drntnntlzutloit of "Alice ot Uld
Vi neon ties."
"Betsy Ross," tho new colonial piny,
will be done In Philadelphia In April
for tbe flrst time.
Erie Hope (tho Earl of Yarmouth)
bas begun a starring tour In "The
Councilor's Wife."
Theresa Vaughn Is reported ns a
physical nnd mental wreck and ns unlikely ever to recover.
Mme. PadereWHkl, wife of the noted
pianist, will In the future act aa hte secretary nnd business agent
Margaret Branson, n niece of ltr.ui-
son lloward, the playwright, is boou io
muke lier debut in vaudeville,
Cnmlllo IVArvillo, who an noun ceil a
permanent retirement from the slilgu
on the occasion of her recent mniTlage,
Is singing In the varieties.
Mrs. B, H. Botuern (Vlrfilntu lltit*
ned) will Ue seen this season 'it a num.
her of special ninllnee performnnee?
"Camllle," supported by Mr. Bottom's
Mr. Plnero any* thnt the cast of hin
new comedy Is a short oue nud tlml Iho
piece Itself is exceedingly simple In
construction, the nelion being pmcttCAl-
ly confined to four or five persons.
A delegation or students from collojw
attended a New  York theater reeenlly
and, recognising Murk Twain in n box.
cheered him. Tho veteran humorist
bOWCd bis iieldimvlcilgmeuts, but declined to make a spuecb,
Causes Mr. C.  H. Wilcox Tears of
Great Suffering.
It Jtirtd His spi nt? Wlill*. Lift lur, nud I lit.*
Doutur* toll Hlm Ho Wo iIJ N v.r
Full) Un* TOI—Uut Ut> Ih 0»«'u !■*•>•«
Free From the TriubU*.
From the Brockville Recorder.
In the western section of Leeds
eounl.v there is no muu bobtot* known
that Mr. Chaa. H. Wilcox. Ho has resided In tho vclnlty ot Mcintosh
Mills for years, and during much ol
the time has conducted a very buo-
ivssful saw-mtiling business. All ol
Mr. Wilcox's nelghfcoi-a know that In*
was a grent snlTerer for years from a
lame back, and numt of them know
that Uils aflllotion  Iiiih now   happily
passed awny,    Mr,    W'lcox soya ho
owes this happy Mease from palu to
111*. Williams' I'ink I'ills, mid those
who know bim will not for nn in-
nhinl question tlm win*.**. iH \ of IlIS
lenient. lie |ilViM tho slory of bin
HiiiTt*riiiK and suuBoquoht euro in ihe
Following Htuleini'iit;—" One duy
while working in the mill, mid engaged in lifting lumber 1 had the
inlsforttino   to  sovoroly   wroneh my
liaek.    I was so badly injured thnt   I
had lo be carried home, and for    six
months 1 was practically unable to
vn, and suffered groat torture. Tho
doctor told me that I had Injured my
spino and that 1 would never fully
recover from ita elTucls. At last 1
was able lo go about, again, bul was
far from being the man I had been
before. For years 1 Buffered almosl
continually from pains in the back;
and was unable to lift any heavy
weight, At times tho pain was so
bad thai I was unable to work al
all, and I wns often confined to thn
house for days at a timo. During
this time 1 was treated by four different doctors, but tliulr treatment
did not seem to do me any good.
They told me that owing to the injury to my spino my back would always be weak. Seeing thai thu doctors were unable to help me, and
having rend of the many cures resulting from the use of Ur. Williams'
Pink Fills, I decided to give them a
trial, and procured a supply. Very
soon I could see that they were relieving me. a little, and this encouraged me to continue their use. In all
I took about ten boxes, and when
they were finished my back was as
strong as ovor, The pains that had
racked my body for so many years
had entirely disappeared, my back
felt as strong us before the injury,
It is now two years since I dslcon-
tinued thc use of the pills and in all
that time I have not had an ache or
pain,so that I may safely say thnt
my cure is permanent. I would advise all similar sufferers to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, for knowing
whut they have dono for me, I um
confident that thoy cannot be less
successful in other cases."
These pills are sold by nil dealers
in medicine, or may bo hnd by mail
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2,50, by addressing tho Dr. Williams' Medicine company, Brockville.
Ont. Do not tako any substitute or
any other remedy alleged to be "just
as gootl."
Thero are   over 9,000 brass bands
In the Salvation army.
Thoro nre    131   different   religious
sects in the United States.
ill for mart's ui tali io other.
Tho Tope can speak Knglish,
man and French perfectly.
Ii is said that 587 different
UOgOS nre spoken in Europe.
iiiiaiid-s luiiekt iMseni msiciais.
Infinite I oil would not ennbh
lo sweep away a mist, but by ascending n Httlo you mny often look
over il altogether. So it. is wilh our
moral improvement ; WO wrestle
(i rrely with a vicious habit which
huve no hold upon us if we ascended
inlo a higher moral atmosphere.—
There are nine killed battalions in
the British army.
The world's pi-ess is slated
elude 117,000 news palters.
Thlrty-flvo words a minute I
nldered rapid  writing.
Thn average gas jet
' feot of gas por hour.
Sore Lungs
mean weakened lungs—all
caused by a cold and cough.
Weak lungs sooner or later
mean consumption.
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
Uf   TotiaMB, Manager C. Dantdi * Co.,
Kl-U St. Stort, Toronto, aayt i   " W« acll ton
•f Shiloh and wt recommend it, too.   I nmn a
■mra attack ol  Pneumonia winch  lelt me
with wre lungi and a bad cough.   Shiloh completely cured mo.   Shiloh U all right.
flhlloh'a OouaumuMun Onr* ll mM br aU
driigitaU la Cattail-* and Valtaa HtaUa »t
IS«*Ho, •1.00 m fcuttla.    Ia Grml Britain
at la. ad., ta. Id., aad «f. 0t\.   A -arlat-ad
■utrantM »#• with avatj b.ittlo.    If you
are nol mil a II ad go to M« drugfUt and
gat jraur aaanay back.
Write for hluitrated book aa Ooamtaptlon    Seal
without toat to yuu.   S. CL Walla * tt.., Tnwaw.
Bcvoto oolds nn** easily eured hy tho um
of I-tlelilu's Aiitl-CWiimptivi' Syrup, a nud-
lolnfl of eilrsotdlnary penetrating nml beak
ln« properties. It li» selcnowledged by thoeo
whu bave used tt u nips the bin medicine
eold for eongliB, eolila, Intlnminntlon of iho
lun«fl, nud nil DffeoUoni of the throat and
i*h m. It i liar* ahlenesa lo lho ia»t * makes It
a faforlto with ladles and ehlldren.
-Slmmocolob, SitS-Ti, te \n Jobu iMl.'e
lm in I.i nt t'lillllruthe, O.
Al Metilloti, Me.. Dr. V. ti. IiinlM nwus
a horse tudd lo I-l years old.
The Kentucky Trotting Horse Breeders' nuoclatlon will hold tbeir mootluv
Oct. 8 to IH nt Lokluston,
.1. Howard Ford, ibe new proprietor nf
ftntOUl Stony  Kurd fmiii, in laid to In
trylug lo buy Charley Uerr, 8t07,
fi,  V. Vew,  Mies, O.. hau I uhl  tin
■trillion Gold Laeo, -VJ.iVi. by Uolq l-vuf,
2:lii!ii, dam by Lace Dealer, BiSS.
The   pacing   mine   Nelly    lliitninnnil,
2&i\L by Patron, iM-Hi. dam Nolly 0,
2:20, li to bo hml to John it* Gentry,
Smith & Cagftl, Mavenimrt, In., hnui
aelit the gvny \n\rlug gelding Adtnlnil
Dewey, 2liaM, 10 8. W. Cooper, Wleld-
ta, Ivan.
The California pacer Ollpper, 2s00, i>j
tflublo, B.OOVa, will Bgala he campaigned
hy Jauici Tiiompion, who gaTe bla his
riiiinl hml ho Ub" n.
Aurora imd Otlnwn hnve already
claimed datea uk im*inherit of the llllnula
Viiiley elreuit. Tin* Aurora mooting will
be held July 10 tu 11) ond Ottawa July
A to 2d.
Muneie, Ind., will have a raco meeting
July a to 5, Wblcb will be n utarter for a
cireult, lending Up to a fulr circuit, fur-
ninhing tu all 15 wcelm of racing within
ii riuiiiifi of 75 miles.
The Berliu iWi.«.j Dluc Hihhou fair
will be held Oct 1 to 4. Six cIiihhcs ouch
for trotters nud pacers will he on the
programme, with purees ranging from
|250 to {500. The secretary Is C. M.
lone, 2:00U>. the Muck pacing mare
who acorched the talent's moucy at lax-
ins tou laat full, te ateppiug fast on the
•now nt Winnipeg. Totu Ogden, 2:07,
and Don  Quixote. 2:101/j, are there.—
Thla Wonderful Famll? I>a-r*trat«a
Bvcrjr Cirade of Horl,-t>.
Three thousand years ago the 11' hn-w»
were under the dominion of the Philistines. Then arose perhaps tho ntrangeBt
hardship ever imposed upou a subject nation by a conquering one. The Scriptures
themselves tell tha story in these graphic
"Now there was ao smith found
throughout all the land of Israel, for thc
Philistines said, Lest the Hebrews inula'
them swords or spears; hut all the Israelites went down to the Philistines to
sharpen every man bis coulter, and his
ax, and his nniltux."
Thus thc Hebrews were obliged to travel from 100 to 200 miles to find a smith,
a hardship that is quite inconceivable today, when tho country Bwarms with
them. If there hnd never been any artisan smiths there could he no surname
Smith today. And whut would it mean
to us If there were no longer Smiths (by
name) In our land? It would mean ▼*•
cauclcn In the professors' chairs and upon
the Judicial bench; it would thin the
ranks of the luwyers, ministers nnd doctors, ot the mcrchnnts- brokers und mini*
ufaeturerH, and of the railroad, commercial and tlnnnclnl mnirnntes; it would
diminish the number of ncholarH, reform-
cm and phlloHophcrs and deplete thtt
ranks of sailors, soldiers, farmers, mc-
chHnli*s and all the rent of thu great laboring world; thc trumps, begjfurs and
Jnllhlrds would ho leas often met with,
and crnukB, politicians, drunkards and
criminals fewer in number. In fact, pot
a runk or gradation of our whole social
system but would bo affected. Some
genius of computation has Qgured out
that If all the tuitlea of earth were enrolled there would be an nrmy of 7,000,-
000 Smiths among them. Allowing the
feminine Smiths to be as numerous, ths
world bas 14,000,000 living Smiths.
Whether the uuinbor be as prodigious as
this or not there is no question that It
runs Into the millions, A family so numerous and so universally iafiltcred
through every caste and class commands
at least tbe respect due recognized magnitude and aggregated power.
Literally smith means smiter—1.1.( -aaa
who smites or hammers. And la old
days when every bit of metal, copper,
irou, silver, gold or brass, bad to be
pouuded and hammered by mighty
strokes Into armor, tools, plate, utensils
and Implements, there was need of
many smlthers, These smlthers, or
smiths, were not men of brawn alone;
they bad to possess the ready brain and
skill to sharpen alike aa implement, repair an armor or shoe a horse. Theirs
was an honest and lucrative trade, and
every road, street and hamlet had Its
smiths. Not only were there many
smiths, bnt different branches of smitb-
ery abounded, and thus numerous compounds and derivations of Smith came
Into existence. Among these are Smith-
er, Smlthkins, SmlOmon, Arrasmlth, Ar-
rowsmitb, Goldsmith, Silversmith, Coppersmith, Steelsmltb, Locksmith, Hammersmith, Hocksmlth, Hockersmltn,
Drakesmitfa, Forccsmith, Bakeremith,
Wildsmlth, Wlntcrsmltb, Hoffsmlth,
Smitham, Bowersmlth, Worksmltb,
Watcbsmltb, Kleinsntith and Smithdeal.
Strangest of all these perhaps is Few-
smith. Sometimes, to distinguish several
Smiths In one street or hamlet, a Christian name was incorporated witb th«
usual name. Thus came Into usage
Smlthpeer. Hillsmitb, Hclensmlth and
Incidentally tt may be mentioned that
other languages have their Smiths. Germans have numberless Schmlts and
Schmidts, tbe French bave Le Fevres,
tbe Spaniards Guneulus, the Russian
Smtthtowsktea and the Irish havo Gavan
and Gowan, each meaning Smith, and
McGarsn and McGowan, meaning the
son of a smith.
Q-acer Tree* at Maarara.
Persons visiting Niagara falls ia summer often have their attention attracted
to the queer shapes taken on by tbe
trees which grow immediately around tbe
great cataract. A trio of sturdy old
trunks which must be every bit of GO
years old, nud yet are graced witb a tuft
of foliage which seems to belong to a sapling of a few summers, stand near the
American falls.
A visit to tbe falls in winter will explain tbo reason for thc grotesque appearance of thc trees. The mist thrown
up by the falling water settles on the
trees In such Quantities that tbey often
assume the appearance of Icebergs Btrand-
ed high nud dry on the banks. As the
weight of the Ice Increases the weaker
boughs break away under the burden,
and after a very cold season the tree
emerges from its plating of Ice shorn entirely of Its branches. The trunk alone
stands, and when touched by spring's
wi.nn brenth it shoots out Into a very
close and compact bunch of leaves, which
looks ridiculous on the top of such s
heavy piece ot timber.
Tiarwin    Bayn an    aero of paflturo
land contains 20,000 worms.
Fish with   aoft   roea    are    males;
thoso with hard roca, f-smatea.
•eoalag Papa.
"Htro Is a story nf a little girl, tbe
daughter of a local physician of credit
and renown." says the Cleveland Plain
Dealer. "She Is a bright child of G and
baa been much petted by her admiring
frieuds. Perhaps this has spoiled her a
little, but she Is so sweet and entertaining that visitors can't keep their hands
off her.
"One of theso visitors, a new neighbor,
mode a call on the little mnid's mother,
and It wasn't but a few moments beforo
tho littlo maid was on her lap.
"Ia the chatter which followed tho
woman mado somo allusion to tbe littlo
one's grandmother.
'"Why, didn't you know?' crlod the
" 'Know what, dear?' said tho visitor.
" 'Why,' answered tho child, 'grandma
Is dead, and grandpa Is dead, aud Aunt
Jane Is dead, and most all of papa's patients are dead tool'"
A Tundridge Tanner  Closely   Confined to His Own House.
mn H I.Hi-thi. -I, II Un
Au Ojeu Letter. T-t-liiuit
. I .•Hl„r.,«mt  Hi-  Min
ana io Will
uf It.- Ye .
ItfUS   K.I.mi
Sundridge. Ont., ,April 39.—(Spet>
ul).-A ciise-ol--iJr-;diijigeil torture hai
jusi come to light iu Btroug Town*
ship,  ii few mites fi um here.
1 sit-ins hard ihut au honest man
should lm kept u prisoner in his own
iioiuo for uVer four yeurs, imd yet,
that ia just whut huppeued to Mr.
Doey, ol Lot 10, t ouceasioiy 18,
Township of Hiiuny. Iiih family nnu
frienOs nil tried to kfeenre liis relcaJ-w,
but in v.uu.
*Fur four years 1 suffered excrui i-
ating torture, during which timo i
was scarcely teeo from palu.
• Tie* trouble commenced in tn>
buck, where it ofteu remutned stationary for months, aud oo Inlenao
tin- pain that l eould uot liu
down tu tuke ruat, but bad to sii
uight and day In a uhalr. The pain
would then remove lb other parts *'i
my body, and when in my knees, l
wns unable td Walk, and conflndt)
constantly io my room
"1 wus treated for Itln-uinutism by
several doctors, mid also tried mun>
medicine* without receiving any bou-
t*lll. Almost in dvspuir, I feared
would never again experience t-lie
( being tree from puin.
" A short time ugo my attention
wan directed ta homu remarkable
ures ol rheumatism by Dodd'a Kld-
ley Pills, recorded in tiie public
prints. I procured a box, and boot)
found that they were doing mo good.
1 continued, nnd very soon l was a
new mill), uud entirely free frum puin.
1 havu continued so for 6Var six
months, being uble tu utu.nd Lo my
dally duties on the farm, and fvotlng
able for any kind of work.
"I verily believe this cluing*, this
remarkable cure, hns (jecu offtw'-ed by
the use of Dodd's Kidney I'ills, and 1
think it my duty to make this siaie-
ment'public, fur the benefit of anyone nlllicted as I was."
Tliis is tlie statement winch Mr.
Doey makes over nis owu signal ure,
and onu ennnot help being struck by
its sincerity. Everyone in this neigh-
borhood knows that Mr. Doey wits a
cripple for years, uml his miraculous
restoratiun to heitlth, ims created n
great dent of tulk in ami around Sun-
dridgo. Dodd's Kidney Pills are hav-
ng u very largo sale here.
A beautiful woman needs no letter
;>f introduction.
Never judge a man's character    by
ouo good or bad action.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in one remrdy, for all ills
to which fliah la heir—tho very nature of
many curatives being such that wero ths
genua of olher and differently ecuted ills-
eaees rooted in the syuteui of the patient—
what would relieve ono ill in tarn would nu-
gnirutc the oth r. We have, however, in
Quininei Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy fui muny and
grievous ills. Dy its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems ore led into convalescence nnd strength by the Influence which
Sulcine eiorts m nature's own reetorAtives.
relieves Uie drooling spirits of iho:-c with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of u.tciR.-t in life Is n disease,
and, by tranquillzlng tho nerves, i]isi■»'*■■■ to
sound and refro-hing slc-aif— imparts vigor
to ths action of the blood, which, being
Stimulated, courses throughout tbo veins,
strengthening the heu.thy animal functions
Of Uit system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the framo,
and giving lifo to tho digestive ordans, which
naturally demand lnoreancd substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop dt Lyman,
of Toronto bavs given to the publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usunl rate.iu d,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any In
tho market.   All ilrug»ieta pell it.
TfiQ   longer  a  man   is   married   tht
less his wife expecis of him.
A woman doesn't have to be good
looking in order lo look good.
The great demand for a pleasant, safe and
reliable antidote for all atTecilons of iho
throat and lungs is fully met with in Blcklu'a
Ant i-Con->u nipt ive Syrup. It is a purely Vegetable Compound, and acts promptly and
magically in subduing all coughs, colds,
bronchi tin, inflammation of lhe lung . etc.
It la mi palatable that a child will not refuse
it, and te put nt a price that will not exclude
tho poor from Its benefits.
The trouble with too muny ynuiig
men Js that they try to load a SJ."
existence on a $9 salary.
Suid a young lndy lo a printer :
"\ou mny print a kiss upon my lips
but you must not publish it."
Tho proprietor-} of Panncloe'S Pills nre
constantly receiving letters similar to the
following, which explains Itself: Mr, John
A, Beam, Waterloo, Unt., writes: "I novel
u-vd any medicine that can equal Parmelee's
Pills for Dyspepsia nr Liver nnd Kidney
Complaint*, The relief experienced after
using them wns wondorfni," A-t a wife family modlclao Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can
be given in all cose* requiring a cathartic.
"How you must enjoy being a philanthropist!" aald tbo sprightly young worn'
"I doa't quite understand you," replied
the man of earnest manners.
"It must be snch a pleasure to foci
that you have plenty of money and can
always be doing good."
"Yes; bnt tbe only difficulty Is tbst one
can't always be sure whether be is doing
good or being done good."
■taa-Ilflrv la His Owa Light.
"I'll never give you np, Miss Perklna-
•'That's It, Mr. Hopkins; I'd be afraid
to marry such a determined, abatinaU
Kan as yog ate." 	
•track a Chaaatf Able to Bridge It.
A teacher tn the Philadelphia girls'
■ormal school telle a story of a girl of
bumble parentage wbo gave her name
as Bridget when ahe waa first enrolled.
During ber first year Bridget changed
to Brldgetta. During ber second yenr
the first syllable was dropped, and she
became Klla. That developed into Mnr-
garctta. and when ebc received her diploma ber name was Marguerite. From
Bridget to Marguerite seems u far cry,
but Ihey do such things at thc normal
school.—New York Tribune.
Jf n girl hns two strings to her
beau thoro is danger of some oilier
girl -getting hold of ono of the
Why love laughs at locksmiths is
beyond nil understanding. There
Isn't anything a Utile bit funny
about  the avenige  locksmith.
They Paeilfd tv Visitor In n Coeutry
Chare* Im Bollaad.
a Sunday among tin* staid borgbara of
Holland cave Mr. Clifton Johnson an
Opportunity to nee three church collections taken up lu rapid Biiccession. He
bad asked tu he directed tu a characteristic country church in an outlying vil-
lace. As a result he wcut by train from
Lcydeu to a little plate with au un- ,
prunuunceable name, where there wan a
church as severe in ita simplicity as tho [
meeting bouses of colonial Now England.
It resembled them, too, iu ita chilliness,
for there was no attempt Bt warming it,
and the peoplo were dependent upon foot I
Btoves of tbe old fashioned type ihat was
beginning to go out or vogue in America
a hundred yeurs ago,   Several scoro of j
these little boxes Btood In tbo church en- i
try, neatly piled against the wall, ready
to be filled with smoldering peat and sun-
piled io tbe worshipers as tliey cume In.
When the time for the collection nr-
riveil, a man started out from the railed ,
off space before tha pulpit, whieh space
res occupied by tbo elders, ami with n
black pocket ai tho end of an eight font
polo proceeded to his task. With this
accessory he could tench clear to the end
f a pew, only lie bud to be careful not to
hit some worshiper With lho bnlt end
while making bin Short reaches.
Everybody In tbe congregation put In
something, and tha collector mads n tittle low evory time a coin jingled in tbe I
pocket. He had gone about half way
round wben another elder started out
with another bag ami pole. The writer
wondered he had not started before. His
purpose, however, was not to help his fellow collector finish the work. Instead,
he Started jum where the other had bo-
gun and passed tbe Un-- to tha same people, aud every one dropped in a coin as
faithfully ns he bad done the first time.
Nor was this thc cud, fur the second
collector had no sooner got a good start
than a third stepped out from the pulpit
front with bag and pole aud went as industriously over the ground as thc two
others had done. He was just ss successful as Ids predecessors.
Things wero getting BCtious. Tbe
stranger bad put silver in tho first bag,
but fearing that thc collection might continue indefinitely he dropped copper
coins In the second and third bags and
was not a little relieved when he saw
that the rest of the men In tho elders'
seats kept their places.
Later ho learned tho secret of the process. The first man collected for the minister, the second for the church, the third
for the poor. As each member of the
congregation contributed ono Holland
cent to each bag it seemed as If a littlu
calculation might have saved much collecting. The Bum of the three deposllu
would In our money bo about ono atul
one-fifth cents for each peraou.
At tbo moment when tho bags began to
nans the minister gavo out a hymn, but
the congregation finished singing it long
before tho collection was over. There
did not, however, ensue one of thoso silences during which you can hear pins
drop ond files lum, for tlio minister
Ignored tbe collectors, who wore still
mnking their halting progress through
the aisles, and promptly began his sermon,—Youth's Companion.
uJ & owisaA, t
^*yJ^irr*%^^ $/,<&*&> &&A- dir-o-rjfil
7<j£ti& ittM'ttf/ $e4_u#tv djUL/
•funrf   ft
Those Boilun Girls.
Carrle-Tbnt awful Torn Browne offered to kiss me.
Bertha—You don't mean Itl
Carrle-1 do, nud I told him If bo did
I'd slap his fnee.
Bertba-And whnt did be any to thnt?
Carrie-He didn't sny a word, lie
Jast kissed me.
Bertha-And you slapped his face?
Carrie-No; to tell tbe truth, 1 was M
flustered 1 forgot all about It.
The  New   Store   Detective   e*4   the
Suspected Shoplifter.
11 'When In doubt let her nloue' is our
first and most Important maxim in regard to shoplifters," sold a New Orleans
floorwalker ot long experience. "It Is
better to let a thousand guilty people es-
capo and carry off our property with
them tban to run the risk of making ono
mistake, and wheu you hear of a woman
being actually taken into custody you may
rest assured that she bas been under surveillance for days and that tho evidence
against her Is strong enough to convict a
bishop. It doesn't do to jump at conclusions, even when they arc 'caught In
the act,' as the saying goes, and that reminds me of a littlo Incident which taught
me what was probably the most valuable
lesson of my life.
"It happened soon after I went into the
business," the floorwalker went on,
"when I was holding down the job of a
bouse detective In n department store almost as large as this. It was my first
employment of the kind, and naturally I
was anxious to show my ofliclency; so I
was a little disappointed when a month
or more wont by without giving me a
chance to gather In a culprit Ono day,
wben we bnd a big bargain sale in progress and thc store was jammed with people from end to end, I had my attention
attracted to a quietly dressed, middle
aged woman who wns wandering from
department to department In a manner
that struck mo aB suspicious. At last
she stopped before a fancy goods counter,
where a number of handsome silver card-
eases were displayed, and a moment later
I saw her pick up one of them and drop
ft Into ber pocket.
"She stepped at once Into tho crowd,
and I rushed after her. I was a littlo
distance away at tbe time, nnd the crush
was so great I could not get to her immediately without exciting a panic. Just
before I reached her sido the young man
who managed the fancy goods department squeezed In ahead of me and tapped
her on the shoulder. 'Pardon me, mad*
am" he said, 'but you left this on my
counter,* and ho handed her a eardease,
almost tbe facsimile of tbo ono I bow
her pick np. 'Why, that can't bo mine,'
sbe exclaimed, looking startled; '1 have
mlno In my pocket.' Tho departmeut
manager opened tho caso ho hnd brought
and disclosed a large roll of bills, a hundred dollar note on tho outside. *T!'. j
mny help you to Identify it,' ho suid,
smiling. Uy tbat timo tha lady had extracted tbo other. 'Yes, that Is mine,'
■ho said wben she saw tho money. 'It
was an absurd mistake, but you see
they look very much alike on the outside.'
"During this brief colloquy my blood
ran cold. Ten seconds moro and I would
havo had tbe woman under arrest, probably Involving ttio house in a great damage suit and ccrtaltily losing my joh. An
tho department manager turned he saw
me for the first time. 'Hello, Jim!' he
said. 'I suppose you wero Intending to
call her back too,' 'Yes.' I replied slowly, hut I wos mighty careful not to tell
him how I was Intending to do It."-
At Variance.
"There's & whole lot of difference,*
remarked the freckled fanatic, "In
wishing yon were* dead aud wishing
you were Id heaven."—Indinnu polls
Yard was once nny stick, rod or pole.
Tbe expression Is still used with tliis
meaning when applied to various parts
of a ship's equipment, as yardarm, sail-
yard and the like.
A wise mnn thinks before he speaks,
but a fool speaks and theu thinks of
what be hu beeo saylngv
Threescore and ten years Is the psalmist's measure of life, but In Caithness,
Bcotlnud, a mnn of 70, unless married, is
described as a lad or by his brother of 00
as a boy.	
Tho great wall of China, portions of
which nre still iu evidence, was completed 211 H. C.
Forgot nil personal quarrels or Ute
tones you mny have heard by accl*
dont, nnd which if repeated, would
seem n thousand times worse tlmn
thoy nro.
• '.1, ..»*.* (lle.UviMcit
NBW Ltl-ti kl.Ml.liV CO., Uu;
De Mortals Ml, ate,
"As for AgitinaIda, tbe lying, trench*
crotis scoundrel"-
"Hiiflh! Speak notlilng evil concerning n man who has been dead wa rannj
UiucB os lie has."—Chlcngo Trlbuna
Plant Life and the Sunbeam*
Kven iu lho brightest room plants are
nover of bo rich a green ns those grown
out of doors, in a dnrk cellar no obh>
I'ophyl is produced ni nil. Every om*
bun Been potatoes crowing tbere, with
iheir long attenuated Btolka and littlo
v.-hlie leaves, which exist but for n
limp uml when the reserve materia) In
tiit.> tuber Is used up wither nwny bemuse tliey have no Unlit. To produce
chlorophyl the llsht must be ut least
of mililck'iit In to n a Ity Hint thla page
may be easily rend by It, and to act aa
n rcdnclng ngout It must bo very cuu
nitlt>rnb)y Bj;roiiget*.
Kvery one lias learned by sad ex
perleiico how ImpoBslblo it is to keep
plants lu their roiuns for nny length
of time, find tbe rc'nsdn ts tlml tlle llfthl
is not bright euough, and what there la
lines not last loug enough to produce
the iiori'ss.']|ty <juiiinity of food naiti'rlnl
to support life. There te another fatui
thing i» the growth of plauts ludoors-
vi/„ the dryness of the alr-niid this
.nti only be overcome by covering over
the plnut with n Rlnss shade. ke
pin nts die froai warn of ll-^ht. fo, too.
there are some which die froili' loo
much. Many of the mosses which
cover damp shmly walls and ban!,:-
with their soft covering of green vri
vet dh* from too. grept an exposure u*
sunlight,—Qood Words.
Tete-a-tete—"What a perfectly delightful bow you're wear ng tonight I" "You liko it I consider it a bow Ideal."
A Sleep lug Draught-—Tbo one from
ymir tu'ilrouin window.
a perfect liquid dentifrice (or thr
Teeth sad Mouth
New Slie S0Z0DONTI HMD. 25c AP*
Large LIQUID aad POWDER, Hi.   _u %J
At all Stares, or by m i.i for tho price.
HAU.dk RUCKEL. New York.
We livo In deeds, not yenrs :
ln  thoughts, not brvnths :
lu (<*i lui^s. mn in (IguroB "ti a dial
We    abbuld count   mm*    by heart
t hrobs,
lb* most Uv« who thinks moat,
Feels the noblest nets the t«.*st.
Uh)   She Did It.
Mrs. Greene—Tor lhe hind's Fake,
how did MISS I'n ttiwuti ever come tc
muny thut homely old fool of a Qlidg
Mrs. Gray—1 understand ho was ni
tacli'd to the money sho wonted.—Bos-
The wisdom   of a  fool   is always
iplCUOUS by its absence.
SIX OILS. — The most eonelu.-ure testimony, repeatedly luid before the publio in
the columns of the dally press, prov-es that
Dk. Thouas' ECLBonuo On-—an aiwolnioljr
Sure Combination of six of the Quest remo-
lal oil-i in cudsUuiec—remedies rheumatic
fiain, eradicates auootiona of the throut nnd
un«H, and cured piles, wound!1, sores, lameness, tumors, burud, und injuric-s of horses
and cuttle.
Never shod  tears oVer spilt   milk.
I'lure is enough water lost us it is
The rooster makes two-thirds of
tho noise, hut the lien does all the
Love ]u n COttagO is nit wry well
an long as tin* Hour bnrr-*l isn't empty.
Man may require but little hen* be
low but when he dit-a be is apt i-
get u lot.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
bj local application*. B9 ill v cunnut reach tho
diseased portion of tnS ear. there uonly o.ie
way to cur*-) rt. aim «•>. :u .] thnt In tv ■■ *■■*.'.*'-
tloiinlrotiR-dli-M Di-ufiiiias Is caused by an in-
!1*nm-il I'-iii-illim)  nt  Ilia mucoui  hum*-"*'  the
Euitacbion tube. When thia lobe geu nfl.ini-
cd ymi hav« n mnitilin-f -sound or Imi'iTiect
Insuring, ami wlu-n it Ib entirely close I iliafm-ai
lathe rmilt, nud unh-H tin* Infliuiiiinit-Mi can
betaken out and this tutic restored toltsnor*
mnl condition, bearing will lm dcHtrovitl for*
overt iilmi cases onl di ten arc c!iu««il by ear
' itrli, wlib-ii -.ti nothing luu nn Intlunnxl condition of the nine ns -mi ,■■,-*.
Wc will glvu One Hiui(lr<-il liu11 i« for any
CON Of 1'i.illH "n
nut I'n cured by 1
of ['...lm"n Iciiii-icl |,y i iiliiuli   that  run
hy Hull's rnuiih i un*.   Wend for
Dirculari, hoc.
F.J. CHI-INKY It 00.,Toledo, 0.
Bold by nniggt-itB, Vie.
Hnlla ll.mil v Tills nr« thu beet.
Twenty million    Copies of "Hymns,
Ancient and Modern" huve boon sold
Onl  of every  1,('(HI,(Kid I..tiers that
puss through the postolQco, only   30
un astray,
leep MINARD'S LIKIMENT in ine House.
It lakes 50,000 rnm-s to rai
otineo of attar of roses.
When you wore a blush'ng young mins
And  I   wns yuur dutiful swain,
A smile from you savored of bliss,
Ami a frown filled iny henrt    with
Ynu were denr then, but now, as my
Of courso you're somewhat nearer;
And in paying your bills, on my life
I'd swenr you pet dearer nnd dearer
Wot out ns fnr as possible, nil lho
disagreeables of life, they will come,
but ihey will grnw larger when yon
remember    them,   nnd     the   const nnt.
thought of the nets of meanness or,
WOrSO still, muliee, will only 'end to
mtlkfl you more familiar with them.
S0Z0D0NT for the TEETH 25c
New York lias the most, cxpensiv*)
water plant, on the continent. Tt hm
cost up to dnte (116,526,708.
A Mormon colony hns been discovered in Paris, with a temple in apr"
privnle house. The mule members
number 16, having 58 wives. One
mnn hns seven wives with juhI one,
child euch. Another hns threo wives
nnd 16 children. All the Palls Mor
iitfins ure respectable nnd Industrious
Iti  ut m I- ii
_ fordoraUnt}
li li <l.   lu *. i ar* ti mi    Alv ni if i ilitftr..
-.i„   u»ga it.   HKW4RS di Anerlean ftper
'VIII  f. ih ■ l> . rt t- incur cliin.it..   K'.-r tmra
iii s n ct i,'Ujimnia i.ii'p y to
VV. G. FONSECA, [3osA»«nLl
ill I   Until Mn-,1, U IN Min;.
.ir Ma
rliii;.* I.lrctiM
True   greatness   consfsts    in being
great in little things.—Johnson.
If you   would   increase your happi-
ss  and     prolong your    life,   forget
yottl* neighbor's faults.
For one man who can stand prosperity there are a hundr-i-ni that will
tend adversity.—Carlyle.
Forget the peculiarities of your
friends, nnd only remember the gooil
points which make you fond oi them
Ho thui defers his charity until be
is dead is. if a man weighs it righ'-
raf-her liberal of another man's goods
than his own — liacon.
Wrtith i.s only righteous wlv-n np-
pllfd to a moral wrong. Then- it no
iurer Biga of a weait mind than what
s called a sulky temper.
.j.    busmess changi:.    •;•
I Tlie Imperial Fruil |
Und Produce Co\,f
> Iia» pun.-han.--d the Itooh nnl        V
■> tradt   of   the    ASDEKSON V
;.  am kinds nf Pratt la Seswm. v
** llt-iit Prims jmiii Car ProduM v
upplfes for nil masasofsowtes maef
Slorutoan       SEWINj MACHINE
X, i.i-. I
Brass Band
IiiHtram-nata, Drnini, Uniforms, Kt-a.
Loweat price* ercr qmoUd. I'm« e*tal-»fu*
jO. tlluitratton* msi!*l fre*. WrIU an tar amy
Ihlnc In Manic sr Mruli al IattrttMMti-i
Whhlsy Eoycs * Oo., ^SiSi; _$_
We are in oeod of ft ftw rsllabls Af-jenU
liruQtthout ih'i eoun'ry In handle uur
tJuul proQt and quick uk-a,   Fur portlcu-
ire mMrers
BIS MulnSt., ninnlpaff.
W. N. U. No. B-38. ' II Pay. lo Ileal Wilh II..Ilk "
The way to do it this
summer is to   J*    J*
Buy a Hammock
W* sell them Irom $1 to $5.
R. E. Beattie, The
II ynu arc feeling blue «r meaner!
Drop Into the  Wentworth and eat s Welner.
Our Welnerwursts we Jo Import.
Bach Tuesday morning Irom eld t-ranklort;
They (ravel lit u palace car,
And arc ton kid innl served behind our bar
After 22 o'clock.
Mrs. Donahue, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is rtow ready to cater to the
public. First class dining room service. The Jbest ot wines and
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
Your Money's Worth
You want value for your money. You
want quality and quantity. Our aim is to
give you all three, to have you acknowledg'
that our groceries are the very best.
....G. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
New Dresses
Cost Money !
It Will ti** Cclcbmicd lu Craabrook la
Uuu-J   Slaps,
Thc Cranbrook Football association
have secured the athletic grounds Ior
July l, and will arrange n tine program
of field sports lor I Imt day. Attractive
pti/es and medals will he given on thai
orcasioti, for contests of all kinds and
there will be smite wattii football and
lusi-li.iil   games.
The people of the district may feel assured tliat those wbo celebrate Dominion
Day in Crnnbrook will have a good lime.
The Western Supply  Co.
Ute Hill & Jolt
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in.......
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Cranbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.
Try Some
it received, a shipment
Very Fine
Just received, a shipment of
 Indispcnsible for soups	
A large assortment of Fruits and Vegetables to arrive Friday.   Wt
aim to have the BEST at reasonable prices.
M. B. KING & CO.
And when one buys they want theit money's worth.
We have iust received a large stock ol SPRING AND
please the ladies in quality and price. Our stock comprises the latest styles Irom the eastern markets. Call
and see them.   You are always welcome. Jt Jt Jt J*
The largest stock oi Gents' Furnishings
in South East Kootenay J- J- J- J- J-
...HILL & CO.
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice i*.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper ri^ht.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
m.4444**4****4*44444444444*      You ran gel a poor cigar or a gooil
* T-nfAT      NflTR*? sione 'or '*-* Cen-8*  bul If you buy one at
2 LU-oAI-     INU 1 CO # | Mcvittie's It is sure to he a good one.
Plckcd Up Aboul the City  by Ankta*
QucHtJunH ot Many People.
Hammocks nt HeatHe's.
See Beattie for fancy flower pots.
Dog fighte are  one  of the alt met ions
tliese days.
Furnished rooms to rent. Apply to
John I.eask.
To rest after a day's work try one of
Beattie's hammocks
Milk shake, the great summer drink,
at Mrs. McConuell's.
Editor Smyth, of the Moyie Leader,
was in town Tuesday.
Ileattle has a threat liue of hammocks,
running from $1.00 to $5 00,
K C. Smith rikI M. Il King visited
the St Aliirys country this week.
Winter is lingering in the lap of spring
a little too long lo suit tbe most of us.
Mr. mnl Mis, T. T. McVittle visited
with relatives in Craubrook thin week.
Mr. and Mrs K ti llealtle bave
moved into their new home on Baker
Mrs. I-ees, sisler of Mrs. Henry Parker,
returned today to her home in l'i tic her
I io you wnnt to make your bouse look
better? Get some of those flower pots at
Have you seen the new stork of tobac
coat MrVittie's. He cariiea everything
in thiH line.
A. \V, McVittie is in Montreal this
week on business connected wilh his
roul lands.
Wanted— a competent servant girl.
No washing nnd ironing, Mrs. Bury,
Garden avenue.
ti. II. Sm ill and Art Mallinson Intend
leaving for a trip to the Windermere
country next wetk,
Charles Parker was seriously injuted
nne duy last week by having one of his
horses fall on bim.
Add to your collection of house plants
some of the new lot tbat will arrive on
Friday at 0, T. Rogers'.
Have you tried those Imported cigars
at McVitlie's? Tbey will make a man
think he Is a trust magnate.
P. McConnell has aregular milk route.
twice n day, to all parts of town and is
prepared to meet all demands.
Harry McVitlie's billiard parlors are
ia nice shape lor a pleasant gmue of pool
or billiard*.   Cnll in nnd sec bim.
"Jack" Rice, who is chief engineer at
tbe Ninth Star mine, spent two days
tbis week with frieuds in Cranhrook.
A spur was lost between Cranbrook
and Fort Steele one day last week
Finder will kindly return it to The Herald oflice.
Scott Morrell, formerly of Craubrook
and Moyie, Is now editor and manager
of tbe Railway Employes Journal, of San
Mrs. Herbert Dowsley and children
departed Suuday afternoon for a three
months' visit wilh friends and relatives
in the east.
Ice cream all flavors, Bananas and
cream, Strawberries and cream, florida
fruit wine at Mrs. P. McConuell's ice
cream Parlors.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parker lost a bshy
at birth a week ago Monday, and Mrs,
Parker has been very Ul since, but is
now recovering.
Mrs Robert Chapman, wife of Dis
patcber Chapman, of Ibis city, arrived
recently from Winnipeg. Tbey will
lake up iheir residence on Baker bill.
The ladies of Christ church will pre*
sent J. F. Armstrong wilb a beautiful
clock for his services as lay reader during the tine tbat the church was without a rector,
John R Costigan returned this week
from a business trip to the territories.
He expects to visit Victoria and Vancouver in a short time to look after some
legal matters.
A. T. Vroom, wbo broke his leg on
Good Fiiday, was down lown fur the
first time last Monday. He looks a little run down from bis confinement, bul
js feeling veiy well.
John Hutchison received the happy in
telligenre from Prescott, Ont, Wednesday, thnt Mrs. Hutchison had given
birth to a baby boy tbat morning and
that all were doing well.
There will be a general meeting of the
atock holders of the Turf and Athletic
association on Thursday, June 13, nt H p,
tn. A full attendance is requested as
there is considerable business of importance to be transacted.
Key City lodge, I. 0. O F., held an
election of oflicers last Friday evening
which resulted as follows: Matt Rockendorf, N. G.( Sam Morrow, V. G ; F li
Simpson, recording secretary; J. P. Fink,
financial secretary; C. Dow. treasurer-
Robert Cox came over from Phoenix
on Tuesday and left yesterday fur bis
property on Wild Horse, on which he
will do bis annual assessment, Mr. Cox
says tbat the Boundary country Is a rich
one, and tbat there are some magnificent
properties In that district.
The Waragrnplt Coming.
On Fiiday and Saturday of this week
in lhe Wentworth hall the celebrated
War.igniph Entertainment company, of
London, Rug., will present their excellent reproductions of Uie nritUb-Buer
and  Chinese  wars.    Tbe only complete
reproductions in the world of the late
Queen's funeral and many other highly
Interesting suljecls
There is al present a great number of
moving picture frauds traveling from
place to plnce. bul lhe Warograph company is certainly no fraud, us it bas
playnl in all ol ihe principal cities
throughout Canada, and comes to Craubrook 011  its way  lo the coast, highly
•01n-meud1.1l by thu Halifax, Ottawa,
Toronto, Montreal  and Winnipeg press.
The Winnipeg Fiee Press has this lo
say: "The Wnragrnpb people certainly
put up u magnificent spectacle, one of
tbe most Instructive and pleasing enter*
liiiniiients that  ever \isited Winnipeg."
The Waragraph will be a special attraction at the Pan-American in Sep
lember next.
Seats are now on sale at Beattie's
drug store.-*-Advt,
I.O.O.F. Key Cly Lodge
No. «. Meets every Friday niulil at Iheir liull on
linker street. Hojotiruliw
ntlil PellOWS eorillnlly Invited.
Matt liookendort        a. l. MeDermot
n. ti, ttee'v.
Craabrook U4|f, Ne. U
A. P. * A, M.
ItPtfiilar meetings no the
tlilnt TluiiMlit) of the
\ Kiiin*- tiretbern weloom -d.
Wi F. Ouro, Sec'j,
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Haklng,
and Painting.
Come and Play Another.
The Herald bas been informed lhat
some of the Kimberley boys did uot
take very kindly to the comments iu
this paper on llie foothal game played
bere on the 27'h between tbe Cranbruok
aud Kimberley elevens. Tbe Herald
said it whs a slow game and made no
invidious comparisons The players all
admit thai the game was punk on both
sides. Tbe Herald bad to tell lhe truth
or keep ntlll. The Kimberley boys did
as well aa the Crnnbrook boys except
that lhey fai ed to score The Herald
believes that the Kimberley team cau
play a much better game tban tbey did
on tbat occasion, and hopes to see them
iu auothcr contest with Craubrook.
Appreciated Rev. Perry.
Moyie, B, C, June 31, 1901 —
Rev. S. G. Peny, ot Newbeg, Ore.,
who has beeu visiting his sister, Mrs,
McGlllvary, of Cranbrook, preached
here last Sunday eveuing IntheMetho
dtst church. livery eye was riveted on
tbe miner preacher as he spoke so earn
estly nnd interestingly. Mr. Perry i
not only a splendid preacher but also a
first-class miner, nnd lhe way be
bandied bis subject, "Pure Gold," i
proof lhat be is nn excellent mineralogist. Mrs. McGillvary, send your
brother to Moyie ngain. He is an honor
to his miner brothers. H.C P.
Report of School for May.
First Division.
Totnl daily attendance     53a
Average daily attendance       24
Number enrolled      33
Secotid Division.
Total daily attendance    700
Average daily attendance       33
Number enrolled  —     49
Third Division.
Totnl daily attendance  1109
Average daily attendance. - -       50
Number enrolled. —      78
John Mclntyre. Principal.
Sunday Sihoul Plunk.
Christ church Sunday school will bold
a picnic al lhe falls of Murk creek al
Marysville on Thursday of next week.
Train leaves Cranbrook at 1 o'clock
Free transportation bas been provided
for the members of the Suuday school
Members of the congregation are re
quested to bring baskets.
To Buffalo lor $76.00.
TheC. P. R.  is selling round trip tic
kets from Cranbrook tf Buffalo lor $76
Call on Agent Coleman for pn.ticulnrs.
Corpus Christ! Sunday.
Next Sunday will be Corpus Christ!
day, nnd it will be duly observed nt the
Mission, Many Indians from other reserves will be here for tbe day, aad a
large number of people from the surrounding towns will be present.
Kicking On fhe Bills.
The government is kicking on the
hills sent in from Cranbrook mient the
small pox siege. Tbe charges made
were very reasonable, so far as we know,
but of course n kick was to be expected
from the present government.
Football dame Tonight.
The Crnnbrook first and second elevens
will meet on  Ibe field at the athletic
grounds this evening at  7:30 o'clock to
play the decisive game for the metlatr.
This valley never looked prettier (ban'There   is a bright  prospect  for a bot
it does now.   The snow Is disappearing ' game,   and   there should   be  a  good
from tbe mountains, the grans every- \ attendance.
where is green, the trees are leaved out
and shrubbery has taken on the usual
summer growth and brightness. South
Kast Kootenay is an ideal place iu the
mi miner and the Kooleiiay valley is a
veritable garden of Kdeu.
Horses branded LDon right hip are
the properly of the Canadian Pacific
All kinds of work given prompt
attention-^ and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers la
Grain and
Qlven special  attention
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
and Builder j*
All work guaranteed.   St. •■ belors
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, B. C.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ol Herald Ollice
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office it Resldtace, Amtraii An.
Forenoons, *
Alternoom -
Evenlofi   •
»■*• te II
7.N ta t:M
:  :   B. C,
Meellli ol Lkease Conmliilonin.
There will be a meeting of the license
commissioners on Ssturdry, June is.
1901, at Crnnbrook, nt 10 o'clock, n nj.,
lo consider the following applications
for licensr:
Peter Matheson, East Kootenay hotel,
James Ryan, Cranbrook, Cranbrook
Fred Roo, St. Louis. Roosville.
A II. Van Decar, Royal, Cranbrook.
Iv. II. Smnll, Cosmopolitan. Craubrook
Charles D. Vronian, Wentworth, Cran.
Thomas Wellman, Manitoba, Cian-
Joseph Drault, Canadian, Crnnbrook,
Oliver Ilurge, Hotel Perry Cr.-ek. Old
Ii J. IVltler, wholesale, CraV'rook,
II. W. llarnes,
License Commissioner.
Livery 3
Proprietors j* j* j*
Teams aud drivers furnished for any
point iu the district.
Manager   Jt  Jt   Jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water In siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
Squlki From Mllo-rlil Quills.
Lnrdeau tingle: The new editor ofthe
RossLiwl Miner can fill ■■ much editorial space and say ■■ little si any pen
wlehler the tingle known of.
Jvirdeau Eagle: The l.agle'a ozone
artist has been victimized by editor
Simpson of the Cranbrook Herald, by
the assertion that be had money to loan.
ThiH Is surely a case of mistaken Identity. We have been accused of almost
everything and called names ranging
from a gentleman to a horse thief; but
this, brother Simpson, Is the "most
crudest blow of all."
Ice Cream Social.
The f-ndles' Aid of the Mtthod'a will
give an ire cream social neit Wednesday evening, June ia, at the church.
A, C Stewart, of Vancouver, has beeu
appointed  Inspector of schools for Ksst
Railway compnnyi    Any person detain-' and West Kootenay, with residence lu
iujjeumt* will lit* prosecuted. iu4    - Nelson,
Undertaking And
Grndunle of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken hlork,
nenr Cnnndinu Bauk of Commerce, Crnnbrook, B C
Upk.lstsrlai ana* antral Far-allure Repairing
Will attend to auy work in the district
f "Give us thc luxuries of life, and
wc will dispense with its necessities"
Pants are necessaries 1
Palmer's Peerless are luxuries
at neccesties' price.
Sec Palmer
P. S.   Also coats and things.
Don t You Know that
East Kootenay's
Greatest Wholesale House.
G. H. GILPIN   General Merchandise, Cranbrook and Moyie.
REID & CO.   Where You Buy Your Dry Goods, Furnishings.
G. H. MINER   The Pioneer Hardware Man.
HILL  &   CO.    Stylish  Gents  Furnishings,  Dry Coods, Boots,
Shoes, Etc.
KING   The Grocer.
McINNIS & CO.   The Greatest Meat Merchants in Kootenay.
McBRIDE BROS.   Heavy and Sheif Hardware.
R. E. BEATTIE   With Whom it Pays to Deal.
PREST   The Photographer.
E. J. PELTIER   Wholesale Liquors.
McVITTIE   Cigars.
PIEPER & CURRY   The Decorators.
TATE   Watches and Jewelry.
THE HERALD   Which You Should Read and Pay for.
LAWYERS and the Best People Generally.
Do their Insurance with
It's good for them.   It's good for you.
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
| Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Qame and Poultry.
We supply only the best,
trade is solicited.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels iu Kast Kootenny,
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranhrook, D. C.
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Drnk Home Beer
It Is Pure
lt is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C
C*olil,Hilver-l.rii(l nnd (*o|ipur Mine,wanted at Ilia KXOHANtllt, KHKK Mil.I
J INU GOLD properties wanted ntnnua for H-islem Investor-:. 1'artles IhivIiik lulsstnir
J iirojerty for sale nro r iiue.teiltos ml -lamiilos of their ore to the HXOIIANUK for ov
I Mblllon. Wa desire to llunr from prospoctdN who hnve proml-dii' mineral ehtluis In
I llr.tl.h Cohiiiililn. rrospeotors and nilnliiKiiienarereiiiioitcdtoinnkclheKXtillANOK
their !ii'!iiti|iinrti>rs when In Nelson. All sampl.-* should bo sent hy express, Prepaid,
j Correspondence solicited. Atldreii nil oootmiintoatlons to
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, B. C.
Telephone No. 104,


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