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Cranbrook Herald Aug 9, 1900

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*•*)•*•♦ MM • • * •*•••»-*■••--»(.■>>♦■• ♦ **
|     The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     •
*    Hon. Obo. A. Cox, President. B. lv Walk br, Gen. Man-    4
I PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
IOKI Sl 1:1:1.i; IIKANCII.
I. W. II. SMYTHE, Manager.
I. & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.        jt       jt       **
& ft* & Reid & Co.
| Cranbrook
' Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling In Connection
Nearest to rniliouil ami depot.    Tins accommodations fur the public unequalled  in Cranbrook.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
20 per ct.
Off dt dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
Wholualt Dealer! In
Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
.   .    .    .    Schlitz Beer    .    .    .    .
Wtoltlale and KcUII
. Groceries, Men's Furnishing Goods, .
Boots and Shoes ....
♦        ♦        #
Agents Tor
.    . The Giant Powder Company .    .
Aj-cnli* Por
. . Bennett's White Gtitt.i Purcha Waterproof Fuse . .
Fort Steele Mercantile Company, Limited
Jacob P. Fink, Manager Cranbrook, B. C.
That and a Telephone Exchange, Which
Is Now Assured.
A Five-Hundred Light Plant Will
Be Sufficient for Present
Frogress still marks the day in Cranbrook. As the metiopohs of South Kast
Kootenay she is constantly striding onward and upward in all that tends to the
upbuilding of a mederu town.
Last week it was The Herald's pleasure to announce that a large sum of
money was to be expended on the improvement of Cranbrook's principal
street, as well as in minor improvements
on lesB important thoroughfares; also to
state that a telephone exchange would
be soon established.
In a few days the street improvements
will be in progress; so, also, will the installation of the telephone exchange,
upward oi 50 subscribers having been secured, and you can *' hello" to your
neighbors—or mauy of them—all over
town in a short time, thus saving time
and shoe leather.
Now Ibe Electric Light.
And now comes the electric light.
The formation of this company is now
a u assured fact, and so is the installation
of a 500 light electric plant as soon as
the apparatus can be put on tbe ground.
The plans are nearly completed, $4,000
in sight for tbe work, and if more should
be necessary the company kuows where
to put its hands on it.
Orders for the plant have been placed
before tbis time, and but few weeks will
elapse before the telephone will be supplemented by the electric light.
While it has beeu an ''open secret"
for some time tbnt this company was in
process of formation, it has been deemed
better not to give the matter newspaper
publicity until it bad reached a stage
where there would he uo such thing as
a failure in organisation.
It leached that point two or three
weeks ago, when W P. Dickson ol Nelson, a thorough nnd reliable electrical
engineer, was selected to fill thc position
of superintendent,
Tlie temporary oflicers of the company are Pr. King, chairman of the board;
W. K. Gurd, secretory nnd treasurer; J.
Ryat), George Bremner and Malcolm
Mi** In lies.
It will be seen by the list of officers—
who are typical of thc members of the
company—that il is composed of the
most responsible and energetic citizens
of this "goaheadttive" town, and the
success of the enterprise has therefore
always been a foregone conclusion.
The power, for the present, will be derived from the plaut of the Cranbrook
Lumber Company. In course of time,
as iuerea-jed power 19 required, or circumstances may demand, a power plaut
for tbe sole use of the company will be
installed.   ___^	
Bangeransly III.
Last Saturday eveuing T. I.. Le Pan,
with the Canadian Bank of Commerce at
Fort Steele, was Btricken wilh convulsions and liecame unconscious, remaining in that condition until Tuesday.
Mr. Le Pan had been 111 the day preceding, but neglected securing proper
medical attendance until too late to do
anything about it himself. Alter being
nttaked by convulsions friends telephoned for Dr. King, who immediately
wenl to the sick man. The sufferer be
ing|uuable lo give any information, tbe
doctor was obliged to work on supposition nud diagnosed lhc case ai one of
urcuic poisoning, and proceeded upon
tbnt line, which at the present lime seems
(0 hnve been correct. Le Pan Is doing as
well ns could be expected, but the outcome cannot be told.
fi H Miner   The pioneer
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doors and Sash in all varieties.   Also Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Eavestrough and Furnace work.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyie
The Herald job Printing
lions; in the reduction o( staff the company practically aimed 6t the active
■members of the union; lhat -preference
was given to non-union men; lhat efficiency Slid length of service was totally
igtioied." These resolutions were endorsed by euch nf the unions and it wus
on these grounds thiti the strike was declared.
At Crnnhrmik.
Up to yesterday there were  nine nun
out in the simps bere; ibis Includes the
macblnitti, blacksmiths and bolleraiak-
ers.   The ■nialluesi of the number of
men in tbe shops nt tbe time of the strike
Is accounted for by the fact that tbe shop
force bad been considerably reduced the
lasl few weeks.
Comment on This Unnecessary.
Below is the dinner bill uf the Cosmopolitan for Sunday last:
Canned Fraser River Salmon
Baked Beans       Fruit Fritters
Ox Heart .Stuffed   Stewed Beef, Spanish
Short Ribs of Beet, Horseradish
Ox Tongue with Mushroom Sauce
Prime Ribs of Beef, Pan Gravy
Pork with Dressing   Mutton, Mint Sauce
Young Turkey, Giolet Same
Mashed Potatoes Stewed Carrots
New Cabbage      Sugar Corn
Apple Pie     Lemon Pit*:     Pumpkin I'ie
Peach Pie Blueberry Pie
Plum Tart Rice Custard
Vanilla Ice Cream and Cake
Peaches Oranges Plums
Nelson is organizing an amateur athletic association.
A cut-worm three inches in length is
on exhibition in Vancouver.
Greenwood'is rejoicing over the accession of a large steam laundry.
Forest fires are still menacing miners
and settlers in West Kooteuay.
The Grand Forks Townsite company
have purchased the site of Columbia, its
Fidelle H. Gagnon suddenly died of
heart failure recently, in his cabin near
Butter Ib received in Vancouver from
tbe intelligent dairyman rolled in newspapers aud packed in tar-soap lioxes.
A stampeded drove of hogs, headed by
an infuriated steer, created much amusement and some alarm in Vancouver recently.
The result of the fishermen's strike at
Steveston, on the Fraser river, is that
the Japs arc now master of the situation,
and the whites are leaving the country.
Sandon is fast resuming its old look
of prosperity, and decidedly improved
over the old state of the lown. Nearly
all the merchants are rebuilding, many
substantial buildings going up.
Recently a bush fire near Silverton
became alarming when it was ascertained
that the bush was burning up to within
50 yards of the two powder-bouses up the
creek. Over 20 loos of dynamite were
stored there, aud the'explosives had to
be hurriedly removed to a nearby tunnel
and stacked out of danger,
Because Twenty-Five Meu Are Uld Olf at
J Winnipeg aad Fart Wl'llsm   500 Quit.
Winnipeg, Aug. 4 —The machinists,
boiler-makers and fitters employed by
the C. P. K. in shops at Winnipeg, Fort
William and other divisional points west
to the Pacific coast went out on alrike
this morning to the number of about 500.
On Tuesday last about 25 men were
discharged by the company owing to, the
oftlcials explained, tbe preseut prospect
of hard times and the small amount of
work that would naturally follow with
the reductiou iu traffic. The officials
pointed out that with ouly a half a crop
in the province there would he ouly half
the freight shipments, aud following this
shortage there would be a corresponding
falling off in the imports—in fact they
claimed lhat the latter was already noticeable.
Against tliis the men's case as presented, is as follows: "At a meeting hold
Wednesday night of a committee composed of boiler-makers, machinists,
blacksmiths and allied mechanics, it was
resolved that the reduction of the staff
was a direct blow by the com, any
against the union uuder false pretenses
of a decrease in business; that the company ignored whatever overtures were
made to them  regarding belter condi-
Craiibrookers Will Storm Ibe Town on
Friday, August Id.
With Three Exceptions All Mercantile Houses Will Close
(or the Event.
Tomorrow will he a gala-day in Moyie.
Not all, but nearly all and tbe best of
Cranbrook will he at the " Lake Geneva
of Bast Kooleiiay" tomorrow. All stores
in Cranhrook, with the possible exception of two or three, will be closed aud
Cranhrook will wear, for the day, the appearance of an old time Kansas town
after a boom and the grasshoppers quit
it. Even tbe music of the saw in the
mills will be bushed for lhe day.
Tbere will be a dance on the lake
on a raised platform; all kinds of seasonable refreshments for ladies, gentlemen and children; boating and fishing
ou thc lake, renewing old friendships
and the making of uew ones among the
good people of Moyie.
A special train to leave here at 8:30 a.
m. has been chartere I, the fare having
beeu pbced at the moderate sum of ft
for the round trip and 50c for children
under 12.
A-l-1 a-b-o a-r d for Moyie.
They Recently Arrived la Victoria From Nome
but In a Newspaper Interview Say
Nothing ol Simpson.
Who Have Been Doing Business In Cranbrook This Week.
Gus Dunn, cigars, Montreal.
J   F. Creen, liquors, Toronto.
Joseph Tasse, cigars, Montreal.
F. H. Whyte, millinery, Toronto.
P. M. Ingliss, grcceries, Hamilton.
C. ti. Smith, stationery, Montreal.
Fred Robinson, lumber, Winnipeg.
II, II. Bond, law libraries, Toronto.
R. K. Cooper, dry goods, Montreal,
C. F. Thompson,  notions, Toronto,
J. II. Hemsworih, groceries, Victoria
George II. Powell, clothing, Moutreal.
J. A. Ilrown, hide purchaser, Spokane.
Ci U- Ughtfoot, hardware, Vancouver.
II. A, French, hay and   grain,  Port
Hill, Idaho.
"Jimmie" Balfour, the insurance man,
Lennox ville.
Fred  Bay less, smoking aud chewing
tobaccos, Granby, Out.
\V. J. Anderson, accompanied by Mrs.
Anders -ii, notions, Toronto.
F, C.  Potts, representing the  Daily
and Weekly Tribune, Winnipeg.
Coaches on Ihe Kootenai Valley.
Bonners' Ferry Herald: The long-
looked for varnished cars on the Kootenai Valley Railroad are aboul to make
tbeir appearance, according to information received at this office. Two coaches
have been ordered and are expected
within ten days, and upon their arrival
a dally train service will be established
between Bonner's Ferry aud Kuakanook.
The work of ballasting lhe roadbed is
now completed und the Bteaui shovel
taken off,	
Monday evening last tbe infant sou
of Mr, add Mrs. G. R. Leask, aged ,\%
months, of mirnsmas. The funeral occurred at 11 o'clock Wednesday, Many
friends sympathize with the bereaved
The Daily Times, of Victoria, in its
Saturday's issue publishes the following:
" W. W. Doble and R. G. Shier, passengers by lhe Signal to Seattle from
Nome, are at tbe Victoria, They left
the far Norlh on July 23d, alter taking
thither a quantity of merchandise,which
they disposed of at a fair profit,
"They tell an interesting story of the
conditions of the country lhey are well
satisfied at having left behind. They
give, as others have dene, a very gloomy
picture of the Nome mining camp. On
the beach tons of machinery lie piled up
where it had been landed from the steamers and where it is likely to lie for all
lime to come, for the beach has beeu
worked out long ago and neither the
owners or transportation companies will
ever find it a paying investment to move
it again.
" Messrs. Doble & Shier bave been all
over the Nome district and state that
there is very little mining now being
done, Ihecreeks and gulches where alone
the precious metal is fouud being almost
dry now because of tbe lack of rain.
There are now between 25,000am! 28,000
people at Nome, and of this number
there are at least 4,000 or 5,000 completely oul of employment and iu dis*
tressed circumstances, Others in poor
straits are making a little and will perhaps be able to get out of the country
on the big barge Skookum, which is being advertised to sail for Seattle. Fares
on this monster craft have been fixed at
$10 for tbe trip, and it is probable that
over a thousand people will take passage.
Many, however, will be left, who in the
opinion of Messrs. Doble and Shier will
be obliged to receive government assistance hefore leaving the country, for those
strauded now will find it exceedingly
difficult to live through the rigors of
winter. Wages at present are very low,
the best pay on tbe creeks being J*,**, per
day and board. Canadian money is
mostly in circulation, yet despite this
fact the banking institutions are charging a 10 per cent, discount and are doing a tremendous business.
" As for the lawlessness of lhe country, Mr. Doble reports tbat crime is continually going 011 and is likely to increase when lhe season changes. At
present it Is all day at Nome, and this
serves as a kind of protection against
the notorious work of highwayman and
criminals, Still this class has things
pretty much their own w»y. Only a few
days hefore the two men left a bold robbery was committed. A tent was cut
open, the sleeping occupants were chloroformed and relieved of some $700.
"Mr. Shier met Mr. Charles Jones of
this city on the beach just before leaving the north. The latter had recovered
from an attack of fever and pneumonia
nnd was clerking for a transportation
company. Small-pox was well in check,
hut pneumonia was still very prevalent
at Nome. Arrivals from Dawson, it was
stated, were not allowed to return up
the Yukon, nnd tbis regulation is causing a great amount ol hardship, although
benefitting possibly the ocean transportation companies.
w h e u
mem hers. Consequently,
auier.ilinent was reached tl.
ipprove of, Mr. Houston proceeded t<
nake a characteristic miniug camp
ipeech, in which, as a member for a live
town in Kootenny. be felt justified in ;id-
ilressing ilu Esquimalt members as
tnosshacks, and Attorney General Eberts
u coward iu addition. He wns a government supporter, be remarked, but if
the government wauted a light "ii i**-.
hands here was plain Julm Houston
ready to accommodate them. Biqui-
mall was not ihe whole province ot* British Columbia, aud he was uot afraid to
tell them so. Then the leader ol the opposition, Joe Mai Liu, came in fir a shaie
Haltis May O'Dell and Arthur Wrfckt
Mooney the Happy Ones.
of Mr. Houston
member  who  ventured  a woid gol a
Iressing from lhe western m .it.
Flushed with bis wordy victory in the
house, Mr. Houston sallied forth after
adjournment and came across Rod Tol-
111 ie, secretary of the mines association
of Nelsou. Naturally, owing to the row
over the Nelfon sti ike, the relations between the two weie somewhat strained,
and from a wordy to a peiaonal encounter the trouble proceeded, till Tolmle
pitched Houston across a hotel b.ir. A
truce was patched up and later they met
on Government street
" Wait till we catch you in Nelson and
we'll fix you," threatened Mr. Houston
"I'll fix vou now," retorted Toltntc,
and fetched the Nelsou mayor a blow
under thc jaw Hint laid Houston out
senseless and he bad to be removed to
bis home in a buck.
The ouly matter ol interest to the mining districts in the house today was the
introduction of a bill hy Joseph Martin
aimed at doing away with the government examinations now held before au
assayer cau practice in British Columbia,
In thc Pt-se-ncee of Many Guests at
thc Knox Presbyterian
Yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, many
finely-dressed people thronged the street
lending to the Presbyterian church, the
occasion being the uniting in tbe bonds
ol wedlock of Miss Hattie May O'Dell
and Arthur Wi ight Mooney, two of
Cranbrook's most estimable young people.
A look in the church just before the
ceremony revealed the chancel, organ
snd windows handsomely decorated by
mi ma 1 t potted plants of many varieties, and ;i large audience composed of
Craubrook society's most prominent ladies and gentlemen.
At the appointed hour lhe Wedding
party arrived, and to the sweet (.trains of
Mend-dssohn's wedding march took its
place before Rev, W. G- W. Fortune,
who, m accordance with tbe simple rites
ofthe Presbyterian church, pronounced
the groom mnn and wile.
The bride looked charming in a dress
of hr coded silk tissue over cream satin
with cream pasaemeotrie trimmings: or-
ange blossoms, snd a rare and beautiful
lace veil 115 years old.
The bridesmaid—Miss Dollie Watts-
was very attractive in a dress of white
organdie over blue -ilk, and blue satin
slippers with p-eail ornaments.
The groom wai rupported by Norman
Chapleau, both beiug attired in conventional mode.    Mr    Chapleau wss so efficient in his duties, even to the smallest
details, that a suspicion was created that
he was training for another event, wherein be wouid figure as one of the princi-
Miss Annie Cardiff was out from Cran- j pals-
brook to attend tbe ball   given  by the       After 'he customary congratulations
Moyie orchestra lasl evening. these invited repaired to _ sumptuous
■epast at the home of Mrs. O'Dell. the
[From tho Moyie Leader, Aug. \.\
R. ti Beattie wns out from Cranbrook
iu   the
1 to ber
Father  Coccolo   held   servie
Catholic church last Sunday,
Miss Ethel Bennett has return-
home near Fort Steele,
Mrs. Jennings was at the St. Eugene
Mission the first of the week.
J. P. Smyth departed for eastern Wash
ingtou points Wednesday evening.
M. M. Mclnnes was out from Cranbrook looking after his branch meat
market Tuesday.
W. T. Reid, one of Cranbrook's lead
ing merchants and most enterprising citizens, was ont to Moyie Wednesday evening.
ti. E. Orchard, tbe mau who so elfic-
ientlv conducts thc chewing departmeut
of the Cosmopolitan hotel, Craubrook.
was in town Tuesday evening, accompanied by his wife.
Kenneth Maedonald of Moyie, who
raised a loan of $10011 a worthless check
in Cranbrook a short time ago, has been
sentenced to six months Imprisonment
in tbe provincial jail.
Col. II. D. Henderson and Miss May
Frazer were married Wednesday at the
Church of St. John the Divine in Fort
Steele. Col. Henderson was at onetime
a resident of Moyie, and is well known
in East Kootenay.
Last week a traveling tailor .--truck the
town and at once set to work soliciting
orders for an eastern bouse without a license. The local tailor immediately bad
bim arrested and fined,.ind the* traveling
man lefl town 011 the next train. The
local tailor did light. lie is able to ban
die lhat portion of the business of the
town, and bas a right (0 protect himself
against outside competition, .Moreover
he spends his money here, and the tow n
derives the benefit, livery person iu
Moyie should make it a point to patronize tbe home mnn in every case possible,
Mining Notes.
Tbe veteran, Tom hove, and Charley
Diamond,   lefl on   Tuesday   for   Pen*)
creek, to do assessment work there*.
Fred Hazen was down from the St.
Mary's this week. He brought with bim
some fine samples of copper—some* of it
horuite of high grade, He is down 30
feet, and is now crosscutiing tin* ledge;
it won't lake a big body of ore like bis
samples lo make a rich copper mine.
Billy Stewart was up from Galloway
Monday to record a couple of claims
Billy reports everything in the Sand
Creek district in a nourishing condition,
and says the day is nol far distant when
they will boast of some shipping copper
propositions in thut couuiry.
The Hamilton Brothers—" Bill" and
"Jack"—will go out lo Palmer mountain in a few days, lo prosecute further
development work ou the Believue.
More than two years ago The Herald
stated that (he future of Palmer mountain, so far as containing mines is concerned, depended on the result of the
Hamilton Brothers'work; tbe assertion
still holds good.
brlde'i mother, where tbe center-piece—
the wedding cake—was surrounded by
tbe choicest wands and Iruits of the season.
The toast "Tbe Bride," was proposed
by Mr. Reid, accompanied by the names
of Thomas Rookes and Norman Chapleau, who lespor.ded in felicitous and
happy veins, although Tommy bad to be
' co; rccte-i ' several times by the dom-
The Kev. Fortune followed wilh an
iddress r-ppropriate to tbe occasion.
The happy couple left on the eaat
bound this morning, and will make a
tour through to the coast, being " Al
Home" September 15.
W. ti. Tale, the efficient usher, was a
host in bimself, wbiie Mrs. Reid pre
tided at the organ in an artistic manner.
The presents were numerous and costly, but the nearness of the publication
hour prevents a report.
Arthur Mount), s Well-Knows LocoBotive
l--ri.ii-;!--* Arraigned by ibe B. af L. P.
Monday evening, at a meeting of the
B, of h. ti , what at one lime bore Ihe
aspect of a serious incident, occurred,
During the session President Sid Arnold called up Arthur Mooney—one ot
lhe most respected member! of the
Brotherhood—telling bim that certain
charges bad been preferred against bim,
and that he -would have to stand trial
upou the same—If he could clear ihem
away he would then and then* be acquitted mid dtclared innocent; if not it
would become the president's duly to in-
Diet upon hi'ii a punishment which had
heen decided upon in advance by the
brethren of the lodge—in fact would lie
inflicted upon him anyway 011 suspicion.
The result of the examination was
thnt Mi. Mooney * at found to be abso-
lutely guilly of premeditatiug matrimony in the lirst degree-, and whs sentenced
lobe Hie* recipient ofa handsome five-
piere set of rilverware, administered by
his brethren of the order, aud purchased
from Tate the jeweler.
Afler 11 Diction of thc punishment a
short time was spent socially, when adjournment followed.
He Was Knocked Senseless and Tsken -Hone
In a Cab.
Victoria, Ii. C , Aug. 6:—Mayor Houston, the member for Nelson riding, was
lhe feature In the legislature today. The
liquor license bill was being considered
in a committee uf the whole and Mr.
Houston was in a condition to feel that
he should share lu the attention of the
Thai Throbbing Hcadaehe
Would quickly leave yon, if you used
Dr. King's New I.ifc I'ills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their matchless
merit for sick and nervous headaches,
They make pure blood aud build up your
health. Only 25 cents. Money hack if
not cured. Sold by R ti. Beattie, ding-
One bundled Ions of hay for sale al
St.   Eugene   Mission.    Nay  consists  of
pure timothy, pure clover, mixed timothy and clover and Hungarian grata.
Pflce per Ion, loose, f 15; baled, $20.
Arc Camping Out.
Mrs. George Bremner and Mrs. John
Frszcr have had a camp at Swansea the
past week, and during that time enter-
talned Mrs. Tale aud sons Fred and
Eric, Mrs. MeKtllop of lethbridge, and
Messrs. Bremner, Frazer and Ross, all of
whom declare that it was one of the
loveliest camps on earth.
ll Helped Win Battles.
Twenty-nine ollicers and men wrote
from lhe front to say that for scratches.
bruises, cuts, wounds, sore feet and still
joints Hmkk-n's Arnica Salve is the best
iu ihe world. Same for burns, skin
eruptions and  piles.   Sold  by  R.   K.
Be.ittie, druggist-
Hotel Property fur Sale.
The property known as the East Koo
tenay  hotel;   price
known ou appll
tin- premises.
and   terms  made
lion to the owner on l'KUM-j UF •-'-•■- CltUTlON:
\. tt. M'VITTIB, D.L.S., P.L.S. JOHN HUTCHISON, Notary
McVittie & Hutchison
.-;■-,; Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
...„ |o Ive llie l»*«iil the
jUlllel It »uu :-,<:-■: mil iIhmi S">" '"""
y0„l | !i .  ... , mi ,,.■:■!■. aen I ll totlit-iollice.
-iin..- iimi l.nnils Surveyed
! ire. Uie nnd Accident Ingtirntice
Mime} to l.iinn
I. 0. 0. F. Bluck
Cranbrook, B. C.
mumlllix yuur game.    Let ouatuntleal
knuwletlge go hand lu Ir.iiul will, know-
In the i-*li 1 let "o**   Ing lion  tu shoot.    I'hen  li you beep
door, vour powder dry, you'll tumble things
An-1 udthi mule till It's lato an'I cun ■««   J,,.,,,,.,,,!,,,,, •    im\ i fullou-ed Ilia ad-
.,.,    "'   ';;" ; .    ....... „-..,..„■ faith, er   vice, and I imve lumliled tilings, I tnko
..■"",.. i .,.,,,., r.i > Ii,   liuiei-d I huve,   llut ot nil tbe lum-
,.,„,  ., ,    „, ihai  iie*» not (oraako no   |,|,n- 0f thlii|(a 1 a-for did nothing ever
I ■■       '*'  '   u '■ ,.ii,..,..,i mnl-,. i.rwlii mi inv reinnvU-
1,1,..     tliei  tm ahead where every    r-leeted mor,   iroilti ' ">
ililiia      .till, i nblo rather thunn nent Inl »t Uunl g
Etucpl  n mi  katydid 'al »lnB« In apito er    | ,|i,| ,,„ !,,„,, ,,„ the lowerHlnllMlllf
li ut nn 11,      chill .  '  I,      I idnlm nn erplllt for It fur 111V-
Au-   vhllal   immgranlt.    n   II aa thouirh    I" '" *   ' ' '■"'" " ,',,,,,i „|,
II .      , itpp'ii in musl, i ■•■It.   li "ii- nent, Indeed! bill in II
t think ,in' dream an' wondi rlike, wrapped    from   tn ..;,_, Hint I ever would havo
In ih'  '■■ Un' ,1"1- | Ibongbl ni doing il If II llllil not liven
fm eighty ."an' n child ncaln," lhe younu    |,,r the pr |ita und example ol llenlivil
often   v. I'eltlbuue.    Xeverl
H  mm   bi     i,  i.i    lomehow   now   my,     „()|    n n,o m„|i|tiidliiuu» Uilngs   1
o fur away, I ,    .
An'  l ean nte as plain aa life tho mints   hnve tumbled  I bale Be I gone out
.    oiher yean- ' «iili vengenuee In m} heart to nimble
•nl not much   >r   •,,„,. i,„t thla time lilhl.   Itlld.lnd 1.
»' (Mod reuann 1 hud for It, I I [ll
ny falhe
,, i nln' dusk.
An', then, attain th
„ t an' Blngln'
a white mag-
,■ there In the
niters on, an'
round, an' in
iris, one with
I hi
Huih tirin
er I'tiruillflD.
An' In llui hwlgi li
III'  litnl  HUHR UWL-L-tj
Ait' mollis sueked eagerly the llowers thot
ul tin* muck-
slur wuiild form
•At fer ;i moment piorced tho sky, then
melted in th'* dusk.
Filled full er thoughts er other days—boln'
pew .'-,:.  i Vi:   •  whon ; oil may place
Tin* children kind i r
broken raid;
When high abovi thi
To guide tho ftet id it
the  goldi ll > at-
An' wliil. llie sirlji'd i
An* l sot lu re n-wand
-Will T. Hale, In Chi
3  -»
1 Innl liven more thnn pntlent, When
the ninth sheep dlaniipeared from my
dure, tl i'Ii. I thullglll il wa.'. time
null ii bull mi Die benr, nnd I toolt
rifle and «• t, vengeful nnd lie-
mined.   I gol ou the truck of tho benr
nit u mile down the Slnnomnhone
I followed il three miles. The stream
itv ti sudden bend right there, ami
1 moved enillionslj' nrouud tho bend
■nine iii sighl nl' ihe Bheep stealer.
1 ag'in aome hints j slretehed oul on the bank sound nsloep
' a hundred .vurds or so nbend of mo.
Ih' wnan'l In a |insltlon r.,r mo to give
hlm n dentl Bhot.unil vengeful ns I was
I could mu i™ ,m, think of giving hlm
even n n nl nf sulforing.   I uas on
ih,. point of hollering nl liim t" boiu'o
liim up null show mo n proper shut
when I h;i|,|„ nnl in raise mv vyes, and
there live rods illleud lay ll big Illicit
chewing his cud In swccl conlontment
lierr «ere nn mon scarce Unit sen-
snn. nnd I Innl use fm'jnst such a bllelt
ns Unit, s,, I concluded tu postpone
veng me a I mil. kill llm deer and
then iillend to Ihe bciirlieforc he could
get Into lhc brush, fori knen ho would
l„. np nud nff ul lhc Bound of my gut
gun barrel ami lei llm buck die wilh
lhe llislc nf hi„ Clld Still  ill  his llliiiltli
when   whal should c m strutling out
Into  Um  open   side  by  side   bill   a llie
rock  phensnul  ami hla hen.    I hnd tm
sooner seen thelll thnn ileuminelmnsi
idea struck tne, ami I proceeded at on
in enrry it out.
fields He
i tills side
4 Great Execution   Done  by   Reuben -^
\ Peltibonv's Son. **
"e Vt
>V»"-W*V*V*'-*,-»''i''V;^ ■*>>"»*>•
111', peculiar success Unit attend-
nil   mi   leuiaii.al.l,' falher, llcll-
s a hunter." saiil llie
from over Sinuemiihonlng wuy,
s iiii,  iii his uuirvelous knowledge
lie .,,,,,:,.,,,,,-,,I Blructlll'o nl'   wild
is ns much un tu his unerring skill
" Ut Isn't enough In kunw," lie used to
•It}-, 'jilsl  where a liver's heart is locllt-
ed' iii ihe aiiiiual's body, nr iim exact
■ |iul in llm interior of ll near u here lhe
hi,laws lie Biiiiglj- eus ceil, nnd then
In be nblo to sock a bullet Ihere If you
v.ani m lie sure uf your gnme. Not by
any ineitns. A deorwlll go n mile easy
enough with a bullet in iis heart before
il will drop, and ynu may plug a hole
clear through n bear's kidneys, nnd yet
he will h phlmself nnd cm fnr mil uf
yuur rench in a laurel putcli before lie
finds mil Unit he is annuel'. Vnn may
gei lhe doer, nfter a good deal uf
trouble ami sii-pense, liiil you'll never
iri I Um bear. Tlio allfest nnd only profitable wny in Ii  lu say nothing nf
being merciful li. your benst, is to kill
yuur game dead where il stands ur
Whore il runs. Thus, always sever a
ventricle nf a doer's henrt when ymi
shoot, aud all ynu have lu ilu then is
In  walk   up   I Bkill llm .leer.    Never
skirmish ae, uml  to draw bond mi   a
benr's   kidneys.      Separate   Um  spinal
•'nnl at Um  li wilh your bullet, and
the bear will .lie in the mul,!:.' uf a
breath, Everybody km.us.' my re-
innrkiiblc father used losuy.'lhnllfynll
shoot lhe head olT a pheasant as il
sunups like lhe wind through tho
thicket, lhe pheasaul  will drop dead.
(If , rso il will, lull then see what a
shooWng-looklng thing the dentl bird la,
wiih iis ragged, bloody, headless neck.
Beheading your phoiiBonl thus Is cruel,
•lusi ai Un- base of Um bird's bill, below
the oyes, is a  di uf nen,-. A sudden s'lu.ek tu those nerves will kill llm
bird Instnntlv.   Hire,'! your rill,' hall.
as  lhe bird lain- uin;-. -i Uml  il  "ill
wldz over thai bunch of 'ves so close
that if il ua- a hah' closer il would
break llm skin. A stroke nl lightning
couldn't drop Ihnl I.inl an, t|ttlckei
Ihnn the eoncusilun of Hint passing bulla! will,   llcmembcr tills, my .' lieu-
lien I'ettlbnno used l„ say, 'and never
wasie. pain nr muminlx your game.'
•'Ill so ymi  luu.' all heard how
my romarkablo futliet used to bring in
his scores and scores  ..f   birds,   fai,
plump, and nm mm mutilated, lull ymi
never know before, I giteas, hy whal
tunnel Ile was aide I,..In It,"
"We didn't, hey?" said Um mnn In tho
red, blue, yellow, green, pink uud purple Mackinaw imd., i. "Well. I know'tl
ii. by guns! An' I kin felon 'em Injlsl
the same wny he done ItI"
"WilOtl" exclaimed the man frnni
over Sinnemnhonlng wny.     "Dn  ynu
KO   1...niter An-.   Need tu (lo TUrouuti
tl.iini.,'  .villi Them.
Up tu times wilhin the memory uf
living men. almost no nne uf melius
traveled tlu\iiigli Europe without u
courier. Hefore railroads were built
and before goud guide books were printed, he was almost Indispensable. His
tribe survives, writes Herbert Luce in
doing Abroad, but iu greatly dimin-
lshe.il numbers. To lhe self-reliant
traveler lie is nf no use Whatever. Ill-
deed, he  is frequently a positive   in-
euml.ranee,  und wurse.    Tn iny lllilul.
 I llie great pleasures of travel is
in learning tn -travel by myself. There
i.s stttlsfnetlon, pleasure uud cducntlon
in planning ruiiles. deciphering; time
tables, mnking bargttlas, learning by
observation lhe Iny uf the bind.
Tlm time may hnve been when n courier enuld save a traveler more than bis
cost. Must certainly that is not the ease
now, I In Ihe contrary, us he gels a percentage ,m even ptivtinuao his pnrty
makes (which, of course, comes out of
thc purchaser in increased, price), and
as il i.s often fur bis interest to advise
the more cosily route, thc inure costly
hotel, or the mure cosily excursion, he
cuts up much more than his wages,
while saving pnsitividy nothing* Bean
declares that in it 'two, weeks' trip ill
southern Spain, whieh he made side by
side with ii couple having n courier, he
Invariably reached the hotel Ilrst, gut
better rooms, saw all thc sights to ns
guud advantage; yet the courier was
nf his kind nn expert. Thc fuel is that
Iravel  has become sn general, tourist
sn well sltlttlied'lts needs, bonks are sn
plentiful, that yotl couldn't very well
get off the truck or have a mishap If you
••JoHli IIHIIiikh* " I'uilier Wns lhe L'trsl
I'urulmser, .lust  l-'lfty Yonr. tan.
'Tifty yeurs iigo-iu July, 1847—
l'nele San. issued bis lirst postage
stumps," writes l-'annic Muck Lothrop
ill l.adb's' Home Jouruul. "ln England, seven yeurs before, Howlnnd
Hill, 'father of the penny post,' introduced the 'slicking iilusti-rs,' ns llm
stumps were contemptuously called.
John M. Mies, our postmnster-general
ul Unit time, tried hcroietilly, but in
vain, tu move congress tn uttthorizo
slumps for this country, His successor,
Cuvc Johnson, was mure fortiitiute, uud
the bill desired was approved un Mnrch
It, 1SI7, the slnnips mil being Issued,
however, till August, though the lime
appointed ua,; July 1. Only I wo values
nf lhc new slumps were introduced in
1817—n flit* nnd ten-cent stump, bearing, respectively, the portrait nf Prank-
tin lu n bronze tit.I uml Washington in
••The first purebnser of stamps In tho
I'liKcil Stntes was Henry Sbnw, the
father of Henry Wheeler Rlltiw (hotter
known us 'Josh Hillings,' lhc humorist l. Mr. Sbuw was in Ibe post must cr-
gcnornl's ollice on August ii, lt.IT. when
Mr. Johnson entered wilh the printer
from whom he hud jusi received .sheds
of the new stumps. Mr. Johnson pivssc.i
u sheet to Mr. Sbnw fur inspection.
After giving thc stamps a hasty glance
Mr. lihiiw, perhaps with an eye to future fame, took out his wallet, counted
out I,*, cents nnd purchased one of euch
variety. The 'live' he kept ns li curiosity, the 'ten' he presented to Oov,
Briggs as au appropriate gift."
Color  Line  In   llrltlall  Army.
With ull England's condemnation of
the social disadvantages to which the
colored rime is subjected iii |1„, United
Sillies, she Is giving abundant evidence
of being imbued Willi radical prejudices thnt arc every bit   iis   strong,
Thus,  the voluiit giments ofthe
grenl universities bave declined lo nil-
post-   fcwsinnllrcdpoippcrs.   Let the ploklea   mil to thelt-ranks aliidents of Indlnn
chew and sulTored,   Hand over nlghl In snltwulor, then pni   or of African origin, and it ntimhor ol
mnhonlngway   thorn in Hm cold liaeyiir nnd let thom   olher volunteer nnd militia corps, In-
(.liniie.l am   resumed. ,.„„„,  |„ ;l  |)n|| ,mi|  |m|| ,„.,, ,„, (||mi    c|„,||n~  ||1(.  |„na „r ,.,„.,    l„i|,,||i„.,
I raxlloles,   my remarkable father   m|nut„,,    ,,■ ,,„. ,;„,,,„,. la „„, .„,.„„  ,,„,„ , lm,mi„.n „, ,,,,„,      '
"  ■•""*■'   "■■"■■   ''''"I''.  I'"!"  of   Odd 01 unrtufualcr.-N.Y. Ledger,   , fcsslon. bnec followed suit.
"Tbis will be lhc nea'esl piece of
work I luue ever done,' said I in myself,   '1 uih lallier was here In see it.'
"1 wns apprehensive of only one thing,
mul lhat wns that Um bear might wake
up before things were in proper shape.
I Hatched llm two pheasants as Ihey
slrut led nn mil side by side. I was
reedy to net the ln_tu.it they got to the
p.,iut my nice calculation had llxctl un.
Thev cm Ihere at last. 1 nave a yell.
The bear woke ap and sprang tn bis
root, brondsidc Inward me. Tlm buck
ruse like a filial! at Hie same instant.
Tlm birds md np neck nnd nook. I lire.!.
'1 lm bear sank down and lay Ihere 118 If
lu had resinned bis nap. Thc twn
pheasants dropped to the ground side
bv side. |llSl lhe same as lhey had got
tip.    The   buck  tumbled where he was
lying when I woke hlm.
•••If v.m could see this, Reuben Pot-
tlbone,'' said 1 'It's pleased you'd I.e.
I'm sure, tn know what an ap! pupil
I have boon, indeed, and tn see how
deep your lessons dill sink Inl'
"Yes. Tlie bear's spinal.-ord was sev-
ere.l al tlm nook, the bullet having
plowed I bere jusi deep enough to do it
ami limn gone on iis way. There wasn't
a mark nil lhe phollsnntB. 'llm bullet
bad skimmed that bunch nf nerves on
each and shocked Ihem In death. The
rlghl ventricle of the deer's heart was
.ml in luu as if il had been dune with
a knife -so nice had been my—"
The I  ill llie red. bine, pink, yellow, green nml purple inacklniiwjackel
g t  nf  his ehair. lifted nne hand
and opened his month asir to speak,
"Here, Mackinaw," said lhc man front
bis plug of tobacco, "lake u chew wilh
Mackinaw took the plug, bit off a
chew, put the plug Into his pocket nut]
passed .ml slowly, looking tinned.
The man from over Sinimniaholiing
way mused a moment and then went
homcwiird, grinning as if be had been
having full.    N*. Y.Hun,
tlmil.cr lluneat)'.
la llie "Chronicles uf a Kentuok Set-
tlemonfls given ua Instance uf intcgri-
li which des. nes tu be lunilo historical,
l'i i, related of three brothers who woro
im purling merchants in North Carolina
before llm wur of the,revolution. Thoy
were Quakers, as were nun; nl lhe
early colonials of tlml slate. Thestnry,
if true, goes to show Uml ill lllisenliutry
ih,, publi insolence.  During ihe wnr
Nortli Cninliiia. ami wcbcllcw ill hers of
tlm colonies, passed au oril tee requiring citizens owing mono; lo subjects of (ireiii llrtttiln lopnj tltoninotint
int.. the treasury nf this state, which
thereby assi I Hm position nf debtor
in Hm foreign creditor. Ilareourt
llrolhcn owed at Hie  lime  a   large
ai m  fm- goods Imported, and this
am,mill tbey paid aa soon us pnssibluln
Hm Btntc treasurer. Afler tho termination nf Um war ami sie'iiingi.r thet rcnty
nf | ■.'. llm English creditors tide
tu recover the ntnount due Hi  from
"'..;;' {,:;"s u,,7 •' ;":"''". „  ■•.« statc, wind, i,„,i i.,.,.,, i,o„eio«si
"Don't  mean  In say nothin' u'   the!, , ,   ,... ,,.„ , ,' 	
kind 1" interrupted thc man in thevarle- I
gated locket, "llul I kin snare, bv i
guns!" *  I
".Mackinaw." said Hie mnn from nver
"base Insinuation conies with ill grace '
from a man uhn burrows ull Ihe l.ibne-
en he chews."
Thlswni hard ua Um man in lhe ny
lined jacket,   lie wa. just on the point I »,veel IdcUtc.
m  ■ ttio hlm forn bile |    riv(, hundred ami imiiiubcrs, Hire
quarts of older vlnegnri ndd two ounce
bankrupted   by the long   nnd
sl niggle  for independence, demand,
j payment from llm nrlgllllll debtors, lis
I they were allowed lodo by the terms of
j ihe trolly of pence.   Tlie ITnrcotlrts,
I win. were honorable merchants, pnld
again in fall, alll irh in so doing they
. were, in their, old aire, loft comparative-
I ly poor.—Youth's Companion.
IV his ping, ami. although 1
nmnar,-,!ena„;i':^!"';;?,t",'ni n"m    """'' "' "i"' '""' """r'"° '""' ''"'•'"*•
^ I. u.o.P. Key City Lodge
-\... ■!-'. Meets avet'i I .'■
da; night at llntl. hall un
Kelkuyseoidlally untied,
,l. P. Kink w  P. nurd
.N.ii. S.e'y.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
\  KiriBERLEY   llo: BL j
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
oeen. ?-'**./ ± ■LVilit-,'! 11
|    New Building, New Furniture, and Every=
j    thing first-class.   Our object is to please our    ',
!     patron_. \
..All Kinds of..
Post Office Building-.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of tbe besl
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Physician and Surgeon.
tlrTII'U-Klll'III.I'' It   Ill.tlt'K,
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    Ii. C.
G. Johnson....
W Assayer
^ Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Contractor ami Builder
At present nm huildinit the new St. Eugene
hospital and a Dumber of Iwa story aad other
Cranbruok, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of..
Durick nvo.
Proprietors .-* Jt .*
Regular   Slajje   to   Kimberley
Teams atul drivers furuislteil for any
point in the district.
Manager   t<    .*   ,.«*•
iiu'.x    ■:    and N?ghi
.....Be .      fable Board
A first-class cook ims charge ul' the culinary department and ihe
lodging accominodations ure not excelled in Cranbrook.
I " The Early Bird Catches the Worm " t
it ' :ff
'I'he "Early Closing" Storekeeper
Should Catch Vour Patronages **
'-■.  Wu can "suit" vou, "boot" you, and "outfit" %
:x: you in a strictly up-to-date style, Come early !1-
( !% W -i. \ X Uf** -., ■. t&X X. ^W-W^ ^' Vy v.)
L___. v^ il
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
A!! Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Undertaking; And
Crnnbrook, B. C.
Onuliiflte of Cliatnpioti college of U.  S.
Successor to Ma-^yK -S: Hiif-lics in ihis
line.   Will ntteml lo nny work in the
Promptly Attended tc.
On letting your contract
until you have seen
•••> intlllv
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the couth
nent in fourdayswithout change, it is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience of
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
A. 0. P. A. T. P. A.
Vniicouvcr, B.C. NcUott. II.C.
Rvliltd Tlltoiljjlioill
VanDecar & Son. Props.
Crnubrook, B. C.
One of lhe Most Coiiifortnllle
Hotels in E 1st Kootenny,
Newly Fitrtilslicil
Utc m| Toronto
Contractor *«* Builder
Tlioso contcm'-'Allnt* biilttllng will ito well lo lot
ine Dutiroon tlio ootttrttolB,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Saddle and*-*
Pack Horses
....Por Snlc or Rent
AnnstronR ove., Opp. McConuell's Store
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc,
Arc yon going to build?
Greer & Co.
Ate prepared to funiisli plana
iiiiil specifications lor all kinds
ol building.
See us for Prices.
_*    ,,-A    B. C.
Alex. 11. Watson...
Fire, Lift.* nm] Accident Insurance
Account nnl, N.*i,ir> t'tihlii: ami dm
vejancer       ::       :;      ::      ::
Accouals Made Up
Ofiice over I.ealUe'8 Drugstore
Brlllah Columbia
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Port Siucle, IJ. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
onloo i
I tank of Commerce l)Mg, OHANBItOOK
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
ooooc;•;•■.. oa ^ ^xooococogco
. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner, Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
t*A-«*Aii,4^',l-..-*,a4-iV<*,.l,L.>ndl|ranA4>'iA-f.A*t4_t4A-*__;.^^^-s*A j
'   i
I The Cranbrool
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
—Al.l,   KINDS   di' —
Rough and |
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, f
5hingles and j
**** ******v*v-.--*'*v***'**vvvA**************'***********'^*
Fort  Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
Oa_NBllOOK,  11. 0.
So me    Funny    Tli I title    Hoard    hy    n
AVI ile A iv ake Mun.
**A funny thing nbout this business,"
snid n mi:ui who runs tho elevator In n
big office building, "te Um way iieoplo
will sometimes cull out whatever Imp-
pens tu In- on their minds lusteatl ot' the
number of tlte tlum- at which tlir.v want
to stuj). .lust a few moments njju a
very good looking lndy got in tin* ear,
nnd wlii'ii we wore about hull' way up
Bhe called out suddenly:
"'Two back tootht'
"'Wluii!' said I, a littlo stnrtled,
" '1 mono live,' she nusivercd, Itiriilng
red. Then sho saw that mnde it worse
than over, and bIio turned rod some
n i ore.
"■1   mean   ploilSO   slop   ul   tho   lll'lli
iiiioi*.' she munngod to sny very low
when wo wore nearly to the lop, Voil
me, slie was on hoi* way in tin* dentist's
inn.vlie (o have lwo bnck toelli snaleh
ed out, and I suppose she couldn't
tlilnti of nnytiitng olso,
"TllO other day n fat, fussy old man
rtwhml In wiiii a bundli of papers In
his hand. When we not near Iho fourtl)
llnor, liohlnrled out:
" 'lto'a n rtiscnir
"'Vory likely,' said I and kept on go-
lug up.
"'HI. tlu-ie!' ho yelled. 'Why don'l
you stop where I told you?'
"'How did I know which Iloor ymi
menutV snid I.   'What you rumnrkod
(lis the tenants un several floniu1
"It turned out ihat he wauled to see
Ids lawyer. I don't know whether ho
was thinking nbout him or somebody
he was lu litigation witb."—Now Or*
leans Tlmes-Democrnt.
lion- It Wni,
Hri^s—l hopo you have not been
worrylug nbout that live I own you?
Urtggs—Not a bit, old man. If I hnd,
1 never wonld have let ynu have It—
Detroit I-'ree Press,
Dear Sirs—I cannot speak too „ trnn-_ 1 v
of the excellence of MINAKD'S LINIMENT. It is THE remedy iu my household for bnru-H,   sprains,   etc., ami  we
■would not he without it.
It is truly a wonderful medioine.
Pablisln-r Amprior Chronicle.
"Clementine id aw fa Ily matter of
"Sin* is';'
"Yes; sheqnit speaking tn me he-
canst' she dreamed I said a whola lot of
menu thiugs uhout her. "--Chicago
Years of Agony
Main Nlglita Ilu* Su«*.-ii-r Could Not Llo
In Hid, nml III*, l-ig Win I r. i[iM-nlly
Swollen Id ThIi'i- Iir-* Niilunil Size.
From iiii! Journal, si. Catlwrlno-i.
Mr. John T. lieuson, stationary engineer at the iiidley Oollego Ht. Callm-
rines, is known hy mostol tbe residents
of the ciiy. Por years Mr. Beuson
suffered acute agony from Bolatioo, aud
notwithstanding mimtrous forms of
treutuicnt, found littlo or no relief, until ho begun the use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Theso pills speedily restored his health as they have doue
that of thousands of otheis who have
given thom a fair trial. Tn the reporter who interviewed him, Mr. BeuflOU
said: "I certainly owe a debt nt gratitude lo Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills fnr
they havo released me from a foim of
torture that had afflicted me almost
continuously for twenty years. The
pain began lirst iu my hack, then shifted ta my hip, and Ihenoo down my
leg. It beoame .-to severe that it seemed
as though the very marrow iu my 1 ones
was being loalded, anil at limes 1
eould n*,nvi-ly repres-* otying iiloud
from the agony I endured. 1 tried all
sorts of liniments and lotion***, bul got
no lolief. 1 doctored with several
physicians, even fining to lUillulu lur
(ivatment hy a specialist there, hut iu
no case did I ever iiveivo more than
temporary relief.,   it   may  ho easily
imagined that Iho pain I endured told
upon me iu other ways uud 1 hi eame
almost a physical wreck. Ai times my
right log would swell to nearly twice
ily normal llie, Then Iho pain and
HWelling would shift In   my   left   leg,
and tlio agony was something awful,  i
nil yn-r that during the period 1 was
nlllieted 1 have hundreds nf limes laid
nu my hack on the Iloor wilh my foot
uud !■ j; elevated nu a chair in order ta
obtain tdight enie from lhe pain i on*
diui'il. Tho muscles ami sinews in my
legs lookod as though they had twtltod
and tied iu knot*-*. Tho trouble went
on in this way until II mil l.v nothing
hut opiates VVOUld do.idou Iho pain. A
fow years ago 1 read ef a cure iu a
nil Hilar ease through the nee of Dr.
Williams' Piuk Pills und do titled to liy
them. I'm snnio time alter 1 began
their use I could uot see that they
were helping me, hut I decided tint
1 would give thom a fair trial. Py thu
tlu.0 I had used a half dozen ho.\os,
tin re was a decided improvement in my
ouso, ami I continued tho use of the
pills until I had taken twelve boxes,
when I felt my cure was complete, Several years havo since passed aud X have
hail no return of the trouble, so thut I
feol safe in saying that tbo cure has
been per ma nent.
I may also add tbat my wifo has used
the pills foi indigestion, heudiichet* nnd
di/./.inesH, nud has fouud great benetlt;
from them. Words cannot express tho
great benefit Dr. William-.' Pink Pills
have been to mo, and I hope similar
onfftrers will profit by my exporieuceH."
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills euro by
going to tho root of the diseuso. They
renow aud build up tbe blood, and
strengthen tho nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. If your doaler
does not keep thom, tbey will bo sout
postpaid ut CO oents a box, or six boxes
for (2.50, liy addressing tho Dr. Williams' Medioiue Oo,,   lirookvillo, Out.
ItnlH mi n Wreck.
A corresponden I of the Newcastlu
Chronicle describes a striking -scciw
witnessed at the breaking n|> of tbe
vessol OothOUbUI'g City on St. Mary's
islntut, uff tho coast of Northumberland.
'I'he vessel might have been sailing
comfortably out of harbor for aught
that appeared except that there was
no sign of life on bonrd. We hud uo
sooner put foot ou dock, however, than
we wen* furiously attacked by swarms
of Ulls.
cieut, hungry, lank, lean looking
i-nts, many of theni witb their tails
(hewed off; sWnrtuod up from below- fu
hundreds and thousands. Bqucnkiiig
nml squirming over encb other In ii
manner slckoulug and horrible to behold,
Those of us wlm had stopped ou deck
ran to the rigging, wlillo tho others
Mcriimblod hurriedly back Into the boat.
Our position in tin* rigging was dangerous In tin* extreme, li wns more
Dmu one's life was worth to ntleinpt
M mn the gaiillel uf llioau Ilercu. starving rodents, nud to renutln in ihe rig-
glng wus oipially Imprnctlcnblo.
Al  last  WO i* IT some loose ropes,
knotted iii im venlont lengths
and, so armed, descended and fought
our way through tho squealing hordes
ami oveutually Biieceoded In boating a
pnsonga to tin* lionl.
It Bt icd ns IC tho nils knew the liu-
pending fate of Iho vessol. for lhey no
sooner saw us mor the side ihnn they
hegilii to swarm down lhe ropes uud
iry loonier lhe boat. It was wilh dllll-
cutty that wo could bout thom olt btf
ford casting clear. And lhey squeaked
in a horrible manner an we rowed
A i few hours In tor the Gothenburg
City wrnt tO pieces.
The head of lhe household was bite
gOtflug home. He wns very lato. It
wns Inns pnst midnight'. Indeed the
little clock on Iho hall mantel had Just
struck :> o'clock when he camo walking
in. He hud hoon out with the boys,
nnd his wife reproached Iilm.
"Why, It'H early yot.   It's not 1'ite."
.hist then tbo clock sounded oue. two,
The wife looked at him with grip
rebuke. He caught her eye and jerked
out this reply:
''Well, now, if yon want to believe
tliat daniod $1.50 clock before yuur
dear husband. It's all right."
It wns a similar occasion, only more
so. At lids time he wns a littlo drunker than usual. His stop was unsteady,
hut ho hnd not lost his courteous mnn*
uors. She met him at the front, weeping rcproneh fully.
■'Oh. John," she pleaded, "what
makes you do this way?"
"Vou arc—hie—so awfully pretty-
hie," ho said, making un extravagant
bow and kissing her, "tlmt 1 like to-
Idc—to seo you double."
And she put him tenderly to lied,
lathed his forehead the next morning
md forgot about lhe scolding shu had
fully determined to administer to him.
—Missouri Excelsior.
A I'loinl \oNeltlr-cil.
Why speak of tho lovely painted trll-
Hums, with iheir three daintily crinkled petals, streaked with rose purplo?
snys Bradford Torroy in The Atlantic,
due nftor nuother I gathered tbem
(pulled them, to speak with poetic literal n ess i. each fresher ami handsomer
thnn the one beforo it till the whito
stems made a lm tut ful.
"Oh," said a man en a hold piazza
as I returned. "1 see you have nosebleed." I was pulling my hand to my
pocket, wondering why 1 should have
been tnken so childishly, when it enrae
over tm* what bo meant, lie was look-
in-.' at the trllllmns nud explained, in
nuswer lo a question, thnt he had nlways heard them culled nosebleed.
Somewhere, then- 1 omlfted to inquire
where ibis is their "vulgar" name. In
[•Ynuconln the people call them Benjn-
mins. which has n pleasant Biblical
sound better than nosebleed, at all
events—though, to my thinking, trll-
Hum is preferable to either of thorn
both for sound and for sense.
'I'll-' Triui's of lln." Hi-lint*.
no cverj side In the Malay wilds the
traces  of  tin*   boa-is    whi, h   here  live
,is secluded, as safe from molestation,
as did their ancestors In pre-Adntnlto
dnya an- visible on tree trunk, on
li nli ii gnme pa tli ami on the yielding
clay at lhc djinkim; places by the hiir-
i \ Ing Stream! Hen' a belt of mud nine
reel from tlu* ground shews Hint an
i-leplmnt bus nibbed his Itching back
ngnlnal tho rough luirk of a tree. and.
• ee, conrid Lain are silll sticking in the
hardened cloy. There a long sharp
scratch rep&Wcd at regular intervals
inarkB the passing of a rhinoceros.
Here ngnin Is the pad mark of a tiger,
barely an hour olri.nntl the pitted tracks
or deer of nil slwa and vhrletlofi sur*
round tfil deeplj i died holes which
are lhe footBtepB oi an elephant.-
lliackw I's.
II-     I'MOli     If.
Whin* the laic lames II. Beard, fn-
tlici of Hail Heard, iho uni-.i. was
pal ill I Ufi a port nil I ul Zu.-hary Taylor.
ho mid in hlin, "Well, gem-ral. I feup*
post* foil are in U,* em- n-\\ pn-sMoiiir*
"l  li-]"* not," grunted iho bluff old
hero,   "No miliiui.t  n Ims uny hush
    In   Ibe  presidential  eluiir,   Imt   If
lhey Offer It to mo 1 suppose I'll be
futd enough lu accept It."
And he was,
iioHet-voii Tribute.
Chicago's  chief of  police  snys  he
would ratlier have a good, well trnl I
newspaper man ror detective service
llllil) lhe usual police ollicers who net
as iletecllves. As a matter of filet the
newspaper reporter does more good do-
teellvo work everyday iu the year
I bn n tho overage member uf a city de-
leciive force, but lhe public does not
as a rule recognize tho obligation.—
Omaha Bee.
Do Not
Pay Cash__>
A very lurgo buvIdh can bo mudo,   Wo cad
furnlah thoci-iot amount for any payment.
Writo for partlculura aad prlco.
_.oti- L.entury f a,ir hon. crabtree jones delivers a.
33rd in '-'Sih July, 1000.
Lorgi l.v [ncretued Prize List.
Four lull day. Kitciuit.
Fint'st Platform Attractions
uver ..en hi the Welt.
Grand  1'yro Military Drama
Battle ol- Paardeoerg
Surremtor of Gouoral Croiije.
Prlxo Lift* uml I'li^riminifH fr--»> on ti|>-
V* Wt iii*:i*itAi'ii, (ii-io-riit Ittaimgtri
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
A   M >   Ai.Mtsiin.-iK.
"I lovo to hmlto visits in th.- inour
"Do you'
"Ycsi all tho other women are busy
cleaning liouao, ami   it  is no  funny to
aon thom try to aet glnd tu seu inu.ll
Detroit Froe l'rens.
'iin* l Ini vernal i.tmuiim.
"It ih trniil tbat John D. Kuckefeller'
Income ia -.'io a miuutu."
'•Would that those m Inu tea were
Tho list of principals of tho Boston
Lyric Opera Co., which comes t3 the
Winnipeg Theatro for tlie week of the
Industrial Fair inclodes Rubso, tho
great tenor, who receives one Imudrert
dollars a performance, Josephine Stun
ton, Nellie Andrews, Maude Leekley,
Honry Hallam, Georne Kuukel, John
IIf!ii:li>r.-oi], Frank Muslin, and others
which would bo n difficult matter to
duplicate in tho operatic world. They
aro each separately and individually
artists and Bingers of tho very highest
order of merit.
Director Boston Ljrij OjieraCo.
The repertoire of the Hostnn Lyric
Opera company includes forty-nx
operas. The largest number iu the
musical library of any simiiur orgauii-
atiou. These openm aro not only iu
the lyric library luu aie performed repeatedly. Of course there aro some
that are mere popular thau other?, and
they untnrally receive the most frequent
pr-inction. but in time thoy all come
in for a hearing, Russo staging cnly in
fhe grand operas like Tiovutore, Faust,
Kigoletta, Cavullcri.i Km-tioaua, imcia
D.1 Liimmerni or. und productions of
this olassioal order.
The I'horus of tha Lyrics, must not
l>e forgotten They stand apart us the
very bent ensemble of voices in the
Tho girls are hancUome and wear
their many oostumea with becoming
taste. Hy the way, iu speaking of costumes, the Lyrics carry seventy-two
thousand dollar-!' worib of these most
important factors, and superb productions.
Woiiimt'i Wa-f.
After petite llattie Wmnmor had
nestled down iu the easiest chair sho
asked her chum Kale whether she regarded a girl bound by her prom iso tp
in any.
"I suppose ii is accord ing to the "point
of view. If it transpires that tho
young man is utterly unworthy, I
proaumo it is right lo drop bini. If
convinced   1 tint    ho   wbuld   noi  prove
compatible,  It might be justifiable to
lot him down us lightly us possible,
Hut I'm   nol    up  on   llie   law and am
ratlier Inclined to think ihat moral
obligation.--_iro not considered particularly binding in i.his connection. Havo
you u ftpfjclal case to pftgont?1'
"ln Btrlcl confidonco, yes. 1 promised
tffmarry Jack Dasher. I'm not certain thai I over loved hlm, but that
pyriiiekeiy Miss Middy was afler him
and I just Wanted to show bci* that
thoro uro others. Of courso sho hud
Iho norvo to fling bev head right nt him,
but 1 did what duck called a tine piece
uf inierfercneo and slie was left."
"1 infer from your slang tbut you
gratified;ydur piqilo by cutting Miss
Dubly oul and that you are uow arranging to throw Jack ovor."
"Precisely, my dear,"
"It is heartless and unprincipled.
She is a noble girl aud lie is ono of our
manliest young men."
"Oh, very well, if you aro going to
tako the matter so seriously. But how
many young men Imvo you jilted,
Miss Kato?"
"Noneexcept at the .summer resorts,
whero it is sanctioned and expected.
"No ovasiourf, now. How many
such scalps do you boast?"
"Ten or a dozen. But tbat is entirely a dilTerent mailer. You havo
cruelly wronged two of our own set. I
will,toll you plainly that I will mako
my best effort to consolo Jack after you
havo dono what you can to wreck his
happiness,   Poor fellow!"
-'Oh, that's ibo wtty ihu wind sots.
Well, I'll tell you just as plainly that
I'vo changed my mind. You needn't
worry your littlo bend about consoling
my iiancoo. Jack is a dear old boy
and wo are engaged. I defy him to
annul tho contract and will mako life
uneudurablo to uuyono thut tries to
ccr.e. UiUvconuB."
Ily IM, Miistfrly IS16<tuenee nn thi'
Theme* Host Dear to the Heart! ol
tlie Po-iam l'nrij- He Snc-needa In
Ar out Ing Qre-&1 BnUmelnstu.
[Copyright, IBM, by C li. Lewli.]
There waa a mighty gathering at Paradise ball, and, atith : on the suggestion of
Urulher Gardner, about 50 members iiml
brought tbeir wives with tbem. li bad-
bee*! announced on tbe bulk-tin board
tbat the Hon. Crabtree Jones of Alabama   would   deliver  ii   polltfcnl  si eh,
and thu audience wus ready to give bliu
an cntbushujtlc greeting. IU* appeared
promptly at tbo hour named aud was introduced by tin* president aiiiitl vociferous
'i|*]i!;iii-i*.    Under the git f three ker*
.... ne lamps " ith tin reflocton behind
ilo in li, slied up as u short nud chunky
111:111 with one Bhorl leg ami n Paid head.
II   didn't Inok it ii'n Iter the pictures «f
V. eei ■ DeuKwthcui », bul no   was
illwipiKitntPil oti a'ial aeifiunt. lie bud
..,.::., I) made !-i- bow when n good Jndgo
ur tlmniiM would linve uff-md odda nt
live   tti   QUO   lhat    lie   wu-   tin   luiek.vurd
"Kt -'.iTi'ilile   fellow   ' iii/ens,"   begnn
the orator as he gol hte i,*et planted ou
tbe proper spot, "two weeks ago dur wan
a boralii in dis fniimua old hull whieh has
made lull-: fur 80 llllllyon people.    It was
dr borulii of a new pullilcal purty whosl
*.\eids an deeds am gwine to go rumbllll
up un down an round No'tli America (ill
de piipulashiiu will sit ap nights looklll
I'm- un iilrtliquake [Violent outburst nl
applause.] lu my cabin home la do southland I rend of dc borulii of du Pobsuid
parly, nn I went ulil un de dualistep ua
cheered fur liberty an sung de song of
'Du Slur Spangled Banner.' [Ferocious
eheeis.] I saw de sun risin to light de
way of de cull'd man, au I realized dnt
onr weary wnltln was to be rewarded nt
lusl.   [Blood curdling whoops.]
"My fr'oii'.s, I bud hin wuilin .'10 y'ura
far dr ilawn of freedom. I hev hin wait*
iu lit! y'urs fur do birth of de Possum
party. [Surges of emotion.] Do pool'
lion nf de cull'd uoiii sinee de wii'i lias
!iin dat of a possum cotcbed hy a sliver us
he climbs 11 rail renee. lie can't go
abend nor draw buck, au de longer lie
suis still de mo' it harts him. [fiiplo*
si.ins of enthusiasm. I Do fact am lie's
bill Wilbblill dis way un dut way ns lm
walked 'long de road, but be wabbled
kusc he didn't hev no struight Hue to fob
lei*. He was dependin on de white man
to show liiin de way an gib him 11 fu'r
show. We'a hin a slieeii wliieh has glowed woo! fur oue man nn mutton fur nil-
nlliet', nn dry has taken de wont an de
meat an left us only de hoofs ua hones,
[Thunderous outburst.] Wlieneber dm*
has Lin a feast of roast turkey, du while
man has sot down nn eaten oberythlug
up un left de black man to lick de oven
dnnli to satisfy his appetite. [Volcanic
disturbances.] Do y'ars bev gone on on
nn on. nil we've kept liekiu de oven donll
1111 held our peace an waited un hoped.
Ail de white men's parties wauted our
Votes, hut all de white men also wanted
all de olllces. Dey has kept us cllmbill
dc lice to shake down do coon, but dey
has eaten de meat an sold de pelt when
do coon fell.     [Agitation  verging 011  the
"Kbcry man in dcBO United Stubs owes
II duly to his kotih-y. It's to help lift
lur up when de had times collie, shove
ber 'long when dc good times abound un
light tur her na die fur her when her life
am at slake. [Gigantic and long con tin*
nod applause.] De cull'd mnn has done
bin duty in dis respect us well ns de
while. ["He has:"| lie's hin hooslia
her up an pushiii her 'long nn dyin fur
hei till do pages uf history bev glbe'u
him chapter nrter chapter  fur fucher
itinerations to lead. [Tornado of entliil-
idilsni.) lie's aimed bis name, his pluee
nn his rights, nn he's gwine to stick right
lo Ids job nn keep duiu. But u change
nm gwine to take place—n change dut
nm gwlne to rattle de shingles mi de roof
flli ski-i'i- dOaCUl out from under de bed.
[Shouts ol'"(lli>t*.v. glory!"] De black
mnn am gwlne to keep right on lielii nn
American an 11 patriot au a good citizen,
nn he um also gwiue to keep rijdit 011
pnjrlli 'tenshun to politics. Whar dc
clinngo inn gwlne to come In will he in
Ids voliu. Ileretofo' be bus hin led up
to de polls to vote lusself. [Vociferous
and soul stirring shouts, yells uml cheers.
ending in tbe whole crowd singing "My
r'niuilry!" iu seven different keys nnd
Upsetting the pail of hurd eider provided
for the orator.]
"Freemen of n free land, pntrlota who
nr' 111 kin yo'r fust breath of liberty, I'm
lnol.ii! nt dnt shift possum" which wc hev
ndopied ns our snored emhleui nu niter
which we hev taken our naiiie. |Typhi ie yells,]  Dai- hus ebor bin n bond
of sympathy helween de cull'd* innu nn de
possum. Dey bev linth bud to Iny low an
bide delr time, Dey haven't hnd a show
Mid do hie game.   Dey has hnd lo keep
Mill   till   folks   look   upon       as   dead
[tJlglll ami gronns and repressed n-jlla*
tion.] [lowchor. it's gwine to n>(otiish n
hull conlineiit—de way dat possum will
lot go nu drap down Into do row an de-
n il un tight fur his shier of de spiles,
[Whirlwinds of applause, duriii'; which
the stove fell over unheeded. | Up to dis
date nobody lias ehor nxcil de blink mun
whal he wniitid lu payment fur liein n
Boldier, a citisen mi tin elector, li was
•ulkeihited dat whnt wns left oher wns
good 'nuJT fur him. an do while man has
taken mighty good keer dat uiillin was
left oher which it was gwine to btuliler
nnyhiidy to keery off in Ilia Clltlttnll pink-
el. [tiionns of nsscut. 1 Rut we ain't
Wilhitill to he uxed. We inn stundiu up III
I'nindiso hull tonight tn sny we want
Mins an so, mn gwiue to hev it or kick
aberde beehive. | Unearthly whoops uud
I'ells rrom nil parts of the hull.]   We ain't
bkulkiu uii lo candydatcR an convenshuns
an beggin fur crumbs, but we am wnlkin
up to ile bakery shoulder to shoulder un
doinnmliu a fa'r count of do Ioovob. I Ills*
iug leinperntuie, followed by explosions.]
Yo' jest git out yo'r pencils nn flgger
a millit,  Dere's oher 11,000,000 bluck men
III dis kentry who nm entitled to wnlk uji
to de polls 011 'lection dny uu enst a vole.
If dey bul hung together, yo' can't count
'em out unr keep 'cm bnck. Dem 8,000,-
UiM) votes nm gwine to be caMt fur principle, but doan' yo' muke no mistake
'bout principle. We used to think dut
it meant voliu on surlin lines un dut
Qeoi'go Washington, Abraham Lincoln,
de con-lilushun of de United Htuiis und
swna mixed up wid I
uu put lu ■
two.  We bevu'l !.   ,!,i i
er. but from dc whiu turn   ,■   ■■ • * :   V •'
bet we hev:"!  W,* has I'urncd d it b   Kits
an punctuate bi • cb_», hut wl de
ballots iiln 1 h
ptiuciplea to picl 1 • ■ Beiril
deriug outbursl ol      1 n bi ■,    I   \'< 1  am
g\\ ine to take u llj leaf 1 1 de whi >
uuin'tf book. We'll »t!i k to principles, bul
we'll look out fur df spiles as well. 11 u-
paralleled demonstration.! We nm - jriu
right uow an rigbi yen to all parlies an
cundydutes uo otHcu uo vote. Nu wagon
kin nut ..11 three wheels. De Possum party um de fo'th wheel, uu let it drap off
un down goes de vehicle. [Unprecedented enthusiasm and emotion, during which
three wotueu began siuglng camp uiuut-
iUg songs. I
"Mj liYu's. daylight has cum nt lirst
fur us. WY's n..i our bundles packed
nn hev Btartod 011 dc rond. We'a gut
beaded right, ae  wo'a out)   lo keep ><n
l-i Hnd de I  tree an be on baud when
de hone)    um   divided  up.    [Yells for
honey.]    Keep yo'r ey 1 de possum
uu yo'r brain-; in yo'r beads, un yo'll nm
s victory dat Hunker Hill couldn't bold
I caudle to. Itlencral hoarseness, but
irodiglous applause.] 1 wnnt a word
mo' hefo' I close. Dis am t» be a plain,
almost campaign on our part. We ain't
gwine to Bay much, but wUai wu do
sav will hii .lo bum door like a loud of
buckshot. Doan' uii de idea dat big
words nm gwine to help yo' win what
belongs to yo'. Uef„* .lis nieeiin opened
tonight I heard Woydown Uebce olwarve
dat de mnliguaut innuendo of de torrid
ulliliashuu would enhance de ginernlity
or de pomposity. Ho probably meant
well, nn niebbe his obsi-rvashmi has help*
ed us to git stalled, hut 1 hopo he won't
do it ag'in.   Doan' nobody do it,   Dis
um no dictioiinry campaign.   ["No, no!"]
II wilt be plain pwddin au milk nl home
nn plain BngltBll when yo' am walkin
up uu down will 11 possum badge OU yo'r
breast an a llag of liberty la yo'r hand.
Niiilin counts quicker nor tini-ilcr dan to
cull 11 muu n liar, nu de Inngtlldgc am so
simple dat a child kin understand it. I
will now return yo' my thanks, gird on
yo'r armor of buttle un bow my gratitude fur de welcome handed out to me."
The orator sat down amid npphiuse
that broke windows und pnt oat lights,
nnd It was continued until ibe police
enme up the alley stairs ami dropped
three women nnd four men down upon
the sund pile below. The Possum party
mny be said to have got hold of its nursing bottle with u good grip-
m. quad.
"Papa, be bus broken my trusting
henrt," moaned the old man's sentimental daughter. "What shall I do7
What Bhntl I do?"
"Tuke it round to the quick repair
shop," said tin* practical old muu.
Plenty 1.1kif Her.
Mrs, Spankers—I wish to get a house
in a quiet neighborhood.
Agent—Ves, madam; we can accommodate yotl. I huve u vacant bouse in a
street which is ns quiet us a Sabbath
morn nil the year round. No barking
dogs, no children, 110 nuisance of uuy
Mrs. Spun ker—That's exactly whnt I
want. How lucky I happened io come to
you!   JIow many rooms bus it?
Mrs. Spanker—That's just right. We
need u good deal of room. We have nine
children, I hope there's spneo ut the
back for a doghouse. Wo bnvo three-
New Vork Weekly.
A Time of Su-mennc.
"I never lell my buy tbnt I won't tnke
bim to the circus if he isn't good," remarked the candid mun.
"Why not?"
"1 don't cure to tuke nny chances, I'm
tired of worrying for fear he'll do some-*
tiling that'll keep (he whole family
home,"—Washington Slur.
An rupleiiHnol IteitilitiliT.
He—I always tuke pains to deny the
statement thut women can't throw
She—That Is noble of yon, my dear.
lie—Ves; I have to remember with
what accurate nnd effective aim you
threw yourself nt ine.—Chlcngo Iteconl.
Aiuhl tlie I.xiMiNiiMe SnrroiindliiK*.
"Do you sny vodevlllo or vnwdeville?"
"I never say v.nleville Unless I idl ill ft
boX."-Clevcland  Plain Denier.
The liny Willi tin* S|intle.
No weight ol ig-i l»wi him down,
Tli.it barefoot boj **Hii flnncn brown!
There's notblnu eri.riv In liis rate;
No buntctu nf (lie human ma
Arc on I1I1 bark, nor It lie dad
To Joy or Mr-row, It-o-jM or drrad,
For be ciiii i:rk*vp. dm! be ran tiopo,
Can ilirlnk ivitli al] liti ("ml (rem inapt
No brother to Hie •>% !■ be;
He'd 1mn.1I COUlIn (0 till bee.
lie ton-Hi-* run! Ipti down htl Jaw-
Ami brings it up— bli cum to "claw,"
Thora'i niiifflil but iwcil upon Ms brow,
'Tii slunieil -n me win I forward now.
Uh picl an bright wtOi eager U-jhti
Ite'i working with an ipfietite.
Ah, tiol   Till boy Is not aluiil
To wlt-1,1 wltll til till ilfength bli fpule,
Nor bai be any ip|tl at fate-—
lli'l iliKUing ti'.;i..> -Jii-'i (nr bait.
—CbUago Tribune.
Worae Thnn p-t m mil-**.
After coming acrosB about :ji> differ*
ent cripples in the oil regions of Pennsylvania and receiving llie BUUie answer from each ns to the cause uf bis
Injuries the colonel happened mi n mun
who was using crutches and dragging
his !e-s behind liim ntul said:
"Woll. 1 suppose it wns nitroglycerin
In your ense also?"
"No, sir," roplied the mnn, with much
dignity. "No, sir; nitroglycerin never
wrecked mo In this fashion."
"Dynamite, perhaps".*"'
"No, sir."
"Blast In n coal mine?"
"No, sir. What nils me, sir, Is th.it
a folding bed shut up on me and held
mo last for 40 hours. Nitroglycerin,
dynamite ami Masting powder ore well
enough In llielr-way, but it lakes a
folding bed to do your business In lirsi
class BhniHi.",,	
Tticre Are Othrra,
Weary WlltklnR—1 sec by tho papers
thui the princo of Wales Ib lookod after
by Ibe police ull tbo time.
Hungry IHggins—¥e«, nnd he never
works, neither. I Kuess wo nlu't the
only ones,—Indianapolis Press,
II is ball. Football, Tennis, Oolph, Cricket,
Fishing Tackle, Ammunition, and ull other
Itiioa uictudiag light hardware, we carry in
stock, nnd our prices are very low.
He ai-.' do nun repairing good uud cheap.
We will lake in eJchaoge for goodg any
p'oduce you may have, cordwood, etc.. e*c.
Write us. givlcg full description of what jou
A Itty B«w In a fttilta far
From Hi" -lusl ,.1 tin* iitj- dreet.
It lutl no ilrcain tlml (lie uiiiu*rso
llcl.l mi.i.i leu pun  ami s-.v-.et
aU, to chute **-• It,
town, the lily l.mk-td
In tin* face ut th« iun ind imU«l;
Ti-11 wenl to -.*-'■   i" thi ileep ..( deith—
Af ll..- m.uI ..( n little cbltd
• I tht Pttliii luul
A lllj blooi I <ni tin* hljhwiy iium
T- tlio tiiiiJ ol thi iwefplng tlirun-j;
It In ro iiir (mu i>( ■ hundred tyet
Where burned il»* Same ol uruiip,
An.I une came by who ti re IU heart
With a rutlileu huml aud strung.
It caught no Bllmp« at -1 uarden (.ir,
It knew 1 titer name
For .. world ttrnt med and bnilwd it to
•Had lu Name been out on the highway cloie
To llie path .1 ihame ami tin.
And tl, oilifrl 1     1 angel «hlt«
-Elliabelh Gallup I', rkim in Bolton Transcript.
Hollowny's Com Dure destroys all kind?
of corns and warts, root uud branch, Who
ihori would endure thom witb Buchacheap
uud etfcctunl reniedj within reach.
l.l Nlit,t-r> Strung I'dlnt.
"Say, If you luid known 0lubber as
well us 1 do, you wouldn't huve told
hlm to 'tnke cure of bimself when you
bade bim goodby."
-Why nol."
'Itecillise   lie   cures   for   nobody   on
cnrili but liluisolf."—Chicago Tribune,
Mueh diftrcsrt und  niehncm in cliildnii is
euuM'd by worms. Mothor Graves' Worm
I3ilormlnutor gives rollof liy icmovlng the
cause,  (iive it 11 trial und be convinced.
"The papers sny ihere Is nn exceed
Ingly dangerous $20 counterfeit bill ln
circiiliitlon," observed the tiunuclul edl
"pnngerous?" suld the real estate
editor. "()li, I see—microbesI"—Chicago'iVibtine.	
When thu notion of the kidneys hecomM
Impaired, Imnurltled In the blood aro al-
it»-*t bum to follow, und general derangement of tho system ensues, Parmeleo'i
Vegetable I'ills will regulate the kidneys.
so that they will malntaiu healthy action
nnd prevent tho complications which certainly ooitui when tnuro Is derangement
of theso th-llcato organs, As a restorative
theso I'lll-- nre lu the lirst rink.
IH»i|tiiilli> hm,
i: Very where were men with newspapers, devouring with feverish eagerness the foul details of tbe horrible
'■Morbid curiosity:*' we Anally sneer
rd, with Indiguntlon.
*'No; we are disqualifying ourselves
to sit ns Jurors," tbey protested and
sighed wearily.—Detroit Journal.
intrusion of uric noid Into the blood ve*
■;*■ l> is ;t fruitful tuuseof rhfUmatic pains
This irregularity is owing to a a»-rangec
and unhealthy condition of the liver
Anyone subject to this nalnfol aiTectlor
will ilud a remedy in Pormelee's Vej-je
tablo Pills. Theli* action upon thi- kid
neys Is pronounced and in ist beneflelal,
and by restoring healthy notion they cor
iL*ct Impurities in tie Mood.
t nfnihi iiih- !■ Woman.
With mueh Intensity the woman repeated these lines:
"Tlio bout o( heraldry, the pemp ct pow*r,
Ami all that beauty, all tliat wt-lth. e*.r gate
Await alike the Inevitable hour!
The paths ol glory lead but to the gTare!"
Then, with tears in her eyes, she turned to hor entourage and said:
"Do you know, I would rnthor be the
author of tlmt verse than to get up an
(ihsolulely new Bllfng for the sandwiches
I sluill serve ut tny u o'clock tomorrow!"
This seemed Incredible, nnd yc-t she
spoke ns from the heart.—Detroit Jour
ALWAYS ON 1UNI>.-Mr. Thomas
H. Porter, Lower Ireland, I*. Q , writes :
"Afy Kim, IS mouths old had croup so bad
that niiil.il);.' gave him relief until a
tii'iihlmr brought mo some ot DK.
gave hlm, and In -lx hours he was cured.
tt Is the best medicine 1 ever died and I
would nut be without a I'otth'ot It In my
SiHtu-Mc tf'llo.
"A friend of mine tins nu 'owl room'
fitted up in hh hniiti'. Owls of all shapes
nml slues painted on the walls, yon
i.utiw. BIr owls and little owls, wte,
owls uud Idiotic owls, owls till you cnu'i
rest, N"w lie wants n suitable motto
in go with his nets. Can you bunuest
"1 know of n Scotch motto that might
•I ■"
'■Whut is It?"
'"Hoot, moil!"' - Cleveland Plain
Dealer.       i	
Severe OOldl aro easily cured by the use
of IJIokJe'i Antl-Oonsumptlvo Syrup, a
medioine of exirnordluary penetratlU|
nnd   hettlllift properties.     It   ts   aekliow.
oilgcd by iim-"' wlm have used it us i*-\uy
tin* I" st medicine -"!d for coughs, colds,
nud ull affoctloni of the throat and Ohest
It- jii.'m -,ili'fi,.-s in th- tii-it- mutt's It a
faVurlie with ladles and chlldrun.
In in* Grout Act.
"You examined tho spots, you Bay,"
said the attorney for the defense, "uud
found thein to be hlood, did yuuV"
"Ves," replied Uu* expert wbo had
been secured ut gl'UUl pitiliH aud expense to testify In the ease.
-Will you please tell the Jury bow
you know it wus blood?"
"ll was thicker llinn wnter."—Chlcngo Tribune.
$100  REWARD,   $100.
The realtors of this paper »1U be pleased to
lem llialllntc Isat Ir lhi mm ilre-vloI iII-vu-m-
tlmt iclenoa bai been ablo lo euro in nil Ito
ittg-i- and tlmt i* Catarrh.    Hall's Catarrh
I HM-Ih lhc i.nlv  |K»(liTI*  cum  bunwn  tn tin*
medloa! f otorrily Catarrh boing a eonstltu-
ti'iini dlsroae, requlrea a -1 inifi«.n■] treat*
in-til. H.iT-*('iH.irrli ' 01. Ih mki'ii IlltOI iiiillv
HcllhK diwllv u|k»i tbi' hlttttU mnl tiuiPoi.H-.ur-
(aeoa ol Ibo lyalom, theroby doilroylug iha
fomidallon of tnertl*..*i-i*,iiMijrivli.B tho notion!
streiigth liy liullding uii Iho constitution nml
lag fioturo in uolpg it* Hulk,  -llm |,
One  of tlio   Airfnl   Reaolta  of Rei*
•ttOe'l  It<*<*■■ nt   Ailviincr*.
"I notice In the car ihere." sold the
old man to the comluctor on tho platform—"! notice a passenger with au
emblem of mourn In on his hut,"
"Yea. I see," wus tbe reply.
"Do you know wbo be \a nionriilii for
—father, mother, wife or child?"
"No, sir."
"Haven't nsked bim do q ti est Ions nor
extended u word of sympathy?"
"Of course not."
"And you don't appear to care a red
cent what bus happened him. He may
have lost all be loved on earth at one
fell stroke, and yet your heart Isu't
"I'm not In the touching business!"
exclaimed the conductor as be rung for
a stop. "I'm conducting this car for
about $12 per week and getting u blow
up on every trip, and It's all I cou do to
sympathize with myself."
"But was It tbat way wben tbey used
to use bosses on the cars?" asked the
old man.
"Mubbo not."
"No; I dou't think it was. Hoss oar
conductors used i" be touched and
sympathise, but electricity mis hardened everybody up. and tbe fouutalns
of pity and sorrow have been closed.
1 feel llio change lu myself, and I'm
snyln that I'll drop ofT at the next
corner and get a glass of beer, and i-he
mouruln mnn Inside can continue to
mourn and be banged to blml"
M. Quad.
Montreal.  Free Boa. Am.
, P, .l.w up. K. P.H.W oa.
Wonld Hnve Iler Own Wny.
"I want Bonn.1 nililress mrda punted,"
she said to the stationer in a busiuess-
like way.
"Certainly*, ma'am."
"I waul tbem to read 'Mrs. and Mr.
J. Hrown.' "
"ltut, ma'am'*—
"There are no bats about It, sir! I
run Un* bouse, and I run Brown, and I
either come Urst on the cards or 1 don't
waul any:''
kil Tor Minaifs wi tale do other.
The lit-ii nf Ke Is h bora,
"You ray ihey ure excellent neighbors 7"
"Well, that's somewhat Indefinite.
ho you mean tbat tbey never borrojc
or thai they nr will ug to li ndV-Cbl
cngo I'osL	
an iou-I uraon u ut i.ui.
Special  Pip ml 1 nir.
Judge— I'rl* tier al the bar. stnnd up.
Prisoner (thlcklyi—Blouse me, your
honor, but I've i-i-n standing up nt so
mauy bars tbat I nm quite nimble to
comply with your request—Detroit
Fred Press.
mm uriLST u ud n nys-toii
In 11.-1- Ltae.
Tbe Bpanlod iady- I don't see how
she pould marry bim. Why, be drinks
terribly aud Is subject to delirium tre-
The Circassian Girl—It would take
more tbon thai to scare ber. Isn't sbe
an e.tperiem -d snake charmer.—Philadelphia Bulletin.
The Sbopplnff  Parpdox.
"These pros-ppi-liy prices make living
"N »1 for H ■-. I've found out tint
wk.-n ibingj ■ • re cheap I bought a tot
of stuff I didn't realty Deed."—Chicago
IU3W.-..M.    P ACTOR Y.M-jntretl
Brass Band
1,-. Uniform*. Et
Lowest prlf-w tv->r -ju a*.-l Pitta cotnloguo
50 I lu_tr_tion-< n._ M fr.-j- Writ*: u« tur any
thins in Mu.lcurMu.inl Itutrumonti.
WHaley Eoyce & Co., ^Sn^\lUn.
We keep a large rtock
alw aye on bond of Ti*i*».
 '(,{ Pus-ZBs'MAXxbULana
)*&V___^-     yT^t   '    PanrtHKS'     MArHIXEKV;
_W&_~2_ we can fit out Daily or
^ ^-" '        Weekly Papen or Job
Outfitu on few honrs' notice. W« aln.i supply
ItKAnv-Piii.vTf*, BmaO-PUTW, and   Pai-__
and (.ahij Stock.
l.a Owen Street, Winnipeg.
Farm Lands
For Sale in All Parts of the
Province.   Writo for Lists.
.  llllVI
p .WITH tlmt lln".  1'11 IT Hni< Illlll'l
tmy CMC lluil II (;.lh to (Hire.   Heiid  f r  llut nl
A-ddroH-   F. J.OIIKNKY * CO., ToWo, 0,
Suld hy IiriiKKintK, 7,'o,
Hkll'l Vmiillj 1'IIU At-u the lH!Bt.
nuhotnred >>v Tim**. i.t.K. V-nnnlp-af,
No mldautnmer I.. :.d.-,-, -    Now U tliu tltna te
prtpwra for a litoatlon in tho bu* m.*-i*oii.
Full partlonUri on eiiiillcatlun.
O, \V. HO.VAI.II.Sm.
N. II.—We ualiled over 100 of our Undent, to
po-rltlou during the \.at,l five laonthi.
Catholic Prayer gsafc™3_5
Bl.ra, Kelltfimi, PlctncU ■' '"' '-■•- '■. »i"l c'liurtib
Orii.ln«i,I^F.ilun.!li,n;,l •A'v-I;. Sl.licrflT, r.
Mlmpraimiiuuntluii D.4I MlHiCl llltial
Hii« n 11. il B islo linnuinii i.vit llm iloonray.
Durlnjlalrwcokwo will hi   n nlld ..-.-i.J
lluiiiiim Kiiuniii 1 Uilloi Wnich, Waltlinin
iniiviiii.nl, 1'i'niiiiiii s,t, ffaaranuod lor one
Vflat fur SI 2.60.
W. N. U. 278. I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About thc City  by Asking
Questions  of  Many  People.
A nice wet rain reigned last uight.
A. J. Hipperson, of Nelsou at the Craubrook yesterday,
A Waring Giles, cf lorcntc has a mis-
-101. in Cranbrook.
Mr, and Mrs. Elmer, of Moyie, were
in towu this week.
MtSB Celia Jardine, elocution, at residence of Mrs. McNab.
The Hotel Wentworth Is running a free
bus to and from trains.
Fruits of all seasonable varieties for
preserving at McComiell's.
Alf. Mil. a business man of Otiswold,
was in 10*11 Sunday and Monday.
ti. ti  Vincent, representing the Cal
gary Urewery, was in town Tuesday.
Kd Orchard, diet at the "Cos ," was
on the Hick list the first of the week.
P. McConnell has purchased the two
lots southeast of the rink for poultry
N.  M.  Smilh,  king of the C. P.   R.
hoarding-car service, was in Cranbrook
Provincial Constable McLeod, of Fernie, was in town yesterday on oflicial
Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison have
been rusticating at Fort Steele for several days.
Norman J. Dinnen, well known in
Winnipeg, wasa Craubrook visitor during the week.
James II. Scbofield, Pincher Creek,
formerly a Craubrook merchant, was io
town this week.
Dr. John K. Bi.rrett of Winnipeg, of
the inland revenue service, was in Cranbrook this week.
Brer Smyth, the brilliant and beautiful managing editor of tbe Moyie Leader was in town Tuesday,
If 1 ou have too many wheels in your
head call at Parrott & Detuers wheel
bouse and tuke one out,
Oliver Hurge, the old frontier missionary, now delivers his discourses from the
Hotel Manitoba's conservatory.
Fred Pieper was in Moyie Monday as
avaunt courier for the Odd Fellow's excursion from Cranbrook there tomorrow
Al Brown has returned from an extended ttip in Montana, and reports that
that state was never before so prosperous,
Someone wns asking why Kerrigan
named the pony " Bobs," when Dins
replied because he was never known to
A. B. Fenwick, the well-known Fort
Steele rancher, has hauled away the big
threshing machine purchased for him by
0. 11. Gilpin.
Enie Small, Harry McVittie and Matt
Rockendorf went over to Fort S eele
Tuesday night. They were Accompanied
by Will Small.
Jobn Fink was very sick at Fort Steele
a few days ago, and received a severe
fiigbt for a short time, it is said, but is
now improving.
Our worthy chief of the constabulary
force in Cranbrook has recovered from
bis spell of ennui and is now visible daily
sb smiling aud corpulent as ever.
Frankie Murphy, chief ofthe Herald
circulation department, departed Monday morning for Medicine Hat, where he
will spend bis annual vacation.
Miss Ada Wellman returned Monday
eveuing from a visit to her old home iu
Winnipeg, incidentally taking in everything worth visiting at tbe exposition.
It is reported that Kimberley will see
the last ol her Chinese colony next Saturday night. As in the case of other adjoining towns—Kiiuberley's loss will be
Cranbrook's gain.
George Meyers left Tuesday morning
for Norden, Man , where he has gone to
bring back a carlood of mixed stock and
chickens for P. McConnell, He r.ill be
absent about 10 days.
Matt Rockendorf and George Meyers
**ent fishing recently, near Swansea;
they went on horseback, aud now as the
former places tbe pillow iu the chair every time he sits down he wishes he bad
M. I.eitch, Oak Lake, manager of the
Leltcb Bros.' flouring mills at that place,
and also a member of tbe Cranbrook
Lumber Company, was in town during last week, on a visit with his brother
and family.
Jack Cameron has returned from a
" grand and continuous round of uninterrupted revelry" in gay Winnipeg durlug
carnival week. They say Jack took first
prize iu the beauty show with Patterson
■ close second.
Mrs. Lawrence Gamut, son and niece,
arrived from Eastern Canada on the
Suuday evening express; so do not wonder at Larry's happy air, and smile of
pence and contentment while he Is ton
tiorializuig you.
A, Cameron, a dealer in general merchandise at Oak Lake, Mau.. was a recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arch. Leitch.
Mr. Cameron bas been on an extended
vacation and tour, having been as far as
■outhern California,
Constable McLeod arrived bere Monday with two prisoners, Taylor and Al
iners, who were sentenced to 15 days in
jail for appropriating merchandise from
a wrecked car some weeks ago. Attor
ney W. F. Gurd prosecuted the case-
Baptist church services will be held In
Wentworth ball (formerly Forrest hall)
on Sunday evening, August 13, at (lit*
hour of T.30. Services will be conducted
by Rev. D- Bedford, Baptist mission an
and chutcti organizer. All ate Invited
■nd  in.nir  welcome to these m-ivut'.
.Subject.   "Tbe Two brothers."    Collection will be luketi.
Will .Small, brother of Enie, arrived
Monday diiect from Dawson City, lie
will rest up here while his brother takes
a trip east, and brings on hte return ihe
family ofthe former with him, making
their home hcie for some tiuie at least.
Kngineer Goverenux has returned from
a trip through the Boundary country,
and reports business as very quiet lu that
great mining region; he will probably
make a trip into tbe Lardo country soon,
which is at present attracting a great
deal of attention.
o. A Gau, station agent at Croffs
Nest, was to have been tried yea-erday
before Commisfioner Armstrong on the
charge of appropriating to his own use
merchandise from a car which was
wrecked near that place a few weeks ago.
Tbe trial wns postponed one week. W.
ti, Gurd is tbe prosecutor.
R. E. Sherlock, n prominent merchant
of Lethbridge, was in town for a brief
time recently. He was of the firm of
Sherlock -Ji Bremner who built the store
now occupied by Bremner & Sins, wbo
succeeded the former firm Mr. Sherlock was both pleased and surprised at
llle growth audpiospenty of Cranbrook.
Rev. J. A. Bowering, B. A,, the uew
superintendent ofthe Methodist church
es, nrrived in lown with liis wife Monday
evening and will occupy the pulpit on
Sunday next. Rev, W. G. Mulion, tbe
junior minister, who Also resides in Cranbrook, will give special attention to Kim-
berley, Fort Steele and Moyie in the future
"Pal" bas been beard from; at last
accounts he was tilling the teuderfeet of
Winnipeg witb wild west stories and
boozeriun; the Associated Press reports
state that " Pat" is a genuine spellbinder
and held the breathless attention of a
large and rapturous audience until the
inspiration ceased lo gurgle in the neck
of tbe bottle.
Enie Small, the genial host of tbe Cosmopolitan, will depart on Sunday for
Charlottetowu, P. Iv. I., the scene of bis
boyhood days, from where be has been
absent for 10 years. After a prolonged
visit he will return, bringing with him
bis brother's family, to rejoin the latter,
who is now here, arriving from Dawson
Cily last Mouday.
R. C. Butler, late of Colorado, has
purchased tbe barber shop lately owned
by Ernest Detuers, on Baker street, near
tbe Royal hotel. Mr. Buller is a thorough and experienced barber, and respectfully solicits a share of tbe patronage of the good citizens of Craubrook
who wish to be divorced from any portion of their hair.
Mrs, R. E. Beattie arrived home Sunday from an outing at the Reclamation
farm, on the Kootenay, which was rendered Bad rather (ban pleasurable by the
drowning of young Gillespie, of Oak
Lake, during her stay tbere. Gillespie
was a bright young mnn, well known to
lhe Oak Lape contingent of Cranbrook,
and by them highly esteemed.
Baptist church services will be held in
Wentworth hall every alternate Lord's
day at the hour of 7:30 p.m. A first-
class organ has been secured to aid us in
our service of Eong. All are invited and
made welcome to these services. Prayer
nnd bible services will be held in the
same hall every Thursday eveuing at the
hour of 8;oo, conducted by tbe pastor,
Rev. D. Hal ford, lo which all are invited.
A recent issue of the Central Canadian, Cut I tun Place, Ont, says: "Mrs.
Garnnt, wilh Miss Lulu Grace and "Jimmie," leaves on Thursday to rejoin her
husband at Ctaubrook, B. C. Mr. Gar-
ant has been in that town since March,
and promises Mrs. Garant complete restoration to health. He has also prospered famously. We are sure all here
will heartily wish tbe family all good
fortuue in their new departure.
Terror reigned in the Tate and Hill
domiciles the other day, wben it was
learned that Willie Hill and Eric Tate,
two miniature kids, hail started for
Swansea on a fishing trip of their owr.
One papa was about closing his store to
join In pursuit, while tbe other had secured a horse and buggy, when the
truants returned of their own account,
not having been able to reach Swansea,
after a walk of a mile or so, returning
tired and hungry kids.
Jim Kerrigan had an experience Sun-
[lay. He rode " Bobs" out to Jimmy
Smith lake to look at some ice stored
there wilh a view to making a purchase;
returning, be avers tbat he was " chased
for a long distance by timber woles, being saved only by Bibs' fleet feet." Upon his hearers displaying jncredulousness
as to tbe timber wolf proposition, Jim
retorted that " they were either timber-
wolves or cayuseal" (cayotesF), Now,
Jim, tell the truth; wern't they chipmunks?
Last Saturday tbe coach on the branch,
just after leaving Marysville, coming in
jumped the track nt the font end; before stopping, although running so slow
ns to allow the passengers to jump oil"
with ease, the track was tore up for a
considerable distance and the truck broke
in two. The engine brought in the passengers and rest of the train all right,
the damages to the track beiug repaired
soon after, and another truck placed un
der the car so it was brought in in safety
Monday forenoon.
If you will look in McVittle & Hutchison's plate-glass show window you will
see a specimen of what can be produced
in the way of grain ou the limbered hills
adjoining Cranhrook, where less than
two years ago a pine forest was standing,
It is a stool of oats over six feet In
length, well filled with grain; it is part
of a crop raised by William Hamilton
in addition lo which are a field of splendid potatoes, cat rots, turnips, peas, pie
plant, and enough cabbages to show that
they enn be successfully produced. The
hillsides, ns a rule, escape the frosts and
cold nights of the valleys.
E. A. Smyth, brother of Moyie Fred,
w«s in town Tuesday; he thought Craubrook a lusty infant, but having been
(ioru and bred in such lands as Walla
Walla, Wash., where immense fields of
.-olden grain wave in the summer winds,
aid the frisky peach and spoittve ap-
iile flirt witb i-nrli other all dny and
nlgllt) and the nprlcot nnd aiulancions
pear   rubbernecking  through  the   li-i/y
atmosphere—having passed much of bis
life amid such sc-ues as tbis be could
not fully appreciate a country where
tbe laud stands principally on end and
pine trees bung on its sides—but slill he
thought it must be all right nr there
would not be so many prosperous looking people here.
If the Russians would only lire tbeir
various names at the Chinese it would
paralyze tbem quicker than shut and
J-ipsti bas settled tbe question ot the
Japanese coming to Canud.i nnd the
United Stales, for a while at least, by
the prohibition of emigration fiom ber
The Expositor is the name of a bright
little paper—prin'oritilly uud editorially
—just issued by N, W. Macleod at Cards-
ton, Alb. The people in its vicinity will
evidently know of it.
China is still "dodging tbe issue"
The allies had ought to lie able to furnish them something uiidodgeable. As
slufiy statesmen lhe Johns are fully
the equal, if not the supeiior, of the
It is said that millions have been sped
in mining (a goodly portion of it on
swindles, however) wilhoui a penu.'s return—true enough; bul money lost that
way is not a drop in iho cannl compared
witb the amounts "blown" into Nicar-
auguan water-way schemes.
It is "a good thing"—thc millions of
dollars poured into China in years past
by Christianizing associations of the various civilized nations—while thousands
and millions in their own lauds have at
all times lacked sufficient food and clothing; it has already resulted iu the most
shocking slaughter of thousands of those
who were so un'arluna'e as to have been
converted, will be followed, probably, by
the loss of the lives of more thousands
of white soldiers and the entailment of
hundreds, It may be thousands, of millions of dollars of indebtedness upon
present and future generations, all in
payment for tbe glorification of God
and the desire of the various Christian
sects for aggrandizement.
If you see tbe name of a businessman
attached to au advertisement iu Tbe
Herald, whether he be from Cranbrook
or some other town, you may be sure
that that man (firm or company) is live
energetic and progiesi-ive, a business
man who knows he has something tbat
the public needs and wants, is desirous
that the public also should kuow It, and
is desirous of your patronage. If your
patronage is not worth asking for, it is
uot worth bestowing on the business
uian who does not solicit it. The columns of Tbe Herald will always show
you who considers your p-ilronage worth
having, nud also tell you the inducements they have to ofTer you for your
trade. Watch its columns closely and
see who thinks your trade wottb asking
for, nud what they offer you.
Notice Is hereby given that one month after
date l intend tu ai'iily to the cliii-t commissioner
ot lauds nan works tor 1101 mission to purchase
the following ilvscribod limits 1 Oommenulng at
a rust -iliuiti'il at tlie southwest comer ut IC.
I.Utli'-.i pre-L*m|>lloi', Iteconl Nu. GOO, at l'Aliiiers
liar In the dial I let ur Kast Kootenny, tlieiict)
mirth 40 chains, llieuee west su chains, tlirnce
soiitli to chains thi-iic-a east 80 eliuios to ihe
place of beginning, containing :iio acres.|
Haloil at Cranbruok lliii nth Any uMuly, 1900,
0. IJ. Mi-Nab.
Notice Is hereby given mat one mouth after
dale 1 iut.nil to apply tu Uie chief cumin sslmirr
ul lands ami works fur pe mlssluu tu purchase
the following described lund: Commencing at a
post planted ut tlienoilliwest corner of E. Little's pre-emption, Iteeurd No. um;, at I'ulincrs
I'ar lu tliu district of Kast KuOlcnay, thence
south in chains, thence west SO chain-;, thence
north 40 chains, tln-ncu east HO chalus lo the
place nf beginning, containing ,l'M ucres.
Dated this Mil duy of July, moo.
J. J. Cameron.
Notice li hereby kI-.hu that one month aft r
date I Intend to apply lo chief eummls-don. 1 or
Inuds and works for permission tn purchase the
fulluwiuK described lunisi Commencing a*, a
pust planted at llie suutlnvest corner of T,
Voimit s pre-emption ill Palmers liar, lu the district ot Kast Kootenay, thence norlh locians,
thence west 8U chains, thence south 40 chains,
tlteucueaitKOehiiltn lu Ilia place uf beginning,
contnininK Bftiaeies mure or less.
Dated at t ranbrvok this oth day of July, 1IKHI.
lieo Joyce.
Thirty days ufter date I Intend tu :i\<\ ly to the
eliler commissioner or Inuds ami works fur it
Special permit to cut timber on thc fullnwIiiK
described land; Commencing tu a post i> anted
at llie mn th enst corner uf \V. Hushes pre t
tlnn. and running east lao chains, thence soulh
BO chains, thence west 190 elialns. Iheme lluttll
NO chains to polut uf commencement, cuut'iluliig
IHW acres.
Dated thli lui'i day nf July, li-xNl,
.Lniics A. Mffh:
Take noi ice that uno month after date I in
tend to apply t > the chief commissioner of lamin
and works for permh-dnn In purchase Ihe fo|.
imvuiK described hinds*. Commencing at Ihe
southwest aimer of pre-emption No. tv.'i (l-M*
ward Wattti thence uurlh -hi olialns, thence
wenl so chains, thence smith -to chains,
east Ml chains to the punt uf cuiiiiiieuceiucut,
situate iieai* Palmers liar li i-oiuh Kast Koote-
Dated at Craubrook this Gth day ot July, lino.
T. Youihf.
Nniiec Is hereby given thut the undersigned
will m days alter dale apply to the chief coiiim.
sinner of lauds nnd works of lirillsh Columbia
fur a special lu-eitso to cul mid * any nwny timber from the following described hunt 1 Commencing at u imt planted at ihe southeast cor*
. ner of Hindi ■■'»■:■ (litcnsdcH's) thence east ho
I elialns, thenoo north ISO chains, thence west so
chain-', thence smith 120 chaiiu lo placo of cum.
1 mcucemctit.
D.itcd July 20th, \'.w.
John llrockeuriditc, Applicant.
Notice is hereby given that 1 Intend to apply
forthwith 10 ihe chief Commissioner nf Lauds
aud Woiks|for iiennlssloii In purchase the following di teribed hind ■ Commencing lit the Initial post, ubuut two miles wu.Hi uf Cruubruok,
planted at tliu nurthwc-it corner of W. J, Hamilton's pro-ein|'tlou, thence enst 40 ch-iins, (hence
uurlh si chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
BOllltl 41 chains, Iht'iice west   in chains, thenen
smith nchains, thence onsl 40 chains, thenco
imrih to chiiius tu the plum nf beginning,
I lilted nl cruubruok this Hill duy of June, 1000
12-FOOT LINOLEUMS imported direct from England.
M'CLARY'S STOVES, large shipment just received.
GROCERIES, lines always complete.
Our prices are right.   No one undersells us.
-i ** G. H. GILPIN
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININO TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
iKX^"' Lotsfrom $125-$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is lirst class.
Every convenience lor travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
House 1 Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
The Lion Brewery
•xvRosslnnd, BC
Iht lamest and llnol equipped
brewery In lirillsh Columbia
Their nUDWEISER lilil'R (bottled)
Is equal lu uny imported Article,
MilUTHI) WATI.-'.S of iill hrniiils I.
lie  luul  nt  till  llotelll itl West nml Hum
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholi sale Gtocer
and Selling Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Planing Mill
• Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   **
Band Sawing  ** Turning
For Developed
- Silver-Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
>yrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Elc.
A nice selection of "Meridcn Britannia" silverware to hand this
week. Choice designs in A I
goods       jt       J-       jt       jt
High grade movements in the
best quality of gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       J-       jt        jt
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lorC. P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       **       jt
Mnde by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ollice ol McVittle & Hutchison
Cranbrook, II. C.
Prest & Co.,
"Three doora east of Postofliee.
«"■ Builder dt
::::Cranbrook, B C
-\mj—\mf   \-_f—v*/—\wj—ig/    igj   ,&    ^/    ^/   fc-iv3/   \~/   \zi    tJZr*Ce    \^   -EJ—sze^iV—V!/13/—IS/   *^*"CT^—\gl—IBTTBTilriBnHfTSr—-5/—lS/-^2*r-^Se' W"™\5nS'WI~~l5'*—W—W*™W*" \2/
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
rOA \IPlD-r_r_l_^ I** the divisional point of the Crows
vK/\IlDKWUN Nest Pass Railroad.
ff*--lflt_t*nn_-f  Has a l0"sta" round house, large machine
^* dllAJI UUIv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook ,5 the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. UND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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