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Cranbrook Herald Aug 8, 1901

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VOI.UM.i'*    I.
Mmi:i:i; *ji
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
• Hon. Ono. A. Cox, ['resilient,
• PaM I'll   Cnnllnl
I Hi'ftl     	
I i',iuii Rc,oiireca
II. li. Wai.ki'k, 0,
..  . 2,000,00000
. 65,010,0011.00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents    The Bank of Scotland.
Heavy Receipts
Carload of furniture, including center
tables, fancy rockers, hall stands,
music cabinels, brass and iron beds,
5 o'clock tea sets in maple, new car=
pets; linoleums, stoves, etc.
Take a look through uur house furnishing department.   II will
interest you whether wishing to purchase or nol.
We do a large business in Dry Goods,
Ciothing, Shoes, Groceries, Etc.
For amount ol" sales our expen.ses are the
lowest in the district, therefore no one
can undersell us.
Figures Tlmt Demonstrate Our Mineral Resources.
A Prosperous  Future   In Store lur
This Gre.it Leader in Mineral Wealth.
Great Sale
Summer Blouses, Skirts and  Ladies'
25 Sn, Discount
Don't miss this snap.
1 Beauties....
Wc have just opened up the
finest line ol men's ties in
flowing ends, four-in-hand
and strings. Call and get
your pick before it is too late.
I Fori Steele Mercantile Co. ■*«
H .1. I'. FINK       .-*-       ,-«       .*       MANAOER
04 >4404 rrl 00444444»444*4*-4
From the Canadian supplement in the
.sue of tin- Engineering ami Mining
initial of July 2u tlie following is laken:
The total amount which lhe mining
industry of British Columbia hns ahendy
19 —compared with i^yy— of fa.^ji.t24,
■ Ine large!v to the successful working of
thr hydraulic plants in the Cariboo district, notably that of the Cariboo lly-
drn"llc Mining company ,it Qucsnei,
which is practically the only plant ol
iin-. sort in the province so far completed ns la du systematic work, although
several others ought toUe In shape for
lhe season of 1901, The general placet
output through the Interior and northern
part of Ihe province hai not been very
: irge tins past yeai 1900 , owing to the
I high water in the early spring, and later
! tu the construction of ihe Vukou tele-
graph lines, whleh caused such a demand tor labor at gooil wages lhat Ihe
I plncei claims were neglected.
Hydraulic   Mining.
Hydraulic plants In British Columbia
me now just beginning to he productive,
aud next year we may expert to see a
ri u 1 sn let able output from Cariboo,
Omineca and Ailiu districts. On the
west coast of Vancouver Island auumber
ut hydraulic   lenses bave been taken out
fui beach  deposits of black   sand carrying gold.    This branch of tlte hydraulic-
king industry is new to the province, an
in   1900 yielded  some f 12,000, or  lliol
References to People aud Things of
General Interest.
11 out yet. Home tune there will be
tipany formed wilh capital, and that
■il will be used to work Ihe properly
lot to pay fancy salaries toa lot of
led dead heads, and then Wild
c will have n second awakening
;old is there, but it is deep, and it
ake money to gel il out. The time
11 ing and I will live to see it."
Davt Grillitli, the Pioneer, Talks
ul the Wild Horse and ol
Placer Mining*.
Hfflfflffi    ■
'.   .   .: .
Single nnd Doubl
her Lap Robes.
Sols, Wool and Rub-
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels to be sold at Cost,
early and secure a bargain.
Q. H. Miner
contributed to tl
amounts to $152,155,208, which has beeu
chiefly derived from—in order of importance—gold,   $75 397,303;    coal   and
cuke, $49,140 917; silver, $13,649,809, and
lead $7,619,956, The value ofthe mineral output of the province for lhe year
1900, the closing year of Ihe century,
amounts 10 $16,344,751, as against au
output of $12,393,131 for 1899, all increase of $3,951,620, and a proportionate
growth for last year of nearly 32 per
The yield of placer gold for 1900 was
$1,278,724, which Amount—-although less
tban that of 1899—was greater than any
other previous year since 1S79 The
total value of the output from the lode
mines of the province iu 1894 was $781,*
34?. In 1895 the value of lhe output of
the lode mines had gjuwn lo $2,342 307,
and it has increased year by year, reaching llie sum of $6,751,604 In 1899. while
in 190a it amounts to $10,069,757, an '""
crease over last year of $3,318,153, and
equivalent  to   a gain of 4y per  cenl, a
growth whieh is certainly a subject for
COUgrntulatton. The number ol producing mines has this last year also increased materially, for in 1899 the total number of mines shipping over 100 tons during the year were 43. while in 1900 some
60 mines shipped each over lco tons,
md 39 olher ttiities shipped vat ions
quantities of less than lco Ions. Of the
mines producing in 1S99, mosl of them
still remain iu the list lor 19ml, although
a lew have dropped OUt this year lor one
■e or another; but the greatly increased tonnage of ore mined, 93 per
ent greater than in 1899, is made up
rom the Increased output ofthe older
nines, an argument in favor ol the persistency of the ore bodies, The ltsl of
producers contains, however, a number
of new mines lhat may be said lo have
graduated from prospects to producers.
Output of Laal.
The conl mining industry ol the province still Continues to increase in Import*
.nu! has again broken all previous
record.-* with a total output ot 1,590,179
Ions, of which amount 150,58.1 tons were
converted int-*.** coke, pioduciug 85,149
tons and leaving » net production of coal
oi  1,439,595  tons    Ol  this production
914,183   tons  ot coal  and   51 75; Ions   of
coke were exported. The Vancouver
island collieries umde ,1 gross output of
1.383*376 tons of coal, ol wblcb 47353
1 tons Mere used for coketuaking producing   19.134 toils of  COktf,   and   leBVlUg  ll
j net production ol coal ol 1,346,023 Ions.
Of this product 906,215 tons ot coal and
799 tons ol coke were exported. The
iws Nest Pass collieries made a gross
output of 106,803 Ions of coal, but hall of
it. 103,231 tons was used toi coketnaklng,
producing therefrom 65.915 tons, and
leaving a net coal production ol 103.57a
tons. Of this production ihere was ex
ported to the Uul ted States 7968 tons of
COal and 38,958 tons nt coke. The output ol the collieries coal and coke- increased In value ahout Hi per cent over
tin* 1899output, atul theie is every Hi
il leal lun llial atioihei large Increase will
Ix- made during the wai 1901, especially
in the output ol tin* Crows Neat Puss
collieries, which are at present only be*
nig opened up, and which will have to
SUpply at least two new mi telle is, besides
11 regular Increase iu consumption at ihe
Hh of the world j than the cost of the installation of plants
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions ol the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting;
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think  of selling  at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranhrook, li. C
imi.1 Production.
Cold—Tlie  gold  production of  the
province for llie year 1900, Including
both placer and lode gold, was worth
$4 73J,t(,5, "tl increase over 1899 of $529,
631. This Hgain "breaks the record" of
gild production in llritish Columbia,
and tliis year, as heretofore, does gold
take lirst place in our tables of production, The only decrease noted in the
preceding tables is iu the production of placer gold- and Ihis is due to the
heavy falling oil" in the Atlin district.
In 1899 the cream ofthe placer gold in
that district was skimmed off from the
shallower workings, leaving only the
deeper workings, which will, generally
speaking, require Id be worked by Ily—
diaulic methods. The necessary hydraulic plants nre being installed, but fiom
the iialuii of things could not he expected to make any very serious output
for the first yeur. Disregarding Ihe production of Atllu district during lhe past
two years,the remainder ofthe province
shows au Increase placet gold output in
so that next year good returns may be
expected. Dredging in llritish Columbia has, so far, been a failure, but many
companies have tried it and are still
trying it, confident of ultimate success.
The tiwr bottoms carry gold lu quantities greater thuu many of the successfully worked deposits of New Zealand and
elsewhere, but the conditions are differ-
in this province, the gold being in very
fine, Hal Hakes, haul to save, while the
rivers are rapid and large boulders aie
frequent. It has yet to he demonstrated that a dredger has been invented tliat
will successfully overcome these difficulties, but tbe prize offered for eu doing is
great enough to induce repealed attempts.
The output of lode gold for the year
lyim amounted to $3,453,381, being $595,-
808 greater than the previous year, am!
equivalent to an iucrease of ji per cenl.
This increase is due largely to the operation of gold properties in the Nelson
and Lillooet districts, as well as to the
increased tonnage of lhe Rossland gold-
copper properties and lo tlie opening up
of the gold-copper properties of lhe
Boundary district. The gold produced
ft om lode miuing for the year 1900 has
been obtained, approximately, as follows:
From direct smelting, combined with
coper, $2,583,905; from combined ainal
gamatiotl ami concentration, 1869,476.
Silver aad Lead.
P.   J.
Sin j 1
li.   ei
Iiiui   of llie  Moyie
wna in
Monday. l*'re,l
it It 1
. 11 lite
le qui
el in Moyie just
l,ul, lm
1,1,1ft, *
■iv,-  I
lave one of tlle
vns ii;
ill Cl
iluitibln, tlie gre
ll lllll
min il;
e wu
1I1I, uud u tempi
nn like
lines not diseiti
nil tie
it bit
lu  w;
ill lie recoguizi
,|| ill
-■    yi-1
irs  us
ul llle hest   iiiininift
camp*, ii
1 tliis |
ice.     The sluii
is   111
- hills
11II 111
lier,   und  that
Just  wnteli
yuur 111
funis 11 f men lo net it out
mu* smoke ill a year froll
iryoll aie |,i,iiiK t„ hi*l, pu!
no Moyie."
I   News Niius Prom  lhc  Mineral Cllv   *
> 1 •. ***********************
Robbers Adopt lhe tluld tp Plan to
Acquire Wealth,
Eugene mine te -.lilt parti illy
11 imt a large number of men
arc a I work. Masons are employed
building walls iu the Lake Shore tunnel,
where a shaft is lo lie sunk in the near
future. A number of men around the
mill have been laid oil' owing to delay in
nir, il of the pipe which they were lit-
lillg. As soon aa this arrives, however,
these men will be put back to work.
Thus, although the mine is partially
closed down, a number of men are at
work am) the prospects ate that within a
month's time the St, Eugene will open
up in (ul! swing.
The machinery lot   (lie M
And Set A Moyie Citizen Back ior
300  Plunks  in   Good  Old
Cold Cash.
We didn't c
ilver—Silver and lead are very closely associated in British Columhia, so
much so that over 90 per cent of the
illver production for iyix> Is derived from
silver-lend ores. The total amount of
silver  produced this year was 3,958,165
illceS) worth $2,309-200, an increase iu
lue over tSyq of $(345.492,01 equivalent
to 39 per cent. This iucrease has been
chiefly caused by the output of South
Kasl Kootenay, which this year has produced 960,411 ounces of silver, as against
33.516 ounces in 1899 The Slocan has
made an increased production of 230,151
ounces, largely accounted for by thu increased tounage of tbe district. Tlie
silver derived from copper-silver ores has
l>vei' increased by tiie output of the
Boundary district aud the Increased output of the coast districts, but has beeu
diminished by the temporary shutting
down ol the Halls mines, in Ihe Nelson
district, and lhe lesser silver values
found in the ores of the Kossland camp.
Trail Creek district.
Lead—The most notable leoture of the
yeais'a development has been ine in-
ctease in the production of lead. The
output for 1900 amounts lo 63,358,621
pounds, valued at $2,691,8^7, This is au
increase over the previous year of -ft, S13,
017, equivalent to 206 per cent. This
increase has beeu brought chiefly ahout
by the energetic development of two or
three mines in Fort Steele division,
although the lead producing districts,
except Aiuswoith, have shown a material increase iu production. The St oca 11
mining division lias heretofore always
held first place in the list of lend ore
producers, having an output in iSyy of
nlmoal 31,000,000 pounds, mid although
in 1899 it fell as low as 16,660,910 pounds,
ii h.is again increased in 1900 lo 19,565^
74.I pounds, a gain over the previous Sundays 1
yeai of about 17 per cent, However, tbe j next 48 y
increase in Fort Sleele division of fiom
881,167 pounds in 1S99 lo 38,485,079
pounds in 1900 has earned for il Lhe
ighl 10 ha considered the lead producing
center of the province.
Copper—The fine copper produced Itl
1911.1 wns y 997,080 pounds, worth f 1,615,*
289; au increase in value of 19.5 per cent
over Ilie previous years.
And by the way, Moyie Is a great place
for 1111 otillng these days. We wenl
down Ihere lust week ami had one of the
most enjoyable times we ever spent nny-
where The McMahon Brothers, of the
Kooleiiay hole! did all in iheir power lo
make the slay of Ibe Old Mau and his
wife as pleasant as possible. Ami thai
hike! Why, the people of Moyie don't
fully nppprectnlt! what a grand body of
waler lhey have ihere. Two great basins
connected by a narrow stieauis winding
in ami oul of willows ami poplar trees,
while at either end is the Moyie river
comlug or llie .Moyie river going. Al the
wharf is a typical boat builder nnd boatman, named McDonald, Ile has everything about his place jnst right, and acts
as If he had been trained iu neatness on
a mail-of wur. Neither Vancouver or
Victoria has heller pleasure boats, and a
day 011 the lake lo one living away fiom
waler is like all ice cold claret lemonade
to a nmn drinking hike wuiui slough
waler,    And Ihere aie Iroilt galore.
ny, because a news
paper man named Peterson had come all
the way from Spokane to lish, and common courtesy demanded that he Bhould
be given a full swing, Willi this fraternal and friendly feeling possessing us,
we let Peterson and Drummond row 22
miles that day, iu a broiling suu, to
catch seven fish, while we look it easy
under a magnificent shade Iree. And
Peterson felt grateful fur our kindness.
He is a gentleman, and we are glad we
know him. 	
Hut, since lhe people of Crailbrook
cannot bring the lake here, they should
do the next besl thing, and go to the
lake. There arc several good hotels In
Moyie, plenty of boats, and people there
who will make you feel welcome ami
glad that you took two or three days olf.
nj mny is
in place fl
inst  live
•w all here ami Is being
rapidly as possible.   Foi
r six   moiltllS   men   have
been employed gelling out large quan-
titii*. ul timber from the company's
limits 011 lhe big lake, and lllls Is UOW
boomed near their mill ready lor lhe
stalling of sawing. They expect lo begin in a few days now, and will then be
tm imi); oul some of the lines! lumber iu
the 1 ouutry.
I' \HK,  MlTillKI.I. .* CO,
Park, Mitchell Sl Co. have their mill
steadily lutiniug, the main mill running
during ihe dny, and the plauei at night.
They have a large force of men employed
and are shipping IOO 000 feet of lumber
to the Territories each week.
Tom Rader and 0 J. Johnson, lhe
owners ol the Aurora mine, are still
hard at work and ure certain of having
a good thing. Tuey are al work in the
tunnel nl present and lhe prospects are
bright for striking a good ore vein in
the near future. Iu addition to work at
the mine lhey are cleaning up their
property, and in a short lime will have
one of the prettiest ami most valuable
properties iu the vicinity.
There was a meeting of ihe Moyie Fire
briga le last week at which tl wasdecided
lo give a ball on Wednesday evening.
August 14, The proceeds will go toward- purchasing hose and  olher ap-
While George Miner was visiting the
Winnipeg exposition, he made a run
over into Ninth Dakota, near Grand
Forks, to see a sistei whose husband has
a huge wheal farm. "Talk aboul your
big things," said Mr, Miner. ''My
brother-in-law has 250 acres in wheat
that will go 35 bushels to the acre, and
he says they will get 60 cents this year.
That means over fjj. CO foi his crtp, and
hired help, living expenses and all has
not cosl him over flood for the past
year, atul eight mouths of that lime lie
has taken life easy. Manitoba will nlso
have one of the greatest crops in her
history this year, nud times are good
there and money easy."
will !
s   Tor the brigade, and the boys
sure of having a successful even
A (Iood Show Cuming.
The big New York Theatre company
will appear at the opera house for two
nights only, Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17, presenting on Priday
evening tbe powerful pastorial comedy
drama, "Was She to Blame'" a dramatization of Ilerthu M Clay's great novel,
'A Hitler Atonement." High class re-
liued vaudeville will fdl in thc intervals
between lhe nets. The plays will be
produced with special scenery and accessories. There will be a change of
play Saturday eveuing. Popular prices
will prevail, viz,, 35, 50 and 75 cents.
Seals are now 011 sule at K. 1\, Heattie's
drug stoie.
Anenl the locif 1 uteres! in coal mine
we print tlie terms of a coal deal iu West | the
Virginia as given   l»y   the Philadelphia j
Press:    "tlntr  thousand  dollars a day.   .
1 holidays excepted, for the'
rs  Is  what en-Senator J.  N. I 'll"
Camden of West Virginia will receive as
a result of llu- sale of his conl lands in
the   I'mrtuoiit   region,   which   has been
formally ratified.    Mr. Camden received
$1500.10.1.1 fm   his   pioperty from  the j Bill
Fairmont Coul company, which is snid   Sej
to hnve the backing of J. Pierpout Mor-  dill
nan.   1 if the purchase price fs<xi 000 was | the
paid In cash, and the agreement calls for   $Ui
the payment of $300,000 each year to Mr. 1 ?•'■
Camden or  his  heirs until   the   entire , lcs<
amouni is pan). mo
Dave Griffith, the pioneer of Wild
Horse, was lu town Tuesday. He brought
over nearly $1500 In gold diiHt which he
sold to the Canadian Hank of Commerce,
This dust was laken from a leased portion of lhe Invicta on the Wild Horse
The Nip and Tuck is being worked with
hydraulic machinery, but no cleanup
has yet been made. Mr. Griffith exilic opinion that the output fur
Piere, the Indian who discovered the
faun.us St. Kugene mine, was iu town
tin-, week He claims to have strock
another lead equally as Urge as the St.
Eugene lead was. He offers no further
Information beyond lhe fact lhat it is a
day's ride from Moyie. As this Indian
seems to be a lucky fellow this may
prove to be another St. Eugene,
I.ut Friday evening a dance was given
in lhe Kootenay hotel, am) although
gotten up on very short notice proved to
be s success. There were a large number present and all wenl home well sat
isfie.l with having passed a pleasant
[. W. Livers, lhe druggist, has moved
hi* -lock of goods to Morrlsey,
Mi ami Mrs. Klinginsmilli have gone
to ElkO   where  tbey  will have charge of
an 1: .tel.
MIbs Jack, of Kimberley, has been appointed nsslstant teacher at the Moyie
sih 10I,   Iler duties will commence on
in next when the school opens for
il term.
■ Georgia Minstrels played in Moyie
in In rd ay evening.    Quite a large
et   were  present  and enjoyed lhe
The Sidar bote:, at Sirdar, was the
scene of a verv dating holdup on Sunday eveniug. in which two men ni masks
ami armed with guns played a very
prominent pail, says the Nelsou Tribune.
Nothing what eve 1 is kuowu ol the rob-
tiers save that lhey made a good haul
and got clean away
The Siilar hotel is owned bv George
Bonnie, and at aboul 11 o'clock on Sunday night, while .1 p..Lei game was In
progress, a masked man entered by lhe
front door aud auolhei by the side door
so that no one conld leave the building.
The newcomers wore ted masks and
each was supplied with .1 six shooter,
There were several men sitting around
the table at the lime and these they at
once commanded to thtow up iheir
hands, au urder which was generally
obeyed without question To facilitate
Iheir work oiu ol the ui isked men theu
commanded thc victims to line up
around the room, mil while one kept the
party covered the other proceeded to
see what there was ol value in their
clothes. All told, the robbers are said
to have secured about -f-v m cash ss
well as a numbet of watches. One of
the number went behind the bar and
appropriated a ritie and shot gun, which
were behind the counter, as well as a
box of cigars aud such change as there
was in the li" at the time.
I Tbey then commanded '.heir victims
! to remain where '.hey were until they
! could get away, threatening to shoot
I anyone who tried to follow them or
i seek lo find out which way ihey would
j go. Not wishing to lake any chance
of being filled with lead the victims
obeyed, ar.d in a fe* minutes the robliers
were oul of sight ind well on their way
to parts ui.knowr It is ihought tbat
tbe men who performed the trick were
familiar wilh their surroundings.
Hold Lp at Movie.
Moyie, never backward about anything, got into tbe swim Tuesday Eigbt
with a first-class bol: up, in which S. A.
Scotl was the victim. Mr. Scott bad
beer, talking l& a number jf people at
the Moyie bote'., where he boards, and
left the room to go to one of tbe outhouses tn the rear ofthe hotel. Ashe
left tbe building or, bla return, be was
attacked by three or four men. Tbe
assault was so -sudden thai Scott had no
chance to defen 1 bfmselfor escape He
as struck over tbe head and body with
a sand hag, ar.d soon overpowered, No
time was lost by hii assailants In going
through his po.Ke'.s. ar.d *> roll of f o,
was secured. Not satisfied with this big
hau,, they attempted to take a diamond
ring from bis finger, but were frightened
away by persons approa< hiog before
tbey succeeded. Scott was seriously injured and a physician was called to attend bim,
Constable Drummond was noli fied,
and he instituted a thorough search of
the premises, in hopes that some ciue
might !>e secured, Two ladies' stock lugs
were found filled wilh sund, and tbey
had evidently been Ibe weapons used in
lhe attack. There are several theories
as to who did the work, but there in no
general belief that they were the s-me
parties who held up the crowd at Sidar
Sunday night, Spei ial patrolmen weie
appointed to watch all outgoing trains,
and every effort wilt be made to capture
the guilty parlies, It is Intimated by
some that is wu- the woik of parties living right in Moyie, who held a grndgt
B^amst Scotl.
Wild llo.
tweeli fi,
and dusts
taken ou
e   Ihis   season   would   be  be-
000 and fiu.ijQo in  nuggets
■'There  bave been millions
of Ib.tt old creek,"  said the
ami there are millions to be
Kink lirllliiiK Conlest.
ne  of ihe   features   nl  lhe   coming
-' Slreet Pair nnd Jubilee, Spokane,
lemher 10 to 24, will be a big rock
ling contest.   The committee having
matter in charge now has a fund of
raised, aud expects to get about
more.    The first prize will be uot
than   $500 and the balance of the
ley will be divided into several small
is.    11   is expected  to get   dulling
ns from all over the tributary miniug
section to com.ete.   Crack teams from
Montana, Colorado and  I'lah have also
expressed un Intention of entering,
The [impress Is Dead.
ronberg, Aug. 5.—The Dowager Km-
a of Germany! Bister of King Edward
mother of Emperor William, died at
castle   here today,   the   cancerous
.-lion of Die throat   from which  she
.red having proved fatal sooner than
expected.    She was nearly <»i years
ge, her birthday being Novembei II,
A Successful Dance.
The dance given Tuesday evening by
the management ofthe t ran brook Tenuis
club  was a pronounced success 111 evny
feature. The attendance was just laige
enough lo make ii pleasant dancing, .itul
tbe program was carried through in a
manner that was neither hurried or
monotonous,   Refreshments, which had
been prepared by the ladies, were served
and greatly enjoyed, as there was just
enough of just what one wanted ou an
occasion of that kind. Quite a number
of out of town quests were present, and
all expressed themselves as highly
pleased with the party, It is to be Imped
that tiie tenuis club will nol rest i's faui-t
as entertainers on Eta initial dance.
Dr. John Barber will return from Moyie
tomorrow nud remain in Cranbrook lor
several days. Those Deeding anything
iu llie way of dentistry will have an opportunity* The doctor will uot be a bit
to remain long, as he is due al I'eilitt
■■ i nnl Proprieto
tin.' vi'ar S-Mni
SU uiuutlis 1.110
The Herald dmlre-s to give the news nf the
district. If yuu kunw anv about ynu* town
your mine or yuur i*,eo|rti\ send u to this olllre.
Ilavk lu Work.
Trail  News:   The Trackmen ou  the
Rolison Kosland branch ol the C. P. R.
went back to work vesteidav. It seems
| tb d thc local track man were uot at all
| satisfied by the manner lu which the
executive nt M oui real managed the
strike. No official news was being
received as tti lhe progress of the strike
or the hope of settlement, am) naturally
the men feeling themselves ignored in
the matter went back to work.
Success depends upon a liberal
patronage ot printing offices.--John
J.icob Astor.
iiiii,.,t ■ i liy '■Hutch.*'
■   .5\i*
L'tnws N,sl Cul 	
. f8o i.i
Norlli Slur	
... ,U2e
lillllllUIM.   NIITGS.
Pvti.e  story  of un   Adventure   That   In
tnreata Everybody.
Jlcn   ift 111,' inl,- ot u cnlli-l'lletl bluuip:
i In ii  fti„iii|.
A   |i.,ftl.ii|i.  hliiin|i -
A   i IVO i-.-I.I.-.'.
Pon t   \i.mi   t.i lung.
Hill    I   ul-Vi'I'   win
1.1, I..,I
Kx.vpl   ...,..-
9r,    Hj ., ip-ntiwiutD, t.iu.
II.' imi in,. ,»,
ru   thing   ,
ll     Imi-   all   ,|,,,|,i|,".
l'l'l'lllllli'il,   I'ink,   s,|iiure. i
i \.-  I ll slink  ,ili
'Hml   i'li*.,'l	
i:mi Himv.
II'* iin il iis-
lli" t'livuluiu. ..nil  -
itugli i, slot  int,, it ilurk box;
lllll     »r   U'l'l','   I'ft.i'llftll
Hi  ,i  in.nl clerk- ■
llftift-,  ih,. pltyl
Qeorge I.auric has wood
of all lengths. Sue him
before buying.
The Cosmopolitan
H. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
Ono of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located ami heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
i/ '*i<rN^,Auj[. 6 and 20
f^~ xW Sept. 3 and 17
Oct. 1 and 15
FIRS' BOX OF BOOKS.'       |
Ult ot Worki Sent  Out Under Traveling    .   Ht*ae*\>
I l.iliruri.-,■ Ait    Haw Vou Heud \VlW tll't
Tlie Hin. ClifToril Sifton In pom inp
vest. Oranbroolt should Invite him to
visit this city.
Thomas McNai^lit, o! U ilcyon Hn
Pprlngs, a former ntw»paper publisher
te endeavoring to Interest the new*,
inner men ot the Inieiloi in the foim.
lion ot an editorial c ni/cnilon. \V
hope he may succeed. U won1.! be a
rioiI thing foi the fraternity. Somi
of tin-* members ticeil education along
tne line of business principles, and tin
i| 1I1I pro ij'io of pnn Infl.
These ar« grr it t lines lor the linnrk,-!
11: is in hii element no*.
The man who has made thousands
during the past three years has no kick
coming because limes are a little dull.
Nnw little lime he should get In aim
m ll, and help boost the country thai
hai made bim tils mom-iy.
The Winnipeg Free Press got out a
gojd lame on lhe STLli of July, giving a
complete review of the crop pros
peels for Manitoba, li wasa Qneplecr
o' newspaper work, and shows what tin-
Ftcc Press can do.
There are v.a il limes coming In South
K it K )otcnay.
I'.rlUih Columbia Is the richest mlnlnp
country on the American continent.
Holdups are getting fashionable. \\'e
viil divide even with any man wbo can
tin i monts/ ou us.
There s«ems to be no let up in the
su ikes throughout the country.
The mines of South B ist Kootenay ate
In better shape than ever before.
Tlie Itunkei Mill 8: Sullivan company,
wurking nt War dm r, hliilio, 1ms declared the August ilivhleuil, aiiioiinthig lo
Jai.nno Tlml makes a total of (1,221,-
ix»i hi profits tlmt have been iliftbnrsed to
Hi- (nrtunnlc shareholders in the Duukei
II 'I it Sullivan compnny.
The Trail baseball club will give a
shut waist dance.
rite Nelsmi Tribune announces tlml it
is'lu* only pnpei in Hiitish Columbia
th ti does not publish railway ndvertli
111 OK.   Well'
Ilevelsloke is boou to have it public
\ ..umber oT the mnntlcr firms of Rous.
Ill 1 .1  have Slll'l'llllllil'.l.
The police of Victnrin nre allll prose-
I'li'inift persons wlio permit n uniwtli ol
thistles nn llielr premises.
1. W. Ctift, Inte miuinger of Ihe
Miner, has left G.eenwoo.l for RelnleM,
where lie will slmt lhc West Fork News.
Ink Slewnrt li i. nccrneil llie contract
f,,i the seven mile i nl - ll which llie C.
1' I,' hnstleclileil i<, liulhlnt l-iehlon Ihe
111 nil lilii'.    The innk Is very heavy mill
i. -\| Ic.1 lo cosl  well on lo f!oo,ooo
p,., mile Its rmiftltiicllnn will effect a
Itr,-,,, saving in Un- opernllon of tin- road
ln.'h in icspect tn ilu- time mnl expense.
NUIiril liASl MllltliNAV.
11 Hi" ' nt.lr.rl.11rj nnlcrop,
C llslincre relnrne.1 frmu atrip It,
I-", ,l Steele lu-l week nml wnr, accottl-
pnnieil l,y .Mis. Hslmere.
Mis. Wells antl Mis. Capt. ArmslroilK
ami her twn tlnntthters matle the routnl
iti,, from Gol.len to Win.lermere on
I'.iiln.v'sho t.
I, II   Tnynlon wenl ilowti tn Ool.lell
II,. hu in,' nu uwr.il
Smus.li witli ,t Immmer;
ll   Ml   nu   laee
ill.,,'I.  mnl blue.
'I li. 11 I went nn 11 Imitf
-1 -.
.Ami win
Th,. pint
.. nml me
in n  pi'l'lecl   InV,-
III ,1  mil
Wild ,1 tttiinnlliKest puir
1)1 Nl 1,. eyes
Thill   ever  lilnik.'.l
Sny, she's u ilreuml
IV.'II, sh,. nn,iilm.,I
'I'l,,.  piuk  envelope,
Ami   Inr 11'n"r
III       ull ,
nnli 11 lu.lrpln. ,
Then shu read wlmt
«.is i.i-Hltle
ll.,  |.m. envelope.
1 never saw a girl blush
Sn    ll".llll ifllll.V.
I would be stuck
un lur    11' I eould.
'linn she ri.nnl
'llu- writing buck
In lhe pink envelope!
'lb,-ii she kissed me.
uii. you Imi,. godletsl
II.t 1i|is were rip.:
■As eherrles
Ami wnrm
As Hi,- summer sun.
'rim pink envelope nud me—
Arc nnw
Ni.ftiln.ift snugly
In her bosom.
He enn heur
Iler ln'iiii  throb. I jl*l
When 11 kii,-s Instest       'I ' I
She tukes us oul jl
Ami kisses uie.
I'm Kind Ti
«\        IWllUMllI,
slu lilts-
Ill,,,, All".*
When requests lor box.
..„ Miiuy eaft'i
hex ome  In  under      ITuvel- * ^".Mm^ivZ
Ing  Llbi-nries    Acl   Htm    Mr      liar- u,',, ,ij. ,ir,.,m,' ,,',
eoilrl     „ft|.i',l    Hi., bends  ol rolle-ies u.i- k„iu,
uud   leudilix     llbl'tiry   mm   In H.I 1,1.1 ll Anil  Hi,, iiii.si   wni
hou  lisu ,,l lift)   books  unliable lur
11.1,hi,,   hull"   ...   Hi,-   1','liinl,.   ,1'ftiiiilft A   l.imi'1.   til   lln-  ,!>'"
0      I  .        ,',,        lhe     I,   1,,'UU      I, '*""  "m"*""   '"T»"
"n    l'i •,, uii'.   in'    i,">,   ni u,u       in ,.. I      .,         ,    .        .
...                                       .      T,           , l ""     ni".    "' .ii   ,.>  i
have eneli lm*. i' plele in llsell, uud nl  ,,,,  ,.,,,   ,. M1, ..imi, Ih(ll (ll
yet dill,'t'l'ii'   ii.,ui ever)   other     box   a I i. m  t.... iteur   uur
iu Hi,- Belles       I li ■  liillnwillH      1-    >t       Thf um-sl   '" H '"'"' I'tun
list   ihus in,ul-  up mul  is iimi    rou-    V.-i  i I'ltnu'r ureilnieil ,it t
ll" ll
It,.,  ih-.
,,l iiiiiii tiie *;,.t t.riMt llerltnifeofCuai.dlu.il TlteirCsun.
■ rv 1. Secuail I,, >,,,„. in Hin . ... -i
in. <.l„ln.    I tl,,,],,..,,, . ,t,„l,„l,.uD..llt.
Ui ui, l.,„i, »,.i,,., lUoa >,. ..ur Ortu.
I,, ,.all I        -i„   I'liliiltltlllei ul il," I xiuitij.
I mm,I,.nift   hn,,.   ll,,    ,.i...... -il      ami
inhi'ftl   I'oUIHl')   ,n   | il.il s     upon
wuo   tins ,,,r, in      llim  grcul  mul vun
' I'*—*     rest"    "i" '.in be gullterod
m mer d I,.- InllowTux si.,
tlslil'H   .."l""i",l   till- i    illllK"HI   l ..s.lll, li
ii  v.,i Ions 'ni" 11- ul inforuuitloii
hlln      Oiilnriu i\iih .in ureii ,,i    liliil.l.lJll
s,| '"  Utiles,   i-   hu'J. li  .,11     11,"
tulluwlnu Siuius ,n ih" I mini     N'ovv
York,   I",im  siiuure  lull"".     Mnssa.
'■"•'  .hiis",,s. K..*iin  ,',,„„ ui,   i.'.i'.„i
.\..,i .l,.is"\, 7.-^1.*, Miilue, :i:i,mn.
, I'eimsylviiiilu l.-.,*Jl,-,; Miiryluiid, 111,-
'    -2lii   liuliumi, llll.ll.10:   Vermont,    '•',-
:,ii.*. sipinre miles,    king  u    total
"im   ol    Jiiii.i'.Tii   sipiure    iiul.s, mul     lu
whieh     «"  ...i.   nu i.inl,      iiuTiiil"
Hi" lull,,«iue iiil'lii>iui.il suites, viz :
Abrali, .iiienl,,.   Lelunil    Al   in        , 	
ivoniieri i. r...'i'..i m ,.i  imi   ,;,.,.,,,,,!, ,;,	
Vllieennes.   I'h I     lllttl    sluilleH And llie wnltiim iiiral itnvi
with  a     I'l i.     I in. lui I. in        It1,.'I, I.:" lit  slinv.)   ivatlileri'il  I
lleuilty,    Sii.i:     rmilu.,,Ts     Snnll A  i.
!',.i\.   Hurl I.    l'i,-   i'h,,ir   lunsili
Allen;  I'll,"   itilft,ni   ft'ullgnv,    Ilea-    ""  "". """' "	
■""   iuii„ii„i.,!,i. t*„ii,.s,,,i", Ki',-,'   „„;';,;,        	
11,,1,1  II,., li,'II,'i.    II'.,     Ward;
Frederick    the    11 rent.   Hr..i-I Inlrg;    .*, I -k nl tl ■   iwtis lo
'The  llospel  ,,l   Weullh,   t'urnegle; The       « n.lu  in men' siruKe.
firenl   lloi'l'  Wur,   Imyle;  The     lln-y    *•"' ' ri'ioaei' slu|i|it'il in
Fair)    Hook, luting;    lliirouiiiil-llus- ! "*'"
Chid,     l'lilmer    In   Hi"  l'i. I.i i" ..(  Hi" , k,i,„.e' ",,im.;'. ,!',"!. Vl.- rail
King,    l'i,mil.nl,    Tbe Inlluenee     ,,i       will, lhe awlltm t a li'rentn lleluwure,   a,ll.*ill   sipiure   n
I'lii'i.-i   in   Moilurn   In.-,   mills;   ,lii.k    And H ' swung wlile, nnd tue mat   Irlrt ot I'liliiiuhlii,   IT.. -.,,
„!  All 'I'rud.'S.  Henrd   Jnnll ,,(    Arc, .■»  in llhnde  1-1 1.   1,2,111  sipiure     mil"
T'ucke)*;   -liulus   Mneenl us.   l'i.inl",-; And tin-mii'st wns Dinth.                           or a tolnl ot 2lu,l'lt) squuro    mil"
1.11" ill lm,I  S'clsnn, Siiiiih,..,;     Th" " After Including  lhe i \".    we    ,-,
MilII     Thui     CnlTlipii'il   lliulleybury, ATDINGTON.                           still   affol'tl     i,,     I,"  gell.'rolls,      in
Murk Tw    Mmi.   Witn nunc,   T.vi- I.
Ier;   Th"   Mi-~i-si|i|i|   Vulley     in      111'    tat "-i Is. m I.,', Ironglu Up hy    I.
Civil    Wur,   I'iftI,".   Monopolies     ami  t. 1 Hi'mi.t-k, sipiure  n
'Trusts,     Hby;   M)     Winter    tliu'ili-ii, Tin* reiiuirk ot Mr. llitldwln Smith,    4*ono "!'
' "I'-'ii   Viilur.il 1-iiw in llieSpIr-    „t the famiilinn flub luuehi  a few   |,|"-*'l.v
""'il    World,      I1"""""     V* I„.v.s .ik.., lluil he bud spoken to Ad-   '■'•l  -I
Lutlghtou:  Nineteenth  Century     s,i. ,!,,,„,,„,   n-lu> mus  Prime Minister ,,t   I'rovlnee
nnee,    Willi s. Dur Nullvc    Trees,    El)K| ,     ,s0.       b,.ll|TB    t,   ,
Ke,'l"i'.  The   lledenipli. t      |i„ii«*    ,, „„,,.,.   ,i,llw„lnn   ,t,„i,g,.|,      ,„..,,'
t'nrsou, Hoss.   I'l,,. llelgn    ,,(     Law, „,,,.  ni,,,   ,i„'ml,  ii   i~  mm  un even
Allen; lllehnrd Yen mul Nny.     llew-   ,,„„il„.v   '.„„, ,lia ,■„,„ bnlulstra-
li-tl;   llodney,   llanua.v;  Soiling Alone u„„, k„„„„ „s .■„„. Isn.e's frumls.
Around    ilu-    World,  Sl,
,>  Xew  Jersey,   Willi     T.sH.*,
mil,-, mnl  snli  have     some
mure   miles     In     UlSS   nil       ll
larger Hum    Hi,
I'll I      Tl
ill    \<l
Charles   Kapler,     llul Ier;  sir     .1 i ,,','
Franklin, I -h   Sir lllehnrd    Whll- S1,
tlllgton,   llesniit; Squirrels mul lllher ,„,
Fur  llenrets,  lliirmvis, 'To  Have und ,,,
lo lln1,1, .liiliiis.m   Tom Brown     al _ ,
Uxlord,   Hughes;   Tnininv  nml  Urla-1, ,,,.,,,,1       ,,,  „|,i,|,   |,„ .,,,
Barrie:   Th"  Trnnsll   „l   Civilizullon, ,,„,' |,is jeuth     Mr. (loldw
Fegli'.sliiii   Cui.M.eti. d  llr.uil, llrn.il: chnrueterlzuli i lum   i-
Viiinr    Etnunnel.  Iilekey: The   Voice i„K.p„„"  (,„■  ppi    |,„i|
,,l     lhe     People.     i.lusKutv.      Wulfe. t|ie   lllnnilesl   sloli'-giip
Bradley:    The  World  ,,I  ihe     Ureal
1    si|tuire    iiiih.s,   'Ih,- iw,,     Provinces naineil, with llritish Columbia,
mill's, totul 8*11,200 sipiure     lutlos
nml    Is    ns    largo    ns nil    ol   Hm
• suu,,,aire   fallowing Wcsiern Suites,  ti/..: I* ■
177.7   mid  lhe
Forest, Ih
does not   ';"'"■ mlv--'    "I"".™ ""',',"' iAfa'
,.',;'1"k  ."e   Out)    iqunTe1 miles;'   Iowa,  '60,025
.  I',',,,    squure mil,*:   Kunsus. KO.USO si|ii„iv
Ies;     Mi iiilmii.     .-.-.'.'1.*.        square
Ies;    Miniiesoiu,     SH.ailil     squure
n".    miles;    Wlio,   11 '"'•" squnre     miles;
'      Oregon,  *.". ii.*ln souiire  miles:  North
,.(,:;.,.„,:,".■■    „   I' .tu. 70.70.1 squur s:   T.nli.
„a ure ot  his   W»  **'l"""*   '""*-*«:    >'"« 1*'""°
Ills ,■ iniu   '.l"'"' *"-»» ' -Northwest
npi-lM'M 006,000
.(, milled to ii.,
ih    I'm     wu-   iii imi,  m' mu'k'iit ■'''
 " din.',     hi*.   Aiiiiiiitiv   AOdlngton,    hia s,i":
a (liimitlun vii.ik.ie. futliiT, was Hn- phvsldtin of Hi,. K.m*i tlirt-e ppavhuvs nlviuid.\  named, give
Colon.'1     An-in   S. ini.vl.-r   de    Pcy- ,-•' Chuilmin,    and  tli"  [niiutitry     Ihj- «  i>it;il ot* 1,7-10,200 sipnifo mill's o
ster'ii is a ii.h.jv nf soini; litiji-ortnnr-is iwet'ii th.' sun- id the iwo iiii-ii     luul bj   Llie wn,\   uf -tiil  furtlivr fotnpaii
in    Hi.'   wirlj   ln-tory of tins     I'm- ji>   0p|Kin   in   lluil  circumstance.     It ■-"■•■   ""'  I'Ment   of   lurrltory     Inrgu
vlniv, p:'iiii*i]uill\ in   I'oiitiuction   Willi was l'itt who Ilrst  indtu-cd AddiiiRtou Umii AlusUu,    hy     ">7T ;!',»'     sipuu
tlie milltory (iperatlons on the frou- l0 ..m,.|* I'ui'liaineni;  ii   was to  l'itt "lil'"i     i,,il  " hwtVif port of ('mind,
lier durint,'- tin- American rcvoltillon- that      the    latier owed his appoiiti- >-1i!i  remrins  to  t..- eunslilered,  viz
nr\   war.       IVlroit,   Michilllinackinac nient     as     Speukei1 of i la-  House   in Mnnilnha, "H.ti'ifi sipiure miles;     A^
and    othor    points of less strategic jts;i:   i  fm   again Kiippnrted  his sinihoia. H0.r»:t."i sipiure mill'-.    Sas-
Importnnce  were  at   different     tiiin-s yicvntinn to the IVcrngc as i.md SUl- katchewan.      imt.u>.i^    sipmru mjles;
the scenes uf Ins commands. He was mouth on his ivsiguniioii *." i nlllce Kcewatin, ^D.iuhi square iulles;*Al-
tjorn at   New   Vork   .Inn,'  27,     17:t<i. M1   1-1.1      'I'he  t'eac uf   \mlens    Wns tiortu,    100.000 Hi|Uare    mif*s, Atlia-
Tli. Liu- An-uir nrmuirr. | Particularly      valuablu    to    ranada Uie  one an      of His  Administrntion hnskn.    10-1,500 square miles; T..|*,*i-
r.-.     ,i    ..      ,   .    , .    n *..    were his    services  in cone I atftiu  tde thai   L-nioved even a   Heeling popular- tory east  of KeeWntln and smith    of
!„■   'nu,"  ','"L,vn u"*   r"v"";r„ff       ' *"** ■>' ""-■ NorlHw.-.. whose* len- ]'-.    siib „e„..y hi served b!   .he Hml ley.  I Oli.soo squnre   miles:
    „ ,,'     [,fcn„nda who nnd H..   "','"i"'   d"rl,,K ""' l'losl"S s'™ra    °' |,|n  t!"V.-l-»m.-ii1  "i ISO.",, under Fox lert* 'V    „l Hudson's Iluy, 3611,000
l-i      Ik,"wine bio     M,    llr,,..      'he   War  were ,i,.,rk, dly   mil l-lli'i. ish. „,ul     llrel.vllle      in   180,1,  under Mr. s, e , s:      Islnods     north      un.l
it,hs, ul knowliiB hlm.   .Mi   ll,™,-    „„„ ,isi„, ,„ lhi. ra „ 0( ,, nu| ,, , ,n  !„,., ,, ,.    „    d    , northwest, ,„,. enniuernted in ajlove,
- ,,ne uf lhe Cleverest writers
md ono nl 'lie best all-round jour-
,,.!,.is r„iuiil,i    hns produced     Ills
Having ri'
uml  ull"!'
rs ol il," lYiiiui-i*'   *""■'«"'    «!'""*■-: I"ll«   Oi*™t>nke
lie Peyster retired lo s|„-,„l ihe'even-   ship  ol  i.ord     hiver|iool      Ills linnl    nnd  Illver Si    UviT
mil     ui-
,        ,  "    ing  oi his ,  .,.   imuifrles,   s,,„- re.ir.-tue.it  Hum netlve politics camo clud ,, nhov,-.  17ftltn. sipmre mile
of that *qule ulit.v ,    d     lhc native lown _t his    wife, In 182-1.    lie dlrd In February. 1814. **r nee EM»unl Isl. nd, .,000 so n
grows stale; his general     !J„r. „„ ,,., „ „,„,, hl, „,.„,„    „t  m es; New llroosw ek, 28.200 sqtiu
us wun,leriull.v  wiile und    ,,..,   ..„ i t  „,i       se..- . , , ,  ,. miles:   Nnv.,  Scot...,
il.sl  iimi!  Ins ,1, ml ll    ul
lhe extraordinary ugo of mi.     scv-
i.uieil;     Ins    ileseriptive  work  wus    u.s,,v,.„ ymra .,„„,. ,„. |„„| nre|    ,.,,.
rnry and     entertaining, and at the   ,.;,„,.,, ,,,*„    Ki„K s e miss,,,,,        A
sm,,,- nm,.    correct: unit his heaver   „„,,.„,„.,|IV   |,U.|,|,.„|    „f   his   inter
urtlcles were ol lhe hrst order,    lie   ,(f„    js    u,„i  Unring the cxi'lleinenl
wus     a     whole-souled,  g-lniil,     com-    ,.„,,„,,,
[innlnnnblc man,     who mnde friends
wherever he went, be whs always lhe
life uml     soul of any company    he
fiiund lumsell in, und he was one ol
A  . seltll  Kxl.il.il.
he snid ih.it the Canadian
io    sql
f    the Cniin.llnn situn-
ihnse rnre conversationists who never tired those who listened to bim.
lb- a.,s generous und bis friendship
iv.is warm     mul loyal,    lie was the
1 by ihe lie,uh revolution    n *
was lie Peyster whn wus largely in- ,..
striiiiii'tilnl   in   iiiisiiie     mul   training Kj*jj, i|f , ,1(, ^,
Ai' ''-Ki in nl Duiolrles rollin 's. „, „„ „„, H„„     x    ,,,,„,„ mn
nl which llohert lluriis «„s „    mem- [,, ymm^mm
ui  lllnsgow is u eiinil. useful
l-arrunged dlspluv ol lhe „„- ''"" ''"" '"*M  "" '»'  " "8
si'iim's of the lounlrv      "ml ""''' "r ""-' l"*'i'"v ""* nrtll»h
.iitifuetures m  which u trade ""* I""*1 lu,v0 ' n so cureless nboi
,, ,.;,, , B ,,„     ltlla iiiiil uri- nnw nt   this duy growing
solicitous    inr.    by compering     the
n„ ih.iiiu em, l-'nnndlnn nrens win, those ..,     th,
,i nny who visit United Kingdom llsell mnl ihe Fur,,.
,s to lho  ,i,"ilili  ,.| I"*"" "uHons.    All  llrlinin    mul Ireful 'i in il," pruduc  nl lis soil. I"'"''    tor exnuiple, eoutnll, 12ll.-,:ill
In  Iis    minerals,   iis toresl  mul  us "'I'1"™   ""''*-• K'K ' •""•     Vlo»,
,  ..„,,,, ,1,,,.      ,    , Iliu ns, win, ml,Ire-s",I bim   nt bis    ,,„|„„.i„B     N, ,,,,.,„ . ,„.,.,.  ,,,v,,ii,s li8.HH:    Scot lund, 21) ,785;    liv nml
ber.   uud  whose sh,
Ihe iinliiippy | 's
oldler  uu
■I'll,, uhl
Tins  wilh
ihis   I'Miil.i
byiiocrlsy mul trnud, and never tailed
In give these u solid rap wlieu „p-
liorlonlty    offet'ed,    As a newspnper
mm, lie sin,i,I III llle fl olil In Ilk. llllli
his influence upon lhe press nf ('mini,.i   will  he felt  fnr mnny >ears    lo
iim,"        Hod real  theo,  An'-I     I liy
friends will miss t|  sadly     llnmil-
inii Spcclulor.
tuglllve pi
rrhsl on a Poel uul conlrover-
II,  lhe  Dumfries .l.mrunl.
V, I tleiftft llun, lil,,l'. Nest.
these  vn
lllll llilfn
discovered     on
nt iiii-ii   whiskey    wns   fI.,,m ,|
il in
concession ,,( King, uhnul  Iwo mil™ „s|,n „,,,, b, ,lh, f ,,. ,,, „n ,,,
from      ibis   plnce,   snys  the  Aurora „.-.,,,   -rowil    lhe  l*n 'nvlllim
W"lli„«i„ ,*. . ,.„.. I llanner.   'lwo or Hire,' parlies found ,,„.,.,. ,..,  „ , ,,,,,, ,,„. (,h,8.
Wellington's    personnl     taslo and   ","  '!!"„,   'I''f Srtl,eovcd"hvS!h.! "In *'"*,  K,ll,l,il  »il11'*""  '" '*"'*'l
balms hi,,, thos  most great u  ' " ?,',      "?"   I|,M,">"' |*>     "'   '"- in developing (mile win, Ci.tin.ln mul   ,
k '    thorltles     ll wus generally tl.m.Klil |>r„-tK,u„K emigration than  le In   l  "
he gang  wh,,     wet" inmiiiiH'i iirlng , ..,,,,l,i„   „„,   inclined lo ml '""
"ui progress   which
rill, ,i,.v,.|,,j ( i'iiiire urea, ii ii could liu set down
s .,.,,s      \() Ul.(ter   in imiuriii. wonld lenv t  verv far
,„. ,,iu„".,| i,,.,',,,.,. lno   from Imlf tin* Province sti luu.li-
iiling elnigrnnl  than '*'1 _ l,l,,,"v *"' ''*"""■  "'  "">'    '*'"'■
es il it, Iimi. und '*
ilioiliries mude   lhe Interest ll""1'       'rl"'     "ll"1''    "'     ''"'   Uillted
„1 ihe utlinlrulion so Iroolv   Kl»» """! Iroltiml. if they   could
l,„ iiuui|ieii    Into   itriiish Columbia,
Would  Ink" lip   less  limn  u   thitxl     uf
thul Province, lenvlug ah unoccupied
men hie enough in ui i uiiuiuiiliile tlle
smne iwiee uvel'.  Willi  u  trille of 20,-
snnpl".     lie cared nut ^,,r i
Ies   lu   spure.
21'.,.(lull     sipinri
-        .---    --     -                        it,,,  uaiie  nun     were  iimii'iiii  a ('miuilii   ui"   Inclined  to admit.    Me       *' .'", ',,   "",.'„,
show 01  p ol any kind     Insteud   ,,,.. "i.^k.-v     were also rngagell    in   .„'„,.,,.    ,„.ong strangers   who ml-s. Is blgge r lb. n I'ru
rn  Innl.ling a counterpart  i„    Ulen-1 mai,||,a     ,: rfe moy,    nml a   .„.„ wmiilei* ni Ire ss on,   '  s'1"""' '""'.'*'      ,',",!
 '"   '*"' wliu'l. money l,„ ,, rot-   S" ,,?, B .,.,, „, ,|„. pr ,es    wna     ,", „„..",..., „„r besl cus 'ers. the   "" "*"':'    "•]!""•    '.'L'.1?
■'    bought nn proved Sl ruth-    „,„*,,    but Ihe  molds  c ill      pie will   iiii,nu »•' me  sl
lleldsuye, a common co*intry gintle-   ,,„„„!     Th„ (,,rm bus l „ sold Bev-   ■'„,.,,. ,„ ,,.,„|,. „,„|  „,  ilealroui
        ,„.,,   ,„   ,,iiu i.   inns,   „es„ o„»     ol
nun's house.   In his dlel he was very ,.,.„( ,( B since I  is now owned   nurnclbig l r shores
ibsieti s,    oven in ib,- Injury,    it ,,v Ur,    F,liv„r,l II   .lohnron     l.nsl      '   ' ,
ipiieurn,    „,     lus     lien I Hi     lie. ul „:,.,,K „ t Mr. Johnson's sons wa
miift... kept i, lusi-r  French rook exploring    n  bird's nesl  under    it
,H    IMS        eil.'ftls fhe   COOk,    II    ...IS ,.„„„      „,   , |„.     |„ini.   ,in,|   |„   ,1 g   s..  	
 lay suddenly resigned. Tho discover ,,,  ,,l , a tor    Ihe   |';""     •""     ; , 1   .',!"n
'"'•-   ,11 itsliuilsl ill. tiskiil lhe re,.- ' uniiiofHiiure     nl      I'niiiiilinn   iw
Iter.,,'. >■','<»' ii, fn,',','.
'< 1.1.1.  nn I   ll,"  Bll III  , hi  In
Hns ins snlury  inmilHcli.nl?
very  hnndsoni
liv id
ns     Mr. .loin
nil  bro.lglll   He' m.il.ls
nl    i."I"   I,
dn.)   In
hu,"      V,
ml   leave
nppreehl ""k    „„,„,,j   Miigislrul    .     „„,,,iinu    „
self,  n dinner in  i..r   „  turn senl ihem to the HoVDln-   "*"" ' , "•"'"' f    "" "   ",u ,"
iy nothing     I e„ mil    ,„„„! „ull.orllh*s In TorolHn. ot n nosebng 11     I i"*"
 K fl«" "i"1**1'   Ruropo'is II"
'   '   '" ,'>*'■        11,011,801) sql
Ies:  S ,   |S'j,T.-,-s squur,
.      min ami Quebec ulon.i, 447.1a,
squnre miles, nre bigger tl     Aus
trla-llungnry,   2110 111 I squure miles;
Sweden nml   NorWuy,  2Mt.T7l   squill',
miles, mill nil  lhe sinnllei   Stlltl'S     nl
Kuriqio imi tiig-llier, mlileil lo elthc
uf  II h.U"       Th"  higgled   Slute    i
he   llll,Ier   "imI,    k
'   dinner     He gives ymi n dinner
hi   l,,r  u   pig      Vol!   say   nothing      I
mn  i, pprcrlutud.     I   iiiiisi   go "—
(loldwiti Sn,iiii.
slu,uhl   -.,in.,l
ul   lusl    Hi
llll.'S   1,11   .1
ni"       mir North-
hu   uml   \"Hh,,"..!   ,11s-
„i",l   \e.   1.(117,7811
""'  "  mlhw\'!*Vhl'g™\igh''to''swiill"'w'"il'i
proresaioll nml seven    •„,,,„■„ llL ,.-      ,„,,,,, 481,(174
,i lent  nrn.iiti.-nt, re.te.l   '"""is   r  u.i     A mu ii  might   mMra   ,„   ,,,.,,,.     „„, ,,.,.„
Ins I'm Ilri-lj on one reporlell de-   '''""'    "I1     '" lho river nol  IMI fwl    „rei  ihnn nil Frnnre uud floruuihy
rislnn,    w h he c I io I ,    "«">"' ley winlldn t try lo dodge    ]ilM   ,,„.,.,!	
Iiiiiaiiuiuiii  iinpniimue   llul  when lu-   ""' boller-plnte.                                         In suinnilng up,   musl uut over-
hud   linislnil.    In- i.|i|i. nt.     being      " ""  .vou run I  trim  one teum In   i.,.,u il„.   Immense   | 11,11 s    i
'     nsked   hv    lhe   lU.lee   IVlllll   he   l„„l     In     "   "l""*'    '"   '"""l"   ""'       '"'"    '"     Chi iee      ill   roll 'liim   Willi        ll
Ian „. i, Kind,
An „iniii"i,i U u's rnuiiBel, In Hi
!>.,  II  Uld.
A pnrly    ol ynulha ul uu English   i','u;r'''nnVsi,.ii'' ills'op|ione'nl.''hi.,ln'g      ' l""  > •"'  "',"■'  "*",' ",'"'" '"
wu luid tried nil lhe |„"iny.   |,'"*i,..l hv ,l,e Imiu.. whnl  ho had   to   "■ ,l".:.";"1!'1 ".' "'"" '     """  '"
» plW, lllllll     m)/, repl.e.l       *'l   Will   unl        Irnilhl"
thai  tilth! t    V()11|. [,„.,|s|1|j, W|t|, allv further urgil-
llll.nl    I   only   v. i-l    to sny   il uv
nil III"",I   bus   tnl'iftliltl'll   In  Infill
llieir   feel.
spond   In   Ibe  |i"im>   phieeil   ill     the
ut.  n   ,..,t	
'I,i,„k  here,     iny     iiiiiii."  snid  lhe    yllor l'.'.r.l'sl'u|'i' Ibiil   Hu- ense on whi, h    *'".! .?
il?    I dnn'1  kn
any    t* lull
ie   hluwlllg   "ml
UV  Iii ll
'r    Vnsl   li'l'til'iry       U"   lii'isl   mil   forget
the   eulllllhle   weullh   in   mir  tnresls.
"   lu gold, -iive,  mul iiiher    minerals,
ur   extensive    llsherles, mul     liue"
I   fell ile   whenl    llllllls, Hi
"" ,,i. I eldest  ol ibe party lo ilu-  r    at- 'I'.'''',.,.ii,'.'s'mis  been taken on appeal "*"' ""' "'""l'*v* """ '"''' '"'"'      '" 1   i'"" scurrelj  coio|irelieii  a news
1„ t week lo get Ills iiiBtructions re bis   .„„„,.„., ,.thaj     „,;1, „' .„    lrv     ', .....11.,,,^. ..." I ..,,!--   ,  ih.,  do- ll""'1  '•'""• '■""•    '""  H'.* scrap    „f   , ,.„,,,,.,,. ,vl,„l „. or » ber
appointment  "I i"in"' wnnlen   for the, V,|N1. Welghi     ihe uexl  your Itulghl; p|,|ol   nbsolulelv rovorsril "       I'l'.u, I'ul"*1*, "'''hh has been with ns    [or iU[^,. cuiindluiis imssess. iiiurli of II
district of North lvisi Kootenny.             | H xl  your Btrenglh:  then,   ymir ,|]ls n„. enilueiii i|   C. turn d in 'he ff*',.,.W1*.'1',*',*,*"     "I".."'";,l".''"„   ".'.,   '"       >'*' to l„- l led mul duvc	
, ,       ,.,„,.     B|Khl' '""' now I," pm a penny in   coiiene'iies ro Inhout  mid  wltlape
I'. Collell relurned from Port Steele   w, lhlng| ,„„ , ,,„,„■, Bl,0 „.,,,,, jIB   ,,,|.. ,:,„„, |,0(lVens! Whnl ii Iim* Hu
on llle sing,- Stiutln" ' ' - "
Siiinluv  World.
Work is to star!  ill a few  days on the
nnv Inmous Paradise mine,
'i'  s. Greenougli; a prominent Spo.
kntie mining mun, I- espeeled to arrive
in Hie district-.horlly to look at some
mining properties,
ninn must be! Uliy. thorn never tv
.1  Hay's -,.„„. nl lliou
N„l„in,.,.'s   Ills, riuuch.
,,.,,,   ,       ,   ,,     ,,.  , .,                   - .nnu iu,,n- "*':  ""'■ """  „,"""'                                         .       , .     . . '    '|-|l(. fust   Church nf Ivuehuul buill
•'Hint.    sir.    replied Hie pica-man.   such a iuse.'*   So the.v were     both      Wns il  n mistaken l.len „l bn> Ish   »	
And it did
,  .  ., ,.      , ,,. ,  f'lii,,,. 'tilV.i    w-liiir. ters  in   lhe  Iin is hint"      'lln*  Inst   Wes-
ll""1 ■ •"•'      , fl*""  "   ","   ;nl'.      ,",,•" loynn Church wns buill  in lull „,„!
The St. .1,, s*  iluzelie,  London, lie b...  djlng.In a  loto Ho hos|illnl,     ^ 	
England,     Interviewed  Hun.  Sydney llm olher     duy.   refused   '"  lell   ill" ,,         „   „..   ,,,.
Fisher   ,,n   .1   II.     'I'll"   iiilerv
Su  wus   Mr.  (Jilt-
Railroad Labor Trouble,* nf '51                                                                                ,,  „^^^^^^^^^.
Tho   l(,,ilro„d-TI,e   Inborers   hnve y"5"!"'[m  Jm,','.'V:'.'"'Tb,'.'7nlen'i!'wer    nn" I  ""*    '<* """""    »''"  l","|l   b„rd "'"'llel'vnl   Conger     nuother old
'*""''    ' '*'r    wu**k,    having remarked:                                            puslusl him (nun a car nnd brnughi     «   •         •                        »'
greed    n.      II," runlruelurs*   regllla- -s„ ,'.„■ ns  I can gilHl.'l'. Mr. Flsh- bim "i I"- ilea 111?    **l"," I rrv, lni.Ul-    I™ •■<'■           '"       '   ,,,":,„  ,h'   '   '„
R   Rnmlolph   ll*""" bus let a outran     s    1^     li *s    nml    six    shillinas ,.r,  v,,i,  vmlrselt,      Ihough ll Cabinet    mil."  be s   niier  bis crushed   lap    '",„', |!,'||", „   ,'_3d   huish'd     n
fo, fm feet iifliiniiel ng uu Hi.- Kinileiiiiy I Vork  l„'i      du),    snys The Tumuli,    Mlnisler,  ure  nver  ber -ling us a    luul I " nm|iululod. "It  wnuliln I  bn ponillnrli   known us
,,„.,. the north (ork ol Toby creek,    "    »•*, '■■  '^'f    *< '""-"   sort o, glor I    '■■ mcrelul travel- llilr.lo ,,           ■ di; In I mj.-*.   " ■ .rt   !«*„,,„ ^J,t\. "',,'n,^ J1.   „ ^
bib Intentlouto, .1 work In-   ','.', „ ^ *| ^ '],'  U*. ^   I ,u„ ,!   S If "" ' '"    '    '   bis   ,',",,        .   boy'w u   « '™'"»    I"  •}
,i,,„„„h hi.ii i i as :,',:;;." ,,,;'„• ';;;:„!;""™;t,;. ellZ- "'!,",,„c» i,u,.»,aies„„„,,., uas. «*.„"„!',..hi.«ui,w™..dean,, ««i'»»,»"su.eco.,t,*aeio, u„db.,nd.
tins eiiiiliiHt  is' pleled miuthe.oiie    slnnces thei uu But leuuirv,!. se^l, passed uu.,,*..
will be lei.                                                     ' " "    '                "  - ** - *          '                   I
There arc a few points lo
he considered in building.
Good  work,   Good    Material
and the price.
Hun you talked wilh anyone shi m IhiiIiHiikV
CoinC nml sir nu' ur lei inr SCC JOU.    II III.}
lie us Imlli finiiij.
(i. R. LEASK
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers in
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specially.
Crnnbrook, li. C.
«-\        I.II.O.F.   Key Cil) l.odiie
^Nfc'-Ss   \u   ij,     Mei'lseverj I'll-
5~ViJ  ,l„) llle ■ .11 mi
'  ' liiil.r, street    s tilltj
(1,1,1 I'ellnii- IlltllJ lavlleil.
Mull llniiKenibirl I'. It. Shll|,snn
N.II. Sr,-',.
r,Jerjt -, Cranhreak l.atl£C, Na. 31
A. p. S 1. «.
Iti'etlllir liieelluns nn 111,'
lluul Tliiiisilaj ut 11,,'
lisiiin^ l,i,lli.-tti ivel	
W. p. i: Si'i'y
Solicitor, liu.
lliiiikiiri'iiiiiin.'ri',' lll.le. llltANIIIIOOK
Perry = Creek
Oliver Burjie Proprietor
Good accommodations for the public. Best of liquors and cigars.
Come and sec the lamous Perry
creek district. Quartz and placer
mining.   S miles from Cranbrook.
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimherluy, B. C.
Get your Job Work
At Herald office
l.il.t Unit i J.ili'i Uask.tnl nr(!rnn
lironk. li. f!., dn lioivhj rnvukn nil tm I even
1'nwci u( Mlnnipy, ,\|i| imi'iil iw VrpiiI iu
te t iiisiin.iniii I'.iv.-n [ij iii-i-i \. Ilyitii
llnkin <>i Cmnliniiik. II, <.. \   VV. \.\lt \e,
•if i imiliiimiv,   II.  I'. or to llio   silil \    ll)i|i<
llllkui ami Hi.-snli   A.  W.   M-UVIItl'   [ol III li  III
'It llll
' I'l
I (ik-n
Mill  fi'
i* foi lllll    i.i ,1
liy Hi '.iiii.u' ii, I I'Hiii.'H in mj ii.ini ■■ in I hi*
lllilltariil lln "■mi I'liitl ian.lv
Dnloil nl i iiiiiliio.il. llns li.t.i ihiy of .htl.'., I'M).
.11 MlN I.KAKK.
Ttikonniipi'ihni Mt. K HnniUp, ilniBKiht. nf
rniiilirimk, i:   0., tin h iij rovnkc ml unit
ovnrj I'o^.'ioi au v. Am i nl >-, Ajtuil
in I'lii'itif lust iiiui hIvpii liy lo \, ii-j.li-
llult.'l oll'iiim U.   II, •'.   A. VV.   MiMllio of
Cnuii I,, II
I V. II)
llu' sail A VV. Mi'MMii- Jollill) in >* t	
win rtnln conl lamia •■ • inr inovlnifl.tl illsirii'i
of Alliortii, N. W.T.. or liillic imniii. I-i.f Iiimsii
Tlnwu iii's s ar y Million to all iinrtlm
con if i' I, im.I l.iKi-tinlii'.* llial  li Ilnnlnlu
li.ii.Mf I wit imi ho rm-jiiiiisliit-o riininy tn-t ilimu
hy llio ah.iM' uaiu.-il |iarll«.i in my mum) in llu;
mnl er ittllOHiil.l onu I limlit.
DfttCll af < raiihi,ml; Iiih lOtll >lav of .Inly. MIDI,
it. ii m-:.\ 11 m:.
Tnke nntU'B lhat I (!. .Itihn-.iiii.iwsiijt'r.iifi'ian-
liriM.li. It. V., iin hi-r.'hy ii'voko llll ami .'my
I'owi'rof Aitiiiiii-v. Appointmont ns Aufliit ur
1, far nflmiLriictloii sivi-n hy mu in\. Ityih-
linker of Craiibriiuk, ll. r., a.vv. s:«Viltlo uf
I'liitihi-'KiK, It. ('., ur In Mi ■ sai.l V. Ity ilo Hiker
ami tin1 Hiitil .v. vv McVllllo |uiiitlyln twilloii
wlih .'.'iiiiiii. iial lamls in ih.- [irnvlliclnl .Msirlrl
of Alhi'ila, N. V\. l'„ or in Hi.- |uovliiii> or
llritish r,.lum iin.
Tlii'so |iri'sutit> ai<> my notk'o tn nil nnrtlos
concoi noil, nn I tAtoiinilca tlmt from llio ilnle
lioronf i win not hn resiuiimiiil.' fur any art ilona
by lliotlhovfl naiu.'il l-arlh-s In my llliinnltl (lln
iiiiiii.'i'ni llin mild mm) Innila,
UulGllut > lanluuo. tins |, Hi,lay ..f .Inly. I'.hiI.
II. ,1   H.NMlN.
Will is.sue
Pan     American
Excursion Tickets
To Buffalo
Oo Day Limit
Choice of Routes
All rail, Lakes, Soo I.inc.
Mil SI I'lllll hi Clllcitgll
flii',iiii;li Sli'c|ini'.; ,,'ir Koolcnay
l.iiiulim; In Tiiiiiiiiii, one change
lo lliillalo.
For lime tiihk's mul liill iiiiiiriiinllon, .all nn
nr address iienresl liual niii'iii.
li. .1. COVI.K C.e.CIM.EMAN,
A. ti. I'. K, Aur.it,
Vanciilivcr, ll.C. lira.ibn.uk
J S. CARTliK, li I', t, Nelion, B.C.
Spokane Tails &
Norlhem R'y Co.
Nelson & Fl. Slk'pluiril R'y Co.,
Red    Moiiiilain    Railway  Co.
The only nil mil roulo hetwnll all
i„„nl', lillsl, W'l-sl anil Smith to....
Intermediate Poinis.
Coitnt-rtiil,* nt
SPOKANI-* uilli the
Ureal Northern. Northern Pacllic
.'ind 0. I*. ,*v N. C.,ii,pany.
Coiineels ul
Nelson  with Steamer lor Kaslu
ami  All Kootenay   Lake  Points
Coimecis -ii
Myers Tails with Stage Daily lor
k'i|i,ilili.. anil
Coimecis ilnilv
At    Bossburj;   Stage   Daily   lor
Grant! Porks and tireenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Cans. A|l.
Surveys „,
Laml Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
I'. (I. Tori Sleele. II. C.
""•■ Builder **
:::::Cranbroolti H t
2 Bs
Beauty anil Bargains
In Oil Pninlinxs [rained
...Al l»rc'.srs
H.lrristrr, Solicitor, Utc,
I rrt.il."...,1..
Ill ill.ll I nluiliNl
iiml liiiililcr   jt
All uiirk KUarantCCd,    See lis li.-linf
,1111 llllllll.     I, Will |llll  >llll.
Cranbrook, II C
Qrtilicate ol Improvements.
Tnun way Mliuuiil M.uiii, Mtimt'l 111 lllB ttfo-
illtln tiiliilllKilhlHlull nl I-IHI K.i'-t.'iiay ilhtrrt
Wlioro Inmitoil Ouwintli nhte nf Murk eteeh,
Tnlto iiiiiii'.-iimt i, .taiu.'H i.y.iu, I'w Mineri
ii'i'ilflt'iiii-No 11-13,1011, lnt,nl. skty ilityitfr.iiii
the iiiti- lii-M- -r, iniiiml) i.i tu-' MfuiiiK llworiter
tm a CeHlllfliitii or liii|iriiVL>iii-8iits tur the imr*
imv ur iiiiiii ninn ti crntttt lir.uii uf iiu' Rtmve
Ami riiilhur till-.'-null,,' licit iii't.in.iiiKlfrH.'i'-
tiun;i7, mini he t'liiiiiiii'ii.'i'il i pfnni tin- Hindi,re
nfHltOllClTllllrlltOlll Il1l|i<>\.'lm-1llo.
.IAMH.4 hvaN
Dateii tills J5llt tlay of July, ,\, I)., IWI, *
iW   -f   uW iff
# #   * I
# ■«• 3f #
f # * St
I |
See "Hutch"
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If you want insurance, if you want ra  /-»«-«-JJ-*.   i% •.£•      n*    •! ■ i
to invest in mining property, if | Canadian Pacific railway Lands ||
you want to buy or sell real estate
in fact anything in this line.
J   A. SI, IVrllKH  nl   ",ll».,l
,„,i  llio,1,.uul  li
This is n i nl  world.    The dei-p-
I'sl     lllsll.lt* s        ii,      ll, ',.   '	
Wlilrli   '1,'1',,1'iH.'   Ill-Hum.   ..'■   I il   llllil
bud     l*'.'.*>*>   ri'S|iinisilili. 1,,'inu knows
Keel,      l -null „t in. tluniuuuil i l,i.,.,,i,.,'i-ii,'
In An  I„ii-,il,„>   l'uui-r Willi',.
Seui ,,■- 1.1  I ,,.li„u.
I''ii'  CUIIIIIll.il   hoiwe  II,   ft-  . n   mill
li.tre.tluu       llm   Hml   ..ft   i .il       In
uu  i., eonsidi.|'„lloii    mi,..     sun
ii- 'I'lirouto   tlml .,n,l  I: ...., i. ■     A
,,.,.,,  u, „ ,„,;,,     .,•,:.., i,. ;;.:, ,. .   i„u   ,„. t,h :.-.i.-.,-.-! -,-.   i,  i,.,..
„i  , .il dial ns  Is Hi.   lm is ui '*"*•    I'lrulleiil i-l..ir,...-..*ris,le     Uk,
,.-., lihlllty. iMi.i.-ili.      .:,,,,   ,v ,1,
tl ,,i   l,m ,u li.le.'   whirl iki-a '"   ""■•• I'liwlnit "I* rruwIiiiK     I |.„i
us  llii'll    llii'ii1  lllllsl    IiiiIii lli'e     li ''"' "'  Hull   In' Is in.  liii|in .il i.i- in   ,
ki,|,|i our uu I           We musl    "'  "'I'' in rn ii"   ii". I    in
„,.i   .n.ii   I i   Hi.,i   ll..-.-.-  ii   .,  rutin    '" "'*l  '"  I"
r '   ml i
lllllsl llu lln
Thin I-. Ih.'
lull'   nf   nil,
'lull II- III    |i
 .1 '.11,1, .111,111
ll. ...I his    ,'i,.ft    II
,      I ted
,.l   lln-   nnhu.hi il   nml   in   Hi.
ul      llu-   Iin
ill-1 Inni'	
ur,I <>l  rii:lii   .mil
mil limy he il.','"
Ill  Hns  llu
„n,l   ft.l'.-li   ,
\liiHli-r I l\ - - l
nl   linns..li   ,n   il...
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area uf the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The pr. es range from $1.00 to S5.uu an acre, the latter being ior first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway,
Terms of Payment
The   Annual   it..|»,n   showi  11,111  ittlf I'M
■ iiiui,', 1- 1,1, t Hainan*.
Thn itiiiiu.,1  ii-|i,,i:   .rn  inni..,    nnd " ."
mining     ui  L'nliuilu  shuws  thul   Ihls •    .1
coiinlry      is  iidvuiiiing  ruuidly,    nl-
ih..1.uh tnuui mn in-siirj.iis...[ 11, s.-.i ''..V                        The aggregate ain-i-int ..f pr-nc.p.il ind inl rest, except  iu ilu*
>*"' -I"''" " I'll"- ii"ii sun in,his i„ ...     _\_,     mse ol lands miller J2.5U 1111 1.          1. iili-tl inlo len inslaltncnls its           -.
our iiiiii.'iiii i<111,1,111 mn     tn 11,,,.. 1-.. i*r—                     ,                                                                                    *•*,
in ih,   pr Hon     1,1 iron ore um. *."     *fl 4J>      •|l"*n In lite Inble below; lite lirsi In be |iaid nl  the iimt* ol pur             jj.
""" '"'  kud Ior     li,.. uruwili   nt -   •'      ay.,      chase,   lue  -e.iind one year Irnm dal  ni lhc purchase, lhe third in      \
our 11,.inni'. In aliuwa b\  Hiis inble \X'X     3**9                                                                                                                    *-y
i',i.ihi,1 un     •r     40 )*«r«and  i
..„„,.                              '"'*' "'l.',"" "'     40            The fallowing tabic «Ii«m         imniuil nl Ihe annual Instalments     %"><*>
1 *s"                                         *?.. _,1 .1   -      A *                                                                                                                                   -
  -t in   .i :•>
■ '■'   00
Slill     I, Hll    •!
In   INHII   il„.  pr,,.lm i,,,n   |,,.i- ruiilln
I ,'uiinilu wiih 1,-s ihnn nni-lliiiil ul
.   I I tlio I nlli'd s
1    I"' rl.i  nml  |.inlimn..11. I u.i'. iiln I d.
nl Uliili'l'lul. In he thus 1
■1111    .1   .1      ftfsft/ft '
"  x      * 00 "
"•* 7-1   00 .,
00 .
*■   Ion mrs ai S.'..in per a.r. l-i in 1.1I1 hi     ,',.,   0 equal Inlal'ls at S50.00
1  lln
while    1 '   !'"'l
.il    leiii'li.
ui  „ll   Hie  m-eii
Ih-  world      i\   in nil,'  »»bl.n ■■
ift 111 Ins mnrul  en',, he musl   I.
lent.      1,1   li.l,is,-If    I   1,1   lhe   llle   ll
lins II in Lis min si use ui rlitlil h
is 11.11 true, ii I." -hns In- eyes 1
tlu, light  ur is I 1 ■ .1 il hi  sellishnes
his 1,1111 iiersouiil i slur, ilu- Irugeil
„f Mnilii'ili. .111.1.  whatever Hie guii
, ,"l. ond lnke 111 • su much ol lho
.'..ii.   une   nnu    Well   Wundei'   Wh, IU   n
.,  1 aeks uwuy his vur\   ii dc-
n'l.il sense iii smell.
rii.'s nr li.i.i)  ilruwii hy se s
i,i|ii'iei'|ililil,.    iii    Iiiiii,1111    nostrils.
Hill    llm*     ,ln mil  i I win.l'i      hv
'"in    Their f Iiiis  is Ihr.iinjl I     a
something    which  looks  like  .,.,,>...,-
ine   power. If  u   11}    liulils       n|,„„
suliielhlng iniiisl nml high llnv.„e,l
uf in,,ml siiiinl" l.vor.\ sm nguiosi hr .,i ..i.e,' begins lu sock il. Hut
the light   is self-iuiii'iler "    '"    cruwllng   nr Hying lie     liuils
In  ihe or.llnnr,   nlTnirs ..i eonimun   - hing dry. which he yd   tnnclea,
life  Hie  testing  cuines  uniiiinoiinceil,    I''    slu|is    stuck Mill, seis his    hill
„,„l  in     ihe   seerel   ihiiinher  ui  Hi, «"" "I*"1'    II I  forces    'I Jll
uioral   nnture      :i,.-  ehoiee  is  matin
in 18110 it V.. |
In  olher •    •
*»"■».«"'»" ih s"".*" »"s i;-,i,
mliliiig  Tu  |ier cenl,   |,.-.- heud In llle \t\
ml I    iis mineral prodiieta tho !'.„■'?
llninluion wus ntlillng mure Hum ami X't.i
per re might   nlerrcd Hint |'«'i
if this colli iiiui's our mining ln.li
, I "ii
■ ■HI
,     ►
a. y
■    90
70.00    **0
Ml.illl  9*0
1)0 llll
Kimberley is "le *HIS*ncss ;lni' shipping point fnr lhc
J  Nnrlli Slar antl Suiiitnii mines.
„. i „( tno united sioies, i. musl &l lil;AI* & i;l LWI-LL, Townsite Agents.
';, ibifti1,:1," 'iii'Vopf $1    Cranbrook _ !jlc divisii;";'1 Nm of ihe crows Nest pUSs
"U? Railway nn.l the commercial centre of South
 I  Hie  ililteieiil   Inilii'l'ul     i,.-,,'
1.   I.'nltl
V. HVDI3 HAKER, Townsile Agent.
Per .vm. 'fl
nolo-      12.88 (i'-!'l
■2. t'nul nn.l coke   21.1-, U.'r'     _
ii ' "i'i,,'i    r..,to (f'(«   Fur maps and further nil,iriiinli,nt ;i|*,plv to Agents as above nr to
I. Hrieks   leslilnnleil)         4.1:1 (i)'!'^
R.  Nickel
II. .Silver
Lands under $2.50 per acre .ire s,,hl
un ahorlcr lime,
If lhe hind is pnid l'ur in lull al lhc
lime ui purchase, a reduction Irom lhc
price will be allowed equal lo len per
it-Ill nil llu- amouni paid in evil's- oi lhe
usual cash inslaimcnt.
Intcrcsl ni six per cenl will he
charged in mer due Instalments,
The Compan) has also lui- iur sale
in the following town sites in Easl liool
cnay: Elko, Craabrook, Moyelle, Kllch.
ener. Creston and Kimberley,
The terms nf payment are one-third
cash, und the balance iu six uml Iwclve
mon  s.
1.     IS
• 1
Tlml   choice mnkes I,
ehuruclcr.    If lo     Hi
ol' eulisei, liee rclllsnl
sill im.nnsl  the liniii
linlelul nnd  blinds tl
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg. S
  2 42 iWP- __ "*;:
  ,■;!; I,!*]**..*"''-"'-"'..."'.i'-I^'i'-'i'-i•'■'• i'•'.'•'■"■'.'.'.".'"'.'"'■• "••■"'••'".".'.'.'.".'\"i,."{.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' ' ' " *""
    "    |- -i,-®-®-®--®-4yij-® ii, ii, -t-r.  ■- ■  .) .., w ii - ,  :,....■    .   .   .....
Imiu which a* Un
hated, is i nip
thul   the     nn.-ni
Slid evil  is iliu- n
There is  needeil
voice in lhe Ilium
til"       I'llUITll,      in
aloud „ii,l "i,i ii -
given  over    lo   ■
llnii   llle  is nol   n   ii-
truth,     uml      mil,   'I
shull keep IL thill "111
the   Ilglll   Shllll   innl   :'
sm ,iu,ii,1-   Hm : ft'
lose ilie finwer ,n s. "ii
evil iii doing uh.:'  ,\.
wn iin     the     greiites
murder     ul  eons, I, lie.
wl  we do whin   we
The    sense     ..( rig.il
tllllllft    III    lllllllilll    nn"
In   1'iirutlln Slur.
     1 10    |   I
7. I'.iiililing stone (esllmuteih    8.0:1  i-/e*
8. l'elruli
I, Lend
,.  is  mini.,,    'ue hill a ,lr„p ,,( llipild. sninetlilng    10. I.ii stimnled)
-■  lixing  ul    "ke   s,iii\„.     Alter  n   little,      when    11. Cement        i n,,
1,.,it shull**    the li.|iiiil Ims    iimist i    ivlml     u    12 Asbestnn    'fig   _^^^^^^.^^^^_^__^__^______	
in.     Hi.ii    fell mi. lm begins lending,  li   Is    Hie    111. Natural gus  ..,",      !ts         — -— ~     ' 	
'^""'■rmiv   !i^'Vi,ift.,V,*!;..~vlu,,M'"'T!^,"'p,i,,1r'''r   \r. Sak'.'!!!..;;.' ??   y-***»******....t**********»***-'**-**^-************,\vq'i^^^
ilown-grude    Hm Hyspeeks guud hoiisckco|icrs     s„    in i,  '...   a- -»lr-i 	
when     lhe    loathe.
'Ilised, linn *,   Hi   ims  un  nil* |llllll|l      in      i
'i'lini, n  is   !""'    with a In,II,,w riuinlng     ,1.
is  darkness   th ' '"U    lu    ii. through  which
Hi. Iron Hie 	
17. Sundry   under   1
■18   «'
' 41
4 1,2    *
Ci.na.llun Iron lu Hrllain,
Thn London,   Kud;., Speaker    sues: «
ins',ml ,.i K I. goes in ur i,ut     Thus In- wnlks     us "Th" arrival  in  the  Civile ol 8,500 *
Ihls ,iii,   n  si,,,,,.; Ii"  li-1. i.i. overhead or down.        He tuns ol pig iron (run, Cnnndn is    a J
in  'I,.- sill.ml.   ui hus im  voice proper -    liis    buzzing development    ut    some    siguillcnnoe. t
■;.,-  -'iv i.  culling nml droning nre wholly    mutters ,,f llllluirln lhe Iron  whleh  hus     culno *
ii   in ii   general inn wings.     Ill'  sellinu   Um  wings   rapid-    in.,, this cm •}■ hns I n      brought j
I,.ill,ni. i- ihuuglus, i.i  I" motion uml forcing oul nir un-   hum ihe cunll it  uml ihe    United •
,   imill  i» I'.'i'in'.illi.    he    mnk,-ft  ihe     [..miliar Slates  when  firutliietlun  ihere     hns *
ft,.,.|,   it sunmls.                                                      ,           1    in  ,.x,vss  ,,f   ,]„.  ,[,.,,mini;     am] «-
,,, hue       I'l'"    house    Ily    hus cousins (Her-   sn fur fi  Importing frum the  Uo- «
nl      lu mini,.  senre.'ly   In  ho  I,.1,1   front  Inn,- mini,,,,   ive   hnve  senl   il   nil     average J
.   is   in sell,   win,  lire .um,no   llm  lll.n.1   i. I ill-    ul  about   HI. '  liin«  iiliiillllll.v.    TllO «
nni ilu ""I  uml bloody-minded ol nil  winged shipment     lepi.-senls   the  lirst   effort J
t right: I"-'-     They    In.   pnslures     in,in    ot the  Usmli i  Iron ,•.  Steel  Cm- t'
.  .i.ii   llm .lone   lu   tlctolier,   luinmi.l uie     espe- puny   t„  cultivate n   foreign      trnde. 12
I The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
i\_ Markets
aiiissEaii-M*,*. -*•-. * ■■■ mmm
Um soul,   chilly hurses.  mules nn,I cnllln     In- Thi- concern is ,,f „ magnitude e<|iiul I
i,. illvincsl    si'iiii'tlines  iiusmfu to  drive    spirited u, I'ltlsbilrg:  ii   owes Hs    ineepinn, J
I.   A,   M ,    I lifter  Hi o'clock i      lm morn- ti.    American    brains,  which     were *
wiih prompl     In recogniM Hm Iron     and *
k lli"s sleel   un Inctiiniig  possibllilles    uf J
ure ,!„■ cnuntry.    lis works are situated *
Nothing in Hm i.iii'nl   I'livilion   »'"•-'"! nppetites, plti  ..mi shnrp nt Sydney, Calm Di*eton, an-1    Iron, J
u us huwks or vultures     They the      Immediate    neighborhood      n J
■ I..ml- nil  ,,,,',   no  .umi,..,, draws   Inexhaustible  supplies ol good *
e thickest .uu biting    hard- ore   coal  nnd  limestone,    m    i
I   uf  the  mu
Saw and Planing Mills
tn all the
*• [i-\ Principal
J 0 T
3, •-■?   I owns in
11 El British
S i y Columbia.
P. Burns & Co
I'l nil I   Iii
rally  legion;   um
-ALL    KIM'S   Oh'
ol Clnngnw
Willi  n-li.i
he     "Mil
[resh  n
,„ nl n|,|H,~.. Which,
I.I slnrnui look .,-
id  ..i-i    ii gulherisl
lehlnd  Hie shotllders,  where    n
ivetl-nigh   ImiHissible   i'..i the    poor   ns
Is     I,,     .11,1
ut   Its   3d   per    tun. IJ
■.I wuh  l.'is   ai Pittsburg    T
l.ensl     iu reiirh    nn.l disln.lge tliem    llelng located In  Camilla   il
.]    value u?lli I   rn'    " "' """"'' 1"'i"1 '"' ""*   l""l"lh"»    pniiy puis nu ,l,n  such    ul    lis   *
'!"  ,*'1"   ", '";,.,'        bitten hro.ik   nihil,   im lluek   scrub,    products  n *uns
"'*'  ,-'*'"l I   "   "''  ',""  , j"    'J     nml  -in   Ihrough  ,,   until  ,„.•„   lor-   , •      .   d   Its  	
uT'uniMiine    in     '    ■■'         P      I "        '   ""?  ""■  !""-'"'  ""       ^"""'^ »""'     Bi™« II     ,,    e
111                     '                                                 *     .   "i""i   hum   w.ii.i        "                ; ,,i"i    \,,,.., i. .ii,     rivals  fur the    pin-   «
' "'"'"j    '", -'.["'.       ..,i' ■  '■  'o ''"""' I"'"   "        ■■     '   ' '    I - ,,1 n  loreign trnde     Moreover, , *
"       '*'     i iv                       Ih              "-        ' -'•""' '" "  "II duy.    "i ii   receives n  bounty [rom ihe I'm,,,-   J
'7'"        L "''   '        '       .  .",' '              i       hor,  iliiiiis.ii.'s in iim   tliiekesl, dial,  liovern.ne.it,     un.l  Hus  sullies   .
""'  "•"-'■:   ."'   '              ''   ""'         ,.          illcsl   unilcrgrowth.     the    thicker i„    ,.,,     Ireigbts    t„    nnd   Innding   *
..   il  " idlel   "i"  hellel         I' er. ,     rues   In   I   iglund      The   whole  e'
ilu.   w       ilruoping    In-nils. im   [iomluioii  Company's  lour    tu
11   in.Iii   slmdolVI                       IheJ i  I.. -   nre  UOW   In  I'pni'.il nm.  uml    n
ii   lu .mv      llm                     '.I mi i.iiii.n   in  Cnnndn   Itself      i-    not [J.
j Rough and
Dressed Somber, *
;f,:,,.„£"'I Dimension Lumber, I
M. Mclnnes & Co., _
H'bolesilc ami Ret-all El
1 Meat Merchants 1
PI i 'A
M  l-*rcsh anil Curctl Meats Fresh H
ig      Fish, Qame and Poultry. ra
Ei ****** _
-.**J« gj        We supply only the best.   >„ur i:j
lt-^1        trade is solicited.
;-v ^.i^Mmf^^-W^^x Ti^-T:*-,-.. v r::..^xrm-M
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Shingles and!     Sa^ and Planing Mills
VUU   Ur   il
Iti-ll        I    .
'I Houldings.
All Kinds Of
K '   -"I'
.     *
IN   STOCK Ol!  MAIIH   lo ()!,*l>l*:i{.
grow .1  lor-    llkelj   to he [mind lor th.
1     "***  " "- '  .1 over 201 » '"* I'" i iMHMIt<IIWI-M.««».T«.m.,...TT..m'i|i|l|-WI1i:!
not  gi       ill..       ,"     ngulii    nuuiiiii    ii.-"'  I-- "iei\   prospect      ni
| Rough and Dressed Lumber
i I,
-.1.1 1,1, II,
,n   ll..
n   '
nm I
1 ii
,1  -i
1, ii,
1     1 1
ll   1
1   IIS
1ft   '
" .1'.    II
s    wh,,     i
I '..ii
i    1
In rs
ui  n   1
I sl.,1
nnl   ,
iiii   ,.i   pn
il   „,n
,.l   1,
lm n   t
II   1'
1   ■
ul  ,,,,
ih -	
id i.
ie   hi
,    1
II "
II in
"   II.,.
| i.
Hi    ii..
.n nl
Mi ■
Up '
Mini   ..
e  pre
,, pu
<l  n
i i
"ie  i.
1 <i
il i u
1  MU
1 lie
w 1 ■.
 1   Phisl
red   1
1    un
s   nm
lln-    Uglllll
„', -
■l      his     Ills
slill     1
il    ml Imi
.    Wi.l.
,  ni rutin ,
i muck i.
1    Inl
Ills   |
i. i ,-„-„-..
lhe I
.,',1,1  census i
s  Hull
•  w Imln  |ii
•r  I'm
t. su,:,.,
id imi rn.
min    '.
'i.-i;   Ilium
.1117:   llruc
loii. r,
III,     inn
-,,  nnl   Mi
ng Is
and 1
ii   llm  cell
i   nl   Kim
UH.       Bull
i\ i
.lull,   llm
nllll.   ['onl
, ni .'
1   lllll
Umi.   HI.I'
17,   —
.llllli'  til,
Mn 1.
.,' '  .,,  shipments nn tt In
would I  i      .'I     I'nel unl Iii I.,i I    I'm.i,Iii
I'll   till
Refitted Throughout
mil   miiiul Uerll    no,    lie
tl     i; Uul.   in	
. .      im       he  I In   nm '                    lllr.l. II,., si„P i„„,,.
wu.   hi   'im mi! "ii.'''. i"i.   "i  lhe       ,\     s.wft     despatch   li.'iii  Chicago
u   ""I s'.cklng h, I   we. i,   ,,ilil ni iim pun ims,.   ior
"-■ "      M    '",,       I'l   „   Wealth.        until  ol  thut
         ,,ii        Ul       .i   ..mui    uh ml   heen
luiighl      In   iis owner, ., sl„, k„r,
i "i  mi.- hi.nl   u.i   um   '     l»          ,,,     . ,.   ,.„,,',   |y,     Yankee  lm, "
II  might  Interest I hul   pni, linsel     in
'.■■I.   Hies      'i   '       in "',     .,    i,!,,,,'.   ii,.,,    I i,„,n\   mitts nc,,
trni   hu 111'    '    mi     Vduiii  lull.    i.  in.i.hum  „l Tnv-
 '   blti     il      'ne   i'  ''     ,.,.., ■      e.lucnli-d   uul   n   K   uf
■ l.l.unl.   bill  '■ r     .|„   ...,,,„. class  ti ii-   lu sing  not    ,     ,,    ,.      „ ,,
v„„i     i„ ■■   i,„, eu,, I.. II. VanDecar, Prop.
is diirniiii iiiil    in ke          s,„,  ,, ,  ■    ||,, p|nn I
i "iu.      ' er „         v,.i   ii,,- ,,,,.,   and leave lha
Imi" been driven uwi                I |,ltl!    „  ,,.,, I.,,. ..     will thing    ,,,
I'll,*..      I   '  I'"*k ntlm       ll m    ntul  11.1-11   I,
-       I" lum n|    llhlslluic   m   l|,e   nils     11" I
Iii Hu* mosl ii,ui,nl       '■'  , Hi   ediirnlo Hm
llut sh • '  n    ;li.,,   , ,„.,, ,,„,  Mli.  H|C     „„,  ,|lm
loi   uu "M"'"   Willi |s i ,.l    I tin efforts receive
   Wl   '    i,  >"'i     «"" i|„. ninple  rewiird  ublalned   In     ih
led,   In   kill   III.   |,„ .hl,.f
„i,|     „    ...     -.I.,     hU7r.ing	
1        ivtllinin l.nn, iinriimi.: Prem.
r  st.,,'1     I   ii,       I ,l       |„   , ,„,„  nilh „  qllnli|on    „
>'    |    IllCl.tion  ul  lhe linn
i I llm Must Comfortable
Hotels ie huist Kooteuay
'smmmmmmmm wsmmm wmmsm
The Prospectors' FExchange    g
No. 4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C Id
N'luli  l-'urnished
Royal a
i;..lil,Siivei*-l.(.a-liiu.M ■ |.|-T
IMi uui.DiiroiiprtleswiinteiUi
|.i..j.cily r.ir Mile are r«'t[UettBtl to
ltll.lil.iii.   Wp liestre tolicnr Ir	
t!i ti-^h* llihln.    JT.-M I"i-:.
ii,eu* tKiiitqimrters wlieu In Seitwi
rou.-.] leiicoMillcHed   a.i.ii*
,-nll  iiuiiiiiii'iiliiui- ," L.J
Aiulreii P. Rosenberger, Nelsnn, B. C.II
13    l-li'li,  SO. I«.     IMI.II..IT.-,. g]
Crnnbrook, ll. C.
(oooc The Western  Supply   Co.
i ft i	
 tiulshed    Ih
uh   posturing     ■
       I'"   I"
ne    il' nl   1."
..I n  few  miles .
I,llle   lls.'.l   uh" II
li    111'-Infect,.,!   bells,      with
tlilli.n.. I ..uul Mackenzie, which wus ni mm lime deposited
iu    lm,.m,i   llm.    Mr,   Tlimiins  Show
„f :is  Melllll sif.vi. Toronlo,    s.us
ns a imi  in s null,- lm remembers
Hml   Mr    lluyel   hml  it   luimilig  press
repined     in he ihe nne iu question,
'litis     ims  belore   IK.-,,,.    Mr. Shnw
Hoyie's Hotel Kootenay
.       *j. \4/ 'Hit* besl of accomodations
Leading   A ror the travcllnK public.
Late Mill & .loll
[Wholesale and Retail Dealers in	
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
m, i*iiin\ iiwos..      Head Ollice, Cranbrook. E. JAMES, Manager,
miilij   i-1".iii  s tn belw    llul     II tins   ih,.  press   wiiN  sold  uud  passed
ll,.,..    is    mueh     Iri.vel     lill.l.g  such |„|0      lhe     pot.H--n.loil   of  Mr.   .1.   M.
r„."Is  Hie Hies hue  genernl. The.v j.„ „,„, „m|  |„|,,,. „( Mr.  Wl lur.
i •nrriod   fro im   h"ll     f.u'W.,1,1. |.'„„i||i,   su.is   Mr.   Hlinw,   llie bed ot   _,    ,
 I either Ily nil or ur iven    ..IT, n„. press wus piirrlinsed hv Mr. .Ins.   BlacksmlthillK,
stay    where    thny    iiml themselves, n,,1,1,1,    ,,f     I'rinre Albert, Ontario
hived .illicitly, mul thus sm  up l.iw 1', lv.    He minks Hiis wus about
enl,mins   ul   Inr Ill 1B05,
A. T. Vroom,
Hi. hivtulitlile .:\|„.,'i  I              ,v,.. Kvs Atliiui*. Ili'.l Wife?
Mr,    1 iiily   I    sliinilii     Ihlnk ynu      Adniii—SnnieiI s I nolice nn odd
Would   rinse     mushrooms,    limy ure    ,,',,,,^1   suspicious,   look   ill   vuur  eye
very eipcnsive. ,|cnr.   Nnw, 1,11 mn, Whal's the mat
Ale, Isolate ml l.niieliville. mourn-   i,.t".
lull})- Kveryihing    is expensive, hy      ,.;,,.  ,, Adilie'    Prom ihe manner
ihe inn" 1 hum raised nl
Wnifon rtaklng,
and Painting,
We have a stock ol
Coin mon Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Wm- Matheson, Proprietor.
Tin* hotel has been reopened and is now ready tu cater to the
public, First class dining room service. Thejbesl ..I nines and
liquors nt the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
lit    lit,I   lli.il    liil'l.
muni'*      r rum   iim   uiuiiunr     . .. , ,    ■        . *        ,
which yuu iw   me. Imvo my ..wu   All kinds of  work  given  prompt :
'   ni I'Vi'iyihinn,  without ii wnnt       attention, and wc will guarantee ! Those w.inlins; chininey.1;, fire
know  why   -wa   i„i|,    thinking  Uml   I  nm not your      satisfaction to our patrons  in all | places, bo-l.-rs lined, or any job
we do. Yours for trade.
•-.■mi   iiiiNlwmrh'fl    '» pmirii t..    tlu (irst wif.
1 ilien iii fmvlKn Iuh'h? —
}'ii|.il    Wni,   until   snys   iluy   tloefl  it To Fr-ftiilioii oil I'Mlnllns*.
jes    fn'   li   'SCUHO to'   ttlklli    Up COllt'C- Poppy   nil   is   ri'.iiiiiiiii'ii.l.'d   by   tlie
tltmu. art Blur-w u! Toronto.
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
If so, don't bu>   nni   np ||^I>   The 0nl> Wholesale l.lquor Dealer In
until you see.,   ruLI in,lv   Soulh Bast Kooleiiay.    Write tor Prices
Cranbrook, B. C   ■>   Z   -Z-
PELTIER is also agent for
Tliis is tliL* supply point lur South l*-a^i Kootenay. FURNITURE     FURNITURE
■ it Pay, io li.-iil Willi Beattie"
We expect to be ready for business by the 15th of this month.
If vou are in need of anything in the Hue of furniture, wait and
see what we have, as we will have the most complete line ever
brought into East Kootenay.
.1. !l. King, Pres.
\Y. r. Ried, Vice Pros.
.1. i'. Fink, Scc'y,
Wc will have a thorough furniture man in charge anil if you have any t ^
old chairs or other pieces oi iurniliire that nivcls upholstering or re- * -
pairing, or want something special made up, sec us and gel prices.
Kootenay Furniture Co.,
Bremner's Old Stand
........ . . . ..-. .■ .. ., ®-®-<S-
.   .   ... i .■   .   .   .,   .1 r.l   .■   .   ,)  .1 s   ••
1      LOCAL   NOTES      i
»f*f«-ffftT V» •»»•»»*»■»■»»■»*»» *
Picked Up About the City   hy Asking
Questions   of   Many   People.
Ii is rain we wnnt those days,
Cecil Prent visited Moyie Inst week.
Mi. Reid, of Moyie,   is in towu today.
Itert Richard! visited Moyie over .sun
Tuke a shot in the new shooting gal
Shoot the shoots at the shooting gallery,
Old papers foi snle nt The Uerald
Mr. Nelson, ol Moyie? was in town
livery child Bhould read Benltle's ad
this week.
A, Wall spent several days in Kimber**
ley last week.
For rent—Two rooms, inquire at the
Herald oflice.
His lordship, magistrate Ross, was in
towu Saturday.
A, ll. Beat, of Moyie, wan a Cranbrook
visitor Tuesday.
Fred Ewert speut Sunday nt his old
home in .Nelson.
Read W, ti, Tate's change of ad in
this week's issue.
Mis. Erickson and daughters ore visit
ing in Medicine Hit.
Milk shake, tlie great summer drink,
at Mrs. McConneli's.
The work on the chnngesat the bank
is progressing rapidly.
George II. .Miner visited Winnipeg
ami llie exposition last week.
Word has been received Unit .Mrs. A.
Leitch has been ill at Manitou.
Lost—A small trunk key. I-'indei
please leave same at Herald ollii*e.
G, H. Gilpin visited his branch store
at Moyie last Monday ami Tuesday.
Mr.Sutherland, principal of Uie Moyie
situmis, visited Cranbrook yesterday.
A young son ol W, A. Simpson bad bis
leg broken Wednesday by lulling down
Mrs. Neil McLeod Curran, of Kimberley, Has one of Uie guests at tlie Tennis
club's dance.
Tiie public schools will open next
Monday and Uie attendance promises to
be very large.
-Miss McCallum has gone to Vancouver
to visit lier brother. Sbe will be absent
several weeks.
Rev. Fortune is now makiug regular
visits to Moyie, where be holds services
Thursday evenings
The Misses Vera Erickson and Katie
ami Ethel Uur) will attend the Vale
school ihis coming year.
J. ,\. Glllis returned Tuesday from bis
trip to Manitoba. He .11.1 not remain as
long as he had expected,
V, Hyde llikei i- taking a lew days of!
ami hus goue lo Klko with Charles Kd-
wards for a fishing excursion.
K. I„ T. Galbraith went west Saturday
to investigate smalbpox trouble utiioug
the Indians of West Kooteuay.
The days may be warm but tbe glorious nights ol tin*- .lunate bring new lile
ami energy to the worn uul mau.
Mr. and Mrs. George Armstrong, of
Maikdale, Oul .  are  visiting   Mrs.   Mc-
Nabh, a sister of Mrs. Armstrong.
Mr. ami Mis. Ilirlz left yesterday for
Elko, where Mr. Ilirtz will engage in
the general merchandise business.
Head tbe nd of the new furniture
company. It has something of interest
to say 10 the people of this district,
The members of the Christian Endeavor society of the Presbyterian church
indulged iu a picnic Tuesday at St,
H the owner of horse branded P K on
right hip, lame ou lelt front foot, will
apply at office ol this paper, he can find
a purchaser.
James Greer came down from Ferule
and Klko last Saturday ami has been
looking aftei hla contracts in Cranbrook
the lost of Uu- week,
]   l-i   Costigan and   M.  Mcluues have
ie-.-n in ilu* vicinity of Elko the past
m-K looking after limber limits they
ire interested in there
j     A. Hell, of Moosomln, one oi Uu- part-
' n.-is in llu-  Western   Supply  company,
irrived in  town Saturday wilh a carol
.(.•utile and one nf poultry.
Charles Campbell is just recovering
from a badly bruised nose. lie was in
jnrert b; falling from an engine while ai
work at night iu the shops
R ispberries are scarceand jobbers pre
did difficulty in securing enough f<>r lhe
demand. Leave your ni.iers for what
you want with I.. T. Rogers.
A, Maliory, rrmimercial operator at
the station, has gone to Wi-eonsin for i.
month's vacation. His place is hetnji
filled by C. M, Mansfield, ofFort Steele.
Mr.  1 Mrs. Joseph McNab returned
last Saturday from Foil William .Mis
McNab bas had a most enjoyable visit
with friends and relations at different
enstem points.
Jay t'sher, one of the bestknown pros
pectors in South East Kooteuay is in
lown lor the lirsl time iu many months
Jay has been driving lhe Golden stage
lor the past six months.
Tom Rookes received a letter from
James Ryan, who is aileudiug the races
at Butte. Mr. Ryan says that he is having a fine lime, and thnt if lie hnd plenty
of money he would not mind living'li
Robert Ross and John Henderson left
this morning lor Toronto, Montreal and
lhe exposition at Buffalo. They will hi-
absent about two mouths. Mr. Henderson will bring Ids wife and son, wbo are
visiting in the east, back with him.
The following people of Port Steele
attended lhe Tennis club's dance Tuesday   evening :    Misses   Watson,   liailley
j and Hannlngton; Mesdames Ross, Edwards, Nelson uud HautlingtOU, and
.Messrs. Ross, Smith, Laidlaw and Han-
P Navin came down from Pincher
Creek this week where he is building
the large Catholic church, which is rapidly Hearing completion, lie has started
on the line resilience he is building for
.Mr. McFarlane, who has an txlensive
ranch in tbat country.
Ths town of Fiankville. projected by
S. N. Geho. who is at the bead ofa large
syndicate that is developing a coal property just east of Ulaiimore, promises to
be one of importance. Intensive work
has already been done in the way of
building cottages for Uie workmen, grading streets, putting in electrlc lights, etc.,
ami when the lots are placed on sale the
town will have the start of being a model
M. Mclnnes & Co. Is Amalgamated Willi !'
Hums II Co.
Last week the firm of M. Mclnnes &
Co., with meat markets in all lhe leading   towns of  South  Eas Kootenay and
also .Macleod, became amalgamated wiih
Uu-well known meat firm ol 1'. Bums &
Co., that has markets throughout British
Columbia. The two funis have been
operatlllg logetlier heretofore, with Mi.
Mclnnes iu charge of ihe business in
South Eaat Kootenay. In the future the
entire business throughout ibe province
will be carried on under tbe name ol 1'
Ruins .V Co. Mt. Mclnnes will link
alter cattle purchasing and Other OUtflide
workover the district. The business of
South East Kooieuay ami Macleod will
\.r in charge of W. W. Doble, who has
been the bead book keeper for.M.Mc-
[liues & Co. lor some time.
Tbe change will make no difference in
lhe operations of the company in this
district. Mr. Mcluues will continue to
reside ill Cranbiook, a fact that the people of this towu will he pleased lo learn,
as be has always been au enterprising
citizen, ready with his lime ami money
in give any assistance for the advancement of the place.
The change adds greatly in the business of P. Hums & Co., having all told
now about 25 markets in British Columbia. The company will in lhe future
stand ready lo open new markets at any
point where there is business to justify
il, and to follow up its policy lo give the
public the best in their liue the market
I-'or Ken I.
The   Luke  Shore   boarding   house   at
Moyie; 30 bedrooms.    Apply to J.  C
Drewry,  Rosslatul, or Lewis Thomson,
Mr VV R Prest has very kindly offer-
ed the unuagetuent one dozen cabinet
lihotoK. as one ol   the prizes at the baby
Doctor M. ihe famous guidlesa pacer,
.wned liy Mi    E.J,   Peltier, will be on
li md.     l'o 'i,*.;'!,-, ofhorses, and admirers
of their imelligeuce this exhibition will
l.o.-.il miuing men should now be
sending in theii samplea ol ore for tbe
xreal mineral exhibit. Kvery mine and
prospect in llie country should be represented by specimens,
Th-- management are working dayand
light, preparing programs, circnlais.etc.
I'uotlBBiids ol posters and circulars have
already been sent to every part of tbe
country.   This exhibition promises to be
A trades and lumber exhibit has been
sugg-JSted. This of course rests entir ly
wilh the merchants. The opportunity
i*- an ex "elleut oue for the merchants of
Cranbrook to make a decided hit. Space
a ill be given to those desiring lo make
*,n exhibition of their waies or lumber.
I'he management will be pleased lo
give every particular to those applyiug
fir same
Mow   About Friday?
I'rnlii la-l week's I'rosiiectnr,
II. C   Killeen of Nelson, superintendent of roads, nails and bridges, arrived
at Steele on Monday.
11 C Killeen, superintendent of roads,
vUiled Wild Horse on Tuesday.
Mr. Killeen visited the Wild Horse
bridge ou Wednesday.
H. C Killeen visited Tracy creek on
(ircul Sporl.
A shooting gallery has been opened iu
lhe slore room next to lhe Cranbrook
hole), ami 11 is Ileitis operated in a manner that reflects credit upon tbe proprietor. He uudeistands his busiuess, is accommodating, and has some good guns.
For genuine sport, the sbooliug gallerv
opens a wide lield, and it is thoroughly
enjoyed by all Already there have developed some goid shots in town, and
there is si nu- rivalry between the contestants. Cory Dow stands In the lead
now, with J',I111 Hutchison second, and
Constable Morris crowding both very
Dynamiting Pish.
The Herd,1 has published oue or lwo
articles relative to abuse of the game law
ill this district, and il hopes that there
may be a movement Inaugurated that
will result in proper protection to tbe
game. And this brings to mind the fact
that then' is considerable dirty work
being done in the neighborhood of
Moyie ami Swansea, iu llie way of dynamiting lish. Some of the streams show
hundreds of dead fish lying on the bottom, a fad thai testifies to the reckless
nature ol some people who seem to be
lost to the id. a of true sport ami manli-
South List Kootenay should have a
game w. r len, ami thai to, without delay.
j Plin
I at   Lb
Rumor af strike sl Phoenix.
mix, I'. C, Aug.5—Somefriction
in Ui * men   and  lhe  management
('■rinUy   mines is   the   basis   of
l Ol a ■ ti.ke.    The trouble oiigin-
1  Wtdiiekdny tact,  when a forest
riled aboul (m feet out ofa bridge
R   line, between here and
smelter  at  grand   Forks.
tiou   threatened   to   close
tbe mine and the smelter,
sd ■
e burned
III.'  C,  I'
e   Grntibj
I ft**hi:
which together employ about 500 men.
Superintendent William Yoleu Williams
ordered about leu of bis miue carptulers
on Thuisday i<< repair the bridge, so as
to keep the Unfile open and to prevent a
closedown nl tiie smeller. Tbe men refused as a strike of the C P. R. carpenters was nil,let way, ami they declined to
take the place of ibe striking carpenters
who normally should fix the bridge.
Superintendent Williams promptly discharged the crew of ten carpenters. The
unions have been taking up the matter
since then, nitd there are minors that
the miners will go on a sympathetic
sliike with llu carpenters.
About 50 men are at work on tbe
Nelson Oraiiite wagon road. Provincial
Superintendent of Roads Killeen il making the surveys for lhe route.
The following spirited lines which
appear iu ar English paper have been
banded in by a returned member of
Strathcona's Horse:
Here thev come the bronzed warrior
aousol Freedom and of Might;
Not in glittering regimentals, mil in
helmets plumed anil bright.
but iu khaki, worn and war-stait.ed,
telling of war's cruel course*;
Stalwart forms and smiling faces —
Englmid greets Strathcona's
They, the golden link that hound tbe
Old Land to the New,
Giving of tbeir life blood freely-
neat h the old Red White and
Side by side we fought as brothers,
and for them  our cheers outring.
As they bo* in manhood's glory-
proud   Canadians—to  our  King
Smiles adorn'd his Kingly features,
pride   withiu   bis bosom   burned.
As his hand on each bestoweth
medals they have   nobly   earned
Rut a greater joy  awaits tbem, as with
pomp an escort bring
The     "New    Color,"    and    unfurl    it,
lower'd to salute the King.
Aud   the   King   salutes   it   grandly
handing   it with courteous mien.
Saying:    "Colonel, guard tbis,color in
my   mother's uame—your Queen
And    amidst    these   proud    Canadian:
none    more    proud    lhat   hour
could feel.
As   from   that   royal   band—uncovered
—he received it. Colonel Steele
Then   llieir   form    iu   quarter    column
tn irching    past    their    Monarch
With  mariial   dignity, salute him.   and
re form in hollow square;
And their Monarch's proud lipquivered
as he iaill in mellow strain:
"With joy, 1 greet you, brave Canadians
journeying to their home again,
From Afric's battle-field, today I   welcome you to England's shore;
Take   this color  that I   give you, men
of Lord Strathcona's corps;
Guard il bravely, you are worthy it,
I  feel
To you who led these gallants I confide
it—Colonel Steele;
You   have   done   your   duty   bravely
you wilt do it evermore,
In   mv   mother's   name,   I thank   you
men of Lord  Strathcon's corps.'
Then   up   spoke  the gallant Colonel—
from the Dominion came be—■
"Kor  the kind expressions of esteem,
we thank Vour Majesty;
We   are    proud   to    take   this   banner
from   your   hand   at yonr behest
We are   prouder   far  to know you feel
that we have done our best;
We  will   gutird   it, we   will shield   it
keep it as a sacred thing;
For  our  Queen's   sake,   your   blessed
mother,   and   the   honor   of our
Our most cherished,   prized possession,
it will be for evermore;
We'll  defend ii  with  the  lile blood of
the lord Strathcona corps,
Now men, let   three good lusty cheer
Canadian cheers outring,
Till   the   palace  wall   reecho   for  His
Majesty tbe King."
And hals were waved and toss'don high,
inlo lhe wintry air,
And   surely  never   bearlier cheers bad
ever bounded there.
Willi mattm]   mien  tbey march away
Lieutenant Leckie bore
The "New  Color" proudly  at tbe bead
of Strathcona's fighting corps.
God speed   them lo their distant homes
beyond the shining sea,
Their   well-won   banner   to   unfurl on
the maple-scented breeze;
Wher'er its   silkeu   folds   unfurl,   glad
.   cheers shall loudly ring
I-'or    tbe   gallant   "Sons   of    Empire"
and the banner of the King.
Long   may   the   shining   medal   gleam
on each stalwart trooper's breast,
Long   may   they   live   lo proudly   tell
each nobly did bis best.
Well   may   the   Motherland   and King
be pi oud of tbis brave force.
An Empire's blessing and "God speed"
go with Strathcon's Horse.
The Golden District Game Protective
association has been formed. The officers appointed were as follows: President, J. G I'llork; vice-president, C. A.
Warren; secretary treasurer, W. Alexander.
Get Ready for School
_ Ij School Books
/<•>;  Pens ar,d Pencils
N./5  Slates and Sponges,
Scribbling Pads, Etc.
R. E. Beattie, The
Christie's Biscuits
Nothing like Ihem. They are "jus! lhc
best." That's lhc reputation they have hail
for years.
Water Ice mid Windsor Wafers. Macaroons,Savon
Fingers, Suit Snow Rakes, lite.
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries ami Crockery.
Just a Second
We have just received a full line of C & li. Pick
Ies, Lime Juice  and   Fruit   drinks.   Our  Brandon
Creamery butter is unexcelled and a great seller.
That is lhe verdict of all
who use our bread. It will
be yours, tuo.   Try it.
City Bakery.
(lur buns, bread, --ski- ami ikkela fur Mie at
tl. T.   Power's grocery stare.
Maintainance of   Way   Employes and Others:
Nolice is hereby civen that on
and after tbe eighteenth oi July.
in the year ol our Lord One
Thousand Nine Hundred and One,
thai Ihis company hereby agrees to
pay ..II liXPRHSS charges from
point ol shipment to any EXPRESS
ollice on Ihe line ol Ihe CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, and
furthermore, to STRIKE from the
list any AGENT who willlully re-
luses to guarantee a saving in
WAGES to all buyers ol Crown
Tailor Made Clothing.
C. K. Palmer, Agt. Crown l-iilorlng Co.
Kmim ... I'. „. Iluildlng
An elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
Call and
See us
New Drug Store 1
I will open in the Cranbrook Hotel block about J
August 15, a new and complete line of t
Drugs,   Druggist's    Sundries, •
Stationery, Toilet Articles, Etc. I
Prescriptions Carefully TJ   f   \Y7j1tcnn i
! Compounded >-** \~>*   WlllSOn ;
1 Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
iii mil StahliiiK in Connection
Nearest to riiilinnil nml depot,    Una nccommoda-
lions for the public unequalled in Craubrook,
 Proprietor       J}
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This  is so in  any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job ot painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice i'.
How can  it be avoided?     Why, that  is easy.    Simply  by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of tbeir work.   That is their best recommendation.
East Kootenays First Annual %
Mineral, Agricultural        J
 — iff
and  Industrial  Exhibiticn    $
tCranbrook, B.C., Sept. 25 to 27, 1901 $
p Three Days of Instruction, %-
—■— i
Interest and Enjoyment^
The best program ever seen in the country.   See%
f posters and circulars for further particulars.    Specially %
Mow return railway rates from all points.
Secretary j
High Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
cleware, etc.
W. F. Tate, *<Jw*r
Cranbrook, 11. C
Official Watch Inspector lor C. P. ».. Crowe
Nesl I'hss Division.
Livery  3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Tennis nml drivers furnished for any
poi.,1 ill llle iliftlii,-,.
Manager   Jt  Jt   Jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way lo handle it.
Undertaking; And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Office ami slore, Aiken Mock,
neai Canadian Hani, ol Coin.
merce, Cranbrook, ll C
Upholstering and Qencrnl Furniture Kepal.InK
Will nllctid lo any work In llu- dlilrlcl
Drink Home Beer
II  IS I'll IT
It is Ikalthy
ll is the Best
Ft. Sleele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt y*
Stable South of Herald Ofllce
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office a, Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ....   o..jo lo II
Alternooos   ....   I:JO fo JrJff
Evenings   ....    ;.ju i„ B;jg
CRANIIKOOK,    :   :   :        :   :   B. C


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