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Cranbrook Herald Aug 14, 1902

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•-•-•-*»■ *>-*>0
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Oko, a. Cox, President. B. K. Walkkr, Can. Man.
Paid lln  Capllal
Total  Resources
. M.IHHI.IHKl.llll
.  2.00U.WM. OU
Deposits Received,   (icncral Hiiiikinx lltisincss Transacted.
SAVINOS BANK DEPARTMENT- Deposit! Received—tnteml Altowc.
The   store    for   either   large  or small
buyers of anything in the range of merchandise.    We IMPORT DIRECT (the only firm in Kootenay doing this) saving two profits and getting better goods.
A lew seasonable items:
Deering Mowers and Rakes,
Crockery, Linoleums, Carpets,
Curtains, Refrigerators,
Furniture, General Furnishings
Our Grocery and Hardware Departmens show a healthy
, ' increase of sales, Help us to do more business and we will
j ' help you on low prices
is our business. We never lose interest in the watch
that goes out of this shop. Its daily acting is of as
much interest to us afler it has been repaired as it is
before. We are liable to make mistakes, as many do,
but we hasten to unmake them. All our work is
fully guaranteed.
When aman wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
if he can deal with a store where quality and price-*
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. I carry a complete stock and iny prices are
satisfactory to all.
Come in and see our line of Fishing Tackle.
 Il will catch you	
Hotel s S
lint'st*. Comfort i Specialty
timid Slibllnft In Connection
Nemest to fall toad nnd depot.    Has accnmnioda-
tlotta f»r the public unequalled iu Cranbrook.
A number of articles which Breover-
sliving their lime lierr. In thr home,
ilu- unnlt-n. and the field there are niHiiy
days of usefulness! before them, but in
the store ihelr places are wanted for
other tilings. To create new Interest In
tu thetn and make Immediate ialeawe
have marked all wiih quick prices, Just
n few names will Hive ynu an idea tn the
character of all.
liosio PIBUD HOBS (iit-st quality),
WlRK NBTTlNGjall sizes) SCYTHES,
SNATHS, RAKKS. etc A full line of
I'liimhlBjt and Tlnsmlthlng la Connection.
Summer Heat...
Is made less oppressive if you wear
one of our light flannel suits. Just
the thing; in weight and price. A
fine line of summer weight underwear; don't suffer, gentlemen, call
in and get relief.
I'ustjiuucil Coronation Is Carried Out
...HILL & CO.
Touching   Scenes  at   Westminster
Abbey That Brought Tears
to Many Eyes.
London, August 9— Kdwind VII, by
the grace of God, of Hie United Kingdom of Great Britain und Ireland, mid
of tht- llritish Dominions beyond the
Sea, King, Defender of tbe Faith, lvm-
peror of India, was today crowned without a bitch, and tonight London is noisily celebrating the event.
In all respects tlie celebration was impressive aud it was carried out with 11
perfection of detail and lack of accident
that has rarely characterized similar displays. That pride of empire, which
marked Queen Victoria's jubilee, was
lackiig, and in Its stead there pervaded
all classes tbe keen recollection tbat only
six weeks ago their king lay in danger
of death, and this today produced thank,
fulness and genuine sympathy for lhe
man rather limn adulation for the king.
This feeling was verified hy thearchblsh*
op of Canterbury when he inserted in
one of the coronation prayers the words:
For whose recovery we now give
Yet this did not prevent the public
from voicing appreciation of such miliin-
y display as the short procession gave
tbem a chance to see. Kit! Roberts,
commander-in-chief of tin* iorc.es, was
once more the hero of the hour, and
next to the km tr himself recefv d the
heartiest welcome of the assembled
crowds. "Here cornea good old Hobs,"
was Invariably the signal for all th*: reserve power Of Hriti-.li lungs to he
brought nun play, I.md Roberta rode
alone and constantly bowed and smiled
acknowledgement of bis greetings,
Lord Ritcbliet was not bo easily recc-g*
Qlxed. tint he was seen by must specta
tors as he rode wiih General Sir Alfred
Oast-let' and Admiral Sir l.dwnid Unhurt
Seymonr, ami was the crowd's next favorite. At various points along the route
Of the procession Lord Kltchnei received
thunderous ovations, which he did not
acknowledge either by look or by bow,
but as English crowds are used to the
treatment from l/ml Kitchener oi" Khartoum, it quite t.iiL'il to suppress enthusiasm.
Uut it was for ihe king and queen
themselves that the people really let
themselves louse. Throughout the day,
wherever and whenever tbelr mnfestlea
were seen, the cheers were loud and
long, and especially was this SO OU lhe
return journey ot ih,- king ami queeu to
Buckingham palace
Until the booming of guns announced tlmt the crowning of Bdward and
Queen Alexandria had been acci ni.dish-
t'<l, there lingered iu Loudon's minds a
nervous apprehension tlut even at the
laat moment sume untoward event might
once more plunge ibe nation Into consternation. Wlietl thla was passed lhe
unrestrained jubilation was as much a
tribute to lhe kind's popularity as it
was an evidence of relief from tlm ten
■ion of the last tew weeks, while the
scenes on the streets, th nigh robbed of
many of the elements which usually accompany a great pageant, will long be
remembered, perhaps somewhat tenderly by those wbo stood in lhe stands nt
wintlows, and on the sidewalks, to see
King lidward as if he bad won hia
crown from tbe j.iws of death,
Iu Westminster Abbey the scene was
nothing less than marvelous, Nearly
7000 members of lhe nubility, ibe clergy
and the gentry had gathered v.ith foreign piinces, ambassadors, colonial rulers, Indian potentates ami lenders from
the furthest quarters of the globe where
the Uulon Jack flies, to do honor lo tbe
Two Incidents in the service in the
abbey will live in the memory of nil who
witnessed them. The first of these centered around tha aged archbishop of
Canterbury. Fiom the commencement
ofthe service tbe  archhiahop bad the
greatest difficulty in reading or leiueiu
berlng the prayers. The book from
Which his almost blind eyes endeavored
to read shook in his bauds, and when
he came to place the crown upon King
Odward's head his huge fiame, lowering
above the seated king, swayed so violently that the bishop of Winchester
had to support him, while the dean of
Westminster put a guarding ham) under
tbe crown. It was evident that Ihe
archbishop could not see bll king's head
and after groping around lie wus just
abuut to complete tbe most Important
part of the ceremony wheu it was dis.
covered that he hml ill*** crown wnli the
buck to lhe front. Slowly he raised il,
but too late to prevent the cheers from
prematurely bursting out with a loud
"('■oil Save the King," Amid u tension
ihat had grown to a pitch of painful
nervousness, the arehbinhop linnil*,'
managed lo place the crown co. leclly
upon the king's head.
A few minutes later came the climax
lo his feebleness, He was kneeling to
do lirst homage of all the subjects of
the king when suddenly he almost
fainted and would have fallen upon the
king's knees had not King Bdward firm
ly grasped both the prelate's hands and
lifted him to his feet. The bishops of
Loudon, Winchester and Dudkaui then
clasped their arms around the archbishop. The king kissed his wrinkled
bauds anil the archbishop's heat) fell
back nnd his feet movtd slowly ami
mechanically, ami thus he was more
carried than led from the ihrone to
King Edward's chapel, where he waa
re vi veil
The tremor which this event caused
bad scarcely subsided when another exquisitely human touch varied the proceedings, and the kiug was forgotten
ie the father. Instead of merely accepting tbe homage of the prince of Wales
King Edward put his aruis around the
prince and kissed him nnd then recalled
him mnl wrung his hand with a manliness of parental affection thnt brought
tearB to many eyes.
To those who were able to see clearly
these two episodes, (he magnificence ol
tlie bejewelled women, tbe splendor of
the uniformed men, and eveu the historic grandeur of the coronation itself
became almost of secondary interest.
The queen's own crowning was brief
aud simple. When the four duchesses
weut lo hold a canopy over her majesty's
head, tbe duchess of Marlborough ami
the duchess of Portland led the way.
They performed their duties excellently-
Ao ilic t.i.ict.1 moment, for which the
peeresses had long practiced, namely
the putting on of their coronets at the
moment the queeu was crowned, approached, a flutter of nervousness ran
through tbelr ranks and coronets were
pulled out and palled and pinched into
shape The faces of the women hardened with anxiety, and then nil their arms
suddenly bent, and coronets large and
small were put in place, some crooked
and some straight. For tbe next five
minutes the peeressses disiegarded what
passed before them. First oue and then
another turned aiotiml for advice and
help and then ensued a mutual pushing
of each other's coronets inlo plnce.
Among the philosophical peeresses was
Lady Statford, who placidly allowed her
coronet to remain quite sideways neither asking nor receiving help. Among
the curious features connected with the
American peeresses was the wearing by
Lady Craven of old family robes, once
worn by the queen of Bohemia, who
married a former Karl Craven.
A Contention  Held  lo Cranbrook   lo Pro*
mote Its Growth,
Tbe Rev. J. G. Shearer, B. A., general
secretary for Canada of the Lord's Da'y
alliance, is ou a tour through British
Columbia organizing branches ol tbe
alliance and holding conventions of the
branches already formed. Mr. Shearer
visited Cranbiook this week, and addressed a public meeting held In Ibe
Presbyterian church Monday evening.
Mia subject was "Tbe Battle for the Sabbath iu Canada," and he talked of the
necessity of more stringent laws in British Columbia, aud thc desire of workmen to see safeguards pui around the
Stbbath day.
Un Tuesday iiinruing a number ofthe
supporters of the movement met with
Rev. Shearer, who delivered a short ad*
dress on the subject, ''Legislation tor
the Protection of tbe Lord's Day in
British Columbia; What Is Needed nnd
Mow to Get It." Rev. Fortune presided ami Rev. Beachatii was named ns
Strong resolutions were adopted setting forth tbe conditions in British Columbia and urging action to secure tbe
necessary legislation for improving the
same were unanimously adopted, after
which the convention adjourned.
The New Town Will Be hi Un the
Market Soon.
Already a Big Demand  Ior Property From Men Who Will
Engage in Business.
Soulh Kast Kootenny is soon to hav ■
a new town      Messis   Foss and M.-Dou-
abl, wbo own the land at the junction
of tbe spur to the Morrlsey coalmines,
lying between the C. P. R and the
Great Northern railways, will place
their townsite ou the market just as soon
as the limtl details of perfecting the title
are closed, which will be within a few
days. Thomas Crahan, who until*- all
enviable reputation as a townsile mini
while in charge of the town of Wardner,
haa been given exclusive control of the
new towu nnd wns in Cianbrook Tuesday conipleliug some of his arrangements. Mi. Crahan is recognized aa a
great real estate hustler and il is safe lo
say that tbe town of Morrissey wilt soon
be known In every province in Canada
and state in tbe Union.
It Ib an ideal location for lhe building of a substantial, permanent town 011
a sound basis," niud Mr. Crahan. ''It
will have lhe (ireat Northern 011 one
side and tbe C- P. R. on the other, nml
for the present will be the Bast Koote•
nny teimiiius of the Great Northern,
There will be 600 coke ovens constructed within a short time, und the expert's
report shows that lhe Morrlsey coal is
tbe best coking coal known 011 the
American continent today. There are
32S-1 acres in the pint ami the Greal
Northern depot will be on the townsite,
while the C. P. R. depot will be only
2,000 feet away. A large gang of men
will be put to work at once clearing the
ground, and a .mwinill will be pui in to
cut up lhe timber 011 the ground. Already there are many business men anxious lo purchase property Mid get ii|j
buildings as evcayone recoguiz.es that
Morrlsey is bound to be a place of increasing business. We wilt have a great
place there before snow Hies. The people already appreciate thut fact."
One of lhe first buildings of importance will be a $6,000 hotel, and F. l:.
Simpson, of The Herald, will put in n
newspaper. The townsite is so situated
that it will get the direct benefit of the
orrissey coal mines, tbe two trunk
lines ot railroad and tbe vast coking
business lhat will he established ut thnt
point. These, alone, would make a
prosperous city on a desert.
W.   W.   DOBLE   DEAD.
I'.V tin; old MA N ,t
Why Vou Should Buy "Pair Play" Chewing
BKCAUSfl R is the beat quality.
BRCAUSR it is the most lasting chew.
Bkcausk il is the largest high grade 5
or ioc plug.
BRCAUSR the tnga are valuable for prt-
BKCAUSK we guarantee every plug, and
HKCAUSR your dealer la authrized to refund your money if yon are not satisfied.
The Umpire Tobacco Co., Ud,
He Expires Alter a Weary Illness of Several Weeks.
"Billy Doble is dead."
Although the end had been expected
for the past fen weens almost any day
yet, when this announcement was tnmle
on the streets Wednesday forenoon, it
carried sorrow to the hearts of all. For
weeks Mr. Doble had beeu confined to
his room in St. Kugene hospital gradually sinking lower with heart disease.
There would be days when he seemed
brighter and the hopes of his wife nnd
friends would be revived only to be
dashed dowu again by serious sinking
spells. Por weeks visitors hnve been
denied admittance to the sick room,
while the struggle with death went on.
Monday night he bad a had spell, and
from that time on it was only a question
of hours, until 4 o'clock Wednesday
morning, when the last spark of life disappeared and the fight was over.
Few men were better known iu South
Kast Kootenay than W. W. Doble. He
caoie to Fort Steele five years ago from
Cornwall, Out., nnd engaged in the hotel business with his brother in-law, 0
J Shier, afterward selling out nnd eu-
terlng Ihe employ of M Mclnues \ Co
as head bookkeeper. He was off a year
for his heultii and spent out* summer iu
Alaska, returning to Ctatibronk and resumed his position, continuing as district manager nfter the business was
taken over by P. Burns \ Co.
Mr. Doble was a man of keen business instincts and was interested in the
Craubrook Klectrie Light company, the
McNab Lumber company, ami other
business enterprises in this district. Socially he was a great favorite with those
who knew him and appreciated his good
qualities, and his death will be a snd loss
to many. He leaves a wile, three children, two brothers and three sisters. Arrangements have not been completed
for the removal of the remains but they
will probably be forwarded 10 Toronto
for inlet ment.
Alter Iron Properties.
Bruce White uf Nelson, one of the
owners 1 f the Mollle Gibson mine, was
In town this week to look over lhe
Baker bill iron property in company
with Marry Melton. Mr. White was
well pleased with ihe ontlook, but had
little to say as he represented a syndicate
tbat may pincliase the claims.
We knew we were right when we said
that Dr. Watt would get iu some good
licks for the whole of South Kast Kooteuay in his ride with Jim Hill. And he
lid. He told Mr. Hill more of this famous district than that sagacious gentle*
an ever knew or dreamed of. His talk
was not confined to any oue town or
tloil, It is such talk us that that goes
forth to return with much good for all
lie people.
Alex McDermot hud a Toronto friend
visiting him lust week. The aforesaid
friend is a Johnny Newcomer iu *.be wild
ami wooly west, nnd iu traveling he car-
led Iwo dress suit cases, an ivory topped
nue mid 11 leather bat box lhat con
tinned a silk hat. If a man is passiug
through a country with harness of that
kind it is nil right, but gootl judgment
ahould be displayed iu wearing it. But
Mac's" friend lacked that kceo dis-
•ruing judgment that characterizes the
man familiar with this part ofthe west.
When Sunday morning arrived the friend
proceeded to get out his glad rags. And
when he was through Solomon in all his
glory wus not in it witli this particular
fashion pink* from Toronto, "Mac" is
a pretty strong dresser himself, aud
knows u good thing iu the gents fur-
hing lint- when he sees it, But the
lout ensemble of the friend staggered
hlltl. Patent leather shoes, light pants
properly creased, B Prince Albert coat
and that silk lint. "Mac" hemmed and
coughed uml suggested that any old bat
Would   be   mote comfortable,   but the
gentleman from the effete east was satisfied, Tbey started down the street,
made the round trip an I got back to the
hotel safety. "It was a relief," said
'Mac." "I looked fur an egg or a
brick all the time, and the sight ol that
lop lint  made me nervous.    I was glad
10 get back, ami that man will never
know what he escaped."
ti ti ti
II. N. Coalea of St, Johns, N, B , has
been visiting bis old school mate, James
Ity an, for Hie pnst two weeks. Mr.
Conies is a member of the hardware
firm of S. Haywood & Co, It was his
liist visit to this pui of Biittsh Columbia, antl he was most favorably impressed .villi llie country in general and
Craubrook iu particular- He and Mr.
Ryan Bat by the hour on the shady side
of the hotel, anil told stories of toug ago.
11 wns n ) uncommon thing to see both
oltlit m laughing heartily together over
some revived memory of the past. They
bad a grent visit together aud "Uncle
Jim" regretted his friend's departure
very much indeed.
ti ti ti
Sydney Coulton, formerly with Reid
& Co., but now living at Phoenix, was
iu town last week ou his way home from
an extended trip through tbe east.
"Sid" looks well, and says Phoenix is
oue of the best towns iu British Columbia, and that they have one of the best
newspapers iu the province. He had ao
experience while passing through llli-
i.ois that he will not forget soou, His
train was held up by train robbers, and
the express car robbed of several tbous*
und dollar,. One of tbe robbers was
killed and left behind in the flight. The
gctilleiiieu of tlie road did not molest
the passengers, but tbey all expected lo
beheld up just the same, so tbey ex
perienced the sensation. "Sid" says be
took his tooth brush, check for bis grip,
railway ticket and (j 6S, his cash balance, und hitl tbem iu bis shoe for self
protection, as Illinois is a long ways
from Phoenix, British Columbia.
Will Control Lead Manufacturing la*
terests of the Slates.
New Coal Fields.
D. R. Young is back from a prospecting trip through the Okanogan district,
from Vernon to Penticton, made in the
interests of the Ashnola Smeller company. He was successful in locating
several thousand acres of coal lands
within easy reach of transportation on
Okanugaii lake. The principal location
wns made ou Mlssiou creek, about six
miles back from the lake, where he
Staked over five thousand acres of coal
lauds, The other location was made on
Trout creek, two and a half miles from
the lake, and consisted of 1280 acres
There is an eigh foot seam on the Trout
creek property, samples from which
liuve been assayed by A. L, McKillop
with very satisfactory results. Mr. McKillop states tbat the coal is firstclass
for sieutii and domestic purposes,
Tlie Ashnola smelter company wilt
commence development work on their
new properties at au early date. Mr.
Young is confident that they will he
shipping coal Into Nelson by January 1
1903,—Nelson News.
A Supplementary (Company  Is to
Take In Many of the Big
Lead Mines.
The Sunday School Picnic.
Thc picnic given for the Sunday
school ol Christ church at Marysville
last Saturday was a great success. Three
Conches were crowded nnd Rev. Beach
am and Mr. Hunt look most excellent
care of (he Utile ones. There were
games ami contests of different kinds,
furnishing nil kinds of amusement for
the little ones.
Work Progressing Favorably.
The local telephone plant will soon be
i Installed nud will be one of the best  iu
j the province.
St. Louis Mo., August 10—The Lead
ami Zinc New* will -.nv tomorrow:
"What will be the ^reatesl leid combination in this country is now uesrlng
Its consummation. While ita promoters
Ire more (ban ordinarily reticent, it is
definitely known that the scope of the
tnerger will include most of the larger
white lead plants east 1 fihe Mississippi,
the principle pipe and sheet lead plants,
and a number of companies man 11 fact tiring products iu which lead forms one of
thechiet components    tucluded lu  the
merger will be tbe Union Lend \ Ol
company, which was organised last year
bv the Ryan-Whitney coterie ofcapta-
listi with a Capital ol $10,000,000, aud
which controls the Bailey process of
manufacturing white lend. Overturn
made to induce tbe National Lead company to ijoiu the merger ate said to l>e
favorably looked upou by a portion of
the directorate.
Men Behind the Mfr-jcr.
Behind the merger are lhe Ryan-
Whitney and American Smelling antl
Refilling company 'Interests, Options
have been secured ou n number of corroding plants of the country*, notably the
Chadwlck company of Boston ami the
Raymond company of Chicago. If lhe
merger is completed successfully it will
control lhe lead manufacturing interests
of the country at.d Indirectly, through
Us alliances, the pig lead market.
Tbe plans of tbe promoters favor a
corporation with a capitalization of not
less than |5n£CO,C*oo, The papers mill
probably be tiled ia New Jersey during
ttie next 60 day?, although definite announcement ol tbe status o( the merger
is looked for belore tbe expiration of
tbat time,
Tbe lead producing properties in
southeastern Missouri, Colorado and the
Coeur d'Alene will not be included in
tbis merger, hut will be tbe basis of a
second corporation with a capitalization
of not less than 135,000,000, to be consummated after the manufacturing
merger bas been effected."
The Baseball Boys Victorious at Pfacber
aad Median* Hat.
Cranbrook is a winner ir, baseball as
in other games. Last Sunday the team,
headed by E. H. Small, -eft for Pincher
Creek and Monday afternoon the first
game of the series was played, resulting
iu a score of 16 to 5. The boys were
treated in a royal manner by the people
ol Pincher and hail a glorious time.
Tuesday afternoon they played the Medicine Hat team and again won a victory
by a score of to to S They won again at
the Hat yesterday by a score off lo 16.
The r-eralc Strikers Object to the -Ulloa ol
Manager Tonkin.
The press committee of the strikers at
Fernie print the following In the Fernie
Free Press;
Tbe day that the strike was called off
and the above agreement signed by Gen.
Manager Tonkin for the Company and
the Executive Committee of the Gladstone Union No. 76 W. F. of M., Mr.
Tonkin told tbe committee that he intended to draw up a BCale of prices that
be wanted the committee lo sign on lie-
half of the Union. He assured them that
he would not rut the price-., or iu other
words that the prices would remain aa
they were when be, Mr. Tonkin tame
The day following the signing of the
agreement Mr, Tonkin -uhmiled bis
scale of prices to the Union, To tbe surprise of all Concerned ihere was a general
cut of from five lo twenty per cent, less
than the prices paid previous to Mr. Ton.
kin's coming. Of course the Union refused to sign the submitted scale of pricea
and if Mr. Tonkin insists on enforcing
his prices it will leave but one thing for
the men to do, tbut is to again tie up the
mines of the Coal Company, nnd it is
certain thut no more compromise will
be recognize, bul the men will Insist on
the old scale of prices or none at all.
A Card.
T. Kirklaml, cottage north of round
bouse, would be glad to meet with a fellow believer in conditional immortality,
or life only in Christ, enjoyed by faith
here, but fully possessed at tbe coming
of Him who is the resurrection and the
life, and other 11 ut lis equally predion to
those whose only creed is Ihe wind of
God, which livrlb and  aim let h forever, CRANBROOK HERALD
Eilitov and Proprietor.
The Herald desires to give the news uf tlie
district. It yuu know any aboul yuur town
your mine or y.iur iieui.le. send It lu Hits oince.
Mr. Oiillilict, the dominion member
from tbis district, has gotten buck- The
Heruhl is pleased to know tbut he has
gntteii something.
According to the budgel speech of J.
1). Prentice, the finance minister of
British Columbia, the net debt of thi
province June 30,   Igor, was $6,404 75;
orjjfi,38 per bead of provincial population, Ami what is more the deficit foi
the current year will be $263 559.    That
is a hue showing for a bushier a administration tn one ofthe richest provinces
in Caiiuiln. Ami yet there are ministers
uf the present government who blandly
declare that the people aie satisfied.
There is a difference between Tracy
aud some British Columbia {politicians,
Tracy knew when to quit
Constable Barnes has resigned. Theie
is a new license commission and the po
lice work ol this district is in new
bands. The Herald is satisfied. It
stands us lhe oue pnper in Ibe district
wltb the courage tu demand reform.
Reform has come wiih a big R.
Col. Prior would better call off bis
friends ou lhe coast. He had as much
to do with the settlement of the Fernie
strike as The Herald office dog, Mooch.
Tbe colonel's friends are too industrious
This talk of making aiijjheroof Mc-
Adauis Is nonsense. McAdams made a
mistake and so tin) the judges.
The Cam bourne Miner protests against
kickers. In tbis the Miner is foolish.
Kickers will always be found and the
newspaper mnn who loses sleep over
them ia making a sad mistake. A
knocker is no good to himself or anybody else. He is the loathsome toad
stool among the luscious mushrooms.
He is a drag ou the community, sustained by petty jealousy and pure cuss
eduess. Man hates him, God has no
use for him and the devil will turn him
out when he arrives,
Perry Creek Nules.
A. lOuks made a trip to I'erry Creek
on 'ianml-v.
Mr. B. Gunn spent Sunday and Monday ai Old Town.
Mr. and Mrs. p. Matheson spent Sunday and Monday at Old Town,
Mr. Steve Young came across the
mountain** from Maiysviile on Tuesday.
The Ttiouinion mine is now running
full blast. They expect to c ran up on
Mr. M. Dei mot got some Hue snapshots of I'd 17 Creek and Old Town
while visiting here,
Chan a 1', Cranbrook's popular baker, and Mr. LtClalr, of Six Mile creek.
made a trip to Old Town on Sunday,
The only rough road between Old
Town and Craubrook is being put In
(ool aha) e. so tliat the drive will be a
splendid one.
Mr. lilt-atria-e, a druggist Of Fernie,ti
company with several men, came oui
with a large pack outfit. They are now
stationed at the head of I'erry creel
doing assessment work on several
claims. Mr. B a da'e Is out for his
health and to oversee the work done on
hla claims.
Messrs.Vroman, Rockendorf. Billings,
McDermot, Shelton uud sirien were
welcome visitors at Old Town on Sun
day. Charley brought some uf his
boarders out for a good time. He
kuows bow to be a prlnceofa good host
aa 1 seen ihat his guests had the best
tbe hotel afforded.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Ilia    Pro* tut*   Looks   1 Hit-   Home   lo   ai
lu(-ii»i,ui»h--cr-npu Happy Coutented
«mi Prssparoui— Good Climate.
It is a familial' remark Hint ull
cities ure alike, writes the special
correspondent of Tbo London Standard who accompanied tho royal party
during their tour, In t'tiimiiu, however, they are entirely different. Quebec, for example, is a beautiful uud j
ancient dame, wnli the manners 01
pail age. Winnipeg [a .1 Iioydi
Vlctoi'iu a ibijiny maiden, Olluw.i
lady of fashion, Montreal a
business mnn, ami Toronto a well
Uo cltlien wiih a place in lhu coi
try. li wns with a fueling of repi
tbut wu approachod the capital
Ontario.     Night and day WO had s|
Prom tho Marysvllle Tribune
The smelter company has commenced
the dam for the water power.
||Mabel   Corey,   who   1ms been visiling
Mr. and M11. c. 10 Reid, left for Crau
brook ou Thursdny,
One of the hottest ilnys Marysvllle Ims
yet bad was last Wednesday 11 registered 95 (n the shade nnd 01 in ihe sun.
Tamils Reld, alio has been visiting
friends mi Marysvllle lor the past two
weeks, left for  Cranbrook on Thursday,
l-'red Tllsotl of Cranbrook, engineer n!
,t King's sawmill, was in town this week
Ir ami war more than surprised with its
w  piogresa
across bar*.- heaths and through gii
stretches of forest, buutitiful in th
scarlot and purple vastiicss,    Ntu
hate     8C0U     Sltt'll musses of color
tlio deep purple of tho bltto     beech,      Geotge Unolt visited Kimberley this
the trembling orange and gold     of
birch ami aspen* wreathed with   tbo |
. f tb.
id gn
Cheaper Cuke.
James J, Hill believes lhat the Boundary smelters nre paying too much for
Although n Urge shareholder in the
Crows Nest Puss Coal company he was
not backward in criticising us management,
iie Intimated that he had coal measures south of the International boundary
line which he intends developing. There
is no dutv on coke.
He Intimated that within a year he
would furnish the Boundary smelters
•wiih all the coke required at a cost not
exceeding {5 a ton.
Mr. Hill is going to build to Greenwood-ml Phoenix. His road is going
to help to build up the Boundary conn-
try and be intends running branches to
every point where tiiere is a chance lo
develop the dislrict nud do business.
Mr Hill Is going to build through to
the coast. He hopes the peaple of Brit,
ish Columbia will anon get through
voting bonuses as he does not want one
He builds railways lo do business, not
to earn bomms — Boundary Cieek
dink green id pines, a ctirpc
iug schumach—all fading
dt cu in of pink mid purple a
aud gold against the cold bin
autumn sky. As we drew
Toronto 11 new und quiet
home came over us. From thu windows uf ihu train wc looked out
across Kngli-sh meadows ami gar-
duns and hedgerows, right awuy tu a
blue line of hills and a dull ' grey
sky. smiling homesteads, plea-innt
hamlets, busy towns, glided past us,
leaving an impression of industry,
content and settled prosperity.    The
people, too, reminded us strongly of
home, for we were in thc heart of a
llritish uml Protestant community,
Everywhere the Duke and Duchess
had been welcomed warmly und heartily, even in French und Catholic
Quebec, but in my cars the cheers of
'Toronto sounded more stirring —
more British in force and value,
1 am not .sure that this feeling of
home w«s not duo in part to another
cause. It wus milling Tbe climate
of Canada has been woefully misrepresented. Most people remember
the words, "Our Lady of tbe
Snows," und forget tbe license of
the poet. There is a popular belief
that in the Dominion they leap fiom
"winter to summer without a
spring." Now, in this Journey of
nearly six thousand miles, we have
bad almost perfect weather. 'Though
on the edge of winter, only on one
Heeling day have we hud snow. Three
or four showers of ruin, and ull 1 la-
rest bright, warm and .sunny. Even
the winter, as everyone will 1 ull you,
Is less tuyiug than that of England,
fur the air Is clear and dry. mid
still, though the thermometer    may
bw manv degrees below boi*o (inly
when the wind blows—and Hint is
rurely—do you need to wrap yourself in furs mid avoid exposure. Well,
it was rain In Toronto, and the sky
was leaden, and no one seemed to
give it. a thought. The children —
there were six thousand healthy
youngsters at the railway station —
sung theii* nut ionnl songs, waved
tbelr Union ducks nnd maple leaves,
and cheered as lustily ns if tho sun
had been shining on tbem and they
Wero not soaked to the skin. The
streets were densely crowded, and
the enthusiasm was a thing "> be remembered. Their Royal Highnesses
drove through mile.1* of suburbs, in
which are many' beautiful resiliences,
gardens radiant with blossoms mid
leafy avenues. In the city are many
handsome churches uml public buildings, with well-ordered streets traversed In ever direction by electric
tramcara, Canada ls n land of public buildings and trtiiiiwnys. Every
Provincial capital has a pile of Government buildings that would nol
discredit a European capital; and the
wealthy merchants und citizens display admirable taste in the construction of their business houses and
dwellings. The effect is pfenning uml
surprising, especially in towns not
u uuiiiter ot a century old.
'Their Iloyal Highnesses spent two
busy days In Toronto, I hnve given
by cable a brief description of lhe
chief Incidents. The review wns the
principal event, fn numbers it surpassed any that wo bad seen iu Canada. Nearly twelve thousand met
were drawn up 011 the shore of the
Jake, iu front of fifty Hioiisanil poo
pie, who matched with manifest In*
terest every evolution on tho plain.
I have said before tlmt the Canadians appear to take less Interest
in the war than do the Australians.
Martial spirit is not so manifest, uml
the cadet system, strong and widespread in Australia, Is here in 11s
From Toronto the Duke nnd Dmli-
ess niHite a short mid rapid torn
among the easifiu downs of Ontnrio,
•.topping for a few hours nt London,
ou the Thames, in the County of
Middlesex. London is ilm contra of
a rich agricultural dislrict, and the
visit must have enabled tllOlll lo
form sotiiu Nome opinion of tbe wonderful natural resources of the country. On every side were evidences of
Industry and thrift, ami of a Mill
thut yields abundant harvests. London is but one of a group of townships that give to Ontario its pro-
eminence as the wealthiest and most
populous province In lhe Dominion,
fn 182(1 it was    the administrative
centre, and to-day it. Is the boast nf
Loudon thnt more trains arrive anil
depart dally there than ut any other
point in Canada, The most fart tie
area of Ontario is its tributary, ami
sends to its busy markets every kind
of agricultural produce. A great
brewing industry has been established, and London ales are famous
throughout the continent. At Hamilton, which tbe Duke and Duchess
visited Inter, they saw another flourishing city, A canopy of smoke Using from Ihe foot of the mountain ut,
the head of Lake Ontario recalled
Sheffield or Birmingham, And on
near approach wo found a small capital of the Midlands, for Hamilton
claims lhat distinction. The outskirts nre mean and dingy, und it
is only when you come to the heart
of the city thnt you are reconciled to
such meanness nnd tllnglnoss In a
bind of air nnd light and space.
Hamilton con plead iu extenuation
an industrious and thriving population*
is getting along finely wilb
■lion!  which he is erecting nt
week. I lithe new s
that place.
Mr. McGtllvary, who has been working for the smeller company here, hus
lefl Marysville for n few days and will
work ai the Sullivan miue, get tin*,
things in shape for operations, whirl,
will commence shortly,
Fred Auvache of Ihe Cranbrook Her
.Id, wus lu Marysville tbis week. Whin
here he attempted to take "Mooch"
Hack lo Cranbioik, but after being on
he mail about two hours, "Mooch" re~
urned. ".Mooch" is stuck on Marysvllle, for mooching is good.
Dilil Pillow's Urave In Africa.
"The bigg 1st ami Rneat grave In South
AfOca" says Tom Mall land who has
just returned from S-uiii Africa, "1
hat of the Odd Fellows among the
Canadian troops erected to the memory
if Campbell of Brandon, one of the Smi
C. M. R V
When he fell at Harts river. It being
mown that he was an Odd Fellow, the
)dd Fellows among us and the order
vas numerously represented, picked oui
1 spot under a spreading, umbrageous
ree and there we placed the body
)ver It we erected a gigantic cairn of
tones and snrmonnted the whole wltb
. huge B ter doorstep on which we car-
•ed a simple inscription, Tbis we sur-
rouoded with a barbed wire fence.
Talk about Rhodes' gravelCimpbella'
an be seen fur miles around aud look.,
Ike a young kopje,
ACT, 1002.
All smith African Volunteer-. entl.led tnnvall
lieini.-i.esel lln- privileges of lhe abuve Acl
ire reipiested li nmiulente with tho under-
Igned without delnv, us nl u 1 lie next nr kin of
hose deceased, or i>f those who hnve not yet r •
urned to llrhlsli Columbia, or nny oilier iwr-
10ns Interested in miuiii- nropen'le.s lu>]<! h\
inch volunteers,
The latest date fur receiving applications fur
ixcmptiou motor the above Act Is tho ifisl day
if September, itui.
KDU'H. CAU'I.M; |»lt(lilt,
Minister of Mint's,
Department of Minus,
Vfolnrfii, II. 0.,-till August, IfliH.
■ .rtBfcR    NOTICE.
No:!--• is hereby'given lhal thirty days after
ate l Iiii n.i tu   apply to   tlie I I1I1T  Com
ilsslone   of  l.am:s ami   Works nt   Vietotla
urn slice a licence t a una eairyjiwayiiin-
•'•1 from the folnmlni* described Otitis In the
taiiiii Knst Knutonay district!
Shunted one ipiartcrol ;i in.te ensi of Perry
reek, coinmotnjlna ni 11 post planted alongside
'i* W, simmmis npplletitl(fii post, ihence north sn
ilniiiis,thoneowfisi mi oiinlns, thence souths
ilialns, ttiMiee east so chnlns to ihe place of
'inuiii, licciuciit,
Angus I 1st, mot
21 (1.11. THOMPSON.
"Hellevllie" iiiiiici.il claim, situate In Die I-'urt
Steele Mining Dhls  ol inst Kootenay District,
Where localed-I-n'uier Mountain,
Tnkonollootlml I, William .1. Hamilton, rree
miner's onrtlllcaiH Ne. lii-OHO intern! slxly thus
tram Dn- ilnle lim-m m apply ... tin- ,M 11.111- u',..
'"     'f Improvement* inr the
Crown firanl or lhe
purpo&o of obtnimiiji
ahovoeli ,
And take further m
tlun 37 must ho I'uiaii
nf such oortlllcnto ol
Dated thla .".th day <
 thnl a-ti	
I  S.'(
July, nwi.
ereby given thnl slxlydnysnfi
0 apply n. the Chief Cumuilssli
Ml  la
I tn.11
. Kr
al'-ff. I-*. (Iiiiira
, iv. cnriiernfl.nl
iy, thoiioa west sn
e place
ar less.
eluiius to tha west limit of said I.
smith ali ui*-uiii weal llmltfiochnhi
of bogliiulug, containing ..-in nere*
Dated this 3-ird day (.fJiino, iihu
1M' w.F.atiitD,
Notice Is hereby given tlmt sixty days after
dide I Intend la npp|y te tlie 1 hli-f 1 t.miiiisslnuer
nf I-iuids and Wiin.s ror permission tn mirchase
the folio-*.big desorlhed lands:
Commencing nl 11 post marked "a P. Mind's
•VW, corner," planted tu chnlns south of ihe
s. w. ooruerof Lot m in Group i.Knst Ki
nay, thence east mi chains, tlienctt smith in
chains. tli.'iKv .vest su chains, thence north 1
chains 10 the plnce of hDHiimhiti, e, niah.hm :*■
acres, more or less.
Dated Has asrd day of Juno, nm,
ivst c. p. LUND,
Take notlco thai Mxiy days nfter date 1 intend
"upi-ly to ih>- Chief OoiniHlssloiier of bunds
imi W'mks r„r permnslon to purchase tne foi-
: ilc
feed lands;
■d planted on ihe west
it Pass railway right of
W.J api.swito im|,.lt!.,. ■.'::!, uiinill two miles west
n  ita li I reek in Fast Knoiemiy, I hence u.-si
chains, thence sfiiiili so chnlns, tlienoe eastsu
chains' tlieneo north so ohulns to the plnce of be-
•'iiinliu*, I'lmt.-iirihiK i:.|ii ai-res, more or less.
Dated this oth day of .lime, itWJ,
1:1,1 ''HAS. LUSDUERO.
Noitce is hereby given that thirty days nfter
dntu 1 intend to nuikc application to thu Chief
"iniiilssimuM' of Lands and Warns f.,r a social
license tae.it ami curry away imil.cr rimntlie
following described lands:
Cnniiitcneiiirulii pest planted on tlie smith
uuni. ar tlie >t.;Marys river. Fust Konionay. nt
the norihwost corner of f. w. Mitchell's pre-
einpilmi nearly op-HHlln the mouth of Murk
orerk, Ihenea south forty ehalns, thence west
 iiiuiiii'i'it and sixty chains to the boundary
otihe Canadian Pacific Ifallwuy Company's reserve, tliouce north mny t-iudus tn the smith
liaiiKnf lhe St. Marv'** 'imr, tliciice Knowing
said smith  Paul; „f (|((. st, .Marys river dawn
ilreumtnthe p.iintur Pomnicneeiiient,contaiH.
hu: six hundred ana forty noriw,
Dated .Inly ||, 1003,
Tuke null
tat sixty du
s aft.
i- «I,tie 1 Intend
n apply tn
Chi f Co
it Umls
iml Works
la purchns
• llie rot
OWlllg ilesi
d llllllll:
at ft post pi
n Hie
if therlghi
u a, nr Hie
'ass rail*
way ul null
iff car Iti
ck t'r
vk, a
nth last
Kootenny, tlieneo wesi SO chaias, mare or less,
to W. L Darling's purchase, theuce south su
chains In l.nt 320, <i.  I- tl ''* eusl BOClllltOS,
more or less, to said right of way, thenco northerly along the wesl boundary of salil right of
way so ohulns, mora or less, in tha place of be*
glunlng, contalutug 040 acra-j, mors or less.
Duieii 7th June, iiii-'.
|3-St NRIIi M.I'HKItsON.
Look <'nt'' mineral oitilin, situate in the Fart
Steele Mllllug   Division ut   Fast   Knaletiuy JDIs*
I lie I.
Whore located   Palmer Mountain.
Take iiolk'O Hint I. William J. Hamilton, fii'i-
miii-i'seeiininite Nn. UtWI-kJ, Intend, sixty day*
from tin-date hereof, to apply to the Mining He*
conlor lorn ceriiiicite of improvemaiits ha Ilu-
inupiise at  nlilnl.iiiig  a  CroWII   tlOIIII  nt lhe
above claim,
Ami further tako notice that no 1 minder Reo-
lain 37 IllllSt I"' I'tiiiilll.'liceil  lirfmc lhe issiiaiice
ai su-ii cert lionloiif Improvements.
Dated this -llli day ol duly, ton!,
und nii net-:.
lake not lee thnt sixty -lavs ilfler lllllO I 1 ml
toapplyto the chlol C Issh r nf Umls
nu 1 winks fm permission tj iiurelniseHmful
slilcot lhe 1
(IgO 214, and
ed 1;
I |>lilli1e,
e inila I
ay, t 1
nii Midlines 1,1 lhBpiiu-0 of beginning,
imii-,ithi-.nih.in*, ,.1.1
l;;- t
Tako notice thai sixty days after datu l luten t
toapplyto tho chier Commissioner at hauls
an I Works fur permission to piirohnso tho foi*
iiiAiiii-iit'sciint-ti lands!
Comuieni-lng at « post marked "W. i. Darling's N. E. cornor past." pinntel ui tlio smith*
ejist corner of P. Mind's mirohase, ami aliont
aue mile west nf inlleago '-'."u on'.llio L'roiia Nesi
pass railway in south Kast Kontenny, tbonce
wist SU clinlns, tlieta-e sau'.li so chains tn l.nl S2-],
li. 1. thenco,east su nhuliis,ihence north nn
chains to the piutv of beginning, ooninl.dug r,in
neres, ninre or less.
Daed Mils 0th day nf.lime. IMfi.
13-St W. O DAlll.lNli.
Notlco Is hereby given that thirty days alter
(inlo I Intend to mnke application to the Chief
caiiuiilssiniier of I, unls ami Works fm* pertnli
spin to cut and carry away timber from the fa
lowing described lands:
i 'oui manning at a past plunted 20 chnlns nori 11
ofN, W. earlier of l*J. I.. MoVlttle'S llinh.r ll
cense application nf 15th July, 1002, Hienee B3}j
ehai.is west, ihenee pu chnlns north, thenco 33H
ehalns east, theuce I'Jfl rlinhis south to pin il
If. II, AlcVITTiK.
July is, 1!W2.
Nollce Is hereby given thnt thirty dJiysnfier
ilnle 1 hiteiui to make appllcnllon to the Chief
Ucmmlsslnner of Lauds ami Works fur permts-
slou to cut uml ni ty away timber rrom the fallowing ileserilieit liuiils:
Cilinilli'llO.ng at the llortllWPSt cm tier af .Mai -
sarel Leslie's timber application <>f this iim-,
thencenorth one mile, ihoioe easl one 111 lie,
thence south one uui.*, thence west one mile to
place or beginning,
July IS, 1002.
Thirty ilny* after dine wo will apply tolbe
Ciller toniinlssleiierer I amis uml  Wurk* far
Bpot-bil1 license to out ami roinnve timber from
Mm following deserlbed In  '
CnmmencliigiHaposl about thirty feet from
•no railroad track and abaut une nimrtorof
mde Iran, thelrallroad aectlmi imiiseui Swuuses
northwards, from tlmnoe so chains wesl thenco
hi chains north, iheneo 80 chnlns east, thenco
chains south tn the paint or commencing am
!;'"'"' ''s' re "r It'ss.exeopLngwhpralhese
Hues may niu acmss tho truck nt lhe imrilie-isi
Vf. H. (itllsoN,
.,  If. ItOHSII.V,
Cranbrook, July nth
Notice Is hereby given Mint thirty days after
ifntel Inteml tu njiply lo the fhle'f Commlssloi
eruf i.autis nail Works for permission to pur
pet far coal nn the r<i|)owlog desorlhed lainls-
sinrtlng nt n poii pluntod an nw west bank ur
the 11 trth link nf Michel creek. uImiiI live miles
above tbo nurili boimdnry of but -uas.u.l.on
said creek, Hiomju 80 chains sarith, t..enee 811
chains easl, thence so ,-lialns math, thence m
'bums wcsl tipoiid af enceiiieiil.
Dated ihft imii ilny of July, nsrj,
-u C. W. (UlAIN,
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty ilayiafiei
nie 1 intend t" apply to tlie chief commission*
if or I. Is uml Warns at Victoria f..r u special
licence to cut nml onrry nwny Umber rrom Hie
rihed lands in  tha smith Kusl
ii'iuiv dlstri
'Hi  lh
east  Imiili  of  I'erry eree'..
Ing nt a posl plnnted n fewynrdseasi
1 A. fJlurltj's appiuihili  pnst, ihence
inns, llienee north su chnlns, tlienoe
linin*, llionoe south 80 chains to Hip
ISl, l!Hi:>.
It. LAUltllt,
1 herebygh'aii iimi nprfy ilarsaftei
>ud to apply ia the Chief Com mission 01
an I  Waiks nl   t'lotoiln tor II speclnl
ent and carry nwny Umber rrom llic
li d lands In   (he s,,in 1, I'm,'
Intthiii de-
'nMiliii'iniiiL' at
11k onI'erry en
tosoWi'n tl	
kit ii
iih Rueln
III nf em
Nol lea 11
ilnto i luic
post planted mi tho eAM
ubmit two nml ane-hah
k rrom uiii Town, thenco
is.   liiciU'c HBSt sn 11mlIIS, thence
is,   Ihciice   cast   sil   chains |u |ltc
I? hi:'.
'ohygiven that thirty ilaysafter
1 Ply
1 the
Chlof CommlBsinn-
ei 01 Units uml Wat ks at Victoria r. r a RpOolllI
license I,, cut mid carry naiiy timber from the
fnll-aviiij* deseiihed Inntls  In  the  Soulh   Fast
Kootenay district!
cninmenitlbg nt 11 post plunted nlongshla
flcorge A. I.uiule's No. I post, on 1 he east bunk
of I'erry nroek, al|om two nml onedudf miles
tlow 111 he creek from < Hd Town,|heiido si chains
wesl. thoneo .smith sn chains thence east B0
clinlns, ihence mirth SO ehalns tn tho plnce of
cnmnionce nont
Atigiisl ist. ino:1,
21 J. A. LAUItlR,
Notice Is hereby given Unit thirty dnys nfter
onto 1 lutein! to apply to t lm Oliinr Cmintilsalonor
ol Umls and Works at Victoria far a sporlnl
liceii-e tooul ami curry away timber from the
rolliiivhig ilescrlhod lands m too South Kast
ny 1
.ni i
I opplt
dug nt a post I'liinioil abuut mie ipinr-
to from tho bank of perry creek anJ
mile boh!liens! nrOeorgeA. hnurle's
1 in 'Bi, Himieo am in SO chains, theu'n
IlllS, tlieil.e SOIIill  wi ebalus thence
-t chain. iu ihe poini of commencement,
ij-itsl hi, HUB,
Notice Is hereby given Hint thirty day* after
date 1 intend tonppl) trjihocider'Commfssluiier
nf ijuuls nml War.s r.ir permission lo prospect
far 1ja.1l an tlie fnl.OlVlllg descrihcil lands:
Starting in 11 stake planted oil the west bunk
or ihe north fork of Mluhol enwk, aliont live
mllos above thu north boundary of hot . ss, ii, i,
im.sni.i creak, tlieiii-e so chnlns 0 ist, thence sn
north, ihence so clfuliH west, ibenc: su
mitli 11
I'Oint of iMinmen
waled this lilh dny or July, nsu
* C. A. Mf'I.V.NDS,
date 1 hit,
ar l.illldl
far eaal
Notice Is hereby given Mutt thirty ilays'iifter
 apply to theUblof commissioner
'orks far pcrmbislon to proipect
"lloHlmiilest-nlieil lands:
mt plantc.lun the west bank ol
if Mloliel creek and nlioilt  live
cs al.nve Hie lauiliern I mlary of l.nt 4380,
I. mi sahi crook,Ihoiioi) mu chains west, tllfilloo
lm n*- sontli, ihence mi chain* eusl. thence NII
U> point nf i 1 nieilt.
Dnled Ihis I Dili <la\ id July, uur-.'.
'*' I. A. MOFFAT,
ipom t.i
ilalc I IliteiM ta  make np|ill lllttoil In llie Chief
t'ommlsdon*r ofijimls ami Works far po.mis-
sinn (« cut nn.l carry nwny timber Irom the foi-
1 nvhig described hunts;
rnmmciiclne nl lhe iiuitln'asi earner id F 1„
MeVlttle's a >pllcaUou ar July i:.th, imj, for timber license, ihenee wcsl one mile, tliei north
am> mile, thoneo ensi one mile, thence south
arm mile to the plao-t af beglmilug,
July 1811), io ■•:.
Notice Is horeiiy given tu-.u thirty ilaysafter
date I iriicinl to npaly to lho Chief Cotninl-sluiier
nf undsnnil Works fo^n siteolul licence tu cm
a ul carry nwny limber rrom iiie following ilea-
crlheil lands;
Commencing at a post planted on chains north
and ten chains west of tli* northeast comer of
1/ltfiWR, thence  100.0(1 ohftlll*  WM, tile 1100   [iO
chnlns south, thence 100.00 cbntns east, thoiioe
00 chains north 10 the plica of beginning,
A. W. M(-'\ 11TIIS,
July Ifitll, 10(12,
Noiw Is hereby given thnl thirty ilaysafter
date lint l toapplyto tho Chlof Commissioner
of [.amis nn.l Works far a sped d licence 10 onl
and carry away Umber from the followlns th*
crlhel lauds:
('(-mmenalngnt apoal plunted 01 oiinlns north
■mit m chains wesi <>r the northeast earner nf
i.m 0248, ihenee west so chains, thenco uortli so
eliuliis, tkenco east 80 clinlns, thence s.aitllBO
chains to piaqe or beginning;
July nth, inoj.
Notlco Is hereby given thut sixty days after
date 1 Intend In apply to tho Chlof Commission*!!1
nf Units nml Works far permission 10 purchase
the fallowing described binds:
Commencing at a post marked "David Brock-
enrldgo's N. W, earner post," plnnted nue intto
smith nf llie S. W, corner af |.„i ;tjr,,  Qifliip 1,
Kiist Koiitenay, thence east hi cIiiiIih la Hies,
W, corner of hat — in said nroup 1, thence
Honllisoaliiilus, ihoaee west B0 clinlns, thoneo
norili so eluiius to the place of beginning, onu.
tnlnlng 010 acres, moro or less.
Duied this i>:ird day of June, |«B,
litllille Hi the  Inn  Steele  .Milling Division Of
Ka»t Kootenny District,
Where located;   Near Mark ( reek,
Tuke notice that  1, Kitwurd 0. MOKInstry
1 Free Miner's leitllieati  Na. ll  '3,308), ucllng
formyselr nml as ngciit far Sylvester a. Fallon
(Froo Miner's Certtllcnto No. 1110,1-12), Intend,
sixiy days rrom tho ilnto hereof, to imply m the
Mining Itfcordcr for a CcrMcnle of Improve,
meats, ror iin- purpose of obtaining a Crown
(Irnnt or the above ciulm.
Ami further tat.
section .17. iiiiist h
siiunce of Sltoli Ce.lllli'at
Tnkfi notice thai thirty days after ilnle I hi
tout 10 imply in the cider r„ i,*.,, < n|
Unds ami Works for n spoaial licence to cm
nml carry away timber rrom thn folhiwhig do.
Hied lamts, situaie an si, .Mans river, \:-M
Kooteuay dlstrloli
Commeiiolngal a past planted an tho tine or
ilm Canadian pantile railway roservuoloiejtoilio
Hell Konrlng creek Hall, lliuuce tn chnlns smil l|,
llll'lice H» chains east, Iliene,' -In chains unlit),
tlieneo I'VlelilKUS west In tin- place nf 1 r 1 r-r	
mimt, oiiiitnltiliig flio acres,
Klmberley,  it, 0„ Jtilyath, im2.
I Hot Sun Ruins a Building...
S If you want to protect the build-
0 ing PAINT it.  The QUICKER you
H you paint it the more money you
§3 will save. We paint buildings and
M use the best of material.
1       PIEPER & CURRIE.
H Paper Hangers and Decorators.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Whiiitsair and Kciall
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Moats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the hest.    Your
trade is solicited.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Craabroflk aad Marysvllle, fi. C.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Draying and
Pinn.-io Alo\ ini; a Specialty
Surveys *,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. O. Fori Suds', tl. C.
Undertaking* And
Graduate cf Champion college of IJ. S
Oflice ami store, Aiken block,
nenr Cnnndinii Hank of Commerce, Crunbraok, li. C
UpholHleriojj and (leneral Furniture Repairing
Will altend to nny work in the district
Agent Inr Ihe Brandon Marble ind tlrinlfe
Works.   Tombstones, Headstones, etc.
AITl.K'ATKiN    POR    Tit ANSI'Kil    m*
l.li,it'(H[   J.KIKNSI...
Dated July 1;
Xiiiliv Ish rehy Riven tlinl aHer the lapse of
thirty days from die dale nf Mils mil ice, application will he made to lhe Hoard of I leeiiseCmn-
inlfsl rs ur other proper mllcer-i in thai he-
half, far permission lo transfoi tlio Hotel 1.1*
notice iimi n-tinn under' r,"!"'nm m,[ ''> »s-'" •'"'ll H'l'"-*". Ha., In tho
itnro the is*   ""■'""•n lloiisi*, Klko, It. 0., situute on Klko
emenis      . TowiiBlto, 11 Thoiniia Htovonsnii,
II. .MclNTllSH,
11. P. ilONKH,
WitmwBi w..i. ni:i,siis.
Dnt'ddiily-j', 11x19,
of lllipr	
N'olfoe Is hereby idven that thirty days after
date 1 iiiicnii toapi.iytoumChief Comiiihsloiior
nf iJiud niul Worksnt VOtorlu fur a npeclal
my away tlmher from lho
lauds  iii  the  Smith   lust
following tl
Kootenay •
situated 1
I III ll
J, a. Uur
chnlns. 11 c ei
llilllis, theuce »<
August mt. vn.
of Perry creek, oom-
Notice is hereby given tlmt HilrtydajB nftor
date 1 inteml tn apply in ibet 'hiei (,'omnilsslunnr
af lands mid Works r,,r parmisslfin to prospect
fur caul on the ftiltiwiiitr described huntst
Hturllogat a post iHauied on the wes hnnltof
-. .. .... yards pastor   the north fork of Mld„l cr, ek, about live mlh-s
P«st, henoosoiihao nhoTMhe mnn hnimilitry nf Ut wti 11 1 an
Halm, thenco north M I,n!i1 creek, thenoe sn chains norili  11 cue. «
Mains to the point of omtins west; thenco ao oh™ilSi/ih«l3
I l-IihImn r.it,t l„ l'„l„l „r unllilHDni anitai.
l.itli-il till, Ibtll 'lay „r July, |.)„,
*■ 0.11. KDWAttDS,
Physician and Surgeon.
Oflice al Resldeacr, Armstraa, Ave.
Officii IIOIIKS:
Foreaonas,   ....   9;J0 to II
Aflvrnititas   ■   •   •   ■   l:.l(l I,, .l:.lll
liveiilniis   ....    7..III I,. »:.lll
CKANUKOOK,    :   :   :       l   :    II. C
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   Ail kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a call.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
t.n.ll.P.   Key Cily l.od,e
.jji   Xn. 4J.  MUSI),',,',! Mull
^'       .lay lilalit 1,1 llielr liall.,
HitKer bimioI,   snjiiii, iiint-
11,I.I |.'|.|l„„'sc.(„,ll„llyl„,lt,.,l.
a. 1... i.ii,.ii, m. llnakanilnrr,
N. 11. sw'v.
tranhntitls l.stdge, No. .11
A. F. 4 A. M.
^lal/'/^i'4  lt''l."ll"', 'i,eptl„ns nn lhu
fsWA   \      tlilx. Thursilay ,.r III.
JP&f "'S nionili.
flKO, A. i.kit.ii, SsoV.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mounlain   Railway   Co
Tlie only all mil mule hetweeu all
poinls linst, West unit South to....
Intermediate Points.
ConnecttiiK at
Sl'OKANIi witli the
Ureat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. It. & N. Company.
Nelson  with Steamer for  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Point.,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, ami
At    llossliuru    Stage   Dally   for
Oranil Porks ami flreenwm.il.
II. A. JACKSON. Ilea. Pass. A,I.
I have good wood ol all lengths.
Leave orders at Town.silc oflice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good    M.ittri
and the price.
Have you talked wllh anyone annul bulldlai?
Come aad see nie
do us both good.
Tuke notice thai sixty days nftor dnte I intend ,
to apply to tho Uhler Commissioner of la-tads and I Come and see nie or let me see you,   It may
Works for pormtlislnii to Ipurehuse tiirao hmid-
red and tiveuty ii'ics nf land about four miles
M. K. of (rauhiunli on H. J-isephs creek, new
held under pre-emption by me; and otherwise
known nml desorlhed as Lot aitj, InOroupl,
Kootenny (listrict.
I mie I Ihl3-Jud July, IBOi.
lust t\ it. iiiitKi-j.
t Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
Effect or Cirtitln Cuncumiiuuieor Clrlllia*
tlan In Cmnipini lluitlu nnd ( rl|ipllii|*
Beulme Uewrlbeil by Ure. lun.
"The Artlntie Treatment      of     the
Soul's Dwelling" was ibe title t.f u
recent   lecture  delivered   before       lhe
Toronto   Woman'a   An Association
by Mru. 101m Scutt Hall. Mrs I'ulT
Introduced her ailbjOCI Ity Bttjillg tlmt
the poureal education thnl    loaches
telf-COIltrol la belter Llllll) the In.si
education which neglects It, Mnn UX-
Ms  iu   Ibn-e (dias.-s    Ha-  me |.   llie
HI.mil,     uml   Ihe  physll'Ol.   nnd      slm
limited  llej-ei's prlnclplo ut   itmkliig
Ihe laid.v Ihe OXpluaalon ol lhe iiiiiiiI
ml the sinil Mrs. Knit said that
he Greeks liuve given ue tho ideal
nni, uud iimi tbuy aimed to secure
hu iiiuslecy of iiiitid iivor body, so ns
u reproaont ihe Inward hiii'iuony by
he outward np|>oar.uice Tbe mil iii
Ireoce, of Itomo, and the degeneracy
f the middle ages, followed a downward tendency in the athletics of
.   these ngoa.
f "It is not," said Mr
soul, not u body, wo edtit
Jliaii. (tut of ibis one we must not
make two, Por years und years nn
special stres*-, bus been luid upon
education fur ihe hotly — physical
wis for women have been neglected,
nml now. when vitality is low in our
sex and the grent cry is for health—
how to keep it or bow to get. it. —-
our eyes nm turned toward the history of tlie nations, and we lind
that the Allie tiieeks were lhe most
genuinely cultivated people whom the
world has yet known. Tbe tiieeks
discerned, uud appropriated by a
training which had come to them instinctively, the best in life"
speaking of culture, and the methods by which it is attained, Mrs.
HalT said; "It is possible to know a
great deal and be wholly without culture. Some scholars are us free
from all truce of it ns some w.-ll-
cdndltloned men are of the charm of
good manners. Culture Is not knowledge piled up like so many pieces
of wood; it is knowledge transmitted
by meditation into character;
"Ttie culture of the Ureeks ' gave
them mi ideal form, if the Venus de
-Uilu Is typical of the Greek woman,
and we believe the Greeks first mude
themselves Into beautiful forms before thoy expressed such objects in
marble." At this juncture Mrs. Huff
gave an analysis of the Venus supposed lo have been sculptured by
Mrs l.iiJT auoted h definition of
health given her recently by a phy- j
i iei an, us the equilibrium of tin*
forces of nature working in the body, j
and continued: "Poise of body and j
mind, beauty of thought and move- i
ment. curve Instead of angles, relax- i
atton Instead of rigidity—that is ex- '
actly what we aro working for. The j
artificial life of civilization Is cramp- ,
lag women's bodies and crippling ■
I their souls."
A comparison was then instituted ;
between the form of the Venus     de j
Mlta and the form of woman us she i
walks the streets to-day. and definite j
causes for the differences   were staled.   "A     healthy  body,"  Mrs.      ItittT !
said,  "is     one of the surest   found a- !
lions of happiness.    A well-born man
or woman can bo happy if he or she S
keeps Hod's law and   Nnt arc's    law.
living free, unconstrained  lives,   ro-
cognizing tho fact lhat the body    is
the servant of the soul   Every  moth- ;
er owes it (o her child that her child '
be    well-horn,     a    child    of     loving I
thought, not a creature of accident. I
"Let every woman who culls   herself Christian wogo u war   against I
artificiality uml mutation.
"Complete mastery over the   body ,
Is tllfi Special province offered to all, i
and cun be obtained hv all
••Women with colorless cheeks ami '
torpid  livers sit   fur   bonis ot      each
day in darkened rooms nt their everlasting embroidery.     If this bo nol ■■
necessary leave such work to tin
to whom It means bread und butt'
mid go to the duisv   Held ior the lo
of the daisies.    There yuu will      ;
strength    and svmpathy for till  In
era     Vour strength will add to i
strength id tho unlVorso in that' y
me     sir.nu*        I ol  ,\ ■ syinpnt
reach toward all the toilers   of   t
Advancing Settlement U Driving Him
Fort tier Morili'ln tlie i nud.
Albefta has been long known to
the balance ot Canada us u stock
country .says The SontlueL published ui Flunk. Alberta), and the wild
i mid      wui
1 heeled boi
I I her chap:
I ihu      i*	
j herding lv
oad   .'M
busting bio
ig     ol
s   pi
an ies,
ids into
I In
With living,     ii
we determine tho m
ies, mid b>  a en lisle
Iulimc make them
,      Uhen a breaking
Iuim continued for a*
I tlie fourth or fifth,
bll Ity jump buck tu
ev all ii
111 the b
aim of s
ligOIll ct
uvds of
'd il
ati-p  bj   Hlep
climb   biuk   tu
il   temples '
i.f Nature's laws
l.lelh    life,
if AI be
ir up mi.> ihe foothills ot lhe
HoL'klijH llm us with the
s ami uld time bull-whuckoi'tt,
Id is becoming limited, ami,
wllh tbu mining towns  spring-
| iug  up in  Ihe foothills anil lhe fiock-
' Ing in of sottlers Into ibe prairie
sections who are actual farmers, the
old ii  cow-puncher will fade nwny
in Alhurtu, (he same us be has dune
in Colorado and Moiilnnn, drifting
inlo other pursuits or striking out
farther Into the wilderness in search
of free grazing ground uml a boundless range.
I The cowboy, like the prospector,
filled a place in tlm settling up and
Civilizing of tbu Wesl (but is not
only unique but could uot have been
filled by any oilier class of men.
He was the forerunner of civilization
on the plains, driving lhe cattle farther out into ibe unknown lauds
and making a stand-off with the coyote uud Indians.
Me originated back enst "on the
farm," wliere as a tow-headed boy
he learned to bust bronchos by riding md Dill mound the pasture
Held, and ns he drove Star and
Daisy up from tbe buck Held to be
milked, he dreamed und longed for
lhe day when he would be a wild
cowboy with a big gun and nn object of terror to timid women and
llttlo children. By being a good
boy and picking potnto bugs uud
doing chores for the neighbors,whose
boys had grown up and gone, he accumulated enough of ttie wherewithal to buy a ticket out West, and after bidding o tearful farewell lo the
old folk and being supplied with a
lunch bushel bigger than the dugout
he is destined to occupy for many
a long day, he starts out. He arrives finally tit his destination, some
new railroad town, on the edge of
tbu sunbaked plain, tbut looks to
the pilgrim like an absolute desert,
lime the buildings are built up of
inch boards, stood on end, and every
oilier place boars the legend "Saloon." Hero he gets his first experience of frontier life, meeis his
future companions the cow-hands, is
Introduced to a bucking broncho,
meets the ranch foreman, and hires
out for SJ80 a mouth to go out on
tho ranch, tn live on tlapjacks, bacon, uud block coffee, and work
eighteen bouts a day and say thul
ho likes it. Ho invests his last
cent in a big six-shooter nnd broad-
brimmed hat, and In six months is a
full-fledged cow-puncher, priding
himself nu being able lo yell louder,
swear hinder, and stand up under
more whiskey than nny oilier man
on the range.
In about a year he commences to
realize that life on the range is not
nil sunshine; lhat driving cattle out
of the brush to rustle, is not fun by
any means; and be begins to wonder ai the uugrnlefi'.lhess of nn old
row who will turn uml fight him afler he has pulled bcr out uf the
mud He finds out thai successful
eat I le raising is a business, that it
means haul work mid the exercise of
brain I issue. Thon. if he bus the
right kind of leather in htm, he either makes up his mind lo quit punching or settles down to business to
accumulate enoftgh to start a herd
for himself, walks away from trouble, mul ids booze alono. He has
thus reached lhe stage iu his career
wben lie becomes a gootl citizen und
cow-puncher, and be looks with disgust upon the tenderfoot who pulls
bis hai. -daps his horse over the
bead, .veils like a "fool Injun." and
Who is mure likely to shoot himself
lu ii row than anyone else
Put he, like the Indian, Is beginning to feel the effects of tho barbed
wire feme, [nr what was nniv the
boundless prairies, over which ho
herded bis stock at will, Is now fast
becoming dotted with tho    settlers'
homesteads, mul he must seek pasture lands farther north if be wishes in enjoy the old freedom and have
room in give Ids ca.vuso a forty-mile
gallop siraiglu-awnv Without having
to gel down nnd lend him through
sume farmer's gate
Why One Woman Oat  No Alma In a
Jeweler's Store.
"I hard hearted!" repeal,.] the Brood*
wny jeweler briskly. "Not n bit of it, my
boy; uot u hit of It, 1 simply used my
eyes und saw nt n glance thai that woman wna unworthy of nur help."
"Pardon me, Mr. Holmes," Bflld the
customer) with some sarcasm, "l didn't
recognise you without your makeup."
"Well, I don't lay claim to any extraordinary perceptive gifts," Bolt] the
jeweler, Ignoring tbe ding, "hut l repeat
1 snw nt n glauco (hut thut woman who
just risked fm alms wus u professional
fakir or ut least she wusn't iu present
A few minutes before the subject of
thin conversation hml entered (he shop.
She wns a medium youngish woman, not
well dressed and yet not iu nigs. Slm
curried n sinnll buby iu her units uud es*
saved a rambling story of bcr abject
poverty, concluding with u request for
assist a ncc.  The customer wns about to
eontribute, but the jeweler had nudged
him ind refused the woman's request,
wher. upon she hud departed.
"Whnt did you notice about her?'
asked Hit'jeweler.
"That she was apparently la distress
snd carried a helpless baby," returned
the customer.
"The distress was assumed," snld the
Jeweler positively. "The buby was a
stroug card, very frequently worked these
days. When professional mendicants have
no baby of their own to exhibit for purely sympathetic uud commercial purposes,
they borrow a baby. I don't know thnt
this was the case with the woman ia
question, but I do know she wasn't fn
auy need thut she couldn't obviate herself
aud tbat lu a few minutes." %
"You're beyond me," said the customer.
"She wore diamond earrings and a
wedding ring," Enid the jeweler simply.
"If you were a jeweler, you'd observe
these things. The stones in her ears wero
good ones, too, not chips, hut well cut
stones. Without examining them closely
I'd say that she could get $75 on the pair
at any loan ollice.
"The best of the mendicants grow careless. When they (trow so cureless as to
wear diamonds during their business
hours, they curtail their receipts—that Is,
If they visit iewel**"v shoes in search of
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific  Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands    j
in the Kootenay District.   The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The amtregale amounl of principal and Inl resl, except in lhe
case uf lands under S2..S0 an acre, Is divided into len Instalments as
shuwn In Ihe table below; the firsl lu be paid al Ihe time uf purchase, ine second une ye.r from dale uf lhe purchase, Ihe third in
Iwo years and su on.
The folio., inn table shows Ihe amount of the annual Instalments
on ltd acres al different prices under the above conditions:
160 acrs al S.'.SU per air, Ist instalment {54.45   9 equal inlal'ls at $5(1.1)0
3110     ■•           ••               71.90               " 60.00
3.50                   ••                83.90                •• 70.00
(00     ••           •■                W.85                •• 80.00
(•M     "          "■               107.85               •• 90 00
SM     "          "                19.85               •• 100.00
Klmberley is ,l,e busincss an,J shipping point for (he
*" Norili Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is 'he -"'V''5'0'-'*' Point of the Crows Nesl Pass
Railway antl the commercial centre of Soulh
East Kooienay.
V. HVDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
For further informalloa apply to agcnls aa above or lo
A.  I AYLOR, Dislrict Land Agenl, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under S2.50 per acre ire sold
on shorter time.
II lhe lind is paid for in full at the
time of purchase, 1 reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on the •mount paid in excess of thc
usual cash ii.sulmenl.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company his also lots for sale
In the following town sites In Easl hoot-
enay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, hitch,
ener, Creslon ind Klmberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in all and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to the While
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agenl.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
„ sleep,
llf    llll*   II
vous tort* Mis.  Halt il
to iho cxamplo of 1 ciu
ed by the healthy i
* Thla law," she said, "pi rhythm,
rn- of equilibrium in motion, and in
rest, l.s lhe end. niul, and effect ul all
trim physical training for the iFvfll-
opiiiont »ii>l guidance ol the    body.
j.1*. in-,:   pulse nf  1111111I  ami  both
"Nervousness is selfishness bum uf
h HlMncumdng thought. The   jmwor
id repose    is the stepping**stoll0      to
(rue uiiiiilibriuiu-
"Aftor perceiving thnl a thing   is
beautiful we should tie eayer tu know
why it Ih beautiful. A grant deal of
nm* vaunted esthotlclsm and ovor-re-
[iueiiicut leads u.s to the Worship uf
fnlsa*gods, Hut when we got Into
the right almosphero we will perceive ihe Inherent beauty of things—
assimilating whatever Is calculated
10 rellno nud exult"
Mrs, ■•l*,T concluded by practical n-
lustrfl-tlons of the moaning   she   assigns tu the "artistic treatment    of
tho souI'h dwelling." giving bints on
modes of dress calculated to express
the soul   in  tbo  body,   "For,"     fluid
Mrs. Ha-1 " *IW« l« -.-oil's best'—
'The tiitul Ih not the body, nnd
Tho breath in not the lute,
Both together make tliOL music,
Either marred, end ull In mute.'
\ "Understanding this, wo will hnve
«n education    calculated to prepare
woman f»r her sublime destiny."
liuliil h lln.id  lii<»u**-.»
A Toronto woman, while shopping
the oiber day, thoughtlessly picked
up an umbrella belonging tu another j
woman and started to walk ud with
it The ownei Btoppod ber, and the
absent-minded woman, with many
apologies, ret 11 mod tho uin broil a-
The  incident   served  tu  remind  her
thai sl 1 'd sume umbrellas    lu
her own family, su she bought iwo
f..i her diiughiers und one for herself
Outer In the day, when she was on
her way home, aimed with the three
umbrellas, she happened to glance up,
and saw directly opposite her in the
car the very woman with whom she
hml bad the unfortunate experience
in the morning.
The seiuiid woman stared at the
three umbrellas very hard for several minutes, and then, with a significant smile, she leaned forward und
snid iu nn Icy tone, "I see you have
hud 11 successful morning."
Wliut Has O'ltull s»yi.
I should like to see education so
cheap that university men might he
found cutting stones and laying
bricks, nud I hope the Scottish-American millionaire's gift to the Scottish universities may lend .that
When the educated commoner returns to his Class, that class will be
raised, uud not oil then; nnd, being raised, ho will see through the
fraud of modern society and stand
(t no longer.
Only death Is fres. and eveu     that
casts you your life.
Further PartlcuUrt.
Miss Saltonstall— Mrs. Smyths it-lie
mn that her futher won distinction
pu the bench.
Mitts Wlnthrop—Ysi, he was a shae-
What Becomes  of Them After the
Death of Their  Victim T
In a recent number of a German Journal devoted to bacteriology nu Interesting
summary Is presented of certain results
attained by Dr. Klein in the course of a
long* series of experiments made lately in
which Or. Klein endeavored successfully
to  ascertain  what   becomes of  disease
germs after tltu death of tln-rli ticlm.
These experiments hud a very decided
practical value, as the conditions which
they proved to exist dispose effectually
of oue of the arguments which hns been
often used by advocates of cremation.
These latter have held that disease
germs could retain their vitality for an
Indefinitely Ion* period in the buried body
and that therefore cemeteries, in addition
to being harmful because of the decaying
otganlc matter which thoy contained,
were positively dangerous because they
acted as Immense storage reservoirs for
the bacteria Ot the different diseases.
Dr. Klein's results correct this mistaken idea. In order to carry out his experiments satisfactorily he burled animals which had died from certain known
diseases, disinterred the bodies at the end
of varying periods and examined the
organs for bacteria.
The bacillus Of Asiatic cholera was
still living at the end of nineteen days,
but after being buried for twenty-eight
no living specimen could be found. The
typhoid fever bacillus was able to exist
for about the same length of time, while
the germ which causes the bubonic plague
was able to survive nn Interment of seventeen days, but wns never found living
1; the end of three weeks.
The bacillus of consumption lives for
but 1 short time after the death of Its
rlctltn, Dr. Klein always found it without difficulty In the organs, but was never sbt* lo obtain a successful culture.
What is perhaps of even greater Importance, he was never able to cause tuberculosis by Injecting the bacteria thus
found Into the system of a healthy aid*
Honn1  Instinct 11 *   r.'ur.
Anioug the surprises of modern cily life
nothing astonishes the mini from the
country more than tho Indifference of
the horses to the speeding electric cars,
noisy elevated trains nnd swift motor vehicles.   Things that would have terrified
sud stampeded all the horses of the city
uot so uiiuii years ago are regarded with
complacency, ami yel the animals have
not lost certain Instincts of dread,
la an open express wagon coming down
Third avenue Inst week there loomed up
S gigantic polar hear. Ilu was fluffed,
the sign of a furrier, being taken to the
taxidermist for repairs,   As ho slowly
moved down the avenue there was an
equine panic. 'I'he sparks Uew from the
granite blocks . Whore the Iron hoofs
Struck as thu most pndfiO horses reared
sud plunged.
The Cranbrook  j
Lumber Co.        |
Saw and Planing Mills
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
i, Cranbrook and Marysville
Rough and !
Dressed Lumber, i
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and §
flouldings. I
Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind. Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
and Builder *
All warts guarantees!.   Sec us before
.„„ build.   II will pay yaa.
Cranbrook, B L
I HOTEL... j
A Crack In ■ I'U-ee tif Metnl.
A crack In a piece of metal is prevented
from ei tending farther by the well
known means of drilling it hole where
(he rent ends, but when the bole is not
bored on just thai spot lhc criiek is apt to
continue beyond the hole. A ficleutitic
Journal recommends moistening the cracked surface with petroleum, then willing
ll and then Immediately rubbing It with
chalk. The oil that has penetrated Into
the crack exudes and thus indicates with
precision where the crack slops.
His  I'nn.
She (watching the steerage passengers)
—See those two German glrlsl What
lovely hair they have! Now, that's what
I call real golden hair.
He—Nonsense. Can't you see It's plaited?
IM-riilC MATIIIiStIN, Proprietor.
Wheu yuu are hungry uud wanl
n goud meal  go to the  Kast
When you ute tired and want a
l*nod rest go lo the Kast Koote na y.
When you are thirsty and waut a
t-ood drink go to the Kast
In fact win 11 you areiu Cranbrook
stop al lhe Kast Kootenay.
Mrs. Newbrlde (with uu air of triumph)
—Really, I was greatly surprised to get
a wedding present from the Vou der
Gilds.   They arc so exclusive, yuu know.
Miss Jellus—Ycs; but tbey are very
charitable, I believe.
A  Surprise.
Old   Boarder—What's   for  breakfastI
Ilope not ham and eggs agulu.
Waitress—No, sir, not ham and eggs
this morning.
"Thauk the start.!   Whatlslt?"
^'Only bam*" jjj
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
oda water In siphons.   The moil
ti) no  H w»ymiealt°»ndle it.
SI. John
New Vork
San Francisco
Upper Lake Steamers
l.v. Fori William, Sua , Tue , Frl.
Leave Dunmore Junction daily lor SI. I'aul
Leave Kooleaay Landing Tuesday aad Salur
day lor Toronto and all eastern poinls
Leave Revelstoke daily lor Seattle, Vaacouver
aad coast cltlea
Through tickets lo Europe via all Atlantic
l.laes. Prepaid tickets Irom all poinls al
lowest ratea. For lull particulars apply lo
local agents.
A. a. f. A , Agenl,
Vancouver. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, V. P. A., Nelsua, B, C.
A Summer Fire
SMB- ®-<js-<i>-®-«Hi)-S)-®-®-®-«>- S
Is a Common Thing g
Are you insured?   That Fire may I
come this week or next.    Don't ®
wait.    Save yourself by insuring »
NOW. »
See "HUTCH" 1
Refills-.I Throughout
One of the Most Cmforlablt
Hotels in Kast Kooteuay.
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. I-I sv-tf-s>f
Cranbrook, II. C ... 1   I \J Ivl
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys., fire
Teams an.l ilrivers furnished lor any......  .   ... ,.-j  „„ ._„ i.t.
.,    „ ,   . places, boilers lined, or any fob
point in lhe district, r       ' ,    ' ' '
work in the brick line call on
HARRV FAIRPIELD n D    nr>«.,l^..
Manw-r j. * *    Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. I
A shipment ot these celebrated shoes just received.
Styles for Ladies and Gentlemen in VELEUR
• •
f..AT  REID &  CO.'S..
B-®-(.><.>-aHS>-®-<!>-s9 -SH8H8HS1
to n O
'to ..Fresh and Good and Just the Best.. <$
to     - 1
to We will receive this week a nice assortment of O
|     Christie & Brown's    |
%     Fancy Biscuits....        |
to, Von know lhe qitalily.   Vou can depend on gelling litem always fresh and crisp SB
■ o
to Fresh Dairy Butter, 20c per lb,
Eggs, per express, 25c' g§
i G. T. ROGERS, 1
H Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery. Y
Fresh Beef, Pork, ■
Mutton, etc. •^•^•^ §
Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and   gj
Game in Season. G
1     ...ONE MILLION...     |
S Of all kinds of DRY LUMBER on hand. Can load g
8 from 1 to 5 cars per day. We will quote prices on Q
B request. ©'
I      JONES & FINCH       H
M JVlirs. of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles and Lath jg
Q Mill will. Capacity from 25,000 to 30 000 per day Q
p. Marysville and Kimberley, B. C. J? '
4 of Into, Inr nr exterior of yonr tto js.,li, "■
5 Amateur work Will recolVO our best ntti'ii J
*&      tlmt. Nonresident work solicited      i
'Tin miid tlmt persons living on annuities
Are  longer  lived  thsil   others— Clod
knows why,
Unless to plague the grantors, yet ho
it is.
That some, 1 really think, do NEVKR
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agenls
Fire and Life Insur'ce
When in town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
Call at Tom's Burlier Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot,
The simp Is ueai. the towel, aro clean.
TlIK sl,,-;s,\. in,- sluii|.. Mi.- i.i/i.is keen.
Ami Kst-iylliiiu: Ilia, skill.-.-..,.I•.
if you'll call ii<-'i] ,i„ for you.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave 15c.       Hair Cut 3.1c.      Shampoo 25c.
I Sell This Brand of Silverware
'Silver Male thai Wears."
'   " THE      V>T.TEMANUFACrulit
'vut-.tOo WORLD.
Olllcl.l Watch Inspect,, Inr
Crusts Neal dl.l,-l„n C.     R.
Proprietor ol the
Candy Kitchen
Carries a complete itook "f
Candies, I mils, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
(live us a call
The p:irtnerslil|i hitherto   exlsllOR lictiucn
ui, under the name of Stevenson Si Mcintosh
of lhe Town "f Klko, B,C„ ns proprietors nl
tlm Hoffman Home, hotel ut inhl place, hm
this ilny been dissolved hy mutual consent
Thomas Stevenson continuing said luislness,
ah intlebtotliiHss nnulnst mid partnership
Hun uin he paid by him,ami all acroimls dm
I the same arc payable to blm,
THOMAS sti:vi:nson,
,    Witness:   W. ,1. NKI.HON,
i    Dated .'iily l, 1909,
When in Frank. Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
I Best meal on earth.
(•)<>•-->••••.>•••• >"*>■*»*> •* ••-• ♦ •■•
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
• Carriage Repairing and
; General Jobbing....
• Hillside Orders Promplly
♦Headed lo.
Two plastered rooms for
rent over Herald Office.
Inquire of
I       or at Herald Office       .
5 I
Picked  Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Owing tn some misunderstandings in
'.he past The Herald hereafter will make
,i flat rate of -,% cents per Hue for first
Insertions and 5 e--ntB per line each Bub-
sequent insertion for church and society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received iu lieu of advertisi tig
or as compliinetilnries. Business of this
character will he transacted on a cash
basis hereafter.
W. U. Reid of Moyie, came up Tuesday.
Fred Frith of Moyle was in town on
Dr. Keith of Klko was in town over
J. K. Fenwick of Jaffray spent Sunday
in town.
Tom Crahan of Klko was in town
Smoke the Irving cigar. It is reliable.
Peltier sells them.
K C. Smith M, P. P. was in town a
short time Monday.
Ii L- Stephens of Klko spent Monday
mil Tuesday in towu.
Mrs Mciutosh ul Rcf-uin is visiting
friends in Cranbrook.
Dr. Watt of Fort Steele, was a Cran
brook visitor Tuesday.
Dr. Barber has returned from several
weeks stay up the line.
"Mooch, the Herald mascot, haa returned from Marysville.
C. M. Edwards returned Sunday from
11 week's visit at Nelson.
Rev R, F, Stilltiiflo and wife of Fernie
are visitiug frieuds this week.
M. Mclnnla spent several days lu the
Ilotindary Country last week.
George Donahue of Wardner was a
Crauhrook visitor over Sunday.
Paul Iliindk-y and John Rice diove
'lown Irom Kimberley Monday.
Dr. Bell returned lata week from en
exteudeJ visit to West Kooter.ay.
fleorgi: R. I.eask and family left Tues
day for au outing on St. Marys lake.
Mrs. F. A. Corey and chidren left
Tuesday for Sirdar on a fishing trip.
Mrs. I,oshy of Sirdar visited Mrs. G.
II. Uremner several days this week.
Miss Attwoo'l of Fort Steele Juction,
visited Craubrook friends this week.
II. Wn iie is having a neat fence and
veranda added to his home property,
J. P. Fink and R. E. Beattie visited
Covenor   Hanson's place last SumUy.
There are 3011 men employed on the
lint* from Frank, Alta., to Grassy Mountain.
D.W.Moore,  ore buyer for the Trail
Mueller, was  iu   town   several.days this
I.ook out for fires this dry weather.One
cannot be loo careful as the danger Is
Colon Leltch is now the happy possessor of 11 fine 111 ustifl a present from his
Qeorge Jackson came down from
Frank Sunday to spend the day with his
A remarkable shell dodger is Welsh's
Concord Grape Juice. $1 00 a bottle at
Rev. AuVache and J. Vague went to
Moyie Wednesday, returning the same
For Rent—four rooms In cottage in
southwestern part of town, Inquire nt
Herald oflice.
The families of W. T. Reid and Mr
Ilm -km ford will go into ramp at Moyie
Inke next week.
S. Finlny came down from the Sullivan Tuesday to look nfter some business
lor the company.
We hnve only a few ninimer suits left
but they nre nil right. Secure one, McSweyn & Griffith,
Cliartrnnd Brothers ou Tuesday re-
celved the sad new-, of thed..uib of their
lather at Montreal.
Two gallons nf delicious lemonade for
25 cents at Beattle's.   Coutaiuer free.
Get a nice, light summer suit aud
keep as cool as vou can. Get it at McSweyn & Griffith's.
Alex McKenzie deputy post master
spent last week ou Moyie lake aud reports a splendid time.
Mrs McKillop and daughter of Lethbridge arrived Monday for a visit with
Mr. and Mis, Geo. Bremner.
Mr. and Mrs. A Leltch returned Sunday from ti tluee weeks trip to Winnipeg and Intermediate points.
Pat Finner who ownes one of the best
ranches in South Bart Kooteuay was a
Cranbrook visitor last week.
Our full stock is ou the way. Watch
for it. You will see something uew and
stylish.   McSweyn & Griffith.
The people uf Cranbrook were a little
Blow About decorating on Coronation Day
but tbey got there just the sume.
Every home should have some of niv
line live year old pint for medicinal purposes.    It fills the bill.     K  J. Peltier.
Miss Dyker one ot ihe teachers in the
public schools, returned Saturday from
Silverton where she spent her vacation.
Four rooms lo rent on second floor of
postofiice bui'iling. Suitable for offices
or light house keeping.     R. K. Beattie.
Dr. J. J McFadden and wife, superintendent of Brandon Asylum passed
through on Friday after a trip to the
A. C. Ewart came over from Nelson
la.t week to visit with his family a
short liuie belore his departure for California.
A. W. McVittie has beeu iu Blairmore
for several days duriug the hearing of
the now celebrated contest over that
Mr. Patton returned home on a visit
to his family Monday. He has been in
charge of the C. P. R. ditcher on the
main line,
John Vague, one of Manitoba's successful farmers, who has been ou a tour
through British Columbia, is visiting
Mr, Pettit is in St. Kugene Hospital
where he has uudergoue an operation,
He is doing as well as possible under the
circu m stances.
S. W. Gebo of Frank, Alta., was in
town Wednesday. He has just returned
from au extended visit through Europe
with his family.
Mrs. D. Murphy returned home last
Friday from Calgary, bringing with her
ber daughter Dolores who has recovered
from her sick spell.
Mrs. K. J. Reid, mother of W. T,
Reid, expects to leave in a short time
for a visit with her son Rev. Robert
R»id of Potncroy, Wash.
A car load of the handsomest furniture
ever brought into Cranbrook just received by The Kooteuay FuruitureCom-
pany, the leading furniture store.
Misa Shea of Nelson, formerly with
the firm of G. H. Bremner & Son of this
city,arrived S j. in-day to spend a month's
vacation with Cranbrook friends.
G. W, Armstiong of Woodale, Ont,
was in towu this week. With bis broth
er he has beeu taking a trip to the coast
and has had a most enjoyable time.
It won't cost you anything to look,
Come in and see some of the newest
styles in parlor furniture
Tbe Kootenay Furniture Co,
Take a cool drink tbat is pure and
healthy.   S. blitz beer fills the reqd e
ment.    We deliver it at your house.
K J. Peltier.
A summer sale of fine furniture going
on now. Same of the best things are
being picked up already.
The Kooienay Furniture Co.
Mrs F. E Simpson leaves today for an
extended visit with relatives in the
States. She will go direct to her old
home in Sioux City, la,, and later to
Mr. aud Mrs. George Powell have
rented a house and will make Cranbrook
their home in the future. Mr. Powell is
the well known representative of an
eastern tailoring bouse.
J. R Downes, ot the Cosmopolitau
Hotel did himself proud on Saturday.
He decorated in magnificent style iu
honor of Coronation Day, aud at night
had the front a blaze of Chinese lanterns.
Mrs. Tate and sons, Mrs. G. H. Bremner and sou Charley, Mrs. McKillop and
daughter 'Mill Ena, Miss Cardiff,
Revs. Dunn and MrKerricher aud Harry Fairfield visited Wild Horse Wednesday.
Charley Henderson, who has been em
ployed as messenger In the telegraph
olllce for some time, has been promoted
to the freight office. Charley should
make a good railway man if he continues his good work.
Frank McCabe returned Saturday
Irom his trip to Nova Scotia, He re*
ports n pleasant trip but says South East
looked good to him. He expects to re-
to Wardner to live and will take his ho
tel and opeu a store.
Silverware is a luxury. We know that.
People are not buying luxuries theae
suuimer months without an Inducement.
A big discount for cash is my Inducement. Call hi and see your opportunity,
1W. F. Tate, The Jeweler.
Greenwood Cor. Nelson News: It is
stated ihat Mrs. Kmythe, widow of the
late J. W, II. Smythe, for some time
manager of Ihe Canadian Hank of Commerce, will shortly return to Cranbrook,
where her home was prior to coming to
Greenwood. She will le accompanied
by her mother and sister, Mrs, and Miss
G, H. Miner is building a large bam
ou his place that will accomadate the
uuuierous horses be owns.
Crauhrook has reason lo feel proud of
her baseball team. Out of nine games
played tbis year the boys have not been
defeated, and their percentage is still
From the I'rospector.
Dr. King aud M.   King   Cranbrook,
weie in town Wednesday.
George W?Uon returned from a prospecting trip In the Fathead valley
Mrs. Charles El well and M lis Ed wards
of Klmberly were Vletting at Steele on
T. T. McVittie P. L. S. who for the
past ten days has been engaged In
surveying large timber lands for the
Moyle lumber Co. relumed to Steele uu
An outing party conslstliig of Mettrs,
Nelson, Reineman, Little, Litdlaw and
Uie, went to U.ill river Wednesday,
tbey will hunt and IIsh for three days In
tbat nelphborbood.
Dave Newell has completed the annual assessment work on the Derby.
The Darby Is a gold quarts proposition
situated on the east hank of Wild Horse
creek, overlooking the placer grounds.
Messrs. A II Kjosbeck and ,1. M.
King, Rossland, arrived at Steele on
Monday, and Tuesday in company wltb
Mr. C jd well visited the Old Abe mine on
Bull river. As soon as tbe necessary
preparations can be made work will
commence. In the past the Old Abe
has been developed to considerable extent, and has a good showing of copper
ore. With transportation facilities the
Oid Abe would noon become a shipper.
From the Fernie Free Press.
II. W. Barnes has resigned his position as constable. He refused to occupy a subordinate position uuder Mr.
Forbes aftes having served ou the force
In South East Kootenay for over ttn
American silver dollars are not finding favor in the eyes of the local bankers at Macleod. Tne coin is worth but
SU ceuts at the Union bank and DO cents
at Cowdrey Bros. bank. Tbis rule came
into effect on the lit of August. The
citizens of Fcinle are quite willing to
take all the American money they can
get at face value.
H. S. Monkman, who has conducted
the Fernie drug store for the past two
years, left Tuesday evening Ior Montreal where he wilt enter-Mctiill university. Mr. MonkmjQ was oue jf tbe
charier members of the Angels' Rest
and on Monday evening he was presented wkh a beautiful meerschaum
pipe as a token of tne esteem In which
be waa held by his brother members.
Louis Collins, conductor on tbe branch
to the mines, almost lost his life on
Wednesday night about 11 o'clock. As
it was both his hands were horribly
mangled. He was switching in the yaid
at Coal Creek mines wben he slipped
and fell in front of the engine and before he could male a move to save himself It passed over hiin. Fortunately
for him he is a small man and aside
from several bruises on the back he escaped being crashed, but both hands
were partly on one of the rails, the
wheels passing over them, ll-: was Immediately taken to tbe Fernie hosplt. 1
wi ere It waa found necessary to amputate all the fingers on the right hand
and two 00 tbe left. The operation
was performed by Drs. Corsan and Bo. -
nell. Collins haa a wife and family to
support and the accident renders him
useless for a long time to come.
From Hu- MuVie Leader
Conductor   Hunt   and   wife ot Cranbrook spent last Thursday lo Moyle,
Cecil Prest la here this week assisting James 1'raser In ft. H, Miner's
W. F. Gurd, Cranbrook's leading bar
rlster and solicitor, spent last Sunday
In Moyle.
P. F, Johnston of tbe Moyle hotel
transacted business lu Cranbrook the
early part of the weak.
Dr. J. F. Reddy haa been appointed
chief of police of Spokane by Mayor
Byrne. Dr. K->ddy is well known In
Moyle and bas an interest in the town-
site here.
The people of Moyle were given a
very agreeable surprise Monday wheu
Robert Campbell returned from the
easl with Miss Reld, sister of W. I.
K.-ld an his bride. The wedding toon
place in Regina last week, The leader
joins wltb tbelr many friends in earnest
aud hearty congratulations,
Cburcb Announcements.
Methodist—Rev. S. J. Thompson, pastor, Services at it a, ui. and 7:30 p. tn.
Bible school at 3 P- <«.■ W. T. Reid,
superintendent. Epworth League every
Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. A heaity
invitation is given the public lo attend
Why Vou Should Buy "Fair Play" Chewing
Bkcaiish It is the best quality,
BKCAU8K it is the most lasting chew.
BKCAUSR it Is the largest high grade 5 or
loc plug.
BHCAU8B thetagB are valuable for premiums.
Bi;cai'Si. we guarantee every plug, and
BRCAU3H your dealer ia authorized tore-
linid your money if you are uot satis*
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd.
{   Our Big Sale  j
I of Men's Laundried Shirts is about over. The *%,
balance we will clear out at O
O This week we open another Closing Sale in i
to      Men's Underwear      I
^ Ranging from 75c a suit up ifj
O People are being convinced every day that we Jj
to ('•> as we advertise, for nearly every week jj)
to brings us some  new customers. to
to J. P. PINK, Hanager. $
% Don't Let the %  Buy Tackle ,hat wi"stan<- •■■* It
j£. D • a fi        ▲ strain-    And that's the only kind J
▼ DlggeSt Unegj thatwescll.   Fishing tackle is go- g
to G e t A w a y % 7 Us! h"e- p°[esLw"'rv" M B
X rrt. •     p ■ c"eaP Before.    Landing: Nets were Jg
*h   I tilS deaSOn H never so light and durable as our 2
m ffj 1902 styles.    Have a look at our H
2 Remember it always !J hard braided silk and linen lines. B
!«* ni ..<-..   .„ ......I .... ,-,..„ th. H
to Pays to Deal with a
| beattie Ik:;,:;:;:
Of course, as usual, wc carry the
best assortment of FLIES, in East
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a line selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
rhe loth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Just the Drinks for this weather
Monteserrat Lime Juice, Lemon
Squash, Raspberry Syrup, Pineapple Syrup and other fruit drinks.
All kinds of GREEN FRUIT in season as well as
The best government Creamery Butter.    We also have a
full supply ol Oats, Chops, Wheat and Bran.
■    •**-•»"»•-"■ I AN OAK ROCKER I
A RATTAN CHAIR or        f
Will Reaew the Appearaace ot
Your l-arlur. Ilouj Values la
tbt Lalesl Style caa be had
i  Repairing aad Uphnlaterlnt. a Specialty.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle     $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, per bottle 175
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle     2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle 175
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle	
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints
Bass Ale, pints 	
Guinness' Stout -
Our Samples of Woolens
And Tailors Trimmings for the Spring
and Summer Season, 1902, are made up
of the latest and choicest to be found
in the foreign and domestic markets.
They are especially adapted for the merchant tailoring trade and may be had
upon application.


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