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Cranbrook Herald Aug 17, 1899

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.,  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Won. Gko. A. Cox, rrealilent. B. K. Wai.ki!R. Gcu. Mnn.
, PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
i Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland. j
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The l.cadvillc of Hast Kootenay.
terminus ol North Stnr branch ol the Crows Nest Puss Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within  a radius ol
three miles.
Supply point lor the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Craabrook
i.i ii-n
T t    n
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
(iood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has nrcnmmoda-
tions for the public unequalled in Cranlirook.
® nr*
@ lonque....
® Is ilie best aitniiner bevernoc known.    It is n llol wcnllicr
® tonic.     Try one Imltle nml tie convinced.
la the only atlcltv-fly paper made.   We aell It and olTer no   (?>
® Sltbatitule,   Ply Poison, pelts, Insect Powder, and all things    X.
r.    It Paya ta Deal at t :
neccssnry lo make life worth living.
Beattie's Drug Store
Fosloflire building, Cranhrook     (§
At the Toronto    lothing- Store
A Snap.   A line of Boy's Suits bought for cash at t sacrifice, will be
sold while they last for
$2.50 a Suit
Don't mi:
 Reid & Co.
Thisc suits arc well worth S-i.'M.   Don't miss them.   They can't
I   t Ic-ig.
We have closed out our entire stock of Hardware
to G. H. Miner and have a small stock oi	
Prints and other Dress Goods
Which we will sell at cost to make
room for our mammoth stock of....
Men's Furnishings, Groceries, Shoes, Liquors, Hay and
Oats        dt        v*        dt
And we won't take \ back, scat on prices.
Goods delivered to .iny part of the city.
Mail orders promptly and correctly shipped,
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook •**» Fort Steele jp* Wardner
The Work  Tells
the   laie    j*    j-
Jas. Greer
Mis done ii vnst ntnount of wrk In
South Bflat Kootenay) mid his woik is
his recommendation, if von Intend
building, In- sine nml see him.
.4     t4     li. C.
Parrott Bros,
...Dealers in...
SS Feed SS
Farm S Produce
Tlie best of	
Hay and Oats
On hand at all times.
Call and see ns	
Van Home avenue, between
Commercial atul Royal liotela
l Cranbrook
Corner Itaker sired
nml Ilnnann nvcitne
over iiosl.iltlee	
All Siics of Photos tip to IIxU 8
Finished in Plalino or Polished. §
Views  ol Cranbrook  and Other g
Points oi Inters! in  British Col- %
umbia Will Be on Sale.
dt Prest & Co. 1
Lato nf Ionmto
Contractor «n Builder
contemplating building will 'in well to let
nm Dguro o;i tlif oontracta.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Planing Mill
ll »na Sash and
Door Factory
. .Manufacturers of...
Sash  .< Doors  jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Hand Sawinj-  jt Turning
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Work is IVogressing as Rapidly as
It is Stated That the Crows Nest
Line Will be Extended to
Nelson This Year.
Work te going ahead on tlie Ncrtli
Stnr branch, and outfits ami supplies are
being taken in   hs rapidly  as  possible.
Considerable difficulty te being experienced ui securing enough im-n, as lhe
demand fur labor throughout Canada
has largely Increased, Most of tin*
camps have been built and the woik ot
grading is being pushed forward. The
contractors are anxious to take advantage of the good weather, aud, If possible to get thiough before the heavy
w ut lui ul' late Tti 1.
Extend Craws Nest to NelsoD.
Nelson Miner: Work will be cotn-
menced Immediately on the construction
ol the Crows Nest line from Nelson to
Kootenay Landing, and within n year
trains will be running from bere to Kast
Kootenay points wilbout change.
The Miner some weeks ago said that
the C 1'. K. would proceed with tbe
work this fall and build from Nelson to
Balfour before winter. The delay in
starting was canst d hy negotiations
which were tinder way betwtcn the C. 1'.
R, and the Great Northern to allow the
former running powers over tbe hitter's
line from Nelson to Five Mile point, It
is understood that the negotiations missed fire, an there is no love lost between
the two big corporations and neither is
going out of its way to oblige the other.
So the C. 1*. R. will build iis own line
and fiom Nelson to Five Mile point will
have lo run partly on piles iu the lake,
as the Great Northern ia as near to thc
shore as a train can well run without
getting wet.
However, the statement that wotk is
to start immediately may be taken as
authentic, as tlie contract for supplying
tlie Umbel for tbe first twenty miles bas
been let to the Nelson Saw .V Planing
mill, which is now bringing in two
million feet of log's irom the south end
of Kootenay lake. The construction of
this piece of road will make Nelson very
lively this fall.
Railroad Notes.
Grant St Shady are getting additional
men and pushing their work as fast as
Reid & McRae have established their
second camp at the crossing of the St.
Mary's river.
Leitch ti McDougal are building a
camp it the crossing of the St. Marys
river, preparatory to commencing the
work of getting out piling for the bridge.
They an- already at woik on the culverts
along the line.
A Clean Show and a First-Class Performance.
Walter L. Main's circus appealed in
Craubrook lasl Friday as advertised.
Owing to the last of three sections being
delayed several hours, the management
was unable to give the usual parade, aud
the eveuing performance was the only
one given, Theie was a much larger
crowd present than was anticipated. In
fact, it is slill a question where ull the
people came from that tilled nearly
every seat in the tent. The shew was a
clean oue from beginning to end, aud
the acts presented were hy artists
Many new features were preseuted aud
nearly all of the old familiar ones, without which a circus would seem like a
Sunday school picnic. Craubrook people and all others of South Kast Kootenay. who attended the show, niay well
consider themselves fortunate to have
seen nn entertainment of that magnitude in a new country like this.
Trains Running Inlo Cascade.
Tbe Robson road has been completed
to Cascade, and trains are running into
that town,
(liven Two Vears.
Jack Larone, who was taken to Nelson
on the charge of stealing .dyuami.e from
the C. P, R warehouse al l-'eiiiie, was
giveu two years in  the penitentiary   by
Judge Fiji in.
Job Work 3
Herald Office
Promptly Attended tc.
Races at Fort Steele.
A race meeting will be held at Fort
Steele on September 4. The program
consists of three races—300 yards, quarter mile and 600 yards and the purses in
each race arc (100 and $50.
Mr. Kruger is Still Obstinate and
Chamberlain Persistent.
Pretoria, Aug. 15.—The reply of the
government of tbe South African Republic to the proposal of the British secretary of state fur the colonies, Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, to refer to n joint commission the effect of the franchise reforms
upon .the stains of the I'ltlainlers, has
not yet been sent to Sir Alfred Milner,
the British high commissioner in South
Afiica. The various alarming rumors
111 circulation aie, however, without
Chronicle Is warlike.
Loudon, Aug. |6.—'The Daily Chroti
Icle, which regards General Butler's vir
tunl dismissal us "An iudtcnttou that Ihe
c iiintry is being hurried Into war," says:
' Ills offense was that he spoke rough
words of truth about Ihnljprecious o.-
gnn'zallou, the South African League,
We are convinced that he acted foi the
honor and clear Interests of the Km*
Volunteers Already In It.
London, Aug. 15—The Daily Mail
Mays that Oen. Lord IVolseley, the com*
uianiler-in chief, b:is sanctioned one
hundred volunteers oftlu* Loudon Scottish Rifles going to South Afiica in tlu*
event of war.
The Empire Properly of Sand Creek
is Under Bond Al Lasl.
South  East  Kootenay  is Coming
Rapidly to the Front as a
Mining District.
Dreyfus' Ai turney Assaulted.
Kenues, Aug. 12—Maine Lubori, chief
consul for Dreyfus, was shot in the back
while on his way to the courtroom] Ile
will live, and the court martial wilt probably adjourn to await his recovery.
Great excitement was created and Intense sympathy was manifested for
Dreyfus. The prisoner's innocence is
becoming more positive each dny, am)
it looks as if a great 'wrong would he
Accident al Ihe Sullivan,
The accident at tbe Sullivan property,
details of which were not obtainable lasl
week, point to a serious affair. Peter
Hanrutty had his leg and arm each
broken iu two places, aud Pat Redmond
was badly cut up. It seems lhat before
going to dinner several shots were tired
in the bottom of the shaft, the report
from which was distinctly heard After
tinner Ilanratty and Redmond went
lown the shnft to resume work ; noticing oue hole which had apparently shot
without breaking rock, they concluded
to drill it deeper, wheu au explosion
took place wiih the result mentioned.
The fnll extent of Ilauratty's injuries
were uot usveriaiued, aa il is possible he
may be injured internally. He was
taken to Kimberley, a distance of two
aud one-half miles, on a stretcher, aud
Dr. King, of Cranhrook, was called.
Redmond was not badly hurt. Superintendent Houghton did everything in his
power for lhe sufferers. Hoth men were
old miners, but su, posing the hole bad
shot did not test it, as is customary.
Oue theory advauied by an old miner is
iimt one of the shots blew lhe collar and
primer from the other, and the report
was the same as thuugh the shot bad
gone off. although under such circumstances the report is sharper than ordinary. Ilanratty was taken to St Eugene hospital where he is doing nicely
and will soon be all right.
Men Wanted.
Men wanted to cut about 20,000 cedar
posts.     Good timber.     Price 3 cents.
Further particulars apply to
II Pollard, Goalfell, It. C
Uuess We're Mistaken.
The Herald has been under tbe impression that there was a paper pub
liahed at Fernie, but as no copy has
been received at this office fur three
weeks we have come to the conclusion
that we were mistaken.
Maybe They Do.
Referring to the general appearance
of that town, the I'oit Steele Prospector
says: "The lack of paint gives to the
town an appearance of uncertainty, as if
the owners expected at any time to pull
up stakes and depart for new fields,"
Are Vou Hungry?
Just received, a car of Ogilvie's flour.
It has the strength of Gibraltar. Hun-
gailau and Glenora in sacks, half sacks
and quarter sacks. Rolled oats in So,
40, 20 aud 8 pound sacks. Wheat meal
in tt pound sacks at     P. McComiell's.
Joe Martin Suspended,
Ex Attorney General Martin, before
the benches ofthe law society, admitted
the charge of champerty, and was suspended until the first week lu October.
Mr. Martin will appeal to the full court
aa to whether champerty is an offence in
this province,
Tlie l:m pi re.
The Umpire mineral claim was bond
ed last week liy Chas. Rstwere, nf Kim
berley. An agreement lias been arrive
at by the owners and Mr. Estmere. bj
which the latter is to form a compaiij
for the purpose of developing and work
ing the claim, and the owners receiving
a certain amount of stuck iu the com
puny Un their property. This will aihl
another good property within reach ol
the smaller investors, Tlie Empire,
belter known hs the "Major Steele ptop
erty," is situated OU Sand creek, two
and (iut- li.iii miles fiom Cranston, on
the Crows Nest Pass railway.      It is one
of the oldest and best known properties
in East Kooleiiay, The property came
into considerable prominence in 1898
when the Halls Mines syndicate, of Net
sun, bonded lhe Blue Grouse, AU adj.lining claim, with the expectation of seem
ing the Empire as well. Though a great
ileal of money was spent iu tr> iug to secure the Empire for the syndicate, an
sgreettient was never arrived at. as the
owners were determined to retain an interest in the property.    Their price on
the properly was $45,000 for a three
fourths interest, placing a total valuation of $60,000 on the property Owing
to the inability of the parties Interested
lo secure the entire interests in lhe Em
pire, the bond 011 the Blue Grouse was
dropped after running n crosscut tuunel
for 2tn feet in order to tup the vein at
depth near the boundary line of the two
claims. The Empire vein is one of the
few large ledges which one can walk
upon without having to hunt for it. The
mountain has been scored off, is free
from all wash and slides, exposing a
vein for a distance of about 6S0 feet,
from 25 to 40 feet in width, carrying copper values all through the lead, varying
from S.36 per cent coppei, 9 ounces silver, trace iu gold, to 33 79 per cent cop
per, 37 6 ounces silver, $-t 90 in gold
The ore is a chalcopyrite, and is a very
desirable smelting ore Tbe property
has great advantages, in its proximity lo
the Crows Nest Pass railway, ease of access, unlimited water power and plenty
of good timber for mining purposes. Mr
Estmere is fortunate indeed to secure a
property like this to place before the
public. He expects to have tbe Empire
Mining compauy, limited, in working
order wilhin four or five weeks from
date. In conversation with a Herald reporter Mr. Estmere said: 'I have secured lhe Empire and am going to atock
lhe property. In order to get llie treasury of the compauy on a solid footing I
shall begin selling treasury stock while
the company ts being organized. All
monies are paid into the Cauadian Hank
of Commerce in Cranbrook until the
company is organized, so the shareholders take no risk whatsoever. Tliis is
done in order to get a winter camp iu
shape on the property before the snow
falls, and the season is getting pretty
well ou. I am satisfied the Empire will
pay large returns for money invested in
Kates or Ftrc Protection.
Tonight at H o'clock a meeting will be
held at the townsite ofiice by the subscribers to tbe Dominion Day fund, to
take action as to the disposal of the surplus, amounting to $175. A full attendance Is requested, as the action taken
tonight will be final.
Ual Thief and Money.
Mr. Anderson, a young man about
twenty six years of nge, who was junior
clerk in the Winnipeg branch of Mol-
sons bunk at the time the Institution
was robbed of $63,000 has been arrested
on the charge ul committing the theft,
nnd $611,000 ofthe money recovered.
The Herald Mineral Cabinet.
The Herald is securing some fine mineral specimens from various claims iu
this district. Any claim owners who
have inn thing of the kind they desire to
have placed in tbis cabinet should bring
it to The Herald ofiice where it will be
properly labeled and placed on exhlbl
School Will Open Monday.
The Craubrook school will open in
Miner's old store room next Monday.
ti. J. Dutton, of Nelson, has been secured as the teacher. He arrived last
week expecting to commence his work
this week. The delay was caused by
the necessity of making certain lm*
pioveuieuns iu the school room.
The new Catholic church is rapidly
nearing completion, and will bt* a handsome looking building when finished.
Moyie Mines.
Tbe town of Moyie te now on the road
to prosperity as a permanent mining
cfiinp. New houses, stores and hotels
are heard of in all directions, and the
presence of numbers of miners engaged
for the work in the St, Eugene and Lake
Shore gives the place au air of business.
The concentrator being erected by the
St. Eugene company is an Immense
building and will need probably 300
men at work in the mine to keep it supplied with ore.   The wire tramway from
the mine to tbe concentrator is under
construction ami will shortly be ready
for the carrying of ore, so that within a
month this property will be workings
full force of meu and shipping daily a
tonnage that will Compare favorably
with the great West Kooleiiay mines.
The Lake Shore mine has installed au
air compressor plant, and on Tuesday
eveuing blew the whistle for the first
time, A number of Moyie citizen.! were
down al lhe compressor building and
the first pull at lhe whistle wire was
given by one of the la lies. Time will
now be regulated by Mr. Drewty's watch
and whistle. This company has secured
lots and is building a large hoarding
house to accommodate fifty meu. There
is already built a fine commodious office.
Active work wilh the machine drills will
commence at once, a number of miners
having been sent in from Kossland, and
others will arrive as soon as the compressor is working.
Six men are working on lhe Society
Girl under Charlie I-'arrell's direction.
They have struck very hard rock in
their tunnel, but expect to reach the
ledge in a distance of about auolher
forty feet. The Society Girl will probably be another large shipper before the
next year's snow falls,
Tlle Moyie and QUCCU of the Mills
propeity is once more without uny immediate prospect of being worked, the
attempt to lloat a company having (alien
through, but eventually this will make
another shipper and then Moyie, witb
four or five shipping mines and con
centrators will have 400 or 500 working
miners to contribute to the wealth ol the
Numerous prospect? are being tested
in the vicinity, but no important strikes
are as yet announced.
A Strike On the Sullivan Property.
J. Houghton, superintendent of ihe
Sullivan property, was in town this weik
on business connected with his company.
Mr. Houghton recently came from West
Kootenay where he was connected with
the Lily May, Poormaii, Commander and
other well known properties, Since tak-
ng charge of the Sullivan property be
has bean doing i*uitc a little prospecting,
ind about lwo weeks ago discovered an
jutcrepping on the Hope, and considered
t worth Investigating, and two men
were set at work. As a result a strike ot
very rich carbonates was made, that as-
says f.v o, and there is about ten feet ol
it. The two men have taken out about
So tons, and it started at the grass toots.
K Nickel find.
Hub Dore, the veteran of Wild Horse,
bus made a discovery of nickel on the
Wild Horse tbat gives promise of developing Into a valuable property. The ore
mystified Port-at first, and it was assayed two or three limes before its tun**
worth was discovered. It tuns ul* per
cenl nickel, and tbere is h 41, fool vein
oi It. Mr Dore things it rather Strange
that 3 ■ years ago he was digging gold on
the Wild Horse, and now he is still there
digging nickel.
Movie   Leader:    'lhe whistle   ofthe
Lake Shore an compressor will he heaid
about next Tuesday morning,'' said Manager J. C. Drewry. last evening. "The
delay in gelling the machinery in place
baa been somewhat longer than we anticipated, bul now everything is in readiness to commence operating the mine in
■stematic manner." This week Ilu*
plant was enclosed in a good sized huild-
Ug with a corrugated iron roof, and the
flume and the water tanks were completed. Carpenters are now working on
the ore bin near the railway, and finishing the long trestle leading thereto.
James McMillan, who is working n
property on Little Sand creek, is getting
some fine showings.
McBane and son are drifting in on
their property with the idea of crosscut-
ling the various ledges lhey have encountered.
Bishop Brothers are still working on
their propertv. They have put in abost
2x0 feet of tunnels, and have every reason to fee! confident of their prospects.
The bonding of the Empire property
is good news for Sand creek people. Jt
means greater recognition for one of the
very best districts in East Kootenay.
A gre.it many prospectors have been
in here this season, and some fine locations have been made.
Mlflinj Notes.
John Fink says tbat "Chickamon"
Stone is the right way to spell it.
Paul Johnson, the designer of the Halls
Mines smelter, will buii I a smelter at
Greenwood. It will cost J&COO.OOO and
wiil be the largest smelter iu Canada.
C. D. Porter, of Spokane, and J. W.
Hamilton, of Nelson, are up Perry creek
looking over the gold ledges of lhat
camp, and it is likely that some solid
work will be the result of their trip.
E. C Egan has t>onded the one-half
merest owned by K. Rogers in three
claim-, known a-, ihe Emerald group 0-1
tbe north fork o! Uoulder creek, adjoin*
ng the Big Chief group.
Since the privy council decided in
favor of the Chinese working under
ground, the province has issued a special
order to tbe effect that all men employed
In this way after August 1 must be able
to read lhe mining regulations iu English.
Prospector Adjoining lhe Chickamon
Stone group on the west is the Daisy,
owned,by J. II. rink. W, 8, Johnson
and A. W, Itleasdell. The owneis have
commenced the development of lhe
claim ar.d will continue it to determine
its value. There is a fine "iboninj' of
galena, bul it is believed hy the owners
lhat iu a short time it will developc into
a copper property.
Fred Hattttl has brought in -tome fine
looking galena and copper ore. The
galena is from the Ilndger group of six
claims OD the north side of Ilaker creek
OO the upper St Marys river. The ledge
is fully jo feet in width ami traced for
lhe whole il* Claims, ruumngback frum
tbe Pilot Hay government trail The
copper ore is from Alki creek from the
Hard Scrabble and Jefferies claims, on
which the yearly asseunient work has
been done. The basin at the head of
Alki creek has some very rich copper
showings end is likely lo be a valuable
contributor to Cranbrook's wealth when
the St. .Marys branch railway is built.
fhe Spokaae Eiposllloa.
The mineral department of the :'.y\-
kanc industrial exposition continue! to
grow in importance each day. Th.-
mining men of Spokane and Manager
Holster are making of this feature sll
that they agree*) to. Reports from
cani|s in all directions from Spokane
tell of the preparations which are being
made to send good exhibits to the exposition this year. This is as it should be,
for every camp which exhibits there
this year, Mill he materially benefitted
thereby. There will be many eaateru
men at the fair -men of means who arc
looking about for iuvestmeuts--aiid the
camp which can make a good showing
at Spokane in October will receive more
nf their attention. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY     AUGUST 17. 1899
-.*. V. SIMPSON, Kdltoi nuit Muwmw.
The Herald itmlroa in give tlio nowsot t
district, ir v»n know any aboul yam tn
your min. or your \ eophi, semi it in Hits oflfcc
This hotel has just been opened to thc public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
The Fort Steele Prospector, wilh the
building ot the North Star branch fiom
Cranbrook sticking in its craw, gives
vent to the following diatribe in its last
issue, relative to tbe temporary suspension of work on thc line:
Tiie clt'ieoH uf Cranbrook were paralyzed,
dumbfounded, indignant; tUeru are nol adjective* enough lo deacrlbe tliulr consternation.
What I te tne a P. It. t«i deiert ui? is the
m'hei in- we have olierulied of making t ranbrook
the enmtnerclal, mining, inicltlna, agrlgullnral,
and everj-tlilngel-ie center, to be thus lltwarleilv
An- fro lobs ormhsd, uieiapliorioaily iiieaUng,
under Hi** Iron in'1 lot 4 glgautlooctft|m*.v Nol
Wo will not itand It Wean bigger tliautliao,
i'. it. Tin- board ol trade li liaiilly gathered to*
geihari thoy reiolva aud re-ottp, and ttiolr Indignation is wired in Montreal, Having vented
Hi 'ir IndlgnaUuu and l«l oil tin- suiwrlloiw Mon in
tuey hreatiiB Bailer. Whan somoona says lm iw
lake lotnatlilng. Thli atrikea a aytniKUlialw
cord and tliej adjourn in »oonventont lioitolry
ami drown iiii'ii MiiTinvs in ii Hawing bowl
Then Brother Simpson waul down lo lis offlt-e
ami wioto an mini.' which makes everything aa
clear an mud, explaining llio wimin inntiar. and
that lit- knew ni* it nil ol Um Iim.-, thai tlio build-
Ing of ihe road was only dul-iyi'd, dial tne mini
miii ht- built, in the sweet bye mnl byo,
There arc several errors in tlle above,
the principal one being that tlle whole
article is a malicious fabrication, as
nothing of the kind ever took place.
Hut is serves its purpose, since il brings
to hiiihI the action of the Fort Steele
board of trade a lew weeks ago, which
was, without a doubt, the richest piece
of unconscious humor ever perpetrated
iu Kast Kootenay. Like the three
tailorn of Toole street, a few members of
the hoard met in solemn conclave, ami
with serious iiit-in passed resolutions
directing the C 1'. R. lo muke surveys
without delay from Fort Sleele to the
North Star district. 01 course no attention wns paid to the silly action, but on
the contrary the road was ordered constructed, as had been intended, from
Cianbrook, and that work ia uow iu
progress as the Prospector knew wheu it
published its screed. The report that
the work had stopped entirely, as published in outside papers, no doubt emanated from the Prospector ollice, as the
telegrams all bore the Port Steele date.
The heBt way to secure news of ruilroads
and railroad building, is to secure the
same from railroad authority. If the
Prospector would follow audi a course it
would not make n chump of itself so
often when ende voring to give railway
Alexander Henderson, the new attorney general, will have opposition when
he seeks re-election.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat
Rates, $2.00 per day. n     ,       ior-
Short orders day and night.       V^ranWOOK, D. V*.
X\<v)J.>xe)-®-<..>-<.>^ix{.)-Gs-^t&-'®^ ^MS-SMS- er-®-®-^-®-®^®1-®^ ®-.i-®-_ <•>
sh Columbia.
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Manufacturer! of all Kinds ol
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
PraprleJur ::: :::
This hotel has been refitted and refurnished.    The table
is the best.    Satisfactory rateB given regular hoatdcrs.
Baker Street
Ganbrook, B. C.
The arrival of the track at Cascade
was a red letter day in that town, and iu
honor ot the event the Cascade Record
appeared with its front page printed in
Editor Grace let another glorious opportunity lo see a good town slip by
•when he failed to come over to see the
circus. A glimpse of Crnnbrook would
do bim good.
Thc government that provides educational facilities for its rising generation,
is laying the foundation for prosperity
and stability. British Columbia should
bear this in mind.
We trust that the fact that Cranbrook
is the railroad center ol the district is
now recognized by the peoule. Strange
aa it may seem, railroads are a potent
factur in the making of a railroad center.
Yinir hus secured a new school house.
That towu must stand very close to the
g m-rnuient. Tbere are towns in South
Kast Kootenay, with from 50 to 300
children running loose, and no effort has
yet been mnde to provide a school for
The Canadian Development compauy
has delivered passengers in six days from
Vancouver io Dawson. Tbnt is quick
time, but there are several thousand people in the Yukon who would like to
make even better time in getting out of
There is talk uf bringing in a few
thousand Finns to increase the population of New foil ud la ud. What is the
matter with getting Knglisli speaking
people. They make tbe best citizens
and understand tbe principles of a
stable government.
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs j* Jt j* j*
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
jt      Mclnnes Block
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
II. L. Cummins, C. E.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
The I'orl Steele l'rospector woulil ilu
belter liy the district if it coulil refrain
from Inilulning in petty jealousies nml
work ou a broader anil more hlivrnl
plan. livery time It prints an article in-
temliii to injure another towu in the
district, it simply injures I'ort Steele.
It should remember that each town in
the district must stand on its uierlls,
and that as the properties tributary to
Fort Steele are developed, just that fast
will I'ort Steele forge ahead. Fort
Steele is all rlRht, but the attempt to
down other towns in tbe district will not
help it. 	
Fifteen months ago there were  not
half a dozen houses in the town of Cranbrook.   I.aat week bu up-to-date circus,
that waa brought here on three separate
tralna, played to a big business.   Anil
the fact lhat thia town wus selected us j
the central point to draw the people of
South linst Kootenay, shows that the |
circus management acts witb judgment
and shrewdness.    They rciili/.eil tbat no
other lown offered such opportunities, I
and thnt is why they came lo Cranhrook.
It wns nol a  matter of sentiment to
them.   It was simply n matter of bull-
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
The only rail route without ckaage al tars
belweea Nelsan and Rossland aad
Spokane and Rossland.
l.i'iivi. n'lM a. m.   NKI.SON    Arrive r.;«; n. tn
"   ri-.-ie   "   ItOmliANI)    "    11.211 "
"      B.JU a. III.   SI'llKANIi .-.Ml ||. m
1 rain tlmt li>avi', Nulnen ui li-ini. m iiiak.i
close annneetlona at Simkuue for all I'iuIII,-
Culllt ii'iluts.
Passengers far Kettle itiver anu unurutary
Oreek eminent at Maicns with stage dally. 	
r. (!. DIXON.ll.lt JUT. A„
Sp 'kuu >, Wash
Canadian Pacific Railway
 New Fast Dally Service..,
With Kxjirc.s I'lauii'i'lliie
«"■•' -e To "- "-
>    ..A|.iv«.   ,  IITIIUU
Service To and Krutu the
Hake. Time l'nei|llalled
Vancouver, 45
Toronto, 75
New York,  01
Victoria, 50
Montreal, 79
Winnipeg, 35
Through llrat-ctas. Mleaiier ilally from ami
tn KiHili-niiy l.'iiiillnu. Tiiutht cats \>M, Aleill-
eliii! Mat ilally rnr Ht. I'auli lihlay, far Hulltrea
andlJoaloni Similar anil WoilneiiilHy, tor Toronto
9:35 arr Cranbrook....arr. 17:1s
9:4s Ive Cranbrook....Ive. 17:25
Ka,t.|iiiiinil Train makes chue eoiinectlnns at
Mntlejin Hal with "linm-ilul Umlteil ' fur all
paint. I'ai.t ami Hnath-Kast.
Wi-.t'liaumt Irani m.iki>. dole oonneollond at
KiKilonay Uiutluu Tar all Waal Kuati-nay paints,
also J'ai'lAa coast ami Main Line pain:, via ltev-
Is the divisional point of the Crows
Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a io=stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook *s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's t*lc headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND 1NVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the test of everything:,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
t   The housewife and the bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay them.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
s The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel is open both day and
night. The bar goods are lirst class,
and the dining room is in charge of
Thos. McCaraon. and is second to none
in the ICoolenays. titee sample rooms
and tbe best aud quietest bedrooms in
lhe town.
The North Star Hotel is the lnrge nnd
magnificent hotel at Kimberley thnt
is just finished and is furnished new
throughout. Everything in connection is fust-cUss. When you visit
Kimberley, don't forget The North
Star Hotel.
California : Wine : Co.
-AliL   KIN OS   OF-
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
%*****% v **** it***-,*-****** ^******************-¥******^
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & U. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the EuropeaiVPIan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors at  the  Bar
For ratrN, MckOta an I full 111:111 minion ntlilresa
liOHrct lorn: wtrnt nr
I'. Jl. MKJIJIUIMT, Aseill,
cianliiiink, 11. ('
ty, t, ANJIKUSON, T. I'. A.
NelHon, II. (J,
K.J. i'OYI.K, A. (I. I'. A.
Vaiimner, 11.0.
W. F. QURD, B. C. L.
Barrbter, Solicitor, Etc
Brlllah Columbia
«'. II. Hum It. W. Ill lll'll«KII
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
rniiilirunk onion
1. inni 111 JlanHuu much '
Fort Steele D-vCr
Brewing Co.'s   PortCf
Best on Earth   j*
In Wood or Bottles
Jas. Kerrigan, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
_ Tbo lltsl Stock, llie Mul Sallalaclary Prim, aad
f/\ Plrsl-Clnsa  Work.      Kcpalrlai Neatly l!ucuicd.
S. F. MORLEY jt j»
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbruok, I). C.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANUROOK,    ::::::   II. G.
Sashes and Doors
At Cost for Spot Cash
The Cranbrook Hardware Co. THE   HERALD.
P. O. DRAW Kit   1KB7.
A I.e ii jt Dog,
A lndy Hying mi Park uvetiue, Wai*
not hills, wns recently presented with u
full bluutluil Itnportea daclishnnd, a living exemplilkntion of tlio Baying,
"Man wants lint littlo here below, but
be wants tlmt little long." Tills -log in
particular hits nil the fine point.-* nt a
trne dacltshnnil. ItH length Is nt least
fonr times Ita height, und ita legs are
stamp; ami linve tlie oouventlonul crook
of a golf stick ut the foot. The ludy
hns several other doga nnd i.n qtifta a
fancier uf cuninea. Theother evening n
gentleman called who had heard a great
deal of the celobrnted animal. As he
eutered the darkened pnrlor a bid till
yellow diif- of no particular breed arose
from a rtlg in front of tho grnlo uml,
iiimotii'i'ii liy the geiitlomnn, slowly
walked toward ilu- door Tlm dog
creased Imlf wny ovor tlio threshold nnd
stood in such a position that u person
in thu purler cotild just soo iin hind
logs nml tail.  Al Mini u ul llm ninid
lighted the gus, nn.l iho dnclwlinnd
pnkad iiH ha.nl Inquiringly through nn
other open door The gentleman Raxed
in nmnRontont ut tlm head of tlm dncliB'
huml neorlug nt him from ono'doorway
mul Um hiiidiiimiti-i-H uf another dog
visit.1.1 in tho other doorwny, und then
In tlie|iearingof Ihoservanl ajncnlateil
"Lord n*mlglityl   1 henrd that this
dnrliHliuiul of   ht is was n loug OUO, hut
tills animal certainly bcittd my tiuml'
—Cincinnati Enquirer
Minimi'** Miilim-ut Ciiith lluriiH, etc.
Drawn Ht Klff1>(<
Tha urchitect ami Ute friend the
builder were driving bnck to tha for*
mer'a office. They hnd been out to tho
edge nf the city to look ut boiiio work
on which thuy were engnged. As tbey
drove by u certain house tho builder
looked up at it proudly, saying; "There
in a honse thnt I built myself. I not
only built it, but 1 drew all the plans.
Every bit of work in it is mine." The
urchitect looked nt the house aud smiled
iu a provoking way.
The bnilder noticed tho smile and
looked nt the honse in n new light.
"How hard I worked on that!" he said
"Iu the daytime I had to do something
else, bnt every night 1 wonld Bit up late
drawing on those .plana. 1 drew on 'em
every night for a month! "
Tbe architect looked at the honsa
again imd smiled once more, and the
builder saw him
Again he turned liis eyes toward the
product of his brain, twisted his neck
to squint ut it after thn carriage had
passed it Then he looked ;tt the urchitect with humility ■ "-'It looks ua if
those plnns were drawn at night, doesn't
It?" lie snid, nnd there wan pathos in
his voice.
ulcerkure - Sure cure ior Poison Oak or in
I'.u.U mi   Hitr-leY liiHCfi.
Ogokmuking |u iijunbr cases is ono
of the fui ins or gambling hire, which
hus o|u ind n new th Id t-i (hi* men who
nn- willing to hy odiT- Tift) siijjge.stion
smn< its ol Ihe Hdic'i-HomC i nl n'gaudily'
drewed yon ligation, with a few "notes'
in bis III hand and $40 in money in
his it^i.i jipju.anl in tii" ciimiual
brunch uf li.e Bn] reiue conn lu re u few
dnys ngo "W-liojj on Irialv" he u-kid
hu oliii'ir Being told, he ctmsnlt'ed his
uuies nml suid
"Let's sfe fcirwyw Dlonlrrdefense
Insanity; chnrge. mnrdrr " Ait.1 tlnn.
turning to tho duorman^j^ft4n.«.v'Jiri! bet
y.m I to tu he'a ncijuiftert."
The court officer looked pulled, but
was nstontidcd when the gaudily dressed
Informed bim he was making "hook,'.
The court officer saw that he Hinds
tracks, ft.j nol htfufo oyyl fptlQiu In 'i
hnd hem ■ |n'cn] i *i lb" bi\\v tne of the
cnao Au InveKtigatlon -mowed thnt
there nro u largo number ..f ihese bookmakers, doing IfUa-tincBfl rirpnjul tin-Ni-'w
Vork courts, and %ii^l,i/.lt*ni,i'.'-.n*1
tube very InrgeX X.:\V'Y.>k Dat-tof-itf
PltUhnrg Diflpnjeh
Mlunrit's l.lnimi'ni Itollovoa Neuralgia
..   ■ ■ •,,       *.
Till- Hvitrtn **--*>. ,' '
"Tell the foe thut wo will never
yield!" eschiimed the PlJipino chief*
•■Yes, general.'
"Tell them we will fight it out if
we have to work on legal holidays to
"Yes, general    Wh:,t tlleliV
"Why, then, if ihi'y nn down tn
business mid olTei a rush compromise,
yotl lake it quick."
Heart lcr-e.
Props    You've   got   to cut   ont tlmt
grent scene when yon light your cigarette wilh a i'l,ooo mile.
David (liiriick'Kien Mncieniy And
Props-Beennao ibe lobacconlsl re-
fuses tn supply nmither smoke until
vou liavosultlH hi-' loll ot l ililll.ngaB
jiin Til Mils
\    \\   Hll    ('IIIIH.
"The pillows in this hoarding honse
aro thu Imnlni ' ,'VI'1 "inick. complained th>< new boarder nl ihe break-
(nil table "I wonder whal lhey nm
made >'i.'
"I'eihnps." en Id the star hoarder,
"ot [I'utluis from n tailor's goosu "-—
Detroit free I'reas
There never was, mid novor will be, a
universal jHiimeoii, In one remody, for nil
UIm to whleh tlesJi Is boli^-tho very nature
ot munv curatives boing such Unit were
the genu*, nf other nml differently Mated
diseases rooted In tho nyBtem uf tho t .**■.-
tlent—what would relievo one ill ln turn
would aggravate the other. We hnve,
however, In Quinine Wine, whon obtainable In a mi uml, unadultomted tt'Me, a
remedy for mnny aud grievous UU. Uy its
gradual and Judicious one the frailest systems aro led Into cotivnlr sconce and
fitrength bv the Infl'innco whleh Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieved the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic ntntv of morbid deepond-
euoy and lack of interest In life is a disease, and, by tranqiilllidng tha nerves,
rllsposoB tu sound and rofroflhlng Bleep-—
Imparls vigor to the notion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throngh-
ont the veins. strength-Diiliig the healthy
aiilmnl functions of tbu syntem, thereby
making notlvlty a noeossary result,
strengthening the frame, uml giving life
to tho digestive organs, whleh naturally
demand increased substance— result, improved appotite. Northrop and Lyman, nf
Toronto, havu «lven to tho publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
ana, gauged hy the opinion uf HolonMsts,
this wine approaohos nearerit perfection
nf any in the market. All drtiggiHts sell
Mhinrd'H Uuhiient foi snleevei)where
J\ ID. O'Ek-ieist,
148   I'riucem SL, Winnipeg.
Private wire nouaeotlon with all markeu.
Grain bought anil carried on margin.
Corretp ond ence Sullolted.
OVER $1,000.00.
Spent during 25 years on
Catarrh Remedies and
Specialists by a wealthy
mill-owner of Port Es-
sinston. B.C. At last cured
Japanese Catarrh Cure.
Wheat prices havo lost nbout two
cents in thu American markets umi one
cent for Manitoba wheat this week.
There nave been no important developments. Receipts ut primary market**:
continue astonishingly largo for this
time of tho year, und this, with freo
Liquidation or long July wheat) bad a
depressing olTeot. Tlu' weather hns
been favorable for ihe winter wheat
harvest whioh is now Hearing eoinpb'-
tion. Kxperts ure reducing their estimates of ihe yield us cutting progresses.
Tlit'i-uulilyof Ibe new grain is uniformly good. There bus been somo talk of
less favorable conditions in spring
wheat owing to oxooBstve ruins uml very
hoi weather. The foreign orop news is
unchanged, very favorable from the
continent nud very   unfavorable from
Houthonstori- Kurope.    TllO   exporl Ae'
maud is quite good uml the general sit- I
uutiuit looks healthy.
J, D, 'OUHtKN.
Winnipeg. Junn 80th, ltfOU.
Huil nny Fares lo Winnipeg Industrial*
Main line east—Hat Portage, 94;
East Selkirk, (trie.
Main line west—Poplar Point, $1.20;
High UlutT, $1,-15; Portage la Prairio,
11.05; McGregor, 92.115; Austin,
93.55; Cur berry, 98,80; Brunilou, $4;
Griswold, 9*1-55; Uak Luke, 94.05;
Virdeu, 94,!)5; Klkhoru, $5.85; Mooso-
min, 15.75; White wood, $0,115; Gren*
fell, 90-95; Wolseley, $7.25; Indian
Head, Hy.65; Qn'Appelle, 97.85; Re-
giiin, 98.50; Moose Jaw, 99.85; Swift
Current, 911.00; Medicine Hat,
914.55; Calgary, 918.15; Anthracite,
910.70; Bautr. 910.80.
Stouewall Branch.— Stony Mountain, 55c; Stonewall, 80c; Balmoral,
91.20; Tenlon, 91.00.
WeBt Selkirk Brunch.—West Selkirk,*
. Emerson   Branch.—Dominion City,
$2125; Emerson, 12.00.
Southwestern branch. — Carman,
92.30;Treherue, 98,10; Holland, *!1,40;
Cypress River, |a.80; Gleuboro, 94;
Carroll, 4.80.
PembiuaMonntaiu Branch.—Morris,
991.00; Gretna, 92.05; Mordeu, 98-16;
Manitou, $4; Pilot Mound, 94.50; Crystal City, 94.55 Cartwright, 94.95;
Killarney, 95.20; Boissevaiu, |5.20;
Deloraine, 95.80.
Souris Branch.— Sourls, 94.50 Hart-
ney, 94.80 Nnpiuka, 95.20; Melita,
$5.85; Oxbow, $0.45.
Prince Albert Branch.—Princo Albert, 913.50; Prince Albert West,
Edmonton Brancb. — Edmonton,
923.00; Red Deer, $20.05.
Macleod Branch.—Macleod,   $20.25;
Macletd, via Calgary, 20.25; Macleod,
via' Lelhbridge,   $17.50;   .Lethbridge,
Dauphin, $5.35; .Sifton,   95.70 Wiu-
uipegosis, 90.20.
Morris, $1.00; Emerson, $2.00.
Portage la Prairio branch. —St.
Charles, 35c; Kustacho, $1.05; Portage
la Prairie, $1-05.
Morris-Brandon Branch. — Roland,
$2.50; Miami, $2.50; Swan Lake,
98.65; Baldur. $4; Belmont, $4; Ash-
down, $4.; Wawaueun, $4; Brandon,
Gladstone, $8.05; Xoepuwa. $4.05;
Miiiiiodosii. 94.4ff "Rftpld City, $4.7*;
Shoal Lake, $5.15; Birtle, $5.60; Bins-
earth. $,"..05; RuSBOll, $0.20; SoltOOatS,
$0.80 York tou, $7.15.
tt N. a Hy.
Forrest. $4.25 Rapid City. $4.86
lluiniota, $6,86,
Mr. Joseph Little, tin- well known mill-
vnct of Pert Euington, B.O., foniierly of
nncouver, writes: **Jupanese Caturrh Onrs
18i'iiiii|)].iely ciiriil tin* nf eittarrh. whlcli had
oubltid inn for twontyflve years.    1 hava it
ill 11 ent times ij j-nt uvi'i' niii- ihi'HHUiiU rl.illnr-
lthdlffcreul rnwolalliti in T..r-jnto, Biifful-
1,,    besides    trying   ull
imrkttl'lt- run
rlroahle, l i.-elilmt 1 eHnii<.t uy
Itstavorjlheftrst npplloaUou gava
We nimi keen a supply in the mill
nnd llnd it superior to any other
a triwl'ftll oilier n raedlM wltboul
sreal nil ikeptical M to tli- merits
Onuirrh Cure, unclotw ;. oenti bi
WU   »lll   in.nl   vou   fie.'   h   irliil
i' inouojr re 1 a ni Led. - iw nil
l]...r,t-hulil.     Ailiirumi, Tin
1-.mi ( o., Ul cimri'h Street
a a I Trlek.
The parrot's determination tospeas
Ida set pbruBes under nil sorli ..f cir*
cniustnuces often pvodnceQ^jtrjinge sit*
uatii.in-. The story te told'of n sleight
of huml performer who kept 11 parrot
thut he bad trained to nay. whenever
une uf Iiih master's tricks hall been On*
islitNl: "That's a good trick I What's the
next olieV"
Oue day tliu juggler, being in u sea-
purt town, gave his performance in a
loft OU one of the wharfs, which hup
pencil to be .inst over the place where a
lnrge quantity of powder wiih stored in
kegs. The juggler wns nbout to perform
Borne feat which required the lighting
of 11 candle. He lighted it and threw
the mutch nway without making snre
tlmt tlm blaze bud gone out. Tlie mutch.
KlilI burning, fell through a crack in
the floor, find dropped into one of 1 lira
kegs of powder, which exploded with
great force, throwing the building into
the air.
The pnrrot, who was blowu up with
the teat, did not stup until it reached
the pinnacle of the topmast of a great
ship --which lay-off the wlmrf ■ There lis
clung desperately, and looking dowu to
tbo world below im culled ont iu a
shrill voice:
"That's a good trick! What's tht
next one?"
Clearly  Proved.
Mrs. Bolivar heaved a deep sigli
"Before wu wero married." she snid.
"yon promised me tlmt my slightest
wish would be your law. ■ ■
"Did IV" said Mr. Bolivar, in n tone
of surprise.
"Yon miid." continued Mra Bolivar,
"that yon would give up tbe elnh and
not play poker nny more."
"Did I, really t"     •-
"Yon swore that yon would give me
whatever I wantedund that I might go
to the seashore every summer uml stay
as long as I liked."
"Is it possible?'
"Yes. And you said that yuu would
never tuke another drink nnd never flirt
tho least little bit, and now yon do ull
these things and huve not kept a single
promise, It proves conclusively tu me
that you never loved me.'
"1 beg to differ from you there, my
denr," snid Mr Bolivar oratoricnlly.
'•••Yonr premise is ail wrong Yonr reasoning is woefully nt fanlt Your statements prove conclusively that 1 did love
you. In fact, I must have adored yon
madly if I lold such whopping lies to
get yo*0."
And with tbis vindication Mr, Boll'
Tnr considered thearguinenl at nn end.
— Kansas City Independent
llcspelcr. Out., June 30.—The strike
of/veuvers in the Brodie woollen mills
here Is virtually over, ibe majority of
wi 'a vers having acepted the oll'er made
by the proprietor that be would pny 86
■ter cent of tbe darning ami huve gone
book to work.
Alloway & Champion,
Listed Stoolw bought, iold. nml wrrr
mi inArglii 1
Wrltani if jrou v
iinilitiy. tn Imv (In
Lands, or to send 1
Kclunga any klmlof
nl  nr7\  N, W. Co.
Repotted  by Alloway
& otiai
Stock Brokers, W
mil peg
W hint |«
g.June tn
Mmitr.nl  \],
(Inlnrln  XII
Ucrolwnts1 xi>
Imi" 1 ml   	
Onion, xi)
Win   l-:..|ilr \D
War Eagle XD
Mnntri'.il Tel	
Hiih.& Mni.Nav	
City 1'iiHi.ll'y	
Hullfiix ll'v 	
11 B»
Diilutli Pii'iW'il	
Oui.Pdi'.It'v, Mum mil	
Cnu. Vac. It'y. bnndon	
Monoy, timo	
Monoy, on call	
Quoted   by  AUoway
&■ Obampion,
'.W2 Main street, Winnipeg.
 (0.8a k
,1*1 let
Hullnnd Uullilera	
-IH 7-t
..'•0 IIH
Fiiml-tli Markkuu,	
•IH 1-!
Italian Lire	
Cure canceR
No Knife   No  Plaster.
r>77 Nlierlmuriie Nl„      •      Torontn,
Tired   l-lyt-n.
A correapondent of Papular Science
N^wa telle bf n party of Alpine climb*
era wbo. having ejwnt live houre among
the snOWS of the imuintuina, returned
to their biuiies nfter dark. A great
change hud to all appearance tnke,n
place since the night before. 'Instead of
being illuminated in tlio usual way,
tho pluee was supplied with green
It took the travelers a little timo to
rctilUe   thai   they were   sntTering from
Daltonism, or color blindness, adperlu*
dnced by eye fatigue. Tlie intense light
caused by tho sun shining upon the
anow Imd for thu time rendered them
unable to judge of colors nnd given rise
tn their curious mistake. Three hours
elapsed before tho eyes regained their
nm innl condition
Chevfeul explains that tbe eye cannot gone loug upon it given color without tending to become insensible to it.
When the eye looks hmg upon n color,
it. should bo rested by the complementary color Thus 1111 eye that has grown
tired with green Bhould be rested by
red, which is green's complomentury
a Jointed Miuiit*.
Mr Qeorgo D. Pom bev ton of Spott*
lytvnnin, Vn.,  reporta tho Follow lug:
"While walking iiriuind my farm 1
enme across n copper colored snuku
nbout "J".* feet long. 1 .struck the reptile a blow ou the head with n stick,
nud. to my mirprisit. tho sake fell apart
in fonr pieces. Near by vyasu hole, and
into this the liend wnnt, and, nlthoiigh
I worked fur half au hour trying to get
it, I failed. 1 timp e.iitiiiied the body,
which wns as hard iiKif bad been frozen,
nud, ns fur as I could discover, it was
entirely lifeless. Thinking it was a,
jointed snake, I left the pieces of tbo
body on the ground nnd went to the
honse. Shortly afterward 1 returned,
but tho portion of tbo In.dy tlmt I hud
left disappeared nnd no trace of it could
be found. "—Cincinnati Enquirer
Tlie Denr Child.
"Whnt are you after, mydenrV" said
a grandmother to a little boy who was
sliding along a room nud casting furtive
glances at u gentleman whu wus paying
a visit.
"I um trying, grandma, to steal
papa's hut out of the room without letting the gentletnuu see it He wants
bim to think he's out."
Mnri-lnge le n Sirlonn Tiling.
An Atchison mother's boy married
recently, ami his wife inadu liim shavo
off his mustache before she would tmilte
him nny soup, of which be was very
fond When he lived ut home, he got
bis whiskers in llie soup'evory duy, uud
bis luntjmi' took It us a compliment tu
her cooking.
Th«* Proper («"■ «n ■ iuutj,
Before putting nway knives rub well
with a bit .if uowspnpcr,   Lny knife on n
piece of paper, fold Its edge ovor the knife,
then another knife, laying them handle to
bluile.  with   paper over euch     Put  euch
half dozen In separate paper Then wrap
tn chamois nr flannel und put Into a dry
pluee. Tbev will never rusi Tu remove
rust from knives ami furkt wrap articles
in ti doth eoiikod In kerosene W hours,
then scour iht-m with a bath brick. Next
rub with whiting, then wlih sweet oil;
Anally wash in hot soapsuda. Dry well
Deep spots ot red rust un cutlery can be
eradicated by rubbing with hub uml vinegar To clean knives use bath brick ur
well powdered ashes, Use n lnrge cork to
rub tne moistened powder on, then anotli
er eurk to dry dust lhe article. Wipe with
paper, as a cloth would leave dampness it
Biri'iik-* Twice u week spread, outlery on
ti tray In the aim fur on hour. Nover Iut
eultery lie In water, and never throw It
into hut water, ns it spoils the bundles
Until i>y bandies while yon wash ihu
blades. Never use table cutlery in cooking, Emery powder will retuoro ordinary
HtHitis from Ivory knife handles
ULCERKURE Heals me Woihi Hidi-WireL'iiis
lull Inside,
Blinks—Doesn't Qorger pnt on 11 lot
ni "Bide*'
Winks- Anyway lie puts on a lot of
outside   He's getting fright fully fut.—
I nklnU of Her.
Willie- What umkes that dog growl
Winnie- Oil, IgUOSSlie'sOUfl uf tbuse
married dogs.
Why will you allow a cough to lacerate
your thrust or lungs and run lhe rldk   of
liiiiiigu consumptive's grave, when, by
the tluii'ly use of Hlcklr's .Anil 1 'uiiMimp
tlvje Syrup the pain cun be allayed nnd
the danger uvuitled. This syrup is pleus-
init to tho taste, aud unsurpassed for re-
llevlng, healing und curing ull atfucilons
of the throat uud lungs, umigliH, uohls,
bronohltls, eU>. etc.
When jour purse Is full «f money
And your liiuit h free from care.
All Hit' world BceiriB brlalit and sniiiiy,
Uniiity blossoms everfwliore.
And ml in ii.' ull yot
All oeem very glad to niuu
When Dame Portitno un
1 Via -^
When yuur purse la full ur money,
Vnu can taste nil kinds uf honey,
But without it yonmustdrltik urn's bitter gall.
While you're rich yum friends bro mimy:
Wlieu yon're poor, you've scarcely any ■
All fnrt;*'t you when misfortunes uu yuu full,
when yuur purse is full ut money.
Von aro iinrfuet to « dnt,
And your jokes iin- always funny
Whether thoy bnvo pohils nr imt,
But when hardships overtake ynu
Tlnn yuur Joy luMldliess druwas.
For your riiends will soon forwilio ynU'
Win n D:u 1111 Full nun uu tun rrnwtis.
-John J. Mcliiiyniin New Vorh Wwld,
lotruslou of uric auld Into the hlood ves,
suls Is a fruitful cause of rheumatic pains
This irregularity Is owing to a derange1}
aad unhealthy condition of tbe liver
Anyono subject to this painful aiTeotlor
will find a remedy In l'Armeh<i*'s Vege
table Pills. Their action upon the kid
neys Is pronounced and most bi'tiullolal.
aud by restoring healthy in-ii-.ii thuy cur
root impurities In the blood,
lie  I,niiKlM*d.
A literary nmn whu wna compelled
by clrcrimatanccs to use bis family sitting room as 11 study missed his pen
bidder one evening, while absorbed in
writing u story
Hu looked over his desk, through tbe
pigeonholes nnd in the drawers, hut it
was nowhere in sight It wuh not 011
the floor. He felt behind his ear It wns
not thero.
"This is whnt comes," he anld impatiently, "of trying to work where
thero is n houseful of children. Which
one uf you bus taken my pent"
Thu children looked nt euch othei
uml laughed. Ho became irritated.
"I don't wnnt. nny foolishness!" he
exclaimed' "Where's that pen I Wbo
1ms taken It?"
After n moment's pause one of the
children snid slowly
"If yon'll laugh, pupa, yon will Hnd
He stiired nt her iu astonishment
Then, ns her meaning slowly broke in
npon bim, lie joined in the laugh, and
lhe penholder fell cut of his mouth
where it bad been all lhe timp
How many of the little difficnlttea of
this life one can extricate oneself from
by a laugh I—Youth's Companion
THK COUGHING and wheezing of per
sons troubled with bronohltls or the
asthma is exci'SsiveU' harassing tu them
• I'lves and annoying to others. ' Dr.
Ihonms' Eoleotllo oil obviates all this
entirely, safely ami speedily, nnd is a Ih--
nign remedy for lamenois, sores, Injuries,
pirns, kidney nml spinal trouble-;.
ll Wim Tantamount,
"Una sho lold yon tlmt she loved
"Not in so many words She merely
asked tne whnt life insnrunee I car
ried "—Cleveland Plain Denier	
Cure of
Perhaps you'vn Miflercd with constipation for years, tried all the pills and pur-
gal ives you ever heard or read of, without
getting any more relief than the one dose
oi the medicine alTorded.
Then you were left worse than before,
bowels bound harder than ever, the con-
■tipatton aggravated instead of cured.
All the miseries of constipation—Headache, SickStomarli, Biliousness, Pimples,
Eruptions, Blood Humors, Blotches, Piles,
and a thousand and one other ills crowded
backon you again wiih redoubled severity,
Wouldn't you consider it a blessing to
be cured of your constipation so that It
would stay cured? So that a repetition of
all tbe suffering you have endured would
never come again? Burdock Blood
Bitters can cure you—cure so thai tbe
cure will be permanent.
That's where it differs from all other
remedies. It makes a thorough renovation ofthe whole intestinal tract, tones
thc bowel wall, acts on thc liver and
stomach, and causes all the digestive and
secretory organs to so work harmoniously
and perform their functions properly and
perfectly that constipation, with all its
attendant sickness, sulTeringandill health,
become a thing ofthe past.
Miss Arabella Jolie, living at 99 Carri^re
Street, Montreal, Que., bears out all wc
say in regard to tbe efficacy of Burdock
Blood Bitters in curing constipation permanently.   Tbis is her statement:
" Kor'ovcr a year I suffered a great
deal from persistent constipation and
COIlIdonly get temporary relief from the
various remedies I tried until 1 started
using Burdock Hlood lib lors.  1 am thankful 1 osay that this remedy
has completely and per.
malleoli)' cured nu: und
J have had 00 return of
Ihe const/patten.
Iu Loudon Life Containing
Condensed Wisdom lor
A baker
Living at
257 Durjdus Street,
London, (.int.,
Geo. Huberts by nutuo,
They cured him.
He imd
Pain iu the Bauk;
His Drlne
Wus red-colored
And painful
In passage.
The ours through
Wuh quick innl complete,
That'a how they always act,
Because they're
For kidneys only.
If you have
Blek klduoya
Don't experiment
With uu unknown remedy,
Tuke no substitute for
At n frlrudly dinner at Gore lbmse,
when n wns the must delightful of
lioUMts, his drees -;iy, hts cravat 01
-hiit collar- Iiml become slightly disarranged on n lint evening, and fount
rOrsuy laughingly called hts attention
1.1 ilif clrciiuiBtnnce ns we rose from
labia Lumlorl-i-ciime Hushed ami greatly ngltnled "My dear fount d'Ursay,
I thank yon! My dear Count d'Orsny,
I thank yon from my soul for pointing
out to me the abominable condition to
which I nm reduced! If 1 luid entered
ibe drawing rnmu und presented myself
before Ludy Blessington in ki nbsnrd n
light, I would instantly havo gone
In me. pot a pistol lu iny head und
blowu my brains 0111 "-— "Landor's Letters ' 	
A Hoy'*  Iiml Slirnln,
Mr. It. Bennlu, of Union Mines, B.C.,
writes: "My son Sumo I Bunnlu gut bis
leg crush.-il und bl'Utted in the mines
-.even weeks ngo. The swelling novor
fully left lt until we h-loJ Crilllths' Menthol   Liniment     On   the lir0t application
the swelling uud Rotenujd entirely left It,
and the musolos lu>jt-uu to louseti up so
much that the sums evening he was able
to use his feet I'l'i'.-I.' lm- thn Ilrst time.    I
consider  It  the  best   Uul ut known."
All druggists, 8.1 icnts.
i'he Difference,
"Pit, what's the difference between
Intent nnd groins'.■'
"A mun Willi Intoilt is able tu build
for himself ibe tines! monument in the
country Tho public iisunlly Iiiih to
provide theuiniinuicnt for a genius."—
kn-inn Journal.
Dour  Sirs,—I   cannot    spsak   too
strongly of the excellence of MIN*
AKD'S LINIMENT, It ts THE remedy iu my household for burns, sprains,
etc., nud wo would not bo without it.
It is truly a wonderful medicine.
Publisher Aruprior Chronicle.
Tnlilim fi Hint.
How long docs it take some people to
tuke n hint? A yonng mun snyu that he
bus called six times on an Atchison
girl nml tlmt her sisters still slay in
the room He says Unit by tbe time u
mun makes A second cull ut a Topeka
home llm family have decided which
gitl be wants, und nil therest move out
uml give bim 11 show.
THE*. WAKE THE TORPID ENERGIES,—Muchluory uot proparly supervised  uud   lefc   to   run   It- If, very soon
shows fault io its wurkln-^ It la the same
with tho digestive organs. Unregulated
from time to time tbry nro likely to become torpid nud throw tho whole system
out'of gear. Porroeleu'a Vrgo able Pills
wett mude to meel such oases. They re
Btore in the full the Mugging faculties,
and. bring Into order all purts of the
Bel try n'pi C'nrloim Tnite,
George Selwyu bad a atrnnge bnt not
uncommon passion for Beetng Btrange
bodies, eapeclally those of bis friends
He would go uny distance to gratify
this pursnit. Lord Holland wns laid np
very ill nt Holland Honse shortly before
hte death George Selwyn sent to aak
how lie wus, and whether he would like
to see him. Lord Holland answered
"Oh, by nil means! If I'm alive tomorrow I eh all be delighted to see George,
and I know that if I am (lend ho will
be delighted   to see mo!"—Letter of
General Fox	
ULCERKURE Heals All till! DI Fies! WoddJs.
WIii- They Don't.
"All men si'> in to consider themselves lords of creation," Bhe niid.
"Von never hear of a woman going OS
thnt assumption."
"Certainly not," be replied. '*They
"I'd like to know why nut."
"BecnnsBof their sex,"
Thus she learned lo choose her words
more carefully.
A  1)0(1)1   W.IkIiI,
Mne—Bessie must have been sham*
niing yesterday when J Ira Strong polled
her out of tbe water Why, she can
swim like 11 flsh.
Ethel—Oh, bnt shu really wns in
great danger this time. Yon see, she
hnd nil her engagement rings on, and
they dragged her down.—New York
Miiiard's Liniment Cures DaiidrtilT.
0)11   JK» S--uil *•■.'.*■:■ for ih.- MncUt*
.11   .3* tMh.maileofMlack Blue or
Tiv.-Hl-.-tl.---t. -.'.'.nn,.nioiililc
t.--tiii].- KiikIIhIi \V.i[.'i'|ii...'1
Sfrgt-O-itli -.iltM.iiK'V-ihiil
llnliiK, velvet collar, detachable cipi. extra full imtcoi
-.il* nml skirt. kuiimuu-.-.I
* ' nml liu--.li. tailor
lown Imck to wrusl lino, and .•...-tllii« to
Imiiiiit ikh 11 also otaif color W4iiidl.
For free witmI icfovrrytliliighi hull. i,*ne.n
with large llhisiratnl Catalogue, wrltn
THE       Q I IU! DO fl |J COMPANY
ROBErtqIIiIP OU||limiteo
use ALBERT soap.
■jitlv) If your fancy is for a Tnr Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
(Trade Matt.)
Tlie Provincial Mutual Hail Insurance Co.,
ESTABLISHED   180J.     *»fc.     HEAD   OFFICE:    4011   MAIN   STHEET.
K-\sT EIGHT FBARS, chartered by and coudueted strictly under tbe lawi ot the Goveramtat
Nu forelini ranvfUKre oraploycd by Ihli c. n, nnv,
NoMUrtoipaldta Ulreciori.
Nu in inn!.'..I tuitdi I- be divided ntnotiR the Dlreetnn
Nyuroxj - I I 1   ... OFFICIAL I ivui     l 1
Nu control ■>!    ui|«ny EXC8PT Bi 'Jin   l\-i i.i.imai.v
NoblndlUK rou !..j..u iuact»nieniH for Bvojejiniiui ome,
Allloaaesttiultnbl) ndjtuted
Everything --u-t.. n\- . mid above tword lit Vol li <>u n OLD vND BI LIABLE COMPANY which ku paid to lowri ity ball utorran ovei   -.      ■
During the past Eight Years.
Fanners Make Certain that you liisttrt Against Huil
with the local agalitaur TUB PROVINCIAL HUTUAl.. who n     ■       reatde     In your .,n
dtatrlata, I known to yon and thaa aecure CKItTtlN  PROTKCTION and IKDBMNITY
from your own lamt,ra'i pany whioh l. ti.Lir.-i ,-lil.v inotoal mil ..1 th. LOWEST POSStBLJB
11. U. BROWKi Mordan. t As. MOLLANll, r.lutdale.
T. I. MORTON, M.lM>.,Olad>tona FRANK 90IIU1.TZ  BaUar.
tt 3, TIIOMBON'.VIrdeu. JOHN KEXTON. p.l r-i.iv
TUHM/ JtUxiLs   aV*->*1s
Af-f-mAsit/ OstHs
attXA^U     /KMA^JiA/
Tho people of tho United States an
*liiii,iiiMi.uiiii mutches everyday, or 178, •
8.10.uot),UOO every year, and it is com-
pitted tlmt these, placed end to end
v..1.nil stretch away 4.1*30.786 uiilV-*
It's no Trick
11. His
;eg rlauclng w:i:
■ Hicknrss.
JULY 10 TO 15.
Tlmt Ii to gay, y..u cun iav«
i-ii'incii to pay tur y'.ur trip ll
you vWt '..
Wo aro ihapbiR to fell 3)."»'
rolLi nf our nrtistlc Wall Hap-r
dnrln-f Fulr Week. WewQtsdl
mori! il we con, for we an- v-rj
much oviTfaf oked—h*T8 now to
our falc-rooni "lO.'-fO mils an.;
more 40o Beautiful Art Pi -
lui"- Ini'liul.-d in tlu* sulv
C. B. Scantlebury,
Winnipeg, Belleville, and
496 Main Street, next door to
Banfleld'-t Carpet Store.
Send   for   Siimijles.     Mention   priOQ
you'll pay, and room! to i>a,nf*r.
i*tkf>  Hi-   ..)". lltiH*.-.   etc., 11 Ir*   and
liglit and Mh<j|r-f>ui« hIhmi ynu nee
It It u.i'iir;i,.--l
LEAK! n%!r
BetTatisu tli'- roof tru ioviThI »itli an Aoiori-
cun pajior feltlof, liutwui of the cclebntea
Which hau iiuvor i--:*'n known lo ita' k. Lclns
Paper bseomM brlttla and cannot amnd the
froat Htruln
Send lur Kumplo.     Send -uaiiiji.
"W.   Or.  FOWSECA
7 0S   .Mnlu   St., Win nl puff,
LEST   IfOU   rOBORTi-Wrlh for Hrlc-51
ou Orwua Separator*,OaKllne BnBlnw,TrMd
Powers, una everything aied In n.« Cnme
hotory, UnnintTv or Hairy. If yotl liavo nn
oowi,onu of our Hand Hi-pu'ralnr-i Wll.l. HA VK
Its eoat the tl. -: year.
Win ui pen.
1.xrtru i-etalugue fn-«.
Seal Brand Coffee,
reason enough why it is
THE REID I1HOS., «S7 Kin, We.t, TwoaW.   I iJf'tocKsilCTTpi.owTo.. WinaVpaf!
Ceylon TEAS packed.   Put up by
MacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnlpef
HrydKce, City of ' *
Insure it, member, avaitu. I'*, or dimag.
from hail, ant] itlvi protnDt ».lju.trawit and
jiuj. .11 I,,.-, h In full.    a,!m-' -.
K. A. TAVJ.OIt. Mitnaaer,
¥£.»m.r-r.Mon.wmi»». R.I i'or,.».' UBU, STEELE k BHISTOL  OJrel.»«_
eyery Mnn.lny, WcduiiHiUy ami Halnrdny ni 91   importer! of Orocer.ee      ,   2 a wr.nTJ.,i«
p.m: for Fori Prim-re. Mini- Centre, uml nil   -_.  ..    .      ,. 1   h J11 muIpm
Mlntooa Rainy tUrer and umny ImIo-.   vox I wfltl U. Hamilton,Ont.   L.8.»B.«pioee
ratal, etc., apply ta any uenedlui Poolfia uy. it-xtrt. •• '■■'■r. =■ ____—.
ftfli'iit. or lo—
tiV.ii  A. UltAHAM, Muii.iKi
Itet PorUgi:, Out.
.Maim r.i."
K udt-rn
day night a1
Odd Fellows eordUllyioattid.
h E  B-HUle.
uttlng   it     M<
,,.! IV
h.,.l   ROUCU   I
d the liosuilnl.
>". u.
|      LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About lhe Cily   by  Asking
Questions of  Many  People.
0. K. Leask vUlleil Moyie last *»*:ek.
Fertile is to huve a sei"*.'. at t;;.>*"c. ami
two teachers.
The Peat ;•:...!:■ pubUo ntSoM rpuad
Inst Mom; '
A. \V. Mi Vut.i* rpent sev.Tii) .1 y* ii
Moyie lust *.■. "'f
Futhe Co ni i loft last Monday for n
tritJ to lhe count.
Mr, ltoliart, ofWartltier, vlsltetl Cran-
brook tliis week.
Hazelwood Butter ut the Fort Sleele
Mercantile com jinny.
There was quite a full of snow on the
mountains lust Friday.
Charles Hsum re lell foi Rossland Sim-
day on mining matters.
Mr. McGregor, of Moyie, was a Craubrook visitor last Tuesday.
1>. J. Elmer and family were among
the Moyie visitors Friday.
Mr. ami Mrs  I.itnlsey. of Moyie, were
among tin* visitors Friday.
The btldge arross St. Joseph's creek
north of town is completed.
Mr. Keay and sister Miss Margaret
Keay, visited Fernie Sunday.
J. ti. Armstrong and daughters came
over from Fort Steele Friday.
Robert Mathers and family, o( Fort
Steele, saw the circus Friday.
Mrs, Anderson has returned from u
visit with relatives in California.
Jake Berkman, of the Central hotel nt
Warduer, wus in town Saturday.
Mrs. Krickson nnd Mrs. Morrow vis
ited Mrs. Mansfield at Moyelle last week.
Druggist Hope, of Moyie, was among
those who looked at the elephant Friday
Mr. and Mrs, K.J IHgbce cime over
to see the circus and enjuy a days' outing.
Mrs. L. M Mansfield, or Moyelle, was
tbe guest of Mrs. F, ti,. Simpson several
days last week.
Mr, ond Mrs \V, R. Ross nud Miss
Young, of Fort Steele, were among the
visitors Friday.
Quite a number of circus men quit tbe
show to go to work ou the North Star
branch construction.
Hazelwood llutter at the Fort Steele
Mercantile compauy.
Mrs. G. II. Gilpin, Mrs. Cann uud
Miss Kdwards, of Fori Stock', visiled in
Crnnbrook lust week.
Regular services were held at the
church of England last Sunday evening.
Rev. Froeunier officiating.
Reiil iSl McRae want 200 men for gootl
Bide-hlll station work between Crnnbrook uud St. Marys river.
Heavy rains the past week have laid
the dust und made life iu South Kusl
Kootenay one sweet song agiiiti.
Annie Wood, who was tried for stubbing "Red" Mcl.eod at Argeula, was
given six months iu the Nelson jiH.
Mrs. Soper and daughter, and Miss
Durick, ol Fort Steele, huve been visiting friends in Craubrook the past week.
Charles Bishop, of Sand creek, was in
town Sunday and Monday. He reports
everything in that section looking well.
Mr. Williams, matmger of the Fort
Steele brewery, is iu town trduy. lie
reports business good all along the line.
Fred Pieper has secured the contract
for papeiinK aud pointing Wellman \*
Hurle's large hotel building at Kimberley.
A very pleasant dance wus given
TuPF<1-iy night at the Lake Shore hotel,
nt Moyie. A number Irom Cranbrook
were present.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I). Grant visited Kimberley this week, where Mr Grant has
the contract for Wellman & Hurle's
hotel building.
F. J. Smyth, editor of the Moyie
Leader, came np to see the circus but
had to return ou thecvenirg train, so he
missed the show.
Mr. McRae, ol Rii.l & McRae, left
for Winnipeg yesterday to secure an additional grading outfit for work on the
North Star branch..
Hazelwood Butter at the Fort Steele
Mercantile company.
The East Kootenay hotel has just put
up an attractive sign,     Mr. Richuuls
always enterprising and  his hotel It
favorite stopping place.
The giant in Main's circus, who
showed by his appearance while here
that he was a very sick man, died while
the circus* was iu Macleod.
Sam Gibson lost the three links and
gold bible olT his odd Fellows charm
The finder will p'ense leave it wilh Mr.
Gibson or nt The Herald oflice.
"Judge" Call, nf Moyie, fell into the
lnke Tuesday, while attempting lo
take the whistle off of G. Campbell's
steamer for the Lake Shore compressor.
A. Leitch, Sr., has returned from a
trip to his old home at Oak Lnke. He
saya lhat Mrs. Leitch nnd the family
will coma to Cranbrook, nnd he will
build u residence at once for them.
J. II. Laidlaw slipped on a dump
board one day last week and struck Ins
right bnnd on  a broken bottle,  badly
1 that In
George Bremner lefl losl Satuiday ier
brief trip tu Lvtbhrl g'*, returning
Dr. Robertson, superintendent of Presbyterian missions, will be here tomorrow and will hold a meeting at the Presbyterian church Friday eveuing, it 8:3"
A person feeling like having the fever
Bhould lo*e uo time iu trying one ol Mc*
Farlaue's vapor baths. They will-dispell thut languid ft-. 1 ng and give new
lift uud energy to the system.
A reading of ihe arrivals u* the Craubrook hoHs would convince snyoue
that Ctaubrook is the ceutial uolut for
the district, and the piiuci.itl hunines.
Messrs McDongal nnd Leitch hnve
been driving over the line of the North
Star branch this week looking after ihe
bridge work for which lhey have the
con t met.
Fred llowtic*, of Kensington, P I , is
In the city the guest of his friend li. II
Sin ill .Mr. Hnwnes is most favorably
impressed with the west nud the lului*.-
..I Craubrook.
f Fernie, have opo"'-'
. at Kind"-'--     the
Joyce Broths
< bianch liusi
Ferine; Geo Monllnws, J 11 Hough*
Kimberley; J no Coutteinanchc, J
It Kikiun, S Goldblum, Wardner; W S
Cranston, Chas Burt, H Mathews, KJ
Dutton, W West, Jas \V Hntnlltou Nel-
  0 F Deanulnier, Joe Shea nud wile,
K Anderson, Thos Mitchell, W Mint
k ;'h, Moyie; O Mooncy, Creston; J Tel
fer and wife, Mrs Hartley, Moyelh : C W
Smith, W-Goldblum, W G Wnuham, W
II Kelson, B C Kelson, Chas Posterns,
Montreal; Frnnk Hogau, C Grant, C l>
Porter, Spokane, Wash; M McFudyen,
Jaffray; SS Arnold, J Green, Toronto;
W S Adams, J F West, Adam's Ranch;
J Wnlle, Mrs Currie. Oilgarj; Jno D
PaiVer, S tutor Croi;z Hamilton; C R
Todd, I M Coombs, F H Ross. Winnipeg. J F Armstrong, Mr Mathew and
fnmllv, Fort Steele; Jas Balfour, Lenox-
villi'; T Love, Union Jack; Jas Thoma
sun. Brandon; J 0 Giroux, Loop; K Mc-
Ull nan, Medioine Hal; R McMillan, El-
gin; Frank C Robertson, Montann; J *
Maugan, Anuprlor.
■   1 ,...*! |ft*
i thcli lliif,
in suciirltlt-
.M. Tiernev, of Nidsi n, general ngenl
i ilu- Lethbridge Coal company, wa-
i town yesterday arranging with
the distribution »f
lie is
' ilu
liriirj-e   llll'lllliei   fi
coal iu Ctaubrook.
Rev, .1   li   Cnombs prenchtd
Prcsbyterlau church last night
nuptlst missionary, and he answer
question "Whut is a Christian?"
satisfaction ot all.
K. II. Kltuti, of Fori S'cele, \
town yesterdny, Ik* adiiitlled li
Hutchison ou the quiet that lie
ilu* opinion th.it tho Nortli Star brunch
would be built from Cranbiook.
There is considerable coiiip'niul about
ihe wanton distinction ol dt-er iu thi
section, many being killed for ihe tilth
,uul hums. As deer ure out of senso;.
now, ilie low .should lie enfoicid.
MhsMatgarel Keay left Tuesday foi
Vancouver, after a pleasant visit with
relatives in Cranbiook. Miss Keay
made many friends in Cranbiook wlli
will be pleased lo see hor return.
V.m should see the new porcelain balli
tub ut McFarlane's barber shop. Il i-
ihe only one of lhe kind iu K.si Kuote-
nay and the best equipment tor heating
One can enjoy n hail]
ith such niodi-i
W J Ullio't, M W Chilcot, J A Keller.
J A Keilllill, I. Neece, Chas A Morris,
Dave Warren, M Nuhills, Chas Thomas.
Chus Fales, A Abrams, C K Brown, E
O'Neil, D J Fitzgerald, Main's Circus;
\V 11 Rutherford, Brockville; G A Be.k-
en, John Linidy. 1'' II Beruite, Creston
11 Pollard, Goatfel; K Smith, Modcc; \\
A Whitmore, Wm Ktlbrey, J R Pollock
J Duffy, D Grant, N Roach, G Lumph
rie, D McDonald, Jas Joyce, Miss M
Williams, Fernie; Harry Morgan, Bis
sells; M GHHese, Horlon; I'eter Rabl
cband, Ynhk; Peter Lund, Lund's Camp
W J Smith, Nelson; R G Shier, For
Steele; J F Boyce, Calgary; T Dristol.
J Kennedy, St John; F Steele, Winni
peg; Freil SlotighloH, Culubogie; A Les
ser, Webbwood; S Hammond, Nelson;
J It Gull", Dominion City; J Carson am'
wife, Edmonton; A Hall, Moyelle; J C
Courlermanche, Wnrdner; Edgar Stal
lard, Mission; Kd Stubbs, Cuitibermere;
J Rosi, Neil Mctjuarry, McNubh's Cuniji;
W C Williams, Murray Phillips, Sullivai
J Grice, II J, Cummins, W R Ross, Ii
J Cann, Mrs So per, Miss Stella Soper
Miss Anna Durick. Geo Shier, A Doyle,
Geo Geary, Wm Ki.ld, J C Brawlield, P
B Cook, Wm Lee, A L McDermott, 0 A
Francis, Dennle Conway, Jack Gilltnore,
II W Barnes and family, Win Cariin, J
D Carlitl, Geo Carl n, R Mcl.eod und
Wife, Steve Hanson, Fred DeSourde.
Alex Goyette, II H McVittie, G II Gilpin, Fort Steele; J W Gordon, Chas Kstmere, Kimberley; Ueil W„iren, Napolian
Royal, Seattle, Wash; W S Cranston, D
J Khuer nml family, F J Smyth, I' V
Smyth. DJ Leah, A II McDonald, J M
Lindsay, J Fran1/,. W L Reid, Robert
Mills, W S Morrill, Thos Raider, C
Kauffman, J Wllliaiiishurst, chas Rix
ford, Geo L MrGregor, Moyie: Howard
Cbopman, Victoria; J II Fisher, S Ast-
lield. Montreal; DCorsan wife and fam
ily, Trail; A ti. Kennedy, AG McKei -
ney, Toronto; Ralph ILirron, W L Park'
inson, J R Pollock, Snn Francisco; O L
Chapel, Mrfl J Howscn nnd family, Mr
and Mrs Higby, Miss Sliger, Sheep
Creek; N Hanson, Wasa; Wm Knbery,
Cri'sloii, C B Bishop, Cranston.
W A McKiiiuou and wife, Crows Nest;
A C Cooke, J S Craig, A Lett, Jus Fai
coner, J Mellon, J A McDotigall, A Mar
fa si k--CJ;aay,
Andrew Smith, Mm»» ,, Capt C D
MPford, P S S' .i.urs, U Mills, C K
Farrell     -"..OR   Ruder,   J    M    Llndsuy,
M ...-; IInub Smith, Calgary; Chut-.
Doyle, Tlioi McGarcti, P K llu/.-l, Fred
Toby, Thomas Murphy, Nelson; R
DelUpsey, Fort Steele; LT Mch'urlane.
l,fthliiii|Ki; Thos Harrows, London; G
I- McR e, Ottawa; !■ V Morris, Brandon;
N li Uit-scher, St Albert; J F Kvans.
•ipokane, Wash; O Dillon, Ft William;
E II Mullin, Regiun; N m Osborne, Ferule; M 1- .McMahon, Winnipeg; Thos
Rniidle, Chas Rnndle, St Thomas; Rev
Puller Ou ■ lelle, Mission; J F Taylor,
Perry Cteekj A R Brown, Mucleod.
ii true,
, that cm
i ii.wuy
i.i blmiiuw uf h lliilitutng-
rsui tlio iik'ailovv tang tt
hopuful un.l they lieeiltd
,'im' it* ti.ii.'.s were mil nml niourufnl in iiit-
waters rulluil aiuii-;.
ilu- breezes, too, were ladau, t can uuw recall
ti.uii High
I'liul Naturesliutild sj siutden, 1 loukl iee no
icas u why;
fliu i.ir.i.i w. re also elicprluss, ami iiie> suuu In
ilalultil mi um.
iiuj uiiiiili-ii, imt wiiii clearness, "They will
nover ineui a«Uu."
n! wns tlie sinner truthful Uicu as when his
Lings are gay.'
ihe ii alii is ..ii too rueful i mere ui.i surely
When i im- two youthful lovers  who were
s itMllliif hati.l InllUtltl    „     -3;
Win meit ngnlu where hover darts from Cupla'a
mystic strand,
i.miH vents «.r loll and walling, loo, or iiliit-ss,
grief ami | am,
scorn evi-r in i.e saying, "Ah: meir. aril.ly hopei
llu.l they lhe warnings h eded whilst beneath
ili.ii wilting uei-, _ ;
Ami never, never parted, but 'twas ail then
i imt raiting, tn bo lender, end their vows ti.
llrm unit fun I.
lhat should lhey inert lure never tltflj would
meet again heynutl
Where time Ihuvs undivided, kiums no nioinent\
hours, nor dnys,
uid )iii|.|liie s untneanired finds nn ->nr,iug(if
,a b.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk nl romineree mis.       oiiamiisook
r.i:: reduction in
ih ii tirade Movements ZZ
iingagemcnl and Wedding Rlnfa,
llroocties, Hracelets. Chains,
Blouse Sett, Etc '
Work Hint Cumin (iiiariuiteeil
to (live Satlsfai-tiiui.
W. F. Tate
Cranbrook ...JEWELIR
iiniciiii Wntcli lna|iootor r<»r craw N..»t braooh
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE jl jl jl
fj   {*$   Cranbrook, B. C.
"The S Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
Choice Fresh Fruits received three times a week.
Oats, hay, Hour and Feed.
Our grocery stock is complete and (resh.
dents' Furulshlnirs, a good range.
Hoots and Shoes well assorted.
Ut'ilitrt-il nala ni Ladies' Blouses, Ladies' Dress Skirts
i-veuuceu *sdit ui g|)d La(|jC8, Un(Jcrskir(Si
|^%r%!lt^!i5^^%'%?^ 1
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of XT'itth Will Be Held as Treasury Shares lor forking Capital
This company !i now being organized (or the purpose of acquiring and working the BLACK DEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists ol various shafts on the vein for a distance ot of 300 feet, all showing nre. The
vein is 6 feet wide, with a feet ol solid galena ore,
Samples of ore can be Men at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and The Herald Olfice.      Promoters stock Is now nn thc market
at 2*4 CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars Inquire of
Via Cranbrook.
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
line of	
Kootenay and Algoma Gold Mining Go.
Head Office at Cranbrook, B. C.
Capllal Stack, I.Wtl.W shares at par value ot il each, NON- I lacoraaratcd aaftr Ihe law, ol British Columbia wilh 00a per'
AStSSABI.H. aonal Liability.
PrcalJeat, A. Leitch, Sr., Eaq., J, P., Prealdeat Craobrook Lumber Co,   Vice Presldeot, M. Mclooea, Esq., al M. Mclaaei 4 Co., Craabrook.
Jane, Ryao, E.g., Cranbrook; Ueorge Bremner, Eaq., Cranhrook; J. H. Klaj Esq., M. D„ Craabrook, J. R. Coallfaa, Eaq., Q. C, Cranbrook;
T. T. Richard,, E,q„ Craobrook; F. E. Slmpsun, Esq., Cranbrook; John Leask, Esq., Cranbrook;
Hu|h D. Henderson, Eaq., Moyie; A. J. McArthur, Esq., Paisley, Onl.
Solicitor, J. R. Costlfan, Eaq.. Q. C, Cranbrook, B. C. Bankers, Tbe Cnnndlna Bank ol Commerce, Cranbrook.
Opposite Craabrook hotel.
McVittie & Hutchison, Official Brokers.
John Hutchison, Sec'y.
Now developing the Union Jack and the St. George claims near Cranbrook, and the Kootenay and Algoma
claims near Wanita in the Trail District.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
ottlGfm        ""
dt dt Furnishings, Clothing,
dt dt Boots and Shoes. ...
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Pioneer Hardware Store
We heve a few*.
left.   Will give you a bargain in them.
The filet are here and the season
is well advanced.   We will sell
Screens, Doors and Windows
........at cost.
S S G. H. Miner
(*>♦*> «»»J«tt««»l»»«»H-»»« * ♦«>♦■»■♦•.>■*>•>••» •>■»■>• M«<
The Empire Mining Company, Ltd.
CAPITAL $500,000, IN 2,000,000 SHARES OF 25 CENTS EACH
s   s
This company is being organized for the purpose of developing and working the EHPIRR
mineral claim, better known as the FAHOUS MAJOR STEELE PROPERTY, situated on Sand
Creek, two and one-half miles from the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
25-foot vein of chalcopyrite, assaying from 8.36 per cent
copper, 9 ounces silver, trace in gold, to 23.79 per cent
copper, 37.6 ounces silver, and $4.90 in gold.
The company has a strong treasury of 750,000 shares. A limited number of shares are
now placed on the market at 5 Cents per share.
s   s
Por further information apply to
n CHAS. ESTMERE, Promoter
Kimberley, B. C.
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Trustee Via Cranbrook
Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C,
j 11,, ,, ■ 11, ,, ,1.111,       — ...-■. r.« is


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