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Cranbrook Herald Sep 1, 1904

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NUMBER   _':$
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hor. Geo. a. Cox, Prut-tent                      B. K. W.us>, Ota. Mm.
Paid  Up  Capital   U.7MMM
Re.t     nmumm
Total   Re„,i,ri*e. Nov. .ill. 'll.l     RJ.tU.Mt.lt
Deposits Received.   General Itankinj* Business Trartucted
SAVIN.IS BANK DEPARTMENT   Deposit, Recited - Itl.rMl Alltwtd.
BANKING UV M All. -l)o>_>IU may l«- iinnii- nml witli.lu.wiiby_.il.
Out.iif-i44wii iii'i'iiiiuis I'l-i-i-iii- overy nttotttton. .Jt.iiii.Miiiieaiiuui _t-lra_
tu Hit ii,iiiui|i,-r ul Hu- Uranbrook bmnoli will reeelve i-roiu-jt atttatiua.
I Capital, Paid Up               $3,000,000                      t
I Rest                                $2,850,000                    *
| T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager
I        A general banking: business transacted.    Drafts sold avaib-
tble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    5pwlll
attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
i**.'9-3*5*9iS'3*3:*S:*3-3:*5i3*ai3:*Sa-3a'aaa*9 9"
our stock nml you'll iiiul somo of tlio boat bargnina ever heard of. We're
bound to make our present CLEARANCE SALE ol men's furnish-
im**" co attractive the goods will go.
You'll Ir* surprised at tlio low prices nn elegant Underwwr, N«uk-
wear, Handkerchiefs and other things. They've juat got to go to make
way for tht- large Hue of new gooda booh coming. It will pay yon to buy
what you want and atow it away: gooda ho good ami prices ao low.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Beale & Elwell
Offer For Sale
l-'rom IJIko lo Oolden, desirable farms, ranches,
homes, town lots, residences, limber lands and
other splendid opportunities (or the investor, situated aliiiiR the surveyed route of thc Kootenay
Central Railway, Ilie construction of which will
increase the value nf these properties a thousand
fold. Make up your minds quickly and buy now,
whilst we can offer lhem cheaply.
How About a Watch...,*
It yoo don't own a watch, or woold like a better one than
you have, Ihe variety and beauty of the time keepers In
our display and their attractive prices ought to induce you
lo come and see them. It pays to buy the belt watch you
can afford. Wc have no watches at ar.y price that wt
cannot warrant to keep'accurate time** .* J* ** ** j» ****
WILSON, the Jeweler
"Titm1 tuiil tM- wnit for no man." Don't be
beliInd timo, (or it iloewTt pa;. Our vhoice
v.i'ii-lii'N will li»l|> you kettp on time. The;
nn- ju'i'f.'i'i little -wiiti'li i-hnrma," and keep
accurate time, A variety ol innumerable lit*
He "flnorlea" in jowpleryean be viewed by calling nt. om* store. We have many beautiful
'ivmci'ii t e.hi-nrt hu in] other brooch ornamentn,
t ie I'liiHjm, .liitiiiuiiii riiiK-, eiit-ringi, etc. that
will[openyoureyeain wonder. You'll find
tun* prlocs for jewelry very n*nnoimbln.
m. f. Uate,
Jeweler and Optician.
Ollk-lul IVulili liiH-wcturV. P. R , CrawiNiat
P.,. HivLiu,.
All unknown things are niugn
tic-tmt. Moro ie the |iity. Th,- ol.l
adage take* a new lease of life in
unes memory uft.-r u trip througl
Ute Ht. Mary* valley. Anil yi-t, it
not the valley really unknown tu
forty niuo fifties of those wlm live
at ita vory purtal,.....! wlm nr<- vital.
ly <-on.vn.wl in ita resources upon
which when all ia said ui.-u.ib eu
much for the prosperity of Cruubrook. Still, the ui.ki.owi. for the
iunguificic.it; if wu think uf scenery
up oou.ee Swit-u-rl.ti.il or Northern
Italy in our mind's eye, by the
power of suggestion l-uru of persistent advertising, while a very
wonderland of U-uutiea lit-e within
un easy score of miles of us, unknown ami unvisit.-d. i-x.-upt by
thu trapper or tho prospector. Wu
have no time for the beauties of
life or tho poetry of things. Whnt
wo wuut.you and I ami thu man in
the itreet—is the cold persuasive
coin. We want to know where the
raw material for the almighty
dollar if to be found. The man
who unites the rock with his pick
aud shows the ore for which the
smelter and the railroad will reach,
the grasp, and struggle, is the man
for us, though you and I may take
it easy while the pioneer sweats
and spreads his blankets where the
stars can watch him without tho
obstruction even of a tent. We
may reap where he has sown; you
may be the name father of the
town where the prospector has
built his shack, but he shall have
hatl hia reward, for nature hns
whispered her secret in his ear,
which is peace and the mealing
But the stuff is there in the valley of the St. Marys. It holds the
elements whereof the wealth is
spun; lumber by the million, aye,
and the billion feet, and unknown
quantities of the ore of the pre,
sent essential metals, the Red
King Copper. There is gold
there, too, and silver in the galena,
while rumour speaks of pli.tii.um
in the serpentine hard by White-
fish Creek, the King Copper reigns
supreme and every claim is his
Passing west over the bridge nt
Marysville, the country does not
suddenly alter its chnraeter. preserving its rolling outlines and
general park like appearance so
remarkable ..round the Mission.
Gradually, however, tlie forest
closes in hiding the mountains,
but those monurchs suddenly shut
together like n titanic vise ns the
eastern end of the lake is reached
and crowd the wagon road into a
puck trail and push the puck trail
tight between terrific rock slides
on one side, and the loveliest water
in British Columbia, on the other.
Then you look up und around and
about on the right the precipices
shoot up iu spires and buttresses
of splintered rock into tlie crevices
of  which, the pines strike their
rootB ninl ap'-cur t<» struggle ties-
■lerately fur u timtlmld.M.ay up it
ili/.zy thnuBund feet aba > tin* trail.
On that side yuu get a '-int of tho
barriers which nature o*ui raise tu
guard Iter Bi.litud.-s and h.-r treasures, and whut wurk it Involves t.
overcome them, I hi the left li.-i
the pint-id wuter. it mile ur twu ii
width, sleeping as u i, rn III,*. I ub il
frozen. Some few yards mil t
alter the  words   of   Wonlsworl
T.I4- Lunil un IWMl Sl
Float, iloubl., Iimii rn
nl wild
Further off a little trip
duoks break tin- surface with p
tiny ripple of wuke ami carry tin
eye acruBB to the far shore, when
the forest 1-cgins ugiiin and mils.
shoulder on shoulder, billow on
gigantic billow, over higher ones
away up six thousand feet and
more to the feet of the bare pinnacles clasped with tlie snows mul
immemorial ice of the glaciers of
old time. Nearing the west end
of the hike tho valley opens out to
the southward where tlie deep
green of the meadows of Meuoham's
ranch gives n most delightful
pastoral note to a most fascinating
scene. You feel thut this is the
veritable portal to the happy hunting grounds. You know in your
bones thut this is the place for
bear, und deer, nnd geese nnd
ducks, and every vnriety of game,
ns sure ns thut heavy splash iu the
water beside the trail speaks of
excellent fishing. Y'ou forget
about lumber and ort-B, and are
stmck by the pre-eminent gootl
sense of the party of ladies und
gcntlcn.su who liuve Bet up their
tents by tho lake's edge for a true
holiday und u taste of tlm tonic of
quiet and rest which lives in this
valley of all delights. Here and
there in the trees aro the holes cut
for the bait for the marten traps,
"post offices'' ub u tenderfoot once
called them—and in the ...ore
secluded places the pen of u hear
trap. Here we are at the ranch of
the Meuchiim brothers, sons of the
sea, divided Gael, rich in Gaelic,
rich in science, rich in everything
front un insight into ull the isms
und the ologies to the profoutulset
skill in the making of a bannock
or packing a cnyuse, the richest in
true Higlund hospitality. It iB
good to off Buddie here uud decide
to leave the object of our quest--
the dollurs raw material for another day. As the night dosed
down the roar of the forest fire
ucroBS the river comes like the
thunder of waters, blotting the
stars out with its suioke and making tile moon like a huge dish of
burnished copper suggestive of the
DioB trie. l'oo must have hail
some such scene iu his mind when
he wrote.
Over tin* miiiiutiiiiiH nf tin* iiuiiiii
Hill- II   Illl' *.»... '4   lllllll* .1.14.1,,41
Iliil,, bulillv i'iiii-11 vuii iiiiuiii llml
Tin*   Iini,! nf 11 ll,l|,..|4,
In Monday then- will Ih- ii
large number of visitors iu
Cranbrook from all uver tin-
district. Tlm Herald extends
tu nil n must cordial invitation
tu call at its new building on
linker street, where they will
be able tu b.h- it modern, up-
to-date printing plant, installed iu a building erected nud
arranged especially for the
newspaper business.
The Herald has now one of
the best equipped offices
owned by any weekly paper
in Western Canada, uud nv-
eryone connected with the institution, from the Old Mun
to the Devil, will take pleasure next Monday forenoon in
showing yon around the
premises. Bring the ladies
und children. They will enjoy it us well us the men.
At the manse.'un Mondny. August 29th. by the Kev. W. G. W.
Fortune, Harry W. P, Whyte, to
Ethel Hewitt, both of Cranbrook.
A quiet but very pretty wedding
took place on Tuesilay of this
week at the home of Mrs. -1. Swin-
nerton, Moyie, the Rev. W. G. W.
Fortune officiating. The contracting parties were John De-tail and
Miss Marion Gougeou, The bride
was very becomingly dressed in
white organdie, while her going
away gown was of navy blue ladies
cloth and black chiffon picture hut.
The bridul couple left on the afternoon train for the east, when, they
will visit friends in Owen Sound,
Toronto und Duudalk, thc hitter
place the home of the groom's
parents. Both nre well known in
Cranbrook and are universally
respected. The Herald extends
congratulations to the hnppy
At the mans.., Wednesday, Aug.
81, Rev. W.G. W, Fortune officiating, Arthur Edwin Carter and Miss
Cora Ellon Gardner, both of Mnrysville.      	
Ncw Material sad C-._pete.sl Men.
The Herald is in receipt of a
large invoice of now type, borders,
rules, ornaments, etc, including
the latest in type manufacture.
This office has enjoyed the reputation from the first of being equipped for the demands of the district,
but today it is in better shape than
ever for pleasing the people with
up-to-date work. Not only is the
office 'equipped with machinery,
and type of the best, but the gentlemen who have charge of that
part of the work are artists in
their line. They did not pick up
the trade, they acquired their
knowledge by years of work in the
best printing offices in Canada and
the United States. That is why
work turned from the Herald office
pleases the people,
Thursday, September 1, 1904,
Mrs. Lena M. Bowuess, wife of
A. C. Bowuess, aged ill years, of
The deceased hus been n sufferer
from the drand mi.li.dy fur the past
six yenrs. After living in BuBton
for awhile Mr. Bowuess removed
to New Hampshire in hopes that
the change of climate would prove
beneficial. For a time this proved
to be tho case, hut again she began
to fnil. Then he came to Cranbrook, and for a yenr or more there
was a murki-d improvement, Finally tiiere were signs of physical
failure, nnd gradually she became
worse until this summer when the
progress of the disease wus more
marked. For the past few weeks
she hus been confined to lu-r room,
uud this morning death came
B.iddenly to her relief.
Mr. nud Mrs. Bowuess were
married iu Boston iu 1806. There
is one child, Arthur, aged five
yenrs. Mr. Bowuess has done all
that a kind husband could do to
lighten the burden of sickness
borne by his wife, and lie lias the
sympathy of the community iu liis
Tho funeral will be held Saturday morning nt tlie Presbyterian
church, at 11 o'clock. Rov. Fortune, officiating. The remains will
be interred in tho Crnnbrook
A Larfe Timber Deal.
Spokune, August 2(5.—It is
understood that Samuel R. Stem,
representing Spokane parties, hus
closed a deal for the sule of 18,000
acres of timber land loeuted on the
north fork of the Clearwater river,
Idaho, to tlie Saginaw Lumber
company, of Saginaw. Michigan
It is estimated thut thore are .100,-
000,000 feet of timber on the land.
This is the largest deal over consummated in the northwest and
will be the means of bringing u
large amount of capital into tin
wilds of Idaho,
Tht People Skoald Never  Let  Up In
Tlieir Efforts.
Simply because there hns not
beon u fire for two or three weeks
is no rent-on why people should lot
up ill their efforts to provide apparatus for protecting the town in
case of conflagration. Eten.nl
vigilance is the price of safety.
and uo mnn in this town can ufford
to lose what he has by lire. And
whut is more, tho work of saving
the town, either at a tire or between fires, Bliould not be confined
to a few willing souls, who perhaps
have little or nothing to lose by a
disastrous fire, aside from their
positions. Tiiere is too much of
that some time. There is often a
tendency to treat a committee appointed l.y n public meeting as if
the members, when soliciting funds
were securing the money to put in
their own pocket. Just stop and
think that that committee is giving
its time, and as a rule they are
composed of men who are busy individuals, for the benefit of the
community us a whole, and for
which they do not receive one
cent, -lust stop and think if you
hnve ever given up your timo
when you were busy, for work of
thnt character. Just stop and
think how you would like to be
put off und asked to come again,
snubbed or sneered at, spoken to
shortly or treated as if you were u
nuisance instead of being foolish
enough to give up your time for
the benefit of others. These are a
few pointers for the citizens generally. Get together, work together, stay together. That iB the
spirit thut builds up towns and
.nukes a happy, nnd prosperous
people. The town needs fire pro-
tection and needs it badly. At an
enthusiastic meeting, with the reflection of the flumes still in the
sky nnd fenr iu every heart over
the narrow escape of the town,
there was a unanimity of feeling
over what should be done. Don't
let the feeling die out. Keep it
up and do all that is possible to
protect the town. It may cost
a little money now, but again it
may be the means of saving
thousands at no distant day.
Cranbrook could illy stand a fire
ut this stage of the game, The
town needs protection.
A Big Job.
The Herald office was moved to
the new building the past week,
uud it wus u big job, especiully ns
there wns no cessation in the regnlnr work, both newspaper and job
work going along ..bout us usual,
there lieing only a slight delay. If
tin- paper is not up to its standard
this week, attribute it to the fuct
thnt tlie editor iius been working
nUnit 1 "> tu 1 fi hours u day at everything ubout a printing office in the
endeavor to get everything straightened out. nnd he never would have
succeeded hnd it not been for the
liunl work of his faithful associates, '	
Rev. Sloit Will Remiin.
J, LeRoy Sloat, who has been
supplying ns pastor of the Baptist
church for the summer months,
has accepted a coll from his congregation to become their pastor
for the coming year. Judging
from tlie success that Mr. Sloat
has had in his new field of work,
during the past three months,
there is no doubt but what there |
will Iw a great work done in the
Baptist church during the coming
year. Mr. Sloat is holding special
services every night this week at j
8 o'clock to wliich all are made
Nothing further is nuw r*•* |nir,*, 1
to make Lid-m* Day a great sue
cess but good weather, The cum.
inittee has lieen very busy this
week arranging the final details.
ami everything is now ready for
the big day.
The trains will In- crowded on
Monday morning, and uu that dav
events will show that every road
leads to Crunlirook. Labor will
lie suspended, as employes ot every
institution huvc signified their desire to cease work fur once and
participate in the festivities uf tin
day. Fathers, mothers, brothers,
sisters, sweethearts, mid thc little
ones will In- here to see the shirts.
see the people, and have a day uf
pleasing recreation.
Lumbering Contests.
As there have been a number of
requests for information as to tin-
regulations in tlie contests iu which
tlie lumbering men are Interested,
the committee have decided to is-
Bue the following:
Chopping Contest A separate
log for each man.
Sawing Contest- -This will be on
time, Bunie log for each contestant,
and it will lx- uf pine.
Tie Making- Separate tie stick
for each man,
Log Loading—Tlio sunn- loud
will be londed by elicit crew nud on
time, on n set of trucks, bunks
alxiut six and one-half feet in
length. A crew is to Is- composed
of two loaders and one teamster.
A team will Ih- furnish.-d any
crew coming from n distance.
Parsde Notice.
I desire ull those who intend to
hnve a flout in the parade on Labor
duy to be ut the school-house at
10 o'clock promptly that morning,
so thut there will be no unnecessary delay in arranging tin- line,
Win. Small.
Marshal uf Parade.
Labor Day Notes,
The pony race promises to K- n
gootl one.
The grounds are being put in
good shape for Monday.
There will be ull kinds of fun on
the grounds next Mondny.
There will be u grnnd bull  at
Wentworth hull iu the evening.
Moyie will be depopulated on
I Monday.   All 4.; the people of that
' town are coming to Crnnbrook.
Tho parade will form nt the
BcluMil house, nnd S. McDonald
will officiate us innrehal of the day.
Dr. King, A. Leitch and ,1. A.
Harvey hnv.* consented to make
short talks immediately after the
parade, which will break ranks in
the si|iini-.* opposite tbe t'. P, R.
There is going to be a hot contest for thai ■*::'•'' prize iu the
drilling contest. There will be
three tenuis nntl perhaps more
participating nnd it is not going to
be easy money.
There should be 0 good parade
as it is a feature thai meets with
the fancy of the people. The
lumber companies made n good
showing a yenr ago uud will probably do much better this year.
Special Trains for Labor Day.
Tlu-i'. P, R. will give Cranbrook
everything naked in the way of
transportation I cilities ou Labor
Day. .1. S. i .,:-. 1*. th,. district
passenger ngent. Bpenl Friday in
town mul completed all arrangements, 'i'i' following s'K-cial
trains ami schedules have been
tixe-l for the day:
Leave  Ryan 1 :J10 a, m.
Leave Moyie 8:80 a, m.
Arrive Craubrook 9*45 a, m.
Returning, n special train will
leave Craubrook tor Ryan and intermediate 'mints .11 '.1 o'clock p.m.
X, >.   IKANl II
Leave Kimberley  7:30 n. in.
Leave Marysville  8:80 a. m.
Arrive Cranbrook 10,-OOa. m.
Speeinl train ..ill leave Gran-
brook fur the r, luni trip nt t*:16
p. in.
ruijNii: ro 1 bakbbook
Passengers arriving from the
last will come 1:1 uu the regular
passenger, arriving in Crnnbrook
nt 10:12 n. in. A special will leave
for the return trip -ast at 9:80 p. m,
A rate of one and one-third will
be given from all stations, tickets
on side September 'I. 4. and 5, good
to return up to the 6th, This
makes n most excellent urrange-
inetit. nnd everybody in the district will havi* an opportunity to
visit Cranbrook on Labor day.
M. Mclnnes had an inquiry last
week regarding the murder of John
Usher, gold commissioner at Kamloops, and n mnn mimed Kelly. 11
sheep herder, iu the spring of 1*"J\
by the three Maclean, brothers.
qunrter breeds, und Alex. Hun-. 11
half breed. Mr. Mclnnes wns living in that Bection in those days
and recalls very vividly the circumstances of thut early day crime.
The qnurtette hud stolen a horse
at Cush Creek ferry. A posse
started after them, and John I "slier, who knew the lioya well, said to
the the others in pursuit, when the
Inw breakers hnd lx*.*n corralled on
a hill, "I'll go up and arrest them
them without any trouble. He did
so uud laid liis hunt! 011 one of tli,
older McLean lmys. who threw him
to the ground. As he lay then
Archie Maclean, only 1*1 years of
age, walked up and placing urevul-
ver nt I'sher's forehead, fired, killing him instantly. Later. Charley
MncLenn killed Kelly ns they were
passing tlie tatter's shuck, because
the duy before he hud refused food
to the quartette. Afterward the
four were surrounded in n cabin al
the foul nf Duiiglus hike, und un
the 14th of November, 1878, tlu-y
surrendered on condition that the
Maclean lioys might 1k- allowed tu
buc their mother. Mr. Mclnnes
drove them from Douglus lake lo
Nicola bridge, where they were
turned over to the authorities.
They were tried und found guilty
of murder nnd executed in the fall
of 18T.I at Sew Westminster, nil
four lieing dropped from the scuf-
fulil ut one time.
A Notable Visitor.
New York, Aug. 27.—The Arch-
bishop of Canterbury (lit, Rev.
Randall Thomas Davidson I, urriv-
ed here todny. He was met nt tin-
pier by bishop Potter, Rev. Mor-
gnu Dix, rector of Trinity parish
and J. Pierpont Morgnn. As soon
as the Archbishop's baggage wns
pnssed by the customs officers, the
entire pnrty left for the Grand
Central station where 11 speeinl
train was in waiting to take them
to Quebec. This iB the tirst time
that nn archbishop of the church
of Engluud hus visitetl this
country. Ab head of the English
church archbishop Davidson stuud
ucxt to those uf royal blood,
Building Ip   Yunr Town.
Are you building upyour town?
If not. why nut'r Do you speak
hopefully of il to strangers? Do
you speak favorably ofthe town's
business houses and mines? Do
you patronize home institions, aud
home enterpris. b and home goods^
Du yuu believe in the capabilities
of tiiiiiL-s and j^-iijile here? Do
you applaud thn man who is trying
to build up something or do something for tin* country's betterment?
Du you do yunr share of the publie
dead-work a certain amount of
which exists in every community.
If yuu do oil these things you
are assisting in tin- material up-
bullding of the community
On tin* uther hand, if you buy
goods abroad that ought to liought
at home, il ynu malign men and
enterprise lust from petty jealousy
or pure cussedness. if you place
your business with outside agents
"who flatter yuu a little, ruther than
with those who maintain offices in
your midst, if you refuse your tine)
and talents to help along public
movements only to criticise those
who do. yuu ,'iif nol assisting in
tin* lN-tii-riiii.it of things, Vour
ideiiB mny differ from others, let
the public huvc the benefit of them
but don't sulk if thoy are  not ac
pted. The majority is more
liable to 1k» right than yon, so let
majority rule.
' 0 sii*; in his chair
nis ai the govern-
public officials, at
at proposed under-
Board of Trade, at
nt iln* benevolent
but him-
riie mnn wu
und snarls. Bm
meut. at   tho
business men.
takings ut tin-
the churches,
societies, al   evorythi
self is neither useful
al to the community, He neither
helps nor ndoms the town where
he lives. Dun't in-n deud weight,
don't be 11 wet blanket, don't t»e a
knocker, be n positive helpful citizen.- Greenwood Times.
Hits the Bull's Eye.
Feniie Freo Press 1 At n public
meeting held in Cranbrook last
week to discuss ways and means to
improve the fire protection,
twentyfour nun guaranteed to
pay $n0 each towards a fund for
that purpose, Truly n very good
showing. Why not go one lietter.
Cranbt'ook. Get incorporated and
give up tin- pass-lhc-hut system. 'nn: CRAxniiooK  ii! iiai.p
CRANBROOK   I1F.UAU1   ,     ■■    	
.:«■   ...   t-.WII   III:
■„ 1
,1. M   luni .   : ,   .
l/_~  /C!--*_~-__y»-W*-»*» :     he   Uiilil
M,. |llil '4
""' '     ' " p.,,       **.\11  right."said ?
, ,'uys
„,:. -        ......     I'll       "'"'
I,. ..i.l Ilii'ilit4trii-I. H lli.i*. '
il,ll„*|.l-l". -MUU-  -Ml""'." .I*™-"
I.  |,lll*li-.ll.*"   IH*" I"    I''"    »    " 'I
,„illrull.-l ..I.-.-I.U"I-   i" ll"' I '-1-1     N
111,,,,,'. 1  4   ...   1,1.1,4,  l.l.ll     lli.'l,     |-"H.
II .li.n'l li, '" ii, '	
„|,4   ,.,,1.14-1,   .,   14.*.,      ,--.-..   I   UL''     .HIM"'.!-'."
I 4  "I        '
• -  "      ' -   -
| Wo Slave Ho ises
.-. FOR .-.
I '
— Best ,--;     '0!1   ;  'Best 1
|j To your
Hull llllll IIII.I ) '.'    llliUll.llll. "
U'V|,MI,M„4,      I...*-     Sl      I.--I-
lllllll      l-l    I' II.    "'''    '    '     '
II.Ml.lUI   II '      I-"'    ""'-    1 """"
 Ill-IM   Illo-ll,"    I »    *''
,,.,,l-,4,-        Ull-     I "     I  ■'
''I'tViT.i.*"'. ■ ■ I- i i *"' '•
1.4.-,    K  IM'      -'"I     '".-'     .".IV.T.1    ' I      '
Tl,,. UlTllliI I.'- I' I*""-   ""''
luwi.rkU.il ll.'- '■ I'l"   U'-i-"''1 ''""''
vv, 1,411114 ll     llllllll     ■'     "IHU '''"'    "■'
, jut, n„'rk,   li — '-nii'i *"" .'"" "' 'll1111
i,v nml ,  kick, innl - I .mm' '""I- '"
"',',,., 4|4|. I I'llllllllllllk.
The editor ot the Hustings, Out.
Slar. had nn uy,- pul   mil   ri ml;
playing lacrosse.    Many uu  nlito
hns lnul liis eyes opetied,  Imi   thi
is lln- lii-'i ens ' inl  «'hei
..lie has lind un eye put out.
,,   ,,., iiiiiiulcs  rul.' "ii   ll"' I'""!
whore wo can  4.4i(ciy   lie luiiginp
of ilu- sl ' iithusinslic lislieriiinn
will I !; .iil»l«".    '''" i"1'"''
  I >.-,-In-. :in*l Vol! v, ill never I'm'
: thi  ll p."    I'm   :' ' didu'l   Id
In,,i thnl le I:   :   U"l   u . 'i lishiii]
i',,4'   |."l ,.,'  ij"  \4   US.  414,  ' "■•IM   l| i        ,
|, |l„, doclur will ilwuysie.iii-iuli.-r   _   REAL ESTATE AGENTS
Ebor Sniiili. nf nowspnper  inm
when Rosslniul   was  Inil   a  ciini|
is now lln- literary  representntiv
ul'   lln-   I'hillipiiu' exhibil   al   Sl.
Louis,    Eboi- keeps bobbing u]
'|'1,„ Nelson Ledge says that it
is nut necessary I'i '-'"! drilllk in
thnl town lu gol your name in iln
Store i*n linker Slrccl in. Rent    ,
Store Room on Armstrong Ave,    I
the llip     I'liey Inn     lie I nil |
,,,iii I,,,- S» ii     •   i nl   I"'' home.
Mr, Mclnnis led llieductorn inerrj
i,  ih,*  limlH-r, lilting
ll:c :..,;,ill CIV 'I, llli'l    loilgllS,
*. I,    line limber lu-re. ilucliir."
said Mr.   M.I **. L-l !  al   ll,.*
..ill,    444|.|   llllll'lt'ill'k,
Ves." a.-: ni,-i thc ductor, "bill
where ure lln* lish?"
*i irenl iiiutiiituius iii'iiunil lu-re'
»u      sled Mr, Mclnnis,
••They arc hut wliere nre tin
lis!,."  '
-Tliis ii hiiillhy exercise, com,
iiuiii.-1 Mi. M 'luni-.
-ll siiivK k" replied Ihedoclol-
■•Inil whore lire lln* ti.-h'i"
They worked over thc whole see.
limi nf country, returning I" lln
truck on lime tu cntcli thc eveuin'-:
trail., nud nol   a   HbIi   whs enught
The doctor hns gone h .-uud Mr
Mclnnis ha> pul   nwuy llis fishing,
Inckli-.    lie is through lishiiig. nnd  "P. revealing a showing ul  coppi
il is uneven bel Ilm Dr.Mcltuois   on- lhat l'Ivi-b   reason   I
>   ROBERTS  \
V   Rl
*\AAA J._ * ,1  .AAA M.VA, -r. <■ -~      5-, -
♦    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    i
Public, Etc.
|   Crnnbrouk. -    B. C.    i-
,  ,.-v„„'IW4 . *v ,v,,vv *..*, ,
Dominion Qroup.
.lohn 11, i nssiu nml I..  A. -Ini'
nngiii, ul' S|K,k.ii.i'.  ".'i'.'  i i
iliis iveek, un   tlieir  returu   home
al'lcl a \ l-il In lie property "li   si.
\l ivys river Ihut they ure iul
eil in. wiiii others in Spokune, Tli'
claims arc known as tin* Dominion
Group, ami arc lo.-iit.tl nbove 1 u
Si. Murys Inke u.-nr Meiichiiin'i
ranch. They hnve been thorough-
prospected, nud the lends openi il
...   .
"   ■    I-.- '.Knl \ j _re ' l S ijlv^
9? Slm
£*S    ri
I ■
.. niOlLVi <k> <_*£
...   :;
Nearest tn rullioarl sn I lepo c tntitodn*
lions ("•  Uu' public ■■■ '■
burs ■
'   V''.-?*?'   ■   ;: '.i-iJiuiici.iiiii.uiis
ilie ',-ii'ti! ^ Rollins
v /.ilk •
 -flCKLta I:"'  rai'*'!:  AND  MIRKC* with  thi    nroMACH.
j9b*otutmt»th**niyPur0Gtnn.ttlhti  Iwii m*Uiiiv.H     \   "    ,'''"l"1"'
„.,..,     ,*..,,.,: i,.,Mj. -. a- ."■ i •     T" '-'"i" 'I • ■' >*">■ it'll'** '■>• a
t-1 m | t Htamii,   t*«i u Blnglt &•■■««■ In ■ Unw.-i t.i it. ,
[■.•-;'/'!.1   Wil tiON A CO., MONTREAL, ri.r.ThiinjTi*,n ttunt*
j__is_____J3___:..aCi :G&.'h..}Gif:G G'G'
lu iv iui.] fm.. . j-.i "..'I'r.jol jiii.i Howiicss
;•-.■ _^__ES
Measurement oi Timlier.
nml works has Belli instructions  I"
c4,v..|- .nl    olliccs   extoniling lu
Koiileiiny the opet-ntions of nil acl
pussed in l',»i- regulating llic
nu-nstireiiieul ..f limber.
The m-l ivus intended lu apply
only in .lie territory west o( the
Cascades Iiiii lhe chief commissioner litis 1 icon led lo  realize  Ihc
ii|i, riiiiie,- ul milking similar in
'i'l-tie  I iVU>.D in- ~:^t:lwS'co!;!
iou polities wiih tm* I'cnne muni    Hi,ii||( 1)l]|( sm]] .,,.,;,,,, wi|| i„. „_.
cipnl elecliuii was a | ' I'i''' f hiruved li) the li-gisl.il.in*.
Politics had nothiiig lo     All  liiiibi-rsold Icui coiupiiiiy is
lo In ...
uu employe ul' lln* company. If
thero lie any dispule nboul the
liiensiirenienl appeal may lie taken
to ii supervisor. Tiiulicr ins|«'ctof
.1. li. Mni'tiu Is ninile supervisor,
nnd will he referee in nil nppenls.
At pvescnl il is pnividcd llml lhe
l-i-fel-ee's I'cci, shall be |-aid I.) up-
Snnie aincnilincnis life sought by
lliusc intel-i sled.   Scalers now pay
it license ol ■>_■ I as they receive
im   f  ihis seems  uni CBsnry
uutl unjust, ninl. ii is thought,  ilu
I',,,. „f the   Kiipervisor   should   be
Crows Neat Pnss Conl compnny  isl pnid b.v tin- |»irly  losing lhe up-
'°°k 8 ^- •T'^rthuTiiiitr^s
| beiietil lu lln* liinli'i' industry "I
Vide I K eniiy. lis il will iiinke
do mil the election. The niiijoi-it)
of those entitled I i vote wauled
Stork ninl lie was electi-il mayor.
Tin- Nelson News fell inlo lhe
error ol' making il appear Ihnl wny,
There are iinporti.nl reutureB in
every imuiicipnl i-l.-olion Uiul arc
ns far apart from Dominion politics
as a Biuldhisli leiiiplc is trom a
church ot Clu-isl.
The nppuiiitineiil  of li. U.  S,
Lindscv us general miniiigt'i'of lhe
Mr. Liudsey  lins  been   nil gini
director of lln* 00111111111)' for boiih
lime and is perfectly fuiiiilinr will
the wi.l-kinvs and scope of till
business. Whal is more, he is ;
man of olllTg)',  aliilil.v  and   I'aii'
nuns,  and   Will   have Iini '  '"
trouble willi the employes.
Ni-\l mouth  is the  lirsl oystel
I   dclillitl-   ti-iiiisiii-tions
Illill   jlllVII ill  Hie   l»lSt    been     mtllcr
iiil'iil'lual and iinliii-incsslike.
(iinni Lunntlry Work.
The Criinhroiik Slenni  Lnuudry
is now doing 11   vast   1111101111I   of
work duel" lln-lad ilial Ilu-)- hnve
now men employed wlm thoi ulily
 lei-stund Iheir  business and are
liii'tiing mil  work   llml   is giving
.        4-,ui,,cut Biilisfuclion Iii Ilie lieoplo.
ll'iii'luul work is innugnrnleil on i,y^ m,llmK,,re „,.,. detoriniiicd lo
the Kuolciiny r.-iili'i.l Ihis  lull,   it build up n g I   lnisiness itn-il
will iiiiiiii lunch I'm'Iiiul portion ot iilone, nnd lln*  progress  Ilial 111.-)'
the Kootenny Valley, ns well as Eor havi. lunile is ovidc  ul tin- fuel
allot East   Kootenny,    This .lis- "'"I jh.')'  an.  going  tc, suctiei-d.
I lie la liv   is owned   Iiv  while
'''i''1    "ls   uicrensHl  li"'iis|i..i'la-1,,,,, , ,!„,,,,,;,,   ,,v  „.|,il,'111,11. nml
tion facilities, and no |iortion ul il ,l9 ;| eoiiBeiiiience il is di-Bi-rving 1
ulVers lii'llcr returns I'm- a railway
at this lime thnn the projected
mule uf Ilu- Kootenny Central.
Slaii.l up fur y ' town, Imi   1.
du su siu-i-essl'iilly il is  nut   neces
Biiry lu l.i-lil 11.■ nny oilier coniinuii
ity, or lo  traduce any   individual
Sucl liimls  arc as obsolete   in
this dny uf  ailvaiiccinciil   as  till')
are despicable,
  j lie   lm,   |i,iiil a \i-il   In   lloyic,
,,       ,   ,,   , 1 ,. , 1. I,.1.,.. 1,.   where he hns i-xcil.il  Ihc milium*
I nine   11 I ra in uul\ lu I'cli'lil.ilc.   .. 1 ,    r ,1 ,
In,tl mill Wolllleri.ll'lll ul tin* |ieu|ile
In the iiiiu-velotiH  milliner he  lm*
I,,I,I lln- I'lialaclei'lsties nl'llie | -
.  -I'
Il44. |iiiti-oiiiige 4 I'  while  im-ii  f
ih.* [irnirii! in  Kuotenii) Lauding,
ll  is ll.tl;!' logivi'  si:|i|ml'l  lo such
un institution thnn to eneoitrugc a
Chinese joint where vour elolhei
aiv Bi1bj.1-I.1l   lu all l-imls ni' 1 ri'.il■
-nl llml du mil   comply with liu
liplcsl Sllllitnrj laws.
ilmi tic property is an exception
ally goal one. Work will lie in
aiiguratwl nt once, and enrried hn
ward all '.'inii i' iiinlei' ihc su 1 -1 'i
vision ui A. II. Jiirnngin. li wi
if iiecessnry I" lake in supplie
this I'a'.l nnil ihc compuny have a
l-nn-red For several tons lu I
cl ',,, before snow Hies. 'I'm- rond
Up the the Sl. Man-- vnlley runs
null- I,, lhe I'u,.! ofthe lake'nnd il
is ' -cssiii-y   1.1   puck  from  Ihnl
l-inl to lln- camps nbove. Con-
section li'iini ;i mining standpoint,
il semis strange ilia', lie govern*
in, nl dm 11 mil extend tin- wagon
Railway Per tin* Flathead,
Vietorin. Aug. :.".i.    I'-y   11:1  nr-
i-rngemenl renched   Ini.' mi Sntur-
duy L'venitig. trniispoi-tiition fucili.
lies fur lie new cual nml oil liimls
ul' Snulli.-icil Kootenuy itn-iissiii-ed
Two Byndiciiles,     represented I
I.v .lud'ge I'l'itier of Spokune,! I
ll' ther  I.v  Tcc',/,1'1 ul'  .'-.'■■
linvo |!.i"leil a  hundreil ..I'll..'
clainis needed by   lhem in I'nv
,1  Irnnsportntioii   conipnny  w
iiiidei'liikes in  n-t 111,1 lu build inl
Ihc  cual  ami  nil Iields and erei
,',.l >.'ns for lhe li'.'ulinciil ul'l
conl.    Tin-  mill I  lln- conipii
is-mil rul niniliililc.
Silver Plated Ware Free.
"I am well pleased uilli the pr.
iiiiuiii Bpoous. Tlu-y ure jusl lovi
ly." wiiic-, .Mice M. Cone of Otl.
wn.    And  well   iua\'  um'  tisei   1
I'; tin's besl nival food    I iraina
Meal he pleased wiih Ihc lieuvi
silver pliitiHl,tc-ii und dessert spoons
wiih Ihc l.caiilil'iil sugar sln-ils an.
new design butter knives whicl
aic given free with this popti
rood.     I'he mosl   nutritious 1
menls of llic   wheal   arc I Iiii
with   a   pal'ilalilc   Clll.ll.li.in    p
duet,   resulting  in   Ilm  tastiest
mills.   There's a coupon in overy
ic package, ninl liy means,if I
iipuni,   Ihc   valuable   pi-etui
I'm Side.
Collage,  near school, li 1 s
furiiishc I ur 111.fi.ri.ish.il. Applj
lu.l. K. Dickson. ii-ii
If you do
-.v.        ■.'...;*.   .1.^     _»'.__ W'U...iu.-
Cnn li.* taken either way.    If hot, place in hot oven
for a few moments, 01* serve with
warni null, or ir^ani.
- ■ mm
When mui visit u n opal    ..-        ^?
; ROYAL*        *'i:\G\
A None Bcttei !" Ihc [)li -i -t D
s, • Rates Si nnd up.   fllinrl OrdiM    nnd Oysters <$,
^. served In nny style li   ■< S p m, to An. in. ^k
** The table is the b it* tl isu  ■.■   ed for clean H
^t*' liness .nui comfort and lhe bar is   ipplicd with thi besl brand Hj
' •»>  ol liquors and civ>.irs. *^H
L. B. VANDEV.AR, Prop.        &
'-■GGGGlGSGG-xGli'..    • ___3___H
f^O'YAL HOT-   *
....MARYSVILLE, B. C.   1
■ Tlic Pioneer Hotel of ihe St. Marys Valley. |
ComlortAblc rooms.   Satisfactory dining     ic n service, and  the '".'i,
best of evm: *     bar, J
 ,  Jr.
: FRED DREW,      .'::       Proprietor. 1
iiiiinl  i'lirv>iinl,i|-isl.
I'rof. Cooper, Ilu- blind  phreni
lu-risi, liici returned I,, I'insl Kooti
Nelson isllii-cnlcncil will.
,.   i,      , pic ulm liuve iisked   im' exiiinliln-
,l1"'1"1"   "'     '»"    "'"''I"'"1    I""     |i,„,.      So blillll thill        lic'lllli.'S
auueo „t ih,< v.ulid niv lusl I'm ever I'i..in
his view, yel |i..s-;i",sini'. suiiic mysterious ; nil pii'v.-r.   I un   sec
deep inlu Ihc hum.in suiil and read
ucciiriitely ilu- human honrl thnl
Itiu* Crentiir Ins ilrnwn   epuu   the
The .lap is nialiim: Itussill loot,
like ll iiiiiii ill Bl'Vl'll ..'.'luck in lln
evi'ii'uiL' '-ih" hns eiidcnvoreil tu see
all the wiirlds fuir iu ..in' day.
ed.    Whal is thc I uiiillce iiuiii-;'
The Crnnbrook liounl ul' Irailo
head ,.f every individual. This
Thurstlny ni-'lil lie will appear al
Wentworth hall, and lliusc win.
uie piccni n-ill enjoy a un-al treat.
Ih-iii^ Back 'I'iiiii Crane,
II' tlic pni-ty  who  I.ml,   lln-   pel
ci'llIlL' Iimii ar Ihc I'insl K'uiili'iiiiv
shuulil lake up Ihc  mntter ol' cu-, |10tl,| „-j|| [tr\nf! \\ |,;,,-U „ii| | ,|,'..
teiidiii-.' the \m_ -ond up Ihc Sl.  lay. lliere will he nu trouble, as  he
Marys valley.    There is n bis? truth*I is'known.   Othonviso we will have
ill thut sci'limi Ihai is licili" lianili-;1"1"1'"1"'1 '       .       f   \|,|,(,.|k
capped l.y the goveriiiiicnl   railing
tueslend Ihnl   ron.l.     A   growing A D„ty"oiTSleel Kails.
town iniistk.iip lis eyo on tributary
,      *, i,  * | il    ,    ,1 \ iclul'la. Anil. Ll.      I he   I lllaw.'l
territory.        is a s lime Ilial   Ilu-: , ,
- . i'ni' rninenl todny issued u proclu-
mutter hns been lull s.. long.    I he ,,,.,,  hrh^ing into I'mvc the acl
load is ll ii Bsily ami iliuiilil   be 0f piiUI iiupusiiiL'a diilv uf Is7  per
built this Fnil. ti.n ou steel mils.
Cn.'il anil Petroleum Notices.
Nl4li....    I-     .1.1    1,4     I..T.-II    tlllll     lllll  I      I '411     V
.'ii.'.- ».•   1 I..  n|i|li   ic   llii'  .lil.J I'lllll.
|l|l«.i„'l|,|' 4,| |„l,,|- HU   I   ,,,,,|,-4,4,4|   4	
 llllli I-   III    l.ll     I-    I      111111,4.   Illl'   -lllllll.
.-..-I i-i."' .-. in:, i." a I'.ii-i' mil*™*
in. i ir mnl I |iiili„l„ii lm Iiilliin ii -
■I llmil I'm.I-. hlliliiliil   44,   il„- -,„n!, ,.,-t
 i'.i llrlil-l  i. I4ii„l.i4,.! in   l.. mil..,
..„.i ,,i tk,. nmii of I'.i.i.,.. Il.i      I uurlli
..I4.,l   ..   IJII    1141   ll,     l||„     Ulllklll     414 1 1
I»1H|   III  4.4441  |ll|]  I..HI   I.    Sl. 141     "-''-.IUI  4   I'ltlllll,
il .i< l   limii.l   l lili.  linn.    I I for
ll   ,- 'I iiiin. In Sn-rlliii* Miililn-iv. ..i-l
i In... II Hull**-.   Iiiiiinl fi. i luml imlrnl
,- Illl Illl- Ill    Mll.ll.  M  llllll',.  ll,-44-l   I-
 i.   'Iln-ii... ..ii ...in- - 1.   II c  -ii
4 .4,4411.   .M-l.  I,,,.,.,..    4-11    , ImlllH     III.   III. RIM
sii i-liuln, nui  1    1.1.14.. 4,1  l,„ulmiliiir,
 li in' ''.I". -   I i-.l 1 li:,.
llllll.     lm     Minn.     Hlllllll,     I.,    Slcililitt
Mi.nh.-i-** un.l. I,.,-. Mi-llulri*.
lilllli '   ""il  ' "ii
.Inliii   I:   M,l..i.i,'*, i„„ll,i,,..i  ,„,. ■   |„,H .
iiiliiiiiihiltM,.-.-. Uiiriii.-s  1I1-1™ hit       I'"1'"   I"1  '""-1   I"" "
|„,H.   I. ,.   S,l   I'llllllIK   .illllll.     I,,.   Sll     N-'l"" M.l.iliri--S    Ill-I'llsl   I'lll'lIlT
,.|,„, „,i. 11 ..sn ,.|,„|M „,„.||,.    j B I nortli "I,li*n Mnl'	
M>*-||,|||-»<n>,l    !,.    I   ll-iKlllllllIB,  "   '-ll'll.'"   Willi.,    ""'    «
lllll,Illi- lllll nrn-H.    I I,I4-,I  .\iiRn.l    llili.    ."   ■■   c   i...   s.l    llllllll.   iniili.   II
llllll. ll.V SliTllliB Millilll.iv»  .mil  UllllK.   Ml'    '  I Ilii'ltilllllllir. I*"
llllllll   4,mi   1,,41!   nml   j.,.11,,!.■. 11,   i-l
<|.,min, \V. Viin-i'iil'-i kiiiiII|.i.ii-i 11,in,.1 1
II    Jl.l4lil44.4.l,,l,l,   MllI-l-IIll-.   llllllll   II4.-I     rO
luiJl.  tli.licn   -.ii  '-I111111-    Hi. tlii*no
.•In-ill- -'- H.II    Sli clluillS  Monti,,  III
Illllllil     l-.-l      I'lllll    1111,1    I    .1.1114.    .1.1114
I   ,44:1,11   .'.li ill.'! -    Ill 1,-1   ,.,,UUT   |HISl.
lliljnilllllK   I c.l   lllllitl',   11.nl li,.u-i    ,- 1
,...-..    41.4...    l-ll    ■ IlllltlH   Hlllllll,    lllllll	
',.        ■       -I,       .14,4444-       III.      Ill'-IIIM    *ll
 I,    „.        .   Ic    |,ll I    III /.lll'll lllllll
1        -  4..1    '..     , l.|.l        HUH .,
.■,114141,- M ;i!i I I'iiiii*. Mi-Utilni.
1. llllll     1 I      I ■     ,||.| Iniin,
-    .1,11   ■        I-   ■..    '      .- '      I"
44.1 I|        i   IMl      ||||I|I|'<I      I Ml
[mnt,   11,. 11,4.   Mi ,1,1,11,4.   l.e,!!,.    ilirmi. Ml
.1.     ...     . ll   KM M.   111.    ...mi.   lllllliil
. .1-1.   t 1   ||| 1   I ,
1 .   li     in 44.... I.nci  in.   in,. Uml
.1 a; ..1.- I 1 !...- Ml iiiiii-
Inin a   — il  nml    -11. I.- -    rlniiii
Win,i.i-  V,.   IA',,11*.  -, lllll ic-,   , r   I'.i  1.
Ii. !...   Milium.1 .-	
.1. On.in- sii 11 - -1.11I1 . tin 114.
.-  I,,-hi, 1,1   |,il,,,.,il   '- h ir.   ' nil
Illllllil:     M   .4,4 14-.      |„4, 4,1, ,1   .I44-    I   illl.  I'.I.I.
•Iniin,   1,. .    .; 11   Mm I Iii uii iiiiiI Iiiim M,(Iiiii,..
Inlil.]   i„,-.   ro.il  41  .1   |n,|r,il mn   nln
M ,1   M-l...".'.    Hi 141	
 4. .1. '   II I ran'i 11,-4,-1 fori.
i'      1, Ml i-|i,||| -   11,,nil,  I',,-,-  Mi   .   nil
v.,-1.   I!,. nui    SU  1 ll ci M.    :lii 1111.   *
1I141 1;-,:,•.'. I., |*1 1. . ,,   I- ti'tiiiln-r, -.nil   i
lllll  i.l 1—     I- -.,1,1   lm:'.   1 "'.   l'.ll
li) Slnrllllil * ...iii,.11 i  , .   ' ,.        ;
Illllllil    |,HHl      mm!    m-l     [.-I''   I   lllll     l'l lllll,
  ■ .11'- "lllllll 1,1-1 I'lllll I    . .1   ll
i    lllllll     111   l.-llll   , 4   ,     ■
:■   ■ I ii.i.  MM       imi 'll.     Ul-     Ml
I'l 11-11141, ll .I'll ,.    II ■
  [ llll'l ...
1 .in '    .:      I .. nlinl 11.     ' uii I ,
li.vW„ililin Mi-lilii .4..4111.I1 In-   Ml	
Illllllil   1-4. I   llllll   1   11 ij iim
I- I      U' I...I-I4.   .; |,l„ll ■     I,
•i    nnl    . i         M lllllll    -1.1 lllll!
'   l.ll..-    4      '-I.    I"    I    I II	
li! r-M     I,iii-I11.-i]    lin.'i-l    ili'i   I'-'
HlwlillK Hilllll.--,   	
4. liunl    -.i.l   nml
I-    S    ImiiiImU'-,
iIiii-i-i-h.   hiirali-.] lm   1 ."■ I!
rM,111I.1.us nml 1 !i       V lln r,|
4 tin
lil   |H|H|    lull]   iiii.I     |.-l , il-lllll   r-1 ^, j in
' .    SlV4l|444i I 1 'i-    llllllll lli-l    l'lirill-1
iiiljiilllhlBiWllln  Mi liuil..-   1I1-.4M
-.    i    Ml     In,--   H ll.    ll,-.-.. *..
i-iihi    ni- so iliniim nnrtli. lilllli*..
iim wnnt., nu- "I l-Biiiiiiiw ■
( 4,1 ini'iTH. I ninl Ann'. I Hii. Hml
iTlliigMi.ltli.'in.'iuiill'liiU'. Mutlnlri*.
Iniilil   Iiml   - un!   1-I114I Inllll,I     iiiiinl   pom   .'inil mnl  i-lrultmn i-tnlm',
Mllllll   II     11,1.4.4 4.1-       ,,4,41,.4,4~.|     ,,4444-1   |..~ .!',..      ||,.|
lliliollilnir: lli-nril" W    riiironl'i. -,.. 44-4     ,1    1    1,1
 1  |l08l, tlll-lirc- Hll   illliill III.   lln 11   I,-,.   .Ml
mi 1*1 in  insl.  d,  su i-liuiiiH mmii-1    I.,-I    4i4,ni.i. si) i-lmins north,   lln-nri- si
llli'llii- Mil Illlili- Ui'Ht.. In   |ll ul li|.;iililli|.-      .I,, 4i4.1. Ill   ]ll I   lil'llilllUllU'.  Illill
< Inin 1111 Iiiiiiii.ii'H.   I uiul Aiiniml  Illli     iiiginilunri'tl.    I.i'i'iiti.!  AllgllHl  IMl,,.IIIIII
■™.     I...|.|il|.il  AllCIlM    lllll.
111; MnlllmuH mul ('Inm. Ml-
ilnul of ilolill  l: Mi-l.,-nl|-,i-lliini,
li I   pin. 1 I   l»
Mni-v M. Hioll'ii hoiiiIi i-n.l 1*
i-ini'iiir Holii-i-l   slmu'i-   	
1   .4,-1   ,.,.„l
Milium,'- m
■- Mnrf M. Si
lt,. 1-,  ,|i,v ..I onn
l.iiir   nil.lrpni.-l  n.  H rn1.1
in.l I 4|M|- - MH-     III.'Illll|i!
4,4.4   1414        llllll   Illl. Illllllil.    I.i    Illl.    "4- 111.-     I
441.li  lmlil III  I	
1 4,. 11,. J-,1 Ii.-l,liu ,.l o,l,,l,.r  III.' 44.1
mini,,, „,   ,  .mlulllill ;,i. HI
 .- .—".I  - II	
-.  ',       , ...„ I  1,4.. Ilu
ll.l '44 'll.        Um        I I  I'     <
ll llllll.
.1.4 444.-    I'-l:     I.!'.-'	
Oil!, l.ll     I.llllllll.ll'll"I
rliy ii.-i-i- I.
.1, I*  Aii.i.Umi
Stock Quotations.
I*',in,is!i4',l  l.y   I'lcalc.   .V    Klw. II
brohers. Crunbi-ook 11. 0,
I   444.
Ml   4
i   lu mini l».
.      I      *    -III
ii      um-. v
- li   nun.-
1  s"| si. ijhiVi	
■J'l,',"','" j I'll)' II..il
lllll nrrm,    I ulnl Ann.  I Itll,   lJ.UI,
i,.iliimMiilll„uu,i'.ii,li'l..i- Mi'-llnlii-.
ll.KiiLi-ni- Ml. Mni.'"	
WpHtprn Oil iinilConl V piuij-	
I'lllUlllillll (IiiiiI I'"J'l" 	
liili.riiiiliiiiiiil.l'iuil mnl I'ol.i'	
1),,mil,i,4i4  I'linu.li.lnl.'il  Iiii]
llllliurllil Oil iiiul I'niil I'liniiiiin.v    lilUm   I,.
l.'InUi I Vnlli-j' oil I..1...1-. Hi*v. ('.....       '-■'.   "'
Hales: 1000 Sbllivmi, 2000North Iim
nml nn* lllllll st it
! •" l ii'iin hnv
liapi .•*:-.'. i.-n. nn
i- | ....;■ _|nr ills-
.:. i'l- .1 .:;i,-liii'|(v
.i.*i i. I GXCC'CllllIK
■ 1 nmi sn.-h i.[hi.|*
iii I*.' Miui to nut
'   Illl   lU'ttl,   sifl.j.rt
y In' ajiDcllletl liy
uif i
III* I'i
r, Ottawa, Sept.
ui iin'
S A. SMAIir.
li*i'ollli«liitmli, THE CRANBRC OK HERALD.
NUMBER   2'.\
Wanted Immediately !
to*8811 Frilll   Tumi.  lliuuili4.1T}-. Il,,i,s,l.,iiv
•StilCurrunl lln.In*-, in    .1 1 .inr wn-klv :
M.S. In,-.     Tlinr,, l» l,ie .1 n. I In- >,.„ I,
Ht trostworUi} mui.
OVER onn ACltl-'H
W.-have, iiiiiii.i iiiiii, ni.,n ori-r0110nrn-a
Nurnt-rv Slm k. nnlii.im- n- .1 -I   mi'l
I*,. I  Villi,*!,!,   fill M.I,!,444,1    ,|..|  4 -.   ll    i.    |lll||||
luu    Wi, u ill ,i,,|,nu. n I-in .-i-i .,.. ,„
•n.i-l > I  Ii.-ic   i     I     -in    i|i in.
Illl.,, |,v,.|.v niliiini ii -  llml till   li I  tni-i
111.4-14 11 Il,|   III, II, \„|,ll    41,,4,   1     4
1*1:1 II ".M MKSIk-1 Cll . tiiMiiln, tint.
N   II     Will 11111..   141 I I!  ,11,. 	
ur tnr Ilir IliiinltillH ul   ..!„,... I. ,  .v. '
Repairing Promptly .Done*
l7oot wear lo Measure a Specialty
Now riL;s, gootl driving
and sadillu horses at
reasonable rate, < tin1
nimVill lie to give good
cart' tn all horses Bta-
bled wiiii us.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
Cranbrnnk Mriliinlisi Church.
Comer t>f Hanson Avenue lid Loula Street
Snii.lii.v 8,-rrlrni:
Iiiiiu., \r«ral,l|, 11 > \i
s lu.i s,l I :i i'. a
I'iiiii.- IV,. 1.In,.  7:1111 r. \|
I'iii-iIii.ii   i:,.ii,,uii   i.,.„n,„. ol Clirl.tluii
Kinlmvn  Simi,
I --lu.    _',■__.,■ fne/i-r llivllns ....  r. u.
1   ■ .. I...I   ...uii  la ..4I..11.I.-I 1.4 il..
l-iiatur, 8 I 'I'l i|.»..n
iniiilii.i.ik BiplfMl Church.
J'lii.|i,ll„iiiiin in ,ilu,|  ,,| il„. nm lun lmlil
in Ilu* llll'illal .'Inir.-li
Hunilii)      II  ii. in innl 7-10 |i
"."..In Hi'lmiil  ll p. ui.
1 miiiii; !-i,|i|,li>n H |i, iu. Tiicmlny
I'r .um M.i'iiim h -i.u, w,-iiii,«,iii
I'l-  l-lllllll   HI , .Il44.ll>     illlill-l   1"    lllll'llll
-11 Ill-Ill,,;-,
I'linliir, I'. W. Auvnilii-
Criibriiuk Presbylcrisi Church.
uililuuli Si-riiun: II n. lu. mu) 7.Jill |i. III.
-niiilii.i Si luml uml nihil, Diana Jl p. Ul.
Iiii-limi IJnili.|iiiir.*-riii,ailiiv H p. iu.
Tin* lUllilii-nri" I'liiiliuily iuvitt-41 to ItU-ml
ill Ilm Ulu-liuuH.
I'uslor, W. (I. W. I'ortuun n. a.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
ol repairing,   (live me a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
THOS. T. McVITTIE, I'.l 5.
Cbebuent Lodge No. 88
Cranbrook, B. C.
Woota and ant] -4,1. Tun-In; ut 8 p. ra. in
Ml. II. I-', hall.
.I.A.AiiMii.n, K. 11.«.
N. Ilu.l., C.f.
Viaitltlg lliiUIn nliiillyInvitnil lu nttnnil.
Crnnbrook Local Union 1241 of Ibe United
Rroiherbood of Carpenters ind Joiners
ot America,
}- Friday evening ut
'llii- lii-il  ll Ik
_|l. in, inl'. I.. I'. Ii
Vlailliig Dn-tlir 'iii'ilinll.i'liirilnl
I. A. l.l-ilHIV. .1. ll.MlllllVH.Ii
11 EC
I.O.O.F.    Key Cily Lod|e
No. ,11. Meets every Mon*
■n Z^*^**1 aay "If.1'* at ".tl-Bll- Imli on
linker street.    Unjoining
'iil.l Fellnwa cordially Invited,
s ■'   M rrow, W. II, MoParlane,
N.  tl. Sec-v.
Cranbrook Lodfe, Mo, 3.
A. F. 4 A.M.
Regular meeting, on t e
tliinl   Tliiit.iliiy of      I
■*.        moniii.
\ isltmn lm 1 i-i,n  -i-elcoineil.
J.I. A. IIkalk, Sec'y.
World's   Fair
Excursion Rates
Cranbrook to
Si. Louis    s m. .hi Chlcaic- S 11,00
Turunlu         87,31  Minilnal '1-4.111.
Halifax           l.'I.MI   Ni*» lurk IDI.IHI
— nu DAY8 LIMIT —
September 5, 0, 7.
(ur iill i-usli-rii points will also be
i|iiutnl going via Porl Arthur, nil
mil ur liiku routo, Rotiiniii.g snnie
or viu Chicago antl St. Louis,
For full |iaiiit:iil;u-i:i|i|ily to local ngcnls
0. Hillicr, Annul, Cranbrnnk.
J. S. GARTER, E. j.rnvi.i:
D.P.A., Nolson   A.O.P.A. Viuuoiin*
Dezall Brothers
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and      j
General Jobbing.... |
Outilde Orders Promptly j
Attended lo. i
Former!} 11        'hair
NELSON, '.',. C.
ll. TOnPKINS  Manager.
I'lli-,   Inil, I    is   . -    '    11,
Itriti. li   Uili.! •    4 ,:.
 ".   ri .|. 1      1. .
h.'llll]ili' roouiB
• (i. P. TISDALE,
♦ «
I l-l.-l.lll-. .
Cranbrook      j
j ■ ,
Candy Kitchen \
j 'iii'ni'-iii'i.i'ii-      I-!
! Candies,' l:ruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes;. J
Tobaccos. oi™ us a can
THE  A. I.. U.   NO 367
Mi-ela every  Snlnnlnj*
niniil in   I. u. 0. 1'.  imli
Hulling llrclhrcn cordially Invited to attend
Qtflce removed in store building neit
K'nwil HuU'l (liter  Auj-UBl Ut.
,*     builder UNDERTAKING
Sim omwRmmmi!f:S?im
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
A Large Slock in Caskets and
Robes.   -*   *.*
Phone night .ind day 77
Livery 3
Teams and driven furnla.nl far any
point iu the district.
A. DOYLE, Manager.;
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds
Syrups,   Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way (o handle it.
Harness Maker,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Britlles, Snil.lli-s.   Iluriii-ss  nml
Horso Supplies iu stunk
..Repairing of all Kinds..
Each month....
Iftivlii*- nun
liuiils  nml Sili
estate, I nm in
i- .loi-k of
r I  1.. glVQ
this lino wl
i' 't Inuu-
lii CLIMT0N l»\\(JI RFin I)
t  Have Vou Any Painting in bt Done?
♦   Do Any of Vour Rooms Need Papering?
Estimates given 01 largo con-
trads. Wr don'l waul llic
carl li. Wi* wan: lu pleiiSG
ymi with Liiu work ,:i.i] receive
rensonnble [my,
Roynl Hold, Cranbrook
.gives uu1 moro work in Cranbrook,   Tlic peoplo evidently
have confidence in 1110 and my      ,,|;1,
wurk.    Seo mc Eor plans and
James Greer
Contractor am! Builder
Prest Photo Co.
Cranbrook, Fernie, Moyie
...British Columbia...
'.I tO IU H. 111.
I lO I! p. Ul.
7 tO 0 p,  IU
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Ble.
Ha-xll Block Cranbrook, II C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ofllee al Reeldence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ■   ■   •   •  9:30 to II
Afternoons   •   >   -   -   1:30 to 3:30
Evelina   -   •  •  •   7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,   :   :   :    :      :   B. C
The Two .actors
..ml drive aro turnl.lieil I.v lhe
The Handley Livery Stables
ill lilini-li-uiliilili..iiiiiii- i,,;. uny |,iir[ion
 Ilia for sedilinga, fum-rlla, etc., n'm
rale oliargra.
I'll I. HANDLE!*.
i:v r>!\i;
St. Paul, Chicago, New York
Palace und TourM SIccpcrB, Buffet, Library
Car., Mmlcrii  Onv CoacliCB,  Dining  Cur.-,
JiMi'iils ii la Curie.
*y East and West Daily L
Special excursion rnlcs to World's Pair. Si.
Louis.      Yunr choice nf route.
"Ami mi," .un. In.!.'.! Thomns Font*
neiil', - 1 would marry Vveltc ami i..
a : on in you."
"Bon!" Llaied 1,1,1 MqUUIcu, It \\a.n
on unfortunnte word. "Ym, yea] You
Ulini*;- you to ink.' my sou's plavu
hut you ucver Bliiill! Tnko thyscU off,
'lliuu Blinlt ui'vcr many Yvette, N-i
mail .Lull bo n son lu uiu uow that mv
.Iran is dead!"
Expostulations proved unavailing,
ami in tho little known vlllngo or si.
Lcger, between Vavey nud Blonny,
titers wero nt least two nnd heart. -
Yvetto's mul her blue eyed lover
Thomas', That eveulug tkey stood 10-
gether j-'uzlntf t-mlly at the house pictures 0 round them, for once taking
uolther pride nor Interest lu the remarkable drawings with which M,
Alfred Bcguln in good enough tu decorate his neighbors' dwellings, for st.
Legcr Is probably the one Illustrated
village iu the world, nnd tourists, thoso
few who know of It, study the village
ns nne might lhe pages of n magazine.
Yvette for lhe lirst lime iu her life
seemed even Irritated by them.
"I do believe," sho said, wllh a virions click of her pretty while tooth,
"Unit he would have consented If -M.
Beguln hnd not made him so cross by
always passing over his house. Voiln,
wo nro not nt nil illustrated! Oh,
Thomas, if tlion couldst only paint!"
""lis woman's worl;," said Thomas
shortly. "A man belongs In the Bold,
l'ol d'un hoiunie, Yvelte-I think i will
, "Xo, no, no!" pleaded the girl, with
the ready credulity of her sex ln masculine threats of wandering nfar.
"Wait! Wo will (Ind n way. Look,
Thomns, there Is n new tourisi! See.'
lie gnzes at tlie pictures! Ho is rom*
Iur this way.  What n kindly face!"
It must be confessed that even the
gloomy Thomas was moved to somo
return of cheer by tho graelous presence of the stranger who now come up
to them and began asking nhout tlio
Spirited design on thu wall near them.
Finally ho Inquired where thoy dwelt.
and some remark of his concerning tbe
warn a blouse belonging lo Thomas
Vin ued  "'it   t.i see
: lhat the
- 1 work Id
- "''.'il   meet
Tbe 1 ' pldly. Soiih*
:i dismay at
the I ■■;  sometimes lm
luoki d 1 little tintype In his
i-n 1, ud .          tin   features of
> - ti, long drown*
i   ■
■ 'i    V.,1   sliuilt*
•■il: "BUI j .. 1 _.:    It i.s
leuu 11 wli im be mokes
- . i   '
4 lingo turned
■   1    i  figure
would 1 ri,-.m.i. -
I a   bj   Mattlikll
•■■ - * i: uiy. The vll-
I 1   1. -imi.     But   tho
siii'pi'i-* i : ■! v. ben Yvette
herself appeared on tin- wall also, and
the to hi . * 1 tke lovers' bands
being i';-. ed In li other hy the benign Jean, who n ire a smile beautiful
to see.
Tlie artist Bhook himself and de*
Bcondi d, and bis desci nt had barely
heen innde bi mr.* old Mauhieu was
upon them.
"Out 10' my v ny then !" lie shouted.
"Why do you congregate around nn
honest mail's bouse'."
Hi* mndo a plunge toward lhe crowd.
They surgi .1 bm k w lllhigly, und. lo. he
was i." o 1-. ia-1 v [th hi- cottage wall,
ami there tl ■.■■ a given up her
dead'.' there smiled tho bold young
sailor, his cap ntiit, his frank eyes
shining down on old Mntthleu Just ns
ihey used 1" Bhlne when they camo
home together,
A sob ..r mingled pnin and rapture
leaped io tbo old man's tbront. Then
ns he discovered tbe other Qgurea
Yvette, leading Thomas, crept timidly
lo Ids s:d.*.
"Wiih bath <!'>nt> tu;-':" demanded
lhe ,.1.1 i-. ml isl irnly that Yvetto's
heart saii!; fearfully. The tourist ist-'p*
pel forward as though to shield her,
"It ii';i.i my ii-i
'"riu'in.-—n Bti'ai
ifer'H?   And who art
"Al   lunil..."   si.
,1 the other simply,
"men rail me Ml
-1  Unoi.   i'.i
ol   ttipi*."   nnsweri*.
Muttlilcu,  " .'.
L'i'.;4i,.r than thou
Imili   .'.'.;•
.-■Ji  thee."    Then.
liii'iiiii'-' '.. V   tl
;,.. placed her hand
within Ttionii -'.
ring B 1-uinlv:
"We. when 1I4,
1 -vili. nnd whom the
lli'.iil  luiil; j.ii.i
1 may un man put
'■ *
. Ordieslra Manager
J Mu.-iit lurni.hcd fur Balls, Parties, etc. \
* Twolo seien pieces.
4   Cranbrook.    •    •     -     b. C.
Denier   In   nli  kin I-  ,.i  Chlneae m-4
■li.l'i....'-.' I ,.n. y  I-.   1 Jill 1111,1 -_,
mu liliu o,  Ihiiii-i- Silka,  fliiiii--,. and
.lupin,.--.,- T,*i. -*!-,   N„l..l!„-.„1,..
Store on Armslrong Avenue.
HHYSICIAN and   imiutiN
Orrit-Kt—Ann-i.ronu Avi-iui,*. „|.|..,-ii,. M,-
I'OI       I'll',  -|,,|..
"I'll' 1     Hi.' i4-       I'        44    ;,,    JJ      ..f,^,.
iinni,. 1 :lo 1,4:!::,, ,.,,iiii,u. 7.IK1 i„ ,s nn
T,.!,.|.!,,„„. HT
DR. llllll.AKi;. IH. K. C. V. S.
Il-irsi* I). inistry nm] Lmiieneau
;i S]i,,,iultj-
11.,»v Long Man m«t Mt».
It was I'i" >fi tsor Hud Innd's opinion
that il;*' i,:: II of possible liunmn life
miglit be s.-i !,t '3 o yo.u's; this on the
general principle lhat tl." life of nearly
all living creatui i i*- eight times tho
years, months or weeks of its period of
growth. That which quickly con_.-3 to
maturity qaii kiy perishes, and tlie earlier complete development is reached
tho sooner bodily decay ensues. More
women reach old age thnn men, but
more men *.i!*';:i n markable longevity
than women ii fcd animals aro short*
or lived ti. .. ;. ose witbout horns,
fierce longer than timid nnd amphibious crenturos longer than thoso which
inhabit the air. The pike will continue
to live for 100 or 175 years, nnd the
oouitnnn turtle i-* :.'--r»l fur nt least a
century, rasslng up tin* scale of life
lo mnn and skipping the patriarchs, we
find many recorded instances of extraordinary longevity,
The nnci I \.. j ptl ns lived three
times ns Ion? ns Ua* modern "lotus eaters." Instances of surprising nnd authentic  longevity   among the  classic
El Presidente
__-«*•*& **v*-* ■-
For rules, folders and full information
regarding trips, call en or address
(1, W. l\ A. r. p. & T. A
Sealilo VOI W. Rivoraido Ave
Wash. Spukaue. Wusli.
absence of decorations tiiere, coupled
with his sympathetic tones, made
Yvette suddenly Inform him how sore
her father felt concerning the omission, yet how he was too proud lo
mnke any advances.
"And he could not now if ho would,"
sho added, BiKhluf,', "for M. Beguln is
nwny nt present."
"And is Hint why you look so sad,
pretty maid?" returned their new
friend. "There were tears on your
lashes whon I camo up."
A second's hesitation nnd tho un-
happy lovo tale enmo out.
"If lie wns only illustrated," soMiod
Yvette, "ho would regain good humor
to Thomns."
"And do you think nothing luit that
would move liim Y' inquired tlie
"Alas, no!   But, oh, If I could only
move M. Beguln to do It, do you know !
what ho should paint on our COtUlgC? ,
Ho should paint Jean," suid Yvotto
breathlessly, "my dead brother .lean. '
nml ho should paint Thomns standing
beside hltn, nml thoy would he hand
in  hand,  and  then   father  wimhl  lm
obliged, yes, obliged, lo see It won liko
a command for our marriage."
"No such luck," observed Thomas
sourly, mldlng like n  fireel;  chorus !
of woe, "I shall enlist." !
"Don't say  that again,"   Implored ,
Yvette.    "All,  ino, If monsieur could
but paint—monsieur, who has been so
syhi pathetic 1"
An odd smile crossed tlio strnnger's
lips. "I have beon told," he said kindly, "that I know something of painting. Give mo leave nnd I will Uo my
best" |
"Tomorrow, tomorrow!" cried Yvette I
joyfully.   "Father goes away for two
days tomorrow, nnd then yon can do
It.   Oh, monsieur, the saints sent you!"
"But tlie evil ouo may have sent his !
painting,"    muttered    tlio   doubting
Thomas,   "When he halh messed thy |
father's house and thou canst not toll
his picture of Joan from a cow, then
whnt?" i
But faith carried tlie dny, nnd no
sooner was old Mntthleu safely gone [
than the tourist wns standing on a j
Bcuffoldiiu.   beside the collage,    Uo
Greeks and Roman
Pliny notes tho fin
of iho Emperor V
there wero 124 mi i
area on the river
years old and upwi
were M0 and sevi
Cicero's wife lived
i are not at nil rare,
t that iu the reign
wpnsian IT'. A. D.)
i living In a limited
I*o who were 100
id. Three of these
n others over 130.
to ho 103, nnd tho
Boman actress Luceja played in public
nfier she had celebroted her oue hundred and twelfth birthday.
Carta an nnlilta ol Spiiier ..
The water spider carries nir down
wi;h it when ii dives. Dr. McCook
saw .iia- remain forly-flve minutes under tbe water. Ono water spider builds
n nest under tho water attached to tho
strut of some plant nud in tlie shape of
n diving boll, with the opening downward. It till, this bell with air by taking down n bubblo at n time. Coining
to ilie surface, it Inclosos an nir bubble
uuder iis body nnd Instantly descends.
Getting under tho nest, tho bubblo la
allowed to i i pe Into It, and this process  n lllll  H      UeSt Is  fllll Of
air, Tho spider then lays Its eggs
there, Inclosed in n co oon, nnd leaves
lhem lo grow In Ibis under water pal-
nee, safe from all Hying foos,   Whon
the ■■ wati ■■ •;■■ li -■■ nro Been under wa-
tor, they I i balls nf shining
silver, I.inl.' bubbles of nir seem to
cling among tho hairs of thoir bodies.
As spiders, llko Insects, breathe lhe nir
nt little holes along tho whole length
of tho body, they can easily make use
of these bubbles of air for breathing.—
London Opinion,
RE—^ YOUR   _
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
If the rush of busines I
prevents YOU finding
time to write up your
books, or having your -
bills and accounts regularly rendered and collected, apply to
1». 0, Hov 217
,   CRANBROOK, _*   Ji B. C.
Birring a I'm,
A certain young woman hnd been
devoting her evenings lo entertaining a
bashful admirer, lie seemed to ho
deeply In love, but he evidently didn't
dare to propose.
One evening while he was calling another young gentleman rang tho bell.
The pretty girl was embarrassed and
looked to the bashful youth for help.
"Tell him you're engaged," the bashful one said.
Delighted, the girl made haste to answer. "But I don't wtint to tell him an
"Well, you loll hltn that, nnd we'll fix
It nflerward," tho bashful one stammered,
And before ho wont lhat night tbe
weddlugdny _££$ sot—Kxchungo.
Notice oi Dissolution.
NdH-r. i. hereby given that tlie partnership
heretofore existing totveen Shelton A I'lupp
in thimhi.v dissolved by mutual consent.   L,
Clnpp will continue  to conduct tht* Wentworth hotel bosinnw and pa; all bill, against
said business and collect nil bocouats Au*
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C, JnlyflS, 1004
18 h- i'Ul'l\
Timber Notice.
Tnki* notice thnl thirty days after dute
ii. i.-, 11 lutflid >'. spply t« theeblef commie*
•doner o( .node nud irorks, Victoria, D ('.,
f »ra . ■■■■■iiii license '.. -a* ami carry away
iiml_*r from the Following described landa
nit iota -ti South foist Kootenay, B. U.
Commenclna "' " p"-' planted on tin* nnrtli
boandnry nl Dan Howe i pre-emption nml ai
the lonih ''-i-t • orner ol M<* igbi r aad Ilu***'*
timber licenu, t.cnn nortl ^0 chains, thanes
east 80 chain., Ihenee *ontb 80 hnins,tl '■«
wesl -ii i iinn,- ii. t .,.* pine* ,,f beginning,
Dated thii liith day ol A.agnst, 1904,
21 Kdward Blwsll,
Timber Notice
Tuk.-nmi.-,* timi ihlrij doyssttor date, I
Mi.'un.l" "iui,..!. intend to npply to the chief
'nmmlMioner of I ind. nnd worki at Victoria
iu** I, Bppclnl I i'-nm* te mt Hnd carry away
timber fmm Ihefoltowina dree [bed lands:
t'liTinni-tir'ni; nt a pn-t p'luiii'il  nlxiut  o"e
mnl o Imli m.l.H snutli ..1 li fell miinlnn no
chaiussotith. thence hu chnlns west, thenas
mi chnlns nnrtli. thence BOclialns cast to
plnce olbeg ig.
Dated this liithdnyol .Inl.v, 1004.
James Joyce,
is Locator
Timber Notice.
Tako notico that thirty days alter dst* I
lhe undersigned, Intend to apply te theekitf
coromluBloner ol tandennd worksat Viciwria,
ll. ('. ior aspecinl license to rut ami uarry
timber from thc following described lands li
South Kasl Kootenny Districl i
CommMiolng nt n posl planted ntthenoitfc
last corner ol lol 2948, thenee nortli N
chains, thonco wobi 80 chains, tbeaM soitfc
80 chnlns, thence enst 80 chalni to plaatef
beginning containing 840 acres more ur lew.
Di I at Marysville, July -4, 1M4.
S. S, Muuuliiit),
18 becater* Till:   OBANBTIOOK    llKUAI.O
is a Success.!—The People Have Given Their Verdict!
All over the district the demand for CRANBF?OOK BEER is increasing.    Moyio, Marysville, Kimberley, Jaffray, Fort Steele, Wasa, Morrissey, and Morrissey Mines are sending in orders faster than
they can be filled.   The people want the Beer.
It is Pure, it has Body, it is Pleasing to the Taste, it is made from Pure Spring Water,
it is what the People Want and it is what They are Asking For
When you drink beer ask for CRANBROOK BEER, the beer that is making Cranbrook famous. It is the best.
Drink it once and you will drink no other.
B.  C.
The Hernlil OorrHpomlunt.
Tin-: st. lii hi:ni:.
Tiie senrcity of water is elfoct-
inur tlie work' at tin- Sl. Bugonu
vitv greatly, ami at present the
euiieentmtor is running al Imli'
fri-il. A small [Hiiuuiiig apparatus
lins hetm installed, hut even wiih
litis, there is uot enough wuter to
wash the concentrates. Etotvevor,
it is the intention of tlio mnnngo-
m.Mil i<> put in u larger pump, nml
il is Impi'il llnil within a slitj.it time
tlic fm utvutor will again bo running to its fullest capacity,
Ivl. Hill was down to Cranbrook
to attend a meeting of tlio license
commissioners last. Thursday, but,
owing to tho illness of J. L), McBride,   llic  hoard   did   uut   meet,
Spoi-liil TOi-rea loimo to Tho Ho inlil.
Mi*, nml Mrs. Weeks returned on
Monday I'riiiii Spoknuo. nl'li-i- milking n liiirrii'il l.i-ip combining Husi-
ii -ss ntnl pleasure.
Thooioctii I Aivli'u-  Mellon-
nl.l. tin- (iiivi-i-iiiiii-nt i-miiliilnti- in
Lil', I. mi tin-   Llllll,  wns  linlli-il
lii*iv with delight, lis his ili-fi-nl
mi-mil. iiniitlu-r i-li-i-tiiiii mnl Illl
parties liiTi* nro liourtily sick of
in-iiviiiciiil olootions.
Murliiy'a hull, mi Friday evening,
Si-pi. 2nd. A number nro doniit-
ini. I'l'l't'i'slnni'iits nl' various kinds,
und n lurge number of lii-kotfl havo
Ih-i-ii snld. sn that, withoul niliuilil.
llin uil'i.ir will In I' Hm l.i'i-t
ilmii'i-s i-vi-r Riven in tho Inwn.
M.  I'.  FloislllUllll, "I'   Vmi.'niiv.'l'.
lias iii Inwn oil Sunilny.
Mr. ..,.-1 .Mrs. .Iniin McTnvish
wore iii Crnnbrook on Friday,
I' .1 I'.'ildll mid Iiuiiiii I. It
-M-iyin I'm' Vancouver, last Fridny,
•Mis, Mniiuilig,  llu-i- nf  Mrs,
A. I'. Miu-doiiiild, is in Moyi  n
.1. A.  II.'II'M'.V. nl'Cl'iinl.I'nnk. wns
iii town i.ii legnl Inisini ss Insl
Tho Moyio school opened Inst
Mondny with ovor sixty ,• 11iI,I.*,*i,
in iittoiidnnco.
II. II. Welch. ,,r Victoria, was
lining Iiiisini-ss iii Moyio tho latter
part nl' last woek.
W. W. Ili-nilli-y.nl' Nolson, wns
doing business in town tin- hitter
|i:il*l nl' Inst week.
I l.m McKay, ffovorninenl superintendent nl' roads, wns in town tin*
latter pnrtof last week.
C. li. Stanley, of l'nl. my. was
registered nt tho Hotel Kootenny
mi Mondny nl' this week.
D.J, Johnson, of Crnnbrook,
hns secured tin- eontrncts for building lln- Roman Cntholic nnd
Methodist churches.
Prof. Coopor, tho blind phrenologist, gnvu n iiuuiln-1- of lectures
iu Moyio Inst week, leaving int
Monday For Cranbrook.
run; nittoAl.i; hai.i..
The Indies of Moyie nro working
ery energetically, prepiiring   fori     ,       .    , .
the lire brigade linll, to be given in L ll;!n'*v 'n"11"1:'1 »mvod here on
Siinilnv iiftur n six iiiniiilis trip to
merry Unglniid, where In- Innl a
pleasant visit with lln- friends nl'
liis youth, after I lisei of seventeen years, lb* reports the farming populiition enjoying n period
nf  prosperity,  principally cniisod
hy tlio high  pri I' stni-k nl tho
presenl lime.
Mr. mid Mis. I,. M, Mnnsflold,
.Miss Anderson, ol Winnipeg, uud
Mr. nnd .Mis. .1. Balfour, of Moobc
•Inw. formed a happy Halting party
in Si. Marys lake, wliich Inated six
duys.    They enjoyed  tltemaelvea
thoroughly mid were very sin ss-
I'n thoir Hailing trips, I...1I1 nn
tin* lake mnl river, having landed
several I mnl weighing .V, pounds
Mnrysville cnn now linnst of the
iiii.I active football I.'inn in Ihc
K.inli'iinys. There nre somo splendid players wlm mv practicing
every evening on Ilu- only street nl
present in Inwn. I unileistnnil
they nre thinking seriously about
sending a challenge In the renowned Uritish lemn. mnv in New Zealand, nn Iheir arrival al Vancouver
no their way In the World's Fair in
Several of the carpenters employed at the sinelter turned out
several evenings lust week to give
;i Inind at the emotion of what
might, be termed a charity school
house, which is pretty well under
way nt the present writing. It is
not (iiiile ns large as the marble
castle lil, .lames Bay. V. I., lint
probnbly sonic nf the rising generation nf Mnrysville will lay the
fomidution nf their education in
the littlo school house on the hill,
thnl may help thein in nfler yenrs
to enjoy tlie highest  gift  in  lhe
hands nf Iheir fellow mnn.
A Runaway Ore Train.
On Tuesdny nl Inst week tin- oro
train on the Phoenix brunch got
away nnd wns a total wreck, involving a loss of §50,000, bill I'lirliinnle-
ly im lives wero Insl. ll is snid
Ilint. nccording tn custom, when
lhe train reached William's siding,
ni II o'clock, Tuesdny morning, n
stop was nin do In allow tin- bruko
slines  I I   nil',   utter   cnniiiig
down hull' ..I' the Bleep hill from
Phoenix. Before a atari wiistnndo
the hl'llkcs were exninineil. mnl
were uppiu'oiitly all right, but
shortly nfter starting again F,n-
gincci* Ketiwnrd tried tin- nir mnl
found llml apparently it wouid
work only on two or three ens nl
lhe long train, fie nt once whistled for down brakes, mul the triiin
crew nflluve did iheir besl In up.
ply the hnml brnkes. Before Ilny
could Ink.' ell'ecl. however, lli'.*
henvy Irnin hnd gained such mn.
nii-iilinn Ihnl il wns nppuri-nl Hint
nothing could Btop it. mnl il would
hnve In go in deslriiclinn. Then
nil Illl nils jumped nil' nl Ilie Hrst
convenient nmi soft Bpot,and Buved
their lives. Kyi- witnesses assort
that tin* Irnin musi havo attained
11 s|iceil nf I'n mi fill In 11)11 miles nn
hour before b. ing derailed,
Outcrop Comment.
I'l Ill'  W|I,II,.|MI|||.|'I,|,
According lo twn prenchcra, .1
Inwyor nn.l nn editor Iti iim in
Crnnbrook, tluil lown Inc. bouio nf
Hie toughest boys on earth Inns
owned by llin other fellow always
were. mv. nnd will lie. Hie wont,
KililiirSimpsiin of tho Crnulirook
Hernld lins 1 11   ensl   In   Hn-   SI.
Louis Fnil- mid other points. During Ids absence two ministers iiiiiI
a Inwyer took turns in editing the
paper and made n good job nl' il.
Once a railway is cotiatructod
through this valley Hie Winder-
mere district will keep all other
ilistricis in British Coliunbin busy
shipping silver-lend oro lo keep
nhciid thnt is. if we may judge
from the big galena showings nlrendy uncovered in this district.
Successful TiniliiT Man.
Moyio Lender P. J. Cidiill hits-
disposed nl' Ids various limber interests    in   Ihis   districl mnl   lefl
Zinc Smeller Wanted,
William VaiiArsdalen is greatly
interested in the construction of n
zinc smelter in  this district.    I Ic
hns bailed 11 lend  nf zinc  nl   tli
yestordny   fnr  Vancouver nofoin- jlu*iul of Mouse Creek flint assays 85
pniiied by hi.--   family.    Mr. Cidiill I per cenl. nml is nnxiniis In see zinc
has been one nf lhe urns successful I property pieced in tin- pnying clnss
li ni I11'i'sii.'1'illnt ill's in the Kiint ei inys; in litis sect inn.
Six years ngn In- enmo to Moyio nud
while others pnid attention only to
prospccliog nn.l looking for miner-
nl Cidiill hnd the foresight tn bcc
llnil Ilie ifny would soon coinovrliuu
lumbering would take rank with
mining if imt surpnsiiig il, lie
hud tho field nil to himself nnd liu
Insl no time in corrnlling miles of
the choicest timber in the district.
People dubbed him Ilu- "tiniber
inngnnto," but this cut no liguiv
with Cnhill nml In* snid nothing
Imt keptou "sawinewnnd." Time
hns told Ihut he had tho right
"hunch," nud he is now 11 comparatively wealthy   ninn.   Mr Cnhill
was a g Iiiiiiii   fnr this country,
mul wns nne nl' Hie very lirsl in
eel outside sawmill men interested
lu.ro. Ilewill lenve liis family in
Vancouver mid gn north nnd locate
limber limits mi Hn* now lino nf
Lost a Leg.
Laal Fridny evening A. C. Far-
ipilinisiin. n yoiiiigbroKOinnn, while
making a coupling in the yni-ds at
l-'ci'iiie. was llii'i,wn beiienth the
wheels and hnd hisluft leg crushed
sn Hint amputation wns necessary,
lb- hnd been braking only 11 short
time, nud thu accident makes him
11 cripple for life.
I.minuet Election.
Clint August   2!),    I-'.   Smies.
government ngent here, slates the
nili.-inl cunl of lhe ballots casl ill
lhe recent Iiv-.-h-.-tion in Lillooet
took place lliis afternoon, A. Mc.
Donald being deolared elected by a
majority nf Sii. The llgtires wero
ns follows: McDonald 11)3, Stod-
dnrd Mil, rejected 2. spoiled i;
liilnl vote IIII7.
Marysville Smeller.
Northport, Wnsli., Aug. 28-
II. M. Duvoy. who built tho North-
port smelter furnaces seven years
ago nnd hns been foreman temporarily, severed his connection
with Hie company, and will leave
Tuesday to build' lhe furnaces for
Hu- Marysville, P.. li., smoltor.
The Saratoga
II. I'I'O, Proprietor
This is a new restaurant, and
will bu operated on modern
plans. Open day and night,
and the best the market affords
will   be  served   on  the tables
Best meal in the country for the
least money
Tobacco, Cigars and Fruit
Opposite C. P. R. Station
£SL\st of Events***^
I'AUM.i:  VI' II  A. M.
Hest Union l-'l.ml Sll) 00
Besl  l-'lnnt representing the
lumbering industry  in 00
Best .Merchants Final    10 ml
Best   Individual  l-'lnnt   in
parado   lu on
Union   with  Best   General
Appearance   25 00
Union wiih Lurgesl llepre-
Buntation  -'■"> 00
I  I-. .11. A'l' OKI 11 xns
Half Mile llnsll. | ies  1-1.2 llllllllB
,,i*iin.l,'i'..lsl Sill Illl; 2lld*-l HO
Chopping ('iinlcsl	
  1st $20 IHI; J-'iul SKI imi Fnl Mini's Knee. 200 lbs. nr
Hundred   Y,|;t.   Fool    Hi,..- J    ""''' Isl *•"' Wi -1"1
(open),, Ui ¥20 mi; -ind Slu 00| Union Mod's line-, KM yds
Climbing Greasy Pole	
 1st S10 (H); 2nd	
Ladies' I Ims.-Unco	
 1st Sll) 00: 2nd $5 00
j Log Loading Contest	
I      1st *n0 110; 2iulS2.". 00 (
Girls'   Font   Knees,   prizes
mnniiiiting In $10 IHI
Putting Shut (Hi lli. slu.tI
 Isl SHI; 2nd Sn 00
Indians wrestling on hoi-se
back Isl Sin (Hi; 2nd
Squaw Pony Itaco	
 '.1st SHI l«h 'Jiul S.'i IH)
ie Brand Jump	
 Isl SHI mi; 'Jiul SI ml
Tib Milking Contest.
 Isl SHI Oil; 2nd S20 (HI
Indian   Pony   Race  (Unit
Mile),... Isl SKI (III; 2n.lS."i IHI
Sawing Conlesl	
 Isi s::u mi; Jiul sl.'i no
High Jump (Illuming)....
 1st, Sill Illl; 2nd SI  (10
Buys' Uncus, piizesnn
ing I	
. ..SHI (HI
Buck   In   Buck    Knee   foil
....hones).. 1st SHI; 2nd SI «>
Isl JJSHI 00-'2nd S.'i mi
Minora Drilling Conical.,,,
 Isl $175 IHI; 2nd Sl.'i IHI
'I'ug iif-wiir. Itiiilriiiid Men
vs. 1 Iiei-inen Prize
Coinmlttoi Mining mul Llllli.
boring . vonls Win. Oliver, .1. P.
Fink, J. U. McDonald,
('niiimillee iiii Indian mul ITorBO
Racing Fvenls - .las. (Iill, l-l. 11.
Small. F. K. Simpson.
I'i litleenn Font, llueiiig.Tug-
iif-W'ar, .lumping, elc. W. Smuli,
W. Knse. A. Dnwsoii.
S. .Mel Innnlil.    l.ll. Mi ing,
President,        Secretary
Buse Ball (.mm between junior lmll tennis nf Moyie and Cranbrook
 Prize   Hall ninl But
The following prizes have been offered tor teams from lumber camps
. .Best draft learn $5j best matched loam, $5; best dressed team, $."i
Dance at Wentworth Hall in the Evening
Biggest time in Cranbrook's history TIIE   CHANBHOI " \u>
Wc have received uur first cutifucsl <-i
]        FALL
'!';„*, -,.,„ benotloubl uluul their
Knelt woek wu.will iuUI b pthiiiK
in u and dainty  to our stock  of
lmvi! nrrivi il     So two i
;!f I 	
■rS^I     J *' "
:*--, .
*    ', UTOAZE 1  PON   *
I." I'. "..Mi. nl 	
i iDNinivi.
l< t .      *-: CO.
**** J ' 4-a>*iS ! *f * ^4><£44&<&9.;4 *g
*   l       l- ♦
•$" M.i,- , nn,,,   In.in SOc to$3.50 *$
9 *-%
<> Odd Cups and Saucers
<i>        l.,i'„ odd t.ii.liinneil patterns   <►■
9 n
■£, Berry Bowls, Celcrj Dishes, Cake Dishes, Etc, jw
4> in Knli-ili Line,   i   ii i. i44ss Tumblers, Finger Howls, Glob- H
|£  lets. Wine il:,- ... jB
I        G. T. ROGERS        |
9 Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
JMtBEl&SMt-fe' r . J- X»*$<K>$$.j>.><j>.
.School Opening!
And we are prepared for it by having in stock everything that a student requires <* *s ^ ** ** •« **
C* E. Reid & Co.
Registered pharmacists—— —_—_	
-    • : *    ' I • 1 ; ' ; t
<.   I*r I <!> I <S> I * | 4»1«,T.SI«1«
I * ' -s i '• K*' I ■:> I *s- I *•> I -I' I i'i
We want you to think of us whenever: you think of lot lies ®^
Our whole energy is concentrated on securing good things for (•'"
you to wear *g®
g Our Spring and Su n m t Stl - * .".re now miking a strong- ap- Sh-
.*, pc.il to you, while our reasonable prices make an equally @*__
: strong appeal to your purse.   We arc waiting to serve you       S®
|  Rill $ go., Cranbroolt's Greatest Store |
I <.  | * I * I   -   •   ,   •     .-      • '    •*
»T»i*i*-i*i*T-.i-.n-   •   •   ■   _ul«l*l-il-.l<.!<>l-}l«>>4.l	
*>!^'l(?.|*    •*    •    .     ■    .
-,  •
Beale & Elwell
have lor sale
il good bargains
in business
Idcnce property
in Ihc
Smelter Town ol
liu> now belore
lhe price advances
Head Office, Baker Street, Cranbrook
. . .i<*i«i§i<*>i$|..i«>i$|it.i4
 ■ .
When you are down town call  and set* our
Yoho Proper Bath Heater
Don't fail in see il in operation in our store.
\\V* are Sole Agents for this district v v *•
■    !  ■  Wl
'       '
mul '-.I j-1 . -        -
4' ,|       I.... ,„ .
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital,
r ■! iiin-i i ni, -i, m. ml I ..--iv i - i-i.
Fill full |.;nli. lll.l.- »|>|.l)-|b
riiss Moss, - Main.ii,
Gi-iuliu.il! ul St.  l.nl,.■■   llu-j,imi, Vmi*
('..IIU'I. 11. C.
Teacher ol pi.-uioforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
of three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence ol
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
Picked  Up About the Cily   by Asking
Questions  of  Many  People.
Rend Patmore Bros, adtlr- •*
Charles  Finch,   of Miirysyille.
wns in town Monday. ■   ■
MeOlnry's Enmolts Btovos at Pril-
moru Bros.
Tlic Jloyie Minora' Union will
lmlil its oloetton next Saturday.
J, I), McBrido, whu hns-boou
seriously ill. in slowly ruoovoririg,
House to Let.    Apply -to^G.- T.
The Calgary Cattle Company,
ii. ir,i'ci!iiii'i','iii4iuif,..,,rFi'i'iiii'.
were iii town several -days this
MeClnry's name f.u a Blare is n
guarantee of quality. Patmore Urns.
Snulli Africnu win- si-i'ip ivntitoil,
Bust prices olFi red by A. nolil _
Whal lins bccouio ot the Crnnbrook rifle rniw? Hus itdi-velopi-d
iiiimi HukeV
'I'lu- Imperial hunk buiiiliug i>
greatly improved in appearance by
ii fresh eoal nf paint,
Situation  wanted   as cliumlier.
miil to hotel.    Apply to  I I.i-i 1.1
office. 23-21
Mre.O.T. Rofjera i'1'iiinii'.l Imui,''
W.'ihii'siia.i from her trip to Muni-
Iniin anil tin- Territories.
Tlm Phoenix city council will in
tin- Future give Soil per mouth to
the hospital in that Inwn.
There are several ninn!,... - m
tap in Cruubrook. nnil n number of
'sniihs thai won't come otT."
To l..'i Prom the l.'.th Sept. to,
-inl of year, thu builtliii'g now
occupied by I'rest & Co.
Tin* liiu* caruival anil unco meel
at Brand Forks la-t week was a
glorious success from evory .stand,
Services will bo libld hi the
Methodist church nexl Suu'dny al
the usual hours. Subjecf for evening, " Labor."
James Finlay inl.l a story in
Scotch ani'.sii'i in connection with
George Dliintor lasl week llnil made
all kinds of tun,
W. Stone, ni .Mi».\ ie, was in tnwu
yesterday, Fie Bays - thai all of
Movie an' eomingtip to Cranbrook
mi Monday.
The Crnnbrook lir,■ brigade will
L-i\>- a ilance in a few iveuks I'm- lln-
|iiii'|k.si' nf raising Funds For Ilu-
lire hi.iisi*.
• nli...- i n  Eor renl   An nllicc
room mi lln- initiii sircii in the new
lleralil blink. Ilrsl ll....!'. I'm- i. i.l.
Size 11x30, Apply ill Herald ollice.
Thu Cranbrook band will pro-
lialily lm reviveil. ll is practicing
regularly now, and will lake a Inail-
pari in ilu- programme on Labor
Miss  Marjorio  Ai-msli g 1,-ft
lliis wook for tho school al Yale.
wlu'i'c slu- will rt'suiiic hnr studio's.
Mrs. Armstrong hccotnpanie}lther
as hu- ns Nolson.
Mr. .-in.l Mrs. Harry Kalu'ehainl
celobrnteil llu-ir wooden wetlding.
Tuesday evening. A Inrgi- uuiliber
nl' Friends wore pri-si-nt and iill hail
a pleasant time.
Mrs. S. J. H.-ivill has gone lo
Thompson, Montana, where I sin-
will live with hev sister. .Mrs, Alex-
ntuler, whn will be remembered by
Uie early residents of Wardnor,
Dun McKay, road snporvisoj. for
this distriot, haB placed in oporn-
linn nn eight foot scraper on the
rond at Perry Oreok. It is tho first
liim-nl'llin kind  used in Ihis
. "
Big Drug t
and Book
Store *
■ .        •
-I l<^.^ll',..A,*4i
When you vis-
: i t Cranbrook
on Labor Day
make our place
your head-
iUbctc it Pays
to Deal
. the way of
and everything that gees with a first class
stock in a Hardware Store.
J .yi I.-*.-!. - :■::•..■!,. WWI^,
.   ..". _- 	
\   V uors and Cigars
.          ,,     i i..i erial Hunk Corner
v                                          4,  I'.l-. r and Porter
_                                               _ ( u., li iv ami drain.
0    CRANBRl C	
.-r-r r * ■*• t ■?***$
Gpi^^iX'GG *%%Wi?,WftlB:
Private Hotel and Catering Co*
Banquets, Balis, Weddings* Picnics, etc., catered for
Thc dining hail can be engaged for private parties
For terms apply to
Don'l forget   to
Mrs. M, 11. Bar
her friend, Mrs. Cuu
Tlm entry  list  f
tniiriianienl  c
\i'    The slii.nliii-' season opens  to
^'.      ■ '
iitm«|    K'. \. Kompton, oE Wiiulornioi.
-   [(Minis I    Tnko your lunch nl tlio  Vniacon
noxt Siitunlny j vot Cont'octioncry stotv.
DnillS' |    James Gill Ims been conffol ft
Xi'il   McOrniik  Iml a (o For-Ihis lionu- Lbu prist  wwk Uy iljnoss
nic to tako) ii  position m ith
Fcriiic Luiubcr conipani.
A. \V. M.-Viiii.. uami    -■
Nelson yostorday, nnd i*xjjt*<
pi, ;■' '
1 P ;!
I is nearly c Vou will soon be thinking
I about your stove,     Wc have ;i  large ship*
| ment of McCLARY'S FAMOUS STOVES just
i in from thc factory.   These goods are the very   ii
| best of their.class.   Cdll'in; we will be pleas-   I
I „,,-,.i I
- ctl U. show them. ■
Patmore Bros.
Plumbing,  Healing;, Roofing and Ventilating
sii lln- l-'lutli.'.iil oil lit. Is heto
he returns.
Miss AliebMoffiil   n h  mil
Jsiinilnv   from   I'cnil.i.; .. .   i ai
where she hifu 1 n   visiting   reli
lives for the past yeai'.
T. II. Proctor, of NTel on, w.
known in this district, is im-uii
ini;' in 1,i-iri-_C in quail Fu in ICaus,
to Iill the woods around Nelson,
Tho rain Tuesday anil Wediu
day  has   settled  til stion
Imsh  lires   eH'ectunlly, and  tr -
iw  on lliere  will Iin  uo   i 'iia
Nelson is making Rrenl yrepjil'
tions for its annual fair tlllll i „	
Sept. LK ninl 211, Tlm a" , ": n
thife vear will lm better than i ,
)r. Sawyer came down fro
Cowh v lasi Sunday nfter Mi
Sawyer, who has lieen in Cia
brook Eorsome time receiving inei
icil treatment.
Wlinnv.'i'liciir.l ofn   Jolm
Stetson    hat    selling ill   .4.50
East Kootenny.   That is nur [>rii
al tell I'l'i'ccii'i off for cash.   Mo
ew Dusmess
ror L,rariDrooK
row* McFnrliu
' Dudley  Darling   is lying   very
low  with   typhoid   fi ,, r   nl  St. I
Eugene hospital, ■ Thurenre Imp's
of his ultimate recovery, yel  the
result is vory nncertaiu.
Tlm peoplo ar nnii g   unv wny
and bringing the cash with thetn.
Thoy realize thai 10 per cenl oil'
for cash is a big tliiin,- in lla-ir
I'avnr,   Morrow & Mel irlnne.
When ynu come to iown in sl
Monday .vmi will Iiml tl n i .:;.. Iinni opportunity lo pine-.-   yi urseif
S(|llaln nil llin    BtlilBcriptioU    luniks
,.l The llei-ald   where    , y    is
very acceptable al all timei,
Much inereliaiil ill [own shmilil
'.„',- thai a few momenta i - Bpi-nl
1.,'l'niv nexl Monday iu i
the slrent iu I'iiiiii of liispln ■ . ll
will make a big ditt'en-nee in the
nppoarutiee of i lie town oi Lnbi :
Reports in circulation to tlm
ell'ecl lhat Craiilirook lias 20 to 10
typhoid fuvor cases is untrue.
There nre quite a numbor ol cl i
in tlm hospital in ihis town, but
they have lieen brought I'rnni outside points.
Dr. Cross, of Fernie. hns been in
tin-city tho past week, hnving bci u
called iiero to look nfler some important veterinary work. The doctor is arranging his ulf iirs so thai
he will be able 1,, make regular
trips to Crnnbrook in the   future.
Tin- now administration al l-'i r-
nie ni'i-innking snitm ofthe undesirable characters in thai town very
uncomfortable, mid the majority
have sotighln more congenial clime.
Gamblers, and a clnBs thai in n
class that is a thonsaiiil fold worse
than tbo professional gambler,
those who would live by the shame
of somo woman, arc lwiuR chnseil
ilislnct and Mr.MeKtiy says il, is,, lnul, at n rapid rale. .Mayor Stork
i great success. wj]* ,„,, toloralo either elass.
Wiii'ii you wniit fresh candies  ... I 'iSfe---,   «»«MM»«B»«»»«»»»'J'_.m_«__ii
in tin- Vaiicnuvnr  Ciiiilni'tinimiv1 **$&   nti:r  r.^si.iaammammmBmmm*
store. *i li sr.. . i j:i . (_>sra-__.. i .....*; r.\ s-ii-i^^ai
Larry Dooliin bus returned from    f„*i..., .. . .<*., *¥**..<.*,99**. ,.*******
U iiitiipegaiulresunuHlhispqBition    *' *
with llml'. I'. It. -;     -   '  "
.Mrs. R. L. Beattie, wliolin. beiui
quite illl', i- Hi,- pas! two wei-ks. is
greatly improved.
The ' JM Man column was crowded nui Ihis week, owing to the lack
nt time in prepare it.
The King   Lumber  Mills,   the
I'liln'iisini  .McKenzie' luuilier   11.
pan;- and Walls iS* Company have
cmli contributed 850 worth of
lumber for. the new lire hall.
R. II. Wood, of tho'Trites W I
company, passed through Inwn
last Sunday on his way to Forme
I'rnni Halcyon Springs, where lm
lias been spending a few days. He
says thai t-Y'ruie is building up in
good shape and will be better than
before lhe live,
•Iniin Hutchison, known nil over
Kasl Kootenny as "Hutch,"'is non-
doing reporting 011 the Nelson
News.   That pnper is fortunate in
i 'curing the s.'i'viccsi.r Mr..Ilulck-    i   -       '~ *
iiiB.ui.  as   there  is   nnl   a man in!   J.       v-*      V       v~>, *J< Q J*t    ' _
British Columbia better acquainted    *       l-i '.-,•'n~-;    _SJ      I     f\       5
with the people and , litions of   8      1    ,     B»    JUraUlCy     C^    \_/U.      |
l"1'1 lu"""u'- I   f   A_„.t.^_TA. rPANP.ROOK. R. C 'Phon*52 S
j   an I -    •■ -       nr  1
Wall Papers and
Room Mouldings
;>   ' ■ ■ 1
- ■''    ' .
('. II. Dunbar, formorly of the
law firm of Harvey, M.-i'nrti-r ,V
I lun I nir. has opened an office in
Ilm Mel.'allien block ami will cnn-
tin im In pi'nciioe law iii Cranbrook.
Mr. Dunbar, during his resilience
in Cranbicok, has w< 11 the 1 Bteehl
nl' the j,i ople and limit up a reputation as a careful ami pain'stnkingl )
iiiiiii iu his profession,
The timber lires in ihis particr-
lar Bection have passed the (lunger
i 4, ,, idl ilial are slill burning
are nmii rcontrol, But there is no
1I1111I1I thai thero has been a vnsl
anmiitit of i.-ilii'ible timber destroyed lliis season, 1 hie man-said
llml there was moro linrned limn
would lie cm in the   districl   ll
.   Armstrong* A-.-
and Otherwise
are very different,    ll   is   wise
• ihe right thing, and otherwise
Jl 1 the wn ij thing.   The  WISE
■A J nir  CLOTH-
Cm  and look through
Vkr, -  (Joods.
tip (a date.   Our
the ti   t sl In ibe district,  and
wc ';r- a i'i per cenl. off for cash.
Vl*,*|". jliP*--"**-'     S*'^i,-*m .. .   ., ,*k'^_..*'_,,__J-    .'_    L Tt.jmi.ii**. .JW^
Williain  Carlin of Fort - Sfenle.    f Noth j H«" like  Being IU Time]
wos in town lust Fritiny.   Mr.Car-j V____  *  ^ w
Iin thinks tluil Iw will go ; * liifi old    '
liotnc I.i Miniti'sotn in .1  law ilny*
- r , isit, uml in till 1
Uility front Lheru I10 will tuku 11 run
down tn St. Louis to bi -■ thu ii il
ul tho world's fuir. Mr. C.-i Hin l„-
longs to 11 family in which flioilwys
all lean to thu heavy-wuiKliI irliisa,
most of thom tipping ilu- brain
miywhuru from 225 to 250,
ry Drow, the well knownjh.
1 ;..*r of  Kimhrrifv. wrw in' '
ii vornl tlti3*s lliis  wook, i&fr.
, uj v.-.ii.' .IistiiK-tir.li uf ho.
„* ol  tho hesi drossoil qioii
it Kooteitav. and one oijthe
fiiin ;i shorl timo ago on nwjtiimtl
ni' iln* iii-m of news publish™ in :
Thr lleralil iiboul liim pnyhia ■•'■
for ;i hair '•ul-tm.-r a month, iiui- tt):
ihr Pact thatMhad lu havo aljiar-
bor como from .Oxanbrook-to Rim
bovley [or Ilnti purpose, Thuiiloin
was ivpiililislm! in many | >Ji r.-
throuKhoul Canailu nml the Siilloa.
Mr. I Irow lias always hnd a Jood
wonl for Crmilu-ook and Ims a (lostl
ul' frimtdB horowho wish him will.,
I'        LL ami WINTER nnODS arc arriving every day
hai du ■ III
g . ill-'. 1.4
...-'"'.'.■' ,   1    :       .-.
JS    III.il     :. .■■:  .'. ...        .        . ■   1 . SO "1 I BlOCk,
Wt..: 1 *i 1  ... ii.    1 v 1" thing
hat will a       ib you.   Ha ntxJ in
:.::.:.' 1   . ,i- in'a _._.! ;V.\ <■ .T'." • ■ ■
■vr.T f^^ir^T^a a_.*_*.»____i wml-i,
•ssi ■' .'r""'""^^v;r
- v-   :i     '.  ■ '  . ::■/:«
Cents i
.- voiir L'n'i'li'' when
,    ,.   ii  \'M'EY-.nlao|thoulil
We  know  tlmt   tlm
; ,- i;ii. tii'iisi*-*-^., and
. iv higher than you
1     --.I  |Vior'(cfel.    It
you Ui givu  your horfto  tha
Harris & JoHfffe'sMeat Market. THE   CRANRBOOK   IIERALD.
..      ..     .-    Vl   -•*- ®-'44>-.'.>-J-*l®S
tH Cosmopolitan Bote!
tf. -> t, •' .- ■- ■•   •• -•'
t_ .
ill)              A Firstcltss House Centrally Loc.itc.
-;..)  ■
-!' Fine Sample Rooms in Connection. The bedrooms ^
are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the U
market affords. II
Wm-SHS-a - <s* ®-«-<fr^MH_-_«_ft_B_ft___i__Ssfe
iiSiMS^- <* -s;« -S® 4 <sh®-®-®>-®-®-® ®-®4>-ii-® 9-9-9=®-
Biggest Snap on the Market
A limited number of Flat Head Valley Oil Lands
Development Co. Shares.
• •«►*•••• ♦.•)
As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip
, Which, being translated, means that thow who wear
:   OUR suits, made up in first class style by first class
workmen, well know them to be the BEST      **      **
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C
• • * »»»> ♦♦*>*>»» •>-*(|)
Is like buying n \dv, in a hag
with hiiniu people.    All iui-at_.
look alike In them and — tliey
very often g"t |n*>r quality.
We want the trade of those
whn know t_nnd
and tttoeo that don't. The former will know (hut wu have
Uml kind (or thein and the
latter CHll r«ly ui>mi uh to give
it to ilium.
p. burns ca CO.
...Manitoba Hotel.,.
(Under New Mnnngomont)
D. A. McDONALD, manager
This Hotel is in the center of town.   The rooms are
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is firstclass, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba.
******************* ******!* ************************
....Zbc ©wl Cafe....
C. _E. EatCfl, proprietor.
Open gag anj> tUflbt
Tbe fleil ul Everything In lhe Ellin. Line
II yuu tune owe yuu will conic alien.     We
.. ,ilm lu plcatie ...
AruiHlruiig itvi'iiiif
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis, Praps,
l-'urnace & Boiler Specialists
All descriptions oE lir'u-k wurk
undertaken, flues plastered
liy new tire proof process,
Common brick, pressed liriek,
tire brick uud tile (ill Iiiiiiii
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kintlb uf finish work in
way of iluors, windowB, transoms, etc. Kiln driiil lumber
for inside work. (>ur work is
guaranteed and our prices are
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Por Sale
*A>AAA t.*>4.^-*f>»««»*««»»»^   |
Land Notice
Tuke notii-o tbat ilxty Aay* tifttip dute I in
t_mt to apply to the Chief romiuUeloiier or
Land. und Workn fur perutlMlon lo purehnw
the follnwiug iti'HiTilieil IhiuIh lu South Uii_t
Commencing At n pu_t plunted at the
northweit oorner or l.m 806..; tlirm-e wi*Ht to
tliHi-imt limit, of hot MUU, thence eoutli lo
the mirth limit uf Lot 8B78. thenee . u_t to
the went limit ol Lot 8065, thence mirth to
Mm place of iH-gimiiiiK, containing mn acrae
more or Iphh.
Dated tlii_ tiih .lay or Juue, 1U0-I
11 Willium J'r-iUII.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
A beautiful lino of Homo-
spiins nud   Worsteds   tor
Ladies' Tailor Mniii- Suits.
Satisfaction KuiiruiitiHil.
doom, oo Arraairoai Are.
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer
We are in business for business.
To keep it and secure more we
must ilu business in a business
like manner. We are prompt
and reliable, That is business.
We do all kinds of drayage and
cartage.    Wu want more.
Leave orders in our office in
the Cranbrook hotel block, op.
posite station, or telephone ii. j
residence, (.11
Foreign Liquors Galore
Just received the larg'est consignment of Foreign Liquors ever shipped into the Kootenays.
Direct importations from the distilleries of Scotland, Holland. France
LOCH ACHRAY, the purest and most popular whisky in Scotland today, put up in
octaves and half octaves, Imperial pints and quarts, wine quarts, flasks and
half flasks.
KIDERLEN Holland Gins from the largest Gin Distilleries in the world, put up in
octaves, half and quarter octaves, crystal jars, pints and half pints.
FROMY, ROGEE & CO.'S Famous Cognacs, " Medical Reserve."
Hy purchaalai direct I bave aaveil Ibe nii J die in co's prollla, Ibe beiell. ol which I will five to my loa.onera.
Phone 17 A.    L.     MCDERMOT, FHon.17
Importer and Wholesale Deuler in Wine., Liquors and Cigars.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For tonus, limps mnl furtlior particulars upplv to tin-Following
locnl llllli! Ilgellts:
V. Hyde linker. Cranbrook, It. ('.    l-l. Mnllnndnino, Jr., Creston, B, 0,
I. II. Wils Wnrduer, It. 0. II. iii M. Bird, Nelson, II. 0.
It. li. Ilritee, Wilmer, H. 0.
J. E. Stephens,
It. L. Stephens,
M. Rinjkendiirf
J. Law-inn,
As we predicted several months
months ago, the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines are
running'full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district.	
Stepheoa Bros, ft Co., Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
H. L. Stephens
J. _. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the "Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stepheoa Bros., Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Or to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
A. ti. Wiliuot returned lust week
from Spokane to take u ixiBitinn
with the King Lumlier Mills.
John Si-iiuliin. the well known
farmer, is in town today. He
will remain over fur the celebration.
Hnve you tried the brand ot tea
and toffee sold nt the Vancouver
Confectionery stole. Tlu-y nre
worth your attention.
L. S. Murdoch, who has churge
of the gentlemen's department ut
Reid & Co's, returned tliis
week from his vacation trip to the
Windermere country.
1'. Bums „ Co.. are doing some
business, This greut tirm is shipping heavily to Dawson und Europe, und hus the contract to supply nine railroads under construction in Canada uud Montana with
meat. They also huvc the contraot
fur the meut supplies fur the lug
0. I'. K. Irrigation ditch In Alberta,
The new addition to the St. Eugene hospital is rnpidly nenring
completion, and when dune is going to make the structure one ot
tin- very best Institutions of the
kind in Britisli Columbia. The
new addition will In- equipped 111 u
modern way nnd will lie u credit li
the Sisters and a great boon to Buffering Immunity of Smith Kust
J. 1'. Pulton litis hud churge of
Installing the machinery iu the
new offlco of The Herald, nnd lie
has done his work well- Thnse
who wnnt work of thut kind done
sliuul.! cull on Mr. Pntton, lie
knows his business und is un all*
round inuu iu the machinery business, uud tut-h a uian 1b needed in
this part of the country these ilnys.
Miss Hurley left yestenluy for
Winnipeg where she goes to buy
the millinery stuck fur Ueid _ Co,,
and also to spend two weeks studying the stylcB for the fall and winter senson. Reid & Co. intend to
make a special effort this senson to
meet the increased demand in this
portion of the district for everything that is the best and latest in
the millinery line,
The women's Mission Circle of
the Baptist church extend an invitation to all interested in mission
work to attend tlieir Quarterly
Missionary meeting on Wednesday
evening, September 7th, nt 8:01)
' lock. Addresses will be delivered by tin. pustnr, J. L. .Sloat, and
Rev. C. Morton Wnlker, of Nolson,
and the choir will render selections
suitable fur the occasion. At Unclose of the meeting there will lieu
'lection fur foreign missions,
Hns Mr. Goldle shown you his
latest text on biblical teaching 1
He received it direct from Scot-
lund, and it is like u fresh cocoauut,
full of meat.
R, M. Anderson und Elmore nnd
Chester Staples left lust Saturday
for Nelson. The boys are ou their
return trip to tlu-ir home in Still-
wiiter. .Minn., afaer an outing of
severnl weeks ill this district.
Dr. Morgan, son of Thomas
Morgan, provincial mine inspector,
hus located iu Cnuibrook for the
praotice uf his profession. He has
secured offices iu the Downe's
building, upposite the McCoiiucll
furniture store, OH Armstrong
Miss Hudson, of Calgary, arrived
lust Monday, to take Miss Arrow-
nni!t!i*8 pluee nt the general delivery window of the postoffice, the
hitter being compelled to resign
her iiosition owing to thu state of
her health, Miss Hudson has had
several years experience iu the Calgary pustoffice, and is well titled to
meet the growing business ut the
Crunlirook postoffici;.
Cuustubtes Morris anil Hoskins
will mart this week to make their
tiiiud inspection of the town to neiil' snnilury regulations have beeu
compiled with, und also the rules
laid down by the tire wardens regarding danger from tire. Those
who have failed tu clean up their
yards, or tu hnve lirick chimneys
put in where required, should lose
uo time in giving the matter their
iuttneiliuti- attention. The cousin
bles linvo no option this time but
to eiifurce the law.
The Hernlil is willing tu stake
ils reputation on the statement
thut I 'riinbruiik has the best equipped sturi-B of any town of its size
in llritisli Columbia. The fact
that lhe m.-rchiints are up-to-date
and curry immense stocks is evidenced by the immense trade that
they receive from all the territory
tributary to thia town. It is often
suid liy outsiders that they like to
come to this town to trade for the
reason thut tlu-y can Hnd what
tlu-y want, and that the prices are
satisfactory. It has always been
the case in Cranbrook, and this
fact lias been one of the potential
factors in the upbuilding of the
Zinc SMelter,
It is stated on presumably good
authority that American capitalists have selected Ncw Denver as
the site for a . ine smelter. It will
he  a good thing for the Slocan
uiintry but hanl on the smnolent
citizens  who  dwelt  in   peaceful
•uiotude, sutisfied with the reputation of living in the Lucerne of
tin- Kootenays,
Card nl Thanks.
Cranbrook. Aug.. 25,11104.
V. Hyde Baker, ngent for Cnn-
iidiiin Fire Insurance company
Dear Sir—On behalf of the mis
tecs of the Methodist church nnd
parsonage, damaged bv tlu- City
Bakery tire on the 10th inst, idle,
me to thiuik you  fur prompt nnd
spi-cdy   settl ent   of uur claim
against your company. The dam*
agi'B have been repaired und , liu
cheques received to pay for them
iu just lifteen days from date
tire. Yours Truly.
S. J. Thompsoi
Jetlerlei Monroe Fight.
The muoh talked of contest bo-
twecn Jefferlea und Monroe wub
pugilistic frost- a farce of tl
rankest onler. It lasted only n
round and a half, und Monroe wns
called defeated,' He never was iu
it with Jetferies, ami mot with
brutal punishment, yot hia shun
of the purse will amount lo mon
than he would clear at milling in
1,1)00 years, bo no doubt he ii
(Will Tike A Harwell Trip.
Lonl Minto, wholis tu lenvi
Canada in the npnr future, is nr-
rungii.g ii farewell tour frum ocean
to ocean, It is now it) years bIiici
as military secretary to Lord Lnns
downs,' HiB excellency first visited
Canada, The regret at his do.
parlure will be widespread anil
sincere, su warmly is he held in
the ulT.-1-ti..iiH of the people.
Bli Wheal Ileal.
The wheut yield in Mllllltobi
promises to la- from 65,00O,'0O0 I.
06,000,000 biiBhels - this year
Think ofthe millions Unit will bill
and theilulliirs it will bring tu tlint
»***«**«****. stiffttttaxd
_ I
J Locals in this column will be *
J charged at the rate of 5 cents j
J per line each issue. *
* it
. *********liillllHIHHI.
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nml cellar; two fenced lutn; Btalilo nn.l
chicken house; 157.1 if sold ut once}
across creek. Apply to Mrs, W. J.
Welsh, or lleralil office.
Just what you wunt, the host photos
I'rest l'hoto Co.
Timothy anil upliiml liny, proBBOtl.
lltitt. r uiul cnga lor sale. Write for l..w
cash prices, I. lie . ehr, Hiilahii.y, Altu.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
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Orders promptly filled and delivered in town. For prices apply
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The New Managers.
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Spokane, October 3 to <>
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1IOHT. II. OOSGROVK, Secretary antl Maiugor
, T. H. WIIALRN & CO., Proprietors
Headquarters for Lumbermen, Prospectors nnd Sportsmen.
The fiucBt Hunting and Pishing in the Province	
***************************************************$ VOLUME   7.
SCPISmk     €
^OR(A,t '
The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. ('.km. A. C..\, 1',, .i.lcut. II. K. Wai.kkk, Gen. Mnn.
Paid Up Capital    stuo.ooo,..
Kcs.      8.000,000 no
Total kwoorcoaNov. 30,'OJ . i ikmi.uik, ,k,
Deposits Received,   General Bunking Business Irunsaded
SAVINOS BANK lilJI'i.lilliNi   Dentin. Racelvsd- Inlireil Allowed.
BANKINli I'.l   lllll    I..,-.,,  mny Ir, iiiii.lu nml ullliilrnwn liy moll,
Om ■•! tuwn U.....1III- i Ive every nlli-ntinii.  t .iiiimuni. nilloiia nililrnaae.1
llllll llllll   .'I   Hi.    I    I   41,1 1,   1.1.4,1.   I,   «||l   I I,,   |||.   | |p|   4,114*11114411.
Cipit.il, Paid Up
$3,000,000 t
$2,350,000 J
T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
j A general hanking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- *
tn ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
$ attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     J
%*«n* tett ****** ftct* ttt tttttt tts-tttttttttttttftt^'
Upon the
\ :
i*?7l~<'-'1  \jH^KJ
\ '
"___W < Wl?~ \
__Wmjy'l     '   _%     J
of you nml others wc have estnblisKeil ;i reputation
.-mil substantial shoe business. For tin- good wonls
Bpokmi of u*; wr an' siiifi'i'i'ly thankful. Wo'ro not
going to Eorget. nor lot lln- mutter drop whore it is,
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and Guaranty Company.
in lieu  ul   personal   sureties   in   llic   following
c.ises: Administrators, Contractors, Executors,
Guardians, Security Inr cus'.s, Trustees, Bene-
lici.il Societies, Bank Officers and Employees,
Book-keepers, Ciu-poi-.it ions, Lodges, Treasurers
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Last Monday was Omnbrook'a
greatest day. Sinn* ilu- town lirst
started bouip seven yean ago, theie
hnve l» i'n innumerable celebrations, some years too many, othor
years uoneul ull. The celebrations
of iIn- past hnve nil l>eon success
fui, some more thnn others, Km
Labor day this year in Cranbrook
was tin* climax uf concentrated
effort ami glorious success. Tho
•lay dawnod brtahl nud beautifiU,
which mndoHhuI the hearth of the
peoplo generally, nnd especially the
i-oiimiiitoi' that had worked so long
ami tinselHshly for ilu- buccobs of
ilu- celobrntioii. And ut un oarly
hour tin- streets woro HUed witli
people, as several hundred hud
tie in the day before to Bee the
town, seo the people, and enjoy
om'day in Cnuibrook before the
big rush. Ou Momlny the special
train front Kimberley was the first
to arrive, and so many passengers
crowded the platform immediately
ifter the train stopped tlmt nutur-
111 v one was impressed with the
idea that tho towns of Marysville
ml Kimberley wore deserted for
the day. A few minutes after the
Kimberley train hnd been switched
into the yards the Moyie train
whistled. Whon thnt crowd began
to Hll up the platform, there was
ample evidence that thore was a
crowd In town. Eaoh person from
Movie, and there woro nearly BOO
of thom, was decorated With u
white badge with a red top, anil
tlio magic word "Moyio" printed
across the face. And what a jolly
crowd it was, good natured men
and good natured women, nud enthusiastic children. The Movie
ball team, tlio bunch of kid ball
players that is defeating everything that has the nerve to meet
thein. wero soon in evidence, From
the oast, on the regular passenger
train, came people from Mayook.
Wardner. .l.itVrny. Klko. Morrissoy
Mint Fernie. Thoy lind left their
home towns to come to Crntibrook
for the day and enjoy themselves,
and they (ltd so in a manner that
reflected credit upon themselves.
Front Perry Crock. Staples Mills.
Fori Steele and other near by
places they came on horse nnd in
carriages, until by ten o'clock it
seemed after glancing at the two
great walls of humanity that banked Maker street on eneh side waiting for thc purndc. thnl tho entire
population of the districl was in
Cranbrook for the day. And fmm
early that morning until late al
[light, with contests of all kinds,
with the rivalry between towns
aroused   during   the  events,   with
everybody full of enthusiasm, and
later in the .lay some with more
than enthusiasm, there was not a
single disturbance, not n light,
nothing that would reflect discredit
upon any one of the hundreds of
Visitors or the (K'ople at home,
(iood nature prevailed, good sense
predominated, nnd in consequence
n goal time for nil was tbe fruit
of the day
Calgary Cattle Compuny
Reid & Company
Kort Steele Mercantile Company,
King Lumber Mills.
W  Sprotil.*. a dog carl.
The line of march wa*-. from the
school house to the Presbyterian
church, east tothe Catholic church,
north to the Wentworth. west i<>
the Craiilirook. south lo the
MethodiBl church, west to the old
Herald office, north to TTsdulo's
restaurant, then circled in tho
At lln* close of the parade. Dr.
•I. II. King and*I. A, llarvey were
escorted to the carpenters float
wlnre thoy were introduced by S.
McDonald and each mado a brief
address of welcome. After which
the crowd dispersed until one
o'clock, when they began to crowd
to the grounds, The programe
lasted until 0:80, and it proved nn
enjoyable day fmm the beginning
to the end.
It wa
Tips on the Day.
i big day for Cranbrook.
Everybody says that it was a
success, and what everybody says
must Ih1 true.
Say, but it was dusty. A littlo
shower that morning would have
boon a blessing.
Mr. Monroe, the Creston hotel
keeper, said that it was one of tlie
best days he ever saw.
Tlio big electric sign "Welcome'1
attracted a great deal of attention
from the visitors that evening.
The hotels did a land office business. They wore full most of the
time from Sunday to Tuesday.
Quite a number of Fernie people
woro hero, not withstanding that
there was a celebration iu that
The [tldiuil races formed one of
the chief attractions of the day,
and also the Indian wrestling
The telephone wires made some
trouble for the floats, but the
wires will be raised before another
Moyio contestants walked away
with four prizes. That town goes
out for blood when it turns out to
a day of sports.
The fire department hoys made a
line showing iu the parade, and as
they walked along the street overy
citizen of Cranbrook felt proud  of
Tho Parade.
The parade wasnu arlislii
if lovliueas combined with
•client presentation of the
'ies aiid labor organtzatio:
an ex-
>f lliis
I ti.l.-wnil fin- mui
lit, fdrtl tlnpwi'l pny.
.illli"!]! vmi k.r|.
IIHIa "wiitrii cliiiritiH,
i   A variety oNnni
' Don't li"
our rhfrien
nntl  ki.>|i
■iiiii.' lit -
I by .All-
Wi- liuvn mnn.v beautiful
ml liim'H. uni'-rlngH, ate, iImi
..'Hin iv I,-I-.    Yiiull llml
,,'h.v very iriis.miil.l_.
m jf. Uate,
Jeweler ant. ©ptictan.
Illi-inl W;MHi hiRpoctnr 0. IV ll.. Crowa NV
Puna PIvIhIoii,
section, ll amazed nnd pleased all
from beginning to end and being
live blockB in length, made an imposing speelacle. The iiiereluinfs'
floats wen- mi usually al tract ive.
displaying great taste and giving
evidence of au immense amount or
labor, The Moats of the lnlior
organizations wore attractive  and
formed a comprohonsiyo picture of
the Industrial ideas intended to bo
conveyed by those who had their
formation in charge. And tin
various IkkMcs of men representing
tha different labor unions showed
they marched along witli linn
stops and intelligent, faces why
Ihis | tort ion of the district turn
been   free   from   trouble   aud   tnr
moil. As wns remarked by one
visitor from tho oast, "They were
a bunch   of men that   would lie a
credit to any  community"   The
parade was formed at tno school
house and started at L0i45, and tho
order of formal ion was as follows:
Two Clowns.
The Crnnbrook Hand.
Firo Department,
Craubrook   Labor Unions1 Float.
Carpontors' Unions' Float.
Carpenters' Union. ,
International Association of Machinists,
Allied     Associations   of    Metal
Moyie and Cranbrook ball teams.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.
Patmore Bros.
G. T. Rogers;
Cranbrook Brewery.
J. Reid.
W. H. Wilsons.
Macconnell   Furniture  Company
Manning & Siddons.
Fred (ieiler made a groat success
of the brewery Boat.
The various unions that did so
much for the success of the day
are the ones really responsible lor
Cranbrook having such a big celebration, They took bold of the
idea with a vim and refused to
stop at nothing bul absolute sue.
The membors of tho oommittoe
that had charge of the work were
;is follows: s. McDonald, representing the I. A. of Machinists; A.
Dowsou, representing the I. A. of
Master Mechanics j W.RoBO, representing the B.ofL. P.j »f. H. McDonald, representing the C. B. of
Carpenters: I. K. Manning, representing    the    Cranbrook   Laopr
lit J. P. Fink. W. Small. E.
Tho Herald regretted that more
HOple wore not ablo to como over
from Fort Steele.    The day would
,o proven a vory enjoyable one
to thom.
A gentleman from Ontario, who
witnessed the parade, said afterward that il would havo boon a
credit to a town of 10,000 people.
He is righl.
William Small made an idea!
marshal. He know what he wonted aud hi' hud liis plans made out
ahead and carried them out to the
smallest detail.
Three thousand people is a large
attmber to have1 out to a sporting
entertainment in a town the size
of Craubrook. * but there were
that many and more on tht
grounds last Monday.
The drilling contest was ono of
the best over held in British Columbia, There wero seven teams
entered and during all the time
that the contest was on n big crowd
surrounded the thcloBUro,
Tlio committee is under obligations to Chief Ucspntehcr Child-
leigh for the excellent manner ho
handled the speeinl trains, They
wore run right on time and in n
wny to please the people,
The decorations nf the business
houses  added   very  materially  to
tho appearance of tha town. It
was a pity that there wore any of
the houses without decorations,
and a few had not even a Hag.
Fred Perry's four horso team
that drow Held & Co.'a float was
dressed out in a most extravagant
manner; The finishings on the two
sets of harness cost Fred' over $50,
but he was determined to have a
nice layout and he had it.
P. McMahon is a great assistance
as judge on' a day like that, He
savoys, and at till times he is
courteous and obliging. Allwrt
Banks and D. McNeish were the
other judges and there were no
complaints against the decisions
Tho men wore well selected.
II. Small and F. K. Simpson representing the business men of Cranbrook.
The base ball game between the
juvenile teams of Crnnbrook and
Moyio was one of the big attractions, The Moyie kids walked uwuy
with the Cranbrook boys by superior hoadwork and gonoreralship.*
The Moyie battery was very strong
consisting of Goldie Webster us
pitcher and Elliot Crow ns catcher
and thoy played ball all the time.
The other players in the visiting
team were L, Crow, first base
H. Bouber, second, F. Welsh,
third, P. Conrad. shortstop
j, Whitehead right Held, I).
Webstei, centre Hold J, Harper
left Held. The home boys did some
good stick work and with more
practice will put up a much better game. The home team is made
up us follows: A. Henderson,
catcher. O. Lounsburv. pitcher, C.
DeRoff, Hrst base. j. MeCaihun,
second. W. Welsh third, H. John-
ston, right field, R. MePeak. centre
field, M.Corv. right field.
The committee in charge of the
celebration (barring the editor of
this paper who was out of town
most of the time) uro deserving of
the gieatest praise for the magnificent manner iu which thoy handled the arrangements for the day's
events. Tlio program was a royal
carnival, the events were carried
through without unnecessary delays, and there was no petty grafting, but ou the contrary every cent
was accounted for in an honest
manner, the business was.nil closed
up by teu o'clock the next evening
with bills all audited and checks
drawn for the same, and a complete
statement of the receipts und disbursements prepared, which appears in The Herald today. They
handled the whole affair like business men. and acted on the theory
that when people contribute money
for a celebration they have the
right to know how that money is
expended The example thus set
should 1)0 followed in the future
by all public committees handling
the people's money.
Wheu the town of Moyii
said that thoy would Iw in
Cranbrook on the fifth they meant
it. They showed up aliout 300
strong. That is a practical way to
show appreciation of the visit of
Cranbrook people to that town on
the 1st of July. Cranbrook won't
forget it very soon,
Prize List.
twt nui-m float, f io. Brotherhood ol i _■
[(.•nt tt.itu   ri'in... ulini.'   till  liiml" ring   n-
ilu-try. *-.'.. King Lumber MIlli
it.Ht -MirabootiBoBi. l-to, n.-i.i .v ii>
li.hi larjivldual dost,flu, w. it Wllum,
Union with luwt .general appearance, MH,
Brotuprhoud ot Carjientera,
i'ni,ni Mitti largnl represent nt Ion, ♦-.'■">
M«.vi,' W  I' ulM
Beit matched lumbering t.-um.;j.v i:*i*.t
Kiioh'iiu.v Lumber company
Ii,*. t henry draft lumbering team IB, Burt
Kunt.'iiiiv Lumber company,
But ilrt'hK-*,! I urn I ii-n mc leam, f-5, Eael
•Kootepay Lumber compaoy, II Uclanee,
Hull-mile Qmti, l'niiii*-l»i,|lii. 3d, M-
StilliiC.iuiiiiiiF. Small) won; Weary Willie
(.'. Greater) eecond.
Chopping CdAtMt-lst, tad; 3d, |1D-
Rtewart Low. itr.i; 0. Thoi Unghee, eeeond.
Hundred Yard Poal Baca— Open—lit,$9°.
iiii.-flu-lit'... Mniialinii. Bret; Indian IVi.-r
llmmlog Brooil Jump-iM. #in: •-'.). ft-
1*. Mil I.oil ii n. lli'Hi. A. riweli. leooud.
'.tf Mattlii-t Conteefc— let, |40, 3d,$30—
T. K. Mnrpby. „nt|Siovarl Low, neuaud.
SawiiiB ContwXrrUt,  *):\n;  _d, |1_—M.t
LoU(|UlHti  Hun.   S.vnn', ttrtu: 1'iiiiiK   \\ uni'.'
A, Currte, lenjond.
Ulgll,Jump  (Uiiniiiiig)-lnl. 3*10; Ud. |4-
D. Mf-Lea'n, fir. i; VV. __ Tow'ere, eecond.
Buys1 .B'aw-rnderia-A. Qrenler, Bret; H.
But liy, Kcood.
Boye* Iture-Over 13—D. Welwter. Mojie.
ilrm. A. .li.bnmiii, eecond, %
Log Loading Conteut—let, |6(); 3A. -?-'■" —
,l. \\ hinlmrt, i.. Ilnrrieon (King Lumber
Mills J, Hint; (.'bun. Mil'inil-v.- KeUy [tia*l
Kootepay bpmber company) eecond.
I'liltiiiK Hl-lb Bhot-tet, 10;3d, W-Oeo
Munuhan, Bret; A MoDi'.inid, kwoiuL
Union Men'e llace—ton Yard*— 1st, $1Q;
3d, |fl—Geo! Manahan, Bret; — Stephetu
Miner.' I-rilliiijr Contest—let, flT": 3d<
■76— H. Thumay, s. Jnhneon (North Stir),
41 Inohee, flret; .). JIoTuvIeh, Ed Shears
(Moyie), 117% second, The followiug teams
also drilled: Jolm JlcDonnld, Wm. Millr*.
(Moyie) 37'n;<i.r.Ull't, B.K.Taylur (MuyleJ,.
ai'.Vi; stepbi'iicnii. sifpliens (Moyie), MM:
. McLeod, B. Whltere (Moyie) «8; A. Hamer
Btadt, T.'Malh (Kdrth Star), stetl broke
Tiig-nf-W.-u'— Ball load m>-h vs. Lumbermen
—Lumbermen won.
Baseball Gu me—I'rlie, Bull and Hot -Movie
Junior, v. Craubrook Juniors—Moyie woa,
Financial Statement.
ilo»rn'iiriti J_ Id.Hiii" f
.". i 00
itn ihi
i'*0 IMI
..il IS)
fiO im
\   L Mi'lJetniiit	
Snmll ftJMftthlsoil 	
la on
[fort Btoele Mercantile (Jo..
\ c Uow nous	
30 on
» o M.Kiiistrj	
in imi
Ilil|ierinl Jttmk nl I'aiuidii..
I'aiiiiiliiili   Hunk I'limiiU'l'ie
in on
;, ihi
hint Handley	
111 IS)
Mrl'llHlllll A fo ...
_. on ■
I'husKKi-M A fo	
]0 IMI
W II Wilson	
10 IMI
in imi
McSweyn A GrBBth	
liniivA Doyle	
K K BlttipBon	
111 IMI
111 IMI
Arnold A Roberts ■
•30 IN)
Mm in » A Mi-Karlnti^	
l.*l (Nl
miiiiuiii. a Bhldons	
0 mi
patmore Bros
,*i on
Hill A Co    -
K V, Benttie	
.) mi
Mncconnell KnrnitnreOo
j un
* 722 00
«■_ 7fi         •   '
10 IMI
1405:. t
t.SI'KMlITt 111
Expense rock for drilling..,
80 isi
Bxmnse oil grounds  ami
Ticket sellers, gn to keepers
-1 IHI
Expense getting ont logs.-..
lo-u tia
* mil :»s
The surplus will be turned over to the
1 Oraubrook lire brigade,
The action of il railroml cdnij
pau> in a town IS U pretty gocst
criterion by which in judge of ihe
faith of lhat corporation in tbe
future ,,f th.' plhce. The (\ V. H.
like all other transportation com-
lies. iie\ii' throws iiwav money
I therefore when it makes im-
provements in the wny ofatMtt
tu its facilities, il is simply l»
there is nci
il   f<>r them.   This i*
the ease in
sent time.
Crnnbrook ul the pre.
The wurk nt the sltops
has Inerensi
•il so tlmt there is a He-
mmul tur i
nore   room   and   moro
machinery, To meet this demand
a crew of men tinder the direction
of Mr. Alton, superintendent of
bridges und buildings, is now preparing the foundation for mi extension of-sixty feet to ihe workshop iiml twelve l'<vt to the round
house to accomodate the larger
class of engines. TGese additionn
naturally meanSmbre men employed an an 'increased pnj n>]\'- fur
The Carpenters' Union,
The carpenters .made n fine
allowing with their float and pnr-
ade of the members. Kach man
was attired in a brand now pair of
overalls aud they marched like
veteran soldiers. Their float, which
consisted of a summer house, was
very attractive and brought forth
muoh favorable comment. It was
put up at a ruffle that evening and
netted the union nearly 8100. M.
B. King bought it .of the winner
for S2o. Tlio union is a comparatively young organization in
this town, and it-.is deserving of a
lot of credit for the manner the
members acquitted themselves nn
Labor day.
A Magnificent Float.
' One of the prettiest creations in
the way of a flout over put on
wheels, and the ono that wns given
the prize for the best individual
float, was that of W. H. Wilson,
the jeweler and optician. It displayed not only the thoughtful care
of a man, but "the artistic touch of
a woman's Imnd and the fanciful
ideas of a woman's mind. Tlie
predominating colors were red and
white,-the basis being white with
red popples, thousands of them
trailing ovor the frame iu pleasing
contrast. At the ■ rear wore two
great oornucopiuB representing
horns of plenty.* * hi the float was
a dins on which-sal a queen surrounded by lior attendants. Miss
Kinness made n royal queen while
Misses Williams and Chi Ida wero
vory pretty ns'attendants. In fronl
of tliis group was tho eye lost ing
machine at which sat Charles and
.Jessie McCowan. The float was
drawn liy three white, horses with
trappings' of white an .outrider
ami two guards, the latter walking
one ou cacll side, and all three
attired in imniaeuLate white. The
whole idea was a beautiful conception carried out with artistic
Knows the Town.
N'olson News: Cranbrook will
celebrate Labor day tpmorrow and
when Cranbrook celebrates, it celebrates right. One thing is certain
that those who go to Craubrook
.will have.a good time because t
people there are whole-souled a
have the entertaining business
lown to a fine point.
Spokesman Review: IV Corbiii
promoter of ihe Spokane Kootanni
railroad, which is to ' connect this
city with the Canadian I'acitie railway and .1. W. Smith of Wanlner.
Idaho, liuve gone to Bomiers Ferry
Idaho, From there they started
yesterday on the M~oyie trail toward
the International boundary with a
[jack train, presumably inspecting
*n proposed route for the new road.
A company of.engineers, supposed
to lir representing Mr. Corbiu have
been workingni thnt section all
summer and have staked1 out
a route.
.Mr. Corbiu announced several
months ai:" that he was ready to
go ahead with the proposed rail*
rond lo connect with the Canadian
Pacific, provided Jan entrance and
terminate were provided in ihis
city. Since that time Mr. Corbin
lias been silent ;^ to his plans aud
has no definite request for a right
of way either in or outside the
city, '
Stole SI.ijim at Brandon.
. Brandon. Sept, 1. Tli- V.P. K.
ilupul wns l.rok.'ii int.. tcKliiy ul
muni, mnl l-.-t-.--.-ii $500 mul $11. J.)
taken from the ticket" '.itticii-.
Crowd, nl |a*4tii!i* u-hiv about all
day long so it is difficult to s.*.-
how the tlii. v,-s were stu-a-ssful in
making th.* haul, which consisted
of about S3000 in endorsed  .-li.-i-ks
5700 in .-
nidi*. P.
sh.   Tin*   lo
il .1.
nl   po-
ii the
P. R.
Track and Rail.
A locomotive engineci
Moose AnYi s.'.-tioii of ih.
was recently nrrri-st.il
•law nml i.s awaiting trial for taking ii drink of liquor when on duty.
Tt is tlm intention of th_, cooipany
to |tros>"*ii4.* th;* .■nsi*' "to the
utmost .--jti-iit of thi- law.' The
hotel kt-p|i.-r iit-**i^u'.Api_*llf who
sold the liquor was heavily lined on
beiug liroii|.'lii Ixjfpcq   tlie   magis
The I
P. R,
putting   in   a
spl.-iiiii'i i*oiii!,! noii-,1* at Nortli
Bond, B. ('. It is being Unit of
L-rmu'ii- uml will have six stulla.
An .Ti-i-trii- lid'ht gi-neratitig' plni.it
Is to I..-I'm.-il up in tin- building
The i*oiiipjiii\ iviil inlopi a n»-w plan
of lii-iiliuu-. u. iuu hot air .hrtitiiiu
In lln* lioiliT room to n high tern-
tierttire and diBtril.ute.1 by funs
lliroii'.'li lli.*fii|i.*-. Il> tliis'syst.-in
arranged in th..  pit*, it is' sint.-il
nil rtl-.iln- Im-oiil-IiI ill fro/..'llH\i i'liii
'lllllll  ill
linlf iiii hour
Kunernl ol  Mrs. Bnwneaa.
■ Iiiiii-i-iilof Mrs. A.   0. Bow-
The Herald has lieen notified
that a purse of 8100 lins been raised in-Moyie for a drilling politest
to take place thoro un the- 24th of
this month, for the minors of Kast
Kootonay, 'U?h* Moyie boys evidently want to givo .the North
Star boys another try.
lied Inst Thursday   was
held ou Saturday morning »• at   11
o'clock, al the I'ivsbyti'naiiehureh
Uev. Fortip.ie uliieiating. Tho remains were taken from the late
home of the deceased, the following gentlemen acting as pull
beureru.Messrs. K. K. Beattie, A,
McDermot. K.H.Sinnll.W.T.Reid.
.J.l'.Fink.miti V. E,Simpson. The
casket was covered with floral
ofiieriuu's from sorrowing friends,
Tho local branch of the Knrglits of
Pythias, of which Mr. liow'ness is
;i member, turned out .in a. body
and accompanied the remains to
the church and the cemetery. At
the grave the usual'services were
observed, which were niade mosl
sole mil nud itnprossiv&ibgj the
thoughtful arrangements of AV. K.
Jioiitty.-Uiv funeral direvtqr. and
the preset
ofthe Kn
the  large, number
of PythuM  . THK   CUANHROOi;   HERALD
BiUtor mul Proprietor.
i'l,*- ll.-t.il-i iH worth tto u year, li ""-i"
>.i.n %3 So Who hi Small Kant Kouteuay
-.01, t.tiont i>> i,.   wlihmii ii. mi'l everyone
ll\lll)|,illl«l,ll- III  III.' itl-lli.l. tvllOlr-.lllt-ICM.-l
I I, (lit- [.r-.*-.lc_- i.| llil> nee lion .'nil'mid I .* J." I it
ll [iuMoiIi.'h lln-iit-v.*.   while   il l_ll.<A_.     li  Itt
cutiiru-Ued absolutely by the publUher. No
clique, party ,.r in,lui.lnul dictate* it policy,
li .luni ti> tn pleaee the people. It'atleeire
i* it. |iiiI.!ihIi ii newspaper that will two credit
tu th** community, Semi In your aubacrip*
Hull mi'l uiul ton vv ill bt I lm i, k I ill ever niter*
-a anl
Advertising rates |i per Inch, Single column  pel iixHitb. 110 linn. Uld ii" Iwi
Heading matter IS wnn net llnetuuou
kd.rrlifteiH, lu.'.ntn pel Iin.* LO l.'Klllnl _ll
frllmele      BUHlllHU |l0CUU   tit,* r<*l.lK |4-i  lil,,
mti Insertion.
|t you iii'Kiit* to reach ih*- prop)* nl South
k.__i Kooivno) mui mn«t advertise in Th*
Ut-in 1,1
IV Herald has n Dmclnw |ab plant, ntnl
iti worl liol iia- beat ihr lleralil don'l
Hunt .Uni, it wwii■ i. squaw d«il un
yum lobwork, llwacnn't salt you In qua!
Uy and price, kick, nud send yogi work to
sums v heap Jitlui hoiiH In lhe east thai na\
■i »,..-i,-i» a cenl in Crnnbrook
Tho Herald duos uut believe in
booming a tuwn. It does ■•*> believe in croutin^' false conditions
and false hupes, Hut it does believe in taking advantage of the
opportunities that the puts have
given. Where u town is located
us is Crunbruok, with ull the
natural udvautnges Imaginable, it
is the duty of the people as a body
to stand up fur the town, to work
together, to maintaiujfriendly relations among each other, and in
this way to lose no opportunity t<
advance the general wolfure of the
community. The New West
Trade, discussing this feature in
the life and death of towns says
"Hand reds of towns havedied just
because the people of the plat
were penurious, easily discouraged
pessimistic or disgruntled uud were
lacking iu entliusiam, public spirit
anil confidence in themselves in
their neighbors und their town.
Lots of people are altogether too
willing to slide down give up and
say, "Oh this town has no support,
no resources never will amount to
anything and is fust going to thi
dogs." And sueh men make this
unworthy belief of theirs nn excuse
to themselves, at least (ordeclining
to participate in auy public enterprise or movement for the better-
mont of conditions or for the general good.
"Now outhusiumuud enterprise
were never wasted; they are contagious. Hundreds and thousands
of town have lieen mude aud built
up ami trade mid industrial centres
of importance by the enthusium
public spirit, aud enterprise of a
comparatively few men. Knthu-
siasin, bubbling over, and enterprise unquenchable, is whut is
wanted, uud the more that auy
community has of these cardinal
virtues, the better off that community will be, the greater its prosperity, thu inure certain uud rapid its
growth, and less keenly its periods
uf depression will be felt. It is
the people that make tlio towu or
build nj* u city. Kvery ono knows
of instances of towns und cities
which seemed to have must excellent natural advantages, but which
for some reason or other, failed to
move forward us they should have.
And we all know uf mauy towns
without any particular natural advantages which have created advantages and grown into thriving
cities, Fortunate, Indeed, is that
town wliich has a lurge body uf
public spirited, enterprising and
enthusiastic business men and citrous.
"Su stand up fur your town.
Merchants, business meu, get to
gt-ther, fur the good uf your towu.
Tell the world of the advuutagos,
although they may be few, Start
enterprises that will employ people. Develope such surruundiug
resources us there amy be, And
•people patrouizfl your home merchants. They can do as well by
yuu as by any outsider can und the
.■buncos ure that they will do bet-
by you than such outsiders will."
If the Russia-Japanese war continues for a few months longer,
both sides will lie so reduced so
tlmt China wil! Im* able to step in
and help herself.
The Revelstoke Herald is working itself into pitiful passion ou
political questions, with the problem of an election this fall still
unsettled. The editor should wait
at least until the weather cools off
a little.
Why is lliere such a quantity of
.prospective wealth locked up in
the valley of thu St. Marys river?
The answer Is summed up in three
words: Want of transportation.
Dirt has been rightly described as
matter uut uf place, and as things
are. the lumlier and ore of the vnl*
y are more dirt matter mil of
place   us there exist   neither  the
means tm the si»>t of working
them up nor uf convoying them
whore they can Ik- converted into
money, Ten years ago both the
('. P, K. undti. N. K. caused examinations tu be made through
tho valloy with a view to tiuding
out a short out towards the Bound*
ry country at  a   reasonably  easy
grade with a view to cutting ott
the long detour around by Kootenay banding, as we know it at
present, Without going too much
nli; details it muy Ih* said that
the difficulties lu tlie way uf finding au exit ou Pilot Hay wore
practically insuperable until Mr.
Samuel Lovntt discovered the past
now called after liim, Lovutt's
Pass at the head uf the west fork
if the St. Marys, through wliich.
a ith u tunnel of from a quarter to
i half mile in length a Line can lie
run from .Marysville tu Lyiichvillo
near Pilot buy on Kootenuy lake
■vith a grade of but two per cent,
hroilghout, One result of the
■onstructiuu uf the road wuuld In-
die doing away with the present
rant.fer uf coal, cuke and merchau-
Hse I'ruiu Kootenuy Landing to
'rooter which involves a trip ot
'rom five to seven hours, according
o the condition of the weather,
md which would reduce the pas
longer running schedule between
lranbrook ami Nelson by aliout
rive hours. The. transfer for
'reight Irom Pilot Buy to Procter
■vould not, if the new road were
■undo, occupy more than half uu
mur. It is un axiom in railroad-
ug that irutlie will timi the short*
•st route as inevitably as water
A'ill find its own level; between the
-oui Iields and tho towns and
Midlers of the southern part ut
West Kouteuay uud the Okanagun
■oil ii try. Already a charter has
won applied for to construct tin
The necessities of speedy com
itunleation must eomjtel the con
.truetion of this road even if the
.■alley itself could nut furnish a ton
if freight out of its own resources.
Another element of compulsion is
the keen competition l>etweeii tlu
powers that rule the 0, P. K. nnd
those at the head of the (i N. K,
We are not without, signs of the
Limes to point out how very keen
iliis com potion hus grown of lat
All this aside, the very lumlier of
die valley, which be it remember*
•d is growing ou the C. P. K. laud
jrant would alone justify the open
iug up of the valley w)iich is ox
treinely heavily afforested. This
fnct is not so very apparent until
itno gets into the foothills or along
the foot of the main range above
Mouchntn's ranch. Near the ford
the fact cannot remain unnoticel
.is tho quantity of timber is really
wonderful along the trail, magnificent cedar, tain rack, red lir nud
white pine with occasional giant
•otton woods in the 'bottoms or
noisier ground. Tbe river, owing
to log jams, is not available for log
driving without' considerable expense for the removal of obstructions, while giveu a railroad the
lumlier mills would soon work up
the material ou the __pot to Ih1
transported to market by the constructing company, Thfe logic of
facts compels thu conviction that
railroad const ruction f rutin Marysville to Pilot Buy iB' inevitable
sooner or later, and the sooner
capital is interested iu tho lumber
and ore resources the earlier the
road will go through. There are
parts of some of the timber
sections which have been Bwept
with forest tiros muny years ago,
which are now covered with pole
pine and stuff lit only for ties
but where tho primeval forest still
stands it wuuld out in tirst-cluss
lumber front twenty live to tifty
thousuiid foot tu tho acre, a largo
proportion of which could Is* used
for finishing of mines, that is
mines in the technical or fully
proven sense, there uro 1)0116 us u
matter of necessity, us it takes
money und yet more munoy to
coavort a prospect however good
into a shipping property. In any
case if ore could Is* mined as easily
us country ruck run lie quarried,
there is nu means uf getting il
uut except by packing, whicli
means a prohibitive expense fur
average mineral. In this connection it may be said that though
some of the prospects show bomite
running from 87 to 4b' \w cent
copper the mass of the oro runs
medium grade but occurs in exceptionally large bodies; in other
wonls they are exactly the class of
property that capitalists will tuke
hold of, and that is what makes a
The following properties, all
situated along tin; valley and all of
which must ship via Marysville
muy lie briefly mentioned so that
the public muy form some idea of
the resources of this wonderful
valley i Coming up (rom Marysville we have the Myrtle group
owned by Meuehain brothers, ao
excellent property showing up well
in coppor pyritic ore us well developed.     Nut  far uwuy  ure the
claims belouging to  Messrs.  Mc
Peak and Kr.il Ha/en of Crnulirook. now beinu w.nked for graph*
ile of commercial valm*.     This   is
probably   11 uiy   property    In
British Columbin Btiowinggraphite
of sufficient purity to bo develop-
til fur that mineiid alone. Its presence shows the powerful igneous
action to which the area has lieen
Subjected, and is a most valuable
simi of iln- gwiernl prevalence of
mineral in lhe neighborhood,
Close by the lake is Cole's copper
property, and ubove it are the
gold copper claims owned by
Messrs. Angus and Tarrant and
Dr. King of Cnuibrook. Next in
onler comes the Bonnie Doou. belonging to John Onrron with an
exceptionally big showing of copper. On Alki Creek is the Mystery owned by (ieorge I lewar where
there is said to la* four feet of
wonderful bornltoore a really big
thiuu iu the mining way if bomite
were not SO notoriously treacherous
and prune lu occur iu shallow gash
veins, as was the case in Storm
Mountain, one of the boom camps
of the early days. Native copper
occurs here and also on the Mag
uot, a near by claim which is own
ed by William Meachaiu and W.
Carlin. of Kort Steele. Within
ItOO feet of the C, P. R, survey lim-
is the Dominion Consolidated, a
stock property belonging to Spokane people which proves that
though coppor may predominate it
lues not entirely hold the Held, as
thoro is said tu Ih* no less than five
foot uf solid galeua an this property white adjoining leads show
plenty of good copper uro, This
property consists of four claims
running parallel with the survey
line. Those claims are bound to
make a name for themselves in tlio
near future. Two miles above the
survey line to the north is the
Malachite belonging to Messrs.
Thompson and Charlie Qmirns-
troni. Reputation goes for much
in milling and may In- usually depended on. No property has a
lietter repute than the Malachite
and certainly its ore is of the highest class of bomite, * hi the south
side of the lake is the property
the Howe Mining company, slu
ing a line quantity of both copper
ore and galena. On White Kisli
creok the best developed claims
are those belonging to the Selkirk
Mining company, consisting of six
claims with ledges of from four to
sixty foot with values of from ',. to
27 per cent iu copper, 8 ozs.. in
silver and $2,50 in gold per ton.
(.'lose on 500 feet of tunnel work
hus beon done here, and the property is to lie fully prospected in
the near future with tho diamond
drill. On White Fish creek also
are the five claims owned by the
Kvans Brothers of which every oue
who has examined them speaks
most enthusiastically. Further
west up the valley is the Bodio
Grout and the Ureal Dane on
which latter thoro is said to lie an
eight foot, ledge of solid galena.
Close by Office* Camp are the
Braeebridge and Welcome Groups.
The former group is owned by
Messrs. Samuel Lovntt and 0, H.
Burden and their companions.
This group was the very lirst to bo
located in the valley iu I8()_l when
that part of the country was virgin
trackless forest. Lovatt came
over the summits from Pilot Bay
on snow shoes in tho dead of winter
to stake tho ground, and had to
blaze his way out to Fort Steele,
sixty iniles away, to make his
records of location. There are few
stories moro interesting or lietter
calculated to give one a deep
sped for the prospector thau
simple tale of the dogged pluck of
the men who risked everything for
a dozen years to make a stake out
uf whal lay so far from the beaten
track of the mining man. The
Braeebridge is really more uf au
ore quarry than a mine, though
mine it is, ami mine it shall be for
all time and a big oue of copper,
gold and silver. This is the property which will make the name
ami fume of (he valley of tho St.
Marys as a mineral section. Tho
writer knows whereof he speaks
frum careful personal inspection,
If there were not another prospect
in the the valloy than the Brace-
bridge il would cause attention to la* directed to it. Opposite
the Braeebridge is the Welcome
Group of two crown granted claims
with excellent showings of good
copper ore on which considerable
work was done about live years
This loug recital does not cover
a tenth uf the prospects in the valloy. but will serve to direct the attention of the Crnnbrook public to
the resources of the now country
which lies at thoir doors, lu a
few years we shall be sparing uur
cual to food the furnace uf uur bat-
tit* ships and burning uur Inexhaustible Witter supply in the form
of electric energy, to heat our
houses and do our cooking. When
that day comes there is an unending store of water to burn in the
valley. The mountains rise up
with startling abruptness from the
very brink of the river, The
creeks coming down them from
the snow fields and glaciers stand
pretty well "on end". In several
of thom 500 inches can bo had with
a nearly vertical head of 1,000feet,
There you can like Kipling's Explorer, j
'Wm,.'li  unhnrueasctt rnphta wnsllitg Dft,v
itii.iii-iifiii lii'in) tm Iiuiii." I
lu this powap lies the ij leans of
•heap   mining,   cheap   logging,
cheap   manufacturing   of every
kind. The wonder of wonders is
lhat thev all. mines, lumlier. power,
forming awl their allied industries
all lie thi*-. moment in lhe womb of
time.    Hut iheir day will come.
Krom Meat-ham's ranch to Crawford Bay lifty miles away there is
not an inhabited house or shack,
save that uf Bob Hnggonl. the
trapper, of Honth Forks, who is not
always nt -home so that yuu can
leave your card, Vou muy find
him at the "head of the creek"
wherever that may Im*, ur at Office
Camp twenty miles away for Bob
is the king of the upper valley and
wanders in the trapping season
uver thirty miles uf u trapping
lino. It may la' uu|>octicul tu invade sueh a solitude but the necessities of ths day ami time demand
it. The hour has struck when tho
valley uf the St. Marys must reach
mt her hand and contribute tier
hare tu the upbuilding uf this
great country,
A number of the friends of Mr.
Dennlsoii, accountant at the Imperial bank, tendered him a
luncheon at the Wilgn Saturday
evening us u testimonial uf their
esteem uud friendship. The event
was a very pleasant une uud many
wonls of praise were spoken fertile
gueBt, whu will shortly leave Cranbrook tu take a position iu another
branch of the bank
A. J, Miller, uf Skookuinchuek,
was in tuwn Friday uf lust week
with a lead uf ruots. Mr. Miller
has a tim* ranch ou which ho has
put many valuable improvements
and now has a place that iB worth
some money, The Kootenny Central will place him iu a position to
reach the markets of the district
much easier, thus adding very
materially to the value of his
Peter Lund of the firm of Brook
ouridge contractors uud sawmill
men of Wanlner is In towu with
his children, whom ho is leaving at
i convent school. Mr. Lund says
that the big mill at Wardner is
doing a good business nnd turning out pboilt 100.000 feet of In in
ber a day. The firm has a large
'ontract on the irrigation ditch at
Calgary, which John Breckonridgo
is looking after. Mr. Luml confining himself to the Wardner saw
mill. -Nelson News.
Have you seen those new cloths
at Leask & Henderson's tailoring
establishment? Never before has
there been such a collection of fine
material brought into the Kootenays. They consist of the best
products of foreign looms, the
latest shades and combinations. It
will do any man's heart good to
look over the grout stock, and
whether you want to buy a suit of
clothes or not. don't fail to drop iu
there and feast your eyes on the
magnificent collection they have
on display.
It is a crying shame that the
sidewalks in Cranbrook are not repaired. The excuse that there is
nu money in ths treasury for any
such work is a might poor one in
view of the fact thut this town
pays such largo amounts iu tuxes,
A few dollars judiciously spent
now and then would keep the
streets iu good order. There are
government expenses that might
well Ih* cut off so that the walks
would not Im; a daily menace to
life and limb. It is a good chance
for Bouie one in authority to see
that the repairs are kept up. The
people built the sidewalks by public subscription, and the least that
the government can do is to keep
them in repair.
Malcom Leitch, of Oak Lake,
was in town three days this week
attending u special nicotine; of the
stockholders of the Kust Kootenuy
Luuilier company. Talking of tht
wheat country. Mr. Leitch said
thut Manitoba would have a groat
crop this your, which would uutur
ally attract mure immigration than
ever. He like many others, is of
the opinion thut lund at $17 to $'*U)
uu ucrc in thut country is cheap
considering the high price uf uther
land that is nu better und iu sume
ease not as good. And lie thinks
thut those whu gu further uwuy
from the road whore land can lm
liouglil from $i tu $ti un acre in
five installments cannot make abet
ter investment al this time.
Dr. Hopkins und Hurry Stark,
oft J rand Valley, Out., and Dr,
IMulp, uf Arthur, Out,, have been
lu town the past week, The twu
doctors huvu Ih-oii attending the
medical convention at Vancouver.
All three are friends uf Messrs.
Parks and Muir, and tlieir visit to
Cruubrook ami British Columbia
has been a revelation to them, ami
tbey will return enthusiastic over
the wonder possibilities of this
country, They like the air, (they
are enchanted with the scenery,
thoy aro impressed with the life
and activity of the people and they
are (irmly convinced that the real
era of prosperity has hardly dawned. AH three of the gentlemen
wore interested spectators of the
Labor Day celebration which they
declare would have done credit to
a towu of 10,000 to 15,000 people.
For Ssle.
Cottage, near school, f
furnished or tin furnished.
to tl, K. Dickson.
Stock  Quotations.
Furnished hy Beale. &   Elavil,
brokers. Crnnbrook B. C.
l-SMlp  -M3.0Q
North  smr  il
Sn lli nm  i-t
Si. Bugtoe  I"
1'uy  Roll  1
St. Eugene lit. Mines  iu
Western Oil mi,) I'mii i iiiitpiiiiy.,  -•"•
I,Inm (lul.l I'leM.  ■'.
luteruatlunal tool uml Cube         -'><>
Duuiin! _..Yl_i.*,l          I*'.
lui|>*".'iui on nn.l t'ual ttitupatij     .'.ii uu
Klulheu.t ViLthv Oil I.Jilt.Ik liev. In... _l\
Sales: 1000 Hulltvuii, 2000North
Coal and Petroleum Notices.
Nmiif ih h.Miy |lfco Uiul otter Ihi
.lui. **i* intern) lu _.|>).l>  In  ll tii.'l ,,
miwiniifl nf I iiii,I" Mini WUII.** a lltl 11n- ||ppl
'iiill 111if*' ml lun.Ih nml  wurU lm ....
ml   Koolenay. lie.  lor u  HrfllM tu pi
i*wt formal and patrol i mi the loltim
it«HTiiieii inn.u, ittattnl in ill" Hniiiii i-
.oratrol Rriil.h I'uluuhtH, m i  I	
i-mhi nl tke lonu ol IVmi... li r *.-,-i ,„,
i.uiihl mli.,,-nt i.i ii.,- Hn, I.,-ii Knmp, •
i-em nf nml inIjiK.nl i« S-m.ii*.  Hum 'a iln
dsttd AngUHt   Uth, luo-i     huentwl
M.i-i'i Msrtln, hy Nterifog Mnttbewi *■
L'bM. Milium- Iniliul poal , nnl un.l -■■-!,
,-uni rlniiii, _l,i_>-_ \l iul in n mn ill i-n hi i-oi
poet, Tlieuce hu ckslni eoulh, thenee
liuiiiH kiii, iheiiii* no ehulm "< ru* lhe
hu rhuiiiH t-itet m iln* pint*, ni begin nl
i*i.uimuiiiK mn aeree, Lorn let) AuguM ll
1804,    for     Ifnwe     Mm tin.     l.y    Si
Mdttkewi nmi riniH Mrfliilre.
luiii.*_ newt mnl uiul petroleum Halm,
Iniin It. Mi 1.eat) •* nmlh ne«t corner piwl
adjoining Mnm-H Martin'_ nnrth*eaat eornei
I'iiii, thein-e HI) iliiiiliH Hinilli, thenee •"
.'builiK-tBHl, ihein-eNll i-lniiiiH  uorth,   llieini
HO'cbatna weit to place of beginning, can
tatnlng 040 acre*,   I nie.1 Augimi   Uth
1004, li.v Sterling Mai lliew_ uiul (luo*. Mc
■ illilT.
Iiiiinl   [...Hi    innl   ami   petroleum   fin iiii
Ueorge W. Vlnceut'i ■outb**-tni1 corner pnat
lidiojnlng John Mi-1,.-iiu'h imiili ne.i  cornel
poat, ihnii-jf mh chain, nnrtli, ilieu.o si
i-bniim went, thence "i> i-faalnB aoutli, theuci
Nu I'hiiiua eu. i to the place nt beginning, eun
iiiiiiiuh tito acrea,   I uted Atigual   Nil.
liitu, by SterlingMatt hewn ami rhna.Mc
I iiiiinl poet coal uml petroleum claim,
Mmiil It Hitilmrit h mmtli w_hi comer post,
adjoining (.cow W. Viineul's . utith-eitHi
■or.iier poat, tbeureHO cbtiiiiH nnrtli, tlieuc,
SU rbuiu. euet, thence 80 chnina eolith
thenee 80 chain* *»*.%, to place ot beginning
i-niiiiiii] nn tun in re*. Located Angusl l-ltli.
|||Q4, by Sterling MnttlieMH antl I'htw. Mr
I nit iul poal cunl ami petroleum cliilm,
(■'red lluiui h nuilli ftiht corner poet, nortli
of and adjoining John W, Vincent'* elnlm,
ihence SU chain* enntti, llieiice no .limn.
went, theme nu chain* north, thence HO
eliaiuH euat to place of heglunltig, i-ontnlnlng
04u uerea. Located Aug, 14th, iw-t. b\
Sterling MnttlieWH aad t'biut. Miliuin-.
Initial poet coal ami petroleum claim,
I'arulyu Shuffer'n north*we«t coruer poat,
adjoining Fred Habii'* norlh-euet  curnei
nuni.   theme  SU  I'll ill III  hoiiiIi,   I heme   HO
euht, iiiem*H sii   chain* north, tlieucu si
eliuiun weit, to plnee of begilllliug, coiiluin
fog.040 acre*. Located Auk- 14th. llllH, hy
Sterling Matthew* a <l fha*. Mcfluire.
Iniiinl pimt eoal ami petroleum ulaim
Archie MiO.-oliii'a aoilth*ea*t enrner poal,
adjoining   Fred   Hilllll.-)   mirlli-eiiHt   mi net
pOHl.   llienee   SO L'baillB   Uorlh,   tl cc Htl
Chain* went, thenee SO eliniiin B0Ul.lt, then.*
Sll ehuiua eaat, Lo pluee of beglnuiug, eon.
ruining 040 acre*. Located Aug, 14tb, 11104,
hy Sterling Matthews and Claw, Meliuire.
I nil iul i»iit eoal and peiroliuui cltilin,
Wl iiliam W. Wolf'a unith-weal enrner poat,
uiljiiiniuH Archie Malcolm'a aouth-easl cor*
ity poat, tbenceHO chnina north, theme mi
chain* eaat, tlieuce nu chain* aoulh, theuce
Nil  eliaillH went, to  place III  I'l'gihliiug,   eon*
taiuiug oto imvh. Located Aug 1 Ith. Hml.
hy Sterling Matthew* nud -till* MeQilire.
luit iul poat eoal uml petroleum cla im
Nellie UcUuire'a norlh-en. i eonier poal.ml
joining aad uurlli ol Arable Malenlia'a claim
ihenee   SU  cbalUB anuth,   thenee   »0 ehailli
went, tlieuce su chalna north, tbenci 8t
ebaiiiHeaat, to place of beginning, contnliilug
04U acree.   Loeaied Aug.  14th, 1004, l>y
Sterling Mat theffn ami ('Iuh. .Meliuire.
Initial   pout   coul  uml   netroleutii   claim
tteorge rt. Swaggert'a north-weat cor'nei
poaU iidjoiuiug Nellie McBlllre'a nnrtlieiit.1
corner, tlieuce 80 chain* aoulh, th.tice sn
chain* eaat, thence ho cIhoiih north, thence
Nil ehuiaa weal, lo pluee ol hegiuuiug, containing 04) uerea. Located Aug. 141 h. 1004
|Vjf Sterling Mui t hewn und t'hna, Mcfluire.
Initial poat conl uml pelrolemn cluiut,
•I.A. McLeun'a llorth-eual corner poit, ml-
joining and ennt of John It McLean'* claim,
thenee SO chuina aotllll, I lien, e Mi alinlni
weal,   thenee  SO cliuiim uorlh,   llienee so
ehnlna eaat, to place of Itcgiuuitig nl-ulu-
iug D40acr*a, Located Augtial t4lb,lt)04,
hy Sterling MtiMhewH and t'lillB, Meliuire.
Initial poat coal ami petroleum claim,
JennieiiofutiH uoHleweal comer pOBl,ml.
joiniUK -I. A. MeLeiin'H ttnrltieii*.! cornel
poat, llietiee SO i Iniili. Bfllltll, lliein,■ NO
chulua eaat, Ihenee NO ebillll* Iinrlli,  theuce
hu chulua weal, to place ol Iwgluning- con-
taiuiug 04Uai*rea. Loeali'ii Aug, Ulli, tlllll,
hy Sterling .Mellhewa I UtlllB. Mcfluire.
Initial poat coal and |»'trol. utu claim,
Miriam IL*I.ciiii h eniiili eiiHi eonier poal,
adjoining J. A M'Lean'a noiili eiial enrner.
theuce mi ihuiua uocth. llieiice su   chulua
weal,   llieiice   Sll chalna   anillti.   theiiee   NO
chain* eaat, to place of liegluulng, contain
iiiK 040 uerea. I.oeuliil -Uiu I-Hll, 11104,
hy Rterllllg Mullhew. nn.l rimH Meliuire,
liiiiml pnat coal nml I'i'li l.inn I'inl UI,
Kllaa llovau'a aoutli-weal  corner   poal, ml
joining Milium McLeuti1* Boiilb-eaHl coiner
poal, tlunce NII ebtiiua uorlh, llieiice SO
lllll IIH eaat. theiiee Ml e till i IIH BOIIlll, tln'Uc-
HOcbailia weat. to place   of ItegiHIlltlg. con
Mining040acres,  LucatedAug, Uth,hum.
by SterliiiK Mutlhcwa uud t'llBB, Meliuire.
nit iul poat coal aud pelndeuni claim,
t*. S. Lumhcil'H uorlh-eaet corner poal uorlh
1 aud adjoining .Miriam McLeau'e claim,
theuce NU , Iia inn aoulh, I In lice so ,-linie.
weat, thence nu ehaiua north, ihenee .mi
chaina eaat, to place of hegittiiiug, containing
040 iicteH. Located Allgunl Uth, llllll, l.y
Sterling Mntthewa and CIium. Meliuire.
Initial poHt coul and petroleum claim,
Itolntrt Shuwr'a north -weal corner poat. adjoining 1'- S. l.amlii-i'l'H nortli-en. t corner.
Ihenee HU chaim_ 1011 til, thence NO chnina
eaat, thence HO chaina north, thenee so
chulua weat, to the place of beginning, can*
taining040 acrea. LoratedAug. 1 Ith, 1004,
tiy sterling Matthew* and Cbna. McOuIro,
1 utriul poat coal and petroleum claim,
Mary M. Scott'H aouth-eaal corner poal, adjoining Robert Shaw'a north-weat comer,
thence SO chnina north, thence Ml chnina
weat, thence Hll chnina aoulh. thence SO
chain* eaat, to the place of beginning, con*
taiuiug 64U acree. Located Aug, Uth, 11104,
hy Sterling Uatthewa and Cbaa Mcdnire.
Sua a i	
Hotel 3 3
flueata Comfort a Specialty
flood Sublin*; in Conneclioa
Nt-arf-at to rallioa-l nn.l .lepot.    Tli,s aCCOttlUtoda-
liiuia fur the -mlillc iinn-jualU'-l iu Craubraok,
lloKKarth & Rollins!
 Proprietor*     j
When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the
None hi'ttrr In thc District
Rates $i nntl up.   -Short Orders mid Oysters
served In uny style frum K p. in. lo ft a. in.
The table is thc best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor clean
lined! and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
ol liquors and cigars.
L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.
->t 1,-i.C-t t-t-c-t-f t-c-r; _■_■(■"-.£-< tr-_: t-C-t < B G S-d181.1.11r. frtfC 11 _ t: u,r,tr.i.Hw^
J The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley. J
i, _
_ Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining room service, and  the _
* best of everything; at the bar. S
'_« V
,;. __________ a
I FRED DREW,      *\V      Proprietor. |
A Couple of Pair
lit 111-14    II Ml.  Will Ml <   -..III'   4.444,||4,i,„
U.414,1,11,111,.     Til....*   llllll,   44..I'll   ...III.   llllll
I,■-.-,,I,I, 1 Iiii., riiiln  im,,-,.,.  1,,  unit,
I lii'lii ilili, ...ml -.'i'vir.'iil.l.' -nil-.
Let Us Make You
iih ni
The,  \\ ill It. ent like il'otl.    Tliei  Vl ill ho HlUlU
iii .mr ii-nal 1 Ileti nml thorough manner
Thev will mat vmi m-t tilioitt a ■ tun-h ua
the rendy inuilefellOH .vould charge Ami,
oh. whal 11 -liii"i"i iu lii .md looka
leask & Henderson
Initial jiimt conl and petroleum claim,
r.vtitliin Iteiiiiiiin's Bouth'Weal corner poni
ntljnlnlnR Mar,v M. Neott'u aoti_b*eaa1 corner.
1 lieiue so uh 111 na uorlh.   tin e 80 cblllni
enat,  Ihi'i  ho chalna aouth,  thence  Hi
nhliins weat, to |ilui f beginning, conlniii
iug 114(1 uerea.    I.ocnicd  Aug. 14th,   IHU4,
l.y Sterling Mattliewi undCluia, Meliuire.
Auction Sale ol School LaiJi.
PI'HLir   MlTH'l-, U   liereliv  given    Unit
miction Hiilea ot Hcbool l.unda  will bu
In-lil iu tteateiu AI hurl* ua foi Iowa: -
KlIMONTOX.    W.'dnodav,     SejiteinlieC   _t8lll
11)1)4. at H> o'clock u ui.
1.1:1.1,. Monday, October Iini, 11)04, ut H>
o'clock a.HI
IVbTABKIWIN, ThiiiMlav.llct.d.ei' litii, l!ll)4.
nl  II) o'clock «.Ul.
LvcoMiii:.   Monthly,   Uetoher    loth,    Hull.
ut li) o'clock hiii,
Ismsiaii..  Tliiii..lnv.  Uetoher   Ktlli,   11104.
ai 10 o'clock a.in.
DinatiuiiY, Mondny. Oi-tolier 17th. 111-14. at
10 o'clock a.m.
f'Ai.iiAltv.  Tlnireilay. Octobor UOth,   1004,'
ot 10 o'clock 11.ur
U1 n 11 KivKit, Monday, October lilth, tim-t,
at 10 o'clock a.111.
1'isiiii-it i'ukck. Thiiraday, October 27th.
Iiml,at 10 o'clock 11.m.
Ttii'H.* laini* mc attunteil, generally apeak*
Ing, within a ilialailce ot fruui twelve 10
twenty milw oi' the Calgary and Gil mon to 11
Itnlhvay and of thn Crow'a Neat I'nia Itrancli
ul tli*. iniin.limi I'm-illi- Ituilwav.
Tbey will In- H.d.t  without ri'iriinl lo per*
nous who may lit- in illcunl upntioti of tin-
•.um.-. l.ut -ii.'Ii iwranua  will l.e allow	
period of Ililrty ilnya utter ilu- ml. within
whicli to remove hiiildlngfl und other prop.
llne-ti'iilli iii ea.-li ul liiuu of ante and hai
nine in nine c.|tial annual IllHlaltneiita with
tlltereiil al the rate ol five per cenl-licl
llllllll Ul I'll lln- Uiilu lice ul the pun Ihiki- UlOUey
from linie to time remaining unpaid, except
in ettaea where 1 he area of the laud aohl .!...■.
not excceij forty acrea, in which case tbo
leium ol lui.viiietil  nluill  llC otie-tlftli iu en. h,
antl Hie balance In (oui1 equal annual luatah
ineiilH wiiii llllereat III  tin* rule  of live per
cent per milium Theaecotul Initnlmetit witli
Intereal wilt be payable on tlie lat Novemhet.
I(lll&, and ihc letiuiiii iir liiMlaliueiit. ven rly
trom Ihu' dute. Scrip or wutranli will not
he accepted In payment,
I pou a pined 01 lii-idlielui- kt ten] down
IbepHrcliuaeraball itm tliiielv dep.iNit tlic
-nin ,,1 II lied lii.ll.if-  will) Die ll.-il.
■itHale,uthei'wlaothe pnni'l »>H m oiicehc
pill Up  llglllll.    I'll   llio.   piltpiiHii hileudilii!
jiiiii'liiiHi't'M i* 1 id prnvhlu llieniaclvea with
murkeil cbcipica nn cbtu-lcml banka ot t.'nn
inlu 1 tc to llu-ir own older and piivuhle ul
par nt Ilm point ol aiilc, or with hunk niili.
of im large n iltnoiiiinailoli na poaattile, The
buliincc of Uie i*ank itiHiiiliiieni nu. 1 In eveif
cine lie paid lictm .< 1 in-clo.c ot Die ante, lull
inir Illl ll'll ilu-dep.-ii II Inil hull -i«
will he f.iricilcil mul tliu lund wlillilliiHli
Iiuui nuIc.
UatHotlllU IuiiiIh aolll 11)11 V he llllli (III
application to "The Hccrcliiry, linpnnuietit
till he Interior, nitmvaj" or toauy Ageui of
htniifiiii.il l.iiinlrt in Maiilloba or ihc North
accnrdlimtn capital,
A fi I nur, liavlug iltscovereil udneial m
place,  muy   locale a ninl in Iftaixinou (rei i.j
liiiirlon:: nul llic sjime wiih tun legal pOttlB, boat'*
nn. l-.r.iti-.it II..1I.*.-*. iin>* :,l --.i  'i .uu i.u   tn-  hue
ortho lode or vehi,
t'l h? i 'l"d wllliin Itrteeu
uiilu ten nijio of a uiiuiui
The claim s
days if Incatei     ._. _. ... _. _,..».«»
iei-iir.li-i'4' ultlcR mie iidiiiii. nui I day alluwed fur
every iniilillOHiillcii miles oi N.ieli.iii. Tin* fee
fur leeunllliKii eluiill is J.'*,
At It'Utl Sluo must In- expended on Ilie cliiiui
each year "i l'.ud tu tlie mniiti-,' iccnie: in lieu
tliciei.r.   W lii'ii ¥.".iki Ims l.e-n e\|ii-ti<icd ur imld
i he lacatnr ina> uinui i.,imu;: a survey made, anil
ii|ini iniiljini' Willi ulher  ie,|iiiieiuciils   nur-
,-tui.ie tlic lunil id f|,00nil iicre.
lie line
hy Ihu .Minister uf
i.iit.iiiiu.i; null ami
mie.i, iiNu copper, iii iin-1 ui,i>n territory, ut m
arraiiiiieu'ei-iliiii! Imi acres.
The paictii f..r a mliiin • locaii.m shall provide
for the iHiyuieiii nf r.imiij at the rale uf Uii ptf
eetit of tlic |. r... I in-1 uf [tie tociiiliiii,
I'lin-ei' .MtnliU!. .Manit.il.a and Ilu- N. W. T.,
e\i*e|iiiiu: ilu* VuloiaTeriitiirv. Ihiet-r uiliiluj
eialnis ueiu-rally urn iihi feet s.-nnre. entry fee.
i:,, iciiewiihle, yefttly. t'n lhe Nmlh Sxskut-
c lie nan ihei claims an-eltlmr luu ..r heiich, Ihe
former being um leel tutiK ami eMcndliic tie*
iwei-n tilnh ami Inw njiier uiai*k. The lat'er la-
eludes Imr <ln_i_lin:s. hut t-vieji.ls hack tu tlie
l.lise nf the lull nr hank, hut nut exceed 111.   1-lHMI
H h, i
■id, cliiluia JU0
fed wide may imuhtidned.
hit'il^uiH in the rivers of .Manlitilni end the
N. W. T.. e\ee|.tlnj; the \ uloni !Vrnlur).-A
Iree miiier mav nliliuti ..uiy [wo Iciim-s ul tlin
miles each fnr ii term nf twenty years, renew*
nhle In the discretion of (he .Minister of uie in
J lie leasee a right Isoontlned to ilu- •iihin.-in
cu tie.i nr bars m the river hehm Inw water
murk, nnd aiiOJeot to the ri^liis ,.r all nersutia
who IiBvo, or who maj receive entries for hat
dlgRlniiaorlienoJi chtinis, except on the rtaikal*
eiiewim ri.ei-, whi'f'iiic les  ma) dredge to
lllllll Wilier in..I k uh fttcli illl.'l llllli- feiiseliulil.
The lessee shall have ;i dredge in operation
wltlllnnliesea»i.n frmn III'- llatU uf the lens.* fur
eneh live miles, hut where ;i |>.-m<>i* or . ..111,1,111*.
has nliliilm-il mine lliaii une .ei-.- one .U.-di-e
Inreach llflceii miles nl li.i.'li.ui Is siillleleiil
i;,'iil,il. *i" t-.-i  iiiHiiun t"i   each  mile »f liter
leased.    Itt.yally ul tl ueoMwu und a half
per cent i-i<llct.'le.l ou tlic mil lint 11 Tier ll eviee.it
nf   live   III
miner fm
uilie \iiUnTm
j each   mav l.e
etlll.if   Iiiealy
Tha It
---- -  In I
e.l lieil  nl   hills Is  l|)i<  rlvi-r   t.ch.V
imuk, Illill I hit) lu lie lived hv
mi Uu- isi iim.,r \u,!usi in ihe year
or tin-1 ,
Till* lessee shiill Ii;iv,' .1. DtlfH) I
illllllil twu v.-iiis 11.im ih,-1|.,|. ..(M	
niedrodiieTnrenchnvei s wil hi 11 R|i
mile f.
ie.il   .
I I	
e ,|s |,|,
II   -'l-.'l.illiin
10 least, unu
11 sll   veins
1 der.
;. Ki'.vi*:j,
Hepiirl nt of Ibclnicrlor,
iiiiiwii. _7lll Allglial, MUM,       Hit-Ill
Synopsis of Refutations tor disposal ol Mln
crals on Dominion Luds la Manitoba
tbe Noriliwesl Territories and Ibe Vukoo
acre fur suit cual ami ¥.11 Tur anthracite. Nut
inoru than::_ .acres can he acquired by one 111
dividual rn* company, Itoyulty nt the rate of
len cents per tna or 3,000 |.iuniJs shall he collect-
lll an Die tunas output,
Uiuti'i/. -PerHiniHiifeltihtceii yeara and over
nnd Jnlnt stuck companies holalug free miner's
lerttlloates muy uhtaln entry (or a mliiinj; luuu-
A. free miner's ooritfleate ts granted for one
0 more years, imtoM-eedlin; live, upon puyuieut
in ulvBiice uf <:.m per annum fur uu luillvlduul,
u'hil frum *.'*c to Slisi per iiimnii; fu*- a vniupaui,
[ell HHIes nl muu
III.1..I    Ml
lli.■•    iiiaoxira
dny ailnweii fm
Thupnrs u
Illl sliikn
ic a olnlni mini
lmlil 11 flee mine
ul II
is entitled tu n
claim nf limi rei
<t in
lellltlli,  tl
■ id  II  lhe  ].,ui.
1 -Kl- ..I hn., 1
...'hi [1
•ft all.ii!>>.
tier, on lha	
imt of which nn
V  slmll 1
10 chnrgod, iht
rest nf the liuil)
• uiily
luti) teolin,
liv at the
i.i.'i.r tin, imt
..lie Imlf lid cenl
nil 111
a nil 1
Hie   gtljli   llll|.
neil fruui the \ u'
mil I
I'lllll.IV 1.
ll)0 pnlll In (Iim
Nu trceliillici -
.liiill 1
pcelvo a
■ .ninl or mure
1 luni nm* mu'
se|.iira|e  Uver
eiee.ui* ,-idcli, 1.
Ill   III.
-  same  11
iiuer may ii-.i-i
tjllV llllll 1  nf  ,
1  h>   luiie
luise,   mul   fre_
miners may wurl,
ellilins In
I'JIIIltclshiji |,y
llillnu iiotluo ami
mnv he 1 .iiiul.me,
in,; fee 11
' •«-    A elalui
tliinl her 1
ilitalticd un Um
sume creek. Kulc
li ur r
Ivor, uy g
■ villi; liullccuuit
luiyliiu a ret-.
Wi.ik must he.
luiie 11
11 a ('lain
1 eiii-ii yeur tu
the value nf ul least ?ii
Aceitllleiitethtlt wm
11 «li.iu- must ha
nhiaiiied eiieh yei
mil, lln
claim simii in.
and entry by a freu miner,
Tlie iimiuilanes of 11 i-lulni may he dellui-d ali-
sulutcly liy liavlug a survey mini. m.I piihllKhlug
lintlces ill Ilie Vllkt
ivtruleiiiii.   All    utuuinropi lined   h
Ijinds in .Mauituiiji, ilu- Northwest Tei
and  within the  Yukon Terill
ropiliKed   hoinlnlnu
 " '" rrllorlea
ami within uie Yukon lerritory arc open tu
prnspuctliii' for |ietml<-um, mid the minister
may reserve fnr an Individual ur cmupiiuy Lav.
in-^uiachlliery on (lie lund tn l.e Kns.lecl-jd, vu
area of tlio acres. Slmuld tliti |>iiispevtov i|U.
anver oil lu paylnj; <imiutltica, and satisraoturtly
estuhllsii siu-li dlscuvcry. an area imt e\cecdlti_
1140 acres, incliulliiu the nil ni-d ami smdi ulhe"
laud lis may tie ilelcrmliicil, will he sqIi) to tlie
discoverer nt the rata of $1.00 au acre, miIiwi
lurnyaltyatsuc.il rule a,s mny in. niieelllcd lie
Depitriiu-Ulnf lUe Interior,  Otlawu, Sent.
lleputf at the .Minister uf the luterloc


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