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Cranbrook Herald Nov 22, 1906

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Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
. r.. WALKKK, Q.n.r.1 Ua
AI KM. I.A Hi I), A..1. Gaal
A |*ll,ral  H,nking  IniMiiiM. Iran,a
mail .ill.
"""'' '".I, ba opanal anl c.a,MM SI
i.i ol Ilil. Bank.
Dcpi.nlis ol  $| mul i.pwnrUa received, and Intersil allowed al
aui'i-ru. rules.    I lie depositor Is ai.hlect .,< no delay what.
■Ver in .lie  «iilnii.,,,.,1 „i  ,ha „ln.l. ur uay
purltou ut di. deposit
Men Women and Children
"Meet WlflTSuddeT"
Cranbrook Branch,
P. C. MALPAS, Manager
,<•.*....,*,,*,,,,,*,,,,, i,,,ii,,,,,,******.<<...
Rest $4,425,000.00
R. Jaffray, Vice.-President
I Capital PaiJ Up $4,425,000.00
! HEAD] OFFICE   -   -
£ D. R. Wilkie. President.  Hun.
j Branches in Provinces of llritish Columbia, Alberta, Sas-
; katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec
j Interest allowed on Savings   accounts FROM DATE OF DE-
m POSIT at highest current rates and compounded half yearly.
1. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
With Chriatums only n few weeks distant, the necessity for floli lay shopping is ulinoat ns einphutlu
ns tlii1 in.'inv positivu mlvnntnuea ot enrij selection.
Our entile stock is rich with carefully seleotet. ob-
jects ninu'itii.: down to the mosl popular prices,
Attention is particnlnrlj directed i<» the uiau)
nml which wo will I-- pleased lo bIiow  you
W. H. WILSON,   The Jeweler and Optician
(iold Seal Tea
New Goods coming ii  .'II the time.
rhls week .. car ol  Canned Goods, also a big shipment of Lowney's Chocolates.
Don't ask lor poor gooJ: ;   we haven't got theni.
A Fountain Pen
would miiki' « very anltivli
We carry u nice selection i
in utock: WATERMAN'S,
Let uh put onu aside for yor,
e Christtniu prosent.
the following makes
fur XmiiH.
"-T •"_ .'  THE   JCWELKKS   l~
FOR   C. P. H.
Peculiar Accident For Which
There Seems to Have" Been"
Little Cause
Seattle, Nov. 19.—The passengei
steamer Dix, with passengers and
crew numbering eighty porsons, was
rammed and .sunk by tho ore steamer
Jeannlo, In Pugot Rounil early today. Forty-one persons, including
women and children, were drowned.
Seattle, Nov. 10,—The steamer Dix,
Captain P, Leermon, bound from
Seattle to Port Blakely, with passengers, sank two miles, north of
AIki Point, shortly after 7 o'clock,
after having collided wiih (4k steamer
Jeannle, Captain P. H. Mason, of the
Alaska Coast company. Forty-one
.persons and members of tlie crew of
tlie Dix are missing and nine were
saved. The Dix Is a total wreck.
The Joatfile was not injured in the
least. The master of the Dix was
The collision occurred while the
Sound was almost as smooth as a
mill pond, uud afler the boats had
heen steaming wiihin slghl of each
other for a quarter of an hour. The
Jeannie was backing when she collided wllh the Dix, and the Impact was
slight. Tte Dix was slruek abaft of
amidships on the starboard side., she
Haled heavily to porl fm a brlel
period, righted hei self, ihen sank
stem first.
There was hardly time to launch
life rafts or boats before slu? was
almost entirely submerged, Passengers jumped from the decks Into the
waier, women screamed and officers
Ami men called orders th.it could
hardly be heard above the din. The
passengers from the Dix who could
swim made their way to Hie sides of
ihe Jeannle and were dragged
aboard. The Jeannle was not moved
until after all who had reached her
had been hauled aboard. Tlien she
cruised aboui picking up several who
managed to stay above watei.
it w.is altei i o'clock before the
Jeannle left the scene of tho catas-
prophc, and steamed lo the Virginia
lock with her thirty-nine sur-
The Jeannle, ol the Alaska
ompany had finished unloading
Great Northern docks a'
t'ove. and had started loi Taeoma shortly before 7 o'clock, just
about the same time the I>ix left lh,'
Flier dock lor Port Blakely, Tfccre
was no passengers on ihe Jeannle,
The Dix was making the last trip ol
the nighl, and was well filled with
Following is a list, ol the missing:
W, Bracewell, longshoreman, Port
-. Metier, filor, Port Blakeley
Fred Doselet, filer, Port Blakeley
Peter Buuzeltl, barber, Porl Blake-
ley mill.
Hjdei,    manager Porl Biakoloy
Albert  McDonald,  lumber surveyor,
Port Blakeley.
Frank MiQuuic. clerk,  Port  Ul.iH*-
ley null.
Albert    McDruniuioi; I,    lu tuber sur-
veyor, Port Blakeley,
August Nelson, Pott Blakeley.
Mrs. Augusta   Kelson,  Putt Blakeley.
Fred   PlfcOtt, tiler,   Port   Blakeley
m. 11.
Roland I'i ice
Port Blakeley,
Fiank  Paiks,
ei Dix,
han Bead, fireman iti ami i  I
James Smith, Port Blakeley.
Arthur Smith, Port Blakeley.
Swan Swanson,  lead setter,
Blakeley mill.
Charles Williams,    sawyer, I
Lumber company.
A. Webster, lumber surveyor,
Deck hand, steamer Dix,
Five    Japanese, en route tu
Blakeley for work.
One Chinese, one Filipino.
sun of postmaster at
chid engineei  steam
Watch this Space next week.
It will prove interesting
to you.
Dawson, Nov. 8.—lion. W. W, B.
Melnnes, governor of the Yukon, will
leave on Tuesday for Oltawa via Na-
naimo, Victoria and Vancouver.
He was tendered a banquet last
night in lhe Arctic Brotherhood hall.
Members of all political parties gathered to pay a harmonious
tribute to the splendid administration of Yukon affairs by Mr. Melnnes during the lasl
two years. Mr. Justice Macnulay
Representatives of thc press, commercial, mining and other Interests
all contributed to a complimentary
address endorsing the action ol Mr.
Melnnes, ami painting a picture ol
prosperity In ihe fuiure. Manv oi
ihe speakers predicted tliat the Vukou
will become une of lius innst populous
parts of Canada when the vast mineral resources which the outside
world is recognising are fullv exploit-
.t   thf
tail ft
tt. Bylcr, eltik Port lllakeley mill
Alex, Carlson,  planer, Port Blake
ley mill.
Ralph   Clark, clerk, Port lilakclcv
E.    Conway, lumber sur-
10 Second   avenue   west,
Dennison,    mate,   steimei
Mrs. T.    C, Ford, wife of superintended of Port Blakeley mill.
Bu/.zintie    Garcia,    Filipino,    Port
Blakeley mill.
Mrs, Granger, Spokane.
Martin Hansen,   oiler, Port Blakeley mill,
Edward Jones, foreman Rothschild
A Jones, Port Blakeley.
C.  J.    Kenny,  U. S.  A., hospital
John   Keating, St. Paul,
of Port BlaJreley.
Peter I.arsen, oiler,
I   William     Mayers,    caulker,    p0rt
| Blakeley,
Port Blakeley
ed, and ihat
dawned   wnh lhe orri
Innes two years ago.
Mr. Melnnes replied,
credit to Sir Wilfrid
Hon. F. Oliver for
Tile banquet was the li
history oi ihe Yukon.
I oi Mr. Me
A veiy pretty wedding took place
on Wednesday afteiuoou ai ,i o woci,
m Uie i.nglish church ut Foil auele.
i tie eoUiiaclliig pai ues were Mr,
ucorgc Arumr uobinson, ol iviiuoei
le), **nd ftllas .>mue r laser Cain*
cran, oi Fori Steele, lomierly o,
uaviot, lvViness, Sootlaud, uuugntei
ui Duncan Cameron. iu-\. i*ieweiiyu,
rector ot the iMigush church in Liaii-
oioon, pertorined tne ceremony, nn
eUurcli had been haudsouicJj tiucoianxi
u) meiids ut ihe untie under Hit
supervision of Mrs. Miilei and pre-
sviiusi a most attractive scene,
ibe biidc wore a traveling suit oi
gray velvet wan a hal io match.
A large number ol lhe friends oi uu
uride and groom were ptesem ai Ut
church uuu witnessed ilu: ceremony,
un mediately alter lhe ceremony, un
.maui pany, numbering auoul iwen-
repaired to the imperial hotvi,
rtiwrc u wedduig uinnci v.us serveu
and congratulations ol the uiosv
uiuiiiiii Mud extended to tbe hupp)
couple. Later in uie u.i} .nr. ..m.
.Uis. Uobinson weie drlvcu io Cran-
mook and will remain as ^utsis at
tlie Crautirooi* hotel until lo-uiortow
ivken they leave for lheir future huim
ui Mmberley. iiiu unite is a most
tsiiinauie lauy who has a large circu
ol friends In butt Steele and iii.ougii
uui lhe dislriel. The grooui is well
hiiuwn all Uirough the Uiart.net, an
bt- came here iu the early days u.
construction and was wtin the urhlgi
and hitiMiug dcpurliiuni ol the l,
P. R. lor a numbei oi years. Mr,
itobiiisuu is one of lite substantial
citizens of East Kootenay and at
present holds ttie position ot mas lei
mechanic at the Sullivan mine, as
well as being largely interested ill
iruit lantls in the Koolenay. Tin
l Iei aid extends congratulations lo
Air. and .Mis. Robinson and wishes
ihem all kinds oi happiness uml prosperity,
(From the Coast, Seattle.)
IL'.U   L^n
(I     Ulu
(Canlsion Star.)
The last Lctlmrldge Herald bring'
word that "Old Alan" Simpson has
severed his connection with same and
that our genial friend Air. tt. A.
Buchanan, is the sole proprietor. Ii
is good news ant bad news, Good
news because we arc pleased to note
Uiat .progress ihat Mr. Buchanan
has been making, and bud news
because we ate reluctant to part wiih
the "Old Man." They are bolli
newspaper men trom the ground up,
capable of performing their labors iti
every particular. We have always
said tbat Tlie Cranbrook Herald was
the best weekly In the west and II
may not be amiss to say thit tbe
Lethbridge Herald Is not a whit behind.
..uUiu  ui-UtlL-n   tlie  litucitteeL
-.Una,    rtilili   UIU   i'lvgailb   ju.
ijiacuivci,    uuu   uiaUu cuuuui
..(■uili.sl   uiu  Ul'uWb.
nie iluiu huiu ucing rapidly du\-
ii uui ut luu inuuiuaois *iUA, wuer-
j\ei possible, uumnuan-U. n. seemed
us ii Uiey were uouuied lo cumpiuiu
KJiiueiiou. iiowevei", as iluy wero
iieiug loiced ibiuugii whul is nuw luu
v.iui.s .Nesi I'ass Hiey saw a moun
lum—solitary and barren ul trees.
a irull was seen leading iu mo top.
up uus Uuil liie despair lug Crows
1'iuiii lhe heights above lbe Crows
lulled down rochs upun lheir lues and
flayed iheu advance. Siege was
iaid at ihe mountain's base. However, lhe siege was suou abandoned,
when the Crows made lheir escape,   j
Among the Indians, thereafter, lho|
mountain was known as "tbe place
where lhe Crows nesUd.*' H is now
called  •Crows Nest."
Ottawa, unl., Nov. 20.—Sir Wilfrid
uauriuf, piwiiiicr ui thu uomufiou, received cuiijitaiuialiuiis to-day ou the
.itcasiou oi uis sixiy-uiib oirutda).
,5ir Wilfrid was uum at bl. un,
.'uebee, Novombor iti, ii.lt, aud uas
uecu acine in public ine since lb)i,
uien ne wa*. returned io Uie Quebec
egisiaiive assembly. in 1»74 ho'
entered thc iiouau ui eommous ami|
two years later hu was uppolliltd
uinisier of inland reveuue in Uie
Mackenzie administration, bul was
tlelealed on going io his constituents
ior re-eleeiion. Quebeu Last, however, elcctod hun and has remained
faithful to blm ever since, lie as-
*Utnod leadership of the Liberal pally
in 1H87 and iu IS'JO" he became prom*
We Advise Early Xmas
You get better service and a
larger assortment to select
Our stock is bigger and
better than ever.
The question
ihose starting iu
ihis districl, "tt
lho best  to  blltu
is often asked hy
to Irull growing iu
iai class ui uuil,  is
the curliest   results
und llw best profits'/
The answer iu this is "Cherries
uud small truits." This answei will
apply lu any disiriet where Irull can
.ie grown, us ihese are perfect IJ
hardy and Will grow uud do well
where such Iruits as peaches and
grapes cannot be successfully grown.
A nlm in the cherry market is something unknown toi' the supply is
never equal lo the demand, the consequence is t-hat cherries always
bring the highest prices.
The improved varieties of commercial cherries will hear almost Immediately after planting, These
varieties'grow in low and compact
orm allowing the fruit lo be easily
packed. The hardiest varieties are
Early Richmond, an acid variety,
Empress Eugene, sub-acid, Montmorency, sub acid and Windsor, sweet.
Cherries generally hear ihe first
vear after planl ing ami will grow
from two    to    three baskets    to the
This is lhe time of year that those
thinking of going inlo fruit next year
are discussing what kind of ftuit
trees to gM. It seems pretty go
business to get some cherries and
a quantity of the small fruits, surh as
raspberries, currants, gooseberries,
etc., so that these will be bringing in
an income whilst the slower developing trees such as apples, pears anil
plums are glowing up,
VOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE   :        i
Real Estate
A Nighl School will lie opnneil noiler the aunptoes of the
Crnnbrook ttuniliiiu; Room, with E. W. LONG. a» experienced
iict'iiiiiiliuit nf ninny years in olmrge. The classes' will meet at
tin- ReiuliiiK Room MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS nt « p.m.
ENOLISIl Including SpellitiR, Arithmetic-. Writing' anil
HOOK-KEEI'INO   Sinylo   nml   Double   Entry,   inolutliliR
•Iiiiiit Stock Coti.ptlliy'B wurk.
SHORTHAND-A now system, simple, easily learned: One
hundred words n minute guaranteed iti three months, or uo pay.
Shorthand Course inolndes tin; English Course also.
English Course  $35.(10
Shorthand   $25.00
Book-keeping, full course..  $50.00
Do. Single and Double En.
try only.  $25.00
All pnyi its are to be made io Mr, H. White, of ll.e
Reading Room Association, who hits authority to arrange terms
We have just opened a large assortment
of Hockey and Acme Skates of the very
newest patterns, also a fine line of Hockey
Sticks, and the prices are right.
Call and inspect our stock.
J.  D. ricBRIDE
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.    We are on dak 25 hours
out of the 24
Automobilesare Popular
But at this time of the
year one must think of
STOVES. That cooking stove could be replaced by another that
would save you fuel and
make you money. And
as to HEATERS, we
have a stock that will
meet your needs. Snow
will soon be here and the
price of wood has gone
up. Call and see what
we can do.
J. G. MCCALLUM   &  CO. &iS?Xt&\
D. C, Cotbin signalled the opening
»f hi*, new railroad, the Spuk-ttic lu-
irinational, by establishing a live
lay height service between Minneapo*
md Spokane. A ear , I eggs consigned io tbe Powell-Sanders company
was shipped     Horn l'awies. llle,    tteaJ
Mmiied'iulis, (Atobei 30. li arrived
al Kiugsgate. the connecting pi mt
uf the Canadian Paclllc and Mi. Corbin's load, Novembei 3, and \\a^ received heie the same night al 11.-15.
The Spokane International has also
given a Ave day service on less than
carload shipments, a oat bringing
shipment* to a numbei ol Spokane
merchants lelt Minneapolis November
-i. arrived at Cranbrook the morning
ol November H and was in Spokane at
11 o'clock the sains night,
"This quick time." said Mr. Corbln
yesterday, "was due to the lac! that
goods weie shipped in "bond and, the
ear being sealed hy the customs set-
wee, eon Id not he opened en mule
nnd eame through direct, the same as
a full carload shipment,
"We have opened the line wiih uood
business." added Mr. Corbin. "A
number ol Spokane merchants nre
shipping hy our line, and we are also
bringing In    considerable eoal   from
lhe Crows Nest Pass country. I believe that the completion of our line
will solve the fuel problem for Spokane. These great eual fields are
about ihe same distance from spiv
l.aue as the Hoslyn mines, in cenital
Washing-ton, and lhe coal measures in
Hie Crows Nesi Pass country are sn
big that 1 hesitate t<i slate ite size
of them,
"I doubt if the majority of our
peopl: realize the magnitude and resources ol the Canadian Country
whieh is made tributary to Spokane
by the building of our road. Our
people ean view wilb the complacency
ihe settlement of thai great country,
There is an area there of from 1000
to t2fin miles square of rich prairie
land, as good wheat, land as ean hr
found anywhere. As that country
settles up it will provide an Intrt.is-
Ing market for the fruits of (lie Inland Empire. I have been Informed
ihat the towns |n there have icvcntly
taken 1,0 carloads ot apples from
North Yakima, 20 ears from Mv
Kails and a number of carloads from
Spokane, t he fruit going lo Fernie,
Calgary, Edmonton, and other
i owns.
"Alberta, Saskatchewan and Assini-
lioia are settling up rapidly, and
Manitoba has been well settled for
immber cf years. Winnipeg has
grown into a line eity, the center of
a great deal of wealth. I am informed that mole than 400 Winnipeg
people went to Florida and Sou then
California last winter. Uc are gel
ting in pretty close touch with that
country, and I predict that tin
people of those Canadian torritoi'le!
will look more and more lo Spokaiii
and Ihe Inland Empire as a trading
point and a pleasant country when
they can come for winler vacation
to escape the colder climate of '.hei
own country.
"We shall not establish our
through passenger service," continue:
Mr. Corbin, "until ahoul the lirst of
next May. Entirely new equipment
is being' built for ihal now. Dm
passenger ears are duplicates of tin
ears now In use on the New Haven
road between New York and Boston.
We shall run a ihrougli sleeper service
from Spokane to Minneapolis.
"in the meantime, though, we shall
continue quick freight service between llie east and Spokane. We
liave a temporary arrangement hy
which our ears are brought into the
eity over the track nf thc Spokane
and Coeur d'Alene. If good weather
contim.es, we expect to have, our own
irao'Ks inlo town by Ihe middle of
next week, and hy ' this time next
monlh we should he running our
trains intu our own yards and station
and be cccupying our own offices over
SUxtistics can be eloquent, and i
wonderful story is told by the Canadian immigration returns for the lis-
eal year ending June 30, 1906.
The tolal immigration lor the 12
months wa.s 183,064, as against 148,-
itiii in the previous year, an in-
crease of -lli,708, or 30 per cent. The
summarized returns are as follows:
1905.      1906.      hie.
llritish       65,35!)     86,706     1,437
Conll  37,364     11,172     7,106
n. s 43,54a 57,796 14,253
Total    im.   ...116,266   189,061   42,708
The   British   immigration is subdivided as follows:
1005.      1006.      Inc.
English 48.817   65,1.15   16,288
Welsh        770        797 27
Scotch  11,744   15,8111     4,102
Irish   3 ft MR     5 018     1.020
The proportion of men to women
among tlie newcomers is three to
one. The marvellous growth of immigration in llie past decade Is Illustrated in ihese figures:
1896  16,835
1K97  21/716
1898   31,900
1899  44,543
1000        23,895
1901   10,149
Sl tM V.
(Olbctal   Bulletin.)
Tin- nun industry ot itntish    Ci
uiioig is iu its infancy, uui the
ills mi fai secured are convincing
., ns inline importance.
lbe   acreage  planted in fruit trees
as trebled In live yeais.
In l*U1  iin*   loiat orchard acreage
as i',l37 acies.
In  umi  ilns acreage had oulv    iu-
iva-scd io 7.13d acres.
Iu 1(105 ii had    Increased to 23,0110
Two   hundred
nnd    uuv thousand
mil   trees  weie planted   in   BIOS.
Seven hundred thousand m 1004,
Over one UtiHlOli in 1005,
Ten years ago llritish Columbia did
ol      glow enough 11nil  to supply hei
iwn nnpula-lton.
In l!"i2 the ttnii shipments amount-
,1 to 1,058 Ions
In 1003, 3,514 i
lu nun, 8,1135 u
London, Nov. 11.—British politics
ol late years has heen very humdrum
in iis character, but tiers is at the
present time a quarrel brewing be-
as tween the house of peers and commons which promises lo beveiy lively and very fierce. The house of
lords is jusl now mauling about, lhe
education lull m such a way thai the
ihe ministers am being lefi^iih but
tWO alternatives. They nulst eilhei
dri.p the bill or resign. Thev do
nol want lo adopt, the latter expedient, because they might relum
troin   ihe country  nith a  much    ru
dticed majontj \ n  is ver)    well
known that  they  waul  lo i,i.Uodi
In 1005
1,350 tons
The value ol the Hint do*
exceeded $1,000,000.
The fruit growing lands of
Columbia  aie ol  large extent
valued at $340,
valued at $350,
iut ciop of 1901
home rule bill tot Ireland .it iht
next session.
i    Sow   il. ;,oes     without savin.;    tha
ihe   peers will     rejeel an)    meosurt
proposing lo t,ive 'home mie [0I lie
land, an.l Ui-n will begin a lleici
agitation against ihe upper cliainbci
not ioi mending it, bm lot endim
British     l'ht'"'
.uid in- ouiiistei, Sn
henchmen   of   llie    pi
Henri Campbcll-Ugii
private tlin
.hide all the feinie valleys from the man, who state
Rock) Mountains to the Pacific coast, nurtinetlj  underswxw .is .m es»eunai
nml from   ihe International boundary P*rt ol the Radical prbrtrnnimo   llial
north to Cariboo. l,1;* rejection of the    home rule lull,
Apples, pears, cherries, plums   and following    lhe "tinkering" With   the
small    fruits gtow over all the area education lull by  the peers,  will    I:
other ileHc
tion in th
t riots.
The    pri....,	
fruit   is grown ou a large scale are: wood
Vancouver Island    and adjacent     is- l» 'heir gr
lands.  New     West minster.  Okanagan, *>' common:
followed   ucith.'i    bv    dissol
grapes, nectarines,     and resignation; but by n superannuation
te Fruits, grow to poifco o  the house ol lords.    A strong stop
opi n in the southern   dis- of this kind would involve grave con-
siiiuiionat changes, hut the   house ot
pal districts in     which lords will noi crumble up like nuteh-
"     '        — ie     Radicals, presuming
i majority In the house
. are fond of boasting.
Llllooet, Yale and Kootenav. The faet is that ihe social rights of
Some of the favorite sections ol the hereditary unlets in England are
flies'' districts, in which fruit grow- Very strong, and the.llriiish people
Ing is established on n commercial nre prone to respect the social and
basis, are: Fraser River vaU"v. ™al iulliienee of ancestral wealth
Kamloops. Lvtlon Ashiroft. Silence's Olid public activity in-.ihe house of
Bridge. Enderby, Armstrong, fiimilk- lows, believes thai nn the education
amcen, Pentielon, Nelson. Kelowna and home rule question as ll is not
and Vernon. ,likely to amuse the anger of ihe na-
  tion.       Still, ihe fact..remains   tliat
COST OF AM ORCHARD.       |ihc prime minister is dceph  pledged
The cost of making .-,   twenty acre',10 introduce a    home rale bill
(Victoria Times.)
It has been   deliberately announced
ihat Premier McBride is going to appeal   lo  the people upon   liiie question
of heller      terms.       It  is- hoped    the
t. u • of t-hc popular voice will be so
loud aud deai that there will be no
neccsslt) ol asking Downing stree
admonish thc Dominion in regard
the lights of lliiiish Columbia. Bul
published repoi ts oi the proceedings of the Ottawa conference prove
that the Dominion has conceded Hie
al claim oi British Columbia lo
e generous terms. All Uie re
presen tot Ives ol the othei  provinces,
while      they  aver     thai   out   dclegati
'     i lllll.I.ile   lus  ease   wilh     u
clearness which Indicated n complete
itidcisianding of ihe subject, Imvo
Kpressed their willingness to agree
o .in amendment to tlm couttti tuition
cl   which   would give special   ken I
neni   h.    Brltlsli  (ul in.i,  remove
in-sent Inequalities, nnd thus place
ill ihe    provinces upon a practically
veil   basis 111   lll.ll   lespeil   I lit'  cou-
lerciico ui ilie premiers cleared ihe
ground and prepared thc wa) no Q
ossibic settlement, Tbe uusutlsfac
lor) feature ol ibe situation from the
polnl ni view ui British Columbians
that   just     warn .ti tinders land ing
ail  boon  leached   .m.l   lie w,i\       h.i.l
e. n cleared lot disi ssion .m.l .i
ussible solutlou, om premiei refused
o continue negotiation.-, iii il beat ,i
precipitate retreat, lie ...uld have
uo other reason lor bis stupid eon
duel than a desiie lu make political
capital ior bis governmenl om ol Uie
proceedings ol the conference
There ale now unmistakable indna
lions that ihe appeal lo the people
will h.' taken Immediately. Thc
pr?miw and his aiilv: campaigns
go forth on a political toui of Un
Island this evening. Mr, McBride,
however, cannot, u he has any re
gard for truth and the Intelligence ol
his audiences (which rc has not, nui!
never hati) take llle position that Uu
province was denied juslice al Ot-
pri infers of the |i
r cha I'd in BritJsh Columbia is vart-
ouslv eslimatcd from $2,500 to
S3,500, according to first cost of tho
land and local labor conditions. The
care and maintenance of the orchard
for five vears, or until it hetrins to
hear, would cost almut $3,500, less | would empoWP
ih» value of small fruits and vegc- commons, Tl
tables planted  between  the  trees and cntpr  whal   is
mdering ho
tl'c  house
everybody is
settled, wh;i,
mains as it i
'Ihere ate manv men ,
of the house of lords wl
is known as the "Fahlin
peers t,
y would
it  lord
an b
both sides
favor what
act, which
sii    iii    tin-
called    the
ihe fifth year's return ol fruit, which, real parliament. When th
in all, should pav lhe original cos*! ofi arises, lhe house of lords will be told
the frees. In'the slxlr vear Hie,'hey are utterly out of touch wiih
orchard should pro-luce $850 worth nt j War feeling, and ihev could nevet
fruit, in the seventh $3,200, and in intervene In lhe word of legislation
the ninth $5,800, after which it Mtcepl to mar Ihe handiwork of the
should pav a net annual profit ff house of commons, li will lie dcclar-
$125 to $150 per acre—an assured in- ed that their principles of action are
come for life of $2,500 to $3,000 al oligarchial and aristocratic, while
vear. I those of the lower house are popular
This estimate of profits is nol has-'and democratic The hulk ol thu
ed upon paper and pencil, but it is members of lhe upper house would
instilled hv lhe actual experience. Mr. Say, "So goes A theory which many
T. W. Stirling, Banlhend Ranch,'observers arc much Inclined to
Kelowna.  says: [doubt."     There are members of the
ire   piep.
when  I!
whi, h
peer   of
.'ould    take
all    excuse
for   theii
1901 .
.. 67,370
. 128,364
At Ihis rale Canada will get ove
million immigrants in  the next    I
years, in addition to the natural
ise of the population,
Rossland, Nov. 17,—The fact thai
the larger portion of the mai miners
nf Ihe Crows Nest Pass Coal company have resumed work has considerably relieved the situation here
which was beginning to get acute on
account of the lark of coke with
which to smelt the ore after it was
mined and ship ned, It will be only a
question nf ,i short time before the
smelters will have resumed operations
al Trail and Northport and Ihis will
cause the mines to resume shipments nn a larger scale than before
fl*p strike hegan, for the reason that
Ihev hnve taken ndvanta-are of the on-
nnrlr.nity afforded to break down ore,
mnrnve thf> condition of their plants
ind to dn considerable advance de-
velnnmcnl work!
Tin* Le Roi. which has kept "-tend-
llv nt wnr'1 shinninc ore to North-
nnrt durinc the strtke'wlll <duit down
to-morrow fnr a wwk for the niirnose
(tf maHng "ome necessary renairs ir.
main  shaft   but  MW mines will
This orchard of about  16 acres will  house of peels  who
produce about   160 to  170  Ions     this meet   the     Rod calS
present   vear  (1905). about  "Trusting thc
In  190:, it produced  140 tons. I'd       the    proposal,
lu 1001 it produced*l30 ions. (understood will com
In 1905 it produced 160 to 170 tons standing is lhat a
mot finished picking).     And probably the referendum as o
has not yet    reached maximum pro- Institutions,    should    be
duet ton. ' This,     it is contended,
Apples (Jonathan) planted in 1900 away from    the Radicals
produced    this    year luu lbs. a tree,   for denouncing     Ui.' peers
(Fruil worth $1.50 per 10-lb. box f. o. laek of democracy.
li. packing house.) The referendum'    hill     wnuld    lav-
Last year these trees yielded as down that if. and when thc two
four-year-oids 60 lbs. a iree. Next houses could noi agree as to the
vears crop mav he estimated at provisions of anv bill, either house
200 lbs. per tree'. might, in passing the hill in the f0rm
One and one-third acres of Bartlett desired by the other house, insert,'
peai's produced 16 tons of fruit, or without further debate or conference,
about 800 boxes. Selling price, $1.35 a provision Uiat before being sulj-
per box f. o. b, packing house, $1,190, milted for royal assent the b.i!
Two and one.third acres cf Italian should be referred lo the voters of the
prunes produced 32 ions, or 3,200 United Kingdom; a pull of the people
crates. Selling price, 60 cents per being taken in the manner prescribed
crate,  $1,020. by thc act.     In view of tlu coming
One acre of plums produced 12 tons, crisis, such a bill lias actually
or 1,200 crates. Selling price, 70 been roughly dratted, and supporters
cents a crate, $810. of it believe that such actlhn bn lh'
Over $5,006 from six nnd one-third part of the house of lords would
acres! leave no doubt in men's minds as tn
Near Nelson. 11 acres produced the acceptance of popular sovereignly
1,000 eases of strawberries and 94 by the house of lords. Whn lever
ions of roots, netting the owner happens, one thing is absolutely ccr-
$100 per acre. This land was for- tain, lhat the beginning of n 'fierce
liter ly a cedar swamp. At Lytton struggle between the two houses is
Tokay grapes, averaging four pounds not fnr ofi.
lo the bunch, arc grown in the open.
On the Coldstream Ranch, near Vernon, twentv acres produced $10,000
worth of Northern Spy apples. At
Peachiand one acre and a half gave a
return ol $700 iu peaches. Tomatoes
to the value of $1,500 per acre were
grown In Okanagan lake. A cherry
tree at PeMIcton produced 800 pounds
of fruit. These eases are by no
means exceptional or confined to any
single dislriel; similar ones could be
cited from almost any part of the
province. Apples and pears produce
from 8 to 15 tons ol fruit' per acre,
according to variety, and the average
price is $2(1 and $30 per ton delivered
at the packing In,use. Plums, prunes,
cherries and peaches Invariably hear
largely, and prices are invariably
BranWord Expositor:—There are
rumors that Hon. C. S. Hyman will
resign bis "seal for London and seek
re-election. Tliis Would seem to be
Uu* manly course lo take. True, no
evidence lias ln-eii disclosed which
would show that the minister of pnb-
lio works In any way abetted the
offences against political morality
which were prevalent in his last election, or ibat the gineral resuli was
afiVcled I hereby, "bul we feel certain
be would strengthen himself in popular estimation bv taking the course
Toronto Junction Leader and Recorder:—The News a^ks, "Can VV, V.
Maclean lead a party.'" and goes on
to consider Mr. Maclean's qualifications for leadersliifi. Well, we can
settle the matter for The News in a
woid or two. VV. V, Maclean IS
leading the Conservative party in this
part of the country, whoever may be
leading il down easl. If Mr. Maclean is nol thc head and front ' and
brains of all Uie opposition that
has hem developed among the   mem
keen on sttinpfri«- a Utile ore each t,r[s ol his Majesty s loyal opposl-
W* fill ihf smelters nre ready tr. ,i(>" *e would like to kiow when
handle all that is sent to them. Uiese brains, am located.
Vancouver, Nov. 17.—Local conditions wilh reference to Hindu invasion have become extremely acule owing to the absolute impossibility of
securing any place of lodging for the
horde that recently came over on lhe
Tartar. On Friday night the condition of lhe poor men was pitiable u
ihc extreme. Hundreds were without any shelter as night came on.
and being Insufficiently clothed tin
cold snap struck them hard. Reduced to desperation thev entered shacks
which appeared deserted mid took
forcible possession. In one disiriet
ninety men tried to gel in a bouse )(f
only three rooms, capable id nccon:
mounting twelve, The resuli was.,
riot, which Ihc police were called
upon to quell. Finally the Hindus
were packed in to such un extent
that they could not lie down and all
nighl ihere wns disturbance al that
To-day a conference was called by
acting mayor liaise which Was attended by Immigration officer Munroe,
and medical health officer Dr. Underbill. It was Ymi up to the Dominion
government as „ duty to provide for
the temporary refuge of these Hindus
until lhe men secure work.
Monroe replied Ihal the men had
placed $550 in his hands to secure
lodgings, but houses were not available. He is now trving tn secure
shelter for tn-niert. He staled Hint
he had wired Ottawa as (n the need
of establishing a Induing house ni the
Pnrt for accommodaling such eases
and the matter would be pressed.
While the conference' was heinn:
held 100 Hindus, their fares felling of
abject despair, were, huddled on a
street rorner four blocks awav wilh
nr shelter obtainable.
Mavor 'Busrnmbe is 'now in 'he east
on private business and is being wired to press for immediate act on hv'
the pomlnlon government-.    Tt ik und-
Any     available    Dominion     Lands
Within  the  Railway  Bell  in     Bruish
Columbia, may   be aomesteaded    by
j any person who is the sole head ol a
0 ] loudly, ui any male over 18 years ot
' . age,   to the   extent   oi one-quarter
section of HiO acres, more or ness.
1    Entry must be made personally at
1 lhe   local   land   otlice  ior   lhe   district
in which the land is situate,
|    The homesteader is required to pcr-
torra the conditions conneeled ihere-
i witb     un,iei    one of   lhc    lollownn;
(i) At least sii months' residence
upon and cultivation ol ibe laud in
cn h yeai loi three fears.
yi) ti ibe lather (or mother, il tho
lather is deceased), ol the homoslead-
ci resides upon a (.um in ihe vicinity <>i the land entered loi, ibe i»
I'liiicinciii-s as io residence may bo
sali.siMl ly stub pel.sou residing wnh
lhe laihei oi  mother.
l.l) II thr sell let has his pel main lil residence upon farming laud own-
id      b)   h.io   oi     llie  viuniiy  of     hii
borne i > ..ti, Um requirements as u>
leucine um) br satisfied b> icm-
deiiec upon lbe saul  bind.
Six mouths' lioln e iu wilting
sli.i.iiii   be  glV'CU   lo   Uie  Coiiiioi.ssioiier
oi Do iu iii iun i .is at Ottawa ol t ii-
ieni ma io apply lor patent.
ii.ai lauds way be purchased at $lo
pet ,n'ie im soft coal und yiu lor
an Uu aci te. Nol    more    Uiau 920
acres cm he acquired by one individual or company. Royalt) al llm
rale ol leu mils pel lon ol 2,i)uU
pounds shall be collected ou Mie gioss
mil pu l.
Deputy ol the Minister ol the Inlerior
,i.    The
irdlng id
ihe records, were read
Hrilish   Columbi
entltkd  to special terms.     Th
lift-   oi  the     Dominion and    his
ice minister advised Mr. MeBrid
the     million dollars offered    b
Conference    was nol  Un' ult imai
i' to    whii li they   were prepare
o In older to meet our demaiid!
asked for further discussion an
prntnisivt Hieir services |n secul.u
additional concessions. But Hi
delegate of Hie province persisted i
his course of refusing to discuss an
terms whatever. lie came home, .u
voiding lo programme, and he is r
ing to appeal to the constltiienciei
also according to programme.
If he should be sustained in his pi
sltion by the popular voice, what will
lhc position of tte prnvlnce
li is all buncombe lo talk ah.
Inking our case before ilie authorities
in Downing street. Tie Imperial
authorities are too astute lo undertake lo meddle in the domestic af-
faits of anv of llie self-governing
states of the Empire. Besides they
will be fullv Informed as to the
actual situation. Thev will be furnished with official reports of wh.it
tn(,k place nt the conference, which
show that while the federal powei
offend to treat with the representative of the province, the negotiations
were curtly terminated hv Premiei'
McBride The possible resuli of a
general election in Hrilish Columbia
could contain neither a warning nor
convey light to the federal power respecting ih> slate of mind or thc
sentiments of our people. The records of our house of assembly prove
that all politieal elements here are
united upon the question of tho
necessity and Ihe justice of the demand for better terms. If the mnl
ter is made a political issue here, i
musl lie upon the manner in which
our case was handled and bungled by
the premier. Thai Is a proper subject for discussion, and it will be
discussed and voted upon despite lhe
attempt of ihe premier and his col
leagues to give a false bias to the
Hul the question nf better terms
will nol be tie real issue in the
campaign the premier contemplates
There are matters of more vital import than Hie question of heller
terms, matters that cannot be obscured bv the efforts of ihe political
spend thrifts and incendiaries who,
in opposltirn to Ihe real will of tho
people, have managed to secure political power In British Columbia.
The necessity for securing more re-
ic is urgent: but it would not be
mpcrative iT the natural resources
or the province had been properly
husbanded and conserved by the
present government and it's Tory
predecessors in olliee. The development nf the northern section nl ihe
province h'y the construction nf
nol her greal transcontinental nil*
way appeared in havo placed a
grand opportunity in our way of
irlng an abundant revenue. Whai
use did Ute McBride govornmenl make
of its very fitsi chance to improve
this ofppoi I unity? It, practically
gave away lhe Paeilie coast terminus of Hie (Hand Trunk Pacific
lailwav to -> company of ils male and
female     favorites,   on   lhe   plea     thai
Hie said male nno female favorites
were going lo "procure lhe location"
id tbe terminus of ihe road in British
Columbia, and it is not exactly clear
Hi,t ii could have terminated Ms line
anywhere else Unm on the Paeilie si'a-
boiiid There will be olhel valuable
Inwnsiles on Hie line of Uie (ir^nd
Trim'. Pacific and wiihin Ihe confines
of British Columbia. If lbe present
governmenl he retained In power,
whai guarantee is there Ihal il wilt
not in like manner dispose nf olher
vabu'de assels of ihe province? I
Ii is ah ndy during ils lhree vear
term of olliee dissipated provincial r
sc-yces wntlh millions of dollars.
Can il be safely trimlcd tn mlinlnlsler
our valuable eslate—our eslate which
is going in be greatly enhanced in
value wiihin Hie next few vears by
railway enterprises which are due to
Hie wisdom and fores ght of Ih ■
federal Government—for anolher
term? That is the real IKsite befr
Sixty davs after date I intend to
apply to ' the Honorable ihe Chlel
Commissioner, of Lands and Works at
Victoria lot permission to purchase
lb* following described lands situated
in South East Koolcnay:
Commencing at a posi adjoining S.
E. corner of Tiacy townsite and
marked .J. s. J.'s N, E. corner,
Uience 10 chains south, thence 4U
chains west, thence 4u chains norlh,
thenee 40 chains easl to point of
commencement, containing lou acres.
more or less.
Joint S. Jones, Locator,
.1. R, Edmundson, Agent.
September  12, louii. 25-Dt*
Notice is hereby given that GO days
afler date 1 Intend to apply to tbe
Hon. Chief Commissioner oi Lands
and Works, V.cUnia, H. C, for permission   to   purchase   tho loilowing
lands situated   in Soulh   Easl   Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lui 3311,
thence running wesi (Hi chains, ihenco
running norih 40 chains, Uieuce run-
Ilillg  east     l.ll chains,   Uience  running
south 40 chains tu point ol commencement.
M. B.  King.
Cranhrook, September 17, 1906.    36-9
IS  .llll'l   il.iic   1
litem!    Io
ilie   Honorable
the Chlel
iei ol Lamls .ni,
Works at
\ |cl»i
,i ti
i     |i,'i mi.sMiin i
, purchase
the .-I
'is described Inm
s situated
In So.
li  1
nst Koolenay:
i, m
in;   al   a post
at    S.   10.
Co .'Mill
il MI31 mil mai
ked ,1. A.
.ink          ,,i'
M's  X
eorner,  tliencc
east     mi
more        in
ess,      to
me tin  chains
IV, 1
,   Ihence 80    cl
.ins .vest,
hains    niiiiii to
point    ol
ii'i'iiunt, llie whole
more or less,
din   S. Maehray
It.  lidraiindson
r 12, iuiui.
1 have a largo quantity ol   above
lo sell at full wing prices:
Per too
No. 1 Timothy, i.o.b. Crau-
I k     JI8.5D
No. 1 Upland, I.o.b.   Cranlirook     11.1)0
All orders promptly attended to.
aO-tl      I. liel'Vlir, Dldsbury, Alta.
if  cloth   is   llii'   .'ill IVOOI   r.1,',1,   ,,f
11,'iti'iiiils now mi our , i,nnt,'is.
llttritclivu in i|ii;ilil.v. ..,.■,.,• mnl
viirti.lv,    l''"i' ilistinulivi'li
,1m 1,1,1   tll,',l|'.
hill   Ills,,
,„•!, NOW,
-nm,'   sun
l    I,lllll    |HV
 r ih.'
vlr. lit   1111,1
rinln.    Sei.
Take notice   that sixiy days afler
dale I  Inleml to   apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lamls and Works for
permission to   purchase lhe following
nile, nnd which will he nroiighi   described lauds in South East Koute-
more direct]v hofnre Hip neoplc bv "ay:
Hv rl'e-Jo'uHnn nf the Ipiriilalure, The' Commencing at a post planted at
MeRrdde rrovernmenl will he nn trial the norlh-cast corner of lot .135,
then no! the premiers nf Hi. other group 1, ihence cast eighly chains,
provinces nor the bd'r.il *nvem-' thence north forty chains, thence wash
Th° manner in which Premier   eighty    cliains,      Ihence  soulh   forty
MeRrfdp rotrm:ctf*d the nfffotlatinni
for KpHer terms mav he rnnde nn
incidental issue hul the nnestinn of
belter t^rnis is   rnn unnn which nuh-
m-fltond 300     Hindus   will leave lhe  Me     opinion    Is   practically   unani
•ity Ior the Interior on Monday. mou*.
chains to place ef beginning, being
lot numbered 7316, group 1, Koolenay dislriel, containing 819.20 acre..
Ellen A. Darling.
Dated this 10th day ol October,
1006, '----a THR   CUAN'RltOoK   HERALD
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directe'l from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Flrstclass undertaker in attendance J* j*
CranbrookCooperative Stores
ll'AI'T.      JUHNS.l.V:
•H-H-HH-H-H-l-l-l-H-M-M-H'   •
9 We have tHe Lvsi facilities in the Kootenays lor
I i •
f supplying
J.   during the summer weather.   Wholesale and retail
|       P. BURNS & COMPANY
isiajsvasEiaiSMaraisisiBiEisiajBiaisEi aaiasisiaaiaiBiaHaiaisiaia'isiiEj
Dominion Meat Co.,
Last week we advertised Pork Sausage, and we
arc simply flooded with orders in fact were not able
to supply everybody, our men  are  working   over- riD
time and we will do the best we can this week, but
please oblige by giving us your order ior Saturday
as early as possible. Pork is costing; us a high
price, but we will maintain the quality ot our sausage at any cost.
Dominion Meat Co.,
liSJBESEiESIHiEaiMEiajHESM, lJH3Jaial3iaiEjaEIHIHlaiBIBiaiEI3iaiBI
More Ihan one besl?
\\'!i,.']i you ;isk your grocer to send
yon the best flour, 1," sends you—
liis hot. V. lien you know the hest
limn and order hy the name, the
choice is not left to tlie grocer.
Man) grocers handle
Royal Household Flour
us their leader. They have found it
the safe i Hi lu to recommend because
its results are sure and its purity i*
unquestioned. Il your grocer's best
is not Royal Household, insist on his
getting ir for you,    'J lie benefit will
V 'Aim VKi:    MAN  KOUUKl)    TO
ABANDON     IU STING   ut  YhlT      f*
ON   WESI   COAST. i f
\ aneouver, Nov,    IS —I' in] ■ Hi •    j
terrible weather ta abandoi  his hunt-
Ihe west
:  r McKInnnn -& Inhnstnn**
i Cranbrook   Foun- :! g
dry and
Machine  Shop*
;; S society and
Island,  to leai ■■ and i *
start  fo :.   »••
' w pounds ol pro "j*
t\ipt. V. lolm I T .
OUVi ;.
■■  ■    in > lation
i 'apt ■ h  I  \
  m Nn       !■■      Son
 ns .ne like!*, to i     ,;.■■ .,. fore huM-
II ■■■•  ■ ■ i.   ■ of    Van-
■   ■ '  eome popular    «iHi
w    ■   . ■ * ■ t |  ■
T ■ ...   ■     ■ ;
ii 11    nol bei i,   long   on tl
w hen the    i.r -nt    tei 111 '■■    ■:  ■     nl
brol,-     mil        I \-i ■ i i
h .r. y rain    fi 1! Inr rtai     il       time
■ la • -  /'ii'i rnndilion    ■■■•-.-.
n hnd Hmt ''.'in   John'on v ■   ■   n
n 'lb 'l tn hi ■ I   ran p and strike mil
fnr rt\ llizaUnii      Ipavin : nil his   be-
■ ■ ■ ■   ■   bel ml liim.        Ilis protpss
"■ -ii.itil   wa-   u- :■■!     with hal I hl|
and privation
NICOLA hll.I. Hoo\l
Vancouver,   Nun.   17,—Tu-day
Vaucuuvei   mere is being lurneU
' l aim.11.0
■llu itailw
Rambling Reveries
must be abandoned, how tho exile
folds aboill his heart, .is tliu traveler
does liis eloak, thi' memory ol Us
il itlits and (lowers, iis loves and hopes
  n.l kindnesses.
treat strangers ...ure     rhyre the   n3bjwl   Inflmnces exist,
In- liulii'si   impulses  nn,I  ex uessloii.
leously than wo   d„   |i:i „„.,., havo   |(mi |mni tIll, (.|lilsll.
our own deal    ones who give   tlieir] nd lofty sentiments Hut have made
lives   fur   ns.     ••Company ■manners, ,fl whole'world better,
tableware and linen" are perhaps not
Wc soiiifHin
■olilelv ami e
iiiieossary all the '
t,no(l for stranger:
"loved ones at hoi
', Inn  what   is
good fur   uui
piled on his
er had
We wanl uur flowers while
living.     The dead are past
If we   would do good  let
while we are alive lo thosi
rc  flowt n
lII his lne
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«■♦♦*♦♦•*>♦* **v ■('♦'*«•♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
X clothing  that is  "Gilt Edge" in name,
| "Gilt Eige" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
| make call and see the new stock of Ready
♦ made clothing just received.    All Union ♦
X Labor. ♦
* 4
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*40* <> *»**«t***************
".MMM. llll.l.   ,,|
W******** ■%'*.-'. a.AJfi.**********^
r~r, i»-,--»u
Rough and'dressed    *-|t:
LUriBBR and
Also  nil   kinds of
while  f h v   tin olui
thc ilampj  loui h ol   th
&%*     ■•: :r '
.l.itl'rav.  liviin nml
Cranbrook, B.C,
ll.-ad Olllce, ■ Cranbrooi.
■ i  I.v,
We  need
11    III,'    Is    11
4v99Vm>v*>vvv r *i*^vv*f*^*v**i',**'****,**>*J'i
lillli-     .-llll.l in   III.'
Ilcavcnlt   km-
XcaMno Business
Bouses of iH>ar\>6-
villc   c'" '-llulu: '"" ■
Mnryevillo  haa
,■ nl" hot-own
Th,- lown non has
n  iK.niianenl  liny-
roll,     Tlie Handel
mih   heartily   nn
.1, im, the following
llllBillOBS llOllBffi
S /— , 1    a '      .     ]   The leading ho- S
g Central   otel,,-     H
i Irifes. and rnjlin ts which ha'
■ lh -ii ..vv ii earlj lives sn w relr
ids ns
m    lh.<
10,     gn
' othei
le    the
:' made
Perchance you ilimlv that yum hus
band's   disposition    Is mueh thaugid,
lhat he is no   longer lhe sweei-tem*
pered,   ardent lovei he uwl  to    he.
This   may he a    mistake.     Coiisidei
his     sirug^lcs      wiih the world—his
everlasting rare   with the busy competition nt trade.   What   is it '    ih.il
makes him -sn eager in the pursuit ol
gain—so energetic by dav.  so sleepless by night—bul  his Inv.- i.f home,
wifi' and children, and a dread   Ihal
their respectability, according lo the
Ifghl   In    which he    Ims eolieelved it
may li.1 encroached upon by lite strife
"i existence.   This Is the true srerel
o! thai silent care which preys upon
lhe hearts of many men; and true ii
is, thai  when love is least apparent,
,i   is   nevertheless    i he   active principle   which   animates    the     hear I,
ih iiii«li    fears   and    disappointments
make up n cloud   which obscures    the
warmer   element.       As above      ihe
' ii Is   there is B    glorious   sunshine
' Ile   below are showers and gloom,
■   with the   conduct nf maii-hchind
gloom of anxiety there is n !iri.vhi
mi inin  nf     high and  noble feeling,
ri nk nf this in Ihose mon ■: ts when
I ,"i-     seem    to   lower upi n   vom
[tenee, and     by  tempering
Its plai
or vtrki i. wn i:s   v\*n mothers TESTIFY Tu THEIR
Bilpans     have been called
man's    mou-icino"    because t
.Mi'jiUiiiial    fitness    for ihe
ailments peculiat to the sex,
.: dt'i s
pi in a portion ol ihe lownsiie
MiuLi, at iho outlet iii Nicola ia
on mc Uno ni railway conueci
ispences' Bridge, un lho main li
with Nicola. 'This property Is bt
deeded to the railwaj compauj
consideration ui certain undertoKings
foi lho benellt of Nicola as ;l raiiwav
The arrangements arc being con
eluded between the owners ol tin
towns!to and Messrs. 11. ,1, Camhio
consulting inginccr of lhe 0. V, R
and assiscn'nl land eommissioue
I'earsc nf the raiiwav.    Some mouth:
Wu aru pri-pnriil to
ilo nil   kinds of re-
p.iir work h-avy mnl
liu'lit, tunkti 'asiiuus.
turn Bhafts, ■ tc,
T Scientific    I
lorseshoefng   a ] ]
(-'ki.si bnt Loogb No. tti)
Cranhrnnk, K. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. m. at
•J- | New Fraternity  Hall.
T, BI. Roberts, K.R.&S.
.1. A. Arnold, CC.
Visiting   brethren   cordially la»lte*l
to at lead.
mfft&**l0r?'f't* "2 C!'y ""
,AJ*miR\  Su  ,2- M(,'',s ""1
New     Kratrrtiity     Hall.       Snjoum-
i:ig Oildlellow.s cordlall* Invited
Work ii. "     pit   ion      .■■,■
P. II. McKay, w   i   H.ynei,
K. 0. Se. y.
Livery  &
reanta mnl driven, turuialied for ,u
mint In the iliKtrict.
A. IK.iVI.fi, Manager
Willi   III,
l.l   ns   III.'
lair il was arr,'|,l,
i -rs iui Iiul,- llu-Il
r P, ll uill mill
liirust In lli.. tm.
Mini th,' la..
wmi, In ilny III,
I l.iirlv large in
nl Nicola.
.mill    HK'IM KNN     I'llii'.l  TII Kilt
ri'liuri  ,n
.il.i („r Uii'
'..nli, lllllll, 1
.ilnnagi'i' iii
,il    lllll      LU
Uli„  r,illl|,.lll
lllulilt s rli'l
jusl   lll'l'li II
in iun snys:
Aiiei ivimng uii
porailoii mil i-ir.,uu
upon iilinii .ml i'i|iii[,ini'iii, ilif upi'iat-
Ilrg prulll ;,l„,»ii is $335,8IS. 113. From
lius prolit a spi't'lal 1,'si'i v,' ,,t S^O.UUl)
has In i-u iiruviilcil, and iwu dlvldniila
.iiuiiiiiiiiiiK 1,1 J33-l,llll) liave 1,,'rii
paid Iravlns n  Inilaiu'c al credit    ul
ruin .m.l lu-
Si. blugnw,
racleil,   sih,
ni I.IW.
ill  in
!■ Hm
■ Hnd
ImlMd llial
1    il,    tlll'SI'   ll
ii"W prnperlles
uili ■!■ iirnmislli
slrii'ls  will    Ij
I in the St. ffl
Marys valley, ffi
ffl Dining Kuiiiii service the be . ffl
0 Uie place i<> stop when visiling the Smeller City S
H A. P. Chenette Proprietor ^
i'i lias been recently refurnished and is now one of
SB     HANDLEl & COLE Propricl "
I The Royai Hotel
the hesl hotels in the district.   Headquarters for
ihc people.
l»     -■     ■
I Marysville Dreg Co.
ffl Wc carry a complete slock of everything in the 3§j
ffl Drug and Stationery .line. No need to send away ffl
_ forvour snods. a
m m
llii\li:, tiWh'AJ
Ktaj  al  home,
iiv lu-arl    nnd
Hi. y    know
lomekeopiim hearts m
'ni  i-how ih.ii     wand
nol where,
\re full ni trouble nml full of care,
To siav al home ii- beB't.
lli.ini*—ihe' name made dear by
acred associations, thc place where
hildlsh feel lake theii firsl EallerinR
leps and Infant minis receive lheir
first ideas. Then- lessons ol lovo
and iiuiii, of righl ami wrong, ol
i.iiih and hope ami purity arc lm-
printed upon lhe plastic heart, nnd all
Ihe sorrows and perplexities of alter
life are ini'iTn-im' lo quite efface these
lirsi deep Hue inpresslons, Sweet
home, where the mother's penile
hands prepare the little domestJe
comforts llial a father's love provides, ami filial affection is "ihc silver lin't, the silken lie" Ihal hinds
Hit' ht usehold band lojsclher. Trials
may come and clouds mav lowerj
Iiul in the seclusion of home remains
sweet healing for the wr.unds thai
brave and sensitive hen rts hide frnm
n disdainful world. Tliere Ihese
hurts and distresses may be confidently revealed and a sovereign
riMiirflv found in it<-' unquestioning
faith. Thee i child's pure kiss or
Ht tntteli of dimnled flmjers mnv revive n sniil un lh" vcree nf despair;
and In th' home 'he brl-'htesf ilreiims
become more goldrn, the raresl pleasure more Inlen^n the Irmleresl '
more sorrfli
a  w l'-
.u lulls
sex, as well
.unl stomach
lain uo bis-
or anv mineral wlhil-
jvcr. Krom coating lo keruel ihey
.nt- purelj  vegetable.
Alls. .1. tthilefleld. ni Swan Hate,
Man.) says. "Hileans have done me
a wonderlul amount ui gowl. 1 can
hardly describe Imw hail 1 felt before
i looJi ihrni. I could uui i.u imt
ihat ii caused pain. There was a
constau! sensation of tightness in my
ode, and my liver was entirely out
ni order. I could not sjecp nl nights.
miTcretl also from kidney trouble, and
was allogelner in a run down and
very serious condition. I had been
ailing m this way for year.-., and It
is gratifying to (Ind Ihal IJIIeans were
equal iu my cose."
Mrs, Wm. Ilall, of Dean Lake, savs:
"1 have proved Hileans very good for
constipation, from which I suffered a
greal deal.     They cured me."
Mrs. .1. II. Thompson, of Cleveland Park, savs: "Foi Irregularities
and painful periods I can highly re-
commi nd Blleans, They proved a
great blessing to nie and restored mc
lo teal Ui when 1 had become very
ill and very despondent."
Hileans aie absolutely unequalled
tor female ailments and Irregularities,
constipation, piles, anaemia, debility,
rheumatism, l.lnod Impurities, etc.
Thev tune up tlie system and   enable
it    "tn      throw      nit mills ami chills,
itrenglhen girls just emerging Into
womanhood, and speedily restore
nergy and slrniclh to tlmse whu are
run down. Of all druggists nl •^',,<•• a
Imv. nr posl paid frnm the Bllean
Vo.. nn receipt of price. fi hoxi
for $2.50,
,U  iVUlth  'i li
..natulan l-U Uiu oLlKtliu rivei and
.'iun  nui in. in wauis.
"uecause ui an murview publisheu
..y .vu. ... .vt. L'uiiinsoii in a viuioiiu
e*i\wi an.ul woik tn progress at
riiiice iviijicrt, 1 am tunsirauiixl iu
wain  WOl'iving iii.ii uol  lu yo      llteu
ai ints season oi He year," saul
.ut. nic.;i-y to-Uay, as lie was leauiifc
tor \ itiuii.i. "i an Ived uum Un
iutiii ,,n ihe lasi trip ui ibu sieamei
(amosuu, an.l 1 know from sume-
lluug ihal took place whin wo called
al I'liiice Ktipcrt thai there is uo
employment fur men ihere.
"Three or four men lell llie Catno-
miii ai I'riucf Ktipt'ti. Thej hal not
gu-l nit the wharf when thev were ap-
proaihed by tlnghieer Flllsbuy ol Uie
Urand Trunk Pacific, and a.skul ivtat
ihey wanted. They tuld liim thai
they Intended to stay there and want
id work. Me told ihem there was
no wurk fm- them, no accommodation
and ihey could nol remain, as it was
private proper tr. Now it is nol
light Unu working men hhould derive imm the newspapers an id-a
ihal llierc is wmk at Prince Ftupei t.
aud spend their monej in gel there
only In be thrown nnt.
"Prince Rupert will undoubtedly he
a good place for wmk a^ those liol 1
hrg hive lu make il pav. hut lhat
Ume has not ai rived vei."
LrHflDrjok Iodic So. 34
a.F.4;A. "A.
>*-t Kfg'ilar mtvtings on
'\ Uu u.ird Thursdif
'■*•,       of every month,
Viilttnt i-teil*,«0 welcomed.
S.  II   HosWm, Sec'y.
M. A. Heale, ff, M.
Receives both ladies and gentlemen
as resident or as day students, Has
a complete commercial or business
course. Prepares siudenls lo gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades.
Hives lhc four years' cuurse (or llie
ti.A. degree, and the flrst year of Hie
school of suit ncc course, in affiliation wilh Toronto university, lias a
special "Prospectors' Course" for
miners who work in IJ. C.
Instruction is given in art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September  17th, 1906.
Por calendar, etc., address "Columbia College, New Westminster, B.C."
I will have my wiuter supply
of Conl in a few days, und am
realty lo take orders,     1   will
BankheiKl Hard Conl $8.75
S.ift Coal $6.75
Last winter I was out of t'unl
part of time, Tliis year I propose lo keep 11 good supply ou
buml, mul will sell
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday evening   ftt
I p.m. in D. ol I.. F. Hall.
Dr. C'otliti Aerie Phvslcian
P. I). Hoi 28.
C. Ross Ta:,'. ill'.
.1. Breckin, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
Meet at B. ot I.. V. li.ill Iml and
llh Saturday eaeli month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T, Boyter. Jas. E. Larrtgan,
Vi.  U. Sei-'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
CRANUllOOK,111:1 nsil  COLUMBI.
Barristers. Solicitors, Etc.
Hajell Block Cranbrook B.^.
, ************************,
£      C. H, DUNBAfi       \
4*    Barrister, Solicitor.  Notary    *
}; Public, Etc. %
t   Cranbrook,     -     ■     B. C.   8
4- *
an.l nil points Wesl Ihereol In
Itntes mi nppllcatlon
November 21th t„ December ills.
Ilev. Francis M, Kielty, recto
Teacher—Spell Irrineiit and uiv,.- Us
llnl—K-r-i-in-i'-li-t.  tn work.
Teacher—Now place it in a sentence
thai  I may    lie sine you nn li'islnnl
ils meaning.
Dnl—In Hie summer I would ralher
plav out nt doors Ihan lerment in the
ol siii.i,iiii„iis,'-i-:x
lie Church of the Holy Ani
Louis, who ilirft rn'i'iiily, uas a good
ileal "f a wit.    Falhcr Kielty began
liis sermon one Sunday morning    l,y j —...
announcing, in a void- lull of pathos, Take notice that thirty davs after
llial lie had a confession to make. dale I Intend to apply lo the I'liiel
"1 might as well make a clean Commissioner ,,f Lands and Works Ioi
breast of il. I've been sued tor a'i- a license to cul and cany away lim-
inonv, and you'll have to pay it," he Ler from tbe lollowlng described lands
saul.' situated in Soulh Easl  Kootenav:
As the const-cent km gasped lie wav-'    1'omin.i.cu.g      twenty  chains  soul,'.     I,,l,„   VU    VV,->|f
ed and  and eighty chains east ol llm 19 mile uullll   TT •   " I'll
Saloon, i'ii: Second, $76; Steerage, S54
nnil up, i.ccarcllng i.i sterner.
For detailed Information, Sailing.,
Ocean   mciiiii.-is.   First    Chun   or
Tourist Slccpor r rvatlona, applv
to Local Agenu,oi write:
GEO. HILLIER, Agent. Cranbrook
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offlot al Residence,  Armstrong Ave,
Forenoons . . - - 1.30 to   11
AlMrnoom . - . • 1.30 to 1.30
E.emng t 30 to 1.30
CRANBROOK ::     :: ::     B. C.
.. ii. p. . .
V IN, OUVliit
D, P. A,
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   fi p.m.
Office and residence or. Armstrong »ri
I to 11 a in.
It*   I p in
f t*   I a.m.
Office li new Reid block
Repairing; Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Geo. R. I.eask A Co
Our work il our; *\ ■ mubiiI,  Imt we
put thi.- id  n the Hi.Tahl.to
emphaaiza it.
Near Lower irmstrong Avenua.
rj> •**-*<%--* *^*»<ah%.««-^**«^^-***«.'
A. W. McVittie
cd in the air a document.
si'iiied    lo   resemble     rdcr    of lost on    easl boundary of lot 4502,1
court. Ihence norlh one hundred and twenty \
"Yes, T menn il." he conlinueil. as chains,   Ihence    easl     forty    chains, t
lo kill an.' lingering doubts, and Mien. Ihenco soulh one hundred and   sixty |
tiointiiic: il.roi.ch   one ol lhu stained ehains.   Ihence   west     forty chains,
lows, conlinueil: thence north lorly chains to lhc polnl '
'Tlmt alley mil there hns been pav-  of con neement.
Anil if. in the varying   isl and   lie cilv   has sued mc     for'
decrees of fortune, ils loving shelter  alley money."—Ex.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes madejiew.   All kinds
Dated November s, lao'fi.' "'^siwt'ol repairing.   Qive me a call.
Dominion and Provin- f,
cial   Land  Surveyor. {
H. H. McVittie   \
General Agent J
W. Iliggins.
iiii: r.\i'i:i! that is read hv   iiii:  people
By vie Herald   Publishing Company
Editor and Manager.
Tbe Herald Is worth Slu a rear, li
costs only Si. No man in South
Eaet Kootenay ean afford to be without, it, and averjronfl living outside ol
tha district, who ts Interested In tht
progress ol this section, should read
tt. ll publishes tbe news while il is
news It ts controlled absolutely r>
the publishers. Nn clique, party o
Individual dictates its policy. it
don't try to please the people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will be a credit to ihe community.
Send In your subscription and you
will be thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates tl per inch, pet
month, no more and no less.
Reading, matter IS cents per Una
to non-advertiHers, 10 cents per lint
to rcRular advertisers,
if you desire to reach the people ol
South East Kootenav ytn must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald has a first-class Job
plant, and its work is of the best.
The Herald don't want charity. It
wants a square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit you in quality and price, kirk, and send your
work to some Cheap John house (n
tbe ©ast that never spends a cent In
4,500a, Month
Thin ti tlm guaranteed circulation of the Ilernlil
Press room ami snbscrlp.
tion IJHtH open to Investigation hy advertisers al uny
The Herald gives n dollar
in value for a dollar In motley,   The advertiser Ims the
right tu know whal  lie  is
receiving   for  IiIb   money.
The Herald  is one  paper
that courts liivestltlgatton.
The Herald will be lound ol ] \
sale it Ihe following places: ''
> riarysvlllc, Marysville Drug Slore ] \
Wardner, (1. Ilonahuc's Slore        ]'
J ' Moyie, S. K. Harvlc's Drue. Slore ''
< ' Elko, Fred Koo's Store ,'
, Spukane, J. W. Graham & Co, ',',
Cranbrook,  Hemic  & Atchison's ''
■nd C. E. Keid * Co.'s • '
A year ago Uils month wo established Uio Lethbridge Herald. The
r^Mjiis that the papei was started
were ol a purely business nature, and
a short time after thu birth of lho
paper, Mr, U\ A, Buchanan, ol St.
Thomas, Ont , became associated
with us in the publication of tlie
Herahl, aud It ia due to Ins energy,
bis ability anil Ins newspaper "know
how" ihat the Lelhbrldge Herald is
to-day one oi the vcrj best and
moit prosperous weeklies in Alberta.
Tins iiiuuvh Un- Herald was
incorporated and with much regret
we disi|>o-»wl ui mn interest iu lhu
cti*w company. Oui relations with
Mr. Buchanan and ihe people of
Leuhbrldgc, brief as ihey Inne been,
were always ol ihc mosl pleasant
nature. Going inlo Lelhbrldge ti
virtual stranger, we were received
wiiih an open heartcdness, characteristic ol the business people of thai
oily, and the I let uld was made a
tara avis In lire journalistic field—
a paying Investment from tho start.
So far as we had anything to do
wiih the paper, our policy was io do
all in our power to promote the
welfare of the town ami its people,
and if we were successful in that, we
aa* satisfied. To-day tliere is not a
better town in lhc wesl than Lethbridge. No town has brighter prospects, no town ins greater resources,
and we can say also thil no town
has a population more determined
to take advantage nf Ihe opportunities presented than lias LetnhVIdge,
It is bound fn be a large and prosperous eity. the ureat commercial
center of Southern Alberta, n    more
Rrospernus domain "than has tH-en."
Ir, Buchanan, whn |r ihe managing
director, under the ihince in the
ownership of the Herald, is nne of
the most competent newspaper men
in Western Canada. He possesses the
newspaper instinct, he has the newspaper business ability, and withal he
can make friends as fas! as he meels
people. The Herald will he n grow-
ian paper under his management, and
will Increase in popularity nml busl-
maas.     Personally, It was always   a
pleasure to associate wnh Buchanan,
simply for the reason thai ie is a
true-bom gentleman. His word is as
LOud as a Batik of Kugiaiid note, ami
he couldn't do a dirty trick if he
'ned. The people of Lethbridge are
fortunate in having such a man in He
newspaper business, and be will repay
hv bis woik all tbat they can do fot
imn. We coined the expression
Watch Lethbridge Grow," ami II
will keep the pe<»ple of Southern Alberta busy during the next lew years
doing that verv thing. Une won! In
regard to Mr. Hade, manager of tho
News Uur relations with him buve
always been of the mosl pleasant nature. As ,i competitor, .Mr. tingle
was always a gentleman, aud tins to*
lorence iu the Revering of our connection        With      Lothbl nlvy      WflUld
lit- t.ir irom complete without a kind word for om*
who always treated us wiih every,
courtesy. May be always he prosperous, and may his new daily he j
the ureat success that such entei
prise deserves is our wish.
There is talk of J. D. McBride foi
mayor.     Aldei man Kink is also spoken of as a probable candidate.
With thv building of the Corbln
load and the establishment ol passenger service from St. Paul to
Spokane, and especially with the
direct connection trom the Western
States to East Kootenay, Cranbrook
is to. become one ol the best stow
towns on the circuit that will be
formed in ihis part of tbe country.
That, will tend to emphasize the fact
l ha I this town in sadly in need of an
opeia house. It will lie Impossible
foi Cranbrook to secure ihe larger
,,111! belter class of attractions unless
there is an opera house large euougl
to meet the needs.
What this town needs, just as the
present nine, is an Inspector of
weights and measures. The buyers
m| coal and wood aie entitled to pin-
lection and no man but. a dishonest
man would have any objections io a
i .uid   inspect .on. There ale    Con*.-
plaiuls all the time about mistakes
In measurements and as the lown i
now incorporated action should b
taken for Mio protection of th
It     looks     now   as if the pre
council     were going to lot  the   nes
council put iu ihose crossings.
Cranbrook bas to-day** one of    tin
largest aud    best   curling rinks
Western    Canada.       Well   thero   is
nothing    strange    about it.    It   is
simply  the Cranbiook  way.
A warning ta* been sent out that
nt the present time there is no work
al Prince Rupert. This is timely, as
many men ale being attracted to that
lown with lhc idea that tliere is a
great demand there for laboi. There
is a cei lain amount of improvement
going on but there are men enough
,,ntl more to attend to that, and it is
pretty tough for some poor chap to
lo got there without a eenl and then
lind nothing to do.
The Conservatives ol Cranbiook
haw Invited Premier McBride to   a
Better Terms" banquet to be held
at the pleasure ol the premier. When
ihe Herahl said that the scheme was
io work this question for its political
effect Uie statement was denied. The
ijuestion is a provincial one and not
,i political one, and the time is coming when thc mistake oi attempting
to force it Into politics will be
Do not stop boosting for Cranbrook. That is a game that is al
ways a winner.
British Columbia fruit took first
prize at the Edinburgh exposition a
low days ago. British Columbia ti
a great" province and its fruit will
make millions lor its people in the
Tie lumber companios have hind a
very good year and a number of the
mills have closed dowp and started In
on extensive repairs and improvements. Next season promises to be
a big one in the lumber husiness and
every effort is being made to get in
readiness for the rush that is anticipated,
The Corbin road has established a
jive day freight service between Spokane and St. Paul.     That is   going
nne for A new road.
Mr. Hearst paid uut S2")ii,iMiu in his
recent campaign for governor of New
York. That is more ihan we would
pay lo be elected mayor of Cranbiook.
That debate between McBride ami
Macdonald will c Mie oft in due time,
but not as a political   attraction.
The Conservatives are now predicting an eaHy election. The facts are
only Uio inner clique know when an
election ' will be called, but all ran
depend upon one thing, thai it will
be called like the last one, without
warning, and in th* hopes lhat, some
advantage may he gained in this
No man objects to paying taxes
if he gets value received. The lumbermen ol Ibis district are among the
heavies! tax payers in the way of
licenses and royalty. And yet'Ihey
have been given no protection from
lire the pnsi year. Kast Kootenay
lumbermen, for the money they pay
into the coffers of the government.
should have every protection lhat
could possibly he given.
The new public building that is he-
Ing buill by t-he provincial government and the city will not he occupied ihis winter, but t'he city employees will remain in lheir present
quarters. Most of the officials are
of ibe opinion that the rooms will be
loo cold when there is much snow,
nnd the vault is hardly waterproof.
fn.9t.ead ol figuring nn the city election with an idea of how you can get
even with some individual, figure on
the election as the mean* of     doing
something for Ihe progress of Ci
brook. Some men's ideas of an
election consist chiefly of persona!
A comment on public matters by a
ii'wspaper is no! a personal roast.
And vet ihere are some people who
fail to draw the line of distinct-ion.
A thin-skinned man should keep out
..f public life.
The oiler made in last week's Herald, whereby a subscriber can get the
II: raid and the Dailv Winnipeg Free
Press for $3.25 a year has stirred up
ihe people and many are taking advantage of this great newspaper bargain. Vol. can find full particulars
on the eighth page of the Herald.
and remember tliere is a limit on
Hie lime. The hest way to do is lo
attend to the matter without further
Quit KnocMng but never quit boosting.
Next year will see great developments in mining in Kast Koolenay.
Head the Herald nnd tbe Daily
Winnipeg Tree Press for only Vd 25 a
The newspaper proprietor who nl
lows -,ili.'i people to dictate lo liim is
nlwnj s ,n trouble.
The net iif lhc local Conservative
organ in delibcratelv staling thai
Mr. Macdonald recently visited Kernie and interfered wiih the strike,
insinuating that he had taken sides
wllh the Coal company againsl the
men. when .Mr. Macdonald bad not
been m Kast Kootenaj for two
months prior In Mie strike, is as low
a piece nf journalistic wmk as has
i heen perpetrated in Ihe province.
The McBride    Internal organ al Nel-
n copied the article nnd now wo
Will wait to see if these organs will
be as prompt lo right'-the wrong
thai Ihej have heen guilty of. Ward
heelers in New York Tammany would
scorn Riioh methods to gain a partisan advantage.
The settlement of ihe Fernie strike
is nne of the h'est things that has
happened In this district for a long
time. It means active resumption
of business from Michel to Phoenix
and renewed prosperity all along Ihe
line. The Herald desires lo compliment Manager Lindsay, of the    coal
company, Mr, Burke, who represent-
id Mr. Mitchell, of the W, V. M., and
the men at Coal Creek and Michel,
for their patience and guod judgment. Mr. Sherman made a big
mistake evidently from the start,
nnd a bigger mis-take is not aeknowl
tdging his firsl one. ll is a serious*
matter to throw hundreds of men out
of employment with families to support and it is also a serious matter
io interfere with the business development of a vast domain like t-Vat
affected by iliis strike. We are
glad thnl the strike is over and
trust that for a long time lhe men
and the company will wmk along in
peace and harmony.
It  will  soon lie  merry    Christmas.
Cranhrook will have n modern hold
nexl year In every si use of the word.
It will he a firsl-class building and
equipped with all latter day conveniences,
Watch Cranhrook grow.
II ymi want  Io read the Herald for
a   month  on   trial  send  lis  youi   name.
When ihe Feinie strike threatened a
complete demoralization of business
Ibroiighoiil ihe interior of British
Columbia, by lhc closing down ol
the mines and smellers and in consequence suffering among hundreds
and thousands of families, as well as
nbsolute hardship in ihe prairie provinces on account of the lack of fuel,
ny though I lhat the provincial
government should have taken a
baud and attempted to settle the
strike llni an election was on the
lapis, anl such a step might have
made trouble, consequent lv Mr. McBride or none of his cabinet visited
Feinie. Finally, through the good
haul sense of the men, lhe fairmind-
edness ol Mr. Burke, special representative of Mr. Milchell. and the
anxielv of Manager Lindsey to have
the men resume work and thus save
to themselves and the country further
loss, lhc strike was settled and the
men returned to work. Everybody
was pleased with lhe result and Ihere
was rejoicing all over Canada. No
one thought of Infusing   polities Into
thc situation, until the Colonist,
that erratic organ, thai blows hoi ant
cold un the Conservative parly, appeared wnh au editorial claiming all
the credit of lhe settlement ot tbj
strike for the McBride administration, when in fact the McBride administration had as much lo do wiih
the matter as King Kdward or
President Roosevelt, This is addi-
lional evidence ol the desperate
straits in which tie present government uf British Columbia finds itself, and again demonstrates thai
fact thai ttey are resorting to any
and all extremes to save a sinking
political ship. That the readers ofi
ihe Herald may fullv appreciate tb.:|
situation, lhe Colonist's articlo Is
reproduced below:
The    settlement of    the Fernie   I
strike    through tte exertions   oi   [
the     provincial   government   is   a    I
cause for  greal  satisfaction,  ar i   j
congratulations    are iu order to   [
those who Inne been Instrumental   i
in bringing almut     such an excel-   \
lent    resuli,       The Colonlsl has   f
been aware for some  lime of  tho
earnesl  desire of thi1 ministers to
bring the unfortunate condition of
things    prevailing al Kernle to 11
speedy    Conclusion,      ninl   lias     le
Trained fiom comment Ing thereon
fm two reasons, one lieing -i desiie thai the representatives of
ibe government should havo nn
absolute rrcr hand, sn fai as public comment was concerned, and
Hie other a fear that the bitterness, characterizing local politics,
would (Ind expression in hostile
comments, calculated to prejudice
lhe miners ngntnst lhe govern
incut's efforts, It is exceedingly
unfortunate <bat this disposition
to hitler criticism should have
gained such n hold upon Ihe opposition press, imt ii is there,
hnd his to be taken neeounl or
in Ibe consideration nl every public question.
The slrlVe threatened to have a
very serious effect upon important
industries in the province and to
put Ihe people of Alherta In very
great inconvenience. A shortage
of coke would have interfered with
the operation nf the Kootenny
mines anl smellers at n time when
ihe business wns gelllne upon n.ii
excpcdlnclv satisfactory basis.
Tl would have created n more or
less general fuel famine in lbe
province of Alherta. n verv scr-
ilous thing to he mufcninl.ited at
the beginning nf ihe winter During    the absence of    Mr. McBride
in llie east, his colleagues here
gave the mailer their earnest
coiisidei al ion and look, in ns
quid ii way as possible, every
step tliat seemed likely to promote' a settlement, and on the
premier's return, he entered into
ihe work wiih ;l determination to
bring things to a satisfactory conclusion if it was possible.' The
result is very gratifying, and Incidentally it casts light upun a
line of tlul J', wtich devolves upon
governments nowadays. On several occasions thc Dominion government lus been able to use its
good offices to settle labor troubles: on others the various provincial governments have done so.
These are among lite most difficult functions, which government's
ere called uiinn to exercise, because the relations between workmen and iheir employers are
lieeessai'ilv of ;, delicate character.
Thai the work of conciliation
has hei n on so niiiiv occasions
Hieeessfnl In Canada is a matter
for profound satisfaction, and per-
hniis Ihere las been no Instance,
where the inn Hers nl issue seemed
lm i,.,- tu settle ami where the
elrcel of a fnilure Would huve
been mote mi-i hu-vnus linn lhe
sIHVp at  Fernie,  now sn happily
l ighl to -,    rnnelnslon
\s an oi iilencn ol what a few Con
icrvaiives In this districl ate willing
,, resort in. ihe following -tutorials
ii ,i local Conservative organ aie a
l.-plorablc example.
When .1. A. Maodonald, leader of
ilie Liberal party in this province,
recently visited Feinie, he was
warmly welcomed ns the ono man
that could and would settle the
Fernie strike lie found tho
partv all "In again" at the Liberal'house. Afler his conference
with lire Coal companj', tbey were
a" "Out aiM'in." and it 'is possible that al the nexl election
tli 'V will remain "oul again."
We are convinced thai Ihe more
the electorate of Snulheasl Kootenav study ihe methods of .f.
A. Macdonald, the lender of   the
opposition, the more they wiil be
.surprised If     not   disgusted  with
these methods.     His rtceni  visil
lo Feinie, his conference with the
Coal company, and bis acl Ions regarding lhe ' strike situation,   an
evident inclination to make political capital oul  of ihe mi«forluii ■
nf the coal miners, all show   that
Mr.  Macdonald has made aiiolli i
blundering   attempt    nt   interference which will he warm!)
ed al the proper time.
The facts   are lhat   Mi   Macdonald
has h.nl nothing to tin with thi   strike
one way nr lhc other, has nol   hei ti
in Kasl'    Koolenay    since In t   .Iiilv,
and during mosl of lhe inm' ilm lim
strike was on has been  al   tlte mail
nr    \ isltlnt points     in   the hili i ior
Such    outrageous      falsel I .    '-, I
wnh the Intent ol placinu Mi Macdonald in a raise position with lam
Ing men, is    suffleli m nolfi r lo   the
oeople  of   Kast   Knnlct.ai    lllill     some
Conservative orgnns nl Ira i are
wlllimc to l.ni theii columi fnr am
r-datenienl m-h-i tI In Ihr "In
an,] tint In Ihe future atl m.i, 'mow
\\ h ,l to expeel win n Ihej rend n
M. Hn.!.' organ
riOOKKKl Tl\c
R   W   Long,  It    -Vccl .   Will   I-   Iin
private    pupils     Im     hi liuclion   lu
udt nl an- line, leading '..  , de
■■ice o|  B   A eel .  V    \       Itnom   Nn
fl, Royal hotel, oi  A.l.li  llm  . .
r         MUSICAL
Mill     A      1..   Illll.'ll,,.   I'M I,
,1   , 1
Hi,' inniiiil'.iit., '1', mi"	
Armstrong* Avo    Crt.nl.
Alnlnni ity      eases     n      speriiil y
A.l.livss :
General Delivery. Cranbrook, B.  G
Taken  up—One    roan  heifer,  obi nl
six     months old      Owner can    have
same by proving properly and paying
legal charges.
K. CorbelI,
Pai rol Ranch, near North Star Mill.
1     One-third off Millinery, Ladies' and Misses' Hats
I   Ladies, you cannot afford to miss this great Trimmed Hal Sale.    It's  the greatest
bargain sale of STYLISH HEADWEAR ever offered in the City of Cranbrook.
Trimmed Hats, reg. $3.7j.    Sale
Rcady-to-Wear Hats, reg. $2.25.
Price    -                             $2.25
Sale price                              $1.25
Trimmed Hats, reg. $5.75.    Sale
Ready-to-Wcar Hals, reg. $g,00.
Price                                     3.50
Sale Price         -       -             5.00
Trimmed Hals, reg. $3.1)0.    Sale
Ready-loWear Hats, reg. $4.25.
Price                                       5.00
Sale Price                               2. 50
We will place on sale .tn odd line of LADIES' HATS which range from $2.00 lo
$1.50.    Sale price, 50 cents.
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
: Nothing Succeeds like Success
,'IM. ,.,1'lr Mi"
Every rom I" -i\ weeks «•
;i .'ur ,,l "iltrilui'S "  ,„i l'i,' '■
iniKii sacks ni-' •■ i;. iv \i
which is ALHKADY .-ol.l
There i- ""ly hub reusnn for tlinl
Flour in lli,' wi.rlil mnl -ill in Crunl.r,
-nil;, enrol Oirilvlo'e Flour, W'e Imve
,, now ivliiel. roiitnlna I'.H'H HON-
| G. T. Rogers
rr.i.,1 Stnpli'Cln
'r",'k,'i'y,Mllla, i
■.. si,,;,.,, innil
-Inst Arrived. Sit our window <lis-
pluy. We have jusl whul you want
in china. Come in nud inspect mir
ilolitflitfui display. cviMi tliough yon
iin imt buy.   i >nr  pni'i'.-i nro   right.
C. E. REID& Co.,
Druggists. Stationers
Phone 74. Dispensing is our specialty
We have in Stock a good range of
Morse Blankets. Prices in all sizes
According to Quality. $2.25 Each,
$> 75 Bach and also $3.50 Each.   .*  j*
The Cranbrook Cooperative
Stores, Limited
Beef, I'.irk, Mutton,
Chickens, Ocesc,
and Turkeys
Special Attention Given in
lhc Mountain Market
Order Vour Turkeys fnr
Thanksgiving and Xmas
KAIUVII HH'II   s'l'lilli:
„i,l ,1,, in,,   I,,- 'I Iml liv ImrliiK
-Ml tllrr    1,','li'll   H..1.I   ,   	
al I,,lll„'|iiir,'.'l,'lii'i"HH. 1,,'iillli.v
A Rplanilltl I'lirlalmna lloj
Phono 7fi,       Ahmhtkono Ave,
Tlif1 conslniction of [he curling rink
ti rapidly near Ing completion antl ire
making was starled yesterday, and il
tlie weather slays favorable curling
should commence tlie first of the
w 1 i'h. There will lie a meeting of
■li ■ curling tiiili at the rink to-morrow, Friday evening, Ior the purpose
of completing all minor detaiUs and
everyone Interested in the sport Is
earnestly requested to he present.
Just Received
B. B. B.
Direct from the
1  li
\. na
Foi 1
ns in
was J
,1  Uii-
Sweet cider.—Campbell .v Manning.
It. McNecly, ol Wyelilie, registered
t  ihe   Cosmopolitan hotel    Sunday
j. gl.
s,  P. .1.  Bonner, 1
•sl ol lln- lluyal li
vie, was
,111,1 Mis   Ed. Fcag
weie Cranbiook .
1 Marys-
s   Tllcs-
' Mi
leol.n lloiie will 1
ior a    mouth s
10     tin
Mr. and Mrs   W. V, Clmd and Mis
Moss  returned   Weducsda)   Irom    lh
.rietoi   ol   the
1 quite ill lhc
: Steele, was
in Cranbrooi
it \ McDonald, pn
Manitoba hotel, lias he
pasl week.
0-eo Watson, ol Vt
transacting business
Lit  RENT—Nice!)   furnished   froni
room, with hot and cold baths, eleo
trie light and telephone.     II- White
V, V. Douglas, ol Bull Kiver, 'wai
registered al r lu* Cosmopolitan hotel
Mondaj  last.
V. V. Douglas, of Bull Kiver, was
registered a' 'I"' Cosmopolitan hotel
Monday last.
■ .lack" Ityan, the Wardnct hotel
magnate, was transacting business in
Cranbrook Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. T T. McVittie, of
Kort Sleele, were Cranbiook visitors
Kridaj ol lasl week.
Born—al Cranhrook, Sunday, N^
vembei is. 18(18, to Mr. und Mrs.
,\. V   Bowness, .1 son.
.1 M Agnew, oi itn- Biuker Lumber
company, was linnsncling business in
Cranbrook Kriday last.
Don't forgel Ihc baud benefit ball
Thursday evening, Novembei 2i»th,
one week fron. to-night.
Wm  Whitney, who Ims been work-im
,it     .lallrav    inr some iii
Ci ,nl*rook friends Tuesday.
KOI ND—Silver match safe wiili
monogram, Owner can have same
ti\ describing piupeiiy anl paying Ior
ihis aid. 84
Uom-AI Marysvlllo, on Thursday,
Novembei ID, 100(1, to Mr, and Mis.
w   .1   Wnlklns, a daughter.
Wn Mi
ol  Ko
'' ■ ■ c  will be ,i tei
the members     ol 1
at     the '''iii :■ ■
d yt\ evi ning at  8 Ki
l;-,- ■ ie A    1 ■       a have
dei "i.i!*- theii window
. I.   II. Small :    ■ .   .
oi   the  work.
Sweel 1 det —C •■■   ■ •
Mrs   -I    ti    VIcBrld
quite ill  in  iii- Si    1 igi
was able to     ret    1   I
Wm.     II       M ■    ol   .'■ .1
been    in 'own    Ihi    wi ■".
connected wnh thi C   !'. 1: I,
WANTED—Fii tn v..
ruad cutters, 1; mile*
ly,     Hlgbesl  wagei Cro.
first-class     men        Applj  to w   J.
1 ireoran,  Tochty.
\   l'   Si-tli.'ii.Mii,   ,,' the 1
01  the North stai   Liiinbt 1
was   transacting   t  Cran
brook yesterday
A. h. Leiteh, manage) Ioi tin
I-... : Kootena)   Lun bei ,,- -,
Jaflray, spenl .. - oupli
first <.i ilu- week In mwn
Don't Target the band b 1 iiall
un Thursdaj evening, Noveiu        I b
Buy a tickcl to the bent in bull in
ai-i oi the     Cranhrook li. Ko
vembei 21*111 . and thus help „
Mrs, Oliver Burge, ol l1'- rj «'reek,
Bpent several da\s al St. Eugene
hospital ihe pa>t week in attendance
it, Mr. Hurge.
Mr. and     Alls. Wm   nil,.   ,
have been living in Watdnet ibe  past
li ur months,   returned lo Cranbrooi
Sunday last.
All members ol Key City Lodge
I.O.O.F., are requested to attend tin
meeting next Monday night, the 36th
nisi. Election of ollieers mid w0rk
in the Initiatory degree,
Kor Sale—20 acres ol first-class
Iiiiil land, two miles west of ('res-
ton; Apply II. Hlckenhothain, Cranbrook, B. C. 29
Where du you get the best eating
apples?     Why, al Campbell a   Man-
V. Hyde Bakei wenl to bilk month
lost Wednesday to be presenl when
steam is turned on in the tu w mill of
the Baker Lumber company al that
Mrs. Campbell and child, 01 Kernie,
spent Sunday in Crnnbrook wiih Mr.
Campbell, who lias charge ui the con-
structlon of lhe new h'nti  \u rc ile
Warren DeBeck returned last week
from the coast, where lie had been
spending his vacation, and hns again
assumed bis duties .11 W. ll. Wilson's
jewelry store.
WANTED - Lady        sh
wauls position at once,    I
flee    preferred.   References.        •.uulv
Herald Olllce. 3,-vril
M. McCarthy, who has charge of
Ihe steam shovel now at Kock Creek,
spenl Sunday in Craubrook. As sooii
as work closes down fui the - ason
Mr. McCarthy ami familj will l.-.u ■
for New Jersey, where thej will
spend the winter.
LOST-Whlte moolle heifer with
red spots on shoulders, I.1, years old.
Five dollars reward for return to V
Cornell, Punoi ltaueh neai N s
Mill. 34-2f
Agent Spencer, of tlie C\ l'. It.,
has been transferred from Pinoher
Creek to Creston and assumed his
duties at that place last week. Mrs
Spencer stopped oil a dav in Cran
brook tr, visit Mrs. N. A. Chnptit.
Miss K. V. Ball, represenlini! Uie
British Columbia branch oi the
■ Viavl" company will deliver .1
health talk at the home ol Mrs. W.
T. Ileid. on Tuesday afternoon No
vi'inlier 27th. All' Indies Interested
are invited to be presi in.
Mrs. .1. V. Fink and children lefl
last Tuesday (or \ ietoi ia, wltere
ihej will remain for several mon its
on account of Mrs, Kink's health.
Dr. Collin, mayoi ul Marysville,
was in Uc eity last evening uu professional business.
D. It. Yates, manager o( tli.'
Staples Lumber company, returned
Tuesday frum a business trip to Winnipeg. On lho return trip Mr.
Vales was ou one of lha passenger
trains caught in lhe big blizzard .iil.I
was delayM at Moose Jaw :;t; hours
by the storm.
Kev, ,J. I*. Westman, pasloi ol Uie
Methodist church, will have charge ul
ile services next Sunday, and will
continue his address on city life. This
week ilu- subject will be, "Our City
Merchants." Large crowds have attended lhe series ihns far and all are
Invited. Tbe song service commences
at 7.30.
FOR SALE-TWo must desirable
building lots In Cranbrook adjoining
Dr. Oreen's residence. I'r tee $300.
Apply to C. II. Prest. ;il-tf
Harry Brmdforh, ol Wyclifie, slipped while carrying .1 sack 01 Hour
ovei to bis hot 1*1 fiom ite station
,1 lew davs ago and sprained his
nn it* so tint lie lias been laid up
uuui this week. lie was iu town
yesterday ami just able to hobble
along, but is feeling good that be
visitietii IS0, over the trouble so soon.
I S, A. Ctanccy, formerly of Cranbrook, but now a partner in a
building supply firm ol Edmonton, Is
In the city on business Mr. Clancey
has Intn very successful since leaving
Cranbrook and is doing ,i prosperous
business in the hig boom lown uf the
north. Mrs. Clancoy and the baby
he easl at     presenl hul  will
a nu
weie    l i.ut-
.Monday lost-
House   plants foi   Xmas presents.
Order early  -ml have plnnta pul    Oil
one side for Xmas delivery.     Phone
118, Hutchison greenhouse,
R, s, Anderson, superintendent   of
los   come west  in ;i    few weeks.
KOR SALE—House on Baker Hill,
lot 4fi, block 8(1, seven rooms, electric
light, Water pipe in kitchen, Applj
lo Airs. tt. S. Keay, Pernio, B. C
The monthly drawing ni The Pacific
Loan Company,   Limited,  Vancouver,
Particulars of the
,ilan may be had by writing Io tie
company s head office, 530 Hastings
street west, Vancouver,—The Pacific
Loan Company, Ltd. 85
the Suihan mine at  Kimberley, was was held    Saturday, November
in  town  lhe lirst of the week. ) Tlu* number drawn was fill, held   by
The Kink Mercantile company ex- Oeorgo A. Beattie, of Nanalmo. Mr
peel io sunt moving IntoTtheit new Beattie had paid (-10 on Uie contraci
Imilding some time next week. land lias since been offered $165 for hi1
A. P. Krapfel, general manager   of l™n privies
the Nui Mi   star   Lumber   company
was up from Elko Saturday last.
J. ti. Patterson, ot the Patterson-
Wilmot Lumher company, was up
irom Waldo lhe lirst. of the week.      I   Construction work on the Crow lias
A. A. Ward, provincial constable at reused for the winler and on Tuesday
Marysville, was trans-aotlng husiness *}s* a" extra gangs, with the eicep-
in Cranbrook the first ol   the week,   l Hon    ol   those at   Lethbridge    and
,,,,..    .,,1,'   „, , „. Crows Nest terminals, were laid oil.
FOR   SALE-loam, harness     ami A . ,     „■ ni(1I1(T nas ,
Adam: wagon:     Applv Der-all Bros., ^ |tu,      , spason m (hp ,
blacksmiths, Cranbrook, B. L.      35   itll£    o[ lu,avv BlH ,lli;, re-ballastln?
Krank Clapp, who lias been staying and as a resuli lhe roadlwl of the
.it Yahk for some time, spent a "Crow" is now in fine condition and
connle of days in town the past, reflects vast credit on Un officials in
week. : 1 barge.
WANTKD-Positton ns engineer by1 WANTED-Carpentars, fnur dollars
man of years of experience with cer- per day. Applv Wist Kootenay
tificate. Apply to E. II., care Her- Power A Light Co. Works, Bonn In g-
ald. •    21)     t„n Falls, near Nelson, B. C.        33
'>   P   *»U*ph nson, ol Elko, Is     in
eity on businestt.
I   -    ■ .hti ■   n, ol tin- M-.v.-   ■ -.
la in 1 wn to-day.
\   T   Clal'   "i Moyie, was a. Ci,,n-
■i -1101  this week.
Solicitor J. A. Harvey j, ^t ui.-
• ■-' '  iin-. week un legal business
Neil Macloed Curran, of the North
St-ai mine, was in t-uwn last Monday.
Mis      Eva Lamb, ol Buffalo    New
the guest     ol Mrs, Ctarles
E.  Home,     ol the  Kast  Kooi -:uv
■    company,  visited  Lelhbrid
■ '    week on busuiess connected unu
ihc company.
1 - Hungcrford Pollen returned   the
": the week from Victoria   when*
:"    been  the pasl  lew  weeks   mi
business connected wul, Uw Kootenai
WW 1 ED—Porter. Must be able
iu milk row-,. Apply L, B, VanDecar,   Royal  hotel, a.-
Mr. Hanbury, ul the Ninth stai
Lumbei i*umpuny, arrived in th 1 ci |
:i     ..;p 1 n  lu look aflei   1.1.    in
m Uns pari ol the dislriel.
J'.W'iy uuui in iin* town Ims been
' rowdtd n.i ih.- past month, ihi.-
1 ave been ,L \.,-i mimbei ul visiiutft
in Cranhrook all lull and there seems
<> be nu Iel up.
A iiiivliug oi Ute board ol tranie ti
being h.-m 11 is evening at lho con-
eil ciiamber for lho purpose ul cou
sideling what can hi- none iu promote ilie advancement ut the Kootenay Central railway.
lh.- cit) council held a long ses-
doii lasl ovening, but aside frum cuu-
siUermg bids lur painting lie fire
hall, tlie time was dovoted u> considering Ute new eleolrlo light bylaw.
MANTED—A position as huokkeeii-
er b) a juuiig lady. Apply at Uu*
Olllco. 3 r*
John    A.
McLean,   wb
j has uueu
oitulig  a*,   l
IIUWJ..glU   lul
lne Miw
uiih,,. mills
Lhe pust    season, icii
Us          W.'Vh
loi   bib   lioine
ill    IMInn-
LOOK,   ,\.   U,
Siiulh,   ul
u same |iu
c, aisu leu 1
Ul    lll.l   01,1
ime tins we
l'i.        I'llgUll
Of      \ UlU'UlU
'1,   Milled
iiinbruun nu
1   Saluiilav   a
id in   tbe
in noun me
iiiui.i  iu in
llie   local   .
uiiotu Uie mt
vemcnL ui
icurmg a bo
ne im  the in
aiiik-nt uf
incrcuiosis .
t Um home 0
Mrs, U,
• '....„,   mui
ms, oi  I'huei
I.V,    W,,S   ,L
i.in.,.,,.!,!   u;
ais     ull j
<"..      .ui.   niui.iiii-,     wa
..illll, im
iui   lhe      .Nt_
10 wu uy .111
I Ui     Mill    all
II ilie  unl   till
els  ol   llie
uiag and ci
rcular sawing
i   bO.W Ulg   Wi
UU  iui   -s.iU'  ,.
Ml.     lllll.    11
iinaget ol Uh
mi computij
,   Was  111  luw
l  InlLWCeU
Uilli    10 AA) .
Mt, nin ^
iys    mat
IHUU'SI      |ul
lll.ses   La   no
■ i.e  Ol   UI.
■si  towns ii
lue    i*a.ss w
llii.11    tux
d      there  in
a     in
me,        Air,
lllll    IS   .,    111.-,
lei at an
in.., ami ne
is making a
great sue-
>s   tjl   UIS  Cl
U propeny.
we  |lll\e     1.
llpll   CuilUOi  s
new boon
—Ucdi'lu  iv  .
-Vl.l\   lo  ttui
HU   Will   |K'  gl
Wll    111     LU,
McClary's "Famous"
Stoves and Ranges
Progressive Methods
Attractive Exhibits
Trade Tempters
Marvellous Values
I Opportuniticsworthnoting
Reasonable Prices
Elegance and Excellence
if SJ^A-iA«t<
,',.,1, ,,r,„,,pt buuiit
^^m    Tinners and Plumbers
Tin- pcoplo ul i:.i-i Kouiwiay have
i1.iM.11 io tuusiaiiiUio iiu-iiiM-u ,'S
ili,K yea.  ut. uie i-uiei^risu ui tui,-
e    iu
,   all.l
i luu
be, n
II      llU'll
id   |U
ui .in.-., n, 1. tu'iu, ui 1 uia-
j.iuiiii.011 next, ai u u ciuuh,
s u. i. Uail. i.ue M/.I.-.I
■ n.uis will be u.v.i. All I ...nes welcome, a.'.-*
1 ne ranchers' living uu the east side
ol ihe ivuuivua) riu'r, boiwcen l*ori
■"•'•tt'ii' and j ait ray, arc anxious to
secure a, midge ai Wardner and arc
uiiviiig up Ue iUuVeinent aaain. ur,
Kin--, uiemuer ur tin*-, disiriet, has
■jusned the matiei before Uie goveru-
iiieui for the pasl three years, but
unbuilt avail. The bridge is becotn-
.iig mure a uccesi.it) eaeli year and
is au Improvement that should receive lavutabhi action on the part uf
ile government.
WANTED by a young lady, a position as boonKceper. Apply at ttiia
olliee. 33'
At. .McCarthy, who has had charge
I one ul  lite sleam shovels uu    uie
tow for several years, lias been tu
Cranbrook suae v\utiv closed ilutui
I'ut'silay and will leave for luu* coast
i'iida), wliecu he will juiu .Mrs. .Uc-
Catt'iy and ihe children, and from
there they will go tu Elizabeth, New
Jersey, tu spend the wlnlei in lhe
hope of Improving .Air. McUarUhy's
health. "Alike" has a ho*L uf frienda
along the "Crow" whu will be pleased
lo see him return iu the spring iu
good health.
Call up 'phone 88 for fresh lettuce,
cut lluwers and house plants. Hutchison greentoune. 33
J. A. McDonald, of Lelhbrldge, the
architect in charge ol the construction of the Kink .Mercantile building
was in lowu several days this week.
Tlto construct-full ol the new mill
for the Norlh sun Lumber company1, which is being elected hack
.ji St. Eugene hospital, Is progressing favorably, the frame work being
raised litis week, and from now on
Uv work will be rapidly pushed to
Olivei Burge, wliu has Iwn suffering tor some time with a tumor in
his neck, was operated on at St.
Eugene hospital Saturday last and
lhe growth successful!) removed,
His. King .md Green performing the
operation, Mr. Burge recover*-] irom
the shock nicely, and ii is expected
thai li" will be able to return homo
ni q few days, Arthur Burge bus
lmil charge of lhe hotel at Perry
Creel  during his father's illness.
FOB SALE—I have several first-
class pure bred game cockerels for
sale at reasonable prices.—Vi. ti.
Bardgett. 3,'J
The members ol Ihc Key City
Lodge, No 12, 1 O.O.P., held a very
interesting meeting .Monday night,
aud alter lhe work ol the evening
was completed ihey enjoyed a social
session, interspersed with refreshments, This lodge is lorging ahead
remarkably of late, and the attendance is petting better each week.
Next Monday night a full attendance
is requested as. besides work in the
initiatory decree, ft ii
election night.
tei)   eantiul      naluv  wbai
liie)   wuuld in.live,   u   every
di pla)      whi bu magiiiliceui
ib.iM'i    will bt  Ueligluul wiui
uako citieii.i .selections and
unite jusl whal the) want, lhc
dace tu bu) 1 linslmas goods this
."fai for those living in this pan of
he country n rigtu here 111 Cran-
took, . ou will gel bet tei bargains
lerc and please yoursell and those
or whom you buj much beliei ihan
1 you inou i nance i in s n ling awa)
uid buying gnods that you caiinoi sw
u'loii' you purchase. In fael as ..
iwttw ol eeonnmy and peisunal satis-
action, you will secure lhc desired
esuiis hj buy in; in Cra . .. -..
c r.  II   (^1 VDKII LE n.i B.
p. II.
idiille club opened
the   il,
rtiiituotUi Im
Lhuse presei,
since the utga
Uiuiuughly  um
music iun,i.,j,-,1 ; ( 11 WyellQe ur
chestra proved itrii I j ;,, »t-class and
u-to-date. 'Ihis is the third season
It- Quadrille club, and uo social
organization In lhe history of Cranbrook has proven more successful or
dune more fnr the social enjoyment
ui its members. During the evening
the repot ts of rhe ollieers ior the
past year were received and officers
elected for the ensuing year as follow:-,:
President—T. S. QUI:
Vice-President—J&JL Knqcke.
Lady Viee-V resident—Mrs. Wm
Secretary—C. S. Fyfe.
I'rmsi.ier—Wn. Flowers
Patronesses—Mrs. T. S Olil, Mm.
C. II. Knocke, Mts. P. Parsons,
Mis. Um. Cameron, Mrs. ti. ilurtou
antl Mrs  II. Brletzs,
The movement Lu sceure an ambulance iur the St. Eugene hospital
has- at last em Lain .... I . ■. [ol
those who ft tsn io aid in th ■ most
laudable undertaking have been led
at nie Impel iai ai I Comm ■:> ■■■ b.i:.!.-.
Hie Herald :...- I 1 n an advi eale of
this movemt ut sii ee il was suj -■-
t\i hy one 01 two parties in i ran
brook, as it is pitiful to see the suffering oi ihe sii . . I injured who ate
brought to Cra ub r< ....    -   of
weatht r ai ■! tlun b ,wl
to.i.l wagon and hauli«d in that  way
to the
in lhe    1 amp wt 1 ll ) td l«tter
treatment,        AII pi ople  ihi ■■
lhe dls-ti ■
men,  should  V. I 1..: elnl  care,
ilil   .in       . 0 : J:   d li
10 relii vo their sufferin?               ■ " ■
11 crillt tl -'.. !■ a matt-1 ol
bumanitt ■ on whli h
there is no ee ot opinion, and
lite moveme 1 '.-.I by
ill ot the I men ol thc disiriet.        Th ■    ■ ■          ai les w ill
lo tlieir .    I everyone else
should  '■• ■        '■■■■■■  ■■ iney
left  with      ■ I the hotel    w 11    be
turned ovei -.,-■■    hanks to
■■'■ .1 il- ! '■ -:-  Herald
will list I          week      bo
tveek '.tr '     thi ary    ■■ mnl.
M  '■:.-■       ■ ' ■ .'■ itioi
one will be accept-
ible        Th  r to ''--1
,   somethii g foi     ■"    ■       n ■:. tj
IOLD  Ml DAL    .'.1     EDINBURGH.
Victoria N ■. tl -Hon R. G. Tat-
low, ministei : .-..- iculture, l^s re-
ceived a cable trom R. M Palmer,
in charge H. C, fruit exhibit in
ihe oid coLntry to tht effect that the
lisplaj captu - the gold medal at
(he Edin 11.': esrJ II tion, th s being
lhe first time the ;:;.," was shown
since arrival In the old country. Pal-
mei ; •■; ■ •■ apture fii st prize at
all other exhi 9 h re the    dis
play will he shown Me says the
fiuit i.s in pri::.-      :. Ul on
DEATH OK    HEV.  li.  ti,  BARON.
Uu Sunday, the ith iust, the Hev.
Konui'i ii. i-aruu, fainei 01 Hooeri a.
ilaron, chiel ui ine ciij ponce, dice
very suddeni) and uueXpecteUij at Uie
hisionc tuwu ui Peel, in lhe ir-ic ui
it- appears lhat tht! diiceosed clergyman was engaged in preaching a scries ut sermons in connection witn the
church missionary anutversarj ana,
apparently, ovunasked ins powers in
the arduous woik incidental tu the
laijui Jtf had in hand. Un tue evening ut the 3rd instant he showed uu
signs ol either lyeakncss ui break*
Juwu, but considered il advisable lv
retire to bed where he proposed tu
prepare tis sermon iui tbe ensuing
Sabbath, lu ihe muiuing as he dij
not respond tu a call lu rise, his
bedroom was entered and it, was
found ihat he bad passed away. He
appeared to have simply slept intu
lhe Shadow, His Bible, pen and
notes were beside him. When Information of his decease became known
the people in all paits of the Island
went into universal mourning.
The Hev. Mt. Baron was wear of
St. George's church, Douglas, the
capital, chairman ot the school board
ami ihaiplaln nf tho House of Keys-i
th- quaint title of the legislative body
of il-e Isle of Man.
Amongst his parffJiioiiors was thi*
famous novelist and playwright, Hall
The Herald extends lis condolence
to Mr. and Mis Bnron in their bereavement,
Cranbiook Aerie, So. 0fi7, Fraternal
Order ol Eagles, tendered a public
farewell on Tuesday evening in their
ball, to Mr. J. Edgar Davis, Past
Worthy Presidenl ol the order. A
most enjoyable evening was npent,
during the course ol which appreciative speeches were made by members
nf llie order and other citizens, and a
handsome lodge collar denoting Mr.
Davis' high rank in the order, was
presented to lhat gentleman, who
replied eloquently -Tbe remainder of
the programme consisted of cards,
danc'ng, vocal selections nnd refresh-
the tegular merits, Miss Davis being the winner of
thf card prize,     a handsome bronze
 .,  cluck.        Mr. Davis     will leave   on
NOTICE' Saturday for Ran Francisco.
Pineapple Strawberry
Orange      '•    11 b
Itanpberrv ilaplc
Lpraotj Nectar
1,:, :
Pi 1 ■    Hingei [. tvora
Phone 141,   Chas. E. Bm k, Prop.
Only Candy Maken on Crow'i
Snt Une
Methodist Church
Special Addresses
w coiv:z  m
Notiee is hereby given thnt at the
next meeting of the liquor license
lommlssioners for the Cranbrook
listiiet after thirtv days,
Th* sccretnrv of   the One Hundred
intend to ajiply for a transfer nf club wi.ll be glnd if those members j
liquor Heense from ourselves to who have nnt yet paid lheir subscrip-
.lames Buchanan, of the Stratheona tion fee will kindly do so as soon as
hotel I cense at Fort Steele. B. C. (possible as there are accounts owing
McDonald A Onnrlav. J Lv order of the publicity committer
Foil- Sleele, B. V.., November 15th. «:i'h Insufficient funds to liquidate.
IDOfJ. 35-51  same. )
Baptist Church
" Magnificent   Minorities of
the World."
"Fuiiious   Failures  of   History."
"Kingship ol JIun."
" Ringsliip of Christ."
is*»« efrs c5.4«.»»»3**s e t; e« Sfrs*ts s»e e»»»i,»*»««» »,
rM-piftpiBiQirrt B t*% »BflJ'Mm»P'tt't'>'i'iiM'>'liit>f<i>«iB<i*liJ \fi
(Frcm The Movie Leader.)
A. 1. McUermol w.is up from Cranbiook Tuesday making collections
auj bustling foi  business,
Hugh Cameron is breaking ,( span
of oolts wtlch be raised on his place
at the upper end ot Moyie lake,
Mi-.s Olbson, the lusurance agoiit,
lelt yesterday for Cranhrook after a
month's soliciting In Moyie.
It. .1. Lennox, ul Rossland, is now
iu charge ol the Umbering at the St.
Eugene mine, succei ding Joseph
Mis. Mansfield, ul Cranbrook, and
Ahs. Cook, "i Ityan, are here with
Mr. ami Mis. Robert Campbell during
ibe illness ol theii girl,
Albert Uarnhardt, a minei working
at the St. Eugene, is applying for a
patent ot two invent ions which he
mode since coming in Moyie, One Is
a bell which will du away wnh the
Use of suspenders, and lhe othei is a
baking c,in which can be taken to
pieces. Itnth inventions seem feasible, and will no doubt prove remunerative \" Mi Bernhardt. Tho
patents    will be    taken mil in     the
Helen, the little daughter ol Hi
and Mis. Robert Campbell, was dangerously ill wiih ftu attack "f pneumonia, and fot ;1 time her recovery
seemed doubtful Yesterday, however, she tin il. u lum for the bettel
and she now seems to have passed
tbe danger point, the lhe gratification
of e very bod v in lown.
llill, ownci of the mine, pointed oul
lo liern thai such a demand was in
violation ol their contract ami thai
l.e would n0t meet their demand, On
Monday the men were all back to
work, and ii is mipnotied noi liuu
further will be Bald ol it.
(From The Kernie Ledger.)
R. Boss, M.P.P , returned Mn
iiom a business  inp    t0 Unm
lilllall, oi
.   Uilli)   uuui
ne -oiii ili.il.
Ihe coail    l.i
l".iu,i), auu v. oi i« ..i.n in a i, ii
.la}-*-    ftltli   .ill.-.,   lllgglllo   uuu   .dasiii
rum wLu have been wailing iu >".i-<
i mes ior some Lime,
Rev, n. Lashlc) Hall .unl Pi
Unue, ut the .uclui.dis. chill ca, WCIli
iu llosiueL tins tnuuiiiig to looh oiei
ine new   townsite with a v\oW  lo jnii-
ubasing lois im ibe puipo.se oi building A church and parsonage at mai
plaee when conditions justiiy such a
.m. und Mis. Thos. Whclan relumed
Iiom a prolonged visit tu relative.*,
and Iriends in nashhiglon and Idaho
last wecii. Joseph ti. Whelun, u
bioUiei ol ..ur loin, was a caialidati
iu the recent election foi auditor ami
recorder ot Shoshone county, Idaho,
but being on ihe Democratic Licket,
he failed oi election. Mr. Whelau re
ports having had an enjoyable trip,
aud he and .Mis. Whclan look as
though *! ankee uii agreed Willi
(Fron The Frank Paper.)
Harry Drumm. of Great Vaiti,
Montana, visual bis brother, Mark
i >i niiiiii, di.i ing the w irk. M t
Drumm is the traveling represeuia
live ol the Swift Packing compan)
ioi ibis territory-. There is a pos
sibdiiy of lus becoming a realdenl ol
Wbetla as the Swift people aie doing
■ui enormous business iu this   lerri
i.n   And    ate    planning,   ot   ut   leasl
considering, the establishment of an
headquarters at Calgary with Mi
Drumm In charge.
The lecoid snow ull tui this district came last mglt. Ueiweeu t*
o'clock lasl evening and '> o'clock
ihs i no i niu.4, exactly ten in-lies un
the levd tell oi an inch to the lout.
No such fall foi the same length of
lime has been known during ibe live
years Frank I as been In existence,
i'onsWemhlc damage was done, principally to the telephone sysiem. One
pole was broken down ami win*s were
down all ovei town. lu this connection, there Is .something uncanu)
itboui ihe accuracy with which
Ueathci Prophet r'ostei calls the
nun sometimes Ue predicted a tei-
rifle storm     foi this section for   the
Ililh. all of Ibree weeks ago. As he
does not pretend to come closer than
,i day oi two he hit it pretty closi
The electric Hghl   pl.nil   went on tlie
blink   Saturday evening      An ttn
nne burnt out  and  the dynamo    ■
considerably   damaged     imd it    i
several   evenings    More     Ihe 1't.hts
again came on regularly,
C P R. Agenl William Soininei
ton is- taking his holidays and .1. K
Murphy is relieving. Mr. Sommerton
will litsi visit the coast and lale
Will go east. He expects to h
gone about   three weeks.
Corporal Askey made a trip lo tb
North Fork last weuF tu investigat
,le doings *,}( tlte Stonev Indians win
were reported in that 'locality. Hi
..inud the Indians and did .so much
■is be mighl do to time them out mil
not being u-.slixl with lhe atllhorit)
.o peremptorily order ihem out, owing to lbe indibeieiice ot tlte government in lhe matter, he does not
snow whether ihey ceased hunting ol'
not. The people of this district
would like to see ihe government
take a decided step in this mailer.
The government las closed the
branch land olliee at Macleod, The
action of lbe government was due to
iwo scandals in connection with the
conduct m' the office, lhe latest lieing
'hat of .siib-.if;eiit Wilson wbo is now
m the pen for his acts. The Macleod people complain of the action
of the government anl seen: tn think
;he governmenl should have appointed
good men instead of party favorites
\nd some people will be old-fashioned
enough lo think they are right.
(From Uie
Fri ne
Mrs. T. Beck
of bronchitis.
IS    111
an aitack
tt.  R.  Russ,
Monday from
iiipeg.        .Mi.
nuihtii;; about
f ion ihis fall.
Ibe nn
, returned     on
ss irip tu Wiu-
says   he knows
u'fis ul' an elec-
ti.   i.     i an
ll,   Lll0
11, cl
ioi   liie L •
j'.   it,   at  Hull
11   th,: cu,
.u ue pin in lu
■sui. e)
Uiu I-,
lilg     I
ji   in,- .sp...
Lucie lUew
.nn Uoiupuii) -■>
1   II
• a^jjUL win
nc  umi    al ■■:.'j.   iu cn.uiie   Wo      cou
iraciors »u bung in     uieu  s>uppiiw>
iut the new nickel) uUlHllllg. lilt
spur leau-s tlio Ime al ibe uuier cum
oi ibe trestle.
.tii. u. .\. uoss, „t iii,- Fernie Van
age company, icpui la ihal na) is
auoui us scarce .is cual. .mi. &cuU,
tne other memuet ot ibis mm, is
down m Alberts ou a purcuasiug in,.
and he buds nay but del tu get llian
cual.       Hetwccti   Pun het   Ul*CCK       alW
Calgary lie was able Lu pick up utn)
three cats uf hay. At Lundbreck le
secured three cai-. ul coai. Mr. Itoss
dues nut CXpCCl t<< Ijc del I'.', ling 1'el*
nie coal wiihin ten days ol two
uum .>l,unij was disuuibul I.) .vu
cuti union mi Um. lu uo in. >.iuci."i
during uu- mil..' ami ueai') un
samti .uiiuuni iciu.iin, iu uiu luasuiy,
winch ceriainl)  spcaKs  wen  im     in
Ui ah *g eilie 111     ot   Uie   IlliailCCS   Ul      lite
i-iutu a, public bLaudpuml lho stri..u
Waa Curttulll) ,i lUCUlU ..n .inn , not a
tniiglt ain-M b.i.tii^ been uitiuo ilmn.,
the seven W'eUnS ui nnelic-s. I hia
s[ieaJ.s Well lul Uie llieli ,uul goes iu
sliuw thai Michel can glVu the tnajoi-
UJ  ul      luwjis in the uuttliwest cauls
.#1 apadurj in keeping ia*A and order,
at .i. meeting oi ino Altchel miners
uuiuli rtedtiesUa) luuiliui^ il was decided to return lu woih at onee regardless ut Un- unlet ol Mi. Sherman
not tu „u to w.m-, claiming that
Mr. Uurke bad nu authority lo settle
the strike, one ot the mosl absurd and
underhand^! unlets uver issin-d iu ihe
history oi united laboi. nm Michel uuiuli proved ilsell worth) of ils
just claim for fairness m Its dealing
witb ibe company when the ballot
was taken'to start wi.rk at onee,
mjiile 44 »)ied to slay out and heed
tbe order" nf Mr. Sherman. Considering the "7 men who went to work
to-day the total number in favor of
resuming woik al nine would he J75
or a majority of one hundred and
thirty, one which should be conclusive proyf of the stand taken by the
Michel miners. No. 8 is now ready
to dig ihe blacl; nuggets, which facl',
owing in the scarcity oi fuel, will be
hailed wilh delight."
Licenses have been granted fo J. F.
Jarvis for ;i lintel at Hosmer and
lo Jos. Alello for ;i wholesale liquor
store at the samr place.
Last Saturday Uie miners at [fill-
cr*Bt demanded an increase of five
mt.'i    per ton in wages.     Mr. C. P.
(From Th«   Ulairmore Times.)
Tbe Coleman rink is now being put
into shape and will won be opened to
ihe public. Coleman claims, and
wilh good reason, that she will have
the champion hockey team of tbe
Crows .Nest this season.
Contractors Kraycr and Sinclair,
who have the contract for pulling in
ihe covered way from the mine at
Frankito the*tipple, are making great
headway and will have the work
comfdeuil  next   week This  struc
ture is 770 feet long and is Intended
lo protect Ibe traces and trajuwav
dtirins ihe winter months.
Last .Saturday while Mr. Clumbers,
■ui employee of the luieruaiionai
Coal compauy, al Coleman, u
Working at a pUUt in the No. 2 V
he was caught by ■_ fall of coal and
badly crushid. He was at once lau-
en out and coliveyed to the hospital.
where bis injuries were dressed and
where he yet lives in a critical condition*,
This winter Blairmore is tu have
one of the best ice rinks in the Pass,
It is being built on the same site
occupied two seasons age. and will lie
ready to open as suon as llie weather
is favorable for fltNidtnj;. It will be
under the nianaRvinent of Vi. Deviti
who is well known as a rink manager in this section.
A verv pretty wedding n>ok place
lasl Sundav, November llth. at Uc
home of Hiram Dnnou, of Coleman,
when the Rev. T. M Mnirva performed tbe ceremony that united for
ife Miss Jessie Smith nnd Mr. Keith
McFarlane, bolh of Coleman. Both
ihe bride nnd trn^ni are well known
heie. where thi*v l.avr many friends,
.ill nf whom wish -'iem a happy and
prosperous voyage all through life.
Uliawa, Nov.  17.—The   British Co
lumbla government has arrived at   a
decision to sell ItjIfU acres ul hunl li
the Dominion ior the use of the Babine Indians. This request was recently refused hy lion. R. F. Ureen,
but now a change of miml is repotted. Thla will enable the Dominion
government to come tr, a satisfactory
arrangement wiih the Indians. The
selection of the land will likely be
left to the department of the interior. In return for the gran! the Indians liave ajirml Ibat lis-b barricades
shall hr permanently prohibited. The
government also underiakes to furnish nets for salmon fishing.
OUawa, Nov. 17.—Mackenzie
Mann will apply at rhe next session
o( parliament for permission to extend the Canadian Northern railway
from Edmonton tc the Pacific coast
and to build from Siratlicoua to Calgary, from Regina to ihe International boundary, from Athabasca and
Macleod river to the headwaters of
the Maeleod, and from Saskatoon to
South Saskatchewan river.
New Vork, No\ - —I'he Hera'd
says Friends ol tf. ll. Ttompsmt,
oi llayden, Stone & Cu,, brokers, aru
congratulating him uu his wonderful
coup in Mpissiug miues, which, il is
suied, has netted him nearlj JS.UUU,
000. The prolils ul his Investments
in N.pissing mines, the curb silver
ptopettv, which h.i> liad a remarkable rise in value in Uie lasi three
months, have placed Mi Thompson iu
tbe limelight ol Wall street, it was
mainh through hti negotiations that
ih.* Quggetrheims obtained control ol
tlu* silver properly.
Mi. Tliompson is a mining engineei
and a graduate Ql the Columbia
School of mines He is a native ol
ihe .Molilalia mining district, and is
said to have been the tiisi white child
horn in the Butte camp.
When he was asked to make q market on the cub lot Nlpissing slock he
suit Ins etnriiieeis tn examine the
property and he personally made an
Investigation, The result was tlat
he    bought    very heavily Into     the
Notiee is hereb)   given  tliat  thirty
i.i\s aft* i  date 1  ini.-nd  to apply   to
ihe II n     Chief    Commissioner     of
Lantls and Works and to the Assistant.
CniNiis-.i. n i    0f Lantls and    Works
Ute    district of    Easi  Kootenay,
British    Columbia, far   a license to
inspect lot coal and petroleum   ovei
Ibe following desciibed land:
Commencing   al a     posl      planted
bout  luu vards wesi ,,i ihe crossing
f tin- North F"ik oi Michel Creek bv
ne ol  th.- northerly   boundaries    ol
tot 1588, block t.   the same being Hie
nili.il  post of P   <:.  W.i\l,ttid\ claim
m.l marked "It   Cl   Wayland's rtoulh-
■asi  corner pnsl,"  llience sn   ehains
west,  ihence SO chains north,   thence
i     chain'   east,    ih.nee   so  t-|, .\n$
uth  lo llie place ol beginning,   'and
intaiuing ,ii t Rtn acres
it   ti   u.u i.n. I   Locator
\   I' Wavlaml   \gcnt.
Located Sepl   2!», ltliifi :u Gl
propel iv
Incidentally, he told   the
' lolling the inine ibai
>h richer ihan lhe) had
realised In medlnlelv previous to
bis- takm: up 'he Nlpissing markol he
had reapid   , baud  profit in   Die
sale  nl   Neva l.i   COppel   linlls   to      lhe
OugRonlieims He then tinned his
aiteiitt, ii lu Nlpissing. The stock
has risen from %4 a slaie tu VU 87-4
His stock market operations in tin
last veal have netted him a foil uue
oi $:i.unu.mm, prnctica-'ly all of whicli
was made iu Nlpissing.
While Mr. Thompson was making
millions, Policeman McClnng, a
Brooklyn hluecoat, succceiled In tak-
itifi Vi.tiun .mt ,,[ Nlpissing stock.
His brothel m law works in tbe
Wall sireel disiriet, and heard tbut
Nlpissing was a good tip- Both
bought as much as ihey could afford
,n t.'i a share. The policeman held
i.u lo his stock, and cleaned up $7001
last week. Ilis brother-in-law
mote ta ini liar with Wall street, sold
out at an advance of a poial nr two
and made onlv a lew hundred dol
(Toronto World.j
Reporls   leaded   'IuIuhlu   yesl
ni    .several  niaiveloiis  Uiscoveiies    n
Luball during ibe pasl lew dajs.
On ibe Fosiei pioperty, 'lhe Worli
was iniorinod, a bud was made o
black sulphide, wliich, when analyzed
diowed id,till ounces oi sinut to tm
ton. This means, according, Lu tb.
present value ot stiver, Sid,124.118 ti
the tun ol ore. There is,said tu he
a lut uf this cu lhe Foster plop
It was saitl also that there has beei
a rich lind at ihe bottom tot one o\
.be drills un the Fusler property,
These discoU'iies, token in connection with otter recent Ilmis, accounl
lor lhe rise iu the price uf Fostei
mining slock during the past lew
sales of Treihewey Silver-Cobalt
.Mine shares Thursday and Friday art
reported in exceed *305,0U0, Pitts
nut g, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit
.sew .urk, Boslon. Cleveland and
Buffalo have all been, active buyers,
while frum all .parts of Canada there
has been a demand inr lh
Frank C. Loring, M.E., consulting
eugiiKH'i' of the company, is expected
lo arrive here  to-day  from CuhalL.
"A new boy came into .cill' ulin
lo-day." said a wholesale grocet
merchant to his wile at the suppi
table. "He was hired by the firm ai
Uie request of the senior member
who thoUghl the buy gave promise o
soud things. But 1 feel sine that
the buy will be out of lhe olliee it
less than a week."
"Whai makes you think so," in
quired bis wife.
"Because   the very first   thing  that
he wanted tu know  was just exadl
low much be was expected to do."
"Perhaps you will yet change youi
mind about him."
"Perhaps    I  shall,"   replied      the
merchant, "but I do not ttlnk so."
Three days later the business man
said to his' wife: "Ahout that boy
you remember, 1 mentioned two or
three days ago. Well, he is Ihe besl
hoy who ever entered Uie store."
■'How did you lind thai, out."
"In the easiest way in tne world.
The first morning after the hoy began i" work, he performed very
Faithfullyi and systematically the
exact duties as'signed lo bim, which
he had heen so caitful to have ex*-
plained lo bim      When he had finished
le came to me and said:     Mr.	
I bave finished    all the   work.     NcW
what can I do?"
"I was a little surprised, hul 1
gave bim a little job of work and
forgot all about bim until he came
inlo mv room with lbe question,
'What next?' That settled it fot
me. He was Ihe lirsi boy that entered out oflice who was willing anil
volunteered to do moro than was as-
sigtied him. I predict a successful
career for lhat boy as a businesi
Maidstone. Sask.. Nov. Kl.-Indica-
ttotts ate favorable that ..lie nf the
richest cold fields was made live miles
east of here veslerdav. Messrs.
Fieldhoihe and Bmveleii. of Vermillion, with twn expert miners from
Molilalia made one of tbe highest discoveries Tliey relumed to-day lo
Vermillion to organize a syndicate
and will al onee go to work and
lush developments mi ibe claims. Several experienced nun who have been
loi cars in lbe Klondike, are now on
the properly prospeel Ing. Wivlmii I
doubt ii will prove one of the riches I
p:a*jcr dise*)verii-s in < amidi. Even
train  is crowded  with sold seekers. '
Mr. Hungerford Pollen, the popular
president of tube Kootenav Central
railway, is in Vieloria (or the purpose of Interviewing the government
on the subject of ibe earlv construction of tbe much needed line of railway from Kort Steele lo Golden. In
an interview with the Week he declared that, there was no possibility of
lhe work ^oiii,, ahead without aid
from the provincial government, as
the Dominion subsidy was not sullicient to induce London capitalists to
finance its conslri.elion. Tbe railway is badly wanted'll would pass
thnuigh one of the most fertile valleys in the province, and il is greatly
to Ih* hoped that some means wilt be
devised In enable the necessarv work
to be proeeedi*d with as earlv as possible.—Victoria Week.
Keep Posted
i t*
On Matters That Interest Yot
Your local paper ij a ncccssit}
to you, financially and socially.
ERAL CIRCULATION, containing the latest ne.vs of tke world,
is equally necessary to you. T..e
"up to date man'' will provide
himself with these two essentia]
features of progress.
kane, Wash., will be found tin-
very latest news of the world, its
matter including information on
politics, commerce, agriculture
mining, literature, as well ius the
local happenings in the stales ol
Montana, Oregon, Idaho. Wiuh
ington and thc province of British
Columbia. In addition, it. rol
uinns for women, its popula)
science articles, its short and con
Take notice tliat thirty days site,
ilale 1 intend to apply t„ the Chief
Couunissioue. ul Lauds nml Works iui
siH'tldl licenses io cut ami carry away
thuliex ii„iu tl',' lollowiug described
lamls in Kast Kootenay:
ll) Conuucnc.ng at a post planted
nea. thc north k.ul> ol lln^ay Creek
uud .itttiui ;i: mill's luun where il
empties into the llll. tltver, ami marked .1. Strong's N. I'', nun,'., thence
v.-.si nm chains, thence south i"
chaius, Uieuce easl lull chains, thence
uuuil -In chains lo thu place ,'i
I-I Commencing .it ,t post planted
inin ih.- uuuil iiHiiK „i Ulngay deck,
nml ulioul     31 milt's lion, .vheru   u
Take nolleo    Ihal    Ire partiieisl.i
lieretiilnre carri.nl on between ns   ill
 Icrsign.il,     Allien    ll   lllnlne nml
lusl   \. Sn,ill ,n Cranbrook, I.   r... tinned   stories,   its   "Answers   tc
"i ■ iib!,','^rsm'.fii'''iu''.'ii"', "SiCorrespondents"   and    "Puzzk
heen dissolve,! by' mutual consent.     : Problems"   combine   to   feint   u
Tli,' i.iisin.'ss nill !„• continued    by   home newspaper that at $1.00 pel
year can nowhere be excelled.
.ill under In
llll' saul Kml A. f
Tli,' s.,i,| Kred \ Small
liabilities nf the said pari
.ill debts ilue uiul owing li
ii'isliil, musl I,,' paid l0 li
Daled al Cranbrook, Octob?r 801
A. ll. lllnln,',
A. Siuull.
..lines n'l       •
ct "J  '»"»"
anl part-   with
WUl'lll'IMM,   V \l t i:.
L.  W.  Patm
M-I take  the  TWICE
If   ymi   wlul.   to   ..
1 Mweomen,   use   the
T«n   oftits   per  llm
tli  worda  to  ..  line,
:ek rates
.■it.-ti insen i
Take notice that   thirty davs after
date    I intend   lo applv  ' lL( lhe Chief
Commissioner ot Lands an.l Works for
a license lo cm and cany away timher from the following described lands
situated in South Kasi Kootenav:
Commencing twenty chains "south
ol and forty cbains east of the 19 |
mile post of lot No .1502, tlence J™J>
norlli one hundred nnd sixty chains,
ihence easi tony chain-;, thence south
i ne hundred and sixty chains, thence
west forly chains to" point uf commencement.
P.   1'.  Kobb.
Dated November 5, luiuj,       'dd-bt
18 Words
24 Words
,     THK   KI'OKKSVI \N-|;|:\ JEW.
Sii..Lun.-. Wiiili.
Writ* your ndv   plain ly. encliolim    ■
In atampi
Ins-rtl,.!!* desired, and Mat.'
Wish adv, Inserted In Uml
Big "Clean-Up" Sale
PNCKI'THiNALIA l.usy Summer nml Pull spiling has pli I
on onr hands a Inrgo number nf Beooml-hiiiul Pianos ami
Organs, taken in excliniiKP on nuw Btyles of MASON & UTKLUI
Our "Upper Country'' warehouses in Nelson uml Revel-
stobe are imw cnmfortably erowdu'l we've winter shipuieuts
mt way from factory, too.
Tlieso used goods iniisl lit' snld we wish theni tu move
rapidly,   You'll appreciate these unusual oll'erings,
• " ! $20
*' fliiiil.'s lluvis" I'm-itflii Plttnn, 7 .K-tuve-s.
■I ll. T. in. in lieinln. Fivii.-I, «aln.it fj-^n
i-as... si-n.ll froni     - 4>4U
•I fi
A vill .t Smiirl" UpWfrhi I'inno, 7 ncinvoti
ft. fi In. IiIrJi, full ii-n I'M.t.i,-. ■■-,.. ff/r
iellotit vnliwut J100, yourn for ... $OJ
NtlROfll" I'ian.i. New Vork, 7 ,..-
a™. ,'i.»r. ~-'.»«-l'.,,,   $125
IMI"   Piano.   Ouobib,   7 1-1   Minvfiii
Ion   Pr
' $150
iii.ilH«aiiv..sliKlitl.viis.tlliiitK.i.«l    tOCA
as new. was (Ml. tun imw -..-liiiin'    4>33U
"Mas.,n &   Ritwli"   I'ii
>lWh\ ,s" 'alu'-ii'il;.  in'.r
ilil fo.
"Miwon & RiBcli" .'in,,... Uiiriahl Omml
in Ail li,„..li,.l Innl „;iln.il ,■.,-,.. I'l'i,,,,-
,'iilly ,„•«'. prim.' romll  ,., i r.-i-i ,.,„■•.
T".^Jl KR":r''"R - $400
,:,„„,   $30
"Boll"   Oiffaii.   mnwtve   «alimi   caw.
scroll     front,    '.l   sets    rccU,     In     Htup-t,
Ih.Oi  stt'ell^.    You'll not  Iomo mi   <ZCC\
tliisnt-. -  -  *P*>U
" Dohcrty " Orgon, black walnut. as,- v uh
iM-vi-llnl   Vnmvh  nlate mirmr. :. -■■nivvs.
cotipleni ami knee swell-,  npten-   i=f)
did value at thin liiruiv    *P3U
We've ulsti ti number of others.   Full list sent upon roipiest,
Vmi mny turn in anv ono ol! these instruments nl full value,
as  partial payment ou a new MASON &   KISCII   PfANO,
within two years after purchase
HUDSON   BAY   BLK. NELSON, B.C. p.  o.  BOX   615
0**-*******«««*«•-»*««««*9 #^«.«««.«.-%«^%«%.«^««.«^^-%*9
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables  i
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
M;LiujhIin CirriajtiariJ D::rin? Iir.}le>n:nts for S.ilc
P.O.Box 144
I    Shop Phone 50
Barn Phone1*!)     {
L •--*-*■-*--*--*-■*-*--*-'-**  *********.*.
I"l"l"l I **"***l l tmt~lmi**i**imi**i**p^i**i~i—i~r
Try a   Case of
Two  Dozen   Pints   $2.50
Equal to (iuinness'   The finest beverage   on the marke
for  family and  table use.    Imports  vigor and
health, and times up the body generally
Brewer, Oriinbrook  11. C
I'luplirs un,. Hi,. Klk Itivor, and
n.aiki-il .1.    Strong'a   \   Vi. a.rof.,1
Uli'lilT   f.isl    11,11   cJlilillS,    lll.ll,,'   s,,„lll |
l.l   ih.iuis,   liuiui'    west   11,11    lillllll.,
ill 'lice H"i Ill   ll' l-llolua In ill'- |il.ii'i- ul
i ;,   C'omii...|ul..g .,1 a iiosl  |,l.uiii'il
nl | imii-.    m li,- s. w.
i'l i mi "1 I. 11832, .ml iii.iii,,,! l
Sin ii,, ■.  \      K   .,,111,1,   lin-i,,,'  i.i-.l
|H   illHIl.,      Ill,IHT   Klllllll   Ml      1'I.HlnS,
ill. ii ti ra.i  iii iliains, Uiu. !■ snulli in
ill.nil-,    Ill.'iiri'   im III   ill I ,    lll.l,,,'
iiiii ill .su I'lialna, lli.-uri- w.-sl In
ill.lllr-, llii'iiri' iiiii 111 III ill.tin. I,, llll,
lil.ti i' ul    .,'iiri'lni'lit.
I ll I',iliilllri,,',11.; .,1 | |,l,lll |,l,nl,'il
.ill,ml I I mill". »i' : .nnl 1 ' mil...
Mil.Ill       nl    III.'      S     V      ,', I    ol      I..
Wll, iiiiiI ii.,itl,„l .I Sirong'a N H
r ir, ill.iin- siiiiiIi :-1 ■ i.iins. ili.n, ,■
.-.is!       Ml      rll.lllis.     111. I.   •  In,I 111     Ml
,ii.ui,s. ill iu-i' wi-! sii . lulus ll, III,'
i.tii.iiiil Nuv. r.ili, imn;.
(.",) Commrnclitg nt n I1"-' [.lantcil
,m tlio wrsl  I'.mi, ni Hir Klk   River
jliulll    '.    inil.f   M.nlli   „     III,'    s    ,:
I'liini'i- of 1. uy.il ami mat ked J.
Stronfi'a N. E. corner, tlwnce .vest
in ili.iins, ill ii 'i' sniui, 1:111 chains,
Ihence ensl nl mil sn tlu n; lo tin'
Klk lllver, thence up stream in thc
place nf commencement.
.1.    Strom;,
Located Nov. mli. 1008. 3'1-ut*
W. K.  lt..i,,lv.  t-„,,.-ri.l  In,..,
... brujk 11 C. I'll..,,,   I
Drink HomeBee r
It is I'ure
It is Healthy
It Is the Hest
Ft. Steele llrcwin<; Co.
i.. low located in its comlort- I
able .uid attractive nrw quar-  f
tcrs in ihe Manitoba I letcl.      I
rhls institution Is just op-to- I
date and i% niodirnly equipped J
tu do jusl tlu* best work in all 1
branches ol the tonsorial art. J
Notice is hereby given that thirty
.lavs afler dale I Inteml making application ii* the Honorable the Chief
Comailssioner ui Lamls nnii Works
Inr ii special license to cut ami carry
away timber from the following d.--.-
crlhwl land in .Souih East Kootenay,
ll. C:
CommencliiK at the south-oast corner of lot (12-10, soutli three hundred
.md twenty chains (320), Ihence weM
nin, teen (ID) ehains, thrnce north
ihi,-.' hundred an I twenty ehains
(320), thence east nineteen (IU)
.-hains to place ct commencement.
,\. F. Krapfel.
Hated an.l staked 17th October,
IIKIIJ. 32-5t
When You
Come to the Metropolis tay at  the
Palace Hotel
Stephens*. Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo    PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
IVlcVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
MIOS. T. McVlTTIE,  V.  L. S.
.1. T. LAIDLAW. M. E.
i Cranbrouk Sash
; and Door Taclorv
i-A.ll kin.ls of tiiiisli wurk in
wny ut doors, windows, tran-
, s.iius. rl.'.   Kiln ilriril luutber
1 for inside work.   Our work is
I guiiranteetl ami our prices are
! satisfactory,    Screen    iluurs
1 o.i' i a ii J Dressed Lumber
1 For Sale
€l>risrmas Piwos
It.lks in
nc else.
tnk^n ci
i m.l
Sl     fi'lV
Prcsi pdmo Studio
in vmi wanl ;i bargain in @
ok }.j..|.. rty. I will |
sell inv liiisiiii-ss house ami (3
lm opposite (' I', U, ,l,.|,„t I
plieap. I'n.s n-n'il rent, Kino fo
iiivestnietit.   Address S
Gum Lm, Cranbrook, B. C. |
S Or J. A. lliirvrv h EM l'i
I 1
rirt.L'|JJ.-iit.,.'i|.-V:',pi.['i;,!!Iii:.'i*.4l!.',-.,:;.;, ,:„,..,:, J
.Notice is hereby given thnt thirty
days alter dale I intend to apply in
ilk- t'liii'i Commissioner ol Lnmls ami
Works for a special license lu cut and
cany away timher fiom the loilowing
descrlhed lnmls in Soulh Easl Koolenay:
11) South of St. Marys river neai
Six Mile creek, coiniiuul-ihl; at ilie
um Ih-east corner cl E. L. MoVittlo's
Umber license, thence west one mile,
llii-uie norlh ono nu'e, tlience easl unu
mile, Uieuce soulh one mile It, lhe
point of commencement.
i'l)  Commencing at a Post plniiicil
twenty   chains   ......h   nl Uie rtorth-
mcsI corner nl E. L, McVlttlc's lim-
lit'i- license, thuu'c fllly-thrco mul ,i
hull chains west, one hundred ami
twenty ehuius north. (Ilty-threo mul a
hall cnains cast, and   liundrnl and
IMi'lily chains south It, Die point ill
i'ii Commencing n'l lho norlh-wcsl
cm nei t,l my No. I appllcallon ol tin:,
date, thence north ono milo, thonco
ensl one mite, Ihenco south oue mile,
Ihence wesl ono mile, lo tho point of
III  Commencing ul  lhe souih enst
i r ol |„t uuu, group une. Uienco
west mi chains, Ihenco soutli so
ilia ns, Ihence easl su chains, ihenco
miilli XII chains  In the pnint  ol coin
.1.ili.i Il.iiilmiv.
Haled this   mil.    il,,y „l   October,
IV. Im Umil, Solicitor, Cranl k.
lm     WORK    AT    MODERATE
For particulars call up 'plume   No.
(is between tho hours ol ll a.m. and ti
p.in., or   'phi,nc     No. Iill afler ullico
liuiiis.        All    orders   Mil,   rocelva
prompt attention,
tl v..  .1. MANSFIELD.
Take notice Unl  thirty days alter
ilnii- I  in I in apply t<> Ue   Chlol
I'uiiiiiiis.sioin't nl I..mils iiiiiI Works ini
a special liiTuse lo cut and carry
away limbel Irom lie lollowlng described lands In Soulh Ensl k,mutiny.
Commencing al a posl planted ni
iin- in.iili ivosl cornel ul  li   M.  Fill
Il'l lull S      llllllll'l      Uc      \ nu,
Ui. un-  Mr ll   llill ih.nu ..   ll i' uh
iu   i luui i, tli nr.'     eaal   IHO cl.a.ua,
llience iiniili iu chains in lhe i i ol
ci nun,',,! einent.
II   ll   lln  ..
J    IV.  Ross,
il'ii i O, Jorgcnmn, Agent.
W. F. Hunl. Snliiii,,i.
Daled ni    >' in i, H   r      Uu*
i;tli dn) nl iu loher,  \   n   iuiui
iin :,t
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter dale I Intend making application lo Uie Honorable lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lnmls and Works lur
a special license to cut and cany
awav Umber from llie lands silunle
in the districl of South East Kouicuay, abuut two milt's southwest of
.lalllay Station and being Lot Nu.
(iiiiii, group l, Kootenay district.
J. Hanbury.
Dated ihis 22ml day ol October.
A. I). 11100.
W. F. Uuui, Solicitor, t'i'aii'bi'cok.
Niiiiii: uf AS.SK1NMKNT.
Nu Iro i berebj given thai .lolm
Flelchi i  rim.,I.-, ol Marysvlllo, li il,,
I' I keeper, has by .Iced,  dated    ihe
Hub .i.n ui October, A.D. 11100, ,.-
signed .,11 lus personal property, real
estate, credits mul ellccls, ivhlch mny
li,' seized nml sold under cxecutluii,
nny person ,,r persons, li n corporation ni mIii.sc ,1,'bi or claim Iin
shall iu,i  then havo received notice
A meeting ul ihe creditors nf ihu
.■.aid .Inlin Fletcher Pringlo wiil be
held nt ihe nlil,-,' of lhe (iulil Commissioner in ihe Oovcrnment Ollices
in Cranbrook, ll. C, on Wednesday,
ilm 7th day ,,! November, A. ll,
100", ui ibe hour ,,l 1 o'clock iu Uio
Hilled at    Nelson, Ii. C, this 2Mb
■Iai "I October, A. I), 1000.
Taylor A- O'Shea.
Nelson,  11. C.
S.ilicilius for lhe a'bovo Tiuslec,
Albert Mutz, ui-ii
***** T1TT ** 1 I ITT M^t"
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦•»<. »«»«*»: -*♦♦?•»♦♦
♦ ♦
♦.♦     "'Uie vei
tt A:A
20.000  ACRES
iv pick ,,f tho s,'l".'i,',| laiitU in the twantiful Kootenay
' -:  Kootoiiny,   H.  1'. ,'s','i„li,i.' from  I'nnal  Flat to
iffemltoi -.'I-nl 1 1}:; to llu per sore.
XX        Th* Kootenay Valley is ol Unsurpassed Fertility
44 Matohlosa Climate and the tviost Pictureiquo Situ-
4* ation W.-st of the Rut-Kv Mountains.
ti Chela.iil.praao.itevery If lura ol  lulnoss. Including tlm-
.. I I  :.,"..! I,t-Mum in 11-I1. oi'iiii'i,' nml  meadow.   The
♦ ♦ i"" by I .' . 11 irsb     i,l    ,.  l.m.l- .....-,-. ..i' deep, black
♦ ♦ loam; tl - Imn li i. «.|i     ,        ly Iimiii, splendidly n.ls| I
44 [1 Where  liny   I"'  iii'i'i's-iuy on Ibu
44 be.1el.0s, wu mla>lin,l Irn'u (ho mounmiu ereekB flowing f,,,i„
ib,' II 1„- i ;.,.. rivei       I1"' hliull :,'r hilly sur-
vey,    1   I  "-'i 1 'I..   I... 'm.i-  1 sub-divided intofouced
(. anl 1 1 -u.u re	
44 i b.- p 1 .■' ist, |„-i,'e wilt iiK'li.'l., li.u limber, which can lesold
*4 bt ih,'1.11 .ii ..'I itn m.i   uu liiihllity lo governmenl or oilier
♦ ♦ rn, il >■   rhuthnla,. a-illiiii        1   - 1 .il 11II10 the our-
♦ J elmai'i ,1.11,1 will in nil   1       riully r p tho .1111011,,1 111-
f_ M-,,.|    1 ..lii, Kiailonuy river, which oh-
it •■ every l„i save     1 wus 1. nuul tl gl. 1 he valley
T |> , ■     11   md .be propnaeil Kootenay Co..
44 tntl ntilwuy will |nin,l 1    id,     I'ho C. 1'. It Is quite
44 ,.-,,,,..    ,.m„. |,u,
♦ » I'm liiill.'i pnrll,Ulil'      1 i ly !.,
Y J Or to Jos *:.!. ityan   Cranbrook, B. C.
♦ * a__
******* t <■'■>: e- i* >■'**'■ f*. ******* »*4*444*4999999
»««*»*<-•?       .' .,,M,(,,|..(.»»«»„...»»»»„
*   vTitinUrOOK       QuestsComtorli
I Hotel *s S
i,n,l S.an::n|[ in Connection
Nearest to rath  ;   .     Hi. accommoda*
'"  the pnblic   tnequalled in Crnnbrook,
Hel ai:,i .'old Hull.,
Hoggarth'& Rollins
Rubinson^McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
! On a Glasgow cai recently a man
>as heard lo say. "The Macleans are
to be   At  Hume' . n thr 2tiuh uf ihis
mouth.''       "Are    thej!"    said     lhe
oiher man, "then the oily vvnl tie hail
I Major-gcnci.il the Earl of Dun ton-
aid opemHl a fuur days' br&zaal m
Olasguw, tin- object bring to taise
£13,u0fl io provide ball occommodar
lu.n fm the 2nd V ti Lanarkshire
Kngineers, at Coatbridge.
I The uili of £12,501) by Ht. Andrew
CamegUi loi 'lie building .uut equip*'
inciit ol a physics laboratory iui Dundee college inkes tin- college council
oul of ;, difficulty Which has [iii'St-nt-
isl llaclf fot some years.
I At tbe annual meeting ..I tin- Gla*
now Poor Children's Pinner Table society, it   was  repotted   that, owing to
the    Improvement   in trade, thf di«-
mauds on    the   society during Uie
past year h.nl rtccreosed by 39 per
A presentation has hem made to
Mi. John Simpson, who re tiros from
the general post oflice alter thirty-
one veais's service, Tin* iritt took
ihe form of a Hold watch and chain,
togeUicr with a tfold bracelet for
.Mis. Simpson.
I Lord Rohbrts vlsitfld Falkirk rc-
ei'iitly an.l received tb.' freedom of
the hut-fib, and unveiled the memorial
to the memory of the soldiers and
volunteers belonging to Falkirk and
district who lell during tlie South
African war.
I Mt. John Chalmers, station master,
Kilmarnock, has been appointed a
general Inspector on lbe southern sec-
tion of the U. A ti. ti. railway. Mr.
Robert Jardlne, parcel agent. St.
Enoch, bus been appointed staliou
master at Kilmarnock,
I    In view of     Ihe    poor market    for      Middleton,   County      folk,   reports
herrings,    Campbclltown      fishermen the    death at    Kandyhlll, near that
have decided to   enter into   nc^nija- place, of'Nora     Mulcahy, aged  103.
lions vviith   one or more of lbe firms Slit- enjoyed good health and was   in
encaged in the foreign trade wilh the full    possesion of    her faculties   nl-
object-   of getting   them lo   open    a most to the last.     Ilm  mother died
slalion at  CampWelltown, at HO.
a.m    *M
nv\. Winum roibj ih, ->i ■»-, u.i).,
\u..U alfl U* IUC p**l»M Oi ..wwU ..._.,
■ lidS jus. LVIVu'dt... Li.C uiau.V.... J«u*"
I *CC    aa   A    UitlUUCl. txaiiiv      bill)'
)vais ^u !«.• ...ii pre*».-nu.u ■■.•  -..o...
I d»Uu.    lU    UH Ll....n.     Ul    -.	
in uu.* pretuyier) ol Aairu, ur, mi-
s;ln, who i.d.i uum al lhc i><. ui
AlK-IUe.u)       lu      *&-',   is ttJW    i,    n..>
i igtit) gi**tad year.
At a meeting in Kdinhuinn ui
graduates -uui u'li i - counecitM with
na- Imveestty ol At/udeen, u w.u
ie*,ulud mat, in ouuuiitfuioraiton    ui
th.;   nuat'tei ixntenai), ■> -y ■   -	
be tabni to raise a tund lui th pui
pose eiiht'i oi founding .. -,:,.:,.. -
i-h.ui in ihe univerttity, endowing re-
Beard] in th.- univorsiiy, oi i"i i»oine
otbei pmpow in confection therewi ;.
Ui hv <tiu:rwai\ls detcimin i lh
sum aimed at  is  £10,000.
Thv otbei da) the r,,^- closed
ovfti the remains ol John Ureij ihi
oldest inJiabitaiit in Stralhavwi and
n.s paribh. Tbe deceased who vvaa
In his ninety-filth year, wu. a lyptoal
Seotiisli i'tuia''t*'i- li. In- yoilttgel
Javs by carried on the busin . ul an
egg eadger, and trundled his wh.-.-i
barrow over many a weary mile. At
his luntTaJ there were representative*
ol all ela.sst'.s-, and b stiiknu; foatiirc
was tlw example oi longeviiy, man)
pu-sfoi otuin ovei eight) years, and
Hi une instance over ninety vears of
ast*. Tbe old man vvas unmarried,
ami resided in the sum. house (a
tihatctcd oullding wnh an earthen
lloor) for nimMy years. Tli,- house Is
situated iu the principal thoroughfare
oi Stratliuven.
Miss Anna Parncll, sister of Mi.
Charlie Stewart Parnell, is visiting
Ireland, after iift-een years' absence.
In connection with recent orange
riots al Gilford, County Down, a
number of Catholic householders have
been awarded (xmjitusatiou by county
court Judge Orr for damage »i the r
Saw and Planing' Mills
Ai! Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
"j*,!»l,V<''u„!V:'.'   ':   '    H*<A
anitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprirtor,   cranhrook. b. c.
Headquarters for
99lf*V9V>ifV<*Y . ".'i''i"ti'9V9V9999999
The Manitoba ■ i "id I
in tho oily.   The bai iin.,., ,
'St .limii[*room".
noi-s nml CiLjat'B
,n„|.i--t-i-i"i-t-:-*i--x--t"f~i"M-i-'i"i-;-i ■!■; viiiii-i-hh^-ih-h-I'-h-I'
| The Cosmopolitan \
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
•i-i-M-H-t I II I-I I 1-1 II 11 11 I l-l-l-M I-I-I-I-I-I-I+-W-I-M
' 1--I-I-I--I-H I-' l-l-l-l '-Ml (lit -H-l+l-H+l-W "
. wW*-"1 'm«.-*mm
III 11INMN0   t Elllll   \ ■   1    '
Seattle a
Great iNortheni  Railway
Kor detailed information, rales, etc., call on or adt
Fcrnie, B
t Hatterv sergeant-ma Ior Noble, of
No. 2 battery. Mitl-I.othian ti. O. A.
V., died afler only a few days' illness
and was buried wiih fu'l military
1'onors. Tho deceased, who had
served twenty-seven years in lhe Mid-
Lothian artillery, was a mo.st enthusiastic volunteer.
i ■ _____
I In order to cope wilh an alarming
outbreak of diphtheria in falsley the
Hurgh School hoard, following the
advice of the local authorlt es, and as
■ i'he outbreak is principally confined to
children, have just closed four of tbe
public schools in the wesl end dislriel of the town.
i Mr. Andrew CanieTip has stalled a
fund for old Scotsmen "down on
th-ir luck." Up has removed an old
s-ehonl male from a London workhouse, provided him with 15s. a week
on his returning to h>s native place.
In all ea-ses the focnefWnrtes must re-
lurn to (heir native places.
The statue erected in ihe Elder
Park, Ciovan, to the memor*, of llw
lale Mrs. John Elder, IJ. I» . was
unveiled by Her (irace lhe Duc-hoss of
Montrose in the presence ol a large
-.th.-rmir of the public The statue,
which is in bronze, was publicly sub-
si-nluM for among the inhabitants of
Kichard Scott, a golf clubmakcr, in
the employment of Messrs. Korean A
tifii, tii Andrews, (mini ,i cartridge
in the workroom, which hi- Used in a
vice, and in spite of being warned of
the danger, s-truek the ca|i with a
hammer. The cartridge cxrpknled,
and    part oi     it lodged In his   lell
Mr. William Aitken, conductor of
the s<ti<or bible class m connection
wnh Elgin Place Congregational
mission church, Glasgow, died suddenly in the ball two weeks ago Sunday.' (Hi the nt-ws being convoyed to
Mrs. Aitken, at her home al Killer-
monl street, she collapsed and died
wiihin an hour.
' In a reference to the restoration of
Hoinvo,*! chapel, Mr. Thomas Hoss,
architect, expressed the opinion of Uw
members of the EdinhuTgti district of
the Scottish Ecclesioioglcal society
that the -UIO.HOll which had been left
hy lhe Kail ol l-cvcn and Melville was
Bulheicnl to make tie place wind and
watei   tight.
I Hi. Aitliivv Carnoglc has written to
the Lt.ui 1'iiivnst oi Cllnsgow Intimating lhat, m response to the request
what' has lreen made to bin, he will
be pleased lo lav ihe memorial stone
of the new Mitchell library buildings
m North street. It is e-pectod that
the ceremony will take place in No-
vctnlwT  next.
' The late Miss Kidston, of Kcrme-
gair, lleleiishurth, has lelt, in addition lo private beqnesls, sums
amounting lo £10,000 to the Olas-
gow Western and \icU.ria Infirmaries,
VH.(«m to Quarrlcr's homes, £1,000
to Helensburgh Infirmary for nnn-in-
l.-ciioiis diseases, and ti.ltflO to the
Helensburgh  lown mission-
At - lull parade of troops at Alder-
shot, Kertit. Angus, of ihe Seaforth
hlghi-itnlcrsj was rieenrnted by Maioi-
Oenoral Sir Hriicc Hamilton, wllh
lhe dislimruis'tved service medal, whieh
was awarded for lhe gallant manner
in which Aniriis led a company of the
Northern Nigeria r(*ginient in an attack on a village.
Mr. Frank Oreer, fnr twenty years
a memtK*r of the second ward eflin-
mitlee of Clvdebank, near Olasgnw.
nnd iMffhteen years nf that time its
chnirman, has been presf-nM with a
cold waleh, suitably inseribed, as a
tokm of the esteem nf lhe vvatd com-
miltee nnd a few frien'ls upnn his
retirement from the position he had
held so long.
Outside Sterling Castle there Is n
Rlfttue ervoU«d to Kino; Robert, the
Rniee. An old f)?nd mnn, after re-
eeivina; Wb pensMon instalment the
other nMit, menndprH up to the.
cnstle rate, nnd was noticed hv the
sentrv sludiou-ilv watr-hinc the tlp;iirr*
nf tho RnnnoeWmrn b"m Irwvpinr, bis
lnnHv* vlirll nvr-r the nehlt<!. Tt wt*
mo^nliett. nnd nfter lennine nn the
railing for a little time the old vet-
Jos, llayden, who rcs-idet" ai Whitehall, Kimiuage, was rolled over by
tbe wluirHs of a threshing ltiai-hinc at
Teinpleogiir Bridge and died subse
quently in th.- Sloatf hospital from
the eflecis of Ilis injuries.
A lire occurred yesterday iu Koylc
street, I>eiTy, as a result ol whieh
the Koyle rope works were destroyed,
and also a store containing some hundred ions nf oats. The damage done
is estimated at several thousand
Tbe death has occurred at his resilience, Kiarush. mar Arboe, of Mr,
Mark Doblin, a well known Nationalist, lie had been a member of ihe
local board nf suaidiflti.s fur many
years, hut resitcn.d a-fter the passing
of ihe local governmenl act.
Mr. James Deeny, J.I'., died suddenly at his residence. I'ier holel,
llai-hmullen, while stooping io pull on
h;s boots;. He was a justice«of the
]H*ace loi IVotK'saJ. a prominent member of Uie Catholic community, and
of National sympathies in politics.
In optnini Uie tioyle quarter -ses-
sii-us, at uoacuiuiiioaj VU..IUV court,
jL.ijjc WaKi-ij cxprt*ss..t Uis pltasUt.
at uirtiin^ tliat divisiou oi nosct,in-
moii in Mich a poavcaule coiuluiuu.
He liad lound thc same uuuliiiou o>
allaus in the olher divi.siou ot Kos-
William J. Menton, solicitor, who
dkvl tbe utlnu day, occupied a high
place in his pruicssitui, to which n.
was admilttd a solicitor in 1870. lie
was eluirnun of lhe Koscica bt^ud ol
guardiaiia iui several years, and up
io a year ago was a member ol lhe
Tippera/y council.
' A uumlH*r of thc leading eitiv,cns
of Wattfrtord and a deputation from
ihe united parishes of Hallybricken
and Hut'lersUiwn recently waited on
the   Ver,y Rev. Dean Klynn,   I'. P..,
i.Y.K., at the patochial house, and
presented him vvith a handsome
brougham, a l^'autiful set ol harness,
nnd whip to signali'/*1 his appointment to the office of dean.
Professor (to his class*)—This da intolerable, Every time I open my
mouth there's a fool who begins to
Nov 10, 19011.
IN THE MATTER OK the "Companies Winding-up Act, 1898," being Chapter 14 of tihe Statutes of
British Columbia, 1W>8, and
amending Acts; and
(lold Mining and Milling Company, Limited, Non-Peisuital Liability.
Belore   Ilis    Honour, P.   E. Wilscn,
Loeal Judge In Clumbers.
Thursday, the 8th. day ot November,
A. 1). 1900
Upon thc application of the Petitioner;—
It is ordered that all parties attend at my chambers, Imperial Bank
Building, Cranbrook, on Monday, the
26uh day ot November, A. 1). l9(Hi,
at the hour of eleven o'clock in the
forenoon for the appointment of a
Linuidator heroin
It is lurther ordered that notice of
this order    be given by two publications in the Cranbiook Herald,
P. E. Wilson,
L. J.
Entered 10th .November, 1906.
Signed, J. F. Armstrong,
District Registrar. 34-2t
Thirty d,,\ - atu \ ,iau- l intend to
appiy iu il.e Chiel Commissioner   ul
l.aii is ami l!-.; ks al \ u 'ou ia lot
permission to cut and carrv awa)
timuer from iht- following described
land... in South Easl  Koo tei a]
Conuueociug at a. p'^t planted on
the r. p. l{ surrey lim . <>:. block No-
1500, neai the nine nnl.- post, foui
a!.-l one half chains iii.in Donovan s
in,.-. Mock 780, group l. thence ".->*
so rhains, thenee north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains.
thence -"ith eighty ohniiiE to point
i>i commi nceniont.
William Carhn, Local..!-.
Dated Nov, 10th, l""ii. 14-8C
Take notice ibat si\ty dajs aftei
date 1 liilend to apply to thc Chiel
Cotntnissiouei ul Lauds ami Works ai
v'ictoria Ioi periui»sio!i Lu purcliose
th.- loilowing described land:* situated
.n South l'-.tst  Kootenay:
Commencing at   the itoulh-cusl col
nei   ol       lol   ..lit.,       ih.-iii'e   uu. Ib     I"
chain*, un I...' ....i mi chaina,   Utenoti
South   lu    Win      Paoll .-.    nuitli      line,
iiit-nif we-ii 80 chains, along Win.
Paoli ■■ -ni,' and the ('i' ai so\ iheru
railwa) irach to polnl "i commence
nn nt, conuiniug ■Ro acres, mote ui
U. ll. MacKay,
Hand at  Elko, It- C, Hi lobei  Jl.
hum, dl-av
Take nutice     Uaat thirty days altei
date ibu Mayook    Lumbei Company,
Limited,      ft lil   appi)    lu   Uu-     Chlel
Commissionei: oi Lands and Works,
under -stciiuii mti vl the,Laud Act,
1N97, and section 4 of lhe Land Acl,
Amendment Acl, IflUa, and section tii
of Ute Land Act Amendment Act,
1908, to have a highway establlslww
acioss Ian-Is at M^ayuok, East Koo-
tenay, held by Robert Robson, undei
pre-emption record No. ull, a pian
of which proposed rood will hu bled
wiih the said Commissioner and with
tho Assistant Commissionei of Lauds
and Woiks al Ciaubruok, and also to
secure a right-of-way for lo^^in^ purposes along Uie said road across lln
said pre-emption, the saitl applicants
tiriii-j; ihe holders i.f special licenses
to cut aul carry awav timber from
lands tu which said road leads.
W. V. (Imd,
Solicitor for Uw Applicants.
Dated .it Cranhrook, fi. C, ihis
mih     dav   of   November,    A.    I).
Take noliee lhat thirty days aflei
date 1 intend to apply tu the Chief
Commissioner ul Lamls and Works foi
a license to cul and carry away Dim
her from the following described lauds
situated in South Eqst Koolenay:
Commencing al ihe south-cast coiner uf A. Cameron's timber license
No. 1603, thenee west eighty chains,
lln nee south eighty chains, iiiicnce
east eighty chains, Uieuce north eighty cbains to tlie point of commencement.
Waller  Fraser.
Dated Nuveinher 5,  11)011.        33-5t
Take notice that thirty days aftei
date 1 lutcnd tu apply io Lha Chiel
Cuiuiiiisaioiiei ul Lands and Works iui
& license lu cut and cart) away Um-
,ici' irom thi; loilowing dcscrined lands
>ituaiod iu South East Kootenay;
Commencing sixty chains east ol
ihc in mile post uu east boundary oi
iol ioil-, ilk-nee east eighty chains,
thence north eighly chains, Uiencu
west eigluy chains, theuce south
eighty chains Lu Uie point of commencement,
W. iliggins.
Dated Neveuiher 5, lUUli. 33-5t
Take notice Lhat thirty days aflei
date 1 Intend to apply lu liie Chiel
Commissioner uf Lands and Wurks ioi
a license to cut and carry away limner Hum lhe (ullowing dcserilKd lands
situated iu Suuih Enst Kuuleiiay:
Commencing twenty chains suuth
of tie 19 mite post un ihe east buun-
dary cf lul No. 4593, Uteuoe suuth
eighty chains, llience easl eighty
ehains, thence noitb eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains lo lhc
puinl of commencement.
Walter Kraser.
Dated November 5, l9uu.      Xi-at
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date f intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands (,11,1
Works at Vieloria for a special license to cul and carry away tlmher
from the following described lands in
South East Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of Dan Haley's
timher license Nu. 1(512, thence north
SO cliains, thence cast IPO chains,
thenoe south 20 chains, thence west
10 cliains, Uience south liO chains and
Uience west 00 cliains tc the plaee ol
II. M. Ross
J. W. Ross. s
Dated this 1st day of Novembqr,
W. F. Gurd, Cranhrook, SollcltM
33-5 f
Notice is hereby given that ' thirty
days after date f intend to al'ply to
the Hon. th.- chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for a special license
to cut and carry away timber from
lhc following dcsctilKd lands,' all' of
which are situate in the district uf
North East Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked
"William W. Laurie's north-west corner post," and planted at the mouth
of the South Fork of the Simson
river Ih-nce eaM 80 chains thence
south 80 chains. thelice west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to the
place of commencement.
William W. Laurie, Loeator.
Located lhe   9th   dav   of   October.
2. Commencing at a post planted
west of and adjoining William W
Laurie's north-west, enrner post of
thp last location and marked "Henrv
Howell's north-east corner post,"
thence west 100 chains, theuce south
40 cbains, thence east 100 cbains.
thence north 10 chains to the place of
Henrv Howell, Loeator,
W. W. Laurie, A^cnt.
Located    the   9th dav ol  October.
S. Commencing at a pos-t planted
160 chains west    ot   Henry"lltwell's
u^tlh-tast tui ,. ,.!,..  oi ia 1    wen planted
uUUDU  njcauuu  attU  uuuai a     ■' a t.... , wctti u|
,i.  i,uuuvi> uui.in-*.a*»i  .....,-,     II •-  t-u.ua'
auubi mjuic ••"   ..-I. ,  ....ui    ■■      1 ' ! ": 1 and marked
..ti Lu.t.io,    tiii.,1..                 .  ........ ..ljI cur*
hUUiM   lujI   00   ti.aii. ,            i..   ,.,., . ii„.i.Js
uu_u_ua.«uaent.                                    V. :*■ ic.ice    suatn
uaiut-a  A.  Lauiu, LucaloL.       ■ chains    to
V.iuia.U   rt.   l.aUi.L,   ..,.■ tti. 	
Luca'...M    we    'J-tU da.,   ti.   imuuu, .   uo ai or,
.juo. til
l.   L'uiuinciiuittj,   a* a post planteu  .
at tn. uigutti ui Uw aiuiftau u,a mUu
ou   tue    taaL   ual.u   ot     IU.    ..1.1  ;    tf^iHX
--    ,        1 ..      ...y .LU
v ■  . - un  liie   vA-t,
... ...     taver -ui
i.W  aiiU iiiaihiti     ualiitj A.  i.au.ic
JUi.i- .teal   tmu-. l    Pu»l,       llieUkU   tu.
j lU.i.1.,-.,    ui, ute uurili  itu i.t.ii..
mmue-ucst  »u   chains, Hi - 1
luu. t n.i ma  iu  LUt- t'iai-1.- o. .,,...... ..        L    j, j
luelll I Ui ;.
J ami.-. .\.  Laui 11, Locator,
..illla.Q   O.   l-aulit,    ..
Located   ih.-   ju. u,i>  ui   uciuiier,
,'1    Commi m m^ at   a posl  |...
about    iu ou-auu   t*a»t   ui Jamw .\
I.....Ill   .-•     Mii:l,|l   .,,-.-..     lllllul     J.,. ,t
.o: a fit numuei lum and uiarki u
"w.iiiaiu ii. i-.t.ij.it .. nuuiu ..t ii iu
uei posi, Linu.t ta.,L .u chaiiu,
iu. 11. >■ 1,... tt. ion iiij.^-, 11., neu '„...
iu tttains, utence so.uU ibu chains .<
ihc  place  ul  CUUIUICttUvlSVIU.
uia.aiii \\, i.AUtiti, Localur,
Locattd   llw   Utb   Ja>  ui   t^'.o....
ti. Commencing at a post piantc-
tony chains tost 01 tiiuiaiu tt
Laurie's bouth-west colnoi pual auu
mnraed "Henry liuwcil s south-west
cuiiK'i post, liifiite uObt iu chaius
tlunce nui Hi iuu thaius, tbence west
■ ii chains, thencu south um unatnii Lu
the place of commencement.
1U10y Howell, Localur.
WUuaiii W. Laurie, Agent.
Located  the   uth uay   ul    uttu'jn,
7. Commencing at a post planted
uiity       cn a its      ea.it      01    Henry
lluwell's auULll - west lulll.t
jnjh.1 01       location nuuioci
six and marked "James A. La . .
south-west turner posi,"  thence easi
lit  cliaius,   thence   noitb   ItiU    cbaiu
ihinco west 40 chains, time ■■ ■ ....
nui cluiius tu the place ui com 11 11 1
in. 111.
James A. Lauiie, Locator,
William W. Laurie, Agent.
Located Uie   llth   day uf    Uctubcr,
8, Commencing at a post planted
forty chnlns east of James A.
Laurie's location number seven and
marked "William W. Laurie's southwest collier posl," theuce east lol'
chains, theuce north 10 chains, iheuc,
west 100 chains, thence south 4U
ehains    to the     place ul commence
William W. Laurie, Locator.
Located   U.e   Ulh dav  of   October,
U. Comment ing at a post planted
100 chains nui lb ol James A
Laurie's south-west comer post oi
lucalion number four and marked
"WUUani W. Laurie's south-west cot*
net post,11 tliencc east 80 chains,
thence north .so cliains, ihence west
Mi chains, theuce souih 80 chains tc
ihc place of commencement,
William W." Laurie, Locator.
Located the KUh da) oi October,
10. Comincncing at a post planted
80 chains norih of William W.
Laurie's s-outh-west coiner post ci
location .No. 9 and marked "Henri
Howell's south west corner post,
Uience east bu chants, thence norlh
Kt>: chains, thence west i0 chains,
theiicu south Su chains to the place
of commencement,
Henry Howell,  Locator.
Wifl I am W. Laurie, Agent.
Located ihe     10th dav of October.
11. Commencing at a po4 planted
80 chains north and 20 chains west bl
Henry Howell's south-west corner
post of location Nu. 10 and marked
■'James A. Laurie's south-west corner post," thence north lou chain*.
Uieuce east 40 chains thrnce souih
160 chains, thence west 40 chains U.
the place of commencement.
James A. Laurie, Locator, '
William   Vi.   Lauiie,   Agent.
Located th*     Huh day of October,
1900. •    "
12. Commencing at a post planted
west of and adjoining James A.
Laurie's south-west coiner post ol
location No. II and marked "William
A. Laurie's soulh-east corner post,"
Llience west 40 chains, thenee north
Uiu chains, thence east 40 chains,
llience south IflO chains to lhe place
jl commencement.
William W. Laurie, Locator.
Located  the  10th d.iv ol   October.
1'3. Commenting' at a post planted
100 chains north and 40 cliains wesl
of .lames A. Laurie's Bouth-west
corner post ol location No. 11 anl
marked '"James A. Laurie's southwest corner post," thence norih 60
crains, thence west 8fl chains, thence
sou lib 80 chains, thence east 80
chains-to the- place of commencement.
James A. Laurie, Loealor,
William W. Laurie. Agent.
Locattd the 10th day ol October,
M. Commencing at a post planted
so chains norlh and 100 chains west
of James A. Laurie's south-west
eornei post 1 ' location No. 13 an'l
marked' "llcmy IloWtll's south-west
ner post," thence easi 80 chains.
theuce ,. nurlh 80 chains. Uunee west
SO chains, thence sooth su ihains to
the place ol commencement,
Henry Howell, Locator,
Utlliam W   Laurie, Agent.
I/ocatiod the   Huh   dav oi October,
15. Commencing at a pnsl planted
JO cluiius north and 20 chains west of
Henry     Howell's    south-west corner
tM 'of location; No. 1! and marked
William W, Lam.ie's souih-west corner, post," thence north 80 chain-,
Uun-e east 80 .chains, thence south
so chains, thence west 80 chains to
ibe place of commencement
William  Vi   Laurie,  Locator.
Located the   10th dav of   October,
16. Commencing at a post planted
SO chains norlh and 40 chains west ol
William W. Laurie's soulh-wesl corner post of location No. 15 and marked "Henty Howell's south-west corner post/' thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 ehains, thence south
80 chains, thenee west 80 chains to
ihe place of commencement.
Heiiiv Howell, Locator,
William W. Laurie, Agent.
LoeaUd   the   loth dav of October,
:.. .
-    tsl
. I:,
. Ian u*d
ta-J I
, .... ^   Ui
-.  nu
1/1 vtujutr,
.  :.    ..
i.   .
■ ..    .
i.    u    .
U ch
•   . ..
.No.   _.   	
tll    .
■■'     ■-... .
..  .:.
::. :...
Loca tod   u<
.  uurth'
t .......j,
..   | ...,-^ oi
..    ...    .,
.. .     - plan ad
... Laurie s
. lucalion
.. ....   Uowcil s
.  uut   cast
.. • ■   chains,
. immence-
.. -
-   ... il er,
•"    :.-..■
oulh -
Nu.    _,
.  .veil's
.. location
■ -     vv.
  •     • .-.;    pCSt,"
:.  .   :.■ e west
10 chain a          viuuis,
lh .. 1..   ; iace oi
Lc -at   I vh Llth   day ui    ictotoer,
25,   1          :. .                    ] Ian ted
J6 1 bail      1 orj Howell'6
h ith .   ation
No.    23    a; W,
La. :. .  post,"
thence ca      . north
160    ....... .  *    . .1    chains,
lh nee south i .        the piace
.......   .   .    Lauri    Locator.
L'i ati 1   the tober,
1906. 33-5t
28    Commencin I  planted
about one .-■ bead   of
Hoker     1 . twenty
chains   not - and  marked
"Wiilian      ■ h-west
corner po it,'" Ui                       .. tins,
1. ..■        ... ...           ice west
■ '"■..  as to
:..-  pi
'.. . . ,.        r.
Loi .'   ;     ., [Octal er,
J planted
.rn ff.
,      :.'    j
1   ; net
■;, •■
. I.    i<j
on 1
Ui n ..      .
.... ■
east     160 ■ u    -iu
!,   n to tbe
plai e
Il.n.;   ,
Loi.... • iber,
Com post  planted
ah ut    fort) -■-.
Howell ■   ol
ion 1 .. i.i-d
'Will ' cor-
pr ] tains,
ih ie ■ . ,1 ' e   south
SO chaii :-- ty
■li- i I ■
Lurie, Locator,
Located I   lav   of October,
i'i    Coi     '■ ' : l Post  planl ■'!
about   lu :! a n n 1      ol   ■' llliam W,
Lain p'a nortl r post ot thfl
location     ! I and marked
"Henry     11   . ;.    : h-west 1 orner
posl." thi-nci I   in     thence
soulh      Bi west    80
chains, th I Ina to the
place of 1' '.
Henri   i I*oc ti r.
Locate,l     lh 12th d t] at Octobet,
30. Commencing al a posl planted
about five 1 hain n ' ol Henry
Howell's  ■ I   corner  post     of
the lasl i, :.■ . ■} '■ ' .:■ d marked "William I urie' m Ih-west
corner posl." thena 1 a fl 160 chains,
thence south 10 chains, thence west
ion chains, thence north 40 chains to
the place of commencement.
William W.  Laurie, Locator.
I.oi'atvd   Ihr   12th  dav  of   October,
1U06. 'd'.timt TIIK   CI'.VXl'.KOOK   HERALD
(By an Kn^lishman 1
Hi* is patting and passing fast aud
HiOn. like the great auk and thv bui
talo, he will be a thing of the past,
except, perhapv foi a snapshot or
two pies-med and treasured hy Mune
old timer. Of course the Knglish oan
is not passing, he will go on •■oniing
west as long as there are green
prairies and pine covered mountains
ior him to set tie and develop, but the
"blooming" E^lfshmon is very neatly a thing of tbe past. We all remember him bank in the eighties
when be tlo tin shed tu all bis glory
in every little settU-iurni in the lands
uf the Canadian west. lie was (
thiUft by biiuscli, nothing -Le wa
cit-i juc uiu. tun ui luauiai pi-
•UdiCJVj ueiicvmg iu nuihiug ilia, uu
uut uncinate in ovud aiu-ci, wilh ,
ijpieiut' cuuieuipl 1,1 L'anauuiis au.
all tbiuga Uial wtie uv. i-.ugn-t,,
-ut a fioud lellow *uh ail, wiiiiui, tu
anare uis Usl dunk ui ainukv with
ilk- uisi ui*n he tuel. iueic weie
buttUieds ot ihem aua the) weie all
alike, Uie) aceuu-d lo be cast iu ihc
same mould, ihey Mini ihe ifuue
Uuu^s, vwti.it as £ iuU* »'eie iut
WQrds i*t wisiioiuj, they v uie lbe
same clothes and all tailed ui lliv
:,aiiie "dear old London." We fcavv
all .-.cei; some typical ease ui a
teudertuoi hingliah yuutb ju>t emancipated iiom aciHroi aud ablaze with
iIuto months' exper.eucv oi LOlidun
music halls. He would tell you wilb
the air ui ., m_u oi forty thai he had
been all ibeiv was tu see in life, Ui.il
be avoided women who were all false,
that he trusted no man. Nevertheless, be was held up uu all sides by
lhe old timer and paid lluuugh thu
nu.se fur everything duriug his lirsi
year. He was lo be seen any da
ilothed in white curd riding bievcht
aud yellow tup bo,At, wiUl Mexican
spurs uu his heels and a Stetson lut
un lus bead and when thus attired he
iu!e enscoustd iu a huge Mexican
saddle, under the comhlued weight oi
which and tlie iidvi the uniou-uiiai<
eayuse sUfc&ciuiJ, he was a sight U
uiahc his mother weep, ou occasion
be would bur*l lur lb as the uutteiii)
irom tin* chrysalis in all ihe glory u>
Suloiuou in large cheesed vests, well
creased trousers, high col ai and Uie
loudest ui ties, this was generally
when the much despised women were
abuut, bui witii'. all ibis gorgecusitcss
he always retained tu crown ihc
cdlilce, u:s Stetson hat ueiug au
article ui faith wilh bim that 11
should be looped up on one side with
a hotscbhoe nail.
He smoked Turkish cigarettes,
When he could gel then:, when he
couldn't he smoked T. & ti. llu
drank brandy and soda and when
there was no ti, _ ti. he tuuk "lull)
rod" and took it straight-
He was quite certain that be could
shoot Hying with a beautiful Bond
street revolver, though he had never
tried and he had a strong belief that
he could sit a bucking broncho,
though his friends did nol share iu
the delusion, As has been said the
species is almost extinct, a stray
specimen may be found here and ulrere
on the prairie and in the mountains,
and it is said that quite a large
herd is still preserved in the neighborhood of High River, Alberta, but
he is passing and in a few years tte
west will no longer know the
"bloom ng''  Knglishman.
You can't saw wood with ft hammer
Ulj   aUU,
.Nui ponsu.     uuu bit- wilb huuc-is,
luu n     uui ion*_ UtfceiVo wiiu   g.ta
tiauiui, my auu,
Nui  pi uu l  Uj   UiiyWUlfc of  rocks.
luu never can rise lu Uiv Ueignis ui
By    puiiing down    others   who've
gained it
By su*ad,ly     working through storm
and through stress—
ihey v« bucklcNi io work, nut   dis-
daiucd it.
Vou can't saw wood wiih a hammer,
my son,
Nor polish a diomuud with bricks:
The world soon tnes oi mete glaiuui,
my sou,
And   punctures    the   sharpest     oi
Vou never con rise by mete envy and
Or growling at those who've   succeeded
By honestly    toiling both early   and
Tis workers,    uot shakers,  that's
You cnu't saw wood wilh a hammer,
my son,
Nor    fasten    bridge  limbers    wilh
The   world   soon shuns   a wind-jammer, my son.
Vou can't bui I to last with    mere
To win you must hustle witb inighl
and with main,
And    give    recompense     for    your
For those who strive hardest deserve
greatest gain-
True     worth  is     the best of   all
You can't saw  wood with ahamtner,
my son,
Nor write for the future in sand;
The    world   asks more   than   mere
clamor, my son-
It's work   of the    brain and     the
So labor away    with a whistle   and
And     scatter   good   ch«?r as you
Don't worrv—the world soon winnows
our ct_£-
Its' the wheat that yon sell to your
(Selected )
oially give
mile though
woo again.
credit without
e man  to
additional local
ilu- pretties! nu
tlh-   least   Wl-.ll
ttli.-u uu.um- ..,
|,nu,—site ...... ni,',
The man who -
measuring it is a
Tlu- tain uuu Is tb,' liu' who We
lus brains all igiuli the outside.
The greatest treasure ol all is thnt
gaimJ altei il»' most strenuous ou-
Tbi' .nan wiih ihe open pocketoor.1.
is not always the man with the open
The cMekci. that keeps us craw lull
is the i>nt' which lingers long around
ill,- granary.
Yuti need imt discharge a gun al a
nun's bead   to    kill him. Mush   lus
pint and death will be as certain.
The "li„„i  in,
Utllk  ,,|i   Ul.'   It',
Constable   Hi
was in town liv
Tin- best Iin*'
ui nli work i.iii   al-
be secured at the Herald oflice.
Wilson was called to Clolden
mil   lelt    oil   till'
01 a ll
your vi'iy acl
lie ean nianulactur
isiest wai i„ n-eat n„. caree
■■ is '" treat   him serlously-
s comedy greater tbo
I ruin.
Mi L'olpinan
spending a lew
To-day there    wa
Alderman Jackson
„! l'i
\, has   hern
own wiili his
talk ahoul
a candidate
I       ..I     lli.lii'lls  mail,'      .,  visit     tO
Haynes las,- lasi Saturday, reluming
Mondaj  morning
llie public wurks I,...,:.1 will Iel llle
tu...tact nn puiut.ua, tn.' lire ta...
II i.uuiol be iiniie Inn soon.
Dr. ll.ui, ul I',,ii Steele, Is m
luwii lius e\euin„ In a.lend ll.e
Kootena) I .'..Uai m.i ting.
James Neill,  i.hu lias nin, in    thu
.Mrs. Katah A. Hudson, aged .',!>
years, died ai ber home above Marysville on .he li.tt, inst ol this month.
,,i cancer ut the lu-ait. The remains weie brought iu Cranbrook by
1 ndertakci lleatly, who forwarded
tli.-m lo Medicine Hat ior burial.
..li. Hodgson anj -Miss Hodgson eo
, ,iiii|,.itiiisl tlie remains. Mis. Hodg-
son has been a sufferer lot sunte time
anl Ini death will lie mourned liy!
many friends in Hie community where
slie iias iin',1 for a uumbe. ol years.
.'. .1. Chrldl,
of pneumonia,
flora   Lennys
lo motion
in   III
nl lh,
The I
■ new
wlm died ,m ibe 20th
will he hurled from
undertaking parlors
1 p.m., mul Rev,
Knglish churcli w ill
nains will he inlet
Church ni IJnglnml
I'OPI'lill lil'IMi  I P.
pilal lui
n.ii in In
When will the wholesale enrnaue
olbloo.1 and lawlessness end andI _S
'.nn tn live and Iel live as the
I ie,.ior meant thai ihey should?
The siieeessiui advertiser looks for
character ol medium and respectalfl-
ny ol presenl men 1 in his advorUslmr
as well as numbers reached.
Ih-spise nol the small man i! ho be
a man. for ih.it Individual knows his
own weaknesses nnil makes suflieienl
provision lo protect himself accordingly.
The weak- limes in a man's career
at,' usually those times when he lis-
tms io the advice of others wh,
know nothing of ihe husiness nr occupation in whieh he is engaged.
lhe trealness of a citv. Hie "leal
ness of a stale the greatness of i
nation is no loftier nor grander thin
lhe condition nf the weakest Individual of merit and woiih who maintains
himsell wiihin its boundaries
Hush mil lo gain the gaudv treasure whuh uk; a vision whin lho
beholder awakes, vanishes, hm rather
hold fast to the never decaying possessions which wilh use and age he
Come brighter ami more valuable an,I
never perish.
-eil il.n
III tnv
l.ll    II
llll'lll s.
.1     II     llni
up im severe
is able In llr .Hon
III   Ills   WOlk
KeuiioUi    Marsh
1,limhei  company.
pasl Week Uns
' .il Hail s null
\ .lanhilialil,
.,, oi hemic, ,
mi legal liiisini'.-
oienaj null ,ii Jaffray
ii in a lew    days
intensive Improve*
. wlm hn
s wiih a
id again
heen laid
bad cold,
iiul attend
llie   h,
lhc   Adolpli
town    this
lunl bel   who i.s con-
pital  wilh a broken
\n expel'
ib-     i'l.iil,
V.I lh   llem/e
nieni in ch
ih< in-.,n
il   is
savs Ih,
is „| doubling
ihe nexl ine
llcled thai ib
' n pound bel.
Kl April.
Hllleele.l    Will.
,i,w   Identified
i the develop
llliinl will he
III,- pill'.' ot
veals,      and
melal    will
re ilu- begin
Till-: I'UiMii.i: riiMi'WY.
'The Fatal Wading" was presented
to a inrge sized house lasl nighl .ii
l.vrir theatre. Calgary, hv lhc
Prlngle r pany. This w ihe company's ihird week- In thai cily, nnl
the, have proved a success as prn.lue-
wesl, has be
un lit- liiiiiln-
past week.
II is less Ihan Hv
lhe municipal clect-i,
has stalled    a lui
buzzing in the bats
prominent citizens.
-hiticry    in,
ten ot Ihis
llie  of    lhe
i iii     the
his smiles
istl'iel  the
months befor
i and this f.u'
f political lice
'I a number     ,
ipher.s    of
•n  second
ihe even!
all given by
ear was a r
say llial lh
eclipse  Ihei
,n.l     ihal   si
Ihis dlstl
lllllllll hall
S   "(  'lillllll
lliis orcaiii-
,-al success.
s year tlley
e'ff'nrt.s    of
ties il, for
Let the heart in you beat as it
should, my friend, do not shorten
your days an.l make yourself n walking skeleton by slUnllirg the Workings
of thai wonderful -ium|i within vou
which is your center of life. Tliere
Is more in life than money; there is
more in I fo than power; ihere is
more in life than getting all you can.
That a man Iwlongs to anv parly
does not make him lit for anv olliee.
The only qualifications are ability and
character. Put a knave, or a" fool,
m ;iny company and he remains a
knave or a fool. The only wav to
judge a man is not by whal he
promises, but by what he does. What
he does is lhe outcome of what he
has done. Kveiy man has a record.
Every man must stand uprin his record.
i     dyspepsia is very c<uila>;-
Church—T *em the "automobile
heart" is the latest.
Crntrtam—Do tho scorchers bave
O, ves.
That's funnr.
Why so'
The srorcJn>rs Iten't act as If they
had any hearts!—E_,
The sboti>st way home is the best
route on pay day.'
Thv beat goes first, but it is remembered  lhc longest.
We get no credit for bearing
crossed, of our owu manufacture.
There is a World of indifference be-
twt«en indolence and rest
Too often we whisper our praises
and megaphone our condemnations.
The girl wbo buys a loicign title
usually buys woe with it.
Some people ate never happy unless
tbey have something lo complain
Tte man who forgets to vote has
no r ght to complain about bad government.
The man who believes he has a
mission will at oni'e throw away his
The more aults a man has the easier it is for him to detect faults in
Men who are in the habit of betting
tats on election usually wear the
small sizes.
The man who waits for recognition
never aecomplishes any Uiing by
which to be remembered.
If some men Would serve their God
as faithfully a^ 'hey serve their party
the world would be a whole lot better and blighter.
Over in Russia they die killing and
maiming in order to secure ihe right
to vote. Over in this country,
when* the rtfch'I lo vole is conceded
to every citizen, a 'argc percentage of
them never Ihink to exercise the
"How did the belief originate ihat
ihe darkest hour is just before
"From Ihe fad, I presume, lhat
men who slay out until that hour
nearly all have difficulty in finding
their way home."— Er.
to send
in a n u-
Contv.ilfiitor—Is it iwcessary
.stamps     when submit/tin;
script for publication?
Editor—The stamps are much more
welcome than the manuscript.—Ex.
Customer—Olve me somelhin]
that'll cure mv corns.
Clerk at Pharmaov—We have got
something that will just si.it yr.u.
Customer—Is it effective?
Clerk—I should sav so. Whv, one
of our civs-tomers hat been using it
with success for the last seventeen
The  teh
will hold
ihis ci till lh. Tli
/ation las
bul the h
last ven
ihey will
Harry McVittie met wnh a painful
acclflen t yes I crdn y whi le return tne;
to camp in Uie Skookniiicliiick country. He had been surveying all day
nml when coming down ;, bill his font
caught <ui a root and he was thrown
headlong. Throwing .u.i his hands
to sa\e himself he fill on the thumb
of Ilis righl hand dislocating it and
tearing open the flesh. Ile drove
sixteen miles lust nighl to llunson's-
aud then into tnwn til:
where he not Hr. King
Injured member the neci
give    Uie
Mun is undoubtedly an animal, but
the superiority of the human anlma
is shown very forcibly when ihc matter ol endurance is taken into con-
siilcratioii. Take, for in-.taiice, the
comparative endurance between i
hare and a num. In a race, say o
tiU ur 7(J miles, the hate would iw. ,
sure winner, hut iis Uie distance he
comes greater Uie hare's chances be
come less. Man'.s running record for
sixty miles is 7 hours and 30 iuiin.it-
a record which a good hi.rse would
heat. Hut when it comes to tUO
miles whal horse could cover it i
Vi hours and M minutes. Even sujl
posing a horse cotibl be found to accomplish this, could one he found who
could tun one hundred and fifty miles
iu 22 hours and 28 minutes?
Charles Howell, of Cambridge, England, tan .,80 miles in 7!t hours and
■III minutes. This feat would take
mote ihan one horse in do, Howell's
feat does not, however, represent the
limit of human endurance alone this
particular line, for, P. Fitzgerald, of
New Vork covered film miles in 10!)
hours nnd 18 niinut-s. and Oeorge
Litt'lowood, of Sheffield, England,
H2.1*J miles in Ml hntns and fv7 minutes, so a hone would noi he in it in
a really long race.
The greatest difficulty In be oi
come in ihe performance of feats of
ibis Lind Is lhe doinz more-or les*
without sleep. In this paiifcular
form of endurance man undoubtedly
holds the record.
In tuns, Capt. Barclay, r.f Ury,
England, ran 1000 miles in inn consecutive hours—1 mile For each separate hour. This was a feat which
only a human being could have accomplish d and remained unequalled
in spile of manv nttempts to perform
it nnl il one William Male, in IR7"
walked 1500 miles in inn hours, each
mile and a half walk In he started at
the commencement of the hour. Nn
lower animal has that endurance or
will power which makes it possible
for man to outstrip much stronger
animals al feats nf lliis kind.
A North-West faruiol died recently
irom blood poisoning io,lowing the
prick of a iust) nail. A tin lack
which tie 11 oil, penetrated a Chicago
boy's toe, and lie died later from
lockjaw. Hulh these deaths could
have been averted if a box of Zaui
Buk had been handy. The air is full
ol poisonous germs and microbes
whuh settle on wounds and—and
what*/ If lefl io go their own way
ihey sel up festering, suppuration ami
'   |iicni,y blood     poison.     If   '/.-aiu
lluli is applied    ihe.se harmful germs
are Killed and  llle wound is heal id
One of llie greatest living chemists
has proved that Zum-Hii'i has more
power to lull harmful microbes
wounds Uiau crude carbolic acid, and
it does ii painlessly. A little /.am-
Buk apnlietl in a cut. a sore, a burn,
prevents the wound from tailing the
wrong him. and speedily heals it.
Mrs. Htighi, id Johnstone; N. B.,
says: "f got my linger poisoned by
a prick frnm a needle, and as it, got
very bad [ applied some old-fashioned
remedied, it continued to get
worse, and I then tried Zam-B'uk,
This both cleaned the wound and
healed it, and soon all trace of the
injury was gone."
In cases of cuts, burns, bruises and
other Injuries Zam-Buk Is the best
"insurance." Tt is equally pood for
eczema, chronic ulceration, ringworm,
scaling sores, abscesses, inOmaed
patches, running sores, bad leq, old
wounds, etc. ' Also for chapped
hands. Of all drugzW* at 50 cents
a box. nr post free from the Zam- «
Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt ol APP1* t0 nenreat C. P
price.    Six boxes for t2.S0. for Imformat.on
ers   ol
comedy  and   drain
will return lor il
only    n
ariing   Saturday,
ll    jll'IV    lll'.l"ll
be seme
c.oo,l    siiuin^    il
.1 d
he slluw.     Don't  1
date,    t
'l.llnttii.il -I'.ill.u
nigh is,
starting Thursdnv,
■rices 7:,c., 50c. an
1 In
loticf  that   thirty
date    I
ntend   to applv   l<
Commissioner of Lands and
,S   lol
■t lieens.
to cut anil carrj'
bei Iron
the lollowlng desc
1., 11.1m
in Souih Kast Ki,
Commencing sixty chains
b and
one hundred and twenty ch. ...
lhe 19 mile post on easi boundary of
lot ih'M, thence east elghly chains,
thonce north eighty chains, thence
west eighty chains, thence south
eighty chains to lhe point of commencement.
Vi. Iliggins,
Dated November fi,  IDOii,       ' 33-51
1 Imve  tin; lines! lol ol'
Wood over put in  lliis
ui.    Any   length,
deliver on   order,
hing in Stoves find
>lil thing tn fix up
llol'XI,  Tlill'   IIATliS   rn
Tickets on sale   Dally, NOV, 24 lo
DEC. :u     .inclusive,   g I to return
wiihin i three months,
Finest equipment, Including standard Pirsit-class Sleeping and Tourist
Oars on all through liains.
Two   Throuh  Express    Trains
R. Agent!
thaaoUdsatiafactioii ul out perfect fitting underwear can't
be tempted t> WeaC  .my   DUt  Knit-to-Pit.    They  know
that money can't bay uudergann nu ih.it art* more carefully made—that lit >•> perfectly- and are so thoroughly
comfortable tor winter wear.
Combination duits
ie pi«
all fab
,il«i lu
lit tin
l.Mlk  I-.
uU'i weight* uml
nr knit nil ni
ankle,   Made i
Ask vuiir i
styles or write i
p. a. lu-x naae, montri ai.
The Cranbrook Herald
Winnipeg Daily Free Press
Just think of it! The Herald is well
known, and so is the Free Press, as the
leading papers in their respective fields.
By reading the two anyone can keep
thoroughly posted on the local news of
the district and the news of Canada and
the rest of the world.
There is One Condition
To take advantage of this extraordinary offer, you must be a new subscriber, with subscription paid; or an
old subscriber with  your subscription
• paid one year in advance.
Limit of Time
This offer will remain open only to
March J, 1907. No subscription
taken after that date for this unprecedented price.
Now is the Time to Act
If you are not a
Herald, subscribe
weekly in British Columbia and the
best daily in Canada for the small sum
of $3.25 a year.
If you are a subscriber of the Herald,
pay your subscription to the Herald one
year in advance and secure the Daily
Free Press for only $1.25 more.
The long winter evenings are here
and this is an opportunity of a life time.
F. E. SIMPSON. Manager Herald
subscriber of the
and   get   the   best


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