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Cranbrook Herald Jul 12, 1906

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Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
«. K. WALKER, Ou klansgir Al IX. LAIRD, Aat o.n'i M.„.,«
A g.n.r.i iLiiikiiii, bu, s. Innurletl.  Accounts muy bl iiecnmi .nJ .undue* bt
man wliu ,u :-iitiiiiu, ut till, Hunk.
I anil ui.wu.-U-> i  cci.eil, nml Interval tallowed at
cure... niit..   ii,u Uepualtur ii aub|eel it delay wlml.
•Vttl- it. lhu ui lnli-i,ii.,i oi mc  wi.ula or uny
pul'lluil  ul   llie   depoilt
Cranlirook Branch,
P. c. MAI.PAS, Manager
4 *
? Capital PalJ Up $3,900,000.01)  Reserved liind $3,000,000.00 l
I D. R. Wilkie. President. Hun. R. Jaflray, Vice.-Presidenl 1
5 *
j Branches in Provinces ol British ColutnMu, Alberta. Sas- *
4 katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec Z
4 *
4 Interest allowed on Savings  accounls FROM DATE OF DE- t
J   POSIT at highest current rates and compounded hall yearly.   J
4 _.
5 J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     jj
S a
%****************************** f********n*tt*****^
Buy Vancouver
Real Estate
Are offering same in payments
of $io pcr month
********************** ^***********44444444444
18 Size, i.s Jewel. Dueber-Harnpden Watches.
Nickle riovements, Open Pace, Jewels in Settings, Patent regulator, fitted in Sll- .£10 00
verine Case.   While  thev  last, each 4>IU.UU
VV.   H.   WILSON   ____[ '""- Optician
Why not celebrate the 12th
bv buying a
f-' J^»
We have other kiiuls, too.
Hardware.          Crnnbrook, B. C.
Many people have trouble in netting their watches
to run and  keep good time.   Our wide experience
has given  us the theoretical and scientific know
lenge which enables us to do the best work that
will give the desired results, namely :  ACCURATE
Uiiiiiiii Wu.nli Inspector, lor U.l'.ll. Orows Ni'm I'nss llivininn
Metlt)r«6.l», June 22.—AHtoUfb
some papers announce tin- rrcction ot
thirty i.i more buildings m Port
Rupert, only one Ktrurtun* in adili-
tio,. lo a uuiiili.-i ol tents nitrL llm
ii-iininiis so lar. True eh-ctrii- ram
nlil lit- running tln-r,- s.mn, bu. roads
iniis-l lirsi. he made toi llit-ui on
iilm-li ... run.
Tree, an- rapHtlv Mug Idled, anl
nli-aiiiip  is  evident.     The  wliart     is
expeotea to be completed m two or
three weeks;, .m.l ih™ the 0. I'. R.,
I ninn anil other i-omjiaiiy st,iaiin-i.i
mil Ih- aide to compete will, thi
liusi lm ami Spray now idd iu lhc
m-.hi* til Ihf llrantl Tr*ik I'acilic
tuiiiilifi party oi Grud Trunk I'ai*
iltr surveyors, ahout fourteen ".
seventeen in all, who arrive! on tin-
('iininsiiii, an* ,.ncanipeil near lhc
pioneer party, but wilh wIkhii tln-y
li.u.- comparatively nn oonwotton.
These ban- oommenced on their preliminary survey inland Irom the
coasl to the inlerior ot the Rockies.
A code of signals have been i-siab-
lislml between Metlakahlla and
IIiiiIri' ramp, Kalm Island, ami Hag
messages 0011 now lip sent lo auii
liuin Kaii'ii Island.
The steamer Tees, which arrived
from Ihf north Tuesday brings news
nl greal activity arounil Kaien
lsluiut. The 11. 0. Tie St Timber
company's nfw mill has lieen coiu-
plflcil, ami will Iron, now on be
turning out ties lor railway construction. A new wharf lor thc
(irand Trunk Pacific Raiiwav company is about finished, and on thf
nfst rail whirh Ihp steamer Amur
wrtl make al the Kairn island port
she will berth at |(. The wharf is
built in Ihe shape of a T., and has a
Ironlagf of 150 ti-i-t. It has a ,,h«i
for Iifight, bul though a somewhat
pretentious fnoHrrg structure in
point nl size is only intended, it is
said, tor temporary use. Along Ihe
waterfront surveyors arc hus.lv employed marking out the various
channels leading inlo the pnrl, anil
on every hand Indications pnint to
greater things in the near luture.
Vancouver, July f..-Very nearly
Mon.lKtO will he the toial revenue de-
rived by lhe provincial governmenl
from the operation ol its timber de-
|>ai.nifiil during the fiscal vrar which
ended on .lune .10.
All rrrords lor collections on ac-
count nl Houses and royalties were
broken during the fiscal vear just
ended, and lhe lumbering industry appears to be on ihe eve iif still greater
expansion, A conservative propheev
made to-dav is thai the fiscal yeai*
ol lUflfi-mn- will show a revenue
Irom the timber department ol not
less than Si-It,(HIO.
The month of June was lhe banner
mouih fnr collections since the days
when ihe province firsl commenced
selling limber licenses. Approximately SHMi.fliM. was received in
payment of licenses alone durmg that
month. That amount is over five
times greater than the total collections made the fust year the government commenced lo derive revenue
liuin ilie sale ol rts timber.
Tlie revenue fiom timlier during the
fiscal year 1904-1 BOS amounted to
1112,000 in round numbers, while
collections fi'i Hu- calendar year eml-
Ing December 31 last, totalled nearly
Tlif nin.il.er nt licenses taken out
lm timber is steadily Increasing. The
amount paid in royalties is not Increasing in pfoportlon lo lhe number
nl licenses granted, which goes to
slniiv Ihal tlmher held under license
is not being lakcti up for tlw puipose
nl  immediate use.
Jiflin Mi-Kane, formerly one of llu*
well   known    dtltens    ol RossIum]
and ill.* man whose hunt u.ts broken
bv 'Ilig Bill" ilallitn*! in ib,. iiimii,,.
mn flectinn ill imm when .lulu w.m
badly doteaited, has m.i snothe. re
v..is«. He ii.is iw-it, relieved ..1 the
management nl Charles M s.n.i.it.
int.-iests in Un* Nevoid
|    McKam U-il Kossland m 1008, ,,i, I
| shiillly altei th.it he .isli.hi.Ji.il ... ,■
who knew hun best In- inducing
Siliwali iii make lum Ins rjfhl hand
na,, in Nevada. Now McKane Ins
been lliiust imn ,l,i,ki„-.s agiuii. .'ii.i
III his   plate     Selnvitlt     has elei.tl.tl
l.i.mai.1 OHHcs, m-ii known in ihe
weal aimmg mining men
ll is believed in Wall street thai
MiKain* was responsible fm the sensational laliiutinii placed nn Ton.'
pah Extension property, nl vtileli
much has lifs-n l,f,-,rd. Six mnnili-
ago litis stoek was si-lliim lm (II
ami lh,- olher dm il louel.nl llle Inn
record ol J3.8I. McKnne likewise
flid mil fuiliiisf ilu- purchase of prop-
city adjoining Hie Tonopah Exlcti
sion, which, as developments have
demonstrated, would liave li'isn ol
considerable value in Stimuli. M
Kane is also allfgisl to have liivn i
[null tin* nol let-ling Schwab nl.toii
control <>[ Hn- .lunilin at floldllHil.
<ai0OOOOO004>44i^^.^M + * i ■£■<« *$-e^«<M; t"t<$t t * t -:4¥i <•>*
.f ilu-
i Fri-
Henley-on-Thames, .Inly I.—In the
sviiiiliii.il loi thv juand ehallenge cup
lo-day, Trinity hall, .'auitiriU^, bear
Hn- Argonauts U'aiiada) by half a.
length,     Tune, 7 niiuiitt's, i) swomis.
Tlir Club Nauliqiie de OaME tU**l-
Kfuip) boat Third Tiiniiy, Canmtwge.
by (wo lt-ni;ili.s Tinit', 7 minutes, i
secoiuls. The Belgians and Trinity
Ilnii will thus rouifst in ihc tinal lot
Hie (Irantt Challenge CUp to-morrow.
Thi' At^is-Trinitv Hall rat* was a
magnlflceni one.    Kor n»* first ^r-
tt'i ol a mile the nnses of tbe two
boats wore level. Trinity IlaH then
wlowly       (orged     io    the    Iroab.
Half lhe tlis-taiice was reaeheil
111        'd ItlilHltl'S, 2ff     swoiwls.
Tliv Canadians       th.-n       were
Imidly a quarter of a length in the
rear and making desperate efforts to
overhaul lheir opponents, hut the repeated spin Is of the visitors proved
unavailing. The Trinily Hall erew
always responded with a flight qiiiek-
lifting of hheir stroke, and held thu
bad to the end ailer one of the best
laevs ever  witnessed  at  Henley.
Tanilionie Miner:—John I.eask, D.
A. Melhuiald, C 11. McDona-d, and
John McDonald, all ol Cranbrook,
were in this wwk looking over the
Mabel mineral elaim on Goat mountain. Mr. Leask owns an interest
iu Uie elaim and brought the other
gtnt'leim-n to examine the property
prior to entering into negotiations
wilh tlh'in for the sale of it. Messrs.
McDonald are well ph-awd with the
Mabel as far as they have seen it,
ami it is likely that they will take
it over from Ute present owners.
Mr. Leask is an enthusiastic believer in the brilliant future that is
in store for the Camborne camp, and
stated that if this di*al materialized
he would devote the proceeds in
developing the Big Showing, also
situated on Goat mountain, olni hs
wotifcd be -quite justified in doing so
as he felt that, that property, with
its massive showing ot silver-lead
galena, was deFrtined to he one of
ihe Wggest mines of the camp. Mr.
Leask has bVen Interested in mining
for many vears and he h well Informed on the subject, and *ln view
of this (act bis opinion in worthy ol
Kernie, .luly 7.—Tho fune
lale Duncan McKay who dli
day after a two days' in
place at 1 o'clock Sunday
from the undertaking parlors uf Scott
A Koss, tn tlie Kernie cemetery, am
was laregely attended bv th,- friend.'
of the deceased. Rev, Mr. Grntlt
of ihe Presbyterian church officiated.
Rev. K, P. Klewi'llyn. rcotor ol
the Anglican church. CranhrnOk very
acceptably occuiiiul ihe pulpit at
both services in Christ church yesterday.
The Fernie football team was defeated in a game played al Coal
Creel, on Saturday evening, ilu
score being Coal creek, 'd;  Fernie.  1.
The league football game hptweeii
Michel and Coleman, which was ida.v-
ed on the grounds of the former
club, resultwl In a tie. Scon*, Michel. 1; Coleman, I.
A garden party and ice cream social will he elven un the 'beautiful
grounds surrounding the home uf II.
W. Herchmer, on Tuesday evtning
J.liv 21, the proceeds nf which will
he donated to tht* Unman Catholic
This hot weather is enough to drive one trom town to some nice, cool, inviting
spot along the shores of one ol' th: many beautiful lakes or rivers of Easl
Kootenay. > ** j* „* Every one that cai. possibly get away ior a day,
week   or   month   should,   by   all   means,  lake  advantage of  the opportunity
P. R.
Following is a despatch appearing
in a recent issue of the Ntttialftui
lleraild, ah a upecial dt'spulub fiom
Vancouver: It s ropOTted on whal
seems good authority ihai Manager
Roberts of the Fraser River company, has secured an agreement and
the contracts are being prepared foi
signature, for olearlne a large section of laml along the K. & N. railway line. The Contracts are said to
Include a tract near Ladysiiiilh ol
between two and three thousand
acres, some lauds lying between Lady-
s-inith and Nanalmo, awl large tracts
lying north ol the proposed exiensloti
of ihe V,. A N. lines to Cumberland,
lu connection    with this large development scheme said  to cover 60,-
imhi acres of laud iu all,  ilu
l«' wurk done on Nanalmo
the way of    securing very
power, toi what purposes Is
made public
t  yet
tutawa, .luly 10.—Prorogation Is
expected on Thursday. Hon, Mr.
Oliver will leave for England, .is soon
as parliament conclules ils work, in
order to reorganise tlw lm
.service llieie. A numbei i
are to Ik* made. Among 1
said to be lhe ousting ol
Among Lhe positions for lu
received by the governmenl
from a labor organization
em Alberta,
lirst is
'i est on.
.as   one
CRANBROOK    WILL     GO   "N     A
Cranhrook people believe in
things right when tiiey do It.
a considerable inlerest has
aroused over tlie coming gni
lacrosse between Cranhroo
Lelhbrldge to be played al
bridge next Monday. A few
ago someone carelessly suggest'
a special passenger train he
for the l rip. That settled
took   600 big iron   dollar
IP     of
1 lhat-
the deal with the C. P. R. 1ml llial
was raised within u very shorl time.
The train was ordered and everything
is arranged for one uf the most popular excursions thai has ever been
given in the history of Cranbrook,
The train will consist of two sleepers
and' a baggage car and will leave
Cranbrook station promptly at
10.:ift Sundav evening. Thc committee, consislihu of R. E. Reattie. W.
T. Reid, W. II. Wilson, Dr. Bell,
Rev. Westman and K, E, Simpson,
have the plans of the sleepers and
will endeavor to have lhe I ickel s
ready by Saturday so thai those who
have paid their money can secure
Ihe tickets ami berth accommodations, Those who have not yet arranged for tickets should sec W. T.
Reid at once so as not tn miss a
berth. The train will reach Lethbridge Mondav morning and leave
there at 8 o'clock that evening, so
that those going will only miss one
dav from business. Handsome
badges have been printed and will be
worn by those going. Conductor
Cavin will have charge of lhc train
ami Engineer Edwards will hold the
throttle. District Passenger Agent
Carter has promised to come over -.
from Nelson and join the crowd if he | that place
can possibly get awav. A number
will come in from the surrounding
towns and take in the trip
fare for    the  round   trip
and take life easy, catch a few nice
and let yourself know that life is real
There is no such word as " cant."
would have to leave your work or
u An ounce of prevention is worth a
try it.  .* *i* ti*  We   can   supply   you
fish, locate a mine or timber
iy worth living. ,< fc* " Cant go;
ti* .< jr. Should you get sick you
business. The old saying is that
pound of cure/' so you had better
wiih a TENT,   BEDDING,
Our Goods are
tr.-v jr-fty
Vancouver, .inly *!.—Wnlii'i* I-lulch-
iii-iou, fonnt'ilv tt'llot* i:i tlio L'liiuii
Hunk ai Dillsiniiy, Alia., ivas liihoii
hack in iimi piatt- lo-flay iiy a
Uiiiinii-il Police nlliirr, who arrived
msi evening lo lalie him In ehargo.
H Is underHlood that he Ireely u.l-
,niih tlie llieli ut a sum ol money
iiuiii lli.' hank. Thu spi-dlk- charge
s lital In- took $81)11, hut il is 1,1 nli.J
.hal his shorlase. will run up to   a
  between $1,1100 anil S5.fi.HJ.   Tlm
young ninn. it appears, took a small!
amount al Ursl anil was alili- to pay
hack, so hi- later snut.hnl all Iimi
monev lie could lav hands mi and mi
lhe last day ol last yrar lelt lor
puns unknown.
lliiirliinsnii savs llial alter visiting
ilHTcrei.l iilaccs In tho vicinity on
Vancouver lie went lo San Francisco.
He savs Uial there lie was held ii|)
ami a lai-ge part nl llle money he!
carried was taken away Iron. him.
He then cauit* north lo Vancouver,
und has lately li*-in wink n-r as a
clerk in a local wholesale house. Ho|
has IhKii |iast.ln-g iiere uuiier tile nauiei
ul llml
Hutchinson offered nn oh|cction today In lifinn laken hack In Calgary,
lie was airesttsl here liy lleleetives
Scott and Preston. Tili-i* rccogni7.ed
him nn ilu- street as bearing Ihe lea-
lini-s slinwu in a lilintniiriipli sent mil j
liy tin- ninuiiiid polico.
SENATE WII.l. PASS llll.l..
Weddings and Cut
i Glass
Wc Iiavc the finest display ot
the finest cut glass ever
shown in  the  Kootenays jl .*
Ottawa, -Inly lU.-Thc senate wi
put through The Sunday Uhscrvan*
hill  this session.      It  was taken   u
•oiilliliUee this liioining ami will lie
adoplol. alihnugh  there aie likely  to
he considerable   amendment b.      ' lne
of    the   ameiidmtnis     will     he   iu
rengtlien   the   clause   plvilig power
i  the  legislatine.s     of   lhe ilirt.-nni
nvinees tn ileal with siuli uuest imis
. come under their jurisdiction   at-
it ini; Sunday ohservanee.
Senator Boslock saiil t-liat lie
sonic amendments to olVer to    -si
laUses, hut as they could imi
passiid he Would imt detain lhc li"
by movtiw them. An amewlin
was adopted permitting "ears"
well as trains io reach tlieir des!
lion. This will proven! oara In
left ud at    divisional    points wl
rains are hrnkm  up.        The  Wei
Lord's  Hay"  have hem changed
Victoria, July 10.—Fred Peters, K.I
C, has l>een appointed by the provincial government lo hold au enquiry into ibe alleged crooked work
in connection wiih the lease of certain water front lots on Victoria
harbor to Messrs. Pemdray A Vo.
berths both nights, is only $10.
Pernio, July 9,—Word has lieen   re-
ceiviil that lhe men have gone oul mi!
strike at the Lundbreck mines.   Tht y j
claim the ventilation in lhe mines at,
is haul,    and the safely
lamps'in use faulty.    Several miners
nave Ween seriously burned during Uio
the; last few weeks and on that account
■iudingj the men   decline to    go to work till
The Board Companies claim that though they do'
charge higher rales, the/ give mare protection.   Con-
pare these ligurei, co it piled by the Superintendent ol
Insurance appointed by th: Government   -  >•* Jt  >
The rale ol assets per cent,
ol amount ol insurance in
lorce ol the companies we
represent   is   as   lolhws:
Anglo-American    • $l.6l
Equity  1.17
London Mutual .    . .80
Montreal, Canada . 1.46
Ottawa     .... 1.61
Those of the two in ist prominent ol Canadian Board
Companies iwho, by the
way, were badly hit in the
San Francisco disaster i aret
British American . .olc
Western 83:
These figures are taken from the Government Blue
Book and not compiled by us. Why do you pay
these high rates and where does the extra money go to?
Real Estate and Insurance
1 litis is remedied.
'•■ U.-f. TIIE   CIJAMU.'OOK    HXRAin
,? >_h)».».mw»w»il
Outing Suits
l-'jr   the  summer  lui me anil
summer   resort—for   seashore
mountains—there is nothing like
Reform Outing Suits lur coolness und
solid comfort.
IRISH   1 li) M is I'L NS.
ji.hr as a feai her"—elegant, stylish,
faultless fittini    and COOL.
Growth and Dcv-
elopement of
British Col
' *«••»*• _-w»«-c-£-::-»s»fr»fr»c IP
il in  ul sentiment   Brill '1 iiumtitiition, the iitinost fr.-e-
I11 officials, lui- ,l'"" ""'I iHniiftion are guaranteed,
and 1 In. people "sii every ni,,n undei
bis vine and uinler lu< lie-tin- and
111 li.ill Wake them aii.uil "
a notice a
bigs to notify tlin rosiilunlaV.. 13 ist Koototmy llinl lie hits
al.l.-l 11 MINERAL WATER FACTORY lo his estnb.
lialinu'iit iiiui would cordially 9 'linil nny'resident or traveler .-ill ur hi'iiiI For 11 Biimpl l'i' (particularly li.v the
ti*,ili*i nml (jniimiilous liis *4 '"I- -;i 1 >. -i-i. >.- i" nny in tlu'ilis-
trii-i.   Tui* p.iiiiii* nro mspticlfully roiiiiiistnil 1.
8,*uii|ili. tin- nooils ni lln* fm-li.ry.
■U————————»* • «H«H«M9MMMMMf
.lillllll „f
uh tuul
Hotel s S
liuesis Comfort a Specially
Uuuil Sublinn In Conneclioa
Nearest to railroad mid depot,    Hun arrow limit.-
lions lor the public uneijunlled In Cranbrook,
Hoi and Culd Halhs
Hoggarth & Rollins j
 Proprietors       i
,|.|.|.|..|..|..|..|-|..|.|..H--|^tl llll 1 I I I I 11 H I l-l-l-l
js! The Cosmopolitan iii!
The   place   where   a +;•
man will return after J;
stopping once.
■HI I I MM !• M I I* I* I-1 I I I I •■!■ I I I I I I I -I I I 1*1 I- I-M-W--H-I-.
Robinson-McKen/ie Lumber Co., Lid.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
By D. VV. Iliggins.
In a special publication such as i:
herein presented to thousands of read-  in full
era En the province ol British Colum-     '
hut and throughout the globe, articles
and essays upon various tonics must
lie necessarily briel ami to the point.
Room for lofty flights of imagination
or poetic picturing of nt cresting incidents cannot hr found,    All thai an
in'    provided   aif brief  refertnees io
historic I'Vi'uis which, stripped nf nil
Coloring,      may    Im- nf interest      ,iinl
v,ilut' tii readers, ami serve as a step
ping-stone for fuiure Investigations
Into Un' history nf this mosl In loi
est ing section of His Majesty's doiti
in ions.
Passing nvcr, therefore, Mie period
of early discovery, extending   down
to tin- coming of Uh- Hudson's   Uaj
company in the closing years of  tlte
eighteenth century, and omitting   tin.
record of iis operations, we pass nt  mmi.
once Ui ilu- nue beginning of u'.ie history nf this province, th.' finding   ol
gold in the Hands ut ihe Flayer rivet
in IK'iT, Imt fm    which happy   event
the great corporation named   might
have remained monarehs of all they
surveyed    west  of the Rocky   Mountains to this very day.     The finding
nf sold drew a vast crowd of fortune-
hunters to   the new     fields.     More
than twenty thousand miners ascended the Fraser to Thompson river   in
ihe    summer of     1868,     Thousands
were disappointed and left  Mie country in the fail,       The few hundred
who remained struggled on. hoping lo
Hnd    richer   deposits further Inland.
These were   rewarded hy finding unl
uncovering the   vast   wealth of Cai
hon with ils rich creeks.    There w
a great inllux of people to ('aiibon
IRii2.    They came from all quarters
of llie globe and many a'l'asseil large
fortunes in a   few   months and    lefl
wilh  lheir     wealth  for  their    own
lands,     Three years before Hie   rush
to Cariboo (in 1-850) Ihe colony    of
New    Caledonia   was abolished     hy
royal    proclamation,     lhe   Hudson's
Hay   company's   rule was exchanged
for a crown government system   and
the colony of Hrilish Columbia   was1
created in ils stead.    The colonv   of
Vancouver Island
I    '  . ■ on, but
i '■ provj
'    *   _
•■■     .      " .....,.:'
■ -
.**,-. .         Kg!
■> ....nie  use of ihese memor
able and patriotic words:
"1 hope that this new colony oil
Uie I'acilic may be but one step in
the career of steady progress hy
which my Dominion in North America may he ultimately peopled, in an
unbroken chain from the Atlantic
to the I'acilic', by loyal and industrious people."
In 181)4 the colonies were separated
politically, and for thc Hist time
each enjoyed a governor and a civil
list. In 18U6 the colony of Hrilish
Columbia and Vancouver were united
under one governor and one civil
list.- Hard times had come upon thu
Pacific colonics and tiie utmost economy became necessary in the admin-
IstraiWon of public affairs. In l«i;7
the Canadian Confederation was
formed. Tbe agitation for confeder
alion had 'begun some years before ii
the Cauadat. and the writer liad thi
honor of warmly espousing thy
.iib.-me and Mtggcsliug in lbe Victoria Chronicle as early us ltfu.j that
after the colonies should be united
Urltlsh Columbia and Vancouver island might apply to be admit/ted lo
the uuiuu. This advice was fullowed
hy llie pupular seiiliiiiejii uf tlie day
Uie goveriiniuUl in lhe year UUUJ wa
dead-set agajnsi the scheme, The
ollieials were highly slaried and
naturally wantid to retain their pus-
nioiis. A change uf government
mude a change ot residence necessary
for I'lh'in, and many had furmed lies
'ii the colonies thai they did nol wish
lu have severed. Governor -Seymour, whu after the union of UrltisU
Culumhia and Vancouver Inland bait
been made governor uf the t nllod
Colonies, was strongly opposed io
the I'acilic coast entering confederation. .Some ui liis despatches, still
extant, are marvels ot absurdity and
the arguments are almost childish,
in Itiii!. a legislative council was
summoned, u majority uf Mc members being appointive. Resolutions
moved hy the popular members
were voted down hy the official
majority, aui|     the     country,  which
nl. ;, compel
had taken plac. 'I
nig heen guaranteed pi-n ,.uu.., wero
iu fa^ii of confederating with fan
ada. Resolutions wen- passed .in.i
de|t%_ie> appointed ai"l svm t,, L>l
tdwa, where terms were arranged,
ihe cbni clause being a stipulation
ihat a railway to conned 'lie seaboard of the' Pacific with tlm seaboard of the AMlntic should be buill
within      ten years     li.-m  ilu- date ul
confederation, 'lhe colony became ,i
province of 'he Dominion un the 31st
July, 1871, and responsible government having been assured with mn
Federation that system has since been
ie  years  after
progress was i
iv     lumi  ami
hut litir
people v
meni uf our grea
was    slow   .tml   in
miners weic In a
successful,    .md
weal ill was hut li
ade.       The
the develop
i natural resources
certain.  Our    gold
great  measure un
om sea and Umbci
ttie understood 0nd,
i  appreciated     No
Feinie Ledger:—Tbe tW0 fire brigades, one from Cranbrook, the oiilier
from Movie deserve great credit for
llu* public spirit displayed in cumin.-;
so far in lend lheir aid to the Kaglcs
of Kernie iu iheir endeavor to stimulate an enthusiasm into llie fire service generally, and it w.is unfortunate Uial 'heie was nut a Feinie
brigade ready to compete for the
honor of the contest. Captain Kink,
Of lln- Cranbrook brigade, nml Cap-
lain ti. 0, Kaiiiio, oi the Moyie buys
aie  Iwo fellows  it   Would  he bald   to
Telephone 57 HAKKIS BEOS.
Telephone 57
lideucc   in   lluliii-    soil   fm agrii
id lbe h.-iils ,,f rattle llial
ngeil iin- Inland empire were
few in number and unsatisfactory   in
qua-lily,      Capital, the     mosl  timid
thing in     Uu-   wm hi.  was tvi.u ^. nn
urlil' b.i iis profitable employ men I he
ui.; iu evidence ami public confidence
was ai a ver) low ebb.     In 1885 Ihr
Canadian    I'aclfic, railway was completed to  Ituii.iiil  InIel  iml   fni  sev
ernl years     Hi.- -..isi   benefils    thai
were destined  to (low  from Ms   nui
-.iiucti.in  were not   realized.     Orad
nptaitis ninl theii beams as a
a  models  of discipline    and
Sellleis came in stowlj
development ol the sea, agricultural,
timber and mineral possibilities be
-an to liave a stlmulaUng lufluenci
lasses. Previous to tins lasl
Vancoiivei Island coal had come inio
general use on lhe coast. The em-
jilovnit'iii of electricity as an Illuminating   and traction     agenl, tf ghl
copper into demand, and stimulated
pnispectin-j,. Ii was ascertained
lhat in the bosom of lhe Koolenay
and Yah' hills, tbe Uowo Sound
group, and on Vancouver island there
■•xist large deposits of copper ore.
Then ibe world awoke tu a realization of lh;' fact that our lish and coal
were the best that were marketed
N'.'M.      tin'     depletion of tll' forest:
east of the mountains created an un
expected demand fot British Colum
bin limber and Wood products, al au
idvance on previous prices, Tin
immigration of thousands nf \mcri-
ean, Canadian ami English farmers
lo lh." vast wheat lands of lb,* Norlli-
west created n steady demand for
fruit which cannol be grown in that
hyperborean region, and latterly our
interior binds have come inio demand for hort'iciillural purposes. I,.i,nl
lhat sold a few years ago at frum
$1 lu $") an acre imw readily brings
from $60 10 JlflO, Hundreds nf men
who held considerable acreage in ihi
beal   -,
i-llli lency.
Last year these two teams met in
friend!) conlesl at Ute Labor Pay
celebration In Cranbrook, when bhe
Crnnbrookers made a record nf 86
and .1 traction seconds In miming loo
yards to Un- It yd ran I und ih< n Ml
ni,is further with the Itose and Imv-
.ng the watei Hying 111 thai slurb
'ibe Moyie buys weic n oloso
second and lasi Alonday al Moyie ihe
same two teams ag.nu mel in friendly spitn iun Lint- more ihc Cranbrook hoys were the \ieetnis. yesterday's contest Was worth tu Feinie all the cost uf ibe whole carnival
11 it has put life into the Kennel
boys. Wc hope lu sir a Fernie
team in all ihese contests next year.
The city and the business peuple
sliuillil render all encouragement tu
Uie most practical sporting contests,
appealing as ii d.i-s io the best instincts of thoso wbo spend their time
in making themselves pro fi el en I in ibe
art uf lire fighting, which is much
more an absolute necessity than    a
>> MEAT       °
Tl.ore Is no doubl tlinl Cn.iil.rooli i pie like »oml nuiit.   II i
ilu/.i-iin ill liiilii-M Buying i-vi'i v .Iny in lliolr I, ».'.,.Ih, " Why iliin'l vnu it"
ll.inii- llm-.'"ninl ,1,,-v iii,.'n.iiiiiiB.   Wi. handle tlie boatmuwij II
 i.iii.   S| inl i'n,,-- r„i ■...-, umi Mill,, lum.
Our liiii;lisli Cured ll.-ims
a ml Boneless Corned Iti-.-i huve gained a reputation second to none.
I'i-iiiui imn.]...... \ .in
liiilili* nml -lii>l ulli'iili.iii Imiii
tiii-is imv
'lines in*
i-niiiiiivl -
Villi- anil
|. sh'h Inud value
■ tliey run ennui
lliousniiils ivlii'ii'
llll* llll
*ir fiii-
■l ilu* Iirisiuii.s latin
yesterday was ,is follows:
nbrook-,I. I'. Fink, .1. lt. Mai
Wm. Harris, Vi. Burton, Tlmiii-
1*'.   ]\li*C.iiiii-ll,     .laiiii'i
llogers, James    linn lun, Win.   Ho!
ini,     Frank De7.nH, ami Win. Uay
uuuil a spare man.
Ainii.—K. o. Kaiiun, !>. .1. Elmer
I. Walsh, J. Mil.'ailaml, A. .1. Han
iliiratid,     S.    WiiriiiiiiKiiin,     fliiuai
Trainer, 1,.  Allen,  I*:.  A. llill.    mu
iv. .1. Fclton.
Holh  loams     were tiro
llliinl    -'      '
,    ■ ii ii
Has iust discharged her cargo at our.
warehouse   which
consists of Portland
cement, Iron pipe and fittings, putty and glass, oils and
paint, in fact anything to be found in a first-class hard
t/are store!
ricCallum & Company
. a-i was
liv and
. ' ..,, .ie sliall sen,I Iticin
fish and lumher nnd many
art Icles uf local manufnei ore, I lie
hurt haul" en ihliog ns in com-
pele successfully with eastern manufacturers for lhe N'urMiwest trade,
and we shall provide <;ites for elevators and mills where lbe wheat mav
be made into flour and safe harbors
fnr shipping thai will carry the flour
iway. Onr mild and equaWIe climate
ultracts ami holds ibe Xuribwestern
er who comes lo lliis glorious land in
search of an unrivalled location for a
homes I cad. where all Ibe facilities
and advantages of older communities
may In- miuved, without ihe disadvantages that come from n winter
that lasts seven inonihs in each
'I'he mining Industry has received a
greal fillip in the Interior of late by
the erection nf smellers and refineries
al accessible poinls. where lhe ores
of Kootenay, Yale and Houndary districts nie smelted and sent away to
be converted inlo arlieles useful in
commerce and tbe arts. Along lhe
coasts of Vancouver Island an.i lbe
mainland niaiiy promising proper I ies
are being laid bare and worked, and
in Ibe seel op Hint will he traversed
by the Orand Trunk Paeilie railway
coal, gold, copper nnd silver ledtcei
have been discovered,     Tbe pntrnnci
of the liuggt nheiins, Hie world':
greatest smelter men, inlo llie pinv
ince, menns much fnr lhe future of
the milling industry, nnd lhe presenci
of Mr. lielnzo's * explorers in tin
Windy .Arm and Tuiiomiah sections is
strong evidince lhal ihe capital;
nf opinion ihal there aie many things
wnrtirionking after within the Ci
Hues of ibis favored province, Acre
fnr acre, them is not anofhpr country on the Fare of lhe p;lnhe so 'b''1
in all lhe lesourees lhat go to make
a nation wealthy and powerful ns
Ihis. The older provinces nijv nol
h'e mentioned in tbe same brenth
wlih Iiriti-b Columbia. Tlwir resources being limited and Hidr climate rigorous ibe growth bus been
anl will be necessarily slow; while
the I'acilic province, which ciu provide homes nnd employment aud
proflfahle fields of investment for n
, npuliit i,ii nf millions, is progressing
with a rapidity that surpluses even
ihe must ardent' prophets of ils brilliant future,
Our edm-alioiial fnclHHefl nre unsurpassed hv the older provinces, mil
the opportunities for lhe (mining nf
lhe vounit ;ue Within lln- rencli of all
who seek Ihem.
.      .. .. Cattle raising bas beenme one    of
wa.s largely iu favor of confederation the mosl mportnni indtislrles, nnd
with Canada became discoiit. uicd. Vnsl herds now cover Uie biMs nnd
In the midst of the hubbub Governor! valleys of (he mafnlnnd. The nut-
Seymour died quite suddenly. lie. look is mosl favorable und cncotirng-
was succeeded by Governor Mus- ,ng. No province in Uie Dominion
grave, who brought Instructions to'is makin" more solid and greater
facilitate confederal ion. Prior to! progress than British Columbia, inlo
the arrival of Mr. Musgrave, Captain which capital is flowing in a si cart v
Philip Hankln,   R.N., had luvn sent  sti^m 'nr investment in mines   and
king    i
ral     ti
for Hi
• V'"g in
be run
■    <t    the
•I cur-
r was
.- mi.i    thc
Interest     in this
large crowds   of
he street on both
out as colonial secretary by the official olliee and bad only been sworn
in as such a few days before Governor Seymour's demise. In 1N70
writs were issued for another general
election. A majority of the members were officials as before; bul,
strange to say, during the interval
that had elapsed between the meet
Industries nf various description!
Compared with the more advanced
development of California, Oregon
^n:l Washington territory, British
Columbia is nnlv in her infancy; hut
that a brilliant future awaits us
ni!iv be safely prcd'eted, With a
climate that is mild and genial, a
set-Wed population and a form of
ing of the former and the |ater coun- ernment    that    is a counterpart the
or them imh-ls.
contest had drawi
people whu lined
sides and filled every window from
ivhlch a view of the run could he
liad, Every balcony from the Na-
panee to the lower end of the course
held its load of animated humanity,
eager to see the .sport and to applaud the victors. Victoria avenue
never presented so UVely a scene or
had so many people massed upon it
as was congregated yesterday al
half past, live o'clock. Dr. Higglns
acted as starter, and it was ft fine
sight to see the Craubrook boys
stripped like so many fuot racers,
which tliey were wilb every muscle
set, every nerve at a tingle awaiting
ihe crack of a pistol which .sent them
away like "llie wind. The start was
so quick, every man springing forward like a thoroughbred, that almost at the first leap the hose man
lusl his hold of lbe coupling and as
ihey ran down the street at a ten
second gait the hose was caught by
the rubber tire of I be cart wheel and
ihiugs got mixed in such a way as
lo bring down one of the gallant
racers, and the cart flew by tbe
Ii yd rani without being able to make
the connection This very unfortunate accident lost this gallant team
the race and everybody including
iheir plucky antagonists, thc Moyie
boys, were sorry for them. The
Muyie learn then lined un and presented lhe same beautiful sight of
eager, well trained racing machines
wiili taut nerves and corded muscles
crouching like so many tigers ready
io leap tn lheir prey.
Again the doctor fired his pistol
and again n long streak of flying
arms and legs and spinning Can.
wheels nnd flying dust marked the
course of lbe learn ns it flew
ihe sheet. These hoys were more
fortunate and made the run and had
tho wafer Hying io the consternation
of some id lbe spectators nn the
Waldorf balcony. In 31 seconds. This
was no! as goon time ns Ibis team
has made bm il is probable ibat lbe
disjunct- was a 'itMe greater than
lhe actual measured space over which
Ihev ran before.
Although the Crnnbrooli boys fell
keenly their un fortunate mishap, ihey
proved I hems-elves heroic spoilsmen,
bu Ihev at nnce announced Mial al
I hough 'ihey bad fairly lost, to lheir
worihv opponents, thev would give
lhe speclalnrs an exhibition run, und
righl myallV Was lhe announcement
cheered by the huge crowd, What
may he called n record run was
made, ns the boys covered lhe loun;
distance in 27 seconds flat. This
ended the grainiest event of the Wholo
programme and Fernie takes off its
hat; In Ihese noble sportsmen from
lhe west nn.l will nnt forget
good evnmule uf clean, courage
spiring snort nf a kfn-d which tends
to mil life into contests which improve a dangerous but most necessary service. To the cantatas and
men of these two teams ihe Ledger
exlends its hearty thanks for courtesies extended its representatives and
for the great service thev have rendered the public hv these fine exhibitions nf skill and .strength.
Consisting of :NI acres nf iiiagnllleeut land, situated in ibe best
in rm hit; Iwu Iity to be found in Kast Koolenay, being tu in Ilea
from sture aii 11 postodlca. Du- Kooteimy Central Kail wny
Hiirvny travel-sen ibe propnrtv. tt is bounded on one side by a
largu streitin which affords excellent trom ami char u-nm,.
Burr uiing the prnpurty Isn countiv eajmbleof grazhitj manv
liumlreil bead of cattle uml many promising mining prospects
me being Worked in ibe neiitlihorlrig mon mai ns, a ml a pan from
farming this property should shortly in mo very valuable for
other purposes on account of the naturally central posllion if
bears with regard to tiie surround Ing country,   iuti nermi of tins
nre alrea.lv 2il acres iu mixed crop, 70 tons of liny are cut
annually oil this laud. Tbeie are suitable buildings for nil purposes and iui irrigation ditch litis (well constructed which uill
furnish water for irrigation ami domestic purposes. Kor further
—.-■.■■—■——-   particulars npply to    ■ — .■  ■   ■
Heal folate Agents, Crnnbrook
inei ii il i.-iml ili'-inil'le In luiii'linst' lhe iuii|ierlv ill une Imvi*
l.l.iik ii ean lie (TT UP ami IUVIUKIi Into muuller iinreel!
uf 111, I'll. 40, lim acres, or otherwise, lo snll inlreliiisera.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦< >««♦««♦♦♦«««♦♦♦
I 111
I 'I .
, .. .
. n>
. ii,
, ...
' li.
, in
' M,
' ,i .
, .. .
. ,. ■
. ,. .
, ,. •
i I. I
i .' f
I .. I
, i. ,
. ,1,
i ,| .
, ,11
, u .
i .. ,
. •' I
l.-l I
I ,' I
I ,1 ■
1   HI
I 1. 1
1 Ul
I   Iff
20.000 ACRES
ot the very pink uf tlie selected lands in tlie beautiful Kootenay
Valley, Kast Kootenay, It. ('.. extending from Canal Flat io
Klkn.ari' offered for Bale at frnm ft tn $lu per acre.
The Kootenay Valley Is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The lands present overy feature of usefulness. Including llm-
bored benches, brushy Huts- marsh, prairie ami meadow. Tbe
brushy Hats, marsh ami meadow lands consist of deep, hlnck
loam; Uie bench land being a sandy loam, splendidly adapted
for fruit culture. Where irrigation may be necessary ou tbe
benches, water enn be had from tbe mountain creeks (lowing fiom
tlie Rockies into the Koolenav river. The lauds are fully surveyed and some of the lots nave been Bitb-dlvldod into (oneeil
farms of about HO acres each.
The purchase price will Include ibe Umber, which can be sold
by the purchaser without any liability to govern nl or oilier
royalty. The timber will in many eases more limn leallito the purohase price, uinl williualluases materially recoup tliu amount in
vested.   Lugs can be driven on tlia Koolenay river, which t l>
68 every lot save one.   Tbe main wan "Olid through lbe valley
passes over or close to each lot, ami the proposed Kootenay Central railway will parallel tbe wagon nm.l, I'lm 0. I1. IL Isipiilu
convenient to tin* lands.
Kor further particulars apply in
Orto Joseph Ryan   Cranbrook, 0. C.
► ♦
• 4
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Tlie Manitoba Is centrally located ami bas ono of the besl diiiiilgrooms
in the eity.  The bar is supplied wilii tiie best of Lhjuprsniiil ('ignis THK   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses churches or our
own parlors.    Firstclass undertaker in attendance j* *0
n * £ P. BURNS & COMPANY      |
W.1.1 leu-ill* ind Vei-*.. I
Presh urnl Cured Meats
Frr*h    I'Kh,   <i,ime   and
Wc Hupfilv .mli Ihr ht'Hl.     Vour
trade is sullclled j
Market* lu sll lhc prlmlpr   towns
fn  H
For early fruits and vegetables write us
(or prices. The cherry crop is shorl get
your order booked now.
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready
made clothing just received. All Union
********************** ««♦»««♦«««•««»«,***«*?
m ************************y
,|... a
mi _—________■ Mso.tlicli.fe._ol If
JL. - ^4f^"9—WKPi-- . . tf
»*#*♦**#**• ¥****w*****w**3*
Xcabfno Business
Ifoouses of Atones*
nlffg   Cbe Smelter dug...
Mui.ii.iill,. lias
.*nun. inin Iut own.
Till' liiiin nun lias
i. permanent pay.
mil Tin* 11,-rn'lil
.-a n lii'.'M'til. rn
iliirtu* lln. lullniiiu^
l.UBlllUBfl houses:
The leading ho* 5
Id in lhc SI. ft
Marys  valley. Js
I Central Motel
5 P. Handle.*'. Crop., S. J. Narnm, lluii.iijii
ffl Dining Kiiiiiii service Hie besl. ffl
Si            The place to slop when visiling the Smeller City jl
at */ «_
6 A. P. Chenette Proprietor
SS Has been recently refurnished and is now one of £J
£» Ihe best hotels in Ihe districl. Headquarters for s
a the people. *{
I The Royal Hotel
1 Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete stock of everything in the
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
foryour goods.
Rambling; Reveries
A wise mothei tells girls that a
"career" is noi half as desirable a*
a good husband.
Qood wives ami molten Ate need*
«l more than mists, however gieat
mav Ite Uh- niainvtav of art.
It is always lb.*
who charges othei I '
Pure minds have nn
UtuugbtB. Shun hii
nt evil in many persons.
unclean person
.lib uticleanness,
room tor Impure
i whu lolls you
Boys, tin- farm offers every opportunity one could desire. The noil
lies laden wnh rlabes awaiting oni)
mn efforts to extract them.    Ever?
fmUl     oi   farm    will respond willingly
in out labors if we only study Mai
i.m  Held, ndapt ourselvei to   it
tuul c,ue ini ii. Let us railyiaround
ibe standard nf youth, retnemheri&i
Uut ihe lutiiii' nt om country shall
lie wb.it ii.-i youug people nuW- it.
Lei us s-how um fathers .imi mothers
lhat the hoys unit girls of t.nla*
shall he ready to stand forth fully
equipped nun an.l womon oi to-morrow. Let uv ahow thorn Ihai the
rising general ion which la following
in Hieir foot-steps is fully competent
to succeed ihnn and shoulder the re-
.spoiisjlolily of the farm, the home
ami nation.
A honil ot sympathy should, ami in
must, iitsiaiurs does conneol mother
ami daughter. What i.s more natural than that a young girl should
seek her mother's sympathy ami advice when trouble comes. Mother's
voice lias been music to her ear since
memory (Irsl dawned; ber band has
rocked the cradle, rested upon her
heart as she lisped her first prayer,
ami smoothed her pillow during the
weary hour of sickness. She can be
trusted and into her ear Is poured
the secret that no one else may
know, Whether it he an offer of
marriage or an intimation of
broken vow, molher will know best
how to advise. She is the sheet
anchor, the harbor, tilie refuge to
every child. Her constancy is not
to be shaken, her love cannot be
chilled. Krom the cradle to tlie
grave, she is the ministering angel,
the first to reward, the last lo condemn, the one that never deserts.
She i.s indeed a rainbow of promise,
one end bathed in the sunshine of the
morning of life, the oiher lost ia the
.shadows nf the grave.
If Christianity may be said to have
given a permanent elevation to
women, as an intellectual and moral
being, it is as true that the present
age, above all others, has given play
lo her genius, and taught us to reverence i l s inlluence. 11 was t lit-
fashion of other times to treat the
literary acquirements of the sex as
starched pedantry or vain pretension;
to stigmatise them as Inconsistent
with those domestic affections and
virtues which constitute ihe charm
of society.
These things have, in a great
measure passed away. The prejudices, which dishonored the sex.
nave yielded to the influence of
truth. ' Hy slow Wit sure advances,
education has extended itself through
all ranks of (ornate society. There
is no longer any dread, lest the culture of science Bhould foster that
masculine boldness or restless independence, which alarms by ils sallies,
or wounds by its Inconsistencies, We
have seen that here, as everywhere
else knowledge is favorable to human
virtue and human happiness; that thp
refinement ol literature adds lustre
to Hie devotion of piety, Uiat true
learning like true taste, is modest
ami unostentatious; lhat grace of
manners receives a higher polish from
the discipline of Ihe schools; ihal
cnliiiaied genius sheds a cheering
light over domestic duties, and its
very sparkles, like those of the diamond, attest at once its power and
Tliere is not a rank of
lety, however high which
»t now pay homage to literatim would nol blush even
suspicion of thai Ignorance
half century ago. was wither
in nor discreditable, There
s not a parent whose pride may not
Slow at the lliought that his ilaiiph-
lei's happiness is in a great mea-
nire   wiihin    her    own   command,
u hetliei she keeps the cool, secpies-
teit-d vale of life, or visits tihe bnsv
walks nf fashion.
Nest division ot Ihv C. V. ti. ci-
t end ing How Macleod lo Kooteiuj
Landing. Tb.s is j. weU deserved
reougttttioo on the port ot the  eom-
l'aii>, as Mr. Tale is _ capable iuau
in every way iut the respotuitriUlti ■*
oi the position.
Frank McCabe, oi Wardner, returned last Monday fiom ihe A Uio
oou&trj and says he i* glad tu gel
back to Last Kootenay, which m
says It g(H«i enough fui any man.
il take  Home))
UlSlllliMIICf     lo
Tom Wellman wi
Hank. Buckskin and
tlie w-indermerc racn
to one thai lie w II i
J,  it    Costkan   and    Jas,
Went   lo   Moyelle   li-hili;   List   ,-m
They returned on separate train
they hoili lold  the same sion
it <ng
.Ml     Morley   win.
this   part   oi   the
Jived   m Kurt
has returned from
England and tb
IS    '
will  I..
in    C
i-l) km.wn    in
lenay, havtoi
and Wardner,
mi extended  visit
Pacifii coasl, .uui
The Wetaskiwin I'osl i„ Ms
respond,-!,,-,. f,()„, Falun, Alia .
au a*'''"'!!!! of a set I lei's .oh
w ih a hear, which the prlneipj
not soon forget, it says: a
of weeks ago John Widborm wi
around his homestead and wlul
nut" through some dense brush
J a i/i-ai making to wanl
Ult usl i:.v
Cranhrook, H. C.
'Meets every Tuesdav at 8 p. in. al
| New Fraternity Hall.
J. A. Arnold, K U.S.
George Thompson, C.C.
Visiting  brethren  cordially inviuo
to alt.inl.
Crmbmuk  Local  Ueloq  12-41 ol lhc I nitre
Brulhcrhuud ul Carpenter* end Jolieri
uf Amerki.
Meetings every Thursday evening ai
I. u. G. T. ball, over Patmore Bros.'
Visiting hrelhrca cordially Invited
Fled  Yufll, Kdwaid  Koote,
Hec.-Kcc. President
I.O.O.F.     key Cily lotf
No. 43. Meets every
Mumlay     night    a'
New    Fraternity   Hall.     Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited
V. II. McKa
N. G.
id     hllil.
.can-   lh,
al Ifli Uut.
I    to     ilil
Iocs no
it ihe
vltieh a
in. nitim
-/>Xl**4**4* ********* ******
I Seven Years Ago J
in Cranbrook ** ** I
Oranbrook's first wedding oceurrod
ui H o'olock on Wednesday morning
mi July I- nl Miii Hll/a .1 Ityans,
ni Revclstoke, anil Mr. Clia-s. Reid,
u brother ol VV. T. Rent ill lliis cily
ticiiig Uii- conl rat-ling iiart'les. Tlw
iluy was ideal, Kootenay weather ami
llw wedding party was quite large.
Kev, Wi»»l, ol Kaslo, assisted liy
Ilnv. Smith, ol this city, ofliciatwl.
Tlie bride was atiL-nded liy tlw
Missfs Tamils and Ruth Reid, nieces
ol Hie groom, ami tlie groom by Mr.
0. II. Prest. The building was, ol Vtetern Austral a)
Iwautiliilly decorated, and as
briile and   groom    wnlke.1    up
Ile sin,mnl .uui i,-,,ni
Ihm.,1 away, Inn it paid mi
lo bis efforts ami coi.li.tui
lam*., iijioii liim.
Hiilliuriii ili.ii rusM ui a in*.
olosely lollowwl by llie bear uliu-l.
lore liis dollies und badly laceraiwi
lus legs ami une aliulo. lie luuglii
Uie liililo oil Willi a sharp slick ami
at u-iigih ii ii-u lij,,, .nui descended
llie hit.
Ailer iiaiiing lm somo time lh
llioughl ii salt in venture down, bin
had not gone lar when llu* Ihmi,
which was lying in wuii, again rusii-
"1 upon lum ami ilimt* liim up
aiunhi-r Iree. He rcniftiii.d up ilu-n*
—some forty feel (rum llw groiiidl—
(rom ll o'clock uuui ii p.m. when hi>
shouis were at l.-nglh hoard by Mr
Hakes ami 'Ills suns, whu ai onco eamu
io hjs assistance. Tlw hear iiiu.il.
goisl li s escape.
lilllTlttil     BKH    LNSIGN     UITI.
Have we a Canadian ensign.'
'I tub ii> a pciiiiicni qiicsi u.u oi.
'his, the occasion ui auoili.-r aniiivei-
aary oi Coufoderaiiou, Barlow i um*
oertaud, ol loiomu, and il. .spencei
tlowed,   ol    Uail,    an:     an.lui;s aim
authorities on Hags, Itoruidry, an..
MUUred subjeet.s, and lu iinui thi
loiunio Mai propounds Uie inquiry,
i'liey answer in ihc ailiiuiattve.
"Hie oiwwer inatlu must eerlainij
ue yes," replltd Air. Uumtwrlanu.
"We have an ensigu, which
tiowu wiih om growth iu usage a'ui
•■>■ t-ousiiiiiied auUiority, lis origin
takes us a long way back uuu uu-
History oi lira outer lands of tliu
British empire, ii was in tho tlmt
01 William 111. tlul llie lust enactments were Issued. In ihose days
ihe ships of Uiu Atlantic coast
colonies ut America, then colonies,
pari oi lbe British empire, were .sail
mg the seas alongside ot their British bi others in amis, irading to llie
West Indies and Souih American
coasts, and uniting in hostilities
against Uio enemies ol tin-it uinto.i
realm. A.s a distinctive Hag tin-
colon[al-owncd .ships were iu UOi
authorized to use the Union Jaci.
with an escutcheon or sli.eld iu its
center as a sign uf their native ownership. It may nut Ih* amiss to recall that in this ami subsequent
periods Port Koyal and Louiaburg
aptured from the Fivuoll by
these British colonists, and ihal their
forces joined the Hrilish licet in Idle
taking of Havana and -the island ui
Cuba from the Spaniards, afterwards
to be exchanged (ut Florida and the
Southern Stales east of lhc Mississippi.
At the present day this escutohcon
in the center of the Union .lack still
einanis in ihc governor's Hug of all
British colonics, having the arms or
em Idem of each colony shown upon
lu Canada the governor-general's Hag bears the arms ui the
Dominion, and fl lieutenant-governor's
Hag the arms of his province—those
ot Ontario being the Bed si.
George's cross with three maple
leaves beneath.
After Ihe secession of 177U Ihere
were no longer any British colonial
navies afloat, and it was nut until
the rise ol the Australian colonies
that there was any occasion again
fur a distinctive Hag. With the creation of tlie local navies of tin- Australian colon es came ihe authorlifla-
Mon uf tbe new Hags. Tims under
tlie "Colonial Defence Act" the vessels of war main i am nl by ihe Australian colonics were authorized by
the lord commissioners of lho admiralty in Itftrj to carry the Hrilish blue
ensign having the I lilon Jack in tliu
upper corner and the seal or badge of
each coloy (such as the Southern
Cross of Victoria, of tile Black Swan
Hie center
the'uf tbe blue ground of the "Ily."
the Thus, lhe escutcheon of 1701 being
center aisle of the church Mrs. W. transferred from the center of the
T. Ileid played a wedding march on 'Union Jock to the center of the fly
the organ. The ceremony was brief was ffiven another position, and the
but impressive and at tlie close the. local histories of thc Australian col-
happy couple received the congratulations of tlieir friends. Afterward a
picture was taken of the wedding
party and then the members repaired
■to   the home of    Mr. W. T. Reid, JjJgJJJ
onies which hod established these
navies became embodied in the British Blue Ensign. Under lliis same
Act of 186fi authority was subsequently given that the "fishery «ro-
cruisers    of   Canada,    al-
ada   weie   lutbortxed to carry. a
now du, -a Blue Ensign wilh ;..,'■ anusfl SOCIETY AM)
ol Caiuda iu ihe ctttiet „i ii-,,. nx
Bul a furlhei step remainttl iu ti-
iii.de ioi tue citi/. us themselves.
As the merchant shippers ol the
colonies increased, need ioi theit ret
ogitltioa was desirable, and authority for this was given hy ihe \i, i
chant Shipping [colors) Act ' ul
188H. Ise of tins was adopted bj
some of the Australian colonic*, bui
nut generally Tbe merchant maun,
jf t'aiiada was fast Increasing, aul
MiikeU high among the nations ol tbe
Although provision had been made
'ui a distinguishing Hag foi the government ships oi Canada iwiw had
.urn made lot the merchant shipping,
which continued in use tin* same
plain it'll Ensign as worn in the
merchant mai me of Grea-i Britain,
mi ibat Canadian merchant ships wem
midiilt  io bi- recognized amidst those
■ it   lhe    Mothei     t'ollilij.        To  mccl
this requirement the Ionia commissioners nt the admiralty, on th.* lug-
gestlon nt tht- Canadian goveinment,
authorized In I8t»a the badge ,.i C™u
ada in be Inserted in the IU of ih>
Bed Knsigii. as well as In tha Blue
tint this new combined Ked f'-nslgn
ivas empowered to be used hj all
iiti/uis of Canada.
Thus was formed lhe "Canadian
BllBlgu," b.-.u-J, the Itniish Bid Kn-
•,ii;n wiih ibe amis of Canada in th.*
ily, authorized to he used bv all
Canadian merchant vessels iii the
waters and by all citizens on shore,
.is is- Un* Hrilish Itnl Ensign of ihc
United Kingdom. It floats loyally
and rightfully over our sctlixdliousos
and our homes, it i.s respected on mu
ships ;? sea. As au Instance of this
may be noted tin: episode in I WW
when „   vessel owned by ('.   13,   Kaul-
badi,   M.l'., for    Lunenburg,    Novo
Scotia, eiiieml a South American
port dying ihe Canadian Ensign at
ilie stern. The local Hrilish consul
with luily British zeal hut uitfe
ate Ignorance, promptly summoned
ihe captain, and by virtue of h
authority over British ships lined
him niu for flying au unauthorized
(lag. Representations were at once
made liv the Canadian government to
he British admiralty, wild the result that lhe Hue was at once refunded, an apology given and the
'iimi.linn Ensign more perfectly
A.s our constitutional development
bas Lione on step by step, so has our
Canadian Knslglk As the spirit of
mr British const it ut oil has been
adaptwl to our local needs, so has
our local fervor been set upon the
Molher King.
As wc see the union crosses dis-
11 laved with niu Cauadiau emblems
nn our Canadian Ensign it speaks In
us not only as our native Hag, hut
vet of our brotherhood in an empire
wider than the continent on which
we live. It is the blending of our
love for the home land with the
ivhienee of onr citizenship in the
British empire the wide world over.
Such is our "Canadian Ensign."
\iitliorized and respected—the sign
ind signal of "Canada and the Empire."
McVittie A Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Sur\e.\!irs.
mo... T. McVlTTIE, H. L  S.
I   First-class Work by Experi-
f tnced  Hands. X
I - i
I    The Cranbrook Hotel    1
i I
k   Facial Massa«c a Specialty   ^
[ T. E. SOUTH,  "
$4-&i-> ■'•...........
11.   Hilling.,
l.r.ti!irinik Indue. No. }•
4. f. * A. M.
l!i*Kiilar meetings un
llie tliiril 'l'lmr_il»y
oi every  imiulti.
ranaflu lias lhe largest wtiite iiint*
ami pi.lpwoo.1 forests in America.
Camilla's  tores-l   proiluets  lolal
ini.liiiiis annually.
VisiiiuR liretl. en welcomed.
S.  II.  Il.islilns, Set'y.
A. llL-ale, W. M.
F.   0,   E.
Patmore    Hall   ever)
Meet   In
0. lluss Tale, IV. P.
A. M, llla.k, W. Sec'y.
i/i-siling linitlii'is cordially iniiieil
Mi.. ul II. nl I.. P. li.ill llinl   ami
Illi Saturday each month.
Visiting liii'llmii always welcome
T.  Iliiyli-r, .Lis.   I-,'.  l.aniRall,
Vi. AI. Sec'y.
♦ ■*». : **-*	
is now IociU'd in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and Is modernly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches oi thc tonsorial art.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hmell Block Cranbrouk, B.
Canada's   timber
ceoil .'i') millions.
exports now   er
Canada has, ii is estimated, 1 million square miles of standing timber,
Canada has U5il billion feet of timber under Dominion control,
Canada's forestry branch has distributed over Ti milliun seedling
over UUI paper    aud
Canada has
pulp mills.
Canada stands Ibili in ibis respect
among nations.
Canada has   set     apart over    30
million acres as forest reserves.
A time for everything and   everything on brine, \
Clear up as you work; It takes hut
moment then", and saves* ■time afterward.
A hot fire for roasting aud a clear
lire for broiling.
Poor food makes poor Mood.
Studv to economize strength,   time
and money,
White meats wet
done, dark meat-
leave    soap lying in    the
Actual pleasure and culture mav
be found in tbe humdrum duties* of
everyday life if thev are done in the
right spirit and with t*ie determination to do everything in the least
possible time and way.
The secret of
(pient turning.
nice broiling is fri
.   . Canadian Smelters .
were not then commis-' r,w.l-» Mntitiialti nn
wedding breakfast, i slotted as vessels of war should carry ilt0CK' M0Unl*in u»
-'  — such   distinctive    flag.     The fishery,
W. F. Tate    has been appointed  cruisers and all   vessels owned   and
where they    partook of a bountiful though they
, t-f ii II-    ...     .,-rt i'    ..|,. .Llii    ,'n I'.-tr  i
Sullivan Bonds
        .  Diamond Vale Coal 	
official watch inspector lor the Crows maintained by the Dominion ol Can- breckenrldge 9 Lund Coal ,
■Ml articles to tie frlmt shnulil be
thoroughly dried ami slightly warmed.
Economy dfH-s not mean stinginess,
Iml lhe acl ol making tlte must ami
iH-sl i,l Hie means and materials at
The oven ean afford lo wait (nr the
cake, but nut the cake lor the
A good cook wasles nothing.
Do not use newspapers to wrap
about anything eatable.
Fur.lshed by Beale ft Elwell, Broken, Cranbrook, B. C.
Western Oil St Coal  17
International Coal and Ooke ...   .48
Sullivan Group Milling Co il
Nicola Coal   Mines, Ltd S
North Star .*    ,C
Rtmbler Cariboo  26
G«m Silver Lead  1
 « |
C. H, DUNBAR       |
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    »
Public, Etc. i
Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.   8
Physicians and Surgeons.
OlDc. at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - • - 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - . . 1.30 to 8.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK :     ::    B. C.
I to la a.m.
to   8 p.m.
8 p.m.
7 to
Office and residence on Armstrong art
I to 19 am,
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 » in.
Office In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specially
i,...-i.-i',•'.,■'•-i-i, *■'. '.
,. ij-Q999
If you have beauty
we will take it,
If |you have;.' none
we will make it.
Prest Photo Co
99Qrtrir4&-i iiii- s-»*4*H)'WW*
| farm for Sale |
9 .9
y Situated on tin- Kootenay y
% riv.-r, om- uiili' from Mfiyook, X
contain ing Uill ncros; IR! ncres $
'£ bbttoni Innil; .'ill iuiri-s umli-r ¥
cultivation; iiowii-rooni mod- A
..rn cottage. Alsu 115 lieatl '
of I'l.ltl" iimi live linrsi-n. with '
all farm Implements,
Kor particulars apply to
Samuel McLean, Mayook, B. C.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy-
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
We Buy and Sell o.i  Cj.-nniss.on
WANiTED:— Western Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds uf finish work iu
way uf iIiKirs, windows, Iran-
some, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for Inside wurk. I liir work is
guaranteed ami uur print's are
satisfactory,    Screen   doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Ciljarv Butcher Shop
Oeo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high class wi
rk In dyeing.
cleaning, pressing.
epalrtng and
Freich Dry Cleaning a Specialty
Wu Jo nil kin.Is nf lailies* work THI   (UAMil.OOK    HKlfAI.D
CIl.VM'.lioiik  II KU v I. l >
By lhe llfr-.ltl   Publishing Company,
Editor ami Manager.
The Herald is worth (Hi a year, h
costs only $8,      No man in   Sou It
y.Ast Kooteuay ean atbud to be without it, and everyone living outside ot
the district, who is Interested in the
piogress of this section, should  it
u.    it publishes the news while it
news,   it is controlled absolutely i.y
the publishers,    No clique, parly   u
Individual dictates Its   policy,      It
don't try to please the people.    Ii
desire is *o publish a newspaper lhat
will be a credit   to the cununuuity
Send in your subscription   .1 d   yoi
Will he thankful ovei afterward,
Advertising rates (l per Inch, pel
month, no more and un less,
Reading matter 19 cents per line
to non-advertisers; in cents per line
to regular advertisers
If you desire to reach the people .it
South Baal  Kootenay ysu musl
ver Use in Tlie Herald,
The Herald lias a first-class job
plant, and its work is ol the hest
Tlie Herald don't want charity. H
Wants a square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit you in quality and price, kick, and send your
wmk to some Cheap John house in
the east that never spends a ei-nt in
1,000 a Week
This is Ihi' fi
dilution nl lli.
Pram i-m in.i mibscrli...
lion lists open to Investigation liy Hilvortluere at uny
Tlio Ilernlil gives n dollar
III villili* foi* 11 .luiiili in minify. The nilvortlaor Iiiih lhu
righl tu know wlml ho is
receiving (nr his money.
The llorulil is mn' papei
Unit courts ii.vos.lilgiilion.
nol   1.ne   single    el l y—mueh lew
. j uol ..»'■ single tuwu, not
one single ullage, tin th.tt pari
til Mi.- railwa) there was not one
.-I ■ ..1 opeiatoi - No business,.
11.. settlements, tin sel tilers, uolh*
nu liiil .oi appearance ol desolation
That was tlu* coml It ion all lho
wav from Lumsden, in (Ju'Ap-
|H- le valley, lo Saskatoon, on the
Saskatchewan river, 1-15 miles.
Why'.' Bwause everybody bellev-
,.i t-hat tlw land was wurlhleas.
Why did tb')' believe so? Mainly
because the railway company de-
,-;,,., I     Hi.-    laud    I., he had.      A
I..,: 1 [oi 1. railwa) company tii de-
,i 1-1 ihat ilu- territory through
uhjeli Its own road ran was had
and ivorihless. Well, Kuch was
ihe condition ol affairs brought
a hi.ui :>. Conservative statesmanship, which wc are called upon to
.niiiiiiv. The presenl Liberal rov-
einmeiil In 1003, havlpg failed
(nun 180(1 io 1IW3 to induee one
.in I,- sel tier lo locate in that
,11,.1 because iis bad name, ;,e-
cepted ,1 [iroposal made by ivrtain
I.in.I speculators known as the
Saskntrh -wan Valley Land Company, wtio etui.' .mil said they
were prepared to demonstrate
Ki.il Ibis l.itid was nol worthless They would buy from the
railway the laml grant which the
i.iil\\.i\ iml iiiiiii ih,-n refused to
accept, .ind they would agree to
imi ii minimum of thirty-two
seniors in each township if the
governmenl would sell in them
.11 *1 |»*i .iin- nn arm of 250 hun
arres In the bean of ibis so-oalled
worthless tract-.
"II was done. What result?
Tho reproach is removed. Desota-
linn no longer. Thriving settle-
iiniiis all along tbo road. A
dozen busy towns, where in 1!>02,
after the railway h;«l boon operating; a dozen years, (here was nobody. Onr Conservative friends
sav thai 'his change spells scandal, Well, speaking for Saskatchewan, I say IH us. have more
scftmlal nnd less statesmanship.
li is ihis kind of scandal which
li.is doubled Canada's trade and
reviniics Ihese last ten vearsf
Duly give ns plenty of lho same
son of scnndal and Mr. Plotting
n.'iil have no fear as regards liis
revenue!, these lasl ten years,
I'Ci.iiiiu.mm whin he became fin-
.iiiec minister to nearly .VKii.ftfiO,-
luili now. Give us a few more
scandals of this kind I have des-
erlbed and in anolher half dozen
veins Canada will find her trade
.1 i.iiii    doubled   anil    her    revenues
•-Mil multiplying."
An    -apologist     foi    ihe McBride cd  returned except   Ihtu* .-i Mutton   iMS*u Invoked by tin- __* „f wun,i„,
^eminent1' has the salisiachun   ot *     AlcKwlaue, lhc UeUouneU tuitti    un tt Feline's men r.wn      CS Th
  ' "    e compan)  a.m lhu Uk-feuy I atil« | _** „f    Nan.lillltl     ,hat    J*g   Utt
ipaii).     iih-.sr wul be Udd    uuui   Wils in existence,
..slul i-ele j the uiy Boliciioi  1- salisiaed a.    lu      Be) t B loud'declamation ae.inst
htiaryheaded  old  Tories'- Vow
i.u..wing ihal it is kept bus).
\els,.i.  had  a  moat    sue
I.ration lasl  Week.
I     Hl;«AU) AGENCIES     |
The Herald will he found on 4
sale at lhe iolUiwinx places: J
■rysville, Marysville Drug Store X
Wardner, (i Donahue's Store
Moyie, S. K. Harvic's Drug Store
Ryan. K. P. Hiiilay
Fernie, Purdy'n Bunk Slore
Elko, Holhnmk's Book Store
Cranbrook,  Beattie & Atchison's
and C. B. Keid & Co. s
ll Ills   the 1.
For Hie pasl two 111
tors of the Conservative part) in
parliament have hctn busy revealing
to an anxious public scandalous acta
on lbe pail of ilk' Lineral £u\ein-
iiieut. tint none oi these outrageous
acls have lasled sweelei oi havu
been   read     Willi      more   salisfactio
than that deal commonly known ;
lbe "Saskatchewan Land Deal." M
Foster, with all bis eloquence, has
pla.cd upon (bis horrible graft until
the peoplu of Canada have held thell
breath 111 auuuciiieni, and asked within their own hearts, "Is thero an
honest Liberal 11. lhc world,'"' The
Conservative pallet's of the easi, and
some few senile followers m the
wesi, have printed columns upon tin
atrocious and thieving aeis ol the
Liberal scoundrels. But uiifoi tun*
alely, some expert evidence li;is drop-
pod into tiie camp, evidence thai
stands to-dav unquestioned antl unini-
peachwi. The Iimi. Waller Scull,
premier of Saskatchewan and a pioneer of that province and country, a
man who knows ils history like a
child knows, his prime!, speaking a'
Hie h'anqtiPl tendered Mr. Mrodi-ur at
Montreal, gave the following interesting and valuable informal ion:
"With regard lo some of ihose
questions which have been talked
al 1 al Ottawa Hits ye.tr, I havo
iieiilier no knowledge or very Incomplete   knowledge.     Mui   Micro
is one of Ihem about which I have
knowledge—namely, lho Saskatchewan    Valley ' Laml Company
transaction.      I knew    the trad
ot kind in    which     lies  Un- area
sold to the company before    the
transaction,     and     I     know tlio
same     tiact     of  land  now,    Foi
nearly I went v   years I hnve lived
.it  Regina,   Which is within  fifty
miles    n[   ii1Q    tract.     Through
that  tract ol land n railway wns
built   in  IRflfl ni    ibe Instance of
llie   Conservative Rovernmonl   of
thai  dav.       The road runs from
Regina tn Prince Albert, rn-indly
250 miles,     lis construction cost
roundly $2,750,00(1, and iis construction     was    accomplish! d b'y
the sale nf bonds    in RnglamI fo
the amount  nf $3,750,00(1.       Thnt
is worMiv of note.     From bonds
$3,750,000 was    ralswl   lo   cover
the    cost  of n     road   which cost
only    J2.7rin.nnn.      x,,ie farther
thnt the Conservative governmenl
to aid the road guaranteed cash
payments tn the company amounting to   Ji.fiOO.nno    acres of land.
So tbe road was buill and a sort
of raiiwav service was given over
it.     Twelve years |afer, in 1002,
two trains a week each wav were
running    between     Regina      and
Prime     Albert, 2fi0     miles, and
over   Mfi  miles  of  that   distance—
file entire     wav lielween Hie Qu1-
Appelle    vallev'    and    the    south
branch of the Saskatchewan river,
where    lhe raihvnv crown il  at    I    Keep looking
Saskatoon, Hfi miles—thero   was   'The   '
tc ate people to-day foolish
;h to criiicisc iiiui condemn the
gration policy of the Liberal
, wlien smli work should be
alool Iiom petty partisan poll-
Tbe building up of a country
great work, and il is a commer-
tvork ninl noi a political matter.
some foolish members of pai lia-
luvo taken il upon themselves
indcmn the entire syslem of imai ion Inaugurated by the Mlrcral
■ and carried to such a  success*
sue, A ml here in lhe west, the
country that has reaped the
t benefits, here alii Ihere can be
1 a newspaper so hidebound
ieally as to see nothing to tlie
1 of ihe Liberal Pady in the
iilieeiii wmk done. ll is well
.ml. for results when one weighs
public policy presented and fol-
d h) nil) political parly before
I.:ing in universal condemnation,
he results of the Immigration
policy of Hn- Liberal party are easily
obtainable. The difference that has
ticcii shown in Mie Canadian Wesl
.I'.iii-. io sav nothing of tbe rest of
b.- Dominion, is enough to give to
li,- Liberal parly the thanks of all
, I'n'ile regardless of their political
..Ulh,ninn. Take as a Held for comparison, Manitoba and Ibe Territories, ati.l lhat is where most of the
niinlgrattts sel tied who eame to Canada. In I-SIMI, the year Ibat the
1,ibei al government came Into power,
iust |!i sellleis moved lo Manitoba
and   lhe Territories, It   was  Ihen
ihat Mr. Siflon, a western man,
with progressive, western ideas, with
faith in the wesl and ■> proper ap-
|:r?t'ki>lon of tote grind possibilities
of the great wesl, inaugurated a
■eli.-me for populating lbe fertile
prairies and turning a sparsely set-
lied domain inlo a rich and productive co'.inlry. As io the manner in
which he succeeded one has onlv to
iead the following figures which are
faels   and   not     theoretical   stale-
Already the fiitn Industry is making a big difference lo ibe commercial
hie ol Nc1m.ii And its d.-wlopmeiil
111 Kast Kootenay will <.ia\e th,- same
tiiiancia!  effect.
The      Kaslo    Kootuiaiau    has Ihvii
sold to the Conservatives foi tl good
price. The fact that it was a Liberal panel and published ai the home
of Chief Commissionei Green, seemed
(0 worrj ilu- faithful, and to brin;
about a change thev paid almut
three limes what the paper was
Worth to get possession. It [l
evidently   the      policy  id llle Mi'Hrid
government to manufacture publi*
sentiment by the establishment aw
purchase of newspapers, but tli-
people are naturally asking lhe ques
lion,  "Where    does  the money   com
Tin- McBride governmenl made 1
«ood move when ll appointed Fred
Peters as. commissioner  to  Invest!
gate the IVndlav land deal al Uw
coast. The   I lei aid    cougiatulatc-
Mr. McBride on his good judgment.
Don't it feel good to be a elti/en
of South Kasi Kootena)'? It make*
the 'blood run faster iu ihe vein*
when one thinks of it.
In Cleveland, Ohio, the co rts sent
the iee nun to jail for unlawful con:
hinatinii in boosting the pvlce of ihi
necessary  commodity. Tliere    ai
limes when it is not so pleasant l
he the Ice man.
How ahoul thfl new sidewalks
Some of tlto people are getting
"Are you going to Lethbridge?
is the leading question  this  week.
The banana crop has hail alt    It
hot   weather   necessary  to  insure
successful  year,  therefore there is t
need of a     iepeiii|on    of las]  week's
torrid heat.
The Herald editor is often called a
booster. We plead tcullly. We lik,
to boost a good thing, whether it be
a town, a country, a man's good
work or anything else that deserves
most Ing. Boosting is what makes
llie wheels of the world go UHiund
Kvery man should he a booster.
li vou have a paper for sale in
British Columbia send word to Hi.b
All of Canada feel good over Sii
Charles Tupper reaching his 80lh
birthday, and thousands ami teps
thousands expressed the hope lhat
he mighl be spare*! for many years
to count.
The Nelson News is giving tlie
people of the Kootenays and Hound
ary country a paper lhat they may
well feel proud of. If there is any
news the News lifts il. And it has
a circulation through ils- territory
that is surprising. This makes It a
most valuable advertising medium for
the business men of Nelson, which i.s
a commercial center for a vunt territory.
The Climber is the name of a
beautiful publication that has just
lieen issued at Banff. The name 1
most appropriate one and its aim
will be to live up to Its name,
Comrade llawiboinlbwaile arrived
in town yesterday morning and walked to tbe Cosmopolitan hotel and
registered. Not a Conservative .appeared lo extend him the glad hand.
and yet he has luvn one of the best
friends the Conservative party of
Hrilish Columbia ever liad, and
man in the bouse gave McBride such
loyal support during the last 1
The Winnipeg ■ Telegram has an
article entitled "Get After tlie Mosquito." We have been energetic
along those lines every summer since
memory goelb h^ck.
This yeai' promises In eclipse
evious  records.     Thus far  lb
ins are  larger,  and  a  conservative
tiltinte might place ttie immigration
.it  180,000,
And now llierc are people who say,
even 11 ibe face of sm-h overwhelming evidence, thai the people would
have come anyway. The figures
speak for themselves, and lhe rapid
growth of lhe industries of the west,
the vasl  increase of capital Invested,
Mie raw lands lhat have been turned
into productive farms, the limbered
wilderness of British Columbia that
has be* 11 changed inlo n Im-c hive nf
lumbering indusirv, the rapid growth
of blind nils of towns, all testify to
ibe wisdom id lln- Liberal party and
llle greal work accomplished by a
sane, sensible and progressive Immigration     policy.      Results count,
anl  wi- all should  feel  pr I of    tbe
rraulfs ns shown bv the official records.
Comrade     ITawtliornlhwaHo,     the.
savior of     the   McBride government
iiiui ihe man who passes as a soolal-
isi aiid   al  the same   time officiates
as   1 he     cn! Ir is-ias. ie     defender     of
Messrs. McBride, Green, et. al., has
mel wilh 11 chilling frost in his trip
through  1 he Koutcnays.     Mr.  Hawthorn tliwatic     listened   lo continual
applause from the government benches
for such a long time, thai lie became
iihiiod  with  the idea  Ibat   he should
.eiipy a niche   in the hall of   fame.
Hul whm he met witli the representatives of labor nnd was pinioned   by
their   si raigbl forward,    businesslike
leiiogatioiis on his legislative   re-
ud. be found thai lie had been look-
The city council met last evening
wit li Mayor Rogers and A Idernicn
Ryan, Jackson, Tisdale and Fink
prest n t. The room was a lit Uc
warm and there was a disposition
to hurry matters, but notwithstanding the wish of all the members to
get through as quickly as possible,
it wns after eleven o'clock before
tliey adjourned.
One of the most important subjects brought up was lhe plans for
Uric new public building, for which
ihe |H»ple of Cranbrook voted half
Of lhe cost, some $0,000. It seems
ihat' at the first rough plans were
prepared under the supervision of
Government Agent Armstrong, .lodge
Wilson and City Solicitor Thompson. These were taken lo the coast
and the department were fully informed in an intelligent manner by
Mayor Rogers as to what was wanted and expected by the city. In due
course of time, and it was a long
lime, loo, plans were sent h.-re which
stiowod thai all the suggestions made
by the (.'ranbrook people were absolutely ignored. Anolher attempt
was made l-broug.) the chief com mi s-
sioiiel to gel a change but as yet
wilhoul success.     A   telegram     was
dered sent hy the council asking
permission for certain changes in the
plans si/bject to the approval nf the
government agent. It is yet tn be
seen whal effeel ibis will have on the
government. In the diseiunion of
this matter Alderman Fink said F.iat
he Wanted to kick on- the plans submitted by the government. lie did
not believe thai the government had
treated t-he town right as, they had
ignored the town altogether in the
preparation of the plans.
Alderman Ityan eame out Oat fooled as is characteristic of thai 'gi'nlIonian, and said that for one be would
refuse t-o build lhe building unless the
town had a proper show. |(e did
not think thai .the council bad a
right to spend the people's money
unless Wicy were able to give lbe
people the right kind of a building,
and he would oppose anv other move.
All of the aldermen agreed on tlh'
telegram that was sent as tfiev want
the   whistle
will  be  used
of III
al the C.  1*.  ii.   -ii->|..
- alaim in    ia-..
ahum ibe muocj  should be paid
llw Urms are oat oi businohs. forming the government party of Ite
While  the  l„e lull is lo be  rebuilt ,„,„„„,.   Unue     was  nothing   i,,     b.s
■ipeech.     But   Mr.  llawthoriHhwaite
holding    the  balance of power,   eouli't
,   .       .       ,    .              , at times    in tbe    last three    years
The case ol the salari to Ik    paid have turned ihe government out    0f
Dl.   lounolly,   the   h.a 111   ulllu-,   was power(      iin,(   ,his      was   RQ  pvii|,,ntl
biougbt   up and evoked suuiti spirnod apparent lo all present  ihat when Uie
disviisaiuii.     Aldei man Jackitm   saw chairman, Ml   Dicken, asked bim why
Uui  he  thought 10.   the work    per- be'voted with those hoary beaded old
formed    tha-    the health utbeer was Tories    during    recent sessions and
gelling all  ihal  be  was eiunud    to. kept   them in     power,  the loud    ap-
Miiibetmoie he did uol  believe that ,,];,„m> „f the     crowd and Mi   Haw-
Di. Connolly had treated lhe co wcil thornthwaite's    silence     were    very
iighi in his talk ai a previous meet- ominous.
mg. As fai as he was ciiiiin.d, be When the chairman followed that
Was nut thcie tO ael lm Dl. Lull- up |,v p,i,,!ilig out how ninth at
Holly 01 any oib.i health otBceV, but variance wllh the proclaimed minim ihe Interests 0! the city and   Uu ciples of socialism were the socialist
UM'ayeis. leader's  Votes oil   lh-   C.   P.   R,   land
Alderman    tiiik    said  ilut   u  Di. giat,t 0I mhi.uiiii acres, his vote   on
ll)   did all  lhe work  llial     was the  Kami  island,   the  Dewdney     the
hj    did not thin. Education   and     Assessment     lull*.
lal nml toi    in
hal $33 a inmiMi
be would nol   lavoi   $35
Aklenuau    Tisdale
llioughl thai $35 a mc
enough fm lhe wmk d.
dale who is ., membei
committee   did uol  tlu
aid Ibat Ii.ii ll was lil I In
ie Mi Tr,-
of ll.,' health
ik   Ihal        lho
council had aeted riehl in ignoring
fm such a length ol 1 one the reporl
nf the committee.in whuh it was i.>
commended ihat  lln- salaiv be $35,
Mayor Rogers said thai be iiiiouglit
that  ihe    matter    slio'dd in* sot tied
one way or    the other, as n      bad t
luvn hanging bun enough.     Nothing j railed   1
was ih ,   however, and tho matter   Ustencr
wiu have lo come up again. [ei
brought down hy the goveinmenl, his
discomfiture   was     complete and    ho
p.-ivh'ess,    offering no explana
tion ol his conduct
At   Mi.   Il.iwllimnlhwait
In the miners' hall the sa
be attempted to und,, lb
had  done  when    lie  decrie
s mooting
ie evening
Imi m li.-
Tin- Water company will bo notified
to llll    up all    boles     caused  bv   the
sinking of the earth over Hieir trenches and to clean up the rock toft on
lhe streets b\   lheir workmen.
The motion to refund the line of $fl
against Mrs. SI. R|o|s, levied as n
pound tax againsl her cows, was
lost* Alderman Ityan and Tisdale
Voted in favor and Alderman Jackson
and Fink againsl. This was a tie
and the mayor voted against,
The curfew by-law passed and it
Will   go  Inin elfect   August   lllsl      aiel
be enforced, The hours mv 0 o'clock
In llie summer months and 8 o'clock
ti   lhe winler   time.
lb- al o tried   io   patch' up thej
brefieh  he   had      made   between  his;
party  and .llie     labor   aiiv   hy   his
froqiii m     denouncement    ol     iiadesl
unionism,     Eleventh   hour    ropcntM
1.1   not go,   however,   and   he
convince   the . Independent
of Ills   sincerity. The meat
part of his address was a   hitler]
MINISTER    Cl shim;     passes
Mmi.  W.  IT,    Pushing, minister    of
public   works   iu    Alberta,     passed
through ibe city la»l Tuesday < 11 bis
return from Nelson where he went 011
private business,       Mr.     rushing  is
one of the leading business men of his
province     and   occupies   olio    of  Ibo
mosi Important positions in the new
cnhlnet,     Mr. dishing is etillpisiasllo
over the prospects ol Alberta, which
he  looks  upon  as  lbe  totnin;     |)rt>V-
ince of lhe Dominium-     Haelnj
in that country over twenty yi
naturally is iii a position lo' 1
i'ii opinion Ihal  carries weight
lhe Herald lie sa'd that there '
doubl about the fertility of Mn
and  that   with  tin' Increased 11
under cultivation came q decre.
the    probabilities  of     tlamai
harangue   against    all     forms     of
wealth, whieh he -would confiscate!
when bis parly gained control. Socialism was pictured in all ils theoretical beauty; a perfect condition
whtch everybody .would welcome hul
which no sane man would ever ox*
poet, no more than he would ffl'aspl
for ihe moon. "Elect a majority of
Socialists and then wo wi I showi
vou'' was the nearest approach he
made lo the pracHcal side of the
question. "-"; |
11 mav be said that the coming
and going of Mr. Hawlhointbwaite
to Fernie to address, the miners nu'
th'ir holiday was as close lo failure
as anything we have seen. He Camel
to speak to■ workingmen, he spoke,
bui be didn't conquer; he was defeated and dishonored by his own      !
Moyie Leader:—McGregor hall w;is
well crowded    last Saturday evening
to listen lo Mr,'".I. ll. Hawthornlh-
uaile,    MP.I*., of     Natiaiino,     antl
JJhjrtj  Kil,ln  "' lI,D socialist party of    the
in.>\- province,     Thos. E. Kelly acted   as
lived  chairman of   the meeting and Intro-
rs he. duced   tbo speaker.     Mr.   llawlhoi'n-
lliwaiie    is a     rapid and somewhat
brilliant speaker. ' At times he was
Luis  (nol  and again    al   times he paWivi
refcgo   lhe ait  and became spasmodic.     He
ie  °*  would hit   lieutenant-governor Duns-
Iyi muir a rap, then the beef trust, then
I John D. Rockefeller, then the Liberal
j\  government   and  ihen    the Couserva-
1 live government.    Ue .played no favorites and all were grist for his muck
j rake.     Hut as to the real question of
Ihe socialism and its     proposed remedy
1" for the industrial and class,'evils   of
clear, and    those who went to   hear
an  educational     speech  were doomed
lo disappoint un nt.
Mr.   Ilawthoniihwaile, M.P.P.
socialist   leader of the province _______«._______■«.______■
the savior 0( the McBride government I }}10.... P'T"^ fe.w!? nP* al ■ a"
the lasl lhree sessions of the house,
is iu lown on his tour of the province, This morning Mr. Mawthomtli-
waile went to Kimberley where he
will speak to-night, and he may speak
at Marysville to-morrow night and
laler in Cranhrook. When asked if
ihere was to be an election lliis fall,
Mr. Hawthorntibwalie said that he
was unable to stale. Thai gentleman has been at Coal Creek. Fernie
and Mic'iel for Ihe past few days and
brought down the news that ihere
was a probability of 'tie Fernie constituency  being opened  on  t
Doinlmenl    of    W.    R,     Ross
M.P.P.,    being   named   as   attorney
general in lhe McHride cabinet,
!     ap-
 , .uw..    to see work started on the building
ing at himself through lhe wrong end   More it is loo late to complete it
d the telescope. before frost.
  The contributions of $Ji0 each that
Don't look    down,, was made to the fire department b'y
Uie   citizens 2 years ago was order-
1 stars arc above, not below
(From the Montreal Herald.)
Tha periodic alarm about ' the
Americanization of W'ihni|Kg has
ciopped up again, this time apropos
ot the horrible fact that, 'some United
Staters are actually organizing a
Kour Hi of July celebration. Why
this should attract so much attention it is rather difficult to tell.
Thc American in Canada, who decides to throw in his lot as a citizen
wiih his new country, is very likely
to retain some of the observances of
his own former country even after
giving up his allegiance to it, and no
such observance is mote tenacious
than tliat of Independence Day. Iti
is, a habit rather than a political
creed, and why pessimistic Canadians should object tu h S firing off
crackers in honor of so admirable a
character as George Washington, antl
in- accordance with the habit of
years, is passing comprehension.
If ymi     liave a   cow   you are not
using'atul wanl a paslure.'l will lake
care of it free for lhe milk.
10     . R.  S.   Baron.
(Fernie Free Press.)
Whatever may be the merits or demerits nf socialism, Mr. Hawthornthwaite as its advocate was not believed In by lhe audience that listened to him in Fernie. His genuineness was very seriously questioned
and he left the platform after a Inud
boast that no one in Hrilish Colum.
bia dare take the platform with him,
entirely discredited by a working
man, llie chairman of the day's proceedings, Mr. W. M. Dicken, lhe president of the Miners' union. And
tlte curious feature of it is that tliu
discrediting was done by lhe moro
asking of Mr. ITawlhoriilhwaflc of
several very ugly questions about his
own public career, whio'.i he answered
by silence,
The applause Ihal greeted the
questions when pul by Mr. Dicken
showed that there was little sym
Uathy in the great crowd of mflieis
for the socialist, orator, n was iti
strong contrast with the ineagic applause his Speech evoked. This is
partly to be accounted fm by run
son of Ills attack of patriotism
which formed the theme of both thu
previous speakers. Mr. Hawthorn-
thwallo declared that patriotism was
nothing in  lhe  working man.   ll was
■July first, Canada's natal day, the
great crowd of people were celebrating ihe day and by courtesy permitted him to Introduce a political
discussion quite out of place at a
miners' picnic. Everywhere the
British and Canadian Hags bore
I'csiimony to t'.ie loyally aud devotion
of the people to their country, and
yet the speaker had not onlv the bad
taste but tho effrontery to proclaim
to them that love of country" was
hothlqg io ihc working nun.
After that bis remarks fell very
flat. Clearly nettled be proceodod to
scold ihe Fufnie miners for nol help-1 n , .  ■*_ <■_*_
ing iu the securing of the eight hour ror rates berth    rcscrvaliotiS
rn"' it*. WST"L ..irS'tr and complete imformalionapply
are Ar .$&? tknt 1l0 local **ent w
inio aiming the   men who, according 1
to liim, secured the passage ol    llm  J. S. CARTER,        E. .1. COYLE,
, Aet,    II lit) got the Act it had novo.   D.P.A., Nelson,      U.l'.A. Vancouver
*3uiHr Di_,monds"cire madf from Ijurf &ne .~> i^ar, sjrownon frurown |'l. i.Uions.
and crysfalued to reaerr.ble RockC.iiciy.'Fbegraii i& sfidrltlrlik'? uncutaifinonds.-
Ih'sthe mosl delicious Sugar mutt for Tm oi Coffee-.— ___tyv__i...
Rossland's Grand
Dtulor llie nuspit'oa o( tin- Minora  {'ninn, ami tin1 Mayor,
Cou null uml t'iti/.i'iis,
Two Days Carnival of Summer Sports
Monday, Tuesday, July 16 and 17, 1906
innl  .-Ii-i.   U'ii
i-lIK.. I.IHTI
• 'i'ln    I
 -    llllll.
$3,000.00 IN PRIZES $3,000.00
imiiiiiilini, iii'i'ii- in .1. it   MOItlllsn.v, s.-1.nm
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arts a
aif Ga
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Good lo return till Aug 2
Eastern Excursions
St Paul, Chicago, Ontario
Quebec, flaritime
Good to return till Oct 31
Seattle and Chicago
rla Mn
Great Northern Railway
For ili-lalliil Information, rates, etc., call on or address
Fcrnie, 11. C.
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The Butter
We are often asked why the price of
butter is not less and told that butter
on the prairie is only " so much."
There are qualities of butter just as
there are qualities of other goods.
Uood buttermakers of good butter
demand a price for their product,
expect it, deserve it, and get it.
\3he Turner Ra.nch
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The most comfortable house and the best
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Miss Daisy Moffat is expected home
soon fiom the east.
Constable Walsh, of Fort Steele,
was in town Tuesday.
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Men-ant ile tmildlnff, Apply ,.n the
ground at once.
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in lown last Saturday mi business.
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thai will be ready for business on
l.aboi  Uay.
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latest  feature.—Pal mon Bros.
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you go to Lethbridge. Best meal in
Alberta,     c. ,l. Eckstorm, Prop.
Miss Jetfares arrived home
.•11 Wednesday alter a pleasant mv
journ at Sirdar wilh Mis. Malpas.
Hen Murgatroyd eame up Irom
l.ethbihlee 'last Sunday for a few
bonis \is]i wnh Crnnbrook friends.
Mis 1! K Beattie and daughtei
Elsie tet ui ned last Sunday from
th'ii visit wiih friends and relatives
ui Manitoba.
N Hanson, ff. Cartln and M.
Durick Waited Calgary this week to
attend the fair.
Fresh Mulberries daily. Leave
youi  orders foi  preserving at (1. T.
V Doberer. of the Fink Mercantile
company, is in Calgary ibis week attending Hie fair.
(leorgo Staples left last Mondav
foi a trip nf iwo mon (liu to his old
Iiuine iu the east.
Miss Mangle Kennedy, stenographer
m Hu- olllce of (1. II Tiiompuon, has
gone tn Nelson to spend her holidays
Mis. A. II. Eager ami Mrs. ff. II.
Wilson will receive on Saturday,
luun in Mrs Kagei's departure for
\        W      MeVillle    passed   through
here ibe (Irsl of the week for Hem-
cine lint, where In*    js engaged    In
Miss Ella Haas, who has been with
ibe Cosmopolitan hotel for the past
se\en months, lefl for Marysvide on
Saturday last.
Waulod-Laboters on the new Fink
Mercantile building. Apply nil the
ground at once.
' Supt. and Mrs. Erlckson, accompanied liy Miss Robertson left on
Monday nighl for a few days stay
ni Medicine llat.
Mrs. Col. Henderson, Mrs. T. T.
McVittie and Miss Hazel Galhraith,
of Fort Steele, attended the -Hodges-
Koay wedding last Tuesday.
C. R. McLaohlan, of Winnipeg, was
in town this week. Mr. McLaohlan
now has a fine jewelry stock In Win-
nipeg and goes on the road only ones
a year.
Miss Cella Mansfield departed on
Monday morning's train for Sirdar.
On Wednesday morning she will continue Iter trip on to the coast. She
expects to Iw gone a month.
200 Mammoth Imperial Pekin
Ducks, bred from stock scoring 9tl
and 98 points. Drakes, $2.50; ducks,
$2.00 trios, $5.00. Orders promptly
filled. Mrs. ff. F. D0ran, three
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Blood oranges, sixty cents per do/
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Harold Jamieson, ol Oakgnry< spent
M*\eraJ days lasi week with Cran*
bimik 11 tends.
Wanted—Laborers on the new Fink
Mercantile buildup Apply un lb
noond at onee.
Wattled—Five gills for steam laundry.     Apply at laundry or telephonr
Blaine A Small. li
Robert    \ikens  lefl   tftfi!   Sumhiv   foi
his irip to ihe east, where be will
visit fi.i the next few weeks.
Those nitf ice cream s,Kias like you
got back east at "The Palm."
Mis. W, E. Noble and little daughter Partla, with Miss Stamp, lett
on Muridav morn int. foi Vaueouver
to attend ihe Baptist church convention-
Register at the Dallas hotel wlien
vou go to Lethtfrldgc Best meal m
Albert*,     C .1. Rckalorm, Prop
Rev. Fortune will lake a vacation
tinting  tbe month of   August   and   ex-
oeeta in upend most ol the time  .it
Bnynsfl lake.
Mr. and Mis   p, Dingman returned
the lust of the wwk from ti'-ien wedding tour ami an- now established in
their new bome 011 Hanson avenue.
V Leiteh, Sl , has g.nie ti, Cal-
gai> this week ami will 1 etui 11 the
lirst of tbe week wnh Mis Lellell
and Misses 1  aud Ella Loltch.
Cha 1 lie Diamond tame up ti
Moyie the first of the week. Charlie
is working at the St. Eugene mine
now and is sticking steadily al ins
William Bb-asdale, of Feinie, was
in town a couple of days lius week
on his way home after spending
ahoul a month in the hills along the
The Presbyterian choir will In* ilis-
bandtvt for six weeks, commencing
Augusl first, s,t ihat th.- members
may have a rest during the heated
Wanted—Laborers on the new Fink
Mercantile building.     Apply mi    the
ground at onee.
Mrs. A. H. Eager, Miss .Jamieson
and Miss May Jamieson arrived on
Saturday from Oalgary for a visit-
of a couple of weeks wiih Mrs.
Henry Wilson.
e can   lie
Box ihi
For   Sale—Contents    of
house, 15 bedrooms.     Him
rented to   responsible    pn
particulars   apply   P, 0,
Married—At the residence of Mr.
John McAulcv, Wednesday, July 11,
1IHIII, by Uev," W, (i. W. Fortune, Mr.
James Miller aird Miss Florence Beatrice Quaif, both of Creston.
(!. A. Kerr brought „ slock of pie
plant into the olliee yesterday Mn-I
had a stem 2_ feet long. Thc
plant was raised on the bench land
souih of the city without irrigation.
Grant Downing has sold bis hotel
at Jaffray to Mr. Pearson, of the
firm of Pearson A Jewell. Mr. Downing has not made up liis mind as yel
wftatjie will do, bul has bis eyes
open to anything good.
Mrs. (Dr.) Taylor ami daughter, of
Golden, arc visiting at lbe home of
Mr. ami Mrs, .1. F. Armstrong, the
parents of Mrs. Taylor. Miss Margery Armstrong has returned from
her school work at Yale.
Has every range virtue and no
range taul t, the '' K oolenay.''—Pat-
more Bros.
Word has lieen received from Sydney Orlmmond lo tlto effect that
Mrs, Orlmmond gave birth lo twins
nu the lirst of the month, belli girls.
One was dead nt birth bul Hie other
is doing well, and likewise ilie mother.
Ice cream and ice cream sodas at
•The Palm."
Andrew Wilson. son and two
daughters, of Montreal, stopped off
lasl Sunday to spend ;l day with the
oousln of Sir. Wilson, Mrs.' Thomas
Cole.    The    family     were iel inning
from a pleasure
trip to the Pacific
ir the
a short
Ed. Feagan has started a
camp on St. Marys lake ft
Crows Nest Pass 'Lumbei 1
and will put in a 'tie camp in
time. Mr. Feagan says lhat
need a big bunch of men when he gets
everything in running order.
Wanted—Laborers on the new Fink
Mercantile building. Applv u ih>
ground at once.
..I. E. Kerrigan, of the brewery,
has been spending considerable money
the past month making Important
Improvements in his plain. Mr.
Kerrigan is turning out a fine quality
of beer these days ami his business is
rapidly increasing.
Harry Griffith eame up lasl Saturday from Bayues lake where the
Adolph company have pul in their
saw mill. Mr. Griffith savs that
everything is moving along nicely
and lhat lhe mill is uow in operation-
Regular public preaching services
will Ik* held in the Metliodisl church
next Sundav, the pastor iu charge.
Morning subject, "The Life Supurb."
Evening subject,  "An  Unjust  Man
James Ryan viatttd the new
!   F" mouth   this  Week.
(i     Cummings, ol
un last Wednesday.
Di    t   It   King made a profess
vUH   tn Moyie (inlay.
F. J. Smyth, of the Muyie Leader,
was in town last  Mun.lay.
A. O, Blaine, i.f th,- Cranbrooi
laundry, is >n Calgary this week,
Register at the Dallas hotel when
vmi go to Lethbridge. Best meal in
Alberta.    C, J. Eckstorm, Prop.
K. M Her. llie engineer who was Injured two weeks ago, Is gelling along
null     A. B. Fenwiek   ol Fort Steele,
a Cranbrook visitoi this wwk.
was     N.-il McLcod Curran, ol North Stai
(Was in town last Sa-lutday io   nui-t
,    Mis.   Hams, ol T nt.,   a  -,*-.i,.-
,il   Mis. Curran, who has ...me fm
extended visit.
Fred Robinson,
town st-veiai days
lilt ss.
if Fernie, v
Usl   week
ill -ii .
J. E Stephen
it- visiting ft 1
1 lus week.
. all* iw
•nds   in
1 thu.
A good musicft-l programme will   be der.
rendered.     All are Invited.
The "Kootcn-V has the finesl fire
box of any range on the market, it
wilt keep vmir water hot.—Patmore
Oeorge Smilh, porter ai tbo Cran
brook   hotel,      Wa-s   laken   veiy     BiCk
th 1 afternoon.
Mrs. David Speers aud Miss Speers
leii last Monday for Barry, out.,
fm an extended visit.
It is statid that Mrs. C Clark, ul
Fmt stwle, suffered a Btroke of
paralysis the fust ol ih- week,
The hotels ot Cranbrook have found
it necessary lo raise tho price of
in-als    owing to the Increased price
of supplies and laboi
li. P, Kane, ol Kaslo, is in the
ciiy this wwk. Mr. Kane is postmaster in his town am) is also engaged in the Insurance business.
Mrs. C. *A. Foote, of Movie, eame
up yesterday to see her husband who
is con find at the St, Kugene hospital.
Charles Sihack, of High River, one
ol lhe prominent retail lumber dealers of Alberta, was In town this week
interviewing tho mill men.
The Canadian hotel has bwu greatly Improved by a fresh coat of paint.
.Joseph brault, the proprietor, believes in Keeping everything aboui his
premises iiiiii up-UMlate.
Frank Byron, the well known mining operator, arrived this week from
Blairmore to look after his assessment work on several properties he
has on Perry Creek,
W, V, Tale returned last Sunday
morning from au extended nip to the
toast. Mr. Tale went away lo test
and recreation and he had 11. lie
visited Vancouver uud Victoria, at-
l .-uded t he gi and lodge of tlu
Masmis, sailed and rode, enjoyed
ibe beauties of the scenery and inhaled all kinds ot salt breezes, and
u-ver lei. an opportunity go by to
say a Word for Craubrook and tho
glorious districl of Souih Kasl
L, s. Murdock, who was a elerk in
ibe slore of Real A Co., for some
tune and afterward wenl to the
eoast where he has Inin for llu- pasl
year iu British Columbia and California, spenl several days last week
with Cranbroolt friends'. Mr. Murdock was on his way to Winnipeg,
bui he may decide to locate in Texas
where he has a good proposition offer wl.
Charles Buck, proprietor of the
Palm, has been in business in this
lown just one y:iar, and during thai
t ime has made most commendable
progress. Ho came here a stranger
and in a quiet but energetic manner
lie opened his.place antl lia* given his
business close personal attention ever
since. As a result he has made a
great success. It Is men like Mr.
Buck who are a credit to any town,
and the Herald is pleased to sw thai
Ih* has gotten along so well.
Mr. anl Mrs. J. D. McBride and
daughter, Miss Edith, returned this
week from lheir trip to Hie coast.
They reporl a most enjoyable time
ami very fair weather, with the exception of a few days of extreme
heat. Miss Kdilh has grown into a
young woman since her departure
from Cranbrook two or three years
ago, and her many friends here are
pleased to know that she will spend
ihe summer at home.
Dr. W. S. Bell met with a severe
accident the other evening while riding on a freight train. The day
had been excessively hot and the
loctor sought a chair in the coupola
of the caboose to get a little air.
The air brake went into action just
as the doctor started to climb down
and he was thrown to one mie, his
head and shoulder receiving injuries
that rendered him partially unconscious for a shorl time and left him
wiih a badly lamed shoulder,
Rev. Prof. Kilpatrick, of Knox
college. Toronto, will preach at the
Presh'yleriari church in Mrs city next
Sundav morning and evening. Rev,
Kilpatrick enjoys the reputation of
being - ripe scholar and • most
eloquent speaker, and the people of
Cranhrook should lake advantage of
the opportunity of hearing him. A
special musical programme is lieing
nrepared for the occasion as follows:
Morning, "The Lord's Prayer." bv
Salter, nnd anthem. "Oh Jesus We
Adore Thee," ten*ir and baritone
solos. Evening, anthem, "Cotwuer-
ln« Kinirs Their Titles Take," Maun-
• •m i.m
Rev. Ooodiietil delivered his lecture
on John Bull las-l Monday evening to
a fair audience. Mr. flood field is a
pleasing speaker and his manner of
arranging the subject mallei of a
lecture is interesting and instructive.1
Arrangements should Iw made lo
bave bim repeat the lecture later in
the season wlien the weather hai
Arnold A Roberts . Mie insurance
agents have an nd. on the first pose
of ihis paper thai will lie worth
looking up hy (hose who spend money
In fire Insurance. The facts are a
good thing to eo by, and Ihi-* firm
presents some facts of n most Inter-
esfin-' nature. Thev take the
trouble to show the readers of the
Herald how thev ciii save motif v
when Hit want fire Insurance If
you are one who wants to save
money read the ad. if not nay no
attention to it. You are the one
tn decidi
"Jack"    Kennedy,
with   lhe  C.   P,     IL,
ransferrrd to
m w ha
el's office.
Register at
ui ti
uh.i has
at Michel.
in lhe root
lullas hotel    when
Lethbridge,     Best meal in
Alberta,     c. J, Eckstorm, Prop.
Mis. s. tt   Rycknian, accompanied
by her mother, Mts   Crosby, len   on
tt, Im-s.lav fm  \ icioria, Scattlo   ami
•titer (mints.     Tbey expect  t..     be
strict    posstngei
K., Willi Ikad-
was in lown Will Joe had    .1
has friends hi
n terest  in     Van
absent Jin
J.    s. Cai ter,   d
agenl   u|    lhe   C.   P
quarters at Nt'isuu,
in.st ol Uie    week,
iii,.ii>   dollai s  as   In
could   buy  a    big
Home's Cuban rail'
A statement was received in town
this week ihat Dave Hoover, ib.
customs oihcei iui llw t idled Slate*
at Uatewav was undei arrest [01
riiliUlng Chinamen across lhe luu
from Canada inio lhe United Stales,
Rcgistci at the Dallas bold wbcti
you t-o lo Lei hl)i itlge.      ll.'M   meal 111
Allien-,-.,     c. J. Eckstorm   Prop.
John Cholditth has received a copj
of Public Opinion from London
containing the information that ai
Lie bomb explosion   ai the wedding
of  lhe   King of  Spam  there  weie   23
people killed and UU Injured,
II. B. (iiltnour, of Vancoiivei. one
of Lite most popular men whu
in this province, is in town tl
interviewing the saw mill m
Oilmour can sell more saw mill
machinery ihan any live men in ihi
Dominion and lie always makes good
to his customers.
Register at the Dallas hotel when
vmi go to Lethbridge, Best meal in
Alberta,     c, J. Eckstorm, Prop.
Mrs. George Hoggarth and two
boys and .Mrs. K. II.'Small and two
daughters, have gone lo Elko foi a
few weeks outing. Mr. Hoggarth
went up with them tu assist in getting    them    comfortably     installed,
Miss    lim Kelt  accompanied   lhe part)
lu assist   in looking allot ibe children.
The Orangemen of Craubrook and
vicinity celebrated the 12th of Jul)
iu ihe' regular manner lo-day. Then
were (iiiHc a " timber of visitors from
the other towns in the disiriet and
the parade was the largest and besl
ever held in Uranbruok, Aflei
marching through the principal streets
the caivaeode proceeded lo thc grove
at the east end uf Baker street where
Thomas Duller called Ihose assembled to order ami addresses were delivered hv Uev. Westman, Rev, Fortune and'Mayor George T. Rogers
The line of march was again form.
and after going around several of
Mm streets they marched to the ball
lino disbanded.
Richard Strong was tried to-day
on tbe charge of stealing a poll
watch and chain from Robert Robson
an.l found gtdltv and given one yeai
in thc jail, al Nelson. Considerable
sympathy is expressed Ior Strong.
There was a time when he held one
of the best positions in tlie pay department on the construction of the
Crows Nest railway. He is a well
educated man, a competent bookkeeper and in the halcyon days of
yme was a general favorite with all
who knew bim. Whiskey was thc
cause of bis downfall an.l to-day liis but a wreck of his former self.
Born-Oh July Uth, 190ft, to Mr.
and    Mrs.  F. W.   Bidder, of Marysville, a daughter.
Born-On July 7th, 1006, to Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Drew, of Cranbiook, a son.
Rcvelstoke    Mail -  Herald:—W. C
Wells, M.P.P., has again determined
to b'c a candidate in tlie Liberal con-
test for Northeast Kootenay. He
had intended retiring from politics
but on bis.recent trip through the
disiriet he met with such an enthusiastic reception everywhere that h
has determined to run again. It is
stated that Mike Cartln may oppose
Mr. Wells in the Conservative interest, and failing him Capt, Armstrong
or J. C. Pitts will be urged to come
I s.i
Itn iiecme.
..iit.Miv  -.1-in-  ntK  ..Min,, „     _,■..,.,      M   n- BHHnjfli. the right hand man
1 inuni)   rsiaih   uas   leiiiiiuu      iron   •    ,,,„ it,.-„u  „-r._u.   l_.fi  t„. 1  c_..na .•
Ma.^'^'a &JITiro!;X^]™1 »'«"-« *«■» »' *** «™
brook,     Mr. Stark reports a   most
pleasant trip and returns filled with
thc idea lhat a rest is good for man
or beast, and that when a man takes
a res't he should enjoy it to lhe fullest limit.
years.      Mort has nut in five years cream
steady work on the Herald and    to- carried
On Tuesday at high noon ono
the prettiest weddings of tlte
son, was that• of Miss Margaret
bel Keay and Mr. Walter Krnest
Hodges, of Vancouver, which was
solemnised   at Christ church.    Long
before the UtHili hour lbe ushers, Mi.
M. A. Beale and Mr. A. C. Wilmot,
were busy sea t ing t he guest s
Promptly ou the hour Mr, Klwell at
the organ began the wedding hymn
wilh the full choir singing. "The
Voice That Breathed O'er Eden."
The groom, wilh the best 111,111, Mr
A; M. Andrews, stood expectant!)
wailing for the bride at the chancel
steps. As she came up the aisle on
lbe arm of his bioMiei-iu-law. Mr. J.
FM. PitiMiain, followed tl) little Miss
olive Baker a" Puritan maid and
Master Jackie Klwell as page. The
full Knglish churcli service was read
by the Rev. Fieiiiics-Clinion. of Vancouver, an old friend of the bride.
T'.ie bride looked beautiful in an Imported gown bl Tambour lace, made
up over cream satin, and wore a
filmy veil caught with orange blossom's. She carried a hodqtiet of
bridal roses and white carnations.
The Puritan maid was dressed in a
Ik and wore n pink sash and
basket  of pink roses   and
dav Is a part and nareel of the    in-, sweet    [was.        S'.ie had   a    pretty
ful bridal  table was    I in thedhring-
""iii and mallei tables were ai-
rauged upon ihe v, rands toi tb.*
guests. Lii. 1 1 ha'npaj;-- ■ .1- el t -
"-1   with     the     wi I ling   ca .■   and
wilt) in.i : m re ..1.1 n lo the
.mi- ami gm uu The wt ldin> -ills
a'i re man) ami beautiful, ... ting
of sihei and eui .i.i-., useful ,mi-
c -•. at,.1 numerous .:. 1.. Among
'I'*' gifts   wen     1 vt >.r  t.    | painted
pictures, the an -.      m..
bride's molher. ihere are many
gifts th.it were nol [orwarde I here
bin are awaiting Mr. and Mrs Hod-
in iheir new home al  Vancouver.
r ■
id bis bride   with
a    beautiful    pearl   bn ueh    and
aiuathisl ,tn 1 gold bracelet.
Photographs wen ■■ -i tlto
bridal parly on t» ..,-• si 1.- of the
house nn i lalei picUin s were laken
of all lhe gue 1 1 *n    n,;.
veranda.       Ju I  as  M     bridi     left
Ihe guests 1.. chai :.,\.:iii^
gown she threw   b.i   li .:* ai\a]
ii ■!  young friend .    caught
In   Miss tttnifi. ]   '■*. . ■ : .,,
cording   to    tradition ■        1      *,:..
snot hei    «   1! ng    w itbin  ll ■     yeai,
The guiti!        !■.     mi n   wa
■iome emb'iiml -ml lingerie h iii   worn
wilh ,, im.,' v . ie h,i irlmn . h
hands ,,f i.ii.* veivi ■   pink 1.-i-s   awl
while plumes.     I'ln   i.m ;.  earricd    a
while lm n  i'.r.i : .;■ eted
liei  costume.
Th,' liappi cou ih ! ■ -i, ■ aRei
iii.on tn 11 amid ii show er of rice
.11.d presenlal nn nf .dl  -.h.i -      The
hnneyi n    will In ■  Banff
and  Victoria Wti 1    \m 11 •   nivt
Miev will in- ,i*  h        in  Vai ■■ iver,
tlrir III tun   I nn
The bride Is  « 11 i 1 iwn in    Cranhrook where s|1(. ii,! for . num.
of vears ., ...   nn I
with ih ise wh-. ha I ihe 1 nl
ber acquaintance d ■    was always a
at   favorite.       Tl               1-    a
tner iu a promin nl          ..< (har-
i-.l    accountants      in    Vancouver
and        is    a       business     man     of
xcellenl           s',(,nl ng     nnl      fine
ronvlse         Th.-   Herald    - ii 9    the
.ipm  ciiiinle in  w biting them .1 lite
f prosperity and  happiness.
Lieuteiianl <; iveuior Bulvea, of Alberta, spenl  TV-sday ,m 1  Wednesday
in town on his wa\   tn lbe Okai 1
country,  win ■■ will   Join    Mrs.
DuUea UV, . . Mi city ih,- poi -
ei noi was a guesl ,| D- J. R King,
M P P . at an iu 1 mai dinner given
for the purpose of having tliat gentleman meel a numhei Crnnbrook
people It w tl :ovemor's first
\isit to Crai 1 1 i he w.is favor-
nbly Impressi d ■■■■'. appeal nin e
'><' tlie citj .■' ; ■ rrmii ling seen-
i*i v. Sni akli the prospt cts of
Mlierta he wi I thai th tc was nothing lo prevent a ntarvrlous growth
in thai provii rinc tbe n -\t
few years, and Ihal       ri I] ng polnt-
I to :1 gmit crop      - yeai
The long   .tretH nten«w    heat
fulminated  last   •:"' ■'■■-,-   [n
1     terrlfli    ttnri     ■ *     ,-",,-
lown in -":  ■; iai IH   - •   it il   cem-
pd   n   verltab Tbe
streel.    « rc nil z 1 Ivers with n
five minut-i •■ afti r tl -' nrm broke
se, the thun lei was Bl 1 a battle
between two lines ..f artillery anl attunes the lightning was frightful to
behold. Two places ii town were
struck by th ■ lightning, Mrs.
Tbminsnn's cottage ,-■ i free just
liehind the hocnftal Tlie storm did
'Kit last long hut it will be remembered for vear<- to come ,\> 'he record
breaker in this part of tlie country.
There was verv little damaee done.
\ falling sign ir, fron* of Reid &
Co.'s   store bro I   lhe    new
nlate glass   w imlowj tli ■  '■ te-
•hutie and  1 V ffi lems  suf-
len d to some ,-\'--:.'
Close to city. St. Joseph
Creek runs through
center, aflordine excellent irrigation. Two
Dwelling Houses and
good accomodation lor
cattle.   EASY   TERMS
sliliitimi, luiium llirriiiiHKiiit thf ills-, turquol.se nn.l pearl brooch, liir* ciii
Irirt as . nowspaiM-r   man nl atiilili- ol tin* groom.    Tlte little nwtft wore
nnrl nw  ulin is    loval tiiiouirli   ami white   si.lin    liree.ln'i    Willi    lilue
IKi-oMrii tn thf HersiM,    The lleralil velvet     mat   trlmmeil    with    cnlil
Register at lhc Dalla". hotel   whon I mnnawr has known Mr. WHiies   lor hiaiil. an.l a trleorn hut.    Tlio page
vnu go lo I_e.hWrl.tee.    Best meal in   '"nnv vears afld n hetler, more lailh- was Hit- iwlplent   ol a stirk* pin    In
A'lberla     C   .1   Eckstorm   I'inp.     I'"1 man never lived.     Ile has    ?nni. the shape nl   a Inv Iwnil sel    with
  | In make n lnn« nrnmiseil vinil to his rubles, a RiTI nf   the giniiin.       lin-
The "Kootenav" has Hie Cuiosl Hro   father anil mother anil a hi" tamilv mediately alter lho ceremony at   the
value on thc market.—Palmnre Bros.  n| sK-lers and hmlhers.       His    as- chureh, n larfte rceeptlon was lielil al
Wc will he please.1 to accommodate   sneiales in lh" ITerald office anl   h's tlie    homo ol   Mrs, I'inkham.    Mr.
you    wllh  booklets and  pointers nn  m-nv tiien-ls In Cranhrook'and    the anl     Mrs.   Pinkham    stood nn the
(■he Kootenav    range, which is made   tii^iriei w'«h him i pleasant trin and verandali anil mel  lhc guests.    Mrs.
in lhe. finest equipped stove foundry  lbe lime nf his life   nnd n safe    rc- Ke»f   lhe mother nl the bride slnnil
on the North American continent by   turn In    his    duties In Prmifcrook. in the drawing room and Mr.     and
the McClary Mane-acturing Co.    For  where he has   wnn    a well deserved Mrs. Hodges receiveil congratulations
sale by Patmore Bros. popularity wilh the people. In front ot the mantel.    Thc beaiiti-
Best Meals
In Alberta.
E. J. Eckstorm
1**.»i-.**3*aiiis*s.nis*5*3-ss-ne;" .-5
DISTRICT    .*       oe
* ti a _*fi*$&04 s-.a-.a^-i-i-c-t-t-nfr-a-aa^
(From the
A. King,
Moyie   Leader.)
ll[iet|lilelii]e|il    ul    till
Si.   Eugene
Cranhrook Thursday.
Thos. L'hr.stian aud si*i*'t were
among the many visitors from Cran*
bn*oK uu Dominion Day.
The contract ior carrying 'hi* mail
between Uie post oflice ami ihe L\ V.
R. station has been awarded to KwUs
There is one man In Moyie whu
regrets wry much that lie celebrated
the Fourth' of   Jul)  no .1 .   ■
The   man requested     'I
in.i be   published,
tltlliled  ilu- requttt
ii....._i ... <i.
i.i I at
t  his
ll.e   1
The man
<i   Neill    ,,;-
wanted' to show  the Uatmaiaiis
ibe Americans     observe   iMi
ilai AboUl   'i  O'clock  ou   lbe   tl
m- ,.f ibe t.niiih, armed wilb about
Jn blicks oi dynamite ami some fuse
and caps, In* started in make limits
lively.    He set ..il ihe sticks in from
lliiee   to   HVe   IN   .1   blllicll.       Tbe   eoli
ciission bloke .me of the plate kUsx
windows in ,1. .1. Murphy's stme
mo.sl ol ilie windows in Kajfle bai
and some uf the windows in th*' V
ti    li.   station. Tbe d.tiiia-e   iiom
will probably reach $150, A com
promise Was reached and the mai
asrwil to repair all damagee Thi
.1 I', allowed him io go with j
M-veie reprimand.
A  union of  llie  Industrial  Work
ers of Uie    World was oiffitnizcd    u
Moyie last  Sundav a
flregor hall bv \\
disiriei     organizer,
made a  talk  on  the
mail-rial   benefits ol  i
aflei   tin-  close  nl   wl
tor of  tti
niuU pas
il bis
onto.      wilb
ikman will ci
in assist Dis
b.ii   practice
U Drug stoie, renal vvaiuuiatiou in
i Medual CoUere,
high honors. Or,
Keime short-
D-'iimdi and Corsan
Dr.  Moiikinan has
lany frfcmls in lliis city who will be
e him back once more.
a I in
ti.  T
(Prom ihe uut crop.)
urtihull, .U.K., and Capt.
iiiyib, president;
ee-presldenl; Sid
seei i
ami  .I,ui
a^m-d  11
pro lt-iii.
Wm.'   Irwi
Um    I.i
I'Vllh.iui,   lln
Ur.  l-'rliliani
riiiciples    and
gauixed labor,
il llle follow
eleeled: V. .1
nl lew .l.ibiision
laillbly, leeoid
Gordon, eon
Warden,   lillaliei
s, Tims.  Ml	
Thos.   I-:.  Kelt)
lancial secretart
{From lhe Kernie Ki
Tlie output of the un
N. I', t'oal company is
creasing and     wnb    oil
id has bn
eediug  month
llw,       The .Iui
lumping    un
ahead ui     lhc
es are:
Coal Creek .
The May  n-eoitl
ice Press.)
Mies (,l llie C,
^   sleatlilv      in
ne exception a
lablishud, eaci
Hie pasl loin
etuiU is a -'iy
ei. u Uioiisaitti
■ t une.       'liu
...   .'i.i,um
... M.dil
SO   I'll
leads with
Coal Creel
H4,2in    lo
a thai. Ji
uf  1,211-3
wilh u lead
2,8-J-i  Ldus
'the largest dail
iiioiiih and also in
company) was niadi
Coal   Creek  	
will   Iw
7,12!) Ions     iu Us
and Michel cutleries I
records, the formei
i edit
il  Iti
ami Mid
■ output lor    th.
lhe history uf lln
on June ill:
total  .],187
William lngerntan pleaded guilty ii
Uie puliee court ou Wednesday of be
ins a frequenter at a house of ill
fame, and was given iwo months oi
ihi- chain gang.
Mr. Alex. McDougall, of ihe Ver
nie Lumber company-, is erecting ;
tine residence near i'he null. J. li
Uroley has the contract,
Miss Carrie Mall, teacher al Kun
berley,   was In    Fernie on Tuesda)
Hie guest  of   Mrs.    (i.   H.   Lnrl.-""'
.She    left    fur Ontario    to spemi
Arrangements ate being modi
get a hose racing team togotttc
Fcrnie. Tliere are a lui ol spl
runners in town who have she
iheir willingness to join. The.
clerk is willing for informatii
ibe purchase of A light hose vev,
this   will   be seeuietl  as Son
wible.        The   boys   int. n.l	
t'lanbiool' an interest-tag run at thell
celebration on Labor Day.
■A newly married swain at Coai
Creek    had a   strenuous   time of n
lasl week owing lo perseVel ing efforts made by Un- boys hi extract
money from him tiy means uf Uie
clmrivarrl process, lie resolutely
resisted and Hie boya rettrrnod nexl
night. The police were called tu
interfere and one arrest was made,
A fair young lady who tool, part in
inciting Hu- mob and wlm defied tlie
police came within an aco of being
arrested also.
i pt
A no
swung anoiiijiaiiKU Jus. .UiueoU u t
.-uli.i.ia)   lo ma-*e .tli eXaooualio1
iin-     nmli-     i a. giouji    on    Hoii
Lieek,     ,ur. TurnuutJ is a reptj.
,i,i,,- ul   iiu-   liail siueilei   antl il
understood ihat a   deal for lho piup-
wi)     depends     upon   the report ue
niai.es.      tie lias  neni  heie btloiv   in
me uiietesi oi nis company ami has
wvilid ii.ant ail oi ihu best develop-
■ ■■I nnil.- in Ute dislriel, lie Has
m.u iii ,, reporter nut natuiail) did
no. W...nu I'l aii) .liloiiiiatii.u oil tilt)
i, -.till oi bis iltopcoiion oi lue While
iai, although n is siaitsl he was
lavorabl) impressed.
A all-Deacon   liaei arrived un    the
■asi steamer and conducted services
.rn   siiii.ia)  in     Hie   Windermere and
lllllliel    Mlgllsll    iliurilies,   bill   ortlllg
o ibe wai tii weather ins congrcga**
iions were small, lb* suits! that
.if Imped io he able lu arrange lu
Mini another man lo lake charge of
(he work here.
Capt. Armstrong has u grand, new
.d,a ili.it is worthy ot al<le..t-.ou. lie
ua.s promised u. ilaiitiiaie upon it and
_ne a cutuplele to 'ibe Outcrop, To
,1111 a vugUel) Hi.* Capt. proposes
mai Uii- government allow each
.noint.ii.i peal, lo lie given Hie name
-I in- ilrsi man or woman who
reaches ils summit. The Captain
iioiiiis mil thai this would give the
i an.ttiiait Alpine Club members some-
.lung worth while working for and
.uh on.- would wanl lo stale a new
fieak. lie als,, ii.sks, "Ubal would
.In* Alpine members, who will climb
peaks around Field ibis summer,
Hunk tl Ihey knew Uiat bete we have
.wlllll roads upon whieh Hiey can
ime as high as tbey will climb, ftlul
the base of tier peaks arc nol    then
nearly reached I'he idea is a good
•ne and everyone should boost it
It now appears likely that there
will be more ore gol out iu this
camp this season than lhe local paci.-
is ean handle aud every mine owner
i- doing bis besl to Contract tti get
"in   all id   lhe on- be can.
A young lieiiiian, who hail been
t-tupiuyeil al .wis. Hiaiiain s raiieii
.ivaf .-.in.lair nu u short lime, has
•riii missing sunt* .-.iinda) ami il is
..'.i inl Ju- nas been di owned. On lhat
in) In- lett the ranch saying he was
filing io baHie and although W. Me-
.ten nas searched for him since Alonday morning uo truce ot linn can be
.wind. All ihai is known of lbe
mail s ideiiiiiy is lhat his name   was
Hob1   aud il  is mil known where he
ami' trom.
T. C, dinners and Alex. Ritchie
.cute within Uie next few days for
..dmonioii wiih a large band uf
noises. They will cross tlie Rocky
lioiiiiiu.ns by way uf Hie Sinclair
.'ass and drive ihe animals ail tbe
way. This is Mr. Ritchie's first
trip across the summit ami lie is tak-
.iiL, many of his own animals. Mr.
.'oiiners bas made many trips over
and fm* several years this has been
ins chief occupation, He ha* bought
and sold hundreds of horses in- that
lime antl has created u business that
lias bciiefilitd this district to the cx-
lent of thousands of dollars. The
noises raised here are very liafdv and
it is tor this reason Hiey are in
maud on Hie prairie.
tStil.W    CHIEFS     LEAVE
elect | i,
a very
liotlble   uii
lining whiei
iwo nighti
dynamo foi
s burned ami
owly escaped
Saturday even .
tune time.     The trouble was ilu
damage  caused    hv  lig
Ml nek   Hit* power "lions.
previous,     Part of Un
the Fernie svstem w
Hie power hoiiw tl.u
destiiielion, The
machine was put on while tin1
was being repaired and ihe fun
lent was again tuin.il on the Penile
machine on Saturday night. The
repairs had not been thorough!*' made
and another part of tlie machine
mirned nut. Messrs. Depew ami
Hammond went up and had the
machine repaired in a short time.
Fred and Gordon Johnson and Tom
Corsan eame back from Toronto on
Monday. During.tlieir year's absence Ihey have grown into voung
F. .1. Watson was down into (he
Tobacco Plains country Ibis week
He reportr farming conditions in
■ibat section to he most favorable
this year.
Mrs.  Hamilton    and  her daufchtc
Mrs.    Edgar    Home     ami     child   of
(ranbrook, were    the guests of Wai
lace Hamilton a few days this week
II. S.  Monkmaii,  formerly proprie
ncouver   Province:—Ohio! J.
ami his parly are oil,     Clad in
picturesque native costume and   pi
ceded by Hie   Indian brass band, t
I'aity   marched    to   Uie   c.     i\ ;
depot, where bhey took tbe train f.
Kamloops,     The parly consisted
Chief Joseph ami eleven other chiefs.
Al   Kamloops   they     will attend    a
grand pow-wow  whicli will last   four
Fi mn Ihere Chief Joseph ami four
oHiers will proceed in England, to
visit His Majesty King Edward VI
The vlsil will probably last iill aboui
September I. A large body (}
people, whiles and Indians, were a
"he depot ti. see the chiefs oft, am
llie farewell given them was eiillius
lastic, Everybody was eager u
shake hands with lhc chiefs and t.
wish them Uie greatest pleasure and
f.o,rtl fortune ou their trip. Chief
•Joseph just before boarding the. Main
made a sliurl   address to bis people
. was
Judge Wilson, county court jud^e
of Last Kootenay, has banded down
a written opinion in tlowsOO vs.
the Clows Nesi Pass Coal company
which is of Importance to both the
laborer and to tin- employer ot labor,
Uial when ■_ man qulta ot is discharged be musl be paid at tU«t time it
wort-mg by day's labor, and thai he
need iml wait until iht* legulai pa)
da>   lo secure wnat  is due torn.
The judgment  lollows:
'this is an acl ion for wages. Tbe
plaintiff was t-uiplo)ed by Uie de
tcudaut b| tiie month. Certain
changes were made in lhe system ol
payment of bis wages and iiom Jul)
it is shown as a daily wage, while
other workmen continue tm the payrolls on monthly pay.
The defendants claim Uut ih
only dune   im    convenience in
keening, and thai  the plaitttitl    was
still li ml by lbe month, i
Now, as io ibis question, it seems
to iiii- that a change was made iu
■lull ami Uial How son became a day
laborer. Fust the payrolls show a
daily hiring, which I sa> defendants
explain   is  a     niat'ei   of  eon.eni.nee,
second, 'he   defendants' manager   ou
I'vamniaiioii fm discovery, slates
ihai the company owes The amount
sued for, but ii i.s nol due until pay
daj Tlieie is no siijfgeslion of all")
defense fm monthly hi ring; Hi inl,
Uie defense   itself      ipies uol   procetsl
on thai  gi oiind,  bu t  on t he ground
of the wages not being tine until pa)'
lu the face of these facts I musl
find on Hut point in favoi of the
plaint itL
As to tin- defense of the wages not
being due until pay duv. I do nol
think that point tenable in the face of
the plainLfT'e evidence, Being working by the day he is entitled to bis
Pay as soon us he has completed each day's work, and no evidence
was given   in   contradiction  of the
plaintiff on  this point.
I cannol see from the evidence adduced that Ihe defendant!, were put
to any "actionable" damage under
Hi. ir counter-claim.
Judgment for plain!iff for amount
of elaim and costs,
sale   of uu; TIMBER
Natiaituo, July B.—According to   a
well authenticated report in this city,
the Fiaser  River   Sawmills,  Lid.,    ol
New   Westminster,    is    negotiating
with ihe E. and N. Railway company
ful Uie Set uill!
acres of Umbel I
bell.        The.se land
fiver ou Vancouver Island an op-
eta party is just as liable as not to
Imi a hand-Car party also. When
lilvla Ifehl, the great Norwegian
nightingale, sang at Duncan's a few
evenings ago, one party of twelve
"worked their passage," ami iu evening dress, on a hand-car, all lhe way
from Sliawnigaii, fourteen miles up
the line. And Ute next evening Hit
same party pumped lheir car over
twenty miles to Ladysinilh and
In nue through the moonlit night,
after enjoying the same programme
by the same singer the second lime.
And such is the chani) of Miss Dalit's
singing that they would have gladly
' car red" another twenty or twenty-
five miles the next evening, if hy so
doing they could have enjoyed th.
t real again.
Canada has the largest wheat field
in the world—300x000 miles.
wheat     glowing     area
estimate),    171    million
Only 'd per cent, of this is under
If 1-1 were under cultivation, Britain could he supplied three times
over and home market as well.
Canada's wheat farm is capable of
producing one billion bushels.
Canada's   whea-t      crop    totalled,
1005, 95 1-2 million bnshels-84   mit-
ij.q  lions being from the west.
Canada ranks tenth among world's
wlieat growing countries,
Canada's wheat crop is nearly
double lhat of United Kingdom.
Canada has lhe richest wheat soil
iu tlie world.
Canada's wheat yield, 10 vears, 18
bushels to the acre; U. S., 18,
Canada's No. I hard wheat eon-
tains more albuminoids ihan Im*sI
European kinds.
Lord    Strathcona   savs Canada In
..'ii   years   will grow   all the grain
IL needed by Britain.
.  slio
md a
the crowd assembled
com pi rol ler Gibson followed in
it speech, wishing the party a
and pleasant journoy. The
taking by the members of tlm
was mu     without its pathetic
All appeared to look upon Uie
On as most grave and to feel
tile farewell was one for good
II- Nearly all llie women shed
when shaking hands with    lbe
"n Friday evening, Ibe Oth Inst,
the Ladles Aid of Marysville gave a
lawn social on the recreation grounds,
fee cream, strawberries, cake and
lemonade were served and the supply
of good things did not exceed the demand af the large crowd which assembled. The programme, whieh
fluid been arranged for, could not Iw
carried out, owing to the inability f
several from Cranbrook who had
promised lo take part, lobe present,
rf Wal-i.  ,, lhv late ll""r iU wl|bh tbe foot-
1    (ball game ended.     Rev. J. p. W'est-
uf    Cranhrook
Britain imports annually 200 million bushels of wheat; Canada sends
her only 20 millions,
Manitoba No. t Hgrd is the highest
priced wheat in (he world,
At presenl rale Canada w'ili produce hy IflOft, 2IMI million bushels of
if tiny tbo
in the lailwav
e said to be
ilualed between Nanalmo and La.h
smith, and lie to the not lb ,-f ib.
proposed extension ot tlie railway at
The negotiations    wilh
authorities aie being c.
Mr. Lesici U. Dai id,'gen	
of lhe Frasei  Rivei  Sawmills,    ana
Irom whal  informal  is obtainable
H appears thai the sawmilllng company plans to enter into a com rati
io supply trom its Fiasei Rivei mills
all the limhei lo Im- used bv lhe E.
A N. raiiwav. alsu in eui for the use
of Ute C. I' It,, not onlv on its Pacific division, but fm Its cai'shopa in
Rasters Canada
The C.  P.  [{, allnnalh   uses millions
of feet of the besi  Hum |, Columbia
til   m Hie     building     uf eats .mil ful
purposes in counivtioii with tis main
tvnance of waj  depart nt* on    u.
canons illusions iinm Ut,- Pacific to
Ute Atlantic, By Hu- ileal wnh ih.
Fraser River Saw nulls all
ber is* io be hereaftei sen
the om- source al New Wei
It is reported thai a sou
sible power on Hie Naiiainn, .,.
being inspected w ill ,, u.-w lo gvpei
ating electric current to be used m
connection with Die extensive logwinj.
operations tn be conduct eil on the im
mouse acreage of llmbei to Iw work
,',f Although ii is ti,,i d.'iinitch
Known iu whai use ibis power is li
he nut, ii is surmised thai it may tn
ullliznl for Uu- operation of eleolrli
logging    railways   imn   ibe in -i
windy twite as much money   win
be exptoded by the Spokane" Interstate Fair management this year ;is
last. Seven thousand dollars is the
est of an addition to thu grandstand, which will nearly double its
capacity. A home industry exposition will also be held in comieetion
with the fair, by tlie 150,000 club of
Spokane, anil for this purpose the
fair management     is erecting a  m.w
exposition    building,   to OQSt $4,000.
aliway TWa ,.,„-, W(|[ haV0 eftt(rfl (,hargv  o(
anage! ' ,lu' night show, and the price of admission will be reduced to ten cents
for tlw eveuilig entertainment. All
iiianui.ic!:-nsi goods of Spokane concerns will be fUnliited in this build
uii;, and machinery in motion will be
one of tin* chief attractions, There
will be music antl vaudeville entertainment of Hie highest class. It is
proposed to make this feaiute of the
Inn as poptil.ii as were Ibe old night
■shows held tn the bij; Mils by the
Dun   fails years ago.
this   ii
Md ll.
00  ol   |n
lbe   Canadian   Paeilie  have place
on sale   al  all   Kootenay points
sei ic.s   of luw    lale   excursion   Itt-ke'
to various eastern points.    The foi
iwuig   rates apply
l.'.ni'1'll.W.l. .it uai;*,s\ ii.i.i;
Kilnlii-ili-y, .Inl, s._(i|„. ,,,* |||„ |llM
.ttllllr.-. u| i.mli.iill Umi ||iis i*li-i ,,.-. i
,'iayiil ii, in,- k,iiii.ii.u.., ivas 1.1 ,!,-.!
n .Uai*jmill,. ,,|i Kl'lUti. uvilt.llg, lln
mli in.i.,    In-twn.il   hiiiiluili'v ' am!
..I.III.S1 m,-. hi |,,.    K nill.t-I It*.
nam arrived ul Aim j,ml,- ili.u i,.,,,;
if.l.1   111   l.lril   Kills iili.l U'Miii*!  Hilllll
•ll   !»',   lllll        lllll'll    11||')
..lliri' Iiiii*i| ii|i |ns Iniinii ,i
US Illll   lli'lf si, lull, i|,  lli,-,
snrls uf l„iiii|ii,.|s iliiuiui
.is iluy were in mn dress,
iuii uu ..un. misi i„ In..,
•s|iai mi lii.s Hands anil was
ilif C'omitijj liuiili-. .Vmi ..
ilu- .\laiysvill(. |Mxi|ilti si
iiiiiikii.s gel ilmiii in mul,
i.i-i.u.1 In i-lian^i', allliiiuuli
aili mi,
.i.ii i.u
,   ii lu ii
'ii imii'
t ii
iimi' Uu' I.itiiiii-iiri i„
ever played together, ai Uapiulu
.ami. gin ili,*iu logeilier ai , fen
'lays. jMll.ce liuin liir Sullivan milk'
aiwl Kimberley, and eaeli uiu* Imd nui
hi Ills days imii, belore going down,
ihev gave ilu* Marysville boys ilu*
Iniiili'si run iliey over Iimi. They
I'luiiil mu. liuin* anil iieilli.il* sid.
seo.e.1. Tliere ivas some spleiidi.1
I'la.villg on liolll silk's. Tli,. .siai
players ul Uie Klmberley team In
mr were Oeorgo Thra&lHir ami Fred
tlazen.     Time ami again lhe speeta-
nils  ninl   liilil uilli SIX In   si\ lliillil-
iii-nliii'i's were lluttcred in Hie air at
some brilliant move nf Uu* siais.
Alier ibe game llie ladies served
strawberries, lee orcam anil ruin* anil
woturil up ilie day wiih a dance al
ilie .'alls View holel. We hope to
see lhe two teams eome together at
a luture ilaii' ami luun anolilicr try
lor the championship game.
From a Spectator.
(lain.' was called al 8..'ill, and although keenly contested mul triendly
Ihrougl i, it could hardly he railed
a good exhibition game ul looUiall,
Oicasinnally Imiii leains made an
effort at   combination work, lint    it
ivas    mainly a   g-a  ol    Individual
playing. As a result boili goal
keepers hail an easy result and were
called upon bm seldom it. slop sinus
nn glial. Vance, nl Klmberley, was
everywhere in evidence ami played a
slur game fur his side.
Ward, .MaiTsvHie's lasl center forward, ami nne nf lhe best playing
thai posllion in llie Kootenays, was
so closely watched hv Mie Klmberley
.lelense Ihal he was unable lu breali
Hi rough ami seme.
Tin. game nuled in a draw,    Score
Winnipeg, July u._Fnr the firsl
Lime in the history nf this city citrine ears were seen on lhe streels nn
Sunday, the service starling at 7
n'elnck* yesterday morning ami continuing all day. From early morning till lale at nighl the cms wore
crowded more by people to ride [or
the novelty ol llie tiling than for any
business they mighl have had. Manv
visileil llu* parks which were filled
wilh |ieople all day anil cn'nris will
I* inailt- In hold sacred concerts in
several ol Ihe parks during the summer months. An important feature
in connection with Ihe Sunday car
service is the doing awav wild Hie
ilouhle lares after 11 o'clock in Ihe
evening. According to the slreet
railway company's franchise the company is obliged l„ run all nighl cars
when Ihe city has attained a population of lOO.IWO and as llial mark has-
been passed several months ago the
city council   will al once lake steps
The Iin.
Ml iiilu-,.
Iluu In
„   .aii
iii. Nelson and
Haven, Co
llulll. Itiisstallil
'iilllliiull  puinl s   t
account iiu-iii ing
night* ul Columbus Ss.i.i.ii, selll.m
dates May IH, 80 uud 211.
Uinni|ii*g, I'oil AiUuir, Port William, l.ulutli, si. Paul, Minneapolis,
(52.5(1; Omaha, 156.86; Kansas I'ily
$08.35; Sl. Louis, Jlid.llll; t'hicagu
Ull.llll. On sale .lime 4, II, 7, 2:1,
25; .luly 2, 11; August 7, 8, 11; Sept.
s, lu. Ou same dales through ex*
elusion fares will be quoted to al
poiuis iii Ontario, Quebco, Maritime
Provinces, New York and New Fn,
land. Tickets nre flrst-olass, biar
mi days limit lor return and aie subject In usual variations ol loule, are
als,. guuti iu nue or hulli directions
via llu- (Ileal I,likes, including ini'al;
.imi liirllis iiii lake steamers. lie
tailed ilil'i'iiiialinii uu application.
.1. S. Carief, D.P.A.,
8 Nelson, 11. c
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter date 1 inleml to apply lo
Ihe I'liiel Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria lor a Special
License to out and carry away timher tioin lhe following described land
in South Fast Kootenay District,
British Columbia'
Commencing at a post planted at
the soulh-west coiner ol Dan Hcaly's
limit; thence running III chains wesl,
thence llnl chains north; thence ill
chains east, thence 1C0 chains south
to the place ol beginning cuntaining
fiifl acres more or less.
Dated Ihis 2lllh day nl May, A.D.
ll-0t J.  Jorgensen.
Notice is hereby given lhat Iwu
months alter dale 1 Intend to apply
iu the chiel Commissioner oi Lam!
and   winks   tnr  permission   to pu
chase  llie    • " .    .   .  ' .
situate In
Commencing ut a post, located oi
the Koolcnay river, near iin- north-
west t -i pnsl uf Humphrey's preemption, Nn. 16, llitliie .III th.ilii
mist, thence soutli *tu ehains, thenoe
east 8<i chains, thence nuitli 2II
chains, thence west nil chains, thence
liullll    811 chains,    llieme   wesl     III
chains, mini, nr  less,   In  the   Knoll'
uay river, tl-ence along the Kootenay
liver in a suuth westeiiy dtrcotlou tu
ihe place nl ci>mnit-iu-fiiif.it.
-lullll  .1.  (Irmly.
Dated ihis nil, day nl May, aii
iiiiiii. nr,t.
r; ra
One force pinup, two awuings I
ii.1, feet in wiilth.
Nul iff is hflehv given Hint (III day.
ailer dale I Inteml in applv in ill
ih ui. Chief Commissioner of Land.
anil WniLs iui* permission tn purchase ihe following described land.
■ ni Hie railway (nun Cranbiook ti.
Klmberley, in Hie Bnsl Kootenay dislriel:
Commencing at a pnsl marked "Vi
11. Moore's \.  I*:, corner" (ami   ad
,i"i g    w.
Ihenee wesl
III  chains;
Ihenee north
commi iicemi'
Line's. N. Vi. Coiner)
iii chains; ihence sn.nl
llience east     In chains
lu chains lo pnint nl
I;    consisting    nf  liu
acres, more
liainl .In,,
il* less.
iiiih, ifinn.
W. II. Moore,
Fernie, 11. O.
N'nlici. is hereby given that thirty
days alter dale, I intend making ap
plication lo lhe linn. The Chef Commissioner nl Lands and Works for a
Special License tn cut and take away
timber from lhe lollowlng described
■ 1. Commencing at the soulh-east
corner ol Lot 0075, near Yahk
Station, Suuth East Kootenay,
tbence running west 80 cliains, suuih
Sll chains, easl 8(1 cliains, norlh 80
chains to place oi commencement,
2. Commencing at the first soulh-
 tt angle from the Moyie river   ol
lhe king Timher Lease (Lot 180,,
Soulh East Kootenay, thence running east 80 chains, south 80 chains-
west 80 chains, nurlh 81) cliains, lo
pluce ol commencement.
3. Commencing at lhe south-cast
curncr* ol No. 1, Ihence running west
80 chains, soulh 80 chains, east 80
chains, norlh 80 chains, to place ol
- iminencement.
Daled and staked Mav 18th, 1900.
J. Hanbury,
9_5t Elko, B.  C.
•e,  Rev
W.   .1.
of thf
I lul lime!
Fin wants.
Wesl man.
en ins mis    as
Ki I zpu I rick-
ears ogo,
western population,
.1.1100,  now   1,117,111111,
Sixiy days nfier date I iniend to
apply lo llu- Chief Commissioner of
Lamls and Works, at Victoria, B.C.
fm* permission In purchase ihe following described lands in Soulh East
Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post, planted at
he N. lv cnriifr ol Lot 211118, Group
1; thence 20 chains west, thence 211
chains north, ihence ill chains wesl
thence (ill chains norlh, Ihence
chains easl, thence to chains soulh
Ihence liO chains enst, Ihence 40
chains soulh, Hunce 40 chains west
iu place ol commencement,
t, t  ,  ,  *'.£-, HodBOS, Locator.
Dated Juno Ullh, 19(10. 18-Ot
lollowlng described lend.
Snulli Fast Kootenay ill.
H] Two ylnss front uili
s <)..i. ii foot otHco window
1 One 10 fool unlvauifflHl
i-liiiuni.y tup.
All in good ftuiililii
Nnl ice is hereby given that thirty
days alter dale I Intend lo apply to
(lie Honourable the i'liiel Commissioner ul Lamls and Winks ut. Victoria tnr a special  license 1,, cut anil
cany away tlmher from ihe following
described lands in Soulh Fast Kun-
Commencing at a pust planted at
the north-eastern corner ul Loi 825,
Group one, Koolenay district; thence
nurlh 411 cliains, thence east 80
chains, thence suuth in cliaius, thence
west SO uiiaius Iii Hie plain ul beginning.
Daled Ihis 34Hi day ot May, A. D.
10-51 Harold Darling.
x —* •'•
The City Council     |
have appointed      ;!;
R. Stewart!
v the oflicial scavenger-£
* of the city of Cran-1
| brook. Parties hav |
$ ing closets to clean, X
X refuse matter to haul $
| to the City dump '&
x grounds should leave f.
orders with him. The <£■
city must be cleaned. $
Address Bin 105.
irs.   I
*      I
in ui |
Apply g
F. ll. SIMPSON, |
Herald Office 1
:: Cranbrook  Foun- f
dry and
Machine Shop:
McKiniion & Johnston
Wu urn |ii*|.|uiivi!  lo
tin nil kiiuls ul rn.
.mil* work lienvy find
lielil. innk.i cuuliiii'ii,
turn shafts, i-tf.
'' Scientific    Horseshoeing   a
Sim laity
I  «J»|»Iw(**{«]w]MJ«aJ«jwJ-*jMj->JaaJsj->](_[«[aJ«|«
0%%%*«%-%-»-»%*%•»»%%*% %-»-»0
|   A. W. McVittie
| Dominion and Provin- i
i cial   Land  Surveyor. {
H. H. McVittie
j (ieneral Agent \
J CRANBKOOK,   B.   C. \
I 4
-9**********•»«•% *%-%.«.-%«% %*«•%•% <%%«0
Range, X
X       BRICKLAYER and
.'.        Fnriiii...., Boil
A and Piroplaco work 11 Bpeciul.
^        All ilt'scriiitiiiiis nf sliiiii1-
X wurk undertaken, < inlers left
A ut
*       .1. I). MoBRIDE'S
icieve prompt Attention, y
l'liune 115.
1'. II. Il,m 854.
•$ Oeo. R. I.eask & Co
Only II million nin
under eiilllvallnn or
Canada's western win
was worth so millions
s nf Hie Wl
•'l per cent,
<t is
larger iha,.
in I mi I
west  is     .Ml per    eenl
111 nf ihe western stales
homestead entries wore modi
adding 117,00(1 in population
in 8 v
il entries
•nsi-il   .-fold
Canada's western lands imve Increased luun J2 lo to per acre mi
C 'f. 11. has sold 15 milliun out of
its 2.1 million acres of land grant, 10
millions In i|„. Dominion, 5 millions
to settlers,
Lund sales i,t the west have Increased 2.1-fold in 8 years.
Cnnada has given 57 m 11 ion acres
of wcslern land In railways.
Canada's west produced, 1905, 171
million bushels ol wheal, barley and
'SM   mlmT^m^lZy^g^   ^^ ^^       ^        prodllCCd    220
, B      ; ™u. I million Inishels ot wheat In 5 years.
8 xty days ailer date I Intend to
apply in th,. chief Commissioner ol
.amis and Woiks lo purchase lhe Iol
lulling   described lands   situale lu
Snuih  Last   Kootenay,  II.  C
Commencing at a posl at  (he S
" f!r1c« ',ot mi- H'""l> I, ll"'«ce
iiinlli 80 chains, thence east 40
.mains, Ihence soulh 100 chains,
Ihence west 211 chains, thence norlh
in chains, thence west 20 chains lo
the place ol beginning, containing 30
acres, more or less.
lluliii litis sib day of May, 1900.
'-■■' Hoy 0, Myers.
Take noliee Ihal twn months alter
date I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
[or permission to purchase lhe following described lands in South East
Commencing at a point marked
James Ryan's north-cast corner
post,' planted at lho soulh-east cor
»or of Lot 2007, Group 1, thence
snuth five chains, more or less, lo
I he norlh bank of St. Marys river,
thence westerly lollowlng the said
north hank ol St. Marys river 80
chains, niiirc or less, to the southeast coiner ol Lot 0007, Group 1,
thence northerly along the easterly
limit ol said Lot 0007, fifteen chains
more „r less, to the southerly limit
of said Lot 2907, thence easterly
long the southerly limit ot said Lot
2907, eighty chains, more or less, to
lhc place of beginning, containing 77
acres, more or less.
n . j    . r.    .       James Ryan.
Dated at Cranhrook,     B   C    this
.1011. day of April, 19110. |-||
40 for a particular purpose is easy   foi
"'   us.    Because we   have them Ior all
kinds of use.    Naturally our
ls far superior to  tliat ol tlie horse
which has   to cart coal during    lhe
week and carry his owner to a [uncial
011 Sunday.    If Santa Claus saw 0111
horses he would pension ol his    old
reindeers, chop up his old sleigh ami
hire a rig Irom us. Vou shnuld do the
same when you require the services ot
a horse anil carriage for any purpose.
Especially   as our   rale of charges
makes It really cheap transit.
The llaudlcy l.ivery Slahle.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds.
nf repairing,   (live me a call.
Uur work is uur advertisement, tint wt.
pl.t this ad in llm Herald.lo
emphasize il.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue.
Nutice is hereby given that Ihlrly
days alter dale We inleml tc apply
tu lhe chiel Commissioner ol Lauds
and Works at Victoria, lor a special
license lo cut and cany away limber Irnni t>n the following described
lands in Snuth East Koolenay:
Commencing al a pnsl planted at
the suuth.eust cornet oi the (ico.
Carter limit, license Nn. nfiii, thence
running 80 chains east; thence iiiiiii ng 80 chains noith, tbt-i it. _
80 chains wfst, Uience running su
cliains suuih lo polnl ol coiiiiucii.it*
Hilled this lllh day of Ap.il. A II .
II. II. Itnss,
Jus. W.  lluss. ,1 51
Livery ^
Team, aud drivers furniihed for »U)
polnl In the district.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter dale we Inlcuil to apply
lo Ilif Chlel Commissioner nl Lands
and Woiks ut Victoria, lor a special
license in cut and carry awav timlier Imm off the lollowlng described
lands in Sniilh Fast Knoleuny:
Commencing at a posl. planted at
Hie north-east cornet of the Goo.
Caller limit, license Nn. 115-11 Uieuce
running 80 ehains cast, thenct. running 80 (ihains norlh, thonce running
80 ehains wesl, thence running 811
chains soutli to point ol oouunence-
Dated this 91h day of April, All..
H. H. Ross,
Jos. W. lln...        ut
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting for afternoon*or evening en-
tertaliinients   at   reasonable   rales.
Ouess    work   questions supplied, or
I typed Iron, copies. 45.4 ♦
 _""""'▼▼♦♦♦♦ VtMM444444444_kAAAA-_-l 44444444aaaaaIa^_^^^
To road the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep postect on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. v* Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Mure iban soiiiki miners le
u the aiuiuai   dcmonslra	
rorkshire   Miners'   I mmi ,,i
Ensl  Bali's ai  one lime a
ml   lalfi  a  w,.|| !,„„„„  ,,1||H
"ft al Muldh-liaiu in hi,    iw,
ik  pal I
■I   the
am. il. A fe™ H-WHIl slu inking
awa. Inr seventeen years     The  iti"
,-n-r   Iinm    which he i.   nit ,
I null n    as  ..slfO,„al.„i,,,   .unl    s     a-
'','„„   ,'""     i,S.       "'"-'       lbs'lllfl,,,.
,,,,'  It l,'1 ",'u «"' l>* ■""""■
caused ta   Hi,, diss,,!,,,,,. „, „„. ,    ;
,n '•""    composition.     Miller    *■"'
Take imii
din- I. tli,.
apply i„ ihe Chiel ci
11 "v days afier
||.   intend    in
iiiiiissiiincr    ,
nerif.l nf his illness he lir
lv three left ..n,l nuw he
■hild's cot.     His |„.a,| uh
Lands and  Winks at   Victoria,  f"i   a
special license to cul anl carry away
     ..iiii--r    wasltifnber Iron, the lollowlng described
originally 5 wet 8 Inches tall,    hut'lands in East Kootenay:
Inst neai-1    Commencing at a pust  planted   at
lies in    a  ih,. south-west corner of Iol 1084 (VI.
  anus- remains  Hamilton's pre-emption),  llience    su
.1 nuriiial si/e, anil liis brain is ah-  chains nesi, thence 40 cliaui-
niiliiially aclive. llience  811   chains  east,   theni
  ! chains,   more or less, in the
The remarkable successes „[ Ulster- ul commencement
tutu in lhe diplomatic st'iiiee during acres, more or less,
iih* pasi lew   years    hau* a'ttraetttl Geo.  A. Lettch, Local
much attention,    and special Intereswl   Dated this 2nd   day ol J
-    pnint
containing   :i20
H   has   been stated    Ihal Rl i,„„
1,1"    '•' Nottingham, has been of-
'J'"1 "'" '""•" I ".''  '..   ,h„
Queen ,,i Spain.
A fireman named ii,,in*
fined ai Unoasle. wa, ,,'
Intoxicated by his    lallu.
H'C     llllllk   •■lenninnliiii,
1 lllll....
The   headless skeleton n
ol General   Humbert's ai
Invaded Ireland    in i;ns,
found in Coolamlicr ling '
""l Co., Longford, Ireland
..bn Wj-
."■I to I"*
In  lepeat
I    llllX.lclU
attaches to thc appoinltneul jnsi au-
iIBuneed ol Mr. Robert John Kennedy. C.M.G., (iiaige il.tllails al
l'el lin.lf. lu he His .Majesty's iiiiiii—
it-i lesiiit-ut ai Monte video. Mr,
Kennedy, whose residence Is ail Cul-
tra, County Down, is Hie son nl
.Ii. Robert Stewart Kennedy, .ml
married in IM. Hie Ht.n ' llenlia
Want daughter ol Hie fifth Vlscoi.nl
Bangor, lie was bom In 1851 unl
idiiuaied at llain.w ami Oxtord,        i
 *  I
llll.l,    llll.l.     Ill ll.H MAMMOTH
t ......
J une
A. I>.
Notice is    _,   ,.,   .
 nl  lo apply  to
 ud ' ■■ -i     ni Lands ami
if Wmi.,, ,ii Vii ■,,t,.', ;.,,* permission to
pun hmt* lhe . II h i.. lescrined lamls
mi Hu* railway fro... Craubrook to
Kimberley, in Hie Easl Kootenay
Commencing al .t post, W. H.
Moore's N. K. eornei (and adjoining
W. Love's N IV. n'l.*.ei i thence wesi
Hi chains, lh i; e south I" chains,
Uience t-.i : i'l chains, thence norlh
Hi chains i,, polnl ol commencement,
■*   *   more nr less.
Vi. II. .Moure.
'I-.'  ' ''■■iiJlJjA-J'"'"   "'•*'       «>
• Chi '   "
"I a ""I r
...I uliicli
has been
neai iliuii-
Therefore, to read
Tlie Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay.   It publishes all the
news of
general interest from
Moyie, Fort Steele,
le, Elko, ifhorrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yeexr
$1.00 For Six Months
(Herald Publishing Co.
I F.  E. SIMPVnw   M.  umitso
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
i >
» '
Seven pennies were .sold for £137
at a sale of Anglo-Saxon coins lield
recently at London One uf Cynelh*
HI hj ilu- wiitow of olf.i, brought
t.'ii lfls . white a BrornwnU poiiiiy
was sold f.u £25 10.
The education committee of the
Qravesend Borough oouncil has de-
ridid io send a party nl girt pupil
teachers to Prance during the summer holidays lo study tin- French
language.        „
The'Oeorge Inn, uf North SI
Philip, the oldest Village ah house it
England, is   to !><> pulled down,   Thi
Notice Is hereby given that Mun
days aftei date, 1 intend lo app'
io ih.- Mun. L'hiel Commissi oirer i
Lands ami     tturks und    in llie An
hlt-ialU LotllUliaaluitvi ul l.,.iiil*s un
tlolt.3 lul Uld UlSlliCI ul l.a-^l Kuu
ti Ua) , Kit a iui li.-..- io pl'uapvcL ioi
l Uai AUA (" HUH uiu tin UL: (UilUtt III-
UtofHut-U   ia.i.1,   Miumc   uii   liui.li'ai.
 , I  .Wit III't   LUe.',   UUOUt   .M->lli   UIU -it   ||UI '   '
.      .   , ,   ,     .,      n.l      t.        .   V     ,t    I Ul   Uie   L'anaU Ull   iaiUR'   lai.lU.U,   al
Seattle, July .i.-llv Great North, ne6( u(     m    -|a|||w J|U,
it and Northern Pacific railways UIH| |loilj| vi iiH- trow* *«»i t a.
nc prepared preliminary plans lot loui tompuiiya mim, in-nig ju:
a mammoth hold at Vaueouver, and norni an., uujaceni iu umurlleia
.gents of the two railways Imvo at- JJJ ^Jjm" clttl»J|J» WIluwJ IWtt»**
nsady looked over several available ^,(llf'
riles oi the building. Roughly tho| A< Commencing at a \i
Hotel will cost wlien compJeted and one Uiue Uoi'itt ut uie uui
uriiislKxi in the nelglriiorhood 0r ucr oi u. u nuawiiicms a
I*" same being Hie nuiiai posl u
•",,l.l,0°- ,     toeiter-b u.aim ana ummotl
Tlk- holel   uill  Iw lu-ttM*       luiilil s     norill-easL   lu.i.t-t '
'st planted
cousistifl ■ ol i • ■■
Dated ./une Ifith, 1006,
Nnii.-e ti hereby given thai sixty
■lavs after date, i intend makfRR application to the Hon. Tin* Chief
oramlssfonei ol l.,.' is nnd Works
i permissk'n to inu.li.ise the lot-
wing desriii.. ii :.
Commi ii. .:.z at u posl planted at
the south east corner o! Iol N'o. 6345,
s.ui.I Creek South Kast Kootenay,
ihence runi u wesl -v" rh.un-, souih
I'. chains, mi i l-"-1- to lot No.
6313, Uience e. SO ihains.
hains, more ot lei
Dated Mav 31st, lOOl
ll-!ii        John llanhiiry. Elko.B C
. imtlh it,
lo place     ol
.'ieeiise dales from 13(17.   Kach
of the picturesque nlil sli iieltin
hangs that lieneaHi.
A woman who applied for a
mous for a separation otih
IVIllesden told the magistrate
her hushaiid usually allowed
1 about four cents every eighl
for housekeeping expenses.
Mr. .1. v., Raphael, ihe well known
Oxford aiid Surrey cricketer, Interna
tion a I rugby football player and ex
president of Mie Oxford University
Swimming club, has taken his B, A.
degree at Oxford l'niveis*ily.
Mr.    .1. M, Dent, of the publishing
llrm of that name, has decided      I
remove his works   from  I > mtnii    i
holel will in* owned Jointly hy
he l;wo railways, and each will bu
ifspniisihle for Ilall Mm cost of coil-
rtruoUon. As sihiii as a site is
ffcuretl architects will proceed with
.he work of getting out detail plans,
uid a more extended announcement
viu he made concerning the projecL,
It is Mie iuleii!iuii that the hotel
dmll be under eonslriietio.ii as soon
.is possible, as il is desired Ui have
.1 Jiiiislud by thu lime the V., V. A■■
,•'.. and Hills line lielween Winnipeg
ind Vancouver are completed. i
Neither tJie Great Norllwrii nor tho
Miithein I'acilic as a rule emhaiks n
.he hotel husiness, nolli having here-
.oforu aliHulnl slrutly iu railway
uiairs, hul in ihis instance they ba\u
iceii forced iulo it because ol thy
•(jinpeiitioii of the Canadian I'acilic
.awuay. Jim mil's passwiita: om-
_ials have Uiiiiid mil souiewiial lu
lieu co.vl that ill Driiisii l u-iuinhia
illii new wul
mnsi    resorts     ull   aet as    must
su i-lia-ifl!
^ii.n, uiouce ;>o tha.ns ea,i i,
au chaius mu Hi io place u. oiuu
contuiiimg uuoul u.u acres
inan-ha l
»l I1C1,
Dominion Lands
,Uell "i Br.tlsh
' mesteaded    hv
^ post   planieil
mn i.il
eta I in,
est s in
i hams i
chains »
Ml-wosi cornel
■•t.     Ml.-iicc   50
" chains west
uh     lu   place '
coniaiiiiiiN aDom (J/J
l>- 'J. Dcmorcs
J- li. tieitipnui
i Uieu
I hone
01    ui«l
■i es,
Any availabl
Within the Uai.'
Columbia, ma)
any uun.ua iv.<o ,a m-.- mhv in-.nl oi *
family, ui auy male ovei la years ut
age, iu ihe extent ui oue-tiuai'tur
section oi mn acres, mure .'i ness,
L'ntry must be mode personally at
tlie local land oflice for lhe district
iu which Uie land is situate.
The homesleatlei is required to perform the ctni.ii i iun.*. connected therewith nn.iei one of Uie (ollowiug
(l) At least six months' residence
I upon an.l cultivation of tbe laud iu
'each yeai fui three years.
(i)   ti the falhei (oi mother, if tht
is .liei-.,!,, ol Mie homeslead-
des mi""   ■  [arm in lhu vicln-
iiered    foi, the ie-
to residence ma)     be
h person residing wnh
■ ■h ■
^mvm   claim, °'ff sume m,^
-    - -   Uw    initial    post      „i       r       "8
ot t.i'. it. hoiels and  {mu«wj>,s flaiiu, and marked
Hie garden
lint) al |ire
300 people i
of I.i'tchwiirih.
employs more
ts Bishopsgnto
Princess Louise Agusta paid a surprise visit recently to the labor homo
if the Church "Army, in Crawford
street. Mary Idiotic. She sawed a
log of wood, afterwards chopping ii
inin firewood and working lhe bundling machine.
Mr. Dewar, the chief constable of
Dundee, complained before the parliamentary committee on Sunday
ding that lhe young penpta of
Dundee spent their money ua Ice
.ream Instead nf contributing to the
lmi t-h collections.
"T. J.
 —dt-rs    tu   the    Unadmn   ttoaiwi 6U * chains" ".V «,-"-;irnw
u'anscoiitineiilal line. , chains north, tht-nee su clwni ,    bU
Sui u-lone iu Uriush Columbia     is   thence 80 chains    south i   .    \
.he Canadian roiwl making inroads on beginning, coniain.iiE ' u ' li'L' ut
..real Norlltcrn and Norttreen t'aeilio  acres. °    a"u;,L    *>ti>
.lusuiess, bui it ii. galhering up ptts-| T, .1. Dcmorest   Local
icnger irallic   right on I'uget Sound J. 11. Ilcmphiil   Aeuiii
Jiroiigii lire    Instrumentality   ut its' '    6
•xcvllint   steamship    service between!  ■
it'itiUc and Victoria and   Vancouver.!   .j    /• „,,,,
following ihe ereclion uf the hole' at V j ,,!!,, f6 dt a P**8* pUntwl
at Vancouver it is possible lire Anrer- nei th! ' m"u'sl s suiuh-wusi uui-
ican lines may branch out inio the ul Univ iS ^"lfi lUc ll"1'*11 post
-oasiing sicaiu.hip business. i "i,,,;,   \      ",'1 s Clil"». and uiannd
It is reported in Vancouver    that   n, „,..'   «. '",L'1 s south-easi corner";
.uriug the past ten days an agent ui ,iuitiH wti^J^^J***    »"
thenee su ohains suuih t„ uin!
lw_eini.»M    eoiila.nfng    about
It was announced tliat 24,HI persons—half lhe population of Swinton
—took part in the annual week's holiday of the employees of lite Oroal
Western Railway works there, six
thousand went lo Weymouth and four
thousand lo London.
Mr. It. 11. Pope, driving a 21 h.p.
motor-car, antl accompanied by tliree
passengers, bus succeeded in breaking
the record from Monte Carlo to London, lie made the journey in 36
hours S minutes, beating the previous
record by 8H_ minutes.
Alfred Field, a bookmaker, was
fined $1 500 at. Acock's (lieen. near
It rniiTiLfhaiii, for using his house for
the purpose of hel ting. When the
house was raided more than 10,000
bet i ing slips represent ing i ransac-
t ions amiHiiii'iug to thousands of
Pounds, were found.
It was slated recently at a public
hearing in Australia thai £1,000,000
iv.iilh of rabbits were shipped to
England every year; ihal I-he rabbit,
as a commercial commodity, was
"only in its infancy," and ihal the
hade would piuhahlv grow to £•">,-
000,000 a year.
"I think that I um deserving of a
little appreciation," said Peter Marker, who made his forty-eight li np-
pearun<'e al firiinsby police n.url on
a charge of drunkenness. "I have
"Hired from     the    felony husiness."
Yes," the stipendiary' replied, "I
see it is seven years since ymi were
here for felony."
A resolution was carried at a meeting of tire Dublin corporation to remove from ihe hall of the municipal
buildings the statue of Oeorge III.
The mover of the resolution, Alderman Kelly, said lhat it was not a
work of artistic merit, and was not
jxecnted hy an Irishman but by a
Dutchman, and that tne King was represented as a Roman Highlander.
Mr. James Kendall, the secretary
of the  Manchester   Grocers' associa
te (ireat Northern and Norllwrn uieuce ai
i'acilic examined, among oilier sites, beginning
hat on which the old courthouse Is
duuied ai tire corner til Hastings
md Gamble streets, The central
ocatlon of ibis block is tine uf the
principal point's in iis favor, and
provided il can be purchased when
■fold by l he provincial govermm n-i,
may become lhe site of Mie new
hotel, whioli will he one of tide finest
ou the coast.
ei  resides
ity ol thi
satisfied by i
the father or
yd) it the settler 1ms bis permanent residence upon fanning laud uracil b) him in the vicinity uf bis
bomeslead, lhe requirements as to
residence maj be satisfied b> residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
ui Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol intention tu apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at tlu
per acre for son coal and i*^u fur
anthracite. Not m. re than 321)
acres   can lie acquired     by one Indi
....,....,;. Royalty at lhe
_ of ten cents pei iun ul -,uuo
Pounds shall be collected un lbe gross
Deputy uT the Minister of tbe Interior
N.H.—Unauthorized publication    uf
this advertisement will nut be    paid
b iu
Kmily Corner, Locator
J. 11. Hemphill, Agenl.
The provincial library in the Free
Reading Room, Watts block, is free
to all and contains one hundred volumes, alt new, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful arts, literature, description and travol, fiction, juvenile
hooks, biography and history, by
some of the best authors of the day.
Any resident of Cranbrook or vicinity is entitled lo the loan of these
hooks as lung as such person complies with the rules, having firsl
signed lhe agreement, which wiil be
presented by the librarian. Below
are a few of the rules to be complied
Books must be handled with care
and leaves must uot be turned down
Two volumes may be drawn by each
reader and retained for iwo weeks.
The fine of five cents shall be puid
for each book kept over time, and
no books shall be lent to any une
to whom books or an unpaid line or
lines are charged.
A reader desiring a book nut at the
time in the ease may have it reserved for him for forty-eight hours afier iis return by giving uuliee lo tlie
A reader returning a book, which
is not reserved uiuy renew it for
two weeks.
in addition to this library the room
is supplied witb the leading newspapers frum tlie Atlantic to lbe
Pacific, also magazines and periodicals.
The room is nicely furnished and is
a comfortable place lo spend your
spare moments, and is nol run by,
iiur In the inleresl of any church,
party, or clique. Everybody wel-l
cume. Remember the place, second
floor, Watts block, over Mtghtoa'i
tobacco store, Baker street.
5.   Commencing at a    posl planted
on© mite north    ui Emily   UonwS
orth-wesi  turner,   the  same    Wu
m initial  pus. J   j. H. Hempffi
bum    and   marked "J,   ii. {lt:m.h
is nun .-west corner"; thence in
chains suuth, thence ho chains easi
ihenee Ml chains north, ifenn «J
du ins wesi iu place uf beginning
containing about 040 acres.
J. 11. llenijMill, Locator,
Por First-class  ftusic
I'   PAST.,   i:
ti. Commencing at a post planted
at J, ii. Hemphill's north-west corner, the same being the Initial post
uf it. t{, Belden's claim and marked
"R. (J. Belden's south-west comer":
tbence «U ehains east, theme SO
chains north, thence Mi chains west,
thenee SU cliains suuih lu place nl
beginning, containing abuut
R. G. Belden, Locator,
J. If.  ll.inphll, Agent.
. Commencing at a post planted
__j mile West of a puinl about
iwu miles north of R. 0. Belden
north-west corner, the same licinu;
the initial post ul A. K, Wayland .-
claim and marked "A. K, Wayland*i
north-west corner"; thence mj chain,
eust, thence mj Plains south, thenct
80 chains west, thence BU chain*
north iu place o( beginning, containing about iiiu acres.
A.  K.  Wayland,   Locator.
J. H. Hemphill, Agent.
t It, .•ul.ii-l.-.,.,.!,• .1.,™ ♦
t   Ail1-         :.:   :
h. Commencing al a post planted
wl A. ti. Wayland s north-west curlier, the same being the initial post
ui A. Ci Hemphill's claim, and
marked "A, C. Hemphill's northeast corner'" thence 80 chains west,
thence fid chains suuih, Mi.-uce Ml
chains cast, tbence nu chains north
iu place oi beginning, containing
aboui 010 acres,
A. C, Hemphill, Locator,
,1. II, Hemphill, Agent.
TO    COVER     30,01111     MILKS
t). Commencing at a posl planted
at A. C. Homphill's north-oast coiner, tide same being the initial post
of V, W, Hemphill's claim ..ml marked "K. W. Hemphill's south-east corner"; thence KU chains norlh, thence
SU chains west, thence su chains
south,   Ihence SU chains easl   to pla'e
uf beginning, containing about    0-lu
F. W. Hemphill, Locator,
J, II. Hemphill, Agenl.
Commencing at
W.  Hempb
Victoria, July fl.-NichoIas George,
Won,"  1oi.r,*th^,^inVlcom,niirieel;iilril   0rMk'   *hn   Stftrl*d   fl'°'»   »<«iupcst
bolh houses ofpa       ii Sj'W?? Tr' ttQ ml} ty0"! mH"    in
considering   the aie"um   o    SimdJ»'S1,,rop0, A,r,Ctt ,a,l(i     AmfiHc» wi,llilli
x.rsrJ31 ESES'vrra»tot	
  I iZlZf W'T", iv,il"il!'K "' F"mi"' ml l'l"•,"''•80 ,ll"i"*- wci in i 1 ™ uTlJ
ignt&ft ff',iBls ffi^3f A"*K ,ras &*, ' aini"s *'" "1"
^n Mi.ier,ri^vS: 3rd. z^mi^Jz^r^^i    1. ll ZtfaffiS- mt.
a prist planted
Miiillniasl Mr.
the inilial |iusi
"i nn.l  liiiilKttl
qo day  roil ii J trip
Winnipeg,  Porl  Ariliur,   Duluth,
St. Paul.
Through Excursion Kates
Toronto, Monlrt-ul, Maritime Provinces, New York, New
on Application,
Dates of sale :   June 4, 6. 7, 2i, 25.
July 2, 3.   August 7, 8, °.
Sept. 8, 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations
of route and include meals and
berths on C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
(inn. Hillier, Agent, Cranbrook
J. S Carter, D. P. A.
Nelson, B.C. 8
—_    _  _—.»
H (Nfmpee Ht Iwotcnas malice
Rich  Lands Waiting  the  Touch of Water  to  Make
Them  Extremely  Productive
W»as*t«****** ooo w a ms 33 iun mtoooiommom om*
li  is Impossible
wide, ttat expansi
^^^ of  either  side    ol
the Kootenay river from Gateway lo
Canal Flat wiihout leellng that this
great area has an Immense agricultural significance, it fills all the
requirements demanded by ihc eye oi
ilie mind as an ideal champaign
country. One's Instinct insists thai
ii is a land made lor pro\ id ng
in lines fui hundreds ut the quid,
peace-loving,  home-keeping  folk   viiic
ale   tbe     iu.iill-.laj   ol
ii \. A ctosei
confirms the first imp
ables uiu- tu grasp a lew ol the practical dilliculiu-s wluii lu- in ilu- wa)
nl   Hie   actual   il.w i.ijMiKlil   ut   ill,-   i.
sources ol Uie valley,     Latei uu
becomes deal ihal, ialv.ii ,-,, li ..,..
heuse, irrigation is in.- nuiic pioaiem
vtlucii Hill smui ileniaiiil hUlUlluii uu a
_*■(_,, piaeinal uasis; and  tins uppi.tb
a.i nut. I.  lu  lhe  ileal  si
a.s ii Uues tu ih.- easl
.11 U ill
d   eu-
oi in-
\ Kicd    1
an.)   in
au.i |»
lilt)  a.ll
i-9 **•■»*"
^^^^ lebauch uf    g.iod
limes; hul ii will possess a certain
elemen' < il assured success as a
st\i\t'.\ point fur Mie country up along
Kindle j1 Creek, Mie Uppei Kootenay
rivei anl in* l ppei Columbia take.
\ jl will he sone 113 miles from
Gold, ii and ahout 70 miles from
Cranbrook, it is nnt unlikely thai ihc
l-'lai will he a kind of divisional
liuiiii on ihe new road. A not hel
thing which vvill tend to the permanent success >>f Mn* Flat vvill lv the
convenient site il will afford Ior saw
mills for ih.- m,ui factum of the
lumber ul   ihe limits along lhe  Uppei
Kootena) nnd White nvei. To drive
lugs r ii iiii tiih.*i of the streams men-
tjomd is. .ii present, a "lost ha&ard-
uus undertaking, owing lo tin* in._n-
ii.'i in whieh ihe k.mienavs spreads
ml .iv.-i sand bars, islands, backwaters and what mil, between the
un iu Hi ul Kindle} Cnvl, ami the
Skooktmiehuck. Sume wlm have
iiiiil tt iiu. bud ihal their logs vvill
.i.si them a pret-ty penny by Uio
inm- tlin have them at Inelr nulls
tuwu ih.- 11 ver; and Ihose who have
tn.i innl n an- not llkd) t.. take
.li.inns ,is lutig as ihey see a chance
..i manufacturing at   a point   whoro
I liei ivill n.ii run Mie risk ,.f losing
half the siasun's cut in driving on
Imd water.
Lu.ii ul  tlie  KuunliaV   Vu'.iJ    ft Uvl	
Iliigtiviou iiuesuuii is ui... ii .n liana
a.s a piiniic ui.ii iei ami iuiotpuuci}
dealt wuii uiiiici federal ui riuviii
cul  auspices.
li.-irttvn blieep creek and Hull inc.
Un- lollowing creeks cmM l\oii,
lioiisou,   Lewis,     unm iv,   I iuc),   •■
.Wile,   ■!       .Wile,    Uu.I    ii.ii.sf     ilium'.
Uon.e Shut- and Lusl i ivcb, tn
Uiu euine    numbei   unl)   mm liofs.
tails* mlu  Ihe hOOteliiiV;  lhe le.sl  Mil..,
oi luse themselves, and nml in. ii
level ny undergruuitd eoun.es, am.
come up in un* luini oi ^ntiiij.^ in in,
boiiuin ui ihe liver. lite) .ue u.
nu irnganle value iu Mie land, die
day il will he necessnl) io slou
the waters ui those ch-cs hv damn
mg Ihem at paints abuve ivneie the)
sou. unu the giave-ls- 'tin- providiiiB
ui those reservoirs for storage pi.i
puses, ihougb prcsuit'iug some points
ui engineering dillicully, wul pe en
tiiely simple am' inexpensive as compared wnh ihc giaui iriigu-tiou
sclicmes either now periuetud, or in
actual progress at present, in Idaho,
.Molilalia and different places in l.b.
On Mie wesl side ..( Mie Kootenaj
tliere    is  a    deal  ul      veiy    line lau-i
though in general suuiewh.it i,.<
heavily tunbend lo be attractive Ioi
farming purposes. When Mie propel
time, cumes, thf waters of Chert")
Creek. Ta-Tn Creek, SkookuniLliuch
ami Kimllcy Creek will he used to
iirigale Uu land whuh imw oni)
supports Ute forest  growth,
The necessity foi -speaking a tore-
won! ou ibis mailer was pressed mi
the writer's attention during ;i irif
us fur as Thunder Kill during Mu
recent scorching weather, A den
has Iri u said and written ahout lh.
beauty and fertility of lhe Winder
mere country, ami, doubtless, il deserves every word of praise ii has
received; but it can be asserted wiih
all truth ihal ihe land around th<
Upper Columbia lake is nut natural-
ly as goud as what we have arouni!
Cranbrook. li is mostly a yellow,
light, sandy suii, wilh very li I tli
vegetable humus occurring in it. h
looks hungry, dry and unproductive,
but its fertility is amazing when
water is provided as ii most ahund
an Uy is at Winfleld Park, jusl ahove
lhe 'Thunder Hill concentrator, lien
Mr. Santo has a wide stretch of exeelleul meadow un the hutch nbnvi
the lake, and this owes its existenci
mainly, il not entirely, to lhe syslen
of irrigation he has devised from a
small creek witich comes down fron
the high range behind his house, It
one of the ditches from this creek
which comes rii;hi through his barn
yard, small trout can be seen
Anolher ditch flows through a liuin
ishinjr fruit and vegetable garden and
is ihen carried across Mn- big meadows where ihe olover an I timothy
thrive splendidly. Below the meadow is lhe lake, blue as sapphire;
beyond are Mn- crags ami splintered
spires and pinnacles ul the Hockles
shimmering and scon h ng in ai
Inferno uf quivering heal. On thi
UM n Held Park side, wilh Irrigation, is eofrlness and fertility; on
the oiiher almost absolute sterility
PXcepI at Grainger's ranch ivhich
seems a lovelv little place,
Aficr experience "f Cranbrook
prices fur vegetables, il was ;1 sur
prising thing to see Mn* owner <>f
Wmlield feeding exeelleul radishes tu
bis slock. Lasl year his tows ate
up Mu* greater pint of bis lomntocs
lie had twenty limes as mini) as
be could find use for, and from appearances, it will he the same case
ibis year. Thiiih uf giving cows
tomatoes worth, retail, here with us
Ihis minute, ine. A  | nd       ll    hints
like feeding cattle mi dollai hills.
All iif which sets one thinking ol
whai ihe Kootenay Central will
mean foi the country up where, anil
■the country down ' hen-, loo, when
the ranchers can gel lheir produce lo
a  g*n>d   malket,   and   the   people     cai.
avail uf a better cond'tion or prices
Mut thinking ghoul the K, C. v. will
not solve ih.- problem of where,
exactly, it will go. (hi this head, it
is certain lhat il will run where Hie
road is now graded for fifteen miles
or so. south of Golden, and that ii
must pass over Caiml Plat, since the
high mountains nn either side tr', Ihe
valley render ihis niitdit  inevitable.
The Flat embraces some li.OfiO
acres, and a deal of il is prfmb land
at present covered wiih a dense
growth of poplar and willow brush
Thai land will never need Irrigation,
as the soil is watered hv percolation
from ihe Koolenay river, whieh is
somewhat higher' ihan the nrncral
level of the Flat, though il never
floods it owing to Mn- bright of the
bank un the snuih side of lhe section. Onee upon a lime there vvas
a townsite named Grohman laid mil
here. That was wlun lhe canal
scheme was in flower. All ihat remains of lhe townsite is lhe'wreck
of an hotel, Hul there will he
anolher town there soon, and busy
doings, and mighty sfluanderlng of
good money for Imd whiskey, and a
big boom.'and the boom will leave
Uie tuvvn after   it,     shaky, nervous
Washington, -Juno it.—The steel
floating drvdnck Dewey In town of
ihe colliers ainclcr, Brulus and Cae-
,u and 'be tug Wompatukg, all
inter command of Commander
Harry II. llowley, United Stales
navy, is due in ieach Manilla •luly
12, when sin- will have covered a
distance nf something like 12,000
mites. The Dewey, which is ileslgll-
d in duel; tin- largest ship of the
\in.-in.m navy m the fur easi,
started     frnm     Solomon's     Island,
daivlan.l,   Dec   -Mil   last,   bound    fur
i iie naval station of Olouapo, iu
Mibig Hay. abum iu m les north of
dan ilia, which is tti he the perma-
i. ui station of ihe big duck. Few
naval movements uf recent years have
il traded so much all union as lhe
long voyage of lhe Dewey, the low-
.ng nf sttcTi a big body for su great
i distance being a problem of itself,
.in,) besides this Ihere was a considerable daiiget uf stoi ms, especially in
Iw Indian ocean. Commander I loss*
cy's achievement in reaching Shiga-
lore, Strait's settlemtnts, which Iw
li.l mi June -1st, without serious
|i, created keen inlerest thiuugb*
There is a Russian traveling in
the Western Slales who lias the
simple name of Iteigtiaiidhelwichoi-
bcweisMMvit/.son, If he should eome
to CranbiiMik Vic. Rollins would
have lo give him a whole page in the
holel regis-ter.
We hope that every school child in
Cranbrook and the distr.et will read
lhe artiele in ihis week's paper ou
Canada's national Hag. Tot) little
attention is paid to tth1 Hag and too
few young people know Mie tacts
about Canada's flag.
The   following   press  despatch   hum
London shows how fat "soclelj"
will go iu liie w.uship nf Mie al
mighty dollar:
Society was a hit slaggeietl at
first ht ihc aim.mi.ceiiitul that a
marriage had been arranged bei ween
Lunl lla.Iih,. eldest sou and h.-ti ol
ihe Eail o( Aberdeen, and Mn». Cock
vane, a linen draper's widow heretofore unknown among ihe fashionable
elect, but recovered Us composiiie uu
learning thai m.. tlaueeu has lots ol
l*U  lhe .st|iiai'e,      nuw,   is u.,1     lh.it
enough iu niuhe ;| real man oi womap
wnii n-d hiuod in iheir veins, sick
and disgusied-r it is u hundred tu
on,- lhat ilu- willow i.s as goo.) ui
m*itin iban Mu-   prospeciive hasbaitd,
A By-Law to Regulate the Hours during which Children may
be Abroad Unattended.
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City ot Craubrook in
Council assembled enacts us follows:
I. The Council shall provide a hell
antl shall cause Mie same to Ik- rung
ai the hour nf eight (K) p.m. every
evening from the firsl day ol May t-o
tb.- ihitti.'iii llaV of Septembei in-
elusive and a' the horn of seven 0)
pin every evening fiom lhc lira!
dav of October in Mie thirtieth dav
nt April Inclusive.
'i. Iletwuu the hours in lhe lasl
preceding sect ion appointed anil    llie
:l lhe naval service. The accident
liiniighnui the -long voyage were of
in Importance and occurred mostly
luting the trip across tbe Atlantic
lhe trouble w»s caused by the haw
-■i's not Iielng strong enough to    se-
'in- llie dock, and il was mt-essary
in secure heavier ones in Etiglaiid'.
I'he greatest day's run during the
.n|i in Singapore was Itii miles
Nelson News:—A fruit, glower,
resident imt a great distance from
N'els'on, whose name wc are not at
liberty to publish, has this season
.-learcd $Vilill from a three and niie-
lifth acres patch of strawberries.
I'he crop was helnw the average uvv-
.nj; in ilie frosts iii the early spring.
th.- demand for strawberries is far
u excess of the present capabilities
if Kootenay fruit growers to supply
irift no field nf enterprise offers more
profitable returns and, generally
^peaking, more pleasing conditions ol
labor, than the cultivation of fruit.
Lots of money, 'Hie world has goiio
money ma>l in Mils day and age
Luis uf money. What a multitude
oi sins lhat covers. .Nul a word
aiiuut the womanly quliiies uf lhe
Widow. Nut a word about her intelligence. Nut a word about her
guo-incss and purity. Society is
satisliod wilh the hale siateuieiii
thai she lias lots of money, 'lhe
social line of distinction is drawn
taut bv lhe weight ut coin at cadi
end, aiid with ihe growth nf this
sentiment, immoral!) increases and
|llle purity of Mie home luu often lie-
mies u "farce. Luis of motley, and
yet the poor, deluded fools forget
that when the last moment conies.,
wh.n Death has stepped in and claimed his own, the victim wilt go before
bar uf judgment where lots of
money will he uf no avail, and the
poor with the dear record will ne-
cupy ihe high positions while the
society refugee who counted on lots
uf monev saving tlie day at all
times, will take up the punishment
llial befits the crime and wrestle with
ii  through Hie rest of eternity.
The council shnuld get that cinfew
law in action as soon as possible,
lt may prove tin* salvation of a num-
ber uf young girls and boys in Cranhrook,
Last week was a great week for
the peek-u-boo waisls and they seem
very popular ibis season with lioth
men and women,
Cranbrook has more genuine, dyed
iu the wool spurting blood Iban any
town of its size in Canada. Just
think of a town of this si/.e pulling
up SHIM) for a special train and going
over 200 miles to see their club play
lacrosse? And thai is what tliey
are doing. Next Monday Ihere will
lie the greatest gang of rooters a'
that Lethbridge gam*' ihan Hie lown
ever saw. Where is there another
lown in Canada that would (lo
Canada's net  debt
(17 per head,
iif!  millions-
Canada's net debt at Confederation,
75 millions—$22 per head.
Canada paid,  Iflflfi,  lti\  millions in-
leiesi  on debt,
Canada's       revenue,      eodsoliilateil
fund,   ID05,   71    millions,  1870,      15
Canada's     expenditure,    ibhlt,
millions; in 1870, It millions.
It begins to look as it the city
council were getting ibe worst of it
on the new municipal building. Tti.
aldermen and mayor have done ail
ihat thev can tlo, and vet are being
lield hack hy ihe dilatory tactics of
the people at Victoria, The reprc
si nla lives of the city suggesled
plans fnr Ihe new building that were
absolutely ignored by the government
and another set of plans prepared
that are far from acceptable. The
mayor and the council would do well
to lake lhe stand of Alderman Ryan,
who insists on the right kind of i
building or none at nil- The peopl
nf Cranhrook put. up half the money
and have the right lo he heard ol
lhe plans. Two months have been
fouled away now, and no process han
been made! It is no wonder that
llie mayor and the aldermen
growing Indignant.
ll   takes lots uf sand to construct
a building with concrete walls.
Custom din's
inifliojis,     excil
olleeted,    1005,     12
revenue,   Ll     mil-
Dnl ies
11  milli.
■(rllcrtcd  1(105 Irom  llii
s. from I . S. 2fii.
mm id.
Ia is destined  io become tin
industrial storehouse ol    the
of     Canada's
Value of products ol industries
mot, $002,087,750 on 11 per cent, of
capital invested.
Canada's manufacturing capital
has trehhd in !l years—from 137 to
111  millions.
10(1 millions of V. S, capital is
said to be Invested in Canada-
Value of manufacturing products,
1001, -lf>2 millions.
Canadian banks have loaned over
I'm millions tn manufacturers,
Canada has ll,12fi factories, em-
ploving 3011,000 men. Wages, 88
Canada lias lli commercial ag*1"'8
1 other countries.
Canada exported, 11)05, 57 millions
1 manufactures and lumber.
Canada produced, 1005, 300 million
bushels of grain of ail kinds.
Farmers comprise 3-5ths of Canada's population.
Canada's farmers have lhree times
as much productive capital invested
as all other enterprises coftvbfned.
Average value   of agricultural   pr.
duels, per head, $77; U. S., Jf.2.
113 million acres occupied in
ida, one-half cultivated.
87 |H-r cent, of Canada's farmers
own their own holdings..
Canada exported, 1005, 30 millions
agricultural products and li.'l million
animal products—nearly 100 millions,
Canada exported. 1880-1005, 713
millions in agricultural products.
Canada had, ISO], Ij billions Invested in agriculture.
Of this one billion in lands., tho
rest  in agriculture.
Canada's annual value of farm
crops and produce, 303 millions,
Britain buys 9-lflhh of Canada's
natural product pxports.
of flvo n".
(IM ye
v  slie
li  th.-   loll.
; il  shall b.- unlawful   for
undei    ih.- age i.f six I ecu
In he in 01   upon .mv   nub
ei, Inne, alley, bridge     park,
vacant       lot   01      olhel      un
1 ground oi oiher public place
11 bin th.- limits ,,1 ihe Municipality
less sin-h chil.l is in .haigc ol   antl
aceompi i|   In    ils   parent 01
ardlail ot sum.- adull pemnn there
io duly authorized h)  such parent
3.   The Police Constables anl such
her persons as ihe Council mav appoint shall have tin- powei  lo arretd
and take inin rustod)  any child apparently   un l.-i     tlte   nge   ol sixteen
mu vears found unattended ;1s hcre-
ubtfnie     provided   during    lhe  lime
hereby   prohibited   In   or   upon any
public     streel,   Inne, alley,    bridge,
park,   square,   vacant lot nr    oilier
npied   land    or    other     public
I.   Everv Constable or other officer
ho shall "arrest or lake inin custody
uv   child   und,-1  ihe   age of sixteen
(10) vears     as   provided   in Seotlon
three (3) hereof shall forthwith take
mil child     to his or   her     home or j 1
place nf      ahnde  and    shall   warn   tin
formation under this Rv-Luw it shall
appeal lo ibe Magistrate, Justice ol
ihe Peace or oilier competent authority before whom such informal iun is
Ik anl that the warning mentioned in
Seel ion four (l) Itcrcol has been duly
given in tlie mnnuet therein described and Mial lbe offence bas been n-
pe.ilid, such Magistrate, Justice of
lhe I'ea.-e ol other competent author.
Ity ui;iv impose a fine nul exceeding
the sum ul live dollais ($6.00) for
1 a. h offence together with cists upon
such child oi upon ihe pan-nt ot guardian of ihe said ctiild, and in tie-
f.iitlt of payment of such ftno nml
costs, villi child, pa 1 en 1 01 guardian
shall become liable tu Imprisonment
toi     a Period noi exceeding six    (ll)
lav s,
Hv L.
- I"
Mial   lo   lln*
mini   au\   pet
win.in    such
brought,   i*. ■
the  age of   i
nl, in
'iillon iinilei ibis
• ol anv   witness
Ht   nf  Ins  or hei   judg-
11,    wilh lefeience     lo
prosecution    is   being
person under Mie   nge
n    110)     vears and
defendant   th,
nil  Chilli   If
parents or gi
igninst  Uu- lm
f   1*11  the
ich child against   lln* breach of  this 1 in the olli
By-Law. I K«'1    Ko
fi,   If upon the hearing of any   In-  brook,
shall   t'ti-.i    n   ihe
nuns of proving llut
greater agi'.
7. Th,- h nits referred to h.'iein
•ball be calculated hv whal is pm
erallv known as I'acilic Standard
S. This Itv-Law mav he cited as
ihe "Curfew  My Law."
Read a fust, second and Ihird time
on'the 20th day of June. A. D.  lflOfl.
l'ecolisidi-ii d and  finally  passtd and
adopted on Uie mli dav of Julv. A.
ti.   l'HIli.
n   T, Rogers, Mayor
c. 11. Prest, Clerk.
1 hereby    certify the wiihin is     a
copy,  wiiho-.it   erasure or  inter-
linn    ol Mi.-   Rv-Law regis-iercd
lav of Julv. A. D. 11)0(1
nf tbe County Court ol
'nay.     hidden     at  Cran
  I    Dancers   in India wenr nose rings
Canada's    population    is now csti-  set with precious stones.
mated at  0 millions. j 	
  I   The   Zambesi    hiidge is  Hi)   foot
Canada's    proportion nf population   almve lhe water, against llii) feel fm'
1.5   to square mile, U. S., 21; Eng- "W W« bridge.
land' 5r'8' _ Hamburg    has   a library for    the
,, ,. 111 1*,       blind, which was opened i ve-ir meo
"Canada were popula ed as   Eng-  anJ fo    ^     J £l     J a ^    ago
land is, she would have 1) billions.    , ;1 7n„ ^Xlnm of |misj(,       JAJ     *U1"
Rritain huys
Canada's population, first census of
llitifi, 3,251.     In 171.3, 7tl,(HKl.
Canada's pnpulat inn at Confederation, d_ millions; 19(11, 5,&71,315.
Canada began 20th century with
same population U. S. began 19th.
Canada has Hi cotintr es and nationalities in her population.
Canada has 132,101 mote males
than females.
Canada has more than one-half uf
white population of  British  colonies.
Canada has enfranchised 25 pel
cent, uf her population,
Canada has 87 per cent, ol Callad-
dan born and 8 per cent, of Hrilish
born—05 per cent, all told.
Canada has only 5 per cent, of
foreign burn, 55 per cent, thereof is
Canada's population is 73 per eenl
rural, 27 per cent, urban.
Canada's center of population ii
near Ottawa ami is mnv ing west
One oul of every 3J iu Canada is
of French descent.
In 50 years, 3J million Canadians
have gone tu the U. S.
II.4 of I'. S. foreign population is
Dcnsi 1 y nf population to sqttnit
mile in Canada: P. E. 1., 51.0
Nnva Scotia, 22.3; New Itnmswick
11.8; Quebec, 1.8; Ontario, 0.0; Man
ituba,  3.9;  Hrilish Culumhia,  11.1.
Canada has received over half a
million Immigrants in 10 years.
llfi,2ilii were received, 1905; 102,-
flH frnm Britain and Europe; 43,052
from tl, S,
00 per cent, of 1905 Immigration
was agricultural in Us character.
71 per cent, of 1905 immigrants
speak English.
301,000 English sneaking itnmi-
grants arrived in lasl three years as
against 107,000 foreigners.
Canada pays over $5 per head lo
bring in and locate Immigrant*
Each immigrant who becomes a
set-tier    is    esiimated    lo be worth
200,000 imm'gnints from lhe !'. s.
have entered Canada in last eight
They brought in cash and settlers'
effects, 75 millions worth.
Canada has 05,000 Oalicians 8,500
Doukholmrs, 20,000 Mmnniiites. 20-
000 Hungarians, 7,0000 Mormons,
20.000 Chinese.
Of all  European cities Ro.
.    Canmla has   received 200,000 immi-
93 per cent, of    our  grants    from     Britain   In  last     19
export butter; 00 per cent, cheese, 99   Vears
per cent, ol bacon. [ ,
,,      , ,,      ' ".     .„ I    For every British Immigrant in 10
, «fl£flfltt_._.so'd Bnt*m. 1001, 21 out   vears ihere   has been   one from   the
of 231 millions worth nf cheese;   she  tt   S
Nought 1 ont of 101 millions of  hut-: 	
!?"' ,2 I"!.?' MmiMnns ?'    bacon,'    00 per cent, of    total immi«ratin„
13 out of 115 millions of wheat. (for 0 years was English speaking; 10
n     a ,,'  I"1'' cent, foreign.
Canada     sold Britain, 1004, 78 nut 	
of the 584 millions    worth of farm     Immigration of 1905 doubled    that
produce she bought. fnr i!)p:t   trebled that for 1899.
Canada has fij millions Invested  In     Immigration   for'   1005    averaged
dairying. ,2,800 per week.
most frequently been in the hands of
enemies, it ints been entered or
sacked more than -10 times since 300
B, C.
The moon is the sluggard of the
solar system, its 2,273 miles an hour
in its journeying around the earth
comparing badly with tho earth's
00,570 miles an hour.
Princess Fchim was Margaret Morgan, an American circus rider. Prince
Fchim saw her ride, fell in luve. witJi
her, and married her. lie was banished by the Sultan and the Princess
was expelled from Turkey,
Of Queen V ctoiia's 21 granddaughters only four now remain unmarried. These are Princess Victoria of England, Princess Beatrice
of SaXo-Ooburg, Princess Patricia ol
Connaught ami Princess Victoria of
The statue ot the Angel of the
Resurrection, one of the two statues
for Ihe chapel of (lur Ladv, in the
Cathedral*ot St, John tlte Divine,
New York, that caused lhe worldwide religious discussion lasi fall
ahoul the sex nf angels, toppled from
Its niche recently ami was smashed
to pieces on the ground, 50 feet below.
Probably one of the largest benevolent bequests 'recorded in anv country in. modern times has fallen to
lhe lot of Hungary hy the will of
lhe late Count A, Karolyi. The
count was 75 years old, and he left
no direct descendants. He had also
been one of the most enterprising
supporters nf modern methods of
svi-ntifh agriculture in Hungary. By
his will he bequeathed a sum uf
su.oiio.ooii for philanthropic objects.
Canada stands third among nations in per capita of total trade.
Canada's total volume of trade,
1905, 170 millions; 1W0C, probably
.'iim millions.
Canada's trade shows increase of
30 millions over 1904 and 77 over
Canada's volume of trade has more
t liiin doubled  in ten years.
Increase in Canada's trade in 20
years, 1873-1803, 30 mil inns, 1893 lu
1905, 235 millions.
Canada's Imports1, .1905, 2il«j millions; exports, 203j millions.
Since Confederal ion exports during
29 nf Ihe 89 vears were greater tu
Ureal. Britain than to U. S.
Canada bought, 199-1, i;ii per cent
ot her imports from U. S,, 24 from
Omit Britain.
Noarly one-half of Canada's total
I rode is with U. S.; one-third with
Canada has a foreign trade one-
fifth that of U. S.
F. S, population 13 times greater
than that of Canada, but trade only
l> times greater.
At Confederation, 60 per cent, of
Canada's export trade was to U, S.;
39 per cent, to Britain.
In 1995 it was 50. per cent, to
Rritain and 37 per cent, lo U. S.
Britain bought, 1905, goods Irom
Canada of value of nearly $6 per
Canada's volume of trade per head,
1905, $3-1.30; 18(18, $40; U. S., 1901,
$33 per head.
(let your ticket for the special
train that is going to
. Lethbridge next
I .L-.-iviiiK Cranhrook at 10.30.
Have your berth  reserved.   It  is Kniiitt 1" '"•'
the best  trip ol' the season, .nul
that k.i mil- ol'
between   LHTHBRIlXil.   and   CRANBROOK
will be thc big game of the season
There will be two sleepers and a baggage car
and Ihe round trip for ticket and berth
both ways will cost you
ONLY $10.00
See one of the committee at once and fix
W. T. Reid, R. li. Beattie.        Dr. Bell,
Rev. Westman,        W. H. Wilson,
P. B. Simpson.
B C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and BicycIeiRepaircrs
M:Liu£iilin Cir.i_.j_. ani D.erlng ItdUnmts tor Site
Shop Phone 50 P.O. Box 1.4 B»fn Phone90     i
. t
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦«»♦♦«♦♦♦«♦♦♦
Cranbrook Bowling Alley
One ol the best, and one ol the most popular recreations In
Cranbrook. Open Irom 9a m lo 12 p in. Open (or ladies
Tuesday and Friday afternoons.      Jt       _*       ,yi       .*
R. LASTIRI    -   -   -"   Proprietor
Armstrong  Avenue
Envy   Is   thc tribute sm.rll minds
pay to success,
It is belter
o Kit hy Ihe
In tide a hobby   Ihan
roadside and grumble.
Children   nmy  go  lhe    w;,y
pnint, but Ihey nre   more apt to
lhe way yon lead.
When a man begins hunting for   an '
excuse for fl mean ael ion he iv* g*'»
orally lind it.
Some men let, trouble drive them
t-o drltil.', hut there are more men
who beat trouble to it.
There is something good in even
the worst of us. The packing
house proprietors have not yet, put
canned German Carp on the market.
This is about the time of year
when. the1 ambitious college graduate
discovers that, his diploma does not
prejudice the prospective employer
against him.
This is the spasou of year when the
weary  professional   man'   goes    to   a
northern   fishing resort for a ehang«.
and rest.     After disposing of all his VAnrnnvoe
change he comes home to rest. w anwuver
a l/rvion Made   Cigar
Kurtz's Own
Kurtz's Pioneer
Spanish Blosssoms
Uniiiifiii-hiivil   by...
118 Cordova St., W.,
-   B. C,


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