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Cranbrook Herald Feb 15, 1906

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OBANBROOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   Till IISDAY,   I'KI.Kr.U.Y   15,   1900
NUM1IE1I   13
lhc Office Of  I lie
Cranbrook, lias been Removed to tin.-
North-Bast corner of Baker and Cran-
t brook Streets.
I F. C. MALPAS, Manager
'■ ■ • ,    .-!■-.*• •■••-•■•-•>$-*->-»-.-.-.-•-. .-«-••$>
Capital Paid Up $3,880,000. Reserved Fund $3,880,000.
D. R. Wilkie, Pres.
R. Jaffray, Vice.-Pres.
Branches in British Columbia. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM   DATE OF DEPOSIT at current rates and credited hall yearly.
! I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      |
Tor a
Good Investment
East Kootenay  Power and
I ight Company Stock
Only a limited number ol Shares on lhe market. r.>o:: lus and further information cut be
obtained from
Brokers For tli
m nave
Your Eyes Examined 1
•   ,llllll,: 11   .-.,111.1.1. I.I
ll   Tilli,,-__.  Ull'Bll
IUJ lull III  llll.l   'Iill
■.■tlllNlllti-l-   In
,lllll   uf
If    I, .11
mnl   I. I
li*    liSlllll'
• •• •-•"• • *
I  .  •  •*•-•  • -i^i i  ,  •-•■J-S-i • -*•
-   .iml
.1 expni
li. 7-l'riia
.Itout lon o|
e lulls oi
Mil-      lioll -
by     J      \        M.KilonaU
arching ami afforded a
Uf It* I I
to tl»- imnii
i    hit lln i   OUI
ol    llii'   lull    I
... 11.1L t _.. -1
Ol     lillllll'
iiii   i»n
wiil.ii.  Hulls]
lull    Wfts Insi   in  nm mm
'lu'.iil    dfh-.ll.'   tool;      plnctl
ns   wlii.-h nbviuu >l.   mean I
WAS        Vi IV
_ gteaA itmi
to Hie laymen present, IMwWI's
lit.- evidfsice on tlio whuh- was give*}
Uiv frankly, He aidmlMied Hut iwTtbei
he mo L.u m-i. wi'it* specially con-
cernoil m Un* Intcrewts ol tin- public.
Theii onlv Idea was to itpgot-tote a,
It-.il Mi.i't would lead to the enlah-
hshiiH-iii of a friendly imdrratandhig
wuii Grand Trunk Pacini nllirialv
il. ..u.i ii was up to du* government
to protect puMic Interests, und be.
ti-i\e\ed Hicy luui iI.uk- so it, the deal
rn  Hi.- i-i
Mil     Uh|,
of   1*01111
till'   Sill
(I  th
rl ii
Ilf    Ulllll.
i consider
-.'I  in     coiiiinith.il
rhu-f  .'oiniiiissioii'i-i
t hv has)     careful!)
ni'inlini-lils of  Hn-  li
st a
Hie ro
the   ii
I'll,'   sll
of any
lixl  ci
I'scnt mon
rlttest lour
class or i
-ii of log scaling,
iter on Ihis session, tn
pedal hill dealing villi
ler i.r t
nilv  practical,    h
.1 prepared
to allow cv
fm  tlie exp
•over,  ti
mince  u
hi nu
■ I     \.
hul   Hi
meet   the require
lumbermen, lie pr..
■ presenl hill hy tlie
new     seel lon pi
lllli   liol    ft||p|y   to
tin- I2lst   merit!
•aeljr.illv      .asl
light l>.'
I'll ill
■ pi
■il log
i«l hv
i lien*i
iloii.tlil ti
.posed en
was iiiiliiisi]
ii of second c
it he marketi
ami which, il
as adhered it
tot       or
ihe eover
would Im
ful 11
jll '
could i
and accentuate    &
His own   proposal!
ilw policy of home manufiu-iu
provided   means ol ena-hllng loKgers
to dispose of Hn>bei mt saleable   in
ihis provhico, Uiereby henefiti^ng loggers, the     provincial treasury    ami
Mit-is.     Ho suggested that tin-
ni'iii   ought  not  to shirk    re-
'iliiy in a matter ol this Irtnd,
drould   hi- prepared lo    frame
Efgula-tions as would safeguard
interests and al Uie same time
[ford tin- greatest possible scope for
building up a profitable industry,
t'hiel commissioner Green persisted
in his attitude that iht* government's
polny was lor t-he abs-.futc prohibition of exportation ol lumber of any
class, He admitted that at present
there was ini home market tor certain (trades of timber, bul expressed
his belief that the time was coming
wh.-n tliere would lie a home market,
and in Hie meantime no harm was
done lij retaining this elass ol tim*
bei In the pro* Ince.
■Inu.ilil s amendments were vol*
lowu bv the solid governmenl
supph mnrlnl b)   the votes    .»(
,-lso   .
down In .
T.ils wi-ilt
--Ilil   vi
uiiiiiissii«n*r Given was next
witness, hm his exaiiiinati.il barely
nturttd -ninn an adjourmneul was
taken until Monday morning, Green
corroborated thu statements made
b) It dwell, expressing uhquatiffcd
salisi.n-imu wiih lbe dcul made, bul
lie was rattier lta/y as* to .lanivs Anderson's e-.-nih-etiuii wilh t-lie tians-
ncMou. He acknowledged la J. A,
~(Maodona-ld iimi for some motilbs
Bodwvll .unl Larson alone, oiAshle the
executive council, had aii) knowledge nl lhe issue of lire erinvn grant
to those lamls, and consequently had
i'he Key to the situation. Green
ilviiifil having had any direct dealings
With Larson in the matter, althouSi
Larst-ii was an (rid friend nf twenty
years standing, lie had mel bim
oner  in  Seattle,   while  the ileal    was
pending hul no special discussion had
taken place then in reference to liie
No explanation has yel Ixjen given
why the government found it necessary or advisable lo deal \ ith Lar-
sen, an American mil road contractor, in ibe disposition of ihe valuable railroad terminal site, rto tlie
Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad 'om-
pany. This, and U»c fact that for
several months Bodwell awl Larson
Imd exclusive know bilge of the in-
teni'ioiis of the governmenl and the
railroad com|mny regarding the ter-
mlnai on Uie Paeilie coast, are tlie
chlel features of Interest in Uie inves-
ligiit'iim to tlate.
Victoria, Feb. 8.—The interesting
features ol this afternoon's session of
the Uvislature was Uie defeat in
committee ol t-he bill to amend tlie
Provincial ElccUqns Act, aud a
heate.1 discussion in committee over
the bill to incorporate the Royal
Institute of Learning,
When Hawtirmnl'liwaite's bill io
amend ilie Provincial Kleciions Act
was taken up in txmimiiiee, Bowser
(Vancouver) moved an amawimont lo
imi easi- the deposit iroi J'tU a.s
proposed In the bill te JlWi.
Minister of P*<ancc Tatinw again expressed strongly his opposition to
any reduction ot the deposit Irom tlie
present amount, Huti, anil in order
to again test the feeling of the house
moral  that  lhe eomiinl-iee rise.
ll-awi-hornthwaile (socialist) protested against this attempt io
strangle his bill, and was heartily
supported by Premier McBride, who
said he could not agree with the
stand taken by bis cidleague, the
minister ol finance.
■l. A, Macdonald, leader ol the opposition, expressed the opinion thai
it uie deposit was to he reduced it
would be better to abolish it altogether, and Introduce a provision
in Mie Kicc-tioiis Acl, making ii Imperative ibat where more than two
candidates weie running tor one office, ihe successful candidate must
poll more than 50 per cent, ol tile
total vole polled. This course might
ul course necessitate a second appeal, hut it would ensure a fair expression ol opinion, and would do
away with the existing anomaly of
minority representation.
Attorney general Wilson expressed
ootnuiieiice in Maodonald's views.
Ilawihornthwa to also assented to
proposl-Won,   but   Insisted,   that|
..I Ti.i.l-
I ili.il  i
..pel   n.
lh   11
.* 4* TH H ** jn
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
W.'en all the World sleeps, one voice alone proclaims the
Flight of Time.
Agong-striking mantle clock we sell speaks with a soft and
mellow tone. But if von want something to wake you
we have the WAKE UP alarm which speaks loud enough
to wake the dead.
Wm. F. Tate & Son,   SrIdoaWoptkuans
Official Watch  Inspectors,   Grows Nuat    Pubs   Division, 0. P. R
tor the   time being, the
shoiilil he amended.
Oliver (Delta) speaking
ol Mnodoimld's idea, oltcd
o( Interesting figures In
wilh ihe last general elect
Ing the extent to whirl:
fseiit   law
must pass Hie committee stage at
tbe present sitting, and voted down
every amendment and motion i<> adjourn, The bill finally passed committee and will Im- rc I lotted on  Mon-
.^y. |
Davidson (Slocan) moved the second  reading of bis bill respecting the
hours of laboi in smelters, His
ipeeot) waa a veiy moderate ami tan
presetttfttton "( Uw existing ootidi-
iiims. He expressed his willingness
Ui atLvpi in committee anv amend
metrtfl that provided toi emcrgenclca
iu   oidei   that   Mie   bill   slmuhl   nol   bo
too drastic in lis applieatimi. '
Tin* piriniei moved adjournment   of
the detmle. |
AimniK tlie new hills Introduced today were ti»* amendment ol Uw .Mas]
ler and Servant Aot. by Parker Wil-:
Hams (socialist), and for tbe amendment uf t Ih- Coai Minors Rogulatios
Acl, by the attorney gi-nnal. I
Tlie  chief     provision of   UW   fiumer
is an addition nt ih.- following sec-!
tion: |
"ia. (!) Every workman, employee, «>r servant, where Uw rate ol
wages does not exceed' Jl uh per day
.shall be paid at intervals not to
exceed iwo weeks, (-) In case ol a
workmen, employee or servant ceasing to work or being discharged, all
wages due such person shall ue paid
fortii'wiih. [d) No contract Ior
wages shftil be entered into that provides for payment of wages al longer iuteivais than once in two weeks,
{*!) Any employee, or the agent of
any company who contravenes the
pruvisions of this section, shall he
liable to a penalty not exceeding
The amendment to Uio Coal Mines
Regulations Act provides a new rule
ill   of section &'i, as follows:
"Utile .'il—No person unable to
speak Kuglish shall be appointed lo,
or .siniil occupy uny position of trust
or' responsibility in or about a mine
subject to this act, whereby through
his ignorance, carelessness or negligence, he might endanger the life or
limbs of any person employed in or
about, a mine, viz., as baiikman, onset ter, signalman, brakesman, pointsman, lurnaeemaii, engineer, or be
eniploved below ground or at ihe
windlass or sinking pit." ;
The other business transacted consisted ol several bills living advanced1
a stage.
Victoria, Feb. 11.—Practically the
whole of this ufi.erncun's, sess..;. of
the -legislature was taken up with
the consideration of the bill rotating
lo the transfer of laml and the legist-ration of titles in land. Due or
iwo other bills were advanced a
stage. |
The motion that Uie house adjourn
until Monday was moved by Hon. It.
P. Green in tlie absence of the premier, whose bro titer i.s lying critically
ill at St. Joseph's hospital. This is
Un first time since tie was called lo
■the leadership ol lire government
that UWS premier bas been absent
from bis seat In the house,
fla'W'Uiomt'hwaitc (socialist) on
Monday next, will move to have his
bill lo amend the Provincial Elections Act restored to the orders ol
the day for consideration in committee on Uie whole on Thursday
next. Hawt'liorut'liwaite also gives
notice of motion to the effect that
if the Midway A Vernon Hallway
company fail, by reason of the bill
now before the legislature to maintain tlieir rights as a body politic
and corporate, Uie provincial government should take over tlie lines
constructed by the said company and
pay all debts contracted iu the construction of the same.
Tlie private hills committee has
been occupied tor several days with
the argument on behalf of lhe West
Kootenay Power A Light company
which seeks to extend the area of its*
territory (or operation to Vale, and
on behalf ol the Cascade Power company which endeavors lo defeat the
privilege sought. The West Kootenay Power companv is represented
by. D. M. F.bcrts, ' K. C, and the
Cascade Power company by E. V.
Bodwell, K.C. and ft. S. Lennle, of
Manager Lome Campbell was examined this morning on behalf of the
West Kootenay Power A Light com
led    lln*   tiiel    tIi.i
well, Urseii co
if   lie  COUld   seel
he had ii.i-n I
h.'.-.i possible le
Trunk Pacific n
able bim to for
lions with lh,
lion, by lurniiii
'linn at a noin
w.ts engaged by
1 through.
id mg  t
i     ll.i.l
on that
ihii lln-
ved   lhe
Ihis  laml,
I'    .Illn
minus fm tl
ilWitv. il wi
ni very fiieiu
i   railroad   corpora
;   lhe   same  over     In
nal figure, tt.wlwell
Larson to put tlie
laiiii's Anderson, wli
pany and Ior the Cascade Power
| company; K. F. Hegg, of England,
i support 0Ill, „[ Utose Interested gave evidence
number relative to Hie effect the passing of
Hineetion | ^^ act lo am,.mi tlu, 0)n.ttet of the
m, snow-- \yest, Kootenay Power company
onty ie-!WollW haVfti
i.iturti prevailed in the presenl) According to the plans of the
In reference to the two soc-\Vt.st Kootenay Power A Light coin-
candidates he showed Ur*tIIwny jt ja intruded to (urn all elec-
ii.-iilu-i hati secured more than one-, uk. ])ov.(,t u.t 0|.,l|H, Fnlks Qttm_
third of tin- total vol.' pulled in the WOw( ami phoenix, Already poles
nspi-ctive ridings, liese eiiiidiiions |i;lvt. \Hrn pul ^ ami a R(J4Hl -|)iUt o[
prewllod  with legnrt   Ui nine    gov- thft   work   carried oul.       Contracts
ernment  n ibers ami three liberals, I j^ve b«ii made with various mining
mhers of Vancouvei city were odmpairfe«   and   smelter works,    in-
iiuity  rejneseiit-atives. oluding tin* British Columbia   Copper
albnv's    motion   Unit   the    com-  company's Works.
tec rise,   on being put was   car-     j,. |fl eontanUed bv BndweH. on ln-
vote of IH in i«, thereby  |ril|f 0\ t|ie opposing company, that
bill for Libit, session ' -      ■
figured prominently in the affair,
was alleged by Bodwell lo have n<
personal Interest In the transaction
save that of an employee ol Larseii
Bodwell protesstod strong that neither lie nor Larson made one cent out
of the transaction and were simply
actuated in going inlo bbe undertaking by n desire to get on friendly
terms with Urc (irand Trunk Pacific
It appeared from the story lold by
Bodwell to-day that for months before the transaction was made public, he and Lnrsen were tlve only
persons outside the executive council
who knew thai, tlie terminus was decided upon n't, Lima harbor, and that
in Uie meant ime Larson had been
aide to secure grants to several
blocks adjacent, to the land grant,
question, although other applicants
were 'ln-ing turned down. Larscn
secured these blocks hy virtue of
Soulh African war scrip.
t nd by a
killing Un     .
When   considerali »( trill id    for
the Incorporation of the Royal In-
shluiion of Learning was resumed
in commit lee, Henderson (Vale) moved that llie coin mil'U*»' rise and report progress, In view of a telegram
he bad received from Vancouver that
a public meeting was to beheld there
this afternoon to discuss the provisions of lbe bill.
Minister   ol education Ful lon   opposed the adjournment asked lor and
legislative sanction should have been
obtained before this work was begun
aud the charter territory of the Cascade Power company Invaded,    The
excuse Ottered    is   that    the case was
urgent  one.       It is argued  that    the
Cascade company could not meet the
; demands made of it at low water in
PHir>, and   that the Granby company
.and   others   were tied up in consoq-
I ueiice.    .lay P. Graves, of the Granby company,   threatened that if    a
contract could not. he made fi
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was sii|i|iiH'l«l in so <li,iiiK by T-atlow, ailoquatf supply ut power lit' wuulil
uml t'iiitCT-t-utUin. 1 ff, (nto Washington   state anil    have ■
A Ihiir ami heated discussion    cn-  works elected on ttie Columbia river,*!
sucil pariicipatwl in liy   J. A. Mae-  t„ provide Ms company's neeils. '
donald, HawthornHiwa.te, Ilall    and,    Lome Campbell   said   tliat    tliere
Darter-Cotton, ttie latter taking   tbe  was need to act quickly or the in- ~
bill out ol  Uie hands   ot Fulton and   dus-trlcs ol that   seefon   ol   country ...
tor   once   making   quite a vigorous  would be ted up.    Smeller compan-   •
ilgh't. 1 i,^ had contracts   pending,  waiting I X.
Tlie general attitude ot thc opposi-  to sec   whether   the West Kootenay I J
Mon and lhe socialists was not bos- company would give the   power and, I .*,
tile to   t'hc bill, but tliey suggested ordered    only,   wl«m tbe    comci-any 1 •'.
tbat they desired the careful revision agreed to    come in.     Thc Cascade1*
ol   certain    provisions    in   order to company oil the   other hand    claim
guard against any inter crence in the   .hat although   caught by excessively
educational   system   ot Hie province low water    in lMlfi they would   not
by   outside influence,    and also    to let   this occur     again, as auxiliary
make sure that McGill university was steam power would be put in.     The
given no special privileges that would  West Kootenay    company    say    in
place    thai,   institution at any   ad- answer    to this    that steam power
vantage over other educational insti- would cost too    much anil wipe out
Miens Mial/ might liereatter seek to  all profits.     The committee will sit
enter tbe province on similar lines,    again on Tuesday, on this bill. i
Carter-Cotton    anh other members 	
ot tire government   declined to listen     Victoria,   Feb. 12.—Owing to    the
We would like to call the attention of the Insuring Public
to the danger existing at this time of the year through dirty
fiuea. Most of ihe chimneys in this district being built un
brackets, the Boot Irom the whole winter collects in the hot
loin uf the chimney, close to where the stove pipe enters
and a lodging uf a Hpark from above in this soot in ihe most
frequent cause of tires. Protect your properly by attention
to Bitch nintern mnl cinch it by taking out a policy with iij»
cArnold Ci% Roberts
CRANBROOK, British Columbia
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The   cross-examination   ol Dodwcllto any amendment, declared the bill
(Continued on page fi)
a single voter, or give to any
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ueh punishment thai wouia „(I|     ^(l  ,ml ( u,,,,*,* willintcU give
serve a* a warning to everybody   in up out (SIM) a mouth income now tor
lhe luture.     li Liberals ham   hem M-osc oW days nl bard work, poverty
.mlu- ol acts ol 'In- Wnd, *>-<- "»■«' '"U\R'' „„,,   ran stand   prosperity;
.i mil sentence ,ti.,t  will lorce them ,||V *,„.,*mll,i Is ,„., ,„„. „| ,i„.m. Nim-
io l«* honest in luture elections, ami i,.,u. agu »*.* ra  up to l-bcse iimim-
tbe Ltberal part,   will  add  to    Its talus   with   about   SIM"  rti"re .lay
„„„ g,„ry i, ii lollows tha. policy. £ -ft£ spUe^materiaij9g_
Let no guilty man escape, no mattei ani) h)W drifting
remain  baeheh.is  in  Cranhrook.    The
Why,  ihat  was leu   town   has a number ol young lad
boy and j waiting to preside over
must  of   litem
are  tu
. hon
£lH>d    fo
Talk abuut waiting »"iil you hod
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It  is all nonsense,     That is a   lut
more   than   we  had  vjhen   wc brought
the wife tu Cranbrook, and we lived
in a    three room shack where   you
nm lit look Uirough the cracks in the
I   Hoot  and  see  the snow  under     lhe
.vhat iii*. politics may be.   Nu pariy „,,*,.   women   ami    Scotch  whiskey bouse.   If    he man  is made ot
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rybody'n play* |
right Ioi you lo
' ami go here and I
Imt drni'l   In* every
in   politics   as   Will   OS
other  things,   Honest   elections
tire   righl   ol   tbe people, and it   .. „„.„,    tt|Ui ,..,
paiiv cannol  win on principle,   then fellow's
it sinnii.i ne defeated. you Iu
  {will nut cheapen yoiir&elv
\c.mii  the  Herald  Importunes   the W*    ol   everybody, i«pr
eity  council     tu mt   politics uut     ut
ihat body.      It will bring aboui   n she is entitled to lhe best  if she i
condition of affairs that  will in- ex Hie   righl    kind
iiiiii,   iiiii   iimi i    in-   iti-.j    4T T,
I,     lust   because he asks   £   N_»Yf-#n       v_»ifc A rvrs   n
.i .I,,*,, i,„a«,„. wm. you S seven   Years Ago g
itpili yourselves    iu    Uw I .      ^        .          . JJ
vo«»8 ,„,.,, .;t::Y,3;'';!L,iu::1 m Cranbrook ** ** _
fur  a   Kill   I., h.ii.   a   "li-lluw"    ami  9
1,1    Mill
ma I,
she    I.
j                       MORE   THAN
j 1.000 a*. Week
lliis 1*   till*   tlllllllllltl-1-.l    I'il-
lllilllil.il III llll- Ill-Ill l.l
I'n...... ri i iiiiiI _nlisorl|>-
lion lists i.|..'m tn [nvcsllgn.
lion liy advertisers .nl any
The Ilernlil gives a dollar
In value lor a ilolliu in money.   The mlvertlser has the
riglil in I-u*m* what  lie  is
receiving   t*,r liu.   inunuy.
The Herald) In      paper
Ihal .utlrta investillgiltion.
n.how K_rotlI tbo la"| 1 HRRAU)   Ot    THAT   DATK A|
,..l»-i-i „t everybody %»«-*»»»»«<. SM-t.i:,ni««ij_^
i linv-tiiii-li iiiiii alio
imi  u.i 11, ih,un il,.* Ktiwl    mill-1    it. Melnnes has gone to Windermere
stopping in p-ab ii iih everj' lob-  ,„ mi,,. ., look at lho cm j.
i  sl,*- happens in un vi    When she.
mils,    such    lainiliiililv ami i-ulti       ..
es  it  sill- loses  her  dfotlly.    audi    «««  K«.y,  Mrs   lllili-liisin
il lhe riiiliiiii'itis ol being  11. .McVittie visited Fort Stoolo y
ooodhncly had Ior tlie t.iwn
wreck tit,* polttioal lortunes ol every
inan who permits liis partisan fist- (.
Ins in _,., iin- hotter ,.t his business ,
judgment,     The lax  payer,  til," liusi- 8
ness man. ilu- citizen generally   will '
not stand tor it, no matter whothor. ,
lm in- Conservative or Liberal,   Tho a Fady.    The average young ninn has tenia)-
people ol   Craubrook honored   thus,. "" Ronelne respwi  foi' tin- girl who
nlm make up tlie city a-dmlnisfrati
Hn- illsposi-
 , loosen.   Thai "Iri Is   inail.nl
(or the bargoilu i-ountcr ami wlien sh
i marries it is invariably Mie lasl
... familial* Willi all lire boys ol   her
,     ,, ,    . ni-iiiuiiii.iin-i- ami sl    ih.- Insi Rirl
for tho   purpose of giving to   Cran- m u„. world In* uinil.l ,Link ol inai-
lirook   a business like council.     The rj-ing.       H   is     really a disgusting
people are lar more Interested in Hm »h*t '", SM    an otlierwlso seusiltla
advancement ol the lown than   ,*i„*y g^K%b"ev"y 'St st nuets
are in the politioai fortunes ol   any (oating uiiiuikI   Ibo slores and    and
iintiviilual.       And  the sooner     tlie simps and sponging treats froiii
council    realize this    the better    ii who have the prji
will he for Mm council and ior   tlio
'mh'" chance. ""Mai;l'lwl    file can to
Iho council will have completed ils happy    onlj   wlien  husbanil and wife
eavlesl    work    within    two months luuvo tl n>st  implii'li eonlldeiico   in
nore time, and the cily will     then ««••■ otlter and no man can tavaron-
,.    ,    , ,     , ,    il.ti-in*'.   a Hn* clieap, gadding, gossp
i* ready tor going almad triottg   tin? iu„   rilUh   -|f|   ,|„. o,,,. who   Imag-
lues laid down    It will then he In uml   |m,j t,|„. Imys are all eager Ior   her
Imi ti-wi* vimns will ho necessa- company, when in reality ihey   only
i, and fuii-liei  Hint expenses can be use tor lor a plaything with   win.bt
'"*  ''«^l,Uly '"' «.   A perusal J ^^A^AiAA At
■I Hie annual report's i.l i.Hi.i lovvns s(imn' r,>aily good young man.' sonln
-his pmvlnco tlie sl/.,. ol I'tati- lollow with an ambition beyond cigarette smoking, lii'"'i* lighting, p
gambling, and tic lo Win. it he
ilni-s not su t vou net some other tei
low inilil vnu gel liie I'lghi nm*—tha.
■ss sin,ulil hi- handled so far ns pus- js il ynu must have a fellow—bui
hlc like Hie business nf aii Individ-! don'l  fool around with hull a dozen
The Herald  uill be found on £
ilo al llie iiillituin*: places:
* Marysville, fflarysvillfi Dmn Slore
t Wardner. (i Donahue's Store
T Mnyie, S. K. itnrvic's limn Slore J
♦ Ryan. R. V. l:Inlay
4. Pernio, Purdy's Hunk Slore
X Elko, Holbrook's Book Store
♦ Crnnbrook,  Ilealtie & Atchison's ♦
♦ anil C. li. Keid & Co.'s
♦ ♦»*«■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I'.iL.uv   li.m  a   gre llliinl
irlable enough t *d  tli
r spurt loving |i
nit    Iiiii
I- demand
pie. When her
c scheduled the
il wiih lhe balmy brevi-
Bouthnrii (*li"lf'- iMlfl tW(1
i,-r, when her annual hon-
ilhd, lo, and behold, the
,1 and hard, and the "hoot,
ment arc In their Rbiry,
The city council is getting ready
to submit two bye-laws to ibe people for the purposo ol raising money
to meet the cost of permanent ini
provements, These improvements
will he In the nature ol nttiriifclpal assets, .md the payment should be
spread ovei a term of years as contemplated by the council. The Herald believes llial the tax payers., of
Cranbrook will stand by ihe council
on ihis proposition,
k will reveal the fuel  Mmi the
monthly payroll is a small une. That
it should be,   'the chy's busl-
iiiu ur a company.
buhl down the expon
puini  in keeping wit
In uth.
llie anonymous b-iier write
ting in his work again, and I
aid editor has h.vn picked mi
of them at once ami think fur a minute that any of them really respee'j
yuu.   He dues nut.'
| The Canadian Hank ol Commerce
1 moved to its new quarters lasl Sat
' urtlay and il took a dray to carry
| uur overdraft   lo the other biiildim
  Cranbrouk    must   have a   firsltias
.,,.    .. | rink fur next vear. The.winicr spurt
uie Herald extends congratulations| ara hero, and in sulllcieni numbers to
to It. A. Smilh, the newly cppolnled make a rink a big success.       It    is
postmaster    at    Movie      Mr   Smith I s,ranf-r|' l|iat nothing has been dune su
Will   prove   lu   he   an   ell.ci.--nt   public   [f   l"   *nt0*'n   ,ik^   thiS', ''"tf^
' tliere will In* a movement  next  sea-
SL'rVftnt' K,m    in    iiie right dircelion and one
  built ibat will Include curling.
There should he no lot  un In     lhe 	
Km,.,, ,s,a,„ legation. „ i wh.i i^r::cAi^J!;.iK
In-lorests of Hie people liaie nnl heen ,„ ,.*„. |ms.| ,1,,,, wns one of tile
properly conserved the fact should he strong raelors in Oranhrook's siic-
inade known. If nn thc other bawl cuss, but ii seems thai within tha
ileal   was   all   right tlio people I l!asl >'.''"   ''!'
.1. Forrest uus seriously injured
last Tuesday uitfhi by la-lling inlo
the C.   P.   It.  ditch mi  Hakei   streel
ff. li. Ilill and laiinly mil remove
next week inlo tlio house being built
for them nn Bnkcl llill hv I'cl.-i
c has been
.    ., , . dissensiun. Um mtieli pulling h
should know thai alsu. But secret ^ |(l.m,lit )lt certain individua... _ .
transfer of lands is a had thing for mueh silent knocking, too mueh per-
any government, and invariably gives sonal     animosity.   Let  us cul     ot.li
a had Impression,
The ore shipments last week were
belter I'hau ever. Mining Is going
ahead iu this province, and Last
Kootenay Is contributing ber share
to this branch uf prosperity.
The lumbermen are feeling good ov-
■r the prospects for the year,
ibat kind of business and gel
gether and work harmoniously fur the
interest uf Craiibrook. It will pay,
and what is more it will make a I
ol IIS feel belter.
There is not a week goes hy with
out a letter from someone down east
or in the States asking alxuit Cran
'brook and this district.   We do   all
can    In    sending     answers, but this
,U1.,I; should be attended  to by ilnv board
tut., u , ,: n   ,_,.    un. _  . J of  trade.   There should be literature
hey have a right to. What Is good|0n himii to spIld tn thoM people•Uwi| to^siM "l«""tl» tteralopiAMrt olTtlYis
fur tho lum-lmrmen is goml for the wj|j RiVc them some idea of Mie re district, and for that he was striv
di-slrlct. [.sources   of   this district and   some ing.    Short talks wen- made by Dr
information   about   Cranbrook,   The Wait, uf Fort Steele, S. Hanson, o
1„   M.     Mansfield    came   up frum ..,..„..,,...
Muyellc   last     week to   relieve   ties-   m'11""1
pauiier Sieve who has gone to Winnipeg after his family.
Messrs. Smythe, Baker and Laidlaw
paid   a visit   lo governor   Hanson's
hospitable home at   Wasa the III st of
the ttti'k.
A. L. McDermot, II. ll. Eraser.
Don Betclten, Mike Durlck and Jud
Langley came over Irom Steele Mon-
itay to attend tho Bostock meotlng.
All Hie lioys iu town have donned
black lies and retired from the race.
Bill) Tlerney's new etina-torlal shin
front and 100 degrees iu ihc shade
necktie has settled the question.
The new organ arrived last week
lor use iu the Presbyterian church
and has afiected an appreciable improvement in the musical part of the
service. A choir has been organized
to lead  tho singing.
.lames Ryan returned last night
from an extended visit to friends and
relatives in Nova Scotia, lie visited
many places which bu bas imt seen
for years, and bis appearance since
returning wuuld indicate that he had
partaken uf the fountain uf youth,
for he looks ten years younger and
shows that be thoroughly enjoyed
his vacation.
Ahoiu lu o'clock nearly two score
of Cranbrook people were ga-tlrered
around t-he tables al Hie Cosmopolitan hotel to ito honor to ihe member from ibis district, Mr. Hewitt
IKis-ioek, al tlie ban.|Uct tendered by
tbe Liberal association. Tlie tables
were laden with tempi ing viand;
and tht; arrangement presented
very attractive appearance. A Moffat presided and was ably assisteil bv
.1. W. K. Smythe. After tin* toast
Ui the Queen, .which was drunk standing and singing "God Save the
Queen," the toast "Tbe Dominion"
was proposed, coupled with ihe name
of Mr. Hewitt Bostock. Tbe gentleman was received wilh generous applause and answered briefly expressing his thanks for tlie hospitality
that had been extended by the peopl.
of ('ranlirook. and emphasizing Hie
fact  that   ail  of our  people  were  in
I Hotel %# S
Tin* Gazette ol lasl week contained   '    s-y * *
lhe   Official   annolllliTUll.nl   nf   lhe   ap      '•    I       ** #| |-| |*| t*l\t\ !  '
pointment ol Alderman Murphy    and   ,   V-/ I CL 11 U I till W
Walter Edwards as members   ol  tho
commission,    and   Alderman
Qreoi and .laiuis Oaslako .is
f tlm liconso commission
f.n the City nl Cranbrook. These
appointments were made, il Is uu.lii-
sinuii nn the recommendation ol Mi.
Cavcn while Ire was at tlie coast, 1ml
it is evident that they arc not saiis-
factory to somo ol tlio parties cm*
ii'iui'd. The Hernld is lnlormed Ihal
Mr. Greer has sent in his resignation
and tliat Mr. Murphy has expressed
his intention oi doing so.   What    the
Duetts Cninliirl s Specially
iin.iu Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rathoail .
iimi,. r„i iin- pubil
Tire rn*: nf the wo
il.i iuc on Hiit-
, li Columbia these it.
li... ■  loi  Cranl 1
'li,,- result
uill make   you   plea
si-il with    youi
Uli.i    Cranbrook n
cods jnsi     now
i, ii    ni n.i:    Hoard
..( Trado nicct-
in.*      li  wants a me
otlng that   will
iiliiini   nui  every  mu
i wlm is Inter-
mli-,1   in     tllO     .lllllllll
icmeirt nl     the
town,     li wants a m
ectlng that vvill
pn* pcoplo   uii oppo
rtunlt-y to    ex-
press lheir   views, a
:ul il  wants   n
meeting    whoro    pen
|)lo    will    say:
"Loi   ns join  and  pu
sh Cranhrook."
This  i,   lln*  time  Inr
act inn   in    this
Vnu  will  have    a chance  to watch
Cranbrook grow tin- coming year.
If ii is trui', i
tliat there was cl
lunl nl some nf
in. nfflecrs ill    S
l-lllllllll    III-    llll      III*!
nf I In*   authorll.ii
guilty parties Hu
linn ruiiusl many
a community,
il it si-eins tn he,
mki'il work on Ihe
Im Liberal retiirn-
sk:ili*lii*u*,,ii,    tliere
I.iiiiv  ..n   lln*  pari
tn     give        lhc
full   limit   nf    lhc
Herald would like to sec
ul..i     uiiniil   he   glltll)   ni
il      umilil   IiiiiI   In    ll.ll.in
Tlie C.
Kickers never made
for themselves or lor
9*eee*e«:»e«*efreee«eeec t«>
'hoard    of    trade might    well invest I Wasa,
A. Leiteh
ml   P.    K.
lint and Cold Koths
spot.    R na Rccotttttioda-.
■qualled   In   Cranhrook,
Hoggarth & Rollins
result  will he is not known
will    ol     course    necesslta
changes if these two gention
in    retiring.      it    is said
hul   il
e     mule
hat Mr.
Greer is desirous of trctiin.
his old
place hack on the police co
nmissti n
'P *
ind   thai it will he that p
aco    oi
none for bun.
Notice is hereby given th
it  thirty
Spokesman-Review, of Spok*
4 «1   THK  ULU   MAN. to
ti. It. arc getting ready fori — m"n0y"lii~-«i^cop|« ol'-iheHer*'i"
a great, Increase of traffic over   the ald   Annual that arc still left     a-ndi 	
Crow    after   tho completion of   the have them on hand to send to peo-     Last  Sunday*   morning ahoul
Corbln road into Spokane and ('raii-l l»l(" Booking   information    ahout this | o'olock  the Cranhrook Lumber
brook will rem i .rreii l-m-fit i section.    We will probably use Ihem panv's  saw   mill  was discovered  to
uiook uui reap a great benefit. U|) within   t||p nox1  siv mi>Btlls    ,l9 ^ ^ (.|v       A ^^ ,i|aim    Wfts
| there arc only a few left,   and   Ihis -riven and  pvervime living near    Hi
a     success  suggestion is not   made for the   pur- mj.||  hurried  to  llie scene.     Hut     i
any    emu- pose of Inducing the board in buy the was impossible to help much, as   the
j Annuals.       We don't    earn     a snap fire had secured a good start and it
whether tbey do or nol, but    we   do was  impossible  to slop  it. Hy  a
know that if tbey did il would be a dint ol hard work one of the engines
good thing for Cranbrook. land boilers were saved, so that ihey
1 '   — I can bo repaired mul     put into    use.
And speaking aboui  the board   of Before the   framework of the    mill
trade we would like to remark   that shells had been destroyed Mr. Leiteh
a board   of trade in any community was    preparing    telegrams     for the
without    funds is   like   a team   of necessary repairs and some of   them
The    Spokesman-Review, of Spok-'1*0"** mA :1 **&!• will""lt « ** "' aiv. alr!'il,liV ,H'r'' il,.llt1 Uit' "*■    will
,„...,. .        .       ..   '      ; harness.     No work can Ire dune   no arrive to morrow night.      lbe boiler
ane,   Wash., bnt.    been Investigating lmtll(>r hmv t.„l(.i(,nt ,,,„, „„•„.,,., m;iv ftTld (,hwilll. wjM ,N. moVwI u, the m.w
Hie question of    whether or   not it bo,     Mi. Roberts, Hie secretary   ol <He near the    railroad,   and cvery-
was advisable for iwo people to gel   the board, is energetic and alive   to tb-'ui-n will Ik- ready for work hv Mon-
married on JVn.tiu a month.     As a ibe besl  Interests of the town,   but day or Tuesday of next wi-'k   Then*
result   tliere have  been   many  letters   whal   can  he do  without  a dollar  to wiil he nu scarcity of lumber as   lhe
of   experience     mmi   both men and   meet expenses?     Wba-i can the presi mill  will be nm early and  late    t-o
women, but  ol all  perhaps there     is  dent do wilh nothing hut bis olllce Io keep up  the demand and  the maebin
more pathos in Mie following Iban in  help him?     Tliere should In- a perina- cry   or  the new plant   w ll  be    here
all lhe o rhe is combined: Incut fund of some kind.   It does not next mouth and installed without tie-
"A Heart-broken    Cry From ('an-1 need    lo he a large one, but    there lay.     lt was quite a severe h*ss to
ada. [should be something in lhe treasury Mi. Leiteh    as   there was no insur*
"Can a man marry on $75 per mo.  to    permii   Hie ol.ici.ils  to go ahead ftUCC,  but   Mr,  Leiteh is nol   a    man
Ves—yes—VMS—marry on 150.    The with any idea tliey mav have for the to repine.    One might think Ihai he
bravo little woman  who loves von— iienefil of ihe town.    If thev are  not, made    a thousand   Instead of losing
and pray Hod never to give you anv'to be trusied  lo that  evte.it, then it several.      He  is  a  hustlCT  and     lhe
more. ' , is belter not  to elect  Litem.   We ad- delay of a few days will be more than
"Twelve years ago my husband and   voeatcd    this move some two vear offset   hy  Hie increased output  aiterLM| .,,..:... '..,;.. r ih    lh   ,,-*..,, A\
el„i,.l     III.,    i„ I'Jut.. .■„;,_      ..i.i.    ....,_..    I...I     1.1...   mnUln    t.\ -i.i    .i:<T.... f.lw*     r,fl.u-      mtllo    o(mip(    unuili, Tlinra   Li>At.   'I'1!"1*   m*l\ ",llW   ' n(    ,IU     lUCl'ft
days alter date 1 Intend lo apply  to   JLl
the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd  ^ J
Works tor a license tti prospect   tor  if- ♦
coal and petroleum on the following I Jt j
described   lands   located two    miles1 z\
north of the Flathead Kiver and  one
mile west of the Pincher Creek trail
in Kast Koolenay district:
Initial Host No. 1,
Commencing at a post marked tlie
south-east corner, being the southeast corner ol the J. P. Keddlng
coal claim, adjoining lhe J, U
Couglilin coal claim on the east,
tbence west Hti chains, thence north
till chains, thence east 80 Chains,
thence soulh 80 chains to place of
beginning. (This claim living a relocation of the S. Matthews location
which was a re-location ol a claim
formerly located by A, Hacketl.)
.1. P. Redding, Locator.
Hand January 1st, 1000,
Initial Post No, 2.
Commencing at a posl marked the
south-west corner, being ihc southwest corner of tho -I. W. Couglilin
coal claim, adjoining ihc .1. P. Red-
ding coal claim on the west, thence
norih 80 cliaius. thence east 80
chains, llience south SO chains, ihence
west 80 cbains lo the place of beginning, This claim »is a re-location
formerly located by S. Mathews Who
re-located ihc elaim formerly locale
by A. Hackett,
.1. W. Coughlin, Locator.
Daled January 1st, 11)00.
Initial Posl No. 3.
Commencing at a post marked the
north-west corner, being the northwest corner of the Five Metals coai
claim, adjoining the L. ti. Seleen
coal claim on tbe west, thenco cast
8* chains, Uieuce. south MJ chains,
thence wesl 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to place of beginning, Tins
elaim is a re-location, [ormcrly located by S. Mathews, who re-located
the claim formerly located by A
Five Metals Mining Co., Locator.
J. P. Kidding, Agent.
Hated January 1st,  11)06.
Initial Post, No, i.
Commencing at u post marked  tlio
north-east    corner,  being  the northeast  comer ol   lhe  L.   li.  Seleen coal
claim,     adjoining the     Five Metals
eoal i-laiu he west, thenee soulh
80 chains, tbence west, kii chains.
thenco noitb 80 chains, thenee oast
8ii chains to plaee of beginning, 'Phis
claim is a ro-locatlon, lormcrly located hv S. Mathews, who re localeii
the claim fonueily located by A
L.   H. Seleen,  Locator.
Daied January 1st, looc.
Iuii iui Post No, 5
Commencing ul a post marked   the
north-WOSt   corner,   being   lhe    northwest    corner  of  the    At
Mpiniifii.'Iiirer*- nt *   =
_„„     '"^i» :*i'*-*~
Manufacturer, nl
K'mi rh and dressed
LUriBRR and
Also all  kinds ol
Jiiffray, Ryiui nnd
Craubrook, B.C.
Head (hike. • c'rnubriiiik
eoal  claim on  the
oline,  a  ennk-s-tnve  and   smne  hints*," on  Hie
hold   furniture   for Hie   back room,  It lakes money in pi,
and  with    husbanil  as  solicitor and   as it  takes    money   I
irth, Hiciu
KII    chains, thenco snuth sn    chains,
I thenco    wesl  Nil chains.  Ihence nnrtli
KII chains to place oi beginning. Thin
  | claim is a re-location, formerly    ln-
Ka-thei* Onceolo, ot lhe St. Rugeno cated hy S. Mathews, who re-localeil
says he   will organize    a the elaim    formerly located by    A
I   started   Hie in'    California   with ago bill  Hie mnjority thought rflHor- Hie   new   nulls stall again
youth, lovo, courage and Slllll cash,   lotitlv, ami 111 consequence when    the will lie no lumber famine in
"We rented a store with two large .board has a hill ol thirty cents   to brook   so long as Mr. laulii
rooms.     Hi.ugh't  ]O.i Paragon Safely  pay llm secretary lias to go out lik the lumber business.
nil cans, Slab; delivery wagon     anil a London    nunilii-aiit and seek     the 	
horse,   $50;    and    olliee    table.,  i'l:   funds.   This is neither ri*,-itl   * il  ,
chairs, a consignment of oil and gas- niliisl, and serves as a liad handicap Mission                          	
llicieiicy nl the niaiini/alinic Sl.*„„,| jn Cranbrook for the buys nl Hackett.
a lown, just t.*lis iHsti-icl.      He looks on    Cran-!         Annie Coughlin, LncRlnr,
gel salva-tlpn ,,rmik as Iin' best place tor an    in-          .1   VV. Coughlin, Agent,
lolivory man ami wife us Imusekcep- If ynu   wanl  to    be on Hie winning st-ittrti-rni nl this sort, owing to   ils     Datod January  Ist, mini.
er and   olliee clerk   we started liusi- side ynu musl  mine down uilh the central location and many other ad-                          	
ness.                                                  .coin.      Preachers   cannot  work   tor vantages,     If Father Cocoolo under-                Initial Post No. li.
"Our profits those first Iin, months glory and the man who. thinks   tliat takes a work of tliis kind, the people     Commencing at a pnsl marked lhe
were nnt over Mn.                               I he can sneak in Ior nothing is going ,.a,n ^ assum| of nne thing-it   will north-east comer, being tlio    north-
"lint    what     mattered?      Peoplo to gi-1    left.   It    ynu wanl     in sis- i^, ;i success,                  •                    easl corner of tlio Margarel  Redding
were never more happy,     We worked  Craubrook grow gel in everybody and , . | cnal ciaim, adjoining the L. ll   Se-
together, planned  together—with one drill, hut Ih* williiiR In pay the price. 'T                             lceu eoal claim on tlie north!   tiicnc
mini ami ambition and an occasionali                           S'l'l*:i*;i,    I'AHS   FOR Tilt. CROW, south   8(1 eh,'
Indulgence of lite    Iheaters and    nue     There     is tn he a bachelors    hall
never   lo In- forgotten    wii-k's holt- giyen iii Crpnhrook.     Such a bali is Montis^ii.   Feb.
ay HHilay closed a con- ginning.      This claim    is n re-loc
ains,    thence west     s*
  i ehains, thenco ninth sn chains, Ihcncr
a,,.   ,„ii i.i,.. ,..i-„ri«i, „ .,.,    ,    .     ,'n .in       i i ', *:      Montreal,   Feb.    n.-The Canadian  easi. sn chaius   in the place nf    '
inJ',n,i ,ln,   ,Jn    An     tl Rl        "'d' '   — "'' aro.plT?1 '? f° ^Mc liiilwav l,Mlay HoK<''1 » ««- f:"'""'^      Tllis <''•"'"   I" a re-
mns   tit Iras    an, I   th,   LA   A    Ml 1 i","1 Tt ^^i f^EW"  trao1  wlt" ,',"• ,,"lni"i'*" K,<>''1    °M lil,n. ,"rm'"'lv l"™1"" '"' 's   Malhr-vv,
innsultntirats    ami    lhe linal aceoni- nf Ilns kind lo then* married Iriends,   Co   tor tire const ruction ol Mih   slot, who    re-located  the   claim  l,,,,„,.il,
" 'Mv"fl s-f" SSSl£?   h'r;ml'  i-S* Wto' ,',""'' Sl,"""" "1 |SAT' » 'irop ll'tom ™m'lolas to 11,'on Ktcd by A   Haokott    '"    "" "'
My nist    nisent-a   shirt   waisl   move on themselves and oHloiale as the Crows Nest Pass section.   These " 	
iiiiniiieil   uill,   ace am   a kiss   Ihal ibridogmoms  at   wedding ceremonies, will be the lirsi steel ears ever built
  ""' I""" l-1*'*1' TOllon, thing he-   "-here is no valid em-use f,,r mon lo In Canada
Margarel  Redding, Locator.
.1. I*. Redding, Agent.
Daied January 1st, Hint;.    _8-6t
Robinson*McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Mining and Milling supplies, coal, iron, steel
cant hooks, saws axes and numerous other
articles required in llu- above lines, including
campsteel ranges at HS	
McCallum & Co.
its I
lliinlwiiiv Miin-liiuiU
B C. Livery and  Feed  Stables
[•'irsl ''luss Kius. anfi
i.l Rlyliali ii-.-iiiiH. Ilrivnra
,'llul   pink   linrsmi   I'm* IIIIJ   [Klilll in   llm   illsll'ii'l
Blacksmith .md Woodwork Shop
Sat I.I  .l.in.l i |.|i...il.- ..! ilmII
iTHA . I'll),
un   horse,
ilnic sin
-, It       .poly
vili,.   II. 0.
mn have :. in.* In  iui
mil claimed uill    '.
.1. I.u  Ileum il,   Uuu .
Haled  Fein u.u i   lllli,
IT .11
Take nolleo thai Ihlrly days alter
dale I Intend to applj In lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
nl Victoria lor a spoclnl license to
cut. ami carry away tlmher Irom
the following descrlhed hunl near lho
western boundary of South Kasl
Beginning al a post planted aboui
nne anil one-f|Uartcr miles smith from
(Inulfcll siding nn lhe n. C. South-
em railway anil running easl HI
ehains; thoncc smith llill ehains;
Ihence west -III chains; thence nortii
llill chains along lhe east line ol
.lames Joyco1 tlmher elaim.
Dated ihe 8th day ot February, 1900.
47-Qt       Allan Atausiin, Locator.
[   i'.ii.r notico ihat  ihliiv days after
' dale  I  Inleml  In apply  in Hu* Chiel
('mm,ii.. er ul     Lands ami Wurks
Inl a special license In ml uml cany
away in i  Imm the lollowlng tles-
t Mill   I    l.lii.ls    ill    Wl'St.    lllllll,11,11
Cnnimeticlllg  at  a  pnsl   planieil  uu
lhc  south  si lo  uf   the  II,   I',   snillll.'lll
iiii'lii ul uav ahoul ii half mile noftli-
cusi ol VtcNoJlllo Siding, thoncc est
nue hull milo, ilini.T iii.iili     halt
: mile, llu'iii*i. easl one half mile,
liuiui' nm th nne half mill', thence
i.isl line mite, Ihence norlli ono
hull' inilt'. mute ur less tu the il.
('. southern right-of-way, thence
south-westerly along said rlgh-t-ol-
uay to p.iiut of commencement.
K. I). Shackloton, Locator,
Haled February Oth, llllll;.     Iti-iil*
II ynu require any hired Ittlp
male ur female, write to i.
charges aro reasonable.
Employment,     real   estate,   insurance and commission agents.
Ul-tl Wetaskiwiu, Albert*.. THE   C'HANltnoOK   UEUALI1
I   ir >-..,■ i„v,i |
I   BRAN, SHORTS,      I
Wn enn supply you with anv i-iiiiutity ilosinsl.
gimmWLmWLWmmm: »;s !<■:-. ra ■ i s UHHB|g
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins.
lhc New Miimifcts.
_ Drop in and sec us imv lime.   Wc are on deck 25 hours _\
M oul ol lhc 2.
Our western manager, Mr. .. C. Whlteacre ,will
be with the local agent, Mr'Ross Tate, for one
week during December and will offer
Special Christma.s Prices   and   Easy    Terms
To anyone desiring lo pr chase a Piano. Send
your name and address o Mr. Talc. DO IT NOW
MASON & RISCH PIANOS are used from
he Atlantic to the Pacific. Their splendid tone
volume, their artistic case designs, combined
with their great durability, have wen for them
this great popularity.
1 m*   P. BURNS & COMPANY   oe
Wholesale and Pi'tall
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fresh    Fish,   Game   and
We supply only iht best.    Your
^"H trade is solicited
Markets in all Uie principal lowni
— - * In Hrlli*h Columbia
|        IF YOU WANT |
x clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, X
*> "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in ♦
* make call and see the new stock of Ready ♦
I made clothing just received. All Union i
X Labor. t
********************** **********44*** 4444444
ffl         ■«
Xeablno Business
Ifoouses of flftav\>8*
VJllC    cl)c Smelter iiuv...
Mini-I llle llll*. ci'llic
nln h.-r nun. llle
own nun has a per-
ii'icnl payroll nml in
c i!..|lc'i»:iv ol Ihe St.
nr>s vnllcj. _* Thu
mill! enn heartil)
nilnr-c Hie lollowlni
li.im*--- lum*-****;
" "     •    -    I he leading ho- as
Iel in Hie St. S
;, i*. Johnson, Proprietor       Marys valley, ti
ft ft
53 Dining Room service lhe best. ffl
1 Central Hotel
The place to slop when visiting the Smeller Cily 53
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
ti Has been recently refurnished and is now one of S
|| the people. w
I Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete slock of everything in the ffl
Drug and Stationery line. No need lo send away ffl
(or your goods. ffl
I'.,,  Uo|ipi
linil,,.|l   lis
the »ii*l, being 8,I'l •""-
ili_iiit*m.     iiu*   cinci *.i.i|.|"
i > i
B. C.
WEEK A HI*'.   CLOSE nN |    The   complete officials Usl ol    tint)
iiii'ini tuns. ..iii.i.,!, ..I the Canadian Paeilie rail.
.  way, who will take part In tit	
Kelson News:—The reoord thai was venti rc of railway men at Fii*lii, 11.
tin.Ir ii, ore shipments fur the mines c ,   this    -Att-k,   is as   loltows   W
■ il ih.* interior last     week 'ill    hot Whyte,    .-.ml vtce-prosideat, Winm-
l.i-i um .1 weak, being again smash peg,  Mat ,  It. Marpole, geneml sup-
|.|    hv th,* result nl il"* I.**'   M"*'*' '.imiinil-lit. Vancouver, H. C; 0. .1.
days'    output.      Thi-   new    record Bury, general   superintendent., Wtani-
si.in.is nt :i:,r,17  tuns, ui ,1,is,-    on peg,  Man.; Et. ft    Jamieson, general
Hn- heels nl .i i In. in.ii nl 1 mm mm superintei lent,   Calgary,    Alta     \
i.ms    I,, Uu-   year.      ilu* i.s* ml is Price     juperintendewt "f transport*-
made by the Boundary, whicl, is now """   Winnipeg,   M»»-l <>• 0. Winter,
ii,i rn js'Ci tons hn  the vusk,    in s rhitendent,   Fort   W im, Ont.;
,„,.,     t iiiui t„i,s ,l,,ilv.     Two   new ■'   T   Arundel, superlnicndent, Wlimi-
ihtppersare   to bo noted Irom    the -"*'  "«"■■   ''*   J'   s'":;- ■ ""■"•""'
Boundary, tlie Mountain It and tlio '"■"••■'■'•   '"•"■'I'"'.   «■».; J   Brown-
The Slocan has    also ice,     superintendent,      Moose   .law.
,,l   ti„. si,i| nts tm Sask.;   .1    .M.,|..,ii.   superintendent,
'I'ln, ,|, Calgary,  \li.i , i;   Ei ii i. on,   upei in
I.nl,..., .ill iiiiims m.i  taken Into    ..i tomtom,   Cranbrook, li   i.l     KH
mmi  in in.* Koasland .nnl Boundary Patrick,    superintendent,  Iteveletoke,
iLl,.    II ,1       11    I.    lle.i  I. I        .1 . I iiiii-liilelil,
ivei,   H     C; J. fl   Lawrence,
ami   ll..*   Sullivan and   Norll. S..„  I «|wrta*wid«it. Nelson, B,  C    I    1
Nexl iu inuiortiwico comes thi  Nelson   Buk.cwI,   aMist-anl     duel    eugtneei
.in,m-i, with tii«   Arlltrg uii,  Eureka  Winnipeg,   Man.;    .1.    l.   Schwitzei
lliinii'i   V., I..i    I'l.ii.i .ui.'  lleltaitee,   pi mi pal    .i--.i-i.nti    enginwi    Wutnl-
vMmii Uvu   i.rouorl'iw    uccui o\   p       ,,.. .    Frank  Lei    ■•■-, ■!■■,. iiigi
ll 0114-1111111 nl Hi-* tci.il tm tin'::,".,   Viu.M,.'*,  Wan.;  S   1.   Brooks,
.. Itieei, Calgai v 1  Aiu , U
]■-     Carl ■■ '■■''''!      iii-. , n   engineer,
Vancouver, 11   r , .1   Cullaghaii, divi-
.. i'n-ri  f.riismii ii,'n,  Winnipeg,
\\%\.) ; W.   \.     James, division ewgl-
Mi-i 1     1 oust ruction,   Winnipeg, Man.;
I!   li   Lake, chemist, Winnipeg, Mun ,
H   S     Jenkins,  general  superintend-
i-iii »| lt_lvgraplis, Winnipeg, Man.; S
Edwards, superintendent ul construction,   T. n.. Winnipeg, Man.; J   Wilson, superintendent  telegraph department,  Vancouver,    B,  <'.,  .1,    T.i'ii,
aKsistaol    superintendent      telegraph
ileparUn nt,    Winnipeg,     Man.;     K.
Barnwell, in. I .mil He agent, Winnipeg, Man.; F. T   Gritlln, land    1*11111-
mis»lom*r,   Winnipeg,    Man.;     J. ti.
Doupe, nssisUuit    laml commissioner,
Winnipeg,    Man.;    J. S. Dennis,   as-
slstftitt  in M'niiiil vice-president, Oal-
gary, Atia ; h\ W.  Peters, .issistaiil
Ireighl    traflic   maimger,    Winniirog,
.\| hi.; W   H. Lntiigati, general IreigM
ageivl, Winnipeg, Man.; H. W. Oreer,
general rreight ageu-t, Vancouver, B.
0.; li.  E. Macdonell, gotaral trolghl
agent, Setiou, ti. C: 11. H, Abbott,
assistant general freight a^ent.   Oivl-
gary, Alta.; W. C   Bowles, assistant
general Ireighl agent, Vancouver, B.
('.; li. 11.   Smith, assistant    general
freight, agent, Winnipeg, Man.; C. E,
Mi'l'lit'isiui. general   passenger agent,
Winnipeg, Man.; 11. W.    BrocHo,    assistant general p.isst-n-srr agent, Winnipeg,    Man.; E. J. Coyle, assistant
21,004  general passenger   agent, Vaueouver,
L0.830   B. C; W. Bell, superln'toiulonl slcep-
■iji'iti'  Ing,   dining and    parlor car ileparx-
ii,iou  ment,   Winnipeg,    -Man.; .1. Sparks,
1,400   assistant      general   baggage    a^'iit,
Winnipeg, Man.; S.  ('.  Syl.es, asslst-
ant  superlTitehdcnl     sleeping, ilinlng
and parlor cars,   Vaucoiivef, B. C;
\V.  Cross,   assislant    lo sih.-hihI  vlce-
presiili'iit,   Winnipeg,     Man,;    Grant
Mali, assistant supi'iiiilniiilenl motive
1530i power, Winnipeg,   Man., tl. II. Eat-
'405  on- assistant master ear bail,ler, Wiu-
338   nlpeg,  Man.;  J.  Canlell,  master  me-
1 olmtilc,   Calgary,   Alberta;    C.    H.
Temple, master'   mechanic, Winnipeg,
Man.;   s. Phlpps,   master mechanic,
Revelsloke, II   ('.; S, -I. Uungcrrord,
sujier in tendent    locomolive     uorks,
Winnipeg, Man.; II. II. Boyd, assistant     eleclrical   engineer,   Winnipeg,
Man.;    .1    A.     Macgregor, assistant
superintendent nf ear servloe, Winnipeg, Man.; W. 0. Miller, ear  service
agent, Vaueouver, ti. C; W. ti. Har-
41 ns, ear distributor,   Oalgary, Alta.;
40   W.  II.  D'Arcy, p'livral t'laiins agent.
3g  Winnipeg, Man.; J. S. Brooks, freight
211 claims   airent,    Winnipeg,   Man.; .1.
to  Jones, Ireighl     ela-ims a^ent,    Van-
_  -    i)  f .   t     ri    ,_,™„i
le.il.       Ill   the Sim.Hi   ll   lll.l)
iai iIi.i  the «lni. u.uii    i'.ii
Ill*       .tint
Vllielle.iii Hul   ,ilc again en till   sl i;>
plug list, which Is [111U111 sii
e,l in  tin- addition ui .1 mull
le   luun'
initios,       Tin* Nuiih si.n  11
i    East
Koolenay is   alsu   .1   shlppe
1       um e
...... 1,. ami 11  is     ii'iiuiieil Hi
.It      Hie
sineiu-i nt Marysville will slu
irll)   he
enlarged.       Improvemenis
111       Hn*
siniitei.s,   improvements   win
iii    nie
costing lnin.lii'ils nf liene..unl:.
nl llnl-
l.us n, the aggregate, arc tl
,e     uile
.tii.1 nut llm exception, nl lh,.
time, nil .imi the ml,-,i.u.
i'he   lollowlng lllll     the sl,
lium  tlm  mines nml  receipts
nt   tlie
smellers (nr the pasl m-ek .
.■•nr 1,1 ante:
.n.l   lis'
.11 ine-                             Week.
lil'iiirhy    18,.U3
.llut her l.uilf     3,870
Slenniiinlei      3,ljfl3
Sunset     1,120
Dili Ueliulu        510
Emma      50-1
Rawhide      23U
HiS C_|i|icr        122
Mountain Ruse       iiu
Other mines  ... .
Total  28,ti2l
Center Star   3,77.7
l.e Rol  1,81)4
Le ltni Xu. 2   5 IS
l.e Uui Nn. 2 (milliil)
JumlM   , 2U0
Total      11,11(1     30,813
Sl. Eugene 	
Arlington Erie 	
lluntvr V	
La Plata 	
lUack Prince 	
North Star 	
Kootenay Belle ...
1..una liimiic 	
Socond Relic! 	
American Boy 	
Other mines 	
The total Yale-Koot«iay ship-
lenls fm tin1 week were 37,517 tons,
gain a    new   record; foi  tlie year,
S3,H01   tons.
imer, B. CV; I.. O. Genest, general
storekeeper, Winnipeg, Man.; F. Iv
Gnutler, purchasing agent, Winnipeg,
Man.; .1. 1'. O'Leary, supcrlniondon'i
hotel const ruction, Winnipeg, Man.;
(i. Ford, superintendvnt Dominion
Express Co., Winnipeg, Man.; L. P.
Stocketl, general manager, Pacific
Coal  Co.,  Banktieail,   Alta.
,i Denoru
is B63
.,i      !■' n i
Mountain Ro
Other mines
Motbct   1-cile
Emma ...
Big Coppei  .
Ccnlet Star ...
].<- Itoi
l,C     UlU      NM        m
si   Eugene   ..   ,
lum M.isk 	
i uii'i.i    	
North Star 	
Ben llur  	
Kootenay BoHo
\nifiiraii  Boy .
Ollit't mines ...
Victoria, Feh. 9.—The federal bye-
electlon for Victoria eity, ciuisiil hy
tlu> resignation of George Riley, is
sn [nr March fi, nomlnaoion day
Fell il. Hon. William Teinplemaii
minister ol Inland revenue will most
likelv tie returned by acclamation.
Emma  ..
St,  I^ugenc 	
Arlington, Erie
Milliter V	
La Plata 	
Black Prince ...
Lnrna Doone ...
Seennd Relief ...
Other mines ... .
331 i
Sullivan        300
The total smelter receipts for the
week were 37,425 tons, and for tbe
year to date 180,520 tons.
Notiee is hereby given thai ■!" dayi
attt'i dale we intend tn apply to thi
Clue! ConiniisMiuiiei ol Lands .uu;
Works and ilie Assistant (Jommis
Blotter of Lands and Works ler a
license to prospect tor coai. ml an.;
petroleum on the following lands, tu
wit, and more fully described as bi
ing situate aimut foul miles ea.*,l oi
tin' Canadian Paeilie Kail way Land
Grant, 18 miles south o\ Crows Nest
Pass and adjaeent to, and adj >inii g
the Flathead River, in Block 45113,
South East Kootenay, B. C:
1. Commencing at a post plan ted
at the north-east eorner of IV F.
Seoll's I'laim, same being I lie Initial
post of B. F. Scott's claim and'
marked "B. F. Scott" and lying I
south and adjacent to Edward Whil-
iiiuii-'s claim, thence suuth ci_;mv
chains,    tbence   west    eight)
thenoe north eighty chain., them e
easi eighty chains, i.i the plai e ul
beginning, containing i.\u acres, morn
ci  less.
B   F.  Scott, Locator.
It. I..   Iti-anl and   Charles   MeGuire,
2. Commencing at a posl planted
at the north-west cornet ul <.
SchaiiVs rl.mn, .-..um- being ilie initial pest ol Geutgu Scharl .. claim and
marked "George Sehai I, und lying
south <d C. Owen's claim an.l a-lj.i
cent thereto; tltonue cist elghly
cbains, thenco south eight) i hains,
thenee west eight) chain-,' thi ni e
north eighly cha ns to the place cl
beginning, containing IHU .uus, utore
ol  less.
George Scharl, Locatoi.
11. 1..   Beard and   Charles   MeGuire,
3. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east cornet ol Mis. E
C. McDorman's claim, same being Un-
initial post of Mrs, K. C MclJer-
man's elaim and marked "Mrs. E. C.
McDorman," and souih ami adjacent
to U. F. Scott's claim, llience wesi
eighty ehains, thence south t*i-J,lil)
ohains, thenee east eighty chains,
thenee north eighty chains to the
plaee ot beginning, containing 040
acres, more or less.
Mrs. E. C. McDorman, Locator,
It. L.   Beard and   Charles   MeGuire,
4. Commeneing at a post planted
at the north-west corner of Calvin
McDorman's elaim, same being Hn
in.Hal post of Calvin McDorman's
claim and marked "Calvin McDor
man," and lying soulh and adjaconl
to George Scharf's elaim; thenco easl
eighly chains, thence south eighty
chains; thenee west eighty chains,
thence nortii eighty chains to the
place of beginning, containing 640
acres, more or less.
Calvin McDorman,  Locator.
R. L.   Beard and   Charles   McOuire,
44-6t* Agents.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at fc p. in. at
New  Fraternity Ilall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.K.
George Thompson, CC.
Visiting   biethreu   cordially invited
to attend.
McVittie cS: Laidlaw,
Mining hn^ineers
and Survey.»rs.
J. T. LAIDLAW. M    K.
Cranhrnnk   Local  Lnion   1241 of the United
tiriiihtrhitoJ of Carpeaten and Joiners
of America.
Mc'tings every Thursday evening at
I. o. G. T. hall, ou-r Patmore Bros.'
\isiiiug brethren cordially Invited,    j
Kdwaid Foote,    |'"
I.O.O.F.     key City Lodge
No   42, Meets every
Monday    tnght    ai
iy    ii.iii.     Sojourning Oddfellows eoidially Invited
l-    II    McKay, M. D   Hillings,
N. G. Secy.
<§-§-$-$■ * * * * * * . i.j-y^
« &
*   First-class Work by Experi-   «
$ enced  Hands. -•>
$     The Cranbrnok Hotel    T
Facial Ma
a Specialty
Take notice that 1 will hear ami
determine cases on Monday, the 15th
day of January, Instant, at l U
o'clock a. m. at my chambers, Imperial bank building, Cranbrook, B,
C, when it is alleged that any pci-
son's name lus been Improperly
omitted from or placed on the
voters' list of the Municipality ol
the City of Cranbiook for the yeai
Datod at Cranbrook, B. C, this
10th day of January, 1906.
P. E. Wilson,
Judge of the County Court of   East
Kootenay. 42-lt
Take notiee that thirty days alter
date, the undersigned, intends to
apply to thc Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria Ior a
Special License to cut and cany
away timber from the fullowing described lands in East Kootenay:
Beginning at a post planted at the
south-west corner, License 6182,
thence eastward fifty chains to the
Kooteuay River; thence soulli-castci-
ly along the Koolenay River to
the north Boundary of Lot 327;
thence west about 90 chains to the
east boundary of lot 320; thence
north along east boundary of loi 'di'J
to the place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Clifford Edwards.
Cranbrook, B. C, January 13th,
1806. 44-51
H. S. B. C, 1897.
Notice is hereby given that application has been made hy James
Ryan, Charles D. McNab and V. Hyde
Baker, ol Cranbrook, British Columbia, and Charles George Lytlleton,
Viscount Cobham, ot Stourbridge,
England, to thc Lieutenant Governor
in Council under tlie provisions of
Mie above mentioned Act, fot authority to proceed at lhe expiration of
sixty days from the hist publication
of this notice in the British Columbia Gazette and in the Cranbiouk
Herald, a newspaper published at
Cranbrook, British Columbia, with
tire removal of obstructions, and the
construction of dams, slides, booms
and other works, necessary to facilitate the floating, transmission and
holding of logs and limber in tbe
Kooteuay River, between the mouth
of Plumboh Creek and Elk River,
and also to take and use any lands
which may be necessary lor tlie
construction of said works,
The maps and plans and hooks of
reference as required by the said
Act have been deposited with the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Dated at Cranbrook, British Columbia, this 20th day of January,
W. F. GL'IU),
Cranbrook, B. C.
44-5t      Soi citor for the Applicants,
J. Leckie Co, Ltd
Cranhrook Lodge, PU. J-
K. P. & A. M.
Visiting bretnren welcomed.
Regular meetings on
the third Thursday
ol every mootb.
: t. e. south, i-'ropv.:
I i_ now located i
■S.  11.   llnskius,  Sec'y.
M, A. Uuale, W, M.
F.   0.   E
Meet     iu     Patmore     Hall    every
C. Ross Tate, W. P.
A.  M.  Black, \v   S-Vv
Visiting blethers cordially invited.
{able and attractive new quar-
.  ters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution Is iust op-to-
date and is mod- mlv equipped
. to do iust the best work in all
t branches ol tl,
•r-.rl art.
Meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday Id
"Good Templars Hall."
Visiting biethreu cordially invited.
A. McCowan, C.R.     J. Sims, Sec'y
I O. G. T.
Meets every Friday night above Pal
inure'. Sture.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets every    sei'iiml     und
Saturday in Patmore's Hall
Visiting brothers always welcome.
W   R   IlKATT.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brew ing Co.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Ila.cll Block Cranbrook, B. C.
I      C, H, DUNBAR      |
>    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   «
| Public, Etc J
i   Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.   |
Physicians and Surgeons
Oflice at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Alternoons - - - . 1.30 to 8.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.90
B. C
.,:   -,■.-..*  *** *i  '_■ ♦ * *  *■*■*
l    Dr. Connolly,
__    Physician and Surgeon
® OHice on Armstrong Avenue
-;.   Hours :—9 to 11 a.m., 1 to 4
-   p.m., 7 to 8 p.m.   'PIMM 105.
ri-»l9l4>l9l$l~»[*l*l + l'.|~,|it
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Odice aud residence on Armstrong are
Thirty days after dale I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a Special Licence to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands
situated in South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about three-quarters of a mile west
of the south-west corner of lot 4135;
tbence south 40 chains, thence west
40 chains, thence north R0 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence norlli
40 chains, thenoe cast R0 cbains,
thence south 80 chains lo the place
of commencement, and containing
640 acres, more or less.
40-6t* .fnhn Stnng
Located December 13th, 1905
8 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office tn new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
| We Will Do
Your Draying
jMa  in ;i manner tliat in*
SF* siin'-i    satisfaction.
That  is  -ur  bnsi-
.    u-'ss.   We  want to
^f-   please.   We rire wil-
liiiL' to labor hard to
accomplish thut object. That is why uur
p   business prospers ::
Authorized movers nl ths
Maioa & Risch 'r-.ar,,+ .
A nice Photo, the kind
we make will be lhe most
acceptable Easter i rifi
Prest Photo lo
VTe Buy and Sell  on  Commission.
WANTED:—Western Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
People who want job work done
cannot afford to pay for poor work.
That is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald office. No complaint Is made ot the work turned out
hire for thc reason that lt is up to
date and the work of uy to date
printeri. That makes a diOenua
wiU any ImIIvUiaL
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
tire Honourable, thc Chief Commissioner ol Lands ami Works for a license to prospect for cnal and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate about two miles from
the mouth and about one fourth
mile west of small stream running
northerly into the Flathead river and
about two miles easl of C. P. H.
line as surveyed. South East Kootenay, B.C., and lies adjacent to E.
E. L. Dewdncy's claim on the east:
Commencing at a pust. planted at
the south-east corner, being the initial post, thence running ni-rth 80
chains, tbence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 ohains, thence east 80
chains to plan: of commencement and
containing 640 acres.
Cecil B. Winter, I^ocator.
•lames  Fisher,  Aicent.
'   Located this 29th day ol Septembei, WW. ti-5t THE   CBANHKOOK    HEItALi*
-auss.  ■■ -■- &&i.&*iyr4*
•t.iivittiW-i'ii^vvifK-KK"*"-6"^.   honors, bul wns obliged  .-
*",,,,  account nt ill-hraltb. i "ui ovei  tin* mountains looked   lue|
DISTRICT    **      dt
,-,j-i*:.i)*i«i>li, .-S-a-M-S-M »?,>.^-5*-**>->W<-«-«-<-WfiM"M
(Kruiii   tlie Moyie Leader.)
,;   ii    Thompson     was up    Iron)
i   , ini*( ilu- week mi legal
i .
is I : rn ...im. in- •' baskel
:,     in   liuin*,     and ratling
, || 1..1   Urat purpose.
ll.,:m   n.iim* k, customs "Hi.*.*'. roll, in Uaii-wa)  jestorda)   and
levoli  Ins   i-' IM
l.,mi|i..n olliee.
The 1,1 i. M. rn. lake liaa bent in
,a, ... ikatiug during
■ , ....       I'hi   ice baivosl um
I.....U ;■.
\. i-    Seid .   .ult  arrived  Imuio
I Spokane, .iluu*   be
i ta. i...      He
i, ill :,.    . Iii .m.i mn week i"   live
With  III     parent.,
.iii      I,  uiini   lormcrl)   u-.u-lu-i   m
tll(.   .ii     .    ....   imi uuv,   residing
..   ii>,- Im i.i  ii uuui ui
...        .  j ll'IIWiltg ciihlcsl   in   tliat
, i   othei  il.ii.
i  .   .-ii ..i  ui nn-     l,i-.,il,-i  i*.    iii-
,    .  ii. .   .1   I'     Farrell     loi
ml   painting.     .«i--    Knrrell
„ limn.,ii ul ini leisure ,i*i llel
im... lie pastime ..ml .ill "I bel  wurk
is musl  m.-.lil.ilili  excel I
ii .1. Johnson, presidoul ul Hn* si
Eugene Mountain mines, .mil "in* ol
iin- minors ul ilu* .tiii.iiii, lell lasl
... iu visit uilli In*, iiiiii*"'** m
Killiiiiiin,  ill*. Hi* intends I"    be
■iu.,1  im  in*.,iii  three months.
Hi u„. 20th ui Koliruar) ii i.- -..u.i
libit .il I'.i.l in mm mil In* employed In nn* Moyie Lumbei eoiu-
,i.u.i i.n Uie v.i'ii, ui clearing Lamb
i nil, iiiui iml uiu; ii in shape im
bringing I"-:- luun lln* vast limliel
limits iimi Hu- stream traverses.
There is cuusidurablo nnl.  nml.     in
Tin- cunipii
ul s|i
ll    li.C*.
•i, Is lu*
I.m   |..*i*.
111'  Hi
liim lilg
iu lliilin, nut., iii consequonccol llu*
serious illness "1 bis lather.
ll,.  .in*   pleased in   mv ih.it   Bert
Black Is back in Ferule once
Tin* case   nl   Un-   Fernie    Lumbei
n,iii|iniii   vs. tin* Crows Nl-sl Snulll
.-in railway   s.*i for tuul at   Nelson J actual operati
ii,.vi  week, w.is iiiliniunnl by   order
ut a supreme r.nn i judge il'is   week.
i'ii Lun   phases ut ihr ease will   be
disposed   ni hv   ilu*  lull inilil   which
meets in April, wlieu .i dale Ior   tbe
11 i.il mil be s.-i
' lo^^b? mSJStXot? tit' Wn OF^"**ROOK. I j|,|| t'H-H'I II11 MWI11
i  business uml Hu* circumstance doubt-1   ....     ,„,,,.
r teas Mlcates tliat the beginning   ol     f--»Weel» hereby    given that    the
annual sitting nl the Court nl Itmi-.
sii.n lur tin- purpose ol bearing    all
i planus   against  the   Assessment
nt Un* City nl Cranbrook. ll c   mil  .
In- hold   m th,* Council Chambers in  •
the saul City nf Crnnbrook on    i
(From The  Funk  Paper'
response   In  a    call   issllill       III*
imn yard master tor tin-  mine'tiu.1M.,.,   Farmer, a meeilttg ni clli-
braneli "f 'in* M. F. .v M   I:   K. ms    was lu-lil   ai  tin*   I nlun bank
\i     \   Bleasdell   arrived mi    ilns yestcrdu)   afternoon   to rm,sulci lit,*
inoriting's nam Irom tlie nasi.   Mr. question    as in   tbe n.liisabiliii ni
Hi,ms.Ml lias been absent uvci a yeai utiterwiso ..I     retaining Uu* mounted
attentling McOill college, Montreal. police in Alberta, iu preference lo lbe
in. an.l Hi,. Corsan »   lu Cal- wl«Wl«lmicnl "I a provincial organ!-
Kan    last   week   lukiug in.-n  Inn,* ailiun        11"* subject  was discussed
...lu.iiiii  mih Uuui m'mu,* „ surgi- In all Us various aspects ami 11 was
.ai   nini.iimn   pe lieu   in relieve Hie ver)    general opinion ol    lltpso
n.'i ui iiin.ai trouble.
A  I'l.uim an.l l-aiinr Council is
in,;   formed    Hi   Ferule,      Uetcgul
(From the Outcrop.)
E   a - iu„.„. mi:   .;.. *lrt-Z*\n$TmA'B'im-"H
l..l ul lh,* ltiidslnkc.Mail, alliv.slat l    t,,u,N|    .„,-,,,   „   (,       ^
S|iilliinai*liri„* last week in iiiakc  an 2ith ,i,,y ui January,  1000.
examination   ol     Capt. Armstrong's C. II   Prest,
/.im* property   loi    tlm   Frank   lino       ! Cily Clerk
siiuilici company.     H  is stated Mr.
Hflggou is making Ute examination at
llm u-i|in-si  nl  lln- well  known   zinc
spert,   r   Forueau, nlm   has given
li.* owitors nf Hiaiii group a    con*
iiiiiii iiii* miners, cigarmakei
pelilors,    lin*iu*is   ami  typographical   ','
union nml mi  iiniiil.il   nigiil -imi   n*
solved iu organize.
tin* ulil ben ai \ n nn ia i. as bus)
ilns wmlei as she was lasl, Hying
in eovel her eggs. ll sin- buccoihis
in keeping lln* .iin.iil egg mil In ilm
middle ul      lln*   Ill's!,     Ilk-   bairn
n-si-ni  iiiii ai  li-ast tm  ., coimlder
.'il.i.- imn- it iiimii in- greall)  lo llle
;   lulvaiilage ol Hn* smallei mmmimlllee
,.   if   mn   imlci'il   in i*uii   mmmuii ii
creeps mu liuin iii-niMiii uiv bell un
Mu- niln-i siii,< ut iiii- ruugli lumbei
egg is exposed lu lhe wild i.lasis ul
llie meddlesome upposiliou      Tin* I'e-
,1111   is    III, ,-11    Iii   l,i<   .nun lul    Inl      ul
addled eggs lo In* handled with cafe
lest limy bleak ami crailo anmlmi
ii.ul smell.
(From lhc Free Press.)
,|   I,,   in,*   iim mm  as  ,,   whole    il
,. present  police organlMlioi, were
iu hi  ni.iim,!      is nu opposition in
tins si iilinii-nl   lias offemi a  resolution    lias    iiii.inilm.llsll    ailupli'il   llle*
inurlaii/.iiig    iin*   provincial   govern
muni       in    In halt   ui     |el,l|uil.*n     III,'
 Hilled   | ce i.m.iiii/.nmi,        Tito
n-siilnlimi   lllll   In*   iiiliiai'ili'.l  .il   mil',*
In    Kill lint! I'.ilUII.Hl   Uill   lllllll     1,
miiiiI ■.•inn iii*v   iveek and U  i
IIM)    llml "Hn >     .'min nii'-s wl!
.In likewise
li nu iiliiini hitch occurs tn cause
delii) a start mil liuuhltess he made
mi   Uiv  lmil.Inm  nI   Mn* slide lii.ul  III
.i imi si in,'     i'ln- government
has ai'ii-il mih piimmeuikiliio I" I"
iiuiii. ami has Iel  ilu-   contract.,     A
triugiiun ,.uiu* Sunday ninn ll iiiiiii.In*    wurks,    not-Hying
i'ln*    work   ul replacing Um   sletl
along   lbe Cmw  line between   Mac. '-".^"'j,  m,.„,-ii.    the contract*.*,
loud  awl    \illik   Will    hcaVCI    mclal   Ullll. 1-lrtLl   llml   bail linn .man   Hi,
has lin-ii   eommcncctl.     .1.  loiter    is (.,llllliU.,      .,*.,.
citgngiiig    iiifti fm*   ihis wuik.    Tlie   '	
prcsctil steel welshing .",« lbs, mil lit
■placed   mill
lh. steel
ii  llle
lillael. llm i "lit I acini s an* all
t.t al .lllfira) al tins lime hul il
iiiiilnsl.m.i  Ihal   Ihey  uill he Iter.
(ell   lillis
l.l      lllill   milk   llill
,l,e  Spukane   llttcrituliounl   is  ,,.11    il, ,   IM    lhlrrhnl lulu,! I|ially  CStni*
operation, which mil In* Ian* in   Hie      ,*«■ » .'»'     shipping moid    last
present vear.     The l'. 1'. I!, expeel >' "■"! »'l"'" a H
a Imai v'nui ease   in lhe coasl  trade '■"■'' "'its sbippixl
iilmn Ihis hue is opened up.
Take ii.line ti.-ai thirty days altei
, ,1,,-.I (amis in  Kast  Kootenay
"' | '    Begin g  at a i">*.i planted   ai
"W">'".ihe    nurlh west   corner    nl lut (127.
Cranbrook   Foun-i ,~*r/ '*   .
I   -, ■ in Regulations lor disposal ol lllli-
d             J                 V ,, ii. ,iu ii„i„i,ti„ii fane, in Manitoba.
ry .1110                XI ih. Northwest Terrllo   laadlheYokoa
Ti T         t   •            r* 1           *** lerrllory.
Machine  ohop:j:
McKinnon& Johnston ;
Wu in*,- |,i,.|,iiii,l  in
il I    kiiuls   Iii   ll'-
|nir work liiuiv ninl
ligllt, tn.-iki* mill nil's.
turn slinlta, i'ln.
I hy
li.u-1   tn ilelnel   illll  tnus nl  tlm   nu*   date,   Hn'  niiiiii sliilmil   inleliils   In u|i-
.,1 the i'ii,.. Bay smeller im treat | Ply to the Chiel Commissionei "I
nmni The /un nn- nl this property Lamls ami tv.nks .,i victoria lui a
is said m I,,* ni ., i.n nne quality Spoeinl License In cut ami 'any
ami there is orhkirtl) an enormous away timber from the following des
i|||.iii!iU   ah,.nil   lli  nighl
n k.hh| f,„*,  miners .1
ed I thenco sooth 40 chains; thonco west, I S        .     ..,    ,.   .;•,..  :''!!,'',1',!'.U!'1,V KM.''!!!1.,!
11   A   Starke, accompanied by Jolm 100   chains; thenc tli   111 chains.   ,       ,-\.   >> .   Ml \ ll 110      , . .'..'i',. ,,'...,',,:,' '
Scientific    Horseshoeing   n '
i),ui,  at lln- nil, ,»(
.1.' -".'.I'l'limt.
i,,..n,s .i.lflim in- .m.i m.i*
lis iiniln*. llulilllis Im* muni's
- um) obtain i-i.lii mi ii ilns 1 -
... 1 . ... nm..a.. 1. in 1 1 »
'His, i.ol,-\.-,.»-.tma llm. iil'.u im*" I
■ 1 -      ,1 hiiinii l..i .111 iniili I'lilttl
 l-.i ..iiiiiii  11 1 1'.i".
In .ni'il.ii.
,    llAVllIU  il|.,ii,i|...l   lilillll.il    11
 lie   .1   .i.ll.ll    IU .SI- I    hy
ul llms.iiu,. wlm iii.ii'i 1 |..,-u.i.....|.
n iii.iui-11,11,- al i-itii! • ml ..11 im iun'
.11 vein.
1111 snail I ...11I...I nliulii nnr. 1,
,-ui.t  iiilhlh lon mil 1  11 1 nnt
111..    ..in. ..1l.1lll11ll.il ilu. .,!!..nru na
a ..nil I.n um,-. ni n.i. li- 11     In- l.e
,' .1 .luui U, : .
-I.i.. musl In-r,|>|.||iliil  nil   11'"  .iillin
'  I*. a I" It IHU,. U-...I.I.     1	
Il       -..' h.   .'. .im] 'I-I   '''ml
III,   .1..    mill   1 llu 1    |U
'"''"■',!i,, lh.'Mu
Williamson and J. s   Barbour, eisll    ll»'1"'1' ''■"•!  I,»» 'll;""- '" i'1'1"'    '"
,   liilllllliiU'ellliil  ,   emitallillm   hill   .uns
cl the Nettie M   mine lasl in-ek ami  ,lhlll. u| [,.ss h
1111,lum   eniuhiii.hs    leii   sallslaotoryt CIlBord Edwards
il  In  town  Flnlal       ll     tiasl    c,,,,,,,,,,,,^    „    n     j,,,,,,,,,)-   l.th,
■1:1 lil
ml     ihal'   Mm    iVllslibliril ilil    iml
wanl   In euine    ilnuii,   um   was     she
Ilai.l ul  llm sunn   sillies.      The Nel
11      11
I I    Uial   Hie   leli.nl      lilnunllt        In   ym
'un prev|ousl)  uas quite Ineorreot*
lie  M    i.ililhs ale situated nil  a  lil-.li, 1    - , ,     ,-.        , 1
n*':;,vu;" !"""::";•':'!"'.'".,''!. !■■.: 1 Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory I
nn  Uiilnmu.il  ni  (lus iveek  K    \
Snulli innk uie   naili ui uiini*     '
was ilulv msiiilliil ,1. postmaster Iiu
.llulie, ' by posl ..tli. ,* lltsOCCllll
Caiins ut r.iLnii. iiu* olliee wil
l.iiili.il.li   remain at  Us presenl  loca
imn im* .- ■ 11  .ii leant   .ml .llh
Crowe   Im- agreed   ' main mill
,Mt. sn,Uh lui' - familial Willi Hn
mul,.     Mi   Smith  -imiri-ils   I'     li
Hope, ivl tigncd  iwu years    tig"
Since Hopes lesumiluui until mm
.Mutie ii.i. iiiiliiuil a postmaster
ami the work was curried un In* an
assisi.ml This .was ' lu lhe lad
tlml Hu* I...al Liberal assncWi'tioi
limiiil ii iliilieuli iu agrco ii|iuii i
man There nine several aspirant,
' among 'In* iaillilnl," hut Mr. Sinill
won mil      Mi   Snulli is ii il   llu
Clllesl lesiilillls in lhc town ami is .1
..l.i.i'iii.il.ii In  tr *.
The Lake cluh was thrown upon ti
Ils members lasl evening. The
Mldlng near llm Leader olllce oi
Queen's avenue hns been lilled up lul
-litis purpose. J. Moore is llm manager. Tlm eluli lias a good member*
ship, whicli is steadily Increasing,
James Cronin will move his famili
in Spokane the lirsi nl next week.
Mr. Cronin will divide his time between Moyie and Rossland.
(From Uio Times.)
Lasl   iveek  the license commission
eis granted an hotel license to    11
Sleeves I'm   Ins new hotel, llm Winn
mu   ai  Lumlbrcck.
Pearson .v Jewel have lhe cuhll'aii
Ioi ilu* slide mail. Wmk un IM
road   mil  sii.in  s-lart.
According to llm Ollicial (lazelli
tlie billowing appoiniments have beei
in.Ki. Edmund Disney, nl Coleman
nisi ie,. ul th,. peace.; Wullei Ross
Mctlae .11..I Duncan James Melnty
ul Coleman, iiiiiiinissiuimi.s lor taking
nllidavil .,  Muni   .1    ll.illmsuh, lieell
The winler,' so I.u. while g,  h
cattle  i h.m by nu means been i
ileal mu' Im the lumberman, owing
iu the lack ol sullicient snow Im
liiiiihiu Tin* Peter McLaren company, however, in spile ul Hie lunl
stale ul the mails h.ne succeeded in
lumiim ami placing in ilm river some
70.1  lints.      (,|   this amount    T
Yii.letl has logged sume 211 llllll undei
contract, M prrami there are mill
about la nun nun* in the woods, although if snllieit.il sunn* lulls Ibis
munih lliis.lorce iiill be increased.
.Miss c. Ambrose, who lately had
charge ol the limhei creok hospital,
arrived yesterdny to lake charge oi
Hi ■ llniii J. ilnihesmi. win, is lying dangerously ill,
Last Monday Steve Rnsse, a minor
al ilm llellevii,. nnil,.. wenl bnek   too
■■ i   alter   (Iriug    a shut    ami was
overcome lu  powder a ke.     In try-
'■   make I.i   u.u oul In* h-ll down
a    Chute   ..n.l    uas     hiiilli    shaken   up
"Im   I    nm    -ii ll    hull.
A.    It   n     Palerson, m  Winnipeg,
■   adjuster,   uas  in   towi	
Weil :. ', j Mi liim ii"* late lire lus;
»   lien       Tl.   I..... .  mie ailius-li-il
to Hn  .i'ii.' sallstac i ul both the
cumpnhies .mil the Insured and    mil
he  settled   promptly   III   llm  ihshianee
Tl Iiidemlc uf conlaglous diseases in Blair rc will lie n tilling ol
'!"' pa '  alimii  Tuesday next.
The new town nl I.iiiulhii-ek is
rapidly becoming one nl ibe Pass
towns and already boasts ol a store
nnd a first-class hotel besides man)'
end.mis. II is lhe Intention of tlio
owners ol the tnwnsilc to nul in a
bridge across Ihc river al llial pnint.
I 1,311(1 Inns uf
uie   shni.   Tlm
i   is   getting   Hs   iniii,*    [uio
,        , , .lemliii   emi.liiimi     and     has    ovei
Mi'.    A.  Mill'"i    lias luinpleieil    a   .„„,„„„ ,„„„ „, ,,,,,, ■„ ri,si,,.u, m,ly
to l.e drawn at anv iinm required.
Owing lo an neoluenl lo the luini
imt  liiniiiiheli   nf  the  tipple,  Mmi.lav,
Hm   mine   has I n    -lun   down tin
pasl three days. \ ear was nol
iiruperlv plaeril on the cage ami nhiii
being I'misli-il, il eaugbl iu tile timbers  ullll  Um   li'Sllll   Iiul   llie llallie-
wurk siippurt'liig lhe sheaves pnlleil
iiiii anil iill fell ' lu the ground entailing considerable damage. The
ei.tnpuht has since been rushing repairs ninl il was the expeelnllun lasl
aliens uniilil be rc-
ileal llllll Ml J. Ilalibllll, ul llm
Villi Slut Lumbei eullipall)', I'm lln*
piirclhise uf six limhei claims un tlio
in,nlrii.it    near  .In li i.n . .lh.  .Mil-
inn owned mui nl these cluiius und
il ilmis were miniil In  P. II,  iie-
Tiillsh   ami   ll,     .1.   Tilitilek. 111.
tlill.ui has heen engaged iii.i.i.iI'.i. lui-
ing lies   in tins property dnri ig   tlie
IVIIller, lllllli-t In llu* suli Ymalllcl*
lhe camp  has heen shut   ilu'.iti.    11   is
expected Hm mil "iiimi .nil build
a mill on Hie property nexl spring
A trivial turgory ease occupied the [.veiling tlml
pnlme ii.iii t  i.ii   Munday, anil as llm sinned  in-dui
accused uus sen I up for uial ii   will *|*. McDonald, an expcrl  fiiubcrman
occupy .IiuIkc Wilson's atlen 1 ion nexl hum  ihe Ottawa valley has been in
week.     ('has.   Brown,  hotel propria- tin- Pass lor   some time cruising    a
nu. Wiinliiei, uas charged uiih nu.',- number ol timber limils.   Among the
Ing Win,   Beiituii's    signature io    a |i,,,|t.s cruiseil    uas tlinl ol Maleuhn
sl.llh  ehei|iie        \   Sileile euul   m   Ulu   Mclnnls    nmth   ol   linns   Nest.      II
employ oi Brown asked tlie hitter was assisted in the work hv Tom
for W.oii, which uas entiling lo hint. Roche. It is staled Unit Mr. Mc
Brown iu lhc Intr-ronm in llie pres-! Oonulsl represents Hie well known
nice i.r n numbei ul others playtull}--, liinibci-maii, John It. Booth, who is
iiniie mn the cheque ami signed Mr. reported lo be seeking Hie ncqulrc-
He.iinii's iiaine. Beaton uus pre- men! uf a large amount nf timber
soul and evidently joined iu the juke, m n„. luter-mouiHalii eoimlrv.
for he had no hank account. The cuuU Cieneral niiiuaget Felnnlt, ol the
gol buill nl ilm cheque and iu spito Metal company, uns In town Hn*
ii piniesis from Brown and    others  (irst ol Hie week,     lie siaii-il    that
declared his Intention to cash il.
This he diil al a rival hotel, endorsing his name uu ilm hack. Mi.
Itohaii, who cashed tlie clroque, pre-
seulnl it al a t'lalihtouk hunk alld
limn laid tlm information, The defence treats llu* wlntle matte
Mi.   tahsle
ilin.   is   ileieu.l-
iiiiiiseii eiaiined thai as nu
Intent in dclraiid was pinvtsl the ac-
eusoil is ihiuHiiii  uf lorgery.
C.P.R, olliii', Winnipeg, Fob. 1.
.1. s. T. Alexander, Secretory Board
ul Trade, Fernie:
Deal Sii:—I iieg t„ aiknniiliilge receipt ut ymi leiter nf January l.'t,
rogaixling llm era-tion nf a station
at Fcrnie, ami am pleased In say
Uui at present il is our intention lu
lice! ii noiv station al Ferule dining
Um coming season
The plans nl   llm  station,   hoWOVCI
call fm a frame building, ii would
uuilerlaily increase Um ensl ovei tuul
above the aiit'illhl lllllhul i/cd. J rcg-
lel Ihal il lull be impossible lu
comply witli the toqiiesl made by
ynur board in regaixl lu the matter.
Wn Imvo si, many demands mi us
meeting Um rapid growth uf ihis
Nortbwesl that ii is haul for us n,
finance tlu- kind nl Improvements wo
minhl like in furnish.
Yours truly,
Win.  While,
2nd  Viol-President  I'.   I'.   It,
The   Nolsoii hockey  in wenl   in
Coleman mi Monday, where ihev
played a team picked from lhc Pass,
i'lni game was exciting, the visitors
winning In  3 goals in 2
Dc ami' Mis, Corsan ami Marlon
returned from Oal-gnry mi Wednesday. The operation on Uu* liiile
girl's throat is believed in hnvo
been successful
Sup!   Erlckson, nl Un* ('. I' II . wns
III   lhe cite   Uus   neck  going  i.v i'i   llle
spin in tim Klk 1.umbel company's
mill Wll'll llm lieu' In getting ll
 iplelcil. The rails an* laid alums!  in ih,- trestle work.
The  Mnsniis   bale   leasisl   Hie    largo
hall upstairs iii ilie Free Press
block Inr a leim nl Um years. The
large hall,  lhe tun anlc-rooms   ami
llm double iniiiil  al   the [mill   will he
used exclusively by lhe Masonic oni-
A party organized In* M ss Alexander had n delightful nioonilglii
tramp mi Wednesday evening, iim
hard snow crust ami the beaut)' nf
lhe nighl malic Um tramp particularly enjiivaht.       Alter returning Miss
shipments have slutted from Un- IHin
Hell ami thai lhe mine is Innkilii-
line. i'he cubciiilralul* al Pilot Bay
is also liliuiili-a.
Steve itonsc. n iiiincr in Uie em
ploy nt Hm Wesl I'atiu'iliaii collieries
company at Bollcvlie, narrowly escaped liisiiiR his lib- while working ai
bis place in the mine Monday. He
Went buck tun soon aflei* firing and
wns overcome by gas iiuii fell to the
floor uf the room unconscious. A
drivel noticing Unit the nml liad
coiis-od running in Posse's chut
ivettt up lu invcsllga'to awl found tl
prostrate miner. lie carried him
down tu flic entry and got liim Dili
as quickly as possible. Rnsse soon
recovered, bul lite fortunate discovery of his predicament iu lime wa
all  that  saved his lite.
A. F. (Iraily is up from Macleod
looking ovei bis interests in the
Pass. ih*. (Iiaily stales thai Macleod is moving in tlm direct ion nf
public ownership au-il be expects
Ihal Hie lown will "iiii ils own light
null water si steins. Just before
leaving Macleod, Mi. Ui.uli receiveil
a telegram Irom Edmonton winch
makes hint fis-1 ralliei* prom! nf bis
lilleeli-yeal-nlil sun I Inn.Id It was
a i'ii|imsi from Um Edmonton iHickcy
learn fm permission lur his sun ip
.in in Winnipeg ami play with Hie
Ed litnn team in tbe Stanley    cup
..nli.   whicli   will  brine il,el;u™,"ll'r M™' ''I'1' KUI'S|B «' '••
luiiieiii.il     imii    „( Hi,. Nuiih    FnrUI Iroslimetlls al  Imr home.
Had.   '.. llml   town.     A  Btist   mill1    JJ]™ "urel  l» *PIjlyht|( tor «    li-
ami grain elevator    an- to 1 o    bill     ''"Sl' fl" " nEW l"',<'1 al  UlKm'-'■ '"
     n,     draw adiliti I,1"' ''ailed Uu' Hosmer hotel.
presenl about so   moil I Uroley returned In.in  roion-
I rail...
The Alberto Oa/iite contains announcement   nf  il   bet* ni appoitltr
mollis nl local Interest. Among tlm
number are luspeetor !•:. J. ('amies,
appointed [tistlee ul Uu- pence; F.rod,
Dnuhi. lormcrly of Krank. made a
J. P. fm Mountain Mill, Vi. It.
MeRae, of Coleman, commissioner tn
take .illiil.n im uml "llin.il auditor;
It. J. Melntyre, nf (Jolcninn, commissionei In lake alii,lavils. The
(la/el le alsu luiilaliis eviilences thai
ilm Iimi legislature will he kept Busy
cinmklering applit-alious fur liusii'-
l'i.uiiniil of companies. Notices are
published nl iuleiilinu In ask lhe
legislators for almost every conceit'-
able kind ul charter.
Lille bus al lasl been made n post
i.lliee Superlnlemleiil Vi. P. Willi s nl Hm i I company bus   been
nppnlnled pnstmnsler and has qualified       11   is  expected   linil   llie   ulllee
will   I pche.1  at   "iin* and a   mail
iiniie esi.il.iislm.l lietweeu frank and
Lille      ii Iiiei* w II he in lhe Wesl-
eni Mercantile company's store.
The people ot the dlltoretii camps
aie bavins a lul nf lun ut the expense  uf   Ed.   Oieharil.   uh ut'ilnets
lhe boarding liinise ivl Lille, orchard has a hnise that was turned
uut tu rustle Ior itsell through the
winler. II gol so |„»,t thai its
treatment became Hm stilrjccl ol ftus-
slp Iii the ,1 in": It'll( niinpi-; nul finally
sunm wags pot together ami tyjt up ii
job. The! gui sume wliile paint tuul
pililili'd    'Kei-d     me"   in   largo  letters
in both sides n'l ilm animal'.   And Hi
ul   l.nndhii-.-k.
riMiihii.'  '" yesterday.      lie was accompanied Iun nl lhc thing is tli-al Orchard   nf
,hy his sister-in-law, Miss I-toocy
| iered
reward   uf J2n inr inliiiina-
i li. Vi. Armstrong, a tormer law, linn as to whn did the painting, anil
partner of Mr. Eckstein at the coast, although .herb ate several persons
is asstting Mr.  Eckstein iu Ihi'   law who know   who   di*	
Ottawa, Feb. 0,—Tho cabinet chan
ges tnnk* place this forenoon and llh*
new ministers afterwards tnnk their
seals nn the tariff oommission.
Hun. L. P. Rrndeiir, minister of
inland revenue, was sworn in mini!
lei nl marine and fisheries in place
ni Hm lale Iluu. Ravmiiiiil Prof,
lathe, and linn. William Tomplcmart
was sworn in minister nf inland u*-
vcnile iii Hie plaee nl Hon. Mr |ln„|.
The swearing in ceremony took
place in the Governor general's oflice at Ml u'elurk (his forenoon there
mini: presenl besides Lunl (ire)- sir
Wilfrid Liiiir er anil Hun. ('. Flizllat-
riek. '
li is likely thai Hon. Mi* T.'mnlc-
iiian will ftrow up bis sena'lnr.sliin
and run lur the oily „f \ t,.,,,,, , -
Riley,  M.P.,  lakiiiK his place |'.,'  th,.
FERNIE is asstting Mr.   Keksiein  iu  the   law   who know   whn   did    I,  Ihev loyally
,  j business fur a tew weeks. refuse tn Kive the snap away.
,..         ,,     ,.          ,    , I    II.  L. Slaehli'i. oi  Nelson,  was   in!    'I'he peuple of   Frank  were  treated
(from   Hie  Frrnm  Ledger.) | H,e oily un  Wednesday.      Mi*.  Slaeh-   In a sight   llial  did  thorn good,   The
Wm.   Eschwig lefl   Monday    night  lor is   un his   way lo Guelph, Oni..! first fire   was put   in tlie furnace at
over lhe (ireat Northern upon an ex-  being called there by Um sudden ill-  lbe zinc smelter and the sigh) nf Hie
tended business trip. imss of Ids tattmr. smoke issuing irom the tup of    lbe
Un-..,n in   Ontario Ihey are plough-     William A. Bleasdell returned hum  big stack on Ihe hill cerfainlv lookout ami iiiei ai (i'.itti k 'he   null  the east mi Wednesday.     Mr. Bleas- oil oncouraging and business-like, The
nn ii .in* pi.ii un' fn   iiuii ,1,-11 passed   nnnlltcr vein's cxamina- flic   was merely   for th,.   purpose of
All   I.i* le* sin,-ni,-i I,,,-, been nailed   iim. ai  Medill medical college   with drying Hm line,' hul  tlm wreaths    nf
vVhcli th'.* bread nr cake or pastry
come, from tlie oven light, crisp
and appetising, ynu arc u-uni to
mi* you have had guuil luck with
your baking.
Thc .'good luck" idea is a relic
ot lhc time when housekeepers pitted
their competency against poor flour.
To-day good baking isn't a matter
of good luck in any home vvhete
Royal Household Floor
Is intelligently used.
In the hands of competent house-
wive, it never fails because it is the
whitest, lightest, purest and best
baking flour to be had.
If the goodness of your baking is
due to chance, your grocer is giving
you the wrong kind of flour. Ask
for Ogilvie's Royal Household.
Ogllvte Roar Mills Co., Lid.
"Ogilvie'a ltnok for a Cook," contains 130 pages of excellent recipes,
Bom* never published before, Yinir
frocer can tell ynu how to Belli Fltl.I..
puss-ihli In* touched lu a slide, bin | J
uu each aisle ni llm ridge small slides; J
had enine down, nullum doing any ■ j
damugo Numerous small slides I
alung lhe mail and Hail niaiie llm I
Hip a lathei' bard nue, but the hig
Dragon -slide uas nol down. At tin;
iinm* all uile well an.l happy, Messrs.
Riley ami Washburn luui been oul
lish ng anil hii'il scclll't-d chough cbai
lu lasl a mui; iiblle frum the creek.
Tliere is plenty nf Inuin fur a park
reserve in this big valley.   Let    us
hill e  nm—boost'
lee boating mi Windermere lake
was good Saluiilay nighl and ono
•Imai was mil until 2 a.m.
Kiiineili Mel'uuiei eauie up Irom
Sinclair Tuesday 'lo sea his Wilmer
friends. Il was almost a year since
Im had last been iu town.
The lv. ('. lt. will upon up Quo o|
the iveii'llhiesl valleys on (lie eonliii-
enl anil Unit is nln* lbe pcoplo whn
know it are boosting Im* ihc mail.
Over mi  llm prairie  the imivspapets
arc boaeting ut playing baseball in
Kebiiiiil'l. i'he Wilmei school ho)s
have bent plaving baseball nearly
•veil iiai since lasi summer.
1...Millet ivlurnod Iinm t'lmih'l'unk
nu Monday, nlmre he dime Mr. and
Mis. Slarliinl.       He made the    trip
with n   wag  although there   was
some snow snulli uf I'iuiuI flat,
('has. Parmer says thai the next
lime Ihai he hangs up a lish Ior
sniiieune n. steal he will attach a
notice something like this, "Dead 10
days!" Lusi Saturday he wont
fishing in Un- river aud'gut a char
weighing abuut ciglii pounds. It was
a line bulking lish, Iiiii was dead
when In- gol il, bi_ftq. fasl lo B ljm
that was langled nu sume snags i:
Hie Water. As llle gills were u-hit.
and bloodless il was easily seen it
must hale been dead sometime, although tlm llesh was quite solid. Returning in town be liuiui
fully near the side ihnn al lhe Holel
Delpliine and in a few minutes it dis
appeared, and komeoiio had u big
feed. The question now is: Whu en
juye<t  Ill.e juke must?
Ai (lulilen and Cranbrook, and all
along life valley between these Iwo
points, resolutions have been passed
and petitions signed, and nun* (lies,
arc backed up In* t|„. Associate
Boards nf Trade, urging the provin
eial governmenl lo ad Um Kootenay
Central railway. Surely soimAMng
will euine ,,f all the efforts pul forth
by the electors and lax-payers tu
secure ibis much needed mad"
All kiiuls nl' finish vvurli in J
wny of iliinrs, ■viitiiluiiH. linn. J
siitiis, ulu.   Kiln liriuil lumber J
for inside work.   Onr work is 1
*.'ii;iriinti.|.il nntl uur prices nre ',
sntisfnetiiiT.     Srri-iu    ilunrs |
Rougliantl Dressed lumber
For Sale
When Vou
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. I\ R.
$1.00    PlfR   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is mu* ndvortiscmeiit, Imt u
pni ibis ml in ibe llorahl.to
emphasize il.
Near Lowor AuiBtrong Avoi
FEBRUARY 7 10 12
 + ■
February 7th, 8th,   oth,
Good to return until Feb.
I Dominion .nul Provin- _
4   Oil!
n.l 1 11 nliulii   Im
11 iu ,,1 .mm.) a! I
11 inlllnl,..
I   Land  Surveyor. 1
11.11. McVittie   ;
General A^enl
{ CRANISyoOK,    li.    C. J
> t
ig-%% •»■*■■-*.'■■*•»'-*_■»••*.*».%••».''%•»•» **.<*.*.. a,,
it 1 lln    NUI.
„n   Hiii'lIU
tfllllj   I.-.
Ill MsK.il
i  In mil. lllll
i. ml i,.' Im
in-lul ci ui*
■nctt in Un"
.(..tniii  i.u-.«
.1 It'lili   ul   In, ul
I lutlll-  ivllli  i'.   .ill   lUTl-nill.
 i> ■'*'•■ iv« mitres lur um
1 cliilms, i-\,-i-i'i .ui un' wwK»i"
Pete's Barber  Shop
lias   niiMi.*,l     troll,    ll.e  Wentwori .
Iiiiii 1  I.i nexl   (loot   In  A.  I'      lion
:.e ,'  .nul   opposilc new  hank  build :
mm     1   Invite everybody.   Mv  wurk
lllll    tine   s.itisiai linn. t'ttsl il.i .
I'. .1. Leithauser, rigr.
CRANBROOK, 11. ('.
1 Clean Clothes
7 ——— *
j, ,—. r
Z I,   is ,„sy Mliiii,*,*!,*,,,, I.
L i-lnilu-s  when  there is n hrsl L
7 ehiB8 lnuiulry in   town.    Vnu 7\
f i'iiu'1 jiM'unl in |i;itrniii/i' clii- 7 1
% nisc wlii'ii yoti i-i'in LX**t   your y\
i work done by white people in fe
/ ,-i white wny mid :ii iiriceo llml > |
? uill ;i|i|iciil  iu  anyone  who %
I wntits K°otl work
1)11 tlm uwjiii
• III    l- Ml III." l.lll.
ii iin.i- oi river
wo mul it lmil
nttei il i-m-.-i-iIs
Viikon Turrit
1    IHU)   If  _
t uveal)  M'
,11.     SK   IlMSl^
itni.il lo it live
i-.ii> )•, ill,- rtVt l liuluw low \\,iier
■ iiutiiiiiiirj in bt- llvi'ii in ,'t> iiosluuu
...ij nl August m ilie year nl tin1 ilaie
i-i- -lmil have nnt- dreilue In operttlioit
i tears iii'in tha dute ul the lease, aui\
• ..of. lit'iiial, >1 o pul nii.i' im lirst
-,   p.-i' iii lie forenelisitbaeiiueiitywir.
.  tibguiitie Vukoii i'errlUjry.* t'reek,
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Cninlirook, H- C.
aim must
itlcil io a
i.l luu  am!
julil  Ullll
;|;        BRICKLAYER and        j
| ONTRACTOR        j
$        Furimce,  Boiler,  Ritnge, $
,i, ( 4t,
A uml Pireplaco wurk a atHi-ial- X
t fcy- ***
^J*        All ileaeripliona nf Blone- y
X work midortnkoii. OnlersleEl *:•
-I. I). M. lUilDK'S
in imi) he ilel
yniauo niiiiii'
iai Ha-i'ltc
•j* will reeievo pi
?P  Hm
ii|il attentio
P. I'. Uus  S.
ii-l MH'ii mli
U. u.i ni;\
lojuitv nl llm Mlnlstei ol iheluti-n
l*:ii.eliie,   Sunday,   .Ian.   31st,    f"l  J f,,t a  particular purposo is ensv   fur
Iniiihi-   changes in iiassaiiBcr    train us     Because wo   havo them Iol   all
■..■bed..,-: Nn. 3   eaves Kexlnrd m.i.. ,,„„,, „, „M,    Nat,„,,||j. ,„„
.,.„,,H,„„„*,s     eny I.JO p.m.:    .,, LIVERY SERVIL'E
me   .S|iiil„ti,e   B in p.m.; leave   ,, tnl su|)crlot ,„   u,,,, „, n„, ■,„,.„„
p.m.;      Atlrlan    n.lii   p.m.;   I'acille ivhlch has   In cart cnal du *.    tlio
Avenue 'i.in a.m.; Evorett r.. 11. a.m.; iveek ami cany his ownei tn a Itiuoral
Scattlo   7 llll  a in. oh S lav.      II Simla Clans saw mil*
Nn.    I   leaves   Itextord   I.on a.m.;  Iioibcs he would | si i lus    old
Uonners    Kerry   8.31)   a.m.;    .nine  reindeers, chop up Ills old slelnh and
Spi.li.ihe   7.llll   a in.;   leave   7 l.'i   ,i In , | line a rig limil iis,   Vnu ■hnlllll 'In llie
Atlrlan  111.30   a.m.; Weiialcbeo  12115 sn when y iqulro the services ol
n in , Pacific Avenue fi, Hi p. 'on l a hm ,e .mil earrlogo Inr anv piirpusn.
neclliig   mih  Nu   11.  Everetl  .'..'is'   Especially   as mn   scnlc id cbnrgoo
I    ninn'   Se  llle   7..'Ill   II.III,
.Sn.   1   hn   eh.ill.'e.
No. I leaves   Scull le   s no    	
Everett    11.111   a.m.; I'm llie   Avenu
U.20 a.m.; IVcunlel  :i ii.'i p m ,  Ail
nan   I nil p in.; aiilie   Spokane .1 -
l> in.;    Iiuie     8 in     p tu .    II,ini,,
l-'cnv   111 lil  11 III.,   Ilevlnlll   T, Il'l  11.111
Nn.  '..'ill  Idles  lie-if.uil  *,..ll    ii ii
coniiectlng   with No.  I Swlutoii 7 n
a.m.; arrive t'einie s uu n.m.
Nn. 'lln leaves Pernio lullll p in
Sii'iiilini   in.an    p.m.;  Itcxford  ll I
a.m.;     ne oting  with   numlter  I
Tliliui.h sleeping cans opeialisl hi
tueeii Spokane anil t'ernic. S.eepc
fine   between   Spokane   ami     Fenii
really cheap transit.
I'he Hundley I.ivery Sltiblos
Iiiiiii W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Full    Programme    Canadian
Winter Sports
Kor I'toeriiiinoos,   Hates ami  tletoiled
iiifiniiintioo apply Loeiil Agents.
t'einie   In   Valll'ollV
tr, minutes, conncotlon being    mini
wilh   No.    272 ul.     Paeilie   Ave	
Extra tenl liains Nos. Iiiii and 2D
will he operated botwoon Spok
and Leavenworth, leaving Spokan
1.0(1 ii.iii.; WenatclaT 111.all p.in ,
Wenalcliee 12.11,1 a.m.; Spokane 8.D0
Hiidei sleeping cars will   be
obi -nhocs made new.   All kinds
i hours an.i I"' repairing,   dive me a call.
j Cranbrook
nui.       Hiiiiei sleeping ears vylll   be'T
opcrati-d between Spukane and Loav-   I     !!_____.__ .9
cnivnrtb,  trains   Nos.   2115  nnd  2 ll     fAr^1*V .»t
also oxlra train between .Seattle nud  A—-* V \*-A  J *C^
skykomish, loavlng Seattle ll.iiil n.m; I
Kor lull particulars, first-class' oV Evielt    8.111   p.in.;    Paolilc Ai	
tourist sleeper resctvalions, apply tiln'n l'*'n', 'S'i!'.n'"lls1'• l"',2!1,,, I'"1'
,     , , ., ,11/   " j lti-tiiinitin leave Slii'liiinnsh II.llll a.in-
local agents or write • i*,,,.,,*,   :U|,„„,  s.iia     a.m.;   Hiereli
J. R. PARTER, E. .1. COYI.IO, 823 a.m.; Scattlo 10.11(1 a.m. Local
D.I'.A., Nelson. A.0.1'.A., Vancouver' train    being oporated   botween Bon-
„   „,„. '      , | nors Kerry and Spokane will he with-.
d. tliliier, Ajent, Cranbrook. drawn.
Ti-iiiiis nnd driver, famished for any
point lu tbe district,
REID & CO. j
Ladies'Corset Covers, regular prices
from 50c to $1.25, now
Ladies' Flannelette Drawers worth tr*£ I
from 50c to 75c, to clear ;it 4UW    *,
Ladies' Flannelette Night downs, --/- >"
regular $1.00 to $1.50 for /i*i^    f
Children's Rubbers from ui*a i» i. ->er •
while Ihey last only ^J>w     :
40 only rien's Suits, regular $10 it A t* — I
lo Sis, to clear at *PV,\J**.     |
Fit-Reform Overcoats ;it less Than Tost to ••■
Clear. 1
,,,,,♦, * , * * *■**■* * * *■• •i'ii.i-i-^i^i
V\Y received thin week a dire I Bhipraoal o( Ornugo PekoeTena direct ;
from the gardens in Ceylon.   This Tea i- packed I ir um under our own label in live uml fifty pound endrtle*
5 Hound Caddies $2 oo
50 Pound   Caddies $17-50
Km family 01 hotel use you can't get a better quality nm tea with u ■
finer flavor unless it  be our own G. T,  R brand.   Wo will brew y.m a '
i sample cup In our store.
G.   T.   ROGERS
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery J
Tor Vour Jftiimal friends
.,'■ have a complete assortment of
** '-iJf stiiudnnl remodios,    Thoy   need
■■'••■        medicine as much as n   human
'•■iin-'.     .Iiul being iiiiul.le to pro-
i-t thoy lire entitled to the boat.
Our Condiiioii Powders
iill make yonrstocb livelier and
i&--Z\      better. Tbey will euro nny simplo
trouble and savo you tlie espouse
1$*     of a  veterinary.    Try lli   this
Benson and see how effective tbey
lIu'V are.
C. E REID & Co.
Druggists       phone 74       Stationers
Out ol Town Orders Will Receive Prompl Attention
Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars
CKANBROOK, BrltUh Columbia
Help Cranbrook
and the  district  by
mailing a copy of the
to   a   friend : : : :
There Are a F w Left
d up   About tbe Cily by   v-kinj
nill*.Imii- o|   H.lll     fC-Plt.
in Herald stall was reduced last
nii'i. In Mi Tuiiibull being called
easl In tbe sickness ol Ins ninilur,
and Ibis mvk Mi. Sullivan, the upe-
i.iini uf ilu- typo setiine
l.n.l up uilh a bid attacl
lum Leask spent Sunday in Wan
li. R. Yates came down Iiom \\i-
rliRo last .-v.ning.
I lank MiMahou, ol Mnyie, was in
tuwu last Tuewiay.
R. H. Bnbart. ol Wardner, visttoil
Cianbrook lasl Saturday.
Here is a chance lur tlie ladies
llill & t'o have a numbei ol ladies'
suits aiisl skirts im ban.! lliat tliey
plopose   in tn-ll.      Winli   lllll  Baya Ik*
l the  panel   Is  ml.mil  tiv
j iniisi^iiieiiie and ni li.r work
j nihil'   is   hold     lip     In  a   groat
i Mi   Sullivan   mil    l»* "in I
il.n .  .nnl   lli.il   mil  give  llie
. sume relict.
io sell aiiythine lhat means
thai   the  Rtssts  have   p.t   t"   itu    ilium- Is  nldless ol  price.   These   *;,,*.*l.s   will
I '-tippc.; liv sold at a discount  ni tbirty-tli
a   lew
Hi Wall, nl Km I Steele, was in
town  last  i-'tulay.
10 Bishop, nl M.i'miilh*, was III
lullll   last   I'll I.n
T 'I'  McVittie, "f I'"ii Steele, was
ill lullll veslelilay.
Ml Milllln. the limhei in.pel I. t
Has   tu   liuin  seie,,,I  days   Ilns  week.
Hen* I*. the dc-pltl ul eui |,i|,*e,'
Mill ,1 I',, .lie sellii,,, la,lies' |,,,m
llml  ensl  at uh.ilesale limn  tl 50  In
H nn al Mi    cents, li would In* mi-
And   I her
nul  sir  tin
ami one-thud per cent oil
sale pi tie JJo you know
lliealis.' It is piCkly III
The  ladies  nl   Clalibn    '
tin' whole-
wlral lhat
u a Kilt,
sueh an opportunity prewnted atel it
w.m't  last   long.       Tin*   lllsl   III    will
Ii.i i e  tlie bl-s-t   show
\ ie lh-sullnei ,,l .Mnyiv. was in
liiwn the fust I,I lhe week.
Ilalll Vtltltl*   lisltisl    lhe   iilst.ilu   nt
tin* ai Kastpmt last Monday.
.1 ... Halley went tn Mnyie lasl
Monday on protiBioM] luismess,
John Ityan, ol Waldnet, was a
Cranbrook visitor last Tumdny.
We lllll In* ploatwd l'i hale luu III
VCSliKfttO when in lieixl nl .ml slurl
metal   Work.
Patmore Bros.
('nnstilhle llnw eame ilnliii limn
bilk,i  Saturday   In  take  a  prisoner  lo
II     111
was a  Cni'i
1 1,  i
i.li-i.i   Krlckson
Ei iil.u*
Weill        ti
Broad bus
Por Sale-
lilt-'l   while
i'. lul,.
number ol thorough-
ick cockerals; Kisln-I
sclliiitts ul eiit^s   [tutu
.seven -I
last   u
her nl
day cv
Sllm-hViker's II
■ I. E. Oalhcart,
t:   K. Rlwi-ll eni,
anil  eiielne mi   Wi
■lllli.lOil      n
luestlay    i
M   11
Kine eiilei'lii
il mint-
Sat ur-
I Mrs. .1. 1'.
isl a number of trie
evening in honor oi
of Calgary.
Wanted   -  Sconnd
Ron. suitable tor i
Fink* enli'iliiin-
nls last b-rlday
.Miss Jamieson,
Address Hox M, Mnyie, I!. ('
Thf quarantine lias lioon raised at
lln* Inline nl Superintendent Erlckson
and lln- in,, children aro fulli* recovered.
It I*:. Ilenliii. lull lasl Saturday
fur a business Irip fn Item 1st,,kc anil
lbe coast. lie expects In he absent
about   two weeks.
Here is tin. depth nl cut prices!
Hill St t-o. arc soiling ladles' hats
Ural cost nt wholesale Irom « .Ml tn
SI.11(1 al .in cents. It would be im-
pnss-i'lrle in stoat tht-n, fm* ihai money. And tbey arc good values. Drop
in and see limn and then vmi will
he convinced.
I), .n'l
opcrn I,.
Clllli     ||„
s bi-aiine tiny
sni.illesl '.tough
age. Sis. Iter
Fein nan   lu   v
. 'tlie
Winsomc flraolo Hutchison, "The
Child Nnr.lieu," has unit Illinois
from Denver to Vancouver. Hoar
lur with the Juvenile Boslonlans
February 30th.
Tlie Misses Kilhy, of Vaueouver,
who have Invn visiting for the past
month in . the In.nie nl Mrs. Win.
Colpman, lelt for their homo mi
Monday morning.
Fm* Salo-Erght room, well lui-
nlshed house on linker llill. Apply
io linn Hun,ui. -is-ff
Pretty Rose   Cole, the nightingale
with   lbe   Jurenile   H. stonians    ba
fain,ins Iii
iil charming   manne
.1, Ilai
is  lisitnl   Oknlu
k nu    business
i  Harris
Don'l    i..i**vt
in I    mi
hs. W. I',
in nisi liisl
l.el bin ulu,'
Rondh« Itnoiu
at  Wetilwiiilii
t linn
.S   In
i   ii Uieu* Irip
ilniiii  last   Moll
i i.ni
I'iheliei Crock
i Craiibrook a few
Armstrong wont
lo  nul   iu   lhe  [111
ud will revs.
■OS in the
liim ol J. I). Mo
Ms   hloMhM.    Allans   l.vi
Iii i n  confined   in   tin- hi
oilv fm some lime paa
■lames    T    Ui.ll.iw
from ilu* const wlwre 1
e h
Mn- pasl    few month*.
inn i.int business in.il ti-
sent   he    visited    Por
other northern points,
s wturnttl
is bi-en for
.1 l.ut
II    1.   T   (l.illn
new slalimi bn
\\. I), Hill was quite sirk tor two
in lluee ilajs llie first nf Uie week
Imt is able In he up and ft fO llinl
C.iiiiluelurs Nihluek ami Muir, of
Me.liiine Hat, and Jackson and Hunt
nf t'raiibroiil., met tliis week as a
committed to [urUwr adjust tbe
soblority list of comluctors on tlie
Joe Tliompson, one of tbe Wardner
pioneers, is in town. Joe knows
pretty nearly every man who was ou
ihe Urow (luring euiislruetiou and be
found a lot of old fiieuds in Cranbrook.
It. II. Short, leader of lbe band,
bas made application to ibe eity
council lur ihe privelegc of the baud
using the counoll chamber as a practice room.
Oeorge Laird, of Winnipeg, an old
friend ofJaflnos Un-er, pass^l lltrough
town th** lirst of the week from Vancouver, where lie has been to look
over the country.
Patmore Bros, are get ling out an
exhaust pipe order for the (.'rows
Nest Pass Lumber company's planing mills ai Wardner thai will require nearly a um of iron,
William Wilson, of Winnipeg, siop-
inil nfi a day in Craiibrook lo visit
will. Mr. and Mrs. N. ti. Uroley, as
In- was mi his waj home frum Vancouver.
Messis. McLean and Proctor, two
ol ibe leading business im-ii of Fur-
nie, were here to sir the -hockey game
Chief of Police Hare
fined to the hospital
serious    inKTiial    a-ltaek.      lt " was
ihougbt ibat an operation would   bv
necessary     at  tirst, bul be seems to
tn- on the road to recovery
We kiv|> a lirslclass sUu-k of dairy
supplies,  such  as  "Samson"    heavy
milk   cans,   pails  and  creamer   cans.
Patmore Bros.
Here is a chance for tbe ladies.
Hill -A: Co. bave a number of ladies'
suits an-d skirts on hand that they
propose to sell. When Hill says he
is going to .sell anything that means
l hut the g«Mts have got lo go regardless of price. These goods will
be sold at a discount of thirty-three
and one-third per cent off tlie wholesale price. Uo you kimw what that
moans? It is pretty near a gift.
The ladies of Crairbrook never bad
such an opportunily presriiled and it
won't last long. The first in will
have tlie best show.
I'lmrlev McKay came up from Movie lhe lirst of t-he week. He reports
that Ihey are getting .uloug in good
shape on" ttwit mining operations beneath tbe lake.
Mr, and Mrs. (leotge Bark-ley have
issued invitations for the marriage
of Miss Maggie Aiken to Mr William
Ahi'inathy, wbieb will lake, place on
Friday  evening,  February  siKtecnUt,
bas hem eoii-
week by a
Uiv  i:   li   Small is qufclfl ill.
T. M. Hoberts and J    P.  Kink vi
llvd Waixluer last Uuuday.
IhMi'l     foigi't     UM    lU-avlliiK   ktoOUl
coauert   on   tbe Wth at WunlwurUi
Uev. J. P. Westman visited Marys
rUlfl and KimbiTley Uns week.
AKleiiuan D, Muipby is
hu bome by au ait.uk
Don't forgrt tlie Heading Uihhh
i-omrrt on the -1Mb al Wenlwoilh
Miss Jamieson lift on Monday (or
ber home at Calgary accompanied by
Mrs. A. H   Kager.
.1 M. lK-ir bas sola ins ranch on
tin* tut to Mi. Payette and will
move into Mr.  Klliou's liousi*.
K. P. K tun in, U It. t'loiliui an.l
]> .). Klmei came up Irom Moyie
Tuesslav   to see tl«* bockey  match.
Geo. Wells, Becretai) ol tbeMoun-
lain Luin-iK-iineii's AsMinati'Mt, spent
two iiavs in Craubrook this week
Maurice .jiuin bad his electric au^
lomoWie out again ibis wn*. Maurice i-s gelling proud oi bis vehicle.
Mrs. Houtli, ol Movie, His Lcavltt
aitd Mi. awl Mis. A. it r'enwlck, ol
Foil St
KERNIE   iu;i*i:at.s   CRABROOK
HV a sriii.t-; tiK i*-t.
'llie Fern.e bockey team, wbo weie
i ilicit way home irom iih* Hoesiaod
curntval,    stoppv-J   oil at Cianbrook
| Tuesday   and     playtd uu exhibition
onftned to game wnh a picki-d team.   Tbe game
f rbeuma-i was called for i o elock, but   owing
l I,, some delay it was l.dti befme tin.*)
got    slatu-ft.    At   the face-off    Claii-
 ok  got  tbe junk and alter    stunc
quick passing got it in the wenut)
oi ibe Fernie goal but Uiliii to get
It in past Milter, who played a stai
goal game for tin* wsiun*. Ferine
woke up tl.i-n and alter some veryl
pretty combination work landed tht*
jiiirk inlu the Crairbrook net. The
puck thin went (rom one end to tb._
oilier till Ferine found n .m.i again
ih.'v scored, lt was now up t-i
Cranbrook to do something and aftei
a ughi scrimmage at ibe side of tbe
gual Uwy seonsi. Fernie then scored
two more ami half lime was called.
in ih.* Bccond halt, however, Cun-
brook sd.inl anotbei goal, but ibat
was thclt last, and ilnv played more
of a deft nsi* game sight thimigh to
Hir fin Uh, but Fernie succeeded In
finding tin- net twice hi this ball.
vcre among Mie i ut o! leaving the score li-:i when lime was
lown gursis at ibe Gurd party, called.       Tbe Cianhn-ok boys have
J, 11. Maedoiiald, who has been'never played together before and laek-
witli tbe Manitoba hotel foi iin-jiast ' i*.l plarlui*, but taking evt-t \ ihnig m-
jeai lefl fm Hedley, B. C. today, lo coiiwlderation they played n-inark-
where he expects to i ngage In Hu* al.lv well. McComiell at goal stop-
holel   busilichs. | I"*11    sn"n'     bald shots but  the swift,
Mr. and Mi's, into Uism-i, of | ln'mg of Hie Fei nie foi wards pimvd
Wardner,   and     Mis,   Alexuiwl
Tliompson   Kails,   Mont.,   were   \isii-
ing Cranbrook Iriends Sunday last.
,t. f. Armstrong, T. M, UobcrU
ami S. J. Mighton bought what lots
tbe Townsite company si iti owuod
on   Norbury   avenue  Saiur.lay     lasl.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. (lunl entertained a large parly of friends m their
handsome new home lasl Thursday
evening. Duiielug was Un* program
and lhe evening proved most enjoyable to ull present.
The annual bull of llu* odd Follows will he given next Thursday
evening ai Kralernily hull. The Fei
nie orebeslru will be in at tendance
and eveiylhiiig i.s being ai'taiigctl in
give lbe guest-s a splendid time. Tlm
ladies know what kind of a floor Unit
bull bus to danco on und tbey will
all want lo be Ihere.
T. M. Roberts, of the linn of Arnold A: Hoberts, was notified by the
provincial manager of ihe insurance
companies ttm-t wero luterosted in the
Blairmore fire to go there and adjust the losses, and Iw lift last evening. Mr. Holier Is is often called
upon lo uet as adjuster for these
companies', which is quite a compliment lo bis business ability.
Don't forget the Reading Homu
concert on the :iMh ut Went worth
A. W. and II. II. McVittie have
purchased the Insurance and real estate business of John Hutchison and
will carry it on in tlie future. Tbtse
gentlemen will occupy their ollices on
Armstrong avenue and Mr. 11. 11.
McVittie will give his personal attention to Uie work. Mr. Hutchison
has a business proposition iu view
ihai may take him to the prairie
country during the coining Mtinmer,
hut as yet he is not in a position to
give any further iiifornuit'ioii, aside
from  the laet thai il is a land ileal.
(His Staples, of the Staples Lumber company, returned yesterday
from his trip to St. Paul. Mr. Staples eame around by Calgary and
slopped at several points on tlie prairie and feels ihal Mie demand for
lumber this year is going to be better than at any time since he has
been here,
a li-
of    tiiv
'iall.i.nMi   <
ih.- Imiinuc
Boards o[
 I.I    nul
pn  .-nl sii.-i
Firsl das
years expi
is open fo.
i:  i.   i   o.ili,
'ti.l.iv io attend lh
ibrook brewery. Mt
II full of praise   of
n lie
In:, I   witb
lumber in
ii    Addresi
ml ovei   the ti
llV    till*   ll, r.| III
\'s    llml     gut
11  will I:
Pi fogetl
mini lo bring about gi
nf Km I Sleele
or three limns this
iih is sliil feeling
quel   that   was gtv-
.f trnde and wisely
Ih.'iings of  thai   kind
lhe people or tbi'dis-
[rlomlly manner is
1 results.
Regului preaching services in the
Methodisl rbiiich nexl Sunday, the
pastor in cbarge, Evening subject:
"Something That Never Kails, 'Memory.' " Take part iu llie song service.   All are En vi ted.
A luirlor meeting io observe    the
anniversary i
Frances Will,
at lhe bom
Iv, Baker hill,
February I7tb
in. An Interns
prepared. All
ance work aro
Ute ih-.ith of Miss
ud will be held
• of Mis. Oonnol-
on Satiinluy evening
, commencing at ti p,
ling program is being
inieiestiii in temper-
conl (ally Invitod,
balb  room
.'    "StUIMl-
t-i i a tm* I til
We can lit    out your
wilb   In-uul'ifiil   snow   whit
anl" SanUary    porcelain
wait1; very  handsome.
Patmore Bros.
Here is a elrauce for the lu-dies.
Hill A Co. bave a number of ladies'
suits uud skirts on baud that tln-y
propose lo sell. When Hill says be
is going to sell anything that means
that the goods have got to go regardless of price. These goods will
lie sold at a discount of thirty-three
I and oue-lhird per cent off the whole-
Last Satiinluy afternoon, lictwecn sale price. Do you know what that
the hours of four and six o'clock, means? It is pretty near a gift,
the Ladies Aid of t-he Methodist The ladies of Cranbrook never had
church gathered at the home of Mrs. such au opportunity presented and it
G. T, Rogers in honor of Mrs, .1. won't last long. The first in will
K. Fenwick, one of the oldest have the besl, show,
members of the Aid. Each member,
present was asked lo write in a lit-j
tie book of remembrances which later was given tn the cues! of honor.
During the afternoon Mrs. h, ti. Van-
tlecar read an address and prc-
si-nted Mrs. Fenwick with a 'beautiful
f cut pHeo
lli!l A Vo. are selling ladles' ba
that eos'l at wholesale from *2.r.n to
H.mi at 50 eenls. lt would be impossible t-o steal them for thai money. And thoy are good values, limp
in and see them and then you will
Iw convinced.
A gospel temperance meeting was
held iu the Presbyterian church last
Sunday and was addressed by Rev
Goodlield, B, A., anil Mrs Noble, ti
bot-h of whom tlm audience listened
Uit-li rapt attention. Rev. Good-
li-.dd's address was a scathing arraignment of the drink traffic and carried
the conviction lo the hearts that
what the speaker said was only loo
true. Mrs. Noble made au appeal to
the mothers to awake to their duty iu this matter and use 'their Influence that lay in their power through
the channel of home and prayer.
Miss     Rhoda Leiteh  sang a     solo
which was very much enjoyed by all.
The collection amounted to $12.UG.
little  too strong for    bim
point ditl exceedingly well
many a rush.   Clothier,
tower ol strength
and blocked
at    |i
and was undoubtedly the best indi
initial player on Hit; loo, bul allowed
lark of practice iu combination play.
TIlO lest of lhe boys played well ami
deserve credit for tin1 clean anil inan-
h game that they put up, The Kernie boys allowed tire effect of plenty
ui practice in the excellent combina-
oi practice in iin* excellent combination play they pui up. Tin- teams
lined up as follows:
Cranbrook— ■   —Kernie
McComiell     ... . Goal   Miller
Greei           Point    Dui mage
Chithii-i , ... Cmi-i Point ..... Kastner
1'ivsi       Rover     Chalk
Chapman   Center   Sherman
Gailon   Right Wing ... Armitage
Damlurant ... Left Wmg ... Q*lendenmg
Jim staphs reterecd the match ana
satisfied both  teams ami the public,
whieh is haul thing to do.
Why Punish
liyliiiyingill-sliupi-i] toot.
w.sir* I., i-kii- Hoots n*-
iruire im linakiug in.
They lit like n nlove tlie
firm linn- tliey . tri. .1
mi, nn.l will Sl nnl mure
liuril wr.-ir limn i.i,, other
Isk.i sold inCiiniiilu toduy
They oti* tii.i.li. over
foot..urn, lasts, in ,*,|1
•Iti.-iliti.-K, from lit,, heav.
[e«l   I ts   tor      .mr-.
prospeetora mul u ■ .
t" sniiiri in boots for
limitless nu • - street nr
rniiiy iluy wenl
Ask fm* Leckie iim.isai
your ilenlers nnil look fur
ilu* traili   mark  on the
J. Leckie (\\ Ltd.
ie  musical  and  social  season     of
nbrook is lo be mosl delightfully
Iguraklt    by   the  advent   of       the
mis    Juvenile   Buslonlans,    who
III   tin
oni <
nig'bls, lyeginning Februai
«i iniit-h eauiiot be said of
mdcrftil little people, ami
clean, clever comedy, and
chy music, should not miss
t treat. The Wenatohee
The dramatic troupe
tin-si'     w
•lovers of
brig-Ill ca
this   great tree
Republic says:
travelling umler lbe name of ''The
Juvenile Bostonians" under tbe management of Mr. E. A. Wolff, whieh
played three dates in Wenatehee this
week, is assured the cleverest aggregation of youngsters ever seen on
the stage. M. Wolff wus formerly
with Pollard's Lilliputians, a troupe
of ohiiKiren Which toured lbe United
States and played to standing room
only iu every' cily in which they
showed. Hero is an organization
wbieb is assuredly cleverer than tlw
Pollards. Elsie Martin, thc midget,
is as bright, as sweet, and as charming a youngster, as was ever seen on
the stage, in or out of U'enatcbee.
The universal opinion of every oue
that saw Mre show is that if Mr-
Wolff will return to Wenatchee we
will give him such a reception as will
warm Ihe cockles of his heart ami
bulge his pockets.
The   Canadian    Bank of Commerce
have moved     into     their new bank
building and within a few days will
I    Easteri
I ii,' s
)    in ll v.
j    cllM ll
gZ tow       -
ii s to.,
i Confectioners
1           i*i
- Craabiouk
Miss Mansl
writing foi .
Guess worl
typed from i.
ii-H will iim fancy typ^
■ r evening ens'    n   - [table    rales.
supplied, or
opies. 45-tl
Kirst-eUss baled '*..:
sale by the car i--,.-i.
Carey,' De IVfoton J'.
i.v bar    for
^pply 'E. G.
Alberta.  46
Take Notice '- at   I     t]  days alter
date I intei.'l lo t     t be Chief
Conimissiorit-r  i;   1.    Is   a:, i    Works
at Victoria f.-i  , li *;ise   to
cut and carry av ■;   timbci    from the
following described  . near   the
west boundary ":' Easl  Kootenay;
Bediming :-R a    pi sl    planted    at
about one" a;, i  one-halt  miles  south
ho comfortably  located.     The    newlof Goa'fell siding    ;   I:   C. S"UThern
quarters arc extremely handsome, the Ra Iway, and rm
linings being all in cherry stained
wood, and every thing is arranged for
the comfort of the employees of the
bank as well as the customers. Tbe
second floor is titled up with five
bedrooms, a sitting room and bath
and tlie furniture is being placed iu
position. The rooms will Iw occupied
by the members of the staff.
The council met iu regular session
last evening with all the members
presenl but Alderman Murphy, who
was confined to his home by sickness. Tire question of raising lbe
money for the city's share of the
cost of the new public building and
tlie making of the necessary Improvements in the way of building sidewalks, etc., was discussed and It was
thought lhat about. $M,OO0 would,
meet ait requirements and could he
raised on fifteen or twenty year debentures with a milking fund of about
$1,00(1 a year. The necessary bye-1
laws are being prepared and the
whole matter w.ll come before the
people in Uio way ol an election.
Tlie matter of securing garbage
ground was discussed, likewise tne
feasibility of securing Uie block on
Baker street that ims been intended
as a park since Hi** town was laid
The health bye-law was discussed
and tlie work of preparing tho various claus.*!*. is going on.
Lasl Friday the Cranbrook brewery
plant was put up at public sale to
meet lire payment of a mortgage
held by Krank' Clapp and others. J.
A. Arnold acled as auctioneer, ami
the bidding slnrted by L. B. VanDecar offering $10,500, whieh was raised *23 by A, Mui/.. The bidding continued up to $12,000, whieh was Mi.
Mutz' last bid, and ihis was raised
to $13,025 by Mr. VanDecar and the
lhc planl was knocked down at that
figure, Later Mr; VanDecar decided
to forego his bid and the matter was
arranged between him and Mr. Mutz
and now Mr, Mutz is the owner of
the biewery. He has taken charge
and will operate the plant to its full
Uience 80 chains thence   80
cbains east; thence -u chains   nortb;
to the place of beginning.
47-,Vl James Joyi e,  Locator.
Dated 8th of February   1906.
Mrs. W. D. Hill—I have just
turned from Raymond, where I visited with Mr. Hill's sister. H Is a
Mormon settlement and they have
some customs that vary to a consld-
brooeh se-f. with pearls as a token of erahie extent from what we are used
lite love and esteem in whicli the Aid to here In Cranhrook. It Is a pros-
held her, Although quite uiicxpeeliMl pcrous town and thc people are ex- tea-ted candidate of the party In po
Mrs. Fenwick was able to arise to tremely sociable. They hold weekly er Mr. Caven toad the ear of the gov-
bltc occasion and thank t-he ladies Ior dances there for tho young people ernment and was treated at Victoria
tholt kindness to her. Mrs. Rogers and each dance is opened and closed with the greatest of consideration by
served light refreshments during the by prayer. They maintain that there the ministers, and what he said in
afternoon. Mrs. Fenwick loft Mon- is nothing wrong in dancing and use regard to this district bad great
[day for Portland, Ore. tlieir tabernacle for that purpose.       weight with thc cabinet. 1
T. I). Caven returned Irom Victoria
last Tuesday where Ik- wus called by
Premier McBride to confer in   regard
to matters of a political nature   in
this district,  appointments    and  the
request for an appropriation for the
public building at Cranbrook.     Mr.
Caven   spent   nearly a week at the.
capital, and he saih that the ministers are kept very busy at this time
as there are so many delegations go- appreciates
ing to the capital from all over the
province.   "I wanted to see a larger
amount for the Cranbrook building,".
said Mr. Caven, ''but tlie premier as-,
sured me that at this time it would ■
be impossible, yet there will be   no.
trouble in securing the amount necessary to make  the building a    good j
one." |
Speaking of Mr. Caven at tiie coast
a party who is in a position to know __. f    —^ _
the conditions, said that as the   dc- J\\Jft2 g l tODCCf   wlCST
A  good judge of cigars always
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
''Spanish Blossoms"
They are ideal union mad*;
smokes. For sale liy all good
Notice is hereby given that we intend to apply to ii." Board of License Commissioner] I r tbo City of
Cranbrook, at tbe first meeting held
thirty days after the flrst appearance ot this notiee, for the transfer
of the license for the Queen'a hotet,
Baker Street Cranhrook,  B. C,    to
Dated al Cranhr ok, B. C, this
twenty-fifth dav of .la;.dry, 1908.
Nils Peter Molander.
Gougeon A Netterfield,
Per W. P. Gurd,
45-4t Their Agents
How tired
thcirnrsr; i
And Bowl
148 Cordova St. W.
Vancouver, B. C.
J. D. flcBride
Hardware   Merchant
Cranbrook, Ii. C. 1MB   CltAN BROOK   HERALD
Sold only in 2 lb. Sea.ld Packages.
Ask Yovir  Grocer
...   u.i* i.n
, ,   ..I     Nell   ttcsllllll
,ls    til    |,
! shall  I.
i,. In* submit let!
ine '  1,-1 "l
:i    Tin*  Kiivern
Bi-anl  I .uli.-i
ll.11.1   Mi   .,11., I IVI ll
UstlictS,       .111,1 '
i'K,>.il ilt-i tins
'i   it. It,,ll, rasiii,
I    I'rnvisi,
*.i*:,.,',in. m
IUllll-11      ■
"il'l'oi i.
.     ,-   .,,..,      I'illlllU     !,*|,!t.-.l.
. : |,i . .,,' u.u ul   Llie **;>*11■-
. ;     del   ,,i    no
.*.,. . turnl! .
.  ....
,0   ,,1    ,!*■    ill
111      .llll'l       ll!
I I rules l,, lie in     Hi
nvlui'hll   .imm*..,i*.       nli.
.,   It,,ii ussessincul i.,11 l.
il„* Iriislces uiak
nines in   llii' liisl
,l,,ui.. but lalci Morse uus oul In
Victoria ami l.urscii im-t him tii-ii* an
,m thc outcome >,i .*.-,,am !i,i;,,'iii-
ii,,ns. ol wliu-li Bodwell knew ii„lb-
iug, Larsen M-tiitil with Vudcrsou
|,,m,,i,.iiii    \\ii.tt  amount   ash, if
.11,1. , I,.,„-,,I liailds ll.ilufll.ini l„,l
know;   In* uii.l.-tvI.hhI  lllill   IW O.    I
r. |,.s,(,i,. iiiii i„,i i,-i*,,iiji i.aisiii tot
ihis nulla; lie rould nol say ulta*i
I..us, n*. ..lit,.,-t n.m iii opening negotiations f,,t securing tin* Ka-ieu Island
1 Is Im  ti„. i;   r   I' . Inn    he   did
kii.>u tlt.it Lais, ti fiinsidt-ti'il il im
IKltill,.   I,,  hiil.l  U|l  lln* isunpalil       lot
iiii, r.tsi, iiavmcnl in that connection
Tit.* cross exniiiinnll   Bodwoll
i.i   M.i, litnabl    Ins i„*» evidence
ivas  |„,si|„.ii,,l until i,mniii,,u  even
l„    n.m    ,., t ,ti ,,i (lreen
u.ts   lit,.,,   ,,..,, ,i    ti,,m,   i,,i,i     n|
meetings     uiilt l.arsm in ,-«>,.ii.-,.|,,.,;
with Hie ileal mil also unl,  Mat
lim-. a funnel Kasloite, win, it   animal's      u.ts   associated   uilli   l..ns,-i
\n,l,'ls,in   n, snme  uur,   .tn.l   u.n
among  tlmse ul * .1  nil,,     t,
Un.Is  li,. innhilmul .id.i.iii-iii     i,
Kaieii   Ki I     (IriH'it   uas subjected
I,,  a     •.»■.,,fliinu    ness    finlinnnlloii
rclu-t-ive   i,<    llie   reserves nu  Knlen
Island   and   nilllirilil   ,„.,,„!.,,,.I-      also
i., il„* relaWnns ti,*iu,*,*i, Urscn,
Mnlheivs     im™ ol Seattle, and An
llel-soll     111,-,,,   ll," 1,'d   am   l,„,m 1,•,!,;,*
,,l n„* simile i,- Inrmol In .irdersrot
i„ handle llie ll   'I'   I'    ,.»„-,,,- uml
Vmlrrsnu nevei spnlft' lo I in   ibe
M.i,,I,.„,,i,I tlien „.,„,,,i ,,, know ii
ii  iifit* nnl a lad that  Mis. Antler-
s,,tt   Iml   spoken   li,  liim   tti   tins    con
(iliVli    lunl,   ,-\,-,-|,li   1,   t,,   tilts   l|ll,'S*-
; imn and declared n Imiicrlrncnl
Ma,'dumi.|il   iiiImii I   Iin.'II   llial   II
' was   1111,1,-1 t nifiil   nn   Ins  part     us    il
iimss i ake sut'li a ifii,aik   tuul
ll   In*   iltll'li.1,,1     In     |,t,-ss   III,'   t|llt's
Green ni iiisi could ii.il remember
tlinl Im had talked uilli Mis. Aidi't-
soii mt Hi,- subject Imt liiialli- said
ilia, iit'iImps In- Imd mt scleral occasions  lillk.sl llll'l   III,' lllllliel  llllll lift
casually and .ocularly. These nn,
vernations I,ail occurred nn Uw streel
or ai hei Innise, ncvin ul his olllco.
'I'n ., lUgp'Stillll III Mni'.lennlil lllill
Mis. Anderson look an even more
ptumiiii'iil pari In tin- Kaii'li Isbiitil
laml iti.nn llllll Mmll In-l* I,mini,,
tin-.* |i|nil   "Nol     n, mi  kiinwt
Hon .Uu,* people talk ot danger to
society in sui-iiilisin while tin' child-
icn arc starving, while they are made
Wage staves, ami While so many
Uiuiisumis an- homeless?—Lad) odiums, .il  Nnt lli.iln|,Inn.
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
rival opinions in the English elections ::::::i!^~ftft?:^t????ttt:t::::::tttt
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
When    so   delicate  anil    tender   a ♦♦
porcelain n   vase  salted   down    the JJ
stormy   sens   ol politics   with     the ♦♦
rough cast-iron   pol  ,,l Bli tgham, ft
it u.ts snt,. i,, |„- broken.     Ami ,„,„■' JJ
I   um  porcelain   ias,. has    „,.t ♦•»
null     l„.,*„    sinasli, ,1,    Inn    t|.„,     ,h,.   JJ
pieces atv   Inside Un* put.—Mt   Bow   ♦♦
"'•""7 -f "1 '"; (In*,*,, said lie uas positive she
municipal sunn lu.u.r slal|ll| ,„ hi||| |)rai| ,)()1||
nitli*   .in   iiiiiii   Bm|WPn all.| I,,,,  i,„s|ial,.i „.,.,,. |„ u„.
'' *'" "'■"",,1,-ill    Uill,    I.JIsen.
Taking up Un* mallei nl tlm,,nlm
tltc gi'ii'iri to the
nle   ful*   III
mli scIkioIs mill
■ipill   silt,ml  illslricls uml  not in
U' "I  regit ,  ;i| in
,,l il,,* salaries ami uu
under 21   years ni a,
tl.   .Min,
nrkiil e
l.l   i.nlu
,,l mineral claims,    -
mantel mineral clal
l„> Included »H1
ml    tnts-lVi*
li. T. I'   Circuit, it, reply lo Miieilntt
alll,   s*,li,l     111'   Uns   nnl   Slllr   uhel'hcl
, Um ileput)  iiii,,,,„*i  general oi   llml
I will prepared it.    II,* bad lunl Inter
, liens Uilli  (Indwell and ..Itllclsnu lie
inn- i-i,,- order was drawn up. l.ui.sen
mighl      have    seen     liim .liuiui   liiul
I iim,-      Hnd imi  nml him at  Anderson's house Iml  lmil seen Inn   nl llml
■mil'-      llml tint met' Mntlti'us there,
Wus mn  sin,- uii.-iiin* Anderson Imd
I expressed  tllssaitlslae|,loii   uiilt     i>]
let ins    ni     llie oilier ill council, lllll
discussed  Iiiem  uilli Imn       lie    was
m,i     sure ii   tiiderson lin.l s.s'it llm
unlet* and uas nnl s*  tlml llmlwcll
hail tint Imd il in liis piissesslnn,
Qtieslloneil nesi  us t,, hi
mil   iliis evening belli,,     sileel     fin illee ul     Hi,-'
Chairman    Clarileit .itm,.nm..I
(in   ml
in,nie fm   tin* nuallllealloil. uf vol
 .ll   si'l I   illslllels   before    til
assfssltiflil   list   is   mail,-  11,1.
Tin-   Knifi.     Island land era -  ,,„.- „„.,„.,  „,.,,.„ ,,.,„,, ,,,.„ ., ,,is
el,isiiif    uf ilie negotiations     might
have  Inl  lo , Ilcnllons    and    'In*
,   , gni-eriimenl  ivmilil have received   nil
Im ileftsnni llial  llu- scupo ui iin* en-
. qniii iiiflu.led all mantels in uity way
iiflecling  llie ni'i|uisiliuu  nf  this lumi
' Iii   iiii- flrnitil Trunk Paclllc raiiwav.
Sume legal  Icm-liig ensued between
lliidii. II uml .1   A. Maetlntiuld us    Kl
Hi,* miitiif nl llie change in Bmlwi-ll's
cvlilence, ami us in whether nt    m.i
lie shuiiltl I,,* allowed In make a Iresh
stutcmcnl ui il.c present time ,,i al-
j let* lliei'tt's eviilenee bus lieeti taken.
' Tl [isli.il i.f ihc matter uus   Unit
j Bodwell     was   allowed lo make    a
, slaleineiil   llieli nml Mien-. I ,    . t ....     ,1-1; .     ,    ,   ,
Tlie   purport  ,.f Bndivcll'.s evidence   ,,c "" .  , '" .''   i"1 , "r",
uas ilnii ,„, il,,- funnel* occasion   lie -"H*11"K «"!' <••  I,*,,!'* omelntls
I had m.i  n.ld  Hn- fi,nm,,:i >||     in-  '	
Some uf
ecu's     answers in Hits cuniieoHoti
In   Uracil's   inlet*, sts   in   lite ileal
cimfllcleil uiu, ilu* sworn evident'	
Iluilufll Tins uas pointed mil I,
i him uml In* replied Hint lie hud mli,
i III.' fuels as lie icmciiihcrcd Ihem ami
c nihl    m-i     ai* iiii    f,„   Bod well's
> slaleltiflits.
Willi   fllllhfl   reference  In  lite luun
! sin* (Irecti said In- luily reellail tliat
lit would ulttiinadely pro\-u valtiaibli
lie unil'li muni   mini,ins  in the
'" ; km*u iu
I'"'1 i linn hell,
um,*,mi, will, the iransac-
^^^^^^ 11^   Unit   llliillets   unl   I lim
.    .    ,.,,,,   rel 'I  »'•"'  Irrelevant   in  Htoscope
ll    '       I'lierallj     uinlolslouil   lImI*   nf  Hie ,-in v.   He now  uislnsl     tu
Bodwell ■  Idea  is  lu  I,mil   llu* seupu   s|nlc  ||m(   ..[j,.,.  n„. n|,,|e|, i(1 1.,lll„l.ji
 1 '"'    Anderson  pviiij.   ,ss„,,i,  grnitllux   Kaien   Island  lnmls
evidence contradictor]    lu lus (liiai It,, (irantl Trunk  Pnelilc   James
well's) siatetneni.       Anderson    and | Anilersoii wenl  lo Montreal
his It nnd I)   iilclillliol wllh     A(  l]lls ,,„„.,,„,. ,,   „   |,llv||s   |%
'i,*'   '- island    mud grant deal,   c    on bolmll nf  \mlcrs  asked lhc
  '"■"   '">  '",VI' ,',',    Pi'lvelegc ,.f appi*aring ns   indersoii's
lieueOU-il  lo  I xloul  alttieii atcl, i ,.„iins,,|
nning to n„* lailiire ol Bodwell, or, j, \ Macdonald objecleil on Uie
,, nm inciiilieis ui Un* government, ground llinl witnesses were nol cnti-
t,i can) mil  then pari ol the agree-   n,,i ,„ ,„, rcprcsenlnl liy cnunsel he-
iciily  I"  uai-1    A  maiuiiy ,,f i|„. f,„,i,niii,.f „,.,,,
* deal    ninth] unprepared  lo give n decision   iinl-il
  govern ! 11,,., I,.,,) consulted with Ute ntlnrney
'* -'''>    ••"- general,   ami s,, f,,t   t),,. t■..,(•   Iielng
''''"'" ",' ' ■ I'iherls uus uui  permllleil tu appear
•I"' '" ""' ''" Um   Anderson,   a, ,s,„ Mien persni,
I -llll   asked   l„  lie  |„-.,,,|  ulnl  wild   Unit
'" ""' }"",'■  Hod well liii.l i ;!,-i  I,, divulge any-
lo *alcll ll'.* Ilnii;  Uial   i,ffiii*i,.-|  1,,-iui-fii hr   and
lull  i" regit    Botlwell as liis s il,,i
in smelters. |    i*,„iu*ell   agt  lo litis and added
lal,,,'   ,   "I1   he  would he let,   careful
■'*  IV.  linen,      l'i,,,. ,,. miii ,lis evidence   llml-
l'"'", »'*ll  I Mini ul„ii Hn- Kaln, Island
Ul.iml ileal    uas  lii.l   itriliatetl |„. ,|i,|    ,.„|
Can -II.  Nelson, know Anderson  ivas nssJInl,.    wi,,,
I active i.aisen    In the   „u  m,epl as an
  ll"' bill, Imi iu suggest employee,       sllhsc- |.|y |„. |,.,NI
Mi.it iii view    ni il.f amicable miff- ,.,t u,,.,,. u.ns  (,nN1| (nm (|[
meul   ,,    ., ..,,.,.,  .ii   liclwcon -.iifi.iiinti ut* agency .md tlm  ennsc-
1    ll"'!    »        '"     .Ueilll,       lie   wns   lit   n   sense  snlifll.,1
in      I'n        ll"'    lut     .inlfisni,   ns       well   as   lul    I'elel
"i  the inn .,'  'I,'*- "im* Larson     II,-     hud received Ursni's
I'he)  express ., ih* permission  in disclose anything     lie
I'ii   **- ,'„.,l   .,i Brought prnper, nml sn *nr ns Vnder.
n lurthei   pen -i    he sun uas cuneenieil he wuuld bceare
,   enaeteil, ini n, sat* noWilira Ui.,1 couhl ni'ein
i>,   .Ml'.I'.,   left     1"! tllco his Interests in so I.n  ns lliiit.
' lillli'        In-ul lil     liaving   receiveil lallons ,,f solicilor and elient exist
mniliei  was ,ii ,-,i    Revet-tlnB  In   tudmsun's trln lo
,,, ll,     depariiiic will probaihlj Until real   Botlwell said he reeely-eil a
*'""i' '"   ,']" »"•'■    li    Manager Hays m , „.
"',   '"'  "''i' oast.       lit-    ut-iit   nml   uus  iufuniu-.l
ul enquiry, t llinl   Anderson  lmil  mail,- smne 1,1ml
j.:..   II
Among  <'■■"
cuiinir)  sin
key,    'linil.     .1.   .MfAlh-
Ui',.,1 A,    «        II       Ik ,1.
Kiirl   . „,,i  .'.	
Thell   nt 1
the  ninl Iel     ul   nil.   Tlterc had   he
no bargnliiiiig with anyone   Boilwcll
made     the   proposition   und it  uus
linally accepted mi iin terms iu tli
printed agreement.
(lreen finihei* staled lli-ul  lhe k>i
ei'litimlit   mode   uo   invest itcui inn    intn
nl'ltef   possible   .sill's   ful*   ll   ll'l'llliinis
IiiiiI iii fact niiiiii. iiii special invesii
gat ions cl any kind, antl hud mn
taken intn consideration lhat Uie fl
T. !'. was practically bound lo Kuiet
Island terminus us being the hes
available harbor, lie did not think
it would huve lus'ii advisable to lay
llie matter belore llie leg.slatnre In
tore closing the deal.
In reply to a stiogest-loii of Mac
duiiiild, he suid Uml onlv those in
Ute secret, Lnisiit, Mathews and Anderson hud In-™ ulil,- to locate land
U'djiii-cnl to Ktiieii Island. He said
he believed nlllel InPntloitS had been
made, ami promised to took up   tht'
Green stnteil lui llm in response In
.Muchmaid's qtiesiimis Mm! the gov-
eriinieiii nin-lc no atilempt tu stiiiu
tilalc llml Um (l. T. I'. ml |,| commence construction at this end nf
the line in consideration nf this valuable grant, and Hut uhitsi at first
Hio.o uus .some talk ahoul t.i pe
acre bir ihe lands Un- matter wn
not pressed nml llnduell's offer I
*l per acre uus accepted.
\t  Uus juncture the etitfuiry  wa
iidi<iiiim.,i utii-il tomorrow evening.
Tltist'i:  III BERT
Victoria,  Fell
The eill In he liuill ul lhe Pacific
terminal uf Hu* 0mn.l Trunk Paclllc
is tu in* limned Prince tlupcrl Tlif
name uus selected hi the lieu ttiiiis-
eontill,-lllill   lililuiil    fluill   soitle   thull-
suiiils siil.iiiiited in open competition,
111 ulili-h some IJ,llllll poi-sous parti-
clpateil       The successful ruiniielllor
Is a Vi'inn i ls.lv, Ulss.R,  Mn.-it
uld. a niece nf sit  Daniel Mi'Millnii,
I ,, demand f n'mcrntlon:tor"l.is| tlie lieiiieniiiii-gnveinui* ol M'liniiot
sel 1   I,,..    1   eh
 nlclpal lv   „ml
lo  I..    *
mm,, limiii ii
3 * ''"'   »'-"""   •■'   services   t. nneetioti with securing! In nddMloit In Iielng f.„*  „„. „
*lll'l:","I"1 wu.*-.<■     Kalen  1*1.,,,, ,1s |„r ihe com- snclatetl  with lhe beginning ,      i"n-
loleil   n the eiinsul-   pa„y,     Bmlwell nssureil lines    ,i„„U.*eui  Paclllc porl    to*be   Slls   M   '
111 1 ""' »'' '•   '!"' i' imny uus under i bligalinn  aid   receives    ., humls,,,,,,. ,„n,,ev
If   remunerate   Anderson  nr anyone prize Iut her suggestion.   Two other
' ''■""' *    'I   I.He's Ise  in   litis  eiitmeellnn        The    clOWII   eoilleslaillS,    ulu,   elllli,«li„|   jn     l.||0h-
,   '  :"   !"!,,     ;''   £«"><■ '""] i'V" i-i'"'"* '.'I"' ' lyUiiSgcslions     the na,     1 ,!',',','
■■'  ! ''  Island land   was m   absolute possession nf     Mir  governor of the Hudson's Uuv emu
'     lee, Uie   latter   lands and  no eoiild compel   Ihein'pany,    are also lo receive cash    J.
n ■   '■!' .,', ,'  ol lhe   t„ pay a r,.,ti. | cognition. ■     "
•'* ""'',   »'     At this stage Mneiltmald sitgisesleil        WILL RUN TOB VICTORIA
rday. thnt  Anderson, being a uituess   had' 	
better retire, .SENATOR    TEMPLE5IAN     HILL
Boss made some objection but linn,- I'llNTKST THE   t'ONSTIT-
■   * ie principal tea-  i,   .mlcrson uiilihieu. UENCY
lollows: i    Bodwell proceeding slated Hmt Lar- 	
municipalities  sen wns in m, waj concerned iu this'   Ottawa, In-h. 7.-flenrgc Riley   M
'"I "■'■'";' 'r  ,",' mini iinnn Mays.     Lnrsen wai   P , a, riv.it    here I,mI,,j.     lie ''will
Ik    or  lhe    whole  nothing   lor     his services unit later reign his   seal in the ,■„,„„ s    at
iiiunicipalit es    are  when     Boilwcll .l.sfiissisl  natter once     This evening on i,eii,E    seen
' '■■    mrder   tin;   will, him. he flatly declined tn    rc- by your eorrespondetrt, hv .said   tlm,.1 fra/lTE
x,'ii''ti"i,i',\7;';s,?i,,,7,:'5i5?,'r'ii IhTitM!':?','l;'ill,i'ili,V'.-(',,h,i,i;i «"• *<**« ^^ ia ,*«w«11-
nil     1,1 ",IVS u''1' " ''' i''"1 y'i '"  |4S| llil<l R"1 ^i';/;l,y;,,',..ra«l|kii«u;.i   caoMStllsl and president,    ot
ul   lhe   I'l
There ucvei was a governmeul in
Kii^inuit which was so tieailii] loatti-
cii ut ilu* servants nt tin- cioivu as
UN*, isoieiuim-itl utiien, UiaiiK lieaveu,
l-li.-l   Ir.i.l   lemuied  ll'ntu  p,,wel.—-Ml.
t mill-inn, ui I'niiiiii.
Nuw    Ihal    Ml     Bums   hns   .i,,el>lcd
Hie piesMiiui ut iin* lue.il government! iioant, ever] private tu ihe
iiuiii of l.inoi knows that In* carries
u ntaisthil .s t,ui,,u in lus kun|>suck -
.,l>.   Ilfin.n-I .-slum
1 liope Ihai lllt'ollghuul mi liim*
.lie! I.I lllllll) 1,-als in,, mmistll nl
uai  uill In* a iiiilnsiii  ,,l peacu   Bm
II   in* Ueslle   [leaf,*   ll, tttllsl   lllulu' nul
mil     flit, t, nl,     an,I pies, iif      llu-
innglh   nl   li.f  nail -ill      II.ildali.'
in   lumi   l.ollll.lli.
Tlie springs   ul action which    llm
an- liuifiiiineul alnutsl sis*m,sl lo
,iKf rn, ni-i'tnml  ,,|  ihf nettei  snt,- ,.i
nn  ualional liie     Tlu-J    Me tin ap
|H-a*l lu the fiilisileine, tlif heart, "I
tnt-ii Uiv underslautling nf tin* nation.      Nn,   llle apfiill    uas   I,i     llie
pocket, Ti„*i laughed al Hms,*
wliu   spoke ,,i right atui wrong; iua-
leliallslu   and   cyillcistll      s,s'iile,l      In
goiein then point —Prime .Minister,
a!   Irlllsgoiv
Wlnit is ihe lucairlng ol Hie extra-
ordinal, uprising ut public upitiiuti
of ubti-li iii sail Uu- litsi signs mi
Sniunliit u it is mu tl,,* expression
of profound indignation ut Uu* people
al the methods oi Mr. Haiti,in ami
his coBougucs when tyco lo face with
■me ,,f Ute gtcii'iesi i.s.siies ever pre-
sentod to llie country'.' Mt. Balfour's
Niipolniuii-   slralegj   has   led in nn
..llslellil/, lull lu' ., Musenu -Mi
Asqultli,   ul   llakliain
This sweeping vei-diul was given
nut only agauis'l tin* Iargel anit, 1
Mlltlk,    ionic  nuitli]   ami   sl-ruight-fof-
wunl seheme ,.f what is called Tin-ill
Reform, Inn alsu against tin- feeble
policy uf letalialioii, which uus ih
vised us a reluge, ns a lortium tpihl,
111   those  uhu COuld nul   deelale  llielll
selies tree traders, ami dared nm say
they  were Protectionists.     Retatia
tion as u policy uus tlruWIICll une,
fui all in the whirlpool uf Easl Man
clies'lei.—Pi-lute Minister, at ttlas
Thr liiilml, is lil
ies   al   King's l.ll.ll
Mi     Buli.nir, in   ,,t mn „i Parliament, is nut leader.    Now thai I.,. is
i I   I'.iiliaiiiiiii   h,- is more um
I,-.,,!.*, lliiiii ever.     Nu othe I has
ilesetnsi su well nl ihf Conservative
an,I I niouisl party; thete is  th
ft     III     UlluIII    Ilf    lunl,    Ullh        Ml
miicll   l-uillnh'lii'e   In   lesl    Its   I.i   ulil
hi position when ihe present delusions ol u„* people h.ne disappeared
-Ml     rii.unliell.nt,.   .tl    Niiiic.il.Ul.
Tunes   ale   changed,   and   Ihe    moil
em  lush parly and  ll.e  I.a    part)
in* tint going lu pla)  il,.* pari which
Is,,I   tu   In    [in I,U iiif.l   111    Um      Irish
md Radicals loll) years ago; .nnl nil
mist In, ileeplj Interested In see
Iron  in   ihis phi) ui Iuiees
♦ ♦
20.000  ACRES
,,f ibe ven* pick nf ihe -fh'fii',1 lands in tlie lieanlitnl Koolenay
v.illev. Kasi Kiniieniiv, li. i'.. osteniliii. f  Canal t'hn to
l.lku.u Here! I'm*-nle al I  >:l tn .111 per llele.
The Kootenay Valley is ol Unsurpassed Fertility,      JJ
Matchless Climate and thc Most Picturesque Situ-      *4
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
otion We_t of the Rocky Mountains.
lh, ■ lni,l-|im sent e.en fniln i   usefulness. Inelllillllg til,,.
Iieiisl IkuiiIii's, l.nnliv Ihu's. ininsli, nruiili   uml  meadow.   The
i.m n, il.n.. ma,.I,   i itieailou   lamls cnnslsl ol ileep. Iiliuk
lininil'lbi. hotieli land hciu*, a    I,  I ,spl lidly uilaplcl
In, In,,i .ill ii,       Illi,,,   ii,,.,,    uulv  I.,* liocoWry mt the
heiicbes, waiei enn Imlu„l ,,,.,,. reeks lluwlnu „
the II,,,-kie- iiiinll,,   h,.m-i,.,.  ihel        lhe     unl-   an-   lull, sill
level  I  I   Ihf   Inn   h.iif   been   s Ilvidcl  IIU need
lil I I SU ooioi. ouch.
Thf imn lui-f ,u he mil Inchi I, Uu linil which em -,,1.1
I.V lhe | biiwr WilllOIII   „l,v liilillll,   In _,,,fll, t   „,    nlhel
iniiiil    llie I.m will 111 mail) ,*.,-" nuiie I han teitli/e the mil
,*l,u.-e piief, iimi uilliiuilleusfs iii He L.llv rnnitip Uio nniuili	
le-ie.l.   I...,-.*i ...Itnet be k....i..in,v river, which I,
,- every tn .ill     II uiu u it ail llniiuyll lhe nillei
in.-- ver nr close I i I. Iol, mi I  |ir,t|mi>eil Kisilena) I'en
nnl raiiwav mil parallel llie u.u nl.      the r. I'. It. Is uttlle
ful.lenient  liillte lunl-
Ii.i  I,.Ulu-,  |.,H1I, ill.n    .1, |l,   ,,,
Or to Jonoph Ryitn, Cranbrook, B. C.
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
»     111   4***********4444444**4 *4***************t*+A
ha,a. if,, orgaitlMtlotl, anl   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦^^♦♦♦S
Irengtli, lho govorninent   which has  .
,, until uf opinion is going to sleet
i reasonable, n moderate, oi ,i
;-;:;,; -*■ -" ■ •«;::' «««»88»8«:8»»fa
Tin* election is being loughl uu the
n|i|).-.il to every Bcctlon in nu* ll.nli-
eai parly—an endeavot lo make euch
section believe Unit Um a,,. Uio
section of Ihf governmenl i- _,,hm to
benefit. They aiv all drawing hills
mi the luture government, Imi the
lulls arc mn lo he payable mmi
aftei the general election I am
nui going to accept the election a i
al,s,.liitfli final.—.Mr. Chamberlain, nl
!! NOTICE I!        |
9  li.usto mml'y 111,, ivsiilmil-, .,1  Km!  ICnotulllty tlml   liu   Imn
* mliliil ti MINERAL WATER FACTORY lo liis catnl).
lislinieiit ;iti 1 wiiiil,I I'lit-iliiilli snlicil ;ni>  rnniilunt or tmvt'l
« er to cull or aoml fur tt sample nnlcr | tjiirlicttlnrl}'  by tlm
9 trml,-i .-nul ■.-iiiii'.-iiiiuus l,i,i _; Is superior to nny in tli-Uis
3 trict.   Tin-piilili.-niv ivs|i.*.*il:illi ri'i|iui»tuil to visit tie mul
ml, side In  side
lit Kit lli t
llliple llm unu'ls nl llm  in
(tloti is being siiired by d,
rooted moral reasons.     One dui
will Ih- Iuiiigiiiaiive enough to    t
Ireland u-lml she is asking tor. Ti
is ii suspicion in the country Hi-ni ilie|iule. and
hue    goven iii   wero   in collus	
with ihe Jamieson raiders,       IVhcn
llu-      leusnli  is    k'UOWII  wll]    ihf  t.i ill.*
owners were Iel oil the payment <-i
tho.r £iHI,(l(Kl,(HH), Toryisiu will sustain the greatosl stah ii has evei
ri-i-eiie,l. The nation wants in know
why the lute government huve been
ihe tools nf high lliinncc lor ver) low
purposus.—Mr.  Hunts,  at   Battorsea
cannol .nul ought nol n, l„* ovei
euine I On imi lalifif in ihf K.t
rn* nt iii,. I'hinainaii heme treated a
Um ft|iiiil „f ihf white mun. Chines
later is essential lu Ute Trausvaa
Bin nli skilled lethoi is adorded .,
opportunlt) In t'liiiifsf unskilled lal
„t which ii would mil ulherwii
han---Mt.   Ball..nr. .,-,   M.,i..!n sl.-t.
•9tte»MC«M9«'M»«Q*t« CMMllHIIHIMMMli
——■- -«—^— *jSa ,_«»««•	
.1..|..j..,. |..|..|-|..|. |- j-t-ii-i i-i-1-1 •!- M-l-^H-H-IH-l-l-H-M-l-HH-l-l-H,
-I-I -|-l-|..|-|-H-i-1 -l-l-l-l -ill l-l-l- i-i-|-1|. -I- -|-M-H--l-H-i-M*i-H-H-i-
i*t ft
I   fancy   Unit   if   uut-   traders
tight um under    a   illsndvanlage
11,*..11    Cainplie'.l-Haitlici-uiaii TT
thinks    ih.n     In  a   scratch—a ven ZX
luree hut Mill   'a scratch—majoril, ii
upon Chinese lain i. education, homo £i
the Newcastle progra e In*   has £+
fiiishnl thf up In linn hu fan pla)  In ~T
loreign  ii.i'de nnd  preferential   ii.nl.* JJ
with thf Colonies, I lell hint he     ,. ij.
very mud, mistaken      As lung ns 1 ii
In,* I   uill carrj  ii ,„,, nnd aftei    I -i-i
um gone I lluiik Ihfif mil he plent) -fT
in fullow in     nn  steps.—Mr. Ch.
Itellatli    al   \i,i,i-.it,ni
The Cosmopolitan
many peuple It   towns an* llvl
under cointitlons of misery and Insecurity, if oui agriculturists are ilis-
lienllelusl,    ami out     agcl    pool     tire
forced inlo Un- workhouses, 'he
cause is In Ih* found mil ,u lhe llscni
system, lint in llie meiiil sy.slein, .a,..,
lit the long years of Iteglccl a.*..l ini>-
iiiiiiiiigi'iiieiii. Il Is not by imposing
flesh taxes*, hut in uri honest nmi
vigilant administration of tlu- public
finances thai it remedy will In* sought
toi much ,,f IL—Prime Minister, al
There is nn
present  govei
ill ll   uml   le.llll
Mi    ...squitll  has
nnl even speak i
am   glad   Ihal   tl
languag  m
"I    un
ile  (inula
I  belie
I   thai   lh
lame lum;
The   place   where   a   tj
man will retu:
stopping once.
man will return after   i\\
.,*   1
I Infill,>
If ■	
4.j.H-l-H-H~l-l~l-l M-l-MII1 -U-H .r.H-H-.|-.H--l-l-l--Fr+W-W"i.
4-M--I-I-H-H--M-I") II-II I-M IM-I HH-M-H-H-H-I-I-H-M-H-
ilsl'ei   wilh   ffl
I. „, lhe case   j£
I'he result of   tins,  Mancltcslei   i- ®1
I   Ute    kill,I   nf  ilelent   in   which      I   SS
I       Ulu,I     I   ^
■l' is Ihal  which wuuld tin credit   In
.m,i'hu;rm,'*;\,,:,;'iHn*f;sl,-i.:',,,r',i.',';i,,., ^^^mmmmmm^£mm»aimmaiimm
Indonged  n, .,    slattgitig manli    he-   *.ig  _&
I ween rnuilics ipiarrclling ,,i,-,   theii   ^7 I   , SB
cups  lll.lll  Iii il e.il.i
cteat respunsihllitics
of which In- wus thinking   nf
utilities-Mi      Bailout*,   al   N
litiiiiiily    concern
Thete lias Uvn so much landslide
in English pniities, comparable in
the landslide ill the I liilisl Stales in|ti
UHU us Unit whieh nun* promises leel 'primarily concerned Willi t
in exli'ibit Itself. Win* mis the liiml-l lhe fnrniiifs 'uf Unu grcal party .Mg
Midi* In America. Because they which during Uu* Insi twenty-five So
wanted honest men; and tliat Is what years Iras dune sn much fur everj 5J_
Saturday   means   and what 1    hnpe class in ihe country   (m  ihe Empire jgj
to-ihy will mtiin and all thi:, weikli:, a uhtli r.iul fi:r the ili^nilv uud Sfi.
will luean-striiigliUuiuui-d, plain, posllion ,,f (it,-.,, Britain among the «-J
honest iiien.    .    .    .    The proceed- nations ot lho world.     If that, part]   gS
ings wh'teli began Insi So.unlay aie a In- defeated, then Indeed I think Hmt Ki
revolt againsl politics Iielng reduced ditlieuli limes nn- before us . . S;
to small matters ol mystified tac-i times which cannol lie otherwise JC
tics, against cdrweb spinning ,liu- Hinii sterile or else tniughl with Asl
Icetics. I believe me,, of boiii par- peril ami danger tn mn institutions, x'
lies are sick to death ol these inti- to our internal imm] position, and tn 'Jig
ficial iiiciics and precious dialectics, our empire.—Mr. Balfour, at Nm- 3,i
tln-_.inm. | SB
— — ■       ■ 1 «n
-Mr.  Motley,  at   Edinburgh.
11 IE NT.
Toronio Mnil:-Mi. D, R. Wllklt
was yesterday appointed president of
Hie Imperial Bunk to lil! Ute vnciuic;
caused In lhe lieu I Ii nl the Inl
president, Mr. T. It. Merrill, ,,f si
Cn Htei im-s. A meeting ,.| lh,
illreelors uus Imld hu th,- purpose nl
appointing a president, and ul Hi
same lime Mr. Bohell .Initial uas
appointed idt-e-pt-eshlonl uml Mr.
l-eli-g lluuliiiid n director in mi u„-
vacancy on Un- hoard.
Mr. il. It. Wilkie uns born iu Quebec im lleci.iihct 17. Islli, uml uns
educated ul Hie high sehoul mnl nt-
l.-twnnls ut  Mon in Cul If ui*   Quebec.
lie entered Hie sen-li f the Qutdicc
Bank in IKtij. and was made ue
coutrlaitl of ihc Montreal branch iu
i-807, In llm silltle year he was sent
to St. Catherines as local manager.
In IR72 he Ini-aino manager of Uie
Toronto'branch, and remained in Unit,
jiusitioi, unl il he was appointed cashier uf ihe newly organized  Imperial
Batik.      Prom the ti  ll toted the
service of Hie Imperial Bank his rise
bus invn steady, until lie has now
allaimsl Hie higiresl position im the
stun „( the hank.
Mr. Wilkie Inis been president nf the
St. Andrew's society, president of
the hoard of trade, and president uf
the Canadian Bankers' association,
lie is the author of a treatise on
"The Theory arid Practice of Bunking in Canada,'.' and of a number nf
papers and addresses un banking sub-
jects. When a young man ho served
in lhe tiiilil'iii. and was enrolled for
the defence   of ttie   country at the
f       i       , *   ,,     ,,;,T.,m,,', '''''''" .Lt    e,,   »K"'"R """""litonaly on the (Hohe Printing company
lev  „ I,     ih,,     L  I     e?,' ii,' ■'    , s      . „     AA   '''"'P1''"""' Mr.  Pcleg I lowland is president nt
,  ,*      ,! uih'iltte       ,*,,,,, ,'.,. sign Ins seat In tlie senate and lite uholesule Imriiware firm „l H. s,
 '    I'l-'L'li"   "I  remunerating  .,, nil! ,„„    t„,  Vieliiriu.      a writ tor 1|,,„1„,„| Sons St.   Co., Limited, ami
i I  cllcc    'I.i*.
AI   Ihal   li
the election  will he issued a! once
(Moyie I.fu.lft )
This is pay day al ihf Sl. Eugene ffl
inm    uml  Um amount     distributed pti,
mil tf ISfl.OOO,    This is lh,* largest jji.
day day in the hlslorj  uf the mine, ■".-.
Tlie average number nl men emplnj j^fi
ed during the  Hi uns ii'Ju. During v,_
Hie in,,,i,It nl  iliiitlltin   ■l.lll I   Inns ,,( ™
es were    shipjied  to    u„* JS?
Will take an Auctioneer'i Licence .is soon as one
can b: prscured Iron the Municipality.
Phone 119
P. O. Bo
AAAAA t tlm^iack-Mc. ^^^^®^^^^«a^2^.«^^^^^^^^^^^|
K.n Mining Co h.i'. lii-ii onk'rwl
Portions nl ii .in- coming fi'nm N.-l
s.in, It.issl.nt,! antl Vfttit'auver.      Tho
llllllllllll'l V      I'fllisisls    t.f    il     Mll'll      llllll
|nn\i'i L'n|iaclly, iwu |)Uiii|ik, a InHal-
ami two (IrlHIng mucWnwi. Tlroro
hns lii-i'ii mhiii' ,'lrl.iv in r.'Mh' Uiu
imwpt'otii8 nl tin- eompaiiy lipforo
Un- pulrilr, Mi. Ali-v. ii.li-r SI.,up,
tin- in inl ng i-nu.iiii-1'i, wlm is itinttliiu
Un- report, Iwu hren in  Mexico   ami
has just i! l ui im il hi Nrlsiiii. Mis report, however, will now he in tho
I'MNipanv's liamls in a few days. Tho
fir»l _rtin.fi will In- sunk a sli.il His-1
taneo south of thi* (V l\ If*, station ]
nn tin* shore of tlm lake, ;
Muli,iri Sullivan is making n ship-1
llliMil nf Iwu ni   llu,,- i.ulnails of ore
[inm lh.' Aurora mine on Mm west
siile of Muvii' lake. 'I'ln* ore will
tn-  slii|i|itNl   lu  ritlii-i   lln-   Nclsu'ii     or
Trail smelters. li is lieing hauled
frum ihc mine -down nn the ie- at
Aldrhlsc tu In- bailed, Thr mine is
InnKinji well, awl a .small force nt'
men are coul imally employed tt
ilt-vi'lutuiit'iit   work.
.;..;. $.;. %.;.,;,,;, ,**.;..;, ,*, ,*, ,•.,;
nt tlie late Jl. S. Ilnwlaiul.     there was no hope
Mull, Fell. 12.-E. B. Eddy, tlm
well Known paper manufacturer, died
at his residence in Hull yesterday
iiiuriiiiie, after a weeks' illness, lie
cuntriu-ted a severe cold about a year
and a half afio, while on a visit tn
the Pacific coast, and never fully recovered from llm effects. A week
ago he was compelled to take to his
bod and sank gradually until this
morning, when it was rec^iii/,.-.! tliat
Before you make arrangements t*»n*
vour tall
see us for ideas, designs and stock.
It maybe mutually profitable
| F.J. Bradley & Co.
X    Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators


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