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Cranbrook Herald Jan 29, 1902

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(.RAMliltOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.   THURSDAY,   JAMA1.Y   29,   190:
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hot,. Gko. a. Cox, President. B- I'i- Wai.kkk, Qen. Man.
Paid Up   Capital    W.000.000.0D
Rest  2,0110.01)11 IMI
Total keiources  as.ouo.ooil.OD
A Qeneral Uankins Business Trtmsacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Hank of Scotland.
We have just received a very fine and beautiful
assortment of starched and soft front colored
They are the latest patterns and are up to date
in every way.    We also carry a full range of
fine flannel, black sattccn and cotton shirts.
of every make, quality and color.  Our stock of
is the largest in East Kootenay. Regarding
gloves we wish to say that we carry a line of
American manufacture; they are made to fit
and we guarantee their wearing qualities to be
second to none and the prices are right. We
have the largest stock of
in the country.   We have a very nice selected
stock of fine shoes and our stock of heavy
boots for street wear and for miners is the best
money can buy.     You should see our stock of
before buying elsewhere.  We have them in all
styles, shapes and shades.     Our stock of Stetson's is complete.    Talking of
we have them in grey and white, wool and cotton, and then wc have a stock so that we can
fill your order for a few dozen pairs without inconveniencing us. Now we will step across to
the |other side of the store. We find a great
big stock of
In these lines we also lead. When you place
your orders with the old reliable F. S. M. Co.
you may rest assured that your order will be
filled complete and with the best goods to be
had and at the very lowest possible prices. We
are still doing the (ced business of the Kootc-
nays. Our stock is always well up to date so
that we can take care of any sized order. In
this line we can name you the lowest market
price in car lots delivered at any point.
Wc have said .1 greal deal and can back up
each and every statement wc have made. Wc
would greatly appreciate your trade and will
make you (eel at home when you call.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd
.1. P. FINK, Manager.
It Is KS'llS'rtlll, .UIKS'sl.'it (Ilill I,lipid I11n1.lt. -
1. Furniture, Carpels, House Furnishings, etc.
2. Dry (ioods, Clothing, Hals, Shoes, elc.
.1.   Groceries, Flour, Feed, Crockery, elc.
I.   Hardware, Stoves, Tinware. Explosives, Fuse, Caps.
S,   Wall Paper, Paints, nils, etc.
five coAiPLirrn stoc si
Nut 11 smattering of each, bul good, heavy, complete slocks in nil
Hues, In several lines ilu* largest in tlie district. Gilpin's trade expenses nre as low iis anv other store Belling one of abuve lilies only,
consequently we can Bell goods
nny one line store must have to live.   Your best interests demand that
yon trade at
Alex Gibson, a .liiver for Toobey
Brothers, one ol the contracting firms ou
the north and smith hue, was killed on
the 21st. The accident was due to the
rough luck on the load of lumber breaking away ou lhe Elk river lull. The
driver was thrown from the load and one
wheel passed over his arm, severing an
artery. Before medical assistance could
be secured he bled Lo death,
Mr. Anderson, while blowing up sftfno
stumps put in three charges of dynamite.
Two went oir and alter waiting s-.iiie
time he started to Investigate the
cause and got caught  In lhe explosion.
lie started tor  .Spokane   hut   di.tl of Ilis
injuries before reaching there,
(lav ul  the License Cum mission em States
Ilis Position.
Fred Stork, one of the well known
citizens of Fernie and a member ol ihe
license board up io ihe close of ihe year,
rightfully   resents   the   rumors  floating
over the diitrlct regard!ug the actions uf
tbe bourd and writes The Herald defining his position. Mr. Siork writes a
manly, straightforward letter and voices
the sentiment ofthe Herald. Mr. Stork
is a business man of Fernie whose reputation for integrity and lair detiliug has
been recogn zed by the people. Ue co-
incideB with the views of The Herald
when he says that the position of license
commissioner is one of honor and lhat
men holding such positions nre above
anything that is not honorable. The
Herald has maintained this position
from the time these reckless statements
were first circulated. The Herald believes in official integrity and will continue to do so until convinced otherwise.
Mr. Stork has declared himself mul The
Herald congratulates him on the stand
taken aud prints his letter with great
Fernie, 11. C, Jan. 22, 1902
Editor Cranbrook Herald'
Dear Sir: I have read your editorial
of January 23 and carefully noted your
remarks in reference lu certain rumors
current in the dislrict 111 regard to the
actions of the Hoard of License Commissioners, The position of license commissioner is purely an honorary appointment and may be construed as a liibute
to a man's honor aud integrity, and I
must sav Mr Rdtt-« ti-«* 1 f*-' s"--*-y
mortified to learn thut the hoard is
charged wiih being controlled by certain influences and that large sums of
money are necessary to sicuie licenses.
I feel deeply grieved that the good name
of the board should be assailed In this
manner but now since the mutter has
been brought up by your paper I take
this oppoituuily of demanding that any
man with a grievance come right out
and ventilate it, I would he pleased to
see an investigation il there is anything
to be exposed that will show corruption
on lhe part ol the board. 1 am under
no man's control. 1 am not dictated to
on the board by any powtr other than
my own conscience, and tt bus been my
earnest endeavor lo do whul is fair and
equitable, and therefore I eay if there is
or has been anything of u crooked Mature going on in the graotlug of licenses
by all means let a searchlight hi* turned
ou and Ut the mniter be thoroughly Investigated mid may deepest disgrace be
the portion of the guilty.
Fred Stork,
Big Hockey Game Thursday Night
...Juniors vs. Fat Men...
Hockey News.
The scheduled games for the championship of the Crows N'csl and the
handsome cup offered by A C Liphardt
ot Fernie, have been called off owing to
lhe lateness of the season and llle qti
amine at Penile This action was a
disappointment to the Cranbrook boys
ns they have a Strong leu in ibis year and
were oui with a deleimiiialion to win
that cup.
The games oi h.ickey last Thursday
nighl between "Baldy" Morris' Fats
and the Juniors result) d in a victory for
Lhe youngsters bv a score of u to 3. The
gallic was well attended and Ihere wus
1111V amount of fun.
On Satueday there wus another game
between the Juniors and "Neversweats,"
and lhe Juniors   scored   another victory,
The Stanley cup will stay in Winnipeg as the Victorias mok two straght
from the Wellingtons of Toronto,
British Columbia Makes a Big Show-
ini; for the Year.
Material Evidence oi the Wonder
lui Prosperity of Canada's
Best Province
The bureau of mines al Victoria has
issued a bulletin signed by -V. F Robertson, provincial mineralogist, giving the
mineral output of the province for the
year 1901, as follows :
"This estimate is based on the actual
returns of a number of the mines, and
for those mines from which returns have
not as yet been received, the output is
based upon their approxininle known
tonnage for the last year, together wiih
the assays of the ores from the same
mines for the previous year. You will
note that these are not given as final
statistics for the year, wl iei: can only
be obtained after all returns nre iu and
checked very carefully. These will be
included in the annual report of the department which cannot he out for about
two mouths yet. I hand you these figures now rather than wait for the final
statistics, as 1 believe tbe prompt publication of even an approximate official
estimate, making so good a showing,
ill be of benefit to the province, and is
generally desired by investors in uur
"1 think you will find Ibis estimate
conservative, and very approximate,
quite sufficiently so to show lhe progress which has been made in the lining iuduslry during Lhe past year. In
calculating the values uf the products
the usual course has been followed and
the average price for the year in the
New York metal market has beeu 11 Bed
as a basis. For silver 95 per cent, and
icuo y.* p«ii iv,.t .■( .*>. .:. -. rkei price
has been taken. Treatment and ore
charges have not been deducted Roughly-speaking the increase made in 1901
over 1900 is 25 per cent on gross value ol
output of tbe province. This will be a
very agreeable surprise to many, as the
circulation of reports giving a contrary
impression hap caused a very despoudetil
view to be taken of the progress of tbe
milling industry during 1901, which does
not seem to be warranted by the tacts.
There is an appreciable drop iu the
placer gold production, owing to tbe
sudden melting of the snow last spriug,
causing freshets, and leaving a shortage
ot water during the latter part of the
"The tonnage of ore mined from the
lode mines in the past year is about 871 -
83a tons, equal to an increase of 317,036
over the year 1900, a little more thai; 57
per cent. There has been an increase in
tbe output of all the metals with the exception of lead, the low p'.ice obtainable
in this province for lead ores having discouraged this class of milling except
where accompanied with good silver
values. The gross value ol the copper
output has increased 200 pur cent over
19m, while the lode gold has increased
36 per cent and silver 14 per cent.
"The attached forms show lhe estimated production ofthe various metals and
for the various districts :
The Marvsville Smelter.
J. L, Austin, generul superintendent of
the Marysville smelter construction, arrived in tbe town Monday from Spokane,
He has been purchasing machinery for
the smelter ami left Tuesday for Marysville     Speaking of the work Mr. Austin
said: "Everything is moving along
nicely and iu a few days cur loads of
machinery  will  be nrrtviug,     Nearly
everything hns been secured and now it
is only a question of labor and lime
when tbe smelter will be ready to blow
Odd Fellows' Ball.
Arrangements are being completed
for the Odd Fellows' ball to be given at
Wentworth ball on the roth of February. It promises to he one of the best
ever given in Cranbrook and no doubt
will he largely attended hy people from
various parts of the district. Tickets
are on sale at Beattle'a drug store, G
H. Miner's, Fort Sleele Mercantile Com-
puny, Tate's jewelry store and G. II
Gold, placer, ozs.
43 2-4 1
jold, lode, ozs--
227 696
4 704 MO
Silver,  oza	
46SS 7iS
2 624 coa
Copper, lbs	
JO 736 79s
4 95' 69s
Lead, lbs	
50 529 260
I 970 641
Coal,   tons	
1 53.. 210
4 5«7 630
Coke, tons	
134 700
Other metals	
309 030
What Is Happening lu the Different Secret
Societies uf Town.
The regular annual Installation of officers of Cranbiook lodge No 34 A. F. &
A.M. was held in their lodge room in
Leask hull last Thursday evening, when
the officers tor the present year were In
stalled by W. Iho. A Moffat, district
ieputy grand muster, assisted by W.
J. McBride and W. F, Tate.   The
:-v othceis aie us follows:
Worshipful Master—J, 11 King.
Senior Warden—Mat) Rockendorf,
Junior Warden—S, McKlm.
Secretary—G. A. I.eitch.
Treasurer—James kyau.
Chaplain—John Leask,
Senior Deacon—A. McKenzie.
Junior Deacon—W. S. Keay,
SeulorSteward—H, lv Wright.
Junior Steward—A. Hick.
Inner Guard—O H. Richardson,
Tyler—R. S, McNeil.
The giowlb and prosperity of the
Masonic lodge timing the two years of
existence in Cranbrook has been
most flattering, and reflects great credit
upon ihe officers and members who have
been untiring in their efforts for the advancement of the teachings and principles of Masonry, the foundation of all
societies. _^___
Odd Eellows.
Key City ledge No. 42 star I a the new
year wiih the brightest of prospects.
The new officers ure among lhe best the
lodge has yet produced and indications
point to plenty of degree work for this
term. The initiatory will probably be
conferred on one candidate a week from
Friday night.
Key City lodge, assisted by Wildey
lodge of Moyie, w ill Institute n lodge at
Fernie as soon au convenient afler lhe
piuratitiue is raised there.
The ladies' evening given by the
members of the local lodge last Friday
was quite a successful affair, Ihere being
between 50 ami 60 guests and Odd Fellows present. A most pleasing musical
program was enjoyed by those present,
uud the thanks of the lodge is due to
those who so kindly took part in it.
Mrs. Wi T. Reid rendered two vocal
Solos in her usual pleasing manner, and
the Misses Magee excelled themselves ill
.1 viollu-piuuo duel, while the piano selections by the Misses Moffat, Miss Knit
McKlllop (ind Miss Rliotiit Leitch demonstrated lhe fact that Cranbrook, so far
is musical talent is concerned, holds a
position seldom equalled by a town of
her size. Mr. Gurd was chairman, and
in his opening remarks stated that iu
the future il was the intention of the
organization to bold their ladies' evenings as often as circumstances would allow, nud to make them occasions to be
looked forward to with pleasure by the
ladies of Cranbrook. Refreshments
were served after the program.
The Smelter Town is Making Most Sal
isfactor)' Progress
And Material is Coming; in by the
Car  Loads Every   Week
for Construction.
Tlie Phoenix mines will ship 1000 tons
of ore a day to the Granby smeller for
treatment, and expect to increase it to
1500 That means 50 car loads a day at
the present time.
The North Siar expects to increase its
force of men in a short time.
The Sullivan will resume operations
rest week,
It   is  reported   lhat in all probability
lhe Si   Eugene will resume sometime In
May or June.
The rise in ihe price of lead looks good
Lo iin* people of South Hast Kootenay.
Smelters and refineries mean the upbuilding 1 f British Columbia.
Too many people on the coast and loo
many political fossils iu the {eastern
provinces look upon mining as wild
speculation  instead of a legitimate in-
dn.Uty   tbat  deseives  every   eticouiuge*
me*,it and protection.
St. Marys valley vill be Covered with
p ospectors the coming season.
an I  iu
Mlllls ,1   1
Ai wq salil last week there are those
wnn Jo not believe In Marysvllle. Then-
were people who ill.l not believe In
Spokane, in Butte, In Vancouver ami In
a hundred other places one might
mention.     But they were wrong.     Ami
ihe people who do not believe In Marysvllle as a coininiug prosperous! progressive and growing town are wrong also
Where In British Columbia, or tor
that 111:1 tier In lhe entire west, can anyone point to as much woik done in the
same space of lime  as  on  the   Marvs-   'l)r "
vllle smelter sitef Forty three days (MI* ,I1 th district. If you have
only have been spent, at the present Ul ■■»*-! to m11 u must *hvw 11,(!n-
tlme, on the construction of thesmolter. P-et-« o! rx'ck **-'•>l- *• Httle hole lo tbe
During that time the frames of all ground, accompanied by a long talk will
the buildings have been completed, the no lonB« bt* accepted as n mine. A
flume or water line has been tlulshcd. | -*-00'1 bowing ol work and rock is the
the foundation for tl.e walls iu tbe
roaster    bu Ihi Ing   are    done   and   the
trestles for the three railway tracks 1 fern   reek placers next leaao
are almost llnlshed at this writing.   W.
say again show ns a paralleled case li
the entire west.
Of course providence has been   good
Mauy properties iu this district will be
developed next season tbat have been
allowed to remain idle ihe past two or
three \eurs.
The people have faith iu the Fay Roll
probability woik will be re-
bis property iu ihe spring,
-.1 Kootenay is a poor Geld
. men,     That game is played
best combination to exhibit to buyers.
H'l here will be   renewed activity on lhe
Oac Man Was Killed and Anolher Seriously Injured.
While a freight train was going west
last Friday afternoon, a broken flange
threw one car off the track, carrying
with it several others. None of the
train crew were injured, but two men
heating their way in a car of coal were
caught in the wreck. T. Miller was
buried benealh an avalanche of coal and
smothered to death. His companion,
William Weterhold, received internul
injuries of a serious nature. The remains of Miller were left at Creston for
burial aud Weterhold was brought to
Cranbrook and placed iu the St. Eugene
hospital for treatment.
as providence alwiys In when a good
work is going on and the evil on a Is
knocking it. The weather this winter
has bceu all any one could a-k and uot
one minute has been lost from stress of
weather. Again the men In charge,
the superintendent, the construction
engineer and the engineer of erection
are men who know their business arid
have wasted neither time nor opportunity (or pushing the construction
ahead. The workmen employed have
heen those who understood their work
and who worked in harmony with their
Only this week nine car loaiis of
malarial have arrived on the company's
side track. Three car loads of castings
have been received liorn the Union
Iron Works of Spokane, for the roaster
building. One car of Ure brick, one car
of Are clay, one car of Portland cement
all these imported direct from Borland
a car of lime from the Northwest Territories aud a car each of hay ana
There are several car loads of cor-
-. r.tl properties around Marysville
e developed next season,, owing to
rectlon ol the smelter. Reduced
: treatment will start woik on sev-
The government should not fail to extend the road up tbe St Marys this com*
Ing season. It is badly needed by tbe
claim owners in mat section.
Deep placer working are liable to
bricg back to tbe Wild Horse some of its
old time fame. The work is lu ch?rgeof
experts and the results are looked for
with no littU iDtercf-t by the people of
this dlsttlct.
Tbe iocg drawn out strike at Rossland
on the LrR'jt has been settled by a compromise. The men will return Lo work
and the union will not be diicriminated
against by the LeRol management.
Negotiations are b-r.ng carried on with
the other mines effected by tbe strike,
but no settlement  has yet been reached.
Total value $20713501
The value of lhe output of Ihe several minerals. Including coal! ami apportions! by ilistticts was as follows:
Cariboo and Queuelle Mining
division     .   f 450000
Omenlca Mining divtr-loii 20 oto
Cassiar ilisliict    . 330000
East Konieuuy, 26 536 tons 2.850 :Sg
West Kootenay -  .. 7 362 IB9
Trail Creek Mining division,
279084 tons  3855556
Nelson Mining division, 103,*
4S6 tons   1 110 226
Aiiisworlh and SloOUt Mining divisions, 30.267 tons . 2240615
Lilloet district, 3 67.1 ions   - 56 91x1
Vale district, 401 oc8 tons 4 751 458
Grand Forks and Kettle river district, 401 00H ions. - 4 695 469
Canadian Census Completed.
The official figures of the Dominion
census, issued last week, show th.it lhe
population of Canada is 5 369 666 us
against 4 8j32.iy iu 1H91, au increase of
536427 in the figures of the Dominion
census issued in the bulletin of last August. By pioviuces the population is:
93 143
152 50b
321 J63
450 396
2 114 321
109 078
1 488 535
66 799
British Columbia-
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia	
Prince Edward Isl
Yukon   ---
Unorganized Ter
32 16S
254 947
33" 120
459 574
2  IS2 9(2
'-13 259
1 648 898
158 941
27 167
25 546
Married, ou Thursday, January 23, 1902,
Mr. J A. I'unlv ol Fertile, and Miss
lilt?. Blanchurd of Cranbrook, at the
home ofthe bride's mother, Mrs. R.
Mr. I'unly is one of the well known
business men of Fernie, nnd Miss Blanch*
ii nl, although having lived in Cranbrook
only a short lime, bad become exceedingly popular In her circle of friends.
The wedding was it qulel one, only the
relatives being present After partaking of a wedding breakfast lhe happy
couple left on ttie morning train for Nelson for a brief Stay, alter which they le-
turned 10 Fernie. where Ihey will make
their home. The Herald extends heartiest congratulations.
J. Roderick Robertson Killed
Word ban been received thut ui an explosion at the Murray Hill holel 1:1 New
York city several were killed ami nbout
40 injured. Among tbe fatalities was
the death of J. Roderick Robertson, of
Nelson, one of lhe best known mining
men of British Columbia,
Laurler's Speech.
Sir Wilfred Laurler's recent speech at
Toronto has won the hearl of even that
conservative of Conservative papers, the
Ottawa Citizen. "There wns," it says,
"robust Canadian sentiment in his declaration of conviction that Canada can
gel ou without the United States, and
find better markets within the empire;
and there wns a pleasant patriotic optimism in his assertions that within a decade or two Canada will be the gtealcst
wheat producing country iu the world as
well ns the chief rival of the United
Stales in iron and steel products,
Don't Qalt -\dvertiiinx.
Whenever business grows dull the
s: expense to be subjected to the
oulog knife ls advertising. Tbis U
.se economy. Cutting down adver-
rugated Iron on the way and to arrive j Using might appear for a snort time to
within a few days. This will Se used \ have effected a sating, bat it Is sooner
to cover all the smelter buildings ex-1 or later reflected In a further
cept the powerhouse which will be decrease in the volume of
sided with lumber and will have a tmttoeta done, necessitating further re-
shlngled roof. Several cars coutaiiOr.[* dnc Or, in the ei peases. Aa establish
the auxiliary steam plant which will ce el firm, whenever business ls dull,
used, when necessary, In conjuuettoe > should cm taii expenses '.a everv other
with the water power are already ship- department, out In that cf advctiitlag
ped. j ,11 y aa a last resort.    Where   adverts-
Several other cars of meacallaneous ]' -- -''--1 bnllt up a business, anu comlo-
machinery are also ordered and will be I uts to oriag in business, if reduced In
here as soon as wanted. amount. Itx   power   for  good  for tha
All will be ready in the way of brick \ *-"»--"" :s •'"■''•^ In proportion to  the
as soon as the brick Is wanted. 310,000 ru; " ;'jr" Cqi down on lDe helP' 0B
the postage, or. '.he pricted matter, bat
n.:ver cut. out a paper that pave a alvld-
end regularly monthly upon the Invest-
me ii 1. It Is foolnardy aud menaces the
future of '.lie business Instead of being
a help to it. The Marysvllle Triouna
can bring yon business, Mr. Merchant.
It reaches the public.
brick arc now ready tor delivery at
Early's brick yard, 155,000 more are
burning at the present time and when
they are burnt 5()0,oou will be
ready to set on tire. The company's
saw mill has about finished sawing the
timber necessary for the buildings.
If the weather keeps good all will he
ready for lhe smelter to blow In hy
May 31st, Not ooly la woik being pushed on the smelter but at the Sullivan
mine work has begun. <i W, Hull the
superintendent toltl a Tribune man this
week that solid work "vould begin at
the mine next month and that the  ne*
Tbe ag'i ImuriDce.
Toronto, Jan, 26—If Kdward VII were
to die befoie ihe coronation it would
mean, in addition to the ptKsing of the
world's greatest monarch, lhat nearly
J15.ouo.oto insurance   money   would be
shaft, now 00 feet deep, will be sank to , paj)j t0 bli helrs nmi l0 the bllsint,kl mea
the 1 In foot level wnen drifting 30 feet ' [n Bnaland.
to the old working-.. "Within sixty days" | jhls immense sum, with the exception
said Mr. Hull "we shall have a large 0fl3.o00.00o which King Bdward carries
forceof men at the mine. There ire on bis own llle, and nearly three mil-
800,000 tons of ore In  sight at the mine ! h(l[1. piaced bj peri0ns who have an in-
enc-ugh to keep the smeller going for
years without any further development.
So anyone with a reasonable amount of
common sense can sec that Marysvllle
will bs and cannot help being a grow
iag and progressive town."
British Columbia's Output.
A bulletin has been issued by tbe department of mines which estimates tlie
total mineral production of lhe province
during last year at $20,733 5IJ', which is
an increase of 25 per cent over the preceding year, although the duties ou lead
and charges of American refiners caused
a largely decreased production thereof
The increased production of lode mints
was 57 per cent over last year. The
product of gold amounted to £360,000;
silver, f26o,ooi; c pper, $5.oca 000; lend,
$2,000,000 nnd coal, $4,587,630 The
Kootenays contributed about £7,000,000
to tb* mineral production, Vale nearly
f3 .»..:...-.. and the coasl  disliicls about
terest lu his royal existence! lias been
earned by the English companies in
favor of the infinite number of tradesmen against the King's coronation, The
merchants and tradesmen or the great
metropolis arc spending million* in
money, counting on immense profits
during the fete week in which tbe King
la t have the crown placed upon bis
hi ad as the culmination ol Ihe most
Uibg micent ceremony the world has
known, If this ceremony should not
take place many of the traders would
be financially crippled and bankrupted,
on which tbey pay large premiums.
li.iirt Want Jadfihlp,
Vancouver, Jan, 24 —There is not
enough of a fighting atmosphere in the
chief justiceship for Jos, Martin. He
to day flally contradicted the story etna
tinting from Ottawa, lhat he is applying
for ihe vacancy or for a position ou the
supreme court bench.   He is supporting
C%~ /lt^^fi
FI;1     •■ prietor
i L-.il-. .'i   SUB URUTIU-S:
Ttie lid...a .'■. ill t gh ll *■ uewj ul tl
rtlstrU*- It you -..i ■ a.tj . ig i - towi
your uuni' t.i yuui |ieu]'le, WUil ll lu till* offlrt.
Attractions of tha Temiscaming
Region Pourtrayed.
a si.U'i..ii.i I'.tr.u.i.,. Country   10,000,000
Aoroi uf Land Altuest lur tha Asklna**-
buutulliuii:     About   thu     1,600,000
At-r«a ut  Liitsi Tsui lit) li tit lug Vul«
loy   A Wall'Watomd Cuuu-
irj-l.ms* Influx ol
Sel tin».
The pros.-nl season is likelv to wii-
ness il considerably greater influx ul
luiid-s.-i-l.iTs into Nuw Ontario Llutii
has hitherto tukon place, ns ibe grvu
ndvantages offered by this l in por inn I
suction of our own province becom.'
hotter understood. 01 all tha district!
now open for sottleiiii-nl ilu- 'J'miits-
earning uppears to prosenl ihegteut..
est attractions us a purely tte;i-icul-
tural disit-ict to settlers from Eust-
em Ontario on account of its tid
vantages iu the way ol water ion-
tnunlcation and tho prospects of close
connection with the leading marla-i -
of Ontario by rail in the near fu
tun;. It possesses tho largesl continuous ni'.'.i of first-class agricultural land, ilif group ol townships of
rich level land now surveyed n ul
open for sett i em iml li Ing to the Wesi
and north of Lako Tcitiiscumlng bt
Ing merely tho eastern extrumitj ol
the great clay belt comprising aboul
fifteen nnd a half millions of acres,
which, with a slight break at tlm
Height of Land, stretches across the
districts of NipisPlng und Algoniu
into tho northeast portion of Thunder Day.
.I'M In
About one-half of tho 1,500,0(^0
acres comprised In the Temiscaming
Valley hns boon surveyed and laid out
in townships. The land, which rises
abruptly from thu lake shora to a
height of aboul 50 feet, slopes gradually toward the Height m Land
which is about 50 miles distant ffon
the luko. Tbe soil is full; equal li
fertility to that oi any portion o
Southern Ontario, huing n rich claj
with a surface of black vogotabh
mould, There is very li'ih- rock oi
loose stone, soma townships belli],
without stono of nny sort. Tlie set
tleinent is well watered by n number
of Btreama and rivers flowing into
Luke Temiscaming from thu north
und northwest. This province ilmuct-
tler with a ready means of marketing tlm timber mid cordwood mi
from thoir lands in clearing, for
which good prices can bo obtained on
delivery on tho bauk of ibe nearest
favorable stream.
Crops mattiro very rapidly, Settlers
hnvo in some cases taken up land in
May, utado a small clcaranre and
harvested a crop tho same year. Oats
sown in June have been reaped In a
fully ripened condition in lime to be
exhibited ut the Toronto Industrial
Exhibition on Sept. 20th. Tlio district is destined to become a greal
stock-raising and dairying country,
us it possesses all 'If requisites for
the establishment of theso important
branches of Industry, more especially in thi> excellence of tho pasturage
furnished by the luxuriant growth of
grass and nutm-al vegetation, the
plentiful supply of pun- water nnd
the chcapnoss of land und building
Growth i.r Population.
The present popul n of the district is estimated at aboul 2,000,
und is rapidly inrmiHJng, Tlie progress of settlement has been considerably stimulated hj Hi.- .'.instiii. lion
of colonization roadi bj the Government, the sum of SH 000 bulng np-
propriated (or thai purpose in 1000
and u HintiJ.it' ninouni in L001. There
ura two vitliigi-s in Iho district —
Thomloe, the larger of tho two, is
■ituatcd nt the head of navigation
on tho Ontario sltlu of Lho lake, and
H alloy bury, nlso on the lake shore,
further to tho south,
Northward, lint
A great deal of int.-rest Is being
taken in the land-sookers' excursion,
which hns been arranged by tlio Provincial Government by way of the 0,
P. It. to Temiscaiuhig station    nnd
thence  by steamer  to   II iloo    uml
Hail.-ybiiry. The rates hava boon pui
at a low flguru nud many working-
men from Toronto and other places,
as well us large numbors from ibe
country, nro prupnrlug to avail ilnni-
lelvos of tbu opportunity ufforded of
sening i bu country. Thu ux curs Ion
stuns on ih.; 2Hth, and tho land-
J seekers will havo lltteen days, giving
ampin opportunity for ,t close inspection of the In nlttj. Mr Thouias
[Southa'orth, Director ol ColonIza*
'lion, will accompany lhu excursion.
Thu result of Lhe now tk-pnrluro In
promoting sottleinent In Ontario will
bu wuii'h- d wtl h liitcrosi. Many
huvu already gone In since the opening of navigation in order to have an
earlier choice of lots.
tin- i
Mr. Bastedo,    Di
Fisheries, bus re.'.'
tin;    trnnsportal im
from Luk.* Erlo la
Muskoka District.
■ in-
loads     a week  woi
a Oi
enr contained abou
Ml  Us
extent  of lho work
i't  s
fact that, us a Btu
on,-  t
of fish  Wus put   in
Sl .
ono in Lako     I;,.
■-II 11
Luke Muskoko,     i.
others  throughout
a number of sir, tui
.in 'li
hnvo appeared for
.ii, ni.
Nnt una] I'.ii-l
I...- i
The Ontario fio\
rn ,
nl   1
jiervu.I l.'iOO.OOO n
near   Lake  Tumi in
lying w.'st  rn' Lnko
I'm i
en in
lhu upper Ol liiui,.
as a nu' lonal  purl
.    H 1
■IV     1
bur  will   bo  |H'i'-i-n
'1   ui
.1 III.
will   l.e      allowed
o   in
'1 ne
number of boavori
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
taction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Th*rc i) ihviys i way tu tl»e, my boy,
Alwayi h way to a Ivance;
Vet Ho road that leads iu ilount Succtu
Dot* uot |.si's by Un waj ■ t i tunce,
llm goci through tlie Hall tu ul .'..it mj Stm-j
rhrouKh Hie lallej ..t l.i	
Ami ttie man that lueteeda, i.lilie othera tail,
Mint bo ..illl-i* l-1 pay tnoal dear.
iii a way in fall, my hoy,
*ui i in- Msn you find ui tha fo,.i .-l it* hill
ill aouslit lor uu noy ri le.
So on ami up, though the road lie ruutth
And il..' itornia came thick nml hu;
There ia room «i tha !■ p lor tbo man wlio Mu,
And victory tome* ti )a-t.
-o-ro-'O 'C-oio •■■ 0*0 t>0-J>0-!»0-$»0(fi
o o
j   A Story of a Maso.uoraile Dnii   '*
und a Dinner Party,
° o
. o '• o f o! o .'O'; o •■-•■ o ;>o • O'j o> -o-j-o \>
Carroll Kn-re bnd gouo io the l-'ruuch
bul innsquu. It was nil very wearisome
iu him. lie bnd been to dozens of such
baits before, nml he wondered now
what he had eonw tor. It was uut as It
had been \vheu hu was a buy. It was
nothing but u nuisance, and yet he
Hiuid, wearied nnd disgusted, yawning
until the tears emtio In his eyes, wishing himself elsewhere and lingering
nbout in dreary Isolation. j
There came ot a sudden a sigh, a
long, quivering sigh, almost a sub. Carroll wns startled, but he made no sign.
There was some one iu tho box, nfter
ull. Without moving his bund ho flashed a glance through the grating out of
the corners of his eyes. There was a
woman p-ittlng there, quite close to
him, She meat have moved from the
buck of tho box since he had come, for
be wus certain that she was not there
when he took his sunt.
She evidently had not noticed blm
and believed herself unobserved. In bis
brief glance Carroll hud seen that she
wore a black domino and mask of tbe
plainest kind; that her hands were
clasped In her lap. uml that she appeared to lie looking at the duilcei's,   Tbey
could not see bur, ho thought.
He stole auothar look ut her, uud us
he did su she sighed again- n sigh of
weariness and pain. Then she moved ■
and, taking up a fan in her lap, begun
io noiselessly fan hersolf. The Bap of
her mask moved iu thu faint winnowing air made hy the fan, rose a little,
then fell. Suddenly, at a wider sweep
of the fan, the flap curved upward lu
a deep wave, and Carroll saw a portion
of a smooth, pale cheek, the corner of
her iiiuuih, and near it, townrd tho
.-hill, u small brown mole,
Almost simultaneously she raised bur
eyes  and  snw   him  looking ut  Iter '
through the grating.   Shu dropped the j
fan and made a grasp at thu edge of
tbo mask,   Through tho two slits for i
lho eyes Carroll saw hers, and, though
he could not lull whether ihey were j
light or dark, he saw that they Mere I
full  of terror.    The thought  Hashed '
through his mind. "1  will know her !
again," and hu  knew  Unit she had j
thought the same of him.    Thu next i
instant she had  withdrawn  into the i
Imck of tlio bux,   Carroll went bomo '
wondering about hoi'.
A few evenings later be went to a
dinner at thu house of a fashionable
lady who wan a relation uf his. Just
before dinner she came to him uud
"Carroll, 1 have a favor to ask of
yon. My niece, Helen, a llttlo country
Iiikh, is in tuwn for tho winter, lo stay
with bur brother, who iy going to colli go. she I* under my wing and is
very young nud bashful. 1 am going
to ask you to take bur lu tu dinner aud
be Kind io her. Shu has seen so little
of society. She was here a moment
ago, but has run nwny again for something ur other. I will Introduce you
to her when she comes back."
Carroll assured her that he would
be delighted, wl Ich liml mure truth
In it Uuin such remarks usually have.
It would be less trouble to talk to a
young miss like this than to u more
tried veteran, und If she couldn't talk
ho could eat his dinner in peace and
kd lur preserve the sllouca so dear to
iho debutante,
Presently, in tho tnoveraont and well
bred shuttling of a dinner cortege getting under way, a young girl wus given
him to take as his partner and with
whom he brought Up tho rear of the
lung   pi'OCOSBtoil,     He   hardly   noticed
bur.   Bread ami butter was not In his
Hue. He full Her small hum) put limply on bis arm, am) he wns dimly aware
lhat her dress was pink. She said
not hing. In answer to his remark
about the oak panels lu the hall she
assented faintly,
she was evidently extremely raw.
Scaled at table. Carroll, unfolding his
napkin, snld he liked pink candle
shades ami then began to take bis
soup. When hu bad llnlshed It, he
looked about the table, smiled ut u lady
opposite, said something to a man farther down. Finally*, absently brushing
bis lung mustache with his mipl.tn, he
looked at his companion. Sho wus sitting with her hands in ber la]), her
head drooped, her eyes staring nt the
centerpiece. Her checks and chin were
smooth ami pale, and near tho corner
of bcr mouth toward the chin was a
squnro piece of black court plaster,
sun smoolhlng hack his mustache
with the napkin, Carroll looked at flip
small black square. He would have
given a year's Income If it would have
fallen off. lie looked nt the shape nnd
Bet uf her head, at the pose of ber folded hands, it was the siiiue, yet how
could it b.'? Hu limited at her cheek
ami chili and then, lowering tils eyes.
tried to recall ihe exact apiieuriiiicu of
the cheek mil chin be hud suuu under
the mask's undulating dap. Then he
glanced up. It was the same, there
could be nu doutt, Aud still it seemed
incredible. She wus uot more man
eighteen yens uld. and she looked so
pensive ami wistful. She seemed to
have forgotten his presence und to be
absorbed iu ber own melancholy pon-
deritigs. staling at the centerpiece with J Ul Wlisl1 *■•
thoughtful dnrk eves, J*1-**     ll"''
1 head,
I The eyes  tie  lurin
"And behold u woman in the city,
which wus a sinner, when site knew
that Jesus sat at mem in the Phur-
isee's house, brought uu alabaster
box of ointment uud stood m His
feet behind Him weeping, uud began
Ot with tours, und did
With  the buns oi bur
T- ....Dealers in....
| Wall-^ Paper, j
!g Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, H
I ^      riouldlngs, Etc. I
I ^y Paper Hangers and Decorators. 1
I "Mrs. Lafurgu tells me," he said suddenly, leaning toward ber, "tbut you
hnve only just come to town."
I She started and looked up at blm.
lie even seemed tu rccogntxo the eyes
with their look of soared surprise. Pur
: a moment she seemed confused, then
she said:
"Yea, but I nm going to stay for the
Winter, My brother Is here nt college
I havo come to look after him. We nro
Having given her explanation she
looked away ami Boomed tu be about to
ouee more relupso Into .silence.
"You will be Ohio to havo a gay winter." lie said, determined to make her
talk. "Vou are fond of society, I suppose';"
She wus slleut for a brief space and
then answered as If reluctantly:
"No; I don't care for going out."
"1   thought  all  young  girls  loved
dancing, pintles, halls,
Intently watching her.
"Others mnyj I don't."
"Yuu like the country life best?"
She turned ber eyes on him and said
with a deep sigh:
"Ob, yes!"
If there was anything needed to con-
tiU    l.tl-'i'lll,)-
Were tilled with teuderiies iiiiiI pity run-;
llm looking on  tin-  I'lituia. t,  there crept
a sorrow and a hint oi steruuvss ihere.
"BlUlou, 1 Iniv.' tjiuiii-tvliut t.. Buy tu Hi.'.-,''
With in,
< MtiMi'l
rutin .
illy -.in,
he continued, ! That wax.
dwelled lu tin
firm him In his belief tbat this young   Hath made a'
girl was one and the same as the worn- I
an he had seen at the ball the sigh was I
ull that was necessary.  As It fell upon
bis  ear,   plaintively  Boft  and  nielan- j
choly, ho seemed once more to be look-!
if nm authority,
Tlie   llBt'llllltJ   tliroug,   who   iiii'hU.U     to
citieit eiiiii word,
"Waster,  say    on,"  Belf-i'ighteoua  Sliaon
Ami muttered in to-, beard, "A Minuet
she I"
Marvelling tho while that on tin- drooping
The loiiiti «f Jesus rested tenderly,
"Scc-a tiu.it this woman, aiuiuuY"  Scornful eyes
Did Simon bend upon the woman's race,
The while tbe breath of iovo'B BWeet sacrifice
Hobu from tbe broken box and UlL'il the
Self-riubleouani'Bs,   thu   slimy   tblnif   that
Upon b fellow-creature's frailty,
uu shame or ruined lives,
iiosoui or the t'burlsee,
"Into thine house 1 came nt thy request,
Weary with travel, nml toon gnvest not
Xo me the eervlce due the humblest guest,
No towel, no wuter clour ami cold was
To wu«b my fret; but she, whom you do-
Out of tbe great affection she .loth bear,
In .ill the
Towns in
IP. Burns & Col
i WiHileul. anil lit,nil l:'!
I Meat Merchants j
j.ij Fresh and Cured Meats Prtsh ., j
m     Fish, Game and Poultry.      '••]
0 nm- •
-.Jj-.Jt        PI       We supply only the best.   Your        g|
M        trade is solicited. f=H
IiiihIii hi her wi.ui
A towel of her womnn'a wealth nt hair,
Thou gurest tne uo kins''   u, Slinou,shamej
Thus coldly and uulovlngly io greet
The   Prince  of pcacol—"but  ever  since  1
This woman huth not censed to kiss my
Ing through the gilded grating at tbe I ,.Btl tlJ*'ti:'.i „„.-. „h„ „..-, ,
 i.  , „ , .,    «        ,      . ue tevetn most who hath been most fnr.
What Will Be, Will...
Clothe Yourself with Warm Clothing
And Your Houses and Furniture with
...Hutch's Insurance
.••••* »■»-> <* • •»•»*♦-» • »♦
masked figure and the fluttering fan,
Full of conflicting doubts, ho leaned
back in Ids chair to think. *it the same
moment the lady on his other side turned tuward him with some laughing re-
murk which required a quick answer.
Then came challenge and retort from
farther up the table, aud for sume moments the conversation ran on brilliantly. Dinner was nearly at a close
when his opportunity came. Every one
about them wns talking or laughing.
The girl beside him alone was silent,
sunk In her bruoding thoughts. Without a word of warning he suddenly
leaned toward her uud said, almost in
a whisper:
"What were you doing at the masked
bill on Thursday evening?"
She turned pule, but ant silent without moving. He was slleut, too, waiting for au answer. After a few seconds she suid:
"I had to go."
"You had to go?" he repeated in surprise.
"Yes. I didn't know what else to do.
I  found out that Charlie—that's my
0, Simon, hearken, learn the great truth
No soul on fattb'a glad wings mounts nearer Heaven
That rhat which hath been prisoned deea
In hell.
Methinks 1 bear her Bay: "Tbon who for-
My many stnB, thia   off'rlng, sweet or
I pour nn Thee, dear Lord, while yet Thou
II vest,
For love In erer iwlft to outrun death,"
t'pun her nre the eyes «r Jesus turned.
With gaze which seems to strengthen ami
to bless.
Who knows ;iovr long the soul of lilm huth
Tor some sueh token of rare tenderness.
Tbe flush of shame flaunts red on Simon's
, *hout the table title hnt*hlfncn noon*..
A deep, full    silence,    then    the    Master
speaks i
"Thy faith huth saved thee, ko in peace
—In peace."
—Joan Blewitt, In Toronto Globe,
Hotel Kootenay
The besl of accomodutions
for lhc traveling public.
Incident   of   South   Afrfran   Wur   Whieh
Showed a Hitn or W-mderful Nerve.
Major T. L.  Doulangcr, who
brother—bad gone. It was too late to riVL'(1 here from the Orient, recently,
find him, uud anyway he would bavo
only got angry with me. Ho says I am
always Interfering. But It Isn't that.
There ure only us two, and we have
to lake cure of each other. I must
take cine of him nnd be of me. I knew
it was a wrong place fur him to go,
hut he wns already gone. So I had to
go after him. It would be different
If be was nut so young, and he's lived
In the country all his life. And then
to suddenly come to the city, and ho
forgets about the money—that we've
only Just got enough. Perhaps—I'm
afraid thul he doesn't seem to know
very well bow to take care of himself
like the others. Hut they've lived In
tho city all their lives, und so It ls different."
She paused and looked at him with a
sort of pleading apology for tbe weak
buy.   Then she went on:
"I've come from our home to take
cure uf him. The others have mothers
and brothers, but he bus only me. It's
bard tu keep from making blm angry
and yet to look after him, and so 1
went wlili my old nurse. I knew If I
could Und blm I could bring blm back
with me. We gut the masks and doml-
nos from a man near the door who
bad them to hire. Then 1 went iuto
thnt empty bux and waited till he
came by, because there was such ■
crowd, and the people couldn't see me.
Soon after you bnd gone be passed,
and then 1 culled to blm, and he came
uud we went home."
She hesliuled and Btoppod, then said
"When 1 saw you tonight, I knew
you Again, and 1 thought you would
know me. 1 run up stairs and put this
piece uf cuurlplasler on the mole. I
wus afraid of your knowing me. 1
was afraid you would think badly of
UO for being there."
She was lute mi pled by the rising of
the ladles. As she turned to go she
putn-ed and, Linking at him with wistful Inquiry, said:
"Du youV"
He looked nt ber without speaking,
but shook bis head.
As the men settled back Into their
chairs one of them, noticing Carroll
still standing gazing vacantly at a window opposite, cried laughingly;
"Look nt the sentimentalist lost In
cuntemplntlon of the stars!"
Carroll started nud, taking bis seat,
answered quietly:
"Yea, I've been looking at a star."
en route to his home in Quebec, wns
in command of the First. Field Battery, Canadian Artillery, in tho
South African campaign, While at
quarantine ho told n Times representative a Btory of during nnd
pluck which is not surpassed any-
whore in the history of thu whole of
lhat war of stratigo episodes,
"Galling Oun'* Howard, who gained such fume during the Iliei rebellion, und who wns shot a few
weeks ago while out scouting, wus
the hero of the incident. At thu
timo he wus attached to n small
body of the British, and wus on tho
Orange lllvor somewhere—the exact
location Major Boulanger did not
recall—when tho command wus surrounded by Boors. The British wore
partially protected by entrenchments, but so hotly wore the Boers
pressing thai the British considered
It necessary to retreat. Howard
nlono remained, lie wus urged by
his command to follow, but he refused, and for upwards of twenty
minutes, Alujor Boulanger says, he
held the enemy at bay until relief
came. He hud but two Colts In his
service, but worked these wiih such
rapidity and so effectually, that tbe
Boers, probably Ignorant of the real
character of tho stronghold, were
held In check, When reinforcements
came Howard received tho hearty
congratulations of fellow officers,
, who, one nnd all, wore amazed ut
, the wonderful courage und boldness
of the plucky fellow.     Hud   ho lived
• to have seen the campaign through,
l Major Boulanger feels certain    that
he would have been highly promoted,
—Vlcioiiu,  B, t.',, Times.
I■? I♦!•$l<& \® I<i>J$ <£I<*■>OS-1<$I♦ ti-
I<t" I<t>\ <i>I *S>I<*0 •» 1 <8>I<N<?'r<J» 1 <S>1 <S>1 S>
for the
Crau   jok
And he Up-lo-Dntc.
g>-®-ts>-®- ■-•> tsH® <•)-<-.) ■•' -®-®* ■•'-
Prlcelt-ic Letters Destroyed,
Sir Walter Scott once made an Itinerary of tho borders, In the course of
which he wrote a lawyer friend In Edinburgh a close and realistic account
of everything bu heard and observed,
every quaint location and droll CUB*
torn. But the stupid heirs of the recipient of these priceless ephjtk's consigned tlii'iu to the flames nnd thus rendered whnt would have been a chnrnilng
bunk Impossible. It Is curious bow real*
ly Interesting letters get destroyed,
while i huso containing private uud personal matters are most sedulously
ii.-;t-iuri>d.—London Globe).   ,       -__
< unmium llattlesnuketi
Br. Brodto of Toronto, who Is a
well-known naturalist uml oliu of the
best tiuthorities on snakes, stutes
tbat all rattlesnakes, grent nnd
siuuii. nt ull times of ihi' yoar huvu
their fangs charged with venom. Ho
su.'s tin*, then- is only ono species .if
rattler fa Canada—tbo Cattdsona
Targomlna,    This species H always
ready with his poison sue, but tho effect uf lhe bite is not ulwn.vs us fu*
tal as ihe Southern rattler that
thrives in u warmer climate, Dr.
Brodie Instances tbo case of I'r.
Clark, former member of Purl lament,
who wus injured for life by thostroko
of a Canadian rattler. There are
ton species of , rattlers in Amortca*
and they du not exist in nny   other
part of the world.
The i>-,],itiiitti>ii of Canada,
The population of Canada lii 1871
and in lH'.u  was ns follows:
1H71. 1801.
Ontario ^...l.fiUO.Hr.l  3,11-1,831
Quebec ... ,„ „,i,l»l ,f»lO 1,4SR.fiUS
Nova Scotia .... ff87.R00 400,816
New Brunswick 383,594 831,308
T. B,   Island
B.    Collin
ihfa m.
norgniuzed   dis
an, iii 7
.'1.0811,257 4,888,339
I-OUdon'l Holiday Seelt^ri.
On a summer bank holiday 200-p
000 people patrontzo London amusa*
meats, against doo.ooo who go into1
One tlm Moftt Oanapleuoul In 1'tirllnmeBt,
ilm Oilier Aiuone tlio Silent,   In*
no11,-eil finch lienflier*.
Chnrleningno Laurlor, the representative of L'Assnmplion, is the half-
brother of the Premier—the sume father, but child ui a lirst wife uf
fundus Laurlor, the Premier being
the only son by the second wife.
Charlemagne Laurier is io yours
older than his distinguished half-
brother, nnd he looks it, says Tbo
Tort,uto Star. He is one of the silent
ones; a regular attendant at tho sittings, but an Uncommunicative one.
There he sits in his scut, day afn-r
day, his Iron-gray hair barely discernible behind the heads of ilm
other occupants of tho Opposition
benches, taking no part in Lho discussions and going and coming so
quietly us ordinarily to attract little,   if any,   notice.   It   is   interesting
to wonder sometimes what Charlemagne Laurier thinks nbout it nil.
Uhut fancies puss through tlio busy
brain beneath that iron-gray ihutch?
Does ho ever meditate on lho tricks
fate plays upon ber mortal puppets?
Does he ever envy ihe distinguished
brother su near to him by blood lies,
so fur above him In the political
world? fioi-s ho ever wonder at tho
purtlallly of ihe ficklo goddescj who
luuk.-s one brother the lirst Commoner in nil tho land and of lhe other un
obscure, silent, buck bencher? Boca
b« over wish to oxchnngo places with
his distinguished half-brother, tu
barter tha poacoful quiet of bis semi-
obscurity for the trlalH nnd tribulations, the rewards und worries, of
those who sll In tho flercfl white light
of publicity? DoubUoBfl Btrango
thoughts linnet itu.-s chase themselves
through tbu brain of this quiet llttlo
until on the buck benches, but it i
doubtful If tl,- oidur brother b -
grudges tho younger bis greatness. ,;
>,e does be gives nu sign.
Ami tho Prom tor? To his brother he
Is as genial as to tbo oilier members, probably inure so, but lhe I'n-
mhir of Canuda makes no display of
his emotions, Tin: other day, wearying possibly of the seemingly endless
budget debate,   the Premier crossed
over to the Opposition side und wun-
derod up through tlio labyrinth uf
seats to where his half-brother wns
silling. One hnnd he placed with u
caressing motion on the older mini's
shoulder, while with the other ho
shook bunds. Just u few words wore
oxcbuiig.il, and then the first Commoner in Canada camo back to his
place. What did ilm Premier say in
that brief interview? Probably nothing very much, but ho imi*\o for thu
moment tho obscure liltle man with
tbo Iron-gray hair tlm cynosure ol
all eyes, Doubtless, If Churieinugim
Laurier is a fu-nsiblo man*—and the
chances nre that he is, else ho would
not bo where lie Is—ho feels proud of
tbe than who throws a shining lustre on the family uml thu namo of
Laurlor, and Is content wttn lho
modest measuro of rblloctod glory
tbut has hitherto boon his portion.,
Look for the
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
Drink Home Beci
It is Pure
it is ik-althy
li is the Best
' Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
| HOTEL... |
<i> lb
* m*************t******* ih
t      PETER MATIIBSQN, Proprietor, |
i  m****z***i******tt*tit J
(|»  When you nre hungry nnd want >jj
1» ii good mrnl go to  ihe  Hast ft
J Kcotenay. J
-ft   Wlteil you   are tired nml want n S
** good rest go lo the Kast Koo- i-i
! ^^J'' - M
-ft   When vou are thirsty nnd want a T
I* pond   drink   gn   lo the  liasl #-•
* Kootenay. *
In fact, will II you are In Crnuhrook £
slop at the Hast Kootenay. **.
******t***l************* $>
^'George Laurie hns '-'no I
i t al: lengths. See him
before buying.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new. All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
^'.   key City Lodge
No. -i:;.    Meets every l"rl-
-./-,      ~w day ulKtil »»their hall on
Itaker street,   uojournluy
mu fellows coidlnlty invited.
S. J   Morrow, II. Pursous,
N. 0. Sec'V.
Lranhrouk Ludge, Nu. M
Regular meetings on tbe
third Tlninut i*. nf thu
\ lilting brethern welcomed,
W, I''. QUItO, See',-
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
raabrook,      i     i       llrlllil, Coluni bla
J.   II.  KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
I'm..- nl K»lilen-c, .rtn-l-o,,-, a.,-.
ii, hi, I  HOURS:
Porcnoon,,   -       -       ''i.iii to II
A,k-ri„,s,n*    - -    -    l:'(l l,,,l:,l(|
Dvenlngi ■   •    J..ill lo «:.!n
CKANHUOOK,    :   :   : ,    ll.  e
Licensed Provincial Assayer
I .in.- ti-iiilytlcnl olipmlal mul s-ontiol iwstiy, r to
,,,.. Notll, Htar Mtotif- citijutiiy, lliolloil, svill
Bluntly»)>o» an,, s.sy ...;., , Miirysilllo, It. f.
I'roMOiil nlllco nml lnliomt,<ry at  North *(;„■
mi"" „..„' Is .-!,.■,.  ,:.,'.   II MUltlolttloil
,'.tsi.,i... Biiniplea ,., ,....,,..,- ox|,ro,B.
Por lime tables anil full Inliirnmtloo, call .in
or a sl sings nearest ical iivsii;.
A. U. P. A. A-col,
Vancouver. B.C. Cranbr„„ls
J. S. CARTtsB, D. P. A.. Nelson, II. C.
Spokane Fails &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Sliepiwrd R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain   Railway   Co
The imly nil issil ,.,„!.- between nil
points Itttst, West ami Sooth to....
Intermediate Poinls.
Connecting at
Sl'OKANI. with the
(Irene Northern, Northern Pacific
ami 0, H. & N. Company,
Cuntiet ts nt
Nelson   with  .Steamer  for   Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Poinls,
Myers Palls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
. Connects dally
At    Dossbnrg   Stage   Daily   far
Grant! Porks and Greenwood,
11. A. JACKSON, Gen. Pans. Ari.
"Notloo in hereby prten Hint n|>|itlentlen will he
idii'le tu the Piirllnnit-iit ti] ClIi.Rilli lit ItlllOXt
ilBHSlOll for uu ,\r\ iiiitliorlzinn tlw Ht. Mtiry's
Iliver Itailvviiy t-i tnimnv to « .nslnict ji liratn-li
or oxteiisltin nl Un rninvuy Otun Homo point Oil
tllbOom|inuy*H present line of railway thence
northerly unci westerly hy the North Kooienay
j ass to a point on the Koote my tuvi-i' m drltlsh
reliunhlfi between Warihie • nnd tlie Interna--
ii-iiiai luiiiiiiiiiiy, wiiti tuitlierUyfilm toonnnlriiut
liiiuivlie i from any i uints un tin- pruiKWoil lino
riot exceeding hi wiy one enNoao tulles lit lenitlh.
with|i.i...ia,sotouiinatnmi, own iui.ioporuto
teli'i.'iai'tl nml U'lepllollO llOOS for the use uf tlm
|iiil.ll.-,niul to Lieiii-r.i'e. irinieiliih  an.l deal in
elceirlcliy nml olnotrlo imwur.
H.iitiii Oooeniher unit. mu..
Waller Ham l.:k,
43-0 -    Holleltur mr Applicant,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
■ P. 0. Fort Steele, It. C.
I h.ivc good wsiitd. oi .ill lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office ..-
ceive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
nnd Builder  .«
All worts -unranlsiil.    Ss'C SIB hefttre
yoo build.   II will pay you.
Cr-iiiliriiok, 111
There arc a few points to
he considered in timlditi)-,
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Hive yon tallied will, anyone ubuul liuildlog?
Come nils! flee mc or let me see you. II may
do us hull, "„„,l.
Contractor. I
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
Hop. li uf the valley; Effort stands
t'pon Hit mountain lop, luting the mni
Hope drwni of tln-iutis limit- triiu unit  im-ai
iiei'-t» -tone;
Effort i-.i.'* '..nil with toiliiiK ffii nn,I Hands
Ti. itllutti tin* hnl, ikv ti.ii--ln.-il ta1>l'*ll*i.|*
oi grtal ilaalra and, illl tlm and ii -von,
Looka not balow, whara tin. long atrila, begun
In pleaannl flolila, nul torrenta, rocka and aanda,
Uope, imi whan Uopa lilda look within liar glaaa
And »'."•■» <!.• wondroua thlnga wblcli raaj i.«>
nt l..r
.till lint lit ult;
tin.11Iiiiii to ull i,iv power* a trumpet call
, -i-it tu intuit, itrlra up iim mountain pus,
-Now V.'ik Tribuiio,
IA Perilous Wooing I
How a Lover Was Put to u
Severe Toot to Win Ilia
From the time thnt Aalang won quite
grown up there was uo longer any
poace or quiet nt Uiisnby. In fnct, all
tho liiiinlsi.iiiifKt young follows In the
Tillage did nothing but flgjtf nnd qunr-
rel night after night, nml it wns always
worse on Saturday nights. Afllnilg'S
father, old Canute Ilusnhy, never went
to bod on those nights without keeping
on at lenst his leather hreechea nud laying a good slum birch stick on the bod
beside him. "If I have such n pretty
daughter," said old Canute, "t must
know how to tulte care of her."
Thor Nesset wns only the son of a
poor cottager, and yet folks snld that It
was he who went ofteucst to visit the
farmer's daughter nt Husnby. Of
course old Canute was not pleased to
hear this. Ue said it was not true;
thnt, at any rate, he had never seen
him there. Still, they smiled nml whispered to each other that If he only had
thoroughly searched the hayloft, whither Ashing had ninny un errand, he
would have found Thor there.
Spring came, and Ashing went up the
mountain with the cattle. And now,
when the heat of the day hung over
tho valley, the rocks rose cool and clear
through the sun's misty rays, the cow
hells tinkled, the shepherd's dog harked, Ashing sang her "Jotlel" songs and
blew the cow horn, all the young men
felt their hearts grow sore and heavy
ns they gazed upon her beauty. And
on the first Saturday evening one after
the other they crept up the hill, but they
eil We down again qulchet than tlirj
lind gone up, for at the top stood n man
who kept guard, receiving each one
Mho oanie up with sueh a warm reception that be all his life Ions remembered the words that nccoinpunled tho action, "Come up hero again and there
will be still more In store for you!"
All the young fellows could arrive at
but one conclusion—that there wns
only one man in the whole parish who
had such lists and that man was Thm
Nesset, All the rich farmers' daughters thought it was too bad that this
cottager's son should stand highest In
Ashing lltisaby's favor.
Old Canute thought (he samo when
he heard about It all and said thnt It
there were no one else who could check
him ho would do it himself. Now,
Canute was certainly getting on In
years. Still, although he was past
Sixty, ho often enjoyed a gout] wrestling match with his eldest son whenever time indoors fell heavy ou bli
There was but ono path up to the
mountain belonging to llusai.y, and it
went straight through tho farm garden,
Next Saturday evening, us Thor was
en his way lo the mountain, creeping
carefully across the yard, hurrying as
soon ns ho wus well past the farm
buildings, a man suddenly rushed nt
"What tlo you want with inc." asked
Thor uml hit him such a blew lu the
fare tbat sparks dam-ed before his
ej es.
•'V.m will sinm learn Hint." wild Bomt
ono else behind him ami gave him a
groal   blow   In  tho buck   of his  neck I
That was asIiuiu'h brother,
"Ami here's the hired mini," said old
[Canute ami attacked him also.
j The greater the danger the grentet
wan Thur's strength, lie was supple
ih a willow ami hit out right man- j
flllly, Me dived ami he ducked. When
cur a blow tell it missed blm. and '
when none exported It be would deal a
good one. lie stooped down, he sprang
ou one vide. Iml Tor all that he got a
i.n ihiu thrash lug. old Canute said
nflurwnrd that ho hml never rough!
wiih a braver fellow.  They kept it tip |
111 blood begun to How. Then On link'
.'i it'll out, "Stop!"   Then he added In s '
croaking tone. "I r you can get up tu-ru
IW31 Saturday, in spite of Canute Husnby ami Ida men, tho girl shall lie
I'hor dragged himself home as best
ly could aud when he reached tho cot* j
i igo went straight to bed.   There wns
n great dent of talk about the tight up |
i i  Ilufuihy  bill,  but every  ono said, j
'Why did  he go there?"    Only  one
I. rsoii did not say so, and that was
A-hing.   She had hcen expecting Tluu !
i   it Saturday evening, but whon she I
hiitrd what had happened between him |
tt >l her father she mtt down ami cried
I Hotly and wild to herself, "if 1 may
n.it have Thor, 1 shall never have a
I   iipy day again In this world."
I'hor stayed In his bed all Sunday,
aud whon Monday came lie felt ho must [
Kiny on where he was.  Tuesday came, j
ii id It wus ii lovely day. Tho hills look- j
ul so fresh and groon.   The window
,V"is open, sweet odors wero wafted In,
tlio  cow bells   wore   tinkling  on  the
mountain, nnd far up above some out '
wna "Jodllng,"   Truly, If It hnd nol I
been for his mother, who was sitting
In  the  room,  he  could  havo cried.
Wednesday came, and still hestayud Iu '
hod.   Ou Thursday, though, hu begun
to tbhik about the possibility of boluj
Well again by Saturday, and Friday
found him on bis leg! iigutu. Then ne
thought of what Aslung's father bud
said, "If you can get up to her next
Saturday without being stopped by Canine ami Ida men, the girl shall be
yours." Over and over again he looked
up at ilusahy farm, "1 shall never see
uuollier Chl'Utmas," thought Thor.
As beforo mentioned, there was but
mi" path up to Ilusahy hill, but surely
liny Btroilg, able fellow must be able tu
get to It, even though the direct way
were barred to blm. For Instance, if
he were to row round tho point yonder
nml fasten bis hunt at the one side, It
might lie possible to Climb up there,
although it was so very steep that the
goats had great dilllctilty In Climbing
It. uml they are not usually afraid of
mountain work.
Saturday came, nud Thor went out
early lu the morning. Tho clay wus
most beautiful. Thu situ shone so
brightly that the very bushes seemed
allvo, Up on the mountain many voices
were "Jodllng," nml there wns much
blowing of horns. When evening came,
hu wus silting at his cottage door
watching tho steaming mist rise up on
the hills. He looked upward, All was
quiet. He looked over toward Husaby
farm, uml then be Jumped Into his boat
nnd rowed away found the point.
Ashing sat before the hut. Her duy's
work was done. Sho was thluklng Thor
would not come that evening ami thnt
therefore many others might come Instead, so she unfastened the dog and
without saying anything walked farther on. She sat down so that she
could see across the valley, but the
mist was rising there und prevented
her looking down. Then she chose
another pluce and without thinking
more about it sat down so that she
looked toward tho side where lay the
fiord. It seemed to bring peace to her
soul when she could gaze far away
across the water.
As she sat there the fancy struck her
that she was Inclined to slug, so she
chose a song with long drawn notes,
nnd far and wide It Bounded through
the mountains. She liked to hear herself singing, so she began over again
when the tlrst verso wus ended. But
when she hud sung the second It seemed to her us though some ono answered
from far down below. "Dear me, what
can that be?" thought Aslnug. She
stepped forward to the edge and twined her arms nround a Blonder birch
which hung trembling over the precipice nud looked down. But she could
see nothing, The fiord lay there culm
ami at rest. Not a slnirln bird skimmed
tho water. So Aslaug sat herself down
again, and again she began to slug.
Once more came the answering voice lu
the same tones and neurer than the
lirst time. "That sound was no echo,
whatever IL may be." Aslang jumped
to her feet and ngaln leaned over the
cliff, mid there, down below, at the foot
of the rocky wall, she saw a boat fastened. H looked like tt tiny nutshell,
for It was very far down. She looked
again and saw u fur cup nud under It
the ilgure of n man climbing up the
steep ami barren cliff.
"Who cnn it be?" Aslnng naked hf-r-
seir, nnd, letting go the birch, she step
ped back. She dared not answer her
own question, but well she knew win-
it was. She flung herself down ou tin
greensward, selziiin the grass with both
hands, ns though it were she who dared
not loose her bold for fear of fulling.
Hut the grass came np by the roots,
Slie screamed nloiid and dug her hands
deeper and deeper into the soil. Sh*
prayed to Qod to help him, but then It
Struck her that this feat of Thor*l
would be culled "tempting Providence,"
nud therefore he eould not expect help
from above.
■only just this one:" she prayed,
"Hear my prayer Just this oue time
und help him!" Then she threw her
arms round tbe dog. as though it wers
Thor whom she was clasping, and rolled herself 00 the grass beside It
The time seemed to her quite endless.
Suddenly thu dog began to bark.
"Ilnw   wow!"  said   ho to Ashing  uud
Jumped upon ber- nnd again, "Wow,
wow!" Then over the edge of the cllfl
u i-oarse, round enpe came to view,
nml -Thor was In her iirmsl
lie lay there n whole mlnilto, Slid
neither of theiti was capable of utter-
Ing a syllable- and when they did begin
to talk there wns neither sense not
reason lu anything they said.
Hut when old Cniiule lliisaby hoard
of it ho uttered n remark which hml
both sense innl reusoti. Bringing hll
list down on the table with a tremendous crash, "The Iml deserves ber!" lie
cried,   "The girl shall hu his!"
A study or uii fcUblta«nd CbarscttrUHta
Ali ARttut or lMet tluu-PewH ■- hu ti
Sct&l Qivea llitu ia Feeding,
The common house fly is . ii ugent
of infection,    But that la i ot     ins
claim tu consideration    nore-     says
The 'J'or on to Mud ..nd I>uplro.    Ai-
lie   l.t
iii his
our First Pottery,
Dr. Hanlel OOXQ of London, proprietor nii«l afterward governor of west
Jersey, wits undoubtedly the llrflt to
innke while waru on this Bide of tbe
Atlantic. While he did not come to
America himself, bo caused a pottery
to be erected at Iturllnglon, N. J., previous to the year lililU, through hln
agent, John Tutham, who, with Daniel
Coxo, his son, looked nfter his large
Interests here. It Is recorded that In
ItJOl Or. Coxe sold to tho West New
Jersey society of London, consisting of
forty-eight persons, tils entire Interests
In the province, Including a dwelling
house ami pottery bouse, wltb all the
tools, for the sum of £U,000.
Speed of One Ocean Current,
Some time ago tbe figurehead of a
ship was picked up near a llttlo Island
off tlio coust of Western Australia,
which, from the course It was pursuing
when found lind evidently only Just
arrived there. It was Identified as belonging to a vessel that had been burned at sen near Cape Horn, nt a point
just 0.000 miles nwny, two years and a
half bofore. The mean rate at which
tbo figurehead bnd traveled was there-
foro ubout six miles aud a half a day,
and this may be taken as being tht
speed of thu particular current whlcl
had borne It along, . ,.._
other piratical rliurnCer
Muobotli, he murders Klec
droning, bussing or crawl
top ul thut lie is us Inquisitive iii   a
whole regiment of gossips, ei .1 *uj
determined to possess the onrlh mid
thu fullness thereof    as      the lustiest
bll l ion-do Uur trust, lu excuse or explanation of such ucquisltlvoness hu
Cilll plend his eyes. 'I'hey are like
rubies, facotod several thousand
ilmes, ami forming u period imago
through     every     one  of     the   facets
Thus Muster Fly boos before, behind,
around himself nl the sume liliiu.
Naturally, it is contusing to ihe
sense of property and proportion,
moral and mnlorlul, to bo thus many
vlsioned. These eyes, uui of ull proportion tu the insect's size, aro further so  ununited   Hint  they    cull     bu
1 pushed u little uut uf bucket when
oectislon arises. They aro so big,
Indued; und take up so much of ihe
head, une may well wonder where a
fly pucks awny his very keen i>"d de-
i ulded sense of smell.
Flics are quickly drawn by scents
Imperceptible to human nostrils,
Still they do not feed wholly by
scent. Theii' feeding is throughout a
curious process, often involving
something which looks like reasoning power, If a. fly lights upon
something moist und high flavored
he at once begins tu suck tt. But
if in crawling or flying ho finds
something dry, which he yet fancies,
ho stops stock still, sets his bill
down upon it. and forces through
the bill a drop uf liquid, sumethiug
like suliva. After n little, When
tho liquid hns moistened what it
fell on, he begins feuding. It is tho
marks left by this manner of feeding which constitute u large part ot
the flyspocks good housekeepers so
A fly litis an air pump     in     each
foot,  with a hollow running     down
tho leg    to    it, through which     air
goes in or out.    Thus he walks     us
he listeth, overhead or down.       He
htts no voice proper — his    buzzing
and droiiiiig ure wholly     matters of
wings.    By setting the wings rapidly iu motion und forcing out air underneath,    he    makes the     familiar
!    The   house   fly    bus cousins (fler-
man), scarcely tu he told from himself, who are among the most viiul-
«■««  n.,.u  l.iiiii-Jy-iiiinded  of ull  winged
pests.    They    huiint pastures     from
! June to October, tormenting    espe-
; dully horses, mules and cattle.    In-
■ deed,   in   stock-raising regions it is
sometimes unsafe to drive    spirited
horses after lu o'clock In the morning, unless they are protected     with
, nets.    The name of these stock flies
{ is literally  legion;   more,   they      ore
j winged   appetites,   pitiless und sharp
] of beak as hawks or vultures.   They
'settle  in clouds ull  over un anlmnl,
clustering thickest nnd biting    hard-
! est either side of thu backbone, just
behind the shoulders, where    it     is
I well-nigh   Impossible   for the    poor
i beast t,i reach anil dislodge them
: with cither head or tall. Cnttle thus
1 bitten break wildly lor thick scrub,
uud tear through it until their t«r-
( mentors are brushed off.    Afterward
they eil her hunt  Water — water drop
enough lo come halt way up    their
I sides — mul stand in it all day,   oi
j else bury themselves in the    thickest,
I shadiest undergrowth,    the    thicker
and  shadier  llie  bolter.      There  they
! Stand all day with drooping    heads,
j wall Ing until sundown before     ihey
go out tu graze,    Oui for the   fact
that dies grow sluggish, almost torpid,    as suoii as the sun in     down,
und do     not get   fully  alive      ugxin
until it shines warm next day, grazing    beasts    would  be m danger      of
starving before fly-time ended,
Horses loose ut grass lie down and
roll every few minutes, thus killing
many ot their persecutors. Ilu l, in
harness, they may bu driven to run
uwuy by the unbearable pain uf the
stinging nml sfukiiig.
Pig,     lubberly     horseflies,    two
Inches across thu spread of tbu
whins. UlOUgh they suck voraciously
uud bile hunt, are nol to lie named
In the sume breath with the .-wuriii-
ii,I Block flies It is tare lo sou a
dozen tine horseflies at once. UI veil
opportunity they bite unyiliiiig that
haa blood, but nre shy ut attaining
hiiiiiitn beings. They have books us
t'lg as darning needles, nml nuiko
Wounds that somel lines bleed aflur
they have been driven away or killed. Tbry have further lho Block
fly's    malicious     knack     of    selling
and sucking in tlm most Innc&M-dblo
spots.     Bui since   they offer    fair
targets fur uu expert with UlO whip,
il Is the part of wisdom, veiy null
followed, tu kill them w>lh a swish
uf the lush na they hoVer buzzing
1 io111 aiock und horse flies bleed
best In stable refuse. By keeping it
well composited their numbers nre
greatly diminished. Hut wliero there
is intiuli pasturing such prevention
is impossible. The pests must huvu
a strong bump of locality. In a
drive of a few miles across summer
roads little used una may cross three
or four fly-Infected belts, with ns
many clean ones in between, But if
there Is much travel nlung such
roads the flies became general, They
are carried from one belt forward,
und either fly off or uru driven off,
stuy where they find themselves,
bn-ed quickly, nnd thus set up ntW
colonies of torment.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The og-frcgate nmi.iinl nt principal and int rest, except in the
case nf lands under $2,511 an acre, is tlivitti'd into len instalments as
shown in the lahle below; lhc first to he paid al the time of purchase, tne second one year from date of the purchase, Ihe third in
Iwo yean, and so on.
The following tahle slums lhc amount of Ihe annual Instalments
on Ilill .'tires nl different prices under Ihe abuse conditions:
160 airs 111 $2.5(1 per tier, Isl Instalment SS* 'IS   .- equal intat'ls al $50.00
•lllll     " " 7I.«0
3,50     " - MM
t.illl     ■• •• 05.85
I.Sll     •• •• 11)7.85
5.00     " •• 10.85
Kimberlev -s "ie business »iid shipping point fur Ihe
J  North Star and Sullivan mines.
HEAL & ELLWELL, Townsilc Agents.
Cranbrook 's "lc *-'v's'onal Point "' "■■•' Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Suilh
liasl Kootenay.
V. HVDF. BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further Infurmnllun npjil)' tu agents ns above or lu
A, TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agent, Nelson, B. C.  or
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If lhc land is paid for in (ull at  the
lime nf  purchase, a reduction from Ihe
price will  he  allowed  equal lo ten per
cent nu lhc amount paid in excess of the
] usual casts Instalment.
Interest ut siv per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also hits fur sale
in (he following town sites in I u-t Kootenay: lilkn, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kii-.lt.
flier, Creston and  Kimberley.
The tonus of payment arc one*third
cash, and the balance in siv and twelve
KltcllClier is in the center of the great
Iron range and the gateway to the While
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The Cranbrook  I
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 AI.l,   KINKS   OF-
| Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
Dimension Lumber, j
Shingles and |
flouldings. |
«*♦»*♦+♦»»#*»»*•»»♦ .„,„«„<„4.i„„„„,„„M«a;
R.-iiits-.l Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotel, in Hast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
I.. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnuhrook, B. C.
Anglo-American Pirc Insurance Company   I   ,       , .. ,
--*■-    —   - - . .   I   Lowest Rates
Prompt Settlements
Equity Fire Insurance Company
Ottawa Fire Insurance    ■ j
London Mutual Fire Insurance     ■ ■ ■ ■   j
C. R. PALHER, Agent for Fire and Life Insurance.
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
■ft lnvarUbl. Kiperleuc*.
Mr. CHtlly—I should think you
would raisu mushrooms;—they aro
very expensive.
Mr. Isolate (of Lonolyville, mournfully)—Everything is expensive by
the time I have raised it!
II. Had llfien Told.
Ti-iu'lier—nonu* yo' know why we
send mh-h-mirlfls to preach to du
heathen In foreign Inn's?
Pupil—Wai, luuh says rley dues It
Jes' fo* a 'scuse fo" tukiu' uy colleo-
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Making,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
|    attention, and wt will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
The .* .* .* .* .* .-« .«■ .*
Hotel S S
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
American Drinks, Leading Brands of Liquors ,
and Schlitz Famous Beer dispensed by the popular
bartender, Charley Armstrong.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
It M, don't hoy    Dpi   TflPD    The flnl, Wboleule Liquor Deiler l«
unlit you see..    rCLI ICK   South !:,-l KoHSMy.    Writ, lor Prltt,
Cranbrook, B. C. * -*■' *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
HotI s &
liiict,. Comfort • Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rntltonil a,,,l depot,     tins ;irir„„,„inla-
ti.au for  tile ]„il>lie  tinefjuntlei!   in  Crnol.rook.
.♦***-*♦-♦»*>*>.... •*(.]
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makei
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The loth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, It. C : .: .
. .   .......... . . •
& GO.
Balance ul Blouses and Skirts at bargain
prices to make room tor our  spring stock.
A few good lines left.
Bargains in heavy winter suits, Pea Jackets
and Men's and Bov.s Overcoats.   Call in,
The Jeweler.
I keep a l..ry> • and  varied
stock oi
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
}i     LOCAL   NOTES
Picked  Up About lhc City  by  Asking
Questions of Many People
es Ryan visited Jail's-.,>■ last week
.jsiaiautllie   al   Penile   lias  been
W. T. R-
■Isl is ex|e.-sesl   to  rtlllrll   to*
If you buy of Tate and
is   not   right,   Tate   w
make it right.
tllllslnl Walsh in potior lor
Crows Nest dlvlefon C. I'. It.
|      Candy Kitchen
Candies, Fruits, .Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. oive us „ can
Proprietors ** jfi «-**
Tennis ami dm
point iu the distri
i furnished lor nny
Manager   t«*   ,,-t    „•*
Vroom & Dezall
BlacksmitSis |
Horse Shoeing  !
Carriage Repairing and       j
Qeneral Jobbing.... j
llalsiitc Orders I'ntmpll)
Attended ia.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle il.
fc#*tt»ttttl fff 5 --€C-S-€Sff*
Jf            l-'tlll AN ARTISTIC #
«v  otlntotlnio, ,.m..i..i ul lourl bo In  J
* A,„„l..„, ,..., i,.^n„,„;
V      It™.   N.n,,,, .Ml ....    -   latesl        •»
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Cauaillan Hunk of Commerce, Cranbrook, H C
Upholstering and General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work iu lhe district
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
How would you like to be tlie plumber
heat days ?
The ice mini says this weather looks
j good to him.
Ur. Archibald of Kimberley, was iu
| town yesterday.
P, I,uml spent several days with his
family thin week.
William Trout of Marysville, relumed
from Spokane ihis wetk,
Rev. Dunn of Elko,  wus vlaititig old
Cranbrook friends Thursday.
William Hamilton of Movie, was a
Crauhrook visitor Wednesday,
A sciitjol is to be opened utJaiTiay
Mi.-i.i Jack i. to be the teacher.
Battenburg lessons given,
Mrs. R. Vroom,
Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Miner eiitertaii.ed
a party of friends Tuesday night.
Quite n large crowd of Cranbrook people visited Marysville last Tuesday.
A I-eilcb Sr. is uow in Ottawa. He
expects to be absent for some time yet,
Hattenburg lessons taught nml patterns
furnished. .Mrs. R. Vroom.
G, II, Richardson has gone to Winnipeg for a brief visit on railroad business,
A. W, McVittie is in Hlairmore where
he is surveying nu addilion to tbat town.
E. C. Smith, M. P. P., has gone to
Vancouver to attend lhe Liberal convention.
It is now conceded that there will be
no l rouble about tbe crop of ice Ibis
R, K. Ilfiiltie left yesterday for a brief
visit to the wholesale houses of the
Miss Dolly Watt gave a very pleasant
party Wednesday evening to a number
.if frieuds.
C. M. Edwards of Elko, was in town
yesterday. He has gone to the const to
look afler some business matters.
The weather the past week is a practical detuoustratiou of the fact thnt South
East Kootenay is not in the banana belt.
J. Schalch came down from Marysville Tuesday and is in charge of R. K.
Seattle's store during the hitter's ab
Fred Pieper visited Moyie last Monday, lie says that the town is doing a
good business although the mines ure
shut down,
A. Sheridan of Kiko, wna seriously in
jured in a runaway last Tuesday. He
was brought tn the St. Eugene hospital
Tuesday and is in a crl'ical condition,
Mr. Repstein. formerly one of ttie
proprietors of tbe Central hotel in Wardner was ill Cranbrook last week. He is
now engaged iu Imstll ss In Atlili bill
cullies out for lhe winter.
At a recent meeting of the Pernio
board of trade there were (five motions
made nml p. V. Molt msrle four of them.
Evidently Mr. Molt   is  taking an active
part iu tlie work of Fertile.
The lirst annual meeting of tbe Hospital I,miies Aid Society will b-held In
tbe Crauhrook parlors nn Wednesday
February 5th nt 4 p. m . when officers
fur iiie ensuing year will be appointed,
Mr. Uremner met wiih an unfortnnnte
CircutuHauce ou Monday. He bad received a car of coal from Lethhridge
and his customers were all anxious to
get at least a small portion as the cold
snap bad cut down their supply rapidly.
The car arrived all right but was mistaken for company coal, and dumped into
the bunkers for the engines. Asa result
Mr. Uremner has been kept busy explaining why be "don't deliver the coal ordered."
Prom llto Moy.e Lemur
A quiet wedding look place at Ui
home of Mr. and Mrs. L:e on South
Tavistock street Wednesday evening
when Mr. II. C, I-iveBly and MlsB J.iz/.ie
I.ee were united iu marriage by Rev. W,
I,, Sheridan. Miss Mamie Farrellucted
as bridesmaid and Mr. Wm. Gallup as
groomsman.     The Leader   joins  wiih
the people uf Moyie in extending congratulations.
Lancelot Gubbina was in from Lamb
cieek this week- Lance nnd ''Scully"
McDonald are sinking u shaft on the
latter's property,
Chas Diamond passed through Moyie
lust Wednesday from Kitchener on lm
way iu ihe hospital at Cranbrook. He
li sutt-riiufc! wiih erysipelas,
There lias been excellent skating on
Moyle bike ibis week uud it has been
taken gDud advantage of,
Jutes Schemehoru, the man who was
last seen with the late John A. Currie
on tbe night he was killed aud who
failed to give a clear account of himself
nl ihe coroner's inquest, has enlisted lor
servite in South Africa,
The Moyie postofficeaud P. D- Hope's
drugstore will be moved lo ihe store
room iu the Koutetiay hotel building
about the lirst u( February, Mr, Hope
says he has already received permission
Irom the government, He will occupy
tlie mom formerly occupied by Schalch's
ding store,
The cold snap  has struck   Moyie and
lhe climax for the week was reached
this motuing when the mercury dropped
to 20 degit-es below zero. The lake
froze over the lirst of the week and the
ice is now about four inces thick.
There Is a big tlematd fur lumber in
the territories east of here aud orders are
coming in 10 the mills in this neighborhood thick and fast. Those iu position
to knew predict a big business for the
nulla uh.ng ihe Crow's Nest Pass the
coining season. From present indications they will be able to get rid of all
the lumber they can cut at a better price
than they have ever received before.
Wilb this in view tbe mill men are taking time by the forelock nnd are getting
out a sufficient amount of logs for a
good long seuson's run. Messrs, Grant
& Sheady will take out iu the neighborhood of six million feet of logs this winter for the Moyie Lumber Ctmpany.
They hnve between sixty ami seventy
men and twenty teams employed iu this
work. Park. Mitchell Sl Co. have a log
ging camp established near Swansea and
w.Il take out more logs this season
than for any previous season since they
have been in the country. Such activity iu lhe lumbeiing business at a time
when the mines are closed means much
for Moyie. It also goes to prove lhat
Moyie is not depending on the mines
alone lor its support.
Elko, B C.Jiin, 27.—The cold snap
struck here last week and made tbe interior of the hotels popular places.
George Hoggarth has built au addition
lo his hotel.
Mcintosh & Jones have added a music
hall lo their hutel.
The concert given by Rev. Dunn at
the Melbourne hotel was quite a success
and quite a sum was raised.
Postmaster Ilolbrook is adding new
boxes to tbe postoflke.
George Pushee was on the sick list a
few days last week.
II. I,. Stephens is having his hotel
paperetl uud rapidly gelling things iu
shape for business.
P. McMahon and Mr. Williams visited
Gateway lust week.
R. Cox, well known throughout the
district is now working at the Melbourne.
Mr. ami Mrs, I,. M. Mansfield of jar-
fray visited Elko last Monday night.
Pieper aud Currie, the well known
dealen in wall paper and decorators extraordinary for the district, are busy in
Elko these days,
Win. Clark spent several days in town
lust week assisting Mr. Currie.
C. M. Edwards has gone to the coast
for the transaction of some business,
Elko is growing and gives promise of
being one of the best towns iu the diatrict.
From Fort Steele Prospector,
The tutir el of the new placer company is now in 74 feet. Sinking commenced ou Tuesday, All giavel uow
coming from the tunnel and shaft ia being washed.
Felix Rockc with a small unlit hns
gone to Bull liver tu work placer ground
in (bat vicinity.
Tom Roberts with a small force are
working deep placer ground on Weaver
creek, Il is reported that the gravel is
rich, ami a considerable amount of the
yellow metal is being obtaiue I.
A large number of prospectors and
miners Iu tbe vicinity of Port Steele are
getting their outfits together in autlei-
patiou of an early spring, There is no
doubt but there will be a large increase
In development of quartz mutes during
the present year and a number of shipping mines will be added to the list of
pro hieing mints.
A contract has been let for nn feet of
tunnel on the Iowa mine situated ou
Tracy creek. The ore is galena, carrying values in copper and gold. There is
about two feet of clean ore in a ledge
that is six feet wide, the balance ol|ledge
matter being concentrating ore.
On Friday evening the annual ball in
aid of the Fort Sleele Diamond Jubilee
hospital was held iu the opera house.
There was a large ami leprtsentative
gathering from Marysville, Moyie, Wasa and Cranbrook. Kimbeiley, Jaflray,
Fish Lakes and other points in the district. The hall was beautifully decorated with evergreens aud mottoes and
looked cheerful, bright and attractive.
The music was under the direction of
Mr. E.J. Cam.,
of the orchestra,
by Mtss Mluilie
and Mr, Netdlg
volunteered thti
tion committee ■
Miller, Mrs.   »*.
#bo acted as conductor
itud was ubly assisted
Armstrong,   Mr. Lucas
and others who kindly
ii rvices,    The recep-
,,,sO ed of Mrs    K. C.
Smith   und  Mis.  J. I*.
Armstroug, nml it isi
their duties were dis>
Mssrs, Smith, ttOOti,
und Nelsou act:J aa
less lo say that
getl efficiently.
braiih, VVttleoa
arde aud  were
mosi attentive to the  assembled guests,
Financially the ball was a success mid
ttie proceeds will materially   assist iu reducing the debt ..11 the hospital.
J. A. Harvey is expected to return
Irom u visit to New Vui k aboul the lirst
of February.
J. Luugley bus been appoluted health
inspector and will be stationed at the
boundary near Tobacco Plains,
G.J  Bury was in lown Wednesday.
Mr. nml Mrs. Scott, Crauhrook, icgis-
tered at the Alberta on Wednesday.
Owing to the illness of Rev. Mr. Holford m> Baptist services will he held
Fred Burn, bookkeeper for P, Bums
Si Co., bus Installed himself iu the new
office of the company which is handsomely fitted up ami conveniently arranged.
A very pretly wedding was celebrated
at tbe mines Thursday evening when W.
II. Davis wai*,united to Miss D ck, A
number of useful gifis were presented to
the young bride aud a vety enjoyable
evening was spent by the numerous
George B, Hull of Leihbridge, arrived
"Bill" Duvis is building a large Hume
for irrigation purposes at Boundary line.
Miss Florence ami Slay Ruo relumed
from Sinclair creek, Montana, after
speuding two weeks with Mr. and Mrs.
Enos Campbell.
Frank Sherf spent several days iu
Elko and Sheep mouutaiu last week.
George Miller aud W. Polls have several Loutiacts for wood.
The new railroad is bringing mining
meu from the south and there is every
prospect of lively limes on Philllpp
creek this summer. Work ou the Cop-
per will commence when lhe weather
opens up, und woik ou lhe Montana
will start March 1.
Miss 10 Bell of Kauiloops, is teaching
school at Phillipps.   There is a full at-
lemhiiK e uf seilui.u s.
Prom Hi.- Marysvllle TrUiutu
Mr   and Mrs. McltliiMry  have  taken
up tbelr residence lu UaTyuvllie.
J. W, Robinson, one ot Cracbrook's
lumber prince*, Visited Marysvllle
Jake t'luk tbi* general manager of tbe
Fort Steel Mercantile company wna in
towu Tuesday,
Mrs. Q. W. Hull has been on the sick
list during tha week but is we are glad
so to nay Im recovering.
Joe, Lindsay Is building a new bouse
on bis acre lot ami will move In with
bis family In a few days.
The passenger train comes In nnw
over the smelter tracks. It made the
Mst trip In 011 Saturday last.
t'Oward Saunders, president o( the
Board of Control ut the Sullivan Oroup
smelting and Mining Company, left taut
Thursday for Spokane. Ue expects 10
return to Marysvllle In two or three
for live months now," said Q W. Hull
one day this week," and never have I
seeu such a climate. The weather
has been uniformity good, ihere b-dng
a total lack of b tor ma, I consider It
marvelous, and am forced lo Mali' thai
this part of llritish Columbia has a
climate that would please auy one."
Messrs. Clarke and Shupe of Slocane
City came into Maijivllle about ie
days ago and began to look around,
Whilst, walking down below the falls
on Mirk Creek ihey came across what
seemed lo be a galena ledge. They went
to work and to-day on the "Great
Falls" mineral claim there is an op 0
tut and tunnel id feet long showing a
fi foot tfldge between walls and about
3 Inches of good looking galena on the
banging wail which Is steadily widening.   Work will be continued all winter.
Jo we.. Find lev
MaryBVll.e Tilbune.
Marrii-d, un Thursday evening;, January 38,
mua, at the home of tho bride's parents,
Mr, and Urn, James Fiudley, ou Sulllrun
Hill. Mr Richard Jojrra mul Mtss Anna
Kind ley, Itev. Fortune, uf t'rnnlirook
The wedding ceremony occurred
about 8 o'clock, In presence of the immediate relations aud a few fileuds of
the family. After tbe happy couple
had been pronounced man and wife,
ami congratulations had been offered,
tbe guests sat down to a magnificent
supper. It was a happy evening for
all, and It seemed to be ar. omen of good
luck and prosperity for the young
couple just starting upon life's journey,
The bride Is tbe young daughter cf
James Fimlley, and possesses many of
the sterling characteristics of h> r
esteemed father and mother. The
groom Is eugiged lo business In Klmberley and is oue of tbe solid men
of the district. The Tribune extends
best wishes for their fuiure.
1 came to a mill by the river stite,
a tia'r in'ie long sail nearly in wl le,
with a fort-atof s-ncka i-ndsn army of men,
Tolling at furnace and shovel rml pen,
"What 11 most ma -iiliie. nt pis 1.1" I cried.
Ami a man tilth a millldge nn Ms faco repllcil,
"It's Morgan's,"
I entered a train ami rodo all day
una regal coach mils right ot way
Which reached out lis arms ail over tlie land
In a system ton iim..- iu understand.
"A splendid property, tulsj" 1 citod,
Ami a Hutu with a i-l.Ui' nu liis hut replied,
■■it s MorimiiV
1 sailed miii meat ship, trim and Iruo,
From iieiin.iii to kefli ami cabin to ciimv.
An.l tho ship was one nt a inonsti r fleet]
A lirst olosn navy eoal.l -.ntrr.' cillllpeto,
"Whul a beautiful craft sue is!" 1 cried,
Ami a man with akimbo i»ki replied,
"It's Morgan i."
I dwell la a nation Hl'stl with prlila,
Iter people were many, lior I inds we:
nl in a
nml si'leii
I ail
Priivi'.l ureal ness of UUHUtO nml mini nml lu-iut
"What a Rrnftdold con dry It is!" I -r.ed,
An.l a man wi ti   s clu-st in the air repl'od
"its Morgan's."
I went to he veil.   Tl 0jl|8|ier WIlIU
Towered high aud wlile,ti-u11 ogolilon linlli
Hllono bright beyond,    But a slraute new mark
was over llie nule. viz. 1   'Trim 0 Park,"
"Why, what Is (lie meaning of tills?" I erlfd,
And a saint with n livery on r. piled,
"It's Morgan'--.
I went to tlm only plate left.   I'll lake
A olianoo 11 tin- boat on the brimstone lake,
in- iHtrliapi 1 may bsallowo-- to sit
on Uif grlUdleil iinor of the bottnmlesi pit.
But a leerlnit lout with thorns mi bis face
Cried out as lie forked me oil lliophu-o,
"It's Moigan's,"
-Kdmutiil  Vance Ciinke In the New  York
News Uti.-i'iiii.
Need of a Bridge
Mn jmiIIi' liilina.'
Mr. Armstrong, when he was In town
last week, was making Inquiries regarding the pre posed bridge acrcsj lhe
St, Marys river near lhe mouth of
Perry Creek, There is gieat need for
this bridge and It Is to be hoped that
the government agent will Include
this Improvement in bis estimates for
this portion of the district.
BU£llsh Reserve
The extraorUinaiy reserve if the
Britisher is a constant marvel to ali
Australians. One Australian jolued a
Loudon club, and, silting In the smok
lug-ioom one evening, lie began to talk
to the member next blm. This member
looked, at him hard lor a while, aud
then said 1
"Will you give me tbe pleasure il
dining with me to irgbif"
The Australian was qul.e willing; but
be said :
"1 am rather surprised yuu should
oak me, as I am a stranger 10 ycu."
The member looked round the room
furtively, then leaned down and whispered lu ttie Australian's ear:
'■Do you knov.:" he said, 'I have been
a member of this ciub for elgkteaj
year.-and you are the oily mau thai
tins ever spoken to tin-: 1 Uectd-»A, u.»n
ago, lhat If any man ever did bpeak to
rae, I would ask him to dinner. What
brand u. champagne do you like!"
Tlie Modern Novel
We are In receipt of a noval called
''Courtship and marriage," by date Tynan, editor of the Kimball Graphic,
done into print in Kimball Brule
count,y, South !Okol.i. The aovel Is
written iu succinct style and li as folio wm
Maid One.
Maid Won.
Made One.
Pig Lead (iocs Up $2.
Salt Like. Utah, Jan. 2;.—A special
to the Tilhune fiotn Denver says the
price of pig lead was advanced $2 a tou
Saturday by the American Smelting and
Refining company, and notices tc this
effect were sent ull over the Uuituti
Tbe new prices, which will go inlo
effect at once, will put lead on the basis
of 4 mo cents a pound, or an advance
of 1.0 cents per loo pounds.
Pi ••• •       • •   ■ - ■■ . <H'-fet<>oo -*
•-.*,:■ II I'AV-S Til DUAL  WITH BEATT1I ■■  . '.  - -     .  \
\-''--' .   -■ ' -■'■>.
i kj-. Blank Books
H-> to
kg - v
to- «
to* to
A largo invoice just received. ^f=0|j
Everything in the way of sta- $.^s'jjj
tionery, the latest and best. JH lH
R. i:. BEATTIE, M,i-ISI o«%
to~ to .  1 ,- ,, ZQW&WQ&WWWWO "il
<<i f.-.;;• • ■  ..•.'.  it i'avs tii iitti. with Hi-Ante .'^-^H^^K-li
viO-.' i r >*®'<><>toto®&WO®&$fr.®0.toOi
A Proof.,
of tlie business we are doing is the
amount <>i goods we are using. Besides
our big opening stock we received a big
car just three days before Christmas.
'Ihis has been sold and another car lias
been ordered and should arrive about
the first of February.
Don't forget that our fir. Miner
does fine repairing and upholstering.
J. P. FINK, Secretary. Next Door to Postoffice.
s. 1
•'The Cup Thnt Cheeretl, bul Intbrlates Nsrt." --■
======  tm
PURF TEAS —" '•cl'-'io"s flav{"''    0
Chase & Sanborn's Famous Coffees, m
Vanllouten's, Fry's, Epps, Baker's, Q
Cadbury's and Bovrii Cocoas. '
Baker's,  Frv's,  Motts &  lYlenier's C)
Chocolate. " O
Only Choice,! and Purest Ororerles Kept In Stock.
Pmity and   Staple Groceries and Crockery.
^GC0;00000QQ0QeGC000: £ 30 Q
O —"  Pioneer Hardware Store. j§
A Complete Stock q
Of General Hardware q
Always on hand.   Can fit you out with Q
Harness,  Robes  and Cutters. |j
Caii and inspect my stock,
IHill & Co.The Bi« St-H!
World's Scenic Ro ute
Direct Line
Lowest R.ates
New V'o:k
Sanl-'r (incite.
We wish the people oi Cranbrook and South 8
East Kootenay a Happy new year.   Our Mr. S
W. D. Hill is now in the eastern markets and !►
will make extensive   purchases   for   the   Big J
Store.   In the mean time come in and see our *
bargains in Dry Goods and Clothing. ►
*»*sr*»'*r*#v***+*.r*******r» >+***♦*** ♦♦*# wwwwwri.
St. Paul, Chicago and all U. S"
TourUt Steeper Service
C-.f lv Rcv-t'liloke Wed. Frl.and Sira.
Cast   tv Dun mure Jet Mm. Tliur. Sal.
I.v knot, nay Landing Friday
St. Paul, T'oronto, Montreal and
WacI Lv Revcl8lokc Mon- **«■prl'
Vanctniver, Seattle, Coast
S'.ettnisliip Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
'I'll,. -ItOSV.  llll, (Ol-
rot ,,<„.-.- l, I, nil.-ii
will illiui wtitor
i.i.i, ....111... n.liiiiiiru-
I'll. (,.'  Ii.ill.ill. I - ,-1■ T
 ,, -ti.ti.iH,...-......
11,1,11,,.. nn., I. Hi...
ruvgnod.1 ibim I' i ■
Should nul be without this
Kin-IIcc Nickel Plated
Quick Coffee Poti Simple
iu Construction .ind Perfect in its Results* Ciin
be li.id at the
Yltrniij-li honkliiR« tiiliuropc via all Atlantic
Prepaid tickets frn-m  ell  points  at  luwe^
(»>•-♦"#•■• ♦♦* *
The Oldest Established Hardware House
ol South Bast Kootenay
Cv)ok Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and st.'« our line.   Will make attractive prices to clc.tr.


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