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Cranbrook Herald Feb 23, 1905

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The Canadian Baul; oi, Commerce
Head Office. Tr«unt'o.'
Deposits Received,   (lencral lta.iki.iK Husiiiuss transacted
Sivimis IllNa UBPAJTMBNI   llr>.,„. «,.,„„,- lalimt >lw»a
"lal   U|>
'ai.I Hcnurvr. Na. M.'
HAXKlNll I'.Y Mill.-H,'|,"
,i(„..,(i.„\., aitcottnts rocolvo "v
toll inagiirotlhoOntiibrnu
Cltl1lll|,..IK ilKW.it
llama la, in id.- uial niib.l.,,
ry utteitti.i.i. I'.iiniiiiiiii,'iii.iii
iii.iii.'b will <■ Ivu |i-.i,u ,i unauil,,
F. C MALPAS. M*n*«ki.
bv i,mil
T. R
Capital, Paid Up $3.0(10,000 2
Rest W 000,000 }
. Merritt, Pres.    D. R. Wilkle, Vict Pres. and Gen. Manager 1
j A general banking business transacted.    Dratls sold availa- {
_ ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special _
| attention to collections. I. F. M. PINKHAM. Manager.
\ 44 J. KWlrrt »«-HrH-Mr H-H-«■»***» IIIIII »»(-»»t>»»>
!ID-********************** *************** tSfll
Accuracy and long service represent good value in
3» your timepiece. Will it keep correct time? and how long
will il wear? are the two vital questions every man
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jeweler. When you buy our Watches you can depend
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you one
| WILSON, The Jeweler«
,. »•>♦*»♦♦*•*♦♦**♦#»#•♦•*•'»'>*«#♦♦#«♦*•>••>#»•># Mil
| International p
ll Goal & Coke
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'.'.•• sure winner
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ooo shares
• •+ at 2,j cents
j-HH-t-H-t-t-l-l-l"t"l"l I "1'I I "l"l "I't
Beale & Elwell iiii
Cranbrook.  B.
. . ^.I.,ii|,iti.l..t..|rl..|..l.|a[.i|i.|..[..[..{-|
. .i+!.w.i..|.h-H-I-H-H-W-1
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a few
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H Siobt
Sore Eipes
W.   F.  TATE,
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and be convinced.*.*
t Ifli.iiil Wnti'h Inspector, Crows Nost Pi.bs Division, 0. P, R,
Breckenridge & Lund
Coal Shares
Are being disposed of rapidly. Buy before it is to late
If you don't you miss the op«
po rtu n ity of you r I if e.  %*   %*
Arnold 61 Roberts
Brokers for the Company
Cranbrook, B. C. Phone 99
warm time all -vloxq
Victoria,  Feb.  M.—Tlw  ll.iwiin.m-
bhwaitu bill t'» enforce Uu- sight iiuut
d.i   111 Miii'llvis   WOS  killed  uii   IMOUd
reading tins ali-eraoon- by u vote oi
jo io v*\.  'nu- vote stood:
h'oi— liawilmruUiwiilt', tt ilium.*.,
(Suriitlislsi, Davidson (L«h*'i), Mc-
Nivcn, IK'iult'i.Min, Jones iLilxials).
Clifford, Fraaor, Houston, HcQowan,
Shatfurd, Qlfford, (Conner vat twst—
Against—Mellriilr, Green Fulton.
Cotton, Tallow, Dowser, Price EHi-
sun, (Irani, Garden, A. McDonald.
Itoss, Taylor, Wright, Yuuug, (Cou-
siTvaiivi-s), Hrown, Cameron, Urury,
Kvans, Hall, King, MuiiCO, .Murphy,
McIuiu'M, Oliver, I'atersou, Tanner,
Victoria, Fob, 81.—**l have never
either directly or Indirectly made «t
entertained any proposals ol any kind
lo or Irom lln* lender of the Socialists or any person acting or purporting to art tor himor his parly."
This plain avowal was made fcy
Mr. Macdonald, leader ol the opposition, during the course oi a discussion this afternoon in committee ci
the whole on Hawthornthwuite's hill
to amend the Coal Mines Regulation
Act. As was intimated yesterday
would he the ease, this innocent appearing bill gave rise to a protracted
dobate today, and to sircnous opposition to Us enactment into law.
There were exciting scenes this afternoon and for a lime the chairman
ol the committee completely lost control while Hawthornthwaite and Oliver exchanged compliments. The
sum and substance of the whole matter was that the opposition took exception to the hill on tlie ground thai
its principal provisions were unneces
sary, being already part oi thestat
ute laws of the province and that i
further provision proposed to penal
ize working miners for infraction cf
the eight hour clause by a fine or im
prisoument was a proposition whicli
tlie leader of the opposition and Me
Innes declared to be wrong in principle and entirely uncalled for by tho
miners of any part ofthe province.
Attorney General Wilson intimated
that the uill was unnecessary as ils
chief provisions were already contained within the Coal Mines Regulation act and that its passage would
simply be a piece of superfluous legislation. Notwithstanding this stale
mment, Wilson said the bill shoul.t
pass and Premier McUrldc also spokd
strongly in its support.
Oliver attacked the bill vigorous!;
and in the course of bis remark
dealt with tlie Socialist platform
contending thai lhc whole course ■
the Socialists in tho legislature wa
based upon tho idea of stirring Up industrial striii- in the hope of bringing
in conditions which would strengthen
their cause in the province. He energetically condemned tho supine con.
duct of the government in assenting
to legislation which admittedly was
unnecessary, declaring ihat their
course in so doiug made obvious the
fact that Hawthornthwaite was now
In the position of master of the ut-
Oliver's vigorous attack brought an
equally forcible response from !h'
leader of the Socialists, who charge.!
that the Liberal party was just s
anxious for Socialist support as wan
the government and that overtures
had been made by Liberals with the
object of gaining the Socialists' assistance to defeat the government, ll
was this charge that evoked Irom
leader Macdonald the clear and comprehensive denial quoted above. T.i
this denial Hawthornthwaite made
no reply, but later he took occasion
to attack Oliver personally, eharg-
Inging him with being willing at an,»
moment to sell his principles for tin-
sake of office awl reviving the old
story of Oliver's anxiety to join the
McBride governmeul when first
Oliver waa up immediately with .1
forcible refutation ot this charge anl
delicti either Hawthornthwaite 11
Mclliide to substantiate in tbe .slightest particular the accusatiou. No re
spouse coming from either party, Oliver went on to say ttt.ii tbe leadu
of the Socialists hud either been
grossly misinformed or was not particular as to truth in his statement.-.
Here Is where the trouble that
threatened grave disorder arose.
Haw thorn th wal t« demanded a retraction. Oliver declined to retract and
attempted lo continue his remarks.
Hawtliornthwaitc continued his demands for withdrawal and still Oli
ver kept up his How of oratory. Hawthornthwaite shrieked his protests
aud Oliver yelled defiance, Meanwhile the chairman, entirely unaccustomed tn parliamentary proeee'
lugs, made uo eflort to Interfere and
pandemonium prevailed.
Finally the premier came to Haw
thorirlhwalte's assistance and advised the chairman that Oliver's ie
marks were unparliamentary ami
should be withdrawn. Oliver mail.
tallied that he had said nothing lit
parliamentary, repeated his form-.1!
remarks aud declared his intention of
slaying hy ihem.
Hawthornthwaite professed to rind
in Oliver's repetition of his original
remarks a retraction of that portion
to which lie had taken thcehief excep
tion, aud declared that he was satis
fled with Oliver's apology.
Oliver stoutly repudiated the suggestion that lh* bad"Vithdrawn in the
least particular any of his previous
remarks, Hawthornthwaite maintaining silence the incident vvas allowed
to drop.
Tbe outcome of the discussion in
committee was that the first clae.se
of the bill was defeated,Cotton, Tat-
low, Grant and Clifford of the government voting with the opposition,
while McNfiven, opposition, voted
with the Socialists and the government. The bill was still in committee when the house rose.
The' only other incident of intcre it
in today's session arose In connection
with the debate on the second reading of the bill to license commercial
travellers. McOowan (Vancouver) a
government   supporter, declared that
tbe bill iu Its   present  ihtpe
certainly nut   have bin *.ujjpoi:
He icgaldtd ll a.s an attempt \
add to tbe lairs of resident whols.il
els and as "atiotliei rap at llie com
mtrciul men u( the province'
As this is a govfrmneiit measure,
introduced by ih<- linaute inlnistci
UcQowan'i blunt declankUon in    ip-
postltoi! QftUiad HMM eXi-itvl'ieiU.
During ib.- rtctrat*' which folJ>.wi>d a
Uule latei 1'ri-miti Meltridi wai "
br swmi in earuest con*.ersalion with
McOowan, doublitss trying io co.i-
vinte him of ihe orrol of his attack
Victoiu,   Feb.   JL—The    report  < I
the commission   on    the Assessment
Act   was    placed    before   the legisl i-
tuie  this afternoon.     After
the     nature of  the evidence
tbe repori says;
would noi to cover transactions ante-da ting
lhc lime of deduction more than IS
11.   Thut section 1.1 of tlie Assessment  Act be amended liy striking out
ihe laM  m*  words of the same, and
inserting   in   lieu    thcieof   lhe  words
i'lni of ihe previous year."
I*i     That   Inasmuch  as   il   seems   to
be Impossible to formulate a plan for
laving personal property in a way
that will hear equally on all classes,
the systeui ol taxation should in- directed with the ultimate object of
substituting an  income  tax  for    any
impost on personal property,
Iti.  Thai    tin* province be divided
into assessment districts and all assessment*,    be     made     by assessors,
reciting whose duly sliould lie confined solely
adduced  to that   work.   To secure, as far    as
may   he,   an  equality   iu  assessments
Most  ot  the complaints  made wci j throughout   the   province,   assessors,
directed against  the tax on   personal ut Stated periods, should nicel togoth-
property.   It  was claimed  that    this er and compare the basis on  whieh
tax was excessive, bears heavily   nn 'heir     respective    assessments    arc
farmers and business men and should made, ami il i.s regarded as of a good
be reduced.   Considerable diversity of deal of importance that  assessments
opinion was expressed as to the best he  I1.4-.ed  on  personal  inspection    of
ntcthod to adopt iu assessing person- properties assessed at frequent inter-
al property.   By some it  was    held vals.
that, as far    as   personal   property •—-"-■
concerned,  the assessment  should be Victoria,    Feb.   2U.—There will be
for au amount equal to the net worth nothing definite known of the goveru-
of tne person assessed,  .while others incut's railway policy this week. This
contended that such a basis of asses- fuel   was   divulged    by Premier  Mc-
mem    would     discriminate   against Bride today iu the course of a reply
those   who    purchased for cash, aud to Oliver, who had again censured the
would encourage   the doing of bust- government   for   failure   to   provide
ness   on credit.   With regard to the work for tlie legislature to ilo.
taxation of book debts it was urged Tho house was in session  this . 1-
tliat    the     assessing ot them some- teinoon less than an hour.   When ilie
times   led   to dual taxation and    in premier   moved    adjournment   Oliver
some cases worked hardships and that arose    to   complain of the waste of
it should Ih- abolished.   On behalf ,-f lime.   He pointed out that  the <iov-
the smelting industry  it was  repi .-- eminent  had had 12 months in which
Seated that orders on hand iu smelt- to prepare measures and said    th-.it
ers should he exempt  from  taxation such important bills as the proposed
the   mine owner producing   such public schools act aud lhe dyking act
should have been brought down early
so nt. to give the members ample
opportunity to study their provisions
In reply Premier McBride stated
that the delay in presenting these
measures was due to the fact that
they had not yel been caiicussed on
He hoped to have all Important government measures before the house
ore was liable for the mineral    tax
The recommendations of the commissioners number Hi in all, as follows:
1. Thai coat and timber lands
should nol be Assessed as wild lands,
lit should he separately rlassitled.
2. That the amount of land to be
exempted from the opera I Ion of the during the current week except
wild land tail, under the provisions as carry railway aid proposals.
of sub-section 12 of section 2 of the Thu bill to license commercial trav-
Assessment Act be reduced 10 160 oilers came up for a second reading
acres with regard to lauds situated and llie debate was adjourned onmi-
west* of the Cascade range, and 320 lion of Cameron (Victoria). This lull
acres with regard to lands east of the provides that every commercial trav-
Cascade range; provided that where oiler soliciting orders for goods 10 ie
such lauds are situated within a radl- imported into the province shall lake
us of five miles of an incorporated out a semi-annual license, the fee Jot
town or city having a population nol which shall he $100, a rebate to be
less than 5000 people, the quantity of allowed iu the event such license fee
land to he exempted aforesaid should exceeds in amount half of one per
be limited to 40 acres. cent of the gross amount of all sal s
3. Thai the rate of taxation on during the period covered by the !i-
wild lands be reduced to $ per cent cense, but in no event is a rebate to
on the assessed value thereof. he allowed which would reduce    the
•I.   That the rate of taxation on all amount paid for a license to less than
coal lauds from whicli coal is   being $25 every    six   months.   The liuaiue
mined and m respect of.cojal    mined minister estimates that this measure
therefrom, lhc royalties paid amount will bring in from     ten to    twenty
Wc have |ust placed in
sfjck a sv. ;11 line of
W. G. & R.
and Collars
The  Iatcsi
and the pn
things  out
cs are right
Now is .il-oi.t lhe time
t'lat your
Ra n Coat
becomes \ cur test friend
We havi: a few lines
left, a'l pood quality,
whicli we wish to clear
and if lite pi ice will do
it they won't lasl  ionp
thousand dollars revenue annually
Hawlhornthwaite's bill amending
tlie Coal Mines Regulation Act Massed a second leading today. H I.s i-.li-
ttorstood that when it comes up m
committee an eflort will he made to
defeat it, Stockett, general manager
of lhe Western Fuel company, of Na-
naimo, is here for the purpose of in
to at least 25 cents per acre, I pe.
cent on the assessed value thereof;
on all other coal lands, 2 per cent on
the assessed value thereof.
That the rate of taxation on all
timber lands that are being logged
and in respect of timber cut therefrom,  tbe royalties   paid amount  to
at    leust 25 cents per acre,    1    per            -  ...
cent 011 the assessed valuethercof; on deavoriug to defeat it
alt other timber lands, two per eenl     Premier McBride's resolution   Willi
on the assessed value thereof. regard to better terms was again  laid
That  the rate of  taxation    ou  over.   It   is   understood an arrange- J
personal property be reduced to two- has been come to whereby this rcso- 41
thirds of I per cent on the assessed  lution will be dropped and a new one gj
value  thereof,  and  when  such  taxes  introduced entirely acceptable to both
are   paid on or   before the 30th   of sides of the house.
June In each year a discount be grant-     In reply to questions asked hy O.
ed to make   the   rate   equal lo one-  A.  Fraser   (Grand   Forks) the chief
half of one per cent on the assessed commissioner   stated that  the not-w
value of such property. of the survey made by the 0. P. R.
7. That book debts and money de- in block '1580, South East Kootenay
posited in banks be exempted from have not yet been received by the
assessment and taxation. government and the government   has
8. That the exemption from assess-  under   consideration the removal    1 f
the reserve   ou coal   lands   in bio-
Brown (Greenwood) presented a petition from the Provincial Mining
Association asking that the Placer
Mining Act be Amended to make   it
.._   ,._     clear that  placer claims cannot    be
That resident agents represent- located on mineral claims,
persons,   firms   or corporations     In connection with the government
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forget   that   we
a   big range of
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big lot of the best $1.50
brought to
Come and
jf. ******* Ji*41**i-:4*431>i;
mctioit.i, ui. h. lupin..
! Simpson Co. j
ment of personal property when under
the value of $500 he repealed.
9. That the provisions of sub-section 1 of section 6 of the Assess men I
Act as enacted by section 7 of the
Assessment Act, amendment act, 1901
be incorporated into the present act.
111.   "	
»»R    . .	
carrying on business outside of Brit- railway policy, while the premier an-
isli Columbia aud having no branch in iiouueed that nothing will be brought
British Columbia, be taxed at a rate down tliis week, it Is generally unequal to one-fourth of I per cent of derslood that the government nas
the amount ot their annual sates, aud completed arrangements with the
that for the purpose of ascertaining Great Northern people whereby the
the" amount of such sales it be made V. V. A E. will receive assistance to
compulsory for all such agents to continue its line from the Boundary
keep proper books of .account, show- to the coast.
Ing all  transactions carried    on    by It is said the contract involves   a
them within the province on behalf of grant of laud but uo particulars can
such persons, firms or corporations, he    obtained,   ff the deal has    hern
11.   That     commercial     travellers been made with the Great Northern
taking or soliciting orders in British people il means an end to the hopes
"  of M '        "    '
IcLean Brothers. |S
A  strong delegation ol lumbermen  *•*
here    to   secure   changes   in Jhe
Columbia (or houses established out
side the province, and having no fixed
agency here, be required to take out
a license, the annual fee for which to terms of timber licenses. At the
be $100, payable before any business last session of the legislature, when
is done within the province. In the a govergment measure was introduc-.'d
event, however, of such license fee of providing the terms of issuance of
$100 being in excess of a sum equal these licenses, the opposition look
to one-half of 1 per cent of the total exception to the fact that licenses
amount of sales made within the pro- were iioi renewable annually save hy
vinee hy the holder of such license consent of the chief commissioner, it
during the year for whicli such H- was then alleged that the insecurity
cense shall be issued, the bolder shall of title would prove injurious to Intuitu ve the right to demand a refund of hermeii. The government now sees
the excess, but in uo case shall such that the course advocated by the op-
refund exceed the sum of $75.in any position to make these licenses re-
one year. newable as a matter of course on the
12. That inasmuch as taxation of payment of the regular fee was a wise
incomes seems on the whole to be on« one and lhe delegates have been glv-
of the most equitable methods of tax- en to understand that legislation will
ation, and about the most convenient he introduced this session along these
plan for meeting the varying require- lines. Iu consideration of this change
ments of the province, in respect to the lumbermen will agree to pay an
the amount of revenue to he raised additional iu cents per thousand
by such charges the following he fix- royalty.
ed as the minimum rates of taxation Macdonald, leader of the opposition
of incomes exceeding $500 per year: gives notice of the Introduction of a
On amount of such excess up to bill to secure to dependents the
$500, four-fifths of 1 pcr cent; on wages of deceased workingmeu. The
amount of such excess over $500 and object of the bill is lo enable a will-
not'exceeding $1500, one ami one-fifth ow to collect wages of a deceased
pcr cent; on amounts of such excess husband promptly without having lo
over $1500 and not exceeding $2500, wait for the administration of the es-
one and three   fifths   per   cent;    on tate.
amount of such excess over $2500 and Representatives of the smeller   in-
not exceeding $1500, 2 per cent;   on dustry are here from all parts of the
amount of such excess over $4500 and province  lobbying against the passage
not exceeding $7500, 3 per. cent;   on of Hawthorntliwaite's hill to enforce
amount of such excess over $7500,  I an eight hour day in smelters.    Tho
per cent. bill will probably come up for a sei-
13. That banks, in determining ond reading tomorrow and receive a
their taxable income, be permitted to six months   hoist.
deduct from their gross profits, losses	
sustained; such losses, however, to be ~                    '
deducted within six months Irom the Watch (or Reid A Co.'s aunounce-
tiBie when they are ascertained, and ment re "Fit Reform" clothing.
Wholesale Commission
and mamif aciurei $' Seems
The WapcHs Roller Mills
The Lumsiicn Holler Mil's
TI.e UrJd»ari!i„c Kuller Mills
Niiistiiu ft Company Sti'Ck Fund
The Mayii' I umber tittd Mill,.,: In.
Lever Bros., "Sunlight Snap"
The  " Armour"  Limited
Tie Vojcl Packing Co.
The Rene Cigar Co.
Vienna l;< od Cn.
cosarspnNDCNcr soik.itcd
The building formerly oc
by The Herald nn Arm-
strniii; Avenue
i\,,,i iiii: ni'
•nHor-sitiorn hdly niHlurfd tlmu those dentin'
dont upon nature. The formal*linn etlollflll '"
contend With without. trii-Hhn- tn i«.r :--'-i -
Onr'ecoHtiiomore Hmnpoorh* ileveloiMll Menu
ami ah un inducement wi, ntiT
Don't deUy. A portial card will brlna full Hirer*
■nation and lama IlluUrntod oalnlngna I.
DINV BR f BSD A FLORAL CO., Denver, Cole.
Rijj Bitok anil Drug Store
Dr. Scott's
No. 77
useil in
Dr. Scott's
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guaranteed to
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Hi}! Hook and Drug Store THE   ORANBBOOK    IIKKAI.H
Sixtv days atte, date 1 Intrad to
Uv Tlu' Herald Publishing Company. a,,,,|V ,„ the citicf Commisslowr   .1
l,iiniii-,l.     iM\ia   ,„,,!   Works al Vlotori*,   to
purchase    the    following     described
lands in South East Kootenay;
. Commencing   a, .1 posl  planted ,,
/// the   southeast  corner   ,.I    loi 7007,
•ilL     ,'] thence   north nn chains,  tbcuce east
„>-  /<d^*^}jyo~*-*\      in   chains,   thenco  south 80 cgains,
" " ' *      thence «ost m chains to place ol  -••
Dated   this SOth ,1.»  ol December,
■ll-nt !■'  P. Davis.
Editor and Manager.
Tli.' ll.-ral.l i.
only*::. So in
.•uu nl..,,-., ,,, ,
in the progran
It imblUhee the
.■01.tl-..ll.',l  IkllB.
clique, pttl'IJ ot
It,lull t   ll-.V 10
tion and ami )
» nnl
nliu.liinl   die
KI80 tlill P
ivapit per llml
Itfii.in.u matter IS wnti
mlvantwra; lueontK per I
vi'l'lif.-l'.'.     Illl-lli.'*.*-   lllfUlB
null tnrmtlou.
li you dealre to reneli lln
I.;,,-! Kooteiii*,*,  yuu  t\
II urn M.
I'll.-  II, I.,I'l  hllH
-il poll
lt«lN1  I
I'll,- Hi-nil,I ilm
, u miiiun iletil 1
nnl linn
BRITISH rm.1 Villi •
In ilu- mallei ol lhe .Laud Itegisu
An and Auii-iuli 11,1; Acts, anil m m
mallei of an application hj iii
Marys-ille Tuwiimiu aud Uevclui
ini-iii company, ami I1 rank i'. ti-
gan foi an tuiieuilmeiH lo plan ■
aiarysvlllo Townsuo, llteil in ii
Land Hegistrj  uliice al  Nelson,  i
Notice is hereby given thai sixtj
,'„ days after dan* 0. M. Edwards will
u apply i<> the Chief Commissioner nl
Lands and Works, Victoria, for -m-
,,,. mission to purchase lhc foUowing ile
i, scribed land iu South Rnst Kootenay
,,.! district:
Commencing 1" chains cast of   -he
Moyie    river,   on   'lie   International
,, |boundary line, thence io chains west
; ihemv   10   chains    north,   thence SB
least,   more   or   less,  lo the western
':   boundary ol Ed CovelPs pre-emption,
'  1 thence southerly following said west-j
"' lorn   boundary   to BOtiLhwesl cornor,
thence   lu    chains' east,   ihenoe in
chains south, more or less, lo point
ol commencement.
Dated  10th January,  1005.     M-ut
Sixty days after dale 1 hereby Intend to apply to the Chlol Commissioner ol Lands and Works at Victoria, H. ''-, for the privilege of eut-
tlug and carrying away timber from
ihe following described lauds near
Mayook station,  Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted :mu
chains south of the southeast corner
of Ilai ty Arnold's pre-emption,
thoncc 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence si) chains east,
thoncc SH chains north to the place
of beginning.
Cranlirnok, January 80, 1005
44-5t Mary  Kennedy.
ii X' !      Wl ■'      ,
.^»H.*fA***A*ifc*^ „ <AAAAAAA««Ai^
4              Vve aii glaJ to see that ti;c public ot Cranbrook are convinced of the saving -jj
ihey make In purchasing their Clothes. Furnishings, etc., from us, and arc keeping j*
4    on ha) Ing,   Our stock got pretty ivcll reduced, so we telegraphca for a New Stock, b
4    which we i.xp.'.ct daily.    Ou request oi mai > people wlio WOltlfJ like to attend our «•
Auction Sales also, and cannot come in tl-,: evening, we decided to have our nexl 'b
4 b
4        Auction Sale Saturdays at 2 mul 7 p. m.       $
4    ■ b
«     (_...>ic one, come ail, and make •- our doil.u' work the double siiilt.    Have Iwo to (our    «,
jg.   dollars worth of goods for one doljar. %,
af Respect tully yours, _t
Purchase Prict.   '. 3 OO a month   £
Allowance made for old machine    ., auct.j ICEtt
\RN0l.0 * ROBER rs    *W*?WU^Wlf*fW«f 1 ****#*#+*^irV*#*#^
ClttiSt BKT   LOIHIS   N»»- •!■!
Cranbrook, li. C.
Uu«U-Jiul liiul   Mil   l'ii>**«lny ul  S p. tu, It-
l.O. u. F. lmil.
.1. ,\   VIWI1.P. K. II. s
,i   |». In.k.r. ■•
VUltinii Itretlnnu i'oi.li..ii.vinvii..l lu attend
Cranbrook Local Union 1241 uf tin* Hilts
Brnttierliood «u Carpenters and Joiners
uf Ainerliu.
TI.h loi'til in.vtri .-i.-n  ,'.i.l,i> eYoiilliif tu
Mp. in. lul'. II    litill.
\ IhIUiiu Ili.-lliM-ii iiii.liiilli Invito*.),
i   \ i im.in J  ll M.-hi
i.o.n.r.     Key i'it> Lodge
In  Uhauibol's   before
Chief .lustice.
Dated lhc Solli daj oi Ueioh r,
Upon an application oi Lho said
.Marysville Townsiiu and Dovelopmeni
company and 1'iaiiK l'. ilogaii lot mi
iimumlmuiii lo tuu plan oi Jiarysviiie
townsitc, filed in lhe laud regisU)
olllce ai Nelson, ii. i., uumhereii .<>'.
And upon lending the summons issued
Herein on the Luttl day ol Ucloner,
liiul, and lite aiiiilavils ol l*rank I',
liogan, sworn Llie 2Uth da) ui toup
leinlit'i, JllUl, oi A, \V. MuV'itUe,
sworn ihu i.iih iiaj ol Ueioher, luui,
ami tht' exltilnts uiet'Oin rolcrrctl to,
and of 1'iank 1'. LLogau, sworn Uiu
StOUi day oi Oclohei*, LUUI, and upot
hearing Mr. \\. a. Macdonald, K, - .,
nl counsel foi   Uu* saitl applicains,
It is ordered ihat the said (nun ol
ihe. Low nulla ol Marysville nleti iu Lhu
land rogistrj ullicu al -Nelson, it. ' ,
numbered ?33, In- amended h> eliuu-
iiatlng thercfroni thai portion of said
plan dcseilhcd as blocks 3U, 37, &«,
-ill, 11, li, ami 13, and uie strcoLa
and lanes comprised In that 'portion
Ol said plan, said portion to lo be
eliminated being marked as "A" en
ihe exhibit referred to in the said
alljilavh. of A, W. iMcViUle
it is further ordered that the said
applicants he at liberty io llle a new
plan ot ihu said LoWiisite ol Marysville the same in all respects as the
said plan number 733, with Lhu exception tlml said plan so to he died
shall not contain Uioreou the portion
so eliminated as aforesaid.
Il i.s made a lerin and condition ol
tins unlet thai the said applicants
shall cause to be inserted in lhe
"Cranhrook Herald," a newspaper,
published at Cranbrook. li. C, a true
copy of lliis order lur four successive
issues ol such newspaper, aud Uial
during such period said applicants
shall eau.se to he posted upon Uiu
ground described in the said portion
of said jiluii so to 1)0 cliniuialcd as
aforesaid, a true copy of this order,
and thai upoiiptooi to the satisfaction
of the district registrar of Lhc supremo Court at Nelson, fi. C, of sucn
publication and posting as aforesaid
and if no objections in writing an
are filed in the olhce of Lhe said registrar within a period of sis week;
from iii.M.1, publication ami pus ting
then ihe .saitl registrar shall thercup
on attach hereto liis cortldcato tha
the terras and conditions herein im
posed have been complied with aud
this order or a true copy thereof, upon
being (lied in the land registry oHlc
at Nelson, it. (J., shall be and become cuei-iive for all Intents antl purposes.
It is further ordered that the cost.-,
of and incidental to ihis application
he paid by the said applicants.
W. F. CflJllD, (i   IIUNTEK,
Cranhrook, B, C.
Solicitor lor Applicant,     17-41
A special meeting of tho hoard ol
license commissioners, Uratili
cense District, will he held
Court House, Cranbrook, oi
day, .March Oth. IU05, al the hour ol
10 o'clock in the forenoon, when l lit
following applications will he consul
J. R, Do win's, transfer to Eneas
II. Small, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Cran
M. .1. MePeak, transfer to A. I'
Chenette, Kast Kootenay Hotel, Cranhrook.
Finch A Junes, transfer lo A. I'
Chenette, Falls View lloiel, Marysville.
A. I*. Chonello, Koyal Hotel, Fori
Steele Junction,
J. H. MeMullin,
Chiol License Inspector.
Sixty days afler date 1 hereby in
tend to apply to the Chief Coiiiniis
sioncr of Lands and Works al Victoria, B. 0., for the privilege of cutting and carrying away limber from
the following described lands nea:
.Mayook station, Kootenay district:
Commencing at the northwest cor
ner of ff, L, Darling's timber least
No. 4170, Cliipka creek, South East
Kootenay, thence west 80 chain:
thence south 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
the place of commencement.
Cranbrook, B. C, Feb. 3, 1005,
•15-51 George Kennedy.
Take notice that wc, Finch ,V
Jones, intend to apply In the board
of license commissioners for the Cran
brook district, at the first meeting
held thirty days after tho lirst publication of this police, for a transfer
from us to Alexander 'P. Chenette of
the license for the Falls View hole!,
situate at lhe town of Marysville.
Dated this 17th day of January, A
D, 1005.
44-4t Finch &  Jones.
mi;  Li
it     (ii
J De/all Brothers
Horse Shoeing \
; Carriage Kepairin^ and       ;
! General Jobbing.... J
I i
■ Outside prderu Prompt I j *
• Attended to. \
t Cranbrook Sash    j
j and Door hiclorv j
i * <
|      All lilmlsol finish work1 in j
w.-iv ot (luurs. wind.,us. Irnii- j
siim.s. ,■!,-,   Kih, dried lumber J
[or insi,l,' work.   • lur work is j
KXAillMi OUR (illtllrS
l',"i,„-,- .
.■in .in',..
Hll'.IKIllVlll* UK
tiUV l»i i ' iiii'iisiin.'.
Vim.  I |'|,.-,ii.Uii'r   ui"   Lk>'ilil|i|1i  ■ J
I.y wi ,1'ie.: i iutlui* M't'l.'i.i l In 1*1'
I iui i nmko ii iiiotttiliiiti nf a nn !>'
hill .,'■, litinkiiiu Llml t'ail iimi N'ffll
We are slum Ing s.itiK- j
Beautiful Suitings    ;
for the ClirisiniHs Holidays ;
jl .* .-i 1.1-1  is ,',l\ki: YOU ONE .4 .4 .* !
Ij 'I I     T    imn'.' I, li'f ivi'l In' 'a-,    -i 'ti
fiAjUw^' '     si,, I. r you lu wi'iir.
,, ...i.i ni ,ii.-.. tiall ..i
1 , a. -, ,     soliilirtll
s .,    M .,..,.,.
\.   ,1.
-     II. M,-|-'„,la„
na        i
r, Ml lout 1 ii^KC Nn. .-
,   l:   .1 .   M
Lea^k & Henderson
Hotel S S
iiucbib Comfort o Spcctalt)
- :p«t -1 *v+&v*^i ***t>+**»*±&.*--it: iiiiil!;w^A:^ui5lji^rt^
1 __A • •- --*     -..*-......,.-.......... *. ••*'*%
A** ] i *•
■y. tj f.he Hast  Kootenay   Lumber I*
;: * Co., Limited. t
•   41 Rough and Dressed Lumber and Dimension   #
:' •I: 'it
llllll     I', arvlil
Hll.lNlllllltlK  I...K.IK, SIH8,
i It.tM'.ltllOK, 11, ,'.
'■   ■   l.i uml..- , I,„-,!.,, uvun iniiiiil,
a,  ti,l	
Ml'  li      «■
Ni-,ii-'., to r,„,,-".,, „„.l .It'lal'       Has -,1'ri'i.ini..,,.
,lo„>  f,.t  M„- pulilic linequi..tl.<l  Ir   ,.', i---r ,,,^
t   ll,,l ami Colli Hnlli-
^i». » . ... ... » » »• .
Hoggarth & Wollins
....I'tl-llt I, till a
Also IIOULDINQS of all Kinds
V\. I . lil HO,
Barrister. Solicilor, Htc.
Im     UK TiS.,1
^ffl^ljMS^'.-m •'■■   :  .'■■'.''   Mi'-'!   "MX   ', ''', 'I'"     ft■    >i    - I   ,',       '       '.*
firimU'cil nnd ,,„r j,rti■
Rough ami Dressed Lumber ;
For Sale I
Club Restaurant
Opposite Imperial Hotel
Arnisironii Aveiive
....TIIK NEW....
Formerly Hotel Phalr
NELSON,  ti. C.
B. Ton I'KIN'.--, Mininger.
I'iiis hol.i'1 is  i  liim li,-sl   in
ltriti..jli  Coliiiiiliii, iiikI  iip-lo-iliiti'
in  i'vi'1'j   r,s|,,.,'i.      Well  lli-lited
s„ll,|,l,' I'm.ma.
When v.ii visit Cranhmi
stop al tiv-
None B-tlii- In tti-.- Dlbtrlut
Kattis Si and up.   .Short Or le: s nnd Oysters
served i.i any style from .'  r m, to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the roo ns ir  unsurpassed for tU-
^ Iin:'ss aud comtoH and* the bar U supplied* with the best br.uid  ,**>
•n of liquors ano ciefars. ''*
i L. B. V.A N DElAR, Prop.    _ i
sP \A;M< ':'v !SIBrSiiKl!'ii^S8ii|W*HS#
.   ! Harrisier.  Solicitor,
Ntilari   Public.
Cranbrook, ll.
•V■< •'*  - ■ «         ■
"■  !
-   M ' J Jt
. </
vi.                  V'. *
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
il.oi'll Bluik Ciiiliriiiili, B C.
C, H, DUNBAR       \
1  The Wentwortl
Clapp & Rollins,
The New AlanaiierB.
..   ,'|-..a., |,. a,„a.    .'-.,-,    '■„„
The Handle), Livery StabWs
m llrop iii aiul see us any lime.    We are on deck, 25 li.iurs jg I
0 out of the 24 '• M\
|  ROYAL UgTEL . ||
I ....MARYSVILLE, B. C.   1;
| The Pioneer Hotel of th i S . Alarys V.tlley. |'
!" Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining rpom .service, and llie Ji,
',? best oi evifrythinrj  il thi' bar. .'.
I'll l   IIOflH.I-lY.
,'.','  linVI"    Ill'l'tl ill   tl:       III,SHI,....    it.I
m',T.I ,',•„,-«,iml,,;,' I i'.m i- |,|.
I'lT-iLliir,,    Thill   -1'",'-    -TOU'F   SIT-
iSFICTiON,   We In,v, ii..(,!," <..-..,
i>i|llli.incnls In II. ('. „„,l „.' a; ,
•Irii'lly ,.. Iiiwltwm.
IVllUll Mill  nam ll   lll.lVCll   fm,   „-
We iiii.be ll a npi'iilull, und lu.iv a
a,,,,,ii illlll'l'l' „,i.l ,'„,. I.i ,l,„ iv-.'k
ivllluilil rink,     tlwi Iii   -I'll..!.! flltlii-
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Office ..piiii.iu- C I*, n. 'PHONG 6J
at,,, irdl bnto^in'good
,-nr,' lo iill i,,.'.,-:. aln.
till-.! with us.
Cranbrook Presbyterian Cliuith.
"k.'i'S nil, K ,1 „ ,.. nml.f.:„,|i. ,
Ci.inb,-uiiK ,Vicilii.ills! Clutrcli.
Corrtur ai liiiniaii ',u»„t   nit t.iiuls Slri'ct
,    liivliii. H'umlil|i v:;|.i ,..
I Tar- 1,1.1" .   HlHVimll     I :...■    ..,    .Illi.li,
I'....,...„,;    IV.-aklv I'myai .„,-,-,ii,t....s a.
, .1     ,,„-,„al   llivltlltillll  ,.. -M„ii,l,,,i   in  ,1
I I'.a.lia.
I'n.tor, -. .I.riii,iii,i«,ii,
Cranbri'iik Ki,|itf.-: chuKh.
1    I,'•-,. Flag la ., I", •-,,,,'■ .,'i-i,,.-, la-
I rinii-inV S,
| ,•....... ,'.-
I ,'r,.,,.|  11,
i    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    J
I Public. Etc. {
<■■   Cranbrook,    -    -    ii. C.   *
*s t»
1 , v .--.-,-m ■•■-■- a,-v,>..-»T»*»y*v,l
Physicians and Surgeons,
unto- ,i Itciacncc, Armsirenii in
iii'l-'ICI  HOURS:
l.irt.ti.i    ....   u:,u, iu n
liii-m »   •   ■   ■   ■    laWlo.tal"
Uvcnlng,    •        • 7.1(1 la H:.l«
',<. if*..?1 $ ..,,^.^ «i$i«|d>iay,sj
Dr. Connolly,     |
2    Physician and Surgeon g
® Olliee on Armstrong Avenue ;.
.-.a Uiiniwi—ti I., ll ii. in., 'j <i, a p.in, ; 5
In » li.lli.      ' in. 1015 ,,
OFlCl, IHU k•
ii i, ;v ,-■ ,i
M ,, , ...
i  a 8 i. ill,
THI'.   ItOKlJli'S   PLEA
I |. I.lll lima i	
-.'-^^:S-p^^3:-S:-S^>M-4-.-.'' ^ 's-.a-.j:? ~-
ropneior. ;
-in-Miry s
Fancy llox Chocoiales
al the CaiuJv Kiichei
«. It, DRATTY,
f William Gordon? I
 <s N0'rK,|:'
J ■   Sisly iliiy.s after ilnii, I inleml   lo
,  aiiply to tlie C'liii-f Couitulsslolior   of
* , I,mills uml Works, at Victoria. II. >'
}  tor tho i>rlvlleStr ot ctiltlng ami ear- DR.  CROSS,   VBTBHINARl  Wmtm
I  tying away tlmbot fiom tlio lollo'iv- .„ ,„„,„,.. „ ,. "" 'KSP D»,!IJIST
I   lug ili'si'iilieil lands man Miiyouli tta- CAHflHOOK. B >■ 'I'limu- 71
|   lion, Koolcnay ilislrii-t:
    11   Coinmonolng al a |iosl 120   chains  .,    ...       ..,.,.
,„•    souih-oi tne souiiu'dst ,,,„„.,• „ni„, McVittie cc Laidlaw.
I ,iy   Ainolil's |,re-ot,i|itlon,   tlionco  mi
chains ivcsi, ilmnco Sn elinlns s li,'        IVliiiiiiu Hnuinaers
thence 8(1    chaina   cast,   ,l,.,a.    hi iih.ii.ik ....>,.i.ttit,
-iu        iiiiiI Surveyors,
The City   Bakery
s known for it's line bread,
buns cakes antl pastry.   Orders
left the day before will he filled
Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
li,,i„K north-.lu- il,,. iiIiiit oi  I,.,.,,
liiinliniiil,-, January .in, 1000.
4-1-Ot He,,. Konnoily,
l... - r.McVITIID, H. L. S.
•J. l.l.tim.W. n B,
«   i ta  C4UY
,      I   :J     DU   ;
{ '1
\V.- ate offering a special line >f 5P|. Ll) RO! L'BACON
only lasting till Saturday next, at I • ,.■ p r Ih. We avis also
a new stock of Mains, llacon, etc. i r;, uur H'lJiL-VlADl:
LARD.   II will please you.
I Do you w r.'. -   .-■'; L7oybu
| want Bocts or' "Utsi Doy^t'  ,:
j WM.l    &&t\ A-   whffC   N-jw   l
-j uoids   arc   arr v.ng   ddily ?   I
j i Kon come to u.y slore.
\ L
■ i'. i. \
. ^   A   r-.. ,-
'' ,\ K.X L
j.;;. cumminos.
is; Miiiri-:.
Sisly ilny.s after lhc |iiili||catlon .1
If    , | till"  ' •'   I   Illtl'llU    |,|,l)   111     Ml,'
Jj        .       "                   I |i, .,,,.,111111    II.IVCI,,,,,     III    I'lllllllll       |gt —III—
■i     I    -."Lip     pi     A OC        |   iwl'irtlsslpll   In  ilini   i |   i    V M.I .Ull.la  IIKSIIIKNTIAI,  |'|(u|'
?!     |      I   \    ...    I    I . I-;. ,.. ..        . iilihttui'lloua     from     th,.    lullnivlii,; i,,,,,,.,
,'i'i'iHs In    K.,s, K m.,1, anil bull" Aln
(Jams nml stftlcs llior^'pn. aurj lo inn a 1 uiler and liy virtue ut the uoivoi*
ittlier ini|,i,i,ein,'iils [nf llie purpose nf sal,- Conlnlliotl In „ coi'tain iiiiui-
,,( innkini! Uie suiil erccl.s narigablu gage, which mil be nt'niluced al ill.
for logs: liinc ni. sale, ihcrc will he olrorcrl tm
I,   itiisscll   crook, from Kllclioncr   sale In |iiibiii nttctlo n Wcdnesilay,
nn llie    Ililllsli   t'l.liiiiiliin SoiitlicriiI the nth ,l,,v „l March, llin.i, ut  III: 111
railway, tn a   poinl upstream aboutI o'clock  in Hie fni'on,   bv Mcssm
six miles soutlt: Arnold   ,v     Rohot'ls, .it tlieir olllco,
Tii,„„|,K,,n crack, liuin wltoi'o ll Cranbrook, B. I'., the following prop-
Crosses Hi.- Iliiiisli t'uliiuibiii .Santii-crty, nanioly: Lot 18 in lllm-k SB.
crn railway, about three tulles nasi i Plan ,\'u. lilin, Uranbrook, ll. C, up-
from Kitchener In a point upstream]on which is erected n twu-st,„v
abouj sis miles Boulh. i Iranu'   tjweljing,    also   a frame sheil
The   only    lands affected by tuiab suitable for a slnlilc.
iimirnreini'iiis are my timlier licenses.|   Por further particulars and  eunili-
Tlie only   waters   aflected by saiil; linns ui sale aiijily to
improvements are Russell creek   anil
Thompson credit
Tbi' rale oi lull jnoposcil to bu
charged one ilollar per thousand foot,
hoard measure.
Dated this 2d day of February.,
tlNH r.  millnger.
Harris & Bull,
Vciiilni's Solicitors, Hank of B, N.
A- Building,
Vulieniiver, II. C,
Or to
Arnold & Roberts,
Cranhrook, B. O,
i.ntl, February, inns. 40-21 I'llK   (.'U.YM'IMMiK    tli! BALD
New Goods
New goods are arriving
daily. Ihis week we have
placed in stock .some of iliv
very latest styles in
Gents' Hats ~~W
and A%
Shirts       -*-Cffl%~2
for the spring trade    ^*  "" ,nk?f..
We have some very pre m patterns In Men's 5tltl Front
Shirts in all colors, prices ranging from Si.oo to $1.75
Suit .-1 nil Pleated Front Shli ts are Ihe latest tor tin spring
nml summer trade* We have just opened a very nice assort
ment ol ttwsu in all shades.   Prices from Si.00 lo $1 ;g
...NEW  HATS...
Ji1.1t opened :i Shipment ol lairs! styles in ll.its made hy
such well known makers as 5tet ion, Pitt, Scon, Young & \ 0,
am) the "Stella" brand.   Prices ranging Irom #1 35 to $5.00
I Tomato Catsup f
Ij! Wr Imvi nn Ai Tomato Cntaup, good quality, in lull   y
*i| pinI Unties llml wo mv wiling ai 35c.    Mali Pints 15c   *|.
I BreaKfast Food;
Vim,  isiniiliir to Force nnd sinne size packet),  V  per   ;••
packet,   Shredded Wheat  biscuits,   I.',   jut  ptirkol    X
Physicians' Prescriptions
and family Recipes
iM-.fi-7y.si-i) with
- ——Purest Drugs
\  C. E. REID & CO.
j   1)1' I! (Hi I STS      'Phone 7*1      STATIONERS
&*}>,     ■'■   .'    '■-.«*■><• a**-.'*   *   '  ■«'-    :    ■■    ■   * -•    $$$<*JM$$
9 When You Buy liquor %
% Buy the Beat1..,        = 1
1 W.' iv   ni nivlpt ..I ,  :■■ th,'  lloyol ilist-il   ■
T  I""     H,"l«,'" has tli    ,a      '       i„,,li, uul  |    I, ■
■ just tlm thinu.    Wi-wlli.,   ..'a        il„   liiitmr nm! i-iKiir ■
m tiwi' -in1,   ifuaici  iii i.njii'Hq niiu vigtu a ^
-jit,  --. t}^.■>&99':i^^'*9b'&9<&<-t>9-» ■  <■ -
Wholesale Dealer in I Iqunrs nnd Ciitars
»•;«.*.**&*   ,r--,*lv-niars.-
NOW (H'i;.|Mi!
A      ,,'!,"    -„l,s:.   -      -
Spanish Wines
Port -in ■
Sherry .
Wholesale Wines, la',|ii„ra „„,l Ctisra
■■»■■ apmaram
For the best cook in Cranbrook . "The Wilga"
For the best served meal "The Wilga"
For the nicest dining room .... "The Wilga"
For the best attendance "The Wilga"
 Special Terms for Business People	
I     A'  IVt ALL   iiHEKS     1
| dfici be j&ihama j
f      ..vJitiavs..
»V  ti-i'iii'.' ;"-.-     C-". <■*, uii tin- Im-*   S
hi-.-i ■• ■ _• ,-tt"ir."   I'ur  *S
.   -a,-a   -, -M *
,»„    LE-..LE *
Cra tbriHik. B. C
It-fit-, t-  ri. i^-.-t-t t-e-c-fc-e; e-.'
Call and See Us !
I,,,-,,-,.,,. al,l
11     I
'-,-,., .,      Ill        ,',
-,.,':-,,--.' I
I, -    ' ,        ..-",.-..   „
I-,-, Inl   111 n. I'l I   -I. I.   Urolch
PI"  t'C  HO    7H
local notes
Picked  tip Aboui ihe  Clt)   h>   Aaklag
oueMloini ol Mia)   People.
Read Morrow AMoFarlaae's ad.
Constaole Dow, of Ward nor, wan In
town on Tuesday.
T. U. Roberts was in Moylo this
week on business lor his firm.
J, 11. Port, tin' insurance hustler ol
Victoria, was In town scleral days
ibis week.
.Miss Lillian Tai'iibauser was confined lo Iter rooms several days ihis
week by sickness,
Miss Cole was taken lo St. Kugene hospital Insi Monday wiih an
attack of (iuinsey.
Mr. spilsteatl, ot the Klmberley
Manufacturing company, was in town
a COUplo of (lays lliis week.
Are you looking for quality'.'     We
have ii In the ".Sunshine Furnace."
Patmore Bins.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brcckcnrldgc, of
Wardner, spent several days In town
this week the gliosts of Mr. and Airs.
W. Stocks.
Mrs. A. Leilch left on Wednesday
for Calgary where she will meet Mr.
Leitch, who is returning from his
trip tn Ottawa.
J. M. Agnew, of the North Star
Lumber company, loft tliis'week Cor
n trip to ihe prairie, lit? will go as
far as Biandon.
Anyone wishing lo purchase any
Cranbrook Brewery stock apply to
Box "C:' Cranhrook.
II. A. It. McDonald, of Calgary,
representing the Herald of that city,
was iu town Ibis week In the interests ni bis paper,
Mrs. T. Hookes left today (or Fernie to give her husband smite good
advice about putting up curtains ami
hanging draperies in the new hotel nf
which Tom is manager.
Thf old Herald building on Armstrong avenue is for sale at a fair
price. Th.* building is a good one and
in mosl excellent repair, it is renting for ill a month.
Take thai suit lo the Crows Nest
Cleaning rooms  today and let  Rory
fix. it.
Mrs. ll. Beacham left last Tuesday
for -.lie east where she will visit foi
a time. Rev. Beacham left ou Wed-
nesdaj foi Vancouver, where ho goes
io take churgu ol his new pastorate.
W. H. milliard, a conductor ou the
Great Northern, with headquarters.
ut Fcrnie, was iu town last Tuesday.
Mr, Hibhard is a very popular individual and liis friends are legion iu
tins district,
C. W. Wilson has added a targe
front room to bis bakery and now
has a line ptaco of business. Mr. Wilson is doing well, which is a just reward for close attention tn business
and good work.
For Sali>—The Century Dictionary,
io large volumes, Cyclopedia nntl Atlas, Apply to "Century" care Herald olliee.
Mrs. W. n. Hill returned last Tuesday with her t-WO sons, Wilbur and
Stanley, who have It-ecu attending
school at Calgary. Stanley is getting along nicely since his unfortunate accident while playing hockey in
which  he  lost   an  eye.
The Bap I ismal service which was
announced for last Sunday in the
Baptist church was postponed owing
to the illness of the officiating clergy man. 'I'lli.s ordinance will he administered uexl Sunday by Rev, Mr.
Poole ol Fernie.
Sec the new styles in Slater shoes
al   Reid A  Co.'S,
Silas Baker h.is leased the baths at
Blairmore hot springs ami will pul
them in line shape for ihe public.
These springs are well known and
ihere is nn doubt aboil I the virtues
of the water.
Mi h\ (I, White has been transfer
roil in the Canadian Rank of Com
tneice ui Fernie. Another man is ou
his wai here to take his place. Mr
White is n conscientious worker, and
made many friends in Cranbrook by
his uniform cnurtesy to nil.
Leroy Sage is still iu the hospital
at Spokane, where be underwent au
operation, lie gol through tho operation all ritrht. hul is still very
weak. .James "AirArthur is in charge
of Mr, Sage's business in the meantime.
Cotrtafte for rent. J15 per month
Apply Arnold A. Rooiirt-;
L. M. Proctor, of the firm of Me-
Doiigal & Proctor, of Fernie, was in
town several davs last week. Mr.
Proctor is tine of the best known men
along llie Crow in the lumber business and a more jolly chap never tig-
ured on a car of lumber,
W. ,J. Bellinger ami D, L. Lincoln,
representing the Imperial Elevator
company, of Winnipeg, were in town
last week looking over the lumber
prospects of this district and making
purchases where they could. Their
company have" a string of yards and
elevators in Manitoba aud do an immense business.
Read J  L. Doeoboe'a article uppti
nnht hand corner ol local page.
The railway cheque* came In lasl
Reid iw Co   foi  swell curtains and
A. Moflai and Miss Mortal visited
Lethbridgv last  week.
laus wall papei 80 pa cent cheaper than ever at F. J. Bradley a Co. a
Want to know ol aa] bouses foi
-.ale or. easy terms in Cranbrook; iji-
ply p  u   Box ii-, Cranbrook, it. i
J A Hun.) Iin ..t. .VeducsJu)
lot Nelsun and toe cutisi tie win
> tail Vic lurid before be rciurnu
tt, 1- tlurd left ou Wcduosda) foi
the coast ou legal matters of on-
Foi   Sale—Small   furnished   house
Willi   kitchen,    cell.il    and   lot,   $200
cash     Apply Herald Office.       17*21
J K Smith has kuccceded Don \i
ion at tlie bead ol the bridge anl
biiilon,., department ul the Crow
James Ureei has been on the sick
list   lilt-  past   W'eek 	
Mr. llillis, ul Ainu isiey, spelii Sunday wnb lus brother, J, A, tllllls, < f
this loan
Mrs. S -J Might on returned lust
Thursda) irom a trip to points lu
the cam,
Mis. W iv Qurd will join Mr. (in. I
ai Ntlaoii ami accompany liim on his
trip in the coast.
Al<s 11i.irles Greer has gone :u
Peion ou whore liei husband has located,
F, f Bradley iv Co. arc showing
lhe Inns) line ol wall papers ever
brougni into Cranbrook.
il     and unfurnished  rooms
rent.   Apply to
Hugh Stewart,
l-iiiits  and  Coulee I lottery,
Armstrong Avenue.
J. Thompson  will  be glad
to   kl..
|W   1
..c presenl address of    U*
belt   I
,tl*W t
y,  who was lasl heard    of
at a i
ie ci
amp near Creston.
Neil I,      who   lias been   the
Aliss   Uuid   the past    tow
, returned 'ti her home   in
oinois   are satisfied    with
our hi;
i uac
i s and with our way of lio
ii.g im
.*»i lio.
Patmore Bros,
-■iinshine   Furnace"  is   ihu
po of home healing appa-
la I u.s.
Patmore Bios.
ihaw  has arrived  and   Hie
snow  ;
about disappeared on   mo
i li..'
ro   is  u   very   blight  pros-
■' ,,
ii"   a     uiaguilicenl crop of
s  ii
lis year.
•   Wl
is quite a crowd went   to
, ill.
Moudu)   night to attend
the ' li,
i lice
given   at the Falls View
not ei.
1 Ik
■.   alt   report  a magniliceit
Mr. and Mrs. T. li. Wbelau, Mrs.
ChonelU' and Mr, and Alls. Oougeon
aitehil.-ii a dance al Jatfray on Frl-
tliiv evening and report a most enjoyable lime.
lei bill Bowsluy, vvell known along
the •.'.!'» as a conductor, ami now
filling a like position on the Canadian Nnrilt.in, spent several days ill-
town shi- week. Mr, Dowsley's many
friends it; i raifbrook were pleased io
see luui and to know that he vvas
prospering iu his new location.
Wh,'ii the farmer wants a bountiful
harvest be is particular to sow good
seed. Same in the heating business.
Tlie dealer who wants to reap the
greatest towards must sell a thorough!) dependable apparatus. Our
stand-bj    is   the   Sunshine Furnace,
The Besi Ever."
Patmore Bros.
11, 11, (fllmour, of Vaiicouver. was
in town several days this week, ile
and peter Lund were about town a
good deal mi Monday and many people turned' around to take a second
look at the two giants. Their eom-
biniti weight is in the neighborhood
of f>ti() podnds.
Miss Connolly is prepared to give
lessons iu voice culture and piano
music. For particulars as to terms,
etc., she can be consulted at the residence of her brother, Dr. K. W. Connolly, any evening. -H-lt
Mr. Wood, of Wardner, has purchased from Mr, Spits tod the residence nn Poolcy avenue known ts
Park house. Mr. Wood intends to
bring his family here in a few days.
The sale was nuwlc through Beale A
El well.
Rev. Jonas Bushell, provincial organizer of ihe Grand Lodge of Good
Templars is expected in Cranbrook
some lime next week to lecture on be;
half til lempcrance ami kindred subjects. Cranbrook can stand a lot of
that kind nf work, so will welcome
Mr. Bushell:
New laces and embroideries at
RHd .v  Co.'s.
There was a fire at Vic Desaululer's
hottd in Moyie lust Monday. The
waterworks, of the town are frozen
and it was necessary to form a bucket brigade to the lake to save the
place The work was done well and
the iii,* put out before tliere was
much of a loss.
There ore a few of the Herald Annuals im sale fl you want to sen,!
your friends a long letter abo.it.
Cranbio.il. and South Raul Koolcnay
send litem an Annual, It will interest them. The price is 2fi cents .ind
they ate worth %],
Rev. Fortune will leave next Monday for Vancouver as d delegate
from tin* Kootenay Presbytery to attend lhe Synodi'cal Home Mission
convent inn ibat embraces the Prcsby
teries nf British Columbia and Al
berta. At the meeting of the Koote
nay Presbytery at Nelson last wee:
Cranbrook was easily in the lead ii
the mailer of contributions to th
missions, the amount being $401,
■Suite nf six rooms for rent in ecu
tor of lown. Rent (20 por monli
Apply Arnold ARpbcrt*.
Rlrathcoiia Plaimtcaler: While doing
business In Sirnthcona this week V
Dan Alton was the guest of his hi
ther here, Mr. J, If. Alton.
Cranbrook the other day, on thiol Mr. and Mrs. Alton's departuvu
for Calgary, where they will reside,
they were Called upon by a number of
friends. One of the pleasing feature's
of the oVenlllg was the presentation
of a magnificent silver tea sot with
tra) to Mrs. Alton and a large heavy
oak chair Trimmed in leather to Mr.
Alton, tokens of the esteem in whlen
they au* held in Cranbrook.
i ve
Nur.se Chambers, formerly ol Cian
brook, ha* accepted a very Komi po
sitlnn wnh lhe hospital at   Frank
The Standard Lumber company .
mill Is being moved from Mayook tn
Baker, the name of a new statiou
near Fort Steele Junction.
The Hospital Aid society will meet
at the home ot Mrs. E. II. Small
next Tuesda) afternoon at 3:30
o'clock to arrange for the annual ball:
J P. Fink returued ou Wednesday
from Spokane where he went to receive treatment for liis throat. His
throat Is vcrj much Improved and on
the highroad to recovery.
On Monda) evening, March 0th, lho
( 1' l; (Juadrllle club will give its
last dance before Lent. This club
^iven a number of delightful parties
during the season and in all probability ibis dance will be one nf lhe
.J E Vrnoll, ol J affray, was iu
town ou Thursday Mr. Arnell has
been engaged alt winter on a contract
with the East Kootenay Lumber company lot IO.ooii ties, and the othei
dav bad nvit T.uuu of them inspected and tu Ibe limith there weie only
tWQ culls.
'I'he Women's .Mission Circle of ll.e
Baptist church will hold their quarterly meeting on Wednesday evening
Maicb l. ai 8 o'clock. The liter
and musical part of the program Wifl
bear on missions, a cordial Invitation is extended tu all to be presenl.
At ibe close of the program a collection will tn* taken up iu aid of foreign missions, after which light ie-
fieshmenls will be served.
The Rev. Dr. White, superintend!'il
of Methodist Missions in British Columbia, wilt preach next Sunday in
ilm Method 1st -church on behalf <-f
missions. On previous occasions Dr.
White bits always been greeted with
line congregations iu Cranbrook,
whose people always appreciate a
man with au earnesl message, Lasl
vear ibis church contributed $150,
tho E. L. of ('. E. $44.20, the S. S.
$30.80, nr a total of $225 for missionary purposes. This year tlie pastor has set the sum of $300 as li
minimum to hi- raised,
WnrvliHT, li 0., Deo, J'.'tli linil
The 3pLtilng i:f spring will also sit
the opening ot the Marysville smelter. All through the winter work has
progressed .steadily ou this structure
and now thai the construction is
nearly completed, South Easl Koolcnay lias a smelter ihat is modern in
every respect, as all that export
knowledge and money can do to
erect an up-to-date smeller has been
done by tlie Sullivan company. Mr.
Weeks, who has been in charge, r.p*
pears Lo be one of the kind thai believes iu deeds and not, words, and in
consequence the mining world has
beard little or nothing of the work
as il progressed, but now that it is
nearly completed there will be plenty
of material evidence that Marysville
has a .smeller and that thi; Sullivan
mine, with its great body of ore, is
ready for operation.
Last week .James Finlay, who has
charge of the mine, was in Cranbrook
looking for men and making other
arrangements for active work on iin
property. During the past few days
quite a number of men have gone to
the Sullivan and within a few weeks
the number will be greatly augmented.
Smolting at the new plant of Iht
Sullivan Group Mining company, at
Marysville, B. C, should start with
the first furnace about March 1. The
second furnace—a duplicate of the
first, with a capacity of 200 tons of
lead ore daily—is expected to be running March 16, The last of the ma-i
chinery is on the road, and cold weather is the only thing expreted to delay operations.
At the mine near Klmberley about
35 men are at work ou development
ami stoping. When the smelter starts
lirst furnace the crew should be
increased to about 50 miners. The
tramway, 8300 feet long, connecting
■the mine with the worth Star branch
of the C. P. R., is running and the
ore is being moved, the bins are
complete und ore is being rushed,
while shipments of about a car of
silicious ore are being received daily
from the Quilp mine at Republic,
Wash. Tho (Juilp has a contract with
the Sullivan for supplying allthe silicious ores required.
A feature of the smelter will lie the
new tlahei Iin convert er. It is being
tried experimentally by the American
Smelting A Refining company at
its Pueblo, Col., plant. The converter for the Sullivan, which was made
in Spokane, i.s designed to reduce the
sulphur and facilitate the free extraction of the zinc. The crude ore
runs about 15 to 22 per cent sulphur.
It is crushed coarse and is roasted
in a revolving machine to out down
the sulphur charge to 8 per cent.
Then it is still further converted in
the Habcrlln plant hy a hot blast
which heats the ore almost 1o fusion
and cuts down the sulphur charge to
t per cent. The ore, instead of being
reduced to line granules, as is done
in most roasters, is left iu good
sized pieces much like coke, aud lhe
removal of the sulphur leaves air
passages nil through its texture. It
is fed into the smelting furnaces with
out   the expense ot briquet tint1;.
Iu the smelter furnace fusion is secured With about twice lho speed of
the old time methods, since the blast
is swept right through the porous
ore. There are only two products
from tin? smelter—lhe silver-leal bullion and the iion-ziuc-sulphur slag.
The third product—a sort of middlings, made (mm slag mixed with
lead—which is produced in smelting
practice under ordinary conditions is
It is not expected that the Sullivan will engage in custom smelting
for the present at least. It will
take some time to net the plant Into
the most   economical working order.
There i.s a vast reserve of ore in
the Sullivan mine that runs about 33
per cent in lead and 11 ounces in
Suporintendonl Weeks is in charge
of the smelter. He is an old smeller
man, with n Inrge experience iu
western plants. The Sullivan Group
company is controlled by Charles
Sweeny, George Turner and the Federal Mining A Smelting company.
S Morrow & M •Fiiriam*.
j Crnnbrook. li. l\
'     Tli.'I'oys li'-i-c ni'v.'i-tii*,. of prnisitiR year method of doing
| husitiosB, ;n,i! the Uiu*h of _.-..U you soli, i nyeciail)' -umpbell'a
• Clothing, Palmer's Nc.*r .-.'ipsiioe Packs. rwoSteepI sUnder-
J wear, liig Muni Overalls..- ,.    \',-.i\ while i tulmuvyourliouesty
i:  business, nml the tpiitlity and nmko nf tho above  utouttonetl
Hues of Lpxxia, tliriv is uiu* If <tinv nf your business which  I
Lhii m ':.-!-. .|..:i.- inuiv to tfivo you follows the trade of  thu Hur-
i :. .i -. !i:,-.:■:■ •-.--. :haii .'inyiliiim i»U4, that i>  you  havo  int-u   in
your store it> win I uu uii'ii.    I.ft uie t.-ll vou liovv I ben one a ous-
loui Tiifyours.   Vou know we Tie.'tacks nro funny follows, tuul
iiu.r. iirleim <1ch1 a luii aula*.   WVIlaboul a year when in (Van-
brojk, I luippcuo.l to waul n pair of 11 rawer-i, wont in  i ouo of
lim  bit<   -i"i'   sow   nolHMly   I-oil im I   the v tft-     I'lt-s.-iitlv
nn.uml  ii.'.-iii'liwi'iv .mini- u i.'i.lv clerk   Tins is whal happened,
I'ltsi'ini.-r   llootl wiutf.
( li rfc    Vmi ui-.ii something tliis iiioriiiuy;!'
r.i-.: uner    Uon't you keep men clerks lien*?
I In !;    Vob, Iml they tire out just now
t 'uHloiner    \\ lien will tli. y Iv in.
(Vik    I .-(iiiiil imt any; |Vrhn|w I eon wall on v< u
riiKioiuer   W. il I wuul I'nir -
rirrk    V.s I know wlml you wtuit. jusl e ' thi.s way,
i iirtiuiuer   No iiiirni, 1 waul pair
I'll -I    Oh! vi - ihis?
('ii'.'iti.'i'   N. .
i Ifii,   'lliis. i.im.this?
t 'list iiuii-i    Ni  ina'iu.
i ■|.',1..    Would vou wnil until Mr. li co m - in:
I went "lit. wns. i reeled lo your store nud lmven*umii.tHl.u sat-
Isllrd eiiHloiuer e\i i* shiet*.
\ "ins truly,
*). I.. Doimln
♦ •■•■••■■	
•-•"• ■ •>»•-«
0\ir Stock for Spring
..is Now Complete..
Win', -.,' sluill In' |il,-ns«l to show yon
tltt'niti;li -a! .|,...,,'vmi [,ri,-,'-.. Spring will
soon li,  I..-I 'nml tlml Itorrilili' ioh .,r housr-
i-ii-aiiii,^    i'' rlitijis „.- Ittivc >.'iin''iiiiiLr llml
will jus, - iii ynu .'.ml will ,,,.',It,- ,,„jr ho	
in,.ri- lii'ii iliflll     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::    ::    ::
Macconnell ($L Gillis
Furniture MerchantsvUndertakers
K. A. M,cconn.l, J. A. GUI!.
Why is true love like
SiQzi Ware?
It's all i v; ■
war- isn't Strar
" Imported"— !
Quiidruple Coa'i
War^ that W< :ir
are right, of co .;-.
iiiiwl ,'Vi.ry .lui.   Huvi- }■ ii liuilil Iraiki ll ' lii.ii...' .'I  lilting -I    I  llm
iiiilu'i.-i ,i!uHj,< inr mu,, wid, -..li.! floltts.conie in nn.l uxiiinitii' tliom.   We Ituvo „,,,'
,. .,  :,,|,<,  Vol. -I'l' llial  III.',.' i- ll*. tiling ,,,' ll',,, 111-,  all i,a-. >l-  atlil  liruWll J,|IJ»*I' ir IU
ilfll'll ,l-.'.l ill ,-l„-.,|ii,,„,la.
,..,l:m,ll i.'" ,ll,'.'..|„|.|.',.- ill llll llllW, IV.',,! ,,M.rta.i,".. ||lKlll ll|,|,ln> III » I . u'l
a Ins.
V.aua ll-lli.v,
is Ihe place tn buy
I McCallum's
I Hardware....  Coal 0il f
i x.w-'wrjMWKKammmmm
«        We have a carload on hand
try Pennolinel
Also a carload ol »
I Cumberland   Blacksmiths' Coal |
4 *
X has just arrived *
various kinds of 'lob \\'tirk
wanl'V1 f.'ds winter. Tn >jf.| it
done promptly nnd right Bee.
James Greer
j Ooutrockir nntl Builtlfr
To the Citizens of Cranbrook
Take notieo thnt we hnve mndu iirrnngements
with Manning & Siddonh, of Crnnbrook, to have the
exclusive ngoncy of our famous Mahioold Tea. We
talviso all lox'era of fine Ceylon to try n package, us
are convinced after using it once you will have no
other. Respectfully yours.
Thorne & Co. - Vancouver
!i TUK   (i:\MSHOOK    HE1IALI1
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled.for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Be era nd insist on having'it.
The Crainbrook Brewing <& MaJiii\$ Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of a.11 kinds of Aerated Wa.ters.
CRANBROOK. *   *   *   British Columbia
tl'iuiu the 1-tee l'ress.)
anil Mrs.  l'i.  Poster, ul I'lium
, arc in ttit* city.
Iti'iint-H   .m.i   i-iiiiiiii'i, arrived
iratrnliiy In.
tii'i   l..
J. K. Stephens.
II. I.. Stephens.
M. Kotkcniinrl
J. I.SWSU,,,
Morrissey Mines i.s still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephens Bron. 4 Co., Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, li. t.
H. I. Stephens
J. li. Stephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver «*" ■,* «•* .st
Stephen* Rroi., Owners and Proprietor*.
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
visit   l
New Hrtinswick
Ilu*     Presbyterians   m Michel are
juafcmg ,t strong aad united ettort tu
cuu- tin* service* ol lie*..  .Mr.  Reid,
Uie  present   iuiNsion.it)   im   ilu* i-oiii-
mg siiniiiii'i
i uit'i Constable LUoMulliu left < u
i iii'sdd) ioi .vriaairong, it. c., via-
loigary. Uu will be absent about .t
weeK and wiii iu- iucuttip.iiiicii oh ins
ii-iniii ii) his bisler-lu-iau. Com>tu
bu ttalRei is ntting ehiel in bis absence.
The U. P IL depol luui a naiiow
escape iiom iiisiiut tion b) tire early
on .NumUu inornii.g. 'Iin- lire broke
out in tin- wall ot llie liist-iiass waii-
iiig room l rum an over Heated move.
pipe. .Ui. itiM.iing noticed ihe smoke
nntl wiin asMstai.rt' soon lunl  n    , \-
turday morning statidard
ns allowed a mini mum
nmsiiatii.il oi u, degree* below re-
io. itus is tne coldesl record ever
Kuuwn in I'Viiiif.
\\. Patterson, thu section toreman
iioiti a win ton who was taken lo Me
hospital last week with seven- trout
ones nu his iiitmis anil leel mulct
weni an operation yesterday
iw.. bands wero amputated
wrists. Parts ol his leet \
iimved tomorrow,
.**..   A.   Hilt,     representing
.Montreal w nolesaie grocei
was in tiif en) tins weoK. A tew
aajs ago wlme in Calgar) Alt. Hill
received a marked cheque for $85U,«
unu bequufttheii by a deceased relative iu England. Mr. inn will ie*
main ou tbe road despite his quarter
i taking tin* cbalr,
ihe proposition wad
important that the
' hilly discussed, uml
fi.uii nil
ill be I
You Are Liable
To be accidentally Killed, Crippled, Blinded, Disabled
or taken ill at any time, and the value ot your time
I which is money to you I may be destroyed in a
How Dare You
ignore this danger and go without adequate protection lor yourself or family, against Loss of Time,
Total Disablement or Death ?
If you are not fully insured, let us attend to this important
matter fur you at once.
Hutchison & Black
Phone 119
P. 0. Box 74
I Now being incorporated i Capital $,o,n,K>
PROVISIONAL   DIRECTORS:- John I ensl. I.. C ,.,>)>. J Brnil't. W Eil.nnls, S
Bernhardt, R. S. Baron, B, Lflllc, (1- (lounenn; Secretary, A. ,1. Block.
Thin local investment nnd lottn i'<i!ii]>iii>\ 1ms Ihiimi  Hunter]  ns u
* people's eomiinnv, by the people, lur llie people,
Shares $,.oo each Cash, or m, the Mi.nthly Payment Plan
'Phone 119    Hutchison & Black    Sole Agents
...Manitoba Hotel..,
X Thit' Hotel is in the
(I',,,ler New Mnniiiii'iiii'iii I *
0. A. McDONALD, /Manager !
center o( town.   The rooms ire   '
$ comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first-
| class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you
* want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba.
Examination of tlie eye*
Is a hobby with ns.
Weexnitlitie free ami only
in:,!., modest charges when
glosses nre requiretl,
SI..-X n mounting, help
ns to iiii i- satisfaction.
W. F. I ATE,
orahuitb optician
RE—-- your *n
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
i If the rush of business
> prevents YOU finding
i time to  write   up your
| books, or having  your
< bills and accounts regu-
i larly rendered and col-
I lected, apply to
,     I'. 0. Box 111
|  CRANHROOK, >   j» B. C.
Paint that Stays
Wholesale & Retail Butchers 1
and Grain Dealers
Prices and Quality Guaranteed.
Wc liso till' lii'St (if   lll.'i-
toi'iiil in..i onr work nlwnys
^ivos Btitirtt'actjon,
When ymi wuntiplimting
(iiijuT luiuying, clocorufcing
ot »i«jci i writing, SCO U9
oi a luillioi
Last Saturda) tl. (i. Mortal, llqul-
tor lor tin* buraiu Manufacturing t'o.
applied lu Judge Im uiu ut Hit* vount.v
i^ourt ioi" an order hi .sell Uie company's plant lor uie sum of $l>3,tuil>,
mis aiiioiini havlug been bid iiy Mr.
0. \. Mow when Uie planl was put
up ior sale weeks ago. His Honor
granted ibe order lie also adjusted
cnutge.*. u> lie paid the provisional
liquidators. His Honor tn dealing
witli the inalter look occasion
pass smiii' strong remarks nuout 'tie
manner in which the Wind lug up pro
yeuiHiigs Had tavii rotardud b) v.iv om-
ceis oi tin1 company. It was ttu
uut) oi* iito ollieers of Incorporated
companies nt rondel all the assUi-
alicu tliey could in such exigencies*;, ny
supplying iunuiiiaiiou, exhibition ci
oooKs, papers, etc. Air. MofUUl lias
about $tt,UUU uf other funds ot ilie
company, Tlm JW,U00 will probably
pay the creditors &u cents on tin* dollar. Mr. .Molt purchased iin- property, wc undei stand, for Hit' I uion
liauk ai Maclt'iid, om* of lhc heavies'
creditor**.. Hit* new owners havo now
a proposition mi foot to form a now
company and to get ihe plain under
operation once more.
Wm. Henderson, of Victoria, wlm
is in the employ of tbe Dominion government as resident architect for' the
province of Urltlsh Columbia, arrived iu Keriije last night to make his
report un ibe available siie.s fur the
new poalbllice building. Mr. Hender-
not only has charge nl all Dominion
government buildings iu the province
mu he also includes in bis duties a
similar relationship to Dominion iel-
ephone and telegraph lines. When
asked as tu his work here Air. Hen
derson .spuke of il as a simple mat
ler. 'there were only a few sites
available for the new public building
ami he did not see any reason for
sectional feeling iu lhc'matter, lie,
in his report, would forward to the
government the various particulars of
diflerent sites together wiih the
prices asked. His recommendation j.s
to choice was then left to the Mini)
ter of Public Works. His choice was
usually selected unless the p&opli
clearly showed that they disagree.!
with it. Mr. Henderson Intimated
that the selection would be made
without any delay and that the construction would commence iu lhe
spring. Already jao.OOU had been
granted and this would be sufficient
for the first year's work. Mr. Henderson leaves tomorrow for Rossland
where he will meet Jas. McEvoy
land commissioner of tho coal company t-o secure the price on the coal
company's old site;
(Krem Uio Leadat.)
A change took place in the management of the Cosmopolitan hotel trills
week, Joseph Niederstadt retiring and
T. V. Lowney assuming control.
When the St. Kugene was in operation four years ago Mr. Lowney ran
this hotel for several months aiid enjoyed a lucrative business. Air.
Lowney is well known lo the miners
and has himself worked with them iu
Butte and other camps in the northwest. He will eater to the working
classes, and has'his hotel lixod up
with comfortable quarters for them,
A. C. Uowness was up from Cranhrook Tuesday.
J. C. Hayes, representing A. L
MeDermot, was up from Cranhrook
James   Cronin    left   for   Itoss I ami
tenia)    and   will   be   absent    for
week 01' ten days,
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1'. Karrell returned home Tuesday from Lowell, Alas:
where Ihey spent about two months
ou a vlsll.
('has Iliessel, Geo. Clothier, Mike
Homier, Arthur Daiiduraud, Miss Dan
dnraiul and Mrs. Stinson are in Hos.s-
land attending the carnival.
O. Paulson, the victim of the blasting aceidmil in the .Sl. Kugene mine
last fall, intends to circulate among
the miners for the purpose of obtaining sufficient money to take him to
Sweden, where he has relatives living. Paulson's case is a sad one, anil
he is deserving of any assistance
which can he given him. After 'he
accident there seemed to be little
hope of saving the sight of eith,»r
eye, Everything possible was done
for him within the power of the local physicians, and then he was taken lo Spokane and placed under the
treatment of Dr. Harvey, an eye specialist. Paulson returned to Moyie
a few weeks ago. He can sec a little out of hoth eyes, but his vision is
so dim that he will forever he incapacitated for making a living by manual labor. He wishes to go to the
old country, where, perhaps, he can
go into some little business and make
a living. He is a good, steady young
man and those who arc in a position
to help him along should not fail to
do so.
KAll.w \\   MEN MEET.
Ilu* idea evolved by Conductor IK--
\ete Hunt to secure homesteads lor
railway employee untlei proper ic-
trietious was given its lirst strong
boi'st uu Tuesday evening at Wenl-
wuitb hall at tho meeting of the railway tueii called to discuss the proposition. There were between fifty and
sixty people present, representing
nearly every branch o\ iho railway
serviie, and although it was manifest
llial tlie idea was a new* uue aud had
uut been thoroughly considered, yel
thete was ample evidence of the fact
thai everyone presenl was deeply Interested. ".J. II Custake, lhc 'well
known engineer, was.called lo ihy
iban and C. II. Ktiocke was named
as secretary.
Ml.   Casl-ikc.
stated that sin
a new one it  w
question should
Ihat  he  would  like  to heal
present so as lo securi'llie
those Opposed as  well  as  tli
might tavoi  lite idea.
Hr, Hum was called upon in si am
he wenl into lhe mullet in detail,
wtlig liv his sialcnieuls that l.e
had given tlie subject no little study.
lie icft-iiiil to lhc statistics showing
ihe volume ui Immigration the past
yeai and quoted the opinions uf those
lulhority as to ihe probable increase ihe coming season, lie spoke
of, the railway men, ol his work, ami
Of whal he could ilu after he had
reached the age when Ifaerallway companies dill not consider his services
worth the price formerly paid. The
service of a railway man was different in many respects than that in
any other ileid of labor. His opportunities were circumscribed, aud Ills
chances for amassing a competency
for himself unl family in later yexi\s
were limited. The idea proposed did
nut mean that the railway man was
asking fer am gift from the govern
ment, bnt simply the slight favor of
being allowed under restrictions imposed by the government to secure
lfiO acres of land without complying
With the clause in lhe homestead law
providing for six months residence
each year until the land could be
crown granted. So far as making
improvements each year, that would
be only right and fair, and the railway employe could provide for such
conditions. Ile slated that this was
the initial movement but that be
hoped to see it taken up by the different orders all over Canada and
carried to a successful issue
Messrs. Ross, Carter, .Simpson,
Pott iti and othors made a low jc-
niarks, and then on motion of Air.
Knocke, seconded by "Mr. Hunt, the
following committee was appointed to
arrange for another meeting iu the
near future: .Messrs. Caslakc, Hathie,
Iliggeuhothfin, Hunt, Linquest, Bex,
Shnekteton, McAuley, McFarlane,
Harris, Flowers. AlcCowan, Larri-
gan,  Preston, JafTrny and Ross.
Che Cosmopolitan Botcl
A Firstclass House Centrally Located
I:. H. SMALL, rianajjer
it, Fine S.imple Roomi in Connection.    The bedrooms TT
ff1 are airy and comfortable, and the taMe is the best llie rSr
market affords.
•.  -.   ..'   SMS  rtM^'^-CiHB
,„ „   ®  $   .',  ;•> ® ■(<) ■&•
!   P. BURNS ^ CO.
WMcialc >n,l Ui'tall
l-'r sl* nnd Cured Meals
Fresh    > i-li,   (lame   ami
supply nnl;
I null' i
ihe beat     Viir
' n.ilkiU'i!
Marl-flu in nil the principal town*;
In llriioh Cn'uinbla
mm m^mam :mmmmEW$mmu
Last Saturday the people uf Cranbrook welt shocked Uo hear of the
death ol "Tim" Love, one of lhe best
known characters in South Easl Kootenay. lie had been in pour health
for some lime, hut still it was nol
thought that he was near death's
door, lie passed away easily and
quietly and is now at rest. Timoleau
Love was 77 years of age. He was
born iu Lancaster, Ky., nml was a
veteran of the Mexican war, and for
whieh he drew a pension from the
United States government to tlie
time of his death. A strange coincidence, Gen. Lew Wallace, the author
of "Ben Hur," and a Mexican war
veteran, died the same day. and there
are only a few of them lefl. Mr. Love
has visited mosl of the mining fields
of the world and for years had been
a respected citizen of this district.
Cndeitakcr Ueaity is holding the le-
mains until he hears from relatives.
Next week the Herald will haw
something to say about the career of
Mr. Love Ibat space forbids this
Again the Herald is in hard luck
We had a water motor shipped hy express from San Francisco to get hero
in time for this issue, and Manager
Stocks, of the water company, was
to have everything in shape for operations by noon Friday. But the waterworks'proposes and the hoodoo
disposes. A break :n the water connection of the Herald office made it
impossible to do a thing until Saturday. In conBe(]iienee, it was necessa-
ry, at the lasl moment to arrange to
send the forms to Fort Steele for
printing, and cul down the size of the
paper to four pages. By next week
everything will he. in shape once more
and the Hernld will be doing business at the old stand. The banana
weather is all right, but a newspaper
hoodoo is a hard thing to contend
The annual meeting of the Associated hoards of Trade was held in
Nelson this week, commencing Wednesday morning. Cranbrook was represented hy R. E. Beattie, who left
on Tuesday, and J. A. Harvey, who
was unable to leave until Wednesday
I). V. Molt, representing Fertile, and
Dr. ll. Watt, representing Foil
Steele, passed through on Tuesday's
train for Nelson.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned for the position of ugen'
for this locality. One willing to canvass preferred. Good position t-o
the right man.   Apply
Occidental Loan A Savings Co.,
P. 0. Box  152,
■IflnH Vancouver, Bf C
1905      NEW      I90S
Wall Papers
.lloWtt   ill  t'l.'llllilia.l,
Striji,-  miVcts
Vnrjiisluil Tili's for Bntlimonii
!..„t„ Mutch 1,11 l'.i|„rs
F.J. Bradley & Co.
The Old Way
family washing ii cot only laborious and unhealthy,
ether out of k'
Patmore Bros.,
-3 '$tattdai>d''
A. Laundry Trays
Mj makeit possible to do the"wash-
By lug" with (he least labor and best
/ result.} 11 both mistress and ser-
■', v; r. t'. 1 .nacre :■ ny reusoi) for not
\      having a modern "ttfauafu'd*
I...1U..-;y ii: yo.:r nome?   It you
V       tiiinK the cost !iii'!i,consult us ami
you will be agreeably surprised.
Craubwok,  Ii. C.
*^KJ^1ffX3$&^BXlf---m il
Robin-Aon-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind. Ol
Rous \i and Dressed Lumber
\ Drink Home Beet
Cedar Poles'
Sealed temlers, fiitlnrseii "Tenilt'i'
lor Contract E" and addresseil to II.
B. Gillis, Oily Clerk, Calgar)-, will
be received until noon nn March lfltii!
11,05, lor supplying about 000 cedar!
poles 80 feel long and 120 poles ',Ti i
feet long.
Specifications may lie obtained from i
the City Engineer, Calgary.
The lowest or any tender nnt nee-;
essarily accepted.
F. W. Thoiold,
City Engineer,
li is Pure
ii is healthy
It is the Best
| Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
| Old shoes made new.   All kinds
1 ml repairing,   (live me a call.
i |V'^s"'***«*4i*J«*4NiNr.a<
ii Say, People
Hnvo ynu srrtn tlio work of
Crows Ni'st Htvuni liiiiuulryy
It's   rcrlainly up - to - date,
S|ici'iiil riitoii for  lintels mid
family work.    S| tntils
IIiimih'Ik. Iilmiki-th ninl cur-
1 iiius. \\ hitfi hilinr only,
Porfcoi HntiHi'm'tinn pflvon by
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry J i
SLATBK S McPDEfi, Proprietors  j j
It is The Best Paper in Seven
Districts, and You Should
Have It.


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