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Cranbrook Herald Dec 24, 1903

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VOLUME   (1.
< I'AMil.'OOK,   BIUTISIl   COLUMBIA,  T'-HItSDA Y,   DECEMBER   24,   1803
The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Head Ofi'ic*.*. Toronto, i
Hon. Oro. A.Cox, Pfealileiit, n. r, Walrrr, r.cn. Man, t
I'jIJ II,"   Ci-ill.il
Ret   ....   .'.",;;
Tolnl Resource!      ,.,..„„.„„..,...
j Deposits Received.   General Banking Business Transacted j
1 StVINdS DANK DHPAIiTHIM  DtpNlli Kccetved   Inltreit Allowed.
, ss.joii.ii.m nu
.. .i.iiiiii.iiho to
IIANKINll in   M ill    Hi.i
-i.l   nilli.l.
ll- I'..,1,1,,.,..i.   I.   , ,,.M1  mli
lil. I
I-'. C. MALPAS, Manager.
S Capital, Paid Up .$2,933,890 jj
Z Rest $2,o3b,3l2 S
S T. R. M.rrin, Prts,   D. R. Wllkle, Vice lVs..ind Gen, Manager J
W-  il,
JJJ A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold ayalla- w
j ble in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe. Special uv
* attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     Jjj
In   in i-iii'i!iiiii-i-  v.illi    iln-  ii-in.'ii
itnsloin, Tlie Herald uill nol issue
ii it ll ■!• ii"st   Week,    f Iur lliiver-
tiaer*. ure *elturged by tin-in*.nth.
mul ns ii result lli,.j ({i'l   1'i.iir extra
weeks in  n   v.-nr.  he ■  iln-.i will
imt Im.- by (lie nrrnn rem -tit. This
niil,-i.i- I'l,.- II. .iM -mil iiinni
inn-limit. 1.1.I.i like iv'iii.* i.--.,|.'■ ■.
enjo}' the litilltlnys of llii*- mtn-wii,
Ohristiunsniid New Voni-a.
The editor Inkea this.-1.|....t>,,.i
I.,  Of   Wishing   Ull   uf   'I'll.-    II.-llllll
i*,-:el,*i.-in Merry C'liriBlniiis nnd n
tluppy Xi-ii* Vonr. Mny your joys
increase, mny your Borrows tlt'inin.
isll. lllltl lllll}' Prosperity heinllle Hi"
I'uiiiilinr Iii ynu tiiut vnu will i-i-.-i-l
him us un i.ld liliu- friend,
fine Christmas I;ISPLAV::.•;,,;1,;;, '!^:!^r;;is,,:;,i;:.7ii.^
I nab ami views.
<■  IV Tisdale, tin
*>&*<*-*&***** AA***** ..
*1m»t»»m»»t-"«-«***--***'*-------—-;^^^i'-i.-.^^-*-J---.-s=,J £ >.
'/Tvv*".'VV1'»t:>yft»-iivtf»y  'i h
j] w wish you all a
§ And a *«
New Year.
•i,-- •* i
4 »
*.- §
4 »
4 »
4 »
« ►
11 Ton Steele mercantile Company 11
ti ti'"ii"" a
llnltiiii liunl.
A very pretty w.-ddiii;.' took
plnce in Christ church mi Monthly
ul une o'clock, when Miss l£lonuo]
(iiiid. second dnuglifor of Mi-s,
Geo, (''in-ill wus iiniteil in innrringn
In Mr. Snniiii-1 l-iiltini-d llnllnii, of
l,eiliii-. Alberto. The church wns
very prettily docorntt-d with evergreens nnil chrysanthemums.
Nearly every sent in lhe church
wn i Iill'd witli  quests before lhe
liej ii iii": of tl i-ieiiimiv.     At
tin njijn i-m-il hour Mr. Elwell
tunl; bis pine - ul lhe i r.-un nnd ns
tbo COIl-;reg.*llinn Sting sullly "till
A'uii-- th.il Breathed iiii Eden,'
Hie   nshi.'1-s,   Mr.  Ilurulil   Xuii.n
nml Dr. I-'. \V. Clrcon, ci np tin
llisle followed liy lhe liridi'Slliniil
.Miss Din's}' MuJl'.-il. whu wa.*-
gowued iii ii tlniuty pink uiOitsseHiu
ile-snie. iiniili' up uver pink silk
She curried pink ruses. A Inrge
blnck picture hnl completed n
smi-i-I girl's toilet.  All eyes ccnter-
Irani rail,    Mcrtlianls   Han    Don li;" "I"'1" s'""" ''""' •'""■ I"'-V"11
J his pine.-, nnd bus in.-uli-il ulH-uutv.
•if™1  "Ifl. J| is 6"»looutil with evetBreem nntl
l 4-.ji.-i- Btrniula, ivliile tin- win.I..us j
j .-..iilnins u line eulleeti.'n ufi nuilii-s [
EXCELLED    ALL    MIK'Ulf    VEARS iiuta. fruits, tobi ,,. * s. ,*i,*.
Munis .. .InllilVr l,.-in> I i, si-
iins}   the}   Were lllinllle tu (111    wlllit
tile}' hml   inlenil.-d. nml yet  Ihey
liim- iiiTiingi-il sunn- very nttrnotivc
ilir-|"I.IVH of tlu-ir llli'llls.
Tin- M.-ii-i-iiniiell l-'iirniture com-
liniiy hnve n gn-nt displny nf furniture uud drupi-ries thnl uiukes
tbier store room look liken place
in nu custom city.
Crowds   oi   People  Have   Looked
Witb    Pleasure    un    lhe
Results Accuini'iisiied.
in. mu   ivioiiu  t  iiiimi  ik tin:
Tin* nicrchnuts uf Crnnbrook
Inin* excelled ull previous elliirls
Ihis yenr, lioth in tin- Wl)y of slocks
mul th.- bounty  nf Iheir tlecorn-
tiollfl, The Illllllil is ple.lSi-,1 lu
know llml Iln-.i nil linn- lllltl n line
Chi-islni.-is trnile, which wns richly
deserved nu 'ici'iiunl of their Ollter-
prisi* nml business courage in
providing whtil lhe people wnntotl.
The store rooms nnd windows linve
nltruetcd ii great denl uf nttotltion
nnd elicited tbo stipiigeal words of
praise, nnd every niglil tlie streets
hnve been crowded wiih people
enjoying the pretty scenes presented.
W.H. Wilson; tin- jeweler, hns
hadi) niosl nllrnelive displny. Tlis
window wns hi'rnuged wiih ;i reveling shelf, mul lliis wns filled
j with tin- fin'esl in tlie wny of
jewelry   nnd   silvei'wnt'6   nud   mil.
Th.* Fort Steele Men-nntile C0111-
pnuy tins bud n line displny nf
Christinns necessities, nnd llu-i.
Ini'i;e stun- is pleasing to look upon,
with its new dress nf paint nml
lasty nrrriitgeiiioiit uf noinls.
\V. T. liniil A* (',... hnve turned
their sl,,!-.- ini,. a  di-ei if ln,lli«'
Cumlni-tiir .1. Ilurreuii hus gone
■nsl nu ,*i linliilny trip,
Operntor  Curl   Lion  hns 1 u
PlMiinted lu ticthbridge,
Dr. K. \V, (ireeu went lu Sinlnr
nu t-'i-iilny un company's business,
Conductor Cory is now uu the
pnsseitger iii plnce of Conductor
Miss Annie Attwood, daughter
uf tlie ngenl ut .Moyie, wus iu lown
tliis week.
Locomotive Foreman Eager hns
been   un ii   visit  lo Montreal on
pi'iinie business.
-Mrs. .1. Austin, wife of tho agent
ul Elko, wns iu Inwn uu Sntiinlnv
for Christinns shopping,
,1. S. Mneken/.ie. of Delornine.
Mnn.. entered upon his duties ns
clerk to  Uouiliuiister  Doolnu  this
•1 Bin LcaJ of OaL-ra is Hepurtetl
Will   Probably   Work   the   Old
Placers on Rider Bar
Next Season.
Till-: Miltlll STAR 10  RESUKE stllPI'INO
Musi Kootonny's lli*.; Mail Ortler II
**t*******************r.***************************4 t
J t,************************ ************************ ? ?
♦ 1*1*1
. . A VERY . .
Merry « *
Christmas !
...ml gentlemen's goods.     Brightly
■''"I '"' I'i'*. who  i.'ll"«-.-.lj,,,|„|.,,|    (,|0ti|9,     cushions    mid
»'••'   l"*r I her,   U. I*'. Hiii-l.:,|rnp,'s. emits und  lies, everything
11,-r gown  wus rich  white crepe nB„*    „,„-    mir.-i.-tii-,-.      Messrs.
df-ehine, nilide with  n   hmidsuin.'   .\thi--).,.-U nml  Smith   have sinvlv
yoke of euibroideti*il  ehill',,11  und .,|,m,. .,„„„. |ini, „,„.|.
triinnii'il with rieli lie.-iv}- l.-ii-e. Tin-'     |j     |.;     Btnittit'    hns   su   mnn}'
long veil Ihnl toll lo tl nil of thc ■•,•-,„, ,1,.,, |„. |ina  [ullmi  it  (|*-|j'.
denii-lrain was caught with orange Li*, ( M|;,, the displny  In- do-
i'hissoms,     sh,-    carried    bri.l.-. si,„|.    Roth iu his drug slore  I
v, s-.i.     The gioom m.-i  them nl nt his liii-aiiir, iln* lalcsl  mul besl
Ihenllnr niili  liis best  man   Mc|i„ toys,  leather "..nils mid  china
A. (..'.Motherwell.    Rev. Benchnm   .,m,.jtjM) |mvo mir.i,-le,l  tl ye
|.ei-f,.riii.-d the impressive service | lim1 !in,u^.,\ lhe ciithitsinsni of tin*
.f tin*  IJi-.-ii-.il church.    At  ihe j pm-clinser,
■oncltisiou of lhe church ceivmony      Ul:i   lV   ,-,,„  „,,, „„■„„,]  ]„„,,
In-bi-idnl iinrty drove lo Ilu- home ■ll-t.omiun-,     '|'|„-ii-  windows nud
p th:-bride's nml her where a  re. I.i...-.......    .   -„B hnv... 1 n  lill.-,l
If is reported thnl uu  import-nil
strike bus la-en mude mi the Sulli-
in mine. Imt nu direct  t-iiiinuuui-
tiun COlllll   In- secured   with   the
initio   tn   verify   the   statement.
Wurk ou this property  Ima lieen
ried un since its discovery near-
ly HI yenrs ugo on scattered oro
bodies.  Uo Continuous   lend   lining
discovered till lasl week. when, iu
running n tunnel from lhe Infest j
Nu. 5, lit. ll depth uf 11 Kl feet. In
connect with tbe other ivurkings uf
tin- initio, it is reported thut u lend
of galena Jin feel across, witli deeply defined mills, wns eneoimteretl.
The ore runs ."ill per cent lend ntnl
j-.-"! ounces of silver, the highest
nvernge values which hnve yet la-en
struck on lhe property. While (he
nre body is nut all of the grade
mentioned, tin- Inrger portion of it
is, uud nil within the Willis of il
ninrki'tiible value,
cep     lo   ii    huge
friends w.-is held, a del
wns served, uml  Inter i
lllllll}' I...-I.-.I4. mul   |-,..,|	
groom's gifl   lu  hi.. In-
! Iheir slm
with   Hn
I !.
The Real Estate and Mining Brokers
Cranbrook, 13. C.
4-j.. ,... m;    ,     .     .     .    ,     .    .       .;„'.;-.    .    .     .    .    .    . - .
ftle Wish yon fl fiappy new Vear j
Wc have |usl closed a prosperous yen-in
our business, Tliis is largely due to the
splendid support wc have received from
the public, who appreciate good treatmenl
.nui skilled service, Wc.irc sure oui*business relations have pi-oveiioliiuilu.il bene
lii, .md we promise our hearty co-operation in 190-1. Out- wish to our customers
.nil ihc p-iblic in general is that thc New
Yen- wil' bring thein increased prosperity
and happiness   **   .*«   .*'   .**■    -.-«    **
VV. H. WILSON, Jeweler and Optician
i !> Just Arrived. . . ||
i the l>ri<l
■ im
lorn   in;il»i*   nl'   Iln-
noma, ntnl lo Willi  llivoiitfli  Iheir
'iiniiis is ,*i |ili'iisni*i' I'm* utiy jii'i'suii,
Hi.* l.i'i-litcsi ul' colors worn Imr-
h ninit'  wns ii jnioniotisly nr milled so na to plense
I'*'"'1 ;,n*1  "ih}' lironcli. 11.| y0 nml cnti-h tlie fiim-yoE the
mid nml proomainnii  itn1tvi*lunl, milking n plctisliiKCom.
|i.,.i*l lironcli iiml ,*i  |,j*,-,tionnsi] whole.
|n-.ii*l Kcnrl [iin, \\hiii1 iIn1 usher*-
I'tH'i-ivi'il very piviiy silver innteli
Im»Si li,   Tin* ledum's mollll'l' lifl'ivi'il
I'roiit Toronlo. iiml .Mr. uml Mrs.
(i,,i. MrTuvishof Risers Inlet, It.
('. Iir-'ilirrin 1,-iw nml sister, were
tilso heiv. Tii.- wetltlin^^ifls weni
ninn,'i-i.us uiul costly.   Tin' hritlnl
i pie lefl "ii iln- iiftcrnoon  iniiii
for n trip ii. the const, The lirido's
uoiiijj iiwnj  :
t'. \\. luiil iV' I'n.. hnve ninth' ti
mosl nttrnelive window wiih toliel
nrticles nnd enndies, nml their
slnt'i1 is filled In overllowin-y with
tin* lutesl in Bluttonery, hooks, etc,,
I'.  Bums   tV  Co.'s tnurket  lins I
J. M. Lyuiiin, otic time ttgent at
Morrissoy,  is  now  stationed nt
dnllriiy.   Hi' Ims boen j lined hy
Mrs. and Miss Lyman,
Operator J, I-:. Watt has for-
saken tht< operating iiistrutuent for
(In* joys uf a liraki'inati's life. Ile
is now running out of Crauhrook.
Among those who have gone
■list recently is Conductor t^atn
Hnyos. Mu will make quite a stay
In Winnipeg, ami at Detroit Midi.
W. Korrislal. clerk at Michel,
after n few days sojourn in Orniibrook, left hy Friday's west IhhiiiiI
train for Vnncouver on a visit to
his friends.
Charles A. Lind, of Medicine
Hat, is the new operntor at Crunlirook. Hu has succeeded 0\m'*
utor (4, B. Rtedmaii, who wns last
week transferred ton more responsible position al Dmimoro Juiid-
•1. Crooks, who for some time
past has ,'it-led as trainmen's time-
'.oopor under Snperiiiienileiit Nib-
lock at Calgary, has conn' to Craubrook lo Iill a similar |«isiliun   iu
tlie      oflil f       SlllM'filitelideiil
(-Juito a hevy of IVietiils gathered
on tho station platform lust week
to cheer A. (I. Wilttiot, the assis-
tunt ngont, on his depiuture east.
A lamentable necident occurred
un liu* Canadian Pacific railway
one nml ,*i half miles enst of Wnnl-
'icrou Tuesday.    The vtotlm whs
.-uli-.-if unite iiaiiu'il (iiiirye Hewlin,
young man of 38, who wns well
kimwu 1 m it li in Cr.-inlinxtk and
Wnnhii'i*. He hml lately lieen
employed by the Crow's Xest Paw
Lumber company,
The hum- uf the accident wa*
10:80n. m.   Hewlhi.nl  the time.
wns walking along the track le*
wards Wardner fmm tho east   Ho
was iiIkiuI  one  half  mile distmit
frmn   the  town,   when   |»asseu*<er
train No. H appearetl  hohind him.
Engineer Drummond, wlm was at
the throttle, sent  out  ;i  piercing
warning, which Hewlin. being, of
course, stone dent unheeded.   The
distance between the train and him
W03   very slmrt and there was no
time t<> shut off s ten in.    Thc noxt
moment the engine had mn  Hewlin down, hurling him n distance of
twenty   y..nU  clear uf the track.
The ttaiu was brought to a standstill, and Conductor K. MoLennnu
at once tan to Hewlm's aid.    A
cursory • xatniuation  showoil that
the man  had suffered terrible in.
juries,   two legs  broken,  his loft
arm   smashed, ami  his  face and
head severely cut.    He was tenderly placed in the express cat, and
brought   into   Craiilirook.   whero
under ihe personal supervision of
Dr. KiiiL'. (ta whom information of
the accident had been teh*graph-
e.1.1   lu*    w*i,   conveyed  in   tho
ambulance   tc   tlie    St.    Kugene
Tlen'n ear-ful i-xamination revealed that a more serious injury than
■ither tin- broken arm ur legs, was
tin-   injury   tu   tin'   skull,   which
Gold on Lamb Creek.
Tho finding of placer gold on
Lamb ereek. lhat Hows into Moyie    .,,„    ...   m.-   »mui.   v,
lake, convinced a few Crnnbrook finally proved fatal, ami the unpeople that there should be paying fortunate victim of deafness suc-
golil hearing gold then-, and .1. K. [c'umbed to his injuries at 11 o'clock
Leask. Dan McDonald, Peter Tuesday night Th.- funeral ser-
Keiller uud John McDonald staked ; vices w re held Thursday from tlm
11    undertaking     rooms.
several claims n tew W-CMSngo.nun | Mc
have been doing some work.    Ah ,i
result ftioy-fwHul some very prom-! A NEW BREWERV.
isiug ore. and [ibrtious of it  shows j     ^ 	
free gold,   Assays have boon made; A   Cranbrook   Company   Forowd   ui
giving values as high as $28, which j      Work Will be Inaugurated Sooa.
means that next senson thev will do     „„      , , ,,     ,      ,
t     ,        '.        , i     the advantage of Cranorook as
some extensive development work     ...       , ,
., a location for a   hn-wt-rv   has   long
ou the property, i. ,      ,   * ?
been recc^mzed, and ujion  s<'venil
n. . .  r .. occasions the question uf o-rganiz-
Rlcti in Gold. I, ' ,       ,        . 7,. ,
i mu a company fur the estahlish-
George Roy of tho Poplar Creek       tf    , h     Wn mi
been transformed under the direction ,,|" Manager Sterrit. luslead
of the suutli room formerly used,
there is now a  large commodious
I'lu- largest and best stack of
Granite and
Ever brought Into the district.     Wlsliinir y0„ all a iMerry fi
Tin Ware....
district.     Wishing you all i
>y New,  I am  Yours for  Hi  _	
liniliilfltilli   uiili Imi mul |(|oVi<a I
lunlt'li.    Mr.   Iii'llnii   ii.   ii yimii-i
iiuui iv. II known Iii-iv in ('i-iniiit-.ml.
un., muv liim*Linn-,   imiiitpd niiili- lliroiiglionl,
Mr.   Ni-tti-i-lirlil.   tin-  cnUor,  lim :
boon ui'ttlni-in his ni-ti-,iii* work11
IhivIiik livttl li. iv lirl'i.iv  i'iiiK||i-iii.|iniiirrmiKu iitsiiEtlw titn.
I . I I'llllr. ivln-l-i- In- ii. HOW   ll    li-n
iii-iiiiiisin-4 luwyi'i',
Prcsbylcrimi Services,
Cliristiniis iicivi.-i's. ICnoxclittrc-li,
.sun,l.i.i. |)i*i*. 27, 11102.    Mornin"*
Slllijri-I  liy till- pilUlOr, "'I'lll- ttlllll
iv.-iii nuilli- lli'i.li;" HjH'i-iiil hymn,
••lliily, llnly. I., nl llml Alniiniily."
Ii'i-v. T. 1>. Dikry. iniisii-iil doctor;
•ll.-iik. tin- Ui-rnlil Angr'ls Sing,"
Ali-ntlulsslioti, by tlm t-hoir, nssistotl
liy ,-i I'lintus nf boys' voieis Even-
ing Snliji'i-l by tlm pastor, "Ini-
iii.-iiiiii.]. (inil is Willi Us; iiiitbi-in,
"Hnrlt 1 Hi-iir Angt-lic fc'oiintls,"
l.tivi-ltiiiil. mil i li'iiui' mul bnss
iiiiiiii by llif choir; nll'i'i-
Christmas ami a Happy New,  lam  Yours "lor" Hardware, \'f | toiy niitlit-iii.'-jPniis Yo Ilu- iftitlmr,"
iii  Ilmi il, liy ll hull*; song, (liy
ii roqnost),   "l'*iir A wny,"   Litiilsny,
il \)>y    Mr.    MtiLicxl;   l!.-ni.,li,.|iim
J:!, Iliynin, "llli-so Us Tonighl," lii-iu-k-
,'::!{ -oil, by ilii-.'lii.ii',
f^.l-f.Vff*--f.r-/?l-m-Y.W4--V-'S,^-rt-f,>-(,l__(5V.rt,   «,   «   -
®-®-® ®-®-®-® ® ®-®-®-ia~^y  ,., .., ,.. f;
Mi-.  Wiliiint  lins Ikjc'ii griinti-il n
iiiiiiitli's li-nvi-nf iibsi-ni-i- u-liii-li In
will s]ii-nil iiiitinlv iii tin- L'tiviroiiu
nf Toronto with bis IViciuls.
Till!  pnst   ten  ilnys  Iiuvi-  I n
vi-i-y busy oilPSwithHli(K?rititi!ll(lf'lll
Tiiylor,    Nnl tunny lunii's i-i-tiii-iii'il
, . ■ ,    , i from nn iiisiji'i-tiiui iinn* ns fm- as
,-inil in i*iiiisi*i|iii-iii-i-.  wiih  Iln- nl-   ,.,... i   i    ,   ,,    i .
' I r i-iiiik. he hml in li'iivi. inwn for
llTllllgc-llli'ills ..I Hi., iiii-nts. ' .   .. ,  ., , , .  ,,
i     ,      ,    ,    „ ,     Lothhrlilgr", tvlii'iv   In- iin-t ln-ii-
i-iiliii-i'i giirnnts nl pni.IT .* li-.. In-       ,M      '.i.i* -i
.    ?    ,     ,   , ' nml Siipi'i-iiiii'iiili'iii .I,- i-.-iini with
iiiitiKi-l is it hrinilv iii uvi-rv it'nv. , ,,     ,„   ,
,,    „.    ..       .'     ,       •   ,   •        ivlniiii   .Mi-.    Invlni-   wns   in  i-im-
(i.    I.   Kognrs   nlivnvs   lins   n   ,. ,i        i ' u i
.   , ,. . ,     ,      , li'ivini' tin*,*,, iluvs.     II'1  ii-liirii.il
invtlv stuiv. lull lins vi-nr  In-   lins   . a ,     .        ...
,,  ,   , .     ,„      ,, I homo on Mntnrtliiy niglil,
.'Xii-lll-ll     IlilllSI'lf, III'    piWSI'SSl'll '
thu faculty of ninking groceries nn
nlli-iii-livi- I'lriiii'iit iii ili-eornting,
nml u pi*i-ttii'r ilis[iliiy ni'vi'i- wns
si-i-ii llinu is pi-i-si'iiti'il in liis plnci'. j •'   '*"*     A""'
Mrs. Lneey lins her toy nml,,l"'HrsUim" ""' J"'1-"' hm mn'
novelty storo nrrnngotl in n very iVB1,od oonrt '" thlB town, lint lie
pretty wny that displays the goods ! W,M ''""tlm"',"'1" s" lifrenfteras
to the best- advantage. I Crnnbrook is the most convenient
Manning * Lncoy have old Santa l,,nec f'"' <»>irt sittings.
('Inns himself this yenr. with  his ,, .      '*'.       T~n7,,
.,.  ■ , ■     ,i   ■     •*     , Uptown Telegraph Ollice.
Ohristliilis   free,   in    tlu-ir    front,
window.   Tlieir  storo looks n.-nt.!    T,u* "I'1""'" tolegraph office hns
nntl attractive. i been moved into its new quarters
The M. Meliniis iiie.-,l market is "' ('' ,,;- lil'i'1 * Co''8 ,1"1S s,'m''
lilleil witli the bisl in the way of The ollice is in clmvgo of .Miss (i.
lile7rtsllnitn.ro hung in t. iiiaum- ^•4L".1,C'* '''"'  J',ot- M',''l"'""i'
-   .   ,, Ifal, wlm is nn Bxperl ojierntornntl
to •» II"' i"'"1' nlirn.-livi-. | ig ,.stl,.,„„|v .„ notlntilig to the
I'rest & Co., Hie photographers, public, n fnct Ihnl Isgrcnlly nppre-
linve hiii! n neat winilnw. innile si,  i-iatbd by every une.
district, li.-is been  visiting liis ulii
Mend, Dun Mi-Di Id of the Man-
iluliil hut,-1, lie I,ml witli liim
Hume samples of gold quartz, tnken
(rom his property known ns the |
C'nsentle group. It is rich in free
gi.lii not n pieee bill tvlint linsplirt-
icles of gold sticking out nil over
Norlh Star lo Ship.
Word bus 1 n received llml the
North Stnr mine will commence
In ship ..re again to ll.e Hulls
.Mines smelter nt Nelson, nl tin*
rale of nbniit iwu carloads a dny.
Court lo Cranbrook.
.Ituige Porin held court in Crnnbrook nui' ilny Insl   week.   This is
Will Work Old Placers.
A. W. MoVittlo, liifniv lenvlno
for llio enst, in coi lion with C,
M. Udwnrils; secured lenses nn tin
uld pi; r grounds mi   lliiler luu-
llbnve the    fulls    nil    Mnyie   river.
Tlmy propose I nko n thorougli
test nf the ground this winter by
the sinking of  slintts, nntl if the
results nre ns sniisiiii-ini-y iis they
lllive l-elisnll In believe thoy will Is-.
ii complete liyilniulio plnnl will be
put iu iie.\t senson nnd the ground
worked for nil there is in it. A
compnny will be formed nnd there
is plenty of capital ready fnr the
Change In Teachers.
Tiie four tenehers in tin- Ciiin-
brook schools hnve tendered their
resignations* nud the bonrd is now
free to rehire lhe old tenehers ur
ploy new ones.   Secretary Gill's
mail -each dny is lontlod with ap-        JJBr„
plications nud there is in. dnulit sil-jsf,1(.-(
bill  that   tin*   bonrd  will  linve ll'
Inrge Held to choose from.
iously iliseussisl. Sum,, two wt-eka
ago, ('. Iiinni. nf K'nslu. a prncticnl
brewer, ennie to Cnnibruuk to look
over tin* lield. He wns soon con-
viin-eil thnt unusual opportunities
wen* present.*.! hero, antl approach-
eil a few uf tin- lending citizens on
the matter. As a result n company
wns quickly formed, nnd ns soon
ns n few preliminaries have been
nrrnugexl, work will !«• inaugurated
on the building. Tlie company
includes, bi'siili- Mr. Band, inch
well known citizens ns .fumes
Rynn, of the Cranbrook hotel; L,
li. VnnDecar, of the Royal; ,1.
Brault, of tin* Canadian ami Vic
Rollins of the Wentworth. Th„
brewery will lmvi* n capacity
iif IH) burn-Is n dny. nnd will 1-h
equipped with n modem plant.
Tin- site hns not yet lieen selected,
Imt ii will I..- north nf inuu nu St.
Joseph ereek.
Totes in be Paid Under Mew Acl.
Victoria, Dee. Ill,   All notice!
issued under the uld net nre to ha
enneellell.     A fnrre   nf men  is now
omptoyed in tin- finance department innking uut new notices on
tin- Imsis nf tlie new assessment
bill, which thus becomes retroactive. Tuxes payable before the end
nf -Jnminry will therefore be collected under tlie provisions of the
new net.
lor Sale, an linginc.
Tin-  Hei'alil   lins a  lliree-linrs
engine uud boiler for stile,   llisi  ,t n „„,
good shape ami will dn gqod wurk.   he change is mini,'
The Herald's New Engiae.
The Herald lias  installed ft new
gasoline engine.    It is a beauty
nil performs its work  in a most
:iry manner.     It is four.
llorso power, takes up little room.
cnn Is- started in nne minute's timo
and needs little attention.    As a
timesnvor it is a big improvement
uver   the   steam   engine  for   thu
printing business,* nud that is why 'I'm-: eiiAMiituoiv  in:i:.\i.i)
jfc; /lZ~*^f*<>~*t-*\
Editor nn.l Proprietor
1)11111*1111 llnss is liable In  be   tlie
Liberal candidate for the  Doiniu-
imi pailiaiiniil in the Vale .lis
Craubrook Bhotild have the Ik-bI
ufsel Is.    In selecting nnd keep
ing tenehers   thing  bIiiiiiIiI   l»'
borne iu nnii'l   i bs.
Reduced expenses iu treating
urea will iiliiiiini.il prove iln- Imsia
nf Smilh  KllSl  K.u'li iiii.I *.   ill.nin,
4*,! piusiH-rily.
ttivoCraubrook i"..«l ■■•■■! Isanti
those uh.. an- nun children hen*,
will iu Inter years cull Hn- Iwnrd
ll pllVS   In    III     ili.l.pellilelll
newspaper.   I't-ople i-espeel it
The Morrissey Mines Despatch
ia in I vert isi 11 I'm-sale in lhe Toronlo Globe. Brother Wallace knows
mure altoiil .lnul publientions Hum
There will Ik* a big howl over the
iisaessnienl bill when tin- taxes lie
come due iu lie good uld BUinmei'
Merrv Christmas,
We hope thnl Ihciv will be well
lillnl stockings in every household
iu East Kootenny tomorrow, ami
happy hearts us well.
The Lilieral Consetvi-tlves of
tills districl will meet in convention nl Nelson mi Iln- iill nf .laundry to nominate a candidnte for the
Dominion house, lincli riding will
have live delegntes. Kx-< lovertior
Cluirles.Mi-liitniih.nl' Rosslnud, is
u probable enndidnto, nud il i
rumored Ihnl John Houston would
Is- willing  In   .iee.pl    Iln*   IliilllillU
The Hernlil Annual wus received
with pride and joy by the peopli
uud although nn eililiini nf l-'illll
.vyiis printed the supply was far
shiirt of the deiuuiids, I'lifni'tiiii-
iitely. there were ii few errors, n fuel
ulways regretted I.v a publisher,
yet nluinsl iiiiavnidable in a large
publication  nf  Ihis  kind.     The
Imm,lis llUVe  heell   Sl'lll    I.l   Illl    pJll'IS
of the civilized world nnd will enrry   tile   news   nf   III'-    pl*Ogl'CBB    nf
Craubrook ami tin* district, thus
lining much tn pl'iililute thisseetiiill
of the country.
Heaelil lo lilt' Ciiniiiiliillly.
The Parsonage, Dee. Slst,
Dear Mr. Editor:      I   euiialiliT
tli.it yum- Annual is ealciilatiil In
render a distinel public Borvieu t..
this entire commuiiity.     We have
relisnil tn be pl'iiml  nf lhe    I li'l'ulii.
A merry Xmas in you and your
S, J. Til pSllll.
II Is a Credil In Ihc Tow,,.
Crnnbrook, Dee. 22nd, IllOII.
Dear Mr. Editor.   Tin- Christ-
mas iiiiii f Tin-   llei-iilil   is a
credit In ynu. ntnl spcuks volumes
fnr the enterprise ami ell'tirls ot lhe
• ilitnr ami Uiose HBUin-iiitiil with
him. ll is an excelleul hisltirieid
resume nf tin- history ol this purl
nf Kasl Koolenay. A copy should
bu retained by every ndllll in the
lielgliborliood for future reference.
Nothing approaching ii   have w.*
ever seen alt pled by  any   lown
uf twice nr three times tin* pnpulu.
tion of Crnubroolt,     Wishing ynu
tt happy ami prosperous new year.
W. (i. W. Fortune,
. I'astnr Presbyterian Church.
Full of Fads and Figures.
Editor Herald. Crnnbrook, li.
Ci Denr Sir Allow nn* in congratulate you nn the issue nf your
•'Christmns Annual," bulb as regards.ita get up uml matter. The
change in size from last year's is n
decided improvement, .-nnl will
tend tn its lietter preservation.
And us fur ils inntli-r.il is a fund nf
full! fresh and edifying.ristlillgns il
dueB witli honest fuels ami figures,
making it in every wny a reliable I
pupt-r fur i'el'.-reiieevaud n desirable j
one to place in tho hnnds nf one's'
friends and prospective settlers.     '
p,.rsonnllj 1 Uiank !'« for it.
;ill,| trusl yon mnv Ih* long sfmred
la Craubruok tobegel intiuy i v
I'lll'isllllas .\ llllll.il"..
Si r. ly Yniiis
I-'. W. Anvnehe,
Pastor Baptist church
Whal Ibe People Think ol It.
| James Gill—A credit to the pub-
'ishernnd u big advertisement fur
Cranbrook ami the district. The
Herald is a rustler, and lias done
much lo advance the interests ..I
this section. It never growswenry
of well doing.
M. If. King   San* uie80copies
I waul In semi them down ensl In
show Ihe people nf that  countr)
linll  lie ale IllOVlllg.
I-:, Elwell Th.- Annual is line,
did Man. Tin- liiui ..f Ileal.- A
Elwell nuni a number of copies to
ili.e iu their business
li. T. Rogers    I   want   In i	
grntiilnlt" ynu. Simpson.   The liook
Itnlllil be ll el'iilit tn a  lull II   lllllll}
limes Iln* size of Cnuibrook.
Hi. .1. II. King. M. P. P. I am
plcnsi-d witli Tin- Hernlil   Annual.
II is a beauty iii oppenrnnce ami
valuable as a menus uf conveying
In tin- outside win-Id nn adequate
idea nf Cranbrook ami Ilu* districl.
\V, II. Wilson 1 like your
Annual, li tells tin- slory nf the
districl und tells it well, both iu
picture and wonls,
Mrs. .1. 10. Fenwick ll Ims mil
a thing In say alioul women.
George Bremuer It is the best
advertisement thai Crnnbrook uiul
the districl hns ever hud.
.1. Manning,
N.   II.
Land Notice. I j^mffSSji*, tJOSUf.    key Cily tmlit
ilii.vs from ,luti> I inli.nil to onpk in 'm-  ^IeS *u^S**-!  iIajniniil al tlu-ir liiil .hi
ll.i.-l  l'iiiiitni4,hi4iiiiT   ol'  I...... Ir. nmi   Work,  j tlnki-li.tii.i-t.    S41J11111I111;
Inr i-.-iiiii-.-i„n i„ pumha-w Hi.* luliiniiiiK a.- - "''.'■ .i-;.*ii..i4*..'i...Hiiiiy mii.-il.
-'•"il'.'1'I I inm-l-i-ri-.v i-1-.-.-k in Sniilb lii'-i'
''•mill -in*: liiiIiniiiM i-n-i nf ()ua Tliit**.'
|irt-etn|ition na-on] No. .".ar.. m-nthm-at wtru-
tn iln-iiip .mull tu i-imiii-i iii,.|„,. ,„,, 4,,
rliainm iiniili 1iii )i,,ins .-,11,1 Raat tu ,.u,ii„n
tn liim*. uf beg-QQlog.
H.ili*.| thia Till .lay ol Nun-mli.-*. 1003.
'! Oliver A   llnr-r**
Timber Notice
N.itii-i* in l,,.i,.|,v aiv,-i, llml thirty .1.1.41. U
tl-l  llul.- I illli II.I III,l|i|.l,   tu  il„.   <||„.['l'ul|
liii-i i ul Uinls IIII.I Hml-. V i.l,niu. I,,
l..*riiii.M..ii  tu nil   mi,I miry  unit,   limlii-ri
W. N.Ilnrk.
Iraabrouk l.aiitf. Na. i,
A. 1.1 A. M.
II'   l*U    .11      llll'llllll'-    Illl      Ul.
iiiiiii Tliuntlay 4>t tha
u   t. I'., A I K, RM',/,
:z,iiof,ull°r,t?,?r.k BitaisiwrfT0THE MIM- <>wni.rsoi- b, c,
If 4,,ii arc la trouble »llb .-.ur tt|ltc la
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
J. T. LAIDLAW, IM. li.
M. Melnnes I want to congratulate yuu uu your Christinns Annual, ll was Iin- Im-sI I hate seen,
ami it will prove a good advertise-
iii. nl fm- Ihis pari nf tin- country,
A. Black Your Christmas Annual is n big thing fur South Eusl
W. I-'. Tate I am pleased witli
your Annual. It slmtvs enterprise
nu your purl nud is u gootl thing
for the district.
.1. P. Pink T wnnt more copies
of your Annual to send nwny. ll
is tt good thing fur the country.
Ti.in Roberta I wnnt In congratulate ynu nn your Annual. 11
is all right, It will do much fnr
lliis part nf Snulh East   Kuuti-iiii.v.
Phey're happy in tlu- Kitchen
Since Buvrii came tu stay,
I lie diet nnil liis assistants
ave learned the Buvrii way,
Ot making Soups anil Sauces—
)elicious litniillun, too ;
That's why the work is easv,
And they're so quickly through
is tha most useful and convenient assistant to the
cook in preparing rich and deliciously flavoured
soups, gravies, entrees, etc. One teaspoonful to a pint
of soup produces a marvellous improvement In flavor,
strength and appearance
U/>e Only
The Berliner Gram-o-phone
Il talks, sings, reproduces tin-* Piano, Violin, Piccolo,
Flute, Banjo, Comet er Trombone; Full Dross Band or
Orchestra ; Church Choir i.r Chime Dells. It will play
a Waltz, Lancers, Quadrille nr any other dance, It will
sing Hymns ami Songs or v.peat Sermons, lt gives the
popular, sentimental ami coon songs, i.s well as selections
from Grand ami Comic Optra.   "A child can operate it.'
IliTlilllT  I-.1441I1-4. J,l.ili i*    1!.1-11*44    111 u*    ll.lll    lilt    lli-,--:   llllll    10    lllCtlMlU
iliaiil.u-r, iiiii.!.-nl i.ut.i.i i -i'.i I4ii.-—will   lust   for   -pcara,
Prices of Cran-.-«-pl»onca <t» | g j.—.   (jfc/l.g
complete with U Records ty l~J   *V»   ***"T*S
l*.1111.4-4!l*..l    fill-   f.4-L-4M.l-,        -11   I.   ll.ll.il-   ill   C,ll..ll44."
Sold on ercy -ntontlily -paymenla if .loslrod.    Writ*,
for particular*;, Catalo^uo 4i:,*i list of Kc-corda,
Mmillf.-lc-.il:   I '.•
E. BEHLINcn, 2315 St. Catherine Gt,-o.t, Montr.al,
ron SALE oy
Sulllll IJUHI   Kuill ,.v.
, ..„..„.,,. inn in tin* .."illi .1.1 ,  .„• „a, a, joa, boiler I. Ira.lei ar'.Vati ,
K  \,*«ill.i„ul,-, Inml l„,.l. il,, |,l,t* .asala*-trail Iur an*.     I b.ic a ItKI Haa  *
■ iiiiii.  nuilli   iln-1 „|in   ,|,„ii,» „,. aail tail net ol leahi lor ilolBi all kleil. al ea
,"'""' "" , "  " in-.lain, si"** anil li.il**. rcp.lni,, and . Irani,,. ,1,1,1.1     I,,!,,,   \V     YVdlf
rl ."'•" I'l" umi*. i.l ...ur mill    tall ii, .tnJ a nnl I. .MIIIII    TT .    TTtMl
J, I' I'.l lll\ 41.,Iiii.I,I Craabr.uk. II C.
Timber Notice
, ■'"•' '"i1"" '■'"" 'I"" ,.ii.*i-.i..i.-...-i   Harvey, McCarter & Diinhur,   1
■ III II   >ll|>|>l.l   tu  III," 11,1,1 I  Ull - I   1,|
.'•"u'lwn'rva"'!!!; !ln,i",*J,r..m'",',,.,-T7u..»'I     Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Ilt( llutl tllii'il li||i"lri.
inml   pi.iii,-,|  m   il..*
Ilu/rll lll.i,k
Craabruuk, It. C.
J. (i. CUMMINliS
' Ul Of SI* MiliTim-k; lli.-n.'i-nn,i,iiiK1ii ul
 'tliwiwtetlytllnr.luiniiiHnlnl \InrjHilvt'r -
<<> I lie I'll llllll I'll, ill,' ItlHlv-.I.W.'UMl. ll
iiluili WY*l; iln h.-i- rtiinitpit -.ni th along Huiil
■ ' I*. It. lun* in ii pnlnl ttlir-m it rroufii IVnj
fmiki I lii'in-,'■•IMl uiie niili-; llu*iit.-mhiiIi 1 ihi '
'"ii-**"..' i'.. s.i m ..vt. ,i„- !PROVINCIAL I.ANI1 SIRVEVOR
iiniili iit-4il«.rlv ilitvrllSix Milt- rirt>h tu |iiilnl
I'.n.-.l S I,  Uiul K mr. N„v,.|„l„.|.
71!,. 1l.na.
HI Kiuti Men uiilil,-1 v.     "
Timktr Notice.
Notice it liiiri-l")- frlrot, itint ihltt.i-ilii.va nf*i
lor iluta Kthi-I llnki-r mil it*i|i1j t.i iliiM.lu.if
I'liiiiiulwilotiiir nl lnmla mil nuVkH l,„ „-j,,-
i-iitt lii-*-  lu i-iil  unit mnv iiinij   limlii-ri
inuu liu-full.min-.I.-m-IiI,-,I i I:
I'lllllllll'lll'illl* ul i. |lllllil    I -ill I'lnilm „,.i,| ul I
W. P. (1URD,
Mu- nortlicii*-! ,-iii-iit-rni lul l.'ia, iii n u  rm
ho rlinhiH, t'tenio  Hi 811 cliuinH, llii-nt
vinHtSO uliaiua, rlifi  Biiii.li  mi   ilmitini
place uf loiitiiii'iiii'iiit'iit.
Diii'iuUr ITtli. limit. |,i
Timber License.
Niitk-e li hereliy given llml ihiitv Aay* »f I _Twv nnva**-
tor dnte l!t-i-l Uukfr «ill «, ,-i.v * , ,   * k '   H,U R"
limiiiiUxiiiiiir ,i[ Ititula tin I wurks Tur ti «tie*
(.-inl license in mt mul enrry away iiiiitu-r
from tlu> folio A Itlg ilescHlil'll In  il:
i iiinaii'iniaa ill tl |»olnl I'-'ti elitiliiH ivehl nl
tlr iiuiiLcuri eomcrul Un l-Tj. tli>>i,n< wi'st
80 I'huliu, llieneo nurth mi rlmiiH, llienee
iiiHt sn i-lmiiix. tlieneo rouiIi so i-lnilna to
|,l[|i*i'iif unulUiti-vmt'lil.
lv.iiniN'1' 17. inoa, in
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Land Notice
Nolleeinl.ettby given liuil blity ilnja nf*
Iit ilaii'.   I Ititeml lu npply in' tlio Clilil
ComnilnBluner ol Lumls ami Woikii.VIHorlu,
fm*    jH'inii (.lull     in       |.lii.Iiiim.    Uh*    l,.l-
lowingiloHi'iilifil lumls, in SmiiliK.hi Koote*
Commeiieing at a | nsl |ilntilnl nt tin*
imilli Hui-i i'( iiier .if l.ut 21177, (Iroiip one;
thrriii' noiili Rfl elinins;iheiiinensl SOehiilns;
llienee 1*011)1) SO elmlns; tlieneo west 20eliiuas
m il.c |ila.-e i.l lingtnning, containing loo
tores more nr less
Datnl tin* 10th dny ol Vuvomliir, 100.1.
M Miirj*-vill."l.iii,ilii-i-ri. . I,lil.
Cliiu-li-H Rokl 'IV Aiiiuiol ib ii
U'liuty, It will lie n \it13 iiiiue tnr
tin- ilistrii'l.     Vnu mc I'titilli'il  tn
ri'i'tlit I'm- hiu-Ii ji piihlieiittiiti,
ir ii   xp'clnl  Urease t<> ml
J. \V. KulHTtwili     Vour  Amiiml   loll.mlngitrM-rilHil  Inmls. uii   IVrry  creek,
'»««"«<»" aBi""1 wii11"1*- "l^ii'in-i^r^icrmS-r.1!.:
IliK nilverliMelllellt I'm- Hie Inllll mill    I'm.I-IIMI.-4.1,'- Iiml  Hi4*1,4,4-; II  auillli
ilislliet.     ll in artialie. i-nuiprelieli. I l'"11!'  '""'" ",',"  **' "'  '"" '"''",; """"
1 j Iluliil luiil.  Ili4liiri-:i44l I1414 luili-
sive nun iuslrni'tii-
il lil In- iiiiuiii nf it.
The   penpl
'    11. I \11n-l	
Wnll. Kiln-arils The annual in
all "ii-llt, uml mu' nf lhe 11.-,,l I
hate ever Heell,
<i!>, lllllll.
V, Rolliim   Thnl Aiiiiniil la a
Uiin.1 lllllll*! It uppiilts the litnry
nf lhe loWII, ami speaks it well, ll
is sueh enterprise nml jinl-jiiii-iil
nu tlie 1 ki rt nf iieivspa]a-rs thnl
helps Iii Iniilil up Imui,,. ('ran.
hi It sluiulil In- pi'niiil nf it.
A. riiurlruiiil The lleralil
Christinas l«„,k is all liniil. I
look nm- In 1111 room, iiiiiI will   kill
Ilie lllllll wlm steals il.
Timber Notice
Xuli.-e ir. li.*l*.1.v iiivfli llml ll. M.  tinli-iMiii
■I'l illl). Ilfll'l' lllltl' il I.   IO   |,|l|ll.V   lu  tin.
. Iii.1 Ilumini aioll.riif Lam), mul IVorka ul
l ii'iuiiii Iur Hnerlitl tiinhar liivin. fur ilu- lul
limiiiit ili-M-ril.rit laud:
lillllllll.tllilltf nl  II lllillt   III  I'llllillH    144-1,1    ot
lliua iiilliui-Ht i-'.riii-i-ul TIiih ieaak'a |n-i'-
.'tn|.liuti. Ulltll',, IVl-Hl 111 iliiiiliH. DlHIIl'l' llllllll
siiiliiiiiii, tiiui'i' ui-liHK Iii (lie St.. Mlll'.tKliVfl-.
1I1 eeaalerlj'ilown Ihaliiuik uf St. Mur.va
rlrarlun pntutdue uurlli ut |,liu-e ul i-uin-
iiii'iiii-tui-iit, thenca -Iuh aoutli lu plai-e ot
I rnlibruuk, Ilei'i-Illlii.1* Ulli, lDOB. Jt'.l
Timber Notice
Niilli-a i- hereliy alvi-n thut thirty iln.,.
nlt.'i' .lui.'. I iuii'tiil to a|>,ily tu lie Cliit-t
I'uiiiiiiiMiiiiiii-i-uf 1,1,11.1-, and IVorka, Vii-luii.-,.
I,,i |n-ttiiii,i4iuti lu rut. uml I'urry u»u.v ttllilii*!1
Imui ilu* lollo-tluKileacrllml tuul iillmiil iu
tin- lii-liin uf Suiiili Hunt Knuteiiii.il
I' mini min,* ul 11 point i-i-ilil.vi-liitili.lioilli
nn.l foi-ly iiiiiin. ,-nal uf il irth eaal eorii i-
ul I luliiii.v'w I'l.'-i'iiiiitiuii allllllleil un lllelv-
pry en.ki Iluni-a eighty etialua aeal; Iheni-u
iiitliiy i-iiHiiii. Hinilli; thei .fgliiy ilnliia
eaal; llletlraeighly eliulll. llnllli li  |iliii*a uf
i-iiliillli'liri-lileii I
Hi 11. ii Nmtli,
Timlier Notice i-f-fc-iWlHi-
Xn '■' 1. 1. i.v  glli-ll  llml   lllllliil I lli 11V
iiui« u- 1   i:,-i.iii niii ti|it,i,v iu iin-1 i.i.-r I
|- i-,i i„-i 11' I. uut. 1111,1 llui-ke, Vii-lii ii. ' I" 'lie I' ly I' I nt K.K.U'iin.v. lin'llell til
F..1I Slule,
lt.el.iv Suge, uf IViiiiliriiuli.  II. I',.
I        Mnii-liillll, I'liii.ililf.
II.I II  4-«.
IKn.nl. Mil, I r't ..! I'lmiliiiiuk,
I        II I'. Iletellil.llil.
'I'n I'l k Nl.-k, lliuilel Inllll
'I'tlke II.lli.'l! liuil   Ilie ulnu un.l Iiluili
iill, lui*. ...iiiiiii 111..I iiiiiiiii Hgilinal you liy
1I1 Inllll i iiinuiuiiK, lui- Iht-fiil'uiiiiigi'liiiiii:
Tlie I Lilnl 'fn .'Inin ii. fm- ll.e huh ,n' III
711. lining I iru laeohln ul ilellvereil l.y lite
liiiiiiniii tn il.e  ii.'fiiiiliiiii  nt I'rinilirnok
Ami ,,,k,-11 liie llml  liy nil oltlornf .1. A,
|-  ju.Jti-,,f ihi- ..mi 1 il, hi,,- 17iIii1.ii
ul I nilii-i', 1111)11,11    IHI*.   unleli-il   llml Ilie
lilnililiff In-ill lil (In eel ve juil, llienl.uie
nil 1 il. 1.444,411,1    liy   |illl>|lallil,-I  lea ul
Ilie e.iiilul'.li'l'ill'it.ii'i nmi ltlVill.,1 fill,.
I'l-tiiilu k ller.il.1, |„il,ll«l„-,l ul I'rnnlii k.
II, I'., nml  il.n  Hie lime iillhlii  Illliill lull
nun '■liter 11 ilie| Ilie l.ule  lu etiitl  iiiljuu lie
»,,lil„ 4! I ,1,11-Iiuiii  Ilie .1 uf I lie ler vim
hi nlnn -ini.l
Ami I ilu-iiiil.it* ll.nl IlilWl .1 lilt, null
ilie'ill tu Dole HI I'lll illllglyi j.l.lglll.lll   Hill  he
given ngliiaal tun in .unt tili.eiii'e.
llnteil -illiliniiik, thia llllli ilii.vul He
eemlier, lllllll,
ll   I' lliinl I'niiil.inuli, II. r.
111 11 suiieiior for tliu I'llllllllff.
ilu iv t: t:.-i4i	
Timber License,
In llilrly ilnya I I I iu n|i|ii. 1.1 th..
IJI.Iitl'lilllllllaeiolieriil l.inuls nml  Wiiiba, nl
Iii-iiiimi. ii.i-., in-n |.i.i-„,ii 1 ,>till mul enrry
II...IJ   IiiiiI.im Ii Itn I,,11,,1,1,if lli mtllii'il
l"..|»'ll.l   -'.Hi niilill-Jlllliliiiili-.-u.il lilluin
Ilu  K Iim-I ..." 'Ill lllili-l .'HU   ill   S ll
liitel Kiiiilenny, II I' : I lulu,- In iJn.iii I:
I lii-m i<  *ii   In,it:- eunili; i>e 1  sii eliuiiia
H-eali 11 -.- Hll I'lllllllH inn 1 li; i lienee 111 elmliie
ei I'l ,1, 11,11..- I
Tin-Illli tlii.i of.Niiveinlier,  IIKM,
Jl.-i       A (', l'hoi|iiii|ie, f'niiiiiru I., I! e.
Timber License.
In llilrly ilny, I Iiiloml m n|i|ily in the
,l,i,-(, mi*. rot I.iiihIh nml IV.,, 1... m
Aielorlll, II. I' . fui n lu-nuil In int nnil iiiiii
iiuui   lllllhel- fi   the I11II11IVI113 ileael-lheil
properly, roll Ili-l-i-i 111 hlllll li uml
-in 1 iiiiiiii.emu Iiuiii iiii. Hinilli .....l rorner nl
lllu.k lllll in s.mli  lln-i   Kooleniiy,  ll. I!.,
Ili,-ii,-.-,,,-, Hlleliulna,llienee, liHOpliiilne,
II it ui-l Hll eiinlne, tlieucu liul-lll elgllly
elm in 1   i'n-liim,'uliiiii 1 1.
Tl inlil il i.v of .Vni'i',1,1,,1', IIUUI.
:i"'        i.ji Moore,Craiilirook. ll.c.
The Herald
Nolieelsliereliy given Hint we Iho ninler*
ilminl liitnnl to app'y, tin ilnys nli •r,|;iii>
to Mm assistant eonimlsslonor nf liimls mil
wink-. Im-ilie tlidiiiit ul tin a I Kuitloimy nml
1iee1iielti>tiiliiiN*4innei-  nhl'iliil-   lu'inkn.
fnr lii-i'iisen to prospeel for conl ami pel ml.-inii
mi the following ileWilie.1 lull Is In liisl
lu)  «'ilium ing nt a post plnntoi) ll miles
went ot tho riiillienil ilvorntitl iili.ial ilglit
inllisf nm tlie liiti'inaiiniial hoiitiilnry,U*
ing the siiiiiliwesl corner porl nt ll.c. Itn it*
'Id'sclaim, tlieiutoami HOclialns to.I. Amler*
sun's rlniiii, ihenco north so clmliH, llniii*o
wist SO chains, llietieo smith ho clnilnslo
plnce of Isgltitiliig.
Lorn I oil Dili Docoiii'er, I00a,
(I.e. Ileiittie, Uealor
■I  I'liniemii. *igciit,
(10   t'nmi i»K   nl   (i     pout   In-il.rf   ll.e
ssiitheasl miner past ui li. U. Ueatlie's
rlniiii, 11.Ijiiii'iit lu lli" southwest oorael nf
li. I'. Ltealti.'B.-lnini, lli.-iice wist HU chains,
Ihenee norlh HO ulmhis, thence east 80 olialna
llienee sou tii HO cliailis in pli il hc^intihi^
I.IICtlleil Beivmliii !i, lim:!,
It V., lieniHo. Locator,
-I rmu. mn. Aural.
(.-)   I'oiiitHoiicliiu; nt  tin* HunilieiiH i ni ner
nf It. L, Keiillieneliiilil. lielllg   I lie nnillii'i hi
eonier of «eor^e Wales cliiJin. tl mm 11.
BO eliuiiis, theiiee  wosl    mo elmlns,  thelies
iiml ti mi chnlns, tliotico ensl  HO clialusln
LociiIihI liiri'inlier 0. |90H,
lieuiKn Wales, l.ooalor,
■I   tnineiiill. .\i;,-n\
(.1) Coin mr iielii(| nt Hie tnirtlieust eoriier
uflienmeWnle-Hrliii.ll.lieillK Hie llul 11,11"-I
euiiiri nf H.  |l. fleatlie's I'lllllll.tl 'KDIllll
m.i cliains, llioni'H nasi  ho elm im. ihetno
llllllll Hll elltllllS, llienee WCtl Hll cllUltlS ll)
(iline ul lH*tllIIIlillU;,
Loci I llceemtini■ ». 11)0.1.
H.II. Il-'iii Ur, | iin.r
■I* I'llllllll  turnl
(e) I'liiiimeiiiimr.it nl a poal nlianl two
nillii ensl of (I, I). Ilualtii-'s cliilm, ImiiiK Hie
cnn Hi i'iihI iiinni nf IMS, KIllK't ' In I III, I lieli, e
Hint MleliiiliiH. HiemeliuiHiHlleliiiliiH. tlietur
en hi hii cliailis, Hi-ini* suiiiii »> i-ii dm tu
place o\ I if i* in nil if
I, Milled Deieltllier 10, I01UI,
V I-i. ICItiH, Locator,
,1. I iitiiiiun, Aneiil
(f) romtiieiicltig nt llio hiiiHi oast oorttM
uf. K.I'J, Kina'HiInim. Inina HuuiiiH'i'hieiiiiiei-
nMl.,1. Ilenl lie's clllIlll, lliilieeeilxt HUeliuiliH
iInline uurlli f0 chains, thencowrsj HOclinins,
llioiicesotilli ho elmlns lo plnra nf hciftiitiing,
Locnloil Oi luhor Hi. ino;t.
ti.,I. Iteiiiiie. Loeitlor.
.1.1'niiiiiiiii, Agent.
im   t*(imincuc|]iR ni Iho south cant eoinor
of F, 15, Klnn'silalin, Ising Hie ikm-Hi ensl
rorner nf M. li. King's claim, IlioiicusoiilhUO
elinins, tlionuo uesl mi chains, Ihcnen noith
S   i'liiiiiin. tlini 'list SOiltalliH In   [,lute of
Locnloil Docrmlioi lo. I0OJI.
M II. King, Locnl or.
J. iiiin, mn, Agoat.
(li) I (iininein ing nt HiehhiIIi wesl enriicr
post otfl .1. Hetittie'a elnim- ht-lng the nor ti
wesl eoniii*nf L, M, Beattie's cliilm, thenee
east 80 olmiiiB, theiieoiiorlli 80 chains, Hieing
west HO elinins,  llience 8: lllll   EO ellilins to
plnce ol I'egi miing.
Lniatiil, It in I"-I- lu. 1002.
L.M. lion tlio, Locator.
.1. Cameron, Agent,
(i)  Com mend nc nl a pott nhout ono mile
hiiiHi ol M.  It. King's claim, lieing (I, C.
Ami tiitic nniiee Hi..! uiilrssy •i.tei-Hiieh   Kinn's.- hwest ooriicr post, theiiee nasi
Hi-,,nit- nolo nccni'.Iingl.v, j.i.igineiit  will Im   HOelllllnMhotl itlioilh 80 ehnius in M. II.
given Dgiliml you Inymirnliwncp. ( King'sclnliu, Ihomoweht 80 rlmlns, iln-iico
imteilnl CiMiitirook, II, 1!, this lOlli Any ' b(„ilh 80 elmlns lo place of Ijegliitiltig,
": lh-ceial.ee, imi.i. I    i,,,,.,,,,.,! (,,.,.. hi, lpon.
W. V, iluni, frm.lirunk, ll. C ,        . . ii. r, King, Loealor.
•JO ii Solicitor for Plaint IH,    |      40 j. Cameron, Agent,
In Mm County Conn of Koolottav hul,len nl
Cull Slrele,
iMnry lloiinlino, ol Cnuiliroolt, It.
(i.e., Chilli tiff,
ttnlwpon    vs.
Criink Wok,
I       Diiemliinl.
Tn Criltlk Niek.Hie.leletlit'illI:
Tnko notice that the nhovo acmnl plain*
tiff litis ei itinneii eil notion auniiist yon liy
nnllnary su mnn 111.1 fur Hie folio wing elniai:
Tlinplnlutiff'solulmls for the stimotfllJ
lieing Hm nmottiil tlun hy Hn' ilofemlaiittii
llioplnlntirrforgooiUsolilani] ilellvereil liy
tlii> I'ljiiiniif in tliudelouilnnl ns s<t forth 11
thepliiliil flleil heroin.
Ami tnko notico that liy nn order of.I. A.
K.iiin, judge ul tills court, dnled ilie 18th
dny "I Herein her, HiiKl.it wat ordered lhat
lhe [iltiinliff In-lit liberty to nerve ,voil, Hie
nhovo mimed del,>miiiul, hy publishing notico
,,f thesa'd order In loiireoitsemitlvolssiiofl of
Iho Crnnhrook Hernld. puttllshoil nt Urnn*
hrook, II. 1:., nnd Hint tlm timo within width
.vnu mny on tor n dlapnle mite in Hnid aettou
lie within-jI dny»;from tliodnto of tliosurvlco
11I1 in'.h:i id
'.' lo I'.1 n  to.
1 to t\ p. m.
7 to a p tn.
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Solicitor for the Imperial Hisk ol Cuadi
riic Colonial Inuiimtnt aid Loan Cumpany.
Cranbrouk. H. C.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
.(IM shoes 111 ;ulc new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
East Koolenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in  siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice at residence, Armstrong Ate.
Voreoouas,   ....   V:JI) la II
Afternoons   •   •   •   •   h.1010J-J1)
Ktenlniid    -   -   ■   -    7.JU t» fl:JU
CRANBROOK,    !   :   :    :      :    E. C
The Contractor
Who Gets Contracts
It'vim wnnt u< Imilil lot in.- know.
I will In' pleased to fiiniinli .vou
t'siiiu.itrs .'tinI mil)' help you oui
wiiii sunn1 itli'.-is ;.s to plans,
Livery 3
Proprietors ******   me a call.
| Vroom & Dezall    :
i »
Horse Shoeing I
| Carriage Repairing and      j
(ieneral Jobbing.... |
llulaldc Orders Praaipll) j
AH'-aiU-il la. !
Perry ik Fitzgerald
11 you want   your hauling
done promptly and right, give
Teams anil ilrivera furul.lle.1 for an,
point lit tlie district.
Manater   ji   jl   j,
l-urmerly Hotel I'hair
li. T0HPKIN5, Manager.
I'lllll liolt'l Is hi [ tin* lH-ett  in
I (ri 11 .-li  L'oltllllliln  mul   nil IiiiIiiIi'
in  i-ti'i-v   i-i.*i|ii*i-l.      Wi-ll   ll--lilt.fl
i,-ini|ili- rotniiH,
'.I* . * 9 * * . 9 * 9 9 9 9 * .. 9 9 ..... .
I'rniirfMor ot Hm
Caady Kitchen
Hii'i-ii.-i:ii'tiiii|ilelHNii)i-k nf
Candies,'l-'ruils, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. Ulvt at ■ nil
fo*-***** *9 ** ***** * ***** * * *{,
[Sole Agents in Criiiibrook (or
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It i.s I leall hy
It Is the Best
Pi. Steele Brewing Co.
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   J*   -J*
Phone night and day 77
III (Nil I HUM All.
St. Paul, Diiliith, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
'i iiniiiuii I'Aliuie ami Tourist Ptloeper.
Illnliilt nml iliilli-t Hlmiklnil l.lliiai'y far,
ilir Unit... Polders nml lull .nfortnailoD
cnlLoii ni uililress,
tl. T. I.ANDECK, Agent,
(I. W. I'. A., Seattle, Wash. THE   ( ItANP.I'OUK    lll:i,'AII»
* *'**************<>v*v'svv's;si. is***********
i i
4. *
4 *
4 *
4 *
4 *
4 *
4 *
4 »
4 *
4. *
* *
« >
4 »
< .
. »
4 *
4 *
4 ►
« ►
4 »
Smoking Jackets
Initial llnnilKci'iliiefs
laiicy Walslcoals
Silk (iarlers
Woolen Qlovcs
l-'ancy Slippers
♦,,*...«.,......., .
************* *
4 >
4  .
*, .
■I »
-4   .
•! »
i >
*-- .
4 *
4 »
* >
. t-
< (•
4 f
•> ►
. »
< a
« ►
4 *»
-.- a
. f
. i-
4 n
4 .
* »
Fancy Slocks
Silk lllniiM's
I.ace Collars
Silk Shawls
Sofa Cushions
llllllll lilllliniiiliiiil NOVCIIlM
CHRISTMAS || our stock of-^
Tlmt* nml him  .I ill
ml   ! >. -1 in i 1   ii   doll
lli.ll   Ii.i   ..1
Our Immense
Ki*p (Inr Windows    -
M.iil Dl.l.l-4. I'm
npll.'   Filled
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Vear lo All
British Columbia
4 ►
4  >
4 >
4   *>
• .
4 a
4 >
4 »
4 >
\ .
4 »
4 a
4 a
I a
4 1*4
4 a
4 ;
4 a
4 a
4 a
4 a
4 a
-. a
< a
4 a
t i
< )■
.a * .1
I,....»».> ^».»*^»»i..^f ♦-..♦»«» »...«.».»«.«..,...»......
.a***..•»»»>•♦»•»»»«♦»«»*-• 4.»***»*»*4.«*-4>**»*»T»»»»»»a
0    A Merry,  Merry Christmas
* to you
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
Cranbrook, ti. C.
V *.*ni make -.-ii-.-ii.iii-. 1 i
-■ur -■'... I, for your friends which
Will I'.- Useful .1- Wl-11 :i- iilli.illi.-lil-
S liuii- i-iii-i ra have :il
i-i-iiily hml i.-i i-4i-.l for iln-iii  tlu-ir
choice Imui nur lineal Btoeli.
Wc hnve slill li good variety ....
iiinni ,.l-.iiii.-il.|,- pn-aenls For Imili
■ g nntl ul.l.
I I, uver ■ Im-.*,.I...-I, li-lnl.ili..Uiu- ymir liiml pnrt-lmsoa.
Picked H|> About Utu Cily   by  Asking
Questions of Many I't-opk-.
M. .1. MePenlio >i--il.*.l fernie
lliis week.
The lineal   liuil  nl   MtC'oi I*s
fur Xnins.
Si-liiml ,-l ,1 Insl Friday Cor the
l-',,i-   Snle    X.*tv   Queen   sliive.
.\i.|.iy in i*:. rr. sniiili.
A. Leileh wus culled toMontrclil
Vic IL slum.i.-i-. iif Moyie, wns n
('nuilim..k visitor Sntuiilny.
.1. \Y. ITnwke nml wife, of Moyie, I
wen 'Cruubrook visitors this week. I
lierl V;iiilJi*i*,*u* relni-iieil this'
week from Kpokunc in apeni^l
Christinns nt home, I
Books and
m £alander$
Is now complete. Send an old couniry
friend an American printed hook. It
will please them. 'Ihey are artistic,
well printed and beautifully illustiat-
ed, We can't loll you about them.
Call anil see, We will be pleased to
show you. You will be pleased to look.
Don't Forget the mp.c. cash discount at
f HELLO !    HELLO !!
I onu-in nnd take advantage ol imr khiiI offer. As wo
nn- wing otil nf Iiiiuiii, ss ul Xuuis we uitike Ilu* lolli-wiii"
offer: Tl,..-,- who liny ul leust $2.50 worth ol -.'mals will
r>-eeivc free it present worth UOt*. This is worth whilo
hiking iiilvuiitnge of, \\'i. hnve everything tor .Xnins
loys, Coufocli ry und Fuuey Goods   which must go ut
(ireally Reduced Prices.
J Beattie's Wig Bazaar and Drug Store, 5
1 Where It Pays to Deal 3
1 i
When Sunshine Makes
Seeing   Painful.. .
It is time lor yoti to consult an Optician. We charge
nothing for examination. Your case may soon become serious; delays are dangerous	
W. F. TATE, Jeweler and Optician.
crucial lUiUch itwpcctor c. i>. v., crow* we*t Divf-aion
Kwoel npple eider, hy the tiuttrt     The C, I'. R, Quadrille dull lieltl
its ri'L'iil:ir dlllicn Inst evollitltr,
nl' fjlllSS, lit  .MrCuillirl's.
K.    J.   Hi-I>\".  of  XTorrisat
•Tunetion, wns in town yesterdtiy,
g& - .  - .* b 11...
Hurry 11 .of llt-nntloii,  Mnn,,I
ig  Chrislmiis  willi  liis
iln in Mt-Conne
Christinns eoiifoelii
keeps only (he Ijest,
for   v..in
rt*.     'lie
6 Compressed Air, WhatWiiiitDo? I
I5 H
55 It uill re mint; the tinne an J antiotinj; fifl!r from llic neck altera cut. 5wJ
■^ It will dr*. ihc lialr and scalp quickly alter a shampoo, I en vi tin a pleasant r\
U reeling.
(_) li will dry ihe face Instantly (titers iliave { )
( ) For shaving ll Ib tineQuated.   Ils force reaches every pure ol ilie sklu, ( I
( -j and makes aIiq% iny> n pleasure. jr\
The mosl coitvenlenl, up in dnte. pl»Blii| to customer apnoraliiH ever ,■"'■'
B  Installed hi a barber shop.
l)0.   K.    BARBER    SHOP
lister. Mrs, Devere  Hunt.
W. I!. Ross, M. 1'. I'., lias iv.
lurneil tram IMctorin for lhe
i Christinus holitlnys.
SHllllllOll     MS    t-elli-l-l
lei-vnnl   in-   wnitress,     Apply   i
■*., ll., I'iiu-hei-Creek, Alliertn.       j    -''rallli Murphy i-etiiriieil Sunilny
"ram Cnlnnry to spend liis Christ-
Miss I'.'llii relnrnetl  home yes-
mas holitlnys ul lie
lertlny.   She hns lieen 1111,kir,i_t* ni
i-xti-niliil   visil   iu   Winnipeg uml I    Wpeeinl   Cliristiims   I ik* next
e-isteru eities Suntiuy inoruiug nntl  evening in
ll„* Methotlist church.
i  You Need a New Suit
[f tlmt is the t-itse, yon slmulil lie cnreful in the
selei-tioli. \\'(. .nu uivi- vnu olil- thnl will la* Mil
isfiirtiip, in ipiulity, workiiiiinship nnil prlw,
Drop in mul see our st...*k. Onr clothes nre
mude In Cmiilirouk liy C'rnulirook i«*..|il.-. They
nre suils ilmi suit.
Leask & Henderson
4»|« .-..*.#-«
f! *! *! * i * i ■•■■ i «• i ■» i «* i * i * i»i »i i *' * i • i * i a ' * i
'<-i *-i -:•:•:•.-. •   •...•; •-! ,-i	
H   Headquarters for High Class Goods for La-   '?„
;,,-.,   dies and Gentlemen at the lowest possible   "j!
""   prices. ** **   Special Lines just now. Cloth-   ?^
(.aa @_
....   ing for Winter Wear.
V i -fi I ri, | -D j rv i ^> I <S) i ,i i $ , s>; A | A i §> i    . ■
<*■ I •■ I * I <S' I * I * I <«' I '•* I <r i * I w I ■*' I » ! 11* ,
? .?-: *. - 4*
-;'■ I <& I * I ♦
riioinns M.ll'ai nml fnniily, who |
■ in,   ii   miii-li   iie.-ii-  Cnrdslo
Mrs. Tl s D..1-1-
i Successors lo G. H. Gilpin i
point Christinns wiih  '"'"' -  m*>  !" "I"
nonllisnl tli.-<.1.1 hoini
un.l  child |
III  several
W, 11. Mi-l-'ni-lniie, the lini-liei-
Ims institiileil the <-iii11pressed nil*
ti-i-utmeiil in his shop, It is u
grant iuuiiv,-i1 imi. uml ntl'otils tlu-
pnll'iins ii pleusillg sensnliiin.
.Iiiim Houston's View of It.
Nelson Tribune: Kootenuy is
lu.-ule np iifC.iluiuliiii. Fi*rnlc,C'rnn-
lirauk. Ymir, Knslo, Slocan, Uovcl-
sliike. Kossltind City, nnd Nelson
rily riiliugs. At (In- pi'Dvinciiil el-
i-i-l imi Ilu- l.ilii-i-nl-Ciiiisenntive
I'liniliilntes |*olli-d MH voles, the
l.ilieriil euiiiliilules 2-102, Soi'iul-
i,iiiiiu- i-iiniliiliiti-s 929, mul C'olnm
************************** **************************
i Merrv Christmas, and a
4: - 	
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
I Chas. E. Reid & Co.,
j Druggists mid Stationers Cranbrook, B. C. $
*************************** **************************
-111.1   li-iviti-il 11 lli
ussortiueiil .-I
m.i Children's
Prices lo Suil All
Call mul Sec
i ; * ; *• : .   •  •   •  - - * I <«> i <!» I ■? I ♦ i
.* 1  l 1 .! ■   4  ■   i      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      4
9 A, I.. ricDcrmol                                           \. C. Howncw 9
9           MeDERMOT ta bOWNESS. ti
*»'' Wholesale   Wine   unci   Spirit  Merchants S|
'M Siiiiiii iii-i-t       I         Hie Highest Brands          Hie Uricsi ami V
M fnlitei                   ot SCOTCH and             b"'  («»ri«i««i -.,*
a* iia„ tu-                   id,oh    vv'Hiftirmc          otOomciiic .'
W> uultine 151                IRISM    WHISKIHS          [y,Mor, ',       ,, .
*3|>'             A complete stock ol Clgurs, consisting of ffn- -*l^
i«Jf>            ..pimrnoh," "LnPortuna," "Irving," ■•llnr- >?*
^->            tisici." ""Monument," "Hlldu" and others. 4^
d> Mall Oi.lcis I'romptlj Attended in. Telephone 17  |n
•X Write lor Prices, CKANHKOOK, 13. c.  Z^
.\ Agents nu T. Lebel .*- Co., Hoy nml drain. >-,
<** ************************
liiu tilling with 11 registered vote of
lil'.l returned W. ('. Wells liyui-i-ln-
|i  ■'■      .-(   Wanlner.      Frnnk VnnOeenr ri'lnrnetl Tiles- inntiou.    The   i.iliei-nl   cundidnte
Wlls  in   ,,,,,,',   on   Siinilnv.     II.■ ,la.v ' s-nl  frnui-isco lo sp I.in. ilimbl lie ..-.ill lie \V. A. (Inlliher
)i-im-s i.-.l i\ for Suokiiue to spend  Chi-islinus with his piirenls, of Nelson, who wnntstolK.re-elect-
liis Christinns holitlnvs.                j    The ini-sons will  el ul IheirK ■•■■«• tlu* nomlniiting convention
,4*4      ,„,.    ;„, ,.;,,,.   ,i„,,„i,„.. ' lulgc room next Sunilny nt il p. ,„. i" I" !»'Im-1.1 ul Nelsm, Inmiury
WI|5    '"'-,   '"'""    '■■""'■'•"',     "         ;  . ,in,*i ,,i,„,.i,   l-'lli*     Tlu- Libera -Conservatives
...1.   1    ,     ,,     ....   ..  .1     1  . 1, 1.   ,   .      \ ut       tti llllciHl  ;■■'[ \ H t*-- •!,  Wit l:,l I'HUICII,
■*."" ion 1111 gtl   !.-»i.,\-  A ill  ! will lmlil Iheir ninniiinfing eiiiiv.-ii-
und l-i-ys l-.iiglish. the very      W.*.in.*. 1     a position   us   eook. ,j0||   „■   Solson on .Tamiary fltli,
m -1. - nl Hcuttii-sr hf,ivt* Iiml over 2**>yenrs e.xperieiii-e, | |.:x.o*„v,.niiii- Mnckintosh of  Ross-
*-■! Itcihanls hurl hiinsclf while] U'uviyviml  wiih Joseph   Brault,jItmO, will gel tlm nomlniitlon if Im
.    k ut .lulfray  Insl   wcol*  nnil iCunudinuhotel, willnccept it,     It is not likely the
lirake two ribs.    Helms been laid      pr |.*  y. King, Ur. Win-vie und Sociulist-Lnlior pirty will put up n
up for several duys in eonsi*i|iieuco.  ji,.,   \y-|    |,.f|  |„9|  Thurstlny cunilithiti'i  luil   Smilh   Curtis  of
Colon I,eili-h nrriviil ho  from  for the enst.    They will lie nbsenl  Rosslnnd,  who Iniles  Mnckintosh
i -. ,.ii Tn,-s.l.-i\ wli.-n- In-  hits nlioiil u month, nud does nol love CI ulli her.  might
I..',*n in ding school.     He will I     \|lx    |„   M      .\h„,s|i,-lil.   Missl'"'il"1'"'1''1'"''"" ,,s "  *I"II*V"M'''
luiveulhreeweeks holiday More  Unrick   and   Mrs.   Hickey   enn.e  lln'1"1"'' ",s '"' ,s " ,8?1',1 .ot  "T1
Ms return. ,|„„„ IV  Murvsv  Tiiesduv  to  's" 0I'.""'1 l""'ty'K ,"'1! "* """,','
up nl Siiriulisls mul l.nliiii'ites mul
Soii-bonds  nud   Mugwumps from
Wauled   Soulh   Africa    scrips
highest price paid,
KI.III 15. W. tluekell,
nit] Hustings St. \'nncouver. II. C.
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
( 1 None Better In the District
B Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
Q served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
& The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean
B. lioess and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
B °l liquors and cigars.
m " L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.
The   .Mril.i-ilisl    S luy  school
hold    Iheir    Christmas    Ir i
uu.   .-I.-    ,„   iln-  church
mini's L'.
Imili the lilii-t-iil-consi-rviitive nnd
the liliei'ul p.'irlii
l„-,,i Moiuluy  wns  lhe Bhorlesl
dny nf ih.- yenr,     The sun hut
Mlnrlctl on iis  i Ii.-ni  ii.ur. und 'mi,) ijownoy's Anicrieiui Chocolates
ntiiilh ipilh" n  ilill'erence  ,„,,, (i„, j)mVsl nnd  besl   innde   ill
|Just a Moment, Please!
* If yot! wnnt u ni.-.-. Tender Steak or a Choice Wuast, ur if
J Jim Wi-nil nny liiml nf really good meat me lo us.     Give  us
*: your instructions lo cull dnily for onlers.     We promise you .*n- #
S lire stitisfnetion; wenre in business to please yon •
»****. .................««,it44«*»**4****«***t«*.4^«*-r'a
Vnu ei I be too cnreful lit sc
ling vour food,      Pry's   English  In llioSinnll Delita Court ol.1. !•'. Arnislrnn-t,
i lhe I.-m.lli nf tin-  iluvs  will
.1 .
IB t ■•' •   •   •• •' ." .- *—« -• -'• '- 8 -■ - :   I    ITiiitj    l')psleiii,   of   Whmlpi
i fnr 'ly   iiiii-ivsli-il  in   Wanlner,!
I ... Manitoba Hotel...  :
hns 11
.44 11  I'll
evcl'ill  ilu\s
il ml, i Ni>» Mnliiigeiueiill
I). A. McDONALD, rtanager
this week,      He snys  llml  Ctnii*
j brook is one of very IicbI ii.wns  in
"    | lhe wesl today.
I-', \V, Ayl i*. of (Iolden, has
Mr. iiiitl Mrs. (lem-ge McTnvish,
nf Hlvetn Inlet,  II, C. mul  Mrs.
Ili.lluii. uf Ton   w.-i-i- Ihi, out|
ul'  (own   gin-sis  nl  lli.* I'...It.ui
liui'il wedding,
Wilber  Hill  nnd  Hughiu  Mi*
.** ..*..*** •*§%.. 9* 9 9*********** ********®,
Iini.Ihi nl li,mini,nk
il'nnifiinl llrntlu.™ulUrwliill, ll.C,
llulwnn    v..
lllllliil MiiHi-Un.
I        IM.'lnli.l.l
Tn Iiuiiiii Miirirlii, ill. iMenil.iul:
'I'llk lii-i- tlmt  Illi- ulini'.-luillli-il |iliiill-
liff  lllll  l*lllUI[ll>l1i'l-.l   nUllllll   lUlulll-l   .lull I'.V I
Hiintiniiiia !"■- iln- f'illiii4iii*i I'l.iiin:
|   Tho -iliiiiitlff'a i-lnlln I. (or Ilia - 11-1(1,
I iHlllIB Im-  U-l'.il,  Bol.l  lllll   ili-llMTI-il   liy  Iln-
' iiliiliiiiir tu iln* iii-ii-iiiliiiii ni Craaluii nfor-.-
1    Ami ink.-iiiiiin. llllll l.y mi onlarolj, A.
I l-'iiriii. ni'lu" ul iiii- court, ilni...i Un. Ulli
lunes hnve ri'lui-neil Iiiiiii  ( nlgnry:,i,iy ,,|ii,..*,,inii..r. 1001,It iraa onlenul tiutl
mm t where thev were iitleudiiiu school   thaiiiiiiiitlff 1™ ut liberty in aarvajiii,the
1 his liolel is ill   tile center  ol   town.     1 lie rooms  .ire   I     been in town the pusl week.    Mr."     , .   , . „ .* I abnra naninl -Jcreiiiluut, l,jri>ubllalilo-t nutlca
,   , ii   ,;.    .   *     i*   ,   Hllghie hns not yet tulfy recovered  „f tho .a.,1 or.loi- in ruur oaiosocutlra t-taues a I
Aylmer is nu  ulii   llliu-l-  in   r.nsl   ... . ,
, .* iii i* •    i     ri.iii liis iriviit sicKiiesSi
Koolenny mul In- hus muny friends
in   Criuibrooli    wlm    nn-  nlwiiysj    The   people   of Crnnbrook nn
fund lo ussisi  M
Hotel 3 3
Ouesls Comfort a Specialty
flood Stiblinf in Connectioa
Nt-nresl to raile-ml and .lt*j>ot,    Hns accomttioda*
Huns Tor the public uiie(|t)it]lt*i)  in Cranl-rook,
Hot anil Cold limit*.  Proprietor
!.* ****** ••»••«•• . . . . . ***9® •*,•••«•••*•
"' comfortable .ind well furnished, lhe dining room is lirsl- }
t class, and thc bar is supplied with the best. When you 6
' want .i irood place lo stop come to the Manitoba. '••,   , ,
,-. h r r I      j p],,j,yp(] |,, s,,,.   |]||-
-;.-,  ii) » ®-®-^>-
-®-®-®-® ® ® ® ® ® ® ®
I'.-iul Hnmlley lins n cunl iu this
asm- of The Hernld, lellin
,*w   slnlilt-.      Mr.   H
gather  „
I Thompson In luiil.I n Inuu...    This
is n most worthy work.   The potu-
woiiinn hns two children to sup-
The Cosmopolitan
J. R. Downes, Proprietor
Cranbrook, B. C.
— I ns   new   snlile.       .Mr.   Huntley <      .  •     i     i   „,,„...1,1   r „ l i
.: i   . , ,    . ,       *,  purl, is physically tumble Im- liunl
4>> u wnvs    ins  gmii    rigs mul  giiml        ,       , ■   ■   i    , ■ ii    I- ,i.
Y I , ■ .'    i i ii.       ,,   .   work, vet is industrious nil ot lhe
<?> i riving horses, ntnl  Ins stnlile  is  .. .,.,.,     ,.,,.   ,-   ,   ....,, ,.
EH I,   „ .        ,-   . i i tune,     lulls ol lins kliul  will re-
<» .inl i neiil   coin or ub e. I, ,, ,   ,. ,   ,,. *
Jr i ] turn n Ihoiisniul  Iold. or tlieir is
SB J    A Chrisliiins service of song will  iiotbing iu religion, bible, soul or
^X | In- given in tliu Baptist church on  humuulty.
Siinilnv evening  Oi-i-emlii-i-  27tl],
find nn Tiifstl'iy ni^'lit following
\% 'ilir twiMunl Clivisiinita nniiM'tnin-
m nicni Inrilici'liililtvti will !»■ holt
V   I
j    F. J. O'Kiuly, fonnorlyof Nui*
on nnd Inter o£ Vielorin, litis form*
Tlia Crnnbrook llcrntil, piililliilieil ut Crati* j
1 .mi,b, it. ('., uiul tlmt tliu timo within -illicit
you amy eiitor a tllaptiie note to tuiil tictloo
im within fotirtoeti iliiy» from tin-tint.' offler*
vice ns n'(iii'»tiiil.
Ami tftkn ii iiii't- tlini un'oimyoti Ditturaitoh
,lis|int(. note iwoordlngly jii(lu'tii"iit will be
oivi'ii iiuiiitift .vim iii yoni' utiMHirc*.
Dutefl iiU'ruiiluii l* tills liuii 'Inynfiti-
»mlwr. lHOil.
\V. v.(luni,Crnnbrook. B.C,
-10-ti        Solicitor for tlw Plaliililf.
Timber Notice.
Nulii," i** lii-icliy givi'ii tlini I Imvc ftpjilieil
to flip I'liiit I'liiinnii-Hidiii'r ut [.tin In ntnl
Workn, Virlorin, for n hjiwIiiI llcenie lo nil
nml rnrry uwuy llmlirr from the fullowlng
ili'Hprlbiil ItintlM in Stmt li Ktiht Kootenny;
t'lilllllli'licillg lit n I'i'Kt pluiltfld ill llii-timtlt
limit nf lol ."IIT, Orotip I, nml un llif him!
iloof lliulrim'iiNi'at l*wfl llulltftiv Itlsb
''"■ Hnrry JlcViltio in tlio surveying <•• w«»: tinnw«mlunom»«»u»»rlim to
.mrnm^m « • \i    <.*i>* i        *n iIu'i-hmi. Imnk uf inn KikiIi-ihi.v Ituci: tiii'iicc
Sl r   wn   urA\   Yi&htea   Ana   fllftiar^     VfltM ffl Tlie TTornld 1ms pvinied two Bets business.   Mr. <> Kiuly will  comoL,,,,.,,, (li„»K „,tl,k onemilomon. ur iws
jg i  wo wen ugnieu ana iurnace iieacca m lnflirli8lle0hr,8lmil8 ,)in o! inm toCraubnxA m%\ m h to uw. »«m««»ki. n««t«»i«t»a4a«««M» »* *i-«	
*p sample rooms.    A hrstclass hotel with m 'f01.tin.Cnmi.rookmid w....iw.„*n. The former office i.r a. w. Me. yiKi^^
fl firstclass service.   Popular with the 4 \«*h '^>«»<>«»««"• -"' ym; i» ^chWS^ I!'! £:/:r^;::;;;;":1:;i;;l:u,h;,,::::
-!0        ,., r 0    yellihey  nre  Inine  us  ipnretl bu retnilied, and Mr, O'Riely is ■ irt J * .,.,„.,,„
SgpUbllC.                                                                                     & ; will,    the   chibnrntn   sin-cud   Ilu- I lurry M.-Villie will bi
0  : witli    tliu   i-lnbnnite  spi-eud  thu .Hurry MuViItiu w
'0  ' holels will hnve on that duv- ' this winter
lllllll-.;!' '    llilli<il liii-i Illlnln)-nl S'i.i-.-iiili.'i-, imui.
Mllll I.Im  11,1114-.
Q. E. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Well furnished comfortablo rooms, good lunula.   Slop
Lore when in town
■___m .+ -7\
Till:   0« AN BROOK   HI'MIAI.I)
♦ If you pay i shorbitanl price tor n suit PART of.*,
• money is wnstitl, no mutter how goal the eurin.-uls aro,    ll
puy ever so small n price for n  bad sail  ALL your mu
.       I*'.*    '   *     4 •--■ , .
J wnsti-,1.    I( you buy ii gootl suit you must  puy ill  least a  fair \
price, nud that is nil you will puy far n suit made by ,
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.  \
*MMtWUttMUiMIMM >•>*- ************************ .
| Stoves, Enameled and Tinware \
Call and see us.    We can »
supply yon  in these lines. t
I       Plumbing, Heating and Tlnsmithlng.       *
« *
* I*************************************************►
ALL Companies .whether so called Board or Non-Board" are chartered by the Government.
The Government demands in return for this Charter that each Company shall deposit with them
sufficient securities to cover a certain per centage of insurance in force.
The Government have made this percentage over and above .the  average  rate of losses.
Pl.one   99 .... . CRANbROOIl. b. C.
0 I
in all the
Towns in
IP. Burns & Co
Whnlnilc and Retail
.   Ei
_&  Fresh and Cured Meats l-rtsli   u-
| Meat Merchants
i.. sii:i'iii:ss
. i:. sti:i'|ii:ns
Pish, (lame and Poultry.
We supply only the liest.    Vour
trade is solicited.
|   Wln-ii ymi come I"
Fori Steele
Slop nl tin-
Hotel ^
New I
iiniigmiit'iil.   New I'm-
s.   So Chinese,
i-,'** •••••••••••■•••••••
Saw Mill riachinery
I'l-miii-* riilf Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Minin-j; riachinery
Machinery (ur ull Purposes
All of very best makes.
J. L. Neilson &. Co.,
0112 Main St.. Hiiialai*-*
We have a slock o(
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Tire Hrick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
The Herald (lives the News. J
din always supply same nt
r'lLilii prices. Strangers ploaBe
M'ivi> roforoncos.
£  NOW is Ilu. heat llnio to sit I..
.-  vunr Xnins Photos.   Tliis is tii
yt,ro wiiv ul' liuviii)- tin-in mi tiiu
Cull forlhoiit wlii-iiyi.il wiuil llii'i
Land Notice.
Niiiii-i'inln'11-liv iiiv-ii IiiiiI nixlv ilnys iifl.-r
ilnli* 11. SI. Alllliwilll lllll ll|>|ill* lo  Illi' I Iiii'l
i'uiiiiiii,,iiiiii-rii[ Lnmla uiul \V..i*k. Vli-ln
Im* |ii-ilni-siiiii Iii |iiirrlii|.i' Hit; fi illi i lli I |i
mlllil.1 liunl fllllll'nIlll lllll S', Sliuy'n ri
ill Sniiili Mnal kiiuli-iiii.i:    Cuiuilll'lii-lnu nt
llin,imili inal "iiin-r i.f I.nl -J'.'USi II	
 -lli211 rlininKiiiiii*.orl*-**.In ilu- riitlil ,,i
nny ul Iln* \ur!li Mlnr liiiunli riiilwiiyillii'in-
- I li'ily Ui i<IhiIiiii mint* in- Ima follmi
inn I I.i'lllllll nl nny ul aulil riiilivny In lli
Si.SIiii-v'h liver; II  a.'.h'i-ly  III iiiiuiii
in i I ik l.illi.ninn III..HI. SliiiyViii-.i'l'
|lllil|t nf illllllil, llii'llli'll I, I'lllll 11 illi ll|*   I'J in I.
ii.i il N.ivi'iiiliiirUlli, I'nu.
I.'. SI. Ah.Iiim.ii.
Have Ynu Any Palatini- In In- Hani*?
Ho Any uf Vour Pawns Need l-aperl-lR?
•Kuliinnles given on lurge eon-
traets. We don't wnnt tbo
ein-tli. We trout lo plena-
vim with the wurk and rereive
reasonable pay.
Kayal ifalel, Cranbriink
f     Harriage |
<f     Yes. nml Uie CITY  BAK- I
W KHY is lhe plnrctoKPl n nice f
(•j weil.litie i-iiki* iiiiiI orniittionls r
I in tin- latest style,  Why Bond <f
_ your order out of town .-mil i
t perhaps have iho icoiug hrok* (4-
•j* en by shipping.  Prices riglit. J
I'kane SI        Opposlle M. E. Church *
II. I.. Slephens, J. Ii. Sleplicns, J. Uivsnn, M. koiUiiiliirl
Play Ball
'I'lu- Auslrnliiin Ftutel Is tlie plaee to put up when
v..uur.* in town. 'I'lu-"Hi... While Itoli-1," 'Tlu
ilu* ri-lit pi.	
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Stephens Bros,, Owners and Proprietors
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Paoific Railwny compauy control n large area of tin*
choices! farming unit rnnchitjg Inmls in iln- Klk. Kootenay, Colunihiu
.nnl Slocan valleys iu flu- Kootonay district uml iu the Kettle river uud
i Ikanagan valleys in tin- Boundary district. A large majority of these
Inmls nn- readily accrasihlo by railway,
Tin- imereu.ile nuiount of principal nml interest, except in lb - owe-
nf lumls iimlei* $2.50 per niie. is divided  iul." leu instalments us shown
by Ilu- Inlile Ih*Ii>w: lhe lirsl In lie paid al III.' lilllenf pill'i-liniie, the HIV.
"ml i yenr from date "I purcluise, the tliinl two yenrs, antl so on.
Tho following- tuble slums ihe iiinounl of tin- .- un'l inslnlinenls on
WU ncres nl ilillViviii prices under ilu- above poiitlltiotui
iritlue.nl $2.flUporae. Isl ilislllllllelll s (ltl.Ul. U «<1|IU|1 inslnl'ls of S (10,00
KtOne.nl  11.110 per at*, Isl iuslnl ul    71.110, Uii-unliiMtitl'tii of    UUHl
Hill ue. nl   Il.n0 IH*I*in*, Isl iuslnl it     KI.IV. II i-quill inslul'ls nf    7(1.1X1
Alexandra   Hotel
Slephens llraa. & Co,
Owners anil I'riiarli-lars
What is Ann's Age? |wenltb has boni'lllted all  iiiuukiml nrlislii*   sin-i-css.    N.. one wonli
mul robbed none,    His camp fires recognize Ilu- plnce. uml nl  nigh!
nre signals of advnncing civilizn- under the blnzo uf ninny olootrii-
liun evi-i-ywliei-i*.     These nuniuilic lights, the  room   is  u   beauliful
wuii.lei'i-i's ure  ilu- eiiiliiiitiiiieut uf creuliuii.     The nri'uiigi'nienls nn
recklessness uml hope, uml ns filled harmonious uml tlu- oltV-et is plens*
with the witching of the wilds ns ing, all combining to impress lliosi
the sailor is liliu! wllh tin- son.| who see it with the fuel llml  Mr
, ii i Wherever their tents nn- pitched McCnrney has nn nrtistic eve uud
1 1,'iken in tins sun ile!         ' i '
I or tlu-ir lilnnki-lii spread- whether nn nrtistic nntiire,   It is Biirel
{niniil tin- sileiiee nml solitude of benntifui piece of work
itiu- arctic snows, or the sage bush
Ti.l.-.li.. il. Uiul.'.
I,. W. II. Hlllllil-f.iliilull.   N. C,
Belli   us II   lei|ilesl    lu   nuswel'   tile
problem aboul Ann'fi age. Ariilt-
nietii-ul pu/./.i*l;i nu* linrri'd, bill we
tiinke nu exception in litis ense, for
!wo t'ensons: I'iist. tin- extrnord-
innry inl'
problem nil over tii ntnti-y
uml. tin- iistouishing luck uf iln
ability lu renson correctly, whicli
I Uli.llil ImiI      MIIHI
Hiii u.>.nl   I.ihi perui'. Isi liislnlinciil    '.i.'i.s.'i. Ileipin
H10ne.nl   1.50 per ac, Isl Insliilmetil   lu'i'.s.'i.'.I ei|iinl inslnl'ls i.f    IM.UI>
1(10 ne.nl  5,00 poroc, 1st insliilnu-iil   Illl.Bfl.lleipini inslul'ls uf  liKlim
Luiiili. iimlei- SJ.-'ill i ni- .ure nre Buld mi shorlcr linn*.
If Inml is | mil I fur in full nl Ilu- liim- uf pm-i'luiso, a i.-iliu liim frum
lhe price will lie allowed etpit' lu len per cent on the iiiuonnt (mill III
excess uf lhe USIIIll cliull lllblll'mellt, Inleri-sl nl six [a-r cenl will la-
chlirgetl l.ll uveritlle ilislnllllelllH.
'I'l ouiiinny is also iiiterestal in ilu- following lownsitem   Klko,
I'rnnbi-uuk. Kiuilieily. Altlritlge, Kitdi *r. Cn-sloii, Proetor, Nelson,
lli'irnril,  l.eiiii.nfuii, Casllegar, Cascade Cily, Omnd  forks, Eholt,    .
(Ireenwiinl. Mitlwny, Nakusp, An-owhead, Itevelstoke, Donald  und    I
Kniiiliiups.   Terms uf payment nn- oiic-tliinl cnsli uml Ilu- biilauca iu
six uml twelve iiiuiiilis. wild interest.
l-'..i- further particulars npply lu Ilu- follosving locnl ngeutsi
W. M. l-'riisl.ti.-iiewuv. Maiitiinu     .1. A. McCalbmi, Oranil l-'urksJU*.
li. li. Bruce, Wil r, 11. 0, CI, A. Reuilell, Eholt, I'.. C,
V. Ily.li* linker. I'l-unl.i.iuk. It. C.    A. Eeignson, Hivensvooil, ll. ('.
.1. T. Ilui-u'.-ss. Kitchener, ll. ('.       .1. IV Siblmld, Itevelstoke. II. ('.
K. Mulluiiil.-iiue. dr.. Creslon, I!. C, Tlionms Alu-it-1, Nukiisp, 11. ('.
(I. K, Sliickcr, Cnscntle, II. ('. I-'. .1. l*'uli,,n. Kamloops, 11. ('.
K. ('. Elliot, Trout LakeCiiy. ll.C.
Or .1. S. DENNIS. I uml Commissioner ior Britisli Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
,. , i ipliiins of the Soulli, or the cluiul-
su ninny ..I iln- nnswerB l.ctint.       J
, ,,    ln .,  .iii    hm! peaks ut   niuiiiitnin  rotigea
N weeks ngn iin- Philndelplun I .     ' ,        , ,  ."
they ndapf themseh-es lo inen- en-
North American printed lliis problem, wliich wns propounded liy n
gentli'lllilll of I'nllelsi.li. N.  .1.     It
wns copied by n nuiiiber of pnpers
iu the spirit uf fun.   ll hus created
n grent deal of interest, uml some,, ,, 	
,., ,        , ...    Iliulli reckless   und   splendid,   Of lAmaricao liny i
ii the pniiers hnve  lieen  prmtiiig       .        . .         ,.,.,,    B'n,,i i.. ,<
11 i, . , such slul' is  iiiiule Hint buiiil  of I •"■"'•■'■' ■■■■-;        I"
uliiuin  ur so oil, ..,     ,   ,      .       i.    ,      li i-uivH Ni-hi Ciul tlini.nu
viriiumeiils. um! tako life ns llu-y
find it. never losing hope. They
un* kings uf ilu* wilderness nml
pntipoi's of tho town | lavish today
N..rlli   Slur	
SI. Runout.	
I'n) in*	
Wnr U.iirl*- i- i.li.lnli'il..
inml penniless tomorrow     scninp-[..lv |tnu
Stuck Quotiitiiiii-i.
l-'iii-niHlieil by Benle, «  Elwell,
brokers, Crnnbrook I',. ('.
Land Notice.
Nulii-i'la luu I.v pi,™ llml uliliin -in,
.Iii.vh Iiiiiii ilnli' linlii'il llitvia iiiii njiiilv I..
11,.-1 Im 11 ..i..i.i.-Hi,.i>,, ,,l I |. iiii.I Win kn
I'li.lilllll, till'|a>l'llilsslllll III   inin Iiiim- lllll lul
I,i1,IiiKI.iiiiIh III H lllll sl K.iulHiiiy:
I "iiiini'iii inn nl.   Iiiii iiiii'tliivi-Hl  i-oriu-i- ul
lllill-l   11.11 ||..'a   44|4|.l„ 441,4,11    I.l     nii.lin-,-   ml
ii.iniiil' 'I'liifH* |.i.','in|.li.ni iui |...|i.v l-ri'i-k.
I lll'lll,'Hlllllll 111 lIlllillH.IH'Hl   III I'lllllllH. Ill
til i-lniins ntnl in-il in iliiiiim i , nli	
i'iiiii um nri'itii'ii,
1,14.14,1 lli-i. inlii-r-.il..I. lllllll.
Land Notice,
Nullra  in lii'1-.-liy <til','li  llml    llii lull -i.lv
lui- Ilmi  s. Iliiis  iiiii   npply   iu  il„.
Uiilil l.'iiniliiiHHi ,i- ul  I.iiihIh iiiiii  Wurka,
Vi. lllllll, till' 1'1-lllliHHillll  III  |ll|ll'llllH|i   till-     fill-
InillliKl Ih III Suiiili IJilHl- km,I y.  lnul'
IVrry freak:
lun iniiin nl hiiiiiIiiiiihI i-ui'iii-r uf Ilial
ull-   Nil.    I   ll|l|llil'lllilltl   lul*   lillllli-l'   lil-l IIHI-,
linn i> iiniili L'lirlinins iiiiii-ur Ii'hh.IoTlii,-,'
Iii-ii-iiniili tin  -Jll i-lniliia i-n-i. il i-
 -Hi -.'ii.ImiiiH muni ur Ii-hh, in l-'ii i|iiluii<.
HI III H 11 |i| llii II lil III fill'  lillllll-r lil-l'll.l', l!|l'lll'l''J'l
li.iliil Ii. her llllll, lllllll,
Land Notice.
Nlllll'B iH lll'll'UV glVl II Unit Im iiiiii- iif.
Inr  ilntn ai- lul I In llti-il** lu llin I hlel
I'ulntllirainni'r   ul   I.iiihIh nml   Wurkn.  Vic-,     .., . ,. , .,,
I,„i„, ll.C. lor  ,„i«Hi,„i lu |„,„1  lha   '*•"-»>" !l U'K milllltOB, williolll    |lll-
liiiiuiviimiiiHHiiiiul IuiiiIh: per ur pencil, may well doubt  Ilie
I* Ulilllelleillj- ill ii JiiiHt |ilniili*il iiii III.1 ivi'Ht'      i I* i ■     i     : * I   . i
li mi„. (i.V KI..K ih r liiui' .... ilto!™1'100' ,1IH IPKlonl procPBSOB, tuul
Mn.tii' ilvurul tin-1'. I'. It nil wny i inlil oMvn.v   11UIV WOll i-'llfiiiliT WlietllGl' his COtl-
lt,P.iCor..nnliig8outl.40,l.«lliH,t'-'".'• ,u/^/c-liisi-»hk   mv   trustworthy   in   tllO
m flint nc, ilicni'i' noiili tn railway imlit nf,
iv>y, tlieni'ot'ustiHy aloiiB suiil rl(jlil o\ way | vastly llioro iitiiiurtiint problOUlS i i
oiilunor c in.* lomit, noDtuiniiiK mu Hfo, which ii't|iiir.- tin- ability to
nn tiverngp ol"
answt'i's dnily, Tin1 nirrrcl iiiiiswit
litis "boon (_civt*ii timo nnd iiiiiin, but
thoso wlm ronchrd a diitoroul ro-
snll sootll il. ami insist Ihut thoy
an* thenisolvoa corroct,
Had this problom boon propounded •!'>. JO or ."iii yonrs tigo in
any country school, at tlio liiuo
whi'ti tiii'iilal arilhtnntio was a val-
tiptl study, tin1 answer would havo
lieen yivtMl in a jiffy, But tiienla]
nritlitnotic has luni ils day. and has
l)oon dropped in niany schools,
Tlm result wo boo in tho silly dls-
jiiilntii)ii over Ihis problem, whicli
is as follows:
Mary is :M years old. Mary is
twice us old »s Ann was when Mary
>vas as old ns Ann is now, How
..Id is AnuV
li is evident from tin* conditions
liiyeti Ilial Ann was I:! when Mary
was as old as Ann's preset11 ti^e,
Since lhal lime both ejrls have
lidded the same number of years to
iheir lip's, The dilVoroneo of tlieir
ugos is thoroforo one hall' ll.e difference between \2 and 2\, or ti
years. AM ii years to Ann's 12,
or subtract H years from Mary's 21,
aud Ann's 11*40 is fotttitl to be IN,
The solutions given even thoso
by which the correct result is ob-
laineil are bewildering, Many
iso algebraic methods; others use
(he rule of proportion, others fig-
ire it out in laborious ways luil
ill show their ignorance of tlie pro-
•esses of mental arithmetic, The
problem in i 1 sell' is nothing; but
the discussion over il shows the
value of mental liritlllliotio as au
available drill for lhe reasoning
powers. The person who cnuiioi
find Ann's age by mental pr ss
heroes   without hcroicn; Eonrloas, j st. Eunmitt Mt. iiiiiii
ttt*nn mure or Wm,
Kitiu Mcrcniitllo Comrany, Umltoil,
«8 i'ir M. II. King MaiittgiT.
[i.ii.ol Pnutli Ktul Kii(>M'iin.v,N»v.--l(i,li.l!i(ia
Timber Notice
reason correctly,
Tribute to Ihc Prospector.
By II. w. IW.
Mines and mountains hnve bred
Nuii.*i- inlii>i'i'hy civi'ii tlmt wl'll'fl tliiny
,l„.v. II. licet Da.l, itlllapiil. i„ll,».'l,i,'l,'o,„. , f
nii-Minii'i'ui I.iiihIh tuul UiiiitH, Victoria, for *T1
,iH|ii'iinlli ino lo cat tltnlmr on tliu follow* all ages of  tho  world   there have
iiitf(I.BiMibMllundtimrSt.MarjHriverSotihh i,,,,,,, U||i U(1 clmrftctorfl  who have
Ritt-I Koatctmy:  Loimiieiicliig at tlifl north* .,.11
cu-toini.-pnf Watkln't-tfiiiliurlh'Hiiii*, tlimicn done iiiueh tor the tulvancoinoiit of
*" moieoriiHuito iho «tut ilnifi i.i civilization.   Of these it may be
It.   .M    Allll-ITO'l'H  lll'OIICI',   llll'llfit   iniilil   in ..    ,     ,    , , , .
nlmtttHii irloHHlo St. Aiiiiniirt |nt-n.ii|i. hiihI that tho inotlern prospector is
nun. iiiimi'io-iixi,80 elinins more cr I-hm Id the most pictui'isipio character in
ll„-St.  M.'.IVM   liv.l*.   tlli'lin-   iiniili   llif St, .. ,., 1 1 Tf      •
11.......I....,.,..,. ,.,.i,ii ■ fi,.i.,i ,.i tho progress ol tie wort.     lie is
w I'ftoneM Opposite n* c. Church   I    M»!'A«ifvci*tna|iiiiitilii«i It nf |i-i 11J n '•   J' k
i,        n   wi   ii/ii cam ■   'ouimwiiT itt. iln-iicn mhiiIi Oi pnliillnl llio line roiuaiiv ol  tlie  wilds; the
•?       C. W. WILSON, ,„,„„ - .hi ) ■* ,1    ' ■ ■ ni
'     ^    ■  ^  ,    r, , -,-'*'     i, .  1,1   -,i   nu.,,.  -.mn lo pioneer ot 110 milling WOl'iCi wlto3t!
lawless, often slianieless. prodigal.
Always lighting, knowing no truce.
As such stands forth tlie pro3poet-
or as a typo of tin- worst and the
besl of lhe militant heroes of mankind. They work Iheir way inln
the vastly vast, unknown, bla/.ing
the way for coming millions audi
worlds to he. Canyons With sides
us sheer as walls, interminable forests, wiih dangers lurking in every
shadow, impassable torrents and
rockslides every foot of the way
have no terrors for thein. Lank
and lithe, silent and dogged the
silences of a Hie ns hard as tlio
rocks they tread have done it: always revolting against lhe trammels of civilization, impelled only
hy tin* passionate impulse of migration, owing allegiance torn nine.
They travel over mon* miles of
laml and seo fewer railroads than
any other wanderers on earth.
They eat more pork anil see
fewer        hogs 1 Ii a 11        a 11 y
other class of civilized people.
They worship (imi moro and see
more of his handiwork, anil see
fewer churches than any otho intelligent or rational onm turps.
They regard women with more
chivalry and see fewer of thein
than auy oilier emotional being.
They can undergo more hardships
and make fewer complaints than
the wisest philosophers, They
meet moro disappoinliiieiils and
retain more hope than Ihe most
saintly saints, They do more
good for mankind than any other
class in Ihe world and the World
knows less of thom.
Ikmiiiful Decora linx,
"Jimmy" MeCavnoy, of iho
Cranbrook, is an artistio Individ-,
lllll, and when he told tht1'
boys at the hotel that
he proposed lo make the Craiilirook liar a bower of beauty for
Christmas time, he meant it.
Three or four days ago he commenced to bring iu bolts of bunting, flags, artistic pictures, and
filially lauded with a wagon load of
evergreens, Then the work begun,
•'Jimmy Mac" lost all interest iu
cocktails and gin fizzes. He spent
his time measuring from corner to
corner, along the bar, heiglith of
ceiling, etc., tuul then commenced
tho manufacture of wreaths and
garlands. On Monday ho commenced tndoeorate ami by Tuesday night the task was completed,
and iu  every feature, it wan tm
('nu. oil 1111,1 Coal Ml tiiu I.nl         a:
Snl ivun flroiiii Milling!'<>.limil-d thin in
run herald
Till! NEWS
CRANHROOK,    -     -     -     H. C.
Salt- llorst-s.   Iiiimi Rigs,   Cuiiifurlablc
AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiH.   Drivers nnil Hi---.
Iur uny purl ul District.
Paul Handley, - Prop.
Xr\v rii.';;. i-i mil ilrlviiig
uiul biiililli- linr-it's ul
j-i-iiuiiiiuIiIi* ruli-.     Our
nllll^will III'tii|tiv|.-.null
i-iiri- tn iill liursr.'i titu-
lilr.l Willi UH.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
tiliORtii; A. KERR.
Slab Wood and Fence Posts
. . . GOOD MILK . . .
T Disire to thank you for your
patronage, and will continue to
serve my customers with the best
of milk. Yours for a merry Xmas
and a happy new year,
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock loiV
and sell oh the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Fooiwear lo Measure n Spt'ctoHy
Robinson ■-McKenzie Lumber Co., ltd.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
(•)••*•-• *«•>••• ••**•-*•••••• A(*:i^l»-*-** AA A A A
(•)•♦♦•*••»*>•♦•••••■••>••• • ♦ • • •(•ll*1.*** • • •**•
We have moved our office to upstairs over Beattie's
drug store where we will be found for the next two
weeks and would ask anyone owing us to call and
settle their accounts within that time.
a,'* **-•-•-• *-*-*-*-•-*


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