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Cranbrook Herald May 10, 1900

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von!mic  ;;.
|     The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
* Hon Ono. A. Cox, President, ■ it. ti Wai«ki*r, Gen. Man-
•; PAID-UP CAPITAL, $0,000,000,00,     .
t A General Banking Business Transacted.
! Deposits Received.
j London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
. PORT S ri:i:u: BRANCH. j. w. i i. SMYTHE, Manager.
'Nothing Succeeds Like Success."
Our Millinery
Opening S S
H.is been an unqualified success. Every week
we .ne adding to our stock the latest novelties.
It you have not already selected your spring
hat call and see us.       jt       jt       j*      jt
& & & Reid & Co.
® @	
■ ! |   twn:
'.', Wl
I Hotels
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Neatest lo railloail and depot,    Una uccotnuiod-i-
tiona tor the publio unequalled In Crnnbrook,
' '
pecial This Week in House Furnishing Goods:
CoiTilol ,(-ri
Pillow Slips   **        Table Oil Cloth Colored Damask      Rugs
Cir. Pillow Cotton  Grey, White Cotton  Houso Lining Etc. Etc.
Sheeting Carpets
White Bed Spreads    Table Linen
....G, BREMNER & SON....
Giant       Giant       Giant
Powder    Powder   Powder
We have just completed a powder magazine'in
Cranbrook and have just placed a carload of powder in
it; you can get all your powder here now, at a minute's notice. We are agents for thc Giant Powder Co.,
consolidated, of California, a branch of which is at Victoria, and will carry a complete line of their powder,
caps and fuse. Wc arc also agents for Wm. Bennett
Sons & Co. of England, who make thc best fuse in
thc world.
Do not forget that we also have a complete range
ol Men's Shoes and Furnishings, Groceries and
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay's Eij-; Mail Order House
liner   The ^toneer
Just Received a
Carload of Windows and Cedar Doors
Ofallktwll.   Now is the lime to PAINT  YOUR  HOMES.     Wc
I.i-,   thc paint to do tt with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All woi'k In tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Tloyie
t a t t    •• i. ii i- * . -i mn. .mi ..{.)
Herald job Printing
Material Evidence of Prosperity and
Another   Convincing  Proof
This Is lhc Metropolis of
the District.
The large, recently built, handsome
mul modern hospitnl building ul the St.
Kugene Mission is la he abandoned—
thut is closed by the sisters of the Mission aud a uew one built by theui in
This enterprise is mow a fact, although
the undertaking hns been contemplated
for a loug time, nnd hns been delayed
ouly as such enterprises nre always delayed, for time in which to develop
ways ,and means for accomplishing the
desired eud.
It seems a great pity that the fine hospital buildings at the Mission will bave
to become practically useless for the purposes for which it wns designed, but this
is only one of mauy conditions incurred
by being unfortunately situated nway
from the railroad Hue.
Railroads change the maps of cou titties second ouly to wars. Old towns
are prnctically effaced from local maps
and new ones created by the iron horse
which speeds on the truck of steel.
Those who suffer by it ure lo be commiserated, and those who profit, congratulated, although it is often at someone else's expense. These conditions
are Irani of commercial strife, and always huve existed, if uot in one form, in
another, ever since Adam and Five---the
original clothing manufactures—went
into (or oul of) business in the Garden
of Eden.
Cranbrook, becoming Ibe mining and
commercial center—present and future—-
of South EaBt Kootenny, hns forced llie
good sisters from u business standpoint
to transfer the scene of their usefulness
as nurses nnd Good Samaritans from St.
Eugene Mission to Ibis place.
A beautiful site has been selected near
the baseball grounds, nnd there u 20-bed
hospital will be erected. A full description of lhe edifice can not be given at
the present time ns everything is not yet
perfected fot the erection ofthe building,
but sufficiently so to state that work will
lie commenced during thc present mouth.
Thnt it Kill be a credit to the sisters,
Crnnbrook and South Kast Kootenny
goes without saying.
And " Horse Sense " Always Wins Oat Over
Petty Prejudices.
Thc boaid of trade of Cranbrook last
week received the following from our
wide-awake neighbor at tbe upper end
ofthe North Slar branch :
Kimberley, H. C. April 30th, 1900.
The Board of Trade.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Kimberley Citizens Committee
desires lo Inform you tbHt the represen-
alive business men Df the town of Kimberley have organized under the above
tm me for the purpose of representing the
interests of tbis section of East Kootenay, and will be glad lo co-operate with
you on any (piestion of enterprise pet-
laiuing lo the welfatc of East Kootenay
and the province.
Vours respectfully,
Kimberley Citizens Committee.
Chas. Eslmere, secictary-lreasurer.
A Fair-Sized Audience Addressed   By Ilia
Last Saturday Night.
11 was  Announced   liy   handbills last
Saturday that Thomas Forsler would
BddreSfl the people of Cranbiook on the
political issues of tiie day In British Columbia.
The notice given wns quite short* hence
tin.* audience in attendance was not as
large ns might have been expected.
Mr. Fonder was tit one lime engaged
in conl milling, is now a farmer and an
nble advocate of the laboting man's
lights. He was lln* speaker ofthe legislative assembly dining the last two sessions, lie is ti liberal in Dominion politics, but opposed ,to patty lines iu Provincial nil in*-. He Is ft candidate for reelection from his tiding—-Delta, in Westminster district.
The meeting was presided over hy A.
Leitch, a Conservative, having been requested hy Mr. Forster to net iu that ca
pactty, Mr. Eorstcr is evidently strongly opposed tu Mr. Martin, and he made
use of many good arguments, presented
in a clear nnd concise manner. His
talk throughout wns marked by nn absence of abuse and vituperative language
uud might well be emulated by others
tu iruking political addresses.
A Wise Move.
The following circular is being pre*
pared by Ihe fire wardens, and will be
served by Constable Morris. This is a
move in the right direction and the
sooner its requiieuieuts nre complied
with the better it will be for tbe welfare
of the towu:
Cranhrook, B. C.
I have been instructed by the fire wardens to uolify you thut you are required
to replace ihe pipes on your building sit-
nted in Block —, Cranbrook, with a
biick chimney, And take notice that
unless this request is uot complied with
wilhin tu days from date instructions
will be given io bave laid chimney built
and the charges therefore collected in
accordance with the net.
Your obedient servant,
F, R. Motiis,
Provincial Coasts
Prospects en I'crry Crsek anil the St,
Mary's Are Being Developed.
Tht Political Slliullon.
• Hriilo I, _________
OB it n m
Political Affairs in South Mast Knot _
iiuy are in n decidedly befuddled cord,
tion, and the social economics editoi 0
the Herald teceived as au argument from the iiuiunging editor thla
week—"Give a cotrect report of the political situation in .South tivt Kootenay,
list ay a.s little space as possible." Here
it is:
nnten oul potnlt pdaiiC Wi guha
C.P.Raak glusow Joed tTodbGl r abulia
Medh aehh MprnefFheeh rorcoausl
itrnrowscoeS Lendersmith e 1-tnr n
Elmerfernie tero.blc.GC 0 IMD D
eTooelUiwua iVsithn oT oiera Ccehta
rtrteie, -rn ,ir 1 i efo l.eilcn Cost
again Heatdlldcwsei Harvyizd ollet leal
nesbnb li r&unocdtoostldn e u h re ol
o    t.l   w-h-r-r-r-r   b-Z z-z-z-z■■/. s-h-r-r
set of
ltd   Car-Shortage   Materially   Hin-
—  ders Shipments From the
North Star.
Moyie Leader: Monday evening a
public meeting was held and McGregor
hall was packed. Amongst the assembly was a good sprinkling of Mineis'
Union men. Political matters wen-discussed qnlte freely. The general sentiment wus ttiat wbilethe people of Moyie
weie perfectly willing to support a labor
candidate, lhey were not favorably disposed towards the man the Miners' Union had selected. The name of I). I*:.
McDonald, another member of (he union, wus brought up. Mr. McDonald
was favorably spoken of and it was decided to limit a memorial ami hnve it
presented at the Fernie convention favoring his nomination. Thirty signatures
were appended, solely voters, and mostly busiuess men, nnd a few Miners' Union men.
Pernie Free Press:   A convention of
the organized labor in Soulh Past Koo
tenay met in secret session iu Fertile on
the 1st instant. The idea of the convention Was lo choose a candidate to contest the constituency at the coining election. We have beeu given several accounts of what occutred nt this convention, but tbe repoits are so much at
variance with each other we are unable
to decide which is the correct one. Tlie
prevailing opinion, however, seems to be
that nothing was done in the way of
choosing a candidate, whereas we have
been lold that tlie tacit understanding tn
not choosing a man was for Ihe purpose
of giving Hon. Joseph Martin lhe privilege of naming Ihe candidate. Ugly rumors have also reached us regarding
some of the delegates, rumois which we
consider unwise to repeat. We have also
been told thai the convention offered tbe
nomination to Mr. D. J Hlmi-i of Moyie,
a well-known miner of that town, and
that he refused it. Of one thing we nre
certain, and that is tliat Mr. Kluier
had a largely signed requisition from
the people of Moyie asking him to ruu
To offset this we have it from another
source that a counter petition to Mr.
Elmer's requisition was handed tbe cou-
vention. So complicated is the whole
affair we will express no opinion until we
have further investigated the matter.
Which Means Racing and Athletics—A Charter To Be Applied for.
Always push a good thing along. It
Is proposed to buy about 16 acres of land
on the level bench directly west of the
passenger station and to construct n
first-class half mile I rack, n bicycle track
nnd ball grounds, thc whole to be well
fenced, bave grand stands, judges' stands,
refreshment booths, stahlwe, dressing-
rooms and all necessary buildings for the
Water from a spring on the hill further west is to he laid on the ground
through pipes, aud the erection of a few
swings, etc , will make the grounds suitable for picnics and children's recreation
The success nf lhe project will be of
great benefit to the town from a financial
point of view, nnd ihere can he no doubt
thnt under energetic management tbe
shareholders will secure n good ptcfil
from thc annual receipts
Church of England Concert and Dance.
The courert and dance given by the
ladies of Christ church at Porrest ball,
on Tuesday night was nn unqualified
success. At about H:.y> J. W. H. Smythe,
the chairman, opened thc proceedings
by a few appropriate words.
The programme contained such names
as Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Cosligan, Misses Magee, Miss Nevin and Duxie McMillen,
and Messrs. Robinson, Gill and Nelson
Mrs, Costigan presided nt the piano.
After the concert refreshments were
served by tbe ladies, and alter tbe iloor
had been cleared dancing wan indulged
in until the "wee sma1 hours."
Cut lo Pieces.
On Tuesday n man reported to be a C,
P. R. tie inspector, was run over by a
freight train near Fernie and cut to
pieces. No definite details are as yet
known here, the train crew themselves
knowing nothing of the accident at the
time of its occurrence.
loosened and tbat it is in iis o'rlgtua
coil. Tbere bas been no organization of
(ire fighters beyond one meeting, when
ollicers were elected and signatures obtained to tne membership ofthe brigade.
If a fire starts iu town, as matters uow
stand, tbe flames would meet with little
or no resistance.
Relating to the use of water for practice purposes by the brigade, the following permission was given by the C
P. R. ilnouj_h Superintendent Cameron
over a month ago ; *
Craubrook, It. C , A pi. 5th, lyou.
Mr, McVIllle,
I'leaideut Cranbroi k Board of Trade.
Dear Si::
Concerning ll
: water supply
from iliv C, P
ti foi practice
of ihe int.* ki -
for Ibe fire bri,
dc al 1.
k fot  tl
. . he all right
1 inhrook lo use
ia put pose pro
vided .1 can  be
Hum arrange
Hill Continue lis Rapid Growth and
The North Star tramway has been
obliged to close down one and two days
at n lime frequently, of late, owing to
the branch being tillable—-through inability or lack of curs—to keep lhe bins at
the tramway free.
Tbe Herald reporter had heard rumors
of this nature before, and upon meeting
Mr. Cttrrau, agent of the North Star
company, in town yesterday, heinquired
if the minor was true and was given un
answer in the ufthmattve.
C. P R., Superintendent Cameron
was then sought. Mr, Cameron said
that if snch n stale of affairs existed he
hatl nut beeu informed of it; he also
aald lhat cars would be furnished eveu if
llie train service would hnve to be
doubled, for the C. P. R- wnn in thc
freight hauling business, nud lhe mine
ought to be furnished facilities for transposing ore as rapidly as it could be
taken out uf the mine.
Therefore in view of the fact lhat the
Sullivan will also be shipping in a short
time, it is more than probable that the
train service on the Norlh Stnr branch
will be doubled in n very short time
ft 0111 now.
On Luke Creek.
William Tm 1 aiii, who for the past two
seasons bus been developing claims on
I,uke creek, was in town recently. Mr.
Tarrant is one of the old class of pros-
pL-dors, has spent years iu thc Ulack
Hills of Dakota, and came into Ihis
legion two years ago, beiug led here by
iufoimation derived at lhe mineral exhibit in the Omaha fair.
Mr. Tarrant says lhat he has never
seen a more favorably appearing miuing
country anywhere than tlmt lying along
thc St. Marys aud tributary creeks. The
general mineralization of lhc district deeds that of auy like amount of territory
he has encountered iu his prospecting
career. He is of the opinion thnt if ii
develops propoi tionately rich ibis district
will make oue of the greatest in the
He has Ave locations on I,uke creek:
on one there is a 40-foot shaft and on
nuother one of 30 feet The veins are
two to five feet iu width, the gangue being quart/, and calcite carrying values iu
gold nnd copper from $40 to $150 per
ton. The ore ut present in "bunchy"
ut it is thought lhat drifting will devel
op greater continuity.
The formation is kindly to the creation
of ore bodies, beiug mainly diorite, blue
lime and phonolile.
meui to he subject to cancellation at auy
time sud to be conditional npon the lite
brigade exerting every possible effort to
protect ihe company's property in the
event of Ore. Please lei me know if tbis
will be satisfactory,
Yours truly,
J, A. Cameron,
Trust Pulls Down Lead.
New York, May 7.—Surprise was expressed in the metal trade today al lhe
clion of the American Smelling St Refining company, which reduced the price
of lend from J4.70 to I4 40. This is the
first change in price since the beginning
of the year, aud llle luck of demand nnd
a desire on the part of the company to
reduce lhe price ot ore at lhe mines nre
advanced as the principal reasons.
To Work on Perry Creek.
Prahk Vil'.eneuve, a former well-
known resident of Craubrook, arrived
yestetday destined for Perry creek wheie
he will proceed with development work
on properties tbere located, and in which
West Kootenay people are interested
with him.     	
Placer Oold.
Messrs. Thompson, Parrell and Mc-
Cullougb aie reported to have made an
unusually good season of it on Ryders
bar, in the Moyie river.
Perry Creek,
ll is reported that the Perry Creek
.Mining St Development company are
meeting with satisfactory re.sul.s in the
exploitation of their promising proper-
lies on Perry creek. Sixteen men are
1 m ployed.
In the Dim and Dusty Past a Fire Brlfade
Was Organized in Cranbrook aad
Officers Elected.
Presbyterian Mamie.
The Presbyterian church society has
given G. R. Mask Ihe contract for (be
erection ofa manse 39x40 feet, one story
in height. The site will be on the Mclnnes Murphy block in the south part of! iu thc fire house, nnd it is said that the
lown. I fastenings of thc hose liuvtt never been
It is a matter of record, but life is loo
shott logo bnck and investigate when
the record was made, and so ibe news-
gatherer will simply trust to tradition
and have something to Buy regarding the
system of fire protection existing in
It seems, according to some of the
older inhabitants, that there are two
hydrants on linker street whit'li
supply water via the C. P. R. pumping
station in ense of fue; thnt there was
built a hose nnd honk and ladder house
opposite the Cranbrook hotel; iu the remote past hooks, torches, nozzles nud
,yx> feet ol hose were secured nud stored
The   K
igh is of Pythias will erect a
new build
og a: Kamloops.
Up to
ale   Nelson   has   COUltlbUted
1 built fit j
tu lhe India famine fund.
Ore shi]
ments at the various lake ports
ire lucren
ing so rapidly thai the Slocan
b finding
11 llie n Ity in baudling the truf-
Dan McG llvary, well known in this
region, bas been awarded lhe contract
for building an ore docket Michlpicottu,
on Luke Superior, at a cost of -Jjoo.ixx*.
The steamer Kt
nay lake, lias be
■ b<-1
kance, on the Kuote-
u laid off lor about a
lg rep.dted uud over-
r Nelson was put on iu
eek. Wl
hauled the
her place.
The C P. R. will put its new time can!
into effect about June l, when the time
of the steamers will be materially altered, lhe boats leaving Kooleiiay I.,and
ing in the morning, and returning will
leave Nelson in ihe afternoon.
After the Papers Had Been Drawn
Up for and Signed by Would-
Bc Leasers,
If anyone has any doubt about the
future of Cranbrook as Ibe business
metropolis of Sooth Kast Kootenay, let
them analyze this "straw ihat shows
which way the wind blows."
It was announced in last week's Herald that lhe Port Steele Mercantile company was to build a two-bond warehouse
30x50 feet, with a fiie proof cellar the
full size ofthe building, just west ofthe
C P. R. freight house.
Manager Jake Fink, ofthe Ctaubrook
stoie, had drawu up plans, nsked for
tenders aud made every preparation for
beginning construction this week, only
waiting for the return of the lease from
lhe C. P R company's oflice in Winnipeg, The lease had been prepared l.y
the railway company, and properly
signed after being sent to various members of tbe Port Steele Mercantile company in different putts of British Columbia ami the United Slates,
Cut a surprise awaited the mercantile
companv and it arrived in the shape of
a refusal to grant the lease owing to the
phenomena] growth of Cranbrook. which
did uot justify tbe railroad company in
leasing any land in the immediate vicinity of the yards as tbe compauy itself
would need a!) tbe ground Ihere for its
own use.
Mr. Piuk says that there can be no
other reason than lhat advanced by the
company for finally refusing to sign tbe
PcrgUSOU 111 ly yet have a lire says tbt 1 lease, as his company is a good patron of
Bagle. Tuo moie blazes, one at C. R, theC. P. R.. having in its 18 months' ex.-
Scotl's and tbe other at John Sulher- istence in Craubrook paid the railroad
land's residence. Hoth weie nipped in company $18,000 for freight over its line,
the bud.    Perguson doesn't need any-       The warehouse will be built, although
thing lo fight tire with though. Wait
until the town is in ashes) Plenty time
Recently, In Revelstoke, an Dalian
named Dluardo, who lost a leg last June
while in lhe employ of the C P. R., became somewhat despondent antl attempted suicide by lhe use of a razor with
which he succeeded in badly slashiug
himself without having the desired effect.
There is much anxiety in Kaslo, says
the Kootenaian, regarding the   fate of
Bile Hrlcson and Pete Foss, two miners
ho lefl  there last  fall for Pear Creek
with ihe idea of working all winter.   Really a Pinlander arrived and said that
asnowsllda hud swept awav the cabin
ml be could see no signs of the miners.
Later news bas revealed the fact that the
cabin ol the miuers is covered with 60
feet of snow.
It Will Be al Home ir,  the Watts Block lo
a Few Days.
Tbe Cranbrook  Club will  commence
house keeping Saturday night, the paper
hangers, pointers, elc, '.(folding the opportunity.
Thectubroouis occupy the entire second stoiy of the Waits block, ami may
tlie near future include thc third
Tbe managers and trustees have been
very active In maklngpreparatiou^fittlng
nud furnishing, aud although when
opened the clubrooms of the Spokane of
British Columbia will not equal those of
the '"only and original Spokane," still
they will be very neatly nnd elegantly
furnished, considering the time in which
tlie work bas been done.
The rooms, with the exception of the
reading-room, are finished in ttrra-cotta,
«ith heavy gold bonier, lhe paper being
" butted,'- apparently seamless The
reading-room is in green ingrain, ihis
line of work being done in Pieper'sar*
tittle style.
The organization has set a very commendable example to citizens of South
Pnst Kootenay, Inasmuch as everything
in use iu tbe spacious rooms has been
purchased in Cranbrook,   If it was not
possible lo secure anything that was es
pedal ly needed, the next best ihing was
accepted in lieu thereof.
In addition to the regular catd room
there is one private card room, 'ihe
reading room is elegantly carpeted and
fui imbed with easy chairs. Writing desks,
The steward's room isa model of nent
uess nnd convenience, and with such a
man as Charlie Estes£iu charge there is
no doubt tbat every comfort will be provided the clltbtnembers and tbeir friends.
Some veryneat work In fining up has
been done by lhe Leask Sash and Door
Still No Trace ot Barker.
Louis R. Laurent, of Trenton, N. J.,
who came out to supervise the completion of the tramway at the Norlh Star
mine, left for his home last Sunday, having finished Ins labois here.
Ilu bud a thorough search made of the
country hereabouts for traces of the
missing man. Ilarkor, his predecessor,
but nothing whatever could be learned
of his wbeiealiouti.
in a location not so convenient,  beiug
outside of the railroad yards.
The Movement By Merchants and Clerks
Is Perfected.
As announced in Us; week's Herald a
movement by those most interested for
the early closing of business houses was
inaugurated, and it has since been consummated witb the result that on Monday last lhe business houses below mentioned commenced cloiiug at 7 p. m.
Tbe following is lhe agreement aud the
firms wbo have sign.d it:
We, lhe undersigned merchants, doing busiuess iu Cranbrook, do hereby
agree to clo£e our respective places of
business promptly Ht the hour ol seven
(7) o'clock each and every evening witb
lhe following exceptions .* Saturday
evenings, the evenings preccedit.g any
holiday, the evening of the C. P. R. payday and the evening following same.
Ttiis agreement logo into force Monday
evening. May 7, [900:
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., per J P.
Fink, manager: genera! store.
G. H. Gilpin, per J. Gill, manager ;
general store.
G, H. Miner, hardware.
Leask St Uaukln, furnishings.
M. Mclnnes & Co., per II. Tbity,
Hill 81 Co.
Reid St Co., dry goods and clothing.
Geo   Bremner St Son, general store.
Robson & Rogers.
Lee John,
Wbo Have Been Dolag Business ia Cranbrook This Week.
S. C. Matthews, of Montreal.
W. Williams, representing a Montreal
bout and shoe firm.
C L. Samuels, shirts, gents' underwear, ;ic , Montreal.
ti. ti. Vincent, representing the Calgary Brewing company.
O. S.  Prlzzell, representing the Fori
Sicele Brewing company.
S. Kirkpatrick, representing John
Peck *.*_ Co., of Winnipeg.
A. E- Marsh, representing the Robin-
sun Dry Goods company of London, Oit.
J, P. Porter, representing a large electric and iron works at Amherst, N. S..
was in towu. Tommy Rookes hopes he
will be here again soou.
A Splendid Bakery.
The Chartrand Brothers are iu their
new bakery on Hanson avenue. As has
been stated heretofore the equipment for
baking purposes is probably unequalled
anywhere else in lvast Kootenay. Thc
oven bus a capacity of 350 loaves al n
single baking, and is built throughout of
stone nnd fire btick. In addiiion to
bread, tbey will make cakes ntul pastry.
The finest production of lhe baker's art,
[wedding cukes, etc,  will be made to
Natlilng Too (loud for Cranbrook.
BnieSm II, of the Cosmopolitan, hays
there's nothing loo good for Cranbrook,
hence he has equipped lhe dining room
of Wie hotel throughout wilh solid silver
siignr bowls, lea pids, cuke dishes,
creamcra, knives, furks, spoons, etc. CRANHROOK  HERALD
Tt-.it.M-i in-* suu-ioittn'tuNi
■ Frt
-,. W, WV1TTIB, II.I.-S, I'.l. :
JOHN HUTCHISON, Notary I'ubllt
McVittie & Hutchison
.. Dealers in. .
lines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
*■   _____      : _■
Mines nnd Lands Surveyed
lire, Life and Accident Insurant
Money lu Loan
. o. 0. P. Block
Crnnbrook, B. C.
| East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
Hugh Cameron t
Proprietor   ::: >
t This hotel has been refitted and refurnished.     The table
is the bcsl.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
Prom tin
Joseph Ziyats, the Slav who wus seut
up tor three yea;5 tor stabbing a mau in
Fernie, has a wife anil five small children who aie now without any means of
Pincher Cieek will celebrate on the
first of June, when some good horse
races and olher sports will be held, The
country surrounding Pincher Creek is a
beautiful one, and a sight of the green
fields nud waving giiiin is alone well
worth n trip to that thriving lung.
Isnac Grant wns on Tuesday sent up
ior trial by C. C. flange ou a charge preferred by David Donaldson of stealing
the sum of fi,-** from u valise belonging
to tbe latter. It seem*, lhat Donaldson
nml a chum brought Grant ben* witli
them from Wllilemoulll, east of Winnipeg, paying bis fare and _ week's board
nt a hotel hete, and then wheu tbey
started " kecpiug batch" across the
track they took Grant in with tlieui uud
the lirst chance be gol he robbed them
hy breaking open a valise and stealing
iill the money il contained, and made olf
west. Constable Mcl.eod telegraphed
instructions to Craubrook to look out for
him and the authorities a nested him
there with the result above stated.
A Murliti Candidate.
H.   C. Smith)   a   rancher   near   F'ort
Steele, and lor a long lime supetinlei -
dent of the Sullivan mine, has declared
himself as a straight Martin candidate,
and will be endorsed by the  Maitiu faction ,	
At Ihe I'reahyli-rlttii Chunk.
Tonight ltev. G. W. Fottsou, 11. A.,
will be nullified us pastor of the Presbyterian church of Craubrook, and the
usual interesting exercises will take
Among the visiting clergymen and
participants iu the services will be fouud
two old Cranbrook pastors—Rev. Bull
now uf Olkolks and Rev. Gordon, ol
Pernie) Rev. Meuzics, of Kaslo; Rev.
McKlllop, of Lelhbridge. Rev. Dunn is
nlso expected to be present.
At the conclusion of the induction ser
vices, a short time will be spent in soe.a'
intercourse by members of the church
and others present.
A Keen, Clear Brain.
Your best feelings, your social position
or business success depends largely on
the perfect action of your stomach and
liver. Dr. King's New Ijfe Fills give
increased strength, a keen, clear brain,
high ambition. A 25 cent box will makt
VOU feel like a new being. Sold by R
Iv Beattie, druggist.
It Will Be Up tu Bale.
E. Grant has leased the building
occupied by the Central restaur, unl
the lodging rooms overhead, and will
renovate, refurnish and prepuie first
class furnished rooms for transient 01
regular occupants.
He will also tnke chnrge of the restaurant on the -dh of lhe mouth. Mr
Grant has had a wide experience in thai
business and calculates to.make an up to
dale lestaurant nud furni-hed room
house of the establishment, He rightly
believes that there is room iu Craubrook
for a good institution of this kind, ami if
he can't make one. no one else can
A Fast Bicycle Klder
Will often receive painful cuts, sprains
or bruises from accidents. Ilnckleii's
Arnica Salve will kill the pain nml heal
the injury. It's the cyclist's friend.
Cures chafing, chapped hands, sore lips,
burns, ulcers and piles. Cure guaranteed. Only 25c. Try it. Sold by R. lv
Ileallic, druggist.
She l- ImiiruvliiK Her Hotel and Hall-
way Ao-uiiuniodatlonN.
The question is continually asked:
Why is In-hind, with its exquisite "scenery and almost unrivaled beauty, neglected by the peripatetic SuxonV There
are, ur have been, invariably two methods of solving tlie problem, says the St.
James Uazettu. Tbe Saxon has
shrugged his shoulders and repeated
tor the thousandth time the old formula ubout tbe discomfort uml the excessively high tariil of'the Irish hotel.
Or, ou the olher hand, be may have remarked on the tlliatorlness of the Irish
railway train.
lt is not for ns to deny tbnt, to a
very conslifcrable degree, complaints of
this character havo been more thuu
justified) bul a recent uud rather extended experience of both these necessary adjuncts to the business of touring has revealed to us the fact that
such grounds «>f dissatisfaction are being rapidly nnd certainly removed. Ireland has at lost awakened to hor possibilities as a tourist resort which—
whether it be in sea, mountain, hike or
river scenery—rivals if it does not excel
Scotland and Wales. She is accelerating and improving her railway service; she Is opening* np new nltd—far
thc tourist—virgin routes; her hotel
phoprietora arc alive to the necessity
for materially changing their methods;
nnd, given these conditions, there can
be no possible reason in the world why
Ireland should nol obtain a fair share
of tbe holiday harvest which ut present is bestowed with bounteous hand
upon the continent.
homo civic customs whieh word in-
Btituted during the middle ages still
continue In England. Por example, the
crown has just issued the usual venison
warrants to tho lord mayor and olher
representatives of the corporation. The
lord mayor receives four bucks, the
sheriffs threo and the recorder, chew-
borlaln, town olerk, common sergeant
and remembrancer m ich,   Similar
gifts   are   made   in  lln* doe  season  In
December.   These warrants, records of
which have been kept since the yeur
1101. bad Iheir origin In the curliest
charters of the city, when the citiaena
hnd tttclr "InuiUiigs" BOOtired to them.
It Kestni When Three Dnyi Oid -and
Uiea nt Forty-Five.
G. W. Reynolds, of Los Angeles, Cal..
cue of the oldest traveling men iu rhe
United States, Is "l years of age. Mr.
Reynolds has a ranch, ot which lie enjoys telling even more than he does ot
the experiences through which he has
passed during his half century upon
the road. The ranch is near San Diego,
Cal. Tho chief product i.s honey. This
product i-s gained from two apiaries,
whieh Mr,  Reynolds visit,; every time
his business permits him to go to southern California.
"In my apiaries, which are cared for
by my sou," said he, "there ure 140
stands of bees. The honey season lusts
from April to July. This season my
bees yielded 40,000 pounds of honey,
■h sells in that country In bulk
at four cenls a pound, Two of
hives gave over 300 pounds each,
ten years I have been Interested In
been it it small way, and 1 take greater
interest in them every year. A hive or
stand of bees Is worth tHifiO, 111 It ure
tlie queen, the drones uud the workers,
a totul population of from 20,000 to
85,000 bees.
"This very good-sized colony," he continued, "residci In 11 hive or wooden
box. lu lhe hive ure a doaen frames
13 by V inches. In these lhe bees make
or deposit the honey, a foundation of
wax having been tlrst placed iu each
frame by the beekeeper, so that the
bees muy have something to build Upon,
The huney is taken out of the frames
every other week during the honey seagull. While doing so there Is little need
of protecting the bunds. The bees seem
to be must inclined to sling one In (ho
face. So, as a precaution, liu- muu who
i_ removing the huney from the hives
wears a straw hat, from the brim of
which is hung a silk veil, like they have
to do up in the Klondike country to
ward off the summer mosquitoes.
—"It seem; tie courts find co flavr in
Bilks' will.' ■"You don t say so! Why.
1 supposed Bilks to be richer than that." .
—Detroit Journal. |
—Uncertainty.—Farmer—"Can 1 hire
you to shock my corn?" Bicycle Uirt
(aside)—"1 wonder if he takes me for a
man."—Detroit Journal.
—Reflected Glory, — Visitor — "And
who are you, my little man.'" Cuth-
bcrt (with conscious pride)—"I'm the
baby'» brother."—Tit-Bits,
—"That tenor of ours has a marvelous
voice, lie ean bold une uf his notes fur
half  a  minute."    "ShucksI    I've held
one uf bis notes for two years."—Cleveland Plain Dealer,
—"Tell me, doctor," asked the ambitious young disciple ol Galen, eagerly,
•'what was the most dangerous ease you
ever had?"   "In confidence, now that
I am about lu retire from practice-,"
answered the veteran physician, frankly, "1 will confess that it was my medicine case."—I'uck.
—During the progress of theThellus-
sun will case, which benefited several
generations uf law yers, one Of the counsel employed suggested that something
should stand over Vtlll the day of judgment," Snid Richard Bethell, who also
appeared in tbe case-* die was subsequently Lord Chancellor Westburyi
"Will not tlmt be a very busy day?"—
Household Words,
- A gentleman culling ut a hotel left
his umbrella iu the _tuud iu the bull
with the following Inscription attached
1 ii:   "This umbrella belongs to a nmn
Uo eiiti deal 11 blow of  Ml)   pounds'
eight.   1 shall bo back In ten   min-
.lies."   On returning to seek his property he found iu its pluee a curd thus
inscribed:   "This card has beeu left by
II mau who ean run li miles an hour. £
shall not come back."—Tit-Bits.
I Baker Street       :-:        :-: Cranbrook, B. C    S
"The queen is an absolute monarch
within her dominions. She is the undisputed boss of the job. An ordinary
bee lives during the working season
only 45 duys. Voung ones arc being
hatched out all the time. A bee goes
to work at the tender age of three
days, and hustles like a veteran for
\'i days. Then it is just naturally all
tired out, I suppose, for it dies. The
queen lives longer, und when a young
queen comes into existence in the hive
ahe drives the old queen out. Her loyal
subjects follow lur in her banishment,
und thut is whut makes the swarm.
"ln Southern California the bees
make water-white honey when the
black suge is in blossom. When the
white sage Is (lowering the* honey hus
an amber tinge. In winter tho bees
mako no honey. Scventy-ttve car loads
of tht article are shipped out of San
Diego county in good years."-—Denver
Iti publican.
Hum    Whu    Tnlk-4   About
Hfiillh   or  Allinentpj,
A group of men were talking in a hotel corridor uptown recently when a
mun with a dark beard and rather long
hair entered. The members uf the
group begun to scamper away Instantly, and it was a curious fact that nut
one  remained   to exchange greetings
with the natv arrival, although they all
knew him intimately.
Col. David I", llurbaugh, who came
from Ohio and knows President McKinley and all the big orators and
Malesmen, explained why it was that
lhey all avoided the man.
"That mun is u gentleman und u
scholar, but he te the most unmitigated
bote lhat ever wore out the patience
of his friends. He should read 'Dou't,'
which says: 'Don't afflict others with
yuur troubles.'   llut he cuu be cured."
"What is the remedy?"
"It is drastic and may result In unpleasantness at Ilrst, but some close
friend .should do it. I hud a friend
whose mania was talking about his
health. He louked strong, utc three ur
four meals a day, smoked big, black
cigars, and yet ute hypochondriacal
monologues were unendurable. Every
morning he cume to my ollice and fur
an hour would tell me how many times
he sneezed before breakfast, what he
look to prevent a repetition of the
sneezing, huw he imagined that is on it*
day indigestion might overtake him,
and a lot of other things nut at all en-
tertuliiliig. I bore this for six months,
until I lost iny uppctite and.almost got
sick, llut une day I rati away and left
"Had a row, of course V"
"No; I advised him to stop talking
about his alleged illness, 1 told him,
whieh was true, that he was talented
and entertaining on any other subject,
ami as a friend I bogged him to cease
being a bore. Al tlrst he was indignant,
but he thunked me for my frankness
finally and .said he would reform. He
belonged to a class of men who huve
conversational paresis und who will
talk for hours without encouragement."
—iN. V. Commercial Advertiser.
Tlir.v  (lut-er Ti-mi-rMve Vmrm**ra.
There is in Tennessee a family of
three sisters which presents some of
the most siartling* peculiarities imaginable. The three sisters live together
on u farm, their sole means of subsistence, and work early and late to
earn a livelihood. Two of them work In
the field; the third does the cooking
and other housework. There is but one
period of the year when any member
of the nio bus anything to say to any
other member. All during the winter,
spring ami summer ihey go about their
business with the seal of silence on
Iheir lips.    When full comes and the
i^mti^    Kent  by  the Sod.
The towering Washington monument,
solid us it is, cannot resist the heat of
the sun, poured on its southern side
on a midsummer'* day, without a slight
bending of the gigantic shaft which is
rendered perceptible by means of a
copper wire, 174 feet long, hanging in
the center of the structure, and carrying a plummet suspended in a vessel
of water. At noon in summer the upex
of the monument, 5_0 feet above the
ground, is shifted, by expansion of the
stone, a few hundredths of un Inch
toward fhe north. High winds cause
perceptible motions of the plummet,
and'In still westher perceptible vibrations of the crust of the earth, otherwise unperceived, are registered by it.
—Youth'* Companion.
.MISS M. ilcCALLUn...
tiraduate ol Mt. Slnal Hospital, New Vork
Apply al McVittle S Hutchison*!
Or at J. Hutchison's Residence
When you can get
A pure, delicious
Geo. Bremner & Son
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props.
We hnve just moved into our new bak
ery on Hanson avenue, and wilh the
largest and most modern brick oven in
Kast Kootenay are now prepared better
than ever before to turn out first class
work.   A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pics,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
Baked fresh every night.
Orders for Wedding and other Fancy Cakes
will receive prompl attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    ::*:::   B.
Alex. H. Watson...
Fire, Llle aad Accident In.un ni.
Accot iitaut, riots-, I'ubllcai l Conveyancer      ::     ;•     :■     »
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Beattie's Drugstore
crop is hnrvested they break the si-1 Cfi/fl___A  fltl-ff a*
leuce, und then only to quarrel over lhe | ^«UUIC  ft 11 IK*
Pack Horses
of the proceeds.   When euch
ceded iu Retting all  that she
mslble, iiilenca reigns again un-
uxl harvest time.  The sisters,
nay Judge, have made a natuc
They ure known fur
hns h
iii ih<
ns you n
for them
and near us the 'tlcaf and dun h triplets/although such 11 tltlu is scarcely appropriate.--Washington Post.
....For S_    or Rent
J. H. M'MULLIN       I
Armstrong ave., Opp. McConnell'S Store ■
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AH Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything:,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish antl Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay Ihem.
On letting your contract
until you have seen
Late of Toronto
Contractor ••n Builder
ThMQ cuiiti'iiipliiilni.' bnlullnu will (lo well to let
in,, Hiiiin, 0,1 tin, co'itrnuts,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices,
jl   B. C.
Undertaking And
Cranbrook, B. C.
Graduate of Champion college of U. S.
Successor to Maggs & Hughes in this
line. Will nttenil io nny work iu the
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams ami driver, furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   jt   jt
Solicitor, Etc.
Ah Quai & Co.,
Wc knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundry man I found.
Contract any kind job, house
cleaning or cooking.
AH Q'JAI, Chinese Agent
G. Johnson....
W Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service frum
To all points
East and West.
Flrst-Clflsa Sleepers on ill Trains
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat, daily for
St. Paul, Suudiiys aud Wednesdays
for Toronto,  Fridays for Montreal
and Huston.
hv 9:10 a m Cranhrook Lv 13:01 p m
Connection tri-weekly at Mcl.eod for
Cr.gtry and Edmonton, and daily at
Medicine Hat for ull points East. Connection daily at Kootenay Lauding for
all points in West Kootenay, Slocan and
Boundary Districts, aud fur PnciGc Coast
and Main Liue points via ltevelstoke,
Through Tickets Issued and Baggage Checked to Destination
For raten ami full inclination address
nearest local agent, or
F. M. MEDHURST, Agt., Cruubrook
w. F. Anderson, T.P.A., Nelson, n, c.
a k. J. Coyle, A.O.P.A., Vancouver, It, t
W. F. QURU, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, B, C.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
In Ready-Hade Clothing and Men's Furnish   K
ings.   A full line of Tweeds and Suitings Car-  %
ried.   Workmanship and Fit Guaranteed,   At ]&
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Pom lota nortli of tlu- Mitlindist chinch.
Wholesale and retail ili-ulcrs
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
M^Orders called ior nud promptly delivered,
Promptly Attended to.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels iu Hiist Kootenny.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.    j
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
%*************************a\**************A*********A I
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.        !
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM.   KINHS   OP-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD-
IANB.H0OK,   U. 0.
Bears Important  News to His
Fellow Citizens.
An Order Por Hit Arrest Th-nt Wat
Sot Gxectitvd.
It i3 not gcncmll; known, [iPi'lmps, ilini
Senator Morgan of AJnluimn was ouce
thi'iuitencd with avvesl Coi nlloged com*
lilicity iu tlie assasBlnnti n I Lincoln.
Of course Sena tot Morgan waa nut only
Innocent, bm actually did uul benr ot
Ltnculn'e death until n week after H tuid
occun-ed. Uv was then n fnriuei iu D.il
Ins county, his pmctlvo ul the law liar-
log bcun prohibited by tho mitral uu
tburitleM, nml Ik* was plowiuj*  i when
he heard tlmt uu unlet* had bei-n r Imi
h> lleneral McArthur, at Seluin, lo in
rest him nud scud him to Wnnbiugluii
fur complicity in tbu Lincufn inumasiuii
tion  Senator -Murgan went i - uv
nud attired blnwulf in ute Uonretleiiilu
general's uulfwifii, with stnn-.il eimuleti,
belt, sword nud oilier nci uuu'ruienis
complete. Then hesmldled bis plon horw
ttinl rude in Silmn, where he pronented
kliuself tu Ueuernl MeArliiur.
•'ii'»»tl rolng, general." ho Bald,
"Ouoil  uInc, grnvral," replied McArthur, recugnlrlnu Murgnn's rank. "Kur
whal ntn I ludebted for this visit*"
"I hnve come lo ho lout to Wnsblns
too." remarked Morgan. "I iimletsiiind
yuu huve nu order to send me there,"
Uenernl McArthur oxpresseil surprise
to h-aru tlmt Ilu- existence <■< th der
wns known and smiled win u (leueial
Morgan luid bim lhat eS-Cuufwleinit-B
luul uut hi.it their Imi ii rn' ocnuirlns Information. Then In* i-emnrked that tbe
order would not he obeyed, or ot Until
oi ( until thero Iiml been u reasonable delay.    Thla did  nm  suit   Morgan,  who
warned to $  Washington tn present
some claims for destroyed  cottun nml
was qnlto willing to travel ut guvo enl
■*l want to mako one request of you,"
said Morgnn. "When 1 went Into the
wnr. I had $15,000 in gold In n hank in
Belmn. When I came back from thc
wnr, 1 fonud tlgit my gold bad gh'sn
place to $15,000 iu Confederate money,
Wiih Ihnl $15,000 I hought hulf n Ims
uf tobacco. Wiih some of the lobnceo 1
secured roffec nnd sugar and shoes fot
my family, nnd llie rest of it went for IT
shotes. I kepi thoso shotcs until iliev
were fat enough to kill, nnd now I bnvo
more ment ihnn nny other man hi l)nllii»
county. When I go to Wnsliin-sinn, gen
era!, I waut yon in put n guurd *ii*.imnl
my smokehouse."
"Hen-mil," replied McArthur laughing
ly, "yuu hnd better gu home and giinnl
ml bis plow, nnd he never he
of llle order from that dnv,
II   Pi -I.
XoBOKtO) Fob. 20.h.—Hero is a letter wo
hope every ono nf our ronderr* will rcrupo :—
*I am 39 years old. Have b<-en troubled for
four years with what I thought wns rhouma-
tiam—6tiffnc;3 in the musclaa of my legs.
later in iho nnn-. Soon the BtlffnoflB changed
tu -aoreneaB. Went to Hot Springs, und cumo
back n little better. Was u modern to
drinker, hut quit using liquor altogether,and
carefully regulated my diet, One day I uot
wet, and then the trouble was worse tlum
ever, llnd lu lay off for three weeks. Huvo
had similar attacks al Intervals ever Blnce.
ouch one worse ihnn it-* ptedecessor. Una
headache, pain In tho small of the back,
urino dark. H-nuly nnd scalding. Hogan
using Dr. Arnold'a English '1'i.mh Wlla a
■-hurt time auo. nnd nm already wonderfully
Improved, Fool conHdont thai will cur* me,
nnd 1 shall give ihem tbo chance nnd report,
I have nut felt aowoll fi r years as I liavo
sine'-1 began using your pills."
177 Songo St., Toronto.
Dr, Arnold** Bngllsh Toxin Pill-*. Ihe ouly
modielno on earth tbut cures disease by
killinu tin germs that cause 11, are sold by
nil druggUlB, at 76o n bos : wmplo site BBc.,
ur neiu posl paid ou receipt ol price, by'I he
Amo'd i hem onl <'<>., Limited. Oiinadn Lifo
Building, — Kitigstreol west, Toronto,
. I.*, mi,
Minard's Liniment Cores Burns, Etc,
Uuliiitf PiuHton, Etc.
The rumble of tho ponderous machinery i-* henrd.
Faster -faster revolves the cruel saw
V 111 el,
Ami tho beautiful heroine Ih being
dragged nearer those awful iceth.
■■lln, lint" hisses tbe merciless villain. "I'll JllSl (ell (lieni Ibttt I SOW
Tlw heroine being from Bos tou, this
Is move ibaii she can stand,
"Iguornmus," she shrieks iibove the
din of lhe saw. "Just tell them Hint you
wiwi il 11- '."
Ami then ibe hero dnsbes In und llfts
her away from lhe hungry tooth.—Ohl-
cngo News.
Elisvcs MiMi
HOW i» He ncmillfnl.
"Vou advertised, I believe, that you
WOUld tell women bow lo bo bPflUtlfUl,"
"I did."
"Well, I'd like to know bow."
"Coftnluly, certainly.    Two dollars.
Tlum!; you.   The surest way Is to-he
born bountiful.   Call ngnin some timo."
—Chicago Post
llui.I. Moil I
"H whut the cntitnlu snys Is thrue."
reihnrked It ridge t, "yo mny look oul
l'i* iho monsoon."
.lennnlu, wbo wns on ber ivnj n row
the o tu io meet ber lover, looked lu
"Nn dooi." she said, wlih a One
Mu li "llul «hal dooa the onptnln
Itnnvi nlmel im?"- Chicago Tribune.
8 liniment inr Sale Bremrten
1 wus  cum!  ol   Inum luck,  after
■offering lfly.nvabyMINARD'SUNI-
Two Rivera- N.s      KOBBH C HOSS.
i was cured of   niplhoria. after doc*
tors fail, tl, by MINAltD'ri UN 1MKNT.
Autlgouiah, JOHN A -"OBEY.
l vim onred of ootitraotlon ol muiolei
DnlllOUBlO.        Mis   Knehne) Smtmli-is.
iih. hu|ireulon.
"Whni's the u .' of spemllng su mueh
rnout'j in au i-i.. li.-i.V" risked the
■•liiv-u Bcottl" auawered Si nn loi Bet
-ftaiim "What do yon wnnl n nmn to
tio wlih bli iiionpj '■ Jiml b i ll Ile
nl-oillid in the InillIts niid •! i nothing?
Whni's ii...ih-i i..i_.     Wnahltigton Kim*
'Mm* It enl It en ion,
Johnny- Why do ihey my tbat the
pen Is mlglltlci ihnti the swonlV
Ills   I'ut her-1 teen use you CflU't sltfU
checks wlih n bword.—Boston Tm*-
There novor was, and nevor will be, a unl.
venal wmncoa, In one remedy, for nil ills to
whleh Ib-h to heir—the very nature of mnny
OUratlvea being such Ihul were Ihe yenneot
other mul dUTcrenlh Boated dieoaBos rooted
in ibe Hj.-ieni of too patlont—what would
relieve one ill in turn would aggravate the
other. We hnve, however, ill Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in n sound, unadulterated
plate, u remedy for many and grievous ills.
By its gradual and {udioloUBUSO llie frailest
systems are led into convalescence und
strength by the Influonco ffhloh Quinine ox-
orts on nature's own roBtorativos. Il relieves
tbo drooping shlrlls of those wilh whom a
phronlo 6tate or morbid deepoudenoy nnd
luck of Interest In life is u disease, and, by
trangullixisg lhe norvoa, disposes io round
nnd refreshing Bleep—Imparts vigor to the
net ion of tho blood, whieh. being stimulated)
courses throughout Iho veins, strengthening
tho healthy animal functions of iho system,
thereby making activity u necessary rcmiit,
titrcngtboning iho frame, nnd glv.ng life to
the olgeBtlvo organs, whieh linlurally demand morooBod subBianoo— result, Improved
appetite. NorOu-up .v Lyman, ot Toronto,
havo given to tlie publio tnolr superior Qul-
n no Willi- ut thu USUnl rulu, und, gauged by
tho  <i|)iiiinii   uf   ecieutlHtfl,   this   wluo    ap-
proiichca nenrent perfeollon of any in the
thet,   All drugglalfl toll lt.
ll ti ■■hi.  who
c  ;.,:;. |*  look
Hie first I'ort*
otiiV sleep nil
hud l i
hll I ;   :
ii tindei
10 suld It
iii of (hi
ii) a well know!) oh IV
i out* oi the boulevards nnd got one
ihe hlggesi mid ihifhest slonks pos
do h wns ii n lnipper I'.ntl seemed
he uv.Twbehnliii! for iw... RiwUles.
e furnish i -.-* ■,■ re llhcrnl, and there
is ■ I ■■■ kIi in d U ioe net ween them.
wevi:. tin j mnnnged lo mako ov
-■ il Iny ill*inp|;ear. and Mien l-'nlion
rnliig io Tushi. nskod hlm If there
,- uii.viliing else lie would like
'ou'ri* oui with me. you know, and
itiU'vci* you wnnl jusi order it."
IVshi lonketl vagiiel; around for a
limit*, as If making up his mind, nnd
• u i csltniingly snid. "Mr. Pulton, II
it ilon'1 mind I would like another
■::i. "   Snn l-'rnnelsco Argonoill.
Thero is danger In neglecting ft oold.
Mnny who havo died of Consumption
dated thoir troubles from exposure, followed by a oold which settled on thoir
lung-;, and in a short time they were beyond the nklll of theboit phyidohui. Had
they usud Bloklo'a Antl-Cousumptlve
Syrup, before it wns too lato, their lives
would Lavu heen fipiuvd. This medicine
has nu equal for eurlug coughs, cold_,
and nil affeotlons of the threat and lungs
KtMltielnu ilie Cnrnetrli! Income.
'■W..1 you gol ihere. UmpyV*
"Dot's a bouk I jusi found.   I'm goin
to chuck It."
"Don't you do it. Dni's de beginuiu
of a fn*e public library, see? An it'll
give us de chance to work Andy Car
negle fer de usual llfty t'ousnnd!"—
Cleveland l'lnln Denier.
DONOTDHIiAY.—-When,through debilitated digestive organs, poison finds Us way
lato tho blood tbe prime considoration is io
get tho poi-on out up rapidly and as ibor-
oiiL'hly ns po-pihlc.    D.*hi)  may menu  die-
safer. Porfmelce'a Vegetable Pills will l»
ftaind a most vnlnab'e and effectivo medioine io assail tho Intruder with, They rover
full. They go nl onee to lhe sent of lhe
trouble and work a permanent cure.
Kit tare'ii \eut  %1-rnnm-iiii'iu.
•*1 see tlml Iho Vale professor who
has been tnklng anthropo metrical
menstirements of college stria east und
west finds lhai ilulr waists are of
itbout llio anini* dlineiislons."
"lan'l thai n beautiful illustration of
tho compeuanilous of nature) The
arms of llm young men of both cast
and west are about of Iho same
■''■' i*'1 "• Cleylnml Plain Denier.
A SHORT HO AD to health was opened
bo tliosti BUfTerlog from thronlo ooughi,
a-tbmii, bronchitis, oatarrh, lumbago,
tumors, rheumntism, exuorlnted nippies
or indented   breas-t,  aud  kidney oom-
plaints, hv the Iniroiliicilnn of tho in-
expensive and otfeotlvo remedy. Dr.
Thomas' EoleetrloOII
lli> Wnn  I i-iu-uliiu rn*»(.
Tho young mnn was learning,
"Mamie bas such a turn up uose," ht*
"No," objected bis mentor, "you
mustn't Bay thnt   say it's i ii> tilted."
•*ls up tilted ihe in tno ns mm up?"
be asked.
"Yes," sho told hlm.
Ami that dnj at dinner when ho askod her to kindly pass tho tip tlltods
she handed hlm the turnips without a
moment's hesitation.—Cleveland Plain
SIGNALS OF DANGER, -ll ive you lost
your appetite? Hove youaooatcd tongue?
Havo vou an nnploasonl tasto In tho mouth?
Does your bead nohoand huve you disslnetB?
II so, your Btomneh Ib out o( order.and you
need i llclno. Hm youdonol ilko medicine, lie thut prefori sloknosslomcdlcloo
musl Bufferi i-m undor tho clreiuustancos tha
wine linm WOtlld  BI ellie n bOX id   ! Vme'eo'S
Vmi mi.I. Pills and spoodlly got hlmsolf In
health, and slrlvo lo keep n.
in,- nutlnjt PnsHlfin.
"MnraeJIm," Mild Uie ohl colored citisen, "do ti mntism gol  en de
doctor say in*, lime Is shorl. I wants
ter a\ n favor DI' you, Marse .Iim."
"All right,   I'll do nnythlug I ran for
you.    What Is Iir
"Vou know tint brand er waiennltlion
tint I Ink so well?"
"Mnrso .lltu, w'en I dead en bury 1
wants you lor plant some 'pon top my
grave, on w'en time come for 'um tel
ripen I wants you tor conic dur. Don'l
folcli nny knife ivld you—don't cut
"t*tiii, but lek yo' list on bits' 'inn wide
open en lei du sweel Juice fionk I boo ter
me, en I'll uii It, .Mars,* Jl'm-I'll gll It,"
Atllintll runsilniiimi
Wiiniiiuii.   |-'i-i'i! Hut. Am.
I 1'. -rl.fii) up.  IS, V, II.O0 e»,
Nol mi Upllvitl t'nur.
Qplieltiu—i enn nol Bell you spoctaclos
for ytuir liuslmnd. lit* must como for
■ben*, in person W'hui Is the nature
of his visual tb-feelV
Woman-A ."» cenl piece looks bigger
to Iilm llun) ii .<-.' bnnk note to other
Oi'ople. -.lewelers' Weekly.
The Average,
"Pa. w hut's an average mnn?"
"One who ililuks his ymployer's business would he run a good ileill hetier It
he eonhl have mure lu say uhout II
Ijltiiwi-li'."—C'hlfntfo  Tliiien-IIeraiil.
Kimberley was Invpsled     nre tha
four  inonlhs   ftgo.     y:i
niii*^ of war    the   world
known such irons* o;" *'■
■tons "■•'.*■ iguered thoro hi * * ■ ■
Wilhin     iliie   bwlogi d    tow ■
ln.'."-' i  to   lu.OOO   ■■■■ \-'  I ■
n? many   bl lcks.     A*   th Ir
cannoi   - - r. ■ ■> ] ■   ■ .
are oi leusi  .- Ki.onn ■ i n
Each iin;  StoO.OOU could
from  the ear th   in   rem        1 el    lx itl
nil    this  titsi    .\cnitli lhe neopli      *
!   ■ : B rem I
upon the III    oi tllO puel, will
presenti d (or tbe first tl
Once again the rumor ot a matrimonial
■ between Chath     Fr hmau and
Maude Adams has ct-opjw ;    it.
Mrs. Strnknsi b. once fan   i   n the am-
Bicnl w irld ns Clara !■■ ii  ■   lv    ■.* t.   *
now making bev pennatn i \
Hartford, Conn.
Among t;* ■ ■ ;" ■ rumi
Adams' ■ ■    *       - - ".. w
York ii
*.: _* . 1 :
hen Driiri      -in. tbi
f^intj  * :   ' rd,* * -        -.i...'.
;■:■ i Yx .        Trilby," h VI giui.
nberley b\
dontly hu*,
i th   n. ■ it, i
 apt' ■■
I hen* purjM
rtnrvp the m
Tbem can be nn doubl   t!
n      posKf   Imi      -
Should   ihey  capture  II   ilu       would
h ivi    the   wealth   •>■    it-     di
nil :   la  [ioi   ;:*- CM  'i -■■-
if  the  w,
Ilu*  Do.
im mu of hostilities, du i.inn*, Uml
i..* would l"- ui safe thi re i . En Pic
endll.v, London, Tbe personal linl-
rotl ol ih- lUien i-i.m- upon Ithndi
I'hey recognize bim-us their arch
enemy, the renl cause of the wai
Thev reallzo tbe Importnuco ol cap
luring tin  mnn of v horn W   T   Ktead
Cl ' I'ffln  her c*.i-
uin   ll-     ' Om     f Ou
Olrls." wtdeh     I ■ ■    i-1 im
I'.-.i. - ■     l piny wil
multau wlj    in   Nprwi itia;     I
German and from h.   1
kumnl htire ot tin  ulni '■ ■     i ten
lie hns litl-vlj   i  ilk ho
..wu i. ii well.
Rnlu-n  'I   ■■■ ■ thc
Athlpbi tin .in i   in   L. ■
[ . ■ nm r.    li h
eiptH-ied  tlml   the old  I n III   P" ■
Oudel thi   ■■.■■.'        Lewis W
, tli ■■ and pufiulur aeim  of romontie
dn n  . .   .t full.
The yuunK Kn;,li-h Mnmuls of Ancle*
iey is Bppeurinit la n lit lunlnu chan»e
ncl iu ii Mnnkb bumti li I ll** does it
for fun mul because Ik   I is n  I I
ihe British Empire, hai- t
Queen and Lord Salisbury. lie is
the greatest man in the British Empire, hur ...ie,"
Klmboi*l(\v is 047 miles from l'nl„!
Town by railroad. It lius In .1 plain
tlint Btrotfnes lor miles in Bvery .11-
roctlon und is unbroken, savo loivni-d
the oast, whero there is a line ot
low hills.
its area Is out of all ratio to tts
size. The stroots uro wide and the
houses aro detached, surrounded by
yards. Land has littlo value save
whon tjlnluonds are found.
The towu really surrounds a huge
hole, the Wesselloii initio, au nooning
2.0(111 tool   Wido and 012 feet deep.
Of course every ono Knows that the
diamond trust formed hy Cecil
Ulioile, In 1885 owns or controls
nearly everything in Ktmberley, In
addition to the mines, which are iu-
clos II a greal   ivlro netting.     The
native workers are compelled to live
In a compound In order tn minimize
Before hostilities began preparations \vi-i\' made for a Bloga. Vast
stores of provisions, wheat. Hour,
oatmeal aad biscuits were laid in.
antl a detachment of the Royal Artillery, under .Major t'bamier, wns sent
there lo fortify the place. Tbe native workmen were [tressed into ser-
\ ice.
Conditions were favorable enough.
Surrounding tho whole town is an n:'-
lificial rampart, the debris from the
mines, placed there to be rid of 11
Deslries thero arc mnny natural
mounds. In many places this rampart u„s built to „ height of 00
feet and trims were mounted on top.
In addition trenches were made, of
conts.', antl the worl; as a whole was
pronounced remarkably effective.
Thc Loyal North Lancashire battalion arrived in Kimhcrley  Oct.  7. and
hostilities u (ew days lata* The fn-
habitants were then placed on siege
rations, which wore gradually reduced.
Meantime steps   were  taken   to   or-
'i'lie indications  ore  tlmt   lite  mov>
lliciit  i.i, - tn Ilu   n    clion of It st., i
Inkllie   Iteol.-llnsl, :    [1.1 ll,|
li ; u'l simuia-  I Hureril.it  linm
,i liv, panther.   Tlie :■., r -   imi eii
lis i   siucl,   luittdeil  In   Spiv   \    :     S
l.tittii llcl ii
tint, it hnt
id :
it big
12 Held
A  Slnrj  At,eel '.Vtlherruree.
Ilefori. he [tecunio t|  bishop lie llflll i
bee chdeiicnn i I Slirrry. uml liis old i
nrt'liilt'iiri -ii.v liecnmo n pnti ol hi; Inl
er bi«liu|irie ol Wiurbeslof    Al a litet'l
lui 1,1 hlm (tin 1 an p"ld Dr. — . w-lio
luul Neeii many ywirl III Ibe diocese.
was \e\ed hi hnvlttji lalen t'orgoiion      ;
"Ves.-  Willi   llll'   lih!ii,|,:   "1   Mice   llul
llie smallest rocolh'clljJH ol  hint, Iiiii I '
will lltilkc ii llll rigid nnd will go nol .
was polltlcil unt, und Uie bishop matle .
liis war to Iilm:
"Sly tl  Dr.   —-, I hnve nol had ti
moment far a real ettlivfrsntion with ',
ymi    I need nol nsk li ov you are after
"Yes. my lurd    lion good ol yen to
The clinphiln. who was within earshot, said r, lieu I e ttgolU eame llcltr tilt* I
blshnpi -   . .|
"Then jou did remember Dr. — ',
alter ally
"Net a llll of It," snlil llie bishop.    "I j
saw the grnv lia'us on his real, anil I I
cliuneod   the nnlmnra scx."-"Kegnn
Paul's si, trs."
Th*- Bad tii* ti I,nnu nud H  ntufnllj
Woi     -   Bluff,
■ »M't■; ii'_ to hei I   u nolmd.v enn enl
two i.Avd bolu -I i   -■■ up   ■ un ■
stomach ! a * been n farotite ;■
of Mlchai'       *■■ v. n Ne-ffitrb iN. J.i
proposition for i■' ■ ni» t a mrnn3 ol
forcing u man lo lack dowi fi nny
orOiaary dispute, nnd 1 bas b i
erally successful !'.;ii in Octohi r ii-i
when he pri poun li *i ll tu '^ ;': .i. .
Wraage in Solomon Oury's place. Oury.
wIid was ilred <■[ lienrlng It. Bold, "1
win take tbat bet For S10."
Ueyei1 waa dellgbted. nnd arrange-
menta wen* made to meet in Oury's
ai 7 o'clock ihe next morning. Wrange
hold llie ?20, nnd there was nn tl i
wit uess. Meyer nrrlvt'd nl the np| olnl
ed time, fell of tlie eggs, wiiii-nwl ono
of them inn) suit) ihut it wns not Imnl
Ourj Bllpped both eggs Into Uls moutli
al once, tnunebed ihem uml swallow
■■■l tht'in. Meyer left In disgust, pr i
tusilug Uml the terms of the hei hud
not  i.i-eii rnllllleil.    \Vrange paid tin
Lui   if uun. mn!  Meyer hl'OUglll  suit
fqr $fiO in the Second dlsiclcl court
tu- .,:-e enme up before .Judge l-'ri'd
rll'k   Olllld  the olher ihiy.    The coun
was crowded. IStunnuul Lowenstcls
wns eei'.nsei fm* Meyer, nnd upon
W mage's side were ei-County IN'ose
cutor i.i* in W. Crane, the uusuccesBfiil
cnmlldqie for g-Jverndf of the Btnie;
ConimlssionHr Chnrh's llcrr of lite
bonrd of works nod Willinm C. Nlcoll,
CommlKsloner   llcrr  endeavored   to
, eliminate the gnii|hllng low fenturu bj
snylng tlmt tills ense did not conic uu
I der llie net because entliig eggs was
> mn n game of chance, hut n trim ol
'skill, an net of showing skill or pro
! Qcicney nud multeity*   Ed wnrd Stern
ami  Mr.  Wrnnge testified ihat Ourj
: ale llie eggs fairly, nnd the hitter suld
| thai he luul taken thc bet because It
became monotonous nfter -'n yenra ol
, coustnul  repetition,    lie said thnt  he
ate two eggs nt onee, not one before
. lhe other, anil (hill  he Iim (J nol eil'etl
nnylhlng Binco dinner ou the previous
§ evening,
'I'he jury announced a verdict of Sl")
1 for Meyer.   Thai was all he wanted.
'-. Imt It lines not convince any of the people on the other wide that Oury did not
I oat the eggs.
___W__y> o£_- ^s-j-wfafa/m-mJd:r 4^Any
n, CxuA< r£ -fits ■*£&/-a^A&& *vnxO rippm/
MhUVAtts ims Ax qo-irti/ d-asi-iie-,*- aytt&ns.
Are podllvely guaranteed l'nro ll.ivaua
tiller, and wilt pli use'ti ■  d   ■'
faatidiooa uiiokor.
The yearly im-r uo ol Baled proroi un
appreciative public,    Mnnu-
factor ii< iiiy by
GEO. P.  BRYAN   &  CO.,
0* ^^-sf
, S.iip-
r-AMnnu r«l
al \\ orl       i.e.   nli rt re
;:■!:.'*     ". Il I
W. N. U. 261.
LUCAS, STEELE & Bt-RBL,    J'i'^'.iV'
Import rsof Groccriw       i'V,_ n'; «i,*,
Willi!,!   HtimlltoD o„t.      ffilt^nlcw
I  ■■ i   * il<      D ..Ml r  i>.   List writ* to
l,*i*|-y foe llhi) He'll (tie llrma.
I L'urni h - numi ul ntygen lo Uie .-,-t*m
whilo.koning.   It .-n.<- Iwomnta,nervous.
I ne__.   Indigestion,   rheumatism,   i>;ir.<l..-i-,
I Br'ulit'. Dt« i. and many other di-md. r-,
giving vitally to iho Bvitcm by nntu o'a
laws dlecoverwl by Dr. S.ineho, I will fur.
iiich mmi. M<r those who havo boredted by
il in Winnipeg, ns well ns descriptive eireu-
lara to Ihoee applying,   Bub^en < n h
town wanted. Ad.In -- W.T. QibbonB.Q] tin
Eselinngo, Winnipeg, Mr. John Butler,
Wi nip !_*. iis. »n , -: -'Vi nr <> ydonor > s
wonderful thins and Un-* mado u uew mini of
me. I Imve nlw cured ono mnn hi eight
lioura ol a bad caso ot luinbogo."
!..„.. ., l-oll,     N.u 1„ 1,,-ui.r..
T.,k.- ,,„.   ,1„|   N„„.
I'Viirt'.?. Robit   v it Bki:.. Managers,
l-.lrl -111,1..        I; .„   ..,.„.
r_ I s. iv. T.
ft«      uiNMriii, -.1 \n.
i|Kr las—,  IVn,    fl,,,..„..  \.,„,l„l|,.f
_,-.    CUCKs-il-l ,   PLOW   CO..   \\  n   ,[,.<.
X :■,-_   V'
■ ■■■Tii.-
■ i i 11 ti
Grain, Provisions nud Stocks
Prlva 8 Wt« r-r-nm'i-tioii wlh :i I  Lflutlni
MitikcH. i;iitlii-_iitl>_curi;i«'li. ■u-tH.S.l.Uiill
i; rni'il iiMirKtii. I' r- = o* thin--- S .1.•*■■£■■■_
Private Oypher CodeVoruland uj-cn -ij';>!t a-
tii n.
148 Princess St., Winnipeg, Man.
V, O, ni.Atvi u Ltftl,
the bons so mud
: hu overslept him
• Wlij.   >, .icrdiiv    In*    -,'..!
miy. me! in- was Just ns
(Vmlhlcnilnl cu-rh- Ves.   The ulaiu
•luck wolti- him up.
Do Not
Pay Cash^
It you hare paymenta leas than 180 to
. make ut nny Dominion Lands Office Eend ui
the amount, lc-s CO i^r cent., nnd wv will
, mukt* tho liuyment imd return the I_-ind
I Offlco receipt i<, you. Writd f : pricee for
i largo paymento,
1      OURE.
C«lirr„  ..*    i!     ■'    ,- ,,   iim,-,!,    -]h.
S i «Urrh whon lhe Cmr
■:■•:■   ii;.-
I nan h ■■■ th- Stomach,   Tl la C mil*
i      I from i tm, Uu
- ■  ! -      -   i .if ml,.
  . ,     _
i  -t.irili   ■■!   UrnnehtBl   TnbM.    VI,
- ■" * :   ■       Its I    -   ' -i* .. .li   - *,-
■   ■    ■    If lell
■   - ■    Una r.uarks
IM.1 IN i -tr.ur.un ( i 1:1     ,.-■-,■
.■-.-■.-        - ■ -
- ' nd tffeettul.
.     * * .  *   -     --..:-■..■!-
-"..■;-.---■;■--     *   *
11..   IMUAS  t ATARRn  CUKE CO.,
HC> -l.Jiiii..  mm >lnnir->-Hl
"  *'   *     ■-''*, PXOPKIRXORB.
''   0    tort mp'ebor    Pri..-, .vc pt-r box,
■  ■   ■' • •        -* ■ ltd.
*     * ISUOl -..  -.     ,it-
- ' lOe. (.-repaid,
■-*-■" *.     r.   * -   :;.-'vmnO'l
.-    . fot il
The DcBeci's Company, which owns
the mines, organized Its police ns n
inllltary force, nud ulso equipped an
artillery company, Also a town
guard was organIzod, part Infantry,
part mounted. Tlie total Rghttng
force, us nearly ns enn be learned,
wus nbout 8,000 men, made up of the
follow hm:
Royal Artillery.
Diamond Field Artillery.
First Batlnllon Loyal North Lancashire-!
MmbiTiey  Reginjent,
DianionU Field Horse.
Diamond Police.
Town Guard
l.iout.-i'ol. KcKowich.-of the l.nn-
cash Ires, hns ns commandant conducted the defense of tho town with
eafesf Seed liense1
.*, ino^t one
ItlVO    W,M|„
ii .if ,1,
were i\,,< neo
il ih,-
|,„V.I-lllli   111   1
ic world, »
hleh uei
tho lurrolinrtl
iliislu',1 upon
havo ho ii iv,
Iho »kj  Bin
il as I.,,- o
lllvor, SO ml
-s south.
Moihuan wns
sent with i
rorco i
f o,-
(H)ll   111,-11    Ul
rotlovo   K
n barley
(v-cil Ithoilra
Tho inu,*i
haa in
■d In
in,- ™uii.inn
i. ospocliil]
tori hi
il to
,i   lulght   '■<
10 f    wl
h earn
•it us
uml ili'lirls li-
in Ui,- mill
s to pr
Vegetable Specials...
At- .,. the Best to Grow
Because thoy nro of Bettep Quality and are Heavier Yielders than
the old Standard Sorts.   They are the Cheapest Because
they are the Best.
Steele, Briggs' " Extra Eariy Whitehead" Cauliflower
1,1 ,1
1.', 11 s
Xi-,,-1. iho real
1 ot min Willi
'     1 w 1
„|„„„,<|||   ol  01
M '.  ,111,1   ill
li. ol osporlinonts
hie.      lie   In,,),    |>
r, hill  nl "WlKlflo-
II,-,-, poured in   u
.ll   nil.   sl III,.1     Up
in hour afterward
mi 1
vliig Insocl v
inrrol, tho wn
i.il    ill,,  oil
nud  iin- tnati
s to ho round   in
or iii'ini; ns   cloar
mil.v showing   on
sweel   and  pure.
icllovea ii   pm
as prev-ontH
.. mul um, ii
,.!,._£ lm, i i n_- 1
lii-s  Hu- wnter us
llli,   [,,1'iilnlinii    nl
|in-\i-iils  all    iliR-
111,0* in l-„ii-.
cd 1
1 hen
BO c
.aii-i> omiilhiisi
i  I'nris.  whirl
res alter tho
nt. In six real
s Imi,, hoon siiiri-
l.uve    llie    chief
lorforiiiancea   and
lenca quat'terfl for
RimMtttbUb-ihtorhiMtra-MrllnflMendoettMntylohw I-
com-juci R'..-.uli, with-iti-atM-iUts, ti bears cIom pl-antl ,-  w !■
! ■, ritiK .. i ■ i;-, m-suntlng- lo lotaohuAcrott, ita pur •    •■■:■'
(ltC[l, ll' A'l)  .'  ,.'.    * .!!•<   il   .tffilll,.'Ill*,nli, llul till )* V,.'i.'.  :      im* :  I
can use our Liu„ Bttly Wliiit-ht-aJ fotsllher ee-1> -r ■*■ .   fo:
" Chestee King*" Cabbage
Thl-i cr-mit Cabbifw Is r-tmarhibla for suien'w c| heading
anil rt-ijiil«iity hi giowih; fllflbeads (onnowiy and conilitii-a io
(•ruwuiiilliima lo pit. It li n][ luarl and always sine to bead,
eyed when other varieUfi tuil. Iiea.ls aro m-Mlnni ilio.i-alld,
round and as bard as they ran bo, and nt a blalshnrceii c l r.
ll is a luw growing vailtiywitb few oiil-rr loum. 'i li« quatliy
is tne ami tlmt «oellint| ii ordlnwlly wel_bs fi-in io io is
jioumls eaoli, heads when apaned bi ini crisp and H-ttllD, Ic is
very swtti llavored. keepsiwell, Is eDod torsnli [ini*. -i-d Is jusi
ihu variety and nualtty to suit DlSfKBt nrderera, larmeN) and
all loVQrs ni fowl cabbage,   ftice, per ]>kl., fie; nt.. BOc.
An astra eariy variety wlih itandsr sUmi, »mslld»rl( leaves
and ipioottl shin, Colo, ,-i Un- tlr-.li Is a ii. ii dat I. crimson wlih
vt-ty faint ri'i.-i. Ttiuflo-.li li erliji anil t-ui-et n-ulcuiTi-ly
free (ruin eanhy flavor, witbh I* a gre-t drawbach to msny
vsrletles. Iiii rraulsttfiebaraeter nn<l freofr.m c< arcn roots,
it is natttsh round In shape Hire an orsitje, end bsi a Dm Up
root,   I'ricu per packet, 5c.; oi,, 10a.* 'i Jl'-,30.'.
ita whlehw_knw
t thi
icsneqnsl it. Ot dwarf,
ct ibe htatls. The Uihe,
cetlremely s-ilid and
ame tire. Gsrdeuers
phi. 10c.
Now York keo|)H u lloc-k of 8l)0P|) lit
CentrnI purl; us ornnmcuts, cui'lositles
nml for tlu> booO of tliu tun'.
Tlio ct'tui'iiTit's nroititil l.uiiiloii oovop
2,000 nci'i'S, uml the lund tlipy occupy
ropraiQ-ntB a enpltnl of t2ii.oiio.uoo.
New Yi'itr's ilny Is Hit- Brent Cent I vn I
of iho yonr in I'l'iiiico.   Merc uci|iiulnt-
ttltCl-K OVeil Sl'llll I'lll'll OtllLT Htliull pt'OB'
nuts mi Umi dny.
It took Till homos mul u trtit-lt spoclnt*
ly countI'ltoti'il for the [itirpusc to luitil
n l>lur eiihlo tlirotiKli the Rticcts ut' Hull
I'Yillielsen rcci'litly
New TOMATO for 1900,
This very distinct and n      •■■■■■-.■• new misty cf i^-c
color of Beauty «id Magnus,
t.tbn Tomato lamilj'.   it l-i heavtei than
ti-l.i it mIibabove, nuking Iteaait] :. *i ;.*: --_.rr.-E z rt In
cttltlvatton,    ]-..>...,     r..,.-',   DI :. , . .    :,-   |     d
tf fine, larite fntit. Ii i* porfe *;t:» adapted io mii-i t Op P M't*
i-;'. vet matures io quick!) thai It will tah i Brsi rank (t e»i ly
mr-rket,   'J hi I i -.; ■ ■ ierte :.      I '    :
r-li ',i very firm,   Ii Is a robin erower, with eh-n ioint*,
Pf tli Craft clusters closer together tbta       ....    , ,- \
■ ■ ■ .■ 1  ,-.: i -1  i ■ ■ .    ',■■.    i Is Vert de» a frost stem
' . 1 "I   (-1, J,   i'f.'lV   ■ f   i •   ,       ■■•
;■ I,   Ii rfpe:. i ■■■''■■ - ( iboatthe MOtn, and
i      :'-■   r i-  d     : d« I   .5   . ; pfcll f-.-Hk . ?
Mammoth White Cory Com
Mmli lime and atianlfon basbeeni I
Mn-f te lime and atianlfon I-
ireetl   ri   i   lit |
e to
ihWl iti (
.■_:.'.      ....:■;  |j ■   I     ■.!■-.     .
re very roticl r litirfitr.dof'
irfwiud qnality,   A desirable labia cera   Pei Hit
),J5c.; f-bt..Jc.
■    *    *
ire   i
Steele, Briggs' " Exquisite" Musk Meloni
A rt-il ll<*- In it v-atU-ty nf inont tlainly nml ili-lii.iio flitvnr
ran-l ne,v Melon ii tomeivliat clobtilar In shepej tlie skin i*i a pp.-iilUr Rrayiih frrrn nr-t!| ripe, whei
k bright yellow, The ribs are wide and covered iblekiy with prominent nettli *:•   The melons averaee »b ut 1
n diameter, h-m a very small *ced cavk), md are etriodlnity solid and heavy for iheir 'ire.  The tlf-1. Is a
t .i iie.yelfowcetor. and i. uf very fine (nun. without tbe lliutesi itrtniiness, and oitl«liciie anddtlifihtful '
l-.Jlc; M..16C-; iikt„6s.
Steele, Briggs' " Prize-Taker Red Globe" Onion
A n«W, larr?e, lundsoma Onion, •jl'.butar in ihspe. of a rich, rlark red i ■ >r, very lolld and rl'-a'ani flavored, tn
uniform Btowlb, -flarilnest• iqeoli r, a decided lefoer. A grand uhlbltlon variety, an.i an snormoni ctt,- ptoauctr wLen property
grown,   ror lb, 1103; !j Hi., :l 25, cr.,3S:.; pkt, 10c
Steele,   Briggs' " Toronto Gem " Lettuce
Thn finest market variety la be finmi.
quslUv nnd sweet flavor | lace it al tin beat
and retain*, ill twecincM. fir n longer limr thai
thee variety wo know.   Pet'. n*.,35-.*.; ot.,i6o.| pb
It you uso " STEELE, BRIOOS' FAMOUS SEEDS.'   They are used by the most successful
fpowops throughout the Dominion, nnd the enormous annual Incrunso in tho sale of our
arm and Qardon Seeds fully attests to tho superior quality of tho seeds wo send out.
Handsome II2-pa-<e Illustrated Catalogue Free.   Send for one to-day.
TORONTO, ONT. v*■ ii-*m*■*<■**»ft.***•*■•■- ■***■-'■    '*'*"*■ Th'
J;     LOCAL   N* oppo .. i«ni •■■ \ hm
* .  ,..-._ ml     l      i ity I     i fbe find-
a vert  ■-. rl run loi .li-uti u.oivey,
; ,                 Cole,    ; tbe Ci   *     -    -
Picked  Up Aboul  thc  Citj    >)   VsklnR ,           ,.,   ..,, .-• ins fiugurs
.,    ,           i ■                 ■ 'i ■■, ,*":■..■ i i ■*' - '   ■    ■■ ■•
Questions ol   Ann)   People. _,;,,; ,   .__   :, _ mHd
..    ,- , .      , -having bm iec» ull) co ne
.     ;*■,',.', iiii .m.
Mi kimk oftiofi d t
*■ iu,-'   laker wa      t on a  fisblui '
tiiji this week.
Dt. John   Bather, of Nelson, wai It
town this week.
A  P.Ureniner "dropped iu" thaothei
day ftom Movie.
1*  White, an Iwperter fur the C P
K. waaheteon Moo uy.
Vnr a nice, rjulct Runic ol cards \;-> l<
McVittle'a    VVatta block
Rr,| ion   nl Fort Su 11«
i.;uil- liu-piul     Mr,  Wtlton,
■:..i     i    hem lug up well un-
tt'.nugi,  and ll la to be bujjeii
ii r,, ,i, be utile to be up and
tnd v.
s'.il M l.i-n.l Cun 111 wi
■ North Stni yeuteidnj u
:i.i trnln will
.; down ftom
uml  cieam,
DiMlnids   and   pool,   hnrmlc
icalthfulnmuseinent, at McViui
Clgorft that are
,okera,at McYiUte'f, Watts block.
,d wif , ol Mn' I'1, were
Cranhrook Sunday.
Brown Leghorn eggs for selling ftom
N.C. Pole
etistereil at
!■; II. Seville arrlvf.l yesterday aud
will i ike hnuitdiale elm ge ofthe ship
im-nt uf li i fui the C. V U which nte
[j : y i biiI <i fm il"* iiihIh line, Theio
art* iu u 15 ».*.*. 0 ti 1 awaiting loading,
i.iiil thv rt tk of 1 ■' ii g »ul more is a 1
Ivel) in pKigtisi.
[ohi Hi lytloti, who was operallng the
dhiiiiouil thill nt the N irlh St.<r, was so
unfortuinle na to 1 se fci.ro worth of di:i-
tiii-iul thill poiitliUit) lirst thing he doue
11 Iti 1 • rlklng the camp    The diamond*1!
\ .. ■.    u Bird in an emptv cartridge she I,
,I"' j nidi l, n is lost out "i his pocket    The
amount ol the loss u brhargul to bim,
ir,i j tm I he -it ith d.    When the biuiw went«tl"
i thin spring he insii'.utcd a se:irch for the
j :..*.t t.. ..-un.. and through a dream he
'■lls I -ii *-, h<- iii-iit directly lo Ihe spot where
' ih - point > had been lost nud found them1
there lnla*M, thus re -overlug hte $y\a.
P. McConue
li. I, Detchen, Moyle's lively jeweler,
wa-, clrciilaiiug in Craubrook Tin-aday
Mrs. McConnell is now dishing np tee
nt.-i.111 that'd like Craubrook—all right.
A meeting of the sport committee will
be held in the Craubrook hotel Saturday
Mrs. II id*, en hot halt 1, for a long time
seriously ill, bas slighUy improved in
J, J. Murphy, one of Moyie'a prosper
oils merchants, was a Cranhrook visitor
this week.
Tuesday was the litst anniversfliy of
Key Cily ludgc, Nu 42. I 0 0. P., of
Snperintci dent Crouln, ol the now
famous St. Kugcue, way in Cranhrook
Col. Baker departed recently for the
const where hi* will remain for an in-
dcfdulte period.
Vic Desattlnier, of the Central hotel,
Moyie, was rt business visitor in Craubrook this week.
j. Cardell, oi Calgary, master mechanic <:f ihe wi slern division of the C, 1' R
was in Craubrook recently.
Mrs. Doig, of Moyie, for yean well
known as a hotel-keeper in Kegina, wa?
in the metropolis this week.
The Hon. Smith-Cm lis, minister of
mines, will address the voters of Cranbrook ;it Forrest hall tonight.
Judge R, K Bloke, of Spokane, oue ui
"the Sullivan crowd/* was in town Tues
dny nnd n guents of the Cranbrook.
Gus Beckon cume In from Sirdar Sunday and is employed in the 0 K barber
shop in the absence of Mr. McFarlane.
G, 11. Miner, the Cranhrook hardware
merchant, hns fouud it necessary to ndd
nibuildiiig 30x16 to Ids Moyie branch
If your brand of tobacco or cigars or 11
pipe to your fancy enn not be had at Mc-
Viltie's, there's nu need to look elsewhere.
Norman McConnell took his departure
foi Manitoba on Wednesday. That
means nuother carload of hogs, cows,
fowls, etc.
J. M. Hedley, ono of the pioneers of
the C-an brook branch ol ilu* Canadian
Bank of Commerce, was over from Ft ri
Steele Saturday evening,
John Howoid, formerly with the Rich-
arilsou survey putty oil lhe Norlh Star
branch, Is seriously ill at ihe St. Eugene
Mission hospital, with pleurisy,
Fred Hazen came down from the North
Stir Saimilay, uud has since departed
for the St, Mnrj '-. district lo d 1 development vork oil his ciaims in that section.
G. Johnson recently returned from the
Tobacco Plains district when: he went lo
examine some mining propeity, lie
was very deeply impressed with thnt re-
j. C, Ranch and family and W, R. Bu-
rlth and slater, all of Iowa, l". S , arrived in Crnohrnok thin week, They
nte ranchers nnd contemplate locating
li.ush lircs urt- very dangerous thing
in dry seasons, A number ol fairly goud
si/' d ones have heen burning from time
to time in the southeast outskirts of the
town, without nny damage so fnr.
A new boarding nud lunik house Istn
be built nt the railroad terminus of the
Norlh Stnr tramway, for lhe accmnmn
dntion of the men there nt work, It will
be two stories in height, 20x30 feet,
The smiling features of Editor Smyth,
of .Movie, cast grent chunks of sunshine
about The Herald office Tuesday, Ii
mnkts a fellow feel as though lifo is
worth thc living to hear Fred's lough.
J, B. Musgrave, formerly of the Co-**-
mopolltaii hot' I, wrileathnt he will meet
Fred Simpson nt Cape Nome, ns he expects io start from his present home in
Michigan lor the former country about
the .oth Inst.
Giving awny 15 pound samples of Ih ur
Is what the Kdinonton Milling Co. is doing through the agency of James Kcnl
gnu 8* Co , wholeSrtle uroi-ers, und most
of the retnll stores of Crnnbrook nnd
outlying towns.
The Cranbrook Football club nrgnn-
Ized Tue dnj nlghl nnd electeil lhe fn|.
lowing oljh -i*. lm iii- 1 11 ulug Mj-tflnn:
President, V- I a itik.isi VlteFrealdent,
Jo'm Ross; Secretary-Treasurer, J j,
Hunter; Committee, O, A. Ivi'ili, Vttc
il'..' M-cFflrlttncPletclier Wedding unt! Bail'
quel Largclj Attended by lhc Society
Devotees .if Cranbrook,
As niinoiinced in the Herald of lust
w.tk, Wullei li McFnrlaiie nnd Miss
Sadie Fletcher were united in marii ge
on the evening of Wediusdny, May 2
The 01 j, si nn was one which will long
b*j re mem lie red in Crahhrook,
Die Melhodist clmich was filled to
oveill iwlng wiih people aiiylous to gtt a
last glimpse of Ml . Sidle Fletcher. The
ctremouy hh, pcrfi ruled hy Rev. j. W
Co-jnibs, snpeiinleiideul of Baptist Mis-
sinus, fiom Vancouver, assisted bj Rev
Mr. Smith oi Crnnbrook.
The bride was charmingly arrayed nnd
carried heiself throughout with a grace
and dignity befitting the occasion. Her
bridal dress was composed of rich cream
brocaded sallu, trimmed with orange
bh , on*.s and chifl m mother-of-pearl
iu. kles and u hrtiidbomevetl which made
ilu* picture complete. Miss Tan tils Reiii
acted as 111 Rid of honor, nnd   Miss   Fva
- Ilo-.
The groom wns ably supported by Mr.
j. A (.iliis, with M s rs,Clarence Miner
and Cecil Prest acting as ushers.
Afier a sli011 prayer by Rev. Mr.
Coombs the choir sang very beautifully
"The Voice that Urealhed O'er Eden."
The ceremony was then solemnly pro*
ceedtd with, ihe ring daintily adjusted,
and min another hymn sung hy the
choir, the joyful throng that hnd us>ein-
bled ■'■ witness the event were dismissed
with the ben diction. The march from
lhe church was r ally a " march triumphant," unattended hy the usual unpleasant element of ii' e, old shoe'', e:c.
The bride nnd groom then received
ibe congratulations of iheir many ft lends
.it Hie Cosmopolitan hotel, where 11
sumptuous spread uwaited them The
gii-n>h assembled nnmbeied 150.
'flu Co uiopolltnii dining-room is lhe
Inrged iu town, yet ii wns laxed.lo its
iuuitt.it rapacity; however, "Ktiie" was
fijunl 10 the cmergt-ucy and made every
one present feel that it wns thc most enjoyable moment of theii life,
K. ti. Uctitlici as tonstmaster, was an
especially happy selection for the difli-
tiilt posi'lon. The wine used was ftom
Father Adam's vineyard, therefore mellow nud refreshing. The toasts were as
'•The Uride1
■s, Reid, Btcmtier
"The lliidegroom"—Mr.Johtt Ross.
" The Houeymoon" — Mcstrs. Gurd
and Rogers,
Sot<g—Mrs. Reid,
' The Ilomtj"—Dr Watt, Mr. James
Oreer. Rev, W. Coombs
"Thc Ilachtlors"—Dr, J. H. King,
Fred Pieper.
Song-Mrs. Reid
Tin* Maids—Messrs. Robinson, Olllls
and Rev. Smith,
"The Host"—J    H. McMullin, W. A.
! were ably disposed of considering
hort space of time at the spenkeis'
"The ll icht loi.-." response would have
bun better appreciated did Ihe speakers
practice whnt ih*y prench. The worthy
doi 'rn would Hkh Uottvenlsof this kind
per n11 k but v>e faili d 10 see n f dr purl-
-it- i*> Iii, iide liming nny pint of the
evening. .Mr Plcpei thought that If the
111 ti Is would only oiler 11 little more cti-
couriigcmcnl good r 'lilts would follow
in i-eipou&e lo '-The Maids" the geh-
tIt men were cettaluly very bnokwnrd
Thi* wnshaiiHo nndendnud in the midst
of su in my of Crnnbrook 'a heouliea.
We did nol think that one tongue would
k- sufficient to voice our sentiments 011
such an occasion, ThaKev. Mr.Coombs
delivered a very willy speech, which
cnii-es regrets that he is not in Cranbrook oftener, il ouly as nn nfter-dintiet
speaker. Ur, Wntt, of Furl Steele, also
reminded his Itenrers of the old laud
•Aheie a mnn is " not in il" unless an
after-dinner speaker. Mr. Greer gave
some very cheering ndvice with regard
to "The Home." One fact wns particularly noticeable throughout the evening
—'hat most of Cranbrook gentlemen ..re
unaccustomed lo address-lug BBRetnblogea
composed largely of ladies, There is a
remedy for this boys, go govern yourselves nccordingly.
At ilu* conclusion of lhe banquet Ihe
w ting party  returned to the church
where they weie photographed by Prest.
The luxt morning Mi and .Mrs. McFarlane depniled lot a tour of lhe coast
cities, stopping en route ai Armstrong,
It C . where a btotherof Mrs. McFnr-
lane resides, and where n reception wns
given them Tht) will he ni home in
about -i month
Fullmvittg is so fm its possible, a complete list ot the presents nml the given-.:
Mr nnd  Mitt G 11  Miner, large plate '
rent Mddlconlt ond W. W.iil; C tptiiloi ' glflM mirror; Clarecce Miner, handsome
I. ti '-1'    i,i. Clt) Lodg
'■   ■-    V-fc    ■   '   '■      :   UeveiyFrl
B     tytiitihl -i iliolr liall on
i" ikei   (reel MDjeuruluti
  1   '■■•■■ ■   ,*■ Ini    il
.-■.'■',         1: link,    \  1 Menormot
.*. •:.                  \.-:. Seo'y,
•Fishing Tackk.
.Tackle Beattie.
Po*;t Cific; Buitdinff.
globe parlcr lump; Cecil Prest, silver
8>ilip j«g nud saucei; Mr and M bQ R
h: isk, silver crenm |ug, gold lined; Mr
an I Mis McMullen, Kold lined silver su-
gat howl; Mr and MrsMcGachern, fancy
cup', saucers and cake plattj Mr and
Mrs Jennings, Fort Steele, fancy Japan
i-e vaset-j Mr ami Mrs Kershaw, Fort
Steele, glove and triokitt box; Miss Liz-
f.\e Kershaw, fancy cord receiver; Mr
uud Mis Van I) *c:ir, cut glass and stiver
marmalade dish and spoon; Mr uu I Mrs
Bheppord, chenille table cover; Miss
Shea and Miss Dyker, cltlun chocolal
set; Mr nml Mrs, Brethner, fancy teapot
and stnnd; Mr snd Mrs Noble, chlfTuuier
dtape; Mi and MrsSrott McDonald, morocco bo uml Moore's poems; Alias Oat;-
dilf, fancy bread plate; Mr nnd Mrs Harvey, Fort Steele, hull dozen silver teaspoons; .Mr.ind -Mis Mclnnes, handsome
ng, Mr and Mrs Springhouttie, hand
some 111 an lei clock; MUs I, Cardiff, salt
and pepper dishes; Dis King nml C.ieen
elrgant silver caul receiver und (lower
vase; Miss Klla Grant, stiver cuke knife
Mis K 1* Orchard, sllve* cake fork; Mra
C Magee. silver pie spoon; Mis A Rich
unison: card nnd photo holder; Mr and
Mrs W A Miner, half dozen silver coffee
spoons; Mr and Mrs Prest, sttel eiigrav
lug, gill frame; Ladles' Aid society,
Methodist church antique oat; pnilor
table; R R Denltie, Ml ver nut set; tbe
Mtsucs Wellmnu, silver bnttei dish; Mr
mid Miss Manning, fancy liuen towels
and hnnd-innde doylks; Mr nud Mis,
Mtuphy, hnnd-puiuted china toilet vase;
Mr and Mis Simpson, hatid-palhled
plaques Mr aud Mrs Morrison, linen table cloth; Mr and Mrs Sleeves, silver
fruit spoon; Mr nml Mrs Reid, silver
water pitcher; Rev Ball, Dr Uwight Hii
lis' Works; Mr and Mrs Geo Taylor,
photo en-el; A McFnrlnne, Scott's poetical works, morocco hound; Mr and Mn
J Pink, silver fruil spoon; K U Small,
silver tea service; Mr nud Mrs Stewnit,
silver butler knife; Mr and Mrs Ketine.
dy, pair large 1 welt; VV Sly, salt aud
pepper cruet; S J Morrow, china biscuit
jar with silver cover; Rube Rogers, pair
silver napkin rings; G il Gilpin, a wool
rug; Mr nnd Mrs R S McNeil, oak parlor
table; Mr and Mrs Hill, pair Roman
curtains; Messrs Maihi-scui, Hnywnrd
aud Benfre, upholstered easy chair; J
Palmer, cook book; J VV Robinson, one
hull" dozen silver coffee spoons; Mr and
Mrs Druuimond, half* dozen Jnpnues
plnles; Mr and Mrs Dickenson, silver
meat fork; Mr and Mrs tlrcer nnd M
Ross, silver individual pepper and salt
dishes; Mr nnd, Mrs Tate, silver cake
basket, gold lined; Mr and Mrs Henderson, pair fancy vases; Dr Watt, Fort
Steele, silver photo holder nml calendar
W. S C Pntliiore, silver gravy ladle
G W Pnttuore, silver biscuit jar; J A
Gillls, sliver fiull spoon; VV Harry Fairfield, white linen tablecloth; Pieper St
Currie, half dozen table napkins; Melhodist Church Trustees,, teachers'bible,
morocco hound; the bridegroom, n beautiful gold bracelet; Miss Watt, linen table
cover and napkins,
Moyie Will •• VYIioop'er Up" on the 24th.
Judging Irnni nil indications the coming Queen's birthday celebration in
Moyie will he a hummer. There will hi
nothing ovei looked to make a g'orions
celebration on that dny. The celebration committee is hntd at work arranging lhe various details. This week they
decided on a program, and grtve the
printer the copy f *r the large posters
They nre also making arrangements to
have the streets cleared and cleaned up
for the occasion. The Hags nml bunting
have arrived, and it is llie intention to
have the town nicely decorated ou that
The people of Cmithrook have signified Ih: ir intention of be'tlg wilh us, and
will he here iu full force iu n special car.
TheC. P. R, hns promised at l*ast a
singlr f.ire for the round trip from nil
points on the Crow's Nest Hue.
Father Coccolo's Indian b..ud will be
on hand I will head the parade which
will be made by ihe Miners' Union and
the Foresters. Manager Cronin, of the
St. Kugi'iie company, says U will be optional with his men about working on
that dny. They can use their own plens-
Rock-til tiling contests will be one of
the principal features of the spoils The
first prize for the double-handed drilling
match will be fm.1; tc nnd prize, $2$;
entrance fee, $1.0 per team, nnd nt leust
three li ntus must enter lhe contest. The
prizes for Ihe other sports ure accordingly large.	
The St. lvii'-ctie .ouceiiltator i.s now
running daj mid night.
Mis- Sadie Bennett nrrivpd from Fort
Steele lecoutly nnd took charge of the
Moyie school.
P.J. McMahon has arrived from Si n
Francisco and is looking afler his business Interests here.
Martin Foley and Charles Diamond
will soon leave for Sampler, Oregon,
to prospect iu that district.
A farewell parly wns Riven nt (he Moyie
hotel iu  lu r of Mrs.   MlgglllgH before
she departed lot Calilurni 1,
The pretty little Is] 1, which stands
near the opposite side of the luke across
I10111 Moyie was staked ua a mineral
claim lasl week by C, J  Rose.
...,G. H. GILFiN'S..
Tliis (kpjrtmcnt *n.is recently been repletcd with a magnificent
We ate strictly " in it."   Our prices are " reasonable."   You will
be astonished at the hl|fh prices you have bein paying elscwhcse   -
for Men's Furnishings when you yet our quotations.
Opp. Bank of
Commerce .*
Kimberley is Relieved
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININO TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as thc North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu.b5,,yb;yuyb0l!y:^, Lots from $125=$400
APP'y    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger. Mgr.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
lhc best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
A Great
American Oil Co.
Imperial Oil Co.
The pulillc mi: rcquealeO lo tee tliej
nre sii|,|ilii-,l wiih c_v.nl Oil of llie lirsl
eruile. "T. « I'." American Oil coin
piiiiy's prmlucl, im iiincriorto miy oilier
imuiil in the market, To lio hail rrom
nil Btore. in Craubrook mnl Ita.i Koote
James Kerrigan & Co.
Intpoitcra mnl
Selling Auetila
Cranhrmik, II. C
p Planing Mill
1 »«jSash and ::
it     Door lactory
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Jynips, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ale;;, Etc,
Sod.i water In siphons.   The most
economical w.iy to handle il.
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors _* Mouldings
v<   Frames   „*
Band Sawing  j* Turning
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
OlnekBenr... 3,-^c   Empire	
Kimberley Consolidtitecl,'ioc
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture frames in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
fJtT' I'hvev (lours cast of Postottice.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector for C. I>. It.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money In paper, aud
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. Bui,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, ol course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribcl   $2.00.
-SHSHS>-_---<5H!>-<Jh-^^ ®-®l-®r^®-®-®2-®-®-(
CRANBROOK, - British Columbia
CRANBROOK ^t,ePattS,t_oint of the Crows S^
■T^tVlflhf'nf.k  ^as a ,0°s*a" round house, large machine Si
^* ClllUI UUIx shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- intensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East H
Kootenay. ; j
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- ;
tions of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in !j
South East Kootenay. %
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after \tl
week. Itl
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, 3if
manufacturers and investors. Js?
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to 3|f
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,


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