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Cranbrook Herald Jul 18, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gbo. A. Cox, President.
Paid Up   Capital ...
Total  Retfourcea ...
B. K. WAT.K8R, Gen. Man*
.... !. 1.1K111 mi
.. .  6S.llilll.lllKl.ini
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
     .    || F E R N I E ||        	
The Rossland Camp Is Paralyzed
the Trouble.
3i!****i**iilf************    .,       ....,,,, ,       „     .
* i On Subjects of Interest to Readers
Metropolis  !{
|  News   Vnim   Ihe   Coal
GILPIN Sells Everything
Owing to the late, cold spring we have too much
stock in the.se lines and offer them at the lowest
price in town:
Dress Goods and Silks,
Ladies' Blouses dt dt dt
A number of odd lines in Shoes or Clothing may be
just what you want.
Our Grocery and   Hardware Stock
We do the FURNITURE BUSINESS right and no-
one can undersell us.
Over   71,000   Men
Strike* and   tlie
.ire   Out   On
Mills arc
Shut   Down.
Great Sale
Summer Blouses, Skirts and Ladies1
Snt Discount
Don't miss this snap.
Tennis Shoes
9 i
!)> Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
ty .1. I». IIINK
Wchavc just opened up a
very fine assortment of men's
Tennis Shoes. Rubber soles
with either white or brown
duck tops. Call and see them
Harness   Harness
Single and Double Sets, Wnnl mul Rubber Lap Robes.
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels  to be .sold at Cost,
early and secure a bargain.
...   G. H. Miner
Improving On Nature
Is one oi the (unctions ol the tailor. By his art he makes
up (or deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
M. C , July 11—All llie
yed in the Rosslflllil Great
Western mint's, formerly the B. A. C,
Went mi strike this morning 'i'he corporation operates the he Roi. I.e Roi
No. 2, Nickel Plate, Josie No. i, Kootenay mines, employing lietween 900 and
1000 miners, underground laborers. Uf
these only the engineers and pumpmen
are now nt work. The balance of the
crews, numbering over 900, went ont
this morning at 7 o'clock when the day
shift was to have mme to work. The
Minors' union demands an increase un
the shovelero or underground laborers'
pay from the present scale of $2.50 per
day lo $3, nisei nn adjustment of the
other grievances not made public, hut
presumed lo be 111 counectii 11 with the
strike at the Norihport smelter, which
is tinder the same management. A hal-
tut of union men wus taken last week,
lail the result was not made known till
hist night, when nt a largely attended
meeting of ihe union a statement was
made that the vole was almost unanimous in favor of a stiike. It was resolved that the strike should take effect
this morning and a program was carried
In the other Rossland mines, the War
Bagle, Center Star, I X L, Iron Mask,
Home Stake, New St. Elmo, about 500
men are employed and the same scale of
wages is paid. The union has lhe matter of 11 strike iu these mines under advisement, lint they are still working.
The city is quiet. Pew people are un
the streets, nnd there isnotalk of trouble
and none is expected. The Rossland
Great Western mines closed today, hut
may attempt starting shortly with nnn
union crews.
11 Hm Krofl I'r
74.000 Men Strike.
Pittsburg, 1'n.. July 15. —Reports reived from nil sources connected with
the great stuke of steel workers today
Indicate that the members of the Aniat-
inted association have matters well
in hand, uml thai the order was generally obeyed Telegrams from various
points where the mills of lhe American
Tin Plate compauy, the American Steel
Hoop company ami the American Sheet
Heel company are located told of the
huttiug down of these plants iu large
numbers. In many cases the plants had
11 shut down by the first strike which
cted lhe sheet steel and steel hoop
comp inies only. The last order brought
mil all of the union plants of the Aineri-
cin Tin Piute company, wilh lhe single
exception of the new mill in Monsson,
which is still luiitiing. At the Auialga-
led headquarters tl was stated that lhe
figures given Saturday uight regarding
lhe number of men who would actually
be idle in the nulls of the three companies have been proven correct. This
number was placed at 74.000.
Of the 74,000 men idle, 2,500 ore in
Plttshurgi 800 lu Allegheny nnd 1,500111
Mi Ki esport,
News Writers Locked Out.
Columbus, Ohio, July 1?.—Troubles in
ilu* Press Post culminated today iu a
lockout ol the witting force, all of whom
■ne members ol the News Writers' union.
Thev where informed this morning that
tin 11 services were not needed, students
Iron) lhe stale iinivi rsity school nf julirn-
allsui being put iu their places. The
union printers iefused to set copy the
llew men prepared and Walked out,
followed hy   the  sterotjpeis  and   press
ini'ii.   No noon edition was issued.
lhc fisheries Tniublc.
teems to be no settlement ofthe
inning   lhe   llsheriUQII   on   the
ra probably never will be
ig ns foreigners are employed by
ami th.
The Trackmen's Strike.
There la strong rumors of the track-
men's strike, nnd it is reported that the
men are returning lo work ull over ihe
east. The Crows Nest line is said to be
in better shape for travel than many
parts ofthe main liue.
A False Alarm.
Lust Tuesday night about 12 o'clock,
the people in the vicinity of the Craubrook hotel were aroused by the cry of
lire. Mauy rushed onto the street to
lind William Webster yelling at the top
ot Uii voice thai lhe hospital was on fire.
An old tree back ofthe hospital that hnd
been hurtling for the past 24 hours, had
attracted his attention and he thought
the hospital was doomed.
P. McMurphy, of Rat Portage, arrived
in lown on Sunday to lake a situation in
the C. P. R. freight office here. We
understand Mr. McMurphy Is a star
hockey player ond wib be a valuable
nddltlon to the Pernie team.
Miss Hammer, the woman who skipped out witli II P, Davis, the barber,
last Bpring, pas ed through Pernie on
Wednesdaj ol this w*e*->. slu* wan enroute cast probably I" join Davis, who
has again been forced l<* flee in order to
escape the law.
The new two-storey addition to lhe
Alberta hotel, which has been delayed
for some time owing lo the lack of lumber, is again under wny nnd is being
pushed rapidly.   Mr, Levasseur Intends
tn change the plan   of the   inside of  liis
hotel throughout and is sparing neither
pains nor money to make his hotel first-
class in every respect.
Our readers will be gratified to learn
that the coal company has decided upon
a policy which will have the effect of
building up Pernie into the largest town
in tlie Kootenays. At Michel and Morrlsey no lots will be iold. Mine
houses only will be built nnd Pernie is
to be pushed us lhe one town iu llie
Mr. J. J. Hill states positively that he
is prepared to take (0,000 tons of coal
ami coke daily from the Crows Nest field
and work is to be pushed ns rapidly as
possible until this tonnage is reached.
This is a guarantee for the future of
Pernie and the district and will mean a
population of not less thnn 15,000 to
ot The Herald.
|M 0 Y I E|
9 *
11195999599991?**** ********
1 *
I   News  Notes  From  the  Mineral  City   *
1 *
Charles Thies Talks of the New
Southern   Railroad  From
Rev. Mr Hough ton, of Carhery, Manitoba, who has been extended a cnll to
occupy the pulpit of lhe Church of Rug-
land in Fernie, writes from Rngltfnd,
where he has been on n ihree months
leave of absence, Mint he experts to be
in Penile ahout the 25th. Mr, Houghton
is a married man ami comes very highly
lietween the C. P. R.. the Con] company ami lhe Crows Nest Southern railway company there are upwards of 400
men employed at Momfcey* Contracts
have heen given nut for lhe building of
100 miner's cottages nnd numerous stir-
face buildings for colliery purposes are
being erected. If all goes well conl will
he shipped out by September.
At Inst the Fernie townsite matter has
heen settled ami lilies will shortly he
given. M.J. T. Armstrong, the government agent, lias selected every fourth
block ami the remainder go to the Coal
company and the C P R. The government having thc lirst selection took the
block on Victoria avenue, extending
from the Royal hotel to the Coal company's offices  nnd  buck   ns  far as lhe
tchool. Also the large residential block
bounded   by   Victoria,   lhe   Park   nnd
Uverslde. This necessitates the removal of the Coal company's offices, aud it is
stated they will hnih] a new block nt the
xtrcme end of Victoria avenue near the
Tbe provisional directors of the Kool-
noy Central, who reside in Fori Sleele,
left twn days ago for Feruie, where they
are holding a conference with Jim Hill
to the disposal of the charier of this
line nlong the Kooteuay river valley.
Struck a Good Thins.
Fred Hazen came down from his prop-
riles on the upper St. Marys Inst week,
eellng good over a big strike made on
Boh De war's claim .Mystery. They
re working in a cut about 12 feet lie-
v the surface, am) uncovered nbout
four feel of copper glance, which would
J. R. Costigan returned last week from
his eastern trip, accompauied by his sou
Frank, Tbey visited the Buffalo exposition, and Mr. Costigan says that It is a
great sight. He spoke especially of the
leclrical display and said that thous-
Uds gathered each evening to gaze for
hours at the magnificent beauties presented, Referring to the wnrm weather
be saitl thai lust week while riding
through Manitoba one afternoon the
heal was so intense that everyone iu tlle
car was suffering, The raising of lhe
car windows brought no relief, as the
breeze tha swept through the car was
like thai from the mouth of a furnace.
George Hillinrd returned last week
fiom un extended trip through western
British Columbia uud llie stnte of Washington. He says lie found business
seemingly quiet every place he visited
except Seattle aud Spokane, The latter
city he looks upon as 11 great winner and
he says it is one the prettiest towns he
has ever seen. He found more building
going on there than nny other place he
William ltbikemore, who is now in
charge of the prospecting work on the
iron properties at Kitchener, passed
through Cranbrook Saturday for Fernie,
He said that lhe work wan progressing
satisfactorily, hut furthermore than tbut
he hnd nothing In sny at present. Referring to the conditions of mining iu
general throughout the province, he expressed the opinion thut there would be
a change for the better when there was
less stock jobbing and smaller capitalization of companies. He thought the
trouble nt Rosslaud was partly due to
this very thing, ami he knew that there
had been many cases iu British Columbia where good paying properties had
been virtually ruined by the desire to
manipulate the stock and gross mismanagement. He looks upon British
Columbia ns a vast store house of riches,
and believes the time is coming with
the improved process of treating lhat
the immense low grade bodies that are
to he found all through the Kootenays
und Boundary country will be worked at
a profit.
Charles Theis, of Spokane, arrived in
town lust week from Jennings, Mont.,
where he has been getting the steamer
North Star iu shupe for traffic on the
Kootenny. The boat will be run between Jennings and the camps along the
line of thc new railway. Mr. Thies says
that the route for the new line of road
has been settled nud that the Great
Northern will build from Kalispell to
Jennings over a new survey that will do
away with tiie heavy grade on the pres-
hne between those two points. The
Crows Nest Southern will branch off
from this new liue aboul an equal distance from Kalispell aud Jennings, and
at a point about six miles below the
boundary line. Mr. Thies bays that contractors are already at work at the Jennings end of the line, uud that construction will be pushed rapidly forward.
Fred Hazen tells a story that shows
sometimes how strange matters in this
life turn out.    Wben he left borne 17
years ago, he had a young brother, who
left  for the wesi seven years later,
good shipping ore   if lhey   had I Tune passed on, and lhe family lost trace
transportation,   Mr.  Hazen says there I of the younger  brother entirely, and
is plenty of ii ami bis claim lies in line  after making every effort to locale him,
nnd ou   the suine lead.    He nml Dewar   gave   it  up.    This   spring   Fred   henrd
ure working together and lhey propose
to keep right nl it all summer, Il is
HCll mining as Ihis thut is ehowitlg wbnt
t iu   tiie ground, anil if a  mun   has n
property that is wurtb anything he can
merest capital without trouble, Men
ire not putting money in holes in lhe
ground unless there is something in
A Strallkona Ball,
The South East Kootenay members of
Strathcona Horse will give a ball on the
evening of the 26th at Wentworth hall
in Cranbrook, The boys take this mat •
ner of showing their appreciation of tbe
uniform kindness extended to them by
the people of this district, both previous
to their departure and since their return,
The committee on arrangements intend
to do all iu their power to make the
dance a success.
On Monday, to Mr. nnd Mrs. McKin-
non, u 1 oy.
On Tuesday, to   Mr. and Mrs. Shank-
Hu, a boy,
from a friend named Tarrant, who spe
lhe winter in tbe Black Hills, who told
that he hud met the brother, had a talk
wilh him, an.l that u short time after
the brother bad taken sick and died,
lie hail been living nt Deadwood for a
number of yenrs and was married ami
bad a family. This was the first Fred or
his family had heard for years, nud it
wus then too late to do any good.
Ile Wins His Races  Both it Calgary and
R.J.Peltier came out ofthe Calgary
and Macleod races with (lying colors,
his hotse Kimberley capturing the three
minute event in each instance. While
at Calgary he ha led his horse for
"Dr. M," the guideless pacer, receiving
a nice sum of money iu the bargain.
Peltier is lucky. He got Kimberley
from Harry Barnes a few months ago,
011 a cheap trade, as the horse was con
sidcred a pacing skate. Since theu he
hus swept every race he has entered aud
surprised a good many people,
The St. Bugene partially closed down
ns was anticipated, and now is working
a reduced force of about 75 men. The
conceit I rn tor is nnt working at the present time bul the compressor is still running, as several machiues are working
in the mines. Last wiuter, during the
close down a large amount of ore was
stored and this Is now being shipped in
order to complete the contract. If the
ore un hand is uot sufficient the concentrator will likely run fui 11 few dnys in
order to turn out the rest of the ore requited hy the contract, Although the
mine is working with n reduced force,
more men are being employed during
the close down thau some mines employ
when running full handed. It is anticipated that the shut down will not be of
long duration and ihnt in a short time
everything will be in full blast again.
Titl! PtOHt.
Last Saturday evening the long-looked*
for and much-talked-of light lietween
Jack Fitzgerald, of Moyie, and Rd Cuff,
of Fernie, look place in Morley hall.
Large contingents wereheie from Ferine
nud Cranbrook and ahout 100 persons
are supposed to have witnessed the houl.
Jack Farrell, of Moyie, was chosen us
referee, ami did his utmost lo fill ,1 most
trying position. When lhe gong sounded the contestants took their positions
and thc light was on. In the first round
lhey were sparring for au opening, each
feeling fm* the other's weak points, but
Fitzgerald seemed lo have the upper
hand and lo be the better man. The
second round demonstrated what bad
been supposed in the first. Fitzgerald
forced lhe lighting, drawing first blood,
und had by loug odds the best of the
fight. The third round was r repetition
of the second, ami the hard blows of
Fitzgerald were telling oil Cuff, who was
being rather roughly handled. Near
the close of the third round they
clinched, and iu the breakaway Fitzgerald gol OIIC ill 011 Cufl, thus making a
foul. The referee gave Cuff the decision
of winning the tight on a foul, and although Fitzgerald had all through the
best nf the bout, Cuff took the money.
Incitement ran pretty high for some
time, #100 being offered 10 Cuff if he
would re-enter the ring and fight it out.
This he declined to do, ami although far
from satisfied the rrowd had to withdraw and repaired to the different hotels
where heated discussions of the resuit
took place. Without doubt Fitzgerald
hud the best oi the tight, and with training should be able to meet auy man in
British Columbia.
On Tuesday last the men who are employed In the concentrator gave a dance
In the park opposite ihe town. Nearly
all the business bouses were closed for
the afternoon and young nnd uld could
he seen hurrying across the 1 ike. Dancing was the order ofthe day, Messrs.
Wilson and Murphy being on hand and
furnishing excellent nins'c Refreshments were on the ground, anil everything tended toward a very enjoyable
outing. By tbe evening even more were
present than in the afternoon, and all
tripped the light fantastic until the early
uioniing hours. The park is nn ideal
one, ami tiiose who go there and foil to
enjoy themselves cannot blame it on
their surroundings.
The machinery for the new sawmill
arrived tliis week, and as quickly as possible will he put in place. The masonry
for the boilers is now nearly completed,
lhat in a few days they will be In
place. Operations now wiil he rushed,
and it is hoped tliat within three or four
weeks sawing will commence.
Tiie Cosmopolitan hotel, which was
run by T. V. Lowuey, changed hands
the end of last week nud ik now owned
by J. Nelson, who arrived a short lime
ugo from Copenhagen, Denmark. Mr.
and Mm Lowney left hist Tuesday for
Rossland. While here they made many
friends and all regretted to see ihem go.
The new courthouse, which hns been
11 course of election for the past few
weeks, is now completed and is decidedly a credit to tiie contractors and the
town. The building contains a large
courtroom, a magistrate's room, a constable's room nnd three slrong cells.
There is a fine picket fence before tbe
building, and the grounds behind are enclosed by a to-fool hoard fence The
building is beautifully finished inside
and oul, and is surely an addition to
Moyie which is worth having,
The members of tlie Catholic Ladies
Aid find Allar society gave u bazaar and
ice cream social last Thursday evening.
A large number were present and the result was very gratifying, $105 being
raised. A beautiful dull was giveu lo
the little gitl obtaining the largest
amount by ten cent subscriptions,
Georgie Desaulnier was tbe successful
one, raising f-2. Thc evening was spent
very pleasantly, aud all present thorough*
ly enjoyed themselves.
The B.
C. Southern Is Served
An injunction.
Jim Hilt Is Credited  With Having Control ol thc Co.il
The C. P. R. has secured n temporary
Injunction restraining the B.C, Southern
railway company, nr in other words, the
Crows Nest Pass Coal company, from entering upon the C. P. R. lands or interfering with that company's right of way,
in the vicinity ol Morrisey, where the
new line expect--to come into the H k
valley and croaa the v.'. P K. This
work is that in charge of BreckenridKU
& Loud, ami the case was heard
merits in Vancouvei yesterday. Tli -
action would indicate thnt some new
move is contemplated, aud that ever)
thing   between   lhe   C.   P.   R.    RI  !   i'r
Ureal Hortbcru is imt as serene na had
en supposed.
Dan McLeod, paymaster for Breckcn
ridge & Lund, says lhat tb*.* serviugoi
the injunction his not interfered with
the work, but that on lhe coutra *■*. the
force of men employed is being lucre ssi d
us rapidly as men can be secured.
Jim Mill Mas Control.
It is quite evident  lhat Jim Mill and
bis syndicate have secured a controlling
interest iu the Crow -  Nest   Pass C** il
company.   In fact, it
his company now own
stock.   Manager Wila
in   charge,   has  reslgi
man from Penusylvanl
1 pt
of the workings of the mines
•d lint
t of the
io, who has been
ed,  and   anothci
1 Is to t tke ilia: l;c
■ The Baker-Proctor Company.
The Baker-Proctor syndicate lhat bas
secured control ot ,-. large ar^a of coal
lands in the vicinity of Blairmore, have
struck their big seam of coal at a depth
of 120 feet, which gives the guarantee
that tbe deposit is continuous, and tbat
their coal lauds are now of great value.
The controversy over the townsite of
Illairmore is about settled, and this syndicate will proceed at once to arrange
tur the handling of the property.
Mr. Clark the customs officer of F*.-rt
Steele and one of the pioneer residents
of South Kast Kootenay, is missing.
Word was brought ovei to Cranbrook
this morning that lie had not Wen seen
since 11 o'clock yesterday, and it is
feared that he has met wuh serious ac-
cideut or taken bis life, He has not
been la good health for some time ami
was very feeble. Searching parties are
scouring the country aud the river is being dragged near the towu.
Feriie Will Meet  Craabrook  la  Bull) Pool
ball and Lacrosse.
Next Saturday afternoon ihere will be
some fine sport at the fair grounds.   Pernie is to send lacrosse and football teams
down on that day to meet Cranbrook
teams. The game of lacrosse will Iw
called at syi and the football game at
7:30 p. m. The Cranbrook boys are
practicing for lhe contests and are in
hopes of being able lo win Out. An «:-
mission fee of 35 cents will be charged,
nnd tbe one ticket admits the holder to
the whole show.    Th e-e   who  desire   lo
hove a big time should not fall to he
present, nnd the routers should be out in
full force.
The Lawn Tennis Opening,
The opening of the Cranbrook Lawn
Tennis club grounds last Snturdaj slti 1 -
noon   was a  pronounced   success,    The
rain lo the earlier part of tbe day made
it look unpromising fur a time, but the
clouds cleared away and when the tune
arrived for the assembling of the gnests,
the weather was all that could have been
desired. The grounds were beautifully
decorated, and when the contests had
opened on the two courts an animated
scene was presented. A large number
of people were present, including several
guests from other towns.
One of the pleasing features of lhe
afternoon was the reception tendered by
Mra. A. W. McVittie to the members of
the club and tbeir friends, The home is
conveniently located tn the grounds and
the guest! Were royally entertained hy
Mr. and Mrs. McVittie.
I.cc John tbe Wnichmakcr
Intends to leave in ten days fur China.
Those having watches aud jewelry at hia
shop will call at once ami get the same.
If you no come I tnke Ihem nway.
Editor ami Proprietor
Ti:i:.MS OV Sl'IM'l-HTI'iV
Oik* year f JJJ]
■six months '•uu
The Herald desires tt give the newsol Die
district. If vou fcnnw any about ymir town
your mine or ymir iieopte, semi It to this oDIce,
Success depends upon a liberal,
patronage of printing; offices*—John
Jacob Astor.
CorreeUi.l by "Hutch."
Sulllvnn ...
.  .7l-2<*
IlliiL-k Tall	
Morning Glory 	
■ ■ lite
Mountain l.hui  	
CnnmlUn C. V, S	
■   -S1.*-*
Center sur ■	
... Hoe
Crown Nisi Conl 	
. fs,. oo
North Stnr	
Till-   STRIKES.
All over the Nnrlli American cnnll
neni at the iiresent time there are
Itrllrea In force. Canada anil the Unl-
tcii stnien are experiencing an upheaval in labor circles that Is almost unprecedented. There is hardly n lint: of
business that is not affected, anil lhc
end Is not yel in sight.
The "community of Interest." idea as
alvaiiced by the ureat tmst magnate
J. P. Morgan, does not seem to reach
the producer. The great capitalistic
combinations In the Slates are beglt.-
nlng lo learn thai there are two sides
to llio question, and that lhe men who
malic such large dividends possible are
also lormlng strong i:imblnations fnr
their protection. As a result the bll-
Hon dollar steel U1I-.I Is today coulenit
ing with one of the greatest strikes
known, and nearly Inn,nnn men have
ijitit work pending a settlement ol the
diltl tallies. There Is a limit to the pos
Blbililies nl thc trusts. There Is a limit
to tho Increase in piices, and a limit to
thc decrease In wages. The policy thai
is being pursued by thc industrial man.
agtrs in the States at lhe present lltne.
backed by lhc politicians in power, Is
making thc discontented class larger
and more discontented. A contented
people means a happy lain), but when
the toilers, the greal masses, arc growing more discontented and poorer as
well, while they sec ihe manipulators
of wealth ainassliigiiuiilicard-of fortunes
and living in luxttrv tliat is envied liv
kings with realms under control, there
musi come a change. And the Untied
Stiles will sec that change before many
years, and It will be brought about by
au internnl revolution ihat will live In
While people are sweltering with llie
beat in the east, the people arc enjoy-
lug life In South lOisl K lolenay, ami
sleeping under blankets every night.
With the Iron Industry developing al
Kitchener, with llie ore bodies showing
up better all over the district, with the
product of the coal llclds increasing,
South Hist Kootenay Is In a prelty good
position for future prosperity.
(Inl hates a coward and an hypocrite.
The building continues In Cranbrook,
Thc people realize lhat whatever pros
pel ily Is In store lor this district, Crai
bin,ik Is bound  to enjoy its proportion
if lhe gcnlleman who wroteacomtnun-
Icatliin lo The Herald signed "C. Evan,"
will write on the subject of Sunday
observance or anyother topic with fair"
n, ss, anil nit indulge In personal abuse,
wc will lake pleasure In publishing it.
Tlie Herald cannot be used lor personal
abuse by the advocates on either side of
any movement.
Cranbrook lias tlie best lot of liberal
hearlcd busiuess men we ever saw iu a
town nf this sue. This week a mnvi
incut was started lo secure lends for
purchasing Instruments for a band, lu
twenty iniiiiles eight men had | ul down
thoir names for SHO each, and the rt
in ilmler needed was soon subscribed.
I St.,lies mi tlie Lonl's Prayer
!» st,uies With ;i Pui-poao
; Ih,- l.ual Unlit.it
I Kepi nn tiie Mtinter'f* Uso
.*, Littlo Allen's Library
:; ltai-lu-1 Klviira
v A Kiaafura Blow
t ,1,.,. lhtvio's Trnilu Mini.
.. Lucy Millar's -i i..... I Work
ID Tom's He .-
II Sis China Ten Cups
PJ Grace uml Clara
i ' Gertie's Triumph
H The Star Bovs
15 liic Backward Swing
HI The Sisters
17 Seliiiu, the Turkish Captive
Is Alice in Woiiilerlaud
in Mniiiii Luther
■.'ii At ..-tli.* Forces
■_*! Christiana* Secret ol a Hnppy Life
 rho Marvel ni i >ur Bodily Dwellings
•'.*! Krnncis I'.. Willard
L'I Th,- Prince ol tho lloiiauol Huviil
ii With Christ
•'.; Ki.liert llurilv's Seven Hays
-21 The Oiirillxfon ol Phillip Strong
■js In His Stops
■2:1 Hubert llurilv's SoVOll I'livs
llll tlveir.ili.iiig ihe Wm l'i
III Hicluird Bruce
;:■_' Tbo Twentieth Door
:i;l His Brother's Keeper
:',l In Hi-Steps
;:,-, Tlie Uodoinptioli ol Phillip Stroll",
:;,i Tho Story of .lohll ll. I'tlton
117 Tiie Mailing ni tin* I'nlpiic
IIS Tiie Muting.'iu Man
:;.i Beside tlte mi.' Brior Bnsb
in '■■.iin.iiis Kngli-li Status u
il tint With tin-(Ud Vogagers
ll* The \p„slle,,f tin-North
ill Tlie l-'nlry Lund ol Science
II uther Worlds
45 Mnkers uf Methodism
hi HobhlBon Crusoo
17 Welter tiildis. lhe Voung Buss
is Tlirllt- Smiles
*l Clumictor—Smiles
.*,n Dntv-Sinilos
51 Sell'llulp—Stnilos
,i" Macaulay's   History nl  England,
Vol. 1.
Si Mactinlny's   History nf  Kngland,
V..1. i.
51 Maeittilay's   History nf  England,
Vol. :i.
55 Macaulay's   llialory "i  England,
Vol. -i.
5H Miieuiiluy's   History  nl  England,
Vol. 5.
57 History of (im* TlmoB—McCarthy
5s History ni Our Times   McCarthy
5*i The Mind ol Iho Master
till The llullllie Snsull
ill A Tnlooln sign Posl
IIU Springfield Slorlos
nil A Title nf Threo Weeks
I.I Tim Ileseue nil Tempest Heel
i;5 Florence Arnol
nil Mnv l.iiuv 1
117 Mury Solton
IIS Tiie'Well Spent 11.nir
Hi Hood Stories
Vl) Sally, ii Littlo Slstor
71 Both Wontllmrn
-,-i Tho Circuit Rider
7:1   Liim, the Mastiff
71   I'raelienl Prhnitry Plana
75 Confessiona uf an I Ipillui Kuler
7i> Ahriiluun I.i 'In
77 Aloxainlci Mliokuv
7K Addresses liv llelirv llruniniuii.l
7*.i LlltoChrist
mi Abide In Christ
sl Littlo Women
H'l Ciiiiudlnn Citizonsbii)
Ml Tlie Till ,f llnvlil
si linr *o Nlghtingillo
S5 Tims, n Comrade ol the Cross
si, Ten Nights inn liar Boom
87 Pilgrim's Progress
ss Lilool 11. I.. Muuilv
Wl Imnc Gotllll, llu* Waggoner
in The Bravest uf tin* Brave—llonte
mi Diie nf tho 28th—Mentis
Hill By Shoor Pluck—llonti
Ini l'ur Nnme and Eilinu—llonti
102 Hv England's Aid—llontu
103 l*ui lln* Temple—Hi'iits
UH The Littlo Ministor—Barrio
inr. Aulil Light Idylls—Barrio
lllll When n Mini's Single—Barrio
107 TwooIThom—Barrio
Ins A Window in Thrums—Barrio
lii'i A Llllvloss (-ciltnlnl—llllrrlu
III Willi Wolfe in Cunnda—llontz
ll:; The Voung Colonist
in si. George fnr England
III Tom Brown's School Hays
115 Tom Brown nt llxford
UH Tho Sky Pilot
117 Sketches by Bon
HH Paul, n Herald nf lho Cross
11(1 step! u Soldier of tho Cross
Il'D Natural llisinry
H'l l.es Mlseiublcs, Vol. 1
1-2-2 l.es Sliserablcs, Vol.2
H'l Tho Lonoly Island
125   Undo Tom's Cabin
1211   Bountiful .Ine
127 The Ulnplightor
IL'S    Ken Hur
121) The Asconl nf Mnn
IHO   Uncle Tom's Cabin
1:11 The Story ol Jesus
Moyie Notes.
Malinger Cumin'., house is nnw rupi.l-
lv   spun:.. Iiln,:   e.ini|ilelluii,   und   WllVtl
linifth,<! will he ilie finest iu the town
|   I"  Crowe, who has been ill for some
time pa I, is uow ulil.  tu he minimi.
Gram's new Fail boat wns used Ibi Ibe
liisl time till- week .mil ii. u beaut)*,
A. II. Slim: bus given up  tlie   hake-y
nnd is now in Kitchener
If you want the best of
lob Work, the kind thai
will please you, see The
nniu mm ijii.iu.lt'
Attractions of  tha Temiscaming
Quaint Easter Customs of Early
Settlers  Preserved.
Why Twu DlunltiiriuH ol Old Cnumlit Failed tu (let un I tit ltut Ion lu tlmTllble tu
mi   Unstcr su a.in ■>   Dlun-ar n i.oni;
Tlm..   .\L-»    I-1 kblH  CttSBrilill'l
Dcmrlptli i   mi   Early
Colonlul Dtmior.
"Ami behold u woman in th.' city,
whieh wus a sinner, when she kuew
llmt Jesus .*n m menl in lho I'har-
Islu'b house, brought mi nlabusiw
box .-; ointmeai nud siooil ut Ilia
reel bel imi Una weeping, uud begun
in w.i-ii His :V,'i  wnli lours, nml iiii!
;;,'<';;..ihei"  "il"i""lmlrH ai ^. eastern end of the clay belt
TU.' L'j-i'8 Hi' inni.■(! mi h.-r hTk. kuucllug
Pirst class line ni Jewelry, Clucks,
mnl Silverware nlways in .-tuck. ::
W. F. Tate, M'l,e«tder
Region Pouruaycd.
Wlu-u mi.'ii wii
llut  luuklliH ui i
r .. ■ A 8|>1enillil  I'-iirmhiK l miitlij    10,000,00
i>i   I Aoioi or i.iinti Aimosi for iliu Aililnir-
r'' Souiatlllliu    About   ll»<    1,000.000
mnl. Ac I*.--,  ul  thu I'liiiisi'iiiiiliiK Vut-
j lay   A W«U-\Vntori 0 »u-,n-
iu try—Large liillus ..i
i Batll-urs,
of     lilt
The 'stand tnnctlier" policy thnt prevails in Cranbrook Is a winning policy,
It has mntla towns ami win maiio Cran
brook one. of the best In British Columbia.
ll'itiilltiniii runv not be thc best In the
mining oampsol British Columbiaowlug
lo Beverol causes, bill every man knows
lhat Ihere It j isl cue thin},' to do, anil
thai la to stand pat and keep thc good
wink j4nInj; on. Nowhere 1» there a
richer country tlmn the Kootenajs, ami
nowhere te there a plaee where there
will i.o belter opportunities for men of
Jnilu-rry atul ability. Tbe wealth Is
here In abundance, anil It ingoing lo
brinn t^reai prosperity to the people of
the district.
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The Herald!
bmok, is. i'., iin iii'ivny rovukn allimi every
Pnwnr of Atlonipy, Appoliil ni us Agent or
l.i'itiT ..f hnlniti.iti itlviin bj mottiV. Hv-h-
HakiT nr Cl-ilillirii.ik. It. C, A. W. McVlt I ,
ol Cnuihrook, It. C, or to lho snlil V, My.e
linker nml IhoHnlil A. W, MflVlltle J»liiit> in
cnunantloii with perbiln coal lauds I.i tlw pro-
vlliuiltl dblrlol of All.'-rli. N. \V. T., m In Die
|ir»vhii*o nr ItiHItih ritlumlilA.
Thoso iinwiibi mv my  nntloG tu nil imrttni
 nipil, ami t .to' ii" loo tlml from tlio <l ito
hrroof I Mill not i.e us mihlblo rmanv net done
h\ ili'iibovu niiiiioil i-;iiliis m my naiin- in tlie
mnllorofthosau iiml lumls.
I Hit oil at t'miilirook Mils lotli day nf duly, lOoi.
.nniN I.KASK,
Tnkonniloptlni I, It. IS. Itoatl'o, ilniBRlst, of
rrnubroiik, n a. do horohy rovnko nit mui
overy rortorofAltiiriloy, Appnlntliient'M -Agvilt
oi i,..ticr.it liistrtiotlntiglveii hy inotoV, llyila
ftnkororurnntirook, IV ft, a. \v. McVlttlo of
i*i:ini k, it.c or tho snlil V. I lyite linker nnd
tlm wi.l a. VV. McVlllin Jointly li t tlml
wlthcortnlitoonl Inudsln I'm- provincial iHntrlrt
or AliH'in, N. W.T 'InthoproYliK'oofllrltlsli
Theso I'M'si'iits nru my nolloo tu uii iiariioi
oonoernoil, mui lake notion tlml rrom lho date
bn onf i wil: mn in- rosp itislide fm* nny wt ilona
l.y thr alinvo nniuod parlies In my ntlllto in iliu
lnt, lutoroatina
e.istinns uml tradilions uf Enster,
Which tin- enrly settlers in \.'W
Krnnro broitKhi over fiom ltnituny
tuid Noruuindy, uro still prest'rvttl lo
ibis duy by limit' deseendunta in
French Cnnndn.
From Uu' earliest days uf tbe colony tin.- feast of Earner was celobrnt-
ed witb urent pomp mnl elrciliustatico
by both clergy nml luiiy. Tb.- Jesuits nlways inviUd tlie dignitaries of
church and slalo lo dine in their ro-
foetory nfler m,i«. Wln-n Argenson
was tlovcrimr of L'ailutln anil In- imd
Bishop Loval ehushed us to ibe i|ii.*s-
Llon >>f preciHlonce, the .Jesuits found
thomselves in u diletumn as lo who
should occupy tbe highest seal ul lho
table i»n Easter Sunday—tho Coventor oi* tbe Dlshop. Tli- quesliou defied sohitioti, so Uu- fathers Invited
neither of ihem,
According lo populnr tradilion, on
Easier morning, al an early hour,
tin- sun may l»- soeu tu perform threo
sotnersnylts  in    honor of  tb.-    great
>.l In tils lieur
while iimi .<n
J.sns riwteil
■A    Hill
The pr
likely to
lllll\    of
derublj   gre.
Illlo   New    in.i    Ihai
i lokeu place, ns the greal
,.,        [ ndvuiiuiges olTered  b\   ibis Inipnrtanl
nu vyve j holler iinderslood. in' nil ihedistrh't.'
Uhl Hluioii liond upon ihe womnu's fnco, now   open   for  setl l.-meiil   the Tninis
The while tin* hreuili ut love's awoet-snei'l- t.ninbiji appears  to presenl   llm groat
lt..se from Hie hrokou box uml tilled tliu usl     ilMIi,,n* ■■.-.■.■   i
There arc a few points to
he considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and thc price.
,!,-,■.- ~      Until ilistrii-L  to settlers  from     Kast-       //^^'/^'^JS^H^r'''^
»:i"""* "■ ■ I*' > «'■'•* .•t.iin.Tii.,11 win. u„. li'iuim,, tiurk.i.,    n t'J'■•■*'^"fsaiill
''I.i-iM.nt'tliv'mm-iil   ' "'  ""'*"''"   h*v   ri '"'   "'""'     '"']      "''*-'-^'"'•*6^5ir^i'*jP»1
Direct route tn all
East I West
First' Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
anil Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Dc-pnrl Arrive
7i50 daily     Wcsl      daily l(«IO
IftllO  " I*. I
I.WK) Kimberley
Wi-iiry uilli trnvel, uml timu gnvoBt un
'I'd III,' till' Bl'l'VlCL- illli- III" Itumlili'RI
imi    i'/
cd; nml mi   V.ivn imi  i'si.*,   iIn-.-.- per-
Imlil three miii-ft ui stiurlso.
Knsln* ilny i'- n ri'lit'liiils li'sliviil
nf mnrli,.il  lni|inrtuin*i*.   Ali.-r     Lent,
\ .nt  uf l.uftiiT wns ha Unl with ley,
It   wns  til,' rilsnilu  fur  III.'  people    lu
i iiln    >i| il midnight  uf Holy
Kalnrdny to lirailt tin* fusi with
tlieer. Tho I„.iii.ii Benson in Cnnndn
vn., observed .villi the rigorous inst
,.( tl„. enrly flirisliiins \„ menl
was permiltetl ilnrine llul}* Week nml
ii    iillier nltsterlties were unjoined
fm-    tin-    pni'iiose of morfilylng the
L'iM.lie Cnsgrnln, n distinguished
antiqunrinn, liestTilietl un 12usler diti-
nrr in Hi,, enrly dnys .if Hie eolony
us  fullo.vs:
"Imagine," su.s Hu. ul,!,,.. ■■.'lu or
-Itl good enters of those limes ul tn-
l.Ie. There wns linl" rermnony, Inn
everything wus oiTered in tho heat-Li-
est l.u.lin.-r. un.l eaeli took llu' pluiv
In*  eould   iiml    Chairs   wero   mil       iu
eo inn iee. .in each siil,.     „f     ih..
tablo were blocks of wood, mi which
I.minis woro placed, uml trunks horo
null there WOI'U Used ns seuls. lln.
guests nol tlitis uiTiimiiiiulnli-il having lo Bland. On Hi,, tulile were leu.l-
on ur common delfl ilisln-s. uml if
there were enough fur nil it wus un
indication uf n-enlth un Hi., pari nf
bust. Tho few fnrks wen- reserved
Inr the wu n. null euch provided his
owu knife.
"Tho clothing ol .In- men consisted
of grey homosptm trnusers uf country cloth, uml n pair nf beol moccasins, tin* bonnets, blues, generally
worn out of doors, were In id aside
fur llie nonce, 'llieir luilet wuh i-uiii-
plotod by u dickey.   If lho latter woro
omitted by an} un.'. lie wns t i-
titlui io pnrtnka ,,i pi.', n favorite
dish ..f ilu* huliiiunis. The costumes
uf llie w n consisted of blue skirt
wiih white stripes, nml a flowered
India sllawl nnd white cap fnr guln
duys. Th,. preparations fur tliis f.-sti-
vnl were something formidable, if um.
mny judge frum Uu- following, which
recalls ihe feusl nf Gargantuni
■■In ihe Oral plnce, thoro wus prepared a stow nr riiiMi'it nf pork, beef
und  muilun,    in ii    IIH nt-   lll-unlliin
holler; minced pies,  k chops   pre-
pnred iv a variety uf wnys, quarters
uf veal uml million, fowl nml gnme.
ilesiil.- ih.. viands tlu.ro were pnstrlos
ul different kinds, cooked In Imd or
porpoiso nil. 11111I enkes now known ns
doughnuts. All these wen. siuiiiliiin-
oously placed un lho table, mul each
helped himself us he pluusud.
"Those win. Imd in. plate took n '
piece nf pastry frum u plain und used
il ns a dish. Wlillo lhe eatables wero
bring partaken of. ilu- host Weill
round lh>< nihil' mul poured ...it liquor  I. 'll  ... n iu|i nr pettier gnli-
let. Tl llilusl gaiety ...id cordiality prevailed.     Hunting mid    llshiiiu,
exploits    wero    r luted,    mul    Hi,'
(.•usl   ended   .villi   i js,   the    wholi
compnny Joining In Hi.' chorus."
pusse IS
t iu.i.ius nr.'n uf lirsl-i-lnss ngt'li
l. uu witter ftl-iiii''tii-ftl kiI 't.-us   el laud   Hi    ■ *  * ,■    '    townsl
liriniBlit i rich    l.-vel land    now survoyn:
'i'u IVItsll  Illy lui; lull  sll,.,  win.ill i'„ii do-    upon l'ur s.-l I l.iiiellt   lying In Ih
sI'Ibc, I mui nortli nf Luke Tumlscaml
ln*B Sn        :m" Pl"*v '"■" '' |,risi"s "',""1
,„, u   <"     ,.i'„'',     Iiii. I'll  lind  u   Imlf   liiillinns   nf acres, ,
■i-luis rawiy „,i'.„i„..,;',!, „, ,., wlii.li. with n slight break   ut    lho Nil "8 both good.
I...  I'rlure ur licncol-**bul  over slaec l   Iloighl of Lund, stretches acros" *'
.■'  I districts    nf    Nlpisslng mul  Al
™« »■ uu 1'iitli net ci-nsi.ii tu kiss my   into ihe minimus,  portion uf *
dor Uny.
Fine Fertile -.nil.
111.Ill   INU.I.
A  Iiiui.I  uf  I
-II..   li.
Spokane Falls &
..... :.; .,. , unify!Northern R'vCo.
Kimberley (rains mi Tuesdays,
Thursdays atul   Saturdays.
Por lime Indies tind lull Infnrmnllon, rail on
or address nnirrsl lornl ngcill.
E. J. C0VI.I1 i.! nil I MAN,
A. (I. I'. A. Agenl,
Vancouver, ll.C. trnnhnuik
J. S. CARTIiR, ll. I', t.. Nelson, II. C.
Aboul   one-hull    uf    the 1,500,1
..civs comprised   in   ilu- Telnisciim
"*" ■  "    '       It's slnil winss muunls near   Vnlloy has boon surveyed and laid t
townships. Tlu' hind, which
llnu llim wlilrli liiitii i, i prisoned deep
M.-thinks I lipur ker Buy: ■■■limn win, f	
.My mnny sins,  nils   offTina,  Bivoot or
l.riu th.
I piuir uu Tlm.., denr l.nr.l, while vn Timu
liv. sl,
For !.',,■ is ,.v,.|- swift ti, ntltrun ilpntll.*'
I'liun lier nre tl .vis ur Ji-sus tnr i.
Wiih L-iivi- wiilih siuuns I,, stretiBtUeli uml
lu hlcBB,
Who klimi . how loiic lhe s„nl i,r Mini huth
yen rued
I-'or .....im smh inlu'ii „r niii. tentlrrnpss.
Th.. ilu- ■ s. p. ilnimta red mi Simon's
pin pks.
Alum! tiip initio lilt.i iiiii,iiiiinis opnso,
A depji,   lull    sllelire,    llipn    tin.    MnHter
"Thy fitltli hiuli suvpil Hi,.,., go lo ponco
—.l-'iiu lllcwiii. iii Toronto til..lie.
Iiipl.ti-nt   nf   Soutli   Alrleiin   IViir   IVhloli
slunvod ii Mini nr Wmulorrul Nerve.
Mnjor T   I.,  noulnngor,  wlm    nr-
riv.-d horo frum il i-ieut, recently,
rn. ruin., in his li.nun in Quebec, wns
in command m* tho Firm Field llui-
tery, fniiuilimi Artillery, in tlm
South Alt-lean campaign. Whilo ui
(jii.truntiim ho luid u Times representative n story uf during mul
pluck which is nm siiniussml anywhere iu Hm history uf Hm whole uf
tlmt wur nf strungo episotios.
"Calling Hun" Howard, whu gained smh fame .luring tlm Hml rebellion,       lind     Wlm   wus  shnl   n   |oW
tin- Imru uf llm Incident. At the
time Im wus attached to n small
bully nf the lirillsh. and wns on lho
lining.' Liver somewhere— tbo oxnet
location Major Uouhinger did nut
recall—when ihe command was sur-
rnuiiili'il h.v Hums. The British woro
partially protected liy onlroneli-
limnls,   Imi   s„   |,nl l.v   wur..   llm   Hums
pressing Ihnl   tho Ihiiish i sldercd
ii necessary lo retreat. Howard
nlono remained, llu wus urged by
his commnnd lo follow, but In- refused, mul fm- upwnrds of twenty
minutes, Major noulnnger snys, lm
heltl llm ,'lu-my nl liny until relief
camo. llu Imd imi two Colts in his
service, bill worked thoso wiih such
rapidity mnl su effectually, thai tlm
Hours, probtibly ignorant nf ihe mnl
chnraclor uf tho stronghold, wm,.
1ml.I iii check, When reinforcements
■■.mi.* Howard received lhe hourly
congratulations    nf     fellow  ollicers,
win,,    ono    nml ull. wero i tzed nt
tlm wonderful courage mid boldness
of Hm  pluck}'  fellow,     Uud  he lived
in Imv,. s i llm campaign through,
Mnjur lloulnngor tools certnln tlml
im would Iim,. boon highly promoted,
-Victoria,  ll. I*. Times.
■ Ill
I mils.
I.utp.l ul rruiiln It this null dnv nf.Inly, mul.
The Ferule  Free  Press Is attacking   Tti'.-u i   r  I
the new town of Hlairmore.   It Is a mis.   hronk, 11. r, ilo
take.    Fernie Is one of the best  towns
I., nor ut lusl. i
n.ikcr ..r c-n.nl
ln the district, anil Is destined to bo still
greater, hut it will never go ahead  on I''rnnbrook,H. 0.,
auch  a policy.   There  will be several '""  ! "
other newtownithroiighoutthlaseclloti, ui Allierln, N. '
anil some good ooe...    Hlairmore is sut-   llrlllah Columlilil,
roiimleii by rich coal lands lhat are be-' rnQ(| nnl- i
Inu tapldly developed, It ahotihl nuilre lioronl I mil nol I
a good town, and If the conditions are < ^} '(?r1,f<lkoHiiiil
rluhl fnr its growth, tlie Fiee I'.o.a iiuipiliit i runh
fiurs will not retard lt.
il. .Iiiliusnii, tissuyer, lift 'ran.
liereliy revoke nil nnd every
■. Ai'iuihiltiii.nt us Agent or
uu given hy inu 10 V. Ilydo
uk, Ii. I'., a.w. MoVltlla uf
■r In Hi,' -ulil V. Hyde linker
MeVlltlo Jointly Ine itlon
mils in iim provlnelnl dlstriut
. T.. or lo llie nrovlllDO of
nro my notion tn uu imrttes
te nnl Ic' Hint from thp iliite
' i-psiuui.ililc fnr any net none
<i iinriii'Hin my name in th..
I lllll
llll dny nl .Inly, ID01,
Unf linuir.*.
It  mnv surprise musl   persons    to
know Umi Hm lirillsh possessions in
North    Alnerl I  ilu-  tt-sl   liuli.-s
uiv Inrger H..UI Hm territory ol tho
United sin'..- ui America, even Including     I'nriu      Lun   uml   Alusku.
King   ■•'iliv.ir.l s i -sinus nn ur-
h- 100,000 square inllen larger lliuil
thoso nf Hm I Idled s;.uies, nml,
i,,knie Um IVosI liidms mnl New-
fuiintlhlllll, I v  Hiuli aOU.I square
mlloa larger,
No  mun  over  hotoro  reigned    over
ward's. Tlm emplro lo wlilrli Victoria succeeded in  1 X.-.7 covered ono-
si.Vlh       nf       llu-   I I   sill'fun-   nf   tllO
globe: Un- cmplr  which Line Kd-
win-il      Ims    sim. Imi   covers  lienrly
"im-fnlll'tll.     Il  is :,.'! I iin.-s   us   big   us
Franco, ','2 Limes ns big ns (lennnny,
Ihree nnd n hulf times us bin us llm
United Slates, without Alusku nml
tlm Island possessions un.l three
times as big ns Continental Europo,
—New V irli Press.
i iiniiiHiiii liiiin.'sniiluft.
I'r     L'i"! i Toronto, win. is    a
well-known nntnrnllsl nml  I the
besl     nilthorilles     nn   Blmkes,   slnles
Hun     nil    riilll.siiiikes.     greal      llllil
smnll. ui   ull limes ul* tlm v ■   Imv..
llieir fm.es rln ml wiih  venom.   lie
nre is mil..   ,„,„ BpecleB ..f
t'nnnila- the     C'ntitls i
Tergcniinn      This Bpecles  Is nltvnvs
ifit'l}* « s poison sue,   i f-
fecl   uf Hm lui,-  is nnl   always ns fu-
iiii     us    iim Southern miliar Hint
thrives  in  n   w.iriniT climnte. Hr.
Hind,,. Inslnnrcfl    ihe .■us,. ,,f      nr.
Ulurk, furiimr member uf I'nrllnmcnt,
r.u llm
abruptly fr  the lnke Bllnru    tu   u
lieiglit ui ah.mi .*'H leet, slopes gradually toward llm Height m' Lnntl,
which is about o0 miles distant frum
tlm lake, rim soil is fully ,.i|llul iu
fertility tn lltul ni nny pur, inu ,,f
Southern Ontario, I'..dm n rich .-I.i.*.
wiih a surface nl black vegetable
mould. There is ver; lull., rock rn*
loose stone, somo townships boing
without stone ol any sun. Tlm settlement is Well ivn'irml by u number
„i sl mums mul rivers flowing itlln
Lake Temiscaming from Hm norlh
uml northwest. This provide*; the Bottler wiih ii iiiidy menus ui marketing the timber    nnd    cordv, I   nil
frum their Innds in vl,■urine, for
which gootl pries vnn In- iil.liiiii.il uii
delivery nn tho bank ol i lm nearest
lavorablo stream.
Crops miituro vory rapidly. Settlers
havo in sonic cases tnken up bind ut
Mny, mado    a smnll    clearance   uml
harvested a crop tlm sn  ymir. thus
sutvii in .Iimi. hnvo boon reaped in a
fully ripened comiitlon in timo in bo
exhibited nt llm Toronlo Industrial
Exhibition un Sept, 20th. Tim district is destined tu In como n groat
stock-raising mul dairying country,
ns it possesses ull llm n ipiisitrs for
tlu. estnhllshllienl ni these important
brunches nf industry, more especially in Hm excellence ol Hm pnstuiMgc
furnishi'd hy llm luxuriant growlh ol
grass and natural vegetation, tlm
plonlitul supply uf pure wnter und
ilie cheapness of land mul building
Growth nr Population.
The presont population uf tho district is estimated at aboul 2,000,
und is rapidly Increasing. The progress nl set I lenient hns been considerably sltmulntcd by Hm construction
uf colonizntion muds by ilu- Government, Hm sum uf 88,000 being appropriated fm- Hint purpose iu 1000
und u similar amouni in 1001, Thero
mv twn villages in llm district —
Tl Inn,   (hi'   inrgor   uf   tin'   two,      is
situated ul the lund     ni navigation
nn il ntiiriu side uf Hm lake, uml
Ilnil.-yb.iry. nlso nn the hike shore,
further to the south.
.Niiltll.vuril,   llnl
A meal tli'itl uf im most is boing
taken in tlm land-seekers' excursion,
which hits boon arranged by tlm l'ro-
vincial Uovornmenl by way ol lhe C.
i*.  II. tu Temiscaming stution    mul
theuce by  steamer   to Tl hm     uml
llnlloybury. Tlm rates have hen put
ui ;i low Heur,. and mnny working-
men frum Toronto mul oilier places,
ns   will   as  lnrge   numbers   frum     tlm
/-;—-■■-•■, I.0.0.I**. kev tut l.odKC
^e'^'l-fTyi *-.' I-'. Mens every I'll-,
"^ii^Q '"a ■' ""»'"»'  ROSSLAND
Nelson & Pt. Sheplmrd R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co.
The only nil mil mul.. belweeu all
points ivnsl. West nud Smith in...
. pr
Huil llmm-
iiliurilul nl
selves uf Hm opporl
seeing llm country.     Tl xctirsloi
Miirls  nn   Hm     "s'lh,   nud   llm     lnntl
Bookers will Imve lift,., n dnys, glvhif
nmplo opportunity fur n vl  nisi li f llm loenllly.   Mr   Th ,■
Soilthworlli,     IHrerlor    ol Culnnlia.
li  will nccompany     H xcursion
Tlm r.'s.d.  nf ihe new tlepnrluro    it
promoting settle nl in tlnlnrlo will
lie wnich il      wuh     Interest,      Mi,iii
hnve already gone in bIiicc i u
ine nf nnvigntlon in nrtler lu bun. an
i III llrl    chtllco   ni   luls
K.'ftiu, linm llin Lulu...
Mr.  Ilnslmln.     Heptily   Mlnlsler    ul
Fisheries,   hns  r Iv  suporlnlendcd
(or !"» I»'_!.li" "irol     Irnns (nil il pnrenl  bass
frum Luke  Eric In Ihu In Ims nf   thu
uf n I' nn    rattler.    Tl
ten species ol    millers    in  Amorlen, i Muskokn  Dlsirlct.    Thi' ■ four . u
""" ""•.*-' ' "I  exist In uny   other   hinds     n   iveok   were s pni      Encl
Purt ul iIn- world. car contained aboul   I. Isli    Th,
—" exlenl of Hie work  is s
llm i-nimliitt if Cnntiila,
I iv    llll
"Snllil Iloor "
nm- ol Hm recenl   Inveiitlons tried
un   tlm   llrilish snltllers in South  Al-
rlca  Is called   "solid   I r."     it   is  a
Jelly mude frum mull nml Imps, flora
which      I ■  vnn   In-   me.tlo  initvlmre
and   fi-i-m I.     ll   is  .- -i.i   lu   mako
excellenl     1 r nml m work equally
Well   ill  llul   nr mild  cllllllllOS,   tin* pl'u-
cuss boing very simple. The military
atlthorltlus havo roporlod favurnbly
upon it,
inn   thul, us u starter, , nr lnntl
Tlm pnpuliillon ul Cnnndn iu 1H71 uf lish wus put  in Lnku si „i,
mnl  in   1801   wus ns follows: 0I10  in   Lillte      Hosseiill    uml  mm     li!
1871. 1801. l.uk,. Mus m.     i„    |'„. followed l.v
Ontario  1,1120.8.11  3,114,1121 others tliroughoiil   tho snnsun   whilo
[><""•"■'   1,101,010 i.-iSH.r,:tr, „ numhor of su is In which no Ilsh
Nova  Scotia ilsr.SflO     450.(116 have appeared fur years will bo   re-
Now     llrllnswlck   28o,iill4     .*12I,2II3 slocked.
1*.   V..    I-liind  ...     01,021       liili.!iT8 . .
Mutiiiul.ii         25,228      Inli.uiiO
H     Columbia  ...     :iil.*JI7       08,178
Nut ll I'ni-lc lur Ciliiiulu,
The Ontario  Oovori
aaa, -i Cnuiliriiiik Lodge, No. 31
\\:Mh '"' '■: \. V. S A. M.
W'.T'',\k   l"-"h" '•"■""■■ ll"*
(,. \v//-   V       1     ' Ml"!  "I llll*
*% •* •
MsllUvi, l-i. '.In rn ivolfniii.-il.
W, r. iii uii.Hrc'y.
Solicitor, Rtc,
Inlcrniciliiiic I'oinls.
Coiinerlinc nt
Sl'OKANIi wiih llu
• ireat Northern, Northern Paclllc
nml (I. I*. ,*v N. Cuni|Kiny.
Nelson   wilh  Stenntcr  lor  Kaslo
and  All Kootenay   Lnke  Points,
Myers l-alls wilh StnRe Daily lor
Kt-puhlii.'. nml
C loclfldnllv
oiiAN'nuniiK   At    ""ss,"ir.e:   Stnge   IK-.ily   for
liranil Forks nml (lrccnwood,
If yuii nrr [eclinf; blue nr meaner
Drop inla iin* Wvnltvnrili nod cul u IVelncr.
Onr Wchierwursls wc do import,
I'ikIi Tuesday inurititi.t frum uld I'rsnklert!
Ihcv trnvel in n palace car,
And arc cooked tind scried hclllnd uur hnr
Afler 22 o'cluck,
II. 4. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Agt.
Perry = Creek
Oliver liurke   -   -   Proprietor THOS. T. McVITTIR, I'.L.S.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
Coot* accommodations for thc public. Best of liquors and cigars.
Come anel s.*c tlie famous Perry
creek district. Quarts and placer
mining:.   S miles from Cranhrook.
Chas. EstniL-re
Real Estate and Mines
Kimhcrley, B. C.
P. II. porl Sleele, II. C.
""• Builder tt
::Crn ii brook, It C
2 tSS
In Hie Connly Conn uf Koolcnay Hidden al i I'Ctllliy 911(1   l>tlI"1>".III1S
l hy In- In, I. A.
nil  Alll -ll ilnl  nt
.1.1 -.ii. mnl
[till!!  Ill |i,iss...ft|..|
lill'l)   l-l.llll
sniiil esliilu ii
Ullllll Ill   s
. Illillim nny
i ur  per-
I ui u>i|iijri.il
In in l.li-u-il
III Oil PaillllllB Ir.'iiiiiil
...A I 1'rest's
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhrook,      i llrlllali Cnlumltla
anil Builder  j*
All work fiiaranlccil.   Sec us before
yuu huilil.   II itill pny ynu.
Crnnbrook, It C
Tommy's Cily Bakery
N    u     !    -     ..     1—nn       r.,;v,,i      -»-"„■.■:,.... v ,   ,,   i,„,    ,,...   ;■■;;;; ;„';;;, ;,",;',;,;";;■,; . '■ :':.;;;;■.:;;;     »«■>«■'«»-.Rlvf X".. wifu n resuricr
Unomnnlzotl   dis     80,000       :i2,U\8  sorVD(1 '■' -000 acres ol wild   land   |Wiitapttt tihiiuil « m.iuliiR onvio.  H»«ptln« cleniHnR.    Let ns cnll on you
 '   '  ,! ■       Un.|iii U..H. iiimiii,.!,,- imi: inlU'i ..in thn i-msi-1 wltll  11rend,    It's iiiii  iis   Kooil  ns slie
il'sUlei, innl wlilch rout iTV-iiiki'ii '".MiiIi-iiIiii ,,lll'ieft 'lllt y"11 coiilil Btntid il while she*
Md nn ■ ***' 8. u'. ot'iiwi ■ it.isi," tlioiitoimrih m rests. We hove lhe heat in luwn nml
rlmliis, Munn- nut r , 0|, ,i,ls, Uiotira hHitli 190 glllp lo all porta of It. C. We can hi tiidy
(ilioliot, liiiii.'i'"vi*vi .ii aitniim in nliiuo nf lm-,   ,,'. ' , , , " '
KlnnliiK, omitnlfiiiiic lfHitinnr-DM iiuuv nr li™,        h" ''fiuiunls.   "Allentlou" iHonrmoUo,
liaU'iIua.ilmii.U, It. c.Mi.j .'ml. linn. I „.
MALCOLM MelNNUS. lliomas J. ii.iyhurst
ini"! oililri'.itieil In Hi nlpmlmii'tl l.H nunc
nml iiililn-HS, nml ih*' lull imilli nl im »l liimilnllii
<»r ilili'iisi,. in,| .i s|iiii'iiii<nl nf li i-> ji ml, an.l
Afii*i lln- i*\|li -iliiii nl Uio noli I iihIiijh llm
A iiml.dm ml in I'.illiu UMih in.-iii,.ni.ml n
..fin.-iiMal,'. liovlllitl-iKmill si'fliiinis.inly
.0 ttllldl In iliu I Imvo Innl niilli*.-.
Out t-il ai Kurt Sleulu I IiIh mil thu nt Jul v, 1001,
l.oinl Acl Nnllcc.
Notlr.0 Is lii'ivl.y (ilvcn M,
lilliHtinlilnlliuulii iiiani-
worlwnt Vhlmlii, n.c , for
0 in;t(ti-a|i-
ImnlH mnl
nit iiii i carry awny tuiiliov mi ond from llin fnl-
|miiii»ili's.'i*ili.-il vaiMHl (trown I.iii.Imii llm ills.
Uhl nl tinntli Kast Knnl
near  Utko Tcnmffami,  n  great  laki
:i 080 257  I s:t;( ".'IB   l'Vlnff "vsl  '"' Lnko '^^'Oacainlng, un
1      "       . '      '    u   Un- upper Ollawa.   '1'l.is will i„. used
l.i.ii.li.n's Miilhlay si.«.k.*r». »H "   nnliniinl   purlt,   Whero   tlio   titn-
On n Rummer    hunk holiday 200,.   ,"','1 "''" bD l,rosufv,otl 1.lM,l ,Im'   Home
'    will  li..     allowed  tu  Inereaso,    The
number of Uuvera tutd denr in    ia-
lni'iiis, iiKiiinsL 000,000 who go intfl
■i 1
■•• i
:*' ■
. ■ : .
.,- .
■ •* ■;
:' -' '-■ '
.!•    .-*    M
, ■      ■    '■; ;
,:      . ..
:*■-  I
. v     .-■
The Herald
Will give you all tiie news of .South
liast Kootenay, and the price i» but
td»   $2.00 per year
nattered and LruliPd nml worn nn.l jtd,
li. i.ti ut i.i*. riiuncainl mil.
A vriiim, clmiKcr itmirh uml bold,
Hi liui wcaUi-aretl llfe'i Oerciit ««!i>—
Tin. hero "I ninny u 1 .iili.ni ulil,
Hlm-. ..I I'ldrlllrt r .111.1.
ii.* lu. hi-. ia
i. ■,*.... ni-.., fnr, ho
. in Lis Mitral iiKhi,
i innl night
:> l|H)tl
, tr. ' * l .'J ''    \ raJ I A*&—l *.%.*. est—A—.1
"Yntir pny will tic comnicnsiir.-iTo
Trlth Hn1 rlsbs, si'iinr. Let us waste no
more timo, Set fortli at once and iiml
a ernft."
.ti the itul ul' uniilhcr hnlr Ituiir wo
luul Hit* ilctnlla nrrnugctl ns I'm- ns poa-
Bible, mul I litis nnilv to begin my
riiiiri' of ilu* work,   witli in 21 lioura 1
luul f I ii aeliooner ynclit from ihu
Mi'illli'tT.'iiii.'iii. mi fiii'liftli liulll vm it
tvhus.'iiiv ' luul lluil uf iiln.il.i; (nil-
tu- und li-tt her in ilu- Iinnd8 ot it broiler l'ur biiIo. n required tt weoli to ro-
|.umi. repair, Iiml a crew mul pul provl.
■Inns nl il. nml hn i'iisiii wns ready
Willi .*?- ninri'inr there wus need for
:-l     ||  wna cliiii mil Ihnl n .Klnlil hml
I ii  boiiKliI   for  ii   roaldeul  nf  tlio
Ai-.m'i's mul wus in hu delivered lliorc,
nml Ihui'i' nils im troublo about her
•<■'         ...... . . .,.. '.:.:..-:. : : . : . j ■ ■ .-*.*
I Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
one tlie Most Consplcuoui iii Parliament,
tliu Other tm.ni; tba Slleut, m-
aotlced Uaok B-enolier*.
Charlemagne  Laurier,  the representative ot l.Ass,iin|.i jun, is Hi.-    hulf- (
ho same fa-   .-'i
lirst      Wife  nf     1*1
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control n large area of the choicest farming nntl ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to Ss.imi ;m ncre, the latter being Inr first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
uf the l'i
I Imr,     but  chilli     ol  i
Cnrolua    Laurier,  the Premier beiug.
th l.v suu h.v  tlle second wile. i .    ..
rlenuignu Laurier is in yenra I ' I
iium hia distinguished hull- " . *'
•r,   uml   ho   looks   It,   Mil's     TllO    -    .!
in Stnr. lie is ono ul tho allent      ' !
n regular attendant ui thu sit-   ' . "'
tuu nn uncommunicative   ono, i -i 9
Iny   alter | J^
Terms of Payment
'I'huro lm
day,  his
In II, In
rlor ihi
is pans
Ih   Ihnl
10      il-   uf   tlio
f lho Opposition
Purl in Um tli.s-
tititl coming so
. ui attract lii-
It is Interesting
what  Clmrle-! •?*"•*,'
The aggregate amouni of principal snd int rust, except in ihe
case of lands under (2.50 an acre, is divided Inlo Ion Instalment* as
shown In the tabic below; the first to be paid at (he lime nf purchase, tut second nne year from dale ol Ihe purchase! ihe third in
imii years snd so on.
The following (able shows lhe amount nf the unnual Instalments
un imi acres nt different prices under thi' above conditions,
..       is
.,        'V  IMncrs al S2.SII per ntr. Ul Inslnltnenl WM   (, equal Intal'ts nl $50.00 ' 'v
I    9y     ■■ 3.00     •• •* 71.90 •• 1,11.11(1    ?4
!,     00'    •• IM     " UM -- 70.00100
ugh  ll
Ims   he
uul her
V      1*1
a   ci/-®
"il l'i la? | T*
dl8tinBuiabed   %
■ Hunch','
^V'^-ti'l*' Tvy-
By t-\. Quad.
...ftiu. loot. i..v a n. Lewis.
,v blond Ilea, I i)-®
ii  iu the political \®2Z®
•r wi,niter ut     I liu ' (.tjij
Ul.. giid-Jess    who]!-®
lie Ural Common-  fS
al of lho other nu 'Mj
obscure, silent,  bnek  bencher?    Does j Tr®
liu ,'vi'i- wish La cxelmnRo plftcos wilh MfXA
bla    rlisiiNunislii'il    hair-brother,     to   ®$1
barter tlio iiotieeful quiet of bis Bcmf-jTz$
obscurity for tha trials and trlbula- Y-fAi
Tho crew of the iVuierlcnn brig Norao
lind been paid olT flt t'lidlz nnd its ninto j
1 wns looking for another berth wben |
n young nnd gootl looliitig man who j
wns strolling nbout tbe wbnrf ns If in i
search of some nue accosted me with j
nu inquiry as to my enpnblllty ns n
navigator nml Inter on nskeil me to nc-
oitnpnuy bim to n cal'c for n talk.   .\s
lln' young man wns n Brnzllinn nml a
landsman my curiosity wns naturally
aroused.   He was rather slow in coming to the point being evidently desirous of sizing me up, nnd I lind heguu
to grow n little  Impatient  when  ho
leaned acn rs the table nnd said:
"Senor, I bave decided to trust you
nml tell you the iriith. It is no expedition to carry off n young lndy."
"If it is n Bclioine in nbduct a woman,
I wont nothing in d" wilh It," I replied.
"liu not mist nke me, senor. I am n
Brnxlllnu, l nm rrom one of the highest families In our country, 1 am in
love with ji Spanish lndy. a young lndy
of highest ' Irtb. bnt her people are opposed tn mu- marriage. 1 am not ouly
lu love with her, but slie returns my
in of publicity? in mh tl. -ss strange ' cf-(i)
.tl, thoughts sometimes chasa themselves ' ft$I
ho    through tbo brain of this quiet littlo  l^f
a older
I Offer IliN
, im
brother bo-1 (8*1
grcatneaa. If   ''('
A  PAlltElt (lllll. I N
pnsslon.   She tins
id to the virgin
her hand lo an-
ready to die if
that she will never
other. Ind,'td. sh
pin- cannot marrj me." ■
"And whi dn inr peoplo object?" I
asked, thinking Hint if hla looks did
in t brill' li -j eli nn ti t nny father tn
Spnln mlghl be i roud of him for » bou-
In low.
•'li wns n feud I etween our fathers,
senor, partly political and partly busl-
iirss. 'I'ti.tr nns bad blood nnd though
my rmher died yenrs ngo. Don Rami-
nez siill holds hi bltterucM lie tins a
sou wlih win.in I hnvi fonghl u duel,
nml Ihnl I woitndetl nnl vanqnlshed
Mui hns imi added to tho bitterness of
the Hlnmtion."
•■Why, this Don nmnlnen is n gov-
eriiinciil olllclal nl nnw ion. Isu'l he?"
"lie I-- governoi oi the province of
CiuIIk, bciioi "
"ii he is :icli mnl powerful nnd op*
ii'-r.i i.< the mm i iage, your eako ta
dough. You se. in tn i im more of n
chance of being - hoi ihnn of becoming
his son Inlaw."
Neimr Da Costa, ns he had given me
Ids until.1, loolti d troubled for a mo*
in. ni, nml I lien n llnsli ct lo bis eyes
na li.* qulctlj nsked:
"In your counti j. senor, whal do thoy
do In smh eases?"
"II,,. lovers? Well, If tho old folks
in.' oppi '<) ihoro is genera Uy a run-
"I hnve heard so. nnd there will be
one In this rase. We would both have
ll nlherwlse, but it Is (be losl resort. I
niiisi lnke Ho' set tn to It null to become mv wile, it waB settled Hint way
his! evening."
"llul have yon couuled on the old
iiiiiiiV" 1 nsked. a Utile annoyed by tho
young ninn h coolness in disposing of
(he ense. "He'll be niter you In two
hours, und lie has tlie legal right to
tnko ids dnughlei oft the steamer and
pni ,\iiu behind the bats. I Bhould sny
be would be u bad mnn lo fool with."
"Listen, Benor." quietly replied ihe
lover, "Vou will tind to tins port a
crnfl Tor sale or charier. She may bo
Biiiilll, but she must be last, ll will be
belter for many reasons Mint she Is a
sail vessel. Vnu shull nny her and
Oietir her for some western port, nnd I
While knowing, of course, Ihnl Dn [ t\ttiatly us ordim
f'osia was in t'ndla, It npponrod lhat I xU ■  " "">'■ notii
Inni Itnmlm-/, luul nclllior Imprisoned
his daughter mu- Rei nn extrn watch on
hor uiovemonts.   To tlodgo her duoiiun
nnd I'scnpo from tlio houso uud grouuilB
nnd make her way to un appointed ten-
deMvoitB must hnvo boon u dllllcull innt-
ler, imt she wccompIlHlied it. and two
hours nfter dark one evening it bout
brought tho pair of lovers aboard. Ten | world?   Does
minutes tutor we wore under way,   A.    partiality of
fairer girl I never lookod upon, uml sho . makes ono bn
was as brave as sbe was fair. I •''. '" :llt u,\° '
We l.'it port With a tab- wind nnd
carried It nil night us wo bonded out
into tlie Atlantic, and (lie yacht slipped
along as if driven by Bteain.   We Imd
got away so quietly Hint 1 did not look U„11S| 1hl, n.Wlinis and worries, of ®&
for pursuit, Imt daylight had scarcely those who sll in tho Ilorco while light I (~t!
broken   when   WO found  u st  ' ' ' '''
our wake.   As 1 afterward ascertained
the ci i'l huil been missed early in t
night, tho sailing of the yu,eht dlscov
cted. nnd while one steamer was head-   doubtful
ed lor the Canaries a second took tho   grudges
course for Uio and was soon overhaul- ■
Ing us. I .
At noon the steamer enme up with    -,
us.   Tlie brother wns nhonrd ot her,    ,j
while tlie father had taken the other    ),
route.    She enme slashing nlongsldOn    (ng possibly ol
wilh shouts ami yells from her crew,    budget   debate,
thinking to make an easy capture, but    over to the Op
as there were uo armed men aboard    dered  up throi
she quickly sheered off before onr rl-    seats to whero
lies.    Wilhin the next two hours -sho    silling.   Duo l
mnde three different attempts to crush
into us, but eneli time our lire, which
wns not meant to kill, drove the mon
from tlie pilothouse nnd confused all.
Then she Bottled down to pursue us,    piato" "\Vhi
nnd, as a matter of fact, she bung io    thai  brief
us for 48 hours.   She luul come out mi-    lug very n
prepared with fuel or provisions, bow-    moment tin
ever, and at last bad to turn about and    Hie  Irou-gr
hem! for Cadi-',.   Dy the timo sho readied port it was too late to think of further pursuit, and we were left to mako
our voyage in peace aud land our pas-
Bengors In due time at Rio.   1 learned
tlml Don   Uamhiez und  the Spanish
government kicked up n great row over
the affair, nm) there wus n lot of correspondence and demands and red lire,
but Dn Costn won his bride, ami tlie
rest of us got safely awny witb our reward, nml the obstinate old father bad
nothing to do but chew the rug nnd
yell "Cnrnmhal"
oil IHI
I Ml.illl
Kinibei'lev 's the business and shipping point fur lhc
^  North Slar nnd Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Crailbrook 's ""■' divisional point of the Crows Nesl I'uss
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of Soulh
liasi Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply lo Agents as above or lu
l.nniift uiuicr S2.51I per litre art.' stiltl
nn -liiirlcr lime.
If tlii* linnl is paiil fur in full sl lhe
time of purchase, a reduction frmu the
price wiil he allowed equal tu ten [ier
cent mt llie amouni paid in excess uf lhc
usual cash Instalment.
Intcrcsl at six per cent will be
charged in titer due instalments,
The Company lias also luls for sale
in llie following limn sites in Easl Koot
enny: lilkti. Cr.inhrnuk, Moyelle, Kitchener. Creston and  Kimberley.
The  terms uf payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six und   Iwelve
mun  s.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
1 ilu- I'li-tuiiT'.' Tu liis brollior !
ift'i-iiiiil us   to tliu other ini-i
probably moro su, but llio Pi
uf Ciiniiilii iiiuki's nu display
 'inns. Tlio oilier tlay, wear
llio seemingly endless JS
iin. Premier crossed "#
losltlon sido nml wan- %
eli   tlio labyrinth    ol *■
liis half-brother   was *
.mil In- placed tvitli  a J
caressing motion mi H Idor man's *
shoulder,  whilo    wuh tho other    hd S
shook hands,   -in-.' a lew words woro .{.
oxeliiine.il, nml  then  tho Hist   Com- *g
in, 'i, i in C I.i .   back    m   liis 1
Inl thn Premier sny in J
-.-(t_^(^(B-I^.V«H»*Hft--SV-ISl-S)-9--V) -»-ft>(.)-»>-<-.> (.>-«-®-ffl-<^(.M.W-HW-®--«>-»-»H^ ,.    .    .
'-■^-HSHaHiHS-^HS-SHsh1®--® ®-® tti-®-A®xth-l.l4l-®-'li-4>x.l -cb*-cA   .    .   .
.   ........1
lit III
■nlil.v not li-
nli- lor lho
hull- inn I
the eynosi
',  ii Chart
In. [eel
uul  tin
wiih   ...
IttffllO    4.1
ill      tin'. J,
o would: *
« 1(3
ns Ins-11
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
th.it h-is !u
int with t
•flectwl Rio
hte portion.
-Ahh   KINKS   OF-
Nlokel Copper ro. Ac.
Proportlu i»
Iretth-a SfoCo
■ Sudbury.
Died « hlMtHiik.
Dr. Wllllniij Grntiss in The Journal
of Nervous mui Mental Diseases describes the case of a Polish herdsman,
L'T years of age, weighing 230 pounds,
who some months previous to an acel-
denl had suffered from apoplexy resulting In loft hemiplegia, Ilo waa
slowly regaining tho use of his nnn
ami log wben he wns strueh by n train
ami was round unconscious ou tlie
track wiih three scalp wounds. Thero
was ti depressed rrncture of the skull
ihree Inches abovo aud ouo inch behind the left oar. De was Immediately
trephined ond the depressed boue removed.
Tho Nickel-Copper Company of 1
Hamilton Imve purchased the Mc- *'
Connell  properties   in  whnt   is cnllodij
tho Nor (hern Nickel Range. Then o   2
pupposed to be the I-nrgini nickel ,*
and copper bearing properties in tho 3
entire Sudbury district, and wero I*
under     option  to  the  Nickel-Copper jj
f. iiii.i .I
lv. n
About it) o'clock nl night lie began j b
to whistle, not, however, tin1 "popular ' doubts    ns
Bongs of Ibe day," but the whistle calls : which thuw
he was accustomed to use In calling or \ vlously    hnvi
driving his Rocks    lie would continue '
whistling for about mm mluuie, then
would ccuse for live or teo minutes
mnl kept this up at regular Intervals
until he died.   At no time was tt possible to distinguish tiny melody.   Tho
sounds were of the samo pitch nnd lu-
lenslty nnd of the   snme   character.
They  were   audible   throughout   Iho i m,, ,-,.
word ami attracted iho nt i out ion of pa- | iih *\0
llenta and attendants. To the physicians In attendance it wna a strange
experience lo heal those whistle calls
coming rrom a patlenl In a stale of
uncouscIouBuess, it was Impossible to
rouse ihe patlenl at any time helmo
ni after the accident, and he died,
whistling n few utluutcs before death. I     The K
i li system of
1-YiiM'h   pnn'.*
ted might    pi
Rough and I
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, I
5hingles and I
flouldings. |
nt   thoso   piouortlol
.   nml  lln- tlovolopi
,.  tn Cnnndn tn Mnn.
hor nml .-tli.lln-r.
ilwniil ol Cornwall
hin travols oorllor
nr Kniniliiillli'r did.
1 l'"l
ily  In
■it ■'.
M lllll'
II   nil
Hi..  Inii'hi'
nf  Walon.
will snli nimj' wilh Hit* Ht'tioiiui, and ' ,,,.„,„.„ of ,,,„ „■,, niioanlclnn pooplo.
Bin' will iii'i'iiino my wlfo."
"lint wo Blmll lit* pnrstii'il," i snid.
Ilo sbi'iiggt'd his Bliouldurs uud Brail
"And tr onplnral It wil
^f LutlirlBOUIDOIIt lor un.'."
ivh  Didn't  Kin,,,  '|'..iii,>.,,„.
Pool rognrilod nil light llltornioiira n»
(rllli'is mnl pools Willi Hull llliprolllll-
llio  luirsiills its  tho  liilllillllis nr llio
li iiiniii siu-flt's. Cnrlylo hint promptotl
Mllni'S to prosfl 'I't'lttl.vsiiii's t'lniins Inl'
ii potiRlon, 'lho rlvnl cltiltiiiiiu wna
Stiorldno Knovvloa, tlio popular drama-
Pool Ontlsillli'il Milllt'S IIS tO Illi'OnillsO
winrii ho ought in tnko, nocompnnyliig
tho npin'iil by Uio sinii'iiiout Hint inr
lilinsoir ho know ittisiilnii-ly Dollilng
olihor ni Mr. Tennyson or Mr. Knowiis.
"Wlllltl" ki, 1.1 Mllni'S. "lltlfo yuu
novor soon lho un tlio of Sliorltlmi
Kiniwlos on ti plnyhlllV"
"No," replied Pool.
"And hnvo you never rond a poem of
Tt niiysiin'."
"No," wns iijtnin tho answer, nccom-
pniili'il by n roiiui'st thnt Mllnes would
lot Iiiui Bee Bomellilng whioh Tennysou
lind wrliii'it.   Aceordlngly Mllnes scut      BlMll „,,,,   ,„„    mndo fnlllo„s h
tu Sir Robert Peel Iho lwo poems of   Dickens In "Martin Chnwdowlt,"   in
"l.ooltsloy Hull" nnd "Ulysses." to |„. torn     down to innko way lor
 I modern   buildings,       It is over dull
Tlie Mnl,ess. ' yours old,
Ttio Maltose nro iiinlnly lho Inst sur- —————^~
remnant of tlio Carthaginian
tn Impossible for
,i„.ii to speak ul
irnwnll us Prlnresa
Klobo-clroling lour
s leollng, Inn il In
.' lis existence. Tliu
n Insisting mi llm
| in''* "I Uio i iiii uml lho liul,.' mul
la ily   moro   nppur-
Tlio Canadian Pacific Hallway Company is building n train ol luxurl-
otl*sly-oq.uippod rut's fur ilu- purposa
of conveying tho link.- and Duchess
of York mul pnrly,
iiln.-u null lun.
K,'iiiir,1 Throughout
One or the Musi Comfortable
Hotels in Bast Kootenny.
Newly Furnished
I. li. VanDecar, Prop.
Craubrook, li, C.
Hoyie's   .
Leading )(
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for thc traveling public.
McilAllON  BROS.,
A. T. Vroom,
WjiKttii rinkiiiK.
and   Painting.
mini ii yeun
Tlii- AfhT-IMnner Simo/o.
A mi'dii-ai pnjior stntes thai n nap
Malta was tho half wny Bill Hull be* of half an hour or bo in lhe after-
iwi't'ii Cart lingo nnd Blclly, long bcltl noon after n meal in helpful, nnd
by Hie C.irtlinjtonliwB ntul of whirh favorn rather than hinders good
llaiiiih'tir, tho ratlier of lluuulbul, wub bIou^ at night,
at ouu lime guveinur. . |
Alf kinds of work given prompt
attention, and wc will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in alt
we do. Yours for trade.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting: chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Fort Steele
■ r^ >;■■■■'
■xjXi^jU. *!
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale mil Retail
! Meat Merchants
i Itl'sIi .-uul Cured .>\t.*;iis Fresh
;!     Fish, Qaine and Poultry.
We **iippl\ onl) the best   Smir
Ir.-idu* is solicited.
Robinson & Mckenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Prospectors' Exchange    ^
No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C.
_       Cul.l.SihPr-l.i'
I'.i 11-
H'H'. t'l^r Mliif.nifitHil nt tba KX Oil AMIS. J l:J .K Mil.I
|H>rlls.i WAiitnl nt mica f.-i Kiuiern investar*, i.utu*. tun ng mlnlnj
i are ivi|ua*tml l -i inrnples o( their nru In tha KXriUKOl  r-r e» .--,
■slu-1-. ii.'ui ifiiu i'H"|i'*'tn- win. havo |.i-.fn--i!i* mlnanU elaimi in SJ
1'r.ii-j.ci-inri nml iiiiniiiL'iii'-ii.'i"* r-i i'*-i"'U .ii. ."■ ii" i \UIAM.I t .j.
i..I Ih -.-nl I
niniinlcAtlnn-4 to
tcra wlien In Volsnn
:osolicited.   Aihlrei
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson
The Western  Supply   Co.
Late Mill & .loll
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in	
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Cranbruok.
I:. JAMES, Manager.
Wm* Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is now ready to cater to the
public. Hrst class dining room .service, llie j•■,."-• i of wines and
liquors at thc bar. ROBERT SHAW, Ma naffer,
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
II so, don'l buy   pri  TirJIJ   The Only Wholeulc Liquor Dealer In
until you tee.,   rEL-llt-lv   Soulh Rail Kooieuay.   Write lor Prleei
Cranbrook, B. C. -8   3   *
PELTIER is also agenl lot*
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay. I      LOCAL   NOTES      {
« ■»
9*********9999*9*0-99 » »»»*»*»"*
Picked Up About the Cily   by Asking
Questions ol Many People.
Fot tennis shoes go lo Lhe Big Store.
Ben Thiel. of Kimberley, is ia town
William Cariin, of Fort Steele, was in
town Tuesday.
Your money back if you don't like
Laycock's butter.
Laycock's butter is butter tlmt stands
the heat.   Try it.
Dr. Keith lias returned to lown after a
sojourn iu the bills.
Milk shake, the grent summer drink,
at Mrs. McConneli's.
A. h. McDermot visited Mojie nnd
Kitchener this week.
The chance of your life. Get a hammock at cost ut Heattie's.
If you want butler ihut Lb reliable use
Laycock's.    ll is the best.
Get your tennis shoes of the Fort
Steele Mercantile company.
Station Agenl Ililliard, ol Moyie, was
a Craabrook visitor Monday.
Al Uaytes has open the hotel at Marysville, and in doing a good business,
Mlsa. J-> MeKenzie bas gone lo Blairmore Springs for a lew weeks' visit.
J. W. Koblusou visited Calgary uud
other towns on the prairie last week.
Rosa Palmer, of Crown Clothing com
pany fame, spent the week in Moyie.
J. R. Costigan will leave tbis week for
northern Alberta ou private business.
James Ryan and Thomas Wellmai
attended the races tit Macleod this week
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
have tenuis shoes and they are selling
thein right,
Conductor McNabli left tills morning
for Fort William, where he will mee
Mrs. McNabb.
N. B. McKinstrey ami llarrv Broulett
are gathering up a bunch of horses for
shipment easl.
N. McL. Curran, financial ugent of
the North Star Mining company, was m
town yesterday.
Captain Eustace wus nt the Mounted
Police banquet at Calgary last week and
reports a hot time.
Mrs. E. Oerow and boys, Ted and
ClilV, of Medicine Hat, are visiting her
sister Mrs. Finniss.
Rev. Beachum, of the Knglish church,
will preach next Sunday evening on
Sunday observance.
W. W, Doble went to Macleod Inst
week to make his monthly audit of that
brunch of Mclnnes t Co.
Fernie is being threatened with forest
fires that have been raging iu the timber
■bout the town the past few days.
Mrs. A D. Grant received word last
week that her father, who lived at Kincardine, Out., had suddenly died,
Miss Marshall left yesterday for her
home iu England, after a pleiisanl visit
with her sister, Mis. V. Hyde Itaker.
Mrs. A. Nelsou, Miss Watson and
Miss Armstrong, ol Fort Steele, attended
the Tenuis club opening last Saturday
Shoes for women and children at the
Fort Steele Mercantile company, ul
prices that make thuni attractive bargains.
The weather man got in his work the
past week, and gave  us some of the best
in the shop.   Ice cream  sails weie
Never were such bargains offered in
women's and children's shoes ns are being offered by the l-'orl Steele Mercantile company.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
•re disposing of their Block of women's
and children's shoes. Dou't let the
chance go by.
W. G. J. Stevens, formerly paymaster
during construction uu the Crow, is i
In town in connection with thc C. 1'. R.
land department,
lleury Parker was overcome by heat
while driving his water wngon one day
last week, and was laid up for several
days in consequence.
This is the time of year a man or
woman cau enjoy a hammock, Vou cun
buy them at cost at Seattle's, Hurry 11-
before they are all gone.
A. Henderson, of Edmonton, is in lhe
city visiting his parents, Mr. Henderson hus a large ranch near Edmonton,
and deals extensively in cattle and
Wlllee Brown left last Saturday for
S.iokane, aud from tbere he will go lo
St. Paul, Chicago and tbe Buffalo exposition, He expects to be absent about a
George Hoggarth, of Klko, was able to
leave the hospital last Monday after he*
ing confined there hy illness for about
ten days. He lost 25 pounds while he
was sick.
P. Lund, of Breckenridge & Lund, wh:
in town several days last week. He was
looking for horses and men lor the large
contracts that firm has near Morrlsey
and Fernie,
P. Burns, the meat king of West Koot
euay, and the man who advertises it.
every paper in his territory, was iu town
Monday in conference with bis partner
M. Mcluues.
Mrs. Forgie, of Pembroke, Ont., ac
companied by her two children, James
■ml Isahelle, at rived lust Thursday
evening for a visit with her brother Mr.
Alex. Moffat.
I'he party who look the bible from the
English church the other Sunday is re-
■lu-ted to return the same to tbe church.
Mrs. McLeod and two children arrived
Tuesday from Slocitu City. Mr. McLeod
met them here, and accompanied them
to Morrlsey where the family will live
ibis summer.
Messrs. McDermot and Claret!, of Rea-
buni. Mau., arrived here this week wilh
two cars of stock and one of settlers'
effects. They have located for the pre*
sent near Marysville.
Mr. McDonald, representing the Winnipeg  Commercial,  was  In   town   thia
eek. He is sending a series of letters
to his paper, and Cranbrook is to be the
subject of his next one.
A. D. Grant left yesterday for Morri-
y where he has several contracts in
ew.   Mr. Grant has been  kept busy
tbe past few months and is giving good
satisfaction in his work.
George Taylor says he has uow about
100.000 brick burned and ready for delivery. Mr. Taylor is pushing the busiuess with his characteristic energy, and
is making a success of it.
A telegram was received here yesteiday fiom the family of Engineer Brock,
asking if it was true thai be had been
killed In the wreck. Hugh sent word
buck that he wus worth a dozen dead
The Presbyterian ami Methodist Sunday Schools indulged in a union picnic
near towu yesterday afternoon. The
little folks had a glorious good time, and
everybody was tired out when uight
\V. P. Perkins has been transferred
from lhe Nelsou branch ofthe Canadian
Bank of Commerce to Ctaubrook as accountant. Like most of tbe gentlemen
who bail from Nelson, be is all right, uud
u valuable acquisition to Craubrook.
R Hirtz, who has been with tbe Fort
Sleele Mercantile company lor the past
four years, will enter business for himself next mouth at Elko. He is having
a store built there, aud will put in a
general stock of goods. Mr. Hirtz's
long experience in South Kast Kootenay
will enable him to meet the demands of
ibe people at Klko and in the country
tributary to that place.
peaceful Ctanl)
Flit llu- -iilMal
Mid the hours •
i- sillily in',illiu;,
in mil
uki.', stealing—
■■ ma,
Close ahout theo, praise thom often,
AS thuy bow in rrleailyswny-
stmiii Uie many pines wlilell s..[teu
Tb the eye, the light of doyi
Aiui aiMniir'-u tlieui, ii'-'-itli tli-slr shadow*.
Glides a stre im of llqtl'd snow**;
Now it ii<?ais thro' waving meadows,
Kissing liliy's as It u»es.
nn n sparkles, winding shyly
imwii tin* vale sn tiii.'1'l uml wren.
Peeping now thro' willows, slyly j
Hules again lest it be seen,
Ami the birds that deck each liower
sin; lu tones that seem t-i say 1
••tiii iiu-iVs joy in every limir
Uf the summer bahbathday,"
jusi beyond the parks nml meadows,
Maud the foothills staunch and grand j
1 here the lltful lights ami shadows
Fashion with a muster huml;
•Slow tin' silver olouds are sailing,
lilltow'tl hy the noonday sun i
ie, good will 11 each, prevalllng-
Wllh one as all, aud all as mie,
Aged mountains, hoar tipped, wrinkled,
On the foothills rest llielr teott
Ami llielr faces, sun besprinkled,
Smile oa Cranbrook's evory street.
Sabbath music lulls th.' twilightt
rlts mellow null's an'suii;
guii't reigns 'neath cranbrook starlight,
ithowhlsnerhigorthJ rill.
II. W. PAltllOTT.
The New Weekly Will Bo Printed
in Their Own Tongue.
H pays to Deal With Seattle"
The live year old son of Fred Sproule
tiled lust Sunday of diphtheria, and was
buried Monday.
Ureer Is Busy.
Contractor James Greer came in from
Ferule last evening, returning this morn
ing. lie has just completed five houses
in Pernie, has another ready for plastering, and commences work on the seventh
today. He also has closed the contract
furM B, King's $2400 residence, nud an
JSoo cottage for Mr. Hazel, tn this city-
Work will be commenced on both of
these buildings next week.
Silver-Lead Refining.
Henry Roy, who has just returned from
a trip lo Montreal, predicts thnt the refinery to handle British Columbia silver-
lead matte will be located nt Nelson,
says tiie Miner of that place. He slates
th lit the eastern business men, in Montreal particularly, are satisfied tbat the
proper location for the institution is in
tbe district where the ore is produced
nnd will not pull wires to have the institution built on the St. Lawrence. He
believes also that the refinery will be
constructed with the joint assistance of
the C. P. R. and the Great Northern,
Prom Mm Canterbury Outnnp,
Very general regret will find exprei
aion throughout Kast Kootenay at the
sad news from Greenwood of the death
of J W. H. Smyth, the popular manager
ofthe Hank of Commerce, who died in
Greenwood on July 5th from Bright'a
disease. Deceased was manager of the
bunk at Fort Steele for some time and
wns well known in these parts.
Thos. Starbird is having n house 22x24
erected nt the Blowfly camp. It is being
built of hewn logs and wheu completed
wilt be neat nnd comfortable. A stable
30 feet loug is also in course of erection
Chns. Kstmere returned from a trip to
Golden Tuesday
C. M. Keep duly celebrated the 4'b of
July In Canterbury, Ivirly in the morn
ing lie hail all the fi re-nuns in town ou
active duty and throughout tbe day he
kepi up a celebration that rnn only be
compared with his strong physical frame,
R. I,. T. Galbraith spent several days
in this vicinity last week and visited all
towns. He gave the Outcrop a very
pleasant coll and assured ns   thnt the
This Is  Being  Practiced   In South   East
Editor Herald: In the United Statts
a very strong league has been formed
within the past few years for the protection of game. It is called the League of
American Sportsmen, and now numbers
about 6:100 members, It includes in its
ranks some of the prominent senators
and congressmen, aud before nuother five
years have elapsed it will have a numerical strength of probably 100,000 members. The president and founder is Mr.
G. O. Shields, manager and editor of
Recreation, lhe official organ of the
league. The league has already become
a powerful agent for preventing illegal
destruction of game and for the promotion of protective measures. Its executive officers are now endeavoring to
establish a division in British Columbia
There are at present nine members of
the L. A. S. in this province. A
twent five members are requisite for
founding a division, sixteen are yet required before a charter could be obtained.
1 am writing to you sir wilh a hope that
you will endeavor to raise an interest in
Ihis noble effort among ihe residents and
business men in aud around Cranbrook.
wlih a view to enforcing the game laws
in the province, before our game is utter*
ly extinct, aside from the humane aspect
ofthe question. Prom a nlititarian point
of view our business meu should give
their earnest attention to the matter, tor
wilh honest supervision from local game
wardens in a very few years the district,
of which Craubrook is the ceuter, would
become au attractive resort for sportsmen. There are sufficient deer yet remaining to Btock the mountains and
valleys with their inciease had they but
a fair chance to do so, especially if the
destructive proclivities of the Indians
weie properly curbed. The same also
applies to the trout, which brings me to
refer to tbe heading of this letter. Last
week I visited the Deep Lake at tbe back
of Mr. Watt's, iu company with Mr.
Patton of Cranhrook, and found evidences of the most loathsome work of the
shameless fish hog in the wanton destruction of trout with dynamite. Nothing
would restrain such characters save the
fear of the game warden, aud to prevent
the attractiveness of the lakes around
being completely destroyed, as regards
fishing, the earlier such are appointed
the better. There are some excellent
trout lakes iu the neighborhood of
Palmers Bar, aud, would he accept it, no
better warden c?uld be found for their
protection than Mr. Watt himself. I
trust, sir, that the subject is of sufficient
public importance to excuse my troubling you at so great a length, and that
this ventilation oi the question may lead
those to action whose position aud education qualify them to do so.
Yours truly,
Ad Ottawa Clril Surunt Will B* tb* Pub*
lilher—H« Ia Oniric* A. Cooke, a Full-
Blooded Indian ln the Employ wt
tb* ludlan  Department—
Ar* An 11111 ui sit lv*
The Mohawks of Canada and y-sw
York suite are to havo n newspaper. It will t'.' edited by Charloa A.
Cooko, u full-blooded Indian employed iu tin1 DopartniotU of Indian
affairs nt Ottawa,
Somo time ago Cooko began publishing tho Onkweonwc, n semimonthly magazine printed in the
Mohawk language, ond ii was so
Biiccesstul that bf lias decided tu turn
it Into a newspaper, lho first ot Uh
kind in Canada und tha second In
America, Thoro am othor Indian
publications not newspapers, but tho
majority ol them aro Issued by missionary societies und thoy are edited
liy whito nun- Tho Cherokee Advocate, published iu Indian Torrltory,
Is tho only Indian newspaper ia
North Araorlea.
Thu Onkwoonwo will publish some
telegraphic news from different parts
of the world, market news and reports ol prices ot furs, skins, flsh,
etc., und will have an Inquiry department, Which will be one of its
loading features, Editor tCooko is
thi! son of a Mohawk chief und wns
educated at Oovornmont schools und
afterwards took a courso in a Canadian college. Whon ho had been
graduated he got a clerkship in tlie
Indian Dopartmon
skinned young ma
ed I nd in ti featuros,
slngor nnd a inombc
of tho leadh
A Baby Show.
Cranbrook, 11. C, July 16, 19-10
I'Mitor Herald: Among the many attractions at the full fair to be held at
Crnnbrook on September 26, 27 and 28,
there will be a baby show. Not a few
interested iu this particular department
have made the request thnt one should
beheld. I wish to invite, through the
medium ol your valuable columns, public opinion as to the general management, manner of judging, etc., as it is
lhe paiticular desire ol the management
of the Agrii'iiltum!, Mineral and Industrial exhibition in this matter of a baby
show to fall iu entirely with the wishes
of the public. A separate tent, com*
Kootenny Central Ruilwny charter is be-   fortably appointed,  will  lie used for the
ing eagerly sought for by the railway
magnates, Mr, (ialbraith iu his capacity as Indian agent, spent much of his
time on the reserve attending to his
mnny duties aud has vaccinated a number of Indians. He states that accrosa
the International boundary there are up
wards of 200 cases of small-pox among
the Indians and that he is doing everything possible to keep It off the reserves.
While in Windermere he banded over,
the deeds for the lots upou which the
church of Kngland has been erected, and
for the cemetery. He left on Sunday for
Fort Sleele, being accompanied by F,
Henry Fitisimmons and Frank Rlck-
ard have gone to Fort Steele from where
tbey wiil leave for Klk river, at the
mouth of which tbey have located a
ranch, which they believe to be on the
right-of-way of the British Columbia
Southern railway. They purpose opening an hotel und working tbe ranch,
mothers ond babies. Monkeys on
sticks (without paint) will be provided
for the amusement of the young ideas;
lemonade (without stick) will be on
baud for the mothers; Kdison's patent
automatic sound conveyor will lie used,
and all) noise, if any, will thus be silently conveyed to the outer world.
A. W. McVittie.
At the residence of John Dixon, uncle
of the bride, on Tuesday July 16, by the
Rev. W. G. W. Fortune, B. A., Mr.
George Arthur Laurie to Miss Sarah
Willan Adams, hoth of Cranbrook.
The wedding was quiet, only the Immediate relatives being present. The
bride was the recipient ofa number of
beautiful an useful presents, After the
ceremony a sumptuous repast was provided by Mrs. J. Dickson. The Herald
wishes Mr. and Mrs. Lanne every happiness in this world.
lie is a dui'k-
witii pronoune-
Ile is a good
of the choir
Methodist Church in
Ottawa. Two other Mohawk Indians, Miss Maraclo and Joseph De-
lisle, are employed in tho same room
wiih Mr. Cooke. All are well educated,
Tlie Fdllni-N Difficulty.
Few of tho Indians can read English, but nbonl 10,000 are able to
read anything printed In tho Mohawk dialect. The Mohawk alphabet consists of twelve loiters, and
n and k are used much oftener than
nny of the others. An ordinary
eight-page Issuo of the Onkweonwe
contains about one-quarter n's and
k's. For this reason the editor bus
difficulty in getting bis
up, ns tin' printer soon
of n's and k's. English
ire used. Hero is n spe-
igraph   from the Onkwe-
lmd so
copy b
runs 0
Kimoukw* AcHrlw-Monha.
Iakonnewatn laiakoseko onska ne-
tens token "tninit" Jlnikartwos onon-
wuii'ji'taki'rike tlonekontlos enska mc
jiaialaksorn tonwatlasoron scnah
jlionwnkatstoko jlonlontsto.
Wln-n tho Onkwoonwo camo out
first many of tho old chiefs objected
to it. "Tho Croat Spirit, Gitcheo
Manitou the Mighty, says good Indians nover read newspapers," said
they to tho younger braves, but tho
paper became popular. Indians like
to learn about tbe doings of thc
white ini'ii. When Editor Cooke
started Un- paper ho published Incidents about tho Indians, and Bomu
Iut tors wero sent to him from his
tallow-braves, Baying, "Stop publishing in'ws about the Indians; tell
us aboul  Laurier nnd others."
Thoy did not object to tho nnme
Onkwoonwo, which means in tho Mohawk tongue, "the only human being," or "ilu1 real liuinnn being," in
contradistinction to others who are
looked upon OS being less worthy of
the name of mnn, or as lacking in
qualities of manhood. "Onkwe"
menus a human being, nnd would be
applied to a palofaco or to an Indian of another tribe. The addition of "onwe" is Mohawk for "the
real thing."
.Au  In qui ult Ive  P*Opl*.
The Mohawks are inquisitive.
Among tho questions Editor Cooke
has bud to answer are the following:
"Why does tho Government try to
control Indians?" "What is electricity?" "Who wns Papineau, nud
what did he do?" "What is an Indian''" To the last question Mr.
Cooke answered: "An Indian is an
Indian who hus native blood in his
veins, and who is on the reserved
lands     under     the protection of the
The Onkweonwe recently published
the following story about an Indian
living near Eganville, not many
miles from Ottawa:
"Indian John, a celebrated Mohawk guide, who is now BO years
old, bas been sleeping in his coffin
for mnny months. John, although
Ri ill n vigorous man, knows that he
must soon leave for the happy hunting grounds, so some time ago he
mado himself a coffin and began
Bleeping in It.
"Since then he has used no othor
bed, und he has told bis family that
if death comes to him while he is lying in his coffin, thoy are to put on
the lid nnd bury him. Until lhe call
comes John will continue to bunt In
the lund of tho Mlssissnugns.
"Sixty years ngo he entered the
land, and begnn to hunt near Eganville, Which was thon a wilderness,
Tlie Misslssailglls would have no interlopers in their territory, anil one
day uight of tbem sol out after Mohawk John. They enme upon him
when he was sleeping, und made him
n prisoner.
"Placing him in n canoe, the Mlss-
Issaugua star led for tho Mohawk
country. On the way John became
so troublesome that they had to
put. him on shore before lhey had
gone far. Grabbing n tomahawk^
John smashed tho prow of the birch
bark canoe, und defied thein to come
ashore and light hini. Alllioii-^li the
others hud rifles, they were afraid,
and put out into lhe -stream. From
thul day to this John hus hunted
In the Mlssissuugus country."
GEORGE A. LAURIE has secured the sole handling* of the fire-
. wood on the Cranbrook estate and
is now prepared to take orders for
' and deliver stove wood in all sizes.
I    Orders can he lull al Mr. V. Hyde Baker',
' ollice.
At Cost 3
We are closing them out.   Come
before they are gone.
Headquarters for Fishing Tackle
and Photographing Supplies
R.   Ct.   OC-tlltie,  Druggist
Christie's famous biscuits are acknowledged to be lhe very best. We handle this
make in preference to all others. You can
always rely on their quality. Wc have just
received a shipment. Ihey are fresh and
....G. T. ROGERS
I'aiiiy and Staple Groceries** and Crockery.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt -st
Stable South of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at Residence, Armstrong Ail-.
Forcaooas,   •   ■   •   ■   9:30 In 11
AlteraooM   ■   ■   •   ■   1:30 In 3:30
Ereilaite   ■   -   ■   ■    7.111 tn 8:30
CRANBROOK,    : :    .    K. I
(..*••-♦ ..........
James Kerrigan & Co
WholcMltt ilcnlera hi
King's List...
Try our Fruit Syrups and Lemonade. Sufficient
lemon in one package for 2 1-2 gallons of Lemonade.
Confectionery a specialty.
New Potatoes, Cabbage and New .Onions in a day
or two.
Our staples are of the highest standard.
Fruit Jars in all sizes.
Prices and Values
Always in Harmony.
the Grocer.
Have you any mining
stocks to sell ?   dt   dt
Do you wish to buy
any mining stocks ?
I can get yon lhe highest market price
in the former case, and the lowest in
the latter. I am the only broker in
East Kootenay who receives regular
telegrams daily from the exchanges in
Toronto and Spokane. Market prices
are posted daily in Cranbrook hotel.
P. S.   Don't forget lhat insurance you were talking abou
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rniliond and depot.    Hns accommodations for llie public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in  any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret .1 poor job of painting: or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice '•>•
How can it be avoided?    Why. that  is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business,. They paint right. They paper right,
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Grain and
Qiven  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, li. C.
(i*i. ............ .-•-♦♦♦ • . . . . .®
Proprietors .-* ,*•*■ ,.<
Teams aiui drivers rurillslicrl for  nil)'
point Id the (listrlct.
Manager   Jt   ,,-i   ,-i
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Watc
Of all kinds
li O
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Oflice and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Dank ot Com*
mcrce, Craubrook, li C
Upboliteriig and (leneral Purnllurc Repairing
Will attend to nny work in ilu* itistricl
Gentle Reader
Tho' we cannot clollu* you
with righteousness, your money invested in a cool neglige suit made
to your mearure, will insure In yuu
that, "Oh. so happy" feeling*, llul
comes with a consciousness nl rlghl
doing. We await, senile reader,
your pleasure.
Crown Tailoring Co,
Rom 1, P. II. Bulldlni
Drnk Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.


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