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Cranbrook Herald Feb 21, 1901

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11     1901,
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. OHO, A. Cox, President.
B. K. Wai.kivK. Gen. Man*
Paid Up   Capital    18,000,000.00
Rest  2,000,000.00
Total  Resources     65,000,000.00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
■ •••••••-*
It PayS tO   Groceries
49 n Crockery
|| DUy Hardware
Sai   r>*t   •   i ' Footwear
|| At   Ullpin S Furniture,&c.
00 We have to buy in large quantities to supply our two
40 lnrge stores and own our goods as cheaply as any one.
00 Unlike the specialty store we dont have to make all ex-
00 penses out of one line, consequently we
00 Sell The Cheapest in Town
90 Prompt   delivery.    Good monthly accounts  solicited
II G. H. Gilpin.
Spring Arrival
A choice line ol Curtain Muslin.   Buy quick as these
goods are going fast.
New Cretons, New Lace Curtains. New Window
Blinds, New Tapestry Curtains, New Dress Muslin,
Choice New Dress Goods.
The latest in belts 25, 35 and 50 cents.
999 Pairs of Pants
437 Pairs of Shoes
The largest stock of clothing and shoes
in East Kootenay	
We keep up-to-date stock. . . .
Our 20th century clothing leads
Just step in and look at the  new goods
Hill & Co.
4.440 4.44 ^04400400000400040
| Do You Want        I
IA Dollar ? di
It is easy to get if you buy some of
I hose winter goods we are closing
out.   A few lines left.   Call and see
'    I
Choice Groceries, Pickles and Fruit.
Our stock is pure and fresh,   jt   j*
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Por anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithing in connection. Satisfaction
Q. H. Miner.
Tin' Boys were Inspected by the King
at Buckingham Palace.
Each of the Canadians Presented
a Royal Medal for Service
in South Africa.
koodoo, Feb. 15—King Edward, ac-
rompanied hy Queen Alexandra, this
morning inspected at Buckingham Palace 350 oflicers nnd men of Strathcona's
Home, His Majesty piesented the regiment with the King's colors and gave
medals to the men. A detachment of
Guards held the lawn on tbe west terrace aud the Canadians were drawn ud
in front of (he terrace. The company
included Lord Roberts ia full uniform,
Gen. Buller, tbe Duke of Connaught,
Joseph Chamberlain, the secretary of
state for the colonies, Lord Strathcona
and Mount Royal, wbo organized Strath-
coda's Horse, and many army and court
oflicers. The royal standard was hoisted
over the palace by the King, wearing a
field marshal's uniform, and tbe Queen,
in deep mourning, appeared on the terrace accompanied by tbe Duke and
Duchess of Argyle, Prince Charles of
Denmark, and the Duke of Cambridge.
His Majesty shook hands with Lord
Roberts aud General Buller, and the
band of the Coldstream Guards played
God Save tbe King. Col. Samuel B.
Steele, of Strathcona's Horse, was presented to King Edward, wbo proceeded
to inspect tbe regiment. Returning to
the terrace the King handed a medal to
Col. Steele. Then tbe ollicers and men
filed past a table and the King presented
each of them with a medal. The King's
Colors were brought in by an escort of
Grenadier Guards to the foot of the steps
and His Majesty presented it to the
Canadian cavalrymen, saying tbat it bad
been the intention of his mother to present it lo the regiment and that be now
did so in her name aud in his own, The
color was borne to the regiment, the band
playing God Save the King. Afterwards
the Canadian: marched pant and the
King addressed tbe troopers as follows:
His Majesty's Address.
"Col. Steele, officers, uon-couiniission-
ed officers and privates: I welcome you
here to our shores on your return from
active service in Soutli Africa. I kuow
it would bave heen the wish ol my beloved mother, our revered Queen, to
welcome you. Alas! that was Hot to be.
But be assured she deeply appreciated
tbe services you have rendered as I do.
1 feel sure lhat in entrusting the King's
Colors lo you, Col. Steele, and those
under you, you will nlways defend it and
do your duty as you have done during
(he past year in South Africa, aud will
ilo so ou all future occasions. I aui glad
to kuow that Lord Slrathcoua is bere
today, as it is owing to htm that Ihis
magiiiik-ent force was equipped and senl
out. 1 can only hope your short sojourn
Knglnnd will be agreeable and llial
you will return safely to your homes,
friends and relations.    He  assured  that
ilbei 1 nor the British nation will ever
forget lhe valuable services you have
rendered in South Africa."
Col. Steele's Reply-
Col. Sleele, thanking the King on behalf of the regiment, assured bim that
tbe people of Canada would Jul wnys do
us well as Strathcona's Horse, if not bet
ter, and added that lhey were "always
n-n.lv in defend the (tug, tbe King, and
the rights of the British empire." After
three cheers fur llie King tbe officers
were presented to His Mi-ijesty, v ho
book hands with tuid thanked each one
of them.
kiiii'm (lib to SI rath co bii.
London, Feb. 15—-The colors presented to lhe Strathcona Horse is a silk
standard wilh a silver plnle on the stall
beaiing an inscription showing the King
presented it to the corps.
Businesslike Strsthconas.
Montreal, Feb. 15.—The Star's London cable snys: "Though the Strathcona Horte ouly landed this morning
they occupied places within aoo yards of
Buckingham Palace, the roof and precincts of which were crowded witb spec-
trtors. Among tbe troops lining the
royal route to tbe bouse of parliament,
tbe Strathconas, clad iu dark overcoats
with grey-colured hats, and carrying
rifles, looked businesslike and bronzed.
Tbey were In striking contrast to the
georgeously uniformed Guards. In the
interval awaiting tbe arrival of tbe royal
procession, the Strathconas were greatly
amused at a staff officer, witb an eyeglass
and cocked bat, wbo trotted past tbem
with an air of most superior idiocy. The
sun shone forth brightly, but it was bitterly cold. The Strathconas, regardless
of discipline, beat time wilb their feet to
keep warm.
Irish Will Flgbt the King.
London, Feb. 14 —Mr. John Redmond
in tbe course ot an interview in the lobby of tbe house of commons, said: ''At
the meeting of the Irish National party
today it was unanimously decided thai
In consideration of Ireland's present condition, deprived of constitutional freedom
and overtaxed by fingllsh rule, against
which we must tver protest, tbe Irish
members would takl no part in Ilie ceremonies inaugurating the new reign.
The resolution was unanimous.
"So intense is tbe feeling amongst us,
tbut lor the flrst time in ju years, 80
Irish members met In a united party in
Westminster today, They determined
on a vigorous campaign against ibe new
King. They intend not only to discuss
11 isl) questions, but -.o interfere in every
Britisb question which may arise."
Superintendent Bu*v, who now bas
charge uf tbe Crows Nest division, was
for a number of years
Believes In Of* private secretary to Sir
flcial Politeness William Van Home
when that gentleman
was president of tbe C. P. R. While
acting in that capacity be naturally had
to meet a vast number of people, and it
was during those years that he bad inculcated the idea of being courteous to
tbe public. "It is the duty of any railroad man, if be is holding a position
where he comes iu contact witb tbe public. They are paid to be pleasant, and
the public pay for all courtesies they receive. I will always tind time to treat
any man right that comes to me for information, and I will insist that every
man who works for me must do tbe
same." Such sentiments as these and
the carrying of Ihem to actual fruition, is
one of the factors that is giving the uew
superintendent such deserved popularity
in this field.
Jack Warduer, sou of the well known
James ti, Wardner, passed through Cranbrook   Tuesday ou his
Cold Winter      way   to   Chicago   from
Id Dawson        Dawson.   He had a few
moments to spare and
made a hasty visit lo The Herald office.
Speaking of Dawson he said they bad
had an unusual winter and that bis trip
out to Whiteborse was tbe hardest he
bad made during several years' residence
iu the Yukon,   He saw George Shier
just hefore be left, and at Seattle he met
Tom and Martin Crahan.   He expects to
return to Dawson iu u few weeks.   His
father is interested in  a big copper proposition in the Katcliikau country aud is
on the way to another big fortune.
James Cronin, of the St. Eugene miue,
was in  town yesterday.    Mr. Cronin is
one   of   those   sensible
[■reeling at        mine   * -vtiers who, bav-
•*5 Above ing done well iu Britisb
Columbia mines, is endeavoring lo take life 11 little easier. In
consequence, be generally spends bis
winters with his family in California.
Speaking ofthe cold weather experienced
tn the Kootenays this year, Mr. Cronin
said be saw more sulTering in San Diego
this winter with lhe thermometer at 45
degrees above zero thau he ever saw in
British Columbia during tbe coldest
weather. The people talked of the terrible cold, and walked around the streets
all muffled up aud shaking as if chilled
to the bone.
Referring to tbe coal supply of British
Columbia, lhe other day,  A. W. McVittie, who bas been large-
Brest Quanti-    ly interested in exploit-
ties of Cos)        ing  several  deals,  said
that the people have no
idea of the wonderful deposits of coal in
the   neighborhood of the   Feruie  coal
fields.   lie stated that there are tracts
of land there tliat  have  shown on careful examination and analysis lo hold deposits thai iu quantity  and quality  will
even exceed the wonderful mines of the
Crows Nest Pass Coal company.     He
Bays also that tbere is every reason to
believe that within five  years tbere will
he enough coal opened up to supply the
entire west for 50 to lco years.
The Entrc Nous Club Closes a Very Successful Season.
The Kntre Nuns Hub closed its successful series of dances Monday evening by
an open session at Wentworth halt,
when about 40 guests were iuvited to
participate with the club members in tbe
last dance. The gentlemen were the
hosts on that oceasitn and right well
did they perform their part, ably assisted,
of course, by the lady members, who had
charge of the refreshments. The ball
was decorated in evergreen and the
club's colors, white and green, and presented a most pleasing appearance.
The grand march was inaugurated at
9:30, and not until nearly 3 o'clock did
the sound of music and merry voices die
away. Refreshments were served and
every arrangement was perfect. The
patronesses of the club, Mrs. Leitch and
Mrs. Costigan, have every reason to feel
proud of the success of their organization. It bas been a good thing for tbe
young people of Cranhrook, and a starter
for another organization of a similar
character for next year.
Description of This Institution Which Has
Just Been Opened.
Last Friday evening the St. Kugene
hospital building was formally opened
under tbe auspices of the Cranbrook
Ladies Hospital Aid society. A program consisting of songs .and addresses
was presented, and many kind words
were spoken for the Sisttrs in charge,
aud the great work lhey had accomplished in bringing to a successful issue such
a magnificent institution.
Mrs. J. R. Costigau presided at the
piano, and musical numbers were presented by Miss Finniss, Miss Flossie
Magee, Mrs. Reid, and short addresses
were delivered by Rev. Fortune, Rev.
flowering, John Hutchison and Dr.
King. Refreshments, consisting of
coffee and cake were served, and the entertainment closed with the national
Tbe Ladies Aid society that bave
taken up the work of assisting tbe Sisters, now numbers no members. Mrs.
Costigan is president, Mrs. Brown vice
president, Mrs. Rogers secretary and
Mrs. Morrison treasurer. It is the object of tbe organization to do all in their
power to carry on the outside work and
impress upon lhe minds of the people
throughout the district the great benefits
to be derived trow having such a complete institution. They will, during lhe
coming year, devise means to raise fuuds
for the hospital, and they are anxious
that every lady in Cranhrook should be
identified with the work.
Tbe New Bulldlig.
The St. Kugene hospital,  which has
just been completed, ranks as one ofthe
very best institutions of its kind in the
building al some central point became
apparent When the necessity arose, of
course the next thing was to build, for.
wben lhe Sisters take hold of a work
they never fail to carry il to a successful
The present site was selected, tbe land
being a gift from Col. Biker and bis son,
V. Hyde Baker, and work commenced
last summer on the new structure by Mr.
Navin, the contractor. With all speed,
consistent with good work, tbe building
was pushed forward, until last mouth,
wheu it was completed in every detail, a
magnificent monument lo the Sisters
aud the people of this district.
The main building is 4S by 72, three
stories high, and an addition 20 by 30,
with a veranda S by 50. There are about
30 rooms in all, and all are well lighted
aud have high ceilings, while the halls
are large and airy. The building is
plastered throughout and finished in
tamarack, oiled aud varnished, Kvery
conceivable convenience ts afforded.
Tbe house is heated by hot water, lighted
by electricity and tbe water supply is
secured direct from tbe C. V. R. pumping plant. The kitchen is large enough
to cook fur a regiment, with every uteu-
sil needed in the culinary line. On the
second floor are the dispensatory, the
operating and dressing rooms, all fitted
with every convenience. Tin operating
room is located iu tbe southeast comer
and cau be flooded with light, uight or
day. Dr. King, lhc physician iu charge,
says that it is one of ibe besl he bas ever
A walk over the building quickly
shows the stranger that the people of
Kootenays, and for ita size, there is not
a better equipped or more conveniently
arranged hospital in British Columbia.
As is well known to most of The Herald readers, the original hospital was
built at the Mission, five miles from
Cranbrook. For the time tbat answered
the purpose, but* after the railroad was
built and the population of towns along
tbe line began to increase, the need of 0
South Kast Kootenay are fortunate indeed to bave such an institution, where
tbe sick aud injured may receive the
best of treatment. The management is
in charge of Sister Mary, of Nazareth,
and sbe has six assistants, which number will be increased by the end of tbe
month, At the present time there are
20 patients, and there is comfortable accommodation for 40 or 45.
On last Saturday morning February
16, a baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.
R. E. Beattie. Both mother and baby
were doing well until this moruiug when
tbe baby begau lo fail aud soou died.
The parents ofthe little one who tarried
such a brief period on tbis earth have
the heartfelt sympathy of the entire
Persons  found  cutting wood of any
description   on   the  Cranbrook   estate
without written authority, will be prosecuted, V. Hyde Baker,
Fur Craubrook Hslate.
lf*'roin The fleralil Correspondent]
Charles Kstmere, the hustling mayor
of K'ltiiierley, waa in town on Saturday.
He is as wide-awake and alert as usual.
Colonel and Mrs. Henderson were in
town on Saturday.
The map man was in town on Saturday taking orders for a new and improved map of Canada. His order book
would indicate that he was successful.
The timber inspector was around last
week looking into things.
G. II. Gilpin paid a visitto Fort Steele
last week.
B. C. Smith, M. P. P., is paying a
visit to different parts of his constituency to ascertain the needs of tbe district. Mr. Smith is a quiet man, but it
is believed that he will do much good
for tbe district iu an effective way at the
coming session. At all events Mr.
Smith has the confidence of tbe people
of South Kast Kooteuay, and as he is in-
corruptable, much good ia expected.
A, B. Grace went to Moyie on Thursday  last  to  attend  a  meeting of tbe
license commissioners.
The boys are making preparations to
give the Strathconas a big reception on
their return from tbe war.
Chinese New Year was celebrated with
great pomp in Fort Steele, and tbe Celestials were prodigal iu their gifts to
tbeir friends,
Charlie Armstrong, erstwhile the pop
ular dispenser of beverages at the Imperial, is now one ol the proprietors of the
Crows Nest hotel at Feruie, Charlie is
one of the best mixers of cocktails in
the country; not only that, he is an ardent sportsman and an all around good
fellow. Al Doyle is associated with Mr,
Armstrong in the hotel.
The It A. C, lodge which has been
working at Fort Steele under dispensation, has beeu granted a charter and is
now known as 125 K. A, C. G. K. of
The 14th was properly observed in
Fort Steele.    Valentines ol all aorta and
descriptions were spread broadcast, aud
the curious thing is no one received a
A Horrible Accident in a Coal Mine
at I'nion City.
An Explosion in the  Mine  Closed
thc Shaft Cutting Off  all
Avenues of Escape.
Vancouver, B. C, Feb 15 — Sixty-five
coal miners are imprisoned iu No. 0
shaft of the Cumberland coal mine on
Vancouver island. The only exit is tbe
mouth nf the shaft, which is tilled wilb
a bugb volume of flame. There is considered to tie no possibility for the unfortunates to escape. Details of tbe dis.ii-
ter are meagre.
Kescu. Party Was Helpless.
As soou as practicable after the ucci-
lent the men ut tbe morning shift in
No 5 shaft urgquized a rescue party.
No. 5 shaft is situ red about a mile tiom
No 6, but tbe two workings are connected by a tuunel and through ibis channel ou attempt was made to reach the
unfortunate fellows In the wrecked shaft.
Tbey had not cut tbeir way many yards
through the debris when tbey encountered tire, which rendered the place uu-
teuable and obliged the party to desist.
The hopeless message came back by telephone tu the surface conveying tbe
heart breaking news tu anxious relatives
of tbe imprisoned men whose urging was
not necessary io induce tbe relief party
to return to their apparently hopeless
task. Overcome at last by gas ami
smoke they reluctantly withdrew from
No. 5 aud commenced work oa a long
cut hum No. 4, tbe only other means uf
reaching the men. Work 011 tbis was
prosecuted with the greatest vigor until
au abatement ofthe fire in No, 5 enabled
them to return there.
All Hope Given Ip.
Vancouver, B. C* Feb. 16 —At No. 6
shaft of the Cumberland mine over 'hr-*>»
(core miners are entombed. Tbe colliery management are now fighting the
fire by flood. A special from Union late
tbis afternoon states th3'„ No. 6 ii closed.
Fire hose streams are pouring into tbe
No, 6 ihrougb a gutter constructed to
carry the water of an S inch main into
the mine. All the unfortunate miners
are still entombed. Pending the result
cf the flood no further action can be
taken. All hope had long since been
given up that any men in shaft No. 6
still lived.
Railway News From Fort Steele.
The railway rumors in circulation and
the confirmation of some of tbem, has
awakeued much interest in Fort Steele
There seems to be no question but construction on some road will be commenced tbe coming sensou. One charter to build from Crawford Bay to Fort
Steele bears tbe earmarks of the Great
Northern's aggressive policy—in fact.it
is openly stated that this great corporation is bask of the enterprise. The
Great Northern will, without doubt,
build from some point ou the main line
to tbe International boundary, and will
also build through to Klko if a charter is
granted, It is also laid that a preliminary survey has been made from Black-
foot, Mont., east of tbe main range to
some point on tbe Crows Nest line. Tin-
object of this is obvious, as it will give a
down hill haul for the product of the
mines, both east aud west. Ii all of this
is accomplished there is no reason why
a road should not he built up the valley
to connect with the road fiom Crawford
bay, thereby perfecting the system ofthe
Great Northern in Kootenay, connecting
closely with thc Kaslo & Slocan, Kootenay Valley, Nelsou Sl Fort Sheppard
and the lines in the Lardo now operated
by the company. Iu addition to this a
road from Argeuta, at the head of Kootenay lake, into the Windermere couiilry
is one of the probabilities of the near
future. The scheme is a brilliant one,
aud will, without doubt, be carried out.
In addition to these enterprises for the
betterment nf the district, the Canadian
Pacific will probably construct the long-
talked-of uoith and south line, and if
the recoiinaisauce made Inst fall is followed it will bring the road practically
to Fort Steele.
It is difficult to obtain definite infor-
matiou regarding the plans of the great
corporations, hut enough Iih.s leaked out
to make it an almost certainty tbat one
or more of tllfSC rom Is will beconstiuc-
ted during the coming summer, which
will mean greater activity iu this district than was manifested during the
construction Of lhe Crows Nest Hue.
[from The HenU Correspondent]
William Langley returned from a visit
to Sand creek on Friday last. He reports considerable work going on in that
section. At the Waterfall Breckenridge
Sl Lund vave a small force employed.
The tunnel is now in no feet. There
has been a change in tbe formation and
small seam-, of talc, iron and quart**, are
coming in, which is a v.rong indication
that the lead is not far distant.
McBain and son are developing the
Beaver, the shaft is now down 35 feet
nnd in a crosscut at tbat depth the lead
has beeu encountered. The ore is copper, carrying gold, The work so far is
showing up the property in good shape.
Bishop Bros., the owners of the Jessie,
are engaged in developing that claim.
The tunnel is now in 230 feet, and in
prosecuting work a large body of quam
has been crosscut which will run well in
Tbe Bstella, it is said, is looking remarkably well. Late reports from the
pioperty are to the effect that if there is
a mine in the country it is tbe Kslella.
Captain McDonelt, formerly of the
mounted police, paid a visit to Fort
Steele last week. He came to attend a
meeting of the stock holders of the hm-
pire mine.
It is reported that a deal has been
coutummated ou the Blue Grouse, one
of the well known Sand creek properties.
Tha details of the transfer have uot been
made public.
Dr.   Pirber,   the   Dentist,  Is   the   Victim
at Fernie.
Word was received yesterday morning
that there was a case of small pox at
Fernie, and later it was given out tbat
Dr. Barber was the unfortunate. Dr.
King was in attendance, and he telegraphed to Constable Morris to have
Rev. Holford's home placed in quarantine, aa that gentleman In.d just returned
from Fernie where he had visited Dr.
Barber. This waa done immediately.
The Royal hotel, where Dr. Barber is living, is quarantined, with about 30 people. Mr- Sheppard, wbo went up to
take charge uf the station until the agent
got out of quarantine, went over to the
hotel, and it is reported, was locked up
also. Dr. King says there is not much
danger of the disease spreading if catc
is taken.
Harry tUldcbaiid is under the weather
with the grip. CHANBROOK  HERALD
t/if^   /**ml*%m*a» \m**Sff^^a*"^'\
Editor and Proprietor
One year *:
six inontfis	
The lieralii desires to give the news "f tlie
district, if you know anv about your tor~
jour miue or your people, semi u to tills ofllce,
He say1* under such conditions the lead-
lilver mines of this province can compete with tbe world.
At no time has Cranbrook ha*l such
brilliant prospects as at Ue present
and at no time haa there ever been
such a feeling of confidence In the (
ture as prevails now. The people of
Craabrook have ever been workers for
their own good, and for the gooJ of tl e
town as a whole. Their policy has been
to do all in their power for Cranbrook
aad South Kast Kootenay, with malice
for no other town In the district, and
this policy has been a winner, lt has
won friends in all the towns throughout the district. It has caused people
la other communities to speak favorably
of Cranbrook energy and Cranbrook
liberality. It has prevented any bitter
antagonism on the part of other people
unless It he wltn those who might be
narrow and prejudiced In their views.
It has, altogether, had a most beneficial
effect and the results are apparent to
eveu the most casual observer.
Last year with no great corporation
to Invest thousands, witb no Industry
to swell the total, Cranbrook broke her
record In the amount of money expended ln Improvements. And the coming
year, If one nay be permitted to judge
by the present Indications, Cranbrook
is going to experience ber greatest
In fact, a review of the situation will
convince any one that the season ol
1901 is going to be the most prosperous
tba district of South Mast Kootenay
haa ever experienced. Tbere will be
more work ln the mines; there will be
more development of new properties;
tbere will be more work on the railroad
since construction; there will be more
trains running tban at any time in tbe
history of the road, and all of this
energy, tbis increase of men, this Investment of money, will contribute to
a greater or leaser degree to tbe prosperity aad growth of Cranbrook, the
natural, logical and business center of
these operations.
CraDbook Is a winner.
The extra expense to tbe government
In holding government offices at a point
twelve miles from tbe railway, ln a
year's time aggreate quite a considerable sum. The people of South Kast
Kootenay would like to see their con
t-ftQl-pnce considered. The time to do
that, Is the present. Cranbrook Is tbe
natural center of this district, uo mat
ter from what standpoint the question
is considered. The people of tbe dis
trict concede this. The matter now resolves itself Into a business proposition,
It la time to drop politics and
get down to business. It Is lime
to deal wltb tbe problem tn a
business like manner, and cease
to consider the desire of a few \w
dividual**. No government can afford
to permit a continual disregard of the
well known maxlum--the greatest good
to tbe greatest number.
There is only one thing to do. Give
tb* people of this district government
offices at some point on tbe railway, and
let that point be one that will be tbe
most coUTeutent to the whole district.
The tendency at the present time In
Caaada is toward governmental ownership of public utilities. Aud. U might
be remarked on the side, that such a
course is the only solution to the per-1
plexlng problems now confronting the |
The people of Canada, if tbey so will,
can make Jim Hill, the Crows Nest
Coal Company, or any other "corpora-
tion, look like thirty cents. The people are the sovereign power, and the
sooner they appreciate the fact, the
ll Saved His Leg.
p,   A. Danforth, of LaGrange, Ga.,
suffered for six months with a frightful
running sore on his leg; but writes that
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve wholly cured it
iu live days. For ulcers, wounds, piles,
it's the best salve in the world. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25c Sold by R. E.
I From Hie l'rix|>eclnr |
R. D, Mather is putting up a new ice
house capable of holding IOO tons of ice.
Chinamen from Wild Horse sold a
considerable amount of gold In Steele
on Friday.
Fort Steele will soon have a new bank
A. B. Fenwick and wife, and Mrs. F.
DeRosier came up from the ranch on
Colonel Henderson and wife visited
l-'ort Steele on Wednesday.
The partnership hitherto existing between Messrs Ross and Herchmer with
offices at Fort Steele and Fernie has
been dissolved by mutual consent.
Wm. Dawson, who went out with the
Strathcona Horse, returned to Fort
Steele on Friday last.
The ice harvest is completed. B. P,
Cooke has cut and stored over 1500 tons,
for the hotel keepers and merchants of
Steele, •
A recent report from Montreal is to
the effect that representatives of the Big
Chief Mining company, will be here
early in the spring to make arrangements for future work 011 the property.
A. Demers, representing llle Dupont
Milling company, in company with a
mining expert will visit the Dupont
mine as early as the season will permit,
to examine the property and ascertain
the best mode of working same. At
present the company seems to favor development by means ofa diamond drill.
Livery 3 | Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
Proprietors ******
Several papers are suggesting Rep
raantatlre Galliher as a member ef
Prlmler Laurier's cabinet, In event of
British Columbia being given such an
honor. Mr. Galliher is ai able man,
and were he to be named for the position, The Herald predicts that be would
acquit himself In a most creditable
.John Houston, of Nelson, has been
letflng a trail ef printer's Ink behind
him during bis trip through the east.
The Toronto Globe truthfully says
Anything In private hands, whether
a railway, a coal deposit, or smelter,
may be Canadian in thc morning,
American at noon and French or German in the evening. Capital does not
recognize political boundaries.
The time is rapidly approaching when
Cranbrook should be Incorporated,
There are many logical reasons for tbis
movement, aad the sooner lt laaccomp
llabed tbe better It will be for all concerned. The people of Cranbrook de
asand It. 	
Strange as It may seem the Chinamen
ttuud guilty In the Oriental mix up, decline to commit suicide to settle the
International difficulties,
Tbe Chinamen of Cranbrook cele.
bratcd Chinese New Years this week.
To see a class of people scaring away
devils by tbe aid of Are crackers and
ordorlferoos tapers, is evidence enough
that they will never become civilized,
but will remain as tbey are, an alien
race, and a menace to tbe people.
President Shaughnessy puts the matter about right, when he says that any
combination of capital could buy tbe C
I*. R since the stock Is on the market
Ib Montreal, New York, London and
James Cronin, of the St. Kugene mine
waits to see unrestricted transportation and smalten iu  Hrltlsb i.'olumbla.
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   „*    Ji   j>
Old Soldier's Eipsrleice.
M. M. Austin, a civil war veteran, of
Winchester, lud„ writes; "My wife was
sick a long time in spite of good doctor's
treatment, but was wholly cured by Dr.
King's New Life Pills, which worked
wonders for ber health." They alwaya
do. Try them. Only 25 cents al Beat-
tie's drug slore.
I From ilia free Press 1
Mr. T, Kde, real efitate and mining
broker, notary, etc., of Fort Steele, has
opened an office in the Quail Block, aud
is prepared to handle real estate and
mining property of all kinds.
Mr. Tuttle, of the Royal, as soon as
the frost leaves the ground, will erect a
three-story addition to the Royal Holel.
The new addition will have a frontage of
twenty feet on Victoria Avenue and will
overlap the present building. Mr. Tuttle
may be depended on to make the new
addition up-to-date in every particular.
Mr. Sherwood Herchmer, brother of
Mr. II. W. Herchmer, banister, reached
Fernie Ihis week and in the future will
make this town his home. He bas just
returned from South Africa, where he
went with the Second Canadian contin
geut, and with whom he saw a great
deal of active service. He ia a lawyer
by profession and will join his brother
here in his law practice. The Free
Press is pleased to extend to him tht
"glad hand," eu behalf of the people
generally, as a citizen of Feruie,
Mr. J, II. Bticker and bis bride arrived
home on Sunday morning, aud have
been kept busy receiving congratulations of their many friends,
Amos Buck, a miner employed in No.
1 mine, had an experience on Monday
that few men bave come through alive.
He lit a saltpetre fuse attached to a 16-
incb charge of giant powder in an upper
bole. After retiring and waiting what
he considered long enough for the blast
to go off, he came to the conclusion tbnt
the fuse had gone out, and walked up to
it, lit nnother match and was reaching
up to light it again wheu it went off.
The explosion loosened several tons of
coal and threw Ruck up against the
mine cars several feet away. Strange to
say, he was but little hurt considering
what he had gone through. One ear
aud the side of bis head is bruised and
bis right shoulder injured, but in a week
or so he will he all right,
Description    ol     Proposed   Brldjeslte   at
Wasa, British Columbia.
Across the Koutenay river In Bast Kootenay
at a poim having fm* its Eastern approach a
inn iimi ufi-jt No. ,"„ tn Group 1 Kimti'iiiiy dis*
trict ami for Its Western approaches a portion
«f lot 67i in Group 1, Kooteuay district, both of
said lots being owned by N, Hanson, of Wasa,
British ('ntiiiiil.iji.
Notice. 4
Take notice that I Intent! to make application
> the Governor In Council ot tlm Dominion or
'aitatla for permission to erect and maintain a
traffic bridge nt Wasa, 11. c, across the Kootenay river extending from hit sa Group 1, Kootenay district to lot B7i, Group 1, Kootenny ills-
And further take notion th it t have deposited
um plans of tlie sul-tl bridge ami a <I13.st-.ai pi ion of
tlm iirupiis.il site wiui un! Honorable 1110 Minister ofl'tibllo Works of Csnada and tliat I have
enmplled witli Hie provisions or cimpter M ll.S.a
My applh'iitloii is mmlfl iiihIh* Oil u>tm 9. ami
j.; »f iim revised Btatiiles »l Canada,
Trade Marks
.».. -        Copyright* Ac.
Anyone sending n nk-Mrti uid description tnej
qufoklr Mi-uriiim i.iir 1-1HIHI.-1I free wlieitier an
inventiuii I" pr.-l.-it.lv |.*ileiitnl'le.      ■>iiitiiiiiiii-n
■H.iiWri-'Mve'iill.li'iiiiiil. Uiimlliooki'ii I'ali'iitn.
M'lit li■■*-<. iiMi-sl nn v lm senium* pitti'iil--**.
I'-iti'iiis Liken tlm-udi Miiiiii A Vn. receive
ij-niiil iiufli-f, milium t-liiiriit), In Iho
Scientific American.
\ hHndsoroolr Illustrated ween*.   Uraest olr-
riiliiTion .-I nn* n.'ieinitlc jiniriml.   'I emu, |.i ■
tear; tour lu.nitli*., |1.  Hold bynll newed-Mlnr-i.
MUNN & Co.36,B""-- New York
Branch Office. 1526 F Ht., Wasblotton, D. C.
Subscribe for the
Furnished or
Intjiiire nf...
Durick nve.
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain peni.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector for C. P. R.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons.   ....   om to II
Afternoons   -   -   -   -   1:30 to 3:30
Evenings    ■   •   ■   •    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :       :   :    B. C
City Bakery.
Itreail, Cakes ami Paeijry, orders
nf any kind large or small will receive prompt attention. If you
want the best
Try Tommy:*.
Delivery to any part ofthe city.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions jt
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       jt
Made by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mining and (leneral Agent.
Cranbrook, H. C.
»i "■ nosn ll. w, linmJii.Mi-.il
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
ORANnitnnK Crnnbroak tirnce
A.M. fOHT STKRI.B. |fl iltlll |K JI;illM,li HlOrk
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk it over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
for last year will show. Call
on'us for plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co,
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a larfce area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.oo to £5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount oi principal and interest, except in lhe
case of lands under S2...0 an acre, is divided into ten instalments as
shown in Ibe table below; the first lo be paid al llie time of purchase, tne setund one year from dale of llie purchase, Hie third in
lwo years and so on.
The following table shows llu* amounl oi the annual Instalments
on 160 acres at different prices under lhe nbovc conditions:
loll air* at $2.50 per acr. Isl Instalment SS9.Q5   o equal InlaPts al SSII.IHI
Kim ber lev is ""*' '"isil"-'ss i,lu* s|iippi"s point for the
*  North Slar and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile Agenls.
Crailbrook is ,,lc (1*vi****l*llal P0'11' 0l ",e Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER. Townsite Agent.
Por maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre are  sold
' on shorter lime.
It lhc* Innil is paid tor in full  al  the
time ol purchase, a reduction from ihe
i price will be allowed ennui to ten per
I cenl on llie amount paid in excess of thc
; usual cash inslulmenl.
Inleresl at siv per cenl will be
charged in over due instalments,
Thc Company has also lots for sale
in lhe following town sites in Husl Kootenay: lilkii, Cranhrook, Moyelle, kilch.
ener, Creston and  Kimberley.
Thc terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
rioyie's Hotel Kootenay
*^                                                "**VB^ I I,,.    I-.. ..--i     i.i    *,,',-t.t*.f\Atai',
Leading X
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
McriAtlON  BROS.,
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only all rail route lietween all
points Knst, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANI*: with tlie
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg-   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Forks and flreenwood.
H. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Agt.
'»' Builder dt
:::Cranbrook, II C
Cranbrook Always
Uu=to=Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on the
premises, No neeil to semi your
work nut of town, especially so
wben it can be done ns well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable. Come and
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Contractor and Builder
At present am building llie new St. Eugene
hospital and a number oi two slory and other
Cranbrook, B. C.
On all trains from Revelstoke
and Kootenay Landing.
Pass Dunmore Junction for
St.Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays. Montreal
and Boston on Saturdays.
Same cars pass Revelstoke
one day earlier.
For lime lablea and full Information, call on
or address nearest local agenl.
A. 0. P. A. Agent,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbrook
1. S. CARTER, 0. P. A„ Nelson, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhrook,       :      :        British Columbia
Solicitor, Hte.
HHUk of C'mniiiere* Hl.tg. ('KANBKOOK.
There are u few points lo
he considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and thc price.
Have you talked with anyone about building?
Come and see me or lei me see you. II may
do us hoth good.
fl. R. LEASK
M. Mclnness & Co.
Meat Merchants
J ...Markets at... J
Z Cranbrook                $
m Fernie ,»* jt         u,
J Moyie j* j*   |
! Kimberley |
All kinds of meats at all times.   Fresh fish shipped
in each week.       j*       jt       ***       •»**       jt
We Sell the Best.
i j
I The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
j'       Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
jj Mouldings.
Central Hotel       North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE  HERALD.
II »* til soi) ver j- of it Prnntl-cnbK*- Root*
Aci-oan lhc Soothern Andee.
More tliao 100 years ago, Father
Meucndez, while traveling among the
motlUtalna In Uie northern part of Pat-
ngoula, discovered a pass through
whleh, lie snid, a practicable wagon
i mnl ml -tr li t lie made from the Pacific
•m-uui through all lhe mountain raugei
to i.niii* Nnhuel iiiinpl. hy far tho lar-
goal lake in tho southern pnrl of South
America- nnd on to the Atlantic ocean.
Ii became known as iliu Barlloche
pass, in those days it was thuuglit
Unit no good would over como out of
Patagonia. Very fow explorers or other white men vislled Mils reglou, ami
1'atlier Meiienden'a dlBCoVery, though
utilised for a time, whn almost forgotten till some DU .veins ago, wln-n ranch-
meu began to move down to lho neighborhood of Ltrko Ntihuel tliinpl and
fotllld lhe grass \, as good and other
crops might he mixed.    Then clllZCUfl
of chile nml Argentina began lo look
It 1'OUIHl for Mils puns In lh<* iiioiiiilnliiH,
ami, although they sought illllgonlly,
they failed to llnd It,
I'lit* description whleh the pioneer
priest had given of the imporlnut discovery was. unfortunately, very vague
and painfully lucking iu detail, and
hunting for the pass In that rough ami
tangled mountain region was a good
ili'iiI like looking for a needle iu n liny-
Bt licit, Finally Mil* ottli-lal explorers
whom Argentina and Chile hnvo long
l-.-.'1't lu tlie Held la-gau to lake a hand
lu tlie search. They used their utmost
enie. but all In vain until this lute day,
When the long Bought for puss has nt
lust been discovered ami traced hy the
Chilean engineer. Cnptnlu Barrios.
Petennnnu's Ulttellungeu prints a
list of nil the valleys of big rivers and
their Utile tributaries through whleh
this comparatively low lying nnd tor
tuous ruiito runs from the Pacific ocean
to the big lake of Patagonia, it te not
worth while to reproduce them here,
nud must of them are the mimes of
valleys Mint have nnl yet appeared on
nny of our maps, tine or nnoiher ex-
ploror hns (struck the route in n part of
its course, hut, somehow, has never
succeeded in connecting it with the
Other parts fnr any grent distance. But
there Is no doubt whatever that the
route which Father Menendcz and
some of hla sunessors followed ban
been rediscovered in its entirety. Here
niul ihere are found traces of the old
path, nnd there aro many blazed (reus
which the original discoverer Is believed to huve marked.
Ladii's of Canada :
"Should old acquaintance be forgot *.'" The answer comes mechanically from ovory Britisher. Nor
Bhould new acquaintance be forgot,
Remember tlmt on the bloody fields
of South Africa your brave soldier
hoys were on the firing line, Honked
by loyal British subjects from Ceylon
nud India. In the midst of danger,
lasting friendships were formed, and
you. ladies, of Canada, have it in
your [lower to cement those bonds.
The (ireen teas of Ceylon and India
appeal to you from sentiment. By
using them you not only aid your
brother colonists, but you got absolutely the best  teas.      Those   of   you
who drink groofi Japan tens have a
revclat ion in store if you muke the
change, Blue Ribbon, Saluda and
Monsoon paclyjts may be luul from
your grocer,—Colonist.
The world ih not ruled by the sn-
Crtllod rulers, but by the [«oplo who
j**.like the rulers.
The crying of children in bed is one
k-nii of shoot music.
Some men are brave In great dangers and cowards In little ones.
Hens arc tho most cheerful of fowls
jet they brood u good deal
I was cured of Aeute   Bronchitis  by
Bay of Islands. .1   M. Campbell.
I was oared of   Facial   Neuralgia hv
Springhill,  N.S, Wm. Daniels.
1 was cured of Olironic   Hlieuumtism
Albert Oo., N. D.       GoorgO Tingloy.
.The ltev, I' S. Ilnlcli, pnftnr of the
Oougregnlinnnl church nf Munsmi. Mass.,
hns resigned In nnlei I wnnw llie gen
oral M-.*tdiir> i.f ilu* ClirUtlnn hudenvm
Uiil.m ..f In.lin. B  nml Ceyluii, with
resilience ut Calcium,
Tin* Clltliolle ihiinh litis bought for
flHO.IKM) ii piilniinl renldenee for the |W-
pni nimcln In I'arlft Mgr. Uwuwlll.   It
wni the iveldi* i  'ho lute Mexican
inluMrr, -Auliintn De Mlor, II Hue Dnril.
The papal i'in1.«» > will hemnih oof
is a iymptora of Kidney
Disease. A well-known
doctor haa said, " I nover
yetmadeaposl niorteiiiex-
nmiuatlonlnacasuol death
from Heart Disease wiih-
out finding tho kidneys
wercatfault." The Kidney
medicine .* nichwas first on
tho market, most sued s*
ful for Heart Disease nd
all Kidney Troublee, and
most widely lmh'*tud is
o   o
q Uow Slie Shocked the People of 0
0 Llnilentlinrp-p. O
0 0
Miss Betty Mayne hnd been back "In
Llndcnthorpo Cor a week, and for a
week Llndenthorpe had been shocked.
Miss Mayne felt hurt. When she returned, Bhe hnd been homesick for the
sea and the seaboard folks, left behind
wh«n her aunt carried her up to town
vears before, nnd friendliness WO" In
her heart toward them. Instead of
receiving the sume, she hnd been met
wilh envy and Jealousy aud all un-
eharltahleness. Partly Is was her
fault, partly theirs. They only remembered her as the Imp and seep"-
gnat of thn vlllftgo, who played on the
rocks nil day loug with bare feet, nnd
they resented her grown up fashion-
ability,   She could not help realising
Mutt sim wus better dressed, knew
more of the world uud Mils in  many
ways a hi'udred years ahead of Ui>-
douthorpo, Then, again, Mr, Silas At
tuulwrougtl, wlm always did lho rlghl
tiling, nud whoso actions, at rdlngly,
were  viewed   with  au   llldulgQUt   "*•".
had deemed in danger of doing the
wrong thing, "MoouBtrucli," Miss
Q-rlgga deelai-ed hlm tu be. And the
minx was not eveu tlutlered.
It wus on Sunday that tlie shock of
shocks occurred. To begin with, sev
eral minutes after service hud begun
Miss Betty Muyno walked In—almost
si rolled in-us cool us a cucumber, and
clad lu the most outrageously Oue
dress, snd stood in tha entrance (Instead of modestly finding herself a
seat), poking nwny nt the stones with u
green parasol until Mr. Attonborougb,
who was churchwarden—tbe youuges*
churchwarden Llndenthorpe Imd ever
luid—rose in his Sunday host to show
her to a place,
People Mere more disgusted than sur
prised when Miss Mayne, after fuunlug
herself ostentatiously for some time,
rose and stalked out of tlio church by
the fiom door. Such behavior was >o
be expected from a minx. It was whin
followed thnt left Mndeuthorpe re
slgued to anything short nf nn earth
quake. Miss Mayne wandered down
toward tlie beach lu a pensive mood
and took a sent ou a bit of sandstone
She was a pretty sight in blue and
gold, whatever Miss Griggs1 oniuion
might he. A churchwarden Is at lib
erty to differ from a Sunday school
mistress on a question like Mils, and
Mr. Silas Attenbnrougb ay he walked
from church down to the sen und snw
the miux on the rock differed in toto
from Miss Griggs, He felt n desire lo
rebuke the minx for her conduct In
church that morning, but was it wist
to venture to the reeks? He wns iu bit*
Sunday clothes nnd not very bu'*p ol
foot among slippery weeds. Neverlhe
less, hip sense of duty being strong
Mr. ■Vtteoborough crossed the Rubicon
and at length reached the imiuli-Uutie
rock. Tlie minx nodded to liim. "I
«uw you lu church this morning." slip
on Id.
"I zee vou," snid Mr. *ttenbnroiigli
"It was very funny," Bhe went on
"The very first thing I noticed was a
chalk mark on vmr com from '"ii'dng
against the pillars, nnd I do believe
vou've cot It ou still."
This was hardly the conversation Mr
Attenborough had pictured to himself
tnd he rubbed tlie chalk awny before
"It seemed you left church avore t'
sermon V"
"Dreadfully ventilated, isn't It?" she
snid. nodding. "1 really wonder people
don't get suffocated sometimes."
"It Mere n powerful sermon."
"Short ones ulwny« are. 1 think. Or
did you come after me lipfore it wn«
"('nine afler"- Mr. Attenborough
wns taken nh'nck. He hi'd hurried eer
tainly, hut lie hardly exported Mie tntnr
to notice thai.
"t'onm nfter nvmv f sermon wns tin
ishedv" lie recovered himself Indig
nnntly.   "I shouldn't think oft Bui'-
"Yoti didn't exneel to see mo here''"
Rlnee the minx snt on n rock In ful'
view of the "hore, Mr, Attcphnrough
traded what seemed a fritltl"ss que0-
"it's agreeable by f son here avore
dinner," be remarked.
"Thn siiiue na ever," she Bald—"fill
Linden thorp"'* tin* same ns ever tb.
sen. nud the village, and the folks
They inijrht hn»e slept nnd nev"* wab
ed sine* ihe day 1  left, seven y *n
ago. oh"-she roused bpraelf to s'?d
den unlniatlou-"liut I'd Mke to shnrh
"Shock 'em!" snid Mr. Attonborougb,
"flh0CtC you ull, becnuse I detest peo-
ole Mho enn be shocked, nml if I knew
Tor certaiu that I dotested Llndenthorpe I'd be content to leave It nnd
never see It again." Sin* sunk back
against the rock.
"Would yew nmv?" sn'tl Mr. .-'.tten-
borougb, astonished.
She nodded.    "It's quite true," shu
j    "I don't thiol; I'm easy t,i shook," he
j said guardedly.
'    "You';"    she shook  with  laaghter.
: "You?    Why,   you   were  shocked   In
church this morning. You'd be shocked
j If ! were to push you into tbnt pool.
* You're shocked now nt bearing nie suggest sucli u thing."
I    "V church  is different,"  remarked
| he, hastily edging from the peol. ""But
out of V church I'm not easy to shock."
"You think so";"
"Solemn trewih." snid Mr. Attenborough decidedly.
"lVrhaps you're right." she snid.
"But"—sho pointed u linger toward
the shore—"la that Miss Griggs over
Ho followed tlie direction of her flu
ger and bow that moat of tho congregation wero assembled iu groups nbout
the shore.
" "I'ls, Indeed!" be groaned. "An Miss
Grlllln un f whole Sunday school
watching us. I ttetik that wo shod he
getting buck."
|     "Don't let me keep you." she snid.
■    "it is not keeping mo.   'TIs only"-
j He looked aboul him tor an pxcusa.
!  "7,lp tue!    'I" sell" -
I    "Wb-'t do you mean?"
'"i" i-n':' Baid Mr. Atteubornitglt.
"H'h cgoin up"
She spinng to her feet 111 gr*»>t In
"This comes of your talking, Why
couldn't yon keep your eyes open -
what Is to lie dono?"
"Could vow wade?" suggested Mr
Attonhorough i logetlcally. llo krew
nothing of the nicks nnd wh*u deoMis
cut hlm n(T from tho shore. Qn'y hn
remembered that In old dnys thelmn
of tlie village knew every inch—
"Wndo? In my best thlngR'" Rtr
scornful tone in a (to him f°ol more at
fault Hum over.
"P'raps they'll send us n boat," h°
"After wo'ro drowned?"
"P'raps 1 conld—take yew over *<-
*' shore?"
"See how deep it Is first." she in!''
He let himself down glnfe-rlv nnl
the wnter closed over the knees of Ids
best trousers.
"Think vow wojild lelke to bp one-
rlcd?" he nsked dolefully, st'-ntchln?
out his arms for her **n lim-y. B-t sh"
kept him there while shn struggled tn
hide lie* laughter, and theu snid tbrent.
"If you drop me, 1 shall npv«r fw
give you"—
"And I' I doan't drop yew''" *n\d lie
"r.Indenthoip" never will."
"Cooml" he said. And at Muu p|u
let idm take hor In lino Ids firms Thr
folk of Llndenthorpe en the beach
were taking much IntoreRl Ir lhe ore
ceedlngs. "The minx1" said *• Ms-
George. "Did yon evi'iV" STho eho-et-
warden was splnahtng llifiiiHli om-'-
of wnter, regardless af his npp iii*:ni»p
Slid only en refill 'o oroteel Ml" -ii'-V-*'' -'
burdon in Ids arms. \!os* nl I Im'er
thorpe M"»s iissembletl no ihe sbingl*
when he reached lhe 'initivntle'i sim-i
Mtss Belly Mayne mtlde "o n ,i> ,c
"Slmll l set yew tlnnn hero?" le* tsl;
"No," she sai'lr "It's d-mp: I slioul
wet my sho-s. Carry uie rlghi i"j i
the Bblugle."
He breathed hard, nol becnuse of h*>*
weight, whleh "-ns nothing, hut he
cause of the publicity of Mu* firing
"Whom be I carrying?" he nekeil
"Be I carrying mt sweetheart?"
"If—you will." she said, stormed bi
his unexpected boldness. He pni hei
down in the middle of the njtsomhler'
folk, some of whom f-Mgnod to bi
watch lug tiie sen     Miss Or'egs lien
peiied t.i be the im*;!i**.-i   lied slie slinnl
her bend nr. lily nt thc churchwarden
"I'm shocked," she s.<*d. •■">*,.., .,i.
•hocked, Mr. Alleilhoro'lgli."
"AreyewT said he. "Pra-l'm sweet
hen r led."-King,
Tht.   Kin-Mi,
The cure nf tba slek can  *-*•■■' >lj
rpneb lis hlgboRt ldp«l b«vp whew nor
sonal attachment suniden'ents knowl
edge nmi skill.    Theri'f  it belouw
m tJifl Mfe „r ovpry wom->n. There are
few household" In.lee' where nny girl
ran grow up without Rente oppnrtual
ties for im-* exnerlencn. Such nppor
'nni'ies may w»ll he Bitpplcm**ntrd by
lectiu-es, eonrRPs of rending ind well
nlanned deuioustrntlons. If every wo
man could ins nhe sbonldl meter ordl
nnrv circumstances nndertnkp the enrp
of the sick In lier own boiu", this would
but eccentoate the value nnd rnlBO the
Fti'ins or Mm "born nurseB," who. never
hnitpy save to the Rnw-lsl exercise of
tlieir gift, would then unite aufllco for
hospital cases nnd tlie grand occasions
of ninior operations Tho sight of the
cap ind veil <>r Mi» hired trained nurse
when imported Into n household wlih
women Piembers scarcely raises one's
Ide.i of the family niorHle!—Cbambers'
When the Brain Lags, the Body Weakens and Physical Bankruptcy Threatens, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Seeks Out the Weak Spots and Builds Them Up.
Canadians nn* workers. Some from
necessity, others from ambit inn.
Soma to provide for self, others for
tbi> daily bread ot those dopondont
Upon them. All nlike fail when the
system weakens and health gives way
to disease. Tlie Strain of work is on
tin* iimuls of some, nu lho bodies nf
others, bin. lhe nourishing of both
is iu llie nerves und hlood.
When the mind rcfusua to concentrate in thought, when the bruin
tires nnd itches, when sleepless nights
are followed liy iIu.vb of langour antl
rilscouraguineiit, when the henrt palpitates, tlm stomach weakens and
there are pains and aches nf henrt
nnd body, Dr. t'huse will help ynu by
moans of ids Norvo Food, lhe greatest blood builder uml nerve restorative of the age.
Without     deadening      the     nerves,
Without stimulating Um hour! to
over-action, Mr- Chase's Nerve Pood
gradually nnd certainly reconstructs
the tissues wasted bv overwnrk nml
disease.     'lie* quality nf I lie blood  is
enriched, Un* nerves aro revitalized,
ami the now und strengthening tido
coinmuiilcaloB Itself to every muscle
of tiie body.
Mrs. I). W. Cronsborry, HIS Richmond juruet, west,    Toronto,   Out.,
stales ;-■-
"My daughter, who sums iu a white
goods mnnufactory, got completely
nm down by the steady confinement
and close attention required ut her
Work. Her nerves WCl'O SO exhausted, and she was so weak nud debilitated that sho had to gi\u up work
entirely, uud wns nlinnsl. u victim of
nervoiiB prostration.
"Hearing uf Dr. (''base's Nerve Food
she begnn to use It, and wns benefited from the very first. It proved
an excellent remedy In restoring her
to health and strength, After having
used four boxes, she is now at work
again, healthy nnd happy, ami attributes lier recovery to Hie use nf Dr.
('buses Nerve Fond."
The strengthening uud building
power of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is
mosl   extraordinary.' From  week  to
week new vigor nml energy ure lidded to Hu* system, until health and vitality is ngnin restored. 50 conts &
box, at all dealers, or Edmonson,
Bales &. Co., Toronto.
Tlif (Hi! Tine Por-trir.
"When I was a young fellow." paid
tlie man who notices things, "the family physli ■ ntt-ei dod to all tho ills of
tho family, nud the Rpeclnllsts of tho
profession were wh Ily unknown The
countrj doctor was n surgeon as well
;:■* n physician. Ho was almost alwaya
clever nnd usually bud remedies of his
own invention for oo:r.mon ailments. A
lnrge number of the successful pntent
medicines now before the public nre
prescriptions of the old time country
physician.   I could nnme n dozen such.
"nui Dr. Hill. win. wns the lender In
tlie town 1 grew up In. wns cnlled into
the country by nn urgent message one
night, lie wasn't whined whnt the
patient wni suffering from nud upon
ni rival found it wns an ulcerated tooth
Mint wns subjecting Its owner to almost unbearable pnln. Not n surgical
Instrument*flld the doctor hove with
him, nnd his ofiice wns seven miles
nwny. Did be semi hack for his Instruments? Not luUQhl He extracted
thnt tooth with nn ordinary hammer
nnd uuil to tlie complete satisfaction of
Ids patient and himself. I'll wager he
mnde a mighty good Job of It too."
dn i hi; i ii;im; link.
Ladios ni Canada :
Hldu hy side stood Canada's noble
s  with lho beat brawn of Ceylon
and India In tho ruconl unpleasantness, Tin* slogan was "help one another," and no one forgo; thn watchword, you, ladies iif Canada, have.
tin* power to wage a relentless warfare 'Mi tbe impure tens tlmt come iu-
iii your homes from China and Japan, ami at tin* same time assist
your brothei' colonists wlm produce
Hie pure Ceylon nnd India tens. If
you drink Japan tea. try Nnlnda
Monsoon or Dine Bibbon packets of
Coylon and India tens.—Colonist.
The Father—I never heard a youngster howl like that boy of mine-'pon
my soul, 1 didn't.
The Grandfather—1 never heard but
one youugstor beat hlm, John—that!
was you whin you were a baby.
Why, John, you just about bawled us
out of houso and homo.
Ask for Miiiard's anj late uo otter.
Mlstross—Marie, 1 must ask you to
put a little more pepper in your
New Domestlc-Lor'; ma'am, 1 don't,
liko popper in soup. You'll imve to
sinsou it yersolf whon it comes on
tho table.
Critic—Yes, you'll have yo ir mu ic
carved in marble some day.
Poet—Oli, than-.-: you, sir.
Critic—Xo th,i.I*s.     It wi.l tie \i i*
Wife (at the theatre)—"The programme says the play has a moral,
tut 1 fall to see It."
Husband who paid Sil for two
s nisi—"Oh, iho morals there, all
Wife—"I'd 1 i .-o to know    what it
i i ?"
Husband—" A fool and Ins money
me soon parted.   "
LA "TOSCANA,   factory,HontnS
LTeclrlc coal cutting machinery   is
tn* idly   dlsplaring    handwork    and
Lor varieties of mechanical mining
pliances in tiie col lories in    Great
itain,     The coal   thus   mined   is
,'ii.r.   ibe v.nste less and the elTect
i in* machine   on i he    ventilation
nud  temperature of  (lie    mine    Jess
hnti   with   any   other  mechanism.
Tho London tchool board is respon-
:lle for the education of a popula-
ii'ii more than doublj    that of Deii-
t.iik and Ureece and larger than
hal ol Scot land. The children of
ondon oulniuiber tlie total popula-
ion of any European city except live.
I'll- sum s|h'nt on elementary educn-
.on in London is equal to tiie entire
j ivernmont  expenses  of either   Iien-
imrk,   Norway or Sweden.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Lumberman's Friend.
The London Daily Mail says lhat
tiie days n[ the banjo are numbered
.ti England and llial Hint instrument
v. ill soon be included in lhe same
u-.egory with tin* mouth organ und
he accordion. The zither will proudly In* Hie favorite Instrument dur-
ng the coming winter.
WINARD'S LINIKEHT Is used by FHysiclau.
h' a woman bas only three lines to
write on a sli.'ct of note puper she
Cnn't resist the temptation of writing two of them on the side margins
nml signing her name upside upsid*
' wn over tho date. ,
Every time a small boy gets a
I'hilT nf (he odor arising from the
dlehen he proc-ets to get hungry.
A smile Is tbe reflection of n light
Alta! & bin
BROKERS. . . .
Stock, and bonds bought. Bold and
carried  on margin.    Listed
mining atocka carried
Money lent at lowest rates.
Stocks snd bonds bought and sold.
Unilwuy nnd other (nnn lands In \
Wunitnln and N. W. T. for sale.
Mans nnd folders sent on nppllca-
* tion.
4)     H.ill cold from I.oltlbridga.
4',     Prices ijiiuti d lo all railway points.
An   Kliletly   Lady   Tell"   ul    Iter  tine
ii.m-.i-i,   tha   1-«  .,i   li .   wnu.ui.-,*
1*0.ll    [>llll   After    il    •■•air    ,1    Olli.-r
lt.-mt-.10-.  M*..I  1'iil.U.
Dyspepsia causes more genuine distress than most ib*-i-n*■***-■ Umi afflict
mankind. In this country from ono
cause or another its victims are num.
ber-e-d by the hundreds of thousands,
and those afflicted nlwnys feel tired,
worn out and miserable, and are sub-
Ject io tits of melancholy or i.i temper without apparenl cause. Ii is
obvious Hint the human body, In order io perform its functions, must i.e
properly noyrlshed. mid (his cannoti
be done when Hie food is Improperly
digested, Thoso who suffer from indigestion should exercise discretion as
io die! und only cosily digested
foods should be token. Hut mnro
ihan this is required-thc blood neoda
attention In order that tho stomach
may be strengthened, und the secretin ol the gastric juices properly
curried on. There is nu oi her medicine offered the public that Will act
so promptly .unl effectively as Or,
Williams' Pink Pills, Proof of this
is given in tie- cose of Mrs. 1*'. \.
Doddridge, St. Snuveur, Unr. In conversation wiih a reporter, Mrs. Doddridge said—"lur .|iiite a number of
years I bave been u terrible sufferer
[nnn dyspepsia, accompanied hy Hm
sick headaches i bai almosl invariably como wiih Hus i mul.i,* I suffered from terrible pains m lhe stomach, bloating und belching with wind.
All food seemed to disagree with me.
und us a result nf lho trouble I was
very much run down, und nt times I
Was unable lo do even light housework. I niii sure I tried a score1 of
different medicines, bm without success, und as I mu si.xiy years of nge,
I bad come to believe that ii was
hopeless to expi-d a cure. A friend
who had used Ur. Williams" I'ink
Pills wilh good results, urged llle in
try Hiis mediciut*. and my husband
brought home a couple of boxes. Hefore thoy were finished, I fell much
hotter, and we then gol another huh'
dozen boxes, and theso Iium* completely restored my health, uml I imt
only feel belter than I havu done for
vears. bul nctuolly fee! younger. I
very cheerfully recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to similar sufferers.
If your denier does nol keep theso
pills, lhey will be .senl, postpaid at
50 cents n box, or six boxes for
S2.50 by addressing the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Out.
Mono come home today crying and
said she wus sure (Jeorge no longer
loved lier with liis whole heart. Ami
they've been married only two
"Lane's a goose. Anybody wlm
looks at Goorgo knows that his liearl
is all right. It's his liver Mini's
gone buck ou Jam*."
The proprietors of Pnnuolco'a Pills nre
constantly receiving litters similur lo the
following, winch esplain.s itself: Mr. John
A. Beam, Wutorloo, Ont,, write.-: "'I nevor
used any medicine iimt can equal Parmelee's
Pills for Dyt-i-opbiu or Liver nnd Kidney
Complaints. 'Hie relief experienced uflor
using them wns wonderful.'1 As a snfc family medicine Piirinelcc's Vegetnble Pills enn
be given ia ull cases requiring u cathartic.
1 would bu your devoted servant
forever," he pleaded.
That sounds so old-fashioned!"
laughed she.
Well, your devoted help, then ! "
exclaimed the youth.
"Bllffkins seems to bo a. pretty sell-
confident sort of fellow."
Solf-confidont I Why, he's gol
more confidence in himself th.n tt
w.onitui hns in her family physic'nfl.''
CAN RECOMMEND 1T,-Mr. Enoi Born-
berry, Tusoarora, writes: "I am pleased to
sny that Dn. Thomas' Eclecthic On, la ull
that you claim it to be, us we hnve been
using it for yeurs, both internally und externally, and hnve always received benefit from
its nee. It is our family medicine, nnd I take
gnat pleasure in recommending it."
At the asylum we were muJJi    depressed by what we saw.
"A  terrible   fate,   Indeed! " he ex-
1 aimed.
"Less terrible, however " inicrpos-
d a tall, distinguished looking maniac, "than a fete champetre! Oh,
by all odds!"
Upon inquiry we learned tlmt this
man had become mud through being
ihe husband r,f one socially ambit ions.
-people suffer untold mii-vry dny ufter day
with Headacho. There ia rest neitlicrday or
night until the nerves tire nil unstrung. Ths
cause la generully ft disordered stomach) nnd
a cure can be effected by using Parmelee's
Vegetnble Pills, containing Mandrake nnd
Dandelion, Mr. Flfiley, Work, Lypiinder,
P. Q., writes: **I imd Parmelee's Pills n
flrst-clnsa article for liili* u? Ht-udnche,"'
Lord  nil.lAvU'ti   Dilemma.
Once, wheu he ilrsi came to T.on*
Mon aud was laying tl ■■ rouudnilon of
bis L-ivnt career, says :i ! tuition letter,
the future Lord Chief .Justice Itussell
wenl to the pit ofa theater Tiie piece
wns popular, tho t>;t wns crowded aud
the young advocate had only standing
room. All of n sudden a man at his
side cried out that bis watch wns
stolen. Mr. Russell and two other
men were hemmed In.
"It is oue of you three," cried the
man minus tiie watch.
"Well, we had better go out und 1 e
searched," said Mr. Russell, with the
alertness of mlml that did not fail bim
nt n trying luomeul am Id un excited
crowd. A detective was nt hand, uud
the suggestion was accepted. As Mr,
Russell walked out the idea Hashed
through his mind tbut il' ibe man he
bind Idm Iiml lite stbleo property be
would probably try to secrete it in tin
pocket of his front rank man. Qnlet
ns thought he drew his coattnlls nlww
him—only lo feel, iu his horror, some
thing large uud smooth am! round al
ready In his pocket.
While he wns still wondering whir
this might mean for hlm. the detrctlvi
energetically Bel-zed the hlndraoai umi
exclaiming: "Whnt, you rnscnl!   Al i
ngiilu."   To Mr. litifiMell and il Hi.
man lu* apologized aud bade them -
But Mr. Russell, beforo he bed nikei
many steps, reflected tlml he conld u
keep the wnteli. He went bnek io tl
box ollice and explained! with n cam
nge nu which In* nfterwnrd suid hi
rarely experienced greater demands
llmt though lie did um take the watcl
ho had It. So saying, he put his hum
into his pocket and palled out—a for
gotten snuffbox.
I'l.o roatUTSof hi- iiftiicr wi I Ik iii wed >■■
iraihnt ik 0-imt leu-t i ne dri'Adcii iH* iso
dl I
-uiigfN, nml iim* i- cntnrrh, iinU'r- Catarrh Cui
isiln-uiiiv i, sli.v*-i*uro known to the natUca)
I'n.i.rmiv.   OiIiutI ing n  cim>-.llliili..ii.il id
-nuii>, rcaulrcs 11 t'1111,-1.lu'i-nil mini nt.
Hull's! ir;urhn*tv i» inkfit Internally.actbw
directly upoiilliohloodandrau
f lI.e Ml cnao.iiiul giving the .
by building ii|i the constitution and ass
i.ainri* In doing in. work.   Tlio projirtetora Have
go much iiiiiii in Its cnrnMvo powers tliat th-ej
i.irm* Mm* lluii.lt. <! lioll-.r- f..r .n v ..*.-■ tu ■ It
i-iil-i.M-iir.*.  s,Miforllnl of testimonials.
Ailiin*u-i.     !•'. .1. clIKSl-.V tt (*..., Toledo "
Bokl'by PriiL-KlMM.-..*.
alls family rills aro tho best.
■low tho lluriiteac Mnk<- Flt*«.
One dny n Hurmeso messenger
brought mo a note. Wlillo he vns waP-
lug for the reply. 1 observed nn object
Boinethlug like n  boy's  popgun bus
leaded nrouud his waist, on nsklns
what it miis he showed me that it wns
an Implement for producing Ure. li
wns n rude example of a scientific 'n
struinent employed by lecturers ni
home to Illustrate ihe production ol
heal hy suddenly compressed nir. ,\
piston lilled iuto lhe ttilii-; tin* formel
iviin hollowed nt Hip lower end nnd
smejired with wax to roje've n plect
of col Ion or tinder, wblcb when press
d Into n ndhered,   The lube was elos
-1 ai one end. Plnelug tho piston n*
lho lop of the tithe, with n smart blow
In* struck ii down nnd Immediately
withdrew it with the tinder on tire. Mu
sudden compression of the n'r bavins
Ignited it. 1 wns so much struck wltl
the seletitllle ingenuity of this rude
liuplt'ineiit that I procured it from tbi
Burmnn and sent It to the Asiatic bo
ciety of Bengal, with n short descrlp
tion of Its uses.—"Recollections of My
Life," by Surgeon General Sir Jobr
Cucumber.-; nnd melons are " forbidden
fruit" to mnny per.ona so con?titut'.-d ihat
the least Indulgence is followed by attacks
of cholera, dysentery, griping, etc. 'Iheae
persons arc not aware that they can indulge
io their heart's content if they have on hind
ti bottle of Dr. Kellogg'*-*! Dysentery Cordial,
a miftdiciue tlmt will give Immediate relief,
und ia u eure cure for ull cummer cum-
tlor tr.ft brown ryes UpgattnK to lib Lee
*ti through the ai-lf's one ntnllgbt -"halt they pin
Willi racfljiiretl pare,
Ile, -fmlUiij; at lhe lips. Imt not the eyes
That st'tm to nn7e u|i«n -Mine form tint ftitm
Patoft, clt-utl wrappfd, alas'.
"lie In too young to live Mono." w« hrar,
"'Mils ivoinau'i lair as was tiie first, aad iben
Ehc'i ili-jii a jrnr."
.Ih, Imr, t'm'* lain twelve  mintl.s beneath  tbt
Hut, oh, pooi Kbut, ihe only Oiea today,
Yea, tilth (lie prieat'l amen!
Mark Twain Is to write n piny in collaboration with SyVuey Uoseiifeld.
"The Bollo nf New York" will he ulreu
in Berlin during the present season,
Mine. J an a ii sell eli, who lias been iu a
hospital) te mueh hnprovctl in health,
"Tlie Ktso ef Silas Lflplmnt," liy Wil- j
lintn Dean Howclls, te to be drntnatljsed |
by Paul Kester.
Tlie I'nin!; Daniels' Opern company, iu |
"Tlm Ameer," mny next yeur ku lo London for a nix weeks' snuunei* lOftBOIl,
lt is now  lnshitiatod  lhat   Blanche j
Wriih'i  "Marcollo"   hus  been  cribbed |
from Gilbert Parker's novel, "The Seats
ottho Mighty,"
Stuart Hobson made his Ilrst appearance ns n hi ur in ISiIH In "I.iiw In New
York." He appenroil iu "Undo Tom's
Cabin" lu 1850.
Sir Arthur Sullivan has Quisbod his
new epera, the book of which te by Cop-
lulu Basil Hood, The story is Irish uud
deals with the rebellion of 17hS.
The entire lower Hour of tlie Ropubllc
theater, New York, was recently sold out
to a purty from Sat: Hnrbor, N. Y., to
witness tliu play nnmeil nfter Hint village.
Mine. Snrdou is a womun of much lit-
efnry ability. She Is n r..**ni.,iiir.eil historical costume expert nnd has boon a great
help to her lllisbutlil in mounting ninny ot
hte plays,
It ii snid (lint .lohustono Bennett, llw
famniiH character linpersonntor, first in-
traduced the "rainy day skirt," an Invention nf ber own for use on lifer long daily
walking Bxpedltlons,
Grand Duke Cnnstnntlno nf Russin
translated and recently 'acted in "Ham
let" at tbo Winter palace, Itassin. lie tins
ably assisted hy thu irrtittd duchess. Thia
wnn tho lirst lime the pluy wus netetl iu
U unable lo d.Vide whether to buy
or hire il lionet hear in mind i*|mt
of two evils you should choose tho
Our $50°°
This is the best value in ;i
Lady's Diamond i*...,;
ever offere.l for $5.-.oo.
The itonci ju lhes« rings are
personallyulected byusfrom
the cutters it Anuterd.im,
;'.::ft art absolutely perfect.
^'otl will find tliis and
hundreds of other styles
illustrated in our new catalogue, a copy of which
will be sent you free.
DIAMOND HAU, Established 1854.
Ryrle Bros.,
Vniiji* anil Adelaide Sts.,
It's a Short Road
from a cough to consumption,
Don't neglect a cough—take
when your ccfld appears. The
"ounce of prevention" is
better than years of illness.
" Word- cannot express ray gratitude tor the
B-joo Shiloh's Coniumption Cute tuj dfttie
tne, 1 had a chronic cohkIi—was in a dangt r-
oui condition. Shii.im cured .lhe cou-jii and
•mvtd mc fr«i-ti co Hsu mji tin a*."
J. E. STURGIS, Nlt»traF«lU.
f-ililloti-r. Caaiumptlon Our« l< iold by ull
IriiKui-ln ID (hiihiU HD(I I till-a<l Miitri «t
»&(-, AOo. M.ii',) ii Imtilf. In (ireat liiit «i-i
91  ia.  Stl . '-!->■  3d.,  uml   4.  Gil.     A  iti-lntnl
ga n.(iit.*<- kih*s wilh AT-S17 iimi l •*■*.    If you
mir- mil ...ii i.tir-l t[u (ti j,,nt* ilruKu'llt un 1 gel
ymir money i>-»< v.
An A|il   \tnpli.liiu-lit.
Tears ago a bill oullfled "An net for
tlio preservation of tin* hentli tiou nml
other yntne" uns Introduced Into llie
New York liouse of iisnoiuhlj*.
The speaker of the bonso, who was
not especlnlly Interested in matters of
this kind, gravel; read It, "An ai*t for
the preservation of the heathen nnd
other 11:11110."
He was blissfully unconscious of hts
blunder until nn honest member front
the northern part of tlio stato who had
SUtTi'iYtl from tho depredations of the
frontier Indians rose t" liis feet.
"I Bhould like to move an amendment
to tho lilll," he said mildly, "by adding
the words 'except Indians.'"
,\ 1
ill   f.HTlftl
ll!   lll.ll'.l.'l
•mortar te   a,
ire got
ll bns
ymt ft milTi
; n Iwttlo o
iiL-vi r beou
KT wiih conn f   If yon
t Itotloway'a Oorn Ouw
known to fall.
-. (oponlns his \
till' stlugiofi
■   ipeJ-Ftltb,
1  ovor  -.v.-rU.-d
: ye nil ni
.—Vi«. bnl
than    1
[bet   whi   vi*?
P iv.i.t.-l"-
*       L* '
• is nut
"Yon, wo hail
houso early ll 1*
' trout «t cir
I hlprr ml the
(ns ir
out l!
ie side ol
\   *     ,
, "—Qerelao 1
There oan ba a difference of opinion on
most -subject-*-***, I*tit then-? lt only one
opinion as to the ■reUaL-.iuy of Mother
Graves' Warm Hxtertmu-uor. It Is tnW.
sun.' nnd effectual.
An   IrttM  Willi  Horse Seme.
Friend— What >.ii eaitb are yuu doing
On .: Artlut—I am rnbbbtg a piece of
a", meal .* thU rabbit ia the fore*
rv ui !, Mra Dl Sl Idle will be here
bis I   "■   :.    :..       . *. -■-■  •■-*- her pet
log fimcll    ( that rabbit she'll buy it—
intt Vurk Wi-vfcly.
Brass Band
I- ■trumenu. Drum*. Dolformi, Et?.
Loir-tat priCM erer -qu.ted    PltM caUlogtH
-o bltwtrattani ir.h led trr-a.   Writs o- for an***
thins l:i M.i-I' or .M *!»i. al lnntrum-enti,
Whaley Eoyce & Co., Tor^E^V m^.
(Trails Murk B*gt-;er-»l Korefaber !i,l«0 |
Dr. rjanchea-free* to *.'-.k-- ::.*•*.: .•:.-■■.*.i back
\\ half price if parttea -.;:..* them art r. *. :-.u-
»fl:ti-J. alta: Ollng lor fiv« w-Srila,
F Free. Wlnalprf, tirs: J have a**d "Oiyd-
nor' fort**') moakm for Hr neutu m*1 U*-
irrh of the H*ad, and I feel   Ike a no— man
Mra. F.UOook. Whmlpef. ean: I had raf-
'ered u. told eg nice 'r-irr. Bright ■ D.'*a*«.a:.d
It :•■',. vrtl ine of Pain, ai.d I, 11 *- -*** I wu
Mr. W.Q BTUworthT.Winnipeg,e«y»: Ibvi
mffe ed forf-i jtara with artlcatai ibernna-tlemi
t.i- In !,"*!*:i for S weeks, and :*.-■■■: alroMt
•jvery remedy, ir.clndlng iE«*Titriim galran-
tain, electrto t-elt, etc 1 have need OzydOOOt
lOdara anl received more lenebt tban from
nytfilng else,
Mre, '•■■■-• ier. Winnipeg. ».--■■> f have uaed It
'feneflcially wlih my family whenever rick.
\nd it '1.V1 r :* ■: ue of severe Indigeatlonand la
Sathdealere wanted In ererj district. Addreu
■Vm T, Oitjlilns, tirain Ki-hai.g'r, Winnip-g.
S*.*i-i for H   .a >:'« of grateful r-tporU.
I*., ^ m ^ .1.4 m ^ ■■■ -^ ,|. i n- A m *) *• 4 ■»■ f .e.
[MONEY—a.   t
t"     To Loan on Imorored farmeat cur-   T
f      refit ratee.   Write to T
L »UfHIP«0| HAS. T
■> 4*0*4 ♦♦ •*+♦-f--^ -e- * +*+■•-* * * ♦♦-
niHiiiifi-xtiirni by THOS, i.hi*:. Winnipeg,
Catholic Prayer ,";';;,k1,i,!l::"^!.*P':
ui,ir». Bsllglonsl'i' [ni-as statuary,nmli i.unli
Oraatnanlai Ednoattonal worka ' ationlcn ravin iir»m|,i attanUon, B. 41. iallieU B.,l01ttal
Everything for the
176 OWEN ST., W1NN1FE0
W. N. 07301 j; We Recommend
i | Citrate of Iron and Quinine Tonic for
that tired feeling after "Grippe" and
as the best blood and muscle builder.
It pays to deal with
' R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist.
?      First-Class Throughout      ,
We refer to our goods and in this case we  aught {
to know.   It's no secret, anyone  who has pur- {
chased our groceries will testify as to quality.        {
* Why not?   A trial order is all we ask.    We know as we {
« sell only the best. J
| Ue T.  KOUbK-b, and Crockery.  |
fa,,*************************   *************************
returns equal to those received last yuar
from tlie American smelters.
Mr. Cronin takes ground i" oppoaHon
to tht; C. P. R.'s stand ou the coal question, arguing that the Pernie fields ate
capable of producing double Uie present
output if desired,
I lis views on the future uf the mining
industry are advanced.    ' Give us," Mr.
Crouln says, '-abundant BmelHing facilities ou tbe Canadian side of tbe line, a
Canadian refinery uml a Canadian manufactory to handle the lead product and
yon equip us with the means to enter
llie marts uf llie world   oti   uu    equality
with other lead producing countries."
Great Clearing and Discount Sale
Now is the time to purchase whilst we are eiving Special
Discounts off for cash. Bargains in all lines of Dry
Goods, Furs and Gents Furnishings. A full line of Boots
and Shoes going at cost.
Estate, Geo. Bremner & Son.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     3
Picked Up About lhe Cily  by  Asking
Questions of Many People.
See Reid & Co.'s new hard hat for
Paul Rooks lias been in Moyie the
past week.
Lent begun yesterday, which was Ash
The Masons meet in regular communication tonight.
Fresh Manitoba dairy butter in pound
bricks at Roger's.
Mrs. Krickson returned from her trip
to Vale this week.
E. E- Orchard came down from Michel
foi a day this week.
W, S. Keay atteuded a dancing party
at Fernie last Friday evening.
The skating at the rink bas been exceptionally fine the pnst week.
J. W. McDougal, far better known as
"Sandy," was in town this week,
Paul Hanley and wife, of Kimberley,
were Cranbrook visitors tliis week.
F.J. Smyth, the Moyie leader push,
wasa Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
D, W. Moore, ore purchaser for the
Trail smelter, was iu town this week.
Mrs. I.osby, ot Sirdar, has been tbe
guesl of Mrs. George Bremner this week
Superintendent Bury and family have
moved into the C. !\ R. residence on
Haker hill.
R. C. Smith left today for Victoria to
take up his work as representative of
this district.
The heavy fall of snow Tuesday nigh
bai given Craubrook a rather wintery
Father Ouelette will now take up his
residence in Craubrook and have rooms
at the hospital.
Mrs. John Hutchison is expected to
return from tier extended trip east in
about six weeks,
A. McVittie has gone to Hlairmore lo
look after coal Interests that he has in
that neighborhood.
Vie Desaulnier, the well known proprietor of tlie Central hotel at Moyie.
was iu town yesterday.
If one is to judge by the amount of ice
put up there will be a chilly time in
Cranhrook next summer.
The Odd Fellows will hold an Important meeting tomotrow night, nml a full
attendance Is desired by the noble grand,
Rev. Fortune goes to Rossland Tuesday, to attend the meeting of the Kootenay Presbytery which convenes on Wednesday.
Tbe reopening services nf the Ptesbj-
terian church will take place two weeks
from Sunday, Regular services next
Dr. King was called to Fernie Wednesday to consult with Dr. Nelson relative
to Ur, Bnrher, who is having a severe
siege of illness.
T. B. Hill, brother of the Hill rustlers
of Craubrook and Moyie, came over from
Vancouver last week and visited thc
boys several days.
Jauirs Oreer Sl Co. are building an addition to the Presbyterian church. It is
evident the popularity of Rev. Fortune
is crowding the situation,
A Cranbrook syndicate has secured a
new race horse for next season. Those
interested say that he it a winner and
can clean up the country.
Owing to repairs going on in the I'res-
hytetiau church, the regular bl-nioulhly
meeting of the I.iteraiy and Social club
will be postponed   to one week  from
next Tuesday.
Several members of the Entre Nous
club spent a hnppy time tit the hospitable
home of Mrs, Costignn Wednesday even.
ing. Cards were the feature, and light
refreshments were served.
Rev. Robert Reid will preach at the
Methodist church next Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs Reid expect to leave for
Knslo in a short time, nnd this will probably be Ills last appearance in a Cran
brook pulpit.
A Leitch returned from Oak Lake the
latter part of last week. He reports his
father much better, and says that he
will be able to continue his journey to
Ottawa this week.
M. Mclnnes Sl Co. have purchased the
meat business at Mncleod. This means
another towu for this lnrge compnny to
supply in this part of the coitutiy. Mr.
Mclnnes closed the deal last week-
About 30 little Indian girls were
brought in from the Mission last Monday to Fee the new hospital and the
Catholic church. They were arrayed in
colors that would have put Solomon to
shame, and as they marched up the
street, attracted n great deal of attention.
N. Hanson, of Wasa, was in lown a
couple of days this week. Mr. Hanson
has the new bridge he is constructing
across the Kooleiiay river at his place
nearly completed. This is going to be a
great improvement in the district and it
is to Mr. Hanson's energy and liberal
spirit that the people will owe this great
Chinese New Year has come nnd gone.
The Herald office is surrounded by these
impious imps of ibe Orient, nnd the
force tins bad a full benefit of the celebration. No Chinaman worked on Monday, except under protest. They put on
their glad rags, kept open door, and
wasted enough powder in fire crackers
to close the South African and Philippine
wars.   Tlie Chink is a queer animal.
Pieper Sl Currie, the proprietors of the
only exclusive paint and paper bouse in
the Kootenays, hnve au announcement
in this paper. These gentlemen are
leaders in iheir line. They paint and
puper, ami they sell paint and paper.
They are leaders, and they hnve n stock
that would surprise yuu. Call nt their
store on Armstrong avenue. Tbey will
be pleased to show you the different tie-
signs, nnd it will cost you nothing.
| MINES   ft*ft*Ft
The St. Eugene.
Nelson Miner:   James Cronin,  mnn
j ager of the St. Eugene mine at Moyie
was in the city over night en route to
Trail where he has business in connection wilb some ore shipments lo the
(smelter. Tbe Si. Eugene mill is still
! shut down and has been iu this condl-
j tiou for the past four weeks. The scarcity of water is the present cause of the
I stoppage of the mill. When the flume
j from Sunday creek to the mill was completed last fall it was believed lhat all
danger of shortage lu the water supply-
was removed, but llie loud cold spell upset all calculations and the property is
now confronted with the same conditions
hs existed last summer in the dry spell.
When Mr. Cronin left Moyie. the conditions were improving and he anticipates
that the mill will start at the ilrst ofthe
week. A contract hns been closed by
the St, Eugene people for lhe salt- of six
months run of the mill for delivery in
Germany, The concentrates which will
aggregate too tons per dny when the
plant is operating to its full capacity,
will be transported across the continent
lo Portland, Maine, transhipped ihcrc to
Antwerp atul then forwarded (0 one of
lhe German reduction works. Tin
It-iniii ot Hit- contract ensure to ibe min
Tbe Smeller Situation.
Nelson Tribune: Mr. D.ewry, in
speaking ofthe present smelter situation,
expressed himself as In favor of having
refineries established here at once. "Il
will bave to come to this, and lhe sooner
the better." said be. "Arrangements
are being made at the present time toward ihis end. The government should
give a bounty ou every ton produced,
nnd by so doing place us ou the same
footing as the American smelting and
refining companies. The bounty should
be granted for at least three year*. The
Dominion government has been petitioned nml no doubt some action will be
taken al the present session Tbe present number oi smelters Is sufficieul to
treat only 40 per cent of the a I er-lead
ores produced, but il proper legislation
was framed and the enterprise encouraged a number of new mullets would be
erected, when then tbere would be no
difficulty iu securing treatment for all
ores mined " He said a refinery would
probably be built at Trait. "If refineries are not built here," snid Mr. Drewry,
"the silver lead Industry will, in a short
time he paralyzed. The present trouble
is the cause of many silver-lead mines
shutting down, ns it is impossible to find
a market for their ore,"
In speaking about the money mn.ket
of eastern Canada, Mr. Drewry s aied
that it was very close, and thai very little money could be obtained for British
Columbia mining purposes.
i.e.: Beale & Elwell,
(♦l**!**!**!   *   :   •.•'•:•* I H
Work at the Alice.
While on bis Kasl Kootenay tripT.
G. Procter inspected the work at the
Alice mine which he is developing In the
Itlteiesls ofthe York-Manchester syndicate, says the Nelson Miner. Development is now largely confined to a luuuel
designed lo lap the vein nt a depth of 250
feet. The lead should be encountered
at a distance of 500 feet of which 210
feet has been driven. Iu connection
with this a shaft has been started from
lhe upper levels lo furnish air to the
long tunnel. A carload of clean shipping oiu is sacked at the mine ami will
lie moved when the roads aie in better
shape. At present the Alice mountain
is bare of snow.
II mi nn Wanted.
Ottawa, Feb, id.—The lead miners and
smellers of Canada are arranging to
muke a request to lhe government for a
bounty of f, 1 per ton up to 100 tons per
day on pig lead produced in Canada,
The extent of the bounty in no case will
exceed ion tons per day.
Mining Notes.
Theru was a meeting ofthe slockhold
ers ot the Empire mine at Fort Sleele on
Friday   last.    The   business   transacted
was uot made public.
Work is progressing on the Anchor
properly at Kitchener, and as they approach the lead tbe prospects look
btigbter. It begins to look as if the company had a mine in that property. Ac*
tive development will continue.
John Hutchison has secured n bond on
the Copper Grant, the promising copper
property near the boundary, located by
M. Phillipps. Au assay from Trail
shows 23 2 per cent copper and f$ in
gold. Mr. Hutchison is negotiating with
a Boston syndicate that may take up the
properly. There seems to be no doubt
that there is a great copper belt along
that district, and that there will be some
rich properties developed in a few years.
Brakeman Davidson bus beeu promo
ted nud is now iu charge ol a train,
T. H. Jamison, the hrnkeuun who is
at tbe hospital, is improving, a pleasing
fact to his many friends.
Switchman Burke, who had two toes
amputated, is still at ibe hospital and
getting along nicely.
A night operator is now stationed al
Warduer, which is a great convenience
lo the people in tbat vicinity.
Railroad business in the yards in Crnti
brook ta greatly facilitated hy tbe addition ot a yard engine and crew.
Brakeman Mnrry has been given n
train-   Mnrry is n general favorite and
everyone is pleased wilb his lift.
Mr Coleman, formerly of Prince Albert, has beeu assigned to the Cranbiook
station. Mr. Atwood has been trans
ferred to Klko,
Art Richardson, a brakeman on the
Crow, while switching ut Femle one day
last week, sprained both ankles as a result of falling off 11 box car.
Prattk Rankin has gone to the ea**-*;
loop with the party of surveyors who
are engaged iu the preliminary work on
Ihe big tunnel that is to he driven there.
We are informed by an intimate friend
of Danny Campbell, tbat the bitter
joined the army of benedicts white iu
the east this winter.    Here's luck, Dan.
Conductor Cole brought the longest
train into Cranhrook Sunday that ever
Came iu from the east. It was ,1 double
header aud was pulled by a mogul and a
Tom Cavin, the popular conductor,
has been suffering from an.overdose of
quinine the past week, hut is now ou the
road to recovery, and the bloom of
health   is  slowly  but   surely  bwgiuniug
Fire, Life and Accident  Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kim-
-m.- • iiertey Townsite Agents.
I    .     I   Kimberley .-* Moyie J* Fort Steele.
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence  Solicited.
Established April I8<*8.
I. 0. 0. F. Block    Cranbrook, it. C.
Good Old Schlitz,
Drink Her Down!
I have just received a car load of the well-known
Schlitz beer. Orders for hotels and families will
receive prompt attention.
E. J. Peltier
Cranbrook, IJ. C
lo  make  its appearance   in   his  wan
The   Moyie   Boys   Oo   Down   to  Defei
—Score 3 to (I,
The Cranbrook hockey team went to
Moyie last Thursday. They played
hockey, They won. Mr. Smyth, in the
Leader, tells the story as follows:
The second match between the Moyie
and Cranbrook hockey teams took place
at the Moyie skating ri ik last Thursday and ended In n victory for lhe
Cranbrook bojs, the score being 3 to 0.
It was one of the most holly contested
Raines ever played on ice in South Kast
Kooleiiay, aud while lhe Moyie hoys did
not succeed in getting a goal, yet lhey
only let the visiting team get three
points. There was a large crowd present
which became quite enthusiastic as the
game progressed. Following is a list of
lhe players and Iheir positions.
Moyie Position cranhrook
Klliifl' dual .Mcllpriiiut
Hollliw Point M.tltlstin
liiumiie diver Point Prest
Hi*ale 1 nrwiiril t'oiilton
Miti>lii>ll F >i want .Mc Dunalti
iiiirmn-. forward Medulre
steiison Forward stliiirp
A. P. MnouonaUl, Referee,
The day being warm lhe ice was quite
soft, and after tlie first half was played
it was necessary to scrape and sweep off
the slush.
S. T. Coulton, captain of the Cranbrook team, in speaking of the game
said: "There is not a t.iau in the Moyie
team that your lown need be ashamed
of. They all put up a good hard game
and gave our team the hest play it has
had this season."
Theie is no denying the fact that
Cranbrook lias a crackerjack team and
tt embraces some of the best players of
Winnipeg and Toronto.
Among those who were present from
Cranbrook were ti. J. Peltier, F. K
Simpson, Mr. and Mra, Prest, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Dickson. Mr. and Mrs. W.
T, Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Miner, Miss Atwood, R. ti. Beattie, W. F. Gurd, Matt
Rockendorf, Corey Dow and Sam Morrow.
The ball in the evening by the hockey
club was well attended. Music was
furnished by Professors Wilson and Murphy and J. M. Lindsay officiated as floor
manager, A splendid supper was served
at the Kootenay Hotel. There were
many pretty masquerade costumes worn,
aud a list is herewith given of those
worthy of special mention: Mrs. J. M,
I.iiltisay, Sunflower; Miss Jaquish. Bluebell; Miss Armstrong, Canada; Miss
Alex ruder, America; Mrs. Hollister, red
domino; Miss Henderson, flower girl;
Miss Bradley little red riding hood; Mrs.
Conrad, cards; Mrs, Dickenson, night;
Clarence Miner, Prince Charles 111; A
0, Moi.khouse, colonial gentleman; 1).
J. Klin ;r, flower girl; Billy Hnklti. domino, Prizes were awarded to Miss Henderson and Mr. p;imer. The prizes
weredoualed by P. J. .rtcM ihon- manager ofthe hockey club.
I Frmn Die Under j
Hubert Haines, manager of lhe   Hunk
of Commerce, Cranbrook,  was in  lown
There is a prospect of a steam laundry
being started iu Moyie within a short
A. II Patrick has returned from the
hospital, having completely recovered
from the effect of Ids burns.
Mrs. Chadwick of Fernie haa been
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Mac-
Keti/ie for several days past,
Messrs Fiith and Hamilton are getting
along nicely with their uew buildings
and expect to be ready to open up business between the ist and 10th of March.
The No. 1 tuunel of the Lake Shore
mine is now lighted with electric light,
Messrs Grant & Sheady have the contract of putting up in the neighborhood
of tooo tons of ice for Moyie and Cranbrook parties.
Mrs. P. J, McMahon relurned from
Spokane this week and was accompanied
by her sister, Miss Josephine Huggins.
Wm Mills and Patrick Keeley intend
going to Spokane next Monday. There
they will join John Day, and in a short
time all three will start for Alaska. Mrs.
Mills intends going on a visit to lier
folks near PMmontou,
I.O.O.F.  Key Ci y Lodge
No. tt.   Meets every Friday n i-i lit ai llielr hull im
Haker street,   sojourning
otlil Fellows cordially Invited.
Man ltockendurt A b, McDermot
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
Regular meetings nn die
tli Inl Thursday or tho
Visiting brcttiern welcom il,
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealer. In
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Oflice nud store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B, C
Upholstering and General Furoiture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon 'flaking,
and  Painting,
All kinds ol work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Adrian G.  Hanauer
501-502 Rookery Itlitij, Spokane, Wash
Iteftri'iiiHrlar, '"'   Hiilllvnii llronn mui
Nnrlli Htm.   wine or wit« either buy-
mt', ur -.elll'lts.
The Old Stock Gone.
All New Stock Now.
Try our Preserved Ginger.   Fresh lot of Tripe.
Very fine bulk Tea for family use	
When we say fresh eggs,
We mean fresh.
the Grocer.
BI  id
3 Pieper & Currie 3
Proprietors ol the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
lust received, an immence stock ol paints, oils, varnish and Ihe
latest designs tn wall paper.       jt       jt       jt       Jt       jt
Wc I'aiiti und Paper and Wc Sell Paint and Paper.
Our stock is tlie largest, our designs thc latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without first seeing Pieper
*& Currie.    They lead.       Cranbrook, B. C.
Refitted Throughout
One of tlie Most Comfortable
Hotels in East Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and Sll.Vl.R-l.EAI)
properties are otfered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
-e-®-®-®-®-®-®--®-^-^-®-®-®-®-®-®--®-® ®-® ®-®
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
i Cranbrook
®-®-®-®-t*-®-^h®-®-®-^r-®-^--t!l-9h®-®-®-®-®-9 -®-® ®  9-$
Hotel 3 3
(IuchIk Comfort t Specially
(loud Stabling Ir Connection
Nearest to rnlliond and depot.   Hm Rccomtiio-tla-
llims fm  tbe public iinet|iinlled In Craubrook.
...............®   (i). ...... . ...............
|    The Prospectors' Exchange
I No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C
O cohi,8ilveM,end uml Clipper Mine* wanted at  the KXOHANQB,   kiu-i*: mii.i,.
-J*-$j (NO (IOLD properties wanted at unua for Kustorn Investors.   Parties having mining;
^ pmpei-ty for sale are mjuested to s*ml samples of their ore to tlie kxuiianuk for ex-
_] Idhltlmi, We desire to hear from prospectors wlio Imve iwimlnln 1 mineral claims in
lp?j lirltlali Columbia,  Prospector* ami inliiliiRpion are requested tonialce (lie KXCIfANQK
p-ig their heudnmirlers wlioii hi Notion, Atl samiiteH should be sent by express, Prepaid,
mj CorrcsiHmdonco solicited,  Address nil communications to
li Andrew F, Rosenberger, Nelson, B. C.
[^ Telpplione Nn. mi.  I'. 0, Hi


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