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Cranbrook Herald Dec 27, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gho. A. Cox, president. B. li. Wai.kkr, Oen. Man- I
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking Business Transacted. j
Deposits Received. I
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland. |
A Happy New Year
Is our wish for the
people of this district.
Reid& Co.
A Slash in prices
Owing* to a contemplated change in our business,
we have decided to clear out about
$13,000 of Stock
This stupendous reduction sale will include
500 Men's suits,       500 Men's Pants
80 Boys' suits 20 Boys' Pants
Dress Goods, Men's, Ladies' and Children's
Brln( H>e cash ""I like the toott.    No such opporlunlly ever offered In Hie Kool.
eniys.    We mein business. Hill   *C»   Cf\
We desire nt this time to thank
the people of Soulh liast Kooleiiay lur their patronage, ami
wish all prosperity lur next
(J. H. (IIIJ>IN.
Por anything you may require iu the Hard-*   m
ware line call at the M
Pioneer Hardware Store. i
****************************i****        p
We carry a complete stock.    Plumbing and   [*§
tinsmithing in connection.   Satisfaction
Q. H. Miner.
[ I'roin Tlie Bsrulil Com?] Onilent )
Mrs. Jones lias moved into town permanently.
Tlie Black Bear Mining company lias
resumed operation!.
Dave Newell ami others are -siill work
ing on Hit* North Star hill.
The Mount Sicker company te still
driving Its tunnels and the prospects are
na good aa ever.
N. p. Dixon's house on Howard street
is now nearly completed snd they will
move into it during the week.
The North Star hole] is being equipped
with a Furnace him! registers are being
placed throughout the building.
The Dean is still being drilled, but we
are no nearer knowing whal the prospects
are, although the smile on Hob's Tare is
just the same. However, vi* shall not
now he lung without knowing something
nbout it.
The Sullivan mine has .shipped during
the week eliding December 35, 315 tons
The Nortli Star mine 420 tons. The
road from the Sullivan is now improved
quite 11 lot, on account of a six inch fall
of suow last week, and uow that there
seems to he a prospect of colder weather
there is every reason that the road should
remain iu this good condition.
On Saturday evening a Christmas
tree flourished at the North Star mine,
to the great joy of in or a dozeu children. Several people went up from Kimberley fur the occasion, and had a good
time. A few songs and recitations
fumied part of the programme. Refreshments were kindly provided for the
On Christmas eve a tree will be relieved of its varied fruil in Messrs, Finch
and Jones' building in Kimberley for
the hem-fit ol the little folks, and, 1
hear, some of the big folks also. A
small concert programme has also been
arranged. The school mistress, Miss
Jack, has taken great pains iu organizing the affair, and we all wish ber success, which chii be the only result.
A Ureal Showing for (he Tea Month's
of Ship* imr.
South Easl Kootenay Has an Exceedingly Bright Prospects
the Next Year
-®-®-®-®-<r>-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®st-®-®-®-®-
<•> Do You Wish the Best?
I Iii lhe way of Cendiefl, Oranges, Lemons, 11.tunas, Nuts,  etc.    Go
$ to The New Restaurant,    livery to he found in a first clans place.
I L. Qarant, Proprietor.
®-® ©--®-©-®-®-©.®--©-® ®-®  -©-©-©-® ®-®-®~®-®-®-®.®-il
[ From Uie tree Press I
Mr. C. G. I.ange has the addition to
the school almost completed, and bo far
ns bis part is concerned, it will he ready
for the scholars wheu lhe school reopens
after New Vears.
Constable Barns of Port Steele took l ,
crazy Chinamen to New Westminister
last week, or tather he was to lake one,
hut he got away from him at Westminister Junction, He, the Chinaman, was
gathered in by the police a few days
after niid turned over lo the asylum authorities at New Westminister.
A man named Hudson met with a terrible accident at Coal Creek on Tuesdny.
Me was employed iu the big C. 1'. K
mill ihere, the machinery of which isl**-
ing taken oul and shipped away. Hudson was on the third floor and stepped
backwards into a hole, his bead striking
a hearn on the second floor. He then
fell to the ground. Wben picked up he
was unconscious, and remained so for
about twentv-four hours, He was st
ouce brought to lhe hospital at I'emie
and given every attention hy Dr. Bon-
nell, who now has hopes of liis ultimate
recover; as the ->kull does uot seem to
be Iractured, the unconsciousness being
caused hy a severe concussion of the
On Thursday afternoon about 1:20 Geo
Waiisborough was killed on the weigh
scales track about fifty yards south of
the building, or just opposite Frank
Pennock's cottage on Baker avenue. For
the past lew weeks Mr. Wausborough,
who wu- a little heard of hearing, had
heen engaged drying sand for the C.P.R.
mnl was 011 his way to woik when killed
Kngiue 333 was on the weigh scales
track and had one flat car ahead nnd
was poshing it towards the scales. Iin-
gtne 34a was on the main line just opposite, 01 a little ahead of 355,   mnl   go*
Ing In the same direction, Mr. Waus-
borough walked through the weigh
scales building towards 335, Kngineer
Fawcett blew the whistle and Mr. Wans-
borough stepped off the track towards
the main liue, looked up and saw 342
Coming <>u it and at ouce stepped buck
to the stile hack iu front ofthe Hat car
ahead of 335. The fl it car struck him
with terrible (nrrc, knocking him dowu
between tin* rails, after which the hind
•nicks of the car anil the engine mangled his body in a terrible manner, The
back of hii head was crushed in as big
as a man's fist, and his right leg from
the knee lo the thigh was crushed ami
lorn oul of all shape, tlie hone being
smashed into six or eight pieces. Dr.
Wilson ha, peued to be but a few yards
nway when tho accident happened aud
nt once did all that was possible lo aid
tlie injured man, Dr. llounell was also
summoned, but it was found impossible
to stop the How of blood. The injured
man regained consciousness for a short
time hut died about 7 o'clock iu thc
Output of the North Star Mine.
Since the North Star commenced
shipping last February, il had up to
December 17, shipped i6,oou tons
of ore, and development work
amounting to about 3000 feet, consisting of drifts, shafts, etc, has
heen doue. The North Slar stands
today as oue of the best mines on
the American continent, ami as yet
the extent of Ihe nc body is unknown Il is mines like the Norlh
Star, Sullivan and St. Eugene tbat
ate telling tbe story of the riches uf
this district tu a language (hut. is
understood hy every man.
Kelly and George Stowe* all employed
at the-North Slar mine, came down to
enjoy Christinas in Cranhrook. The
boya speak well of the North Star man*
Messrs. West and I.nmh have made a
new find 011 the Copper King, three
miles southwest of Cranhrook. They
have opened up 011 the lead ami have a
fire   of solid   ga leu 1   thai   gtvCS   grral
promise of being a body of ore. They
are sinking a shaft to ascertain what
'hey have. 	
Tracy Camp.
Prospector;   Grundy Aukhus is building a Cabin OU the Viking claim, us soou
as it is completed work will he resumed
on the claim■ The tunnel is iu teu feet
with twenty iin-lies ol solid ore. The
ore is a pyrrhotile, carrying copper
pyrites and galena. The Crescent ts an
extension ofthe Viking.
Bstella Gronpi   The Rover tunnel is
now   in   .)' .1   (eel,   theie is eight feet of
concentrating me with some dean shipping ore iu the lace. The bottom of the
main shaft is iu the ore, two shifts are
Stanley: Wm. Forsyth is pushing the
tunnel on the Stanley, reports indicate
that the property is looking good.
One of lhe Besl Towns In Soulh Easl
Kooieii'ii Today.
Chas.   D
from a four week
Uie Moyie river.
From iii.' Leader
iinond    returned  yesterday
prospecting trip down
With a Monthly   Pay Roll that
Creates and Maintains
IFi'iilu Tlie llenilil l ori*es|itiiiiteiit]
The Old AU',  a well known Hull river
property, is liable at m*y lime to resume
operations,  ns arrangements are being
perfected togu on with tbe work.
William Forsyth has a force of men nl
work ou the Gulden Fleece and Stanley,
and Grundy Aukhus is developing tbe
Crescent and Viking, all well known
Tracy creek claims.
If indications mean anything, there
will he au influx of capital into South
Kust Kootenny next season, A number
of mining men have v'sited Port Sleele
recently and freely expressed their opinion.
i. At the Kstetla, on Tracy creek, a
isorce of seven men is ui present, employed in development r* More wok has
been done on this pioperty thnn on any-
other on tbe east side of the Kootenny,
about 151x1 feet of tunnels, shafts and
drifts being the record. There is f 10,000
worth of ore on tbe dump.
Several properties on Wild Horse and
its tributaries will probably be still
further developed tliis winter. Among
them the Dupont aud Golden Five. The
latter property is at the forks of Wild
Horse, and is one of tbe oldest, of the
quartz claims in the district, It has
been largely developed and bids fair lo
become still better kuowu. Tbe pioperty
is owned iu Spokane.
The I. 0. 0. F. Dance.
Arrangements are now completed for
the Odd Fellows dance, which is to be
held nt Wentworth hall next Tuesday
evening. Tbere is every rensou lo believe that it will be one of tbe most successful dances ever giveu hi the district,
and thai the attendance will be all that
the committee could desire,
' Turkey Raffle end Shoot.
There will be a big turkey rnflle next
Saturday uight aud  n turkey shoot next
Saturday afternoon,
P. McConnell.
Tbe Upper St. Marys.
Fred Hazen, on of the pioneers of this
district, came In last week from the
upper St. Marys where he is prosecuting
work on his claim, tbe Hardscrabhle,
located near the mouth of Alki creek-
Mr. Hasen is experiencing some of the
tncouveuieuces aud hardships of the industrious prospector. He is working
alone on his property this winter, and
from tbe 13th of October until lasl Wednesday he had not seen a human being,
and theu he thought it was time to come
aud enjoy a visit with friends during tbe
On the Hardscrabhle claim Mr. Hazen
has sunk a shaft 30 feet deep, and ia uow
drilling on the lead aud has run 30 feet
from tbe bottom of the shaft, and is in
four feel ou the lead. The ore is shot
full of copper, and the showing is gratify
iug iu tbe extreme. He brought down
with him soipe Que specimens of ruby
silver which are on exhibition at Tate's
jewelry store.
Speaking ofthe upper St. Marys section, Mr. Hazen said: 'We have iu that
territory what will prove oue of the
richest portions of South Kast Kootenay.
The showing along that valley is better
than any other place I know of for Ibe
same amount of development. There is
bound to he a road built up the river,
and with such a branch leaving Ihe
Norlh Star road at Mark creek, it would
tup all Lhe rich prooi rlies along the river
to the upper St. Marys. What is going
to make lhat country one of the best is
the extent of tbe ore bodies. The values
do not ruu so high, but the amount of
ore, from present indications, is practically unlimited. The upper St. Marys
will turn out millions in tbe next ten
The Waterfall.
George Ililliard left last night for Sand
creek where be will prosecute work 011
lhe Waterfall property. He, in company
with Messrs. Breckenridge and "I.,uud,
have a working bond on this claim from
the Langly brothers,, nnd tbey will push
the tunuel, which is now in 75 fret, to
no feet, aud then crosscut thc lead.
The Waterfall Is near the well known
Knipiie claim,and is om- of great promise
[Kimn Tha Herald corrt'»|touileui|
Exclusive mining operation-*:  will he
continued in the Windermere district all
winter on many well-known properties.
At the Paradise group ou Spring creek
20 men are ut present employed in driving the long tunnel, which is now in 400
feet, and sinking in carbonates, which
are of high grade, It is estimated thai
there are 5000 tons of these carbonates
iu sight. The No. 2 shaft is now dowu
70 feet find shows more than seven feet
of clean ore. This shaft is beiug sunk
ou n contact of shite and lime, aud tbe
ore body is regular tbe entire distance.
A contract lias heen awarded for a tuunel, which, wheu completed, will give a
depth of 300 k-et.
Tbe Silver licit company have let a
contract to drift on the ledge from tbe
bollom ofthe shaft. This work will be
continued all winter, uud next spring
will he opened up in other places on the
lund. The shaft is iu carbonates nml
galena of high grade. C. M. Keep, for-
merlv of Fort Steele, i slargely interested
in the properly, which was recently incorporated. He is also owner ofthe Silver Crown, which adjoins tbe Paradise,
ami carries the same character of ore.
Mr. Keep has great faith iu the Winder-
mere couutry, and expresses the opinion
that a large amount of capital will be invested there next season.
11-mm The llrmlil Correspondent]
The public schools closed for the boll
days ou Friday last,
M. A. Beale came up from Moyie on
Saturday to spend Christmas witb
friends here.
William Cariin left* for the east a few
days ago. He will not return until after
Ihe holidays.
II. F, Collett was a visitor in Fort
Steele last week. He returned to Windermere on Thursday last.
C- M- Keep came down from Windermere a few days ago and left ou Saturday for a trip to California,
C. II. Pollen, who has been in England the past three mouths, is expected
back shortly after the new year.
Geo, M. Koehler, who has managed
the business of G. It. Gilpin for several
months, has gone to Moyie to take
charge of Mr. Gilpin's store at thai place.
Mining Notes.
Tbe gold mined this year iu the Cripple Creek district is expected to amount
to $27,000,000,
John  Connors,   P.   Redmond,   John
Ryan,  A.  Hilsoii, A,   Rubisbaw,  John
A Rich Nome Claim.
Mr. Kpstein, of Phoenix, was in town
Priday, He is an old friend of Jacob
Berger, the young man who formerly
lived iu Wardner, nml wbo located a rich
claim in lhe Nome district last spring.
It is this claim on which Messrs. Stephens and Crahan, former proprietors of
the Hotel Warduer, are interested in the
way ofa lay. Mr. Epstein received a
lelegram a few weeks ago to meet Mr,
Iterger at Seattle, and did so, Mr. Merger had jnst come down from Nome nml
will remain several months, going back
iu February over tbe ice. He reported
that iu oue month they took out £82,000
frum the claim.
A Hll Improvement.
McMahon Brothers, of Movie, are
building au addition to their hotel, the
Kootenay, (hat will eclipse tbe original
building in size and finish, and that is
oue of the best in Kast Kootenay. Tlle
new part will have 23 rooms, aud will
have bath rooms, billiard rooms, parlor,
additional bed rooms, barber shop, aud
all plastered and finished iu the best of
style. The addition will cost about
Masonic Election.
The annual election of ollicers took
place at lhe regular Masonic meeting on
last Thursday evening. The new ollicers
Worshipful Master—W. F. Tate.
Senior Warden—Dr. J. H, King.
Junior Warden—-R. E. Beattie.
Secretary—W, F. Gurd.
Treasurer—James Ryan.
Tyler—R, S. McNeil.
Disastrous Fire In Calgsry.
Calgary had a fire on   Christmas day
thai destroyed one whole block of bnsi
[Written by P.J, Smyth, Editor of Leader, j
Moyie has passed through the most
prosperous year of iis history— the development iu the mines and the growth
of the town having ulmost doubled iu
lhat time. We find that during the past
year the Sl. Ellgeue mine has shipped
over 17,000 tons of ore. of a total Value
of over one million dollars. As no imp-*
inculs were made until the month of Maj
It can he truthfully said that the above
amount is really ouly Ihe output ot
eight months. The payroll into the
town during the past year has averaged
nearly $30,000 per mouth, or 65301000 for
the twelve mouths. It is, theiefore,
not to be wondered nt that Movie, the
town with 11 population of eight bundled, is experiencing nn unprecedented
era of good times.
The Si. Eugene is the principal mine
in lhe Moyie camp. This property is
now world-fatuous, and stands as one ol
the largest silver-lead mines on the
American continent. The St. Eugene
consolidated Mi nmn Company's holdings consist of nine full claims and five
large fractions, They begin at the shore
of Moyie lake and extend hick a distance of over n mile mid a half, and
cover nearly the entire mountain imnied
lately to lhe rear of the towu. The
property Is now well developed. The
ll Ira tor, which has a capacity of j
400 tons per day. is running steadily and
regular shipment-, of concentrates to
both the smelters of the United States,
and Chili are being made. Tbe company has now 270 men employed.
The Society Girl is situated Immediately to the cast and on the same lead
the St. Eugene. The work done
amour ts to about 300 feet of tunnels and
two shafts. There ts a splendid showing
iu all of lhe workings. Several carloads
of ore have been shipped during tbe
year, ami the mine bas been equipped
with a laige boarding house, bunk
house, ore bin, etc., and everything is iu
shape for pushing work on a large scale.
Chas. Farrell, one of the original uwn-
ers of the Lake Shore mine, is the
The Aurora, situated on the west side
of the lake, and according to the best
authority, on the continuation of the St.
Eugene lead, gives promise of becoming
one of the big mines of this camp-
There is a forceof men driving a tunnel
to tap tbe lead and are close to tbe
ore body. It is safe to say tbat within
sixty days this property will be shipping
ore to the smelter. The Aurora is
owned by Thomas Rader, O. J. Johnson
and Capt. I. B. Sanborn.
The Iron Mountain, situated to the
south of Moyie about three miles, and
owned by J. J, Murphy, is a gold and
copper proposition which is turning ou*.
in such a manner as lo surpass all expectations.
There are a number of other very
promising properties in tbe vicinity of
Moyie, but there has not been a sufficient
amount of development work done on
them to justify giviug tbem special mention, The lown, from a commercial
point of view, bas experienced wonderful development during tbe year. In
fact, tbe busiuess street has undergone a
complete change, owing to the many-
new buildings erected and new firms
that have engaged in business. Today
the merchants arc carrying better and
larger slocks and iu consequence are doing a much belter business. Ever branch
of trade has improved, and Moyie stands
today one of lhe besl towns in either of
tbe Kootetiays.
M. A. Beale has been appointed secretary of the Moyie Business Men's Protective Association.
F.J. McMihn-i  K-rt  Wednesday for
Grand Fork**, North Dakota, where he
will spend the holidays.
James Cronin, managing director of
the St. Eugene mine, is spending the
winter with his family in San Diego,
Work on the Auroia mine on the west
side of the lake Is going dteadty ou and
the indications for a big strike are becoming uiore Appatent every day.
The Morley building has riceived its
la-it coat of paint and will soon he ready
to occupy G. H. Gilpin has tbe lower
floor and the upper floor Will be used as
a hall-
Wires have heen Btrung to thc No. 1
tunnel of the Lake Shore and it will
soon be lighted hy elect ricty, This iya-
tcm iu a short time wilt be extended to
oil the workings in the mine.
Park, Mitchell & Co. have a camp nt
the lowei end of Moyie l.tkt- aud have a
gang of .>5 men culling and taking out
logs. They expect to lake out between a
million and a halt aud tuo million feet
this winter.
A. P. Bremner and family will leave
next week for their former heme tu Calgary, Alberta.    Mr. nnd  Mrs.   lliemncr
have been n sidents of Moy
two years and have a host oCfrleuds who
regret their dej aiture.
Sudden Drain in Moyie.
Moyie Leader: One moment apparently in the best of health, the next
moment a corpse! Such wai the fate of
Mis. 1-auny Cobbexley who draped dead
instantly at the Central hotel last XtUUI-
day afternoon als-out lour o'clock. Mrs.
Cubberley was apparently in thc best   of
health on the day she died.   She  bad
helped to wait on the table during the
noon hour, as was ber usual custom, and
was doing her upstairs work. Shortly
after four o'clock she was talking to Mr.
Desaulnicr, the proprietor, regarding the
getting np of a Christmas dinner, and
just as she turned away she gave a cough
-ind fell forward to the floor dead.
The lun-rral took place Thursday afternoon and was conducted by Chas. p.
Campbell, the Cranbrook undertaker.
Rev. Fortune preached an impressive
sermon a> the Central hotel, and read
burial ceremony at the grave. There
was a large number followed Ibe remains to their last resting place.
Christmas Programs.
The   Methodist   Sunday school   held
their Christinas festivities Monday night.
There   was   a   large   attendance and n
splendid program was presented,
Ou Christmas night the Presbyterian
Sunday school held their services. An
interesting program had been prepared,
and lhe exercises were a great success.
New C, P. K. Engines.
Montreal, Dec. 19.—Work has begu
today in the Canadian Pacific railway
Hochelaga shops ou teu heavy  consul
lated   engines   which   will   be put into
service next year 011   the northwestern
divisions  of the  system.     Speed and
hauling capacity, the latter an   increase
of 45 per cent over the ordinary  wheel
locomotive, are the chief features of tbe
iew engines.
Boib Partners Sick.
Joseph Martiu telegraphed H. Dallas
Helmcken yesterday Hint he>ill be confined to his bed for six weeks tis the result of an opinatii.il. Mr. Helmckeu'a
reply was that misery loved company,
"'- *ope Mr. Mat tin will be speedily restored 10 health. Mr. Helmcken te out-
uess houses. No details have been re- ting along very well, but will hardly be
ceived except that the loss is reported to out before New Year's.—Victoria Colon
be over Ji,000,000. J j,*.
Journal!-*!;; Amenities ia Nelson.
[Prom Hm Miner,
But if the Miner does not know the
exact effect of Mr. Houston's personality on the fin-tnci*i! t/ansactions of the
corporation, it has long been known
lhat a man of his character was bound
to have a a injarioas influence on the interests of the city generally. For some
time past he bas been subsisting on tbe
public. The salary attached to the position together with tbe numberless odds
and ends which be could gather to himself, constituted his chief motive in seeking tbe ofiice of Mayor It is impossible
that a man so « holly depending on bis
perquisites could inspire either general
confidence or respect.
[From the Trit-unej
Misery likes company. The newspaper organ ofthe knockers and backbiters and dead beats in Nelson is in sore
financial distress, and its editors would
have it appear tbat lhe city of Nelson is
in a like condition. The city of Nelson
is all right, because no one connected
with the Nelson Ivening Miner is in official position iu the city or ever likely
to be.
Tom Warren Killed.
Tom Warren, a well-known brakeman
on theCroWS Neat road) was killed yesterday at Smelter junction near Nelson,
while working in a mine. No details of
the accident have heed received. Tbe
Brotherhood of Railway Train-ven, of
which the deceased wai a member, held
ft meeting yesterday and a committee
was instructed lo look after the remains
and bave thein forwaided to Huttr,
Mont., where tlte deceased formerly
Working 24 Hours a Ds>.
There's 00 rest for those tireless little
worker.-—Dr. King's New Life Pills
Millions are always busy, curing totpid
liver, jaundice, biliousness, fever and
ague. They banish sick headache, drive
out malaria. Never gripe or weaken'
Small, taste nice, work wonders. Try
tbem. 25c at Heattie's drug store.
Holiday Kales bv the Canadian Pacific Ry.
In connection with the Christmas and
New Year's holidays lhe Canadian Pacific railway will put into effect the
usual local holiday rates of single fare
for the round trip. Passengers can purchase tickets on the following dates:
December 22, 23, 24 and 25. good lo return on January 3 and on December 29,
30, 31 nml January 1, good to return ou
January 3.	
A Horrible Outbreak.
Of large sores on my little daughter's
bead developed into a case of scald
bead" writes C. D. Isbill of Morganton,
Tenn., but Hurklei-'s Arnica Salve completely cured ln-r, It's a guaranteed
.' for ec/em 1, tetter- salt rheum, pimples, soles, ulcers and piles. Only 25c
t Ileatlie's drug stoic. CRANBROOK EERALD
Editor ami Proprietor.
ti:i:m.-* of suusoiiIPTtosi ;
The Herald ilnkes to give the nows ot the
district ir yuu know anv about lyonr town
your mini- ur ymir people, tewi it to thi-* office,
Next Tuesday is the lirst day of the
new year and the first day of ihe new
century, It is an appropriate time to
muke resolutions, und The Herald, with
an idea of being of assistance, makes the
following suggestions:
Resolve not to be hypocritical.
Resolve to lie liberal-minded.
Resolve  that  the world is lull of p.
pie ns good as yourself, aud that you are
as good ns any ol them,
Resolve to give other people credit for
iheir opinions, even if they do differ
with you.
Resolve to sny a kind word when the
opportunity offers.
Resolve to quit lying, unless you cnu
do yourself or Bomeoue else good by it.
Resolve that the member of any other
church probably stands as  well  as  you
do in the eyes of the Lord.
Resolve, if you are a single man. to
get married as soon as you can find
some good woman foolish enough lo
have you.
Resolve, if you aie a single woman, to
cultivate those traits that will make you
a good wife instead of a gossiping busybody.
Resolve, if you are it married woman,
to say a few kind words about your acquaintances, instead of roasting Ihem ut
every opportunity.
Resolve, if you are a preacher, lhat
you have noi a monopoly on the transportation to heaven, uud tbat llu-re may
be others who say less aud do mure.
Resolve to work for the town in which
you live and not be n knocker.
Resolve to be decent and manly even
if yon have lo give up some of your bad
Resolve lo be on the square. It won't
hint you.
Resolve to show more humanity nnd
less cussedness in your makeup.
Resolve (and remember this one) to
take your home paper, and pay for it.
Mr. GUI, who has charge of the town-
site ofiice during Mr. linker's absence,
says thai notwithstanding thnt real estate is naturally slow at this time of the
yeur, yet he finds lhat lots in Cranbrook
are in great demand, and purchases are
being made almost every day. There
are quite a uumher of persons gelling
ready to build, and are now selecting
locations. This speaks well for the
growth of Craubrook,
Did you eat too much ?
Next Tuesday you can sty "I'll quit,"
But you won't.
The Nelson Economist seems to be
playing the roll of "Me Too'' to the
Tribune of that city. -,
Next Tuesday is a good day for the
Nelson Tribune and Miner to resolve to
quit their personal quarrelling. Their
readers must be getting tired of it,
Tbe llay-Pauncefoote treaty has been
ratified by tbe I'uited Slates senate, after
being slightly amended. This settles
the controversy over the South American
It is n settled fact that Cranhrook is
the natural center of one of the best
mineral districts in British Columbia,
Watch Cruubrook grow. Nothing can
stop her now.
The Herald is in receipt of the special
Christmas number of thc Medicine Hat
News. It shows the magnificent build*
ings in Ihnl lown, ami also contaius facts
and iiguies that are the b»st ot evidence
of that  town's growth and prosperity.
1*;. Iv Cudahy, tbe millionaire pork
pucker of Omaha, Nebraska, paid J25.
000 cash for the return of bis fifleen-
yenr-obl sou who had been kidnapped.
This opens up a line of Industry that
will make a poor man with children feel
thankful that he has not made a fortune
Mr. Clarke Wallace, in his answer lo
the libel suit brought by Senator Pub
lord, for the statement thnt the latter
Utter gentlemen purchased his seat in
the senate, [*uts up lhe plea of "privileged statement'* during the heat of a
campaign. It Mr. Wallace is sustained,
the next campaign in Canada will be a
hot one, as there would he no restraint
UpoU campaign talkers.
Again tiie happy time Is here
When souls wiih work distressed,
Enjoy, wRh naught to Interfere,
Their glad vacation real,
Frum all his cares, tho city drudge.
Will hie himself away.
And eighty-seven miles will truilgo
For pleasure every day.
The dry  rooiIs clerk  will dully broil,
As 'neath the Bco-rcltlng muu.
Dismissing every thought of toil
IK* does a century run.
The pale bookkeeper, too much worn
To foot up hia accounts,
Will foot li now from early morn
Up ull the steepest mounts.
The ofllce slave will now* devott-
A week to restful rounds,
Ar.d 'lay by day will row a boat
That Wt.-inh.-i nine hundred pounds.
The tired city folks who say
Wlih ennui they're distressed,
On rural b-odtlcks stuffed with liay
Will find their nightly rest.
For "re'i*.'nl rural pleasures" whleh
At inline would drive us mad,
VV.- make some good fi-i farmer rich
And try to mink we're glad.
nm sweeter joys to those who roam
is ihat i;i.id momenl when
They're through with "resting" nnd corns
. In I.. A. W Uull<*tin.
Be sure
you are a
to the
when the
New Century
Adrian G.  fianauer
501-5412 Rookery Blilg, Spokane, Wash.
Headquarters lor Hnlltvan (Irmip and
North sim-. Write 01 iritu either buying or selling,
W, It. 11088, H. W. llKHOIIMRII
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
While  Closing  Out   These  Lines, a Ureat
Cut In Prices Will He Made.
40)slngls Gasoline Lamps, worth Ii2.no now b,oo
10 Double Gasoline I amps " 15.0a -- 12.00
SlOMedlilnal Klectrio Belts - • - CO-)
lit) Medicinal Kleeirlc Battel lis - - 6.M
sir, Medicinal Electric batteries • • a.mi
•W Children's Novelty Safety Livings ■ boo
100 Hand Oil I'aliitlngB oi Kootenay size 16x20
anil £0X30. worth -'-.'■"■ and f}M each, sellinK ai -rlii
ami lis, Including beautiful burnished gill
ftiiiiu!-). most suitable present of the dny.
All kinds ot pictures selllnu at m-t. picture
framing a ipulalty. Prices guaranteed the
lowest in Kooteny, Novelty Scissors, novelty
Electric Nei-kih* Lumps, etc, (lauds sent C.0,1).
wln-n deposit accompanies order ami all iiir.11
orders will receive prompt attention »t.
II. r. NOVELTY »;. ., Nelson, B.C.
Thirty days af.er date I Intend to apply to
1 ini-i t'oiiitnlHBloner of Lands and Works for
pertnlsslou to cut mid carry away timber from
following desL'tlleu landi Commencing at u
in.hi on tlie south bank of Bt. Mins rlvir about
two miles above nn uiii or Perry creek, aud run-
Ingsnutli 1211 olmlns- tlicnoe enst bo chain*,
tlienee north 120 chums, tlienee west SJcIiiiIds
to point of commencement,
( hester Mi-Adam.
Dated CranUrook December 17, ta-wi.
Thirty day nfter date l Intern) in apply ti
the elder commissioner or lands imd works fo
iii-riiiii-iiiii to nn and curry nway timber iron
iin- following described land: c enolngn
n post mi Knat line nre, McAdnm's pre-ammtoi
mi m. Marys river, and running b-ihI 81 ehnlii
tlicnoe south iw cltalus, ihenae west so olmliu
tlienee north 130 chains to imlni nr oomnienee
w. it. MePnrlnne,
Dated ni Cranhrook, December it, iouo,
Nolluo i-i hereby given that no dnys nfter dnte,
1 Intend lonpply to the Chief 1 oiimiisslsiier ol
himis ami Works for the |*rmlsslon lo pur
elinu the ffllowlngdBierlbed landsi An Island
sltunted nn Moyie Tako directly opposite Mnylo
City nml eontniulng one arm roor lews.
Cranbrook) ILO,, Deo. 1st, vmh.  ii, 11. Ml.NUIl
Notlco Is hereby given tlmt thlrly days ntt-v
dnte I intend to apply to tin.* cii-o! Com mis-
slouur of lands nnd works for permtsslon Uipur-
oliuse the follow ng described land:
Commencing at a post marked "A. It, Wall s
smith east corner post" planted nt the south
we-il corner ot 11. \V, Mollnti's pre-emption
about Six miles south west of < raiihiiiiil*; tlieilCO
est roi
141 llie
•Hst forty elinlns i thence south eighty
inlnn to the nim-i-* nf commencement.
Dated tills Mb day of November two,
Al.l*'ltl*:i> KDWAHD WAIT.!.
A cnjiy of the annual report of ihe
Victoria board of trade is at hand. It
la full of stnllslicB) ami there is an attempt tnaile to ^ive tbe evidence of progress in tbe Kootenays, but it Tails fl.it.
One report Is too circumscribed to give
the growth of all of British Columbia for I
one year. Either of the Kootenays
would take a good sized book. Yet the (
volume is an interesting one and will do
a lot of good. |
Land Notice.
Notice Is herein glvoil tlmt one lltnntll niter
the date of the Ilrsi publication of Ihls notice I
Intend (o apply to ibe olilof commlsdonor or
l ii'is ami works for permission to purchase Hie
following described laudsi lommenclngai n
post planted nt ibe northwest corner of Harry
.MHton'- pre-emption and wldcli post ia marked
'•W, West's ll.fi, Corner Post," thenoo norlh
wi chain*!, tnence wesi iu oIibIim, thenoo smitli so
olialns, tlienee east M olmlns to the placo or beginning, containing mo acrosi and which land Is
situated in tho Palmer Bar section of the diatrtol
nf South fast K note nay,and iilmm li miles smith
west of Crnnbrook,
Dated at Crnnbrook, 11.0., this Blst day or
November, A, D„ iw*, „,    „,
Win. West.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Craabrook,       :      •,        itrlllsli Columhla
J. H. KlN(i
Physician antl Surgeon.
OFIirl:- Mlillil.in lv   BLOOIC,
CRANUROOK,    :    :   :        :   :    B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
iiium Aicommi-iToiililg,       (iHAMlitnoil
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared in furnish plans
umi specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
jt   Jt   B. C.
G. Johnson....
\J/ Assayer
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick nve.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Fl. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co.
The only nil rail route between all
poinis P,ilst, West and Soutli to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE willi the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and U. R. & N. Company.
Connects nt
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Connects nt
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects dolly
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand porks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON. Oen. Pass. Act.
Lowest Rates Best Service
T'i ill points in Canada and lhe
In lid Sin ton, Tlle fail est
equipped train crnssin*.- llie continent. For limber particulars,
as to time, rales, dr., apply to
fi. J. C0YI.fi J. ATTW00D
A. 0. P. A. ARent,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbrook
60  YEAR9'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
AtiTnilfl •"itnlltiit ft -".ketch mid dtiminllnn DU
riulcklr iisi-di-IhIh cnir Opinion troo Mlielticr mi
iNvwitlim 11 i-n-lniMy puiciituhle.   ('uiiiniiiiiirn.
 -triatbroanfluontrali llnndbookonpsiBBii
mnl True. Oltli'-it iibrikip for iBOBrfil* pHteiitn.
I'm uul k liikim ttiruiiuli  Munn a fr  	
tprctnl miltrt, wtt limit ctinruo. In the
Scientific American.
A liRllilH'iiiu-1*/ muniriih'il mci>klv. J.m-i-it tAt*
ciiliilliiti "f nnv-. i-iiiiili' |i iini*il, 'lVntia. 13 a
r; I,nir iiumiliN.il.  Hold l.y nil imwiHlM-Ji-rs.
& Co.3G,BroBtlwiy
"Hriiniih ufflco, Rt K M„ Wnililiiiif
^.tia^^^^mma^L^meLmm^mssi^m:^ m „
1 CRANBROOK, : British Columbia.
■Ef  fDAIVRDnni^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
& \*l\^iyD\\\VJ\JT\a Nest Pass Railroad.
5® ?
P?  CjYfi flhFOnk  ^as a ll0=sta,, rour,d house, large machine
HE    ms/l aZA-ASaJS \J\Jm\.   «hnne   pvni'neivp vaitmaA httUAlnrra  nnA ov.
shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex=
tensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
?■ [ Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and eorpora-
p| tions of South East Kootenay.
jjj Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
jjj South East Kootenay.
H Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week afler
li week.
■pf Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
% manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner.
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
©♦"■»-»"■»■♦ ♦ •-• -»■»-»-» *
y*■• -»-»»-l •••• • ♦-•-•"•-*-♦(•)
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
rioyie's H°tel Kootenay
• .. \t/ The besl of accomodations
L-.Gctd 111 g   A for the traveling public.
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence  Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I. O. O. F. Block     Cranbrook, B. C.
Meats and Poultry
For the Holidays.
| M. Mclnnes & Co. *
m ...Markeli at... w
m m
J Cr.inbrook,    Wardner, m
m Kimberley, Moyie Fer- J
JJ nie and Fort Steele.   .* JJ
II c ere better prepared than ever to serve tlie
people ui South Hust kouteany in our line.
The best of Heats, Turkeys, Chickens,  Ducks,  Fish
and Oysters.
jtjtjt Sec the annual display.
*.*■************************¥-,**.*.********....**....*.. *
S 5
I The Cranbrook
Lumber Co,
Saw and Planing Mills       |
:::AT I
Livery  3
Proprietors ** ** **
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis ntul drivers furuisltetl for nny
point in the district.
Manager   Jt    Jt   Jt
\<r   TB
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Contractor and Builder
At present am hulldlng the new SI. Eugene
hospital and a number of two story aad other
Cranbrook, B. C.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon linking,
and Fainting.
All kinds ot work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
'    we do. Yours tor trade.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Have you talked wilh anyone about building?
Come aad see me or let me see you. II may
do us both good.
»■ Builder dt
:***:Cranbrook, B C
Qet Your   Photo   Taken
and put on one oi our New
Christmas mounts. There is
no gitf that will give more
pleasure to the friends in the
Prest, Photoghrapher
I Rough and
I Dressed Lumber, |
| Dimension Lumber, I
Shingles and |
Mouldings. I
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
..klMlilUI I.V
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Norlh Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in. East Kootenay. It is plastered tlirotitflirnil
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
It I* Often Snd. hm Vim Will Lenrn by
"Aud then the heartbroken, despairing girl Hud from tbe house-fled dowu
tin* Btreet—oa to tbe suburbs—out iuto
tbt' country lying bathed lu the moonlight. Sbe made straight for the proc-
lplee, mnl with a sob iu tier throat
nml n prayer on lier llpa she took the
Awful pluUBO.*1 (Coutlnued iu our next
for » ulekol. If jou don't got the next
iintiilier, you'll never know how muny
buiiea she luul broken.)
"Wiiut! Mnrry you!" almost wxentiirt!
the haughty Alfrlda bh bIiu drew hor
Helf up witli queeuly dignity.   "Sir, 1
would die ilrsi I"
"Then die!" Hhouted the COUUt ns he
stepped back mid began whirl lug the
crowbar arouud his heud to glvo mo-
mi'tituiu lo Ills blow.    At the lUOlUOttt
he   wuh   uhout   to   bring   tlie   terrlbhi
wenpou down upou hor Uiiu nml aril-
tocrntlc skull ilie door opened nnd—
(-Doil't full to IQO our next week's la*
Kite, ii will contain a wnr map mnl
fult detulls of why und how the iloor
opened and what resulted.)
"Father, If you Insist thnt 1 mnrry
this muu, for whom 1 hnve nut u Hpurk
of lovo— If you ure ileteruilned"—
"I mu deieriuliied," Interrupted ttio
"And my happiness—my tears—my
prayers—will not move you?"
"Not a move."
"Then, cold, cruel, heartless, setflsb,
unfeeling, unnatural father—then, air,
It only remains for me to-to"—
(What remained for her will be told
In our next Issue,  uud If you  UlisH lt
you will miss u good thing.    A nlckvl
juiys the bllU M. Quad.
Yuii neod not cough nil night nnd disturb
your friends) there is no occns'on for you
runnini.' tho risk of Dontraetlng Inflnmma-
tlon of the lunge or consumption, while you
can net Bickle'ts Antl-OonsumpMve Syrup.
Tiiis medicine cures coughs, coda, Inflnm.
tnntlon of the IurR8 nnd all throat nnd cheat
troubles. It promotes it free and easy rt.
nectoratlon, whieh Immediately relieves tho
throat and lungs from viscid phlegm.
Iii the (toyj nt olJ Ulyisca llicre were ilretn, n
llti'.v say,
Anil the SL>ngs they sang were wonderful anj
When tliey saw a -sail approach Inf.  U'cy would
lit ami tliiR awny
Till the voyagers were taken oil their feet-
Till tlie lioats were safely moored
And tin* voyagers were lured
To the lion ID Kit* •,::,:., wanted tliem to meet.
They had facet like Utc angela that arc pictured
In thc books,
l'hty had all the little graces men adore,
Bul ii ■-.. j I of allm. whito flitter*, they had ugly,
bony hooks
That they hid among 'he inowy folds they wore.
And null kin a ain-n civ*-),
beni some lictim to hii grave-
Left -in woman mourning on some other sin.re.
Tbere ate tlreni that still gather on the salt seashore lodny,
And the tlilngl llicy lay are wonderful to hear.
And   lhey swoop  down  on   the fellow  who goet
wnnderinj (lint way.
And lhey whisper things that charm him In hii
Oh, they pot hhll and cajole
Till they hau* him. heart und BOtll—
Till nonu* other victim chances to nppearl
Ah. the flirting of thc siren who Is sitting liy the
li ai LUI as it ever was of yore.
And her kits is Just as poison as lhat other's used
to be,
Though she doesn't kill her victim any more;
All she does h pout and smile
Por a happy link- while.
And tlnn  leave his poor heart  broken  on  lln
—Chicago Times-Herald
Dear Sirs,—This is to certify thnt I
have been troubled with a hum* back
for liftoBn years.
I have need   three  bottles  of your
< MINAUD'S LINIMENT  and am completely oured.
It (tivos me great pleasure io recommend lt and you ure   ut liberty to nse
* this In any wny to further the neo of
yonr valuable medicine.
Two Rivera.       ROBERT ROSS.
The Squire (mooting «n old servant
Whom  he I.elU'ved to be deildi   Why,
POt, I henrd ymi were (lead ttOd burled
yonrs iigoi
rut  Uogorra. iorr, ho did ut, but 01
iiiiiii I lieiuve |t|—King,
Is a symptom ot Kidney
Disease. A well-known
doctor hau snid, " I never
yet made n post-mortem cx-
umiimtioninncaseot death
from Heart Disease 'vittl-
out finding lhe kidneys
were at limit." The Kidney
medicine whieh wus first on
the market, most successful for Heart Disease and
all Kidney Troubles, and
most widely imitated Is
^.^-^»fc-fc'fc--fr^a-A lillAS
Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
carried  oa -margin.    Listed
mining stocks carried
' PWW 0X9 9 ——r—r—> miw^\M*29^-A*&.* m7^
One of 1Iu/ni*t'» Otitbrenlta.
Mozart, being once on n visit ut Marseilles, went lueogullo to hem* the per-
fiinnum-e of Ute "Vlllnnellii ItnpltO."
lie had reason to lie tolerably well
BlltlallUll, tilt, lu the midst or the principal ui'la, the ot'eheBlrn, through some
error lu lho eopylug or tho score,
Bounded a l> natunil where the composer hml writ teu U sharp, This BUb-
BtltUtlou did tint Injun* llie harm.my,
but gnvo a couimonplfl -Iiaiui'ti-r io
lhe phriise, uud nlisi'lllVil lhe Kelitllin'llt
of ihe composer.
Mozart mi Hoonor heard it than he
hi a i led up vehemently, uml, from llio
iiiiil.lle ol' the (ill. cried out In it volet)
ur llmiidur: "Will' ymi pluy )> Klmrp.
ymi wrolchoflV"
'ilu- Bensatlon protlucod lu ihe theater
may be I mil glued,   The actors woro
astounded, (lie ludy who  wus BlUglUg
Btoppod short, ihe orchestrn followed
hei- example, and tho ntulleuee, with
loud e\i-lumii11ons,  deiiiumleil thu ex-
pulsion of the offender, lie wnn accordingly seized, ami required to name
himself. He did so, and ut the inline
of Mozart the ehvuioi- SUUBlded- und
wuu succeeded by shouts of applause
from ull sides.
It was Insisted tbat tho opera Bhould
be recommenced. Mozart wuh installed in the orchestra, and directed the
whole performance This time the I)
sharp waa played In Ita proper place,
and the musicians themselves wero
surprised at the superior effect produced, After tbo opora Mozart wus
conducted In trlmnph to big hotel.
Too Much tturn-s,
Charles Mnckiiy once told this story
In connection with a Burns memorial:
Mackay hud promised to collect shillings for some monument to the honor
of Burns, nud he applied with confl-
donce for a subscription to an Eng-
Uslmiau who had represented In purlin-
nieut for many years a certain Scottish borough,
"No," said Mr. Fortescue Harrison.
"1 am no longer in parliament, and 1
have now much pleasure In refusing
to subscribe the shilling which In
former days 1 should have been
obliged to give. What 1 bave suffered
through Burns heaven alone can
tell! First, 1 bad to praise him In tho
most fulsome mnnner, without having
read his works. Then 1 had to learn
to reclto portions of bis poems by
henrt, and in doing so to give tho
verses as much as possible with a
Scotch accent. 1 have had to walk
without my hat nnd with the rnln
pouring down upon my unprotected
head as leader of a procession lu honor of Bums, nnd under theso clrcum-
stances I refuse with genuine delight
to give a shilling or any smaller sum
to the object you have fu view."
Tbe Lnslest Man,
The laziest mnn In North America
discovered himself tbe other evening
In tlie swell bachelor apartment1* not
far Trom Lafayette square where he
lives. He was lying on a couch In his
lounging room, smoking a cigar, when
the cigar went out—that Is to sny,
thc lire at the end of the cigar departed. Thc mnn raised himself on one
arm with grent effort, nnd snnpped the
messenger bell thut was Installed over
tiie couch. Then be reclined nnd waited. After ubout ten minutes there wns
a knock at the door, nnd a messenger
boy entered.
"D'jou ring, sir?" asked the boy.
"Yes. son," said the laziest mnn In
the western hemisphere, "Just gimme
h match off tbnt table thore, will you?"
The boy Immlcil the mnn oa the
couch a mat tli nnd waited. The man
relighted hts cigar ond smoked on,
"li'Jou waut me to go somewhere,
air?" asked (lie boy, fidgeting*.
"No. tlint's nil," said the man. "Tnke
thnt half dollar on the table,"
Then the boy wenl out. grinning.
That mnn ought to be on BOme government "commission" to Investigate
something   somowbore.
No Nonsense,
Once In awhile there is a princes
from whose lips plain words full moro
readily thau precious stones. One such,
the   wife uf one of   London's  lending
editors, figures in tbe "Personal Recollections" of II. Sulherlum) Kihvillils.
The editor hud occasion to present a
distinguished gentleinnu to his wife.
He spoke as a hast mini, but he wns not
far wrong when he snid. "Allow me to
Introduce you to tbo most charming
womnn iu Europe."
"Don't bo a fool, Sum!" suid the lady
ns lho extended her hand.
SnleHmnn-These collars nre nil tbe
go.   They are worn by everybody,
Customer-Ill thut i-use I dou't think
I tan* lo buy any of lhem.
Bnlosmnn—Wheu l sny everybody, of
course I menu e\eiyboily of correct
taste. And persons of correct taste ure
so few, you know,
Custoiner-I think I'll take a dozen.
Tin- Hml lit t-'nmM).
Tho Smiths are everywhere. In
Italy they uro culled Smith!, in Unl
land, Schmidt| In Russia, BmltowsUI
In Spnlu, Smithus; in Poland, Sclmiltl-
weiski aud lu Mexico Smltrl. In England the Smiths nre the most numerous of nil families, but in Ireland they
are content to runt; fifth, after Murphy,
Kelly, Sullivan uud Wnlsh.
The tire-en land Merry.
Things grow very fast In the short
Grceulaud summer. Ah soou as the
snow melts off, lu mnny plnccs the
ground Is covered with a vine which
bears a small berry something like a
huckleberry. It is nearly tasteless, but
Juicy, uud the natives are fond of It
Public Opinion,
The single snowllnke— who cares fot
It? But a whole day of snowflnkes-
who does not cure for that'/ Private
opinion is weak, but public opinion ia
oluioBt omnipotent
A Story of a
One Eyed Man.
* '*
* «'«*« 'im HUWi Ml a*******'* *■** naa'Ae*
Colonel   Tnledann,   unhappily   named •
Pollfetno, was n ferocious mini, who wort*!
a long frock coat, cheeked trousers and
a Inuiul brimmed bat—gigantic stature,
rigid galti an imposing, enormous white]
mustache, a voice of thunder ami a!
heart of bronze. But even more for-
laidahli* T Ii ii ti  all  this wns the grim  and]
nuitii effect of the terrible, bl Ithtraty
gate of his shik'ii* eye. In hla other oye
the colonel was blind. In the African war
In* Iimi slaughtered many Moors and had
taken delight In tearing out their pni-
pn tat lag entrails. At least this was the
blind belief <>r nil of us—we littlo boyi
who, aftor school, used to go to pluy Inl
tin* park of Snn Francisco, in the very)
noble and heroic city of Ovlcdo.
Tills fearful mini had n nephew K or W
j-ears old like ourselvos, Unbuppy hoy!
We could not see him In the park without reeling nu Infinite pity for Iilm. in
tin* courso or time I cann* to see u tinner
nf wild beasts put n lamb late the cage
nr a lieu. It ninth* u iiln impression upon
me when I saw 0(lipoma Toledatia
ivnlking with Ute uncle. We could nm
miilersiiniii bow ii "as tliat Hint unfortunate boy could keep up his nppetltc
mnl regularly maintain hte vital functions, why In* did n»i grow sloh nt heart
or die consumed by n slow lever. Whenever u few dnys panned without Ute op*
peering in tho pork wo all felt our hearts
n git it ted by lhe sunn* doUbJt,   "lie must
have heen devoured at last."    Ami when
iliiuIty  in  si  plnce wc came across
him Bound and well we ail were hoth
surprised mid pleased. lint we were
certain lhat some day or other he would
end in becoming a victim tn some sanguinary caprice of Pollfeaio,
Tho strange thing nbout ihe ease wm
that In his animated face Onsparllo
gave no token of those marks of terror
ami depression (Imt should imve been the
only things visible therein. On tlie contrary, Ids eyes were alwa.vs beaming With
a coi'dtlll Joy ihnl left us Btupe-Hml, Wlieu
lie went with his uncle, he slipped wilh
the greatest freedom, smiling, hnppy,
(■kipping at times; nt others pit her Ins
uiiilneily or Ins iiin-icciice reaching so fnr
that he would make grimaces ul us he-
hind ihe colonel's back, lt had ilu- sumo
nguulzlng effect upon us ns ir ive luul
seen hlm dancing upon the vane, or the
cathedral tower.
Thu ulr vibrated with tlie roar ami transmitted it to the confines of lhe purl;. Nut
one of us there could keep (the color in
our cheeks. Qnsparlto alone gave heed
us were It the voice or a siren.
"Whnt is it, uncle?"
Am! lie ran to liim, executing oil the
way some complicated diiitclng step.
Besides this nephew, the monster wns
lhe possessor nr u dug ihnt had to live
in Ihe same unhappy slate, although lie
nlso gave no evidence of it. Ile wus n
lieoutlful Dane uf a hhiisli color, big,
light of movement, vigorous, am! lip answered to Hie inline of Matey, .Inulitlc.--*.
in recollection of nnme unlucky Moor
stterlfieed by his mnsler. Mtiley, like
tluspni'lto-i lived sulijici to thi; power of
Ppllfemo the smne as ir iu llie lap of
nn udullBque. Graceful, sportive, frieiidlv.
Incapable uf deceit, lie was, while nffeud*
ion nobody, the least fearsome mul the
musl affable dup at th,. many I have
known in the course nf my iir.-.'
Willi these attributes ii is nnl m be
wondered Hint all nf us children should
have been enplivainl with hlm: Always
ivlieii il was piiHslbln for us to do it without danger of the colonel remarking we
disputed with each other for the Imnnr
of treating htm with bread, biscuit,
cheese nml other tidbits llial our mam
mns gave us for lunclienii. Mnlcy accepted everything with undisguised pleasure nnd gave us unmistakable proofs of
sympathy and recognition, Bul iinally.
that it mny he seen to whnt degree of
nobility    nnd    di-iiilereslrihiess    renehed
thp sentiments of this memorable caulne,
mu) that he mny serve as n lusting example fur dogs nml men. I will sny that liis
greatest a (feel Inn was not shown for
Ilu ie who gave him the most.
Then* used to play with ns occasionally
iin  the provinces and  In  those days  sn
clnl clflsses did nnt exist among children)
n poor little fellow from the lumpier
mimed An.Ires, whn could not give him
anything, fur he luul nothing to give.
Very well: (he preferences of Muley were
ror him. The liveliest tail wngglngs. lhe
highest and most vehement gninbolings,
were dedicated to Andres in neglect of
the others. What an example for nny
deputy nf the majority party!
Did Muley divine that thai destitute
child, always silent ami snd, htl) mure
need of his affection tlmn ourselves? I
do not know, but so it seeii'i'i! to he.
For his part Andrcsito hnd come to
conceive n genuine passion fnr the nni-
nial. When we found ourselves playing
together In tlie most distant part of the
park, pitching quoits or piuying "chapai,"
ami Muley happened to present himself
Unexpectedly, he would know nt mice
how to call Andres nside and would slny
with him for a long time, ns if he hml
■nine secret to communicate,   The eolos-
snl silhouette nf  I'nlifelun would  he dis-
cornlhlo afar among tiie trees.
But these Heeling Interviews, full of
apprehension, were all too InsiilUcIoat for
the foundling,    Like a genuine lover, he
was anxious to rejoice in tlie presence
of liis Idol prntrnt'ledty nml alone.
Therefore nnt; nfternonn with Ingrgd I -
hie intrepidity he bore the ling from mir
I -.. nwny to tbe hospice, which in
Ovt-pdu is called hi Inclusa, and did not
return till no hour bad passed. II,* came
ba *k   radiant   with  happiness.    Muley
llki wise looked •superlatively phased. By
good fortune the colonel had tint left the
pnseo and bad not observed the desertion
i ! his dug,
These escapades repented theuiselvs
tvnm <oie afternoon to another. Tho
friendship of Audrcsito ami Muley con
tinned to cement Itself.
But thu foundling wns net satisfied
even yet. Theie neiinimited in his mini
the idea of currying off Muley to sleep
wiih him nt the Inclusa.
Being uu aid Io the conk, he slept in one
of ihe corridors beside the chamber nr
that functionary ou a bed nf corasiulks.
Ooo afteruoou lie couducted the il"i-* away
to the bosnlce aad did not cume hack.
What a delicious night for the unhappy
child! Ile hud never in his life known
other caresses than th-osti °f Muley. First
the musters nml then the cook luul nl-
ways talked to him wiih md in hand.
Bey ami dog slept embraced like t*; ■
lovers. Along toward daylight the child
felt the smarting of a blow which lln
cook hnd given him mi the buck with a
stick tbe eveniug before, lie pulled down
his shirt.
"Look, Muley," be said, in u low voice,
showing tbe bruise.
The dug, more cpmpanlon&to tban tbu
mau, licked th.* livid llcsli ofthe boy,
As soon as tiny opened tho door An*
dies   lot  the  dug go.     Muley   mil   to  tin*
bouse uf his iter, but in the nfteruoi n
he WOS buck iu the purl; ugulo, disposed
to follow Aiulresilii. They slept togcthci
Bg&lu thut night and tlio night Bftcr ami
the next one also, llm bUsi is brief i
tins world. AudrcsltO wns hnppy on lln*
brink of H precipice.
One afternoon when wc were nil to
gather in a close group plijylng buttom*
we heard behind us twn rormldnbh
"(Jet up!    Got up!"
Kvery bend turned ns if moved by rim*
spring. Before us there loomed the
cyclopean figure of Colonel Tolcduno,
"Which of ymi Is ihe rogue who carrion
off my dog every night, 1 wuuld like (a
Sepulchral silence in ihe assembly,
Terror held us clampeil. rigid, us if We
were turned to sticks.
Once more sounilul the trumpet of the
hist judgment.
"Whu is Hie thief? Who is the bandit V
Whn is the miserable?H
The ardent eye of Pollfetno devouped
us one after the other. Muley, who hud
accompanied him. gazed upon us also
with his own loyul, Inuocupt eyes uml
nervously moved his tail In'token of nu
Meauwhile Andrealto, paler than wax
came forward n step and soldi
"Do not bhinie anybody, senor, I nm
the one."
"I am the one," repented the liltle fellow In a louder voice.
"Oho! Tlinu art the one!" said tli
colonel, smiling ferociously. "And llinn
knewest not who owned ihis dug'/"
Amlresllo kept silent.
"Knowest thou n*,t whose It Is?" lie
asked ngnin III Ids loudest tones.
"Ves. senor."
"How?   Talk louder!"
And he put liis hnud tu his ear to re
enforce thnt pavilion!
"I said yes. senor,"
"Who is the owiiei ?   I wnnt to know."
"Senor Pollfemo,-*'
I shut my eyes. I believe my cum
radcS must nil have, done the same
When I opened them. 1 lielievcd ihu:
Andrcsito must then huve been efface
from tiie honk of the living. Kurtunnlcl,
It was not so. The colotiel wns g-izi-i;.*
fixedly at him wiih niuit* curiosity tlm;
"And why did yuu Hike him?"
"Becnuse he Is my friend ami he love
me," sold the child in n linn voice.
The colonel again gased fixedly tipm
"Very well." lie said at last. "But tukc
herd not to do it again. If ynu do, you
may be sure I will puli your ears off."
And he wheeled majestically upon hi.
foundations. But hefore inking a step
he raised his baud lo hla waistcoat, pulled out u  halt dollar ami said,  turning
round again:
"Here, take this! Keep it for cntitly.
But take enre not to carry off the dog
ngnin! Take care!" And he walked
nway. Four or five steps off It occurred
to him lo turn his head. Amlresito had
dropped Mie coin hu tlie ground nnd wns
Bobbing, his face hid in Ins hands. The
colonel came back qtiicklyi
"An crying?    Whal   fur?    Dou't cry.
"Because 1 love him so much, because
he is the only one In the world who InvPS
me." moaned Andres,
•'But whose son nrt thuu?" asked the
colonel in surprise.
"I am from the inclusa."
"How?" cried Polifemo,
"I nm u foundling."
Then we snw the colonel transform
himself, lie seized llie child, pulled his
hands nway from liis face, wiped away tho
terns with his handkerchief, hugged htm,
kissed him, repealing in agitation:
"Pardon, my sim: pardon! Take no
heed of whnt I have snid to thee. Take
tho dog with thee whenever thou willst."
May God pnrdon me, but I will swear
to having seen n tear In the sanguinary
eye of Polifcino.
Andrcsito went nwny running, followed
by Ids friend, who harked with delight.—
Translated Prom the Spanish For Bob-
ton Herald.
The mnn who Is nfnild he mny work
too hard never does.—Chicago Times
Chafing and Itching Skin
Exasperated by Summer Heat Becomes Intolerable—Relief is Prompt and Oure Certain When Dr. Chase's
Ointment is Used.
To muny fleshy people summer la
tbe time of much misery from chafing und skin Irritation, Somo complain particularly of sore foot, caused by perspiration while walking.
Others suffer from itching skin dis-
eiises, Hitch us eczema, salt rheum,
rush or hives.
Persons who Imvo tried Dr. Chase's
Ointment     fur     Itching  or   Irritated
skin ure enthusiastic iu rocominend-
ing it to their friends because it iu
tho only preparation which affords
Instant relief, and speedily brings
about a thorough cure.
Ab a matttr of fact Dr. Chase's
Ointment bus COMO to be considered tho Hlnndard preparation for
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Try it wlum the feet are chafed,
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the skin is chafed, Inflamed and irritated. Try It for pimples, black-
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Mr. M. A. Smith, Brockville, Ont.,
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challug. burning, and Itching of lho
skin, and never found anything to do
tne gootl, or oven glvo mo relief, un
til I used Dr. Ohaso's Ointment. 1
would advise all sufferers and especially bicycle riders, to always have
Il uu hnud."
This is a copy o( tho letter from
Mrs. James Bradley, Amberley, Huron county,  Ontario:
"I was afflicted with eczema for
over six mouths, and it was so bad
that my head was a solid muss of
scabs, and would ulcerate when
scratched. The Itching was intense,
l could not stand it. I had doctored fnr four months, und it did ; not
do me any' gootl. I had to give tip"
housework and go homo to my
Mother. I tried nearly everything,
but could got no relief. Sooingyour
advertisement in ono of tho Toronlo
papers I decided to try Dr. Chase's
"I got relief from the first application, nud Jt only required one box
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I am sure thut Dr. Chose'd Ointment
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A* lit* tiraW Older lilt trouble Si-fined
t„ liKiur HM) Ull r.ir.iil* TtlQUght
llim I).,.,:.!,,! to tin lav im'-. Llfc-Ur
William*' rink I'ilU CurtH) llim When
Hope Had Altuu*t l>i-i>ait,d.
From Ur- Post, Thorold,  Ont.
Mr. .liim-**- Dabauld und wlfo ure
two uf the heat known residinis uf
the lown of Thorold. where they
have passed many years. In tlicir
family tbey have u little son who,
although bin ten years of age, boa
experienced much affliction, and Ins
parents axponded many a dollar in
Lhe search tor his renewed health-
all in vain, however, uni il Br, u II-
liwus' I'ink Pills wen* brought Into
use. A Posl ruporlor bearing of (he
cure, culled ni Mr. Dabauld's cosy
homo and received full particulars
from Mrs. Dubald. "I am pleased,"
said Mrs. Dabauld, "to have th,- public  made  ,i\van*  of  He*   facts  of     m.V
boy's caso ii it is hkely to help some
other suilerer Charley is now too
yenrs of nne. In Infancy he was a
del lea Uj child, but from four lo sown
he scarcely passed a well day. At
four years ol nu1' ho begun to complain of frequent boadachos, which
later tiecniiie almost continuous, und
soon symptoms of general debility
developed. Mis appotita was poor
and he grow pah- and i-iiinciiiti-d. uml
tbe leeal exertion caused a sovoro
palpitation nml fluttering of the
heart, ami dizziness. Al times there
was considerable derangement of Ills
stomach; a bluonoss oi Uu* lips and a
shortness of breath. He would often lie awake at night and rise iu the
morning     haggard ami unrofruahod.
During  his  illness  ho  was  healed by
two doctors. Hoib dlfterod In tho
diagnosis of lhe case. One said it
was catnrrh of the stomach, nnd
while his ircainieut was persisted In
there was m> Improvement. Tho second also attended liim for some timu
With   no     heller  results.    Some   lime
afler my attention wus attracted liy
my aunt to Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills,
ami aboUl'Scptcmbur, is:i7. I procured ihe pills and he began taking
Ihem.     We hud loug before como lo
till! .conclusion lie WOUld be Ull ili-
v'aliil for life, hut bellovillg it n. duty
I owed in my child i«> procure all
moans of relief, i uas determined to
givo Dr. Williams' I'ink i'ills a fair
trial. The good elfecls of the Ilrst
box was apparent, ami live bu
wero used, which wen* taken
about, six months' timo, when ho was
strong.ami well, and could attend
school, and play ami frolic as other
healthy boys do. a* ovory symptom
of bis old trouble bus vanished,    1
consider his cure complete    The pills
have certainly done him a world uf
good, as nearly three years havo
since passed awny and he hns not
seen a sick day in thai, length of
time. I shall ever feel thnL we owe
our boy's health to Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, antl bollovo that their
prompt use would relieve much suffering,"
Dr. Williams* Pink Pills are just
as valuable in the ease of children
with adults, nnd puny little onee
would soon thrive ami grow fat undor this treatment, which hits
equal for building Up tho blood and
giving renewed strength lo bruin,
body and nerves. Sold by all dealers or sent postpaid at 50c. a box
or six boxes for $2.50, bv nddre
Ing tho Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont. Do not be persuaded to try something else said to
be "just as good."
Ami Aft»r Thnt She Wait Quiet,
Mr, Hubbsley— I don't seo how you
can sit there claiming tbat the baby
takes after you.
Mrs. Hubbsley—Why, everybody snys
she's the very picture uf me.
Mr. Hubbsley—ThnPs all right, nut
here she is nearly I) mouths old und
doesn't sny a word.—Chicago Times-
SLEEPLESSNESS ia due to uervoujox.
oltement, The delicately conetituted, lhe
financier, the business mnn, and those whose
occupulionnei-ctiijitated ureat mental strain
or worry, all Miller less or more frum it.
Sleep is tiie ({routrestorer ofa worried bruin,
and to get sleep eleiiUBo tlie stomach from
nil Impurities with a few doae*-) of Farmeleo's
Vegetable Pills, gelatine coated, contuinlng
no mercury, nnd ure guaranteed to give Bat-
lgfaction ur tho money will be refunded.
Iu u cortaln class of Russian
schools tin; highest reward given is
tho Initial letters o( the empress'
name. It consists of tho initials in
solid gold an inch and a quarter in
height on a blue bow.
There never wub, and never will be, a
universal panacea, la ono temi dy, for all lit**
to which flesh ia heir—the very nature of
many curatives being such tlmt were the
genua of oiher and differently seated diseases rooted in the system uf the patient—
what would relieve one ill in turn wuuld aggravate tlio other. We bave, however, in
■Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound.
unadulterated state, a remedy for mnny and
grievous ilia. By its gruduul and judicium
u.-e the fniiii -c r-y-.ii il- are led inlo convalescence und Btrengtb by the influence which
Quinine exert* m nature's own restorative.-!.
It relieves the drooping spirits uf those with
whom a chronic --tut,- of morbid despondency und luck of [ntere-ftt In life is a di-Mmac,
und, by tru-npiiiiziiijf the nerves, diBposci to
cound nnd rofre.-hinu aleoii— imparts vigor
to tho action of the blood, which, being
■tlmulutcd. exiir.-i- tliron-jliuut the veins,
ttreniithenltiK tlm lieu thy aninuil luncliona
of Ihe ayat-btu.  thereby  mukinu   nclivity u
neceaaary wsult, strengthening the frame,
tnd giving life to ihe digestive organs, whlon
naturally deiniinO Increased .-tibstancc—result, improved ftppstito, Northrop & Lyman,
of Toronto have given to tbe public their
superior Quinine wine ut the usual rate,and.
gauged by the opinion of scientist*, thia
wine approaches nearest perfection of uny in
the murket.   All dru^i.-ie* -. ,i it,
faults     t
f fine  character  confess their
hemselves    and    punish
It lies ln our own power to at-
tuno the mind to cheerfulness.-Auer
ner, Lnngton, writes: "For nbout two years
I wne troubled with Inward Piles, but by us
ing Parmelee's Fills, I was completely cured,
una although four years huvu elupi-ed since
thon they huvo nut returned." Parmelee's
Fillttiiro anti-bilioua and a si>ecillc fur tho
euro of tho Liver nnd Kidney Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Oostivenesa, Headache, Piles,
etc., and will regulate the secretloas und r^-
muvu all bilious matter.
Tho    boautiful is beauty seen with
tho oyo of tho soul.-Joubert.
Apologies    only    account for thai
which they do not alter.-Disraeli.
The Hands of the Worker
And his (ace also, will ef necessity get stained
With Oil, Paint, Rust, etc.
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
Will nuke itl Mains dli-appeari leavo the skin
white and Boll, and the tar of which it limadfl
heals any cuts i-r bruises.
Soli! hy alt dealer-, in good soaps.
■ (In-
Now Ten, Co;
Oivn Tea. is raptdt-y growing
vm- wiih Japan ton drinkers,
catlso il is similar In tnsle lo tl
est Japan Tea, it is intiniti-ly more
ih'lii'intis mnl far more heallhtul In
uso, It Is boing Introduced t,v the
"SALAUA" Tea ( ompany in their
woll known sealed load packets and
thoy say it is going to dtsplaco ,1a-
pnn Toa just ius "8AI.ADA" Black
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■""■ India HOTEL BALHORAL,'''.'r"
i-nl.   Fm- Hu*. Am.
ap.   K.P.ii.eui*.
It is said that Lord Salisbury,
when in tke country recently, arose
at 1 80 in tilt' morning and read
'Monte Chrlsto." He waa surprised
at Sondrlnghatn by the Prince of
Wales, also an early riser, who iif-
lerwords got up a 1 to read the
same book, beating tbe prime minis-*
, ter by half aa hour.
An impudent fraud was perpetrated upon a Manchester bunk by one
of its customers, who opened an account     With     same  few   hundreds   of
pounds, Tho man, aficr a few weeks
drew two checks, each with a pound
or so of his balance, anil select iny a
busy tiny, prosontoh himself at one
end of tho counter, with an accomplice, when he saw thgt his friend's
check had been cashed, Immediately
presented his own to a cashier at
the olher end. Hoth cashiers referred the checks to the ledger clerk,
who, thinking tho same cashier had
asked him twice, said "right" to
both checks. The thieves were never
matter of feeling, not
rgo W. Curtis.
A tu table, Imt  rnth-rtlc
"What te jour object lu dwelling to
persist ent ly eu abstruse philosophic top-
"Well, answered tho man with n very
:e: lie but unprosperoua l^k. "1 suppose
t'- lit ,;u-e i;'> one of the few places
■.l.e:e I i'.iu dwell without paying rent*"
Washington Star.
ik li*
It, 1-.-0 l
How's This?
Wo offer
Hali'V'i '
-   I Dollars Reward for
>f fut uh that cannot I •■ cuictl by
CHENEV A CO. Prouo ,Toledo, 0.
F   I. CHENEY A CO,  Prut* .Tolwii
Wo, tin* atulortigned, hava Emm F.
.'hi-1'eyf..r tin* last 15 vmr- uml believe him
< rfiii-lly heti'.rnlili* in nft bunim-n-. trim-met lum,
i-.il iin nel.illj- ulil,* o parry oat nnv ublfntiun
mii'li- liv tin Ir Ibtn.
WwiTATliOAX,\Vhol-Milo DruRgUts.Tole-do.O.
W'Ai.niMi,    Kjvs-ax   A   Mahyiv,   Wholesale
DrtijUgit-.l**-1-, l,ii*ii*i,o.
Hulls Catorrli Ouro ts taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood aad moo us sur-
fut*," of tin.*.«yHteui. Priie, t.*-o- per bottle. Bold
hy nil ilnijot -'s.   Te-jttmoillalS fn.-a
Hull's Family PUIh aru the bet.
.: . - -1 ■ lake Inttrainents i*,*k
! »■ imlf ],r..v [I ; arH-M le-log thMra an> not Un-
, vll t ii aftn ai ■,.- l-nr ih*. w k-
y Ptm, Win i-i.--t.v-. I have used "Oiyd-
no-' li :a weeks tot Br i Mils and Ua-
lUrrhoftbeB ad,andlfe«l Ikaanew nmn
■ Sir-, y. i. <• ,.*-. wj- r.:;.*c. *iv-: lhadaut-
i f-rt-l u- t-i ■: ag ttitan n 14 -•' * - p - aat aud
i il Ml-vr-d m< •.? I'aln unt I. •* i w-rk* I was
Mr. w.o Blltrorthv,Wluniprg,iar*: Iha-rt
1 raff1 "l i'-r1 ■ rears "i:'i irtlco at ibeamaUam]
■f ii. h l Ital for B weeks, au.l uv-i alimnt
everr remedy, I clndinf mesmerism galran-
• . **.r: ■ .*!: eto 1 have u*.,! nitd*>iior
ludav-t an i icoeiTcd mor* benefit MuJi frum
I v-!,:  k* tlio.
Mr- o«go r Winnipeg, awn:   I nave used tt
I w it 11*  »::■ nerer >>1ck.
aii't it haAcurtri tie. of lerere IndtgeHtou and la
Ba-vdealen m mtedin eTery district A-Jdrt-s*
Wm T.tinjtins,GnUn Ki'.hai.ifv. U'innii>*.-g,
At tbe Methodist conference being
held at Viroqua, Wis., Bishop Muila-
Iieti delivered un address. He said
ho liojied they would avoid books
like "David Harem," a book full of
runt,  profanity, and  tobacco.
Madder is the root of a herblike
growth. It is about the size of a
lead kencil and much longer. It Is
cleansed, dried and ground. It is a
THERE IS NOT a more dangerous class
of disorders than those which affect the
breathing organs. Nullify this danger
with Dr. Thomas' Eulectn'o Oil—a pulmonic of acknowledged efficacy. It eures
lameness and Boreueis when applied externally, as well ua swelled neck and
orick In tbo bauk; and, it- an Inward specific, possesses most substantial clalmB to
public confidence.
Cream of tartar is the refined
crust or sediment formed in the interior of wine vols and wine bottles, existing primarily in the juice
of the grape.
Emery  Is the fine    particles of a  «
mineral  (emery) and  in krepared by     |
heating to n high degree nnd cooling |
suddenly with water and then crushing 	
MINABD'S LINIMENT for Sale Ererrwhere.
There is great ability in knowing
how to conceal one's ability.- Im.
CJood advice is liko life insurance. I
If you take it when young, it be-
'omes very valuable in old age.
If a girl has attended a. boarding
K-hool one year of her life, she always refers to that school as the
placo   where  she  received   her educa-
Incidents in Tbia Strenuous u>.
When the overage Uiuu gets buck n
dollar ton much In change, lu* doesn't
stop to sec whether it i* gootl or not.
It Is pretty linrtl to get men to t-ym-
pnthlze with tin* fellow who wants men*
ey fm* ulii'iiiiu-il Directions,
One trouble wlih peoplo who nre will
Ing to let woll enough alone Is thnt tbey
iiml troll enough too near tho bottom.
Perhaps women ure h hitter sgalnil
Iheir slitprs whn go wrong becousn Iho
hitter sprin to Imve suoli n pleasant timo.
How gratifying it is tu be visited hy
relatives who dldn'l kuow you when rou
Ku Shnltercil Iilenla.
"So she Las poue home to her mother, bus she? Don't ynu know. It's lhe
Middcm thin? on earth io think of u
trusting,  tond  womnn awakening io
li.i.l hei lih-alft huvi- been shutleicl.
thul she loves him no longer, thut her
Idol hns feet of rl.i.v"-
"Oh. Ihere wns nothing of thut so;*t
In It. She Inv.s lijm as well us ever.
but sin- win burl; i" um In-piicse she
Minard's Liniment Cures Bnrns, Etc,
Wi keep a large Stock alvays oo
hand of
We can tit out Daily or Weekly
Papers or Job Outfits ob ■
few hoars notice.
175 OWEN ST., f DOM.
Issues un Ides) Policy,
Mjrre, Uwiltolw and N. W, T.,
Winnipeg, Man.
Or to ri:Ti-:u dickmin, Oeneml A-x-ntit,
Whinliii'i*, Man*
Brass Band
InilrtiTiirnta. DriniiH, Unitarian, Kte,
Lowest prIi-t-M -ever quoted. Khiu rsUIof[tis
80 Illustration* DMll-sd rre«. Write U for my
lliini In Huileur lluilikl Iti-otrumauU.
Wh»l.y EOJC. ft 00., T"aiS',:*M.dn.
Miunif.u t ur. il   Iir THON. U.K.  Win lil|l
The son uml (IiwkIiUt o( the   luW
milllonaire,    ,1 os. Oowon of Nowcas-
Ue, Eng., will continue to   conduct
Ihoir father's news pu jut in thuti
anil Mtes Cnwen    will hnve eointi,.-,"     ,       ., ,. ., ,-„     -.
,      . ,      . .     ,   ,     , .'.,     ' nlHr», ItUlRIOtUPI-OtarN I tut u.,r v. nnn Clmrrti
oua hh and editorial chargo of   tho oriiaiiiBiiin.i->iiicnti.iniiiw„rkH. M»iioni<-rinr
Wi-i'kly chronicle. Mlvaprompt »ttentlon, D. & J. SadilCF& CO.pHOU-iTfill
lapor in Unit citj' -flfL-frinl-tA Proiror Books, Boturlet,
nil have i-onitileU! r**aLI1011C rrayer Oruolfbies, So«p.
iu  iilm. M.iijii    i. lulurt, l{«ll(ri"u*'i'i'*!iinv^iiiliii1rv,i»nnt;tmrrli
W. N. U. 293. The people of Cranbrook and
South East Kootenay ....
A Happy New Year I
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist. £
I Happy New Year!
I This is the season when Resolutisns are made-    Every-
'1 boby makes them and nearly everybody breaks them.
1 Why not adopt one you can keep, something like this:
1 We'll   Xry Rogers for Groceries.
s-j Our aim will be to please, keeping: the stock fresh and
-J of best qualities only; come and select your wants, or if
3 you prefer it, we will call for your orders.   All goods de-
9 livered promptly.   Personyl attention paid to all orders,
i] Ask for samples of tea and coffee.
•   I •   K^CIV^i and Crockery.
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Fresh dairy butler at Rogers'.
Jud Lun-^ly was in town Monday.
Dry wood for sale, Apply to Richard
McClary'a stoves, the best in Canada,
at Gilpin's.
25 per cent discount nn all clothing at
Firewood—pine, fir and latuarac in all
lengths.   VanDecar Sl Son.
See King, She Grocer, for Christmas
Fresh Dairy Butter just arrived, at
For good cigars and tobaccos call at
J, R Gates, of Kimberley, was iu town
hint Friday.
Fred Kwhart spent bis holiday vacation in Nelson.
George Joyce came down from Fertile
for Christmas.
P. V. Hope and wife, of Moyie, were
iu town Muielay.
King, tiie Grocer, is malting a great
ruu ou dried fruits.
Tlie school children are uow enjoying
their Christmas holidays.
For choice fiuit and confectionery
rail at Gamut's restaurant.
A. h. McDermot is now in charge of
the bouks at G. H. Gilpin's.
J, P. Fink bas been suffering from a
bad cold tbe past few days.
For good fresh oysters in any style,
call at Gamut's, Craubrook block.
Contractor Greer has started work on
W. S, Keay'a new residence on Baker
Calgary this week may be our town
next week. Get thai fire insurance.
See Hutch.
Born, on Monday, December 24, 1900,
to Mr, and Mrs, George Morrow, a
John Breckenridge came down from
Fernie to spend Christmas with Mrs.
The employes of M. Mclnnes & Co
had an oyster supper at the Cosmopolitan Christmas eve.
G. II. Gilpiu is opening his branch
store In Mo* Ie this week and is putting
in a large stock of goods.
A carload of Indians came over from
West Kootenay Saturday tospeud Christ-
mas at St. Kugene Mission.
G. T. Rogers, the grocery and crockery man, remembered The Herald staff
with a box of cigars for Christinas.
A. W. Sutherland and J W, lAvtts, of
Moyie, came up last Monday aud went
t» tbe Mission lo witness tbe Christmus
A. 1*. Brenitier uud family wereiutown
visiting frittttds a few days Ibis week before their departure fur llieir old home
iu Calgary.
Tiie Cosmopolitan dining room was
made a bower of beauty for Christmas,
Bunting) flags and evergreens were artistically arranged.
Chartraud Brothers, ihe bakers, have
put a new wagon on tbe streets. Tbey
have also bud a fine display in their
window ihe past week,
No northern country on earth has any
better weather than that experienced by
Cranbrook at Christmas lime. It is
simply beyond criticism.
The cancelling of trains two days last
week prevented quite 11 nunib'r of people in the Kootenays reaching Toronto
in time for Christinas dinner.
V. Hyde Baker returned from Nelson
Monday accompanied bv Mrs. Baker,
and ber sisier, Miss. Marshall. Mrs.
Baker is gradually improving,
Frank Clapp's horse became frightened last Monday while standing at the
station, and mnde n run for home. Foi-
tunately no great damage wus done,
A large number of Indians from Tobacco Plains, Windermere and West
Kooleiiay were at tbe Mission Christinas
to attend the legular Chiislmas services.
William Henderson aud wife and Miss
Henderson came up from ibe Reclamation farm near Creston to spend Clnist-
mas with their sister, Mrs. R lv Beattie
Hill & Joll, wbo have recently come
to Soutli Kast Kootenay from the Territories, have opened nn-at markets iu
Cranbrook aud Moyie, See their ad in
this issue.
Mrs. J. VV. H. Smythe and f-ister, Miss
Margaret Keay, atrived from Greenwood
last Friday night, Mr Smythe arrived
Sunday afternoon but had 10 return
Mr. Ross, of Cardston, formerly a
teacher in the Ctaubrook schools, Dr.
McClure and ibe Misses McClure, ol
Lelhbridge, spent Christmas with Mr.
aud Mrs. Bremner.
The hotels of Cranbruok gave llieir
usual good Christmas dinner lust Tuesday. The Cranbrook nud Cosmopolitan
hotels got up special bills and seived
their guests with elaborate spreads,
William Mills, of Moyie, was iu Cranhrook last week, Mr, Mills is proprietor
of the Cosiuopoliiun hotel iu thut city
aud expects to put up a new building as
soon as the season opens next spring,
The calendar scheme of advertising is
not considered a good thing any moie.
R. E, Beattie says he is through wilh
it, for the reasou tbat so mauy are in
Use,  aud  necessarily   many a:e thrown
G. H Gilpin had intended leaving
next Friday lo join his wife in England,
out his business will prevent it, and be
bas concluded to postpone his trip. He
is busy now opening his new slore iu
Leroy Sage will open liis place just
south of the postofliee where he will
carry a full liue of assorted goods, in tbe
way of stoves, furniture and househo d
goods. He will buy anything from an
elephant to a pin cushion,
Pincher Creek Echo: Mr, H, R. B
Parker, of Cranhrook, formerley of
Cowley, was in lown last week. He has
disposed of bis ranch at the Mid,i.e
Fork to Mr. B. H. Cook, who intends
going into the dairy business.
A general meeting or the stockholders
of the Craubrook Electric Light com
pany will be held al 8:30 o'clock Thursday evening, January 10, at the Cran-
brook hotel. Officers for the ensuing
year will be elected at lhat time.
All ladies interested in hospital work
are invited to attend a meeting in the
Cranbrook hotel parlor on Friday, January 41b, 1901, at 3:30 p.m for tbe put-
pose of forming a ladies aid society. A
large attendance is earnestly requested
J. L. LePan, formerly with the Fort
Steele branch of the Canadian Bank ol
Commerce, will succeed B. K Moherly
iu the Cranbiook branch. Mr, Moherly
will go to the branch at New Westmla
star. J- M. Hedley, who wus acting
manager at Fort Sleele, has been assigned to duty at the Nelson branch,
Harry McVittle has received his new
billiard and pool table?, and is having
them put In shape for use. Wheu they
are ready he will have the best pleasure
resort In the district. Tlie tallies are of
Lhe best make, and a game of billiards
or pool on them will be ibe right kii.d
of sport.
M. Mclnnes Sl Co. have had a mug-
uificeni holiday display of meats al their
shop. There were porkers, sheep and
beeves ananged around the room in a
most artistic style, aud these were topped
with rows of smoked meats. The combination was a good one uml was greatly
admlred by the people of Cranhrook.
T«rLr>    lluisarfla.
"Turkey buzzards are the garbage
collectors of Charleston, 8. C," soya a
traveling man quoted In the Philadelphia Iteconl. "Now, if you know anything of the nature of tf turkey buzzard
yon must know thnt ordinarily It's n
very shy sort of erenturo and generally
avoids civilization, particularly us represented in the large cities. These
binls. however, ure tame, and they strut
about rhe heels of the people in the
markets picking up bits of refuse meat
and vegetables, The buzzard hus a vo-
raotous appetite und there always seems
to he*, room Inside of him for a choice bll
of tainted beef or decayed cabbage.
There is a five-dollar fine fnr any tnun
molesting uny of theso birds. I understand that Charleston is the only city
in the country tbut has this unique sp-
tern of garbage collecting,"
Deed* at V-slor Perform*' br a Prenvb
The Btory of Virginia tihc-Mjuiere, the
French heroine, who was decorated
with the Order Ol the Legion of Honor
for distinguished bravery during one
of the campaigns of the French army
in Spain, is graphically told ity Ehnlle
Cere in his history of "Madame Bans-
Gene et Les Femmes Soldata."
In the conscription nt lSOfi a young
mini by the mime of Qhesqulere wasen-
listed among the forced recruits of the
department of the Haut-Rbin. The
beardless conscript was frail und delicate, utterly uuable to bear the fatigues
ami hardships of war. Realtenig lhe
physical Incapacity of her twin brother,
whom she very closely resembled, the
brave and unselfish sister, Virginia, derided 111 lake hte pluee in (lie raukh.
With the courage of a high and noble
motive, Virginia Qhesqulere begged her
parents to allow her to do for Prance
What her brother's ill health reiulered
it Impossible for him to do, and mi earnestly did the young patriot plead thnt
ahe won their consent,
Donning lier brother's apparel, the
intrepid girl presented herself at the
depnrtmcnl on the following duy, and
wni   assigned   to   the Twenty-seventh
regiment by the unsuspecting officer
whose tint) il was to enroll the re-
For six years the brave young woman
preserved her disguise, and during this
period was several times rewarded for
gallant conduct. At Wagram the
'•pretty sergeant," an the modest, ef-
femlnate-looking young soldier was
generally culled, had the honor uf saving the "life of the colonel of the regiment, who had fallen inio the Danube,
and would have perished but for her
On the 2d of May, 1808, after the battle of Lisbon, the "pretty sergeant"
performed a deed of valor that won for
her the decoration of the Legion of
The girl soldier, who was now sergeant of a company of rifleman, perceived ut a short distance from the field
nf buttle the figure of the colon-el of the
regiment lying under the body of his
dead horse, Turning to two comrades,
she snid: "The body of a colonel is a
flag that belongs to the regiment, and
the Twenty-seventh will retake it."
As she spoke she advanced toward
lite prostrate ofllcer, followed by two
soldiers. Her comrades, both weak
from loss of blnod, were unable to reach
lhc goal, so that the burden of the affair
fell upon her slender shoulders.
On reaching the spot she found it
impossible to lift the heavy body of the
fallen officer, tug nnd struggle as she
might! She wns now, moreover,beset
by two straggling English soldiers.
Seized by a sort of frenzy nt this cowardly interruption of a merciful deed,
the little sergeant tired ut one of her as-
Batlants, wounding him in the shoulder,
and then disabled the other by vigorous blows from hor gunstock,
Hoth Britons surrendered, and ai
sUted her In placing the officer, who
still brcnthed, upon* a horse which had
Strayed near. Compelling the Englishmen to allow themselves to be attached
to the horse's tall, the "pretty sergeant"
mude a triumphal entry Into camp,
and was soon ufter made a chevalier
of the legion.
One of the most singular circumstances of this curious history is that
after the wars were over the woman
who hnd won renown on the battle field
and public recognition from the empire chose to return to her native province, and resumed there the old,Simple,
tranquil domestic life of her childhood.
Virginia Ohesquiere died in ISR, but
her memory will always live among the
Inhabitants of Dclemont, who from one
generation to another will tell their
children's children the story of thegirl-
tsoldier who served France so heroically
for her brother's sake.—Youth's Companion. ,
Cultivate Cheer.
It was a favorite saying of Bancroft,
the historian, who wm a vigorous old
muu at 00, that the secret of long life
is in never losing one's temper. The
remark was simply a concrete way of
expressing the hygienic value of amiability—a principle which, until lately,
has scarcely been considered in the
1 mining of children. Hitherto we have
regarded fret fulness, .melancholy and
bad temper ab the natural concomitants
of illness. But modern science shows
that these men.lul moods have actual
power to produce disease. No doubt in
most cuses imperfect bodily conditions
are the cause of irritable anil depressed
feelings, yet sometimes the reverse is
line, und a better knowledge of physiological laws would show them to be
effect rather than cause. 'I'he fact that
discontented and gloomy people are
never In good health is an argument
in favor of the theory that continual
indulgence in unhappy thoughts acta
as a poison nnd creates some form of
disease.—Detroit Free Press.
j Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comlorl • Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to r.-iilmml and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
TO the many patrons and people of South        v?
East Kootenay.   We wish one and all a,
A Prosperous I
and Happy 3 |
New Year. 3     f
I Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd. %
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
| Cranbrook Moyie
Cranbrook Electric Light Co^Ltd.
NO-OP LIGHTS     DUSK TO 12     thi, NIGHT
(  I—S tl >o fl 40
i   16 C. I
Officer, j-  16C. P... •! 6—15        95    125
Hotp-"- Ect. \ (16 and upward        80   I 10
Private Houses 75c for 16 candle power
Private Houses 50c for   8 candle powes
10 per cent, is allowed on all a, counts paid before the loth of
the month,
Applicatons may be made to the electrician Mr. Ewart who will
quote the cost of wiring, nr to tbe undersigned.
Chandeliers, shades, etc. at Miner's hardwaae store.
W. F. GURD, Secretary-Treasurer.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Iirllplitun Pe-mcb I'mldlng.
Fill a pudding titan wllbwhole peeled
peaches -nnd pour over tlifin two cups
of water. Cover closely and bake until
peaches nre tender, then drain off the
juice from the peaches and let it stand
to conl. Add to the juice one plntawee!
milk, four weil-l)i*iileii eggs, a small
cup of flour, with one leaspnonfill of
baking powder mixed in it, one cup
sugar, one tnblespoonful of melted butter and n little suit. Beat well three or
four mlnutei and pour over peache-i In
tin-* tllih, Bake unlit n rich hrown and
serve wiih crcum,—-N, Y. Ledger,
Willi  I'-Kiiri'liiff.
The aubjecl of papering rooms with*
out removing the ohl wall covering haa
recently been much discussed abroad.
This practice, so temptingly convenient,
has been curried on, it would seem, in
many directions where one would least
ixprct sneh untidiness, It certainly
ought by this time to be undertsood
thai from Ilie paste and size used in
these various applications of paper microbes are fostered.—N. Y. Post.
The  Limit 11 artr nf Matea.
It Is only partially true that sign lan-
gungc te the same the world over. While
certain signs are easily understood, the
sign language differentiates itself, as
spoken languages do, and people of
different countries develop their own.
American deaf mutes get on very well
with Un- French, because from France
tin* tlrst ideas of the American teachers
wen* taken. Hut there Is a considerable
difference between the sign language of
j the two grenl English-speaking coun-
1 tries, In England the two-handed alphabet is used, while here the single-
handed prevails, ns might he expected
in n Yankee nation, uml there ure dif-
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $-1.00 per day.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Refitted Throughout
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crs-'hrnok, B. C.
One of tbe Most Com fori able
Hotels in KnBl Kootenny.
l^/\Vf €1 I       Newly Furnished
KINO The Grocer
®-®-®-®-®-®-®- SHsMS-
Has made a good deal in Muscatel
raisins, and is selling thein loose at
15 cents per pound.
He has all kinds of dried fruits and
the best of fancy groceries.
See King for Xmas supplies.
School  i*L°S:
MR. GRIMES has opened a night school in Cranbrook, and will hold
regular sessions, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
SUBJECTS: Penmanship, Book k< :pmg, Commercial arithmetic, G>r-
respondence. Instruction will b individual, the needs of each pupil
being taken into consideration. He is a graduate ot Albert college,
Belview, Arts and Commercial course; also Zanerian Art college,
Columbus, Ohio, and has eight years experience teaching in business college, six of which he was principal.
I »I ♦ I ♦! •* I * I *!
;.-».: Beale & Elwell,
, • 1
l        l Fire, Lite and Ace id
Fire, Lite and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
I   *   !
j    9 * j   Kimberley J« Moyie * Fort Steele.
I.O.O.F. Key Cly Lodge
Nn. *i>. Meats every Friday niitiit at their liall mi
linker street. Sojourning
oiiit Fellows cordially Invited.
.1. V, Fink W. F. (hml
N,<). See'y.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
itouiiiiir meetings nn ilie
iiiini Thursday nf tin
\ isituiK brethern welcom ii.
W. F. (limn, See'j-.
Christmas Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks,
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C,
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       **      **
Made by Coitracl
A. W. M-VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Lena Purveyor
Mlnlof aad General Aie.!.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Sale 3
Tender! are invited for Hie purchase
for cash the atock tn trade nf the uie
Arm of ItOaak & Rnnkiii, of Cranbrook,
II. C(| I'untiiHting of
Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes,
Ready Made Clothing
Tweeds, etc.
Inspection of Slock Invited.
Tenders on the whole or any portion
of stock will be received, The sale will
be of the goods in Die said Bruih's store
on the date of opening the tenders,
namely at noon, luiiluy the 4th January,
The sale is made by the chattel mortgagee under the terms of a mortgage, a
copy of which will be produced for inspection. The highest or any bidder
not necessarily accepted.
Address tenders to
Receive! for Mortgagee,
Cranbrook, U. C.
The Lion Brewery
jtjtRossland, B C
The lariesl and finest equipped
brewery in British Columbia
Their BUDWEISER M'l'R (bottlett)
is eqttul to nny imported nrliclf.
AERATED WATERS of nil brnt-ils lo
lie luul at nil lintels ill West nuil Enst
James Kerrigan & Cd.
Wholesale Grocer
and SellitiR Agenls
Craabrook, H. C.
Toys Must Go!
In order to make room ior
a large shipment of art
materials and musical instruments, I will sell my
entire stock ol toys at a
sacrifice; come early and
get first choice. We have
everything you could wish
Cranbrook Music Emporium.
Por Developed
«' Silver-Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimhcrley, It C
Undertaking Aml
Graduate of QbAttiplott collego of V. s
Ofllce mid store, Aiken block]
nenr Ciinmlitui Until* nf Com*
merit*, C mil brook, it C
Uphokterlnx and (Icaeral i urnliur-r Mt-p.-n, i..,-
Will attend to nny work In the dlilrlcl
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.


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