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Cranbrook Herald Jan 23, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Otto. A. Cox, President. a. B. W -.i.kkk. Gen, Man
I'ahl l'|,   Capital  W.OOMOn.00
Real  t.OM.OeO.IIO
Total  KeMiir-M        b5.UOU.0Ua.O0
A Qeneral Banking Business Trsm-iacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Seotland.
We have just received a very fine and beautiful
assortment of starched and soft front colored
They are the latest patterns and are up to date
in every way.    We also carry a full range of
fine flannel, black satteen and cotton shirts.
of every make, quality and color. Our stock of
is the largest in East Kootenay. Regarding
gloves we wish to say that we carry a line of
American manufacture; they are made to fit
and we guarantee their wearing qualities to be
second to none and the prices are right. We
have the largest stock of
in the country.   We have a very nice selected
stock of fine shoes and our stock of heavy
boots for street wear and for miners is the best
money can buy.    You should see our stock of
before buying elsewhere.   We have them in all
styles, shapes and shades.     Our stock of Stetson's is complete.    Talking of
we have them in grey and white, wool and cotton, and then we have a stock so that we can
fill your order for a few dozen pairs without inconveniencing us.   Now #e will step across to
the |other side of the store.    We find a great
big stock of
In these lines we also lead. When you place
your orders with the old reliable F. S. M. Co.
you may rest assured that your order will be
filled complete and with the best goods to be
had and at the very lowest possible prices. We
are still doing the feed business of the Koote-
nays. Our stock is always well up to date so
that we can take care of any sized order. In
this line we can name you tlie lowest market
price In car lots delivered at .my point.
We have said a great deal and can back up
each and every statement we have made. Wc
would greatly appreciate your trade and will
make you feel at home when you call.
J. P. FINK, Manager.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd
II I. Ks'ticrall.. .xnss'iU'sl Dial tlllpin han'li't,
1. Furniture, Carpels, House Furnishings, elc.
2. Dry (iiimls, Clothing, Mats. Shoes, etc.
.1. Groceries, Flour, Feed, Crockery, etc.
I. Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Explosives, Fuse, Caps.
5. Wall Paper, Paints, Oils, etc.
Not n smattering of eftclh bul good, heavy, complete storks in all
linen, in several linen the largest In lhe district. Gilpin's trade expenses are as low as any other store selling one of above lines only,
consequently we can sell goods
any one line store must have to live.   Your best interests demand that
yon tratle at
Big Hockey Game Thursday Night
...Juniors vs. Fat Men...
Prom the Moyle l-euder
Vic Desiilnier r turned yesterday from
his trip to the Coenr d'Alene country.
J.J. Murphy, I) J. Johnson and F I
Moore were up from lillto on tt visit this
Mrs Bennett la down from Kimberley
taking care of her daughter, Mrs. p. I)
Hope, who has been sirk for some tune.
Moyie lake is frozen  over ht-twern lhe
concentrator aud the lower end and lhe
iee was in excellent shape lor skating
most tii the week. The upper half of
the Inke is still open. The lake was
never known lo freeze over iu this mui -
tier before.
I'.t ii I Jensen hm. given up wotk on
Lamb Creek for the present, The snow
an.l frost make il very dillicult for prospecting he snys.
There was a very pleasant dance given
In Mr. Hogarth's hotel in lilko last
Wednesday evening by Mr. and Mrs.
Chas, Klingeusmith, who have charge
of the dining loom of the house. Music
was furnished by Profs. Heaver aud McDonald, violins, accompanied by Prof.
Tim Collins with piano. At midnight a
lunch wus served am) dancing was continued till about two o'clock in the
morning. It was the first dance given
in the town, aud it is doubtful if ever a
more enjoyable one will be given.
lust a year ago the people of Moyie
enacted a Chinese exclusion law of their
own and not a Chinaman has yet seen
fit to violate this law.
Moyie's business men say they have
no complaint to make as to the business
they are doing. Moyie Is easily holding
its own and when the tn'nes open in Ihe
Bpring it will again lake its place us the
Hvliest town iu the district.
Cranbrook is Stamiiiti; Today a Substantial town.
Merchants Keeping  Bitter Stocks
and Doing an Increasing
From Un- Free Press
C. K. Mansfield, night operator at the
depot, has resigned,
Rev. D. Holford has recovered from
bis recent illness and is able to be around
The ma'queraile ball announced for
the 141b was declared off on account of
the quarantine proclamation.
James McMaster of the P. Hun s &
Co, has been transferred to Moyie to
take charge of the business there.
Mrs. J Graham was taken with the
smallpox at the Victoria ou Wednesday,
There have been do new cases reported
from the Fernie. The inmates are having a t;ood time.
O. N Janes has sold lhc balance of his
property across the Elk river to Molt,
Son & Co. for $6,000 Mr. Janes Intends
leaving town os soon as be settles up his
afl-tirs and has purchase n JOO acre farm
near Jackson, Mich., where he will make
his future home.
Tbe Crows Nest Coal company nre extending their Untie In the States, aud
are at the present   time   shipping   their
coke in forty-car lots to tbe North port
smelter, where the coke Is being largely
used by that corporation. Forty ears
were shipped via Nelson Monday tor
that point.
Kittle Harold Bailey is suffering from
several very severe wounds which were
caused by the attack of a savage bull
dog. Several youngsters were teasing
tbe dog when he suddenly sprang upon
young Bailey biting him horribly about
the face ami nuns before assistance arrived.    The lad   will  probably carry the
marks through the remainder of his life.
Constable Henderson shot the dog.
Considerable Apprehension existed in
financial circles in reference to ihe Introduction of pennies Into Fernie. The
quarantine at the Victoria was the ini-
tneduite cause of the unloward incident
though Manager Gates disclaims nny responsibility. He says they were issued
in a poker game by nu Ontario man, but
at soon us they were identified were destroyed nnd lilt; issuer placed i" irons iu
the cellar. IInny Swift l.u.) down kings
up when the pennies showed He never
saw nny before anil thought (hey were
golden guineas, and lie couldn't make
It was the opinion of the health o[licet h that the smallpox hud been effectually stamped out last week and it wns so
recorded In these columns, The quarantine at the mines had been raised and
the feeling of uneasiness that pievailed
to some considerable extent had entirely
subsided. Ou Sunday morning, however, the report thai two cases had becu
located In two of the hotels was cou-
finned and the houses were promptly
lied up with all the inmates aud a general proclamatiod issued forbidding all
public gatherings and permitting no one
to leave the town under any circumstances until further notice. Such conditions are no doubt irksome and cause a
good deal of inconvenience but the situation calls for tbe most strenous measures to effect a complete stamping out
of the disease, Il is the duty ot all citizens to afford every assistance to the authorities in carrying out the terms of
the proclomation. We repeat that the
disease lias been in nearly every Distance
of an exceedingly mild type, there being
110 deaths and all of the victims are progressing as favorably as can be expected.
A talk with any business mail of Cranbrook will give ample evidence of ihe
general prosperity of the town. Their
business during the past three months is
far in excess of their business for a corresponding period last year. Thia tends
to demonstrate what The Herald bus
maintained from lhe starl. that Cranbrook, being the natural center of lhe
district for the transaction of all kinds of
business, business must necessarily gravitate thia way. Of course, even the
course of nature would have been contravened if Cranbrook business men
had been blind to their interests and the
interests of the district, but fortunately lor the growth and prosperity of Cranbrook they were not. On ihe contrary
they were energetic und ambitious.
They recognized the opportunities presented and left nothing undone to take
advantage of them. They kept increus*
i ig their stocks; the) bought better
qualities of goods and purchased In
larger quantities, thereby securing
lower rates. They studied their Held
and worked to please their pattous in
price and goods, And what is more,
after they filled their large stores to
overflowing, they did not sit down and
wait for the people. They went after
them. They used the columns of The
Herald; they printed circulars] they issued cards and tbey got over the field
themselves ami saw their customers personally. As a consequence the people
of South blast Kootenay know the Cranbrook merchants; mey have met them
ami talked with their., a£rt learned to
depend upon what they said about their
goods and their prices.
Then, again, it is easy to rench Cranbrook. One can get to Cranbrook from
anywhere in the district with less time
or trouble lhaii to any other point.
Cranbrook is the railway center ns well
as the commercial center. She is directly connected by rail wilb every town in
the district except Wasa nnd Fort Steele.
This, of course, is a big advantage, aud
oue that is telling week by week in the
favor of Cranbrook.
It is this combination ot circumstances
ami conditions that is making Cranbrook such an Important nml prosperous
place. So steady has been her growth,
so sure her ground, so wideawake her
people, so fortunate ber location, that
nothing can stop ber. Her growth is
now assured, and her present prosperity
is mild indeed to what will follow during
the next few years.
Fire Chief Resigns.
To Whom It May Concern:
I hereby resign my position ns chief
of the fire department of Cranbrook, for
the reason thut siuce accepting tbe position I have had to take sole charge of llie
apparatus, receiving al no time any assistance except what I paid for out of my
own pocket. I have drained the hose
several times, and endeavored to have
lhe apparatus in shape when needed.
It is now in the fire house filled with ice
and absolutely useless in case of a fire
since Friday night. I have served my
time, aud am willing for the honor to
pass to other shoulders
Vours Respectfully,
"   J- P. Pink.
Mr    L   J.   .Murphy   ami   Miss  Lizzie
Voting were united in marriage lu tbe
chapel of St. I.ugetie hospital Tuesday
afternoon, January 22, 1902, by Father
OueltMle. Mr. Harry Fairfield and Mill
1-aCburity stood up with the happy
couple. The wedding occurred several
days earlier than had been arranged as
a telegram had been received announcing the serious illness of the bride's
mother in F'ort William, and as she bad
to start fur home at once a hasty marriage -was agreed upon. Mr. Murphy
accompanied his wife as fur as Dunmore
junction Tuesday where they parted, as
he had to return tu his duties in Cranbrook. 	
A Telephone Extension.
The Cranbrook Electric Light company, which has the telephone lines of
South East Kootenay, has some extensive improvements under consideration
for next spring. It is the intention of
the company to extend the present line
lo Marysvllle on to Klmberley, If the
St. Kugeue resumes operations in the
spring, a line will be constructed to
Moyie, and in all probability a Hue will
be built to lilko, Morrissey and Fernie.
An exchange will also be-put lu here at
CruNhrook, as the demand for it is
growing more pressing month by month.
Re sola l inns tn   Be   Presented at Meeting ol
Associated Boards oi  I mile.
The meeting of the Associated Hoards
of Trade of British Columbia will meet
in Kaslo February 36. The following
resolutions will be presented for discussion:
''Resolved, that, whereas llie province
ol British Columbia is represented In the
parliament of Canada by nix members of
lhe bOUSI of commons ami three senators; and, whereas, lhe population of
Kooienay and Vale, shown by lhe recent census, is about one-third of the
population of the whole piovince, and of
the nine members of boll) commons uud
seuute, only one is resident in the southern Interior of British Columbia, where
the business interests are diverse from
those of every other part of Canada.
''He It resolved that this board respectfully submit lhat iu the event of a
vacancy occurring in the senate representation of British Columbia such vacancy should, as a matter of fair representation by population and interest, be
filled by calling to the senate a resident
of this mining district, familiar with its
"Resolved, that In the event of negotiations for reciprocity wiih the United
States being renewed, the Dominion
government he urged lo appoint a representative of this province as one of the
"Resolved, tbnl, whereat mining companies are compelled to pay royalties on
timber used from their own ground in
their own mines, belt resolved that the
government be memorialized that no
royalty he collected on such timber used
for mining purposes."
"Resolved, that the Associated Boards
of Trade, iu response to the invitation uf
the executive council of the Dominion
Board of Trade, appoint two delegates
to attend a convention of the representatives of the commercial bodies in the
Dominion to lie held nt Ottawa early iu
tbe year 1902, lo take into consideration
the question of improved trade, relations
with Great Britain."
"Resolved, that the minister of finance for lhe Dominion and the Dominion parliament he memorialized to
amend at the approaching session of pur
Hameut the tariff of customs duties as
applied to lead products, increasing the
duties to a parity with iiie duties levied
upon similar classes of goods coming
into Canada."
'Whereas, the experience of another
vein lias demonstrated the utter inability of government officials whose time Is
wholly occupied with other duties to
give attentiou to the prevention of forest
fires or the prosecution of those respou-
ilble for the same; Resolved, that the
provincial government be memorialized
to make provision at tbe present session
fur the appointment of timber raugers,
whose duty it shall be during the summer months to enforce the law in regard
to bush fires, aud where possible to have
incipient firea extinguished,"
'Resolved, that this association publish for general distribution S'.u.j copies
of an illustrated report, comprising up-
to-jute information in regard to the
progress of the various Industries repie-
sented in the interior of the province."
"Whereas, Canada is becoming a
large producer of pig lead, and its product is being Bold to a very limited extent iu Canada, while the bulk of it is
being disposed of in China, Japan, Germany, aud other foreign countries, and
"Whereas, eastern Canada ib today
importing from Germany practically ull
of the while lead it consumes;
"Be it resolved that the Dominion
government be again requested to bo increase its duly as to make the manufacture of white lead and other manufactured lead possible In Canada, aud so allow the producer of pig lead in Canada
an additional market in his own country
for his product."
"Whereas, the smelting and refining
interests are of immense importance to
the province and to the Dominion of
"Be it resolved, lhat means be discussed of encouraging the smelting of
Canadian ores in Canada as opposed to
their treatment iu the United States,
providing such measures do not in any
way impose additional burdens on the
Canadian Pacific Railway.
The tourist sleeping car service was
effective January 1st. The Canadian
Pacific railway will operate tourist sleeping cars on tlie following scheduled east
bound trains: Leave Kootenay binding every Friday for St. Paul, Toronto,
Montreal, Boston, etc. Leave Dunmore
Junction Monday and Thursday lor St.
Paul, Toronto and intermediate points
Westbound, leave Revelstoke Sunday,
Wednesday nnd Friday for Vancouver,
Seattle, elc. Full particular can he obtained from all local agents.
J. S. Carter
D. P. A. Nelson.
Two Great Hockey Games On lues
day Night.
Odd Fellows Annual Ball.
The Cranbroou Odd Fellows will hold
their annual ball on Monday, February
10, at Weutworth hall. This organization has always made a great Success of
its annual halls, and this one will be no
exception. The committees In charge
are experienced in this line of entertainment, uml the people of Cranbrook and
this part ofthe district may rest assured
that those who attend will have a magnificent time.
Many   Fantastic   and    Attractive
Customs Sprung On the
There was a great hockey tournament
at the rink Tuesday night, It was the
opening of the season nud not less than
15a people crowded into lhe rink to see
the fun and there was lots of it. The
first gnme was on the square. Two teams
had been formed by cutting up lhe regular teuiu and filling vacancies wllh other players about town. The contestants
lined up as follows;
Defense— —Forwards
A L.McDermot -Goal S.   Hayes
T. Bryans  Point     N. McConnell
C. l'rest. . -Cover Point 10 Dowsley
J. Kennedy      Forwards M. Ross
J. Swinuertoti-   --   " N. Royal
J   Ardell    .     " A. Malliuson
The game was called at 8:30 and the
playing wus fast and furious. The play
listed 15 minute ench way, and resulted
in a score of 3 to 2 in favor of lhc Defense.
The greatest interest was manifested
in the second game between tbe Wiuul
peg and Toronto teams, better kuo .vn .is
the Longs nnd Shorts. This game was
for the Stanley cup (?) and the championship of Canada. It was :i great ng
gregation that lined up, und the customs were original and unique, display
ing iu every detail a total lack of harmony. Tbe personnel ul lhe teams was
as follows:
Looks— —Shorts
T. Bryans Goal H Haines
J. Mclutyre -Point.. F. R. Morris
W. F. Gurd- Cover Point C Campbell
G.Jackson-    --.Rover.   - F. Dickinson
E. H, Small...Forward E J- Peltier
R Y. McCarter- " T. Turley
G. Leitch "  T. Stark
Their appearance brought forth round
after round of applause and there were
many admiring glances at Gurd's sylph
like form, Haines neat appearance and
Peltier's expansive liloomers. The ladies were all making goo goo eves at
"Baldy" Morris, whose skill and grace
In skating aroused the euvy of all ou the
There were some fine plays and great
combination work. "Baldy" Morris
saved tbe day many limes by filling the
goal from side to side with perspiring
flesh, The score resulted in 2 to 1 in
favor of the Longs.
Dangerous Delay.
J. P. Fink, who resign his position as
fire chief, has reason lo kick at the support he has received. A lire company
was organized and since th.it time no
one h is attempted to do a thing to keep
the appnrn'us ia shape but Mr. Fink.
He has taken men out of his store to
clem the hose, to dry it, to put it hack,
so that it would be ready for use si Ihe
next lire. He has grown tired and has
re-tlgned The hose is now lu ilu* fire
b ..-■- ': ten an.l useless, It should be
tnken care of.    II a lire should break out
every business man would regret tho
fa;t tbat the fire company did not receive encouragement. This is a malti r
that should not be neglected. Get together this afternoon or evening and
take lion. Don't take tbe risk. TLe
hose maj save your property. It may
save others It may save thousands ol
dollars.    Get togetbei without delay.
MuuLipnl Elections,
Fiank Fletcher was elected over Kirk*
patrick :ur uiryor of Nelson by a m.i. r*
John S     Cute   was   elected   UlayOf   . !
Rosslaud. defeating J P. McKtchau b,.
Trarv Holland was elected mayor of
Grand Fork- by acclamation,
A VV. Go lei mgh defeated W, V.
Papwottb, i >r ui i>oi ol Kuslo by twenty
majorlt y
M P G irdoo was elected mayot of
Kam loops bj S  m 0, mtj.
M. j O'Brieu was elected mayoi of
J. Bradsh in w ti elected mayoi of Sto-
Ald. Neilauds defe ited M lyor Townley
in the mayorality contest in V incouver.
Recofnttloo ol British Columbia.
Ollawo, Jan. 12 —It is likely that tin-
four Liber.il members from British Colombia and Prof, Prince will constitute
the fiibery commlsilou.
I '■■ d cental returns show that
Britisl   C .-.;■; dation ol
177 r: 1- igainsl .- :-; in 1S91 Under
oi representation the next
ommons will consist of 210
members. Pi nee Edward Island loses
one, N vi Srotia two, New Brunswick
oue ind O itario six M inttoba gains
three, tbe Territories two, llritish Columbia one, aud the Yukon gets one.
I bou
Puck Pickings,
Charley Campbell was padded for and
aft.  and   it  didn't make any  difference
which way he fell.
R. V. McCarter looked like a fashion
G. Jackson got mixed up in his train
several times.
Frank Dickinson made all kinds of
fun for the crowd.
No one knew H. Haiue.s. His dress
was neat and natty ami his hit was a
hornpipe dream.
W. F. Gurd displayed his usual modesty aud his ankles.
J. Mclntyre had a good disguise but
his moustache gave him away.
Tommy Turley looked so sweet.
Baldy Morris looked like be had just
come out of a harvest field aud when be
sat down he melted the Ice through to
the ground.
E. II. Small proved lo he a swell
dreiier in the rule uf h Imly.
From Fort Steele Prospeator.
Messrs. Amine, Newall and Johnson
are hard at work tunneling and sinking
to bedrock on Wild Horse creek. The
main tunnel is now in 74 feet uud sinking has commenced. A set of boxes is
now in position aud the gmvel now com*
ing from the tunnel and shaft will be
washed as it comes out. Tlie gravel
prospects well in gold.
A small outfit has gone to Bull river
to look over the ground preparatory to
working placer ground iu that vicinity.
It is reported tbat work will commence
next week.
Major Hnwe while at Fort Steele whs
so much pleased with the superior physique of the men offering for service in
South Africa that he decided to engage
several for the mounted police force.
Hockey Thursday Night.
The Juniors will cross slicks witli the
Fai Men next Thursday evening.   The
game promises to be  au interesting one
and there i!mid he  a laige attendance
tint fur tbt; ivoich.
I heard tan Maclareo, the ScottlsP
n ivelitt, Leli s story al St Andrew's day
banquet which i> worth telling again.
The wife of a dry old Scotchmen wis
very ill. At'least ihe doctor1 told her
she could not live. The husband wen:
to hsr lo say good bpe. She asked him
if she had been a good wife to him.
"Well. >'ve been   var'.y economical."
''Jamie, before I go I've a favor tc. ask
of ye     Will ye p-ctn'se to grant U?"
"I'll see, I'll see lassie when y've
■'Let me nr.ther ride In the first coach
at the funeral.    Will ye no* promise?"
"Well, I dinna want to be ungrateful
ia ye. I'll tak' ber. But I tell ys
straight y've »poilt the day Pr me!"
The lie Supply.
A number of people have been worrying abmt lhe Ice supply for this year,
thinking that the season was so b tck
wa.-tl lhat it might not be possible to secure lhe r.ecejsary amount. James
Ryan, speaking of the matter on Tuesday, said: "We have p'emy of time
yet. List year we did not get our supply until February, aud I guess we will
baveenougb cold weaiber yet to mike
tht supply adequate to meet all demands." The ice will be secured nt
Moyie lake again this year, and in all
probability Marysvllle will go there for
Us supply also.
A Ponnj Drenm.
The Herald editor had a funny dream
the other night. It seemed to him that
he came down town as urna! in tbe
moridng and went lo lhe postofBce aftr r
bin mail. Unlocking the box he found
it full of letters. "More duns," he said
with a weary sigh as he glanced 0V1 r
the addresses, nml dropped them one by
one Into bis capacious overcoal pockets,
preferring   to   read   tbe   amounts due in
tbe seclusion of bit editorial sanctum,
Arriving there be piled the letters on tlie
desk and beggn to open them. Hut ..
great surprise was in store fjr him. Instead of duns there were express at 1
post ollice unlets from town, from Fort
Steele, from M.nie, from Feir.le. in fact
from every point in Canada and the
United States where Tlie Herald is sei.l.
A comparison of the subscription books
with the letters and remittances show, d
thai every delinquent subscriber bud
paid up in lull and many in advance.
Talk about heaven, joy uticonfined, etc -
nal blissl They ore nothing in comparison, JBut, alas, his happiness was
shortlived. He awoke tu tiud ll all a
dream.    Hence the sadness and lears.
Ferule's Hard Lock.
A geiitkuiau who was iu Fernie just
before the rigid quarantine was established! says that the town Is suffering a
severe misfortune Business is virtually
as a standstill, No one can he seen iu
the stores, the hotels are descried, and a
deserted appearance prevails throughout
the place. The Herald hopes lhat the
tl 1 sense   will soon   be  Stamped oui, nud
I that the people of Fernie will soon be
enjoying the prosperity  that   they   to
I richly deserve CRANBROOK       i'.ALDI
Edil   ■ pi letoi
ittr.M.*. in- si fi * - ..if; ion
'J he Heruitl iteslres tu (five the news of ttie]
distn-.'t. Ir vou kii->« . . itioui - >ur town,
your i,iin(-oi yn;i ;*--., le, leud ii in tills oltlee.    |
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique, or
faction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
lis   II   BE   TRUE?
iK i,i)' |iitr.--. BU-IilS
ii) K
lll.lt  v
I. lui.it
iim ninki s mi' poor
Those who have bseu free in the ex*
prehbl in ot opiuIons relative to the actions ul the recent license board in the
granil ig of licenses sin u:d stop io con
stder .vhai ii means when one, by act
or word, reflects on lha integrity ol
any iujo, ttumors and counter rumors
bive m .ateil over the district regardlug
ihe uu.*lal acts of these gentlemen,
itui ate far from comi lliuentary to any
oi ili-.ui.   it has been stated ::,di In the
opinion of some uo nun c il hi gei a
license for an hotel where beie was op
position, unless hundreds o( dollars
weie ptld to meet certa a expenses.
What expenses! fhe law ou lilts question is very clear. I£ich uiembei is recompensed for his work by the govern
mem. 'tne traveling expenses oi the
ruembet*. are paid an i a pei dl< m while
ou duty. What otlu-t ex >onsi s can be
charged to any man who la an applicant
for a license? And yet u is s.Ol thai
money has been paid for this ptirpo.-u*
If it can I): possibte itiai there Is .- -.ingle me nib r of Dial bjard who h. s accepted tu mey from any applicant on
tils pret- -se, oi any other, li is only
fair ami jua to the ota.-, t o members
mat u s iv uld be known. It la an ont
uge and a shame that such charges,
Diich luslnuatlocs, against men holding
Ooiiorable posit io is, should pass unchallenged, U is also Intimated that
other o flic la Is connected with the granting of tbe licenses have buf-n implicated In this kind of boodlelsm. Tbe
Herald bus known all of these men as
I-III j era for years. Il has lutuwn tnem
as ciL/cns ai well, and Is not ready to
accept Lhe iitk oi tha street until proof
Is produced, Tbe Herald s'ill main
talim thai in in who accept such po-niions
of trust --.ut not sell their official
honoi ami iheir amis lor a lew paltry
dollars, Bu these rumors, like Bin-
quo'a ghost, will not down. Oue can
heai them I. ire and there, and It hurts
tbe refutation ofthe cffi;lals, and the
dislrict. If there has been money paid,
who lias aciepud It? If tiiere Is a
gutliyman ..inong them, who 1b tt? If
.1 Is true that to secure a license It Ins
..ecu iiecessury tu entrust the apptlca
Hon lo only one lawyer, who is the man
i Uh Mtic'i a t ui an.l what Is ihe secret
uf Iiii wonderful power.' I'hese are t'.e
i\ nations ih.t the people are asking,
.inl these ar.i the questions that the
boaid should etnaiul an answer for. Il
there is a .1 .das among mom. Iti the
r. sl seaich In a out. It Is wrong to at
tack the character of such men In tht
dn k, L t the -natter he sifted la the
Buul'ght oi honesty and Integrity, ot
lei It be dropped as a scurrilous attack
Upon honest men, prompted by those
wiii have no faith In official hocor
wtiju ver fuui.J.
Then-'* a ililp tit's
An ihe lungs t.i
An tbnniuli »' tlie
An through i' tl
,iT Dunveiran,
iicBil Ini wings,
I   INT.'-   IliniO   Isi   till
. beat Iiiiii ..' Skye.
At. 1
e kiin
lea il
■a in.
Olt, nn
li,. L
Uut it
unit 1
tin,' I,
Hy t
i- ft,in
. beat
o* Skye,
tan in
ier'1 \i-i,:u.:lij(.
| A Break In      {
I     the Levee.
For days the river bud been rifling.
The leveea above were gone for miles
nud miles, nnd the mad waters hud
swept over lhe bunks, carrying fortunes and even lives before them. On
ono of the big plantations opposite
Shreveport every effort was being made
to withstand the flood. Hands were collected from every cabin nnd recruited J the curve and the big lights shone out
the   adjoining   places
I-nee thou thut he had tried to save It?
He was Inadequate to the problem,
the like of which baa puzzled graver
heads than his. The booting of tbe
owl grew less nud less frequent, the
swishing of the waters fainter aud
fainter, the puln In his back easier,
He must bavo slept Borne time. Suddenly in- wus awakened by the gallop
of ii horse ou the road below. He was
too weal; to move, ills voice wus almost gone, but us the horse uud rider
approached he cried out with all the
strength he could summon, "Marst-
Mr. Aiken drew relu quickly and
turned his big Inuteru In the dlrectlou
of the voice.
"Who Is It, and where ere you?" he
asked, dismounting.
"It's me, buss," answered the boy.
"Whnt the mischief are you doing
here. Fete?" Inquired Aiken, peering
lino the boy's begrimed fuce. "Why,
you are nlmost hurled altvel"
"1 rtinnod nwny from back yonder."
the buy answered. "I seed the levee er
broakln here, so I stopped,"
"Why, bless the buy!" said Aiken.
"You must be nearly deud. What Is to
bo done? Can you stand It till I ride
back and get help to till the break? It
will open ns souu us you move."
"Yenslr; but hurry, boss," answered
the boy.
As Aikeu turned to remount be henrd
tin- sound of boat wheels around the
curve aud the whistle Bounded out
"By George!" exclaimed Aiken.
"There's a buat, nnd three more Inches
of water will top the levee here and
then nil Is lost."
In a few moments the boat rounded
Review of tho Publications Relating toThisCountry inl900.
strengthen the water soaked levees,
which shook on tho pressure of n man's
It was almost dusk, but tho men who
bad not rested for days worked with :
the strength  of  fresh   vigor  ns  tho !
voice of Tom Aiken, the planter, direct* j
cd them uud cheered them on to tbe !
task which scoiued so hopeless ns the
water crept steadily and steadily high-
er. But for tho fact that every one wns I
busy with Ida work, n llttlo negro boy,
who suddenly dropped his spode and I
stole nwny between the wheels of the
big siuul wagon, might hnvo boon seen
as ho scurried away mound the curve
In the I'liil'.-iul.metil.
He run quickly along for full n quarter of a mile without  looking back
down the narrow, slippery rond that .
was left between tbe cotton rows und
cross the water
I "The Marsdeti," Aiken said, as he
saw lhe two smokestacks, "with Morton at the wheel.  I shall have to tight
] for It."
So saying, he picked up his gun from
'. whore ho had dropped it when he dismounted nml strode on a few paces up
. stream to meet the boat.
I "Steer for the other side!" ho called
out when tbe boat was in balling dls-
| tance.
"I'm running this machine," responded the coarse voice of Morton, "und 1
gucBS the river Is free!"
Allien could sec tho little tongues of
water ns they overlapped the bank
nbovc. If (ho boat did not turn, she
Mould send the water over the levee
lower down where the hoy wns, and be
nnd the whole embankment would be
BUcked  Iu.    There was  no time to be
Swinging the lantern nbovc his bead
so that Morton might see blm, he flung
tho loveo. 'The boy Blackened his puce   hiii ri|le {o Ms giu,iilder and called hack.
"Come another foot nearer   to   this
)' P is nn
thai ih s c ov
t.'ii.i to ittetni
..t the I * so t
ei.-..! n,-sBov
shut*: ol tin-   l
, as has been reported
s Nest Coal company in-
'. to avi i.i tbe workings
tr as it effects tbe Inter-
rnmenl In the one-fourth
.'iiii.t townsite. it is welt
I'll .ll      I    ni,
III.-  I'   IV,  '   |  ii,
of   . verj   lot
clan ** *i i.i I
innl -t inuit Oi
■il .
p.n y -.M, ii ,
pile.- pa .1 i>
Willi .,./. ll
erniifi i ft.-i.
crease i wain.
cm; tr y Is ll,
ttie 1401.1 in I
for tlee.l      ',.,
era an- con. ■.
tiy Limn    . oi.'
P--U)    '
twei ii  ihe i.
eiun riM
I   i.u. .uei
inenl I- .. i
ro -l ■■ ut. hi
s c i .- i ;.-.
rail f ■-. ,.ii
the   .•   V-    ni
beat ihe  .'■
c.rea-r n   v.i
tO     WU  L-.ll
ii iu.*. l '
coal --' mI' 'i
on   lh-   N.I
o -,-, |   ,.
be   int. i-.-.;.
wtnier    i ■■ ■
j ..,..„.!.Mi
llie la A' uf  the province
| Is entitled toone-foiirth
si'*,  laid  out  since this
o effect, unless the lands
anted prior to the pas.
The   l-\ -nle   to.vti-.ile
.liesc provisions, and it Is
it when the government
.( the best i. neks In that
drat choice, the coil coin-
a willingness to   pay   lhe
■  ihe original purchaser*.
e, would cut off the gov
the  ben ell is of any In
■ .on Naturally, the coal
a light box, since It sold
- i townsite under contract
i Ur as the property own-
i nod, they are protected*
■ j. ta With the coal com*
i*- simply a  qasstlon be-
. al company ami the gov*
Intimated that if a settle-
tched sattsf ictory lo lhe
it piopos^s to attempt to
•Ion  that will give ll the
- it oher words, to have
n nt piss a law that will
-■ rnme it out of the In-
i. ;h In   ihe town i l Ferule,
• gove-nmeut la justly en-
a. be . reported that iiie
i is tnak ng good the deficit
.n   .\1 I. r  and   one or two
iu tut- province. If it Is to
■i in  tniicb legislation ihis
fact  may   account   for Its
when lie been mo convinced that no one
*vas In pursuit of blm, und as bo did so
ho board the loud, cheery voice of Tom
Aiken buck at tho break, "All work together, boys!"
"Huh? All work together," the boy
said. "Yosslr, bill you bet dls here nig-
got* dona tired or work hi togodder. I'stc
gwlne to Bleep, 1 Is. i niu' shet my eyes
fur two wholo days nu nights, an I
gwlne round the p'int to Aunt Vlny's
an go to sleep."
Ill Ills eagerness to reach the coveted
goal the llttlo negro quickened his pneo
again. It wns now almost dink, but his
eyes liml grown accustomed to the
gloom. He could see the curving lino of
shore und you nre a deud innn!"
Morton knew whnt manner of man ho
bad to denl with. The wheel reversed,
the bout tacked und grazed the opposite
shore, which was already submerged.
"All right now, Pete," snld Aiken
gently, patting tho boy's muddy pnte.
"I'll go uu nud be buck In n few moments."
When they came by and put sand
bugs lu the bole Pete had been covering, the little fellow was too weak to
speak or tu stnud, ami Mr. Aiken took
him up In his anus aud himself carried him to the house.
And now Pete docs nothing but ride
tlio levee,   which  seemed   to  tremble J on the back scat of the carriage to open
wllh a premonition of Its own luude- j gates for the driver or to curry pnrcels
quncy. He could see all the water pools
lu the road. Ills little logs had measured perhaps a mile more when tho ominous roar of tht.. river made lilm stop
nud peer over the levee at the rushing
As ho scrambled up (bo slippery bnuk
il clod of loosened earth fell heavily info tin- roud below, uml through the orifice which ll left n little stream of muddy water trickled, Tho boy caught Ins
breath quickly when tho water ran
over his hand.
when Tom Aiken's pretty wife goes to
Bhreveport shopping, fur his "boss" Is
grateful to the little hero who saved
the plnutatlou.
Home Ridlcnlons  Sttiure.
According to I.ippincott's, Maurice
[ Thompson was no admirer of Amerl*
I c-tin nomenclature. "No poet," snld he,
"over got a chance to redeem tho crudl*
ties of our nomenclature. 'Mocking
I bird' is bad enough, but 'thrasher' for
', mountain thrush!   Doesn't It preclude
"Lordyl" he exclaimed. "Dcre'sgwlno ; all prospects of competition with
li -. r.n »' ive.i
Hill an c eii'i i
bring .. '. .1 a r
road- on t ■ Nor!
The) p .nm md Lb
as ih. y >   ■■-. in i
lhat Morgan an i
1 :. move that will
nn ion of all rail-
t Oean continent.
i.     1 to do almust
flid it
p w r
mini ii
In tna
i ci tnment irv on ihe ac iv.ty
vet nil t tu 11* ■ ii: premier to
miii v i ■ Is* ie u address de-
j r   c,     .i 'i. i i    .■ln[■ b' en In I
■n thai a yeai     Mr. Dans
i th-ng in m ngihen hlms If
to boa break right here. Lordyl Lordy
What 1 gwlne do?"
Ho stopped to reconsider. There wus
sflll another mile before bo could reach
tho point, and ho know there were only
u few old women In tho cabins tiiere,
und he could get uo help from thai
source. It was more than n mile back
to whore the uu-ii were working, nnd ho
was afraid to show blmsolf there after
having run away. Besides there was
not a moment lo lose. What was to be
iiiini? must bo done at ouco. Tho boy
knew that a great responsibility rested
upon hi in. If flu- llttlo opening wore
not Btoppod Immediately It was only n
question of n few moments before the
Wholo levee would be swept away.
He Blond up and looked about lilm.
Tiiere w*S no one In sight. He thought
be might find a bag of sand dropped by
n passing wagon, but then* was none.
With sudden purpose he turned uml sat
down over tlio llttlo crevlco through
which tho water en inc. The soft rnrlh
yielded to Ida weight, nnd wllh his
bauds and feet In? pressed It nbout him,
palling It (o make it firm.
The difficulty had been solved without his volition almost. It was only
nfter It was done thnt ho thought of
tho consoquences. lie calculator! in his
unreasoning way that it was 8 o'clock.
How long would he have to remain
there? For aught bo know till morning. Ho begun to suffer by and by
from his crautpod position, but he dared not move oven tlio lonst bit lost tho
crevice should open ngnln.
Ho could not toll how time pnsped.
Every minute Boomed nn hour. Ho
could not hear tho shouts of the men
below. There was only now ami then
the hoof of nn owl rising above tlie
roar of the water or the swish ns a
clod of earth was sucked Into the mad
currant Do wished bo had not run
away from bis work.
Ho begat) to get drowsy; his limbs
were almost numb, He wondered what
would become of him If ho should go to
sleep. If flu- waters should rise up
over tlio lovoe and drown blm and rula
nightingale, though ours may be the
Biiperlor vocalist? And those poslof-
flee names! Nuturo hns lavished ull
hor favors upon some of our southern
mountain pnrks, but It takes nn admirer with strong noivos to get bis mull
addressed to Pignut Cove ur Greasy
"Tho very Tartars rould do botler
than that. 'Teugrls I. aim/ the 'Specter
Prince/ thoy culled thulr grandest peak
ou the Chinese border. It's probably
nothing but u bleak, treeless crag, und
wo hnvo a much prettier govorilgu
■.'lose by bore, gloaming with wlilfc
clIITs and glorious In iis crown of evergreen pities. But tbey lind to spoil tt
and call It the 'Groat Elogbuck mountain/"
"They nbntild have stuck to tho Indian mimes," laughed uiir Georgia hi milord.
"Yob, lu this neighborhood anyhow,"
said tho eiiphonist. "Human Hpeech
of Hint sort docs become n llttlo more
musical as you go further south. From
Osiikosb to Tallulnh ls a long step lo
the right direction."
A mi ■■imr cur.
"There are sumo 20,000 persons of all
classes nud ages missing In London
every yonr," snld a Scotland Yard official.
"We nro generally able to account for
3,000 by referring to tbe bodies 'unknown' found lu the Thames and other
places nnd by tubing for granted tbnt
the rest have loft Loudon for various
reasons. We hnve the majority of the-J
latter on our records as 'wanted/ Still
even then 17,000 nre left. Tho greater
number of those nre probably living In
London under assumed names nnd disguises and In different walks of life,
Tbey aro cut off from all Intercourse
with tbelr relations und former friends
and bare as citizens changed tbelr pur-
"In fact, there Is a torn of many
thousand Inhabitants In tbe heart of
London which Is to all intents and pur
poses missing to the rest of tho world
tbe eultoo, would It umke uuy differ-   und if wanted cannot bi fouad." #4aw.
It Vl»i 1.111,1,1 by the prufMHUPOf Hll tor)
(I'fitf. Wruniti ui Toronto University,
and Tubiuiiud by Vital Institution
of  Ltarnlng — Canada's iteiu-
tluii, tu Uo- Lui|.li ii-UllMT
Set'i ion*     "I     tlio
The fifth Volume of "The lb-view ol
Historical Publications Uolutlng to
Canada,'; published by the 1 ntvoratty
of Toronto, uml edited by the professor of history (professor Wrong) and
the librarian of tlm university (Mr,
11. 11. Litngtou), bus just appeared,
and embodies u ruviow of all the
publications of 1U00 relating to
Canada. It is sumptuously printed,
Annually for live years u Volume
such as tbis bus been issued, it
seemed at first hardly possible that
each year a book of more than two
bundled pages could be filled with
review of tlie publications relating io
Canada appearing in a slnglu year.
Yet here it is. Nearly seteii pages
ure taken up with tlie brief lilies
alone uf these publications,
The       contents       are divided
conveniently into groups, uf
which "Canada's Relations to
the Empire" stands' first.
Nothing very important under this
head appeared In 1000, if wo except
the able hook on "Commercial Federation and Colonial Trade Policy,"
written by Professor Davidson uf lhu
University of New Brunswick, lie
proposes, in lieu of preferential
trade, that subsidies should he paid
in order to cheapen transportation
within the Empire. This would
amount to « practical preference, and
would do good nil round. Anything
more than ibis is unlikely, be thinks,
to  be effected.
The second section in Tin; Itovtow
is "The History of Catmdu," und
a huge number of works appbared
In 1000. There are same learned reviews on thu Cabot question. Tho
great edition of the "Jesuit Relations," just completed, culls for a
long article, A new and scholarly
Ufa of Champlaln, by M. Gravler,
bus appeared, and some attention is
paid lo works nu Hie diplomatic relations between Croat Britain and
the United Stales affecting Canada
A good many Inaccuracies und omission in the articles on Canadians
in the "Dictionary of National Biography" are pointed out.
In the third section, •"Provincial
und Local History," tbe French
shore question as ii affects Newfoundland is reviewed, tbe "tenth
island" being treated us really a
part of Canada. The Nova Scotia
Government bus published a new volume of archives throwing more light
upon the Acadian question. Judge
Routhlcr has written an interesting
history of the City of Quebec, and
Mr. John Ross Robertson's "Landmarks of Toronto" is noted. The
Northwest and British Columbia are
much in evidence, Mr. Becklos Will-
son's and I'r. llryce's lilBtorios of
the Hudson Buy Company being the
most important woi ks in the year.
Mr. Balllle-Grohman gives an.amusing account of sport and life In British  Columbia.
In the fourth section. "Geography, Economics and Statistics,"
numerous works on tho Klondike are
noticed. This review is the best
guide to the enormous literature upon this subject, In an earlier volume Br. G. M. Dawson, tho late Director of the Geological Survey of
Canada, described th.< Klondike literature      up   lo   the  time  of  writing-.
The publications of 1000 have not
lost the former sensational character.
The Klondike miners are, it appears,
admirers of Shakespeare. "Nearly
every where Shakespeare seems to bo
Hie favorite author. . -. - A gulch
lhat had a full tot of Shakespeare
considered its.if In for rather a cosy
winter, and there were regular
Sluikespenre clubs, where each mi net-
took a certain charnetor to fond
The reviewer of tho Stalislleal
Year-book of Canada, Drifted by Mr.
George Johnson, rebukes what ho
calls iis tout- of narrow patriotism,
Tho progress of mining in Cnmuhi
nud Lhe work of the Cli-olugicol Survey aro described, und we bavo a record of travel in Oanaria, extending
from Labrador to llie Pacific Const.
Perhaps tho most bn-ezy book reviewed is "Buffalo Jones' Forty
Years' of Adventure." "Archaeology, Ethnology mid Folk-loro" and
"Education" comploln lha volutin'
Many publications relating to ihe
Indians in Canada appeared during
thu year. In connection with edit cation, renders are pleased to see a
sketch of tbe career and a complete
bibliography of Sir llonlol Wilson,
Oil   the   whole,   the   rmilen-s   of   the
review nro most varied nnd Interesting. Nowhere else is llnie lo bo
found such a repertoire of Information regarding works on Cnnntltt,
Professor Wrong and his cptluhnra-
teiirs criticize frankly. Tho tono is
fair, however, and flunk criticism is
still so rare in thlil country as to
deserve u special mood of praise.
Whelp* Of tli*.  1.1.oi,
Of nil the colonies New Zealand
sent the largest proportion of Its
strong youth to fight on the African
veldt. Wl.it.- Canada lias sent one in
every 1,228 of its population, and
Australia one in every 8K0, New
Zealand bus sent one iu every 888,
Changed Her Views.
Dolly—So Besslo is to be married,
after all! Sh,. t,s,.d to pretend to be
a confirmed man hater; told me once
sh» wouldn't w.-d a king!
Flo-Did she, poor thing! Well,
she's got to put up with a knuve
now.-Ally Slopor,
§ ty    PIEPER & CURRIE,
....Dealers in....
t Wall s Paper,
& Paints, OiLs, varnishes, Brushes,
1 -^       riotiltlings, Etc.
1 /J\ Paper Hangers and Decorators.  |
H Markets
| in all the
H Principal
I 1*.  ...
P. Burns & Cog
Whole-salt -,n,i licmll
Meat Merchants
| Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh   &
Fish, Qtime and Poultry.       ||
A*JA M We supply only the best.    Your rv-,
ij trade is solicited. P^
When You think of Insurance
And you sliunltl think of it with winter coining on
You think of HUTCH
See him or his right bower, TOMMY TURLEV
ilovle's        Hotel Kootenay
i        ^j • W The besl of accomodations
Leach n sr a
for the traveling public.
l'n .lrk-tors.
I.*»tt.r, K.«.«,vfld l»y I...n.lonnr..
T'tssh Lontlonor on an ..vur.si-t, #•
felv*. iwu lutturi » wock.
I« I«I '!>!« 1 «> I <P I ■!> I«I * t * I «■ I '?■ I •-'
V-j, s>--«i ■ ■■•i-Ci-'*--'..'-'« '•,-<•> '•> !•}-
I * I * I * I * i <3> I * I« I«I.- i«I * I * I •»
for the
And bo Up-to-Date.
&-®-<!HS>-®~ •>- ..-Sl-^-tS-^-®;»-;
two brothers.
Une tin. Most Con .plcuoui lu rmiUmcnt,
the Other .lumn^ thu Silent, tit-
no tic oil  llnck He in-h (tn.
Charlemagne 1-aurler, tho representative of I.'Asstiinj.iioii, is tho half-
brother of the Premier— tho saine father, but child of u Hist wife of
(.'urolus Uuirier, tho Premier being
tha only son  by  the second  Wlfo.
Charlemagne Laurlor is 10 years
older than bin distinguished half-
brother, nnd he looks it, says The
Toronto Star, Ho la om of the silent
ones; a regular attendant at the sittings, but un uncommunicative ono.
There bo sits in his seat, day after
d.ty, his Iron-gray hair barely discernible behind tho heads of tho
otin-r occupants if the Opposition
benches, taking no part in the discussions and going and coming so
quietly as ordinarily to attract little, if any, notice. It is Interesting
',o wonder sometimes what Charlemagne Laurlor thinks about it all.
What fancies pans through the busy
brain beneath that Iron-gray thatch?
Docs lie ever mcdilalo on the tricks
Una ploys upon her mortal puppotfl?
Does he over envy tho distinguished
brotln-r so near to him by blood ties,
so tar above him in the political
world? lioi-s he over «Mirier at tho
partiality of tho fickle goddesn who
makes one brother tho iirti. Commoner iu all UlO land und ol tin- oUn-r an
obscure, silent, buck bencher? Dooa
he ever wish lo exchange places with
hln distinguished hnlf-bruthor, to
barter iiie peaceful qttlol of liis semi-
obscurity for lhe trials and tribulations, lho roWnrda and worries, of
those who sit In tho florcn while light
of publicity? I'oiib'less strungo
thoughts Romollmcs chuso thotnsolves
llirough tlio brain of thin quid. Htilu
mini on tho back tienches, but it Is
doiiin fill if 11,- older brother begrudges tho younger his greatness, if
ho dots he gives no sign.
Ami the Premier? To lis brother ha
is ns gonial iis to the other mom-
burs, probably more so, hut lho Premier of Canada mnkiH no display of
hia emotions. The oilier doy, wearying possibly of the seemingly endless
budget debate, lho Pivml. r crossed
over to iiie Opposition side and wandered up through the I tbyrluth of
scuts to where bis half-brother was
sitting. One band ho placed with a
caressing motion on the older man's
shoulder, while with the other ho
shook bonds, dust a few words.Were
exchanged, nnd then thu first Commoner in Canada came back to his
place. What did Ihe Pr. mi.-r say ill
thnt brief interview? Probably nothing very much, but ho i. nrie for tho
moment the obsetiro llttlo man with
tho Iron-grny hair thu cynnsuru ul
all eyes. Doubtless, if Chnrleinagno
1 aiiri.-r is a sonslhlo mm— und tho
chances nro that ho is, else ha would
not bo where he Is—ho fouls proud of
the man who throws n shining lustre on the family und tlio name of
1.mirier, und is content with tho
modest measure of rofl toted 'glory
that has hitherto been his porlion.
Look for the
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
Drink Home Bee?
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the liest
.Ft.Steele Brewing Co.
i   v.;£ii-l.if-Hilt*i>$iH~-. -tiSij,
£   t-ift-3-3-5-3-3-3 ***************   in
J       PETBR MATHGSON, Proprietor.       Jj[
2 **9******ii>***********n i
%   When you   hi- lung      and   <*ant   J
i meal go to the East  <n
-p wiiea . ni   ii   . tired and \    i- a   J,
i*rt fi,00d rest i;o '.ti      e East Koo-   rti
1- t-tiny.                                                 J
J When yen are thirsty and want a jJJ
-ti Hood i1   ik  go  to llie Bast m
i* Ko&lehny".                               *
§ In fact whi ii you nre in Cranbrook £
ia stop ai iiie lvist Kootenay,       -p
iiv «■
*e****it***i:tmi~i*******, r*
Qeorge Lain le lias woo 1
of all lengths. See liiin
before buying;.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
j£t*'\        l.tl.O.P.   Key Clly L„Jie
tft^XOSOO*  'i . .   HI nt „„■„■ Hull on
Hal -l.i' 1.    ^.iji.il,',..,.'
Isl j'l'lu.i.s. llBllyluvitotl
S, J Morrow, II. Parsons,
X. ll. soo'v.
Earristor, Solicitor, Etc.
r.iiil'iii.ik. linii.li Coin,,, hln
.1. II. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllce ,,l I'silils'i,..'. In;,,,im," 1,.'.
Porenootis, :.)» lo II
Alter Itll    -    ■    •    ■    Willi, .l:.lll
Hvenldift   -   -   -   -    7.30 to K:.lli
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        ::!!.,
Licensed Provincial Ass.iycr
l.tito aimlyllcn. otiomlsl
lis' Norll, st,,, Mn.',.
ilmrtlyonen ant, .mj on
•u's.'iit . ttie. in,., lai,,
nine ii.'.i,  ,S„||I..';I'S.  I
is.'ii lo 8jll„),las by in.,,,
mtrnl iissayer lo
For time tables and toll Informant,,,,  sail on
or rs.ldrl-ss nearest losnt n"ent.
A. 11. P. A. Ascnt,
Vaneouvcr, B.C. Crnnhronk
J. S. CARTlm, I). P. ... Nelson, II. C.
Spokane Fails &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
Tlie only nil rail route ttelween all
poinls linst, West (sin! Smith to....
Inlermcdialc Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE wilb the
Great Northern,  Northern Pacific
and 0. R. «S: N. Company*
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer for  Kaslo
and   All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally tor
Republic, and
Counects dailv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Porks and Greenwood*
11. A. JACKSON, lien. I^nKH. ArI.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Ktc, made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Steele, II. C.
I have good wood <-l .ill lengths^
Leave orders ,ii Townsite oflice receive prompt Attention.
Richard Stewart
mul Bulkier   -.<
All wurk Ritnrfliilccd.   Sec uh before
ymi Iniilil.    It will |in> J00,
Cranbrook, ll L
Not im- is iicroiiy pti-en ihnl niipllintlob will lie
iiiinii' tn tlie l','iii..iin-iii nf ffriailn in its mm
se -ili.a In : i A Ittlttiorlllng tlm Sl. .Vinry's
l"ver llii'hvny <'niii|ii"-' to n-nstiiu-t itbr&it< i
nr I'Kti-ns.nii nf lh  fllPwtl)      Kill K.. nt* iiniiit ii.i
tiaUomimny's prosetil Una nl railway llicnoe
nnitlnrii r ni -vi->t -riy hy iho North [fontenny
• ass to :i point nn nit. ICootanny lllvor in Hrltlrii
Cniiiiiiiiiii iii-iivccn Wnrdnur nnd tin- intorin
tl mil Imiiii.liny, «lln milli-riiy ni-n tuoonslrti .
tnan.-lin--fr"in I'll i-olnta nn tlie |irn|HMpil Hi
tiiilcxi-i-i-i''''; In r iy i.iii'f; i-.'iii n'lc-tin li'iii;i
with |io iriii-iniiM'.-iis'iiii-i, own  nul n|ieriito
tolegrniih nnil t> lepltonu (' ns ror tlm iisq nf tlio
imiiili-,nml tu «cn [.tie, irainmli unit rienl In
olL'otrloliynnil eloitiio iiower,
ti.it. ti Doconibcr wth, 1Mb
Walter llarwltik,
i'i-'j ^clt'."or inr AppUonnt.
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good  work,   Good   Material
and the price.
II ive you (diked with anyone almut liuildlng?
Conic nnd sic mc or Id mc hcc you. It may
do na both gmiil.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
By -*Y Quad.
Copyright, 1B01, by C. 0. Lewis.
The ereir of the American brig Nemo
had been paid off at Cadiz niul as mate
J wns looking fur another berth whon
n young ami good looking man who
mas strolling about the wharf ns If In
in-arch of some oue accosted me with
(in Inquiry ns to my capability as a
pnvlgntor ami later on asked mc to accompany lilm to a cafe for n talk. As
Rhe young man was a Brazilian and a
landsman my curiosity was naturally
aroused. He was rather slow In coin-
■ng to the point, being evidently desirous of sizing mc up. ami I had begun
to grow a little Impatient when ho
leaned across the table and said:
; "Senor, I have decided to trust you
tind tell you the truth. It Is nn expedl-
lion to carry off a young lady."
"If It Is a scheme to abduct a woman,
2 want nothing to do with it," I refilled.
"Do not mistake me, senor. I nm n
{Brazilian, I am from one of the highest families In our country. I am In
love with a Spanish lady, a young lady
pf highest birth, but her people are opposed to our marriage. I nm not only
lu lovo witli her, but she returns my
! % FATORB um.:, i Nrvnn LOOKED VVOH
Bkflston,   She hns vowed to the Virgin
that she will never give her hnnd to nn-
•tbei.   Indeed, she is ready to die if
the cannot marry me."
"And why do tier people object?"  I
iske.i. thinking that ir his looki did
not belle his character any father in
Spain might be pnuui of blm for n son-
"it was n feud between our fathers,
lienoi, partly political uml partly business, There wns bud blood, an.l. th.uigh
my father illed yenM ngo. Hon llaiiil-
Hoi miii holds his bitterness, lie has a
«on with whom I have fmighi a duel,
find thai I wounded and vanquished
lilm bus but added to the bltternem of
the Munition."
"Why. (bis Pon ltnmlne7 In n gov-
rrnin.'til official Of sniiie sort. Isn't lie?"
"lie Is governor of the province of
Cad lit, senor."
"If be Is ili-h mnl powerful and op-
posed to the marriage, your rake Is
dough.     Vou  SOCIO  to  run   more  of  a
fliiiiiii- of being shot than of becoming
his n ni lu law."
Senor Da Cosln, as be liml given mo
Ids iiumt*. looked troubled for a moment, ami lbi-n a ihish came to bis eyea
ih in quietly askedi
"in youi' country, seiior, whnt do they
]0 In sueh eases?"
"The lovers? Well, If the old folks
ire opposed there Is generally a run
Swaj match."
I "1 have beard so. and there will be
ine lu this case. We would both Iin ve
:t otherwise, but it is the Inst resort 1
mist lake the senorlta to Itni7.ll io be-
!omo my wife, ll was settled that way
last evonlng."
! "But have you counted on the old
hon?" I asked, a little annoyed by the
'mm;.: mini's coolness In disposing of
:he case. "He'll be after you In two
lOUra, and lie tins the legal right to
;ake his daughter off the steamer nnt)
)ut you behind the bars. I should say
ie would be a bud man to fool with."
"Listen, senor," quietly replied tho
over. "Von will (Iml In this port a
•raft for sale or charter. She may tie
Imall, but she must be fast It will be
setter for many reasons that sjie is a
kail vessel. Vou shall buy ber nnd
tlenr her for Borne western port, ittid I
Will salt nwny with the seuoiltn, nud
Bhe will become my wife."
•"But we shall be pursued," I snld.
tie Bhrugged bis shoulders aud em!)'
' "And if captured It will mean years
4l UuttrlHOument for mo."
(Uttered ind brutied ind worn nml old,
n.n ft u( iii* mine ami lull,
A vetenn elwrser itinch nml tioltl,
1K- lm* wi-ittln-rnl lili-'i ili-rrrst Rile—
Tin- btro nt many ■ gillint raid,
In mitiy a bl ll.-i.i- nar. i\\t
A Midler «.l lottuni, unillimiyed
lly bltlll ami wound ami Kirl
•Ncith tin* (Uldlfll l...t-li Ol a lit Ilu l.nnd
liu lui travilttl  y a mile
I'linniuii du- ■* ii-iini mlim "f I'liyllki i*»'i.
Whin tha ipirlti ui fincy imlli,
Hut. itnnga to my, In l.i* boldiil fight.
Chough In- hlttid or r-'iil.-il not.
Tlirough alt hi. tun'lti by .lav ami niKl.t
Uu huitood Iii (hi leltamo »i>i>tl
If.- wti ridden fir, l>e wna ridden hird,
lie ttortii Uh,.' brunt* uml blowi
An.l ..n bii lilt, ai a iwee| wwird,
a kiNi on hti uuiimut note.
Ami, lli.iiis.1 In' la ratlin llir- worse tor wear
And li crippled ami icirred ind old.
in the eyei ol Mi muter in- ii.ll ia fair
Ami vrorlh bll xrelght in gold,
—Ilermli] nml Prtibyter.
"Tour pny win he commensurate
with the risks, st-tior. Let us waste no
more time. Set forth at once and Uml
a craft."
At the end of another half hour wc
bad the details arranged as far ns possible, and 1 was ready to begin my
shure of the work. Within 84 hours 1
innl found u sehtioner yacht from the
Mediterranean, an Kugllsh built craft
whose owner had tiled of playing sailor anil left her lu the hands of a broker for sale, It required a week to repaint, repair, tlml a evow ami put provisions aboard, ami Da Costa was ready
wlili $3 wherever there was need for
(1, It was given out that a yacht had
been bought for a resident uf tbu
Azores mid was tn be delivered there,
nud there was uo trouble about her
| Willie knowing, of course, (bat Ma
Costa was ll) Cadiz, It appeared that
! lion Rn in Inez hml neither Imprisoned
his daughter nor set an extra waleii ou
her movements. To dodge her duenna
aud eseape from the house and grounds
nml make her way to an appointed rendezvous must have been a difficult mat-
tor, but she accomplished It, and two
hours after dark one evening a boat
brought the pair of lovers aboard. Ten
minutes Inter we were under way. A
fairer girl 1 never looked upon, and sho
was as brave as she was fair.
We loft port with ti fair wind and
carried It all night as we headed out
into the Atlantic, and the yacht slipped
along as if driven by steam. We bad
got awuy so quietly that 1 did not look
for pursuit, but daylight had scarcely
broken when we found a steamer lu
our wake. As 1 afterward ascertained,
the girl had been missed early In tho
night, the sailing of the yacht discovered, and while one steamer was bended for the Canaries n second took the
course for Bio and wns soon overhauling us.
At noon the steamer enme up with
us.    The brother was aboard of her,
while the father had taken the other
route.    She came slashing alongside,
I with shouts and yells from her crew,
, thinking to make an easy enpturo, hut
1 as there were no armed men  aboard
she quickly sheered off before our rl-
: lies.    Within the next two hours she
, made three different attempts to crash
! Into us, but each time our lire, which
', was not meant to kill, drove the men
j from the pilothouse nnd confused all.
■ Then she settled down to pursue us,
; and, ns a matter of fact, she hung to
us for 48 hours.   She had come out unprepared with fuel or provisions, however, and at last had to turn nhntit nnd
head for Cadiz.  By the time she reached port It was too late to think of further pursuit, and we were left to make
our voyage in peace and land our passengers In due time at Ilio.    I learned
that  Oon  Bamlnez and  tbe Spanish
government kicked up n great row over
the affair, nnd there was a lot of corro*
, spondeiice nnd demands and red lire,
, but On Costa won bis bride, nnd tho
rest of us got safely away with our re-
, ward, and tho obstinate old fnthei bad
nothing to do but chew tbe rag and
, yell "Carainba!"
Urvttt llm it.igv ..I ('aiiudluiii -Their Cuun-
trr u sm'vaii io Nona uu -■.* i ■»*-- •>(
tha uIuUh tturopaan ComparlMMOIve
tie »« Kvati iKtti'i iiit-u ui our araal
Ml*    I'utalbllll ii*. ul  lh* I iiiinti t.
I'll 111.
I lm
the give.
this co
uw great
n- can tn
in ti ii
i" fro
tilt-   full!
t [sites
from v
led  t
r dlllgen
es ut inf
t rose
io \
area ut
S,    IS
rger thai
ig h
t ti 108
the Un
70  H
ra miles
i-bus.-l I
■*< H
iiun-ti itu
,    -1
Died   WlilatHiitf.
Dr. William Rrauss in The Journal
of Nervous and Mental Diseases describes the case of a Polish herdsman,
117 years of age. weighing '-.30 pounds,
who some months previous to an accident innl suffered from apoplexy resulting In, left hemiplegia. lie wns
slowly regnlnlng the use of his arm
nii.l leg when he was struck by a train
niul was found unconscious on the
track with three scalp wounds.   Thero
was a depressed fracture of the skull
three Inches above and one inch behind the left ear. He was Immediately
trephined and the depressed bone removed.
About 10 o'clock nt night he began
to whistle, not. however, the "popular
songs of the day." but the whistle cnlls
he was accustomed to use In calling or
driving his docks. Ho would continue
whistling for about one minute, then
would cense for live or ten minutes
ami kept this up at regular Intervals
mull he died. At no time was It possible to distinguish nny melody. Tho
sounds were of the same pitch ami Intensity and of the same character*
'I'hey were audible throughout tho
ward nml attracted the attention of pa*
thtiis nml attendants. To the phy-
stolons in attendance it wus a strange
experience to hear these whistle calls
coming from a patient In a state of
unconsciousness, it was impossible to
rouse the paileut at any (line before
or   after   the   accident,   nnd   lie   died,
whittling a few minutes before death,
New Jersey, 7,sir. Maine, 88,040;
Pennsylvania, 46,1115; Maryland, lfl,-
310; Indiana, 80,U00* Veruioul, 0,-
,105 square milts, limbing a total
ol 200,070 square tulles, uud ia
which wa can comfortably Include
thu following additional slates, viz.;
Delaware, i!,u.*.i) square miles, District of Columbia, 17u square miles;
Bhude Island- 1,200 square miles,
or u total of 210,140 square miles.
After Including the uhuvi-, we can
still afford to Of.* generous, and
leave room (or another state us
large as Now Jersey, with 7,815
square miles, ami still have some
4,000 square miles to toss oil if
closely cornered. Quebec is nearly
0,000 square miles larger than lhu
Province of Ontario, measuring 22s,-
000 square miles, Tbe two 1'ro-
vlnces named, with llritish Columbia,
possessing un area of 888,800 square
miles, total 884,200 square miles,
nnd is us large as ull of the
following Western States, viz.: Colo-
rudo, 108,025 square miles; Idaho,
84,800 square miles; Illinois, 50,-
650 square miles; Iowa, .Hi,025
square miles; Kansas. 80,080 square
miles; Michigan, 58,015 square
miles; Mlnuesoln, 88,805 square
miles; Ohio, 41,000 square miles;
Oregon, 00,080 square miles; North
Dakota, 70,705 square mllos; Utah,
84,070 square miles; leaving 15,000
square miles to spare. Our Northwest
Territory alone comprises 000,000
square miles; this area mblcd to the
three provinces already named, gives
a totul of 1,740.200 square miles or
by the way of still further comparison, nn extent of territory larger
than Alaska, by 677,890 square
miles, But a larger unit of Canada
st ill remains to be considered, viz.:
Manitoba, 7.1.050 square miles; As-
sinil-oin. 80,585 square miles; Saskatchewan. 107,002 square miles;
Keewatin, 282,000 square miles; Al-
berta, 100,000 square milts; Atha-
bnska. 101,500 square miles; Territory east of Ki-ewitiin nnd south of
Hudson Bay, 100,800 square miles;
territory of Hudson's Bay, 868,000
squnro miles; Islands north nud
northwest, not enumerated in above,
800,000     square   inil.-s;   Great  Lakes
' nnd River St. Lawrence,    not     in-
j eluded in above. 47,400 square miles;
I Prince Edward Island, 2 oi>0 square
miles; New  Brunswick, 28,200 square
mllos;   Nova Scotia,   20,000    square
1'eel   Didn't   Ilium   Tennyinn.
i'eel regarded nil light litterateurs ns
tr I flora nud poets with their uuproflia-
ble pursuits as the butterflies of tho
li ilium species. Cnrlyle had prompted
Millies to press Tennyson's claims for
a pension. TbO rival claimant was
Bberldnn Knowles, the popular dramatist.
I'eel consulted Mlines ns to the course
which he ought to take, nccompiinylng
the appeal by the statement Hint for
himself he knew absolutely nothing
either of Mr. Tennyson or Mr. Knowles.
"What!" snld Milnes. "Have you
never seen the uamo of Sheridan
Knowles on n playbill'/"
"No," replied Peel.
"And hnve you never read a poem of
"No," was again the answer, accompanied by a request that Milnes would
let lilm Bee something which Tennyson
had written. Accordingly Milnes sent
to Sir Robert Tee] tho two poems of
"I.ocksley Hall" nnd "Ulysses,"
Students of the Canadian situation cnn best understand tha magnitude ol the heritage the British in
the pnsi have been sit cureless about,
nnd are now at this day growing so
solicitous for, by comparing the
Canadian areas with those ot the
United Kingdom itself nml the European nations, All Britain uud Ireland, lor example, contain 120,030
square miles; England uud Wales,
58,811; Set.i land. 20,785; Ireland,
82.682, and the islands, 802. This
entire area, il it could bo set down
In Ontario, would leave not very fur
from half the Province still untouched — plenty of room, at nny rule,
for another England, Wales and Ireland. The whole of the United
Kingdom nud Ireland, if they could
be dumped Into British Columbia,
would take up less than a third of
that Province leaving an unoccupied
area big enough to accommodate the
same twice over, with a trifle of 20,-
000 squnro miles to spare.
Ontnrio alone, 210,050 squnro
miles, is bigger than Prance, 210,-
000 square miles. Germany,     212-
000 square     Dillon;     Italy,     1 14,000
squuro miles; Spain, 182,758 square
Ontario nnd Quebec alono, 447.150
square miles, nre bigger than    Aug-
tliu Hungary, 280,811 square miles,
Sweden ami Noiwuy, 2HH.771 Square
miles, tuitl nil tlie siiinller States    of
Kurope put together, addod to either
01 tin! above Tlio biggost State iu
Europe is Russia, containing about
2,n-l t,hoo square inib's. Our Northwest    Territories,    000,000    squuro
' miles, Manitoba uml Northwest districts, e noralod abova,   1,017,788
i square miles, total 2.628,788 square
miles, me bin enough to swallow nil
, Russia In Europe, und leave 481,074
, miles to spare, un unused urea
groater than all France und Gormany
j put  together.
j In summing up, one must not overlook tho   immense    possibilities     in
' commerce   In connection with    this
, vast territory, Wn must not forget
the valuable wealth In our forests,
in gold, silver and other minerals,
our extensive fisheries, und huge
areas of fertile wheat lauds. One
cnn scarcely comprehend in a news-
I paper article what an onorinous her-
I Huge Canadians possess, much of it
yet to be peopled and developed,
Tbe Maltese.
The Maltese nre mainly tbe last surviving remnant of the Carthaginian
branch of. lhe old Phoenician people.
Malm was the half way station between Carthage und Sicily, long held
by the CantiagenlanB and of which
Unilinear, Ihe father of II uud Ibal, was
it one time governor.
Nii|.unri''a   First (liurih.
The first Church af England built
In Nupaiiee wns in 1880 nnd 1887,
John Qibbard was one of the carpenters in the finishing. The lirst. Wus-
leynu Church was built in 1H41 and
1812. I inn iei Alcl.iver wus ono of
thu cHi-pi-niirs. So was Mr. Gib-
bard. Itelynt Conger, another old
resident, wns one of the masons, Tho
first Motbotlist Episcopal Church was
commenced in 1840 und finished in
1847. II wns popularly known us
"ilu? While Church." Ezra Spencer,
who afterwards lived und died ut
Roblin, was the contractor uud build-
Canadian Pacific Railwa
The Canadian Patiiic kullway Company cuntrul a large area ol the choicest larming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay Ui.-trict. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ol principal and int rest, except in the
case uf lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inin ten instalments as
shown in ihe (able below; Ihe fir«l to be paid at lhc lime ol purchase, ine second (inc year from date ul lhc purchase, the third in
iwo years anil so on.
The following fable -haws the amount of the annual instalments
on [60 acre-: al different prices under the above conditions:
IdUacrs at $2.50 per acr, 1st instalment SSe.W i> equal inlal'ts al $50.00
.1.1)0 «
3,50 "
4.110 "
4„S0 -'
5.00     •<
"              60.00
'               70.00
•              80.00
'              9000
imberlev is "|C '"lsil,css -*,,<* shipping point for the
-'   North Star and Sullivan mines.
BI-AL & ELLWliLL, Townsile Agents.
Cranbrook i? "*c -"V-*---"*--' P0'"- of tne Crows Nest Pass
Railway and lhe commercial centre uf  Snilli
liasl Kooienay.
V. HYDE IIAKIiR, Townsite Agent.
For further Information apply to ugi-iils as above nr lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, II. C. or
Lands under $2.50 per ncrc arc sold
mi shorter time.
If the land is paid fur in hill nt lhc
time of purchase, a reduction Irom llic
price will he allowed equal to ten per
cent mi the amnion paid in excess ol the
usual cash Instalment,
Interest  ul  six   per   cent    will  be !
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also tots for sale
'n the following town sites in I last Koot«
cnay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyclle, Kltch.
ener, Creston and Klmberley.
The terms ol payment arc one-third
cash, and Ihe balance in si\ nnd Iwclve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range and the gateway to the White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T, BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
».************************************+********** *****
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co,
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU.   KIN1.S   OK-
| Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,!
* •
I Dimension Lumber. I
I fhingles and f
I flouldings. *
■ -------- -•'-- f
Ketiiii-.l Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels iii Baal Kooteuay,
Newly Furnished
L B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnuhrook, R. C.
Anitlo-Atnerican Pirc Insurance Company / . „
Equity Fire Insurance Cnmpaii)  ) u"usl KflKS
Ottawa Rrc Insurance    ........ , Sclilcmctils
London Mulual Fire Insurance     • ■ ■ ■ j ' ro",pl *-c"'cn*-!'"*-
C. R. PALHER, Agent for Fire and Life Insurance.
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon nuking,
and Painting-
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, ani we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
The v* ■/* -,•* ■/* „* v** «.*••* <*
Hotel S A
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and every Accommodation.
American Drinks, Leading Brards of Liquors
and Schlitz Famous Beer dispensed by the popular
bartender, Charley Armstrong.
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
until yon sec..
II »t,, dnn'l buy   Dpi  TlCn   The Only Wholeule Liquor Dealer la
rCL.1 I Civ   South Easl Kooleaay.    Write far Price,
Cranbrook, B. C • -*» *
PELTIER is also agent for
T. LliliL & CO. Sfcffi HAY AND OATS
This Is the supply point for South Easl Kootenay.
Hotl s s
OnCllfl Cuiiiiorl a Special!)
Qood St.Oi.ii.' in Connection
Nearest to rallrond ami .It-pot.    His accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook,
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. Wc not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but wc put material in our suit:, which some tailors
would not think  of selling  at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
lhe joth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, It. C ■   •   ■   ■ .
. .. ... ... .. '.
. ..   .. ... ... .. .
& CO.
LS.il.ui.-s: oi Bloutids and Skirls at  bargain
prices to make room lor our spring stock.
A few good lines left.
Bargains in heavy winter suits, Pea Jackets
and Men's and Bov.s Overcoats.    Call in.
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock ol
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy ol Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Official Watch Inspector Inr
Crows Neil slivlsfs,,, C. P. It.
I'ronrletoi of tlie I
Cranbrook      ;
Candy kitchen ;
Carries ncomt.lats.. stuck nf '
Candies, Fruits, Ntiis.        j
Biscuits, i'i pes and |
Tobaccos. Qi« uaacafi J
Proprietors „*t .* J*
Teams ;s„sl drivers furniabeit for any
point in the ilistiii'l.
Manager   ;*  „*   „*
Vroom & Dezall    j
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing mid      I
General Jobbing.... j
Outside Orders Promptly I
Attended lo. J
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups,  Champagnes,  Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to h.indlc it.
£ I'tlH AN M(T I STIC %
M.   oflltteilll v,< i n.i "t."..,'I i.:.-.i,ii   ">
t    PREST'S STUDIO    $
lt Atnn work will recoivd nm beui niton- 1
V     IMI.   N "< t '"',t"l      j?
Undertaking And
Gradunte of Champion college of U. S
oflice and store. Aiken l.lr.rk,
nenr Cauadlnn Itimk of Commerce, Cranbrook, ll C
Upholstering ansl Qeneral E-jrnlture lls-pnlrlng
Will ntlelld to „„y work >„ tbe dislrict
Nelson :Tent: and
Awning : Factory
1     LOCAL   NOTES     %
Picked  Up Aboul ihe City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Vera lirickaon bus returned to the
school nt Vale.
11 I, Stephens opened his new hotel
it i; Ito mat Monday,
Mrs. 1'. l.iiuil is still quite ill with uu
nttnek of rheiiuiuiistn.
VV, T. Reiil i.i expected to return from
ilu- east next week.
Itohert Cox returned from Phoenix
laat week, nnd is now living in Klko,
Mr. Morrow of Vancouver, wns In lown
Saturday ou u political mission.
Mr. nud Mrs. S, Richards entertained
a number of friends Monday evening.
Mrs. 0, II, Oilpiu gave a very picas
mil card party lust Thursday evening.
Mrs. Thomas Rookes mis gone to California where she will spend the winter.
Mra. Krickson has recovered from her
recent illness, mid is able to be out
The railway pay checks cniite in last
Tuesday, a liltle ahead of lhe usual
Mrs Tale has returned from Michel
where she visited severnl days with Mrs.
j. Kraser.
Mrs. II I). McMillan came down from
Marysvllle Sutmday ami spi-nt Sunday
hi Crnnbrook,
Tbe Cranbrook Klectrie Light company   is   wiring   the   railway   shops  for
electric lights.
J. Ii Augers came down from Marysville Saturday lo spend Sunday wiih
Cranbrook friends.
A junior hockey club has been organized in this town, and the "kids" are
pretty strong with the slicks,
Tlie Sullivan mine will resume operations on February i, and work will be
pushed from that lime on.
VV. T. Reitl's handsome new resideuce
will he completed Ibis week. It is one
..I the linest iu the Kootenays,
Dave Grillith came over from Wild
Horse last Saturday. lie had bis usual
until ber of games of erlbbage,
Mr. and Mrs, V. Hyde baker entertained a number of friends at ping pong
on Thursday evening of taut week.
Mrs. G. T. Rogers had ft host of her
friends invited in last Tuesday evening
and everyone had a glorious time.
Mis A. I.eitch gave n thimble party
Wednesday afternoon. There were a
large number of guests present.
Fred Pleper, of the firm of Pleper &
Currie, has gone to Klko, wheie lie bus
the contract of papering an holel,
Sidney Coulton is doing some great
hockey playing in Phoenix. Tbe Craii-
l.rouk team will miss him this winter.
I). Wilson, provincial school director,
visited Cranbrook tbis week, ami authorized several needed improvements nbout
the Cranbrook schools.
Mrs. Vroom gave an afternoon tea
Wednesday to a number of (riends in
honor uf her daughter who is to be married in a few days,
The Herald is indebted to I.eitclt Dros
»f Dak I,tike, Man., manufacturers of
several brands of celebrated flour for a
nerles of beautiful calendars.
Conductor  McKenzie and  Hnglneer
Murphy hnve been appointed iustiuctors
on Standard rules, ami have gone to
Winnipeg (or their pointers.
Sitpeiiiitendeiit Utiry, of tlie C. 1\ R.,
is having a telephone line put in between his residence and ollice. This
will prove a great convenience to him.
W. 1) Hill and family returned last
week from uu extended visit to eastern
points. Mr. Hill visited lhe leading
markets and is now teceiving his purchases.
Installation of ollicers nt the Masonic
lodge last Thursday evening was postponed one week owing to the absence
from town of several officers elect. A
large attendance is desired this evening.
Ilerl Richards writes to his parents
lhat he lias had a second operation performed upon iiin eye, and an artificial
optic inserted. He is getting along
nicely ami expects to be ahle to return
home in a short time.
Tne members of Key City lodge 1. 0.
O. P. will entertain llieir lady friends
Friday evening after lodge meeting. A
program will be presented, refreshments
seivcilnnili. general good time had by
George O. Madigau, inspector of
hollers and machinery for the provincial
government, was In town last week and
while here made all kinds of trouble for
the sawmill men by reducing the power
on their boilers.
Prest, the photographer, con templates
opening several new galleries throughout
the district the coming summer. Mr,
Prest has greatly increased liu business
tbe past year, and be has done it on the
merit of bis work.
The Prospector says that two feet of
galena bus been discovered at Marysville just below the falls. This is a mistake, Il is a detriment to a country to
publish exaggerated accounts of mineral
Spokane Spokesman-Review: I,. S,
Austin, superintendent of the Sullivan
Group Mining company, expects shortly
to move his family from Denver to
Marysville, B C, where the Sullivan
siueltei is being built.
Harry Relnennn, nf the Imperial
hotel nt l-'ort Steele, was a Craubrook
visitor lasl Saturday. As he stood hi
front nf lhe Cranbrook holel looking toward iin- railway station, he said, "Kveti
ft freight car looks good to uie "
Mrs George Morrow has written to
friends in Cranbrook that Mr. Morrow
who is still in Cuiiit, expects to return to
Canada next summer lor n stay of two
months, and if it should happen tbat he
cannot get away, Mrs. Morrow aud the
baby will go to Cuba for the summer.
General Manager Robbius, of the
North Star mine, baa been transferred
lo Nelson, which will be bis headquarters in lhe future as consulting engineer
for the McKeime-Mann properties in
BHtish Columbia, Mr. Brown will re
main with the North Star as superintendent and N. McL. Curran, of course,
will continue as financial agent. The
North Star without Mr. Curran would
seem strnuge indeed.
The hockey team got all ready to go
to Pincher last Friday, when a telegram
was received stating that there was no
ice. This is the second time the boys
here have been disappointed in their
scheduled games, aud many complaints
were made because the club at Pincher
failed to notify them that a game there
was impossible until the Cranbrook hoys
had made all arrangements and had
even purchased tickets, the telegram not
arriving until after the passenger had
pulled in.
Q. tl. aitpin Earoute Home.
Word has been received that G. H.
Gilpin sailed from Knglandon the 15th.
He will not be able to come directly
home as he will stop in the east to took
after spring purchases. It is stated that
be will bring a well selected stock of
new goods to add to his already large
•lock, including many importations
bought iu the iCtiglnud murkeu.
Annual Meeting,
There will be nn   annual   meeting of
the shareholders of the Cranbrook Turf
nud Athletic association on February 4
at S o'clock at the office of V. H, Baker,
Trouble at Fernie.
It is said that the Crow's Nest coal
company Is in a tangle with the government over the allotment of lands in
the town of Fernie. The matter was
pending for sometime, and during the
Interval the coal company continued to
sell property, giving contracts fjr the
same. When It came time for tbe gtv
enimeii: to make Its choice by blocks,
tbe lirst selection was the block on
which the Hoyal hotel, the coal company's handsome oflice buildings and
other valuable improved properties were
located. Tbe coal company then offered to pay over to the government the
money received for tbe lots, but the
government say. "No. We want pay
iu accordance to present valuations."
One fourth of the town of Fernie, to
which the government Is entitled under
the law. at present valuations, would
mean that the coal company would
have to pay several hundred thousand
dollars to secure release of the property
from the government. Naturalv the coal
company proteits, and now say tbat
tbey will go before tbe provincial house
and secure legislation to give them
this desired relief. That Is why many
people think that there is a lot of fun
Prom tlie Marysvllle Trlliiine.
It ii strange that there are people
who seem to feel distressed over the
success of any movement. It has always been the case, and In all probability will remain so- They seem 10
be natural horn knockers, and are
never latbBfd unless they are doing
something that will prove Injurious
to Home one- Take m irysville, for Instance. Prom the Inception of tbe plan
to errect a smelter In this town there
have been people who have been full
of doubt from the start. First they did
not believe anything would be done.
Next, th * getting out the rock was just
a bluff, Then, when work on the building started tt was just a scheme to sell
town lots, and as one large building
after another assumed shape, and
thousands of dollars were being expended, It was a trick to sell tne mine.
N iw that vast sums are being invested
lu machinery, much of which is on the
way, there arc still pessemlstlc knockers who pay the smelter will never
blow In. None of these people give
reasons. In fact they have none except
their lnaio cussednesi.
Yesterday, after the train arrived In
Cranbrook from the west, The Tribune
man had a telephone Interview with K
I). Saunders, piesldent of the board of
control of the company, who had just
arrived from Spokane, His statement
will be of tutorial to tbe public, although It will not bring much joy to
the heart of the kno.kers,
"You can  say   for   me,"   said   Mr-
Saunders, "that no money will be
spared or time wasted In pushing the
ameltlug plain io an early completion.
We have severnl car loads of machinery
pin chased and on the way to Marysvllle.
The material foi finishing the work is
coming In rapidly, and we do not anticipate anyseitt'us delay iu pushing
coustructiou 10 an early linish. And
as soon us it ii possible the smelter will
be blown In. The smallai Is uot being
built at a speculation or an e*j.er luitut
Tbe men back of this movement have
been Interested iu mining In llritish
Columbia for years, and lu smelters also We are not novices at the business
We have a valuable mine with a vast
body of ore. To handle that ore satli-
factorlly we had to build a smelter,
We have taken this course and other
lead mines will have to follow, lor conditions make It necessary for them to
smelt their own ore. What U more our
smelter will be a success We h;
taken everything Into consideration
ami kuow whai we are doing '
It Is perhaps well at this time to get
down to facts ami figures as to what
Is being done In Marysvllle. To those
who do not live In the Immediate neigh'
borhood of our town It may he of In
terest 10 know exactly what Is going on
towards building the first smelter [n
South Fast Kootenay am) the Hist re
fluery In the Dominion of Canada
(fill), lino have already been spent
In the const ruction In buildings
Humes etc. 800,000 already spent. 8I3,\)0I
have been expended on getting out lhe
timber and framing the buildings at
the smelter site. 810,000 hav
been expended in locating and
constructing the water Hue or tlutne
which will cany the power from the
upper waters of Maik Creek to the
powerhouse on the banks of the Sl
Marys river, at which point there la
800 feet of a straight fall and 186 feet
of a gradual fall making a total of 331
feet and' generating 000 horse power
Then in addition SijU.ooo or more
haa been expended In purchasing the brick, cement and machinery
necessary to put tbe plant in running
To those who have not visited Marysvllle during the last two months the
progress made would be a matter of
astonishment. Tne roaster building
2fi0 feet long, ny Oil feet wide Is a matter of hnge construction In Itself. Thl«
building is practically finished and
.1 waits only the arrival of the corrugated Iron, the frame and wood work
being completed. The sulphide build
Ing, sixty feet high, Is done. The
power house is ready for the Installation
of tbe wheels and the transmitter building la finished. In fact as a high oQIcial
of the company said to a Tribune man
the other day. 'Give us the material
and we could be ready to blow In, In
sixty days."
From tin* MarysvlllH Tribune
Maryavllle was  honored on Monday
by a  visit   from   the   Inimitable Tom
Charley Eirly haa greatly Improved
in health and is now feeling like his old
self once more.
Dick Mannon ran a nail Into his foot
last Thursday and was laid up several
days In consequence.
II I). McMillan, of the Royal hotel,
is having the third story of his [dace
tilted up for occupation.
Gomer, Jones, the jolly book-keeper
at G, H. Miner's Cranbrook store, was
among the visitors to the dance.
It. E Heuttle, with whom It pays to
deal, came up to Marysvllle on
Monday to talk politics with Hutch,
Ross Tate, son of Tate the Cranbrook
jewelery, was in town this week with a
Une diaplay of jewelry. He reports
business good,
Gordon Small returned from Cranbrook on Monday where hp was laid up
with a piece of steel In his hand. Dr,
Green removed the piece of steel and
Gordon Is now at work.
Jack Rice the well known engineer
who was lu charge of the machinery at
the Sullivan mine, was In town fester
day and expects to resume work there
again next month when operations are
Mrs. W. T. Held, Mis. Und, Miss
Dyker, Miss Ryan, Miss Cardiff*. Rev.
Fortune and Mr. McKIm, of Cranbrook
aud Mr. Lucas of Fort Steele, formed
the party that came up from the south
on account of the concert Thursday
One of the strong evlileicis of progress noticeable lu Mirysvllle ls the
building of Ike spur line Into the town,
which goea Into general use today.
Hereafter it will not be ncccessary to
walk or drive a mile to or from the
trains, The new arrangement wlil
place the cara right In town, uaryt-
Title do move,
Concert at Marysville
Maryavllla Trlhunn
The concert given last Thursday night
In the dining room of the Falls Vie ■/
hotel waa the flrat entertainment given
In the town, and was an artistic success. R-v. Reld, of Fort Steele, Klmberley, and Marysvllle was iu charge.
He induced Mrs. W. T, Reid, Miss Lund
and Rev. Fortune of Cranbrook, and
Rev. Fortune of Cranbrook, and Mr.
Lucas of Fort Steele, to lane a drive of
40 miles to furnish the programme for
the occasion,
Very few here had heard Miss Lund
and her strong, well controlled voice
was a pleasing In the extreme, and her
magnificent work on the piano was
greatly admired. Mrs. Reld, who is a
general favorite among the music lovers
of the district, was most cordially   welcomed.     Both   ladies   received 1
many enthusiastic encores, and graciously responded to the demands of the
audience. Rev. Fortune as a storyteller proved very entertaining and he
sang two songs with success, Mr Lucas
Is a natural born inastolan, He plays
by ear only and plays well, and bis
song. --Quo Goo Eyes." brought forth a
rapturous encore.
The people of Mirysvllle appreciate
the personal saciiti.e Involved by the
participants lu the conceit lu makiug
such a long trip, aud feel exceedingly
gratified for the excellent programme
presented, 'I'he singers will always
receive a cordial welcome In m irysville
and fhe Tribune hopes that they may
visit line again at no illsinut date.
Praise (nr Houston.
Marysville Tribune
The people of   Nelson   may   not  fully
appreciate the fact but nevertheless
It Is true that ono nr ttie best friends
that town evei hud Is John ll.-usiuti, ol
th ■ Nelson Tribune. He may be a little
cranky at times and newspaper bustuess
will make any man cianky, bt,L his ul-
forts have always been in n direction
that would lend In benefit Nelson- Ho
bus been honest ami enthusiastic In his
labors for tbu town, and has never
advocated any moasure that would uot
be a help tn the people as a whole. Corporations could not control Mm, ai.tl
men c mm not Intimidate inin He has always had the courage ol his convlctoiis
and fought valiantly for what he
thought was right
tototo't-<--4m    IT ''■■'■' ™ DEAL  VV III, BBAT1IB    --
0.2 m
111 Blank Books
toc -J**
. „ to
tot to
A large invoice just received.
Everything in the way of stationery, the latest and best.
R. E. BEATTIE, -™^
'to'to.tototo&&!   IT PAYS TO DEAL WITH BEATTIE   4>.y..;.   P<J><££|
A Proof....
Fred I'it'tK'r'.s Rig Contract.
Mitrysvll e Tribuue,
Fred Pleper is known as a great
talker and a man never at a loss for an
explaiation c.1 any predicament In
which he may find himself. The other
day he w..s talking tu a son of the
Orlant, who wanted some wurk done at
once. Pieper ia foxy. He did not want
to do ihe work just now, nor did he
want to offend bis prospective patron
So lie proceeded to hand him a fuzzy
buich that was a peach. 1 can't do
your work just now. Impossible! Why,
man, 1 have more than five men can do.
I have work at three of the hotels, and
linn I have just closed a contract to
paper all the smther buildings.*1
-■All same bij buildings? asked the
- Ves, every one of them" replied
Pleper without a smt'e.
1 Damme big contract. Hell lot ol
paper. ' and lie took of his hat and looked .it Pieper as if h.» was the M kauo of
South Fast Kootenay.
lie Had an Answer.
Now York Times: Siuator Mark
Hauna, when It came his turn for a
sloiy r.ol long ago iu the Waldorf-Astoria, told the following :
"When Robert G Ingersoll came to
Washington from the west, his head
filled with legal lore and Infidelity, or
It would be better to call It agnosticism
he 1 ncouniercd in one of the corridors
of tlie capital an old negro woman vigorously scrubbing the Hoot, when she
heard any one coinln*:. and when the
fool iti ps died away, busily reading her
"He slipped up on her very quietly
one morning, and, tailing her by surprise wiih her precious book said :
"Mary do you belltve all you read
'"Isutanly do,' she replied: 'ebery
woid,Colonel Ingeisoll '
" Do you believe lhat God made man
out of dust?'
*' In coase I docs.'
'• 'Say, It happened to rain hard about
th.it tiuisj and the dust was gone and
theie was nothing hut mudt"
■' "Deo the good I-awd knowed enough
to i nt w 0at It was l line to make detn
lawyers and Infidel--, Colonel Ingersoll.'
' B -b wallied away crestfallen and
quo Ing Tennyson'-i 'In Memoriam'—
'Leave thou thy sister^ when she
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
Vancouv e
New York
of iiie business we are doing is the
amount of goods we are using. Besides
our big opening stock we received a big
car just three days before Christmas,
litis lias been sold and another car lias
been ordered and should arrive about
the first of February.
Don't forget that our fir. Miner
does fine repairing and upholstering.
, HONEST (IlltlllS
J. P. FINK, Secretary.
Next Door to Postoffice
igj       Superior Food flakes
®       a Superior Man....
m The economical and experienced house-
Q wife knows this and when replenishing
Q the larder is careful that only choice
|| edjbles, such as we keep, are selected.
>|      Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
_©  __
Pioneer Hardware Store. ^
A Complete Stock
Of General Hardware m
Always on hand.   Can fit you out with Q
Harness,  Robes and Cutlers. |
Call and inspect my stock. ©
&br"ok G. H. MINER    |
IHM1 & Co.B!i8!£Storef
We wish the people of Cranbrook and South
East Kootenay a Happy new year. Our Mr.
W. D. Hill is now in the eastern markets and
will make extensive purchases for the Big
Store. In the mean time come in and see our
bargains in Dry Goods and Clothing.
SI. Paul. Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
1 Kevclsiuku Wed. Frl. and
,' Duatnarc Jet Man. Tltnr.
n.. ,-i  l.v Hcvelatalte Wed. Frl. aad Sua.
cast u
Lv Knoteaay Landtag Friday
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
«//. s4 Lv Revelstoke Mon. Wed. Frl.
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
Through booking* lo Europe via all Atlantic
I'r.-pald tiskcls Irom all  point*  al  lowest
fdOpOtUK il Ih llllt'd
Midi liplllng ut '
unit i-.iM'fi- auhniorg*
Ml.   ll,. 'It- .11.11111   ■ |, III.
Oil, 11    1...i-l-. fur lllll.
11 ti- (lllll h (Un
reversed) thi-n it in
r.-i.iv io porvo.   a
lovers ur ami
Should ns,l be witltsisil this
Kin Hee Nickel Plated
Quick Codec Pot, Simple
in Construction .smi Perfect in iis Results, Can
be had at the
IE ONLY PEKKECT COfKEE POT MADE.   H-1U    111 Ell LA 11 I 11.1,    lv".
The Oldest Established Hardware House
of South Fast Kooienay
Cook Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and see our line.   Will make atiractive prices to clear.


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