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Cranbrook Herald Sep 10, 1903

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j     The Canadian Hank of Commerce.    :
I Head Office. Toronto. •
!   Qom. Oro. A, Cox, 1're.i.lent, B. B. Walker, Oca Mom *
i I'll J lit   Capll.,1    ....-  S-t.-IIIMMtlllll J
Hi,)       l.llllll.llMI till •
Ttii.il R.toarc.. 7»,niiii.iii:iimi *
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted j
SWISliS ll\NK III I'U'I III \l    ll,-,.,,-il- Uat'lu'il   later**1 llli-onl. *
IIANKISH II*.   MAU.   I••-■■••,i- in iv I..- .1.41-1.- nn.l tiiiii.li.uiii 1.4 mini. ,
LABUH  DAY, Iand Ktuaiai piguind-- nil kinds of
  Inn |..  , r.W'l. an.l Iln- horse races
N.t  r befon-has Cruubrook had : «'"*■';■'•■ ■ enou«li
is suei-i-ssful I lebralioit as thai ' '"" "''"*-■
|.r.< i. nl -il li.  llr-   lain.r   IllliollS   "ti
ll i. iln- -ji iii-ml opinion lli-it  iu
i hi August 1st tin* now train.
mens' schedule wonl into uffec! tin
tin* ('. I', li. system, wi'si of Fori
William,   'I'lu- trniiiuicn have now
'..     . .',"        , -i'i     ,.     I tin-    futiiii-    liu    In-.'   celebration
■   ' "I'  I-'.' ■       I..H" '' 1  1.4 '  .     | .       . . . , 44   || | 141 111. I  III*   I 1,1 II lllll  II    llllll*   IUI44
i,   ,„.,,,*   .__., ,.,,,„,|  sl Id Ik- on Lnbor day, and  that
provc.1 to la-a I  in.   .rowu Bcheilnlu  Beconil  to   none   in
n     i            ,i              ,.l .      I,- nianae.-ni.n: -Inmi'I I"'   lu.ueil
mis   nniiBiiali)   In--, th"   l»"|.l.   Auierico.   A few details  will as-
to tl.it iii.iiii-: I llii-f'i
lull Hill  t tt< I'l-
P. C MAU'AS, Matta-fc*,
i Water Proof Coats
It is now time to select
your coat for Fall <■*
Our line is here and
we can assure you they
are perfect made garments. *« The quality
we guarantee as well
as the price.
Hasl Rnolcmiy's hit; Mail Order Utilise
iver I" lhe unions at iln-  -.tart, a
lh.it mil in     I I   ■ IB,
The '*■• lllllliil■*.* tlllll   llllll   i-li.ir:.'.-
.   f..|
... iv - nthusiiistie, an.l everybody
enjoyed th,* pn-_iniiii from lhe  I
: niu,-  U. the eiiii,    Tin* nit-Ill l
I | pi,. !.,,„, I,, arrive, nn.l |"'' 'I'" -I""'1 "••'""•"'	
I,, in,.. I...-I  M laytheUiwn  lows: .1 l-'iiik. V. Kollins.J   M
mis eniwili-il with vlsiture.     Km,    ' :     :
li.-rl.-l   nud   Mart-till-  el -I   U|
l    1.41,4.1.        Tin
Kiinl-crlc)   wa.
-k|<k|-»|-j»i«4it»|»M«i<°.i«4|i*.|«4i$| i.; I-j>|ai -. ■ .* 14 . . I.-*.I ..: -.: ai-
* I !■ i ■•-1 a ;... i ri ,•*;•:•-:•■:?: •■; »i i*. i ■••!•. -I-, i--1 • i -*t*- i^i-.-k- I-i
I We are now in our new offices next
| door to the Fort Steele Mercantile com-
$1 pany's store and are in a better position
r? than ever to carry on our business of
Tt of Real Estate, Commission and Insur-
Jl ance Agents, etc., etc.    We shall be
fi pleased to receive a cail from you.
s|,i-i-i,.l Irani t
lilloil to tivirllowinu'. while milltj
ti.-n- presi nt from Wanlner, Moyie
l-'orl St.il.- ami ulher punts in the
district. I lt.i-i.ii-: Iln- alli-iuo'iu
there were lioltvoi'ii Iiiiiu and   I2UU
pcopl > iln* grounds, and nl  all
times tin*i-vi'iits were witched with
iln* Liioalt-sl of initios!.
Thu day was ..pencil witli the
parade iu tin* tu..riling, ll was the
lirsl time iinytliliiK of Iln- Iiinil hail
boon attempted in Ciaiiln'ook nnd
it waa u pronounced success, ilis-
playiiiv;- iu every way the enterprise,
oris-iunlily anil enthusiasm of thosu
who had united their efforts to
make the tiny u success, In the
lend ivns Samuel MoDonnU, who
nlliciuti-d as ni.ii-sh.'il of tlio pulude.
Nest rami- ilu- Crnnbrook brass
band. Then the Crnnbrook Labor
licit, fill.il wiih boys wiih false
faces.   On each side of lhe tloul
float were representations of cnn-     nrillluii contest   Isl  Mel,.'Ilu
didntes Kino and Caven. with sonic
of their   supporters, nnd horses
carrying tho lilieral and conservative hi er.;.   Willi   Mr. t'nvon's
prototype were genial iiuitatioiiB of
Vic Rollins und John Hutchison,
while with Dr. King's imitation
were excellent mnkeupB of II. E.
I'l-ntlic and F. E. Simpson, and
the itlen i resented was thnl both
sides wire nfter tho lnbor vote.
Following tlio Ileal were a double
line of union men carrying caul
hooks nml oilier implements i f
civilized wan-fail.. The .Marysville union    enme next   nlioitt «tl
Tl Caven and E. II. Siiii.11.
Prinos for lhe |innulc were award-
,-.|       I,;,       |4,||.4tt!,; I!,-1       Hullt,       K.l-.l
K ua) 1.1.mil. ii-oiiipany: Largest union parade,Cnuibrjoit I..I. ir
union: Host I'oniliit'li'tl para'lo.
Inl.-in,iii..ii il liuicllillisl lllll''II
Tit.- judges Illso n i "iniiioiitletl
thnt l-'r.-l Sin ill In* niton speeiul
prize lor Ids repreaentiou of a
iuiss with a team of dogs.
Tin* fool ball uaiiii' Has won l.y
a scoruol I I . ii in favor of the
Half mile pony i-nco Isl Sain.
rode by Springer: 2nd Little
Willie, rade by Sniiili.
Half mil.* Indian rat.* 1st, Sur-
i*.*l|. A. Myook; 2nd Pinto, Adraii,
Sawing cul.--! 1st A. I'.
Toiinlis.-ind initli*. tiiut- 10seconds;
2nd .1. Arinoiieii uud mate time-ID
Tie making contest 1st 11.
Willi, live ties, liuii- '.I minutes uml
11 seconds; 2nd 11. Morehouso live
lie:,    tilllo    '■!   UlluUteS    nnd      llo
Chopping contest 1st Win.
Ue-itlcs 2nd II. Lemlbuater.
Cranbrook District, B. C,
AIAIAI.?. 1i*> j .1     •     •      .      .      .      •      • •     ■     4     •      •      •      •     •     ■     •  ' ■•'
Capital, Paid Up .**',"S3,80i. It
Rest J2,r536^I2 J
T. R. Merrill, Pres.    1). R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. M.iii.iSer J
A general banking business transacted. Dralts sold ..v.iil.i- *
ble in every pari ol Canada, United States and Kurope. Special ut
attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     It
IToni-y 27.1 inches: 2nd Walters nnd (lurr 21.', inches.
Heavy drawing contest wns a tie
between P, Pnrrish uml J, tlreou,,
purse divided.
Climbing (he grouse.I pole -C
Darling nn I Fred Aitvnche
Cnteliing greased pig Win.
Running long pimp 1st T. 11.
NY* in HI feet; 2nd li. F. S. Taylor
1'- I'e.'l I inch.
Running high jump 1st W. E,
Towers I feel II iiu-lies: 2nd lt. E.
S. Taylor I feel 7 inches,
lllll van! fool race Isl T. It.
Nevin;'2nd S. Clancy.
Iluvs "ill yards   .1. Sniniltou 1st:
I. Mol'.ak 2nd,
Girls on vnril   Isl Miss Hiiml.
strong, following b.v the Kimberley
miners union 21 in line. The In.
li-runtiounl association of machinists Iiml I I. llio I. A. of A.   M.   M.   Icy; 2nd Hiss JIoC'oi
had  211, tin* brotherhood  railway 	
carmen 24.    Each union carried n McBRIDE'S BIG STORE,
bnnm-r mill they all   mad.' a   lino
appearance,   Then came the Enst
Kootenny I.uiuli4't'ituu]iaiiy's tloats,
show ino tin- lumber business by
illustrations of tin* cook camp, Lhe
blneksniith   shop,   tin-  chopping.
loiuls of logB, lumber, .-tc all  the
flouts tadng drawn by grent,  inng-
nilii'oul   loams,   and   iln-.    floats
weiv awani.-il iho prize,     It   w-aa
a   I.i:;   showing   of llio in.lust ry.
'I'l.o Kin:.'.' mills   hftll   a   (lolil   lhat
was novel in iln- extreme ami   won
ninny words of pr:
More Rinini tlcing Aililcil tu Accomo-l-itc
Great Stock.
Tin* growth of Crnnbrook and
this portion of the district is well
illustrated in the incruasa of stock
ainl room thnl is miidu from  time
to line hy Iho merchants of this
Lown.    In no ens i is this fact more
emphatically   demonstrated   thun
l.y .1. I). M.l'.ri.l.'.    lb- has purchased lhe large two story building
formerly occupied by ll. H.Minor,
If  showed |ii,„| will extend il back lo tho alley
inw mill in nclinil operation, the thus grnutly increasing tin* uviiil-
ho   Lack  able floor space, besides construct-
t)        *lesa CUT   GLASS [•■)
11.1-   ,1.4-1,    41,.  .414.    - 1,4,11,„.•     -.4 lll-llllM    llllllll'      '@
i,  .-i.i n ill,,,-,, i:,,,. -.iniliia ciuil.loa llicni  |J
rh.-r.. laaiuitpiliiii*.' iiliinit ils .-niiiin:-tiliirli n|.- 9<
Im in »s up.   Unit 111 nnil linvo n look ill tin        B
McBride Is Moving
•I. D. Mcllrido is moving hin lianlwuiile slock lo
tlioti. II. .Miner building. Ho in also moving
l.nidwni-e. stores, tinware und everything in his
line nil t ver the district, simply because his
prices nre rigid ami his goods are the best,
nli,.,.Is,.I tho truck. Logs iven
being curried on Ilu* regulation
carriage, iiiul the great saw buzzing:
Ilm,ii,.li Iho loo in a most realistn
muniicr. Tin- men win. originated
iln* i.li-,- and carried  it  to such a
su ssful conclusion nre surely nil
right. Uill .V Co.. had an lit-
tractive float, with tin- tlireu Hill
brothers Bitting iu comforhiblu
chairs. -I. I), Mi -Iiii.I.- hail the
hardware business well i-epi-csout-
ed. ami Keitl & Co. wi'i'e represented In a ili-i-orali'tl carriage iu which
rode Ilu- clerks of lhe store mul
Mi. Iloiil. Fled Small had a
u.iii.ittu-,- litis for lhe Mnuilolia
hotel drawn by u team of dogs, uml
he wns cheered nil along the route.
The | aiailc was n grent success
nntl deserves unlimited praise,
The afternoon wns devoted lo
spoils on the grounds, the contests
in sawing nnd cutting the logs
ami drilling the rock iitti-ncting lhe
mi-si attention. The rock drilling
was interesting und held the crowd
to the close. The work wus very
pretty, but the depth reached wns
not near istnbli.shed records,
Hundreds of people pushed and
crowded enoh other to see the log
rolling, the sawing nml lie nutting
contests, it was new to mauy und
j proved a grent nttraclioii. The
football game between the Oltl
j Country und Canadians resulted
J in a victory for the Canucks by a
score of I lo (I.   Tin- groused pok
ing large balconies iu the ware
rooms for carrying lhe lighter class
of goods. Mr. McBride hus moved
into his uewipinrlors nndns rapidly
possible is gelling his immense
slock into simp'.   When Ihis work
isi iplele.1 In* will havo tho lurgesl
nnd best arranged slock of hardware, stoves, tinware iron, piping
nnd plumbers linings iu eastern
liriiish Columbia. Appreciating
Iho ileninm! for motion) uml first
class workmen, Mr. McBride hns
scoured tht- services of Edward
Wal< ly. of Vnncouver, n lii--.t-t-l.iss
tinsmith uml plumbing expert,
win. will have charge of this branch
of the work. With his great stock
selected with a thorough knowledge
of tho demands o£ the district, [his
large store rooms, Mr. McBride is
now prepared to meot the wants of
the public in u most satisfactorily
manner, lb- will give prompt
attention to iiir.il orders. Visitors
to the town uro invito;l to 'cull und
look ovor his slore nnd soo for
themselves a first class hnrdwnri
sist tlu- public in seeing just wind
lhe men hnve gaim-d hy ihis now
..In.lulo. All brakpmilll nn* now
placed ou a uniform basis of wages.
Third brnkumiin on truliiB Imuled
by larger engines than 100 per coul
is done away wiih. Doilbloheader
trains an* to be .lone nwny until as
much us possible uud if it is neces-
iiiiy !.. 11.niiili'   head  engines,  nml
trains will only consist of the tonnage of the lurgesl engine ultnchoil.
According  to  tin- old boIiuIuIob
passenger  conductors   were   (mid
two   cents    per   mile,   pussi'iiger
brakemiin one ami une eight cents
per mile, junior freight brnkemen
•SI.7.7 per one hundred miles, senior
freight lirnkeini-n S2.2H i»-r hundred miles west of Crows Nest ami
S2.U7 east of Crows Nest.    Freight
conductors  $8,15  west of Crows
Nest nnd SH.IX) eust of Crows Nest.
On mixed trains senior briikomeii
were allowed two cents per mile,
junior   brukemeii   $1.75   Ja-r one
hundred miles and conductors were
allowed  S'.KI.OO  per month of 2li
days uud   twelve   hours per tiny,
brukcnioii    receiving   S70.1R)   por
month on Hiiiin- basis.     The  new
schedule gives pusHctigei' conductors two and one half cents por
hundred  miles, pitBSongcr  brnkemen   oil   per cent   of conductor's
Wiiges   nntl   buggngi-iucu   58   pel-
cent of conductor's wages,    Previous to this biiggiigi'iueii were not
employed tm the Crow passenger
triiins the bnggnge being handled
by the express messengers.    On
through freight nml wny  freight
service,   conductors receive $H.55
per hundred miles west of Crows
Nest nnd $11.15 enst of Crows Nest,
brakeiiieii S2.-15 p4*r hundred miles
west of Crows Nest and S2.I15 enst
of Crows Nest.   Trainmen tire paid
through   freight   rates   ou   work
trains ut the rate of eleven  miles
per hour.   Switching is uow paid
nt   the rate of  eleven  miles  iter
hour,   wliorous  previous  to   this
conductors were paid thirty cents
per hour nntl  brakeiuen  25 cents
por hour.   A wny  freight service
hns been puton, giving conductors
$3.(10 und SH.mt per hundred miles
nud brnkeinen $2.70 and S2.II0 west
nud enst of Crows Nest respectively,   A regnliir daily way freight is
to be put ou, which will atld greatly to   the  prompt delivery of way
freight ut ull locnl points.
Switchmen's wages are increased
three cents per hour unit yard foremen three cents per hour.
Freight trainmen nre guaranteed
2tii*U miles per month anil passenger men 5UUU miles per [month,
This agreement will remain in
force subject to sixty duys notice
from either party,
A..I. Attwood .,1 Moyie, was visit
ini; Mrs. I'i,.,t this week.
Engineer M. (lilli. lefl Sntur-
duj I'm* Mi use .law ivlicrj ho is to
I.- uituri.il I-. Mi-- Kan- 1',-t,-i-illi.
I'lu- pay n.lls of il„- c.  r   u
I'm- Iln- Clous N, .t I',,... Iiraiiilies.
forth.- mouth of Angusl exceeded
Miss Sh.1,-1,1, i,„, f , Learning.
Ion. (Inl.. i, viBiling hor brothel
K. I). Shackleton, «l„, i„ braking
Tho mnchinisto of the c. I'. R,
simps won* awariliil iln- prize tor
orderly ninivliiim iu tin* Labor duj
W. Towers, of General Sup>riu.
tendout Uury's office, North Buy,
has been transferred it. Snperiu.
teuilcnt Taylor's olliceCrniil.r... it.
A. .1. Attwood, iigenl at Moyie,
ami his family visited his ranch at
Creston lust week. This is Mr.
Attwood'a lirsl holidays  [or three
Conductor -Tos. Jackson now
running mil of Medicine Hal is
expected to return to Cranbrook lo
lake the easl local. Craubrook to
(too. Cameron who ha; been nt
Montreal for the lust month mi iho
work of compiling iho trainmen's
new schedule returned last
Miss  Nellie   Kenny,  sisi.-r of
pi'i'ntor Fred Kenny at Lethbridge,
leaves for Winnipeg this week  lo
tnken course in the Manitoba busi-
ness college.
Messrs. Bnmhttrt, Corey and
.Ttickson nn* tin- conductors appointed tu run tin-heal way freights,
Cranbrook to M'ncleod. They will
also handle the North Star branch
Harry Cavers, operator at Loth-
bridge, loll on Monday lor tbe
east where In- intends spending his
vacation with his family. Many
was formerly clerk with 1'. Bums
•v. Co. in Craubrook.
Rcleiving ugont W. Somerton
hns been appointed commercial
operator at Cranbrook, vie operator Bromley who takes position
of day operator here, whicli was
left vncnnt l.y operator MncKey
F. Stephens, agent at Fernio
left Wednesday for Calgnry where
he hns boon appointed agent. This
is n well deserved promotion for
Mr. Stephens nntl all wish him sne-
cessin his new location. -Mr. .Millard, chief clerk, is now acting
agent ut Fernie.
Conner value .Heelings.
Conservatives nre invited to attend informal meetings nt the com.
niiltce  rooms  over the Imperial  ,
bunk, every night during the cam-'. $
(». Saudstrom, foreman of nn
extra gang located nl Elko. hu*.
been appointed rond muster over
the district between Dunmore
Junction uml Macleod, vice C. W.
Grossman, Mr. Sandstrom hns been
iu the service of the C. 1*. H. for
twelve years nml lins earned his
appointment through his untiring
attention given lo the company's
(in   Monday  afternoon J,Noyok
Xezloroka. a (ii k laborer working on the Bection living ut Ynhk.
lnul both legs fuel nnil whilo transferring ties from box ear to lint cur
ul Itynn ll appears Ihai a car in
Iln* mill Biding u'ol away ami Btruck
the cur iu which the men were
working, throwing the ties down,
which struck Zozeliorokn ou the
legs.   He was taken lo Crnnbrook
llllll    placed    ill    lhe    St.     EllgcllO
Election Dale Changed.
Lust .Suiiiluy ihii.te interested in
Ilu-  election   wen*    surprised   lo
learn thnt n   telegram   had been
Railroad Points. received from Victoria announcing
,,     ., ,. r -ct      •     that the date ot  till-   election   hnd
Car luri-iiiaii Uosa from serine .        .        ...      ,, , ,     ...   ,
.   , T  ,      , b"i'ii changed Irom October .11.  to
was in town on Labor day. ,-, , ,       .',,,-      i    .    •       ,,
October   .1.   Hns   shortening   llio
I. H, Wilson, agent at Wnrdnor campaign four weeks. As n rule
took in the RoBslnnd cm-nival. there wns little heard in opposition
Baggagemen will be placed on in this district, although a number
passenger trains In the course „fn  "f'>."' 'll"''lls expressou dissntis-
,.   . i„..„ I laclioti s i Inr ns the  tiro.nice'is
The  Herald's Guessing Conies) Closei
September .10.
Uo vou want the $20 set of
I io you want the $15 eauiora'-
l>4.y..u waul lit" veal'.-subscription 1.. Th.- ll".*.,l.l free?
TllelV Will  I.* Ihl*,e  llieky   people
nnd you may I ne of tlu-in.    All
thai  is li ssan   is to 1..- a paid up
mbscril    i"  The   Herald,   and
mike lhe oloBOSl -.:;:-■ .. I-, lhe lllllll.
ber of cotes en il on election in
the 'I Wit DISTRICTS of Sot th
East Ki...ri.su ivmi .1 is. 1.1 t.i:s
nu: Cranbuxoe im. Fernie ioi..
IWt-n.   Tin- lirst   gets the dishes.
Tl onil   ilu-   camera.     Tho
third 'I'lu- Herald tor two tears.
Don't delay.
Th.* total number of rotes registered in the Hi.. ilistri.-N is 23811,
A!l,.f them will i„4t vote, The
number must necessarily be less
than *_''ls... but flow much less is
the question.
Von can :■'• ' III' dishes at lhe
F..r. Si ■ ■!,- Mercantile company's
Store,    ami     lhe   i'a :.,    a!    K.   E.
Beattie's drug .-t,,-,-. Call at both
I\ty up yeur subscription il' yon
nre already n subscriber, tuul send
in your guess, ll' yen art* nol ;i
sulworiber, $1.00or$2.00 will make
you .nn'.
Si'iil in y.mr guess \r once.
\'< IU mny bo the one to *-\ \\o>
first prize.
Don't delny.
Tin' Hernld --.rcuivi! thf follow-
iug necouut of iln* couvention lu-M
in lib city Inst Mondny tnnn several wbo where present; Th.- labor anions lu'M u convention Mondny night. Thero was a full representation from nil ovi-r tin* ilislcii't.
nml nfter convening in tin* Oddfellows hall the wurk was taken up
in a business like muniicr. Tho
<[iii*--tit)n "f briii*ging nut ,*i enndidnto nnd entering tho field
in tin-* 1 oliticnl campaign ns a party.and until tliH was decided, each
delegate was ]i*niliitLr himself ittdc-
liendent "f either xwlitienl party.
With this iden i:i view severnl
people were mentioned Imt William
nliv.-r wil-. selecUil as tho choice
uF tin* majority of tin- delegates as
the l*-*st man for tin* p -sition, Imt
Mr. ((liverdocliuwl tin* honor. It
is conceded by all that iu selecting
Mr. nliv.-r. th.- labor delegates displayed wisdom, ami that in liis declining tlii- ialior party as a party
lost a political opportunity, as
many an- nf tin* opinion that his
candidacy would have been a
strom: one,
Strike Called Off.
A fooling uC satisfaction wns folt
by ovory person in general when
it was loarned that the fitters ami
blacksmith's helpers in the shops
returnod tn work, Messrs. W.
Huini'and A. Dawsnn will leave
for Winnipeg in tin' course of a
few days to wurk nn the new
schedule. The company linvo
promised thorn an amendment on
thoir old schedules, which will no
doubt give thom sullii'ieiit to satisfy their grievance. If the company
ami the helpers onunot agree un
this, a strike over the system may
be the result. The helpers show
very good judgement in going
baek lu work aud leaving the mutters to be settled as it should be.
concerned.     Protests   have  boon
,                   , 1 j                                   .     -                      1      ■       I \ win run ii,            1   I'/i'  Din      nil.1.        1111  11
pamn.    AM  persons  interested   in1     (J,.,>    Forbes   anil   f.-nnilv first   mi   t    *.i  .1    i-    ,
ti.n mnfitfnfiiuii-.it nf oi,™.™ l, .   ,* •              roniis  mm   i,niiii\ inuu  flj]^ *vvitH tholiouto mut governor
the ttiamtainanee nl sliong, honest   1 -.,1.   1i,,ull.1(,.i,.,r   li.-m.o   i,,v Ilm                  .                   „  .            .
.,   i    "     ,       ,   1 uh   iieHUiiii hit   1 en \ us   nu    uie   r,.,,,,, ,...,.;, ,,t, ,,.,,.1^ ,,c t , .  „  ,.,.,.
govertitni'iit, are invited  to attend I              , *           - | lumi vnnoiia pails ot the province,
m) n89i8t(                                       ,,,lst u" llls v»Cft"0"' I but there Booms no doubt but that.
ArraiiL'eiiicnts linvo been made
by M. Mclnnes. A. Moffat ami ('.
M. Edwards to bond their coal
lands on the Elk river near Crows
Nest to tin- C I', li. and the papers
will be signed sometime this week.
This is considered ono of tin* best
coal properties in the district. It,
consists, of about 5,000 acres, ami
has eight \isil>l.- well defined seams
of con] Ii i-* nicely situated for
working and thi-- tall arraiiL'-'ineiits
will be mode for n branch Iin.- of
railway to tin* property. Thi* ('.
I*. R, will put nn a force of men to
thoroughly pi-ospocl th" property
nml several tunnels will Ik run for
this purpose, The coal has boon
thoroughly tested and proven to lw
tin- lust ot coking ami steam co; 1.
The development of this property
menus the building of a prosi>erous
town, and arrangements are lieing
made with that object in view.
Mr. Melnnes desires The lleraM
to say that there has been no
authoiitive statement made heretofore regarding this transaction.
The Nelson Pair.
Xelson will hold its first fair
Sept. 24-25, ond ureal interest is
being manifested throughout tlie
the Knotenavs. There will be
ninny nttrnctions, hut none will
escito more interest in this section
than the drilling contest between
ateamfinm the North Star and
Ymir fur $1000. Many p?oplo
from   Snulh   Kast   Kouteuay   will
My Order of the Committee,    \    Miss Attwood, daughter of agent the dale will now remain October t), attend the fair both days. Till*:   CRAXBROOK   HERALB
Editor and Proprietor.
.t illi m— Hi
Uut't -Jot Hovel lu
i.   Tlmt UU live
.niLt'lMiiyiuii.f iil
mutroWitl mifr-nilii -iii'l control nf w«
AiH-iiml ilinli'vi'l.n»inm-it of Uu- :i--i'l.*iilliii«
,.,-.urii-.nl tin- i'i' 10.hv ibt tuiil ilown in Hf
:,).|U.| HI liliu] (I'll ill IVll.'.ll-r.   I'l-.    lllll.li   is   il
Q»l*»ctlvcly nlil lu lha cunft.ructioii ul trail
hit.i.:lmi.it!*.-.nM.'V Wrtlolis of lliP !*■
. luce and tliu budding nl i ruvlwultr ">"'
,,f itiilill.- inr.".-,iiy.
nl tin-
Hi*- im
nictil <>1 tlf 1
ii-->is: l". ■ :i*
mil i
i llii'Ua
j.   Ttuil in
III'  III 'illl luw
i;iy ;i'i i.i' 1'.-
n nl
ni ti
mill tin
nn .t|i|*
Uiu fulled #
fMfllHVU l.u
;U  ti
A     'lll.il I.i
tuxntluuul .
i.i.- Inula uf it
i    llml il
,i, nisollio
ii.ill.i it. it
-  -;i. I'llllllflil
lhe if
phone ny»Jt|i:
tu in* dWiHW
in mi unnf i<t
1 Ilf kl I-I uu'
,|   U.-.I4-
.   mil t I* nt th- li).' li'lT. .
(Mlli-.ul> .-.', i ji|.|.r>i..i..ii|.|i-f»r liu' liU'Vll
■uiilil Uu V « .lOUSlj 1 M-.li*-l Hiwnllw IWIUlll!
...''iii'ii'tii si.vi't-ifiiii ImlintrlM"ftlio r
ii.i-i' in- i-.-t
11018 llll|i(il..*'!
villi 111- llli'l!
Illicit in-.llti|»>
ilm minimis ,
ii .-Miii.1ii-.ir.nl
It tu nival lc-
g   ..I ilu* 1)0*11
an- in* ilu' inn
.1.  Tlmt It
turuof ilium'
timiiroviiicDiuIuriiHimictidiiu.o u, mi
lux iluni in Hi- snld law  tuts, snl
lll'lll till- silllli' ill )) llllll- nl* llllll ttllrl
i I'.1.11
line ynai    . ,
M\ iniiiiltis  '! !^.Vuiiii'iil ..f it'■ I'.
i ue Herald dPHirt-s tu Rive (he MWi of the   une l	
district,   if you know any ftlwul your town   	
y,,nr mini' oi y.iur |>eople, seutl ll to t,lls ■'■*■'"-'■
The Yacht Race.
Tho Vancouver World, nol can?-
[t,g to be outdon.' by its COIltom-
poraries. nrmngeil torn report by
wingless pigroiia of the yocht
race Irom its own representative
mi the ground, nnd mado n reputation for its.ll' In thu following:
Ni»w York, Auk 27, {hy wiimless
pigeons)   Sharp  iit  B a.  in., Sii
Tea. J. Upton m>i n cubic Buying -     , .,..,..,
it wiih miiiiim in Lundou. and   he  fiiJ^SSB^^
turned his trousers np.   Tliedudi a  '
,,n Rt'lianee followiiiK suit 2\
minutes later. Wind blow northeast by southweBt, nnd white caps
COldd )»' seen on the sailors of
At 10:10 Sir Ten J. began Vol,
VI. of his series of predictions that
he would lift the cup, and talked
for 27 minutes. Mr. Iselhi mid J.
Piorp. Morgan, owners of the
Reliance got their prediction de-
jiartini'iits unt nf the lee scuppers
aud guessed that it would be a
Sham, was towed to tlio starting
lino by the police iul; "Carrie
Nation,"   and   IM   hy   the   tug
".billies .Metieer."
At I hoi the starting  gun losl
its job. it was tired.   They're off,
The Hi hy Bulletin,
11:1)1 Sham, crossed the line
slightly ahead of flol. with Roi. in
tho load,
11:07    Roi. is eight miles ahead.
11:10   It's a cinch for the Sham.
11:11 Sham, is surely fulling
behind.   She will win easily.
11:10    Rel. bi miles ahead.
12:1)0 Sham. [Kissed the lee
scuppers of tho Roi. ami heat to
windward 01 yards ahead,
12:20 Rid, broke out her spin-
nnker. This settles it. She will
12:42    Rel. is K', miles ahead.
12:42J Sham, now IH miles
ahead to windward.
12:40   Wind is dying.
12:50 Doctors sny wind is not
dying, but will recover.
1:02 Yachts have stopped for a
light lunch.
1:110   They're off again.
1:42 Sham, keeps ahead, but
the Rel, is slightly in the lead.
L:5ft    Rel, away ahead.
1:57*   Sham, can't help winning.
2:01 Wind changes frum northeast by southwest to southwest by
2:06 Sir Thomas lights a cigarette.
2:07 They're on the homestretch.
2:08   Roi. 0 miles in lend.
2:00   Sham. 7 miles ahead.
2j10 Race will probably be
■called nil' on account of wet
COMSERV.vnvfi puTtoR-n.       |cr»«jaiunoraBuir*.   ti»p<iW**««»u.vui
II.,Id.  Iiiiiu UlMM  lllltl   Blii1WilM»IW*i l«*Vf I'n-li
fciviiuiM.i-,- toluvurltoiktbiiiihumU*or|iurii
i„n-. iiiMiitU nf bring null--"'•"■' 'li** ■' ll,lil
uttli»|Huplou1 lurui'.nuil i »■•■** hu« been fta
iug uu Ior bo long a lima tlmt tbat the pro
vitiicimw   HidI*-   Itsrit  i-aupt-ll«l   to  ixml
frum iii>hisii'i thnl  I'-v-'tiiu* ttliuli, Iiml mn
ilt.iiJH Inin   a is,-l v  .niniil. lid. ii.iiM  I'l.-il,;
htiii-  Ih-iii   ol.Inin.'d   ti,iin  uur mimuUi'iii
I h** lnul .*uiiMTv;iii\.' jjuverumeut, owll'i
l.. il-. niii]...lmii..-.t. iii. i i|„-i>nl,li' iiiiiu
ol iln* I'M.viii.-t'. •am*, IliruiuU Od- effori
inin,i|,;iii,i ..in Mimil imui i-i liburata.illn
tu >mh| it-urn iiMi-v. hii.1 illi Jell 1 iiiidOirin
iKidui'iiiiii td party inii'i* hiii) liiind Qliotlm
i ill MIVi.lil'i- unv. Illllli'llt III I'Klli'l. mul Illl
llllll,I   III   III,- Il.i..1   ill   : lllll    JMVt'NIIIli-llI    I
allium!  iniiM'iviiiii,- mJuiiiilbtmtiuiui, I>u
mis l.niiM'li ii in.ml" i ill ni i llieui.mn
•-IiuiihI luNy in  tbu i,*|,(.i^ilnljty id ull ul
t,'lll|'1 oil   till'   I'lll'l    id   llllll    pill'tll Ui'lll   t
uivi'tiiiiiv  In ii  ruiliiu.v  i-iii|'i»inti»li. llllli
r it di liuiiri- ol Ou* It'-ji-ln  uh ,-\|in>H.
hy ••limit,', two largo Un.l.- »! Hi'iriuuu*.,
i.i uiil.l.' tuul and mt I I- in Kuult'll.l.l
|| Ih llic liliu id Of lilu-i.ll   iiiiii I..,!...
in   Ut.-   il. Id   ui   ll,.-  .m «   ul.viliHl   nu
l>l,,l^. ,1 l,i 1,'itnilv   llu> dVlla li"iii  aim li i)
|     AllliillU   Uu* nui ni m n.iiiiiii,u mini,'.li.ii
m   tllO I'ld' laml  lo:i-.'s M'i,i.>1,'
■"i-ii I'luin'^'^Td !K'criiiutiu ul     ,|UI* *RUVU'K lOil'oaM -(..) Dylnh
onl|ii;iiuiuVui1*JW.i»lil'ulil*JJ)irilt!   run-Mu.i   Uu- Mull u| ullltlllln »till 11 Hid
A Heart Courageous.
Spoke-sumii-Reviow: From the
Yukon to the Vuba sincere regret
will lie expressed over the critical
illness oi ■lames l'\ Wardner. who
is reported to be dying in Milwaukee hospital. In a hundred mining camps Wnwlner's indomitnble
■spirit lias become proverbial. No
reverse or series of reverses could
put out his really fine spirit oi'
overbubling enthusiasm, In this
respect In- was a man in a thousand. Tho average man will rally
from two or three reverses, but will
du it with diminishing pluck, and i
will permit his spirit to he entirely "
broken by half ;: dozen struggles B
with misfortune, Hard luck rolled
Wardnet' in the dust over and ovo*
ngJlili, but he always picked him- i
self tip and faced the world with a
cheery countenance.
Men of this typo serve a  useful
purpose,   nnd   nowhere  are  they  t
11111I11I as in pioneer communities.  '
Nowhere are they found iu greater  i
iiunilicrs than in the mining cttmpe,  '
It'il were not for their imconquer*
able spirit, mining for the precious
metals would long ago  have  been   j
.1 tliu * in
imi Hllr in
ll   llw' (i) in
Tn Il.i' Kiii-tnrHut Itiilinli ('nlimil-iii:
Atn nilcotivciitlon In-lit nt IhPL'ttytil
Vtim-oiivimn llii-full  I Tliinl I'Vbruurj-,
I'.iiil', Ilmtollowlnff (i'iittortH wubmlnjiU'il:
1. Thf itmiii'itiiitu mllHlribultun al On
r itstltui-iiHivii[1lin|iriivliini»lliulmil«H<
|ii)|iil'iilkm luil ullnwIiiK n H.iinll.'i- unit ii
•miilluluni   (iit tuul   Inr    0 lltl.vi.-K iIIh
3.   ilnvi-iiiiu,. unnvhip,l,omlii(un,|i
viiiciiiliiiii] lilillili*l|iiil. ot imb'lii HiTviri'i
ittiliiii-i-iiMMiiiit ami fliidiiil l.o I'tirrleii out
in ItKllHliOiiiuiililii
,'{,   Sliiiillil ii l»- i.ilvimlla ul  any liiiu'l'i
I,--In niHli mul ue lu laml mul no liotuiH ii
unv kimUluitltii'Biv.'ii vvitlinin ilullalti' nml
,-fr..t'tii>'iii'*'>ast>.->i'*j;tuUii liiHiifoglliilil tlu
iiiliin-nifluf ilu- iiruviiir," in ill" nagi'tl I
of Uiu itiuil, timtml oi On' fiilglit itml'tum
M-iipcr mica, uiul |irovi<4nu inuils niiuiiml
t-iti-li niil-Mi.v huvliig any lialtilit.v nguiiwl
il i Si'l'|ll (nil dull '"St.
-1.    haiiu-di. -oi.Mi'll.'lini!  ot Oii'C.ilsl
Kno'millV mi-H'ili'i Ou- t'lilibun railway, On
i-Slrllii r 111.' Ih'IIIIiI  laihvny; a  oiilivu.i
[nun Allicinl t.in in.ii.l on tlm ensl ruil»t if
Itu-iHliiail; ii I'uiilia Ilu* iinrilu'i'ii |iai*l n
lh,. |il,H'il,ri'll'uill On* I'OllHt in tlu- OIlHluil
ImiiiiilurjMil li jui pstotmloiilo llio itoriltmi
boilinliir.i: tlm railivuy  final Vi-iiuin to Mill
way l>y Mirth Fork ol K-nl" rlw; wllh ■
c Miry liriiiii'li liniK, fi'rii.M iifiil mat tiutis
u    Tliiii'li'tirci'll 1 n| ihuucl i mv ia lurri
i-,.in|i. I inn Oi.-m.liii'j; id logu hy giivoruionl
I',.    Tll-ll Hll.'ll ll'gtHlaUoilBllOtllll li.'l'linctl'.l
uh niil i-iHiilr in milking tlm luinta ItH-liulod
iu On* vuiitniH tl.iklllK aii'im UVOllllble fur
L'ltltinitUm twiinlfkli* na [.owtblu nml bpiiiui'
|in,in]il |,ayiiu-nl nt lICBi'ljetlimitil tthi'll dim.
7. Thnl the govern turn l rtmnlil kwpiii
touch witli thfroiHlitlnualtiioiinictloii wil li
mitillig, iitolmtiiig Miid iiuluMiy agnillfll
i-i'inliiiii**- uiul IruslH uml it iii'iTKHui'y (or till)
|HII*pobb|jiiII(I,iiiiiI n|iDriiln nan'lii'1'8 ntnl re-
liia'i'ii'H. .Vuniiljnil ilmnge Htoiiltt boniaOe
in tluMii ulnu lu*8 nil Inml fu'l Ino to nil
parties liiturubli'il. giving full n|i|iortutilt.i
for lIlBCIIBBtoll Uiul ( rilirinlll.
8, Ah llif pinviiii'ii can only advance b.v
thenottlHinetil within iH tmrilera of ihiifty
mul pnmpoioiH cltiw-iiB, uml ub Orloutulfl
never hecotue cltlzeua in any proper eeiuii) ol
Ijii' wonl. 11,'ihvliii',, it* tn In'tlio duty ot On-
gnvoniiiti'iil in dlficourugu Urluntul Iminlgra-
..,,   yini'iii l.y overy iiiooub within
within its power, and wouppmil t ir fallow
liberals On miijliouj On* poinlnion to old w
in mil' I'fftiitK lo pruti'i*,t opraeJveB uguiiisi
tliu rni ih i.iniijii-tiiinn ol own /aivlng li
Htiujilun] nf .d.' fiu'ynml comfort iiana-i m-ly
helow thai uf civilian] peoples, and who
.iliii-k t'v.'i'j' duty nnd obl-lgutioii otellizon*
Hliip wlileli tho Jaw wifi tithiu- iki'iij totscupe.
». Tlin«overniiiei)t o«gW to (imvoiii On-
wuh'b nmi ni/ITmiiig couBcii by bIj-IMh tuid
Inch-ouN, and mi chmii'hI effort ought to bu
iiiikIi' lo prnviiJi'Miiiw* means of praventillg
ui.-li HiiiLi'Miiij I lonkoum, uml wn iipptovu
Miu adoption of coiii|>uIho|'-/ ui'liitriUitiu.
in. 'rim ll-i*al bjhIi'Jii of Ilm pinvino'
■itauilHin iiii'd of rovMuti, Tiuatioii Bhonld
linir upon privilege ruther tliiin upon IndUB
irV, i"'d im ml,li.imi Btioiltd Im made to the
,|,.'i,i of thu province except for pitblie works
properly rlmrgeablu lo cupltiil.
II. Tin*rotuhilng of thu i-eBotirceHoftbo
proviiicoa-i H" irnwl tor On) hutiilli ol the
I pli'untl lukin/i rffectivu miiimiru to prevent tlie nlleafttloii o| ijji- pitLiie domnlu cx-
i..|,i fot'flrfugl tv'iin .tlitl- hirjnisH i.r in,hu*
trial our\nmv, pulling np mu} tn fliaprac*
lloeol fpiriilmmg i» i,ijn»i,cll.flii U'ifli On*
I*_*. Thi-i'iiiu-lriiilinii and iimjuli-'miui' nl
roudd tliroughiul On- provuno in aid in lhe
iluvelopuiutil ul iliu mi ^ nml ngrli'iittiirnl
lot'Upilul; (in
iiuimiMd ttitiiaiiiiiil rU-lit'tt uf I hu.
HO US 1<> I'l*.tin llilii III.- 1 h-ui-tll-, llllll li-Vi-lin
iilmli -Imiilil lie di-iivid Imui olirgreat an
-uiii-d t,r**.iiri-i>; in- .1.. I,I.- ottr couvicllii
ilmi tho proper tuxes, runts, und myuiti.
mn, unit ought tnlie. I.'vinI iiiiii.ii l.'.iiii i
mii-Ii ii wny un in iiii'iiiiiM*,-!' I ml us try, uml i
iln- i-.'itiu' inin' pruvidu Hutliiii'iii irv.nm'un
eiiuble thegovuriiuienl tn repenl iu whole i
in pari 1,-iiiiiti liixra uliii-ti min Inuu pet ii
diisiry ri'-it iluveloptueiit,uiul cmiioili
MUii-luiti,.ii tlitiotig Ilm t'-n, le.   (.-)    In in
,-tiinuf-lmn ilm n.Miiiat nf mines will r ii
ihiitt-oiiBldsi'tuiiiii nh  llmiini ui	
iin< mining imliintiy totheprovl ilemuutj
li Ih noti-liii 1 l.,i Ihu^ueiigugul lu iutuiiic
ilmi their property Hhoiilil I xempttroui
ttixitloti, but tlmy du elalm Unit iliepu-B
em BjHtotiiuf Uuiition in unfair, ntnl tenth
In (liMluimigil the  illViHtlllCllI <d CUpitlll nm:
iin-I'liijiiiiyiui'tit i>r hi tioi* iu mining filter
prUe, ilm*) not only retarding thu develop
iiiiiii nl nm uiilu rul hHoiiicen, hill ulsn Illl
polling tlm prosperity <d Ihu titiuiiig eutu
ui unity, und   inuveiiting   Mn* eidargeinuui
if nf Htiiiii'i-Niif I'l-venue to On* provilieu llaell
Till' pie*.i'iil ►y-.l.-ui jiupiis.-H it tux oil Wllgl'l
nh well us nu prolllH, uml utioilld Im un i.i-i
edHOUBluheui-llpolipiolit only,
lOil'iUtii |\ |,ami  AUJII.NIHTU.VTION
-toj    We dei.nlii uliMiluli'ly tlie i-ousel'Vil-
live Jioliey ol hind gruutH li> wny nl Iuiiiii*
in 1'iiilwii-iH, nml ulnu l -i-flei'vutloiiof hirgi
ii-.iii.-4 nr laml iOii.li hi|B olltulned in Ou
liltsl 11<| W,..|„|.„.ii i„ |„* olir poliey to
lid,I Mm |Uil.liu Iniulh in tnidL toi'thupriiiiiii
lion nt se ileiueiit uml eiicoiirtigetuent of in
liiisiry. lu the cubg ol iigilniltunil lands,
ivofiivor lie.- Iioim'hIi'iKIh umler eondittmtg
nhlubbhti lettuetuu ly wniw I hu Inml mnc-
tuulH-iil.rs.   |,-j full, xnctllifuriniitoii
ui   in   nil   piihHe  lamIr,   ill   f..r   Mllli'ini'ui
nhoitld luminal I hy Ihegovunitllelit, um:
mudutivilililble nt every gitvenimeui olHci
f.ir Die liifoi'iuuiUmuf Ihu people.
Till': l-AIUIIMl IMICSTUV-Iii] |l„eog
lilzitigthe iuipoittilico nl ugriciilliti'u in tin
pi'iivince, iu-ii iv in fnvorof jihmijig ihuugri
cultural deparhmnt ol Om governiueiil tun
0 niihly   pi'.iellcal   uml   cllletml    Imt-ln
[I.] Tlipbad intuiiigeiueul nnd ImlHeioiiej nl
tlm government liuvu [uipOBod upou tin
ownei-B of thii dylf.)) lumj.-* n much heuvie
Inirdi'tilhaii thev Blioilli) hull' lu-iu mil.',
iiijnii hi lit'iir. We ivoiiltl eiumt teglBliitiut,
inakiug ilm l.iiuli liiclmlcd in tliu various
djking ar an iivnilublo tm* tiiliivnlioii m*
.pii-Uiy uh   powihlu.   Tliis nholu ijimHimti
,:ullHlnr   pi'.itii'il   attention   nntl  B'ttk'lllL'til
upou a biisis whicli i-liiill In- til imcejllst tu
IuiuIbiuuI fuir to Oi* lux*
hole.   [.*] In
Tlie titsi plank "I llic above filtiUarni tod rs
toa*iib|eot ivliielutlioiiuli um n livuinMuetiow
1,,-ti lhe pltiitniui Htm nilt>| |     h,
his inuUor I liu litihtb ol tlioptopleimvuh en
llbsiuntiully n'-iiir-l liy itm eflorlB nf n
iimlltil of lihernl iimiiilir/ii Dim. holdltiglh«
mlfiiicu til power during Um mui»jou nf 0103,
iiiupcllml nu iimOllliig til ml tiiflt ration tu
.um*. the I'Mx-llt Illlllstl'fblltlOU Art.
'llli-cx.rlllllr.vl Un- Iti'iliHli lollliubhi I.lli
Oil Ai-wriiit-inii  ttiHJ.ro /,) O.tll  JOUI' lltltrli-
mnlti lliefolloMjng;
Tlie pnniuo) jh mi Ou- nye ftl a ge|jer«il
lection, ntnl for Ou'llit-1 lime in ilBjjlnioi',i
lieconteHl if In lie eotlllll-eteil Upon |>t)i*t,i
llilherio i'oim.'hIh in the provinai have
n'cii carried mi beiwcetl iigjir n''ilimiH liouml
off •ruUnrlMit.iirt snl bypriiieiple,    -
y pi'lvtitiiunaiigciiient tuther thun l.y pnh-   V
i-ii (jiBlderallouH.   lu the past Umdmiiimiti
illiiem-ABiu thu severnl governments of th
rovineu hiivs hflflii coubci viilive. Tiiul'rlor
luusiutiir, Turner and previoiidgovemmeiiii
uve lieen nlmufit * ni ji * I.v composeu' of cnn-
.rvulivis. 'i'lu- pri-H'iil g ivu ntai'iil, nl "
huh the llomir.iblu It iuh 11 Id M-iUi'lilu is
ii'ina-r. i» tin- mil ii nil hu 1-esBnr iu tradition
hi} (njjIitli-B <d thai HiiHchovioiifl HiT.i'H ni
il goveruiticiitB whicli  Iiiib iinulo tlilt.
lions'.* Fur Sale,
Six mom house. Baker Hill. I'm*-   '  ,. iim,
nished, two lots ICt feet each,  bow I prinfiifle, nirtiLtfah tm n.lmst nf miy in mn-
,. i       *      i       i   T *,      mul if-i'iiii'icH, Oi.- J,'»hI   pi'OBperoiiri iu ilie
price for cabU.-Apply -'"t  rownsite' ||n|| It  »uiMJt„.VaitH.)mV dothei
Office, | ..- onie  progiesH ,-f mn- iJiiviloptneul
 —-   Iiiih bi-un slniv   mill  emlnily iiuhiiII ft'etory.
Siibseribe for Till*;   IIJ^UALJ)   [J^ ,KJ;!i|!|;ll,if,Jii1,,S' ulJn,
$2,00 a yei r, I hJ'iw)>oiisiltle ton rer-, tun:,' i-xieitl lot'Oils
. O'l hy miikiim goo I eoiulu
l-'IsiAl.   i:i:fo.;.\i -in) m Leeplng ,<
|.,-ud.1inv iiilliin  revet  liliiroKlliH llhlbv
(ut all only Inr iiurU pt<.|'.ri..   . Iiun*-.ili.
ml proviileiit ml it
tIm owner
iheitituicBl nl itgriLultura iu wli .
tuouly ktiotiii uh Um dry hell, Uiu ipieslion
nl On- iirnper tiO izitiuu nf the water slip pi;
loriiTlgutloii pur|ioseB ileuiundu uml iiiiihi
receive prompt ulteiition frum l-lifiguvirii*
KOAD-jJ-'I Iin ni'iiictit inj'lv <)f Byblemuf
coiistruutiiig uml mtiliiltiiiiiiig rn.uls nnd
trulls Ib ptodtictiveol tnurlotiBwiiHteof public inonuV] uud iu this c-jnnectlon mmei-uii
he ilmi*- in opin up new duuheta wtture roude
art'in iiii'd. iiiiii ut 1 rt-: i-.i.-t iluni wliuthuH
Ooeti ilotiu iu Iho nitHt, uiul.r tlie nn.ti fui
uiul I'lifrupt f-ynliiii ivlihli litis  heen hu lung
IMJllMp     lll-Al.TII-Tlu-     Health   Ait
Bliould l.e iiinpnded .[) na i, in,-.i Hie Krow-
nig ruiuiremuiila uf iiiiitieor|iorated dfBtriolB
in itHf I of Huiittnliuii nml  isoliition, as to
ivldcli noadet|iiuio proviaioj) i; now lotiiid
in thuBtatu(.eii,
MUVI&i IA1. IlllJU I'-i-Ittgnnlli-HB otall
ijimmimi uf party ul||liitiiun, the right}* td
the pro vi mo tuphr tlm i<oii.-iiiutimi uliuulii
hujeulollBly glin|'i:i',l.    While, Hum lhe pujni
nf viinvof Doiiilniufi imiiiieH, wplioartilyutip.
port Om gnv.riimi'nt mnv fu power at Ottu*
wu, hi-Hlinll iti,  tllO sume  tjuiu ItiniHl   iiioHt
tlnilly upuu timpiuiirtiuii uf ourppopiu by
■Ituixulllalou uf ('neiil ill   lubOf, Ullll We Hindi
thiolnslbt upon thu right of tliu province tu
uiukeMiL'li piovisloiiBiia ii bhutl boo HI in nil
miirurn*. ■jtnniH. nmi ham uiider |-i*oviii.
ial tuuirnl. Wu hhall also btruiuioualy
prcBB upon tbu Oominioti (tovrrnnioul u re-
,]j isluu'iil u| mn- tltiamiiil lelniiuim, ami
wetliiiui the lull eijiiytut'iil nf all rlglita
giv.-u ifn hp Uml, tti-i- uud  Hpiiil uf iliet'un-
In luiirliiHii.i-, wi< i'|>|ii-ti| in til| paliiitiji-
vut.tsiii Del|lull (ulutulii.i   to i<i'i*.e |l p.
ptirl unity nmv [.ivrunled  (u Mm ill tu ||tl tile
provitmoorilml iuciilaifl nlilult ItualicctiRu
iliaiiMl nun  to  Hn  [it'OgfeilB,  ami  lo  Hi-iuie
sane, ptogreaalvu ami Btublugovernttioiit In
placing I In-Nlii-riilH iti poHornl Victoria,
Shu.i-i Meiuh'iHuii, I'ruHlileut.
T.8. Itaxler, Strtelmy.
Vuiiruliver, Si'pieinln'f Uii. IIM.'.'I.
The Hjcrajd (jiyes <he News.
♦•»♦*>•>♦ MltHIIIMIHM •>«
Have Vou Any Puinllng to be Done?
Do;An>* uf Your Ruoms Need Papcrlnj;?
if so SEE
Esliiiiiiloa given tm linve con-
tnifls. We don't iv.-nit. Hie
nil-Ill. We mint In pleime
.nn .villi tin- «*in|j nnd receive
i-L'iiBonnlile | .-.>-.
I'.'.mt lltllcl, Ci n ttrniik
New Dairy
W ll. li.e-.L.-H br-seomt'to Cmn-
lifia.k t\ilh tt liiu-1 in-.-nl' tnilfli t-ttws
mul »ill uprii i, daily. Thom' ilo-
BiriiiK liiNi-iiiits niiili sboulil see
llllll.    II.* will suit -..ni.
Fort Steele License Di-lriit
Timter Notice
Tako aolleo thnt tlilrly .by. allerduto
1 inli-ii.l tu n|.|.ly ...it,,. riij,.| i',„,iii,i.i-
•timy tlmbor in.in Hn* following ilccrlb
Nnil.*.- i- lioroby tm-!! ilml iln* uii.lt..-
mon.ioi.--4l itoraona Imvo tmiilo ii|.|.ltcn
lion itii.liT it"* provi.lon.ol tlio liquor
ilrenso Acl   IIHX) tor  hotel llcouao at
tho plucoa aol ..|.|...-ii.*ihi-ii- in*-:
Levi U. VtuiUwMir, Kin-) l-Mtvatil
hotel, Cmtib-ook,
|.,-n-i M-.iI,.--..... Imporlal hotel,
I i ilnmiftboboertlolllcoiuiocom-
mini a  Fort Slnolu li. -•• .li-.ni.-i
mil 1..- I..-I.I  nl   lh ml  luiil*..' ('inn*
i4i,,..l, ..ii Tl.nn.bjr, s,'|...-iiil...i'-'l. 1111)8,
.11   ll.lt I...III    .41    14-4,     ,4-,],„l.    i|>     Hi,.     I,,I,
11111111.,.4*4..isj>l4-t* .-tn-ii iippll.-nllo.ui,
I...,.-.l l.-iiiii*. s,-|,i,-iiil„-t-J. 100.1,
.I. II. MeMiilliii.
I'llloi li,vn.-i- ln-|.i*.-.,.i-.
Timber Notice
Noilra la liarvliy gtvan llml tm ilnya niter
ilnli-1 inl I to upply to ilu* t'lilol t'niutnfa
-4,444 r.n I. ml., iiiiil .Vint,, at Vi ti.iiiil.. n
.|ii>iiiil ti t-liaoto rul iiii.I i-t, rj. iiitiiy li i Ih-i-
Iron, tlio ...llowliiij .I acrllail luiiila illnnl it
ill III'ili.l I'il'l '.tKil.l Knutilii.t:
I'illillii-lii ini: nt tl poal |ili.iitt'il nil till'
luiiiiiiliit.i ol llrlllali I'liliiiii'in Hl.tt.eril
,.-■ r\,- i..-nr iln* ni.i-l micornar ol IV. II.
Itrn-lfnril'aNu 'Jliinlii-rlii-*! hi: I In hi- i-n-l *.()
ili.i ti. int.t,. ni-li--.. tniln. .niilliai..!. i-ni-m-i
t IV. II. Iltii.ll .i.i »  No,  I  li I* liii-ii.i.,
ll .rlli  niiili*:   I .' ti-.- I 1, iiin.lnrv  nt
ml.l lliiilii-i-limit.,, n, ili„ si. Mary'. rln*r,
Hi,.ii,,. i ilmiiim tin. si. Nl iri- rlvor in- ii- -
I.v in tin* II Itlall Ciiliiinliii Scil.tlip.il liouml.
.ny. Ilii'ini' In.liiiiiiiu ,nii|   luiitiilitry  .until
Unli-il ailli ilny til Aiiini.t., 100,1.
■H, Asa.* Khvt-ll'.
Timber Notice
Tnko notico :lo ibya nfler dnte 1 Intentl
npply tn tin. Clilof Coinmisalonor nl
Unila nml Worka for u Biiocliil license
tn i-ilt ntnl i-iiri-v utvav tinil'i-r from tin-
following iloscrllietl Inmls I
Commencing ut it post l.lniite.1 nboul
'4 nf :i mile from ilu* oust hunk nf I'orry
I'lti-k mul along niili- tl. Thompson's
imiiiil post ilii'iti'i' oust siirliuiiis, ihonco
north 80 chnlns, thonco west ,stl elinins,
lllflu'l'snulh Ml  cjlllillS   III  Ulf pnilll nf
Untetl September 6tli Wit'.,
-i bowls 11, Coclintti,
Timber Notice
Tnko unili'f  Hint  lliirty .lavs nttor
ilnti-wi-  Intoiul tu apply tn tin- Chief
Commissioner ol Lands tuul Works, ul
I'ii'tnl iu, I'm' tl BllCClllI licellSO tn f.it uml
curry ii uy tlmbor from ilu- following
ili'si'Vilifil 'tun.is in South Must Knnt.-tiuv :
1. Commencing nl n postpliintoilnoar
tho southwest cornor »>( l...t :i.'.sl', uiul
ulinui il chains west..(Ini i'sim group I,
thunco norlh 80 clitillis j Ihonco weat su
.'liuins; thonco -.nmii sn iiluilns; Ihonco
oast sn i-huiiis in liu* |.lni*f uf boglnlng,
uoiittilning ,iHi iii-i-fsiiiui-t'iii- less,
*.». Commont'iiig   nt u   |»st   plntito.1
iiuui' tin. noriliwesl   -iii-r nf A. 10.
Wall's i.io-om|itioii Nn. 777, thenco
tvi'si K0elinins; thonco norlh su rliuin.;
tlieneo oast 80 chains; thonco smilh su
i-huilis tn   Ilu'   placo  nf   hogilllllg,   fnll-
taliiiug um acres moro nr loss.
Hiilnil ul I'luiiluuiili, llin 35t|), dny nf
August ItlOII,
.",*.*  M'littshurg Liiiuboi- Company, l.til.
"Dlnckwntcli",  "Blnckwalor", "Main-
I'liiifA "Erin" mlnoral claims.
Siiuuit'il in tlio Fun Steele uilnlng ilivis-
lon    nf   l-'.ust    Kootonay -llsti'lct.
Wliprp Ippntptl; (in i|in Vi, Jlarys
rivor, mi Un- mist siilf, uliuvi* tin*
soj.th dull lnul.
Take notico that 1, Francis,1. O'Reilly
..( Nelson,   ll. ('., us ng'onl fm* Henri-
Uroughtoii Thomson, free miners' corti-
(ii'iito Nu. ll 711-lsu. Intoiul, sixtv ilnys
iiuui ihu ilnti. hereof, in npply to the
mining roconlor fur certificates of im-
iii-oveiuonts, for tbo purpose nf ohtnln-
Ing crown gmnts uf liu- above claims.
Ami further luku notico Hint nctlon,
iinilor spct|op ll/, nnisi pp cpipmonceil
lii'i'iil'f Ilu- issillllipp  nt Sll|il|   1101'llljoillOS
ul impi'ovotneiits,
Imii-il lliis 1st i|»yo( July, A. li. 1003.
20 l-'liANl'ls .1, -VllKll.l.Y,
Timber Notice.
Tako untie-- tlmt thirty ilnys nfter
.luif I Intoiul to npply in tho Chlot Commissioner uf Lamls uml Works at Victoria, fur 11   Spcollll Hl-QllSO In flit unit
carry nwny limber Irom tbo following
iloscrlhotl Inmls in Smith Fust Kootenay :
Commencing at n post pliinteil nt tbt'
nortbwost corner of l.ut :L'!i, llronp niu-.
Ihonco west III eliuiiis, Ihcnci lh 111
t-liiiins, thenco west (10 .-liuins, llience
south 80 elmlns, thence eiiBt liiii.-liuiiis,
ilifiifi- t h-10 obalns lotlio place of bo-
glllllilllj fi illlu ill ill-. tiHlui-l'fSliint'i'ul-lfss.
|t.iii-.l ui (>i*iitilu*poki ihc I'lih, ilny ut
■liigiist I'.'ll:!,
■12 A. MOFFAT,
Timber Notice
Tub- iiuiii-i- Unit llilrly ilnys nttor
.lulu I illti'inl toapply n. the Chief Commissioner of Inuils uiul li'mks at Victoria, fm- n special license in nit nml
lurry timber Irom tho following iloserlu-
uii limits in Snutli Kust Knntfiuv:
Commencing ut a posl pliinteil -It"
. liuins .-niiili nf the northeast corner
posl uf D, Smith's tlmbor limit, thonco
ensl nil. liuins, thpncp snulh-III chnlns.
llii'iuv tyi'st lull i-huj,is, l|i|.iii-ii mirth -1|)
chains to tl'ip plnce uf beginning, i*iui-
lililiiti*: ii*tllui*ii's iiuiii. ur li'ss.
iMtf.l nl riiiiiliiuuk, Uu. IStll. ilay uf
Ail*iusl lllll.'l,
'21 F, CIJl.l'JIAN,
IN Till-: JIATTEll til- TIM-: F.STATK
lit' JOHN F. VaNIiISI-'.N,  LATE
Notico is lioroby glvon tlmt totiilers
will In- received tor ilu- purcliuflo nf Lol
80 Block -13, Cranbrook, on which thoro
is erected n Bnmli framo dwolling honso.
Terms will In- cash, puyul.lt. tijion tho
compleil .f Uu- .-nli-.   Ti'iuli.is mny 1...
loll ttiili W, I-', iluni, solicitor for llio
iiniloislgncil, Diikor street, Crnnbrook,
mul will Iiii rcfoivod up to llip tliinl day
ofScplomher 1....::.
.1. F. ARMSTFtONd,
21 Ofllcllll A llllil'isll'lllnl-.
Inmls in Snutli East Knuti
Couimcuclugat.. |tost pbiitoti nt tin-
m.iihfiist cornor pnst ..i 1*'. It. Now-
bum', timber limit on Un* v,..| .i,|,, ,,j
Kootenuy river nboul two miles Bouth
... l-:tk Mouth, tlm..-. th s.*i chalui
iiiiiu* luTi-ss tu tin- south boundary ul
R, 11. Uopkln's limber limit, thence
west sovontjilvo nntl ouo thlnl elinins, I
thence smuli 85 elinins to it tl.
iH.iunlnn* of F. II. Mmvbum's limber
limit, thonce cual scvi-ntvllvii un.l ono
thlnl chain, to the pi I lieglunlng,
eoululningUll rat or l,*-.«.
Dated ill Craubrook, I'.. ('. tbu P.Hi,
duv uf AugUBt luni.
' -'-' I'. I.. NAI.-MITII.
Timber Notice
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Tnko notice Unit llilrly dnvsiiflor ilule lOl'IClt HOURS:
li I lo npply tn the Cliii'i .' ii- ulo Ilia in,
s> "i lamia nml Worka ul  vir i < ton p ....
torn .-i'i'.-'nl liffii.n i„ ,4,i i„„i ,4,,,,
,ni,W lllill.fl inuu Un- InllniiInn .Ifsi-iil'i
eil bulla ui:* I. Fust Kn nny:
t'om mnn;   ul   n   |„..|    pli.ul.Hl   III
.liuins wesl ni Hu* Buullional enrner ..I
I...1 3,111, llroup mi.-,   llii'lir uii sn
.-Iniin-. ilifiifi* weal su iliiiiii-. Hi -,.
■iniili su .-I,nm-,, it -i.i ki) chulua
lu Uu* pin,i-u( Ii4-iniuiiiii; I'oulninlug lllll
llf.fS Uiul  Ins...
Iinlt-liilt'iiuil.inul,, Aiicm-I llllll, intl,
'-'-' u. Colpmnn.
Timber Notice
Barrister, Soliciiur,
Nnltiry Public.
Siillilttir Inr Ilu- Impi-rlal llaak nl Caaa-ln
tin-Culi.alal lavcHlau-nl anil l.tian L'tiiiipany
Cranhrook, It. C.
Tnku mu im* ilmi Ihirtv ilnvsnflorihlo
I Intoiul lo npply lo the'Chief Ciimuila- JAMBS (iU||:|>
slonorof l.umls uml works nl  Vleloriti,    ft",BS Ul*-C,-K
fnr a Bpoelul license 1.. cul uiul enrry
4iii.iv timber from Uu- following descrlh.
od lumis in sonn. East Kooieiiuy;      , Contractor
Commencing nl n   posl   pliinteil  ail
ohnlns west of tbu northonsl corner ul atld Builder   **
10, It. Kennedy's tlnilwr 1 mu uu Hu*
wesi isiili*nl Kootenuv rlvor nboul itvu  .,,     , .   „
und one half miles south nf IMI; Moiitlt       work suarantce-al.  See us belore
thenco no. tl. 10 ohnlns, ilu-nru west  H'.,*. j you butttl.   II will pay you.
ehuins, llience south 10 chains, thonce
east UlO cliulns to plnco ui hoglnnlng,
contniulng 0-10 noros ninn* or less.
Duted nt Orniibrook, tbo l.'.ili duv of
Angusl luu:!.
Timber Notice
Tuke notico Unit thirty .luy- nttcrdato
1 intend lo apply tn the'Cbief Comniis-
siuiifi* ul l.umls'uml Worka nl Victoria
fnr a special lleonso tu cut tuul enrry
timber from iln- following .losrribsl
lumls, in Solllll Kast Kootonnj :
Commoiielng nt u post plnnted un
chnlns   west nf   R,  Trltes  soutlnvost
COrilOl'post nil Ulf   west   side   nf  , Inlil
fi-i'fk, about sovon milus from Its mouth
thonco south 40 elinins, thonce east luu
chains, thonco north -111 ,-liiiiiis, thonco
west 100elinins tn tin* plnco of beginning, ciitiiuiiiiiii* iiiii ncrea moro or less.
Uutcil nt Ci-niibrook, Uu* t-'uh duv of
August limn.
22 W. HARDY,
Cranbrook, li C
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. 0. Fori Steele, B. C.
Si .4.
I John Ellenberg, |
*„ ;
}. Pioneer in the  bosincss and j
* his work always ranks with *
«. the best. Call and see him. %
| Repairing boots of all descrip- *
* Hops, from a cork sole to a S
«. lady's finest slipper. J
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new. All kinds
of repairing.   Qlve me a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Clumpagn cr,   ic'nr,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons. The most
Economical wy to handle il.
I1KS. MNij & (iklzEN,1
Physicians and Surgeons.
(Hike al flcslileoce, -.rmslrnng Ave.
Forenoons,   ....   o:jo to II
Altcrnooaa   ....   |:J0luJ:J0
Erenlnjs   ....    7.J0 lo 8:30
CRAM1ROOK,    :   :   :    :       :    r. C
Timber Notice
Take notice   that   thirty   iluvs aft
dato 1 Intoiul toapply to tho Chlot C01
mlssloner of lj.ii.lsand Wmks ai Vlctorln fm* a special license In cut and
carry away Umber from Hn* following
described lumls in South Fast Kuntt'-
Timber Notice Commencing nt n post planted at .1.
,,,.„,,..,,, 1    l.co Fenwick's Bouthenst corner post nn
,      . ,. I'""l'.v Hlvt-ti Uutl » 1   1.   „„. „,.., ba,lh ,,( ,;„|,| rjreok, H:
tn.i. il. 1. Illggar in iit.v mil 1 south 1110 ohniiiB, Ihenco west 40 chnlns,
'"' ""Inner nl 1.1111 a uml \i o.-ka, Mi-tm-iii,  thonco north 100 chains, tlieneo eust lu
It"'l't'i'»il;» tu '" --ii'.l .-..t-t-.t ti.....,- linilii-r cliulns to tbo plnco of beginning, eon
from iit» I. a-lag ilfM'i'i I lnmla iu m, 1 mining iho ucroa mora ... h-ss.
I-J.i.i Kuiii.-nni: j    Dated nl Cranbrook, this 16th dav of
i'<iiniiii-ii,-ii,|* mu. mill, trial mul iivi-nt*. August Inn::.
clitillis no.tll  "I t H....-.-1  .-..i-i-i-i- ot L'*; .1. F. I.KTIIIIlillHIF.
lli-,-niiii*t-'s t it,,.,.*,* li inn „,,    I -i.i ,1,1.   Ilnli 1	
fll't-l; (lul lilUN) llll-l.if luu tuili-s   tt-t-Hl,  llllll j
»""'•■" u-nnillf"-*!.. niil-; Timber Notice
In,Illl In |,|;li-4>ul llPgllllllng.
lll1(.,l Illh ,11)0*1 •> •     '    notico la liorotiy glvon Hint wllliin tl.i.t
' ""       days Jaa. Olil uill apply to tlio CliM I'on
: mlaalonor uf Lnmla uml Works, Victoria, fu
ii.'i'inissiiiu 10 fin and i-nrry iittiiv litulu
Timber Notice from tlio follotvlugdescribed I I. in Soiilli
luisi Kootenny
I'oliimcliciiiB una mile treat uml twenty
Tako notico Ihnl   Unity ilnys :if
iltltu,   I illti'inl   In   Ul'tilv   lu Um I'll,,-, -   , ,
Comnilssloncrof bunds 'uml Wurks ni1'l'm"s '""'   "' "'" ,""'""v'"" """" "'
tlmbor license 1.
lli-i-nitifi's   tlmlirr li si    l-liiiiili   llul.
f,.Tul!.h'*nN"liml',fM'i-nu\',|,|iV'in'liu»i^'   ""'■ ,""""'"„ "'" "'"'"■»  '"'" "  <""•
described lnmla iu Fouili Kast Koolu-  "prill, two 1 .s coat, lu.lt 11 mile a hi.
„„... i I'L ol beginning.
Commonoliig 111 a posl planted ono     I'otoil -Inly 20tli, 10011. :.•■.
mile west nf ilu* northcust corner of but I	
:i'J!Hiiiiiipuiif. thenco west 120 cliains,
thonco north 110 ehuins, thonco ensl i'n j Timber Notice
eiuiiiiB, tliotico south in chains, tlioucoi   v .*   ■  ,    ,     •      ..       •.,-   ... .
nn.l 00 elmlns  Hn- mull   III cliulns       Notico la lioroby given Unit itillitn thirl..
thonco onat7ii chains, tlieneo sniltll 110 \ia>'u' u- McVittie will apply lo to.. CI1I0I
elinins to tliu iilni'o of heuiiiniiii. eon- f-tu'imlsstoiu'r ot l,a.ufa uml Works, Victoria,
tnilllllg IHO acres more or loss. '     1 for Itoruilaalon tu out and carry aivay timber
Duted nl I'litiiiiiiiuk Un* 15th   duv nf ■ 'ri1111 *'10 'o"owI"Bdoaerltied Inmls in Uoutli
AllgllBt I'.iun.
I-:,   iiiimi:.
Timber Notice
Ntllloolal l.y iiiv.-n Hull nillllll tl.ii'l.v
.lit;-.his. Itiil niil npply tn IlioL'lilol Cola
iiii.si r ul I uiul it ll'orka, Victoria, Inr
ufiiiiissiini tn out nml curry nii-uy tlinlior
ir tliafnOonliigdiacrilioil lumls in Soiilli
Ftist Knnliui.l:
ruiiiiiii'iii'iti*. um. milt. inst. nnd twenty
I'iuiitlS    BOIllll    ul   III llllltlttftl   llU'tll'l'   nt
Dram 's iiiul,,-!- li 1 u   I'l li Ilnli
rrt-i-k. II k lun mil s it.-l. lull n mill.
Boutllt ttt'ti lltllianibt und llalf a  nut illi
l"l'l I l4.._inifii-r.
llilloiLltllyllOili, 11103. 21
Land Notice
Nntl.-.. is lii'ioi-.v given Hint i:n ilnyaatlor
lllllll inl Iln apply Iiiiiii. lililiil ruiniuis
stunor nl Lands ami tvoika tit Vlctoiln iur
parintsalnn In pnrnhnuu ilu- following ili-s.
->i 1 liuil in s li liust Kntilcimt:
1 'oiniucaeiug ul 11 pual |ilanlcil un Hu* past
Iiii. nl n iTi'i-l: iiiuiiliiii Inln ll nli (nil, ul
MI0I10I orook, nl I  Hun- mul  n  Itnll tuili-s
111,111,  ul llio   Iiilnsfilluu    ul   Hit.   llllllll
I,,,1111.1,111   ul lul   -l.-.ss.  group  I.  Willi Ilm
niil Mirth li.rltul Mil-lint fti-i-l. Hi *u llllllll
Kil elm us. ,It..,,. nat HO .liuins. Iliom-n
anlltli HO i-llidl.fl, ll 11 weal uu oIuiIiih In
Hu* |.lni-|. ..I Ito-jlllllll g Illldliing 'Hu n.'iiH
Oil M, Mi I	
I'lillTII'll'ATi:     OF      IMI'ItOVHMKNI-H
Kmninlil", anil "Phoenix", mineral ilidlns.
Slliintoil In tin-I-'orl Hlw-lo milling illvl.lon
nl   Pusl   k 4,44.4-   ilialrict.     Hill 1*0
located: iln 1 lio St. Murya rlvor.
Tflkn nutiro Unit I. A, It. Dryland nt Knalu
B. 0., uu nui'id Inr M. .1. Hatpin. (i'>' mil ore'
irtlflonte No. ft OllliOS Intcml, i-isl.v tlii.vs
from tlu. .tun. horaol, tu npply to tha milling
rfi'iiritft- for certificate ul Improvomoiit*, lor
ilu. ptirposn uf obtaining erown grnn'a nl
tlli'lilinvi- i-liiiiiis.
Ami furtlior tnko notico thai, notion, luidor
s..(*tiun :l", .inml lip commonoel Iti'Iotc tlio
iuHiimii-i- uf biioI. icrtlflcntoa of hatnovc.
Ilnt.'il Il.i.-.lilli .till-ul Anmist. A. P.Ifl-lll
911 A. li. Ilcyliilnl, Anr.il.
l-l.isi Kootelu.*.:
I'liiii iiifiiiiug oao mill* weal nml sixty ctinllia
smuli ot the uortliBcat i-uriu-r uf llroinlifir'i
tiiiilii-i-lii'i-iisi-un Plumb Ilnli creelt, Hu-	
tun initi-s w.sl. liiilfu milt, snutli.  Inn  milfs
1'ilsl llllll llllll n lllll Ill In pit 1  beg!!!
llutfil .Inly 20lll, 1003. 2-1
Timber Notice
Nollra la hereby glvon lhat, wllliin Ililrty
dnyft il. I'. Ulggne itiil upply lu iln. Clilof
Ctiiiimhsloin-r ol Lnmla nnd Works, Victoria
fm- iifNiiissiun tu cut uiul curry uwn.v timlier
from iliflul'nuiti'-ili'siTilji'il landa ia Hout.li
IJnsi Kuut.-iiiii:
Cumiuotioiiig tivonty ehuins north ul the
uiulliwi-Ht in,ni-i-ul Unttiiucr'atliubor ll.-at.so
mi I'llllllll IluI..ni,k (l,nl (1108) Ilu-,  nisi
u mill-, .nui li a null-. i-tiHl n mill* mul liorl h n
imli- lu pluciiuf la.gfiuilng.
Itm. it.I nit Ulltll, lllllll. 99
Notice la lu*n*l.,i-ai vol. thnl tlirit'l Ilia niter tlieduli. I ill |.|.lnu liuti will In* In
In tlio 1,1c nil (luff I luu- nl  H.,.,4u in
clinngo tho lllllliil nl tin-1 a, l.iimlifi luni
 i.v, Lllllll,,!. I,. "Sl. .tliu,-ll,1,1 Liunl,,,
1-4,1411441141-,   l.illlilfll   "
Ul Illl I'lUllllinnk,   11. I'..  I IllH •llllllll)'111
.lllll', 1 ■.IH-I-
W. P. .lllllll,
iii Hiillollor Iur tlio A|.|.lifiuiiH
Timber Notice
Talie notico llml thirty days after
dull- ] intcml tu apply lu Hu- Clilof Commissioner of Lands iiml Works ut Vic-
tuiin fu. it spi-i-inl timber I conso tn cut
uiul enrry uwuy tlmbor from tho following doBcribod lands in South Kast
(1) Commonoliig at a post planted at
tin- northeitflt cornor ot l*\ Colpinnn's
timlifi* liniil. Ihonco snutli illnng the
enst line nf suiil limit, luo chains,
thonco onat 40 chnlns, Ihonco north Illl)
elinins, thenco west III chnlns tu ibe
plnco of beginning, containing mo noros
moro ur less.
c!) Commencing nt a post planted -in
chains north of J. It. l-'ciiwick's snutli-
Wfst coiniu- pnst un the west side uf
liniil Creek, tlieneo west HU chains,
Ihenco north 80 chains, ihonco cast so
cliulns, Hit-lift, sniiili no ohnlns in the
placo uf beginning, containing iiiii ncres
inuic nr less.
Dnteil ul I'rii.ili-nuk, llith, ol August
Undertaking Aml
Grnilmite of Champion rollc^e of   ll. S
Office nml slore, Ailtetl block,
neur Canmllau Hunk nf Cotn-
merce, Craul.ruok, ll. C.
Upholstering and Qeneral Furniture Kepalrlof
Will nttt-'iiil to any work in the district
Agent Iur Ihe Hrandun Marbli' and (iranlte
Wotk*.  Tombstones, I lead stun eg etc
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling:
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook (or
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Land Notice.
Nnliro In liorohj pivrn thnl   ni\ty ilnya
iifti'i- ilule I  int.ml   in ii|,|.|v in Iho Uliji't
t'l'iniiiiMiiiiiiiT nl IuiiiIh mul Hurk« (or (iit-
iiiiHhiiiii In plirplltlBM my |nr i'lu|ili.m, Ni>H.'.r..
i-i.llilili'ln'lllK'il HlO 8. \\ ',1'Mi'iirrnfMil. Will I'm
Inml, thiTt'im 80;rlifti|iB in.nh. ilwrooii lit
rlialna iriwt., tbi-r i SOHiiilimnnulli, Hiiti**
nil   ID  ellilillH  In   [iniili    nf iiilllllli'ln llllllll.
i t.tiiiiiniiiK-'i-'ii nciiw,
'-'-' Niutir.l. r. .1. Ai'iiiMir.iiii:.
I'liinliionli, AiikuhI Htlli, lllllll.
to Attn i unu ai.i.
St. Paul, Dululh, Minneapolis,
Chicago antl points cast
"1 tirougli l-uliii-i, ntnl Tnurtsl Hlretiura
IliiiiiiK alxl iliilli-l Siiuililiii: l.tlii-ury Cul,
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
O. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. THK   CBANBBOOK    HERALD
\      Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
J:        NEW STIFF MATS    Vb1i1| til ot tin- now  brow
,' just in from llii'i-iiflt.
. SI,\TI*:ii S1IOI0S   A   purl iit our full iinflortiiii.nl i
<   fnilioim "SI.ATBII Sinn: run Mia' hus ;ii*i*it.-il: mi' our wi
J  for styles.
Reid & Company
******************************************* v,*******
J_* There Is no Hour inn.In thnl snrpussoB Ogilvio's Hnngnrinn, 0
Jo Yuu 1-,-in always depend on yom- broad being good IE you use a*
J? Ogilvio's.   We hnnillo no other. ,-K
| G. T. ROGERS |
| Cosmopolitan Hotel I
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. R. Downes, Proprietor
«j> Firstclass House, Centrally Situated j£
§ i
i Commodious, Well Lighted Sample |
pearl Scwclrv
A wonl I.i    1    "t IH'nrl brooeli or n pearl nnil diamond ring ia
Till:   WISE i   nlwnyn n welcome addition lo n ludy'a
sufficient i Jewel Casket
m. f. Gate
Oman which Inspector
G, P. it;.. Grows West Pi--
ChC JCWClCV      Plolon
'mmmmiGi miMLWGmmmiM-- - •
I Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's I
ivi Tho goods "I" suit vim \&
Lhe cut \\ ill suit \ mi
lhe making will suit yuu
Tho pike w ill .-.nil you
infflsa^iaiiEiaBj,: ieme eeeea ieeeg-:e}
t*** + + + i\*\m*\Am*,.\m--*\Amt,4%m', + *l*<*> *
i        HARRIS & JOLLIFFE \
•j *r
1                    ARMSTRONG AVENUE ►
|        Prime Spring Lamb and Veal i
t a
Picked Up Ahii.il thc City  hy Asking
Questions uf Many  People.
I-', r Snle Rouse nnil lot, M.
.1: sl I lil spent  Sunilny  with
his I'iiinih iu Slrditr,
I luve you wrn Tin- Herald
enmcra nl Bcnttio's drug storeV
Quilting tint-ties hnve been numerous shieu the lirst of the month,
Cory Dow uud dnughtor were
among the lYiu-dncr visitors Mon.
l'uy up yom- siili-.t-rii.ti.it. nml
r 'gister it guess on the Vote, (Inly
llirt-e weeks more,
(in In the Fori Steelo Mercnn-
lilt-stun-.-nui see The Herald set
ot dishes,
C M.-Civuily. Iln* ('. 1'. It. liu
inspector, is looking utter liis work
in lliis ilialrict.
IL.I. 151 rnml his two bright
little buys, en up tram Moyie lo
see the celebration,
I. M. Mnnsfleld, of Hi,' Lnurir
Lumber coinpnuy, Murysville, wns
in lown on Mondny.
i: Blwell hns been nppointod
reluming nllii-i-r insli-.-nl of .I..Iin
Hutchison, resiguetl.
For Side The Rnsl Kootenny
hotel pi-..|i,-:-i\ with three lots.
\p|.l.-. lo\V. F.flunl.
li,. I., iln* Fori StiH-li- Mercnn-
tile slore nnd sec Th.- Hernlil :-.-i
..I dishes.
Mi: Parks, of the Kn-.l [Coole-
nny Lumber compuny, lefl Sunilny
tor hi. home in i Ititnrio.
Mrs. V. Il.v.t ■ Bnker lefl inst
week for nu extondiil \isit In her
.'.'iin. i- home in Englntid.
Constnble Hoskina mul wife of
Kiinl..'i*l.'y. were tin- guests uf
Constable Morris, Mondny.
Miss Hin,il!i>n visited Flunk on Rose ■ Oliver.
Mondny. |    Willium Rosennd Miss Maggi
B^ Home siont Sunday with ™«.r «vre unitetl in mnrringo o,
friends ntFrnnk, Alt... U'* ''"-*'' ' - M   ' "vi'"'1
nt tin-  I'r.sl.vl.ri: Iiurch,   It
Mrs,  ll.'iinilii.n has  1 ii  .piitt-il-\.rtiiin■ otHciutiug,    Then. «-,
ill. Inil is iiiiiii-..timr. only   n   few   friends uiul  relative
Mra JohnMcUomdil. of Moyie l"v.'';"   .^li:".   l'G'n.  '"'t"'1. :'
i- 'ii Sl. Kueem- h"-pitul.
% ^iLii:i2£.^..£?£.lH'Ti£,sH^PED K
C When you com.: to town call and
•|j, sec thc ehlnaware with Cranbroo!*:
% views.    A great novelty and a fine
v, souvenir.
bridesmuid aud th« bride wus given
/::r::::::nli:r «« Druggist and Stationer!
n                   in   T,u,   nmM paired to the Cruubrook hotel wen* _$f                      WHERE   IT   PAYS  TO   DEAL                      £
,,,„.'.',':','.,, Pilli.'-'s'iliu est....'  "' >'"■' I'Ttook of u sntupliiius  wed. l¥*^t*&ft*ft*-^^
Idiug breukfust.   The liuuiiv couulu —— .	
\\':iiil.*.l.   ii   enretuker   for   tin- k'fton the train nl  eleven o'clock    .*■*. ..v .*.-«w -ir--i.n*-,, i.   n  .,,,',
l',*,-l,vi,ii,-,„  church.   Apply   .-.  for a trip toll ..at. und „ hosl f***f>4>********************
Nevin   enme  up   from
tn 1','iplniv ilu* prize un
ti        When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the        • •;
(.„j None Better In llic District 'Q,
'Q Rates $i .-imi up.   Short Orders and Oysters B
Sl served in any style from 4S p. in. to 6 a. in. {f|
Ba Thc table is the best, thc rooms arc unsurpassed for de.-.n" vjjj
B lincss and comlorl and thc bar is supplied with the best brands O
ioi of liquors and cigars. _j |j
fa I. B. VANDECAR, Prop. Q
lhe free fur-all fi -nee.
lil. Hill nnd xv if.-. ,,l' Moyie,
.inn up Moiuluy In spend the
lnj with Crnnbrook Mends.
.Mr. nn! Mrs. II. .Tones nud
ilnugliler CJneiuiie, uf Mnrysville,
ill.-mini tin- celebriitiou mi Lnbor
Mis. Biiitnoro. Mrs. Reinemnit
mid Mr... I'.inn. ul' Fori Steele
tt, re Crnnbrook visilms Insl l-'ri-
Tin- Herald's guessing coulosl
closes September BO. Nu guess
received nfler   llml   ilnte will  In-
Mm, A. I.'ii.'h nml dnughtor
\li..s Lun hnve reliirned from
Winnipeg, The Inttor's lionlth lins
very much Improved,
"liury" Lognn,ns Joliu Bull,nml
ll. 11. Sinnll. ns 1'ni*!,. Sum. Hindu
n gn-nl hit ut. tin- head uf tho p.-i-
i-ndewitli their ri'spi't'tivt' lings,
Mr, mul Mrs. Stewnrt McKim
11   V. Mu
ul hi.mis sin.tt.-I'.'.I
ns they .-iil.-i-i-'l Iln* '
II    W    ll -inn.- down   In ...
I',-,,, ('.i'l, Ti.i-mli.j-  for :.  brief "'       "   '   '  !:l" ""     "'■'   ""1
ti-ii tuCmnbi I,
tlieml   ^ A. L. rtcDermi.:
.i..t.i..   W
favorite with all who kuow h.-r. mid
the groom is nn engii r mi thu
(i  II  Th-.uip  ilu- sulii-iiui-. (tow,iiml n ni"**1  worthy young
,   i„,u  wciipying  his  liniidsoiue |lmn.   Tin* Hernld  joins wih  tin
.-tv ullir. s iu tin-l.i-nsk liiu'k.       I muny friends in wishing them i,
Mrs. I*' 1 . \i::lp.i- .nui '-liil'lrin
hnve lefl  lown  hn   Ilm e or four
tv.-.-l, ,-i tisii I.. Fori St.-.-li-.-inil
l;,-,-,l,-A- Elwell hnve movwl into
their new ollice in iln- (Jodderies
Hna-11 block where they  huvoes-
eellenl nunrlers.
Have y»n Been Tho Herald
enmem nt Benttie's drug stovuV
A. W. McVittie lins n,1 ..pmi letter in this issiieul' tin- Herald iv-
gimling tho ilis|iiisitiiiii ut lhe nil
und t-t.'iil hinds in this district,
Tim .mine of tho Plmlr hotel nl
Nelson hus luni changed lu tho
Strnthconn. I "ml,-.- Mr.Tompkin's
mnungcuient tin- hotel  is u grunt
1). Murphy tho en^noor hus
beon i|iiitt. ill, imt is recovering,
Mr. Murphy's ninny friunds idoug
the Crow will It.- plenseil lu wu
him uut n-j-.iin very boou.
Tlie Crnnbrook lnbor union hml
tlu- following members un hot-Be-
bnt-k ns niiirshnls uf their body: .1.
ISoyter. .1. Corbett, D. (Iillis. A.
McDonald, ('. Monehen, Geo,
Mender mul 11. Liuiiout,
liu lu (hu Fort Steelo Mci-i-un-
lilu store nml sit Tlm Herald imt
of dishes.
s. .1. ttungorfordofCnlgiiry, uml
innsli-i- niechiiuic ..I' ilu- western
ilivisimi is seriously, ill nml Insl
week tins taken In Mbutrcul in
I'.'ii'ni iniili .'init-il by n doctor.
Mlilmlm l..*il.*h. ul' ('nl. Luke,
nrrivi-d lust Fridny to tuke Missus
.Train tuul Muy Leitch, two ofthe
suitivui's ul tin* Frank disnster
bnek Iiouid with him. They lefl
Tuesday. The little l.il.y Mnrioit
will Iv U.-pl by tin- i'ninily ul' A.
Leitch uf Ihis city.
MnungorMnrsli, nl tin* Impei--
i.-il lunik lins hml bronze lattice
work phuvil in lh- blink In tuke
ilu- plnce ..I' the temporary lixluivs.
Thr chnnge innkes it grenl im-
provenient tuul gives tin- bunk nn
exceedingly nenl  uppenring plnce
Ait Miillinson, ot Cnlgnry, Bpenl
several i\n\^ in Crnnbrook Iht- pusl
week, visiting old fi-ietids, lit- hml
just l-i'liiiut'i! Iiuiii Muntt-uul
where he hnd been culled by the
serious illness of his fnther, Mr.
.Mullinstin Ims ninny friends in
Crnnbrook who tire ulways plenseil
tu su.' him,
Th n pit i.,-is nf tho Crows Nesl
Puss Lumber compnny nl Wnttlner
will give ii ilnni-i' uu tin- evening ul'
Fridny September IS, Good music
has been provided nml evory ar-
rnitgemeiil ntnde fin- u u'tiud time,
Il'u iitiniliui'ntli'iiil from Cruubrook
n train will in- run buck tin. snnie
I-i. M. Mnllliitvs. formerly wiih
llii' l>uiin Commcrciul Ageiioy,wns
in tuwn Ihis week. Mr. Mnlthews
is now iu business fur himself nt
Vnncouver, the iimtio uf the Ilrm
lining Cln-islii- & MntthoWB, their
spt'fiu) linn lieing commission uml
liiiuiu-ini hrokers, nud tlu-y urn tlm
special representatives uf Douglm
pi'i'-pi-i-mis uml hnppy lifn.
l:or Sale.
Tin-  .In s  (liver   house,     ll
uill I., sold nl n i-i-usunnlil.. price
nml mi satisfactory terms. Apply
Herald olllee,
Stock Uuolallons.
Furnished by Benle, Hutchison
& Khivll, brakei-s, Craubrook B. ('.
Nnrlll   Sim  I*"'
Sillliviili  li'-v
SL. Kllll  I!'
I'iijiii.  in
Wm* H.ikI.. i'i Ii.luli'il  in
I'll.,*   Hull  I
Atii-ii.-iiii ii.i.t*  r,
lint .1.1   -'II
I'l-ima Mel I'..ill '. 11.0.0(1
Sl. liiijtriialll, Min...  in
1:1111. oil iiiiii Cull Mini's I.ill  :r.
All. rlo I'iiiiI iiiiill'.ilii'  »'i..".u
Uiul I'rnti. Ni'sH'iinl  7--.
I'liiiiuliiui Uiilil I'lllllB  *".!i
Arnold ■& Roberts,
Real Kstate and Commission Agents.
Houses for Rent or Sale.
For Snle
House, Bnker Hill.
House, Hnnsoti Avenue,
House, Armstrong Avenue,
Store, 2-Btorey bldg Armstrong nv,
Mineral claim, within few miles uf
Crnnbrook, houso and 2 Mb, $401)
For Rent.
Utilise on Bnker Hill, $10 month.
Cottage nil' Baker Street, S7.
Houses for rout or sulu urn iu-
sprted in this list free of chnrgeupon iipplii-nlitiii.
There will bu u magnificent displuy of fruit,
vegetables, live stock,
poultry, uud the finest
iiiiiiern] uxliiliit ever
mndo iu British Columbia.       	
Nuilli Slur mul Ytnir
trains drill forSlOOO.
Sit;inirucks  vs.   Nelson
will pli'itsi' thi- lovors ol!
\. C. Bownesa "sf*
\ Wholesale-   Wine-   and    Spirit   Merchants A
*V Si liliu Deer
4> fernie Be
X   lln-s lit
llic Highest Brands
nl scutch and
Tlu- Lentil anil 0
best   li.sorlmt.-al ^
 n i b Stout               'xo11    vvniSKIBS          luaMn*11' A.
A complete stock t.i Ci>;nrs, consisting ui the 0
"Pharaoh," "UPortunn," "Irving," --liar- 0
*^>             rlster," "Monument," "Hilda" ami itthcrs.
*p Mall Orjcrs Promptly Attended to.
Write fnr Prices, CRANE
Agents fnr I. Lebel & Co., Hay and lirai... ,K
**.*<**** ***** **************<#
relephone 17 0
•VBROOK, It. C. jX
f nm opening up a ..Imp in part ul' th,- il. 11. (jilpiu building !
next lo the  Muecoiinell  l-'ui-iiiiu,,- eompiuiy, ,-it.il  will carry n '
stock of slut-is. plumbing gouds mul sheel niettds.     Kspin-inl nt- !
tention given 1.. tin* jubbing trnde.    Will bu ready in 11 few daj s. '.
tlive nu- n call uml gel tin- benofil ..f my experience. '.
Arriving Fresh Daily at
King; Tlercantile Co.
(*>*> •♦-•••*>*>* •
Not how big the suit is, j
but how well it is made! :
This is tbe question that people are mostt>- intere^tei in, and is »
the magnet that is drawing th-:rn to our store, to a live and mod- ,
ern tailor shop, it's the store that saves you  money.   It's where \
you get value for your dollars. •
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.  \
®* ♦•■•••>♦♦♦■■>•*•*• •»--• »♦♦♦•>•♦•   J*> * » • ••<**•>><••*<• • »*♦♦ • • • *nym£J
mwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmm mm
I        -    ■_       ^
This is un exact cut of 11 line of
Clothing wu are agents fur. and
this liiu- win only in- ft.nntl in one
storo in Cruubrook, Hill -v. Co.'s
Mammoth clothing House.
nv now living nl   Pernle whero! Lncey * Co, of New York.   Mr.
Mr. McKim  lins a  position  with ' Mnttlu-ws is kiiiran ull overllritish
the Triles-Wootl ctnnpniiy. I Colhinbin, and liis friends niv iiiiiii-
,   ,,   , . I bered bv tin* linndi-eds.
.1. 1*. Armstrong wns in tow
Siitunlny giving Borne ollicinl in-
sli'iifliuns regurdiitg Btrlcter i[iiur-
ailtine un the soai'let fever .-uses.
Mrs. .1. A. Lnurie is nt  Ihu  St.
School Trustee Election.
There  will  In un election for
school trustee n.-xt Snliiitlny lit 10
o'clock n, m. nl Ilu- school house,
bngene hospital, wliere she under-; T||l, 11(,npl(, o[ Qmill)rooli who ,,,.,,
went 11  surgical operation n few intcrn9tal in n„. KvWim, „f „„,
duys    ngn.      She   is   i-euitvuriiig  whm] s|im|||1 ■„,.„ ,„„ .„„, „U(,||(1
tlmt election,   Criinln-ook hns twu
I'lerl   Ross   enmo   down   from guml men now ns trustei-k, Messrs.
Pernio In nlteiiil lhe culebrution, Mellride nml Uruer, uml  n  tliinl
ii<- is   looking   well uml is  kept, ono tihuulil   l«-   eleetet]   who will
Iiuuy in hit. new position with tiie work with lliein I'm* Ilu- wollfni-o nl
O.P.R. the school.
Hotel 3 3
Quest. Comfort a Specialty     '',
(imui Slablin; in Connection    ' ,
Nearest tn railroad ami depot,   Has .ccommod..
tintts fnr tin* public iineijunlltst in Cranbrook,
Hot and Cold ll.-uli-
 I'roprietor        J .
i4» fc*!8
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
W hol.--a.ilc aad Retail
Meat Merchants
<^   Fresh and Cured Meats l-rt-sh   gj
A       Fish, Oame and Poultry.
Pi ■ X
33       <■% We supply only the best.   Your
Z        trade is solicited.
^MK-m®mmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmMmm illi:   CUANBROOK   11 l'l.\AI.I»
A STRAIGHT TIP TO INVESTORS Doitf be galled int. risky outside speeuhitious which may exist
only in tin* IVrtili' iumiiiimticm uf iu-geuious 'promoters, [nresl your mouey riurht here in Crnnbrook. I{i*:il
i-stiite here is now en ilu- Ixxjui ntul will give vim .1 moro Bpeetlymul sure return fur your money. We hnve
severnl simps to of fer, T. M. ROBERTS, Customs Broker and Notary Public
1 SPOKANE, OCTOBER 5 to  13 f
MORE   THAN   $30,000   IN   PREMIUMS
1 Greatest Attractions and Biggest €
# Amusement Features Ever Secured
%  AlIllll'tll.Tlll'AT liNIIII'.lTs        STlll'K SHOW        HIITI' KAMI
% ovkii soo iiorsks i-:m'i-:i,'i-:ii uiu KVKXT kach i>.iy
% $10,000   IN     PURSES
ai Down   Town   Street   Carnival   Kvery   Night,   Vaudeville
jj* Specialties and llisli Class Circus Features
{Special Cow Rates On Jill Railroads J
-^ Concession Privileges for Sale.   Write for Premium List     It. (i. Stimmcl, Sec. *5h
w      .   _ , ,. v. v. » « w Vl „. « v, ,.. V1. „. ,. „ _W
I.O.O.F.     Key Cily Lodge
.. II,  Mt'i'lsi'ifiy Mn..*
^4?-%^J  iliiy ni-ilit ill Itii-lr li'ill un
llaker atract.    Nljllllllll.i
llllll   |--|-]|4414S4-lllllli4llylllllll-ll.
.1 iiiait, IV. X. Clark,
■;.■-. Iraabronk Lodee, No. 31
5*'   ,. ' A. F.S.I. ,M.
ItrKiitiir iiinetlnRS mi tin?
thlnl   'Miiirsiluy i.r till'
Visiting bri tiifi'ii welcomed,
M, A. I'.I-AI.K, Sfi-'V.
1 havo tuVleil tn my numhor n[ cow*
nml am prepari'd In fitnilsh pun' milk tn
new I'liHinmiTs. I.t'iivt' your nnltti'R nl
omit). Oin*e my customer, nhviiya my
If vuii arc la trouble wllh your engine In
any way ur your boiler ia li-akln*. or ncc-l-.
wastiln*; aeail far me. I have a fore: (tamp
aad full set of touts for ttitin*. all kiail- of engine .nil bailer repalrli,*; and dcanln-* right al
your mill.   Call or seatl a card la
J. P I'll KIN. .Machinist, Craabrook. II. C.
Knr iip-to-tlnlu pcoplu ia tvlmt Hi
?        PREST PHOTO CO.      |
will give von.   Wo make tlm vory  #
J    IIII.--I   ill '('lllllliil*.   llllll   I'llllilllllllB    J
4 ************************,
4 .
« »
I Eagle Cafe
J, (icorjrc Paquin, Prop.
I Morrissey Mines, B. C.
. The best restaurant in
«■ South East Kootenay.
S When   you   visit   the
« town be sure and try it
Mill Machinery
.1. L. NEILSON & CO.
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R; Taylor
Livery 3
Proprietors ** •**• j*
Tenma nnd tlrivera furnished for any
point iii Die district.
Manager   .*.*.-*
■      Harriage      j
Vi'H.mitl the Cm  BAK-
KI!V is iln- place to get ,*i nice
i* wedding enkc .-nri oi'iintiietits *T
in the latest style. Wliyseiul <•
your order mil of tuwn nml J
|ii-i'li.'i|is hnve the it-i-iii*,'hrtik-
f ni l.y shipping,  I'rii-i-s right.
V  I'honc ,11 Oppi'sile M. E. Churcli T
•>      C. W. WILSON,      f
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended lo.
Proprietor o( the
Candy Kitchen
Candies, Fri'its, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. aire us a call
a ************************,
.- ►
S If you want _
| Fresh Fruits, $
| Fresh Vegetables, §
I Confectionery,etc. %
*  Hill |,liri-H illlVil.lH ri'iiwi.nllili... a
If you wish to sec thc finest hold
dining room in East Kootcn.iy
come lo and stay ai thc
This is the big hotel at thc Junction.
Everything comfortable. It is the
place to stop.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
[Tii,.,-.] tnr In imi  rpupinailito f.ir tlio opl
|.,l.-C.Mll,'.-('.[ Ul llll-n.'mini.1
An Open Letter.
Editor Hornld, Whon Mr. Mc
Brick1 was in Crnnbrook oil tin'
1 tit li nl' July 1 nskud him turn
ilffiiiiti' .'iiuioiiiH'i'iiii'iit on tin' Plut-
ln;ul reserve mutter which is of vi-
i.*il iinporttmce to South East Kootonny tuul ut very grent importance
to tin' whole pi'oviiuv. Mr. McBride ti'iiipori'/i'il mul personally
iiskcd for my views in writing.
The iicconiptinying letter was
tin-ri'fon ■ sent to him on Angus!
Iini and its receipt ncknowledged
hy tin1 minister of mini's on the
8th of August, bul no reply litis
been received by mo nor. so fnr ns
I know has any public ntinouuco-
iiicul.tm itho queston been mndo
by the government. With a view
therefore to the thorough discussion of tbe subject I submit my
letter forpublicntiou:
Ci-iinbiouU, II ('..Anguil 3. IOOn.
Mnn. ItHinnl MuUriilo, Vlclo lit, It e.
Ili'iir Sii;—SiHiic Iimi' iiji'i  ivlli'll .vnu ft'i-ro
Iii t'rittilirook I |iii'ini-t'il in Mm.' in.-.im in
writing my vimvuoii tlio Pliiiln-ml lliwrvuin
Snutli Ijiut Kunii'tiii.v.    l*'tiiiii',v innttora
ll.nv hilll-n iHVU|ili il tlli< l<> tilt' iwlllRintl nT nil
el-..'. Imt I mn 11.iw iiI.Ih iu fiiilill my [iriimi o.
It ifi'viilmiL ilml tin* Uml Aft UIiiuhph
wliirli nivi'iniv I mil viil un I Hm riglit insl-ikr.
nilvuiiWaiiil ilinri-bv ati|ulra tliu role piivi-
li-gouf [ironpri'lliiK Inr r.ml nr putroli'iltn
Iniiilpt wi-i'i-iiiti'iiilril to uticoiirage (iroH|iti't*
Illfffllf   Itll'M'  lllilH'I'llIrl,   With   U   VlUW   III   till'
ili!Vi'l'i|iliioiit of tliu I'tmnlry. Tlio iillvllugr
i* lo 1n> gin ni nl, in hn-t, aa a ilulliillu rewunl
tn tlio ninn who Iihh uut fprlHijuuoiiali in tx-
I'lnti! uml |n*os(iuil i'otu|iui'utlvuty utiknonti
lioi'iioiiH of tliu |.ruvitui'. or toi-]iHnd uiotiuy
nr liiuu In tvttlly proflpuutliig fm* uoivl m* *.»•-
iriili'iiin mi Viic.ii.l i-iiiiMi liiinl-i.
Iftl.i-i'lirlii'iitl riBi'i'Vu I iimi'lli'tl, what
nl jii'i. iiimlil In* gulitud IvavlitK tli<> liunl"
tiltlolti 0(1 ii In I'm jitllilii! uinl.-r llii'iirt-wnl
Art?  'I'lu* Kiimml in iili-t'itiiy wlituly Ituovii
tu Im iiiii In until uml  | 'nl. nin, mul tin* h
mill wottlil Im ti wilil uurii lit liiu rurluvullun
leiuliiigtutmllu-jti litiduiloii uml I'vi'Niinill.
Ik Itiuowtitiiulllpul tliu llltldil tiring viHiiol ii
uiu.' nr twu powuiful Utll'pul'lltloUH, ''llii'l
liiljjlit poiwllily not  wuik Hum In- yotiruj
tlll.Nl* (.11 lllllliil'lllll'H   Ullll   Ht'l'1JII-<|   luL'UlUlllN
ivmilil ln< i-iifi'iiliM wllh v. i.v viiliiulilu prup'
fitit'H, HHti riwiirtl Im* iiinil'.' Nol Ioi|.i'..f
IifilfliKlim Inr  UIUUUVCI'J, IlUt   luf lit'iliHtlli
i]ui.'li.'-i iinvi-lfi'M tliruugti llif Iiiin III pit
Bt*.kutfmil, tiiut in tt tliu mem ulioultl in*
miifllf.l iilltmul long not iff, Imi iflln>iiu-
lifrnliimtil bu published in tlio Gututtufot
iii*. lung pL-riuU iri|iilii'il, Un-' h'hult mmiil 1j.
tin* pi'i-hi-i.ri* mi tliu ground uf ilioHsuudaul
muii,ull tfiidy wltli.thrlr Btukufl (•«■ tin
pl'upur iiiiiiiii'nt, nml I'Vfi v pit*. i> uf vnliiiilili-
lui.dK W uii III liavu Uux-JtiN ot bug run nf ilmm-
U liy hliuuld tbo pravtiiou givo uwuy Ioi
iiothllglbiij vmiiiililf piopuilj'/ Hit iiti'i'i-
oiin Uiul ilu-1'. I'. II. tiui'H nui uivu It. thfi.
m ii bu dUpodud ol lor tliu lull vuluofur tin
linn tit ul iln- proi liiulul t iciii-ii i.v, ivlilcii u|i
putiiHiu mill ii'ut.fy bully I'hungh.   Utu
li-nnlil nl' hm-.nl in Mllinb.f blutvlH (Villi toll*
iJinniiHi.il ut Imi iiliifh nlllr pul tlie iu*t ii*
III luul.ilig i.t llii'il.-iioMtn   nl tii ruj'ulilra I"
thu crowu, mi llml tliu oounlry inu.i buuullt,
iv\ Iiiiiu llif | iijiiuiiif, mul iiflfi'iuiid-t ii.
fimmiiiii iiifniui* uml proBpurlty in ttn*
i-ii.. i i tt itt ting iiuui tin- iniiiiufii uiul in-
i-iiMVfiip.-r.iii.tiiDiiii iltugtoiiiii),
It ii< iiiiiiin.il itint yoni* govurumciil fun
flii|i!nlfn nllni lllg I Iif liiiuln nlivmly Mnkii,
ii iln* M'ltri'Vflu nil pioo-hL llr.l iliiimni.lh
/ini-mI.v fifdil tm*-. M hy _iva unity nm
m.h. i,l,,i.|l/'lh tHirillullal.il loptTaUllll wil
nvi* nu b'gul i*iiuii*t Mlnitivi'i,' 'rtii'M-niiilm
.lllllll 111'   lll'lll*    pl'UtllllllH'-'!|    utVltlg    lu   Un
Itt I Illl tu lu l*i4i) pr-uportlotl uf tin* pri'M'ii
liiki-r* mul  Ha Wit tliu nru UiuuibulH  ul   '•
symlifiili.* ui* Hj ml it'll ti-t» orgiinUpij iu ypoli*
I, BUJIpOSud to llttVU  hml  lUbllltlllUUH Hull'
jn. iiiif govojjumiit tltut tliult clttitiiH ivouii
ii'diiiti/.nl iu f mlrioi'iiljuti uf ilm law*;
uiul tli.tt ■ii.i.tln*i* vi'iy lui'gupiopoltloil 0|
In* i luimitntniiii'iltiimiiiK iu tliu nitirmt ui
, Iiui-tliilid f.viulii'iitf Niii'pi.n'il lu lii'in-tiiifi
ur ilmi uiiiidluii I'ncltln ltu|ln*ijy uouipatij
All puraoliB iiliu lmvi; htukud  tmuIn jn Un
,M IVI' Illl* BUll).!    litllU    b.tfk    ll iVU   lllllll!   til
.liliu ulO k uiiKihut ibu rim-rvettuBli
slhlt'liui'i proliubly BUppOBing Unit thf guv
nmii nl uuuld li it iiiiiy mil thfir uu|i|iiibvu
gtuemi'i.1 with tliuUpokiuiu(luittui niilumi
i!i'Ogul)!itig-i|} cllijtjiu- I bulioyu thut four
IHlll--. uf inl llii'l-il'i'lH.llr* rluilltl'tl by fidvertlHi-
until up lu iliil-uttiu in llif naiUBot nlii'NH ui
f tin* lliiHtlmiil i-yiidlpattt, butli Biippo-iud in
linvo linij ownriiiu-'iH inuu Hm lutu govum
enij nfcMirai.-i.TU g vup ruiliiplly uml ii.
miriivcnfiutiultliu Utr. nli; Hh|)h1ioiiIiI
iioii govtiiiniu'iit Hitildlii HbhII mill auoi*
lpi n dlllfgnl promlHU to uivi- tnvuy h.*\
nl niilllmi iln Inin umill nf Ilm t-uitiiU.vV
I tlllnk I Im v.- HtiHtfii'iitly Blpltlluiiil m.v
vii-ivH iiii Um mul lor, mul I slmtl uunii yunr
rt'ply nitli inifri'Kl. My Iftlor fllftll ri-niniu
tl in i'-oniil nm' hi.vnu fnr llu> prPBillit, but it
In only lulr lo Btatu tlmt ItyoiirBovurnuiPiit;
ilm h mil mn kf a ili-llniif btatumuiit on l h in
 -iit,iihlniiily, ] bold nijBult nt IlliPity iu
plllilbll tlilfi IfitiT. nml tu agitate tliuqituB*
lion iu tin' bent ot my ability,   Any r. ply,
liowovur, wlilcli ynu mny wad to mu, will he
trvtitoil conltdent tally If you murk it hu.
Yinim Truly,
A.W. MuVltlle.
From tiie Prospector.
Miss  Mnrjorie   Armstrong left
on Sftturdry Inst, for Vale, wliere
she will attend school.
A, (J. Bownoss mid Chns. Armstrong were Steele visitors Sunday last.
John Fink who represents the
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. at
Craubrook was a Steele visitor
Snudny last.
Work at the Bull river placer
mines is progressing rapidly. The
road from the Chickninuti to the
falls on Bull river has lieen completed. Timber litis been cut, antl
buildings for the -accommodation
of minors is well under wny, nnd
will be located at the "big springs"
near the falls.
.■■■ m m »-» ...........  ■»•*»•  w m *>
I      Tin- lli*i*;ilil is giving ].i*i*/.'f
j for tliiisr who gni'ss tlio clos-
t-st tn tin- voir cits! in Si'.iili
Kust Kuiili'ii.-iv this fall.
Tin- lirst prize is a sol ol
tlislii's on i-xhiliitiiiii al tin
Fort Sl.-.-].- lli-ivanlili- coin-
Tin- second is a ctiniei-n, to
lit' si't'll lit lirattii'V.
The thlnl is two yours' subscription In Tin- Hernlil,
Rend tin- ad. mt thf inside
pngo. It will toll ynu all
nboul it.
'1 In- 1'aniiiliaii I'ai-itii* Railway compuny control n large men of the
choicest farming mid rmiclmig liimls in the Elk, Kootenuy, Columbia
and Sl,i,-.*iii valleys in the Kootenay ilistricl ami in the Kettle river and
llkiinugmi valli'.vs iu the Boundary district. A large uuiioritv of theso
lumls are readily t essibleby railway. '      '
,   The aggregate i uut of (irincipul ami intereat, eveepl in Ilie enso
ol lam Is uii,I,.|Sl'..".ii |«-r ai-n-. ib divided   into ten iiiBtnl Is as bIiowii
Iii Ilu- laltli- li.-l..tt; Hi,, lirst I.. In. pui.1 ,*,l tin- lit il' purchase, tin- Boe-
"",l year [rom tl.* I' imrclume, the third two years, ami s	
lhe following table slums tin* itmoitiil ..I' Ilie .* a'l inslal ils mi
ItlU a-■>'•'.. ul .Iill. l.'iil li.i.'.'S miller tin- ul.....• Iiiii,us:
IllUue.nl s*.'."iii|i4-i-a,-. Ul iiiBliilinenl s 511.111, tl equal inslul'ls..1'if 60.U0
1110nc.ill   IUH)[x-rue, I..I iuslnl m     Tl.'.iii.'.ii-ipial insliil'isiil'    110,00
IIIOue.nl ll.SOpera... 1stinslnlitieiil sil.'.iii.'.ifiptul installs,.I' 70.00
Kin.a*.al I.OOperue, 1st iut.ialiii.ni (IT..KA.IIeipuiliiiBlartBof KO.OO
IIUI in*, nl l..'iii|..*i-,-..-. 1st liiBliilmeiil Iti7.s.'i.'.i,-,|iiiil inslul'ls,.I' IKI.00
H10ne.nl ."i.OO perne. 1st iiiBlultneiil I I'.i.Vi,'.inp.nl inslal'lsuI' IIHI.IKI
Lands under S-.">ll |ier ai-tv lire Bold mi slnu-l.-i- li	
If laud is paid I'm* iu full ul ih,. ti ,,1' purchase, ll reduction from
the price will lie allowed etpinl tn leu por conl mi the iiiiiaiuil (laid in
excess of the usual t-nsli inaljilinont. lutorosl at bIx per cent will bu
.-hai-ged nu overdue insliiliui-uli*.
Tin- company is ulso interested in iln- following townsilos: Elko,
Crnnbrook, Kimberly, Aldridge, Kitchener, I'l-estnn, Proctor, Nelson,
lii'ii'iii'tl. Lemonton, Cnstlegur, Cascade Cily, Grand Porks, Eholt,
Orcoiiwood, Midway, Nakusp. An-owheail,  Revelstoke,  Donald   ami
I'i loops,   Terms nf payment are one-third cash and lhe biilnnce in
six ami twelve innulhs, with interest.
l-'ni- further pnrticnlttrs npply to lhe following local agents:
W. M. Front, Uutewiiy, Montana     .1. A. McCnlluin, tlrnnd I'mkw.H.l*.
U. K. Iini.*,*. Wilmer, II. ('. (!. A. Rendell, Eholt, 1'.. C.
\. Il.vil.- Bilker, Crnnbrook, B. I'.    A. Ferguson, Greenwood, 11. C.
.1. T. Bmgess, Kitchener, 13. C.       .1. II. Bibbnlil, Revelstoke, 11.1'.
I-:. Mnllaudnine, .Ir.. Creston, 13, ('. Tliomus Abriel, Nakusp. II. C.
II. K. Sim-kei*. Cnscnde, li. C. 1-'. .1. Fulton, KniulaoiJB, H. C.
F, C. Elliot, Trout LakcCity, B. C,
Or to ALEX. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agenl at Nelson, B. C.
Or J. S. DENNIS. Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
Killed by lhe Train.
Lasl Sunday night about 11:110,
AiiLjiist Anderson, who had been
employed on the extra gang at
•lall'i-iiy. met with a sudden antl
horrible death by being struck by
a west limiiiil freight train. He
IiiiiI quit work nn Wednesday and
returned Saturday In secure liis
time, Sunday evening he left the
boarding cars nud spent the evening at the hotel with some com-
piiniotiB, returning about 11
o'clock. His two companions
went in the cars, but he remained
outside, and it is supposed sat ou
the ...iiiii truck nud went to sleep.
Freight trains going west open up
steum fo make the hill eust of Jilt
fray, and in consequence tlie
engineer was nimble to see the
unfortunate ninn on the truck.
The remains were scattered along
the track for u long distance. Mr.
McConnell, lhe undertaker, went
down tn .liill'i-iiy Monday, and
set-iircil the remains uiul brought
thom tn Cranbrook for burial. The
il asnl was  Insured  for $1,000,
and il is understood has a brother
living in Minnesota.a
Chlldrcns' Concert.
Tin- i-liililrens" concorl given ut
Wuntwortli hall lasl Friday evening was a magnificent success, and
a great eretlit to tlie children who
participated uml tin- ladies who
hat! it in charge, Too often concerts of this character nre pleasing
In lhe parents who have children
hiking part but exceedingly monotonous to the public generally. This
instance was a remarkable exception, The lurge audience present
was pleased with the variety of tin*
program and the superior excellence of each number, It is impossible to speuk of the work of
each one of the little performers
iu dofnil, but those present gave
ample ovi.lotioo of their appreciation by generous applause, It is
In be hoped that nnntlier entertain,
itieiil of this character will In- in-.,
ranged somo Hino during tin
Points on Insurance.
Editor Herald: May we ask for
ii small space in yonr vidua! le
paper to reply tn some editorial
romnrks which appeared in tin*
Nelson News of Saturday last in.
lo insurance rates,
The complaint made was thai
according to returns compiled for
last year by lhe superiiitendenl of
insurance, thai the companies
operating in Canada showed an
excessive margin nf pit-lit.
We wisli to point out thnl while
tlu-re appears on tlie face of it,some
slight basis for lhe complaint, yol
this fact ought rather to add value
to the policy holders.
Tt is highly dosirnblo for the
policy holder thai his companies
should be prosperous ami substantial.
We might also mention Ihnt us
Iur as tin- rates of the companies
whioh we represent, they will be
found us low as is compatible witlj
safety to both policy holders and
Arnold* Robarts.
A lilpli .'In., -triinlt' linnnlitig m-lini.l fin
Im*. nl iill iil-i'-i.   I!i-<4|44-i. s.| iiln-r Iini,
Hlroii-rBtiiffnl Ii'iii-Ih-i--.    I'lilnititu-il l>v Hn
lll.l ItimtlttB. 'I 111' Hl'llUOl Jl 4-M lll.l IVlm, l|.j,
l,l„ «41, 4 ,-,.  1,11,1 „   I,.I,,; H.l  l,| -I l|,|   ll,,.,,, ■ ,	
iniiv |iinaiiii,ut in itiiii-i-t-iliii,. Ii4.ni,*.. Imt-.
tlii> iii-iii.i. tin-mtv.v. Iln* civil .i-i-tii--, ntnl in
llii-riiiiiiiK-ii-iil niniil. Atiitintr Hn* imlroiia
anil i-iti.r. .In Vi 11114-4 411.-
Tlni I .--i-i lllaliun nt Ni iv IVnatnlnalnr.
Tin' Vi'ii.-iniii.. i-; s. iv. ivi.iii.niii. ii. ti
Aivll.i.-nr.lll ..II  hia.
Til,* 11.111.  II. Ml'llrilll., I'lVlllilT ill 11. I*.
II. Mart_.il.-, Kan .I'nt-lHuSiini.tit ilial'. I'. II
Limit .(lol. T. -. Ilaritla.
Ijnil.-l'iil. Wicini-i-i-ilil.
.s.lii.lnri.lii|iH4i.,iili (nun |.-»0 -n .iiiiiiii,.
lltVIII-il.-il tlnli-..-1-liti-; linv..     l*i|| ti iiliilliiUH
nililr™ lliii
REV. C. J. BRENTilN, M. A , Head Maslcr.
Ilii.vHpiit't-iilly ,',, miiali 11'11,'t- in nn hia!).
Inlii,li Iiiii-III,-iiii 4i, ntnl  Mini- Iiiiiii .tn,.t
hill .-».
Flour, Feed and
Oats, per Ion SM2 (III
Outs: per cwt     1 li."i
Bran, per ton  it 00
Bran, per ows    1 i~>
Shorts, per ton  25 00
Shorts, per cwt     1 IK)
Wheat, per cwt     I OS
Now potatoes, per bag..,    1 75
New potatoes small  units
.per lb         2
Creamery butter, per lb...      25
Dairy lub 20 lo 22
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has lhe St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robiiison=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
B Dealer in
ISI Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
|i)-ii)-»-17i-*.)- (,><.-> -c.-.n-.*-(.)-<.v<.n.>—(fy-ifr-^v^^^.y^yj^y,^.-,-^
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining   JJ,
JJ   Room Service.    A comfortable place to stop in the   ff
center of the town.


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