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Cranbrook Herald Jan 4, 1900

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.   The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
,    Pon. Ono. A, Cox, President. U. B, Wahkbk, Gen. Mon.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manaeer.
A (ieneral Banking Business Transacted.
■^Jlcposits Kcceivvd.
■.oiulon Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Have You Money
To Invest ? 3 3
Have you faith in the mining
future of British Columbia?
| Then act upon your convictions
and save money by investing
at the bed rock price in
Black Bear Mining Stock.
Others are doing it.
During the infancy of any enterprise   the   power   of   the
almighty dollar is simply omnipotent:   NOW is the time to
buy Black Bear.
When LeRoi was first stocked
a certain railroad   conductor
i bought  13000 shares at three
cents, a total outlay of $390.00
Three years ago he sold the
same shares for $65,000!
The sale of Black Bear stock
at 3 1-2 cents will dose on January 9th, after which date it
will be impossible to buy at
such low prices.
For full particulars call at the
office of
McVittie & Hutchison
Mining Brokers, Cranbrook
(•)••*•"• »'•*•»••-•»*>•>*■* •
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specially
Omni Stabling In Connection
Nearest to rnilnmil uml depot.     HftS ACCOmmodn*
lions  fur  the  public  unequalled   in  Craiihrnuk,
_    Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Men's Furnishings
And Groceries
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cranbrook jr- Fort Steele & Wardner
General French Wins the First British
The Next Few Weeks Will Witness Some Terrible Struggles
for Supremacy.
Boera Defeated by French.
Relishing, Cape Colony, Jan. i.—General French has completely defeated ihe
liners nml occupied Colesburg, The
general continued to keep Uie ltuers on
the move ond pressed tbem closely Saturday and Sunday, giving Ihem no time
to make n prolonged stand, and when
ilny broke he was within striking dis
tance of tbe enemy. Kast night all tbe
cavalry, artillery and infantry, llielatler
riding in wagons to increase Ibe general
mobility, started upon a night march
with the ohject of turning the Boers'
right. Tbe flank operations were successful. The infantry and field batteries
immediately made a feint attack on the
Boer front, and vhile tbis was pio-
oecdtug around tlie enemy's right flank
,is arranged. Tbe program worked
without a hitch. The Boers were utterly surprised and finding their retreat
threatened, fled in disorder to the east-
ward, leaving Colesburg iu General
French bauds.
Buller's duns Turned 0a Hint.
London, Jon. 2,—Tbe Standard's correspondent at Prere Camp telegraphs on
January i saying :
Sir Charles Warren's division is now
nearly completed. Us headquarters will
be at Kstcourt.
It is rumored here that the guns which
were captured from General Buller al
Colenso have been mounted in the hills
commanding the drift of the Tugela
river at Springfield. The Boers, it appears, captured 620 rounds of shrapnel
when tbey took the guns.
General Buller's difficulties have been
immeasurably increased by the enforced
delay since tbe last engagement. He
now bas before bim a series of walled
and fortified hill*-*, running sixteen miles
along the line of Ihe Tugela. These are
swarming with the enemy, posted in
positions of great strength and bristling
with gnus, while tlie river in front is in
full flood. The coming bottle will certainly be the stiff est and probably the
most momentous of tlie entire campaign.
Vancouver Men are Patriotic.
Vancouver, B. C-, Jan, r,—Considerable disappointment bus been caused
throughout this province by lhe failure
ofthe Dominion government to include
iu the second contingent regiment for
South Africa a company from British
Columbia. Prominent citizens of Vancouver have decided to raise a troop of
IOO mounted infaiilry, providing horses
and defraying all expenses.
At a meeting called by Mayoi Garden,
it was decided to try to induce the government to accept this corps. Three
hundred applications have beeu received from voting men of this city aud
districts All are skilled horsemen and
good rifle shots, and many oiler lo provide their own   mounts  and epuipmeiit.
Shells Drop In Lad) smilh.
London, Jan, i —Tlie fnllow'iig heliograph message has been received by way
ofWcenan irom Ladysmith, dated Wednesday, December 27:
"The Uoers are actively bombarding
the town. Oue shell struck the Devon*
1 hires, killing Cnpt Dafzetl and wounding seven lieutenants, Dent, Twiss,
Tiinghinu. Cuffy, Byrne, Seafe and
A later dispatch from Ladysmith hy
way of Weeiian, da led December 29,
says: "All well. The Uoers hnve been
liring plugged shells containing plum
pudding and the compliments of the
season. They nre still fortifying their
positions aud are evidently determined
lo muke a linn stand."
Knew Whal Me Was Talking About.
II is worthy ol note that from the first
Lord Charles Beresford asserted that the
war office was uot sending enough troops
to South Africa. With 120,000 preparing
to nail or already in the field, he reiterated his warning, ami called for still
more troops and more complete naval
preparations for any emergency. This
was before General Bullet's check at the
Tugela. Lord Charles Beresford ki.ew
what be was talking about when be said:
"The wnr is one of the biggest upon
which we Iihv-* ever embarked." The
war oflice is now addressing itself to its
work In the spirit to which he sought to
arouse it when the war began.
A Splendiml Surface Showing on liic
Pedro Property.
Steele Accepts.
Montreal, Dec. 27.—Lieut.-Col. Steele,
ofthe Northwest .Mounted Police, who,
with Mra. Steele, is spending Christmas
in Montreal, 1ms received a telegram
from Hon. Dr. Burden, offering him fhe
Mounted Rifles. The colonel immediately wired his acceptance of the appointment. Col. Steele said that his
impression was that tbe Mounted Rifles
would be divided iuto divisions, one consisting of the Northwest Mounted Police
and recruits from the Northwest and the
other consisting of cavalry regiments
east of Manitoba.
Considerable   Development   Work
Outlined    for   Properties
Near Cranbrook.
Pen i.
The directors of tha-JCoolenay St Algoma Mining company at a meeting a
few days ago, passed the accounts (or
(be work on tbe Pedro and were much
pleased with the report of A. W. McVittie' concerning the showing of thnt
claim. The report shows tbut the ledge
has been stripped for a distance of over
200 feet showing ore throughout, the
ledge averaging about three feet in
width and appears to widen with depth.
The ore is rich enough te ship nnd wilh
a proper equipment nf conceuttating
machinery, would pay handsomely. The
compauy has contracted to spend $Hix>
more in the spring in sinking and drifting on the ledge, and wben thc values
have been ascertained at depth there will
he no trouble about securing the ueees
sary cap'tal for the complete working of
the property. It has become evident
tbnt the Black Bear and the Pedro are
uu the same ledge, aad though tbey are
about one mile apart the show ol the
same ore on one property must benefit
the olher. Thus the magnificent surface
showing on tbe Pedro brighten the pros
peels of the Black Bear while the undoubted value of the ore now being
worked at a <?epth of nearly 100 feet on
the Black Bear is very encouraging to
the owners of the Pedro. It has been
decided to call a general meeting of the
stockholders of lhe Kootenny St Algoma
on the 13th of February of which due
notice wilt shortly be given.
Sand CreeK District.
Percy Bishop came up from the Sand
Creek district yesterday, and reports
matters In good shape there. A force of
eight men are at work on the Umpire,
and the property is sho wing up in a
most. HfUuftirtory manner.
The Bishop boys are now running a
uew tunnel on their property and are iu
about 100 feet, making altogether about
350 feet of tunneling on tbeir property,
ibe ore in the new tunnel is growing
better as the work advances, and the
genera] showing is better than it has
been before.
McBahne is 5*iii working on his crosscut tunnel, and haa run about ninety-
five or 100 feet, but has not yet reached
the lead.
It looks now as if there would be an
immense amount of work done in the
Sand Creek district ne xt season,
Among those who will do development
work is Mr. Boyer, foreman of tbe
Chickamonstone, who has some excellent properties on Little Sand creek,
about five or six miles north uf Empire
Copper Cliff.
The work on the Copper Ciiff at Palmer Bar which was suspended during
the Christmas holidays has been resumed
and two men are now at work sinking n
shaft on the properly witb ore showing
iu the ledge of sufficient richness to
tempt any mining man. The proof lhat
pay ore exists in the Palmer Bar-Union
Jack hill, will be of great benefit to numerous claim owners iu that vicinity. It
is difficult to believe {that so mnch ore
should Be showing on the sin face over
such a large extent of territory without
any adjoining body of marketable ore
existing, but so far the efforts ot energetic miners have failed to discover anything but the rich surface deposits, The
business-like way in which Mr. Steele
and his associates are going at tbe work
deserves success, and all owners iu lhat
neighborhood will be pleased if Ihe
showing ou the Copper Cliff continues
to improve with depth.
Theo Gold Copper
flining CompanyLimited
This company has been organized to operate the Excess, Copper Crown and
other properties.' There is a shaft on the Excess 63 feet in depth, and the showing
at this time is of a nature that places this property amonjj the best prospects in South
East Kootenay. They are situated about five miles from Cranbrook and Fort Steele
and one-eighth of a mile from the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Capital Stock, $500,000. divided into 2,000,000 shares at par value oi 25 Cts.
1,000,000 shares in the treasury.
OFFICERS.—W. B. Townsend, Rossland, broker, president; Qeorife Bremner, Cranbrook,
merchant, vice president; L. B. VanDecar, Cranbrook, hotel keeper, and vice president;
C. M. Edwards, Cranbrook, agent, Sec'y-Treas; J. E. Saucier, managing director.
DIRECTORS—E. N. Ovimett, Rosslaud; W. F. (lurd, Cranbrook; O. 11. Miner, Cranbrook;
Leonard Craig, Rossland.
I have been appointed official agent for the company, aud nm authorized to place • block of ioo.oo-j sha
at s cents per shire, payable in five monthly installments, 20 per cent down and 20 per ceut a mouth.
Cranbrook, B, C.
posed. On ench of these n tunnel is he
ing driven. Tbe entile hill now presents
a busy appeaiaiice, ami tbere are tunnels
and buildings at short distances all lhe
way from the shore of tbe lake to tbe
upper workings of the St. Eugene mine.
Tbe directors of the Mastodon fluid-
Copper Mining company have finally decided to proceed at once with prospecting by diamond drill oil their property
near the mouth of Perry creek about ten
miles from lown and have made 11 contract wilh ti. A. Watt, of this town, to
hill 500 feet nt once. If tlie results of
this work are satisfactory a larger contract will be entered Into and ihe shares
of the company will be offered to lhe
public to raise Lhe necessary funds.
Waits Paid In Rowland.
Tbe schedule of wages in force in
Rosslaud en 111 p last year was as follows:
Machine miners, $350; iu shafts, J4 to
$4 51:; ehovclers and car men, $2.5"; tlm-
beruian, $3. $3 5° nnd W> mechanics
(machinists) $3 50 in f 1; engineers, $3 50
aud f3 for underground eight-hour
work. The present shift is eight hours
for all underground work. Surface
work is ten hours including tiuie for
dinner. _^___
Mining Notes.
It is understood that the money has
been received lo meet the payments on
the UurtouWindstay group at Klko,
held l>y the Mcintosh syndicate, und
that wuik will be resumed at uftce.
All tbe newest and up to date siyles,
fiom 40c lo 75c        MaggB St Hughes,
The H.'C. Clothfefr
Tbey Like Cranbrook.
IM Carroll nud family and J. I..
Hughes, brother of Frank and M. Iv.
Hughes, of this cily, arrived lasl week
from Winnipeg and were guests of
Messrs. Maggs und Hughes several days.
Tbey visited the surrounding towns and
country and were most favorably impressed witji Cranbiook from a business
point of view, feeling confident llial ll is
destined lo be a great commercial center,
Tbey left yesterday morning to resume
their trip lo the coast.
Wanted, 1 Biker
At  onre.    Apply fo lhe North Star
Mining company.
Dan Lyons, of Nelson, called at the
ollice of McVittie & Hutchison ou Tuesday. He has some remarkably rich
ledges located on McDonild creek in tbe
Windermere district and is uow on his
way to winter quarters among his friends.
He and James Stoddard, a well-known
old resident of Windermere, jointly own
the Great Hope on which ao immense
galena ledge has been discovered, assay
ing 140 ounces of silver to the ton. This
claim is only a couple of miles from the
well-known Red Une properly, and
promises to be equally valuable. Mr,
Lyon hae been over a large portion of
British Columbia prospecting, and con
aiders tbe Windermere district superior
to auy district yet exploited.
Moyie Mines.
Movie Leader: Preparations are being made for starting tbe Lnke Shore
uir compressor up again. A pump has
been ordered and when it arrives and is
installed water will be pumped from tbe
lake. The air pipes from this compressor uow extends lo all the workings
ofthe Lake Shore and Moyie and Queen
of the Hills claims, and the machine
drills will again be put In use. The new
workings on the Moyie and Queen are
showing up fine. The ledge has been
'stripped nud three distinct veins   ex
The Catholic Concert.
The concert given by lhe Ladies Aid
society of St. Marys church last Thursday evening was attended by the largest
audience that has turned out to au entertainment iu Craubrook. J. R- Costigan
presided, nud inaugurated tbe program
with a few remarks mat were exceedingly appropriate. Then followed songs,
recitations, instrumental pieces and
tableauxs, with one of tbe finest exhibitions of club swinging ever witnessed by
those present. Father Coceolo had hte
Indian band tbere and ihey rendered
several numbers. The receipts were
nearly J300.
I. 0. 0. F. Smoker.
The Odd Fellows held a smoker after
their meeting last Friday evening and
had a most enjoyable time. There were
talks, stories and songs, which gave Dr.
Green an opportunity todisplay his musical talents to on advantage. The next
smoker will probihly lake the form of a
debate, aud outsiders will be invited.
Our Coats.
For boys, alt sizes, $3.75, for a few day*
Maggs St Hughes.
TUB   I. 0. 0. F.   DANCE.
There   Was   a  Large   Atteadaacc  aad  a
Splendid Time.
The first annual ball given by the
immbets of Key City lodge, No, 42.
I, O. O. P., of this city last Monday
evening ut Forrest hall, was a gteat
success in every particular. About aoo
Invilatiuus were issued, and there were
nearly 125 people present. The hall
was tastefully decorated hy the skillful
hands of Messrs. Pieper, Currie, Ntchol,
Smart and Dow, and presented a mosl
pleasing appearance. It was a few minutes after y o'clock when the ball opened
witb a wait/., nnd from tbat time until a
late hour in tbe morning joy aud merriment was unconfined. At 12 o'clock
there was au intermission during which
time nu elegant lunch was served by the
Those in attendance were unanimous
Itt the optuiou that the ball was one of
the most successful ever held iu East
Kootenay, nnd a credit to tbe local lodge
of Odd Fellow**, who are rapidly gaining
a reputation for doing everything they
undertuke in a most commendable manner. 	
Miss Dunlop goes to Fernie for New
Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, of Grove creek,
are spending their Christmas at M.
Lamberton & Potts, mining contractors, have men working on several
claims ou Phillipps creek.
It ia reported tbat lhe stage driver
was seel) 011 bis knees before a young
ludy, but please dou't mention it.
Wi Robinson, of Klko, and bis ivory
handled Texas mules, passed through
Die town ou his way to Tobacco last
K. Hodgeuer and Lester Fleii, of Kim-
lier ley, paid Phillipps a visit and helped
to decor uie tbe school house. They got
badly langled up over tbe letter "S",
split some wood, bought a ranch on the
American side, aud left for the north.
Mr. nnd Mrs. linos Campbell, Mr.
George Hoggarth and Miss Hamilton, of
Elko, visited the Plains and attended
the Christmas dance held iu the auditorium. They had a good lime, passed the
customs, refreshed themselves and rr-
uewed acquaintances at the St. Louis
hotel, nud lefl by way of the canyon for
the north, looking happy and feeling
more so.
Miss Mary II. Dunlop, our popular
school teacher, invited the parents and
friends to the school last Friday to wish
the children a merry Christmas. Sbe
was ngreesbly surprised to find tbe school
house packed lo Ihe roof, and standing
rooui at a premium. Tbe parents were
surprised and pleased to seethe progress
the children hud made since Mrs. Dunlop
had taken charge of lb.-ui. Tbe school
trustees, Messrs. I'liillipp-j and Gordon,
made appropriate speeches. The school
closed with three rousing cheers for the
Queen ami A. Robinson, superintendent
of schools, Vancouver,
Card ol Thanks.
Thc Ladies Aid of St. Marys church
desire to express their sincere and hearty
thanks to those who so kindly and generously nssislej tbem at llieir concert
and supper held lu the Forrest hall on
the 2<Hth of December lusl.
McCoy Detesti Maker.
New York, Jan. 1 —Kid McCoy again
placed himself in tbe championship class
by defeating I'eter Maher in a brisk,
well fought buttle of five rounds before
tbe Coney Island Athletic club this afternoon. The fight was scheduled to
last twenty-five rounds aud the purse
was to have been $20,000, but tbe alien-
dance was not so large as had been ex*
pected, and before tlie light was begun
the principals agreed that the winner
should receive the gross gate receipts.
The battle was hard fought from start
to finish, but McCoy was far the cleverer
man in ring tactics, dodging, side step*
ping and hitting powers. He showed
lltmself to be a good ring general, ever
watchful for an opening, and never fall
ing to take advantage of one,
Maher, although credited with being*
heavy lift er, did not get in many fffec
live blows. His footwork was poor, and
al times be did not appear to have per
feet control of himself,
That Eisress tbe Feelings tt the C Illicit
•f Craakraak.
Resolved, tbat Cranbrook is all right.
Resolved, tbat Kast Kootenay is all
Resolved, ibat it is time to organist a
fire brigade.
Resolved, tbat it ia time for a sidewalk
to Baker hill.
Resolved, that Moyie, Fort Steele,
Kimberley and Fernie are all right
Resolved, that Craubrook will double
her population io the next eightecu
Resolved, that the people of Cranbrook
are numbered among the greatest
bustlers on earth.
Resolved, tbat we are all thankful tor
tbe advancement made by the district
during the past year.
Resolved, that the conditions should
bring about a big improvement in the
smaller places in tbe district next year.
Resolved, that it is time for tbe British
Columbia government to make some
expenditures for the benefit of Craobrook.
Resolved, tbat as residents of Craabrook we are happy and contented, satisfied with the past year,nod jubilant
over thc prospects for the year 1900.
Meyle Newt.
Mo)l« LewUr-
MissA.E. Cardiff of Cranbrook spent
ber Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. A. f.
Bremuer of Moyie.
It is rumored that tbe Moyie Miners'
union will give a grand ball on 3% Pat*
rick's Day, March 17.
Capt. I. B. Sanborn left Tuesday morn -
ing for Portland, Oregau. The captain
may again return to Moyie iu the spring.
A delightful dinner party was given by
Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield last Sunday and
bad a few of their Moyie and Cranbrook
friends aa guests.
* After January first Mr. and Mra. J. N.
McCracken wilt have charge of the
boarding house at the St. Eugene mine.
Mr. aud Mrs. Ben Murphy, wbo oow
have charge, intend spending the rt-
nuinder of the winter in Spokane.        •
For a Oreat Zlac CtaMac.
Chicago, Jan. 1.—Tbe Record will any
Information baa reached Chicago of a
proposed formation to control the sine
output ofjthe United States, Work on
tbe scheme baa been begun, and the Initial steps are being taken fu Kansas
City. According to one of the beat
known line operators, wbo was In Chicago yesterday, the plan Includes not
only tbe control ofthe mines, but of tha
smelting plants as well. Within a short
time representatives of the combination
will get prices on all tbe sine producing
mines in the Joplin district and secure
options on tbem. It has been estimated
by tbe promoters that it will take In tht
neighborhood of $100,000,000 to swing
tbe undertaking successfully and thla
amount of money, witb ai much as may
be necessary, is said to be ready to ga
into the scheme.
Dlsselitlos ef Psrtaersklp.
Notice is hereby given that the part*
nersbip existing between E. H. Small
and J K. Mvsgrave has beeu disolvtd by
mutual consent, J. ti. Musgrave retiring
The business will be carried on by B- H.
Smalt, who wilt pay all debts aud collect all accounts due the firm.
Signed   J. K. Musgrave
ti. H. Small
Cranbrook, Dec. 18, 1899
Skates I  Skates I
Go to G. II. Miner's for your skates.
He has just received a large invoice.
They are the best grades.
keep Tak Oi tm.
R. I* Beattie has a fine lot of diaries
fur ne*'- *"t one and cammenct right.
Tbey ate ueat and mighty handy. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY.    -    JAN.    4,    10CO
HtMl'SON, Kittti
Tlio Herald itwlres to give tiie news of tlio
itUtrlut, it yuu know nny ul)out| your town
your niiiu- ur yuur |iQoplo, send n lo tills ofllce.
IT   IS   Till;   HERALD'S   POLICY.
TliB Christmas edition ot Tlie Craubroafc Ht*
eut po
ti.>:i in liis |iaper. —Moyie I.
We are glad that the Leader has mentioned this matter, and staled tbe situation ns ii is. The Herald has always
had a good word to say for any part of
South Ivist Kootenay, and two weeks
ago, to make sure lhat the hest might lie
said of Fort Steele and the many good
mining properties tributary to lhat town,
the editor of The Herald requested A. U.
Keeler, editor of the Prospector, to write
an article properly covering the Held,
This was done, and it was dine iu a
good manner, and lhe article wai given
llie leading position III Tiie Iliirall.
Reference is made to this m itter simply
to Sit this paper iu a proper light before
tbe people of Fort Steele, who may have
been misled by misrepresentations iu
the past. The Herald is deserving of
no credit lor this act, for ft is the duty
of any newspaper to do the best it can
for tbe district in which it is published.
As a newspaper, it has not tho moral
right to discriminate against communities to satisfy tbe personal spite of one
or more individuals, aud The Herald is
pleased to stale that such a policy has
never been asked by the people of Cranbrook. The Herald believes in Soulh
East Kootenay, and in llie prosperity of
the lown-- in this district. tt has taken
this position from llie start, and will adhere lo il to the end. Yet, it thanks the
Moyie Lender for staling su plainly lhe
true situation.
Get in line, everybody, and pull for
South East Kootenay. If the district as
a whole is prosperous, the towns in the
district are all right.
Ity ihe way, you would better change
that 18 to ty in your date line.
Then* is n political rumor to the effecl
that Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes will
resign and enter Laurier's cabinet.
Craubrook starts out In   the new year
iu the middle of winter with several new
buildings in course of construction.
Tbe net profits of the C. P. R. lor last
year wus nearly f2,coo,uoj, and yet
Agent Medhurst hustled us last week on
a J2.60 freight bill just the same.
The invasion of Canada by the secret
Irish societies of the United Slates, is
one of lhe jokes perpetrated by some of
the hot-beaded representatives of the
Emerald isle.
Nelson spent $300,000 in .improvements the pa-.t year, and the prospects
nre that the amount will be doubled
next year. Nelson is the coming center
of West Kooteuny.
Voung Winston Churchill's escape
frum Pretoria has brought him inlo great
newspaper prominence just at this time.
He l.as developed lhe fact lhat he is
something more than the son of his
There is great rejoicing over the announcement that Lieut.-Col. Sleele will
be given n command in the second Canadian contingent. A westerner all his
life, he is the right man to command
western troops.
Several of tbe hoys swore off Monday
mnl are now in sack-cloth and ashes over
their Impulsive action. Don't wait for
some particular day lo swear off, boys.
If you want to quit, jusi quit. The
chances are you will stick to it longer.
Do you want
Good lob Work?
Ilf you do come to The Herald
office* That is the kind we
do*   Try us and see*
Our dream eaine true, mid we own—we
Tlie beautiful home we planned
In the old slnu* times   of  the   sweetest
When 1 Bought your fair,-white hand-
When my heart's request was to build a
"Next thing to Heaven!" I swore:
Ami it was, for oh. Love dwelt, you know,
Tn that little tiurk room, lop Iloor,
It Bccmeth well we horo should dwell.
Ami Bettle us down and sup.
And sing our lays to the (rood uld days
When we could not settle up.
"With thanks" eame back my   rhymes,
And our hearts were sometimes sort*.
When the liunHm-i Bent for hia past due
Of the little hack room, top iloor.
Liko a Hooting yonr it Booms, my dour,
Hut I know It was long nffo,
For your trosaoB raro aro now more fair
'['hau they were m tho time—you know—
(Tho monthB my hraln In a wild, deep pain,
Refused lo servo us more)—
They woro sold to stay ihe wolf awny
Prom tin* little hack room, top Hour.
Tho Rods Imvo brought tho gifts we sought,
For wo own onr vine and roof;
Bul my heart still strays to tho strung*,
sweet dnys
'When tho Muaqb held aloof.
And my thought's Hoot ship makes many
a  trip
To a far-off golden shore,
While 1 Htonl tho thomes for all my dreams
Prom that littlo hack room, top iloor.
-Nixon Waterman, in L. A, W. Bulletin.
Tllis»is the time of the year fur your
annual settlement, if you can't pay
your bills in full, pay something, and
net au adjustment Start the new yeai'
with your accounts balanced and a COIU-
plcte understanding with all those you
owe and all those who owe you.
Till I'ort Steele Prospector issued a
very creditable edition last week, which
allowed the good work of its editor, A,
II. Keeler. It is a pity that such a good
issue should hnve been marred by the
petty spile of the proprietor preventing
the mention of the town of Craubrook,
which is today the largest town In the
dislrjct except b'ernie.
Maedonald Hated Mayor of Torunto.
Toronto, Jan. 1.—Municipal elections
were held throughout the province of
Ontario today. In this city ti. A) Mac*
donnld was elected mayor by aouu ma-
jorlly over E. T. Clark and John Mallan.
The principal plank in Macdouald's
platform was opposition to the present
street railway system and n demand for
heller service.
The Dolors Object.
The doctors of Victoria, Laving formed
a union a few weeks ago, met recently
and resolved to cease acting as lodge
physicians for the fraternal societies,
The societies nre very strong In Victoria
and have mnde n fenturp of medical
attendance for members at tiie lodge expense. This action of the ductois has
neon mooted for some time, and the
lodges propose to meet it bv combining
to engage lwo or three doctors from
Eastern Canada to lake over all the
work nl fixed salaries,
Characters! Prank nintr, a husband; Mrs.
Blair and Alan Kemble, friends; Laura
Kemhle, a wife.
Scene: Vera min at "Nolleya," Blair's
country res id.-nee. Time: After lunch.
Temjioraturo BO decreea In the shade. Mrs,
Bfttir and Alan Kemlde are dlSCOVOrod in
wicker chalra,
Kemble (glnnolng nt lhe tennis
court)--What energy! but there, ftt 20,
one i.s willing to play tennis under any
conditions.   Myself, I nm—
Mrs/Utah* (fanning herself)—I should
say, 40, if you ure a.day.
Kemble (starting nervously, but recovering himself quickly)—! wus not
meditating any reference to my age,
but for tbe sake of nccurucy, if you will
refer to your Browning Birthday Book,
you will difioover that I wns 35 on the
1st of April Inst,
Mrs. Illair (doubtfully)*—Thirty-five!
Kombh—The perfect nge I In the full
bloom of manly—of manhood I
Mis. llluir—Thtiiik you! If I desire
nn impression, I will consult Laura.
Kemble (hastily)—Do no such thing.
No nmn is a hero to his—wife.
Mrs. Blair {laughing)—Look nt those
dear old sillies!
(Kemble looks. Sees his wife and
Frank BInir through nn open window;
the two fig-urea sitting ut the further
end of n dimly-lit room are just distinguishable, They ure engaged in a
game of chess.)
Mrs. Blair—I draw the lineal playing
chess wilh BInir,
Kemhle—Chess is Haunt's pet nuisance.
Mrs. BInir—Nuisance?
Kemble—Yes, it Isn cultivated vice. T
do not play myself, but being a perfect
Mm, Blair-—A mnn who periodically
realizes thnt n wife may possibly have a
wish she would liko gratified.
Kemble (treating the remark with tho
contempt he thinks i' deserves)-llut,
being n perfect husband, f donotenre
that, she shnll pine awny fm* want of her
favorite recreation. This is tho sole
reason of my coming to the "Noileys"
Mi often.
Mrs. BInir—You menu it is why I
tolerate tin* frequency of your visits,
We nre of mutual assistance to one another.
Mrs, BInir—"A week's chess for
Frank" scribbled on my mental diary
completely sub'dues nny feeling that be
may have been hurt hy iny—
Kimble (murmuring)—Neglect.
Mis. Blair* (frowning)—Compulsory
nttendonoe to the demands of social
Kemble (enthusiastically)--.And Laura, she is suoh n quiet little thing, with
perfect simplicity of tnstel She cares
little for tlie glamor of a London season, much preferring her country homo,
and completely happy in the society of
Mrs. BInir (quickly)—Now, Frank, lie
would positively gn nowhere unless I
mnde—unless he thought it would give
nn* pleasure.
Kemhle (wbo wanted to havo finished
his Kcnlence)-1 wonder what a mun of
his disposition saw in you?
Mrs. Blair- -Probably what a man generally sees in the woman lm falls bead
over ear.** in love wilh.
Kemhle—In that ease, nothing; his
[lowers of perception are temporarily
Mrs. BInir (with n becoming blush)—
You enn not expect mo to fathom the
mystery. #
Komble—T suppose not. Anyhow, you
ore fort unntej he is n good chess player.
Mrs. Blair—Mow should I know? I
hnve only played 11 few games with him
■—soon nfter wo met.
Kombte—Ahl I romember your Infatuation for the game that week; tho
mxt you wero engaged.
Mra. BInir (thinking it is time to
change the .subject)—Frank think*
Laura 11 sensible woman.
Kemhle—J have n fairly good opinion
of her myself.
Mrs. BInir—And it is so convenient
thnt they ngree so well; the old dears
arc simply started with chess, a microscope or erlbbiige, and wo nre left
entirely free to—
Komble—Discuss poli'ics,
Mrs. Blair—And the agricultural
question. Not one little bit of anxiety,
I can even Have girts \iiiu Alma Stafford in lhe bruise.
Kemble—Yes. Uurn nnd BInir give
absurdly little trouble.'
Mrs. BInir (thoughtfully) —They
would not have been bntlly matched. '
Remise—Ridiculous! Married people
should nover be of n similar temperament. They would wish to bo always
together,   When is u womnn to know
Mrs. llluir- You mean freedom to devote her attention entirely to one nun—
lur husband.
Kemble (glatuitng ut ihe ebess-play*-
.Mrs, Blair (toying with her chatelaine)—Havo you ever considered u different marriage for yourself?
Kemble—No, not since I huve been
Mrs. Blair—You arc satisfied?
Kemble—Absolutely! (With enthusiasm.) Mine 1ms proved u perfect
Mrs. Blair (after some hesitation)—
And yet—
Kemble (reflects for n moment, then
in a decided tone)—Yes, 1 will assist you.
You wish to recall a period prim* to
your week's Infatuation for chess-play-
Mrs. Blair (tolerably successful in a
look of iilutik amazement)—What are
you talking nbout?
Kemble—Yes, it wns very absurd.
Mrs. Blair (her memory reviving)—
Pardon me, you were,
Kemhle   (chuckling)—To   think   1
wished to mnrry yon.
Mrs, With' (laughing)—Ridlculousl
Kemble—How absolutely tired of one
nuother wc should hayc been liy now.
Mrs. Blair—Bored to denXbl   li was
Providence that suit Blair just then.
Kemble—And Laura a month nf ier!
Mrs, Blah*—We huve both been very
clever. ■    ■-.*.■
Kemhle—Clever is tho right word, it
wns a fortunate event in oui* lives, and
ns such revealed mi astounding vein of
common sense. If we had married, the
"remorseless hand of fate" would hnve
heen clearly betrayed.
Mrs. Blair—To sum up. we hnve been
provided wilh admirable partners to
share the responsibilities of life.
Kemble—To bear the responsibilities]
and provided ourselves wiih companions
lo share the irresponsl bill ties.
Mrs, llluir—Whal ure the Irresponsibilities of life, pruy'.1
Kemble—Mn ter Inl for paragraphs in
thc society papers.
Mrs. Blair (with tin attempt at severity)—I think it Is time to join the "ad-
mlrable partners," (Turning round nnd
eullingjto^ the chess-players.) I lave you
nearly finished your game, Frank?
Another Voice—Your husband is unl
here, Mrs. Bluir,
Kemble (laughing)— Why, I declare,
It's young Trollupn and MlssSteadinun?
I wonder where the others are.
(A short interval. Frank BInir and
Alma Stafford have strolled up.)
Mrs. BInir (not altogether pleased)—
Whatever have you two creatures heen
Alma (frankly)—Mr. BInir hns been
idling me such delightful fairy tales
in the conservatory!
Kimble (softly)—PaIry talus in the
altcrminii! 01 Blulr, I thought you
were piny big chess with Laura.
Blulr (stroking his mustache nervously)—! was only recounting ti few
folk-hire stories, and Miss Stafford was
good enough to he interested in them,
(Kemhle gives him u kindly shake of
the head. Laura comes across the lawn
to the vernndn,)
1 I .ti ura—0! Alan, whatever do you
Ihlnk—I hnve heen learning?
Kemhlo—My dear girl, how should—?
Laura*—Cnpt, Strickland ban been
teaching me eenrte in the summer
Kemble-Hue he? (Gratefully.)
Bow extremely kind of him! (Herecollects that he does not particularly
enn- for Strickland.)
Lnurn -O! he's delightful, Alur.I
(Later; Mrs. Kemhle and Blair arc
alone again.).
Mrs. Blflilr (thoughtfully)—I am not
sine Mr. Kemble, but that I shall not
take np some interesting study, such
Kemble—Chess, or folk-lore stories?
Mrs. Blair—Perhaps; nnd you?
Kemble (airily)—01 1 shall go with
the tide.
Mrs. Blair—Yes?
Kemble—And teach my wife poker
nnd the three-card trick.—Black and
A Secret Wort it Kiimdiig,
When one observes the ill-dressed
women to be seen on the streets dally a
person is led to think thut their most
common mult is carelessness In matching shades. Better take a contrast If
you cannot get an exact match, but in
Loudon, nt least, patience will always
secure whnt Ih wanted; if one shop
does not Jinvc. it, another will. Harmonies in dress un* more effective at
nil times mid in better Inste than contrasts; thus, if you have n pink evening dress try rather togel gloves of jusi
llie same pink than, of white kid or of
Ultl. Agniu, if you have a hat with u red
or 11 blue (lower, ami arc buying a dress
Unit yuu arc likely to wear with it, get
something with a spiny or line repenting that very tone of red or blue: this
applies to every color. Strike 11 note in
each costume, however, simple, und
keep to it. Thc ohotipest gown, If nil
the details are studied, will cost no
more and will surpass in effect something at thrice the price. — Chicago
I The Cranbrook
Everything first class.    Rooms newly furnished, well'I    I'A'l ITI DCl*   LO.
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace.   Conveniently _
located, and ranks with thc best.
First-class Dining room and bcsl of Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Short orders day and night.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Saw and Planing Milk,
Refitted Throughout
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, H, C.
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in EilSt Kooleiiay.
Newly Furnished
-AM,   KINfiS   OP-
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE   .<    jl   ..A
gg   gg   Cranbrook, B. C.
I Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber.
I Shingles and
I flouldings.
Commercial Hotel...
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors. j
New Building, New Furniture, and Every= j
thing first=class. Our object is to please our j
patrons. j
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay Ihem.
Apricot Toiml.
A good way u> muke nprloot toast i.s
to slice down u milk roll nbout one-
Imlf Inob thick, and fry tbem* .slices in
Imtfcr till of a fjfolden brown; meanwhile turn tin* liquor rrom 11 tin of
canned nprlcots into 11 delicately clean
pan, add one ounce of powdered nugor
I and 11 wineffliuwfnl of sherry or liquor,
us you please. Place a half apricot on
each slice of fried loast, cup side uppermost, place il Kernel in each cup. pour
the sirup, etc.,which should huve boiled
up, over tlio apricots nnd toast, place a
tenspooiiful Of thick cream Into each
apricot and servo hot.—St. Louis He-
Ono OliJ-u-tloii.
Salesman (to prospective buyer)—
Yes, madam, this carpet is fine goods
nml il can't be bent, in this town.
Lady- Then I don't wnnt it. Wc can't
what  perfect freedom ia unless it i*   afford'to send It out of town overy tlm
when the, te married'/ wew|g „,
Livery 3
Proprietors j* j* j*
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis nnd drivers furnished for any
point in tlie district.
Manager   Jt    jt
Solicitor, Etc.
llaiilc nr c.jiii fi- IIMg, UKANnilOUK
House and Lot jn Cranbrook
Five rooms, pantry, cellar and large
shed; for rent, f.12 per month, °r far
sale. $55°. **25 casli, balance f.15 per
month. Advertiser will rent houses or
stores 111 Craubrook, Moyie Fertile, Fort I
Steele or Kltnherlcy, for rent or purchase
on easy terms. Apply, p. o. box 115,
Cranbrook, 1). C.
Eight day docks with cathedral
Elegant designs in silverware, book
marks and envelope   openers.
A choice assortment of gem rings,
Cranbrook souvenir spoons,
wedding rings, bracelets, ladies'
and  gents'   chain:;,    brooches,
Watches to suit everybody.
Official Watch w   P  TATF
Inspector, for C. P. K. *  ,nll-i
Cranbruok. II. Ci
...J. F. & O. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best   Wines  and   Liquors  at  the  Bar
.^*r**if*Y]ry:r*'~i!*,-"v" ••y~~'-rjn-TH^'lpy
Tlie Dcsl Slock, the Most Satisfactory Prices, sad
h'lrsl'Class  Work.      Repairing Neatly Ensealed.
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Manufoclurers of all Kinds ot mbS
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
.We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer;.
Perdue Block. Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
I East Kootenay
T. T. Richards
Proprietor :::
Tliis hotel bas been refuted and refurnished,    fhe table
is llle best.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
t Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
Promptly Attended to.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Central Hotel      Nortli Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Tlie Central Hold is open both day and J The North Slar Holel Is the large and
night.   The bar goods nre first class, jj magnificent hotel at Kimberley that
nnd tbe dining room is in charge of J la just finished and Is furnished new
Thos. McCarson, and is second lo none jjj throughout.    Everything In connec-
iu the Kootenays.   Free sample rooms jjj tion la first-class.    When you visit
and the best and quietest bedrooms in jjj Kimberley.  don't  forget   The   North
tbe town. ? Star Hotel. THE   HERALD.
Storlei or Children Who Bullded Better
Than Thoy Knew.
Said a tiled child in chuveli to Ids
mother—M-uuimt, how much did you
put in the collection? Mother— A
quartet', my dear. Tired child—AVell,
this preachet' wives un awful lot for the
"Won't you hav-; auolher piece of
pie. Mr. Cleverly?" asked Tommy.
"Thank you, Iwutny," replied Mr.
Cleverly, "it's very kind of yuu." "<>,
thut'H nil right," returned Tommy with
energy, "I'm lookln' out for myself,
too. Mn snid if it wns neee*ssnry to rut
nuother pie I eould huve two pieces."
The superintendent askod I in* Simtlay
Bchooli "Wiih wli.u romarkablo
wenpon did Sampson slay thoPhllls-
linesV" fur U while Ihere wus uo i-.ii-
Hwer.   The superintendent, lo revive
tl hildreu's   memory,   commenced
tapping his juw with lhe tip of Ids
(lllgOV, ul ihe Bll mo lime snylng,
"What's this? *,vhnVfl thisV" Quick
us 11 thought u little follow replied
quito Innocently, "The jawbone of an
ass, sir."
"Edward, I hear thai you havo dis-
oboyodyourgrandmothor, who lold ynu
nol io jump down those steps." "Ilnnul-
mothev didn't tell mn not to, papn. She
only eame to the door .unl Baid, '1
wouldn't jump down those steps, hoys.'
And 1 shouldn't think she would—an
old lady likeW!"
suing mm Up.
My dentist lain an c.ikIo eye,
And vletotw (ools In* lucks wilh,
fli-'s clrvii*, but I'vo como to think
He'd mnkoii bettor blnuknmith.
—Cincinnati Couimorclfll Trtunui).
How a Drunken Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes:—"I had for a lona timo been
thinking of trying tho Sanmrla Pn*scrlp-
ilon treatment on iny husband for hie
irinking habits but I wasafmldhewould
ifucovorthfttl wus giving him medicine,
»ml the thought unncrvi-a me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one dav when he
»me home very much Intoxicated and
Ms week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
m all fear and determined to mako an
»ffort to save our home from the ruin 1
(aw coming, at all hazards. I sent foi
four taaiuaria Prescription nnd put lt it
his coffee as directed next morning and
watched aud prayed for tho result. At
noon I gavo him more and also at supper.
He nevor suspected a thing, and 1 then
boldly kept right on giving It regularly, ai
I had discovered something that set every
nerve in my body tingling with hope and
happiness, and 1 could seo a bright futuw
ipre.id out beforo ine—a peaceful, hnppj
borne, a share In the good things of life, at
retentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart
Tor my husband had told me that whisker
was vHe stuff und he was taking a dlsltki
to It. It wus only too true, for before I
bad given hlm tho full courso he had stop
ped drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the medioine till it was gone, and then seni
for another lot to have on hand If ho should
relapse, as ho had done from his promise!
before. He never haa, and I am writing
you this letter to tell you how thankful J
am. I honestly believe It will ouro thi
worst oases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
sent freo, giving testimonials and full Information, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescription. Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Addross Tho Samaria Kemody Co.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont,
A Benefactor tn Bis Bpocles.
During tlie recent drought I ml in the
train opposite tt gentleman who seemed to
be haunted by a tlxe.l Idea, llo nevortiml
of repeating how great u bletsing it would
be for humanity If artificial rain eould be
produced, "Vou see," lie excitedly re
marked, "I have already tried everything.
The plan uf going up In n balloon ami
Mending down a shower with u watering
can failed, because we have no means of
transport to lift sufficient quantities of
water Into the air; further, a fountain,
risitiK nt least 800 Teet Into the air ami
scattering jeta of water In all directions,
came toq expensive; cannons to perforate
tho clouds ami make them explode are not
yet Invented, nud are, lu fact, useless when
there iiru no clouds n)»out" ■
"Kxcuro mo," 1 Interrupted, "you wish
to become a heuefiu lur of the huttuni ran*,
ami mora especially the agricultural popu
laiion. Vnn are a lauded proprietor, l pr*
"No," ho replied,  'an umbrella maker!"
—Dilutes Allcrlei.
'rln* wnnl Rplltler Squelched,
l'lie.v were ipinflltf ilt-ross tlie lotto.
"Ii looks like mill." mu hi the mnn
who la lYOklou with his Bngllsh.
"What looks Ilia* i-tinV" i-oldly Inquire'! (he word sp!ltli*r,
"Wilier."   Mill   lhe   reelJess   num.—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Aatlmm (un
.Utluini  Iti-ll.-l.
it Is a recognised fact among those huffertai
from asthma that the longer they una tin* temporary relief Bitiiiuii. remedies whirl*, require ta
In burned, ihu worse thoy booome until 11 losei
Its efTee-t entirely, Clarke's Kola Compound li
nut among thi* c-las-*, hut will ■ ..rmiiiimtlj
Ctire the Worst case <-f asthma In Irom CO tu so
iiy-j. Mr. F. .1. Pain tun. pruprlt-tur of Palii-
ton'a Moilg 8tor<-j. Vanooovsr, B C, writes:
'I have been u great sufferer from asthma
in Its wont form fur over fifteen years, and
hud consulted physician-, loth la England
uud Canada hut obtained no relief. A friend ot
mine who had been eured by the Kola Compound advised me to try tt. ana three buttles
have entirely cured me; It is now over two
years since my recovery, ami asthma bus not
iroulili-diiiesiii--*; and previous to Inking Dr.
Clarke's Kolu ('••uipi-unil I have many lilgnts
bad to sit up ni'iiilv till liight ll is irtilv n wonderful n-medy.-itid It utTonla nit- ureat pl<-n«urt>
hi attesting my appreciation ul anything sa
worthy.' Dukrke-s Kola Compound is B«ta by
iilldruKKlHtti. Kiei-Mtnpl,-hott!->-«*al lo nn?
jM-ruon. Mention ibis paper. Address Tbo
tirlmthS'Si tfaaiiherwnCo., u'i Church street,
Toronto, or Vancouver, He, sole Cimudiun
At NiitKuru Fulls lhe Philadelphia
company js ooiiBtruotlug a largo plant
for the manufacture of calcic carbide,
If tho elootrlcal rurnncos thoro can
produce the carbide In gufflclont auaa-
tlttoB to supply the demands ot alarge
olty, und on au economical basts, thero
ean in- littlo doubl of acetylene's future
success. Scleutlllo men agree on these
[minis, but some aro not so conmlout
ihnl tlm eiulw desired can bo accomplished as are those Interested iu the
Philadelphia company.
The carbide will be brought to Philadelphia in lumps, then liquefied, placed
tn cylinders nnd distributed to householders, who will conneol ihem in iheir
cellars with service pipes from the
itreot mains, whence the supplylof olty
gas te derived. No change lu existing
gas fixtures will be uoeessary, except to
substitute for the fivo feet per hour
burner a tip through whleh one-half n
cubic foot of acetylene will How in nn
hour, A one-half foot burner, with
acetylene, it hns boon demonstrated;
will give the same Illumination us
throo ordinary live feet burners using
city gas. A cylinder six inches In
lliiineter and six feet long will hold
sufficient acetylene to light an ordinary
ten to thirteen room dwelling three
Based upon photometric tests 1,000
feet of acetylene light jj equal to 12,500
feet  of city uas.    Rays of   acetylene
Hghfcare claimed to diffuse to greater extent than any other known illuuiiniint.
Under them all colors and shades aro
almost as accurately distinguished as
in sunlight.
In a circular issued by the Acetylene
Light, Heat and Power Company, of
Philadelphia, these advantages are
claimed for tho product: "lt -jives
more light, throws out less heat, consumes less oxygen and cau bo produced
at much less cost than othor illuminating Rases. It is capable of being stored
as a solid in the shape of calcic carbide,
»b a liquid or us a gas. It may be
shipped long distances as carbide or as
a compressed liquid gas manufactured
from it, and in thc latter state may bo
applied to all purposes of isolated light-
inn, especially as iu railroad trains,
street cars, carriages, bicycles, steamships or sailing vessels, street lighting,
and it mny he used in dwellings, stores
or manufactories, its application for
the latter purpose permitting the manufacture of a caw sufficiently low priced
to be used for fuel or heating purposes."
When the compauy bop-ins the distribution of cylinders of light throughout the city consumers will be charged
SO cents per thousand cubic feet.
Philadolphians pay $1 per thousand for
gas manufactured by the municipality!
but promoters claim 1,000 feel of acetylene are equal to 12,600 feet of city gas,
Cancer Attacks the
Min ami Wium-ii Between 40 mid
60 the Host frequent Subjects ot
iin' imhiM) Disease,
lt hau long been recognized b» the medical profession ihat cancer Is ohiofly a disease
nl mid-life. Welch, the n.-t.il author, In his
H*,i-ii-m..i Medioine, nays that In ":'.uw tabulated ni---'-. ui cancer of the stomach,throc-
fourthaoccurred between thohgosaf 4u mid
ui." Su, too, cancer of the breast, cancer of
the ll[), eaiuvr of the womb, cancer of (hu
bowels, nud, iu fact, all onpcerous growth*-,
In whatever part pi the IkhIj* lhey may be
found,occur mont frequently hi mlddle-tigcd
persons. That wing lhe ease, would It not
be wife fur persons getting Up in yearn to
consider carefully any luiii1-** ur growth on
ttiij l-itil of tlie Inidy however itifinnilli-iint
them* umy appeAr to bey They may not
cause mueh trouble now. What may they
develop Into a year hence? At thiri enrly
t-intii' we would stiniij*i.v in Ms,* everyone to
take treatments. OS ft is a slui|ile matter lo
huve these t-ruwtlu- removed hy our remedy,
ami jiiin-h 6uhset|iieiit suH'erliiix averted. If
yotl have let thliius run on until the cancer Is
well pronounced, it will take u while lunger,
but -still we ean effect a perfect and perinu*
nent cure,  If ynu aro in the last stages of
cancer we cannot -.xuiitivt'ly promise a cure.
idthoUKh we have eured I'ltiti- a number of
oases. Yet we can always help you and Hive
you a urent deal uf comfort ami 0080, Mn
treatment Is a constitntionul remedy that
utlneks cancer ut Its oriuin in the ay-tlcm,
und itslhe cause is removed tho cancer lumiw
or growth (jradunlly fade away, till not a
vestlgo remains. Wo huvo cured downs of
iirix-iis in Ciiiimlii lliesu last few years, and
If yuiI would like to know w>iiu-thiii« about
iheir cases and more about our treiitltiunt,
Hinl 4 eenls in stamiiu and we will ulvo yon
full infm million. Siorr it Jt.'liY, Uuwiniin-
vllle, Unt.   Mention this paper.
She llhlnt Know.
"You are so late.''
It was nearly 1 o'clock in the morning, nnd Mrs. Dimpleton looked reproachfully at her husband, who but a
moment before hud stealthily entered
lhe house. IMinpletou turned quickly,
and, putting his hand under his wife's
chin, lifted her rueful face to hts own
snd then pul his arms around her.
-Ah, my dear," Ke said, softly, ;'do
you BUppO&e I have been happy awny
from yottV When 1 met Wlnkleton,
purely by chance he invited ine to
spend the evening wilh him, it took a
greal deal of wil! power, I can assure
you, to accept the invitation. It was
only the thoughl of buslnoss, nnd thai
ii really meant more for yon in the end,
ihat compelled mo to, Uow unhappy
I was us we bought the tickets and entered the theater ! Your face was constantly before me. Uow I longed to
tear myself nway from thnt brilliant
scono and follow the promptings of my
heart! 1 applauded mechanically, my
laugh was forced, and then at the
supper, afterwards, how miserable I
was!   1 pictured you sitting hero alono
WitllOUl llie.     I     "
'•Hut I wasn't alone," Interpolated
Mrs. Dimpleton,
"Not alone!" echoed hei* husband.
■* Who on earth was with you?"
His wife smiled, loftily, as shn re-
"No one has been with inc. slrictlv
speaking, duly if 1 hnd known that
ynu were going to be solute, I wo*,'I
hnve stayed al my club half nnht.tr
longer.'' -Truth.
Worked the c»«hlt>r.
A good Btor,V is told of a young man,
who, besides being a spendthrift, is a
splendid mimic, and can imitate hte
father's voice to a dot. Not long ngo
the young man wanted, at once, some
money to pay a bill, and he knew that
his father would treat a request fot* the
same wiih cold contempt. Waiting till
be knew that his father would be uwuy,
he went to a telephone and rang up tho
ollice, calling for tho cashier. Tho
cashier answered, and whon he was at
the other end the young man imitated
his Blre's voice.
i "I say, Blank, if that scapegrace son
of mine comes round and asks for Mou,
don't give it to him. Only givo him
Tho cashier promised tbut hu would
obey the order. Not long after, the son
called at the office uml demanded Sum,
Ho was refused by tho conscientious
cashier, aud, apparently in anger, the
young man contented himself with the
|50, When tho old man reached the
olliee there was a scone.
Nile Will NtuiKl It,
Lilly—"Why did you speak to that
horrid fellow iu the ear? Weren't
you afraid it would affect your standing ?
Millie—Not a bit. He never offered
a girl a seat in his Ufa,
Here UaHyttemTltuI Will i:nvetii.iiiy
Cure du- iiai.it.
A few .years ago 1 wasa blusher ol
the worst type. Advice Iliad iu plenty.
"Go into society," recommended one,
with almost ghastly humor, "Cultivate will power," said nnbther^vith
ubou; ns much w ..-- I .it. t o on h v.-.n;.
each successivel,\ mote stupid than tbe
loot, until it became quite evident tha-:
relief from outside was not forthcom-
Upon turning tlu- matter over in my
mind, I eame to tin conclusion that
blushing wns not o disease, bul a -:■ lup-
toin- n svmptom '■■ a defective nervous
system. The sequel showed that lu
my case, ni least, this wan perfectly
correct; and l bellevu il is equally truo
of ihe vast mujiuii*. ol othew.
lUvinggo; thus far, 1 - I about removing the cause, [.■nrehdl.v avoided
ton, coffee, stimulant-, Iuto hours aud
olher agents which are well known to
the same time as healthily as possible.
The resuli  was mosl gratifying.   At
tbe end ofa few months blushing no
longer made my life intolerable, uud
afler u furiher period ol time tlio tendency almost entirely disappeared.
TIlOHOUUiliA'.-l'arii-elet-'K Vegetable
L'IHh clear tlm stomach and bowelu of
bilious matter, cause tbo exerutory ves-
hbIh to throw olV Impurities from the
blood Into the bom-hi and expel the deleterious iniisi from tin* body. They do tbia
without -min or inconvenience lo tht* patient, Who speedily mali7.es iheir good
olltoes as soou as they begin to take effect.
They have strong reuomtueudations from
all Limit- ul (leo-ile.
Hale Old Age.
CLD Ct-Onv  /*.-!
Why Bagtr Fact* !tintich««] •""' "'"- H«th«
-*,**•'• lli-ull  (il-HW  i n.l't.
Men on tbo wharf weiu looking through
their loug glnssca ut tbe vesnel coming in.
Two of ihem spoke almost al theiutna
time. "It te tbe Je-jsie Hubert-*." thty
a little boy, who bad twee looking, too,
started ^u a run up the whurt*. He never
■topped running tul ha broke, hreatbl is,
Into a little house, low and weather beaten und banked with uoweed, under the
brow ofthe  hill.    "Motberl Mother!" he
"She's oomlngl she's comlngl the
most in."
The young womnn. making bread, threw
a faded shawl over bet* head und BllQlll-
Wfrleud the aged by freeing thein from I )ler3 gilt; xvjpt.,i_ iier ll;llllU m Ut.r aprop
pain aud eorrootini* all Disorderi ot tbe , and Started with the boy.
Kidneys and Urinary System. A little crowd was already on tbe wharf
Mr. TbomBS Ash. an old resident of | _f(,ut drawn together bv' the common
Renfrew, (Int., spoke aa follows: bond of dally bread, won fmm the deep
•' I am 72 vears uf sge, uiid have been j waters, and the dearer ties of husbandd,
mbled for a number Of years with pains I lovers, brothers  and fathers on board,
Sad to see people
adranced in years
suffering tromBaoJt*
aehe, Lame Buck,
Urinary Troubles
and Kidney Weakness, A hale old
age, free from pains
and aches, can only
and the blood pure, j cried
lilcklu't) Antl-l'nnsiim*ii:\.' -lu|.-i;imi1h
! ut the head of tho list tor ail'di-u-iHes of
i thu throat and lung**     H aota like umglo
In hie,king up n eold     A OOUgh )h  buoii
: subdued, tightness Of tbeoheM i.i relieved,
men the worst en-e of consumption Ih relieved, while in recent oaKS It may be said
never to fall Itlsamedioinepreparedfrom
the active priuclplej or virtues ot nevenit
medlciDul herbs, uod can r- depended
upon fur all pulmonary uomplalnta.
A Trnilu Trlek.
All cigar tl.ivors do not come from
'Igars,   There nn* triek.s in all trades.
A certain chemist ia Cleveland does n
large buHlness lu selling uxtrnel uf cigars,
To look nt llie fluid in n holtlu il might
he taken for extract of vanilla or nny
hri*\yn  colore.!    divine.     But  such   an
odor!   It is ihe essence of all tlmt is delightfully fragrant in  Hnvntia tobacco,
lhe lines! in lhe world.
"Tlmru's not a bit of tobacco in It,"
said llie chemist. "1 make it of other
nmterinls. I sell it to tobacco nuinnfnc*
lurers nml thero my hitnwt cuds."
The interest uf the iiiiimifiictnrei's tines
mil end ihere, however, for lhey buy
i-benii tobacco; mnku it Into cigars, llnvor
thum wiih ibe Havana smell ami sell
them nt a higher price thnn they would
bring without the use of the chemists'
The WIvh* Quinine ln Hit rone.
Pern is the birthplace of the potato,
whieh wns used ns nn article of food by
ilu* Incus and exported to Europe by the
Spaniards when they tool; over quinine
bark and named it in honor of the Countess of Chi neon, whose husband at that
time was viceroy. The Indians hnd used
the hurk for medieinnl purposes ns long
ns nny one could remember, but this noble holy was the lirst Buropcnn to test
its efficacy, nnd it proved so excellent a
cure fur the iiinlnria which sat unites the
atmosphere of Limn that sho induced the
Jesuit fathers to recommend it to the
medicos of the old world. These wise old
ehaiis sent it to Spain ami Italy, and it
i-* snid tlml one er the lirst doses of quinine thai was ever administered In Europe was swallowed by the pope.—Chicago Itecord.
JUST THE THING THAT'S WANTED,—A pill that acts upon the stomach
and yet is so compounded tbat certain Ingredients of It preserve their power to act
upon tho intestinal canal-i. so as to clear
them of excreta, the retention of whioh
cannot but be hurtful, waa long looked
for by tho medical profession, lt was
found In Farnieloo's Vegetable Pills,
which ate tbe result of tuuchexportBtudy,
and are scientifically prepared as a laxative and nn alterative in one.
Origin nf Mte r-vueli The.tter.
Volumes Innumerable have been written on the origin of the l'Veneh theater,
whieh had as bnuthle a beginning as the
theater in all other l-hiropean countries,
wiih the exception, however,or opera. Tbe
spoken drama ol Krauce, as of other Ku-
ropenu countries, bud humbler beginnings,
uud the find regular troon of the Catnedte
Frnucnlse bad It* origin iu a combination
of mmdertng companies. It is a little
teire than two-centuries ago, In the year
IflSO. thai the theater where "the comedians of the kirn-" habilii'illy performed
received the tltlo of Comedle Kranoaise,
though its iim.stituiii.il dates rrom IfigQ,
when, by order of l.ouls XIV, tbu company nt the Hotel ih- Uourgogne wns
united to tlmt of tbe Theater Queuegaud
iu the Hue Ma/nriii. The history of tlie
Comedio i'l-micniM* cannot well be separated from thnt of Cornelllenndof Mollere,
its greatest writers-, though Molten, who
died in IHT!), and Cornctlle, who tiled In
1084, produced their works long before tbe
Theater Kraucalswaaofilolally constituted
-St. James Budget-	
Ills I ii Arm My.
Gentleman--You can't work on accounl
nf paralysis! Nonsense, yon look ns
strong as I do.
Tramp—Well, ymi see, boss, li's paralysis of de will dat I'm troubled wit.—
Brooklyn Life.
Tlio three greut vital factors
of this body of ours nro tho
henrt, lhe nerves nnd the blood.
It is becnuse of tbo triple
rower possessed by Milburn's
toari nml Nervel'illH of mnking
weak, irregulnr beating hearts
strong and stendy, toning up
run down, shattered, nervous
systems nnd supplying those
elements necessary to mako
thin, watery bloou rich and
red, thnt so many wonderful
euros have boon accredited to
this remedy.
Here Is tbo case of Mrs, R,
J. Arnold, Woodstock, N.B.,
who says:
'' I wns troubled for some
timo with nervous prostration
and general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated and sleepless nearly all the time. My
entire system became run
dowu. As soon as I began
taking Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. I realized that
they bad a calming, soothing
Influence upon the nerves.
Every dose seomed io help tbe
cure. They restored my sleep,
strengthened my nerves and
gavo tone to my entire system.
1 think them -wonderful."
ucross my back. When I would stoop
over It gave ugoiiizing pain to strnlgbteu
up. I was io bad thnt I eould scareely
walk. 1 have taken many kinds of medicine*-, but got nothing to help me.   Ht-ing
recommended to try Doan's Kidney Pills
I got a box. After taking three doses I
noticed   a great   change for tbe better.
and  1 i-iiu uow get mound us smart us a : of tish in the hold,
cricket.  1 can Aplit my own wood and am,
lu fact, just like u new man. "
Two of tbe owners were ihere.   They Raw
their vessel back from the crafty sea nnd
the stealthy fog. All her white sails were
spread nud drawing! The suu of the clear
winter morning shone on her clean decks
lee lu the ml-uhii: gleamed like iliami-inW
She was deep iu the water, nil  earne-l   nl
md faro
■I iliti-i";?   lie know* *
n. Dorr In Sew V
-llut tlum wuiildit
irk Mull md r:*i
(aiiiiilliiii ('otitliigenl.
If any of (ur readers had beeu at
the Express Ofllce on Monday morning
they would huvo noticed tno lurgu tin
cus s of Foot Elm, which had been
ordered for tlio Canadian Contingent
lor S.ntb Africa. Sweaty, bli-tercd
and chafed feet are the cause of a good
deal of inii-ery among soldieis iu their
loug m:i relies, and the authorities were
wise in providing this popular remedy,
us it will add greatly to the tomfott of
tho tioops, for thousands of Canadians
can be toned who gladly testify to its
vittnes, and thu manufacturers, Messrs.
Stolt & Jury, Bowmanville. Unt., aie
to he o ngrtittilateil ou being owners of
so vnlnnble a remedy.—Montreal Star.
The MMterlei or SpelllDtf.
The proprietor of a country shop once
worked himself nearly into n bruin fever
endeavoring to make hitellit.'lhle the following note given to hlin hy n small boy,
tlie son of one of bis customers;
"mister Cream—Wnnt yon let my bony
hcv a pair of Easy loud shttzV"
However, he wns probably not more
borritied thnn the sehonlmnster who received a letter from u mun who wrote:
"I linvo decided to Inter my boy in your
'i'he letter whieh otic person wrote to
an editor when discontinuing his puper
contains internal evidence of the truth
of its assertions:
"1 thiuli fmilks orient to spend their
mutiny fur pnypur. my dad didetit. am)
every one said he wns [lie Intelligent est
man in the country and had the smartest
family of boize thnt ever dug taters."--
II. I'orti-r, Lower Ireland, P. Q., writes :
"My son, IS months old had oroup so bad
tbat nothing gave bim relief until a
neiffhlKu* brought me eouie ot DH.
Rave hlm, and ln nix hours he wai uuied.
It Is the best medicine I ever used and I
would not be without a bottle ot It In my
Cundlllonr* Cbanved.
"Ymi used to sny you couldn't lov€
him if tie were lhe lust man In the
"Ves; I kuow."
"And yel you are engaged to be mar*
ried to him.   Vou have changed."
"No, nut nt nil. Vou sec, If be were
the lusl mun In the world there couldn't
be this rich old undo of his, who tins
come along nml promised to leave him
Not of the Ancient Order.
Tbe art of (otnpoundlng liniments and
lot ions Is recorded among the ancients of
many ages bauk, but tirflflths' Menthol
Liniment Is a decided improvement on
all previous Uniim-nt* brought before the
public It combines the well-known pain*
relieving properties of Menthol with the
host counter irritants known to medical
sotcnoo.   Sold by all druggist-., ',>"> cent*.
"I hope tbey
time," said a'Cl
gol  to  pay som
next week. I ain't hud auy new clo'cs tor
n year."
The vessel fast grew bigger, nnd while
those ou the wharf watched, she enme
about. Then the light, left every fnee.
ife One Bald a word—no one made n ery or
a groan. The men pressed ncarertbe edge
ofthe wharf, and the women, white faced
ami shuddering, shrank back and drew
together. Every eve was fixed Oil the vessel's mainmast, where the stars and stripes
Hew at half mast. The topsail luul bidden
thu llag until the vessel came about.
There they Btood, waiting till the Jessie
had been made fast. The womnn from the
little house, pule aud trembling, held her
boy by tbu hand, Tuber eame the cap
tain with uncovered head. His blue eyes
were wet wilh water that, though salt,
was imt of the sea. He triett to speak, Imt
failed. The woman hid her face In bet
hands. The cantntn took tho boy by tin
hand ami put his arm about tbo woman'**.
waist nnd led tbem home.—Donnln-e'*-
Death Called the llnml.
ices and a joker killed a tough
bcurly Viiiim Indian named Orisia
Qualms in tho county jail here. Thla Iti
not ihe first, time that four uccs havr
brought, ahmit a tragedy, but probably
tbu first time that it bus heen cumed just
this way.
Qiiahne was one of Chief Miguel's baud
of rebel lions 1ml in lis who, with their lend
er, were in the county jail for a month or
so awaiting their trial on a charge of uh
sault. Quuhtm was a pretty good Indian
und was allowed considerable liberty, Ile
became acquainted with the turnkey, uud
beluga jolly fellow was made it sort of
comrade by the petty Oflleialfl,
Qua lute was playing a game of poker
with Waller Scott, a fellow prisoner. Scotl
dealt the cards, mul Qualmc picked up his
baud, tt was a pat one, Qunblio looked
at Ids cards and stretched out his hand to
raise the ante, when Scott was startled at
seeing bis fellow player's facu change in a
ghastly way. Unswayed lu his chair a
few seconds and fell over on tbe stone
Iloor dead. An attempt was made to give
him medical care, but it wus unavailing,
aud the doctor pronounced it a ease of
bursting a blood vessel leading to the
A speetalor noticed lhat lhe Indian,
though dead, still clutched his curds In
his band, and on extricating them from
bin death grip they were found to consist
of four aces and the joker. Quabue evidently thought be'behl live uccs, uml ll
was mors joy than hu could stand.—Lob
Augeles Cor. San Fraueisco Exnininer.
Tlu* Rullw-iy Signal Tnwer.
The signul tower, rectangular, with
rows of wiudows ou all sides, stood at tbe
Intersection of many branches, At this
point the trunk liue resolved Itself from
lour tracks into two, ami here the gravel
track, which looked as if It bad been laid
by a palsied contractor, left the main line
and respectability behind and hobbled out
of idghi behind the signal station with an
Intoxicated nir.   Beneath the tower, to the
right, a double tracked branch tapped a
fertile country beyond the sandhills,
And beneath the signal tower, to the
left, a single tracked branch, only a mile
long, brought South Sumach, oue of those
tiresome towns that manufacture on u
wnter power, in touch wiih the middleman. This petty branch- -as If ihe case
bad been with petty peoph—made more
trouble than all the rest of the lines put
togetl    Tlm signal menfouiid thUout.
Bo Sumach junction luul its place In the
world, and perhaps it was a moro impor
| tnut om-thaa that of many ucomplacent
and opulent suburb.
Tba heart of tbis littlo community did
not center, as ft thoughtless person might
BUppose, In tbo church or thee maudery,
or llm grocery store, or Ibe school, but in
the signal lower. Itwnstbe pulseof the
section. It was llm life blood of thou
sands of unconcerned travelers, whosellves
and happiness depended on tho intelligent
vigilance of three null. TIicm: three look
Hints up there iii the loner, locking nml
unlocking awttchea und signals, until one
might expect them to fatllt for lllzzlueas
und confusion.— Sortlmer'h Magazine.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator does
not require the help of any purgative inedi.
cine to complete, the cure. Givo it atrial
nnd be convinced,
Tlie Mini With ii l-hiie.
lie was a brave 11,1111, for he attempted
to carry u large pane uf glass across Stato
strt*(;t when  tbu afternoon rush was ut it-
best.    For a few moments be hesitated at
the edge of tho sidewalk, and then he cut
iu between two delivery wagons nnd
reached the cable track, "lie waited for a
train to get by, and then lm waited for a
liansom cub, and a big truck brushed him
from behind.
Presently there seemed to he un open
lug.   llo had crossed tbutwotracka,  Bev j
eral persons  had stopped at the corner tn !
see how he would manage it.
Afler he had crossed tbo (ranks bo shift
ed lln* pane of glass lo another position.
It Slltck Up a foot above his heud.   A dray
loaded witb barrels bud shut him off. The
limy moved slowly, ami Hie tnun with
lhe glass became imligii.-iut.
"Hurry up there, will your' he shout
He was paying so much attention to the
dray thut he did not sec the florist's wag I
uu wheel up from behind. The large damp '■,
nose ol an overworked  horse caught him
In  ihu shoulder,    lie stumbled forward |
against the  him) wheel  of  lhe dniv, and
it uas all over.
Tho mun luul a small jagged piece of
glass In each  hand.    The  policeman and
iht* drivers laughed in a sympathetic way,
and that iras as much satisfaction as hi
ever got—Chicago Record,
An BggTwr*.
The state finances In Russia nre recruited by a graduated Income tax, commencing nt I per cent on Incomes between 1,000
and 8,0(111 rubles tn ruble equals 8h. 2d.),
ami Increasing at tbo rate of one-tenth per
cenl on every additional l.oiio or fraction
of 1,000 rubles,  A duly ofa quarter kopec
(about one-tenth of h penny) is also im
posed on the eggs of all kind-; of poultry,
which tax on food realizes several millions
of rubles Temple Bar.
In ter ran 11 ob Clover.
The into Colonel Ingersoll once sent
tho following letter of regret In uu-
swer to au Invitation to dinner by the
Clover club:
I rcif-rct tint It li tmpoftrjbli for me to bi in
"clr»-*r" with you lonionw, Bnt •nnlvcriui■>*
dinner, issa. A wonderful thins ii "clover." u
mtmni honey sn-J cream—that W io ray, industry
iin l continttnMil, tint is to iiy, tlie )i»|i|iy ling
in |«rfumcd flolili-uiifl it Hi*- eoltiKe K"te "Ohl
ItOU,*1 "ic I'l'imiiful. li'Tnlf-lv clietvhiK iithifat"
llon'l tinl hi that li1.-f.-vil tivlliilit pauia that,
like ■ ln-ticiilcilon, Ml* between all i' il tul
llocp. This timer makei tne dream ol happy
I nun's, ol childhood'! raty dieel-j, of ilim*.!. i
li.ilu-i, ot wlmli nuiiir, loving wIVH, ol h-w-l nii'll.
of iprinui and linxik-i ami violet*, and all there
U of italnlen j■ ■>■ In r-,*tcetul human life.
A wonderful word li clover I Drop Uie "c" -unl
you have Ute ltfpn(Ml nl iiunklnd. Take »*my till
"e" unl "r" ami ynu Imvu h>lt llio only llilnf Unit
makes ■ heaven ot ilii* ilull uml barren earth
Cut nft the "r" alone, ami tlirrt- rrinniiK a ror)
deceitful Innl dint iwoeleiil Die tirratli ami keep!
pence In eoutitlrM lioim* wIiumc tn.ntrn (ruquMil
(.lulu. Alter all, Uoilom wm rl-jlit, "Good ln>,
tweet lui. Ulli nu lei low."
IIiibeiit U. I\ui:teiui.i..
-Philadelphia Times.
Hone power of ra While.
An Interesting study of the horsepower
of the whale has been made by the eminent anatomist, Sir William Turner, of
the University of Kdiuburgh, lu conjunction with Mr. John Henderson, the equally eminent Glasgow shipbuilder. The size
and dimensions of a grent whale stranded
several years ago on the shore at I-ongrid
tly furnished the necessary data Tor a computation of the power necessary to propel
ltut thu rate of IU miles an hour. This
whale measured 81) feet In length, lilt
across the tlnnges of the tall aud weighed
T4 tons. It was calculated tbat 146 horsepower was necessary to attain tho speed
mentioned.—London Kxcbange.
The never-falling medicine, Hollowuy'a
Corn Oure.removes all kinds of corns, warts,
etc; even tho must difficult to remove cannot
withstand this wonderful remedy.
Inrxenloa*. Jennie.
I dou't see what .Icunle I-Typp will
do wheu sho bus to givo up ber bicycle
"i'ooh, sbe won't give It up. She'll
Just sew 11 couple more buttons ou tho
back of tbe skirt ami call It a rainy day
Unman DtlOtOIT.
Oculists were hi luul repute in Martial's
time. "Tliu blear eyed Hylas," ho Bays,
In a satire, "would have paid you six
pence, O Quiutus; one eye is gone, be will
still pay you threepence. Make baste and
take it; brief Is your cliniice. When he is
blind, lie will pay you nothing." Pliny
tells us what Income the inorefnsklouHbte
physicians made.  Somo had an Income of
1100,000 sesterces, about -C:.,,lK)U.
Quiutus Stertlniua condescended 10 tuke
5110,111)0 sesterces from the emperor. He
could huve made 100,1)01) more by private
practice, and he ami his brother left a for
tune of nearly .€250,000 of onr money. Galen's fee fnr curing lhe wife of the Consul
Hut-thins was about £400, and Monllus
Oornutus, according to Pliny, paid £"8,000
fur the curu of a .skin disease.
A modern writer, however, dues not
think the average physician made mure
thuu enough to keep himself. The stains
of the medical profession was fairly well
defined in Home. There were district im-il
leal officers, wbo were allowed to practice,
bnt bad to attend the poor gratuitously.
Imperial physicians, urchlatrl palatini,
were tlie prototypes of the ''physician extraordinary. "—London .Spectator.
A i>« WiiitoiM-ir Remarks Prom ma
experienced rlnirler,
"SpeiiKin 0' Qsbln," said ItitnVrty,
• give mt- tbe lish that reed on the bottom     To Luul; uu iiuld tlu pului pall
toll 0' mud uod eluui shells uud seaweed Is ulmosi as much fun us listen**)
to 11 Dutch band pluy •Qotterdammer*
"Wblu you are fisbln for paint pails
always try to boob tbeui by tbe bau-
dle. That will give the pall 11 good
chance to monkey wid tbe tido whin
you sum it from its sulky position uu
tin- bottom.
"Paint palls are bottom flsh. "lis
uot like the blueQsb, bekase it never
makes Mylu jumps in the air, but 'tis a
gamy onhl sea dog for nil that. 'Twill
1i*:lit for every inch o' line. There nover wits a mnn that hooked u paint puil
but thought he bud a codtish welgbiu
l.'i pounds. L'odtisb are just ubout aa
gamy as paint palls.
••Whin you have the paint pail reeled
in. It's all the same whether you use a
landing net or a gaff book. Wbiu you
hnvo it in the boat, you con call on
your Imagination uud think 'tis u loh-
■tcr, wblob ii will be, like the lunch
woiiiuti kept the holel out West
"Hm palm pulls nre uot the only
tilings that feed on the bottom, There'*
the otibl boot. There was a time whin
Irishmlu used to wear boots, but uot
now. The ouly place you will llnd Vm
is lu your favorite ilsbiu spot. Tlie
ould boot Is :t godsend to little eels to
bide iu. An eel as long us a lead pencil
will curry your ball iuto tlie boot leg.
"Vou tbluk you have a bite, aud you
book the boot leg through tbe strap.
That's what straps are put there for.
There Is no danger of the book learin
out, nnd the ould boot will not spit out
the halt, but you must bundle the boot
h*;; gently, bekase gentlest flsbermen t»
always more successful. The ould t«x»t
leg « ill lay quiet lu the boat, but if ho
Should gel frisky you can drop tl"-1 nu-
choroii hlm.
"Uut if you wnnt rule fun Gsb for
toailiisli. lie has jaws like a rat trap
and skin like sole leather, Vou bad
better tuke a vise and a cold chisel
along to get tbe hook out of his mouth,
Tor be will elose on a piece of crab like
a safo door on a sore linger.
"But Vi hat a divvil's grin the toadllsh
ueai> \i hin you cut olf about a yard of
leader at u quarter a foot and throw
tish and leader overboard t>ektise yon
are afraid to touch the tkafet"—altckey
ritin In New Vork World.
HI-  Mud mi  Hetiaeet.
"I am your friend,1* said tbe doctor
to the sick citizen, "'and 1 must nol de-
celve you.   Von have ouly two hours to
"•inly two hours?"
"Only two."
"An yon say you are my friend, doctor':"
"I nm-I nm!"
"Then do me oue last favor."
"\11me it."
"I'ay off tbe mortgage on my mule
an boss an take care o" my wife nu 13
(ilij.-t-iliHinlilf IV-unr***..
NttggUs—I have read your speech.
Bonis, and. lo tell the truth. 1 dou't
like its physiognomy.
Boras—Its physiognomy? What do
you uiennV
N'nggua—Ita I's are too close together.
—Chicago Tribune.
T Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice, but they
hurt my delicate S111N.
Tm Atm«TT**«XTBe*» Cer.        '-C .
Swal loir I "if ltielf.
The boa constrictor wiih once in such a
position tliat even his magnificent fasting
capacities were exhausted, tuid it became
absolutely necessary for him to procure
something to eat. This particular con
stricter was quite n large fellow with a
correspondingly extensive appetite. He
could get nothing to cat and became very
feeble ami weak. Finally lie resorted to
cannibalism and began tu swallow the
end of his tail, which was lying bandy,
antl he was too tlull'and hungry to realise
what he wus doing, Ile proceeded to swal
low with his usual abandon when ihe hi-
toriati left liim, and uow the ttlioilloii Is
wheu dhl hu stop B Wit I lowing his tail, mul
if be didn't stop what eventually became
of tbe unfortunate creature.—St. Louis
So l.lkf J..I111.
An addition to the stuck of parrot stories
comes from England,   "Tbo other day,"
Mys a writer tu Tho Pictorial, "a olergy
man told me he had   la-en visiting an old
woman whn bad lately lost ber husband.
He was commiserating with her on m-r
loneliness and aald he understood bow
much she must miss her husband, 'Well,
sir, uot so much h.h you'd think,' wits the
somewhat unexpected answer. 'Vou see,
our old parrot, he do swear so like -lohn. I
feel as U bn were a-sittlu hil-Ii me:' "
Iti-flit In tin-Swim.
Mrs. nigblelgbfe—Have yon bad your
tuoiiogriuu pnt or, your carriagef
Mrs. Iiougtong (who is making ber de*
but Into society;—Yes,   Indeed.    And I
bad "R. S. V. P." put with it, just like
your lovely   Invitation   cards.—Chicago
A Neighborly Mistake,
Amateur Soprano— It's just too mean
for luythlng! Thut dug ot yours bowls
every time 1 sing.
Neighbor—I'm very sorry, iniiui.
"Why don't you slop himV"
'''Vnn see, mum, we didn't know It w.is
thnt wny,"
"What wny?"
"We thought, inuin, thnt yon was try in
to spite us by single every tlinu he lunvl-
ed."—New York Weekly.
Pa; in SCB1P for Dominion Lands and
Save 20 per Cent. Discount.
For full iulunnation apply to
Writ* oa for fnll Information.    Yon
c.n SAVK   MO.NKV.
W.   H.   SPROULE   &   COMPANY,
RmI Ettat. and Financial Brokers,
rs Hain Bt., Winnlpaf.
Alloway & Champion, cream separators ...
Or to anr office of tho MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA la Manitoba or the West.
«V k-.p » large stork slwajs „n huml of T»Pt,
CHtNIRV; can lit onl Dally or Weekly Paper.
or J.,1, unitiM on fow hours' notice. We also
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Limited.
tie 6w.ii .St., Winnipeg.
if yon keep cow. you cannot afford to *«
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, aad if you
want ta have tb. beat, most rnod.rat. ia
price, and on easiest terms, apply to
R. A.  LISTEB ft OO., LTD.,
*3t Klag HU, Winnipeg,
OecUra la Dairy Sappliei and Prodaca, Otttv
o'lna Englnca,   Hoi-m Tread  Powara, Kt*.
Onrrlwc**,  'fluoDt,1 Barrow*, WlDdmnfit
jjj   COCKgHOTT PLOW CO„ Wl—lpaf.
IIItl>KKit   IN
Grain, Provisions and Stocks i
PrlvBO w r« Connection «ili nl t^rthiKj
Maik-lH. (;ni in nn.l Sf<-iii-lti(wB-.in!lit,K.»liJiiiHi ,
f irli-il  nMnri-n**.   C   r .*■-.■ tli-w-S..|r'i,.<l
Pr.vati- Cypher Code Pun Ishod uj«n .\|»|-n »-
148 Princess St., Winnipeg, Man.    j
r. u. D HAW Ml IMT.
If jou cannot attend the frtlnnlptt Bull-
I bf'i  Cellan  jast  now, do not wait* your
evtriltiKaatlif-m-B.   We oan rive jour Injirnc-
- tloni in Kirrm rrat-Jeet by mnll.
Wrltt: for JaacrlpliTi catak-f ue.
Inportart af Orocarlta {•**■# frgJH1,*1.
>>,..., hSiiB,xitnwtt
fnll 11, Hamll ton.On t. L. 8. * B. Sploee
/   TJSE
w. s, u.  m
It is fairly good bniineu judgment io
still yonr plant to the trmt befort you
decide to bunt tbe trust.
A l.anm i**«*n Wnnt.
"BiffR.1 ban tnvOlltcd lonp Mint ortn't bt
itoleu from botola mnl waiting room."
"How does It work)"
"Over a roller, nam-* gi llie lontli/'w*
Ohluavo IlMord.
Mnha  Mara nml   *llura.
A itootl ililni* tu "i-i tlila yeur li to
mnku tm,iv or our frlondl nml to make
mora frit*ml*. There nm llmlta to our
uhnrlty, mir ItPlpfolntUf, our tlu-dii of
fchutiRlitrul kIminet*-i, but there li mroely
any limit lo tho lo*?fl We tuny oherllh for
thote iiriinntl in mul for nil tho world.
And If thc ROOd tot Hur lmki-pt lur^o nud
IIvIiik In tho l-.-'irt. It frill ihoff Itiolf In
a tboumnd wnyn ami etery iiiy. Cberlih
your friend »nd yonr rnther'a friend, «od
open Iho door of yuur henrt to tlm une
who ootnei knooklnit. Doth will be bleu*
ed, mnl lui- will  hf larger and imtipior
for the iwoutnitii* of frluntJihlu.
IBLE       i
AorN-ra Wavtid im UfiiiKi-HteiimD DianuoTe
Managers Mm   ait.) N. W. T. I.O.O.r.  Key Cliy Lodge I tlun
. -i'.'.
day nlgllt Bt Hi'
Baker street,   t
odd fellows cordially Invited.
v. !■:. sinipsoiii l'i
I. itanklu
The proper place for the government   offices   of   South   East
Kootenay  is
the railway.
in   some town   on
t* tb A A <>.■**& d,**.ey** ****#■** 6 #•***
%     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions  of  Many  People.
A, D. Grant has bulit a veranda on his
Travel wns light on the road the past
two weeks.
Hungarian, Glenora and Graham Hour
nt Gilpin's.
Fernie has a hockey club ami a line
Bkatlng rink.
J. W. II, Smythe ami wife ure In
Ctunljtook again,
G. H. Miner visited his branch store
at Moyie yesterday,
G, II. Miner has moved into his new
house on Baker hill.
George Hoggnrlb, the corpulent mayor
of Klko, wns iu town Friday.
A quadrille club is being firmed. It
will probably meet ouce a wet k.
Mrs. Charles Estmere left last Friday
for a brief visit to her old home in Rossland.
Fresh butter and Manitoba eg^s at
J. M. Carroll, of lhe Onturio house,
Kimberley, was a Craubrook visitor last
Mr. Demerit, tbe well-known rancher
Of Tobacco FlalllS, was iu Ctaubrook
\V. D. Hill expects to build n resilience neat the Method iti t church iu a
short little.
William Matheson is making extensive improvements on his house occupied
by W. D. Hill.
The Ladies Aid society of the Church
of England met with .Mrs. Keay yeatei-
day afternoon,
If you want crockery or a nice dinner
sei, try Gilpin's.
Douglas Hope visited Cranbrook last
Friday. lie says Moyie is getting along
in t'liod sluiDc.
Tuesday night there was nu elgllt*lucb
fall of snow, and ouce again the sleighing is excellent.
A. I*. Grady, lhe Macleod hardware
prince, shed bis smtlesauioiig Cranbiook
friends last week.
J, Fraser and family hnve moved into
the house recently vacated by G. 11.
Miner llnd family.
J. M. McCracken, the hustling commission merchant of Moyie, was a Cranbrook visitor last Friday,
Evaporated raspberries, apples and
apricots at Gilpin's.
Try Gilpin's for groceries. Always a
full and choice stock on hand.
Key City Indue, No, 42, I. O. O. F ,
will install ofliceis tomonow evening.
A full attendance is requested,
J. F. Armstrong is having a cottage
built just north of I he J antes Ryan home,
Greer St Co. have the contract.
The Cranbrook Lumber company is
receiving a large consignment of lo^s
over lhe new North Star branch.
A number of thc friends of William
Doble will give him n farewell dinner at
the Cranbrook hotel this evuning.
Mr. Jones, of Fori Steele, has rented
the Milliard blacksmith shop, and will
carry on the business until spring.
The provincial legislature opens tit's
week, and some warm limes are anticipated before the close uf the session.
For porridge you can get rolled oats,
groats, rolled wheat, wheat ties, middlings ntul com meal ot Gilpin's.
J. R. Costigan and family have moved
into the new dwelling on linker hill just
completed by MeKenzie it Robi ti sou.
Mr. Reid, of the firm of Reid, Campbell i*c Co., Moyie, was iu town yesterday and made this ollice a pleasant call.
George Taylor has just finished a fine
tiled fire place for the linker home, with
heavy oak mantle nnd French plate
George Leask has two houses to build
one for Robinson & MeKenzie nud the
other for J. F, Armstrong. They will
be built for rent.
Mr. lleniley, mayor of Lethbridge,
aud prominent citizen os Ferule, whs
shaking hands with his mnny friends in
Craubrook hist Monday.
Vou want to ask John Hutchison to
sing his new version of the national
anthem, which starts out with "Kast
Kootenay is All Right."
A nice selection of winter apples, such
ns Spies, Baldwins Greenings, Russets.
Hen Davis, Sweets and Spilzeubetg a'.
P. McCouncll's,
Rend McViltie & Hutchison's announcement relative to the sale of Black
Hear Slock on tbe lirst pnge of today's
paper,   It will interest yon.
The little son of Mr. nud Mrs Stewart
had a leg broken last Friday liy being
caught under u timber ns it was being
unloaded near the Methodist church.
Douglas Hope, the Moyie druggist,
has a brother who is a captain in the
English nrmy now in Africa. The last
he henrd from him he was with Mettieun.
for New Vork lo attend a Special
I of lectures.
Father Ouelette requests The Herald
to thank the people of Cranbiook for
tbeir generous support of the concert
given last Thursday night by the Ladies
Aid of St. Marys church.
It is'apity lliit the services of Hugh
McMillan as violinist hud not beeu
secured for the Odd Fellows' dance at
the start. He was n great improvement
on the one imported from Moyie.
James Kerrigan had lhe pleasure of
entertaining General Manager Whyte
nud Messrs. Drewry ntul Gait, two of
Winnipeg's lending capitalists, a short
lime one evening last week.
Joseph Benton, an employe of MeDott-
)!•*] St Leitch. met with a painful accident last Friday. He was assisting in
moving a pile driver when u rune slipped,
catching one hand and breaking two
F J Smyth, ofthe Moyie Leader, arrived in town yesterday, He bad a
heavy-appearing satchel, and ns be stmt
ed for the bauk at once, it is presumed
thnt he intended to make his monthly
A rase of need was presented to the
Odd Fellows lasl Friday night at their
smoker,  ami  iu less Mian  five minutes
$25,75, two pairs of blankets one quilt.
11 pillow and a basket of ftutt were contributed.
Sir Chatles Tupper passed through
Crnnbrook last Friday on his way east
Unfortunately, 'be fact whs not known
to his followers in Cranbmok, and In
consequence there was no one to meet
him at the train |
J. W. Robinson returned Tuesday
from Pincher Creek. The liight before
he left llie citizens of that lown gave the
boys going to South Africa n great Bend-
off. There were over fifty volunteers
but only thirty could go. Five also
went from Macleod.
Messrs, Nichol ami Smart, who have
been working for G**eer & Co, tbe past
summer, lefl yesterday for Sparwood
where they will work on the lnrge nmn-
ber of miners' cottages that are being
erected hi tbut town. Craubrook loses
two good citizens by their departure.
We bane a few left we  will  close onl
at cost. Maggs & Hughes
liight good tie makers. Price 9 cents.
Apply H. Pollard,
Goal fell, B C.
Wi N. Brayton, formerly townsite
agent of the laie Moyelle, is now acting
in the same capacity for the town of
Ferguson on the Kaslo .V Slocan mil way,
The services in lhe Methodist church
on Sunday evening will I e one of sum
-welkin 87 iinift hu eoinnteucetl beforo the is
sniifiei* i»r sueii -.-i-iiiii.ati* of liuprovsmoitts,
Dated tills Bud day ol DoeomUer, ta '■>.
Certificate of Improvements
1..N0. a..iil)
Situate hi t,1L' Fart Heola Minlna Division of
smith Kast Kootenay district,   Whero iwa-
U'il-(iii Nltfgur creek, about ono 1111I0 from
taki: NOTKK tlmt I, ArclUbakl.W.MoVlt-
tie, free miner's certificate No. iuktq, a tiny us
agent for tin- Pny I.ell Gold Mlolnaaml filling
u mtmny, limited, o( Craubrook, n v., ir, e miner 1 certificate No. h-h'j.u, Intend, sixty days trom
die ditie hereof, in apply la lha iuuiIqk recorder
for a ceitUU-ate nr Improvements, for tlie *mr*
■io8*-* of ob.Hilling n nviwi grunt ef the abuve
Ami Wither tnko uodco that nctloa, under
section HT. mast be etnitinenco I boforo tho is
siiiiin-c of m eii certlficilii of ItnpruvemuUs,
AUOniHAl.il W. MVliTIK
Dated tills SnJ day nf Dcci tn'iO'*, 1W9,
Certificate of Improvement
8ITUATK in thk Four Nt lie. i.f. MlNINO  Dl*
vision   ok   .south   Bast   Kootknay
I.KI1-UUY llll.!.,
TAKK NOTICE, tlmt we,
Walter Vnn Aisd'il-ii, Free Miner's CeitlD*
oftte, No. n'iM-l
l'obert i).iu|isey,; Free Winer's Certificate,
ll H.W7.
I Invld Newell, I'roo Miner's Ceit Monte, 110.848.
Kljdn E, Jones, Free Miner's Ceitllleate,
A'!!i,T2", Intend, Sixty days from tlie dale Hereof,
taiinjily tolliG .Mluitiu IteeerderrnraCerUflcnto
nf Iii)|irovcmeii(s for Hie nnrit-ose of obtaining u
crown Grant or the above eiiiim.
And further lake notice 1 hat ncilon. under
Hcetton it;, musl lie Qomina ceil hefore the
issinim*'1 or siteh CflHIIlontQ nr luii-roveinenta,
Ditlod lids Tib clay or November, 1KW.
Signed   WAI.TKU   VAN   AltSDALBN,
imilllltT   PKMI'SKV,
KI.GIN   K.   JoNBtf,'
Certificate of Improvement
KNTimntlSK MINKIIAI, CHIN. (No. 3059.)
Blttmte in the Fort Kteele Mining Division of
lasi Kootenny Dlstilot.    Where loenied—
South of nun adjoining ihe "Weltome" i-n
llie .south side of the west fmlc of .St.
.Marys rivor, aliout live miles from Sawyer's
TAKK NOTICE tlml f. A. W. McVittle, Free
Minor's Oorilticnle  liMffft, acting as agent fur
Um. Mllllean, Free Miner's Ceilillcale niu.iio,
nml Jiuuii AlcCool, Free Miner's Certificate AH,*
*7ii, Intend sixty days from Die date hereof 10
nr-'iiy io tlie mhilng recorder for u certificate or
Im movement for llie pur|m-ie of obtaining a
oron n itnuit of 1 he above claim.
Ami further take notif-a ihut notion under-
Scot tin S7, must ho ri>iiimeiiCi*il liifurfl the Is
suunoo of shell certificate of tmjiroveinent.
Imied lllls 15th day or November, isun.
Certificate of Improvement
SUItl'lltHl! MINKItAl, CI-AIM (No. 8500.)
Sltiiiito in the Port Steele Milling Division of
Knst Kootenny District   Where looatcd-
Nortli or uml adjoining Hu* * Welcome" on
the south Bide of the we-t Turk of st. Marys
river, aboul live miles rrom Snoyer's Pass.
TAKK NOTICE thai I, A, W, McVittle, Freo
Minor's Certificate u'jstii, m-ium as agent for
Arthur I'iiiiilps, Kreo Miner's Certlfiosle utii,-
Otiii, Intend Sixty days from the date hereof to
ajipiy t>> the mining recorder for a certificate of
hniiioveiiii'iit nn* the plirtHMS of oblalnlng n
Crown draiii ot tin* nbovo olnlm.
Ami ran tier take notice that notion undor Hec
tlnn B7 iiM»t he oomineucod before the Issuance
of rancli corllflcale ol hnnroveniout,
Daled Mils loth day of November, 1800,
Certificate of Improvements
( Ml. Mil)
811 unto In the Port Steele Mining I'lvislnn of
South Fast Kootenay district,   Where locn*
teit-Bltunlo-l mi Nigger creek am) Joining
ihe Paymastor,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Archibald W. MoVit*
He, tree miner's OOrtlllclltO No. u'Mlu, urtlngas
iig.*iii r-ir the i'ay itoii lioti Mining and Milling
nmi|ia:iy,;iliaiteil, or Ciiialirnok, II. c„ f.ee min*
er's cerilllcate No, rnwro, Intend, co days rrom
llie dam hi-r.-ur, to apply to the mtnm-- recorder
f»r a curtlfiento of Improvements, for ihe pur*
I use of obtainiiij a orowa grant of the abuve
Ami further inke|antloc Hint action, under
section BT, ituist be cuinineiicctl borore llie is-
siiiinee nf sneii cerilflcato or Improvements.
Dutcd this 2nd day of December, isw,
Certificate of Improvements
I'AY   It' Ll.  MINKUAL  CLAIM   (NO. 8302)
Sltnnto In the Fori Steele Mining Division or
Smith Knst Kootenny district,  Whero lo*
cntoil-l.ylng  north ol ami adjoining tho
Paymaster, un NimU't ereek.
TAKK NDTl.'K thut I, Arehllmbl W. MoVll-
tie, freomluer'seorilllcato No. uuntu, iiciiiik as
au-ut lor Uii! I'ay Itoll Hold Mining uml Milling
('., free
Iiiiiii; l«
William Doble expects to leave'fnr his [enrdorroi a oortlllcate ef InTproraments, for the
1 pnr|H>BB of olitaltilng a erown iirutit of lln- nbov.*
The choir is  making sneclil preparB-1- umny. limit :«r cranbruok, it. c, 1
,i„„, .ml »„ Invitation b e.len.bd lo all.   SS^.IIteLKSVST.1,. Slnfn.
ohl home in Toronto Saturday or Sunday,    Dr. lOny,  will leave nt the same
e iiim.
a mi  fuilher take notice that nrtlou. under
Get Your Freighting
Sam riitchell
P. O. BOX 35
A change
After Xmas
Everyone has pklures or photos
thai should be framed.
We have a     Of Ready made
good frames in stock
assortment   V'*™* mould-
mgs to make up
for all sizes.
With the latest machine in thc market
for making frames, we feel onutid.-ni nny
orders you leave with us will f*ive you
satisfaction ami be appreciated by us.
Prest & Co, Photographers
Over poslolflce, Cranbrook.
Physician and Surgeon.
OI.TlCE-Slll5Itl.OCK   I1L00K,
CRANIIUOOK,    ::::::   II. c.
W. F, QURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook,       :      :        British Colombia
tl. L. Cummins, C. E.
I'ort Steel.', 11. C.
CRANBROOK, : British Columbia. 1
I CRANBROOK r|esth^i&iri,,t of the Crows J
Sa  rff,anKrfA'nil^  ^as a ,0=stal! round house, large machine K
Uf  WiailUl U-UIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- ^ !>
tensive railroad yards.
.":•'■; Cranbrook 's ^1e natural and commercial center of South East
H Kootenay.
kf Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- f*|
fit tions of South East Kootenay. 1*1
W Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in H
South East Kootenay. jfj
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after |I|
week. H
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, g|
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P.R. Land Commissioner,        **-
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
i-®-®-^>-®-®-®-®--®-®-®~®^b-® ®-®-®--:i>-®-'->-^'iy^-®-'ii-®-®-<.
Can please you for fashionable novelties. Never in
the history of East Kootenay has there been such
an array of Fancy Neckties, Gents' Collars, Cuffs
and Shirts, Ladies' Fans, Slippers, Silks, Trim
mings, Etc,
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We have in stock a few
Black, all wool Pilot cloth overcoats, $14.00
Also, all wool pea jackets, same cloth,  9.00
•^•^Clothing at a big reduction.*^ S
Stores at Ganbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Get ready for our new skating rink.
I have just received a large shipment of       j*        jt        j*        *t
Club   and   Hockey   Skates
Also a Special Line of
A Call Solicited
S S G. H. Miner
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Black Rear.., 3#c   Empire  ye
Kimberley Consolidated, loe
Kimberley, B. C
Via Cranbrook
W, It. Itos*. II. W. IIKm-HMiui
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
CrnhurAuk omen
I,", uml Id llaiisun lllnck
Planing Mill
»r-Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manu'acltirers nf...
Sash  jt  Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  «•* Turning
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus of Nortli Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius ol
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Crnnbrook
Are for those who know a good thing when they see lt.
A Snap....
A man's Black, Heavy Weight, D. B. Wool Suit, $10.00
Don't 60 around shivering when you can buy a suit ol
Reld's warm, heavy underwear lor $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
1\E,IV tt \e\J.,   CLOTHINQ STORE.
"The s Emporium"
... Wiihcs All a ...
Merry Christinas and a Happy New Year
We have a complete assortment of Choice Groceries, Peels, Cleaned
Currants, Seeded Raisins, Salad Dressings, Relishes, Sauces, Nuts, Table
Raisins, Fancy Candies, Etc., Etc.
Just received a lot of Fancy Goods for Christmas Trade. See our
Furs, Caps, Capes, Jackets, Collars and Collaret's, Etc., new Gents' Furnishings, Suits, Ties, Collars, Etc. opened this week. Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods. •'"
Yours for Best Goods at Righi Prices
Sherlock & Bremner.
The Work   Tells
thc Talc    jt    .*•
Greer & Co,
Hstimatcfl given oil nil clnnscs of work
in our lino. If you intend to build, eee
us.    ll may pay you.
„*   jt   B. C.
G. Johnson,...
W Assayer and
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
l.nlr- nf Tor-tiil-)
Contractor ••• Builder
Those rontemolntlna ImlldlnR will do well to let
mo IlKure 00 tlie contract!.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
"•> Teaming
Wood and  Ice For Sale
Cranbrook, British Columbia


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