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Cranbrook Herald Aug 21, 1902

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****.** ***.**®
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
n. O.K.). A. CslX, PlTsi.li.lit. II. K. WAI.KKR. Cell. Man.
Paid Up  Capllal    SS.tMHMHIO.IH)
Real  2.0OO.OO0.0O
Total Roaurcca  65,000,1100.1)0
Deposits Received,   (icncral Bankini- Business Transacted.
SAVINHS HANK l)l:PAR''',''Nf-l)cpii»ll» Received-laleresl Allowed.
Thc   store    for   either   large  or small j '
buyers of anything in the range of mer- j
chandise.   Wc IMPORT DIRECT (the only firm in Koote- C
nay doing; this) saving two profits and getting better goods,
A few seasonable items:
Deering Mowers and Rakes,
Crockery, Linoleums, Carpets,
Curtains, Refrigerators,
Furniture, General Furnishings
Our Grocery and Hardware Departmens show a healthy
increase of sales. Help us to do more business and we will
help you on low prices
Do not wait till serious
trouble developes. * The
sooner the easier. Properly adjusted glasses will do
it.   Examination FREE.
When a man wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
I if he can deal with a store where quality and price-*
!   are satisfactory.   That is why my patrons are satisfied.   1 carry a complete stock and my prices are
satisfactory to all.
Come in and see our line of Fishing Tackle.
 It will catch you	
Hotel s S
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling In Connection
Nearest to rntlioatl aud depot.   Hub accommodations  for   Ilu-  public   unequalled   in  Cranbrook.
Work Will Be Resumed On the >l:trys-
villc Smeller.
A Large Force of Men Will Be
Put to Work on the Buildings Without Delay.
A number, of articles  which   are over-
staying theii time here. In the home,
the garden, und the Reld ihere Hre many
days or usefulness! before them, hm in
(tie store thelt places ate wanted tot
oilier things, To create new interest in
in them and make Immediate sales we
hnve uinikeil nil wllh quick prices, Just
n few mnirs will give you nu Idea to the
character of all.
HOSE FIELD BOBS (best quality).
\Vlkl.Nl.TTINr.(nll sizes). SCYTIIKS,
SNATHS. RAKKS, etc A full line of
Plumbing and Tlnsmllhloi In Connection.
The people of South linst Kootenay
liuve been intensely interested in the
outcome of the Marysville smelter project, The people know Unit the Sullivan
mine is classed among the best of lead
properties in British Columbia, and that
the smelter at Marysville wns projected
far the purpose of handling the ure of
that mine. They know that there has
been large suuis of money expended up
to date on the smelter, but the silence
on the part of the company the past two
months has given rise to a feeling of uneasiness. The following article from
the Spokesman-Review will tiling relief
to the minds of in.>ny, since It indicates
that there is soon to be a resumption of
the work:
One of the inteiesting questions agitating Spokane mining circles Is the status
of the affairs of the Sullivan group of
lead mines at Kimberley, II, C. All
sorts of rumors aie current ns to the
bulldiug of tbe proposed smelter plant
at Marysville, II. C.
Several months ago the company decided that the only way the property
could be operated at a profit was to
build a smeller for the treatment of its
oie. Accordingly the capital stock was
increased 500.000 shares, which were
pledged for a loan of $100,000 with
which to build tbe smelter.
Clay suitable for the manufacture of
brick war discovered on the property,
brick kilns were erected nnd work was
begun, under the direction of Manager
Austin, preparatory 10 the construction
of the smelter. The actual construction
of the smelter wns begun and carried almost lo completion, when it was discovered that the plans would have lo be
changed; iu other words. Hint nearly the
eutire plant would hive to he remodeled.
As   a   m.mlt   Mn.mgt >    (Vmntn Stepped
down and out. nml n new mnnnger whs
secured, a Mr. Elm-ndoif, of Colorado,
The new manager made a detailed report of the conditions at the smelter
about Iwo months ago, but the directors
refused to give out anything tor publication. The refusal of the directors to
make public thc affairs of the company
has led to nil sorts nf rumors.
One of these rumors is to the effect
that over $50,01,0 hns been expended on
the -'innl. an.l that ihis umount will be
almost a total loss to the company. It
ts also stated that uuleas sddfHonal
binds nre secured the compaliy will be
unable in carry out its plans us originally Intended, It Is said that the founds-
lions of the smokestacks were defective,
and that what had not fallen down
would have to be rebuilt. In short, the
plant was said to be In such bad shape
thai its abandonment was being considered,
The Spokesman-Review Ins received
several Inquiries dining ihe past few
days relative to the status ofthe Sullivan group. The only definite Information obtainable is to the effect that the
company has no intention ol discontinuing the work on the smeller plant,
Senator George Turner, who is president of lhe company, when Interrogated
last evening said: "Tiiere is absolutely
no ttutli in the statement thut the smelter project is to be abandoned, Cm the
other hiuid, the company is going ahead
with the work, and we expect to put on
a full torce of men not later than September 1, and to be smelting ore within
60 days thereafter.
"We Bte now working a force of 10
men nnd have been right along since
Manager Hlmcndorf took charge ofthe
plant. The full force of men will be put
on as soon George Mull,   who has gener*
1 supervision of the woik, returns from
tbe east."'
Senator Turner declined to be interviewed as to Manager Bl me ml or He re-
poit and as [n whether additional funds
would be required lo complete the
Later News.
Tin- Herald in In receipt of good news,
it ha* positive In format ion timi Instructions liuve been given to resume work on
the smelter buildings and that everything has been saiisfaclorily adjusted.
Manager Hull will return from the east
in a few duj n, bul iu the meantime work
will be pushed on the buildings in accordance to the modified plaus.
under existing conditions, be handled Ht
a profit, it is belter lo leave the ore
where il is for the present.
"I do not look for much rise in the
markets for the nexl two years, so that
we must look for cheaper smelling rates
or cheaper transportation facilities.
There wus, as you are aware, a loss in
shipping the 1000 tons of ore. A profit
would have been made had the ore been
shipped direct lo Ibe smelter at the lime
il was landed at the river, but while it
lay ihere waiting fur navigation lo open
the market quotations kepi going down.
But it was necessary lo have lhe ore
smelted, even at a loss, 111 order to gel
buck part of the capital invested. Even
the test shipment ol 150 tons of the best
grade of ore made this season did not
reiurn a profit.
"The difficulty in Wesl Kooteuay today is due to lhe fact that lhe men have
quit operating their mines on investing
capital and want the ore to pay for mining it- My experience has taught me
that ore must be mined at a profit, "ap
Hal imisl be spent on devtloptnen;, hut
when ore is found It must pay for the
cost of mining it.
''There is ouly one way in which conditions can be changed so that the 1'arn-
dise mny continue to work, nml Hint is
hy lhe construction of a wagon road
from the Toby road up Spring creek
basin, which would do away with the
heavy cost of raw-hiding. That would
mnke a saving of about $2 to the ton."
New Supply ol Coke.
Nelson, B. C, Aug. 15.— Assistant-
Superintendent I-'luiuetfelt and Smelter
Manager Hodges of the Granby Conaol
idatad, arrived in the city today, returning front a trip to Fernie and Michel to
see bow soon sufficient coke could be
shipped to permit the smelters to run
again. Michel is turning out 180 tous ol
coke per day, and Fernie about 10. By
the end of the week repairs to some of
the tunnels at Coal creek will have been
made sufficient to get out enough for
running purposes. The present output
is being laid by as a reserve to be divided between all the smelters.
Summer Heat...
Is made less oppressive if you wear
one of our light flannel suits. Just
the thing in weight and price. A
fine line of summer weight underwear; don't suffer, gentlemen, call
in and get relief.
Mining Notes.
It begins to look as if Baker Mountain
was one vast body of Iron ore.
The North Star is working a large
torce of men on development work.
An immense amount of assessment
work hns beeu done in this district this
The St. Marys Valley Is hound to be
one of the richest mineral sections iu all
of South Fast Kooteuay.
The more the country around Marysville is orosnected. the more the people
are convinced that it ts a very rich territory.
Out of $3,900,000 worth of copper
shipped from Canada to the United
States, the Boundary country shipped
over (2,000,000.
Mr. McPeak and hoy**, who have been
placer mining at Palmer's Bar, hnve met
with very good success, although they
are using only crude appliances.
Fred Hazen brought down some magnificent specimens of native copper
from his claim on the St. Mary's river.
There hnve been few If nny In the district that would equal it.
The tunnel in the Clover Leaf property has been completed to within about
,10 feet of tbe shall, nnd as soon ns finished development work will be resumed. The prospects for this property
nre brighter than ever.
The low price of lead nnd copper bus
caused prospectors to take an increased
interest in gold bearing quartz. South
lOisl Kootenay has tunny sections that
promises rich returns for development,
and ns a consequence the next year may
bring forth some paying gold properties
in this district.
J. C- Drewery arrived in town last
Friday, having rode over the summit
from Pilot Bay to the Great Dane property iu tbe St. Marys river. He left
Saturday for Moyie. Speaking of the
Great Dane he said the property was in
fine shape, and that the development
done the past wiutei demonstrated the
fact that it was bound to be a good
...HILL & CO.
Paradise Shut Down.
S. S. Fowler, the well known mining
engineer of Nelson, expressed himself
as follows lo the Wilmer Outcrop, re-
gaiding the Paradise miue, located in
that territory:
"I make two visits a year to the Paradise, but it occupies loo much lime in
coming from Nelsou to make more frequent visits. The Paradise is looking
better now than ll ever has I do not
any that the Paradise is n mine, but It is
a very promising prospect," remarked
Mr. Fowler, quite pleasantly, but he
continued, now seriously:
"Much as I prefer not to, I must ad*
vise Mr. Hammond to close the Paradise
down. I realize thnl it will fleriously effect this district and very much regret it
hut iu justice 10 my client 1 must advise
that the workings he closed for a year,
nr until conditions are better for mining
low grade silver-lead ore. A very favorable Impression of the Paradise exists
among mining men iu Weil Kooteuay,
nnd il is, as I said before, a very promising   prospect,    llul  us the ore cuunol,
Because There Were No More Games
lo Capture.
The   Club   Gathers  Scalps   From
Pincher Creek and Medicine
Hat With Ease.
A Sheep Country.
'Do you know," said J. W. Rnhiuson
the other day, "thai South Bast Kootenny ought to be a gootl sheep country.
We have some excellent grazing finds
here for sheep, nud the valleys offer excellent protection lor lhe winter. There
would be no trouble to carry sheep
through a winter with a little feed for
lhe most severe mouths, I expect to
see that tried here, and It is liable to become a big Industry, Successful sheep
ranching offers great Inducements as
they go into money rapidly on comparatively small investment."
W. W. Ooble's Funeral.
The remains of \V. W. Doble, who
died Wednesday morning of last week,
were placed iu the Odd Fellows hall,
where services were held Thursday afternoon at 2:30. The funeral services of
the English church were first read by
Rev. Beachaui, nud then the Odd Pel
lows took charge. The hall service of
lhe order was rend, aud then the remains were taken to the station, followed bv the members of the order In
regular procession. At the station the
last Bervice was performed for the deceased brother, and the remains placed
on the east bound train for Toronto.
Mrs. Doble and the two children, Dora
and Willie, accompanied theu.
Walla Walla,
Zip, U 11, lull,
ci'iiiibiuiik, Uranbrook,
'Hull!   'ltli.ll!   'JCllIlt
When tbe Craubrook baseball team
left for Pincher Creek aud Medicine
Hat a week ago Sunday Itwasconll-
dently expected that they would win
the game at Pincher and break even at
the Hat, but. the most sanguine enthusiast hardly dared predict that, with only
one pitcher, they would be able to win
three games In succession lu as many
days, having their rest broken In the
meantime by railway travel. Uut lhe
result or the trip shows that Manage)
Small had chosen tils men well, ami
that every man played tils position with
a determination .0 uphold the reputation of the team and prove their ability
of putting up a class of ball that should
satisfy alt that they were entitled tn
the hearty support nf Cranbrook's citizens.
The boys were loud In their praise of
he treatment accorded them by the citizens Of both towns and especially ut
Medicine Hat, where they were givea
the freedom of the city anil entertained
la a royal manner at the conclusion U
tbe games.
The game at Pincher on Monday wus
a one aloud ulYdlr, our hoys clearly outclassing tbelr opponents, and the Pincher Greeks weut down to defeat by a
score of 10 to 5.
On Tuesday the lirst game with the
Hat was played and proved to be the
closest and must Interesting of the series, score at tbe end of in**, eighth Inning aland.uk nil In favor of the prairie boys, but In tbe ninth our boys garnered in three runs and succeeded iu retiring the Hatites In one, two, three order, thus winning tbe game. The score
by Innings:
Medicine  Hat 2 0012003 0—6
Cranbrook 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 3 a—lu
On Wednesday the last game of the
series was played and the prairie boys
bad accumulated Ave ruus before the
close of their half of the inning, and
this, together with the fact that the
famous Mike O'Hara was to do the
twirling fur the Hit, nerved their man
ager up to the extent that he offered to
bet an even hundred on his team. He
was quickly accommodated and our boys
went after that hundred like a nigger
after a fat chicken on a dark nighl, aud
It took them just three tunings to make
O'Hara's reputation look like a tomato
vine after a heavy frost. Tweed relieved O'Hara In tbe fourth bul our boys
had their battlpg clothes on and continued to pile up tbe runs In a manner
tbat would take tbe heart out of a stoic
and at tbe close of tbe eighth the score
stood ]t> li iu our favor, and au tbe Halites were unable to score in tbe ninth
the game was ours. The score by innings: j
Medicine Hat 5 0020002 0,— 9
Cranbrook 2 4 4 13 110 x—10
Tbe names and positions of the boy
who did the business are as follows:
JAMIESON, Pltchei.
BERTRAM, Catcher.
HKHKNSTKKir, First Dase.
HAMPTON, Second Ilase.
MALLINSON, Third Base,
WATSON, Snort Stop,
HUGHES, Left Field.
NISYIN, Center Field.
THORPE, Right Field.
Jardine played short ut Pincher is
Watson was unable to join lhe team un
til their arrival al Medicine Hat.
Young Jamleson's record ol pltcnlng
three winning games on consecutive
days Is one that is seldom equalled and
icver excelled, ami when you consider
tbe long railway journey and broken
rest it is phenomenal, and he should
be classed among the best of amateur
pitchers. And by that same token, we
would like to see lhe photo of an amateur catcher who is In It with Joe Ber*
tram. He Is playing ball from start to
finish and tbe base runner who attempts
to steal second Is Invariably retired.
Besides tbis his excellent work behind
the bat and steady coaching does much
to encourage a pitcher. InfaciCraa-
brook has a battery which the largest
city 'n the province could well be proud
Watson, our shortstop, Is undoubtedly
one of thc best ball players ever seen
In British Columbia and his fast woik
In Tuesday's game had much to do with
saving Craubrook from defeat.
Hampton at second and Maillnson at
third, could not have been Improved on
and, as usual they put up llrsl class hall.
Nevin, Hughes and Thorpe did not
have an opportunity 10 show the natives
what they could do In tbe outfield as
the opposing teams were unable to gvt
the ball into their territory, but they
look reveDge when they came to bat by
knocking the cover oil the ball.
Manager Small feels deeply indebted
to the mayor of Medicine Hat foi his
courteous treatment of the team and to
Mr. Ross, of the Asslnabotue hotel, who
placed his yacht al their disposal.
Tom Cavln was chief rooier and Maurice Nevin mascot, and ihey proved to
be good ones,
.-,>.!>;.*> X->>;a-;?i
* 1,
We   have changed our mind.    Automobile accidents are too numerous, ami
we have cancelled our order.
ti ti ti
Tbe net earnings of tbe C. P. R for
July were greater than ever before In
the history ol the road. Thnt is the
month we pnid our minimi watei rent-
But watch the figures lor August. We
bought n round Irip ticket to lown for
our wife this month, nud thai, with the
movement  of  the   Manitoba "guiili Crop
will bring the total up to u faucy figure.
Il is Blrange how-
use a rubber stamp
vnnced printing, fl
billhead, letter hen
A  Serious  Question  That  Must  Be
Met In Cranbrook.
It Is Up to the People and Some
Action Should Be Taken
In the Matter.
a business man will
in  this age of ad-
rubber stump on u
il  or envelope is recognized al once  hy  anyone,   nm) it carries wiih it an air of cheapness that is a
positive injury to  the  tiiuu who uses it.
An exchi ugt*. which is evidently printed
iii  a rubber  stump community,  says:
if the business man sees lit in daub
Ins note heads and envelopes with a
rubber stamp, and thus leave outsiders
to think there are no primers in town,
lie ougl t lo be salted. Such a mat) as
that, when he comes to die, should have
his obituary and the usual resolutions of
his lodg-i printed on a board fence with
u rubber stamp. When he has a boy at
liis bouse, or a parly, or a son or daughter married, n full account of the Important event uiighl be printed on a
sheet of wrapping paper and tucked on
his front door, ami when he is a candidate for ollice he might stamp a lube, to
the effect that he wants to be constable
or road overseer or justice of the peace,
as the case may. nnd pinto the bosom of
bis pants. And when the opposition
j.....pv.l «„*.<, i.tni he might "i-t stamp
another label saying it is blamed lie,
and pin that on, too. Come to think of
it, there is no end of uses a rubber
stamp might be put to In the hands of
an enterprising and economical man.
Malcolm Leilch, mnnager ofthe well-
known Leltch Brothers' flour mills at
Oak Lake,' MJu., was in town this
week. Mr. Leilch is an old resident of
Manitoba, and being a close observer oi
conditions is well posted on western
Canada. Speaking ofthe marvelous increase of business In that section, he
said: ''CHtiada lias never seen anything
like It. The land boom is ou, and nothing can slop it now. From Winnipeg
to Medicine Hat the trains are crowded
each day, and at itfoosejaw, which is the
gateway for a large portion of the immigration from the Stales, Die platform
is crowded daily with hundreds of people from the Other side hurrying to some
part of the territories in search of land.
Iu Winnipeg the sume conditions exist.
It is difficult to realize what this will
mean to Canada, for it is a working
population that is coming iu, men with
money mnl energy to develope the idle
lands of this country. And if the promise* of this year's yield is fulfilled, there
will be a greater rush than ever. The
prospects up to date were never better.
Except in a few places, the wheat will
run from 301040 bushels to the acre.
Drouth is tlie worst feature our farmers
have to contend with, so that one can
form some idea of conditions when the
bnd places are due to wet, low ground.
Ahcady thousands of bushels of last
year's crop are being hurried to market
to make room for the new crop. Prosperity can be seen from Winnipeg to ihe
British Columbia line, Iiut il seems (0
stop il, te. In fact, British Columbia
seems to be the ouly province lu the
Domlui :i that is uot forging ahead llus
year, ft is haul to understand It. I
suppose, of course thc depression iu
mining has a good dual lo do Willi it.
Eistern people have been bitten so often
on wild CSl mini's lli.it they me afraid to
Invest,     They  have got  to  lenrn   thnl
mining must be handled like any other
legitimate business, mul promoters of
mining companies must learn to be honest in tbe investment of funds furnished
for development. Investors do not object to paying good salaries to men iu
charge of mines, bul tbey don't waul
ill em to gobble eve ylbing in sight. But
it will all come out right, because the
province is rich in resources.'*
A Private School.
Mrs. Rowlantlson will open her private school for children next Monday,
The rntes are f 2 a month for oue child,
$3.50 for Iwo from the same family.
Tbe hours are fiom 11 to 3. During lhe
past yenr Mrs. Rowlandson has conducted a very successful school for the
young, md the parents ure well satisfied. She will be aide to take a limited
number ol pupils this year, and ns in
the past, will give iliem her personal
The time hns come in Cranbrook when
there should be concerted action to se*
cure Water works, not only for the general use of the citizens, but also fur
lire protection. The town is large
enough to insure n good revenue on an
investment ranging from (25,000 lo $40,-
oo, and it has reached the stage In its
.'xistetiee where   theie  is   110 longei SOy
Inuiii us to iu permanency, A business
man said a few days ago, that he believed it would lie safe lo insure 7 per
cent on a £40,000 plain, under existing
Conditions,   and   there  aie   others   who
look upon the estimate ns s c inservatlve
There  are  three   ways   to  EeCUfC this
much desired Improvement:
1 By Incorporation.
2 By the formation of a com] iny,
3 By inducing the C, p. K. to extend
us present system.
The majority of the citi/.-.ns would
favor the lirst plan, since :t would place
a valuable franchise in the ban,Is of the
people, and prove a gtei', n venue producer for the town for all time to come.
In fact, it would, under proper management, almost pay the expense of an
economically managed municipality the
sue of Cranbrook, and iri lime provide a
sinking fuud to meet the debentures
used for its construction. This furnishes one of Ibe many excellent reasons
why Cranbrook  should be incorporated.
The time to move in this matter is
uow. It work along ibis hue is inaugurated without delay, m**"*-*" «n«M> De
shaped up so lhal a bill would be ready
for r.resentaliun at tbe early stages of
the next assembly. A year or more ago
the C. P. R. went upon record as not being opposed to such a movement, provided Its Interests were treated fairly.
At that lime Mr. Bake:, who is one of
tbe large property owners here, stated
lhat although he opposed ihe movement
at that time, he would not do so a year
later. With the C. p. K. and Mr. Biker
agreeable, there would be Utile question
as to the majority ot other householders.
The second plan, of course, depends
upon the investment uf sufficient capital
to float such an enterprise, aud right at
this time that would probably prove
The third plan is feasible in every
way. The C. P. R. needs an immense
supply of water. To meet tbe demand
il has run a main from the creek, where
it has a pumping station. After this
was built, by way of accommodation, a
number of homes were supplied at a
reasonable annua! rental. So doubt if
pressure were brought to bear upon the
railway company, and the financial
phase ofthe question clearly presented,
showing the piobable cost, acd the income that would be virtually assured,
the authorities would become sufficiently interested to give the matter careful
consideration, and ultimately extend the
present system.
Tbat is the situation at the present
time and il is up lo tbe citizens. Do
ihey want water? If so, are they willing to rustle for ii?
An Imposition.
Last week the Rubinson-McKetiz.e
company were seeking the services of a
cook. One c»me from I'ernie but when
he arrived one had already been employed. Mr. Robinson then offered to
pay tbe mall's fare back to Pernio or try
and get him a situation,    He found him
a place and nil seemed  satisfactory,   A
few days later,   however,   Mr. RoblDSOfl
was served with a summoni citing him
to appear  in  Pernie  to  defend a suit
brOOgbt for wages. It would have been
cheaper for him lo have paid the de-
maud bul he refused to do it and went
to I'ernie.    When   his   side of ibe case
wus -tnted in court judgment wus Immediately rendered in his favor and the
prosecution mulcted in the sum of fi2
for costs.
This should serve as a lesson to lawyers who listen to tales of woe by irresponsible parties and make unnecessary
expense and trouble for reputable companies.	
Why Vou Should Buy "Fair Play" Chewlsi
Ul-XAl'SK it is the best quality.
Bt-XAUsic it is the most lasting chew.
BRCAUSR it is the largest high grade 5
or 10c plug.
BrcAUSR the tags nre valuable for premiums Until January ist, 1904.
Bhcai'Sk we guarantee every plug, and
BSCAUSR your dealer is ntilhrlzed to refund your money if you ure not satis-
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd, CRANBROOK  BERALD
Editor and Proprietor,
The Herald desires to give the news of i
dlstrlot, if you know any aboul ymir nv
ymir mine or your people, semi It tu this office
Premier  Diuisniiiir is coming home
He is still the coal king of the Pacific
coast, but tbat is the only   title   he   will
ever bear.    Poor Ihinsniuii!
A  party* nf  English   journalists  are
touring Canada.    They will reach Crun
brook about Septembei 9.
The coronation is over, nnd the peopl
can devote more time to Ij. R Young
and his coal measures,
There will be one question settled at
the next session of lhe British Cobnut,i
legislature, mid that in, "Who own
llritish Columbia, the people or th
Crows Nesl Puss Coal company?"
Chief Constable Forbes of I'ernie, 1;
giving most excellent satisfaction iu hi?
new position.
John Houston announces that lu* will
revive the Nelson Tribune. Houston
has a host of friends in British Colun
bin who would like to see him 011 bi
feet again. He published a paper thai
the people liked to rend, because it said
something. The Herald wishes the new
Tribune nnd its editor n world of success.
Phoenix did not ask for anything
when Col. Pi ior made thai town a visit
Well, Phoenix is wise. The record doei
not show that the government is spending very much money on interior improvements, It takes a railroad propo
sltion to squeeze money out ofthe Dims
liiuir government.
it now looks as if the a per cent tax
would be an issue nt llie next session of
lhe British Columbia legislature.
The Canadian railway commission
passed through here Inst Thursday.
Their car wns cut off at Jeffrey and the
sporty members of llie crowd indulged
in a day of firstclnss fishing. The job of
•/aiiurny commissioner in Canada seems
to be one uninterrupted diemi*. of peace
and joy, with a good salary, plenty to
eat and little lo do.
The forced dosing down of lhe Paradise mine nt Windermere demonstrates
again the necessity of transportation up
the Kootenny valley. From lilko lo
Gqldetl there are resources that would
give Increasing tonnage lo any railway,
nud it is u bad thing for this district
that work along Hint line wns not inaugurated this season. If the C. P. R.
does nol build it is almost certain that
Jim Hill will nt least tap the Windermere country. It would prove a paying
feeder for the system he has already in
South East Kooienay.
A number of the eastern members of
parliament were lo have come wesl this
summer on a tour of Inspection, but the
project has fallen throagh. This is too
bad. There Is a bunch of legislators in
thut part of the country who imagine
thnt Winnipeg marks lhe western line
of Canadian civilization, uud all west of
that point is a howling wilderness. That
is one reason why British Columbia suffers so much at the hands of parliament,
And that is another   reason why British
Columbia should send live meu lo Ottawa.   ,
Hon. E. 0, Prior, minister of mines,
while in Phoenix told the editor ol the
Pioneer that he WBfl in favor of party-
lines iu provincial politics. While ill
Crnuhrook the same gentleman told tin-
editor of The Herald that be was not 111
favor of party lines. Is it the difference
in altitude or association thut causes
this divergent expression of opinion on
an important subject?
Tbe king recovered from the surgical
operation, withstood the fatigue ol tlie
coronation ceremonies, Iiut came near
being prostrated hy Alfred Austin's coronation ode. It was a very narrow escape. 	
South BBS! Kootenay will have n population of too,000 people within tlie next
five years.
Nowhere on the American continent is
there such a field for making money as
is presented In South East Kooteuay today. And the opportunities are increasing- 	
A visitor from Manitoba said to a
Cranhrook citizen the week: "Tlie man
who was denling iu renl estate in Winnipeg the past year, and did not make
$10,000, is considered a plug."
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you doa't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique' olfaction. It is ivorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
N'llllCH Hllf'll'l,*.
or i.iui.K mnl Wi,
earrynwuy lituimi
lands un Meadmi 1
ouse Is also applying for a license for
the new to.vn. II s application will be
considered on Friday next.
John It tint, cutter foi I' Burns & to.
met wiili a veiy painful accident*, tbe
oilier day, IK* was engaged In his work
when tbe knife he was using slipped and
ihe blade passed right ihiough his left
The Nelson Lacrosse team are desirous    Dated ih
of meeting lhe Fernie team and have
written the secretary 10 ihat effect All
tbey ask Is their expenses! it Is to be
hoped that a game can ho arranged.
A number of additional writs against
the Crows N.st Pass Coal Company have
been issued ai Nelson ooncernlng ihe
disaster In May nt lhe Coal Creek mine*
The names ni the plaintiffs with the
sums they are Piling for aie:—Am a
lloiil and her three children, for the
death of J jseph Bodl, husband and father, widow sues for 5(1,1)00 and children
for 83 000 each. Marl Petras, and son |'latf'ul!llciltl.t{!,,l,'^lv
(or toss ol .1. Petras. widow sues foi&O,-
000, and son for $3,000, Terresa Sellng
and daughter for loss ut .1 Sellng widow
sues for 88,030 and child 8-1 000 P. Pepin
Barber, ami iwo children, sues fur los
of George 11 irber, widow sties for$s 000
and children for 83 uoo each. Sabi Cu
pldo and three infant children, widow
sues for 80,000 anil children for (3,000
each lor loss of A. Clipldo.
Timber Notice
,-i-t given tli.il thirty days
lo apply ("tin- ciderPomiuti
1-1 Works Cu .1 iff im' loci:
li. li lldl'KIXa
limber Notice
11 ih.u thirty ilaysafter
othoCh of in.mini-!. 1
for a licoiiso (•> cut uml
Ki i.'Hiii:.
Dated this aoth day nf July, imj.\
13 O. A, l.l-:i lill.
Timber Notice
Notice h hereby alveii Hint thirty days arte
uChiel Com mission e
Dr. King mids a professional visit to
Perry creek Sunday.
Hank Ellen and Dan Monroe came
down from their claims on Saturda;
bringing some very line specimens ol
quarts, the gold showing all over it
Such quartz would run £2,000 lolhe ton.
Mr. Miinroe has gone further up the
creek. He says that the higher up he
goes the richer he tlnris the lock.
Mr. Bleasdell is spending a few days
at Old Town. .Mr Usher hns relumed tc
Port Sleele as they have finished iheir
assessment woik.
The Perry Creek mining Company has
pui on a large force of men clearing the
ground ready for the hydraulic work.
The Thompson mine Is showing up li,
gnatl -ihnni* Mr, Thies had the misfor
tune to hurt tils hand which compel*-
him 10 lay off a few days,
Mr. Mc Dor molt and the Misses McQct
spent ISaturday at Perry creek. Thei
visited Iho placer mines, also the Perry
Oreek Mining camp.
lands between the  Ko,
snok iu south linst ICe.
Commencing at [11 p.
luiiikof tlie Kootemj
titi! until boundary nt   I.01 No ;,
isi chains, ih<  south 10 .'hai.
170 chains, more or less, lu tho b;
Koolflimy river, t hence iiorllu;
river bank to ihe (ihu rbi-ghuii
Dated tills win day uf July, 1 1
river ami Uold
niif-il on lhu west
a. 1. 1.i;i ion.
limber Notice
Notice Is herebj given that thirty days 1
iiiiii' I Intend tonpply mi he Clil fCommls;
•1 ur bands and Works for a license lo rut
curry away timber irom tile following des 1
muds 011 Meadmi creek in Kouili linst K
Uomiuen lug al a po
ot the northwest corner of Ut No, fts, thence
uurth 40 chains, Ihence west kw chains llienee
SOIIth 40 ClialtIS,   Ihenee   east   ICO chillis to the
plnce of luyliuilnif,
Muted nils l'.i ii iiuv nt .inly, nnw,
S3 1. At, i.ltku.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby nlven that thlitydiiysafier
date 1 inteml In apply to the Chief Commissioner of l.aiuis and Works Tor a license to cut and
carry away Umber rrom tin- roilo.vlnu described
lands on .Meadow creek in South Kast Kootenay 1
ngnt 11
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given iimi rhlny days nfter
(Into 1 hi (mil lonmilj to lho Chief commissioner
of Lands and Works ror a license lo cut and
-airy away Umber from tlm rolhiwliiKiieserlbeil
lauds lit Soulli l'.u-l Konlciny
1 ISO chains
From ibe Pernie Preo Press,
H. W. Ilarnes, or Fernie is applying
for an hotel license at Morrissey Junct.
Thomas Stevenson Elko, isalso applying
for a transfer or his license from Elko
to Koss Sj, McDonald's new townsite. A
meeting of the Commissioners will he
held on Friday, Sept. Btt), in Fernie to
consider tlie applications.    H. A.   Kan-
10 clinlns oust ut the northwest corner of
No. ayi, ihoiico iimUi • i di;' ns, thoneo weal
iG'i clinlns, thence smith   1 > clinhiH, them 0 oust
100 chains tn tin- pines or beginning.
Dated this swill day or .inly. 1002.
1*3 0. li. McNAH,
Timber Notice
Notlco Is hereby given thul thirty days arter
Hilt; I Intend to apply lo the Chief (*umndssu>u-
iror Umls niul Works lent Ifcunsuiociituiul
•nrryaway Umber rrom tlio rultowlng described
audit on Meadow crook In Smith Knst Kuotc*
1 uinmcnciiig nt a [inst plant id to chains easl
if the sniillnvtwl oorner or Ul No. :;j:i, iheneo
ivost l -bains, thenco south in chains, llitmca
tint Iiinelmlns, thenco north  in chains to thc
ll 1-1- ol hi'i-llinltii*.
Haii',1 ihlsau ii ilny 01 July, urns,
Timber Notice
Nollcols liorebj given tlmt thirty days arter
lulu 1 Intend in apply in tlio cider Commission*
■r or Lands and Works fur a license lo cut mnl
uny away umber from tlio Following described
an is on Meadow crook in South  Knst Koote-
at n post planted S3 chains soul
it eornor of Ut No m, them
1, thence south io chains, (hem
thuuue nortli  id chains t-.u
Timber Notice
.villi,-,-is hereby given tlmt thirty dnysi
aie 1 int.'ml t uke apHlratlmi to Oiler (
nlssloiicr ot I .mids mul. Works foi  a spi
looaso 10 cut and carry invny limber from
ollowlugde orlhod mini.
i ntiiin inn ol a post planiod ai tlio nu
,1 plfll'.lOll -11
or llm nort Invest coiner .f I ot No. 320, then
west iflo eliulns, thenco nortli 10 chains iii-m
east ico clinlns, thence soutn 10 clintns to pla
or bediming,
Dated Hits'.•Otb day or July, law,
23 i„ M. LIOMH,
dalo 11
Timber Notice
s hereby given tlmt thirty oayaarter
end to apply to lhc Chief Commission.
1 described
and (luld
carry away timber from tlu-i-
landsbeiwcOi the Kooteiw
creek In .-ouih liasl Kontenay
CoiMlieilclllg M II   post   j'binli'il   mt   tlld "est
hank ni iho Kootenay  river "0 eluihts nmth nt
tu i-'h boundary or l.nt Nu  3-m, thence west
iro chains, theuce 111 rib  10 eluilin, thenco cast
140 chains, mure or [fi.ss.to the snld Kooienay
utherly along the river hum, tu
Dated tin
f bi
ll it :.
Timber Notice
Nollce li hereby glv-ii tlmt tlilrlydnys alter
lai.' I Intend tonpply lo the Chief Commission*
or of Umls and Works far a ll ansa to cut and
carry away Umber rrom tho following described
lands on Meadow  creel,  in South tout Koote*
Commencing id 11 pnst Mantel 4n chnlns south
nf the southeast  corner of hot Na. 8-*8, thoneii
linlns, thonoe west igo chains, ihonce
.nth to clinlns, thence east nn chains to place
n 01
Dated lids until day or July, 1002,
w A.J. t.KITOII.
ut ilm
Timber Notice
Notlco is hereby given that thirty days arter
ita t intend I aku npplluntlo'j to tho Chlof
immlBdoner of iJindsnnil Works torn special
lenso to cut nn I carry away timber Irom the
following describe!! Inndsi
rainenetittf at a post p'antod nt lho south-
corneroi l.ii",sn, KootenaydI.trict,lh nee
isncimlns, thoneo west mi chains, llienca
l 80clinlns, tlieneo oust H) clinlns to ilio
' ot commencamont, conttifolii^ 010 acres,
mre or less.
Dated this s
ny or July, mu.
UOHKltT WKiiiiiT.
Timber Notice
Notlco Is hereby glvon tlmt thirty days after
Into I ititeml to make aii|illcntlon to ibucblof
iniiuiis>i.ii-r ni 1, mis an l Works for a special
ileenso to cm and carry nwny timber (ruin lie
follow n:.:i'seru-i'il binds:
Commencing al a post --(anted at tho north
ureal rnrnor nr l,ol 5811, Itonlonfty D'strlct,
dun .'   ii-tlisnchains, tlmnr? wostmclinlns,
iiencenorth KO ohalns, thorn ostsoehatns
.long tho south slid' oi lit., cxqm Nosl Pass
allway in place nr oominonoomont, containing
HO acres, moro or loss.
Datnil this 2iid day »f July, 1002,
-1 UKo, li, 0 TAYI.OK,
Timber Notice
Notice Is liorcby given tlinl thirty dnysnrter
dale 1 intend to apply mi he elder Commission-
or or Unds nnd Works far n Ileenso lo cut and
1 any nuay limber frmii tlie hiltoning described
luiiils on (Iold-creek InSmiih Kast Knotemiyi
(' -hi'Iii*: at a  posi  plnntod  iin chains
north or tlio ocnter mile pos (ho ninth boundary of loi No. na.ihence nortli 10 ilinliiB,
llienee wesl itioebntus, thence south 10 chnlns,
Ihci easl 11 n ehalus to tho plnco ol bcgliuilng.
Dated this stub tiny or July, »ui**.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given ,11ml thirty days after
dnfo 1 mt I to apply to tbo Chief Commissioner of Lands flii.1 Works torn Mrenso to cut and
enrry nwny timbei from lho failnwiiig itoaerlbed
lands mi Hold creek iu Sontli l.nii k", »i y
CoinmcncltiH at a («si iiinnlcd r.n clmlni
iitiUli nml Miclmliia n.st aMIio northwest mr.
ner rn hot .No, B-.ii, th,.[..<,- loutii -.n clinlns
thoncen-eatsnciinins, thenco norili Buclialiis!
tii.-ii.'c easl s,i dmins m n„. P|nnj 0( beainnltitf.
Pntcd Uii>;' ib ilnyol July, hub,
-:* 1 1.. I'KNWU K.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby glvon Uml thirty days after
ilaiDl Inteml lo apply In tho Oldofc mlislmi.
er of Lands snd Works for a license to cut nml
0 lv iii South Itnal Knotenayi'
nn 1 l-u chains weal «.r lhu norUiwusI eoriiar o(
i...i Nn. .!':•, iiii'iitu-tinrib in ehalns. them .1-1
'""Oi dn-, ii.e mniih  Iiiilns, tlionce wesl
icoelmini aceofbeglnnlnv,
Dated tli hi aitli day ol July, nii'.'.
ffl Jas. Ml sunt,
limber Notice
Notice Is liorebynlvon that thirty days nftor
ii;i(>-1 Intend to apply to tin- chief Commissi n-
er of Unds and Works for a llcfliiBoiooutiind
enrry away Umber rrom the followinu demirlbcd
Jamison Meadow crook in South KnitKonio-
lay ■
Commencing nt n posl planted 10 rtinlui soutti
if tliasotitbcnst corner or I.ol No. 823, thenco
vest so chains, thenco south 80 chains, tlienoe
iibi 80 elmlni, tlienoe nortli 83 clmlnt to the
dace nf beginning.
Dated Nils BOtll ilny of July, IW03,
B3 M. Id'lii'Il.
11 dm iiuauutii, ih,
linlns n,,11.11., po,
Dated this i.ith 11
..HM..- n. in.- r.ui lecic Mining UlvliKiii01
I'm-i Kuotoniij Dhirlot,
Whure locate n   Noar Mark It,
Taiic notice iii.it I, Kdivard a MeKlnstrj
Pro.t Miner's .oittllcitJ No. II I3,2W1), nclluu
for iny-utifaiidus agent r«r sylvustei A. I'ld.oi
KrcoM is Ceritllciito No. II to,li*i), m ,|
sixty il.is
Mlnlua I
1 Ui
fur 1
(   Inipioi
111111. f such Certlfluatc nf Improvomoiiis,
KilWAKIl C ..ii'MNslUY
Dated July it, iuoj,
Notlco is hereby given that thirty days ar
lute 1 Intend to apply to tboOtilel Co ilssloi
it hu nil Mid  Works III   Vl-titria  tut   a   slid
t'Ini'iil an,
following described lai
ttoutenny district:
Situated mi tbo east l
 ucingataposl p'm
J, A. I.ilil|-Ii''s fui.il ali
clinlns, theuce east ni
August 1st, 'WW.
li, ( lit lil.KIHII.
■ .TlBliR    NOTICE.
Notlco Is hereby given thnl thirty itnysnfter
itati- I f-' ml tu apply tu Ilu- Chlof I on
missione of Unds nml Works al Victmi
foi-H speuai license 11 cut and ciuiy av.iv tin
ber rrom the roliowlag described lamia in tli
South iSnst Kooteuay district:
Siiualcil imi' ipmrti'i'ol a mile ensi of Pell
1 reel;, commencing at a 1 nst planted along sin
ni W, Slmiuuns niipllcutlou post, thence nortli.1
chains, tli.'iice \m-si mi chains, theuce smith ;
chains, thence ea-tt so chains in lhe place i
August ist, um.'.
21 tl. 11. THOMPSON.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty daysafii
■lai.' 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Cutnmlssloi
er uf Umls ami Works at Victoria for a speeli
license to cut mid carry away timber rrom tli
following described lands in the South Kast
Kaotonav dislrict:
Situated on the easl bank nf Loiixxi
i'iiiniii.'in""« ft**t*. post 1 liinii'ii a nfi. jnriM
ISl so clialiis. i.m-
Notlco Is hereby given thnl thirty darsnfti
ilat i' 1 intend toapplyto thu Ulilef Cuiumlssiimi
of Unds ami Works nt Vletoiln lorn spccii
llconso to onl nnd carry away Umber from lb
following described binds in tho South Kast
Kooienay district:
Commencing at a post planted or thoea!
bank or I'erry creek, nbout two nud one-hnl
inll.-s ilun-ii tin- creek li.-n (lid Tmin. Itieuc
north 80 chains, thenco west so chains, tlienc
smith no chnlns, thenco em SO chains to tn
point nf cnmniciiccmeut.
All list 1st, 11 12,
21 (HiOllttl. A. I.AI'IMIO
Nollce is hereby given that thirty iHlJsnftc
dntu I Intend io apply In the Chief CoiMlliBSkiii
erof hands nnd Works nt Victoria for a spedii
llconso to cut nnd carry nwny Umber from tb
following described lands in the Smith Una
Kootoiuiy district!
Commencing at a pnst planied ntougskl
Georgo A Uurio's No, I post, on Ihe ensi i.anl
of Perry oreek, aboul twn uml 1 half mile
don 111 lie creek from 1 u«i Town thenco r 1 chain
west, tlienoe Botlth K0 clinlns theuce east s
chuilis, lltrll.'C linilb SO clltllllS to llie place ol
Annus! 1st. P >J.
21 I. A, i.aiiim:.
Nutlco Is hereby giveu that thirty tlnysafici
dale I iuti'ii I tnupplj toUii'ClitorCommlssl'inoi
or i.amis ami Works at Victoria far a spocln
license to cut and carryjuvay Umber from tin
following described lands in thu South t-ns
Kootenay district!
Ciiiiimeiicliig ai a pn-i planted nbout one qnar
tor oi ii mile n. m thu hunk of IVrry creok nml
about one mile suulbonsi of tleorgeA. Umrle'i
niijillcnlloi si, llienee ih so chains, tlicuci
wesl so cIiiiIim tbi'iii'i' Buiiih so chains tbenci
enst abnlni i» Uie pultil ot commeticement.
AllgllSi 1st, ition.
I'lmber Notice
Notice Is liorelij given lh
Intelintomllonnpiyi ,Um
l(  Lauds  nnd Works   for
■any away Umber  ri	
11 lb
isi- In cut nml
tin* Kootenay
onr the cross.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 im 1 to apply to the Chief Commission
i'1'nf Umls nnd Works forn llconso t 11 am!
carry away tl nbor Irmn tin1 following described
lands between Jibe Kootonay rlycr uml (fold
creok in Smith fSnsI Kootonay:
I'm notllg  al   n   post   phiiiled  tW  dial ns
Bontliortbo northeast] corner or hot No, :12a
tlienca noi th 00 chains, 1 hence wesl 81 chnlns,
'list 1
rtllO  Ki
ly nlnnganld river bunk ton pmni
iiimi'iisii.t in,, place or heginiiing.tlienao4:
'lams more or less, to th« plaoe nf beginning,
Pntcd iht, .Tib day of July. 1902.
8a ti. it. .Mint.
lm: al a post I mi lue,
Ingot small k north or l'n li
the trail nn west sldouf Kootonay 1
s, Ibt'licc   wesl  BU   cbllliis, Ihcui'e
s, tlicnoooa'si -0 chains to plnco nr
Dated Uils2Slli day or July, low.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty ilaysafter
mini i; \\. \( r  POUM V.
iilueral eialm iltunlu in the Port
Htc-eluMi In    Division ul i mi Kootenny JDIs-
swled r.ii'ii-i !
kvih.it I. U ,tlla
lUiU-atu No. linn
roiu the ilnto
onlci im ,1 ci
I'uip" 1 -
iteml, hUty days
1 thu Mtidiig He-
Hot Sun Ruins a Building...
WM. J, UAMIl.Tn:
s hereby glvon 1
1 intend tu
iltwlonor ni
O cut ami i1
II. II. Mi \ I IMI*'.
ur Mn
pi lent Ion ol ims a
he  wesl one mill
A. W. Mi'VI'lTt
.1! :
■ay  th
date 1 Intern
»r Unds nu
'..mot- id I:. I.
1, im*. tor iim
, Ih'aliuunr.lnl:
liguoa west one mile, ihence no
tnce easi ono mile, thence boi
MAltOAIlhVl UiSl.Il:
pi'S N. W	
nf llie s. W.
irked "David lireck-
st," planted ono milt1
St mi I'haitn to the S.
linst Kontt-nny, theuce
W. comer of L't - In   said  Oroi
south •uobiiliis, thence west so chains, tboncB
norib sncmtlns to the plnce of beginning, onr
I dn-) of June, rnj.
'lilk.-notice Ibal Ibhty days nfter
i'ii l in apply 10 Hu- Cldet Coitunl:
.and-and Works far a special lice
nd carry awa) timber from ibe foi
1 rih.'il iiiiiiK, stm.tie.nii St, Mar.s 1
1 ]li)St
ivestio tlio plnce ot commotio
140 lien's.
ilnto I intend to np|
ol Lands and Wort
far coal utt the falln
1 tli nay ot
Ibed  .mis
nf  Lot  I'.ss, I
>s nortli, Uie
iis s mul. ih
"llelti'vll c" mineral elalm, situate in li" I'nrl
Steele Mining Division of last Kootenny Dls
Where locnted-Pa mer Mountain.
Take millce lliat I, William .1. Hamilton, free
miner's certltlcato No, HiiOilQ Intend Rl.tly days
rrom thedato tiereo! mupjilj totiieMiiiin-* tte-
eon tor ror a cortlilcate oi itiiprovemeuts fartlic
|)iir|lbse or obtaining a (rown (jram  ol  1 In
Am! lake fuilber tin! ce that nitti.n tin ler Sec.
iimi 3: must in. commenced before tne issiiniici
ni -siitiicortllleatenf linproveineiits,
Dated tills 6th day or July, ukb.
WM. J, 11 V.Mll.TUN.
Nolle 's hereby given that sixty days aftei
duta 1 Intend lo apply in the Ubb f ( imu-isslmi-
or of Units and Works for p-rmlislon io j-ur-
cluiao the failotvlng doscrlbod lauds;
Cmnmeaclllgai n tost marked "W, P. (lunt's
-. li, eornor," pluniod ui Uie S, w, corner of i.m
MB, hijtlroiip 1, Lasl Kootenay, tlieneo nest si,
clinlns, thence north so chains, ihence easl ao
clinlns to tlie west limit or said Lot aas, thence
si-utli alimg nahi west llmll so oiinlns in the place
of beginning, cuiitnlntng oia ucros moreoi lets,
Dated tbis 2Jrd day uf Juno, uwj.
IMt W. I'Mil'KD.
m l.iindsiindWor.isfariisrmlSBlon^S'purchn
llicfaiiuiiliigdiiscrlbed lands.
Cummouclngnt a  iwst mar
or 1.
-. i* [.iiml'i
intnii !'• chnlns soiitlior the
I ?-'.. in Uroup 1, Khb| Konte-
>o eluiius, tbeueu soutn in
1 -u oliains, tlieneo north H
■nt beginning, ci ntalnlng 12a
Ihited Ibis turd day oi Juno, 10
Ice is heroby given tlmt thirty dnyi nrier
" ul 10 mnko iippllcMim cinol
Issioner or Unds nml Works foi ,1 spa, ml
sweat nnd enrry nwnj iiiuhei rrom the
falliJWllltf lles.'l i lands:
ilMilWllM at ll  l ai.ti.I on  Wo 10	
oftheM Marys river, Lad Knuiennr.at
inlnvost corner ->r P, w. Mil 'IioII'bi
on nearly apposite tlio inmilli of ,M
If you want to protect thc build-
Uvt PAINT it. The QUICKER you
you paint it the more money you
will save. We paint buildings and
u*.o thc best of material.
Paper Hangers and Decorators.
in all the
Towns 111
P. Burns & Co
WhalcMle and Knali
Meat Merchants
Tush and Cured Moats Fre-)h
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply imly the best.    Your
tra.1t- is sstli.iteit.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Harrislcr, Solicitor,
Notary  Public.
Cranhrook and Marysvllle, fl. C.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
W. .1. WELCH,
Draying and
l'i.111.1,, Moving a Specialty
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
lite, made by contract
P. 0. I'nrl Steele, fl. C.
Undertaking Al,d
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and Btore, Aiken block,
neoi Canadian Bank of Commerce. Cranbrook, Il C
Upholstering and (icncral furniture Repairing
Will attend to nny wnrk in the district
Agenl lor the   llnuiilon Mnrblc and (irnnilc
Works,   iiiiniisiuiics, Headstones, etc.
I'd {,
1   ('»!}
XtJ  i'ii,I
' lm
.   I 1
Into i I
>r 1.
Ill Uoil.s   nil
rry nwaylttmher froi
! K<
I* roitowiiiK it.s-
or the Kootenai
t ominoneluu nl n [inst idnntcd iioiu1 Lha erosn
hilt of small ere lumrtbol I'lnmii Hob crook hi
tht- u-.tii mi iin' west siii- oi Kootenay river
thetiao north 0 ehaitiB, llienee weit mehnfni
tlionce Rontli no chnlns, theii.-o onsl S3 ahaiiiii ti
tin- (ilnoo ni uoftlunluit,
Dated this Mli day or July, 1002,
-,;| J. A, V. I'ltUHTON,
iii|iiniy'.s ic
thence mu Ut lurlj oiinlns to IliasmiUi
lho ki  M.m's iivtir, lliencu roloivinji
nib Imnk nr tin- m. Mary'srlvci down
«t com
cd 11
I folly acti-s.
Notice is
date 1 inii'i
Timber Notice
Notice is hf-reby given thai thirty days lifter
ante 1 intend in ripply to tlio Uhlof Commiislun*
erof UiiulsMiil WnrkHforn license i« cut und
enrry away timber it„m tin- rnllowlng itcsorlbwl
■a fiahi creok In South linst Krotonnyi
1 )iost plnnted IfW ehalns
wost of tin- northwest cor*
iience wost 10 ohulns, thoneo
nee west soohains, llionoo
mrehy rIyoii Uml llility itnys after
I toapplyto ilia • liter r nissioii'
nml Works ior permission to pros-
on tlio rallowlnn tlcBcrtliod Inndsi
a posi planted mi die ivubi bank nr
rk.if Mu-iici creoh, nboin ilvu miles
nib Ibmimliiry of j,oi «ss,.«. I. on
1, thence 11
. til
i, tit'
101   ' Booiains, tin ui'..  ensi   iu  < Imlus. tliencii
mi tii in oiinlns, thenco ensi 41 oiinlns, tlionce
oiltlHU chains, lIioiidq  0I1S*   ■_.,, clmlus, tliencn
"ii"! ","'! »to j'laoii ur bbBinnlntf.
iJ.iii'd tin- .'iiiii dnyof July, 10112.
* J AH, ilY.ON,
■linlns \ns, t, ],(.„,1 „
Ihiti'il Uiii Ifiili dnyof .Inly, 1
■ »0
ibyj-ivon that thirty day-softer
ilnto 1 hiteiidtoupiily tnilieCtilnrTnti ssloiior
of Lands ami Wor s for periiiiBsltiii to prosiieot
Slaitliif-iila  ' '   ' ' " ''' ""'"
or Un- north i'ni lies lib
Physician and Surjreon.
tllllse nl Pesldence( Armslronii Ave.
illi'lll: HOURS:
forenoon-.,   ■   ■   •   ■   1,31) In II
AllerntiniiH   •   •   •   ■   l:,!ll t„.l:.l,l
Evening.   ■   ■   ■   •    7.,m i„ ».in
PRANUKOOK,    :   :   :       I   :    II. C
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a call.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcpliard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co
The only all mil route between all
points Eflat, West and Smith to,...
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANK Willi lhe
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. K. & N. Company.
Connestfl nt
Nelson  with  Steamer  for  Kaslo
anil  All Kootenay   Lake  I'ufnls,
Myers Falls with Staife Dally (or
Republic, and
Al    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   Inr
Orand Porks and liice,,«,,,,.I
II. A. JACKSON, flea. Pali, A-t.
I.0.0.P,  Key Cily l.ndgc
\„ 4i, Mcetsovary M„ti
,l„y tiljlit nt llielr hull n
iiiiiscr Btroot.   Hojoiiriilnn
lilt) Polloivs illnllyInvited,
A, l.„l,.|,,.l,., M. Itnekolidnrf.
N. <i. Ki'c y.
til-!,', Cranbrook l.ndec, Nn. .14
'H%^S A. P. * A. M.
$$%s/\k li'uuliir mi'Ptlnj's nn tin*
Mm   \ -hltd Tluirsibiy ..r th,.
'y}^""\ month.
\ iBltina; bretliorn welcqnn*d.
dun. A, I,
I have good wood ol all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite oflice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points lo
he considered in building.
.l.i creek,
llm treat bank
■'•it, il,Kill, lis,'
r i.,,t i m. i
tlieneo .sn
Unted this
i, (Tiei
'<h dt
' c|
llns   West, UlOIICO
Good work,   Good    Malerf
and the price.
Tuke notlno iimi sixty daysaflor ilnle I Inl end ' H-vc yo" Ulkti w,lh an>'one abol,l hu'WIng?
 -i mi Liml-.tn,i   tome nnd sec mc or til mc sec ymi.    II may
do us both guild.
to apply in in.'duet
Works im permission to (purchase three hundred iiiul liven!)- miles of lililtl a limit folir miles
H, 11 nl' Criiulirtmli on H.  .hfioplis creek, now
hold Under pro-emnllim by mn.nnl ntheryrUo
known uml dosorlocd as Lot ni48 Inilrouiil
Daied this Bnd July, \w:,
iti-st i\ II, Mourns,
Contractor. I Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
A Story of tho Hull Ring
Iu Muxicn,
l.n FlCStn de Sun Jiiiin wiih nt IU
height, liiiiiniijiiatii wns turn Ing out
from its serpentina streets, closo built
ami Ul sinolllng, lis hordi's of human-
Ity, from the family of Uie Gobetnn.
■lor, liiiiiilstiini', well dressed nml modern, down to tho swarms of boggnra,
with    BtghtlOSB    ey08    nml    deformed  j
litnim, bearing in tliulrbodloi ibomark
of Mexico, with hor dink [mot.
Tho wholo movement wns toward tho
Preflit, Uh* upper tuwn, whoro the mis- I
tocrntlc element hnd by a nnltinil law j
appropriated to Itaolf tho hotter nir, '
prodigal In sunshine nnd flowers, clean ,
water and fresh browses; iecurengnlnst
tho ever present drcud of typhus.
Reservoirs supplying the city with
water gave tho liit'iitiiui its nnmo, and
now, on the recurrence of Ids hlrthdiij*,
St. John, tho npostle of healing wn- '
tors, was to demise the city. Thu
galea were to bo opened and the prosns
were to empty their Hood Into the now I
nearly dry river bed, carrying with It
In a uuni rush to tlie Logos the year's
accu mn lu tion of disease uud debrlB.
The wealth nud ultra fnslilou wero
out tn carriages, Laughlug faces of
dark eyed senoritns dividing the attention with the picturesque venders of
holiday dulces or sweets, Impossible
gyrating monsters, ear splitting whistles and rattling devil's boxes, wlldcap
little urchins who played .cart wheel
and leapfrog or did tricks for centavos. I
But the crowning event was to be tho
annual bullfight, In which, Instead of
professional in at adores, young cabal-
leros, men of high social rank, were to
contend for the honors bestowed by
the fair hand of the queen of beauty.    I
Grent preparations had been made
for this special function, and long before the appointed hour the rose garlanded old amphitheater, where since
the flays of Cortca man nnd beast hud
met In nn uninterrupted series of unequal combats, was tilled to overflowing.
On ono side rose tier upon tier of
dark eyed senoritns, closely guarded hy
ever watchful senorns* on the other
side young bloods (lmelendndos), with
the tightest of trousers nnd broadest
of sombreros, heavily loaded with gold
and silver trappings, here and there
one lu tailoring from the latest Pari-
slnn models, for everything French is
undeniably1 dear and desirable to tho
Mexican heart. %j
While awaiting the arrival of the
would be decided lu one moment of
When within two feet of his victim,
sir Tom closed bin eyes in n murderous
lunge, while the man from whom En*
rlquo hml inken ihe red cloth mado a
diish fm- safely behind lhe grating,
Hut there wus hot blood in thul son
of Uu- soulh. too, uud the ret)  ling or
jealousy hml flaunted Itaolf lu bis race,
ami  tl iiiib'tii'e  wiih  woudor saw
lilm  skip to one side BO 1*0, mid  before
lhe Imii could recover from bis dlsnp-
polUtlUQllt leap from the side Into the
very embrace uf death.
Two iii-iiiH clasped ilu* animal's
throalB like bands of alcel. Tin- us*
mulshed beasC lunged nnd tossed in a
vain endeavor to free himself,   Tbo
lid snapped, dropping olio
Iiy one
lhe ila/.ed pcoplo woke to a re-
ii <.r ihis hit of daring, and
groans uml hurrahs rose again uml
ngnln from 10,000 throats as those two
struggled iu nn encounter unheard of
before In the history of bullfighting.
Hut never Blnco tbo days of Dram
has jealousy or desire for revenge, nor
love even, mulched human arms With
the strength of a bull, nml Enrique's
grasp must surety weaken.
To drop now was certain death beneath tho angry hoofs which bad pawed tho ground so that man and beast
were of Hie earth's color.
Then the young senor who, in tlie
role of mntndore, was to have dispatched this bull, enmo to hla work with a
coolness hardly less notable tbnn Enrique's (luring, aud braving tbe usual
disgrace of attacking the bull wben
not charging approached the pawing
animal, watched his chance and pointed tbo sword.
The bull, seeing a more feasible enemy, charged to his own death, For,
opening tlio fingers so that tlie hilt
rested iu tho palm of his hnnd, Don
Enrique so steadied It thnt the onward
impetus of the animal forced the keen
blade into the very arch of the aorta.
One moment, as If daring even this,
nnd over ho fell.
Don Enrique gave a bound over tho
neck and, alighting on bis feet, walked
forward to the queen to receive the reward for Ids daring for her sake.
Tlie crowd roared and howled and
stamped in its excitement. Beautiful
girls snatched off their silken shawls,
their flowers; cigars, bats, canes nud
handkerchiefs by the thousands came
In a shower into the arena.
But Enrique was all unheeding. Ho
wns looking for something more. Surely she knew lie hnd done it for hor
BrtkOI Did she think her American lover would have done as much7
Hut oven as she plnccd the crown Oil
his brow with hnnda that trembled and
witli eyes shy and beautiful ho saw
that she, too, bad seen Carter rapidly
threading bis way to tbem between
the benches.
"No estn nqul." snlil the old man.
"lie is not hero.   His American aeno.
rlla and her father came for him this
morning, and they have just taken
themselves nwny on the train."
The disappointed anger on Enrique's
face did uot lessen any.
"I have left a remembrance for him,
When he returns, he will lind It, and
do you tell him   Enrique Costillo left
"Diablo!" snld old Don Jose wben bo
found Enrique's dagger driven to (ho
bill through the covers of Philip Carter's lied.
Two weeks Inter he received word
from Carter to forward bis traps to tbo
oflice of tho Mexican Central.
Possibly Carter considered (lint tn
Guanajuato there was nothing of buDI*
dent Interest for Ihe. American girl
who was to be bis wife.—Vogue,
queen of the fiesta the audience cen- i     -.QuerUta   m%»   EnrlqvlG  w]llspered
tered its attention upon two men in   ns ht!l. (lni     , lo m   ]lut h0
their mldBt-Phllip Carter, tho onergot- | know tll0 s|I(](U,n l]wh tm & ^ her
lc. elegant American, whose homngo to , fmv ,-,,„„ „u,i;lt io ,)row Wflg not bon
the royal Isabella during bis f*'w , 0f tint ondoni-un-nt
weeks' sojourn In Guanajuato bnd nl- I TIm( em)| oM'Don 3 the .^
ready given blm notoriety, nnd Senor ; ,0I,(| Q- Ihc lluU,, (H Jiinlhl me( D(JQ
Enrique Costlllo. n recognized suitor, , Enr|quo C(tmU from vm Cavtvv-a
even now "playing the bear" for bcr
The presence of the latter, one of the
best of their senores mntadores. In lhe
audience, signifying that he wns to
have no part in the fray, was causing
evident comment among his friends.
They eould not know how the weary
waiting for a signal from bis love, the
zealous devotion newly stimulated hy
a demon of Jealousy burn of ('inter's
evident favor with tbe girl, the very
ardor of bis paBslon hnd consumed bis
strength to sueh nn extent thnt ho
knew better than to trust tils future lo
n linud that trembled ir but lu tho presence of ber he loved.
But Uie Senorila Isabella's royal
beauty as she now sal enthroned in the
midst or ber maids of nt tendance, tho
lovely fnee Willi Its brlllliinl eyes peeping from tbo meshes of exquisite lace,
the band  wrought  uiiitiiiiiu  without
which  no queen of  the  lnillllght   Is I
regally arrayed, lips ripe niul  red ns j
the heart of n pomegrnunte, were fust ,
arousing   In   blm   the   desire   to   bring
upon himself not the more smile and
victor's wreath, the applause of tho
au tlionce, but a tribute to do ring tbat
Should carry wllh It herself mid lier
What did she want of tbe love of a ■
Because ahe had lived in their eoun-
try a few months did she kuow tbem
Willi tliolr heart uf Ice. Did sh" think
her lover tropical enough io warm n
homo In the north into nny comblaoco
of her country 7
He had felt so unnerved, so wearied
With the pilClng to and fro In heat and
cold, dny nnd night, In front uf hor
dwelling, walking wboro she walked,
Waiting where she felted nml seeing
the smile Hint belonged to him by ev '
Cry precedent of Ihelr race given to a
big Americano, a gringo from over the
Hut Jen lousy, strong as death In
Mexico, can nlso give Btl'ongth,
Two bulls had already been slain,
•ihifl the third bud dangling from his
shoulders six gnyty decorated bandannas, or sharpened goads, Furious and
snorting, he wns waiting to attack the
red cloth, this time to his death, when
n shout, lost In n ronr of fear, sounded
fnr op and down the city,
i A man, placing his hands on the bar*
rler dividing tbe audience from the
arena, hnd as deliberately leaped over
It to death as a schoolboy to [ilny,
) Snatching the red rng, he approached
the maddened beast, who wns pawing
the ground, hollowing with pnln nud
anger, gathering his fury for n flnnl
charge upon those who dared to so torture him.
Tho noise of the audience died Into
appalling silence as It recognized Don
There was no time for conjecture OB
■ Moyie
T'le May la Lnmboi Oo., commenced
is wotk or clearing  Umb creok this
lailt, A force ut len men arc employ nl
il more will lie aililiyl in a abort llm-*.
lie riciirllig of lln- r.itt-li   Will   n< ce*s-
latfl co' s'lleralils? lai or, Inn win n con -
.<il will afford uneasy ionic   fm   to
iirliig legs floWU to llie mill.    The COO -
•any hat. -.Mum norot o( bplonilld tllnbai
ritiiil'tiy to ttili on th Tl i- mill h t-
(it-en  excellent   work   tbis sea son ami
will havo all the logs on baud uu in a
w week's time.
rids week n dissolution ol partnership
iooh place between Johtn>tone Hio* , ul
tne Moyle ll .id. Andrew Johnstone
disposed of his Inieieat to his brother Frank, who will hereafter luck
Iter the business. Andy will look afiej-
some mining claims which tie and Frank
nave iu the ha niu district, after wh en
16 may decide to locate lu one ol the
nany new towns east of here.
.I. \V Bickers came home rrom his
fjnehjiear IMnchei C-eek yoBierday,
Two Area, were started fu the brush
across the lake bul were checked belore
they gained much headway.
Dra Bs.ll nnd Sawyer, yetertnaries
o' Cianbrook were here this wi*,dt attending to the gray team owned by tbt*
. Eugene company.
Wesley Cllne. the bather, holds the
championship of Mojlc aa a llahcrmao,
In a few hours flihing lu Limb creek he
lauded 170 trout.
il in
A quarter ol beef billed to Brocket!--
rlge A. Lund waa stolen from the express
olllce on Monday night if last week.
Over one mile of the load to Grassy
Mountain la cu.npleted ready lur the
Steele, ami gangs of men are camped
along the entire 7% miles of the projected Une.
Tne Fort Steele Brewety Company
will build a brewery here,
Surveyors Woods and Cote located the
ihe ire-tie at the big be ml un G , liter i>ek
lor the new railroad,and to do su picket-
,;it tie in selves wiih El'j* ropes, so Bleep
was the hill at that point.
W. K. Preston, late operator at Blair*
morels now night opeiaiot at Frank,
t'ne coal shipments Irom Blalrmore, aa
formerly billed aie now handled by tin-.
local   cfll-e,    thoa    necessitating    the
From the l'ros|H'ctor.
drs  Caik mother ul Mis   It 0 Jen*
igs and Mlaa Nicholson  daughter   o
•a, Jennings  are visiting at Stee'i
his i
R, D, Mather cane down from
Cherry cretk ranch Tuesday IU* rr-
ports lhat the hay crop Is unusually
heavy this season.
C Hunger ford Pollen manager ol the
K t. lln mine is exjeteit lo srrlve at
Steele nt \t week.
D. M Xdah wlio ras attending the
tacts at Windermere during tne pa si
wick returned to Steele Monday,
Mr. and Mrs  0   P. t
paiiied   by   M r«t.     Hi
Thompson  o Cranbrook, were
at Steele   on Sunday.
Canadian Pacific Rai
The Canadian Pacific  Railway Company control a large area ol thc choicest
in the Kootenay District.   The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter bt
tural lands. .These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The ncKrcKfllc amount of principal and inl real, except in Ihe
case tit lands under $2.50 nn acre, is divided inl., ten instalments as
shown in the table ticloss; the first In he paid al the lime nf pur
chase, inc second one year from date of the purchase, the third In
two years and su on.
Thc Inlliiwini! table shows Ihe amounl of the annual instalments
on Ilill acres al different prices under llie above condilions:
IMI ncrs al 52.50 per tier. Isi Instalment f.W.'iS 9 equal Intal'ls nt S5ii.nu
.1.1111     " ••               71.00 ",              60.00
.1.511     ', ■■               83.90 "              70.00
..110     " "               Q5.K5 »              «0.00
..50     " ■■               III7.M ",               00 00
5.00      " "                 10.85 "              100.00
Killlberlev 's the business and shipping point for Ihc
* Norlh Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsilc Agents.
Cranbrook is ""-' (l'visional P0'"' "' the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc cotntncrcial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE IIAKER, Townsile Agent.
For further Infornuitlun apply to iij-cnis ns above nr lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
. the
Unds under Si
on shorter lime.
II thc land is paid fo
lime of  purchase, a redi.
price  will  he  allowed  cau
cent on the amounl paid in e\
usual cash instalment.
Interest at si\ per cent will be
charged in overdue instalments.
The Company has also lots for sale
in tlie following town sites in Hast Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle. kitchener, Creston and  Kimberley.
The terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelyc
Kitchener is in the center of Ihe great
Iron range and the gateway to Ihe White
(inmse copper fields.   J, T. BURGESS,
Townsite Anent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
r.***************£******** *,.*****.******************** f
I - *
I The Cranbrook
•*. *
I it
i *
Lumber Co. |
Saw and Planing Mills |
:::AT j
cranbrook:, b. c. I
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, thc Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
-ALL   KIN US   01'-
tnpbell accora-
111      ami    Mr*,
I Rough and S
I Dressed Lumber,!
* *
I Dimension Lumber, 1
j Shingles and I
| Houldings. I
Tin* Dnd of ilm ii.-mt
lli'iui Nnsti. like It.'itn I'ti'hlltiu nml
Beau itniiiiini'i, wns to ox pinto his con*
totnptlblo vntilly In nn old QffO of oh-
Beuiity, wnnt nml inlsi'iy. As ho grow
old ho nn w Imotont and Boomed Inaen*
nii.i.' in tbo pain lm novo to othora hy
hh coario ropnrtocfl. lie wns no longer tin' gay, thoUBhtleM, Idly in.lnstrl*
mis croature ho once .mis. Iho i von-
Ing ot hln tiro grow clondy, nnd nothing bul poverty iny In tho proapocl bo*
foio him. Abandonod by lho groat
whom ho hml nn long icrvod, bo win*
obllffOd to Iiy to those of lit) nib I CT Oil-
tions for protection and began to need
tbat charity which ho had never ro-
fnsid |o nny nml to learn that n lifu
of gnyoty Unds an lnovttflblQ end in
mUpry niul rogrot
A new gonorntlon sprang up to which
Knth wiih a strnngor. ills splendor
gradually waned. Neglect Blled lilm
With bitterness, nnd lie lost thereby
the remainder of his popularity, ills
income now beenmo very prccarlottB, so
that the corporation voted him nn nl*
lowntice of 10 j,Milnena, to be paid hi in
on ibe first Monday in each month, Ho
long occupied n house known ns Onr*
rick's Head, subsequently occupied by
Mr**.. Delaney, but he died In n smaller
ono nenr by.—Nineteenth Century.
Flrsl U-*Klil«nt Of Old 1 nivenftr.
'lhe Rev, Dr. McCaul, first Prosl-
i.'iit of the University of Toronto,
"ccolvod   hla first Cmmdlnn appoint*-
ment in Nov.-inlier. 1888, when bo
inlin' mu on the nomination of tho
Aiditiisimp of Canterbury an Principal of Upper fiiiin.iti Oollogo, Horn
in Dublin, his career ns Btudcnt nnd
nihil nt Trlnllj College In hiH native 'oty iimi boon most brilliant.
in im*.! ho became Vlco-rresldont of
King'H   College    nml    professor of
clnssii's,  logic,   rhetoric nnd      bollcs-
h'ltivs, nml t.n tho roorgnnlnation of
lhc nil.ni', of ilu- college in IfldD Dr.
McCiuil wns mado its bond  ler lho
now Btatuto. Hesiiics tho reputation
that still ""clings to liis personality
and Builder  j>
All work Ituaraalccd.   Sec us b.inrc
son build,   ll will pay you.
Cranbrook, B L
I HOTEL... s
. I,.,.,,...,..,..,,....,, ,,
J       PBTBR H.TIIIiSllN. I'roprldor.       '
*  „I.i...H,.l.(i>(,(.l>,   ',1
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
A Summer Fire
Is a Common Thing
Are you insured? That Fire may
come this week or next. . Don't
wait. Save yourself hy insuring
ho wn
..I mid
f Villi
i iiii  the eh
iij-lno,  whid
Mnpfo Leaf,
c.iible popU
isics, nnd
,i Canadian
, under tlm
hnd ut ono
ni ity.
When yo
nre In
. good HI en) RO to tht:
w lllll
Allluiitorn   nml   Criicoilll'-N.
Alllgntot's, according to tho Into Pro-
feasor Cope, belong to a much moro
modern genus than thnt of their cousins lhc crocodiles. No undoubtedly extinct species of alligator lias ever been
discovered by geologists, but those nni-
nulls aro fast being exlermlnnled at
the present day on nccount of the value of their hides. Alligators are found
hi China ns well ns in North America.
The crocodile exists In Africa, southern Asia nnd northern Australia, Tho
crocodllo dill'crs from the nlllgutnr In
    . . preferring salt wnler to fresh and la
to tho cause for bis action.   Ilia fat*   being more vicious In Its disposition.
nu ii.no.iti.
"That mnn onco offorcd mo money
r my vote," mi in iked the pracll-
I politician.
"And vou refused it with Bcorn?"
'•1 did. My conscience wouldn't
permit me to take it. It wasn't
i*o thnn half of whnt is customarily paid, uml 1 couldn't hnve looked
my follow jnombors of the legislature
In tho face 11 I had cut. crtocs,"
When in town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
Theiest dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L, R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
Wlis-n yoil nie tireI im.i want ti If
K„„<1 rs-sl |go In ills- Ivisl Kim- *
too,,)-. *
Wlis-i, you is,,- llii,siv nml wnlll n ,
is„o,t itiiult u«i lo the liosi a
I-        Kootenay, *
j In fact wlii ii ynu are in Crauhrook I,
.t,        slop ai ilie Isiist Kootenny. 1
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.     .
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
oda water In siphons.   The most
ei.na   1 waymiealfandle it.
St. John
New York
San Francisco
Upper l.ak
e Steamers
l.s. tort William
, Son , Tik\. Prl,
I.CBVe tlnniiiurc .lunctlon ilnily lor St. I'nul
Leave Kooienay Landing Tuesday nml Snlnr
day for Toronto and all ea.lcra poinls
Leave tfeu-lsloke dally lor Ss'allls-. Vnnionscr
Tliriiiicli llsks-ls lo Ellrnp. .oinll Allanllt
Lines. I'renald ticket! Ironi all P„lols al
lowest rales. Par loll nnrllinlnrs apply lo
local aKcala.
A. tl. P, A , »«e«l.
Vaacouver. Crnnhrnnk
J. S. CAttlliP, U. P. A.. Nclinn, 11. C.
.in,- of the Most Cf.iiifortal.le
Hotels io Kusl Kootenay.
R,-i',,i..l Ihronglionl
Newly l-ur,ilslied
^^^ Royal ^^^
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. I—I |-\*i-pi|
Cranbrook, ll. C, ... I   1 vf tvl
000300000000 000;OOQQOQpeQQBI
Livery  S
Proprietors .-« * *
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
nl itrtve
a illatrii
Those wanting chimneys, fire
rurniaucd f„. nny ,        .   .,     ,.    . , .
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Mannycer   Jt   Jt   J.
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. ■*■
iiy Availing Yoursell "f
In Ladie's Waists, Parasols, Whitewear, Summer Suits,
While Muslins and Piques.
! SHIRT WAISTS *»™^^™™^?^
I SUMMER   PARASOLS Only.'™ — ««»■«•*
WHITEWEAR v,e are °®sr'°8 a ^'"J' "ssorte<l slt)ck "f Ladles'
—■-- Muslin Underwear, Chemise, Gowns, Cor        .„
set Covers. Drawers, Skirts.    Any of above lines to clear nl -WjUrr
SUMMER   SUITS Two onl>'* W>l»' White Drill Summer Costume,
—'   '       sell trimmed, sizes 32, 36, price $6,50, for M.Uu
1 FANCY DRESS MUSLINS 2 i1Cfl *»«* White Dre" Muslin, 27
> -       ■        ■ iii. wide,  price 15c, special price [\JC
COI ORED PIOUB ■"' Pca 39 '"' Fnt,c-»' l',(ll'p. 1,,ue on white, red on
-, ~— ._-~_   ............  rfAAil    . ... ..!.-..., 1.1..    I,, 'i t,. 1 11,1  nf ul
to make children1!
cream; good, servicenble, material of which
tresses,waists, skirts, etc; price 18c, this wet-It **$>
S..AT REID &  CO.'S..
to <*
to You can generally please a woman with Chiiuware.    You <^
^ «n md" home life brighter, because Chinaware will improve ^
Ts the appearance of the home and increase the pleasure of the a
to occupants.   J   We will be pleased to have you look at our *7
^ 97 piece Dinner Sets, ■ ■ $12. $14, $15 <^
to U piece Tea Sets, ■ ■ $5, $8, $10, $14 O
to        10 piece Toilet Sets, $4, $6        <$,
to Odd pieces in Kobalt and Wedgewood. * Cut Glass Tumb- O
to lers.   o»    .->    Lots of little odds and ends and useful articles O
to — 4~* ■■-».   *-*.   ^-I-^.*-*. ^". 0
H Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery. T
Fresh Beef, Pork, |
Mutton, Qtc.SSS I
Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and   g
Game in Season. Q
8     ...ONE MILLION...     I
Q .©
S Of all kinds of DRY LUMBER on hand. Can load Q
S from 1 to 5 cars per day. We will quote prices on Q
B request. ©
8      JONES & FINCH      H
M Mirs. of RiiiikIi and Dressed Lumber, Shingles and Lath £
j@ .Mill wllh Capacity from 2.1,000 to ,10 IHU) per day Q
O Marysville and Kimberley, B. C. |j
§      Spokane, Wash., October 6th to 14th, 1902, Inclusive.      J
* Cf,,„L noKSiis, units,
1 Fine Arts Exhibit B.
5 Frtllt Exhibits the northwest
* r-*     t^*.   T\*...   I1„,.:.-..-  Bill EVENT I
; Eight Day Racing 300 horses
; Agricultural Exhibits"""
£ $25,000 IN PREMIUMS S
■> _ .  J
S     BAST MUSIC—Amusement extraordinary.   Concession prlvllegea of all .,
* klmls for snlu.   Write for catalogue, GEO. H, MARTIN,        I
FRANK I.lsAKI-;, Advertlilng Agent.
.Mljr. ami St'c'y.   *
».».*.... ....... aman******************** *******
'Tin s„i,l iiiiii i,oi8„,is living on annuities
Are longer lived than olhera — God
itnnsss why,
t'nlesa to |ila«us.- lhe grantora, yet ao
That uiiuii-. I really ihliik, ,l» NBVBR
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
1 ,)»■«■•♦■»♦.>-->-»♦-•-->-*>-*>'>* »••••->* *o
Proprietor nf tlm
Candy Kitchen
rnrrici n complete stock of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. live ,i» a c.n
»t*H- t,lll.)f,,).,(>>>I,
4     PORTRAIT OR I'nOTOtlRAI'll    J
4 ot Interior or exterior of your liomegn to -,
Jj Miiiitonr work will rscolVB our testation X
■*i     tion. Niiiii.-ii.i.-ht work sDiii-itiii      -*,
I Sell This Brand of Silverware
"Slher Plate that Wears."
-\^<TNt-4, WORLDo
(llllclal Walch Inspector lor
Craw. Ntit dls Irion C. P. ft.
Vroom Si Dezall
Horse Shoeing
• Carriage Repairing and
! General Jobbing..
♦ Outside Orders Promptly
I Attended lo.
if* ................
1       —
j Two plastered rooms for
1 rent over Herald Office.
I Inquire of
t       or at Herald Office
|      LOCAL   NOTES     |
♦ »***********->******i('*###-ilW
Picked  Up About the City   by Asking
Questions ol Many People.
Owing to some misunderstandings in
tin* past The Herald hereafter will muke
11 ll.it rate of ~,% cents per line for firsl
insertions nud 5 c-ints per line each sub-
Bequeut insertion for church and society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received in lien of advertising
or us coinplimentHries. Business of this
character will be transacted on a cash
basis herenfter.
George Leitch visited Frank, Alta ,
last week.
11. L. Stephens of Klko, was In town
Smoke the Irving cigar. It iti reliable.
Peltier sells them.
A Johnson of the Moyie hotel, was in
town over Suuday.
Mrs H. White of Nelson, is the guest
of Mrs. George Gurd.
''Economize"—learn the meaning by
reading Reid & Co.'s ad,
R. Barnwell of the C P, R. fuel de
partment, was in town Monday.
Reid iS: Co, are agents for "The Keith"
shoe for men- H-atest American styles.
Gentlemen, see Reid Si Co.'s stock of
""* *i"i»rioaU shoes before purchasing,
Mrs John Leask has heen quite til for
the past week, but is slowly recovering.
"Economize" by partaking of the special summer goods offering at Reid &
The cool nights the past few days
have covered the mountain tops with
]. P Fink and J. McSweyn spent two
days fishing on Big Sand creek this
P. Nevin returned last week from an
extended trip to Toronto, Montreal and
New York.
The families of W. T. Reid and S. S
Hungerford are spending the week on
Moyie lake.
For Rent—four rooms in cottBge in
southwestern part of town. Inquire ut
Herald ollice.
Gust Thies «na in town Monday. He
tins hud a had hand, due to running a
large sliver into it.
M. Leltch, of Oak Lake, brother of A.
Leitcb of Cranbrook, lias heen In town
leveral days the past week.
The fight for the Blairmore townsite is
still unsettled, and the final decision will
not be rendered for two months.
Druggist Archibald of Kimberley, did
not buy Mr. llleasdale's business at I'ernie.   There was a hitch In the deal.
C. E. Coleman, C. P. R. agent at this
point, returned Tuesday from his trip to
North Hay and other eastern points.
Every home should have some of mv
line live year old port for medicinal purposes.    It Jills the bill.    1, J. Peltier.
Will Small of Marysville, came down
last week to reiieve I, ll. Small, while
the latter whs absent wiih the base ball
Mrs. J. 11, Wolfe has returned from
Halcyon Hot Springs, whete she has
been recuperating for the past few
Mrs. Charles Greer left last Monday
for Michel to join Mr. Greer, who is employed by the coal company at that
Chief Forbel ol Fernie, has been gazetted as chief license inspector for this
district. It) place ol Constable Barnes,
Al Bishop, one of the well known
Bishop boys, who has been mining on
Sand creek for the past four years, has
gone to Oregon. -
A. W. McVittie completed the survey
ofthe Blairmore townsite last week, and
has been eugaged to survey the new
townsite of Morrissey,
Miss L McEachern spent her week's
vacation at Marysville, as tbe guest of
Miss Georgia Small. Miss Small returned with her last Monday.
G. IL Thompson was called to Fernie
Sunday by the sickness of hla brother,
T. C. Thompson, land commissioner of
the Crows Nest Coal compauy, 1
Take a cool  drink  that is pure and
healthy.    Schlit/ beer 'ills tbe require,
meni.   We dellvei it at your house.
E.J, Peltier.
All of the apparatus lu the brewery
building at Fort Steele will be taken out
and moved to Frank, Alta., for the
brewery the company   will locate there.
Rev. Irwin of Trail, passed through
towu Tuesday for Ferule, He isi traveling in the interests of the Foresters,
and expects to vOit Craubrook within a
few days.
A "Y" has been put iu near the North
Star junction to be used for turning engines and cars while lhe turn table at
the round house is torn out and a larger
oue put In,
Mrs. Home, who lias been in Cranbrook for two months with her son Edgar, left Inst Friday for Oak Lake.
There were many friends at the train to
bid her good bye.
A birthday picnic was given last Friday afternoon for little Lillian Leask.
(juite a number ol the young friends of
the little lady were present, and all had
a most enjoyable lime.
J.   P.   Fink   received   word   this week
that Scott Morrell. formerly of tins city,
but now editor of a railway journal in
San Francisco, was recently married to
a young lady of that city.
Dr. O'Hagan, formerly of Marysville,
passed through town Tuesday enroute
to Rossland. lie is on a tour uf Inspection, and may locate in West Kootenay
or the state of Washington
Rev. W. G. W. Fortune will preach
specialty to the children next Sabbath
morning. Thc session would like to see
asmanpofibe children of the congregation present as can conveniently attend.
Sunday and Monday this net lion of
the country was visited by a steady
downpour of rain. It was a urent bless-
ing since it settled the dust and extinguished the bush fires raging in the
M, Mclnnes spent tbe last few days in
the mountains near Michel, with Bruce
White, the mining engineer of Nelson
They were looking ovei some coal areas
owned by Mr. Mclnnes and other Cranbrook parties.
Silverware is a luxury. We know that.
People are not buying luxuries these
summer months without an inducement,
A big discount for cash is my inducement. Call in and see your opportunity.
.W. F. Tate, The Jeweler,
Typhoid fever is now epidemic in
Fernie. The coal mines arc being
pumped out and the water flows into
Coal creek above the source of supply
for that towu. Some people are forced
to the death chamber and some walk
into it blindly-
Last week a bush fire started just
south ol town and for a time tl>*» •=••■"-*(
uf nit- place wn.i in jeopardy, Constable
Morris and James Gill, of the townsite
company, organized a force and by hard
work got the fire under control and thui
averted all danger.
A fishing party composed of Mrs. p.
Lund and two children, Mtss Dyker,
Miss Shea and Messrs. B.ilfour and Dr.
Bell went to Jali'ray last week as the
guests of Mrs. J. E. Fenwick. They
had an excelleut time and caught enough
fish to satisfy their piscatorial desires,
Manager JelTeries of the race department of the Spokane Interstate fair,
says he has the best string of horses for
the fair tbat has ever been ou the track.
The races this year will be a decided
feature of tbe lair, still every department will be far ahead of anything heretofore attempted by the fair,
Mrs. R. R. Jamieson aad daughter
Miss Ruby, entertained a number of
friends Tuesday evening in honor of
Mrs. JiimiesonO mother nnd sister, Mrs.
aud Miss Jukes of Chicago. Dancing
and vocat selections were the order of
the evening, and it was n very late hour
when the guests dispersed for their
homes, after having passed a most delightful evening,
Church Announcements.
Methodist—Rev. S. J. Thompson, pas.
tor, Services at ii a, ni. mid 7:311 p. m.
Bible school at 3 p.m., W. T. Reid,
superintendent. lCpworth League every
Tuesday evening at 8 p. in. A hearty
invitation is given the public to attend
Opening of School.
The Crauhrook public schools opened
last Monday with J. II. Watson as pthi
cipul, Mrs. Carter us substitute teuchei
lu the second room aud Miss Dyker iu
charge of the primary room. The attendance the lirst day was 33 hi No. 1,
25 In No. 2 and 20 in No. 3. but the total
on the second day was increased to 130,
and there are tunny more children yet to
Tbe Tuwn ol Morrlsaey,
The new town of Morrissey will be on
the market in a short time. A. \V. McVittie is surveying the townsite, and
Thomas Crahau, the agent, is in Spokane completing some arrangemeuts.
The demand for property will be large
as there is a wonderful interest being
manifested in the town, It is lhe opinion of all that it will make a good towu
and a safe place for Investment.
Why Vou Should Uuy -Fair Play" Chewing
BltCAUSK It is the best quality.
Bkcaiisk it is the most lasting chew.
Brcausb it is thc largest high grade 5 or
loc plug,
BttCAUSR the tags -re valuable for premiums Until January ist, 1904.
BKCAUSR we guarantee every plug, and
BRCAVSR your dealer is authorized to refund your money if yoii are not satisfied.
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd.
Mrs. James Oreer Misses a Oisallnc IO*
plusji-n It) a Close Maritin.
Mrs. James Greer, who is stopping at
Halcyon Hot Sprluga, writes Mr. Oreer
of a narrow escape she had one evening
last week. A party of guests at the
hotel were j*,,iuK for a ride on the lake
iu a gasoline launch to u point several
miles away, ll had beeu arranged to
ve at 7 o'clock, but the owner of the
launch told iliem that he would not be
ready to get away before 8 o'clock.
This did not suit a number who were
there for their health, as they did not
care to stay out too long in the night
lir, Mrs, Greer was among those who
lecliued lo gn, but a party was made up
of several gentlemen and gUU In the
hotel. When the boat had come about
a mile and a half ou the return trip, 0
sheet   of tlaiiie suddenly darled   out of
the engine and Ignited the dress or one
ofthe girls, who was at once 11 muss of
noes. In a freuzy of fear shejumpcil
into tbe lake, followed by one ol the
gentlemen. Fortunately tbey were near
the shore and the couple were aide to
get to land, but the girl was badly
burned. The engineer and two or three
of the passengers were injured by the
Humes. They all escaped in the siuiil1
boat behind and had not gotten mote
than 25 feet away when the engine exploded and completely wrecked lhe
launch. The party was taken out at a
point near where the accident occurred,
und did not get back to the holel until
the next morning. Naturally Mr, Greer
is feeling very good over llie fact that
his wife failed to be one of tbe unfoi-
t un ate party.
■♦^♦.♦♦.'♦♦♦.♦.♦♦♦^^♦♦.^♦i* **♦♦♦*:
Oat Man Killed and Another Badly Injured
at I'ernie.
Fernie Free Press: Another sad fatality occurred at. Coal Creek nines
Wednesday morning last. Tbe uccident
occurred in what is known as Barton's
Heading, No. 1 tunnel. Two uien, A.
I). Ferguson and Ja ck McCauley, both
old ininers. bud been sent in to lay track
and warned that the roof was dangerous. However tbey seemed to have satisfied themselves that the roof was safe
as they started work without waiting to
timber the dangerous spot, according to
McAuley, wbo was slill conscious when
rescued, the roof fell without giving any
warning. Ferguson was directly under
neath and Instantly killed. McAul«-y
was ouly partly buried but received
frightful il juries, having his back broken aud one leg smashed at tlie thigh.
He was removed to the hospital where
Ors, Bunnell and Corsaii performed the
operation of setting the broken bones,
Tbe spinal cord seems to have escaped
injury, ami thc delicate operation of setting tbe broken bones and fastening iu
place with silver wire was successfully
performed. His condition is still critical mill it in doubtful  tf Le will war ra
cover the use of his legs.
Mr. Fullertou Married.
II. M. Fullertou, the traveling man,
is well known in Cranbrook where he
has a host of friends. Last Wednesday-
he surprised all of them by being united
in marriage to Miss Elton, of San Francisco. The Fernie Free Press gives the
following account of the wedding:
A very happy event was celebrated at
the Royal hotel on Thursday evening,
wheu H M. Fullertou, the well known
and popular traveller for Wilson Bros, of
Vancouver, was united in marriage lo
Miss M. Eaton of San Francisco, Cal.
Only a few ofthe most intimate friends
of the contraciing parties were present
at the ceremony, but Fernie turned out
en .masse on the street, and gave the
happy pair a royal send off. The band
was in attendance aud varied (be program by alternating Canadian and
American airs. The bride, though but a
short time iu town, bus become very
popular, her pleasing manners and
striking appearance at once won the admiration of the people, and all are mosl
hearty iu congratulating the lucky
groom, and wishing both every happiness. A sumptuous repast was served
at the Royal and the crowd dispersed to
the straius of "God Save the King."
Small Ranching.
The growth ol this district during the
next few years is going to make small
ranching a profitable business. The development of tbe coal and iron mines,
with the progress made on other mineral properties, and the consequent increase in every other line of business,
means that from Kitchener to Blairmore
there is to be a great population. This
will give an increasing market fur feed,
stock, chickens and eggs. There are
many places In the district where small
(anus could be successfully operated,
ami thc time will soon be here when
they will be iu demand. There is no
money iu the business, however, for Die
many satisfied with two or three acres of
grass and a dozen hem. Il will take
energy and business ability combined
The result will be big profits.
Important Move In Fernie.
A monster potitioti has been prepared
iu Fernie, asking that that part of the
district be set aside nnd that L. S.
Forbes, duel constable, be appointed
government agent and stipeudary magistrate, There is a good deal behind
this move, and the people of that towu
are determined to carry it through.
Lady's Cape Lost.
Lost—A lady's cape, on the road between Marysville aud Cranbrook. Finder please leave at The Herald oflice.
Call at Tom's Barber Shop. Victoria liouse, opposite depot.
Tho simp is neat, the towels aro clean.
lho shears aiv sluir|., tin- razors seen,
Ami I'-veiylhliiK that skill eaiiilo
If you'll rail lio'll dn for yuu,
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave ISc.      Hair Cut 35c.     Shampoo 25c.
2? attention to THE DRV SOX SHOE.   They are guaranteed
X absolutely waterproof.
A shipment has just been received and we believe them to
be equal to any shoes made iin Canada.   Before you pur- j~
chase examine them and get our prices.     We draw special »j
0. ol Summer Underwear is still on but now that thc warm to
O weather's about over we offer still (1REAI EH REDUCTIONS **S
to J- P. PINK, manager.
to:tototototototototo4>to $toto$totototototototoit*tto4
t Don't Let the t  Buy Tacklc ,M wi"stand ,hc %
X  D - * fl yk s,ra'n-    Arid that's the only kind ^J
to BlggeSt "nef! thatwesell.   Fishing tackle is go- O
•fcGet A w 8 v « 'n"* ',,st 'lere' ^°'es were never -0 2
-    — *-» cheap before.    Landing Nets were x
never so light and durable as our ?
1902 styles.    Have a look at our ™
to This Season m
3S Remember it always 5E hard braided silk and linen lines.
H Pays lo Deal with Z of C0UfSC> as osual'we carry tnc 2
35 i-»r->4T.T«ir-<A best assortment of FLIES in East *^
j  BEATTIE* Kootenay.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose irom and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Just the Drinks for this weather
Monteserrat Lime Juice, Lemon
Squash, Raspberry Syrup, Pineapple Syrup and other fruit drinks.
All kinds of GREEN FRUIT in season as well as
The best government Creamery Butter.    We also have a
full supply of Oats, Chops, Wheat and Bran.
Will Renew the Appearance ol
Your I'arlur. (lood Values In
the Latest Style can be had
Repairing and Upholstering a Specially.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle   2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  I 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts'1870 Invalids Port, per bottle 2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle     2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout  35
Our Samples of Woolens
And Tailors Trimmings for the Spring
and Summer Season, 1902, are made up
of the latest and choicest to be found
in the foreign and domestic markets.
They are especially adapted for the merchant tailoring trade and may be had
upon application.


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