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Cranbrook Herald Apr 27, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. K. Wa^kbr, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
Just opened, Ihe      CI I   L' C     ln *own-   A"
lineal ranitc ol     ^IL,I\*^     colors and kinds
...Ladies, see onr Laces, Ribbons and Triuunlngi.
Tlit; best assortment to chooBe from.
...In men's wear we have everything needed in styl- X
ish wear.
...Ask for prices on Tobaccoes.   You will be satisfied.
...Call pud see our stock ami learn our prices and you
will be back again.
Opposite the Depot      jf.      j*      Cranbrook
Oo Vou Know We Sell	
Window Shades ut
Curtain Poles dt dt
A handsome curtain pole complete for   -   -   -
Window shades all on the celebrated Hartshorn
sprint: rollers, plain, fringe or lace trimming
Hat racks for	
Towel racks for	
Roller towel racks for .....
Paper racks, pictures, etc.
Yon want a pair of
for tbe spring ?
We have 'em. New
stock Justin, including black and tan,
miners, long, short,
etc. See our $2 and
$2.50 line. They
are eye openers.
dt   dt   dt   REID & CO.   dt   dt   dt
It is All Over Town
s WHAT? s
The report that the North Star branch is soon to be built
from here to the North Star and Sullivan mines and the
north.   .<   Call at the old reliable house, the	
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
They will tell you what little they know about it, and at the
5.1111c time will show you the finest lines of anything you
could wish to eat or wear. .«• We have |ust received a very
line line of gloves, including some excellent asbestos, tanned
horse hide, soft gauntlet gloves, for fireman and engineers.
Wc hnve them made to order. .* Wc defy any house in
East Kootenay to beat the quality of our goods or our prices.
Cranbrook y* Fort Steele dt Wardner
Ait veil this week at	
"The^ Emporium"
...A Carload Ol...
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
line of	
dt Stationery
dt Cigars
dt Tobacco
dt Novelties
Also a Circulating Library.
Good Reading for Little Money.
Opposite Craubrook lioiul.
Bakery S S
(Successors lo R. S. McNeil)
We have the only briele
oven in Cranbrook now
in operation, anil tbe
quality of our bread is
first class. Will deliver
to any part of tbe lown.
Give Us a Trial Order
Paper Hangers
Decorators dt
Modera Work.   Estimates Purnlshed.
Dealers la Wall Paper and Mouldings.
if yon Intend to paper or paint your
building lei us Ibjurc on your contract
f Cranbrook
Turner Itaker street $
ami Hanson avenue aV
over ptMtofllco  $.
All Sires of Photos up to II ill $
Finished in Plnllno or Polished. |
Views ol Cranbrook  and Other 1
Points ol Inters! in  Brilish Col- ;
umbia Will Be on Sale  g
 ,  g
dt Prest & Co.
Sh our li. .Si I). Wheels,
New Raymond Scwlnp;.*
Machine.' always in .*,<
sltltk      .4      ksi      JI      jt
Another Shipment ol Dry Hoods,
I .miles: Blouse*, Bella, Blouse jt
Sets, Skirts, Undershirts, Zyph-
ers, Dress floods, Trimmings.*.'*
lies, Runs, Squares and Carpets
...Sherlock & Bremner	
Mi »-| (•>I<s*i&I®I&I®ISISI®I®I0I<^
'   People arc judged by the class of............... @
*j* ...They use
(,)   We have npcued n large variety of the best qualities and styles which will
reflect on tbe purchaser's judgment and refinement.   Kindly inspect        ®
oi  Hurd's Imperial Stationery Jt Morocco Leather jt Linen Repp jt   -
@ Hurd's Velvet Finish Parchment jt London Grey and ®
x] the very latest in Silurene. ®
Postoffice building, Cranbrook    ®
'®i®i®i®ig :»):®i®i®i®i®i®i®'>iffli®i®i®i® 1(914)1 C9i®i®KSiaie
It Pays lo Deal al :
Beattie's Drug Store
jj Planing Mill
ll •••Sash and ::
51     Door Factory
,,,Manufacturer! of...
j* Doors m* Mouldings
j*   Frames   ***
Band Sawing ** Turning
Cranbruok Will Suon Have a First
Class Service.
The Corbin Charter Will Lay Over
Another Year-Other Railway
Notes of Interest.
lt is HOW staled on good uitllioritv
that possibly by viv. 15U1 of May, and
certainly noi later than tlie first of June,
a dally passenger service'will* be established from Medicine llut to Nelson over
lhe Crows Nest liue. Everything is
ready for llie change, so tbat it wi.l be
made just as soon as the roadbed of the
Crows Nest line, is considered lo be in a
safe condition for more rapid running.
This will virtually be a through train
from Winnipeg to Nelson, as close connection will be made at Medicine liat
with trains on the main line. This new
sei vice will mean a material reduction
in ihe running time between Macleod
ml Kootenay Lauding, and will make
the Ciows Nest line a popular route for
tourists as well as parties seeking locations in the west,
The fact that through trains will be
run will in uo way effect conditions in
Craubrook. At llie present time not
more than one in twenty who arrive in
Cranbrook is a through passenger, but
011 the contrary he comes to Cranbiook
lo transact busiuess here, or some other
point iu the district. Tbe Installation
of a fast passenger service will increase
the tiaflie many fold, aud bring more
trangers to Craubrook than arrive
under existing coudlHjus, Iu fuet, the
change in the service will prove a good
thing to the whole district as it will cubic people to reach here without auy
discomforts or hardships.
Railroad Notes.
The section gangs are being Increased
in numbets all along tbe line.
Three steam shovels are at work now,
nnd au average of three miles a day is
coveted with gravel.
Ilox Car avenue is rapidly settling up
with railway officials, And what i.s
nnue, some ofthe neatest and cosiest
homes in Craubrook are on that street.
It is now reported, tbat Mr. Bostock,
who has in charge the bill providing for
ihe granting of Ibe Corbiu charter, advises those interested that it will be im
possible lo secure tbe passage of the bill
at this ses-ion pf parliament
On the at st a meeting of the railway
comtiiity ol the privy council was held
lo consider tbe application of the Nelson
& Ueillington railway company for running privilege over the western portion
uf the Crows Nest I'ass line. The engineers agreed that it would icost *f3i,-
COO a mile lo parallel the liue for tbe
distance required. The C. P. R. attorney said that the company making the
application should bear part of lhe expense of thi.- approaches to this profitable part ofthe line, but Mr; illair was of
the opinion tbat such a precedent would
tft a bad one. Tbe matter was postponed a mouth lo give time for consider lion.     	
Cemetery (irouadg.
H. P. Cummins has been engaged
Lhe past Week surveying the new cemetery grounds just west of towu. There
will be five acres iu the plat which is
lo be sub divided into burial lots.
Improving tbe Bowling Alley.
C. M. Piuk has prepared plans for remodeling the bowling alley. An attractive front will be put in with large
window--, a card room added and a cigar
staud. New balls and pins have been
put chased, antl commencing May i, a
prize will be given each month to the
one making ibe highest record. A
shooting gallery will be put in Immediately, Mr. Pink will have a first class
place and it will be a popular resort
wilh the people of Cranbrook,
Lite nf Toronto
Contractor «a Builder
By (be Way)
Have you used Goldsworlh's Tea ?
lively package guaranteed.
Hits the Nail on lhe Head.
"livery line in a newspaper," says an
cxcliange( "coils something. If it is lor
the benefit of an individual it should be
paid for. If the grocer were asked to
contribute groceries 11 one who was absolutely able lo pay  for them, lie would
refuse. The proprietor of a newspaper
tniiHt pny for all llie free advertising If
ill*- beiicllelary does not, antl yet it is
oue of the hardest tlligs to bo learned
by many that a ttcwspiper has space in
its columns to rent and must rent to live.
To give nway or rent at anything less
than living rales would be us certainly
fatal as fur a landlord to furnish rent
free."        .
The I. 0. 0. P. Lodge.
Arrangements are now completed for
the Organisation of an I. O. O. P. lodge
iu Cniubrnok. and the first meeting will
be [held tlle early part of next mouth.
The new hall in tbe L-iask building is
ady for plastering, and it will be complete iu every respect. From Jthe present outlook the lodge will start out with
a very large membership.
1*1. A. BEALE,
Commission and
Insurance Agent.
I'ort Steele,
Brlllsh Columbia
McVittie & Hutchison,
-Dealers In-
Mines and binds surveyed.      Insurance
Those contemplating lwllillim will do well lo lei
me Itguro on the i-ontracls.
Cranbrook, British Culiimhiii
International Copper Trust.
Chicago, April 22,—The Times-Herald
will suv tomorrow:
Definite Informallou reached Chicago
today lhat the contracts hud been signed
ni London on Friday which formally
t ausferred toa single organisation practically all of the luge producing coppi r
mines in the 0tilted States, The details were meager) and came through
the brokers who bad handled minor
parts of Ito deal In this city,   It is un-
detstood that the mines under contract
produced about 4*>5il-**O.000 pounds line
that were mined iu this country last
year. These mines, it is claimed, will
produce fully 473,000,000 pounds fine of
the output of 600,000.000 pounds fine estimated for 1899
According to estimates made directly
after the negotiations for the big producers became public property lhe actual value ol the mining properties taken
over will exceed $400,0* o.ooo, The particulars, however, will probably be mnde
public during the coming week, and the
formal life of the compauy will date
from May 1.
The Rolhchtlds furnished the funds
fir the European interests, and the
Standard Oil company acted fer the
American side. It takes in Isle Royal,
in Lake .Superior, the Clark-Ik-gelow
and Marcus Daly interests in Montana,
Arcadian and Centennial in the bake
.Superior region, the Old Dominion in
Arizonia, aud other properties uot yet
Bring In Your Specimens.
Claim  owners will  confer a favor by
bringing specimens of iheir property to
The Herald office to be placed on exhibition, All specimens will be labeled
for the benefit ol strangers who visit the
Mining Nates,
Parties from West Kocteuny have
been looking over Harry MeltOtl'S properly, the Copper Hell, and are enthusiastic over it. Thev consider it one of
lhe best prospects in East Kootenay.
R. G. Shier was in town Tuesday and
told of a strike made on the Minnie M.
and Tiger properties pu Tracy creek. A
tunnel has been driven in 160 feet and
the showing made in copper and galena
is amazingly good. The properly is
held under bond by N. IS. Wallinger.
Tbe Colorado .Springs Gazette of lhe
20tU says; Positive cable advices received bv lhe Gazette announce the actual sale oflhe Independence mine to an
Knglisli syndicate. The price is said to
be Jio,ooo,doo, Verner Z. Reed, cooperating with the Venture Corporation of
London, made the deal, which is the
greatest in the history of American
Some development work, on the Union
Jack, located four miles west of Cranbiook near the railroad, is making a
magnificent showing, A shaft with a
depth often feet shows a conjunction of
tbiee leads, and the owners, Messrs.
Love, Iloggarth, Usher and Ryan * re
feeling jubilant over the prospect. Assays at a depth of a few feet show J.25 iu
gold 53 ounces in silver, and values in
copper ranging Irom 171077 percent.
Mr. l.ovu says he thinks they have a
boiianzt, if lhe ore body proves as
strong as present indications lead them
to believe it is.
Miss E. Pauline Johnson, the Indian Poet.
Appears In Cranbrook.
Miss K, Pauline Johnson, the daughter of a head chief ofthe Mohawks, gave
two entertainments in Cranbrook, appearing Saturday nud Monday evenings
at the Presbyterian church.' To one
who has never heard her she is a most
interesting revelaliou. Graceful iu her
movements, pleasing in her tone and
charming iu appearance, she holds her
audience with perfect ease while reciting her wonderful tales of nature. Her
compositions me in nature's own
language, aud she displays the true
poetic instinct iu the grouping of ideas
and her rythmical combination of words,
To see her in her Indian costume, and
hear her recite, one can see tha
sparkling waters, the overhatigine
branches lhe peaceful padding in g
batk canoe, and catch the fragrance ol
wild flowers, or feel the rush ol the lor
rent, the da<di of the Indian brave in
baltle, the flash of the lenile and the
swish of lhe tomahawk, And, then
again, she appears in beautiful evening
costume, and recites poem.-* antl prose
that are caustic reflections on the foibles,
shams and hypocrisy pf Tlfe. Her sarcasm is as keen as a Damascus Made,
her wit ar sparkling as champagne
and her pathos as touching as the sob of
a child. Those iu Cranbrook who Heard
Miss Johnson were indeed fortunate.
A Fine Display of Omni-*.
The enterprising firm of Maggs &
Hughes, of llie II C. Clothing I Inline,
have had a inagiiifu eut display < f millinery, dry goods and cloth lug for the
past week, and the artistic  taste shown
in tho arrangement has brought forth
many words of prase from the people
of Cranbrook. Theie gentlemen are up-
to-date in iheir business and are entitled
to the Increasing trade  tbey  are enjoj-
i'»K-  ,	
Qood Morning I
Have  yon   used   Goldsworlh's   Tea?
Every package guaranteed.
Port Sticki.i: Mkkcastm.i'. Co.
The Right Kind of Business Men.
The Herald will put the merchants
and business men ol Cranbrook against
those of any town in British Columbia
for loyally to their town town and their
newspaper. They are broadminded in
their views, aud believe that a .lews-
paper is a good thing for a town, and
hack up that belief by giving tbeir sup-
pott to the paper. In all of Craubrook
there are only two or three business men
who uie nol represented in the advertising columns of The Herald, aud we be
Sieve they will be in line before long.
The Herald is working for the town and
the people of the town, and is pleased lo
receive such substantial evidence of ap
Cranhrook Continues to Oo Ahead in a
Substantial Manner.
Is Now Rccognued as thc Commercial and Mining Center of
South East Kootenay.
It is exceedingly pleasant for th ■ people oi Craubiook to see the building
Otltinue in ibis town. Week after week
ii continues, showing that the coufideuce
in Cranbrook of meu with capital grows
Btranger month by mouth. New business blocks aud new residences are going up, and lhe demand is still growiiig
.Nowhere in either of the Kootetiays is
Ihere a town ol the age of Cranbrook
that 1ms made m.h progress, A little
more than a year old, and yet today it It
recognized ns the leading towniuEssl
Kootenay, At no time has there been a
boom here, or liooming tactics used.
The growth his been steady and sure,
keeping pace with the development ot
the tributary territory, and meeting the
Increasing demand. The fact that Cranbrook is the central point in South Bast
Kootenay has naturally increased her
growth, lor It h-*s brought to this town
those people who were looking for a location that would most easily command
the whole district. This has been the
case in mining. Iii commerce, in commission deals, In rail load matters, in fact lu
everything tlldt pertains to the business
of ihe who c district. And this condition is growing stronger each month
As Cranbiook ts the only town 111 tht
district that is so centrally located and
has railroad transportation, its stead)
growth is reasonable and based upon a
iolld foundation. Shrewd tiieit iu business, men who do business 011 a business basis, and are not governed b;
prejudice or sentiment; *ho care nothing personally which lown goes ahead,
alter studying ihe field, decide in favoi
of Craubrook. That is why Craubrook
continues to Kr,jw. and why she will con
tinut: to grow. Another twelve mouths
will see a wonderful Increase iu Cran
brook in many ways, It will pay any-
tie to keep their eyes on this towti.
Tlie New Hansen BIu-.k.
The new lwo story business block ihat
is being built ou Baker street by James
Greer for N. Hanson, has already assumed form, ll will be IOO feet long,
with a second Story sixty feet long. The
first story will be divided into a stort
room 50 by 25 feet, a work shop 15 In 35
feet, aud a warehouse 35 by 25 feet.
These rooms will be occupied oy O. H.
.Miner, who will fill tkun with bis Immense hardware slock. Mr. Greer ex
pects to have the building completed
within two weeks' lime, aud has a
Inige force of men at work with that
idea in view.
Building Nates.
John McPeak's house is being inclosed.
James Ryan's large residence is rapidly Hearing completion, It will be occupied by Engineer Murphy and family.
Work was commenced Tuesday on the
sidewalks on Baker street by the town-
site company on all of their vacant lots.
Tins is an important move aud the example thus set is a good one.
Machinery for New Mill.
The Cranbrook Lumber company has
received the machinery for Ihe new mill
it proposes to erect just west ofthe one
it is uow operating. A site has beeu
purchased and the work of installing the
plant was inaugurated on Tuesday.
The new mill will be a complete one in
every respect, wilh two boilers and a so-
horse power engine, and when the company has it ready for work lhey will be
iu a position to meet the demands of
their rapidly increasing business without any trouble. It has been ibe policy
of Mr. I.eitch, manager of lhe company,
to keep considerably abend of the Units*,
nnd the purchase of this new plant is a
move iu this direction, Craubrook is
fortunate in having a company of this
kind in the sawmill business.
Hello, There I
Have  you   used   Goldsworth's  Tea?
ICveiy package guaranteed.
Ijout Sti'.ki.i! Mkkcantii.k Co,
A  tirand   Treat  for  the   Lovers of Music
and  Cumlc  Opera.
That which promises to be the greatest musical and theatrical treat is the
coming of that superior organization
the Metropolitan Opera company, ttutu
bertng thirty people. Our citizens are
to be congratulated ou securing such au
excellent company lo visit Cranbrook.
Little did our people think that they
would be favored with such a high class
attraction lu s town of only one ytarof
age but it merely shows thai the citizens
are not slow to realize anything that is
good. They have four nlghls open between Nelson and Winnipeg, where this
must excellent company will operate the
eiiUre summer-season, after which tbey
sail for HotioluU. In ordet to secure
them our citizens have signed their
names to a subscription of y-150, otherwise lhey would have passed thtoitjjh
our lown. The costumes are most elaborate and costly. Among the principals
nre Will Rising, tenor, who has made
fur himself a reputation ou both si Its of
the  water)   Blanche  Aid recti,   prima
doniia, who has a remarkable voice,
having been with all the leading companies in America; Miss Jcui.etlc Lin-
coin, soprano, possesses great beauty
has a lUOSt excellent tone and knows
bow to net. She is stately in figure,
posse*sess great volume to ber singing
iu tbe pail of Predrlke; Alice James.
Agues Willard, Lillian Kemble, Matiiiei
Haggenuaii.   Charles  Walters,   Syduey
Rborer, baritone, are among the Important members. The performsuce will
be given In Miner's new store, Tickets
111 sale at Seattle's drug stoic. The
price will have to be above the ordinary,
being $1 50 for reserved seats, mid faking into consideration the enormous expense they nre under the price is very
low, The sale of seals has been large
and the new hall, no doubt, will be
filled to its capacity. This company
wid appear for one night only, Satuidav,
May 6.      	
The Athletic Assoclatlen'.    .
A meeting was luid Tuesday evening
at .the Toronto Clothing store for the
purpose of organizing an athletic association. James Ryan was named ss
chairman and W, T. Reid as secretary.
There was a large attendance and the
question pf athletics was generally discussed. A committee of five consisting
of Messrs. Heattii-,Gougeon, .MtThersoii,
Browu and (.'lark was appointed to secure members, and already about 100
names have been placed on lhe Ibt
Another meeting will be held in a short
time to secure definite action ou lhe
plan of spurt lo be followed
te •>* * * * <**, <■*, a a a « * *** *.->•%£,%« *s*£A4>
]      LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of .Many People.
Don't fail to see La Mascot May 6.
Geo. HoggartH, of b.lko, is iu town.
Secure seats  for  La Mascot.    A good
T. G. Proctor, of Nelson,  arrived last
Julius Burel, of the Royal hotel, is at
Banff springs.
Hen Muiphy, ofthe Likeshore group,
was in town today.
Gold Commissicuer Armstrong was in
town yesterday.
William Ross, the Fort Steele solici tor
visited Cranbrook Friday. *
A good treat,   long to be remembered,
La Mascot, May b.
M. A. Beale,  of Fort Steele,   was In
Craubrook Tuesday.
M. M.  Phillipps, of Tobacco Plains,
was in town Tuesday.
Mrs. T, Barnhardt, of Macleod, is the
guest oi Mrs. Morrow.
Do you want to be shaved tight? Then
patronise Wm. DeVol.
Win. Doble nnd   M. M. McCarty visited Fort Steele Sunday.
Postmaster Cann, of Port Steele, visited the metropolis Tuesday,
Mrs. J. N McCrackeu arrived Monday
evening to join her husband here.
Large and pretty chorus.    Metropolitan Opera company, Saturday, May 6,
C. M. Flak has returned from Calgary
md taken charge of the bowling alley.
N   A. Wallinger.  of Fort Steele, was
in town Friday on his way to Spokane.
S.   P.   Turk, sheriff of this district,
was  iu   town   this week on official bnai-
C. M. Keep, tbe Fort Steele banker,
visited iu Cranbrook several days this
Dr. Brodle came over from Steele
Monday evening on professional busiuess.
M. Mclnnes returned Monday from ■
trip to Calgary, Macleod, Femie aud
other points.
Good razors, good woiknianship end
latest modes are bringing great success
to Wm. DeVol.
Thirty people wilh Metropolitan
Opera companv. It will be a rare treat
for ail.    Saturday. May 6.
R. H. K*ratofsky, tbe Fort Steele tobacco dealer, returned from Spokane
Monday and took tbe stage Tuesday for
Secure your reserve seats at Beattie's
drug store. The subscribers to Ute
guarantee fund should have their tickets
reserved early.
J. R Co«tigan has returned from Vic
toria where he passed a successful examination for admission to practice his
profession in tbe province.
George Taylor is "offering with carbuncles, and is forced to have his face
swathed in bandages until it is almost
impossible to recognize bim.
Mrs. C. M. Edwards arrived Tuesday
evening on tbes'age to join her husband
here. Thev wi.l reside here during the
absence of V. Hyde baker in Hngland.
Harry McVittie, the great pinno bustler, was in town yesterday. Mr. McVittie is doing a heavy business in bis
line, and is working hard for tbe success
he is enjojing.
The Cranbiook Stationery store has
received an invoice of fine imported
cigars. Also the latest magazines, tbe
Delineator, and ether choice reading.
Opposite postoffice.
F. J. Smyth, editor of the Mo*ie
Leader, celebrated the close of his first
year by taking a vacation trip to West
Kootenay. no paper was issued laat
week in consequence.
R. ti. Beattie and William Lanktre
visited Port Steele Thursday evening,
returning F'ridav mornini/. They drove
fake Pink's roadster, and it ii needless
to say, made great time.
The vapor bath gives health, vigor,
good appetite and desire for sleep. It
IS a remedy tbat gives Nature an opportunity to do its work properly, To be
bad at McFarlane's barber shop.
If. ToJcher, foitnerly of Banff. Is (■
lhe city Mr. Tolcher is the author nt
"A Souvenir Prom Banff." a collection
Of poems, "nd The Herald is under obligations 10 the gentleman for a copy.
The Cosmopolitan hotel is crowded sli
the lime, which speaks well for tbe
management.   Messrs. Small and Mm-
grave are up to date,   and   111 «• Ir efforts
are evidently appreciated by the public.
Now is the llmO to insure sgnfnst typhoid and mountain fever; Ji 00 a year,
|Ij 00 a week indemnity; also against
accidents connected with railway snd
stage. Write for particulars to M, A.
Beale. Fort Steele, It. C,
Robert J-.vans. formerly of the Msc*>
lend House, at Macleod, has been in
Cranbrook the past week negotiating
for an hotel property. He lefl fnr Macleod last Tuesday but will return Friday
and may close a deal.
A special car containing representatives of tbe International School of Correspondence, of-Sea ton, Penn., arrived in the city Monday night. The
object of the visit was to give the people of Cranbrook an opportunity to
learn the nature of the work canied on
by the institution.
Mr. M. Leitch and bride arrived in
Cranhrook Friday evening from a tour
of the leading cities of the Pacific coast.
Mr. Leitch is a brother of A. Leitch, Sr.,
of this cfty, and stopped here for a brief
visit. They started on their return trip
to their home in Oak Lake, Man., Tuesday morning.
W. R, McParlane has moved into his
new shop and is now comfortably situated with every facility for doing the
beat of barber work. At no little expense be has put in two bathrooms, and
has a pleasant reading room in connection. A man can go there and get his
bath, shave or haircut, and enjoy reading the latest periodicals. Mr. McFar-
lane's place is a credit to Cranhrook. THE INTERNATIONAL,
T*rmi   or   nubichptlv-n   Invariably   In   mlvmn.*
On-i Year HH
Bli   Months 1.00
Advertlling  ruii'S  turn I a lied  un  uni'Ilcallon.
Bestoa Is perfectly patriotic now.
with her red brick buildings, her white
subway and her blue stockings.
After a man has gunned a good old
fashioned hardtack for an hour he is
ln a mood to remember pretty nearly
The St. Paul Dispatch says: "A one-
aimed athlete has been walking around
the earth." Well, that's nil 'armless
sort ot amusement, Isn't it?
Why shouldn't Hon. Joseph Chamberlain believe In an English alliance
with America? Such ao alliance bus
worked aU right in his own case.
It is suld now tbat the German Emperor designs many of the Empress'
gowns. He Is able to do anything,
from directing bis uatlou's destiny to
The Denver Post complains because
"a Colorado poet bus made 'Dewey'
rhyme with 'glory.' " Why find fault
with that? It Is a deed to be proud of;
how did he do It?
A Western paper Hays the "tuberculosis has beeu communicated to dogs
by French bacteriologists." The only
way a dog cau be absolutely safe Is to
refuse to associate with such persons.
A coutemporury clears up a doubtful
matter lu tbe following lucid manner:
"The name of the Spanish admiral at
Montljo and as Montojo. It Is doubtful,
ho Montljo aud as Montojo." Ho, ho,
Is tbat so?
The authorities lu Washington perpetrated a neat swindle on the Span-
lards In Cuba. Blanco has been Induced to exchange two American newspaper correspondents for a Spanish
colonel and a physician.
Our Naval Academy, which has vindicated Its existence abuudautly in
times pnst, bus done It ngalu In thn
splendid gunnery of our naval officers,
the theory uud practice of which nre
very thoroughly taught at Annapolis.
The decadence of Spain Is Illustrated
by the fact thut from having been
ouce the possessor of much the greatest part of North and South America
she has not now a safe coaling station,
and before many months sho will have
lost those sbe nominally owns.
'The sense of proportion Is n fine thing
to cultivate In these times. "There
were heroes before Agamemnon," even
though tbere were no hysterical newspapers to declare lt. And, by the way,
several brave deeds were done In this
very country some thirty-live years
The titles of the King of Spain suggest a large part of the history of tbe
world. He Is King of Jerusalem,
which Is Turkish; of Navarre, which Is
French; of Gibraltar, which Is British,
and of the East und West Indies, which
nre largely British; Duke of Brabant
uud Count of Flanders, now the two independent kingdoms of Holland und
Belgium; aud sovereign of numerous
other lauds loug since independent or
under the undisputed sway of other
powers. He bears upon tils person,
ludeed, an epitome of the glory and the
fall of Spain.
An Intelligent effort Is being made to
convince European nations thai corn
bread, as the Yankee said of "ptiukin
pie," Is "wholesome vitals." Some
headway Is being mude, and since the
United States produces more than two
billion bushels, the export supply may
be regarded ns equal to any demand
the corn evangelists operating In Europe can create. The royal family of
Denmark takes kindly to corn, nud
wheu fully converted, as seems probable, a European corn fed aristocracy
may be created.
In New York, the great difficulty of the
vaennt lot farms committee Iu previous
years bus been the obtaining of sufficient land for the farms, but this
yenr It hus for use during the summer
three hundred nnd twenty acres of
land In IVllinm Bay Park. This Is now
the fourth year thut tbe vacant lot
farms have been carried on In New-
York City. Each year a small number
of men have been so trained In the
first principles of ngrlculture that they
have expressed a willingness to take
positions In Ibe country, a.id some few
bends of families have done so. Thus
the vacant lot farms afford u kind of
farm training school.
thr* Philippine*, with ihe possible ev-
'■"pilmi of Manila, where iin- preseuce
of a few English. German ami American residents, give some signs of civilisation, Hie peoph* are in tin- same primitive 1-01111111011 now as when they enme
Under Spanish away three centuries
ngo. Nothing whatever bus been done
levelop the vast reveuties of the Isl
units or io educate and civilise tbe people. All lhe means of public Instruction are lu the bunds of religious societies, which use every efforl to keep
ihe mil Ives iu ignorance, that they
may be llie mon- easily dominated and
oppressed.   The people are robbed llntt
none mny accumulate property enough
to send their children away to be educated. Il Is through the few that have
been seut abroad that the late revolutions have been encouraged, and the
natives made to ie«li/.e the tyranny
and despotism of Spain.
The American people lack something
of a quality which Is certainly good for
the general community that of teuin*-
Ity lu the defence of the small Individ
uul rights which the greater rights ttl'U
sometimes found lo depend ou In the
end. The Auierlcail Is apt lo nsk himself, "Will it pay" to resist nu Infringement upon his rights? If II Is not lil*..--
ly to "pay" he usually submits tu the
outrage. Englishmen, ou Ihe other
hand, are tenacious of their rights ns
against corporatIons or public servants, even at grenl eost lo themselves.
Frenchmen van also mi occasion show
a like spirit. A good example of It has
lately beeu brought to the public attention in Paris. A business man, forced
by a misadventure to wait nu hour nud
a half at a railway station, took up the
table of rates nnd charges, which the
railroad company wns required to keep
open to the public. He found tlmt the
advertised facu for the trip he was
about to mako v>as twenty-nine francs
and ninety-live centimes, whereas the
fare usually exacted was thirty francs.
Wben he bought bis ticket hu offered
twenty-nine francs and ninety-live cf-n-
tllties; the tigelil refused to give hlm a
ticket. He paid thirty francs under
protest, uud nfter his return lo the city
demanded tho return of tho excess -
about one cent in our money. The
company refused to refund It. He
sued the railroad company for restitution, und won his cose. The company
appealed, uud tbe tlrst decision was
sustained. The ease was then carried
to the Court of Cassation, the highest
court open to It. Again the decision
wus iu the clthten's favor; the company
was ordered to restore the cent to him.
nnd to lower Its fare to the prescribed
figure. Tbe litigation cost the company
more than three thousand francs, anil
the citizen about a thousand. He had
vindicated n principle, and no doubt
considered himself well repaid. The
citizen would perhaps In onr country
be called "a kicker," but he was kicking in the service of the community,
and the community owes hlm Its slu
cere thanks for his self-sacrifice.
China hns at last mude Its flrst concession to nn American company. The
Decretory of State has received notice
that thu American China Development
Company htm been permitted to build a
railroad from Hankow on the Yung
tsc-Klang Itiver to Canton In the Province of (juong-Tuiig, and thence to the
■ea. Thc line will be 000 miles long
and will run through provinces tributary to a population of nearly 1*0,000,-
000 people. The company now Is negotiating for extensions to the main line,
which tt Is also believed will be granted. With a view of enabling the Chinese ultimately to construct and operate railways the Amerfcnn-Chlua Development Company is to establish a
school of practical Instruction In railways, where Chinese shall be educated
ln questions relating to railway construction, operation, and management.
AU materials and apparatus for the
proposed rond nre to enter the Chinese
empire free of duty, In a manner similar to that adopted In the case of the
railway now running west from Tlen-
Tsln, The granting of this concession
serves to emphasize the Importance of
our recent operations at the Philippines. 	
The conditions at Australia and the
Philippines show thc differences In the
methods of government practiced by
Great Britain and Spain. In Australia
practically the same civilised conditions exist as In England, and everything that can be done to reform the
natives Is being done. But there are
no cities In Europe that are more finely built than Sydney uud .Melbourne or
which enjoy a higher civilization.   In
The Koreans are exhibiting the wildest delight over the announcement that
their king Is about to marry. This act
on his part menus more to those people than Is commonly supposed by
such as nre Ignorant of Borne nf the
curious customs of that people. The
king takes precedence In all matrl-
mouinl affairs, for so long as tho king
Is single uo marriage may take place in
his domains among his subjects. All
good Koreans, therefore, who obey the
letter of the law religiously nnd patriotically postpone their weddings until
the kiug hus taken a spouse uuto himself. Among the common people this
law Is not strictly obeyed, but among
the nobility und thc better class of
people no one would think of marrying before tbe king, ns such a violation
of the law would cause the offender to
lose caste. But marriages are arranged
In Korea without reference to the parties to lt, and "falling lu love" Ik a
thing of which a Korean Is never
guilty. Since the murder of the queen,
some two years or more ago, none of
the members of good families have
married, and the people, more than a
year since, became so impatient for
the king to wed that tbey expressed
their discontent openly. The king's advisers made known to bim the dissatisfaction among bis subjects, nud he began the work of bunting up a wife.
Although he Is over 00 years of age
his choice was the daughter of a nobleman who had not reached her sixteenth
year. His ministers objected to the
king making that kind of a fool of himself, since it Is against the time-honored
customs of the empire for the king to
take a wife so many years his Junior.
The advice of the ministers prevailed,
but while thc king abandoned the
maiden he could not be Induced to look
with favor upon any «f tho others
whom tils advisers presented for his
selection. This set the people again In
a rage, and Iinally the king delegated
to his advisers the power of selecting
a wife for him without his interference. This selection bus beeu made,
and tbe future queen of Korea Is reported to be very liniidHoiue. according
ti) Asiatic Ideas of beauty, and about
3D year of age.
O Love's star, over Eden,
How [iale aud taint ibou art!
New lusl, now seen above, '
Thy white rays point tud dart.
0 tender o'er her move,
Sliiue out nud take my part!
1 have seat her the ruse uf love,
And shut in the ruse iu my heart
The fireflies glitter nnd rush
In ihe dark nt (he summer mead}
Pale ua the hawthorn bush.
Bright OU the larkspur seed;
And imiK is heaven iillual]
To give iny rose God-speed
If she breathe a kiss, it wilt blush;
If she bruise a leaf, it will bleed*
O bright star over Eden,
All beautiful thou art;
To-day, In tlie ruse, the rose.
Pur my love 1 have periled my heart;
Now eye the dying glows
from the placid isles depart,
The rose-bathed planet knows
It is hers, my ruse, my heart!
soul I
Cuts fop Ilahhlla.
Cuts huve served heretofore hs a sub
stltute for rabbits, .No partlriilitr colli'
plaint was made In Paris against the
substitution until recently. I-'or some
reason there bus arisen n great outcry against the slaughter of marketable
cuts, nud French Ingenuity has been
taxed to supply the deficiency, This
Is found In a particular breed of African monkey, and these animals are
being Imported Into France In large
numbers to furnish tbe basis for ruble
de llevre—broiled bucks of rabbits,
Tbe African monkeys lend themselves
very readily to the disguise, as tbeir
backs are very fat and fleshy, Rali-
blts, under any culinary treatment, are
food. They are mainly valuable ns
strengthened of sauce and soup
stocks. For this purpose they are superior almost to any other sort of game.
—New York Sun.
Tobaooo as a Bnrometer.
A plug of tobacco Is ns good a bnrometer as any one needs. As long as the
weather Ib to be fine the tobacco will
be dry, and If there Is not too much
sugar aud licorice In It It will crumble
like bark. But Just before rnln the tobacco will get damp and flexible, nnd
tbe moisture In the air will make It almost clammy.
Time   and
court plaster    heal    ull
OI,.\ VEJAIt, simple child of a
elcSS race, believed in her very
that wealth would outweigh
In the heart uf Antonio Mascavel the
beauty of Itefugio Garflas, great nud
renowned though that might be.
Therefore, and for this only, did she
sigh for riches and bate the poverty
with which Providence had sect tit to
curse her. For Sola wns not beautiful,
save for the beauty that some find In a
firm chin aud a powerful mouth, a wide
forehead and deep eyes overset with
mighty brows—which may have their
charm for the student of his kind, but
not for a lover, aud, least of all, for a
Mexican lover.
Antonio .Mascavel preferred the type
of Itefugio—small-featured, red-tipped,
soft-eyed, graceful, and lovely as a
dark Venus. Aud his opinion was also
that of the surrounding country, of the
city of Los Angeles, nnd the mission of
Suu Gabriel. The fame of the daughter of Garflas bud spread even amoug
the Americans, nnd when strnngers
asked to lie shown a beautiful Mexican, they were taken to the house of
Garflas, upon the outskirts of Soaora
town. So It mny be supposed that Itefugio had lovers. They enme from far
and near, and from every rank of California life. There was au American
whose fortune was vast nnd ns generously spent ns fortunes were In tbe early fifties; there wns nn Englishman
with a determination to have her at
any cost, even at that of a few llves—a
tendency of character which accounted
for his presence lu the States and for
his expatriation; there was a priest who
wus eating out his wretched soul for
her. nud who had so far fallen from
grace ns to hnve told her so; there were
Innumerable Mexicans, ranchers, shopkeepers, desperadoes, and gamblers. All
followed tamely aud suppllnutly lu Refugio's train.
But she loved only Mascavel. She admitted It at Inst to Senor Garflas, wheu
that wiry little creature demanded that
she make a choice. The senor was
aghast. The possibility of It had not
occurred to hlm.
"Antonio Mnsenvol." he suld. "But
you do not know hlm.''
Refugio uodded tier little head. "Sl,"
she snid.
"Where have you seen him?"
She was uot minded to tell of the
meetings in the willow-hidden bed of
the urroyo, so she held ber peace.
"But the mnn Is a bad character. He
Is a gambler."
Still Itefugio was silent. There must
be better arguments than faults, vices,
or crimes to bring ngnlnst the unanswerable oue thnt a woman loves.
Of this Senor Garflas became grad-
tuilly aware after he bad protested for
hours and for days, and after finding
that despite his prohibitions, despite
close supervision, bis fair daughter and
Mascavel were In constant communication.
Then he bunted out Antonio hlniBelf
where he sat pluylng at cards lu the
bar-room of the Lafayette, and he
pleaded with him, courteously uud respectfully, for Mascavel was a big
man and a desperate one. But he, too,
answered thnt lie loved, and wheu alt
was snid and done, It had gone no farther than this, that they both loved,
and that wisdom might stand aside.
Garflas weut with his baffled hopes
to Senor Vejar—the brother of Sola.
Thc house of Vejar—a two-ronied adobe
which had never been whitewashed—
stooil several hundred yards farther
north along the road thnn that of Garflas. lt was the last one before the
open country, nml had no neighbors.
Senor Vejar wns much younger than
Gurllus. He tmd the same mighty brow
nnd powerful mouth thnt made his sister hideous to a nice that loves all
things gentle nud gracious. He was
one of those who pined for Refugio, but
her father did not know this. So he
told hlm the whole story of his thwarted will ami plans, nml Implored advice
as be mnde a cigarette.
"If It were not for tlie cursed laws of
(be tirlngues; If things were as they
woro in my youth) 1 could force my
own daughter to marry the   mau   i
pleased," he said.
Vejar shook his head. "Vou can not
do tlmt," he answered.
"What, then, shall I do?" Garflas
was moved to the point or tears. They
hung on bis long black lashes and dropped on his old blue overalls.
The situation wns too complicated to
be set straight iu a moment. It was
not simplified by Vejar's having bis
own suit and chances to consider. "I
can not advise you nt once," he said: "I
will think and will help you, If I can, In
the morning." He took counsel wttb
his sister when Gtu fins hnd ridden
"Oh!" snarled Soln, "the love of Antonio! A thousand dollars would bury
It so deep that It would ucver rise
"Vet," said her brother, not trader-
standing womnn, "you would be glad
to have It."
The deep eyes shone. She shrugged
her shoulders. "Ves, I would he glad
to have It. And I could hnve It for a
thousand dollars—perhaps less."
"At that cost you must be content to
go without It. What advice shall 1
give to Don Garflns?"
"How should I kuow? Let hlm see
lo his own troubles, and be glad that
your sister Is not so beautiful tbat yuu
have uo peace because of her."
It wns long after dark when a horse
stopped at Vejar's adobe. Vejar had
been asleep. He Jumped up and went
to the door. He had his finger oo the
trigger of his revolver. A man stood
under the broken-down rnmada. Before he spoke, the Mexican had seen by
the moonlight that he was a Gringo.
They talked together In low tones until
Sola Joined them, rubbing her eyes and
moving noiselessly, with her bare feet,
across the dirt floor.
"This man," said her brother, "Is an
American. He snys he bus ridden atl
day to get Into Los Angeles beforo
night, but his horse went lame. It Is
so bad now that he enn go no farther,
aud ho wishes to stay here until moru-
"Let hlm stay," suld Sola, not too
graciously. "He cau have my bed. I
cannot sleep."
Vejar grunted lu much contempt.
"Mascavel does not Ile awake for you,"
he suld.
Sola made uo answer. She accepted
the fact She put the American upon
the blauket-covered willow boughs that
she culled her bed. Her brother tied
the horse beside hts own In the roofless adobo outhouse, and fed It some
liny. He did nothing for Its lame foot.
Tlie suffering of a dumb brute Is a
matter of utter Indifference to a Mexican, when tt Is not cause for laughtr.
The American was a mere youth.
Sola saw thut when the patch of moonlight finally worked around to where
be lay. He was so still that she began
to think bu might be dead. So Bhe rose
from where she snt upou the floor, leaning agatust the wall, and went near to
Bee If he were breathing. It seemed
that he slept very lightly, for he started up, with his left hand upon his belt
and Ills right baud upon his revolver.
"Vou were bo still I thought you
might be dead," Bald Sola, lu her deep,
placid voice, full of the Indian sweetness of sound. He took his hand from
the weapon and lay back shamefacedly, lt was only a woman, a thick-set,
lazy, good-hearted Mexican, He bad
not been able to see her face, and he
did not kuow that the comfortless pallet was her bed. He turned on It aud
fell asleep again. But Sola was thinking, .bong after her brother was
dreaming In the next room sbe crouched, looking Into the darkness with her
great wide eyes—seeing nothing. And
in her brain ran the clink of the coins
as the young Gringo had put bis hand
to his belt. There was a purpose ln her
unflinching mind. That she debated It
therein wus due only to ber uncertainty as to how many coins had clinked,
ns to whether there were enough to
buy Antonio Mascavel. Five hundred
dollars would do lt—for a time. After
that he might kill her; or be might let
her live and go away with Refugio—
which would be worse. He 'was a
gambler through and through, and
none the less so because of being luckless. A few hundred dollars In actual
cash would present to him unlimited
possibilities of the wealth that It might
win. And there Is always the poor
chance, ln a woman's mind, thnt the
mnn may learn to love as she loves.
He might forget Refugio; or Bhe might
marry some one else.
Fifteen minutes later she went into
tho room where her brother lay upou
a bed like ber own. Sbe roused hlm
with her bare foot. Ho turned with n
sleepy grunt.
"Get up nnd come here," she suld.
She was uot a capricious creature, lt
was her way to do little, but that In
dogged earnest. So Vejar sprang up
aud went with her. She stopped beside tbe bed and pointed down to the
"I have killed hlm," she snid.
Vejar made uo answer. He did not
"I have killed him," she repeated.
"You take hlm away and bury him "
It fiashed upon Vejar that what hfs
sister snid wns true. He was frightened. He dropped dowu beside thc
body aud dragged It Into the streak uf
"Take care," Sola warned hlm; "If
there Is blood on the floor lt can be
Been. I cau burn the blanket that Is
ca the bed; ami no oue saw him come."
Vejar let the body full, and stood up
facing her. She could see the dreadful
light lu his eyes, but she did not care.
"Vou can turn his horse loose and lt
will never be known," Bhe said, Indifferently. "He had money. There Is
eight hundred dollars. I have counted
It. Autonlo will marry me for thnt."
Vejar struck her down with a blow
on the breast. She eat upon the floor as
quietly as tf she were basking lu the
sun, dreaming the eterual Mexican
"If you hit me again, I shall say thai
you did It. They would believe me."
Vejar stood thinking, with the bod}
and the woman at his feet. He knew
that Bhe was right The Grlngoei
would believe a womnn. It was thi
custom of the fools. She held bis lift
In her hard, broad hands, and sin
would give it for thu sake of thc soft
eyed gambler as calmly, as relentless
ly ns sho had given that of tbe bo-
between them.
He carried the body out and burled I
before dawn, far from the adobe, ant
so skillfully that there were no tracei
of the spot. Then hu turned the hum
horse 'ooBe, aud I'. wandered Into tht
For the snke of the forty gold pleeei
that were Soln Vejar's dowry that slit
hod come by, he did uot nsk how—noi
care that conjured up visions of limitless wealth to be won, Antonio Mas
cavel consented to take her and let tht
ungllded beauty of Refugio Garflas go.
Many Americana disappeared In
thoBe days, and were never accounted
for. It was so with the one who had
started from the San Fernando district
to Los Angeles, foolishly carrying a
large amount of gold in his belt—somo
said moro than a thousand dollars.
The sheriff and a posse searched and
did not And him; that was all.
Anto-ilo lived with Sola for a year,
and she wns happy—through no fault
of his. His luck turned, and he won,
with her nest-egg, the fortune he had
dreamed of. Having done so, he left
her and went across the border.
For a long time Sola mourned, sullenly and deeply; then—Vejar having
been killed at a round-up by ou enraged steer—she took up her abode
with Refugio, and became a devoted
and patient nurse to her children.
For Refugio hnd married the rich
American, and had long since forgiven
the defection of Mascavel and tho
woman who had caused It—Gweudolo/
Overtoil, lu Uk Argonaut.
They Are the Bravest Foe** with Whom
Spain lint Had to Deal.
Cuban men lu arms frequently present themselves for pardon. No Cuban
woman has ever been known to barter
fealty for mercy. There are traltorB In
Cuba, but tbey are never women.
Under the Weyler regime Havana
was full of devoted women, reared In
Indolence and luxury, who were tireless In their successful efforts to get
word from one scattered rebel band to
another, uud to send them food, medicines uud clothing. These women were
far better eouslprators than their fathers aud brothers, for Cubau meu must
talk, and therefore rarely hatch a plot
before It Is revealed. The women In
that country, at least, seemed to know
the value of silence. They Bald little of
wnr, even among themselves, but to
Americans they were singularly con tiding. This lusttintaneous nml perfect
trust wus ut times startling, and made
one breathe u fervent prayer that It
might never bu betrayed. It led to
many strange experiences that could
l>e treated us news and sent tu a dally
Journal, for the required publication nf
names would have tended to swell the
already overcrowded und vile quarters
for women In the Island Jails and prls
ons. Beautiful and deliciitu seuorltus
would Impulsively dress up In boys'
clothes tn Illustrate to Americans bow
they stole out ut night to the near-by
haunts of lover or brother In tlie "Loug
Grass," ns the Insurgents' camps were
called; how they secreted food iu false
pockets; how letters whose envelopes
had been dipped lu Ink were hidden In
their black hair; how medicines were
curried lu canes, and cloth for clothes
or wounds concealed lu the lining of
their coats. One girl, disguised as a
vender, had frequently carried to tbe
woods dynamite lu egg shells deftly put
together. Sbe has had many thrilling
experiences, but ber narrowest escape
was wben a Spanish soldier by the roadside Insisted ou taking from the basket
an egg, to let Its contents drop In n hot
and ready pan. He was with difficulty
persuaded to forego the meal. The
dynamite was made hy another woman,
who carefully obtained the Ingredients
at various times and at widely scattered drug stores.
A Ureat Fire Dog.
The following story can be vouched
for, and lu recognition of the timely
action of the dog, tbe Alllauce Assurance Company, with whom the premises were Insured, have awarded a silver medal to Zulu, fully realising his
sagacity In preventing whnt would
otherwise have been a disastrous Are,
with considerable danger to the occupiers of the house. Zulu, who sleeps
In the basement of a large house In a
fashionable quarter of one of our largest cities, was early one Sunday morning lately roused by an outbreak of
fire, which hud apparently been smoldering for some time between the floor
of the dining-room and celling of the
room below. He, after repeatedly
scratching at tbe bedroom door of one
of the servants, succeeded In waking
her. Thinking the dog must be unwell,
she let him into her room, and got Into
bed again, but was not allowed to sleep,
as Zulu, sitting close by her bedside,
kept "talking" to ber (as she describes
It) so vigorously thnt she suspected
something must be wrong. On getting
up tlie dog appeared so delighted that
she followed him out of the room, and
oa looking Inlo oue of the rooms discovered the ceiling burning.
Upon rousing the owner of the house,
who Immediately bad the fire alarm
rung (which wns fortunately close at
baud), Zulu, seeming to know he hnd
done his duty, rushed upstairs to his
mistress, awl left the house with the
children, evidently satisfied that he bad
fulfilled his part On the fire brigade's
arrival It was found that the fire had
taken serious hold, and only required
more air (which would have beeu given
In another ten minutes hy tbe collapse
of the hearthstone, et cetera), to burst
Into flame In several places. The damage by heat nnd nmuke ivns very great,
and hnd air been admitted nothing
could have saved tbe entire dwelling,
as the Joists between the flooring were
burning from end to end of the room.
A New Type  Brought  About by Oar
War with Fpain.
With a bound the military girl hns
sprung Into fashlou, One of her ways
Is the temporary abolition of tbe kiss—
bo fnr ns other girls are concerned.
Meeting her dearest friend, she salutes
ln a true army wny. Sbe does uot
grab her or remark, "Vou dear thing!"
Thu arms of both girls ure rnised
promptly to tliulr lints, aud then Bhoved
out with a quick movement. Theu they
are dropped to their sides uud stay
The walk of the military girl Is
marked by a firm step forward, a rather
longer step than usual, aud the shoulders arc held well back, the heud steadily up, wlih tho eyes looking straight
forward, and the chest is thrown well
out. This new type of girl when she
turns swings around cleanly uu her
heels, for all the world like a genulue
army man.
The uew military conversation, or
rather the host of military phrases,
heard these days Is exceedingly Interesting. A girl returns from some shopping expedition. Before the war was
started sbe would have Bald very simply; "111 go up and tell mother nbout
lt." Now her phrase Is. "I'll go and
give the countersign lo mother." Or,
telling a Bister to say such and such
to her father, she will say, "Heport to
"Advance Into the other room," is
the proper way to put It now, nud, Instead of speaking of going up or down
stairs you should say, If you would be
really In form nowadays, "I'm going
aloft," or "I'm going below."
Betaking one's self to one's downy
couch Is expressed by the words, '-'I'm
going to turn lu," and on the street,
when two, or three or four girls nre
walking together, there are often to be
beard these words of eominaud, "Right
about face!" and "Forward, march!''
Pro oiiglng % Holiday.
A soldier Bends a contemporary a
story of one of his comrades, a private,
who recently found himself an inmate
of a military hospital. Immensely
pleased with his altered conditions, and
blissfully conscious that his pay was
steadily running on, he felt positively
grieved one morning to tlud himself
feeling as well as ever he bad done.
The doctor paid hla usual visit with
the clinical thermometer, which found
a resting pluee under Tommy Atkins'
tongue. While the physician's attention was distracted, however, the lu-
strumeut wns gently transferred to a
basin of hot ten standing near, and,
nfter a few moments, deftly returned,
and finally handed back with the mercury rigid at oue hundred aud twenty.
"Great Heavens!" exclaimed the doctor, aghast, his professional calmness
ruddy shattered, "You ought to be
stone dead, man; nobody was known
to live at anything like that! (let quick
to bed; your case is a desperate oue!"
Machine Cor Flue Writing.
A machine has been Invented which
Is composed of exquisitely graduated
wheels rubbing a tiny diamond point
at Ihe end of nu almost equally tiny
arm, whereby one Is able lo write upon
glass Ibe whole of the Lord's prayer
within a space measuring no more
than the dot over the letter "I" In common print A specimen of this marvelous microscopic writing wns enlarged by photography aud every letter and
point was perfect and could be read
with ease.
Qen, Wesley Merritt line Won the
Heart of a Handsome Chicago Girl.
Miss Laura Williams; or Chicago
whose betrothal to Hen. Wesley Merritt was announced recently, nnd
whose marriage will take place on the
General's returu from tht; Philippines.
Is a handsome and attractive young
woman of 20. Her hair and complexion are very light, and she Is tall and
slender. She is fond of borsibnck riding, bicycling, golf, aud outdoor sports,
and Is very wealthy. Miss Williams
Is a granddaughter of the late John D.
Caton, who left nn Immense fortune
and made ber one of his principal heirs.
Her father, Norman Williams, founded the Chicago Telephone Company
and the Eastern Electric Company, lie
drew up the papers forming the Pull
man Palace Car Company, uml wus n
There are forty varieties of the tobacco plant.
A Chinaman eats twice as much meat
is a Japanese.
Bootblacks are seldom Been on the
itreets of Berlin.
In the whole of Greece there are only
152 newspapers.
A Kaffir's religion consists mostly la
ringing and dancing.
In India there Is a fly which attacks
tnd devours large spiders.
Silver money 250 years old Is still la
irculatlon In some parts of Spain.
A map of Jerusalem In mosaic, over
1,000 yean old, has been found ln Pal*
••at Ine.
The River Jordan makes the greatest
descent In the shortest distance of almost any stream.
Massnchusetts contemplates tbe ex-
iwndituro of $2,000 for tiie Illumination
jf the dome of the Statu house,
It Is estimated that at least 1,000,000
.miitutu of rubber Is annually used In
the uiunufncture of bicycle tires.
The average duration of human life
In European countries Is greatest la
Sweden aud Norwuy aud lowest lu It-
ily and Austria.
Admission to Holy rood palace and
?hapel will hereafter Iw free, the British government having decided to dls-
Tontluue tlie taking of fees.
Italy hns fotlowed New York's lead In
tight lug the spitting habit. Notices In
many streets and railroad cars request
passengers to abstain ou the grounds
>f decency ami health.
Mr. Lea of Worcestershire sauce
fame, left au estate of 13,350,000; his
partner, Perrln, left uearly as much.
They began life as druggists In a small
way In an English country town.
Minister, In Westphalia, has a public
school which has just celebrated tbe
1,100th anniversary ot Its foundation.
It la tbe St. Paul gymnasium, and waa
originally a convcut school.
One French citisen Is doing his best
to save his country from depopulation.
A new recruit In Paris startled the enrollment board by announcing that he
was the thirty-fourth child of bis
Skillfully Managed.
Not long ago, a young and handsome
man was appointed as chief of one ol
the bureaus In a department of tha
French Government where women
clerks are In a large majority. From
the moment he assumed control Mr. X
was annoyed by hts feminine subordinates, who sought every -excuse to visit
him and lodge complaints or report
silly gossip about some of their number, ln desperation he appealed to tba
head of the department, but that functionary told him he must settle the difficulty himself or resign. The disturbances continued, aud seemingly the
young chief paid no attention to the reports snd gossip. But at the end of the
month he assembled his clerks and
read aloud to them a record of tbe complaints he had received and by whom
made. "1 do this," he explained, "with
the hope that as Boon as yon know of
what you are Individually accused, you
will endeavor to correct your faults and
thus aid me In making of this a model
bureau." He retired from the room,
leaving a crowd of Irate women wbo
were as angry at each other as with
him. Since that time Mr. X has not
been molested, and none of tbe clerks
are on speaking terms with each other.
No t- pan Iih for Her.
Mabel—So you aud Edward have
broken ofT? What ever eould huve happened?
Gertrude-We got to talking about
Porto Itlco and he criticised my pronunciation of San Juan, so I told htm
I believed he was part Spaniard anyway, and after that, of course, It was
Impossible for us to ever be anything
but strangers.
River Nile Not Destructive.
The River Nile has Its rises, but those
that do mischief are uot frequent. During the laat 1,000 years there has been
only one sudden rise of the Nile, tlmt
of 1829, when 80,000 people were
A small boy says the proper time to
gather fruit Is when the dog Is chained,
HI.-iB I.At't,A   WlI.I.lAMB.
Ex-United SUteB Senator "Corro Gordo" WilliuniB is slowly dying at his home
in Mount Sterling, Ky.
Ths Cheapest, most oomfortahl* aad direct routs from Kaslo to all points la
Canada and ths United States.
Ths only Has running through Tourist
Cars to Toronto, Montreal and Boston.
Through Tourist Cars tu St. Paul daily.
Travsl by this line and have your bag-
guga shacked through to deatlastioa.
delegate to the Paris Electrical Kxpo
Bltion In 1882. Despite tlie disparity
lu the ages of Gen. Merritt and his betrothed, he being over 110, It ts a case
of genuine tove ou both sides.
A Verbal Struggle,
Fifty long untnes have been Invented
and used for the apparatus by which
photographs from n succession of pictures are thrown on a screen nud made
to appear as moving flgures. "Bio-
graph" and "motograph" nre thc simplest. "Punoramograph" and "chrouo-
photographoscope" are among the longest "Cinematograph" and "klneto-
scope" are among thc most common In
use. "Phoutoscope" nnd "vltogruph"
are the most poetical sounding. "Theat-
ograph" and "motorBcope" nre not bad.
Whnt "lobBterBcope" and "cormlno-
graph" are derived from uo one but the
Inventors know. Here Is a flue chance
for the struggle for existence among
fifty words. May the best word win
and the fittest survive.—Hartford Cour-
Organ Played by Electricity.
Electricity Is used to operate a newly
deslgued pipe orgau, thu keys closing
circuits, which operate magnetic colls.
to control the air valves, and the stops
being operated by switches arranged
above the keyboard.
Ancle.it Keys at Metal.
Keys of bronze and Iron have been
found In Greece and Italy dating from
at least the seventh century before
Dally connection from Kaslo excepting
Sunday at T:IOa. ra.
For full information call en or address
Traveling Passenger Agt.,
Or Nslscn, B. 9.
R, J.  COY Li.
District Psasenger Agent,
Vancouver, B. 0.
The surveyor's chain
made it the shortest
transcontinental route.
It U the most modern In equipment.
It la ths heaviest railed line,
lt has a ro !■ k-bii ll nut roadbod.
It crosses no sand deserts.
It was built without land grant or rov-
•rnment aid.
It le noted for tha courtesy of Its employes.
It la the only Una serving meals on the
la carta plan.
For maps, tlekets and complete information call on or address International
Navigation A Trading Company agents,
K. A 8. railway agents, or
Kontenay connection at ikimier'i Kerry Ida ,
Huiiilay ami Wednesday.
Westward i„ui.a
Baitward 1.30 p.ta
C. Q. DIXON, General A soat,
•pokane. Wash.
r. L WHITNIT, a. P. * T. A.,
■t Paul Mktt. Was Prostrated
A Victim of Distressing Sl-sk Mead-
achea Finds Relief.
"Vor nearly 80 years l was subject to sick
headaches wnioh at times, completely pros-
trated me. I wus Induced tu try ilnmi'-.
Bamapurillu, und ufti-r taking a few bottles
I wus entirely free front Blck headaches
and I have Bad no rectirreuce uf thein
since."—-Mrs. tt. A. Surni, Box MS, Walla
Walla, Wash, Remember
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine.   $1; six lor la.
Hood's Pl'ta ours all liver tils.   2ft cents.
A Great Comfort in Hot Weather ol
i,iiii«* Cost*
If housekeepers knew tin* comfort to ho
secured during the similiter from window
awnings nil would huve thom even though
* Hume personal Bacrllleo wus needed   to
meet the lighl expense, it one buys tlio
regular Iron frames Hint mn be raised
WllCII  Ulil   needed   for prolC'-flou, llllil   LllO
reiidy made awning cloth, thoy nre ratlier
ex pods) ve, but very snltefuctory mien can
be mnde ul li o nl  litlh- cost by Uk*
in;' (Hie inch strips of lumber lung onoligli
in roaoh from llie tup of llm window
flit mo two-thirds Hie length of llie window, with Uie extension strips about, two
fuet long nml a cross -.trip lis long us llie
window casing te wide,   'rhe Hide frames
ure nailed, one ou eaeli side of the window frame at the top, nt Sticll an angle
Hint Hie lower ends can he nailed to one
end of the extension strips, the other
end of which is nailed to the side uf llie
window case. The othor or fifth strip
being1 fastened across at each end of the
hmg strips where they join the extension strips lo hold them iu place and
make the frame mure solid. When complete the frame reaches from the lop of
tlie Window down to about twn-iliirds of
its depth extending outward at least two
feet below, lt is then ready lor the cover
which may be made of heavy unbleached
inustin, one long, st might strip down the
center with a long triangular strip down
each side, the senilis coming down over
the side frames, Thia effectually excludes
lhe sun and at the same time admits of
a free circulation of the air. One can
hardly believe what a difference it will
iiinkc in the temperature of a room if th
sun shines full upon thc windows nud
having been once used, none would ever
willingly be without them again.
One of the novel ideas of decorative
effect in Japan is to catch fireflies, keep
them in a cage or box of wire until guests
arrive, and then release them in the gar
Is due not only to tbe originality and
simplicity of tbe combination, but also
to the care nnd skill with which It is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California. Fm Svk.it
Co. only, and wc wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by tbe California Fio Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
Imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the Camfoknia Fio aSviitii' Co, with the medical profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It Is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on Hie kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weakening them, und it docs not gripe nor
nauseate. Inordertogetits beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Com puny —
san rlt.ueisco, c«t,
llm unffi Wad, Mc ,,9lnd)rid)Un",
In toldit S\ n|f finmfiihiTit, in bflltil ttbti-
l)fi uedi r .it -riiiigntb bcfniint roiir, ftnbcn
ndr rfl u.'ii pit en bis jttlti 1. .Vtmuu* 181)9
frti an (die tlifftllant, wt\A)t file boo miditit
Sain nu rr( .',■ oiniriitt-n tecrben itnb brn
Vttoaa. bnjiir, 12.00, jeljt ittrfiibcn. Wan
lafit fid} Vrolie •Jciiinituni fdjirfrn.
(ieitmn I'ubliibiiift Co., Portland, Or.
!■ It Wrong?
Get It Right
Keep It Right
Hoors'i R«*f»l«a Krirasilr wllldolt, TbrfM
•lent will make rou (eel better. Gtt tt Iron
itur drufffiit or any wholeialtdroi taousa, si
IrtmSMwsrt A Holmes Drug Co., Beatlls.
aa***%V**SII   1 HJl*,OB''""""
II fl II IVI l.aniiAM 11
-aaafjF ■      ■ mtw I W ■aiopp.d stoma
P.. I.e. Ilom.n.m Inb.UtBldf.UlilcuK.lli
H. K. V.                                        No. ilS, 'OH
JLmm.j.1111 ■■jji.JL
Notfptlutlou ftvo said to be going op between Frauce and spnlu whereby
France Ik to secure territory on the coast of Morogca directly opposite
Britain's formidable ami famous rock of Gibraltar.' thus competing with
Ureat Britain fur control nf llie entrance to the Mediterranean, Ruisla te
credited wllli having agreed to the ur range ment, nud Spain's compensation
Is to be (Trance's support In the war against the Dulted Stntes.
How  the  Fbuioii*   Olil   Htutcaman  In
KpeiullitK HU PcilliiitiK luiym.
Evory evening after dtuner an old
man Kits at the library window in Ute
liuiiilHuiiie white sloue botlBO, in K
street, Washington, nnd wiitclie,-* the
people as they pass along the street
or gazes abstractedly at tlio beautiful
park ncross the way, says a correspondent, lie holds a cigar In his blind,
but he seems to smoke little, lie sits
there quietly till the man comes In to
turn ou the lights. Then be gets up
and seals himself by the table covered
With the papers of Hie day and his favorite books, or goes upstairs to join
his family In the sitting-room. This Is
John Sherman, the statesman who has
been a conspicuous figure In tbe affairs of the nntlon for more than two
score years, nnd is now entering upou
a period of well-earned rest.
An old neighbor or a distant relative
**an nlways find the wny through the
tuning-fork) within tbo range of the
Bounds eiuiiied by the female, in other words, liiiir and drums Just answer
to one another. We may. therefore,
reasonably conclude that the feiiialc
Blngs In order to please nud attract her
wandering mate, nnd thut the anteii-
uau of the male are organs of bearing
which calcli nnd respond lo the bus-
King music she pours forth for ber
lover's enrs. A whole swarm of gnats
can be brought down, indeed, by uttering ibe appropriate note of tbe
race; you can call them somewhat as
you can call male glowworms by showing u light which they mistake for the
female.—Strand Magazine.
Cm hi well'* Men lined  Tbem with Terrible Effect tn a Battle ut Wincebj,
In tbe seventeenth century, when
Oliver Cromwell was*a power In England, agricultural implements were
turned into swords, und did a great
fle Repeated the Act of BU Mutt-ess la
Feedl'iff Another   Helm      Him.
| One of the passions which the horse
tnd tin* dug share wlili man Is that
: 'green-eyed monster" against which
[Othello was warned. A certain Ku-
(Dab retriever is so fond of children
:liat be will permit, without even
IrrowUng, one of them to take a bone
I iut uf his mouth, Vet the Bight of his
! master caressing BMtf *aiue child will
AUBe him to put his pawB on Ids inns
iter's legs ami Insert bis nose between
lhe father's arms and the child's body.
I At* for horses, no one familiar with
ihem will doubt tlil» story, (old by the
Sew York Observer:
[ lu a boarding stable In New York
;hera is n horse whose name is "Tatars." He is tbe pet of Mm. I)., who
►WW and drives bim; and It Is evident
[to ull who know them tlmt horse and
j iwner are very fond of each other.
Sbe always gives bim an apple or
inrrot before starting on a drive, and
mother on returning, tliu latter being
|tven after his bridle baa been remov-
id; and be has learned to wait patient-
y for Hie dainty until that I line.
on the same Iloor of the stable Is Mr.
Et.'s horse, "PJill." Mrs, D. used frequently to give nn apple to I'hll, after
living one to Tattem The latter would
manifest displeasure at this in a mild
way, but his demonstrations never
•vent beyond Hie .shaking of bis bead
ind laying back of bis ears.
But one evening, while Tatters, who
aad Just come in, was waiting for the
removal of Ills bridle, Phil, wbo was
ibead of btm, was the recipient of an
ipple from Mrs. D.'s hand, as sbe stood
talking to Mr. B.
A moment later Hie groom had removed Tatter's bridle, nnd nt once IiIb
mistress offered hint bis apple. lie
:urned bis bead awav, and refused to
•ouch the fruit. Mrs. D, followed htm
nto bis stall, and tried to coax hlm;
>ut he begau munching big buy, aud
ivould not look at her.
Then Mr. B., niid after bim the
groom, tried to Induce Tatters to tuke
:he apple, but to no purpose; be was
iurt because his mistress had given au
ipple to Phil before giving one to him,
ind he would not forgive the affront.
Ills owner's feelings were much like
.•hose of the horse, and she left the sta-
>le with tears In her eves. Before
*t art lug out the next dny, mbe had a
friend give a carrot Instead of uu apple
to Tatters, ln the hope Hint, If be iiml
not forgotten the unintended affront,
the carrot might break the association
with the apple.
He took the carrot eagerly. Then he
:ook one from his mistress's hand, and
rou may be sure she bus never since
then given apple or carrot to nuother
norse while Tatters wns iu sight.
A Total
Man Who
The Monitor, a newspaper published tit
Mealord, Out.. Canada, flrst discovered
this case two yeurs ago, and published It at
length. Which now seems, owllis to the
cure of It, to i«*» miracle. The facts were
bo remarkable tlmt many people doubted
the truth of them. They said; "It is too
remarkable;  it cannot possibly tie true*
the   jia|i*-r  is  mistaken,   and    llie   man.
although he y think hiiiistlf cured, will
boou relajise Into hia former condition,"
ne., eu: The accuracy of Its report called
into question .the Mtmitm determined to
bud out definitely whether the facts were
us Muted and u liether ilie mnn wi-uld ri'ii I -
IV titttl cured.     Ttiey  accordingly  kept u
close watch on the case for two peart after
the Iimt arm le appeared, and  have just
Claim of $1,650 Paid to a
Was Afterward Gored.
!*il bim frum opening liis mouth mffi*  Indeed I a\
ileutly wide to take solid loud.   'the doc-\ gate veu the Jtni
inul sclerosis, und        "
tetter health than whan I
Do vou still uttiiimte your run* to the
use ofDr. Williama' I'ink Pills'" salted
the Monitor,
•*Unquestionably I do." was the reply.
"Doctors had failed, aa bad also theuum-
in-us remedies recommended by my
frieuds. Nothing I look had the slightest
ett'ect upon nu- until I bei---.ii lhe use uf Pr.
Williams' I'ink Pllll h this wonderful
inrtli iut I om* my release fVom tht Using
tie- th, 1 have since recommended these
pills to many of mv friends. Mid the ver-
iu»ly through his body! did Is always in their favor, Isballalwaya
ble-ta the day I was induced to take them."
Huch is tbe history of one of tbe st remarkable cases of modern limes.  Can any
filled the disea
uii said he could not live.
For lime years In- lingered in thla condition. Then bv some frlenda he was advised
to lake Dr. Williama'fink VUlatur Pale People. He took them and there was a alight
change. Tlie Drat thfngtiutedwas otendeii-
iv ui sweat freelv. This showed there waa
some life left lu'hla belplssi body. Next
cume a little feeling in his limbs. Tins
extended, followed by pricking sensations,
until at lasl ill I began to course  freely.
naturally and vlj
ami the helplesBi
strength, tha ability i" walk returned, and
he was restored to hit old time health.
cold formality of Sherman's manner to
bis kindly heart.* Although .he will
probably make occasional visits to his
old home tn Ohio, Mr. Sherman will
continue to live In Washington. He
bos established his home there, ami bus
made large Investments hi real estate
and other Washington properties.
A Madrigali Not   n   Wnr Cry -llnw to
Catch tha finger,
You call best observe the mosquito
lu action by letting one settle undisturbed on Hie buck of your hand, and
waiting while she lllls herself With
your blood; you can easily watch her
doing so with a pocket Ions. I.Ike the
Old buly bt "Pickwick," she Is soou
"Swelling wlslbly." She gorges herself
with blood, Indeed, which sbe straightway digests, assimilates, and converts
Into 800 OggK. Hut If. while she Is
sucking, you gently nnd unobtrusively
tighten the skin of your band by
douching your list hard, yon will llnd
that sim cannot any longer withdraw
ber mandibles; tbey are caught fast lu
your tli'sii by their own harpoon like
teeth, and there she must stop accordingly till )'OU choose lo release ber. If
you then kill her In lhe usual inaiiiier,
liy a smart Ship of tbO band, you will
see that she is lllcrally full of blood,
having sucked u good drop of li.
The humming sound itseir hy which
tbe mosquito annouucei ber approach
lug visit Is produced in two distinct
manners, The deeper notes which go
lo make up her droning Bong tire, due
to the rapid vibration of tbe feuuile Insect's Wlugs as she tiles; and these vibrations tire found by means of n siren
(nn Instrument which measures the
frequency of the waves in notes) to
amount to about 11,000 lu u minute.
Tho mosquito's wings must therefore
move with this extraordinary rapidity,
which sufficiently accounts for the'difficulty we hnve Iu catching one. But
the higher and shriller notes of lhe
complex melody are due to special
strldulntlng organs situated like little
drums ou the openings of thc ulr tubes;
for the adult mosquito brent lies uo
longer by one or two nir entrances on
the tall or back, like the larva, but hy
a number of spiracles, na tbey nre
culled, arranged Iu rows along the
sides of the body and communicating
with the network of Internal nir chambers.
Tbe curious mosquito music thus
generntcd by the little drums serves almost beyond a doubt ns n means of attracting male mosquitoes, for It Is
known tbat the long hairs on tljo antennae of tho males vibrate sympathetically in unison with the notei of a
deal of damage. Cromwell fought a
great many battles, but oue of the
bloodiest of tbem wus the bnttle of
Witlccby. It wns at this contest between tbe Puritans and Royalists that
scythes were used, and some of tbe liu
pleuienls ttiat were wielded with such
terrible effect tire now lo be seen In
Hie church of St. Mary. Horucastle, as
depleted in tbe illustration,
It appears that the scythes were collected after the battle. Local history
records tbat a narrow road near Wince-
by Is -.[ill known ns "Slash Lane," owing to the numbers which fell on Hiis
memorable occasion. Over 600 were
slaughtered in oue place, owing to a
Kate being closed through which they
were attempting to pass. These scythe*
and hay knives, some of which yet ro-,
main In the shafts to which they were
affixed In order to render them the
more formidable ns weapons of defense, are placed against the wall, over
the north entrance, Inside St. Mary's
Church, and nre In a fair state of preservation,
B cycle In the Pulpit.
A queer story comes from Spring
field, Muss. A minister of Iimt city, It
Ih snid, received his bicycle as u present
from the company on condition that It
should be advertised by hlm from thu
pulpit. In order to fulfill his contract
he preached u sermon on "Sunshine
from Between the Wheels," nnd at the
Close he announced to his hearers the
name of Ihe wheel be rode nud advised
them to get only good ones.—Boston
Sometime-*. Independent, but llauulljr
Indicative of Disease l*.Ue where.
Headache Is sometimes an Independent affection, occurring as a symptom
it actual disease of some of the structures In the head Itself, tbe skin, bone,
nerves or bruin; but usually It Is a
symptom of a geueral conditiou, or of
tlsea.se lu some oue of tbe digestive or-
guus. lt occurs uliuoHt Invariably at
lome Btage, usually the begluiilng, of
the various fevers, uud often is the
?hlcf cause of complaint.
Apart from such cases, headache mny
be occasional only, ami Is then usually
traceable to Indiscretion lu eating or
Irlnklng, or possibly smoking, to exposure to the hot snn or a cold wind, to
overfatigue, want of sleep, or to some
other easily discoverable cause. Such
l headache is usually relieved by n cup
tt black coffee or a glass of carbonated
water containing perhaps a half-tea-
spoonful of bicarbonate of soda, followed by rest lu a darkened but cool
and well-aired room.
The habitual headache, which recurs
it more or less frequent Intervals, Is
more difficult to trace to Its cause, and
more difficult to cure. Such n hend-
sche may be due to eye-strain, to dyspepsia, constipation, mental overwork
iir worry, catarrhal trouble, disease of
tbe liver or kidneys, or It may be gouty
.n lis nature.
Gouty headache Is much more com-
Diou tban is usually supposed, and oc*
turs often In those who have no other
• li,']) of the disease. It Is, perhaps, the
jiost frequent kind of headache lu per-
tons over thirty years old.
Iu children aud young persons persistent headache may often be traced
to eye-strain. This headache comes on
i sua Ily In the afternoon, after thc eyes
tuid beeu used for rending or study,
jud grows steadily worse until even-
In cases of persistent headache, attention should tlrst be paid to the digestive organs; coffee, tea and alcoholl?
jrluks should be excluded, tbe amount
it meat reduced, and the bowels regu-
lated. Smokers should be very nioder-
Ite, or, bettor still, stop smoking entirely for n time. If, afler n faithful trial,
these precautious result lu no Improvement, the sufferer should consult an
jritllst to determine whether eye strain
may not be Die cause of the trouble.
Iu no case should domestic dosing
with advertised "headache cures" be
indulged In, ns the contluital use of
these preparations Is apt to lend to the
formation of a drug habit, difficult. If
not Impossible! to cure.—Youth's Companion,
Farm Signboards.
Farmers will be Interested In a practical Idea suggested by one of tbe editors of tbe Michigan Knrnier. Ile advises the erection of n farm signboard,
of planed and mulched lumber, surrounded by a molding, with tbe nnme
of the farm nud Its owner painted in
large white letters on black background
st the top, and witb its lower pnrt
painted with black paint nml Ibjiild
■dating for using crayons In advertising whnt the owner wants to buy, procure or dispose of. Thus every farmer
becomes his own advertiser,
No mun should be proud; no mun
over lived whose neighbors dldnt' pity
bis wife.
Not Sustained by Souls.
A minister with s beggarly salary
went to his deacon asking for nn increase. "Salary!" cried the deacon In
nlous horror; "salary! Why, I thought
vou worked for souls!" "And bo I do,"
re-plied rhe minister, "but 1 cannot eat
mils, Ami If I COlIld It would take a
irond many soiiIh the si/e of yours to
make a dish."
Cold CI male, Big Itralii.
The coldrt  tb° climate the grcutef
tbe slse uf the human bruin
^<i(—,r\ ffryVitmlt.   ^AAi1*/*?~
1 Counfersii
now published another article about it inl The above is the substance of the first
Which l'ie original repot tea ecampUttty ten'-) article published by the iVonftor. Now foi-
ied, the cure a permanent, nnd thfj, publiih low some clippings, taken Irom tin* same
i fiic m»i i/e of the check git-en ht/ the t'ttnttitn. \ paper two yours afterward, and there la not
Mutual-Life Astorititim for 91650,00 amount j the slightest Bbadow of a doubt, lu view of
f total di-.fi i It'J cairn paid by them ta  Mr.   this testimony,   tlmt   Mr.   I'lt.h's euro is
l-ttr.h. I permanent,   Hero follows thc necouul:
The Ilrst account stilted that the patient!   On being again queaiioned, Mr.   Peteh
feeeaddress below) had been a pu fitly tb- said; "You see those bunds
for live veins, that llieiv "'••' ■-"■■l" » •■**"1   """•' *'-"o«*"l
such a tiital : now natural  and ■
tor uve years, mat mere was Ruonaiouu now natural uno ein.-m-. uuce un*-, ne™
lack nf iWiiuK in hi> limbs and body that haul ami without arm-atlon. You could
a tan run lull length cutild not ne felt; pierce them with a pin and I would not
that be could not walk or help himself ul I feel it, and what Is true of mi haudaia inn
all; for two years be was mu (1 reused; fur- \ of the rest of mv body Perhaps you have
tberinore that he was bloated, was for that observed that f have mnv even censed to
reason almost unreuogiilxahle, and could uae a cane, aud enn get about mv business
mil get bis clothes on. The purnlysis was perfectly well, Yuu may say tht-e it t-btth
so complete as to affect the iitee and pre-l lately no doubt at to mycurebeiugpt'tttanent.
ie mv, in the text of su.-b testimony thai
r. Williama'Pink Pills art not entitled to
ie careful consideration of any ?uiTt-iiig
an, woman or child? U nol the case is
utli a miracle »f modern medicinal
To make the evidence complete we pub.
ihaboveafac simile cut nf the check re-
slved bv Mr. ivtch frum ihe Canadian
ulna! I'.ite Association, being the amount
,te him for total disability. Ii is unneeest
try to add that tins life Insuranceaasoeta*
mi did nut nay this latye amount of
oiiey to Mr. Petdl, except after the inml
infill examlnatlou of bis condition by
n-ir medical experts. Tbey muit have r**
inied inni as forever Incurable,
Mr Petch'a address ia as follows: R«u.
■ii IVt.h, lirieraville, Out,, Canada.
Tin*   Iiln   anil   IIhhIc  ot  Flreivoi-ba
AInke It I.Ike Four III of July.
"The days preceding Christmas nre
punctuated ut intervals with the slinip
tones of firecrackers, merely to keep tho
world from forgetting tbut Christinas N
almost nt band," writes Julia Truitt Million of "Where Christmas is Like fc'ottrlli
of July," descriptive of Christmas scenes
and customs in New Orleans, in tbe July
Ladles' Home Journal. "One firecracker
at a time is set olf, for it is sinful tu
waste a whole bunch at once until Christmas eve. Every night tbe tumult III*
creases, a kind of jubilant applause iu
mild explosives, a mero intimation of
what is coming luter. Every business
bouse which can under auy pretense
'handle' fireworks, handles them by thc
ton. Even the windows of tbe grocery
stores are filled with them, for thc grocer
lias recognized that there are people in
Xow Orleans who may dispense with roast
turkey stuffed with trufiieu, but nobody
can do without fireworks. Tbere are
hundreds of children who never hang up
a stocking, hut every one of them would
think the world was coming to an end
if there were no fireworks for him on thc
one night of all the year."
Tlie rudder frame for tbe battleship
Illinois 1ms arrived at the Newport News
ship yard from the Cleveland Iron Forge
Works. Tbe weight of this frame is 32,-
000 pounds.
Smolensk in Russia has a peculiar lottery four times a year. A young girl is
rallied for iu ii.OOU one-ruble shares. The
winner marries the girl und receives the
money from Hie lottery as her dowry. If
be prefers, he may assign her and the
dowry to some one else. Sometimes the
girl refuses to many the winner, in which
case thc money from thc lottery is divided between them.
Congress has appropriated $7o,000 for
improvement of Indian Territory jails.
A Cascade county company in Montana
.has just sold its clip uf wool at Id cents.
Britain makes 920,000,000 a year profit
out of its postoiftces.
At Boston, Pa., last week, George
Snussir had a severe spell of vomiting,
during which he disgorged from his stoui-
nc|i a live lizard, which jumped about at
a lively rate before being captured. Bails* I
sir drank of water from hi* cistern at:
night and swallowed something alive.
During the past six months be suffered
terribly and lost flesh until be was a
mere skeleton.
Thc finest complexions in the world
are said to be in the Bermudas. This is:
accounted for by the fact thut the inhabitants live chiefly on onions, of which
thoy export over 17,000,000 pounds annually.
An inventor in India hus construed-1
an apparatus for conking by the heat of
the sun. It consists of a box made of
wood nnd lined with reflecting mirrors, at
the bottom of the box being a small copper boiler, covered with glass to retain
the heat of the rays concentrated by mirrors upon thc boiler. In this contrivance
any sort of food may be quickly cooked.!
General Agulnaldo placed under arrest
the rebel leaders, Artachio and Sandico,
for having revealed the fact that the.
steamer Passig, recently seined by the j
Hong Kong authorities, was laden with ;
arms for the insurgents. Sandico appealed
to Consul Williams, and was liberated/
He is now on board the Nanshan.
Coffee wns introduced into the Philip-
pines from brazil in the latter part of I
the eighteenth century. latterly the export has decreased greatly. It used to
average 2,500 tons a year, but has re-
eentty sunk to only 300. This is probably due to the revolution, for the cnlfrc
is of good quality, some of it excellent.1
In thc neighborhood of Dalevllle, Ind.,
the midge is ravaging the growing wheat.
Many fine-looking fields almost ready for
reaping are worthless, the heads not being
filled with grain. Until tbe pest appeared
tlie prospects were excellent for the most!
bountiful harvest of wheat in years.
The trees in the streets of Paris are!
looked after by a public, official appointed just for lhat purpose, and therefore
the Parisian streets always look beautiful.
An  Ancatloie or Mutlicr
\ lull tn the White
i *.-
"Just afler President McKInley'a Inauguration he had hi-* relatives who were
in the city nt a family dinner at tbe
White Houso," says the July Ladles'
Hume Journal in an Illustrated anecdotal biography of the president, "lt was
a huge company and a very good dinner.
Dear old -Mother McKinley was there,
but she was not very talkative. She wai
too happy for words. But she kept a
sharp eye on Hie dinner, und no detail ol
it escaped her. She was impressed by
tlie quantity of cream served with the
fruit and coffee, for she looked up at her
sou  iu her sweet way and said:
"'William, you must keep a cow now*.'
"Some of the younger member-* of the
family party found it difficult to suppros--
■i smile, hut the president, with his usual
tad and grnclousness, replied:
" 'Vos, mother, we can afford to have .t
cow* now, and have all the cream we can
possibly use.'"
A V. it.)  lo Trnnniiort Milk.
An improved method of preserving milk
for transportation is stated to hnve de
veloped an Important new industry in
Sweden and Denmark. The milk is collected at a central station from neighboring farms, and is there pasteurized at
about 170 degrees Fahrenheit, after which
part of it is frozen at about 1"> degrees.
The blocks of frozen milk are placed in
stout, wooden casks, which ihey half fill,
sterilized milk being poured into the remaining space. The casks are then hermetically sealed, and, as they are perfectly full and kept cool by the frozen
masses, the milk cannot be churned into
butter in transportation, and may lie kept
in good condition for at least twenty day-.
This makes it possible for the Danes and
Swedes to supply even Knghtnd and
Frame with whole cargoes of milk.
)ne firm in Austria it**es ten tons ol
phosphorus a year and turn* out 26.000,-
wo matches.
The bat which Major General Joe
Wheeler will probably wear In ids campaigning te one that lie ha- worn fur the
last fifteen years. It la a sofl black bat,
which he generally Ibrtuts into his pocket
when he i- not wearing it.
It is feared that the Incident will cause
a split in the Insurgent party, Sandico
being Influential anil the only insurgent
leader capable of administration. The insurgents tear th.it General Aguituldo will
shoot Artachio, aalesa Admiral Dewey interferes, as he te suspicious that Sandico
intended to form an opposition party.
In 18-10 the laie Lord PUyfair suggested the petroleum industry, and afterward that of paraffin candle?, and indued
his friend James Young to establish a
manufactory of both.
One of ihe most beautiful orchids was
recently exhibited in London. It was a
white flower. «harK-d like a sea gull with
outspread wing*, and a gold and Vermillion heart. Jt came from Venezuela, and
"o-t {5,000.
Some one Im* undertaken to show bow
Ireland miaht be made to prosper. There
are 2.000 parishes which ought to turn
out -Vi pigs weekly. This would give a
desirable total of 0,200,000 annually,
which, at a fair average price, would
bring in an Income of £14,300,000.
A powder to be shaken into the ahoea.
At liiis season your feet feel swollen, nervous, and hot, and get tired easily. If you
bare ■martin^ feet or tight shoes, try
Alleu'i Poot-Kafe. It cool* tbe feet and
makes walking easy. Cures swollen and
•weatln|i feet, blisters and callous spots.
Believe* conn and bunions of all pain snd
fives rest and comfort Tea thousand tes-
imouials of cures. Try it today- Sold by
•11 drur-frists and shoe stores for 25c. Bent
bv mail for 2V in stamps. Trial packac*
fREB Address Allan S. Olmsted, La
Eoy, New York.
Lieut. George X. Hayward, of the
cruiser Baltimore, in a letter to a relative
in Detroit, says: "My one hope is that
we shall retain the Philippine group for
ever. It is worth all nf China and n
hundred Cubns, and the inhabitants desire it."
Mrs. Pinkham Relieved Her of AU
Her Troubles.
Mra. Madok fUecocK,   176  Second
St., Grand Rapids, Mich., bad ovarian
trouble   with   its    attendant   aches
and pains, now she Is well.    Here
are her own words:
" Your    Vegetable Compound hu
made me feel like
a new person.
He fore   I   began   taking It
I was all run
down, felt tired
end sleepy most
of    the   time, ,
had  pains   In i
my   back  and
side, and such
all the time,
andcould not
sleep well
nights. I also  had    ovarian
trouble. Through
tbe advice   of  a
friend   I    began
the use of Lydla 8,
Plnkham's  Vegetable  Compound,
and since taking
:t all troubles ha ve gone.   My monthly
ilcknessused to be so painful, but have
sot had tbe slightest pain since taking
four medicine.   I cannot praise your
Vegetable Compound too much.    My
kusband and friends ace such a change
in me. I look so much better and have
some color In my face."
Mrs. Pinkham Invites women who are
ill to write to her at Lynn, Mass., for
'dvice, which Is freely offered.
Tho British army rifle has 82 component parts, in the production of which
92.5 machines nre employed, as well as
various processes which do not require
ar ■n*'rcu-T win —Tfly L\t*lray Vae fni-* of
•anetl and Qomvltttty dt-run**-* ;t-e whole ■**■•
lem whf-n enterl-ii! It ttirooxh th* mueoua tur-
fact-ii.   Such auittM- f-.-...'. never h? ■•• i <-i-
:e[>i en i>rt«rlnlOs.a from reputable ishjmi-
'la-a**, ail the dan-iace th.y will do li ten-fold
to the good you cun p. — -,' i>- uerive from thetn.
Hall'a Catarrh (Iir--. manufactured by V. J.
Cheney A Co., Toledo. O.. contains no mercury and In taken Internally, acting direct!-*
ujion the blood and mucous aurfac** of lhe tya-
lem. In t-uyinic Haiti catarrh Cure lm aura
you K-l tbe K<-nuine. It Ik taken InterjiaUy,
ind made In Toledo. Ohio, by F. J. Cheney *
< trot
A beggar having just died in franca
in his trunk were found stock securities
valued nt 1,000,000 francs, In his cellar
were found 400 bottlei of rare wine.
ArcU street. I'blladrlpbla, IV
"My Pretty .Jane" was written by
Uenry Rowly Ilishop—afterward Sir Henry Rowly Bishop—who , composed alto
over ">0 operas fur performance at Covcnt
tJa rden.
Pino's Cure for Consumption has saved
m.- larfre doctor Mils.—O. tt. Baker, itlt
Regent Sq„ Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 8, '%"-.
Thc clock nt the houses of parliament
is the largest in thc world. The dials are
32 feet in diameter. The pendulum is
Ifi feet long. The hour hell is 8 feet high
and fl feet in diameter, and weighs nearly 10 tons. 'Hie hammer alone weigh.)
morn than 400 pounds.
The eastle of Hcidclhurg is thc largest in Germany.
At BurlinKAiiie, San Mateo county, Cal..
is oue of the most thoroui-h, careful ami
practical "Home School" to he found on
tlm paciflfl Coast. Accredited at State and
Stanford Universities, Thorough prepara-
'.ii-ii for buslneaa, Kend fur catalogue.   In*
1.   lIotTT.   I'h.   L>,   1-riiiiiual.    lit opens
THURSDAY,   APRIL   27.   1899.
l-\ B ai.Ml'BON, gdltor mil Manai
The Heraiil desires to BlVO the news o! ttie
district, if yon know tiny Hhout your town,
your inLao or your iieople, semi it to this ofllce.
The Herald job olllcs ts fully equipped, aud
tint o'as-J work Is guaranteed.
Ihe Hei
South Easl Koote
k 11 >.Mi ou applied
id is widely
lati-d t
ii tlm 11' Id B
nigh nt
It seems strange that a newspaper
representing uny community in South
Bast Kootenay would improve every opportunity tn publish something thnt
might tend to Injure another community
in the same district. And yet this is
wli:it the I'ort Steele Prospector is do
ing. We can hardly believe tbat Mr,
Grace would do a thing oflhiskindou
his own accord, but te probably led iuto
il by owners of property who imagine
that if another town in lhe district can
be pulled down, Fort Steele will be benefitted thereby. The idea is wrong.
What is good for one town is good for
another. The district is a winner, tuid
so will the towns in the district be winners. Fort Steele will progress, not by
uny eiToit ot' her citizens to injure Cranhrook, Fernie, or any other town in the
district, but on the merits of the country
tributary to it. This is the case with a 1
other towns in the district. We icgret
t ie necessity of calling attention to the
matter, but the persistence of the Prospector in this line left no oilier course
open. Wrangling belweeu newspapers
in the same district over the merits of
their respective towns is never productive ot any good, and we had hoped that
it hnd ceased in this district, but there
are times when forbearance censes to be
a virtue.
0 Us       Eastern Prkcs £
w —■" ' tii
J ...THE... J
*   *
I B* C'
| Clothing dt House *
* C. Maggs F. W. Hughes *
tli w
tli I. ute of Hudson I ate nf ('I'. Ui
\li Bity company, stores, win- tb
tb Wfnulpeg.                   nlpeg, ai
ml     Ul
^ ■                   ■ ib
* W* are '■■*' heart-breakers £
1 w ..r high prices,  Eastern
*n prli
New Soda Wider Factory.
Messrs Clapp & Murphy, of Nelson,
have selected Cranhrook us the best
place in South Bast Kootenay for the
location of a factory for tlie manufacture
nf aerated waters, owing to iis natural
location and transportation facilities.
They nre now putting up a commodious
building Tor that purpose and expect
their machinery from Bostou wilhin a
very short time. They will have everything in operation by the middle of May.
Changes at thc Government Building.
Some changes have taken place in the
government buildings at Fort Sleele,
The room formerly occupied liy Recorder Kdwards will be used ns a court
room in the future, and instead of the
mining recorder and gold commissioner
offices being separated, lhey will lie virtually nulled iu the future under the
supervision of Mr. Armstrong, and
clerks appointed for the different departments.
uow in Cranbrook tor
The quality »f utir
In the best, tuid tlie
sty cs are up-to-date	
Suits, from $7 Up
Choice Neckwear, 25c Up
We aho curry 11 line uf la :i s' J
silk blouses  Uressnmkltigoii 1
tlic|iiciiilc^)y.Mlss|-|eteher- •**.
Into of I'nr. aterlo, Tonttver* m
the this department we will J
in ike complete, including ma- T
terial, a j-oidliliicKcl th skirt rt\
rar8tt.7fl. Mall orders attend- ffi
ci proiuit y  s»
9, »
J opp Bunk of Commerce -vrailDrOOK +
R. tl. KARATOFSKV, Prop.
Cigars, Tobacco and Cigars.
Wills Brand of Tobacco.    Fool and Billiards.
Fort stccte,     -     HrUlsli Cohhtiblfl.
Wood and Freight.
ORANnilOOK, It. 0.
Is Prepared to Furnish Wood
and Deliver Same Promptly on
order. Well seasoned and cul
to stove length.
Of nil kinds will receive prompt
The Jeweler
Will have liis new st rU here in t«*o or
tiiree weeks. Al present ha is lora cd
one door east .>r the bank of Commerce
Eakin Block
Sing Lee
Proprietor of the
The new building west of The
Herald office, The best of
work. Call and see him. His
prices ere the lowest.
Are You dt di0}
Going to Build •
If so, see.
-A^ Contractor and Builder
He is a busy man, because he pleases
lhe people, hut he will furnish you plans
nud specifications, and give you estimates 011 uny building idea you may
„<*   Jt   B. C.
California : Wine : Co.
New Paper ul Calgary.
T. A. Gregg, a well known newspaper
man iu Canada, i.s nt the html of a new
enterprise thnt will effect South Kast
Kootenny. He is going to publish the
"West mid Northwest," a iliscriptive
journal that is to lie devoted to the Iu
terests of the western country. He has
the exclusive right to distribute the
paper every day on passenger trains on
the Crows Nest, Calgary St l.dmontoti,
and Calgary & Macleod divisions nf the
C. P. K. The paper will be published
at Calgary.
Kootenay Illustrated.
The July annual of ihe Kootenny Mining Standard, published by the Standard
Publishing company, of Rosslaud, B. C,
will be decidedly one of the mo-it valuable publications of iis class ever presented to the public, The miniug and general resources of the following among
other cities and towns nnd adjoining
districts will be beautifully illustrated
and faith fully described: Rossland,
Nelson, Sandon, Ksslo, Greenwood,
Grand Forks, Fort Steele, Revelstoke,
New Denver, Nakusp, Trail, Cn-cade,
Whitewater, Cranbrook, Moyie, Ymir,
Alnsworth, Trout Lake, Brie, Snlmo,
Coady, Three Porks, Slocan City. Il
will be seen from tliis partial list that
the {Kootenays nre well covered, nnd
wilh :iu edition of over 10,0 xj copies it
will readily be understood how thoroughly the country will be made known nt
home and abroad.
Notice Is hereby givon that sixty day:
dive I Inloud to apply totlioCliletitoinuils
of Lauds: nml Works far permission t<> pin
tliu fullowlni
■St I'
Mi'i'k I
eliuin-*, MiOticfl north 10 elinlns, llieneo west v
cimtua, llieneo following the bond of tlio river ti
point of onnimoucoinunt, containing lio screi
mure ur less.
Kii/atictii M. Fenwick,
bitted at Fort Steele, April -i, 1800, 4
Leave your order to get
Your Yard Cleaned
Or Freighting of any kind at
Toronto Clothing; Store.
Prompt Attention,
Prices Moderate.
Parrott Bros.
...Dealers in...
SS Feed SS
Farm S Produce
The best of..
Hay and Oats
On band at ull littl s*
Call nml see ns	
Vail  IlortIO aveitlie, between
Commercial and Roynl hotels
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
CRANBROOK ra^M^* of the Crows
•Crflflht^nflW  Has a l0"sta-' r°"nd house, large machine
W1 cmvi *J*Jl\. shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook !•* the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook *s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- j|>
tions of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Best .Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
The Beet Slock, the Most Satisfactory Prices, aad
First-Class  Work.      Repairing Neatly Executed.
Fort Steele
Brewing Co.'s
Best on Earth   jt
In Wood or Bottles
Beer -
Joe Mitchell, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Royal hotel,
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Class in Every Respect.
Physician and Surgeon.
OFI'lCE-J'ill'Kl.OC]'   Itl.OOK.
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    II. G.
II. L. Cummins, C. E.
I'OHT HTKBI.lt,   i   1   I1I11TI8II (,'01.U MM A
Promptly Attended to.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, j
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and f
* t**************** ******** *i9**********************a)
Have advanced C50 per keg,
Glass over 30 per cent, Oils,
Taints, Etc., in proportion.
Our Prices Remain
the Same	
Wbile the present stock last.
A large stock of Stoves anil
General Hardware on band.
Tin sin it hi ng in connection.
All work promptly executed.
■*>■*>■•■*, •• • •• *>*>®  ••*>»*■♦-•«»•>•>•*>—
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you sua his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and lhe bachelor should deal with llim,   It will pay them.
This, hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Short orders day and night
Hotel S &
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling ia Connection
Nearest to railtoad aud depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors at  the  Bar
East Kootenay
S Hotel S
T. T. Richards $
Proprietor  ::: :::      >
Till, hotel Ims been refitted and refurnished,    file Initio
istlie best.    Satisfactory rate. Riven regular boanlers.
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
t>*yam •>•»♦••»» • •
Crows Nest Pass
$5-rr?N Coal
Agent for East Kootenay.
rilNING BROKER. Cranbrook, B. C.
II.   \V,  Ill'-ltl'M-'IKlC
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
(tato of Toronto)
Builder and Contractor,
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