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Cranbrook Herald Dec 3, 1903

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VOLUME   11.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hum. (Iho. A. Cox, rreaidi-.it. II. K. Wai.kkh. Qolt, Man.
KalJ II,.   Capital      IS.IM.IM.M
Keel      J.W0.WU OS
lolal R.iaarcca        H.NMWM
Ik-pnsits Received,   (icneral Banking Business Transaclcil
SAVINUS IIINK llll'tlllHIiNl   DcMalll toctliti   lalereal «,lla»c'.
IIANKIN'II UY Mill.   |...|a.aitamiiy la. mini,, ami ni.l..|ri..vu tiv mint,
nnl ul nntil iiriiiiuiia rrcolv-i .-v.'iv niicntiuii. I'm iiuii-niii.iia aililreaatal
In llii-inuu I,;.-! ill llii-I
..k i.i.ni.'li will i in* i ifi attention
F. C. MALPAS, Manajtr.
Capital, Paid Up $2,983,896 *
Rrst $2,636^12 J
R. M-rrltt, Pru.   D. R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager *
J A general banking business transacted. Dralts sold availa- *
i> Ue in every part ot Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
J attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager,     t
<\ *********** IHtlltKlttlKOIIHIHIHtltflillll,-'
************************** ***************************
Hence vou need something to keep warm
We have a fine line of
The goods are the best and the prices are right
Fort Steele
Hercantile Co.
Hast Kootenay's Bin Mail Order House.
• l*i*l«l«l«i«l«!*i*i«}i»lfI ni
'•..-Mi,   ...       .4       ,1    ...   I   •    .   i   ,••■:•,* i   .I    1*1   I
* I« I * I MA I** I * I «•■ I "f* I ♦ I * I *,
4 I * I -IM * I * I * I * I * I * 1 * I *i,'
is to BUY real estate, mining shares, <fv
tarm lands, etc., when nobody  wants *'
them and to SELL when everyone is ";
clamoring (or them.    Mining stocks are I,(
cheap now, real estate is high; list your II
real estate with  tis and we will make e«
money tor you.    Buy Sullivan, North *f j>
Star, St. Eugene and other stocks now.
Now is the time  to buy stocks.    We '""
cm make money (or you.     Call on 99
The Real Estate and Mining Brokers
Cranbrook, B. C.     *
lt;«'l*fi*i*|*!fii'i»,ii«i*i-*ifi-#i*(-**i*i*l-«l-*<.. ■" |
•    •    I ' •>■! r ; v i *•? . «■. >■! ' <\ ' •*■' * ■ •*■ I *■ I *» ! •* I * ' x I f 11 . \   .
I     111 Olltt PATRONS "*
How ..b.i.it your shopping? Xmas bells will soon ring have
you selected your gilts? If not you cannot do tetter than
to visil our exposition of all that is Artistically choice in our
! line. The selection displayed of Diamonds, Fine Watches
| Jewelry, Silverware ar.d Novelties has much to recommend it.
It is the best we have ever shown. There is wisdom in buy
ing this class oi goods (rom a reputable dealer, and then you
know how easily reachable our prices always are.
W. H. Wilson, Jeweler and Optician
|.*-*H«v^\^.*i-«iHl»-(iM»K*-'S)-»M.J ®-®-®-®-®-®-<S- «
^~®-®-<!h®-®-®-®-®-®-®SHB—§-<*!«WMMSH-9- (■
11     Tlin l).-iiinnii wonthor bus gonp.   Vou lu-cl
Weather Strips and Coal Hods
now as well as heaters.   You will
find everything of the kind at
the big hardware store.
Z nv im: ..i.i' man i
■>>. 39*3»»9>**» K M* »*»»". »*<■
N..t luu-i nun, a liuly iii t'riui-
In*.mik nui iluliulil.il by li,-r t.-u>.
bniul linvlnf* o t,*l»'ptii,u». pLi.-.-'l n.
lu-r rt-niili-ni'i-. lU-tiuc lluit ahf*
Iiiul la-i-n in the In.l.il nf  K-'illK   IO
ii neighbor*!, winii dUtanoo whi'tt
h)ii-   wunlial   In   ina- a lf'li-|il.i.u.-.
Dnsirtlif- in i--.|.r.*w. l..-r llu.uk-. tej
lu-r IiunIiu.uI for hit. kiiu!n,i4!4. i.tt.T
flu- uu*.. luni ili'iairtial wlm Iimtnl*
led tlu- telephone al.i. luirrii-d uver
ti. tin- uttighbor'N aitd i'ullt-il liiui
up.    Ami it never ot'i-urn-il tn her
thnt nln* ini-^lit hav.- -Hm-il Ibe trip
uutil slu- nut buck lii'ine and  huvr
Ilu- Icle-ilinne in  lu-r own dii.in-r
n mm
A nimila-r ot llritiali Coltitnliiu
Meililv laipcn, nri" running a Tor-
onto jewelry lulvorliwilioiit. TllO
Herald wiih ..ir.-i-.tl Ilu- t-outr.u-t,
l.ut .-efiiw-d ii ua it never t..ke»
tititaiile udverti-.il>-; tiiut will iu-
lortoro with the tru.lt! of local
<lri.lt>>*-.. due inuu tuld ua not
long ugo. tlmt wo win-..' a foul tu
refuse cin.li for ;i<lvi-.rti*.inguf that
kind. We don't think ao. Tlm
Herald iH the 'x-opli-'a |«|»-r. It
is a Orniibrook institution, lt was
bore 1 tofimi llii-re was any Unulmxik
and it has la-en working for Cn.u.
l.rook ever since. It l-elieves iu
..i.tiY.iii'/.iug htm... uiercluints, nn.l
helping hum.' tru.lt>. It's pi-oprii-.
tor ilon't buy out of town, and I*-*,
show that he fully menus what hu
preaches, ili-clines ihr- cash advanced for uny rlnam of advertising that
trill inleit.-n- with tho Irud.. of the
lionii. nii'i-clinut. The Cranbrook
ini-rcl.anls tire untitled to trade.
They ure sellin-- ou cloae enuueh
mnrfltlis, None of thein um get-
lint! immensely wealthy, bm nil
nre doing a tiotal liuaintta.. They
are ready will, their time uud their
money in bposl the town, uud thut
fnct is a dii'i'cl lienotit to every
property holder in the town.
Kvery subscription |a.|ier cin-K-
luted is wolgbed down with the
untiles of thi- business uieu, They
stniul the bunion of expense ef thia
uhnmctcr, und what is more they
do ii willingly
Visil if Ike liuail Master Kcinit Hi
WTinSTINi llllk   I llllllll KtMIM
Followed by a Banquet That Was
a Success in  Every
gram   of   iui".cst.    wl
tborouglily iiiijoyed,   Tin
und tonsis ner.* as fnll.iAi-
II... King"
'.iti i.i.iu.1 Mailer ami tiro
In. Arthur
"Ylalllnu llriillieia"
To-tan I W, II. W,I
1 |...|K, ■•
Vocal Snl,,
.1. W. tloblnao
miiiNtisiiiH. iin1.1 nn in iuwi'iiiun
« 9 >*
slm tin*,' The
nierchauta,  who ! fooin
have etideavoTed to Impresa upon
the locnl u.crcl.iintM ll.e value of
pcrslatcut nnd intelligetit attverlla
ing,   Tiki   liuitiv
hnve eittals to sell, -rotxh. thut
t.liaugn with lhe w'liao.is. think
they liuve done nil ihey can do
when they insert an nil stating
thoy ure iu business. They forget
they ure appealing to tu. intelligent
people; to thus.' who uie looking
lor opportunities to buy. They
forget thnt .nearly every man.
woman nud child in this p;u*t of
iln* districl read The Hernld, und
whatever they Bay is read by hun-
ilri'ds of peoplo eiM-h week. A j
number ol' our live advertisers
i-luingc tlieir nils each wm>k. That
costs this 'M-a-i' fmni JKI.,Vili,.if.|.,"K)
a week, or iilxitit 93,26 ii yeur.
Why do wc urge lliis policy when
it costa us money':- The answer is
easy. If you change your ads, if
you imy attention to the writing
of ymir ,-uls. if you tell the peoplu
cneli week ol' sonic |mrf ii-ulnr lines
\ou desire to sell, yuu will get n
direct bcucfil by your iucreuaeil
sides.   Such nn increase, will con-
vincc you Hint advertising •■uya.
Now do yon see the point" We
s|a.nd lhat mouoy in changing ii<Ib
to i.dverlise ourwlvea, Wans*- we
believe iu iirtvertiaiug. #2110 a
year is ...nre thun any uiercbaiit
iu Crnnbrook imya in a year for an
ad iu The Herakl. We willingly
■my in lhe wuy of iucn-uaett
exponse in chunging wla, siiuply
to advertise tho merits of The
Herald ua uu advertising medium.
We know that it is a gotxl oue, but
we want you to kuow it. This fuel
waa given a practical demoustru-
tion u few weeks ago by the Fort
Steele Mercantile company. They
advertised u certain article of wearing uppnrel. Within ten days
tlu-y received one onler from Trail
nnil iiiiotluir from Lethbridgo for
that article, due to the fact that
the parties read tho ad iu Tbe
Herald. A short time ago U. T.
I Rogers advertised a certain Hue of
' crockery. The same week be
received an order fnnu Sirdar.
These are a few instances iu many,
but lire enough to convince any
business man that if hu has uny
thing to soil he should tell the
people aliout it in The Herald
Mondny was a gala dny with
Cnuibnaik Odd Fellows, il Ix-ing
the occasion of the annual visit of
the (lrai.il Mnslcr l'o tho locnl
lodge. llr. K. ('. Arthur of Nelson, holds tlmt nxaUed position nnd
hia shoiiltters .-ire well equipped to
bean tlm honors. Mr. Arthur arrived on the nftenitam train from
the west uml was met nt the station by a committee of Odd Foi-
lows who escorted llllll to the
Craubrook hotel, whero qiifirtors
hatl been secured. The reinnindrr
of the dny was s|a*ut iu looking
over the tewn autl the doctor expressed himself us both pleased
.....I surprised to see the great
growth in Cruubrook nml thought
it wua nne of the prettiest town-
sites iu llritisli Ciiliinil iin Tin*
doctor is what might lx* considered
• pioneer in the Kt-otcnnys ns he
t-aine out from thc cast in 1891,
•ml saw Nsls.ni Ilrsl when it wus
hut a amall village.
There was a large attendance at
the l.xlge rooms and u very interesting session held, work being ex-
empliticil iu the lll'st degree.
Officers were elected for the
ensuing term as follows:
Noble Grut-d. M. I>* Hillings.
Vice finmd. A. T. Vroom.
Recording Sacrclary, \V. II. McFarlane, j
Financial Secretary, S. .1. Morrow,
TrVaitirer, .1. I', fink,
Alter lhe close of the lodge work
the members repaired to tlio Cos.
mtipolitnu hotel whero it banquet
had been prepared under the 'x-r-
sonul supervision of .1. It. Downes,
the proprietor. The dining
wus n dreniii of lovli-
ness, the brilliant rays of
ninny electric lights were roHoctod
from the walls of ilce]. red. tilling
the 1-iauti with a soft subdued light
liugt-d with ihc hue of the scarlet
degree. The tables were resplendent with silver, glassware uud pot.
ted plants, displaying artistic taste
in every arrangement. They were
arranged in the form of nu hollow
square, open at one side, where the
piano was placed. At the middle
of the other side wns seut.id H. K.
Belittle. P. G., who officiated as
chuirmiiu of the occasion, while ou
his right sut lliiiii.l .Muster Arthur,
and on his left Pnst Grand Master
Eager, of tho Quuhcu grand hal^e.
There were thirty-four guests
present. Cnuibrook bus seen
larger banquets, but none have
excelled Ihis oue iu point of ur-
riutgciiicuts und delicacies served.
While the guests were enjoying
the dainties served, pleasing music
waa furnished by Mr. Wright, uo
the piano. Due striking feature
of the gathering wus the fnct thai
there were sixteen liaises represented, lunging from the Maritime Provinces in the enat to Vancouver,
on 111., west aud us fur south as
Mr. Belittle, as a chairman is
pur excellence, He hns the faculty
of infusing life nud energy around
a lwnqu.it boanl nud lhe tint lo
handle each mutter iu u proper
miuuicr. As u consequence the
event was a great success frmn tho
time the guests were seated until
the last echoes of "(,<xl Save the
Kiug," died tint at the close. Alxuit
au hour was spent iu discussing
the gootl things brought forwiirtl
to tempt the appetite, and then
cigars were lighted, und followed u
(nut of reason nnd How of soul.
The lirst toast was lo the King,
and was observed b.v singing the
national sony.   Then cam., n  pro-
VI. I   Tale and John Kink
"Slater tlraiul lanlgea"
K, ll. Kager nn.l Wm. Small
"Key City laxlge"
.1. I', link ami S.,1. .Mini,,*,
"TllO I'lnfi-aaiiiiia"
Hav, llnvt'l.ii'k lli'ii.tiiiiii
'•Tlie Ladies"
.1. w. Itobluion uml IV. N. Clark
■'ii.nI s«v« th,< Kin*;"
Mr. Arthur left on Tuesday's
drain for l-'nrnie where he met thnt
lodge in the evening, returning to
Moyie Wednesday, thus completing his visits iu this district.
Hast Butmd Passesger JTnii ia lhe
Engineer   Oslake   and   Fireman
Johnson Have Reason to
be Thankful.
"Mr. S|Hi*ikfr mul Ueiitleiiit'ii til'
of thr ht'tfirtlittive Asst'iiihly; 1
li«\i' iinicli plt'iinui't' in wolcotniiiR
you to tin- first session on tin*
tenth pHrliiiuit'iit of British Coin in-
l>iu. Our financial affairs dmniiutl
most enrnest roimitU'rutiou on
your jiiii't, uutl I iij)|M';il with hope
to your patriotism tuul to your
love for the province, whose future
destinies under providence ure in
your luniks. There is no reason
why Britisli Columbia, with its
great nutunil resources, should not
occupy iu thf Dominion ofCauiidu
ti posiliou of which we nitty nil lie
justly proud, You luive. tho rof oro,
lioon eonveiietl thus eiirly in order
tlmt my Nuance minister muy he
enabled tn moke such fiscal nr-
mngements as may lie uoeossnry.
Having in view the Immediate re-
(Uliremeuts of the country, but the
unfavorable condition for obtaining a loan from the London niiir-
ket, yon will he usked to authorized the issuance of treasury warrants extending over a short period
of years nnd repayable in nil mini
installments, A considerable in-
(Tense of revenue oneli y*:ir will
in consequence lx* necessary, not
only to meet ordinary expenditure,
but to provide for the redemption
of warrants. The legislation pro-
posed will, therefore, include a new
Assessment Act, und Mmeiulments
to the Lund Aet, llio Railway Ah*
scsHUicnt Act and the School Act.
As n part of llic plan of tiuancial
reconstruction, substantia) economies in the civil service have already lieen etVcted. us well as material reductions iuthe expenditure
on public works. Theso will lie
continued, consistent with a due
regard to the .requirements of
the province.
My govern moid lias already
tnlifii up thu iiropostnl readjustment of the financial relations between the province and the Dominion, us ulso the question of tlie
fisheries, and the regulation of
alien immigration, These subjects
will Iv persistently pressed to a
settlement satisfactory to the province,
"As1 a result of a recent decision
in the Alaskan Iwundary enquiry
ti strong feeling exists in favor of
an all-Canadian route to the Yukon
aud northern Britisli Columbia,
and my government will co-operate
in any reasonable efforts which
may U' made to bring aliout the
co int met loll of such a railway.
"I um pleased to note the probability of the construction at au
early date, uot only of another Oil-
nadiiui transcontinental system
having its terminus at the Pacific
ocean, but also other important
lines within our province.
••You will he pleased to know
that the British Columbia Immigration Act. passed last session,
has been successful in excluding
undesirable immigrants.
"I now leave you to your deliberations, trusting that they may
receive the divine blessing and result in much benefit to the province." 	
By tlie Herald Office,--
learn tlie i rill ting t-inile.
Last Saturday No. 1 the cast
bound passenger met with an accident a few miles east of (Van-
brook Out resulted iu the eugiue
and mail car Udnv; thrown down
the bank of the grade, and the
colonist and diner being derailed,
The wreck itself was an extraordinary one. and quite unique as railway wrecks go, but more extraordinary, slill was the wonderful
escape of the imssengers and the
train crew. It happened in this
No. 4 started from the Lauding
on time, but between Creston and
.Moyie lost 25 minutes. It left tin'
latter placo shortly after 8,16 and
was due to reach Cranbrook a few
minutes to four. At ten minutes
to five, a work train engine drawing
the sleeper of No. I  crowded   with
passenger, steamed into the station
bringing the news that the rest of
Ihe train was in the ditch o.1, miles
to the west of the town.
It seems that just as No. 4 rounded the curve ut Loco, a bull ran
out of the bush not twenty yards
from the train. Engiuoer Jas. H.
Caslnke. who was driving No. 84,
the engine attached to the train,
had no time to shut off steam or
apply the brakes, for almost immediately the animal had lieen run
down. At the time, the train as
stated, was travelling at the rate of
2~> utiles au hour and the sudeu Impact on a curve was quite sufficient
to derail the engine.
The next few moments marked
a period of intense excitement.
After leaving the rails. No. S4 ran
over the ties for a distance of a
100 yards and then plunged into
the ditch, followed by the tender
which piled up on top of her iu an
extraordinary fashion. Luckily,
at the moment of derailment, the
couplings which connected the
mail and express car to the tender
snapped, and this coach, together
with the baggage and tourist cars,
instead of following iu the wake of
Ihe engine ran on for twenty yards
and slowly overturned into a ditch.
The tourist car was saved from
complete destruction by coming in
contact with a friendly tree. Nevertheless the car was considerably
strained and damaged al>out the
sides. The mail ami baggage cars
however, were not so fortunate,
They were reduced almost to com-
Iete wrecks. Following the tourist
car was the firstclass coach and
diner, which although it did uot
exactly overturn, left the rails ami
sutl'ered the loss nf its wheels. Tke
only car which remained intact was
the sleeper.
But the most remarkable thing
in connection with the wreck is
the escape of the passengers and
more especially oftho train crew.
Both Engineer Caslako and Fireman A. Johnson went over with
their engine aud yet the engineer
escaped with a bruised eye and the
fireman without a scratch. As for
the passengers, they were oven
mon; fortunate for not a single
case of personal injury was reported. Thore wire at least twenty
jwisHcngers in the tourist cur. and
it is believed that the brief interval
between the snapping of the
couplings aud the moment the car
overturned, enabled the travellers
to jump clear.
After the situation had lieen
summed up Conductor Kiblocko
He must gathered the passengers together
be intelligent and energetic and and crowded them into tho sleeper
mean but-mess. No fritters want-! in which they travelled into Craned, and   woithless  kids  need  uot - brook  drawn  by a  work engine
i Imy to
was standing iu Loco siding. Later
in the evening the station othcUia
made up a special train of spar***
tars and the sleeper, tuul  gent  the
east bomul travellers forward.
The wrecking crew gut to wurk iu
ll very short time after the accident
ami managed to re-rail the tourl-ft
car on Sunday, but it will Ui ttouif
time yet before the last truces uf
the wreck are cleared away.
Traffic has not been interrupted
ml although the main lim* wot
blocked, trains were sent through
Loco siding.
Bridge 210, which is distant sii
and one-half miles tn the ea*-t of
Cruubrook, was the scene on
Thursday hist uf what may b*
termed au awkward wreck. Al-
though no casualties resulted, tht*
accident, nevertheless, fterioutdy
interferred with tmfiiee for tho
space of t wen ly four hours. For h
few days previous to the wreck a
gang of trackmen had been buuy
making preparations fnr pilling
the bridge, which, in railway par*
lance, waa placed "under alow
orders*." consequently, when at h
fe,v moments to twelve nn Thursday morning, a freight train.dntwu
by engine 51 '1. approached the bridg*
engineer Onr+utt slowed down to
four miles an hour. The ]i»couu»-
tive had safely cim--!mi! the hridgw
wheu a sudden jar and the almost
immediate stoppage of the tni*
told the train crew that Munethintf
had gone wrong. InvestigatiuH
showed that the four cam. containing coke for West Kootezwy,
Immediately next to the engiiw
had left the rails, two of them being half through the deck of the
bridge and supjKirteii only by the
trestles beneath. Conductor
(iougeou. who was iu charge of
tin* train at once conveyed the
news to Cranbrook. und a wrecking crew, together with ull ih$
available help whicli Koadnutstef
PooIhu and bridge ami building
Master Stocks could collect, went
quickly To the scene of tke accident. Meantime the jjasseugef
train from the east had ivaehej
Fort Steele, and there waa detained, the railway officials having arranged that No. ^ from the wett
should proceed as far as the bridg*
for a transfer of passengers aod
baggage to Ih* made between th*
two trains. This plan wassucresi*-
fully carried out, although it wv*
not uiilil 7:30 p. in. that the belated travellers from the east wet*
landed in Crnnbrook. The work
of clearing the wreck proc*ed»wi
vigorously through the night, aod
by 4 p. m. on Friday evening tit*
bridge was declared safe for th*
west bound passenger to crow. It-
is stated that the accident was eh*
to a spread of track. Very UtU#
daiung • was done cither to tii*'
permanent way ur to the rolling
stock. The coke cars whu*h mt
partially through the bridg** war*
lifted out intact and rc-ruiled with
the loss of very little of their
New K. of P. Udfe.
Cranbronk now has a full ttedgm
Knights of Pythias lodge. Tba
work of installation was iwfortni'rf
last Tuesday night,Thomas Hoo|w»
ting as  installing officer.   The
inn* of the new lodge is the "Cft*-
sent". and th»* following offireft
were elected.
Officers elected.
Thos. Roberts, C. C*
T. Rookes. Y.C.
\Y. I). Hill. I1.
F.K.King.  M.ofW.
.1. Behinger, M. of A.
H. Kub'ichaud, O. G,
A. Belmont. I. G.
,1. A. Arnold. K. of R. and 8.
S. K. Harvie, M. of F. and K.
Incorporation Movemest.
The Board of Trade roniinHfa»
met hist Monday evening a-t ik*
office of M. B. Kiug. A subcommittee composed of Messrs.
(lurd, (Jill and Harvey waa np*
jioiiitod to collect information oo
tbe subject of incorporation, and
to report to Messrs. Mclunia, V.
H. Baker and L. B. VanDeca*,
who will compose the delegation
to go to Calgary to confer with thf
which al the time of  the accident   C. P, R. on this question,
tmmmwM&miwn.' Till:   (IIIM'.IIOOK    11 Kit A I.l >
Editor and Proprietor.
The liiil brought down by tin
1'nverunn nl Inr an incrense in tlu
revenues, in many ways Uloets with
ll.e approval ol The Herald, Liv.
industries and valuable holdings
must carry the greater weight
that,   as a rule. 11
et  government  ex
i well known fact
Bscd   vain.
of prcq citv in tl
l.een retlieulouslj low in i
m> low in foot, that governmon
baukrnplcy must I"' the result i
un increase is made. In consider
ing this bill, the liberals would not
Im* true to their country, if they
fail in take these ta.ts into con.
slderatiou, and surely would imt tie
true to their pnrty if they resort to
ciiptiouseriticism by wny of opposb
timi. This is a time for broad-
minded statesmanship, and not a
time to condemn a measure it
Into, simply because ii bears tin
government stamp. The provinct
its iu a I tad condition financially
and radical action must lie taken
to place it iu a proper and suft
condition. This is a time for careful consideration, and patriotic
action. If the revenue ineasur
can lie improved in any way, and
few are brought down by any
government that are not open to
U-ncllcial changes, let the aid of
all lie given to produce a law that
will Ih* equitable iu its provisions
uud advanced enough as a whole
to meet the exingeiicies of the
So far as the lumber industry is
concerned, ami that is the
portion that especially eU'eels this
part of the province, it is the opin
ion of many that lhe provisions
are not'as equitable as they might
In-. The bill heats all lumber
tracts alike, basing the system of
taxation nn the ana. and not on
the product. A;; a result, it is a
discrimination against lhe timber lamhi east ol' the Cascades that
average o.OOU feel tn the acre, in
favor of tlie timber nu tbe coast
that easily runs from 20,000 to 40,-
000 au acre. The price for timber
licenses is raised from SIOO a year
to $U>0, and if onodesil'es to secure
a permanency in lhe lease nf two
to five years, the total fee for the
time must be paid iu advance,
which is a burden that new industries are hardly able to bear.
There ui'O other provisions of the
net, that might well be changed,
so far as the lumber industry is
concerned and are susceptible ofi
modification thai would deal more
fairly Willi all. It is possible that
there may be other parts of the
measure ('fleeting ulher industries
that are  no inor potable than
those bearing upon the lumber industry, bill nf this we are unable
lo speak at this time,
Uut. one thing must be bnrue in
mind, the almighty dollar has un
politics, and any measure that leads
to a higher rate of taxation, no
matter How low and unfair to the
province the existing rale might
be. is bound tomeef with strenuous
opposition, And, yet. it is an
economic principle that is as firm
as the mountains, that the ltcne-
ticiariesof a government must pay
for benefits enjoyed, and pros-per-
ity is always a shining mark. The
people taxed, however, have the
right to demand an equitable system of tuxalinti and lhe legitimate
expenditure nf revenues raised.
onler early, for as soon as the
edltlOU is out that finishes it. Kach
subscrilx-r to Tin- Herald will
receive a copy ofJ the annual freo,
Lowry's Nugget will be fired al
the public next week. It will be
a hummer.
•lohn Houston is still holding
Dr. Kiug was appointed whip
for the opposition, while Tom
Taylor holds n similar position for
the government bide.
"Billy"   Koss made  his
speech in parliament ou tlu
iug day.
.lohn   Martin   got    his     publ
upology and is satisfied,    His libel
rase is withdrawn.
Tin' Fort Shepanl grant conies
in for taxation this year. It contains 000,000 acres of timber laud
that has been exempt siuce ceded
by the government and its dollars
to doughnuts that the railway compauy wilt kick when the assessment is mude.
If the   |>cnple   of   Nelson    know
what is good for thom. they must
know that the Daily News is the
best advertiseinsnt the town litis at
the present time. It keeps Nelson
in the public eye all the time, and
is a daily U-netit to that town.
And yet the News cannot be making any money. It is too good a
pa|>er for a town of that size,ami it
costs money to print a good daily
jHtpcr iu this country. Mr.
Dean, the proprietor, itt entitled to
patronage. He is devoting the
liest years of his life tothe work,
and deserves success.
Craubrook has started right to
secure Incorporation. If il is a
good thing, tlm people will waul
it, If it is not, nolsxly wuuts If,
Let us know the facts first,
The lumbermen of the district
have no disire to escape .legitimaie
taxation, but they do object to any
measure that places mom than
their share of the burden on their
in a Moment
inctimi'-; a necessity mul tn un emer-
y  4." t!.:. I.-:-.!, Tlio  Ui.-v  House.
1'ni.U   "BOVRIL" to I-, truly u
friend in i.4**.J.    A little
added to i-wii tha most taste*
less dish, gives the appetizing
flavor Of iVc-.li haa Ik*if, and
by Ita aisl rich nourishing
soups mid tusty gravies are
easily prepared ut short notice.
M* Mirth
During the Lonaj
Winter Evenings
The Berliner Gram-o-phone
Winter's dreary evenings lose their .uonutony, and yarn
have a constant source of pleasure and profit in a Oram-
o-plloue, 11 will tell you funny stories or sing "Coon
Sougs"—if you feel humorously inclined, If you want
to dance, anything from a two step to a minuet—awaits
your pleasure or llml of your friends ami neighbors,
111 pi i;
complete -with 3
-i-e. <>f lhe Piano or 0-1*4411; Solus tjy fi.mou, vtollnlil,,
jn |il .4-4-14 : a'4*. .44111 -I Iluliil Cornell liv Sousa .4 or 111.
,il or llic l.aa.-,l-.-*, ; llli|| or Ulli. which 4.011 will.
Prices of Gram-o-phone* f*>|£ _-~   «**• A .*»
3 Record. IPID IO Jt»4-5
Cimrniitectl f.n five year.*-*.   "It i- mini*? in CuhbiIh."
Snld  on easy monthly payments If d*slr*d.    Writ*
for particular**!. Catalogue and list of K•cords.
E. BERLINER, 2315 St. Catherine Street, Mentreal.
ron sai-e bv
Atitgbc'nM private boanltng m-Uoul L. ,
l.uji. ..I nil rip*.-.     liVo) - Hr|iltnuWr Mllli. [0*1 Frlldwsi
Shout* niurt.it Irneherd.    I'm nmi/ ■! >-v tin- i   J. M an nine
hcsl tmnilii***    TbtK-hool h»p hml rvwurka* i V  U,
ht**amm, uiul a tons IUI »i* um liny*." ri»
now piuioim-itt in iiniv.-n.itir*., Inm I-., law.
itn* titmy. tlif nuvy, tin* civil mtvi< . nnil in
llit-'tiiDliit-niul ntirlil.   AtnODK tin* putiuim
ami Mt-n-iHtit iu Vancouver an:
"I'll.- Unl liis|,.,|, nf Ni m Wratmlnalar.
Tin- V-nrr.-.l.lc- K. S.  \V\ IVnirntili. U. I>,
.•tK-l.ii.'iK ini ofColunbln.
Tin-lion. I!   Ui'llriil,-, l'ivini.*r ,,l II. t*.
It. MnrjM.lf. i:-.| . I'.icilicSnpt ,,f tlu-l*, IV It
I,.■■ni r,,l T. -. UflrwtN.
l.iK,i,...„i. ft'nlnwrialit,
Stli.ii.irnhi|in worth f i ♦■''" to |inn nn*
tiwiinlt'il tuilt*n*iMii*4 hay*.   I'm particular*
IkIiIIi'HN lli."
hiiyjt Kt'iit-mlly do iiniili   I'l-tl.-i in nn iiinil
I tit lull like the nltovw ini<! nun* f ntrei
in tlu.'*...--..
I.O.O.F.    Key City L**Jfe
No.-IJ.   Meel* every Manila) nljjlil at tbelr hall un
U.iktfi street.    .s.,jliiiiln)-
<> tally llivllrd.
W. N.CUU*.
Lraabroak Lesgc, Ne. U
A. F. * A. M.
II. ■•nLu  iueellii|t« (iii the
Ulini 'Unu mi«) uf tha
it inn th.
m a. lit- ai », See'f,
Timber Notice
Nol Ire in Wiiy given tliutttUtitii Hi
iliiyn II II Uitnhall will npplj In
i iii.i CunnalH cr ol 1-vnmln nnd  \\<
Vii-tniia, tm ii m|m< inl li., nielo nit timli,
tint (oll(iwii>K>lf«rili,*il Iini.I lii'in-l.mil,,.
Smilh  IviiHt   Kiiiitiiiiiy, . .iiiiiu.in [tig ii
uortheiut rorner ul I.*>i No, ijtm. ii>
ii.mli unit milt*, eeal one milf. miulli
nnd i-n nt une mile lu | Imi- n| i <>i,mi, tn i-nit'
Niivcinkr I. lih. t |i;i
: II yaa ere In traeblc wilb year legist le
aa> way ar >uur teller la keklt| er eeerle
i v waaklei *»*•< I'" **t- ' bave e farci $*mf
,;,. aad lull ki et looli fur M*t all kla-Ji al ea-
u jjliir ui bailer rr*>*lrlh( **4 dealing right at
.' >aar mill. Call ar Mid a urd te
\  '    J. P. PATTON. ^■-.bleln, Creibreak, B. C,
,,*l, e |
Timber Notice
Tlm Herald Aiimuil will Ik
roiuly the Intter ijiiH of next woek
Tht* ty\tu is ull Belt uiul tlu' forms
ure in press now. It is not whnt
we wuiitctl liy nny itienna, hut il iu
tbe Im-sI edition of tho kind gotten
up iu this part ol' the ilistrirt, uud
will cost more money than wub
tint estiinnlt'd, Huvorul pnnl
thin^b hud to In* omitted, owing to
tack of Bpfipe, u fnet tlini wo regret
very much. Hut il is full of matters nud pictures of sconod from
Crown .Vrti to Ryan, If lliere was
nothing else hul tin* .-ids and tlio
cut*, il would prove un interesting
booklet for oulsiders un well uu
koine folks, The Herald An mini
will 1)0 n beueHl to Crauhrook and
this part of the distrlel, and each
copy will lir read and passed on
until thu tolnl uumljer of renders
were run-up into tin- thousnnds
Xhoifl \\,'iuliiii.;'t*iH)ii'*j will have  to
Rcialtilranl Houalon.
Nelson Tribune: Advices from
Vielorin are thnt tho Joly-McBrido
govern met it have captured Davidson, the labor member of Sloenn.
lie occupied a wat ou tlu- government uide; proltiihly the scat
Hunter would have occupied had
he and not Davidson heen elected.
It looks nn if the government was
ufruid of Wright of Ymir, for they
have givon him a scut in the buck
row well up near the ministers ami
away its far as possible from Houston, Fraser, and Koss, who have
seats together on the front row.
They are muny rumors as to
whnt will happen, but none are
worth much as news. The opinion
of men who by their position command respect, without exception.
is that Joly noted wrongly and that
McBride acted the jwirt of a coward
iu the Houston matter. It is uow
known that Vancouver influences
did the trick. Vancouver would
not stunt! for Houston in the gov
eminent under auy circumstances
nud Mrliiide played the coward's
|Kirt uuder Ihe shadow of the rolws
of Joly.
Tin- memliers of the government
are "sore" at the people of Nelson,
uud they say that Nelson will gel
nothing iu the way of favors until
Houston is repudiated. Mchride.
Tallow, nud Green ure eapecin"
bitter against the member I'm*
Nelson. They suy that il was
Houston's friends in Victoria that
defeuted their late chum, Me-
IHiillips; aud tbat McPhillips has
suffered much in pride lwcause of
the notoriety giveu him iu the
eastern press. To Im.* called a
dainphool in the house is bad
enough, but to be culled it damp-
hool in every paper in Canada is
nu bad that he will never recover
unless Houston is removed from
the face of the earth, "Hob"
Green is also "sore1' because he is
receiving lettters from his sup-
porters saying that he isn't liiu
enough to hold bis own against
such brainy   men  as Tutlow and
The Herald Gives thc News.
Land Notice
.Vuii,-,. in li.'N'liv *i
iini,* It. M. AmletMil
Con >*' rnri.ll
hi |.i
i iiii
is 1.1:.-1 lx,
illi m<l  ii
.'I'll Mini M.-O.v.lnys nlli'l'
-.till ii|i|.lv lu 1ln> I'lliel
iilfuiiiil Wurk, Vii-tui'ln,
vhii-wHitt foliowicft ili'-
tii Ilm S'. Miii.v'b ilv-fi1.
-nni:     ('iiiiiiii,'iirin»■   nl
ii or hw lu Hn* 'rifdil oi
nm Hi at) I'lmlltK ninn-in* li'i-n ti
wnr of iln- Xoi'tli Stnr ln:itii*!i
milillii'iiKli'il.V I-", .-Hiii.H mi.M-i.r Ii-j-h [„ll,ov
[iiKllioi'i«lil nf wny (it wild riiilnnv In Un
St. Miirv'n tlvci; llicmii wmtwiy III itlltillli
more nr I mfiillmiiiiu ilirSi. Mjiij'h iIvit i«
|10llll  ul riMlllll'*lii'i'lll"lll. Wit III III [tig I'.' IH't'i I
r lo
D.i I ,
Tn kc i
Mum! i
inlii'i'Ulli, 1011.1,
II. M. Anilfrvnu.
Timber Notice
lil! llml lliirty liii.VH nitiT ilnli* we
pjil,V In tin* riil<'M'miimi*i*ii,nii'i'nl
l.iimlH ami Wot-tiH Int' ;i 'Jl yinr Ipjiw lu
fill mnl iiiny inoiy I, tu Imr from lttt» following ili-M'iilii'.l lini'lx.
I.'oinitii'ininii ni ti |iohI [iltuiloil nt Ilm
month ul Six Milf i*iHi*k; llifiito I'liiniiiig in n
noriliwi'Hii'ily ilirnsllotiiip Sitini MnryH river
to llul Cllliil.linn I'ni'llli! Itnil'iiiy'rii-tiMliif'ol
liloi'li IV. 11': llii ||(H) itlllllilip-KOlllll llloilg "'Oil
I'. I'   ll. Itlll* to It iniilil H'tll'lvit L'I'OHRt'B I'llT.V
tfi'i'k; tlieiii'itunit one mile; llienceMinlli lwo
miles* ihu nst to Six Mile oreeki tlifiiiee
north m'Klcrly ilown Six Mile nieuk to |i(ilnl
of I'litntni'iiicmriil.
Dtiteil  Soinli   Gi-A K 'iiny.
Till. IDUil.
fl-J ICIiiH Mert'niilile('oin|inny
Timber Notice
Notin'in li n-liy Riven thnt within lliiity
■ Ihjn W. V.. KiinLiiii will iijmly to the t'liii-f
('imiiiiihMiini-i'iif I, un) < lllltl '*■ oikn. Vit'to in,
fiit'a Hjieeliil llpeilun lo cul liniher on the
lolltminu ili'M*iilnil IiuiiIh, on I Very cii-ek,
in S iiiiii l-Iiifi Koolcimy: comiiifiiriuK nt Ibe
MJlllll HlMl l-OI'llll' of   W.   Iltuiloil   llin!  T.  O.
Pan|iil)iirion'H t-tuilier llcetme; ilit'in-t- -i.nnii
iniiin milf; iin'in'i' wixt two mtler; tltenm
noitli lot If ji nil !**; tlit'liti'eiiHl Ihu nilleH.
Hul I'll  NoVHIllll'I'NIh,   11)011,
,'ir. - W. R. Ilitiloti.
Timber License.
Iiilhitly ilnyn 1 Intend to ftj.ply to the
(Iliitf t'lUnmiHuioiiHr ol l.niiilx iiiul Woike, ni
Vii-torin, II. I\, for a iicriuii lu flit nnil enrr;
iinuy   llllllier Iiiiiu  Ilie fiiltottitig ihtti-iitieil
|iio|ieri,v: itouuneiitilim 300 elinlnimotith frntn
llibsoiitti went corner of lllonki'iai iu Month
Kiito Kooti'iiiiy, ll.C; theunt4l) utitiliiH»iul;
llieneo  Ml uIioIiir aotttli; Ihenut su chuiuti
went; llience 8(1 ilrnion uorlli; theili'e-IOrliiiiiiH
I'dnI lo plnce ol I'liuiineiiretnetit.
Tin* lull ilny ot Novciiihcr, ltXi:i.
11,1       a, e, Clioquottn, Cranhrook, II. c.
Timber License.
In tlilrly Any* I liiteml to npply to Die
(,'litnf (.'niiutiiiwtonrr of l.nmlH nml Work-*, itt
Aii'loiin, ll.C, for n (ii'iiiiit to mil tuul ciii-rv
iwny timlier fruin thu fulluirlug tlrni'i'Iliwl
properly, eoitunoiirlug 3oo ehniiiH Ntnith nml
*lii i-liuiiiH i-nnt from Hit* inuiii nept comer of
lllouk Hill In s.mli i:.i.-i Ktioii'iuiy, It. 0.,
theuce enst so uliiiltiH, Lhi'iicoHuiithHUcliulni't
Iheimt' iust 80 i'liiiiiin, tlitmci) not 111 eighty
'hu mt t ' I'le place of I'OtllUlflliltlUi'llt.
I'lu* ninth dny of S'ovotulier, lUOit.
Ilfi Io i Miioi'i'.'rmiln-ook. ll.C.
Timber Notice.
lierehy glvon llmt tvftliin thirlv
tlujH W. K, KiiRloii uill tipjily lo Die (liief
ComiiiMiitii'rnt Uunlanml Wolks, VIctoiln,
for ii Mpccjni li.-i'iiM* in tin lliiilntr on the foi-
luwiiicileHi'Hl'i-il liunl-- mi firry Ciwk iti Die
DIhIiIcI ut Su mli I.Ji-o Kootenuy. t'oiiuurnc*
lug ill Ihei-oiilli wchI   eonior of  W.   Dilllloii
uml T. 0.   Ktirqiihufton'it  limber lirem-e,
thence su I'll iii n h norlh; IIipiiiii so eliiUim
wenll   Ihenee   SU   ,-luilim   tMituli;  tlieuee so
chili in- wihI lo pi tin l nf i'iiiii'iit'iii'.'liii'ii i.
Dnleil NdVuiillel .'Inl. ItKlil,
:!-'. W, N. i:,mloli.
Timber Notice.
Notice i*> heieliy given that 1 have applied
lu llin Chief I'oiiiiiliHHiotmi' of l.uii 'n and
Wo'-kM.Victoiiu, for a Hpr-eiul licence to nit
nml enrry uwuy limber from the following
det-crllied IuiuIm in Houth Knt>t Kootenny
Ci'iuiiiemiiig ut.n pout planted nt tbeiinith
limit of lol 1117, Ornup 1, nud un the went
Miileof Kiel roH's NiHt Pnm Itliilwiir flight
nf Wiij : l In mv weft one mile mure or lr*-n io
Die emu hank of the Kootenay Kiver; thence
imilli along "iiii bank one mile more or le*n
to the aoutli limit of lot ji*J4 Group 1; theuee
eimt one mile more ot* 1'Hit tu Dm right of way
of Hiiitl ruilivuy; Dieme soutli nlong the aaid
light of »oy one mile more ot* li'in*. to thf
plnce of Ill-ginning, eoutuiiillig tl-JO iicich
inure or Ii-hh.
Dnteil Don ilth tiny of November, 100U.
:u Malcolm Hurie,
thut within ililrty [
dn.vKli.lt. MnnlinH will npply to the (-liiel I
CouimiNniiiiier ol l.uii,l*niml Workn, Vi. lorin, '
[or a «pi" inl licenni* tu i ui tlm her mi Die lul- j
loniliK  difi lilieil   Inml  iittir   l.e win creek lit
South l.iini Kootenny:  eoinmoiicing nl llin
iioilliweit eonier or but   UUT, Onine iiortlt j
two luili'i, flift  hull  i>  mile, BOlltlt two uiIIcn
a inl w,'hi hull a mile.
Xovemliei I. l!)n:i. :V-\
Timber Notice
Noiiit in lifii'iij given Dun within lliirty
dayn.I. Turner will upply lo i lie chief dm-
inlBitioiier uf I*uitdii nmi Workn, Vlctorln, fur
n Npeiiul licei.HL> to nu timb>'t uu tliu lullow*
iug deHeribeil bind neur I.r wit- creek, South
Kiim Kootenny: Commencing Mniy chuiim
noith 6| tlio north went comer of l,u, 13117
thenee north twu niilet, weat hull u mile,
mil th two mile* nn.l i-iihi hall tl mile lo pl.ui-
uf eotUtlielineiueut,
.Noveinhei* t.l'.UKl. 3.'l
Harvey. McCarter k Dunbar,
|     Barristers, Solicitors, rite.
I Hau'll Block CriHbrook. B C.
Tiirtber Notice
Notice iH hereby given thnt within thirl;
da>eJ. Turner will npply to Die Chief 1'oti
niiH-iutier of Lit in In nml Work-- nl Yitorii
fur a Hfieclul llceiiufl to cul timber on i lie foi-
luning iletteribcil hind llfftr Li w>cr»t<k,S<iiitl
i'.iiHt Kootenny: rouuneiiciiig bnlf n roth
uurlli lif the tiorthwebt corner of Lol 1208
lliente Itortll two mill". etu*l half ii mile
ninth I wo mile-mill) weM hilllll mile to (hi
pluieof cuiiinieiieemenl.
November I, llni.'i.
W. I-. QURI),.
Birristcr, Solicitor, Etc
11 to I'l a ill.
1 to 11 p. 01,
" lo a p ui.
| John Ellenberg, |
IN KEARIHH i:\T»0RTII HlllliL     §
* *
*. Pioneer in thc business and ♦
* his work always ranks with -•
J the best. Call and sec him. X
J' Repining boots ol all descrip- ♦
* tiops, Irom a cork sole lu a *
* lady's linest slipper. X
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes ma de new. All kinds
ol repairing,   (live me a call.
East Kootenny
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice al Kesiik-a.e, Armalraaf, Ave.
Forenoon..   •   •   •   •   a:jo lo It
All,,noons   -   -   -   -    UOI0J4JO
Evelina..    -   -   -   -    7.J010 »:M
CRANBROOK,    :   :   : :    E. C
g. H. THOriPSON.
[ Barrister, Solicitor,
In nt %Cat
|,,.l,emn...,',if itn uppllentluii [or.i.inpli-1 Notary   PuMk.
uiitt.fuf 11 I', 11 Unu.' oi TiDe io Lot .111.   Sulk* lor lor the Imperii I Baak ol CmJi
1 I'Kuiiii.M.MM'ii'iThrCiiluilillivotaeflt ■■•> Lvti Compny.
.the In
Timber Notice
Nuliee itt hereby niven that thirty dnyn
niter ilule, I intern! to npply to the Chief
f'mn mif«ii nii'i* of Liiu do und Workn, Vietorin,
fur pel minn!011 1 o cut und curry a*ny timlH'l-
froill the fullonjii'i ileBciilH'il truct of liiml in
liic District of South Hunt Kuoteuu):
CiimmeiK-iiigatu point eighty chitiimnorlh
uml forty I'liuiim I'imtof Die iiorlheuitti'oi'iifi
of L'orherly'H I're-empliuu Hiluuted on Hittw
ery crick; tin lieu eighty rhuinH went; Diein-i*
ci«)ity clliilllit tuiiilh; theme eiglily cliuim
ciiKt; Uletireeijility clmimt nuiDi U plnce uf
84 I). K. Newell.
Hluek -Ci
Nulii e in hereby niveti Dull it in my llltell*
lion tu it-nue nt Die ei pi ml ill 11 of nilP iniiiiDi
frum the Hint publication herrof 11 ilnptieuln
ut Iheterliliciiteof 'tide to the llbnvn men
!lotted Lot 'Ul, Ulii.k 4-9. Town ot nmi
brook (MnpOftD). InUie nnmiiof .lohn l'o il
VuuduHen. whlrllfVrlillcnte In tinted Die HUh
dtiy of December,   liiill),    nml numbered
UMlflK, II. I'. Mnd.eoil,
DUtrtct lleuisici-.
Ltnidlb-gihtry Oill..., N Ihoii, It. V,
vihiviuiier, iima. -'11
Timber Notice
Tuke nuliee llml thirty ib-iyn nfter iln'e t
intend to apply Initio I'liielComuiincliiuer ol
I,nmlh mul Wo.k nt Virlorin for Hpceliil
lieeime to cut und enrry lltt'Uj" llllllier (loll
Die following ib'Hi-iilii'.l Inml: L'tlllUIIL'llctUu; nt
n iniMt ttiieie Ihu BOtltll ctixt eonier uf l.ut
t'J 1 illlelHecth DleliotDlbolllliiryof l.'M   1'JI
group nne Kootenny .limnet thcticc eu>l
SO fliuihN to  iiorlbeunt   coiner ot Bll'd   Lol
494, thrncu north auchnlm, Ihenco wenl hu
cliuim, thence emiDi ul 111^ PflHlem boitmlry
uf Lot 421 to plnco of Httii'tlng coiilnlniiiK
tllO Hi'l'i-n more or li-t-n.
.1. It. Dowtien.
October, Ut. 1008. !W
Land Notice.
Notice in lierehy gtvnii Dint wllliin .«i.My
itn>n from date I Intend fu upply to Die
(liief rumminnioiiei- uf LiiiiiIh tuiil WmU,
for perminnioii to purclinne tlie following lie*
ncritied IhikI nun* Perry ei-eek in .Smith l-lil-il
t'omuietioiiiB 40 cliutiiH cnit of (In- Tliich'
pre-emption c-cord No. DtKi, Miniliwc-U corn*
cr: llit'iue mhiiIi -10 chnillH; Dieme ennt to
chHltmi north 40 ehiiinn uml went io ehninn
tu place ol liegiiming.
Dated thin 7tli duy ol November, 100.1,
:t4 Oliver A  Uiirge.
Cranbrook, H. C.
The Contractor
Who Utts Contract!
If you wnnt to huild ltd im1 know.
I will Im> pleased tn furiiiuli you
I'stiuuitt'K itnd may help you out
with Bomn ideas ub in pliitiN.
Livery 3
Vroom & Dezall
Blacksmiths I
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
tieneral Jobbing....
llul.lde Oritur, Prumpll; ,
Proprietors ******
Tennis and driven furulibed for auy
point in tlie district.
Manager   J.  **   J
Timber License.
In thirty ilttjH I ii.lnid lu npply lu lhe
Clllnff-'otlimiwdotierof Lnmla nml Workn ul
Vietorin, II, (J,, furu pi-tmii lucnt nud entry
i.wn.v   tiiiilH't' f i   Du- rollowitift ileHUI'IIllll
properly, com men, inn' une lltlttilrcil uiul
tHi'iily   ellllitiH HOIllll  frum   Die HOtllh  wml
mil f Itlockltai iu Suiiili I'lual Kootenny
II. IV; Ihenee HO cliililiH hiiiDi; theme HO
chitiimciiHt; tlienii! 80 rli.rns unrtlij thonea
sn cliiiinn weal to plmc of coiiutiencetiipnt.
In tUli dny of November, limil.
Oil Lyniiin Mootc, t'riuilnook, ll.C.
Land Notice
Nntlruia hereby given llitl' allly ilnjH nfter tliiin,   I iiin-mi to  npply  to  Die i'l.i.l
I'oIlimtMnii mil <'f LiUlllH llllll Willi,-., VIclOrlHi
. for    pei'UllShioil     III       piinliiui'    Du*    foi*
Wilson, wbo aw in tbo ifoveni* j lti»lii«<l«M"riii«i liunltf. In HmitliK.tHt.Koiiti^
tnt'iil. find Cottou ami Bowwr, who. ""','„„„ ,„.,„„, „, „ ,,„,  |(|mlh(| l()  l)l(,
I'Xpt'fl to In' ill,    If NfoBrldo gptd   nnrltt nirt e in.-r nl l.oi j:i-7. llriuip one;
miotbpr ati-k spell, tlio Borornnienl(\_Z^tult_\l Ji!riSi!'^
will fn'in  it  th  und un  ftdjotim-' to-ih.iplu»e of li-gltiiiliig, ct iniug HU
iiuui will hnye tu Ih* mude until In
Timber Notice
Nolict) itt lierehy given that thirty dityn
nfler dnte I intentl toapoly to Ihcfhlel Colli*
minniiiiierof Ltilutn mid Wurkn utVieloitil
fur peiiuinaion tn cut uud enrrr uway
timlier from the following item-ribed tnnt
of Inml niluuti'd on llrewery creek in tbu Din.
trict of Soiilli Must Kootenay:
Commencing uf a poiul lorty chiiiiin wett of
Die north runt corner of ,1. T. Ltibllaw'a tlm-
lii'i'limil; llitiiee eigbly chuitin norlh; theme
eighly ehnlna went; (heme eighty chuinn
noutli; Ihenee eighty chlilf n nunt to place uf
ill David Driffllb.
Timber Notice
Nol ice in hereby given Dial within Ililrty
ilnyn It. M Atldn.aou will npply to tbe Chief
I'iiiii tu iani oner of I.uiuln and H'orka, Vlctor.U,
tor peruiiunioii to cut and curry ftwity limber
Iron)      Hie     follow jug     ilencribeil    huida
Timber Notice
Tnke notice thut thirty dnyn nfter dule,
I intend to npply lo the Chief t niumtaHlonei*
ni' Lptnli ami Workn, for n apculii] licnuRii to
cut nml enrry u«ny tlmlwr bum llin follow,
ing ilencribeil lumln, in South l'!un( Koote-
Couiineuciug nt Die norllineht cornet' of
Tlioa. Leu.k'n pre-empt inn on the aouth
tmiik of St. Mnryn river, thence HOUttl I')
elminn, thence west 40 cIiiiIiir, thencu north
120 chalna more or leaa to. M.ntiiii [tultnu'a
north enat corner itr-St. Mnryn rtvlr, llienee
down nlt'enm Lo the point ol cotuitleliccinvtif
ciutniiiiUK ilJO iioren inure or lenn.
Haled ut Cmiibruok. It. C. the Jlnl. Any uf
November, luftft, ■loiin Amtoraoii.
Timber Notice
Notice in lierehy giveu llml thirty ilnyn nfler ilnte I iulemi to npply io ilie Chlel Coin
minniuiicr o[ Lntidn uud Workn, Vjcloriii, for
peniiinniou   Oi cut  nml eurr*.   uwuy   Moilier
from tint following tHwerilwd trnel of Inml
fit uat ed Ott llrewery Crick iu the Ui-itict nf
Houth Kant Kootenuy.
Comnieiicinu tit the north ennt corner of  ]l
K.NeWell'a limber limit punt;   D e elgllly
chulua north:   Dience   eighly   chiiiim we
thaiieo eii(btv ehninn   aouth:   fheiiee eighly
ehniua enat tu place ol comineiicemelit,
at , .1. T- Liildltu*.
fu Die County t.'oiiit ol KboleiiHy, ho'deii nt
fort Steele,'
(CleoruoM. Iletuiey,ol Hlnlnr, ll.C.,'
Iluiei Keepcc, rtiiinliff,
lletwci-u!    vn.
gi'b veil.
Onl',1 ihc lllll, ,|,iv ,
3J -Mm j.
'lie Lumber On,, Ltd.
| \..|. <l:.ll-y, IMcinbiiil.
^^^^ To A. Ji tlitlley, llienltove named delenilnnl:
nur    Die    St.     Mnryn    Dver     ill    HoiiiIi       YoU uie'liereby  iiutillcil   thill   the nllove
Runt Kootenay: Commencing at the aouth [ mimed plaiiitilf, Ima eomineifeeil nnnctioii
enat.tor er ol liriidfoid'a tliulwr liceune und ugu'uat yon In thin coiiil for (he Mini ol
on lhe 'Vint Imutidiiy nf I*. K. Nu. 7HM; theme $0;).7-i for board ami llldglllg furninlicil by
weal Tl) chain* more ur le a to I' e north eaat   him to you.
eoruer of Itrndford'n No. *J ticeune, thence And take notice, that uiitena.yoll I'llUne u
aouth one bnlf mile to the itoitli bounJary ol diapule note lo lie entered fur }6tl ul the
Cock'n limitcr liienne; tbeilceenni 71) cbailin ' offlceolllie re^intmr of (Ilia cuitrL III Fori
more or lean lo I In norlh enat comer nf Cock'n ] Steele, within lifteen tin.vn ofthe fitlirlll inner-
timber liiennc; ihein-e noiiih one mile; tin nee tion ol tliii advi-rtineitienl. jiiilniii"iit muy be
cunl liliehllll mil"; theiiee li rib one mile; eiili-iid againnt yuu hy Ibe | luiltliff..
llience went, oiic-luilf mile; Ibeme uorlli to      Duted ul Cranbrook. thin L'ilrd ilnyofNo-
pimv ol lu-g|lining. j vernier, tflOJlt ■
liniid S'ovembei Uud 100,1, W. P. Hunt
8A It. U, indlrton,   I      30-4t BolIcllQ'rforlhePiain.tf|
Formerly Hotel Phair
It. TOflPKINS, Manager.
I'liih linti-l la nui- of tl... laat  in
Bl'lllsli ('nl....iiiii. .-.nil  ii|..t<i-.li.ti-
in i'Vi-i-.v rospci'ti Well liKhtt.l
sntllplu riKiiim.
,**. 9 ............... . ...» .-.18
I'ruprletor of the
Candy Kitchen
Carries ACOIUpltte sltaik of
Candies^Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. «i« »• mi*
g.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,ij
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook tor
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. II. Fori Sle.lt, II. C.
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.  J»   **
Phone night and day 77
St. Paul, Duluth. Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
Itiroiiiili I'ltlni'emu! Tolirfstsiii.[ii-i-4
IHlilliK nail linnet JUiioliln-. l.ttirary CAM
K411 llaiiiH, Folders unit lull .nrormalloi.
.-all nn or ai!ilre*m,
H. T. 1.ANDECK, Agent,
O. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. -
Till:   CRAtt BROOK   II Ell ALT)
*************************************************** *
4 >
4 »
* *
4 »
1 »
« §
4 |
4 »
. ►
4 »
« »
* »
«    »
The Season (or uniting Christmas purchases is now with
u.i. Wc wish to post you as to what WE can supply in the
way ol
I nr Ladies:
Neckwear Novelties
Silk Waists
Mocha and Kid Gloves
line Slippers
Silk Shawls
ieiierille Novelties
Drawn Work Novelties
Neck I'urs
Por Men:
Satin and Silk Mufflers
Fine (ilovcs
l-'aiicy Slippers
Silk Suspenders
Silk llandkerchiefs
l-'ancy Hosiery
Tine Wool Mills
Fine Wool (ilovcs
Make Your Sel.rcli.xis Early When lhe Slocks an- Full
< ,************************************************,
4  *
* a
, a
. .
. .
4 .
4 »
4 »
4 »
4 r
4 >
4  ,
.  »
■i •
4  ►
4 a
4 .
4 »
4 »
4 »
4 ,
* ,
4 .
4 a
4 ,
4 ,
4  .
* a
4  >
4 a
4  I,
%                Biscuit Sale %
* To make rnom torClirislmni slock ot lliseuits mul Cukes h-u *
A win, rm- im ii.-iys. -.1*11 Jacobs* i-'AMiirs iitaci'iT.sni *
A         25c per pound, mixed 0
? Tiirm* liisiiiitsinv imi i.l.l stui-k or bIj.I.i lllll iii-iv. fresh guilds. 2
.£ 'I'llc Illi\llliv will illrllllli- Illl V.-ll-il-til'S. regular |l,-i.-i-s lit UPllll.il ^v
j* Illl' Jr..Ill -V- I., 'ill.- per ihilllul. y_
f               Q. T. ROGERS |
•V A
W      Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery •#
n                         Cranbrook, B. C. _\
You Need a New Suit
I!' lh.it if. Ilu. r-.-isc. ynu shiittlil la- c.-it-i-I'nl In tin-
si-leetiuii. We i-iiti give-you one Unit will In- snl-
i.-.i;i.*tittv in (|ii.-ility. workmanship nnd [u-iri-.
Drop in ami unu mu- bidi-k. (Iui- clothes iii-n
iiniili* in I'l'iiiilii'inik liy Ciniibrfiok ]).-..|.l.- Tin-.,
.-in- anils tlmt suit.
Leask & Henderson
»I»I«I ♦ I * I
* I ■*> I ;■ I *i i P I
""   Headquarters for High Class floods for La- '*,
;.;.,   dies and Gentlemen at the lowest possible g?
'"!   prices. ** **   Special Lines just now, Cloth- c*\.
4...   ing for Winter Wear. ;.-*
*l*l»l*H>l»>l*l«)l*|(f<i$l*lfl  14    i I-i
..     .J,,... |  .      .     ..      .     ... ; ,.*. | j. ; «. . (J, 4  ,, i   , ...     .     .  ,
■•l-.-l-!;*.  •   .
****** ** ***0****^*m***m*i
-t^ A. L. ricDernint A. *C. IWneu
S Wholesale   Wine   ond   Spiril  Merchant*
ffi Schlll. B«r       i The Highest Brands Tde Larjtil aad
*$> 14-rnir Hi-cr        I „, SCOTCH nml .' ■"""   »M«'m«l
<£.   "*"" *'* I IUISII     WHISklPS , nl lliiraciii i
V  Outline k Smut    I IKISn     "nl.Mlll^ . I luuuro FA
--t-' A complete stock of Cltztflrs, consisting .if thi- K-
-*^ I'Pharaoh," ••l.i»r<„*l*.nn," --Irvl.tK:," "Kiir-
4*4 rls(cr," "Monument," "Hilda" and others,
•£*.  Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. Tt-1-.-pl....H- 17
X Write lor Prices. CRANBROOK, H. C,
^\ Agents for T. Lcbel -fc Co., Ilay and (irain.
... .j. ... ... ..4 (,i ..4 ... ,.4 SHSM8 ®--<* ® 41 ® .-' ® ® '•'. ® ® *■: ->■ '-J
.., Manitoba Hotel...  \
(Jl ll'mler Now Miilllim'lllPlll! I
'[' 11. A. Mcdonald, nanager
•' This hotel Is In the center of town.   The rooms are I
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first   ,i,
I class, and lhe bar is supplied with the best.     When you <•>
A want .1 good place lo stop come to the Manitoba. *|>
iii 4.) 1.4 ,,i {.. ®-® ■>)■ ®-®-®~®-®--®-®-®-® ® ® ® ® ®-® ® ®-®
I The Cosmopolitan ^
**> *
w      J. R. Downes, Proprietor      *
1 Cranbrook, B. C. f
m $
m Two well lighted and furnace heated i
$ sample rooms.    A firstclass hotel with 0
f'^ firstclass   service.    Popular with the i
Hate YOU Seen lhe
Parlor Lamps,
Ladys Secretaries
Wc Arc Offering
t'  in nnil ink,- n li<uk
-   ■♦■   -
and his company
.Miintlny. Deecmfoor 7th
Tiii'silny, Decombor 8t.li
IV.-tli-.psdny, Docouibor Illl.
lil-il-oralc Coaluima,   •  Special Stcm-ry
PRICES $1.00 and 75c
It.'si-rvoil Sent*, in. Stilo nt Bvntti
Drug Stnr.'.
Quess the Number oi tlcans and Gel a Silver Tea Set
W. P. Tub*, ih • j.w.l.r. |n*..|».s.- tn u i v. - tin* [ipopk- of ('nm-
Inia.k iiml i ii-iuit v BOin*. Inn. II-- h.-is n jnr nf la-nns in I.is vvin-
(low. nml iln* oue wlm '-*ii'-ssi-i th.. closi-st tn tin- number will ro.
celvo n lim* sil'..*r t.*n st-l for .1 <'liiistnin*. |n*i*s.-nt. Tin. cout.-st
clou-s nn Decouilx-r -I
lli-*-i... k ..I M..M mul silvcrwart' was novor so ltirgt*. uud
in tin- ivi.v "f jciv.-ln In- Ims iinrpnssnj nil his fomll'r efforts. If
you wnnt tu select n C'liristmus present tlmt will ulense hike..
look III liis sin.*'; la-fun* Illliill-.'. Hi- si*IIs uiiIv tin- ln-st. nml his
|.rh*.-s iin* -.iirpri-i'iiilv low.
A Few Reasons Why *
It Will Pay You to Do Your
Holiday Shopping at Beattie's
1st.   He has the largest stock in South East
2nd.   Ii v/as bought cheaper than any other
.1. I'.
I hia iv,*.
Fink    li-it*.I   .M.i
P.tked Up Aboul Ibe City  ly Aallaf
(Jueslii.ns ol 4-rHay Pctplt.
Tin-  Inm.um  wentl.er  l.na
Dun M,-i,-l,.-.«l.
i t.nvn Sunilny.
Slmw Pni-ker, of Fori Sieolo, wns
in luwu yesterday,
ll.-.-nl tin- new nil of tlio Mnnitolui
hotel in this issue,
II. II. Gilmour, nf Vancouver,
wns in town Sunilny.
I'. D, Hup.- the Moyie ilniRi*isl,
wns iu town Tuesday.
Don'l forget mother ,-it Christ.
ni is.   i'.ill iii Benltie's.
liim- you t-xntuiiiiil Deuttie's
|.iifiiini- stink.   It'sn winner,
Kiiiiiish.*.! room to let. Apply to
tlii'.M.-ii-i-iiiiiu'll Fiiriiiturocothpiitiy,
Mrs, C, Estmero, of Kiniborloy,
ivns n Crnnbrook visitor yosterdny.
Kditdi-  Smyth,  of  tlie   Moylo
1,4-444 1,-
I'lmilinaik   visitor
Don't forget llml '.HI ueuU buys
lim cents worth of k.k.I*. ul
llenl tie's,
When ymi gel it ni Betitlio'syon
know its ^mal. nlwuy. bas la-i-n.
tlwnys will be,
Will li.illins. nl' I'lirt Arthur, in
risiling Ida brother Vic ltollius,
if Uiu Wi-iilwiirlli.
I'iiiii.' gets ull tlio big orik-rs
siirlsiives thi'liityi'i- money on litem,
Tin- snme In small buyers.
Pnul llmiillcy lun. his I ivory
Iiiim ii'inly for bltslllGSS. It is
complete in its iirniugetiiciits.
Mrs. Iiniili* und two chililren
lefl Insl Sntiirilnv for C'llliforiliu,
wliere they will h|m-h<1 the winter.
Miss Itubv iTiimiesou l.-l'i Tuesday for her homo iu ('nlgnry lifter
a plensiint visil with Mrs. M.
Mel lines,
Ilny early mul g»t tlio la-st sel-
i-li-4-iii.il from the biggest and In-st
Slock in South l-j.sl Kootenny. at
Tin-little son of Mr. uud Mrs.
S. 11. Morrow was eliristen.il lasl
Wcdni-sdiiy evening. Quite a
pni-ly were present.
A number of local Odd Fellows
will go to ('nlgnry on the 10th to1
participate in the dedication of the
new Odd Fellows linll.
.Mrs. .Inckni.ii, of Nelson, mother
of Mrs,' S.  11. Morrow, returned'
home Inst Thursday, after a few j ,HH.111W|,  *,,.  ,.„„„„-  regnfnlo ,,,
duys visil wiih lu-r daughter. IK)-U,y 0j (|„, (. p, |- ,„ sui, m.er}, j
S.iperintcnili.nt'fTnylor, ni-coni-; crunk in the country, but- just tho I
pnnied by his wife and son. visited  same thero is nol n ninn in the em-!
Kdiniuitdii.    ('nlgnry   und    other  ploy of the i-(iiii|*niiy who will work
points iu the Te.rrilor.ies the i*nst, luinler for the public lliuu the self
liiu.- you uiii.l. yniii I.-mii L-in-ss'
See the inr .it Tutu's,
v ll.i.l- Bnker iisite.1 N'elsoi
several ilnys Insl week,
li. It lli, li.-u-.l-. nml    tii-.    < I c.-i 11
l.-lt tills week for California.
II   P. Thnuipsiiii. the  Imi'iister
is iillendliig '-'iini ;ii Ni-ls'ui.
Don'l fotgi'l th,- Solmlierl con-
crt.  Fridny   eveiling   I) -iiilier
II. Cfihieron and Ci-, .Tones, of
Moylo   wen*    Crnnlirbbk   visitors
Friilny last.
('unstable Morris wns Irnnsuct-
ing legal business nt Fernie ou
Schulierl eoncoi'l   Fridny night.
(let      your    se.'lts       lesi-l-n-ll      ill
Willie  Gi-eer, s it Mr. nud
Mrs. .Iniiies (Ireer. is very ill with
typhoid fever.
I'llc night service ul the tele-
phone olfii-e Ims la-en discontinued
after 12 o'clock.
Don't forget the Schubert concert next Friday nighf. It will be
ii musical treat.
Mr. nud Mrs, .1. L,  Parker of
.North Stnr .Mine, -ure Craubrook
\isitiirs Saturday.
Ross Palmer rclni'iit-d  lhe lirsl
Of the Week I'llllll (III e-Jtellllell    trip
over Ills territory.
Mrs. Woods, ul' Klkli.iin. Mnn..
is tin-guest nl' her old Ci-londs, Mr.
und Mrs. (I.T. Rogers,
The malingers nl' 1-Cho.n cliurch
will give ;i national dinner iu
Wentworth hull mi  December lli.
Mrs. Jnmes Fitulley, nf the
Sullivun itiine, was tin- guest of
Mrs, M. Mclnuis n lew days th-
piist week.
W. F. (luni lins 1 n improving
the interior nf his office the past
week, thus adding tnalei-ially to its
Htigliin McTinies, who is alteiid-
iug sehniil ut Clllglll'y, hns been
quite ill fnr the pnst iwn weeks,
but is improving.
Tile topic 1'iir next Siililintll evening iu the Presbyterian church is
-■ilesiis' Conception of the Disciple
in Relation to Himself."
Inspector Wilson w.-is looking
after tin- Cruubrook schools Inst
week. There nre n number of
changes in contemplation.
,1. D. Mcllride lel'l mi Tuesday
I'm- Rossland ns deleguie to the associated boards of trade which mot
in Hint  city mi Weduesdny.
The thnuk offering for missions
it Ilu- sacromeiita] service in the
Presbyterian church Inst Sabbnllt
wns iu thc neighborhood nf *i**i0.
rile guesses for the la-nns   enn-
t st al W. I-'. Tate's jewelry store
re coming  in  ul  a   rapid  rate,
Great interest is manifested in the
The dunce given by the ('. I'.
It. Quadrille club, mi Wednesday evening of last week wns well
attended and proved um- nf the
most onjoynlile affairs uf lhe sea-
At the pi'ecniuniuiiiuii services
held ii tin- Presbyterian church
last Thursday evening ten names
were added lu the roll, three upiu
profession of faith nnd seven by
The services in the Methodisl
ihurcli nexl Sunday nt. the usual
hours. Morning subject, "The
Christian Ministry," Evening
subject, "The nth of the series on
Evils of Mullein Society."
J. S. Carter, C, I'. R. passenger
agent for the  Kontennys, wns  in
town Thursday rustling busines
Mr. Carter is blnnied  ninny times
Th.-      I.iliirnl     meeting     Inst
Weduesdny   llighl    w.-is   n    gToul
Success.      There     Were   illkilit    fif'tV
nielli I a-rs nf the association present,
iiml tlieeveliiug ivns Bpont inn most
W. D Hill wns culled lo Calgary
Insl Week liy the illness or  his   sun
Wilbur, iiiiii is attending selnail
in thnl town, Ile found Iiiin much
improved when luvnrrived, ami imt
in uny way coitsiitorcd dangerously
Craubrook peoplo will be pleiiBcil
t. have the opportunity of again
seeing Harold Nelson nnd his nble
company, whu appear nt the Weiit-
wortll hull nn Monday, Tuesdny
nnd Wednesday nights nf nexl
The prices fur Ihe Schubert concert nexl Friday evening have been
reduced lo 7.*. cents for reserved
nud .10 cents fur general admission
tickets, instead nf SI mul 75 cents
as previously advertised. "Vnu
will miss it it' ynu miss it."
"Chippy" Hill, the iron imigiinto
continental traveler, gentleman of
leisure, nnd shrewd real estnle
operator, has just disposed nf a
block ol' Winnipeg property thnt
he la.iight a few months ugo for
840,000, ul nn advance uf $10,000,
The Conservatives held a meeting Inst Fridny night uud up-aiinl-
ed   committees   fur  future wurk.
Spt lies   were  made  b.v  Messrs.
Cnven, Hnrvey, Ria.kes. nml
others, und iirrnugcments mnde
I'm* permanent quarters I'm* the
3rd.   The variety is greater than any two
combined slocks in South Eist Kootenay
The prices are (rom 10 to 20 per cent
Because 90c is worth $1 at the Big
Bazaar and for all Xmas Goods bought
siini.i ".lu
Tlu- Hni-iilil Xelson company
will be at Wentworth hull nu thc
7th. 8th und Ulli, uu his return
ensl. He will open with the
"Merchant nf Venice," tn be
followed by "Taming uf the
Shrew." uml closing with
Hill it Co., have just received a
new cash register Hint is a ninrvel.
It will keep the sales of eneh clerk
sepnrnte. ligure up the total's, throw-
out bad money, ring u bell if a ens-
tinner is nu good, mark down the
fnct Hint ii clerk arrives late, and
close up automatically the dny thnl
ilrufts are due, Hundreds of ia-b-
ple hnve gone in Iosco this register,
nud its hypnotic powur is so strong
ihut mice nn individual looks ut its
wonderful uu-chuiiisini. it is impossible for him lo leiive the store
without milking a cish purchase,
The Im'/nur held Insl Thursday
evening iu Wentworth hull wus
well patronized und lhe L.i.liis
Aid of the Methodist church will
probably clear $150 by the side.
The pantomime "The Broken
Picture," nud "Tit for Tut," wen-
well received lis ills., the tblte sulus
by Mr. Pearson nnd piano selections by Mr. Wright. The Indies
aid of lhe Methodist church desire
tu cordially thank all whn assisted
in making lhe hn'/aur such u success.
All graduates nf Toronto t'ni-
versity nr nlltllliflletl colleges, nml
ull who passed one ur mure ex-
animations in the University or
ntlilliuted colleges, now residing
in Ensl Kootenay, are requested
tu send their tininc*. uud address tu
Rev. W. (1. W. Fortune ns soon ns
possible. A branch uf the Alumni
association is being formed in Xelson iu -Tttiitmry und the name ut'
each Minimus iu East Kootenay
should be known by the association, Fernie. .Moyie uud Kurt
Steele papers please copy.
Monday evening while engaged
iu storing liny in the loft of his
new livery burn, X. C. McKinsliy
met with ;i very painful accident,
He hnd a plank, running lo the
second llum*. on which nu assistant
was pulling the bales up by means';
uf u rope, while "Mac'] engineered
I mutters below. When Hearing the
tup the wire uu one of the bides
broke, und the bale tell striking
Mr. MeKiiislry squarely in the
face, peeling hi. nose und lip ns
scientifically .-is if he had been
"mixing*' in with Fltzsimmoiis or
Beattie's Drug Store
Where It Pays to Deal
® i ® i$t ® i.® i ® i ®i ®I;»i ® i ts i ® i ® i
|        MANNING & LACEY
5 (Successors to G. H. Gilpin I
■:.     Jiis'ti-i
Prices toSnh .411-
*iv,-»I a lli
: assortment i
nnl Children
l«l-H»l*l*l»l«l*l*l*>l<  ■;   ,*■   .-   .   i
Call and See *
*   *l♦ I♦ I♦ 14>|*
4 We are now able to supply you with STAGHORN Dressing
4 and Manicure Sets and Military Brushes. Also a nice line of
4:: very choice- Venitian Vases.   Splendid Xmas Gifts.
I Chas. E. Reid & Co.,
t Urtiggists iiiul Sinii,4i,,.rs Crnnbrook, B. C.
************************** *********
When you visit Cranbrook stop at Ihe
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is tbe best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean
liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
of liquors .and cigars.  .
s-   jji***-   'I-
An Observation
J Mtulo in tlii'.stqrt' this morning;
* Ihai I cim^i'tjlucuiiC.sausflgp.''
« »£(» knows that stiiti'incnij tn lie
Jj a sanipli' pound,
■•Tliis is th** only place in town
Kwryonc that eats our sans-
•orroct.   Rinii np Phono ">7 for ;
Hotel 3 3
Oueita Comfort • .Spccltlly
flood Stiblinf In Cosoeclioi
Nearcskto railroail and depot,    Has arcnnmioda-
liolls for the public utieqiiallt-il  in  Cranhrook.
Hot and Mi Baths
 Proprietor      {
• •♦••♦•••4>-»/^;«\«4>4>* »»•••♦#■•-•-♦*••
G.E. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
■'■■ ELKO, B. C.
U'.-ll I'liriiishuil la.niiVirtnlile ria.ms. g.aal meals.   St..).
4.       ■   bono ivl  in town iui: ciiAMtuooK mat a i.i)
ll you pn.\ mi eshiirliilunt prico for a Iliil PAKTof ymir
v is misted, im mutter how good the garments are. If you
v,-r sn sumll ii price fm* ll bud suit ALL your money iB
d, It you buy ii good suit you must |my at least a fuir
.nml Hint is nil ynu will pay for u suit made by
Cranbrook Block Crankrook, B. C.
,.*,**»********************** *************************
4i *
}      It is a guarantee of %
|     "Satisfaction"
}     If wejelo your work.
j        Plumbing, Heating and Tinsmitlihig.        %
in all the
Towns in
Wktlcuk aa. Iitl.ll
I P. Burns & Co
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
j  When you come lo
Fort Steele
Slop III the
Hotel £
iSVw iiiaiia^i-iiHiil.    Ni'W fur*
uwVlims.    NitCliin.-sc
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing mil Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Mf.cl.incry for all Purposes
All el very hest makes.
J. L. Neilson 6V Co.,
aili Mala SI., Wlanlpei
i Christmas Goods!
£ \V« have it Urge slock of
* VhiiHttmin Ttiyi* tint Kan*
J i'V iioott* wti'u'li we will
I dear out nt CUT PRICKS
* uh wu  lire going out uf
* 11u*i11«»«. bverything for
(.'liriutiuaH, Toy*. Fancy
Gooda, Confectionary at
Mrs.   Lacey's |
Wc luve a slock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in tbe brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Can always supply shimo ut
right prices. (-Strangers please
give references.
J NOW ia thu bent time to nit fur
* yunr XniaH  t'hutof.   Thin lathe
# mire way of having them on time.
2 i'kII lor them wheu yuu wautthem
$       PREST PHOTO CO.      5
, • ♦ • * * ••••*>••*•
I Have Vou Any 1'iintlni to be Done?
• l)na Any nl Your Rooms Need Piperlngi1
1 Ksti mates givou on lurge con-
} tracts,     We don't wnnt  the
♦ earth.    We wan)   to picas..
j you with the work nnd receive
* reasonable pay,
2 knyal Hole', Cr.nbrw.1.
g}*« . » **•* ••*.****..... ****
y-M, find the CITY liAK-
ERY is the plnen logul n nice
'ding i-iilie nnd ni-iiiimoiits
iu the Intent style. Why send
your order nut of town ami
perhaps linve the ieeiug broken by shipping. Prices right,
rhanr U llnpi ,11c M. P. Chunk
c. w. wn son,
Slab Wood aod Peace Posts
New rigs, good driving
suit saddle horses ut
reasonable rate, fhir
i.iiiMi ill U- to give g-ood
.(.ie to ull horses stabled with us.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
ALL Companies - whether so called Board or Non-Board I arc chartered by the Government.
The Government demands in return tor this Charter that each Company shall deposit with them
sudicient securities to cover a certain per centage oi insurance in force.
The Government have made this percentage over and above .the average rate ol losses.
Pl.on.   99 - - - - - CRANBROOK. B. C.
.1. t:. STRI'IIBNS
We are not superstitious, but we believe in
advertising. We want the people that stay at
hotels to know that we are in the hole! business,
and we'll accomplish that purpose it it takes the
rest of our natural life. When you arrive in
Morrissey Junction enquire for thc "BIG
WHITE" HOTEL. You cannot go wrong,
there is only one "Big" hotel in town, and that is
Morrissey Junction, B, C
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
It. I. Slcpkcu, J. ¥.. Stephens, J. l.iws..n, M. Kocki-n-lurl
Wc arc not mind readers, but we know what
you arc looking (or you are looking for a Rood
hotel. That being thc case, don't allow anybody to look you right in thc eye with an owl-
like expression and tell you that there are other
hotels just as good as thc Alexandra. People
who talk like this arc interested parlies and
you cannot afford to take their word in
this matter. When you come to thc thriving
town of Morrissey Mines, keep going till you
get inside ot the Big Alexandra Hotel. We'll
give you a "Highland Welcome."
Stephens Bros, ft Co., Owners and Prop*.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Ciiiiiuliiin I'uritu* Railway company control n largo ntoa ol tin*
choicest farming und ranching landa hi thu Klk. Kootonny, Columbia
antl Slocan valleys in tho Kootonay iliBtricI and in the Kettle river ami
i tlmim-gaii valleys in tho Boundary district, A Inrgo majority of Ihesa
lauds are readily nccoBsiblo by railway,
\V. I,. Dili-linn wus mi  llio
isl with a severe cold for two
ast week.
will In- located ut tho drug store of on the pur
C. E. Held & Co. which is being and 10 per
enlarged tor that purpose. This price of tii
chllligii will prove a greal C'onven-
| i.-iu-i- to tjio peoplo of Crnnbrook.
uml will separate- the commercial
J. Austin resumed his duties us I business from thut of the ruilwny
Agent at Klko on Thursday aftor
three weeks vacation.
Bridge   nnd    lluilili
Stocks went ensl Inst week on  Illl
inspection trip ns Inr ns Mnelcod,
Hi-iikeninii It, Diitgtnnu nf Cruii-
l.ronk bus been promoted lo tlie
position of yawl master at Michel.
Dispatcher Cli-o Hillier concluded his visil in Crnuln-ook on Suiiiluy nml relurneil In ('nlgnry on
No, I.
mul building inspector
cki'iaie.  nl'   Kernie   lliis
Winnipeg  mi   u  short
Muster **0E- HARTIN WWC*1-™
on tin l
1). .1. M
been io
W, l'\
GUI, towi
(fiiril.  snliciliir.
site ollice, visitei
on      Saturday
 1 .1.
.1    li
llrniiiley.   of
been   on   ll   brief
Ile whs relieved
CranliriMik   bus
li*ave of absence
by 1-'. [*:. Wntt.
Forenmii 1'. Roddiick left the
St. Kugene hospilnl nn Thitrsday,
He is mil, however, sitHlcleiitly
couvali'sceiit yet tn t-esumo work.
Mrs. Arthur tthepiwird on I'ri-
duy received tin- sud iiuws uf llic
dentil of her sister iu Winnipeg.
Mrs. Hli.-ppnnl lefl ll.e same day
mi N'n I fm*Ilu- enst,
Arthur .1. dully, who fnr some
time w;irked under Itnndiiitifttci
DiKilllll. bus suceci-Heil J. Hernlil
Mllllioil, ns general i-oudmiistct-'s
clerk iu the nllicc nl' Superiiitcn-
ilcnt Taylor.
Itriilgeiniiii A. it. Mnedonnld, nl
-I. K. Smith's gang, while working
nn u bridge near Crow's Nesl Inst
week, met with a slight necident tn
liis ankle necessitating u visit t.
Dr. Kennedy ut Mncleoil.
Fndinii  names
Ohjecl    Apohtf)   and
Suit la Whhilriwn.
Viinconver, II. ('., N jv. il.
The criminal lils-1 action brought
by Mr. Joseph Mnrlin against I.
V. I). Field-Johnson iu cousa.
qneneo of n loiter ptlbllihed in the
Ledger during the Int.. bye-election
campaign, alleging gross iniquities
in connection with Mr. Martin's
public anil private character,ended
abruptly today with the uccep-
iiticn nf nn abject apology nnd its
publication by Field-Johnson iu
all the city papers. This apology
ns the original letter, is addressed
to the editor nf the Ledger, uud
"On tin. 17th Instant n letter up.
peered iu your columns headed
'Justice must be done' und signed
'Siseiiieu.' Tliis letter was written
hy in... I wish to retract ull the
stutemeiits mude nnil suit! letter
reflecting upon Mr. Joseph Martin
und In express my sorrow fur having written tli.'ui. The statements
made by mo in the si id letter eon-
corning Mr. Mnrlin are wholly untrue und I wrote the said letter for
lhe pui'-HM,. of injuring Mr.
Mni'tiu, und 1 hereby beg tn
humbly apologize to Mr. Martin
for the derogatory statements with
regard In him continued iu snid
Mr. Field-Johnson, like Mr.
Mnrtiu. is ii Muuiti.bun.
rnlne of the sliin-es, S10.
■cut uu the present sell
slinres. 8*1.
Stock Qw.tnlh.ns.
Furnished by Beale, &  Elwell,
brokers, Orniibrook 11. (!.
.Vurtli Star       In
Huitivaa  5
<t. Ga-rui. ..  4(1
I'bju*  IH
War L-n-flc ..'ODBtillil.to-l  10
I'ai-r Hull  1
AiB.rlt.-ao Hoy  .Vj
lluli-i-uilo  IN
l.'i*ii«a-(Mtro,l H.S..0U
St. Eupnw Ht. maw  in
.Jan. Oil anil I'oal liluaa Lid  X",
.illM-laGnnl a»4ir4,k.    f'l.ise
IJii.l.'rnw, NaatUosI         7A
Canadian Hold Pit-Ida        11
Hul i vao Urtjup Mini.** i.'m. Ihimla 11 (IU lai
liileiii.tioiial ''4I-.I sud f'ok.         III*.
Land Notice.
Null.e I, Wat.-- iIvmi Mat .illi u lliit...
.1 i.v. ('. UarabsU tail! B|.plj lo 111, l.lilt-t Com*
nii.Bi.U4-i- nl Lauda aad Va ofha, Vla-olla, Im
.I B'M-riai liii-ua* tu cut lia.l-.l- oo llin 111,
...'.!-. 11I.41I ttiud, sear I..-.I. t-ra.li, Sou.b
Knat K-iu'eaa.,: CiBiuaai-laK ita. and 1, bull
ml ,*• ui.rlb nf (bv Bortl,*,.at ...ruar ..I l..tl
l-Jt|. tl.,Ui, ui.tlb .ma Bill., «*«•(. ,,iMf uill..
aiiulli nu. miluubil .-». ..a. lull. In .he -.luni
Ol . ..iiiuii-iii iniii-ul.
Nu.tiabc! 1, I Mill.
The eiiphiiiiiiiiis
Chokio uml-t'nk.-ttn   (pronouiici
Sko-ky-o  uud   C'oe-kute-o)   l
been In'stowed upiui twines, which   hnve
Stlllleil nil tin- Cl'lll
new sid-
la-en lately in-
lirniik section,
S. J. Iliingerli.rtl. the mastiil
inechiiiiie of the western division
hns recnvi-reil frtnu his serious ill.
nt-HS. uri'iveil in Cruubrook l.y tin
wi.-Htl-ounil tniln on Snlui-ilny
His visit wns purely nf n priva'.e
Biipcriututidcnt Tnylor hns been
nwny from town Ihe pnst week. 1,11
un extended tour of the division
The trip included a visit tn lid-
moutoil. The superintendent Win
accompanied by Mrs. Taylor am
his sun Herbert.
Wurdner wuter stutinn hns been
dused and J. Mussuian. who wut,
i.l churge there, has been transferred to Yuhk. Alilridge piimphoiisi
(00, has shut down, pumpman S
J. McCurttie.v meanwhile Inking u
holiday |ieiidiiig his Iransferreiici
lo ltr.ckel.
The ('. I1. It. hns given sulislunt-
iul recognition nf the growth nut
importance nl' Cruubrcok In
establishing its eomuioreinl lelc
graph ollicii up tuwn.    Tl.-n nllicc.
tlorle   McDonald.
Lnsl Thursday morniug. Noveni*
Iter -I'.lli.   iMulcoliii  Hoiit- joined
the order nf the benedicts-   In the
presence ofthe immediate relatives
he led to Hymen's altar. MlssSarnli
McDonald, one of Cruubrooks fair
laughters, Hev. Fortune otlicint-
iug. The bride wus very la'coni-
lllgly dressed in :i going awuy gown
if blue olotll, Mr. Horie is one
nf the old timers iu Kust Kootenuy
and I'm- severnl yenrs wus bush
ftii-einiin fur the Crnnbrook Luin-
licr ctnnpsiiy. He now holds the
responsible pi-sitimi i.f bush fore-
tun.1 I'm- Ihc Kast Kootenay Luni*
Im-,- company. He hns 11 large
nuinlair of friends, who congrntu-
lute him on securing st. estimable
11 bride as Miss McDonald. Tbe
happy couple left Thursday for a
brief wedding trip to West Kuote
unv nnd the Boundary country.
From Iln* 11,-inIi-li.
J. tiillis. general men-hunt ni
the 4I11nctit.11. is building mi uddi-
tion tn his store.
School Inspector Wilson wns iu
town on Mondny trying tn nuiki
arrangements tn get tin* Methodist I'liurt-li for n tumpoiiu-y school
until the new one is erected.
A Ilulieiniuu living at Tonkin
shot two fine deer near ilu- lowu-
sile on Wcddcsilny. He hud only
ti twenty-two calibre rifle «itli liim
but succeeitiil iu shooting thein
both through tin- bond.
The lennistors of iln- town arc
having iheir ..wn troubles.. The
rond between the town mul (Injunction fnr nliniil n inile is ini*
passable and thctciititstcrs repair.
ed the uld construction rouil which
leads up acrnss ilir riiilrond and
around by the cemetery inlu il
town, lu this wuy Ihey had
secured a very good sleigh road
but this week snnie ill-disposed
persons destroyed two bridges
which they hnd constructed utim*
Ihe big ditches nu each side nf the
truck und waggon trallii* has thus
been interrupted,
liranhy Dividend.
The (Iranhy Consolidated com*
puny hns declared u dividend of 1
per cent payable Deecudier ltith.
This is the first iHirticipution ot
the sluireholders in the earnings ot
tho company, which were ii.ill,.
ii)i gross lor the yeur eudiug Jut,..
tilth, and »206,2U8 net. Of thit
latter lhe sliunholders get $13;),-
130. Homo time since it was an
luiince.l that dividends would
lieryiiflei* be puiil  l.y  tin. (Irut.by
...puny ut thu rute of 1 per cent
* Kpnil III,, l-in.lit-i-toi.
Harry Bowuess, Crniibris.k, wus
at the Impminl Sundny.
Al. Doyle, J. Nnlson, A. Hanks
uud F. Williams viMit.al Ci-ntibrook
Government Agcui Armslrong
was ut Fernie Wclncsiliiy ou ulli
eiid business.
Chnrles Finch, Marysville. win,
registered ul lhe Orli'iilnl Wednesday.
C. 12. Mm.slieltl uml liis sister
Celia Miinslielil were the guests nf
M. Durick mul his sister Anna
Durick Wednesday.
N. A. Wnllingei*. M. A. Benin,
(len. Watson uud Chns. Cock Bpcnl
leu days in ilu- mountains iienr
Hull river in seur.-li nf big game,
John ltrnwii a prominent Spo.
kiiue mining ninn wus ul Steele
Thursday. Mr. Brown will visit
the Sullivan injues before In* re.
turns to Spokane.
Notico is hereby given (hut Hie
bnlf yearly meeting nf the Board
if License Commissioners, Fort
Steele license district, will be held
in Tuesday the lf.l.h, day (if
December 10011 ut the hour of ten
in the forenoon ut Crnnbrook
when the following application for
liquur liccns.. will come before the
boa nl:
Trnnsfer Nils Hansen Cosmo-
pdibin hotel, Cranbrook, to .1. H.
J. II. McMullin,
Chief License Inspector.
Fernie, November Hist, luiil.
Tin* aggregate amount nf principal .-nnl interest, except iu the case
tnis under •t.'J.eO per aero, is divided into ten instalments us slmw ti
In- table Mow; the lirsl In la- paid at lhe linn- nf purchase, the taxi,
me year I'rnlll date nf purchase, till' thiol two yellls. mul SO Oil.
Inllnwing lable shnWH the umnuiil ..I' the annual instalments ml
.civs at ilitl'iTcut prices under the nltov lilionst
cat M,fi0perne, 1st instiiliiieiil s 511.111,11 eiiiinl iuatul'taaf i B0.U0
cat  11.00 per un. 1st Instalment    "LllO.ll
cat   :i..VI|a*rnc. 1st install!!, lit      SII.IKI.U
cat   '1.00 |10r lie. 1st iuslnhn.nl     IHl.ttft, 11
.-. ui   l..r*il|a*rac Isi Inslaiment   l(J7.Hii,I)i-tjtinl Inslnl'tBot
cai   (1,00 per nc. Isl instalment   ll'.i.N.i.'.iet-unl Inslnl'ls uf
•snld nu shorter time
■qiinl inslul't
■ipinl insbil'tsot
-ipinl instal'ts nf
-i|lial [||sllll*tso(
nls uuder *-i.."iii por acre
If lunil is paid fnr ill full ul lhe lime nf piirclinse. a reduction friii..
tin- price will I., allowed eqt u' in len per cent mi ihe amount paid in
excess nf llic usual cash inila'iuinl. Inl.-rest iit six per cent «ill la-
charged mi overdue instalinoub,,
The company is also interested in llin following townsitnsj Klk".
Cnuibrook, Kimberly, Aldrijlgo, Kitchener, Creston, Proctor, Niilsou,
lleirnnl, Leuionton, Cusilegnr. Cascade City, Grand Forks,  Klmlt.
(li nwood, Midway.  Nakusp. Arrowhead,  Hovelstoke,  Donald   nnd
Kamloops.    Terms of payment an- one-third cash mul Hit- Imlunc* in
six ami twelve months, with interest.
Fm- further purtionlnrs npply in tin- following local agents:
W. M. Fi-nst. Gateway, Monluun     .1. A. McCnlliitn, (Inind Fmks.H.t'.
11. 11. Bruce, Wilmor, II. ('. CI. A. Heudell, Klmlt. II. ('.
V. Hyde Bnker, Cranbrook, It. ('.
.1. T. Burgess, Kitchener, B, C,
E. Mnllnuilaiue. Jr.. Creston, 1). ('.
(I. K. Stoekor,Cascade,B.C.
F. ('. Elliot, Trout Lake City, B.C,
Or J. S. DENNIS. Land Commissioner for British Colombia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
A. Ferguson, Greenwood, 11. ('.
.1. D. Sibbiild. llcvelst.-kc. B.C.
Thomas Al.iiel. Nakusp, 11. ('.
F. J. Fulton, Kiiiuldiips, It. C.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share. *
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good slock Io,*/
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., I.UI.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ot
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
■(•>•*♦ * • -♦ •-•-•■• • tltilt.tmiM *<*(*)* •»-•-••♦ •» »MM ♦-* • ♦♦• •■»•-• • ♦•JO
-^♦♦♦••♦.♦•••^-•■•-•♦•■•-•.•••♦•(5)|J>« »♦.•♦•».>-* •*•••>•• • • .-. *• • ♦{#
We have moved our office to upstairs over Eeattie's
drug store where we will be found for the next two
weeks and would ask anyone owing us to call and
settle their accounts within that time.
ill.-* **"**• * • . . . *•■•••*•••■. i*1 (%*«.•■»


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