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Cranbrook Herald Jul 20, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
1    Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President. B. E. Walker, Gen, Man
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
Hnve |tist received the largest
ntul best assorted stork nf
In tiasi Kootenay, Including the famous Durham, T, St H., Old Chum, Seal of
North Carolina, aud others hs well known. In cigars und cigarettes we have all
llio well known brands.
Are arriving daily. In Confectionery we are nt the top. Try onr FreBh Apple
Cider, mid also onr Choice California Wines.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located her
Sole Agent
Via Cranbrook
At the Toronto Clothing Store
A Snap.   A line of Boy's Suits bought for cash at a sacrifice, will be
sold while they last for
$2.50 a Suit
Don't mi;
 Reid & Co.
These suits arc well worth $3.50.    Don't miss them.   They can't
last long-.
We have closed out our entire stock of Hardware
to G. H. Miner and have a small stock of	
Prints and other Dress Goods
Which we will sell at cost to make
room for our mammoth stock of,,..
Men's Furnishings, Groceries, Shoes, Liquors, Hay and
Oats        dt        dt        di
And we won't take a back seat on prices.
Goods delivered to any part of the city.
Mail orders promptly and correctly shipped.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook *> Fort Steele sp Wardner
Work  to  Begin
Next Week.
The Work Will Commence al Cranbrook
ami Qo Rapidly Ahead.
Mr. J. B. O'Brien Will Arrive To-
mrrow to Take Charge of
the Work.
"Work will be Inaugurated on the *
North Star branch early next week,"
said Superintendent MacLeod to a Herald representative this morning, alter
his return from the lake where he accompanied Mr. W. W. Whjte, general
manager of the C. P. R. lines west of
Fort William.
And Tuesday evening, while Mr.
Whyte was In town, In reply to an In.
quiry regarding thc building of the
North Star branch, that gentlemsn made
the following statement to The Herald
editor: "I have gone over all the ten
ders with Mr. MacLeod today. They
are a little high, hut work will commence at once on the branch. This will
be a good thing for Cranbrook."
The railway question, so fur as Cran
brook nml Lhe North Star branch te concerned, is settled at last. On Tuesday
evening Mr. \V. W. Wliyte, general
manager of tlie C. P. K. lines cast of
I'ort Williams, arrived in liis special car,
accompanied by I.. A. Hamilton, bind
commissioner, Mr. Cbtpmnn, of the
Hudson Bay company. Senator Geo. A.
Cox, R. Jaffray, Major Pcl'at and James
Johnstone, the new manager of tbe Ferule con] mines.    Superintendent M. H.
MacLeod,of the Crows Nest Pass division,
met Mr. Whyte in Macleod, and the balance of the parly were met in Penile,
When the special arrived in Crnnbrook,
Mr. Whyte's car was switched to the
side truck, and the members of the party
started for a stroll over tbe towu, Mr.
Hamilton had just returned from Europe and this was his first visit to Cranbrook since last year. Mr. Whyte ex-
pressed himself as greatly pleased with
tbe progress made by Craubrook since
liis lust visit in October, and while here
looked over lhe extensive improvements
made by lhe company in the railroad
In conversation with a number of the
citizens Mr. Whyte expressed himself
freely regarding the building of the
North  Stir  brunch,   nnd  said  that the
work would be pushed forward as rapid*
ly as possible. The party left Wednesday inoniii'-* for the lake, where tbey
were met by a steamer and conveyed to
Nelson They will go over the Robson
rond as far as the mils are laid, aud then
take conveyances aud drive to Penticton,
returning cast over the main line.
Superintendent MacLeod accompanied
the party to the lake, returning this
morning on the passenger. He staled
that work would he commenced on thi
North Star branch eaHy next week, and
that J. ti. O'Brien would arrive here tomorrow to take general charge of the
work for the company. Most of the
work will probably be let out in small
sections to contractors, and the final disposition of bids will likely be made public not later than Monday.
Mr. O. H. Richardson, of the engineer's ollice, nt now in charge of a
party going over the route making Home
•lightchanges in the woik at different
ily ibe roth or 15II1 of August ditt
will he (l)ing all ntotig the line, aid
everyone will know that the North Star
branch is under construction, and
furthermore that ii is being bultl from
Mitchell's Restaurant
Tabic Board, per week   -   -   $4.00
Meal Tickets      -      -      -     4.75
Opp. McFarlane's Barber Shop
Dally Mall Now.
Commencing with last Monday Cran*
brook has a dally mail service east nnd
west. This is a great convenience to the
people along the line, and is quite a
change from the catch-as-cnteh-caii system lhat prevailed a year ago.
SALAD tni *.
I, A Hamilton, the C. V. R. land
commissioner, bas ju*.t returned from a
lengthy sojourn In southern Europe, and
while here Tuesdaj evening told The
Herald muoofhiswectiiig with V.Hyde
lliki i in London ii few weeks ago. Mr.
Hamilton, iu his quiet [way, pos esses a
keen sense "i humor, and no man appreciates a jok» more, He Baid that he
was silting in his room wiih his wife at
their London hotel vhen ihere came li
knock ut lhe door ' 1 was reading,"
said Mr. Hamilton, "and in answer to
my summons to con in, the door opened and 1 saw a gentleman enter whom I
thought wasa stranger, He wore a tall
beaver bat of the most fasblonabl'
block, a long, dink frock coal, stylish
waistcoat, collar and lie the latest, and
trousers in keeping. But when he spoke,
I recognized Hyde Haker, and could not
refrain ffrom glancing down tu his feet.
Alas! for Ins loyalty to Cranbrook,
The moccasins were goue, and in their
place were patent leather boots with a
surface like a plate glass mirror."' He
says that both Col. Baker and Hyde are
looking well, and tbat Hyde expects to
return to Craubrook some time next
®     W     W
The Lyceum company played in tbis
city last Friday night, per announcement, and the edilOl of The Herald desires lo make au abject apology lo his
readers. In company with nine other
patriots be entered i**o an agreement to
guarantee ibis company a good house,
and in letutii tin- pimple of Ctaubrook
were to have an entertainment that
wonld be satisfactory. The Lyceum
company arrived and they put up au entertainment that whs neither artistic,
funny or pleasing. The "stars" in the
theatrical firmament that had been so
liberally prai.-ed provtd to be lift 111 B of
the worst kind. Tw< scenes from Hani-
let made the hair Bland np on the heads
of those present, and gnve rise lo a long-
inn desire lo seek relief in some far
away nook. Il.nulel bad a voice thai
satisfied himself hut no one else, and n
nait like ji half-hack In a football game.
The ghosl had to be prompted fiom lhe
wing?, and Ophelia—well, poor girl, she
did ilie best she could In lhe comedy,
"The Man in Black," throughout the
three senseless and inane acts there was
hardly n rift of brightness to relieve the
monotony of mediocrity that stamped
every effort mode In Diet, it waa rruk
front beginning li cud, and not one
present could give ileven u half-hearted
approval. The people hud paid a good
price to see a good play by reasonably
goud acton*, ami they were gulled,badly
gulled. And right here is where our
apology comes in. We boosted lhat
show because the advance agent, wiih
his nerve and representations, made a
showing that convinced lhe committee
the company wss all right.   He had the
best of notices frum | apers In New Westminster, Kossland. Calgary and other
places, and with pristine simplicity we
said in our mind to the genial advance,
"Thuu art honest, and thou art great,"
and tbe columns of Tbe Herald were
opened to effusive praise of this attraction. And, to make the game stronger,
the manager of the opera house at Rossland telegraphed us that the Lyceum
company iiad just closed an engagement
there, and it was tbe best the town had
ever seen If that is true Rossland must
have been sorely aillicied by barnstormers, We said lhat the show would
be good; that the people of Cranbrook
could nol afford to miss it, etc., etc. We
retract all we said and apologize to the
people of Cranbrook. Like tbe other
members of the committee, we paid our
deficiency without a murmur. If tbe
show bad been right the committee
would have had no complaint. Tbey
bad gone into the matter with the lone
desire of giving lhe town a good entertainment, and if ihere was u surplus to
start a fund for fire hose. Suffice it to
say. there w.is nothing for hose, but the
lire of theatrical euthuslasm in the
hearts of that committee has been thoroughly subdued, and the next advance
agent lhat comes to Cranbrook fur a
guarantee will have lhe pleasure of receiving a practical illustration of tbe
cold, clammy eye and marble heart.
This notice, like those of last week, ts
free. It does not cost the Lyceum com
pauy a cent.
Hon. W. B. Ives Bead.
Ottawa, July 15.—The Hon. \V. B.
Ives died at 11:30 this morning, ns the
result of a stroke ot paralysis received
on tbe Imperial Limited three days ago
while reluming from a business trip to
the Kootenny.
Mining Interests of South East Kootenay
Increasing in Importance.
The Pay Roll Group Looking- Well
—Notes of Interest From thc
District at Large.
Perry Creek.
The British American syndicate has a
number of men at work 011 its properties
Mr. Kellogg, of the Nortli Star, will
examine the placers on I'erry creek for a
strong company.
R. O. Jennings is working two gangs
of men, one ou the Antelope and the
other ou the El wood. He will increase
the forse iu the near future.
Indications point to a vast amount of
work being done in this district this season, aud the owners are confident that
some t>ood strikes will follow.
Qua Thiers has several men at work
on tbe Jewelry box, and everything is
looklltg well. We understand tbere is
some deal on regarding this property,
but as yet, have not learned lhe part cu-
John Muiptiy has finished the assessment woik on three of his claims, the
Daisy. Wolf and General, uud from the
work done is greatly pleased with the
showings obtained, especially so as he is
located next to several good properties.
J. W. R. Young, of the Perry Creek
Mining & Development company, has a
force of ten men at work iu this district,
pulling up buildings and cutting trails,
preparatory to doing considerable development work. Ah soon as these arrange*
tiients are completed Mr. Young will
start work witb a force of twenty men
on the properties of this company, which
include the Elk Horn, Ruby, Pearl and
Running Wolf.
John Murphy has brought down some
fine specimens of auriferous quartz from
his claims ou ferry creek. A good
showing of colors can be panned from
some of it. Part of his property adjoins
lhe Antelope group and he has one claim
showing a well defined ledge of about
twelve feet in thickness, adjoining the
property now being developed by tbe
company of which Mr. Young is manager, 	
The Pay Roll Group.
Mr. A. Smith, who returned on Tuesday, from working on the Pay Roll
group, at Palmers liar, kindly gave The
Herald representative the following particulars as to these claims. The group
consists of lhe Pay Roll, tbe Superintendent and tbe Paymaster, The work so
far has been done ou a big ledge, six
feet wide, which runs through all their
claims. This work consists of a tunnel
190 feet loug, and a shaft at the end of
the tunnel tweuly feet deep, giving a
depth of 100 feet on the ledge. This
big ledge is on a contact of quart-cite and
syanitic granite, carrying gold, galena
aud copper. At the present depth tbere
are eight or ten inches of ulid ore in tbe
hanging wall and four inches on thc
foot wall, and considerable ore shot
throughout the ledge. There is a wide
seam of talc on both walls. There are
five [small ledges crosscutting the big
ledge, varying In width from six inches
to two feet, all carrying good values.
A smelter test made at tbe Trail smelter
on the clean ore from the big ledge
showed gold, .03 of an ounce; copper,
7 2-5 per cent; silver, 20 ounces; lead, 20
per cent. Picked samples on the small
ledges gave an assay of $686 In all values. An average sample on lhe small
ledges gave $103.75 '" *•■• values, 42
ounces of silver und tbe balance in gold.
The Intention of those interested is to
sink tbe ptesent shaft to a depth of 100
feet, which will give a water level, and
the eppoarance uf tbe property when
(his work is completed will direct further
operations. Ore is now being sorted
and the first shipment will be made
about September 1.
For Sale ur to Let.
I will sell or let on easy terms my
hoarding house property on thc cast side
of towu. Well located for doing a good
business. Joe Itrault
Warduer, il C.July it.—Our pioneer
citizen, Prank McCabCi who has been iu
Atlill City tor Rome months, relumed lo
Warduer on Monday, the rotli. He informs us that although he did not bring
out large nuggets of gold, he gol plenty
of experience.
M. Mott, of Macleod, ml M Johnson,
of Penile, spent Monday and Tuesday iu
Mr Leamy, of Hull Head, has moved
his family to Wardner. Several oilier
families are expected during lhe present
Jake Berkman spent a few days iu
j Fernie last week.
I Messrs. Goldhloom, of Winnipeg, and
' R. H. Karatofsky, of Port Steele, are
tbe guests of J llerkntan at the Central.
Piof. M Dudyk, optician, visited town
on Monday.
Keep your eye Otl Wardner, for if reports are true the Pernio coal mines will
tie removed here in lhe near future,
Ph ist o.
A Qood Man (or Ihe Position.
Ike Poster has been named as night*
watchman. Ike will make a good man.
lie can see the night.
Miners Wanted.
Al the North Slar mine, three or four,
' They must he gootl men
I North Star Mining Co.
ami .Maun "are preparing to make a
flotation of all or a large part of their
British Columbia mints in one company,
either 01; tbe Montreal or London market," 1) I). Mann said lhat this was not
strictly correct. He said lhat a certain
|jOrtion of their mines will be floated
bm it has not been decided on which
market, nor will the mines be floated in
a block, as slated. The North Star
group Jit Port Steele will be floated as a
separate group at fi,500,000, and together with the Boundary properties,
will mike the combined total capitalization ofthe different companies jfo.51*o,*
00O1 and not $10,000,ouu for one company, as slated iu the dispatch. The
decision lu float lhe properties is of a recent dale, and the details of the scheme
have yet to be worked out.
Strike Near Kitchener.
Kitchener, B.C., July 8,—J. Wilhelm**.
a prospector from Spokane, who has
been exploring this country for the last
few years, has, with bis partner. Andreas
Pottlsen, at last been rewarded by finding one of the largest ami most promising mining properties in the Kootenays.
The lead they have discovered is an exceedingly tame one, of quart/ phorphyry,
loaded with iron pyrites, which in this
country carry high values in gold, silver
tnd copper, the latter showing well in
tbis particular claim. Mr. Willtelms
has sent some specimens to Aleck Itrown
Roofer, of Sprague street, Spokaue,
where any Interested may see them.
There have been some very promising
finds In Goat River district this season,
and the finders, many of whom are well
known in Spokane, are enthusiastic "ver
their properties, aud now that the Canadian Pacific railway is tunning through
this country and lhat the provincial government is building trails it is likely
that before this season |s over more than
oHe mine will be shipping ore from
Moyie Mines.
Moylo Lj'.-uIi'i.
The frame work for the Grst story of
the St. Etugene concentrator wns raised
this week, and carpenters are now at
work boarding it In. The building •>
being pushed to completion with all possible speed. The clearing of the right
of way for the Irani has been finished.
and the flume U well under way.
Dr. Bel I-Irving, one of the owners of
the Movie and Queen of the Hills mine,
was in Moyie tliis week. As near as
could be learned from him the property
bas been stocked in England for/" 150,-
noo in £l shares, and tbe shares are being sold at par value. The property wil!
be working within sixty days.
This week Karl Neltzel brought 0 Bam
pie of ore to this ollice from the Aurora
group, on the west shore of the lake.
which is greatly admired by all who
have seen it. The sample will weigh at
least thirty pounds, and is of highly
mineralized fissure matter, showing ga
leiia in large quantities. The sample
was taken out of the new workings,
where there are between four and s x
feet of lhe same character of ore.
The Board of Trade llnkcs a Slarl
in Thai Direction.
Work on  the   New  Government
Building  to  Be  Inaugurated
Without  Delay.
No Stagnation la El it koolcnay.
Nelson Tribune! Alderman Thomson
returned on the Moyie on Friday night
from a trip through the St, Marys country. He left Nelson Monday evening
and arrived at Cranhrook at 9 o'clock
Tuesday iiiornintj. lie visited the North
Star nnd Sullivan group ou the Sl.
Marys, and also tbe Pyramid group at
the bead uf the St, Marys. He reports
the three camps working. Un the North
Star development is proceeding under
the superintendence' of Kellogg, who for
some time was in charge of the work for
the Hall mines at tbe Silver King. Tbe
Stemwiuder, one of tbe claims in lhe
North Star group, is developing well and
is likely to be as big a mine as tbe North
Tbe Crows Nest Pass branch, which is
to tap the North Slar, will leave the
river line abont one mile from Cranbrook. Tenders for the work were opened al Cranbrook Ibe other day, but they
were all considered as too high, and tbe
probabilities now are that the work will
be done by the Canadian Pacific compauy itself.
At Moyie the foundation for tbe concentrator is in and lhe work 'of development is going steadily ahead.
Mann and MscKcnile Properties.
Ottawn, Out., July 13.—Speaking of
the   report  published   lhat   MacKetuie
Muting Notes.
George Bremner is pushing development work on his Mountain Meadow
group, east of town. A fine clear-cu*.
ledge with trite walls ha? been exposed.
The quartz is of good quality and the
property is likely to be h-arJ from later
Fred Cote bas done his assessment
on the Cote mineral claim, about a mile
and a half south of Union Jack bill.
The ledge Ins widened from ten Inches
on the surface to about three feet at a
depth of nine feet, ami shows a good
proportion of galena and copper pyrites
Pr. Belle-Irving was in Moyie a few
days ago looking after the interests of
the English company which has been
formed with a capita] of /So.000 to operate the Moyie and Queen of the Hills
A full force of men will be at work immediately and the third shipping mine
will gladden the hearts of Moyie citizens.
G, C. Clover reached town on Saturday. He owns a group of claim-: acioss
the gulch from the Hamilton boys' tunnel and will at once do the necessary assessment work. Mr. Clover and his
friends mean business, and a regularly
organized company will be formed this
autumn with its Britisli Columbia headquarters at Cranbrook, and operations
will be pushed with energy next spring,
Phil Casey. Lou Barker, Capt. Gray,
J. Jamison, J. Vitrcoe and A. Rabaden
have gone up the Perry creek trail and
'over the divide to Hells Roaring creek.
They expect to slay in tbat country for
some time prospecting nnd Opening up
claims locate 1 last year. The divide he
tween Hells Roaring and Perry creeks
has produced some rich specimens of
-juarts showing free gold.
On Friday last a party consisting of
Senator Geo. A- Cox, the president of
Canadian Bank of Commerce; Aaron
Cox of Peterborough, Major Pellatt, of
Toronto, and J. W. II. Smythe visited
the North Slar mine. Senator Cox h-is
left here with a very favorable opinion
as to the future of South Kast Kootenay
and of lhe North Star mine in particular, and thinks lhat Kimberley, situated
as tt is, has every promise of making a
most prosperous camp,
Col Rldpatb, United Slates Senator
Turner and several other large holders
of stock in the Sullivan mine, visited the
property lasl week and were very much
pleased wilh the outlook. A large force
Of men will be put on as soon as the new
machine drills and coniptessor plant can
be got ready for work. The intention is
to make this a shipping mine as early as
possible so as to take advantage of tli
railway which will be running to wilhin
about two miles of the shafthouse before
suow flies,
The Cranbrook board of trade held a
ipecial meeting Tuesday evening for the
purpose of considering several matters
that were pending, Including fire protection and incorporation. Iu the absence
of President Leitch and Vice President
Smythe. Mr (leorge Bremner was called
to the chair and Secretary McVittie occupied his position.
A letter was read frcm Mr. Bullock-
Webster, chief of the provincial police.
to tbe effect that as soon as he received
Lhe plans from the Lands »V Works department, be would come to Cranbiook
aud inaugurate work ou the new govern*
ment building. lie also stated that
(toco would be used in construction and
that tbis amount would give Cranbiook
a very creditable building.
The committee appointed at the last
meetiug, consisting of Messrs. Leitch,
Ryau and Simpson, to consider ways
und means tor securing fire apparatus,
reported that J. \V. II. Smythe. chair-
un of the Dominion Daj celebration
nance committee, had staled that Ihere
would {be a surplus of nearly $175111111
;hat a meeting of subscribers would be
railed to take action on the disposal of
this money. Il is the desire of all lhe
subscribers heaid from that the surplus
should be applied to tbe fire protection
fund, ard action will probably be taken
tn that direction.
Mr. Maggs, of Maggs & Hughes, kindly offered to lake charge of the work of
arranging a concert for raising funds for
tbe lire department, and he was appointed as a committee of one for lhat purpose.
Messrs Costigan, Leitch and Simpson
were named as a committee to interview
Mr. Whyte, regarding the privilege of
using the railway company's water
mains for fire and street purposes.
The special train with; Mr. Whyte and
other officials arrived about this lime,
and at the close of the meeting ihe committee had an audience with Mr. Whyte,
aud satisfactory arrangements were
The question of incorporation was
next presented and Mr Costigan was requested to give the legal status of the
question, which he did. It was then decided to lay this matter over until a
fu.ure meeting, aud during the interim,
to secure more data as to the rights of
the people In the premises.
Ti:e meeting theu adjourned, subject
to call.	
\ Former Citiiea of Cranbrook Meets With
a .Sudden lui.
Word has been received that William
Retsor, who was well known by the
early residents of Cranbrook, while he
was associated with W. T. Kaake in the
Commercial hotel, was killed a week ago
in his dance hall at Port Hill. From
tbe story told it stems that Rtesor was
fighting with one of the inmates ofthe
dunce hall, when Deiirum, who is a
police officer, interfered to prevent the
woman being injured. Reesor then
turned on the police officer aud the latter beat a hasty retreat. In retiring he
stumbled and fell over a log. Reesor
advanced upon the prostrate officer, and
the latter drew a revolver and ordered
him to halt. Reesor paid no attention
to tbe command and JJenrum then fired,
the first bullet passing through Reesor's
heart. Tbe feeling in the vicinity of
Port Hil. is that the killing -.as justifiable.
Reesor was well known here. He
came to Cranbrook as a carpenter, and a
more steady or hardworking man than
he never lived in tbe town. After the
Commercial hotel was built he quit
working at his trade and commenced to
work in the bar. Wine, women and late
hours did the rest. From a steady citizen he developed into a rounder, and
was a great favorite on the "row" where
he spent his money freely. Disposing
of his interest in the Commercial, he
lift for Poit Hill-   the new town 011 the
Bedllugton road at the boundary line,
where lie opened a dance house and
commenced a career of all round toughness. The shooting was the culmination
of his life there, and 110 more than what
was expected.
It Gives Them the Entire District.
It is understood that the Canadian
11 ink of Commerce will open a branch at
Fort Steele. With a brunch at Fernie
and Craubrook their busiuess jn tbis dit-
fcrlct has rapidly increased, and by opening a third branch at Fort Steele this
institution protects its interests iu the
district by simply taking full control of
the banking business here. And as it
gives the people banking connections
with one of the strongest financial institutions in the world, they are perfectly
Take Care of Your Health.
With the advent of warm weather
there is greater need of caution in preventing auy accumulation of filth. It is
not safe to take any risks at this time of
year, and nil refuse matter should be
carted away. CRANBROOK   HERALD
F. 1. SIMPSON, Kilitoi nml Mtinai
TKUMH OV SlHl"(l»inU»>
The llcralil tlcdrcs to «lve the iuii ■ M ■
district, if you know any about y»ur town
your mine or your tieoiile, semi it i« this
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first=class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
Low grade ores those that ytel I less than 81
per ton—are* a» a rule, not sought aftei ity thi
avtrage prospector, and yet It Is a tail ttmt lUe
bast paylnjt mines ln tlw world an t ilay •.'fttin**
their profits mnn nre that runs under -Jin. a
tew examples will prove the truth ut thla awer
The Traidwril mirn*, on Douglas Island, .\i
aska, with BOO stauips, treats ow nt tco
st.'jt per ton. The Homestake. In ouih I tako
tu, cm stamps, treats ore at no«st ni fuopoi
tun. In tha Transvaal, Booth A.frl< a. three left I
logmtnes the Crown Deep, tlelilenlnils bvep
and*|Hflso Deo|t, with from if" ta isosinui'i .
treat ea-*h %IV men a cost of 84 81 to 8»».*JS |»e<
ton. All uf Hioss properties arc axeeeiliiulj
profitable tindertuklnos, anil tn one ol tlu-m, tlif
Crown Deep, KI shares areimioteil at C7u*.)n
London. I
Thou mines are profitable beeR'M- tliej nro
worked on a hone scale, on no otiiei laals
oould they in* made to i«iy dividends.   I si **.-**
er-A Instances the) at rated under  tin
Kreatast fllfllcuUlm und at great ext-enw rli
pint of running boo stumps Is [iracikiil y iki iam *
than so. when tlie liinchlnery it un™ lust died
and started, it is the quantity aud not ilw ipral
ity that is the factor lu profit Bhnrlng. lu Hi"
Boundary there are almo-t uumheilcfis low
grade 'properties with gigantic ledges tmt nil.
hut a iar«e majority. H imu wl.lumi saying,
tlieti, that ihu ore must be treated puicllcdiy mi
thu ground ihat Is, without ft long rnllwii) haul
-and at a low rate. Careful uvuru-je ussajn
iliow that $10 ores predominate, ll tlu-sr* ores
mn be freighted and smelted nt JB "i -. poi toil
-anil we believe whon tlio;far sighted siui'ltlii*-
seheme at the tM'< It< Is worked mr, it will u-
dune for even l«as there will ha u handsiiuii!
protit left for the mil wner.  Cascade ' eronl.
The above gives some fads thai are
worth considering by the people of Hast
Kootenay, as well as those of Weal
Kootenay. Although the district ol
South Kast Kootenny is rapt "Ily coming
to the front on account of many vultin
ble properties of high grade ore that arc
being sought after, yet it is a well known
fact that from one end of the district to
the other, there nre vast deposits ol low
grade ore. When the times comes thnt
these bodies can be worked at a profil
the distiiet will be one great bee hive o
industry. Aud that lime is coming
Marvelous progress is being made in tin
economical treatment of ores, and pi i
haps there is not a district iu Hrltlsl
Columbia that will reap greater benefit8
than South East Kootenay. Investors
in .mining property are showing their
confidence in the district this season by
making heavy purchases in properties
that give the best of indications of being
permanent propositions. It is no longer
a question of doubt in South Kast Kootenay. It is now tm assured fact With
untold wealth in high grade properties,
snd the standard of value being rapidly
lowered In what will prove profitable
low grade properties, the future of this
district iB indeed a bright one.
Small    Prlnea'i    First    Attempt    ut
Pntnttos Wns Disastrous
Although Prof. Knaokfuss is usually
credited with assisting tin* kaiser in
the production of his surprising pie*
tures, the Germnn monarch owes his
earliest introduction to the mysteries
of art to un English putnter, atiys the
London Chronicle. Tlu* Hrst time the
kaiser handled n brush wus nt Windsor, when Mr. Frith "as painting tbe
picture of the prince uf Wales' mar*
i-titge ror tlie qui , All the royal personages gave sittings to the artist nml
the kaiser, then a little four-yenr-old
prince, spent several mornings in thc
room wln-re the picture was being
printed. To keep the child quiet Mr.
Frith gave him some prints nml brushes
ami nl lowed him todnbbleononeof tbe
unfinished corners of tlie enuvtts.
As a nnturul result of this verv Injudicious proceeding lhe prince's face
wns in a very fow minutes covered with
and *
ligltl of li
'move tin'
iif.'.l face terrified
mgged the nrtisl
-■ unit Mr, Frith,
an I   v, ill,   rags  nnd turpentine, huil
nearly completed liis task wben the
pungent spirit found lis vvnv into a
scratch upon tbe child's cheek. The
future kuiser screamed with pain, as
Hnidted the eminent painter with bis
lists und hid himself under a large
table, where he yelled until lie was
tired. Mr. Fritvh declnres in his "Item
iniseenees" thill lln* little prince
Hhowcd ;i must unforgiving nplril nnd
revenged himself afterward hy Hitting
so badly tlml lhe painter tailed altogether to produce u satisfactory likeness.
-lien of L tit ICC, Me., Provide fur Mnrln-
Corner Baker street
ami Hanson avenue
over iKMioltlee	
All Sizes uf Photos tip to 11x14 g
Points of Inters! in  British Col* g
umbia Will Be on Sale |
 , tji
dt Prest & Co I
'|i-|U(i»i*t"*fi*' -*|i*n nil ■*i**n(i**,*tin*i*n»(i'*i
enable It
R. T. Lowrey, of lhe Denver Ledge,
speaking of cemeteries, says he lias
killed nothing hut ads. since the eight-
hour law wenl Into effect.
The future of Cranhrook never looked
brighter than it dees today, and lhe
people acquainted with the conditions
fully appreciate the fact.
The more tbat te written about Joe
Martin aud his Rossland experience, the
more evident it is that Mr. Martin played a wrong hand in the wrong place.
It would seem to tbe disinterested observer lhat it was ubout time for tlu
Nelson Tribune and Miner to quit quarreling with each other and get in line
for the best interests ofthe town,
The Nelson Miner's special illustrated
edition is a credit to the publishers and
to the town. It will do much toward
making known tbe advantages and resources of the Kootenays. There litis
been some criticisms of lhe edition, but
it must be leutembered thnt any man
can pull a cigar to pieces while comparatively few can put one together.
The editor of the Port Steele Prospector had another North Star branch
pipe drenm last week, and with eyes
closed and heart beating he could hear
the rumbling of scrapers and lhe tramp
of many men as the work progressed in
the neighborhood of tiie junction. There
is one beautiful feature about these pipe
dreams of the Prospector—they ate
The people of Moyie, in a manner
characteristic of that bustling town,
have taken the bull by the horns >u il
will build a school house. They refuse
to await any longer for ibe government
to provide school facilities, and have by
public subscription raised a fund bu (lie*
ient to erect a commodious school house,
There is nothing the matter with Moyie,
if she has no railroad station.
Conditions control the destiny ol
towns, and events nre rapidly showing
tbat Cranhrook is the mining and commercial center of South Kast Kootenay,
liach Jweek adds to her importance as
the natural business center of the district, and tlds fact is to be further cm*
phaiized by the building of the Nortli
Star road from Cranbrook lo Kimberley,
Cranhrook seems to be nil right, aud
very much in the swim.
D. M. Cnrley, the erudite editor ofthe
Nelsou Economist, wns married last
week to Mary A. Hand, of Los Angeles,
Cal. The Herald, iu exteudlug congratulations to brother Cnrley, makes
the prediction tbnt llie future will see a
toning down of the wai fan (lie gentle-*
man has carried on iu his paper against
the United States and everything per*
The town of f.tibec, Mu,
go-ahead villages of the Pi
nnd tbe one Ihing witutii
to keep n|i with lhe procession
hearse. The citizens luvestlgnt
condition of stir round ing towns, and
learned tlmt every one nf them hud ll
henrse,nnd they considered Itaburiilng
nud municipal shame that Lubecshould
he so far behind thc time-:. Therefore,
it wus resolved to have one, although,
according lo the rates nf lougevlt-, in
Lul.e--.it was not considered likely there
would be much use for it, snys the
Lcwlston Journal.
A mass meeting of tbe cilizens was
called to discuss the grave subject.  Thc
enthusiasm    was    unl. led,   nnd   it
wttsnl onee decided lo pure base the vehicle by voluntary RtibBcriplhms, making n sort nf join! stock concern nr
chipped in one dollar, hut the wary und
thrifty Ltibcckcr insisted upon ti proviso whereby he Is enabled to get a
show for bis*white ally. It was iiiiini-
Imously agreed that if nny stockholder
hud use for thc henrse within n certain
number of years from lhe date of his
subscription, be, the said subscriber,
should be entitled to a rebate of the
sum paid in.
Nnw the Lubecker awaits the approach of tbe grim destroyer without
emotion. In the event of his death,
he is assured of ;i flrst-eluss funeral,
with plumes uud nil the outward trap
pings of woe, nml he gets his money
back besides.
Some lieecni Wreulca Were Untlty of
'iimi  Lack or FureKlirlit,
Insurance underwriters looh askance
ut vessels which  have n final "a" in
their   names.     The   Hrst letter of  the
alphabet hi considered n hoodoo when
it ends the name of a deep sen ship.
Mnny of the mosl serious wrecks ol
the last yenr have been of vessels currying lhe hoodoo letter.
line day lately, says the San Fran-
eisco Examiner, the telcgrnph uu-
uotineed thai tin- [triUsh ship Androsa,
from tbnt porl for Liverpool with one
nt Mn- most, valuable cargoes Hint wni
ever curried uul of Llial harbor, was
lost within a iVw leagues uf her destination. Thc iioxl dny word wns reel Iveil th-it the Urcnlln, hound rrom Victoria for Llverixral, bud been swept bj
heavy  seas and  Imdly damaged.    Her
mute uud one sailor were dro\*. I. Tlie
wires told an thc uunodaj of the totnl
lot   nf ihe Itrltlsli ship Villantn and Hie
drowning of  her muster near  Kr	
u.autlciiud ll few days later th.- papers
gave the news of the lORSorthesteiiiuer
Wnllnpn und of the beaching uf lhe
Horn in Alnshn waters.
During the last two or three years
(]H. nmst serious wrecks on thc emisl
wore of vessels whose m » untied with
lhe  |oo letter.   The wrcelt nf the
t niiina. was the most horrifying of nil.
'Ihcn eame. the  InSS of the steamer Co-
luiiibln, and u tew weeks later tbo pas*
dcnger steamer L'mutillti ranuahoreiuid
narrowly escaped destruction.
Tolnieeo   mill   It *«*•■   III   Mnrj IiiiiiI.
According to ibe Ualtimore News tho
farmers of Maryland arc becoming Interested in the oiovoinenl for a general
cultivation ol tobacco and for thc introduction of the rnJslngof rice. In earlier
days tobucco wus grown Ibroughou
thc stale, but for the lust half century
it has been confined to the cou
southern Maryland. Lice hll
been grown in Ibe stale, bul Hi
success with this crop Iji \ow
Jersey has led mnny to think thnt it ean
be profitably taken up in Delaware ami
Maryland. The yield of rice is frotr
35 to CO bushels an ncre, und the net
profit is Bald to be from $25 tu $-10 un
Planing Mill
iiiiii ""i Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Ivlanufiiclnrt'is of...
Sasl.   Jt  Hours  jt  Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
G. Johnson....
\tr Assayer a,
^ Metallurgist
Moyie, B. C.
Late ur roiuiiii-
Contractor ■>■«• Builder
* »« w tr
Those contemplating; building will do well to let
me llijure 0:1 the contracts,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Are You ** dt0}
Going to Build •
II so, see...
'A- Contractor and Builder
Lang Gin,
... Proprietor of
And Bakery.
Board and room,
Board Alone
ts of
Xi w
Wettfllt  <il'   Men  mul   IVoll.cn.
Tlio nvornge wclglit of 80,01)0 Boston
 i wus 11:.'   pounds;   women,   126
jiiinnilK. At Clndnnntl tlie average nf
the same number ol men wus 151
pounds.; women, 131,
.liiinifiieliir,.   nl   1-JxilIOHlVCS,
Mure thnn lo.fiou persons ni ngnged
] in tlie manufacture nf explosives in
I i.real Britain.  Tjist yeur 40 persons in
uiniiiK tn Vankceiiimi.   The hellgcrent I the business woroklllou*nnd 1G7injured
tdltor has evltlenlty cnpltnlntecl, ■ by accidents.
Thc best trad, cake, pies, etc., in
the city.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Tht: New and Direct Route from
East Kootenay
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
...AXIl Al.l,...
I'astern and European Points,
Pari!,:  Coaul, China, Japan and Australia
..First-class and Tourist Sleepers,...
-TllllUUtlll   1'itOM-
etc,, nml lull liilnniiiilloii
Trnvclne: I'ii^j imer aitcjii.
iivi.i:. lil,i. I'nsannapr Aut„
Vancouver, u. r.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning,
W. II, ItOSS, II. W, HRlirilMF.R
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
CiiAKiurnoK Crnntironh Odlcn
ANU t*01IT HTRRI.K,       Hi uml Ht IIiuiskii I Une It   (,*♦••
He is a busy man, because he pleases
tlie people, but he will furnish you plans
and specifications, and give you estimates on auy building idea you may
jt   Ji   B. C.
Parrott Bros*
...Donlei!! in,,,
SS Feed SS
Farm S Produce
The test of	
Hay and Oats
Ou liatul al all Utiles
Call nnd see us	
This space is reserved for
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Van Home avenue, between
Commercial und Royal hotels
Promptly Attended tc.
Paper Hangers
Decorators dt
Modern Work.   Estimates Furnished.
Dealers In Wall Paper and Mouldings.
II you intend to paper or paint your
building let us figure on your contract
Freight and baggage hauled to
and from any part of the city.
Teaming   of   all   kinds   given
prompt attention.
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes thc best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil the bachelor should deal wilh hint,    II will pny Ihem.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-ALL   KINliS   Ol--
Spokanc Palls & Northern Ry,
Nelson & Fori Shcppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
The only rail route wjlhout iIi.-hu-i* ol cars
between Nelsnn and Rtisslnnil and
Spokane antl Knsslaml.
Lenta ,'-*,-f> n. in.   NRJjRON Arrive 6:30 |>. m
'■    IB-'ifi    "    WISS1,AM> "      11.20   "
"     8.30 n. in.  Sl'OKAKE ;'.io *-. m
Train Hint leaves Nelson Jit tVJOn. m   iiinkes
eioie eonnectlons at Spokane for nil l'aolflo
Coast points.
Pnnsengert for Kettle Itiver anil lloumlary
Creek connect at .Marcus Willi stago dally.
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & Q. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at  the  Bar
The Ileal Stock, the Moat Satlalaclor) Prices, and
I'iril-Clasa Work.      Repairing Ncall)  lixcculcd.
Royal hotel,
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Class in Every Respect.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and i
flouldings. I
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop,
The Central Hotel is open both day ami * The North Star Hotel is the large nml
nlglit.   Tlie bar goods nre first class, jjj mngitlticcut botel at Kimberley thnt
ntul the ilming ronin is in charge of £ is just finished nud is furnished new
Thos. McCarson, and is second to none jjj throughout.    Everything in connec*
in the Kootenays,   Free sample rooms £ tion is first-class.     When you visit
and the best and quietest bedrooms in JJJ Kimberley,   don't   forget   The   North
the town. * Star Hole).
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
I***-***-* *****
Fort Steele
Brewing Co.'s
Best on liarlh   jt
In Wood or Hollies
Beer -
Jas. Kerrigan, Agt.
Crimht'onk, It. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
• * • • Ml •*•-♦-♦-<*♦-»
I '
5111 lit   tin   ll    Waa.   ll    Uu Hi trill   the
HlliiUvi rlilnj;  E spur I.
Tlie expert in handwriting had made
n unniber of very interesting nnd con*
viiiciii!*; demonstrntlnns with a piece of
(hulk en the black bonrd. He would
flmirish n few lines nnd then stand buck
and describe them, nml the jury waa
profoundly Impressed.
"This," he said, holding u piece of
ptlper unt before him iu hte left liaml,
while with his right lie made passes in
front ut' the blimkliotml, so us to get a
running start, "is tlm handwriting of
a ]ii■ i «uu who te nut used to bundling a
pen nut tiecpusnrlly an uneducated person ll might be umi who had been so
uracil in tho habit ur dictating ull correspondence tlmt his hnndwriting failed
to settlo into nny permanent stylo oi
bnd drifted Into nnstondiuess thtongh
luck of prnctlco.'
Thu testimony did not hnve any pnr-
titiiini' hearing on thouiifle, but the jury
looked a I ono another, nml tho spectators nodded their bends significantly,
"The weald-ess of ll pwnril Btrokea
twpeetnlly Imllcntotbat this Is tlio hatul-
writing of ouo who Is not iiccustotnod
lo clerlcnl Inbor, wlillo the Intelligence
shown in pntiotuntlon"—
"Mny the court please," exclaimed a
man whu had been on Ihu witness stand
a short timo beforo nml whu hud been
fnmhllng through his pocketa
The expert paused ami everybody
turned tu luul,* at tho man who hnd
made tbe Interruption.
"May it phase the court," he repeated, wilh much embarrassment, "there
is a mistake here. Tho expert hns been
testifying as to handwriting."
'•or course," said tho expert, "that
is what I am here for."
"Well, the paper he has been talking
about te not the one I meant to hand to
the prosecuting attorney. I got the documents confused somehow, ami what he
has is a letter from an old friend of
mine—a man whom I met long ago
when 1 was in the dime museum business. He writes to mo very frequently
to let me know bow he is getting along.
He was the armless phenomenon.
Judge, your honor, that ain't handwriting at nil. It's fuot writing."—Wiish-
itigton Star.
Minarl's Liniment tlie Merman's Friend.
Tlio Smart Yon n it wife.
Young Mr. ami Mrs. Smith were preparing to innke n visit to friends for a
few dnys. Their baby was only '2 months
old, but was an Important member of
tbe family just lhe same. Mr. Smith
wus up stairs ami Mis. Smith down
stairs, potting on her things and getting ready tu stint. " Hubby." she called
ont toher better half on the floor above,
"please bring me my glovesl They are
lying un tln> dresser. And bring ine my
overshoes ami veil ami that hatpin lying
on lop of the chiffonier ami a few of
those animal crackers for baby, nml
don't forget thc baby's toothbrush."
Poor hubby had a hard time finding
everything his wife wanted. He was a
luti',' while making his appearance nml
iimilly his wifo called to him, "Whut
is keeping yon. dcirv"
"Oh, that coiifunmled toothbrush fur
bnbvl   I have everything but tbat."
Then Mis. Smith laughed. "Yuu silly
duck," said she. "did you not know
that 1 was only joking? Tho baby,
bless her dear little henrt. hasn't n tooth
tu lur mime."
That was why hnbby got so mad and
"said things" as he wns coining down
stnirs. Aimin never likes to haven joke
played on him by his wlfo.—Pittsburg
l\i\ fer MmnrsLioiiolaM lake no niter.
A Pore tMe Substitute.
Kilmnrtin—Did yet sill Maroney th'
dug he wur afthi'r wantinV
Klllilly -Oi did nut! Th' chump hud
ih' nnrrvo t' offer me a mnislyquarther
I-Cilmnrtln*—Thin yen didn't let him
hov Hi' pick?
Klllilly— 01 did not. di let him hov
th' shovel. Oi hud no pick In mo hands!
- Leslie's Weokly
Wlient nova U-mvn.
De Broker—Hear about De Cnrbbl
I).' Ledger—No What'shapponed to
"Knocked Hat '
"Yon di n't sny roT Was he caught
ii> the drop in wheat?"
"Well, yes, something like that. A
barrel of flour fell on him "—New
York Wookly
'1'litj Siirenl Cure.
"They say thut Nell Qadlelgli has
broken off lur engagement with Harry
"Yes; she savs he was so nJVectionute
that hu wearied her."
"Ob. if that was all. why didn't she
just mnrry him uml have done with tho
wearisome part of In"
All Klli'l;   I'iikIIhIi 'I'i-iiui-iI y,
"Hy myhaliiluml" quoth the wicked
knight, inn rage, "dust thou then reject my love in scorn V 'Sdeuthl I vow
1 will have thy heart's bloodl"
'i'he beautiful maiden fainted dead
away at these terrible words.
When shu cninu to, she found that he.
had really carried out liis threat ul
vengeance. The pet hurt that hud been
presented tn her by liis favored rival
hnd been neatly turned into venison,—
Kansas (.'ity Independent.
l'oiut Fm* u'heelmen.
Wheelman—*I believe I'll givo up bicycling. I nm us careful as can be, but
every now and then suino accident happens, Tliis is the second time I'vo been
arrested nud fined for running into
Hmdneasman—I'll tell yon how to
manage. Just yuu get a job ns bill col*
lector. Everybody will dodge you then,
—New York Weekly.
Got Ahead of 111 in.
Judge—Whnt do you nay to the
charge of cutting Jasper Humboldt Do-
Accused—Dat'h right, yo' honiih, 1
slashed him. We nin ribills. lie done
tolu do yonng lady dat hu wa' gwine lo'
tu cut me dead on de street, au I don't
'low no man to git do drap un mu, yo'
lionnti.—* Detroit I'Veu Press,
Bombay is the hading pearl mint of
the world
There uro more Germans than Irish
in the United States
Japiin hus u uew lighthouse mude of
bamboo, which is said to resist the
waves better thnn Miy kind of wucd
Sir John Lubbock says that a Etugby
boy who was. ouce asked, "What is a
theodoliteV" replied, "A huter of tiod.'
The American Bible society issues a
pamphlet giving a verse frum the Bible
in the 2-12 languages In which the society circulates tbe Bible
The heirs of Peter Cooper have signed deeds which will eventually ndd
$080,000 tu lhe endowment fund of
Cooper Union in New York This will
bring the tutnl amount given tu the iu-
siitutiuu by tba Cooper family up to
more than (9,000,000
Aii in■Chnpelle has a target shooting
dub. the KarlaBchnUeugllde. which
will celebrate this year the eleven hundredth anniversary of its foundation
The tradition is that it was established
by Louis tbe Pious, Charlemagne's sou,
iu "IM>, l'ur tho defeuie of the church
The Royal Acadomy of Sciences uf
Amsterdam has paid u delicate compliment tn the Kiii; I Mi r-pcuking world by
ordering thai its transactions shall in
future be printed iu English Instead or
iu the unlive Dutch, iu order Ihnl thoy
niiiv hu moro available to thu ncieuiiliu
world st huge
Berlin has struck n blow at the (ier-
muu's right to iimiisu himself ns hu
pleuses. All cafes chantanta are tu im
closed at 11 o'clock The audiences will
then be turned unt, uo excuses us tu
beer drinking being accepted, Plain
clothes detectives will wutch the performances and stop them if they uro too
\   WelMtnuv
Suf-ferai] lor tiff Venn I'erimuieiiU-r
Otired liy Clarke's Kohl Cnmpound.
li li Pttt, E«q„ Kamloops, write*: "1 bad
luffared for at laiut 55 yean from lhe tnaX
oppressiveness -.'t utbma and shortness '_■'
breath. Hiwi during these years consulted
many phyalclana nnd trie I nil thi remedies, until the doctor told me I might ftet temp iraryre-
lief, but 1 would be always troubled. I tried Dr.
Clarke*) Kola Compound ami after laklrg the
iir-i ii tti l ■. n e f-n atly relieved, and Hirei*
it.ult"- Ii.m-c..Tiuii*-t»iv < nV.'il mu i '-ui now
ami asthma doe.
I I eel ii my dntv
ii-et  llns
. I>
I'l  i
Lottie Collins hus returned to tho
stage in England.
It is said Blanche Walsh will be a
star by herself next season.
"King Henry VI" is to bo the Shakespearean revival this year at Stratford
Julia Arthur will bring out a translation of the French ".More Thnn
Sydney Rosenfeld is making an English version of "The Purple Lady" from
thu German.
Adelaide Thurston is playing the role
nf Babbie in "The Little Minister" in
New Orleans.
Janet te Steer, who once acted in
Beerbohtn Tree's support, is to hu tbe
next Hamlet in England
Marie Tempest is to stur in "The
Green Carnation." Her new husband
will be a member of thu company.
Sarah Bernhardt has taken lier theater
Ju Paris for 20 years und evidently
looks forward to a long period uf activity on the stago
The amended copyright law of thu
United Stntes provides punishment as a
criminal for any one who makes unauthorized use of a copyrighted play
Robert Blei, known us the Napoleon
of vaudeville, in which he had a kind
of meteoric career, has come to grief in
Dawson City, where he has had to let
nil his property go.
A version of "Faust" has been produced in England The story has been
reconstructed and some of tho heretofore unimportant characters brought
into prominence. One of tho new features is the uso of two actors for tho
title role, ouo for Faust in his old age
und another lo represent his restored
Pink, white and pale violet pond lilies
aru popular flowers in millinery
Exquisite tea gowns are being mado
of white dotled swiss over wash silk iu
pale tints
Neck Kiws made of leaf shaped enda
of silk, edged with a tiny ruche of chiffon, ure n novelty
Narrow silk fringes with network
bendiugaare used for trimming gowns
and silk blouses as well.
Line the collar of your fawn colored
cunt with shirred chiffon of thu same
colors if it is a high una
Nun'* veiling, because of its soft,
dinging qualities, will bo one of the
popular materials this season
Bui Ions aro a decided Feature of fashion, but it is tho little button this time
in polished or engraved metal and
Wedgwood instead of crystal.
A new idea ia to disguise tho existence of any collar band at ull and io
cany tho juke itself in whatever fashion It may ho made up to tho chin
Fawn and dull colored laces generally
are one or the desirable dress trimmings Fawn colored lace on a silk
waist, worn with a fawn cloth pnit. is
Ihu smart thing
Lawn iutiles iu white and pale colors
cau he bought all hemstitched ready
for use. am), if you want to mako your
whito lawn gown especially chic, scallop all the rullles iu baud embroidery
Fine miinsnok embroideries, wilh medallions of luce introduced here mid
there, ndd pretty variety to the season's
trimmings Irish point uml veniso
point effects are also prettily reproduced
in the cotton embroideries for trimming summer gowns —New York Suu.
in; ■'.. I j- ■ i. in s. ' I,., li;,v -nth-red nil
lieseyi uias I Save ean aiiiim-laU' "Iim «
lU-wintfttih n-inedy uiumI ].i*"V. m milM-i'i-
pom asthma." Three bottles of Clarke's Kula
bwpound nre -fUBi-autced i ■ vnn; A free
umi'b iwlllbeswil i...». l-r-.ii troubled with
stlnn.i Addnas Tlie nruHth". & Maephrrson
'«., ci Chnreh Htrrei. Turunto, and Van-
ouver, H.i  , Bute l nnadinn   Vsenu.    Bold by
Clarke's Kolu Compound Is tho only perman-
iitii ouro for lutbmii • It li now siwm-ssfiiily
■uud throughout tin- leading hospitals in Eng*
i-tii.i nml Caiuida,
Governor Plngree of Michigan is an
expert helsemaii Hlid detests bic.vcles.
En - President Caslmir* Perler or
Francois said to be contemplating a
trip to this country
Admiral Schley is snid to be a de
scendantof thu family of which Nnlhau
Hale was a member
Charles E Hyde, Republican, enjoys
tho unusual honor of having been elected mayor of Bath, Me., by a unanimous
President McKinley frequently dues
his afternoon's work iu tho White
House   library, which   is   now used   as
Mrs McKinley'a sitting room
Governor Roosevelt lias always been
a great smoker, but has recently had to
givo up this luxury for thu timo being
owing to some slight throat trouble
The lord chief justice of England
Baron Russell of Killowen, has been
appointed to succeed the late Lord
Herschell on the Anglo-American joint
high commission
M. L, Hayward, the newly elected
Cnited Stntes senator from Nebraska.
has hud little experience in offlcehold-
ing. one year on the district bench being his only service
The south of England has lost in the
Kuv William Awdry of Ludgershall,
Wiltshire, its most famous sporting
parson. Mr Awdry was a great fox
hunter uml a sportsman iu many licids
The Lulnnde prize of thu French
Academy of Science has been conferred
upou Professor A C. Chandler of Cain-
bridge. Mass.. in recognition of "the
splendor, the Importance and lhe variety of his astronomical work.'
Ur Samuel Kohn. tlio chief rabbi of
Budapest for llm last o0 years, hns been
made h member of the Hungarian bouse
of magnates, being the Hrst rabbi ever
appointed to thu upper house of parliament iu the Austria-Hungarian empire
Mr and Mrs Henry M Stanley have
adopted u baby buy. and now tbey have
bought a country place so that the baby
ean have the benefits of out of door
life Among the Stanleys' now neighbors in Surrey uro Grant Allen, Connn
Doylo nnd Richard Lu Gnillenue
Samuel Ryan, the oldest editor in
Wisconsin, recently celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday Hestarted in newspaper work in I Sll on the Green Bay
Republican A dozen yean later lio
started tho Appleton Crescent, which
paper ho has conducted ever since
Speaker Reed was onco at a dinner
party when Joseph Chuate. who was
present, said In* had never ridden on a
railroad pass "I wish I could say as
much." remarked a congressman who
was among the guests. "Well, why
didn't you say it'/' asked Mr Reed
I liilii imi   Nmiiii-m  Uf  l'r«Mlili-iilB.
Look over a list of the presidents
with reference to their given or Chris
tian names nnd it will be seen that
tbere was only one George, the tirst one
There were three Jubns, the two
Adamses and   Tyler,    .lames Isadl the
list—five of them, Madison, Monroe,
Polk, Buchanan and Garfield; two Andrew-, Jackson and Johnson; two Wil
liams, Harrison und McKinley: one
Martin, one Zachary, one Abraham, one
Benjamin and one Ulysses Four had
given mimes that were surnames of other meu—Millard, Chester, Rutherford
and Grover.
Tin- beolthy glow disappearing from tbe
cheek and inuuuin*- and restlessness nl
nlghl arc sure symptom* ol worms in
children. Do not foil to gel a Liutrle ol
Mother Graves' Worm Kxti rinlnntor; it i»
au I'll'ectuiil lin-tlti'itie.
A SHORT STORY Mismanagement
When a woman finds something she
likes, she immediately wants to bottlo
or frame it
Whut has become of the old fashioned
woman who had a doctor's book that
she swore by?
E ry woman who Is small likes t«
have it said of her that sbe ia "petite."
Somehow "petite" sounds so witch hotter than ru^ty—Atchison Glob*
The Myatllled Father.
"Your son," said the school teachor,
"Is very backward In his studies."
"That's funny," in used tho father.
"At homo, In conversation with me, ho
womb to know It all,"—Philadelphia
Nortli American,
As u sburt nnd straight forward proposal,
nothing has ever surpassed tlmt of the
youth wild, on entering thu room, knelt
ilowit boforu tho lady nnd, producing a
Plug from Ids pookot, said, "May It"
Victor Hugo was u grunt believer In tho
lliowor huth for brain workers and spoke
id tliu benetlt he derived from it.	
Kinaiil's Uiiiniiiii! li useti br Physicians.
A pnenmatic horse collar is a new
thing—mnde in Chicago
It is said tbat in London andBuborba
there aru about 150.000 horses in use
The guideless wonder Gold Ring recently went a, mile in a -SO at Liverpool
Jack Schltler, Reading, bus sold his
fust pacer Colonel S to J W Tyson.
Mine city, for $-100
The American gelding Fred R ia
driven on the rond in Manchester, England, by A. Hurrocks.
,1 11 Chandler, the Kansas trainer,
liu* had tho cancerous growl b which
threatened to destroy the sight of his
right eye successfully removed
In 1898 tho Cnited States imported
2.280 horses, valued at about $200,000,
ami exported over (11.000. valued at
10,000,000 Of tho latter Great Britain
took more than one-half
Tho management   uf  Charter  Oak
park, Hartford, has announced a $10,-
000 trotting fntmity for fouls of 1800
to be trolled in 1009 Thu uaiuo chosen
is the Hartford Futurity
Ono lint id red feet havu been added to
the It'Uglh of the steel grand stand for
the Empire City Trotting park, making
the entire length 400 feot Tho structure will cost over #140.000
An English correspondent says that
so much better horses ure now being
taken to England that thu record will
soon st nnd at 3:15 Trotters uud pacers
compulo ou an equality iu the tight little isle
The nomination of Nancy Hanks,
U 04. fortius:$20.000Kentucky Futurity
mouses unusual interest among horse
men. us she is carrying a foal Ly tlm
great thoroughbred stallion imp Meddler Nancy is thu Ilrst mare so mated
ever nominated in this stake.—Horso-
man, _ 	
A Cit-cvrr-uiue Cofleetlon.
.lames II. Hamrick, 70 yenraold, who
died r fi.'uily near Parsons, YV V
was famous because of his knowledge
ol embalming, having, it is claimed.
revived the Egyptian process In his
house are soveral mummies so preserved
us to appear almost as naturul us in
life, the bodies having been secured
from public institutions ten years ago
They ate in glass cases
A uegro'8 head, obtained in 1800
from a Cincinnati medical college. Is
exposed on a plaque, the beard and Uesli
being soft uud pliable About tbu ex
terior of the house aud on trees uro pre
served hirds and squirrels, while hcrt-
and there in the yard is a snake coiled
op as if to attack.—Philadelphia Rec
The winners of tbu sewing machines in
the Royal Crown Soup Co.'a competition
for thu week Bndtng May DOtti nro as follows: Winnipeg, .Mrs, ,1. H,   Frost, 888
Logan   avenue;   Manitoba, Oscar Flrion,
St, Noruert; Northwest Territories, W. A.
Logon, Wapulln, Assa. All persons wish
log to ontor this competition must have
their coupons In before hx o'olook oa
Saturday, the STth im-t., ns it will be discontinued afler that date. Tho last tl rawing will take place on Monday, May80th.
She Sl'i-i-ii'il Drhil.liiK Ten, lint  Kepi
TltklllK the HiiRtH'.
The Irish wit contains almost always
the element, of the unexpected, and it
is this which keeps ns from tiring of
the many examples nf it that we heur.
An Irish cook In a neighbor's family is
blessed with more avoirdupois than she
enjoys, nml ihe losing of n few pounds
is a rare and joyful occasion with her,
This, year when Mr. Jackson's sister
eame tn make her annual visit to her
brother she was told that Norab hud
lest seven pounds and that congratulations wero In order. Ha the first time
she saw the cook, after greetings and
compliments had bein exchanged, she
said, "How thin you've grown. Nora h"
"Do you think bo?" snid Norah, a
smile on her broad fuce "A mutter of
seven pounds."
"How did you du it V" suid Miss
•lacksun, duly impressed. "Havu yon
been dieting?"
"What's dieting';" asked Norab.
"Dieting'/ Why. dieting la eating
certain things ami going without certain things. Some people when they
wish to grow thin eat io sugar," explained Miss Jackson.
"That's it," said Norab—"that's it
I used always to be drinking ten nnd
two big lumps cf sugar I put in every
cup. nnd now I never touch ten and
only tako one luinn of sugar to the
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are compounded for use In any climate, ami thoy will
he found to preserve their powers in auy
latitude, ln fever and ague they act upon
the Beoretions ami neutralize the poison
which has found Its way into tho bluod.
Thoy correct tho impurities whlon llnd
entrance into the system through drinking water er food, atul if used ns tt preventive fevers an- avoided,
Brldontty n PlntrlnrUt,
Bill—The fellow has some very good
Jill -Yes. he must hnve a lot ot
brivbt friends.—Vonkars Statesman
Are yuur curns harder to remove than
thoso tlmt others have hadf Have they
not hod the same kludf Have tbey not
been cured by using Kolloway's Corn
Cure? Try a bottle.
Indolence is the mother of misery.—
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.—,!  H Bailey
There Is not kng thnt costs less than
Ailection is the broadest basis of a
good life —George Eliot
lie overcomes a atOUt enemy who overcomes his own linger. —Chilo
That which wo acquire with most
di (Hen Ity we retain thu longest—Cob
Mischief lurks In tho beginning; a
good beginning whalf tho task.— Euripides
The Wise and Uie active conquer difli-
cnltles by daring to ut tempt them.—
Mi* MnrOHfl l'niiey.
"It won't be lung hefore we hnve
opened tip Africa to civilization," trnid
tlie eulhusiastii: man
The acid faced cltiuen looked at hiin
in silence for a miuutu ami then exclaimed
"What are you people trying tn do
—start nnother inundation of coon
songs v"--Washington Star,
Cure of
Perhaps you've suffered with constipation fur years, tried all Ihe pills anil pur-
gnllvosyou ever heard nr read of, without
gelling any more relief I ban the one dose
of the medicine afforded.
Then yOU Wero lefl worse than before,
bowels hound harder than ever, the con**
itlpnliou aggravated Instead of cured,
All the miseries of COIIStlpallan— Head*
ache, Sick Stomach, Biliousness, Pimples,
Erupt inn-,, Hlood I luiuoi s, Dlolches, Piles,
ami n I hoUMtld and one ol her ills crowded
back on run again wilh redoubled si1 verity.
Wouldn't you consider It a. blessing to
be cured of your constipation so lhat it
would stay cured? So that a repetition of
all the aulrering you have endured would
nover unine. again P Burdock Hlood
Hitlers can cure you -euro so that the
euro will he permanent.
Thais when* it dlflTeri from all other
remedies. It makes a IhnrAugh ronova*
tiuii of Iho whole intestinal tract, tunes
(ho bowel wall, nets on tho liver and
stomach, and causes all ihe digestive and
secretory organs to bo work harmoniously
and perioral Iheir functions properly and
perfectly tbat constipation, wiih all iis
attendant sickness, mi tiering and ill health,
become a ihing of the past.
Miss Arabella lollo, living at 99 CarrliVe
Street, Montreal, Quo,, boars out all we
say in regard t.» lhe eflicaey of Hurdm k
Blood Hitters iu curing constipation permanently.   This is her statement:
" For over a year I Btlffored a great
deal   from   persistent   Constipation   and
could only gel temporary relief from il»'
various ranted' ■ I tried nntll I started
Usui ■ llurdo. k Blood Bltiere, 1 am thankful lo uny that this ra
hns completely and
mniiently cured mo ana »»Jii
/ /■.*;•<■ had no return uf
the constipation,
lit London Liib Containing
Condensed  VVIkUoiu for
Tho us an \i.
A baker
Livim* at
257 Dun I ta Street,
London, (int.,
Geo. Robert* by nam ■,
If mmend-
lm.\\'s Kin.N'EV I-ILL3
They cured Iriin,
He had
Pain tn Lhe Bael ;
Hla Urine
Was i*ed-eo|ored
Aud painful
In pnssiigi.
The cure thi-otiKh
Was quick and coin]
That's how they nlvi j - act,
Because thcv'rn
Tor khlneyB ouly.
If vou hnvi
Hick kidneys
Don't experiment
With an unknown remedy,
Take no mibstituto for
<>i| ;
I <
uler   Un
Ou tho dav that   ■
was married mi fewi rthan .o.:oi |>it*»
wives,    ThU   noma  Iniposilhhi,  hut tl
event, really took place, as Mubirla li tl
tel] us. Tills monitor wedding uaourred
upon llm conquest bv Aloxander tlie
di'i'iiuui  Persia,  which  wm then rated
WOP by King Darius
Alexander married Stntirn, the dnugh
ter uf lhe e,m.pieivil king, nnd tliwlnretl
that loo of hi-, ohlef uflleers Hhuiild hi
united in tt)0 Indltis from tho nuble.ii
Persian and .Meilean t'amlUc-. In addition
Lm ihU. he stipulated that I0.UOO ol bin
flmik soldiers should marry 10,000 Asl
utlu women.
When even-thing WtW settled a vasi
pavilion was uRwtwl, tho pillars of which
were 110 feot high, one hundred gora i-
olmmbers adjoined this fur thu Iim nuhti
brldegronmH, while fm* the remaining
Ki.tino nn inner court was enelosuil, nut
Hide uf which Uihloa were ppread fur the
multllltitu. ICnoh pair had Beats ami
ranged thoinselvoi In a wtmi-olrcle ranml
thu royal throne, or enur.se thu prleafcf
DQltld not inairv this vast iilimuoi' ut
cmi]des, bo Alexander Mm Orotlt tlovlnl u
very simple oeroiuony, Ile wave hla hnnd
to Htatimaild khwutl her, no example that
all tho bridegrooms followed.
ThtH ended the ceremony, and lhat
vast uumhnr were married. 'J hon follow
cd lhe festival, which lasted live davs
tho grandeur of which has navur boui.
aqiull.id since
I he disappointment caused by thu mismanagement of the
\\ innipeR brunch ut our business is such as to have advised a
I o thia end we commence with this announcement:
TjygoEsj wall PAPER SALE
The mismanagement has been such as to accumulate a
ponderous stuck, all o( which will be sacrificed during this sale
to continue throughout June and July.
The head of the firm will remain in Winnipeg during the
i losing nl the business.
NOTE.- If vtiii cannot visit tho city send u ijoitcard. Write: "l'leuse
Bend BjimplpB of Mull Paper, for Bedroom, I'arlor or Hull, prk-es not higher
than Sfio |mt Blnnle mil."   Siirn name ami mlilress.
E. Gartly Parker
JUST THIS THING THAT'S WANTED.*—A !>ill that Mils iiix'tl tlio slmnm-h
anil .vi is an com [lot] ml. i'l tinti cot tain In
«ri!clit'i]is uf it. prtiBorra thoir powor to net
upon tliu liiin-iiiml annuls, ho ub to olour
thom of uxorota, tlio ivtoatlnn ot wliloli
uunuot init in- hui'ifu), wns long lookeil
for liv ilu; ttiedicnl urotefslon. It was
found In Pnnuolco'fl Vcnotublo tills,
whioh am thHiesilltof iniiciH'\]uTtulinlv,
ami an- HoluutlJIciilly iiropaniU un a laxn*
live ;iii'.l an nlhjralivt' in nut).
Mure tu I-'ullo-.r,
TliaeplileuiicoE Dnrana' poptilar work
dranuitlzed Imtl slruelc tlie town, and no
lesa than tlivoo companiea were, prodno*
inj,' it.
"Have yon eecti 'Tho Three Mnsket*
oerat' " asked ono citizen ot another.
"Oh, yes," was llio reply. "I'vo seen
all nine of theinl"— Yonkera Slate*
Ohronlo Itroncliltfs C'uretl,
Mr. Ohariea B. Raid, tho loading
druggist of Revelstoke, B, 0., Rays: "1
havo overy reason to believe Griffiths'
Menthol Llnlraent will euro chronic
bronchitis. A lady uustomer says sho has
been troubled with chronic bronchitis for
yours, and that this liiilmout hus cured
hor completely. It always gives the best
satisfaction to my customers, 2-"» cent3.
All druggists.
An orritlllttl GtlPSH,
"Unolo Aleck, what is a piano ro
"Well—one woman ponnda the piano
uml nil tho rest talk. "—Detroit Free
A VIounose meteorologist has proved by
sxporlinonts thut rainbows aro conditioned
hy tho ste.o of the raindrops, and that,
while wo ordinarily see ouly two rainbows
Bide by side, thero aro us many us 20.
Every llo, great or small, is tho brink of
a preclpicu, tho depth of which nothing
hut omniscience cuu   fathom,—Churltu-*
UK HAS TRIED IT.—Mr. John Anderson, Kinloss, writes; "I venture to say
few, If any, have received greatur benefit
from the useof Dr. Thomas' Eolectrlo Oil
than 1 huvo. I have used it regularly for
over ten yours, und have recommended lt
to all BUfferers 1 knew or, and thoy also
found it of great virtue in cases of severe
bronchitis and incipient consumption."
DoNcrvcd Triiiiltlc,
Jules— Suppose you heard SVavey'
insolvent V
Venus—No.   What swamped liim?
Jules—Milliners' bills, llo married
the two headed girl.—-Tit-Bits.
Koi in Hin Cnve.
"A man hus to die to muke anything
ont of life Insurance." said the citizen
"Oh, no.' replied the insurance
agent, blaudly, "I nevor died yet"—
Vii'ikor*. Stutesmuu.
Liniment askod for at my store and the
only ono we keep for sale.
All the people use it.
Pleasant Bay, O.B.
CMimI Proof,
"Dennis, I hoar that yon hnvo been
drinking again. If yon can't do belli r
I shall havo to lot you go."
"Snro, sir, it wan against tue will
that I got off this timo. sir."
"Konsenael No man can do things
against bis will!'
Dennis (grnsplng at a straw)—Faith,
1 had a brother who went to prinou
ngalnst his will.— ETuilem Lifo
Thoro aro oases of consumption so for
advanced that BIohlo'sAntl-Uonsumptive
Syrup will uot ouro, inn none so bad that
it will not give relief. Por coughs, colds
and all affections ol tho throat, lungs and
ahoit, it. is u spuolflowhich has nover bcon
known io fall. It iiromotes a free und
oosy expectoration, thereby romovlng tho
]ilili-,,'hi   anil   glvoS   ttm   dlltased   iianH a
uhnnooto htnl,
It will pay you to
I yq
NS    ■      MONTREAL.     ■ ""
Buy snd oae then ind
.vju Will be Jfiitijdl
wiih reinlti.    If not
i*tlifltil monrv rrfli.iI-
tt.    M*m of ic tared br
Burrow,   Stewtrt   k
Milne, Hamlltoa, Can.
MAmTOBA DEPOT, IJ3 Prlsceii St., Wlnolpei
Aikyour draier for GRAND JEWUS.
I prevented
Ia tourh. tone t:A (la
Uh they have no equal.
Correspondenti wanted in arerytowo io»ei
■is agtnt".
ItEID BROS., 3.17 Klnr fit., Weit.
It dcitroya tho poti h* of llvh v. bwUrfa
relieves the |nl« and Irritation, li*-Hi* (he
sores, and iiiskoi thr 'km whole wid ioqdiI
l'i:iMATII K1IEK1' DIP i» Invalti.iUe
for 1111- vink'ilii*.>iiiui.itof ull vermin,flats,
Hoc, ticks, n lects, ole., ami fur Hi- Curt*
nf nil --I..in Diseases, liu not be i-ut
off with un Inferior nrtleliWfet lhe Uat.
PRItSIATIC -ill.l.l' in I* i- the most
highly medicated and reliable I»t|. In th-*
inuik.-t.  At yonr dealers or (Hm t from ui.
11,111 ITED.
HO.   A,   Mooltvill,.. 	
FALO are the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
HacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnipeu
It's no Trick
Icnncurep^rmnnenl ,
i discaj.es peculiai tu women,
such an di-i(jla-*<-iiie*it!». in-
flatntnatlona nml ulceration
of womb, i-ainful. suppress-
Jed aud Irrec'ilnr menstruation, leucor
I tli-L-i, etc. WRITE rou FREE BOOK-
lira. Talis | __t, Bai 9W. Meetrttl, Qm.
Importers of Groceries '•■H- * H' £°!flMI!
_ .' Iw8.« it. Kxtruta
write us. iiiiiiiiiiDii.ont. 1..S.& ii.N|iices
Raffles   dr., nlre.   and
• miif  when ynu  tine
WHITE star:™
Instead of playing a longongagoihont ln
Mmiila Agulnaldo hosdcoltlcd on n number of ono niylit stnnda in tbopt-ovlncea.—
St. Lout!' Qlobe-Domoorat,
A oaniern flond »t Manila (ell Into the
hands of the Filipinos and waa tortured
Thoso Filipinos may not in* utterly bad
after all,—New York Tribune.
A Manila rostaurant uuw serves " Litre
and Baoone American Stylo." Tbo nest
progressive jump may land that restaurateur in tho "Onm Ueofo nasohe."—Denver Post
"It doesn't require a pnlinlst to rend that
hand," reinnrkod Agulnaldo pensively an
Goaernl Otis dropped four noes on the
board and reached for the pilo,—Minneapolis Journal,
I'lipit'-. Shiire,
"Since Reggy got tlmt new check
golfing suit be eatfl in checks nnd lives
in checks and sleeps in checks."
"Dof-H lio talk in checks?"
"No, ho makes Ute papa do tlmt."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer,
It Is unsurpassed
uti.l l.ow IN I'KICK.
(All mado tlii.1 season frtiin Pure Manila Hunpl
Ask for Pfloea ami  s.ir«pli ..   S|i**elnl  In-
diirt-ttient* to i-iui.i.Hi Buyera.
Liinltitl . Toronto,
ftlnnnfaeturers of   Manila  snd  Sisal
Hinder    lulu.-   Mini    Bojie   <>f   r>try   tl»-
If liu I'nIO 'Ihem.
Tailor—What a nonsetlslCfll nnylug
that i^, that nine tailors muke a mini.
C'uHtuim-r— I i-houlil nny SO They
would bo moro Hkely to break a mnn if
tbey nil presonted their billa ut otico.—
Nkw York .JournuL
Instruction given by mall t-i Ihose »lr
lot attend college.   Foil parlloulan un aj'pli*
Ktiotl to tl.  W.  IIONAIII. Hs;:
*tviiMii|».K ItiialntMa College,
( MrrlltKI'*-.    lVn({im»,   Mi' Hum,   V*. Iinliiil 11»,
ass.   (iHKMllli I'l.lMT til., U'lmilpfR. CKANIlKOOk   POSTOFFICE
Mails fui despatoti arc etoaed as follows.
Fur  .•astern  points at  s;.n m, m.. TtlOSUtiys,
Por Hostern i ts at itau i*. m.i Mouuays,
WiiliieMliiysiuiil I-1 Mays.
For St. Kiwr-iB ShsMiiri at tn a. in., SauiMiiys.
Mail* art!vim: ;rt tins i.mw are due us followsi
From  eiiKtein poliits at r..;:u ■>. in.. Mommy*,
Wednesilavs ami Fiiilays.
Fnliu western |»lntt ut 0:80 n. »'.. nioauays,
Tliiiisilay. aii'l Satuv-Liys.
Fin u St. Uii.: .* MNm.hi at in a. tsi.. »-sHiir«lisy*.
|(.  I*. Itl'.VTllK. I. M.
L'ostonice nt Craubrook, h. C, June itt, 1880.
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of .Many People.
Maggs & Hughes for hammocks.
\V. T, Reid visited Moyie Monday.
Jake Pink went to Wardner todny.
Tom Weliinan is iu Kimberley today.
Hr. King visited Moyie last Monday.
J. WH. Smythe visited Port Steele yea*
J. Black, of Moyelle, was in town
Born, on Friday, to Mr. und Mrs J, R.
Leask, a gill.
Ha*telwood Butter ot the Port Steele
Mercantile company.
Hazelwood Butter at the Poll Steele
Mercantile company.
Hazelwood Butter at the Pott Sleele
Mercantile company.
Miss Tibbats, of Wardner, visited Mrs.
J. H, Piuk this week.
Some great snaps in Kimberley lots.
McViltie St Hutchison.
Robinson St MeKenzie are now ready
to fill orders for lumber.
J. N. McCracken, of Moyie, visited
Craubrook lust Friday.
Percy living is now working for Harry
Dunbar at Duncan City.
W. A. Bleasdell, the Port Steele druggist, was in town Tuesday,
J. M. Carroll, of Kimberley, was a
Cranhrook visitor yesterday.
W.R.Ross of Fort Steele, took the
train yesterday for Rossland,
G. H. Miner has a change in his advertisement ttiis week.    Read it.
Get your Screen Doors and Sash al
the lacto y. T. W, I.eask.
Charles Estmere, the townsite agent
at Kimberley, was In town yesterday.
Rev. Procunier held services at the
Church of England Sunday evening.
Read the change of advertisement for
the Port Steele Mercantile company this
George R. Leask is building a residence for Alex St. Elol on Durick
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Edwards were the
guests of Col. Henderson several days
lust week.
See Maggs St Hughes' new stock of
picture mouldings. Framing done at
eastern prices.
Tom Covin has relumed from his vacation trip to Rossland and other West
Kootenay points.
Elmer Musgrave has t-eeu under the
weather lately and lett for St. Eugene
hospital Monday.
Furnished rooms for rent, convenient
to business part of town. Word may he
left at this oflice.
Mrs H. H. Wilson, who was taken to
the hospital last week, has returned
home and is doing well.
George Milliard has had to secure help
in his blacksmith shop to meet the demand of his increasing business.
The children of the Presbyterian Sunday school are holding a picnic today on
the athletic association grounds.
Miss Margaret Keay arrived from Vancouver last week and will visit several
weeks with her mother in this city.
Now is the time to secure a gootl hotel
business. $1500 buys a paying business.
McVittie & Hutchison.
Tom Wellman's colt kicked the sharp
edge of a shovel one day last week and
has a badly swollen leg Inconsequence,
Shareholders in the Kootenay and Algoma Gobi Miuing company cannot he
assessed.   There is no personal liability
Buy your Sash and Doors direct from
the manutacturer. antl save yourself
money. T. W. Leask.
Word haa been received here that Andy
Cummins, well known iu Wurdncr and
Fort Steele, died a few days ago at Cascade City.
Sy! Richards hus purchased a lot on
Baker hill and is preparing to build. He
will have his family move here as soon
ss the house is ready.
S. F. Morley, the solicitor, is building
an oflice on Cranhrook avenue, and will
locale permanently i» tltia city. Mr.
Morley is well known iu this district.
Marry Drew, proprietor of the North
Star hotel at Kimberley and the Central
hotel (at Fort Sleele, visited Ctaubrook
yesterday, .leaving during the day for
The Cosmopolitan hotel pays special
attention lo its rooms this kind of
weather. They are kept neat and cool.
That, with a good table, forms a big
drawing card.
The weather the past week has been
blistering, ami those people who predicted a few weeks ago that there wuuld
be uo warm weather this season have
James Gieer has just tompleted a fire
refrigerator for the Fort Steele Metcan
tile compauy that enables them to keep
butter and goods of that character in
fine condition,
Messrs. Ryan, Costigan, Milliard, Be'l
and Reid spent several days last week
fishing at Monroe lake. They report a
splendid trip, and that fishing was g md
but results only meagre.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
has put in long distance telephones at
Wardner, Port Steele and Craubrook,
and now has direct communication between ita branch stores.
The Oooderham Blackstock syndicate
has paid over the money fur the 60 per
cent interest Ih the St. Eugene mine aud
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE .* jt jt
O   O   Cranbrook, li. C.
The Kootenay and Algoma
Gold Mining Co., Limited.
Mr. J. R. Oamey. a practical miner, who has lately been
on the claims the company own near Trail, says: "The
claims show a very lartfe body of ore from which pay
values are obtained, and a new Toronto company has
started work on an adjacent claim which shows the
same ore.
As it proved impossible to get the present issue of
.shares on the market before the iKth inst., the time for
receiving applications has been extended to tlle 25th.
Over 30,000 Shares Were
Sold Immediately.       dt
Although the company has two good properties and all
initial expenses are paid, there are still 6-10 of the
shares In the treasury.
11 papers hnve been signed, thus clinching the ileal.
Messrs Maggs and Hughes went to
Fort Steele yesterday and took ovei n
load of furniture and carpets for tbe
Windsor hotel of that cily. As a supply
point for this district Craubrook is without a rival.
Charles Thies, ol Spokane, one of tho
largest stockholders in the Fort Steele
Mercantile company and an extensive investor in Kast Kootenay mining piop-
erty, an Wed Tuesday morning.
It is understood lhat a Fort Steele
syndicate of racehorse men has sent to
Great Falls for a horse that is a world
beater. "Kid" Lee is now on his wny
home with Ihe famous steed.
Shares of the Kootenay and Algoma
Culd Mining Company are selling rapid*
ly. It is conceded by those who have
given the mailer any coiisldortlon that
the proposition is a solid one aud a good
The Macleod Gazette is seventeen
years old and has celebrated the event
liy enlarging und making other improvements. The Gazette is the pioneer
paper of lhe territories, and is still doing good work.
Messrs. Mclnnes, Beattie aud Miner
have returned from Winnipeg, where
they attended the annual exposition.
They report n good time and say that
the show was good, especially the rattle
and machinery exhibits.
Tom Rooks, formerly in charge ofthe
Spokane St Fort Steele Telegraph company at Fort Steele, is now located in
Cruubrook with his old love, tbe C F.
R, Mr. Rooks' many friends in Craubrook are very much pleased with the
A. Leitch, Sr., will leave this week for
a visit with his family nt Onk Lake,
Man., and after his return will probably
arrange for their removal to Cranbrook.
His daughter, Miss Rhoda, who has
been visiting the Misses MolTat, will return with bim.
The Commercial hotel is* growing in
favor constantly Tbe Joyce Brothers
understand Iheir.business ami are doing
well. They have one aim, and that is to
give absolute satisfaction lo every guest.
And they are doing it.
When work nn lhe North Slar branch
is started, one of tlie best chances in
Craubrook lo make money will be lhe
restaurant business. John Willis owns
the best stand. II faces lhe depot. He
wants to sell, as he hus oilier business In
view. It is a good opportunity for a
bargain.   See him.
The Nelson Tribune says that should
there be no interference by the minister
of justice with the death sentence passed
by Justice Diake upon murderer 1'usto,
it is understood that the attorney-general's department will make arrangements with Rftdcltffe, the official h-ng-
mmi of Canada, to officiate at I'aslo's
Hurry Drew, proprietor of the North
Star hotel at Kimberley, and the ilea-
tral at Fort Steele, has been ill town the
past two days looking after supplies,
lie bas received a carload ol liquors,
cigars, etc. for his Kimberley hotel uud
is arranging to get it up there. Mr.
Drew will give the people uf Kimberley
a firsl class house ill every respect.
Col. Henderson, of Mojle, took advantage of a verv quiet day this week to
burn a little small In it'll about bis place
ou Moyie lake, lie ha I a little lite going and was watching it caiefully when
suddenly there was a Strong breeze
swept up tbe lake and before be rottllr.ud
what hud happened he had a raging fores! fire sweeping up the mountain,
Dr. Bell returned yesterday from n
trip to Tobacco Plains where he went to
put iu a quariimine stalimi for the importation of cattle and horses from the
S'atch. The doctor wus most favorably
impressed wilh that part ofthe country.
He says Mr. Gordon, collector of customs
at the riains, bus oue of the finest gardens he ever saw, and lhat Mr. Phillip's
ranch is a most attractive place.
Railroad Notes.
J. Murray, oue time acting superintendent of the Crow, was iu town yesterday.
Joe Kelly, after Several weeks' abseil e
near the Loop, is back in Craubroik
Traveling on thc Ctow is a liltle dusty
just now, espicially wheie the truck has
been newly ballasted,
A gasoline motor velocipede came ia
from the west Monday evening and attracted considerable attention during iis
stay iu town.
The east-bound passenger train was
delayed Tuesday morning by the wreck
ing of n freight train belweeu Creston
and tiie Summit, Two freight cars rolled
down the bunk, but uo one was hurt.
The C. P. R. bas given $1500 to the
family ot" each of the two young men
from Nova Scolia who worked ns laborers ou lhe Crows Nest Pass railway and
who died through neglect,
When, o'er the Spanish wall
Hurst Cuba's freedom mil,
Heard It tin* Vankee's all,
Heard It the Ulilcrs-
Mnraliwl forth lu gallant sty 0,
Soldiers in 11 nny iin*,
riii-iii-: tno starving Isle,*;
Xoue wero biioksliiiors.
When, Bear Dig Han Juan
band lhey, yi't every man I
Up ti.e steep hill they ran,
Climbing ll'te sphlors-
Heoklng thc e'lemy,
Tho'tlinylu ambush uei
HI jlit them these bold uml free
llarclrs ■ Rlilera,
Far up the bushy steam
HlsomlKhty earthen lieuj>8
Thrmigh wlilnb each cannon 1 ps,
Ami hold)In;-, Snvilors-
Kone ilniintwl aro our men
Tbo'tboy're but one to U'li,
Tlio* none return again ■
None ol llio Illderd.
oa ihroitgli metallic rain.
On toward the ninks of S|»ili),
On o'er Ilia tallon nml .lulu,
I'rnss tin* providers—
Fear!   Whal is it, and where?
Miolls bursting rend ihonlr,
Hell seems nrouul them there,
'Kmiml tlie Hough Kiders.
l'n 110 each brave heart, ami stout ■
Seel they tbo fpaiil-ili rnutj
(.'liecr Miem wiiii migluy slimit,
bowl as hruiidstdcrs -
Now over cm a'i shore
Iltsc stars lu sot mi tn ire;
High Hxod In luiinim gore,
That of llie I tillers,
- Ilubart w. Parrott
Sash aad Door Prices.
Buy your doors and sash ul the factory.
O.G. 2 ft 6x6 ttthtiri.:.. ft 70    each
"   2 ft 8x6 fLSxii-J    ..    1 Ho       "
"   2 ft [0x6 ft toxi)i,.    1 90       '■
12x24 sash, glassed     1 25 per. pair
12x28   " "         1 40       "
14x28   " "         i 60       ■•
24x30   " "         1 60       "
Land Notice.
Noiiee ii hereby given tlmt ono month after
(Into 1 Intend to apply to thu Chief Commissi
of hands ami Works at Victoria for pormls«lon
to pniTiiuse tin hiunil fu the Kootenny rivor op*
pns'le ims 2371 and ion in group 1 ln the District
nr Kast Kooteuay at ihe northeast corner of
will-ill a posl Is pi nted miirkel "A, McD's N.E.
I'linu-r post, snid island containing te 1 acres or
1,unt, moro nl' less.
Hated this Mill duy of.I line, ISOO.
S. F. MORLEY Ji jt
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, ft. C.
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
Physician and Surgeon.
OFFICII   Hlll'iil.iK K   JII.iH'K,
CRANHROOK.    ::::::    II, G.
iny reduction lu
U14I1 ('nidi Move .cuts
A nice lino of....
Engagement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Brae   Ms, Chains,
Wink ami liooiis fluaranteod
tu (iho Kutlsf-ictlon,
W. F   fate
Crniilironk                                ...JEWELER
Ulllclnl Wuicli Insiioatoi    ■■ Crotva Noal uranol
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia
^*^HSHSHHff-*f" *fl
3- (**)
the Crows
•CflVlflhrnffck'  Has a I0=sta** rourK» house, large machine
•Wl CllltUi imiv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook *s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook *s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
1 • 1
® -li
SB- (»
*' it
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
Hue of	
Try our 5c Cigars.
Opposite Craubrook hold.
Kootenay and Algoma Gold Mining Co.
Head Office at Cranbrook, B. C
Capital Stock, 1,900,000 shares at par value ol Sl each, NON- | Incorporated under the laws ol British Columbia wilh non per*
ASESSABLE, | sonal Liability.
President. A. Leitch, Sr., I:sq., J. P., President Cranbrook Lumber Co.   Vice President. IW, Mclnnes, Esq., of M, Mclnnes & Co., Cranbrook.
James Hvnn, Esq., Cranbrook; Qcorge Bremner, Esq., Cranhrook; J. II. king Esq., M. II.. Cranhrook, J. R, Costigan, Esq., Q. C, Cranbrook;
T. T. Richards, Esq., Cranhrook; P. [:. Simpson, Esq., Cranhrook; .Inliri I.eask, Esq., Cranbrook;
Hugh I). Henderson. Esq., Moyie; A. J. McArthur, Esq., Paisley, Ont.
Solicitor, .1. R. Costigan, Esq., Q. C, Cranhrook, II. C. Hankers, The Canadian Bank ol Commerce, Cranbrook.
McVittie & Hutchison, Official Brokers. John Hutchison, Sec'y.
Now developing thc Union Jack and thc St. Geortjc claims near Cranbrook, and the Kootenay and Algoma
claims near Trail Creek.
Pioneer Hardware Store
We heve a few	
left.   "Will give you a bargain in them.
Thc flies are here and the season
is well advanced.   Wc will sell
Screens, Doors and Windows
 at 0
S S G. H. Miner
...at cost.
:=:      Flies      :=:     Flies 1
•> Flies
Nol House Flies, but Fishing Flics
• 5
3 Wc have received the largest stock in East Siootenay direct K
® from the manufacturers in Toronto and New York.   We can -
® satisfy the most fastidious.    Reels, rods, lines, worms, froggies, -
g and everything necessary to insure a good days' fishing,
r.   II Pays lo Deal at :
® Poslollicc building, Crnnlirook    @
Beattie's Drug Store
B. G Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Manufacturers of all Kinds of
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
I'ertlnc Muck, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
"The-j* Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
Choice Fiesh Fruits received three times a week.
Oats, hay, flour and Feed,
Our grocery stock is complete and fresh.
tieuts' Furulshings, a good range.
Boots and Shoes well assorted.
Reduced Sale Of Lodlra'Blouses, Udies'Dress Skirts
v and Ladies' Underskirts.
Solicitor, Etc.
ItanK t>r Commerce I Mr,        UU.AN1IIIOOK
II. I.. Cummins, C. E.
I'OllT STKI'I.K,    :    :   BlllTISlI COI.'JMllU
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs j* j* Jt Jt
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
<-*      Mclnnes Block
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay.   The furniture is new
and the table is first-class.   We have every facility for pleasin
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Short orders day and night.
fEast Kootenay
I 3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
I'roprk'liir   :::
This hotel Ims been refilled nitd refnrnlslied.   fhe table
Is tliu beat.    Satisfactory rules )>iveii re^nlnr bimnlirrf*.
t Baker Street       :-:       :-:        :■
Cranbrook, B. C.
Will not spoil your next roast of meat if
you purchase one of our wire platter covers,   jt   All sizes in stock.
BICYCLE REPAIRING a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed.
The Cranbrook Hardware Co.


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