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Cranbrook Herald Jun 28, 1900

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Array CRANB1
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, PrcBUlcnt. B. K. Walkiih, Oen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking Business Trimsacted.
Deposits Received.
* London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
See SAM at the.
...For a good Square
I. & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.        ******
*? & *? Retd & Co.
Hotel 3 3
duests Comfort a Specially
Good Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
. 3 ®a
....G. BREMNER & SON....
20 per ct.
Off dt dt
Excerpts from the --Morning Herald"
of September ID, IW
Conflagration in   the   Warehouse
District—Loss Nearly a
Half Million.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
Wholesale Dealert In
Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Agents For
.    .    .   .    Schlitz Beer    ....
Wholeull unit Retail
. Groceries, Men's Furnishing Goods, .
.    .    .    . Boots and Shoes ....
Agents l'ur
.    . The Giant Powder Company .    .
Axi-nts For
. . Bennett's White Gutta Purcha Waterproof Fuse . .
Fort Steele Mercantile Company, Limited
Jacob P. Fink, Manager Cranbrook, B. C.
A dUaslrous fire occurred at 10:30 last
night in the warehouse district, situated
on Van Home street and extending from
Angus to Hatnlltou sheets. It originated
In the four-story warehouse of the O. H,
Miner Hardware and Machinery Company, Limited, and despite lhe hemic efforts of the fire department the entire
structure was ruined, Although it wan
supposed to he fire-prool, and its contents, estimated to amount to about
$350,000 iu value, will prove au entire
Where yesteiday stood a substantial
structure, there is today visible nothing
hut steaming, blackened segments of
brick and stone walls, vhile of course
Uie entire contents, including a number
of compressors, one 10 aud one 20-statnp
mill, rock crushers, steam hoist and Corliss engines, and other expensive machinery will doubtless be good for little
else thnn the scrap-heap.
The insurance is $200,000 on stock and
(30,000 on the building, and was written
by McVittie & Hutchison.
Might Have Been Much Worse.
For about an hour it was feared that
the entire watehouse row would go, and
among the anxious faces to be seen gazing on the work of destruction were
those of Messrs. Reid, of tlie extensive
wholesale and retail dry-goods firm,
Reid & Co ; G: Bremner, wholesale grocers; Jake Fink, of the F. S. M. Co.,
exclusively wholesale; James Gill, manager for G. II. Gilpin, wbo is uow louring Europe; R. E. Heat tie, pi esident of
Die Beattie Drug and Chemical Co ; T.
A. Crelghton, groceries. ,
No 7 steamer had a collision At the
corner of Itaker street and Garden avenue wltll hook and ladder truck Nn. 2,
bul beyond taking a wheel oil" the latter
and spilling the equipment no damage
ensued, and in a few minutes No 7 wan
doing efficient service,
Mnny favoiahle comments were heaul
icgaidiug the efltclent manner in which
the blaze was handled, and Fire Chief
Frank Rankin added to his   previously
fine reputation ob chief of the department,
A Herald reporter seemed a f«w mc-
meuti' conversation wiih Mr. Miner,who
said that liis company would rebuild
just as quickly ab abundant capital could
lo the  work, and thnt orders  for new
goods would commence going in today.
This fire has caused ki eater loss than
thc ofce of four years ago, when baker
street was swept clean from the lailroul
track to the Hast Kootenay hotel, «.i the
buildings of that time weie all frame and
many of them ilimsily constructed,
Much confusion and excitement prevailed at oue tinu; a report was circulated that a car loaded witli giant pow*
ier wnn standing near the burning building, resulting iu a wildsinuipedecausiiig
many to receive severe bruises while
lulling over each other.
working «»f the Medhurst Chinese Exclusion act, which went Inlo effect last
Mr. and Mrs. R. E Btattie. with little
Bert, will start tomorrow for a vacation,
and will tuke in all the prior pul sen-
ports and resorts from Vancouver to San
Francisco, Cal . U, S„ during their absence.
jack Hutchison, Mrs, jack and young
I'at, were out on the boulevard yesterday,
speeding their new automobile, White
Wings; the old one waa too slow, and
Jack says he can now do 25 miles nn hour
with ease on a good, straight piece of
V. Hyde Maker and Mrs Baker have
relumed to Happy Cranbrook. Mr.
Baker calculated, when leaving here a
year age, to make his future home in
England, <>r somewhere on the continent; he finally concluded that there was
no place like British Columbia, nnd has
returned to slay.   .
Manager Charles Kstmere of the Black
Bear Mining Company was down today;
he says ihat the mine is looking better
than ever, and corroborates the recent
report of io leet of high-grade nre in the
drift at the 700, The Cornish pumps installed three months n-^o beep the mine
as dry as bo old drunk just coming oil' a
Enie Small haK quit tin hotel business
for good, he says, mnl will devote thrue
years to sight-seeing in all parts of lhe
world. Ho has accumulated much
wealth iu Cronbrooki und thinks
he might as well enjoy untne of the gootl
things of life boforu too old to appreciate
them. No one will begrudge Enie a
good time, aud all wish him a safe return.
Tom Wellman, the well-known horseman, at oue time a prominent hotel-
keeper in Cranhrook, mrtve I today from
the coast with his string of dyers in their
palace horse-car, lie will remain during the entire fail meeting of the Cranhrook Turf association, Tom has taken
first money several times this Benson,
but the wise ones say that "Oregon
George" Wentworth has an unknown
that will give thetll nil dust for Hie big
"Uncle Jim" Ryan—everyone from
coast to const knows Uncle Jim—was
last night telling an interested group of
listeners some old-lime stories connected
—m    '
GH   Miner   The Pioneer
•  "■•   1TUI,V1      HARDWARE STORE
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doors and Sash in all varieties.   Also Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming;.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyle
The Herald job Printing
It May Involve Tweaiy Mines and from 2000
lo am Miners.
Por some ^llmc past trouble bas been
brewing between the miners and companies on the North Star and Sullivan
hills, which, if not amicably arranged,
will spread to the adjacent camps ami
result in 3000 or more miners going on
slrike. The managers, or their representatives, of the 10 shipping mines on
those hills are very reticent on the subject; all met in Craubrook last uight iu
thc offices of the Consolidated Silver-
Lead Mines Co., Limited, but although
everyone of them was personally Inter*
viewed by Herald reporters, uot a ward
would any of them vouchsafe upon the
It is also reported lhat the miners
hnve held several meetings recently, hut
they nre just as reticent as the managers.
II a strike is inaugurated it Is feared
that It will he a long one, as the Miners'
Union not only has a good fat treasury
at the present time, hut it also owns the
'■ Union Miner," a property on the St.
Marys which for six months has heen
shipping quite regularly and much more
than paid Us way of lute for development.
It is sincerely hoped that cool counsels
will prevail and an amicable settlement
he reached. _______________
Concerning Prominent Citizens.
Mr. and Mrs. liradley Ililliard are home
from  a  prolonged visit  to Brad's old
home in the east,
John It. Costigan, attorney general,
and F. M. Medhurst, M. P. from Cranbrook, ate in town for a brief visit; Mr.
Cosligan says in six mouths' time there
will not he a Chinaman in the province,
(here being nt the present time less than
1500, this is owing to  tbe successful
Four Feet of Fine Ore, Most ol* W tiich
Will Be Shipping.
Some Claims On   thc  St. Marys
Which are Showing Up In
Good Shape.
The Peilro, situated 011 the railroad,
four miles this side of Kimberley, is
making a wonderfully good showing up
lo this time.
It is but a few days since work wns
commenced ou this claim, whieh is the
property of the Kootenay St Algoma
Mining company, of Craubrook.
At the surface, when work was com-
incnced, there was very fine ore, and
now, at a depth of 16 feet, there is a
ledge, foil*- feet wide, one hall of which
is reported to average $64 per ton in all
vnluea*—37 011 ucob silver, (8 in gold and
the balance in lead aud copper. The re
ui-'imliig two feet lu nearly ftS good, nnd
there is but little doubt that the whole
thing will ship at a nice profit.
If the Pedro continues to produce this
value of ore in the game quantity, \t wil!
nol take very hmg to add u not her shipper to the list of producing mines adjoining Cranbiook.
II Is Believed That llie Sl. Marys District
Will Make a (iooil One.
pred liiweti came down from St. Mary's hike last Saturday, bringing with
him a lot of fine ore specimens which
show well in copper, also carrying fair
values lu gold and silver hi addition lo a
Cranbrook Races
Entries for all horse races
excepting that for Indians
only, must positively be made
by 8:00 o'clock on Saturday
Evening    dt    dt    dt    dt
A. W. M'VITTIE, Sec.
with lhc first hotel in the city—'.he Cranbrook—in fact it was the only building
here for a lime. It didn't look much
like the Hotel Ryan of today, that elegant 4 story brick and stone edifice, with
lectric lights, elevator service and telephones in every room In thc house, There
were times iu the old house when fresh
meat was a luxury, ami potatoes seldom
to he procured even at 10 and 1 5 cents a
pound, and an Indian with a few fish was j
a godsend. Then one would he kept awake *
nights by the howling of coyotes instead
of the trolleys' rumble.
"Tommy" Kooke*?, who operated lhe
first telegraph mid telephone line In
South Bast Kootenay, and about six
years ago whs the popular clerk of lhe
old Cranbrook hotel, was in town today.
Did you notice the genial-looking, bald;
headed man, wearing a diamond ns big
as a walnut on an immaculate white
shirt front, at the bend ot the " Hand
with thc Solid (lold Hum**.." the street
feature of the parade given by " Rookes'
Great Consolidated Senega in biiiu and
Georgian Minstrel Constellation — 0o
bright Stars and 40 Satellites—Count
'Hm!" If jou did, ynu saw the same
Tommy Rookes, wearing the same old
hypnotic Biuile. Tom hns "gobs of
dough" these days, unci don't have to I
slay in the profession, but he snys he
can't remain idle. Of lhe four private
cars used by the company on their touts,
one of them is reserved exclusively for
Mr. and Mrs. Rookes and their sou Paul.
Manager Jake pink, of thc P.'S. M.
Co,, was the most surprised man iu the
city last night. Coming out of his private oflice to take his departure for his
home on the heights, he found the employes of the house, 50 in number, assembled in the main salesroom. Visions
of a strike flitted through his mind hut
were instantly dismissed as being impos-'
sible. His suspense was quickly relieved
as Sam MorroWi chief salesman stepped
forward and presented him with a beautiful Swiss chronometer encased in massive gold cases. Tlie front of the enses
were engraved wilh a picture of the
present great store building, with the
year, 1907, underneath] on the reverse a
correct representation of the original
store, with the figuieS iHqS, the time of
its erection, underneath, on tlu- inside
of the front case wan the simply-worded
inscription, " Prcn-iented to Juke Fink by
his Fellow-workers ni'h Sept., 1907."
It was a $500 beauty, and was purchased
from W. ti. Tate, the well-known jewel*
little lead. The copper, when visible, is
of a high grade—bornite and native—
and if development revealsa fair quantity
the claims will make a very valuable
group, The ledge is a strong one, from
five to eight feet, standing above the surface of the ground for a surface distar.ee
of more than a mile. On one or two of
the claims stringers have been discovered fully 18 inches iu width, composed
largely of pyrrhotite carrying ns high as
$60 iu all values. The development
so far consist of but little more than surface prospecting, with very encouraging
results, as noted below regarding the different properties:
The Irish, owned by George Ililliard
and Pred Hazen, bas a ledse 5 to S feet;
no assays, bul shows peacock copper and
appears to carrv gold and silver,
Col, Haker, V. Hyde Haker and Fred
Hazen own the Haidscrabble, and have
sunk a shaft 20 feet and run an open cut
the same distance; copper in [Is various
forms and some galena, from the j-ras*-.
mots; work so far shows a steady Improvement, and Mr. lln/.en has returned
to the propet ly equipped to sink lo a
depth of 70 feet; if appearances are then
still favorable, development will continue; assays have shown values as high
OS 30 per cent, copper, 15 oz. silver and
ii- in gold.
On the Magnet Meacbt-m & Cariin
have started a shaft; llie ore from this
claim shows native copper quite frequently.
The Lndy Alice, owned by E. Murphy
ntul Hob Dewar of Fort Sleele, makes
about lhe saint1 showing as the above
claims, with the exception that a 20 inch
stringer has been uncovered, said to be
a clean cliHlcopyrilc ore giving 26 per
cent, copper, $8 iu gold, nm) 12 ox. silver.
A 20 foot drift on this sl linger gives a in*
fooi face, in this ore.
The Mystery, owned by Hob Dewars.
makes a showing similar to the Lady
On Another Ledge.
John Currau, representing a Ilanfl out-
fit, is running a tunnel on a 10 foot lead,
4 feel of which is said lo he a copper ore
characteristic of the country, showing
values ns high as $65.
their yards In Cranbrook to be used for
that purpose.
Mlnl-i Null-*.
At hast twenty nutStsare now at work
around St. Mary's lake.
A T Pollett, of the Hosklna group,
near the headwaters of Perry creek, was
iu town recently.
Sieve Voung, a well-known Bast Kootenay prospector, wns shaking hands
wiili Ctaubrook friends recently,
I> W. Moore, the genial ore purchaser
for the Trnil smelter, was in and out of
town several times ihe pnst week.
Fred Hazen departed yesteiday morning, accompanied by ii >h Dewar, lor Si.
.Marys lake, to do development work
Tbey had a pack outfit ol five horaet
well loaded with SUpblUs.
Thomas Ryan and A. Mattliewson, of
Spokane, engineers with the S. ti. and
N. R. R , were in town recently, en
route home They were returning from
the upper St. Mary's, where lhey bad
been to evamiue some working prospects
iu which they ate interested, ami seemed
very well satisfied with the result of their
Also, ll Is Alleged, (iut Away With Ills Employers' .Money.
" Professor Billy Graham," the '* banjo artist" who was with the Parker &
Whitney Wnrograph company, whieh
exhibited bete Inst Monday and Tuesday nights, has jumped his job and left
for greener pastures alar—anyway, his
whereabouts is uu known to two worth)
but disgusted showmen.
The "artist" was picked up in the
Ccetir d'Aleues by the showmen, ami as
lie was a lolerabte banjo player and an
excruciating singer, he was given an engagement, Monday night the exhibition was given lo a full house, and ibe
evening following to a bob-tall flush.
Veiy late lluu night lhe "artist" aud
Mr. Whitney—Mr. 1'arkcr being iu advance— retired, calculating 10 arise with
the sun and hh- hence to the c'ussic suburb, Port Steele, where they were billed
for last night. In the morning at 5 they
got up to hie, but the "artist" was afflicted with u sugden attack of nosebleed
and went out of doois; as he has uot yet
eturticd, his nose is probably -.till bleeding; but the wviiat feature of this affair
js that Boon afterward Mr. Whitney discovered that he had been'* rolled" and
that his cash assets had hied, with the
professor he believes—and if that was
llle cokc "Hilly" must shortly before
that have played the title role, for a moment, in the old melodrama, 'lhe Hid-
den Hand."
Mr. Parker was telegraphed to return,
reached here yesterday afternonr.,decided not to lose any more lime looking for
Graham, and this morning depart* d with
the Warograph, minus an artist and
considerable cash.
By Dorse and Foot Races, By Athletic
Games, By Trap-Shooting, By fia|l
That Is Only One   of   "Happy
Cr,inbroofc'sM   Numerous
A Serious Loss to Cranbrook.
J. W. H. Smythe, siuie its creation
the very efficient manager of the Cran
brook branch of the Canadian bank of
Commerce, departed last uight for
Greenwood, the great Boundary district
mining camp, lo lake charge of the
branch there.
Mr. Smythe has been an invaluable
citizen while in Cranbrook. and every
business man, as well as nil who know
liim, deplore his loss, but all the same
are glad to see his worth recognized by
the corporation employing htm, by promoting him to a location uf so mutb
more importance.
Mr. Parker, who succeeds him, is uo
well known 10 need commendation to
On Monday next Craobrook will offer
attractions   never   before   offered    under like conditions in South Kast Kootenay—good horse nnd foot races, foot and
base-ball games, trap-shooting and other
interesting diversions, occurring ou enclosed grounds,   containing   the  finest
race-track and ball-fields in British Co-
j I umbia—this is no Idle boast—with a fine
grand stand, provided with  comfortable
1 seats; refreshment booths, starters' boa.
and all the modern conveniences for
! racing and spirting grounds.
;    Neither trouble nor expense hsfe been
; spared to make these tbe best grounds
> of that nature in britisb Columbia, and
the Cranhrook Turf and Athletic assocl-
atlon have tucceeded in its laudable un-
In addition to (the above-named convenience"*, water has been piped from a
hill half a mile distant to the grounds
and is available by hydrant* for the
patrons, and by means of a large tank
for 'he borses. Hollers and drags for
keeping the track in condition are of
course provided, and a sprinkling wagon
will keep the dust down, if any there
should be.
The program has been so generally clr-
cuUted tbat it will not be reproduced.
No one will be allowed to drive on the
tnck July 2d. except riders and hones
entered for the various races.
A 'pecial enclosure has been provided
for vehicles and horses, in which aU used
by spectators must be kept; all horses
must there !>e unhitched from the vehicles ami fastened to hitching-bars or
post-;: saddle-horses must be likewise secured. The enclosure is so situated that
the races can be viewed from the vehicles, thus saving the owners going into
the grand stand unless they prefer lo.
Pool-tickets on the races for Jnly ad
will.be sold at tbe Cranbrook hotel Saturday evening, beginning a 9 o'clock.
Check Against NotblogiYou Draw Trouble.
Kenneth McDonald, a tie contractor,
wanted a little money Sunday night, and
at the same lime wauled to pay '-Scotly"
Cameron a small account, so he drew a
cluck upon the Cauadian Bank of Commerce, and " Scotly" cashed it for bim,
deducting his little bill. Hm when Cameron went to the bunk ihe next morning
and presented ibechei k lo the handsome
youug cashier, I' u smiled blandly anil
told "Scotly" thai he was very sorry to
Inform him lhat so lar as deposits wero
concerned the hank had never done business with Mr. McDonald. The gentle
man hail an examination before Judge
Armstiong Monday, and Was held foi
Working on Ilu: Hospital.
Contractor Navin has secured the contract for building the new St. Eugene
hospital, and woik c -mmencul last Fii
day wiih the breaking of ibe sod by
Father Coccola,
A description of tlie inieiiot arrange*
ment of the building has beeu published lu The Herald heretofore, Since
then an Important increase in dimensions
has been made by an addition 30 feet in
Mr. Navin also has considerable other
work iu baud in the way of dwelling-
bouses of various descriptions.
Continued on l'ourth Page.
The Sullivan Compressor.
One half of a lo-drill duplex comprcs-
sor, for ihe Sullivan Group Mining com
pnuy, has heen en route for many days
In the  meantime  Messrs. McMullin   .\
Taylor have been awarded the contract
for "setting" the boiler, and a few days
ago shipped two car-loads of brick from
iiii nl: Cranhrook a Wonder.
G. A Cameron, a well-known architect from Moose jaw, N. \V, T„ was in
town recently. Speaking of Cranbrook,
he expressed the opinion that it was
one of the prettiest places he had ever
beeu in und when toid that it was bul
little more than lwo year*- old he said
"Cranbrook isa wonder."
Mr. Cameron stands high us an  aclli-
lect, ami di.es a large mall-order business, ________
11. C. Photos.
Mr. II. Tolehet will be nt his studio
Dominion Day, July 2d.
First-class work guaranteed,
Bring your babies,
The k..--l..nd Compsoy Will EiiiWi-_0-i.ii
Cranbrook Immedistelj.
Messrs. blue St Di&s, of tbe Lion Brewery. Rosslsnd, were in town recently, and
before leaving here Mr. Dial perfected
arrangements for establishing a cold
storage plant in Cranbrook, arid in a
short lime this place will be the distributing point in Southeast Kootenay for
the product of the Lion brewery, with
office at J. Kerrigan's wholesale house.
In due time, if it is found that the business of the country will justify it, a
brewing plant will be installed in this
Not Swearing la Either Case.
A laily bicyclist in this city wishes to
know if sbe is swearing if she says tbe
smelter flume is a " dam site" better
riding than some olher parts of this
country.—Grand Forks Miner.
The matter his been referred to the
religion*) reporter of The Heiild, wbo
decided the Isdy bicyclist was no more
guilty ol swearing llun was tbe society
girl wbo said of a rival tbst " If sbe
does nol in the future pay more attention
10 manicuring her nails the accretions
will Rotterdam fingers off,"
I. 0. 0.1-. Memorial Services.
Sunday last lhe Odd Fellows of Cran-
brook repaired to tlie cemetery and held
impressive memorial services over ithe
grave of their departed brother, James
Mills, formerly of Moyie, Rev. Brother
Smith officiating
Among tbe visiting brethren were W.
h, Reid. Thos Hickey, Frank Dsnby,
William MUU,J J. Murphy, R. A. Smilh,
1- I. Moore, S A. McKachron, D.J.
Johnson, Frank Atkinson, all of Moyie.
Tbey Art* Noted Songsters.
The Misses Scoit, of Spokane—known
in musical circles as the Dudley-Buck
quartet, arrived in Cranbrook yesterday,
and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. R.
and John Leask.
While simply here on a visit for recre-
alion, it Is hoped that the music-loving
people of Cranbrook can prevail upon
i lu in lo uive one ol their enjoyable conceit:-, before departing.
An Bye Always Open lo Business.
W. 1) Hill, ofthe firm of Hill Bros.,
of Cranhrook, recently took a pleasure
tap to the const, and arriving tbere
learned of a "snap" at Kamloops, io the
shape of ;i £!, - -» slock of gents furnishing goods belonging to J. J. Guest & Co.
lie went ont ol the vacation business,
purchased thc stock, and is now rapidly
disposing of it—It is hardly necessary to
say al a profit—aud at the same time
showing const people bow energetic man
from A country full of energy do dullness
uml make money. CRANHROOK   HKRAI.D
juil-* HUTCHISON, Nolan Public;
TEltM- tir SUh-SCltiniON:
TUB Heralil ilulm m Rive the news of iho
district, h yuu kunw any about armir town
your mine oi yuur i i*i<*. semi it i» this ofllce.
Tbe Feruie Free Pica*: ot the a.d contains what purports to be au answer to
two articles in the Herald Of the \ Wi
following election
The Herald proposes lo take bul little
notice of the articles iu question tor the
reasou that no writer possessed ol any
self respect cares lo enlti into uu argument With 80 editor who is evidently a
graduate of or a descendant from tbe
ranks of the London costermongers,
When a writer's strong argument is
'■liar," and "malicious liar," it follows
that the cause he advocates is totally devoid of merit, and will not bear investigation by the seeker after tacts.
Mr. Fernie admitted, In this office, to
the editor ol this paper, that be hud
promised l-'ort Sleele that if be was elected he would use hia Influeuce to have the
government oflices retained at Fort
Sleele, but was euough of a politician,
to add, however, that " thiH need uot
prevent such government offices or com ts
us might be deemed necessary being established at Cranbruok. "Thisstatement
was made in tlie presence of " hilly"
Ross, whu wa-j chapenmiug Mr. Feruie
ut Ibe time, and may or may not be sub*
■stantiated by him; it te immaterial to
The Herald whether be dues or not
for this statement iii a fact just the saute,
and all the billingsgate lhe editor of the
Free Press may summon lo his aid can
not alter it.
Mr. Femle also sought the support of
thin paper, but wus lold lhat tbe paper
would be strictly independent politically
during tbe campaign just closed. Mr.
Pernie replied lhat "tbe purse" had
great influence in such cases, in which
remark the manager heartily concurred,
with the suggestion that in this Instance
the "purse" might be used iu purchasing the plant outright, aud that it was a
good piece of property, from a publish
er's standpoint. Mr. Fernie replied that
he would "call again."
As to whether The Herald has beeu
derelict to its supporters, or not—'.hat is
a matter resting solely between the parties interested, ami is no way connected with tbe Free Press If it will do
tbe talented editor of that sheet auy
good to know it, however, Tbe Herald
will state that its business iu times past
was never so prosperous, and if tbe Herald has an enemy iu Cranbrook or tributary camps, it bus yet to learn of it.
These explanations are made more
with a view to obviating auy false im
pressions that might arise in the minds
nf the public were the articles to pass
unnoticed, than as an answer to the Free
Tress, considering the peculiar " tulenl"
displayed by the alleged editor of tbat
sheet to tie (to borrow it front Ier ism'
too "ornary," uud its possessor too
contemptible to be worthy of seriom
The Herald acknowledges the report
ot tbe minister of mines for tiiuu. It is
a very comprehensive and useful docu
ment and will be further referred to in
the future. ^^^^^^^^^^
A Llle and Death Fight.
Mr. W. A. Hiues, of Manchester, Iu.,
writing uf his almost miraculous escape
from death, snys : " Flxposure after
measles induced serious lung troubli
which ended in consumption. I hud
frequent hemorrhages und coughed day
and night. All my doctors said I must
soon die. Theu I began lo use Dr.
King's New Discovery which wholly
cured me. Hundreds have used it ou
my advice and ull say it never fails lo
cure throat, chest and lung troubles."
Regular sizes 50c und |i. Trial bottles
free at Heattie's drug store.
It is tep.trt-.-d ihul loggers ure very
scarce, and that the coast camps ure
suffering therefrom
William Hattou, a carman ut the I.e
Roi, Kossland, recent 1) went over the
dump with n carload cf ore, and revolved injuries probably resulting fatally.
It is proposed lo grant the telephone
girls in Nelson a half holiday July 2 nud
3; the project has been endorsed by lhe
business men. 	
Ulorlous News
Comes   from   Dr.   D.   It    Cargile,   of
Washita, I. T,   He writes!   " Electric
Hitters hasevred Mrs. flrewer of scrofula,
which bad caused her greut suffering for
years. Terrible sores would break out
on ber bead and face, and tbe hest doc
tors could give no help; but now her
health is excellent." Electric Milters is
the best blood puritier known, It's the
supreme remedy for eczema, letter, suit
rheum, ulcers, boils rnd running sores,
It stimulates liver, kidney-** and Dowels,
expels poisons, helps digestion, builds
up the strength. Ouly 50c. Sold by R,
ti. Ueattie, druggist.   Guaranteed.
Notice Is liereliy ulven that I intend tu apply
forthwith to Hin Chief r Issinnnr of Uuils
and Workiffor permission in piiroliaso the following tli m-mIh'iI IuihI: l'(itiiini'iK-in*; at tin* Initial post, aboul twn miles wosl ut Crnnliriiok,
pliuiii'ii at .hi- northwest owner of W, .1, Hamilton's pra-oihiitlon, thenoo eusl 111 ehufiis, tlumc
ninth 91 i'lmins, tlionco west in chains, theiiu
smith in i-li'ilii-,.  tllCI WUSl   HI Chains,  tlii'ltn-
south so ebaliis, ihooee east -to chains, thenuu
um tli -111 i'lmins tn tha placo or beginning,
Dated ai Cranbrook ihlssstli day or thine, 1900
AKrl1lliAl.lt- I.KITCH,
Notice is hereby itiven Hint thu iiiulcmlgueti
win, wa days ttfo-i dnte, tipply to tin* (JliW 1 -m-
mlssloner nf bauds ami Works r. r a special
license to cut and oarry away timber from tlie
fn liiHlii;.- iltrtcrlb-'il laml*     ('iiiiiiii'iii'liif al a
i-n-.t (iiiinti'ii '-.hunt luw feet ee*\ uf i.iiii-- Hand
creek nour Jsltruy millna tlieilue west -ujUiuIi»,
tlieucaimrtn-w ehala-i, disucu w_.it uu Lhalm,
thenee north 00 obaiiis, thoitea »a»t iuo oualni,
thriioesoutii iiouhaiiiB iu j'lu-1- of comiiienoe*
snout •
VkT&H i,L'.M>
JJated .1 Kin* 'lit. ivOO
McVittie & Hutchison
...Denlcra in. .
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mine? and Landa Surveyed
Fire, Liic nni) accident Insurance
Money to ltil.il
I. 0. O. F. Block Cranbrook, II. C.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
T&ble-i in ftbi-.a There I* >*■*■> Pe*-
ccntau, toe Sentiment.
There are tew sentimental ullusions
in auy ut the reports which emanut*.
frotn tbe government printing office ln
Washington under authority of thu
'ommlssloner of labor, It may bt* uu
surprise, therefore, to mnny to know
that tin* eleventh annual report ofthe
commissioner uf lubur contains iu tabulated form, reduced to exact percentages, a statement showing the occupations nt divorced women.
The bureau ofthe statistical export In
chargo of tabulation divides tlu* female
population of tho Hutted States of ten
yeurs ur upward Into four general
clueses, pint tbere nr-3 thu married,
who number 13.10 per cent. Then there
ure the widows, whu number 10.10 pur
oent. Third te tho clues of the "single
ami unknown;" theso numbor 00.8*1 put-
cent. Final.} thero nro tho divorced,
who constitute ulnc-teuthB of one per
cent, of tho female population of ten
yours of ago or over In the United Statea,
and thuy are distributed throughout
various occupations, which tho Btntls-
tlcal experts have endeavored to atato
with undevtatlng exactness. Of tho
totul number of divorced women employed, it seems thut .21 per cent, are
bookbinders, .us are shoemakers and
.00 ure corset makers, A much smaller
proportion, .48, ure saleswomen, while
OP are telegraph und telephone operators. Stenographers and typewriters
mako up .07 per cent., und .38 nre mill
1111 uts.
Tin* official statlslloluna al Washing-
.011 look neither to the right nor to tin-
eft iu their tabulation und it need bo
no Btirprlso, therefore, to know thnt
1,33 of tlio divorced women of the United
States wbo have uny business occupation ure merchants, R.0-. are carpet makers, ntul .-Hi are hat and cap makers.
Milliners come under u separate division, tbeir percentage of divorced
women being 1,38, Of seamstresses
there are 1,35, and of clerks and copyists
,fit. Moreover, .'i'.t are. boxmakors, ,08
printers, .'-ti cigarette und tobacco makers, .114 in the confectionery business,
1.4:i dressmakers, ,40 paper mill operators, and ,15 in is ilk mills.
Tbe professions have » considerable
number of divorced women. 1.24 being
music teachers and Lis teachers of art,
There are 3,33 per ecu*, described as
hotel, restaurant uud saloon keepers
nnd barkeepers and a somewhat larger
proportion an boarding or lodging houso
keepers; 1.02 ns laundresses; l.no us
purses, and .51 as agricultural laborers,
lu one particular, however, Iho report
of the commissioner of labor seems to
be pretty nearly exact, for 3.20 of tho
totul number of divorced women are
pul down ns ngents and it is a mn tier.if
very general observation that divorced
women make excellent agents where
persistence and volubility tire required.
—N. Y. Sun.
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New  Building, New Furniture, and  Everything first-class.   Our object is to please our
lt May llr llulleil In (liler or linked In
I'll Mi*.
Cider will soon be very cheap, and a
gallon can lie put to no better use than
tu help in producing the perfection of
boiled hams. Choose « medium-sized
ham, wash, scrub, weigh nnd (-oak In
plenty of cold water for 8. hours; wipe
dry and simmer III (lie older, allowing
lli minutes to each pound. Allow it
to stand over night to euol in the liquor,
then peel oft the -skin uml wipe with ;i
soft cloth until tbe surface is dry from
moist fat. Garnish with asplu jelly and
boiled vegetables cut In funey shapes.
A very savory meat jelly may be quickly made for garnishing when aspic is
jiot at hand, liy making clear bouillon
from chopped beef or beef paste, color
with sliced unions fried very brown in
butter, and pour a plot boiling hot on
quarter of 11 bo* of gelatine soaked for
a few minutes in n, little-, eold broth
Salt and pepper lo taste, Strain and put
away to set,
A luinii baked in a paste is another
delicious change, und onee this recipe,
though slightly PXtra trouble, is tried
the ordinary one will belaid aside. I're-
pare the ham us directed above, mix
up about a quart of (lour with enough
eold water to make u still paste. Cover
tin- fU-sh aide with this, put iua moderate oven; while tlie crust is still soft
begin to baste with sherry wine; do
thin every ten minutes- until a lnrge
cupful is used; after lhat there will lie
sufficient gravy In the pan to continue.
Ten tnnutOB more musl be allowed for
eneli pound in cooking, As the paste pro-
tecti the motlt, When done the crust
and skin are lo be peeled olT, the ham
sprinkled with crls-p bread crumbs nm]
sent to table garnished ns above. The
basting in troublesome, bul with cooler
autumn days Kboulii not be in I tided 1
Harbeeued ilium may be sen ed by help
of 11 little sherry. I'm a lnrge slice of
the baked hum In tbe hot frying p'in;
season will) pepper, salt und mlXCtl
mustard; add a teaspoon of vinegar; it
will brown quickly on one Bidet keep
the pan on a hoi place; turn the slice,
sprinkle in a very little sugar and a
wineglass of sherry; bring to lhe boil
ami serve, Thesugar Is not noticeable,
but doe* awny with thc acidity of the
vinegar and brings oul the flaVor,—San
Francisco Chronicle,
III* N'HI urn I Inferf-no-**,
Mrs. Iloon (looking up from her
newspaper)—! have just been reading
of a pretty widow who has sued a man,
who broke two of her ribs while hugging lo-r, for $5,000 damages, The
wretch ought to have to pay heavily for
Injuring her so, hadn't he?
Old Hoon—Aw, I don't know! Most
llkoly she is Btling him for not breaking the rest of 'cm.- X. Y. .Journal.
SplutMl Plums.
For several pounds of   plums   .
■T/-, pounds of brown sugar, one pint
vinegar and one ounce each of olovi
illspice and mjica iimi iwo ounces
■innainon, putting lhe spices in a nu
lln bog, Place lhc ingredients In 11 pi
rerrlng kettle and cook slowly until 1
111 lOfl iB 11 thick sirup when cold,   Tl
ri a relish to serve with all kindn
meat.—Iloston Budget,
tin letting your coe'ract
until you have seen
hate of Toronto
Contractor •«■ Builder
Those roiitcmi>lulhiH biilli|Inn will ilo well to lei
ine tlgiueon tliu ooutiucm,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Nntlce U liereliy ulven Hint 1, (SmiraellllHunl
thirty ilays after itiilu, Intend to apply t« tlte
nliluf 1 nulsslonoi' of Ian is nml works for per
mission to nn chase ilffl iierus of uiisiirvoyod
hunt sltuuieit alnnil "in> and olie-lmlf miles west
ni urnnbrnok, adjoining Wales and Parson's
purchase mi ihe west Hide, comiiienefiiK at a post
pliinlctl at tin- 110rtltwe.1t curner or Wales luid
(•arsons purcbuso, tltuiico nmnliiK south 40
tilinlim, tltenue wast bo chain**, ikonce north-tu
chains, ihcncu east ao chains tn sinithiR point,
liKII. llll.MAIL*.
Dated ut Cranbrook, Mny 11, luoa
'take imliee Uml mie lUOUlll after lltttfl I iut- ad
iii apply t<> tho i 'liter 1 lotmnliwloiiur nr Umls and
Works for 1 ui mission to purchase the fnllowinu
tlesoi Ibud laiuls: Couimenulnii at a post marked
"A. k. beiteh's s. K.corner pnst," panted at
iliQsuntliweslcorttDi'of lot :'873)n graii)* one nj
Kooleiiay district, bieuce wosl stiulitilns, thenoo
north id chains, tlu-aoo east sn chains, iheaoe
south lOuhaini to plaoonflieshi'iliu, coiitaililtiB
!i20 acres siuuite nne ami onu-kalf tntleisoiit||.
west of Crailbrook.
imteii iliHtstlidayofJiiiic.lOOJ.
A. K LB1T01!.
It. L. Cummin., C. E.
Port Steele, U. C.
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co,
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
„*   .*   li. C.
Bakery S
Chart-rand Bros., Props.
We have just moved into out new bakery on Hanson avenue, uud with the
largest and most modern brick oven in
Kast Kootenay are uuw prepared belter
than ever before to turn nut first clans
work.   A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
Baked fresli every night.
Orders (ar Wedding nnd oilier Pone) Cukes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ol'I'ICK-allKIII.OI K   'H.OI'K,
CRANUROOK,    :::::•    II. C.
W. It, IIiiim. II. W. I OIIMRR
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Solicitor, Etc.
I'.iuik of Coinmproo nitlg. UKANHIIOOK
...MISS M. ricCALLUn...
Uraduale ol Ml. Slmil Hospital, New Vork
' 8
lEast Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
Hugh Cameron t
l-niprlctor   ::: *
Tliis hotel Ims heen refitted nml refurnished,   riu- table
is the best.    Satisfactory rates itiven regular luiarders.
$ Baker Street       :-:       :-: Cranbrook, B. C    .
Open Day and Night
.Best of Table Board
A first-class eouk has charge of lhe culinary department antl the
lodging accommodations are nut excelled in Cranbrouk.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
|T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything;,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
'    The housewife and thc bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay them.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Cranhr-uok, 11. C.
Graduate of Champion college of U. S,
Successor to Mn^s & Huj-ln's in thin
line. Will attend to any work in the
Promptly Attondod tc.
Saddle and-.*
Pack Horses
....For Stilt- or Kent
Armstrong nve., Opp. McCoiniell'A Store
W. F. QURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cronbraok,       :      :        British Columbia
Alex. H. Watson...
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Conveyancer      it      ::      ::      ::
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Heattie's Drugstore
Apply at McVittle & lliilclilsiin's
Ur It .1. Hutchison's Residence
G. Johnson....
\Jif Assayer
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery  3
Proprietors j* jt jt
Regular  Stage   io   Kimberley
Tennis and ilrivers furnished for any
point in tbe district.
Manager   _t    jt
Service for the year iqoo
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience o f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
A. U. r. A. T, P. A.
Vancuuvcr, B.C. Nelson, B.C.
:'{ "The Uarly Bird Catches the Worm " |
The "Farly Closing" Storekeeper
Should Catch Your Patronages **
We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit"
you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early %
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Four lots north of tlie Methodist church.
Wholesale and retail dealers
In all kinds of   .' .   .   .
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
!•"Oi tiers called lor ami promptly delivered.
Refitted Throughout
One of the Mast Comfortable
Hotels in Kast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props,
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
************************************************** j
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and j
Port Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
OKANllUOOK.   B, 0.
Bishop Doaop of Alhnny Is preparing
tu make a visit tit tin* Pblllppluea su
tvh'H similar (u that uf BUbup PottC
Tin* ltev. Dr. Henry C. McCouk of
Philadelphia, wbo wrui south _imn? time
ago on account nf illness, has returned
home without regaining his health.
Hey. Newell D. 111111;'. wlicwe withdrawal frum tbe t' res hy i er inn church
has excited su much comment, owns
whnt is said to tie ilu* lust prtratt) libra-
ry in Brooklyn.
Uvmben of the Madison Avenue Pies*
byterlun clun-ch, New York, have decided  tu demolish tlnir edlllet il  build
one of die bent ii|i|iiihite(| cluirelies in
that  cily. lu eust $150,0-0.
Tbe will uf the hue H.v. Dr. (leiiru
]->  Walkt-r nt iimii'i-ni contnlus Ihe
following nubile beiiueslx, in mid itl ml to
$5,000 dlvldeil  uu Uoi tlctit eluireb
Boeietiesi Auierlean hoiutl nf eotumls-
^jf'iu'ts fm* foreign mlsHlans, $1,000;
AiWiftaii Missionary inmuclntlnni IftOO;
Broolc^JIbrai-y ur Brattleboi-o, Vi., ijtBOO.
mini it urnnniH
They Ate ilie Fruitful Source uf Hemdnchei,
Nervous Di-tLiuleiti, H-lm In the Back
and Linn*, and thc Feelli ,: of Conitatit
WcsrincH That Afflict■ So Many Women.
A limit-, t overy woinuu meets dully
-with innumerable little worries in her
household uffairs. Ferbups tbey are
too small to uutioo au hour afterward.
but these constant little worries bave
their effect upon tbe nervous system.
Indeed, it is these little worries that
make bo many women look j retnature-
ly old. Tbeir effect may also be notice-*
able in other ways, suoh as sick or uer-
fons headaobe, fickle appetite, rains
in the back or loins, palpitation of the
heart, and a feeling or constant weari-
iiesB. If yon are experiencing any
of these symptoms it Is a lign that tbe
blood and nerves need attention, and
tor this purpose Dr. Williams' Fink
Pills for Pale People ate woman's beat
friend. Tbey are particularly adapted
aa a regulator of the ailments that
afflict women, and tbrongh tbe blood
and nerves act npon tbe whole system,
bringing brightness to the eye, and a
glow of health to tbe cheeks. Thousands of grateful women have testified
to the benefit derived from the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Among thoie who freely acknowledge
the benefit derived from this great
medicine is Mrs. Jaa. Hughes, of Dro-
more, P. £. I.,a lady who possesses the
respeot and esteem of all wbo know
her. Mrs. Hughes speaks of her illness
and core us follows: "Until abont
fonr years ago I had always enjoyed
good health, and was looked npon as
one who possessed a robust constitution. Then I began to grow weak, was
troubled with severe headaches, and
frequently with violent pains in the
region of my heart.from whieh I would
only find ease through bot application!*.
My stomach also gave me mnoh
trouble, and did not appear to perform
its customary functions. I was treated by a skillful doctor, bnt although under his oare for several months, I i_re\v
gradually weaker and weaker, until
finally I was not aide to leave my bed.
Then I called in another doctor, whose
treatment, although continued for some
eight months, was equally fruitless. I
was scarcely able to hold my head np,
and was so nervous that I was crying
half the time. My condition can best
be described as pitiable. At this time
a friend brought me a newspaper in
which was the story of a cure of a woman whose case wuh ic many respects
similar to mine, through the uso of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. I tlnn decided
that I wonld give the pills a fair trial.
When I began tbe use of tbe pills I was
in snch a aonditior-. that tho doctor told
me I would always be an invalid. I
used fonr boxes of the pills before I
noticed any beuetlt. nnd then 1 eould
see they wero helping me.1 used twelve
boxes in all, covering a treatment of
nearly six mouths, when 1 was as well
as ever I had been in my life, and I
have ever since enjoyed the boil of
health. 1 believe thero would lie fewer suffering women throughout tbo
world if they would du r.t* I did—give
Dr. Williams' Piuk I'ills a fair trial.
A medioine that iH mil right is wnrNo
than uo medicine ut nil—much worse,
tiobstitntes are not right; mure than
that, tbey an (tem rally dangerous.
When yon buy Dr. Williams' i'ink I'ills
for Pale People be sure tbat tbu full
name is ou the wrapper around every
box. If your denier doe-, um keep thein
thoy will be sent post paid hi fiu reins
a box, or six boxes ior 19.80, by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Uo,,
Brockville, Out.
A contract made ever ihe telephone is
legal nml binding, according to n decision
recently rendered ia a Pennsylvania lawsuit.
In New lln*i*n It lini been judicially
decided tbut a mini whu u -I--* n uut her
niHii fur s chew of tobacco cannot be
held nn a I'linrge Of bogglug,
Twu Mnnli-li JudgCI have decided tliat
hsiidi'i-KKintt uml ibttvlng must ia future
be mimtiered IMong tbe professions. The
vffect uf this declilou is tn pot barbers
outside the SCOpB of the net uf Charles 11,
whleh prohibits iill worldly labor or the
cairjiuff en or a tradesman's ordinary
culling -uu tbe l,urd'n day.
There hff >r was, uud nover will be, a universal luiiiiu'ca, in one remedy, for all lilt* to
which flesh te heir—the very nuluru of many
curatives being such tbat were the germs of
other and differently seated diseaM-H routed
In tho system of tne patient—what would
relievo une Ul In turn would aggravate tho
utber. We have, however, In Quinine Wine,
when ubtalnublu in a sound, unadulterated
statu, ii remedy for many und grievous ill--.
By its gradual und judicious use Uie f rullest
systems uro led Into convalescence aud
strength by tho Influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives, It relieves
tho drooping spirits nf those with whom a
chronic state uf morbid despondency und
luck of Interest in lifo Is a disease, and, by
trunquilizing tho nerves, disposes to found
and refreshing sleep—Imparts vigor to tho
action of the blood, whleb,being stimulated,
courses throughout tho velnn, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary rcmili,
strengthening tho frame, and giving life to
the digestive urgnns, whleh naturally demand increased substance—result, Improved
appetite. Northrop & I.yiuan, of Toronto,
have given to the public their superior Quinine Wine at thu usual rate, und, gauged by
tho opinion uf scientists, this wine up.
proaches nearest perfection of uny In Uie
market,   All druggists sell it,
I1« Had ii Very Good Rrnaon For Not
(■Uihm Into the llou-ae.
The man was Bitting nn the front steps
of his bouse nt 'A o'clock in the morning
ns the policeman came hy and noticed
"Hello!" exclaimed the startled guardian uf the peace. "What are you doing
tbere?"   And he drew near cautiously.
"Sitting here." responded the man.
"What are .vou sitting there for?"
"It's my house, and I guess I've got a
right to, haven't IV"
"Ob, excuse me," apologized tbe policeman, coming clnser. "I didn't recognise
you. What's the matter? Lost your
nigh t key?"
"Nn," very curtly.
"Forgot it when you eame out?"
"Afraid of disturbing somebody that's
Hick If yon knock?"
"Wailing for the milkman perhaps?"
ventured tlie policeman, taking nuother
"No." shorter than ever.
"Wnnt to get iu early to breakfast perhaps 7"
"Bluing hen* tn get eool before going to
bed likely?" And the poll nun chuckled, fnr the thenui in* marked considerably below freezing.
"Are .vou"- began tho policeman when
the nian Interrupted him.
"Say." be cried, ";lo I have to reveal to
j-uii tbe sacred M'l-nu uf my household?
"No," snid the policeman, almost ns
sli.nt as the mnn had said It.
"llo I have tn cuiiinniiiicnte to you iny
domestic Infelicities'/"
"Do I have tn tell you thnt my wife Is
waiting at the heud of the stain* In tbeie
for me?"
"Iin ] have to Inform you that she hns
declared wnr?"
"No." stammered the astonished policeman.
"Welt, then," commanded the mnn,
"you go on nway from here nnd attend
to your own business, I'll sit hero till the
middle of next week If I wnnt to." And
the policeman, thoroughly iibnsbed, apol-
ogixed to the man and went on around
the comer.—Washington Star.
K a re e aural   Country   Do.-torn   Should
Keep Anny From New York.
Dr. Slu-ndy. one of tho fnmntis New
fork physicians, evidently thinks the
successful country doctor should not go
to New York, judging from his ndvico on
this subject in Success:
"The medical profession Is one of the
very hardest iu which to get n foothold
in New York. It is rare tbnt nn out of
towu doctor succeeds In establishing himself here. I hnve seen some most tragic
failures. A few years ngo a celebrated
doctor from a New England town got a
pluee on the stuff ot one of the city colleges to lecture on a small stipend. He
brought his family to the city, nnd his
wife booh became popular iu society, but
he eould get no practice. He got deeper
nnd deeper iu debt, und one dny be committed suicide. Soon nfter a popular
physician from a New Jersey town eame
Into my otliee nnd suid be hud a notion
to come to the city and cunt his lot In
with the rest of us. lie hud seen a vacant house on Madison avenue and
thought lie eould buy it for $30,000. I
told him it would cost bim $100,000. I
also told hlm about the tragedy mentioned above Hnd others. He did not
"No, n country doctor can do nothing In
New York. Tho conditions nre altogether different. Theu* everybody knows him,
knows his horso and his trip, nnd they
see him every day. There he Is n standing advertisement. Here the only place
where he can put his name is on the window or door, ai>|1 it wight stay there till
doomsday und uo one ever know anything about him. But if he conies here
nt first and is willing to work und wait
he stands a chance. If he hns not enough
money, however, to pay his expenses for
the lirst live years, thero is danger that
he will drift into quackery, the pntent
nostrum business or criminal practice.
and once there the odds are against his
ever becoming a reputable physician.
"I can think of no condition in our life
more discouraging than that of n doctor
in n grent city Without money, without
friends, with nothing to show for himself hat his sign ou his door aud his
sheepskin on his office wall."
Almml  Sneer a at-at,
There nre men iu this world who are
almosl successful, almost religious, almosl happy, almost well, ltut a miss is
as food ns n mile.
A recruit who is Ti feet 0V4 inches in
height when the standard is 6 feet 10
Inches is rejected just as sorely as if he
were only four feet in, height. It Is of little avail how valiant, how strong, how
experienced nnd how willing to tight he
mfty bo, lie is not up to the standard
and so he Is rejected. If you run and
jump seven feet after n ferryboat leaving
ilu* dock nml the hunt Is 7*-j feet away,
you fall Into the water just as »urely as
a Utile child whn jumps only oue foot,
and you sink just an deep, for you both
go to (he bottom.
"Almost" is a dangerous word, it looks
so  Urge  and   Is   really  so  weak.    What
ymi require is a certainty. You wnnt to
be assured.   You wnnt definite answers.
Yon want definite things.—Inland Print1
Y till nit In the ('n mm una,
When the house of commons votes. It
marches OUt Hito thr lobbies, where the
member*-* are counted hy llie tollers.   The
average distance traversed by each mom1
ber from his seat to the lobby ll -in foot,
nn that ut au nil night llttlOB on an im-
purtant   bill,   when   88   divisions   were
made, cadi member tramped exactly n
iiiile and a half, wilhuut counting uunlli-
1 in I excursions to the smoking nnd refreshment rooms. Ah a division usually
lakes 1_ in in ul es, the house was sii
hours nnd n half un its feet that night.—
London (J lobe.
"So that's General Kultgoro, la it? If I
rcnicmhcr rightly, everybody used to cull
him colonel."
"Yes, hut thnt wns before he gave tbo
town a big barbecue at bis own expense,
He's General Fullgore now."—Chicago
Th* Char-ff-s.
-'Gentlemen of the jury," said the
judge, "lhe prisoner's plea is insanity.
That is the question to be settled. Ih he
insane or not? On that polut he is to lis
judged by n jury of bis peers."—Philadelphia Press.
-Shipbuilding In Von lco.
The preliminary agreement has
just been signed between tbe municipality of Venice and a company of
Italian capitalists for'tho erection of
shipbuilding works on the island of
ftmjt 'Elena,
A lUfatatlon,
If lovc'i \vli**t milf-U (lie world go round,
The nhmpr ii ti*,u force,
Tlii> Kilter, If my tuxh-'i waiml,
Thu world would turn, ul rom-ie.
Thin would my luvp lor Mir.bi.-1
Throw «ii the human wi*,
Hy Im-reim'il (ore* wntrllugsl,
Out lnti-llt.iiK 1'ito ttitea, —Lit:
Rules by Whioh Hurses Can Ha Untered
ror Com pt-11 tun List of Prls-ti.
A general purpose horse is understood
to be a horse that is suitable either
fur the waggon, carriage, buggy or
plow. Horses regis tei-fU ur eligible for
registration cannot compete in thla
Ist.   2nd. 3rd.
Brood mare.wlth foal by side
1st   prize, special hy Cock-
Bhutt Plow Co.. value $20,480 J1U 15
Brood  mare and twu of her
progeny,  three    years    and
under     1G   10    G
Three-year-old     gelding     or
filly     12     8    4
Two-year-old gelding or Ally io    c    3
Yearling gelding or Ally      S     '->    3
Foal      5     3     2
Team geldings or mares in
harness, tO wagon or carriage.   1st. special by Fair-
child   Co.,   value  $25     2G   1G   10
Mare   or   gelding,   nny   nse
 ,      Diploma
Brood rnure.wlth foal by aide.
Special by the Horse Breeders" association »f Manitoba and N.W.T Olplomn
All entries in this class must be
registered In American Trotting Keg-
later. Two-year-olds und upwards to
be shown in harness, except In sectlod
for brood mare.
1st. 2nd Brd
Stallion, four years or over..$30 $20 -HO
8 tall Ion, three years     26   IB   10
Stallion, two years   IB   10     5
Stallion,  yearling   10     6    4
Brood mare with roal by side 25 ir. 10
Three-year-old gelding or Ally is 10 6
Two year-old getdlngor Ally 10 s 5
Yearling  gelding  or  filly  ..   H    0    4
Foal     c    4    2
Stallion and three of his get
—get to he foaled In Manitoba. N.W.T. or B.C. The
award to be made on the
proportion of 2B per cent for
the stallion and 7B per cent
for the  progeny     25   15
Stallion, any age. Special
by the Horse Breeders' ns-
cl at Ion of Manitoba and the
N.W.T.  Diploma
Brood mare with foal by side,
special by the Horse Breeders' association of Manitoba   nnd    the   N.   W.    T.
Brood mare,with foal hy -slde.JT.r-. $10 $ 5
Three-year-old gelding or tilly 10     6    4
Two-year-old gelding or Ally   8     G     _
Yearling gelding or filly....   6    4    2
Foal       5     'i    2
Pair gelding  or    mares,    In
harness   20   15    8
Single gelding   or mare.    In
harness  15 10   S
Certificates of registration for stallions in   some   recognized   stud   book.
Sections 70 and 71 must be shown to
buggy or carriage.
Stallion, four years or over,
16 hands or over  $30 $20 $10
Stallion, three years  *.. 15  12    &
Stallion,   two  years       12   10    6
Stallion,  yearling      864
Brood mare,Willi foal by side 15 10 G
Three-year-old gelding or filly 10 6 4
Two-year-old gelding or tilly 8 6 4
Yearling gelding   or   filly   ..6    4     3
Foal    _    5     3    2
Pair of matched gelding or
mares, In harness, 16 hands
or over   20   10    6
Gelding or mare, in harness,
16 hands or over    15   10    5
Stallion and three of bla get
—get to he foaled In Manitoba, N.W.T. or B.C. The
award to be made on the
proportion of 26 per cent
for the stallion and 75 per
cent for the progeny  25
Stallion any juie. Special by
the Horse Breeders' association uf Manitoba and    the
N. W. T  Diploma
Brood mare with foal hy side.
Special by the Horse Breeders' association of Manitoba
and the N.W.T Diploma
Certificates or registration   must  be
Stallion, four years or over.$30 $20 $10
Stallion, three years    16   12    g
Stallion,  two yoars     12   10     5
Stallion,  yearling      S     6    3
Brood mare.wlth foal by side 16 10 5
Three-year-old filly   10    6    4
Two-year-old Ally    s   «   4
One-year-old tilly     6    4    3
Foal     5     3    2
Stallion and three of his get
—get to be foaled in Manitoba, N.W.T. or B.C. The
award lo he made on the
proportion of 25 per cent,
for the stallion and 75 per
cent for the progeny  20   10
Stallion,    any age.      Special
by  the Horse  Breeders' association of Manitoba and
nnd the NW.T ..  Diploma
Certificates   of   registration   In   general stud book of Croat Britain, American stud  hook,  or    stud    book   of
France,   must   be   prod need.
Stallion,  four  years  ur over.$30 fto $10
StalUon, three years     15   12    8
Stallion, two years   1?   10    6
Stallion, yearling       S     fi     4
Brood mare, with foal by side 25   15   10
Roiixl   mare and   twn of  her
progeny, three    years   and
under     15   10     6
Three-year-old filly    10    fi     4
Two-year-oh| filly     H    6    4
One-year-old lllly     6    4     3
Foal         5     3    2
Stallion and  three of his get
—icet to he foaled in Manitoba, N.W.T. or B.C. The
iWgrd lO be made on the
proportion of 25 per cent for
Ihe Stallion and 75 per cent
fnr ibe progeny  25  16
Btaillon, any nge. Special
by the Horse Breeders' association o( Manitoba and
the N.W.T  Diploma
Brood mare.wlth foal by Hide,
Hpeclnl by Ihe Hmse Breeders' Asso.lall f Manitoba and the N. W. T.
KUh l.aiiuunu-e.
Professor Kollk-ker of the Naples
aquarium recently went down Into the
Mediterranean In nn Iron cage lit up
by electricity. With tbe nld of a powerful receiver uud a specially constructed phonograph he registered the expressions of surprise with wblcb Ihe
Ash welcomed bis appearance. He
notes that tbe sound mude by one Ash
differs grently from that of mini lier
nnd has summed up the results of bis
experiment hi tbe conviction (bnt the
sounds hy Ushes will yel bo recognized
fl«t W   I""*	
Do Not
Pay Cash->
A ,«y iarfemtUia- oan bo mado.  Weeaft
tuinlab tha oiaat amount far any payment.
Writ* lor r_rUo_Mn and prlot.
ALLOWAT _*. 0MAMPI0N, wmmrn
Parmeleo's Vegetable Pills are compounded
for use  in  any climate, and  tbey  will  ho
fimnd to preserve their powers In any latitude.    In  fever and BgUS they act ii|»m the
secretions and neutralise the paeon whioh
has fuund Itfl way into tie- bleed. They correct the impurities which And entrance into
the system through drinking water or food,
und. if used as a preventive. levers are
I'arly Journalism In l_ncclnnd.
Among other examples of newspaper
enterprise in the days beforo telegraphs
and railways had covered the country.
Mr. Coleman tells how Mnrdo Young,
the proprietor of tbe old Sun. in whose
office the veteran writer rnse from reading boy to subeditor, went to the enormous expense of engaging special relays
nf horses between Glasgow and London
In order to obtain the earliest report of
the installation ef Sir lteheri Peel as
lord rector of Glasgow university. The
"copy" was In this wny received and
printed in a little over 'IA bourn, which
was about lhe equivalent of two hours of
the   present   nge   of   wires,   huge   staffs
of compositors  nud   perfected   printing
presses.—T/ondon Post
There i- danger in neglecting a cold.
Man) who have died of Oonsumnflon dated
their troub'es from eiposure, lolbwed by a
cold -chilli settled OQ Iheir lung-, and in a
■short time the-, wi ro beyond tbe -kill of ihe
besl pbyslolan, Had thoyiued Sickle's Antl-
Consumptive Byrun, beforo It was loo late,
their lives would nave hi en spared. This
medicine has no equal lor cming coughs,
colds, and all affections nf Oil- thru tt and
Throw tun Ito mh tli-- Uanntlet,
"Ob, but 1 du love to go shopping."
Bald the innld of some '3~ summers-
morc or less, "especially when there Is
11 bargain sale."
"Huh!" growled the old bachelor. *'l
fall to see any fun In getting in n
crowd nud being squeezed nearly to
"That's Just whut 1 enjoy most." replied tlie romantic maiden, as Hhe coyly hid her glowing face behind ber fun.
—Chicago News.
SIX OILS. — Tho most conclusive tcstt.
mony, repeatedly laid before tbo public In
the columns of the daily press, proven thut
Da. Thomas' Eolbotbio On.—an absolutely
pure combination of six of tho finest remedial oils in existence—remedies rheumatic
pain, eradicates affections of tho throat and
lungs, and euros piles, wounds, Bores, lameness, tumors, burns, and injuries uf -horses
and cattle.
Wh}- He SIhIiI lint,
"You look awful Blck, old man. I'll
telephone out to your house that you
are coming home early."
"Oh, uo! Don't let my wife know."
"But why iiotV"
"She hns been trying to get me borne
enrly for a mouth tu move some furniture."—Mfe.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale EraywHere.
"Why did you laugh at Clingstone's
jokeV" asked Cutnso of Cawker. "1
couldn't see the point."
"Neither could I," replied Cawker,
"but his explanations are worse than
his quips."—Detroit Free Press.
Wreckins a Dunne.  Signal.
"An eastern scientist has decided
that yellow is tbe proper color for dun-
get* signals,"
"Tbnt knocks all the cautionary elo-
qucuce out of red noses."—Cleveland
[Main Deuler.
Hinari's Liniment Cures Bro, Etc.
Boston l.r___lea.
Cnrrle—How can you sny Mr. Munnl-
wurtb hs a splendid dancer f You know
well enough be doesn't know tho steps
and thnt he cuu't keep time.
Minnie- l know, but they say be Is
worth a hundred thousand at tbe lowest estimate.—Boston Transcript
HiNARirs lit ma Heinim
l*\tre.iir« to De ..voided.
"We ought to be very careful In our
choice of 11 uew clergyman."
"Have you had any trouble?"
"Ves. If we get an energetic man. be
works us to death, nud if we get oue
without energy we bave to work ourselves to death."—Indianapolis Tress.
in summer Parmeleo's Vegetable Pills will
coin* with nnd overcome nny irregularities
of the digestive organs which change of diet,
change of residence or variation of temperature may bring about. They should be
always kept at hand, and onee their beneficial effects become ltnown.no one will be
without them. There in nothing nauseating
in their structure, and tho most delicate can
OH thein confidently.
It (Imve n Terrlhl-e Shock to the Ito-
miinfIc Tonus; l.mdy.
"Major," said the romantic maiden,
'■what wns tlie most eventful moment
of your life—the moment upon which
nil your future depended? Surely you
huve bad such 11 moment? You have
boon in mauy battles. There must
hnve heen a supreme moment for you-
a moment that meant all In all to yuu."
"Yes," replied the warrior us he pulled his goatee and reflected, "there wub
snoli u moment—once."
Then he wns silent. Ills thoughts
seemed to wander back, and the girl.
anxious 10 bear the story of
M-1 illMilroiii cIiiikt-1,
Ol muvhiK ■"* nl-**-.*.* hy flo-<l md IN-!.
Ol litlrbretdtb '-kiiim 1' Die Immlnint diidl*/
Ot h.iiitf ukeii by the InioliBt foe,
clapped her hands and rapturously exclaimed:
"Oh, bow perfectly lovely! How 1
wish I were a man, so that I eould go
to war and have thrilling escapes and
do heroic things! How glorious It must
be to be able, when the danger Is all
past, to relate how, single banded, you
held the foe nt bay uutll re-enforcements nrlvcd from the distant fort!
Now tell me all nbout It, major—about
the moment thnt wns bo fraught with
Importance to you. I am Just dying to
hear the story."
"Well," he said, "I don't know ns It's
anything so very extraordinary. The
fact Is, the supreme'moment I refer to
—tho oue tbat was fraught with most
Importance to me—was the moment
when I was born."—Chicago Times-
Trouble Rt th« Thr. ih old.
"Never mind the dog," Bald the doctor, ns the professor stumbled over the
animal In coming through tho door.
"He Bleeps like a log."
"And yet," said tbe professor, opening the argument nt once, "he seems to
have no bark about hlm."—Chicago
Not 11-netly n S|iriiiK Mury. I»il *i\'rti
Delayed in Tranantlaalon.
They walked together under the
stately maples—Virginia Do Claire and
Augustus Knickerbocker—and witb every breath of wind the golden leaves
of autumn fell at their feet.
"Augustus," she murmured as she
stooped tu pick up e. particularly bright
leaf, "you kuuw everything, duu't
"Yes, darling — everything wurtb
knowing," he replied ns he gave ber 11
tender look,
"Theu you must know why the leaves
fall In the autumn time';"
"Of course."
"I have been wondering why they
didn't full in tlie spring, Is there any
particular reason why tbey shouldn't
fall tiil the ilrst breath of winter Is felt
In the chill winds which sway the
branches and rob tbem of their foliage?"
"Tlie best reason In tbo world, my
"Ob, Augustus, you are so noble to
find 11 reason I   See how tbey shower
down like leaves of gold! Listen to
tbe sobbing of the breeze as If It
grieved nnd wept ut the parting leaf
from twig! lu 11 few days more these
trees will stund desolate nnd forlorn,
and their wind whipped branches will
point to heaven as If appealing fur
mercy. Tell me, Augustus. It' it is real
ly aud positively necessary for the
leaves to full at nil, and If so why tbey
Bhould fnll Iu the numnm time?"
"The leaves must lull once a yenr.
my treasure." he Bnftly said as he
patted ber on the shoulder, "and being
this Is positively necessary it wns decided to have tbem full at this pnrticulnr season in order that tbe farmer
might gather them"—
"Might gather them to decorate his
walls nml keep bim In touch with the
beautiful In nature during the frigidity
of winter?"
"No, darling; thnt he might gather
them to bed down his hogs nm) cover
Up the pile nf pumpkins In the barnyard! That's all. Look out for caterpillars as you go pawing around J"
M. tllJAD.
Alfred A. Taylor, of Margnreo, says:
"One bottle of MINAKD'S LINIMENT
cured a swelling of the gamble joint,
and saved u horso worth $140. UU.
Thos. W. Payne, of Hat hurst, saved
the life of a valuable horse that tho
Vet. had given up with a few bottles of
The plague in India Is carryi
about 5,000 victims a week at present,
There's no more startling record thuu
this in the whole range of modern calami
ties. And yet tlie busy world doesil'l
icem to be startled by it.—Huston lleruld.
Hotel Balmoral,
Montreal,  Free Bub. An.
, P. «i.u up. £. P. II.00 aa.
He Uu-cNNe-il,
Teacher—Willie, cun you tell us
Whnt this spells: H-e-f-iM-g-e-r-u-t-o-r?
Willie Btni-vent (the landlady.'-*-] sum*
Um-tn.  Why—or—ur—
Teacher—Come. What dues yum
mother put the cold ment uud vegetn
bles nml things in?
Willie Stiii-veiu (bi'lghtGtilng'-llash:
-Philadelphia Press.
1 UdWlPIA,    FACTORY, Montreal
Wnggs— Where were you last night?
Jaggs—Out pursuing hnppluoss.
Wnggs— And did you catch It?
Jaggs—You bet I caught It—wben 1
got borne.—Chicago News.
W. N. U. 273.
Auer Vapor Lamp
Over OO Candle Power ol' Light
for 20 Hours at a Cost of .OO.
Dr. Slocum, the famous pcienti.it, whose lectures and demonstrations
in New York nml London this winter have abounded medical circles, has
at last perfected liis new system of treatment for tbe absolute cure ot
tuberculosis and all pulmonary diseases.
This triumphant victory over the deadly bacilli is far reaching in hs
effects, for their ii no longer room for doubt that the gifted specialist has
given to the world a boon that will save millions of precious lives.
Dr. Slocum'a System of Treatment la both scientific and progressive
going as it does to ilie very source ot the disease and performing the cure
step by step.
First step.—Killing the life-destroying germs which invest the lungs,
Second Step.—Toning tlie entire system and strengthening tbe
nerves—filling tiie veins with tingling new life.
Third Step.—Building healthy flesh and fortifying against future
The Slocum Treatment ii revolutionary because it provides a new
application for every stage of the disease. The failures of inoculation by
Paris scientists nre overcome by Slocum through progressive drug force.
The diseases leading to consumption are also mastered so that once the
bacilli are removed from the lunge there remains no other germ-breeding
The Slocum System cures grip and Its painful afler-efTects. dangerous coughs.
hronchilis, and every known form of pulmonary disease.
It makes weak lungs sound, Btrengtbena them against nny ordeal,
nnd gives endurance to those who havo inherited hollow chests, vith
their long train of attending dangers.
To enable despairing Bufferers everywhere to obtain apeedy help
before too late. Dr. Slocum offers,
to every reader of this paper.
simply write te Tne. r, a. Biocuu en
Toronto, giving post office and exprueofli
M-.i/iiiilCnrc} will tie prntUptlj"MUt,
Buueren should take tniUntodvantijtt
wrltltiifforttiem alw-iyi mention thltV&pcl
*r. Co, United,
LtUIr-M, and Hit- Ik
is Rfii-cro'iS -propo-llion, ar.il ivhen
I.-T10I1H tu  Cttl
send for samples to the T
Let do previous -ii**--*'.
tree ofier before loo Ute.
I Must Kave the
o'enuine, The
imitations look
very nice, but they
hurt my delicate SULN.♦
TTJ _*9S\__&_____ \
Gives a better and
more economical
light than electricity or oil. All country houses, hotels,
summer resorts and
camping parties
should have them.
always in stock.
101 Yongc Sl.,
G. 1 Harp $0.00, F.O,8an,Toto»to.| _„„„,,
Nu midsummer holidays.   Now la the time to
prepare for n nftoatlou fn the husy --sa-ou.
Full particulars on application.
N. R—We aaalBted over 100 of our Btud-anU to
poaliiona during the past live monthj.
Farm Lands
For Bale in All Farts of the
Province.   Write for Lists.
Tr_d- M-rk R^ifisi.re-1 BTOT, H, law.
One Oiydonor will s-frm- a family. You
nre to dn ti.e curing yoursolf. Fully t*-si_d
In all dfoeasaa. Oxygen i- nature's greatast
cure. Sure cur<- fur La Grippe. Khf-umntwm,
Catarrh, Obronle Unpepeia, etc. Dr. 1'. Km-
mon*. of Syncatn, N. Y., wrm-i*. **! wi-h to
Rivij you mrticalara of a few from many
_a*<;* which hav, been efl«.-i(.-d by Ibe Oiydonor ■Victory* in my practice.1' He especially mention-} CSSee of Pneumonia, Bo-wel
Trouble, Eryripelaa, Ajthma. Kli-.urna'iatji.
Dlptberta, Ueueli, Net-iaJgU, etc. Particular.-! am lm (yen at my oflice. Subdealera
in cTt-ry district wanted. For det-criptire
booklet and part.culara addriiw Wu. T,
GmiiiNS. Grain  Exchange. Winnipeg.
Catholic Prayer IKX^ZX:
ul»r-, IMiifi'-'i-* Picture. *-tntuarv, and Church
on,au.cm-., Bdueatloaal W'orki M-iliorder*re*
o«We prompt attention. B.4J.Sa.iKr4Cl].t0Ol!ral
$HOe %
hv TH4»S. I.I'K, \ritnilpu-
inruiim idTif-o nut*.!
rou Mfirj mots hi -am iohh-.it.o«
S10E Mr-*.-)INC rtlP flint! (iNt-INt »
The best
men are
attire is
The careful selection of patterns in
Shorey's Clothing
renders it possible for gentlemen to shut their eyes and pick. They
cannot be wrongly dressed or ill dressed in a SHOREY suit.
Every garment is made to (it (not made to order) and every
stitch is guaranteed.   Your money back if dissatisfied.
Sold by reliable dealers only—an additional guarantee to
the purchaser.
,  Spring Overcoats
Shorey s
 Rigby Waterproofed
 i *,**.***9***+**********+*+*+-
|     LOCAL   NOTES     i
Picked  Up About the Cily  by  Asking
Questions uf Many  People.
James Joyce was over from Fernie Sunday.
Yon can always get tbe latest novel at
0, I). McNab, contractor, waa in from
Michel recently.
Constable Barnes, of Fort -Steele, was
in town Sunday,
Knie Small was at Fort Steele, yesterday, on business.
Mrs. Archie McVittle Is visiting friends
east for a short time.
Bx-Clllttf of Police Turner of Swan-
sen, was tu town recently.
Fresh fruits iu all varieties by pound.
basket or crate at McConuell's.
Dati Hayes, of Ferine, the wholesale
liquor man, was in town yesterday.
Lime Juice—"The Best Tlmt Is,"—nt
Heattie's; 25c a pint.    Il is healthy.
W. F. Gurd, barrister and solicitor,
made a flying trip to Wiuilipeg recently.
Mra. McJVIullitrs earrin^i -horse is
something of a foot-ball player himself.
Dr. Bell bus departed for a lour of
tbe country during a vacation of several
Pure soap improves tbe complexion.
Beattie has it, Try a box a of Club Co-
J. S. Craig, nn old-time merchant in
the northwest,   now  of Feruie,   was
town recently.
It ia the duty of every citizen to der-
nrate on tbe ist. llenttie has ull kindsof
tings to help you.
tins Beckett, is tilling Frank Dicker-
son's place in the o. K barshop during
tbe hitter's vacation.
T. P. Forrest and family have moved
into the McDonald house, formerly oc*
cupied by Jack Joyce.
Ice cream, various flavors, daily;
strawberries and cream, bananas and
cream, at McConnell'S.
George Ililliard visited Palmer bar
last Sunday, nnd ns a result ate Iiih for
breakfast Mouday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. George Wentworth arrived from Calgary last night, and are
uow installed in their new home,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Kstmere went
over to Fort Sleele yesterday, returning
to tbeir home in Kimberley today.
The members of the Gun Club are
Improving in tbeir work very much as a
result of a little practice work now and
M. J, Haney, chief of construction dur-
inn the building of the Crow's Nest
line, was through here Sunday on a special train.
Mrs. White'and children, of Kimberley, were in town yesterday, en route
home after it prolonged visit with frieuds
in Spokane.
An intelligent, energetic boy, who
would like to learn the printing trnde,
con find an opportunity nt this ollice.
No other need apply.
Between paint, porches, filagree work,
and other attractions, G. R Leask is
mnking oue of th. handsomest little
homes in Craubrook.
A Chinaman, on beiug asked by a cit-
zimi why he was not in China fighting
witb hla countrymen, replied: "Clan-
bluok gobodnuf for me."
Bill Casey suffered a severe aprnin of
the wrist at the Fort Sleele Mercantile
Co.'s new cellar, while letting a wagon
dowu the incline by band,
Bremner St Sons have a sale of blouses,
costumes, nud wrappers, made of silks,
salilis, aud other fabrics dear to thc fern-
nine heart.   Drop in and see them.
Frank Dickersou is ut i'almer bar and
vicinity, enjoying n brief vacation, fishing, etc. Frank will undoubtedly return witb a large slock uf flsh—stories.
Judge Armstrong and wife, of Fort
Steele, accompanied bv their daughter,
Mrs. Dr. Taylor of Golden and her bright
little sou, were Jh Cranbrook Sunday aud
Frank Rankin recently received a letter from T< T. Riclisrtls, dated at Sault
Ste. Marie, saying among other tilings
that he had as yet found no place equal
to Craubrook, ,
Mrs. Henderson, in tbe linker block,
has secured the agency for Hazelwood
ice cream, a product famous and without a peer. For sale at retail or in any
quantity desired,
Anewbakcry is iu opeiation in the
Baker block, adjoining Sam Mitchell's
restaurant, witb W*. Ii. Grant as proprietor. The name in itself is n sufficient
guarantee for success.
" Skookum Joe," tiie wdl known Indian horseman, says lhat his people will
bave not less than eight horses entered
iu the races of Monday, and that many
Indians willc be in attendance.
Tbe Ladies' Guild cf Christ church
will hold an open-air concert and ice
cream and strawberry social on the
grounds opposite tbe goal, on Tnun-day
evening (tonight), at 8 o'clock.
Harry Drew, of Kimberley, was in
town yesterday. An effort Is being mud-J
to induce him to act as one of the judges
at the races July 2d. There is noone better qualified for this trying position.
A well-known citizen, who talks Kootenai fluently, was giving them deblred
information recently, concerning ibe
races, including the paid admission to
the grounds; few of the Kootenais ever
having seen au enclosed track and consequently being unfamiliar with lhe admission feature. Mr. Lo pondered over
the matter for a few moments, and I lien 1
in lm way, expressed bimself ns perfect
ly (atlafied, adding. " Itjnu uot like
white man; Injun golem three dollar.
pay 50 cent go 111, belteiu rest. White
man, lie golem 10dollar, bun stay home,
Hill Brothers have just received a line
assortment of novelties 111 the way of
ties und other notions. Now if you
don't outfit yourself and best girl for the
2d, she'll bave a very poor opinion ui
Julius Ilurel and Tom WelllUQU, two
of Cranbrook's handsomest haehelois,
went tu Fott Steele, ye.letday, a courl-
m'. Lawyers, rather than the lair sex,
however, were a part oi the play in thu
A   St. Klole, a biakeuian  oil tbe C. 1'.
R. roud, received a wue Saturday evening tliat bis mother, living al Norlh Ility,
Out., wns family ill, Accunipauiid liy
hts wile, he departed fot that place Monday moruiug.
JoltU Fink, tbe genial head uf lhe F.
S. M. Co , has raven black, bnir, but ii
was diflereut yesterday—he wus "redheaded" all day, ami the wonder is lhat
be has not remained no; all caused by
that warehouse proposition.
An ' arlist." wearing a 'plug '.iut,"
was vUlble on the-sireeiB uf Cranbrook
Monday and Tuesday, anil nut a soul
tuuk a shot ui tlliit tile. Surely, Ctaubrook has become as civilised und effete
as their -uu-iiis of ibe far east.
Tbe Royal is building a large two-Jtory
ndd It ton in order to keep pace wilh the
rapidly-increasing business ui the bouse.
This nut utily speaks well for lluppy
Craubrook, bul lur llie popularity of ihe
managers, L  11. and Frank  Van  D.car.
Mr. A. Sliirupps, of Robert Wnrd &
Co., Victoria and Vancouver, was ih the
towu Ibis week, louking after the local
agency ot tbe Loudon Sl Lnueushtte and
lhe Northern Insurance companies aud
the Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance
Fied Frith, one of Moyn's popular
hole) keepeis, was in town Tuesday,
Fred must be getting lat ou the nceliery
up there, for surely it was nol for lack of
plenty that was good to e_.l while connected with the Ciuubrouk tbat be re
maiued thin.
Salty MeKenzie was over ou Lhe other
side, recently, und says the recent heavy
rains here were simply a light mist com
pared wuh the downpour where he wa-.
He says lhat he thought, white ovei
there, that Niagara falls had switched
oil and was pouring dowu iu thui particular spot.
Work on the Fort Steele Mercantile
Co.'s uew warehouse is progressing rapidly, aud the structure will soou be
ready for occupation. Tbe excavation for
tbe addition to lhe lnrge fite-prtofctl-
lar at the retail building, and tbe work
on the addition to tbe store is progressing rapidly.
Paul Rookes came in contact with a
base-runner in a practice game lhe other
evening, and gut out wiih his eye in a
sling; iu some unaccountable m .uuei* he
received a blow over tbe lefl eyeball—
presumably from the runner's elbow—
inflicting a gash requiring two .stitches
by Dr. King lo close.
G. R. Leask is making many improvement--- 111 tbe Fuirest bouse, finishing uncompleted work, etc.; Wheu iuiiiplel-d
the Interior will be unrecognizable by its
oldest friend; not least among the alterations is a new 2_»loot plank walk frum
the lower side of tbe opera-house to the
upper end uf tbe holel.
Mr. ind Mrs. Bob Jennings, of Fort
Steele, were iu Craubrook recently. The
occasion was Mrs. Jenuiugs1 birthday,
Mr. Jennings is lhe well-known mine
promoter at Kimberley and other puims
in this district, and for convenience sake
tuny make his home at either Craubrook
or Kimberley in the near futu.e,
Jiiiiinie McNeil could uot stay long
in*.ay from Happy Craubrook, and his
seven benign countenance wid next week
be ou exhibition in the Fun est house,
where he will dispense enthusiasm at 15c
per enthuse (subject to tbe usual dis*
count in lots of two or more iu oue order ), in job lots, or almost auy other 0 d
way il you have lhe price.
The heavy rain ami hail storm of Sunday seems to have covered a great ex-
pause of territory,, so lur uk known ex-
lending from Kootenay lauding 011 the
west, and the Nez Perce country in Idaho ou the south, through this region to
Calgary on the northeast. In many
places much damage was done by boih
bail and lightning. Craubrook escaped
wiih a thorough soaking.
[Continued from first pag' .)
er on Baker street. Jake was complettly
knocked out,and -ould not command hinging,* adequate to express his feelings—
nud that pleased the boys still better,
During the violent electric storm of
yesterday foreuoou, Mr. I". Pieper underwent 0 peculini experience. He was
stauding at the 'phone nud bud just taken a loug-distance orda fot a car-load ot
paints, oils, and wall paper, and was jnst
removing lhe receiver tnun bis ear when,
it would appear, the line was struck by
lightning, thu electric fluid being conveyed hy it into Mr. Pleper's oflice, pas
sing out ol the receiver and striki"g Mr.
P, squarely on thejiw, turning and go*
ing out nf the building through a two
fool bilck wall, lenvlug sn opening 1 nge
enough to drive 11 horse through. 'Ibe
transmitter and receiver were completely
burned out. Mr. Pieper congratulates
himseif 011 the tact thnt he had just removed the receiver from his car, ns Ins
hearing might have been 8Reeled. Willi
the exception of a slight touch of tooth
mhe in his gold-pin ed teeth faro few
moments, Mr. Pieper cxperk-bced no in-
:onvenleuce from bis singular experience,
Who Have Deed Dolnjt Business la  Cran.
brook This Week.
L. J. Cross, cigars, Vancouver.
W, H, Vow, liquors, Montreal.
C. V. Grover, notions, Toronto.
J. Andeisou, no ions, Winnipeg.
A. Des Brissay, groceries, Victoria.
F. 0. Cormnck, vinegar, St. Louis.
Thomas Morley, dry goods, Nelson.
L. Marks, mining supplies, Victoria.
A C. Stirrelt, insurance, Vancnuvir.
James Harvey, Vancouver, dry goods,
Charles Parsons, dry goods, Vancouver,
J   D.  Voung,   tobaccos,  cigars, etc."
Vancouv r,
II.  Manias,   rt presenting   the   Lion
brewery, of Rosslaud,
M. Freeman, Northwest Jobbing and
Commission Co., Winnipeg.
A Strung. Phenomenon Observed t»
11 l.titer ut Nature.
Did you ever see u frozen breeze?
You might, have seen one If you had
gone with mo into the country one winter morning, says the Count ry.
This -wnn the way it enme to Imi
'-*.■/<■■;: All nljrlith * <- ll -r.fr hndhson
■ n lop of the hills! ibe fu|r hung heavily, All thut time tbe wind blcwstead-
lly, but unt liercely, from somo northern quarter,
At ulphtfafl tlio mercury fell below
tho freezing point, so tbut this mist,
as It drifted through lhe trees, wus
frozen upou their branches and twigs,
The. elms, the ouks and thc other lent-
lew** trees took their iee coating quito
evenly, but tho  thick,   impenetrable
musses of tltC needles of Iho pine trees
wero covered imlic.-ubly only u|x>n the
sides toward thc north or northwest,
from whleh tho wind eumc. Theatrcng,
sternly breeze beiii 1 he brandies to leeward while it wins Icing them, imd when
the wind cmne down iu lhe morning
they remained just there, leaning to tho
southward, iced umi frozen to Immovability, but looking jusi us if the
wind wen* still steadily blojvlng.
Even In the afternoon, when the ruin
began lo full and the wind cume from
quiii* (mother quarter, Lhat north wind
of tho night lu-forc still remained white
and frozen over the piny woods, the
pale, rigid corpse of u thing onee keenly alive.
FaatitlloiiH People Find No Conveniences nt the Hotel!.
In Qreeco thu hotels of the Interior
follow one general type—the Italian.
There i.s no common sitting-room, soys
tho Atlantic Monthly, Why should
there be? There is no ofllce, but that
does noi seem to interfere with the
presentation of bills. Tlie ground floor
is given up to a, vote or restaurant, if
lhe Inulteepr goes Into thai bind of
business. Very often, however, the
muster of the Apollo hns only rooms lo
let. The sleeping apartments on tbo
floor above nro often approached by
an outside sluinvny, unci, ns is to bo
expected iu n southern clime, thoy are
scantily furnished. OverturnIsldng Is
a vire anywhere. Upder a southern
sky It Is a crime ot which the Greeks
nre not guilty,
There is usually u mirror, though
thut' tribute to human vanity is sometimes lucking, nnd, like the Turk, the
solitary Turkish towel bears no brother
near his throne, The bedstead is invariably of iron. As In primitive United
Slates within my memory, single rooms
ure raro, Two, three, four, live beda
aro put in one room or strung along
the corridors. A fastidious person who
desires to occupyaroomulone hus to pay
tor nil the beds therein. I u some places
special charges are made for sleeping in
tins daytime, and ihere is a Hxed rate
for sleeping on the iloor,
G. H. Gilpin's
General Store 3 3
 Opposite Bank of Commerce
4> J UU.UU  goes further in thi;-. store than .-. much greater amount in
many others.
Friday Morning commences our
clearance sale ol
, ....At a Great Reduction
James   Gill,   Manager
From Litigation.
The lid mon Ion Ml Min** Co.
Peg to sny tbut all tbeir Hungarian
Patent la manufactured from the choicest No i bard wheat procurable iu tbe
north went, so tbey cun gnnr-ftnUo the
quality to bo second to none in the mar
To be convinced or this fact you cai
procure n sample bug of 15 pounds frci
if nil cost from the selling agents,
To be hud from most of the stores in
Cranbiook, Fort Steele, Moyie, elc.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Slar, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Biitkliorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Buy early, buy often,
But buy, buy, buy.
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
Lots from $1254400
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr.
Fort Steele. B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
Tlie dining room is lirst class.
Every convenience lor travelers.
I. 0.0.1'.   Kt) City Lodge
X". t.'. Mcu'savery HI.
any nit-lit at their hull mi
linker -ti«L-t.   sujoiiriilnK.
Odil l-'cllows coiilliilly mvltuil.
Jnliius Uroi-r,     J. I'. I'ink,   A  L Mcbermot.
N.ii. V. II. Sit').
..All Kinds of..
Post Office Building.
Contractor and Builder
Al present am liiii'ilinu tlm new SI. Eugene
hospital and a number ul two story and other
ote!  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
House 1 Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
Is the Staff of Life
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholfiale Grocer
and Selling Agents
Cranbrook, R. C.
I Planing Mill
;; "j Sash and ::
if-     Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  ** Doors jt Mouldings
.*   Frames   „•*
Band Sawing  jt Turning
For Developed
- Silver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
lyrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Official Watch Inspector for C. P. 8,
Ladies' and
Wheels jt *t
111 the besl makes lor hire
Stable on Armstrong ave.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Open Dally Kxcepl Sunday.
...Parrott & Bemers
Prest & Co.,
QJF Three tloors eaat of Postollicc.
A .4 ... 1 ...,...,... i... |... 1 :, 1..-. | ;, [ ,- 1 .. i <J, 1., 1... 1 $ 1® 1 *
Cranbrook, B. C.
Tlie citizens nt Fort Steele hove a 41I1
of July celebration, and the citizens of
Cranbrook nml vicinity must not foryei
to show thai llielr hearts nre in the rig-lit
pluee.   Probably nil of the horses Hint
re here nil Ibe Ist will be over there, us I Inquire of...
well as many nf the athletic ronteslntits,
-fOno in prize* have been bung up. J
Furnished or
Duriek ave.
■®-^HSr^®r^-^®^®-®7®HS--®-®^ <->-®-®^-®-^-<®-^x<ly-®-^®-®-®-lil-®-®
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
•fTf*-3fl!irf_fb1^ Has a ,0"sta,*i rour,d house, large machine
wl dllUl UUfV. shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay. •*:
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
'-•' A7S -<•> 'i-xei-r,y:®-®-®--®-®--l.>-


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