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Cranbrook Herald May 1, 1902

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Cr.ANllIiOOIv,   milTISlI   COLUMBIA,   THil'SDAY,   MAY    I,   1902.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce.
Hon. Oko, A. L'siv. President,
Paid Up   Cnpllul    .
Tiit.il Resource.
It. R Wai.kkr. Gen. Mnn
. . . UIIK1.I1IHI 110
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted,
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Direct Importations of
% Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
Carpels, Squares, Sheets, Bedding
These Goods bought for cash from British manufacturers;
have paid no jobbers' profits; are the freshest, cheapest and
most desirable goods ever brought to the district. Duplicates
of several lines are already ordered. See our new Torchon
Laces, Embroideries, Damasks, Towels, etc. Better styles and
one-third lower in price than ever before.
Our NEW FURNITURE STORE just being opened. New-
arrivals there every few days.
Hotel s s
Guests Comfort I Specialty
Good Stabling In Connection
Nearest to rail toad and depot,    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
...The Pioneer Hardware Store..
It'member when the carpets are taken up for cleaning
ami the hou ie turned Inside ont generally that our stock of
en nil s many things which will be ot assistance in putting
It tn rights again. Tne names of-a few articles will he in
orders: Br-iotua, Brushes* all kinds Feather Ousters, Mops,
Pills, Pack l.i'ts. racks, Tack Hammers, Picture Hooks,
Wire, Paint   etc.
Car Load Carriages
Just to Hand...
Poultry Net...       ■        Garden Tools
...Pishing Tackle...
A complied: Assortment oi the Best and Prices that
will meet lhc approwil oi nil. Ilotisclcaniiig means
Hint the walls iniisi he cleaned.   See us about
Tinsmlthlng a Specialty J, [)  HcBRIDE.
Respectfully solicit your patronage and hope to please
you in style, quality and finish.   A fit guaranteed.
Tailors. Cranbrook Block.
U01NQ   T0   THfi   FRONT.
Cranbrook Contributes Another Lon*-. List
Inr Africa.
Again Cranbrook has contributed liberally for a Somh African contingent,
Lust Saturday Lieutenant Wood, the rr-
crniling officer, arrived ami opened b.S
heailipiaiiers nt ihi* Cranbrook hotel,
with Dr, J, 11 King ns t xamlulng physician.
When the wmk hml been completed,
■*.s good men nml true were enlisted for
service on the battle fields ol South
W. ti   llarhritlgc wns uppnitiled iii'ling
sergeant ami C. A.  Wilsou acting corporal.
The list is us lolli-ms:
W.G. Burhriilge, London, Bng.
C. A Wilson, Wisconsin,
It  C   Ilrown, Birmingham, Kng.
J. Swausen, Canada.
A J. McCool, Quebec.
W. L. Sinclair, New Brunswick.
C. K. McKiuiion,  1'. li   I,
J. Orant, Ont,
II. 10 PiBSS, Indiana.
E   1**   Dyer, New Brunswick.
J. R. Wallace, Nova Scotia
N, Grass, Ontario.
J. W. Cameron) Nova Scotia.
0. P. F. Vollratb, Germany.
J. Cowel), Euglaud.
J. Gray, England. jd
j. Co lins, Colorado.
K. Ashcroft, England.
J, Harrop, Ontnrio.
R. Cornhorough, K-igland.
I). Beckham, Irelnud.
J. McKinuon, P. E. I.
A. McPhee, Ontario.
II, M  McDonald, Ontario.
W. Brown, Cjuehec.
Following are tbe three from Fort
I,. M. Moodie Ontario.
T. Kelly, England.
J. W. Tiites. New Brunswick.
The Cranbrook contingent left on
Tuesday afternoon's train and tiiere was
a large crowd at the station to bit! them
farewell. The West Kootenay conliu
gents were on board, and it took two engines to pull out the train cf eight
Cranbrook Teams  Open tlm Season
»a 3499991-0*1 .5 aees-M esses**1
You Are Not So M.ny.
Siiv, wljpn y.
An.l l.y ...in
\..n Him., y
The Pir Skin   Chaser.*, Will Play
a   Match   Every   Fortnight.
Ami ii
iti i
i ii
, think you own the earth,
right of royal birth
i niv Of linlilfr blood
n< who ra made of mud,
if tli- bast nf any,
■elf—you're not sn mtnj.
It Makes Certain Concessions lo the Opposition.
Victoria, April 2S —The opposition
tied the government this ufteriioon on a
motion to adjourn until tomorrow, the
vote being 17 to 17. Martiu ami Ollmour
being absent. Hon. J. P. Prentice,
though still ill, delivered his budget
speech. He said ihe overdraft by June
30, would be $1,768,000, The pOncipsl
feslure of his speech was the intimation
that lhe government would ll ml a new
$3,000,000 loin requisitioning lhe unused
authority for previous loans, nnd selling
the total up to the figure named to meet
necessary public works He also intimated tbat this loiitt might be fi wteil in
New York instend of London. Tallow,
ot Vancouver, criticized the budget for
the opposition.
The   railway  committee  submitted  a
recommendation today that companies
receiving subsidies from lhe province
must buy steel rails nnil rivets in British
Columbia or Canada provided tbey can
get them at the market pi Ice prevailing
iu Britain or lhe State*.
Treinier Diinsmuir sails on May lo for
lhe coronation. His honor the lieutenant governor was. not invited as reported
The government will submit 0 fisheries
hill conceding the principle of competition lor foreshores, It wl 1 also submit
a railway bill providing aid for Mackenzie -Si Mann for their  Cousi to Kootenny
We are getting new Roods every week. Our
stock of white goods ami spring novelties is
unequalled in Hast Ksotenny. Call in and
and see the manv pretty things we have.
and     Midway
The opening of the football icasnn wns
inaugurated Monday  evening by a name
played between two teams picked from
the Cranbrook club, with enough out
side enthusiasts to fill out the Bides, under the titles of Captains nud Vice Cup-
tains, nnd a very fair exhibition of football was given. The Craubrook dub
is to he congratulated on the imiugura
tion of these fortnightly games, which
will do much to strengthen the play of
the team. The attendance was small.
but there is no doubt with warmer
weather nnd longer evenings the townspeople will show due appreciation ol the
club's efforts, to provide a summer's
evening enjoyment by attending in
larger numbers. As il was, the boys
realized their responsibility ami worked
hard to give tho-.e who watched the
value of their money.
Tbe teams were very evenly matched,
and showed good judgment on tlie part
of Messrs. Watt and LeltCU in chonsing
Iu the first half, with the iligbt advantage uf the down hill, the Vice Captains
showed up better, and sever.d determined attacks were made on their opponents' goil. The final etl'urls were
marred however by poor aud slow shooting, and only one go;d resulted where
at least three should have been scored
fhe goal was the result of some fairly
good combination wori: by the whole
forward line, leaving Christian to finally
exploit the ball pnsl McKlm, McKltll
later saved well against u really hot shol
from the same player. MeKiin is undoubted!) an excellent goal keeper, but
just a liltle too fond of taking a short
rest with the ball in his arms, and the
opposing forwards too , lose to be pleasant. The vice captnin men however
did not have matters all their own way.
TheCHptains forwards got busy once or
twice and had it not been for the exertions of Home, ably assisted by the
back division, would hnve scored. Half
time arrb'ed with the score 1 to uin favor
of the Vice Captains.
In the second half the Vice Captains
got a touch of that tired feeling and in
proportion the Captains began to get in
and drill. And they drilled so well that
they scored two goals within live minutes of each other. The backs, Home,
Leitcb and McDermot, hail their work
cut out to stop repeated rush**!*., nnil it
was only 10 minutes before the releree's
whistle blew time that their forwards
realized thnt ihey had better do something. Then they rallied, and a good
corner shot from Smith almost scored,
but went a little too high, Time found
the ball at lhe Capluins end ofthe field,
aud the Vice Captains working hard to
equalize the score. They were however
11 nsuccessful and victory rested with
A. Watt's team hy 2 goals to 1.
The band rendered several very enjoyable selections. Inspiring the players
and   Hddiug   to   the   pleasure  of what Is
tht* beginning of many pleasant evenings
of a like nature.
say, when ynu reei that you are what
1 in' vast in ijortty nf man am nnt,
An I >- .11 imi In*, became ymir make
■um yi
, if there's any,
rielf—you're not s
Say, iryiniliau-aiilil-'a Unit
Vim 1.1 iii ail know where you're at,
Ami wlilla mankind remains in doubt
Vou know fust where you're coining outt
rollout your wlti, ir you liuve any,
Ami count yourself—you're nut somany.
British Columbia's Move Toward In-
The Prospects for British Columbia
are Looking Very Much
It Promises to Re the Swcllcst Social Event
ol the Scasoa.
For the  past  year  the   bachelors of
Cranbrook have been enjoying the bus
plttllty ol Cranbiook ladies, and it occurred to some of them thai it would be
well lo reciprocate. Willi this idea in
view the mailer was discussed and it was
finally resolved Hint they would give a
ball, But it is to he no common ordinary
hall, bul oue that the ladles would appreciate and be made to feel ihat ihe efforts of lhe ladies to enlertain the gentlemen hml been appreciated
The date fixed for this event is May
20, nml tt will be held iu the Wentworth
hall. M ssis King, Roikendorf, Haines
and McDermot constitute the committee and no expense or pains will he
spitted to render the occasion oue long
to be remembered in tbe social history
of Cranbrook.
The committee in charge have arranged for a three piece orchestra from
Fernie, which will insure lhe best of
Broke His Neck.
William Heatherington, who was employed by Grant & Smith at Elko, met
his death Wednesday of Inst week i 11 a
sudden manner. He was working iu a
rock cut, uml a large rock from the bank
above him broke louse nnd lulling struck
him on the neck and shoulders, breaking
hts neck and crushing bis shoulder, and
knocking him from the ledge 011 the
.rocks below, where his ribs were broken.
(Undertaker Camp bull prepared llic re-
maiub lot shipment, ami forwaidcd them
- to Hiiiiidou, Mar., where lit- hml a blater,
Rules Worth Considering.
1 Never pass tbe ball. The other
men ou your team are uot ou the field to
assist you. The 1 tiles require II men
aside and they are ou the ground only
to comply with tbat rule. Therefore, if
you get tbe ball, take it up the ground
by yourself. Don't get anxious nbout it.
One ofthe other side will certainly come
along ami take it from you, which is
quite proper, It is belter thu you should
lose the ball this way than voluntarily
part with It to one of your own side
In the laller cise there is always the
danger of his following your example
uml passing again, thus introducing 11
system of combination play, which, if
successful, would eveiiluale iu a goal being scored.
2 Talk all yon can. If you can't
shoot tbe ball, shoot off your jaw. Tall:
ing in as loud a voice as possible Is a
splendid thing for the wind. It keeps
the referee in a placid humor, too. Ii
also amuses the spectator.*-.    They have
paid their money to see footbnl
played; they have paid to hear two team?
wrangle, and they will be sore if ihey
don't get their money's worth,
3 Don't shoot at goal on the dead
run. Von must give lhe bucks time to
get between you aud the goal, aud also
the goal ke'eper time to catch on to your
intentions. If brilliant nndqulc kshoot
ing is persisted in, a goal may be secured by accident.
For Sale.
The Garrant restaurant am1, grocery
stock*at  bargain.   See  Mis.  Oarranl,
It IIIUBt be sold al once.   Also New Yoik
Oram! piano.
Pay, brother, If yon have tho gall
To tiling ymi really know it nil;
To feel 1 imi j'tni aro bettor than
1 in* ordinary, average man.
Ana unit hereafter ynu will rise
To higher glory In tho skies
Tliaii those Who iii) not have a penny,
Uo-joiim yourself—you're nut su many.
- William .1. Umpton,
Cranbrook today hns a number of
boya who are rapidly going to the bad.
Tbey are permitted by their parents to
roam lhe streets day or night without
any apparent restraint They do not go
to school, have no ambition and display
evident pride in the per fori 11 a nee of
mean acts and rowdy ways It seems to
be tbelr desire to destroy property and
make trouble whenever un opportunity
Is afforded. Instilling at times, never
displaying the finer traits of 11 gentleman, coarse and vulgar in their conversation, they nre rapidly forming wrong
Ideas of life, and their future will indeed
lie a dark one. What parent*) can think
of lo permit children lo run wild iu this
way we cannot Imagine. What can tbey
expeel of n child allowed lo do this, and
what will a child like that become wheu
grown. No education, no power of restraint, no ambition, uo high ideals of
life, no trade, no profession, what chance
will such a young man have iu this life?
There is only oue hope for such—a laborer's life and a laborer's pay, or a life
of crime and the natural result. Both
parents and children should pause lo
think of the future. It will not take
care of Itself.     Vou must take care of it.
aim ti
We received n guide on investments
from Henry Clews & Co., the hankers of
New York, last week. It was thought
ful of that well known company to send
us lhe guide. We have had a few stray
thousands lying around for it year or two
und did uot kuow what to do with tbem
But since studying the guide we are all
right. There is C. I* R stock, United
Stales Steel trust. Northern Pacific, New
York elevated, and a host of other good
tbiugs; so many, iu fact, tbat a mini with
several hundred thousand hardly knows
what to do. As we have our money in
our mind, we propose to invest in our
mind, nnd in this way become interested
in the stock markets of the world. It is
great spirt, anil there is a big advantage
in the fact tbat it costs nothing.
ti ti ti
There bas beeu an old f to confederate
bill circulating around the district lhe
past lew weeks. A mau wbo would accept one of thoaj for a genuiue bill
would be a daisy to talk lo on any old
wild cat thut might be offered in the
ti ti ti
The giving of a bachelors' dance in
Craubrook aud the evidence of Us generous support, shows conclusively that
Cranbrook has too many of lhe boys
who are not doing their duty. Think ol
ill Twenty to lorty bachelors. What Is
the matter with you? Why are you not
assuming tbe responsibilities of life?
Don't you kuow that you are not men in
inuiii' and in fact, so long as yi u hang
to the selfish idea tbat it is better for
man to live alone? Way, men, you
don't know what real happiness is.
Thiuk of it when you go to yuur cheer
less room at night Who cares whether
you come or go? Who cares whether
you are sick or well? Who cares wheth
er you are prosperous or otherwise!
What are you thinking of, meu? Do,,1',
you know that there nre good women
everywhere, who will make b home for
you aud life worth the living? Get a
move on you, bachelors of Cranbrook,
and do yuur duty! Tnis paper would
like to print many wedding notices
within the next year. Shame on your
selfish ness I Shame on your louliuess!
Shame ou your fear to assume the responsibilities lhat your Creator intended
fir you!
Death ol Dr. Livers.
Dr. Livers or Klko, died Inst Saturday
afternoon at four o'clock of heart disease.
His remains were taken iu charge by
Undertaker Campbell and brought to
Cranbrook Tuesday, and funeral services
aud burial will be held Friday Mrs.
I,'vers, who has been notified, is expected Thursday.
Dr. Livers came from Kaslo to South
East Kootenay, locating first in Moyie,
and afterwards going to Morrissey.
When Elko started  up  he  went  there,
where he opened a drug stoie. He was
■■.eil liked by the people and his death
will be mourned hy tntiuy,
Trail, B. C, April 35,-Tbe first pig
lead product of ore mined, smelted and
refined in Canada has been produced hy
tbe lead refinery erected here by the
Canadian smelling works. Early lo
May the plant will be in full operation
with sufficient capacity to refine all the
present output of the works here.
It ia the first and only silver-lead refinery in the Dominion, and ita product
is the highest grade of manufacturing
lead, free of all impurities. The refinery
will encourage consumption of Canadian
lead in Canada, especially that consumed
in the manufacture of paint. At present
Canadian lead is marketed abroad aud
111 nuufactured into white lead, about 8000
tons of which are annually Imported
from Germany. After being taxed with
about 12,000 mites of transportation and
the foreign labor of refining and converting into white lead, it is brought back
to Canada ami used iu the manufacture
of paint. This is made possible by reason of the fact lhat there is only 5 per
cent duty 011 white lead. It is nndcr-
Stood that white lead works will be established in connection with the refinery
upon the supposition that tbe government may be induced to adjust tbe tariff.
Perry Creek.
Mr, Moore, a mining expert, arrived
at Perry Creek Sunday to take charge
of tha Minnesota Hydraulic Mining
Company. Work bas already commenced aud, as they are putting a lumber mill on the ground, the camp win
be a lively one this summer.
Steve Young has been doing assessment work work 00 his claim, about
six miles up the river from Old Town
and thinks he has struck It rich,
.Ilmmie Lirson brought down 1 fine
bottle of gold from tbe Larson and Jen
nlngs claim, some of the nuggets to tbe
value of a dollar.
Tom Roberts Is sinking a shaft on tha
Trow & Boyutou property wltb satisfactory results.
Perry Creek promises to be one of
the busiest districts lu East Kooteaay
thta summer, work on the mines beginning much earlier tnan usual. The
snow ls fast disappearing 00 the mountains and with a few more sunny days
It will all be gone,
Mr. McNelsb -of Port jNteele and J
Campbell of Spokane visited Parry
Creek Sunday.
giving terms, wbiih Include frelebt and
treatment, Is offset by an Inclination to
acrew up the rate on ore to other Cana-
daln smelters, It is Inttrnmental In retaining business on tbe Canadian aide.
Tbe Grand Forks Smelter and tbt
Dominion Smelter are American enterprises locatd on tbe Canadian side,their
situation being chosen wltb a single eye
to permenent and profitable returns.
Tbe wet ores, Indlspenstble as Muxes,
are on tbe Canadaln side, but as yet the
dry ores required to give the resultant
bullion sum-lent value to silver have
not been discovered north of tbe line.
As tbe dry ores are widely distributed
throughout the northern mining States
and must be assembled at some point
for smelting purposes, the most convenient location for tbe smelters Is where
the Indlspenstble fluxes are 10 be found.
The tariff laws help to torn the balance In favor of British Colombia, for
there the smelter can collect ores from
elttier side of the boundry free of duty,
bile there is a tariff of oue and one
half cents a pound on the lead contents
of ore entering the United States. If
the American market weie tbe final
destination of the lead, the tax of one
and one-half cents per pound on pig
lead would act In the opposite direction
but the A-aerlcan supply ls greater than
the demand, and OineJatn lead will
have to Hod a market (elsewhere.
American inventors have no fear of an
eaport duiy on ores, but they do not
know tbat at any time au import tariff
may deprive tbem of necessary Canadaln ores and vlrtuallyruln any America! smelter depending upon that source.
Tha subsidy voted by the Canadian
governmeut for the refining of lead In
Canada, so far aa It has any influence,
will also tend to divert smelting enter
prists toward the Canadian side. Tbe
arrangement for smelting tn bond
In tbe United States -hasjuotproven
satisfactory to the smelters nor to the
Canadaln mine owners.
H   Wn Daly Obsencd  By  the  Heaters
(a Craabrook.
The Otld Fellows of Cranbrook observed the Sjd anniversary of Odd Pel-
lowahip io America by holding the an-
ual service last Sunday in the Baptist
church. Tbe members of Key City
lodge and visiting O.ld Fellows met at
tbe local lodge room at 3 o'clock and
formed their line under tbe guidance of
J. H Wolfe, who ofheiated as marshal
of the day. There were aboat 50 In line,
and tbey marched io double file to tbt
church, where seats were reserved for
tbem. There wss a large attendance by
tboee not members of the lodge. Tbt
church waa beautifully decorated with
flowers and evergreens, which gave It a
most attractive appearance. A special
choir was arranged for the occasion, and
the |music was exceptionally good, and
tbe solo by Mtss Fionis elicited many
words of praise.
Rev. Auvache, tbe pastor, preached
an able sermon, and dnring his discourse
gave advice tbat young and old might
well ponder over, and be influenced
At tbe close of Ibe services a substantial collection was taken up tor the Odd
Fellows' home. Tbe Odd Fellows
formed into line again and marched
back to tbe hall, wheie a short aeation
waa held, and adjournment followed.
Looks Better ftr British CtliaMa.
Jobn Manly, chief engineer of the
Kettle Valley lines, ia a guest at the
Phair, says the Nelson Newa. He and
Mrs. Manly have been on a pleasure trip
to the east for the past month, during
which tbey visited Toronto, Washington
and other leading cities. Mr. Manly, in
speaking about the business situation In
the east, said: "Everything is looking
well there, and business is good everywhere. Money is plentiful and some of
it will be available for mining. The
feeling toward mining is veering around
in direction of British Columbia, and
tbe outlook Is tbat within a short time
meritorious mining proposltiona need
not go a begging iu Toronto and Montreal. There will not be the same opportunity for wlldvatting tbat there was
when Rossland was in its heydey, but
there will lie a chance tor raining enterprises of tbe right sort. It is my opinion
that the Granby will soon begin to pay
dividends, and tbis will have a beneficial
influence. Besides this a number of
Kootenay mining companies are distributing profits among their fortunate
stock holders, and tbis has aided In
bringing about a revulsion in favor of
mining, and I look fur considerable investing this fall in our properties."
Mining la British Columbia.
The New York Snn, In an Interesting
article on mining In British Columbia,
bas this to say:
Tbe mining situation In Montana,
Mabo and Washington ls tending to
transfer the smelting Industry to the
Canadian aide, and already a large a-
mount of American capital la invested
In Canadian Smelter. It la true tbat
Le Hoi ores are smelted south of the
boundary, but that Isdne to physical
confirmation of tbe country, and not to
any commercial advantage derived from
locating the smelter at Northport The
miitog Industry at Itossland In supplying
ores to Noitbport smelters ampleyta
three to four times as many men aa art
required at the smelter. Tht Canadian
Pacific Hallway hat a sme-litr at Trait,
aud although the effect of Ita policy of
ll Will Be a Ureal Day aad a Big Atuid-
aace Is Expected.
At a meeting of the citizens of Elho a
few days ago, it was decided to celebrate
Victoria Day, May 34-
A committee was appointed to collect
subscriptions from the business houses,
which waa promptly and generously re
sponded to. A committee for arrangement of sports was also appointed, and
the energetic and whoie hearted way in
which they have started to work will In
sure a successful outcome of their efforts
to make tbe day remembered by alt wbo
participate in the event.
Tbe baseball association recently
formed is endeavoring to pull off a contest with some other club of the district
From the work shown in tbe scratch
games played so far, a visiting team is
Hkely to find there is some good stuff In
Klko, worthy of their mettle. Besides
baseball, there will be horse racing, foot
racing, Caledonian sports, and a series
of tugs of war between picked men of
the various camps of the vicinity.
An endeavor will be made to have a
wrestling match open to all comets aa a
finale to the well filled program.
Following is a list of the aports:
Baseball game.
Indian horse races.
Saddle borse race.
Hundred yard foot race.
Quarter mile foot race.
Tossing the caber.
Putting the shot.
Tug of war.
Running long jump.
Running hop, step and jump.
Running high jump.
Wrestling match.
A Big Invoice.
Tbe firm of Pieper & Currie, painters
and paper hangers, received an invoice
of paper from Montreal this week consisting of nearly $000 rolls, of the latest
and most popular pattern-). This firm
is looking forward tn a busy apring In
Craubrook, aud are making arrange-,
meuts accotdingly, CRANBROOK  HERALD
EMttor and Proprietor.
TKltMS ul' Sl ll-CKIl'TI'iN
The Heraiit desires to give the news of ilia
district. It yuu know any aboul yuu town
yuur mine or your peopls, seud It to this olllce.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is -vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
A reader ofthe Fort Steele Prospector
and ihe Fernie Free Press would never
know that a commission hud been up-
pointed to investigate the rumors le-
gardiug llle license commissioners and
inspector of Ihis district, What is llie
the mailer Mr. Grace is one of tbe
commissioners, If he has been wronged
by the reports current over lhe district
why don't he use lhe columns of Ids
paper in saying so? Is lie not interested
in honesty in this district? Does he not
not stand ready to assist in uin investigation that will show how llie board has
been maligned by a people who, perhaps, urn too reckless in their talk ami
too free iu llieir criticisms? U he not
willing tn wipe nut the blot that hns
stained the name of this district?
And lhe Pernie Free Fressl Surely
that paper will stand up lor right and
purity iu official life? If the officials
have beeu wronged, will it not demand
that the wrong be righted? Audit Unpeople have been wronged, ll they have
been subjected to a blackiualllug, will it
not be ready to ask for uu investigation
that will free the district from any such
an incubus?
There are men in this district who
kuow whether these rumors are true or
false. It is llie duty of a newspaper to
protect the public and also the imli.\id-
mil. If the individual has been Wronged,
let the newspapers urge Ills vindication.
If the public has been mulcted, let this
fact be kuown.
What The Herald wonts, what the
people waut, and what every newspaper
iu the district should demand, is the
III the Newfoundland legislature Mr
Mori ne culled Finance Minister Jackson
a liar, a juder, a bumptious noisy cad, a
braggart, a coward, a gasbag, un ass, a
blackguard and a vile character. Mr.
Morine should come to British Columbia where his talents would be uiore
fully appreciated.
E V. Chambers, the publisher of the
defunct Golden Era, will issue the Arm-
Strong Advertiser about May t. It is to
be hoped that the people of Armstrong
will show more appreciation than those
of Golden, und give the Advertiser the
support it deserves. It costs money to
move printing offices.
The Cranbrook climate is the best on
And uow there is a threatened scandal
in the legislature on the foreshore rights.
What will come nexl?
The redistribution bill is passed and
the estimates have been handed down.
In tbe language of the Georgia negro,
we would say to the members, "What
foah you stay thar now?"
United States Senator Money was put
off a street car in Washington, D. C,
the other day by the conductor, who
claimed that his fare had uot been paid.
What's in a name?
When one stops to consider the immense urea of South East Kootenny, its
varied interests and rich industries, its
rapid development and imi'tetise revenue
pa)iug power, ami think of the improvements absolutely needed, the appropriation of $14,500 looks like 30 cents.
Criminal neglect is shown by the government in not giving tbe records of
this diBlriet belter protection, A fire lu
the government shack at Fort Steele
woultl result in ou Irreparable loss.
There is oue safe in the building about
large enough to hold fifteen fin gold
pieces; and there are affidavits and other
valuable records that, if destroyed,
would cause confusion confounded in
tbe mining interests of Soulh Easl
If the commission appointed to iu*
vesiigale lhe rumors auent the license
commissioners,performs its duty without
fear and without favor, the official atmosphere of South East Kootenay will
be cleured and the good name of the
district restored.
As a humorist E V, Chambers of the
defunct Golden Era, is u success. The
paper was forced to suspend for lack of
business nml yet in lhe last issue he
prints a card of thanks for the patronnge
Smith Curtis has presented a bill providing that every railroad shall furnish
passes to certain government officials.
In this move Mr. Curtis has displayed u
lamentable weakness. Why should a
railway company give Smith Curtis or
any other member a pass, unless they
are working for the company? What is
wanted is a hilt making it an offense for
any offi.lnl to accept a pass from a railway company.
It Is a twenty to one shot Hid tin-
present government will not dare to puss
th** Canadian Northern bill. It In too
rank even for ihis government,
The Crow's Nest Coal company wants
the earth, but tin* people will try to cnn-
fine it to reasonable limits,
•! Real Estate for Sale by "Hutch'
Mouse and Lot on linker hill, Six KoortiA
$050 cash, balance easy terms
Mouse and Lot,  Six  Rooms and Stable,
$306 cash, balance easy terms
Mouse ;mhI  Lot, Six  Rooms, $o<><> cash
All Snaps.    Lirst Come, Lirst Served
} It Pays to "HUTCH." |
KImberley-Maryi-ville hurt ha II I in inc.
Marysvltln Tribune
Saturday last saw the tlrst filetnllj
contest between Marysvllle and Klmberley foot ball teams. I was a closely
contested game from start lo llulsli, the
play being hard and fast throughout.
Everything went smoothly until near
tbe end of tbe sneond half when Mr.
Klwellof the Klmberley team side stepped on a stooe, twisted his ankle and
broke a ligament. The score al the
end ol full time was one to nothing
in favor of Marysville. A1, Balessioreti
llie lucky and only goal. Wm. Clark
ic-fereed the game In a mosl satisfactory
The return game was played at Klmberley on Tuesday evening, which witnessed a hard [ought contest In which
neither side would claim much superl
orlty over the other. When ihere was
no goal scored during full time It was
decided by the captains of both teams
to play ten minutes each way. During
the first ten minutes the Marysville team
scored and during the lasl ten minutes
Kimberley scored evening It up. When
the extra time was played It stuod 1 to
The Marvsvllle team forced the play
all the way through the first half. In
the second half Kimberley palled them
selves together and were on tne aggres
Dick Joyce was hurt In the tlrst hall,
lie got Into a pretly rough mix up anil
came out with a bleeding nose, a black
eye and a slight fracture of thc small
bone beneath the eye. Ha had 10 retire
from the field. In the second half 1'rcii
Haines got Into a mix up and received
a hat on the head that put lilm out of
business for a few minutes, Water was
applied and Fred wat soon game for
The goal for tbe ii irysville team was
scored during the first ten mlnules by a
prettv combination between KOsry,
Hill and Haines.
During the last ten minutes Kltnberly
scored and Walter Martin was the lucky
man.   Joe. L'ndsay acted as reforee.
After the game the team was invited
by tbe Kimberley foot ball club to dinner which was awaiting them at the
North Star hotel. When the boys had
done full justice to the sumptuous
repast tbey were asked tu remain and
enj iy a quiet dance arranged by the
kindness of Mr. Drew. The music was
supplied by Messrs. High warden and
HI well and despite the tired feeling-,
was well timed by the boys and their
lady friends. At 12 o'clock Mrs. Soper
provided a charming and tasty lunch
which was enjoyed by all. A large
crowd drove up from Marysvllle and
also from the North Star mine. Thc
dance broke up about I o'clock, all
well pleased with the evening's enjiy-
ment and everyone hopes It will not be
the last.
Spread the Fame ol British Columbia.
Marysvllle Tribune,
There la no doubt In the world that
British Columbia, as a province, has
been handicapped so far as growth and
development are concerned. There
are many reasons for this. Situated,
as our Province is, on the very western
fringe of the Dominion, separated from
the more populous parts of the country
by great stretches of plains and seas ot
mountains It has been left out in the
cold, si to speak, aud lis wonderful
resources have been as an uncut boon 10
tbe people In the east. To llie people
of Europe, eacepl In a very exclusive
mining circle In London, it has been a
veritable "terra Incognita." Time and
time again thc British Ci-lamb Ian meeting a friend in England, when on a
visit there, bas been addressed thu*;
"Oh yes British Columbia, South
America somewhere." People don't
know and don't care where British
Columbia Is and get It mixed In their
minds with British Honduras, British
Becknanaland and ■ the hundred
and one British somethings that are
scattered all over the world.
As we have mentioned ever since the
Marysvllle Tribune has been published,
which by the way Is six months counting ibis Issue, the people of British Columbia shou'd do all they can to let thc
outside world know what we have In
our country. The government do. tt Is
true, get out some pamphlets and so do
the railway companies which are more
or less distributed throughout the east
and Europe; but more than this is wanted. There are very few persons residing In the province who have not ai
least one friend or acquaintance In thr
east or In the old country who wmld
be Interested i.i knowing something
ahout British Co'umblaand even If ihry
are   not  malerljlly  Interested   them
selves thev In turn will know some one
that Is, ami will tell ihem what tbey
have heard and by this means the story
ot Hie resources of this great western
province will be scattered abroad very
mu.-li   on  the  endless chain principal.
A word from oui- satisfied settler In
the province Is worth more than a
hundred government pamphlets. We will
know this; we, eveiyonu ol us take the
word of a friend and value It much
more than anything we see In print.
We say, therefore, keep telling the
outside world that which you know to
be true about British Columbia,
New Railroad tor Marysvllle.
.Mu ysvillo Tribiina
Ii begins to look as If the Great Nor
thern wou'd take the initiative In getting a road up the St. Marys valley.
As soon as the road between the
(Ireat Northern and Fernie Is completed, Il is pretty generally understood
that that company will proceed to build
from E ho north to the St- Marys river,
and up tfiat valley lo the Pureed range
also securing take teiinlnals, and connection with Hill's road lu West Kootenay. This would give the Great Northern a complete circuit through the
richest mining district of British Column n, and a strong pull for future business.
It Is a qiestion, of course, as to
whether the C, P It will sit down and
lanu-.ly submit lo this Invasion. In all
probability, there will be a pretty fight,
and Marysvllle will be the center ofthe
contest. The building of a railway is
going to make lively limes here this
summer, aid Marysville promises to be
one of the best loff.ua In Eastern Bri
tlah Columbia.
There are tne very best ot reasons to
believe that one of the roads will build
this summer and possibly both. The St
Marys valley is au Important link to
the Jim Hill system lu British Columbia
.11 il li is fully as important, If not more
so to the C P It Of course the latter
road has already a survey made up the
valley several miles, Tbe Great Northern has a charter in their hands and
can build when they see fit.
Which ever way It goes, Marysvllle
is bound to profit, as It will be head
quarters of all operitlons, K ko Is
pretty lively during the construction of
the Biltlah Columbia; Southern, but 10ko
Is not In ll to any extent to what
Marysville will be as soon as thla read
starts up the valley. There will be not
only the railway, but the smelter, the
two saw mil's, and the large mining
Interests that will contribute so largely
to the business prosperity of Marys-
Marvsvllle lo Have a School.
Marysvllle Tribune
At the meeting held in C. E. Reld'a
drug store on Monday evening last,
there was a fair representation of the
buslnias men of the town. The meeting wai rather Informal, The church
question was tlrst approached. When
this question hai been put on the shelf
pro tern (he veiy urgent question of a
school was taken up.
The dllnOuliy here was the manner of
organl/.ulon After a good deal of
discussion from men with families and
others, the meeting decided to take
some action In the matter and finally
Mr McNeill was author'/ -d by the
people present 10 correspond with thc
authorities 10 state thc present need
of a school in Marysvllle, The meeting
then adjourned,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public,
Crnohronk nnsl Maris, Ills'. It. C.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jabbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
^Attended lo.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc.,-made by contract,
P. 0. Fori Steele, 11. C.
and Builder  *
All work guaranteed.   See us before
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B L
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Disturbed Belgium.
■-Uneasy lies the head that wears a
crown," With the hand of almost every
subject In lis kingdom turned against
him, at ortO wllh lilt queen, the beautiful Marie Henrietta, who Is said to be
dying wiih heart disease, and thousands
of workmen on strike, King Leopold,
gayest of all monarchs, ts seated on a
loitering throne. Having spent the
best part of his life la the pursuit of his
personal pleasures, Leopold Is poorly
equipped to. meet a great revolution,
for ihe fact cannot be disguised that lhe
peopl of lli lglum arc In revolt and only
await the time and a leader to make
tlitirpower felt to overthrow the mon
archy and declare a republic.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U,  S
Office anil store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B C.
Upholstering and flcaeral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   •   •   •   9:30 to II
Afternoons   ■   ■   ■   ■   l:.UI to 3:30
Evenings    -   *   -   •    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    B.  C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
uin analytical ohomlsl and control assayer to
ilu' North star .Minn: puny,limited,
Every Description uf Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Allenlliin to Samples by Mall and
Oitlce and Laboratory!
K»olt.-nay St., Nelson, B. C
Another Fraud Exposed.
"Deer surs," she wrote to the medicine linn, "my husband was all run
down. We irlJc your selabrated compound three b*<ll*>, bul It done no good.
Ilea dt.il, Sol brand you as a frod.
Mrs, .i. Pauklug,
'■I'. S. He was run down by a otto-
l.O.O.F.    Key City Lodge
i, 48,   Meets every KH
^\2P£^ ,,;ii ii,k'-- iil ll|,,|r ,ia11 mi
Hakor street.   Sojourning
(itia Follows cordially Invllcil,
S J Morrow,       A lit McDermot,
N, ii. see'v.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
The fifth annual meeting of the sharp*
holders of tin* Crow's Nest Pass Coal
company was held In roronto on March
The Hat profit "' tbo year after paving all opnrailtig pup waaa ami ull
charges of evei v Ul mi. j mourn eil t»
$9(17,818 3U Aftei p.yiig a dividend
at the raw ol t*n p r cent per annum
a imi inee ot $98 113 R0 vas carried forward 10 tha ii.Mil i'i pin'll and loss
This company's nasals nre their coal
mines and ttie townafcio of Fernie. Four
years ago this company  had  no tram
puliation facilities, and their stock sold
as low as eleven cents per share,    Ti
d iv their --lock h selling st.SOO.tltl,
Timber, Water Power, Agricultural and Mar-
lit iiliurul Land, City Water Works, Electric
Light Plant and-lhe Townsile of Ashnola,
surrounded bv the following retourcsi
tiold, Copper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, and a Flue Stock Kalslng
Country, and it is ttie smelling center 11
the Similkameen Valley witli a climate
all lhat could be asked. Tcday yju
can secure an option on this company's
stock by paying leu cen is per share
down aud ten cents per month until
fully paid, with non-forfeiture clause.
Thisprl e h snhj -:t lo a twenty-live
cent advance without notice, or as soon
as transportation Is assured. The present price Is $1.10 per share. D> not
wall until It is too late, but get In en
the ground floor and nuke a handsome
profit. A purchaser of 100 shares now
may gain a profit of $8,900.00, Crow's
Neat shares as an example. This would
be a fair pre tit en an investment nf SMO
per month for eleven months. We in-
vile the fullest inspection t f the company's ;.ffjlrs by Intending purchasers.
Fur lunher Information apply to the
Similkameen Valley Coal Company Llm-
tied. Head Olllce, Nelson. B. C - Room
"A,;' K. W, C. Block. Nelsou, B, C.
j*   ,
....Dealers in.... "   N
| Wall s Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
*.{      flouldings, Etc.
Paper Hangers and Decorators.
H Markets
in all the
|| Towns in
1 British
P. Burns & Coi
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Irish
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Your
trade Is solicited.
Thomas Stevenson
Harry Mtlnlosh
A Continuous Show
Firm Claim Cite and
Riwins in Connection
"Always on Shift"      STEVENSON & MclNTOSH
llt'Uiilnr meetings im tlie
third Thursday at the'
Vlsltinf* brtthorn welcomed,
Oko, A. I,Kuril, Sec'y-
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
r   „ Old shoes made new.   All kinds
H. bteele Brewing CO.]of repairing.   Give me a call.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
The enly all rail mills' lietsves-n all
points Kitst, West ami South lo ...
Intermediate Points.
Connecting nt
SPOKANE with the
Great Northern, Northern I'aclfI c
and O. R. & N. Company.
Contiei.ts at
Nelson  with  Steamer for   Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connect, tlnllv
At   Bossburg   Stage  Dally  f.r
Orand Murks nml Greenwood.
It. A. JACKSON, ilea. Hu. Aft,
I have good wood of all K-i,>;t lis.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few poinls lo
be considered in hnildiny;.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have you talked with anyone about building?
Come and see nie or let me see you. It may
do un both good.
Contractor. Printing- is Our Business
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
How Olyde ilrown Found n   Z
# Fnrtuim ami Won n Girl.        J
in a forgo mining town in th'* far
west then* llvofl Qcorgo Itnmlolf, a
inliilii),' klntf, wlm by nntiiri' Is ni Btorn
mul arbitrary as in n nre Dpi to bo
whon thoy ncqtilra Biidilun rlchua,   lu
llililllliill In his gOlll, In* p.issi^s.'.l u
ru tv treasure In lho [u-Mon ot Ilia
dn ng 11 lor iti'ssif, ns swirl u si'Vfiiii*t*ii-
v.'iu-ohl malilen ns over lived.
Pretty Dosalodld n.n Inek Uu- lovers,
nml qulto na naliirally the fnvorod ono
wna tlm very nne that her father oh-
j.'.tetl tt,.
('lull- Brown wns frank spoken, with
un honOBt, manly face, it true, loving
heart and llttlo elso,
"Why, Elizabeth" —her rather ul-
vrayn called her that when displease.!--
"how can you forgot that we are do-
acended from the Rnndolfs uf Virginia? Just a little longer, daughter—
a year or two at the most—and we will
go east ami live us other people do.
Then my jewel may liml n worthy set-
| ttog."
I "I want no one but Clyde, papa,"
I protested Bessie tearfully.
But tears imule no Impression on the
hard heart of George Randolf.
However, he condescended io give a
conditional consent to their union—
such an absurd condition that people
laughed anil shook their bends, and
Bessie's merry face grew grave,
"When you con Bhow the imsst-ssion
of it hundred thousand dolhtrs you cnn j
have her," he suit! grimly lu answer to
Clyde Brown's manly petition,    "Until then I'll hear no more uliout it."
"You can never do it," pohhiil Bessie
when they stood alone In the moonlight by the ruml a few moments later,
while her father watched angrily from
the window. "Fortunes are wondcr-
fuly made In those mines sometimes,
but none will fall to us."
"Don't be discouraged, my precious
Queen Bess," Clyde returned, with all
a liver's unreasoning fondiH-ss. "Only !
trust In me through all and wait for
me, no matter what may hnppen. Will
you promise me thnt?"
"Indeed I will, denrostl You knew
thnt I would before you asked." sho
murmured. "But tin not try me too
much, for fntht'i- la as hard as a rock."
"I must go away for awhile, my
darling. Somewhere In yonder endless chain of tnouuinins u fortune is
wultiiig for nie. I feel lt—l know it
ns well ns if It wore already in my
grasp," he answered In solemn earnestness.
"Coil grant that It may be so." she
And then slm walked slowly to the
(muse, to her father's great relief.
The next morning Clyde left the
town fully equipped fur a prospecting
tour, nml quite alone excepting the
three large do^s which followed sedately at his heels.
For some time the prize which be
Bought eluded him. bul ll enmo to him
ai last in a strange manner.
One day, after following the course
of a noisy, shallow stream Into a narrow valley hemmed iu by lofty mountain^ he nunped at the foot Ot a
gigantic tree near the water.
The dngs whined uneasily and sniffi-d
nt a bnle amoug tl.e roots ui the tree,
but be called them away and WCHI on
building a lire tn cooh supper from the
loose wood and branches around.
"Now that tlm in*.' is ready," he
mused aloud, "l wonder if I'll flud any
came hereabout."
Ah If in answer a half grown deer
enme down to the stream on the opposite lunik not iunn,v rods nwny.
It Btoppod, will, one fool upraised,
nml looked nt tlie dogs wllh startled
eyes. The next Instant tho roport < f
Clydo's rifle rang out. tin- defcr leaped
Into lhe air. Bprang fur ward and fell
Into  the  hlroiiiii,   I'l.'iu   win,'It   It   wus
Boon dragged by tin. dogs
But the echoes mndo hy tbo report
hud not died oui 111110111- tho Mils before
another sound aroused them again.
it wiih Uie scronm of an nngry panther from tlm mountain behind him,
nnd n wus instantly answered hy another on Mir right nml yol nnotbar far
down the vnlli'.v 011 Ihi' l> I'I.
Clydo lien pod the dry lliuba upon tlio
tliv. ami tho dogs, usually ns briiva nn
li..ns, whined pltoously us the) skulked
closa to Ida foot.
Me waited iu breathless anxiety for
several minutes, but eould hear nothing oxcopt the crackling of the tin-,
which now llirew n wldo clrelo of
light, and tlm Ulght wind among tlm
Soon, following n magnetism which
tu< could not account for. ho fixed his
gnuo upon a tall Ireo near the base of
the mountain a ul eucountorcd (he
(•tare of two Qet'CO yellow eyes.
A panther was crouehlng thoro upon
n long limb, every nerve of his body In
motion us he prepared ''"-' lha fatal
To film nml tiro nt htiu wns the Impulse of 11 second, uml the tawny brute
pining outward, with a snarl of rage .
nud puln, and fell squarely Into llm
There wns un  unearthly  shriek,  n
smell of burning hair, a shower of
eouls and lighted wood, timn the brute
Hi-voil, wounded mid blinded, nonr thu ,
tr. 2. ,
"At him, boys, nt lilml" cried Clyde.
And  the (Ioj;k closed  on   blm; but, J
wounded na ho was, be was more timn
11 match for them.
He killed one and sent the ollmi's
howling to ii safe dlHtnnci' bofore their
muster could Biiroly aim tho Bocoutt 1
bullet, which quloted him. I
lie was not an Instant too soou, how
ever, for there came auotber terrlfti'
Bcrcaui, this time from the tree directly
over hla head.
"I'm ready for you now!" he cried,
coolly Blghtlng another panther directly
between ilu- scintillating eye».
Iti' fired and Bprang aside, while the
nuliitnl fell, struck the grouud with a
heavy thud, clawed the earth ami air
 vulalvely for a few Becouds ami tlien
lay qulto sllll.
"This is gutting lut crest Ing," muttered Clydo grimly, eying lhe two huge,
lawny bodies, tlie dead dog ami the
skulking living OIICS, while he threw
frosli wood upon the scat to rod tire ami
I red In every direction,
"Meow!    Meow!   Ssl-t-t!"
lie turned sharply in boo the heads of
iwo panther cubs thrust uut of tin* hide
near the ireo, their cars laid close to
their round bonds ami their oyen sweeping tho si'i'iie in flerco Inquiry,
"Ilu, hu! A regtllur family parly I've
Blumbled on," laughed Clyde. "S-h-b!
Seek 'em, hoys!"
Ami llm dogs pulled one kitten out to
his dentil, while thu oilier scrambled
back iu the hole.
Suddenly there was a slight noise In
the edge uf the forest, nud two half
grown pauthers cume euulloiisly Into
tin* circle of the light, anitllug ibe air
uneasily uud evidently afraid of a trap.
The smell of the scorched hair and
the untitling jflure of tbe lira puzzled
But Clydo did not wait for them to
become satisfied of tho safety of au attack. He fired two shots lu quick sue*
cession, killing one animal and badly
wounding the other, which the dogs at* I
lacked a I once. ]
When the sharp, short fight wna over, ;
sue dog limped back to receive the
praise of his master, while the other
lay dead beside its dead foe. 1
"You nnd 1 nre alone now, Brave, my j
boy," said his master, patting the dog's
bend. "Well, when daylight conies we'll
see after thnt little -vnrmlnt In the
The night passed without further
molestation, but Clyde kept the fire
burning brightly while he busied himself lu skinning three of the panthers
—the one which had sprung Into the
tire being worthless.
Two were monstrous brutes—male
nnd female, evidently the parputs of
lhe smaller pair as well ns the kittens.
After a generous hrenkfast of roasted
venison he enlarged the hole with his
[lick nul shovel, ami, after eininlnlng
bis revolvers, crept In cautiously with
a lighted torch, while the dog remnined
outside protesting against sueh foolhardy conduct hy dismal yelps aud
The cavity under the spreading roots
was deserted, hut a larger opening led
Into the rocky mounialn side, and
through this tbe nstonlshml young man
crept, to find himself In » natural
lie soon discovered and killed the
kitten, but could find no signs of any
Tho tloor of the cave was covered
wiih hones, and a neatly made nest of
sticks and leaves was In the corner.
But Clyde did not notice these; he
wus examining the rocky sides, which
were  of   11   peculiar   veined   grayish ,
There was a smile of satisfaction on
1 is face when be had finished thin ci-
nmtnntlon, and when he crept forth
iilo daylight again ho muttered,
tweaking Brave's ears until the dog
yelped in puln and wonder:
"Queen Bess Is mine. Brave! There's
■-.I'M enough tiiere to satisfy even
Ueorgc Randolph*, 1 should my, nml 1
claim it as the panther's bequest"
Guorgo Randolph could say no more,
although he luslsted 011 visiting ihe
panther's den to see for himself.
•■Some folks nre lucky," he admitted
reluctantly. "If that nun* Is worth
one hundred thousand dollars, you can
have imr. for a Randolf never goes
hack on his won)."
That was only n year n*jo. and thu
mlue has already netted Its owner oTer
But In- regards us a dearer prize tbe
loving wile who rules hln heart and
homo  Ids Queen Bess.
1 ii.   Light of Life. I
"I.ove. unrest and sorrow nlways -
Jouruej together." You have heard the
old proverb, therefore sometimes the
love of my son makes un* Bad, Sometimes love begins too well to end well.
You know that the fuel of one's own
Hie having been unhappy makes one
tremble fur ihe happiness of those we
love. It seems lo me as If life was
composed of dreads born of love; dl-
lei-ily a woman loves she dreads for
the hii pp I ness of the loved one. You
si e, the past gives us regret, lhe present sorrow nnd tho future fear-at
eighteen one udorcs at once, at twenty
one loves, at thirty one desires, at forty
one reflects,
However unhappy one is, in time, not
ui once, one lights a Utile torch called
pntlcuco 10 guide tbe footsteps. It flickers ut tlrst and threatens to go oui, hut
with care and perse vera lice it can bo
kept alight. Sometimes a shroud envelopes It, but as time goes on it gathers strength and brightness and Ita rays
sliiim out all down the bill of life. Thou
we know thnt It will last till in God's
good time comes the greater light.—
Violet Tweedule lu "Her Grace's Secret,"
■•w It Wtuki  nm i«r Doid  nt ut Least
Last night in Uie kitchen in one
of Toronto's best homes a grey-
haired gentleman bowed before u tub
on his hands and knees and tried
to bile an apple flouting iu ther,.,
with his teeth. And every time ho
tried he missed, nnd every time he
missed the youngsters luughed, uml
every time tn- missed mother laughed
uud i-vci*, 11  i„. misBiifj the servants luughed, und duck ihe terrier
joined   in   lite meiiimei.t.
Tin* children Jumped on ins back,
mnl in- (jiivu 1 hem u ride about tho
room. mid Ihe.v nm uml gut his
rune, uml us he played horse ha wont
gee, haW, WilOO, unit tun-it ut i.iiii-
When     he     g.M    np   his  knees   were
dirty, hut tie brushed on the din
mnl tho joy remained,
Oust night 11 millionaire ducking
for apples with ihe youngsters.
To-day a nuiii of nffulra.
Last night riding babes on his
hack like u puck hoi'SO.
Tn-dn.v it, is "Drive ou, J nines,"
und u matched team step out together.
Lucky fellow!
He hus lola of the rhino, nnd his
soul is us fresh as those youngsters thut, arc plu.ving out lu front uf
my window us I write.
Money hasn't wurped his ideas or
soared his soul.
There is nothing that lifts like un
Ideal, and there is nothing that rests
like a, hobby.
This follow is nn Idealist, nnd hus
his hern; he is u faddist mid hns his
Hobby, nud iL's the fud we are
talking about now—the hubby. This
rich mitii chums with children whenever he cnn.
What's your  hobby,   neighbor?
Have one, if it's only keeping white
This man forgot he wus n millionaire when he ducked in thut lull lust
night, forgot he hud cures und
corns, and wus a child again,
His     confroros     suy :     "Doesn't ■
Blank   hold  bis ago  well?"
Hold his age! His hobhv holds it
for him. I
Hnve     n hobby.      T.ifc is earnest,
but it isn't so terribly earnest thnt
we can't tern' ourselves nwny a. liltle '
every dny from the grind.      liuve n I
hubby, und, because you hnve,   life j
will seem brighter,
They    give uu      engine rest some- !
times, mid engines ure made of steel
mid iron.
I knew n mnn whose hubby wns
to walk, and he walked long miles
dally, walked out uf u crunk into a
lovable follow, with u good appetite
mul a good digestion to back it up,
I knew 11 mini whoso hobby wus
music, mid he forgets it nil in a
few* simple tunes Hint he hns known
for years.
I know a mnn whose hobby is the
gun, who is happy when he hems
the hounds bark und sees the quarry
coming tu him.
I know n man whose hobby is a
book, and away to the quiet corner
alone, nnd he lives the chumeters us
he lends of them.
There is nothing thnt lifts like nn
Ideal; there is nothing thut rests
like a fed.
Whnt is your hubby? What is the
particular little thing thnt lends you
wings to sail above lhe world with.
neighbor?—Charlie Churner, in    To-
The Paris Smile.
One of the most charming things tn
Paris Is the smile with which the
working class uud the selling class
meet tliolr employer nml tbelr victim.
If one could only make the American
snU'sludy nml servant umlerwand that
Its value is ubovu rubies In the domes-
tie routine! Tho smile Is one of tha
secrets of French mercantile success,
especially with the Americans. They
smite nnd we buy, nud reasoning from
this hypothesis It will lw seen that
thotr mtiile Is worth many millions of
dollarB per annum.—Argonaut	
Vr-if. ,1.  II-   "H.r*«jn.
Another .voting Canadian, J. IT.
Cornyn, has been making quite a reputation for himself of lute as 11
writer nt stories uf  Mexico nml  Mex-
Ican life. Prof Cornyn hns two volumes of stories now In the press One
la i\ collection of short stories ofthe
Mexican ic.ple. nnd the other of
Mexican fairy tales     These stories.
nr fairy titles, nn* nil based upon the
onrly Aztec history, which is full of
ihe marvelous Tiof. Cornyn is a
recent graduate of Toronto University, with honors in modern languages, und is now director of tlm
American College iu Mexico, editor
of The Tierru   do   Mexico,   a      paper
published in Spanish, and representative of the Sciipps-McHae LengUO,
uml nlso ofhovoral other American
papers. He Is nbnut .10 or ol years
of ago, uml wus fur a short time nn
ihe sinIT of Toronto papers. From
Toronto he went tu New York nnd
continued im Journalistic work before
going lo  Mexico.
IH" HKWlll.'ll
At llie Inst meeting of the British
Association Mr. John OJijatekhd
lintm-Hern,    n    Canadian  Mohawk
from the Branlford reserve, rend 11
must Instructive mid Interesting paper on Dokanawldoh, the law-giver
of the Oanlongnhnkas. Mr- Brant**
Hero is one ul the Indians who felt
so bitterly the refusal "' *I|C Imperial authorities to allow un Indian
contingent being sent tu South    Af-
ricn Inst year, mid Tlie Times printed Bovoral admirably written letters
from him 011 the subject,    I found a
most   Interesting little book    from
lhe pen of Mr. Klrby, the author ot
'"I'he Golden Bog," ou the subject,
of lhe early history nf Niagara, nnd
tlie Indian tribes which then swnrni-
ud over tha Niagara Ponlnsula. What
a thousand pltlos it is thut we havo
not more from tlmt author, whose
pen can give to the most commonplace of subjects «n interest peculiarly its own. — Lally Barnard, in Tbe
A guMil-.li and ■*■ Outer.
Amongst the guests nt a wedding
breakfast was oue whose continued
rudeness 'made him extremely objectionable Lo the rest of the company.
Ilis conduct, though nigh unbearable, wus put up with for some
time, until hu held up on his fork a
piuce of meat which bad been served
to blm, nud remnrked, In a vein of
Intended humor:
"Is tbis pig?"
This Immediately drew forth the
query from a qufct-Jooking Indlvl-
dllnt sitting at the other end of tho
"Which end ol the fork do vou refer to?"
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amuuni uf principal and Int rent, except In the
case uf lands under (2,50 an acre, is divided intu ten instalments aa
-Inns n In the table below; Ihe llrsl to be paid at the time uf purchase,  tne secund une year fr.iin date nf the purchase, the third In
two years and su un.
The following table slums the amuuni uf Ihe annual instalments
mi loll acres al Jills-mil prices under the abuve conditions:
loll acra al $2.50 per acr, 1st instalment $50.05 9 equal intal'ls at (50.00
'.00     -           ■■               71.90 ••              60.00
3.50     ••           ••               83.00 ••              70.00
1.00     -           ■■               05.85 ••              80.00
1.50     ••           "              107.85 «              9000
5.00     "           "               19.85 "             100.00
Kimberlev is 'hc husini;ss *"& shipping point Ior the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is thc uiv'sional P0'1*' of lhe Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre ot South
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Linda under (2.50 per acre are sold
00 shorter tlmt.
II Ike land Ia paid lor ii tall at Ihe
lime of purchase, a redaction Irom the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on Ihe amount paid In execs ol the
usual cash instalroeat.
Interest al ah per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
Tbe Company has alio lots lor sale
In the following town site. In Easl kswl-
enay: Elko, Craabrook, Moyellt, Kllch.
ener, Creaton and Kimberley.
The terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and lhc balance In ali and jtwelve
Por lurther Information apply tn ars-iiIs ss above or lo
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Kitchener is in the center of Ihe great
Iron range aud the gateway to the While
arouse copper fields.   J. T. BURQESS,
Townsile Annul.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The Cranbrook
1 Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU,   KINDS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, !
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Notice li hereby given that two months nfter
date tin- unduralRueil win nuply tn tin- < hlef
Commissioner of Umli ami workiat Victoria
for permission to purcimse the roilowliiR tie-
ii-nhnfl landsi Commencing m n post p'tuttetl
on the west bank of Itock Oreok, In theillhtrlot
at Sou'h Kast Kootenny, n. <o nliont 4 miles
west i u* Hlko, on the south sldo of tho Crows
Nnt 1'iiss Railway- running nett hi chains,
thence south W chains, thence east no cliahis,
thence north W chains t« the p'nee ol begin-
ll l un,
IMted »th Maroh, ism.
Minimi, t'KTKR I.INI).
A********** ****************
J a.
S i«„nmmm»«"» *
J      PETER MATHBSON, Proprietor. *
J immtmiiHftfHt.M £
S When you nre liungiy and want -.
.1        n j.."*! nienl a»' to llie lsiist -»
-i Kiioteuity. J
!  When you  nie tired nnil want n *t
f, good rest kii lu tilt- ICnst Kiisj- *t
I> tenay. S
J   When you are llli.sly nml wntit a .,
*. vnoil  itritlk   ut.   to  tile   Bast *.
» Kootenay. *
* In fact win ti you are in Cranbrook -,
J stop al llie Kast Knotetiny. a*
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kind. Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New York
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
i Ginger Ales, Elc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
I     economical way to handle it.
St. Paul Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
East, leave Dunmore Jet. daily
Lv Kootenay Undi.f Erlday
Sl. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
A. (I. P. A , Aical,
V.nbouver. Cr.nbro.li
J. S. CAHTI-K. U. P. A., Nell... U. C.
Do You Sell Liquor????
II so, don't b.y    Dpi  T|PD   Tk. Oaly WlMkuk LI.Mr DtaUr la
..III yo« see..    rCLIIUIV   Sulk Eau t<M.aa>.     Writ, far Pile..
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels iu Hast Kootenay.
N.»ly Furnl.l>.rl
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Hoyie's        Hotel Kootenay
I a<i/linn*  ty^ The best ot accomodations
for the traveling public.
Livery &
Proprietors * * *
Team. .11.1 driver, furnished for any
poiut in the di.trirt.
Manager   Jt   Jt   Jt
Wc have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Thou wanting: chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor I REID & 00.1
Wc are receiving new goods
daily. See our new Waists.
See thc latest in Hats. Our
prices are always right. <£ <<*
Alto ,
to I»
mul   Mrs.
, hi,t week.
ur frush ntilcll COWS
I,uml visited Prank,'
for sale, Apply
Corey Dow, the lilko constable, was
in iuwu yesterday.
Archie Currie ami Will Clarke came
iluwii from Marysville lusi week.
Ch.uleH Armstrong mid "Curly" Ham
by visited b'ort Steele last Sunday,
Beu Pugh, the well known prospector,
came down from Marysvllle Tuesday.
Sale—A Djherty organ, good us
Apply to 11. Ilickinbolham,    6 21
;   Q   11.  Bremner  nml  daughter
e   are   vlaltlug   relnliv
& CO
We have a fine selection of Spring
and Summer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory lo all.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Crauhrook, li. C
Ice cream, the best, will now be found
ni .Mis. P, McConuell's, Will sell by
dish or gallon.
Mr. uml Mrs. John UreckenrhlRe re
turned yesterday from an extended trip
through the
A. McBrh
lot   an   ind
their sun Ja
le and wife nre iu 1 tit* city
■liulle period to visit wiih
nes McBride
The Different Coma
The committees
for the celebratloi
ntook have nearly
grmii for that diy
sputts will probab
there is every rens
day will be ft (J 1
The football a
gelling in trim fo
the lacrosse buys
ci uiiers.
it lets are Uctling Mat*
11 Shape.
in charge of ihe wotk
of May 24 in Crau-
urranged (or the pro-
livery kind of field
y bt- represeutetl, and
m in believe lhat the
ujoyaule oue iu all te-
nl basebill boys ure
some hot games, and
are  ready 10 meet all
J. II. Hawke has accepted a position
with Geo. Powell as traveler for Smith
,t Cu., tailors ol Montreal. He will
covF.t ihe territory between Muvte and
Frank. Alberta,
+*%************** **$****(:
J     PORTRAIT i)R PHOTOQRAPH     ,;. 1 j
If    Ty***#*,#»***v***»*»*****.<
In HM Comcrlon Holel Building
J Picked  Up About the City   by  Asking
Questions nf  Many  People.
ready lotn
nionl, I li,
ti'iiiiuii im
Candy Kitchen
Candies, Fruits, Nuls,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. 111-, u
a call  •
Draying and
Planao Moving n Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
For Fire Insurance
at Equitable Rates
in Reliable Companies
See US.  we can
save you money.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life insur'ce
I'he man who whispers down a well
About the goods he has 10 sell,
Won't reap llie gleamlngi golden dollars
Like one who climbs a tree ami hollers
MorAt,—Advertise your goods iu The
W S. Keay was in town Thursday,
W. ll- McFartane is having his house
A. Sheridan of Elko, was in town
1). J. Elmer of Moyie, was in town
William Doble made a trip to Ferule
lasl week.
A baseball club is being organized In
Oatmeal feed for cattle, $1 50 a sack,
at (>. T. Rogers.
Aroma of the Orient. 0 T. Rogers'
40 cent coffee.
Forty Cents. Pure, unadulterated,
just cofTee, at G. T. Rogers'.
Herman Johnson of Kitchener, was in
town several days this week.
Have you your fishing tackle in shape?
Il will soon he lime to use it.
Don't you need a suit? if so, have it
made nt McSweyn & Griffith's.
Drop in al Mrs. McCounell'a and try
oue of those elegant milk shakes.
Ross Tate was iu Fernie on a wntch
Inspecting trip Monday and Tuesday.
II. U Stephens and Thomas Crahan
of  llle   Melbourne hotel, Klko, were 111
town Friday.
Mrs II. I). McMillan came down from
Marysville to  spend Suuday with Craubrook friends.
Ben Lind of Elko, who wns lu the hospital for some time, was in towu Tuesday
to confer with Dr. King.
Mr, and Mrs. G. II.Gilpin entertained
number of friends iu a most pleasant
ink utter Mouday eveuiug,
Drop   iu   and see  those summer sulU
lugs,   Have a nobby stripe; something
nice,    McSweyn & GrillUh.
If one mnn oil a street stalls to fix up
bis home, the movement is comaglous,
and others nie bound to follow.
William Turrnnl is pushing work on
his property in lhe St. Marys country,
untl is Budiug some excellent ore.
Mrs. A. UUcly Mf'ses Clark, Mrs F.
1*; Suupson and George Leltch made up
a party to visit Marysville lasl Satuiday-
Have that suit  pressed aud cleaned.
ll will look belter, feel belter nml be the
better   lor  being  done.    McSweyn St
Tbe lumber manufacturers of Ibis pi r-
tlon  of the district held a meeting yts-
terday to consider matters pertaining 10
their business.
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy oi Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make It right,
Official Watch Inspector inr
Crows Nest dlvlelun C. P, ti.
Mr. und Mrs. l'rest uud Miss McMillan
were among lhe Marysville visitors Saturday, Mr. outl Mrs l'rest took several
fine views during the day.
James McBride- the hardware dealer,
is having a porch built in front of his
store and malting other Improvements
j 1 liarncteristie of his enterprise.
Winnipeg Free  Fresa:   I).  Maun, of
McKenzie & Mann, was asked  in Oila-
I wa a cquple of days ago in an intervn
I as   to   when   lhc Canadian   Northern'
wonld he compVted through to British't
CVumbi.i:    "We'll do  well  If we get' I-
lh In tine ontnpte.Qd through to RH'.lsli '
Geotge'.M [Brooksol Neepawa, nttlved
yesterday and expects to make Crnn
bur It his peiiiiancni home.
The new residence of P, Lund is now
in lhe hands ot Ihe paper hangers, nml
will soon tie ready for occupancy.
The  King  Mercantile comoany  has
built an ollice in lhe rear of their store
room, thus giving Ihem more room in
lhe store.
Rent & Co. have built an addition to
their store to give more commodious
quarters to the millinery nnd dress making departments.
A. Leitrlt anil daughter   Miss Emma
turned   from   the   east   today.      Mr.
Lei ch   has been absent several months
on business, and Miss Emma has been
isilitig relatives iu lhe east for the past
The Cranbrook hotel is becoming fain
.us lor lis Sunday dinners. Mr. Ryan,
the proprietor, is making n specialty of
this feature, nml ns n result many families take their Sunday evening meal al
his holel.
The R G Dunn & Co. Mercantile
agency bus closed its Victoria and Nelsou offices This will remove C. W.
Matthews of the Nelson office, to Vancouver, a fact greatly to be regretted by
his many Cranbrook friends.
The C. P. R. is making extensive im-
ptovements in the Cranbrook yards.
New side trucks are being laid, new
buildings constructed, the station build
iug repainted, and ut the west end of
the station a flo *er garden will be put
George Reese, who was injured Inst
fall while engaged in repairing a car in
the C. P. R. yards in this city, and who
hns been recuperating at his home in
Oil City, Out., the past six weeks, returned to Cranbrook last week and hns
resumed his occupnllon.
T h e Roblnson-McKenzle Lumber
company has gotten iu order lo start Its
mill again. No time hns been lost since
lhe recent lire that deslroyed their other
mill, to get everything in shape, and
now with u complete outfit of new machinery, they are in batter shape than
The thirteenth auiiiversaryofthe marriage of Mr. aid Mrs. W. T. Reid occurred last Monday, and was observed
by an invitation being extended lo a
number of friends to meet them thnt
evening at their now home. The time
wai most pleasantly spent, and before
leaving all joined iu wishing Mr. and
Mrs. Reiil many happy returns of the
day. Mr. ami Mrs. Prest, who were
present, attended their wedding, which
occurred in Portage la Prairie, Mau.
Miss Lund ami Mrs G. T Rogers were
Instrumental iu getting up a surprise
party last Tuesday evening for the Misses
Clarke, who have been spending the
winter with Mrs. A, Leltch. About 35
people gathered at R. Iv Iteottie's drug
store at y o'clock and proceeded lo the
Leltch home with anas filled wiih edt
hies, When the front door was opened
nnd tbe ciowd filed in, the family thought
the whole towu hud turned loose. No
time was lost in clearing the decks for n
dunce, nnd soon tunny feet were tripping
over the polished lloor. It was one ol
those pleasant evenings that the people
always enjoy when they visit the Leltch
home, and it was nearly 2 o'clock before
they joined bauds and sung "Anld Lmig
Syne," and said  good bye to the Misses
Claikes, who leave on Friday afternoon
for their home in Manitoba,
Will Bring a Bride,
Nelson News: Il is sni.l on the best
of authority that J. C. Drewry, the ac
cmplisheil raconteur and able mining
man, when be returns to the Kootennys
will bring with him a bride. His fiancee
is said to be one of ibe most charming
aud accomplished yotiugbelles who have
visited Montreul in recent years. She is
a native of one of the southern slates
am) is a member of a prominent aud Influential family there.
A Peculiar Accident,
Last Saturday at Moyie while I>. J
Elmer and Ml, Nelson were scilfltlug,
Nelson fell in such a manner as to break
one of bis leg*-?. The accident was tnott
unfortunate, and is greatly deplored by
Mr. Elmer, who was the Innocent cause.
Mr. Nelson was brought to Sl. Eugene
hoipilal and made us comfortable as
possible by Dr. King.
It I
A new engine has been ordert.d for the
( I
.1 iho Mil. maid, the boat builder, has in
a uetter turu-jut of boats than ever to J OT
accommodate the people this Beason,     1 ^
Park, Mitchell & Co. are advertising
for forty lie makers  to  work   iu their
camp 'outh  of town.
totoJGQto^tot v $94W0toto&&to,to:<i?&.toQ'!*2,®
aid that   150 men wlil be put lo
lhc liou miucs   ui Kitchener as
■oju .it the snow dlsapp<tat9,
Some nice strings ot irout have been
can *,tit In lhe nattows north uf town
during tbe week.
lii*0. W. Martin, of Dillutb, Minn., ll
expected tu anive beie tomorrow am
win Immediately take over the manage
ment of the Moyle LiunUur cuinpauy
succeeding Mr  Grant
farm Lands Inr Sale.
The choice farm lands of the Cranbrook E-tale, being Kootenny river bottom lands, have just been subdivided
into lots ot from forty lo oue hundred
acres, each lot fronting on the river. For
prices and terms apply lo
V. Hyde Baker,
Manager Cranbrook Y
Cranbrook, B, C
Says He Can Do It,
The Herald is in receipt of the following letter from Ferule which will explain
I'ernie, B. C April 25, 1902
Editor The Herald: Having beeu in-
formed thai some of your locnl sports
are inclined to dispute my ability
throw nny man in llritish Columbia, best
two in three falls, catch as catch can, I
would line you to insert a challenge tn
that effect for n bet of from fioo to $1000
a side.   I am,
Yours truly,
C. E. Hnllett
Columbia in the next rev n yearn.'
Cutting Bown the Force.
Owing to the drop in copper, nearly
100 men have been laid off in the Le
Rol mine. These have been taken off
from levels where the value of the ore
does not warraut shipment at present
Tic-makers Wanted.
I waul 40 tie maketfl to work making
nbout stjvcn miles south of Moyie.
luilher particulars npply to
1 G. R. Mulr, Moyie.
Or Geo. Reed, at camp.
Change of Meeting Night.
On a motion duly passed by the mem
hers  of  Key City lodge. I   0 O. F , a
their last   regular   meeting, tbe night of
meeting  was  changed   from   Friday  to
Monday.    Tbe change will go iuto effect
on Monday, May 5.
Tbe Herald is tbe medium of South
East Kootenay.    Do you use it?
Merchants should look nfler their advertising with lhe sume care thnt ihey
would any other department of their
Advertise, and advertise right.
Why are your goods the best? Your
advertisement should give the reasons.
Advertising is often blamed (or the
faults of the advertiser. He, not it, is
a failure.
Advertising is a salesman io Lhe guise
of printers' ink. See to il lhat yours Is
well dressed and well spoken.
■The sicker the business the bigger the
dose of publicity and enthusiasm until
the bloom of health ii aglow all over the
sales books,
The future of n business that has been
established ami built up by advertising
depends on tbe judicious continuance of
the advertising.
Make your ads Individualities; give
tbem a personality that will he recognized; put something into tbem that will
draw attention to tbem every time. That
is the way lo write effective ads. Use
short words and short sentences; nvoid
entangling clauses and phrnses. Be
brief, be bright, be wise, be truthful.
Prom the Prospector,
Dan Monroe on Tuesday started on a
prospecting trip.   He w.l  prospect en
the headwaters of Hull river.
0 ;orge l.i wis ot Marysvllle was a visitor at Steele on Monday.
T. Wellman of Cranbrook was In town
on Wednesday.
J D. Nichols, C Fuller andJ.Uenle
are registered at the Imperial. In a
few day they will take a trip to the
mountains uear Tracy In search of bear.
Mrs. John T. Galbralih aud daughter,
who have bt en spending the winter in
California, returned home   Wednesday.
In order to accommodate the large
passenger travel which ts expected to
feXiend to the Windermere district dur-
the coming summer 0*ary & Doj le
have decided to place a weekly stage
b'tween Port Steele, Windermere and
Peterborough l.i connection with the
steamboats from Golden on the Colum
bla river and Port Sieele Junction on
the Crow's Nest Pass railway. South
Km Kootenay and Windermere are
tbe most talked of districts lu llritish
Coluu bla and In order to accommodate
the travelling public with dlap itch anil
regularity Geary & D yle have decide i
to Increase this service as much as pos
slble. ihis Is a move that Is uf IntercM
to both district1".
The Biggest Stock
in liasl Kootenay
Enameled Shoes
Patent Shoes
Tan Shoes
Black Shoes
In .ill style's, shapes, sizes and prices
McPhcrson's, Kind's and Ames-
Holdcn's bcsl makes,
FOOT IUI I. I'UYi MS:   Wc have a splendid
line uf (nut hull limits    will 111   will   he  here
liexl WCCk    -.all mul gel 11 pair
^ Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd I
to J. • PINK, Manager, O
Lawn Tennis
I now have on hand the finest and most
complete line of Tennis Racquets, Balls,
Nets and other paraphernalia ever seen
in British Columbia.
Call and inspect the goods.   Prices right.
a the Penile i'r
j I'r
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Pollock returned
home on Saturday last from a visit to
friends In Spokane and Seattle.
Rev. D Holford expecti that the new
Baptist church will be completed and
ready for opening In ahoul  two weeks.
The pay on Siiurday last Is reported
to have been the largest In the history
of lhe Crow's Nest Pass Coal company.
Tie town had been very quiet for the
previous week or two, but the merchants report a brisk   revival of trade.
A terrible accident occurred at Michel ou Tuesday of this week which resulted In the tlealh of a Hungarian
laborer. Joe Dudlo nnd Ja companion were engaged In laklng out sand
from a pit near the station, and had
worked ihelr way several feet Into the
wall, when, without the slightest warning, the celling collapsed, burying the
Hungarian beneath tons ot sand. His
companion called a number of men to
his assistance and .hcy worked hard to
exlrti ue lhe buried man. In it short
time they had succeeded In uncovering
thc man's heal ami ..shoulders and he
gave evidence of being still alive. Unfortunately when tbey reached this
stige another cave In occurred and tbe
poor man was again burled before their
eyes, two of the rescuers having a narrow escape from nlso being hurled.
Witling hands again went to work but
when he was Anally taken out he waa
beyond recovery, although Dr. McSor-
ley, who was on the bceuc a moment
after the accident occurred, worked for
hours to resuscitate tbe man, but his
efforts were unavailing,
Prom the Moyle [.eiulor
Park, Mitchell & Co.'s sawmill Is not
likely to siarl until some time In June,
or until such time a» the water in thc
laki rlti-s suni-len'ly to float logs over
the sand bar at the   head   of the lake
From tlie Marysvlllo Tribune
Joe. Lindsay who has been ill during
the week is able to be around again.
Mr*. C'jrry of Cranbrook, wife of
Conductor Oorry was In town on Tuesday.
J, D. McBride, Cninbroak's hardware
man was in town doing business on
Mr. Elwell of Klmberley, who r,ct his
ankle hurt playing foot ball Is slowly
Wm. Clark arrived fn Marvsvllle on
Saturday and started to work for
Pieper & Currle on M inday.
Mrs. 0 W. Hull Is slowly Improving
The people of Marysvllle will be plad to
learn other ultimate recovery.
P. W. Mitchell visited Cherry Creek
on Saturday. Mr. Mitchell talks of
starting ranching In that district.
William Trout who bas been for some
time employed by the smeller company
received word on Thursday evening
tbat he was appointed Superintendent
of the American Hoy, near Sandon. Mr.
Trout's many friends wish him success
In his new venture.
Ponger and Plngslress.
The word ''ponger," Indicating an
exponent of the art or science of ping-
pong, has lately sprung Into existence
Do the users of this euphonious hut
back-boneless noun reall/.* what they
are responsible tot. Witness the result 1
If a man who  plays at flngpong Is a
Then   a   singer of   a   "singsong" Ib a
If the "songer Is a "singer,"
If ihe "songer Is a "singer,"
And the man who says It's wrong mint
be a "wronger."
If your charming partner at the game's
a "plngstress,"
Then an operatic nightingale's a sing
If the song she sings Is sung,
Is the game of plngpong "pung"'
And  Is the   girl  who lingers called n
—London Dally Mail.
Mail Orders
Promptly Filled
BEATTIE The Druggist
Too Busy to Cook! .
lining House Cleaning lime whv bnllir-r
preparing hot meals' ii Is inucn easier to
prepare a cold lurch firm some of ihe canned and poltesl delicacies we keep.
Choice Assortment of American and Canadian Heats
Cross & Blackwell's Potted Ham, Chicken, Game, Shrimp and
Anchovy Paste, Mushroom Catsup, Anchovy Essence, Mixed
Pickles, Gherkins, Onions, Walnuts, Plain Kippers, Kippers in
Anchovy and Tomato. Durkees's S?lad Dressing. Lea & Per-
rin's Sauce.  Calcutta Chutney, McLaren's Cheese.   Chili Sauce
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Headquarters for Mining Prospectors
We make a specialty of supplying prospectors at
ihis season of the year at lowest market prices.
All orders are carefully packed in cotton sacks for
shipping and delivered to any camp. Always
slocked with Dried Pruits of thc best grades and
everything the miner wishes in the hills.
Will Kcncw Hit Appearnnee of
Your Parlor.   Uood Values In $
lhc Latest  Style can be hod Q
Irom y
Repairing and Upholmerlng a Specialty, *?
Honied ii'iHii'is, uiiiin-ssei to tlm Pnstnnwtcr
Qeneral, will ho received at Ottawa until n i,
on Friday, thofidtli May next, ior lho convey-
aiioG »f His Majesty's .Minis, on a iropntn-il
ountract tor four,years, six times pit wrek
i-.u'ii way,between lhu Crnnbrook lust Oflice
uml Orow's Nest I'tias Hallway Station rrmii tho
1st July next.
Printed notices containing further Intornui*
tion ns to conilltlDns uf proposed (Jonlrnot may
he seeniin.i iiiiini; forms of Tender may boob*
tallied ni the Post (mice or Cranbronk ami nt
this o-llm
\v. 11. rtorman,
post Oflloe Inspector,
Post nili'f- ln'pt*(itnrs Oflloe, 1
Vancouver, it. c,
Mil April, lira. \ Ut
Nelson: Tent rand
Awning : Factory
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle ,.........." $2 50
Donville's OH Irish Whiskey, perbottle 1 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  ,  2 00
Usher's Old Vattcd Glenlivet, per bottle 1 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  I 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50 ^
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  1 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout  35


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