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Cranbrook Herald May 3, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Bern. Ono. A. Cox, Prcildcnt. B. K, Wii*im, 0m. Mn-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking; Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Cranbrwk-None Pilgrims Fa; i Visit
lo British Columbia's UpiUl.
'Nothing Succeeds Like Success.".
Our Millinery
Opening S S
Has been an unqualified success. Every week
we are adding to our stock the latest novelties.
If you have not already selected your spring
hat call and see us.      **      j»       **      **
And Look at Guns That Can Shoot
Faster Than Frits Piepet
Can Talk.
iv ** at* Reid & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Otsli Comfort ■ Specially
Qood SUMlii li CmncUh
Nearest to rallioad ami depot.   Haa accommodation! for the public unequalled In Craubrook.
.......••..■■('A Qaaaaata.. ..... ......... »@
Special This Week id House Furnishing Ooeds:
Sheets Sheeting; Carpets
Comforters White Bed Spreads Table Linen
Pillow Slips Table Oil Cloth Colored Damask
Or. Pillow Cotton Grey, White Cotton House Lining
Etc. Etc
Giant      Giant      Giant
Powder    Powder   Powder
We have just completed a powder magazine in
Ganbrook and have just placed a carload of powder in
it; you can get all your powder here now, at a minute's notice. We are agents for the Giant Powder Co.,
consolidated, of California, a branch of which is at Victoria, and will carry a complete line of. their powder,
caps and fuse. We arc also agents for Wm. Bennett
Sons & Co. of England, who make the best fuse in
the world.
Do not forget that we also have a complete range
of Men's Shoes and Furnishings, Groceries and
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay's Big Mall Order House
fi H  Miner   The1 Pioneer'
VS« 11*   J Til If*. VI     .HARDWARE STORE
Just Received a
Carload of Windows and Cedar Doors
Of all kinds.  Now It the time to PAINT YOUR HOMES.    We
have the paint to ds It with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and floyle
|^»-»--f-»t->»-i»->»-»»*» »«i ■>»■»■>•»
*» M»»l
The Herald job Printing
Victor!*, B. C, April 23 —Editors
Herald: Ileie I nui, back in Hrltiab Co
lutuhia for a few days, having luken ad
I vantage of llie opportunity to visit the
capital of the Province ju which I have
lived for the paat few years. I lefl Seattle last Saturday uight,, and after •
pleasant trip of six hours landed at tbe
Capital City, at an early hour Sunday
morning. After breakfast I hunted up
William Doble and George Shier, and
afterward found Ned Bray and George
Watson. We spent the day viewing the
sights of the city, and when night came
I wu free to confess that tbe little tramp
Bert Beattie and I took after making
kindling wood of Geary's buggy wax
mild indeed. Walk) Why, those men
took me mile afler mile, and yet I was
amicus to keep oa going, for it was one
grand panorama of beautiful visions.
Such grand drives, such magnificent
homes surrounded by well-kept lawns,
brilliant with beautiful flowers and neatly trimmed shrubbery presented a
cession of pleasing scenes tbat appealed
strongly to my love of the beautiful,
Victoria, on tbe whole, is a most in*
teresting place. To the tourist and occasional visitor there Is always something of interest. The bay, the naval
station at Kiquimault, tbe Parliament
buildings, the beautiful homes, the wonderful park—all combine to make the
visit of a stranger one prolonged dream
of joy and pleasure.
Today we paid a visit to the Parliamentary buildings and the various departments. The museum is one of the
best I have ever teen, the fruit and agricultural department causes the uninitiated to marvel at the resources of British Columbia. The printing department
is operated on a strictly practical business basis; the library Is filled with interesting reading and presided over by
courteous employes. There I found tbe
East Kootenay papete and spent au half
hour perusing the columns of tbe Moyie
Leader, Fernie Free Press and the dear
old Herald. Say, boys; they made uie
homesick, and yet they made me feel
The parliament building, an architectural pile of marvelous beauty, is a credit to tbe province and the builders, especially when it is taken into consideration that it cost less than $1,000,000. It
is probahly llie cheapest building of the
kind on the American continent, alt due
to a feature that is rare indeed these days
—honesty iu construction, Tbere were
no steals or scandals in the wake of the
work, and It stands as an immortal monument to the integrity of the people
who voted the appropriations and titose
who had ibe work iu hand.
I visited the assembly chamber, but of
course saw nothing but empty chairs
The front desk on tbe opposition side is
tbe one occupied by Col. Baker, and as I
dropped wearily into the soft, cushioned
chair, I wondered to myself, " Who will
occupy this chair next?" and there arose
in my heart oue burning hope and
dealre.snd tbat was that whoever it might
be, he would be one who would work for
tbe dislrict of Hsst Kootenay as a whole
thereby insuring a more prosperous Fort
Steele, a more prosperous Moyie, a more
prosperous Fernie, a more prosperous
Cranbrook, Kimberley and Wardner. It
is such a man that -South Kast Kootenay
needs st this lime—not one bound up In
personal interests in any one locality
with mind so narrow and judgment so
warped that it would be impossible for
bim to truly and honestly represent Ihe
best interests of tbe district as a whole-
Much will depend upon South But Kootenay's next representative so far u that
district is concerned, and the people
should never forget that the prosperity
end growth of each depends upon
the prosperity and growth of tbe
district. One town cau never be built
up by tearing down another, and the
member wbo wonld attempt euch work
will bring shame upon himself, disgrace
to his own town, and losa of prestige to
the district.
This Bfteruoon we visited the naval
yard at E-quinmuH, where tha e is much
to be seen, We visited a British man of-
war th.it had just arrived, and were
shown over the vessel by a courteous
member ofrthe crew. There were guns
there that can shoot faster than Fred
Pieper can talk, and some big boys that
could toss a 13-pouud shell from Gran-
brook iuto Bobby Galbraith'a yard at
Port Steele. We saw a dry dock that
would take in Mr. Watt's three story
building aud still leave room for the
Cosmopolitan and Craubrook hotels.
Tbe shore batteries on the rocky points
at the entrance to the harbor are ample
protection to what Is considered one of
tbe best land locked harbors in the
woild. Ob, by the way, we also visited
a torpedo boat, 140 feet long, ami having
  '-' '- '"     ' " with
the ruu from Victoria to Vancouver, b
distance of 80 miles* In two and one-ball
There is trouble arising here and at
•very town along the cout in British
Columbia and tbe United States, due to
the unprecedented arrival of Japanese
Since 1 have been here, only two days,
there have been about 3000 landed here,
snd every Pacific coast port is being
flooded in tbe same way. If this wort
continues, lu 10 years' time while people will be working for the Japs. They
are a most dangerous enemy to the white
working niuti - Uu-y are intelligent, quick
to adapt themselves to the ways of 1 hv
country, and so cheap that they will
starve out Chinamen. Every labor organization iu North America should be
up and ado ing now, before il is too late.
V-.<ur.-i truly,
F. ti. Simpson.
Cause the Anericu Eagle to Scream
and Flap Ib Bread Wings
All  South East Kootenay Smiles
From Ear to Ear Upon Learning: the Glad Tidings—
only 23 feet breadth of beam!
prow aa long and slim as a swan's neck.
Pointers (or the Ladles is lo How to Prepare
Toothsome Vliodi,
The Herald does not propose lo be be
hind any of tbe other large Hnd metropolitan newspapers in furnishing instructive as well as newsy reading.
It is said to be an unfortunate fact
that many wives can not get up an up-
to-date palatable dinner—oue thnt will
make their husbands look forward to the
approaching dinner hour with pleasure.
Consequently a culinary editor bas been
added to the Herald staff, and from time
to time he will give short instructions as
lo how to prepare well-known delicacies
In the most approved style, beginning
with " How to Cook an Oyster."
Great care should be taken in picking
your oyster. It is belter picked before it
is loo ripe; yet many seriously object to
oysters that bave a tendency to greenness—if too green; a line -should be
drawn at tbe extremes either way. Hav
ing picked your oyster, being careful
lhat no "pin" feathera are left, you will
next proceed to draw it; It's best not to
draw it on tbe floor, but lay it carefully
ou • clean kitchen table; if the oyster is
alive turn ita bead away during tbe ensuing operation, as oyaters are animals
of tender feelings and bave been known
to shed briny tears or cast reproachful
glances at the cook at such times.
Having placed your oyster in position
with delicacy and a sharp knife extract
internal improvements, being careful not
to fracture any of Its ribs. Some prefer
an oyster baked with Its head unsevered;
In snch a case you will take a blacksmith's pincers and pull Its teeth before
putting in the oven as the beat is liable
to loosen up tbe meat end allow the
teeth to drop down Its throat and thereafter be swallowed by the epicure; this
would be followed hy a severe attack cf
Some prefer after drawing the oyster,
instead of stuffing it with a compound
of bread crumbs and savory herbs, to
611 it with old Scotch, sewing it up and
allowing the liquid to boil and evaporate
through the cooking meat; in this case
roast in a slow oven so that the liquor
does not go to the oyster's bead and
make it behave badly when placed on
the dining table. It might be suggested, though, that some husbands prefer
to take their Scotch In a glass aud eat
tbe oyster afterward, allowing nature to
mix au oyater cocktail trom lhe material
white digestion is in process.
Turn the oyster frequently while roasting, so as to cook evenly, and see that
the legs are kept flat in the pan. Slice
when serving by cutting belweeu the
ribs and breaking from the backbone. If
it should not be consumed at dinner tbe
remainder will make delicious sandwiches for lunch next day.
Craabrook will celebrate; Hooray I
It will do H la style,
Approved by rank aad flic,
Por Craobrook Is built Uut way)
A nesting was held test Tuesday algfat, for
Ihe pirsose of taking preliminary steps for
the proper celebration ol Dontiloa Day.
The ft the ria| wis largely 1 (leaded by rep*
Mies til Ive clt lieai. and much Interest msal.
tested. It was orgsalicd by tbe selection ol
H. In. Weatworth as president ud Matt
Rockeadorf secretary.
A committee was appointed te promiffale
a plan ol action, aad to report as soon aa
they had It oatllaed. The chnmillee is roe J
Is made np of -some ol Cranbrook's best
" butlers," aad Is as follows:
Thomas Wellman, cbtlrmse; Thos. Rookes,
0. A. Leltcb, P. C. Rankin, Alex Kellctl, Fred
Pieper, -Gale Small, Al McDermot.
The meeting then adjourned, subject to the
committee's call.
business men of Cranbrook and their
employes were assent lied, The mt-etirg
was called for the purpose of formulating an agreement to close all dry goods,
haid.-,a.e and general merchand s*-
stores at 7 o'clock p. ni. each day of the
we.k wttb the exception of Saturdays
and pay-days, and the day following payday. With one or two exceptions there
waa a considerable degree of unanimity
iu favor of tbe project.
It waa finally decided to appoint n
committee to go to the managers ot the
varimis business houses with an agree
ment to be signed by them to close their
respective places of business at 7 p. tn.
each day, except as hereinbefore stated.
Messrs. Rankin, Gill anil Miner wcie
(ippoiiited such committee.
The meeting was prc-bi Ud over bj
James Kyoii, who proved himself rami I
i.ir with parliamentary rules, Al McHer
mot acting usscretary.
l'p the
Ladder of Prominence aad
One Is at Palmer Monataia and the Other
at Sirdar, and Both are Spleadld
Looking Properties.
-Trick" Bicycle RJdlaf.
Archie Currie is one of the most obliging and genial of Cranbrook's many
swells; he is so very generous and
obliging that he'd almost break bis neck
to do a favor for anyone, and that's what
he narrowly escaped doing last Sunday
Two ladies were approaching as he was
bicycling toward tbe base-halt grounds
on that dny, One of them was wheeling
a comparatively uew representative of
the rising generation, and as Archie
drew near he thought he'd do a little
something to smnse the baby as he was
passing and make It think after all that
tbia is not altogether a world composed
of sin and sorrow. So be undertook to
do the "front wheel spinning set" as he
glided by.
He got It started on the spin all right,
but it stopped too quick, and loi Archie
tu'iied a half somersault, landing fairly
on his back, the bicycle and he reversing
their positions wilh both wheels spinning in the air. He picked himself up
as quickly aa possible, quietly told tbe
baby not to be frightened, as tbat was
only a little trick that he often performed
for his own amusement.
New Discoveries.
At the junction of the Nelson & Bed
lington and C. P. R. roads, six miles
from Sirdar, there has recently been
made a new discovery which may prove
of much importance, as already a very
fine showing has been made. Samples
received at this office show some galena
and look as though it might be accompanied with considerable silver and some
gold. Indications are also favorable for
copper. The Night Hawk, from whence
tbe samples were received bad last week
an open cut, making a tunnel face, and
at that time eight feet of a tunnel. Tbe
lead is 20 inches wide, highly mineralized witb oxidized iron and considerable
galena. That the lead is a strong one
is evidenced hy the -fact that it can be
traced on the surface for a distance of
several hundred feet, livery shot put in
tbe face of the tunnel results lu an improvement of the showing. If It makes
a mine, the ore can be loaded- from the
dump into the cars. Qua Beckett aud
others are the fortunate owners. An adjoining claim,-owned by the same parties, and known as the Far Down, Is also
being developed, and shows good values
iu silver and copper from the grass roots.
Report ol Attendance nod Stasdlni ol Pupils
During the Month of April, 1900,
Division 1.
The school was open during the month
of April for 19 days; the number in attendance, 43 in the first division antl 43
in the second—an average of 85 in the
two divislous, on a total enrollment of
Standard VI-Rhode Leitch.
Standaid   V —Minnie   Grant,   Anna
Giant, i.eximi Mcliichern, Daisy Mof
fit,   Low  Leitch,   l'Hitsy   Miner,   Dhii
Bremner, Frank Murphy. Fred Tate.
Standard III (in order of merit)—I,
Arthur Johnson, a Herbert Taylor. 3 ti.
Costigan, 4 Jumes Kennedy, 5 Francis
McConnell, 6 Hugh Mclnnes, 7 Klla
Leitch, 8 Bert VanDecar, 9 Maggie Kennedy, 10 Willie Greer, 11 Chas. Bremner,
ia Rolla Hannah. 13 Edith McNeil, 14
CIihs. McKachern, I5 Willie Forrest, 16
Davis Mctiacheru, 17 Josepn McConnell.
Not classified, Stanley Slater, Helen
Fraser, Alice Richards.
Standard II—1 Stewart Morris, 2 Harold Johnson, 3 John McNeil, 4 Rowan
Grant, 5 Joseph Kenuedy, 6 Maurice
Nevins, 7 Ada Hickeubotham, 8 Colin
Leitch, 9 Hlmo Henderson, 10 May Wine-
cup, Nellie Drummond, Marguerite Richards.
John Ross, Teacher.
And  Will  Work as a   Unit   for
thc Advancement of That
Lively Town.
Oar Athletes.
Tbe Ctetibr-t 0* expen tits ofthe noble
games of base and foot ball have received
Invitations to attend the Fernie celebration of tbe Queen's birthday, Hay 24th.
Tbey no doubt will accept, and a feeling
of pride in home talentiuduces the hope
that they will wipe thefr opponents off
the face ofthe earth, "paregorically"
speaking.   Get In aud drill, boys.
Improvements la tbe Craabrook.
Uncle Jim la looking out for the comfort of his patrons, hence, what was the
old bar room In by-gone days, and for
some lime past a portion of the dining
room, is being converted into a part of
the present office. This will give a side
entrance, enabling ladies lo pass In and
out without having to go through the
office. It will also permit ofthe removal of the preseut stairway leading up
from the ollice, aud leave a large, commodious office and reading room.   The
Newflsleoa Strike.
Work ou the Gillespie property, about
five miles southwest of tbe town is show
ing two feet of-solid galena ore; Ibe
ledge runs straight into the mountain,
which is just east of Palmer mountain
and is much like the ledges facing the
esst branch of Palmer Bar creek and on
which a Spokane company will shortly
commence work.
- ... .dining room Ih also being considerably
It uj built lor apart, and the other day.   enlarged by lhe removal of the partitio ■
in chasing a vessel, tbe steamer made ' between it and the old kitchen.
Oiacral Mlalef Ne-tee.
The Blackbawk claim, on Palmer
mountain, is showing some remarkably
rich looking auriferous quart z in the face
of the tunnel being driven by William
Campbell; development work tells In tbe
long run, as is once more proved by .the
showing of ore uow on this ledge.
Mr. Harry Pollard, of Goatfell, says a
party of Austriaus, who have beeu prospecting near bla place have a 7 foot ledge
showing fu ore in copper and gold.
William Pollard himself baa a Sue prospect lu xinc-blende ore, carrying silver
A. W. McVittie recently made a trip
to the mountains near Bull river under
tne guidance of Pierre, a Kootenay Iu-
dian ol mining fame, and staked out a
claim on a large, well defined ledge of
rich-looking copper-bearing quartz.
Mr. John Hamilton, who owns witb
McVittie & Hutchison the largest quarts
showing In the district,.brought some of
tbe ore to towu a few dars ago; an as*
say is being made for gold. Work will
be doue ou the property early this summer; It is ouly five miles from towu.
The Bull River Mining and Milling
company of Spokane, Wash., has undertaken to work W. M. Violet's property
on Bull river, which consists of a group
of 14 claims showing large bodies of
low-grade copper ore and some high
grade in smsll ledges. Tbis property is
likely to become one of tbe largest mines
in British Columbia, in due time, though
15 miles from the railway. Don McKay
has an excellent showing further up the
river, which will be worked with vim
this year. _  |
Early Closing.
A meeting was held In tbe Craubrook
huti-l ball Tueiday nlghl, at which tbe
Division 2.
II Render—t Maud Htckenbotbam, 2
Lizzie Doyle, 3 LouisStewart, 4 Adelaide
Richardson, 5 Isaac Patton.
I Reader—1 Tannis Reid.a Heath Mor
II Primer—1 Elfreda Drummond, a
Cecelia McConnell, 3 Bva Steves, 4 -Muriel Shepherd, 5 Hugh McGillhary.
1 Primer—1 Gordon Sleeves, 2 Ste wait
Lowes, 3 Susie Telfred, 4 George Kerr,
5 Robert Laurie.
Chart Class—1 Albert Doyle, 2 Robert
Patton, 3 Lucy Shepherd, 4 Herbert Forrest, 5 Harold Htckenbotbam.
Jean Dyker, Teacher.
Departed for Mont: ed
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Taylor aud son departed for Montreal Wednesday. Mr.
Taylor has been the chief dispatcher ai
Cranbrook for the C. P. R. during tbe
past few months and goes to Montreal in
the company's service.
The pleasant feature connected with
tbeir departure was tbe presentation to
Mrs. Taylor of a handsome silver souvenir by the members of the Presbyterian church.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor leave many warm
friends in Cranbrook who sinceiely regret lhat the C. P. R, found occasion
to remove Mr. Taylor to a greater field
of usefulness, but the regrets ate tempered by the hope and belief that tbe
change is in the nature of a promotion
lhat will advance their worldly interests.
A New Laadtord.
The departure of Mr. Richards has
placed a new proprietor In the Hast Kootenay hotel—Mr. Hugh Cameron, Don't
know Hugh Cameron? Ob, well; just
say "Scolty" Cameron, and then everyone will know bim. He will be ably assisted by "Tommy" Jones—you all know
him, too.
Tbere wilt be some material improvements made in tbe building, increasing
Its capacity, etc, and especial attention
will he paid to tbe comfort of guests in
every department.   Success to Scolty.
The New Bicycle Stable.
Parrott & Demers have completed
their new bicycle livery. It is a handsome, finely finished two-story building,
34x28 feet, and has on the first Boor 11
large room iu which to "stall" tin-
wheels, ond two smaller rooms in Uie
rear to be used for mechanical purposes,
The upper story consists of two large
rooms, and the whole Is handsome!.
plastered, wainscoted and hard oil finished, and makes a flue building. In
the .front is a large plalform about 24
feet wide and 20 feet long. G. R Mask
was the contractor and Pieper St Currie
wielded tbe paint brushes.
Tin* Kimberley CitizensCommitte was
organized nn the iSth of April. 1900, at
Kimberley, B. C, being composed of the
representative business men of the town.
Tiie object ofthe organisation is:
ist.   To call the attenttou of tbe outside public to the resources of tbis camp,
2nd.   To deal wub all questions pertaining t<» the commercial welfare of the
town nud local entct prises.
3rd. To answer truthfully any que-s-
tloui directed to it In rt-ft-re nee to the
mineral resources and local enterprises
of tbe camp.
4th To co-ope rule with simitar organization-; in any legitimate effort to
timber the commercial and mining interest-? of the province and Kast Koolcnay In particular-
The   Kimberley Citizens   Committee
starts with a membership of 17 members,
fug members being on the ex-
H, White, prci-i ent; G. A.
Blgelow, ist vice presideut; A. Arcln-
*** ' ' 2nd vice president; 1', Joyce, secre-
i«i>, Chas. Bstmerc, treasurer.
The principal business of tbe meeting
was tbe devising of ways ard means for
the impro\emen|of the streets  in  the
the folio
town, A rcsoti
? passed th.it each
property holder be asked to pay fio for
each lot owned by bim, nml f$o$ was
raised by those present only a-* the result
of that resolution in ai short a lime as it
was possible to draw up the subscription
list and have it signed. Is is expected
to raise an equal amount from uon resident properly owners. The Fort Sleele
Development syndicate has agreed to
subscribe an equal amount to the total
raised by all individual property owcers,
This will make a street improvement ac-
coant of about fraoo or fl3*:o. The
work on street improvements is to begin
about lhe 15th of Maj*, Tbe Kimberley
Cit zens Committee is to be congratulated on the unifotm star-d taken on this
most important quest io* J a all new mining towns—the starting of a newspaper.
This was discussed and action will be
taken in the near future forthe establishment of a paper at Kimberley. The
election of tire wardens was discussed
and immediate steps are being taken in
ihi-i matter.
From tbe above it will be seen tbat
the citizens of Kimberley are energetic
and enterprising and the success ofthe
Kimberley Citizens Committee is assured
where such a spirit prevades the community.
The Kimberley Water and Light Company is being organized for tlte purpose
of supplying the town with water and
electric light. Surveys of the pipeline
have been made, and the plans Hnd profile have just been completed by Chas.
Hsimere C. K. The length of tbe bjs-
tem will be 2215 feet from llie reservoir
lo Spokane street,
155 feet.
giving a  pressure of
Messrs. Finch and Jones have jusi completed hauling tbe lumber  required for
Mr. Estmere's new building to be erected
on the corner of Spokane street and
Deer Park avenue.
Mr. Hsndley bas secured the ore hauling cotitiart from the Sullivan tuiue and
will begin hauling as soon as bis wagons
are properly equipped for that purpose.
The Black liear mine is sacking ore
for the purpose of making b shipment
shortly. Work on the property is being
continued in the 90-foot level with encouraging results-.
Tie Royal tt EiUrge.
VanDecar & Son, of the Royal hotel
have long found their present building
much too small to accommodate their
growing business, and consequently are
commencing the erection of an addition
ifixfio feet and two stories iu height.
This will give them increased dining
room and lodging accommodations
which is much needed. Tbe addition
wilt give ia new rooms.
No Idle Dream.
Tact, sincerity and amiability are a
golden combination in the character of
any girl, tbe first enabling ber to avoid
those subjects which are likely to prove
irritating, and keeping her from rubbing others Ihe wrong way; the second
shows ber flawless as a crystal iu her
trutli of word and thought, and the thin)
(unking her to overflow with loving
kindness.-*-May Ladles' Home Journal.
A Booded Warehouse.
The Fort Steele Mercantile Co. will
begin the construction of a two-bond
warehouse — customs and excise—next
week. The building **ill be practically
two stories, one underground nud one
above—firt proof nnd 30x50 feet in size.
It will be situated along the C. I'. R.
tracks 200 leet west of tlie C. I". R.
freight house. The portion above ground
will be of lumber covered with corrugated iron.
They Ares "Oct Tbere" Outfit.
T. Leask and the Sla'.er Itros,, who
have been putting iu a sa'vuull near the
planing mill, are hustlers. Jn just a
week from the lime of starting to erect
lhe mill and putting in tbe machinery,
it was in operation and cutting lumber
for the completion of the building—and
the work js thoroughly done.
The plant throughout is a good one,
and with such men to operate it will
prove a valuable addilic n to the producing intercuts of South Ivist Kootenay
and Cranbrook.
The wedding of this popular young
couple, last ujgbt, nt the Methodist
church was the most important social)',
and in details more elabora i* than any
event of a s-tnlnr nature evero curring 11
Cranbrook. Henre the Herald is forced
to delay a full report until the next ii-
nue. Tiie happy couple de pared 011 Ibis
morning's west-hound exptesi loi an * attended tour. CRANUROOK  HERALD —'—■ '"■
McVittie & Hutchison
11   M   WBNTWtfRTll
Tlie Herald dcilres tu gtve tlio tii-wsof
district, it v-jit kimw any nimui yui t
yuur tnltia or your i>«>i>l *, sotul it to this ullli
JOHN HUTCHISON. Notary Public   **#*****A*%###*"^
.. Dealers in. .
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
East Kootenay
!  3 Hotel 3
Hugh Cameron
Proprietor ::: :::
. 0, 0. P. Block
Mines and Lands Surveyed
Fire, Life and Aecldent Insurance
Money lo Loan
Crailbrook, B. C.
This hotel lias beou refuted nnt*t refurnished.    The table
is the best.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
The ptejner has come and
Herald   is   uot  in politics, and lis Coll-
senalives and Liberal,.—Tories or Grits
—all look alike to this'papei
ial polities, it is to be hoped that ihe lew |
reiu.irks here made regarding " Plghtlug   Comuorntlve   Dhnen.lon.
WO TOWNS. |BakerS,rect
Dry tin; Bar Ouu ■ *g
Proffreas in Kn-jwlid^o Increasing  hotel"liTtnT'CnfalclUs*, on Hi
Cranbrook, B. C
l(  Une Town  Guum Dry Hie Bar Ouu I at £
iK- MOved iuto the othtiv Tsm.      -»-#-**>v'*V*****#*****#**V#**
lit selecting the site for the Grand
Its :
9d and
joe" will be i
Tiie Humid v% ill comment only on one
feature connected w, h Mr M.trlin's
The leftlnre alluded lo is Mi Martin's
reply to Mi. Ueltch'S answer tti S0II1Q
remniks mnde by the foiinet renardlng
allegations made concerning Mi Ms -
tin's relations to lhe C. V, K when lie
canto to Hit** province, li seems that
Manitoba papers in com men linn <"i
Mr. Martin's departure snid that he
came here in lhe employ ol the C, 1'. K.
and had been paid $io,ooa for so doing.
Mr. Leitch -acknowledged rrom lhe platform that he had repealed the newspaper storieB here, and had also stated that
hecould not understand Mr Martin's
motive ror fighting lhe C I*. R. an I at
the same lime accepting large retainers
from lhat company. Mr. Leitch, aho*
lining a gentleman, turned to Mr. Martin and stated ilia manly way llial if his
information was untrue, he was ready,
then and there to apologise for having
given it circulation, aud ihen look hia
Mr. Martin in replying evidently g<*l a
little warm; he acknowledged llie accit*
H-itiou with the tpialificiilinu that ttie
-sum waa much linger. Then he went
on in a mild—for him—tirade against
Mr. Leitch for having the audacity to
question liis private business transactions
while he was in no wny representing the
government-, stating that it was no one's
liusin ss what lie done in private life.
Right there Mr. Martin made a serious
mistake regarding his own political interests. He demonstrated lhat he is
neither a Bhrewd politlc-an nor possessed
of statesmanlike qualities. lie lost tlie
opportunity of his lif.- for winning votes
in South Mast Kootenay. If he had received and treated Mr. Leach's statement in llie saint- gentlemanly and generous maimer in which it was tendered,
it would have scored to the premier's
Mr. Martin was also greatly in error
when he made the broad statement that
il was nobody's business what his private
transactions were when not in ofiice or a
candidate for ofllce. If never in public
life, llie acts of any man aru amenable to
public opinion as well as tlie law. Were
it not so anarchy or barbarism would ensue.
When a man seeks lhe prefer tue lit by
his fellow* citizens, for office—especially
n high and responsible position—lhe record ot his whole life, so far as capability,
integrity and general character is con*
cerned becomes public properly, No
one knows tbis better than Mr. Martiu
himself, who not long ago metaphorically paralyzed his opponent by referring
to a transaction in which that gentleman
had been concerned in the United States
some years ago. Again, Mr. Martin could
with just (is much propriety say lhat
a man or company engaged itl mercantile
operations have no light Lo enquire into
the antecedents of an applicant for a responsible position in their service-
Mr. Martin, you made a mistake.
in i iini"t    ot    Famous   Men   uf
tin ltut   ami   Muiteru
Aocordlng to Prof, John IL Francis.
ot' New Kugluiul Terrace, Orange, -V J.,
ethnological stntisticluu, a« the world
progresses in knowledge the human
grows larger unit larger, As u conso*
qitoucu the iiii*ii of tO-duj carry on their
shoulder* u "dome of thought" beside
which ilu- occiputs of tin- nncii-nt, heroes were small almost to Insignlli-
eanee.   hin recent inleiview he .said:
id I
Much news of a local nature bas been
unavoidably omitted tins week, so those
who miss ileitis lhey may be expec'tng
will know how to account for their ab-
It was lhe intention of the Herald to
have devoted a column lo interviews witb
prominent citlxenB of thc two grenl political patties regarding iheiropinions of
Mr. Martin's platform and address; the
plan had to he abandoned- however,
innn llie fact that so few cared to talk
for puhlicat'on.
The reported contemplated transfer-
anceof 1*', M. Medhurst, C. P. R. agent
in Craubrook is, it is hoped, without
foundation in fact    it is only necesrary
lo state that the mere rumor brought out
a vigorous protest from the citizens of
Cranbrook irrespective of religlouB of
political belief.
Tlu* sunshine falls on tlio windows!!),
And tits flay looks in nt the agen door,
Tin- koltlo sings, nnd tho dear, old wlfo
■jni'4 back uuA forth o'i rtiio kitchen iloor
With plate ami i latti r.onil forli and spoon,
as ovory flay ste* Is wont to do,
Ami aho lays thom with u quiet graco,
un the homely table set for two.
0, tho broad is tike tho iiea'a whlto spray,
And thocloUi Is clean aa mountain snows;
From tlio pantry shall to the kltchon stove,
Tho ileal*. Old Wlfo ell her I niiluls goes.
The morning glories ovor tho porch,
All in n rlotoua tanglo run,
The eat Iks cUrlotl OSloep on a eluiir,
The old flog blinks at tho noondny sun.
But the dear, old wife is sail to-day.
And tlie morning hours imve aoemofl so
For hor thoughts are ef th'* lone ago,
When the old limine rang with mirth nnd
souk: •
When tho red-clieoketl boysantl merry girls
Camo trooping tn through tho opon door:
Hume wander now 'noatli an alien sky,
And some will como buck aa morc-no
■ ne.ro 1 among
men. Tin* brnill begins its training
it nu earlier nge than ever before, niid
us our modem Intelligence is subjected
to greater activity lhe brain develops
accordingly. Consequently the size of
thc head expands. This is thoroughly
consist ent wilh Darwin's theory of evolution, as well as with every principle
of science that 1 know of.
"Hueh men as Caesar aud Shakespeare woro prodigies, nml must he considered upart by their very genius,
While admitting that the size of thc
brain among ancients must have been
mueh less than thai of a mnn living
to-day, I am forced lo this double conclusion, with respect to -such ti mun us
Caesar—namely, that what brain ho
had must have been of lhe hlglicust possible quality, and moreover, that if hu
lived lo-dny, with a brain of such rare
quality nihlcd to the enlarged si/.e ut it,
sue li as nature equips men with now,
ills  genius   would   have,  been prnpoi*;
tlonntely nWgniilcd.
"Julius Caesar was n mighty nmn—
for his limes. If ho lived to-day 1 doubt
if he wonld be much larger than Tom
Thumb. By a careful syetetn of calculation I figure out tliat the grent
Caesar would have worn n 6% hat, and
as for Shakespeare, colossal, figuratively speaking, as was his bruin, 1 have not
the slightest doubt that he curried it
nlhotit without, crowding In a a% hat—
and that's figuring on him generously,
"1 have been told that Napoleon wore
a 0% hot in the latter years of his life,
and from one to two sizes smaller when
he wim simply nn ttlflcer in the nrmy.
If Napoleon Bonaparte had ever been
ublc to put on the hut of Oen. Grant
it would have hidden bim from sight
from the crown to the shoulders.
"Washington was a good-sized man,
yet he noi en hat -",*. sizes smaller than
McKinley'a, whose immediate predecessors, Presidents Harrison and Cleveland, wore still larger hats—7%. Let
me give you a furiher illustration. A
census of the United Suites congress,
taken in the time of'President Taylor,
50 years ago, shows that our legislators
of thut time only wore on the average
a ii1; hat. 1 doubt if there in a single
man In either house to-day who wears
so small a size.
"Webster, of course, had a phenomenally big bead. Of liis colleagues and
predecessors,! however, there waa not
one who wore it size a.s large 06 that
of tha present secretary of state. John
Sherman wears a 7% hat, Foster wore
a 7, Hin Ine ~\\ large size, and Bayard
7'/| close.
"hei me conclude with n further illustration of my theory. Old Commodore Vandorbilt, wore (1%. His son,
William 11.. took a hat a shade larger.
which the halters mark at (1% and HO,
Willie IC. Vonderblll and his brother
Cornelius went 7%, aud one of thc'.ioys
of the fourth generation taken a hat
stilllnrgertluin his fatligr, uncle, grandfather or great-grandfather — which
doesn't necessarily prote that the
youngcsl scion is lhe brainiest.
"It is lhc same way Willi the Ootllds,
Jay Oould wore a ti;,f, hat, while his
sons, Oeorge nnd I'Mdie, each require n
ii-.,, The probability is that the next
generation of boys will go their illustrious progenitor nt least three full
sizes better."—N. Y. Journal.
Fine Hill .mountain, the owners evi-*
deully bud in mind the vagaries of the
excise vote. It is not geneiiilly known
that the tint nd hoicUtanils nu the boundary line of Ulster aud-Delawure counties, the boundary line passing almost
through the middle of the hotel building, The hotel therefore is In tha town-
ship or Shiindnkcii, lister eoiiitiy, nnd
in Hie township of Mldtlletowu, Dola-
wnrc county. Should Shiindiikeii go
dry, the hotel Imr could loe moved to
Mlddlotown,anil rlceversn. Advantage
has been taken of this fact by iim hotel owners to keep down tlio assessment, snys tho Now York Sun,
The assessors of Shaudaken placed it
valuation   on   tho properly of $110,000,
bui agreed to assess it for only $?5,000
If the hotel would remain in that township. This year they have raised the
hotel assessment to $ao,000, nnd the
owners Imve notified them that they intend to remove the hotel to Delaware
county, where the nssessmonl will be
made'much lower by the town of Mid-
dlctown, The assessors of Shnndnkon
township nro going to try to have a bill
passed by lhe next legislature creating Ihis'hotel property into a special
district, and giving to the stockholders
the privilege of voting as lo where tbey
shall be assessed or whether X\\oy shall
be assessed at all.
Tlmt  Strn.i-.uel>   HceiiU  Through  the
m-eiui'H  tlottnm,
A break in the cable laid between thc
Senegal eoust of Africa and lVrnnm-
I Inieo, in Brazil, live years ago, hns led
to an extraordinary discovery, related
recently uy Mr. Betiest to the Institution pf Electrical Engineers. Theeuble
was aa fine a one as modern methods
could devise, yet after three months It
broke ubout 1 Jt) miles from the African
const; it was repaired and broke again.
It was then found that at the place
where the break occurred there was a
great deal of vcgelnble growth resembling river weed; that the color of the
sen was a dirty brown 4'i green, Indicating the presence'nf ficsh witter, and
birds1 feathers, pieces of orange -peel,
setups of carpet and bits of driflwood
were tnkon from the bot torn of the ocean.
The phenomenon wus purely local, us
Ihe nearest rivi r was 75 miles away,
and discharged its waters In u different
direction. It was surmised thut it
meant.the sudden breaking through of
a submarine river, uml thc cubic was
moved to a distance; after two years
it, broke again, und wus moved onee
more, and engineers tire wailing to see
what will happen. Submarine rivers
are known to exist in other parts of
the ocean, olf the mouth of the Congo
and in the Gulf of Carpentaria, for Instance. This explanation, however, does
not account for the carpet and orange
peel' ... j
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
chairs age
There  tn
Ami tho wlite, uhl noi
The day h sad, tlioui h th
lie Mont Surround iiii-.meif with
Grandeur to tMense liu I'-rupie.
The French pooplo love show, and
they ex poet their president to surround himself with us much grandeur
as the potentates of other European nation*'. Uo is, therefore, pitted against
Kinpcrur Willinm. who. from nil sources,
lias $5,000,000 n year; the ezar of Itus-
ffhl, who has treble that amount, and
Emperor Franz Hose-pit, who has $5,*
000,000. The Crci-ch president must
give a certain number of reception.-**,
bulls and dinner parties, ami whenever
a visiting monarch comes to Paris he
must entertain him nnd his suite with
lhe  same   outward   dignity and state
that one sovereign shows another.
In theory the president Is niain-
taiip'-d liy the government-. That is, he
is lodged, rent free In the Klysee; he
enjoys the prodiw • of the splendid
kitchen gardens and conservatories ut
Versailles and Fontnineblenu; he has
the tight to shoot and hunt in bhe slate
forests, nnd Ihcaealso,supply the pnlnce
with wood and Hinrcoril; the palace is
lighted by the slate, and a'latintli-y is
maintained irrespective of the president's Income, 'i'he atnte allows him
three horses, but there tire never less
than IS in, the stables.
The pnlnce servants are paid by the
state, but  lhey are only equal to curing for the wants of tbe regular house-
\] liiciri— no     hold.    Whenever n bull or banquet is
given from HO to -in extra helpers are
t the wall,   hired, nnd tli la nil comes oiit of tho prest-
i strangely   dentin! purse.   Mine. Matire, it is said,
Spends every cent of her Jlifsblttld'9 sulti-
iw'i'i'u '  '     rydlirlngtliel'nrlnseasofiof sixmohths
ild wlfo in hor t[uli i way       i on matters pertaining to (be household.
io)y tiwks ahu Is wont to do,    The  butcher's  bill  alone nmnunt-x to
$200, or l.him francs, n week, and the
And the.
jjoeH tho homoly tn*ks she hi
lint die tonra fall last as aha sadly think
nr the lonesome tablo wet for two.
—Joanotlc l.u Flatnboy, in Uwil Huuhu-   other   expenses   nre   proportionately
kesplng. greal,- New Ihiven Rftglstcr.
When you can get
A pure, delicious
Geo. Bremner & Son
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props,
We have just moved into our new bak
ery on Hanson avenue, ami with tbe
largest and most modern brick oven in
Kast Kootenay are now prepnred belter
than ever before to tutu out first class
wotk.   A full liue of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cukes
Baked fresh every uight.
Orders for Wedding and other Fancy Cakes
will receive prompt attention.
J. H. KIN(i
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANHROOK,    t   :   :   :
It. C.
Alex. H. Watson...
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Con*
veyancer      ::      ::      ::      ::
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Bcallle'a Dninstore
Saddle and-.*
Pack Horses
..Fur Sale or Rent
Atmstrotig ave., Opp. McComie'11'n Store
a •'•■•■♦ mm +-*>(*)
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything;,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay them.    -)
..,,,,, ,,,.,,,.,,,.,, ..,, «....@
On letting your cootract
until you have seen
Late or Toronto
Contractor •<-<- Builder
Tlloso i imteniiilalliii! tiiiljillni' will iin well I'., Ii't
mc ItKliro on the contract!*,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Are you going to build?
Greer &Ccx
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
J.   jt   B.C.
Undertaking And
Cranbrook, B. C-.
Graduate of Champion college of V. S.
Successor to Magf>s & Hughes in this
line. Will attend lo uny work in the
Livery 3
Proprietors j* j* Jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
TfiiniB and drivers furtiisheil for any
point in the district.
Manager   „*    Jt
Solicitor, Etc.
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundry man I found.
Contract any kind job, house
cleaning or cooking.
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
First-Class Sleepers on all Trains
Tourist Cars paos Medicine Hat, daily for
St, Paid, Su'idays and Wednesdays
for Toronto,  Fridays for Montreal
and Boston.
Lv 9:10 a m    Craubrook   Lv 13:01 p tu
Cotiuectiou tri-weekly at McLeod for
CV.g ry and Edmonton, and daily at
Medicine Hat for all points East.   Con*
nectiou daily at Kootenay Lauding for
all points iu West Kootenny, Slocan and
boundary Districts, and for I'aclGc Coast
nud M-tiu Line points via Revelstoke.
Through Tickets Issued and Bag*
gage Checked to Destination.
For rates and full iufoimation address
nearest local agent, or
F. M. MEDHURST, Agt,, Cranbrook
W, P. Anderson, T.T.A., Nelson, n. C.
D Bj J. Coyle, A.U.P.A., VaacouTar, B. 0
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbl.
11. L. Cummins, C, E.
Port Steele, It. C.
lt. W. HtUiniMKII
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Promptly Attended to.
t^^^'1*W^,*W%,W,*W'*'W*-*tt -^fT-IV*
In Ready-Hade Clothing and Men's Furnish- *st
ings. A full line of Tweeds and Suitings Car- %
ried.   Workmanship and Pit Guaranteed,   At fp
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
l-'iiui lots north of llie Mi*t1iu<list|cliurcli,
Wholesale ind retail dealers
In all kinds al   .   .   .   .
Fresh and Salt Meats. M
Oysters, Fish and Game iu Season.
MT"» tiller.-, called lor und promptly delivered.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Rt-fiiU-d Throughout
One of the Most Coinforla')!
Hotels ill Bast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
iiie*iaaPE®-9*-ffl@®®iti0oooDoc o
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook  !
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
UKAKnKOOK.   B. 0.
•fto* Th*** Are Captured With Tor*-
nml Net In Miuiaeliu-B-cttu Bay,
Nover In the history of Massnchi
letts bay fisheries hns there been r-
corded a more successful herring net
sim ibnii the present one.   Tbousaut'
of baiTels havo been trapp-mli man
"linvo been taken in the gill nets, hi
the  lofi'h  uml* dip utit-lmvo  iflny^ll.B
gront havoc with tiio Hblulug bnt-ityn lc
fishes.   Tlio inking «f -froali -uorrlyg lit f»
the iiiirborniid iu*ni* ibo sboavjids .-.a ■!
sun in tsiii'b large uiHnbei'q brought ; ■■
thousands of dolliirs to' thu inipnU'ri \,\
und because of Iheir cltcnpuoss tin .
quick dollvoiy hundreds of rumvli liavi'
bi'cit  balled  up, seill   to  ihu  iNldnjj
grouudi nml brought in uu ijul-ulc trips.
The use of tlu* torch for until nm Hah
to the surface of the water dates a wit)
bnck. The Hostmi, Stfninpacotl nnd
jotitli Shore lULiernmu have dipped
Sperling neiir Plymouth by tbe uhl of
the ibreli for W) years, tm well in tbu
Enstpor) itmlliio fishers. The novelty
about this season's business te ibe dip
jiiiu:. of full grown lierrlngs nt ulglii by
the tine of Ibe toivll,    There ItttVU been
few spawn bei-rtugi ink on lu thla way,
for die ilsh iimi onco mado the waters
of Roston I'uy appear like n sea of
milk by llielr deposit of spawn uml
limit have not shown mi this c-otist for
years. The lieiTlitga whleh struck tbis
coast in suoh coumleBs numbers Lbls
tenson nro atuouUroly new »peete8.
Among the novel bonis engaged in
-fishing is tbo putroloum boat Quartette,
and wben Captain William Dexter extended an invitation to ,*i reporter lo
muke a trip It was accepted, nud the
craft wss churned toward Cobnsset
ut tin! rate uf seven knots au hour. Outside Llostoii light a heavy swell was
met. but tho bonl kept oil until the
shore of Cohnsset was reached. Then
the nuchor wns dropped und the mainsail set 10 keep her from rolling.
Tho preparation rot* torching was
simple, as when the dory was hauled
up hforigsjdo u polo with a grain attached was lashed across 11 tc bow and
the j.tu.iu tilled wlih cotton, over whleh
wns poured petroleum. There were
four men iu Ute dory—two on ibe onrs,
one to dip nnd a bom stoeref. As soon
an they got iuto sliuitl witter Iho torch
was lighted, antl while llie iikii on
the oars made ihe dory spin through
the wnter the man in the bow stood
ready to dip when llie Ilsh eame to the
BUrfncu hi response io the light
Soou there rose to the surface herrings -In countless numbers, ami every
time the. dip net went down n bushel
of ihu shiny b'qclis was brought Into
tho boat. Thirty dips were made, re*
BiiltlngiJii ;i tuke ot teu barrels. Then
tho dory went alongside the launch
and shoveled thein ou (leek. Tou trips
were made, and Captain Destersnld he
hnd HMj barrels; which was nil he eutild
comfortably carry.
The nuchor was hauled up ami tbe
bunt "headed   for   ttostbo.     It   was  as
novel ami pleasant a way of taking
1UI1 as the writer ever saw, and when
under way the crew sat down to u
midnight meat al'lcr two hours' hard
work. The bout arrived at T wharf
nt il&O a. in., ami when Lhc innrkel
npeued at 7 o'clock pan ot the catch
was mid for bait and ihe balance tu
Hie dealers.—Uoslon Ulobo.
Japanese  Catarrh
Cure Cures
Nasal Catarrh.
.Ini*iA*ncf'fi Catarrh Curo ll 0 pcneirnung,
snolhina, lintUtonliiiRiii'nindo.whirlil.-iliiecftc'l
un ths nostrils by a amall rnmi l'i hnlr ponclL
Thn licit of tlio body melts tlil= jiomiide nud lhc
patient broatlu 3 thu BQothtug me-iic-ntlon
through the nontiiK mul llio nn-ant chonnoli
niii-ii on. Tin.* Btuflcd'up fcolliia In Hi-* lii'nd
l-MVc.-i,-oitl th*.** wr*nn ni'i i-n-aihi* n-ttm-nlly
Ihrousll iltc now). ' Tin*' dull |*;.im DOrodl tlio
I'uiiliHHiil n-t   1*>r n  ihorl  timl*
hi ltd •
nl full oln
idl 1
Ml '
ii*- bad
i im-, I-.-* ft Miu)phei«oii
mirht-H uud llm
dcra itud Kiiutltt
r ti't ll :i]|;iilnl-.
mall,    AuifiuH*.
Oo., HI  « huich
I.Mill-   rill HUM   I'llHI   1
rhm M><
ccount oi'
gyll high
ii-ough ly
lit*lit;er In Trimm. \V
The Dally Telegraph's ac
Moddur Itiver battle snys:
"A great number of tbe
binders hnd blistered legs
lug out Iii the sun."
The Illustrated Loudon Sews bn*
published photographs of the (jordou
high land era sleeping out ou ihu opeu
veldt in the niln after Blnndslnnglc
trying to keep their knees warm with
tilts of Backing or anything else thai
thoy coul'i find io wraparound them.
Correspondents hnve declared thai
the hlghlauders lost henvlly through
their kills becpmlng ontnngled while
climbing barbed wire feucijs, tints milling them stationary marks for the Boei
isn't It almost time thnt the terrible
practical disadvantages of the kill were
allowed lo olHWOlgh the sentlmeniiil
attachment to li ns n campaigning
drees?-London star.
ni, nf
ms iii ihe mniii'i
UP nf
.1 on
ih -
1: IU8C Crtdlllllltt 1    ,
illlclnl of Um hou
, |
in n reporter, "but
me t
aie recognized p
With every cotnill
o,  I
io committee oil i
i is good
■i* half a dorecn or
on in the various
ichhig nf wnwlili
ri vine
pbnlldlug yards, i
> Mil
IU'.    u
tiended True grtul
ivuryihlng ihrowi
1 '
III' tl
11II) llll
trips include llm I
' tin* members ol
* military ntYnlrs i
ihu wny of Jmikct--
■   vnliinblu   iienpi
■led v
iho membership nl
e committee on It
- is g
illy good for a to
itry dill'jng the n
and plenty  of  it
^ tb'Carlislo nnd U
ct t
it* classes or yottll
icing fiviiizcii nud
e pos
•e committee com
■ a
u or more junkets
ing a
11, i
nne of which are
print 1
• enjoyable,  whlh
■oiiimlitcc has no
thni it oannol ncccpi
.T  Of
i.   The members i
•itls conn
dttcu hnvo trnii&i
wered on them fro
IIS.   w
Hie I'neltle Milium
i i
u nm
is Inspections, wil
I In
All ll
■ bl
i iu iliil'crent wnys hlivo I in
tlictn. ami the Indications .
t- foreign affairs eoinuilliee \
tl cneh fm* n trip and all
paid   lo  the   Tails  e.sposlt
nail com mi 11 oes—Ui
I'tant coimnlttees—coi
lesser degree, bm i
ecJalctl.     Tho coniin
i*ati always depend i
il   Hint is lhat   ll:-' ■.■.*■:
will ho kepi full. 11
norod Irndltlous of thi
nt it shnll keep a dm
ho lllls ll, Imt
I is.
I JO 111!
nl'  llll
lit t r
Inl ban
:. a onl!
rinlii and the quality
it They nlso know that ihe
In* supply nuts below llio
of the wicker busket cover
t* demijohn appears ns tf by
Hm door of iht* com mil toe
is has nlways beeu so. ami
. ever been able to explain It.
peculiarities nnd perqtll
ill i
:Ul   ..tli.*
ilwivs   have   boon   nnd
ily nlwt
vs will he.   Thos,' things
ily do t
ot affect the nsptratloua
iil.ei-s t
. get .ui iiii* iniuniitic.s,
. ,* on, i
ud lhey nre Informed of
i' iin* committees-- they
i fail i
hiMst nu every legend
i ..li,ll..
"—Washington Btnr.
'l'itt'  llut-iv   \dwuiint:-i>,
lie ability of ii nice of brave marks
n, iwHInd lulmiehments, t^i ainke j
iiiM.-ihh* rcslsiiiiice lo nssaull by ill
A subttrlvt
tcresting lo
the lllOllMim
Of Blinw ovo
sit«u   mnl
l-i  Mi
its quo
•It   Wo
*.i in ihe
Ohl   ll.*   in
nnpule. If one could .lo it,
; of dollars which a layer
the country mivcs to tlio
thereof. Where dn-- lhe
-saving enme Inl Why, In light, In
my house beforo this snowfall wc h;nl
to Hah! the (pit ai u o'clock in order lo
vend ihe evening papers, bul ns soon
ns the snow coins wo could soo id rend
till 6:8p li Is becnuse the snow, yoit
know, forioH Ihe moil powerful kind of
h reflector Nnw. thero Is iiboui 15
cents' worth nl' gns saved lo nn twiy
nUlil by lhe kuow, nml lo ovory I su
bolder wherev.T Mi,.w i- lying thero Is
K like saving."
1 ,ii*l   ol   llt>'   h,-.-|.*n,HH
Mi*. -Serjeant splnke, whoso muno is
worthy of Dickens, died rt miy in
Lomlnii, as tin* lasl of iho Serjeants,
The Bafjp-nutS nt-liiw forni.ily lmmopo
Used the prncilco of ibe coun or common pleas, bin their privilege wns done
nwny wlih ilO years before the reform
Of llie IflW COUrtS in 1875 put nu end to
their ollice. Two Judges nre left who
become sorjenutsi as wns cust6mary,
on being appointed to the bench, bill
Serjeant Hplnks was the Inst man to
benr the title mude famous by Mr. Bor-
Jenni RtmftIK,
( ntiinin-gillnii IiH-rcnil n«,
Dr. John ll. Pryor of Buffalo said
that Inst year the death rate from consumption in New York slate hnd Iti-
creased by 330 aud hnd Increased su
far lu the present year that If this rnto
continued'there would be In tbo yetu'
over 1,000 deaths from consumption,
probably the highest death rate ever
kjiowu.-—Medical Record,
—Pills which dlBBlpnto themselves 111 the
llomiteli cannot bo expectod to huvo much
effect upon tho intc-atlnes, and to overenm-a
coettvcncBS tho niedieino utlminlBlernd munt
infltunce tho sotlon of thoso eunuls. i'ac-
mcleo's Vegetablo Pills are so mado, undei
tho mi per vision of oxiicrtu, thut tho sub-
elancos In thom iiueiiued to nporutu on tlm
intestines uro retarded in action until thoy
pail th rough the st munch to the bnwoh,
nl i
Ilu*   Km
regulars iwlce by our ombnttlcd fa
era' l.>m ui hunker lllll; tho droadful
n im .* ..i WMiin^iimV seasoned "Wu
Insttlm w,ir" -feicrans, ' 1.000 strong,
■xx-.. ■ paitenbani, by 6.000 'Keutitckj
.ri i [YnnoHsco hunters nml Indian
11 [liters at \. w Orleausi the destrue
Hon wrought by llnfcr and his rifle
men tu tho ranks of Marshal [.cfebWs
corps of Nupoleon's nrmy In lhc tie
tlji -. of the Tyroleso tDountQlns; lhc
■■in i ,--iul reBlslaiica io the Itusslau
nrmy offi rod by tho Turks under tins
n-.li ..Hi, its iii I'loj-nn, nro copes li
point- Portland progoutau.
»>Hii-iy  nl   Ilu*  Italrfior  HiilllU.
a  mm i.t ivi wiih  u   rubber  bnui]
ni.'itiol iis body wuh taken front u net
til    I'tnvlm-olnwii   l.y  .lohll   V.   Win.il
Hi vcrnl mnckorol banded lu n rIiiiII
mntiuur won* inkcn by net flsbof'im
mi ihe Now Kuglnml coast four or tl
years ago, uml ilshcrmcti gonei*nll,v
wbre ptixkled lo account for the baud
Tlml Iho bands were placed upon Ilu
flsh whou small was evident, for 111
evory Instance the rubber had Btinll
deeply Into the body of lhe mackerel.
The mackerel captured by Woods had
worn Its band for a long time, ns cvl
doticed by the depth of tbo Assure
When token from the water, ilia body
of llie lish colltipscd nt lhc point en*
circled by the baud, the upper end Inclining nt an angle with the tnll por*
lion, yet ihe skin wns uot brokon.-
noston (Hobo,
DEBT   PAID  AT   LAM                       T   T      f          /"N 1   f      A UlUIN   I    RNUW   In,-   UKAh
-at«iio«i nnd   liter. Uunj   *..-.ir«.   O In tin*
During  the occupation ol  Ni n   11
lcan« l.y the Pcdfrals." stid sn old cIUi
in n Btory telling mood. "I made the ac
Hoatntanoo ot a vny agreeable Mossa- J
eliusi'tts man who was not in the nrmy,
bnt who waa nn intimate friend of Geu-
eral Butler.   One day be hunted me up
nml asked without much preface tor a
loan nf $1100.   1 couldn't well spare tlie
money, but through motives >»r iwllcy I j
Sad to i>p-f pi*opl« ;
advanced in yenrs, fl '
S^^rr ll'/v 'lt',;f,, *La^u■1 J;',,'1:''8r"1 ,l",|v
VT^Vx    ' *'   Urinary TiotibloaUvhleli appi
VftaSo^A^   and Kidney AYenk- ' ^,1,-,^, ffp0 i
' '        £t\     noM'   A  hale  oW   sombrpros  :i
?\ V.10 nge, frf-s from pains I ,.:,-.,,
\V \ Y   w^ ach-SB, can
\\ \&- lwnttitin-dbyli
tet bim have it.   II*. went nwny, pmi .'*     , ;:th# kii'\ fiffi^\b\rh\oo& pure,
lag lo return the ammtnt within a certain f*  ■* ' w^*--n>
time, and. as I anticipated. Ibe-ml imtli    AHANN   KIl^NFY  Pill S
Ing further from bluy   So?, under on      UUAll O   IMUHLl   1 ILL-*J
Head Office:  112-118 King Street West,
For the year ended December 30th, 1899.
greet ll
■'■frieml tha »g-vd by treeing tbem from
pain mid correcting nil Dlafrden ot the
kldnsyi aud Urinary By slain.
Mr. Tbomai Aiii, »u old resident of   1 '■■■■'
Bantrew, Out., upolto an follows: cimreii pi
I am 72 yeara ^f age, nud hava befn   ously nr"
I luill lltsi) 1',-lil-* I IDA)
Dec 61,1898   To net Ledger Assets
Dec. 80,1889,   To Cash for Premiums	
"     "      To Cash Incomo on Investments
ifl,t.v cirvtini**i:.Ui'.-..'   tmatlaiuil* fhe ■"}*■    (.efrieucl th« ag*d uy xraeiug iuwn umu      [.,., ., Ilt|V ,,,
cttlxeu, "JlKW wns nol a buui l was apt
to totget, but 1 lui'l ii-i.-.i;iii'l the l-wn as
lost from th«> oulwt; nnd lu tbe tntnbluui
linn's tlmt followed the incident passed
nut uf my mind.
For over a down years I dun't twllevej troubled for a number of years with paina   Bide which  ho deposited ;i lit;
across my bach.   When I would Btoop   brero.
over lt gate agonizing pain to straighten     \* dieii appeared that bis hair quite
up.   1 wnn ao hud that I mum pcnrei-ly  all>(,v,.n,(| t|1L, description! nlso liis ii.*. Balance uei I riser -issots
inUk.  IbatetakenmanylindBofmedl-   wh,cb Was a Bereomlng scurlct.   The " asm.is.
elaes, but got wtbin^to help^me. Being | ^^ mamttQr nimronehed lhe strau    Dec. 80, 1899. By Mi rtgageB, ol
. .$744,8'« 68
.. 148.65B.81
I ever recalled it onee, In 1HW or th»*re
about—I forgei theexnel d«te-l had ne
•n**i"it in ku t<> ll.ir.tnii aud while wrtlklnu
ti hm it Tn-iiioui street waa suddniij m
muted by a  well dreased. middle tiBed
limn nlni-i* ri  waa wholly sti-niit«  t
me. *I-n*i thla Mr. *,. nn.l -. «*f Si "■
lentisV In- exclntini'd. grnspliiR tne r, I e
lum.I 'Yi'-.' 1 replM. enutluiti'ly, ftn '..it
was exactly tin* way Hu* piipeii di i, bed
bitnltu Rtwrera ua addifaaliis iheir vie-
tlms, 'whal oan I do for yuur 'tthy.ymi
can lake aoiue money,1 he unid, luughbni
'Yotl niiif niiidi' me a litiii* loan In New
Ortenna, mul I warn to pny II Unck.'
"Ou ilu* Bpttrnf ihe mumeal I euuld remember nothing nr iin* kind nod wns si.
aure the chap was u ernuk I beckoned lo
a policeman. "Thin is n bunko atettrer.1' 1
puhl, 'who h«K jiiKt tried to rope me In.
You'd better lake care uf hlm.' 'All lijiht,'
aald th* officer, 'but you'll hnve in come
up t« tht> station with na io prefer the
charge.' To my surprise the mnn mode
no protest-) ami we Btnrted off, followed
by a considerable crowd. Tno b(ncks be
lew onr primmer stopped before » fim*
liiiiliiiit*,-. '1 ntn vice president «>f this
bank,' he Bald quietly. 'SuppoBC wo step
In for n moment'
"Well, sir, it was truo. tint! you never
eiuv two bucIi Hhoepiab looking fellows us
thai Boston copper nnd yonrs truly. The
other mnn laughed until he am Ured nml
thru recalled to my mind tho episode of
ilu* 5Q0O loan, nfter which he wrote me a
check for principal and Interest to date.
tie te still olive nnd prospering, by the
way, nml I s-'t* hi in iilumM ovi'iy tlmn 1
go north. Mo likes to Introdu'ce'me na ihe
man Ue tried to bunko."—New Orleans
Bom ' Dp0, :l"* lS;l')* BypovmontsforDeathClalui9,Profita,etc.,|308,081.(
Uy all other paymeuts,
.... 281,183.83
A muill's
t In  Kk.i'i
il'.lll.V  0
il tlm
inllusrt   «
"IlllS   in
1 '<'
1   1
1   lilill'l,
1.   ll
-„,     ..,< '1;
ii i
, routes
si ml
i i|i|, fnco
II,,'   IMI
ot   1
i:-,. In 1 1
SI l»s M|ii-
■ r i-„.
11 V
,111    SUI
,  ynu
l\'l-   III,!   fO
»•■» 1
titan t
ir mv
■ciillli ni"
1   I'Sll
Mr. Whtv
o T mn.
lovo .villi
0 tlnn
e griuni
1 yuu
ii.. o\ur.
FTn-nr H-» llukf* Tlivni Known to tin*
Cnplain of the Ship,
Thore Is now but ouo way open f»r lhe
enlisted mau, bltiojackel ov marine, who
hns n kick to register, lb* must show Ida
hand mul file his complaint lu bis own
person nr nnutc, verbally or in writing.
If 20, 50, 100, enlisted mon bare » common grievance, they must pieaenl llial
grierauce in delegation lo tho couioinud-
ing ofllcer or In tho r.unt ur a written bill
of complaint, w'aU thoir slgnatares attached to it In order or their relative rating, lu most cases the method or presenting grievances in delegntlun nt tin*
must is resorted to by the enlisted men of
the American navy of today. Tho nmn
witli lhe Individual grievance occasional
ly imts in his complaint in writing nnd
nddrcascs it to the secretary of the nuvy
Commaudiug ollicers are compelled hy
ref-iiiiitiniis to forward all Btich complaints to lhc civil clik'f of the nnvy-
witli,   however,   -whatever  Indorsement
thereon thoy elect to make.
It la generally a moderately bad job for
an enlisted nmn to write a narrative of
woe to the secretary of tbe navy. Such
a ctiap doesn't frequently tittd hi** aftor
career in the navy one hmg dream of
peace nml quiet, Knlistod men who have
drawn np unreasonable com plaints, even
complaints not entirely iinrenaonnhle, and
thus nddrcsBcd tbem hnve generally shed
annie quiet saline toars in llmlr hammocks afterward over the foullahness of
tbe act. U seems reasonable lo auppose,
too—fm* human unt ure Is the same on son
end land—thai no bluejacket or marine
enn possihly add to his mm total of com
fort or happiness aboard ship hy more or
lean bluntly Informing tho civil head of
tin* navy department that the commanding ofllcer of lite vessel ou which he
Serves is nn unjust man, a bully or a man
wlm doean'l know lii< Buidm-ra. Vet thla
fact, which looks so ohvlmts, is eery ufteo
Ignored by rash enlisted men.—Exchange,
just to iit-iiiiiui Him,
A blatant sample of tin* loud voiced.
aolf conscious, look nt mn variety of man
took liis Bent 1» a hut and called to tho
"1 Iocs this bus go all tlio way'/"
"Yes, air." rospi.ivlod the CondnctOf politely.
"Does It go ns far ns Oxford at recti   1
want to cot ont thoro."
"Yes, sir," was iim reply.
"Well, I want ymi to lell mo whon we
get ilioro. You'd belter stick u stamp on
youi m**o rn* pul a straw in yonr mouth
of your lips BO that
■i*i I
,    (IO
Id imt ho convenlenl for one in
.ii to do ao." said tho < dtietor
y, "bin if yon will kindly |-in
yonr oars rotiutl yonr nook I think I shall
ivtnember to it>n you,"—London Tele*
I'nrlor I'l*In,
IVrlmpi the most inlvotifuious addition
lo Hu- I v* menagerie tn Undnn Is ihnl
of a hive of beea which llvo in a Bitting
room aud liy oul lo gather honey in llydo
park among tho flowers and the blossoms
of tho London lime trees, Tlio bees are
reported to bo ai Ipdiistiwlnrend oxom
pi iny as Uvea should be and nol to ho
demoralised by bucIi Intlirfnte aas-nclatidn
\titli less ind list rlntts tnimrfli beings, Thr
practical dllllctilty In the way of ItqiSplng
bees in tlu' |ioiiso arises when ihe-i'i.ld
weaiher comes in, because ihey are
tempted to carry on "work" In the Iioiho
when It is too chilly for them to he
abroad, nml when bees mo anxious to he
busy wiih no work lo hand iheir temper
Is always iiiLioitnln.--S|iec'Htt«i'.
A Sere.'I.
,1am—I told yon n secret yesterday nud
yon wenl rlgllt oil unit told It.
Kilty-I know It.
Jane-Whal did you do thut for'/
Kitty—Whal pleasure is there in toll-
lag anything thai everybody knows?—
Detroit l,*rce I'resB,
M.(1mmen.h,Mo trv Ooan's Kidney Pills ■ .™"'« 'nunager npp,
1 got a box.   After taking three doses I '■ li'''-* wrc ol bli prey nud, bcmllug over
nolloed a great change for tho better, ( bim, snid in his most dull ul i im r:
and I oan uow gat nrouud ss unart as a '    "The audience hns been expressing
orioket. 1 oan split mv own wood nud um,   react at your nonappearance,    Will
in fact, just liko uiiiv; man. " y.,n   now   favor  IIS   Willi  OUO ot  y0Ul
'* Dubuiltltri's nnrket v.*: . ■ - ■ - ■ :■-,.* -.   	
" Stocksnnd Bonds markel value 8587,1191.60,.
" Real Estate, Including < oiupnny's building,.
" Lontia mi Polii les, etc 	
■' Loan- on Stocka nearly .■ill on cnltj ,,
" Cash in Banks and on hand      	
\l n*,-,   Were Onlj   true.
Dec, 1
.    BOUgB :
Tin* atrooger looked up ot tbe young
, iitiiu with rather u startled nir nml
1 then bin. ted out;
"Songl Mister, you've rounded up
, tbo wrong critter,   l don't know fl lint
from gewhlx. I'm off the reservation,
' yon see. nnd wns wondering whnt kind
l of a enme wns un In here nnd came In
' Boelnblullko. I—I reckou, mister, these
j folks nln'l K'd my bra ml," nnd lie lied
I Into the outer dnrknuas.-WtiRhlngton
On  a  Very  Important   Matter I Now
,79.9 9 87
. 1,1 51 7"
291 85.87
98.7i'. x.
i..x rto9i
" I'l'i'iiiiiim.i.im-',uuliiig. etc. lleascost ofcolleetlon)     187,998 24
'■ Interust nnd It, in-, due and Accrued  '   71 ::,
" Marhot value ol Debentures and Stocks over cost ,394.16
, 1S9H. ToQuarantee Fund  s   80,0(10.00
" Assurance and Annultv Uc-t-i-vcfunil 9,999,559.00
" Death Losses awnltln-* proofs, etc...     5l.507.3r,
— 8,041.069.86
Not Surplus         $624,418,01
Tlio Rnnnctnl posllP-n of tlie Company N anoxcelled—tti percentage nf ni't BiirpltiB tn liabilities ezoeeds thut of nny other
Homo i'i>iii|,:in\.
Now Before  the   Public.
» 4,999,140.00
K8,046,4I 9 OO
THIS MOST i'liirUR PIM,,-Tho pill
I'onuliu' <>f iill fu inn nl modi-
) Pur
tu i I Hi,' el
lors uf i
mi-, nml ul plils Hi,- ino i iiopii ur ore l'ur-1 ,," ', |",',' . ' ,      .;	
.i, , i i.....,.i.,i ii„.,.„r, ,io ,„„i ,.,,. „„i.  Ki.ln.j uml BladderDUcoks,
.—-li lj roullv IniiglinUo ]
pul   foniltlil  l,y inuliv |
'IIIII'il lu I
V.I1.11 il ir, OBSorUd thoy citl. do, ami
pul forwur.i on anyr.cthioiisolphiistooscol.
lunci'.  'I In y nre cumtmcl mid iiortnblo, thoy
orb cnaily inkon, liny ilu not duusoil
-lull' pn
not tlie
burn raises
lluil- |,r. luirul ions in
Uciues' Tli.ooliunii,| IIUN. 0, \V. ALLAN
uf Mm
liiimt   uliuiioiilnry   prlncliilua uf  ratdloal,
SllTlit^ L. w.'sm'itii
wliidi literally ml nun-, tlio wbntiureo of   l>. MeCIIAK, I
tlm kidneys,  In order loouro iii,,ii.,i,-. n-o III IN
\ must kill tlieuo n, rnis. Nov, thero is nn v onu I
I ! iii, flu i,,.. on tuir.li lluil ,1.
Hi-Hllll   III   HU  m„.,-'-vtifl„ti.
"Thoy  mnko n  ihnitilprln slglil
fuss itlioul llio Chllli'su niu'ii iloor" ro I -,f dlsoaso.   Thai X Jlr, Arould*. Ijuili-h
',.,.,.        .,   ,,       ...    ,. Toxin Pills, wh eh nro tho ono iiosltlvo enro
innrlioil I nolo .lurry 1 eebles      A- rill | (or kidney ond hlnddor Iruubles."
n-i I've nolloed "oiu llio cliiiiuiu upull i    Ho mild ii nromlnenl Toronto nhyGlcInn
,1 ■ nlwill-H lunils lulu n Iniiliilry or nil ' .vonlordny.   "I know n iu in iiiiinml Jones—
  ri,,, "_,'i,I,..,,.,,'rill,,,,,,. .I.Juurs. win, tl v, j ui l';i7 hlhmbolh pilroot,"
opium .1 llll. -Chli-iicd. Iillilllio. 1|(, n „„„„,,,,.  ..Ml. ,„„,, ,, ||01T|b|j, ,,„;„
l.Ni I..\MMa limV tin i-.t MA TISH.- i kidney dlsonso iin.l bladder weakni is. and
Mr. ^ Aoieniuu, euuilii rilul irnvollor   ['« phwloian's rt 11 wus of no nynll l, n
lk-llerllle,   wrltos:    ' Sum, yonrs n|i,i   I.1"'".'.   HimiskI iill llio ■. ,,'nllo I tiilnuy euros,
11*11 Dr. Tlinuuis  Kcnittflo (ill lor In h'hwh proved totally osclow.   Pinal y no
■' Imniiiiitlsiii. und lln-,.- liut   bogan usItiB Dr. Arnolds bnalsh  loxin
fills, whioh B'-Dedll-, desiroyed the poi-ms
,1 ilurini- l-'"i
-i previous vein- by nearly ono miliiou.
end of 1899 (not)
l'ltl:slt,i:\ i:
vtti:.riti:i:iiu:\ is i
lilltr.i i imsi
I*:. 6U8KEY, ESQ.
(., Guelph.
Ill KM. It. MEIIEDITII, Uhlel Justice ol Ontario.
ii \\ aiiim. nnu.i nut i
1.   lll'l.
IM \N, A
1, A.
.Iiiiiii.ii i
peril v o
lory "f i
Hupnrt eon
in ili. Ia»t.
llio 1  ..MM
iu ntlrncrii
lini'i': the procoo-
l> i\.-in-x iiiiirliod pr
uv. Mill bo sent t1
o Investment plans
report, i.
lion in t
io llo.ulio
ceoratty otthoO
Mi:nn ii nun rum,
J    I'll'ilillfllX. M, P. Kdin.
ss "I tin   An-inal Meetinr;, held on
n oi the Croat pi p-re-a nnd solid pros,
-    Pntnphli-ts expiana-
i. . nd acopv of ttio nimuiil
:.  will be furnished ,.n applicn.
I Wil
ul  eve
raove thnt woro ouuog nwny,
ui \ is no other tlmt kills il
id ojoruomtlliB P Ids   Imn mnv iiiii i foro there Is no othor lluil canhodois
io road nnu rapuspl to all  kinds ul | upon to euro disease.
iilher bul lulvu lien-l Ixeil U'uubleU Dr. Arnold
iv.Ill rlieiiiiiuii.iu slliee. I, however. I hiahly rcoomu
kfep il lr,tl uof fir. Tlionius1 Ull on liti.il.   ns liy nil who Iinv* tried
mul I nlways luuoniiooi.d ll to uthers. a, > reliuiile druggists nl 75c
If il.il fu iiiueli lur mo " i 2fM', nr sent tKrSl paid ol
  . Tlio Arnold I'lieiiiieul Co.,
Mnlnc unlit,-. Slinolil >r,t„ This,       Lite linildlnu. 11 King sir t
Ulrsl llilldi'-illlllo. Bllll   Wliiili-lier i 	
irol   Ilium  iinllors HI lick  oil  yer lii'llil  lerlne.
Pills, w
los doel
,r. lis WC
boil s
acolpt o
old by ii
mplo lio
pre    1,
Edna—Why do you wenrglov
nidi- ThoiiKhi inehlie ihem I learning to piny poker!
iroiililti'i In* uo Mkuiy to inlet-     Edllh-Bfcnuso .Inek lold m
er!   Iii'iinli .luiirnnl. ,n nlioiv toy liiiiul.   Ilostnn Tiuvul,
Ita neat dniiuiiiil fur r. pUfosapt, »to Is th8t0 au,t*,ing more annoying than
«nd reliable antidote for all mieotlons of' llnV|,u VII|II ,,,„,,;,.,, „.,i ,,,.„,,> f, then
ih. throat and Iiuiijs Is fully rue. with in I jf,' „„„,, ,i,.Hi|„f,|, ,,„,„ „,„,,„,
Bleklo » AntlLfii.siiiiiiiliv,, syrup     It Is   r„j ,,, ,tJ    ||o!l„wii)-'s IJorn (Jure will ,1
i purely'Vegetable Compound, and aoti  |fi   Try lt nnd bo oenvinued.
SEEDS, etc, 1900
^-Jt  Farm and Garden
<^>2tl Implements.
J. M. PERKINS, Winnipeg
promptly ami musically In ruIi-1 lit tig nil
oouKhfi, colli*:, tmiiiclittis, InttaniuintloD
of tho liinun, otc. It Is so palatable thftt
a chili] will nut rcfusn it, and Is put at ■
nr let. tlmt win not exclude the poor from
Itt bt-iitUis	
Ah lit- 'l'lii..ftl ( p Ilia (Dili Cullttr,
"linlj fnviin Hu- upcn dimi*." rmiiHrHt'd
Mr. Siintnr*. wlm luul Ihvii ri>nili»K
a!,, m Hu   VnirHnm Vrh\nnate rrgnnlins
UKABD'S UKUEHT [i used dr fiiysicians
,\|t|inr(>iill)  Stimo-ivlml Veiimluliifd,
"Itm you nrt* imi t.llnil."
"No. sor.   I .tin ibiif .'imi dnmli."
"But your bIkii snys hllud."
"Otik liPRorpn, It'*) iim wrong bonrd
'vo brougUtl"—Life.	
KEftp HUM'S LMlHEHt w the UGttse.
■ I.
Arc Olonnu Hi'iniiiiu \n«,
lm IMI.lii'liI (n*ml I iih from n mas
iipi   Qui'i'd Vlrtorln i** not allowed
rvflrt a aewspaperi .lusl ililnli o*.
of 1
Ask for Minari's anil take do
Time nnd Himrj,
Tlino is innm-y, niitl a umn tiorrowi
liiiiiicy nn time io b»vp time nlien tie Ir
Mag crowded to bankruptcy,—New Or*
IflUU    IMCllJUIIef,
InmeUil'iiK for Mm* t.mi tion,
Kmlnent llaiidwi'ltltig I3xpi*rt (on wlt-
hchh Btaixli—Tbt' writer "f this noto Is
a Intuitu steeret* by In-Jtlacl.
Kuilneiit Aitorne,\»- Kxplnln to the
Jury how yotl niTlM-P|ftl that couoluslbn,
Eminent r-Innilvntlng Hxpert — Uo-
cniHi- ho Invariably mnlc-ba a dash after
every ".!•"—'Baltimore Ainortcttn,
s«i»ini Aerenm.
"You hnveii't been to BOO mo slnco I
came hack."
"No; I'm tiol HiippnHOil lu Uimw yon
Inni- beou awny until yon enuieand toll
tllO gondii)*."- t'likii;,'.) ItOOOI'd,
Tn ibo Odorle« Crcmai ryl 1-*- I -
Hamilton, Ont.
Duaii SniB:—Aboul .i >•■■■'. g i b ugh! fr m
yon one -t yonr Odorless Uren ■■ r ' -. 1 ■ - ••
uml havo el* co used It roiistaiitlym mj* private
resilience wlih iplcndul i-ttittactioD. f am w
wed pleitMMl with it ilui v<m nm ihlp me m\-
otheratoncc for myli.lcl. Yours•*■ . :-.-
.T. H.MARCH.SIarkdalt, Out.
HI m tgers.
i-.io - .« Poltei K»ir la Lnsarets,
T:.ke due Out Non*.
'. '      19    n m (t
i*. i.- Dlel - •■ .
v. -.*.. l.
_\*i INMI-M,,  MAN.
( tir  im.-.-.   -n-MoBS. Hrti-rxM.,   Uinilii.li.->!
'lln* i. Uow ng nr   ilii> name   ol n tew   *■*-.   COCKSHUTI plow co.. w:n ipe<,
prominent citizens «ho i*.r- using iiii- clowt, ■- -1 -
nn fiom whom wo bare very flattering to^ti-
Dr. D. tt. Thorapcon, Toronto, Ont,
Dr. McQlaughlan, Bowmanrillc, Ont.
Dr. M. L. Di on, Fr-mtvlHc,Ont.
Dr. i'. E. Fergu on. Kempttll o.Ont.
Dr. Ulrle Oabourg, Plauiaganet Ont,
JudgeA.O. Ohidwick, Guelph, Ont.
O.J.Micltley.B. A..Chetlcy,Ont.
Rev, John Dowolo, Wntford, i int,
L.Damplor, Munncer Bunk oi Commerce,
Stinthroy. Out.
Peter Hopo, merchant, Perth, Ont,
Job. Moffatt, mcrchai.t, Amherst, K. H.
For Cutiilngtifl mid I'lf- I.I-   writo to
Mr Roll oil flit-Tlmt I*? very-consider
llrlllBh Kovernmi'iit.
. you make thai oulr"
paiiera nre  very  hard to
ii burg ChroHlole-TeleKHipli
An Unuioal oii'.i*.
If you nre at nil akeptlbal about trying
Gritllths' .Mfinlitii l.uiiiiit'iit   your drug-
gUt will -n n wiih the uooerttiinding'     |'"
that  IE not entirely fintlsfaeiory   your1 Coimi
inoiiev  hack.     I'-.* It for rheumatism,
neuralgia,    Hpralnn,    bruises,   muscular
sorent*s', nnd nil  lurms of Rwolltng nnd
Intlamiuation.   All drupglots, 2.*) centi.
All UU Own Whj.
•I itndei'stnnd thnt Cosh ing ton in*
tutids Id inn for congrcsfl In thi-* ills*
ii-in nan In."
"Vis. and h"*ll have it all his oh
"Wli-ii imtl'i's you think so'/"
•\vr*,v, look in the record I"' bn
.ui'ih1' 'I'.Vi-n in iwii li-l'ins now ivlthoi
pffriin-j ;i reBiilntlon of mnhltis
>l* ii-Ii llrm ean sin li n man's u|i|)<
i ■.-,'. I'.n.l nn i-.!.- io ilgbl liim on'r"
I'ldntgn Times Herald.
A 7-.--il p : cold in thi; lua/l is at flr*t ■
:: d ■ II .-.v.-- wanut (oi ■;. «m t ■■■- b
i>t m ftadtf utemy.   Heed du trvntng <-<.-
Caurrb «r n->»il and Throat. Th-
hfta-i and throat I toom-s diw-iiiM (rom w g
l-ct-tl COU c\±:iitf cAtanh whan th'.-c,,-
thuon of the Lkod pucU'io^a to thi'
Cutarrh nt th.* Stomach.   This Ondi-
licn may malt from «ver,;  (        .
,-i 1  cum- is  GaUrrli, •!.    ■■
drrtiimug duwa in\-- \h     ;.     *    ..    '■■:,,■
A       ■    .
(■ii.inh or  BronobUI Tnl>M.    Thi
c-Jiiditloi oft-n rmulm from C«Uri)i .\
lending from thi- hed ir> throat.   Jf latl
aaebtuted It nu-i.d* down tba wlndpli*•
n'al tohei.and En time anode-
IMil IN CATABRH CtTBK potftrreli
■nd permanently muw even formo   iKj -
iliJ(jU->tiiigdl«aie.   illsruf-u and .flL-ciual
■ '• ioo\ lionotu 'f.'ht-j;=.  >',.■'. i ri .-*.-
A-k roar deahr for ft or e*nd direct In
1MH \n  CATAnni]  < l KB CO .
i to
join in
, Pm
Writo !'*r Mtnp'fc bta
0 lyjxt* for ■„'.'jj. '■■«". liald,"
.-r.r thai JOHS HI8UOP Ii on ! ten peck-
u      Large nmpU  box   10c, prepaid.
■ ii   :.*n I ■ prore whn tha rtmr-djr»nrt'>.
In the best.
Matthias Fol*,y, Uii City, Out.
Joseph Show, Norway, Me,
Kov. H. u. Arin8trong,Ma1grftve,N,S,
(JIimh. Wluioten, Jlnljii'ftve, N. B.
Pierre Landry, senr., Pokemoui-hi*.
Thomas Wasmt. Sli.me.ld, N.B.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
Pri\a ■•■* Wire Ootuteotlon wl h n I I eadli a
UwkeU. OiiluandSocurl'I^U.inhi.Holdai d
■1 ■    ■ 1   .   ll,i*[ii,    (J   mi..* di'tioe hulio.Vd
l'r:*/-to i y-.:n-i Code rnfuumd u|>on Appll a-
148 Princasa Bt,, Wiunipo^, Man.
V. O. UUAWl.lt us?.
red cross  ulbAno
Arc poiiUroly guaranteed l'uro Havana
killer, anil will ple-aao the inwrt
fiiKlidiiAi.- biituker.
The jeaily Inoreui ol nlei provoi oa
api.rwintivi- public.    Mium-
faolarcdonlj by
GEO. F.  BRYAN  &  CO.,
Do Not
Pay Cash-
cathoiic Prayer ,'^, ,":',"sr;:n":
ulHrs, Bdlgtoni l'i, mi' - btatoar,,anilutmrcj)
Onininr„is, Eduaalloiult tVorhs flat ordemr*
•- wlV.promptntlciiilon. B.i| StfllntCO. f.X'm]
W. N. U, 3--B2.
Im|K>rti rn of'
WHICH!  Huml]
I..S.A* ll.(.lTr-.»
!.,**.& li. KttrMta
I..--.A If. -■ pit •-•»
MINARD'S LINIMENT l-Ukrilil'l Fritlt
It jou bate i^iijnifcuts less than Of) to
make .it any Dominion Lund- Oillfo i**end tie
iho iimi.unt, lou ~J) per cent,,and we will
make the payment nml roltirj thn Land
Ofllce receipt to you, Writo tot prlcoi f«-r
! l,l"M' mrnetde. ; Funii he| of 0Tygcn to the „y8.em
ALLOWAY & OHAMMON, w.mhipeo jWJofcfen --,;--»»'•-^
I Brlgnt'i DuobHi and many other alsoraera,
fliunti vimlty to lhc nntm by nnlmi-'a
awe, din-own*! by Dr. Sdaeho.  I will far-
I nihil DnmtBOf tho*.* whn Imve benefit. (I  l.y
It In Winnipeg, as well ni dcfctipiivc elron-
Ian to thoao applying.  ShMph'cis In each
town witnhil. Adtln-iti W.T.OililHiD8.(}riiiu
Eiohango, Winnipeg. Mr. Juhn Bntler,
Wl nlpegolla,wrlioei "Vt.ur O'l'dnnor m h
wonderful iimi,: and hn-j umdc n new mun uf
tuo. 1 havo fil-n emud ono mnn In eight
hours of a bud c*» of luuibugo."
j   Done.
"I don'l enro !
iw Revere n r
lid  i-."
naiil tho man n
io wns not a
from one, "1 efli
ge\ rlil of li
'. day."
!    "So ran 1," rep
led lhe mnn «
eftrrylDg three i
ocltei handlti
!.'. '
, "tint eiik-ldn Is !<
nicnont to nu'
"    i  ;
i eggo PoiL „-\       !
> Lodge
,.:!*> 111(1
it nt t
en i rt-
i.!i.,*i Htrtn'i
mm lag
Odd I'.
enrtlUllJ Invited
,      J,
. Pink,
A   I.
V, II.
Bee v.
...Fishing Tackle...
Tackle Beattie.
Post Office Builiinj.
t     LOCAL
A * A * ft A A ■*• -A * * •*>
Picked  l'|i About the City   by
Questions  of  Mauy  Pcop:
'nt*. .I.i y.
ney Morley
.- morning.
e Macleod,
s in townS
pipe die
mi to thi
was n visitor Lo Fort
raa a visitor tn Moyie
x Mayor of Palmer's
,     Will   the  finder
i oflice?
. niechanirtil inspect-
s in nil varielles nnd
i new ti^nr store
sl strawberries of Mil* season
ale at Crtlghtou's this wetk.
for setting from
P. McConnell.
prairie country, end laid over here with
theut t<> feci and rest up.
Mis. ti- M. Med hurst went cast, to llie
territories, Hus week, for an extended
visit »i*h friends and relatives,
The Port Steele Mercantile Company
will boou make extern-five Intproveueuta
in their store-buildingi by enlarging their
salesroom nud makiug other alterations
nud additions demanded by their large
nud Increasing business, ■
Constable Morris is developing into a
aprluter of ua menu ability, and the
younger •■purls iu towu will have to look
to their laurels in tbe races on D-Jtuin*
iou day U Mi Mottlsdecldes to run—
and the ToCe course te clear.
Rev. Mi. Forlson will be inducted as
permanent pastor of ibe Presbyterian
church May io, al which lime the Koot-
eiuiv Presbye-y wi 1 ssserable in Craubrook, Mr Kortson has the reputation
of being mi able expoutider ofthe Christian faith.
icre, Khnberley's ener-
■■s in vnwu Tuesday nc
Mis. IKstinere.   Charlie
Ims "i-Huglit its secourl
s soon goiny to give Cran*
in ndvflll -en-cut.    Snrress
sad Its enterpiising people.
,.'.iiR, who has been supply*
i oi the Prcrsby terlan church
moutliB, returned t > college
last Monday. Mr. Latin
ie satisfaction to Uie nuin-
u'id v while in Cranhrook,
ml him .elf to tie a Christ-
:e as well as in theoiy
be to lay for people ovethuideilid with
co n of Hr- realm and boozuritio, adding
to tbeir Itock of the latter and deparat-
iti-,! them from their stock ofthe former.
At ihe lockup there was found in the Intoxicated man's pockets about J85, and a
belt well filled with gold coin strapped
about his body.
....G. H. GILPIN'S....
fhniles Est
ijCtlc hustler, 1
eoiiipiuiid by
savs Kimberh)
wind" H-ntl Is
brook n race i
10 Kimbet'e
Rev. Mr, I
iiu the pulp
and tnlw
1 Leghorn eggi
George Golden, font
but biter of Pernie, wi
>rly of Cranhrook
111 town the past
1 Win
id also pi
Julius Hur*.-!, the A don i .1 of South Kast
Kootenay,   was   down from  Kimberley
Harry McVittle were
vals  mi   Fort Steele
Enle Small and
distinguished an
Monday night,
\V. ti. Anderson
passenger nv( ll1 w
brook yesterday.
J. R Costigan,
absent on 11 trip I
is political business.
Rev. C McKlllop, of Lelhbridge. will
occupy the pulpit of the Presbyterian
church Sunday next.
\V. II. Allsworlh and wife, of Toronto,
: participants in the joys of Happy
of Kelson, C. P, R ,
is a guest of the Cran-
y C . of Cranbrook is
1 the coast; some say it
Cranbrook tills 1
Miss Jennie McKlllop, of Lethbridge,
is visiting with her niece, Miss Bessie
Bremner for a few days.
Dave Eckelsby is behind the prescription counter of the Cosuiopolltauju the
absence of "Dt." McNeil.
Contractor O. Lund, of Spokane, "ihe
picture of his father," has returned
from 11 tiiu lo the Palls City.
Intelligent, plenranl, and healthful
exercise—billiards and pool at McVtttie's
parlors in the new Waits block.
Mr. aud Mrs, Gilpin, accompanied by
Mrs, Iiiuiaii, were guests from Port
Steele at the Craubrook yesterday.
T. II. Hill, a Vancouver traveling man,
and brother of Will and Kd Hill, of
Cranhrook, was in town ll.is week.
A free, easy smoker, delicious tobacco,
these are lines npon which cigars in Mc-
Vltlie'sstore are built. Walls' new block,
Card-rooms, quiet and pleasant; to
" alufffiends" would'say McVitUe'sdecks
hold a heartsolo for each deal. Walts blk
Henry Parker, of Alberta, arrived Tuesday, an I will co-operate -.villi his brother
in the operation of ihe cily water works.
Al Jones, the well known prospector
and non worker, is up in tlie Sullivan
district doing work on claims there
owned hy himself.
James A. Young
Toronto and Andre
Cranhrook Wedncsd
. M-Mn
and A. C. Gilpin of
• R. Tuffts of Van-
lilli" guests of the
.-v Taylor have re-
ions at the brickyard and
nre 300,0 io brick luimedl-
e if neede I.
will ur
ately uml 1
Jimmie McNeil of ihe "Cos", accompanied by Will Tierney, is at Windermere for a brief vacation and rest from a
long spell of arduous duty.
Jack Llnehnn, a well known business
mnn throughout tbo northwest, was
Blinking binds with a number of old
Hm*' frieuds on lhe depot platform last
L.sl Tuesday CoiUr.idor Greer went
to Moyie to start men to work on a large
ire box for Mclnnes & Co 's market
that place, and also to put the finishing
touches ou the market itself.
T. It Hill, of Vancouver, and W, I)
Hill, of Cranbrook will depart for a visit
to J. Hill, ol Lelhbridge. cm Sunday.
They will nlso visit olher points east,
combining business wuh pleasure.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard* and family de*
parted last Sunday for Winnipeg. Tlie
best wishes ol Cranbrook people went
with them and il is s-ifu lo sny nil of
tlu-ir many acquaintances regretted their
Mr. Robbins, fot mer ly propilelor of a
](very slhhie at Wnrdner, was in Craubrook a day and nlghl recently. He
now resides ai Greenwood where he and
hia bioiher conduct an extensive livery business, having 50 or more horses
in almost roiislaitt use, He waa going
hack with a carload of 1000 pound saddle horses which he had secured in Ihe
lau '.11 pracitc
Governor Hanson, of the Province of
Wasa, -,*.'.« i.i towu briefly yesterday
morning, looking as genial as ever. He
Bays he lias promised all the boys iu liis
piinclpalily that he will close down the
whole shooting malch on Dominion P<ty
and bring thein to Cranhrook to enjoy
one of ilie greatest celebrations011 eatth.
George Utltlard is asuccessas a blacksmith, but when it comes to lhe sciences
he does not succeed so well, although
the other day he gave evidence of heing
a student In astronomy and had a verv
good map of the "milky way" laid out
in the front pul of his anatomy, where
he could study it aud lose no lime nt the
dinner table.
Tommy Rookes is still mourning the
disappearance of those satin pants v Inch
he hadn't sat in but ouce. So is Ran-
'Jn; when he thinks of it his noble Roman brow wears a cloud of sombre hue
and deep wrinkles give it the aspect ofa
sheet of corrugated iron; his breath
comes thick and fast and he pants for the
return of the unmentionables.
A second seizure of timber along the
line of the Crows Nest branch was made
a few dnyi since by the order of the
premier. This mailer was thought to
be settled, the C. P, R. having paid, or
tendered payment ,of the damages
claimed by lhe government, although
under protest. Tilie protest the government refused to stand, hence lhe second
Constable Humes passed through here
Monday wilh two prisoners—one, Alex-
aitder |Praser, convlctei here recently
for robbing a freight car in the Cranbrook yards, and sentenced to six
months in j nl at Nelson, The other was
llie Slav recently convicted for stabbing
a 111:111 at Penile, and sentenced to three
years in the penitentiary at New Westminster,
"Non-Conductors" Pushee and Noble
took their departure a few duys since,
for the States, where they will enter the
service of some nt the large railroad
companies theie, They nre first-class
railroaders and 'jolly good fellows"
whom nil their acquaintances greatly
miss. ' Dr." McNeil, prescription clerk
at Ihe Cosmopolitan, accompanied the
hoys ns far as Movie, where lhey weie
bid a tearful farewell.
Last week, owing to a turn for the bet
ter in his father's health, George Milliard
bad hopes that his life wonld he spared
for at least several month; but last Sunday he leceived woid that the old geu-
Neman had died. He had lived to the
advanced age of Ho years, and out of u
family of ii.puenis and children, he
was the first but oue to die. He was of
powerful physique, as is ihe entire family, George and a younger brother being
the illfaulB, measuring 6 feet and weighing 2uo pounds,
Harry Pollard, a lie contractor of
Goat fell, recently hnd u valuable mule
injured by the C. P. R. He says it was
especially valuable owing to iis s'ze.
He shipped il into the country over the
railroad and although he knew it was a
dandy, he never knew how poweiful it
was, having never weighed it. There
was two of him—the mule—and iheir
combined weight according lo the bill of
lading of lhe C. P. R. was 20,1*00 pounds.
Harry- wisnes he had had him in I.uli-
btnflh a few weeks ago, He thinks of
suing the company on a basis of 10,000
pounds for the mule.
" Long" Oliver Iturge, one of lhe old
hoys of the northwest—there's but few
of that kind left In these days of degeneracy—was in town a few days this week,
He did noi aay so, exactly, but it is a safe
bit thnt down iu llie hollotu of his heart
he wishes that he bad stayed with Happy
Cranbrook. He was returning fiom lhe
hot springs, where he had   been to try
to scald out his old enemy-—rheumatism.
Incidentally) he has got into n new roal
dis. overy but 11 short distance east ofthe
Perille coal mines Hope iheie's a million in il for jou, Oliver.
George Stabler, an old time resident
of Wardnei'. but who has been spending
tbe past winter in Greenwood, passed
through town Sunday on his way to
Wardner, when he has some business to
dose up. He says the Boundary country is full of old WardueriteSi engaged
iu various enterprises, and all, to his
knowledge, doing well. 111 regntd lo
the death of George Cormack, mention
of which was nude in The Herald Inst
week, Mr SUbterinfmued us thnt lhe
cause of death wns cramps of the stomach,  after an IlluesS of only one day,
A well-known old prospector was taken
llUO custody last Tuesday by Constable
Mori is and locked un for his own pro'velum. He was cclchrallug, and had ac-1
cun 1 undated an overstock of "Oh, be
Joj ful," and was being trailed by several -,
whose principal occu, allot] is suid to
Nelson is to have a base-ball club.
Roll's saw-mill, al Rossland, has been
destroyed by fire,
Pour of the sii 10 horseboi'ers for the
Lekoi fine bave anived at Rossland.
Residents in the Northern addition of
Ros'iiiid fear an outbreak of diphtheria
Some vandal is playing havoc with
the llowei-guideus of ihe residents of
The Silverton Water and Light Company has been incorporated wilh a capi
lal of $30,000.
Miss lvv.i Booth, a celebrated leader
iu Salvation Army ranks, was In Ross-*
1 md two days last week.
Ailhur Tinder, who lefl Kaslo recently
toj iin ibe St ml henna Horse, has come
lu lor a fortune of $500,000.
The Crowa N st Coal Company uow
employ ubout 700 men, and contemplate
opening i.ew mines at Michel,
The C. P R eugineeis h ve gone to
Kaslo mid mien preliminary steps toward lhe extension of the Lardo road,
The cooks and waiters of Nelson, to
the number of 69 met recently lu Miners* Union hall and organized a union.
R. P, Macfarlane, superintendent of
the Taniarac, near Nelson, fell down a
shaft last priday afternoon, while exam
ining a propetty,
R. Somes, a C. P. R. engineer, was
recently killed near Ileavermoulh. Tlle
train encountered a roekslide, lhe engine
rolled over uud dished the uuforlliuate
Kh-.!o Koolenaiauj They say tbat an
Italian cau smell a railroad contract 100
miles off. There have been several of
the natives of sunny Paly iu town the
last few days and there is a pretty well
defined rumor that the Canadian Pacific railway will continue their woik on
the Lardo line this season.
This department has recently been repleted with a magnificent
NECKWEAR, HOSIERY, ETC. Jt Jt Jt        jt
We are strictly " in it." Our prices arc "reasonable." You will
be astonished at the hijjh prices you have been paying elsewhese
for Men's Furnishings when you get our quotations.
Manager !»
**\ 't
Opp. Bank ol
Commerce jt
A Great
American OU Co.
Imperial Oil Co.
Tbe public are requested to see tbey
are supplied with Coal Oil of the first
gride. "T. -ft P." American Oil company's produci, lar superior to any other
brand in the market. To be bad from
all stores in Ctaubrook and hast Koote
James Kerrigan & Co.
Importers and
Selling Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININd TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quanlrcll, Bud-horn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
i^^bub^yb0ufJ?n' Lotsfrom $125=$400
Apply   Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
,,<fl-P*-l*1l'P.,'tAf 1*f«-.-M*.*"l*"HI"!-.
Planing Mill
•nnSash and::
Door Factory
Soda water In siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  „<* Doors j* Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing jt Turning
Fernie Free Press: And still Mr. Mar
tin claims that the liberals as a party are
not divided will, regard to him as a leader lie should have been hete Monday
Fernie Free Ticss: Though nine men
oul of len tell jou thai lhey are not going lu lake au a live pari in politics this
yea-, there is no doubt but that everyone
does lake a diep interest in what our
future Government will be, whether a
cntspaw for capital or a champion for
people's rights, and though we may differ in our political opinions there is no
necessity for us to be enemies for life,
ready to cut each other's throats, for
although some people support the man,
Ihere are n great many wbo have the idea
that principles me the first consideration
and the total composition of a party generally is a good criterion of the party's
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby giveu that the partnership heretofore twisting between M.
II. Parrott, of De Win ton, Alia., and H.
Parrott, of Cranbrook, U. C, doing business under the firm name of l'arrott
Orolhets, has this day beeu dissolved by
consent uf b-tdl) parties.
M. H. Parrott
H. Pairott
Dated this 35-h day of April, 1903.
A Keen, Clear Brain.
Your best feelings, your social position
or business success depends largely on
lhe perfect action of your stomoch and
liver. Dr. King's New Life Pills give
increased stien^lh, a keeu, clear brain,
high ambition. A 25 cent box will make
you feel like a new being. Sold by R.
ti. Beattie, druggist.
From Hin F.tc 1 icss.Ajir I.7-
Mr. William Kschwlg, ofthe Northern
is still confined to his bed wilh n severe
attack of pneumonia.
On Monday night of this week the
Canndiau order of Foresters instituted a
court at this place. Tbeie was a large
list of cbartrr members.
Mr. Sam Miller and family left on
Tuesday lor Port Hill, Idaho, where be
will engage in the hotel business. Mr.
Miller is a thorough hotel man, and ia
ceitain lo make a success of it.
N. F, Hinchley has the job of fixing
up thc tecreation grounds, and during
the past week has plowed Ihe whole of
it. Ii will be thoroughly harrowed to
take out (he roots, and then lev-Hid an
rolled until it is In good shape for all.-
letic sports,
The nodal event ol the week wa-^ the
marriage 011 Wednesday of Mr. J. W.
Ciaue, staiiomnaster at Foit Sleele
Junction, and Miss Jessie, eldest dauj(h<
ter of Mr. A. K. Farquharson, The
ceremony was performed by Rev. D.
I. Gordon, of the Knox Presbteriau
church, iu the presence ofa host of
friends. . , . . A large and beautiful collection of presents testified to the
popularity and worth of the bride,
A Fast Bicycle Rider
Will often receive painful cuts, sprains
or bruises from accidents, Buckleii's
Amica Salve will kill the pain and heal
the injury. It's the cyclist's friend,
Cues chafing, chapped hands, sore lips,
burns, ulcers and piles. Cure guaranteed. Only 2SC* Try it. Sold by R. E.
Beattie, druggist.
q Will lie a aioothig "f Ilia Monica Com-
hts in*. 1 in triiuurook nn Mny uitiitn
■ Um up ll.-aiimi for u transfur 11/ the
llflil Ity .Joyce IlrmliCHOf tlio
"   iiluank, ta.liies Ilurel or
fli.l llul
mo plnco,
1 a'R« lui onslilorllionpalloatlon fur a Irani*
ill- I.i *e lii'M  hy lii*.ir»e .lulu-sun, ut
idorlil Hotel, l-'ernh*.  o .I.m.-j.Ii ML, hell of
mo place. 11. W, ftAltNKi
lUtltil at roll Sleele, ll.T
, A 111 I ..it, ID-HI,
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Muck near... Hie   Umpire  9>*
KimltL'i ley Consolidated, loe
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Insjector lor C. P. St.
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
The best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $1.00 per day.
Picture frames in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding: to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
a-^f-^riirL'e (lours east of Postofliee.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will It be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribe)   $2.00.
CRANBROOK, • Britfeyolumbia.
■PDA lVIRD-AOI^ l5 the divisional point of the Crows
^/IV*!^ DKVUIV Nest pass Railroad.
■T^t'-a'nHl^n-nl^ Has a I0°sta*" round house, large machine
wr-ttllUrUUlV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook Is the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
Por further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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