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Cranbrook Herald Dec 18, 1902

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Array ^
VOLUME   .">.
Photo Frames
The resting place of absent
friends mul hived ones. Oui you
ever see 150 photo frames? Call
nml see ours. If we haven't what
yuu wont it isn't made, lor ive
bought from oil the lending firms
Mother and Pa ther
They mny he enst or south,
."villi them something to show
that you remember them ami appreciate the fact thai Ihey acted
San.a Clous fur yuu. They will
appreciate it and yuu will he doing the hest act of your life
Brie a Brae
We mean fancy articles of
china and dell, I'hey add to the
appearance of home and reflect
your good judgment and taste.
We have many novelties in vases,
eperques, mulch safes aud novelties of all kinds.
Ink Wells
are the never fulling gift
at Xmas time. We have 46 different varieties in wood, metal
gold plate, marble and glass,
from 25c to is-
in plenty from 6oc to $2.50.
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Leather Goods
After all they are the longest tasting present you can give.
Dressing cases, jewel cases, writing cases, collar and cuff boxes,
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.lust a word about purses,
flood purses eost money. Don't
expect a g.M.d article for $. or Sj;
ynu will he disappointed in a lew
month*.. I'ay a lair price and yet
a good article that wltl hold your
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Man's silent friends. It Is
useless to attempt to tell you
ithout them. We never handled
books till this year. Now we
have everything. Have a look at
the poets. Lizard binding, acorn
binding, burnt leather binding,
and dozens ol other styles. We
have laid in a special stock of
children's books this year. All
the newest, best and most attractive that the great American
houses turn out.
Hair Brushes
are suitable Xmas gifts II
they are Loonen's of Paris with
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tooth and flesh brushes are also
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Our holiday stocks in the past have been good, but we can
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In our store we are showing fancy goods, books, leather goods,
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Our toy slock is so large Ihis year we had to secure outside quarters and
are showing it in No. I sample room, Cranbrook hotel. We have the largest and
best selected range ever shown. Quantity makes a difference in price when buying toys and we bought the quantity. They arc going fast and we would advise
you to buy early and we will deliver Christmas eve. We positively guarantee
better prices in toys thun any house in South East Kootenay. Inspect our slock,
buy if satisfactory, otherwise no harm done.  Yours for best goods, lowest prices
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cards. This year we are hand"
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Bibles and Hymnals
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you seen our $35 pipe? Come in
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We are not going to attempt to tell you about them. We
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You must come and see them to
appreciate the variety t>> the
way, did you ever see a 16 inch
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For Baby
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tt ..i »»t tttttt**********tf
i ...MEMORIES** {
*   ^
t   WITH    Til K    ll KDSK1XS  3
4t 1*
U has beeu ithout ou yean- .-luce the
Roman Culhollc mlssionatle* made theii
m)|j»-miunit- in llie dish ct Tlie iiioiiti
tm*nt nf Father iie Smel, who crossed
tin- Rockies in iS.ji. nenr the head nf the
Kootenny river, is yet to be set 11, con
slating of a cross, covered with mots nml
surrounded mih stones, Men ot learning and observation ihey weie, mnl ?iit**i
seeing   Ihe  timbers  of   Hie vullcvs, llie
foimttloii ot the mountains, ilu* toys
Bin) ornaments ni lhe Indians, made < 1
galena, gold tjuarlz ami nml, the)
prophesied iimi the Knot on ay wan lo
iltaw die attention nl ilu- world
Tlie Redskins ill n hail ihelr camps
scattered around what is lodaj called
Tobacco Plains, hum .1 little paicli ol
ground where lhe weed of nhicb lln
Indians an* so 1 mi, ..ni tlw ving lav
in ably
The In ffilu was tlie greatest so-vl mnl
resource nl the K-niennv Indians, who
would cioss ii.e  n iiiiiins tin   Iliem
Tin. liu*  Itliulii .ot    I  lt|ood Indians
nni   mil   like   nt  "II. nml SCI lulls li  Itlei
would ensue, a d nltlin gh Uu I. *
I mi were fewei lu number, the) would
e .me out   vtetotloil ;   lln- mie   was (Ive
II nek root fm imr Kontenay
lln- inWiiounritis iirtu k hy the int. Hi
stiuctlon of houses mid fences, beside
St Joseph creek with ample supply for
In 1X73 Father Fouquet, wiih Brother
Hums, landed on the spoL where the
mission stands now. In a short timet
log cahln was up, divided in four com-
part 111 en is for the ground fl ior, and
sleeping ace- uimodatluns upstairs, The
•titling r.itmi was separated from the
chapel hy a folding door, thus giving
Splice foi quite a huge audit nro oil Sun-
I, llle by tittle Ihc Indians came to
I'liilil llieir hnnies around tbe mission on
he ground bought of the g 'vernmeitt
iiy the Pothers, and In 188a helped the
Pa titers put up a log church, 30x45, and
hr-gall to lill ihe On.I hore Hint there till-
Ill a reserved land was alioted to ihetn.
Pit ther Poiiqnet had an assistant priest,
mil the spiritual wants ol ibe whiles, as
well as tlmt ol tin- Indiana ol Tobacco
1Mb I in*., Windermere ami Kootenay lake.
M'te attended,
Tho ini'MiHiBiles understood well ihsi
ihe only wny tn qiflbte a nation Is io
educate Hie y.uili. Inn how to come tn
that   since   the  parents would spend the
greatest pmt of ihe yeat in hunting, sud
how to take the children as boarders,
should they remain «i school when they
■aw tht-ii parents starting fo* the hunl,
tniw 10 ti'i'.l Hit-in hiiiI clothe itieot when
supplies weie  sn U nee I lain   ami so dear.
I'he solution was the necessity ol farm
ing on a greatei scale, am! stock rala Its-.
At once a Rom uml whs s nt Iiii. a tutnl
1 cattle biouglit from Walla Walla, a
log house erecied for school purposes,
Itui where lo gel teachers?   Application
w .s made !0 have sis'eis I inin llie slntes,
um when they lescbtd S iml Point, Ids
lio, Iiy lhe N 1 hem Pacific, ihevcnulil
1 ot iimi ihc 11 way to Kootenay ami th y
Through the influence of the Fathers, fathers' house insisting that ihey pre-
Isidore brought lhe accused Indian to vent bloodshed, Fathers Richard and
court on the day of the ass zei, and not   Vocco]n then went to Isidore, and over-
.   1       ,       .       .,,      _ _     . , „'ttires  were  made lo iho chief, who ail-
being  found guilty,   was set free.    Hut 1
,    ,   „ ...      I swered:    "Next   year   I   shall   go nud
the Indians were exasperated aud order-      . ■     ,    .   ,        , ■ ■     ,
tplow on my Inml nt  Josephs prairie; 1
ed the constahle aud several others to   Would rattier  die by a  bullet  than of
ii'l j Btarvailo
leave the district  within 24 hours,
this tbey bad to do.   A number of young {
ulo,  "there Is
; and il  is  the beat tu the cniintr^*. g:qA
I soil, splendid mendowa  nnd Imyienae
pastures,  and  besides  aboul   *f5'»   cash
reiice and titniuess nl these Itiiti.uis.
in si de red it a good Held lo ca t the
seed of Christianity, who«e fruits are
civili/aiion, good moral* ami a happy
life. Years afler years the missionaries
cattle to instruct I tie 1 stives, but owing
to their roaming disposition, tin mission
v-as established or building put np,'lf
we except the small log buildings whose
foil nd atl oils can In* seen yet.
On about 1863, lhe excitement of lha
Wild Horse creok plnoern attracted
thousands of whites, unit as th.' Indians
were employed for picking, th re followed llie establishment ni pt-rmaneul
camps In Ibe upper Kootonay The
mlfsinniirlca did not litJflH tin* chancr lo
settle down and do sol id work Tne St.
Mary*, valley appeared to ilu m lo he Die
ideal spot for a mission. Ths pnlllt wi.11
cen rally situ .led wiih good Iambi coV-
rcd with siidi.* cut   t.tui*' for the   con-
went to some of the surrounding new
towns to tench, just then srtious trouble arose between the whites ami the
redaklns, and lhe school prospects were
In 1887 the remains of two whie men
hml been I- uml on the ro:.d bum Wlu-
dei mere to Golden; Indiana were bus*
peeled and one of them was at rested and
put In Jul al Port Sleele (then Gal-
brnltllB Ferry), The Indian chief, Isidore, displeased wiih this proceeding,
slatted al lhc head of 30 men, all a-liiei),
ami 011 tbe nil) of March, 1HH7, broke
the jail nml let the prisoners free, say'
ing: "If any of my men do wrong, I
am witling (o have them punished, but
it was not rigbl thai, without any proof,
Indians should be put in prison became
while men are found dead. How many
Indiana had beeu found dead yet no
while   man   was   ever   put   iu jail,"
e,"   said   Father
fear of starvation
bucks, i*.Uitin ***l*-»r»i*»H*» nl »l«* 1...11I1U- I us long hs I am here, I have seen the
some limes, started in ou a career ol | B(lu*-r<- mile ol bum the. m. j.
Ksuib ing and drinking. This was ion
much for the sectuity ot the whiles, and
the mounted police were sent for, and
soon a gairisoo of ubout au hundred men
ui der the command of Major S'eele, arrived, und established thru barracks at
Port Steele. Bui Ibe young bucks look-
etl wiih envy upon He beautiful guiis,
horses aud saddles ot the redcoats, and
wi uld have only been loo ghul to tiy
th ir strength with them The pru
ib nre end fi 1 nines* of the cr-millHiidei
Biurd the situation and pi even led conflict of any kind,
tin the iti of November, 1887, Father
Fouquet was replaced by Father Coc-
colo, who, belug an old friend of the
ni ijor and other oltii era, would give the
Sundays iti ttnti, one to the garrison in
F..rl Steele, and the other to ibe Indians
at the Mission. Hut the Indians fctind
fault wltb thc priest because of hi
tiieml*.bip wiih tbe police. The prleti
then gathered all the natives, and told
th. m that being the fatbei ol both Indians and whites, he wanted Hi. ui to
live friendly; (hat the mounted poller
had come uol to abuse Iht in, but to pro
teel tlltui and keep older. Some o! tht
Indians wete vexed al the rriilatks anil
tod lhe ptiest thnt tliey had driven
white men out of the country before ami
could drive him out to, 'Nothing ol
lhe kind," said ihe piles! coolly. "A
li.iht'1 never leaves his children, and
good children never abuse (heii father.
and belug sent ihe<e by bis supeiiors.
ihe piiest would die, but uol go, am!
they  ciuld   kill tutu at  once it tb. >
wished " That brought the Datives
to belttt senses, ai d even attached them
to the Uew piles!. Sunn the baud ol
v. uiig bUCk•, who were so unfitly, separated, ih 1 king and gambling wa-
t becked and eveiyibliig seemed 10 ap-
prat peaceable, wheu Double tuoke uUI
at*-tin Colonel Baker bad bought the
i 1 a 11 brook estate, and when he came to
fence the prattle Isidore and his men,
who weie living foi years on the t-nsi
comer of the purchase, opposed and ottered resistance. In order to avoid
Double, Major Steele, who was called to
settle the dltlicully, selected some good
laud on the  west side of lhe Kootenay
river and asked Is'dur to abandon Cran-
brotk and move  his family there.   Bui
Isidore would give no satisfaction and
messengers wer* at once dispatched to
West  Kooienay and south to Flathead
to havt all tbe Indiana rise up and diive
tha whites away.   The priest   waa in
formed);aecrelly by some of lhe good old
lutltaua, and prevented Ihe rising.    Bui
even then Isidore would nut go away
from Ctaubrook.   At  last Major Steele
sent him an ultimatum to lie translated
to   him by the appointed interpreter.
The contents were to the effect tbat Isidore tnpst leave Cranbiook at ouee ami
In reiurn a square mile of good laud with
Irrigation ditib, would lie given him,
and he ahould lie paid for all the lur
provemeuls that he or his people bad
made.   And if he did uot leave, Major
Stasia would piocecd with bis meu aud
loica blui out. Isidore would not answer.   Then the iutcrprttor came to tb
1 ou'lll.l: COCCOLO
for   yuur   i 111 pr-. Yemenis   al   Ciaiihrnok.
Why ihoutd you expose v ur life and
ihe lives it yuur people? Ymi will he
responsible fur all ilu-   blood he.l I)  fore
1 ami niu 11 " * Vetv well." answered
Isidore, "1 nm hound 10 follow the
piiesi's advice."
Peace was then established In lhe dis-
net, ami in   lhe fall  nl   1888,   nud   llie
police relumed lo ilu- northwest,
Then our BCfti O1   pi'j els weie to he
urtiid  on    Tbe government realized
that 11 was ea-lei ittul cheaper to ClVllUe
the Indians by schools than by the
sword, and iu October, 1890, llitee commodious building-, one lot lln* Inys, oik
for lhe girls uud lhe thud lor (he stall
■Vic  coiiipleleil       It   wns   uol   without
trouble 1 hut the parents could in* Induced
to let the ihil.ben com*', thoiijh ihe sis
tats had ctiuigt* ol the schools. Hut
when Ibe children appeared wi h their
new suits, healthy uml lnt, everybody
was p'eased. As soon ns they con ii
speak Kngllsh a band master wns secured from New Westminster, and since
concerts have been given by the boys in
all lhe (owns ol 10st Kootenny, ami
some of Albertn. Firm the beginning
the school has been n success. Tbe
oichitid, the huge ganleii, lhu fields
that surround the building ate a proof
ihat teut'bets antl scholars have not been
idle, ami those who Imvu lefl school d tl
HOI forget the training. They ure uow
building com fort libit* cottages for tbem
Belves nml their liicnds.
number ol pupils is 60, p
the five bands lhat cnillpl
nay tribe, so that uvery
beneficed by then hool.
lu working bo the RrtUklns ihe uils-
Blon did not neglect Ihe whiles who
were visited at thelt tin 111 CB leguUily
twice a year,  Irom   Wmdeiinete to Nel-
Thc nvcrag
Ickttl up fiom
ibc lhc Koote*
band will he
son and Robson, West Kootenay. Iu
sickness or accident the priests hud to
act as doctors of the body as well as of
The prospects on Perry creek in 1S88,
tbe great Noith S ar in 1892, and Ihe
Sullivan group shortly after attracted
men of all nationalities in the distin (.
The mission being tbe central point
was the (■.'ii.-mi modesvnus nn.l many a
nighl the house wis so crow.led ii.-.t it
was impossible to walk on the floor
without stepping on some of tbe fatigued and sleeping travellers. Miners
were coining to tl.e mission to receive
medical treatment from tbe fathers wiih
tbe school sisters as noises. Il became
necessaiy lu put up a new and larger
lu use, with comfottuble rooms, which
was done in 1H93.
A larger aud belter chinch was needed, t ut where to get the money was a
bard question to solve. Divine Piovi-
detice came lo the rescue. The priest
had told the Indiana to prospect as the
Indians were doing, and not long afler
Indian Pete came In with a piece of
galena lhe size of an egg, hut would not
tell where be had found it. He said
that they always accused the Indians of
H/uiess and he wanted to see what the
priests were good for, and for tbem tn
go smi see where the prospect was.
This tbey did, In company with Mr.
C onto, who happened to be visiting
the district. Patber Coccolo, under the
leadership of Pete, left for Moyie.
Prospectors had notice of that antl they
were on the watch hut were left he-
bind Tbe place where Pete bad louud
tbe galena was not very encouraging but
the troppings were good Indications aid
three claims were staked, the Sl. Eugene, the Peter and the Loreto, Men
were put at work and lhe ptuspects took
the appearance of a mine, which ai last
was sold and wilb the proceeds I'ele hail
a house built and his farm slur ked.
Tb-j balance went lo build the beautiful
new church that ta the pilde of tne na
lives ami the admiration oftbewtiit. s
Since peace wsb established helweMi
the whites aud Ibe Indians, and ih In k
tug and gambling lias been checked, the
Indiana have p-onpend The mbsioii
brought iu lhe distiict legisteicd stock
which has greatly impioved the lli-flcl
ami cuttle, uud the   progress is i<'ina0.i
The construction of the Crows Nesl
railway necessllaied a larger hospital,
witn flciiomiiioilatioiis for 40 pa'i.uis.
nut during au epidemic of fevei Sl patients were Heated it one linid, ami
hundreds of miners and rallroatb i*-
would have peiishe.1 aad it not been fo<
the St I.tigeue hospital, uml the Sisters
of Charity had won the a (lee. Ion of tlie
public. After Die conatructiou of the
North Star branch, (lie St. Fugene hospital ceased lo be in a central locality,
ami tbe sislers built another iu Ctan
brook, much larger and more comfortable.	
The adv nice in Craubrook is the opening of the Workingiue.ua clothing stoic
mi ihe corner of the Victoria house opposite the depot. Our motto Is small
profits uud quick returns, high value
and low prices. F Umiruyt, Prop.
jJk**i********************f. 1
BY .1. I". AllMSTIIiiNO
Ymi hnve asked uie to give a few facts ;
ennceruiug the condition of South  Ka»l I
UouUn-tj- M| the, tune   l   wis  appointed J
go vert tu*.'tit agent.   It was in 1S95 and un
dlsirici then ixtemled from ibe northwest boundary line 10 the Big Mend  ihe.
Columbia and from the summit  of the j
Rockies to the Minimi of Selkirk.   What;
is now Smiih l*Jasl Kooten a j was known
as the  Port Steele  mining division, its
guvcri.lliutll 1 111  inls were C   M   Hdwanb
milling recorder mul II \V Barnes constable. Tin-justice o( llie pence were
T. T McViltle, P. P  Norbnry and Ur
McLean   all    residing   nl    Fort   Sleele
Mlchttol Phillips waa a stipendiary mag-
isirale   ami   Or   McLean was also   the!
coroner.    The holders of liquor licenses
were Chas. Levitt   at   Fort Steele  audi
Nils Hansen at Wasa.     The only   saw-,
mills »ete those of Robert Mather bi
part Steele and Nils Hanson ut Wa*.a
Th.* si.Miner Aiinetlev and Gwendoline
were running 011 the Kooteuay, tbe foi-:
met (rum Fort Steele and Jennings,   lhe
latter from   Fort   Steele to  Calm]  Flat.
The season of navigation lasted about
four monlbs am) during the rest   of   the
year, nil communication Willi llle outer
world whs   by lhe WSgOll road   lo  <lol-|
den on the main  line of the C,   P   R   ,
The other roads then in existence were;
from   Fori  Steele   south wards   in   Hull
river, westward   to   Cranbrnok  with  a j
branch to the Miitdan, and eastward iu ■
St. Marys to Skookumchuck.
The St Kugene and North Star mines
were being developed, lhe latter ino! just
completed lis ore iu.nl and 1 ommeuced
shipping ote soon ;ifier.
All business was cent) red in I ■ ?t
Steele, the only store*] in when else
being those of Hanson at Wasa and
Griffiths at Wild Hor--e. The posl office
at Wild Horse wu sti'l cat .0 "K »te-
11 a> " the old name h*vi 11 g survived from
•ne gout rii>n nr raoq 1 m IHIBToB et-
tahlisbment was then Hurler than at
present, ihe old log church being still
In use. There were seven or eight
ranchers living south ol 1 ■ '. S --■ e Dt
only one white man -■.-.'. ' .' dl I .irr
aud uol one person in th* Klk R ver
val ey. Cranorook was hell up by Hyde
Uaker, bred Hazen and a Ch naman.
A trip 10 lhe railway was long snd
weareSOlUe, particultriy in winter time.
The stage ran once a fortLitht and our
Inei.tl Al. Doyle w.ts :n charge. Il lef:
t*'ori Sleele Tuesday afternoon anil rnak-
lug about thirty five mile-. 1 day landed
us in Gulden on Sundaj morning It
was not fant travelling but he was "ou
time," and we had every opportunity of
becoming well arqusinted with our fe'-
loW travellers ami of knowing the peculiarities ol lhe dl Bet ent stopping   places.
I will not soon forget Mrs Brewer's
cream and pies. Mrs. McKay's p eservea
and Shorty's bachelor cooking.
When we travelled away from the
stage hue we had to take Our blankets
and cooking utensils along for horses
weie few and far between end' llie nii.ii
who eould not cook for himself bad to
run great chances.
ft eat hive heen the changes since
then bill I will let your readers draw
comparisons for themselves,
Frank Oodderla removed his bar)
shops from the corner of the Victoria
huuse to the middle of ibe block. II
has also baih loom, .lining room, ami
lodging rooms iu couueumu, ami every
thing ia up lo date.
Victoria Gulch ou Wild Horse creek,
and lhe Ninth S'nr ore road from the
Landing on the IO.outlay river. Tbe
Dewduey trail extended fr. 111 Cranbrook
loGoal River lauding, a branch running
from Ynhk sla-loii to Bonnera Ferry.
The Tobacco Plains nod Kuslispell were
reached Iiv 11 iniil bom lllll] liver southwards.   The Crows Nest trail  branched
.IT nt Baud P 1. crossed the Elk rivet
near Elko and followed thai stream to
the site ol Feruie and Coal creek to the
COfll mines and (hell across 11 summit to
Michel creek and OroWfl Nest lake.
Fiom Crnnbiook tin re were pack trails
to Weave 1 eieek, Perry creek uud the
Mi'sion, while a rough trail extended
from lhe Mission bridge to St. Marys
lake sud lUOlbel tmm the mouth uf the
South Fast Kootenay furnOhes 3 rich
field (or the historian, and some day the
story of this pnrt of llritish Columbia
will be put into song 111111 praise, There
arc traditions galore, Interesting incidents, ami biographical sketches that
bom a part and parcel of the growth
and development of this section it is
a rich field lor ihc lover of ihe dramatic,
wienl happenings mul commercial de*
velopmeiil, and will make a sloiy intensely interesting to many people.
Soulh Rait Kootenay navei hnd audi
prospects nn the district Ins In mil
year, bvriy industry will he booming
and capital flowing iu, Agents for....
The Mutual Life Insurance Company ui Canada
The Ocean Accident anil Guarantee Corporation. Limited.
of London. Eng.
The B. C. Permanent Loan and Savings Company
The Dominion of Canada Guarantee and Accident Ins. Co.
Agents  for....
The Anglo- American  Fire Insurance Company, of Toronto, Onl.
Thc London Mutual l-'irc Insurance Company
The Ottawa Fire Insurance Company
The Equity Fire Insurance Company, ol Toronto, Ont.
...gifts Tor Everybody..
Tor Brother
An earililv Itoaron
the cltllilren is Chrlati
time.   Do your pan
a.l.l In lln- jsiv. Tin-
uluemof Uu- liu I.'
ia surely Bulllclotit
war.l (sir' yuur Bllgcl
vestment. Suitable
will coat little ut
atort'. A well Bol
Block ni
Cuff Links
Etc., etc.
Tor father
ior   la   pre|i»rln
fail to I
liin,. ll
will ii|'|i
1,1-    S'l'lllll
ili.n'l lilsi' I'XInisneii
Hero v.,ss si.'t tlio oil
tlie «nml   niul   Hi* Ul
above ull, tlio 1
icltile it
llis'lllt    1
Shaving Cups
Military Brushes
Smokers' Sets
Rtc, etc.
Tor Sister
trior what  brothi
Java.   Uui wl
In.!'.'  II
tllillga V
IlllS,'  fl
nl ilu
' M-t.'l
Picture Frames
Itutton Hooks
Nail Riles
Lorgnette Chains
Stick Pins
And    Above    All    Don't    Forget    Mother
W. B. McFarlane hits been taken to
the hospital,    He is not improving.
Born, to Mr. nnil Mrs. Thomas Ward-
mnn, on Thursday Dec, it, tyoj, a girl.
The Bntro Nous club will give Its regular dntii'c next Friday evening, Dec.
The Baptist church Chrtsttnns enter
laiOllieilI tins heen postponed to  Herein
net 3...
For rent, lour room cottage, in wesi
Apply  at   iht
...Wilson, The Jeweler...
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The mth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
mil Uml he
until   .ili.-i
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
pari   ot   to
C M. lvlwiirds bus sent  w
w.ll  remain   in   Hnghtiul
Mask St Slitter hnve sold their nawmi.l
to A ]•; Wtiti, who will tuke possession
In the spring.
Among the interesting articles in ibis
issue ure the advertisements. Don't
fall to rend them.
M. Roclcendorf came down from Mor
rlssey Saturday to help on the Herald's
Christmas edition.
The license board met in Cranbrook
Holiday and renewed the licenses ol llie
ilOlelfl throughout lhe district.
The Rev 1'. H. McHwen, superintend*
nt o| Buplist missions in Biitiih Col*
llillhia was in town this week,
I Rev. Thompson spent Sundiy in S o
| can ciiy, wben he spoke at the unto.ei
i   n ry services ofthe Methodist church
The Sunday school entertainment o
Christ's church will be held at  Wetit-
urth hall on the evening ol Dec. 23rd,
A nice assortment ol tipples such   as
Spys,   Baldwins,  Greenings,   Russetta,
Kings, Bel I Hour nud Ben Davis  ut   Mc-
Married on Dec. 16 li, at the residence
ol the bride's lather, by the Rev. F. W
Auvache, Donald Angus Oampbeil U
Ida tilllan Wallace.
When you are in Moirissey, stop n1
the Big hotel, the Australian, H. L
Stephens, proprietor. The best of rooms
nud Ur* linest meals,
Tom TnrleVi wlio hns been prospecting in tbe I.itnleftu country all slimmer,
passed through town Monday lor his
old home in the east.
Georpe Johnson bus re urned from the
I.ardeau country, where he bus been all
summer. He say» that next jear will
be a hummer in that sectioii.
[ Most women would sooner be out
® ofthe world than nut of the fash*
X Ion.   The newest fashion today is
Y The newest bread today is thc
® It's good antl we wanl It to be*
i, come as popular as the other Gib*
T son effects.    Try a loaf.
f A.  R. GIBSON,
<S The Cily Bakery, opposlie M. B. Church
for your
..Christmas Candies..
Nuts, Tobaccos,
Cigars and Oysters
Everything    Presh   antl   Oood
Caanbrook Block
Key  Cily Lodge
No. ill. Meals every Monday ninlit nl llielr Imllii 1
linker street.   BoJnnriliK
Itally Invited.
M. i>. ititli..^-..
S BY     J.     R.    WALLACE J
Fernie, the chief town of the Crows
Nest I'.iss. IS -diluted
Us junction with Coil creek. In August iHi'7, the Crowa Nest Pass Coul
company located its first rump ou Coal
creek   nnd   during   tile thst   yenr of its
existence, while the railway was being
pusher) through much developement
work wns done under much unfavorable
circumstances. The coul fields of the
distiict were energetically explored und
developed by this enterprising company,
until now the coal and coke industry of
the Crows Nest Pass is one of the most
reliable in the province.
The coul company is operating nt
these points, Michel 2j miles east of
Feruie and Morrissey iu miles west, being the other camps. Ferule is the
headquarters for the company and is
connected with nil the mines by nspleu-
reu is well looked after by 11 stall ol live
teachers, ami u private kindergaiten
teacher. Tne government building is
being enlarged and the government
commissioner, J. F. Armstrong, pays
weeklv visits to tills Important town of
his distiict. Lodges ami clubs lind ready
support in this live town ami many
branches of athletic spurts are enthusiastically encouraged by lhe elli/'lis.
An excellent tecrentlun ground bus been
cleared by tlm Gpa.l-company dining ibe
year and next season pioilllsea tu be  au
n  the Hlk  'river'ylt,'t,,,timilllly   """"""K    om*   '"   ""'
1 athletic sense.   Pernie posscsFOH a sltnt
ing rink that Is well pRtrotlhteil ami a
hockey club that is hard lo beat. The
Pernie Free   Press is u representative
weekly which haa recently hlt.tfl.lf0d «
large cylinder press and turns out lirst
clasB job work.
Fernie Is not booming and never hnd
almoin. I's advantages are not'hard
to Fee without this means' of bringing-
them before the public. The progress
has been steady and permanent and uo
unnatural impetus bas been given 111
business or industry nnd Femie's future
looks bright on the threshold of I903.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
Craahroiik l.od,c, No. JI
A. F. S A. M.
Iti'siuliir meeting, on tli
um,1 Thursday nt tlie
Ylslnaif erethern welcomed.
IIKn. A. I.I mil. Ser'y.
Livery  S
Capital Authorized      S4.IHMI.IHMI
Capital Paid Up
nun .("nuts
t. it. Menltt, President; n. it. Wi
I'l.'silh-lll;     Willi,'.!!!     liilllls.iy,    Ihllh'll
Wllllnm Hemlrle, T. Htitherlun.l May
p. 1:. Wiikii-, (icnend Manage
I-:. Illty. Atsi-tiilit lielier.il M.nili
w. Mntiiit. liisnector,
111 In i1 mli 1
AI lie
uui upwn
Aueillt In Hi
;•: l,i.inii;iril r
.0nny nf iiie ;i
-li'.illii.ilia.    Wi'l.i-kie/1'
smi, Victoria, Vanconvo
iirlini'til    Hi'iiiiHJK  nt
nnil iiitit.■-.! allowed,
lui, Municipal amlotln
luln-bloyil"'. Iinnk, Lli
Ion, .Miu uh.-in niniii
ransfci hy letter, or cab
F. II. MARSH, Manager
Picked Up About Ihe City  by Asking
Questions  of  Many People.
There is n coal famine in lown.
Co toTlstlale for Roblnsou'scboclates,
Tisdalc bus 11 ton of candy  for Christ-
Oet sonic ol McCotniell's choclates lor
great im prowl th the exception of one or two,
J. K. Downes has found it necessary
to provide more room lor bin increased
business, and has secured the comfortable rooms in the burns block ml| lining
the Cosmopolitan hotel, which he is
Gavin Spence ami Miss Flora McDonald, the Scottish enteriuineis, will
appear In Cranbrook Jamioty 5II1, under
the auspices of the choir of Christ's
church, ihc ptdceeds to be devoted to
the Imilding hind.
James Hunter, who has been connect
cd with the Cranbrook branch of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce for the
past three years or more, left last Tuesday for the coast under orders from
headquarters "jimmie" bad a warm
place in the hearts of Cranhrook people,
'ind his departure is n source of aincere
regret on the part of everybody In Cranbrook who knew him, Tbe Herald
joins wilb all In wishing him success in
lhe career iu which he has made such a
gootl start, mid expresses the universal
hope that the changes of time will bring
him back lo Cranbrook aud his host of
, of Morrissey liu-
I Proprietors ** J* J*
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district,
Manager   J*   j*   2*
Rend what J. QIlHi
to sny.
C.et a box of apples lot Xmas ut McCoiuiell's.
W. S. Keay come down from Fernie
Tisdale carries a fine line nf tobaccos
and cigars.
Wanted—Nurse girl, apply to posl
ollice box 214.
M. Phillips, of Tobacco Plains, was in
lown Wednesday.
Oet your Christmas mils and candies
nud oysters at Tisdule's,
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. A. McFarlane,
Saturday, Dec. 13 a boy.
Mrs. C. M. Kdwanls will spend Christmas with Calgary friends.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. 0. P, Cnmbpell,
Saturday, Dec  7, 1902, n boy.
The bent display of confectionery In
Rast Kootenay at McDonnell's.
Wanted—Oood dining room girl. Apply at once nl Cranbrook hotel.
illd telephone system. Ths daily output for the Fernie miners averages about
l.Suo tons and the 424 coke ovens export
500 tons of   ihis important fuel every
ilny. -r-X.-a-withstandinn lhe unfortunate
explosion which In May last killed 13"
C. Nelson, assessor for Smtb East j miners rind badly wrecked one of ihe
Kootenny says tlie towns of the district 1 mines, lhc work of reconstruction anil
show great improvement over lust yenr, ] development went steadily on,nud newer
methods were int induced to increase the
safety of the workman. The mines at
Coal creek are now In better shape for
getting out coal than ever in its history,
and the millions spent iu preparation for
permanent export is soon to bear large
returns. The Great Northern has during the year pushed northward and
tapped the C, I1, It. and available
markets for many lines the present output Is uow at our door,
The lumber industry of Fernie has
during the yenr 1002 made n marvelous
leap into prominance. There are five
up to .1 jte mills turning out a superior
claBS of lumber for export trade. Tbe
limber along the JClk at this point is of
the finest qui I Ity and as yet only a fringe
has Iil'cii cut. Il will be many years be*
but* the axe will be heard up the creek
valleys, the supply iu Flu valley being
so great, This industry necessarily
employs a large number of men and
the busiest season comes in the wintei
when men are laid olf Irom other work.
The mercantile feature of Fernie is
quite in keeping with the general progress in other lines. The long, three
months strike during the summer,
which would have crippled many larger
towns than Fernie, did not embarrass a
single Ferule mercbutit. All business
lines are well represented, none are
overcrowded and lhe trade being well
distributed lhe commercial prosperity
is most marked. During 1902 several
new stores have been  opened   including
Sheppard  .'*-   Flint's hardware)   K. J
Peltier's wholesale feed store, N, C,
Douglas general store and several smaller stores.
The building season bus been 11 particularly bright one. Not till this year
were lhc deeds for lhe lots available and
this vexed question in llie past was detrimental to the building iuterests. As
soon as the deeds were issued  many of
the leading eil teens who had been holding back, at once signed contracts foi
fine residences and the ies 11 It has been a
brisk season for the contractor and a
great Improvement in the residential
parts of Fernie.
Ferule is well lighted by the Coal
company's electric plant and during the
year a new system of water works bas
been pui in which brings lhe water from
Coal cieek about a utile above the mines,
The pipes have been laid to nearly all
the houses, and for fire purposes the
pressure Is very satisfactory. Tbe drainage question is mill unsolved nml it is
hoped by ninny that the town may he
Incorporated at an early date so lhat
a thorough scweinge system may be put
in, ns well as other minor improvements
best muiingctl by municipal government.
The hotels, eight In number, are of a
superior class, two being equal to anything in the interior. The churches,
which represent every denioninatlon,
all creditable structures nnd are well
sustained.   The education of tbe child"
A New Firm,
A. L. McDermot and A. C. Downess
have bought out F, J. Peltier,the wholesale liquor dealer, and will continue lhe
business under tbe fiuii name of McDer
mol \ (lownest. These gentlemen are
well km in 11 throughout the district, ami
will make a great success. Mr. McDermot, has been the customs officer
litre for some lime as his friends ate
legion ull ever South Fast Kooteuay.
Mr. Ilowness is a   more   recent   arrival,
but has a business acquaintance through*
out this section.    Hoth men are hustlers
and their policy will be to give the best
for the money.
Mr. daintier la Town.
\V. S. Gnlllher, M. P. stopped off at
Cranbrook Monday on bis way lo Ottawa, where he is going to press upon
the government tbe necessity of placing
a duty 011 lead. He met a number of
the citizens while here, who urged upon
him the Importance of having a tiie mail
route between Cranhrook and Winder*
mere established, and he will take up
lhat matter this winter.
Tuke notice that the undersigned have
dissolve:! the partnership hete-to foie
existing between them at Marysville, B,
C. under the firm   name of McNeill   &
Clayton.   Edwin J   Clayton continues
lhe business, collects all debts and pays
all liabilities ofthe firm
Dated this 17th, December I002,
Alfred McNeill.
KdwinJ, Clayton.
Cranbrook's spiritual wel'are is amply
provided for with' four pio eslant
churches aud one Catholic.
The Methodist church was *otga* lied
by Rev. George l%.- Smith, * who came
in 1899, and at Hie end nl the lirst year
theie were 50 members and the present
edifice built.    Rev Smith wus succeed-
I by Rev. bowering who remained two
years to be succeeded by Rev S J.
Thompson. Many 'improvement!* have
been made the past year, and the membership Is now 95, wiih a Sin dav school
of 107, and au Kpwurlli League of 40
The Baptists began work in ibis district in iSoy, when the Rev J K Cootn-
bes, visited the neigh bo ih ootl ami held
services in the surrounding count 1 yi Mr.
Coombes was followed at different times
by the Rev. P. -H. Mclvweu. superintendent of missions, w)io, in lquo. ur-
ranged for the settlement in Cranbiook
of tbe Rev. I). Holford, who remained
about one and n half years.
A ciiurcii initial 11 g* Wits erected iltoTtlg
P.ev. ITolford's pastorate, at ii cost of
$3000. lu October -iyot, the church
was opened and Rev. F. W. Auvache,
the present pastor, given charge of the
work. The membership has steadily
increased under Rev. Auvache, nnd the
church is now in a healthy condition.
The Grst work ofthe Presbj terinns in
Cranbrook was done during construction by Rev. Oliver, who acted us mis-
sionery along the Ciov. lie was followed by Rev. McPberson, who collected the first funds for the Cranbrook
church. Kev. Ball cunie next and be
held services in empty store buildings,
but worked with energy for funds for
the church, nnd finally saw the present
building erected, After Rev. Ball's departure, several ministers were in charge
for short periods until January, 19110,
wheu n cull w«" extended to Rev. W. ft.
H. Fortune, whoissiill pastor. Uuder
his charge tbe church has prospered
and the building greatly improved, anil
n handsome manse erected. The church
will be out of debt lhe first of the year
,ts membership has greatly increased,
and it is In a most prosperous condition.
Christ church, Cranbrook, has the
distinction of being tbe first place of
worship erected In the town.   ,
Through the efforts of a fewadhearants
of the church of Kngland a church was
erected 011 Baker Hill in the summer of
iSyS. Al that time, and for some time
afterwards there was no resilient minister in Cranbrnok but the church wa
served by from   Fort Steele where the
Itev. C. Procunler wus stationed and
lids was carried ou until June 190; when
the Rev. Havelock ijgacliem, the present
rector was appointed. Cut ist church
has hail a steady Increase o! cmign-gu.
tion so much, so Indeed that this yeui il
was found neees'-ar}1 to enlarge lhe
church some twelve bundled dolhtis
having been spent in this way.
The Catholic churcti was built here
tluee years ago. It is n modest stiuctuic
nud during the last year il has been enlarged ainl the grounds Improved.
Father Ouelette has had charge, and
the lueiuhei'thlp has largely increased
during the past year.
Do You Wanl SOI?
Or $30, or {20? It so, read this. Hill
Si Co , the bustlers .have a new plan
lliut is ei-reuiely attractive.- They liuve
put $100 in a glass box in their window.
The box is sealed and locked. With the
box there are 2,000 keys, and iu thnt
two thousand there are just three ke\B
that will open the box. For every f$
cash purchase, Mr. Hill gives yotl a
key, or two keys for J.10, nnd so on.
When the 2,000 keys are gone, then
those holding keys will be permitted to
try them. The first one lo open, \vill
take (.50, the second $311, and the third
830. Call iu and see any of the Hill
hoys and they will explain the matter,
Vou might as well have tbe right key na
not. ■   t  .
la Cold. Hold Pilled, Silver ur Nlikel Case.
The long expected stock has
arrived .-   Call early and have
your goods set aside.
W. F. Tate
Jeweler and Optician
niflclal Watch laspeclor Crow Branch C P.R
If you live near Morrissey go to
The Cash Store
J. Gillis, Proprietor
f for anything you want in the way of f
I >
; Clothing, Hats, Caps,
I        Gents' Furnishings,
Tobaccos, Cigars, etc.
He sells for cash and, therefore,
I his prices are the lowest	
I Morrissey, B. C.
(•! 1
®~®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-^)-®-®- -^-®-®-^)-®-®-®-®-®-®-9t-<S-i
SI®l®l®l®l®l®l®l®l®l(SI(l)l(5)l®l® a I (.11 r.' I ti I m 1 rj) I it) 1 (,) 13) 13) 10
V s«i
'    .'resident. Mitnaitlng Director. Secretary,
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.;:;
I Limited. („
No. of Light*.   Dusk to ll   All Niitht
Stores, if. C. P,           1-5 Si.it. $i..1<>
Offices, 16 C. P.             6-15 OS 1.15
Hotels, etc., 16 C. I'. 16 and iinwar d     Ho 1,1.1
s C. P. one-half of above rates
Stores, offices. Hotels and all places of business   $3,311 month
Private Houses      1,00 month
All above rates subjectjto 10 per cent, discount if paid on
or before ist of each month.
Consumers premises wired at cost.
No charge for installing telephones II rental is paid three
months in advance.
Office and Central Station, Cranbrook Block.
®"»i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®iwi®i®i®i®i®i® CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
The Heraltl desires tn give the news or the
dlitrlel.    If yuu know  any nlmiil   yuur town
your mine or ymir people, send it tu this Dlllce.
With the convulsions thai In past ages
wrought suchchanges In the topography
of the earth's surface, bringing about
differences bt ollinatlc conditions, and
placing   within   llie  teach  of   rlvlll/ed
man of today lhe burled ileliei ol earth,
uo pmi of tin* American oontlneui wus
mure l-ivored than that pun lou now
known as South l\ <st Kootenay. No
(minim of this w lei inllv rich province, one of lhe richest areas lu the
woilu, possesses stioh vailed ami mar*
veioni reaonicea, V/nen nue stops to
think thai within tin* boundary Hues ol
tills district there tii>.« vast treasures ol
pieclom metals, with the largest uu
developed 0081 Ileitis on the tVtlierlcan
contiuent, Immense areas oi the beat
of timber, vast tracts of fertile lauds,
every evidence of an oil supply that
will rival the famous districts ol 1'e.tiii-
aylvaula, it.)ii deposits thai are very
rich antl a climate thai la unsurpassed, he can then appreciate tu a
limited eiteni the unquestioned opportunities lhat are presented to those
f.iituuale etiuii^h tu live lu the di.uiicl.
rive years ago the wealth of ibis district was an earnest hope; today It is a
demonstrated fact, Five years ago
S uih Biat K o ten ay had no railroad-,
no greal mines woiklug, no coal ileitis
turning out thousands of tons of coal
aud coke a ween, no sawmills sending
out millions uf feet of lumber, no prosperous towns, no turni. under cultivation; in fact, the district was then a
vast wilderness waiting for ibe energy
and intelligence of mau to lay lhe
foundation fr a vast Industrial emplte,
Aud right well has ihe work been done
lo that brief period, ami under anything bul advantageous circuit h au im
Today ihe tluauclal worl.l it mi iirie.il
with S uih Kist ICiotenay, and capital J
is uow 11 iwlag [ti tu proinoe i he ilevel- |
opmetu of all legl'tmaie enternri-es
Am) ll Is only a betinnlllg. The most
optimistic Indlvbliial can form no a-1- -
tjiiate I- ea of wnat the next tWe and t n
years will bring forth. Tne basl*.
material wealth Is here, In the hi.Is ai
In the valley, and there Is no question
but a few years will transform lhe Kiot*
enay and E k river valleys Into a populous and wealthy industrial dls rlct.
There Is no better place on earth for
the capitalist to Invest bis money, and
there is no section of the country where
energy, rellab lily and Intelligence will
reap such rich rewards It Is a great
Held for ihe capitalist, and thc land of
prnulseand opportunity for ihe young
■*&■» ■:-*:-:-» *.>->>>.-v>3>.*i as ■» ■>* *>>:*;»s>S3a*w« 9 S M* 09 fc-*W 9 B 8*98 >.»
ft ^
Since lhe day  whem thc first  sheds
were built by the C.  1'.   R.   construction
gangs, making the first break on the
prairie, to the present, the growth of
Cranbiook has been steady ami substantial. It Is title that those sheds
hardly marked tbe birth of tbe town,
yet with them came the first signs of
life and actively in what has proven to
be one of the best towns in many ways
ot it* size in the entire province of Bri-
lisb Columbia.
Crnuhrook was picked as it winner by
in.my people right fiom the start,
(nines Ryan came over fiom Port Sleele
with Aligns Morrison, to run tn.* Ciau
tito< k hotel, and limit fiieuds snld   Ihey
weie crazy. The hotel in thine day
mil as large as it Is now, ami il stood
alone on whnt was presumed to he a
Street coiner, A I.eitch was Hiiolher
"1*111/y mnn" in those dnys. lie brought
a suw mill Olllfll lo  Oolden  und  hauled
II by team to Port Steele ami through to
u blllich of timber enst of Cranbiook.
He starlet! to suw lug I timber, uud ull
that slimmer he kept pulling up boards
mitl dimension and lhe Individual, who
nice in awhile wandered Bcrosa tbis
prairie stopped iu 101111/: ment ut what
seemed evidence of Insanity to many.
O ll. Miner, R, 10 lienttie, L. B. VanDecar were among oilier early arrivals
who Ban the possibilities of the future
Cranbrook and drove their stakes to
stay. Mrs. Dtiahue opened the Knst
Kootenay holel, audit wasa long walk
from tbe Craubrook to her place, as
there was not a bulldiug between tbe
two bouses. That was the condit'on in
the early dnys of that summer, and
"Beauliftif Cranbrook" was a hop-; and
a dream, to be fully realized and verified later, not by a boom lo give an unnatural impetus to business only to tile
again, but hy a gradual,  steady growth
III populntinn, in imOuess, in industries,
Is well finished and laid out and provided with all modem and up to date equip
ments. The structure Ib a frame building on a stone and brick foundation,
measuring 72 feet by 48, two stones
high, wiih an attic constituting in itself another one third story. There is
au addition to the main building uieasur*
ing 20 by jo, two stories high, li this
addition are the ki,fh**ri nnd the sisters'
reiectory on lhe fust floor, and on the
Second floor is lhe fever ward, capable
of containing 12 beds, although there
are actually only 10
On the first tloor of the main building
are to be found an entrance hall, a parlor, two wntds for patients, five private
rooms timl » lefeclury for convalescent
puttt-iilit Tlie secoud tloor rontaiim llie
operating and surgery rooms, the drug
stote, a surgety wind, six private rooms
with one or two beds each and a sup
pleinelltuiy kitchen and punitv The
third floor is chiefly ocrupied by the
chapel, the -.Islets' dormitory aud a
Ijtge room lor the male attenduuta of
the hospital. The number of beds available lor the patients ia actually 40. but
In case of necessity 45 patients could
easily be acco 111 miniated.
The building is heated hy hot water
apparatus and is provided on each floor
with bath rooms, water closets of tbe
mosl modern I/pes antl lighted ihiougb
out by e ectrlciiy. Tbe furniture is of
tbe bet-t kind for h. splals, and some
private rooms are richly furnished.
Tne t.p 'ruling room is spacious, well
lighted and equipped in the mast modern style, and challenges comparison
with any 1 pernting room in any hospital ofthe same size.
The hospital is under the direction of
the Sisters of Charity of Providence of
Montreal, a religious congregation, one
ot the chief objects ot which is tbe keeping of hospitals.   The sisters  receive a
HILL & CO.       -       HILL & CO.
Since tbe coming of the Crow tbe residents, of South Hast Kooienay have
been more or less Interested tn amateur
spurts of all kinds, ami in this field, as
in all others, Cranbiook has ever been
to tbe front, and ns a result numberless
medals and trophies attest the prowess
of her adherents. Since 1S99, when
the liist aili let ic organizations were
completed, she has forged steadily ahead
until during the past year public Inter
est hns been aroused to a high pitch,
and lhe different tenuis were liberally
euppoited by sport loving cili/ens.
While the hockey and lacrosse tennis
din not aucceed in capturing Ibe tro
phles played for. they put up games
tbat no town need be ashamed of,and
which, Indeed, Men* n credit 10 ihe lu-
il vlduals composhg ibe same. -Alien it
is considered iimi the most ol the members were ttuiniiieii mul nimble to attend
piHclUe  as ihey should.
Hut lhe crowning gloi y ol CiiinbinoU's
athletic successes wus bet lOO?* baseball
team,    Wulle it bus   nlwnys been a haul
mallei lot the admirers ot this game 10
Induce om citizens to furnish tbence
e-tsary finances iq support a team, the
fad 1 e uih l us tbnl since tin- organli it Ion
oi tbe titsi nine lu 1899 ihe Crnnbrooka
bavc uevei been defeated on llieh home
grounds, ami the past yeoi we bad what
wus undoubtedly the best baaeball team
ever  seen   lu   It illsh   Columbia  01   lhe
Northwest Territories
The football team was probably as
a'roiig an aggregnt 011 oi A ssi elation
players as   wus  evei   got together  in
Mouth blast Kootenny,   ami were not de
lenteil   din inn   the   season,   and   111   ibe
game with  Pernie, |uly  1. recaptured
the   1 (ealtie   cup,  which   was   lost  hist
lOnlliiil   I'liiUiiKiii.ilK'r-,
The Pitta produced  in  this  is
sue mi
Irom photographs taken at Prest'
s tiiitlii
Hint aie evlll  lice ol llie good  WO
ik don-
ihere.      Tne halftone  work  is
by thi
Stovet Company of Wluniyeg,
one 0
the best in Canada.
Reduced Kales Account bhrlsimas and,New
Year Holidays.
The Canadian Pacific railway will
issue tickets to local points nccount of
the above holidays at fire and one third
for lhe round trip Tickets good going
December 2yd, 24th, 25th, 301b, 31st,
and January Mt, good to return up lo
am) including January 3rd, 1003
New Cuslnms Officer,
fi II. Small has beeu recommended
an the successor to A. L. McDermot. ns
customs officer for the p* rt of Crunlirook.
■Mr, McDermot has given excellent satis-
fuel ion In tbe position, and Mr. Small
will also nake an ideal official lie will
probably assume charge the first  of the
in confidence, in fact a growth in all 1 special training, and those delegated for
that makes a thriving prosperous town. | hospital work may be compared with
And lhat is what "Beautiful Cranbrook," | the best of trained nurses,
is today, the commercial center of a Althnn-gh **•• Cr«nb,«oi« i...«po,.i
wonderfully rich district, with a sternly, the property, and under the direction of
profitable business for the business men, [ sisters belonging to au order of tin
large payrolls sustained by the C. P R I Raman Catholic church, and consequent
nud lumber industries centered here, ly strictly speakitig, a private insti utlon
nnd the basis of what is eventually to be-) still practically it is a public institution,
come n great city, since her location j as patents of all denominations are ad-
menus the center commeiclnlly and milted indiscriminately without any
otherwise of u great dislrict. By the build* ' question as to their religious belief, and
iug of the C. P. R. direct rail communi- patients are never interfered with in
cation wns given to all the towns in the regard to their religious opinions. Min-
d isl rlct except Port Steele nnd this cnn- istersof all denominations are freely addition wns improved hy the building of j mitted to visit ihe patients and give
the North Star branch, which placed them the consolutioni of religion after
Ciniibtiiok ns ihe  natural headquarters   their own way.
for all of thai rich country, lleing Ibe The only nml sufficient title to be atl-
divlaional point of the Crows Neat line, mitted as a paiieat in the hospital is
and having llie shops located here, llieie 1 that one sick is In need of hospital uurs-
ls naturally an Increasing busineaa as the ing and care. AH patients receive the
same attention whether they be rich or
poor The only difference being that
those patients who with 10 be in piivate
rooms  liuve 10 pay e*tra.
The hospital is under the medical care
of Doctors King mill Hurvie.
Tlie hospital was founded  at  the  St.
Kugene Mission in December  iSqS   dining the lime ofthe construction  of the
Crows Nesi extension of the  C.   P.   R.
and did good work  during  tbe  lime  it
remained there.
Itui circumstanced having changed   it
led wilb orders and employ a large , |,ttl| t0 he removed lo Cranbrook aa   the
tributes to ; ,,,,,..( convenient and central place.
Since its commencement the hospital
bus 1 f. rivet ami treated 1569 patients of
which 955 weie admitted al the Mission
and di.| at Cranbrook since its transfer
here In February 1901.
force al the   shops   is   being   Increased
from month to month to meet tbe demand made on this point for woik.
And llieir nulnstt) tbut bus greatly
Increased duiing lhe pnst \ear is the
lumbering business, nnd Cranbrook bas
been tbe center ot tins Increased  bosi-
nees, and bus reaped great benefits 111
consequence.    Al present theie are four
mills located at Cranbrook The Kast
Kootenay Lumber company hns two,
the Knij; Mercantile company one.  mnl
Leask &   Sbttei   oue.     These   tii ins   me
nuuibei oi men m Inch nil c<
ihe pri sperlly of Cranbrook
lu the wny   Ol   mining,   Cranbiook   is
growing in Importance us the center and
headquarters  inr Important  operations
nlong tins line, mnl with a revival In lhe
mining Industry ol ilu* district, which is
bound to come 111 11 short lime. Cranbiook owing toller location nud many
advantages, wlil as a ualural result enjoy still greatei prosperity.
une of ths besi evidences of the stability of Craubrook la the fact that a com
letvatlve    banking   Institution   like   llle
imperial Hank of Canada, hns selected
ibis town ns ibe bel place lor installing
a branch in this district, which was done
011 the litst of thin  mouth,   with   lm   11.
Marsh iu charge us manager,   The Can1
uilian bunk of Commerce bus hnd a
branch bete for several years, uud P, C.
Malpas Is the present manager. No
other town iu all of Kast Kootenay tins
two hanks which,shows nbnolutely what
dunking institutions think of Cran
brook'.*, future.
As a residents! town, Oranbrook has
greatly Improved and today has more
pretty bouses than any town of its size
hi the whole province. There is tin
evident pride among the people to possess attrnclive homes, and thin has con-
tiibuted very largely in fulfilling lhe
implied prophesy made when The
Herald christened ihe town "Beautiful
Cranhrook haa a hospital   which   is
second to none iu any town of tbe name
size, ami can justly he proud of it.
I    Tbe building Is an unpretentious and
modest in appearance as shown 1>y the
j cut herein   reproduced,  but the iuterlor
The Cranbrook filectrie Light company, limited, commenced operations
early in lhe year ol 191x1. Kverynuccess
tuts attended their efforts. Their first
dynamo, with a capacity of 800 lights,
was very quickly found lo he Inadequate
to meet the demauds of lhe public, and
a new dynamo with a capacity of 1400
lights, has been on crder for a long
lime and Is at last enroute for Cranbiook and will be in operation at an
early date. Orders are on file in tbe
company's (>fllce for 500 additional
lights, and Superintendent P. K. Kwart
is kept busy wiring hotels, stores and
private residences In order to supply
the additional lights as soon as the new
dynamo Is installed.
The managing director of the company, James Ryan, known locally as
"Uncle Jim," has proved himself an excellent officer, which speaks well for
the wisdom of the hoard of directors (or
having elected bo able, competent and
genial a gentleman to the office of managing director. '-Unclejim" bas a good
deal to tlo with every motion ptopostd
and carried, or otherwise, and as tbe
company in all ita enterprises has been
most successful, much credit Is due Mr,
Iu cnnneelion with the electric light
the company lui also acquired and has
in operation a complete telephone ays-
The acknowledged Hub. The greateat display. The center of
activity. The most up-to-date goods from all parts of the world,
England, France, Germany, Switzerland, China, Japan and Fernie
ladies, call and he convinced. Men. call and hear our talkative demonstrators
demonstrate, No need to send to Old Tim at Toronto when you have Noting Tim
al liome. Wc carry everything to make you think Ihis world a good and glorious one. Ladies, see our Parisian shawls, regular dreams uf beauty: opera capes,
fancy neckwear, or even furs; we have them from $25 to $225. Men, see our
illili Century clothing in suits, smokers.oversacks, cover coals, top coals or pants.
We have $600 worth of men's ties selected by the following well known gentlemen: ii. II. Small, "Sally" McKenzie, A. I.. McDermot, Tom Wellman, Tom Cavin,
James Ryan, Sullivan and Ren Pew. We would ask that every man cell and criticise the efforts of our buyers.
J\ merry Chrislmas and a Bappy flew year
tern of both local and long distance telephones. Thus the inhabitants of Cranbrook, owing to the enterprise ot a few
citizens, enjoy a great many of the ud-
vantuges of 111 itch older towns.
During tbe next year the company
expect to extend their trunk lines, taking In a number of the towns eanl of
berp, which will he a source of great
'convenience to the merchants in Cran
brook. At present they have telephone
connection with Marysville, Kimberley,
Six Mile creek, North Star mine, Mission antl Fort Steele.
The public schools of Cranbrook, have
made rapid progress. The growth has
been almost phenomenal. We have
advanced from the assisted school of
iHga-'yy to the four well equipped mom*
of 1902. The possibilities are Hint 0
high school will be established here iu
tbe near fulure for lhe Kast Kooienay
Cranbrook's first school (an assl*ted)
was established in the full of 1S98. The
provincial government would not at that
time grant a regular school. It was
held In the little building nearly op-
po.iia p McConnell's Btore and whlah
is now used for Chiu««e laundry. The
first teacher was Miss Keay now Mrs. J.
W. II. Smythe.
This state of affairs lasted for one year
when a regular school was granted. In
the same fall the first school house was
built. The first trustees were Messrs.
M. Mclnnis, \V. T. Reid and A. Moflatl
The second school liouse (.consisting of
two rooms) was built a year later iu the
fall of 1900.
At the beginning of November, owing
to over crowded rooms, the government
granted another school. The room occupied by this achooi is over Mr. Steel's
black smith shop. Although this place
is not as good as might be desired, it was
the only available room. Anew school
building will be commenced right nway.
The proposal of the trustees Messrs.
Hutchison. McBride and Oreer lhat an
miuei of two stories he built on the
southeast side of the main school building, has been accepted by the Public
Works department.    One ro in  will   be
furnished Immediately and (he other as
aoon as needed. Other improvements
are in sight. A well is beingdug 011 the
school premises now, and the grounds
are to be fenced in lhe early sprmg.
Attendance:—The number of pupils
pupils attending school between the
ages of 5 and 15 is 193. The average
daily attendance for November was l7o
There are at least 20 pupils between
these ages who do not attend at all.
The school is divided inlo four divisions, viz:
Tbe 1st division, taught by Claude
Vroom, B. A , principal, consists of (he
junior fourth anil senior fourth grades.
There are 14 pupils in tlu* senior or entrance class, and iSlnthe junior. The
subjects taught are rending nnd literature, language, arithmetic, algebra,
geography, history  and  nature lessons.
The 2nd division, taught by j. It
Watson, comprises tbe second nnd third
renders, in which, tbere are -.''• and 35
pupils respectively. The subjects taken
in are reading, writing, drawing, language, arithmetic, geography, history
and nature lessons.
The 3rd division, taught by Miss
May Carter, is made up of 2111) primer
and ist reader. Their are 12 in the ist
reader and 24 in the 2ml primer. The
subjects taught are reading, drawing,
(for ist readers only.) Language, arithmetic and nature lessons
The 4th division, taught by Miss
Jeanne Dyker consists of ist primer
numbering 54 pupils. The subject
taught are reading, writing, drawing,
language, arithmetic and simple nature
The Herald (2 Per Year.
There will be many rend The Herald
this week who have uot read il before
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the paper covers the news of South I-.ust
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MONEY, so in deciding where to go for
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Hiving purchases) the stock ol
Liquors and Cigars of E. J, Peltier
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Wishing Vou Hll a merry Chrislmas
and a Prosperous new year rk    In ltil> Iiiii nt' .'li-liilly an in    Hi.nk Hml M In not
tea. :.i.nn. iiiiii   i.. ilu- I'lillru .<■' ii'-n uii-    "'" Ki
.piimummi*""*"*'^  "
;    O 1 .   MAKYO   ."'J       S   undwbru.1.  l» ...-   heavy,  ...ul ll  .|»-ul»
T «   w.'U for Hi.   |.rii»|..i-t! ■'!  Hu   roillllr)   thul
;       SKOOKUMCHUCK J n ■» a. i. ..x„o»...i »•»;. -...■i.»
ft   MAN V   I'KO.'KRTIK.S  WITH   *
m   YEBY    imitillT   PUUSl'KCTS   *
* *
Perhaps the mnsi BTtravnifnntly miner*
aliied nectton of Souih East Kooienay
will, m s,.nit' future dute, mil for off, L-
aemonatrnted to be that bounded on the
Bkookumchuck ri'
.White arouse mountain,  Pen*
the lloyle river, on the wesi
ami   West   Kootenay   divide
mat by the Kootenay river,  i
committed   within   the   above
boundaries  being  known  conn
St.    Mary's   river   e liry,     il
many mines nnd pnuiii-uu* pi
prospect*, among tin in lln rn
Bt.tr mine, at pn Meni uhlpplllB
luni* of illvcr-lfad ore per t
tho promlau sume dn) u( .•dn(
medium grade silver lead mln
Columbia, a* ni pres-*nl It I* n
than u mere scratch In lhe irr
likewise nppllus to thi   Snlil vi
hen are located man) * laim* ul
promise, among them being i I irge tl
uf hematite Iron ore of good tu idi
the head of the west fork or this ■
development work is now IHng p
.rn a group or properties carrying
mining   gold   ore,   sonu    n»>nysi   ul
in earth.   Cotnln
Iver  we   reach
nke. four milt's
ill   lhe  SOtltll   fl.li'
iroapccts,   win.  ,
Is mostly
uml sllve
nul Alki .'if.
ihe nortli Iin
renalhle   route
from i In- cole)
r, carry I n
excelli in
I.- i.r ihi- Inkt!
111.    l.il,.     II.Ull
wny fr  ihe pruseni  termlnua ai Muryu-
vllle to the lake, which la more than half
lhe way antl an there would he t bjeet
in  going  HiO r.ir ami  not going  nullicr It
iu mu imrenaonable t« preaumc thai great
ut I
leu   lu   this
I    East
Kootenay to he worked upon n vary paying basis, lun with railway transportation up nn* vuii..y of the St. Mnry'a river
several hundred properties would al once
be turned Into shipping mines us the ore is
there and great riunntltlca of tt,
***** 9*******************9^
?   ...DISTRICT ** |
\  llllll  M1NKIUI. riU'NTIIY
Claims which mny well he culled tin* ulster
lain, ui   which un- located live hundre
property  ta the  North Star anil  which  Is
or more npleiidld prospects enrrylng chief
something   Immense   even   al   lis   present
ly   high   grade   grey   copper   ore.     Som
to we of devclopmenl  which Is lueniialder-
hundred   thousnntl   dollars   worth   nl   do
able, there being only a   tew   hundred  reel
velopmeni   wnrk   has   l ti   d ■   on   lb)
or tunnel ami t-topu,    Whul   it may  ba in
mouiilaln  and  Uu* results nre  very  grail
the future is bejund  the powers Df Imag
fylng lu the owners.   On Wblti   Klsh tree
ination,   for  it   Is   without   uxcepllou,   the
Is situated the Katler group .it claims, up
largest surface showing on this continent,
nn which sd-ndy work bus I n prow-*	
and one may un)   whul  one will, ii is the
and Is sllll hp|ng curried on.   Also Severn
aurruee   allowing   which   goes   every   llmu
nthor   properties,   showing   greal   i|iiuntl
almost.   Then we hnvo llie Stum winder ly
liis  of  unlive copper.    Pnllowlng   up  th
ing   between   thu   twu   ubuvu   named   pro
soulh   sh!.'   or   Hi.-   St.   Mary's   river   Hi
perties,  wonderful  In  size uml quantity nf
nexl creek iirrlveil nl is liiilur creek, ti|ioi
ita ore  deposit,  nnd   whii'h  consists  prin
which are situated nlwul  nrtj   very prom
cipally ur Iron sulphides,  .villi miniII value,
Islng   coper   rlnlms,   with   n   few   gnleni
bul however, Bliuututl uu it Is in tit.' clnsa
sbuwings   at   its   hend.     I'p   ibis   crock   i
proximity to bucIi large deposits •■!  silver-
trail  was cnnslruetod  In  189(1 to Crawron
lead ure,  conclusions can  ne  drawn  thai
Hav. ! ho host route lo Wesl  Koolonn;
there   may   I'i-   s I'lliint*   til   ihe   buck   of
an.!   Die  one  more   frequently  traypled  I
It which  will  prove larger  lhan anything
that up ninck I'm rani creek which is th
yet discovered in this purl of the country.
n.'xi crok u)> tho Sl   Mary's on the south
Situated beween  ih.'  Norlh Star nud Sul
wesl    side,    nml    Which    is    ii'iMl    I'm     ll
livan properties are many claims, very few
mngnineeni  showings uf gnlenn  nnd  grey
or   which   ar-   without   ex-Mlcni   ■itrfnue
cupper   f-rvs.      Ilolween   tin-   nnd     llnko
RhowtngH  o(   good   prospnet.    The   mm rent
creek   we  have   pnsspd   Ifnir   Moon   creeV
town   tu   ii > n    ,..- -H —
)*■ Klmberley, which mum  hi   reached be
lui. il  a   few  On 1 ins  i nrrj big  gnlenn   ore
fora getting to anj "i them, nnd i- ,i regu*
over  Hlnck  Ctirrnnl  crock  the trail  run
Jar mining  town,  and   Is  nl t   Ihe  only
iu  nii.i   Bay,  which  is tho bent  rmito li
plane In  this  neighborhood  where a  town
Went    Kooienay,     Then   oomos   what    I
might lie located.   Cllven n good price for
kmnvn ns Rasp's pas-, nn which is Incntoi
lead am! stiver,  ennbllng mining .nul  do-
;i   hlg  group  of  claims,  containing  mih
velopmenl  to !»■ prum-cutcd on  iliem* pro
galena   deposits   nnd   rich   in   eHrimnnteg
perties, ami the  reader will  form his own
tlie   value  of   th.'   nre  being  ns   high   :i>
bleu us to whnt a  prosperoun town  Klm
$85.00   lu   llie   ton.     further   up   Hip   Si
berley will be,   Tha North Slnr branch of
Mnry's  river,   nol   much   prospecting  hns
the Crow's Neat railway havn a nent lllllo
1 n dona on ncconnl nf the lack nf trnlls
depot   there   with   express   nnd   telegraph
imi lis source l« nbout sixty miles further
offlce.  The town is nltuated i.n Hark creek,
In the neighborhood or Ibe hend of Plniny
a trlbutorj   of  the St.   Mary'H  rlvnr,  giv
creek  nnd   flrlsloy   creek.    Coming  dowi
ing  the  town   g 1    1    efficient    wnter
ih.' river mi thp nortli side, the tlisi ci k
supply,  hcaidcs  several  small creeks run
met with Is OHlcn creek, which is npposin
ning  Into  Mark  rrrok .it   this ,„,],,(.   pro
Illnck Currant  proek. nnd  th.- end  or tin
ceeding  down   Mark   creek   wc   meel   with
prosenl trail.   On this crek Is sltuntPil tlu
■evernl nhowings m t*m r nnd t-llvpr-li-nd
famous   Epqulmall    mountain,    and    tin
ores,    nmoilg    tin in.    nulnhly,    Hi"    fllaek
group or claims bearing the  same nnme
Wear group of mining property upon whieh
nn  which  Is ii   vein  or solid  galena,  con-
a   great   deal   .-f   development   work   has
lainlng nsny values ns high ns two hun
been done, the Carbonate group, and Pedro
dred ounces in silver.   Tluu coming dowi
■roup am! several others, all situate rinse
tlie river, Morrison crpek, Is nexl reached
to the railway.    HcroM-  going  further  up
nud further down tho north fork between
the st. Mnry'a river, «.■ win mnke mention   which two creeks is ihc
of u small  tributary of this river named   Q n  Moumoln uml   M
Luke cr.-ek. which inns ikrough si. Mary's , of ulnlms, all ..r whlc •
pralrlo, ami on which an located n groin   and contain  largo quad
number of  g I    pmpertlea,    principally   ore, ready r«.r tbo nun
copper ore with some silver-lead.   These   value,   Also situate in
■re situated nboul one mile from the rail-   Is  ilu*  Welcomo group
way,   mid   are   very   auliahly   locnted   ror    Upon Ihe Inst mdill -I
milling on n large scale, All the above has been done than oi
mentioned mining claims and iiropertlea or tho country as dei
are within four mllea of Marysvllle, also creek Is imw reached, w
a promising town on the North Slur next above Alki creek
branch, where the Sullivan Group Mining tbo north sldo and on Hi
Company hav.- erected n three hundred aboul ; - "own ,
ton smelter whieh is expected to h" completed In the coming spring, n wus built
chiefly for handling ihe Sullivan ores,
but so constructed that it can readily lie
enlarged ,11. handle fill lho output nf this
section, moth copper und galena Mark
creek rnris past tbe smeller, from whieh
It can obliilii power for all Its require*
•ments. Tin* nexl creok mel with on going
w«st up the St, Mary's rlvor, tho flrsi
tributary of Importance running In fnnn
the north Is M.nilnw creek. SevernI promising clnlms nre sinked hen mu! work upon sonu* .if tin'in will l» prosecuted ilur-
Ing the winter. The ore mel with Is copper nnd gnlenn, nlso a quantity of grap
kite, which win n.i doubl be very valuable in course ur time, ns n is of uxeelloni
quality. On the south side of tho st.
Ifary's river nml nlmosl opposite Mnttbow
Creek, Pill rti'i-k cnl.-l'M, uli will, li are In-
CBteil Several copper and nal.ua properties,
and several very sirring Iron cop ledges
■rop up here, which wnrranl developmunl
ml  oi   high
• moro wink
oilier   part
i.    pyramid
is   III,-   ere,-|(
ug in rrom
ins „f good
promise, tho me lining chiefly coppi r,
The nverngo vnluo of tho roppei mis ol
iids section ur lha country with Hie present stngo of development may safely be
hiiI'I in 1 i, por cent. Th.' gold values-
vary sn much thnt It Is no vnlnc in thi
render in Insert Iliem hero, inn lhe coppei
ore of this pari of Kant Kootenny, Is never
met    wllli   tv|tllOlll    a   eerlain   quantity   nf
gold,   in the neighborhood nf Hlnck Cur-
mlleg up ihe river from tho prcHnnl mil-
way iprmlntis, is HlluntPd n wnierfnli
nlmiit :.". feci in height, which ii !s hoped
.i running iilmit fm- the concentration a
epppor ores, ns within a radius t.i ihrci
mill's or thi!- point tlie majority or tin
largest ore. dnpoBlis nro shunted nnd n
sueh a grade Hint a ropn tram ".uld tn
orected eonpcllng Ihem all with lho pro
posed i-l■ i• 11. it Is imp..i 1 iiii iids pro
pnsal will nol he looking Inn much lull
tlm future, ami ihere Is garni ronson tt
Miimvil    as    most    phi' inl      When      Ihe
Inck or chinp iraiispoi-talion faetllllen is
i.ik.'ii Into account.   The low price uf lend,
"liver nnd i *r hns had no serious detrl*
mental effeel on thu devolopmom of tlie
niiiii'i.il resources of tills sectlun of Hrltlsh
Ci ii'lu.   The general  run of H ns
nt thin s.'i'tlmi is sufficiently high grade
in both silver ami gold values, to permit
of a fair inuiii even ul present low prices,
iis well us ilu. extra heavy cosl or the om
trunsportniloii frum the mines tn the t;>-
lumbal river, thenco hy honl tn Ctnhlen,
uu iin main Hue .u' the C, P, it. und finally
bs mil to iin* smolter, It is i.> he hopod,
however, thnt a district su rich in mineral
Is in.i m i.e pn without proper trnnspor*
tnllon facilities very much longer.
The properties which shipped ore during
the least Benson ure the "Paradlso," the
"M. '!'." the "Delphlno," tho "bead Question," ihe "Silver Belt," nml -Tho Ptm*-
mlgnn Mines." Only twn pin per lies are
being continuously antl systematically developed, viz,. "Tho Paradise" and "Tlie
Ptnrmlgnn Mines." all others being merely
worked for short periods during tho year.
usually during tho winter senson, owing
io lack nr siiffiefont capital to do continuous  work,
"The PnradlBe" mine Is nl tun tod on
Spring creek, a tributary of Toby crook,
nbout sixteen miles from Wllmer. The
properly Is owned by Toronto parties, Mr.
It. it. Bruco loenl mn linger. The company's
office is situated at Wilmer. ns well 'as
their Inrgo ore .storing Binds. Continuous
development lias boon done on the property
for lhe pasi  two years, and It  Is expected
 nter  the  list  nr  permanent  shippers
during the coming .season. Ten miles of
ii.w wagon mud wire built tbW year connecting thc mine wiih the government
wagon mad on Toby creek! ihis dues
away witli ibe expensive method or raw-
hiding the ore nvcr about five miles nr
trail tn Uu- rand and then trnnsrer to
teams ns had lu be dune heretofore. "The
Purad]so" ore In a silver-load ore in tin-
shape nf galepn ami carbonates, said lo
assay ti lull in s|lver values. Sit fur only
ihe high grade ores can he handled, but
it Is rumor.d timi n. ennnentrator will bo
orecled during the coming season for the
purpose .,r hniidling tho low grade ores as
well. "The Paradise" mine hns shipped
in tin |.:i.t two years abuut MM toiiB of
ore. The me expected to bo shipped this
winter frum tho property will run well inin the thmiRniula of tons.
■The Ptarmigan Mines" nre situated on
Iteil Line ei.-t-K. a iiiiiiiiaiy ro .\i. nmi.ilii
. -. umi iiiii.iu l'S miles from Wilmer.
The owners, New York [mrf|is. have been
mosl porslsteplly aggrcsslvo in thotr do*
volopment nr the property width is composed of lho "Ilu! L|lio nn.l "Iron Cup"
groups. A Wllgon road was built last war
from Wllmer to tbo ln-ad of iron Cop
creek ii distance of 28 mllos, largely at the
expense nr "The ptnrmlgnn Mines," iho
llritish Columbia government contributing
Jlii.OOQ inwards (lie construction nf this
mail. This year "Tho Pbiinilguii Mines'*
hum one mil" of mad m their compressor
site mi itui Un,- crook In order m onnble
thom to  transport  tho machinery which
is being Inslulh-d. A force of from HI m
IB men has b.-.-n continuously employed
ror ihe pnst two yearn. A lurge nmount
nr development bus boon done, uml rrom
all reports, with \'»ry gratifying results.
The character of the ore is gray copper
'inlying very li|Kh silver values In conjunction with Hie copper and j-uid values.
Th mu y  mail.,  lis  ih-si   trial  ship.
meni of thren curs nf nm lust spring whieh
is snld to have given v*ry satjsfftctory
returns. As a result a r..ur-drlll lil.-dl.-r
Express air compressor Is being Installed
as well as a PlojelifTl double cable tram*
way I'l'.iiii lhe mine In the compressor slie.
il  illstuiii*.. of nboill  8,000 fuel.    The air |s
conveyed rmm u, ni pressor to Hie mine
in n .*. 5*8 Itu'li pipe line abmif n.nnn f,.,.|
long, The compressor Is expected to la*
in running order hy tbo Ifitll of Dcootnbor,
imi ii is Bomowhni doubtful whothor the
iramwny cnn ho erected thin senson owing
to tlu- severity of th" w-aiher at thnl
uiiitii.tc, which Ih nbout 8,500 rent nhovc
s.-a level, nnd 2.000 feet nhovo timber line,
llowovor,  II   Is expected   Hint   lho  property
will ship extensively in the coming senson
Tin* "Dolphluo" and "M. T." nml several
other properties will probably make small
shipments ngnln this winter. This see-
lion is being slowly hui surely developed
inin u grent wealth producing mining bpc
tlmt. and thul, without  the nsslstarii f
 "Ide capital excppl In the ensas i.r Ihe
"Pnradlso" and "The Ptarmigan Mines."
Capital coilld Indeed work wonders here lu
this hlg), grhde mineral boll t.r British
Columbia, were n  noi  ror the fncl  thnt,
H  seems, n ye- .,f en pi in I cannot  be
turned In  this direction, i ntiso i.r the
supposed btigbnnr "back of trnnnportn*
Hon facilities," Vot. if lha un ;- itiffi
clenlb high grade lo stand thn om mons
cosl i.r iransportnllon, Hie Induc-menl
ror on nl tal tn i.,i,k In this ill roc Ho n ror in
v.sirn.iii seem-- the (rreiiior for this very
rail, As It lakes rmm two to Ihree yeais
lo develop a prospect Inlo n producing
mine, ll would stem, that now Is tho
Mine   for  enplliil   to  give   n   holplng   hnnd
in open the treasure* of this mnngnlUcenl
mining district and, In doing so. help it-
s,'ir io linn.is-.me nssots uud bountiful
dlvldmidfl, In two or throo yean, time
siifllclonl rire will bo prnilurod In the dislrict to ontl for either local reduction plants
or proper transporlatlon facilities nr both,
the season,
owners h.*..
Certain thii
••ver.       wlii.
to lho familial    lho  lit
Hint  ii  is
thing  herei
wn until lute iu of placer ground on Ihi
me reason the!ate the machine The
in give nut fm-  the shovel mer Lhe ram
, nuve come io iii;l
ute ihai lln
ot   similar   occ
I  I..' llni at   Rosstn
is of better valui
tlrely dlfterenl  frc
II 111 l'S
. bow-
In  Easl   Ko
lu a conversation with 0. .1. Johnson
ol Moyle, who is well acqunlntsd with
H. W. Ross, the iiiini who tlrst recognized the value and Importance of the sliu-
utiun. h is learned thai the veins are
nol the usual quartz ledges, sn common
throughout tbo district, but aro large
Intrusive dykes 0( dlorlte, in which bul
little quartz appear. These dykes at
places an* extensively mineralized, and
tho values in gold uniiBiially high.
Nn loss Umi, tun claims lu a llm- have
been located along tho vein, and il is
Httltl  thO vein  is  well exposed  tip! iiell
of them, iiiul Hu ore or less values
are available
It Is tho opinion of those who have
seen Hie Blluntlon thai something unusual wm be developed ihere,
Since tho van r the Roaring King
group became known, other parlies have
done some prospecting In lhe locality
ami it is reported Ihnl iv .1. Johnson
discovered anolhor dyke lhal Is said to
be richer than tho Roaring King. Mr,
Johnson  made several    locations, and
week to oper-
tsk of getting
and placing II
ground was one umi  require!
able skill as well as labor, all o
osl ii greal ileal of money.    Tie
from the nearest point on tip
nr which a road had to be specially
constructed for the purpose, The weight
of the machine is about r.ii tuns, which
was transported whole upon sections of
railroad   tracks.
The Interested poisons are the Banks
brothels, wbo are practical miners and
have  prospected   (lie ground   and   have
the lease fnr milling, w. it. Boss, barrister, is the promoter of the enterprise.
If Is noi expected thai lhe plain will
net Installed in time in bo able fo accomplish much Hits winter, bin all the
arrangements will be complete for active operation in lhe Bprlng
To tho Bunks brothers and Mack"
Thompson, is due ihe revived hit crest in
I'erry creek placers. Wit haul money,
bin with unlimited energy ami pluck,
Ihey wm bed  month afler month under
Lho must discouraging conditions, sinking Um Bhnfl ibal was io dually dem*
niisit-uie iiiiii ui depth beneath Hie bod
of Perry crook, lay pay din ihai was
worth thousands to those who would
reach It. Willi mule niiubiueiv nmilo
by llielr own hands, those ineh at lasl
reached the paystreolt, ami son r ibe
flues! looking gold ever mi I iii British Columbia, they washed uut of their
J. D. McBride,
to The name of Mcltride is close-
85 ly associated with the hardware
a business In the Territories and
J* Eastern llritish Columhia. It was
^> the first firm in South Isitst Ko.it-
ennj' tu engage in the hardware
business, and since I have moved   *
Thorpe, if   lleibatistrolt, 1st   Cavln
Jardine,   llutilifs, If   K. 11. Small.
Jamlcaon, p      N'e.
ler,   I lump
n. -'.I    Wills
N.-vin, .-f   Mulllni
Bertrim, o
During ibe lasl year the dlscovorlea
and developments on Perry cre'i lave
nttrnctetl moro attention, and seem to bo
of moro Importance than those of any
other portion of tho district. This cnn
bo accounted for In lhe fart that the
values are entirely In gold.
The principal discoveries, known ns
Ilio Roaring King group, hnve been
near llie head of iho creek In a BOme-
whut nnfrcqiionteil region; and from ,iii
accoimls ate likely lo mid aiinlbei* lm
puriiini golil-protltictng situation to the
mining world.   Tho Importance of these
stayed in Lhe mounlalns until the winter
storms made Further prospecting Impossible.
Mr. Johnson, who Is better acquainted
wiih tlio new district than anyone else,
thinks Hint the tltstrict is nol half prospected, und Unit there will be a rush
there in the spring,   antl   many good.
thiii'is found.
Before winter came on, a camp was
established al the Roaring King, and
three mon employed to drive a funnel.
Some developments are looked for before
These discoveries are of greal Importance m ihe illstrlcl; thoy seem to indicate Hint a large and Important district is yet to be opened up, and the
values being iu gold, there will bo no
trouble in semiring capital to develop
whatever will bo found,
Tho lo-mttotl  is nl   lhe very nun.mll   „r
tho rango between Knot nnd West Kootonay. and easily reached by wnv of
Perry oroek. The distance from Cranbrook Is aboul 80 miles through an open
country, ami easy of aocesa,
Tbo gold    In    the gravel  or  Perry
crock has nitracted more attention the;"
last year than ai any time before, audi
mom systematic and practical methods
have    boon   employed    lo   obtain  It. I
Among ihe companies organized io operate upon the crook is the Perry Crook
Placer Mining Company, whoso plan or
operating Is somewhat unique,   A largo
stenmshovel will be employed to handle
the gravel, the outcome of which will
bo waicbed willi a greal deal of Interest,
The placing of ihc plain upon the
ground was a big undertaking, hut was
successfully carried out, The machine
had formerly been used by J. M. Mo-
Donoll iu Ihe consLructlan of iho
Crow's Nest Southern railroad, and
aflor the completion ur Hie road Mr,
MiDiiiudi concluded   thnt   there   was
morn money In bundling the gravel nf
Perry crook Lhan In making railroads,
and made arrangements with ihe owners
m to CranbratiK my business has In-
Ja creased rapidly This Is the best
to evidence iu the world that the
to public is satisfied in its dealings
O with ricllrlde, We tarry a com*
ffjjilcte Slock and uur prices are
~X right. When lit Cranhrook drop
jl in and see us. And if you send
A an order hy mail it will receive
to prompt and careful attention.
in addition tu the
large Btot'k now on iiuntl
ive have aeverttl ears on
the way.   tv,. have
UcuTiiiK aiitlCoiikiii).
Stoves, Ranges,
* Camp Ranges,
Shell antl Heavy
Hardware, Saw
Mill Supplies,
Logging Supplies
Sleam I iltiuiis
Bar I run, ltellin«,
Caul Honks, Chains.
J. D. McBride,
sluice boxes, Next season tliolr claim
will be worked on a larger scale, ami
everyone wish for them Lhe reward Dial l
their Industry deserves,
Anolhor one of Perry crook's Import- !
am enterprises is what is known as the
Wisconsin Hydraulic Company. This
company owns a large trncl uf old channel near the falls, which ihey are preparing to wash away for Lhe gold it contains. Systematic development work
and prospecting has boon going on for
some fimo. out of which bas been learned lhal a largo area of gravel is sufficiently rich to pay to equip the property
with Hume and hydraulic plant.
Perry crook is going through iho process In the history of all mining camps,
Years ago only the richest and niost
available ground was worked, and has
since lain Idle. But modern methods
mm i in proven met lines ror mning mnma
the remaining un worked ground more
profitable than that first worked, ami ft
is altogether   likely  that  the coming
years   will   see a   large  output   of gold
from i bo creek.
Cul., Dec. 9, 1902.
I/it I'ulruiis
of tht
Crunbraok Hotel:
1 wish
uml nil uf you u Merry
i //u/i/i/i Xnr Yiiir.
Vim rs Trulii,
Undertaking And
Grndtinteof Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
nenr Caundlan Hank of Cum-
nierce, Cranbrook, ll. C.
Upholstering and General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work In the district
a item lur thc Bran-tun Marble and liranlle
Wnrks.    Imii hst ii uts, Itfailsiutit's, elc.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. I'he prices range from Si.iin to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands ore readily accessible hy the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amounl nf principal anil int resl, except in lhe
rase nf lands under $2.50 nn acre, is ilivinYil inin len ins.almen.s na
ihutvn in Ihe lank- helnw; the first In he puitl ul Ihe lime nf purchase, lite second one year from dale of the purchase, the third in
Iwo years and so on.
The liillii.s ing lohle shows Ihe amuuni of lhe annual liislolmcnls
on Ilill acres at tlifferenl prices oniler Ihe nhovc conditions:
lull tiers al S.'.SII per acr, Isl inslalinenl S.VI.'I.S 0 equal inlal'ls at $511.1111
J.00     » •• 71.10                ■• WI.IHI
.1.50     ". " H.I.DII               •• 70.00
"    •       4.011     ■• " 95.85                1. Hll.ltO
4.50     » " 107.85               " 9000
5.00     •• » 11.85                " 100.00
Kimberlev 's "K l"ls'ness"'"' s'''PP'ni! p(,'n| |or ,my
" North Star and Sullivan mines.
BI-AI. & EIXWELL, Townsilc Atjents.
Cranhrook 's ",e ("*v's'ona' point of the Crows Nest Pass
um 1   ui. paj|way an(| t|,c commercial centre of Soulh
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
Fur further liifnrmnttnn npply tn hkoiiIs ss nbovc or In
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict land Asenl, Nelson, B. C. or
lands underS2.50 per acre are aold
on shorter time.
If Ihe land Is paid for in lull at Ihe
lime of purchase, a redticlion from Ihe
price will be allowed equal lo len per
cent tin the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Inliresi al si\ per cent will he
charged in uver due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in Ihe following lown sites In lasl Kooienay: lilko. Cranhrook, Moyelle, kilih.
encr, Creslon and Klmberley.
The terms uf payment are one-lliird
cash, aad Ihe balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of thc great
Iron range aud the gateway to lhe White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. T. BUKQESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg. THE CRANBROOK HERALD.
MM UK 11  10
Ties, all the latest styles and shades
Collars and Cuds
Handkerchiefs, linen, cotton and silk including some nice silks
with any initial
Gloves and Milts, lined and unllned, light and heavy
Hats, a lull range ol Slclsons.and cheaper lines
Caps, a lull line cloth, fur lined, and a lovely line ol all (ur
Boots and Shoes, all kinds, styles and shapes; we have style
and comfort combined
Braces, all kinds, including lhe famous Towers make
Shirts, we handle Skelton's, nothing better
Hose, plain and fancy, cotton, wool and silk stripes
Underwear, the  largest range in town, including the famous
Wolsey absolutely unshrinkable
Rubbers, heavy and light, including the famous stub proof and
King quality
German Sox, all colors and prices
Mackinaws, Carss' and some cheaper lines
Sweaters, all colors and kinds
Towels, small and large, for bath and other uses
Blankets, we have the best line to be had
Quilts, all kinds including a down
Come in soil let  Mr. Morrow show you soiiirtliiius even if you ilon't buy the
first time, after you have seen our fine ran^e you will come again.
This is one day in the year when the young and old alike expect to have a joyous day. They both begin by hanging up their stockings lor good old Santa, and end
it with a nice big dinner. We can supply you with the stockings and the dinner. We
will not ask much of your time in reading this. We have goods to sell. Our aim is
to give you the very best goods at the most reasonable prices possible. What we sell
you we guarantee to be just as represented. It is worth any one of our employe's position to misrepresent anything; this we will not tolerate under any circumstances. We
have been in East Kootenay five years and have as yet no blemish upon our name.
Honesty is the best policy.   This is what we always pursue.
We invite our out of town friends to come into ouroflice and write their letters.    Make
it your headquarters while in town
'PHONE No. 4
S. & W. canned fruits, vegetables and oysters
Aylmer canned fruits, vegetables and soup
C. & B. jams and pickles
Home brand California pickles, sauces and honey
Cocoas and chocolates, all kinds
Seely's extracts, all kinds, nothing better
Burnham's dam chowder, VanCamp's soups
Stilton cheese, cured and uncured
Peels, we have Batger's, best put up
Fruits, evaporated, we have everything
C. & S. coffee, sealed tins or bulk
F. M. S. Co.'s teas, 3 grades; also handle Upton's
Lai's, nothing better than these
St. Charles' cream and milk, best to be had
Folger's baking powder, best on earth
Crockery and Glassware
We have tea sets, dinner sets, all shades and prices
The finest range Japanese goods in East Kootenay
Plain and fancy crockery of all kinds
A very fine range toilet sets, very pretty
Water sets, lemonade sets
Table and bar glassware of all kinds
.md Ram
Osir Mr  I'iiIitsoii will lit' very pleased tn show you through uui 1 ji^,- stock
■hbhhi'i inwsmmmimmKmmie^memimvcf-'«
I TALES OF        |
I       TWO MEN |
*   *  i»
******** 9******* 9*********
I tnke pleasure, Mr. Editor, in complying with your request for some reunites-
euces ofthe construction days, for they
were interesting times as ynu know, full
of activity, transitory of course, but still
days ot great growth. It was my good
foriune to be in the country ahead ot the
railroad, huiI before any of the evidence
At Tobacco Plains we were hospitably
treated by Mr Phillips, at whose place
we arrived about ten o'clock In the
evening ami were shown his many curios arid treated to a very Interesting account of his life in the still earlier days
in this section.
Travelling eastward on my return trip
I met here ami there the contractors
moving into camp.aml also the pioneer of
ull ruilway work, the locating engineers
At Coal Creek Sandy McDougal furnished a comfortable bed in a diminutive
tent which held four others by careful
mnmigemeiit. At Pernie tbe only sign
of civilization was the engineers tent.
After a ride after dark up the Michel
(which I had by the way to ford several
times' I arrived in "Crows Nesl" then a
lively if somewhat disorderly   town at
BISDS \'\ 1   \ U'\\ ol" CRANBROOK
of civil!*.ition which have transforuifi
whit was practically « veritable wilder
ness into n comparatively well settlei
country, in 1897, outside oi the town
of Port Steele, there was nothing between Pincliei Oreek nnd Nelson but n
few ranchers cahlus scattered along the
llcwiltli'V    trail.       In  the   lull   ol   '07   ■
omne from Golden to Windermere in
tbui sumptuously appointed sienmei the
llyack.     Time was   im object,  so that
we ued up every nighl und whlled sway
ibe evening limit*. 111 wllill, In the   pilot
bus where I afterward leslgned mysell
iu sleep on the mi upholstered seat to Lhe
music ot the 1! ipplng sections ol the tin
■ not 1 was then much struck with ibe
beauty of the scenery st smi sou h of
Windermere to the tobacco Plains lo
which latlei place 1 Unveiled ove ids
Which leveled uin  I   hud evti   see 11   fot
du-ii. "Jim" Wanlner, wl a la well
known t<> nil, wbo lived In lhe va
In those ilav». «'»*• an Inlcraailnji a* i
enteitalnlng (ravelling cnmpanloi
we reached what was (lieu ibe thriving
nud truly freely western town wl
hears his name tbat I it iml table si
teller filled every hour with humor and
on niu* occasion only did bis high spirit!
forsake htm. We were descending one
slat light night along tbe tortuous and
rather steep portion of the road dowu a
hillside Into Canal Plots. Al Doyle, of
the well known firm of Geary \ Doyle,
held the ribbons, rather too carelessly 1
think for Warduer'a fancy. As we passed a place wherethe drop to the stream
below was so precipitous Unit we could
s*e the stars reflected in the water, Mr.
Doyle, who always has an eye for tbe
picturesque) pointed bis whip downward
toward the alar spotted Stream, and
my companion, who hud his hands
light upon lhe seat in front, cried "I
say, Mr. driver, you look to your horses,
We'll do the sightseeing."
The horses, however, notwithstanding
tbe darkness, trolled along uml brought
us safely into Canal Plata where I met
some others well known to tbe district,
Mr. Hauson and lv 11. Small.
iiie oust end ol Crows Nesl lake, where
(tor much difficult)', I procured a tiny
itvuse from ''Jack" Fraaer who now
resides in Michel. A ".addle ol unknown
age was got and stirrups attached by
pe, and a clothes Hue answered for
reins, Thus accotttered 1 passed from
mp lo oatnp meeting among others the
mnl M ijor Howies and listened to bis
tries nml Iiii troubles.
The whole journey wus full ni Interest
but u very different kind than It would
furnish todayi when every part of it is
covered with evidences of the buiuliwoik
of man, and nature's simplicity ami
beauty have vanished with Ibe advance
of civilization, in five short years have
sprung into existence towns and vtlliges
everywhere with great mines, sawmills
aud otbei prospermia Industries, Where
then* hus nothing ou St |osephs Prairie
but a wayside inn when I drove through
in Kuskauook, In December 'o", there is
now a lown Ihnl boasts ol its  numerous
luniks, stores, ohurelies, schools, handsome residences, electric light uud telephone system etc, and ''Crnuhrook"
means today uol the site of a custom
house built of logs, bul il moans a centre
ol industry and commerce and a delightful residential town.
To set down all one's memories of
those days, would take far too much of
your valuable space, and, again I thank
you for your flattering request.
andjslreains otter many charms.
At Winnipeg, with its sky scrapers,
blocks nfter blocks of business premises
and broad avenues, adorned with stately
residences, giving evidences of prosper -
ty, It is bard for one to realize that one
has travelled so many miles from his or
her eastern home. Winnipeg is the
gateway to the Golden West, and is destined to become one of the principal
cities of the world.
Leaving Winnipeg and still leading
west, tbe prairie, now a golden grain
fi eld, is being crossed. (Tbe word
"prairie" recalls memories of younger
d.iys. when this great western country-
was to our juvenile minds a country full
of hostile Indians, with the every ready
scalping knife and the great herds of
buffalo, hunted by daring rough riders
of tlio pinion, lho start*■ of — blob o...,«...I
us many n sleepless night and many a
nightmare, In which we were either being gored to death by a wounded buffalo
or scalped by a grotesquely painted Indian). Our journey takes us through
hundreds  of miles of grain fields with
reached is grand, and speaks volumes
for the miraculous energy of the engineers and others who conquered the
many difficulties which confronted them
during construction.
Cranbrook Is delightfully situated in a
broad valley, some bu miles east of
Kootenay lake. The water supply is
obtained from a charming stream, St,
Josephs creek, fed by mountain springs.
Cranbrook has u 'population of snne
1600. It is a divisional point of tbe railway and is surrounded by timber of nn
excellent grade. The lumbering industry contributes a considerable amount to
tbe support of the town. There are a
number of handsome business bouses
and hotels, also residences of a description which one would expect to find
only in au Older settled place.
ine   Lunu   la   four   yOUre vVljjMitl ***>»'
tainly has the appearance nf being permanent, whilst there has never been a
boom, town lots have sold steadily, ami
are still selling. A few enterprising
townspeople formed themselves Into a
joint stock company, and are operating
the Kooteuay. Moyie and 1,1k valleys
11 d n vast army of men are employed a
the mills and iu the limber.
It is estimated that the cut next year
aggiegate between 80,000,000 and
90,000,000 feet for lumber ami between
30,000,000 mul 40 000,000 feet more for
ties, which will mean the employing of
700 to 101m men.
The CHpnclty of the vnrious mills ure
estimated as follows:
Cotton, at Crows Nest, 2,000,000,
Carbon Creek   Lumber company,   V
Pernie Lumber company, 5,000,000.
Mott & Son. company, Penile, 5,000,■
Cedar Valley Improvement company,
Fernie nml Morrissey, 5,000,000,
McCrea Lumber company, Coul Creek,
c noo m 10.
Robinson-McKenzie I,uru tier cut***.*
any, Cranbrook, 5,000,000,
King Mercantile company, Craubrook,
Leask & Siater, Cranbrook, 5.000,000.
Laurie Lumber company  and  Pinch
1 THE editors;
1»    *
1- *
J .MI'.N Willi AKK Dul.NO GOOD *
**f **********************&
Ills said thai Invidious comparisons
are odious, and yel when one stops 10
make comparisons between ihe newspapers of South Kast Kootenay and
those of any other district in British Columbia or any other province in
Canada, lhc result is bound to be a
credit to ibis district. There have been
seven papers in South Past Kooienay
during lhe past live years—the Fori
Steele Prospector, Moyle Leader, Ferule Free Press, Wardner International,
Marysvllle Tribune, Morrissey Miner
anu tmtut-ruuh itvmi.1, 01 *h..., .*.«.
Wanlner International and the Marysvllle Tribune have succumbed to conditions ami become a memory In tbe
journalistic Held. Ia this article men-
lion will be made only of those papers
with which the editor of Tne Herald
bas lu no way been connected, as the
purpose Is to say a few words for the
good work ihat has been, and is being
done by Tbe Herald's contemporaries
In the field of truth and morality.
The. Port Sleele Prospector Is the
veteran in South East Komenay. Us
editor, A. It. Grace, was the pioneer in
tbe field and enjoys tbe unbgue distinction ot having run a paper here before
tbe advent of presses and type. Seven
years ago, being a genius la his Hue,
and realizing that iheie was a need of a
newspaper, issued ibe first copy of lhe
Fort Sieele Prospector, It was "set
up" and primed with a mimeograph,
and the first issue comprise.) Or, copies.
The paper was a curiosity, and today
there are copies of it preserved in lb
b'iitles all ever Canada, ihe United
States and England, us a marvelous
specimen of lhe energy and resources
that character!/*  the  western mining
To one who is travelling westward for
the first time over tbe Canadian Pacific
railway, the journey frcm start to finish,
Quebec to Vancouver, is full of Interest.
Passing the fertile and well settled
provinces of Quebec and Ontario, the
nigged country along the north shore of
Lake Superior appears very wild. A
little further on our journey, we nre passing through the lake district of Rat
Portage and vicinity, which vies with
llmskakii and the Thousand Islands In
point of scenery, and to the disciples ol
Sir Isaac  Wttllon, the numerous lakes
here nml tbere a cluster of prosperous
looking buildings, We nre informed
ihat thousands of settlers are coming
Inlo the country annually and that there
is room for millions more.
As our destination is Cranbrook, Past
Kootenay, llritish Columbia, at Dunmore we leave tbe main line of tbe C. P.
K. and journey along the llritish Columbia Southern or Crows Nest branch of
the Canadian Pacific railway. The
Crows Nest is a natural stronghold at
the eastern entrance of tbis pass to the
Rockies. The actual entrance is very
narrow hut rapidly opens out into a
btigh plain rising out of which is the
Crows Neat mountain, standing like a
hugh sentinel guarding the wealth of
tbe mineral country beyond. It takes
its name from tbe Crow Indiana who, at
one time, were tbe sworn enemies ofthe
Pieguii Indians. The Crows would
swoop down ou their enemy's camp,
carry off women, blankets, horses, etc.,
and retire to lhe Crows Nest, where
they were quite secure from molrsUtlotl.
The scenery from the mouth ofthe pass
all along the route until Cranhrook is
an excellent electric light plant and
telephone system. A house to rent is a
rare thing iu Cranbrook. Newcomers
are compelled to build for themselves.
The town is centrally located iu n district rich in natural resources, mineral
and agricultural, and should become
within (he next tew years a town with a
population of a good many thousands.
The pleasure seeker and sight seer cnn
find ample enjoyment iu roaming among
tbe timber clad hills, and the sportsman, be be fisherman or hunter, will
have but little trouble in satisfying his
Six years ago there was one small
sawmill in this district, and valuable
timber limits were passed up aa hardly
worth noticing. Nuw the lumber business has become one of the great Indus*
ries I n the district, and next yenr millions of feet will be manufactured tor
eiport.    Mills have been put in ull along
Si Jones, Marysvllle, 4,000,000,
Past Kootenay Lumber company, four
mills, 30,000,000,
Crows Nest Lumber company, Wanlner, 13,000,000,
Moyie Lumber company, ia.000,000.
Hayes Lumber company, 10k. Mouth,
This means of course, a vast amount
of work this winter getting out logs for
next season's cut.
The Herald will observe its usual custom this year and not publish a paper
next week, thus giving the boys in lhe
office an opportunity to enjuy their
Christinas. The Christmas edition has
entailed an immense amount of work,
and the boys have worked many nights
lo get the paper out on lime and are
deserving of rest and recreation. During the year, their are four months in
which five numbers of The Herald are
published, hut no eitra charge is made
to our advertisers, hence the loss ot one
ssue will mark uo hardship or loss upou
them at this time of the year.
jyle*, by F. J. Smyth, tl.e •■,.,:■. edltoi
land proprietor, Mr. Smytn wa?* born
I in Canada, and  trained In tbe Palonse
■ country m the state ot Wasting too.
He is a young manor ability, and haa
made tbe Leader the spokesman foi bis
part of the district,   never  tiring of re*
1 counting tbe good things of Movie and
; telling the world   about  the wonderful
, lead   depo-its  lhat   bas made the came
j of thai town  famous  in   mining  circles
j la every part of tbe globe.     Mr. Smyth
: bas seen good  times  and   slow tunes In
1 Movie, but his laugh la slwaya cheerful,
his  writings optimistic   aui   bis   good
cheer contagious.    For  tn's.  aud manv
, results accomplished   through   tbe cob
Otnm  of   his paper, tbe,people cf tbat
.     The Free Free*,   published   at Fernie,
Is one of tbe most prosperous papers of
, British Coliimnia.    .1.   li.   SSaUace.   Ihe
present   eutlor  and   manager, was first
: employed on tbe paper daring tbe proprietorship of Mr. Henderson, and after-
! ward bought out Mr. Henderson's inter-
eat,    Mr.   Wallace  Is  a young   man   of
energy   and   excellent   business aollity,
and   Is  making  a  great  success of tbe
Free   Press.    He  bas   an   oflice   fltleii
• with modern machinery, and is keeping
' pace wltn the growth ar,,! prosperity of
tbe town.
The Herald knows that the  financial
1 benefits of   tbe   country  publisnei   are
not large, but  for   the v.oc-1 worn: done.
, tor the unselfish, persistent iacor in behalf   of  tbe people  aniltbedisirict.lt
■ wishes    Brothers   Urace,    Sinttn    ami
, Wallace tbe riches mat can never be
theirs so long as ihey continue In tbe
newspaper business.
Fourteen years ago. N, Hanson wao
bad been engaged in the hotel and
wwdesale liijuor business in Revelstoke,
concluded 10 come te this district.
Leaving tbe railroad a I Golden, be
came down the valley   until be reached
F, K. Simpson, P. K Haines, M. D. Billings, K. Auvache.
camps. The paper contained the news
of the district, advertisements and cartoons, and will stand as a monument to
lhe perseverance ami creative genius of
Mr. Grace,
But the rapid growth of Fort Sleele
made a change necessary, and Improvements were made until the office was
fully ei|u1ppeil wiih a modern ■ plant.
From lhe llrst Issue to the present, the
Prospector has labored for Fort Sleele
and the district, and many men have
made money by the good work done by
Mr. Grace,
The Moyle Leader was started In the
srplng id lt'n. before there   was a   Mo-
tbe beautiful spot thai Is now his home
There he located, and after making a
contract for lumber for the police barracks at Foit Sleele, bulll a sawmill,
the first in the district, and started 10
work. Tbe lumber was rafted down
the Kootenay to Fort Steele Mr.
Hanson gradually Improved bis place,
opened a genera! store and by good '.us-
Iness methods and industry bas acquired
a comfortaole competency, a fact lha
Is not regrelted by any of his host of
friends throughout South Fast Kooienay. 	
The Norlh Star uud St. Kugene mines
have paid thousands of dollars lu dlvidt
ends  mi! will   pay   mtu-ii   mute 111   the*
I f COAL and
a'. Mi'i I layo
\t rlgnf
'fl II...
I    Ill-ill., run   up In ,111,11111)   SSIIIlill   till'  fill
" li.ssiiit; isvn wi-i'kM.
Tin- rally   days nf Morrissey won
typical nf ilinsi- of nny m-w town in tin
ssi'st. Purchasers ot property lost tio
,,. - it.   ,it, ,-,,]. ... .-..11.-.-1 si In.lili lul. here tttsol "west,    mrcnasers ot   property nisi  no
PPT Fvi/I  POM "i   n nni lili-i il.lr 'i'i > m bus esrapos lime in arranging rur Ihe construction
ITJ-, i. iw^uviu *   b^a. »w n.,i(,Ns';|11,1 |(5n|a n  rocks of various places nr luminals, uml tlm
 — i. j ;m,| ignitca freely on lhc aiiiillcallon nf  weeks following the opening uf the town
■run w i in im i;i- mi. imi'os
IT-   IN     III!.-    IllSTltltT
Less Hum half
.    nil it'll.
iiie in ih"
llllll mlnr i
as  l-'.TIlii-
i.ul. Tin
.ih   tin
rly nil ll"
3   BY A. W.McVlTTIE, P.L.S.   J
K- sV
Tin- mosl important produol ot Souih
East Kootenay unlay is the coke for
smelting purposes produced from wli
is popularly i> " ' '' T
Crow's Nesl I oui « u,
town of Ferule us ha
operates inin.- near 3
ami Michel, and owns n
area covered by Hie coal formation between those towns nnd some twenty
miles further nonh.
The Dominion government hns bud
ceded to ii Hftj thousand onus, of tbo
best coul lands nenr MorrlSBpy; lho
Canadian Pncllh Rnllwuj Company 1ms
Becttreil several thousand acres in various scattered parcels throughout tlio
.'iml in ia. umi prl van coiicpi'tiB uud hull*
o secnrod pan ■ I ol varying
i.r iho nppor Klh river and
In- Crow n'i i Compnny's
Limi'i un llll under reserve
v the prm Iiut (in area of
iii'iuul in res between the
previously mentioned properties and ibe
International bomtdnrv. Com lilcrlng
tho varied ownerships of theRO large
arena together with the facl that there
is Hllll a considerable tract of l.ttul further north up tin Elk river open tu
acquirement by nny individual, unilor
lln- very Bimpte and easy conilltlona sel
forth in thi. provincial regulations, It In
difficult iu see nny danger of monopoly
in tin' production ni coal and coke in
this pari of BrillBh Columbia.
Mr.  McBvov.  while  repreuentlng the
vl.limls Inn
extenl east
norlh oi i
lands, and
nml bold I
several  ib<
hlgher| were weeks full of wonderful activity
ml unbounded enthusiasm. The town-
eh gave [site, situated in tbe valley of the Elk
liver, was ;i douse jungle of forest and
In iin vicinity of Fernie nud Mor*I underbrush, und au army of men was
rlssey a large number of locations have immediately put to work at clearing ibe
been lately staked under the petroleum lota and culling through the streets. As
prospecting regulations, hitl so far no the lumber supply (or the new buildings
work has been done of D practical I bad to bo obtained from outside sources
nature to test the statements advanced uud as ihe force of carpenters was en-
thai iimi portion of uie illstrlcl ims alljtli'oly Inadequate to meet the demands
ihi' earmnrks nf an oil producing made by prospective builders, the usual
country. I ilitllciililos    attending the  building or
Of the samples broughl from the new towns were not wanting. These
Flathead valley, some show by analysis difficulties were, however, rapidly ovarii high percentage uf Illuminating oil, come, mid within three weeks after the
while other samples appear ta in- first- townsite bad been placod on the market
class lubricators, it does not appear Morrlssoy presented a moBl wldoawukc
that :t fuel oil would have much value and businesslike   scene to the visitor.
in n country which cnn produce a ich  with business houses dotting the lown
coal   whereas In California nud other! In every direction, and a general air of
south westoi'ii states where coal bus to prosperity pervading ibe place.
h„ in , nun ;. instance the oil \*\   Th" '"-,  W-M Ul '"' ,'',"l,',> '» tha
vciv valuable ns fuel.   If, however, the »«« town wns the otttee of the Morrissey
Fla ml oil should  urovo t" be of a Mlwr, and jimi one week nfter the hits
ihsi-dass .p.aiiiy for lllunilnniiug pur* *■*» fT l,n ',. lu." \mM "n"V
nsra  and  for   iihrleanlH   ihe  innrket "' ,lu" i'"-"'1' •vllh •'   »  Blmps t 	
wmilVlu    i.nllnii.eil    and    be,    In,    < >' ™J   »«'* «   «••••»*   ™"f "J
porluni  ludusiry bo nihle.1 to those of  'hi'»innee.    lira  number was printed
'      ,  iflHsl  Kootenny  rni.brook.owliifftnthnuiinnlsheilri.il*
"   '"'''   '* ■ Oiiiii.n ui' bulhlliiff, but the sci d week
ii ih- life uf Miirrlssey imw a cmnpletu
i-ws|nip.'i' plant lu position, wlib u Job
ii'inuiiiii-iit nf type und material secnml
ie u  in the illsii-lct,   Among nthor In-
lustrlcs was the patnhllahmenl ut a saw-
mnl by ih- ivihir Valley Improvement
Company, uu orgnnlantlon cninpospd i.r
leveral lending business men i.r Pernio,
ihis mill bus a capacity uf M.oon rout per
ilny,   uml   BO  great   bus  been   tlie  il.-iuiiiul
1902=RE1D & CO. XMAS STORE NEWS=1902
The time for Christmas Gift purchasing has come again and anyone will admit the
fact that the problem of "What would be nice for a Christmas Gift" is a perplexing
one. Let us help you. Our stock of dainty and useful novelties for the holiday trade
is complete.    The following outline will only give you a small idea of what we have:
Dominion Qeoli
careful survey ;
lent iif the I'it
following ligurei
tuny snt'ely lie
230 Btiuarc milei
acres. Over llii*
four seams uf
I lhc evil I  Ileitis, uml lhc
n trout his roporl
s exlromely
I coul lnmls.
l.-i.i  lo IIT.sl'iii
ire are twonly-
I'riuii one innl iii twenty-
four fed in thickness, each -omitting
consideration nf the smaller senilis, nml
calculating mils' mi the commercially
workable scums, there is over Ihe whole
area n thickness of over 100 feel of i I,
which Is otitinl to 1511.480 urns por acre.
The Dominion government unci, therefore, Is iilnne capable nf producing over
seven niul n half billion tons, while
tin- whole known coal area examined
by Mr. olcEvoy conlnlns over twenty-
two uml n Imii hllllon inns.
When ii is understood Unit Immediately ensi nl' lhe province then. ur,. in
the illstrlcl ot Alborln Immense bodies
of coking nnd atenm conl nlrendy imss-
ing lutn the hands nf owners of various nationality, mosl nr which is Immediately contiguous in the Crow's Nesl
uml North Kootenay Pubbos, ii must he
admitted thai  i! ilnera] Industry of
Soulh Easl Kooienay is nol likely In
suffer from shortage nr coke production nm- rrom unduly high in Ices of thnl
artlclo: n must important CncC since the
prosperity of Ihe mineral  Industry of
lhc illstrlcl    depetulB    i -e or cheap
smelting nml transportation than thai
(If  Hills!   Illilierul   ilislriels.   nwll!g   tO  Ihe
existence of numerous largo bodies of
low grndo ore which enn bo profitably
handled only nl lhe lowcsl possible cosl
of production. The existence of lurge
almost    Inexhaustible,    bodies nf low
grade oro and of coking nml Blenn ni
... this illstrlcl  menus more than the
i n.
lunetil hus res
smellers treating
proiliu  coko,
uin. Uml Inn
come 'from otic
o to'bo treated .
islnni-c. ii smell
 he St. Mary's
1' lit
id  giving
if pi
'ob porous
ay steam
lion Dial
r loi
is, which
1 yei
it's iii ihc
affected,   When devev
ed tlie stage of local
local ore with locally
Is probable,  nny cer
quantities of oro will
portions of tho provln
nur smellers.   If. for
sbould be established
river fin* St. Mary's oro. is it in
lain ihnl much ore would come it
the Kooienay lake country to bo i
there?   Or, If .1 smell iim Plntfl should
be established lo treat  Hie ores of Wild
Horse and Trncoj camps would nol
much ore come from the Windermere
country for ireiitmonl? In short. South
Easl Kootenny Is by natum destined to
bo tho greal smelling mid refining district of British Columbia, causing ;i
large consumption 0
freight io many ii
railroads which will
enormous qunnlllles of Ko.
ll is a mailer lur
tlu> supply is praetl
the available tnnnni
above, over 22& bill
would last for siv tli
rate of ten llionsnnd tons por day (tho
present output being little moro lhan
a thousand tons per day), or six hundred years in tho nue nf n hundred
thousand (mis per <lav 111 hundred times
the present output), so thnl Hie demand  for export    which  is  now    ton
thousand ions per day, 11 1 noi alarm
the people of ibis country, but should
an the contrary in* counted nu unmixed
commercial advantage, us it will always
bo easy lo mine all (he coal demanded
bv both Hm home anil outside markets.
In ibe face of Ihese fuels it is difficult
to understand llie existence of nny considerable number or persons In this part
of tho province who object to the construction Of ritilwiiv; into the coal fields
to carry coko ncrau the line, li is well
to remember Ihnl ii may bo easy to ill-
vert Hie demand for conl nnd coke to
the district of Alberta, which is easily
accessible rrom lhe western American
smelling towns, and the gain to Alberta's trade would he our distinct loss
without any counterbalancing advantage,
Another   Important   natural   product
whieh   Alberta   and   ibis   illstrlcl     will
probably in the nenr future bo noted for
Is petroleum. Three companies are now
boring for oil in South Western Alberta
near our boundary, hut n is nol ns yet
tory widely known thai the souih east
corner of ibis Kootenny district is 11
very promising oil producing country,
Several remarkable springs of crude .-ill
being known for some years, and a large
area of Iho Flathead valley is supposed
by enmpoioii! persons iu be underlaid
with Oil reservoirs- imi ibe remarkably
unbusinesslike policy of successive administrations at Victoria In keeping
that district tied up by n so-called railway reserve for many years, has de
prlvod the province (South East Koot
enay In particular) of tho large profits
likely to result from ibe energetic development, of ibe petroleum fields which
lie In the valley of the Flathead on
Sage, Klshkeneonah and other creeks,
and cover an area of nhnul 160 snunre
miles. Thai ibis largo area, possibly
rich in petroleum, is not open to the
public, but is sllll held under some old
railway reserve, is n disgrace to the
Professor    Solwyn,    di reel or  of  lhe
Dominion Oeologlcal Survey, examined
these oil fields in   181)1, mul says in his
report, speaking of Sago creek: "And
hero at the edge of tbe wnlor, on the
left bank, I round hard, ilnrk, llititv
nliiilw. like Uiosn at ihe Benvor Dam
pool un the Almnilnn.   .   .   Dlroclly thn
ji       Till:   THAI,    l l.s I 1 If   nr       J
j     SOUTH east kooten \y     it
!!   Editor ol  tlie  Morrlssoy   Miner   *
1-jC jttCtf|,ttl*.£iCt|.tt -t|ll **£*■*
ai no time in ibe history of British
Columbia was thero e\
ed nutlet' more fnvorn
wiih brighter promlsi
than those attending I
1 town project-
conditions, or
ui' ibe fill lire,
opening of the
in August of
ibis yenr. Ami liu* reason for ihis Is
obvious. Loom ion ami natural resources have boon ihe prime factors in
lown building fiom lime immemorial,
and a casual glance al tho conditions
prevailing in this district will convince
ibe most disinterested observers why
Morrissey   hud her conception, and to
wlml   she  owes   bet   claim   lo  existence.
Situated In the centre of ihe vnsi coat
ureas of lhe Crows Nesl pass, within
four mlics of a mine thnl promises with
development   lo  I'lVllI  liny  Oil  tbo  Norlh
American continent, surrounded hy a
dislrict marvellously rich in mineral
mul limber resources, with two ureal
mini, tines of railway, ll Is but little
wonder thai tlie placing of this town un
ibe market was linllod with enthusiasm
by purchasers fnnn all over western
Canada mid tunny pails of the States,
who, in looking for new locations, naturally turned to the most Inviting Held.
.Morrissey presented Hint Hold. Her
location uu two great competing lines
of rail mud. iho Canadian Pacific and
tbo (irom Northern, ai Un- Junction of
iin- spur io the Morrissey mines, gave
her a prestige fnnn ibe llrsl equaled by
lew towns iu the   Interior of British
Columbia, mid excelled by none. Added
lo ibis great advantage is her close
proximity lo ibe Morrlssoy mine of the
Crow's Nesl Pass Mining Company, a
mine that oven now. in the Infancy or
its development, is shipping nearly a
thousand tons of coal each day, mid
employs over f>00 men. which number
is constantly being Increased by skilled
mliiers from all parts nf Canada and
ihe United Slates,   lu this connection
il   may     not   be  amiss  to  sny   lhal   (be
future of ibis mine is so full of promise
its 10 warrant James .1. Hill, the king
of railway builders, in expanding thousands or dollars in bringing n railway
it oui bis main Hue In Montana Into this
district I'or 110 oilier purpose lhan tu
Millie ibe enormous oiltplll Hint this
mine will soon be prepared to furnish.
Ami ihe terminus of ibis Hue of railway is'.Morrissey, where oxtoiiBlVO yards.
round  I se unit other terminal  build
ings are located,
Nm- will lho future prosperity of Litis
dislrict depend alone upon the coal properties ihai nn- now being worked. Immense deposits of coal have also been
discovered fu the south custom portion
or llils district.   Those deposits m f
almost unlimited oxtont, mid extent] far
into Alhortn In n north easterly illroo
lion, mnl  Into Montni 11 ibe soulh.
The mosl  promising portion of these
new discoveries is 111 Ihe vlelnlly of the
Platliend river mul tbo headwaters of
Lodge Pole oreek, where Beninp running
as high ns ::ii feet In* thickness have
been encountered. Exlonslvo exploration wurk has been carried on lu this
section during the pasi summer hy largo
companies and private individuals, and
a niul llm- has already been run from
Mils lown m Uie new findings by the
C. P. H. The distance from Morrlsey
lo these coal binds is loss Ihmi  Ml miles,
and as iho route Is a most practicable
0110, a railway from ibis point Is uniting
the possibilities of tho near future,
Messrs. Fobs nnd McDonell, two well
known railway contractors on Iho now
line m' road from Jennings, Montana, to
tho Morrissey mines, were the original
locators of tbo ground on which Morrlssoy nnw siands. and are lho present
iwners wiih C. P, Ilill. On August 80th
Hie lownslto was placed on the market
wiih Thomas Crnhnn, one of Hie best
known nnd mosl progressive real estate
operators In lhe west, in charge as agent
mid sn greal was Ihe demand for properly in the new town Ihnl, nn the
evening ul' Umi day, iienrlv Jlli.imu
worth or n-al estate bad been sold.   Thin
nnd lath mill were recently installed, uml
11 m-w bo||er I" new un tlu* way from the
oust, which will furnish power far grontly
iiicrriiMu-4 liu nuipiii. Thu mill ninplnys
lu ilu- u*'i«iii.i)iti""it uf 35 men. and Ih h
villus bis adjunct tn tin- payrolls of tim
In WH.
paring tho early dnys of the towns
exfsieiiei', its growth wan seriously retard*
nl hy ihc report that n rival townsite
wns tn im established nearer the mines "f
Hit* run] company. This report luul a most
ilemoraUsing effect on some uf iht* elusions, nnd several buildings were lefl In an
unfinished onndltlon. But those moro «c-
nunlntod with conditions and tht- hPiieiiiu
to lie derived tram such a favertible locution n.**. Morrissey poRst-sued. nnd with a
knowledge tlmt tho building ot a new
town would bring many more people into
ihe district, nnd consequently n Inrgnr
number of bnnliu-SH hntiFOs—nnil wli It a
buslm st limine, loctitlnn Is tin- nmsl lm*
portiiiil question—hnvo stayed with this
town, turned tho deaf ear to the calamity
howler, nnd h«vo now become (irmly established In business, And ns the report
nl" the opening nf the new town never
materialIzod Into anything more substantial lhan a report, the fnlnt-heurtod nnes
atsii imcki'd Into the game, nml nre nnw
iinuing ihe strongest supporters of this
In nddltlnn to the numerous industries
Morrissey now possesses, work wns Inaugurated the first of this month on n brewery plant, niul the buildings ure being
pushed rapidly to completion. The plant
will hnve a capacity of 30 barrels n day,
antl will cost In tbe neighborhood of JJW,-
000. The proprietors, Messrs. Ruff and
Vunil. were formerly In business In Kaslo.
Iml llmllng the Held there too limited,
iiiiii.' in this dislrict with n view uf
inking ndvnntage of the opportunities presented. Afler a careful Investigation of
the field, they naturally enme to the
conclusion Hint Morrissey. with ber two
lines of railway reaching every nnlni in
,,,„ .nntnot, wns tne logical location for
nn Industry nf tbe kind, nml cnnseqtienlly
located hue. The plum Is situated on Ihe
west hunk nf tbe Elk, nud an abundance
of pure siuing water Is piped from tin
mountain back of the town to ihe brewery
Due or the greatest needs of tho town
at ibis lime Is n hunk and negotiations
hnve beep pending fnr several weeks past,
which  wilt,  quite  likely,  result  in  the bs-
tnbllshment of n branch or one of the
lending hunks or Canada In this plnce
before a great while.
The spirit nf progress is prevalent
.'inuiii)- the people tif mn* town, nnd now
nt the end of her four months existence,
Uiere Is nnt a mun In business fn Morrissey who regrets the fact that fate led him
to this placo. And when the fact |s taken
Inn. consideration that less than five years
ago Ihere was but one town In existence
in this vast district, it Is hard to realize
what the future has In store for South
Kast Kootenny, with her unlimited resources nf coal, mineral nml timber. The
next live years will see n country teeming
with untold wealth, busy wltb countless
Industries nnd the home of thousands of
prosperous   and   contented   people,    And
Morrissey will occupy the driver's seat
in Die hand wngnti, ns the center nf Industry.
in ihe year imu about three thousand
men were In Kootenay attracted thither
by ilu- ileli gold dlscoverlos on' Wild
Horso creek. Many of those who came
in remained only for n short season, the
majority giiing to the mining camps tit
Montnnn which were much lulkcil about,
especially Maclellan Gulch, whh-li turned
.ui' to he one of the paying gulches in
Hint  territory.
Tlie folowlng "oiit timers" still remain
ami are Identified with Kort Steele and the
district, Among those we may mention
David "iiiiiiiii who enme lu via. Walls
Walla in the spring nf 18W uml who still
lives at   Wild   Horse creek  and  bus  large
interests both lu placer umi quarts mining. Ilillier! <'. Hore, wlio also nunc in
by Uie same route, nml who b fi ihe Koote*
nny in the 'Tu's to go to tlie Casslar ox*
1 H.'iucnt. aftor trying his link lu Call*
fornln. Montana ami Arlsonn is content to
remain lure believing as he does ihat Kurt
Mt.ei.- has n great future. Patrick Quirk,
another old timer who enmo here In mm
iiiul who leli f»r the Casslar country, returned tu remain, suiisfying himself, aftei
following many of the gold excitements
that tlu re is no place like th,. Kootonay,
nuK-luileil m tako up a farm und play lhe
rule "t an honost granger, lie owns a
gout]   farm   called   the   "Daisy,"   Within   11
short   distance  of   Port   Steele,    ,1'olei*
llt.yle iin.iiiier old timer who lias remained
in the country ever since ho came In, nnd
who 11 few years ago gave Up mining nnd
turned ids attention to farming, new owns
n g.uiil home mi "Cherry creek, where he
is prospering,   Colonel George Doughorty
who Is sllll  with us enme here In ISfH,  lie
nftei'wards tried Montana, Dakota. Arizona a ml California, but enme hack lo
his nlil slumping ground, Wild Horso
cteek. where he ban sumo first class mining properties thnt nre being developed,
nnd as tbey nil prospect well. ti,(, Colnnel
lias nn abiding faith in the country, M.
Phllllpps, who wns lu charge nr the  llm).
sun's iiuy ro.'s extensive business, came
here lu ISM, After leaving lhe Hudson's
liny service he settled at Tobacco Plains
where he hns a beautiful home.
Pioneering In the '«i's was nnt confined
in the men only, but many ladles necom-
pnnloil ihelr hushnndH into what wus then
known ns ilic wilderness, or oui nt civilisation) among those who enme In with
ihe early prospectors was Mrs, Griffith
who sim lives on Wild IM'"'' creek, Iin to
and hearty, and who hns always u kind
word for the "old timer," who benr t--Hi|-
niiuiy to her klndue-is uf heart und goner* |
ohm hospitality.
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A Merry Christmas and a Nappy New Year to All
Cranbrook's Twin Stores     _      _     PPin  &  CO
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line in a manner
that will prove satisfactory both in work-
c^ss.J-'j'-ri.M^w/^^jS^'i^-' manship and prices
Harness, etc.
And a Happy and Prosperous New Year
I have made a study of the trade of this district and am prepared to meet the
demands of the people in my line. My increasing business is evidence of this fact.
Thanking my patrons for their past patronage, I am
a® ,,,,T	
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Areated Waters
of all Kinds.
Syrups, Champag'nes, Ciders,
Ging'er Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.
Barnes (Brccr
Contractor aito Sutlocr,
GrnitlH'oolt, B. tl.
He has built more houses in South
Easl Kootenay than tiny one general
contractor. That is good proof of
the fact that his work pleases thc
people. If you expect to build see
"Jim" Oreer. It will pay you to
talk to him aboul plans and estimates
*>*>*>■« .>■>*>*>*•♦*>»*>■>*■*■••*>*>*>*>*>» *»♦■*>•♦♦■♦-■>
***»»»*»»»*»»##*###w#ii##»#.*##r#»»w*iw#»»»##-#»i»#»tii tsH® tsM") i»- (•>'■} '•' '*>
Auction Sale!
The largest Sale of Fur=
niture hy Auction ever
held in the Kootenays.
Tills snl.- will he licl.l at
Cranhrook, Tuesday, Dec. 23d,
Al 10 a. in. sharp.
ti,,.I,., vim a Mnri|ta|i" li'l'l Iiv M |. IMtler antl 0   II   Minei
ami tiin-n In i' s Ii.i.Is ..in. I I lltnrl|(0u.e will In linuliireil al tim-
nl stile, I   uuiiiii ... i.-.l l.s ill - ii |u'K"ea to aell Iiy auction oil lli>-  II
iilniv.. .Inn- iill   ilu-  liniilliiir,  .....a. is. ii.mn'. klti'lien titeiieela,   j*
.totm, ilurra, licilillllu., nll.crwiito. elc . laloly Inl-URlnat l" Tile   J1-'
I'alla  Vi.»    lloll'l, iMn.V'vill.-,   rnlialalliiu   i.i  all'lit »3,u o wottll tif     1.1
fnrul 1 hi'I home Inn 1sl1mu.11 which » riiitcliii«eil laal s|irlii|i, tlie
.aim-1., lit, i.ractlcaMv new,
The uo ml-, i.n- now mi <.' Il.iil.i'i hi iliJ warehouse tllrertly opposite fir. KitiH'ai(liceon Ainntroiiu, Avenue wlm. tin- sale will l.e
$ln nr nnil'-i i-mli    Ru-nsove  JSi.. 3.. il«v   on app.ovail  1 -int iioI.b
heir uk 1 .,-,.--1 11. nipi 1-in     I'' liter particulars .. ,.,.lv to H
J   Peltier, G   11   Miner or III- Auctioneer
(•>- <m\—tsv-ifi- (•)-'•'-'»- wi—w-is) ■
The best beer is the best.
The Fort Steele Brewing Co.,
Of Pernie, B. C,
Is producing n fine quality oi beer. It is clear,
clean, nutritious, possesses a fine ilnvor and is absolutely free of detrimental ingredients. As a
iamily tonic It has no equal. And what is more,
it is made in the district.
S Sold in Bottles or Draft. *£
The Cosmopolitan Hotel,
Cranbrook, B. C.
The great English Xmas drink
|[ Allsopp's Stingo ]|£-
Guaranteed five years old
25 cents per bottle,
If  the  best is  good   enough  for you
(ii.e lhe Ctisiiiiipoliltin Hotel n trial.   Special rates
in the week or month,
J. R. DOWNKS, Proprietor.
fmilbRlgbl Prices
Hnd tbe best efforts to please
Successful tailoring
Lies not so much in low prices as in the very jc
highest qualty possible to give in material and j-
workmanship for the price asked on any given m
article. Compare for yourself before purchas- W
Ing.   We'll stand by the verdict. 2f
McSweyn & Griffith.   J
CranbriMik Hotel Block. £
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I'.Y hk. llii.ll WATT
Pair Fort Steele, unsurpassed In the
district Inr lii-uuty nl' Bite nml siirtimml-
Ings, nml fnr ilic natural advantages nf
her position its ilic converging point nf
ilm greal central drainage area "f eastern Kootenay; Imlli nu n taiact. bi-iu-li
sloping gently westward tn tin- blue niul
smoothly ilnwinit Kootenay; faced by
the rapid St. Mory's river, where ii
Joins iin- greater stream; helttnil ii the
famous historic Wild Horn creek, whose
"golden .-minis" liuvi. been worked by
whites nml by Chinese for nearly forty
years past; topographically tin- n-nirul
figure   iu   ii   will,  uml   ample   valley
stretching     ■llnvoBtwnril    rrom    the
iiiii-itiiiiiniiiil iiniimiiii-v in iin- lake
sources nr lite Columbia river. The
potential ss "nlili nr this grenl valley in
rationing, in agricultural nml horticultural  possibilities,    Ims    I ii    iimiils
proved, inn yol tin from fully realised.
Fori Btenln, nestling iiliimsi m Ihe fool
nr iin- itii'in Rockies, Inn yol far e gli
from her mngnlllc     background tn
give in her rosltlonts no feeling iI.m
limy are bore "cahln'tl, cribbed, con-
lilted," bins for "nil""!, in llm wcsl III.'
winding valley nf tlm St. Mary's, cut-
llHg llll'Ollgll llli' ilisniiil Until ni Puicell
rnnge, uml in llm north the bench uml
bill country nf ilu- Cherry Creek nml
Skookiimcliuck. The Inhabitant nf Fori
si.-.'ii. may Bland in bis tloor, mul nn a
>.    ..  . ; .
■   -iS-SH             m*\*m*\\\\*\\\
clear day. looking westward, mny see
the buildings uf the famous North stur
mine; tn Uie right, lu> may trace out
the Sllll van hill, but nut lhe mine Itself.
Nuili li ward antl suuiliward his view
may range from ihe peaks uf ilu- Windermere country to the mils of Northern
Montana. He may see. or at any rule
fix accurately, tho locality nf many of
the growing towns uf ihe district—
almost due west at ihe toot of ihc North
Star hill, (lie mining tuwn uf Kiinlier-
ley. four miles southward the smelting
tuwn of Marysville;   in lhe suuiliward,
pushing, aggressive Cranhrook, and due
south, the revived milling—and perhaps
smelting—town nf Wardner; and a! the
aniitli-.rn   ovtramtly   nt   tha   null     rlvor
range, almoal at ihe hast- of the curious capped peak there visible, the future
Industrial town of Elko, at the crossing of ihc Oreai Northern railway, and
with water power nf practically unlimited extont. Iu the range behind him
northerly, bill within the curve of the
spur, he ran point to lhe village of
Tracy, wiih her rich Estelln ami other
promising mini's, in  lhe Wild    Horse
placer mint's, he cnn point (n many ox*
cetlent mineral locations nf proved
richness: aboul ten miles southerly he
ean Bee the locality of the Dibble group;
mul   where   Hull   river   breaks   through
the range he can locate the much-talked
of Iron properties of that region, ami
still southward the copper locntlons of
the Empire group on Sand creek. Misplaced artificial conditions may hinder
ttie growth of a town so situated, Iml
i.Id Nature will sometimes have her
way. Usually ihe slies of great commercial centres nre planned by Nature,
not Iiy man.
Heiter transportation facilities are
needed 10 nm only stimulate tb.' development i.f lhc riches of die various
groupB named, in gold, silver, copper,
Iron and lend, bin to realize lhe great
limber   wealth   of  ilu-   valley,   and   lis
n> decide; but oven au ordinary observer
may lit* permitted to say 1 hai ll must of
necessity be where ull the requisites fur
cheap Bin el ting can U" most conveniently
centered—abundance uf water und nf
power, proximity lo coal and coke, 10
iron and to limestone, and where ;u the
minimum "f cost the maximum supply
of dry and wel nri's can be collected.
As the Kootenay Central is projected
in follow Uu* natural grades of ib**
drainage area nf the district uie: as far
as iiu-sibb- place mi iis main line or
branches all tin- mines and mining
mining towns from ibe Windermere
country down, tin* great smelter uf ihe
future must be mi iis system or where
ibis may be counected with ibe C. N. ft.
And an the K. 0. It. will nol only stimulate ilu- development nf our mines,
but lead 10 the settlement nnd cultivation or every ntre nf arable land iu the
valley, thus Increasing On* producing as
well ns the consuming population nl
ihe district.
Smith Kast Kootenay may will 1«
described iu a word us ihe Pennsylvania  ol  lh- f, hall   West    Consul.-i
Whul   hus  I II  don.'  Within  Mie posl  live
years, am! think of tin- almos! limit
i-hs possibilities oi Hi.- future, Two
railways have been bulll Inlo or through
the district; nu area uf coal lands u.
rich and extensive as any lu the world
opened up and ibe production nf coal
and coke brought from nothing up 10
many thousands of ions per duy; ten
towns or villages founded and built up
ami nil giving promise of grenl futun
growth und prosperity, indeed in a dis
irlct of sueh varied and boundless re
sources ihere is room ror us inuuy mon
towns, ami none need be enlvous of thi
growth or prosperity of another. Tie
resident of South East Kootenay wher
ever he iiihv have east his lot, has ren
soil   in  be  prOtHl   nf  and   lu  llpll    lli
home nud lis Biirroundlngs, The oli
mother town, Kurt Steele, is milol jus
now, tint she is bound—and that befori
long—tn win her share of ibe Incrcaslni
•eueial prosperity nr ihe district. Tin
natural advantages of her position, hoi
dry and yet fertile soil, her mild am
Bolubrlous climate, lur pure and abuntl
nnt wnler supply, ber ample men. am
finally her future close connection will
the new railway—perhapa wiih two-
will Inevitably make her une uf ibe mosl
desirable business ami residential lowm
in ihe whole Interior nf British Colitm
.lust a llniil word further on lhe rail
way situation, The line projected fron
West Kootenay down ihe valley of lie
St. Marys river in lis mouth is needei
ami will lie built in time, ll will provi
a great developer, nud an Imporlan
feeder tn ihe Kootenay Central as wel
As the Crow's Nesl line. Though no
;f immediate interest in thin section 0
ihe district, ii may be noted ihu! ap
plication fm* u charter is in he math
nexl session for a nillwny from (iuldei
on ihe 0. I*. It., north westward throtigl
Cariboo und Oassiar to an ocean term
inns at. or near Port Simiisun— tlu
Kootenay, Cariboo & Pacific, Thottgl
the writer cannot speak of Uie plans 0
ihe promoters, it is believed tbla l» 1
genuine enterprise, nml If built, as 1
surely inns! be sooner or Inter, ma;
fairly be regarded ns the logical cnn
tlnuatlon of ibe Kooienay Central, am
with lis ocean terminus and iis easteri
nnd southern connections, may furihe
be considered as ihe western tormina
section nf another transconttnenta
railway. And when thai time comes
Kurt sieele may fairly plume hersel
upon being 11 nol unimportant Btntloi
011 one of lhe many highways curry hi;
lo and fro the riches uf the Pacific
Oriental mule.
nv a. 11. iu'auk 5
Port Si.-I.' i>' tlio pioneer town of thi
Kent Puny*, uml is pre-eminently u minim
center, nml tho distributing point for thai
vast nren er mineral country known 11 *-
hi. Fori Steele Mining Division nf lirlllsl
Columbia. It is situated mi a bench ever
looking the Kootenny river, nl iis eon
linen..- with Hi,. St. Mnry's river nnd Wil.
Horse creek.   Thin pluionu, on wlilcli tin
nf n-i
one hundred re t nbovc the water level
und Is imiui.led mi Hi-- north nnd west lithe Kootenny river, on the eusl by a
stretch of rolling country of nboul twi
miles In width which Intervenes betweei
the river and tho nr-i range of the Rockj
mountains! mi ihe south hy the sulci
through which flows the historic Will
Horse creek, comprising in ull about 4m
neres of lev. I ground, the mosl beautlfu
anil   picturesque   townsite  in   the   Koote
The tuwn properly wns originally loent
ed by J.dm T. Onlbrnlth In the spring Dl
W, ni the tlmt of tbe discovery of th
rich geld placer mines on Wild Mors.
creek, who established u terry und trnd
ing posl .11 ttii*-. point, which wis known
f.ir years us Gnlbraltll'fl   Ferry.
in ko, when a division of lhc Mountei
Felice,    limler    i-oinlllfiinl    of    MnJOB    Steeh
lOKT sn:i*XK
proved productiveness In grains, fruits,
vegetables ami hay. This transportation   will   be provided hy lhe  Knolenuy
Central Railway, wIiobb charier entltlee
ihe company to build from the boundary line If ihoughi desirable, crossing
lhe Crow's Nest He ut nny pnint frum
Elko to Wardner, thence hy way of
Kurt Sleele io Windermere and onward
to Golden. A railway over ihis route
need have no heavier grades than those
on the new line from Gateway to Morrissey; for lu these dnys of keen competition In every phase of human activity
the problem of cheap transportation hy
rail is solved noi hy 11 simple lowering
of rates, but by Increasing the haulage
capacity of each Individual locomotive;
by lightening grades and Improved
curves, nml solidifying the roadbed, nnd
Hum by natural means obtaining the
cheapest possible transportation through
iho greatest possible efficiency in operation, Distance, as the builder of the
(Ireat Northern views It, should always
be subordinate In grade. Hut while Ihe
building of this railway means much in
Hie way uf Improved transportation, it
will do more Hum tilts—It must Inevitably lend to the erection somewhere
near the cnal and cuke supply of a
great custom smelter, .lust where this
will be eroded must tie lefl lo experts
■   here.    Illls   Wn
I   Ste
U li
which finally beci
■   K.n.Ii'iinvs   wns
■elected for
ami   in   llie
n began 111
developed nren,  n Intng  being tarried
.ni. wive nt Wild Horso creek. Fori Stele
wns the   government   hondipwrters, wlili
,-tiili-utIices nt Alnswm-lli uml Nelson. Since
ihe division nf the Kootennys Into mining
districts,    Kmt    Steele    bus    been,    uml    is
now the seat uf the government for the
K.irt s lo Mining Division.
It wns In the yenr IfflB Hint gold wns
dtcovered on Fllllny creek, uml curly In
the following yenr came ilu. rush for the
new gold fields. The Hudson's liny Cn.
hud 11 trading post nt Tobacco Plnlns, nenr
the boundary, and this pnst following the
Influx nt miners, was moved tn n point
nenr the terry, which has flourished,
though under different firm names since
thul lime, und Is now doing business under lhe name of I'lirllii St  hnrlck,
We   ciiniint    help    lhe   cl |    wlilcli   ut
present rests over every mining enmp in
Hie Kootennys. All irartes nnd Industries,
mining not exceptod, ore subject tn limes
uf depression,   but   these   pass nwny  uud
lion, ami when a frenh start I- mail, in
silver lend mining, no town In South Earn
Kootcnaj is in u better position i" hold
il-  own  than   Kurt  Sleele.  am!  if 11  cmiliol
do business ami prosper, other towns will
liuve i" j* u of business,
Thai Fori Steele is u strenuous lown
there can l.e  loilht. 'I'll.- mount,.inin   lis   vlcinilv   have   never  cell I   lo   the
shriek of the locomotive, yet ihe trails
ami roods of the prosjwetor and miner
all center at Steele, lis natural resources
compel Hie attention of ull legitimate mining enterprises, uml it is fair to assume
tlmt tin-re can lie no untoward event to
retard lis progress, which Is based on the
development of ihe mines tributary to
ihe town, on the genuine merit .if ii-
locatlon us u mining cent! r, Alili"titj!
placei mining has been carried un In Un
vicinity uf Fori Steele for nearly fortj
years, quart* mining is still In lis infancy,
t.ut. wherever lh.- miner's pick lias struck,
mineral has been uncovered, li is safe
to say thai within tho next two years there
■.ill I.,   many  paying  mines  tributary  to
ml Steele, wllliln the same men, as an
in .in. -11 iii.n i>r British Columbia,
F..11 sieeie is tin- natural business cen-
lei •>!' ihe district, from enst, rmm west.
from  norlh und south,  Ihere Is an almost
ist rn
h<- Kootenay Central Railway, when cm
listed win mnke Steele the railway cei
•■i ..I iiie district, with lines rndlnlln
:.st  ami  west,  ninth  nml  south,  In ever
nfnlni enmp in South East Knoienn:
rhe Kootenny valley win furnish a .lire.
ranscontlnental route from the Allanl
..-ahonrtl to the pacific const, cnnnoctln
viih steamship lines in the Orient, ami
in ail important roetor in tho future ui
>uIktlng of  Fori Sle.-le
When- fame iiiis dwelt for many year
vli.-n- for over forty years a ilny has no
.asseil  Hint  the miner's pick  fulled  In  find
1 resting place in the gold-embedded grnv
■I.   Such Is tne liatorlc Wild Horse Cl k
lint   swiftly   wends   its   wny   from   Shoo]
reek to the Kootenny river, a distance 1"
u'urly ;!f. mil's, uml whose water from tin
nminlnlns above washes out ihe rlnhesi
ilucer  ground   lu   British   Columbln.
in Im;i iii.ii Dore, wiih 11 parly of Call
fornlnns reached this wonderful country
ifter a hunt trip through lln* mountain*
iver the old Walla Walla trail. Aftei
.itching camp, Dore and his friends si"
.1 work, am! whnt tbey found was enough
o gladden Hie eye and Inspire the sou'
if ihe nmst imiiKinutlve dreamer nf gnldei
lays, The eamp nourished for n numhei
>r yonrs, during which time the govern
iieiit received a duty of 60 cents per ounce
ipon 117,000,000 lu Rob! dust, und there Is
10 wny of telling or even guessing how
ntich wns taken nut of which mi record
vns kept.
Another pioneer of wild Horse, who. hy
he wny Is still with us. Is Dave Griffith
vim pitched his tent lu WW, nnd who hus
lever yet found n more suitable place
.ml wbo Is fiwniting tin- lime when  Wild
lorsc will he placed on the lop lis!, both
is u placer and 11 quartz country uf im-
nensurenhle richness.
Wild Horse creek In I8W-G and fi. pro-
lucod over 120.000,000, nnd since that tlm-
ins hcnii a constant  yearly producer ot
mm len tn tweuly-Ilve Ibousiiml dollars
tl gold. The past yenr, some 80 to I'M
nen hnve been employed In plncer mlnlnp
m Wild Horse, ami a conservative esll
mite places the yield at $20,000. Amour
lu* rree-gold quarts mines, which an
omumllng attention ure ilu- Dardenolles
cn for Tut, Bald Mountain, Dupont, nit'
■iiief, Golden-Five, nnd Doherty mines,
liivei-lenii properties nre represented by
lie Kooienay King, Watson. Tiger and
'ooruinn groups of mines. Corunndo, Do*
in. nml Arena grooups are the lending
upper properties, and there is no doubl
ml thnt wllh development work the above
lulms will become paying mines.
Wild Horse creek. Kour-Mllc. Six-Mile
"nicv. Wasa. und Wolf creejts nre Hi!
illnitnry to the town nf Fori HtonU, n..
<!g Iron deposits to tbe south of null
•Iver. the copper mines of Host creek
he gold quartz mine of Mans creek, are
ill  supplied   from Steele.
Kori Steele is most fortunate in hnvtnp
.■nst deposits nf high nnd low grade ore
ie,ir ut bund, which will give employmenl
o thousands nf miners In the future. The
■reetlon nf smellers in ihe Kootenay val
'i'V, adequate means of transportation
nv those natural conditions which will
nuke Fori Steels ihe grent business, mln-
ng, residential and educational center iif
111 inconceivably wealthy district.
I'll    lo
Ity, ilevclm
much io .1
line I'll I
The mineral
nd brighten the sltua-
The writer's Intimate knowledge of South
■last Kooienay duteH hack to the spring ol
-.97. At that time the population of this
.ust stretch of virgin country embracing
iho tit 70,000 square miles, wus confined to
I few residents Of Fori Steele anil Hie Sl
.ugene Mission and a small number ol
anehers and prospectors scattered ovei
he  country,   numbering  n   few   hundreds
II ull. Postal facilities for the whole dls-
rlct  were confined to th» post offices nl
■'ort Steele and Wild Horse Creek, supped by a weekly mall from Golden on
be Canadian Pacific Hallway.   The near-
■st   rtiilmiul  und telegraph  stations  were
•,'nlispe] on ihe Greal Northern nnd Ooldi n
■n the Canadian Pacific.
A   couple  of  small   sawmills   supplied   lln
umber fnr the district, while the pro*
loots   of   the   "mine"   were   confined   lo   a
-w hundred tons of ore per year, shipped
mm the North Star mlnr hy steamer on
lie Kootenny river to Jennings on the
Ireni  Northern Hallway.
A trip to the capital at Victoria con*
■ unied th.- greater iwirt «' a week und the
owns in Wesl Kontenay were nil several
lays Journey  away.
|.ate   In   the   summer   nf   Hint   yi-sr   the
Aork of construction hpgan nn tin* Hrltlsh
tolumbln   Southern    Hull way,   popular!)
known as the Crows Nest line, giving the
I strict  connection   with   the   east   and
Settlors Immediately began to pour Inlo
he country to develop Die mines and
igrlciiltiiral lands nf the district, while
towns  began  to spring  up  at  different
points lilting  the line nf railway, each  the
centre nf nu industrial population.
Active development work wus begun on
the rl'h coal ureas nf lhe Crow's Nesl
Pnss, und on the different quarts locations
throughout the country, producing such
famous conl mines ns those nt Ferule,
Michel nnd Morrissey. nnd such noted silver-lend properties ns the St, Kugene,
North   Slur  and  Sullivan.
1'..mill.1 ki 1 is frequently made (and noi
Without some degree of truth), Ihnt de*
volopment In Smith Kast Kooienay Is
comparatively slow considering the rich
turul resources of lhe country. Other
sections cnn be pnlntfd nut less richly endowed by nnture where development hns
heen much more rapid.
And yet. wben we look hack over the
progress of the past five years we really
hnve very little cause to complain. In
thnt short space nf time such flourishing
towns nt Fernie. Crnuhrook. Moyie. Kimberley, Mnrysville, Wanlner, Klko. Michel,
nnd Morrissey hnve had their beginnings.
The vast conl and coke Industry nf Ibe
Elk river valley hns sprung up and attained
Its present prnporilons. The HI. Kugene
mine hns ben developed from n mere prospect to the rnnk nf one of the largest silver lead producing mine's on the continent
Tho  lumber  trade,  though still In Its In-
tlvlng employnu nl tu hundred 1 of men
iml  bringing  tie.11-in.lv  ..i   dollars evei
mn int.. ill. <li-iii. 1; while tan. hing, Inn
"imi" nnd g. ...1., 1 running has mail,
iiillcl. nt progre - 1.1 show thai tin sol
'(         Knnl.-iinj      vallcj     Is    in rah!
in- Hi" placet -..um ..1, Wild ll...-
reek, Perry creek nnd Weaver -reel;
ax- lately taken on a new lease <.r tit
ml with Improved machinery and moderi
lethods bid  fair to wuk m n  hnndsom
ii'olil  ror years 1 me.
Largo   Iron   deposits   hnve   been   opened
ip mi Hull ih'.r. In the Immediate vicinity
.1. A.   IIAI.VKV
the coal   lii Ids,   nn.l   if  tli" deposits de
ope ar- their presenl  showings in.lhat.
Altogether ihe future <-r South Easl
Kooienay Is particularly bright, for,
,1 gh the low price "i lead ha- paraly-
end mining- the depression Is llkelj to be
mly temporary, and owing lo lhe mam
■ ml varied natural resources of tho district, other Industries are  rnpldtj   taking
Its  pine.
The development   of lho  Elk  river coal
mines uml  Hie produi ti f an excellent
quality of .'.ike in a cheap rate will make
,1   ,,.,- ini"  t.i  work  nl   n   protit   ih,-  large
if  tl isiiii'i,  iiii.1  when  smelters  have
I res nml enke 10 he nnsombled at thi
lie     til
I.I    to
Nest Sm
Tlie building nf llic
•ni Hall wny and the consequeul opening
i|. of a large market for coal and coke
11 the 1 -nii.it Stales combined wiih the
net ihai ih" supply or conl In the KtK
river valley is practically Inexlinustlbh*,
■emlers  iiiiii   Industry  enpnble of almost
The tilling up or tic Inrse agricultural
irons In tli" North wesl Territories Is mak-
ng   a   market   for   onr   lumber   that   Will
md hounds,  while  ih.   large humo  mar-
■n-i |.i...ii I  by  these various Industries
will reii.Ii i' profitable the raising of fruits
■ ud agricultural products on the arable
lands of ilu- dlstrlot.
Nature has been lavish with h.-r glfi-t
In   South   Enst   Kootenay.    We   hav..   th"
required  to hew It  Into shape.
Abiding faith In tho district and earnest,
Intelligent, harmonious effort on the part
if   the   1 pie,   will   make    South    East
Kootenny,  ut   no dlstnnl  dny,  .aie of the
ulglil  spots iu the  Dominion.
The growth of nny count ry run he
Judged by the growth of trade and com-
merce In thnl countrj nn.l the growth of
trade nnd commerce cnn be Judged pretty
accurately by the amount of fire Insurance
curried hy lhe business mc n and manufacturers In 11 country. The reason for
this Is, that In llu-s.- days "f large enterprises, or large stocks and keen competition It Is u necessity for buslncs smen generally to protect themselves against a total
loss by lire. This applies more strongly
in the west where the fin.- hazsnrd Is mmh
greater than in other sections of ihe
country owing to the towns being, lor
the mosl pari, imilt of wood ami where
owing to ih" country being young, fire
protection has nnt reached a stage where
it can he relied upon lo lie of any great
-ervlce in case of a  conflagration,
The history of tim insurance in the east*
.-in half of South East Kootenay dates
from  IW  when  the   Imperial   Firo  ln-ur-
trlcl.   This company was closely followed
hy  ih..   Phoenix  of   London,   the  London
ami    Llveri I   am!    Qtobo,    the   Norwich
Union  ami   th"  two  Canadian  line companies ihe British America and the Western. *•<> that .,11  December tho .'list,  [gag,
there wns aboul til.mm worth of fin- Insurance in fore iu ih" towns of Cranbrook,
Moyle and Fort Steele.   On lhc lust of the
folowlng year,  1809,  tli" amount  of insnr-
,-,- in force had grown to $60,000, at Ihe
1   nr   1000  to 1200.000,  nt   the  end  of  Iimi
$100,000, and  by   the lasl  or the present
year it  will rench at toast $700,000,
This   growth   Is   simply   the   outcome   of
tevelopment   In   the  dustrlal   ami   nothing
r-lse.    The  sawmill  Industry  Itself uses a
great   deal   of   Insurance,   tho   merchant*
of the district all "any  their quota, the
lining companies nro also g 1 customers
r the tnsuranc npnnlos, mi0-.of these
company for nearly $70,000 dollars,
The private Individual, hy this \a
menu! those who hnvo nothing ta insure
hill   their dwelling  ami  tho contents,  nre
niso  good  Insurers,   r gnlxlng  lho  fact
that n  man's home should be prelected.
As hns heen s.ti.i Hm above refers only
tn thnl part i.r the dislrict lying west nf
Fernie   am!   Includes   ut   the   present   time
lhe   following    towns:     Cran! k.    Fort
I l".      Moyle      Km.I., rley,     Murysvllte.
.Vat.in.1, Klk., and Morrl
in thai par! o| the lU iricl Including
■'• mi, nml it:' I-un lying ■ nsl ol thai
mini ih" growth "i ih. lire Insurance
uialness most have been fully 111 great
is in ihe wesl. in half,
in this pari nf ih.  illstrlcl I", lino com-
unies   nud   r.iur   Indeiiend mpanles
I-.- represented ind doing business and so
nr have all played In grenl luck, the only
Ires   tluu    li.iv 1 in |. .1   in   which   uny
nsurance companies were Interested was
me nl   Fort Steele in 1S99 in which about
3.600  was   lost   by   Insurant mpanles,
a dwelling in Cranbrook, loss (200, thr....
dwellings In Cranbrook In April last. $1,600,
and Ihree small part'nl losses the largest
amounting   to UH).
The Interests ot insurcres and Insurance
. ompnnles may be said to be well looked
ul'ier in 'ih-j dlstfli 1 nnd th1" various
ngem lee while . umpetelug for business,
run along iu trarmoi.) one with th" other
Canadian and American,
Is our Specially.
S. 4 Hlllllis M.CIIIM CO., Rollao.M.M
Celebrated "Woods" I'laala, Mill Ma-
COW ,-, 4 CO nit, Hal.
Host extensive iin.' <>i «».ui tnacnlner)
ia  Canada
II. II. SMIlll .ItCMIM  in,
Sililllnillf. V J.
Mosl op-l'i-dali- Mall and door ma,Most, in anerlca.
».B  VHiKSIIllN A CO., -Satlaa..  Vll.h.
Celebrated "Mershoa" hand rca...
tHI-KIC.V HI UUI H CU. Iletrnil.   Mlsh.,
". H C" (falsi air drj kilns, elc
lie. ttritain. Cnn .
Chain Saw Northers.
also mans oilier "Special" lines. Write us
J. L. NI.II.SON & CO:,
Winn 1 pet. Msn.
VV. F. OUk'D,
B.lrristt-r, Solicitor. Etc.
Barrister. Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cr.atirook snj Msrs.sille. B. C.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Sleele. B. C.
"" Empire Restaurant
Me-damc, -ha.. & Camphcll. Props.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, « hite
and Brown. Buns and-
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post  Oflice
if*** *****ut-, i.,„ hhw,
J HOTEL... 1
* ninmim(nn>t((.i. t
J      Pr:Tf:lt MATHESON, Proprietor.      *
*,   Hl.lltltlKtltMlttlli' £
J   Ulitn jrill   nri- ttungri   an.l   »anl J
-. 11 goal meal nn to the  ISnst -,
"• Kootenay *
J   When   ynu   ,'iie  liri-.l  an*  »»nt  a J
.1 rest ,;., t., tlie l-.ast Km.- ■»
When you n.<- ilu
"1 ....nl a
.1  ilimk   go   In  the   But .
j Kootenay. ->
J,  In Ihci wli n you are in Cranhrook **,
*t       stn|, ni iiie is.i-i Kootenay. -.
*i a.
r**********t ■■'.,,,,,,itif
■ ; • 1
$        PAPER HANOINO        *
«. ~i
«> 1»1 * 1 <?■ 1 * 1 •*> 1 * 1 * 1 -:■ i * 1 '•■■ 1 ♦ i»1
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thr brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor M
O     IT1 **»W I1*'1    g
a INTERESTING        |
B We try to interest people in our stock of fancy and staple gro- ^
Ig ceries,    Our weekly "ad" is one ol the ways and means adopt- m
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Social Teas
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Mistletoe anil Holly this week.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas,
All Good. Q
ll.Yl.l: l.r.Ah CITY
1t1. .\ a y a
I   BY     F.   J.    SMYTH   S
-I-    EDITOR ui   MOYIK  I.i: VDKR   t
■■'-. A?
A diversity of Industrie! is e-j-H'utlnl
fnr tin- welfare uml permanency of any
tuwn.    This  has  I
clearly ileinon-
strnted lu Moyle's case. This was never
eunsiilereil niiylhing hut Btrlctly a min-
ItiR enrai) until lho price uf silver uml
lend uitirked such u low ebb that tho
mines wtre forced in close down; then
ii was readily seen how fortunate ii wns
iimi Moyle hike wns nlso surrounded by
i innttninceui hell »i timber nml with
•very facility mailable for manufacturing ii inin lumber cheaply, Truly, it
nay tie wild thai in ibe Bptice ul n yenr
Hid   a   hall   Mn;
..■en changed f
Tlu* largesi
\|.   ■. :■■       l.llllltu
Cnmoron is m
G.  T.  Rogers^
fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
J. Harris begs to announce to the public that he is now
dealing in hay and grain and solicits a share of their support. I have also a large supply of POTATOES ol the
very best quality and to clear will sell at ONE CENT PER
POUND. Keep your cellars full, prices will soon advance.
Leave your orders with
-it>-(S><LV  ®   ®  ®
®-® ® *Hil)-®^WiHf*-^'W(M*-^i>®
YOU the compliments of the season and
thank you for the business you have entrusted to ua ilm lug
We shall be at your service as usual every
day and all day during
and trust that we may do business with all
our old friends and many new ones.
Beale, fiutcbison $ eiwell
Notaries Public, Accoiwtanls and Brokers, Licensed
Real Estate Brokers, Conveyancers, financial Agc-nls.
Reliable Insurance
is our specialty. Offices at Moyie, Port Steele, Marysville, Kimberley, Wardner,  Elko and Morrissey.
Read Office, Cranhrook, P. 0. Block
EMft-QV-SHW-l.l-'i' -
When you think of
Christmas Dinner
you think of
The best of meats of
all kinds with prices
reasonable. Also poultry,
fish and oysters
(Ue are never out of anything
«■■• •*.
lllIK   1
> linn
■ii bv
ill    il
uih in
1 111'
S   ll
!• t
>  li
I   ut   1
i H
.-lit  la
he Wl
plain will begin boo
lemnnd for lumber
lm uoinpitny In behind In Ita orders bo-
iwei'ii Te imii 80 cnrlonils.  The company
hus iwo logging camps established and
has over 160 men on Its payroll.   The
mpnny hns extensive   timber limits
,1 bus several years' cutting in Bight.
I'he  I'ntli-Miiehell  mill, now owned
tlio l.nnl Kootenny 1.umber Company
ihe pioneer mill on Moyle lake, nnd
,. of Hie llrsl mills built 111 the dlB-
it.   ii, U. Mull' Is Its manager.   The
ill  ims n culling capacity of 25,000
till I'm* months tu
Another Inrgi
day, nml bus been doing
'This  mill  nlsn  bus
■ml timn ii can posslblj
suwini!I i
Moyle i
Will   lll
lll IM
being erect-
Ie river, a shorl
■ic Tills mill Ie
Bast Kooienay Limits dally cutting capa-
>n    40,000 uml 50,000
uny hus nearly 100
vicinity of Moyie.
of March.   The com]
men working in the
These mills will cut Umber off the C.
I*. It. lands us well aa from their own
limits.   This gives them nu almost inexhaustible supply.
The St. Biigeno is the principal mini
in the Moyle camp, This property lh
now world famous, and stands us one ol
the lurnesi silver-lend mines on tin
Aini'i'iinn continent U consists uf nini
full eluiius and live large fractions,
Tbey begin nt the shore of Moyle lake
and extend back n distance of over n
mill- uml n half, and rover nearly iht
entire mountain Immediately to the rem
of the town. The property is now well
developed, and il is estimated that then
Is it sufficient nuuntiiy uf ore blasted
uut    tn   keep   its   -Ultl-tOll     euiliviiirutt.l
runniug Btentllly for olghl or nine years.
Tho mine is nol running al present,
being dllul down ponding low prices foi
silver and lead, The owners claim thoj
t miuiii wurl. the mine m n profll al pre-
; i*ni prices, but will bo only too anxiout
in resume operations when the markei
becomes firmer. Two years ago tho mini
wus working 250 men nnd wus shipping
from 2,000 to 3,000 tuns of concentrates
encli month. During tho year 1000 it
produced more lend than any other
single mine in British Columbln, a
almost as much uh the entire output
Un* slocan district, With the oxcoption
ni' one property iu Mexico, the St.
Bugouo Is lho largest silver-lend mini
tin tho American contlnonl. .lame:
Cronin, who located the famous pro
perly, in company with Father Coccoln
mid an Indian named Peter, has mnn
aged the property ever since tbe big
lend was discovered nine years ago. Mr
Cronin is a practlcnl mining man, am!
ii Is largely duo lo Ills good niunuge-
liieill   llllll   the   property     has   been   so
successfully oporated. When the St.
Bugeud was running its quarterly dividends averaged $105,000, or $420,000
Tin* Society (llll Is Bll tinted Immediately tn the euut and on tbe same load
ns tiie si. Bngene,  The work done con*
slsls o|  700 leet u|  luilliels ami two 100-
fool slinfts. There Is u Bplomlld showing In iill or ihe workings, Churlos
riirri'll. tlio owner, bus oxpeudod over
$lu umi in development, nml has shipped
over $7,000 worth uf ore. Su it can bo
seen thai the property has almost paid
its way from Die grassroots, Mr, Far-
roll refused $50,000 for his property not
long ago, Ho is convinced thut with
ibe sume amount of development, lhc
Society Cllrl will lio equally as valuable
uu   the  St.   Kugene,  mnl   Ills  Opinion   is
corroborated by nil mining men who
have examined it.
Tho Aurora Is situated on the went
side of the lake, directly opposite the
town, ami, according to the best authority on the continuation of the St.
Iflugono lend. Nearly $8,000 have already
been expended on development, and the
work done bus shown up Btfic vorj
largo bodies of ore. The Aurora is
owned Iiy Thomas Uuder, 0. .1. Johnson
mul Captain I, It, Sunburn, li will nlsn
resumo active operations us soon us Un*
prices of silver nnd load advance,
Among many other promising prospects adjneont lo lhe town, the St, Paul
n tif I Km Dlnvoln are tho mosl prominent. These are owned by 0. .1. Johnston,
The lown of Moyie Is picturesquely
situated nu Moyie lake, nnd in a thriving, busy place. Seldom Ik ii milling
n.wn ao fortunately located. The lake
is teomlng witli fish, and there is ample
opportunity for boating uml fishing iu
the summer lime, und HkuiliiK in the
winter. Moyle Is well represented in
nil branches of biislnoss, umi the business men are enjoying a good monsuro
of  prosperity.    When the St.  Eugene
and other tho mines mentioned above
resume operations, which will in all
probability occur within tho next six
months, Moyie will resume ilu former
position anil will stand ns oue uf llie
must prosperous towns in the district
i'.v ti, w. itoss,
Xot io very long ago, wiiil*. a puny
ot surveyors wert in uut» of ibo most
ri-iuutiTuud OuOiul ntgiuu-i oi tbu Selkirk  mountains, i,L;m;i«... uf uu animal
of unusual appearance attracted their
attention. "An effort wS made to snoot
It. but it uuiuiiKcd to elude the iiiiii of
the hunters. Aa the party moved from
place to place the strange-look lug creature would appoitr, und caused considerable discussion tm iu what it wus uml
io whieh species It belonged. At llrsl
it wiih supposed tu be one uf « litter »f
young iiiouui-rtin lions, uud thai (be
whole family were futiowiug tbe party
from camp to vniup Various devices
wore contrived to capture the Btraugo
animal, bui ihey nil foiled Finally Its
mournful mowing arouied the party
from ihelr Bluinbore during ibe mill
nova of tin- nit*', ti ta nml awakened the
sympathies ur tbu would-be slayers,
rbey concluded 'bui li wus » creature
in distress, uml to relieve iis wants,
ploooa of tresh meat were put where lho
hungry -bliiK could nud them. I.iicli
night the fresh ment would disappear,
uml each day as ihe party moved, the
camp fotlowor moved with It, until ii
became regurded us a Bplrll uf iho woods
hauntliig ihelr camp, whose nature
would nlwnys remain   s  mystery,    n
wus never seen during Mie fluy. nml no
matter how rough the bills or deep tho
rivers the party crossed nt each new
camp, ilm melancholy mowing of the
the—the—unseeu pet, was heard every
nighl. Finally a scheme was devised
to capture the ghost-like oroature alive.
For some time nn most *as put out, and
then a bui irap was baited. Fur a lime
nothing wns caught, but one fine morning one of the party round In ilio trap
,i common house eat of enormous Blzft,
it was nearly sh iarg« is a denizen uf
the wilds of the sume tipeclfu, and nearly
un wild. H was mmii time before ii
was removed from lis trap, bul treated
.villi every kliidue-BS and moved with
ilic camp, lu lime it buueme turner uml
showed some confidence lu Uh captors,
nnd then U was uiken from lis cage, li
immediately took up its home with the
people, ami muiiifesttid. iu all the ways
,i dumb creature can, all the Joys and
gratitude of haTliig fuund congenial
company, He was so glad of having
found a home and human beings, thai
when tbo party went uui to work ho
A'oultl go with them and scamper aboul
tmong ihe treea and fallen limber, and
wben they moved camp, he, too, would
move, lu this wny he remained with
the party for several mouths, enjoying
nit the romance and commonplaces ol
tutmplng oui In the wild uud living on
in* luxuries of camp cooking,
When the wurk iu the mountains wa?
finished ami tbe storms drove the part)
mi of them, the cat followed us natur*
>lly us though prospecttug uml exploring was the only life be had ovei
After the party hsd gone iwentj
.uiles or more, a greal snowstorm overlook them and made   travelling vorj
difficult, especially fur the cat. Aftei
ibis, each day, he was placed upon tin
loaded pack-horses, where be would
held un for dear life, uud bobbed, fuuuc-
ed ubout as the bucking cayuse jumped
mer logs nnd rucks ami floundered
through the snow. All ibis lime tin
reitne muna <>r itm party was nn object
of much Interest, and everything wm
done in lest his courage, but his fealt)
to the parly remained unshaken.
In time lho puny and the cul madi
itieir way in Wnsa, where a new udveii-
ture came Inlo the life of the adventurous cat. Creatures that resembled tht
.mes that had caused him many uncomfortable moments In the mountains appeared with a familiarity thai caused
profound consternation* Mr. Hanson,
lho genial host of thnt hospitable hostelry, bus several cats, and it was difficult io make them understand ihat Uh
sti nnger was not a forlorn castaway ol
(heir own kind.
Arter the cat and the party had been
made comfortable, the circumstances ol
,ts capture were related, out of which
tne whole mystery w»e cleared up.
Mr. Hanson remembered several yean
ago, when Ue was the only resident ol
the then wild uud unexplored region. In
tavo n little kitten io some prospect ore
who went up Into tbe mountains to di
assessment work, and thai by accident
or neglect (buy came out and lefl h
there alone, As near as Mr. Hansen
can remember, it wns aboul nine yeart
ago. All these years this est of civilization had shifted for Itself in the wildest region, without getting sight of a
fellow creature. From klttenhood ta
old iigo ii never   exchanged   greeting
witli one of Its kind. Through the long
winter storms It round iheller In tlu
Boll tildes, nnd found food by the memo-
nature taught It,   Notwithstanding ai:
of Its yenm of Isolation, tiie sight ol
human beings awakened In the memurj
of ihe lonely creature recollections ol
a former life, aud tbo persistency with
which it followed tbe party is au Interesting illusi rat lun oi dumb animals
fealty to man,
The wanderer Is now eimiforluhl:
domiciled nt Mr, Hansen's home, where
he will live the real of his life in penci
uud plenty. He receives all the attention bestowed upon blm with becoming
dignity; nnd the story of his lire lm»
gone mu among the mis up Wasa wny.
who regard him us ibe hero of all cul
creation. The fuceituiiH ones, however,
declare ii Is imly tlm uld story of "tin
nut iiiiii came hack."
t\ C.  MAl.l'AS.
ooked nfter by mu
. which liuve heen t
■r which th.- Bunk -
if   I'l'iime-tv
the  t
uinlry,  the
general   mu
Mr. 1
K. Walkei
one uf the n
ieii wuikt
nf life lu  '■
tor of ih.-
t.uik lu liiltl
Mr.  II.  H.   lli
L«     ********************* ff*
t A PIONEER -*  1
tb    i>
**. &
*****mm******** ****•*'>
One ol   Die earliest   settlers In  this
district, who   In t-tlll   here,   prosperous
ami happy, is David Clrllllth. the well
known Wild Home pioneer.    Tolklngol
lhe early days a short lime BgO, Mr.
i.ilillib    grew    reuiliil-iconi,   and   told
some Interesting Incidents of iiii early
lilt lu tins illstrlcl.
"I joined  the  early rush to this district ou the strength of ihe rumors that
there was rich dirt on Flnlay creek.
The n«wa waa brought down to Tobacco Plains hy half breeds, who came lo
Hell (late to trade with l.lukllghier,
the storekeeper. Through him ihe
news spread and a big stampede followed, I got here in June. We packed
from Walla Walla, Wash,, and there
waa n big crowd. Those who came tn
early In 1804 went direct to l-'inlay
creek, but it was a frosi and they drifted back to Wild Horse to ilnd better
feed for their horses. Some of ihe boys
went to gouging around ou ihe bars and
struck pay, The bars were easy to
work and the men made good money,
About two or tnree hundred prospectors not lo Wild Horse in .lune wheu I
did. 1 opened up a bar that proved
very rich, and hundreds of men cleaned
up from four to live thousand ilullars
each that summer. Hob Pore brought
In water through a ditch, aid we paid
blm fifty cents a miner's inch or one
dollar an hour, We would get to use
the water two hours at noon, paying
at tbe rate of two dollars for the time,
or fourteen dollars a week. And If a
man noi sassy, he wouldn't gel it at
"It was a hot time thai year. There
were about llfty ^buildings in the camp,
Including saloons, gambling houses ami
ethers. There wus no court, no police,
nothing but the men tbem-ielves tn pre
serve order. Everything had to be
packed on horses four hundred miles
rrooi Walla Walla. You can bel we
had to pay good prices for what we got.
Coffee was seventy-live cents per pound,
so was beans, Hour and everything of
the 'Oml. It was just a ll a t price, seventy-five cents a pound, no matter wh: t
lhe cost was at Walla Walla. 1 have
seen Hour sell In lhe spring uf 1801 at
a dollar aud a quarter per pound, and
tobacco at fifteen dollars, and they
would soak It in the creek over night to
weigh more.
"The money taken oui In 1884 brought
In about Ave thousand people In 1808,
and tint was the year tbat millions
were taken out. I knew lots of men
that cleaned up from forty to sixty
thousand dollars tbat year. I had two
partners tbat year, and my dividends
run one thousand to fifteen hu tidied
dollars a week, aud I would go to town
every Saturday night and spend the
whole thing. Tbe ucxt year the gold
was pretty "ell cleaned up aud the excitement died out, and that was the
Inst of the rush to Wild Horse. No one
will ever kiow how many millions were
taken out, and I will tell you here that
when the old bed is discovered there
will he millions taken out again, and I
believe I will see the day before 1 die.
'•Among those who came in the year
I did were Rob Dore, Pat ((>ulrk and
Dan Dougherty. Old Man Fernie wus
here when 1 came. He had a claim tn
1-On lay creek, but gave It up.
"There bus been a loi of gold taken
out of Wild Horse In the last few years,
as there have been several claims
worked regularly. Tbere were nine
Chlnameu went back lo China ihis year
wbo had been working there, ami not
one of tbem took back less timn fifteen
thousand dollars."
Mr. i.illllih Is Interested In several
claims, and it now cunnldcreil well
lined financially,
III    I'lWI
<jt   ROIIBlruO'
(>r Cranbrook. -out
I   tllll.'H   >
at of hen
i being Un* contro of tho Crow's
COUl Holds. The builillnit un m
Industries of South Kast Knote-
men the cause of considerable
nlnv this way, uut only fnnn
lountry, but from the United
Vmorion. Tbla capital expended
leeti in lhe varied directions lull careful perusal of this speclnl
l« tho province of the Hunk tn
i directions where n is llkel>
li,: most useful. Al tl.e I'l.m-
nil   or   lllt'   above   mimed   Hunk
from ilu* financial centres of
I'llltl.'H sueh us can In* oblnlnod
ntriis, ure Dhtnlualile, and business such us can lu* bundled hy n Chartered Hunk carefully considered ami almost us readily sullied, no matter or what
magnitude, n« ir a long Journey were un-
derinkoii ror iim purpose,
It   Will   thus   bu   •.mm    Ihtt    (bu   bauklliK
luUTi't-ui  tu   the Crow's  Nksi  huvu  u<- u
dltlon, li
tiff men I  I
it   UlOHl
Cranbrook,  ns  a  purl of entry, occu
pies a place of Importance In the bnit-
uess circles of the government, ns is evidenced by her Increased busiuras. The
Herald is under obligations to A, I..
McDermot, local customs officer, fur the
following report, showing the business
for the 13 months ending Nnvembcr 311:
Value nl Imports, iliiilable   -
Willie nf Imports, free -
-v.11.11 ua
llllll.l IK)
Duty Collected 	
SHilt'H im
fiuno Ba
Inland   revenue   returns   nt
the out
oflice of Oruiiliimik   for  tbe   13
ending November 30, 1903:
Duty uu K|i.riti	
Duly mi TuhiitTO 	
Total Duty Collected	
fl013!l BS
1497 IH
The Herald, takes this opportunity to
thank its patrons and readers for tbe
biinlness of the past year, ami wish all
of them a Merry Christmas aud a Happy
New Vent with increased prospsrlvy
aud all kluds of joy and happiness,
ines lor this O
At Gilpin's
Kvery store advertises some special
season,    We have so many "special" lines,
 ,   ,.t  suita- O
to blc for the se.issin, we can give only a lew hurried re- SI
T, marks about each. Hovs/ever, if you want a practical Y
k present that will give comfort and joy to the loved ones, a
^ not lor a d.iy or a month, bul for years, come and see 4,.
O our stuck. to
$ Furniture R
B During the past month wc have received n.'.irly tlir« ( )
O ear loads of furniture, and our stock Is complete. An iron or (mj
B brass bedstead is always in order as a present Inr "lu'r." A t?j[
Bj  rattan chair, a neat center table, a  bed  room suit,  a dining (^jl
0 room table, a comfortable rocker, a writing desk, in lact  any- O
1 ) thing along this line would make a present that would be ap- D
O predated. 0(
Dry Goods and Carpets.
Our dry goods stock furnishes every opportunity for a
nice present for wife, sisteror mother, while the c.irpet department is replete with the best that the looms produce.
Perhaps that front room needs a new carpet. Now is the
time to make the wife happy.
Stoves and Tinware
to This department is tilled  with  everything  in Ihis line,
to from a large camp range to the smallest bedroom  heater, and
kinds of granite and tinware, and as to prices, an examination will prove very satisfactory to any purchaser.
You will need groceries for that Christmas dinner. We
are supplied with the best and a variety that will make buying easy and satisfactory to you.
A Word More
Christmas buyers would do well to call. It will save
them time and trouble. We carry everything:, and handling
so many departments under one roof, with the same force,
naturally we can give better prices, because our expenses are
proportionately less.
Consult vour pocket book this season nnd buy at
PAID UP CAPITAL, $8,000,000.        -        REST, $2,000,000
H"s ] ''"*. I'ml'li'iil. II..111.111 K11.1111111. l!8ij..Vli'ii I'linlils'lit
■li-'1 in. Kq W II. IIiiii.iIii.ii. I:.,,. Mnl h.-» 1 will, Kan,
. 1..lm 11. .11...,-:».,.. 1, •    1,1.11. .1. »  Kliivi-ll..    an.
,  A  l>» ■ i:-i ■ mi 1- .l.l.l.. «        I r.-.tpr.. M -Uol a. I'-.i
'    *' Oil ' *"l''r" 1 r.'T    ■ "' l'",,u"'l;' ''"-' I'Miariil Manager
II l.'.i HI. riflllnrli
In' 1 lis
I a Will	
II sin Mail.-    ss .1 v.li'
t.ir. I 1
Quebec: Man. and N.W.T. British Columbia:
a .1 isil::iis \l,.11.111     Mini \ num.
,, ,      T inriii'ii .M...N..111.11 i'i.iiiiii....lt N 1 nu
J ulna Ter luiidini s.-.|.nisii l.t  ili-i.' Wmtmliiatn
i-rt I-l
11 l.i
T-lii'ii..' Ka.,l..mi.
U iimi,.- IjulyMtllll
In Great Britain:
N.-si W
In the Uniled Slates:
mt.     I'tiitlaii.l,lira,   nutile, w.ish.    skaitw.y. Alaska
Bankers In Great Britain:
Till' llll'ikn- I'l.-I.r.l.   I In'Hunt nl a, „ n  I.l„„|s ll.nl,   |.| |. | „,, | „l I
l.nii.l.i I -minis- ll. K. Iltlllt'll.
Bankers and Chief Correspondents In the Uniled States:
ilu' \ in ' \ 11.111111'   atlniitil umi..   .... Vurki I' in. riiTriisI 1 um
tlllaiuei   llli' tllllll. nl Nm .S,..itli(. Ili.,l..n:   I nr   Null ,1,111 -I, ...     II, nl.   Ilnl,,,,     11,.
JI      I'll" I'I  111    Mil' ll".  Ill" I"! llll  \ uml  Ilu   Sass     1    	
I' "I'i.',   <|.nni, tluu., Iintroll.
Savlii|(»   lli'parlini'nt   Mepoills    Received- Inlerral   Allnwtsl   I'rescal   Dale   ul
Interest & Ker Cent
When you visit
Cranbrook stop
at the....
Rates $1 and up...
Short Orders and Oysters served in
any style front 8:00 p. in. lo 6;00 a. 111.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor cleanliness
and comfort and the bar is supplied with best brands ol liquors
and cigars.


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