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Cranbrook Herald May 17, 1906

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MAY 211901       2 1
ORANl.ROOK,   ItltlTISIl   COLUMBIA,   TlllliSDAY,    MAV    IT,   lilllli
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
See u> (bout your
Every Ily tit have is specially adapted to this
country and the range is very large. We
bought our outfit direct from the manufacturers
and can sell you poles from 25c. to $25.00.
Baskets, Lines, Reels, and everything bought
in the same way and sold on the same basis
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
for the baby and for the parents and for those
who are not parents. The prices are right
from $1.50 to $10.00. ** ** ** **
We can also furnish the book for a quiet
afternoon. Have you read " The House of a
Thousand Candles?"   It is good.     **     **
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Jusl received the
Drop in and see it. It Uses films and has all
the focusing advantages of a plate camera. It
will interest you. Because you failed to make
pictures by the old dark room way that is no
reason why you should by the new " daylight
all the way " system. Drop in and have a lalk
with us about photography. Remember we are
the only agents in town  lor Eastman's goods
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
-8. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX, LAIRD, As... Gen'l Manage.
A general tanking bu.ineu .ranuctft.  Account, may tt opened ana1 connected l,
mail with all branche. ol thla Bank,
Depneita nl $1 anil upward* received, and inleresl allowed at
current rates.   The depositor is subject to no delay what*
ever lu the  v*iilidi-uii.il of llie  uliole or any
pi.rtl.ni of lite deposit
Cranbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
J*********,****,,*******,,,, »*,** M^
arrived, history docs nol Inform  us,
Mr. Dunsmuir thinks ii wns ilu* Mary
:LIEUTENANT-GOVERNORi j;:",',;,^ 53 A;A: "* 0|
llli.ii I.ii_ijii'iii.il   was Unit  ilia   mm 1 SB
.mil machinery  iv.'it lrniiKf.mil    lo ffi
Nn.in.imo, where coal lmil    I'.vi., iii-   JV*
I   ,1.   rnltiet l.....11-i  i.v      iii.'l m
POINTS       K.v-l'liKMIKll      Silt
J Capital PaiJ Up $.1,<KHI,(HHI.IHI  Reserved Fund $.1,000,000.00 !
* *
1 HEAD OFFICE   -   -   TORONTO, ONT.          ••
; I). R. Wilkie. President. Hon. R. Jalfray, Vlce.-Presidcnl i
4 *
4 ltniiuh.es in Provinces of llritish Culumhia, Alberta. Sas  *
$ kalihewan, Manitoba, Ontario and (luetic.;             *
4 *
4 lnt.real allowed on Savings accounts FROM  DATE OF DE- *
J POSIT at highest current rates and compounded hall yearly.   J
4 *
i   J
Ottawa, May 11 —An order In
court was passed to-day appointing
James Bimsmuir Heutenuit govcvuoi
of British Columbia.
Tin* appolntmenl ol Mr. .1. ii.es
Iiiiiisimni as litMitt'ii.tnt governor, lhc
first news of winch was received yesterday afternoon, carries us hack lo
an Incident which occurrVd over 51
years ago on the east coasl ol Vancouver island, and may !«• rcgnnlcd.1 th*
as the first cause of this poliiical
event. Reference is made to the
landing of the late Robort Duns-
muir. with ris family, al l*orl Rupert, whither he lad come in the
employ of Uio Hudson's Raj company, where under his uncle, Mr
Hon! (iilinour, lie was to assist hi
iht* development of lhc eoal measures at ihat point. This occurred
on the Ullh ol IVmnlier. ISM. The
future lieutenant govcrnot ol llritish
Columbia, quite oblivious in his
fate, was then live months old lie
was born at Fori Vancouver mi ihe
Mli of July while his parents were
rn route from Kilmarnock, Scotland,
from whieh place they liad sailed in
December, MHO. The ship on whieh
they sailed—1 he name of which is iin-
certain—stranded at ihe hat at ihe
mouth of Ihe Columbia river, nnd tho
sailors deserted Iter. This was iho
time when the mining excitement was
on in Callforn a. mnl it was nol an
unusual thing to have employees taki*
sudden leave lor the far off fields thai
wore golden, This may, oi may
uol have hem lhe cause of the desertion in this particular case At
all events, it was fouml Impossible
lii "move on." Mr. .lames Duns-
Uiillr was bom in a Iin*. house near
Hie toil, and was six weeks old when
ihc voyage to Fori Rupert was con-
turned 11 look over loin months
more to complete it In a saHlmj v«s-
J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
The   1*.        • tp
■ Iwm freezer
Just nli.it y...i have been looking ior
It freezes two flavors
in one Freezer at
the same time.
Let un have tlie pleafii.re i.f ullowing it tn
J. D. McBride
Cranbrouk, B, C.
set ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Coal al Ihis point had luvn imide
known to lhe o III ol als or the llml
Son's Ray company, in ISHfi hy lu
dtarns, ihi' story ot which is told in
Bancroft's "British Columbia." Ono
result ot t.he finding of coal was Hie
ciect.ioii of a fori nl that poiul in
18-1H. In thai year ihe Mull family
arrived from Kii mai nock to under-
take i'he work of coal prospecting-,
uud sank a shaft Ior Dl) leel.
Michael Muir declared ihe seam loo
small tii Iw workable. Trouble
arose will) the workfngtnw and, with
rhe except ion of members ol lhe
Mull family, the men employed all
left tor California, The condition
of society at that time* and tlmt
place were not the mosl Invtt-iug,
uid while men were always in danger of having their 'throats cut hy
the Indian natives. Bancroft tells
how nn one oeeasiun Mrs. Muir .was
invited lo witness' the display of sixteen human heads on as many poles,
and was offered lhe choice nf any
lau- .1 W. McKay, m 18111, 'through
information given io him'by Indians
at    Fori  Victoria.      Hero (Wh n
followed, and where the lale lion.
Robt. Dimsmulr succeeded him in
chance of th* mines, Mi, (Wlliiour returned to Seotlaml. I ni'ni innately
llicre is noi      much ditto   atxnil      llie
early coal mining at N anal mo and
In iis vicinity, ami ii is not eas\- lo
follow the fortunes of Hie lale' Mi.
Dunsmuir. Tlie Hudson's Ray eom-
pany continued to work the mines
under ihe name uf the Nau.iiimi
company, until IOT1, when ihev
sold to an Knglisl: eoal com-
pany, known as lite Vancouver Coal
Mining A I.and rompau}. Limited.
Shortly after ihe trnnsfer Robert
I) ui is in tt ir left and opened up llie
Harowood mine, a tew miles hack of
N.inainio, lor the llarcwootl company, which was taken over iu 187-1
bv  T.   A.   Bulklcv.      It   was   in    181151
ihat he discovered lhe famous We-
lington mine, whieh was. tlw foundation of lus fortune. Wt ting io Hon'.
II 1. Uingevln, iluu minister ot,
public worksi who wiuie ;\ reporl COT
British   Columbia, he says:     "Wlieii
I   was   in   Hie  hush   iu   Hie   month    of
October, 18110, noi exactly for tho
purpose of prospecting for eoal, hut
being thoroughly familiar with past
experience with all the coal forma-
l on in lliis country, I came across a
bridge of rock, which I knew to be
i'he strata overlying the lowest scam
ihai hati as vei heen discovered here.
A short lime afterwards I sent two
men to prospect, and in three days
discovered a seam of coal ihreo and
a half feet in thickness, thirty hot
below the top of lhe lldgc, dipping
sodtltensl ime foot iu six. After
procuring from lhe government a
riirl.-l to further prortpeel, 1 sank a
slope ninety-seven and two-thirds
yards in Ihe seam, and mined therefrom ahout 5IKI Ions, in tons of
Which were lak.-n on hoard II- M. S.
Boxer for trial." Andrew U'alt, the
engineer of llie Boxer, made a
lengthy report wbleh pronounced iu
favor of Hie Dimsmulr  <l In several ,ptnces Mr Dunsinhir fouiMl coal,
once among Hie ronts oi a fall hi
tree, under which was a valuable
seam. His estimate of Hie yield
was 7,01111  ions    lo  llie  ncre, It
mav Ire added Ihal similni qilUllU-
tics were taken for trial from the
Douglas 1'il of the Vancouver Coal
company and the Newcastle mine.
Our Goods are
President BenHie, of the Board of
Trade, has taken up Uie question ot
a daily mail to Marysville .unl will
do all iu his power' to secure this
much needed Iinprovemi nl. Now I
llial Ihere is a daily train there is
no reason why there should nol In- a,
daily mail fur W yel ilie. Mai'ysvillo
>»■ .ttiiir Klmberley. There is enough
Mr. Dunsnniir'a uncle, Mr. fill- 'business io justify this change and
mour, continued the first Muir filhif11 -tlie government shotld give il as
lo the depth ol one hundred and soon as ihe necessary arrungemniis
twenty feet, hut eame to Uie same can he made. Speaking of the mat
conclusion a.s Mr. Muir.    Mr. Robertf 'ter, Mr. Beattie said:     "Tli     '
Bunsmuir worked as foreman under of the Kimberley branch ate entitled
his uncle. During the year 1KM,Ity this accommodal'lon. The popula-
says Bancroft, more and better ma-'tion is largo enough anl the husiness
chinery, with some 25 practical men,! heavy enough to warrant il and I
were brought from England on the will do all 1 can as president of the
ship Tory. Whether this was tho Board of Trade and personally *o
sbip on  which the Dunsmulr   family secure the change."
Quality, Style, Fit, Comfort ^ Price
are all combined In the
(iu... A. Slater and the
Fink mercantile Co.
guarantees every pair
tt,  nive yuu   salislac
lion. We have the... iu
and CAI.   I* THE   CRANBROOK.    HKI.At.l.
At $18.
It .iocs not hurt our pride one bit to
confess that tt S.oo Suits an J Tup Coats
au* a mighty bis concern with us.
They are so important a phase of the
Fit-Reform organization that they have
become a specialty,
As such, they have all the marks of
perfection that Pit-Reform gives its
Need ut- say ihat Fit Reform $18.00
Suits ami Top Coals are in greater
i.uiii. -and arc greater values—than
e, ei before ?
j The Cosmopolitan
i;. h. small       i'he   place   where   a
Muagtr    I   man wjii rcturn after
stopping once.
■i 11 i-i-i-i 11111111111 in 11 ii imi 111111111111 ii
|     ^    HAY AND GRAIN     <fo    f
Wu always have un hum! it large stock of lirsti-lass qualitv.
Wc nro installing the Inti'st machinery to cove with our tremendous sausage trade. At present we are selling one-half ton
p..i' week ul' the muni palateal.le Bi.uai.ge Cranbrook citizens
have tasted.
Tho iie'v department to our business is the famous
are selling as fast as they can lie cured,
Vou will i i.u attention and civility from all our employees
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦♦♦♦ <»»«♦♦♦« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
<■♦ =
|| 20.000 ACRES
..I ilu- veiy |.i.-k nl iii.. solum u.i laml. in tlio I..-...itii.il Konlenny
Viilli-v, East Knotoimy, II. .'.. oxl ling Irom .'mial Plat to
Elko, arc off-rail I.u- Kilo ul frn.n |:l to tin por "'"'■
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsiirpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and tha Moat Plcturasqut Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
Tl... lamia |.i
lmru.1 I I.O.,
1,1.1.I.y Hull.,
.■ut ovory [oati.ro nf .iHi.fiilui.Hf. Iiiolmllng tim-
uhI.i- Hiuh, inarHli, prnirlo ami meiulqw, Tlio
sh  nn.l tnotulow 11111.1*1 unnHlsl ..I deep, lilitel.
!* tin- bbtntli I I bolnu u Biinily Ina.n, g|>luiii)iilly aili.|.teil
for fruit oultt.ro, IVI.ero irriyailon nn. ist iiorominry i.u tlto
1,,-m'l..".. water cuti I.. * I in. I lr.nn tin. mounlaiti urookii llowiuit frnm
tlm Rockies Into tho limiti'mtv river. Tli.- lamil. aro luily m.r.
v.-ycl ...1,1 Hiii.ii' ..f il.c I.hn nave Ikhhi s..l...livi.lo.l Into foueoil
farm, nl alH.ut RO :i.*r.- oacli.
I Ik- purol.nHo i.rl.'O will Inolutlo tlm tlmlKir, wl.loli nnt. Iw lolil
liy il... |u.rel.t.B.ir wl.linut. any liul.illiy lo unvRrnmoiil ... alitor
royalty. Tliotlnilior mil in ...any iiason more tlian rsalii.0 tli.' i>ur-
.!,..-.. prleo, aii'l willii.iilliiaHoiitnntorlally roonup tlio in itit'ii.-
vostoil, I...*., .un I... ilriven ..h ibo Kootenay rlvor, wl.loli loti.tl..
on ovory l..t ntvo .hi...   Tlie main wagon rostl tliruiiifli t to vulluy
|u.__o_ o.-ur »r .'I i.i i'iu'Ii l.'t, a.i.l tl.e |.n.|...H...I K.tnioiiiiy Con
tral railway will parallel tl.* wagon roftil, Tho U. 1*. II. ia nuito
uim.oni.iiit to tlio lamlB,
For [iirthor (iiiriuiulnr. apply io
Or to Joseph Ryan, Crank-oak, B. C.
♦ ♦
... i
. >..
ii. .
i .11
i.. i
i .<.
• ni
I   **    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    ** f
;                            Otto V. Hough, Proprietor <£
1                                   ELKO, B. C. I
...    N'en-lv  fiiriilshed   tlirinigliotit.    I'.est  of .lining room service Ji
''v'                                                , <»>
'.'      iin.i comfortable rooius.     When iu Elko, cull and see us. <•>
A Synopsis Prepared by Qty Solicitor Thompson
The following is a brief synopsis-, ol1
lhe by-laws of  thf eity  whieh affect
ihe citizens .ti large up to the 1st ol
Mai   1006:
The   following     license     fees   arc
charged hy t-he eity:
liilliuid lahit-s, tor every   six
months  |   SOU
Bowling alleys ot a rillc alley
fur eveiy sit  inonihs       5.00
Soil big «»iMiitii    (except chemists    ami    fjrugglsts)    for
eveiy   mi   months   ^f.O.OO
Wholesale       nieieliiuil s Iui
every sli inonihs     m no
Kclail met ili.iii is tut t'Wiy
six  moitUiG      r. uw
11 ,i lel.ulii has Umi places
ol   business     tut    each   pi,iei:
tm every six mouths     5.no
HiiVVkl'IS       ami     lltihtleis       lul
every sn months    lij.uo
Aguttls im    uiitsitlt'  concerns
toi every six   months     25.oo
| .aiimi r les    tm     overy     six
inuiilhs       5.lHi
I'awn   brokers lur   every six
months     5e on
Owners    nf     eahs,     tmggit's,
earls   ftwl     vehicles   kept
lot    hilt;     lui     every     six
mouths   fm    every    vehicle
il|i io four       2.50
l.iverv stahles fur   overy sii
liuiiillis   10.00
Pack    Llal lis    lor every    six
months   5,00
IMivalo hankers pet annum... 5.00
Auctioneers   for    every      six
inuiilhs   10.00
Transient traders lur every
six mouths   itm.on
Circus ur menagerie for every
day   200.00
Theatres, concert halls pcr
minimi, provided the theatre
has seating capacity fur less
than 1*75 persons     75.(in
Insurance agents otter than
lire insurance agents,
agents fur loan    compi
ele., fm each    company for
every six inonihs      2.50
Agents for insurance companies olher than lire insurance companies, agents lor
loan companies not resident
wiihin     ihe     municipality,
for every six    months     50.011
Telephone      companies      for
every six months       50.0U
Electric companies, for every
six months     50.00
.-'in    trailers,    for every    six
niuiitlis     10.00
I'u uiu: show oilier ihan
circus and menagerie and
performances     in     theatres
per diem      20.00
Astrologers, fortune tellers,
clairvoyants    and   palmists
lot every six mouths     5o.Oo
Trading stamp, gift ui' coupon
companies,    for    every    six
muiiths  '.  100.00
Every person, firm ot eorpur-
atjl'ii  using  trading stamps
lor every   six moiiins   100.00
fclvcry persou lollowiiig a profession, trade, occiipalU'ii ul'
calling n.it otherwise specified ur who carries on any
coiiiraci ui wurk other than
journeymen tor     wages    lui
every six monihs       5.00
Licenses arc puyahle in advance
and term.iiuie on Uiu l&th days ui
January and July.
There is no deuuctlon iu the license
fee Iui a part of lite license l#rui
Any person carrying uu husiness
without a license is liable on summary conviction of a line nob exceeding $250.00 and costs logvlhvi
wilh the amount uf the license oi Lu
three mouths imprisonment fur ihc
lirsi oUense and twelve uiuuihs fur
ihe second.
Villi:    LIMITS   AMI    BU1LIMNU
Tlie lite limils ul lhe city are    as
Commencing at the north-west corner oi the intersection uf Van lluim-
and Lewis streets; ihence alung
t.t_wis street tu Kcnwick avenue,
i lit me alung Fenwick avenue antl
Kootenay street to Angus street,
thence along Angus streel tu Van
I lui ne street; thence along Van
Iiuine siieet lu place Of beginning.
All buildings creeled wiihin the
lite limils must be built wilh main
walls uf briek, iron, stone, cement oi
wood aud with tooling uf incumbusi-
ilile material and stbjcel to certain
restrictions as iu measurements il
built ot brick, stone or cement. The
outbuildings within the lire limits
musl Ire subject tu similar restrictions. Chimneys must be (our t-o
foot above ihe roof and the tops of
lie chimneys must be at least lour
,-i) feet from any woodwork ami
no mt lou ami paper unless attached
plaster, shall be used on tbe Inside walls, ceilings or partition)..
Existing buildings within lhe fire
limiis cannot In1 altered unless the
authority of lho Oily Engineer Iw
ih lal nol. Nu building shall be
erected within (he cltj* until a plan
thereof he llled wiih ihe city clerk,
In case of an Infraction of the above
provisions ihc eity council may remote ilu* building at the expense ol
lite owner. All huiltl lias Within the
ejty ate I ia hit' lo Inspection hy the
propel iiuiliorily.
Every chimney or flue within the
cily must tic lllllll of brick, stone or
comonl lour Mt inches In thickness
exclusive ol plaster, laid wiih a full
joint, and the timber upoii which Uie
cl imiicy rests must lie of al least
elglri (8> inches below the base ot
ihe -chimney, and the chimney must he
so constructed as to admit of it belug cleaned, Chimneys must continue three (3) feet below the celling
and four (I) feel ahove the roof, and
have in Ihem a soot box Mow the
Iron smokestacks must be forty
(Hi) feet in height with a proper
spark arrester.
Stove pipes passing through any
partition, ceiling or floor shall have
metal thimbles surrounded with four
(4) inches of brick or cement and at
leant eighteen (IS) inches from the
ceiling and six (6) inches from the
side walls, with pipes, well jointed
ami secured hy wire, in buildings
henceforth erected no stove pipes
shall pass through more thau one (1)
partition or ceiling' before entering
the chimney.
All stoves when in use shall stand
upon an iron or zinc plate. All
Chimneys shall be kept clean.
In case of an 'infraction of tlie
above sections the owner, occupant
or agent of the house shall be liable
lo a hue ami lhe building may be altered by ordei of Uie council at his
All buildings ol two stories ur more
within the tire limils must have
cither a nv.ii stairway or ladder oi
scullles with approaches or slaits lo
the roof. Every hotel, Uicutre,
chuieli, public lull and othei public
place shall Jwvr two (2) chemical lite
■sxlhiguisheis conspicuously placed ol
live (5) gallons capacity each,
Nu pei mui -.lull sel liie to any
brush, slumps, logs, trees, ele ,
wiihin the eil? except wilh the eon
sent of the chief uf the lire brigade.
Tht* keeping aud storing of combustibles arc restrained and n-gnlal
On Hie occurrence of a liie thr
chief of the lire biigade lus Absolute
control and any person Interfering or
obstructing the brign-de Is liable La
immediate arrest. No person is allowed 10 drive over tlie hose while in
use. The Chief ot ihe lire brigade
lus power to keep lhe st reels in ihe
neigttbortoad ol ihe lire clear,
No electric wires shall he placeil in
any huihlitlg without notice being
given to Mu- city cleric, and the s^im*
Mug iiispeclitl at the uwiicls c\
Any person committing a broach
of the by-tew may b0 lined one liundred dollars (IHhmhi; and costs oi
Iweiic months imprisonment.
No person shall allow any torse,
mule, bull, ox, cow, sheep, goal, pig
or oilier cattle or poultry to run ai
large wiihin the eity, otherwise the
same may he Impounded and the
owner thereof is liable lot damagi
Any person may Impound an a'linial
found tunning at large.     The line to
ilie pound keeper for every animal ii
as follows:
Stallions, $5.00.
Other horses,    mares, geldings, ill
lies or mules Jl.00 each.
Bull, Ju.oo.
Cow or oilier kind of cattle, $2.00.
it*.>.ii' pig, ll.ou.
l*ig, sheep or goat $1.00.
Kowl,  25 cents.
The pound keeper may also collect
$1.00 for impounding any animal ami
twenty-live cents yu rents; for    impounding any (owl and for fitil may
charge as follows:
Horses and mules $1.00 per diem.
Other cattle and swine 50 cents.
Fowls and geese 25 cents per diem.
If the   animals are   not   redeemed
the pound   keeper   will proceed    io
There shall lie a tax levied
on ab! dogs of $1.75 and on all
bitctcs $5.00.
It is the duty of the owner of dogs
tu procure a tag from the cily clei'K.
otherwise the dogs will be impounded
and unless redeemed vvill he sold or
destroyed. Tags must be placed
on tlog's collar so as to be plainly
In addition to the above charges,
etc., any person guilty of an infraction of the by-law is liable lo a
penally of $100.oo and eosls or two
moults imprisonment.
A health ollieer shall be appointed
for the city wilh power to inspect
all buildings and places and to whom
all oases of contagious disease siuli
be immediately reported. The power
of lbe health olltcer and uf the board
of health (which consists ut the
council) is practically absolute in all
matters per laining to public hcailtli.
Sanitary inspectors shall be appointed. They consist at the present time ol ihe police force. Their
duties are to keep a vigilant supervision over all streets, lots and
premises and to notify the owners
thereof to clean the same. If the
same are nut cleaned within twenty-
four hours, lhe owner or occupant is
guilty of an infraction of the bylaw.
The medical health officer has ab
solute power lo isolate and quarantine all persons affect til with, or who
have beeu in lhe neighborhood of
persons infected wilh contagious dis-
(fcse and any person attempting to
break quarantine is liable to a heavy
penalty. All houses and vehicles
where such Infected persons liave lieen
shall be disinfected.
dwelling houses are subject to the
following reslrirf'iuiis. Every room
(a) shall contain ,'IKO cubic feet of
air space for each person; (h) with a
proper window; (o) and .with a closet
within or appartment to the same;
(d) No house .shall be erected upon
soil composed of refuse unless covered with charcoal or concrete.
Privies and cesspools must he constructed accoiiting to Um provisions
Of tho by-law and subject to lite inspection uf the medical health ollieer.
Stables must lie properly constructed,   drained and kept   clean   ami    uo
(lllli will Ik1 allowed to stand In any
No diseased or ndutterafced food ot
l ian id shall  he o lie led for sale.
j'.'wiy owner or tenanl of a dwrl-
'liug house wiihin the city, musl supply wholesome drinking water. All
refuse such its llie con ten is of privies,
cesspools, offal, dead animals, swill
etc., must bo removed by lhe eily
scavenger; and any |>eriK>n oilier than
tin* city scavenger removing the same
is liable to prosecution.
No well shall be constructed or
main twined and any well now existing dial I be closed Mid no longer
used. This provision applies to
water used for drinking nr washing
Tlin pcftalty   for an Infraction   of
this by-law not. exceeding $10fl,00 and
ousts or two monihs imprisonment,
Begging,     drunkenness,    vagrancy,
piflilic swearing and nubile Indecency
are strictly prohibited under a penalty    of   SlOO.OO and    costs   or two
months imprisonment.
Three or more   persons shall    not
stand on the sidewalk so as lo interfere with foot passlngers, this, however, does not affect street preaffliing;
provided,    however,    that   ordinary
traffic is not impeded.
No person shall run a race on fbo
streets. Horses or other animals
wliile being driven must be under
control ana must not be run at    an
immoderate speed. Drivers rhall
slacken speed at crossings. All
horses, etc., when left by the driver
must be secured.
No horse, mare or gelding shall be
trained, broken or exhibited on the
No person shall ride or drive
across a sidewalk. No person shall
coast or toboggan on any street
alley or lane.
Any person scattering paper or
sweepings on the public streets is
liable to a penalty under this bylaw,
Tlw ownci or occupant of a house
stall have the sidewalk abutting on
his land cleaned fiom dirt or sni.v.
No person shall onoiuobor, Injun or
foul any food, street, alley ur lane
uf the cily, and no merchant shall
pile packing eases or boxes on lhc
sidewalks except foi nimniiiatc removal; and no mciehaut shall expose
goinls foi sale on the street, except
upon a small shell nut unite than OM
fool vvitte and fastened tu lbe building, not 'ii.uii any person otherwise
obstruct iiaitic
Wtun ii'iiidiiig-. are being constructed a fence shall be built in hunt
ihei coi pursuant to tin- by law.
Ni) person wo*f broifi or remove
any planking oi paved sidewalk ol
mad Way without consent of the c.	
Trap doois upun tlie sliccls Lie
prohibited except    with consent    oi
COUIlCll, Any      pel sun    excavating
must properly protect tlto excavation
by tailings and by lights at night.
All gales must awing Inward. No
Imilding can be removed without con
sent  of   llie COUnoH,
All awnings mtist 'he uf at least
seven fi-ci    ahuvc   lhe ground,        All
veinad.Bis projecting over the street
on Basel street must he Immediately
removed, and nu verandah projecting
over any oilier street shall lie allow
e<l without consent of lhe council.
Signs must be of at least ten feet
uFbovo ttie ground and not more than
two feet from the building.
No person shall throw cordwoodj
or conl upon ihc sidewalks or saw
or split upon the sidewalks unless il
is being delivered in which case it
■shafl bo removed vviihiu twenty■■Tour
Nu person stall prepare mot lal'
on Uie streets.
Street auctions are prohibited,
The injury or destruction of ornamental sonde trees ami shrubs is pro*
No pole, post ur pillar .hall bo
erected on the streets unless the consent of the council is obtained.
No person Shall place any signs on
any telegraph or telephone or other
pole of the city, and all signs there-
on must lie removed; nor stall liny
attach dodgers lo the same
No person shall climb telegraph
poles or trees or climb over raTlhigl
or fences unless ii he employees ol
the Electric Light  Co., etc.
No person shall deface any fence o"
rail by drawing or writing ar paiir
ing l hereon.
The setting off of fireworks wilHii
the city is prohibited. The discharging of any gun, catapult or firearms is "prohibited Ths throwing M
stones, snowballs or other missels
on the streets is prohibited,
The rule of Ihe road is that
vehicles shall pass to the left. Tlu
penalty of an infraction of the bylaw is a line not exceeding $100.00
and costs or two months Imprisonment.
No person slia4l spit on the sidewalks within the city or within any
public building excepting in spit
The penalty of an infraction of l/h'S
by-law is a line not exceeding S1OO.O0
ami cosis or iwn months imprison
Hotel *£ <£
lititin Uimfurl a Specialty
(im.J Slablini la Cascctiiia
Ncar.it to rallioa.l an.l .lepol.    Han accommodation, fot lhe public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Hoi and Cold Baltis
...... ,
Hoggarth & Rollins
Mouldings Most
It is the Last we Ha.ve to
Sell and so the Price
is Cut to Bedrock.
Read these
Tlie list a.s it stu.iiln to-i.uy, is as
W. T. ItlOIIl.
lilt. W. S. HUM..
B. I'.'. UKATTII*:,
JAillKS a-RRKIt,
ll. T. llOOERS,
T. ill. ItOUEIVI'S,
J. I). Mc-IIUUI.,
J. 0. McOAI.LUM,
J. HAItltlS,
0. li. KEiU,
II. J, Mr.Sll'KVN,
Fort Stctle
0. A. COOK,
.1. P. FINK,
I). .1. JOHNSON,
,1, F, M. PINKHAM,
nil. F. E. KINO,
T.  IVAItmiAN,
A. I,. MillKIMIIlT,
A. 0,  DOWN ESS,
0.  11.  DUNIIAR,
11. II. SHORT,
1). .1. ELMER, Moyie.
F. J. SMYTH, Moyie,
Fort Steele,
v Painters   and   Decorators _
* *
96 ft. Oak Plate Rail per foot
120 ft. Oak Dal.. Moulding, per foot     ■
60 ft. Burnished (iill Mould, per foot
72 ft. Bronze (iill Mould, per foot    •
1000 it. Ceiling Mould, per foot
156 ft. Terra Cotta andtiilt Mould, pcr foot
200 ft. White and (iiil Mould, per foot
2}   MiiHfielttMM iti tr
4' ........ ....in
Masullclurera ol
kiiumh and dressed
Also all kinds of
Jiiffray, Ryan 'iimi
Crnnbrook, 13.C
Head Olllce, ■ Cianbrook
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber 1'IIK   CltAXBKOOK   HKli.VLIi
Employ Only White Labor.     No Chinamen Need Apply
We do the best of work and if you are not satisfied let us know and we will make it right. *£'
We have secured the services of an expert collar and cuff man at a large expense, and we will be able      -&>
to give the best of satisfaction in the future in this class of work. «P>j
We will do family washing, rough dried, for 35 cents a dozen. *W,
We aim to do the best work done and will invite comparison with any laundry in Canada.   Our ob-      jjlp
ject is to satisfy the people, and if that is not done let us know. ■'■§&*
We are catering to the whole district.    Our agents are as follows:     Cranbrook, Beattie & Atchison, j&
G. P. Tisdale; Moyie, A. B. Stewart; Fernie, Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.; Jaffray, Grant Downing; Wn
Fort Steele Junction, Geo. H. Chapman; Wardner, I. H. Willson; Morrissey and Michel, Trites- m&
Wood Co., Ltd. __\
Employ Only White Labor .N o Chinamen Need Apply
Victoria Tillies:—There can bo HO
reasonable objection to the opposition
at Ottawa, nniler lln; leadership «>i
that experienced sleuth, Hon. Geo. lv
Postal', endeavoring to establish facts
m reference io public wrong-doing
on the pail of the ministerialists.
Hut it will avail tho Conservative
parly little tu tala. advantage ol tho
privileges of parliament lot ihe purpose of hurling reckless charges
What they ought to tlo is nuke thell
charges and ask tot committees to
hear evidence aird establish theii
cases. That was lhe course taken
hv the Liberal party when ll was in
opposition, and it was the tacts thus
brought out that brought about the
ruin of tin- Conservative parly. li
is argued that the facts concerning
the operations oA thfl Saskatchewan
Land company are on a pant) \. iih
the. facts as et.lablisl.ed by a commit lee of i he local teelslal ure of
lliiiish Columbia respecting lho rela-
tn ns ol lhe McBride govornmenl
with Die syndicate which mulct look
io procure the looaiion of the
minus ol the Grand Tiunk Pnt
railwa) i.u Kaicu island. Thai u
In* so <>i ii ma) not. In icgaid
lho status ol tin- Saskatchewan Laml
cumpnny we have nothing lo pro-
noiinco Jitdgmcnt upiig save ilu a)
legations ol llie oppOHilion i.nil lh
explanations nl the members on Un
government side Itm we dn k>iow
ihal in ihe Kaien island case tin
spei ulnlors corralled a lownsltc ol
ll.e potential value uf million. ,.i
ilollais. p.tl.1 a dollai an am- (ul [I
and disposed of il at a loss, tome ol
Ihi- sjierulaliiis claim, to lhe rail
w.iv companv. Thai is a difficult
siotv I,, ire_.it. Imi n is cli-.ti ihai
wliocvci pinl'ilisl hv ihe deal th.
taxpayers of ihe province ol Hniish
Columbia RUlteml greal loss one
iimi)1, we .ue    quite sure ol   that   II
il ppimltlon a< Ottawa can eslab
lish Midi a case in connection with
the Saskatchewan land liainaitlon in
which members ot ilie Liberal part)
uie concerned as ihe opposition in
lltn sh   Columbia   proved In regard
io ihr Kaien island .teal, ihe elector*
ol   (' la   will   .leal   Willi   the govern
meul ol  itn- n.iiuiiiiui i mllsfac
lor)    ma i    when   lhe   dav   ol   leek
Hul in llie mealilimc |l is well lu
heal In mind lhat the Saskatchewan
t..imt companv dealt in agricultural
lands ol doubtful value al lhe time
the sai.I lands weie secured ami thai
the |i.iln v ot llie 1.am iel government
from i'he dav of its foimahoii has
been to preserve the public domain
of the country fm actual Bottlers,
imt In distribute it recklessly
amongst railway companies and otbei
speculators, and that the condition of
ihc Dominion to-day, with thousands
nl settlers pouring in weekly from all
purls of the world, is tlw result of
that policy. Sir Wilfrid Lam iei
Intelv n 'be House ol Commons, re-
plv'n    'ii Mr, Poster, said:
"His Imn. friend had travelled over
a greal deal of ground; he was not
satisfied to allude lo the motion before the house. All that was. well
in Its way, if he hnd not in the
nexl breath questioned the honor of
two members of the house, who were
just as iKHiorable as lie was himself.
What in the world had the position of
Mr. A damson to do with the question the liouse had then to deal with?
A inl if the member for Humbol t
could not he a member of the Saskatchewan Valley Land company,.
why, in the name  of common sense, [
could the member Ior West Toronto
(Mr. Oslee) bo a member of tlie t}u'
Appi'lle, Long Lake A Saskatchewan
Railway company? If one could be
Hi" seller, wh) could noi the other
be rhe buyer? Ami if one could be
the buyer, why could noi the other lv
Du* seller? His lion, friend must be
t.u vciv hard lines Indeed to Introduce such matters. The member fot
Marque lie .-mild not have been .sincere it Ihi expected the governmenl
to accept his resolution when he offered ii as a warn of confidence motion. 'I won hi nol hesitate to ac-
copl ii,' said Sn Wilfrid, 'if he did
not couple with lt aii Imputation on
ilie hoiioi of two members ami therefore upon the government.' He had
no fault to hnd wilh tlie policy in the
resolution. In tact it was already
tin* policy of the government,   lt was
mini lift      example  of    lhe    womlei I ut
ugiiitv of tlte opposition in turning
somersaults. Sh Wiifn.l then brief
ly described the system of surveys
and reservation of even numbered
sections foi  settlors.
• Tweniv years ago," Sli Wilfrid
s.ml, "the efforts of the settlers were
confined lo even numbered sections;
they weie not allowed io nettle upon
mid numbered sections, because ihc
Conservative governmenl had blank
Died    the   whole erieut    of  ten Hon
i i   iin* groal    lakes wesi ii.   ihe
Hock)   Mountains wnh subsidies    to
ics .'wont) live million acres were
given io iii,. ('   |'   K , large grants
weie   given   In   tht-   IJu Appelle,     I A) fig
Lake a Saskatchewan Valley .md the
Ctin,m ,v Rdmonton Railwa) com
panics, and lo '__., colonization com
panics,   antl   sellleis   weie    pievciiled
going on odd-uumbcrod sections m
milei ihal ilu* companies might se-
len   ihe land      Now, gentleiiioii, on
lhe   othei     side   aie   iliiji.U n-iil,     thev
cried, 'Hurry; don't lose a single moment; he quick; clean up all suIishHoi
of laud and lailwav .CflltipnU.CS an.l
leave lhe land foi llie sellleis '
'Why, sn,' -..ml sn Uii,ml am 111
i heeis, i it,, not object to Ihis
['olh i ihal is ihe very polh v wc
have been endoavorlng to ..uiv   oui
f.u   Hi,-  lasl      tm   veils We  have
lieen olcnrlng up these land subsidies.
We  have  lleall       with   Die  ('    I'.   It.,
ihev  caul blanket am  n      laud
We have closed up iti- land companies; we have nol vei closed up the
Canadian \oilhciii, foi lhe good lea
son ihal thev sliil have some lime lo
make tln-u Election. We have Hot
closed the Qu'AppoHe, Long Lake A
Saskatchewan, hul we are al this
mom.'in ncgt/llulllig wilh them and
hope before a few weeks—probably
before the session closes—to close
with ihem, lo sel down an area for
them to select I heir lauds from, ami
for the Canadian Mm I hern to select
their lands Irom, and then throw the
resl open for settlement.' Tlie government were, Sir WiHrid added, al
lliis iiiomiiii trying to pul an end to
lhe situation created by the folly of
the gentlemen who moved the amendment. Mr. Poster had urged that
tht- matter Ik- oloswl up at once, in
order to remove temptation from lhe
government, because Ihev had sold
afWI.DOfl acres of land without com-
petiliiii. This from a member of
the Conservative government who,
wilhoul hesitation, sold millions of
acres of laud Hi 'iti laud companies]
•Cover yourselves, ye daughters ol
"The best proof thai the government had not sold the land at less
Ihan it was worth at that time was
to be     [omul    in the tact  that Hi
wan Valley Railway company, of
which Mr." Osier was a director, had
sold a Mock ol land in the same district to tin1 same company, not for
(!i or $i; per acre, bin foi $1 iiu per
:u iv, wilhoul sou lenient dirties,
(Oltecrs.) The land In question was
reputed to he unlit for settlement;
homesteaders, would not goon ii.
More than llut, lhe company whicli
limit a raiiwav through It refused io
take that very land as part of their
subsidy, for the reason that it was
not iii for settlement .md enteral
suit to compel ihe government to
give  I'hem other  land."
s K Oliver, lormerl. ,,f Cranbrook, but now residing near Hal-
four, on Kootenay lake, passed
through the cily tie olher day on
his way to the coast, after a business Hip through the eastern end of
lhe Dominion He said Dial whit.
in St, .l.iliu ami olhel eastern cilie
neatly eveiy second man was talknii
if coining wesl  and  was eugei
Rambling Reveries
lhe    hulk      .
is    h.'.ldl\l    1.
information. Whi-i
orataroMou at pre
wards Saskalchewaii, there is a
rapidly Increasing Interest m Uns
province, especial!) among the well-
to-do classes that in time will Imvo
important resuils. Ten veals ago,
sard one business man 1 spoke lo, il
vou had mentioned the Koolcnnys I
uoii.M ini.li,thli have asked you II n
was in New /calami, live vcais ago
we easterners learned "i Us location
through biting at wlhl cai slock ot
mines, supposed io he in the Kootenays, but which weie gcuciall) in
Toronto ot Montreal ofllces, but today we are beginning     tn he proud
ihal we have a district of Die
Dominion BO rich nol only in mineral
and tlinbci resources, but also in
such conditions of scenery and climate ihat make everyone who has
once visited    ymi anxious to return
.ml   make Ins      home   Ihere."      That
very generally oxprcm.es ihe aiiiimie
oi ihe ensl towards ihis country now
and lbe constant rush of omlgrattls
from Kuiopc towards the wesl is
drawing tie inleresl of ihe easterners mole and more this way. Iu lhe
middle of April fanners wore hauling
hav on sleighs along Mie ice ol llie
St John livei atld Ihere was no sign
o| bleak np. Husiness seemed somewhat (pilot iii New Hiuiiswick and
Nova Scotia, but good iu Ontario,
Toronto and Montreal are very busy
and ate rapidly becoming largo cities. Winnipeg is a hummer antl lhe
mosl progressive of am of ibe places
I visile,! The div ness of the
weather on the prairie is causing
some natural anxiety to the farmers,
especially through Alberta, but most
of them are enthusiastic ahoul. both
climate ami soil, Capitalists in thc
east arc investing largely, not onlv
iu prairie lands, bul also in lbe fruit,
lands of ihis province. Winnipeg
men especially are largely Interested
through here, and many quleb syndicates are being formed to acquire
large blocks of land which liie residents even yet do mil consider of
much value."
Mr. Oliver was going straight
through to Vancouver island, but
expects to return home in a few
Little Boy-1 want  a 'box ol pills.
..    Mr.  Ileattie—Antibillkiiis.
Qu'Appellc, Long Lake A Saskatche-^   Little Boy—No   mama sick.
Never open the door lo a liiile vice
lest a great one enter  Willi it.
True in.-ni is like a river, the deep
er it gels lhe less noise it makes.
Sir the bright ibings, pass lhe
soiubei things and du ibe right
li is claimed that all the presidents
of ilie United Slates had gtmd
mothers. It is said lhat John 0
Adams until ihc day of his death
said the prayer his mother taught
Inm. Lincoln said, "All llial I am
1 owe to my mother." Gailichi kissed
the wntiklitt face of his mother
on the dav of his inauguration and
said, "Voii brought uie tii this."
Grover Cleveland saul, "Worldly
honors oi worldly perplexities will
never cause me lo forget Hit' lessons
my mothei haught me." As the
shadows lengthen, lhc memory of a
mother's   love   becomes    intensified,
The vision grows dim wilh age becomes cleat ami pictures ul ehlidhoo'-l
days use before us in their perfi^
lions, ii is well so lew instances
aie on record where a mother has
failed to impress her children with
ihe value and purity ol a mother's
love. Mosl uf our glial imn accord
io their mothers the credit of their
liesi achievements, The moral nature ol the child is largely what he
inherits from ins mothei Genius
often comes from the father, Wc
often see sons of plain, uneducated
mothers rise io prominence, A
mother may he morally and mentally
strong vet physically so weak she can
give to' her child little aside from
hei lovable nature, and ihis child
will grow inio a passive creatur
who will never cause a ripple in the
world's affairs.
To emphasize the Influence of th
mot hei physiologically is uuitccos
salt m our dav when everyone ha
bis quota of scientific knowledge
Queen Victoria was a grntnl nam pi
of pei ini womanhood. Tins queenly woman and womanly queen h.id a
inlluence upon the world in wifehood
anl    mothi'ihood.       'lhc  un Hier     of
Nil pn lei u.  Main- Ha lino, wns   not
whai is termed an educated woman.
She married at the age of "sweet
sixteen," yet developed into a very
sli oni; character. It is claimed by
bis biographers Hint Napoleon lii-
hcrilrd his lii in will and lofty anrbi-
Hon fnmi his molher and nnl from
his easy going father. Napoleon
said of his molher, "She Iras the
-head of a man ou lie shoulders of a
woman," and he always went to her
for counsel iu lhe Important affairs
of life, yel be did not always follow her advice. We stall not venture lo speak of Mnry Hall, lhe
mothei of'Washington, further titan
lo say she was a woman of high
temper and Indomitable spirit. J let
nephew, Lawrence Washington, who
tH-casii nullv visited in lhc Washington home said, "I was ten times
more afraid of my aunt than i*t my
parents; my aunt was lhe presiding
genius ol the home an.l she awed mc
by her kindness."
"THE        MOTHERS      OK    TIIE
The lirst mother of whom we  have
any knowledge   was lhc molher    of
Cain and Abel, the much abused Eve,
who has been held responsible for so
much of iho trouble thai exists in
the world. II is written thai Kve
was created after Adam, so woman
has always occupied a second place
in ihe management of the world's affairs. Vet Eve must have possessed
superior mental qualities or she
could never have led Adam inlo such
evil ways, jiwl the circumstances at-
lending Eve's Unhappy interview
wilh Adam all points to tie lacl
that Eve was mentally Adam's superior.
Notwithstanding the fact that in
ihe beginning woman vvas second in
lhe lace, It has been demonstrated
beyond cavil ihai mother love is lhe
holiest, purest passion Of the human
heart. The molher Instinct is almost supernatural. Even the brute
molher will die for her offspring aud
when tie light dies out of the
mother's eye, no olher eye, save lhu
I eve of Omnipotence will ever   follow
■ ihe child in all his    wanderings    a
■ site has done.
|    Ii is not   pleasant to record    the
Iriiih   that  there  arc   mothers   who
i have sacrificed motherhood to world
ly ambition, and  the most  unhappy
■ women on earth are those who hav
I sel aside filial lies, iu order lo live
i lives of social frivo-lity, and the lime
comes lo all such, when lhe bloom ot
I youth forsakes the cheek, and the lire
of youth dies out  oj  llie eye.     Such
oflen turn in tlieir homes for   sym-
' palhy and love, only lo lind that ihey
loo have vanished with their personal
i charms, and when it is too laic tiie
i sad  I ruth    dawns   upon    Ihem  that
I Ihey  are uulioiiored ainl  unloved. The
pa lh of  duly   is   Ihe only  safe path,
Ict    it  be ever so thorny, and    the
only safe guide-board points to   Uio
I'hiistian home.
I    There is no earthly He so strong or
i so sacred as that of motherhood. So-
I clot)' is held  together by social  ties
| Civic societies   arc Imimd by money
1 and  oaths,      These  obligations     are
' like girths of sleel, yel none hold like
1 the marriage  bond    when  InvlOintCd
and unpolluted by vile theories,       i
There is onlv    villainous abominations in lhe doctrine  that   leads    a
creature, called by courtesy a   man,
lo announce tlmt a transfer of   his
affections warrants a breach of loyally and desertion of one who has he-
come his  wife and   the lilolhel   of lus
children. No guise of prophecy can
cover so vile a principle; no chat in of
iioetry gild po baleful a treason, and
lhe Hi oat I of perdition is on tlm lips
of all such as advocate anything else
liuin loyally lo wifehood and motherhood. |
It is lhe moili.'is who hold Ihc
world in place. They are the balance wheels nf lhe universe. They
hold the scepter of power by con-1
(rolling the affections of men. "The
hand that rocks the cradle" has controlled armies. Marie Theresa quelled ihe iiimnli of a mighty army in
Austria by raising her fair hand,'and
we are told that all was hushed to
silence, as the dear, swrel tones,
sh.* spoke. "The bravest battles' that
ever were fought, have beeo fought
by lhe mothers of men."
Re true. 1x> hopeful and he happy.
POTLAC11 IS     THE   CAl'SE    OF
(illtl.  SLAVERY   IN   Till'.
erally, their productions being full ot
bticks and very heavy.—Advertising
made      to      the
ment,     Ottawa,
Ward DeBeek ami
the Indian department in llritish Columbia, more than bear out what
was said by thc Herald about the
slave trade and the Immorality bred
by potlatches among thc northern
Indians. The reports were the result of The World's statements having been called to the attention of
ihe department, an Investigation having been ordered. The reports have
jus*I  twon  laid  before  the house.
One official says: Girls with white
skins, thick 'brown han, braided down
their hacks, and big Innocent childish
art; Ileitis sold to-ilay and have
The  "proof"  oi   the ad.   is not    i
Indian       depart'-   J**1!"* the  type,  hut  more often   i
bv   Indian    iVircnt   Ihc number of replies it hrm*__s   witt
other officials     of   lhc Spondullx.-Our Silent  Partner.
Advertising is* the faithful dog
that stirs up the game lor the bust
ness hunter.—Advertising Chat.
There is no money in advertising.
The money is in the business the advertisement will bring.—Fame.
There is at least one definite result certain to follow advertising,
and that is experience.—Mai! Ordet
Advertising a thing   doesn't mean
it always
means advertising
Ks;wro77ra7rto¥rrt'l.rCo"um- ?r,L^Ji^-<,-_^;M'Jut>ili?«
bia to highest bidders.    .Many of ihi
girls are sent into the logging camp
[or immoral purposes.
Agent PeHeck nukes a special
Advertising Is as muti, of a neevs-
e*?in tVe"Vden'iiTim-nr   nlmTvieit   sit>' m K***™ busings as anv other
vti io tne   uepaiiimiii   iiom Aicrt  Umodern cOnv«R*ce."-^rhe Advertising World.
feiy, dated October ih'i last. He
savs almost every Indian iu thai
awency who favors the pollalch is a
slave dealer. Fathers st»ll their|
daughters, brothers sell their sisieis,
or cousins, and he knew of one
stance where    a son offered his   old! ... ,   ■ ■  — • --•■■••■•
molher for sale as a slave. Engineer,  Lanwiian Pacific Railway
Mr. DcBcck recommends as a rem-   < olgary, up to Irik. May 28th. IWU,
itly for lhe existing evils   fas.     the   '"r ™e erection, completion and   de-
put'tlng down  of lhc poHatoh which  H»fJ of the following buildup,
is really ai  ihe hoitoiu of all     tla    S|* s1*" ,,r«'k addttmn to Engine
'.'j    Sealed  tenders will be received at
j1 the office oi V E. Brooks, Division
F. .1. Smyth, editor of the Moy.u
Leader, was in town this week.
While Mr. Smyth was standing nn
the corner ol Raker street and Hanson avenue Monday evening a policeman hove in sight and kindly asked
him to move on, as there was noj
crowd iverrnitted to block tlie side-1
walk. I
evils complained of. He says it
should be done with a 'inn hand, not
iu the slipshod manner in which jus-
lice has been admini.siere.l the Indians in pasl; secondly, he suggests
a rigid enforcement of law as re
gurus Ihe sale of intoleaiiis to lu
dlans; ihird, he suggesis putting a
slop lo lhe custom of buying and
selling women; and, if possible, ci/ni-
pellllig any Indians to marry the
women legally, and, lastly, if possible, keeping out the grafter*.
Mr. IMicck concludes: "^ m may
legislate for these Indians until
doomsday and ihey will never do any
good until this curse of their whole
lives, tie poilaich, is completely
wijicd out."
Further he savs: People come
here in ihe garb nf missionaries;
slit rl a store, commence irading wilh
lhe Indians, taking vv lui I ihey cau
out of them, ride roughshod ovei' the
Indian act antl arc iheu upheld hy
Uie Indian department, As far as
the criminal cojr j-oe.s it is ahoul tdt
same. All manner of crimes are
committed among ihc Indians—even
murder; aud it is seldom that any
i.f ihem arc broiighi  in justice"
Members of the provincial police
spok.ii to to-day regarding this repot! say that they ihink it was the
duly of Mr. PeHeck lo have called-
their 'attention io cases of Ihis nature wh ch may have cdtnc undei hj-s
attention. .Tliey have, always stood
ready to prosecute where there was
any ground for ii and, in fact, out of
the last pot latch jusl concluded at
Alert Hay Ihere were over iti prosc-
cut'irriis., a case brought at the
last assizes had for its. object the
suppress!, n . of the bar tec marriages.
An Indian mmicd Kokanu.s was prosecuted for bigamy, having bought
one wife while he had another living.
The case wan thrown out of court.
" ,.       ,        ;IES,
Manv .advert isers    take f he   phrase
"building an advertisemfnt" too lit—
House,  Medicine Hat
New four stall bnek Engine House,
Red l>eer.
New four stall hiick Engine House,
New ten stall brick Engine House,
wiih brick boiler house, Cethbrhlge.
N'ew six siall brick Engine House,
with brick Boiler House, OfOfl ■.
New wooden freight shed wrh
concrete foundation at l^Wthridge,
100 feel long, separate office at each
end of building, requued loi this
Company and the A   R   A I Co.
Plans, specifications and (onus of
proposal mav be seen at lhe offices
Assistant Chief Engineer. C.P R ,
Division Engineer, Calgary.
Resident Engincci, Cmnhroob
Tenders ma) be foi all ot anv ol
ilu* buildings.
The company reserves the righl to
reject nny or all tenders.
Any further information ran Ihi
obtained from above offices.
N. E. Brooks.
Division Engineer, Calgary
Calgary, May  lOlh,  IfOfj. iM
Notice i.s hereby given thai two
months alter dale I intend to apply
lo the Chief Commissioner nf Lands
and works for permission to purchase the following described lands,
situate in .South Kast Kootcnav district:
Commencing at a post located on
the Kootenay river, near the northwest corner post of Humphrey's preemption. No, 15, thonce 30 ' chains
east, th<nce south 40 chains, fhejiOc
east 80 chains, thence north '20
chains, thenee wesl liO chains, thence
north 80 chains, Ihence west 10
chains, more or lens, to the Kootenay river, tbence along the Kootenay
riyer in a south-westerly direction Hi
the place of commencement.
John J. Gradv.
Pated this 14th day of Mav, A T>.
1906. ' B-5t* THK   ORANBROOK    H KHALI)
Hy   th? Herald   Pulilis'biii^ Company,
laLiui ainl Manager.
The 11.'i.u.i Is wurth liu _ year. It
. costs only t- No man in Soutli
East Koo Ui ray tan aftuid lo he witb
out it, .iii.l everyone living outside ot
the district, who is iuieiesied in lha
progress ol tins section, should lead
H li publishes th.- news while it Is
i.evs. Ii is ninn..llnl absolutely hf
il.,- publishers, No clique, party c*
Individual diet ules lis policy, Il
Uou't ny Ui please Ihe people. It's
tiesiit- is io publish a newspaper that
'■Will   be   a   clislil      I,,   lhe   i oinilHUill y.
Sewl  in  yum   subsei Iplion   and   you
will   be  thankful  evil   altei w.ud
\d ver Using rwio     ' I  per inch, pel
im.nil,,  no ii  .md no less.
Reading mai lei !■'■ cents per tm*
in non advci 'i■« rs; in ceuis pei lino
io rogulai  advertisers,
ll vou .i   ire I,, reach -h*'  I'le df
South  I .1 '   kn,.ii'ii,n   ven must ad*
' mi,,-    .  the Herald.
Thi   Herald    has a first-class    i"b
plant   ami Its work is of   ihc  best.
. The ii.-i.ii.i .ioi, i wn«i charily.    U-
M    iquaro     ileal on    youi    i><h
Work.     H we can't suit  yon in qual-
m   and  [nice,   kick,   and    send     vour
Work   to POino  Cheap   John  house    in
j the east  thai  novel  spends a  cent in
• Cranlirook.
/'  ™ '      . e
1,000 a, Week
ii.i- i- iin- gmuiiuleed olr-
culaii I..- Hernld
tiou lists open in investlga"
lion I.y Hdvertlsers at any
Tbe llorulil given a dollar
iu value fm a dollar in money. Tin- advertiser ban the
right lo know vvlial he in
receiving for bin money.
Tbt. Herald Is one paper
that courts investltlgatloii.
The Herald will be found oi
. sale al the following places:
Marysville, Marysville Drug Slure
Wardner, li Imnahuc's Store
Moyie, S. K. Ilarvie's Drug Slore
Kyan, R, P. I inlay
leruie, Curdy > Hook Slore
liku, Mulliniok*. Hook Slore
Cranbrouk,  Heallie ft AuhlsuttE.
and C. li. Keid & U.'h
Greenwood Ledge:—The really good
are uol always tiie grimiest benefac-
lors ui maiikiii'l Had Jimmy Anderson,   in    his    youth,    devoted   as
mm h lime I,, lln- Shot iei Catechism
■a: ti- iiul io ihe slud) id geography.
K.iicii Maud mighl ' nol yel have
been discovered,
Joseph Martin, K.C., one of the
aides! and brightest lawyers in Canada, remarks; "li strikes mc gs
nonsensical to sav Ihal lhe British
Columbia Board ol Dental Examiners
has ihc power io proven I members of
ih.* denial profession advertising. If
llierc Is such a power, it should be
annulled at once. The benchers of
Hie Law Society undertook lo stop
advertising ..nee, bul they aro uol
doing anything nl il now. There
aei law icis who are advertising,
though you will be lold hy some, if
vou impiire, that ii i-. ven imp roles-
t Merman Ryan has sounded a key
note of warning on the question of
municipal expense. \t tlio mooting
lasi evening In* said ihal he did not
w.uir to sn* ihe salary lisi Increased, as In* thought lllttl il vvas al-
readj in., lame In Cranbrook. Mr.
Ryan h ill lind a grenl many supporters among ihc tax pavers of lha
nl)   on  this proposition
" i nltcd Stales' SenaloT'ClarkT^'ol
Montana, has announced that he will
reilro from office at the close oi his
prosenl nine. As Mr. Clarke is
worth manv, ni.niv millions he can
afford to retire.
It scoma like the Irony of fate for
ihe C   P   H   lo be ihe'victim in   a
holdup ranie.
The smeller al Golden is the onlv
•me m British Columbia Unit will,
uol he Injured I.v ihe passage of ihc I
Sunday closing law. Thai smeller!
has    not     been    operated   for many
— I
The Vernon News thinks that it Is
Blrange that- a l.ilier.vl paper would
condemn anything wrong in the Liberal part) " Why not? What rea-1
son is thorp that any paper, Libera!
oi Conservative, should noi condemn
political wrong as well as any Other
kind of wrong, no matter in what
party H is found, j
Hi Walt. ,,f Fort Steele, is carrying on a strong anti-C ran brook <*am-
pftlgn in the newspapers, The doctor
is as persistent as he ti VitmllC      ,
It will not be a great white before
through trains will he running Irom
St Paul lo Spokane hy way of
Cranhrook. Tha1! will be a great
day for this lown. And when
through trains arc run Horn Winnipeg to Golden by way of ('ranbrook
there *oi be great ca»sc foi  rejott
ta* __
A   writer in the    Wflmei Outcrop
calls Cranbrook *u plftyftl om tei*
miual point.1! HUyid oui is good
for a town that Is making the
growth that Cuumook is these
There was a grub strike _t Uie
St Eugene mine lasi week. Miners
can Indulge in grub stril.es, but uui
rieiLtuei, do not dare to.
The Greenwood l.e^lge has nuule it .1
appearance. It is a Lowry publico ,
tion And is under the management of I
J. W. Grier. The lirst number is al
cmllt lo the puhlistters, as il is full,
ni new*; wriiun iu a mosl attractive
hlylo.      The  Ledge   1,-oks   like  a   win
nei from tbe start. j
Tlw   cow    revolution in Crnnbrook
is ovei.
The people of Wilmcl   aie acquiring!
the banquet habit.
.(aiucs Dunsmuir has authorised Hie
Coloins't to state that he has not :
Offered to give 1100,000 foi a univei
tfily. The Colonist will confei a
favor hy Ertftldng the same luing lm
the editor of tbe lletald.
The emperor of Germany is goln I
to vtatl ihe cm|irior ol Austria It
is a R od bei thai vvlen these two
monareiis get togetber ihe conversu
Jitvn vvill be along the lines followed
ivhen the irovernor of Norih CarolIn < I
met ihe governor of South Carolina
The evidence coming out about Hist.als made by the Standard Oil
company emphasizes the hypocrisy oi
Itockei feller who pei.sisls' in |K>'sin_.
Aa a s'aiu'iy saint,
J. J llill will push const ruction
On his new line in western Canada,
Roosevelt wants a law tn limit I
fortunes in the Failed States. That
is goinSi in be lough on the newspaper men of thai country.
The subscription list ol the I feral-I
is inereasini steadily. This week,
tin1 same as la-st week and the week
More, new names were added to the
list. This is a compliment to tlie
Herald, and every name ihat comes
from the outside, it is a cmuplimeni
lo CranhriKik and lhe district. The
Herald endeavors to print a paper
ihal wiil merit the appreciation of
ihe jieoplc, and it is evidenJly succeeding, it costs money to get out
a paper like the Herald." There are
only very few weekly paper* in Canada llal. go tn lhe Vipense 'that the
lletald is to, but if you want to get
tbe |ieople with ynu give them a
litl-lf more than they liave reason to
eitiK'Ct for their money. Tlie HoraU
has always done thai and can atlri-
hute much of its- success1 to that verv
ihlng.    .
Editor Wiluicr Outcrop:—
■ Krieud' Evans,—I am sorry you
commit yourself by expressing aud
exposing your iguotanet: in tbe siUm-
liou rcgaiding the position of Foil
Sicele and the K. 0, R. in your Issue of Jti April, lu llie first place
we have uo yearnings for the vapor
ings uf journal i-vMc carpet-baggers
thai We have so long suQVred from
Such have doue au incalculable
amount ot injury in llie past—-both
Ui ourselves and lhe public weal. It
you liad looked into and enquired a*
to Ihv results uf the -aid em pi to
divert the route as applied for in the
K, C. ti. charter, you would know
lhat the delegates sent for that purpose bave returned crest fai len and
our of pocket, as their backers have
refused to pay up for the wild goose
ctase they engaged In: also ihat they
were politely and distinctly Informed
(that those connected wilh a vast
undertaking, such as building this
railroad, could not entertain th.
itlra of climbing mountains an.l des
eemiing valleys and dales; for what?
accommodation of     a small played
louder and more eloquently than words. In fact we consider this
a regular song and dance. This is ., picture, ior instance, that
tells   you   something    about    llie    attractiveness    of
Of course, this is only a part of the story. To thoroughly appreciate
all the strong points you musl call at HILL & CO'S and listen to
their Mr. John Carter sing his little song touching upon the merits,
. with a voice as full ol pathos as one of thc ancient Psalmist. Truly,
lack is a wonder, when enthused. You are personally invited to call
and listen to his song on 20th Century Clothing at any hour of the day
v iti ue, Ihal financial Interests arc
showing Ihcit coiilhlence in lhe future
of the town by heavy Iuvestments,
would indicate lhat ihe statement
Uui Crairliiool' i.s .. "played out
temporal) iai! load lei minus'' vvnS
.•milled t'o as much consideration as
ihe resl of ihe fossilized emanations
from lhe ti.riuicd .s.ml. Rest in
peace "F. 0. Al." ond hull) lb)
healed brow iu the cooling wai ri".
Un- Koolcnay, ami when y.m
brave enough, come out in voui i
colors and say wh'al  you  ibink .*
•I-H-H-I-W-H-M-W-W-W-H-W*' ""I I1" prT.h,fl '"'
.1. .!.     pelt-   at     Vl.illlloh.
.1. l     ■
&Ae Lumber
ii Industry V
your own name.      The diseu
out temporary railroad terminus 'am. I public questions, when proi
cut-nut  timher limit without a    te-   ducted, are always honorable, and
deeming feature, that    should nevei ! man who does ihe work
■ ;
hot need the sympathy ynu so kind!)
extend. Its geographical position,
Its rich agricultural, mineral an.i
timber surrounding resources, navigable streams (similar to your own
country), with a fractional per cent.
grade froni po.nl to point, place ui
on tiie line in the same position a>
yourselves, namely; A desirable ami
natural point for the K. 0. It. li
reach, as the wisdom of the promo
I ers of the scheme ordained,
Yours Irulv,
Fort  Steele,  B.C. E.C.M.
(If aii nur friend E.C.M. says h.
true, The Outcrop must acknowledge
Ignorance of the situation at Fort
Sleele, yet our friend has uol pro
duivd any very convincing faels to
show t I at ii is not in danger of
losing lis proposed railway nr thai
il does noi need the I't'-sjiector, as
we staled in the article referred to
However, The Outcrop has nn iprar
H'l with Fort Steele aud will be
pleased io see the citizens of ilnti
IOWH get busy atxl liivht for liiell
own bes*t Interests, The article was
produced for the purpose of drawing
out the Fori Sttele folk, us so
much hod been heat.I of their op
pOTtontfl, and from the ahme teller
rt is widen! there Is two sides to Ibe
.|iiesiinn and E.C.M, ai least has
.some Hghl ing qualities, mid perhaps
some of our Cianbrook readers nmy
desire io cross pens with him.l—Ed
The letter wrrtU-a hy "E.C.M." Is
just ibe kind of an effusion ont;
would expect from a nnn who would
indulge in personal and town abuse
and then hide his identity under a
nom de. plume. The idle vaporing*
of such a man will have no effect on
the proposition one way or Mie
olher, and,as to his statements -as tn
tiie Cranbrook delegation being turned down, either by railway authorities or tne people of Cranbrook, ti
absolutely false. Small men make
■mial! towns, and fossils are always
valuable as curios. Cranhrook is
not worrying about any town or the
childish attacks of any individual. II
is made up of men wilh broad minds
who an' working for the interest of
the district as a whole, willing to
take Its chances with tie prosperity
thai is bound to follow. Since the
day that tiie first Inn Wing was put
up in the town Cranbrook has known
nothing 'but progress, and the manner that property is increasing     in
scavenger seeking
name from the Knowledge
est   people-Ed.   Herald.
ml sav ini; a
All modes
A lata]   accident  occurred nt
roundhouse In the CN K. yards
moiilon,   May   (It'll.,     in   which     John
j,'! VVolsely, a young engineer of the
_\ road, ' lost (us Hi.*. Th-- aurldetit
u •happened about Hi o'clock in lho
■' evening, mid uo one alive is able to
V lell cxacliv *how it happened. From
11  what    can     Ih- gathered    Irom    thu
l' story ol the distracted wife, whn was	
1   with bim ou Hie engine ul  ihc lime,I , ,       ,     . ,
11,11    l,{   and  from others  who weie neat     al      The   slight   raise  in   Ihe  price    of
'■   *'""   hand,  Ihe engine was al  a sliiudsllll   lumher cannot   'he criticised  by aiiy-
Ihe  hack  ou   the  south  ol      !hc   om- familial   with  the situation, and
idhouse.     The engineer mnsi have   the fads Imve been presented by Cl.
i standing on the rear of Ihc icn-i P.  Wells,   secretary   of the assueia-
.ti.d his wife was in the cab.   Iu   Hon, as follows:
some   inexplicable   way,   steam   leaked i     "Comparisons   made   lalely   through
inio llm cylinders, and the locomo-J the press, showing ihc lumbermen, in
nve started to move sutldeiiily. Woi- an ndvorse Hghl, are uol warraiiied,
sclv apparcuHv lost his balance by, and lhe present prices for lumber aie
Hu- sudden iai and    fell beiieirih   tho   fullv   iusiiii.il   hv ordinary   business
wheels ill the lender     ninl  holh     t he [ c.iii.Eit urns, and  lhe very   low     miecs
'- ■'■■■   tnd  the     locomotive passing  prevailing last year meant n
iug the In ml and [ loss to ihc iminufuctit
able   to
I. ih.* mills Hiluateil  thoi
evidfiice thai   tic basis price must he
extremely low.
"As showing the reasonable basis
of prices in the mnutii.iiii dislriel al
the present rates, mouutaiti ctvmmon
lumhci cm be l.i id down in WilHripefl
shghtlv clicipci Umi, ih.- Hal Port
age ami Kamv River prices, allhough
lhe   flViglll   mie   is  ahoul   foui    times
UIIV PRICKS WERE ADVANCED,]ns high.       Vol    the    Rnl   I1
ny  Kiver
e io-dav
irt of lhe
stern siat
ind Poll \ 11 lii r mill-
lipping n coi::-,i.leralil«
'HI   lo Cllleago ami   Hi
hrdiiui his li(;
I hadlv
I     The
nl.. i
mi-Haling ilu* body.
locomotive gaining spceil eon-
down ihc Hack, ami smashed
hundred fool or so
is haul for .
cus io forgo! him
The t e a svv.
under the tongue
is lo get away.
-I  mm sel
ihimdisheil entirely
Mis. Wolsely had
jumped from Hi
ing for her husband
neai  ,,i  hand    rush,
lhe   hea
hands iu ^^^^^
make I'leiii ib,11 Hi.
cull) |ilil L Imi i
els' pockets h,
sal.il)    is     silllt
of ber husband's muni.
ing full length acioss ii
revealed lo the young wife.
Coioner Hiaiihw.iiie \\
in.dialelv railed ami bail ll
'onvevid   Hi   lhc   I ip ,.f   lln
wl mi  Fust  st mil.—Edition i
Iel In.
the tiic.iiiiima
ip     wnh  lau-
mderlng sight! h
I bod)  Iv-
i.ick   was
It is astonishing how ma
ed wires then- an- when a
Ing his prettiest io nm
Rome young men dlsph
hair as proof    llml  thev
Romothlng iiiidei    Hieli
waiil^l lo.
n lull of
-iiilid have
.t   if     they
Not    all   gray     bait   has   its origin
iu gray mallei.
Now and then Ihere is a man    of
sinii   excellent   lueuiorv   llial   he    can
remember a promise
A woman may ihmk sin
the heller ol the luechauii
ing Iimi lo correcl Ins wi
husband is led to look foi
the hill.'
is get I ing
by reipiir-
■k, but the
a joker in
If a limp must
prefers lo have |i
Buffered vanity
he head
Some men who refuse free trans-
portal ion want public opinion to carry them for nothing,
Hidden SUM.-The following
original     H   was ciippid  in
Sunday school paper.     We di      .
know    where    the    loving   talk   look
place;  bin  perhaps  it   was nt     Clan-1 . '
brook:        A    vming  ladv   received   a1 \s
proposal by tplegrnph, nntl i( rei|uesi i ,
to wire at once.     I'pon Iielng    lold   s||
hv the opera Inr thai  she could   get! |))(,
ten words Rpnl for lwenly*flve cents,   nn,
slu* wired:     '/Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,1 „„,
yes,   yes,     yes,   yes."      Another
if logs is rapiiWy Increasing. Where logs were purchased ul the coasl a few years ago from
tl lo $f. per thousand, the same logs
arc mm bringing $K to $11 The
s.i me reasons w hich linvu brougltl
this aboui apply i<> ilie Interior,
namely, that  tin- cost of   labor   has
a IVnilccd  Iiom  36   lo  "ill per cent,
"The machinery and mill supplies
largely Incronnod in price, and
particular)) the cost of horses, an
important Hem in Hip mountains ihe
niico is full) double what il was a
lev.   seasons ngo,
"The pasl winter, which was rx
titinelv unfavorable fm logging ow
nm to'hick of snow and Hie sh.ni
ness of ihe season, is also au Important factor In ihc cost of the presenl
irnp of logs,
"The natural law of supply and demand also has its cried upon present
loiidilions. This season, lo dale,
lhc tiiilliinti have tcrned awav ordels
lot   miliums ot   feel   of   llimlier,     ami
inaiiv ilines it premium on list puces
is olTereil  to Jin.un  shipments     li
is a ease al pli sent of olHllllllllJj
lumber ul any price, nnd th,' output
simffdy cannol meet the rtijiiiic-
iiii'iits.      I ndcr condiiions such
tl,*     millmen  have been    vi
lheir   dcin.in '
Tho content Inn, moreover, seems
he ihat ihc co.i.si mills arc selling
lumber from %i tn <; i,ui ,.t thai
those in Hie upper country iiu
presenl advance lins h.cn made it
keep pace with th,* millm. n al Van
couver, who las! week added a    tlnl
lal      lo   Iheil       i|i sl    'prices.       Ml
Wells claims thai llie increase oi
ui tain sttill will nm fiom .'iiic.  t<
a  (loHttl   oi,   lhe  No    II   list, ami   will
I piohalilv nvprnge "..- ;, thousand
, The grading (or the various mill'
! will be thine hv an expeii gl'ndlnj
inspecloi fmm the I mlc.1 Slates
'who is 1.. he pngngetl uiulcr the m*w
iitiaiiueriu'iii. for tlio purpose nf ite
curing a uniform system.     As 11  It
toHlay one mill makes a \\\\. pieci
.wteic iinoihei would mamifactuic a
I ,'iti, ami lhc man who undetiool, I,
. Imv Irom one mill was hound loi tin
I remainder of his cnnlrncl to use ih.
I matcii.il fiom  ihr same thin
j     Nelsnn     |i
Uio...!   Ihal
Hi H i.h      Columbia   llilllhi'
i likely io reaull In l-bc purl) «
1 li tl   the   McOoliliick   s.iwt
1 Fail v ievv.      The   milt   w'icn   in   opet
j lion     wilt employ    Hi   1111(1 mei
i which w ill mean nn Increased popul
I Hon of IfiOIJ or 2'Hiu
CANADA'S oimuiNo ii \ ts
.«,   ji-n,   yvn,      jes,   yes.           niioi lll'l'. o*t.i|jt  s,.|||,.,    ,j,   Wcslelll   Cinuli     is '"'
iu*   was rung up    on  the telephone [ ,,,.,    ,.,„.,...,,,.,] ,. hJljs i,mthci ■ oi  lhe M«l
nd  asked  the   i|ueslion,  "Will     yn „ ■      s|(,i;,  ,    £        ,,,      nf , !  , ,1(il
..any    me          ttnh a  pomp ness ,           „   ,        (          rf)         ,„„, -n
qual  to the   occasion,  she  repll«l J ,],.,,   j,,  „,,,„,. ,lf  ,*,„. ......i,.,,,  *^t,...,-_. w.-r.
Oil awa,   Mav    Hi -Cnim
wilb   \pnl  w.is 1 l.i.1,-712,1
crease of  1(1.1,8(11,1113    civi
us' uioiiihs ..( Ls!  year.
'V    The rmp..ris nl i:"' .Is In
Iol   thc pasl   lm  m.
mtn.nn,   an   incieasi-  ,
I'.INY,   l.llll'l'l*:ii.    llll.l.
Ill II.I. IT ONt'K,
'I'll.'     tin'.      llt'inililili'      i l|..lliy,
I.iimi.sl. are Imvlng   pluns prciint'cd
In.    a    llll.   sl.il'IH*   stOTlC   lll.H'k   lillllll
ini; ..ii iiiu' iini l.iis juvi ensl ..I
Unit He St Ui-liisi.irs ilm*; since,
'llu* Iiiiililliij ..ill he ir; reel li.   lllll
le.il, uilli ;i Iituili  I....I   eeiliM i.n
Hie liisi lln..I uml a ii-n (.mi celling
m, Hn* mt.iiiiI. Tlieie mil lie Iwn
et.ti.ii.trs ,it ihe n«.1.1. one nn earli
m.Ii* il.e resl nl Uu- Irani In-lug all
pliile fins.     Tliere ..ill lie a eellai*
nml...    all  rh;]n    teel      ilt'i'li 'I'll.'
sis-miil limn* will lie nsnl lul olHees
anil anv ..llu-l* |)iil|i..s.'S I.n ulmii it
llial   li.< 1.1,[,*,!       'I'll., lunl.lm,: ivill I.n
lm* (.root tliiiiiiKtiuiit ami ti*. unniev
mil li,- snnreil in mat.- il a    i-n'ilii
In   Uie nlv.      Tl slinial.sl n.sl    is
fin.iiiiii       .1.   I'.   Kin!,  leales  I,, in.limit   ini  l,.'i Iiiu iiiui*  ul...... he    mil
ennsilll uilli A..lii!,*.-. II, ll,..,..l,l
almiil lhe ilel.iils nf lla- plans Hi.
IVerilllll.li  has    lit,* i.intiai'l   lm     lhe
..visual inn ntl,| uill M.itl  at   -.- m,
ll..*   uml,.
.'<|ilal   In  Hie    i.ri'asi.'u,   sin
"Yes;  who's speaking, plea
lM.llllllt.tNTS I'll CANADA.
Tin* t..t,ji'l iminigrant arrivals ii
I'miaila limn Mio I nili-il Slales li.r,,
h'.ii* nine montlis eniliii*. Mareli 31 i
111,1171, an    Increase   nl r.,7.'111
Hie     pii
Hie   Iin...
hmn  ll„,
Inei easily v.'iiii.il 'I'ln- expni'ls ..1 i'a
I llie easlein slales weie* JlS!l,7r,7.l7l
s are tram tli to llll per 185,28(1,000, There was 1
imi.* H.an mi lliis siih> ..I nf ..ver six minimis in tl.
mil Hie inenmli.g selller IitIisI. Evorj lirancli nf 1
I niinl    Slates is ariaily 1 an increase.     Th
arte s
11p11s.1l  lii    fin I     thnl  his   lumber! nf Iwn nnil
.sis sn m.n-li less ihan he has been nnlpiil  ..[  tli
i*i|. Iinii.-il  In pay. J nn.l a   .llaric
"The inii-es nhiaini'il lit-  Ihi- mii'in-; liifllinns
half   millions  in       lln-
mini's, Inm* mllllni
in lit.' lislieiii.s, llm
liit.'i* i|iiaili.|s in If
is ami
over the same period nl lhe lircvoiu  lain   niilaelnrers aie lower   "IiiiiiI Inresls, *.:n,,- milliims m.l  , 1 ,11   1,
lisi'ii. year.      Prom   Great   llrllaln  |,|,nRI lain.il hv llie millmen ,,f anv animals ami  limit     pmiliiols     0W1
wl tire ,*,„,i„,eni  Ite arrivals   .ver , ,11st,1...,    i', s are fixed iiimii miHI  „,„| „  irliir In SSciilffl
I'lnnli's I,,,,.,,,,!, „    , , ,*    \    ''''• "   s""1*   ',    '?K    . '"'    '"' " "'ill 1'i'sis, i.„  deliven*,! pi-ees  |.i...Ineis   1  nearlv     liico   .1 I      '
,   ;" t    l""l"'ili"ii  "I population crease   in   arrivals    lor     lhe   nine  shiinlv ileiieml nnnn Iretatil rnln   n main..,,     ... 	
tsless Hiaii 2   l„     H„. s,|„ari. mil,, nmntl,.,   was   l-herefoH.   9,(l__,     |.'„c   1     ,| . , .    ',( J,L,    1,11 ,       ?      VhSSl ,    ,1    *,
(BnglMid    -has   658 ,,,,,1   ,.|„ UM*iUlaroh alone Hie arrivals hv    ocean      is   ,•,,,,  . mMrnlt ol' All/rta sli' ■      1 !|ne,Z» of    ilJ ,', ii *'"'"
SWes    21   persons   to M,e s,,„a,e ,i,„,s were H.24I, sl,pwinSa„     t,,|,Il ^  M^    I    *   I          +wo million,
] i'roase ot 11,299.—Dunn's Review,
I nearby situation, anil llie lac! nl ih«| millions' and a quarter
Caiiiiillnn ilnlilflolils
IVcstcrn nil .1* Cnal
ll.l..|liali..|ial   Conl   *   Cok.
S.illiiaii .Itiiiiii     Minim'. Ci
Nlroln  Coal  Mines.  I.III.  ,„
Nicola Coal ,s* Coke 	
\1.l-ll1  Star  	
Ramliler  Carihnn 	
Caiiailiait  Marconi 	
Rocky Mountain Oil     	
Iiiailer iiiiil llii' exports    four| Sullivan llnnds
(Vernon News.)
Rev -I I', ll'i'slman. ul... Ihu
been the nuest nl E ll. .Innmca lor
a lm* days lasi week, iwriml Hu.
Iii-.i . 1 v welcome whicli is always
..11.1111111: ibis pi.piil.ii tninistei ...
Vernon In.in his mlliieloiis In.-11.I*. ,,n I
ami Inures in lhe ell)   I u.u.
111       III    ll.'sltu.iti Raid Ihal  I.* -
<.l.l..|isl  lhe Ok.iu.n* 1 111.11 iri in all
ll...     essi'iiljals     nl    iiltia..lli.*ii.-',s.
1 Inn.llu,  si-i'liii*.   .Hul   ol belli I*..*       II..
Ilall seen llllllllng ill  lliiiish I'nliiintn.i
lli.il In* llk.il au.  oelli'l.      Ill    limil
mall      visiltsl   the   C.tlilsl leatll   taluli
la.lil. anil ..lananan  lake*, i'ii'        ll'*
Was     atnn/eil     *ln mile Hi.' pioi'.iess
that   had  li.rn  Iliad.. 011 even     I...... I
since Ins  lasl      vlsil   11  n.ii  in*..   I.u
I.m I  11 ha I   he . ....I.l   iiii.mmm  1-1,-ii
mill llu- aid nl piess lepmls        ll„
lell mi Monday tu nldend 1 lerenen,
th.* ei'ii.'i.il    sessions nl uliili liegan
ll".lll.li|V  Iol   Vii-lolia.
III.   I'm,II..Ill     n|   Ciaiibl.n.l..   spent
a few ilnys in II ily lasl  ueii, ni'-
.*,ini|..nninit tie II.'i* .1. I'. IVeslman
mi bis lisil. lie was driven 1.. Hm
local pouts nf Inleresl an.l uas min-li
lui|iri..sseil wilh the beauties ..I     tlm
illstiirl,   its  well   as   hy   III..  OVldonCI'S
uf pragress un every Bide.
.'urnlstied by Beats A Klwell, Brokers, Cranbrouk, 11. 0,
Canadian Consolidated  1.19 nil
.      .7
Oranliy Consolidated
. .70.90
,..,l:i.25 lilt   COAKBBOOK   iiili.vl.li
Our <ttock Is nuw complete in Ladles' Shoe*. Tan and Muck Slippers. Oxfords. Laced or Buttoned
Shoes, made by such well know n manufacturers as J. A T. Bell, of Montreal, and Edwin C. Burt
of New York. * Ladies' Tan Slippers from $1.15to $5.00. " Laced or Buttoned Shoes from $2 imi
to $0.00.    * io pair odd   lines  of  shoes.    Regular  price  from $1.75 to  Sj.OO.    To  clear,   Si.25
DuQ 1     loigvt
m, .-s expire on
Just to whispei
Vt.lllIY     Olotbtt
that     dll      tllltrt'I-
ibe BUI  of   May.
a woid ghoul  -ml.
I,,  a    J*"h  Celiiutv
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C
** W_*_9 9 ff WwwwwWWw
Weather Forecasts
veal licr iins.n
Everything Looks
l good sp.nl s
football Boots
y llii'se
vs.- I'nps, uu
l.ealliui   In
ng events.
111,   ll'e pretliut it a.. 1111.1
.diction or why should we
Lacrosse Shoes
Liny   ran,a-    lop
Tennis Shoes
All   white, Men's
All Work and No Play
Vnu kii.nv Hie ..Id pin
buy.    It works liolli i
All Play and No Work
makes Jack mi good.
For the Workers
ilm make. Jack a dull
Have a Think
Tan Kin Mueller, good limit fortrnckmon tl.'lti
Ml.le.ktn Bill . 1:1.nn. Chrome llnls II fill
Ballroadors Congrea. hnnilsewii IValerproof
Mlllnskln, the lieBt vet . (4.00
Ilnllron.li.rs Calfskin Congress   .      .       :...'«.
'Ihlll  in  wlllll   Hi. llnl > |u-i
..„  In  lliuik  nlii.iii   llii.il I	
l.uv.* Inr vim .,, t,„,k in Hllllipt.
Ralston Health Shoe
*ri„. iiai....
,l,„,k in an,I  sli,,
f*     T*    DAlipDC    I'anti anil Slapk'(irmerlc, .ndC.iKkcr*
Hi.i.1.. Shuns, jlfi.li-r).   CrHbrool, R.I
•«♦«**>«««•«♦««««««♦«♦« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦
DrontiiH boos, millry
mIhuIihI. with tlroWBj'
ni'HH. Wc nro in tin* i
provide tin1 liiiiinii.
uuui. il liiiinlliii.-k pli'iisiiiitly
ii'i'iipuiil    tltia ie el. uial lit-
tOri.1.1  lillll'KS llllKilll.SB.     Wo
A. v.
ill llll
t.i.In 111,* rust
Jj nn
'        I.. 50        J4.1n1
$5 sn $6,00
I.S im
C. E. REID & CO.
Druggists, Stationers
Phone 74. Dispensing is ..ur specially
ttllKiw men Dress Well
You will Iimi Uml they huy their clotlieB frum
ua.   If you wimt giiritmiita thut are oxprt'SBlve
of all   dial's   smart    in   Kut.liiun.   Muteriul,
Tailoring ami Kit, we have them all
IflcSweyn, _* BfflgjCallor
««»♦•♦♦««♦«*•♦♦♦«♦*«« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
j* j* THE jt j»
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply (or terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
0. T. Rogers lor dairy butler,
Fresh stiiiwbciries ui Stewart's
tculay .
Dr. J. 11. King vlsilcd Calgary
last week.
.1. M. Carrol, of Klinhortey, was in
town Tuesday.
Choice dairy butter 1 lh. bricks 25c
ui Stewart's.
.1. I1. Farrell, uf Movie, uns iu
lown Sunday.
Healii A Klwell have fin hi tin* T
bridge property,
IV. li.  Mill went   to  Marysville
il.iy on business.
11. I). Kink has purchased a. $;i,IK)0
home in Spokane,
I'res't's studio will Ire open for sittings on May ii It li.
1). II. Angers, ol Movie, was in
town Friday last.
Yorkshire bacon ami Irish roll, 38o,
per lb.-G. T. Rogers.
Fred Small went over lo Steele
yesterday on business.
(i C .Jewell, of .laflrav, wus al
the  Royal last  Tuestlay.
ti. V. Ityan. of Wycliffio, paid Cianbrook a visil Saturday.
A. MeKen/ie, of Klmberley, was a
visitor in ihe elly Fridaj.
.Mrs. Ferry and child, of WyclliTe,
were in the eity Friday last.
A real heart In lieari talk on 3flth
Century Clothes at llill A Co,
.lames McLaren, of Movie, was a
visitor in town* Saturday last.
W Myers, nf Fori Steele, was In
the metropolis Thinstlav   lasi
E. .1. Clayton, of Kelson, w.is In
invvn on Tuesda) of this week.
S. Williamson, of Nelson, is registered ,u the Cosiiiopolit.u. to-day.
Don'l forget llw I all miners
licenses expire on the 31st of \laj
Ho) and George Clothier, of Moy e.
weie in town several days this week.
The Gun elub will hold a meeting
this evening at the olliee ot tit, KlUg.
Horn—AI K'intfmrlev. May 15,
190G, io Mr, and Mis' A. Carter, .i
inan  u a  ic.il  ptcosun
Foi Sale—Kitchen    cupboard;    b
leel   bt_.li.   H.!..-     fi-et   wi.te.   price  *
Enquire al Herald office. S
"ltum.i'1." ilu* ver) besl Th*
"Koot.ii.it" Kaii^t* i> om Leader.
li leads.—Patmore Bros.
Mi \ tt > \ [ttie .ml children
have gone ii.    Proctor, on Koot-euaj
lake   to s|H-ml a f.-vv   wti'U
.1    \   McDonald  ..i Maivsvllt*   wu.
a Cum .k   vi-noi   las!   W« iia)
.mil registered at Oe Koyal
Fred Smyth >d the Moyie Leader,
was in town lout Monda) Innkiiijc at
llill H Co '» nc«  itocfc "t ties
It i: Taylor, ol Kimberley, is in
town to-day, Mi Tayloi Is secr»*
taiv ,>f the Klmberh")   Miners union.
,1 u, (ioilfiev, representing Camp-
boil Mi..*-   ,\ Wilson   nl Calgar)   was
doing   husiness   in   'lie   ClU    this   week.
.1. V Pringle ami wile oi Hu
Falls \icw  hotel.     Marysville, were
tisitol i   Hi   Ihc   tilt    the   In -I   ol     llu-
i ii 1'ie.iott. in..*.id mechaiilo
on ihe  Corbln    io.nl, was in   lown
I.,.I   Ktttlll ta)    AUd   l.i'l   I.»*ms  al    Ihe
Royal |
I       \      Broil*)      ol    Keime,    111
The Tenuis elub lus eltct-a] ..itnvis
Ior the sxmsoi, As follows Miii
I'tesuU'i.t. V llvde Hakei, President,
i   v   ihitkham, Sec.-Tmu, y    <;
Iteiiii'tl. Kneeutive        Column I. e
\l.-ssis Cork, Heulr. Foster, Itooi
uuu and Clal Ion
II, T Rainbow is in town toda)
rt route to Denver, Pol., where h*
goes a.s ttie representative of th*
.Miners ami Smelters union, ot Kim
berley, to attend   the fourteenth an
mul  conveirt.it ii   of   the  Western   Fed-
t'tation of Labor.
Th. ntm oi Arnold & Roberts   Ims
secured lbe agency of th.- Colonial
Km-     Assurance     toliipanv   of   ttiinu
peg, ioi ibis ilisirict, an I will Imndlo
the business in the future.     Mi.  Ito
belt > matte tbe arrangement a while
ai the coasl ihis week.
I'.in   ,v Kit/geia-lit,   the   transfer
men, have dissolved parinenddp,
Mi Fitzgerald retiring io look aft.-i
lus laml inicicsts in Allien,*, Mi.
l't-iiy will continue lbe business and
expects in ui.ikc .some extensive Improvement i  in  UtO business.
Account Victoria Dav, Mav 21th,
the Canadian I'acilic Uaihvav wil.
sell to ami fiom all station.*,, including Kootenaj steamers round trip
tickets at faro and one thud [or tho
round trip, in, sale Ma) JJ, id ami
J!, good t-o return till May 89,
J   F, it.  VanDecar. rcpr
W'll   T.'lfglaj.l.-llviald
--*-*_.    . encourage Vour Boy    m
■—in n... i in ,,i„„,i   *;ivp **
i i t> MTtio-iilili" iirti.1,'
x.i lll.Tf )>l..;!Mi!f     {Inii'l
■""""    'XpWIUV      I'!....-.-   [r..iii   miioiit:
■on i.oi.i |.n..,| itairhM.   fI.nto|10|drH yuu a
hit) -"l- Hun ..i n.,.,,1 HntP-kffVfw-m,
. im.i.Io, Tli.-r.-i
.i.fwhMi »ill-jit
liuiisiiav      am!    icglsle
.lutlge tti'son     returned   last week
[unu his tup to Uohlril ami Wimlei-
mcie .ml helil four I here Mui,.I.n ami
Tom Christian iciuimil last Friday
Iinm England where he spent most of
ihe win tei ll.* was accompanied hv
a shim.
Di   I.   c   Bishop, of    Marysville,
ti   lhe lal let   part   of   lusl
in   lown   lo
.cniiiig    thiol  Uuhutiuc,   Iowa,
   - low days      Sine*.
1,0 .Ui. \aiiDcear associated himself
wnh ihis company he lias made rapid
progress ami in-day is onu ol then
leading representatives in ibo wesi.
K. tt. Long, of Calgary, las suc-
cecded 11. D. Curtis as manager nt
tlie electric light, telephone aim water
companies and is in charge al ibis
time. Mr. Curtis will give his liuie
10 interests he has in Mie Slocan
country, bub will not remove bis
family frum Craubrook al pit-ani
wit'k and registered   ai  the Cosmo-1    Captain Pompeii)   and his nephew
poliiuii hotel. I Kveretie i'ompelly, whu recent I)  ar-
Alva HumHton, of U'ycliffe, was in rived from Illinois, came down from
ihe tin Saturday and Sunday antl '-llk« crook on Woanesday. Thp cap
placed his autograph on the Cosmo-' lain is a firm believer iu lho future
politan register I "' dm Si. Marys valley and be
.1   A.  Vance, a popular knight   „('"j'iig assessment    work   on   several
■Maims tha-i bu owns on Luke crceK.
F,  tt'.    Milchell has opened a   dry
popular  knight
ihc grip, was iu die cily on husiness
ilns week ami registered at llie Cosmopolitan hotel.
A. A. Taylor left to-day for Raven,
Alberta, where he has a homestead.
The Herald vvill keep him posted nu
ine news ot this section.
tt'e guarantee modern high grade
hhiwei work, backed hy our own
reputation, which assures vou mil)
ihe best.—Patmoro Hros.
goods and grocery store ai KiuUic
icy. Mr, Milchell *is oue ol lhe best
known young men in that part ul div
distrlptaud one who enjoys die confidence of all who know bim. The
Herald predicts for bun success in
his new departure and wishes for him
every prosperity.
R, Last iri has   rented ibe building
,,,.,, ,      , . .   i formerly occupied by Hradley A Co.,
IV. W IIOBPman hu .i-n securwl l,y, ,uld wi,*4    J ■   baling alloy   nei
In i. io ,..*. mil sh ,,,. K,ai,s   ,„,   Sa.(llwlay ,;vi.„in      „ {_ lK^„
Hi- huilncn sln.es l,i*i,u- Ibo   nw  ,jm,. Bi„'m M'm    bowling an,v
siili'lialhi. aro li.lmlliiil,,!. | ls ,.rilll,|Hwlk aI1<1 „,m ,„ „„ ■*,,,„„,-,
I'.. M. Paj-no, nt .'.iIb.h.. bus laken   _m ifcn it will pro™ very popular.
ll..- piisillon i.l  .1.  .1    MoKmiltn,   ('.   ur,  |,_.siiri Kill    do all be ran    tu
r. It. enminerclal onomtoi', rto lias iuak«. liis |ilm*e atlraoU™.
been translorred to Kelson. I   .,,,,„   CrowK S'cat   Steam UunHry
i ui st Lo. Ii.ni- ..hU) tin* la.*Kost lorapany liave iiis-iaH.il now niachi..-
iin.i most ii|i-i,nlaii- slock ..I elotli- er,. ami are „ow rl.aily l0 j,, ,llL.
in*; in Uii- Koolonays, Ololhlng best ot work in Hieir line, lt wns,
from $.1.,.. per suii to S30.0I), | untortuimto Hut Uie)* had the     ao-
.llaiiiul—Ai       the      l*tt-stliprIi-ri.ni   i-idt-nt jnsi after the present innnajce-]
iii.uisi-, Tuosday   celling   by     Kev.  ment   as-sume-d   ciiarge,   hul   as tno|
Km luui'. -tlii-liui-I S. Yiiiini; an.l His.   luai-iiinery is now in sha|Hi Ittcy    rtu
nol anticipate any further trouble.
nriIK lollowlng story about a inan who earr
■    i.i,,l,-,-ii,,i.  i.l   bis nil.' an.I till.,ily l.ai< been i'
irrie.H  n.i [Qmrancfl lur lln-
going tlie ronnils,   Tiiin
nianawok .•■ niiiiii lu iin.I Iiiu vrlle nibbing quietly, nn.1 asked Iter,
■ Wlml Is ih.* i.ian.-i*.."   ■* I Imv.. j.i-i i.a.l h ,u, nupleasant ilr.-aiu,1'
site ii'i'lii-il.   " j ilrej.1 1 tliai I was .lawn lown ami saw a store whicl.
iul...i.in.l' II..-I.II...I- Inr Sale.'   I went in ami there were linnhiiiilsol
allklllil  Mllll.ilinli.   K •  ».*iv  lau*...-.!  IA.fl.Hl   .,.„„. ,8,000. sn.ua
It '
.luini son
'...l.-.l In
I III Ihr liiin.lrnl. "    "Did  J*  ...
* i.ii-Iuii.i    " Ve», ai„l ik.-.- were.lout
marked llilrt. eei.Ui"
Uiat looked lil.
|. In Imii. li... like
See Beale & Elwell and
We still have a few PURSES, BILL BOOKS.
CARD CASES, BAGS, etc., which we have
marked at BARGAIN PRICES to make room
(or our new stock ol Leather Goods.
Ofllelulll'atuli Inspectors forC.lUt. OrowsNeit I'as. Di
Isabella L'riiwford, In.Hi „l Moy
in. n i     lorgol     thai   all    miners
I '■•■ns.-.*, ,*v|.i ,.  lln* lllsl ,,(   May.
K.iilii'i * l'i.i-.-..l.,, the .Ipnslli
tin- Indians, win. rolurnrd Iroln
north Insi week, preaelinl i
'A iniisir.it reel I al will lie giv.n un
Hi.* _(iili in il.,* Wentworth ...ill by
Mis. Illslop's pupils, assisli-d In* llii'
Ib*si lucid talent, lln nol lorgol tin-
Mis   ii   r. Itogers
members ..I Uie   null
ii.ii.       Kiuliiu    w
tlmse presenl  hail
This ..Hi
nli lasl  even-
glltlle    and
si enjoyable
ll llMuli. nl linn
was in lho mctropol
P II Ollmour, »l Vlotot
iTgtstored .11 th,. t'osmopollln
lli-.i.i ,.in  al   tins week
.ii   inn gain   prices —
tun    Kails
last   Satin
ill   lhe l'i
oi Kimberley, was
in..Milan holel Ki
nl las
Messrs  Kin.-li and Jones,
lie, were in town Wodttcsri
w ook
High grade "Roofing" ..ml "Sh
Mel.il" wmk i.s nut Iml.In -I'aliu
Mi    and    Mis    James     <li,s>i
ii'sl,.|.lav  fm   Kdinniitnii   I.Ikmi  (nt
1 10
George A. Lau
n town Ihis wn-
Mrs. I, 11 V.i
fii'in hei illness
ol  .'rest,in.   v,u
<l a gliosl at   tin
Is  re.
ill   lu
ll  !•:  Emery, ol Siiokano, is In llie
ti and ts niglsteroa ai Hh* Cobiuo
II  sii-iii. ol Now York, is In    the
ii ,iml is registered nl  tin- Cosmo-
Hi.in    I'l.-silai*     M.H    15,    limil,     lu
Mi   ami    Mrs     lleorgo Mannlinii,   ,.
I*    •*.    in.mil ll..'   I. ii  II    V.i Inn's
I'l...*.* iii   II Ihir   ul  .1    ll    j1.1  II.
II    MeVitllo.
Nuiniaii ciiiiput roltirno.1 rolurnoil
liuin ins tun tu ti... pi,uii.. country
Monday Inst.
Dairy liultor, giinrantonl qunlily,
lulls, '.lh*, iniiks, 86o., '1 lm ir.i.-
II. T. Rogers
Don't lorgol llial all minors
1 trust's i>X|ilti> un tin. lllsl uf   May.
liilnii Burge, uf Mnyie. wns ill
town Friday and registered al. the
Ila/.elwimd ice cream nt SleiVilll's
to-day. Chocolate, raspberry nml
Vanilla flavors.
.1. F. Uuchcrott-, ul the smeller
city, was reglstoreil at the Cosmo-
pniiiiin Monday.
Tlie olliee ol Hie Cranl.Ti-iok holel
has becti papereil and painted and is
greatly improved.
The front of llill .1* Co. and P.
Rums' stows is being replaced
with plate glass.
Okas. Mill-duck, of Montreal, .was in
Cranbrook Tuesday and registered at
lhc Cus'innpolilan.'
Mesdanies Lovely ami Alborlson, ul
Wyelifle, were reglstoreil al tlie .'us
mo-poilinn Monday.
Contraelor I.ensk will slarl wurk
nu Hm- aildiliiin lo the Quein's liotol
Um flrsl ot the week.
Thc rains    last week   put. out tlu*
around Kootenay lake,
James Fraser, driver nt lhe    llin-
li-rnii-re stage, called at  the Iloruid
illiee soon after arriving in towu tu-
itlt,  day     and said   that he waul-eii     tu
St.   simply announce thai   the only  reli-
■liiiieh last-,Siii,d.ii>ei.iiiiiB.   | able way in go to tVlndormcro Was
by    Kinijitini's   stage.       Mr.  Fraser
claims,    In.wever, thai he is not    a
hit jealous of N. Hanson's new automobile.
Have yu'l seen lbe work I'he I'mivs
I..,,,..,   ,,,,  Nest Steam l.ailndrv are doing these
'"  days*.'    Thoy have got iheir machinery iu excellent shape and are turning mil work that will compare very
favorably  with  Hut of any laundry
,,     ,,    . „    'in   the  ,and.     Mr.  Chapman     says
wants a Herald ul May   fha.t only lho best   will go and    be
..nn, ot last  ie.ii   lu. cuuipleie    ihe   proposes to spend Hie money tu tnako
li am..i..* I,..*   'I,. . n.ii.be, tbey   his w-oik the very liesl.
' "s|    I*:. I'. McKinsiry has sold his livery
,.,,,      ,. business at    Marysville io    l*:.   'I'.
i mile patience.1 Crowley and J. F. Uuchcrott.     Mr.
i.i'"" Inn  '''""'ey   will have Hie management
''!,'""",."  .'( ihe business and will endeavor lo
'    —J   I meet the demands ot lhat part ol the
H   I dislriel in t-hat line in a maimer that
Joseph llijnlt  Ims snld thr llilinn   will moot will. Ihe approval ol   the
house in .1.  A. .lillis llin.iigh Beale peoplo,      The    new linn    will   pul
,i  Klwell.     This liim alsu sold    R.   bnals on   St,   Marys lake and have
l.n.ii.sli.m's hnuse un Itmi.-11 avenue   theni for pleasure parties.
in .1  T  llilliaiiis. • |   T  M   Roberta   returned yesterday
Don'l     fniget     ihat   all    minors, [rom Nanaimo whoro he alu-nded   a
I censes eaplro nn lhe iJ.sl.ol May.      mooting uf   the grand IoiIko nf    lhe
Tliere   will be a,   unii.n service ul   Knights ot Pythias.       Mr. Robert's
Un'   Meihislisl    diurch ii.-m Sunday   Si'Vs' 'hal he had a very pleasant Irip
morning and the 1'rcshiieiiuu i-hiia-h   an.l that the meeting this year was a
in Hie ovening, Uev. Fortune preach*   most successful one.    lie was    very
in,; al holh services. I much   pleased   with the   election nf
tdvorllsliiK pars      Lasl  Thursd.v   Mr*     ,rvin<>. P'   No'son, as    C.raiid
lln*   Herald   luleeitlsoil Ini    *.    ■« I 1'l.ancetlor and wilh   the lact    thai
I lil        .lll.llil      .111 I Ul I'l Mil    IOI        ,1        KIM 111 I   ., ,     . ,., ,     ,        .,    ,
heavy ruin.    On Friday tin*, rain nr-        .   "" wl" ""*' '"       °"
rived anil il  was a dandy.     It pays' I™1,
In advertise in tlie Herald. '   |    N. Hanson's automobile is in    Ihe
would conlei a great Invn
Ploaso exerolso
.tin ailing order
sil.li- uum in,* Whii
Hunks. SettiiiRs l.i I.
Paints   that  have ever
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    struck  Cranbrook.   All
  * :-.-.t~Bt^- shades  and   colors.  -*   >
II your house wants painting, just get our prices and you will
be surprised how Utile money it takes to paint your house with
our paints.
ricCallum & Company
a in lue.
tie fulget  Imspilal   at     Fort     Steele
tl 'ieli.nl authority," 'bul   faney"it I leaving Cranbrook last   Monday    hi-
uas "l.alily Morris." Slarl in now g"1 as lar ar. six mile hill an.l then
ninl economize by purchasing ,. _OHi something wenl wrong witb lhe
Century Suit, and in* happy, al Hill   -sparker snd the machine refused   to
A l'i
nl lm
organization   nf   a    Rnbokah
n ibis city bus been ipoBtipon*
■t in.mli)  tu aiTuiiimndatc the
.f Koruio who wish tu insli-
Tl.. Inrgnl   aMorlment   and  l»-.i
» .,.1.111.. i.t
M I'l1' I
Wines, Liquors and
I'all     :    Wrll.- I'lmii. Wirf
V.,nr nrileni  mil rmilrethe l«l ..I
&K. WIkiImuI. Wine Merchant
^ ... ., ,. i> . in ...,.
on nairo  throe ..f   this issue   will  ihat   perlraps tl..*    charges were   a
work       .very-thing    possible     w.is       ,     »    „   ,     ,  ,,„. ,hl.   Vlw^  un|l. sl      ,„„, „,.,, a ,„.,;,., „„,i„.
done to got the machine it, shape  lor, * Lnimdry, Ihal  is little! be given.     Hi* I.a.l taken a lot    of
fur her   ravvl but    without  success I company.      It Is a halt I abuS-, and was aniclous to do   right
imd finally Jh. Hanson liad to  walk ,        ,*  n h        , ,„ Ih.     pU   ,„,, ,„. ffouW n„, ,avof
int.. Fort Steele    where he „„,     a      "';(,"l,„„„  , ,*,:„„„ manner refund Ing Hi'* m..ney.
team and .sent out.lor lbe machine   ,h,t  th,-,  ,l„ wmk.     Vet ll v,      AWorman     Ryan objected    '..the
Ihere are seme Ihmgs in this world A™  j |n „,„,, „,,„ ,,„., hl„. ,„| „av„„.„, „, , *. „ , „ ,|„. consent
just  as well to pasl     up
visiting withniit comment, and Mr. Hanson's
evening can be easily
yuu n I in read wli.it ihey Ini
sav. Tlii'i Uiini lli* imn ol
Koolenay and Hiej
. ll    In  giving    sail
I people.
liion lo yuur pajier it uiiglii he   well|      ..'......*.
to send 'in a llfue coin..     It takes        COUNCIL   MEETING.
ime a luilae in connection wilh Cranlirook
 go     Hill
Iriends u> Calgary imd will be lioino gi\ym 'thai
li ii lew dais      He is ie| d    as „„d,.rstoisl.
Im-llng lusl .lass and   mini.mi     uvt-i*i
Hie fail   Hint  an operation was   null    II >'"U are back on  you
Smile ami the nulls smile witli yuu.,
Have iun   nnllei'd     lhe an nl cum-i'■"••> '" ™. a paper, and the Herald
Imt, the happy face,   tho  smile   ui  would say:    Gladden the heart    ol:
euiitentiiieni    ' iiiiii     hovers   ai..nnil   Uf.' Lord High Treasurer of the lm-     I'liNSII.KHAIll.K
every wearer "f Mill Ceniury Clnih-i I'erial Exchequer of the Herald,    by
Ing.—IIIII .1* Cn, '. I sending in 12.00, nihi-rwise two beau-
Mr   and     Mrs   t'hciiielic   nl,   lhe1 ''''"•     simoloons, einht  shillings    ot
"' len francs. In lieu ol lho store, II As thore IfCJliilbr. somo excavation
mun* eon ven lent, roubles, marks, dime uu Hie main street ami as dirt
skilHngs, dollar bills, bank notes,. for grading pui puses is valuable, Hn*
silver, certilicates, postage stamps, council alter considerable discussion
shinplasters, anvthing in Hie way of  agreed lu pay eight cents a yard t
. il, Ihe
Royal liu.el uf Maiysvrlle. will give
a liaiii'i' ai their holel on ihe evening
nt the .llll. Tile," will make every
arrangement to give the podmo a
must enjiiyable lime.
Qrnnl Downing, the mayor of Jaflray and president ul llm Good Fel-
Rollins   how i
bill look like a tin spot,
timber fires   lhat   have been raging"n"'1*     '»W'     ihal
money except tiie copper cent, which  all din deposited mi Hie streel uii'l.'i
is ovraem-e   ol distress and poverty,  the ..lirei-iimi    uf tlie public . works
, ,,,.,.     , Hie advance agent of slavery and liie commit lee.
uns el ub of East..Koo a), was   m ,„„„, 0f  CVil and   dark   and dreary,    Tin pound by-law was brought up
town  Hus week figuring wilh    I.e. davs. ',,     u 'jiurpby and in     the
make a live dollar,    ' .   ,   ;'„IM. ,,| pis ii-iii.uks'lie said Hint he
Have voll    ever   seen   Hie musical  '' ,   ' ,    ,i    i,, i.„   ,.,,,  i„.
, .    .. , ,.      , corner In the Manitoba hotel?    It is '!'"".' ';"'rll,1  ,,"',„   .,,,1
.luini Manning, as represeiilatiye of „„, rreMm o( ,-•»,-,.„„, Washington,  'I'd "I'."''1 '?   'V      v,,   , t
Key City  ludge,  LOOK., ami I.  !•     ,,,,„,  rousil.a| ,artis.t   wtlo  presides    at    i.«l .h'i'n eni'"'''  "'  '   '"'   '"*". »J
.Simpson, dripuly grand master, will ,.Jta p|OT0 and devises more decorative  __u. ""   ' Ml!.,' T,,   ' ' , *i       .
leave ihe Ins   „i the month tor Vft-  sehemes than a Sl.000 a munih w*in-  l«'"' >8llV 'll'l,„,""'     „ !"■'  if*
tuna   to   attend   the grand    lodge ,.„ow dresser in New Vork Citv.     It "•" '''"' . I""''J'> .",'"', , , ,V
which meets on the ISIIi. | is _ lWh,   rt     indfwl whfn chMm Muii.hy thought '*a  lho mono   eol-
"Chnst and Ihe Christian Career."  fa|.|s ,„ ilavc 'S()ml.|hing new, and his '"iiil In   In* »•.. of. Ones      u,     ii
will lui the serinun   subjeel  in    the lame, Imtti as a musician and a dee- l'< '' R"' !'■"'. J*"".,..    '7   ■"
llaplisl church nexl Sunday morning.  „raior,  has traveled   Irom Swansea "hould Ite rclumUM.     ')'  imai.   iis-
Spooinl Invitation is given In adults,  to Paris and trom Mavook lo llonn  'In1'' "K'''*1 "'"' Ml* , '"''" K ,     , ,,     ,     ,
attending nowhere   else lo come    lo Kong.    There are few men whu  cai.  »'as ..( the    opinion llml   nuncitnt   Cranbrooi.,
llihle   class in llie   nftemuon   at  3  Cnax more music out of a piano llian noth* l"hl l"?1* I"'1"1, K'R',,     ,\'"Z
p.m.    Al, night lho service will    In- ihat gentleman.    In tact Ms playing Jackson   said     n.i   n   tin    co.ncii
llllisl wilh brlghl gospel, the subject KivcS rise lo Hie belief that be could  wanled.'lo refund    tbo    money. Hioy
will   be:      "The   B.tlet■ Country."  produce melody trom a cash regisier  wnild havo      .. d.. ii •.igiimst     us
Come and bring vour Iriends, I km., in.li, .„ «„., «, n,„i lis howllm™  vote.    He saul that he dui not   Ik-
..I the finance coimnittee and it was
a*grce.1 thai a sum ..himlil In* sm aside
for iti.- clerk to meet contingent
expenses and submit vouchers tu  Uie
lilianee I*..niiiul l.i* Inl  anv money UlU*.
The niayui thougbl Hint Ihe cily
jailor shuiiid net more wanes an.l
Mi   Ryan said lie  lil nut wlcct    it
lanes  iu re nil  down.        The
lu.y     was raised   In $.'.'< a luutiHi.
bjit no changes wero maile in uuv ut
S. .1. Mighton has received the
medals for Hie victorious football
team and tbey are beauties. Tbey
are of gold, ' jusl the ri^ht size,
beautifully patterned all.l artistically
engraved' wiih' the letters "C. F.
A1." These medals are pul up by-
Mr. Mighton fnr Hie fiiutball contest
this year between the local teams
anil arc worth striving for. The
nrtdals were purchased llirnugh the
well known firm "if Win. F. Ta'e St
Son who make a specialty uf this
kind nt wurk.
Ten head of cattle tor sale, including cows and yearling beiiels.
Apply t.. A.   C.   Morrison, lloi ks,
I and train a oat so that ils howling
I.censes expire on the list ol  May.     paeon of song.
a .1   nan  a uai* si,   mai   us  <iuv.i.„.-s    -— ,   . .. „„..   „.....„.     ...     ,i„
miners would  be turn«l   inlo   the sweetest    «'»'»'»,»        ™;     .„„ «
any parly and harm, and lie thought  8
Man  to   ship and lake i-barge    nt
RohI. Stewart,
China Creek Lumber Co.. Ltd.
China Creek, II. C, T&E   CKANBROOK   ttEltALlV
^5 t MM.
»' .
Bade uwki    Assistant Chid Hal
(From the .Moyie Leader.)
rhe tii"h Btrlki
iuii.c hat, beeu gr
Uiu ouuido.     in
I hill V      News     d
muiblcd account of
ii    would
al tho Si. bug.
ally exaggerated on
yesterdaj s SelwN
orj     incorrect ana
,i   ibe aSaii    ot*
kaii those if-'l
LUC    vvliu.c luicc al
u.u.    Tiiu rcpun
Stews l>) OttU .vtlain
;n [he mow, and C
'i,ime down tlio In
lum: lituru Uiw i*vl
.si. klugutio buavdini
hut, vviicic some •>■•
piujLsl. Jhci
uuuui ihc |jrul»,
A Jack ui ball
liioiuji.M.ii, lho
IIU  hon*.
ll.i llll
acl  l'
ilu*    liuin.'
lUose   oh.
tot   noun
Uotilrli: Ul     IX*
huiiM', up on "'*
uiiuers we
li besides
Ulll.ll,     "■•
.,- uud wn
nlil >
li Uali)
. U, I low.
Wlm   Uili
' Lasl Aluittfa) a depulul
,si upun Uatutgvi Cronin, t»<i *!
uudcrsiamUiiB wtihl w* '"
icd thu men rolled Uieli bunkrt
, uiio down Hie UlU.    Tho uppoi
into, t.i   Ihc nunc have siuee imei
til  ol
ii-ll  h
ii.i.-t'   lmi*lred on    ihc pa>
been .uivii.ii     VMi.ii Mr, l
seen   yeslerduy     he   sauI
U In i i-lreail   vv on lil   1 like  ehal [
IhMPlI'lllg   llOUSti   oil    Il.c    l.'illi   nt Uu
Uioiilll,   and   all   ol   tht- liicu   vviiu si
il.'Mie.f  could    go up   lhe lull and gv
io wurk.     A lew oi ihc men    luvt
UU   lown,  bui   the majorit)  ul  Iheie
will  I il. i'i >  i,-nn u io thell  obi
uexl   weuK.     Thus.   1'..   Kelly,
Mtiv oi lhc tiulun, -^aiil
simpl) a grub strike, aud Mr
th.l noi hc.oinc Involved in i
ter.      ll   1  .LMI col led l>   iiifi
,m.i, had reasonable grounds l
be grub, but I believt
which cm be m-i tied
sec I'v-
lm ioi.
'il i tn
■ kich
lilg   Oil
tic unu
author! I)
nn,on inio
j.iii.li hn!
(tail)   New
Adam Styles had   ut
un brlngii
, in tor view
■slei(lu)    II
W lllill
lire f
<il lhc el
Inn club
trap Is i
tolal  Wi
n.ilicioiisiy  S
iraii of He
ly.        'Illi
altd is bcyouii
A   lew aid nl Yiti  will     In
the apprehension and    con
ihc guilty party.
V. l.iivvn.') is in Butte "u a
paid (nt
v id ion t
Mrs. T
II. Cameron
ilie easi  to-day.
Tim Farrell did imt
u!  .vas reported lasl w
Thursday was pav da
Kugemj uuui' and *\W,
..in.    It'
.1 lioino from
ui tti Cobalt
and   tin:  in
were well
M-iii-ni  and
there   i
tj at the St.
/■uu was paid
nnt iii ihc lown
,1 holel kecpern
Order was ex-.
h not a   slugl*.
■ok, an.l
Ml     Ilfil
MoltaU, oi Crwilrti
.stable Koiilli, of Moyie, wen.
ii iu Kings-gate Wednesday lo
,in in*|iicsi over the death oi
*., Cox. Tin- man evidently died
cart failure
('unviable Morris, of Craubrook,
was guardian i>f tlio peace iu Moyie
during Mr. Hon Ill's absence to Calgary.
The tennis grounds m the St.
lijugene property souih ol town will
soon be ready  lor use.
Claude Cubii, at'coinpanHtl by a
youirgei hi oilier, returned to Moyit
last Saturday. Claude las been liv-
uthcrti slates for some
Ji> * iuptjiiiUiiJtiice uid good won
ut pit'ui.Mijg iuc >5pmu oi in.
uoiues. ihciv was ng more lusiou
t>ucc iu ternio lima llw ow vo*
Creek holel. li was ine scene o
uhu)) exeiung even is in the ear,
da).*., wa> nock iu 'Ui, w>.ieu eui.
-.MucMi.ti work was &uiit& un, and
.bo   collection    oi Uy   nouses, n-..w
known as  ite Old   lown, Aiose OS ti
magic. Stewart hehl the uiouopoi
in i.,o BftiuOu trade thai seusou an
in nine moni'hs lie cleaied >J. :i«*u.
Mr. a.
Ill cv. itin  I
.Vlui/, ot  the Fori   Sleel.
o., Hinted ibis week In tx
l- lev 1'ivhs uiau that hi
loinpajiv proposed expundiitg (mi,
uimi on ib.'n new brewery, lira new
DUiioiiig will U* as lite pioot' as \h
tihie, being oousirueled ol brink ami
steete. the plans an' now hein^
prvoared bv Air. liarlhel, ol Chlemgc
and win not be completed for a lev
weeks yet, Mr, -Uuu was no
prepared ui say .yltvilier lho iniiMm-
ivould hr completed    ibis yeot     oi
Tie provincial an! [unities ItaVt"
aiioiln'i insane person on theii
bauds. Mrs. D'Airgelo, an Italian
woman living just l-ho olitei side oi
tire C. I'. It. track, buS beep acting
strangely for some time, but us sli,
appeared lo be harmless iiothiug wm
done. Itmiiily she showetl    limit
sriiiius symptoms -and slw I'bieateiujd
to do bodily harm to litoso aboui bet
wilh a knile. She is now awaiting
eKaiuinalion al the jail building.
where she Is being oared lor. Airs
D'Atigelo was one of the widows win
lost iier husband iu Uie ixpioHkm oi
liio^. The Miners' jtelk-l Comnill
uv recently look steps io send tin
three liltic ehiiiiun t-o V'aucouvor to
lie eared Inr bv a Koinaii Catholic
John McDougall, son ol Alex. M
Uougull, who is attonding sekool i
Spokane, is ill with   typhoid   level
Mr. (1. Iloultnu was down ihis week
i-o see that lbe Huie sufferer was
getling the bes-i of atlenlioii,
Mrs. l». MaeNeisli ami child loav
toniay iiu lhe C, I*. It. (or ting
land. They will lake the new C. I'
ii. steamer, Kmpress of Hritain.
W. It. Cox is now behind the desk
at the Imperial, Mr. Fraser having
been apjmintcd bartender in the
jilace o( Mr. Hcsleo, who lell this
week for  tin1 Boundary country
Yi, W, Tutile left for NaliP1 io on
Saturday to attend the grand lodgt
meeting "f the Knlfehts ol Pythias,
Ur. .1. Fleishmaii, who lives at Vancouver, will be the other representative of lie  Fcrnie lodge.
Ceii. Supt. Jamieson of the C. ti.
It. was in Fernie on Wednesday. Air.
Jamieson gave assurances that the
new 0. 1*. it. dejK>t will he commenced within a lew days, Mr, miuui,
of Cianbrook, master ot buildings ami
orfdges, bas received instructions to
move lbe freight building, The plans
ior Uie new depot have arrived and
Yciyiiiutf is now ready lor a start
Martin, CK., has been liistructed
io survey i
tttim oi  the
mg in  tli
I'. II. au
ol Spokane an
-a visit, and
remain here. Mr
ilu: employ of i
i.iiil way.
Const-aide Mouth returned  Tuesday
from Calgary,   where be   went    lo
and     wile,
iu     Moyie     ou
nay      decide      to
Alt wood was    iu
ie Ureal Northern
ing. The
•uiini. li
tm in-1 alone.
cliargcd with
was  sell letl  0'
and     Mr.   II..ii
it     of
freight track io the new
freight bAlNllng,
(From the Nelson tieonomist.)
■Mariiu   Kurrill gives the following
advice   with regard to ihe care   oi
.shade lives:     One of    lbe necessary
i-tfiifg's, it t-he iree is to do well, is
io keep ihe earth loosened up for a
1    .1   a   couple ot' feci
Frequently wak-r-
sWrrlng ui   ihe top
pace oi   at le
iohikJ the tree,
ing    wiltiiuut   i        ^_ai^_
si/il   is sometimes   "worse    thau useless, as Itn* soil will puck hard and
piuclieaJly  uoiie oi lbe water,gel  lu
■h.is l
HihI   l
(From the Ledger.)
S.  Keay, collector of customs
the L. T.
ved his otllc
and is now
ho. new quart
Dominion tixprcss company the
day shipM $:tu,iHHi in Aineri-
ii srlvei mil ol Canada, Ihis-niimuni
I'lng been collected by the banks on
loiitil  id  lire  UomllllOll ^oveililiieiil.
eting til the Allilelie *asso-
id on Monday evening,   it
Wits   lli-ciilnt   ,
on Hit* .Mill.
ihis action w
other  at Had
loi   that day-
Mi.   J,  It. Pollock    received
from l.fiiihridgf this morning
Mis. Pollock, who is iu tlie ho
ai  ihal place, is getting alon^
iavo any sports
s understood llal
ken in view of lhc
already tUlvertiscd
wo Ml
(From tbe Fernie Free Prem.)
i'n Sunday evening ahoul i. o'clock
hie broke mil in lhe old Coul I'reek
hotel in Uie Old Town and before it
could he gol undei com rol two build
jijgs weie destroyed and two others
were damaged. Tho old hotel build:
Ing, w liieh is one of the old laiid-
■ marks of Ihe Old Town, where Alex.
Stewart made a fortune in one season
selling booze, was occupied at the
lime of the lire by a Belgian family
who recently moved from Morrissey.
Several children were lefl alone in
the Iniililinii—locked in il is said—
antl the fire was started by the
children while playing. Tho brigade
turned out promptly but were loo
late to slop Uie lire In its inception.
The log siriieiure made a fierce
blaze, whicli rendered impossible the
saving "f a near-by house occupied by
Thomas Smith. The latter saved
his furniture and belongings. A
small bouse and stable at the rear
belonging to Philip Corosolla also
caught fire and Buffered considerable
damage, which, wilh the Joss of some
buy and oats and harness, is etrti-
maitwl at $300, All the contents of
the holel building wen; Inn ned. No
Insurance was carried on any ol the,
destroyed pro4«*riy. a toavy -windi
was blowing   at  the time and     the
The launching oi tbe -Kuskoiiook
Usl SaLurday -was made tue occasion of-a bail holiday,-and there wci#
very (ew who did nol take -ad van luge
ot the opportunity presented u> wii-
uess Un* event. There -were ul
hitches in the arranged prograiuiue,
aud the Kuskonook. received ber lirst
baptism iu water without scarcely _
ripple. Tlie boat is lhe -largest ever
buill iu the inland waters oi British
Columbia,"Ond Capt, Core is justly
proud oi her. Tire work ot con-
-.iriu't'iug ber-was-under the imiued***
iate •supervision ol James Utriger-and
Oeorge Keyes, -and ibe boat Is a
tribute to Hip m-nius of -both',
Tli is has been a happy week for the
business uieu, becau.sY iheiv bave been
uo subscription lists eirculat-ed.
Passing around the bat is the bane
ol lbe Nelson business man's life.
J. ti. Atuiabie-tas beeu Visiting iu
Cranbrook Ihis week. Ue doted
many signs nt improvement in business along Hie Crow, and was particularly pleased-with the signs of
prusficrity manifest  in Ci-aiihronk.
It is utifi.itiiiuie thai some inlerest in lacrosse has not heen manifested this season. Nelson has always ha^l Uie best lacrosse leant iu
ihc interior of llritish Columbia,-and
il will In- tt--_,ifi'ti'tl by many that
ibe eity is not to retain its preeminence in this regard.
ii  Knaidtnoa |sn|   swj oqjt
ml being Eeolous in his work
has eeiiainly come io a tield ibat is
lull of opportunities,
1. s Gallop, of Ciinicrbury, is
making great Improvements to his
3,00(1 acte ranch du Horse Tlnet
creek, and now Ims a lorce of men
putting a bridge across lhat creek.
lie has pul in a solid foundation and
the stringers across it aie hewn
timber 10 teet In length. This will
permit him io got to all parts ol his
ranch convenUiilly at all seasons and
lo vvoik il. lie is also imw preparing io slarl wmk ou his mineral
properties and will give omp'oymen
to quite a iiuiuhet  of men.
While hero   Judge Wilson tmd.    i
drive  ovei   to   Ath.ilinei   and   Winder
mere aul became acquainted wiih
manv peuple, with the result thai all
who met imn have a nmsl favorable
Impression ol him as a Judge anl
During his slay Uu
esi'uiaiive bad' ;
,iih Mis Worship anl
rieaned Uui he    wa
iiupiesMtl  wilh all h.
■ v.ilh'V       lu fael  Hi
Jlldge   HiMin.'lMl  Ill.M   In- was dellglll
iii wiih Hi.- Uiu lip llu- river and
.saul be Intended to bring his wif.
wiih lum wlmi he came again it
June, lie wild he was pleased will
lhe  Williiel   court   limine,      lu fail    |l
w.is a lieiici c I  io nu than he hud
al fMUihlool., n was uhmit Uu- saiin
size and il was iiiiich mMlei um
more mnveliiditlt al mum,eil Uiau llu
one   al      .'unburn,. Hut   lhe  besl
com i house in his wliole i||strip!
was al  Uoldiii. sjiiil he,
|ili\iiiuii  i
(lutll  l|ll>-i.
.ilk  ■
II1.ISI   (.11. t
llll.l   Mill
ni III
Um..ni ihe Golden Star.)
An obi i.'iiow iu Itotl |>eov started
out the other day lor dear old Ontario on foot Walking certainly is
goird in lhat country, but the old
be in such a    hurry
iu Frank,
and Frank
Lundbreck .
becoming a.i.
built a Luge
trains now
Johnson's th
eral  cottage'
They are L.
Cioilii,  notice
weie      [iiflil
I     lafit
making progress ill
wn. The C. p. It. has
nation platform and all
stop  regularly.     Dr,
g store     is open, sev-
are   being    built and
numerous other Improvements are to
be noted,
J. M. MeGuire, the Frank barber,
is Quite ill tcKlaj Irom the eUcots of
having eaten canned raspberries lor
supper last owning. He was evidently poisoned and a few minutes
after eui ing, faiuied while aoiking at
his chair, A doctor was summoned
and he was laken home u very sick
man. He is somewhal bolder 1<
day but unable to get out. J, t
Stevens is acoommodnUutJty taking
Caw ol his shop.
(From the
.  and Mr
Blairmore Times 1
■ ll i'ii
e  Mauali.iu.
l.llli llUf.k
V,  Was
null  nu
-I   in  Ula
Who   lia
11   the  h
Orbsobnt Lodob No. ::::
Cranbrook, B. C,
.Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. m. at
New Fraternity ilall.
J. A. Arnold, K.It.S.
Oeorge Thompson, C.C
Visiting   brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
■k   aWaid.il
tion of the
i Coleman
tu an should
The C.  P.  ll,  will lake him there
|iluiiv  of lime if be lias the price.
it is reported tlmt iwo Chlnesi
miners of l.illooet have been murder
ed. Thev vv ere supposed lo have ;
fairly large stinpl) of eold, takci
from placer claims iu tlio vicinity
and robbery may have formed ;
motive for lbe murder. The uieu
had been brained with an axe, ami
apparently had made a itospcrat
The Kicking llmse dyking is prac
Ucftlly completed, for the present
season at least. During the pasl
few days the weather lias become fl
warm ' that operations have ceased
lhe water having laken a sudden upward tendency anil non-arrival of
logs at Uie proper time somewlial
hampered the progress, of lhc wmk.
However, over eighl hundred feet Of
the dyke has been completed ami
i liis alone will make such a vast difference to that portion of ihe town
which has been under water every
spring from Uie effects of Uie risin
of the river in the hoi weather. The
water will he confined to the river
■bed ami all the channels leading lo
the Ian 1 [ormcrly inundated have
been closed hard and last, so llial
I rathe in 1/iai pail of Uie lown will
not imw he Interrupted by the overllow any more.
II. P. Kiinpton, superintendent of
Uie Shining Heauty mines, eame
down on Monday hist lo obtain provisions and reports ihe property still
Improving with every shift, The lead
is still being followed and maintains
iis favorable appearance.
Mrs. J, Itulman last Saturday re
ceived the welcome news of the safely
of a sister who hnd lived in Kaii
Francisco pro\ions lo the greal
quake, Mrs. Hulmnn was fearful
lest her sister had become a victim
ol tin* catastrophe. The lady
question had moved frnm the doomed
city several days beforehand.
Golden is the center of a great on*
and placer dislriel. Il is the gateway city lo a large agriculture and
grazing ana. Surrounding Golden
is a bell of limber io draw from
that will take years for mills to
make ii into lumber, mining limbers,
wood, etc. lt is the terminus of a
stage and steamboat route. It is an
ideal spot for Uie sportsman, as tish
and irame are in abundance. The
scenery around Golden backs
Switzerland oil lhe map. The climate is unexcelled. The only
people who starve lo death in Northeast Koolenay are doctors and undertakers.
C. Feruau, representing the Canadian Melal Co., this week closed a
deal wpOi the owners ol thc Giant
group ol mines ou the SpHlmacheue,
The deal lakes the form ol a lease
nf lifietn yens, during which period
work is io be carried on continuously, while the owners—Messrs. Tom
Jt.ues. Cap I, Armstrong and J. W
Devlin—will receive a royally onilhi
net proceeds from the ore, The
company hold a bond on the prop-
wety, which they have the option ol
taking up any lime after commence
ment or work. Tht; amount Involv
ed iu the hont is timuiuo
Miss Taylor, who lias Iwen visiting
her brother, Rr, Taylor, in Gulden
for the past six. months, left for her
home in Ottawa 00 Tuesday. Miss
Taylor made many friends dining her
stay here who will bo evei ready t
welcome her back.
I'oieiuati,   vi
A. J. Mil
of Mollis*
more yesterd.
Mis   J.   M
undergoing ii
al   Frank   Uu
fm home Thursday
lv Disney was this V
lie eoiiieacl for the el
new tinglish church
Work will slarl at onee.
Tlie tlrsi league football game to
be played in Frank proved to be
(Hetty      much    oiie-sidi'il,       us      lhe
Michel team secured    two goals lo
Frank's goose-egg.
The    Hlalriimre    hotel, under the
luini.iWenu'hl   of   the  proprietor, I).
C, Drain, has again opened up lm
business and is doing ils full share
of the trade,
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
Miss Ward, who has been the guesl
of Mrs. (I. ti. Ileiiielryk, relumed to
her home iu Crnnbrook Tlnireday
nighl Insi.
Oeorge Short house, formerly of
[/.■llrhridge, was killed in une of the
shafts in a mine ai Tabor this morn
ing.     Mr. .NhtHihoiise was a brothc
Cnnbruok l.otil Union 1241 ol ihe Hailed
Hrtiiticrhtiiui ol Cirpenicri ■nd Jolicra
ol Amcrki.
Meetings every Thursday evening at
1. O. O. T. hall, over Patmore Hros.'
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
Fred  Yuill, Kdward  Foote,
lteo.-Seo, Fiestiir.il,
I.O.O.F.     Key Cily Iodic
No. 42. Meets every
Monday     night    at
Mow    Fraternity   Hall.     Sojoui
lug Oddfellows cordially invited.
F. II.  McKay.
N. 0.
0.  Hillings,
of"Jos. Sh.
.use, and
HI ven
.is of
, and was
J, *
l». 11
rnoon to
UM-m_ I tl,,. No. )l
A. F. t A. M.
Ri'guUr ..leeting- uu
tlin Until Ttiumil-,-
ol tv.iy  uiuutli.
Visiting l.iitt. el. welcomed.
.S.   II.   ll..skins, ,S.c*'y.
M. A. Ilt-uli-, W. M.
P.   0.   I-.
In    Patmore    Hull
0, lluss Tate, IV. P.
A. M. Hiatk, tv. _-.__'».
rullii'is c-iiiilially ii.vit«d
Mecl ul II. of I..  I-'. II..II 3,U|
Illi Saturday oacl. moiill.,
Visiiiu,; I. i.-i in .-ii always well
T. l-oyter, Jas, „. i
When the bread or cake or pastry
comei Irom the oven light, <.-ri»p
and appetising, yuu are wont to
■ay you have had good luck vvith
your baking.
The "good luck" idea i* a relic
oi the time when houiekeeperi pitted
their competency against poor flour.
To-day good baking isn't a matter
•f good luck in any home where
l#yal ■•■stholi iunr
b intelligently uied.
Ia the handi ot competent house*
wivea it never tails becauie it i* the
wluteit, lighteit* pureit aud belt
baking flour to be had.
If the goodnen of your baking is
due to chance, your grocer is giving
you thc wrong kind o'' flour.   A.k
far Ogilvie'a Royal Household.
•fllvk flMT Mills Uh LM.
"OftlfWi Book fur-a Cook," eon-
WU 180 putt* vt- eiwilHit reciiiri
■oim sirtr itubluhrd before. Yuur
* roeerou tall you bow tu**UtFBBB.
(Krom the Outcrop.)
'tt\ S. Ituttan, who has been
manager of the Peterborough Trading Company's store for the jpast five
years, left on the IMannigan Sunday
for Port-Arthur, Out,,-where he wif.
reside in future. Mr. Hut tan will
iie-greally missed in Wilmer, both
from a social and business point -of
view. Without..a doubt there was
noi a belter known or a more popular business man in all North Fast
Koolenay than "fihan," as he was
familiarly called by his friends.
Mr. and'Mrs Walker Tegort, the
successful Windermere ranohers, spent
Saturday and Simitar visiting their
numerous friends in wilmer. May
ihey come-again.
Wm. Haupt and Robt. M. Clute
have received eerlifleittes of neutralization from ihe countv court of East
Koolenay at the Wilmer registry,
which makes about 4fi who have received certifleaies since the court
was established here.
Uev. J. D. KoKinnon, of* Kingston
Out., arrived ou the IMannigan Saturday to' take charge of Presbyterian
church missions in the Windermere
district,-and conducted bis first services in Athalmer and-Wilmer on
Sunday.    He is-a active young man,
(From The Frank Paper.)
W.   K. Child hum and  family   have
removed tti Hillcrest,
Oeorge llremiier was ieie from
Cranbrook last week and has arranged to liim ihe upper llat nf his
building inlu a hoarding house and
the llal is now being tilled up for
iha! purpose.
The contract for building Hie new
Anglican church building at Coleman
has been awarded lo R. Djsncy, It
is Uie expectation Ihal the Imilding
will he iKler construction In a short
It. H. Fmsylhe, of Calgary, ha;
been appointed principal of the Cole
man school to succeed Oeorgo Snyder, who was obliged to resign oav-
iiifi !o ill heal tin -Mr. Fmsylhe took
charge of the schorl Monday.
Li I). Mover is lie new nighl oper
at or a!  liie C.I'.H. station.
The license commissioners wiM hold
another meeting in Frank May Mth
President  ll. L. Frank of lhe.  coal
■company, left     Monday evening    for
D. 0. Drain's now hotel at Blairmore is about completed and Mr.
Brain expects to gel jt open during
the day.
R. W. Johnson, until recently niffht
■operator ai the C.I'.H. station, lelt
the first of the week for Spokane.
Mrs. Johnson, will leave shortly for
Two more applicants are going -to
make a try for   a wholesale license'
Notice is hereby given lhat thirty
days after date the llaker I,timher
Co., Ltd., intends to apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, ami
Works at Victoria, for a special license to cut and carry away timber
from tire following described lands
near Crows Nest Landing in South
Kast Kootenay district:
Commencing 20 cliains west of the
south-east corner of Ward tope's timber license, said license being almut
10 chains north of lot 3008, grout]
I, thonce KII rhains soulh, thence fill
chains wesl, thence 811 chains north,
thenee K« chains east to point of
The Baker Lumber Co.. Limited,
Per Jno. Cholditch,
7-.rit Agenl.
Dated Ist of May, 1006.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Mflztll Block Cnobrook, B.'C
*      C. H, DUNBAR
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc
Cranbrook,    -    -    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
Oftii* at R__iil.Dee, Armstrong Av,
For-uoo-s - .
Alleruooui - •
levelling. • . .
• • 1.30 to   11
• • 1.311 to 3.30
• • 7.30 to 8.30
::    ::    ::    B. 0
I to lit ».D1.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   8 p.ut.
Ofliufl uui renideuce oo Armstrong tv,
iflty Scavenger!
i ■ T        in i i       ... i , —    J
The City Council
have appointed
B. Stewart
the official scavenger
', of the city of Cranbrook.    Parties   having closets  to clean,
refuse matter to haul
to   the   City   dump
: grounds should leave £
orders with him. The
! city must be cleaned.
Address Box 105.
I to 11 a.m,
1 to  I p.m.
7 to   • » in.
Office In new Reid block
Repairing; Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure ■ Specialty
Pfor sale!
|, I lne force pi
n)      li.1, feet in unl
i'| Two alass front
I Onofi footollici
fl Olio   10   fool 'S.
!■'     eiiimiit'V top,
11, two
office flours.
lti-ini/iil iron
All i.,<
;..'":■  ; ss! ■:. ■ ■
Apply j
Herald Office
Cranbrook   Foun- j
dry and
Machine  Shop:
£ Mckiimon & Johnston ;
Wt* are propfinxl tu
ilu all kiieii, nl' iv
pair wmk ln*avy ami
lielil. make I'ftHliii^a.
Imn ulialtu, I'll'.
Scientific    HorscshucinK
Synopsif uf Rciulitious lor dUMttl •! Mil-
train no DuiniBlun Laadi la Maillsta,
lh: Narlbwcil Territories aad lhe VhIih
Ci.al. i ...ii iiuhi* may ue purellHMtl »l •I'll*
.int- :.n soft .'.ml uml >:ti Inr iii.tlinu-llt.. N <l
mult-tl.iill 1' iu-rei .'im t»- ;n 4 .ni-.l liy outi Hi-
■ li-. nln.u rn i-..iii|,;in.. I.....in ut Hi.' title ot
tt-il 1-t.Ilts J..-I I.m Uf ..','!"<' |MHUllll sllHll In't-nllf i:l-
eil .ni iin* Kranoutput
i.imni/.   I't'iMiiiMit i-initi.rn yean umi ov«r
uml joint stuck ouupUUW liol.llut: (m iiiii.iT't
i'i'i iili-jiiiis in.,-, ..in,on entiy lur u miuiuit luoft
A In*.'miner'* I'erllllculi* In i:i:ti,t..l  lur una
oi re ji'iti*., noti"..-i-e.litm ilu-, m-.-ii iwymeul
I. UiUillicit of v7..Vi,pei' iiuiilil.i f.u uu liullvltliutl
uml 11"in 5--.il to»iui|...r ..niHiiii I.u ii t'i.in|>iiuf
lH.'.il.llllK to t'U|lllul.
Ait.'.- iiiiiiui, li.u ni;; discovered intnnrul   u
jiiiii'.',  n...-.   ii.i-.it.' a olnlin iduoxioui iii'i i»y
bwrkiail "lit tin* IIUIIO Will. 111..I. r.il |i..*.U,t.«ur**
1111.1.N'iilioit HollceniHii- hi fit.-lii-ml t.u Hit* IIM
ol llll' lo.ll* >.r Vi-lll.
I l.e i-l.iiin miuII Iw ii'.-m.i.'.i kii uiu iittoou
llftj'ri If loaitHl iiilliili lt>n imii'. ut it liillilUf
IBi-oiiIith' olllt-i'. una .i.l.liti.in.il .lu. .tlloKr.l fur
evorj u.lillliuiiul i.*ii miloH01 fruiii.iu.    i'ln- Too
Iol I lllllllll Ul'lullll IS -'.
Al least ilQUfllUll I lliellil.-il  oil  llie  iIhIID
. a.-ii yi-iu oi i'.i"i i" tin- uiiiini, recorder tu titu
llieieol.     Wl :* ."o luisl.p.'ii r .|>.mle.l ur  |«ld
Un-1...Miiii u.u) iii*.in li.u lim it snt try in. i.ii*. iimi
lllioli c.nillil)IIIM Willi  o|h
lie laml iti »l.1 1
llllll lul.H
.1 lh
In tin
vi't'isiiiiu iiUkorm,
1*1.1 It ..lllllllll 1 ItKiull
.)iiimii or i..tmit hi ii
illltlt of (lie l.M-HII
(iill.-l.n'lllsi  |iur
) ll.e .Minister ol
iiluli.u.j.: Hon Mid
ti'iiit.ujr. iif iu
lllllll   1'lolltlt
1 Mil
ll.ll* of .'
■ Ill'   N.   tt
A. W. McVittie
I Dominion nnd Provincial   Land   Surveyor.
It H. McVittie
(ieneral Agent
i CRANBROOK,   B.   C.
Pete's Barber
lius removed     luun   the Wentw
hotel In next   door to A. U.    How
iics.s' iiiiii onposllo new Imuk Imlli!
inp. I Invito everybody, My wm I.
will give s;itisl;u'tinii. FlrslHJlasi
biirlier slit)]).
P. J. Leithauser, Hgr.
IX Edgar Davis
X        BRICKLAYER and
.'•       Fiinmri', Boiler, -tango,
A nml Firopliloo work a Bm-i-ial-
y       All descriptionb of Btono-
work undortnken. Orders loft
.. it
.1. D. MililUDKS
1 will roeievo prompt attention
I'll,uu* 115. I'. ii. Hus 851
ukun im
I l-ii'lU'lllllt  me lim leel  s
Hi-will*..'. )e*ily.    t>u Hi.- Niiilt.  Mihiti-
III lllel i'lil>Mi% Uie I'll lie.  lllll ill lu-n-.li. IhO
1 Mlitf  11*  leal im.,   ami BXlel.dll.il i-o
lo.-ii .mil low null'1 mui k.     Hie lunar IU*
ilini iiiriiiti'ti.. imi extendi unok tu u.*
■i 1 in- imi ,n dunk, i.ut iml exceeding i.wio
Ul sl'MII, lmil..   ||  llti.'l).  .'I.um*  -tut
UlU ll.ll) l'e..l>lii.i....l
ilKlug iii ttie rlveri of Mi
1 . vxeeyiluu tlia \uk.
liner um) ulnuin oul)  t»
oil till .! lei III   of   llll'lll
.lOW It IL.I
ol llle
.Iill llll.l tlio
n-u'i ..r ilva
mis, ti-iu-w-
lof Ilie   lu-
1 he I."
Ueo'l rlnlit h t-unliueil In lln* inlniierK-
II   U.irs   ol   llll'   rlVer   lielu.1   lllll    *t iiiei*
ml MiOjeil lo llie riUtltil ni  ull  iier-tulio
.n'l In-llt-ll etttUIII, euv|.l 1111 llie MUkU*
■ il.e iBinee iiiu) .lie»i|_e la
1'll.llullel liiile le.lseiiolil.
...Ilk 01
fcllUll 1
Die le.i»r  fur
eucli live iiilliw, imt 11 lit.ro n |wreoii or . ..miniiiy
1.11s i.liiuu.t'.i moie Uiio. .int. lease nue il.eilgo
I.u .ail. lliu-eii inil'-s urlL.t-tuiu U »iiltli-li*iit.
li.-utul, $10 i»-r 1IIIIIUIU lot eucli mile ol nv«r
leuM'tl. Iloya.ty ul llie rule nl tuu uml 11 Imlt
[■•■I eelit COllOO(Oil Oil ttie oul|n.t uflt't It eueeila
|iretl||liittlii ilm Vukou Territory,* six irusei
ot lite in.l.-s I'U.'li lllll) lie Ctuiiieil lu u irt'O
inn..-, lm 111.Tin ol hunt) yeiir*, ui>.> leiiaw
I lie lessee's rtiilit !■ ciiiiltnetl lo u.e lulunarfft
edited ur liuri 1** Hie river lieluw iuh ttutor
iiiuik, liiul liuiiiulury lube lUeil liy iih uosltluu
ou u.e ui .i.tj ..I a iii-insi iu ilie year »f the 1IM0
ui tin* tense,
HI.IU tv.
•oforeuci _ 	
tcuuil.liuo pur mile i.u- tlml
, .uui fill per mile fore.n-li -iiili-.e.|iieiilyenr.
my siinit- ;i> pliicer iiiiiiniK
.n'i|.\lii.ii.i: in llie \ iiin'ii I i'i nioi),   tireek,
ii, river ami lilll (.Inline liittil nol exceed -■*-
in ii-ii^iii, inensuretl <>u the bust* nut. ur
nil   .iirei'tinii   ur llu- eii'ek or KiiUll, Iht
'■ li.-lii): lu.m 1 miii iu j.uii [eel,    AH ..liter
UWBll  lor
11 leel mu
eil I.y twu iei;ui |.osl>, nu 1- *
milleei.     Kuti) must be «li-
iIais. 1!  tilt*   I'lltllll  Is wlllllll
I recorder'i otUra.   nne vxitm
ui'ti iniiliii'.ii.ii len ml.ei ur
1 lie pemon ui eonipuiiy iia Mini 11 clului tutul
I mi.1 u free uuuer'a oeriltlunte.
Tlio tllsooverer ot a new mine li entitled 10 a
i-l.illn ,.f I mu leel lu leii'.,ih, uml II lhe purty
i-oiiMsls ol iwo, l,rn«i leel ultiuiei hei,.ill Um  t.llt-
I'ni..! niii.-ii nn i.ijiili) -.hun tii- clmrt.ed, lho
resl ot tne nutly oi.lliiarv .luiins only.
uili) [DO#10, liiiynliy m Un1 rale ultitu aud
one halt reici'iilnutUe \11h1e ol the (...ul slilp-
inii itoiu Die Vukou lernliiiy tube paid lo lue
i oinptioller.
.\u tree miner shall receive 11 Kraut ul nitxo
U1.111 mn iitiimn.'. I'l.iun utl eaeli sepurute rivar
1'ii't'h ur tiuh'li, ii.ii lhe sume miner may fluid
uii) number ut claims by purchase, uuu tree
iiiiueis may work lheir cluiius la partiiersliii. by
II Iluu notion uml puiiiiu fee uf $2, A cluiin
niuy be bUOtluDud, uuil uuuilier olilainetl un tuo
sume creek, unloll ur river, ny trivlng notice aud
paying 11 fee.
U' ih must liediineon u ciuiiu eaeli year to
tbe vtllilfl ut at leust film.
A ft'it1UeuletI1.il Murk lias been .l.me 111111*. lie
ubillllioil eaeli year; If nm, tlie .-Iuiui shall be
ib't'iiicilt.i beuiiiiuit.iii(tl,aud open luoceilpatluu
ami entry by a Iree miner.
lhe ho.iiitluries ufa claim may be.lellued ab*
solul.-ly hy btivlnt.u*iiivfym.t(h'iiiiil publishing
nulloea in llm Yukoiuuilcutl liu/eiU'.
I'elruleiun. All unamiroprlaleil Dumlnlnii
Uuulii in ...aiiltuliu, tbe Nuritiweit Ti-rrlturlea
uml iniinii the Yukuii lerrliury aru uueii tu
jiruipt'i'tlni. fur petruieiiiii, ami tbe minister
niuy reserve fui au intllvl.niul ur cumpiuiy liav-
uij! niiicliint'ry mi llle laml tu he I'Ms-ioiicd. no
.tr.-.i "t til*1 u.'ies. Hhoul.l tlie |iui|H-ciur .lis-
cover ml In |ih)Iiik i|ii.iiiliiies, ami -.unslaciurlly
establish anoli discovery) au area uut exeeodlug
t*i acres, mclmlliiK ttie nil weil iin.i niicli other
lumi us mu) be ileteriiiiue.1, will be sold 10 tlie
illscnvt-rei al Ilie rate uf M uu an aire, subjecl
myulty at uieli rate ai may be specllled by
i.ler iiii'.uiiicil
w. w.
1 mv
Geo. R. Leask & Co
The Daintiest Yet
Our New Photo
Picture Framing a
Prest Photo Co
<>nr Work ti •
[nit thi
ml in (In
is.'infill,  hul wi
Near Lower -* rt
iiii; A ii-n.
.'IMIIEIt Mil'iri:.
Nnlilce i'i lii'ii'li)
lays after iiuie v
11. iin- .'iiii'i ..iiiu
mil IVnrku nl Vio
ni ili.il
11 miml    I,:.
■i-IIM'    III
III    I
,1 H|*..'l,ll
Tarm for Sale
Sit.mt.Hl on the Kootenay '
A river, ono mile from May.H.k, ',
vontuining ilill acre-; (10acres <
lfottom lam I; 50 acres under ]
•f cultivation; new li-rooni mod- .
'•* em cottage    Also iiii heail |
of eattl" and five horses, with ,
all farm implements.
! For particulars apply to
Samuel McLean, Ma*, wk, B. C.!
iuiui nn iin*
1I.1 ill Himtli I*
l-'uinnitiiciiig ni
till'    Slllllll l-liSl,
I'n  Iiiiiii, lice
i in*, mi tli.iiu:
n 111; hi. chains II.
DO chains   west,
Haled lliis
II. II. Uns
.Ins. IV.  II,
i.l cany
li llnMini.,
i .1   Ki.ulci.il
il  linst nln
-i I   ul   I
IBO  Nil.  llllll,
ensl;   lliciii	
Illi,  lln* nun
thenc. minimi;    i
I iiiiiiiiii-iii
Slllllll   Iii   liuiui
Dili il.iy nf April
a |iiirlitiiliir |ini|Hisii is easy fnr
lli-cuuse wc li.iu* tlu-in In. all
kinds uf use. Naturally uur
is tar superior lu that ul the luus*
which has tu cart coal during tlia
week ami carry liis owner tu a funeral
nn Sunday, if Santa Ulaus suw uur
horses lie wnuiii pension <>n ins ui,l
rclniloers, cliup up his old bIoIrI) mul
Iiiu. a ii,; Irom us. luu shniitii iiu ih,,
same whon ymi require Hit1 sorviccs uf
a horse nml carriage foi uuv purpose,
Especially ns uur scale uf otiargel
makes n really cheap transit,
'the Hundley l.lvery Slalil__
Nutice is hereby Riven that thirty
.lays after .Iiilu .vu inli-iul to a|i|ily
to tlie Ohio! Commissioner ol bauds
and Works at Vicliuia, lor a Bpeoial
license lu cut anil cany away tilil-
jier from oft tlie fi.-llmvlnj; doscrfhod
lauds in Suuih East Koolonay:
Comtncnclng al. a post iilaiiti.l at.
the linrlii-i'iist curncr uf lhc Geo.
Carter limil, license No. (1541, thence
riuiniiiK Hi) chains east, Ihenee run-
niii** so ohains north, llience running
80 chains west, llience running - Nil
chains souiii tu point of cunniieii-c-
Dated this Oth day of April, A.D.,
H, H. Ross,
Job. W. Ross.        3-81
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
uf repairing.   Qive me a call.
Livery &
Teams and driven furnished for suy
pnint In Ihe district.
B C. Livery and Feed Stables
t      Blacksmiths,  Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
McLaughlin Carriages and Decring Implements lor Sale
Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 141 Barn Phone 90
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
J. T. LAIDLAW, u. E.
————————— »————♦—«——f
/ / NOTICE 11
boga to notify tlto resident*, ot E ist Kootoimy that lm has '
added a MINERAL WATER FACTORY to  liis establishment and would cordially solicit nny resident or traveler to call nr s 1 fur a sample order |particularly liy tlie
trale) ami guariiutoos liis goods suu.irlor In any in tlie district. Tin- public are rospoatEully reipiosteil tn visit us and
sample tlie goods at tho factory,
'Ittifttii—■■■■■ ■— —fff—iiiiiniiiii
————————« mmmmmmsm
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready
made clothing just received. All Union
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *******
XcaMno Business
130U8C8 of fl&ary>s*
vlllc 5£s ■5'»i,||cv _t__
Marys, ilie has
conic into Iter own.
Tlte town no.,' lias
a tieriiiaiiciit pay
mil Tlie Ilinilil
<* it ii heartily   en
llorao the follinvillK
busitinSD In'lises:
The leading holel in  lhe SI.
Central Hotel
I'. Iliiinll.., I'rnp., S. J. Murnm, Minima       Marys   valley.
Uiiiing Koum service the besl.
The place lo slop when visiting the Smeller City
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of
the best hotels in Ihe district. Headquarters Ior
thc people.
Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete stock of everything in the
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
for your goods.
......, (lii i.-i i i iiiii
"' First-class Work by Experi-   •
»> .
<& enced   Hands.             *.-
... ...
,i> ...
f    The Cranbrook Hotel    ;j
Facial Massaer a Specialty   ...
: T. E. SOUTH,   Prop'r. 1
is now located in its cniniurt
able and attractive new quarters in the Manitota Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches oi the tonsorial art.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It ia Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
7. Buy and Sell on Commission
WANlTED:-~Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
When You
Come to the Metropolis .Stay at tht*
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockemlort
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
(_!)♦ ♦ •••»••*«««•*•«*•**•» • • *($
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds nf linisli work in
way nf doors, windows, Irnn-
soiiis, etc. Kiln dried IuiiiIni.
for inside work. I lur work is
guaranteed uml our prices are
sutiBfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Ciliary Butcher Shop
Geo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high claw, work in dyeing,
denning, pressing, repairing uml
Freack Dry Cleaning a Specialty
We do all kinds of ladies' work
£      INTERESTING ITEMS,      |
'1 be numbei  "i people who go
work  in ii"   city ol     London every
ii.i>  Irom outside    districts Is *ni..-
\ new Liberal ossociati -n tins been
organised in BelfasI tot ' Isier ami
almost a thousand members tvere enrolled.
The \lv\. Thomas
.: vii-.u ni si, Julm b
klmumls, since l*M. lu
igbtwth  wmi.
Si.ii.ii.il, I> l'
An «.'il«iit   ti being made lo
wmo nl il"-   Glasgow churebei
private itovoMon   foi   a   low
ever)  day nf Uu week,
('•unu liim T   Ward, wbo  bai
elected chairman     ol  Un- tttMt
guardians at Nottingham, wm
mate ol lite workhouse an a ti
1 Uh.it   chapl
I     1..    MM
i.. in- m
iiii   lln- Ti-st.itm lit.
\ iMiuiiiv dealer al Nadlchdi (Sul
lull* i tms raised thirteen ducki iron
twelve eggs. Tins i*> nui a puwle
iiiu- ol tin- eggs was double-yolkod.
A requisition has Ijeen presented to
ilu- l'i mn- Minister lor a. elvil list
pension in ilu* widow and lamil)   ut
llie Lm* Professor .lolly, Astroi ,t
Itoyal "i Ireland.
A terra cottn jar containing 7,nun
Roman lironxe cuius mini- than 1WI0
years old, was turned up by tie
plough recently <m a farm al Stanley, Yorkshire.
Tlie Liverpool Bltieoont School,
whuh has occupied promises iu
Selruol Luui' for over twn centuries,
will remove nn May ll in a new
iiiui bettor equipped inuni' at Wavcr-
t rn'.
Thi' Aliens Art was put into operation fm (tie firsl lime at Cat dill recently, when Fanny Fruit lands, a
Jewess, was sen! back In Russia,
after a month in prison fnr assault.
There art' sn many babies in lhe
Diillii'ld workhouso 'that lbe guardians have ordered a perambulator
large enough In give six nf them an
ailing nl   nut'  Unit'.
There an* iin.m\ registered doe-
tors in ihi' civilized world, according
tn statistics compiled in Paris, ut
these 162,333 are in Europe. (Ireat
Britain Ims more doctors titan anv
othei countrj in the world,
Mr. W Brain, nf Cardiff, varied Hie
monolonj ol straightforward cycling
bv riding Imckwards luun Roulh m
St. Mel'lons. Me did lho tliree and
a lull miles in a Mule over twenty-
two minutes, and won a cup.
('..unless Srliiiniiiiltn.iiiu, a German la<l. evangelist, vlsilcd the
ponitiyn Colliery, Pwilypuiild, recently, and alien.Iiii a prater meeting i.ii   ilu- miners  nn lenrtuiuul, de-
Training school,
'I'll.* Wait*. Naval
which ims Ihhii vi.iiinl in connection
witb Di. Uarnado's Home wiih ahout
2i"i bays, in residence, will I.r im -
riiatu   opened tn   Viscount  Coke    nn
W ll.ll
lllli.lli. nt,
■Id at St
London, was stated In bavi
brain weighing seventy-eight
ounces, oi twenty-nine ounces aliovi
the average.
An order has btt*ii
Hi .uiiniil    police      slu
jilsu, in whieh many
force have become pit
tie used
a men
i. (I to tbe
■i that jiu-
tubers uf the
nni, is only
: defence and
nnt   fnr olTfiisive piilpt
In connection with (the Essex and
SuHnlk Kite Olliee Hill, now lieforo a
committee nf the House nl Lords, ii
las been ascertained thai nue uiau
bas iH't'n Insured with the nllice for
fighty-lwu years, and lias never mice
bail occasion in make a claim.
A number ol   curtain rings    have
been stnlcii fn.m llie p.uisb ell inch at
Hnitfbain, near Nnttingham. The
reason tor sn ridiculous a theft
puzzled the eliureli-wanl.'iis inilil all
Mie rin^s were fnimtt in ihe automatic maohlucs at  Hn- railway station.
"If I bail been sn unfm luiiiile as In
sliike any one with it, it could nol
have hint them, as it only weighs
lluee   hiiiull eil weight,"   pleadid   Chai-
Icsn Ilieluird Lowe, a motorist, who
was fined 2Us, and ensts at. Blackpool, fnr furiously driving a motor-
Mr. C.uy Dugdale Hnrebaid, ot
Manor bouso, Seal mi, was hunting
with the Am* Vale Badger Hounds,
when In* Itink a bodge Ihal seni-md a
sln'i'i tlmp of Rlxteen feel, and    was
killed.      Hi' bail jusl  |jwn i^azelltil In
I ho'Royal Field artillery, .md Intended In s'tnrl fnr India nn May -1.
Mr. Mark Mtirkland. lhe "(1111101"
nf the Midland railway, died al
Peterborough, at the age nf Nli. Ho
started his railway career al Pros-
tun in 1-HllK, and was nunc iban
sixty years iu tho service nf tho
Midland Hallway company. He was
a contemporary uf   George Stephen-
While a farmer named Gander was
digging a rabbit nul nf its tiolo at
Sydney Fai in, Cuckfield, Sussex, he
eame across hundreds nf dead irogs,
somo wiih tboir heads abd others
wilh their logs eaten nil. .Min
llieniv is that they wore carried
tliere by rats.
An nelufv.uieria.il Inmate nf tho
Windsor workhouse applied lo the
'guardians fnr a suii uf clothes, in
order lhat be might go oul anil get a
jtrh, as be "Iol! capable nf a few
days' work yel*." The application
was granted, it being stated that
while in the workhouse the old man
had painted and grained nearly overy
A report from Loughroa stales
that the houses nf Patrick Moonoy
and Patrick Clarke, residing at
Oregg,   ia    thc  parish of Kilehreest,
slii.ls. -.nrashini: all lbe windows. Tin
inuiive alleged f,,i ibe occurrence 1
ti,.ii some members "[ .K.th the him-
iii.s atiael.ii! had done wmi. im Mr
Marry Peissi-. nt Mlllmoniit, who i*
undei boycott.
Miss Maiisfii'lil will dn fancy typewriting for at'.oiiuMtn or evening en-
tort aiumcuts it reaaooablfl rates.
Guess work questions supplied, or
typed Irom copits. 45-tf
; Seven Years Ago f —
* in Cranbrook ** ** *
iALU   UV    THAT    1>ATK  J
in w 11 Bell, wlm has been running between Macleod and Cranbrook
•miii* ihe opening nf the rnad as k«>v
ormneni mail agent has resigned In
iimii iu lake etii-et 1.11 Juno I. it
been   appointed
Gill,   lnS|WG
[Mill  an uilli
ibis week.
iiiaiy im  Siiuib Eoal  Koirtetia) and
will ii.ui' bis heartlquarlers in   Uran
Messrs, Loll, Clements, Sipmes
iitui Nii'iuiiii'., Hn- Ni'isuii geiLUumen
win. iiisiiiuii*.! ibe 1.0.U.K. Iwlge in
ilns eil) weie evidently pleased with
iheir inp. Speaking ut itn-u return
ibe Nolson Tribune sa)s: "The
pany were veiy much pleased with
itk'ii 1 up ami speak in high terms ul
ihe hospitality ot ibo people o( Cranbrook. Thoy report thai llu* town
is building up rapidly ami lhat business iii all linos is gmnl. On Wednesday l.aey visitt-tl Knit Steele. Un
iheir return dip they ran inin three
inin! slides ami I lie engine ran ull the
track unee."
Tho people nl Cranbrook and South
Easi Koolenay are fortunate in baling located here the Sash ami Ouur
factory ul T. W. Leask. Mr. Leasl-
lias brought in a complete tijiiipiticui
of machinery ami is now turning out
lho besl of work iu the way nf
doors, sash, moulding and anything
in the way of special work. The
factory Is a Suuth East Kootenay
Institution and is deserving nf pav
innage and success. ,
To-nigh ti at six o'clock about
twenty people will moot at the Baker
residence tn participate in a paper
chase. Two hates vvill probably be
selected and iho general course is expected to be north.
G. II. Miner has moved into his
now store and has lis stnek in place.
It makes handsome ipiariors for his
husiness. 1
It is almut time the Athletic As-'
siiciaiinn enminil lees look stops inward organization, The summer is
hen* and Iho time fnr sport is ripe.  |
Fred Hoo, manager of tho Smith
chewing establishments along the line
of tho Crows Nesi road, has moved
his o/Iieos In the waicrnoms in tlie
railroad yards. 1
.1, I). Cblcne, formerly with
Smith's iKiarding crows, tuis faillcn
heir tn about £20,000 Irom his
father's estate in Scotland. He re-,
iviveit ihe (list instalment this week
of M'Veial thousand dnllais and naturally is feeling pretty t^tnl.
Vied 1tay.cn is in receipt of a. letter
from Hi'bt. Shiiw, formerly manager
nf the Geary livory slabio, iu ihis
eity, conveying the" Information ihat
in- expects io ho married soon, This.
announcement will prove a surpiiso
tn his many friends in Cranbrook, I
bui they all wish him well in his
ven! 111
Nutice is hereby given that I intend to apply to tlie Honorable
Chief Ciiiiiiinssioiier ol Lands and
Wuiks and in the Assistant Cmn-
misslonei of Lamls agd Works inr
tbe district ui Kasi koutuiay for a
license to prospect Inr cnal and
petroleum mi the following described
land, situate un Nonh-Eost Michel
Creole, aboui seven miles north uf the
1 Ciina,li,.ii Pacific rmlmad, and lying
1 wesl ot the Melnnes gu>up and north
oi the Crows Ne.si Puss Cual company's land, being just north and
adjacent tu uutterawd's and Martlu's
cldiin>. whose lianses arc 'i,titii and
i,otiu respectively, then:
1.  Commencing at a post planted
one iiiiii- north nf the nol Ill-east eoiuei ol 0, L. BuUeit.rM's elaim, the
same being Hie iliilu. post nt Martha Comer's claim and marked Mar-
Ultt Comet's noitii-*'ai..l lvilci ,
thenee SU chains went, llieuce SU
wains iouth, theme tlu chains ea.;i,
I'tienir   HU chains  n.ii th   to plaCD     ul
'beginning,   containing    about    .in
Martha Coiner,   Locator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
(Form K.)
1 .
1 Take notice that I, Thos. T. McVittie. K. M. C. Nu. HT.iTT.i, agm
for Frank Williams, K. M. C. No.
tioV.\o, ii,,, Kallman, K. M. V. Nt.
H7;i7M and Waller Van Aistialpi,
Knv Minn's Certiflcate, Eo. HT-ifHi.,
intend, sixty ilavs Imm date hereof,
to apply in the Mining Recorder tut
a   ('ertifieate   ol   Improvements, hir
,tbe purpose nf ob-taftatag a Cto*s
Grant nf lbe abuvr claim.
,    And further   take notice that   so*
'ion, under seetimi 87, musl be cdv>-
inwced before lho   issuance ol susii
Cert Ideate of Improvements.
tiAifd this 38th day of March, A 1>.
ISUli. 1-101*
The    Frank   Paper:—At   a special
ratepayers meeting hold ai tho Union]
Bank Monday    evening for line pur-]
inise of taking a vote on lhe resolution proposing tn creel the village of
Frank inlo a town, ihc business men
and   other   properly    owners nf the
village    manifested' that same   keen
enthusiasm which alwavs characterizes their aetinns in  relation.to   anv
matter ni' public  importance.     This
is a joke.       Thev   turned     nut    0111
masse ami packed the olliee of     thel
bank building tin bit the doors swung'
out. and most of them remained    in
lhe street ' while the    interest thoy
took   in   this, the   most   im por Ian I
matter     tho   property   owners have
over bad to deal with was just   the
same kiml -they always take in    all
mat-tors toileting tbo welfare of   tliu
town.     This is another jokf. i
Overseer Farmer occupied Ibo chair
and did not state the purpose of the
meeting and read ito rcsplutlon
authorizing him to proceed to tnke
the necessary stops tti procure Incorporation. Attorney T. B. Martin
wbo has bivn the head mover in tho
■incorporation matior, did not move
the. adoption of tbo resolution and
Dr. Malenlmson who has been another ol the strong bnnstors in the
niuvemont did not second Ihe motion.
Alex, Goyette, the lire marshal,
who 'has never called a meeting nf
the fire brigade, did lint rise tn
speak to tbo ipiestion ami tbe remarks of Assistant Marshal Fred
Collins wore eouallv :is inaudible.
George E. Willso,' who bad been
unpointed noli clerk by the overseer,
did not take ihe vote for lho reason
tlat he was among iho number on
the street. I
Rube Sleeves was among Uh* most
ent-husrustle ratepayers bin his re-1
marks could not "be beard, for the
reason that bo got thero too late lo
make them.
George Cohlcy's views wore lost for
Mie reason that thev were made
while silling at his desk next door.
L. W. Kribs sough tn telephone
his vote and his remarks on the subject, Imi like himself, the telephone
was out ol order.
Hilly Sommertnn's remarks could
not be heard above thc ticking of tbe
telegraph instrument at  the station.
Tom McDonald though! tbe movement was a good tbing but lie had'iit
time to eome and say so.
A. L. Blanehet, rep resenting the
Grady interests, could not be hoard
because of the noise nf the carpenters
put.ting in a plate glass front.
Some few of 1he ratepayers were
unavoidably absent.
As a result ol tlw meeting Frank
will not incorporate—that is, not at
i. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east cornet ul Matlha
Coiner's claim, tbo samelbelug the
initial post ul W. J. Demorest's
claim and marked W. d. lieuiurest's
north-west corner, tbence su chains
east, thenoe Mi chains souih, tbence
Mi chains west, thence su .-li.nus
uurth tu place uf beginning, containing  abmiL  UIO' acres.
W.  .I.  Dcmorest,  Local nr,
\\. ll Wayland, Agon I,
3. Commencing at a pust planted
at tim north-west corner ul W'. J.
Demim-st':. claim, the same being the
inilial post of T. .I. Doinorest's
claim, and marked T. .). Demorest's
south-West corner: thence mi chains
east, tbence Hit chains norlli, thonce
Uii chains west, thence Ml chains
south tu place* ot beginning, containing about tiiu acres.
T. J, Demurest, Locator,
A. K. Wayland, Agent.
4. Commencing at a post planted
at T. J. Demorest's south-West corner, the same being the initial post
of Kmily Collier's claim aud marked
Kui-iy " Coiner's south-east corner, i
thenoe SU ehains west, thence Ml
chains norih, tbence SO chains east, I
thenee Ml chains south to place ot
tfo^inniiig, containing about li-IU
Emily Corner, Locator,
A. E. Wiivlaiid, Agent.
5, Commencing at a post one
mile north of Kmily Corner's northwest corner, lhe same lieing the
inilial post of .I. II. llcmpnlll's
claim and marked »1. H. Hemphill's
north-west corner, tbence HU chain*
south, tbence Uii chains east, thence
K0 chains north, thence SO chains
west to, place of beginning, containing about 'HO acres. '
.1. IL Hemphill, Locator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
G. Commencing at a post plantetl
at J, II. Hemphill's north-west corner, the same being the initial post
id II. O. Belden's claim and marked
R. G. Belden's south-west corner,
thenco Wl chains east, thence 80
chains north, tbence 80 chains west,
tltenee SO chains south to plaee of
be*»iiiiiing, containing almut H-j
R. G. Bidden, Locator,
W. K. Wayland, Agent.
7. Commencing at a pest planted
About one mile west of a point about
two miles north of- ft. G. Belden's
north-west corner, lhe same being
the initial post of A. E. Way]and's
claim and marked A. E. Waylatid's
north-west vomer, thencti. Uii cbains
oast, thence 80 chains south, thence
80 ohains west, tbence 80 chains
north to place of beginning, containing about 640 acres.
A. E. Wayland, Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at E. A. Wayland's north.wost corner, tbe same being the initial post
of A. C. Homphill's claim and marked A. V. Hemphill's north-ease corner, tbence 80 chains west, thenee
ehains south, thence 80 cbains east,
thence SO chains .north, to place of
beginning, containing about 640
A. C. Hemphill, locator,
A. K. Wayland, h^ent.
3. Commencing at a post planted
at A. F. Hemphill's nmih-eas't corner, the same being tbe initial post
of F, W. Hemphill's cdaim and marked F. W. Hemphill's south-east corner, thence SO chains north, thence
80 chains west, thence SO chains
south, thence 80 cbains east, to
place of tieginning, containing about
UIU acres.
F.  VV.   Hemphill,  Locator,
A. Ei Wayland, Agent.
10. Commencing nl a post planted
at V. VV. Hemphill's soulh-east corner, the sume being the inilial post
nf II. K. Bolihm'fl Olaitn nnd marked
II. E. Boldcn's sonih-wcst coiner,
tbetiee SO ehains norlh, thenoe SO
chains oast, tbence 80 chains south,
thenee 8(1 ehains west 10 place of beginning, cm.Uuiiii.v, about ti-.ii acres.
R.  K.  Belden, Locator.
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned ami marked "Tenders lot
SttUiou   Building,    Fernie," will be
ieeei\.il   up   tu I'.K    Mav   Jisl,   1SW,
fur Uie election, completion, and delivery ..I frame station building at
Kernie, U, C, Plans, speculations
and copies .,1 proposals can he Seen
un application to Division Engine**,
l-algai y, ui Resident Engineer, Craubrook.
TV companj reserves the right to
reject anv oi all tenders.
N. K   Brooks,
Division Engineer, c.l'.u.
Calgary, May Tth,  liluti. i-2t
Sixty days after date 1 inteml tt
applv iu the Chief Commissioner of
Lamls and Umks lo purchase llie folluwing described lauds situate m
South Kast  Kootenay, B. c.
Commencing at a post at the S.
E. cornel Iol 3047, group 1, Ihence
north SO chains. ihence east iu
chains-, thence south hk) chains,
theinv west 30 chains, tbence lauth
iu chains, tbence west 'ill chains lu
the place of beginning, containing M0
acres, mote ur less.
Daied  this Mt: dav nf Mav.  1906,
7-»t' ' Hoy C, Myers,
Sixty days after date I Intend to
applv tu the Chlel Commissionei of
Lands ami Works at Victoria, B.C.
for permission tn purchase the following lands in Smith Kast KoOtc-
nay. H. C.:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe N. E. turner of l"t 3961, grosp
1. thence twenty cbains west, thenca
twenty chains' north, thence forty
cliains west. tbence sixty chains
north, thence sixty chain's east,
ihence forty chains suuih. thence
sixty chains cast, thence forty chains
south, thenco sixty chains west to
place ol commencement, containing
n4U acres, mure ur less.
• lohn F.  Adams, Locator.
Dated April IT th.  i<mi,. 5-5t
Take notice that the partnership
heretofore existing between the
undersigned. Hubert Johnson tod
Paul Handler, as hotel keepers -in
the town .,[ Marysville, under the
firm name of Hubert Johnson, has
this day been dissolved by mutual
consent. The business in future will
be curried «.n by the said Paul Hani-
ley in his own name, who assumes all
the liabilities of tlie said partnership, and to whom all debts due and
tiwin^ io the said partnership shall
be paid. -
Daied this Tth day of April, A. D,
R«>bert  Johnson,
Paul  Handle?
G. H. Thompson. i~4A
Doggins— Last    week you told  me
your   horse    was     afraid   of auto-
 _    ...... ,   mobiles,   yet he   Is both   blind   and
Ireland} were attacked liv a band  of. deaf.
armed men, who fired about a dozenl    Guggkas—True, but be has a nose.
Take notice that twn months after
date I inteml to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the foi-1
lowing described lands in South East
Kootenay: |
Commencing at a point marked,
".lames Ryan's north-east corner'
post," planted at the south-east cornor of Lot 2967, Group 1, thence
soulh five chains, more or less, to
tlie north hank of St. Marys river,
tbence westerly following the said
north bank of St. Marys river 80
cbains, more or less, tn the south-.
east corner of Lot G667, Group 1,1
thence northerly along the easterly
Wmit of said Lot 6667, fifteen ehains,
more or less, to tin* southerly limit
ol said Loi 2967, thonce easterly
along the somberly limit of said Lot
2!H>7, ■aigltty ehains. more, or less, to
the place of beginning, containing 77
acres, more or less. J
James Ryan.   |
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, this
30Ui day ot April, 1901, Ml
Eflective, Sunday, Jan. list, M-
lowing changes in passenger trait
schedule: No. 3 leaves Restart 14.4*
a.m.; Bunuers Kerry l.'di. p.n.i «■
rive Spokane 5.40 p.m.; leaf* I.M
p.m.; Adrian 9.40 p.m.; Pacite
Avenue 5.40 a.m.; Everett a.40 * a*.,
Seattle 7.00 a.m.
No. 1 leaves Rrxlurd 1.00 a.n.;
Runners Ferry 3.30 am, aunt
Spokane 7.U0 a.m.; leavs 7.1$ a.m.;
Aduasi 10.30 a.m.; Wentchet 12f?l
p.m.; Pacific Avetme 5.45 p to.; Cui-
oecting with No. 272, Everett ill
p.m.; arrive Seattle 7.30 p.m.
No. 2 no change-
No. 4 leaves Seattle 8.00 •«.;
Everett ..Hi a.m.; i'acilic Avsave
9.in am.; Wenatehee 9.05 p.m.; Ad-
tlftt 4.59 pin.; at live Spukane 121
p.m.; leave 8.4U p.m., Bonners
Ferry li.ib a.m.; Rexford 502 a.m.;
No. 250 leaves Rexford 5.20 a.m.
connecting wilb No. 4 Swinton 7.34
a.m.; arrive Kernie 9 00 a.m.
No. 'id, leaves Fertile 10.00 p.m.;
Swinton lU.2ti p.m.; Rexford 12.44
a.m.;    couue oting with   number 1.
Through sleeping cars operated between Spokane and Fernie. S.eeptf
fare between Spokane and Fettle
Fernie to Vancouver 23 hours and
45 minutes, connection being mad*
with No. 2T2 at Pacific Avmm.
tli tra local trains Nos. 265 and 214
will be operated between Spokatw
and Leavenworth, leaving Spokane
4.00 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.m.; .
Wenatehee 12.03 a.m.; Spokane 8.00
a.m. Bullet sleeping cars will be
operated between Spokane and Ldfcv--
en worth, trains Nos. 265 and 241:-
also extra train between Seattle end
Skvkomish, leaving Seattle 6.30 p.m;
Everett 6.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenus
8.13 p.m.; Skykomish 10.20 p.m.
Returning leave Skykomish 6.00 a.m.;
Pacific Avenue 8.09 a.m.; EveMt
8.23 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 a.m. Local
train being operated between Boa-
Mi* Ferry and Spokane wiil to wit* THE   CKANBROOK   HKIIAUl
Maple Leaf
There arc running shots ar.d
running shoes but none to
equal those with the Maple
Leal Brand on the sole. They
come in both tennis or Ox-
lord styles lor Ladies or Gentlemen, Girls or Boys, and the
soles ul all are nude from
pure p.ir.i _;um rubber.
Maple Leaf
tennis Lacrosse
or Riinniiijr Shoes
Look   well,    lit   weli,   wear
well  and   are   stylish    neat
and  durable
For sale   by    all   good
shoe  dealers.
Ask   (or  them
% Ccckic €o. Cld.
Selling   Agents
A Six Roomed Cottage
In lirst .'lass repair, two lots,
sfiilili* Hint Imn holme, un one
ul ilu* mini attrnclivo streets
mi -laker lllll, (acini. St. ,lu-
scph's Creek.   Itcnsonnhlo price
.lllll   l.lU.l.ll.ll-    ll-llllS.
Fred    Dumont
Taylor Safe
IMR  Id  ft. avviiintr,   nearly new,
s'tep   Utltlera   und   Extension
Ijad.leiH,   All will be. Hold inm-h
I       ' |..-lnw...'nsl.
F.J. Bradley & Co.
1 9
do everything in
the cartage line
Perry ■& Tilzgcrald
Telephone 63
g I   Go-cart almost  new    $12.
1   Kitchen cupboard   . $5.00 \
I Range wilh warming   do- j
set and  water tank
Also   several    other    things}
■ to be sold cheap.
; CoNrccTiONtn Phoni.32<
tmwunmwHut *_
Railways Busy   j
I Building        \
Spokcsman-Review.-rConfirtnlng tin
statement made to   The Spokesman-
Kev lew b) Louis A. llill, vice-
president of ihe Greal Northern
Railwaj euuipajiy, during his recent
M-.ii in Sp<_lm4if oi a irip lo the
Coast and Sound and lho Wenalohee
country,  .lames J.  Hill, pie.si.lent of
the system, tn an Interview with a
representative of the Winnipeg Tribune ai St, Paul ii few davs ago outlined his plans lor iho railroad from
Kernie. Ll. (.'., tbiou^b lhe wheat
b.'li in Alberta, Asstuiaola and tu
Winnipeg in Manitoba,
lie declared ihe line will he buill
wilhoul   subsidy or   watered   stock
and that il will ini-.ui a reduction iu
frutghl   rales.      Kast of  Winnipeg ihe
Urand Trunk Pacific ami the Canad
i.m Paeilie mil piuhabU be u.miJ oh
"Wu have had our eves on Canada
tui years," Mr. Hill said, and now
that lhe *.v Stems l-lii'lv ale limil)
i*,lal.li*.*heil ami on their feet, WO    be*
lii-ve ibe lime Is opportune to   enlei
the in-lit. and I iii.lv. id! ymi oiioo wn
have in ad e up oui minds lo it we
.shall nol confine ourselves to any
half measures.
"We have bought our terminal
ritfllt into the eiiy of Winnipeg and
will lose no nine in gel-Mug out connecting link from the boundary Intc
the eity constructed. It should bo
finished by nexl (all. We are also
pushing forward the grading on thi
branch lines from Clrelua lo Portage
la Prairie and from Itottiueau by waj
of Uolssevain and ibo Sourls il.
Rratidon, having secured terminals al
Drandoii and Pmi a.m* la Prairie."
Mr. Ilil] sjijd tin* new line will
tun norlh of iht- Canadian Pacific
railway, crossing the latter in the
.it'iniiy ol Lethhridge, and running
northeasterly. Ho is of the opinion
ihe tralllc is sure lo be heavier there
iban in the southern pari of tin
country, thc plan Iielng lo pay more
attention to the freight business ihan
passenger Irufllc for Uie presenl.
Regarding an eastern outlet ho ad
ded that lhe company will have uu
objection to (ceding lhc Canadian
Paeilie ami the (hand Trunk Paeilie,
which he believes will enolblfi tin
company to haul out llie product,
"Wiih proper grades, and satisfactory roadbed," lie added, "we can almost cut the cost of transportation
in Iwo, us it means rilming heavier
trains. The cost of the Mm* will In
Irom $18.0110 io $20,000 a mile."
Mr. Hill'said it ;s nol tlie purpose
tn bond the line for a dollar, II.
"We shall issue sloctt represent in..
the actual cash outlay, and as we
have never loured on receiving nior.
from the people than T per cent, on
uur outlay, so you see the burden
upon thc people will ho lifflit, Our
policy will enable us to set a new
pace in the matter of rates, juicl
think vou can mark it down that a
a result ..I our advent into your ler
ritory an effective period will Ik* pin
in the bonus or subsidy system."
Asked us to the probable cost of
the lino, from Vancouver to Winnipeg,
Mr. Hill sa-fd:
■■'We have epnc Carefully into the
i s'l-imaie.s and t-he most rational conclusion we have lieen able to reach i.*-
ihat it will cost $30,000,000."
'I'he V., V. A V.. between Vancouver and M'inway wl'l lie used to form
ihe western connection.
asked " was reeei\eu with the greatest satisfaction thuiu_rhu.it ihe val-
1,-v Then- can imw !-.* no doubl
ih.it ibe eompanj al presenl aie not
•..vkiiii: n. extend theii Dominion
government suhsidj and as it expires
on Augusl '2nd, Iflitf, it becomes evident in all thai lhe Company means
lo push ihu. otMiai met mn ui lbe ruad.
There will be am»thei session of par-
liaiiKut before itn- subsniv expires,
but 1h.1t will um be bold unlit next
winter, ami it would nol lie good
business ioi ihe coinpoo] to take
chances ori getHfig au extension then,
for il lln- i-xtriisn I. was refused ihey
would nui iluu be able to complete
the rood in time lu ealii lhe stili-
_.i_i>. 'Mien, in order to make sure
of ihi\.sui)si.!\, aniountiug to $650,-
000, which is. ui least, 18 per cent.
of   lite ensl   of   llle   bill Ming ol       tbe
road, u. great amount of work must
necossuiil) be done this summet and
full. Tl is is tlu* waj mnsi people
here si/e up the situation and it cer*
tainly has ihe apiieaianee ol sound
The Outcrop may explain that out
Ottawa correspondent evldi ntly gol
ihe application -i ihe It. C. s. fm
an extension of ehaiioi inixetl witli
ihe K ('. It., however, his errni hus
Imiii ilu- means ol bringing out the
nue fails ut ite »it uai ion, much in
lhe satisfattim. uf all roiwe I
limn     \T
Tin- ll.il
line i.s  in
ilie Mnyie
I'ii ii    Hnal.
,1a, in*; crew i
inilllir.   Hie     If
illlu   lie     Kin
.  il.n   11-
i Un* .'.ninn
K  lumi   ft.in
1.11,11    l.lll,*!
Lethbridge Herald:—Lethbridge 1:
on I'he verge of a big railroad de
It will nut be many week.s, as thi
Herald slai-ed lasl week, when men
will be at work removing the tor
initials from MacJeod io Lethbridge.
General Superintendent Jahrieson
of t'ail^ary and Supl. Erick
son, of Craubrook, and Cbiel En
glneer Htistced, spent a por lion oi
Alonday heie. They slated positively
that lenders Ior the building uf th','
terminals will be called for at once.
The work will cover ihe enlarging ol
ibe yards, the erection ol new
■Weight sheds, locomotive shops.
Bottling station, tanks, round house
.uid ihe usual amount of truth laying and grading, The company have
also under serious consideration tlu*
Imilding ol the spur line along Smilh
sireel io accommodate the wholesalers. This mailer is now receiving
their ai len! ion.
The officials said that expenditure
here this year alone will be $-75,000,
n additioii io the now station, which
is now almost completed.
t>f course, the proposed high   level
bridge is a    manor of much consequence to Lethbridge, as it    would
■nalile this    city    !o have    a better
(rain service ihan il has now, as the
railroads  would tie able  lO run  theii
ins at a  lively speed from    here
t, if the Si. Alans bridges wen
of lhc way.    These bridges cost
ihe  C, P. It.   u heap   of money to
maintain, and while ihe officials si at
a high level bridge over the rivet
here   would   necessitate an expend]
lure of one   million dollars,  this is
noi  io he compared to the    mono)
lent  on  keeping the present  bridges
i   repair.       li   Would  lake fullv     u
car to build  the now bridge,
The Herald hus it lii-ui a real good
source tbut   tlie    terminals will    bier construction    bete almost  immediately.     The plans,  it   is  under*
inl, afe iieing altered, so that the
yards hero will be in accottl with lhe
change in the route of the new mad,
when the high level bridge is built.
One   of    the   oIHcla',s     remarked:
Letrhhrldgc   will   boom   when   this
■ork   starts, and    real estate    will
take, a big jump.    Mark my words."
The   Officials   went from hero    to
Tabor to arrange the location of the
new tipples at the Reliance mine.
Wilmer Outcrop:—The telegram
published in these columns last issue
sent- from Ottawa by President C. II.
Pollen, of the Kootenay Central
Railway Co., staling that "no extension of lime for charier or subsidy of Kootenay Central has been
askVd for," and    which was further
►ntirnied bv the. letter ol W. A,
Oa-II'lher, M.P., stating, "So far as I
know there is no revoting of Kootenay  Central  Railway subsidy   being
lo-day.       Th,*  ttains     an* now     iii
M*hi    uf     itm -s   Perry and    the
whistle of Hn- engines ean be beard.
The end nf lhe 11at L is about live
miles mil, an.l Uu- iails will reach
a pOilll on lhe north side uf the livoi
I'^pnsiic lown during ibe coming
week. The crow can lav a mile ami
a halt of track a dav, but du uui
lay track overy dav, having lo    lay
..11   in load <ies ami ballast.
The rock cut near i he appi oath
lo the bridge will be com plot oil ahoul
May 35, ii is now cstimuled, ami
irucklnying must stop ai lhat point
until tlml liim*. The bridge aernss
ihe river should lie ready to allow
trains to pass over by .luiio 1. From
Rouncrs Kenv lo the crossing nf the
Pentl d'Oreille river, the work is almost completed. There may be r
f.'W gaps where ihere will he some
delay, but il is likely that tnickluy-
iun can proceed rlghi along to the
Pentl il'Oteille, after the Koolenay i.s
The arrival ol trains on another
railroad in Rouncrs Kerry marks un
important epoch in lhe history and
progress of Ihc town, li is'a mailer of f.u greater Importance that Is
generally attached lo It, except upon
reflection, lis coming has been
heralded so Irng that is now looked
upon as something thai was foreordained, bui if we stop io reflect
upon what the conditions would have
been if the road had noi been built,
or il il had cul Bonners Kerry out
by a few miles, wo shall arrive at a
belter mulct's! and ing of Its Importance. It is a .treat thing for Hon*
ners Pcrrv and we should all shout,
"Hail to li. C. Corbin."
Winnipeg, May 14,—One of the Canadian Noiihern engineering stall
is the authority for the statement
ihal the company has local id a
splendid pass through] the Rockies.
It rtlis lietweeu thc Athabasca and
Vollowboad Passes and will not he
more Iban lint miles north of Revel-
stokc. Hy ihis'pass it becomes possible to run a direct line from Edmonton to Rule Inlet,
A large number ol surveyors art
now at work on ihis port ion of the
line, and ii is expected thai plans for
this pass will be lilotl al. Ottawa
within the uexl few days in order
llml const ruction may to rushed to
Hie coast, This pass is said in be
ilu* best of any yet found through the
mountains ami ihe first company io
(ilo plans will have lhe choice of using il.
Reports Irom (Irand Trunk Paeilie
parties living tti locale a pass
not encouraging and iheir inability
to lind a pass lo come up lo the
high standard ol iho rest of the lint-
may result in operations through the
iimtWaiiis bring delayed for some
lime. Th.- (irand Trunk Paeilie officials here, however, elaim the road
will be pushed Uirough tlie mountains us rapidly as possible.
Kamluups, May 15— Monday altei
in mui al 1,30 o'clock, about a milt
Irom iK.uglas lake, the three P. P. R.
I rain robbers were captured by a
posse i.f mounted police, under ser
gCfittt Wilson,
The nun were tracked from Camp-
boll's meadows, via Fish lakot
through to Douglas lake, by provincial constable Kernie, who saw the
three men walking along the mad
near Murray creek, a short distal
(rom Douglas lake.
Kernie was alone and set mil for
Ohapperon lake, knowing the mourned police were in thai vieiuity, and
nutitiid sergeant WHson, whu, wiili
his men, started oil, dueried by
The men, meanwhile, had camped iii
the brush and no sign ot llu-m eoutil
lie ffeen,
Kernie math- fm Douglas lake ranch
to send wunl lo Oiii.rhfii.t lu bring
ihc hlondhuuiiils. In his absence ilnii ninl police, about seven in uum
ber, under Wilson, made a search ami
suddenly earn.- upun three men inn h
Ing lunch Tliej rode rtgjrl u-p lu
Ihem and WIIh.ii asked them wh.ii
Ihev   weie  dmng       The  oldest      mall
-raid ihev were pros|tect-Iug WHson
asked where, and vvas answered,
"Over tliere," pointing snulli
Mm Mini said:
II. Leishman, the well known
and popular representative ol tin
80th Century   Clothing    inm of To
V/"1"-    09M    in   town     last   Mondav
Mr. Leishman is probably one of iht
besi paid traveling men on the mad
to-day. He slops only om* ila> at
eatb town, as his linn sell to only
one linn in a town, antl it is his
business to see the   people, arrange
Ior   tho niilei   and  assist   the     drain
in any way possible so tor as giving
additional knowledge nu this celebrated brand ..r olothing is concern*
i ed IMD & Co. have lbe exclusive
!6,sale of ihe 2itih Century olothlug in
Cranbrook, ami in consequence Mr
Fleishman spent ihe day there. Any
man ian throw a eoal nr a pail ol
trousers mi ihe coUttlel  and ask    a
pi tillable t'llslninel   if   Ihev    Want     In
buv, bui it is a d I Iter en I mallei tu
lake ihe coal oi ihe iinu-.i-ts ami in
an iTii-el ive and ai I Isl ie maimer,
show up lhe gOO(l points i.f Ihe elolb
iut;. It is in ibis line of Work Ulttl
Mr, Pliestninui excels, and ii is ;i
gunulnu pieastin- io watch him while
ivl il lh- has lho f.ienlty of inspu
IHU  'bo buvei     wilb his own eUbhUS
lasm, wbn'h is an easy mattei enn
Hiih'ring ibe class of elolhlirg that he
In ban liim',. Then- Witf a ItlM wb.-n
leadv   made elothhlg  was  all    alike
Then-   wen- nisi   Imn   patterns,    mc
lot   lbe lal uuu,   mie  tor   Die     lean
,.,,. ie   I.ii   lh,-   i.ill   man  and    om
""     lm   lhe short  man llut   Hint   Imn
, . ,   has t,oue      To-day   Hu- -Ml   Ceulutv
I glicss ITOtl ale lhe man WO wanl. ,.]„,,,„,„   i..,,,,-,,..,^-   M.Hh^i    ,n  „i
i   .   11      ,    i j.      ,. ,      , . | i Iii (lilll.,   I eli M  .en l s   IIIe  nil,in sl   ,|11   ul
i.-i  He birtup." and ai onco covered   ia||„r),,K   ;uM|    u„. various Imperhv
holdup," ami ai onco covered
imn with a revolver, one ..( the
i ronpers   covered unolhei   man    ami
Hie Hm.I   man    mih'il    mlu a neaiby
-iiirh, crying;
"Well, ii>. itn up boys." and commenced firing un lhe puliie, who relumed lbe lire. "Sli.nlv." as Unman was called, erietl oil! "tjllll,"
aflet   ten or a do/.en  shots  had    been
iii ed.    lie hati evidently emptied his
revolver anil hal  In Rwe In,
"If," he said. "I had had mv aii!o-
niaiie revolver thero would have been
a hot lime around here, vou bel."
ll was i'i,iiiiiI ihal Short) had been
shot in llie leg. mid he said:
"Its a damned pity you dldu'l put
it through my head."
,A rig was obtained al Douglas lake
and ihe prisoners taken lo Qullchcnn
and Dr. Tuiill, ..f Nicole
for   and   is in atleiidanei*    oil    tlu
wounded man.
The prisoners and mounted polico
wllh Constable Penile remained over
night at Quilchepa, and lefl for Knm-
loops al 7.30 ibis morning.
After   iheir   arresl    the prisoners
wen* fount lo have several automatie! FIREWORKS
revolvers   ami   a large   quantity of, —
ammunition. \     town    buill  as   is
Their names are Oeorge Kdwards,I should nol permit the sale
W'UHali Dun. called "Shorty," anil, wurks- in the limits and Ihe
Louis Colquhotm. ties   should    punish severely auyuii
Edwards    is said   to bo the   oele-  caught  using iiiem.     There is noil
bra ted Hill Miner, win has lieen ew-  Ing more dangerous ami if ibe pnu
iii'fio.l with several hold-ups in     the'tlec is pcrmlt'tcd in this town   sum
wesi.      Thero   is little   doubt    but  ,iav there will be a lire thai     w
Uial this is correct.    Miner,   or Ed- sweep most of    ihe business porli
wards, has been (or the lasi      two  nd the face ol the earth. Tlw Hem
years   in    Nicola   and    Slmilkamocnj would    like  to see   the olty comv
districts prospecting. take up the matter and ndopl n bv
Eilw.uds, in an interview with law Uiat would properly deal will
your correspondent ihis morning, ■
said that neither he nor the others,
had anything to do with t-he hold-up,
lie said they had started from Pinhole lake, near Aspen Orove, Intend-
tending to prospect eastwards, towards Armstrong, In hind Grand
Prairie, and returning towards Nicola, came via Babcholor's meadow
f ihe human fmm div
siieivssfully mel, the pbvsually di!
fereiices in man aie laken iulo con
'iiiei.Ui.in, mid no Inngel does a man
seem lo be saiisti.tl when he buys a
suit id ibis clothing, but   Is a upl
cal leples.-ntalinll ol all ahsulllli-.
palpating, real ami living salislieil
human being, because in ii!u: pill
chase he has secured what bis heart
desired, raiment thai liis. that   feels
rk'ht, thai pleases his uwn eye and
that he knows and is convinced is
above   adverse  crilieism  on   Ihe  pal!
ol friend or enemy, li is ihese
points that Mr. Fleishman brings
oui in his demonstrations and sn
vlvhllv thai the observer marvels in
himself that he did not know it all
lieloic Mr, Fleishman visits ('ran*
jj brook twice a year, and llill A Co
me among his largest customers, ami
what is more their orders increase in
size upon each visit. This speaks
well fm- both tbo clothing and llill i*
■ nf     lire-
Spokesman   -   Review,   Tuesday
'Train on lbe Spokane luleiuaiimial
shosld be ruuning Into Spokane early
in   September," said H.   C, Corbin,
h.-'ad of tho road, yesterday.
"Thirlv  miles of lrack should    be
laid   frnm   the boundary line, almost
lo Rouncrs Perry, Idaho, ibis week.
However, Micro   is a rock cut   ibei
ib.il will lake it couple of weeks mor
if* finish.
"Progress is fair at this ond of lho
line, Wo should he al Sandpoint,
Idaho, wiih ihe track early in July,
"I liave been considering gasoline
motor ears, as a possibility of tlie
future, bm I bate no Immediate Idea
of installing them. In fael I haven't
luoked into the motor car problem
far enough lo know Un* ml.ithe eust
of gasoline and electricity."
A very pleasant dancing party was
given lasl Monday evening at Went
worth liall   by a number of    young
pe. pple.        Their    never    has lH*en     u
then across Douglas lake trail, whoro  more attractive party given iu Cran-
tliey were arrested. | brook and from ibo first of the oven-
Wh. n aske.l the reason for carrying [ng lo the close it was thorough!)
such an armament, he replied that! enjoyed. There were over 100 guests
prospectors usually carried lire anus, ami ihc capacity of the Hour was
and he did not ihink ihey carried Loo taxed at times to the limit. The
much. Ho said Ihey could prove an; ladies in cliarge were Misses Keav,
alibi and especially asked that he; Proctor, Springer, Armstrong, Me-
shniii.il not be condemned unheard.     |-Donald, Moffat,   Curd,   Muss, Jessie
He answers io the description of and lUinda Leilch, and Waul. Tho
(lie of the robbers. Edwards is well 'chaperons were Mestlames llaker, El-
knovvu all through Aspen (imve, Cop- well, Armstrong, Rogers and Kriek
per camp ami the Nicola country, lie1 son. The committee of gentlemen
is rather pleasant lo talk to, and'who assisted was composed ul
has an American accent, I Messrs. Cock, Poster, Heale and Rcn-
I'apiain Seavy, of Thiel's detective   uctt.
agency, believes lie is llill Miner.
William Dun, alias "Shorty" answers the description nt the second
ii ian in the hold-up. He hns been
prospeel ing down at Ashuola, near
I tod ley, and claims to lie Interested
wilh Rogers, of the Siekel (Male
iniiie. in several mining properties.
He showed the greatest nerve of the
three and l-hcr
The   Canadian   Pacific have placed
on sale   at all   Koolenay points
s no doubt thai had! series of low   rah* excursion licket
ilit't  two put up the fight he iliil I to various easlein points.     The foi
In* police   would     have bad
lime arresting them.
While the doctor was probing tor
Ihe bullet in liis leg, Dun laughed and
joked wiih Ihose ainiiud him and repeated his former remark ihai ii was
a pity lho bullet had uol gone
through his bead.
Colipilinuii answers lho description
nf the third man except as to ago.
lie cannol he more Ihan ilil. He
comes from Phoenix, in ibe Houndary
lowing rates apply from Rossfaud
Trail, Nelson and common points ti
New Haven, Conn., account meet-lug
Knights of Columbus $8B.I_0, selling
dates Mav 34, 211 and 'Hi.
Winnipeg Pui I ArUuir. Port Wil
Ham, Duluth. St. Paul. Minneapolis
$52.00; Omaha, $ri5.flfi; Kansas Citv
$r.n.ur»; st. Louis, Jdlfl.OO; Chicago,
WM. Uu sale .Tune *l, fl, 7, 23,
35; July 2, •'!; August 7, 8, !l; Sept.
, 8, 10, On same dates through ex-
counlry, and claims to liave been ill curslon faros will lie quoted to all
ihe dislriel only a Tew months. Hei points in Ontario, Oiiehoe. Maritime
is ral lu r reticent and from appear-1 Provinces, New York and New Eng-
iiuee hardly likelv to be taken as1 laml. Tickets nro first-claw, hear
member of a liold.-up gang. j !t" days limit for return and are sub-
Among the effects taken from the' Joel lo usual variations of mule, are
prisoners are the goggles, worn by1 also good in one or both direelions
lhe leader, and some other nrtfclcs Via tho (ileal Lakes, including meals
supposed to have been token from "nd births on lake steamers. Delhi' mail car, tailed information on application.
Provincial Constable Kernle is tho ■'■ S. Carter, D.P.A.,
hero of Hie aires!.     Ile has been on     8 Nelson, ti. C,
the  track over since lhe hold-Up and	
ii is due in his Information that tho "
Nmihvvest Mounted police wore able «4#«44##4^<I^^##444^<^H
to moke the arrest,    Captain Seavy,  '
iu perl ii tendon t ol lho Thiol detective
agency.   Seattle,   has been on      the
■tie for several  days and was cluse
i inuni ni,,ii nu*
iilli-sl   was   niiiiii1
Hi'   ^    now   invoi.tlui.tiim   niuiiiTs
mi. tlmrniifUilv. I
Draper, ol Sliokfiltc who slml nut-
iv Smiili in hrrann Hip iiIIii-i .Inv.
I .1 ul Quili-tir-nii .villi    lii
.il.ill-.illl..    lull   n'l.iliiulr   i|„. illh
..(   Mu.. iiiiiI   in,. |i.-,,|,ii- imii il.|iei*i|l i'i"'>iii"i...iis, in Into up llio Imck ii
upon ll iluu ili-i progmmiii. will bol w?"„tMc, „|B|,, „„. nr|snm,,.s „*,.,, i,,.,,,
ono llinl will   iin..| wiili tlio hourly' In a lmil nn.li'i Riinnl ol IVrnlo   uml
approval   nl nil.      The people    ol 'ho iiiounteil polico.
Marysvlllo Imvo   Ihal way ol   doing    Siiporlnloinlciil   llusspy  wiinl   In- 9®9®
Uiiii'-s.     Winn nicy umlertako  i- l,,,,"lcA'™,,n, !',0H!i ""'"*' ""''   ""'" 	
,      , ,-       his un .-nl, Imt  liu1   iiiMini'is    wore 	
tiMiiun iwoplo, cither Individually or under  i-hnrgo ol mfca* Wilson, nl
as a liraly, thoy   invarla'Ply succocd. tlio X. Vi. .tl. I1.,   who decided    to
Tin.,  have raised pile n largo sum '"''ug tten ri-.-hi  through to    Knin-
ol money tor pr./.es und llierc will lie '""l,s IV* Ml Q.ullchona at hull pasl
I will sell mv two lots luring .
Hn. station,   uiin liullillng, oi
will si'tl Inis   niiiiii. uml   iiii.vi.
Illlll.lillg.      l'i ii,-,  tlOOO,    one
lmil cash.       All cash, hotter',
inin! will lm given.
Cull un or a,hli*os8
MAY 24th
Principal Events
io a. in.
. Roys' Race, under ia year.*.
2 tiirls' Rate, under .2 years
,1 Pipe Hate ....
i Running Broad .lu.up
s Standing llroiul Juni|>
(> Running Hop, Step and Jump
7 KkK Kate ....
» Sack Rate ....
t, Si|ua\. Pool Rate   . . , ,
...to p. ill.
... One Hundred Yards Dash
.. Ohstatle Rate . , . ,
u Putting i-rtlb. Shot
i.i Tossing Caber ....
14 1-2 Mile Pony Rate, .4 hands or under, 3 heats   15 00
15 1-2 Mile Horse Rate, open, 3 heats
K> Wheelbarrow Rate, hli.1dt.1ld
17 Slag Pol Rate ....
■ H Cigar Rate on Horseback
.0 Indians Wrestling, horseback
20 Relay   Rate,  .iimi yards,   ..   men  each  side,
between  teams    playing   football at
Tlarysville, May  24th
21 Long Kitk, Poothall . .
6.30 p. m.
Football, Fernie vs. Marysville
Prize, Standard Football.
Uther events are being arranged lor. 1 Pree dance in
Clienette's Hall in the evening to which all are cordially
Invited ::       ::       ::       ::       ::        ;;       ::       ::
$   2
Undertakingand Embalming
Funerals directed Irom private house churches or our
own parlors.    Flrstclass undertaker in attendance Jl .*
Cranbrooi Cooperative Stores
Kurs/'s   Own
Kurt/'s    Pioneer
-Spanish Blossoms"
Union made Cigars
Por First-class  Music
P. PASTA, ll...
lie, III*
--, ,    Wi'ly 'ays alter dale 1 iul.nil to ^......^^^..^^
-.veil iliis morning, meeting suporiu- "I'l'ly '" "«• Dliiot  UonuuMunei ut. ••♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
a    warm   eoatc.it   in   llie   various   tondent Hussoy, Who lelt hor-    ' ■n""1" "*"1    U'"L"   * -■'■' "'♦
eenls.     ihose who do mil care   lo nighl  W|.t), ,uir" """ '*'
speinl Hie day wllh lhe crowd    <mii ,,, rtoeMnnd
lind h.Miiiiiiil spms 10 eui their lunch     -.he,* should   arrive here ahout    4  situate in Snuih Eus-fkiHi'lenay':" I* --♦
awl enjoy  lho most attractive seen- „\.tM^ this afternoon. Uommciioing    ut  a   post   planted
ery.      Willi characteristic enterprise     Superintendents llarpole anil   Kii- uh""i  lhi*ocH|uarters   ol a mile west T                                                   *
im 111 un.    111, , , 1111;   .-.,,,,» 1111-    7       I             .....     . 1,1111,,,....iu,,, -,    , „,      ...... » . ~ . » . » . . www
s..y, who left here    last  '.amis und    Works   tor a special li- ,     __   mm* aTiti />  n "
ihiec railway detecHvcs,  ''''"sc l<> eui uud carry away Umber <, A IrV IN I  [>| I w S "
Iroi 0    lollowlng   desci-H •■■ ^*  TT  _\£_2_)_J_m"
,- . » -   "I j"   f 'll 1 .   I,,,,   II I .*>        ,11111   Ifi'll It..*. ,».,- —'       ---.--     -,-■_«■   . .   * ,. vi      ^|      ill,.,.       fTll.^ll.
the roniiniiiee havo arranged Inr   a natrlck, wiih  olher raiiwav ollieials, ol Hie soiilli-wcst corner ol lot 4135,
special train lo leave Uranlnook   at hair jusl led lo meel Win convoy,       Mimce snuih -III ehuius, Ihcicc west   ,
. o clock in ilie  ruing uud Marys-     An interesting piece ol evidence  is   lu drains,    Uienco norll.   80.chains,1, ,
villi!   ul   .1 u clock   in   Hio evening, ihal  Hie dynamite lefl bv the   mli- Uienco west III   clains, Uience north n
The people of Cranbrook should iill |h.is ,„, i|,e railway track'was wrap- W cliains,    thenco   cast SO    oha.us,!"
.toi train, lor not only will    every pP,| |n   a piece of'the   Seniiiiel,    of llience south su chains lo lt» point
one -liave u splendid lime, bul il will November    last,   wilh    the   address ol commencement aial containing 610
be   an   opportunity   lo   repay   lhc laM ol an Aspen Grow) subscriber acres, mure or Jess.
people of ihal town for the   manner on it, I ,Iohn Strong.   14 .   nDPM.RD  roiumDnni. X
in   winch thoy   turn out* to    Craa-     Asuen Orove.is the place where Ed-'   Located this 7th day oi May, A. D. <. *• UKCI^IICK, CKANDKUUK '
brook't celebrations. wards has been living lately. 1906. 7-5t*
stripe duck;:
tofnnteli nil , ra nllinllil-
inixit. 11111,1 , sl,,,11 noHimnt
Snnkiino nr Cnlmirv  nrieos.
Tarpniilln 1111,1 1,1,11,1; nvni'H
made to onler.   s,iV,. ,luiy
nml frelglit n.i- ohlwlng Iron.
I   Pacific
90 day round trip
Winnipeg,  Port  Arihur,   Duluth,
St. Paul.
Through lixcursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime Pro
vinces, New York, New
on Application.
Dates ol sale :   June 4, 6. 7, 23, 25.
July 2, 3.   August 7, 8,9.
Sept. 8,10.
Tidcets subject to usual variations
ol" route and include meals and
berths on C P, R. steamers on Great Lakes-
Full particulars Irom
'jeo_ Hillier, Agent, Cranbrook
J.S. Carter, D. P. A.
Nelson, B.G


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