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Cranbrook Herald Sep 15, 1904

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Array 1 H
i i
u_5    •
R P (
vol.i: ME   T.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
•     1
ESDAY,   SEPT.    I.",,    nun.
N * M I i:::  23
II. K. Wai.k__, Gen. Mini.  1
Hon, Gko, A.Ciiv, President.
Paid  Up  Capital     S_7ll.ll-in.llll
Rest                                       .< i'lll.!!;.! HI i
imui ItesourcesNoi JO.'U                 ■ .Ofleoo •
Deposits Received.   General Ituiikiii;* liusi it is .ransuclcd j
SAVWOS BANK DBPABTMENl   I       .J   lotereal Allowed. *
ItAXKIN.I I'.l  M Ul    I'i"                             I wiili-liuni. I >.   •
Ul lllll   llllllll'.'l   4.1      14,     1        ,     I-..     4     I'll-inrll   Hi||                                                                       .,   .4 4. '
CRANBROOK BRANCH.                  I*'. C. MALPAS, Manager. '.
«. Hmi.i)'JJ.Il..Hi*J3,.     ■       ■ -< :    .1. T'JJi!li!l!5H!J4>
ij Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000 *
j! Ret , tu'Nin *
I   T. R. Merrltt, Pres,   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager 2
j| A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold avaita- 2
.. ble in every part of Canada, United State and Europe. Special m
!! attention to collections. J. F. M. PIN1CHAM, Manager.     2
f««*US*lf ii s.l t iiiii iiii ■'.JJ-'JJ*s £■**.(**.**** *********)*
Vancouver.   K   I'.,  Sent,    II,
The triiuscotitin. nin] express,  ilue
Ini.' al S ..'.'I...-', Insl   evening  was
held upnbo.it 1.1 mil -iisl   ■ ■
■ ■ii..
When llic train  vas st-vi
,,  : nl M isi ."ii ilmi' masked men
crawled to lie engine lo  uncouple
lhe engine, wliich they ran
Then  lln.   proceeded   to  the  t
,... — ■ cm   mil   !-..-'..3   the  ■   i-i'
messenger to givi   tlieni  tin
It-Ills Ilf lhe sale. Illliill was
contain al i $7,1*10 in ensh,
The tfniii did imt arrive Ini.*
unlil 12lilt) o'clock, ll is Blipp.18
.■.I IiiiiI ihc irnin robliers t spi-cli-d
i.i inlereepl the cleanup fi nu
lhe    r..ns..|i.lalc,l   Cariliiii
Tlii  Oak   I... i
pretty . '
irnittg, v hen M K
.; •       '. ... f .Mrs
,.\|    .1
tin-1 Ink 'i
Mi reliant     Imi
4 ■   . , [;. ,
.--    It,
Mr. \ :l   I. itc	
Illllltlsi nne iii ;i   l.cii . i     :
white silk organdie,
-ill, hie and ill.!... i     .    :   ,von   n
,      ire hut ol       li   I'liill'i'ii
[llllll She  ciil-i-ieil
[ids I    shower  Itoutpi i  of while
roses, lilies.,! lie   i-nlle;   i nl
Tort Steele mercantile go,, Di
There is  notlvn:;   more comfortable to
wear on a hunt!:'." Dr fishing trip than a
We have just ;■__ \\ ::l :■ Luge assortmeat I ir& I
of them in the following colors: black, ,;^j
navy;   seal  brown,  brown  and   khaki, lijGLJ
green and g'o'J.n ivy white an I g ::ij and |jg '
many other color..     ": : ie goods are ihc | ^
best manufactured, and  he price is very .;r***
little higher than for poor p-jods. ; :& j
9_=_____________=___=___ *
Wl- have a fine range of Men's Heavy
Wc bought a large quantity to get alow
price. \Ve will give our customers thc
advantage ot this, Our fall shipments
of Furnishings are arriving daily. The
price is marked down I ■ the I >.. est r.olch
* |
Tort Steele mercantile go,, Dl
aiiiniuilim:I., st It i.i ii ii I. ami   ivhicii  den luiir fern.    Miss Jessie Leitcli
nns expected to be sent lien- nboul   :""' ^'1SB Dorothy  I: -:. r,  iiltir-
Ihis tin..- i-il in pretty iln*sses ..i   white silk
ll   is said   a   cipher  U-I rnph "vuppulupink,  with  picture  hats
niessnge was senl  to lhe express  * Ilt"h, •'""l  carrying  hom is
 ssouger telling him to hm.'  his M l""k roses and swcel peas, iniiilu
sufo open to be searched forau i,,. charming bridesmaids,  while  Mr.
s| tion, and thnt therefore l.e was L1'-   "■, •x""1"- "'' ''•- Mi-rchunls
nit his gnnnl. The autlioritios arc ! ';'"«-, Brandon, assisted tin-groom,
iiow.investigatiug this rumor. This Mr.Miusluof St-JIaltliewsclmreli
is Hm lirsl train robbery whicl. has l Brandon, officiated al  lh,. organ,
over taken pli iu British Colum- uml Mr. A. II pson and Mr.  I,'.
hia.   Tin- Ciiiiutlinn I'ncilic detec-  *J- -Kocxl performed the duties nl
I    police   ;,i',.; iishei's.    the church was prettily
uml   proline
leaving ul 1-.K) Ihis morning nu
special train I'm- the scene nl i
Fernie May Get Daily Train.
Idecorutod will, palms. I, i
puis, anil chrysunlliomn
quite a number of the  fi
| Ihc    happy    ciiliple
After ilu* ceremony, '.lie party, In
ether wiih a   few  invited enests
pres. Ill
As sunn as lhe Crows N\4St repaired to the house of the bride'.
Southern railway is completed to mother, where a luncheon mm
Kernie. B.C., the llnai Northern P«™kon of, Hie house ulso wus
mav resume its daily 'train over nrttsttcally decorated. A largi
the .Tenniugs brnncli which will umnber ot vi-liiable presenls wen
pluee the Fernip district within  I:' I''"'v,vn••   luclndmg  n  hautlsoini
marble clock from the eongregiition
and choir of St. All-ins.
hours nf Spokane.     The  inili-iu
is an eslensii E thi'  (I real   Nor-1"
thorn which puts J. J.  Bill's line! -    -       	
into the hearl of the southern Can-     A CANADIAN COMPANY,
aila coal holds,
When the Jennings brunch was
Hrst built a daily passenger train , ■!"' loronto Ulpbe has llic fob
ivns operated over the line lit a Inss. «n™. interview thai will prove ol
Ultra* it was innili- into n triweeklv l!,l,'n's.1 '" ll"' l"'"!'1'' '" """ ,|ls-
service, which wus to become daily 'lrirl*"""'" lh".v IITO :'" interested
whenever the trnflie would warrant »' S001' insurance. I!." firm ..I
il. The trnflie iB said to be ull that Arnold A- Roberts ri*iircscnt ihis
eun be handled three times n week | j'oinpany in t
iniw ninl   if ihe esleiisiini   brings   "nn-- n ''-..-
I more traffic lhe service will be   in  ,l1"' here.
jel-eascil.    Tlie  Uveal   Northern   is       Mr.   .1,.   ll,.;,,,.   ..■-,
wing activity iu the Crows Xesl   Anglo-Amerienu   fir
id is increasing  ils conl  onlei
. ,. liich fact
I.,  nil   whn
I 1,-14
onipiuiy, wns .
,1 spi
Nearly all Ilu- fuel used I.v the tutor ill the Muimfncturi-rs' Imili
eniiipaiiy idling this and lhe Mon- ing yesterdny. "That's the sign 1
tnnn division ..I' ilu- road comes like "to see," "said be to a (ilobe re-
from the Crows Nest. The com- porter, pointing to nu exhibit benr-
p-inv hns plncedonlers for .">t_> tons inn the "Mnde in Cumin" label.
..f Fernie coal am! .'l-'i'i Ions of '-IE every consumer when purchus-
Morrissey coal dnily. !iiil; iiisisteil   upon   obtaining tlie
1 product nl' home factories whal  a
  win-ill ^Itracllon Coming. ibistries.    Ami  why shmilil  ihey
     -       ^, ...        .   i-nii.     j.    ,   not so insist? Are  we  in  Camilla
ii.SKSKt.KSii.Ki-^y'.-. s -Gzumm rj:;!i,,':.!l'i:. ,-'''.!*!":'!?:.^'*r!,',:1'; ■'"-ut!nM*".'',,'i^, 'Vn'm^iin^
i 'in- ..I' lhe feiiturcs  nf lhe  Allgll
Beale/':1 Hwel
Sill I!   M1ENTS I    R
The United States Fidelity
and Guaranty I iy.
in liev. nl  personal     . wing
L.is,*:,:   Adminlstral .rs, i I      utors,
Guardians, Secur ly !           c Iv*ik*-
lici.il Sivictiys, Bank ...
Book keepers, Corp iral .  .     I':. as irers
^   _.
.iv.    Criiiibnwk u genuine treat  in  the
M ....ui ..I' Miss Jessie Shirlei
i puny.
j.J .'4  nj.lot.il .i summer stocK euuiig
1-/ nielli   nl   the  Auditorium theatre
B S|„.'„,,iie     Wash.,    of  sc mc,
g ,vei ki nin iv Miss Shirley's  nami
^.4 n ihai citv has  become a   house  ;   ,. , . ,    ,     ,.     ..    .
>-■* i          ,*,              ,,     .,        ,,   -   .in ln_li sluuilini:.     An.
« I hokl wo.il in every family,     ll   «I|„.0,1„,,h1 u ami showin
I... as  follows:    I'resid
Aiuericnn I. ire Insurance couipnny
.Inn should appeal I" iiisurnnee is
thai il is a   purely  I 'uiintlinn  con-
i-ern,   .1 g   lnisiness   in   ('alindn
..nli. will, Canadian capital mid
Canadian directors. Look ul the
names nl' these directors, all   men
Mr. Deal
J _3
m «_..._._._._._;_.'.•     ■  T:;}_..Hwr;^H_.H_.
Uur Watch -   Dept.o*
fi Is one of the main feature 'business*   We 0
• have  the  proper iacl  •■ oui l''.i _•_
. • class work,   No slip  hod hop. Vb
(l*li•Ii• Our watch rep.ii--.; are continu, ', on   te increase **;*»*a
• • • and we .ue bettei prepared ever \? turn our 99®%9
• • work out with promptness. One trial will suffice o I
*g to convince you that we thoroughly understand     M
our business ..•* _!*
;,._„. {?v-® *$i   „    •
..-'■ ..* .-i
j  A VERY CLEAR IDEA | i    J , ,*•>:&*_&    j
,,.1.1,1,1 i i ,',,., i .,i !  '   ;"'*" : ' '''*«i¥*4     I
i.l ulnu Is a
i'l,.atiir|i..|aiiiiiil ns- nml iiilii|.|iini.i.l J    * :i''
.■nil I.L BIlllU'll I.v _e, Lnu  tl.il-   lim* I'lll* !
Iri'liniiiif .    ...
Tin*limi'l tl-BlBiia nn. I'lii'ri.l  mil ,      ■' *      — -..   '
Willi skill liv t-yprll iniilniii'ii.   Iiiiiii ♦ .   -.   'X.'
|.l Intalia ..--■i. parlli'iiliir rliana- '   i   :i  ' ""     j,     ';
 I.'| I. Ill     ll|     IlK    4'I,.-44'.I,..M    |,4 '       i ■        . .-I
I,||||.1'|II|.|I.V   lIllllMlll'lltll'III'lil K-. !     /
m f. Zntc,   i eMp
.iKwui.Kii .ixi.ni'Tiri.tx , \y    v:'"
nilli'iiil H'nli'li hw|ii. I... e. I'. II.. I    \ 4
l-nra-a Nasi I'ass lllvlaliiii, •       N_ ^>C<h
'''WM '
the reason 4.1 n is thnl Ihey were
. ncaccil especially In open lhe
Lyric Ihentreiil t.'algary week ..I'
September -'.lli. und Pilh. where
they nre al lln* preselil onjoyiug
nii.. ..I' the mosl prosperousengime-
ineiiis nl' the season owing  tn the
i-xcell .1' ntlvactioiis presented,
In en clion wiih  Iheir engage.
1111-11I here Mnnnger Smith ef lhe
Shirlej compnnynnclJIessrs. Clnpp
nn.l li..IIiii-  have offered   pari   nf
ihc proceeds of tho  iln   pcrfor-
ma s In Mr.  Kill",  principal  nl'
lhe public Bchool nl ('laiibriink iu
in.l of tlio lilirnry fund, Thoplnvs
presenled I.v Miss Shirley during
her sin)' here will be as follows:
friilay,'Scplcllllici' JiJIrd.Ihe spai'kl-
ing siiiilhci'ii comeily drama. "Tlie
Princess 4,1' I'ni,'lies." Saliiiilay
niniil Septranber U-llh, lhe well
known socii'ly ilrnnui "Cnn.ilie."
mnl Ki.lnnl.iy iiuitineii, the luiieful
niiisical Farce, "The Child nl' tho
Uegiment," a drnniatlKiilion of
Dniinizelti's 1.pera. "The Dnughler
nf lhe Regiment." Seals will be
mi .sale Monday, September IHth,
al I'.eaiiie's ilrm,. store. Prices
$1.00 nud 75 cents,
A Sail Day at Fori Steele.
Lasl Saturday Miss Gertrude
Mair. whn was visiting her sister,
Mrs, I-i.-I. Canii. died ui typhoid
lifter an illness nf neitl-ly two
weeks. The funeral was held on
Sunday, liev. lieachaiu. nf Crnnbrook officiating, A large numbor of peoplo from various parts
of lhe districl utll-ndetl the service.
Uii Saturday N. T. lilakiiev.
also died nf typhoid fever. lie
Iiiiii been living ill Wanlner. and
was quite sick when taken to Fori
Steele.   The fiineriil was  held  nn
4.   I-'.
McKim S.  I-'. McKinuon &
(',... Toronto); Directors. Mr. A.
A. Allan tMessrs. .\. \. Allan &
Co.). Toronto: Mr. John R. Burlier,
Pres, Toronto Paper Co., of Cornwall, Georgetown; Mr. tleorge II.
linwll.y. Berlin; Mr. A. I'.. Clin-
niughum, barrister, Kingston; Mr.
II. I'. Kekanli (Messrs. II. P. Kek-
nrdl -V Co.). Toronto: Mr. John
l-'lell ll-'lelt. Lowndes & Co., 1,1.1.1.
Toronto; Mr. W. J. Unge iT'lu- W.
J.tlagoCo., Ll.l.1. Toronto; Mr.
.Inhn Knox (Messrs. Knox, Mor.
nmi _ Co.), Hnmilton; Mr. li.
Milliehanip iMessrs. M illi.-luiiny.
UivlciV C'0.1, Toronto; Mr, J, N
Klienstnne, Sec.-Troiis, Mnsst-y.
Harris I'i... I.l.I.. Toronto: lir.
I'l-iiili M.Slanh'V. Ilrai.U',.1.1: Mr.
Hugh W'nddell, Peterboto'; Mr.
Liuil Nerlieli iMessrs. N'erlicli &
C'0.1, Toronto.
••The Anglo-American wi rgi
|y interested iu lhe grenl Toronto
eoittliigrntiou, and all the claims
were pa id promptly on adjustment,"
said Mr. Dean. "Indeed, since
lhe orgiiniznti f the compuny,
oquitnblv tuljusted ami promptly
paid. We Iiiim* nn otttstnuding
at [justed losses unpaid an. In. .claims
in' litigation. The ra,-, thai all
the wholesale firms whn were insured wiih US al    lhe   lime   nl'   the
Toronto   Iin*  ure replacing theil
lnisiness with us is striking tosti*
iniiiiy as In the confidence nf lln
public     ill    the   Slllllldlll'SS   nf   Illl
Anglo-Aniei-ican company. \V<
an- now doing a larger businesf
Erom mie end -J' il"'  Douiiuion tt
ll tl.er than nt any rioriod nf lh.
company's existence,    The pros.
illCOmo fnr   lhe   preselil    Vear   wil]
run about $450,000, Although the
company is not 11 member of the
Cnnndian Firo Underwriters' As-
iTuesdiiy. and ihe remains after-! soeintion, tlint is to say, it is whal
ward disinterred mid ombnlined I is known as a 'iion-tnrifV company,'
I'm-shipineiit In his f.iriner homo it is writing business nl eiptitnble
in the emit. rates."
Last sun.lay llic spt-em] nir nf
lli-' l .iiiinliaii t'iiilway COllinussioil
[hi881 •<I through Crnnbrook I'tiroutn
i'list, Mn' coin 111 issioi 1   Inn im:  jnsf
i'li .--.'.I a s-*-,>.iiih at Ni'lsiiii. Two
1111-in 1.1-is win* 1 in -si -nt ami a ll'.
ptvs.'tftatiM' ..r Tin- llrral.l had
tin- |.).>asnn- ..I talkiiiK with the
|tn-.„|.'i,i. ih.* Hon. A. *.. Uluir.
Ih* vvafl very  nmcli   jitniBHl  ivitli
Hi" ,i|i|).'an .1'  tin*   Kooti-iNivrt,
and Ins fi.lt' m, Koi.t.-tiay lnki',
Spwikillg ni l-.'ast Knnt.-tni\ ami
its it'si ni ivi-s mu I |)i'iis|ji-iis, Mr.
I'.lair sail! tlml thoro was tn. .!..ul.l
Imi ilia: llic Kont.-nay CVntrill
wmilil In* built withoul any | ub-
sihli'ili'lay. This slatfiiinit. turn
in:.; Iruiii sin 1: Iiiiii ivuthonty. is
vi'i-y ii'iunl rviih'iMv thai, a.-t-unlinu'
in tin- wny ihc tirrnngomoiita now
sian.l. tin'* mail will he Imili (nifl
thai thi'C. I'. If., is thi'power tlml
is hirnisliing tli.' sinews nf nar.
Tin* M.-ntl.I man hml thu pita.
sure nf im'i'tiiiL,r a I'fpri'si-iitativi'
nf nm- ol' llic lar^i'sl   conlmotiiig
firms in tlu.' I'liitt'il Stiitcs .luy
this week, ami he slalnl ilial hi>
was un Ins way up tlio vnlley in
took ovor thr proposed route an-!
•rather all inCormiition possible.
Tlic surveys an- lieing pushed
forwnitl us rapidly as |)iissilt|c ami
wiih the Ioiik Culls thut churnoler-
izo thr i-liiuaii' uf this soction, it is
quite prohibit) tlmt thoy will he
far I'limi^li utlvimcetl In portnil
cross sectioning Ioiik before biiows
boI in. And it is said tlml thoro
is much <>f tho work thai ran lm
curried forwtml in lln1 winter, sn
thai in all probability iEouoesturl-
nl this fall til.-re will be  nn   eessa-
tion during tho ooldor months,
The mil! known as Nn. I. belonging in tin- King's Lumber
.Mills com pany. was completely
destroyotl   by   lire    Insl    Sum lay
lombig nboul  six o'clock,    The
(ink wlm was getting ready for
bronkfnst. discovered   tbe  Hnnies
ml gave llic nlnrm, bul the lire
had ndvniiecd tun far tu permit Ilie
men doing anything in save ihe
building or machinery, nil id' which
were a complete luss. fortunately
the    planer   was   situated    Home
listance away ami nut burned.
There is nn idea how the  tire nri-
hinted, as thero had been  uo firo
1 the furnaces that night, owing
tn repairs boing made. The Inss
is luml tu estimate al ihis time as
thero was considerable tube em bj
this mill yet this season,  ami  lliis
nukes it necessary tu put in urn*
for that purpose. The company
hud $1,500 insurance placed wiih
Arnold & Roberts nnd the adjuster
will lie here  Saturday  to  arrange
natters. < llio serious feature, and
lhe one lhat is grentlv regretted
by lhe compuny, is lhe fnct thai a
large number of men 'Vill be thrown
ul of employment al a bad lime
id' ilu- vear.
$5,000,000  OF GOLD  IN
A. W. McVittie has evolved a
scheme lhat   has  a   -pent   deal  nf
initiation and promises In turn a
lileii stream into Ilu- pockets nf
the backers of lhe proposition,    ll
is w.-ll  known  that  in  ll; irly
si-ilies there were over S_(),000,(_K)
iii gol.ldusl taken nut nl' the Wild
lliirsedieeincs. hisiilsn known
thnt the apparatus used hi tlioso
ays did nnl save over ""1 per cent.
f the _nld. if il did that. There,
fore if there were $20,000,000 mil-
linns taken nui there musi be id
leusl $5,000,000 in the lailiiiL's.
Ai leasi this is the view tnken bv
Mr, McVittie nnd lm has Btnkcd
the nld lailiimsnf the stream mnl
will organise a company and go to
work wiih a dralgo sn ilmi a vnsl
iiinoiinl of dirl cnn be hun.lliil each
day, The tailings would m.I have
in be very rich 111 pay a fair profit, and if lliere is ns iniieh gold in
lhem as is generally believed lln
project might turn nut a big Iwu-
"l'«ial .-..rri-S| lenve to The lleralil.  I      \i   ,]„.   | ; . ,.,.  •„ |ho
.lake Fink left lu-i  Sntnnluy pietlioilisl    . 1   Tuesilay
 i.in- for 11  ten  duys  hunting "'-J1'1 '  -
Irip in ilie uiouutiiius, al I
nf Sl. Jl.ins river.
■i-nI*--*- wc] . ortle '■. ,.   p. rs'iii
Illli.   .;.        ■ !'4;ii]i||g
circle 1 1  '-I.-.- Ettn
Tin-smelter cou.|inuy have just j Bi*l»u. v  id to for-
complete l« -al  .'..name-  '*»_ In?I want tlu-i. f Imoks,
ticciipiial by some of Iheir . .tli.-ini-i j |;,-.-,,|i,._ - about
in lln* near future.                           >. Irtob     1
line   K.cle. OIIU ..1  III.' lil'sl   III
Mi-- sister,   of
Kaslo. li rook t->
cn^iij' ml dress-
iiinking busii -                   sii.- nf
lull",    goods .     li'lisel
Tennis Tournament.
The liual results -.1' lln- open
tennis lourunmoul held by the
Craubrook bawu Tennis club last
week are as follows:
Mens' sin.les   A.  W.   Wil 1.
Fernie,defeated M. A. Ileal,* h'.-Ii
ii-i',) tti-il).
.Mens' doubles I'iiikhain ami
ilcaleilefealed Wibntit uiitH'arrick
Fernie. Mi*:i| 1 l-Mi (fi-ill.
bailies'     singles    .Mis-     I lull'.
Lethbridge, defeated  Miss  Daisy
iM..ll'al h'.-Ii |ii-_i.
|     Ladies'doubles    Miss Dull' uud
Mrs. iiencham defeated Mrs. IW.
nail ami _ilwnrds, ni.Jli iJl.i'n Hi-Oi.
Mixed doubles .Miss Daisy
Moil'al ami M. A. lieale ilefeati-d
Miss I lull'ami II. Uonchnm, (11-2)
I,, ellguge in lnisiness ill Vlnir
ciunp, arrived Ihis week and may
lake up his residence here.
Dr. King, of Cranbrook. wa- in]
town 011 Fridny mi  a  professional  ^
Irip.    It. l-j. Benttie was nlso  here avenue. \, fitted   up
on the same date doing business.     a   very   attr .-.    Mon-
(ins. Theis. Mavnr,,fl.I.i T..W.,.  ,|;VH:''   T '     lmVe    "
ferry Creek, spiml  two days  in! m,l,","r> '
town   last   week,   telling   of   Ihc
wonderful resources of that pnrt.c
itlnr section.
The Wallace A Muniihiin mil
company have resumed nperaiinm
nfter a shin down nl three  week-
mi n. ml ..I' Bhortnge nl'  water
and now have forty  men engaged
Henry   McKinnon,
i.f lh,
(Ieorge -      force nf
men   ,',' \\". I,'4.me
group "i   1 St.   Marys.
This   group mi   ihe
opjiosite side . . frmn the
lireaj   ii uerally
U-lievitl iii il  ii :- ntiiiuntion
,.f the  ll*'   ■
w'hii are I'auiili.'i ■  property
4 .,,,•', ■ -iv li'' t It   ] "lie nf
hrst locators 111 the I yrinn.l camp.    h;. ,H, x
has jus! 11-lurued here Irnin Ir-	
.1 Wale- Island 1 1
■amps after au  iibseui
liev. ni fl Tuesday I'.:- I'- ■ ■ Mr  Fortune
wiil attend tin -   . ■    .   ef the
1  ..  ,1,,' Kooteimvs.    J they will
Ulenceil   at    llic               , .   . .    *
,■      ,1.   1 go t.. I 4*4.: nits, ami
XCUVtltltlg   tl'l    tlll'l                            •   , ',             .
' i\p,'4'i to b " nbout   fnur
wtvks    li'     Mel .nl Rossland,
will oi-cu the Presbyterian cl J Smuiny   and
Work    has
Sullivun inin,-.
me liunl;,'!'-.    Clearing tin*  right
in way for i'n-  Irani  line  lietween
lh im- mu! ('   I', li. is nlso miller
It is understood -Mr. Uiblett
of'spokone',',',',-' Nel.7,,:';i.',.''i,,'lveuJ,1;,,.,'':' ' UeV. jihl
tor of the well known Riblett tram, I0' ,'"
will install nne al once In be i:
working shape 110I later than 1 Icto
ber lhe I'.ith.
Wind might have bi-eu u veryser- I ue in 1
imis aceiili'iii  iieciiri'etl   here' last|tram
'k al nne nl' lhe hotels, when
■ nf ihe guests collapsed int.. a
id nlil R"ip Van Winkle sleep.
icluded to get  out   of bed  an.l
A I'li.i '.1 his bakery
biisi.u ss hi ■ _   n.   I'.   be
[Jen?    * Sandon, - ill  contin-
Mr. I'hnr-
■1 nl    of
Cnuibroo -:   four years
.. _.'. ■! citizen. T] is pleased to
know   thai ■;.' red   in
lake a  spiu  nrouud.  but  how  he  Cr Is I   il   he will
inniigeil I., walk011I nf ihe nindow | continui : rover he may
11 the second lint un.l land one legl^o.
1 each lurge window glass  in  the I                 . ,
.3wer storey withoutdruiviugblood     ,*x :"   * l,l""ll'>;
nr being nwakcneil fmm his peace-   w,"h \, ■    ^l-'\,y11
fui sluiiil...,*- will nlwuvs remain  a I'1  H '- '  ' , XW,S"
mvsterv                                           1,'r"   ' '
Charley -    .        ■ :..r the blind in
M..ntlv ' y   will
return in ab '.-   Wilbur
Hiii a:i''; 1         ; dso went to
Culgnrj-   M .-   the care
nf Mr-  Mel tin y  enter
for   tin!:' yenr    in    the
colli-ge iu tl
.rom the I'rcHlKctor.
IC. A. Kb..11. Cowley. Alberta,
was in town Sunday last.
Mr, nnil Mrs. Fred Jones. Marysville were mui'sis al the Imperial
Mr-. V. Hyde Baker ami Mi-s
Mnss. Cranbrook, were Meel..
visilnrs lasl Satuniay.
Miss lj, Taenhauser, |x.st-mis-
tress at Cranbrook, i- enjoying a
pleasant holiday at Steele this week.
The indications are ilml the
Inwn nf  Fort   Sleele.  ihis  winter.
will be lhe bllStOSl Of 'he ]ll|s| three
M. A, Benle, Crnnbrook, win,
has been outing nl Wn-n for the
past week, was ut Steel,' on Saturday la-t.
'i'lu* following Crnnbi k people
were registered ul the Intjierinl
Sunday last: Mr. ami Mrs. A. ('
N'4'l-..u. Mis- I,. II. Staples am:
Mi-s *l. X. Proctor, Dr. Ci, W,
(ireen ami .1. H. Thompson,
Mr. Curtis, of Fish Luke, killed
a bawl; lusi   we.-k   thai   measured
live feel  l.ll   inches frnlll lip tn tip.
M. IC. Cfulntervisited .Mr. Curtis'
ranch Satuniay 1.. see if ii was
Died, mi Mnmlav. September
]ilh lie* baby l...v of Williain
Scliofietd,   ngeil live'months.   The
I'.l]H-I'llI services    Were lll'lll    al    tile
li.>ii I'   I lurry   Riibiehnud    mi
Weiluesdny and Ihc remains inter-
red in lh.- Cruubrook cemotry
nlong uside of the mother who died
11 few months ngo. Mr. Sehofielil
nn.- iu  Winnipeg bul arrived iu
lime fnr lhe   I'l nil.      The   child
has been taken care of hy Mr. ami
Mrs. Hnbichuud and its death was
a severe blew    In    both    nf    lhem.
They wish tn llnnik friends for
the many nets nf kindness during
tin- chilli's sickness and  after ils
_:i. les in Moyie.
An in rie ..I Rngles was organ-
izod in Mnyi- ,11, the 18th wiih
nearly luu members. The follow-
iug officers were elected ami installed by D.il.l'.l'. ('has. Parsons
from  Vni uver:     President,  I'..
.1. Riley; Vice-President, lv A.
Hill; Chnpluin, Dr. S. K. llnrvie:
Secretary..T. II. Hawke*. Treasurer.
W..I. Atchison: Conductor, V. V.
ICddy; Inner liuanliaii. I-'. W.
Frith; Outer Guardian. II. N.
Bnnton; Trustees. P. I-'. Johnston;
J, J, Murphy. F. J. McMahon,
.here -vie : eting at Oddfellows'I111U I evening, Sep-
t,-inl»i-r iHnl. purpose of
arranging- fo irani * it ion of
th.* literary r the winter
sensi n. A such work
an- .*ii'.'" - ■ to be present ii..-: . ' ic ::." benefit of theil . wledge.
Tl   ' .   44'4','SS.
ami with -       . .it this
year ii ,■ lib iter.
1 '"ii- .vement
is Ixiing con! 1 alxnit   Fort
Stei-le bj   ' Kay. the mini
-up irinti strict.   A
new .ul..!';  ... ... , ■ ■'. irnin the
top of tii'   Iliil 1 r-*pairs mail.* nn
the hiii Mil. !0f ll.e rile!'. Mr. M.-K "■ -: man of
nf many years i ■. not only
in Britisli ('■ lunibiu luil in the
Male-, ami he !i i" work ill
Smirk K:i" Ko • thai will remain a : ■ llis genius
ami ability.
There isious in
the bill..'!    I ' I   timi    Hum
unfortnnnti      i parade  wen*
ll ni'i- of I enough
,11. inli, i- ■ representation, ■ 1 up the
Iisl ill'.-. ntly left
nut.   Tli Piper
M.t..'.     ,    . .in   little
all.-nli.' bagpipes,
iin   \\.   li     v. •    ih,.
nam.' of the H tl    Mc
Neil .illlil.
Little   lllilie-    |j ...      Wj[]       |,;,|,.
pen in u i" '■'. ■ ■   ami   too
often it i-   •   .'.•■■ '■■■   ititen-
ti.llllll will  ■    ip [■ in    the
laud would   ■  I ' -'"   Ihan
have such a thing "cu:'.
Fred Sin; lh, 0 lhe Moyie Lead-
el', was   in   lov 11 ■                      .Mr.
Smyth is a piou ■ townand
for vear- he has
tiie  praises
ofthe Lucem.   0
' .In-  Moyie and
boosted the p.- ;■
■   .'e: 1 th ■  town.
There hav.' be, .
rs when there
was no butter 01
1 r   .: and the
bankets wen-  tli
.   bdl   now the
mine is in o]
. rasini ss men
more than wag.
■ ; Fred is getting
more.   He
never w.ui back
. til ■   Inwn.   Ill-
kepi 1111 smiliuj! ■
were cussi ig. 1 e
.  other peoplo
.. nl iin«] that in
every bunch il It
1 there was some
silver,and li ul
of prospcritj
me time the   sun
rise over thn
St. Engciic hill,
li has and today
Movie is.•u,".1 '
in l. -   towns iii
the Kootennys w
•:  a   Inl nf busi-
liess men that .Ic
fur their faith an
erye lo grow r'u-li
1 steadfastness, Till.   CUANI.I.OOK    HERALD
. I *
mi-.!) I 1   li  '*'"   :   :'     i'" ''""""''''
fit tvAllU is liouml in hem-in ll
Timber Notice.
8 of one pari
i- districl  ns j   .|i|.. |||l|in, llr  ,|„j,  •„,. .;.,
I,.-,,-. I I ii,ti,i4,l i..i.|4|.:.'. in lb.-c.,1.1,-umml--
e.    Illl,,!       4414.!     „       .-     '
1   t.tl
Tl ■
_■■■ '
When Crnnbrook stops growing |	
;    ■ ill |B. nheu tlu valleys in   Ihis
4,,'    ,f the districl are devoid of
timber mul tl,.-hill-are no longer
tori  .    of   great     miueral
, wvjillh.
.i iin
i  ■    ■.:        *     '    '
I 1-1.14.
cUt , party-rii '««'«l'* '
1. .!..!.''   i!*.l'". I  "|,l"'„„ 1.IU
i„„i.„i.ii*i.ii..""" I' ; I"" ...ii.'".."-1"
tol 4,,,i,,„;i4**.   s.  ,1 4.   ymir «■_.- 1'-
, i„„,'„.l:,..,l>,..: .,.1,;.,' I 'i Nimi ..vi-rilll.'l-
\,1vitIIb1iis nil.'-
IVIui -ver   is the oorri*spoiuleut
, (lie S'elsou New- iu Ci-anbrook i
'■ Islioulil   .ie more aeenrato in  Uiul
statements he sends tn thnl paper.
Tinm. j'.T
month, an
ill. !'     -ill'   I.-
4.1   I'll  I"-".
'     Iill
,,.... i '."   -    I
4,4* "        11'
j4.'li [iinui-tloil. ,
1l,„„.i.-i_.t.i !■ ..:. tin' i i'l- "is.'..;!.
Ena. K .4...    4iii i; wl  ii In n*
•.•|„'l!..,'.,.!i,4,' 'i.i   t't.i.    ' .l.|"l
|4,  ,1,4.1.  1-4.1    111.      le .     '      il
4i,i:,i i-hiirlt* I; in.
.,,.4,- jolt ivui-k. li .*'
iiv un.l prill*. !*■
_.1114-1  ll''.'!-.!.   I
oraiieiiilaa ii-ul lii.'ritiil.i    1
,'l  -nil
I ,v.
ill 'I'll
■nlil .1..
i-i- .!...!
i'l] i'i .in
"..  'II.
■      1|       ,1      I'
-   -_
ii llif imrtli
.■■it i
-t l1
timi mnl im
,i. ■ ■
!,-Ill'l'   .
-I,,,   **tl '  i'-n*-' *
in- iiii
Jl   I.I'l'   1
--■'      :
Hll ...tli- ;  'f
'     -|4,    ..
-.  IM.'I
Milf .then >
it-l il
i-. ;-i
;', Any
.1 A;
nl Klntll.
■i l'on
.    JIM
i>   [,.
1 ivorki I'..
iii hm
-i h
1,'lhk uf Hi,
j,' .. |i
Ht  Ml
4. I'.'..-!., ai--.. llnil   il.i.!.- -I".-
4 i.ii". i n.l i...i|.|.i.i' i» ;i Inin
I   4,(1,111,1.  I    *,,__>__. ___-__-<
.'   I I 1."    I -lil.t    .l.*-.'lil'.'
.illliill' I,"   .|..|'l lllllll, ..(III
..nth liriuii'li ..i t-'i>_l>... .:-..'- U.'-1   K...
filW ..Jifili'.-r: ||t     _t___\ J fl j, ^
.:::, iGr'lZZGGG^iGh: fl01.21 3 3
north sn  .1.4.14,41.  ili.'ii."   -r__-.il.    Hi VFaWIt    *_-vw      -_?S»
(ini-sis Cnnittirl • Specialty
ii.i.nl Stabling in Connection
.. -..nil, sn I'lllll
■   1.4 ;l;ii'.'.'l   iH'tlillllfllfl.
The reporl
th. Chief C.
; nnd   Wnr
Sinnes nf   fjttndl
Ihi'ii just issued. Tin* strange
part of the proposition is thu fact
that the reporl eovors tho year ending Jims 30th, ]'■"!>'■'<■ Of whal
possible nso sueh a reporl can be
no ouo onn answer. The McBride
goverumenl wonld confer a boon
on thoproTinco, as well :.s i.ilill-
gnnile an ecouomicnl inovution, il
it would iini) Ibis expensive ninl
senseless practice thut has always
prevailed in  British Columbia ol
issuing  reports,  th intents ol
■which iim aii.-icnl history who.
tbey reach the public eye H i;
throwing away good money thn
might much hotter bo invested ii
roads, trails and bridges in tin
The big stock yards strike in tho x. in.
States is declared off by tin- work- "mnh
mini,    The loss is ...iiiiinl, -1 at *■"'•• I'J.^
i ii :.i.(il ii I I'm* the employes and over "J",1'1''"„",'[„?',, ''.':.'.,".'
Sl',000.000 for the packers.    As a tii.-i.n_.tn.nil mi
striko il was a lirst class lizzie from
the stall.    And >el. as a matter nf
pnneiple it •Illllllil have been   sue.
e'ssliil.    Hut the strikers resorted
In vinle al different   times ami
s -.ui Insi the sympathy nf the
publio. There is nne righl lha!
should prevail in every free country, nml Ihai is lhe right nf any
i.i.lividllal In work where he please
with .mi fear of his life being tnken
by lhe assault of thugs. The
pickers nI' the Stales are a combination nf the Worst Inl nf IIIOIIO-
la-lists ill tlie world, and a strike
properly bundled against them mi
n sound basis would linvo won.
•i.i,'. in
i'lll,  ,i.'!"li
,.,' Amnwi. HUM.
nnii. utu.
.mul, !>:.nun,. !...'
Cual and Petroleum Notices.
Nmi... ia In-roliy aiv.'ii Hint niter lliirt-
ilm-4i,. Iiiloiiil.n n-iplj I.. Hi" ..Ilial ...."•
,:„..,,4,„.|   ,,l [„ 11,1. 141411  1.4.41-    444.1   I 14,' 414'| ,|, I ,,
.■-.miiii-Hiiiii.'r of Iiiii.la iiiiiI worka lor amitti
•i-i Kootenay, ll.C'., tor 11 Uceuaa to proa-
I,,! i ,t it,,,! nml patrol I Hi,, loll..iiiiii;
.lt-.nil..'.l Inn.I'.. nitillili'.l  n.  III.' mnilli ,'iial
i, riilltiiti.li I'.iliinil.iii. nli.iill   U. niili'-
I,,-, nllhi.tni.iiol Ferule, in.. iiii.I iii.iU.
i.l i.ii.I miln.. ni lo Hi,- lit., k.-tt group, anil
eaal nt anil nilji Ill in Sum Kl.inai. elnlm,
ilaletl Annum    Hiii. Hull     I it-»l l»r
M iw. Muni,.. I'.i Starling Untitle,,, nml
['hn. M. iiiin.*.   Initial poa nl nnil petrol
.44111 iiinni. Moaea M.iriin'a norMi-enal cor *
poal. Tlienea 81) ehnlna aoutli, lliem-a 811
.1,:,l,i- iii'iii, ilii'iii'i' sn clinfna norlh, llienee
sn i-litiliia anal 10 lln- pin  tieginn'tift'
I'ontnlnliig.110nrrta. Loi-n.etl Aiiuni-t Hi...
HUM, for Mo.ee Mnrttu, i,.v Starling
Mutthen I Clin.   Mc Quire.
4* '" mil,..."I nud "li-pot,     l|n
.)]   lln: t.tililii: nnt-iuiaU. I i
4, iiffiilnvll olFmle
llii .luy ol Si'|.l"inl."
if Hoggarth & Rollins jl
jt   llul and Cold llultis  Proprietors      J J
CBKSCBKT I.tUioU N»i. 8*1
Cranbrook, It. C.
Mn.tH J,i.l ami lltl  Tlle_ln.v ill S  p. tu.  in
.1. A. All'
ilia, in,.
. K. II B
N. lln... IM-.
rcmllllll. Invite- II..I1I..I1.I.
Ii4ii.il   poal
ilm I:   M I.,
IB Mum
'441,1     llllll      |ll't I'llll'lllll     illliill.
11- norlli-weal corner poat
Miirttn'a north-coat corner
11 chnina ..null, thence sn
. 1*'.
. I..
I llcvllll.
-11 ,-UHll  Imllir
There is every reiison In believe
that there will he nn iinnecessiiry
delay in beginning construction mi
the Kootenay Central.
Lord Minto made lln* mislnkc of
h.B lif<? when he visited lhe consl
.md tailed tn pass over lln* Crows
Nest Pusb railway.
The railway commission did m.i
convene ii! Crnnbrook Inr the
simple reason tlni'. Cranlirnnk is
not a kicker.
ems hi lie a  slight ccs-
s-itiouof hostilities in the .Tnpanese-
Uussiaii   wur.   owing   to   the clots.   The death mil up tn the
present lime has been appalling,
in fact when Ilu* truth is known  il
may exceed anything in Hie history 11 *■'■
„l iln* world.   And yel limy cullhK
Ihi- lhe ugo of civilization.    111 thor'""' l~1'""
lighl 1,1' passing events Hu- word
civilization   seems In be a farce.
Tn think nf hundreds of thousands |„- .,
of human beings being sacrificed i_-,._. *.rti
for  lhe  political advancement of inm
Siiilie nln Iltry, which   when   re-   Tn lhe IMi-iiiIiiii
.lined inn line proposition simply    imm- 4,1' utu.
means the financial nr political ad-  ™.5"Vm'is Ilvi,
■inI.er.  .
Iii'inliiii'.i' Mnici-.il
111 .il.i. ..Annan
Mla-rl l.oiila n
ine-l to up *
limns eaat, thenco so ohiiino uorlli. theuce
ill cliulna weat to pluca of beginning, con-
ttlning tliu uerea. Located August l-lth,
llilll, lij-Steeling Mutthewa nml Chna. Nl.
9        When vou visit Cranhrook stop at the
1^ None Hitter In tlic District ^
9 K'.itcs Ji .unt up.   Short Orders and Oysters _►
A), served in any style from .*- p. .... to 6 a. 1". Jk
9 The table is the best, tbe rooms are unsurpassed for clean W
9 liness and comlort and the bar is supplied with the best brand l£*
9 of liquors and ciears. A
9 L. B. VANDELAR, Prop.        j>
Cranhnmk  Local Union  1211 al IkW tlllrt
Brolherhoail of Carpcalcr. lid Jola.r.
ol America.
Thia I...nl luoota aver.   KH.Iitv ..veiiiiigat
I '  I,  I    hull.
\ [ailing llli'l llii'ii l'i.r.!iull.v 1,,,'il.-.1.
.1   I   I.1M.111, .1   II   M, II,,s.l.I.,
It,, Sn I'll., mmc
!.<>.»...     Key Cl.y Ladfi
Nn. ..'.   .M,.,.l.,-vr,y Moll
day nigh, nl ihslr >..n .-a
llnkei -tn-,'1.    S..I Inn
niniil) milt,',!.
,,. IV. II. McKnrlane.
traahrooh Iodic, No. II
A. f. * A. ,-.
iiccmoiil ofiielinueofiticlividunls. ''I'-y".,wl
Wnr is bell. There is no other
adequate dofhu'tlon, And the par-
tieipiiuts are the ones whn have tu
pay lie- penally.
' I oVIni'k.
till' lllill'l!
1'. II    Hi
l„-'"l  ill
Illl' I'lll
Tlm subscription list In The
Herald continues to grew in lhe
most   gratifying   manner.       bast
wcekK. I'l. Ilea I lie sold 111 pics
of The Herald and could have snld
more i.'the ollice could have supplied them.   Thnl  is  pretty gootl
evidencoon Ilu- f,* nf it that ilu*
people like Tin- Herald.
Nl.lil'l'   i'4
coin .Inl- I
Coal Location...
The rapid growth of the Crnnbrook schools is a good oretorion
liy which to judge of the growth of
lie- town. There are at lhe j.re
senl timo four rooms, and ouo more aim
will soon be added under the in- (Hiiuecea
afflictions nf the superintendent of jjj'jjj"
educiitioii. -And yet that is not
siilMcietil to meet the demand. A
hin I li room will have tn be added N..iiui a very shorl time. Cranhrook lEioi'ot
is a growing town and lln- school i1.1™,1'"',,
authorities might just as well appreciate this fact now us later.
chief com*
iini.lsiii.il iv'oika im* n llenwta
,.„nl „n Hi,, liill.ui iin;' .l.'».'i'il..'il
I Bltlinle on III" uorlli fork of
licotich   1.1 t'cnlinc river, 1*
ml 1
TI11.11. ,
nl n put
(  II.   I'i
-.null 80
"in.l ni'.'
iiiim* mih,
ll.l umey,Loc r
Murk Oriunin, An"'
on Hie folio.
inji ili-H-rUic 1
liitiirk ni lh-
I   1.4,,In,4- I'il
c, IJn-i   Koo-
in-Ill tlu. Inml
u'll  |ii4-.  nn
rkeil   "Nortli-
(  aerulii   <!n
ilnei-'a   Inml"
Murysvlllo is destined to lir n hjj"
town of importnneo in this district. ».,
_    .           i.-ii         . , :,iK, Tin- cotnplution of  thu  Sullivan
It  is   wondorfnl   how    mpullj        u  !,,,...., ... tl...,   ,.,	
Granbrooli Uikea hold of proposi
tions that moans progress. The
peoplo o£ this town aro vrideawaki
business men aiul rwuly Eor anything that promises advancement.
Thai ia ono o£ tlio prici pal reasons
why tin.' town is always growing.
A petition is l"'iii^r circnlatod
asking that thc now Hitpromo jmlffo
to bo appointed shall reside in
Nelsnn. There are many reasons
for this, and if thero aro no const
lawyers willing to come to Xelson
to live. The Herald will venture
the assertion thnl there ran be
found a resilient lawyer of Nelson
self BficriHcitiK enough to don tho
ermine lo save his city's pride.
Them should bo an imporl duty
on United Htati ■; train robliers.
Now would l)o an excellent timo l"
enforce a dumping clnusi
smeller will give to that  plaeo a
permanent payroll nntl a basis o£
prosperity that will result in sue-
r the town.
hiwiilnl Aim
Diil-jtt Seiilc
I'.llli'l*. lot
ilml  thirty iln.
iiiirt' nf liimld
|,r,in|...-l for n
Last    week   we devoted   nearly tiwi trflniiili
four columns to labor day. and endeavored to coverall the important J-."lm|||,,1 humIuhi
features.   In tho rush of tho days ^."^Jj^1.
following  we overlooked   one   or     (Jimim 'Iuh
.    .      . . . .    . ip       wu-l   Piiniw   n[  Al,   '... 1 u-.|.m'iii-    imm
two, but sitlil many kind words   tor j iiu-nroriiiinliiffn"1 Sl rl*nln«, limn™ Htiiitli
ih,- participants gonorally.    As a gSmhlMoTtaw^tt'fe!^
IWoJkHl.., -..   ■
i '4WJB mid PulKiub tw
i.rlni irlhPiiHl mrtu
.. wllil'll   JtfJJtl if  Hlllllll
th,   nnrtli  mnl pmil
■iindl nf Kul'illllg I'lvn
■lul.'I i
result we   only    hoard   one   person
speak in commendation of the report, and he wns a Methodist parson, while a half dozen cussed Ilu
paper for the few ommissions.
That is Ihe wav of the newspaper*
.    ,*p mi 1 I |i"»H|I«m mr i'i
man s life.     I lie average one.  ami   i,-ih*i nf luml s
espeoinlly if he has been  at tlio I TSJiy. ImiVmii
lnisiness as lout;' as  the   editor of K^*-^fj
The Herald, gets used to ii. and '-■
laughs al the peculiarities of the
human race,
I i.ul- ,1.1, <il AURiwt, 11104,
.i-iilPinlii-r lath. MUM.
.1  I:.I,ll»
Ivpii iiiiii thirty dny*
, j,;.I-   lull Iilpfi-Olll*
I workn fnr 11 HiwiMtti
I... fnllinvitif- iIwcrllH'il
.inm- uurlli furii nf tin1
.li,m rlvor, liiml Kon*
011 tho north iho bmA
Klihii Root, late secretary of war
in the States, says that Canada is
Iwund to be uni' of the great
nations of the earth. Mr. Rool
shows a great head.
Who ever heard of a train carry
ing an   editorial excursio
held up!
If yon know a piece of news tell
Tho Herald nbout it. Don't euro-
folly conceal it until after tho
paper is out and express surprise
that it was not published.
The Nelfinn News continues to
be tke best daily news paper published in any town tho size of Nel-
eon on the Amorican continent,
When tlio government ia pleading poverty so far as expenditures
on roads nud trails are concerned
il would Beom gootl wisdom to see
that what money is spout goes
where it is most needed, and not
to suit lhe fancy of "ne individual.
The people pay lhe luxes, and
their wishes should bo consulted
in every community. No one man
constitutes u goveriiinent in this
The Hon.  Mr.  Blair is of Ilie
opinion that lhe general elections
will be held in  November.     That
opinion is being  pretty generally'
accepted by tho people.
Inllill |...*Hl nnil nml pt-trot.-um rlalm,
linn-Hi- W. Vinii-iitV suutlH-iist corner ponl,
:i ij.iinitm juini M<* Leu hn north-weal corner
[inst, theii-ti nu chulim north, thence nu
i-IihIdh west, thenco 80 ehuiun nouth, thonce
1.0 elinins ensl i<> the plaroot beginning, eon*
tuinlng U-U) ut-rcd. Locateii August Uth,
11104, l.y Sterling Mutthetrn un.l i'lm_. Mc-
(in in-.
Iiiltltil past con! nml petroleum claim,
Miuitl It. tUhbaril's _outh*w_*t corner post,
nO}oiulug Ueorge \V. Vincent's south-ewit
-..hut past, thenco Bt) ehuins north, theuce
nh chnlns oust, thence no chains snulh.
ini'in'c no i hnliis west, to plnee nf beginning,
cuntnlu ng 04U nam, Looated August 14th,
1IW4-, by Sterling Matthews nml Chan. Me-
Initial poBt conl ami petroleum claim,
l-'ieil Uuhu's uorth*enst comer post, north
<>i mnl udjulnlngJobn W, Vincent's cluliu,
i'l.iHi* so ulmliu. south, thence no ehulus
iH'st, thonce no chulua uorth, thence no
uiminstftiat to place ol beginning, containing
GUI ucriB, Located Auk* lltli. 11104, by
Su'iling Miiiiiii-HH ami Chns. McQulre,
Iniilnl posl coul uml iiciriili-uni elnlm,
Carolyn Shnffur'a uorth*fvest comer poBt,
ii (jnininji Fred Hahu'a north-east corner
■mot, tlieneo no chains south, theuce SO
eust, thenco 80   ehalns north, thut  no
i* i,',int> H'i',1, to plnco of hegtnnlng,contain'
liitfOtOaeris. Located Aug, 14th. 1004, bj
Sterling Matthows n'lil ('has. MeOititu
I iiiiinl posi nml uml potroloum claim,
Archie Uttieolrn'M soutb-eust corner post,
mill lining Prod Bahu's north*, unt corner
i post, thonco 80 chains north, thence 80
chiiins west, tlieneo 80 chains south, thenee
NO chains oust, to plnco of beginning, con.
talning (MO acres. Located Aug. 14th, 11)04,
by Stt-rling Matthews nnA Chas. McGulre.
Initial post coal aud petroleum clitim,
Wiliintn \V. Wolf's sotttli-wosl comer post,
iidjulniiig Archie Maleolm's Bonth-ensl cor*
Bor post, thonce 80 elmlns norlh, theuce NO
I'hsiiiB east, thonce N" eliains Routh, Ihenee
SO elinins wnst,to plaeeot beginning, con-
ininiiipll4 trefl.   Located Atig I ith. tool.
hySterllug Matthews uiidl'litts McQulre.
Initial post mil uml potroleiiiu claim
NutiieMeQiilro'B north-oust corner past, ad-
joining nn.l north nf An-liio Malcolm's claim,
tlieneo ao chains south, Ihenco so chains
west, thenco no ehulus north, thenc* no
ehuins east, tn place of begiunlng, cuntnliilng
(MO ncres. Lm-nted Aug. Uth, 1H04, by
Sterling Matthews nnd Chas. Mctttilrii.
Initial post coul nml petroleum elnlm,
Qoor-zo W. Bwuggerb's north-west corner
post, adjoining Nut tin McQulre's north-cast
corner, llionee _u ehnius south, thonco 80
chiiiuBMBt, thonco no chains nortli. thenee
no chnlns west, to plaeo of beginning n-
talniiig(14l)uoros. Located Aug, 14th, 1004,
b.v Sterling Mntilictvs uml Chns, MoGulro.
iniilnl post conl nml potroisum clulm,
J. A. McLean's northeHBl norner pmt, ml-
loiiilng nml enst nf John It. MnLean's elnlm,
tlii'iii'ii im chuiiiH snutli. thenco no chnlns
west, thenee HO i'lmins north, thonco no
ehuins wist, to plnco ni liegtnuitig. contain*
luga*U)n«roB. Located August 14th, 1004,
by Sterling Matt hows uml L'Ims. McUuiro.
Initial post nntl mul petroleum claim,
iloiuiledovun's north-woBt comer post, adjoining if, A. McL'-mi'H north-euBl rorner
post, theuci) ho chains south, tlioi  ho
chains onst, tlieneo ho chains norlh, Ihouw
no chains west, to plnco of beginning,-con*
lniuing040ncroR, Locnted Aug. 14th,10tM
by Sterling Matthews nud Chns MeUulre.
Inlllsl posl conl uml polrtiloiim rtuim,
Mlrlna MoLcnn's Bonth-onsl comer post,
iidjolning J. A. Md.''iin'i* min Ii-i'iihi corner,
tlini ii mi chains uorfh, I-Iiohm ho cbittns
u<h thence ho ehalns bohIIi, thonco no
i'liuii .oust, in plnco nf lu>giuning, contain*
inu Ma ncr-s. LooiiIhI Aug, Uth. 11104,
liyHiorllng Matthows nnd Chns, McUutro.
& The Pioneer Hotel of thc St. Marys Valley.
■ /v.,v J**1'   ■'ft ■   'ti'K'ilai' "'eel
t*^yy/y V   Ulna Timi
_■    \\„-'    -_ -       lll.'lllll.
I'l'linn-l l.ll ttlt
i_ilay  ut   lbe
Vliltlnghretren  wolcoiaed.
M. A. ItKAl.K. B«>.
g Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dinine room service^ and the J;
'# best of everything' at the bar. J^
1 FRED DREW,      *W      Proprietor. I
V r
A Couple of Pair
THK A. L. U. NO Ml
Mtwta  i*v,.ry   Suliirilay
iiiiiin in   I. I>. O. F.   ball
Vltltln, Brethren torillalli Inilled lo •Kill
CIU. BHUOK l.iiimi*:. S9«,
rU.lM'.KHUK, ll. C,
Meeta Ul anil :li»l Tuesday every montli
ill Alilmllailllll'.
Vislling brethren nonllally iiniteii
A. Mi'1'1144 4-. l'  It      \\*ll. AllKIISKTHV, Sac'j.
llllll'.      Till.-.'   Ilttll.    ..".14    ,'44441-   4411,1
il. i Mil,, nnlii m.liaara In 11141k,.
In rooiI sai-vli-i-iilila alllla.
Let Us Make You
II-IWO. «',' llllV,' «„l,l,' II,',,' |.|,l,4.IIIII 4141   lll'll    llilll   1,1,1'    II    1111,1   V4.I
III wrar Ilk. Inin.   Thev will 1 ...1.
lanal linll nn.l tliomli.li mini -
ill"..-, yon |nal iiln.iit n Itill.-l, ii-
Ii innili. tallow 441 .nl.l .'lini'iii'.   Ami
1! II ilil'l.Ti'lii',' ill HI nml |,„,I.s
Leask & Henderson
Initial post cnnl nml petroleum claim,
C.vnfliiu ll'-ilninn'.. soutti-wesl comer post,
ndjoininft Mary M. Scott's Houtli-eusi coruer,
thonco nii elinins nortli,  ih .- >n clmitiB
east,  tlieneo 80 .Iniiin*. south,  thet   80
ehuins wi-Ht. to place "f beginninp. contnhi-
Ing 040 new. Locnted Aug. 14th, 11)04,
l.y Sterling MuttliewB and Chns. MeGiiire.
Auction Sale of School [..'tm!.-.
inil.ir  N'OTICtii
of   Still
held In rtmtern Alimrtaus folloHs:-
KiiAioxTON,   Wpdneedti;
11)04, utlOo'clock
I.KPir. Mondny, Oetoli
o'clock n.ui.
WKTASKhvis, Thursiloy, Octohr
ick n i
8rd, 1004, ni  10
li. limi.
October   10th,   1004,
. October 18tb, t004.
October 1 Ttl*. Ifl'»4, nt
nh, 1004..
cr v
■nver.ii  iinn. i-.il li
c clulm -nail ha recorded within fifteen
if Incuted  "iiiin t.'ti unit'- nf ll iiniini.
iil..i'-'i.llli'i'. ..tian'lillli.iind Mnv iiltinieil tin
yuililitlomtl tea tnlltMur fraction- The fec
.-.-..nlliitl a cluln. 19 98,
lean fiou must no expended nu ihe I'hiitu
yoni nr paid to the tmiiitiK recorder m lieu
"~oo hns been expended or imli]
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hazell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
1-erin. Bli in-'ii
Mnrli in iiiiiiii. .liu"'.
N...i,'4. la lii'i"! i-   all'.a Hml  tlilrly iln.va
frum ilnte 1 i ml lu appl. tn tlin nliint i-iiin-
mi-i i- „f Iiml- tuul wurk. fnr a lii-miae lo
 -|.,',i !„:■ .'"..I.nun. fnllowillg ilmi-rl	
Inii'l „|| I-,*,. n,4. nnrtli fork of tlu
smuli Ini li ..1 l-'iii-ilinitrival*, Un.l   Koo-
..(.llnil. Iiiiiliiin:
r..iiiiiiii.'.iiii' ii n i.'.-i innvkcil "Soiillienal
!'i!n!,'i;":li!'i.''» 'iiii »'i''-l'i'".:... il' :i4'""l.: »
i'llllllia Inin i.l 1.... iiniini.'. nolilHliillig'HI
I :il, .1 IMIiila'yol Angliat, 100*1.
II; 1 Si'| nlioi-12111, Hull.
Tl na Tlioniflun, I.hl-iiI or.
Mmk Dninim, Agent.
Nniiii' 1. li.'i'i'i.v glvon Ilial  tlilrly .In.-.*
Irom .Into 1 Intoiul m u|.|.l.v to tln.ohlot_.nl
ini-iin.i'i' of lnmla nail work, torn lloonaol.
.,1,1-1 i Ini i 1 mill... followingilraorl	
inii'l mi : laltiiiilnontlio north fork of tlu
.null iii'tiiioii 44I I'olillng rlvor,   _"i*t  Koo
i  niuituljoiniiig ui! ilu- north tho inn.
Willi;.... Randolph Hearst sptmt w^™'»e.'nof m. EA^Smffir
fow llftys ifl Nolsoil   llllll   vicinity ' llH-nrcnuiniuBcasl 80 eliullin, ilii'iii'i- until J
nil v.i-llt into crwlitcics  of  doligllt   suidmlrm'tti plr if beginning, ciiutiiliilut
Tho building o_ tho Koolonny I ovor tho seonory. Wnll, ho hml
Central will pro?o u Kront boon for ritfht to sinoo ho hml novor hoi
tho onliro district.   Whal holiw to through Mast Kootonny.
nr loss,
I il-I lOihdnyofAugiu
iJutedSepJemhorliilh, IW
Mrs. Mnrk Dr
Aiiirk loin	
I ni I lul ]inst cnnl uml pcirnlcum claim,
Kiln. Dovnn's sotitlitwesl comer post, eil
joining Milium McLean's south-east cornor
p, hi. tli-iicc HO ehuins nortli, theme ho
chnina east, thonce 80 chains snutli, tlieneo
80chflitiB west, to place or beginning, con-
(niniil-/(tn res,   Lt.o_.lcil Aug. I4th,l!i(ll,
bj Stnrllng Matthows uml Wins, Meliuire.
Ii.itinl post coal ami petroleum claim,
I1. S. Linnbort's north-onsfceornerposl north
ni mnl nd]oining Miriam Mcljcan's claim,
thettr-o 80 ehuins Houth, llienee HO chains
v.t*a, thence ko chains nnrtli, thenee no
ehnius enst, io plnee nf beginning, containing
MO ncres. Located August Uth, 1004, liy
Sterling Matthews nnd Chas. McGulre.
Initial print coul nml petroleum claim,
Robert Bli tiff's ijorfclwyjis! oofnpr post, adjoining P, S. Lnmbpit'H uortii-ea«t porner,
thence no chains Sfjuth, thenee 80 chains
east, thoupo ho elmlns north, thence ho
chnlllB west, to tlie pluee nf Iii-uilining, eon-
taining840 nnresi Located Aug, 14tb,lt)04,
l.y Sterling Matthews aid LlinM. MoQnlro.
[ttitlni post, cost nml petroleum claim,
Msry M. Scott's sontli*enHl corner poat, od-
j luing lioln-ri Bliaw's north.wesl corner,
thence nn ehuins north, theiiee -Mi chains
_-*.(,   theuce  HO  cllUttia  HOIltll,  them*.  HI)
liiuliiBeast, to the plnee of beginning, con-
I ulning 1140 noros. Locateii Aug. 14th, 1004-
by Sterling Mutthrwo ami Chan, MoOiiire,
Lacomhk, Mutidn
m io o'clock nin
Innispaii., Thnrsdiij
Ht IDn'eiiiik ll.lii
DinsnuKV, Monday,
10 o'clock it.tu.
("ai.uaiiv, Thursday,
,n loo'fini-k a.m.
limn llivicn, Monday, October 34th, i'.ml,
nt io o'clock n.in.
Pinciibs Cbgbk. Thnreday, October 27lli,
lllltl.nt tOn'clouk n.ui.
These lands are situated, gem-rally sponk*
.ini, within n distnnco ot Irom twelve to
twenty miles of the L'algary mid Udraonton
liuil way and of tho Crow's Nisi Poss Urniicll
of thotaiindinu Pnclllc Hallway.
Tlt.'v will Iw Mid wiih,mm regard to per-
Mm. who may belli illegnl occupation ol Iho
name inn such persons will ho allowed n
period of thirty days utter llio «*ih within
whicli toreiiiove buildings nnd other prop-
0nn*teiitb In cash nl Minoof ealo uml hub
unco In nine eijuul ntinuul Instolinents with
intcn'hi ul the rule nf flvo per cent, per
annum nn ihc huluneeol tin- piirehiwe money
Imui lime m limn remaining unpaid, except
incuses where thu ill-en of tlie Itiud eohl does
nm i'xi I forty ncres, in which caeo the
terms of nnymenl nhnil l« -fllth in ensh,
uml Hu* balance in tour ei|unl nunuul instill*
mentswith Interest al the rate of (Ivo per
fi'iit per annum, Tiinneoond iiislalmenl with
Interest will lm pn,voblo mi ill" 1st November,
liui.-i, uiul ilm remaining liiBluhmintM yearly
Imm Mini dull*.   Scrip in* ivurrutiU will nol
In-a pied in poyuieiit.
Upon u pnrcol of land boiutt _ ked down
tin- pn. Iiiih'i- -imli Immoillai ly deposfl tho
HiiinofOiieiiiiiuli'Cii Dnllnn with iin- L'lerk
uf Halo, otlmrwiHO thn parcel w.ll m oncobe
put up Hgalii. Ki i' ildh puriioso liiieudliig
purchasers should prnvldo tliemselves with
marked el les iliurierod IviiiHh of r.ni
mln inadotoUiolrowiiohleraiul puruble nl
I,in ni il i I sale, or with i.nnk nuti-s
nl iih im _ leiiomiuni as luis'lhle,  Thf
balance nl the cash Inslnlmeiii uiusl in every
cuss lie paid hororo lhe chi.i< of lhe mih-, fall
hut which the deposit of Onellnudred Dollars
Hill be rortolted mul tlio land wttlutrawii
(mm mile.
Lists ot tlio hinds lobe anid may ho hnd on
application to "The Seerolary, llupnrtiueul
of the Interior, Ottiiwtii" or tonnv Agenl ni
DominionLnndstu Mnnltolmor thoNorlh-
wesl Territories,
Hy order,
V. (I. ki;vi:j,
Depni'lllictifnf lln-loterioi*.
Ottuwu, 27tll AugUBt, 11101.       2»*Hi
-tiled hy the Minister of
'i-i inernir m menu- eiilni*. eontuliiiiif; iron ami
inlCll. Ulsn C.mi'er. m the \ uKuii Te ill lory, ot BU
illill lliil C\ee.-(|iiu; li. lucres.
I lit- imii'iil f->r li miiilti - liu-atl.ui slutll \\va, lile
t.-i lln* iniytiu'til nf r.iwiltv nt the rnte nf'."i pur
cenl * inn* t'i-"iu,-i nr Hi- u.i*i..ti.
I'll ,*i' Minlti!!.   .Miihtl.ihiiliti.l the X.  Vi. T..
excepting tne Yukon Territory.—Placer niiniu:
I'liUinsp-iti-riillv nre inn feft •.'iiiai'i-i euiry ret*.
3... renewable,yearly, mi the Noith Sisknt-
.'h.'vvati il'.ci'clnliiis are either liar ur bench, tlie
former helllg inn feet hint; uml .xteiulin-- he*
hvi-n llii'ii ami Imv wnier murk. Tlie hitter in*
ilinli's 1i.il- iliirjtitiKs. Iuitie\tcmls Imuk to tlic
base ni ihe bin or bank, but not exceedlm* i.ouo
ft-t-i. VVln-ro Ptenitt power is used, claims -ou
feel wiileinay lieohinlueil.
ine.l*:iii'; In the rivers nf Manitoba ami tlie
Jf. W. T„ excepting the Yukon IVrritory.—A
free miner may nbtiun only t»o leases ni live
i.lies each for a term of twenty years, renew-
l.lc lu the disi'ietloiinf ihe Minister of the lu-
'Ihc li's-i-e'a 1'lnhl Iscnnlhieil to the silbmerg
*'■""'    f the rivor below low water
j       C. H, DUNBAR
|   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc.
£   Cranbrook, B
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ofllee at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   *   •   •   -   9:30 to II
Afternoons   •   ■   ■   •   1:30 to 3:30
Evenings   -   *   *   -    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   f    :      :   B. C
III. iv
i) may receive entries tur bur
n-lich claims, e.\ci-|it nu Uie -ifukttt-
uln-rellio lessiie may drstfjte to
■sm'c tuny ilre.lue
ilicrnale ieuKehnlu.
Th'- lessee slmll have u dredge In operation
tvllliluuiie sen-ton from tbe date of ihe lease tor
each Mve miles, but win-re a person or company
hnsohialijed innrethan miu lease one liuii-,-
Ii.rciic.i Hit.'.*n miles orfnietlon Is .nill.-i.-nt
Kciital. tfin per iiiiiliiin fur each mile uf river
1.-I-..I. i'l.y.av ;il Uie rate of two ami a half
per cent eollooled on the output after it exoeedi
Dredging In the Yukon Territory.— Sh leuiei
nf live miles eaoh   muy lie mami-dto a tree
miner for n tennot twenty years, also renewable
The lessee srlglil iseonllued to the suiunen:-
eil hod or bar- Is  111.' rlv r below low water
ma. I*. Ilial buitnilury to he tlve.l hy lis i-.>-lr i-'ii
i.n III'1 Isi day Of AllgltSt III I he year nf lhe dule
Of tllO lease.
'.'lie lessee shall have nne ilie.lt:.- In uperalluti
■."■liiu two \ curs tr Ih<- date nf the lease, and
ii-tMiiclm-foi'cell thein.tcs wilhln six years
from such .line. I.eiiiiil. -aii.**! p.-r in.If for llis.
your, and -l» p-r mile for each subsequent year.
-HVSICUN lad ~l KlilJOM
Rl— l'-,ll'.'llllilll.
o ll.illli ovoiilai
T,.|,'|.l.,.,„.. ll
opiioalla M."
h.  II: iillir
..■UH.. h.iiii
•S-I-. I* l*»l»l»
Dr. Connolly,
Physician and Surgeon   _
"'■ Oltice on Armstrong Avenue (t)
Synopsis of Regulations (or disposal ot Mln
erals on Dominion Lands In Atanitoha
the Northwest Territories anil the Vukon
Coal.—Cntit lands may he iMirHiaicd at Sin per
acre tor soft cual ami S.'n lm* (tnthruclte. Not
num. than :::.''acres c;in in-iicqnlred hy on. .n
dividual or company,   itoyaity nt the rata or
lull cents per Ion of J.l!(tnp.inii'is shall lieeulleet*
ed on ihe in'iihs nutput,
umirl/..- person-, of clyhlceu year, nnil over
mid lotnt stnekcoinpatiie-. h-ilillni,' free miner'.-!
oerlineatea may oiitain catty ior a uiiiilnu tooa*
A tree miner's oertlllonto In Brautod for une
or mure years, nnli-M'ceilim,' lhe, upon payment
In advance ..f <IM per niiuiiiii fur an individual,
and from OCll in {lim per HIllllUH fnr a coiupany,
I'lnudr Minn
[iileli, rlvei an
•j In tin- ^ nl.no I'crtltniy.   Creel,,
i mil i inuils sini'i nol exceed adc
 asioeil .in lhe base 1	
vltlth helm; fr
•lj  flalins
in i on. tu 2,ono reel,   All ollioi
hall be .-,   feel Nllll.ru,
Uke | i.y two li'ltal p..st..  one  ul
allied Ml'l.lll
iu miles<■] in
lay a InWDil  fl
eu iluss. If Ihc   claim  Is Within
unu rccniibo's nllicc,   une-Mi a
1   each  n, lii  1  HU1   Iniles  tu
The n-i'soiK
hold a Iree Illl
1'llf illsctiM'l
claim nf 1 in-o
put ot uh.cli i
ti-s. i.r the pin
iii-n from ihc
r piiov itahlmtn claim musi
ci scerllflcate.
'i'  .it a new m.lie is ent.tleil   I.i  ii
eel   In   .('lll'lll.  uml  II  the  pal It
I.r,'*, leet iillin-'i-ibei. on (lie mil
i  myalU   shall be   l'llii.«0ll,  Ihe
y iiidlnar) claims only,
.    K.iyalivalllie Lite,if hut mnl
tili.ii tin-\alneol Ihc i;..l.l  ship
llktlll leultoi) lobe paid lo (lie
DO in. 1101 shall receive a ;:i;inl uf inure
I- iiuiiiii!. claim un each _e|iarale river
i unlch, luil tlm same miner nin\ hnld
Illi ior of claims hv piiichas--, nnil tree
may work their claims In purine. _hlp by
i-k, glllcll or river, ny ipunb notice ami
|i.iyln;: a fee,
U .nk must he done on a claim each year to
the value nf at least ■jawi.
A ceitillcaleinat work has been done musi be
nb aineiieach year; if not. Uu- claim shall lm
ileeuieilto beainmloncd,and upeti tooccupatlun
;iml entry by a free miner,
Tne hiiiuiilarics uf a clulm may heilellneil uli-
sfilutely by havlUK a »nn cy made ami pithiMi.tin
mil ices In lhe Yukon iMlli-ial tlu/ette.
Petroleum,- All ununprQprlutud Iiom.nlmi
Ijimls In Alunltoba, tlie Noriltwe.il Tcnlloi'ies
ami wiihiu thu Yukon Territory are open to
pro-ipeotliuj for petroleum, und the inbilster
may reserve lm an iuillililinil ur cuinpaiij lim-
iii'j'iuacliincry un the luml to he pros|iected, au
iir.'iiutilin acres. Should tlm prospector ilts-
c-.vcf oil ia paying i|itaiitlties, ami satisfactorily
establish such discovery, au area not exceeding
mo acres, hiohiillua tliu oil well nntl such other
laud as may be determined, will be .sold to the
■Ihcovi.rcrat1hurateofjjl.nl> an acre, subject
to royally at such rate as may bu spccllled hy
uii.cr-ln council.
Department of the Interior, Ottawa, Sept,
1',l'', JAMKS A. UMAItT,
liepuly of the Muihler of the Interior
In 11 a.m.. _lo-l p. in, 7  g
[I in.      Thnne lu;, @
ra   lloutts:-
, .*; I .M <f>l
D lo 19 a m.
1 In ii p. m.
Mni'sc Doiltistl'y ainl  liiuiii'.'.eHti
i. SjH'i'iitlty
Tvi. Nu. U. CKANHRUUK, B. C.
| Music furnished tor Balls, Parties, etc. j
Two to seven pieces.
B. C.
•*♦*#*#**##•*#**##**♦*♦•##£ rn
lIHTIsn   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   ski- I.   I...   iiiin.
Wantedjmaiedtetely.   |,SAVE   TIME.
nell ['mil Treei   lliinpherrv, (limeelieri
•ii.' I nrn.in ftuKhcH.etr     li I Ilil.V w.vklv .
nuilli free      There Ik hi** v III Mux uml.
(tr. rul worth) u
irk. Inrhidliiu ih. -. i  nu I
leliveru _ i'.,','„-'i.!,'„.'', . ,(
I'EUIAM NURSBRV CO . lor.niiu. lint.
S It WillninkenrruiiHi' i.(.ii UmIm.. n> .
in i-n iin- lminlinn- i.i.'mIii-i.i-i. ry,
Repairing Promptly Done*
Footwear lo Measure a Specially '
Xi-w rigs, good driving
iiml bii'lilli- horses ;ii
n-nsoimblu rnto. Our
.■liiiiVill botogivogooil
lili-il with us.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
it is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
sj.mu.i:. TACoru
iin Al.l. I'll 4   iMivra
St. Paul, Chicago, Ncw  \nrk
Palace mnl Taurlsl Sluep. ra, Bflff.l, I.ilirnr.. , ,j(
tnrs. Moilum lla) :*...■! Ii44. Ili'iinj- Cur.. | li,
tltiils a la Cine. I  f
*• East and West Daily L
. peclal excursion ralea lo World's l:air. St. 11
Louis,     Vuur choice of ruuiti.
l-'or rnti-a, [nlilers nn,l full Inf
i-i'giinling trips, rail nn or nililn
-. ii. VKRKK. , II, DltANPT
(I. IV. I', i. ('. I'. \ T. A
.emtio .;.; IV. Kivclaiilo Avo
Wn.!,. .|iokune. Wiish.
[j Dezall Brothers
I   Blacksmiths;
j     Horse Shoeing •
; Carriage Repairing ami      ;
: General Jobbing..., I
* Oatslilc Orders Prnmpllj ;
_      _ ,     iH. C, RHODE
Boot, Shoe and
HTiji i Harness .Maker,
arness Maker ,.    .    .  '
Cranbrook, B. l.   i     ,.„.„„',„.—.,
Old shoes made new.   All kinds i ^w^iff^v
ot repairing,   dive me a call.    '   l!li'
The Saratoga
11. I TO, Proprietor
This is a ncw restaurant, antl
will I)-.* operated on modern
plans. Open day and night,
and the best the market affords
will   be  served   on   the tables
Best meal in the country for the
least money
Tobacco. Cigars and Fruit
"Xu nrii-liiiiciitnmlBiueltilig is
!,, In- nn   :iin,|il|ilish.'il    fuel in ill.'
Kootennys ill in. Ini.. .Ini,.. Constant l*'i*i*nnii. lln* Fnglish engineer
and  i-l list,  ivh -lKiimt.il the
i.lt.ii nl treating C'auadiii.i nine ores
..ii id.* lim.um!. nns iii Kosslauil
in i in.ili! .'iii'i.iii,' I'i-.,iii Ki.kIui.iI
i.i  tin.  Sloi-un, wl,--,.■  iln* initinl
•i. i tin- iulvnni-.il Blngi-s ul' tlu«
/.iin' iiiiliisiri will In- niiiiU-." snys
iln* Itosslniiil Miner ot lust  Sntur
Opposite C. I'. R. Station
Hi.i'i-.* Sup] stock
..Repairing of all kind..
iH__w..v.!i_ ..-*."•■-:
McVittie & Laidlavv,
Mining; Engineers
and Surveyors,
THOS. T. Mc\ ITTIE, I'.l ,S.
.1. I. I.AIDLAW, VI, E.
A 1 .i-ii Sto      tl '  . I ets .ind
Roba,   J*   **
Phone night and d.iy 77
Formerly Hotel Pl.air
Nelson Exhibition |
Sept. .?>- and 2'1
I nun nil Nation*, Revelstoke tn
I nmi', Including ■-.*  branches
aiul Sl World's Fare Rates
EMBALMING    li       0ctobcr * + 5
B. TO. II'KINS, Manager.
n.is hoti-1 is mn* of tin- IhisI in
llritisli Coliunbin mnl np-to-ilnt.
in over-, i','s|i,.,'i. W',-11 lightoi
s,ini|ili' rooms.
telephone: so.
Oil.....       I la       .  'i4,Mini; nexl I
Royal I   -.i -ml I-i.
•:•''   ii.
s\mT 0,,mfX£mm_smm
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
Livery 3
Trunin nnil ilriviT*. luriii'ilicil for any
imiiil in tbu illatrict,
A. OOYI.I:, Manager.
<>u sale until Sept. 211
Snlil iiiiii*.. Si*pl. 15 Iii Oct. 15
l..i full I ii-iiliiraii.ipl.v l.ili.i'nl agonic
li. Miller, Agent, Cranbrook,
1.-1  UiTI-JH, IJ. .1. COYI i:
11.I'.l.. \.'l-..n   A.G.I'.A. Viiiu-iiuvnr
Each month....
[rives nn' iiioiv work  in t Villi*
""■ ■ p...pie evidently
Si*i- in
James Greer
ul Builder
• ♦♦ + »*»*.*» • »-# * * • •••••••• • V
i G. 0. TISDALE, i
» *
_ Proprietor of tin* ♦
Cranbrook      j
Candy Kitchen \
• Candies, Lriiils, Nuts,
• Biscuits, Pipes and
j   TobaCCOS. fllve as a call
%     THR   FAMOUS     %
f El Presidente I
CIGAR    1
■  =    1
I Invinil |,l.n*lm__l Ilu- atra-ll ..i
liunla nn.l slu..-..1 Hi.. Ki-11111-.ly
.'-Inl... I ;llli mill- |il'i'|.ill'...l In |li\'0
Anvenu* tlcsiring   nnvthitig  in
tliis lino will Piivo 1 n>'v hy unll*
I    iui; nn.l invL'Htigntiiig for lliem-
■Wlr. Punmu hus been absent
[foui ili>- country Por several
im mt hs.   Thr 011 tor prise of which
li-' is theprm-liral head lins excited
much iiii.-tvsi throughout thr
country I'm* si'ViTtil months,unci In-
\vasivi|iii-sti-i| by the Miner tonmkt*
a slatt'iiii'iil nn tin- topic, Ale.
Ki'iTiau was exceedingly uvorse to
discussing his plans, owing 1 <> mis-
ivprcHi'iitalitiiis ant'iil himself ami
liis mulortnkiiiR suhsequeul tu liis
last visit to tin' Ivootoimys, Ihu un
being pressed upon hf said :
"•I Imp.- it willsiilii.i'tusaylliat
I .imi here Eor a stay nl' many
months, in the eourae ul' which I
pmpose tu [iul intu t'll'i'i't tlic plans
outlined wlien hero last. Tho zinc
onrichmeul works ul Uosebery uud
tho zinc smelter ut Pernio will be
built. Tin* machinery Cor thr
Rosobery wurks is ordered, ami
part nf the nlunl needed at Pernio
is under order. The purchnse priee
fur tin- enrichment wurks sii.- ;it
liusi'lit'i'v has beon paid uver, nml a
start will In- mnde at once with the
buildings. Installation of phial
eun be proceeded with at uur convenience, once iln1 superstructure
is finished. The plans fur tlic
Pernio works require some linish.
iiij-i touches, nnd those will be done
by my druughtsninu, whu will be
hero in a fortnight.'
-Tin' Uosebery enrichment wurks
which nn- tn be constructed under
Air. I'Vrnaii's plans, will Iim lln-lirsl
nf tin1 kind in Canndn. It is intended tu 'concentrate zinc concentrate;' that is. to take the crude
concentrates currying zinc and
mechanically handle tin- product to
eliminate u further percentage id'
contents other than lln- desirable
zinc, Tin- higher percentage of
zinc thus obtained renders the product more desirable I'rnni the smelter's standpoint nml reduces the
bulk nn which railroad tolls musi
bf paid. The process of onrichmeul is based un standard concentrating practice, varied to meet the
speeinl uiv in treatment. < hi the
start it is understood the Rosebery
works will handle tho zinc produced at tht' Monitor mini' in Threo
Porks,while provision is to be made
for the handling of customs concentrates.
"Much the most interesting fuctor
in Mr. Pernau's plans, is however,,
the construction of the zinc smelter
at Fernie, which, he states, will now
be proceeded with under liis personal supervision. ( hie of the objections to the erection of such a
plant heretofore has been the excessive cost of construction. The
outlay on machinery is comparatively small, less mechanical plant
being required than iu an ordinary
lead smelter, owing tn the elimination of blowing apparatus. Kx-
ceptionally large and heavy furnaces of fire brick nre required.nnd
such const ruction costs heavily
with fire brick at $70 to $S0 per
thousand. Then at Kernie a gas
plant will be required, the fuel used
in tlie furnaces being gas, The
hitler fact is tlie reason for the
erection nf the works at Feniie.
■■The fulfillment of Air. Fernnu's
plans should have ll decidedly
stimulating effect upon the production of zinc in British Columbia,
The metal is widely distributed,
although   usually   in conjunction
With lead.     Heretofore.I has  been
a detriment to lead ores, owing to
the zinc penalty charged ut lead
smelters, and this condition prevailed until recently, when zinc
concentrates Irnin tho Kootennys
have found 11 fairly good market iu
Kansas and abroad.
■■The Kernie smelter will be constructed with a view In finally
handling 110,000 tons of zinc nns
per annum. This tonnage is by no
meausavailabloal the present time,
hence the plant when ready Eor
operation will be prepared to purchase 10,000 tons of zinc ores por
year. Prom time to time the plant
wiil be extended until the maximum
is reached, after wliich. should uny
further expansion bo desirable in
future years, themeohunicnl nppnr-
atus will require to bo increased,
!!    "Thosmeltor willproduei spelter.
I which is zinc containing  a  small
I percentage of lead, iron and  other
*   impurities.   The demand fnr Bpel-
church Directory
for ru,,:i-i.
-li is naturally expected thai the
establishment of works for the
treat ute j il of zinc ores "ill stimulate the development of properties
producing ores which have hitherto N.v I   small   nui m-i nr   tu ope*
il.'..rj.'    Iiiiii,-!'.  I   Clapp.   S.
di   W. l lupp,   A. C |,.  i;
Clapp. .M  .\. Clnpp, Chas. Sti'von.
Mi.) I., 4 v. Miili.i.l Muu/.  l.nurn
M.Vnis.-i'. Ili,*li.*.i*.l   Hi niil, An*
.Inn ('. Riilont.  Wm.  I. Gibson.
Frank A.  Hevar, .lames Rinton.
Wm, II. lli v..\l.u A. II. Diitlii,'.
Wm. II. lii'iii,;,,. l. il 1 ..rt   II. .Mns.
ter, II. P, l!ii.'kii,_lmiii. Frank ll
Cranlirnnk Mi-ihudisi Church.
Corner al Hanson .venue and Lt,als Street
H 1 I.I-S.T4    ■-
Hi."    ll'll  -' 11 ..II.
Sllllil I.                                           :i p. li.
In.iii. li                                     7 :ln r. _
1  ■ - K|,4i„        1     . a   ..1   (l.rii-tinti
I .8 i-. M.
'I'liin-iii.    \i"      i'     ■ ■ \;.. , u    - i'u
I    II - ■ .'.ll'l.-l t„ III*
-   1   i:., > 1111 ■—.>,4.
*   Have Vnu Any Palatine, to be Done?
,   Do Any ol Your Rooms Need Papering?
I   l-'.sliniali's iiivi'ii on largo con.  j ] [ei-'Ts very Brent-l""1 i,s ••8" "' 'll
tracts, Wi- ilon't wnnt tin
I'.ii'lli. Wo wnnt to pli'iisi'
you with tlio work innl receive
ri-iiBoiiiilili' pny.
Royal Hotel, Cranbrook
iiiiliisti'ii-s is I'liiiliiiinilly growing,
while in siniii- important Holds of
production tlie tonnage produced is
mi tlio down-grndn. Tin- principal
tsiiinptimi ul /.im- is in giilv.-ini'/.-1
Mojiti* un trmslroog Ave.
Cranbrook Baptist Church,
Tlie(ollo*ln« l« a M of tlu  _rrvlcw held
inllif Hiiptlm .
Sunilio                    11 * m and 7:80 p    .
Siimlnj Si! 1       _ p m
Voung IV..1 iles -  |.. 111. Ttu-mliiy
Prnjer Mwiinjr, - p ra. Vadnwdiv
. r   1       i* ni     .   I-  i    Thppnhlii .   iuriteJ to attetid
(evens, .luhii    I'.mjiev.   Albert   _,,   ;lu ,„„,,,„„„
[nghuni,  Fred   Bownum,  Richard I'm. tor, j. l. sloat
Hi'rt/. I.i//ie  M.   InghiMu,  Mnbel  .
Hilte. Uev Bownum.   Kd.anl  T. Cr;jnhr(|nk p    b^   ,     .
Ku-liimls,     floury   kmsi-,   < Ims.
Theis, l-:ii/,'il.,'ili  Davis.   Sherinnn   .
ciniis. Kw,.,, Mi.i'i'is,,,,. c,mi.-ii!, .;:„,:;;?" '       ! "'I7:':;i'**»*
Uhodi-s, Charlie   Rhodes. (' les  S,_t ■ ll        *$._
Cooper,   Nornuiu     I3eers    .lessie    Tt_.pu_i.«n . -.1 ..* _ti.-,,.i
Beers. -lost-ph dis,.. I y Uallnnl,   .enwlwi.
Ii.ii'i.   Adiiiiis.   -Iniin   McLatchie, "  w ,; "' r*-'!u"*'" »•
Mum-ice Muwdsli-y,  D.  Diirough.  " 	
W.   McLeod,   Mtuleline    Lnyton.
Geo. W. Kerr, W. II   Cl.   Plupps.
Iv ID, I., li.-.du.-v. II   II.   Palmer,
N. F.'I'owiisend.'W S. Heron, li.
W.   .M. Iliiil,'.  .Irniii,'  .1.  Ritchie.
Kiilherine  Thompson.   C   S.   JI,
Brown 15. D.iilii.'. C.   .\l    Walker.
I-'..I. Uaniels,   Annie   15.   Fras- r.
Mnn C. Fruser. Il.*,n*i,*i I. Auglin.
II. T. Ci-iH-rlev, F. A. Auglin,,!. P.
C'osgro, ,las.   Auderson.   Wm. S.
Rugh, I5ugeue S.  Topping,   Allie
Vure. Geo. Hernig. Han-ev .1. Hnr- .	
ris. A, W, Kenning. Hv. Uwitrt, 15.
•I. iinnii.  F. A.   I-Jnpry.  l-'r...|   K,        A lH-nutiful line of Home.
Knipey. Jus. Fisher. Paul S. Coul-        sjiiiii- anil   Worsteds   fur
drey. Win. II. Ful.ling. Riclinnl L. Ladies' Tailor Made Suils.
Wright, (ico.  II.  Dickson,  l-Mitlil'    Sulistui-ti titeed.
II. Hamilton. UcorginnC, Fording, j
I,.'lli.i   Xo.   i.   Limited.   Louisa
linn/.. .Iniin 15. Hooper. Annie   E.
Milgard. Alt Thomns. Rolit.  Rus-1
set. M.  15.  Miller.   Mnv   English.
Clins. Mi'!/. W. 15.   Mann.   W   il
lliiinliiri*. M. S. Duvis. 15.   It.  Main. T. C. Man... .1.   II. Cleinuier.
Chas.   Lofipiist.   .lohn     Bartlett.
I.i,Iin McFiirluni-. N. Davis. T. W
Murphy. C. Lewis. J. A. Amlersou. |
II. II. Clnudet.  Richiml  Hull.  E.
Harrison, Hamilton   Smith.  Win.
Turpel. J, L. Rose. (.4. S. Rose. li.
I.. McBride, W. R. Hibbnnl.S. H.
Solllll. R. II. Hughes, W. II. Morris \. D. C'opfiu. ii.'...  Lux. -I.
W.Crott. A. Pool.C. K.  Hull. R.
Helme.R.   J. Elliot.   Rayner W.
Hiiilun. Jlnrtliu lliiiiim. I„ Wvune
C. II. Rupert.    R.   L. Galbraith.
Geo. Douglas. Snrah L. Walbraitli.
Ins. I). Clonlon, J. D. Allan.-X. W.
Adams. L. II. Prather,Geo.House,
I'iiniiiliv l-'iiln-v.   Jas.   II.   Evans.
Michael McAmu-rv. Win. L. Mack.
Sninui'l K. Green.'XL  15.  Russell.
Alt. L,  KulV.   15. *l.  Dyer, Mary I
Fahey.and Join. T Bhitf.
ri. ii      roh oi tim
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer
\l-.i r.- in business for business.
To k.*.*p it and s ■>•,:■.* more we
must do busi . -_;:, a business
like manner \\ ■ nre prompt
: is business
"o ilo a . ki.nls it dray-age and
cartage.    We want mur.*.
Leave ,,r.l.,-r~ in ...ur office in
the Cranbrook hotel block, op-
positc station, or telephone 99;
residence, lilt
Increase in Revenue From Timber,    j     PrgSt   PllOtO Co
Vancouver Provii : It is learn
Cranbrook, Fernie, Moyie
...Britisli Columbia...
CC0UNTS in f
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
ed tlini the t-evenne accruing to the
provincial government from timber
royalties, irrespective ot tlmt from
tiiiilit'r licenses, during the months
of July ninl Angusl of the present
year exceeds tin- revenue I'rnni
royalties iiloiu- derivt-d during nny
four months in the history ot the
The revenue From royalties dur-
iiui tin' in..nili   ..f July,  lln-  lirsl i „^^^^_^_.^_^^
uiuliil, nf iln- present  fiscal year,       Jf the rush  of  business [
was in the neighborhood of SolMKXI ,.nItI,   ,.
while thu! from  the same source       prevents YOU finding
during the month of August is said       time to write   up your :
to have been aliout   S15.000.  tank-     -   l__i„    „.   (,,„!„„   „_...
ing n total of SH5.0U0  in   revenue     '   books*   or   hl,Ving   y0Ur
for tin-two months. bills and accounts regu-
Never before during the history       larly rendered  and  col-
i.l 111.' Iiunli-i- imlusirv   in   llriiisli I       ,        , ,
Columbia Ims so great an amount       KCted, apply to
of  revenue  In-i-n  derivetl  in  uny      ta_ rni t    ni; - m
four months from the actual re.      JOSEPH   RYAN
turns nn timber mumitncti t;\ into ,
Iinnii. r.   Conditions in the I ber P'     ''"v
imlusirv nl present nre such ns  n, |   ;   CRANBROOK, .*   ** li. C.
justify tin' prediction tlml the total
revenue of the goverumenl  from
this source "ill Ihis fiscal yenr ex.
I'l'i-il Hint  nf tin-  Insl   fiscal year,
when the amount derived wns up.
proximately $2.*.0,()0U.
Will Build Flathead Line.
Victoria. Sept., II The deal for
the Iiiiiliiin. of ii railway into the]
Flathead oil and coal country was
consummated on Saturday night.
There was n hitch in the negotia-1
linns I'i il lmvi u _ ilu- aiiiiotincemenl i
of two iveeksiigo. luit all difticul- gjf
tins were liimlly overcome, nml nr- j
raugenients ns !ln*n made now
stand. . |
The railway  compuny  is  really j
uhsidarv to tlic conl compuny, null   0,l| plfuMnl (IrivourufurniBtied liythelionw
The Two Factors
 build from   Klatlieatf to" Mor-1 'l»*>c»"|^-
in it. i nmi. 1,,
nssev.    w '
I).'  ('. ' Curl.in
lithium* mui-h
j mini' .t.vlf. lliuu is fiuniil in tin1 usual livery
.    i.'llic   h.||K
umlcrstood to he at   lit.'  buck  of      The Handley Livery Stable*
tlu;   railway   cum tinny,   wind]   re-. nin Iiirnlili suHnblo outflte Ior any piir|io_«
' uml red coul clniius ns a ]
%%'P?i''ci iiitMtmiiiJ'w1'l1n i»  Kuroiw lurgo quantiiii-s 'acn
I ilie uml llie muuufiicturo ot brass. I bonus,    or   uver   sixty   thousand I   0l,t,,liforwo,I,linB»ifuiiBrttaltte.)ofcii
l_-i.li    •..   i.'   i iii.',._,l  ' rrntflclinrgpB,
PAUL HANDLE*. nn: ctiAMiiMioK  in-.itA'.n
. . .... ....   .., „   ,,   -.. 3 3 3 1
Job printing ie an
The Herald practices the art.    You can get only one kind of  |
Printing in this office.    That is the best. ji
B**-O***0-*-e-'-*>*"--'-,-O*»C-* O-J-O-J-O-'.-O+O    miles (■]<■« itst. TO^re was surli un.
J'   '   '   ' 5   veiled contempt lu Uer Uaslilni eyes
A .... By   Leslie   Gray   5
8 8
$ _.s»'*'".".    $
A   41.,inn   N.44v|„,t.,.' E.U,
I Talking ot newspaper hentllngs sug-
tlnit every man cowered.                       ' Reals a protest against tlio continual
Alston watclied her In sluinu-fnei-il breaking ol article!   -
Bonder, Tins crentiire ..r Bre ami pas-
Biun. nils avenging goddess, wns very
different roui the _ti.  girl who bail
sLriuik before tils gate,
Almost before he renlljsc. the train
hail stopped, tuul Htiuteil iiiiii Tweaty.
ihlrit wns left Mr behind. The _irl
opposite iliil not come buck lo her seat,
siie lnul left the -nr wiiii liei* cborge,
As in- thought of tho gray eyes that
fairly Jerked Alaton Hums luto n sent. ninched doting that Journey
6:<x-o-:-o-:-o-:-o-'.oC'-j-o-i-o-:-o-: -->:
Sudden starting of the elevated ti
down the aisle tbo _uisii,-il look of tke
s.-lf appointed Judge bad given pluee
lo a new humility.
ni;4'.   Courage:
l.ut lhe girl must have become con*
■clous -.!' liis i'iin!i-iii|iiu..iis scrutiny,
for a Hi. li rose lo her cheek and sbe
turned toward tbe window. Tims ml-
iiniiilslii'il, .Vision betook himself to
bis paper.
He Innl .lust burled liim.'If In tbe
stock i|iuiiniiinis when the sl i wns
nliiinsl torn fn.in bla bund. Some one
lurched heavily iignlnst bim.
He looked up iii surprise not un-
mlxcd wlili linger, bul tho aggressor
wns nlrendy purl wny up the aisle. It
wus ii woman wbo stnggered blindly
up the inr. Now she turned uncertainly S4i Hull I ..lll'l See her fllCO.
.be wns lm plenaullt sight.    Sbe was
black Iini!*-.!. I.lii.Ji browed, middle
aged nm! clru.ilc. Dirt mul grime lnul
taken nil realign of i-i-spi-i-lulilM. from
tier slinbby clothes. A rusty black
lioiiiicl mms perelied rnliisbl.v on  the
back or ber head.   From I eiilb this
groy-bliiek  lo.'ks ali-nggled.    Ou .me
cheol. ivns Ibo  * ... n 1.raise.   As
she nimbi lurched past, evidently groping for ih" door, her ...ves were fixed
In a glassy sume. Her lips muttct-cd
Alston's i-ur caught n sigh Unit wns
Imlf n sob. The girl oppualte wus gnu-
lug nl the woman wltb fascinated, rear
dilute.I <-.v<s. others in the ear were
matching mul aiiilltiig. Now. ua a
Jurch of tbe train Hung h**r into aa
llis mini nl ..f papers -li.i... lhe Boor
As In- stooped !.. r iver tbem hi.
glance fell upon the face of the girl
opposite. I    ....♦*       •
li was ilellentc and sensitive, framed i   ..Aisi4in. 1 wnnt you to meet Miss
In u soft mass i.r Iniir.   There wua ' jtntm„t',, his sister Ursula suld ns he
something nttrucHve in the cleiir pallor i Mni*i,,lt |„t„ |„.r drawing r a u ntgbl
oi her cliet-l id the appealing droop | m lwu ,.,,,.,._ .-,, „„„• a sleuder Bgura
of the 11,441,111.   . el Alston smiled grim- j |n |u|l, gniy „,„• „ dollcnte face framed
ly. : in soft hair.   Ills heart gave a greut
-•Ooe of the clinging type thnt 1 de* , |1|ni]i
sptac," lie suiil I., himself.   "The kind j   „ym| |10v0 olMl t..>t>a-c_i me speak of
tlmt scream in a  use, and nil worn- | ],**tai„.'i," .  But slm broke oir In as-
en nre moi r leaa . t tlml variety,   it | ||||||s| ,   A Blow 0u8i, [M$ .i-.-pt up
mill shows how stulihoi-n Ursula ls ! tl) th,- n,„l_ .if U.-r lu-iilti.-.'. toil.-, ami,
turnlug, she saw ll wus vividly reflected In lhe cheek! of the girl ut ber
"Oh, then yon hnve met before? And
I lnul been congratulating myself that
1 would be tbe tirst to mnke you
"Ves, we have met before," Alslon
answer eil unsteadily, lu pity for the
blushing girl, and be bent ilown In bis
iiiiiiiliesi maimer and kissed a build
Hint trembled,
Ursula, observant Blsti-r, suw Hint
explanations were due, so sbe stole
away, Alston promptly sut down beside Miss Harcourt on Ibo big divan.
••run you forgive my Impertlucnco ia
Blaring nt ynu tlio oilier ilny'.'" he
asked, too Impetuous to waste lime oa
prelimlaiiry convcotloualitles. "Oh, If
you vould only know bow often I have
thought of you since that afternoon
and how 1 liuve loathed myaolfl Kvery iniin of us iii thnt ear was u cad,
too fearful of public opinion to bIiow
that poor creature the commonest humanity. You put us all to shame by
ymir courage. I dared not tell my Bister that we were friends, but 1 want
to be. Will you hit me show you thut
1 am not utterly n coward?" He held
out liis hand appeallngly.
The girl gave liliu lu-r bund. "1 hnve
thought iiliinit you, too," she confessed
shyly, "but not lis n cad. I wus nfralil
that you would think me ton forward,
Ami I w-na rude too. You Bee, I reeog-
nlwil you from one ot your photographs, and 1 knew you were uot a
coward. 1 knew 1 should meet you
when I came here today"— .She paused,
and a rleh tide of color swept over ber
Alston had meant to take her band,
but Budden liitulllnu made him druvr
her to bim Instead.
"We shnll be friends—and lovers,"
he whispered. And sbe did uot Buy
hltn nay.	
Fain,(na . rr.n.-e In Slam.
A well known New York artist, who
has Just returned from nn extended
Journey lu the far eust, tells how be
attempted to paint tlie portrait of n
nuliva prince ln Korea:
"For more than three hours the
prlliee But motionleSB and without a
word, like a statue. 'It ls finished,' 1
told him at last, and he Jumped up llko
a ehlld and rail over to see the work,
llis delight wua unbounded, nnd lie
seized my bund nnd begun to shake lt
In n must enthusiastic uianner.
"Suddenly he became grave nnd
stared at the picture in u mystified
way. He looked ond looked, anil then
peered arouad at the bunk of the canvas, He teemed horrified beyond expression.
'"What la It?'I Inquired.
" 'You have not put lu my Jade ornament,' said he in despair.
"I had painted tils portrait full face,
and as the Koreans hnve u stnuige
habit of putting sinull buttons of gold,
silver, Jade or amber behind tbe left
ear these, of course, did not appear.
".My explanations did not satisfy tbe
priii.'... so 1 did a rupld sketch of bim
in profile, bringing In the Jade ornament.
"-Thnt ls nil very well,- said be, 'but
now wliere Is Hie other eye?'"
8uuio succoodlng or othor pngo; i 'o
often oilier by ll.e somo token. Heading a dally Journal bus come in bo
very much llko reading a weekly or
monthly aerial, .".ly Instead of Inning one novel to follow, you hnve
hull u il.i .'ii. H... result being Hint
you either overlook aomething Unit
you would like in know or lose the
ibrenil nl tbe argument uml have in
ropeatodly turn back. The teudoocy
is always nowadays to length, nnd I
musi confess Hint 1 sigh for tho good
old doyo of pith uml brightness,
when, lor Instance, 'll.e New Vmi.
Sun llaod to give nil the nows ull
Ihe lime in conrlso form. Thoso daya
will return, mark mv words, ami ilm
l   profitable
of the futuro will lie the ono
iiiiii gives business men tbe day's
Information nt Ibo broaktast table
iu eolu'ise antl ensily digestible form.
I, for one, aover luil to re.nl llio
summary of the news if one is giv-
en, In-fore entering upon u perusal of
tbo main body of lln- paper. In tlmt
way 1 of.on get possession of news
thut in tho hurry wouUI be overlooked—The Captions One, in Toronto Sunilny World.
Till.   l:-li!,44,,-   44f ClIIUKl!,.
-Ill,- Census 11..ii'iiu recently rocolv-
nl from ll.*-*. 'i- ii.iliuii. Church of
England missionnry, nl Fort Oeorgo
,„, iln* oast sli.ne of Hudson liny.
Ihe schedules of un enumeration ..!
Ksliiinos, in I ii-uvu. Th.* schedule!
were mil sell! from Ottawa until the
spring of Uiul and di.l mil roach the
enumerator until the Eskimos hud
gone from their usual domicile nt
Big Whale liivr to Hi'"' hunting
grounds, a cun.tdcrablo dlslnnca
north. Mr. Walton had, therefore,
to wait until the spring of 11J02, before be -i-ultl tulie Ihc eensiis anil it
wns not unlil H.e subsequent §ep-
temher that nn opportunity occurred
of forwarding to Ottawa the results
of his labors.
line hulllitoil nnd seventy-four Eskimo-, which number only represent
one-third of llio total, were counted.
Thore were altogether forty-two fain-
ilis. All belong lo the Church of
England nml iilmost all tin- nibilts
can road uml wrlto. A typical name
for Uie Iniul of n family Is Ooch-
Hingwuk and for a wife Molukto.
Echo From Hu- Norlh.
'I'l,.' k'l'ii'liikiin. Alaska, Jonrnnl,
in writing of the .Milium mine .mil
its ileveloiniie.it, Ims lliis to sny ot
■I. L. I'nrker, formerly suporiiitcn-
ihnl ..I' tin- North Sim- mine, nml
I'niil -li liiisnn. will known in Britisli I'l.lntiiliiii:
.1. I., l.u-kor, n mine opornlor
.imi iniinngi-rof nliilily uml limi'.
prut-ticn] experience, lins churn. < ot
:li.. mine, nm! unlike liis predecessors is proceeding on ;i systematic
pli.ii ol tlevolopi-mei.I looking lo
to ilu* lurgesl prod, o inn uf wliieli
lln- mini- mnv l»- capable nml tlmt
liis efforts in'llml iliri'i'lion will In-
ulniii'luiiilv rewniileil may be fairly
w.11 considered ti rcusotiiihlo co.
Dr. I'uul Johnson, miller whoso
personal supervision mul tlireetion
tin- plant begun uml brought tu its
present Btnte -.1' perfection slniuls
high nulling scientific ntnl |prneti-
.-itI smelting n.iinngors uml operators "1 tm' I'niti-il States uiul to
his sipii.nl nliilily nml iii.loiiiitnble
energy is mainly ilm- the credit for
iln' iiinguriition within so short
space ot time of an in.Iu-.ti-i.il enterprise ili'stini'il I.) lie sii protilio
il' future il' not imineiliiito, beneficial results to this iiiiiiii-iliiiti- section nf Alaska. In this work he
lins the niil i.l' un able stall' of
assistants notably L. V. Shaw,
chief constructor of buildings, muster iiii'i'hniiir. R. liiiuli-n. drnuglits-
iniiti. uiul tins Sundberg nssnyi-r.
-Piiiptj' scut, llii'ii- tviis nil UUillblo tit*
tnr.    Sot n hand wns rnlsi'il to lirlp
In  a   mlniltO  she   wus   on   Iht   fret
again, Imt the shock lmd turned licr
round, nml she hegnn n second labored
pasBnue up ihe ear.
The girl innl sunk into a miserable
little heap, Alston watched her half
pityingly, half anxiously. "She was
just ihe Uiinl nf a girl lo faint nwny,"
he tuld himself.
As the woman passed he caught
among lu'i" mutterlnga the word "Twon*
ty-thlrd." Evidently that was the eta*
lion where Mie wished lo get oil. Some
one WOUld hnve io help Imt. Who?
The motormau Btood Blolldly on the
platform between the ears. Alston comforted himself wiih tin- rolloetlon that
lt was no business of his if n woman
got so jolly drunk Bho could not take
rare of herself, City life superinduces
u cortnln hardneas.
To quiet his guilty conscience h*
turned again to tin- girl.
She, too, hadJcaught the word "Twenty-third." It was the next station.
She looked around appeallngly, She
was the only woman in the ear. The
men were engrossed in their papers or
Smiling broadly at the fun.
Her face whitened into determination. She got up hastily and touched
the woman on the arm. The wretched
creature turned aggressively, but
Something of tlie pain nnd pity In Uie
young face seemed to pierce her be-
fuddled brain.
"Twenty-third street," sbe said thickly, while it fatuous .smile spread over
ber face,
"You want to get off nt Twenty*
third," the girl repented gently. "Yes;
I know.   I will help you off."
Alslon Sprang to lier side. "Let ine
help," he implored.
The girt turned to htm defiantly.
"No; thank you," she hii Ifl In cool, even
She drew her slender figure to Its full
height ami tool.: ihe woman's arm ln
hers. As she piloted tlie tumbling off
Die duWu the loin/ lei ,( t__ vav tht
l***«i For th* Unit*. InrrlttKC
"Did you ever notice the uses to
which bnby carriages are put?" nskod
tbe observant man. "Just look at those
children taking those puppies out for
nn atrlng. The youngest child wns
graduated from that perambulator less
than two years ago, I'll bet. The carriage Is somewhat rb-Uety uow, nnd a
careful mother would hardly intrust nn
infant to it, but it makes a good pluy*
thing for the children.
"I see laundresses wheeling baskets
of clean clothes home to their customers in bnby enrrlages. It beats walking nnd carrying a big basket. Only
this morning I noticed two poorly clad
girls gathering odds und ends of boards
thrown aside by carpenters who were
building ii house. They put tbelr stock
of fuel In a baby carriage. I supposu
they will take the baby ont In that
sume perambulator this afternoon."—
New York Press.
I'M Wu * Sideboard.
An Irishman went to a foundry in
Lancashire after work. When he arrived, he found another man there ou
the sume errand. Tbe foreman came,
aud Tat, being unaccustomed to asking for work, Btood back, with the iu*
bullion of hearing bow tbe other fellow went about It.
After the man bad asked, the fore
mun said. "What trade are you?"
"I'm a dresser," replied the man.
"Comt tomorrow," suld tbe foreman
"I'll start you."
Turning to the Irishman, the fore*
man asked him what he was.
"He Jubers, sorr," replied Pat, "Ol'ui
■ sideboard!"   London s'lundqid.
STUAYK1), fmm premises of ih
orlb Slur Lumber company, on
rowit horse, weight about Him lbs., n
.or,   right   leu   ba.llv   sprained,   had
liter on  when  lasl   seen  near Cl
rook.   Suitable reward for return
Paint that Stays
We use Uu- liest of lim-
\ toriul nml our work always
j gives satisfaction.
When yuu want pninting
i paper hanging, ileooi'llting
hi   sign ^writing,   seo   us
ll is sniil llml Ilm boys in Muili-
i-iiu- llul iireiuixiou8 togetn iniitch
with tin- Moyie baseball team.
Juek Cronin, Norbert N'eiiler-
stiult nnil .hours llni'i'i'i- returned
In the (lonziign college in Spokane
Ihis week
T. I!nlii*rls. nl' Ihr linn of Ar-
in.lil & Koberts Cranhrook, wub in
in town during the week rustling
for business.
Win. .Mills mid family hnve mov-
rd In Fernie for n Bhort time. Mr.
.Mills will hnve charge of the Centrnl hotel during the nbsence ..I
Mrs. Jennings in Ilu* east.
Thr Dominion celebration in
Muyii- mni the Lidiur Dny celebration in Cnuibrook will behereiifler
lm ilm two liiu i-vi'iiis ul' the year
so fnr us ihis district is concerned.
Tliis is piiy.-Jayal tlm St. I_tig.
gene nml n sum of S2-1.000 will be
disbursed. < hi account ul' ihu
shortage of water ii wns necessary
tu lay "11 some ofthe men, Therefore lhe payroll fur August is about
Sl,000 luss'tlmn thnl I'm* -Inly.
Prof. Walker of Toronto university wns here Ihis week inspecting
tin- mines ami procuringoro smniili'
for geological purposes. On Wed-
iii'silny iu company with 0. John-
sou lu* went tn liu- Society Girl
mine ensl ul' thu Sl. hmgimo fur the
purpose nl' securing some speri-
lni-iis uf phosphnle nf luml. This
is lhe uuly iniin* in Canada where
this chin-actor -.1' or.' is found.
The  way  thai  liu*   people -.1'
Trunin I<' lmvi-ul cel-liriition  i-
iinything hut slow. Their Labor
Day celebration wns ilm besl ovor
Ili'lil in Ihu ilislrii'l. Tin- prizes
were liberal, nml Ilu- various events
were pulled ulf without Ilm sliuhl-
est    hitch.   Nearly  HOO   i pli'
turned mil frum Moyie. Thr mini-
uml sawmill were simi down fur
ilu* duv uml tin* town wus practically deserted.
Two I'ltiiri'lii's are nuw in t-..ur_«-
of erection in Muyii-. D. -I. Johnston has lln- eon trad ul' building
both, mid expects lu have his wurk
finished in n mouth's time. The
Catholic church is ilj, feel wiih
nnd TU feel loiur. It is being luiill
on a stone foundation iiiul it will
lm in every wny u substantial edi-
Ht-i', costing win* finished nearly
$11,000. Tin* Methadisl church i's
2-lxllli feel mnl hnsnstndy adjoining 12x20 feet.
A pnrty nf Moyio gentlemen
consisting of A. R. Stephenson, Ii.
Gardner, Dun McKnv, nml W.
Apiilotuii.il.ft Thursdny foi- Ash.
a^fei&j^lite'^r^ 0"rwi,rkis
wuy.    ll is their inli-nli i. take       guaranteed and our prices are
"nilier limits anil await Ilu- ImniiijJ satisfactory,
Stock Quotations,
Fiiriiiah.'d by Benle, A*  EHve
brokers, Cranbrook 11. C,
1. IlllRMIII!	
'nv iii.n	
I. Engpw.-lt. Mini's...
■ .-li'iii Oil nml I'niil I'i
iiniiiiiiiii II..M Pit-Ida ..
■ji$**iii********t**f ******
9      --
II *
J Locals in this column will be J
J charged at the rate of 5 cents J
,1 per line each issue.
Tiinothv nn.l nplnml hnv. |n*i-sn-il.
Iluttnr anil i'-ii- fur snli-. Writi- (ur Inw
.-nsl. iirli'l-a. I. Hi* Ki-lir, lii.lsliurv, Aim.
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Cranbrook, B. C.
Work is satistactory.
Price is satistactory.
We want your patronage.
Only frst class help employed.
Work returned to all points
twice a week.
E. II. SLATER, Proprietor
\ ■♦■»l«MI»l««*»->lll«lltl|l|
; Cranbrook Sash
• and Door Factory
I      All kinds of finish work in
j  wny of doors, windows, transoms, et.-.   Kiln dried lumber
timlier limits unit await lin■ in-hh   j  sn
which will nnlurnllv collie with tin-   J
Ini ding of tho ronil. AMI' -unlil! I
rm Iiv hnve beeu   in Ilu- employ I!
oftho Movie  Liiinbi r (',,.   They
nn* genii follows and the besl wish-! j
f lln* peoplo c wiih them,        l«
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
-»» » *.*f. fc *•.»*>■*»»♦>{ |
Furnishes a class of news that cannot be
found in the best metropolitan daily or weekly published. It is a weekly record of those
events with which you are associated. It
tells of the home, the ranch, the individual,
the industries that are making fame and fortune for South East Kootenay, the sports of
the mountain and the valley. It tells of all
that combines to make the mountain homes
of British Columbians so attractive, and why
people are anxious to return when absent
on pleasure or business.
is not only a joy and a source of information
to your own home, but it is a weekly letter to
relatives in the old home back east. Western news is always of interest tothe old folks
at home. No young man living in South East
Kootenay should fail to send the home paper
to those he has left behind. The father, the
mother, the brother or sister, will soon watch
for it with anxiety, because it tells the news
of the country where the boy is living.
is the home paper of the district. It covers
the news field, it pictures from week to week
the life in the west, it tells of the resources of
South East Kootenay, the richest district in
resources in the Dominion. It is a paper that
will give pleasure to you and to the old folks
at home. You should subscribe for it now
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The Subscription $7 AA a V^df
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$2.oo A YEAR
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wlietlier ih.' .1..i - will  liu   I)
I.....U Ihut way now.
Nu,Iniilil ul 1 uur
...Slater Shoes...
la-iug winners.   A lurge fall sliipmei  hand.    Wu   leatliore,  lusts.
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S| .4I1   SI .'ill.  li'. Illl   S.i.'ill nml  Sll.IHI,
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<£, HI! CAN CALL IMS OWN, W0t1.ll WM   IMHt HIM (H  THAT? ^
^\ DurlnR llic sumtitiT niiinih** Mil.--inn-hns ilii-tilal SIX O'CLOCK.   A■■ attempt JL
R Is being made in abolish Ihc early closlni rule and keep all placea o( buainess M
^tr open ever) nlghl iiii lea or imer. ^
jA Our tlall l« on duly Irom SBVBN TO SIX MONDAY 10 l-RHl\. amllUI ELEVEN JL
-X on SATURDAY, ii Rood honcsl week's work and wc have no desire i» ask lor H
-^ more.   HAVE VOU?   Unless omr customers demand ll mc will continue loclose <$
|*& at SIX O'CLOCK. Saturdays excepted. <**L
|        Q. T. ROGERS        1
w Fancy anil Staple Groceries and Crockery <Jj
•fit  Agent lor ih_ Canada Carriage Co.. Ilrotkilllc, Out. I
New goods arriving each week in the way of
and everything that goes with a first class
stock in a Hardware Store.
of the drug called for goes Into f £■=
' Pf.   .
Prescriptions Wa
mm i-
llll.'llll"!..       Wl-II ill-lilli'.'-. in.
.1 ilunlilllll  i'iiiiii-  ...   l-_.-h_.-__.   'I
tl„. lii. lii'i-l ui i.v .nil)   nn* .:--!
l.iillli.liin: nli'ili.'iiii'-;unl III.- .n-'li.*.
_cp___l l.y iin-n-rlliili-i |ili.v»li'liiiinii-l
Olil* |ir|.-l'l'i|ltil'.|   ,ll'|444ltll I    i-    i'i
.1 li.v nn.l llllllll.
'I'luili.. 7 I.
* A.   C.   BOWNESS, Whole*, ale dealer in
%   Wines Liquors and Cigars
*J  _(_. Kiiiim- ii. Uu- Aiken Block, Just North uf Imperial Hank Curner
Axc-it lor Cal-jary Beer and Porter
A-fent liir T. l.ebel _ Co., Hay anil drain.
Teacher at pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
ol three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence of
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
CHAS. E. REID & CO., Graduated Druggists
4. ; -. I *-1.. i **: *: *■ i .*> i ■* I _> I <5» I *> I ■•
«■ i -I-1 ■•' i - : ■-•■: -i : •
.1 I  .4 1 *, | <_ | ,.    I «, - *, ■ ly |
• ' i ...... :. i • i ■•
cmm. o? m..
® ■
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you to wear
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-..I"      IVi-klinii llllll  11 inililr nl uu
...-.li- in,-.in i.-l..!. .in r iirlwn nn	
unv lii-rlii-r Iiuui .41411 in,. ],iul,,,l,lv |,„'ii,
liii|ii„.il.,..l    li mil imvj-nu I.i K'ivi. jini
Special Engagement ef
Jessie Shirley
Two Nights
September 23rd
Friday September -'Inl. "The
I'rii sn nf Patches'1.
Saturday night, September 24th,
Saturday Matinee. September
•-'•Illi. "Tin'.('liilllor tin- Regiment."
Th. hm i*..iii|.niiv ilmi lm- ..v..,' nlnr.il
iliN,.|-..ii.-Tli|. _.•-,, n   Nl.ni.
Till" .iriiiiinlir lrimii|.li ul th.. shiil.'y i'iiiii.
|iiiii.v'h f-tlfflip. tlM-ni nl l'ii.-i.-irv -in- ilinir
|it.'B.iitHiiiiii ..1 "I'liinill.. in iln* Lyric Innl
niniil. Mi-Sliii'1,'4 in iln- lit.,, ri.I.. demon*
.rati, lu-r nliilitv ii. n -im iiii.I li.'. nor-
Iiiivallnlik. ll-llilll. li- the I...-1.-TI1.. Till-
Uiir.l Hernlil.
Picked Ip About the City by Aiklof
Questions of Many  People.
Harris & Jolliffe'sMeat Market.
Second Annual ijxliibitioit ol the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
New Buildings,   Pine Grounds,   Bis; Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write lor I'rlie lis.	
.1. E. ANNAUI.E, Sec, Nelson, B. C.
Rend I'utiiior.. Ilros. llllll.
lions,- to 1.1, Applv to (i. T.
W'linti-il. girl for dining room,
I'niuiilinii hotel. -t.
Au np-to- ilnli* nutty girl's cloth
skirl nl Rpiil iii Co,
•l. Swinnerton, of Moyie, wns in
town Inst Tuesdny.
When you want (n-sli fruit tlint
will suit go to 1'. .Mi-l'oniu-ll'-.
I'm- milk slinkc- nnd nil kinds of
snli drinks go to 1'. MeConnell's,
All   ih,.  mu   iili'us  iu Indies'
n-iiily to Mi-.-ir hills nt   Reid   A'   Co.
I'lorn.   I,i   Mr. ninl Mrs.  S.   F,
Morley, Sundny, September 11, n
For Snl,* 'I'll,, lots, Illl' l.'St
comer ou Bnker hill. Applv to
K. II. Iliizi-ll.
A lot of Indies suits pur express
this week,   New cloths, latest sty-
Ins lit Illill  & Co.
Mr. uml Mrs. M. II. King liuve
moved into thoir luiuilsoitii- new
lioiiiu.ui Bnker hill.
.1, II. Mi'Siii'vnn returned this
week from u visit with friends iu
t lulgury tuul I ..-inf.
Mrs. liunl mul Miss Evelyn ro-
turned lust Fridny frmn llnir mun-
iiut's visit ut Rivers lnli-t.
S. S. Tnylor. tin- well known linr-
risti-r of Nelson, wns iu town two
duys Inst week on legnl business.
V. Ilrnult uud family of St.
Louis. (Jin-., nrriveil Insl week mid
will iiinke Crnnbrook Iheir homo.
There is u good opening for u
mini and wife to tnke the dining
room nnd rooms of un hotel. Ad-
dri-BS box 17. Moyie. 11. U.
.1. GibboilB, who hns Is-en cook
nt the Mniiltobn hotel for some
time past, left for Nelson lust Fridny threatened will, a severe attack
of typhoid.
The members of tin- Hn. brigade
hud their pictures tnken Inst week
and it makes u fine one. The l.ri
glide is imposing in looks nnd u
credit to the town.
The annual rally dny of the
Methodist Sunday school will 1_.
held u week from next Sunilny nt
II p.m. All the old men.tiers of
the school us well ns nil now ou
tin- roll un- urgently roquostod to
Private Hotel and Catering Co.
Banquets, Balls, Weddings, Picnics, etc., catered for
The dining hall can be engaged for private partiee
For terms apply to
_-? FRUIT ^
Shipment Pears, Plums, Crab Apples
for preserving should arrive next week. We arranged to liny the famous Kelowna fruit, same as we had lust year, so you will know tlie
quality is the liest.
Please let us have your orders early so fruit emi lie delivered on
date of arrival.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
E. K. Klwell visited Moyie last
A. Sheridan, of Elko, wns in
town last Mondny.
\V. R. Ross, of Fernie. was a
Cranbrook visitor last Friday.
For sale—A lirst class talking
parrot.   Mrs. \Y. .1. Loutisbury.
Will Small has gone for an out-
ing up through ilu- Windermero
Situation wanted us chambermaid to hotel.     Applv   to   Herald
lllil'O. -ll-_t
llurstorewill lieopen every night
ifthoweekexi-eptSuniliiy. Drop in
and see us.   Morrow A* MeFiirluuo.
Miss Hurley returned today from
Winnipeg where she has lieen to
look np the latest styles in millinery.
Miss (lould will go out to homes
to ilo sewing of all kinds. Address
nr enll at Mr. I'lissinore's home,
Hudson avenue.
Sum McLean, of Muyook. lind n
•ow Ihut gave birth to n enlf the
other day with two heads, seven legs
and two tails. It wns a monstrosity and di.l not live.
R. Halpenny, who formerly
workeil on the Crow, returned this
week for n visit. He was conductor on the runaway ore train on the
I'lioi-nix bra.ii-h a short time ago.
The l.ill given on the evening of
Lubor Day by Wright & Mill-
ward's orchestra was a great success. The music wns magnificent
and every one present had a g.Mid
W. H. Bradford hns secured permission of the Staples company to
put in un hotel near tlieir mill
property, on tin- St. Marys, and lie
will erect, a suitable building ut
The services iu the Methodist
ihurcll next Sunday at tlie usual
hours. The piiBtot will speak 011
the subject, "Wealth," iu the evening. Strangers in town cordially
.1. D. McBride returned home
Inst week but was culled buck to
Calgary by the serious illness of
his father. He has sent wonl that
liis father is some better but still
1. very sick man,
The band is getting along nicely
und it will not lie long before Cranbrook will have 11 bund thnt will bill credit to the whole district. The
members nre practicing regularly
and nru getting together in fine
There will Ik- ii Imli given nt the
Centrnl hotel iu Murysville on the
evening of the 20th, mid there is
no doubt thnt the peoplo who at-
tend will linve a good time. That
is the wuy the do things in
10 per cent ott' for cash nt cash
store.   Morrow & McFiirliini-.
Mrs. ,1. Henderson,of Edmonton
is tin- guest of her daughter.   Mrs.
H. McVittie.
The Billion pure Kootenny full
weather is now with us nnd there
is none lietter on enrth.
.Jnmes (iill ims so far recovered
from liis uttuck of rheumatism as
to In- again in charge of the town-
ite office.
Rooms Wonted - suitiibl,- for the
provincial government offices.
Apply ,T, F. Armstrong, government offices.
-The camels nre coining'' so are
nil the people to buy at Morrow _.-
McFarlane s, ten per cent ott' is the
drawing card,
Commencing with Inst Monday
night the stores of Cruubrook will
keep o'-en during the evenings for
the winter months.
Miss Hurley returns this week
from tlu* millinery opening. If
you want the very lutest iu .Millinery see her ut Reid _ Co,
Then- were 11 number of blue
papers floating about the city this
week und ill consequence n number of parties bought tickets for
more congenial |>orts.
J, Kennedy returned last week
nfter 1111 absence of several years.
He was one of the Cranbrook boys
who went, to South Africa und has
suffered the loss of a leg since
leaving here.
A stranger remarked the other
duy, to soil so cheap, we mutt have
stolen our goods. We didn't stenl
thein we bought them from the
liest houses to lie found. Morrow
1. iMeFiirlane.
"Rogers, the family grocer hnd
one loo and his Hoat was 1111 exhibition of the most tasty of the finer
stoek enrried by one of the mosl
recherche grocery stores  in  town.
Nelson News.
J, P, Fink left last week for a
vacation up tin- St. .Marys valley.
If there is 11 mail on earth who can
enjoy 1111 outing of that kind it is
Jake, and he will getall the fun out
of it that can lie found.
The Wright * Millward orchestra ore arranging to hold n series
of Wednesday night dances during
tlie coming winter season. Tliis
orchestra is n credit to Crnnbrook
and its erl'orts nre deserving of the
heartiest Bupport of the people of
Notice All parties indebted to
the undersigned will please call and
settle on or before the 20th of Sep-
teniber. as after that date all accounts will lie turned over to an
attorney for collection, which will
Involve additional costs.
A. Cliiirlriind.
is nearly over. You will soon he thiiikinj;
about your stove. We have a large shipment ol iMcCLARV'S FAMOUS STOVES just
■ I in from the factory. These Roods arc the very
best of their class. Call in • wc will he pleased to show them.
Patmore Bros.      j
I'lumbinK. Heating, Roofing and Ventilating    I
Engineers |
Honday and *
Tuesdav     *
I Sept. 18,191
J"           Tht Indies of Cranbrook arc invited In    II and see
Hr l/ie latest imported Pattern Hah. and other nr ilili,- mutt- Huns in Ihr millinery nri. -|*.
•I                     M. McLEOD     >
A.   Armstronjc Avenue... Jk
1  A. L. McDermot  I
I Wines, Liquors and Cigars I
$. &
I Cranbrooh, B. C. |
JUS      PHONE 17 BS
With the Tide "
li nn -t*fi)i wiiU ' "■- i il '' ti a good
way lo Iwcolnglf it* in t!i1' dfrwHon 0| ttia
lilglotof l-'Al.l. ANU WINTER GOODS »«
line, jii-t  r.*.-eiv.-i    'I  '   ■   rgaloa ve art
offering in
Men's Clothing
i- 44 1,'ilnl    I.-,..--   |,r,n. a ■-■- ln.ji.ii lu
tlll.4l.-l     i.l
10 per cent off
nsl iln- Hiuiii* for ■  -
Morrow & HcFarlane
Ulbat we
Wc «ill sell the hai*
ance nf our MEN'S
and BOYS' SLITS al
coat to make mom
for our Fall and Winter (ieods thai ire
arriving every day.
Comeaod he convinced, and at the same
lime examine o u r
new goods and prices
thai are right.
Yours lo please.
4 T. tl. WHILF.N _ CO., . roprldor* %
2 %
X   Hendmiiirlers fnr I.uinlii-rnu-n, Prospectors nnd Sportsmen,   j*
J    The Iiiu-sl  Iliiiiiin-. nnd  Fishing In tho Provinco    %
* 8
j: (iRANT DOWNING, Manager. |
**************************************************** *,   *   •   ■
tit, gasaiop oSuaw Rotel
_•  *,- ■ ■•■ • •"•'
 *   ! . I)
A Firstc'a.'s House Centrally Located
:'* Fine Sam;;!c Rcoins in Connection,    The beirootr.s .. *
"_,_ are airy and c_u*.lo rtablc, and the lable is the best the jjxjj
ff market af lords.
t_l _-. _. _____
VT/r ,.* ........  ..*   .* ®~« <S4-j-__w_-4-W8_®-H5fc-«-<fc7
^)t,._. ...  .,. ..  ,..   ,.   . .   ......  ■.  ■ ®-G>-®--* -1 ®~® ®
Hii.   I'll'.MJilODi;    HERALD
Why Pay Exorbitant Rates For Y6ur
Why Pay I xorbitant Wales t or Your *T*I K\l_ ¥_, IT* \T_   I      A   l%,TTr\ _**?
We offer you insurance ;u equitable ami adequate rates.   A policy in any
one of the companies we represent is a guarantee for a speedy ana satisfactory
•_-*.- _r_-*-*-__-______-_____
_ .'.;•.■-_.
i As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip :
• |
• Which, being translated, means that those who wear j
j OUR suits, made up in first class style by first class J
j   workmen, well know them to be the BEST      ..-*      ** 1
I   Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.  J
|   Mgg^ -'■-- JUICY MEATS        §
 '.". I'-kl'-  I't'l  I"  K
III,, liiml .lull uill ll' -i In-..*.   I'll..!.'"   Kf
Iii null; mnl n_il,<l>-|«,_r_i
m.I mnl I,.ili_'»li'iil,»,iiliil
4.,,   1444441,4.   I     lllll'.  III'.'    S..I.I
ml ivnik. ra ii'i|iiii*|. iruuil, .iiiiii
..I     M.'iil i-n lie..-—mi In  -lull
111111.111,1 I,,'-I I'l liuve II,     All
.,lll'll  1,1 till' I .1,4,141,1 |,44,44.i"
.-ii I,ii-l.,il„I- uill, I.....I llllll niil
i.'ii. Il  Ilielll.eu I Iiui lile; will
in uu...I .oil.liliu n.il-.. llllll
.'..Illlil,   1,4444   li.i'
1    f •'
1   P. BURNS (& CO.
■mi i—■—
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
* ■t
I   ...Manitoba Hotel...   i
4 ♦
* i I'iuliT New Miiiini/yiiii'iit I »
J 1). A. McDONALl), rianager 5
ti This Hotel is in the center of town. The rooms are %
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- g
«■ class, and the bar is supplied with the best.    When you t
* want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. %
New Business
For Cranbrook
uml in n position lu slmw visilnrs to onr
ston- llii* must complete stuck of
Wall Papers and
Room Mouldings
ill lln- Knul-llliys, UV respectfully su.
lii-lt ii shun- ul' your pnti-onugc, nnil in-
vili-,veld lu i-nll ninl sen our goods uml
gel uur lil'ii'i'S.    Wi- lllllki-n specialty ul'
l-lslinintcs i-lii-i'i-fiillv given,
— >»
F. J. Bradley & Co. 1
Armstrong Ave.        CRANBROOK, B. C
'Phone 52 g
.,..Z\k Owl date...
C. Wl. Estes. proprietor.
Open Bay anfr 11-1 iqht.
The Best nf Everything In lhe Baling Line
ll you come once you will come often,    We
.., aim to please...
Ariii_tri.ii.; ilVCliilo
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Tnylor & Davis, Props.
Purncce & Boiler Specialists
All ili-si-rijiliuiisul' brink wurk
undertaken. Finos plugt.ir.-ii
li.v iii-w Iin- proof process,
Conn i lii*ii*k. pressed liri,*k.
Iin- brick uml til.- nn liuuil,
To Subscribe for the
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is | timber in the Koolenay District.
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beer and insist on having it.
Tke Cranbrook Brewing ® MaJtinjj Co. Ltd.
Also Me-.nufactt.rers of a.11 kirvds of Aerated Wafers.
CRANBROOK. *   ^»   ^   British Columbia
Fur i.'i'iiis. iiinps mnl furllii-r [iiirticiilin-s npply l" lln- folk .wiiiR
|OCIll lllllll llgl-llls!
\. FTyili- linker, Crunlirook, ll. C.     I'. Miillniulnini-, Jr., Cn-slou, H. U.
I. II. Wilw.il. Wni-.ln.-r. B.C, II. iV Jl, Hint. Nelson, B.C.
It, tt, liiu.-,'. Wil r. Ii. 0,
llriiisli Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Albertn
.1. li. Stephens,
tl. I.. Stephens,
M, Riiiki-niliirl
As we predicted sever.il months
months .igo. thc Flathead country lias been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines are
running full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are In our neighborhood come to tiie Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district...
Stephens Bros. _ Co., Owners mnl Proprietors,
Morrissey Alines, 15. C.
II. I.. Stephens
J. li. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. Th.
Australian Hotel is the " Hub.'
If you wish to find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stephens Urns.. Owners ami Proprlcttirs,
Morrissey Junction, 11. C.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
ami _j_?jrKre _k a_s_ar*-r r. i
Miss Atu-iiiul. ul' Muvi... is  nuw.*,iilli lln- prut
holding ll   position   lit' tin'   I'l'i'sl
sl in 1 iii.
Busitu-ss  nii-ii   should   change
tlu-ir nils.   A  .Innl  ml.   is u   hml
nv business.   Keep up
Iliiusi-wiv.'s iiit.ii_.iu.: to |iiv-
st't'vi- fruit lliis yenr should consult
ilir   Fort  Steele Mercantile i-
Whon yuu put up fruit yuu wnnt
tin- bust. Tlu. Port Steele Mer-
i-milili. couipuuy linvi' n cm- luml
coining next wi-i'k. lii't in \i.iii'
iirili'i's curly,
Wilson, tin- jeweler, Ims ono of
Ilu- uiusl ii|i-li/-ilnlr engraving
nincliiiics on tin- iiinrkot. nntl it ia
willium iluulil n innrvi'l, II.- cnn
i-iiu'i*.'ivi* nny size, sliupt; or style ni
,1. AIbI, iniiiuit*ei-of tho Winnipeg l.ranch of ihr Ciiniiilinn Bunk
uf ('innini.i  M.is iii town ii short
linie Insl Fridny. He expressed
hitnself us surprised nml plenseil nl
the nppeui'niii-i- uf Ci'iinln-ook.
Alexnuiler I.ninl. ussislnul gen-
eriil malinger of the C.iiiudiun Bunk
uf ('uinluerce. wns   ill   town n   Few
duvsilgo i-n   route  for  lh nsl.
Mr, F. ('. Mulpus. malinger of ihr
locnl lu-nncli. iiccinupenieil llilll ns
fnr ns Nelson.
A. II. .Turiiigiin is nulling everything iu shn|  ilir  Duminioii
group on the St, Murys For curry-
inf. un iv.iirk lliis wiiiti-r. Bunk
luilisi-s nr.' being built, supplies
lire lieiiui' Inken in innl evei-ythiiiK
iiiilienli's un.il uctivity ilin-ing lhe
winter i llis.
Miss (lei-lie WillinuiB lefl Insl
Weiliii'silny fur \ uncuiivei- nml
Vielorin. 'She will lisil in both
pliices two  weeks  before -.In*  re
Sl s   IliT   Btllllil-S   1.1    V.'llli'ullli'l'.
ivlu-re she is nii,.ncliin_ N'oriniil.
Mill Williniiis, her brollier, nccoin-
puiiii'i] her purl ul lhe wny.
I'liiisiuil nrlivily is noticenble
uu the Moyie river just iibovu the
fulls where n  luunber ui tnen nre
pli r   minim;     It   is   snid   Ilm!
tiiere nri' some yood cleiiii-ups
being mnde, showing beyond ipies-
tiouHint the Moyie is n stri-iini
llml will give g.iud ivliii'iis fur
sume time Iii collie.
The plims nn- being (li-nivn for
tlm new lire house which will he
built without di'lny. ll will be n
twuslurv structure lined up For
the liosi-curl und Imuk und liidder.
with sleeping room for members of
the brigude.   Tlu-re will ben tower
lit the I'i I   fur   n   lire boll, mnl
when completed will he n modern
lirehoiise in every ri'spiTl. equip,
ped with iippnrnlus lo successfully
HERALD IS NOW j'b*'1 "7 ?n
I be I'e.-ll'lleil  lit II I'r
l.'rid  &   Co. iitl'er    this    week   11
simp in hluiises in two lots, l.nl I
I I while guud style worth . I._"i lu
8l.7ti eneli your clioico for \lo cts
Lot i IS colored Blouses worth
From Tunis lu 8l_u your choicu
for loots.
A.   *1.   Jacobs,    chief    ilispeetur.
und W, I'". Irwin, guiiernl ngent uf
the (ii'i'iil West i'eriiinneni Lon.i
niid Suvings conipnny of Winnipeg, spent n few duys in luwu this
week   iii   tho   interests  of   their
The Presl studio is being moved
lu tho second lloorof the Goddories
block, where oxcc-llonj qunrturs
liuve been Used up for thein.
Within n short lime they will he
better equipped lltnn ever tu nice!,
lln- denimiils of tin- people,
l-'nini-is.M.'Ciii 11 h-l't Tuesdny
Fur Winnipeg to resume llis studies
nt St. Iiuiiil'iire colic-go. l-'rnni'is
is ;i guud buy nnd un industrious
'itn. lie weiil tu work the dny
nller he returned niu] never lust  n
llliy lip Inlile time he left,
The sidewnlks uf Crnnbrook. under the speeinl churge of the pro-
vineiiil giiviTiinieiit nre in u little
worse shnpe thnn Ihey were Insl
week. Is there nn ofricinl of llic
govornnu.-nl with mitliorttv nml
nerve enough to expend Stl.fiO iu
Mr. mnl Mrs. W. II. Wils4,n left
Inst Snliirilny fur Cliicngo. l-'riun
lliere Ihey will gu lu   Blgin,   Illi.
II,.is. lu   visil   lhe I'l'li'lirulrd  Klgill
iviilch   furlury.   nnd    Ihen   lu Sl.
I is ti. see 'lhe   Wonders   of   the
Imr.    Mr. nnd Mr. Miiger will leuvi
lll'Xl  week   fur   St.    Louis   III   join
.Mr. iiml Mrs. Wilson,
Junius It. Staples, uf Suuris.
nrriveil Inst week lu tnke elinrge of
ll.e dry g Isilepni-I nl of Keid
A Co. .store, llr. Nicholson, who
hi.- held   lln-   position   I'm- some
lillle   pnst   esj Is   lu  lenve  soon
fnr niiotller point. Mr. Nicholson
Ims mniii* friends in (Yniibrouk
whn regret his ilepnrture.
W. II. C-tronvos, formerly of
Cnuibrook, B. C. whu hns been
completely I'nscinnteil by the locution und prospects of Fori Willium
.nnl being ii mini who is nut. nt nil
iiversG iu backing his own opinion
lins invested Sli.OIK) in renl estiite
here, llis piirchtises being scattered from oust to west of ihe town.
I'ui'i William Times.
We are now in shape tn furnish ull Minis uf
j j Orders promptly filled and ik-IiveiY d in tow it, Por prices apply
I'r.illl llin I'i*,*,- I'r......
srS'S'SS It King Lumber Mills Co. Limited I!
  i *     ° ,,
This buiiiliug is ono of the i-egtiln-    _l**+*
limi style, willt ll
id two small rooms
n pi
Tlic Klondike's Oiilpnf.
('un Whelnn   lenves   lo-inorrowl ijot
tor Toronto,   hi-snid thai ho will [&
follow his brother's exiunple and g
bring bui'k u wife I'ruiu lhe Xupun- _*.
liev. I). MeK. Roid who hns been
Btibstitnting Fur Ilei'. 11. LCI onion
ul Knox church Fur some lime lull
un Tuesdny For High River, where
he will be stationed fur 11 lime.
liev. Mr, Gordon ninl Family unexpected home this week. _;'
A little girl uf four or live trn-
veiling alone was a passenger mil :;
the vi'sterdny ltioriiiiig'sexpress to
Pernio, The little tul hml como nil
lhe wny frum England to live with
Thus. Evans nf Ihis place. She is
aiiorphnii uml friends are assisting :
lln- helpless children hy taking
lhem lu raise,
Big  game   is    reported    from AND
Baynes lake.   Apnirof  Fertn-ites
ilrovu down frum Klk  Itonilny,
Al Ih ill lhe team were allowed
lu sinnd untied.   They started ull
nnd  one uf lhe   above   in less
geiilli-i i slnrled nfter ih,-in.    He
ciuiglil up with lhem bm ns lie ivns
in lln- imi uf climbing into tlu-l
lhe buggy a revolver which he curried in his hiiiul wm, discharged.
The bullet ent.-red the body of one
nf lhe horses mul nfler a  time  he!
Ihe swinging bridge over the
Elk liiver ul Mnrrissey Junction
collapsed yestenluy al'lernooii nl nj
p. in., riuisi'il by  ihe   heavy   wind
The Wentworth
Clapp & Roiiins,
Tlic Ncw Managers.
Drop in a nd see us any lime.    Wc arc on deck 2,i hour [_]
out of Ihc 24
Miimifiicturers of und ivliolesuli-und retail dealers in
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
Wi.own our own quurrit-s, nnd the quality i. eoiu-edeil
I,i he the best.    Alf.lHIIIK-lliS, ttcilllsll.llCS,  flarl.lc   llilll*
n.lnifS Inr lluililiugs, a spocinlty,   Hy biiyiny From uu you
get the inm.'i-inl nl lirst cost,
I'l.rvi \ in wm \i
irt, proprietor of the L'uion hotel. . _._\
Spokane, October 3 io 9   \
propi-ietot- of lln- L'uion hotel,
wns un lhe bridge mnl he iii!*,
thrown violently In tho rocks be-
lieutll. lie received seriulls iiijin*-
ins bul Iheir pnrlii'idur iinliin- are !Wi11'' ">'.'•-' displays hull llcparlmenU, $2,000 Offered fur .rail mnl IVnll liilillilli. More
nut known This bnike was M,,,M1""1 Mll,00ll In. reinlunnnnd I'rlies. Plvc nr illnre I■- lllnj lincen Bncli liu. sl-.ikiii In
fumes. Ilown invrn Cnrnfviil lincli Nltfil Hfili Rci-iiiienl llritisli Arllllery floml, ._■•■
lllKli Clnss Vaudeville Allmclluns Holly Line Mineral l>l_pl_y, Do** Shan*. -,., lixlilJ.ll, I'n.
Remember- Low Holes and Spclul Dxcursluns mi nil Riillrnndj.
only crossing ul the tuwn  excepting the (I. N. Railway bridge,
Dawson, Sop., 10 The outpul
■ I' lln* Klondike is this yenr i-sti.
lulled nl uut less thun $10,000,000,  l»w«'', mul consenuoiitly  istruc-
Cniislriiiliiiii Trains Called in
All I'unslruel iuu liuins on lhe
('. I'. R. hnve been i-ecalleil, pr,-.
pnratory lo the begiuning n( the
wlic.lt llluvemeiil. The inil inl
shipments of grain nre expected lu
take plnce the latter purl of next
week nnd within ten ur twelve days
it will priiliubly bu in full swing.
As tlie seiisun is later this yenr
thnn iisiiid. lhe company is going
to try and got tho greater part of
the crop nt the hike ports ns fusl
il cnn he delivered. Tu iln this
they   need   ull   nvnilnbli-   motive
Concession Privilege., fnr Snli.. u'n.'
inuir. ii. cnsanovK, si*e
liuii trains hnve been called ull'.
iiiim I.i-iiii.I linn- I'rogriin
nl Miuiiigor
The Calgary Cattle Company,
J *r %
:,    SEP 261904     ^ \
C /~r* r__ i __,    © ■     y*
i IMMllluoK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   SEPT.   '-'-'.    1904.
.  MBER   '-'ii
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto. •
Hon. Cnn. A.c.ix, President. B. I-:. Waiki k.<J.-h. Mnn. \
Will   U|l   Lllllliil     	
nl.it   Ui-...Mini's Niu. .111. 'Il.i
s llllll llllll Illl
.i.i.iln nun tl'l
' mni   k t.\*mi-it's .m». .in,  im '■•'.' ■"  i
Deposits Received,   (iciicr.-il Banking Business Transacted ;
sivixus HANK DEPAPT .BNT   Deiioilli Received   linerest Allowed. j
llAXKINli IU   M Ml.   I'",'   .    mny 1" .... I.' i nl ivllli.trnivn I.V I «
um ..i i...in .1.'.,.nn. ■ ..,  I,, i-vi-i'v nlli-iil ..'■   iiili!ri'-H. I j
i,. the in m.i -. ...1 ilu' i'i.i.iln....'. in im 11 .-ii: e ni vi-1 i-i .. i -.-,, i ,*.,. - ,
♦   CK.NBROOK BRANCH. !■'. C, MAl.l'AS, Manager. '.
i»  ■
-^.i»«S'3.3 = *4:i2.:»J3*.l".5^*3?T?5-JIi?..r.£'-..-.S$33*i»**..'
Z Capit.il, P.iid Up                $3,0.0,0.-.                        l»
Z R«t                                   $2,850,000                     £
Z T. R. Merrill. Hits.   D. R. V. ilkle, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager £
jjj A general banking lHisinc5_ lr.ins,-CtC-_. Drafts sold avail...- jjj
n ble In every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special u.
* attention to collections, J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     £
Tort Steele mercantile go., Dd.
There is nothing  more comfortable to
weir on a hunting or iishing trip than a
Wc have just received a large assortment
of them in thc tcllowtng colors: black,
navy; seal brown, brown and khaki,
green and gold/navy white and gold and
many other colors. These goods are the j r
best manufactured, and the price is very &
little higher than tor poor goods. A
We have a (inr range of Men's Heavy
Wc bought a large quantity to get a low-
price. We will give our customer., thc
advantage ot this. Our tall shipments
of Furnishings arc arriving daily. The
price is marked down to the lowest notch
Tort Steele mercantile go., Dd.
New Lumber Deal 0BS
• I     llnnhury,   tin    i-hii-l     tool ■  i" pul   iu   - .mull   nulls
liulil.-r in tin- North Star I.11111I..1' iiiyst-lf mul supply mi finishing
eompiuiy. m well as  tin '  plant      Hul   I   hnlievi   I    I   the)
;i large s:ii.li. iloor uu JI uiol thoir
l';i. lury nl Itrniiiliin. wu they i iti.-H   for
l.n ilnya luni   ivi [ti-r Ihey lire
hi-- I m .in.-ss iu ilu-, ili-.i:.!'!        . ■    , '.
Haul, ii ry Ims studied   lln   Iiiiuiii i   Iin i    I'  i.' )*i r Illinium
situation  iii  Hii*- ilistrii-t   for tin prnirii
[»ml  yi'.-ir.  liuil,  I'i   iln- .inml-  li I iimk, us u   [ii ■
Imiiil ul thu manufacturer li.'i'' have teen paying the C, I' II. iiiimi tlm purchaser oi. il". |iniirii'. freight on vvut.-r j will 1. -4iiisii"il.
llr mlnnls llml wi.li nun,-, ul i!iu I will leave in li few ilnya Iur the
sniiili.■;■ iiiunufnetun-rs in,iini-. eusl to look over the lnti. - iiiuc-hiii-
liiuu nut heen ;is ros) lis they ery uiul appliances Foi handling
might liuve lii'uii. uml liu linsi ill.    lumber chciiply,  ■". iu.  to  i-educo
nl u Bi-hi'in.. I'.v which he thinks he t| nsl to n mi in in   .nin*. ninl
eun vastly improve thnt  i-ouilitioti  I inn.' loul.t thai  1   -vill  make
su I'm- ns liiu In.'iil  lumbermen nn- .i success of lln' proposition.''
concerned uiul  ut  tin' sumu tiiu.'      Tho pint, proposed by .Mr. llau-
hnild up n good business Eor him- bury tuny  prove 'In- siilvnlion  of
sell',    tlia proposition is this.    Ilu tho small mill owner.   There is no
Ims  piirchnseil  Inm! nl   Elko bo- doubt that many of them are under
tween   ilu' I'.   I'.   K.   an.!  Llreiit  an  expense  in  gotti it   llu-ir
Northern depots, on which ho pro- product thut is all on! ot propor-
poses to build an up to (Into plnii- tion ns compared with tho larger
mg mill, with ii lurge dry kiln nmii mill-. This would enable uny mini
ulher modem accessories. Ilisj wiih n smnll limit lu pnl in n port-
plnn is iu luiy tin- product nl' the able mill and start in work, since
Hiunller mills'in lln- rough, so that he wonld know thnt his ninrkel wns
they escape, entirely tin- expense assured. As it is now, wiih
of nuishing, the insurniice, tin' in- uiany   mills getting   mil   luuilier.
torost paid, I  ilu- expense of n and those without  capital  nimble
iiuui un ilu* rond lu sell unu nr two to hold their product, ll mre is con-
million feet of lumber. This Inm- fusion in the murkol whieh is lmd
ber will be shipped direel from the for nny legitimate truije. The idea
suw lu Mr. Iliiiiliury's pl.iiil at that is entertained by uitiny ou the
Elko uud nt tin- end ol' each niunili I prairie that the manufacturers of
llriiisli   I'liliiinliiii  nru  rolling
wealth would In- vory quickly dis
sipnti'il nu evi'ii ii curspry  iuvesti
tlm smnll mill owner gets Ins
motley. "1 believe thai tin- plan
is ;i guud uiiu." saiil Mr. Ilaiiliury.
"nud feasible ill overy respect.   __.|g_tion,   The sale nf liu-  product
least I havo enough faith in it  to right ut h  will iln awny with
gn nlieiiil, nml  il' ilm small  mills the uncertainty und may result  in
i-iinnot see il as I  do then  I   will u benefit to nil concerned.
m r
Employers' Liability
Beale & Elwell
who can give lower rates in lliis -.lass of
business than any other company
operating in British Columbia
.in vnu thinking seriously ..bout buying an engagement ring? Don't think any longer i just
drop iu .md let's show you our assortment, which
i-. wi-.- and varied, Wc have a lot of diamond
solitaires at Irom Sl. to $30, any one of which
will tickle the girl immensely. II you ieel more
generously disposed we can lit you out with as
much hiii her priced ones as you care to purchase.
Literary nnd Musical Society.
Tlm committee appointed IubI
winter to nrrango for lie- revival nt
ilu- literary society rm- this season
in,.! Ilm other night. As Ilm seuti*
in, i.i iu favor of ilm organization
of ilm .'lul. is strong, ii wns ilr-
riili'il tu call un i.pun meeting mi
Friday, Kept. 110, to reorganize ami
todee'ide whal   li .1 effort slial!
In* enrried mi'.. I li the lueinitiiue,
it was thought best I" announce
some ..I the suggested ideas thnl
Inuu been brought forward in connection with this year's proposed
effort. If these are curefidlv
tlioughl over liy those interested,
the business nl' ihu tirst meeting
will lie expedited,
i in.- suggestion is 1.. nllilinle ilm
i-inii wiih thu Success League, nn
orgnniwilion embracing numberless .liil.s throughout ilm 1 nil..!
Status nn.l Ciinndn, having tor
their principal n.iivity. viz.. ilu.
liiitiu ..,lerl.timitit.il. literary work,
reading ami lecture .-...irsus.
drunintics. athletics an.l healthy
social diversion. Tlm league is a
nui,ni ofsncci-8s .'Inl.s Eor the bene-
lii nl co-oiieralion. The union is
i verj loose one nn.l is intended In
Sin'ivs- .'!ni. of Nelsmi was wgnn-
.',•,1 along these lines,
iVmong ilm suggested features
,.| ilm club's work are:    Debating
events, in".!- purli iment, liiisiiuus.
ShnkesiH-reiin study, studj ul hi--
luiv. fur histnnce ilial nf niicienl
(treece. As ilm purpose ul ilm
rluli is  nut  simply  one of niiiuse-
 nl. Imi also iil'sulf improvement,
lln- iiiin nf biking up ilm siinly ol
things Shakespearian Beems In lm
meeting wiih popular favor, us
there ar-- a ureal many would like
in become hotter acquainted with
Will of Avon,
I in Inn history would also fur-
ni--li the uiul. witii nn opportunity
I'm* pleaBiire   ami   profit.    As Ilm
.■lul. will nmst   likely  limn* fur
sonic years, a progressive outline
ul'wurk as indicated above should
l». profitable.
Weekly meetings wiih shnrler
sussiiiiis will also ho considered,
Reorganization, election ui officers, ami a discussion uf lln- [lllltl
nf wurk will I... taken up nu Fridny, S,*pi. :in. in lhe Oddfellows'
This week suns ilm close nl' wurk
...'i "Inl is piiilmlily Ihu lin-Llust
am! musi expensive placer plant in
the district, thai established l.y the
l'erry I'nek Hydraulic Mining
company nn Perry Creek above
i lid Town, Tlm*. years nun a
Wisconsin syndicate uctpiirod nine
Till- i'|,|i MAN
UV Ih'IU'Vc in umimI schools, .'liu.
Ui' kllOW I ll.it In s.'.-till' -iiiul srlimils
then1 must heyouil Um'lu'rs. Thriv
w  -iill  ii nol in-1'   im|}nr:.itii   point,
■ni'i thut is iln- fo-upt'rutioii of tlic
|i.'iniils.    Wliile rciidiiiw ll llnr
<l.i\ wi- [.in across tli'- following
■ il "ni*- ilml im|ii''-Sh.il ii*- us
contuininjj :i Int uf •_;...><l horsescnsi',
.Mi<l w,' rcnroili.-'i' thctn for tlu*
li.*i.i*!it uf The llcniltl reiulers:
Du imi he ufniid l" k« '" tin-
ti'iii'lnT ami givo licr an iilen .,.'
ymir child's dispoBitionantl tctnpei'*
nii'iit Vniir yours i'l' exiX-riencc
with him will hn valnaMf In her.
Slit- will Ihank ymi I'm- ii.
I )<i imi Iii-lu'"..* all thai your
rliiltlivn t.'ll yon nboul school,
Th.'it wiui (inly one George Wnsli-
iiiLCluii. ami lie is dead,
Do noi fail io make allowuneo  ^oulcj sweep mosl  any  h*   -
for slight exafigeratiou wlien Iiear-
iiiLi' of   pranks  in   school,   They
Big Plant is f^eady
as.'S un lln
nl  lln
na i- proceeded   !<>
gel rendy tu work the propertj uu
u lnrge sealu. Fur two years tlmy
Inuu kept sii'inlily nl il exeept during a purl imi nf the winter season,
ami iiii Siitunlny uf this week the
men will l,u pni',1 off mnl ilm big
works will lie rendy for operation.
Tin- Iiiiiin- is about four miles ami
a half long wiih a fnllof something
over linn feet, giving a  Lend  that
T   in j"ii..|i'.4' llml u.i n. in ill,, nn lli-' I
'    In Inr-jfi,nlAnlinl..   t\'»> Inn* i lm
{   in""., i  I'"'!™ "I "iff lnitli.li.
t    ..nml i-lll I..' nlnilii. -lm .tn .mli
I   nl iin.v Ilmi'. in.' .4..in.... ilii-i'l. i'lu
'   ,i*4,ii.    IJv.i'.v 111.1111,11111111 In i.nl. i*
iimk" I'i- ilii—i iip|ii-iii'flt niniil
,*, rliilnly I I- Hi Hll lilll.i "-link.
M. jf. Hate,  i
JIJlVKU'll AN II ..l-'I'li'l W
um.I.ii Wn.,:,   u-i   n.i .   I'.
I'l'llll.   N.'-l   I'll-. I'ill'.ii.4,
Sclionl lliiiieiil.
Much griitificnlionis felt in tuwn
over thu ruining ol" Ihu Jessie
Shirley eninpany on Friilay ami
Saturday evenings nnd Saturday
nfteriioo'ii of this week. This excellent eompiuiy will produce on
Fridny evening "Tlie Princess of
Patches," for the Saturday matinee.
-•The Child nl' tho Regiment" and
on Saturday night, "Cnniillo," A
percentage of lln- receipts nf all
threo performances will be given
to Mr, ICiiig.principnlof Ilm school,
for the school library fund, ll is
In In- hoped, therefore, lhat, the
efforts nf tlm pupil tiekot-sollers
will be highly* successful ami Ihai
the school library will be richer fur
the coming of the conipnny, Secure
your lickels   from   lln-  children
"One nn Buld}."
At a gniuo "!' whist recently
wliere Constable .Muni-, ninl nn'-
ulini' gentleman nf even greater
iivordupois   ami   less    hair   wore
s'nti'.l. tin- latter suddenly  Iur I
I" the ulher participants tu the
game, ami said: T have in ver lul 1
mu uf lhe linie my friend Morris
and I were in Winnipeg have I?
Well, you know wn were staying
i.l iln'- Manitoba, ami I.ml been
inking in the sights nl' ilm town,
sn mi ihis pnrticuinr occasion retired rather Int.-. I In ilm following
morning I appeared mi deck nt
iilimil liim* o'clock. There being uo
sign uf Morris. I mail ilm morning
paper and ivhiled awny ilm time
until .iinnii a quarter In tun. wait-
ing I'm* "Biddy" in turn up thai wn
might havelireiikfiisi together. Be-
coining impatient as in Ilm welfare
..f my friend, I finally suinmond
up uu.mull courage t.» go in his
room Knocking at the door, I was
tuiil. in a putiilaiil voice In enter. I
discovered my friuml "Unldy", in a
dreadful state of mind, iu fuel he
wns much upset. Fager to know the
cause nl .iisiress uut] delay, I nsk-
ed him why he did m.I come .Inwn
lu hreakfas't, thai I had been waiting for liim a very long time, tn
which In- replied, in tones uf
agony, thut il was simply inipus-
siblefor him to go down slabs,
as some one hail stolen hi-; hair
linislius. anil he cuulil nnl gn down
in Ihai statu.
St. liugene Mission.
Rossland Miner: Easily the
must interesting missionary enterprise in the Kootenays is the St.
Fugeno mission, established many
years auu by Father Coccolu, the
devoted .I..suit pries', who .was
fortunate enough In secure sub-
slantiiil monetary assistance for
his missionary enterprise through
being mi,. „i lh. locators nf the
grent Sl. Kugene silver-lend mine.
hundreds of  Indians  havo passed
through lln urse ul' training al
Ilm  iiiis-i and  lire  nuw useful.
iutelligeul nml prosperous agriculturists, while ilm mission farm
is among ilm hest cultivated am!
mosl profitable in ilm province.
This year the hay crop nn the
inissiiiti ivns excellent, uml grain
was gnnd wherever irrigated. On
lln- innil without.walui- tlm drought
affected grain seriously. The
inissiuii  is famous  I'm- its  fruits,
 I ll Illiuk torn largo yield of
apples ami ulher fruits is bright,
A Probable Town.
A gentleman talking Ilm other
day regard ing the building of the
Kootenny Central ami Ilu- probable
results, said: "Do yon know where
there is liable to be a big town in
this districts1 I will tell yuu. If
the Fenwick mountain turns nut
as is expected il will prove tlio
greatest deposit ui iron ay,, iu
liriiish Columbia. Tin* Koote-
nay Central will pass close tu il.
The nexl town in llriiisli Coliunbin
is liable lu lie at lit.- crossing of
this rond uver Hull river, ami if
Ilm dun] gnus through I'm* lhe in
Crnnbrook nil' it's foundation if iln
stream frmn une uf thegiiu.ts were
lu lm turned upon it. Tlm flume
is tour feel deep and four fuel
uiilr. ami where the water is curried over a gulch an inverted siphon is us.'.i. which is constructed of
an iron pipe _s inches in diameter
ami I.niu (eel in length. This
pipe mis inm I, ■ righl al tlm ereek,
ilm shei'i iron heiug brought here
from Pennsylvania am! inm workers si'i'iiruil wlm established their
wmks.in the ground ninl made the
pipe under the supervision of the
withoul a fair hearing. Thai is I mnuiigement. Everything will be
accorded tocvouthi.-worstcriminal, completed liy Satuniay night and
There mv usually iwu BideB to a nil ready for the heavy work to be-
story. gin, witli one exception, and   ihnl
Do not scud n scathing note to is the water supply. This ims
the teacher by Nellie, the contents heen nu unusual season, and as n
of which she knows. Her aggres- ''"still lim water in ilm ereek is
■rive look of triumph is mil snulli- lower limn Ims been known for
ing, ami the teacher lBonlyliun.au, years, mill this may render ii itn-
l)u iiiii make unfavorable emu- possible In enrry uu ilm work nf
meut,   upon  lhe   methods   ui ll
sirive In stimulate Ilu* imagination
in school nowadays, but hardly in
that direction,
I. t nccuso l!i. teacher of undue favoritism. II sin' is kinder
tniiiiu child than In niiotlior il is
because that nne does mil take nil.
vnntngooE Hie liberty allowed him.
This is simple jusliee.
Du m.i lull' lhe teacher Ihnl
Willie will mil lie. She probably
knows better,
Du   imi   condemn   Ilm   I her
hydraulicing  ii ■  extent desir]
e.l  until  il." * r supply is in"
'■lua     Tl in lie worked
is Ihu ..I.l I- il :>,,■ stream and
hns been thn prospeoted by
tunnels, Thi ■ ul work has been
carried nu I", ll ■ original stockholder- of I in] any. and the
stock ia ' - liilsuf uvery
few    III. II   i: -ill   llllli   thii
ilisiii.t ur ..f it has
I'.'.'ii sold, ugh then- lias
been in tl ■    ...I of $100,-
U00  expi .   bunion   has
been bud,!■ i;. - promoters of
the scheme. I.. : yeur the work
was carrii ■: ■ ■ -.it the siiper-
\isimi 44| .1 T. ; iv, who hud littlo
lu sny bin kepi -'. . dily at tlu-tusk
in haml. This -j ring he was joined by II. A H . ,1 BlaokBivet
Falls, Wis., [il sidenl ami general
manager et the company, who
said    lhat   i: ul i   slay   until
tin* plant was n i for business.
He hns iinni d  worked early
uiu! Inlu liu- ii . going back
nnd forth i' ml nf the work
1" tin ot] [ling  liis eye on
. i.i> n ivi  i lie can con
sul.' liiu - II th thi thought that
tlm big tnsl _- :.. a  close
nnd that lln- plm    '4.  n success.
'I'hu I'oiiBtri ' ■ 44. rk of this
company ha- i>. . ,. 1.: tiling for
tlm district ii :em rid and for
Cruubrook in 1 rticulur. They
hnve bougl t ti supplies here
anil ma.:'   this ] their head
quarters. \. ; is more, the
people havi representa
tives of tli agreeable in
dividual- to il th, and everyone in tlii-1 ,i"i ol ii.»' district are
hoping that -: ■       sl sanguine ex-
peetntions of I      ters will Iw
mon* thnn renliz
teacher in the presence ,,i yo
child. Send liim in carry in t
wood whilo you are doing so, if
mtist be done. I Free Press wns informed Inst night
Do not expect the teacher  to ti,llt investigations are now under
understand   .Jimmies  disposition  way on the Caniidiaii   Pacific  rail-
thc lirst day. Vmi hnve studied it
for six years and there are slill
kinks in il which  ymi huvu (ailed
lu struigliti ul.
lln nut  hi your children hear
you tell ot the tricks you s. ess- ber of heads to Enllbeing estimnt-
fully played upon the teacher when  ,,,].„ |.0U, in round  figures.     I'r...
ymi nttended Bchool. Tlmy need
nu instructor in mischief.
])„ uut plead Iimk nf time tn
visit tho school. There is nu excuse for shirking a duly.
Du nui reproach tho teacher with
lhe fuel ilmi "Tommy has not
learned a single thing Ihe entire
year."    Slm is nnl  responsible for
C. I'. K. After Conductors.            his oh ii-s] and if taken in
Winnipeg    Free    Pn-ss:    The *'•»''""'    *   ~ be arrested or
circil     I*  - j :. great boon
fur-.!.' vie!       * '  ■   disease, but
l.y confiui   . . place uf that
kind it pn      I -pread of the
disease             . is    associates.
Tlier-' will meeting held in
Crnnbrook long  10 discuss
the matter, in it   -   *,•• be  hoped
that.".* ry uioii in this part
of tin* d'isti   ' lake  hold of
the pro] ■ sii .  endeavor to
make   tl.:-   1; ting   one   of   the
lnn_.*.i evii' field in ''runbrook.
way west nf Brandon, ns a result
which six passenger conductors
have already been discharged, niu]
it is calculated thai wholesale dismissals will follow later, the iium-
..■iitiuiis. it is said, an*
tenipliited against some employees
whu have 1 11 found systematically cheating tin- rond.
Some months ago, tli,- Fr.*.*
Press informant suid tin* company
engaged operatives ui the employ
uf tin. Theil Detective agency, as
lln-   heads   nf   its  own
his lack nf brains
Du nnl send n verbid request tn
have .lessie's sent changed. Then-
is often no vacant seat, and one
chnnge usually means at least half
Do not forget that the teacher's  W(.st  „r  p,,,,,,,],,,,  .,u,\ Btiirto|  ,
interesl in your child is personal.
She will do more In help him thnn
any one except yourself.
Du mil expect the teacher tn
manage without friction 11 child
whom yuu yourself have never
been able In control,
Do not insist Ihai lhe teacher is
keeping your child back through
spile. She will hardly risk her
reputation as an instructor In
gratify it personal grudge, however
disagreeable the child may be.
Di t   condemn   tin-   teacher
because she makes mistakes. Yuu
make them in mnnagiiig three or
four children; she has fifty or more,
Du   not   furget  llllll   lln-  parent
owes 11 duty lo Ilu- toucher just as
surely as the teacher does to tli
special service department had
been tried uml found wanting, and
it was deemed necessary tu dispense with some of their services.
The Theil inuu frmn ilm Status
Hooded ilm towns along tlm  road
with   the   ruilwnv   ini
Tht: Coal Pields.
Xelson Xews: A returned traveler from K 4- K nay says that
tin* Rossland - ndicute who have
interests in thi i lathead country
have had an ■ i lition in on the
ground to si; up the situation.
Thepart. consis! il of Ross Thompson. Jami - Fish *r ami Louis
Stockett. Ji,. :   a  brother of
Thomas 11 St. 1 it.- manages
uf tin' Crows S'i il  Pass Coal com-
plnyees. I pany, :.  " ' of great ex-
Investigations went on  sccretlv,  uerient-e,   T ■ 1 UUseamsof
I are slill being made and information, it is snid. has been received at the lieiul office here which
indicates llml lhe mis-appropia-
tions of some ot ilm employees
have been lnr_e.
From somi-olltci.il sources it was
learned that Ilm company lmd
only begun In net and thill other
developments along these lines
might lie expected durum tl
COliple of weeks.
Similar investigations appear to
have been prosecut id un ilm Canadian Northern ruilwny lines and
nm* I'oiiilimtiii* was discharged for
carrying a detective free. The
spotter claimed to in-a gramophone
Greal Advertisin„ .Medium. agent and actually sold instrti nts
, 1   _  •     ,      ,    1        along I'"* hue.    lie suld  ilm con-
Last   week Swim-to   A* Am • rt    J    ,     ml Jook .t._ vall|„ ,„„
strung, ul   the Manhattan hotel, .     „,„„,„,,.,„,„,„. thus cheating
l""1 '"Y"1*',",'     '!.''     '?     f 1,_ the company of llis fare, with  .1,,*
inuu and wife to take charge ot the
dining-room.   The following letter
speaks fm- itselfi
Moyie. ll.C..Sept, 21, llllll. Old
.Man Simpson, Cranbrnnk. Sir:;
Vmi need nol continue our nil. re Dr, Fnguu, nf tlm provincial
wanting a man and wife In run board of health, was in town the
dining-room. Once is ntl that any- other day in the interests nf tlm
mie need advertise in tin- Crnn- movement to establish an hospital
brook lleralil. \,ni can under- in ihis province by ]*opu!ur sub-
stand by that, that   wu huvu a 1 1 scriptiou   I'm*    Ilm' 1 renl meut    uf
and wii'e here Inking things over tuberctliosis.   Tin*  idea is  In i_'.*t
to-morrow.     Yours    respectfully, the  laboring  men   all  over   the
Swinnrfon & Armstrong, province   interested    and   secure
...i.™"_r_-_,7T7_  ' frmn each mm ibe uniform amount
Ini-tur s connivance
I'igliting Tuberculosis,
Services in Baptist Church
Services iii the Baptist church j
at ilm usual hour. Morning sub-
ji.i-i. --Tlm Wnrrior's Morning
Hymn." Evening, "A Lonely
Grave." During lhe evening service Miss Finniss will  sing   tin
of $1.    When lliere has In
dent subscribed In warrant it tlm
trustees will un abend ami build a
huiiie for this purpose. The place
will be sunm wlien* in the Kamloops vnlley. Tlm increase in tlm
number of these eases has caused
eoal run'iin-- fi
width, '■:* -•'	
This conl        *    *
.  tn 4<l feet in
. ."."   ull   told.
..:. tbeFlat-
bead river un-   1.    .
• Pole creek.
It is uf good
v.  bituminous
and good coking co:
.1. W Steele,   *
mbreck, Alta.
wits in tin* .  '
wnv tu ilm coast. -..
Xu'ivi-.    Mr    -     '
night on his
.- lhe Nelson
- a  very old
tinier in i' nl   i
* t:i'- country
i.ji   from a
"S|I4.1 rn. the 1. ' -  '
ing centre.   Tl.-   '
■ ■ a eoal min-
tracting firm
of Breckenridc .' tid have been
developing a coul mini it Lubrcck,
ia nanii- tlerivi - rom Jim union of
tin- names of tin in inters of the
limn, which is ... a a shipping
basis nml prod an  excellent
quality of domi sl .".1 for whieh
a ready markel :- found at tho
prairie towns of C< iwley, Pincher
Creek mul  M Mr.   Steele
Bays there is 1 gl    ' fu: nre in store
fui-th  south western
Alberta, lha! whil the coal and
cuke ..I' -...nii 11 -J'"■'. llritisb Columbia uill nln a I a ready
inaik. I al lh" ■ " rs nf Uritish
Columbin anu Montana, the Al-
burla coal will supply tlm wants of
ilm prairies to ihu cast.
ilo "Ho Shall Wipe Awny Every the provincial government through
Tear From Thine Eye." All wel* its board of health lu ink,- up ilm
come. j matter,    ll is nl more importance
in ilu* laboring man tl
Don Carlos, the Hypnotist.
Dim Cnrlosi ml his  iipanyof
fiiiuiv   fun   makers  will  open   un
Monday. Sept, _'
Week. I
who   has  th"   inonev   I"   sunk  a
cliiiuge uf climntu when alllieled.
Willi a I   uf   lhat kind, when il
laboring mnn, ur anyone else wlm
desires lu iro. becomes a  victim of
properties  Ihai   is  pending, that | Don Carlos is 1111 hypnotist, n|
\   They cnn bo exchanged al Beattie's' town will ben hummer,   .lust  re- dnte in his influence on animals ns tlm while plague, lm is senl  there
hearing the resorvo | member  whnl   I   havo said   and  well as men.    Remember the open- at once by the nnthorities, prov.il-
iv.'lleh the trend of events." I i„u ,|„te. nexl Mollllll)*, I ing 1"' has lllll. the means   I"   meel
V    ?>       11 for the tickets
 '*..... ®lcoupon,
Th.* Nelson Fair.
The p
include 1
■zes ul the children's de-
ti :i with   thn
'nii            * ".   good, and
i pi :.* ■        penmanship,
1 prizes
im in.'i|'
nud Si
public s,
linll uf |
'or <!■'. •- ing;  also   prizes
11 coli * . twi  prizes of $5
'or  n*li,*l   11   p of   West
I- lu |i.:        il   high   nnd
iiools.    ;.    .- fur   collec-
4-1.4'.   . JJ   prizes   for test
for best
bv uirls
nn* als,
'nil.1 ; -       -. two prizes
Iin"  1. 14.,   plants grown
under   1 i   years.   Prizes
offenil  for  embroidery,
mr!;. monograms, darning.
best six button holes, and for tho
busi drussi'il dull 1.1 be done by
girls under Lo years. THE   CIIAXBIIOOK   IIIIUAI.II
I'U tVl'I'llllU       ll-M.'M   ll   buhl ul'llm nars and pull*   It  le
1,'li.A.M.IiUUK IIM.Al.l' ;l ,„.,! i,|i.._r.-.l..r. .,... a few work
iug a. the nars. while the i.iajnrily
nre attending i" theirown |_*ra_i..'.l
v££ /<JGU~9. v>°-**-*\
business, bill   all   willing   lu mull'
Ilm   blicrifi f  time and   elli'lg)
Editor and Proprietor.    111;|t insures community suet*™*
Whal are vou going tn do:
Tl,.- Il.'.i
1 i. niirlliS
ii ii
..■.I..      It
rimt-  )ll.     X
■ 4 11,4141  111     S.l
.11*1   Km
I'IIII   lllJ4.1'.i
,.     .I'll..
t it
uml i'\i
11.11144 "41'-.
.'..HI. -U
.-.-,: Ill
Ill lh. |.r .^
.'-"1  Illi-  -
■ i in
-III.UM      1
11   l,,,!;!,-.'
■   ',li 1
,||,.|,.',4-     -1
|._.|lli.'|.      I..'
.   Nii
■ li'lll.'   I'lli
, ur iii.llvi.lil
i   ..
,.||.-.-        ll
nli. >.
ll .lolil In
,,.|,!,'!4.    'III.
itn. 'ill-It.
1,, tin* ...In
lllllliil*.   Si'l.
tion nn.l .<■
,1  4..Ulli	
lilt IT-
44 lll'll.
A.I I i*i*l i-i
u, rule. .1
lll'll.  -III*-
ulnu, i-i n
iiiiiii, im im"
* iim
mil t.-r   |.1 "
i tiutl
4,4   |,      l.-.'ll
li».-.-ui.   I"*
Hn-.ri.— ,lm*l
M..  1.1   .,','h
K   11
h.|. (
.a lim
S 1
Kn.l  K.,„.
•iiii\   v.ni   in
ii Tin
Th. Hen
lilliii. :i llml
iuh llllll
It. work 1.
111   111.*   [Mill,
- ll-ruli
44 imt ilint
(J        ll    Willi
_ ii
*.i|ii.iri* i
tirb,   if "•"■
ii i
nn v.iii i
■ i'iiii
It.v uml |il
-,*. kU'k. tuiil
yulir  tt
nk  i
.uiu. l In.
■ J»h«l -
Ml   tl
.-JIHl     tl
ii ni'i
4*1   h|„'llll-
.-.-ut ii. i run
N,,ieinb,*r. IT is ilu- d'I'-
lur Thanksgiving day in (-'mini
tl should be observed in Cnuibrook. since the people ot Ihis
town have iiiimh to he thankful
The Winnipeg Telegram is per*
sislent in ils blindness, ns shown
hy its tight un the (Irnuil Trunk
railway. Some men are BO narrow
llml l" express their feelings |iuiil-
ieully ilny would ent off tlu-ir
thumbs to spite their little lingers.
Dollars   JCranbrook
Cents    llHote! -* r*
1'iuests Comfort a Specially
imiiil stiihliiii; in Connection
I    1  4 IH-    .""I'   .414,1''   .-I,,-	
 I        l/l     ll.ll'V   4,l-..-l....ll.l   I.-.—
ll,' Illl...4   ll ll"    .|.l..l.l-     "I    "..
-»_■    - ■  1     *    I"**"*    '"	
in  11,„,, y„il „,,. |,r„l.,ili'v  I'l'-i"
 I        ll   .-I I |UU   4. "I   I"   Bl«   ."'"
>> In'-!.
Harris & Jolliffe's Meat Market.
This "holier than thon" business
, ;i poor argument in ll campaign.
Is incorporation to Ih- ii benefit
or tl detriment? The question is
au iinjKirta.il one, and infects every
property holder and resident of
Crntibrook. Bill the question
should be treiitcd fairly und from
nu intelligent standpoint. It is up
tothe people of Craubrook  in de.
eide. and  Ilm decision   sl I.l   be
bused mi ilm knowledge of ilm
facts, and nut ilm   resell   uf  potty
pivjiiili ■ hope   nf potty gain.
Thu "pass the hat" syslem hns
reached lh-- limit i" Crnnbrook
The town iB growing.     Then- are
improvements   u led   now.   and
more of importance Inter on, Who
is In pay fur them'!1 Whal is to be
lhe result nf ilm liberal contributions I'm-ilm lie- department. Are
these to be paid baek by lhe town
when incorporated or are fifteen
men In meet ilm expense uf lire
protection in Crnnbrook. The sidewalks an w a  disgrace In lhe
community, and a menace to life
und limb as well. Wliere is lhe
money coming from lu fix them?
The tuwn is si  b. haven waterworks system. Who is to pny for
the hydrants thut will all'nrd further lire protection':- The people
who take water will  be taxed a
higher rale In   ll I   ll xpi'llse.
you Bay, Why should this pro-
portion uf lhe peoplo be taxed to
meel necessary obligations that
shmilil resl upon nil alike'*
Cranbrook is growing, It is the
natural center ol'this part of the
district, The districl is growing.
tf Crnnbrook is tn mi.int.dn her
siiproniacy, she must go ahead.
When a business house enjoys uu
increase in its lnisiness. it meets
the situation by supplying wltli-
tiiinul facilities, although il costs
something, That is lnisiness.
Will Crnnbrook meet the demnnd
iiuiii.* upon the town as the accept-
«>d metropolis uf ibis section, or
willjher people liu supinely down
nnd drill with tlm tide.
ll is said thut there is some op-
|. isitiuu tu incorporation from the
hotels, as il is claimed Hint under
incorporation licenses will bo grunted for snloous. There is no danger of tluil. The liolel keepers us
it body are opposed to salumis,
their friends are opposed lo
fildoons, und whut is termed the
"church element," an- opposed lo
saloons. The same situation existed in Fernie. nml it wns met as
it will be met iii Cranbrook, by the
passage of n by-law making it a
condition thai no licenses should
Ih- grunted except In hotels with nl
least fifteen rnouis.
All of these questions must be
considered. A crisis hns arrived
in the history uf Crnnbrook. ll is
the duly ul'lie people to take up the
incorporation feature and discuss
it intelligently and honestly, The
Hernlil believes that incorporation
is now a public necessity, and il
has the courage of its convictions.
Vet, Tlm Hernld may l«- mistaken.
It believes in Cranbrook nnd Crnn.
brook's future. But it wants to
state nl this lime mm fact no
town will grow beyond n certain
point by drifting, There comes n
. time when the people must take
hold. That time has arrived iu
Cranbrook. Nnl only iu regard to
incorporation, bul other matters ns
well. South Kits! Kootonny is
innking rapid pnigruss. There is
going lu In* unu large, central point
in this district, mi.  luwu thnt will
grow tu I ilm demands nl' the
district. Is il In be Crnnbrook nr
some oilier place:*   .Are  we going
Tin- Montreal Star is Bending
it reqiiesls I'm advertising con.
tracts to weekly newspapers al the
rule ul I!, cents per liim- The
Star evidently is uf ilm opinion
that printers in this part of Can-
ii.I;i an- paid with mountain ozone,
Tin- newspaper critic should
always see Hint he does not live
iu it glass house before he I urns
his venom loose. Thegoml nature
uf newspaper publishers oft-*..
sn vi s the reputation of muny pesli-
I'ei'uiis fault-finders.
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
Don't lorget that wc do all kinds ni PLUMBINQ required in
your liouse.    We guarantee nil our work to
he done hy firsi class plumbers
n rail toad ami depot,    Has acrotinimila-
tlu- public unequalled in Craubrook.
♦ .
ut nnii Colli llnllis
Hoggarth & Rollins
inst j
s ii
Y       When you visit Cranbrook stop at Ihe        x
1'iiusi unt l.iini.i: Nu. :;::
Cranhrook, Ll. C.
M - -n-lMii-l  -.111   TUH.ll.    4,i   »   |,.   H|.   in
I .1 11. I* llllll.
.1. iV. All*.  K. Its.
v   llni.e.e
Vl-llill.    Illl'lllllll. 4,„|i,,||j',,,,||,,|   |u Ull-1,,1.
Cranbronk  Local Union  12.1 ol the tlnll-.
llrulliiTlioi>.< ol C-rpt-terl anil Jolntm
ol Ami-rlia.
.inl  u.
ne. I.. I   1
I nn-tli_.li
'I...II,   InvlllHl
.1    II    M. 111.4,|
.'llllll' 111
Nihil- lietter 111  the District
Rates $i and up.   Shorl Orders and Oysters
served in any style mun _ p. m. to 6 a, in.
__-•*•• » «  • • •
• •••_>#••>*• a-a(*\
Inonliiiiitt' vanity lias lead many
a Mian into trouble lint perhaps
tin1 worst vanity of all is that of
tin' man who loves to seo somi'-
tliiiiu; that lie has perniod put in
print. Tin's brawl of vanity is no
ri'spi'ctor of persons or rank. Thi'
ignorant, as well as tin' wise, an1
atlVi'tril hy il. ami wld-ii il is
working at its height, ilu- victim is
i Bubji-t't for i-oinniisi'iatioii of his
WhyZiZyL Ordered Clothing?
wlien you can have it made at ll oof the  I'umsl.  must  stylish
I'ldiries of the latest fashionable cut, and also save money, Wo
don'l chaw for our name, Imi we Kiiarauteo to turn mil ns well
Ulinle ntnl Til I iiiii Clothing as anv simp in I'aiia.la. PATRON-
l-.K HOME INOrsTKY! All things being eiiiml, inspect
um- rniiu, -ul FALL Sl'lTINHS nml OVERCOATlXHS.
j? The table is the best, tlu rooms arc unsurpassed ior clean _\
^ liness and comlort .md ihc b.ir ii. supplied wiih tin- best brand *
*P ol liquors and cigars. <*
* L B. VANDElAR, Prop.        £
9 __E__!_-!iI][_I ____WM >EMMiMIEmMEM
■s»eeeS-*:eeee6s.«s.:8iss6f*:Bei   •      men eeeeeeseteee e*ee*see*-**.
'I'he enterprise is vastly greater
and more important om- than I
thought il was." said Senator Cox,
referring to the new transcontinental line. "Duly those who have
really investigated the facts cnn
appreciate what flu's railway will
ini-aii for Canada and llritisli Cot-
.nubia. It is tin- greatest development project ever undertaken by
mankind," And all of Canada will
tuke the same view us soon us the
elections are over. It means a
Greater Canada ami n Greater
liriiish Columbia There are
millions of acres of land awaiting
transportation to bring to Camilla
increased prosperity, nnd to several
millions of people, hnppy homes. A
lliuu muy liuve the best wagon ready,
yet it would lie worthless withoul
horses. His the slime with the
Inml iu tlie Great Northwest nf
Ciiiiniln. This is not a question of
party --oliticH. It is simply a
question of Greater Canada nud
greater prosperity.
All   alionril    fur  the  Flathead
eniintry.su uf Canada's richest
lands, liu l.y the way of American points us the British Columbin
government thinks su little of
tin- business iu that country
thut il lias not spent a cent ou
either roads or trails lo permit
entrance by way of Canadian
~4,r.**jf****************************-> ******************
4 T  II. WHALEN S Cll.. Proprietors j
* i
Lumbermen,  Pros] tors nnd  Sporlsincii.   S
ug uud   Fishing  in  ilm  Province    J?
rti-iidqiiiirti-rs I
'I'he   liimst    Illl
revenue fruui timber been su lurge in tin- early day. those things wero
And yet, when ilm Kootennys in the nature of an irritant lo the
were burning up- no move wns people of this community, but now,
mnde l.y the goverumenl to save since nature an.l thc peoplo llieni-
thu timber lo the lumberman. j selves have  unanimously declared
Crnnbrook   the natural business.
rovernmonl and  railroad
ter of this districl. such  puny.
Is there ii,i mm iu authority in
this part ..f ilm districl win. 1ms
Ilm courage lu Bpend Stl.liO for
sidewalks iinprovcmenl in Craubrook.
Canada eiinnol expeel her representatives to withstand temptation
when tlmy receive Ilm paltry sum
of S1500 per year, ll is a shiiine
lhat a man with enough nliilily
enough to serve his consitiiency in
lhe Dominion   parliament should
nol receive n  snlli t   illinium   tn
pay his  legitimate  expenses.    In
the I'lliled   Sillies     il   member   nf
Congress   receives   .."i.IKHI   n   yenr.
Thnt is lit tl lOllgh.    If a man is
nut worth lhat much in parliament
In- is uut worth anything.
Hun .McKay, rond superintendent for this distriot, hurried to
Morrissey    when     the    swinging
bridge wus nverllll'lleil by Illl    I i-
dent. iiiiiI within three days time
had il us good ns the suspension
bridge at Niagara. All over the
district are monuments to Mr.
Me Kay'sgeni us and ability. Wind
liriiish Coliimliin needs in every
district Is men who nre practical
rond men, who know how to do
things, who are never idle, who be.
lieve iu work ami nlso tlmt the nien
employed by the goveriiinent
should work, who saves the government money by tlu-ir energy
nnd judgment, and who is willing
to accept suggestions from each
Here is nn item of news. John
ILiuslon spuku n good word for the
McBride   government   Ilm   other
Fernie is well satisfied   with   in
-I irii. nui ii ni.
Klko will be n luwu of impor
lllliee Home day. Locllted mi lm
railways wiih ilu- liuesl wuter power
in liriiish Coliimliin, tlm town will
coine into ils own before muny
years pass nwny.
The trustees of lhe Criiiibrooli
schools shmilil secure a silllieoul
number nl' teachers lu lake care nf
liu- pupils. Tlm idea nf mie toucher having eighty   pupils is simply
preposterous,    If Ilm depnrl nt
at Vietorin are su slow or negligent
us to fail In  iiii-iI   Ilm    vssities.
then let Ilm Iriistees show their independence ami close tlm schools.
Crnulirook must havi- proper edu.
cntioniil facilities, ami il is up to
the trustees In see thai Ihu Inwn
secures them. The responsibility
is upon their shoulders,
Charges of corruption in an
election hnve been  mnde iigiiiust
community ns to what is  best, for  -tiiin lilieral monitors in Ontario.
that particular section,   Men like The liberal pnrty should  take the
this are of inestiiiiiible   vnlue   to!lend ill  a thorough  investigation,
the province, nud u credit to the and if the parties are guilty, never
parly   that   appoints  them,   All rest until  ilm law has  been vindi-
evesiire now on South Fast Koot- ealeil.   Corruption shmilil be pun.
eniiy nnd u   feeling  of envy per. ishod no mult.T what   party   it   is
iiientes the beating hearts of the in,
tux payers in othor less  _irli.iu.ti*
The individual who persisis  in
llis endenvor to injur.* Ilm town  of
Never liefnre in British  Coltini- Cranl.i k by petty stories  bused
to drill, rn- nn' we going lo lulu- liiu hns the provincial government's on prejudice is wiiBtiug his .time,
pureil attempts lo hurl the towi
are laughed at. The weak minded
never know when lu quit.
ll is thnughl llml Ilu- Grent
Northern extension from Morrissoy
to Fernie will be completed within
ninety duvs.
Paint that Stays
Wo ust' tin- best of material anil our work always
gives satisfaction.
When you want painting
paper hanging, decorating
oi sign writing, see us
I The Pioneer Hotel of thc St. Marys Valley.
|S Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining- room service, .ind the
^ best of everything at thc bar.
Proprietor. £
U-.*34?*a4334:=4;,3-:i9.. *9:*9i. *-__
44 44" - 5 *". *-:'*. -4 V U -
A Couple ol Pair
 -. I mum. trill In-lil out nniririnilrolio
». mli..-ill)-.  Tli-_- l.nl.* wurn  is nml
i' ml)  I llii'  H4U1I  ln.ll_.l-   11U'
till-Ill illlil 8-luil wri-iii-lll nil.-.
Let Us Make You
4. |.nlr or Urn.   lVi-liiivi-iiolllOH-.il   nnl Ipviih
Ui... .vill-1 ivi'll ulili nur nun  nml  r»l.
'I'll.'., -ill .1  lili.'inni.    I'll..) will I..-mini.
I     '.-.nil  li'lll  nml tlinmilirll  nn I'.
'i'l")  .- ..-I  .vou    11-1   11 11   „     llllllll   ns
 I....I) mini.-Minn   ll-olllil  I'lllll*!**..   Anil.
.... ..lm. mllfti-r In in nml Innln-
I .cask & Henderson
*4>******* **** **********.***y
$        JN_HIS NEW STORE.       1
'^n _______asss5s_____i ■•*—•— .
f A.   C.   B0WrNESS. Wholesale dealer in »
4kT ———     A
I   Wines Liquors and Cigars   |
9 New Roiims in Ilie Aiken Block, Ju.il Nnrtli ol Imperial Bunk Corner <$
SB Agent for Calgary Beer .-ind Porter Wf
9 Agent for T. I.ebel _ Co., Hay and drain. ^
I Crows Nest
' Steam Laundry |
L Cranbronk, B, C.
Work is satisfactory.
Price is satisfactory.
We want your patronage.
Only (rst class help employed.
Work returned to all points
twice a week.
1:'. II. SLATER, Proprietor
S)*-»-»-* ....................
; Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All k ii ids ot fi 11 i sl i work in
wny of iloors. windows, transoms, „tc. Kiln ilrii-il lumber
fur inside work. Our work is
L'liiiriuili'cil uml our jinuus nro
snlis fnctory.
Iv'mijjli and Dressed Lumber
| Por Sale
_)*>a *> a*** • •'••,• a<9J*t W_tt. • •_* •• a-a\j_\
Second Annual l:\hibition of thc
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
New Buildings,   Pine Qrounds,   Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize l.ls.	
,1. H. ANNABI.E, Sec, Nelson, li. C.
A. L. McDermot
Ml m
I Wines, Liquors and Cigars 1
CranbrooK, D. C.
•phone n
Wed., Oct. 5, will be British Columbia Day
Railtoad tickets can be purchased at
On Tuesday, Oct. .(tli, Cumd Returning Until Oct. loth
Band Concert by Fisth Regiment Royal British Artillery Band of
Victoria, B. C.
Big Vaudeville Program in front of Grand Stand
Six Exciting Races, Six.     $2,500 in Purses.     Send for Race Program
ItOBX, II. rusiinoVI'J, Sopi'Qliiry anil Miiii-jor, _|io_aiio, Wash,
I.0.0.P,    Key Cll) lo.li.
N». I.*,   ..l...*l . 4'U'l) Mull
.in. niniil ui their i.'iii uii
linker slii'i-l.    KnlnlirlllH
  .■'- Il-'ii-. .'....lull) lm	
s ■'   M  ' «   li  Mct'niIiiiiii
lr-lill.lii.ik liidm*. Nii  J.
*. ., * K.   ..
M.A.     I Al I, Mi'i'-v.
Till*   A. I.. II.  N0 J«
M.-.-I. ,-verj   Sntimlii}-
Hilllll    ill      I.    II.    O       I*        |,„||
Vlslllni Brethren cordlall) in. lied in .iit-nl
I'llAMIIIUUK 1.01HIK, vim
Meets 1st nnil Uni Tuesilnv everv niontli
nl Alibottsilnlo.     '
visiting brstliren i-onllntlv Invited
A. Mi-'in. is, C 11     «'«. Ain.iixi.-Tii. S_.'v
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
3. H. THO. 1PSON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Crnnbrook, B. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Haicll Block Cranbrook. B. C
\       C, H, DUNBAR       %
4    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   '.
4 Public,  EtC. %
i   Crnnbrook,     -    .    B, C.   %
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office a. Residence, Arnulronu Ave.
Forenoon.,   ....   g.]g )0 M
AHernoon llJOtoJiM
Evenl-I.   ....    7.-0 la 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :::;       *    p,   o
oiiih: Ituritm—Km onn, n n, n- „fi,.r
 ■ 1.110 to 11.11 ronlnir. 7.H0Io'm.-H
Ti'h.li.ni ,•. 1,7
Dr. Connolly,    |
Physician and Surgeon   ,.,
*' Office on Armstrong Avenue
iij   ll'irii4,:-..H.i II n. in,,  l1 In I |l. in. 7   l?1
I.. .-I'lll.    'I'l III.-.        ,-.
I.) ®
I .    I <!. I * I * I -.   I*, I «> I ■?. I * I ._ Ki- I ^ I.i,
oi'icn iioursi
... in in n in.
i in ii p. in.
" In s ]I. tn.
DR, BIDI.AKI-, IH. _. C. V. S. I
lllll'KU   Ill-llliHll'V   llllll     1,4,111,'II,,.S
il S| inlly
Tel. Nn. 71. CKANHKOOIi. It. C.
.1. 0. CUMMINflS
Music furnished for Balls, Parties, etc. ►
Two to seven pieces. . -.
J Cranbrook,   ■   •    •    li. C. i


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