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Cranbrook Herald Dec 10, 1903

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Array .'
VOLU.UK   ii,
('C.VM'.liOOK,   ItltlTISH   COLUMBIA,   TIIl'RSDAY,   DECEMBEB   10,   llio:!.
N I'M 15 Kit   38
f~* ~ J
I he Canadian Bank of Commerce
| Head Office. Toronto.
i    Ilt.N. duo, A.Cox. I'rt'si.li'iil. 11. R, W'ai.kiii. I'.i-n. Mm •
I'jlJ Il.i   Capital      SS.TIMI.IHH) IK.
Ki-I        .1,1 IIIUMM l.ll
tul.l  KcMianta        If'S-wmilM
IL'pusiis Received,   (icneral Itunkini* Ktisiitess Transacted
SUVINIIS IIIVK DMMHTMBNI    llipualla llttclvcd    lilliTi'-l Altuai'il. J
I'ltliSI-NI KAII: OP INTBRBST lllkl-li PER CENT        j
|      UA SKI N't I UY MAIL   |lt'|aialla muy l.c itin.l.- nml tyllhtlraiv.i l.y nmll. j
?     II I  ln.411 ill. nlllll- ll-.-t-i\,. .-4.-IV illtl'lllltlll.     .' 1 .III.>ll    41.1.1..-  r.l    J
I   i.iilii* ii nsm ..I ilieOrai.lma.k fir li will mvlve t i|il nlln ,      ,
I  CRANBROOK BRANCH. K. C. MALI'AS, Manager,        1
m Cipit.il. Paid Up               $2,183,800                      jjj
S Rtjst                                  $2,636,312                      *
I T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. M.uu8er *
*" A general banking; business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
* ble in every part ot Canada, United States and Europe.    Special a,
* attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.      *
?(iiifiitfi***t**nwH****ni*i*itui*tnniitfntf ic4"
a lovely Dinner or Tea
Set, or some other nice
thing in China or Glassware which is not only
ornamental but useful,
and something any lady
will  appreciate	
Fort Steele Mercan=
tile Company, Limited
Your wives, daughters,
sisters,  or   sonic other
fellow's sister, by buying
Ka.-U Knott
Mail   tlitl.-
i.v's Bi«
III ills.-.
J 9 <:'•?
is to BUY real estate, mining shares,
farm lands, etc., when nobody wants
them and to SELL when everyone is
clamoring for lliem. Mining stocks arc
cheap now, real estate is high; list your
real estate with us and wc will make
money for you. Buy Sullivan, Norlh
Star, St. Eugene and other slocks now.
Now is lhe lime to buy slocks. We
cm make money for you.     Call on
The Real Estate and Mining Brokers
Cranbrook, B. C.
.......       .       .       .,   •       -     •       •        !..   '■•   Ml   ■■•       .       .
 ,   ■
* I * I A I * I A1?!
Jl Bargain •«
Tor Christmas \
Exact cut of gentlemen's or boys* 16
h':e, latest model, .silver, open f.*i«.Walt-
lum, with exposed winding wheels, and
Lver coil hairspring. A good, reliable
timepiece-, and cur guarantee standi behind it. Postpaid upon icceipt of price.
Only one oi these sold in a family as our
supply is limited.
The price is $8.50.
W. H. WILSON, Jeweler.
l-)-®-®-^Ha-<i)-®-®-®-®-®-®-®—fn- ®-®-® ®-<S)-®-0 -® -®-®- ®-t*
(,,-®-ia-®-®-^f)-®-®-®-®-®-®-®--t.y<.y-if>-®-® ® ®-®~®-®-®-®-®
II      The liniinuii weather has gone.    V'on need II
|| Weather Strips and Coal Hods Ir
ii now as well as heaters.   You will if
IT find everything of the kind at ff
the big hardware storo.
li i) ; • : • I
,gpIW<fr-^f«v-'SW-*^-,\-/^^ {SV-(5V-»-(B- ftWiWSWSWSJ W-<S)-«1-{B
»-®-®-®-©-®-(S» ® *®H5HSW»-®—•® (!) <•) (•> <■> (•> ® ® ® ® ® (•> ti)
Serious Charts Agaiist lhe tanner
It is Alleged That He Got Large
Suin.s   of   Money
POUCH "I   iwuhxn CITIES Noiuun
Alxiul "nc year ago John EI,
Tonkin i-iiiiu' to bVruio as manager
nf tin1 Crows Xest conl property
ntCoal Creek, Michel nntl Morris-
Boy. Hi- ennui with the reputation
ui' ,*ni iihtc manager, which lie fully
susliiiui'il tluriug the time lit- wus
in ehnrgo,   Affable in his tn; cr.
free in his relntIons with those lie
met) no man grew in popularity
faster than he. Within a short
lime nfter his -arrival, in Fernie,
In' was tin- whole thing. No business movement wns sun'of success
without Mr. Tonkin's approval: no
social event was considered safe
unless it had liis sanction, He
was the imk> linh of the community, and he filled tin- seat on
the throne with lieeoming grace
ami dignity, So strong were his
references, so marked his ability, so
fn rumble was his reputation, that
he came to ferule with a free hand,
holding ns it were the whole confidence of the company he represented. Soon after his arrival he
liiel with a serious strike. Imt this
he conquered satisfactorily to Ins
compnny, Ids employes ami the
people nf the province. Kvery
lilliciiliv was met in a businesslike
wny, ami as month by month pas
sed he grew in the estimation of
the people, ami was looked Upon
as an ideal manager, nnd one who
by his tacl nud ability, would bring
the development ut the eoal properties nnd other interests of the
company to Iheir highest singe,
ami al the same time so govern his
movements that the interests of
the vnriuus communities in which
he Inlmrod would be fairly protected,
Unt a chnnge enmo over Ihe
situation a few short weeks ago.
n ehnugu so sudden, so unexpected
that even to tins day many are
marveling ns to the renl meaning
nf the developments. Without a
cloud in the sky. without a sits
picion on the pari of iln- people on
the outside, .Mr. Liudsey, of To-
routo, solicitor for the compnny nnd
a director, arrived on the scene.
Within a Few hours Mr. Tonkin
was asked to resign, and the town-
site of Morrissey Mines that had
l'",-ii in the hands of Thomas
Crahnn, was withdrawn by the
order of Mr. Liudsey,
What did it menu?
No nne knew, and the air was
filled with rumors, Mr. Tonkin
hml a large number of friends who
were ready Ul take up the cudgels
of.l.feiis' iu his behalf, and the
local paper, in speaking of his
resignation und impending departure urged, upon the people togive
some public recognition of the
high esteem in which he was held,
ami suggested a banquet, Thus
matters rested until Mr. Liudsey
returned from tho const, when- he
had been called soon after demand*
ing Mr, Tonkin's resignation, On
the following Friday il was stated
lhat Mr, Tonkin and family would
leave for the east, but they did not
go until Saturday evening. And
as the train pulled ont, carrying
the erstwhile king of the Crows
Nest I'ass. only two or three faithful adherents were there to say
good bye and wish him well.
What.a fall! A few weeks ago
enjoying tho confidence of his
company nud tht- people, with a
princely salary aud a free hand
in the management of the largest
business enterprise in the province.
Then suddenly bereft of position
and fluids, and slinking from the
town like a galley slave scourged
o his dungeon,
Th.-rel.y hangs a tale, Gradually the truth leaked out, It was
said that he had Iweil ordered to
leave on Friday, but hail l>egge<l
lor twenty-four houw more t<< close
np his personal affairs ami pack
his household effeeta    ■ 'ut of pit)
thin wn* granted, but   nol   I ther
hour would bu given,
Bill   why such   nn    mpre*
Hilling stand on tin part of lhe
company* Win should the Into
mn linger lie bo willing to do us he
was commanded by n lawyer from
tin- eastv lie was not a child, and
docility was not one of his characteristics. That remitted a mystery until later, when it became
known that warrants had afterward lieen issued for Ins arrest,
and that tbo chief of police of the
district had notified the authorities
in the leading cities of the Dominion of the chnrges and issued instructions to arrest one .I.H. Tonkin if found. As no arn-st has been
made up to the present time it i-i
generally presumed that the late
innnnger lost no time in getting to
the States.
The charges on which the warrants were issued are ou tile in
Chief McMullen's office in Fernie.
They are varied iu tlieir nature aud
of n most serious character,
One charges Mr, Tonkin with an
attempt to defraud the company
hy false pretenses, since he induced the company to make a valuable
security, to wit, a lease of a certain
hotel in Michel to Mr. C, J, l>k-
storm, iu order that it might after-
wan Is be made or converted into
or used or dealt with as valuable
Another is that he tlitl by false
pretenses makea contract without'
Thomas Cralian for the sale of lots
in Morrissey townsite. and to pay
said Crahau 15 per cent on, same,
which was made to he converted into a valuable security, etc,
Another charges that on different
dates iu IftOB, he did obtain by
fraud the sums of $761. $85-1, 81.-
ilOi.25, 8175, all of wliich was secured by fraud and false pretenses.
Still another charge, that he did
on May 2(1, by menace demand and
obtain from the Trites-Wood Company a promise in writ ini; from said
company to pay the sum of $10,-
Another chnrge sets forth that
on May Ith, I'.KKi. he did with intent to defraud the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company, by false pretenses, through medium of a contract with one Thomas Crahau. to
pay the sum of 15 per colli on sale
of lots iu Morrissey townsite. by
such false pretense obtain the sum
of $1200 at tin-town of Fernie. and
on tho Oth of July also obtain the
sum of $500,
Theso aro the chnrges set forth,
antl on these chnrges and the in-
strtietionsiof the police, Mr. Tonkin becomes a fugitive from justice.
This will Im' a sad surprise to many
who held lhe gentleman iu high esteem prior to the'developments that-
resulted iu his downfall. It is a
hard blow to the compnny not
from a financial standpoint, but
owing to the fact that a man they
ha<l so fully trusted, was found
lacking, which necessitated important changes, not only in men but
their entire system of handling the
Sinking Iht Shaft,
(inst Theis ami Oliver Burgo,
of Perry Creek, were iii town Tuesilay. Mr. Theis snid that the
machinery was in position for
sinking the shaft on the placer
ground near Old Town that is
owned by himself and H, A. Jennings. The sinking of the shaft,
may take sixty or ninety days, as it
all depends on the character of the
ground rind tho depth of lied rock.
It is the opinion of all who art-
familiar with conditions on l'erry
(■reek, that this venture wilt prove
a profitable one.
Chinese and Japanese (iooits.
People looking for Christmas
presents should see the fine lot of
Chinese and Japanese novelties,
crockery, silk goods, etc, in the
new building on Armstrong avenue
south of Mnccoiinoil's |Furiiiture
•lim Mali wall.
Everything for Xmas in tbe
$ewelrv 2Ltne
I have the largest and most complete stock ol
Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Sterling Silver, Ebony
Goods, Cut Glass, Silver and Gold Novelties ever
brought to this district. A present ol this kind
will be appreciated. Don't bu/ until you see my
stock. The goods are of the best and the prices
surprisingly low.
m. f. Gate
jeweler anb ©ptician
Ottlcial ixiaicb Inspector C. p. I,.. Grows Wci<l Bih-moii
Report of License Scandal Asked For
In The Lejislalure.
Soiilli Iw.i years ngo tin- conditions in Smith Kust. KiH.ti'iiny .so
I'.-ir (tu licensing hotels were con-
ft-i'iii'il rt'.-irlii-il siii-h a deplorable
stage that llif government nppoillt-
i-il a commissioner to investigate
tin- rumors nf corruption Routing
iilnut the district, Chief Bullock-
Webster, then chief of police, of
tho Kootenays, was named ns the
commissioner, antl hi- visitetl various towns in South Kast Kti.it-
eiiay fm- tin. purpose of taking
evidence, Sntnt- of it was of a
startling nature if reports cnn Ik-
relied upon, but the public 1ms
never hail nn opportunity to know
the renl results of tin- investigation
as the commissioner's reports were
inii-rit-il in tin- attorney general's
office at tin1 tiiut1 it was mnde. Tt
is evident, however, that an attempt is tu In- made to liring tlio
report to light, as the following
appears in the report of the proceedings of tin- house for Inst
Mr. .1. H. King on Monday next
will nsk thai au order of the House
In- granted for return of copies of
instructions given to liullot-k Webster re investigation of -Kast Koo-
tt-nny Hotel license." Also i-opit-s
of nil correspondence, in respect to
this matter; also copies of Mr.
Webster's report,
Praise for Dr. Kitif.
RoBsland Miner: Dr. King, the
lirst lilieral whip to Ih- rlmz.-ii in
tlio provincial legislature since tlie
introduction of pnrty lines. Is the
right man I'm- thnt responsible
position, The doctor is n splendid
typo of the element which is striving to save Uritish Columbia. Hi-
is for tin- right lirst. last anil all
tin- time, ami. although ever ready
to th. his duty, is tactful ami diplomatic, The result is that Dr.
King enjoys the respect of every
member of the legislature irrespective of pnrty. He is one of the
coming men in British Columbia
politics nml Crnnbrook has good
reason to Ih- proud of him.
I Do You Shave ?
n n	
IO.   K.    BARBER   SHOP.f
Then watch this space
for a surprise.
Sold HU Coal Und*.
Thc coal lauds at Blairuioiv. iu
whicli V. Hyde Baker, Tom
Proctor and Mr. Fish burn were in
terested have lieen sold to a French
syndicate nud the price is said to Ik?
$125,000, of which Mr. Baker re.
ceivea $00,000,
Met at Rossland Wednesday and Pas<
sed Important Resolutions.
The Associated Boards of Trade
of Eastern British Columbia met
in annual convention at Rossland
Wednesday of Inst week, the affiliated hoards represented being
Rossland. Nelson. Kaslo. Cascade.
Greenwood, Fernie. Trail. Fort
Steele and Cranhrook. The annual
address by president George
Buchanan reviewed the chief
events of tho year in the inteior,
nud was heartily received. Mr.
Buchanan was re-elected president
and Archibald B. McKenzie, of
Rossland. was appointed secretary,
The convention endorsed the
Nelson board's resolution npprov*
Chamberlain's policy, defeating
the amendment approving of a
perlVivutial t.intl without reference
to auy [wirtionlar Btntpsmnn.
A resolution carried petitioning
thoO. I'- R. lo keep open the Lar-
deaii-tieiTanl railway service
thro nhout tho winter.
Other resolutions carried wen- as
follows: to nssuro efftency in the
provincial department 'if mines
ami for thc appointment of n commission to report on the needs of
tho mining industry. To secure
publication by the government of
bulletins oil new processes for the
treatment of refractory ores.
Directing the attention of the
mines department to the existence
of tin-rarer metals in the Kootenay and Boundary ores. To secure
more definite interpretation of the
respective rights of placer and
lode niiuers. Asking the dominion
government to establish a bureau
of mines in connection with lhe
geological survey.
The delegates were entertained
at a theatre party and supper antl
visited the Elmore oil concentrator,
Hardly Fair to All.
A. Leitch, president and manager of the East Kootonay humlier
Company, who has gone to tho
coast to interview the government,
expresses himself as follows on tho
lumlier j;art of \\n- new revenue
bill: "f hardly think it fair to ex*
press an opinion as yet, as I do
not think the regulations recently
passed an* likely to remain in their
present form. Ii' tiny did they
would undoubtedly be unfair, but
it is likely they will U* considered
and (intended in Borne important
particulars. Of course we understand thut the lumber industry like
other things hns to l»ar its share
of the expenses of the country, and
this we are willing to bear. But
taking for instance, tin* one item
in the new land law thai calls for
,*t payment of fifteen cents per acre
on a lease. This as applied to
coust lands ami interior lands alike
is obviously unfair, as tin* limber
lands at the coasf carry generally
ten times as much to the acre as
the timber lauds here do. This is
only one of the regulations that
bear heavily ou the interior lumbermen. However, tin* lumbermen
are not kicking. Those I havo
spoken to seem to take much the
same view as myself, tlmt is that
the regulations will Ih- placed ou u
fairer basis when they have been
fullv considered."
Just the Plan for Cranbrook.
Nelson Kcoiioniisi; Manager
Amiable has adopted a new
method of maintaining order at
Hie opera house. Boys who will
not behave themselves an* ejected,
and will not be permitted to again
enter thc opera house. This will
add greatly to lhe pleasure of
patrons of the theatre, TIIE   ('1!.\M*,I!OOK    Ili:i!.\I.U
F.litor .mil Proprietor.
The discussion ol the revenue
hill in tin- house Im*. brought ..ut
iiiany shortcomings in the goveru-
in. ut measure. L'u.1 wei-k, before
we hnd lime lo thoroughly digest
the bill, ».- stated that, although
tin- iiuui* ti. inert a-.- the general
assessment ni.t with our approvnl,
without n doubt the l.ili ...ul.l In
anii-ntlt-.l in .1 iiuiiiii.>r thai would
In- ;i big iuiprovemeut. At the
same linn- we expressed ilu- hope
tlmi both *-i.l--- w."I.l gel together
nml liy throwing aside pnrtlsiiu
feelings, unite on a measure that
would ivsiili in tin- gii-atesl good
t.. tin- province. S'litumlly, lhe
disoussi hi .-I' any hill j ir, -| ni r, -i I
hastily ui.nl I bIioVi sum.* glaring
deficiencies mi I    liiiuentiilile    ii -
The Rcu-ouc Dill.
I'mli-i- lh.- ii.-iv ussessineiil -iu-1
i niiiiilnri il    Ky   iln-    govt-rnni. nl
among iln- exemptions  is thai   nl
4444-4.1114-  II],  lO$IU00, IIS  ill    lh'<    .'I'L
Personal      property,      including
\ household effects, etc., is to I s-
empte*:! from toxatiou up to $1000,
instead of $300ns formerly.
Th- in w schedule ot gem-nil
taxation is given as follows;
i in real estate < 'i.r p. i ..-nl "ii
th.' assessed vain.* of real estate
Other than wild lands.
i in wild laml Three percent ou
tin- assessed value nl wild land
i in personal property I hi.* per
r.ni mi iln- nssi-sseit vnlue '.t' .-.li
personal property,
i >n income   i in so iiiii -11 nl the
■ipilllili.-s.    Tin* iv-
l.ill   In
heen in. exception, N..I only ns
lo the lumber interests, Inn others
as well nre susceptible of changes
that would In* nn improvement,
Tin-light is mi..-nnl iinforlliiiutely il
is taking ti pnrtisnii turn. Thegov-
eminent does nol Beeni disposed to
accept suggeslious untile by tin-
opposition, an.l in Bonie cases  tin'
criticisms nl' iln* opposition  in
to hi* nlong partisan lines. It
must In- said in all fairness, how
ever, that Mi. McDonald, lhe
lender of the opposition, np Iodide
has beet rvntive ami   [nir  in
his objection*:, nnd  severnl  of  his
suggestions linve heen ; pled by
Iln- government, sii  ihey  tn-rr
evidently pttiinpled liy a pfoper
spirit and an evidenl desii-e  I.. .1..
lhe best for lh.- pr.iiil     Tin* a.
soclntlon nl properly ow-uei-s nl
Vancouver nre up in nriiis ngninst
lliomensureso fni-tisniiunibei-of lhe
proviBions ni-e concerned, ami this
orgnui'/aliou is strictly noiipni-tisnn,
In- ninsl Im considered   as dis-
enti-i'i'st.t-1 politically,   Thr future
of Britisli t'nl hia depends I., a
grent extent it] this hill, as il  is
linnlly   passed,   ami   Tin-   ITernltl
hopes   llml   » I   jiiilgmi'iil   nml
fuirucss will pii-Miii in iis Iluni
consideration. The luxes must lie
increased in liriiish Columbia, Imt
thai iuci-ense innst In- mi mi equitable liasis. ll must In- so inaile
(hat. il will i nl inililute ngninsl
fit- progress of Iln- province, mid
overy member nl' tlm house, no
mntter uliat his politics mny I..-.
simiii.I he prompted l.y this spirit.
.fiihn Houston has I ii mnl mil
oflh inservnlivi' pnrty. ami  yot.j
In- is very much in evidence in tin
The Lethbi-idge News is eighteen yenrs old, mul grows better
with nge.
Tin- Ditigley tat-ill' is already
causing serious dissensions in the
republican pnrty Ihnl passed il.
ll is a um. I Inriir foi-Kockofeller's,
-Morgan's. Cnl'liegic's,   l.ut   a   j I-
one for the common people,
The Cuinboi-ue News lui.-. passed
into new hniids.   Tin- retiring pro.
prit-lor sajs In- lost n y  on   lhe
sheet, nml thinks il is lime  for n
■ . •;    ,        V v.y W tm V <-?■**. V «j* V *» vancoi ver, mutism Columbia S&SG&Gj uaj mm..... n.eir i..u....i
',..--.  ■'-.    . O ,\ liiuh t'lim prirolo liuiirtllug K.-I.....I "or '    "'         llakir street.   Bolollrln*.
-   ■>-   .*'■• rot               •         PS           Dj-Ll    95' *-* I lH-jo.itallasw.   ll' "I- * s.|..™,l..-r Mil.   IMtl Fellow, eo'tlh-llylmlteih
'•*...,;• »'"B-SiOkB-'p, 'ci   IT^iarfrttl           S s.,,.,,^ -..ii..i i.-n.-l,.-,-.    l-atrunii >,l l.j ,1,.-1   .1. Miiimlii*., IV. N. Clark,
--.*--.!*     ■                   SdCSt-CJ   t,-l^OlnLSa #!*      i.,-i ,4„„4ii,-.   it*.-,..- I!...»144,1 murk-.- N. ...                             Booy.
There !■ health end strenath   \?
v/     I, *■*
*,     7    J it contains in tin.' smallest \J
C   ,-'. \   j       possible bulk ull tho strengthening /-j*,
JP        *-£#'      and stimulating properties of tho n
V lim t   l-.-l" and   i-  :-.   i i!n•■'.lilc, refreshing £
& .in 1  invigorating t!i.:t thousands are getting tj^
■q THE BOVRILIIAMT   because they like it Q»
p   —because it is tho ideal cold v., uther beverage, t^
i III.'   Ill   l.t'l'l     IHI-SOII     ISlllljl-4-l    III   ■ fi.} ,,, . ., .      ,. C.l ,       4* . Wm
,,    , , ■   ,      ,      , ; JS Wi'.i'Mi*.; j • i'-:\Jti-.!t;:, ■;■-, !i.minting. (--,,
tin- iletlui-tions nlluwi-d in tins act % j " w
ami in tin* si-liriluli- nl' forms of i m  j—.   -a  ..—,   *i   ,.---, «j  ,*—,  t)  .*•-■, ■   ,.-•,  m  m—, 9!
.his i,,.|, iis excels ,  .1 sand | # *J *& V & G' & <Q & \J & Q & ^9
dollars within tin- following elassi
hcnlioiis;   iiiiiiii
rutes shall   In- :
excess Uu
ows.  llllllll.'.
'g '. WK
^V'^ wi\   *-
A Concert
hy Your
Own Fire-
  if you own a
The Berliner Gram-o-phone 1
And such d concert ;i yoi't ,-i.nll never luar in any
llicatrc cr conceit hall, hii.i; ii-.* i!:..* ['lurlotts voices ol'
i!,.- :-i.iii cfirotli ■!■■;■■ —tl.t- !u:ii::i.-i ..( tin* Violin—
the wizards cf ihc pinuc- rousa's or lite Coldstream
Guards' Hand -Comic Songi clever Monolo-rists. All arc
nl your cointimuil .11 one progrnn-.tue for one evening's
4-iii.m.i.ini.ai.l,  'i'. il   you i.i.l. n sacred  runn-it.
Class A 1 hie ihiiiisiuil dollars
nml mil exceeding t.*n tlionsnnd
dollars, oin- and one-hnlf per .'.-nl
np to live thousand dollars, anil
luo and one.hall' per eon! 011 iln*
next live thousand dollars.
Class l( On len thousand dol
Ims ami nol exceeding twenty
thousand dollars, two and one-half
per wiil up to tin thousand dol-
Inl's iiiiiI three per will on Ilu' ll.'Xl
tell thousand dollnrs.
Class C ilu twenty tliousiinil
ili.llais. ami upwill'ds, lliree p. r
iini up In twenty thousuiid dollars.  I   liuve and  1.in- half  per
cent on the reinniiider,
I'l'oiidfil nlivnys. that if lhe
iiIrivc taxes lire paid ou 01- before
lhe HO th day of dune in enchyenr,
but not otherwise, tlie nssessoi- or
I'olli'i-liir in heli'lij aiilliiil-ii'.i-il I.,
nlli.w i-it r\ taxpayer a discoiinl nl
len per centum upon Iln- ninoiiid
sn p.-iiil liy him I'm' Iln- t'liri'i'iil
year's taxes only. All nt-renrs
must ln> paid iu full without dis-
nt act tin- iifiseHSttieul  ol' railway
Hunks nre lo 1»- nssessed   I companies is fixed nl  8:1,000 per
t ivi'd upon Iheir renl nnd persounl   ,,15],. 0[ |r|L.].  un,],,,. ||,,.,-H.| pvoiios-
properly.    These   ire nlsc  to  be'   | ;, „,|| |,,   ,1Kri.n3.,|  ,.     huiij.111.---' -i> -' 1 'i ■=■*:--. 1 ■■"■■m . i.,.i..-.-   .. ;i
taxed ujioii incotuii front  business ,, ,j,;](,
ll"'"' in Hi'' provi under lh.* fob j     |.;vri.v m\]viiy -.ninpntiy is 14, be
lowing seliHlulet liable for  Ilm taxes  levied   miller
Where the taxable income shown  the Assessment Act upon all luiids
• ni said form is under ten thousand  i,,*,*  |,,,, |,.Mil| ,;,..„„ ,„. Subsidy
dollars. Iwo and one-half pel nl. ■ lu.j ,,|* *]u, province
I In I.-ii thousand dollnrs nnd uu* j     stlv,.. ril}]%vrl>vs o*,n-viili-«1 I.v elec-
del- twenty thousand dollars, three  i,.,*,.;i,-.,,.,..., i„.,,,. ,,   1
* ,   I.   I'll',,JM      M'l.'t.MIIljIlt'll,
I'"' "'■ Th'.-  iilllelldllleuls  In  tin*   Lllllll
Un Iwenty thoiisnnd dollars ami'.,,., ,|( ,,| „.|*|, ,[,,, sllu,*lv| ,,| timi>.-i-.
"Ira';ll,,s*   llllV1'  1 one-hnlf per] o„,. ft-aluiv of il is au increase in
i'.4  |... HI    ill    lll'i.l IBIlilK.    lift..**.,   1.14V. i
I m.v. Hi'-1111..4. Iln* livil mti 11 -. unit in
 in.-1,44,1 uurlil   Ai j tUu iiiiii.ui>1 -S3S1        l-MkrookL00|C,NO.31
'ivr'nTir,":,!;::;:-;''!.''.!;::,, .,,,.     ' .*'-:'- »-«'■«*
m ,-,...1.-.,:-.,. >-
1.1 ..I    1     M   II.IIMi-
I. 'III.   lllllltti-llll
S. I..,1:1,1.1m.-  1...ill,    I,,.It,   $.*.l.  I.l S|tl	
,,.„. .Il.i I. ..I....-I. ill-. I.I.I- l.ll p.44,,4-441 lll.l.Ill-Ill.'
REV. C. J. BKENT0N, M. A.. Head 'In-icr.
II..4-);. ii.-ii-lli  li   l.,-ll..|i -li
inn..ti like iii.- ......ii. nut) iniiij li.-n. itlni'l
iniiin --..-
Tin* 1'i'iipritlil. 13  s. »   I',iii-ralu. li. I. I '*tfW'-''-'  *.
Ar.-l..l..ii.'..ii.ili-..'niiil4i.i v> "I-J *''-'*'
Hit. Html    M.f-i.l.-. I 1  rt,ll!|- \* ,        1:, mi ur in-.-llii-.-i ..11   I
IG/..'-,       i-'iiu "' 1
- \    ^       1 ui.
VliltinQ i-n'        U4i..,uii.ii.
41    I. lil Al K Hi'i'-J-.
TO iiiii Mill. (IWNI'RSOI-IU.
Alining Engineers
and Surveyors,
CUANI300K, B. C.
.1. T. LAIDLAW, M. V.
II toll lire in In.1li.l4' will! .uur -'iij-iit*' in
nn> to.) or your boiler In I'-nkiu-. ur -lectin
-iiistil-it- Hail fnr mc     I liim- n ft.rti- p.tin|<
In Iln* luutl.-i i.l nil n|i|ilii*i...-i.. Iur a illliill    unit lull 44-1 nf lnul-Iur lining all klnils ul en
, .<   ..I i.i 4 1, mi I iiii.-111 I 4.1 in   i;lui*iinil li.-iili-r repllrltil iiutt ilt-oiiln*- ilttlil.l    niiili   \\      Willi
HI,,,., i.-l ,n il,,-inm ,«,,. 1.4111-ii.iti.   Call or -e.it a c«nl lo uuun   *, .   n ,mi
,4,..,, I    .1.1' I'll ION. Mit.liini-llrmilirunk, 11 *
\llll.l   i,4l,.-|.ll.H.;i,-l4   ilmi   n  i    Ml
   Ill 1,4,1111 III   ll 4|.4.4 1
114.14.   Illl-  lil-l    |.llMl-     ||    || I I, llliplil'lll.'
4.1   ll„M.,l.li,M|....(    illl Ill' lllllVl' ll.l'll
 I  I "i  UH.   III...J.    Ul,    I'ullll   Ul   I'	
I.l I.   |.Mll|l llllll). lllllll.    Ill l.ll.Illl   I'll   ll
V Illl-'ll    ..i.l. Mill.li. 4 .l.-il. .1 lli.. Imli
.In,   ..I   I i'IiiIi. I      Im....     un.l    '"14-1
Ill I ll.-.ll.l,,
I I li.MiMi, inn,-.-. \ Inm, |l I
liili l).-lulier, lllllll
Harvey, McCarter & lliinlinr,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Il.i/tll Iiinil. Crt.iilir.iiik. II. C.
complo°o witha Records ^O tCJ  ^J^S
IM..r..4,1.-.i    I.-l    I   .      M    ''*. 'I'   i'   '  IIUI'-   i   1   11114,1.   ■
Sold i,:4 oaoy monthly payments ir desired.    Write
iu,* r--.,*:-c'jI-41-*,, Citt-tluiju., t-iitl list ... Records.
M uiuraclllti I 1-,
L. CEDLINEF1, JCI'j St, Csthcrlno r.treei, Montreal,
ror, calc cv
Timber Notice
N'uli.lMl.    |l    I. 1,4-    lli,,.II     11,1,1     lllllliil  llllll
hi-w   :   II14-1011 uill ninilj In Hit< rl.i-
I'.,111,1,i-M,,II    |-,,l  I. lit,I 4 4,14.  ■-.',,I-I.S, I 44
Al Tin- SI. Hiigcnc.
Moyie benderi   Tin- I' lalion
for the new building mi  the  wesl
side nf lh ' niili I track ni'iir  tlm
t-iiiifi'iitrntor has been laid, The
building niil In- '-'ii feel wide mul
over Iiiii feel long, and will be filled
wiih a huge ml I'm- Billing tin*
values in tlm ladings from tin- mill.
(i. A. King nud  ..  sinnll   I'm-. I'
men will be al ivorli here nil wittier
uud wi I li iv ■ everything in readi
ness for shirting in Iin* spring. A
circular leltet- hns been sent mil
front tin* head ollice nt Toronto to
the shareholders lo tin- ell'ecl  that
it is the intention ..I' lli tpnny
to resume operation in tin- initio
nlmut March 1st.
Stuck 0uiitalii.il.-;.
Furnished I.v llml*. A*  Elwell
brokers, Craubrook II. C,
the niiuii.-il rental ol' ten wills mi
acre. This, however, is subjecl lo
a reduction tn iln* ..I.l figure of
liiin i, wills upon the timber being
manufactured on iln- property.
Special limber li.-.-usis  for logging purpo.-es will nol li.* grunted
ing mul  power' companies are  to|(or  „„„.,.   tliu ii  UH' ncres,  t-
bi" taxed uiion their gross reventu
Tin* tax ou income thus arrived
nt shall be in lieu of tin- lux or ill-
come leviable under section ', nl
the net.
Insurance, telegraph, telephone,
loan, gas, waterworks, electric light-
from nil sources derived, urisim
accrued from business trnusocted
in this province.
Tin- t;ix on cattle and sheep
pasturing on crown lauds is retnin-
Tin- taxes nlfecting iniuing prop-
eil ins nre left jib formerly, The
two per ,.,.|tt. tnx on the ore shipped
Inuu the property, excluding the
.-ost of trenting nud transportation.
granted I'm- nol more llinu five
yenrs al iln- following rate: i lue
year, SlfiO; Iwo yenrs, Sil20| three
yenrs, S-JSO; tour years. SIIJ0, mul
five   yenrs,   §S00.     Provision    i.-
nii.ili-'I'm-tin i-nll.'.'ti ,f nroyally
of   IIfly   .-.'nln n  Iliousniid  board
I'm* iiiioil.
Another clause in lhe sum.'
niensure will Inm' its ell'ecl upon
limber Inmls   in   lhe  railway   bell
Nurlli  Slur	
HI. I'll*!.*!..*	
Wur KiikIi- r,uu.,.Iiilul
I'lty   Hull	
Alui-rii-uti fl'i.v	
1 * 1*41 WM  N'.-Ml  I'll ll	
..    tiniiuu
HI.. Run Ml. Min.-*.
Can. Oil ...ul I'iiiii Mini-
1 l.til
Huliiiiiii llniiiii Iiiiiin-
In Lull
 film nn
l.iil.i.llllB.l.iM liiml    Illliill..   nil    I
iii S mil. IJu-l Kiuili-nu-: eon ii.in-.ul Ilu
mlllll mul eni'll. rot  W.  Iliiiitntl unit'I'. II.
I'i Iinrniii-ullnilior li -.-; llirai-u miiill.
Iiultii  mill.; I Iii-lu--! went  luu iniVn II -r
uni-tli Iiiiiin miln; th.-....-.:.-i In il.--.
I..U...I Xnvi-inlii-iSlli. IIUUI.
II.-I IV. IJ. ISiislnn.
Timber License.
In llili-li- .lui.. I im I  I'l.l.v in Uu
I'liiiil'iiiiiiniMiiiiiu-r ul l.nliilu nml   Wiiii,-. nl
rielnrlll, II. C. I ir n |i-r.uil  ill n'.'l nllT.V
ii.iii.l-   liinl.il- lllllll   liu- Itillml-lllg il-.M-il.iil
|itii|ii<rl.4i 1'iiuillii'iii-iii*. Inn i-linilii-smuli lliuu
Ilu Minlliiii'M ,.,-,„ | ,,| III,,,-1: IIUI  in S.,,,
111*   N„4,lii|ini. II.I   i   Ii.i.,* HI uii,ins un
llnuii-i-   III uliuins mllllli;  Iluliil- sn ilini
ll-i-Hli lliiin.*,. Slli-liuiliHIiorlliillu-li.-i- ll'ili li
ntlNl In |il ri'iiiutlli-iu-i'lni'ii'.
Tin* Ulli .In. nl Xiit'i..ulii>r.  lunil.
Ilu ,1.1*. I'll,4i|,lull,., I'oii.liruuk, II. C
Timber Notice,
.•44.1 J.lu-i.lii- Bin-it Hml I hare apiilln]
lV..!-l.»,Vn-liiiiil,ii.l-u s|4-i-i.,l H.-.-IISI* In ml
llllll iiil'I'V uiiii.i  lit,,li.',* ll'uln   liiu iiilliiuiiiu
• lun riluil I lu in Snulh Until Knntriinji
I' ii in iiuii.l n tmsl |ilu I mil ulli
liniil iiilul ill;, li |i   I.  uml  nn  Ilu-  msl
»,.li-ni in-1 ruu'sX.i,,, Pin-n llnllnni* lllglil
ul H'n.l I In Hi-nil est i iu- nun ■ lr» lu
it i.hI limit Iii> Ktnit.niiy Mew Ihwiep
iiniili uiul u-uiil Iiniili mu-mil.-in.ui- ni l.'.i-
l.i Ilu, sniiili lunil ulini il.'I ili-.ni|. li Ili4'iuv
•-nsl mi i.i-.-..i-lissl.illi.-i-iulil til .injur unhl rulli.il,.-; i lll'll, i'sou III liiuu*! Ilu- mii,l
l'1-.lll nl uii.v ulli' mil I ' li-ss li4  Ilu-
 -.- "f !"■; ni:. Hinu-liilUK nln ii.-n-s
iiuiii-»i lim
H.iimI li.i-'.nl, ,ln nl Xni-finlmr, lllllll.
ill Mnli-nllli llurlii.
Timber Notice
.Nmi..- ii  hi.it*h,v -ilri-ii Hint llilrly il.-i...-
Iilli-I' ilnli-.   I lull-fill tu u|i|i|.V   In Il.i- ('htu,
I' lissi I ul I I I tl'url,H, I IM.lllll
Iiii I lissi,ni ut mul riniJMlillll-  huiil In* lull., li in-:, lnst'lilii'il Iruil iilliuul in
liiu Hint I'M ul Simiii 11.isl Kniilinn.r
I'iiiiii iug lllll Iniilil i-igllll'i-lllliu, Hi
llllll lull nllllllHIMSl lll'lll,- lllllll sllliill   I
ull urlit rlj--.fr iiliun ui luil on llii-u--
M.nnrk. llul ii.1.1 v 4 IiiiiiiS  msl;  II n
Mllllli    -Iiiiiu-     s hi     Illl- .Ul. 1.4    lllllll..
nisi; Ilii-lin-i-i,-Int .-lliiin-nuilli   11   |il.i 1
remains, subject, as before, to Uu* I of lhe Islnml, ns il   provides  I'm- a
tot I ortho whole tax in tlie cases  lux on nil liuibet- .-ul   in  tin*  pro-
nf placer, dredging nml  hydraulic vjm „„,[,!   ||„.„,. ,,„   v,|ii.-li  n
mines, which do nol  ronlizo $2000 vtiynlty iu pni.l.     Tliis lax  varies
mi tin-year's prod  ami a rof I ! .-„ ,ling lo length  aud iiii ler
of one-half   iii  tin- ease nl' other I „,, |0 n|   in,.in-,,    iin irrjale one
pnipi'i'lii's whicli do not yield S.'iiluil  j- rn|.|(IB |-|.,,m -.-i p, $t| ,., ;| gimil,
i" l-lieyenr. in, .,,-;i,|,. |wo from 81.50 in s:i:
As iu liu-unu-iidiiii'iil of lust yi-ni-  .m,| I,,,   gi-ndu   i!iii<<<  frotu  sl   in
aniiinil tux sides are provided  for,'$-J,,-*u.   b*or liinliei-over 2-1 Inches
lhe new bill  following lasl  year's  j,, ,lj, ipr-md up I"   I1-  Inches,
uineudiuenl very closely, | lliere is nn ndditionnl ins  i-nrjing
bunds with iiiiprovi-iiii'iiis  useil   in ih,. ||r8| grnde friitii 20 c-nls t,,
for ll"' I'lii'l"" f I'i'sidei ' mi-1 s|..',ii;,a, :1r.,,|,< hi., from lii .-■ tils
j.iyiiii-nl. nnd ii it I'm-  the  purpose   lo SI, nnd ou grade llll-ee  Ir    HI
nf profit or guilt, is to In- taxed live ' lumls in 7. nta,
per cent of lhe nssessi-il  I'ldiie as!    Ou piles, poles and eurli limbers
''"'"""'■ there is n tax of tl'oni ..in- i-.-nt   ,-i
All aet to amend   tht' Coul  Tax   foot lo 2.'. cents, ami  nn   piles ul
Act, 11100. has been introduced  in |over 12  inches  in diameter from
order I., make clear any mis b'f-' §2 lo s'l n  thousnnd,     II  in; -
«l linn's   "'liii'li  hnve arisen  re-' fiiclured in the  province ihis Ins
sporting  ll xeinplion   of  conl  j3   ;,]s,,   reiuilled,   excepting   the
Inmls front tiixntion,   According to' (innrler of n eenl a foot.
the amendment -'The tei-iu or ex-      Oy shingle bolts the Inx is Sl n
pri-ssinii-laud I'r  which  i I  is cord, wiih n relinte of .'ill cents  il'
mined' mis an area of land ad- 'ninniifncliircil in ilm province,
jai-i'iil tmnnl operated  from each      ft is provided under this s lion
separate opening, tunnel or slinl't.  nlfecting royalties mul  luxes Ilial
nf n i-niil iiiiiii'nnd shall be Iiniili d   'Actual   settlers    wlm    an'   pre.:   -,ilH* K., .',• ,.,,.    i[', .„;,„ ,,.,, K n. ti... snmii I   Noliccn. Iir-n-li.v «v tin- sniv :luj
lo nn nren not ex. ling ten  ncres 'emptors ur crown hinds, who  lmvi nt-.tir or.,l'ltrailfi,i-il'»iliuii,ir ,„ ,t  fw 'lu-.  I Iiu.ii.1 to n|.j,l» i.i ihu t'ltl.1
,. ., ,, ,.       i *    ,    ,    * ,• ,- ..inlu'...sl huiiti'liirii'l*. II.Xu.-SSiilunn.   Ininml-t. • of l.illi.ls I «„il,s, \ n-lurin.
for every one thousand tons ot coal  occupied their preemption  i-lninis L(M, -7., ,.|,,.i,.-. -,. or In a tr, fi 0 iuu-iIj rmat  •'"'   iu*i*ml,i-hiii   In    piii-i-hiiim   iin>   I..I-
tnken nnniinlly llierefi 1. ami upon   for two yen rs; who have lnul  their "-"row nf liriulf..r.1*a x... *.'  is.*; ilwi.ni Inn hi* ihwrlhuil I s,i„s -:,,m K	
,.   ,   ,   , ,, I      ,1- I   ■ I III I snulh 411141 tiulf mill- lu llii'liollll Iniilliilnl',. nl   "U.VI
which taxes payable miller this act chums  surveyed,  cum   who lime ,-.,,-u-..,ii.i*..*,- it .-t,-.--11 ;ist 711 ,.|,..i,iH 1   ■*' "'' ik nt » !"*>'  iihuilnil iit lhe
have been paid in each vein*." , la km 1 certificates of  improve-j oium «r Im tu thenar natramornlCiieli'.  imrll. .*..►( ...nier.il l.m siitt, tlrraiij  ;
Tlm new railway Assess I Act   mont, sin,  exempl   fr    pay-   ^'^XTl mil,'';''" 1.™'!' 7rih'ou,' mm.,' TZZ'lli souhulS'l'li'To«i»0ei",.™
provides for u   rndicnl   increase   in   im-nl of roynUy or lux  npol Ill-   ilmiu-i. n.*i nue.linll mlh-; Ihraeo iinrlli i.i  m Mm fin*'- ul ii-BiiiniiiK. ratiljiliiluit I'm
(he luxation of lhe IrntiBportntlou   iv Imi  upon  Iheir pre .-inplii.ii j I*1.'*." -" i* "i"' ^'!," t L'-V *I*... t Itinji. [ iiTinKlTn, t.i Im hi-r..isn*.
compniiies.   While under the pres- claims for sido," a.-, ll. M. An-lenou,  |  a-. M.ii-j-tviile Lumber Co., Uii.
ill I.   K. Niuinll.
Timber Notice
Kullm is liiTi'l.e i-inii llml  Iiiiiii- 'lii.n
iiltt-t-iinn-1 i ml i.iii|ii.-.i in ilinl'liiiiriiui
inlssli'iiui-ul I.iiihIh  I  Uiirlm in li.l.ui.-i
I'm-    !•■ ltiii.-M.4l    Illlil   l-lll-r*.   n.ii.,4-
limlii-r Imui Ilm Itilln-tlliK iliwriM Inlet
ul Inml .11111111 il un llii'iii'i-.r < ri-uk iu Ihu l.i-
ii-ii-i uis li Kusi K uii
lui -iiigiil ii iniilil Im i.i rlil.'.l. -real of
II nh ntnl iniiin nl JMI-. I.iiulliiii's niu
Lied Notice.
XlllHIM-     144-4,-Ll     RlVUII     llllll     lllllll
l.ll-    1144111    lllllll     I     illllllil     It.     lll'|il.     Ill    lllU
I'hM I' uii-*   * ul  I.mm- mil  IVuil.-.
I-n M-inii'-iiiii 1" I im Im." Hu' lull'i.tii"'.  ill'
-Hiiiul Inml unu I'.-in fruuk iu  .-'  i lilli I —
.1. (i. CUMMINGS
mo.-wli.l- <" .1 in-l ul Hi-   I      \V.   I*.   OURD,
ii|.ii,ii. i -i.i.l \„ na,- i„..-i i-tii-u-
i-  suiiili   IU  .l.i.n >.   Iiuiii.'  ittsl    iu I
s; nuilli In. In. iu- mul   msl   III    I	
Ii.lrii.ifi, Solicitor, Etc.
It.ili.il lliis Vlli .lij uf V..i.-miiiii'   lllllll
ill I.I.l.-I- I 1111**1
Timber Notice
N'iilli*,i|»liin-li.vulieii Uml llilrly tluya 4,1
11 ilu1.1 I iiil.iiu !,, n|.|>li  In Iln-  i'iiiii  Inln
ilH4l,,|||||-ill I.iiiiiIs,iiui IVnrls   Viiiui.i   hu
Ullllissiill I     IIII.I    .Mill     	
IIIII     llll>    i.-lil.IIIIM    ll lllllll     III I   lllllll
luiiii-.l 1.14 llmiverj-I'i, uk iii Hu- I'i Imi is
I,   \u-uir. tin
llllll 114     Il.i
-I:  III inlil;
ih   il- Bhl
.1   T   l.iuill.nv.
^Qi.-.'"'"'.'if GG '
In III" I' I.l I'iiiiii  ul ICtuilfimv. ht.'ili I
I Ill-urge M, Ilm V, ul Hlr.lnr, II l„
I      I I Ke.-|.er, I'lalulilt,
I  S..I    li.il.'V. ll.liNillll.
Tn.l. J.liiillf.v. lliuu 1 1 iluli-lltllllll
Vuii him hi-lt-hj- nultlhil Ihut llin iihnvi
iinmiiil lihilnltir, hns i<iimni"ti<'i<il nu iiutluii
ngn'usl   .luu   in  llss t-uiiil   Jus  11,,. sum lit
IllJI.TB for lujnl iiiii] liiiluing luriiiuLnl h.t
Ami Hike ii.iiii-M i'liii Hull's- .nm iMii-iM,
l|iS|i||lL' Iiiiii' lu In i- ml Inr IIUI nl Iiuiiiii llin- m-i-li-iir ni lliis rutin III I'm,
Slut tu. nil I.I11 Illl. m 1I11.4 s uf I In* luni 1 li in .ui-
liiiti ul lliis iiilvi'tlisi'tni'til. imi-:in. til iiinj- tu.
MUM, il niiniu-l Vim In-11,.-'iln'iii lit
Dllteillll li-iu.l.riii.li.lliis 1M.I ,1iij*..I\...
velnhrr, lllllll,
IV. !-'.i;iir,l.
an.li Stitlt-ttiirlitr Um I'lnliitifT.
Timber Notice
T.-ilii- i.-.-Hint lliirl.v ilnys 11
i-llANIIHOOK,    lil'll'lsll   CJOI.UMUIA
DR. F. li. KINO,
iFici- itm ti---.
..' in i-.- .1 in.
1 In ii p   In.
n. ii.TiioriKsoN,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Sollc Iur fnr Hit- Imperial Hank nl Canada
rheColonial line-tlm-ul nntl Luan Cuinpoiiy.
Crcnbrntik, li. C.
Bool* Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old slmcs iiiadi- new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a cull.
East Kootenay
BoUliiis*; Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Elc.
Sod.1 water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians anil Surgeons.
nillre nt I'ettlilence, Armstrong Ate.
iiuiii  HOURS:
fere-loons,   .   ■   ■   -   wo in II
Afternoon!   ....   1:30 lo 3;JO
fteninjs '■   ■   •   •    7..Ill lo 8:30
CRAM1KOOK,    ;   :   :     :       :    R. C
The Contractor
Who (lets CniHracts
If inn wnnt tn l.nilil lei nu- know.
I uill I.,- pleased 1.. furnish ynu
t-slitunti-s antl   tuny  help you out
iviih some iilr.is as lo iiliins.
Il.teiitl lunpiilv lu tliu I'liiul l'i<tiiiiii-iniii>i'<>l
l.inuls .-.ml  Work, fm- 11 ill  ..'in- leitan lu
-ill mul ,-,iii-,v ulnu- I. ,-i   ll 1   Ilii-I.illnil-
iiitftlreel Ihin.ls.
I'uttinienelng nt n pnitl | Innli-I ui III-,
iniilil ll nl Sii M-I--. is, ki lh, 11. ■■ iiii.iiiiic in 11 I
null Ii wetiti-rlj. itirictlnliup Sn im Mtirj-a river I
In I Or t-nnn.lu-.il fncilln 11 iiiimi's i-.-i.l li 11
liloek JullS; thlllro Illllllil.*! I. nlinm -nil
r. I'  11. liim lun i  ulieivii ei s IVn.4
ereek; Ihenee un.l oiY: lllenrn south I itu
milt's; thiiui.nsi iu Si\ Miln ereek; II	
uorlli ueatel-lj- tlooli Six Mile eleek In -.oitil
ul i-iiintni'iii'i-ini'Ut.
llnteil .Smuli I'.n-I Km,1* t.itv. N4.V1 lltt.,-1-
Til,, IIII1JI,
ill k mi .4l.||.Mii[ilii|'..|iir;i;n
Timber License.
Ill llilrly  iln.ru I  I ml  In ll|i|ilj   lu Ilu
I'lliell-ttl i.si.iiur ul l.iiii.in un.l Winks, ul
Airliiiin, II. I'„ for ll lu-rilll nl IIII.I .unv
nuni    lllillier tn li.. Fulliiuiiu ilisirilu-i]
|.|..i|ii.||j., rolnlllnllrlllK atll) ellillll. null ll uml
Ills liuins rast fi tin. suiiili ileal eonier ...
Hl.i.li 11:11 iu Sun Hi lin-i   K nny, li. i'..
tllel sl Sll ilium-, tlu iiuui it ml. su,Julius.
Illl-lll'O tvtal   so.l s,   III,',),', Ill   ui-tlllj
i'l sl  i I  ... ,,| i... , .1 . .. tllllli |||.
'I'liu iiiiiiii ill) nl Xiiveiuher, lllllll.
Illi helium Mmiii... iniiin I.. II I'.
Livery 3
Timber Nolice4
Mull.*., iulu.ruliv lil.. ii  llml   Illllllil  lllllll-
liliu IV. IJ.   Unu   uill  ni Mil   In   I In   till. I
' Illsi.l r ..I l.m,.is mul IV,,it-, Viuluilu.
Iur n s|iiiini li'iusi' liunl limlii'i- un Ilu- Inl
I..iiiiiimI.-ml,.   Imui, till I1. 11,1  t ml, in  Hi..
Iiisiini uls.uilli I'Juat Kunluiiii). I" 111111
illliill  llllM'.IIIll  II,Ml       ul IMl    1,1    I'M    Uill,lull
mil   I.  ii.   I'lirt-iiluir '-   iiiiil..i  Ilrunse,
II    sn   ulini,,,.  ||,.  Uiuin,. Sll , luni,-
I >...,. I Nm- her llul, lima.
H w. i-i. i-iiiiiii i
Timber License.
lu iliiiij .i.i..-. t inin..   |i|tlj iu iin>
Proprietors ** ** **
Tennis uiul ilrivers fnrnialieil for all)
polut ill tile ilistrict.
Manager   »*   .4   jl
Formerly Hotel I'liuii-
NI-.I.50N,  B. C.
li. TOflPKINS, Manojcer.
I'lli*. inl. I is ii.li> nl till- hest ill
I'.i'ilisli Ciiliinilila anil llp-lo-llnle
in  every   respeel,,      Will   llglilul
j Vroom & Dezall    I
i I
I    Blacksmiths!
|     Horse Shoeing
j Carriage Repairing and      I
! General Jobbing.... j
j Outside (Inters I'nimplly I
{ Altended lo. 1
li* • •-•<•)
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
mc a call.
Sole Agents in Cranhrnuk fur
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
ll is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I,,, „ l-jlilyi'lmlim  mitllll 11,,.|,,,. J I iiii 11 -s, 'lit Immla  mul   ll'utl.n
1,-lil.v  sh.iinn   Ileal;   lh illlil)    uliiiiiia
unlit:   Iimh.i.mIi'.i .lii.r s nnst lu |ililiii ut
Vul.ii.n, ll.C,fnr ii | iii In nil un.]
nuni- iiiiiiini hum ihu 1..iiiiiin,* tlnatirllteil
|itii|uiI.v, eiiniti.i.ili'hi*. nm- liuiiiltiil mul
loel.l.v  ,'liuil.s .niiili Iiuiii  tlu- suiiili  w,ul
i' ul lllni-li lllll lu .Siiulh l-ltial Kiinli'itnji
II.  I'.: Iln tut* in .Iiliins tniilli: th u Sll
ijiniiisuitsl; II  Sll  rlltlllia  Iinrlli:   tlm	
Timber Notice ^^^^^^
Nullrnlal hv tivioi Ihnl  lllllliil llilrlv I S.°''''"''"""'" ' '' "'""'	
l""""" .»   ".mil   nun    nu ii,, ,
UJH   ll. M    Ami    11 Il I'lthfl ...               f     '„',, ',,,,,,,', ,,    ni.
I.'olllllltelolleriit Lllllll I ll'urks.Vi.-lui-u. ""          I.JIII1111 Moole, lllllll k, II. U
On- i..'1'iiijsshni Iii unl uml i-.iri'v 111411.V liitihiu'
"'"    '"""""-    'l"""i    '»'•"' Land Notice
Ilu*   St.    Mnrj-n
(i. I». TISDALE,
|.|,.|.,.|i|,,|  ,.[  Mu.
Candy Kitchen
Candies,' l:ruits, Nuts,
lliscuils, Pipes and
TohaCCOS. Hive us a tall
         ^4* • <» • -tt» —
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   ..*   ♦*
Phone night and day 77
SI. Paul, Dultilli, Minneapolis,
Chicago and ooints cast
'I hrnii-ih I'nlui'i- uml J-tiuilst steettora
lilnlui; uu.I liitttui HiiinliliiB IJltrar. ciir-i
luu- Kiilns, Kolilora mul l-'iiil .iiri.i'iiiu-lt.ii
(1. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. f
*S   (4*AJ.UA*-'.4*f*.*«l-l-'-i*it:...A.u»rt-»A**<.*****»«»A<-AAi*i   0
_  -,»-*'»-/tvr>»vvv ?**vt J?*.'??*.*?; »•*»»?»•*"»»?*#»•»?»»»t»»»»*«l* ►
J{    SI 1.1 I,,-,I .-.nrly.    lVhil.4 tlio ninny lint's of ClirlstnmB
-j £ Lrtttxls ft'inuiii tuil.rok.'ii is tin* tiini' tomiiki'yoursi'li'i-tions.
J { I inr lioliilay Btoek is .i.iii|,l,.|,. In ,'Vfi'v iiM-a-fl.      Wv lmvi-
4 *
* *
4 *
4 ,
4 »
-.* .
•J »
. »
. r
4 »
-. »
. »
■I .
< .
«  »
< »
4 ►
4 ,
4 »
4  »
s|i.ri:illy st-lt-i-li-.l for Iln
many lianttsoui.1 anil useful artii-l.-a. S|-,u-i- it
luni.- liiui, ,-i l.-w i.| inl i'i ;iiiii-i-s nl nin* Dry i
Fancy Silk Blouses
«'.- Iin-.,- insl |...n-...l int.. i. I,   TWO
Lwlii-s' l-'nii.-y Sill, r,l,4,i-,-.,    Tii,.*,,. hvi.. lii..i,.|il s| iiill
fm* * Clirii.liiiii.. timl.'.    'I'li.v mv tin- lad-ill .-retilioim,
4 »
- ,
4 f
4 >
*. »
4 r
4 a
4 >
- >
I .
4 >
CHRISTMAS! $ ()lir stock of_
— Y»
II tn-l | • liuil      -j >
,   . 4 a
omls Ut'lll Jf
4  >
IlilUII.-lll..    nl        J   »
Fancy Cushions .-nui Cushion Tops
< >
4  >
\\'|. lint,■:,-.....iti-,1 ;i *.| iul  nl. I li   ll,.',li*.*,|;u  nl      J I
lliis Itfliuliflli Iin,..    Tin- "(liithiK" nlyl.-s i.r top ; -nil.     4 i
in-..I,\ li.nnl nu,   Sonn. allow ii iinifiisioii nl  i iiuui,. I tl.-     } ?
• I'm. in Iiiin ..i.i .-if
Teneriffc Lace Novelties
'I'll. .... ilri.il.nlil.. :....1.11... Inln. Illlil ill III,' I,Jin4.
I'illVu.       I '.llllli   |.it.| I. iill. -:..   lit.i ,,',|i,.|,   |l*l|   4,,i,-|4..  i.i,
Iniili   Mull-.. .Ill- ..,-.- :..llll-.
. I   Fancy .--ill-. Table Covers, Silk Knit Shawls,
J » Ladies' Neckwear and Hells.
4 ►
, i*
4 I
4 .
< .
4 I
, ,
4 *■
•I >
4 .
i .
4 >
M .
4 t
4 »
4 >
4 .
4 ►
4 >
4 »
4 »
4 .
4 *
4 *
JJ   F. S.   A (nil line of Men's Xnus Goods on display
4 ►
4 .
,.t*.„..4*.»4..,...*.4....i   ***
**************************      ***** I,*********'
in Furnishings Section.
4 »
, .
4  f
*> >
1 .
4 J
4 f
4 f
4 0
4 »
|      For Christmas Trade.      J
a Jacob's Fruit Cakes a
^ Snnilrin.liani 1 lb oOi-.j Clirislliins lend I 11. 7'.-.: Clul. Ui
T   plain, i II. '.'-v.: Il,*in.|ii.-i. tilinoiiil ii-i.il,:!; II. $1.75. §9
■•■}> Shortbread 0
**y Killui-iu-y, fancy Ihi\. Tot*.; Kui| tvss. in linlf moon linx. <£
*^> (iiic.j Tiiitiilli.il. tin liox, "im: 0
\& All Itiinls nf iiiiiin nntl fniifj* Bisi-uils, Choi-olido   lion 0
i>    HollS, i„, ted Hllll-olld, I,i',*,*tin;i. |g
*y   S-J.1.1; ill I   ll, lu«es
*p     Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery    0
i.[ Cranbrook, B. C. S
Headquarters for High Class Goods for Ladies and Gentlemen at the lowest possible
prices, .-t .-* Special Lines just now, Clothing for Winter Wear.
**!> A. 1.. ricDermot A. C. Bownes;
jSj Wholt-st.lt'   Wino   and    Spirit   Merchants *
*•*   S.lilii/ lit
bc»l   is- mi -JJ,
nl Dumesllc .1
Liquor. BI
4?'             A complete stuck nf Clears, consisting ,»t the *•>
i*j>             t'Phnrnoli," "LnFortuna," "Irving," "Bar- f>
■5)                list.-i. " ...Mitiliiiueiil." **!tililn"  Jin.I  others, ft"**.
H Mall OrJers Promptl) Atlcntleil in.                  I'elephone 17 j-i
jjj  Write (nr Prices.                                    CRANBROOK, B, C, jL
J                   Agents-tor I'. I fi'.'I & Co , ll.iy uiul lirnin. K
*->  l-'ernle lice.
ss nost oe
H'   lliiiiine s Sinn
Iln- highest III.'lints
ft SCOTCH iiii.I
t • i	
I  ...Manitoba Hotel.,.
'•'  I.-l Nov  Minimi 1111 j
; I). A. McDONALD, rianager
• This hotel Is in llic center o(  lown,    Tlie rooms are
'*' comfortable and well furnished, thc dining room is first- ,1,
T class, and llic Kir is supplied with llic besl.     When you a
'; want .1 good place lo stop come to the Manitoba. <y
1'.    ..   .   ■.'   .    .-  ..■   •    .*   •'   - ••> (B—SHS-®-®-€ ® ® ®-® ® ft-  ®-®
The Cosmopolitan 1
V 0
m      J. R. Downes, Proprietor      *p
m il
| Cranbrook, B. C. 1
i *
m Two well lighted and furnace heated ||
M sample rooms.    A firstclass hotel with 1$
|^ firstclass   service.     Popular with the m
0 public. 0
l0 '0,
\..n  i.iii iiiiikt* sel.-elions  from
i.ui -ti.i-i, for your lii.-iuh. whicli
will In it ..-Inl :i- u. II .. ■ ,.ii..,i,i.i,t
S..iii,.,| ,,ui- cmstoiiipra liiivt- ul-
iniili hml I.--. i-,.-.| Im-it,,-in   tl,, ir
- linii   ■ Iiuui mil li .1 utiii-l,.
Wc I...i.i -till in I rarii't)  mi
liiml ..I siiilnlilt* |.i-.-. ui- lui-'ls.ili
,4.Hill"   4,44,1  ul.!
I.4,,,l, ,,4,i uur l..,r..;,..,l,,.k I. fun
Ililll.lli.* ...nr  liiml   |,l||-,-!|.-|;.,-...
Picked tip Atiniil Ilie Cily  tiy Asltlny
Questions of idany  I't'uple.
IL U.-,r -It.ul'  I'iiiflifi* l-i-.-t-li.
tins iii tuwn this ivi-t-k.
t'liilili-ons slory  liiuika   in Hi
uiul lii-m piipt-rtll Clins. I*:. Ilt-iil &
Prof. Mi pliuiii'*; elnsu ttill nii'i-t
lii'sl Siitunlny, Moiuluy ami  T i-
Min's in iiii luy iii'i'kivt-iir.ijiiHjit'iitl.
...rs, iniilil.-i-.. tuul t'lovoa nl lit-i.l A*
.1. I.. I'lirki'i* uiul wil'i. L'lltno
down I'r nn tin* North Slm- Tuns-
ilny in viiit friitnils,
Bi-for.'makinjr your Xnins pur-
I'ltnsi's oxninluo ..in* stojk,
Clins, I*.'. Ufiil -X- Co,
Mr. .nnl .Mrs. S. Arnold Wi'lv
tliof-iu'stsoE K.'v. uml Mrs. t-'ur*
hint's tlm |i;ist ivi-i'k.
C,    1''.   linskiiis.   who   is   now
Slulilllll'il nt    I".■! ni,-   us   l'OII3U|ljll>,
was in town yusti'lilny.
IL.I. Elinor, ..I' Muyi... win. is
li-nvi'ling font Toronto cigar luuts.-
tins in town yi-stt-nluy.
lu-nlii's nt'i-k I'lirs. mako idi-al
Xnins gifts, li.-i.l .V ('.... linvo n
uii-i- nssurtiiii'iii In s.*l.'t-i from,
If ynu n-41111 holly, inisll.-lti.' or
t-tit tluwi-rs tnr Christ inns li-uvt- youi-
uiili-r now with (i. T. Itogors,
Harry Bntdfonl. who lias I n
working nt tin-  North  Star Mint-,
wn- Iii t,.wn si'v.-i-;il days lliis ivi'i-k.
Tho onlor has goiio forth tn iv
iiii.vi. Iin- Iiitii-si's ul sin I'r,.in tlu-ir
pivsi-iit   Itit-alion   tu  bill" mi   tin*
Ns- mu- linudsoino window of
Mnnicnr,. .-in.l Toili'l Stag llm-n
-..-Is. It will *i;ii ynu. CI,;,-. I-I.
Kim! A L'o,
M-", .l.--s-i,- Port, ivhn Ims I.u.-ii
lh. gut-sl nl .Mr. uiul .Mis. Tnli> tlm
past luu iiniiitlis. |..f| Tu. siliii for
Iht liuiiii. iii Toronto,
K"i.l A Co ail' shoving Bom.'
ii.'iiinl'ul (-iishioua uml cushion
i ips in "i litling" .'nnl "i ii'iriiiiil"
ili-.i.iii-,.    S,'.,. Ilit-iu.
li. T. K"..;..|-- i-, nn :iilisl   in il.--
-..i.-iiin, n iii.i-i-.    Hi-, pli   lui.ki-
iii,.* ,i   liiiu.'i- uf   liitaiily  si  ils
,'-ii!;ii---i-in,-i,i uiul olhor chnugi's.
 ■ special Iln™ of I'.- y silk
liluusi-i Inr tin- holiday Initio linvo
arrivi-il. Tin- Inli-sl i-ll'iu-ls in,
slyli- nml coloring nl lluid & (',,.
'Iln- fori si.vl,. Miraintiln
i-omjiiiiiy has Hindi' soiuc i-xtt-nsivt-
inipruvi-iui-iits iii ilu- inti-riur ar-
rniigi'ini'iils ..I tin- stiiiv Unit  adds
t'l".   Illlli'l]  In  its   Uttt-lll'tiVl'lll'SS.
,1, I), .Mi-liii.li- snys Im lnul n
pli-iiK.-int    tisil  ul    lliisslniiit   iiluili
il ccnsioii nl tl looting ol  tin*
Associated Uonrils ot Tratlo, Mr.
.Mi'llriil,     was    tin-   Craiilirook
'I'lu-(hid follows nl' Crnnbrook
will gi\t- tlu-ir niinuul bull ou fob,
run ry I. Tin-Odd follows ui-vi-r
fuil to givo sntisljifliiin with lliis
unu.nil i-vi-nt. mul this yi-nrwill bit
im exception.
"■fanager Sterrlll nf P. Burns &
Co.. is making sauie extensive im-
priivi-tnt'iits tiilh tin- innrkot uiul
building, When he is through he
will hnve uiu- nf lhe most, nltrui*-
livo and coitveiiienl markets iu alt
tin- wesl.
Books and
flu Calanders
Is now complete, Sc-iul an ..Ul country
Friend an American printed hook. It
will please them. They are artistic,
well printed ami beautifully illustrated. We can't tell you about them.
Call and see. We will he pleased lo
show you. You will he pleased to look.
Don't forget the lop.c, cash discount at
(  ''.' mll'g'  "I "in' -inil ull'i-r.      \s  we
"''.'-"'".'.T, ""! "' ''"' *"'■ X"""- »e ni.!,,- the followiti-
"^V h    "'h° '"'-*■   ;i'   i''*'sl*S-'-.-'l.i.|-il,    ul    u„„i,   will
GG" "i""  '•'»\rtli SV*.     This is worth  wlill.
Iiikmg iilvai,t,;w. 0f,      ,\..',uvo ,'i,.ivi|.i,,,, |-,„. X|„.1S
|,,v'"' wifcct-oiiHi-. in.. I fancy G Is   whicl. must go at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
| |s■aa^!..]ii!;-,2:i!^maaHmssiiB[gsiSt^
You Need a New Suit
-I Beattie's Big Bazaar and Drug Store, %
II'llllll is III.- .-.is... ynu   sl I.l   lii-iur, |„| i„ the
selection, IV,. .-nil giveyou one tlm! ttill l„- N.,|.
islu.-lnr. iii ipmlity, ti..ikiii,-iii-.|ii|i uml price.
"''"I' '" nnd sec onr stock. Our clothes an-
ninilii in CriiuliiMiik I .j Crunbrauk i»-onle, They
ni'- -uiti. thai suit.
Where It Pays to De.il
t fa
tvw%*fi; iiMWfflffliMgfflifflifrai
Leask <& Henderson
Mre.TtJtllock visited Elko friends I    It is   time   ilu- C. P.  K. pn*.-
kisl 11-,-t-k. ICt'iinbrook tho lienelHs of custom
rates.   Tlu- idea nl' the people her
Dr. Ilu
I,utu Tiiosdn
■II. ut   fern
■uinpi-lli-ii in uu tu Piuchor
.1. P. fill-l-ell, of   Mul
town v.-sti-ril.-iv.
■       I l„*i
Creek ur Mad I In secure thesi
s  iii   rates is us  prespostei-ous
I silly.
A. II. l-'i-nwii-k. wns a Ci-nnbi-nok ]    \V. II. JtePni-lano  hus just   put
visitor Tuesilay, in a line of fixtures in  his barlie
,, i     i       r      i        i*    Ultop  Ihut  nri. nut  excelled nny
Preserved pnlins  Im* ilecornlive I      '  •
,,. ,,. ,4     ,. I when-iii Ilu-iiilorinr.    bvoryt h m
pui'itis.'s ut li, I. Uoget's, .,i        . ,,■.,,
is lhe Iiii.mi in pattern, nml he will
Vic   llulliiis   visited   Klko nud  inslulllhi-t-iiinpressi.il air systi
Medicine Hut the pusl wook. ul' cooling nml drying tlm I',
Mrs. Ryan left Inst Snturdiiy I'm*
lu-r former homo in Boston.
(iur albums in nil bindings tire
choice,   Chns. K. 11,-iil A-(',..
tl el yoni- Christmas enndies nf
A. Cluii-lraud,    His Block is "rcsli,
1 kui'l forgel ihr l.ii; shut. Bide nl
the fori Sleelc Mercanl'de Contp-
©i.-, • .
Samuel Derenzio mul wife of
Macleod. were guests nl Ilu- Crnii
brook Imi.-I Ilm pnst week, Mi
Di-ri-ii'/.ie is nu old trtivellitig male
lot Conslalile Morris, nml Ihey
spenl litany hours going over lh.
i.hi limes mi tin- prairie.
Tin- minimi Christinas live nf
Mi-tliinlisl church will In-  held  in
C, P. li.  Quadrille meets m-xt   ,|„. ehui-ch  Christinus eve,   The
fridny night instead nf Tliurs.lny I,..,,,,.,,.,   ..M|s s.1|]t., (.ial|s;* „.m
ll'ia u,'''k- j lu- given  hy Ilu- scholars of the
A Chartraud lias a line slock oE, Simdiiy school.   An admission of
enndies,      Ami    his   pitsti-y   Eor
Christmas will just suit you.
.luhii Ui-ennnn  hns entered  the
lolling n waterman, ami hns hu.! n
n w tank Imilt fur ih.- Iiiisiui-ss.
Cliiirles Armstrong letl Tuesday
in- his former lionie in I'xbriilgi*.
ilm.. iiiul will Im gone nboul  throe
I!. Clarke reliirneil Insl week
front theconsl mu! will probablj-
r.-iiiiiiii iln- rest uf th.- wilder iu
Dairy butter in lulis. He mul
25c; creamery butter in ijll-pound
boxes -7t*. I l.puimil lioxes 28c, nt
UT. Rogers.
fnllier C iln  took  liis tndian
liuiiii t„ Pernio lasl Tuesday even-
nml gave :i concerl thai wns
well attended,
.Mr. Kwei-t, who has been ill Call-
ruin   mul   I Iregou   I'm- Ilm  pu-.l
w iniiiitliM. i-i-tiii-iii-il in Crunlirook Insl week.
I. M. Di-i-r luni moved inln his
new sli.it* shop mi Armstrong
iVvuuue where In- will In- rendy for
business iu n few ,1nys.
When yuu gel rendy to buy your
Christinns candies bo sure mul go
tn A. Cliiii'iniii.l's bakery. His
Block is I'r.'sh nn.l tlm bust.
A. lu'iti'h left I'nr Vielorin lust
fridny where he goes it. intercede
villi the government on bc-hnlE of
11n- lumbermen nf lliis district,
A. Hunks, of tin-  Perry Creek
Plncei puny, lefl lust week  I'm'
severnl of the larger cities in the
Slates iu the interest nf his company.
Tin- fori Steel.- Mercantile
Company is olforiug It largo range
of shoes nt cost. Home lines aro
broken in sizes. Imt yon can get n
big bargain unywny.
The Board of License commissioners I'm* Ihis district will meet
in Cranbrook tm ilu- loth, to
consider tlm aiinual applications
for renewal of licenses for the
hotels of the district,
P, II. Marsh, malinger of the
Imperial Bunk, returned Tuesday
from his trip enst,    He  is  feeling
MANNING & LACEY        •
'Successors to G. H. Gilpini r
ng nssiirtnieiil uf
uiul Children's
Cull and See -
c- •
l-tlOI^I^I-t.l-t.l-t.l^l-t.l^lOI-nl-tl-tl-l     I.,,...,    .i;^IB>|«
(.; Prices lo Suit All
J,, Wc arc now able to supply you with STAGHORN Dressing
4: and Manicure Sets .ind Military Brushes. Also a nice line ol
«. very choice Venitian Vases.   Splendid Xmas Gifts.
Chas. E. Reid & Co..
t  Druggists t
Craubrook, B.C,
tiro sntisfiu'tjon; wc na*
All cliililivn froo,
Prof. Hoplmrn's dnnottig rlns*
will givo Iiiin ;i I'tin-wi'll ilmico mi
lhe ITlli. ns ii i-uiitpliiiii'iit to tin
professor nml ;ih nvulouco ol' iln*
nl' tlio huim! fooling nntl satisfactory
progross tlitving tin' torm. ln-
vittitious aro boing jssuott, mul ;i
niosl pli'iisnut timt* is niitiripnti'd.
.1, l*:.I-;n* Duvios, of (Jivnfrll.
Assn., Ims locatetl in Crnnbrook
nml will ongngu in tlio tlif wator
business, Ho has good teams and
is pii'pnri'd to mako prompt nnil
regular deliveries, and give the
best of! satisfaction in all kinds of
ivi'ntlicr. Leave ordora nt Wont-
wortli hotel.
T. T. McVUtto nntl J. T. Laid-
law have formed a pnrtnersliip in
tlie surveying business ami will
open an office in Crnnbrook wliich
is to bo in ehnrgo of Mr. Lnidlaw,
Th.' Humid is plonsed to know
thnt tlioso gentlemen have como t.i
such n decision, and thoy will
receive n most cordinl welcome,
Noxt Wi'dnrsd.-iy nigbtlhoPres-
Ijytorinn church will givo n
natioiinl dinner nt flic Wentworth
hull Tiiere will be tallies representing the various nations in
charge of different individuals, nnd
brief talks wiil lie made. The
event promises to be an interesting
ono and should be well patronized.
Miss Bronton, the school teacher
at Wnrduer, wns in tuwn tliis week
purchasing toys I'm* the school
Christinns tree in that town. She
visited Itentlic's h;i-/.iinr. nnd
bought ,'ilHmi .ST.") worth of Christ- | M»l ami Cold !5:nli
inns minds, nnd left well pleased ^^^^.•♦♦^-♦.♦♦^«_»»#..^*
with the t'ncl thnt she wns able to
Iiml what she wnntod in Cran*
1 irook,
The December innnber of iln*
Locomotive Engineers Journal hns
n chnrncteristic picture of Tlionms
Drummond, while spenking at the
meeting of the engineers at Montreal Inst month. The snnie number has a group picture whicli in-
chides Mr. Drummoml nnd Ernie
The Ladies Guild of Christ's
church will hold n kr/nnr n!
Wentworth    hall    this    evening.
♦yw^wfrw^tfryrewyre?** wmnwwwMWMww
When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the
jQ None Better In the Distrkt
B The tabic is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean
B liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
O oi liquors and cigars.
m L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.
Rates 5. and up.   5hott Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
it,*****.*******.********.***** *************************
\ Just a Moment, Please!
J; If ynu wnnt u nice, lender Steak or n Choice Roast, or if
J you ivnnl uny kind uf really good meal, eome tu lis.     Give
1-; your iiistruetioiis tn onll tlnily foronlers.     We promiso you i-n-
U*SS IO|il
• Vnll
************************** **************************
11 Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort s Specialty
(iood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rullioai] am] depot.    Mas rirrniiuiiodn-
Lions Tor the public unequalled in Cranbroo'c.
 Proprietor      i j
well over Ins well earned  vncntion,
Imt wns plensed   to   got   bade  to' 'Many   henntifnl   articles snitnlil
C'rauhroolv.      Mr.   I'inl.hnm,    of  for Christmas presents will lie on
\V. TT. Wilson, the jeweler,  has  Xelson, who has lieen noting  man- J snle.    Tn tlie evening a dnnee  will
Une nl'  tne  linosl   wintlowa Over nger during Mr. Marsh's nlisoneo he given, commencing nl  B:JI0 for
,sii'ii iii the  Kootennys.     He has  returned to Nelson yesterday.   Mr. which the moderate ohargo of fitly
put in n jilnte tilnss front, nnd willi' lMiiliham. made many friends iu 'cents will Imi made for the yentle.
lhe aid of an electric motor, has, Crnnbrook during his brief stay,men.     It   will   lie   un  enjoynlili
Q. K. GRIFFITH, Proprieto,-.
nrriiugod n revolving (lisuln)- flint I who will In- plonsotl In boo liim' ovriiillit mid h ronllnl Invltntioii in' w.-ll [urnislii'd , < ,i.il't>i*l;,l >l<- rooms. Rood uu-iils.   Stop
ii. very nttrnctivo, ngnin, pxtonded in tin- pnUliu, hor.* win u in lowti
It you imi mi t'xliorliitiiiil price tor n suit PART ot your J
Honey is wiistfil, im mutter how gootl tin* gnruit-uts ure. If yuu ,
uny ever so siuidl n i>riei torn bud suil ALL your money in ',
wusteil. If vnu Lui ii Rood suit ynu must puy nt lenst it fuir I
price, nntl tlmt is nil yuu will pay tor n suit made by j
Cranbrook Block                                                 Cranbrook, B. C.  |
  •>,- * a
******** *>** * *****»**»***»* *********a
ALL Companies i whether so called Board or Non-Board I are chartered by the Government.
The Government demands in  return for this Charter that each Company shall deposit  with them
suificient securities to cover a certain per centage ol insurance in force.
The Government have made this percentage over and above 4the average  rate of losses.
Phone   99
| It Is ji guarantee of *
! "Satisfaction" I
« *
J: II wejdo your work. »
j Plumbing, Heating and Tinsmithing. %
*************************************************** *
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
WhBlrmle aad Kt-l.ll
Meat Merchants
*•*. Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
P Fish, Game and Poultry.
Y ******
SS       A Wc supply only the best.   Vour
''   "         j? trade is solicited.
Fori Steele
Slop 111 Ilu-
Hotel S
New iiiniingi'iiii'iit'.   Now furnishings.   No Chinese.
.Saw Mill riachinery
I'laniiiK 1*1111 Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Alining riachinery
Machinery fur all Purposes
All ol very ll.-st ...i.kes.
J. L. Neilson eV Co.,
(illi Alain St., llimiipi'l*
We have a slock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Hive Vim Any Milling tu be llnnc?
On Any ol Vour Knnnis Nnil I'ii perl tin?
II" so SEE
Estimntcs given on lui-go con-
trnt-ts. Wi* don'l wnnt the
enrtli. Wo wnnt to plcnso
you with tin- work nntl receive
l't-nsiiii.-ilili- pny.
Royal Hotel, Cranbrook
^®-®-®-®-®-®-®-(.y-® -®-®-®-i
Yob, nnd the CITY BAKERY is tin* pllieelogot il nice
winkling ciilti' uml ornnnionts
in the liitosl style. Why send
your order out, of town nnd
pcrlitips lmvi* iln- ieeing In-ok- (j*
en liy shipping. Prices ri-uclit.
I'lmi t 51        OpiNllt M. F. Church
c. w. wn son,     i
^®-®-®-®®-®-® ®-G (s)-®-®-®
The Herald Gives the News.!
i Christmas Goods!
Wi* hnve it largo Block nf
Chii»tmti8 Tovh und run*
cv Goods whloh wc will
Hear oui ut CUT PRICES
un wu ure Kiting out nl'
himluesH. hverytliing for
OhriHtmufl, Toys. Fancy
HiiuiIh, Confet'llottery at
Mrs.   Lacey's i
and HAY
('mt ill ways supply Sflllio at
riglit prions. -Strangers [dunav
givo roforonces,
J   SOW iH tho liest time to Bit for 4
*   yiHir Xiihih Phot oh,   Thin lit tho »
f> Hiiro way of having tliein on time, #
2 Call forthem whenyott wanttliem 2
Land Notice.
Nnl lei' m hereliy given ilml nhty Aaya a
ituti' It. M AtiilerHini will ii|i(ilv in the I'liiel
Oniiniilefliuiur ill I.iiihIh nitit Wtirlt, Vlrloilii
Inr I'i'iliiiHHinii In |Hiri'liiiHi* the fnllowIliU ile
Ni-iiliiil liiml Kitiuitenti lhe K'. Mur.v'H river
Iii Hoiilli h'tml Ktintenuj: Oninuipiii'ltig u
iheiniiiiii eusl noriier nl l.oi. BltfJB; iliemi
Iinrlli a(l 1-litiilin llinnt nr htm to Ilie li)ili! nf
wny nl Ilie Nnrlli Stnr lint lll'll riiilwii,v;llii'ine
Hinilli winterly In ubuiim mnn- or Ii'hh tallow*
ini; tlie Hglit ol wny nt Huiil ruilwny In the
Sl, Mur.v'H river; theme wetilerly III ehuiiin
llinreni t kH following Hie Hi. Mtiry'M liver In
|iiiint nl t'liHimeiiei'iiieiit, riiiittiiniliK IU tii-n-H
lllllll' III' ll'Hf.
tint, ii Niiviiiiiieinth, tuny,
tin 1!. ,M. Antlflinnil,
Land Notice.
Nniiee in lierehy  niveii   thai   wilhin   xiMy
ilnynli-tnii ilnteItolicrt DuvIh uill «t>i>ly to
tliti <"liief L'onitnltiHloiier ol Intuit*, mul Workn
■*. iit'iriii. Inr |wrml»»ioii lo ptiri'liinm ih** lol
lowing IuiiiIh in Houtlioa-Hl K.inieiniy:
I'oiiittiPiii'iiig ut. ilm Hurt Invest enrner nl
Oliver Hili'KeV ii|i|ilieiili(jti  t<<  tillI'i'liHHt- ml
jnlllhlg TIlll'H'  |He-ein]itl ll   I'eliy   Creek
llielliertMiilll 40 I'll til till, WWl 40 lilllllllH, Uurlli
li) rlmiiiH nml i-iut 40 olmtiiH tn |ihu*e nl
,niniil i! tii'i-inelil
Hale,! Dcretultnr anit, 1im:i.
Land Notice.
Noli™ ii Hereliy given tlmt wHIi.ti titty
ilnyn I lui nee S. LUvui will hji|iI.v tn Mm
I'liii-f CommiHHiotier of I.iiihIh uml Wurk*-,
Viet min, fnr 'leitiiiNFtimi tu |)tlirlw«e the fill*
lowing liiiuln in Snutli Kuhi Kiinfeimy, neur
l'erry Creek:
Commencing ut noutheasl enriier ol Hunt,*
oil'h Nn. I application Im* tiinlitr NtiitlMi,
thence hoiiiIi 30 chains more nr Ihhh,Iu Ttiles1
|in>-emptioii, thence 30 HiuiuH Pllst, thenee
north 20 elinitm uoreor Ihmh, in Fimiiilitir-
hiiii'k ii|i|ilientinn fnr Umber licence,flietice20
chuiiiH iv ent to | hue of eummeni't<melir.
h.ileil i)e-emher2o<), HlO.'t.
Land Notice.
Notice ie lierehy given that two nimilhe nfler -liile we intend tn upply In the Chief
Com mien inner nl 1-iiniln uml Workn, Vie-
toiin, B. (',, tor permlBBinn tu purehtiee Die
following ili'Mt'i il-i'il IuiiiIh:
Commencing ut u poet plnnteil mi the w,*Ht
Hue of Ilie 0, 0. King timber limit on the
MojIb liver ut theC. t*. Unilwuy right uf wny
thence running tmiltb 40 rhuilifl, theme went
lOcbaini, theuce north tu niilwny riirht nf
w.i,V, l hence easterly along miifl riglit ul wn,
in plureol commencement! cuntuiuiiiK Itlo
neri'h nini't ur Wn*.
King Mcrcuiilil'tCiimpHiiy, l.imiteii,
an |,er At. it. King, Malinger,
Mated ,1-uii. Rait Kootenay,Nor.80th.10 13
Wc arc not superstitious, but we believe in
advertising. We want the people that stay at
hotels to know that we are in the hotel business,
and we'll accomplish that purpose if it takes the
rest of our natural life. When you arrive in
Morrissey Junction enquire for the "BIG
WHITE" HOTEL. You cannot go wrong,
there is only one "Big" hotel in town, and that is
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
II. I.. Sli'pKtns. J. li. Stephens, J. lawsuit. At. k'n. luinliiil
Vv"e are not mind readers, but we know wli.it
you are looking lor you are looking lor a good
hotel. That being the case, don'l allow any
body to look you right in the eye with .... owl-
like expression and tell you that there art- other
hotels just as good as the Alexandra. People
who talk like this are interested parties and
you cannot afford to take their word in
this matter. When you come to the thriving
town oi Morrissey Mines, keep going till you
get inside ol the Big Alexandra Hotel. We'll
give you a "Highland Welcome."
Stephens Bros. & Co., Owners and Props.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Tin. Ciiiiiiiliiin Pacific Riuhvjiy company control ti large area of tlie
choicest (arming ami ranching lumls in tlio Elk, Kootenny, Coliunbin
mul Slocan vnlleya in tho Kootenny district nml in the Kettle river ami
i Ikanagini valleys in the Bouiiilitry district. A largo majority of ilu-s.-
Inmls iiii- rt-iulily accessible by railway.
Tin* aggregate amount nl' urinciijal nml Inton-al, uxi-opl in tin- onso
..I lumls initli*. -5l'..".ii -jeracre, Is tliviiltil  inlu leu ii.sltili Is ns shown
hy Iln- Initli- Mow; tin. lirsl In lie uniil nl Iln- lime of puri'luiso, tin- Bee
uml une yenr from ilnte nf iiurehnse, (he tliinl lim years, uutl so on.
The fnlluwiiig Inlile slums tin- t it ..I lhe minimi instalments un
Ml) acres al .lillel-enl -jrieos untler tin- iiIhi. iilitiotist
HSI licit S2..'ill|K.|*n.*. 1st liisliilineul $ .111.111, II ii|iui1 IliBtlil'lsof } '.IIml
lliiin.*.nt IMXIjierae, 1st iiislalmeiil 7I.IXI, 11 i-.|iiui liistalUut IIU.UO
lliilni*.nl II..VI |H>r lie, Isl niNliiliii, nl Sl.'.lll.'.I i*,|inil inslnl'ls..1' 7II.IHI
Iliil in*, nl   I.IMI |H-r.-,.-. 1st liistiijuieiil     HOitSfi, 11 ei|iiiil instiil'tsul'    Mil ill
Hill nett   l.."ill|>i<i'iit*. Isl iuslnl nl    llli.s.'i.'.lii|ii,'il iiiBtiil'Utif    IKl.UO
Hill II.'. lit   .'..IKI|ii'l'l>t'. Isl illiilllllli.'lil    ll'.l.s.,. ..I.ijii.il iuslai'lBi.f    liHI.IKI
Lnmla uiiiler t!i.AU |ier nei-e ure Btilil on Blinrler li	
II' lit'iil is [mill Inr in full nl Iln- li nf -nircliiian, a ivtlm Ilmi frmn
tin- |ii-ii-i- will In- allowetl i't*in' lu len |ier -.-.-nt on the iiim.uul |itiltl in
excess of the usual i-nsli in-la'iii.iil. Intei-esl III si\ |» -,- nml will lie
t'ltmvt'il mi iiveixlue iustnlmeiiUi
Roml lli'iittif'sml lioxt wook iu*xl
ww>k,   It will pny you,
M. li, Ki..-;ni(l M. Mclunis nre
in Cnlgnry this wcok,
Por Sale New Quocn Btovc,
Apply to K. II. Suutli.
Watch for Benttio's spccinl otter
next week.    It will pay you,
The BonnloETiwle will meet nt
the Lih.'ial rooms lu the Watt's
building nexl Monilny night at 8
Wauteil A position by good
.Tapaiii'se boy for house wurk or
wait on tables, Apply to Rev.
Don't forget tlmt 10 per cent
rash discount at Bunttie's is as
good ns 25 per rent of any other
plaee in town.
V. Hyde Maker expects to lenve
next week for Llugltllld to spend
Christinas with his wife who iu
visiting at her old home, lie will
be absent several mouths.
There are quite a number of inquiries from outside points as to
tlie size of thi'bean jar ill W. F.
Tate's window. Mr. Tate has had
several estimates, and says he is of
the opinion that the jnr will hold
between *>\ and 2J gallons.
Beanie's XlllllS goods were
bought from manufacturers, not
from Winnipeg jobbing houses.
Cards have been issued by Mrs.
George Gurd, announcing the wed-
ding of her daughter. Miss Eleanor
(lurd, to Mr. Siiuiue! Edward Bolton, at Christ church, on Monday.
December 21, ut 1 o'clock,
A. Wi McVittie leaves next Sunday to join his family ill the east,
wliere he will spend Christmas.
He will return in •lanuary and go
to Vancouver, wliere he has had
Mattering offers to engage in business.
For tin* best only you must go to
Beattie's, Von can't gel it any
other place in South Fust Kootenay. Always has been: always
will be,
John Swiiiuerlou. of the Cos-
mopollluu hotel leaves on Friday
witli Ins wife I'm- Toronto and
other eastern points for their
Christmas vacation. Mr. Swin-
nerttni will return iu alwut four
weeks, hut Mrs. Swiiinertim will
remain at her former home to visit
several weeks.
Beattie the druggist ims issued
a particularly neat booklet containing holiday suggestions tothe pub-
He. "By your gifts ye shall be
known." It is worthy of a city
The Fort Steele Mercantile Company have just placed a very large
order for Geo, A. Slater's Invictus
brand of footwear. Tliis is the
largest orders ever placid in the
history of the firm, In order to
make room for this immense order,
which will arrive early in February, they are selling a large lot of
slides at actual cost.
The display of Xmasgmids sliown
by Beattie, the druggist this year
excels any attempt ever lie fore
made in East Kootenay.      If yuu
an't Hud something to suit you
■ither at the King store or the Bazaar you can't be suited in Canada.
Mr. Beattie hasn't time to wait on
ail customers, but he invites every
every person to look for themselves
and inspect the goods and see what
you want. The book line and the
gold plated line arc particularly
complete and the prices are as low
as the lowest. Vou are invited to
inspect aud handle the goods.
Agent Dutil, of Blairmore, fa
spending part of his vacation at
Conductor De Vero Hunt of
Craubrook has been iu Calgary the
past few days.
Dispatcher George Forbes,
lately of Cranbrook. is now stationed at Calgary.
»T. B. Coinption and A. J. Jolly
of the superintendent's office made
a trip to Movie last Sunday,
S.     J,     Hunger ford,    master
mechanic of the western divisim
resumed his dutieB at Calgary last
Leon F. Anguish, of Crows Nest
has been appointed to Medilbvray,
opened on account of steam shovel
Superintendent and Mrs. Taylor
returned from their lour of the
territories on Thursday. They
henelitted very inucli by thetrip.
Operntor  Ambrose Fanning uf
(■■assy Lake ss ou the sick list and
has been granted leave of abaeiic
Meantime Grnssy Lake has lieen
temporarily closed.
< tperator W. Somerlon, for some
time commercial operator tit Craubrook. is now relieving Agent
Dutil. of Blairmore. who is away
on six weeks leave of absence.
H. F. SU'wart, who succeeded
W. Sotnerton as commercial
operator here, left by Sunday's
train for Swift Current. After n
short slay he will return to Fernie
as o|H'i*n|oi*.
Conductor Mellett, who lias been
ill tlie hospital at Medicine Hat for
some weeks, recovering from an
operation forappendieltis.returned
to Craubrook this week. He will
not go on duly again Ulltll lifter the
A well deserved promotion has
lieen made by the appointment of
operntor Jas. Wesley Crane as
joint agent at Morrissey. Operator
Crane has been in the service of
the company since tlm time of
construction, and during that
period he has been stationed at
many of tlie most important points
on the (-row.	
One of the Best.
Tlie Schubert concert, company
that played at the Wentworth lust
Friday uight was without tt doubt
the most artistic musical entertainment ever seen in Cranbrook. The
fonr ladies were almost perfect in
their work, aud the violinist, Karl
Knitter, won enthusiastic applause
by his marvelous skill. Every
number on the program wasa gem,
and none escaped mi encore.
Those who were fortunate enough
to lie present sineerely hope that
the company will visit Cranbrook
Lively Marysville.
Marysville. December Tth: This
wniter is without doubt lite best
that Marysville has seen. The St.
Marys Kiver Lumber company, is
employing between fifty and sixty
men and Manager Mauslield is
rustling his business early .nnd
late. The Marysville Lumber
company has nboul forty men
employed, and are preparing lo
move their mill from its present
site to the siding at Marysville.
Dan Howe has a number ul nun
engaged in getting out logs along
the St. Marys near town,
Fred Hazen is working on Ins
graphite claim ou Mnllhow Creek.
Tt is reported that he has a lead of
nearly three feet of solid graphite.
T. T. McVitte was here last l;
day and Snturdny surveying <<r;
Boulnnger's ranch.
A New Finn.
About the lirst of Murch  W, B
McFarlane and S. 11. Morrow wil
embark  iu  the gent's  furnishing
business in the store formerly oi
ciipied   by  tin*   King  Mercantile
company,   Both of tins,- gentlt
men an' well known in (Yaiibioot
as they were   among  the  pioneer
residents.      Mr.    McFarlane    ha
lieen in business  here  fur several
years, and Mr.   Morrow  for about
four yeai*s  hns  been   one ul' tin
head men in   the   employ  of  tin
Fort Steele  Meivnnlile  company
Thoy should do a nice business m
both of the gentlemen  stand high
iu tlie estimation of the people ii
this district.
, hoy ti
By the Herald I Mli
learn the printing trade. II
lie intelligent mid energelir
mean business. No trillers wanted, anil worthless kids need not
N't-w rigs, ..nml driving
nml Bittlillu hoi-flea nl
i-i-iiKiiii.-ilili- rule. - Inr
iiiinjivill In- In give gnuil
euro I., nil Imri-.-. nln
lllltl with im.
N. C. McKINSTKY, Prop.
(HiORdli A. KliRR,
Slab Wood and Pence Posts
. . . GOOD MILK . . .
I Disireto tluink yon for your
putroiinge, mul will continue to
serve my customers witli tin- best
ot" milk. Yours for u merry Xnins
uiul ii linppy new yenr.
Repairing; Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Speciully
The rompniiy is ulso intcreatctl in tin* following lowiisites: Elko,
(•r.iiilti'tii.k. Kiinlit-rlv. AMriilge, Kili-liener, CrcBlnn, Proctor, Nelson,
llt-rrm-il. Leinonton, Ciisllcgnr, Cusciitle I'itv. Hraml Forks, Klmlt.
(Ii-iviiiviiikI. Miilwny,  Nnkimp, Arii.wlienil,  llevelstoke,  Donulil   nml
Kiimloops.   Terms of payment nre nne-lliinl enslt nnil tlie Imli. ■ in
six mul twelve months, with interest.
Km* further piirtieulnrs npply to the following locnl ngents:
W. M. Kmst. Clntewny, Montnitn     .T. A. McCnlliim, Hmnil Korks.B.C.
I!. I!. Ilrm*.'. Wilmer, K. ('. tl. A. Heiulell, Klmlt. II. ('.
V. Hy.!,' Bnker, Crunlirook, II. ('.    A. Ferguson, (Jrecmvoo.1, II. ('.
.1. T. Burgess, Kitchener, ll. ('.       .1. ll. Sililmltl, Uevelsloke. I'.. ('.
K. Mullnniliiiue, .Ir.. Creston, 11. t'. Tlionms Aliriel, Nnkusp, I!. C.
(I. K. Stacker, Cnscnile, II. ('. K. .1. Kulimi. ICumloops, II. ('.
K.l'. Elliot, Trout Luke City, 11. C.
Or J, S. DF.NNIS, Land Commissioner tor British Columbia'
at Calgary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the Sl. Eugene Mountain.
It has thc St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good slock lo-v
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robiiison=McKenzie Lumber Co., Eld.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
U Dealer in
Q Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
We have moved our office to upstairs over Beattie's
drug store where we will be found for the next two
weeks and would ask anyone owing us lo call and
settle their accounts within that time.
''•-***•••••*••••'•>*•*♦•*•(•"(•')•>•-•*'•-• ••*>•••*»■»• •••••♦• ••>
•-■»■» • ♦ *>r*^(a) »♦-*>-♦-■» •>•»**■*> *> * a


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