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Cranbrook Herald Feb 20, 1902

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CKANBBOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   nil I.'SDAV,   FEBBL A I! V   -jo,   li.O'J.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
1   Hon. Gbo, A. Cox, Vreni.leut, ' ' ■•> ft-" '
Total KOBources
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--'I'he Bank of Scotland.
Just Received
At the 1% Store
A large assortment of Stetson and other hats.
Also a nice line of caps.
Our furnishing ,-ni shoe  departments are
complete.    We are pleased to note that our
trade in this  line  is  increasing every  day.
Come in and let us show  you some nice
shoes, hosiery, underwear, shirts, hats, caps,
collars, culls, t-es, handkercniefs, braces, etc.
We handle the Towns hand made brace, the
best on earth.
Our Grocery department is complete anil so well  known
there is no use iroiiij* into details.    We have in stock about
S cars of potatoes and oilier vegetables, so send along your
big orders.   They will be attended to.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd
J. P. FINK, Manager.	
Pioneer Hardware Store. B
A Complete Stock
Of General Hardware q
Always on hand.   Can fit you out with («).
Harness,  Robes   aud  Cutters. [|
Call and inspect my stock. Q
0. H. MINER    S
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
February 20th to 22nd, 1902
Grand Hockey roornaraenti For the sentor and junior
championships ol thc province] Five Skating Races, Six Snow-
shoe Races, Ski Running and Jumping,-Carnival Masquerade,
Cutter Races lor Pacers or Trotters.
Single Fare lor round Dip on all railways. Tickets on
sale February 20, good to return until February 24- For programmes or any information address, H. W. JACKSON, Sec.
Carnival Committee-, Rossi and, B. C
UlSilM B ■ ■ I ■ ■HHHHBi
A new car of furniture just
arrived. II include.*; Hall
Trees, Rattan Goods, Morris Chairs, Bed Room and
Parlor Sets.
Our Groceries. Crockery, Hardware, Stoves,
Clothing and Shoes we are offering at very
low prices to make room for immense new
stocks coming direct from England.
Don't Forget
I, tlw
That you can get The Herald one
whole year for only Two Dollars
W, W, noble, auditor lor P. Burns &
i was In lown this week on his regu-
trip of InHpfCllon,     II-.* wns accompanied by Mrs. H .ble .in 1 von.
Fred Stoik returned fn ui Vancouver
Wednesday night, whore he wm a .leio-
gate to the Liberal convention, lie
says tho only thing Vancouver li up to
daie wit ti Fernie in in the droughty
A.J  Purdy has received seven solid
gold lm iii-is which aro to be glvetl io
the ltuliviiiii.il players of the Crow's
Nest 1'jsh League. They arc very hand*
soma trinkets of which the fortunate
wearers cm be proud. Now boys, brace
up ami don'l let iliem go away from
At tlie last meeting of llie ((> larterly
OMclal Hoard of ine Fernie Methodist
church the following ie*-ulutlon was
passed unanimously; "Resolved that
this board desires to express its appro*
elation ol the energetic and successful
work accomplished by our pjsiur, Rev.
It !■'. S'lllniau, and heartily invite him
to remain with us as uur pastor for the
fourth year." Mr. Stlllmin expressed
bis appreciation ot ibe recognition ot
bis labor ami stated tint he was willing
to remain for another year If the stationing committee considered it lu the
Interest of tbe work.
The action of ejictmeot whlcii were
recently brought by the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal company against Messrs, Kx-
Nouse, Milloy autt CaiOiella to assert
the company's title to land occupied by
squatters' has been arn'cably settled,
The plaintiff company sued for possession of the laud ami the above defendants put In a defence, but subsequently
proposed to the company to settle, to
which the company answered that costs
of the action must be pa d by defendants In each case. In the matter of
Uarosella and Milloy possession of tbe
lands must be given and the buildings
must be removed Immediately. .Mr.
Kanouse was given three options and
decided to rent and a lea.*,-.- was given
to him for six mouths and before the
expiration of that time the buildings
must be (removed unless the company
decides to renew tbe lease, it appears
thatthe defendants had been all served
with notices to quit an I requested to
call at the Coal company's olllce to arrange terms of lease, as the form of
lease to which some of the alleged
tquatters otjecteu to was voluntatlly
changed by the company to meet lhe
views of the defendants. None of the
gentlemen called on the a mpany io negotiate for a lease before action was
brought. The company, we are author-
atlvely informed, Intend io take Immediate steps to compel all other iquatters
on lands claimed by the compupy, who
have not already taken teases, to vacate the lands occupied or accept leases
on the company's termi.
"Fit;lititiK Joe" Writes Of tlie la
couver CoiivtDti'.ii.
Iti.iii In
• Pro.
Work on the deep placer mine on
Horse creek Is progressing, The cold
weather of last wet k Intelfered with
the washing of gravel but now work
will be pushed until bedrock is encountered.
Work on tbe EMella Is progressing
rapidly. Out humlrett an.l twenty leet
of tunnel lias been run since the S0Q
loot contract was made. There Is four
feet of galena ore In the face of the
Daring the past two weeks a large
amount of Ice has been rut and stored
at Sleele. The Ice harvested was absolutely clear with an average thickness
of I.', inches, anil was the largest crop
ever stored In the history ol tne town.
Mr. Kkliardson'n New Job.
Ottawa Oilmen: Mr. George II. Richardson, Hi the present lime n resilient
eggiueer on C, P, U. woik at Crauhrook,
IJ C, has been Appointed assistant en
gineer of the city of Ottawa, iu succession to ihe lute W 9, Cranston, City
Htignn'ct Ker announced ihe appointment lasl evening. Mr. Richardson,
who is hu Ontario hoy, In 35 yeats of
age, mnl a graduate of 1887 ol the School
of Science nt the Toronto uutverstty, He
tins a good denl ol experience, having
hml charge of various works for the C.
P, K. He was the engineer iu charge of
lhe construction Of the London and Detroit, Hie Woodstock nnd Quelph und
the Columbia nnd Western railways, He
»lsn 1 oca led the Niagara Fulls Park
Klectrie railway and part of tlie Crows
Nest Puss railway. Mr. Richardson is
leaving an equally good positiou lo accept lhat offered him by Mr. Ker. The
city engineer says he knows his new assistant well, and he is a good all round
iimn, well suited for the position. The
new official is still in the west.
Western Troopers III.
Otla.wa, Pel). 12.—A cable to the militia department says that Francis Morley
Anderson, C division S. A. C, January
23; William Thomas McCaugltorty und
Robert Lindsay, are dangetloualy ill of
enteric fever at Heidelberg hospital
■The next oi kin are W. I). Ander-or,
Crnuhrook, B, C, J. C. McCflU^tltjrt),
1 Kingston, and ii. Lindsay, Xnulifall,
I Alberta.
The Liberals are Badly Mixed On
the Situation Just at the
Present Time.
To the Editor, Victoria Times: I am
going to observe the spirit in which
your paper deals with the recent Liberal
convention. You lay it down as an axiom lhat the body who called the convention together had the right to dictate
as to its composition. This proposition
is to my mind absolutely absurd. Suppose the provincial executive instead of
giving editors of newspapers u Beat iu
the convention ex officio, us ihey did,
had declared that all the barbers and
blacksmiths iu the province sht.uld be
iiiembeis of the convention.
The provincial executiveItself claimed
no such power. In their last circular
they expreflbly staled that the proposal
to have themselves and editors sit as
delegates was a mere suggestion ou their
patt and could be adopted nr a u mil led
by the convention as it might see lii.
In pursuauce of that idea lhe proposition cinne before the convention under
lhe motion of John Oliver, M. P. P.,
passed unanimously. The vote was carefully taken under the direction of Senator Tempteman. as chairman, and John
A. Kerr, as secretary, both members of
the provincial executive, finch delegate's name was called nnd he was asked
lo say yes or uo. The result of that vote
was 70 against ami 41 for. Sorely hy all
the rules of fair play such u conclusive
vote should have settled llie controversy.
Uut not so. Twenty-four delegates left
the convention. Will auy of these 24
gentlemen produce a valid reason for
this slep?
Will it be Ionian-lei thai it wm. ahc©
lutely necessary for ihe success of the
convention thai the provincial executive
and these editors should sil in it? Were
any of these delegates instructed by their
associations to make lite seating of these
gentlemen u sine qua non and bolt thc
couventiou If they could not have their
own way?
There weie arguments on both Bides.
Who was to decide? Tlie gentleman
who have bolted agreed to the tribunal
Iccled, and now because they were
ovei ruled ou a very minor point they
nre willing tu break up the Liberal party
in lhe province, and yon, Mr. Editor,
Call the 93 delegates who remained aud
lui business the rump ol ihe convention.
By what piocess of reasoning aie you
able to take a meeting consisting ol men
ami divide it into two bodies, one consisting of 03 and the other of 24, and
laim that lhe 24 should rule the 93?
That the 24 contributed thu real convention ami the 93 were only the rumps'
Is it because the most of the 24 were
from Victoria und iis immediate vicinity
that one of them stands for abutit lour
Irom the rest of tho province?
Let us call the roll, Mr. Editor, The
following delegates remained and did
business for the Liberal party: North
East Kootenay, 3; South East Kootenay,
2; Revelstoke, 3; Slocan, 3: Nelson. 3;
Cariboo, 6; East Liilooet, 3; West Ltll-
ooet, 2; West Vale, 3; North Yale, 2;
Kast Yale. 3; Dewdney, 3; Clnlliwack, 2;
Helta, 1; New Westminster, 3; Richmond,
3; Cassiar, o; Vancouver City, 12; Corn-
ox, 1; North Nannimo, 3; South Nanal-
nio, 3; Cowichan, 3; Nutih Victoria, 1;
Esquimau, 3; Victoria City, j. Eighty-
six elected deiegales und seven mem bets
malting 93 in all.
Those who bo-ted were: South East
Kootenay, 1; North Yale, 1; Rosslaud, 3;
North Victoria, 2; South Victoria, 3;
Esqulmalt, j; Victoria City, y, Twenty*
two elected delegates and two members,
making 24 in all.
Of the 41 gentlemen who voted to let
in the executive and editors, 1; remained
with us and did business,
1 claim, Mr. Editor, lhat it would be
impossible lo get together a more repre*
setilative convention of Liberals ol tbis
province than this one. livery local
constituency had delegates, and all hud
a full complement of three delegates, ex
cept that hast Liilooet and Clnlliwack
were each short one, nnd Helta and
Comox were short two each.
The 93 delegates who did business had
a good many differences of opinion, but
they agreed unanimously for party lines;
unanimously agreed to support the elected leader.
Let us therefore pull together. Lei
the gentlemen who left the convention
full into line and and devote their energies to the success of the Liberal party
in the next provincial election, ff they
won't do thul then I call upon their respective associations lo deal with the
matter and insist upon the miiiorily giving away to the majority,
We li.vephntyoflight onhaudagainst
our opponents, the Cpusefvattve party,
.-mil we cannot Ml ,nl to have, ami must
nol have, any quarrels nmong ourselves.
Yours truly.
Joseph Martin.
Liberal Leader for British Columbia,
Vancouver, n. c , February to, 1902.
What Smith Curtis Says.
Nelson Miner! Smith Curtis, M.L. A.
foi Rosslaud dislrict, was n passenger
from the east lust ii'ght but did not remain over 111 Nelson. Mr. Curtis hns
been in tin* east for some months, and il
i*. understood that he has been success
f.il in interesting capital iu some ot his
mining ventures. t)ti Ibis point Mr,
Curtis did not enter into any lengthy discussion but it was plainly observable
lhat he was well satisfied with the result
of his visit. Speaking of tbe political
situation, lhe   member   fiom   Rosslaud
district did not conceal his dissatisfaction at the result ol" the Vancouver convention. Like many oilier Liberals he
is inclined to regard Mr. Martin as a
leader only of a small section of that
party, and thai he would not long enjoy
the doubtful honor conferred upon him
by a haiidlu. of followers. The populat-
lly of Mr. Martin with the men who
voted him into office, Mr. Curtis believed, was due to the evident inclination of certain Victorians to deny the
11101 e populous districts uu the mainland
the representation to which ihey are en-
titled. In this connection Mr. Curtis
points out lhat he has for some time
past warned the island people of the
evil consequences that were sure to result Irom their short sighted policy,
Mr. Mm Iin can never hope to gain n
following 011 the island, but be is likely
to gain a certain amount ol strength 011
tlie mainland, but not sufficient to cause
any lasting injury to the Liberal party.
Mr. Curtis, it Is understood, believes the
Dunsuiuir government will fall immediately on the meeting ol the legislature,
and will leave at ouee for the coast to he
iu time to assist in the political obsequies of Mr. Hutismuir and Ins cabinet.
The Turf & Aliileflc Association Ready for
Ihe Coining Year.
The new board of directors of the Turf
and Athletic association held their first
annual meeting at lhe company's office
on Monday evening lasl. The attendance was good ami the following gentlemen are the officers elected for the coming year:
President—A, Leltch, re-elected.
Vice President—L. B. VanDecar.
Tiusfee—V. Hyde linker, re-elected.
Secretary—James GUI, re-elected.
The new board of directors show a
keen interest in the association, and are
energetically setting to work to arrange
for good programs of horse racing and
spurts during the coming season. Cranbiook, as a whole, should help the management in their efforts lo make days of
sports a success, Had it not been for &
lew public spirited men, quietly working for the good of the town, in all probability the Cranbrook Turf and Athletic
association would by now have existed
in name only. Whilst lo the shareholders it has been anything hut a paying
proposition no one can deny iis having
been nu excellent institution for the dislrict aud for Cranbrook.
Peter  Peterson, ol  fclko, Leaves Trouble
Behind Him.
Last Saturday Peter PetetBon, book
keeper for Contractor Martin Bt Elko,
look his own life by sending a bullet
through his head. He had been drinking considerable, and it is reported lhat
he was behind a few dollars in his accounts. Overcome with despondency
ne took occasion while no one was iu the
office to lire the fatal shot. Deputy
Coroner Tiites of Fernie was summoned,
uud after au investigation he did not
deem it necessary to hold an inquest.
Hems uf Interest.
The people of Fernie showed their
appreciation of Harry Bentley, a former
citizen of that town, by giving him a
rousing banquet lasl week. Bentley was
a hustler for h'ernie while he lived there.
He never got tired upending his time
and money for the good of Hie town, and
the work he accomplished helped to
lnlng Fernie up lo its present stage of
The Rocky Mountain Echo of Pincher
Creek, has changed iis form and is much
improved in appearance.
Premier Ilnultaiu will represent the
Northwest Territories at lhe coronation
of King Edward, He will wear the
native costume.
Thousands of Americans are setlling
in the Northwest Territories this year.
They are from Minnesota, Iowa and
Dakota, and are experienced farmers
with capital.
in tbe lluspltal Again.
M. il Billings, or The Herald staff, Is
now iu St. Eugene hospital where he
was taken after having another attack
of nppendecltls. An operation was performed upon him yesterday by Drs. King
and Green, slid he recovered fiom it in
excellent condition,  and  it will only be
a question of a few weeks before he is
fully reoovcred, "Mort" has made many
friends in Crsnbrnok who sympathise
with him in his uiislurluue.
Meeting of Citizens Appointed Committees for This Purpose.
But Lack of Information Prevented Any  Definite Action
Being Taken.
A large meeting of the citizens was
held Wednesday evening of last week
at the Cranbrook hotel for llie purpose
of discussing the question of Incorporation, W. T. Reid was called to the chair
aud Wi F. Gurd was named as secretary.
Mr. Reid. in a few remarks, outlined the
objects ofthe meeting, and called upon
Mi. Ryan, who explained some ol lhe
plans of partial incorporation. Kev.
Forlune, W.  F. Gurd, Dr. King  ami
others expressed their views. J. !■'.
Armstrong, government agent, happened lo be iu the hotel, aud wus called iu
to give some information bearing upon
the subject umlei discussion.
Alter the matter hud been generally
reviewed, two committees were appointed for ihe purpose of securing Information along certain Hues. When these
committees are ready to report, the
chairman wilt call another meeting to be
gcuerul iu its makeup, and including
everyone interested in Cranbrook. At
that meeting final action will be taken
on the question of Incorporation, aud II
the people decide that they desne some
steps in that direction, nrrangemeuts
will be made accordingly.
The   Cranbrook   Hotkey   Club   Sustains   a
Second   Defeat.
The Cranbrook Hockey team went to
Fernie last Monday to play their second
Schedule game. The bojs knew that
they were going to certain defeat, after
the walloping the Fernie boys gave iliem
in Cranbiook a short time ago, but felt
that it would be unsportsmanlike to disappoint the Fernie team by not going
The ice was rather slushy which made it
a very bard game for the forwards, The
teams lined up at 9:30, Cranbrook getting
the puck at the face off. and after four
minutes play secured the lirst god. Fernie got down to business and scored
three times in succession. Crauhrook
cored another goal which made it 3 to a
in favor of Fernie at half lime. Cranbrook went in to win on the second had
and certainly made things Inlerestlne
for their opponents for awhile. Each
team scored one goal in the second half,
which made the final result 4 to 3 in
favur of Fernie. For the visitors Johnny
Swiuorlon played a star game, and lor a
man who had not been 011 ice for two
years H, Cameion did splendid work.
Prest and Dowsley on defence proved to
be a bard combination to get thiough.
For the home learn Baubier and Kastuer
put up their usual game, and McLean on
defense was a regular stone wall.
The teams were as follows:
Cranbrook— _-i-*ernje
A  L.McDermot..Goal J. Miller
II. Dowsley Point D. McLean
C. Prest ..Cover Point   M.   Kasti.er
J, Swinarton -Forwards.-    Ed Coulter
M.  Ross      "    [J Boo bier
H. Cameron    "    .. _p, McMu'rphy
Referee, Bert Donahue; goal umpires,
George Lsitch, \\\ Wriglesworlh.
W. S. Cranston's Funsral.
Ottawa Citizen: The funeral of the
late William S. Cranston, assistant city
engineer, took place yesterday, lhe remains being forwarded by the eight
o'clock train lo Aruprior where in'erraent
was made. Notwithstanding the early
hour several of the cily hall staff and
many personal friends ot the family paid
their Inst tribute to thc memory of the
deceased. There was no service al lhe
house. The chief mourners were Dr,
Cranston, brother, and Messrs. Norman,
Robert and R. C. W. Lett, brothers-in-
law of the deceased. There were many
floral tributes, the list including a wreath
from the cily hall staff; cross, from employes ofthe pump house; wreath, trom
the sidewalk construction employes;
anchor, City Clerk and Mrs. Henderson,
and a star from City Engineer and Mis
Ker. Among those ut the funeral were
Alderman Askwltb, ex-Alderman Grant,
City Clerk Henderson- Treasurer Lindsay, City Engineer Ker, Assessors Stewart and Duffy, George Macdonald, James
St. George, Robert Surtees and many
Arnprior, Jan. 27 —The remains of the
late William S. Cranston were brought
up from Ottawa by the C. A. R., and armed here at 9:40. A large gathering
of friends and acquaintances was at the
Btation to receive the hotly. It was then
taken to Emmanuel church, where the
Rev. T. J- Stiles recited lhe funeral ser.
vices, after winch the remains were interred in the family plot In lhe Arnprior
cemetery. The pallbearers were Messrs.
A Hood, M. II •■rabaiii, J. Itremian, ],.
MaiNamaia, J. A. Simpson and Charles
Muc Samara.
From tii" Marysvllle Tribune
The offices ot the smelter company are
now- In use. Mr. Austlu moved In on
.Us lOndley of the SiiUIvan mine,
visited town this week ami thinks that
Marysville has a bright future,
Samuel Speers, of Hill & Co. Crau*
broou, is In charge of Norman Hill's
store during his absence In the Km.
Mr. Woods, an employ of Karly's
brick yard had a very painful accident
on Sunday. One of the brick kiln gave
away and Woods leg got caught wrenching Ids knee.
Norman Bill left on Wednesday for
the Kast. While away he will purchase
goods for trie spring trade. During bis
aosenca ho will visit Seaforth, Tnrotto,
Bxector and probably Detroit, All the
people of Marysville wish him a successful trip.
Archie Currle, of Pleper A Currle of
Cranbrook, drove up to Marysvllle on
Saturday and has commenced to paper
the   oftlces   of   the   smelter   company!
Mrs. Wm. Small and family arrived
on Thursday aud will reside here lu the
The concert given at Klmberley last
evening for the organ fund of the Presbyterian chinch proved a great success.
The lirst [.art ol tlie programme was
given to songs, recitations and drills bv
the linte one-., and the manner In winch
they acquitted themselves reflected
great credit upon M,ss Crawford, who
had charge of the work After the
literary and musical piogtamm* bad
been presented the room was cleared
and dancing inaugurated and thla form
of amuso-mem was kept up until a late
hour. The attendance from Marysvllie
was very large.
Every business man Is looking for a
chance to enlarge Ills opportunities but
he must consider tbat eveiv ln.iivi.lual
is also watching for the same chance.
That business man best protects his own
Interest and who most carefully
watches out for the Interests cf others
win most surely win In tne end. If he
is anxious to secure for his cu-tomers
the best values and present them 1c the
most attractive manner and to convince
the greatest number of people of the
value of what he has to offer, he will
eventually succeed in the largest measure because he has attempted to benefit others while benefiting himself.
It is report tbat gold haa been discovered en Main Creek just above
Marysville, and that there ls a chance
of there being good pay. A shaft is
being sunk to bfd reck, and considerable interest 's being manifested bv tne
people in the new discovery.
Two of '.he roasters are almost finish-
-id, so far as the brick work is concerned : and brick laying is in progress on
several more. The weather has been
most propitious and If it contloaes aa
fine as It has been no delay will be occasioned and the btick work wlil te
pushed to completion in a very short
apace of time.
From the Moyle Leader
The members of Key City lodge I. O.
0 F. gave a very enjoyable dance at
Crar.brook last Monday evening There
were nearly 200 people present, the
snrrounoUg towns being well represented Every feature of the ball was
above criticism, and the Odd Fellow* of
Cranbrook certalaly made a hit as tr,*
Fred Frith has been on the si:k list
this week.
Karl N'eltzel and wife, formerly residents of Moyle, are now living in Kaslo.
E. J. Peltier, the wholesale liquor
man of Cranbrook was here last Monday soliciting orders ar-d collecting. "1
ne-ird that Moyle was quiet," said Mr.
Peltier to a Leader representative, 'but
1 can see no evidence of It Whv. in
the three hours ] have been .11 town I
have collected 1000 and have taken several large orders fcr goods, No, Movie
Is not dead by any means."
Section Foreman Anderson of Aldrldge had Ilobt. Scarf, one of his section
men, arrested tnls week for assault.
S.arf Is a big husky Swede and was in
tne habit ot pomn.e log his boss or.c 1 tn
a while. Anderson got tired of this
and swore out a warrant for his arrest.
He was tried before Justice Hope and
lined JO aod costs.
Sam Grant, manager of the Moyle
Lumber Co., returned last Sunday from
Faribault, Minnesota, where he his
ueen for several weeks on a visit. Mr.
Grant predicts a lively season In thc
lumbering business, there being a big
demand lumber In thc praltie districts
east of here. He says his company
may Increase the capacity of the milt
before the end of thc year.
Cold Blooded.
Frank Sentinel: The Crows Nest ConI
company has bluntly told the Fernie
merchants that, In spite of all former
pledges nml understanding;,, they wi.I
establish a company stoic at the m.t,e.
The company offers lo buy out any merchant who considers ihit tbis mote will
hurl his business materially, From being one ofthe best lowus iu British Columbia, Hie coal company will nuke it
one of the poorest. CRANBROOK  11 KHALI)
Editor and Proprietor.
Tfitttfd of SUBSOHlFf 1U-N i
Ttie Herald dedrei tu give tiie newsot ttie
district.    If you know any about  your town
yuur mine or your people, semi li t.i this office.
Toe Crow's Neat Coal company has
at last thrown off the mask with the
people of Fernie and announced frankly that tt will open a company store lo
enter Into competition with the merchants of that town. This has been
done in spite of the fact that there ex
i-ited a tacit understanding between
the company and the merchants from
the start tbat the loimer would net engage in the mercantile business In thai
town. Ai a result lhe business men of
Fernie built large stores, put In heavy
stocks, and proceeded   with business ot.
tbe basis of permanency, Having coo-
tideme In the integrity and good will oi
tbe coal company, there existed in
doubt as to that corporation keeping
faitn with the people, llm ihey were
deceived. Alter sending a delegation
to Toronto to confer with the officials
oi tbe [company the*/ dlscovnrcd that
the company bad had uo Idea of carry
Ing out Its professed Intentions of keeping out of the mercantile Held, but
were tiiuut.lv told that n the merchants
of Ferule did not like it tbey could get
out and the company would pay first
cost ot property and au equitable
amount tor Improvements ami stocks,
the equity, ul course, tu O: decided by
the coal company- lu oilier words, the
company proposes to adopt the Pom.
■ylvania coal town system, ami as the
trade of Ferule depends upou the coa!
miners, the trade that has heretofore
belonged legitimately to the merchants
will be confiscated by the company.
It is no wonder that the merchants of
Fernie have protested, ami It is uo wonder tbat they feel blue over lhe prospects. Thc coal company 0 now rtady
to do tbe grind business regardless ol
who la hurt. The system will of course
Increase the revenues of tbe company
but it will kill Ferule, which promised
to be one of the best lowus lu British
Postmaster Uradshaw uf Slocan was
elected mayor aud the postal department has asked him to resign.
The Itossland Miner will Increase lis
tub script in ii and advertising rates
Tbe Miner should read lhe story of Jack
and Jill going up the hill and coining
down again,
The fight against  Martin seems to be
a development of political jealousy.
The Crows Nest Coal company got
their original lands for little or mulling ,
tbey Induced people to build up the
town of Fernie and now are preparing
to corral the trade by opening a store:
and now tbey want to corral lhe coal
and coke trade by securing thc last remaining tract from the government that
can be successfully operated.
Cheap cok'j   means   mauy  new mines
being operated   throughout   British (Jr.
two m«n fated at tbe self game ita»
Tbit gleamed uut through the ulgliti
Oat saw a  wondrous world s/ur,
Ods saw a vol m uf light.
ffht wind blew thn.uih tbe swnjlug trace
Ind stirred the grussps tlii-re;
■And «oe heard  wondrous uiuludlca,
Ont but tbu swish of sir.
-ind one nf them wni ri■ ti and proud,
Whom  people  stTTPd  fur  l.n-iid,
And uu- pule featured whom ihu eiowd
.Will  kouor    i, Ik-ii  he's .liml.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news' of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction, it is worth $10.00, It costs only $2.U0
tVhut Britiih Newspapers Hail to
—111* llu.es Had tin- -...i-i
Spink  Vu. v   H u. nil j'.
The London Times, tlcl I
"The spectnclu ut the review
000 tnen in ti,,. inhibition >
ut Toronto was .siiitpu
..I   11,-
liuitr*,   bel nu  fi
availy in iin.- of Hquud*-
i uud Lliu urLillurj m
• intervals      m,-,- .tli    u
f-ti.i'i'-i (if tha I'uur Mini'* Method Of
Ml,in.j; I'mi-iINiu One ut ttie Ktchett
M.ir-Ji-   llij-Kinj;.    lu     t. il.t oli.'»-«* lit put
Ore   H.,u.uiin,uuo    UlitUultln   Mluer» |
Ot.un.iu,.    IU PurSUlt Ol   VelluW  Mfi.il.
1        PI
ICUf milling i
tutting op,-.',
gU    Ill All
ilmhlv the must
a person   cnn
d I miry
cavulry,     urtllle
uiiu'chuil i.nt nt
 J    10   lilHuppt-UI
ill led veterui
sulutiiig ut
ii* on Hie lei
l'n Lieutenant C.
id   Lu  receive th
gulnud  it in id
llllll.    Will
ill taw.i
dors were also presented to tho
lyill f'liliiitliiiti Infnitliy Thun bull Lho march past, which was an
iivin.-lv (lite sight."
lb.' Edinburgh Scotsman. Oct. 12,
ys: "Tho niurcli past wus boirun
12.46,    The    aovonior-GenL'rul's
iiiti-lltgi-iicu tuny soon b.'
purl pi.nft tiiinii ii is protimiu-
uutlj .t poor in.ui's method uf mining. A aim vol innl o "crndlo" with
otiarg)  uud purslstuiicu mi Lhe   part
oi lln-  in in- Ilu- working Loolfl uf
the jiiiufi- iniiiL'i'. In \i.-w oi tho
i-npoi-iud discovery of rich deposits of
niluvlnl gold along Hu- Morso Ply
III ver in tb.- Curl boo district, ibis
fiuuous stamping ground of the old
"forty-iitiiars ' havo again sprung inin prominence it was thought thnt
Hie ioi*ii who overspread lhe Cariboo
in '57 had exhausted "thu diggings"
end for sol mi years past the white
men lnivi* been content to leave them
tn Lbt,- Uiii minion, who Imvc been
panning over Lho ground with no
doubt fair returns, The Cariboo
Lukes Mink ns the richest plucor diggings ever discovered, and Lhe present reported finds would seem to inlin'  "loi'tyiitiiers"    only
Look lor thc
At tlie
The Wentworth Hotel
j! WONDER, !
-*■♦•*->• *--»Q.
Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies
and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines	
j Vroom <Sc Dezall    j
|     Horse Shoeing
j Cm
J (iei
Carriage Repairing and       j
ncral Jobbing.... t
j Outside Orders Promptly  ♦
Attended to.
touched the fringe of it. Placer mining has boon carried on iu British !
Columbia since 185H, In I8(iu the ;
output amounted to $2-228,643, lu ,
1808, high-water mark- the output i
lludv    Guard     led.    Tin- turnout of   totalled S8,91fl,588, most of   which j
.'<ivi.ii-.   wus particularly flnu,  H.
Caimdlnn Dragoons, 1st Hussars,
2nd Dragoons und princess    I.«
Uruffoun  (iiiiiids with  ihelr llnsl
silver helmels, tin- Toronto Moui
itiilt'h. u    newly    formed     corps it
khaki,  nun.- lusi.  und   were warmlv
cheered nu Ihelr first public appearand     The three  brigades of Horse
Artillery,  Including  tin* first   which
rendered     signal servlcu in    Soulh
Africa,    were    warmly     applauded.
Then followed a supurb iiiustor    of
Infantry —  Pool   Guards,  Fusiliers,
Grenadiers, Highlanders und Queen's
own ltlllos,   Tb.- York Hungers nml   [jf
the Iluldlmand Itlfles of Indians in   with
dark gieen unifornii
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Furl Sleele, B. C.
of Wales'
u Uitli-s,
ii   is
romombered lhat  i
are volunl '8, rue
flays' training \-,.;
like bearing and s
surprising, and wi
dit to tin- lit
11 lb
v twelve
rliimr  is
. dlscro*
i  In the
Vuitn-j  Mr
liitp.-clur Htisli.-H    .-tilvlion t),« Su It|,
rrtTitlmi »*i« fur »**><J Supply Kurliif
111* fflktit   liMM-Nature'!
Wood*. Jul Work*.
Katydids, grasshoppers end locum, crickets and boodles, like th*
poor fly. ure killed by the frost.
Millions of eggs bud been hidden,
iiuwuvor, In tbu ground, or in tlie
barks of trees to furnish the supply
of next year. All ol these are outdoors, and tbo bul my winter is es-
ItscltUy grateful. Beetles exhibit a
wonderful instinct tn caring for tliolr
fcelpivss young. Ain.nijr certain species a bull of suitable innti-rial for j
food la made, und the i'KKh am roll- '
«d luto It, providing iu Uu; spring
aomething to eat near at hand (or
tb* Voracious appall Lo that cliaruo
tarlzei tho beetle from Hit. stmt, us
the farmers know very well. Tho
burying      or    HXton   boatlOS   deposit
their .'k«h in the bodies of dead
birds or field mice, Thu bodies und
tggi are carefully burled nnd tbo
aewly-hBitched beetle, as a result of
this maternal forethought, finds a
•tore of food wailing him when in
th* spring the sun stirs the budding
li/a and by Its strange alchemy bids
it come forth. HutIndies and moths
ar* victims of tha first frost. Ilolh j
lay egg* in a suitable feeding ground
during the early summer, Th*
hatched larva or catorplllar eats
voraciously, gorging Itself until it
can eat no more. Finally it spins a
cocoon and mokt-.s ready for winter.
Through the cold season it appar-
ently slumbers in its Bnug quarters,
nourish.*d by the plentiful store of
food it accumulated when a caterpillar. At tlie proper time it emerges
SIS a gorgeous buttorfly- rr-ndy to bo
th* element of beauty It ever la
among the summer fluids. I
Spiders store away no fond supply '
for the wini.-r. Quantities of eggs
ar* laid and ars carefully stored
away in velvety cobweb sacks, Impervious to any but thu most flovoto
weather, and eminently snug whi-n
there hus been no excessive void,        ,
Fnspcctor ITuglics n
ed uu address to Uu* members ol lho
West End V. Hi. C. A. in Toronto on
"now to Choose a Profession." Inspector Hughes divided Hu- subject
Into two aspects:    The study of tho
sclfh I     .if   each     Individual; Lhu
study of the profession. The most
iiiipiirtiiiit thing in deciding ii profession is in become conscious nf
one's supremo power, he mild. 'tin.
fundamental principle is thut each
individual should adopt ,\ profession
in which In* believes himself in huvu
most power to help the progress of
tbo nu-'- Tho highest individual
success in happiness, in growth, and
even in wenllh, will mm,, in t lie profession in wl,ii'b ih.- individual mn
dn most fur society. A practical
suggestion made wns Unit pai'eulH,
tench,'is. uml wise friends should bo
consulted, but Mr Ilu«he.*i siroiifh
urged young mun to allow no one,
nol oven parents, Lo ih-ehlh llielr
professions fur them They should
recojftiize i lielr own responsibility
for choice in order tu develop their
own  individuality.
Mr     Hughes iruvo tletallud ndvico
In regard    lo cl sine u profession
based on lhe special powers of each
Individual us revealed at school or
etsuwhere lit- advised tho young
men not in bt* satisfied wilb their
present positions unless ihey wero
quite sure thai those positions
nlTonli-il ilii'iu their bust opportunities for Individual success nod for
aiding in tho pioui-.-ss of humanity.
From his cxperloiire, he bdlvvcd
most m.'ii fn I in ld>- either because they niv n..t in Ihelr riulu
positions ..r from lark of faith In
their own powers
Th. 1
 r "'-ii
ot Hi
,.  Mu,
llns   In   1
itl-0,,1 St„
,1   '
1     In.
Hi  n.i  nn
.  11
S^il fur ,
s'  1
I,,.,- 1,1,,.
1 111
and ,
1  ssv 1
Imi  Ihis   1
'   I'.il-
lit III.
■   Mniitivi
1 1,
f   lii,
1     ITn
,1,  nn  lm
,.- a
SiJ,, fur
I   „
tlm.  !..-.-  Iilr.
1  li
1   hull
s nn (in.
u  s1
iie nf
,',lil Ml -
,'      llll.US'
1   ll,
Iiir fr.
III,    till'    s,
J |i
,1 .„>,
iy lm,
i u mils.
by li
or bu,
sll;   .m.l   ,
' wool
. Uml  ii
■     tn
3      tin
lis   Un-   li
,'    OHO
„tr is
i thu stmt
■   sho
l sll.il
lllll'    ,1     1,:
i    111,!
SS 11   I'I
ns,,.,,.,1 II
ll   SVllO
,,   Uii.  Kil
all   s
, li...'
llllllll, .,
,'i, I
.   ni
lltlR ss
ill, iiiii. v.
it  Slt
But   ,i
.llllll 1.1 \.
( »ti:ul»', Wooil-I'ulp  l-xpnrtt,
Cutinda's cximrts of inilpWood and
*v Umlp    in    I'.mo   an | nun led    t«
S.'i.-'t.'t." nan uf which 81100,020 wm
H"11* tn liti-nt llrftnln und 13^802,*
2lfi to lhe United States, *diUW«
going  io othur countries.
The Frnscr und Thompson were at
Hits time ihi' objective points, nnd
inuiii of the lengths of these rivers
consisted of impracticable torrents.
it is n.ii therefore surprising that by
far lhe largest part <d those engaged in ibis sudden migration returned
disappointed, many without ever
reaching theii* destination. Sume,
however, persevered; several minora
actually gol to work un llm luii'l-
fortius tuns of tho Frnscr, and it new
sint.' of affairs wns thus fairly inaugurated.
The gold found on the lower reaches of the Frnscr is whul is known
to miners ns "line" gold, or gold in
very small scales or dust, minutely
divided. Further up "coarser" gold
was obtained, and tho minors very
natural ty jumped Lo the conclusion
timi somewhere still further up tho
groat  stream lhe source of the gold
| should be f ul      Thus with restless
energy,  tbey  pushed on till   before
I'ong iho Cariboo country, some 400
miles from the sen. was reached and
hero thu richest deposits of alluvial
i or placer gold were found.
J     Later   nnd   more   thorough   investigation   shn-V     that     lhe     theory  so
; readily adopted by the miners    was
j Incorrect;    thut there is no regular
i graduation     In amount or "coarse-
I ness" of gold from the loWer part.
of I In' Frascl' to the head waters
iu Cariboo, but ihnl the gold found
nn lln* tuns of the rivi-rjs of more
local origin, Still the theory referred to, ns a matter of fact, led
tlie ml tiers to Cnrlhoo, one of the
rlchesl placer mining districts ever
In ibis district the valleys of two
streams, Lightning and Williams
Creeks, proved the most remunerative, end  these und  their tributaries
tin- gold phtalncd      Ttie woik    was
begun by tho washing of the gravels
ot lln- Btroiims tb selves, bin with
the experience already gained in
Calif urn Iu mid in Australia the
miners Boon began to search doepcr.
Tha    valleys    through which these
st renins flowed were found tu be lined Lo a considerable depth by loose
material, gravel nnd bouldor-clay,
due in tho glacial period, «r to in-
wush from Uu* sides nf tin- bordering
mountain ranges; mid In sinking b*>
nenth all this tnntorlal ibe chnnnols
nf older streams, the predecessors of
ibe present, were found, mid wiih
their rocky beds smoothed nnd worn
niul HI led with rounded boulders und
gravel. These contained vastly
richer deposits of gold, because they
represented the consecrated accumulations of groat periods of continued work hy natural forces of donu*.
iiut imi and river action. This discovery, oneo inadoi lod to the Initiation nf more extended mining op-
ernfimis. which often nccossltatod
large expense tu labor, and the con-j
striu'tlnn of heavy pumping mnchln-1
cry.  buL llie results us a rule repaid
the enterprising miners. Thus iho
old deeply buried chmniel of Lightning Creek    was   found to   hvcrage
so thing like $200 In gold io each
running foot of its length, while
considnrabln   lengths    of    Williams
and Builder   **
All werk jpiarnnteed.   Sec us hclore
Cranbrook, B L
-   came from tho Cariboo, the district i
'-'   now   being  worked.      For  live years |
e   the product continued over $2,000,-
000 per year, uud remained     over
l   $1,000,000 until 1881, when it    began to decline, and fur the past few
years thu product of the placers has
been comparatively insignificant.
Aiteniinii was directed to the Cariboo in 1857 by a discovery of gold
mi the bunks of the Thompson, a
tributary of the Fraser river, made
by a number of French-Canadians
and half-breeds, einp.oyes uf the ubi-
luitous Hudson Hay Company,   Ca-
was at that time swarming t       .  ...    ,.   .„
tiers.     It required only    tlie J you b,"ld-   " wl" W >m
rumor of a new discovery of     gold
fan try  division  Included  the  Argyll   ,,, create a new "excitement."     In
Light    Infantry, of which the Duke   the spring of 1858 there was a great
f Argyll is Honorary ('.dm.el,   tho   rush  of miiiets from  the  partly-cx-
u!   hausted placer ground of California,
uud it is estimated that within three
months   over  20,000   people   arrived
at    tho  remote  trading  post   which
thon stood  upon lhe present      site
ti( tho City of Victoria, whin- many
made thoir way overland to the new
El Dorado.    The difficulties in    the
way of these fortune-hunters     were
great.   The    country     wns without
roads or other means of communication,   save such rough trails     nnd
tracks as had served the purposes of
thc   unlives  and   those  of   the      fur
traders,     Tho Indians, if not opon-
ly hostile, were treacherous, mid not
a few of the men who actually reached Lho canons were never again beard
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Undertaking And
Grnductte of Chnmpion college of u.
Oflice nnd utore, Aiken block,
ueai Canndiau ltnnk ot Com-
iiierrt*, Crnuhrook, U. C,
Upholstering and (icncral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the distiict
J. 11. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllce at Hesidenc*.. Vrrtislroojt Ave.
Forenoons,   •   •-   •   ■   V:J0 to ll
After muni *   -   -.  •   •   ion tn.b.iu
Evenings    -   *   •   •    7.30 fo 8:J0
CRANIIROGK,     :    :    : :     B.   t
Licensed Provincial Assayer
l; id- iiiinivii.nl I'lit'iiiist miii rontmi assayer tn
iiie North star Minlnji eoin|«iuy, limited.
livery lleKcrlpthia of Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention to Sample*  hy MiHV and
OJIceand lAliiirntoryj ■
keoiemii St., Nelfon, II. C.
Surrounded hy
i ia- following...
And fine Agricultural
Country. Large herds nf
In al,„[„l„„.(. with a dl-
male al-rr..t Southern
and all lliat raulsl be
A-vt-TI'^JOJ A is owned and backed by the payroll of the Slmllkamecn Valley
Coal Company, Limited, wliich is a guarantee in its self
ol its success. '1 lie equipment and development ol llieir
coal mines, installing ol water, electric light and power
plants are already arranged for. Thc development ol the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by the Eastern capitalists, who have established their payroll at Ashnola, make
it the coming city ol the Interior of British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
In blocks 1 to 4 and 13 to 20 thc price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May I, 1902, and to 10 per    !
cent, in the remaining blocks.   The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed lor8 buildings including
cottages (or the employees of the company at Ashnola. This
work will be under full headway bv May 1st. Thc company's
stock is now selling at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in 9 equal
Four years ago th*: Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
Today they arc quoted at $80.00.   With the advent of transpo-tation	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any oth-
1!   er company in Canada.   For further information apply to	
jj Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited
jj Nelson, British Columbia.
—— »»-3 ■■! ♦
"»M »«..;(*)
ty     PIEPER & CURRIE,     a
'fV ....Dealers in....
| Wall & Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
-*Af      riouldings, Etc.
i f*\ Paper Hangers and Decorators.
vS fcSC
1 Markets
Oj in all the
Ei Principal
M -,-
t--rf 1 owns in
M Britisli
-■  Columbia.
For imi-? luKU's and full inlormttlnn, tall on f
or aiidn'i-a neareni Inral agent, I "     ^~"
idrd the grantor part ot 'fi.J.COVI.K CaCOI.RMAN,    (JoJlfl  W»  Wolf
Agenl, |
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail O
Meat Merchants I
Presh and Cured Meats Frt-sh
Fish, (iame and Poultry.
.Mm hi
We supply only tl.e best.   Your ra
trade is soil cited. N
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft, Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Aioiintiiin    Railway   Co
The only nil rail route between nil
points Kii*-i, West nml South io....
Intermediate Points.
Cotttieetlti-i ,,t
SPOKANE Willi tlis-
tirent Nortliern, Northern Pacific
nnd O. U. & N. Company.
Can-tecta nt
Nelson  with Steamer for  Knslo
and All Kootenny   Lake  Points.
Connccta nt
Myers Fnlls with Stage Dnlly lor
Republic, nnd *
CotinectB .1 uh'
At    Hnssbiirtr   Slni.,L-   Dnily   Irr
lii'.'insl Turks niul liiTi-n\\(Mid.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. I'»"> tit.
A. .1.1', A.
Vancnuver, tl.C
J. S. CAHTHR. D. I>. A.. Nelaon, It. C.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Key Cily l.ndic
x,.. f. MocUBVoryKt'
da,- ni,;,it nt llxilr Imll nn
Hake, stient.   MiiJ„„,„!i,b 	
Odd Pcllowa cnrdlnlly invited. j
S. J Morrow, II, Pnraottti      i«
n, 1,. aeo'v.   '    J -lid shoes madi' new.   All
oi r.spairing.   fiivc me a call
Cmnhroifls l.nd-e, Nn. H t
A. P. 4 A. M.
Ni.t'let,I, itoreby plven ilinln-i*itt( ntinn ssin ho
. A. l.HA.-i,, SPC'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Cranbrook,       :     .        Brltlah Col.mhlii.;
tollif I'-irilni-i.-iil ol r»'ia.a . til ll^lliKl
ItcRiilnr iiii'iiitiKs nu tho  nen\ mln*ta\ a<* niithnrltiiw tin   at, Mitrr'a
Tliiirsilay uf Vie ! Itlvoi; flAtf .VA>* 1 .iiiinnv ti» r"n«n ltd h lirwii-li
mninnnriis nihwaj rrnm « mapnintou
inpanr'-t prpaonl nm- nl r il way ilionow
Iim Hi T.\ liml Wiutorly lij* Hm* Knit "li Knuti-iiii;'
I'll <*. ta>miti.itit nil 111"- Knotenny Wf <r in ttriihtt
tVdiuaMi hotnr i Wnrdncr im«-i   tlio ti.tnim-1
tlonnl batuiiliirj, with nuitihvttyniul t icnniiriiot:!
ti.runclwH from nny pntnta nn ttie * proppnuil lino
j..t McuciHugln any nnoeaseM mi lt-aln ii'insiii.
ultli ]<n m r hIsh in roimtniPt, nwp    nml ftpDHlto
1i-lf|'l'ir'.ll innl ti'li'iilinilr.  fllii'*ifnr (]   n llieoftllO'
jtiilillr,nud to neni-riile, tntnHniit   ami dufil In
telcotrlDliy nml i-lmihlo i«.w.-r.
iitdii Daonmbor loth, iimn,
VMtrf ft irwlck,
PollaltM ior a pplloant,
jjL* t***********************}
Ihotei         I
a a.
* >31    *********************    *
* **. ********************* 2
J Wl it'ii you are hungry and want JJJ
ip n j'ltinl nii'id go to iIk* l\!i:.i i*
j Kootenny. JJ
Jjj Wlten ynu are tired nnd want n ^
<ti RO0(1 rest gu lo till* Rflflt Kou-   in
3J VVlie ii you nre thirsty nnd want n Jj,
if '.good drink   go   tit the Kant **
-!■ j-vontenny. jj
Jjj In fii-ct wltett yon are in Crnuhrook £
,1, nloii nt lhe Hunt Kootenay. <n
Ui**t*t ******* i***i**i***i*>
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
I have good wood ol .ill lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard -Stewart
There nre a few poinls fo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have yuu talked with anyone ahnul building?
Come and Rte mc or let me see ynu. II may
do us both timid.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
Condition! Under Which Rev. S.   S.  Craig
Labori In th* Vlnt-yuiii.
There in a preacher In Toronto who
la Carrying mi his pastorate under
oonditloui unusual In the present
day, remarks Tho Toroi o Star,
Rav s s Craig ot the Zlon Congregational Ohureh has had no lixed
Huluiy fur Lhe post six months, bul
has necuptod fur hlmealf whatever ru-
in,tin.'.i from the col lectio us attei
ihu running expenses ul Lho church
had boon dofrnyod     tlu has   agreed
tu I
> lln<
other porlod, provided thai unj man ]
occupying    nn official plucu In     tin*
church "win. .lot's not  know I Hull ,
it. tif ii converted man shall    withdraw    und   Ihnl   .my   Hlich officer  tin- |
Having himself convorted, yoi living \
a world I j lit.-, shall withdraw or i
change his in,. "
The preacher's sorvlcas have   been
acceptod on thesa conditions       Thu
difficulty    will bo to decide whothor
tho terms of tb.* bargain are    being '
tulfllled by tho officers of ihu church   I
If they bellovo Lhomselves to !»■ con- |
verted iiiL-u, who is lo dooide whoth-
or they lead worldly   lives?     By   the
arrangement tbey  contract  to   lend
unworldly, or Christian Hvob,     and
reasonably it may be urged that thu
[pastor is  the  ruling  authority     on
piety ami Christian conduct. In that
Held hu is ti specialist,  and lhu bargain entered      into  would scum      to
give him the right to superintend the
business conduct and gonci'a)     daily 1
life ol bin church officers as well as
to expound doctrine mnl instil faith,
Properly a church officer should be
a converted man. and a convorted
man should lead a Christian life, j
but, perhaps, it is not always su in !
practice. Here, however, It has been
made a bargain between a pastor
and the officers of bis church, nud
the way it works out should be iu-
"Wa  -.nw  Lis lire ii[...ii tbt blllt;
Tlie ipruca trees knew tbt umwllui •»«*•,
a thousand berrlei ut tbt woud
Took un tlie scarlet uf bit i-tuik.
"I'lif fur ti'Hllo felt tilt mucriiliis
'I'r.ml «nrt RloUg tin* i-tdlireil wa/.
lln- uu. I,'in pluea lit-tit-ld llie Our*
nr I..., nd shield, nt break ot <i*r
"lie balled tin- blrcttti down the atrtaa,
tl.-iiilv in. mug nltli lilt tuft brealb;
Hln fu.-i' wn. Iiiown ami kliul, iiii.l JH
'ttie .In tiitniig ulttera dreamed of dealt
'"the Kii-v  (j...I*. Iii-hkI  alt aure  i-i'l'i"-*"*
An.l i.-n iin- blue lake'i unit retreat!
'On- siuiael   iai..'kt-it  lilt teatliortd treat,
Tin' imrlrhlgo berries auinni bit (est.
"Ami wo, Who nnw npnn (lie Mils
Tli.' .iiiiiiiit algnata uf lilt fire,
Know  Mini   lln- Sitirh-t ihi.'! bad cams
To woo ih it. iiu swift desire."
Thi'.itloiv   Roberts.
At tb*  I'll*.  Shci Quebec.
The following is as accurate a pic- |
ture of Quebec as we have read in
a long time.     The clipping   is   the
conclusion of an article   contributed
to the Boston Pilot:
In the Province of Quebec there is
no extreme wealth and no abject poverty. Thc people are always ready to assist each oilier, to extend
charity to aid any worthy cause,
nnd to alleviate affliction and suffering. No parish Is too poor to aid
tho society for tho Propagation of
the Faith, and their contributions
put to shame llielr more pretentious ,
and wealthy neighbors. Nearly ov- ,
crv parish has also a Society of the
Holy Childhood whose contributions
ii.ivg maintained many inis.nl oimrt ns
In Ini.then lands, and savufl many ,
precious souls to heaven.
A daily round of duties well and ,
faithfully performed, rcasoiinblo competency nnd pence of iniiul are prized beyond superfluous wealth oh- !
tallied at the expense of worry,.anxiety, disappointment nml ruined
The sun rises clear and lhe day is
fail—tlm habitant is happy and gives
thanks: morning comes with lower-
ing skies and nighl brings affliction.
The habitant sees in this the hand '
of God. gives praise und is rcconcll- ',
ed. As comes the day as goes the
din*—God so ordains, and to Ilis
wisdom nnd goodness be humble submission and praise.
Turning nwiiv from the excitement
11 hi I the artificial Ufa of lho popular
seaside and mountain resorl nnd
outside the well worn pathways of
tourist travel, n VaCUt loll can he
pleasantly and profitably spenl in
tho neighboring province, with a peo-
pie and amid scenes inure suggestive
of medlacvnlfsm than the artificial,
stilted, throbbing llto ot the twen*
tlolh century, which is in such pain- ,
Tha   N*w   Y.rk   J turns!  KspUlu   this
Chang* *r Naaat.
Lite New York Journal reports that
Mr Ernest Scion Thompson, the well
known Canadian writer un animals,
bus been granted by Justice tlisebod
Oi.j right to cliuugu bis name to Ernest Thompson Seton. Thu Juuraal
gives thu further interesting but
doubtful Information on thu subject-
It states thai the proceedings were
taken "because," his servant says,
"lhu tradesmen here, Ignorant in thu
usu of hyphenated names, persist iu
calling him 'Thompson,' whereas ha
culls himself, sensibly, Seton. lie ,
does nol like the name of Thompson, '
and by right, it is not his family
mi nm. He is descended from lhe
noble family of Seton- Ilu ls a
Briton by birth. His parents came
here with him when he was sis
months old. They were of the race
of Seyton that had a cusile lu the
place where Edinburgh is now.
Thompson whs a iiuiue assumed hy
tho Seton family to hide its identity '
after taking part iu the Jacobite rr j
bullion of 1748. When Mr. Seton begun to write, he said lo his parents, j
'I will not sign niv name Thompson. '
I do nol like it. I will sign "Ernest '
Seton." ' His parents objected.
They said: 'More than ever, if you
write for a living, you should use tha
name of Thompson; for it is not
right to degrade, by writing for a
living, the noble mono of Scion.' He
replied: '1 wilt compromise and aigi!
"Sctoil-Thompson.' You see, ho
thought the pcnplu would call him
Seton,' ns his friends Who know him
well do; but they persist In calling
blm 'Thompson.' It is 'the butcher
for Mr. Thompson,' 'Lhe milkman tor
mi. Thompson,' 'this und that for
Mr. Thompson.' all Lho time. 11 ia
annoying, isn't it?"
Arehblahep Pa'eenln,
Archbishop DIomede Kaloonlo,     at
present lho representative of the Papal power in Canada, is to ip
pointed     Apostolic  Delegate to the
United Slates     He Is in fad an Am- !
erlenn prloat, who did mission   «..ik
In    the United stales from 1800 to
188ft     lie wns educated at St   Bon-
a venture's   College     In    Allegheny
County,     New York,  nu Institution j
founded by the Franciscans lu 1880
Father Falcon to wns one ol thu lust
students, wus ordained there In 1800
In   llie lute Bishop   limou   and after
Iwnrd became Proifdeni  of the     col-
lloge    Thence he went tn Newfound-!
hand as n missionary, and niter sorv-
ing lm- Borne time ns  Vicar-Cloncrnl
of the dlOCOSO 110 wus enlle.i to Home.
{where he rose lo ihe highest    offices
in Ids m.l.'i It. ilium. \ ns ti irliol-
nr. and especially his profound knowledge of church polity, led In Intoi
years to Ins appointment as Papal
lictcgute to Canada Muring the discussion which ha- pro ceded il ffio-
i.il amiotmi'ciucnt oi hi- -.l.ci ion Lo
ilu* coming vucamy Roll til 11 I'alho- .
Ins In lhe Uniled Stales have M.<net-
nllv united In saying Hint Mgr I'al-
i-onin would be acceptable to the An
ei Imii   hierarchy.
Prof, C. A. t'baal  I.ariur*. •■ !•■«  K*-
aiilt! mt Mod*ra Siltuct.
At the regular meeting of the Toronto Astronomical Society, held iu
thu Canadian Institute the other
evening. Prof C. A. Chant, Ph.I)..
addressed ihu -society on tbe subject
of "Some New Aspects ot Ether
Waves." Scientists, lindiug it impossible to beliuvu that light, heat
unit electricity can be conveyed
through not hing, have imagined that
space is filled witli a substance
known na ether. This ether must
possess great elasticity to account
for the rapidity of lhe vibratloni
transmitted by It, and yet be of very
small density or tho motions of th*
heavenly bodies would noon Li*
brought   to nil end-
Pr Chant explained clearly the
unity of the wave* transmitted
through the ether, commencing »uli
tin- extremely short iuvltlble vibrations Which mnke tlii-ui»elvr* fell ou
the sensitive plate wlirn the spectrum >.f sunshine is photographed,
shading down through tht colors of
the visible spectrum from violet to
red, then running Hireugh the longer
heal waves and into tlie still lunger
elect ro-inn g net Io  waves
Thla long bridge le practically
Without  a gap.  end It must certainly
be considered one of tho most beautiful und Ingenious results et modern
-.delicti to demonstrule Hit relationship of these radiations, which disci osu themselves to us aa chemical
rays, light rays, heat rays, and last
nud t.\ no moons least, aw electro*
magnetic rays, which are now proving so serviceable in wireless tele*
A luium Hallowe'en Jekeis
A practical Joker iu Halifax had a
lot   of   (un   Hallowe'en A   surprise
party hml been arranged, each por-,
son being expected to bring some-
tiling     lu    the    way of cukes, Band-
wiohos, fruit, or anything ol     that]
kind       The joker got   possession     of
the invitations, and wrote on tho
corner nf each one u request Hint the j
recipient should bring a down loni-
o'ts. Being n surprise party, tho
whole thing wus kepi quiet, und thu \
result was that each guest appeared
on the scene boar Ing u pnpor bag
full of lemons und nothing else.
H. CuamaadtS Caeadleaa.
ial   Sniith-l-orrlen    Who
the   l.'th   Brigade,      of
Which  i lm   ('a mid in ii  infantry   funned
pnii, ami unti.-r whom ibe Canadian
mounted troops also served, has just
received from the Inhabitants of his
unlive town, Dork humps load, a serene oi silver pinto in recognition ol
hla work in South Africa, llr T. F,
tlalsoy, MP , iu making thu presen-
1 nl ion. snld thai every member of
the Ccncrnl'fl fuiuily now belonging
lo      Hie      army  had  won  the  HSU.
Qbneral Bmlth-Porrlen attributes bis
success largely to the unselllsh devotion of tin- men he hud under blm.
Though often iu tight places, and
frequently on half rations, they never murmured, but surmounted jgvery
difficulty, Hue of his nicknames was
"Half rations nnd full congratulations," in allusion to the praise he
bestqWed on them whenever a smart
piece of work was performed.
1-Ul.irlo'n Fruit Area
The limit of the fruit area in   On-
. lm
ot nearly  been  reached,tic
cording oi prof. Mncoun of lho Gen-1
logical  Survey.      lie hns  been  exiilu-
illlllg  Lho   territory   between   Niagara
iiiui the northerly extremity of llur- j
on peninsula. When tho land owners of this district go In for fruit |
culture, he says, they will raise great)
quntitlUos of tho flnost fruits iu Hie
world, und the Importance of On-j
tai'iu as a fruit-growing district will
greatly IncroiUjQ,
Iht Haftlira Bar Ceatae.
Wo tire reminded by the census
officials that Hatha Laud Is lu Canada. It is said io contain 070 Eskimos and one Scotchman, which revives tlm old prediction about a
Scotchman being found at the North
Pole. We warn all those who are
Inclined to scoff at Baffin Land that
good crops ot wheal have been
grown at Great Slavs Lake, and
that Fort Simpson, still farther
north,  has an electric light system.
Uoitaa Hairuui.
Mrs. Smarti) — No; my husband
never goes Into society. He actually
seems to have a grudge against It.
Mrs. Bouce — And it was In society that he gut acquainted with you I
How     odd., isu't iU
What aa Eaglltb Swrvlut Papar Sft;a About
CaBadtau Soldi.n
The Broad Arrow, London, England, of a recent date, has this to
say about I'uiuutd Cotton and his recent promotion: Tha promotion of
Colonel w, ll. Cotton to the appointment  of Quartermaster-General
of the Dominion forces, vice l.n-iil -
Col. Foster, It. B„ has given the utmost aatisfuciion thrdughout Canada, Colonel Cotton, win, hns been
adjutant-general for artillery at
headquarters and commanded the Ottawa Brigade, begun his career In
lHt'.ii ut the ago of eighteen as bc-c-
oud nontenant iu the Ottawa Garrison  Artillery, and iwu years later
was promoted captain, mid became
lieutenant-colonel iu 1883. The same
year he was appointed assist nnt inspector of artillery, uml commandant
of lhe Iloyal School of Artillery. He
commanded No it Military District
in iNii'i, two years afterwards *tp
becume inspector of artillery, und iu
November last Was appointed to
command tbe Ottawa brigade. Colonel Cotton, who is a man of nuiik-
ed ability and un untiring worker,
is thoroughly acquainted with mi the
requirements of his very important
position. The appointment, which
bus hilhei'to been held by an Imperial officer, is quite a new departure
uud ie highly appreciated throughout
Lhe land. The Camidinus think that
the time has now arrived when ull
appointments ou the Canadian military staff should be held by Canadians; their early military education
in tbat most admirable institution,
the Iloyal Military College of Canada, which has given us' men like
Sir Percy Girouard, Stairs, Huntley, Mackay and many others who
have so greatly distinguished themselves In the Imperial service, fully
justifies the idea Lhat the highly-
trained officers of Canadian IdrHi
who have been matured by their experience ns Imperial officers throughout the Empire und who have been
engaged in all uur recent campaigns
in India, Egypt and South Africa,
are iu no way inferior lo those who
havt hitherto been specially selected
from England to fill all the important duties connected with lhe command uml military administration of
the Canadian army.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest tannine and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    I hese lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The Ms'sTs'/sit. tii-Nitifil nf principal and int rest, except in the
cast- of land, under $2.Sll an acre, ll divided into ten instalments as
shown in Ills; table below! the first In he paid at the time of pur*
chase, (ne second one year from date ,if Ihe purchase, the third In
two u-ars and sn un.
The i.illnsM,,'' (able shims the amount tit the annual Instalments
nn 16(1 acres at dilferenl prices under Ihe abuve conditiuns:
IMI act. nl 12.50 per acr, Isl instalment S5Y.15   0 equal intal'ts al S.SO.00
.lllll     " " 71.40 .1 60.00
3.50     " ■• MM 11 70.00
4.00      " " MAS I" 80.00
I.SO     - " 107.85 •• 90 00
5.00     -. •< 19.85 ii 100.00
KimberleV --?- the business and shipping point for the
-   North Star and Sullivan mines.
lil.Ai. & BLLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is thc (nvisional p°in- °- -nc *-rows Nes| ->ass
Railway and thc commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further Information apply to agents as above or to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under (2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II the land Is paid tor in full at Ihe
time of purchase, a reduction from Ihe
price will be allowed equal 1.1 len per
cent nn the amount paid in evcess of Ihe
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charted in over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in Ihe follsmin* town sites in Fast Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Mnyelle, kilch.
ener, Creston and kimberley.
The terms of payment arc one.third
cash, and Ihe balance in six and twelve
11 11
Kitchener is in the center nf lite great
Iron range aud thc gateway to thc While
Grouse cupper fields.   J. T. Hl'KlillSS.
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
» fun
('■mail* »1 tin
A glance over the register at the
Pan-American at DufTalo shows the
following appreciative remarks that
have been written there hy citizens
ot the United States "Canada is
all right." "Very good." "Splendid," "BoeoiiU lo none.'' "An hour
to      our      neighbors." "Simply
grand." "Congratulations to t\m-
adn." "Heartily commend Canadian Government lor its enterprise."
"Sorry that I am not a Canadian."
"Neatest and one ui the most artistic exhibits on the grounds." "The
Union Jack the colors Lhat don't
run." "God bless her." "Hope to
live there next." "A perfect garden spot and a beautiful country."
"Good limit 10 John Hull." "Delighted with lhu exhibit."
S ?
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
TvmprraiB Onturtu.
The average consumption of
hoik   liquors    Id     the annum
Great Britain, Germany, Prance
Uniled States, and   Australia is
27 gallons  par  head   per year.
consumption     of    li.ptor  in  Ca
avesnges     only    0   i -5   gallons
head.    The comparative sobrlet;
thi» Province m&> be fairly call
ed when it^, in considered that
tarto contain!! almost half ihu
ulatloo ol the Douiintou.
February 20, 21, 22
Will issue return tickets at
Feb. 20, 21 good for return
until Feb. 24
Full particulars of local agents.
A. 0, P. A., Al»l,
Vsabtuvir. Cranbrook
J. S. CARFEI, D. P. A., Nelioa, B. C,
| Rough and
f Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and
| flouldings.
Refitted Throughout
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crauhrook, B. C.
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Hast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
rioyie's Hotel Kootenay
• Jl • \t/ The best of accomodations
LCad ing   A for the traveling public.
Hotel    *
Livery S
Proprietors j* ** jt
T,.,,,„» mul .lrlv-.ru furnlahe.1 for any
point tn tli« .lintrlct.
Manager   jt  jt   ji
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our bui.ine*.*..*
to do that, and more. We not only make perlect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one. but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The -10th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Hotel S &
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
American Drinks, Leading Brands of Liquors
and Schlitz Famous Beer dispensed by the popular
bartender, Charley Armstrong.
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
^*-»-»->«-n>*>»-» H«««H -»»••» + «
»*-»■»«►■*»-»«»«» «*»/g
What Will Be, Will...
Clothe Yourself with Warm Clothing
And Your Houses and Furniture with
...Hutch's Insurance
•-»-**► *»-•*»-••»-*-«-»*••*-••*»--»-• •«.*i
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Do You Sell Liquor????
If ,0, doa't buy    PCI   TIPD    The Only WholtMlt l.lqaor lle.lcr In
Mill you ie,..    rLLIIQIt;   South r;.,t lio^lta.y.    Writ, lor Price
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
Thills the supply point for South East Kootenay. •   •   ■
,   .   .
..' ...- ... ..
•   •   - -
We have iusl opened up our
S New Spring Gooite	
*ff And as it is by far the largest range of dress
Ctwds iiiiii siiiiiiiis;r material ever shown in
Cranbrook. We would be pleased to have
you call and lei us show yon w Iml we have.
!    •'
!  i
Hotel ** &
Quests Cumfort a Specially
linnil stidiiinjj in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Hsu accommodations Im   lhc public unequalled  in  I'runlirook.
***lHii rr i rf iii Jrf tSi I* »-.*»«»»»»»»»♦»»**»♦****♦»*.
«, HOR AN ARTISTIC it \ 1 1 OfAI      MOTP-1 *
J     PORTRAIT OR PH0T00RAPH     If        *-*-*---"-.-    ™'*-*-       }»
tt   at IM.. , .goto   'I'   ».»»■**»»*♦»«*»**♦♦*♦****♦'-«
The Fire (if „ Niffllt llltl)' destroy tlie
home that tsis.k liiimv veism HaviugB to
Insure with Palmer
C. R. Palmer,
Manufacturer's Agent.
Fire and Life Iiisur'ce
Cranbrook, 15. C.
tft •*.•••••• .. -.
Candy Kitchen •
Parries a cotniileln stock nf ?
Candies, Fruits, Nuts, I
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. fli« maciii J
r Amateur work trill ™*cii rbi-si at ten. *].]
■**9***\*****iW^ UP Abou* the C!t-V   by  Aakinif
Questions uf Many  People.
ICllfyre i» King,   You want it.
Uveu a Chinaman fian-'sabe" Kilfyre.
When   yon   need  Kilfyre  ynu need It
Dr. Green of Moyie, whs in town this
Joe Schmidt came down from Fernie
Mlas l'ettit has been quite ill the paat
two weeks.
|    J. T.   i-iiiitluw of Fort Steele, was In
j towu Saturday.
When you think of imini mice you
{think of Hutch.
|    R, K. Sherlock of Letbluidge, was in
■ town this week.
;    R    !■:    Iteiitlie returned   Wednesday
from Vancouver,
Kilfyre --puitelh out the tire before it
reacheth ihe roof."
Superintendent Ilnry has gone to Winnipeg on railway business.
Hutch established nn insurance oflice
in Cranbrook ill April 1898.
W. W. Doble, manager for P. Burns St
Co., visited Elko this week.
W. A. Simpson came home from KlliO
last week, quite ill wiih pleurisy.
Singer sewing machlues sold on easy
monthly payments. C. R, Palmer, agent,
All the insurance companies represented  hy  Hutch  pay promptly in case of
Kilfyre call be used by your wife, your
daughter, your son, your servant, yourself.
Prank Uiilley relumed last week from
nn extended trip through ibe western
The largest amount of assurHiice for
the least possible outlay. We give it.-—
J. 10 Dowues, ol the Cosmopolitan
holel, was ou the sick Hal several days
this week,
C. M, Edwarna returned Sunday from
lhe coast, where he attended ihe Liberal
George LevasBeur of Fernie, is very
low with pneumonia, ami his recovery is
very doubtful.
li's uot probable that you will die
this year, bul iu possible. Insure with
Palmer NOW.
Buy Da I ten berg patterns and materials
ol Mm. Vroom. One lesson tree with a
one dollar order.
Mr. Jones, book keeper for O, II. Miner, lias been quite nick for several days
but is recovering.
When yon insure with Hutch ymi ili-
sme iu board companies, which means
the best companies.
Cranbrook is preparing to celehrale
tlie 24th of May in a manner befitting
the day nml the towu,
II. I,. Stephens, proprietor of the
Melbourne hotel at Klko, was a Cranbrook visitor Tuesday.
The great thaw reached here Saturday
and a result there is very little of the
heavy fall of snow left.
Young man, 20 years from now you
may have girls to educate. A policy
with Palmer will provide.
K. J, Peltier lefl Monday for his old
home in the east, .Mrs. Peltier and
their boy will return with him.
Wanted—a girl to do general house
work, No children, no washing. J15
per mouth.    Apply at Herald ollice.
The Odd fellows of Moyie and Cranbrook will go tn Fernie next Monday J
livening io Install a lodge in that city.
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and   varied
stock uf
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
I( you buy ul Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Official Watch Inspector lor
Crows Nesi d Melon C. I1. R.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  mosi
economical way to handle it.
Miss Sexton, of lhe W. B Corset t-0111-
pauy, New York, will be at Reid -.t Co.'s
store to tit corsets ou, Thursday of this
George Hoggarth, proprietor of ihe
l-.ik hotel al Klko, was iu town Monday
Mr. Hoggarth says that things are boom*
iug in Elko.
The Mutual Life of Canada is a company ot policy holders, by policy hold-
era, lot policy holders Insure with
Palmer NOW.
Q, II   Miner ami J, P, Fink are having
h telephone Hue built to connect their
residences ami stores. Paul Ri okes is
doing the woik.
The Phoenix Fire Assurance company
has paid one hundred and twenty millions of dollars in losses. Hutch repre
seats the Phoenix.
Equality, Economy, Stability and Pro*
greaa are cattlinal features of the Mutual
lafu  Association   company of   Canada
C, R   Palmer, agent.
Ping Pong Self—Beattie has bought
the entire stock of a Winnipeg wholesale bouse. They will be here in it lew
days, Leave your aiders as they are
Cranbrook laities should take advantage uf ihe visit of Miss Sexton, the celebrated W. II. corset litter, at Reid Si
Co.'s store on Thursday of this week,
so inst.
Mrs. W. W. Doble had to cut her visit
in Ferine short on account of 11 severe
attack of bronchitis, and has been in the
hospital since her reiurn, but is nnw recovering.
McKanlass, the great musician and
humorist, will be iu Cranbrook on the
71I1 of March, at Weuiworih hall, with
the Alabama Warblers. The papers say
the show is a good oue.
A farewell banquet will he tendered
G. Hi Richardson this evening at the
Cranbrook hotel, Mr. Richardson leaves
in a few days lo accept the position of
assistant city engineer of Ottawa.
The ice ciop is being gathered at a
good rate, and judging from the immense
amount being brought iu it is evident
lhat the people will not have to suffer
during lhe warm  weather next summer.
Mr. ami Mrs. Cl. T. Rogers entertained
a number of friends last Monday even*
ing. Cards was the mode of entertainment and everyone present hml a jolly
good lime, as is always the case at thai
0, II. Gilpin has let lhe contract toO.
K. Leask for 11 large two story building
ou Cranbrook avenue, just north ofthe
Royal hole!. Thc building will be used
for a warehouse at present, but will have
a store front.
I.I has been decided by the Center Star
and War Eagle companies nf Rossland,
not to ship any ore for thc present. The
comparatively low price «f copper probably had some eflect oil the decision
thus arrived at.
Died, Monday, February 18. 190a,
Warren, infant son  of Mr. nnd Mrs. W.
D. Hill. Funeral services were held
Wednesday morning at the residence,
and lhe remains interred in the Cranbrook cemetery.
Tlie Palmer Bar mill ofthe Cranbrook
Lumber company was placed out of business Tuesday by a pin on the engine
breaking, and before steam could be
shut oil" the engine was little better than
a pile of scrap iron.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur O'Hearn, of
Jamestown, N. I)., are visiting Mr.
O'liearn's brother, William, of this city.
They will remain in Cranbrook until
uext week, nnd will then extend their
trip to the coast.
N. B. O.iuvreau, the civil engineer,
has returned to Cranbrook ami will take
Mr. Richatdson'a place aa resident engineer, The Herald ia pleased to see
Mr. Gauvreau return. He is a good citizen, and a good all round man to have
in any town.
Dr. W. ft Sawyer, veterinary surgeon,
has concluded to locate in Cranbrook
The doctor is considered first-class authority on diseases in horses, and has
had remarkable success in his work. He
came down from Marysville Tuesday
and wiil arrange for his headquarters in
a few days,
Mr. and Mrs. W. F, Tate entertained
their younger friends lost Thursday
evening at progressive pedro. Tlie
rooms were filled with a happy, light
hearted crowd, and even afler Ihe games
had closed nnd the lunch had been disposed of, the crowd lingered on, apparently loath to leave such a hospitable
A Valentine party was given last
Friday evening by Miss Jes-de I.eitch
that proved to be one ofthe most pleasing events of the season, "Hearts" was
the program and hearts and cupld darts,
emblematic of old St. Valentine, were lo
be seen in decorations and the delicacies
served at tlie dainty lunch. Between 30
ami 40 invitations were Issued nnd the
evening will be long remembered by
those present.
Metal Market.
New  York,   Feb.    in.—Copper  quiet
Bteady at lift cents,   Lead Steady,
Bar stiver, 54
London,   Feb,     10.—Lend    closed at
St. Eugene May Resume.
Moyle header
All Indications now seem to point to a
brisk spring and summer InMojlc. In
all probability the St. Eugene mine and
mill will be In operation by May lirst.
Of course the price of lead will have
much to do with this. Manager Cronin
seems well pleased with the way In
winch lead li advancing ami says he
would not be surprised in see It high
enough by  the  fint of May to justify
llie resumption of operations. He Is of
tbe opinion that ihe surplus ol lead Is
becoming pretty well exhausted, owing
to so many of the load producers being
slim .lown, urnl Out the (.rice will naturally rise in consequence.
•Mr. Cronlu firmly Believes iu protecting and fostering tlie manufacture of
lead products lu Canada. "At present,"
he mjs. "p|jj i-jau |s shipped ull ihe
wiv tu (-ieiui.in) ic. he manufactured
luio while lead, lead pipe, etc , and is
again shipped back to Canada and suiii
to the Canadian*-. Why not manufacture the hulk or this lead at home am)
avoid having to pay the expense ot
shipping It abroad ami hack* I believe
about 41) per cent of lhc lead milted in
Canada Is used here, This amounts tt.
about 13,000 tons a year.   1 aho believe
that the smelting in Canada should be
given further assistance by ihe govern*
meiit. The boutny ou pig lead is all
right in lis way, hut It Is not enough.
Ii should he doubled, ur at least made
al the rate ol $3 a ion lor a do Unite
period ot years, insluad of 011 a decreasing scale as at present."
Woik !n ihe mine Is progressing very
favorably. Tlie drllt from the 100 loot
level ot the shaft U now in about 300
feet. Even though this Is below the
level ol lhe lake the seepage of water
Is very slight and easily bandied, Four
men were added lu lhe force this week.
kite of Three luwa buys.
Washington Post: When Senator
Dolllver was a young man he was a
school teacher, lu the county which
aiijolueii lilm on the north lived a boy
named Charles lliys, while Will Van
Horn taught school in a county on ihe
west. Hays gave up school teaching lo
enter a liltle llckel olllce of the Wabash railroad, and by paying close at*
tsnthn to his woik and acquainting
himself with the details of the road he
attracted ihe attention lhe general
manager and was transferred to Chicago. In the course of time he become
president of the road, and then was offered and accepted the position of president uf the Southern Pacific at a salary of $6fi,GQ0 a year. Young Van Horn
entered the service of lhe Milwaukee
road as a telegrapher,but by his industry
and ability ascended the ladder of promotion until he also occupied a Ifgll
position. Finally, he was selected lo
build the Canadian PaclHc railroad, snl
for his eminent and successful services
was finally knighted by Q leen Victoria,
and is now known as Hlr William Van
Horn, In the meantime, Senator Dol*
liver studied law aud entered politics,
until today be Is one of the iwo senators from lhe state of Iowa.
Premier Dnnsmuir is to he at the
coronation of the King In June.
The latest report in regard lo starting tbe third furnace at tbe Oranby
smelter, Is that It will pr.ih.ihiv take
place about lhe likh of February, the
fourth to blow In a little later.
The party of V., V, -fc E, surveyors,
locating thc Phoenix sp'ir toave moved
camp into Midway, says ihe Midway
Advance, and are now engaged In locating the line from a point a few miles
up Boundary creek down 10 the town
and connecting It with the main line,
which is located west of Midway as far
asOrevIlle. It ls not yet definitely
known at just what point In Midway
the spur line lo Phoenix will connect
with the main line, but It will be somewhere between the eastern boundary
of the town ami the saw mill.
The outlook for the mineral industry
of this district Is brlliant and full of
promise for lhe future,-— Port Sleele
A novel method of ridding a locality
of disorderly characters was Introduced
at the Loop last Monday, when Superintendent Evans of the Michel mines,
backed by a Provincial Constable and
a carpenter, went to a red-curtaln
house and took off the doors and windows, carrying these off The Inmates
took the hint.—Fernie Free Press.
A writ was Issued in the supreme
court to-day at the Instance of Elijah
Harnett Dunlop, protesting thc election
of Robert Alexander Bradshaw as
mayor of Slocan Cltv, on the ground
that he does not possess the necessary
property ipiaillicatlon and lhat he is
Interested In lhe contract between the
city and the owners of the building thc
city had leased for the city hall. The
case will come before the court on Friday, February 11
His honor tbe lieutenant-governor In
comic I has appointed a board of examiners for the leading coil mines of
the province, which should be hailed
with satisfaction *by tlie miners and
thtli friends. If tne persons appointed
do their duly perhaps there will be
fewer fatal accidents und explosions In
the future,
It Is carrently reported that tlie
llculenant-govcmor has refused to open
the house unless all seats at present vacant are filled and the cabinet completed. The names of Mr. Richard Hall, M,
P, P., Victoria, aud Mr. R, Ci, Drury aie
mentioned In connection with tlie Otter
P. Welsh told the Nelson Miner re
cently thai the Lurdeau branch will be
completed from Kootenay lake to
Trout lake, a distance of 10 miles, by
March. Twenty three miles have already been completed. At present
only a small force is employed.
10. P. Davis, K, C, Vancouver, has
been recommended by the provincial
bar for ihe position of chief justice of
British Columbia, made vacant by*the
death of Mr Justice McColl. Mr. Davis
Is considered the leading legal light In
the province, as well as being one of
the fairest mind eil of men, so his elevation wouli be popular.
The provincial government has let
the couiracl (or building the steel
bridge over ilu- Fraset at* New West*
minister,   it will cost aboul 1700,000,
George Wells, ,1 rancher, living near
Midway, was found dead between his
ranch and Ureenwood on Rpnday, He
bad been frozen lo death rcturnlug
home from that town
A letter has been leceivtd hy oue oj
the NettTe l miners advising him to
muice It known lu Ferguson thai the
new Horsefly diggings exlsl mainly iu
the vivid Imagination of booiiiiiers.
Tlie bfcfit average so far Is 83 a pan—or
a day's work for one man, nm as ntuob
as any mau can make elsewhere iu B.
C--I.ardeau Eagle.
Bar silvei this week dropped Jbelow
58 cents.
Pig lead and copper are strengthening 111 price.
What is known as lhc C.ilena vk-n has
been struck ou the Last Chance, at a
vertical depth of HlOO'eel, and a promising ore chute exposed. The crosscut Is
1,800 feci long and took a year aud a
half to run, costing fully $00,000',
Naming a Mine.
What a peculiar and helrogeneous
mass of eupboneOUs names, and a world
of hlstoiy, both national and domestic,
that go to make up the title of a large
majority of ttie mining properties, Th,
sweetheart left in the eastern stales
finds her name perpetuated by a larg
producer of the precious gold. A dear
old mother's maiden name is not forgol-
teu, Neither is the old village, the
sister, the pet dog or cat, the Ilitle
pony that cairied the prospector in his
childhood days, lucldeutsof the day,
especially those of a local nature,
largtly enter Into names for the locaier
to designate his new discovery. The
Never Sweat was named after a man
who never workud ami theref- re,
"never sweat." "Wake Up Bill," the
prominent Untie mine Is another. Bill
and his companion were camped on the
hillside just north of Hutle. Tuev had
prospected the grouud the day before
and ihe companion awoke early and
continued his search, and on being successful aroused old Bill with the words,
"Wake up, Bill. I have found tt." So
this is the way this famous copper mine
was named, Hundreds of others fuitud
their names under somewhat similar
A good story of the naming of the
"Holy Ternu" mine of Keystone, S D ,
lhat has seldom ever found Its way Into
print comes trom au old friend of lhe
discoverer's wife who lined to enjoy
idling It to her Intimate friends. Old
man Franklin, as he was familiarly
known, was especially favoied by fortune and had made several good sized
• raises'' before the discuverv of tie
Holy Terror, and Mrs. Franklin, now
atno liu&d. wao 011-3 of ihe rough (rentier
hut whole-souled good hearted women
often mel with in the early days, who
cou'd handle a brae* of six shooiers am)
all down a rough caiactcr as readily
as tnanv men. One day she succeeded
lu gaining a reluctant promise from her
IhmIi.111,1 to accede to her wishes aud
name a good mine alter her. wining up
her argument with the remark that he
had named claims for dogs and cats and
everybody else tie knew, and it was
time he named one after her. Soon tie
approached lier with papers, pen and
ink, wiih tbe staumeut that he had
found the mine of mines, and be was
happy to grant her wish, and that the
papers were ready to sign and be recorded. After singing thc papers she
glanced over the title and suggested
that there had been some mistake, that
this was not the claim he meant to have
her sign, whereupon he replied lhat It
certainly was. '-No, it Is not, tbis Is
uamed ihe Holy Terror." This brought
forth the good naiured leiort lhat "If
you are not a holy terror there nev<.r
was oue. "—-Western Mining Wot Id.
The HUtorr of Etiquette.
Etiquette Is a form of fashion mora
Important tbnn style In dress, for the
reason that the varying codes of manners have Influenced morals, something changing the cut of a coat cannot be im id to bavo done. When etiquette demtiuded thnt n gentleman accept a challenge or acknowledge himself a coward In the minds of bis fellow citizens, It encroached sharply
upon ethics. Now thnt it has gone out
of fashion to kill, gentlemen find small
difficulty In keeping the sixth commandment Tho less formal etiquette
becomes the less wanton talcing of life
there Is among those who consider
good breeding of consequence.
As tho civilized race now .stands either man or Woman can bu refined, regardless of shnpc of hut he or she
wears. This wus true lu any century,
but 200 years ago and buck of that
period a gentleman and lady could, according to approved etiquette, gobble
food with their hands from n common
dish set In the center of the dining table and filled with the entire fashionable bill of fnre prepared for tho occasion. Gratefully wc now acknowledge
such proceedings to bo "bnd form" and
In so doing pronounce ourselves two
centuries removed from the table manners of BWlflO and ono point away from
thnt brute, no mnller how similar to
him our turn of mind may remain In
some other respects.—National Magazine.
Salt Water Flah.
Tbe number of species of fishes It?-
Ing habitually In the salt waters of tbt
world can only be approximately estimated, probably about 10,000. Those
classed as "shore fishes" live, as a rule,
close to the surface nud near the land
nnd arc well known to thu suit watei
nngler In his outings ns the wenktlsb,
striped bass, klngflsh, etc. Of the shore
fishes there arc about 4,000 species.
The "pelagic fishes." or those which In*
habit tho upper waters of tbe seas, are
relatively few In number. The "deep
sen fishes," which live In depths varying from 200 to 2,000 fathoms, cannot
be even npproxlumtely estimated, at
new species ure being constantly dl*
lOY&red,—Jj'luld aud Stream,
totototo&'to''$   " MYSTODEU WITH HliATllli   <&•$-&•$-<$-$»$!
40 to:M>*>$.M^to.iH^mp<>'§tH>i O*: O.-O,
to* to
ft, to
tot to
Blank Books
A large invoice just received.
Everything in tlie way of stationery, the latest and best.
to ~ toOOf^W^^^^Wtototo^^toi^^WO " o
♦ *Wfofe*&&-*   IT MVS TII DUAL WITH Ill-AITII:   <£<£v><><5><><fc
Another Car
Of Furniture
To arrive this week.
This is the time of year when you
should begin preparations for summer
Examine your furniture and if it
needs mending send it to us. It will
receive prompt attention.
J. P. FINK, Secretary. Next Door to Postoifice.
Daily Dinner Demands
Finest "good all the way through,,
Parsnips, carrots, cabbage,   onions,
crisp celery.
REST BRANDS peas, beans, corn, to=
matoes, French peas, mushrooms,
California and French asparagus.
Imported sauces, pickles, oils and
olives, jams and jellies, Canadian Dairy,
Swiss and McLaran's cheese, oranges, ap=
pies, nuts, raisins.
You want the best.   We guarantee the quality.
Pancy and Staple Groceries fZ    *T-    D*T^rit70C
And Crockery VJ.   1.  IVW-Jniv*-5*
Just Arrived....
Car load Feed, Wheat, Oats, Bran, Chops
and Shorts. Quantity and price to suit
Our line of staples are always the
choicest and are only exceeded by the
great variety of them.
*? %
HiH & Co.TheBi^Stone j
We wish the people of Cranbrook .md South
E.tst Kootenay a Happy new year. Our Mr.
W. D. Hill is now in the eastern markets and
will make extensive purchases (or thc Big
Store. In the mean time come in and see our
bargains in Dry Goods and Clothing.
*->»»*T***»»***T* + **»*»»»»<l*#*»»*+**»->»V*»»»»»**'.*» + 'i«
The Oldest Established Hardware House
of South L-ast Kootenay
Cook Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and see our line.   Will make attractive prices lo clear.
♦ I »
» km*
» .3.-


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