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Cranbrook Herald May 17, 1900

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VOLUME   li.
CltAM'.liOOK,   r.lMTlKIl   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   MAY    IT.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Clio. A. Cox, Prraldeut, B, 15. Walker, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A (lcncral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
'Nothing Succeeds Like Success."
Our Millinery
Has been an unqualified success. Every week
we are adding to our stock the latest novelties.
It you have not already selected your spring
hat -all and sec us.       jt        j*        jt       j*
ss* ?*■ jr* Reid & Co.
I! Craob
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rail I ond niid depot,     IIns aceotiniiodii-
tions for the public  uuequalled  in Craubrook.
 Proprietor       ]
Special This Week in House Furnishing Goods:
Sheets Sheeting: Carpets
Comforters White Bed Spreads Table Linen
Pillow Slips Table Oil Cloth Colored Damask
Cir. Pillow Cotton Grey, White Cotton House Lining
Etc. Etc.
,...G. BREMNER & SON....
S. S  Monterey, Mch. 25. 1900,
Deor Herald:
I hove nol kept 11 diary since coming
ulionid ship, but I shall try lo give
>ou it short account ot our voyage to
As you know wl* left Halifax on .Saturday, March 17, hnvlng gone aboard
lhe evening before after n loug march
through thc streets of Halifax. Supper
and breakfast went o. k , mid the boys
enme up to Ilu* mark iu fine time, but it
war, 11 different tale at dinner time wben
old Neptune began to get in bis deadly
work, n_ nearly every olber place was
vacant, but tbey soou got over it. As
fnr myself I did uot miss a meal although I hnd to pay one visit to tbe iee
slile of tbe fcssel.
II in wonderful to see bow (juickly Ibe
boys bave become accustomed tu routine
of transport work, Tbe work is a grent
deal harder and more disagreeable than
most of them bargained for. The guards
go ou for 12 hour watches, and it takes
two companies to umunt guard. Uur
boys bad it for two nlghta in succession.
The guards bave to do all the stable
work, loo, iu addition lo Iheir regular
sentry go ; then there are numerous olher
fatigues tbat keep one going all the
time, I nm oue of the fortunate ones,
having been lucky enough to get on the
Burgeon's slaf, wbo is an old friend nnd
schoolmate of mine, and am consequcnt-
ly exempt from all paiadcs and fatigues.
The accommodations abroad this vessel are very limited and tbe men's living
quarters are veiy crowded and are getting dcucedly uncomfortable owing to
tbe beat now. The poor horses nre nol
faring very well, os we have lost on an
average of about six per day since we
sailed. Tbey seem to bave contracted a
kind nf pneumonia. Then tbis boat is
an awful roller. 1 think she rolled iu
Ibe stays before sbe was launched, and
Ibis continual motion keeps the poor
animals rubbing up against tbe front of
their stalls antl chafing tbtir shoulders,
March -fi Another lovely day. We
had onr lirst shower both this morning.
All tl-e regiment paraded naked and the
hose weie turned 011 ihetn, It is grent
fun watching tlum Tluee more horses
died lasl nifcht—oue transport and lwo
cay uses.
Two of our men are on the sick list
witb a kind of feverish cold—Arnold, of
Fernie, and Murray, of Craubrook; tlicir
teiiipeintuiei are veiy high. Three
oilier men of our troop bave been trans-
feited to No. 1 company, A. squadron
—Hart, of Kimberley, and Harry Thomas and Griffin, nf Cranbrook. Poor
liar I is iu trouble all the time, aud the
colonel asked the olher day if tbey cou'd
get no olher man iu ibe regiment to
bring 141 In lore bim. 1 forgot to tell
1 you before that lhe nun who are promo-
■raited to N. C, (- 'a in our company are
P The finest antt largest assort" U   Corporals A. H  Cree and Harry IIa-,6,
!-.' ment of shoes In East Koote- I «;^ »"•«»«■ ^J^^^
sliangers. Brothers atid J/igan liy mime.
Lieutenant Parker has been reduced to
■ the rank of senior sergeant of C. squad-
mu and Mi. While-Fraser Is ofllcer in
charge of our company,
We expect tp signal Cape Verde tonight oi lotnonow morning, but arc not
sure that we shall be able to send u(T
any mail tbeie, but I am gelling tbis
ready in case we should.
We have uol  beeu paid yet so will
;■ nasi Kooteaayi »ig wum ureter nou&e 31 have ,|i:iu" " llllle s,<":k comi,,8 lo "s
\*S\ i**    when we get tn Ihe I'npc—two nioutbs,
I you know. Up lo date tlie boat is making excellent time, and for the past tivi
or six clays we huve been running in i
! perfectly calm sen.
AiM iL ia,   I haye notnltempled to keep
a diary at all so have quit writing fot
some lime. This is our last night aboard
ship, as we expect lo reach Cape Town
lo mo I row noon. The loss of horses tins
beeu a great deal larger Ihau was anticipated, some 150 having died on (be way
We bad quite an excltiiig tune one
night.    About 8:30 o'clock the fire alarm
Ol all kll\ds.    Now is thc time   to   PAINT    YOUR   HOMES.       We   was sounded and we were all ordered up
Ion decks to man tbe boats ami be pre-
pared for any emergency, When we got
up we saw ibe cook-bouse galley in
flames, bnt luckily it was very easily extinguished, nllhought it gave us some
idea of what a fire at sea would be.
There have been several changes in
our company lately, Bob Shaw, Jack
Nesbilt, iiiyseli aud several others having become transferred to lhe regimental
staff attacked lo A. fquadron, We had
quite a lime crossing the line, and were
granted a half holiday for the occasion.
Quite a number of candidates wete initialed. I must close now, with best regards to all fiom all, aud hoping to find
some bur.dbs of Heralds awaiting ms In
Cape Town, I reuuiiu,
Yours truly,
VV. N. Clarke.
Gate Surgeon Lieut. C. II. Keenan,
Slratbcoiia's Horse, S. A.
The finest and largest assortment nf shoes in East Kootenay. ** .* .*
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay's Bi.» Mail Order House
. mm m.ui- ? ■:' •: •:? • a J! • ■■< iipsisdi oi bioee
W.N,Clarke Writes The Herald from
Soulh Africa.
The Mortality Among the Horses,
However, W.is Very
the house of John VV. Peel of Winnipeg'
was taken ill at th Craabrook last Friday and on Saturday removed to St. Eugene hospital, aud later to bis home at
Winnipeg.    Mr.  Fahey has been a long
e afflicted with serious kidney trcu
tiles, and many friends on the road will
regret bin illness.
jBke" Hotmail arrived from Winnipeg Saturday to take Mr. Fahey'a posi*
Pointers for the 1.adieu a* lo How to Prepare
.oath some Viands.
Lesson No. 2 in high-grade culinary
t will deal wilh the proper and most
Up-tO date method of fricasseelng an egg
First, lay your egg in a clean tin, or a
porcelain dish, which is better, as tbe
acids oozing after peeling are apt to corrode tn. tin and absorb large quantities
of tbat metal; people have beeu known
to acquire tin-plated stomachs iu thia
maunir, and from that fact arose the
vulgar saying of "rushing the growler"
when going for a drink if t—utterrailk.
Having laid your eggs in a porcelain
lish, proceed to peel tbem; having
peeled theru aa thinly as possible extract the seeds, for like grape and apple
seeds tbey wilt some times lodge in the
verified appendix—a troublesome insect
to tbe neat housekeeper.
Having peeled your eggs, extracted
tlte cores and seeds, beat tbem; don't
take a base-halt club or your fists; the
poker will do just as well and is more
convenient; it is also more effective as a
butter as many a woman knows many a
man has beeu beaten out of Ids cents by
the poker route; it will also beat tbe
scents out of an egg, if thoroughly administered.
Having bent your eggs thoroughly as
well as the grocer who let you have
them, don't get eggshuberaut because
you have thus far been successful, hut
proceed to boil tbem over a slow fire—a
coal or wood Are in small doses will answer just as well—until all extraneous
conglomerated compositions have been
atomized or minimized. When tbis has
been done your eggs will be ready to
serve decollete in individual soup-plates,
seasoned with celery, garrety or Rochelle
salts, as the taste and conditiou of the
system may demand.
District Surrounding Craabrook Is At
trading Attention.
Weil-Known Mining Expert Visits
the Weaver Creek
H. Iukster, M. ti,., a welt-known mining man of Rossland, waa In town a few
days thia week, and incidentally visited
Weaver creek district with J. S. Parker,
who is thoroughly acquainted with that
as well as many other But Kootenay
camps Hr. Iukster returned Tuesday
evening aud appeared to be very favorably impressed with that camp, but could
not express anything like a positive
opinion owing to having been unable to
make anything more tban a superficial
examination. He says the ledges are
mostly heavily capped with wash and
that all float pans free gold, and naturally originates somewhere In the vicinity. More than that he could not or
would not say.
Mr. Iukster will return toon and make
au extended trip through the St. Mary's
district, which, from what be has heard
of it, he thinks Is worthy of his attention, 	
A New Strike.
The Ellen, the property of "Tom"
Kennedy, formerly of Cranbrook, has
made a tine showing during assessment
work just completed by John Hamilton.
The Ellen is located on Palmer mountain,
la in the vicinity ofthe Belleville, owned
hy the Hamilton Brothers, and at the
surface shows about four inches of very ' cat—a cat evidently iu tbe pirlor afte
that region shortly. A charter has been
granted for a r-i way called tbe St.
Marys railway, and we believe tbe enterprise is backed by some of tbe greal
railway builders of the continent.
Mr. Johnson, the assayer, was lately
looking over the I'edro and pronounced
it a much more promising proposition
than he had expected to see. He believes that it is very likely to make a
The Kootenay St Algoma are letting
u contract for 31. feet more work in the
shaft to be com pit* lei I by thc first of
July on the property and it is probable
that tbe shipping ore taken oul will be
sacked and shipped as a test.
There Was ss Excltlag Time la the Cranbrook the Other Night.
Tommy Rookes has been feeling pretty
well much of the time since recovering
from the loss of his satin pants, and bad
smooth sailing right along until one
night last week. He was then telling
one of the latest uew stories in circulation among evangelists that trot in bis
class, when suddenly be cut short, held
up his finger aud said sh sh sb-sb to the
crowd, wbo immediately sh sh sh-ed ami
listened with bated breath to the sweet
warbling and twittering of a canary bird
in tbe up-stairs parlor.
After recovering from his surprise Tom
said: "Well, that's oue on me; I iho't
there was nothing human or inhuman or
otherwise ever got in or out of this
house without me knowing it; now, condemn me If some oue hasn't rushed a
canary bird right by without tue catching on. S-a-y; a 1-n t tbat sweet, boys?
It gives a fellow a kind of a homesick
feeling to bear a bird singing in the
house, don't hi Don't it warble sweetly?
Makes me think of the past, when I was
at home, young and innocent," and a
auspicious moisture arose like a fog-
bauk iu the northeast quarter section of
Tom's off eye.
The bird stopped singing, and Tom
sought to pick up the btoken thread of
his story, when there was heard the
fierce  caterwauling and  meowing of a
Six Feet of Solid Galena Ore Between Walls on
the Dean Property.
Julius Hurel brought down the news Tuesday afternoon that an enormous
strike had been made in the Dean on North Star hill.
The Dean and Mover belong to a syndicate organized by R. O. Jennings,
and are properties contiguous to the great North Star mine. A triangular fraction—
the Greenhorn—located by Al Jones, lies between the Dean, where the strike was
made, and the North Star.   This claim is now in litigation.
The ore body was encountered at a depth of about 60 feet through the iron
There is little doubt now that the North Star district will make one of the great
silver-lead camps of the world.
These great mines are 20 miles from Ganbrook and only reached by the
Cranbrook and North Star railroad, thus making this place the source of supplies and
E    distributing point for that great mineral district, and adding greatly to its present as
p    well as future prosperity, and also upbuilding the camp town, Kimberley.
Again, again, again, comes confirmations for the name, " Happy Gan-
1   brook."
Asccociation Formed in Cranbrook for
Fostering of Legitimate Sports.
Will Have a Grand Stand, Scats,
Booths and Modern Con-
It lifts been previously announced Iimt
the orgtinlintioil of an Hssocintion in
Cranhrook on the lines above mentioned
was probable, »ud the Hera!,I is happy
to now st.ie tbat ihe Cranbrook Ram,,:
anil Athletic associalion is a leality. nml
composed of some of ilie most soli,l and
reputable cili/ens of Soulh Hast Kooie-
The capital slock is f 10,000—3000
shares, at a par value of fc e.icli. Al
present :9.x, shires have been subscribed
an.l !>oo more will I* offered. Temporary organiulion was effected Tuesday
evening and provisional directors appointed as lollous: Messrs. Mclnnes, B.
A. Walts. V. Hyde Haker. Q. II. Miners
Archie I.eitcll aud James Ryan, who represent f :,_kj cash paid in.
As soon as Ihe balance of the slock is
sued, work will be comuiencfd on the
beautilul grounds on Ihe bettcb inst west
of Ibe depot, Fences will be built, seats
erected, booths constructed, band slan.l
made, etc. A great and useful feature
will be the bringing of pore spring water
on the grounds from a hill come disiance
Another especially attractive feature
connected with lhe organization of this
association will be tbe exemption of the
citizens of Cranbrook from assessments
for the celebration of Dominion Day, as
the organization wid assume all the responsibility connected therewith.
The usefulness of these grounds will
be apparent at first thought, and tlle
only thing now lacking lor the accommodation of public speakers ami va-iotts
entertainments is a hall where the auditor needs not an umbrella in rainy
Al Aulysls ol the Voter's List io Soulh East
Through the courtesy of Government
Agent J. F. Armslroug the Herald ia
enabled to present to ;ts readers an analysis of the voters list In South Fast
Kootenay. No comment is necessary—
lhe figures speak for themselves:
Ferale lad Coal Creek          462
Craobrook. 3*5. pans adjacent    ... II    416
Fen Steele. '15. pans ad|aeeot 21   336
Moyie. 172, pans adjacent     15   187
Mktfl, Spa—roodoodCrow's Nest. il
Klrabcrley. 32. parts adjacent 7    39
Wardoer. 26. pans adjacent 0     26
Empire. 4. pans adjacent     II     18
Wasa. 14. pans adjacent      2     16
Elko, 10. pans adjacent          4     14
Tobacco, 7, pans adjacent        7
Tracy, 6, pans adjacent       6
Total   81   1611
Q. H. Miner
The Pioneer
Just Received .1
Carload of Windows and Cedar Doors
have thc paint to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyie
The Herald job Printing
Taken lo the Hospital.
Fred Pulley, one of Ibeoldest com mer <
Visited Happy Cranbrook Thla Week la Their
Special Cars.
I, ist Sunday Vice President D. McNic-
oll und Qou'l Supt. Ohorne, accompanied
by Mr. Hammond, a companion, visited
Cranbiook in their special cuts on a trip
ni inspection.
They were highly pleased with what
they snw ami learned or Cranhrook during their stay, and beneficial results
linm their visit will mum futlow.
Railway oflieials never talk much for
publication, but enough was said to justify the Herald tu asserting that Cran
brook will reap largely Increased benefits fiom the C P. R. in the near future
in the way of increased payrolls as well
as from other sources.
Supt. Cameron accompanied the parly
At Kimberley.
Owing to the great showing being
made by the development of mines adjacent to Kimberley, thut town la receiving a new impetus and promises to become one of the ''warmest" little places
in South Eaat Kootenay..
Charles F.stmere has started a new
building and will push it to a rapid completion.
Finch & Joues, the welt-known lumber manufacturers, have commenced
work on a new two-story building, 24x26
feet, which will he divided into two
stores, one of tbem to be occupied by
flour and feed establishment.
Work on the townsite in tbe way of
dealing, etc., is rapidly progressing.
Archie Chudwick, a well-known .and
popular gentleman, has undertaken tbe
operation of assisting "mine host" Hurel
at the Kimberley hotel. Tbey will make
a great tcatiK .
nice galena ore, apparently carrying
gold aa well. Hope it will come to four
feet, Tom.
Dlimoa. Drill Disable-..
Work on tbe Mastodon with tbe diamond drill haa been discontinued owing
to a number of points having been
broken, and Ihe ball-bearinga- having
dually been lost in the seams of tbe
ledge, which haa been conaiderahly
broken. The probabilities are that tbe
work with the drill will not he resumed
at least for some months, and may not
be at all by the present contractor*. So
far as tbe Herald reporter learned no
material change in the character of the
ore had taken place in the 40 or 50 feet
penetrated, Thc ledge being about 100
feet wide, much depth and cross-cutting
wi uld be necessary to determine any
thing aa ta the value of tbe property.
John Hamilton brought into town some
laya ago some of tbe richest looking
gal-na ore to be found in the diatiict.
It was from a new surface find just above
the shaft, at Palmer mountain, and if
It can be struck lu the tunnel the Belleville will be one ot the great mince of
British Columbia.
Tbe water iu Kootenay lake ia-still ris-
cial tourists of this section, (representing 1 i»g.
Pay Sell.
The work now going on at the Pay
Roll mine haa exposed au ore body
which is likely to make the property
once more the favorite in tbe local share
market. Tbe drift on the ledge la being
driven on an incline on the ore chute
and the best of the ore is being sacked aa
it cornea out.
St. Nary* *>*"•
The activity <« the npper Si. Mary*
co-try taa*JM»m ami H is avUteM tlwt
there will be a taifc inttum of wiiwfft to
that bird, Tom gave one leap, landing
In the porter's office, and securing a
broom went up those stairs two and
three at a time, prayerfully exclaiming,
'The Lord help that cat if it gets that
poor little bird!" and in tbe next breath
yelling s-k s-k sc-a-a-t!" Quiet reigned
supreme for a moment; it seems that
Tom found neither cat or bird, and he
wandered about looking for them in
every conceivable place, softly calling
"Kitty, kitty; come kitty, come and I'll
get you a big tin of milk; come, kitty;
c-o-o-o-rue kitty — blaukety bbmketj
blank the blankety blanked cat anyway,
where la Itl"
Tom gave up in despair and came dowu
to the office. " Don't see how that cat
got In and out again—couldn't see either
cat or bird; beata me—did it sneak dowu
while I waa up there?" " Meow! meow!
m-e-o-w-t wr-r r-a-a! f-i z z-t! f-i-z l t"
came a yowling and jowling ftom under
Tom's feet, and the bald spot on hts
head turned red, white and blue while
bis hair began to stand on end like tbe
quills on tbe back of tbe fretful porcupine. " Why, ita uuder the house," aud
he jumped up and down on the floor to
scare it out, only to be greeted hy catcalls from the wash-room, card-rooms,
and every other place from whence a
sound might emanate.
Tom can " tumble" as quick as any
one, and wben he tumbles it is with a
rush. This time It was a brick house
rase; he looked up and saw a quiet-ip-
pearlng man, tbe corners of whose
mouth were suspiciously twitching, aud
eyes snapping with suppressed merri
ment. Tbe man wearing these peculisr-
ities at that moment was J. F. Porter, a
"Knigbt of the Grip," and a ventrilo
quiat of no mean degree.
Now, wben you meet Tom, don't say
" scat!" or "canary bird" to bim, for if
you do he'll don that air of injured ln-
aoceuce tbat he always carries in his
vest pocket t" use in case of in emtr
■eftry, and '
Aa Astonished Traveling Man Who Was a
Recent Visitor.
About llie lime Cranbrook was first
platted as a townsile. and tie tore any
buildings hai been erected, ,*jr,ke" llul-
man, dropped in one day, and met Col.
The colonel was already enthusiastic
as to tbe new Cranbrook, Bbowed Mr.
Holnian tbe blue prints of the " future
great," and expatiated upon what whs
being and would be done to build up a
thriving town. Jake, in his capacity afl
a traveling salesman had run up against
many propositions of that kind, and
while he listened with tbe utmost respect
•0 the colonel, lie was at the same time
doing the "guffaw" act " up bis sleeve."
A lew daya ago Jake dropped into
town again on business for tbe lirst time
since he was on the bare iittle prairie
where Cranbrook now stands, ami be
was dumbfounded. He walkt-d around
town with a local acquaintance, and now
,nd then WOUld stop, lc;ok around, and
exclaim-*" Well, it beats anything I
ever saw."
Mr. llolman lias since departed, but it
is safe to say that Craubrook will have a
new advertiser thro igho it the land.
At tbe St. Eugene.
Moyie Leader: Siice the sUrtig Up
of the St. Kugene concentrator 45 c; r-
loads, or over lOCO tons of concentrates
have heen shipped to tbe smelter. The
mill is running steadily, and will continue to do so from now on.
lu order that there will be an ample
supply of water for tbe concentrator a
flum- is to be built from Bridge creek,
which empties into the Moyie river at
tbe foot of Moyie lake.
Co-iligaa at Moyie.
The opp< s tion candidate, J. R. Costigan, addressed the voters of Moyie
Monday night. An unprejudiced listener tells the Herald that he had a targe
audience, who were quite chilly at first
but before the end of the meeting weie
attentive and appreciative listeners, ac-
"le-Tyou tbalTt'iei) a'bfe-sed cording him much applause, and appai-
I t-ntly coming his way. ("
J««N HUTCHISON, Not,,, Public I 9*~-~a
JAcVittte & Hutchison
, , -   raid
II   ■        U ""
i   : ory
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
•••-•■••'  *s  jes, Mbiing Stock, Real "Estate
the D-WBOl tl" ■
It to I      -■     '•
\ o. F. I   ck
Mines find LaaJs Surveyed
fire, Liic and Accident Insurance ■ t
Money to Loan I
Cranbrook, tt. C<
-SON.    ill   CURTIS.
s Kihberley Hotel
| Wellman & Ilurel, Proprietors.
Port Steele, n C.
A report of this man's meeting |H( L   -urflni|M £. &
nil: be found uu anotl i utf-*     -■  .-■ ■"*■-,
lints the  He' dd will rj    . pti    l;   ">
with hi) pei ■-   al   j
.Mr.  Cnili-4, afiei   v.   ■: .     * ; •*. v  ll
to he the mo L . ■ _ ■■   l *, i: -..,
geneially hid appeon
upon tli   ;■:.....:.        that tiin    mil
it ie b ife i ■ ■'. u ■   ■;
votes.    Mr. I '.  i   ■. ■ -.  -
vote  winner before rul   udi   it
than te Mr. Mftrtln     He is |      issed
tact, an n\ pan -■ ■ ' '    ,,; htimni
nature ' *t ;  i.. ■ li ti  .'j
pea! 10 Utuliti I - In v tl ll ;   Ll ii
ami then   il'.*.*,
Cuttii . -x-,-   ii il   nl -:'.-.: an
uite   poluiiin       His siti-.t \
tuadi  wit I       ■   air i        c r ty that <
tun. ...'.*,;.;■.. ■.'.;..•:■'■■
hai d hi ■. to t I -,
to btra  I        Ir   A.   1      .'-' trd    :■ . "     i.
the .      nn of Craiil The ]
!r in) ' *:• .:i    :*.....*.   : .   ,
meni ■ i etc i    Q'     I thai
he,- , ;■      '.    .i.
'lhc 11< n   :■ mill ■-      '     ;iu ( ,ai
•=z-~".-r-alj    New Ui(iiding, New  Furniture, and Every-    I
DO NOT DECIDE |{   p&fi-8t"class' 0ur object ia t0 please °"r   Ia
tki letting vt-ur coqtract
Until yuu bftVC Hevt
"\ iv upatnfrs," waa
ili«i   ■.,
I'l i irtglngly win ii sum-
*    ■    Aunt.;
i   : i .h.-l,*-.*.;.-it m-'.-r will
■ » moth' ri amoand lucked
u_ 111 IM   lltljlltl
Intel - ventngi worn botor-a
1 rouutlna there and ■i>ui-
Open Day and Night
.Table Board $5.00 per week
I?-* **-«...
first'tlnss cook has charge of lie cul'nnry department and the
i   Imlyinr accommodations ate not excelled in Cranbrook.
i J  	
frl ...    I
l u
il K
, ,
isition      i,-i,i -.ii* be
Uiz.lia  ul Canlirook   i
1 In
tea Ibe third candidal'
liul-l   the  op-joillion, 1
il (il
uu il has tended lo fi
OUlCl'lllL- will hv.
There wai alorgei crowd oul last Friday night to listen to the returns from
tbe Jeffries Corbett prize-fight, thai
hove been in attendance ot nny political
meeting this year. Drawn hau greatei
attractions than brnius,
-Minnie   Lcona   U
!. -:*"i*_.
, ;    huroll and atul'-*,
ih :■ aat, wuii needles
ud old (■!»■.■!: to count
iliey paused;
llashCH fell upon ht*r
. j;. light—the ou*wurd
omenta run tin brands
I hla well-worn coat,
ii * ugh the hall:
■ iho Bible worn, and
Dm Sacred  Word,  to
ill.  with him wu knelt,
muy roso up to   the
i trolte of nino made
,.    nnd   mothor   said.
vopper-toes" tho ahln-
i i" in tumbled lieapa
the Iloor,
ir trailing gowns, we
■'. ivlK'ie.'we madabe-
:: < i-oakc'd wlih i-ulil-
imn  lil'anlteis   close
,.i ctoauly cropped:
:   il,  Rtill  as mloo, fur
- r- -nl:
■ that aho would come
t bed.
idur "knack" for mnk-
vlng pat, and wt* were,
k ilu* rattling -'ash ami
Lree-a toll,
iin* pane—to ua lt mat-
to go lo Bleep and Iobc
i i- came upmitirs and
itoii,   in  Good  House-
I East Kootenay
I 3 Hotel 3
Hugh Cameron »
I'roprlctir-r   :::   ;::      .>
This Itolel has heen refitted nud refurnished.    The table
la the best,    Satisfactory rales given regular boarders.
IjltO nl   liil'nlltn
is Baker Street      ..       .-. v..<....»uu», _.. ^    *
Cranbrook, B. C
Contractor»»« Builder
Those , telii'i'iilti'i* IihIIiIIiik will tio well to let
in,- IlKiiroon tbo eoiilracls.
Crnnbrook, l'riti-li Columbia
When you can get
fo the Electors
Oi the South East Kuotenay Electoral |pn
irrespective of local or political
V   '
from I
suffrage i
n represe
nif. in :
■i tor South E'tst K
'ititdal 1 *■ ' iluti ,
al for your sup]   rl   ■
.-„ I-,   !!:*;   prea i
;     Lfumi     onti
uy j     I  : Ul I!I on ing ll
talll I    .*. :-■!;■■   ] ll      itl tit
iii ipn but righl ■■■ iii
i pportui it] . ,,i
for in   U| on   lb ■     ,*.,;
I ,   ol   i..-   boUl       .*;:■
he l\-i Insion of federal patty lines
triiish Columbia politics until the
dbility t*l stable govcrnutent upon
i liisii hua been clearly demon*
! '.-I both federal parlies,
he encourageuieut aud develop-
ii forming, dairying, stock-raising,
lil-groiving in the agricultural dis-
Ije cstabliobment of n llurenu of
and Mining Stilistics, under the
I ol a ci tnpetent official exercis-
■ fundi ma ul au arbitrator in the
lent ul is-in.**- ami disputes iiiutau-
■li ■ peace, progress and couiuier-
tei esta of the coinmuultj; thus
g, is l.r at possible, the delay,
ince and   expense of  piotracted
A pure, delicious
Geo. Bremner & Son
Arc yon going lo build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared tn furnish plans
ond specifications for nil kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
,*    „*    B. C.
: I '*\ II
i. Th.
levelupment of .ill the
S   id   •,',.-■    I ** H I     :    I
lllll   I)    ill   pi ip -it: III   I      ■■ i    llll
revenue, but, it nee-}    . /, bj   pledgi
the credit ol   tli • provim i  Lo that eud,
and ui t :■;• li   i losing the bui leu ol I ix
atimi, aa -'*;■.'*. iti d by Mr, Martin.
2, ,\ yovi '   • I iih ol explor il ion
ot tlu- uatural ;i ■■•■■ ■■■ •■! the pn vi
with a view "I us :ei luiulng thelt locality
and extern, and Ihe publication oi t-.:.
periodical report* ol mch exploration,
witli maps showing troll, railway, mid
water roulea I r Lhe Information and
guidon e i i pn ■;-.•■ li * .*. tl publh get -
.i. A generous pi Hey of cueouroge-
ment oud Bssisl nice La railway c malruc*
ti'-n     througho it     the    province     bj
; i  Greater expedition in the Issue ol
,   -.ri gi ii I.*., and prompt dep irtuiental
ul ol disptiled clnliHs.
ti. The exclusion ■■! MuiigollRti labor
:n :.i competllioii with white labor with
■ i*   provim ■■   bj   all coust.tutiounl
un n •, ri'tuettibetiug always that we nre
l    i ol b great empire whose sovereign
cntltl   l  t-i our loyal support in the
might]  >.k  of  Uii' empire's govern*
.. The district of Smith Kast Koole
being essentially u mining district,
eight hour law is nalurally a subject
fit al Importance to ns. I have given
Bijue Hou :i great deal of careful and
iscieiilioiis consideration, and I am
ivluced that justice and the best In-
.*,-!'* uf llie country demand that wilh
,   , ,, , - ,-_,erence to Ihip law it must be a enseof
cash subsidy, surrounded £by mch ,.J1ANDS 0FF." If elected, I shall
careful legislation .ih will etTectual ; g(renu0UI,j. oppose „11V aU(,lipl l(J inU.r.
ly safeguard tlu- interests of the people. f__e wUh Uj_ |aw „ it now lliIldl (eX.
The necessity for railway development p'Lrba|11,. m far a9 to exempt from
throughout the province is apparent lo lta til>umtio» a prospector personall-y tio-
all; but under the present conditions aud , ^KsaIlienl wwk 011 ,lfa owt1 d;innH ,
limited revenue of tbe proviuce I dec ine Lul[] |uch tim_ ,„ milll,.0W1u,rg !1|Kl
ilure by a resolution of their
associations, for a change in
It sin li united appeal be not
:*, so t'.-ir   i- my vote and In*
i prevutit it, no change will be
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props,
We have just moved iuto our new bakery on Hanson avenue- and wilh the
largest and must modern brick oven In
Kast Kootenay are now prepared better
thuu ever before to turn out first class
work.   A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and hied Cakes
Uaked ftcsli every night.
Orders far Wedding and other Fancy Cakes
will receive |iriuupl attuntlun.
ial eov
more to nay up
from the publi
4. Theeslab
of a technical
5. Amendmi
particularly wi
ti-ni of mini ■
and wllb refer
MS f,
Cliou,  operation j  '.'.
" shall have L
ittnnl question  .,
■ 1
and tn ilnteuanc-t
he mining  acta
i i-i-lo tlio Inspcc
ii   ■.•reatcr safety:
n- ,(*.*   nent work,
il the obvjatfon,
necessity of lit*
bin by and for the | e plo of llrftish C
lunibinj atul lln* fair, nnpiili.,1 tli*. 1 h<.>
ovn ile   odmli : troll m   i
woilii   Olid   Otbet   pub i
If honored wilh lhc i-oufidcnce of the
electors of South luist Kootenay on the
9th of June, next, I ahull faithfully endeavor to discharge my duties as repre-
•en(alive of lhe dislrii t honestly and impartially, and unbiased by local ■prcju-
dia'S or political oi sectional affiliations,
and : eg to remain,
Your obedient servant,
a of the' Cranbiook, H t.' , la'h May, 191"
j. 11. KING
Physician and Surgeon.
OKI-ill;-Kiiiuu.oi |{  m.ncK,
CRANUROOK,    ::::::    ll. C.
W,  II.  IIUSI, M.   IV.  lllllll'IIMIIII
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk nf I'm erco nl,lg. UllANBItOOl'
...MISS M. ncCALLUn...
(imiluiilb* of Mt. Sinai Hospital, Nnw Vork
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
I ¥
l i
K   In Reaily-rtaile Clothing and Men's Furnish- %
-£f  hiRs.   A full line of Tweeds and Suitings Car- %
rit-d.   Workmanship and Pit Guaranteed,   At 5P
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Four lots north ofthe Methodist church.
Wholesale and retail dealers
In all Muds of   ...   .
T. A. Creighton, j
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything-,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay theis.
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
j fart-tillers called lor nml promptly delivered.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Undertaking And
Cranbrook, B. C.
Graduate of Champion college of U.  S.
Successor to Magps & Hughes in this
line.   Will attend lo any work ill the
Promptly Attended to.
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge io Kootenay.
Best L.iundryma-11 found.
AH QU. J, Chinese Agent
Livery 3
Proprietors Jt j* jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams untl drivers fitrnlahctl for any
point in thc district.
Manager   „«t   „•*
W. P. QU^D, B. C. L.
■ Barrir ter, Solicitor, Etc.
:       British Columbia
Apply al McViltie & Hulclilson's
Or it J. Hutchison's Residence
Saddle and-.**
Pack Horses
....ror Suit* ur Kent
Alex. n,. Watson...
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Con*
veyonccr      :;      ;:      ::      ::
Accounts Made Up.
Ollice -over Heattie's Drugstore
AmiBtrotiR five*, Opp. McConnell'S Store
G. Johnson....
W Assayer and
* Metalur&dst
Cranbrook, B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct BCrvtco from
To all points
East and West.
l-lrat-CliJHH Slccpcm on all Trains
Tourist Cars puss Medicine Hat, daily for
St, Paul, Sundays nud Wednesdays
for Toronto,  Fridays for Montreal
and Iloston.
hv 9:10 11 in Cruntirook hv 13:01 p in
Connection in-weekly at Mcl.eod fur
Cr.g-.ry and Edmonton, and daily at
Medicine Hat for all points Bast. Connection daily nt Kootenay Landing for
all points in Went Kootenny, Slocan and
Boundary Districts, and for Pacific Const
and Main Line-points via Revelstoke.
Through Tickets Issued and Baggage Checked to Destination.
For rates nnd full infoimatton address
nearest local agent, or
F, M. MEDHURST, Agt., Cranbrook
w, f. Anderson, t.I'.a., Nelson, B. c.
a K, .1. Coyle, A.O.I'.A., Vancouver, u. U.
Refitted Throughout
VanDecar & Son, Props,
Craubrook, R. C.
One of the Must Comfortable
Hotels in Hast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail....
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook  j
Lumber Co.        j
Saw and Planing
I :::AT I
% —AM.   KINKS   OF— *
I Rough and |
Dressed Lumber, i
Dimension Lumber, I
Shingles and |
riouldings. I
Fort  Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
Fonr  rlinruclt-riKtli-s  of Individuals
-.Vliu Attain LonitevltT.
Long life Is uot un accldeut. It is uut
•Veil ;::,  inln-liluuee.  (01' lhe iuheritOUCO
of physical vitality sufficient to uiuke u
oeutenarinn may lie dlsslunted uwuy iu
'20 years uf riotous living, 'lhe scion of
u long lived nice inuy die early las he
ofleu lias died) of dchillty or wasting ills-
onso induced hy ilnhygtouli.' Ilvlug. I In the
other hand, a small Block of vital force
liusbnndod carefully may oflni ui-oloiig
life to a healthy ami ellieieut uld ngo.
A orchil oxaiilllllltlon will show that
certain |diysicnl characteristics are usual
ly nssoclalctl   with   lougovlly.    l-orlians
the IK
his ,
hundred   i.i
wllli I
K|lllli-   ll
lhe in ,
llle  II
.,i,.[.l ,l. an,
food  fur III,
artcrlstltM ,,f ilu
ie. less cvlil,	
', hut enually im
i, ly
I'll I
nl |10
nil breath-
id i
he   IllligS,      M, n,,i
qitlclude is esseiitlnl to proper hrentliliiB.
The excited mini, llle c'll.itlunul iwlirlil-
nnl. win. snfTucntos with joy. palpitates
with eiitlutslniim, chokes 'with rage,
Kns;is wiih astonishment, sighs frum the
Intensity of his ntlnchnicuts—tho emotional Individual l.y every lucqunllty in
his rcqilrnlloii nbbrevlntcs his life.
Another physical characlcrlstlc uf luu-
govlty, must Important uf all ami seldom ur never noticed,'is ense nml repose
of movement.   The old person-the hale,
vigorous, I Iihy ,,1,1 man—moves easilv,
llglltly, silently. He has always moved
that way. That's the reason he is here
now instead of with ihe others who.
will, llielr gasps and si»hs. their clinched
broiva ami twirling thumbs, their intense
emotions and little complaints, are gone
nnd forgotten. Iilase of movement and
grace depend upou muscular relaxation.
Sins,-iiliu- relnxntinu is Impossible except
when ilu- mind Is tranquil.
A fnurth peculiarity „f those who live
long ts that they are Invariably sniiill
eaters. Unrillillids die youug. The octogenarian is always frugal. The enormous   physiological   lash   uf   digesting
nnd excreting daily pounds of food nut
needed by the organism is not performed
by the frugal eater, uud so he has the
more vitality lu expend In thought, iu
working nnd in living nut his century.
We live uul si, mueh because of what we
cat as because uf whut we dn nut eat.
Much has been written un the subject of
longevity, bin little lhat today possesses
any beyond a merely literary Interest. .
The lull e uf occupation, nr climate.
ot stimulants, nf locution, of nice nud
breeding iq -u longevity opens interesting
holds fm discussion, but affects the matter mil) indirectly.
T„ rcrnpltuluto! The four lending rluir-
actcrlstlcs uf the individual whn nltuins
lonserli; on* large Ihoias. deep. fnll.
slow breiilhiu;, mnseulur relaxation nud
frugal habits regarding diet. - llcnlih
wall iu
to n
the j
I'ti-sl (,,„,■!,, s In  I.,1,1,1,,il.
uf Kllznbellf:
le wiihuiit si:
„l Imi
in, Ih
China, nnd some
tlie iingnn lem
ilbals  worslitpcd
nh these doubts
within   tin-
,-. i-lsoil  which mnde ||
i I      - h   ivi.is wldcli
 Ilrl Bndtnu
,     i ,!  .1, and Ihlck
:   il, v. lu.li furnished
i . -in,  one iiln, wished
- ulnn.   It is ,liili,-iili
Ism,Inn ivllhoul either
I'.- hop ni Loudon in
l.nel.   In   liiulliii,   111,,,-..
Bomelliliig like :.'.""' years ago uu In-
dlna. wlillo clllnldng up the Bleep slope of
a bill in innMiit ut an antelope, sui/,-,1 a
hush t„ help himself np. Tin- pliiul gave
way, and the Indian fell backward, hill
by a desperate cffurl saved himself and.
(lllllllg I'niunhl. nnl tlle end uf Ills 	
ou the sharp polnl ol a projecting rock,
Tin, Indian Innkcd rnefnlly nl the polnl
of ll 1,  lluil   hud dune lhe damage
nud. t„ his surprise, saw thai  it wss
III I ,- Ml-,!.    Tills is hOW the lu
ihouh sliver mines uf /iieiileuas. Mexico,
nn, said in Imve been discovered.
Another rich Mexican mine owoi lu
discover! tu a rahhll, Au Inillnn and his
dug chased a rabbit Into his hole, The
Indian wanted the rabbit su badly Hint
lie gol n spnilo ami huunn lu dig the Utile
beast nm. Suddenly he mado Hie stni*
tllng discovery that he was Bhorellng nl-
must solid sliver. DoubtleH the rabbit
Heaped  nt least It is tn be hoped ii did
—lull its memory bus been preserved In
tho mime nf llle initio,  which. Il'illlsliiled
lulu ICngllsh, ineiins the rabbit's den.—■
Philadelphia Times.
MclniMtil Teitlmoiir.
Th? Oni'st-Nii't your llltto boy ratlier
nervous. Mi**. HlimuV
Mn, Wmm-No, I ihlnk not.
liltile ltoy—Yes, I mn. mn; whon people wlm runic here stny ino lonfr, it mnkei
me wrlgglo niiimiil uml kick my clmlr,--
Olilcnso Hucord.
Tin- rue tor}- Kind.
Itiuil'i'i-'** Hoy —Do buss thumped de
typewriter himself iii* mornln,
Broker's Boy—An yer stood by nn let
li■ in thump do poor glrll Where'a yer
ui,ulii>i*tis?—Ni**-" V'"lf Wnrl'1.
are some pills whioh Imvo no other pur-
fio&o uviihintly tlmn to beget painful in-
iTiml (lUturnnuoufl lu tbo put h-nt-, udding
to liis iriiiible-H and perplexities rather
thau diinliilhliiiiK thom. Uno might at
well swallow sume oorroalvo material.
Partuuleti's Voi/o tablo Pills have not thli
disagrueiiblo and injurious pro|K*rty.
Thoy are easy to tuke, are not unpleatmnt
to the tahie, and thoir action ia mild and
soothing. A trial ot thom will prove thli.
Thoy otter poaoo to thu dyipeptlo.
Straw ia better than bny in the nest
Tn thrive well the hen must have kuihu
bulky food.
Tin- swift ot feeding is to avoid getting
the hens too fnt.
One-half    the    trouble    with    poultry
eomes from lack of bard, sharp grit-
It will be hind to get a cross tlmt will
lay at un earlier ugo thnn some of the
pm-e breeds.
It is ii good plan In winter to empty
llie drinking vessels us sunn as the t'uwls
have satisfied their thirst.
liens  that  ure  kept  constantly   Qlllel
nnd tame will make better mothers thuu
tbo wild, uncontrollable ones.
New blond in poultry is tho bnsis nt
b.iiuty, vigor and prollllcness. It is more
i-initial to poultry culture ihnn nuvtliiiig
Ten good hens uml n rooster will eon
Btltllto u very good brooding pen. lie sure
lhat lhey are lhe very best [owls on Ihu
Wiih fancy poultry, to male properly,
ono Bhould  be able In 8C0r« a  bird  and
kuow just whni points nro most liable tu
uiU a prise.-St. Louis lb-public.
The Bulton ot Ungbnt (Sumatra) has
nnleii'il au nutoutobllfl voitnielte in I'm ih.
Tho e-f-.ur bus presented u new yuelil In
IVIllCO (Jrnrge nl' (lieeee, who hiiveil  llll
lifo iu Japan some years ago,
iHmpUrOl' William hns interested himself in u project tn give Berlin a Wagner
theater, in whieh the works of ibis muster nnd other serious operas will be pro*
It ia now settled tliat the (.erinaii emperor and empress will pny h visit to
Hume iii tho spring nml that they will
tako (he opportunity, while in Italy, nt
visiting the QUOCU nf lOugland ut ltonlig-
hern, wllOl'fl thelt) is likely tn Le u large
family meeting.
Authiirs prcsontllg copies of their
works to -Queen Victoria osunlly ban*
them luxuriously bound, but according
to a communication received by a Scottish publisher from SU* Arthur Blgge,
the queen prefers to receive books in the
binding in which they nro published.
Cecil Rhodes waa relieved. Tbe relief
of Kimberley was un incident.— Detroit
free Press.
About the worst thing tbnt has befallen
Englund iu tbe Transvaal war is the rescue of Cecil Hhodus.—Topeka Journal.
In ense theru is a slump in tbe diamond
business Cecil Rhodes might find employment iu the museums ns the "$10,000,-
UOO prize beauty.—Washington Tost.
If Cecil Rhodes didn't tnko General
French Iuto that diamond vault and tell
him to dip in und help himself to u huml
ful of carats, he is an ungrateful man.■■■
Cleveland Plain Denier.
Cecil Rhodes took ndvnntnge of thc resumption of Iravel from Kimberley south'
wnnl tn depart for Cape Town. V. S.—
Cape Town is the furthest point In Smith
Africa from the sent of war.—Syrueu.se
Do not neglect a cold. You ennnnl be
told tins too ofteu. Colds are easily cured
if treated ut once, but negluctod tbey
may mean pneumonia or consumption.
Try this simple remedy fm* asthma:
Extract the juice of eight lemons and
mix it carefully with one ounce of honey
nnd one ounce of cod liver oil. Take ft
tahlespoonful of the mixture when the
cough conies on.
A bruise should be Imniedintely bathed
with very hot water to prevent swelling
uud lessen discoloration. If the bruise
be serious, n cloth wrung from wnnn oil
Bhould bo applied, changing when cold,
After bathing n bruise with very hot
water always snienr it lightly with seine
Hoolhing cream or ointment.
An Iowa concern is mnking farm wag
ons wholly of steel.
Pennsylvania factory inspectors report
2.22S accidents Inst year, three-fourths ot
which were due to carelessness.
lu Virginia n company has been formed
to make artificial marble of milk nt lime,
Ball and innrshmnlloW root, together wilh
The  annual  report of  the   New   York
state board of mediation nnd arbitration
shms  that   tbeie  were  455 strikes   lasl
yeai compared with 271 th,* year be.ore
IliUlmii Mnila for ilteO-coail-nii,
Driver Janies Hockley, of the B8th
i.niieiv RovtU Artillery, ii) n letter,
tinted Orwifo River,   18th  December,
siy..: "Ob, the sights wo huvo mm
i-iine we enme hero! Tlm other tiny
wo Ins' 100 men, killed ami wounded,
in Spriug-Outoin. ll nearly makes vnu
cry to soo the yronuded being carried
about. ROine shot iu tbo legs nnd
others iu tbo stomach-—well, in fuel,
nil over thom. It look us three dins
to come from Cnpe Town tin tn De
Aar, and we Imd no sleep for throe
nights . . nn.l no food worth speaking nf, fm* we only bad hard  bUooits
ii i-i bully 1 f. nml lhey nn.   mu   tlio
same   biscuits   uml   beef   ynu    gel    itl
civilian lifo, for they an- made by the
mil it nr.v people purposely lor this
occasion.     Whnt over    ynu   do don'l
wm i \ nbnut nm . . . for wo Imvo
gut (nu good n hold of our guns; umi.
another tiling, the Boor* are terribly
oft-aid of the artillery, for ai'tor Ibo'v
have tiwtotl a few nf the shells (boy
acattor in all directions,"
Hoar* Plghl wuii Cnnti on.
lie. Sooltor, nf tho HOtli King's
Hoynl Itiflos, who has been iuvnlided
botno from Ladysmitb, bus been do-
lulling some of his experiences, lie
wns wounded on tho 80th October iu
ibe bend whilst a piece of shell -lodged iu his loft wrist. At Lombard*!
Kop iho states tliat Gen, White hnd
S.(HH) mon, but the euomy'B soonts
woro exceed in nly alert and informed
(ho Boors of flie udvnneing column.
"Only the State Artillory nnd Krn-
ger's Bodyguard aro iu uniform, tho
rest being dressed like workingmon.
Thoy always light with their coati
off nud sleeves up above the arm."
A It on mi llie Unit I_m.
"When Buller Is doing nothing else,
he cnu work up a little lliuiiiciiil niuuso-
"Ily cashing his checks on the bunks
of iho Tugela."-Cleveland I'latu Dealer.
■linl   Meier,
Mrs. Bon Evh-nt—Vou dou't mean to
lell ine you woro ever n poet?
Harvard liashen—Yes, klud lady,
unfortunately I wns, Dat wuz where
me foot first wont astray,—I'hiludel-
phln Press.
These Bits of Bunting Art- &lo<iuent
Reminder, ur our EBarlj Naval
Vtctortei Prom the 'liim* -»i tha
Revolution Down iu 1814,
There is au interesting historical collection iu th-. library or congress. It consists of remnants of thus whieh wero
il iv. n from the vessels thai aio fauious in
the history of (ho country. This collection was found among the possessions,
which included nil sorts old literary oddities and a valuable collection of autographs, left by ilu- bur L'eter Puree, a native of New Jersey, whose father was a
veteran of the Uevotullou. Force held
ninny military nml civil offices in \Yn--h-
lugtuil.   lie died (hen* in lStiS.
The bits of Bags have been carefully
preserved in ii largo nlbui.i between
brown paper loaves, each leal bearing tho
record  I Boiuethiug of ihe hisb ry ot
the patch of buutlug attached tn It. The
mosl striking pari of the exhibit is that
devoted to Berry's captures "ii Lake
lliio in Heptembor, 1818. 'llm.* Is u
pleco of iho ling whieh wns Down front
Berry's lln*_--lii|' in lln* contest uindfl
nir *nblc by Ids wntulug, "Hon'l give
it),  llie  Ship."     There  nro  nl>-   !*•"-  ot
ih,- Hans of (he Bhlps of tl..* eueui.i captured on iimi uccuslon -ihe (.neon Charlotte, Utile Belt, l.ndy Brcvobt, Muuton
und Cblppowny.
Another Inlet'OBthlg remiinnl is that of
the ling of the Alliance, the ship whieh
Wns Of (he ileet John Paul Jones formed
in Brniiee, wiih ibo Bouhouiuio Blchnrd
as llngsldp, the pnrpe-N of wiilch was ihe
attacking of British ships during tho
Revolution, It was the Alliance whieh
tuuk an Insignificant pari, to the discredit of her eeeentrie commander, a Frenchman named l.andais, in the light with the
Sorapls. The bit of Hag is of tbut carried during the light.
Another Interesting Haa represented io
that of L'lusnrgonto. This (lag wns captured by TriiMnn, who commanded the
Constollntlon in an engagement ou Feb.
!), 1700. It was the lirst opportunity that
had occurred since the close of the Revolution for an American naval vessel to
get alongside of an enemy, and the hopes
of the American officers imd men for a
spirited combat were realized, for the
French frigate, under Captain Barreault,
promptly replied to the Constellation's
tire, in thin contest n youug midshipman, Dnvhl Porter, performed Ida lirst
not of gallautry. He was in command of
the forotop of the Constellation ami, noting on his owu responsibility, prevented
the fall of the topmast and all its hamper. The victory achieved by Truxtuu
produced ureat joy iu America nnd established a faith in the navy whieh 1ms remained unshaken to (his day.
A bit of Ha*,* which is also memorable
Is that of Le Berceau, captured by the
Boston, under Captain Little* Tlw American ship wrought grent havoc on board
the French corvet, which had the reputation of boing one of the fastest ships
in the French murine,
A celebrated shred is that of tbe flag
of the Guerrlore, taken in lhe famous
light with the Constitution, under Hulk
This was the conteBt where each side
displayed the supreme art of seamanship
ami naval strategy, and Dacres, commander of the Gneruiere, suffered no loss
of professional fame by the defeat, so
signal wns his efficient handling of his
vessel. It was (be first serious conflict
in the war of 1ML\ The flag was taken
down by Lieutenant George Campbell
Head, who was iu command of the prize
crew nnd who, on finding tlie Guerrlore
was sinking, set Cue to the wreck.
The Km,*li*di ship Macedonian, which
was captured  by  Decatur in  October,
1812, is also represented in the collection.
The capture of the Macedonian added to
the glory of Decatur, who had carried the
ship into New York with another British vessel captured at the samo time. The
Ibi': of iho Frolic, cnpiured iu November,
1812, by the sloop Wasp, under Jacob
Jones, is also represented, ln the exhibit ave also two pieces of Bags of the
Reindeer nnd Avon, captured by the
Wasp, under Blakely. the former in July
nml the latter in September, is 11.
The Constitution in December, 1812,
BalnbrldgG having succeeded Hull, captured the Java, and the Rag of the latter
ship contributes a strip to the Force collodion. Thero is a piece of (lie flag of
the Peacock, captured in February, 1818,
by Lawrence on the Hornet. This wns
the flag which, nftor half an hour's ti*_ht-
tug, *-.*•■ as not only lowered, but rclu.isted,
union down, in the torcrigglng lis a si-;-
nal of distress. The l*oai*o.*k suddenly
sank, and (he two American prize ollicers
ami most of the men navod themselves
uiily afler gront exertion. Tho American
ship Peacock, undor Captain Warring-
ton. captured the British frigate Epor*
Tier hi April, ISM, and tho thi*.* of the
defeated ship is represented in the collection, ln September of the same yenr
Burrows, a somewhat eeeenlrio but popular officer "f croat courage, captured Ihe
Boxer. He forfeited his life in the en-
gngement, being but 28 years old.    A
piece of the flag of the Boior is in the
Mncdonough's victories on Lake Cham-
plain, achieved in 1814, nro represented
by the remnants of iho ibiKs of die Con-
linneo. Linnet nnd Chubb. Tho Inst of
the mivnl flags iu the exhibit Is thnt of
tho Levant, whioh terminated (bo uinr-
volous exploits of ibo tionstltulion, "Old
Ironsides," ns sin* had eonie to be emlear-
Ingly termed, She wns then uuder Stew-
Mnny of the actions whioh theso finus
represent established the fame of our
naval   officers.   Congress   iu   many In-
sl-nnes   bestowed   liic.hils   for   tbe   (.'ill-
Inn I ry there displayed.—Chicago Inter
All V lOI -In lilO-rnrv A np I rim In,
Iu submitting manuscript for publication In n mogoilno, ihe placing of ihe
imlhor's full nnme nud address at the
bond of lhe lirst sheet nml tho Inclosing
of return postage are universally accepted liy editors as sufficiently indicating
the fuel lluit the nrlfclc Is lo be paid for
if published, or to be relumed to thu author if it is uot acceptable, Letters nre
usually sent with manuscripts, but nre
really superlbmus unless somo special ex-
piiiuatiou Is necessary. A price should
not he pul upon a manuscript unless the
author has positively decided not to accept any smaller amount.—Ladles' Home
Tlie ICnd nt l.nnt.
"The Inst chapter of my book surprised
ynu. dldn'l It." said (h* young author.
"tlnppior ending t'enn you expected, ell?"
"Well," lopilod the long Buffering
friend, "1 certainly felt n sense of relief
when I rend It"—Philadelphia Press.
Whnt Nlie Wm.
"Did you notice bow everybody looked around at thnt Mrs. Blumpley when
the pnrsou talked about tho divorce
evil. Sho was the cynosure for all
"Yes; she was the sluuor, aure!"—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Tin*- Difference,
"Whnt's the dlfl'eroueo between wit
and humor?"
"If a mnn anys humorous things
about ynu, li makes you laugh, If lie
says winy things nbout you, It makes
you mnd."-Chlcngo llecord.
Cheap Floor Coverings Drive Out m
Onoo Flourishing Trntle.
Tiie rag carpet business is imt whnt it
used to be. Any ono wiih an eye for car
pete might infer as much from the abnii-
dati i* and the low prices nt serviceable
carpets not unolo of rags to be seen in the
misbiug stores.
M my ot fair experience iu life of today
hardly know whut n rag carpet te. For
the information of sueji it mny be us well
•_■. iy a me carpet is a woven fabric in
ivhlcb tlir place of yarn li t iken by nar-
row strips i.f rag sewed together. Any
..1*1 rags will do fnr the purpose, though,
in be sine, the material ought to be
BtroiiK enough to slnnd some struiu in the
process of ivcovlng nnd some hard wear
after it has boon woven.
A veteran weaver of inp* sits nt his
loom in an oast si>le basement aud recalls
the lime wben, 88 yours ago, ho came to
N.*i« Vork from Bavaria and found more
lli-m 1,000 huml weavers of rug carpeta
"8ome dead, sonic gone to different
plans or taken up other trades," In* answers ir you nsk liim what 1ms become
ol nil these skilled artisans. "Tbere was
im work for them uny more. If It wns
ii< t for ilu* hospitals and tin* old women's j
komei I would not huve euough work to
make a living, There are not more thnn
15 uf us lefl in Now York mnv. I only
know -if throe on the oust side."
Hi- allusion to Iho hospitals and bomOS
is explained by the custom nf employing
old ami feeble women who ure past almost all other kinds of work to cut uud
sew together the strips of rugs for making these carpels.
These strips nro brought to the weaver
in lurgo bulls uud nre wound on the shuttles by means ot an ancient spinning
wheel. The carpets, once woven, make
warm, noiseless, economical iloor coverings in hospitals und such places.
(liven the bulls of nigs, all properly
sewed, the Weaver charges only about -{i)
cents a yard for making the carpet, and
it i:- a yard wide. The work is harder,
perhaps, thuu the weaving of threads,
however thick, but to juilge of tho craftsmen by this one Specimen lhey are a sturdy brotherhood.
This one ia about 00 yonrs old, and
though under middle height he looks lis
if he could easily put down the average
wrestler of 25. In his own particular
craft of wrestling with a substantial
loom his stint of work for an hour is not
much under a yard, and he can weave
from I! o'clock in the morning to H in the
evcalng, or longer at a pinch.—American
III  lie
The Vole* mt n Woman H«ar-fl Prom
tbe Grave,
Bishop Samuel Fallows of the Reformed Episcopal church, Chicago, told t
mnrvclous story of psychical phenomena
in which he asserts thnt a husband hoard
hts wife culling after sho hud been buried
nud thai on hastily reopening tin* grave
lie found her unconscious, but still ullvo.
The minister declined to give tlm real
names, using the name of Smith.
As Bishop Fallows told the story, sonic
years ago Mrs. ('buries Smith, the wife
of u young man living on the North Side,
was taken seriously ill uml died in a short
time. She wns imt embalmed tuid was
buried two or three days later in ltose
Hill cemetery.
She was buried in thc afternoon. Is
tho middle of the uight Mr. Smith was
awakened by some one calling his name,
lie hoard the mime two or three times,
''Charles, Charles," very distinctly. He
did imt associate the voice with auy one
ho know ami snid to himself that it was
u hallucination. Being a man of materialistic views, he attached no meaning to
the matter and soou foil into n troubled
sleep ngain.
Afler awhile he wns awakened by the
voice again, this time more insistent,
"Charles, Charles, Chariest"
Just ns day was breaking for the third
time be hoard the coll again, this time en-
trontlngly, tbo minister declares. This
time ho recognized thu voice very distinctly us thut of his wife. Moved by
some unexphiimihlc impulse, he sprung
up, scutched tho room thoroughly, found
no one and rushed in to where a friend
was asleep.
"Come", get up! We must go to Bose
Hill!" he cried.
His friend tried to dissuade bim. but to
no purpose. They harnessed a horso to a
light buggy, took spades und pickaxes
anil drove to the cemetery at breakneck
si>ccd. As quickly as possible they dug
down to the coffin nnd opened it. The
young wife was just turning over in tht
Although alive, she was unconscious.
Presumably she hnd been iu a stupor the
entire lime. She wns taken home, recovered, nnd is alive today, She has no ides
(hut sho wns over buried alive, and probably if she hud known all the circumstances at thnt time the shock would
huve killed her. She was told thnt she
hnd boon vory ill um' hud recoyorpd almost miraculously.*
The Doetor Himself,
A southern woman tells ubout dining
in Huston ouce nnd silting next a homely
littlo ohl gentleman who wanted to know
Uow she possod the time in the country
wiih hor old father,
"Well, we read," she snid.
•'What do you rend't"
"Chiefly The Autocrat of the Breakfast Tabic' "
"Don't you get tired of it?"
"Dh, no. When we get to the end, we
simply turn buck to the beginning."
The old gentleman chuckled and made
n remark implying thnt the "Autocrat"
wns iii) grent thing among boohs, and
lhe holy was rather surprised at his disparaging air. After dinner she demanded
ut hor hostess the name of the Inupprociu
tive old gentleman and wus told (hat it
wus Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes.—Baltimore Herald.
Mure to lie There,
An ohl Scotch farmer wns lying on
whut he thought wus his donthbod. He
begun (o give orders to bis wife about
his funeml and the people to be invited,
says the Newcastle (England) Chronicle.
His wife, knowing that lie was imt dying,
paid bul little attention to bis requests,
nnd this so enraged tin*'farmer thut ht
rose up on l«js elbow nud cried out:
"What need I speak; there'll be nneth-
big dune richt unless I'm there mysol'!"
His wife, patting hlm on tiie shoulder,
replied: "Toots, man, Bnuldy! Keep yor
min' easy; ye'll be the principal man
One of the enrhisilies ot the Isle of
Malic, in the Indian ocean, is the chapel
that Is built of corn I.
Suffer ug i.i'in Hriirt Trouble for Years-—
u<r Ultery Further Aggravated by
Kidney mul Stotnncb Trouble,
Prom tliL- star, at. 0 ith i bi-ss, Oat,
lu tbe village ot Chippewa, and
along the Niagara fr u.tier,thero is probably uo better known or respected residents than Mr ami MrB, David Scba-
be). Both are of German descent aud
display much of that old-fashioned hospitality so otteu found in tho father-
laud. To a correspondent of the St.
Catherines Star, who recently culled at
Mr. Sehabel's home Mrs. Schabel related the following story:—"Yours ago
my physician told me I had heart disease. I have been troubled at intervals
with palpitation uud serero pains, aud
some times my heart would almost
eeuso to noat.     1 would   become dizzy,
roBtleas und frightened. At other times
I slept badly and had troublesome
dreams. 1 lingered In this state until
lust winter, wheu exposure 13 cold
ult'ectcd my kidneys and completely
prostrated ine, T e spring cume, -when
my eompluints wen* further aggravated
by stomach trouble. 1 loathed food
and oould realize that I was daily
growing weaker, My physician's treatment would s'linciiiiie.- slightly benefit
me, then again 1 was worse than over,
Finally, after all hopo was apparently
gone and a largo sum of money bad
beeu thrown away for medicines that
did mo no good, a friend strongly ad-
vi-eil mo to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, two boxes of which were brought
me ut tho beginning of tbe summer for
1801). I UBed them and to my joy noticed improvement. I continued the
use of tho pills faithfully until I bad
taken eight boxes. I am now able to
attend to nil iny housework, feeling
entirely cured. I have never bad better health than I am uow nujoying.and
since discontinuing the pills have had
no symptoms of the old complaints. I
feel that I am under life-long obligations tor Iho benefit I have derived
from Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills, aud
will contiuue to praise them when op
portunity offers."
Tha plain of Sharon is about 20 miles
Do Not
Pay Cash_->
A very lurgo saving can tie made.   We can
ftrrnit-b the exact amount for uy paymtot
Write for particular!- uml price,
I'l-iCOHN ill Loyally.
The ship bad filtered the Lessor Antilles.
The captain, who was n stlcitioi' for
form, turned casually tu lhe pilot.
"I'nert your helm." he said, "about
two pollltH."—Clllciljfo Tribune.
Parmelea's Vegetable Pills are compounded from routs, herbs and solid extracts uf known virtue In thn treatment
uf liver and I; id ney complaints and ln
giving tone to tho system whether enfeebled by overwork or deranged through
excess In living. They require no testimonial. Their excellent qualities are
well known to all those who have used
them nnd they  commend   themselves  to
dyspeptics and those subject to bilious
uess wtin   aro   ln   <juest   of   a  lieneflcla)
ClnitKlfyliiK  Hlim-u-lf.
"I umlcrsiuml yotl are playing to full
bouses," said tbe holel clerk. "Vou
are the leading innii, nre you not."
"No, sir. I am the misleading mnn,"
replied the heavy villain of tbo company, wbo wns sffTillng gloomily about
the hotel oflice.—Chicago Tribune.
ThomasS.Bullen, Sunderland, writes: "For
fourteen years I was afflicted with Piles; and
frequently I wus imublc to wulk or sit, but
fnur yeurs ago I wns cured by using Dr.
Thomas' Eeleetrie Oil. I havo also been
subject to Quinsy for over forty years, but
Eeleetrie Oil cured it, and it was a permanent cure in both cases, as neither tho Piles
nor Quinsy have troubled me since,"
Different  Polllt* uf View.
Mr. (Ji'owi'lls-Whnll Von wnnt a
new bonnet. Why. 1 think the one you
have Is very becoming.
Mrs tJrowidls— Yes, nud so do the
neighbors, They Ihlnk It is becoming
very   tincluut  and   decrepit.—Chicago
Pleasant as syrup; nothing equals it ub a
worm medicine: tho name te Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. Tho groutost worm
destroyer of the age,
Or U Only Site  Wuulilii'l Try,
IK'-I don't believe Miss Ilo^ells
•a'll ever learn to sing.
She-Well, thnt wouldn't matter
mueh ll sbe would only not attempt It
—fihlcngo News.	
llill.OSOI'IIV   OF  sruiNH.
Are you feeling out of sorts, dull, tired
heavy, Ioff-splnloa? Is your Btomoch out ol
order; huve you bolls, headache, lame buck,
or any othor of the many troubles thut come
with (he spring?
If so, USO Dr. Arm-Id's English Toxin Pills
for Weak People, lhe greatest nerve and
blood medicine on earth. They'll cure you
positively, perfectly, permanently,
Sold by all druggists. Large box, 75c
small box._'.-o.nr K*nt post paid on receipt of
price by Tlio Arnold Chemical Co., Limited,
Canada Life Building. Toronto.
They I'ny the Iiml.
"There Is," says a traveler, "a BtOCK
saying which they have at Queens-
town, Ireland. It Is there the steamers
pick up the mulls, which can leave
London l- hours Inter than ibe boats
do Liverpool ami overtake thom tin
Frequently, however, delays jur, uud
then the pasM-tigors kill limy by going
nshore, nml the unlive is always In
wall to sell thom shltlalnhs ami other
things, such as bog oak Jewelry, cam
etc., which are supposedly Indigenous
to and cbni'flctorlstlc of Ireland.
"Some of the shlllalnhs nre womler
ful nud awful to look Upon and bave
no possible place In teal life, their only
object   being   to   take   in   the   ntivviiry
transatlantic traveler. Due I saw thero
had n head fully six Inches In diameter, with projecting knobs and roots
thickly covering It. lt was so heavy
that to lift It wns nn effort nnd to carry It any distance without using n dray
a physical impossibility. It was a
murderous looking wenpou, and n blow
from It on the bend would have done
for auy living thing, even a darky from
"'Why,' I asked In my surprise,
'what on earth do yon use this for?'
"'That'**' he rejoined. 'Arrah, that's
what we pny the rlnt with.'
"I've got it yet."—New York Tribune. 	
•Twill I.iivp nnd Ambition.
"What's Mamie crying for?"
"She wants to vote when she grows
"Wolli what's she crying about?
Maybe she can vote all right."
"Ves, but llttlO Tommle Stlckolbut
snys be won't innrry a strong minded
glrl."-01evelund Plain Dealer.
SWHt [iiiti'1, When thuu ■-< I 1 ire K-ti-»
Deyuml nrtli'i weary labor,
ffbeti Mini] iliftll be our nc< I "t craw
(■"ruin comnile or from neighbor;
FmnsI »H ih-.* irtriV. tti' toll, it," i .ire.
Aixl done wtlli ull the rigblni
Wlut teti-Jtr ruth _)<_ll we luvv ginned,
AUi, by limply dying?
Then tips to. char? of tln-ir pral*e
Will tell our merit:* over,
And eyei too swift our fault* to tee
Shall nu defects di» vtt;
Tlien hands lhat would not lift a atone,
Whayt itonei were thick to cumber
Our Eti-ep hill pith, will icatter flviven
Above our pillowed ilumber.
Sweet friend, perchince Wh thou and I,
lire lore is t«>t forgirln-f,
Should take thc Wltctl Ic-non home-
Ik- patient with the living;
Today'-" repressed rebuke may save
Our blinding (ears tomorrow,
Then patience, e'en with kcenett eUcc,
May whet a nameless aurrowl
'Ti-t easy to bo gentle when
Doth, silence shame* our ilatnor,
And eujr to discern lhe list
Through memory'» myallC clamor,
llut Wile it wen- fur Hi e imd uie,
I'.re love li jin-l forgiving.
To like the tender ItMon home-
lie patient wttb the living.
-lloilon Watchman.
Freo nnd easy exneotnratlon Immediately r.lluveg nml frees thu throat ami lungs
frum viscid |)hb*giu, and a mi-dlclue that
firnmutfH thts te the boat uuhIIl-Iiiu to une
or I- 'ii.irlis. colds, inllumiimtiiiii of thu
lungs ntul all affuotiont-i ot tht* thruat and
ohm*t. This Is precisely what Hlckie's
Antl-OonsnropUve Syrup ta a spool do for,
and wherever used itihan given unbounded (satisfaction. Children like It because
It Is pleasant, adults like it because It relieves and cuns the dlseaEe.
Tliu Mmli-ni Version,
Uverleil   Meulnl -Mc  lud,  tbe car-
rltige walls without.
Lord tiitvi .tosher—Without unntV
"Wlthoul hofsr-R, ine lud; 'lis un nu-
loiiuilille."-Chlnigo Uecord.
Give Holluway's Curn Cure a trial. It
removed teu corns from one pair of feet
without any pain. What It bas done once
lt will do again.
Ilu* Trnil ol llio Boer,
"Did I  iiiiibTstatul you to say thnt
one of your niieesiors fought (lining
n," devolution?"
-Tun,  my mvnt grent-groat-grandfa-
tlitr fell nt Bunker kopje,"—Cleveland
Plain Denier.
Gentlemen,—Whilo driving down a
very stcop hill lust August my horse
stumbled and fell, cutting himself fearfully about thu head and body I used
MINARD'S MNIMKNT freely on him
und in a few duys he wns ns well as
ever.. .1. B. A. BEAUOHBMIN.
A Dennlllnn.
Professor—State the difference be-
twuuii u pessimist nud nn optimist.
Pupil—A pessimist Is oue who hopes
that nil troubles will come to others,
uml un optimist te oue who believes
thnt all good t.blugs will come to him-
Bolf.—Town Topics,
tart's Liniment Circs DipMMa.
"Whnt's that professional pugilist
doing now."
"ll'tn! What's he using, a punching
bng or a phonograph?"—Wmtitlogton
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
(it-It ittu   ll<-ii(l-t-
"My buau." said 10-year-old Lucy,
"is going to In* uu ndmlral."
"Is in- iu the Naval academy?" asked
her sympathetic aunt.
"Ob. no!" replied the little womnn
■'lie's tuo young for that yet, bin he's
having an umbo:' tattooed ou bis arm."
-Phlbiih'lphin Press.
(.rut'linm" v  I'rsind-d.
"All," ho sighed, "may I not hope
that jou will be mine forever uud fur-
"Ves." she replied softly, "you may
hope ihat long If you wish."—Catholic
Standard nml Times,
Mimrn Liniment Cares C-arget li cms.
He Could  Vouch  For It.
The New Yorker—Sleepy obi town,
The Chleagoau—Bet your life! Last
time I was there I gol n dose of knock-
oul drops nnd didn't wake for"!" hours,
-Indianapolis Press,
Have tbeir blood enriched, their
heart strengthened and their
cheeks rosy by using Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
In sufficient quantity or poor quality of
tho blood is ono of tho evil rCBUllS that
uf-junHy follow any derange meu t of tha
If tho heart boootnoi weakened In any
wny it ctimiot pump the blood to ibo lungs
as it sli"1.Id, thurtt to be purified nnd impregnated with the life-giving oxygen,
Ah a result ths
blood deteriorntea.
It loses ita nourishing, vitalizing,
ht-iilth-glring qualities. The face bo-
comes pale, thin
and waxen, the lips
bloodless, the hands
and feet cold.
There is weak-
nees, tiredness,
shortness of breath and'palpitation. When
those sufforing from thin or watery blood
start taking Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills they are asr-mrcd of a cure. Kvt-ry
do.so acts on the heart itself, causing ft
to beat strong, steady and regular.
Every doBe, too, introduces Into ths
blood those vital elements necessity to
make It rich and red.
Soon the palo cheek takes on ths rosy
hue of health, theru is strength Instssd of
weakness, energy nud activity take ths
place of tirediicsH and lassitude.
Miss M. Skuli!-.'., 60 Turner. Street,
Oltnwa, Ont., Bays*! "I wns greatly
troubled with my heart, together with
extreme nervousness for many years.
These complaint--) brought about great
wonknnns aud feeling of tiredness. My
blooil was of poor quality, so much ao tlmt I
became nalu ami languid. Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pllll mired mt after all
else fatted. They built up my system,
•nrlclietl my blood, strengthen--.d my
nsrvoi snd restored me to health."
Couldn't sleep at night
with the torture.
Eczema, oi Suit Rheum as it ts
often called, is one of the most
agonizing of skin diseases, nothing
but torture during* the day and twofold torture at night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Iiczema—
relieves the itching, burning and
smarting and soon leaves the skin
smooth and healthy.
It is Burdock Blood Bitters.
Mrs. Welch, Greenbank, Ont,
tried it and here Is what she says:
" B, B. B. cured me of Eczema three years
ago ai.,1 1 havo bad no return of it ainca.
I wai io bad that 1 could not ileep at night
with it.
"Bcinirtoldof B.B.B. I tried It, and two
bottles made a perfect and parmanent cure."
Looking Out Fnr Ilia W.ll.irt-.
"You- you may Bpeok to pupa," sbe
snhl coyly,
He sprang to his feet with a glnd
ery, Wns that merely another way of
snylng "Yes?"
"But." she continued in n tone of so-
llcltudc, "I would advise you to keep
between hlm nnd the door."
Assuredly none knew better tban she
the ml viability of burping open a liny
of ret rent.—Chicago Post.
L.*\      IU»Wr\iV-\,   FACTORY. Won trail
Aim Iblliu bul Tlml.
"You wicked Iwyl" esclulined ibe
elderly woman, horror struck "Wlmt
aru you pounding ihnl poor dumb Initio
"Dumb brute, n ii'muT wild tbe liny,
turning u'khi Imi In nngiT nml nstonhtlt-
meni •'luiinli'; i lila is n donki-y,
ma'aml"—Chlrago Tribune,
■,n,-il     'lunlrp.il.   Kr.* lui*.   Am.
IIill,   I'   U » up.   B. lMl.fr ML
.,-#»* W >.*»*>
:  ■  '■ -fry   •---* •■• -^-Sfat-i-A- -
Mauutai lui-vd bj thos. lit:, iviimip-at.
Farm Lands
For Sale in AU Parts of the
Province.   Write for Lists.
Are Pure Havana Filled
They're mule for men  whu enjoy a  fra-
Krant aad sweet smoke,
Ob'jdnnble »t all cuod dealers ererywbere,
ABLE       I
When the doctors give you up—Try an
Oiydonor. It ii better an. obttp-X than
going to California, a.-! it furni-hr-s purest of
Oiygen to the system by nature's laws.dia-
covercd by Dr. Sanche. Sub-dealt rs wanted
in inch town in Manitoba. Addre*i W. T,
Gibbins, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Mr,
John Buller, Winnipcgo-ais, write-: "Vour
Oiydonor te a wonderful thins ■■'-'' has made
a new nmn of me. I have al.-o cured ono
mun in eight hours of a bad osssof lumbago." We have dozens of similar testimonials.
U'liicl, mlili.-r ||. i,i nor Pratt tff"l--
After ■• v* art1 trial onstomen cl.i*w it mpsriov
to nil oflisr loifmit     Hiifhlv r-Momniwi-1-Ml al
Winnipeg Industrial EiHlblHon, lSH-A
w.g. fonseca, B',-;iB;;;;ru
Main   Btreetf      - •       Wlunlp if, Mm,
UV ,,•>•■, a l»r«,- slues
nlwaj-son hiuxl ol TtPl,
/ Ped-TIBs* Maiskiai.uiiu
PhJJUBH-i' .Maiiiinshy;
we con tit not Duily ur
W,fitly Papsn ur Job
Outfits un few hi.ur-.' nolice. Wo ul*, Inpply
ItKAUY-I-KIMS,   STEHtu l'l-ATES,  lltld   FATO
anil (Am, Stock.
115 Owen   Str-j*i;t, Wlnnlprff.
Catholic Prayer SS.'Jr.K.'?:
nla-n, Hi'llffiuus Pidun-s. Matuarv, and Church
Ornaiiicuii, Kduc-itlonal Wwlm.  Mali orders *■*■_-
eslri prompt attention. £,&J SadlterftCO..l0Dnetl
Peraona -entttl-ad
or e_i>eotlng to
Inherit money or
wuim ifft In tha
old ruunirlm
■hould know that
mtllions await
heirs of their de-
Book of names seat
•oendants In this country,
ou receipt of 10 cents.
Hii US, Truro, N.H., Canada.
W. N. U. 268. ■■
|     LOCAL   NOTES      I
V »•» 9999 *»♦"**» V »■»*"*▼ *»*•» 9 99*0
Picked  Up About thc Cily   by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
j Ml kinds of soft drinks nlMcCounell's
A. McVittie was a visitor to Moyie recently.
J. A Paulson, of fpokane, was in town
thu week.
II. Pollard, of Goatfcll, te agaiu a
Cranbrook visitor.
It is said thnt Japanese will be working
in Cranbiook soon.
MISS Stella Soper, of I'ort Steele, is a
visitor in Cranbrook.
Fred Smyth, tbe Rudyerd Kipling of
Moyie, was in town yesterday.
P, J. McMahon, one of Moyie'e pio-
ecrs, was iu the ciiy tbis week.
P, Player, accountant for the North
Star Mining Co , is in town today.
Hrown Leghorn egg* tor Betting from
prize slock P< McConnell.
J. II. Inkster, M. lv, of Rosslaud, was
a guest of the Cranbiook last Sunday,
Mrs. McConnell is now dishing up ice
cream that's like Cranbrook—all right,
Ice cream, strawberries and cream,
bananas and cream at McConuell's.
Julius Hurel, governor general of the
province of Kimberley, was in town this
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. McCracken were in
the metropolis recently coming up Irom
W. II. Whimsler- a prominent citizen
of Pernie, was a guest at tbe Cranbrook
this week,
James McEvoy and James Keelr, of
tbe geological survey, arrived ftom Ottawa yesterday.
Clarence Miner was down to the Moyie
branch recently, and says it is doing a
thriving business.
Rev. G, K. Smith, of this city, was
down to Moyie, laboring with the sinners of that town.
Judge Sheady, of Moyie, wns up yesterday. He was not exactly a strunger,
hut he was taken in.
J. II. Schofleld, now of Pincher creek,
but an early-day resident of Cranbrook,
was in town recently.
J. A. Harvey, the well-known barrister
of Port Steele, was a guest of the Craubrook hotel yesterday.
Will Hill has returned from his brief
vacation and trip to Lethbridge, where
he had a pleasant time-
Harry Drew, of Fort Steele, the Apollo
of South Kast Kootenay hotel keepers, is
at the Cranbrook today.
Charley Estmere and wife were down
from Kimberley Monday. They say a
political hornet is buzzlngdn Charlie's
George Guiding, well known hereabouts, has been serving lhe patrons of
the Craubrook bar during Hugh McMillan's* indisposition.
" Jim" Greer was down to Moyie last
week, looking after his contracts. He is
erecting four small buildings there for
Attorney Morley. and doing other work.
J. S. Parker, one of the old stnnd byes
in placer aud quartz mining escorted J.
II Inkster, a Ros-luud mining engineer,
through the Weaver creek camp this
E. C. Smilh the Martin government
candidate in this riding was in town tbia
week a short time. Mr. Smith seems to
making a quiet hut active canvass ol the
James Taylor, an old-lime prospector
wbo has a camp on Perry creek, was in
town this week. Mr. Taylor wns one of
the discoverers and locators of the Mastodon, on Perry cieek.
Charley Kdwards was over from l-'ort
Steele this week to see his wife and little
daughter safely away for " Merrie old
England," where they will sneud six
months visiting friends and relatives,
W, ti Grant, the new proprietor of
the Central, restaurant and npartment
house, will close lhe plnce for a few days
to refit and refurnish throughout, Mr.
Grant will make it a desirable place to
Btop at.
Mrs. ti. G. Brtcksen and two children
left on Tuesday's express, in company
with   Mrs   Charles   I-dwar te, for a six
months' sojourn in England,  Her many
friends in Cranbrook wish hern pleasant
and safe journey hoth going and returning.
" Pat" Hums, of Calgary, who owns
more ment, dead and alive, ihnn any oilier nun: iu British Columbia, was in town
Sunday and Monday. " 1'ntV high soci-
ely name is " Dressed Meat King of the
Kootenays," witb Malcolm Mcluues a
close second as '* Prince."
To see a choice aggregation of bull
and most all other kind nf dogs, irrespective of color, nge, sex or previous
mental condilioii, look on linker street
most any night and you will see Ihem
in the gloaming. If you are on a bicj -
clc you need not look for them, they
will be looking for you.
William Pernie, a pioneer in tiie
Crows Nest Pass country, aud one ofthe
principal owners of lhe great Pernie
coal mines, was in town several days
this week. As is well known, he is aj
candidate for political honors, a type of
the old school of frontiergeiilletneti and
possessed of a reputation aa a man of
sterllug Integrity,
When you hear a man spoken of as
Mr. William Sonudso, you can generally
count on him as being of austere uii-.ii;
If he is dubbed Willie be is generally inclined to effeminacy, as is sometimes
the case, in   n smaller degree   if ml led
Will; if Mil, one not Commanding touch
respect or admiration from anyone, uf
course the above disiinctious don't apply iu Cranhrook, Whenever you meet
bim,   however,  nud   men,  women and
children call him " Billy," he te gener-
all-, n manly mnn, and a jolly, companionable fellow and liked by most every
one be meets. ■•Rill)" Ross was over
Troiu Port Steele and spent several days
tti Cranbrook this week.
Rev- 1). Halford, B. D., arrived Monday ftoui Mauiiob-i. and wllliuakeCran-*
brook his headquarters in the future.
He is here in the luterest of the British
Columbia Baptist convention.   Mr. Hol-
ford will organize church work of the
Baptist denomination in thc district eu)J
braced from Pernie to Moyie.
Hugh McMillan, ibe well-known "ter-
lifci" ttud sei emu cumt'ouuder of uual
toyed jo*, fulness in small but numerous
doses, has been taking a short vacation
horn his duties in the Cranbiook water-
cure department, Hugh's many friends
will be glad to see him rapidly recover
from his indisposition, and resume Ute
The following is n statement of the
receipts aud disbursements arising fiom
the Churcli of England coucertjand dance:
Taken at tbe dour, $6a 50; sundry donations, $850; total J71.   Expenditures—
11 ill hire, (to; pianist. $10; floor powder.
50c; printing, $2 25; leaving net proceeds, deposited in bank,$48 25. S. P.
Morley, Scc.-Treas,
Whu Have  Been  Doing Business In  Cran-
brook This Week.
R  II, Cnrley, condensed milk.
J. Ross dtugs, Hamilton, Out,
J, Ranlon, Winnipeg, dry goods.
E. C. Davidson, California Wiue Co.
Jumes Bevcridge, Vnncouvrr, groceries
Colin C  Brown, Rossland, hardware.
D. F. ("Flour*') Dickson, of Winui
J. P. Ferguson, hoots and shoes, Montreal.
J. A, Hamilton, ladies garments, Winnipeg.
Chas Holden, representing n rubber
goods house.
Thomas C, Grny produce nnd commis
siou, Nelson,
A- II. Davidson, ladies furnishings,
Hamilton, Ont.
S. B, Snider, with G. M, Allen, boots
and shoes. Vancouver.
Jake Holman, representing the John
W. Peck Co., of Winnipeg.
J, M. Pnhej, representing n gent's
furnishing house iti Toronto,
M. Freeman, of the Northwest Jobbing
and Commission Co., W.uuipeg.
Mrs. Klelser,representing the Toronto
jewelry house of which she is n member,
She had quite a stock of diamonds '' on
He Addressed a Respectable Gathering of
Clllieos Last Thursday Night.
At the above-mentioned lime Hon.
Smilh Curtis, minister ol mines under
the present government, addressed a
goodly-sized audience in Forrest hall.
Mr. Curtis dropped into Cranhrook as
unexpectedly ns a thunderbolt comes
ftom a clear sky, although he is not of
the thunderbolt order.
Asked by a Herald reporter 89 to his
sudden appearance in Cranbrook unannounced, he said that be had calculated
Lo put in that day and night at Moyie,
hut on arriving there he bad been advised that tbe better plan would be for
him to come to Cranhrook, and he accepted the advice of his fiieuds.
It was 6 o'clock before handbills were
on the street announcing the fact that
he would speak that night at Forrest
hall; it was nearly 9 o'clock before the
meeting opened, with but few auditors.
It. P. Beattie presided over the meeting,
and after a few preliminary remarka by
the cliiiiini<in, P. C Potts of Pernie was
introduced, making a few stirring remarks from the government standpoint.
Mr. Curtis followed, the hall filling up
until at least two thirds of the seats
were occupied.
Mr Curtis presented tlie |causc ofthe
government in nu able manner. Many
of Lhe propositions he bi ought forward,
if ihey could be realized, wonld undoubtedly prove of great benefit to the masses
and lo the province in general.
Before Mr. Curtis hnd spoke many
minutes tbe hall wns well filled. Il is
tine lhat umbrellas would have been a
boon lo all present before the meeting
ended, but the large majority of the audience ! tiu'k it through. The Hon. Mr,
Curtis was well received and accorded 11
most respectful healing by belli v rsand
unbelievers atiki—1 most commendab'e
chatarlrrisLic of Cinubrook citizens. He
1 elicited considerable applause at
Al the conclusion ofthe address Mr.
HeaLtie made n few it-marks ns to how
he came to mix up again in politics,
afler having retired. It seems that
Bert's naturally combative disposition
can not let him remain a passlfe spectator when a political fight begins to warm
up. and he just could not keep out of the
A warm vote of thanks wns giveu him
by lhe audience for the able manner in
which he presided.
■JjiMrtP**--! *     '* °*(,|:*    •-*-*•> Ut>' LoJKc
_S_JC*!S& x"* tt   Meets every Prl-
^gBffijJggBaf-J day nliilit at tin tr ball un
llnkni street,   Bojourulng
Oild I', llnws ■unlliiily ltiutiil.
James Oreer,    •( i'- Piuk,   A, 1. MoDormot
N.O. V.ii. ueo'y,
.Fishing Tackle...
♦.Tackle Beattie..*
Post Oflice Building.
ttoubles.      It will stop the worst cough,
and   not   only  prevent   but   absolutely
1 urea Consumption, Price 50c and $1 00
Kveiy bottle guaranteed,   Trial bottles
lice at Beattie's Drug Store.
The will of Lhe late Alex. T-unnuuirol
Victoria has been probated. The estate
is valued at *f.Soo,o"*o,ooo (?)
In Alamo basin, Slocan region, a fatality occurred by which two Urea Here los\
Both men were caught in a slide.
John Keen, of Kaslo, received the
unanimous nomination of the Liberal-
Conservative convention at Saudon.
The Nelson rifle company has made an
exceptional record in Ihe mattrr of furnishing recruils to thc army in Soulh
At a meeting held iu New Denver the
evening after the Sandon lire, over $500
in cash was subscribed for the sufferers,
beside supplies.
Two residences were recently burned
in Trail Creek, and Messrs. II. and A.
II Lewis and families narrowly escaped
burning to death.
Rossland contributed nearly $f,coo to
the relief of the sufferers by the Sandon
tire. Nelson contributed over $3,000,
Little Kaslo beats both with its $.,coo.
It is stated lhat the books of the Nelson land registry oflice are fully a year
behind, and that nothing is being done
at tbe present time to write up these entries,
George I'a* tie, late foreman at the
Lemon creek sawmill, near S'ocan, has
staked two claims on what is turning out
lo be one of the greatest nnd most pure
lime deposiis in Lhe country.
When the first reports of the Sandon
fire were sent out it was thought thut
there had hem no lois of life, hut later
reports brought news of tbe finding of
the charred remains of Miles Rambaugh,
who bad reached the town only a few
hours before the fire bioke uut.
Nelson Tribune: A fatal boating accident uccurred on Kootenay lake on Saturday afternoon. James Phillip Annett
and C. I). Lauk were out in a Peterbor
ough canoe and when across the lake,
opposhe lhe shipyard, capsized, and
Annett was drowned notwithstanding the
efforts of his companion to save him.
Revelstoke Herald: The animal scan
dal which occurs on the Arm of Arrow
lake of turning pack-horses loose to
starve 011 the meadows formed at the
head of the arm by tbe receding waters
of tbe lake in tbe fall bas culminated
this year iu a further crying disgrace,
Owing to the siipiueness of the government ofiiclals tbe dead horses were not
buried this spring and the bodies are now
drifting about in the waters of the lake,
poisoning tbe air and offending the eyes.
j »»G. R GILPIN'S.... I
* *
This department has recently been repleted wilh a magnificent
We are strictly " in it." Our prices are " reasonable." You will
be astonished at the hiuh prices you have been paying elsewhcsc
for Men's Furnishings when you get our quotations.
Opp. Bank of
Commerce j*
Manager V
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININO TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the Nortli Star, Sullivan, Quanlrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
IKX?^' Lots from $125-$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
1N. A. Wallinger, Mgr.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
In the " Prairie Country."
M. Mclnnes, the well known meat
merchant and stockman, recently returned from the prattle country anils-tys
the face of Nature was never hefore so
henntifnl at this season of the year. The
(lowers arc hh-otning In profusion, and
ciops thriving; in addition the stock interests never flourished ao Well, the very
mild winter enahling cattle and sheep to
come through in a manner never hefore
equalled. Mr. Mcluues snys that in hia
own flocks there w-s nol a single head
lost, and lumhs are large and thrifty.
• Tortured 1 Witness.
Intense stiffeting wus endured hy witness T. h Martin, of Dixie, Ky., hefore
he gave litis evidence: ''I coughed every
(light udtil ni-/ ibrout was nearly raw,
then tried Dr. King's New Discovery
which gave instant relief. I have used
it in my family fur four years and recommend it as the greatest remedy for colds,
couglm aud all (limat, chest and lung
Sunday a woman living in the tenderloin district attt mpted suicide hy talc
ing poison. Dr. lliggins was called and
saved her life.
Ii K. Beattie has heen up from Cranbrook, Heallie says lie is not in politii s
but we believe he i.s 10 the extent of a
few bars at hast.
George White, chatnpiou (?) wrest'er
of Iiiitish Columbia- boarded the east-
bound train yesteidav, and ns he did the
town breathed a sigh of relief,
J. P. Farrell haa had the portion of
the Half Moon mineral claim adjoiniug
■ lown surveyed and laid out in town lots.
A W. McVittie of Crnnbrook did the
work. It will be known ns the Half
Moon addition to Moyie, ami tbe lots
will be on sale in nbout two weeks time.
This is one of the most desirable residential portions of the town.
The nearer the approach of the
Queen's birthday celebration the more
interest the peoplo are Inking in the af*
fair. Everything ia working satisfncto-
rlly to the committee iu charge. Futhtr
Coccolo has consented to be herewith
his Indian band, and Mr. J. W. Robinson
bus consented to be present nnd deliver
au address on Queen Victoria and Iter
reign, An effort is being mule to have
Indian Pete, the discovert*! of the Sl
Eugene mine, head the parade. The
people of Cranbrook will be here in
full force, and Pernie, Port Steele and
Kimberley, as well as the towns west ol
Moyie, will be well represented.
A Woman's Awful Peril.
"There is only one chance lo save
your life nnd that is through an operation," were the startling words heard by
Mis I, B, Hunt of Uttte Ridge, Wis,,
from her doctor after he had vainly
tried to cute her of a frightful case ol
stomach trouble nnd yellow jaundice.
GaM Rtones Imd foitued and she constantly grew worse. Then she began to
use BlectHc Bitters which wholly cured
her. It's n wondeiful Stomach, Liver
aud Kidney remedy. Cures Dyspepsia,
Lobs of Appetite. Try it. Only 50 cts
Guaranteed. Por Mile by R, Iv Beattie,
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $a.oo per day.
Is the Staff of Life
The lidmonlun Milling Co.
Beg to any that nil their Hungarian
Patent is manufactured from ihe choicest No. 1 hard wheat procurable in the
northwest, so they can guarantee the
quality to be second to none in the nin>
To be convinced of this fact you cai
procure a sample hug of 15 pounds fre
of all cost, from the selling agents.
To be had from most of the stores in
Cranhrook, Port Sleele, Moyie, etc.
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wind nale Ouver
and Selling Agents
Craobrook, B. C.
Planing Mill
•"Sash and ::
Door Factory
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
,.,Manufacturers of...
Sash   jt Doors  jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Ulack Hear... 3#c    Km pi re  90
Kimberley Consolidated, 10c
Kimberley, B. C
Via Cranbrook
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture fromes in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding: to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
__m%fm Throe doors east of Postoffice.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclsl Witch Inspector lor C. P. U.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribe I   $ 2.00.
-w—isttstts^SJ-^zr-mj~•jv-^i-   'v-^sw—ia—jy-^jy-^r-'jir-jjr^zr—jy—jy^
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia
f DA l\JRDr_r_!_^ I* the divisional point of the Crows
■WK^l^DKVWIV Nest Pass Railroad.
CV_1f_f_t*f_f_t ^as a ,0=stal' round house, large machine
^1 -ClllUI UUIx shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook Is the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. UND INVESTflENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
5H*Hs)H^SM!)-®--®-®- -©-■■■sHsMs
\<hI aTtili ^.T-i-Trt-l•>.[*•: i a]-;*]/..[■* j<s>| a.\GjfoT&TQj/ft 1-VT■>■]/*■ I•*'I■*<]<$>}Q>\


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