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Cranbrook Herald Feb 13, 1902

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Array n ^
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Giso. a. Cox, President, B, it. Walkkr, Oen. Man
Paid Up   Capital     M,(HM).0<KI.M
Total Rciooreei        (,5,000,0110.00
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Hank of Scotland.
We have just received a very fine and beautiful
assortment ol starched and soft  front colored
They are the latest patterns and are up to date
in every way.     We also carry a full range of
fine flannel, black  salteen and cotton shirts.
of every make, quality and color.  Our stock of
is the largest' in East Kootenay. Regarding
gloves we wish to say that we carry a line of
American manufacture; they are made to fit
and we guarantee their wearing qualities to be
second to none and the prices are right. We
have the largest stock of
in the country.    We have a very nice selected
stock of fine shoes and our stock of heavy
boots for street wear and for miners is the best
money can buy.     You should see our stock of
before buying elsewhere.  Wc have them in all
styles, shapes and shades.     Our stock of Stetson's is complete.    Talking of
we have them in grey and white, wool and cotton, and then we have a stock so that we can
fill your order for a few dozen pairs without inconveniencing us. Now <vc will step across to
the |other side oi the store. We find a great
big stock of
In these lines we also lead. When you place
your orders with the old reliable F. S. M. Co.
you may rest assured that your order will be
filled complete and with the best goods to be
had and at the very lowest possible prices. We
are still doing the feed business of the Kootc-
nays. Our stock is always well up to date so
that wc can take care oi any sized order. In
this line wc can name you the lowest market
price in car lots delivered al any point.
We have said a great deal and can back up
each and every statement we have made. We
would greatly appreciate your trade and will
make you feel at home when you call.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co, Ltd
.1. P, 1 INK, Manager.
The Fernie Boys Did as They Pleased
Wiih Us.
And When They Wanted a Goal
They Just Rushed In and
Took It.
fact it is averred that tt buys stole
s ime of the liquor. Ii was -i moat unfortunate circumstance am. Coualable
Morris has severely reprimanded the
Chinamen ami it in lhe dU y Of the parents to do the same by the children.
Too many hoys are permitted to go
about as they please and in consequence
they are renily at all times lor any kind
of devilment.
There wn* a hookey game nl lha rink
Saturday night. That ia, it wai advertised as n game, anil the crowd was ihere
expecting to sue a game.
Hut they didn't,
The sides were formed, awt when Referee Donahue blew the whistle ihe puck
started, it wus h nt range ami peculiar
puck. It liked McDermot, the Cranbrook goal keeper, anil kepi near him
moat of the time, So near him, in fact,
lhat "Mac" was doing the hot step
tight. There were momenta when it
came so rapidly amiolien lhat he thought
he was playing np against a symposium
of pucks. Once iu awhile the eralic little rubber devil would lake a lurti down
the ice bv way of diversion, helped along
by a good strike by one ot the Crauhrook
boys. But it was uot for long, aud back
it would go, and then followed a general icrimuiage. Twice a 111.111 on the Fernie side was knocked out, Iml that 111.1.It-
no difference. They played like professionals and never seemed to tire. Our
boys did well—considering. There weie
new men. Two of the best players were
nil". There had been a lack of practice.
At tbe close of the first half Cranbrook
bad gotten but one goal, and when time
was called at tbe end of the game tbe
score stood y to 3 iu favor of Fernie.
From start to finish everybody was
good na lured. The defeat did not bother
the Cranbrook boys and their cheers lor
Fernie were loud and enthusiastic at the
Following are tlie p1fly*mt
— Cranbrook
J. Miller	
 Goal .A.
I, McDermot
H.   Purdy -
-II. Dowsley
M.   Knsttier
Cover Polni
-  C. Prest
D.   Hill	
..    Rover  -
. Swinnarton
W.  llaubier-
• Forward.
..N.  Royal
N. Coulter -
....   "   .....
..     M. Ross
Albletlc Club Opening.
The opening of llie Athletic club last
Thursday evening was .1 marked succeoa,
notwithstanding the fact that the program had to be cut down owing to enforced absence of several win) ha 1 intended to participate, Tha bout between
Frank Dickinson ami Tommy Turley was
an interesting feature ami pleased the
crowd immensely, and the bag punching
by J. P. Fink was a novelty to many
present, and displayed artistic ability on
Mr. Fink's part. There were songs,
talks, etc., and a general gootl tune.
Another program will   be given in a few
The  Electric  l.iKtii  «----   ff- *   Athletic
Hold   Theirs.
The regular annual tabling ol the
Cianbrook Turf and Aih-elO association
was held ou Tuesday evening. There
was a good attendance ami the Ml lira of
the association were generally discuase I.
Reports of the disastrous Oil meeting
were read for tbe bent-lit ol the shareholders .who were not conversant with
the facts, and knew nothing ol the payments made by a few ol tin* bid directors
ami some of the citi/eus to miuntaiu the
credit and good name of the association.
Tbe question of holding a spring meeting was informally discussed, and it
seemed lo be the geueial opinion thai
one should be held on or aboul the 24th!
of May, lint tiital action was postponed
until a meeting of the ne v board was
The directors for the ensuing year
were elected as follows: L- II, VnuDe-
car, (1 H. Gilpin, J. I'. Fink, V. Hyde
Baker, James Ryan, M, Mclnues, 0. R.
Leask, A. Leitch, O, II Miner, C n
Vromau, W. F. Gurd, P, E Simpson, 11.
Haines. A meeting of lhe new hoaul
will be held in a few days when officers will be elected.
Electric Light Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook
Klectrie Light company was held Monday evening and the following board of
directors elected for the en.-nhig year!
J. H. King, M. Mclnnes, J. Ryan, W.
W. Doble and W. Slocks.      ,
Plans for future extensions were discussed but no definite action taken.
Trouble Among the Troops.
The members ol the Canadian contingent in South Africa are kicking over
the new order tbat is breaking up the
companies nnd separating tbt men. The
cause of tbe trouble is alleged to be the
glaring incompetency of the captain in
ottiiiiatiil. or at least that is the reason
given at headquarter*. Uut ilu. m«u um
tlie sufferers, as their acl-iou, though
natural, is considered mutinous. Tbe
military authorities have broken taith
wilb the Canadians in several instances.
They promised that the Canadians were
io l.e kept together, ami to be officered
by Canadians. They have broken faith
with regard to pay, and also regarding
the purchase ol discharges, refusing the
Canadians tbe privilege, The first ami
second Canadian contingents anil Slralh-
cona Horse did such brilliant work there
that tbey have aroused jealousy among
the llritish officers.
'The result is that the Canadian contingent of the South African constabu-
lory is getting the worst ot the deal in
every instance. It is rumored that Colonel Sieele has tendered his resignation
unless put in charge of Canadians. Up
lo the present uot a single Canadian
troop has lieen put into his division, although he was promised, so it is generally understood, that all,Canadians weie
to be in his charge, The feeling among
troops is running high, ami lhe results
may be serious.
A new car of furniture just
arrived ll includes Hall
Trees, Rattan (ioods, Morris Chairs, Bed Room and
Parlor Sets.
Our Groceries, Crockery, Hardware, Stoves,
Clothing and Shoes we are offering at very
low prices to make room for immense new
stocks coming direct from England.
How   It. 0.  Jennings   and   tins   Hlles   Let
One Oct Away,
R O.Jennings and t'-im Tbies have
been placet mining on Perry cteek the
past lew months, Their camp is about
six miles above Old Town, and they
have been living alone in their cabin.
One day lasl week they heard their dog
crying in agony and alarm. Mr. Jennings rushed out to the brush ami found
animal in lhe embrace ol an immense mountain lion. Jennings railed
o Tines io bring lhe axe, and in the
meantime, having imihing else to use,
he threw his mils at the animal. Without letting go of his victim the lion spit
like a tomcat at this mode of attack,
and finally let the dog go ami slunk
slowly into the woods. Titles hurried
out with a 22 rifle they had in camp to
shoot ai mountain rats, Not thinking
ofthe ferocity of the Hon or llic danger
he incurred, Tbies chased after him and
succeeded in hitting htm once in the
tiank. The bullet had no effect except
to cause the lion to turn and spit at him.
Su Identy it dawned upon Titles lhat he
was chasing a half starved Hon alone into (lie bush with nothing but a plaything of a rifle for protection. Thinking
then that discretion was the better part
of valor, he relinquished the chase and
sought in hurried llight the safety of
companionship at the camp.
"I hated lo lose the fellow," said Mr.
Tbies. "as it was the largest one 1 ever
saw iittt I could do nothing with a
small rifle, aud so had to let him go.'
Don't Forget
That you can get The Herald one
whole year for only Two Dollars
lie  Was  Elected Liberal Leader ol
Ihe I'm. iiisst.'.
And   a   Large   Number  ol   Delegates   Left   the   Hall   In
a  Rage.
Vancouver, Feb. 8 — The Liberal con
venttotl has derided to draw party lines
in provincial poli ies. Joe Martin is
selected leader receiving 47 votes out of
90 and Maxwell is recommended for cabinet positlou at Ottawa, Martin pledges
himself and live others to oppose all
measures until a redistribution bill is
brought before lhe house.
Bodwell villi tlie Victoria delegates
included thus*, from Rosslaud, wilb the
exception of Dr. Sinclair, wlio is appointed the member of the new provln-
executive committee of Ro-ialaud,
and others from Greenwood, blast Koot-
iiiay aud Knmlimps, left the convention
declaring they protest against the methods employed and refusing lo lie bound
by its actions.
The following is a summary of the
planks of the platform adopted:
Immediate redistribution of seats
in the province according to population
2—Public ownership of public services
ami utilities,
All  aid to railways in cash,   nol
E. J. Coylc Weds.
Winnipeg, Feb. 10. — The bishop's
private chapel, St. Boniface, was the
scene of a pretty yet quiet wedding nt 3
o'clock this afternoon. The happy couple were Miss Conkling, daughter of the
late 10 G. Conkling, and lv J Coyle,
assistant general passenger agent of lite
P. IO, for the Pacific division, of Vancouver, both of whom are well known in
this city. Miss M, Andrews acted as
bridesmaid, while the groom was supported by hts brother, Thomas K. Coyle,
Jr , of Trail. Dr. Conkling, brother of
tbe bride, was in the city for the event
ami gave his sister away. Mr, ami Mrs
Coyle lefl on ibis afternoon's train for
Toronto, thence they will go to St. Louis*
and as far sou'-b as New Orleans, returning home to Vancouver via San Francisco.
Spokane Singers Chosen.
The Dudley Hock quartet, the Scitl
sinters, will sing nt the Clan McDonald
anniversary concert to be held at Chicago February 24. This quartet of Spokane ladies was chosen iu spite of the
fact tlmt Chicago quartets were seeking
the honor of filling the place ou the
program. Two of the Scott sisters are
now in Chicago, and the remainder of
the quartet will join them there.—Spokane Chronicle.
This quartet is the one thnt visited
Cranbrook a year ago lost summer, and
the members are cousins of the Leask
family in this city,
Who Is lo Blame?
A number of young boys in town visited the Chinese places last week during
the celebration of Chinese New Year
and succeed in getting hold of considerable Chinese liquor. As a result several were intoxicated. It is hard to find
oui just how this occured. The Chinese
perhaps, did not intentionally bring
about the druukeuness ofthe boys, in
A Pointed Question.
Regina Standard: A monthly magazine "edited by a lunatic, owned by a
lunatic, printed by a lunatic, of lunatics
and for lunatics," is about to be issued
from Owaneco. III., in the interests of
the lunatic trade, It's name will lie the
Lunatic Herald. What now will become
ofthe Moosoniin Spectator and the Cnl-
uuiy Tribune?
4—Immediate construction of the
Coast Kootenay railway, Cariboo rail
way, extension to the Island railway,
construction of the line from Alberni
across Vancouver island, railway iu tbe
northern part of province from the coasl
to the eastern boundary, railway from
Vernon to Midway hy west fork Kettle
5—Enactment and enforcement of an
accurate system of log scaling.
6 — Legislation to be enacted enabling
land under dyking system to be available for cultivation as soon as possible.
That the government shall keep in
touch with the mining industry, prevent,
ing combines as far as possible, and il
necessary build smelters, and that mining laws be nol radically changed without proper notice.
S—That necessary steps be taken to
discourage Oriental immigration and'
9—That earnest effort be mode to pre*
ent strikes and lockouts and approving
compulsory arbitration.
to—That the fiscal system ahall be revised, taxation to bear upon privilege
rather than industry.
11—Prevention of the alienation of
public domain except lo actual settlers
and for bona fide business purposes.
12—Construction of roads and development of the mining and agricultural districts. 	
Martin is Made Leader.
Vancouver, II. C, Feb. 7.—At this
morning's session of tlie Liberal convention a motion put by Mr. Jas. McQueen
in favor of adopting party lines, was car-
Mr J. C. Brown, of New Westminster,
pronounced himself a convert lo Ihis
policy. He now felt that lhe interests
of tbe province and party would best be
served iu this way. He also declared
that lhe New Westminster Liberals were
a unit on the question.
Th-* officials of the association were
then elected as follows:
Hon. president, Sir Wilfrid Laurier;
president, G. R. Maxwell, M. P.; first
vice president, Stuart Henderson; second vice president, Richard Hall, M. P,
P.; third vice president, J. C. Brown;
fourth vice president, S. S. Taylor, Yale-
Cariboo; treasuier, William Sloan, Na-
uaimo; secretary, T S. Ilaxter. Executive, W. J. McMillan, Vancouver; John
Oliver, M. P. P., Delta; James SlUbbS,
Atlin; Jobn Jardine, lO^uimalt; Alex.
L'rquhart, Comox;J, F. Bledsoe, Albei-
nl; H. O, Muller,   Vernon;   Dr. Sinclair,
Rosslaud; a. 10 Green, Golden; Arch B,
Dockslader, Sandon. The old constitution w*as rescinded and a new oue drawn
Mr. Joseph Martin then made au exposition of his attitude. He said that
he intended to bend bis course in the
house entirely in the interests of the
Liberal party, having been elected as a
straight Liberal. He supported the
present government last session, towards
the end of it, and possibly might support it this session, because he preferred
it to a straight Conservative government
which ha believed would be formed if
the present coalition were defeated. In
other words he preferred Mr. Dunsmulr
and his associates to such a government
as Mes-r.-i. Helmckctt, McPhlllips, McBride, Gordon, Tatlow and others might
form even if leavened by the presence of
Mr. K. V. Bodwell. He would take his
position in the house entirely untraii:*
melted nnd would agitate for tho passage
of a redistribution bill before any other
legislation was allowed to come up in
the  house,   Mr. John Oliver, M. P. P.,
said:     "I   (ullv endorse the   statement
made by Mr. Martin,"
The afternoon session  was closed by a
vole of congratulation and confidence in
the Laurier administration.
Evening Session.
The convention terminated this evening after adopting a platform and elect-
ing Mr. Jos. Martin leader of lhe parly
by unanimous vote.
Nelson Miner: W, II Blaketuore, manager for the syndicate, winch is operating iion properties near Kitchener, ar
rived in town   yesterday   from   lhe east,
here   he   has been   for   the   last   iwo
months, Mr, Blakemorereports that he
has all arrangements completed for the
resumption of work ou the iron mines
ami Bays a good sized   force   will be put
10 work just as soon as the weather will
permit. He says that the report of Director Frecheville ou the condition ot
the LeRoi had a good effect in Montreal
11 gave lhe plain unvarnished facts nnd
still showed that the LeRoi is u valuable
property. Mr. Blakemore leaves for tbe
east today.
The North Star is working about
twenty men. The principal work is
The foic- of men on the Sullivan will
not be materially Increased until the
smeller al Marysville is aboul ready to
blow in. Tbe company does not desire
10 get out any large amount of ore until
it can be shipped direct   lo the smrller.
k. O Jennings and Oust Thels have
been sinking a shaft on,their l'erry creek
placer grounds the past winter and
reached bedrock in a liltle over .10 feet.
It is their Intention to put in machinery
and work their .ground on an extensive
scale the coming season.
It is the  intention of several   parties
interested in placers on   Lamb crenk to
do some extensive prospecting neal
Weaver creek will be a busy place this
season. The placers there have attracted much favorable attention.
Canterbury Oitciop: Manager Thorn
as S arbird, of the McDonald Creak
mines, returned last week from a business trip lo Fort Steele,, and since it is
affirmed that he has completed the purchase of the Silver K'.ng claim fiom II.
C. Burton of Peterboro, and Harry Am*
uiie of Fort Sleele, for the McDonald
Creek Mines syndicate.
Harry Melton, who is working an iron
property on Baker mountain for Manager Hedley of the Halls Mines smelter,
of Nelson, says that they have the build
ings at the camp completed and tbe trail
built, and thai work on developing tne
property will proceed as rapidly us possible. They have had four feet of snow
on the mountain this year which made
their work more difficult.
Showing the Population ol Towns In South
East Kootenay.
From the census reports sent out the
population of the towns of South East
Kootenay are given as follows:
Fernie, 1640.
Cranbrook, 1196.
Moyie, 5S2.
Fort Steele, 353.
Kimberley, too
Of course these figures were taken
1 une lime ago, and the population of
most of the towns have materially in
creased since then, notably Fernie and
Cranbrook. Then there are the towns
of Klko, Marysville, Michel and Morns
sey lhat have grown up during lhe in
Tbe Add Fellows Ball a Grand Social Success.
A Glorious Evening Characterized
By Good Humor and a
Good Time.
The largest and most enjoyable dance
ver held in Cranbiook was that given
by the members ot Key CltJ lodge. I 0
0 F , last Monday evening, It was the
third annual ball of this order In Cranbrook, and each succeeding event bat
eclipsed its predecessor In brilliancy and
arrangement. The hall was neatly decorated with bunting an.l Bag! and lhe
itage was brightened by highly colored
Iraperles and hinging*- A few minutes
after y O'clock, the music •.tailed for the
grand march, and the tloor »a* Ailed
with   a   tine   looking  crowd of dancers
\s one gentleman present remsrked,
'Never before in tbe history of Cranbrook has there been seen such a number of magnificently dressed women and
appearing men." It was a sight
pleasant to look upon, and many were
the words of praUe by the visitors
Dance fallowed   dance,   from lhe K.00A
u a lured quadrille to the maty wain, until the hour of midnight when there was
a cessation in the festivities while refreshments were served, After lhe la-
were cleared the dancing was re-
ert and it was nearly j o'clock before
lhe   Strains   of "Home.   Sweet   lb.tne"
•rued the guests that ihe happy night
us drawing to a c!o*e.
Tbe committee in charge of tbe dance
are deserving cf ali kinds of credit for
the manner ir. which tbey dii-charged
their duties. The music furnished by
Messrs. Rookes and Highwarden was
excellent, and every feature of the ball
was almve criticism. It Is truly laid that
the Odd Fellows of Cranbrook have won
au enviable reputation a*- entertainers,
and every announcement along that line
by them i-- a prophecy of a grand good
Items ol Interest.
The smelters of tbe Boundary country
have secured a reduction of $1.35 a Iron coke. This is a saving of 16 per 1 \
over the former price.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Canadian Pacific Railway company on
Monday, the usual dividend of two per
cent on the preference stock for the half
year ending December last was declared,
and a dividend of two nnd a half per
cent for the same period was declared on
the common stock.
It uow looks as if tbe Goldenjsmelter
would be operated. At least there Is a
fight that way.
For the benefit of tbe Canterbury Outcrop The Heraltl would remark thai the
mail route between Windermere and
Fort Steele will be re-established, ami
that it will be due to lhe favorable action
f Cranbrook people.
The business portion of Patterson, N
J , and 1000 homes were wiped out by
fire last Sunday. The loss is estimated
at $10,000,000.
The coal miners of Frank have formed
a union.
Frank, Alta., hns establish!.) a strict
quarantine against all infected townF,
The amalgamated towns of Grand
Forks and Columbia have decided to retain lhe name of Grand Forka instead of
Miner, ns was first decided. The idea is
a good one.   Grand Forks is known.
Tbe Day Was Cekkrsied FO Crsnerook's
Sons of lhe Orient.
Last Thursday night the Chinese e'e-
tnent io Cranhrc-ok turned loo«e their
patriotism and firecrackers, and lur two
days the heathen did nothing but display his loyalty, clean linen ar,d silk
oveishirt. It is at this time that they
forgive their enemies ami remember
their friends, think Sam Suey, hit the
pipe and dream of the djy that tbey
will have accumulated asutticicnt amount
of Canadian money lo return to the land
of flowers, sunshine and cheap living, to
pose for the rest of their days as an Oriental Rorkafeller or Carnegie.
Ibe Chinese wipe out all scores during
the New Year's season. Every Chinaman is supposed to pay his creditors before New Years, but if he is unable to do
so, the score is wiped out, he owes nolk-
ing and credit is extended to him for
another year, as though he had always
paid liis debts. He may pay lhe old obligations if he wishes, but he does not
have to.
Grievances are also settled during the
New Year season. If « man has done
nother wrong be apologues, makas
1 mends and the enmity exists no mote,
it is uot good form for the aggrieved one
to refuse to accept the other's apology.
Etiquette requires him to forgive and
forget. So the Chinaman's New Year
finds him with his debts and his person-
I relations with his fellows adjusted and
he starts out lor another twelvemonth
with a cieau fcheet financially aud social-
The period of self congratulation and
conscience clearing was duly observed,
and Sunday the tribe felt satisfied (hit
their work bad been well tbine and lh»y
resumed their labors. The punk slick
had been burned, the Joss had been
placated, and once more their heathen
• Mill bad been fixed for a twelvemonth,
ami if death eomes iu llie meantime
they can meet it with the sloiciam of
lhe Apache Indian. Such is the faith
of the heathen.
Ilea id ;ii ttie Race Trsck,
Owner—Dors llie new  mare show any
speed, James?
Jockey—Speed, sirl    Why.   ahe'll  *ill
ihut 'er fi 1 st prise h'aa U'easy h'ns a
Smgei sewing machine at a world's lair.
A deplorable Case.
Cranbrook had a case of what seems
to be to be total depravity the past week
anil fortunately tor all concerned the
miserable wretch has left town, not,
however, before nn indignant father visited upon him a clubbing that was of a
most serious nature. As no good will be
attained by the publicity of names The
Ilers.d refrains from giving any. Fortunately no physical hnrm was done, the
little girl escaping by the cries she gave
vent to in lier fright. The man is across
tbe line by this time and if he considers
his personal safely  it   would  be well tor
him to kesp on traveling,
A snow plow wns run over ihe North
Star branch last Tuesday, CRANBROOK
4 1
l£=   /O0^._V5<l^-v^
E.lltoi and Propri, I ,l
rbf.MM 1*1   SUBt
'. '.s-i
ma Itesssl.l slfalres ta .t.i- tl '"•-.'i till-'
district.    It  roll  i-"■'•■    mi   ''" :  I'1"  "'""
yoni nil,,.-.., >■■.,, iik.,.1... mud 1110 tills om-e.
Joe Martin cam* out no top but tali
convention tirr-Ue „p In a row. 1- i-t a
question as ts. the value ol a vicloiv
umter those clrcutn.teocts.
T.i an ontililer u would acem th«t ll
the Liberal, ot BillUta Uilnmbla woul.'
la, a-,1.1* sein.n motive, lor »lx month,
an,! wois, toi ihe itooil .-I su* l'a,sy aH a
whole, .omethlnR ,nl|*l,l be aocoi-ipll-ta
c,l.   Ti,,. iv... k ..I tho past (eat or tw
would ll a e mas every   i tlncni
membei ol the party In this province
had o„u polio, .has hu a-lhereU to on an
occuloni ■Ms-.clt Out, las. ami all
the time, and to hell with tl,o pirty "
Do You Take The Herald?
Vou should if you don't. It gives the news ol
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
The M irysville   - Uei   will p">v» n
great boon to ali of South Kmt Koote
According to tbe Linleau tligleso-
elallsm is tha cure i.n- all evils.
R ,| Oovle, the Ci, P. It paawngei
agent at Vancouver, is on his wertnlnu
trip, There an- a lot ol newspjpei
men In Rrltlsh Ctlmnttla *li-- wish inn
genial gentlemau ail kinds ul joy in hi*
new step, m	
When Schwab, tha Iron king, mei
King Rdward, be aiw tha only Anglo*
Saxon who draws a larger salary than
hi m sell
The S union Faystreak has j ilueil the
Crows Nest Goal company's line ..I
j-mrnaisttc * Mitten, and parrotlike,
prints whit Is appearing In several
papers a' one time with suspicious unanimity, As to The Herald anil the 0. P
Ii, thU j.jpei has a yearly contract
witli tlie laud department l..i an a.leer
tlseinenl tor which i' receives it- regu
lar advertising price, 81.00 pel Inch. I.
stand* an it hm always stood, an Inde
owned   ami
trolled by oue pytsou only, and that Is
the editor. Ttie Vancouver World,Nelson
Miner ami a few jab Jpreas sheets like
the Paysireak. have suddenly blossomed out as critics ot  theO. V K   and In
every Instance the articles take tiie
same line, anil apparently have the
sauie ohjuct In view—the beuellt of tin-
Crows Neat Coal company, ll li evident that that company has established
a literary bureau, ami that just now It
Is working overtime.
Brother Lowery, of the New l)-nvcr
Ledge, la In Cillfornla blowing orange
blossoms oiT the irces ami froth oif the
schooners. II.; has an assistant that
makes his absence immaterial so far as
the paper Is concerned As a writer lie
Is as bright as :i new silver dollar.
Anarchy and socialism aie not synon-
imuiis terma by auy means, and yot, to
read the wild ravings of some so called
socialist editors, one would be led lo
believe tbat such was the caae. It is
the frothy niuiiihlngs of sucti creatures
that crucified Oui 1st. cast shadows in
the path of every good movement ami
Instills fear In the heart uf every conservative Individual who realizes the
wrongs of lhe piesent anil netnb.es al
the thought of reformation at llie hands
of radical cranks. The red 11 ig has no
abiding place In the he-ms of a civilised people.
There have been many words of praise
foi the letter written by Coiumlailonei
dark of Moyle. tli.it appeared lu last
week's II-raid.
The Herald columns are always open
for a (air dlscuailou of any question,
but writers must semi their names with
any communication. Uot don't t-hli.lt
that you can use The Herald (or v:n>
Ing spite against anyoie That cannot
be tolerated, It never bus been and It
never will be. so long as Tbe Herald is
under its present management.
They had no Chinese New Veai In
Moyie.    Tiiere are no C iluese tiiere.
Cranbiook can uow lay clulm tu
another distinction, She i* now ti..
social center and bet career In the so-
clal line tne past few mouths has been
a recoid breaker.
The Herald Is Indebted in H m Clifford Sifton for an alias of western Canada that contains inncb valuible ir.ior-
The English are woiked up over tin
wholesale corruption uncovered In tht
war department, livery country has
discovered that th.- cloak of patriotism
oft times covers tbe schemlog heart of
a rasc.il, who Is every reidy to pre)
upon tbe people lu the hour of trial
The United States bad her beef fraud-
and now England has Imr   hoise steal'
Navigation is very difficult on the Ar
row lake run. Tha water Is low iu tht
Narrows, below Nakttsp, ami mucl
trouble Is experienced with ice, Tnes
day's boat having to bresk four Inchti
of the congealed aqua.
At a numerously at (ended piibl'c
meeting held at Itosaland the other day
It was linamlonalv resolved to open a
subscription list for i m imorlal for tin
Ute   Father Pat",
J    A. M.  WrlUa   nl   "UbftilltUCO to   Ku«p I
(Hit   >1ioili....il   Hue."
This la a moral world. The deep- I
est distinctions in life are those I
which Ht-puruto actions as good und1
bud, Every responsible being knows
Unit in conduct there is a right and ,
thoro   Is   n   wrong       That   knowledge'
of moral distinctions la ilu- bastB of
With iliji- knowledge, which inakua
k.-ep our manhood     truo.    We uuiat ;
not .mly know that  there is a right
and a wrong In perwoiial actions; wo
inuHt do Oi.- right .unl not the wrong.
This is Hi,- absolute miii IlllplTUtlVU
law uf eoiisi'i.-mv. nnd hii> olfc-tiro
against   il   doi's viol.-lice to Hie moral
nature ot th lender.    Tho moral
history of lho inillvliluul and ol thu
nn-.- is dotcrinInert by obedience of
disobedience to thu accepted standard of right uml wrong. Tlm standard may bu (Infective, but lis behests
nn- absolute. 'I'., lum tbut thlnkotb
a thing  to bu sin lo him it is sin.
In this day,    when a short-Righted
and selfish  utility  is set   up as    the
.'ni,Tion  of  life,   it   is  worth    while
recalling    ourselves   to     tho soberer
judgment   no!   of the  Dibla only, but
of all   tho great  moral  teachers    of
the world.    A nmn'a truu nobleness
,   in his moral Integrity; he must bo j
true      io   himself und   to   Un* life bo
Ims.    If to Ins own Bcnso of right hu j
ia  not   true,   if ho slurs  his eyes to
iho light  or Is blinded by selllslniuss
or pu-.-ion, hi* plttys over again    inl
his own personal history the tragedy j
ui Macbeth, and, whatever tho gum, j
there stands against  him lho crime
of moral suicide.    Every bin against
the light is nol (-murder.
In the ordinary ulTalrs of common
life   tbu   testing  eoines   unannounced,
and   in      tho   sucret   chumber   of   the
moral   nature     thu choice is made.
That choice makes tor lho fixing of
character.    If to    lho "Thou vhalt"
of conactenco refusal is given,    lhat
sin ugalust the light makes Lho light I
hateful and  blinds tho eyes.    There
eomus     ii   tlmu    In tho down-grade
journey of a moral  being when     the |
light which at first was refused, then i
l.oi.-il. is no longer scon,   Then it isi
that  tbo    Interior light is darknuss
and evil is chosen Instead of good.    ,
•There is needed tills day a strung |
voice in the home, in tho school, in
thu church, in the street, culling
uluud and earnestly to a generation
given ov.-r io shallower LhougliLs,
that Ufa is not b jest, that truth Is
truth, and only tbey who seek it
sliull k.-ep it; that only they who love
the light shall Hml il, uml Hml lo
sin against the Ii(*.lii we hnve is lo
lose the power of seeing. We may do
evil in doing what wo think is right;
we do Lhe greatest evil, even tho
murder of conscience in the soul,
when wn da what we think is wrong.
The sense of right is thu divinest
thing In human iiiituro.—J. A. M„
in Toronto Slur.
Wm- Office I'luiin to M»k« the Umber I«-
pi et;in-.l.L,.-A New Uarritcka With
.1   1  lll-«   (..UO.llllilill.
Extensive improvements In tbe
(oruti-'UioiiH oi Halifax me planned
by tho Imperial authorities, although the oibcers of the garrison
um. as usual, extremely reticent. It
transpires that tho War Department
will construct at the very mouth ot
Halifax harbor one of the strongest
foils iii the world. The new fort
Will oxcoed In proportions York Ke-
doui'i. which is second only to the
ono ut Gibraltar, Tin- new fortress
will be united with 12-lnch disappearing, qiiick-nring guns ul the latest
typo. It is slated that il will be
located      nt   or  near Sainhro,  at  the
point whoru ull vess.-ls entering Halifax harbor must take their bearings,
This fortress will be of the utmost
strategical value, fur no hostile
tbvi coubi pass it without being disabled. Sorgt.-Mojor Wostwood,
Iloyal Engineurs, an export fortress
constructor, who nnived recently
from England, was ordered by thu
Imperial authorities to superintend
tho construction of the work. The
Imperial authorities have decided to
erect new barracks aud to construct
other Important works iu Halifax
this summer. Flans were sent to
Halifax contractors. The plans prepared by the military authorities call
for ii brick barracks for married
soldiers, quarters for ollicers of the
Hoyal Engineers and Iloyal Artillery,
quarters for wind master and a I
gymnasium, The gymnasium build-
Ing will bo the linest in Camilla. It '
will cover a large area of ground and
will be constructed on the citadel
slope. It will contain BWlmrning
baths, shower baths, dressing room,
Look tor the
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
. \ cm op
ii    WONDER,
• ;  Backed by the Payrolls ol* Two Gigantic Coal Companies
i i
••  and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines	
t -tiiitiliioi A|iples.
Nothing In ilic Canadian Pavilion
at Glasgow, which is always crowded j
wiih visitors, atlrscLs so much at-
teiiLfoii or causes .so many inquiries
as the exhibit of apples, which, ;
fresh from cold storage look us
though llioy had just been gathered. !
This is nn object lesson al one.- of
the value of th- production nnd of
thu system by wbleh il can at all
seasons bo placed in Lho hands of
Lho consumer in Lhc best possible
condition, hi attempt Ing io give
any particulars regarding Individual
exhibits great dlillculty is found from
lhu neglect of many exhibitors to
send wilb their wans miy token by j
which ihey can bo distinguished, or
Information from which pricus cnn
bo ascertained, The attendants in
tbo employ oi tho Government do all
thai thi-.v ran to remove these do-
f.-eis, but they cannot be expocLed
ollhor to d.-vis- labels or lo fix
prices. Somebody has missed a
good advertising chance,
Walls sum to I anuria.
since the emigration work In connection wllh I"'. Unrnai'do's Home
bogan   11,0-17   young people     have
l u sent  to Cnnnda,   A pinty     of
Oil young glt'ls have inst pulled for
tlm Dominion in il»- Allnn llnur Tunisian; ibis being the nccoild patty
dcspTaJohcd (bis year, Rays a Londbn
Itii.-r. It, proceeds: The lion. I'ran-
cla J. Lascolles, who shot u Chinaman employed on his ranch nnd Is
now in u Vancouver asylum, won lho
ninth of ten boys, and Is thirty
years of am'. Tbo family owns o
largo estate In Yorkshire, nml a con-
■lderablu amount of property In tho
w.st end of London, but ii Is nol
ranked among Hie rich. Harowood,
tlie Yorkshire eat a to, wus once do
scribed by 1VI1 ber force, when ou his
emancipation eninpalgn, as "ono of
tlie finest places in England."
The i iiiiriii.iiii'*. buck,
Mr. Lou Chapman, gwrnry traveler and comedian, Is considerahlo of
a practical joker, but lhu laugh Is
rather mi Loll Iheso days, says tho
Bruce Harald. He wns enjoying n
few Mivs' Pshlng nt Hopworlh last
week. I'lin tincrf (lies are protty bud
up 'beri'. so tb.- fishermen pui sume
kind of a mixture on their faces to
ki-i t. them oft I.ou got bold of the
wn.n'v bottlO end |ilnsl.-ml bis face
and ni-ci: in..si beautifully with varnish, After siv ahaves and four
shampoos he was again able to pre-
seit'. liiniFt-lj to his ciisti rs,    but
he still bus a rather odd appearand!, Whirl, is fliruiinted for by bis
car. bolng still Stuck to liis head.
< anailtnn Csnsns nf ISflt.
Ily the recent census returns It uj>-
pears thai Hu* whole population of
Upper Oiiniidn is 8011,(1011, of which
tbu cities nnd towns havo (14,800.
Toronto, 311,105; Hamilton, 10,031;
Kin--,!on, 10,007; Drockvtlle, 2,7r>7;
DyLown, 0,010; Cornwall, 1,000;
London, Man, ftm| Niagara, 't.L-Hii.
I'opllli n of Kbi.rs'oii ■- The following is (mm tho census of tho
city mid its immediate neighborhood
for  1850: City of Kingston, 10,700;
Military,     1,300;      soldiers,    \\< n
nnd   children,  400;  llari lelield,    Hint;
l'ortso li,    .MM);    IVhil.-llI  lU'V,  M7i
total    population, 18,047, ■—   From
Tbe Ulubj nf Juuu 24, JH.'.l.
Stwtttutnt or Their Number, Hi!«*(* and
Other J aft, rui at Ion,
From returns received from the 85
electric railways of Canada, Ur.
George Johnson, the Dominion statistician, makes up the following
siiiiein.'iii; "Ai. tlm end ul December,
1000, the number of miles uf electric
railways in Cunada Increased tu 081
miles, or 49 miles over Uie number ia
"The -lo electric railways in Cunada carried 118,120,802 passengers
In 1000, nn Increase uf 14,097,208,
This is equal to currying every man,
woman and child iu the country 21
"The cur mileage run wus 80,924,-
8G5 miles, on Increase of 1,277,SOS
miles over 1899.
■The mileage run and the passengers curried show that fur each mile
run the electrics curried 8.8 passengers, aguliist 8.fi in lM.i!».
"Tbe amount of paid-up capital Invested in electrics oil Dee. 81, 1000,
wus $20,088,000, and the bonded
debt wus 912,019,422.
'"The number of ears In active service in Ohio wus l.(>-12, an increase
of ps over the previous year, Tbe
employes numbered 4,498, showing
nn' iiierense of 104 over 1H99.
"The. tolal receipts for the year
wen- $.-1,422,040, and the expenses
"The sti-mii railways carried 17,-
122,193 passengers in 1900. So that
mt;il piissoiigers transported by rail
was 180,252,005. Dutween them, the
ste.itn nml electric railways earned
the who)., population of Canada 2o
limes in thi- year, and the proportion
was over K7 by electric and a little
under 18 by steam in every 100 persons carried,
"Since 1807 the number of passengers curried by the electrics Increased from 88,811,000 tO 118,180,000,
nn Increase uf 84,819,000, which is
eqilnl lo 4t per cent., while those
carried by steam using railways in-
crensed from 18,742,464 to 17,122,-
198, tin  increase of 2fl per cent.
"Tho expenses form about 67.50
per eiiii. of ihe gross earnings ofthe
sloam-uslng roll ways ami about 00.-
27 per cent, of the gross earning of
tha electric railways."
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
P. il. Fort Steel., B. C.
and Builder   .*
All nurls "iiarnntei-d.   Sec us befure
you blind.   It will pay you.
Cr.i rib rook, 11 L
Ssirrminslcsl Its
lhe ti.lli.isin*..
Ami fine Agricultural
Cniinir>.  Large herds oi
H   !
I       -^
in jiiiiuiJiini .■ with a ill-
mate ».l„ii,-t Southern
and .ill that ciuld be
ASf'IlMOI A -=* owned aiid backed by the payroll of the Sitnilkameen Valley
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee in its -sell
ol its success. '1 lie equipment and development ol their
coal mines, installing of water, electric light and power
plants are already arranged lor. The development of the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by llie Eastern capitalists, who have established their payroll al Ashnola, make
it the coming city of the interior of British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
In blocks 1 to 4 and 13 to 20 the price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May 1, 1902, and to 10 per
cent, in the remaining blocks. The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed for 8 buildings including
cottage* tor the employees ot the company at Ashnola. This
work will be under full headway by May 1st. The company's
stock is now selling; at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in ° equal
* l)lit;r»ll*B   to ('HUftil*.
The area of the Dominion, extending us it tloes from the Atlantic to
the 1'iicilic, is as large as Europe,
but the population is no greater than
tbut of London, says l.lo>d's Weekly, ft hut u prospect tbis opens Up tu
i host, who are possessed of tho necessary energy uud nipilul to take ud-
vanlngo of lis greal resources in agriculture-, minor tils, fisher Ids, forests,
nnd Uin nil fact ores! It oITers free
grunts of Inn.I to settlers iu some
provinces (Manitoba, the Northwest
Territories, and parts of Ontario),
Crown grants iu others (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario,
ami llritish Columbia), uml Improved
farms may be obtained everywhere at
reasonable prices. ft bat Cunada
wants is more people and more capital,  and   those  who are anxious     to
obtain Information about our leading colony-Iih progress In recent
y.ins, and lhe advatltUgoS It olT.-rs to
settlers of all classes- cannot do better than consult Un* High Commissioner (or Canada', whose otflces are
at 17 Victoria strcot,  London, S.W.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
nnulmite of Chanipion college of U.   S
Office Slid store, Aiken Moi*k,
neat Ciumdiaii Hunk of Commerce, Cranbrook. B. C
Upholstering und liencnil Furniture Impairing
Will altentl to any woik in the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at IN:sideiuii, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ■   ■   ■   ■   9:30 to 11
AtlernooiiH   ■   •   •   ■   1:30 In 3:.10
Evenings   ■   ■   •   •    7.3U to 8:30
CRANIIROOK,    :   :   i        :   :    B,  C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
l, tie analytical ohomlst mul rontral muajrer tu
tin- North star .Mln in e.'in|...iiy. I'liiiie.i.
Hvery Description at Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention tu Sampled  by Mail and
Ei prest,
Oir.ce nml liii.oiiitnn.
Kooienay Si, Nelson, U. C
Ncwaptpar Itmlneii lu iiimh City,
The newspaper business must be a
good thing In Dawson City. Tho
rules for The DaWBon City Daily
NoWfl are li.1 cents a copy, or $4 a
mouth. Tbu subscription rate for
the town Is $-18 a year. It Is un
eight-page daily for live mouths of
the year nud four pages for the remainder, Tho circulation is a little
under 000 per day. A 10-page weekly paper is published at Hi. rents u
copy for the town. It is distributed
up tlio creeks by dugs and carriers
ami  outside  the lown  the price      of
tha single paper is 50 coals to $1,50,
according lo the distance the currier
bus io travel to ibe subscriber,
In Tbo Dawson News Ollice Iliem is
a Mergatillialer machine, which, with
oil equipment'*, cost $-1,700, but by
(ha time if wns    In tided in Dawson
Mu-  eosl   laid     down     lilt-re  Was  $H,-
280, It had been shipped too late
for nave-niton and bad to be carried
-tun iiiib-s over the Ice. The horse
feed uloiis.cost CD' a day and It
took 117 days tu muku tbu trip,
For lime tables and bill Inlnrmatlon, call on
ur address nearest total agent.
A. Q, P. A, Agent,
Vancuover, H.C. Cranbrotik
J. S. CARTER, I). I'. A., Nelson, ll. C.
Four years ago the Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
Today they are quoted at $80.00.   With the advent of transportation	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any other company in Canada.   For further information apply to	
t ♦
Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited
Nelson, British Columbia.
• * • * • •>•*•>» » • * • • • •» • * ■» *
^V ....Dealers In....
* Wall s Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
x*>'      riouldings, Etc.
/>V Paper Hangers and Decorators.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only tile best.    Yuur
trade is solicited.
I.O.O.F.   Key Clly Lodge
No. I.'.    Moots every I'r'
,-■    -.-*,—  ilny iiiulit nt Ihelr hull on
linker street.    HojotinilliB
Odd Follow* cnnlliilly Invited.
S. J. Morrow, II. Parsons,
N. ii. Hoo'V,
■»i Cranbrnok LaJge, Nu. 34
A. F. & A. M.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a call.
iti's'iii,,, mectlnga nn the
tlilnl Tliiirnlny ,.f llto
\ 1st,,,,(.,in Uur,, tvalcmn..,!,
;„,.... A. t.KAcn,Sett'jr.
Barrister, -Solicitor. Etc.
Cranbrook, ;        British Columbia
Notice la horoby plven that application will he
nia.ii' i» the I'nrilntneni ofrnnwln nl Ut next
susoinii fm im Act mithnrUliig the st. htary'a
Plver linihvny t'< mpnnv to oinattuct n branch
nr pstcnalon ot us mliwny irom sumo point on
thottompnny'a presenl lino nt rnllwny iiience
northerly imti we*torly by iho North Kootenny
I'iirh tn a jmlnt an Uu ICnotontiy River in llrltldi
Cllllimhla  li'-tweeii  Wnrillier niul  tlie iiiterilll-
iii.nui I'iiiukUi'v. witli iiiilhorltj nl*o t M'litisiriict
liriinelies from any vhiti en tho propowl linn
llOt exeeeilitii* III im> one CftBO BU lulled ill lenKlll.
wdli liner iiisiiioi'iiii-iiint't, own uml npernte
leieitiiuh iiii.it.'ii'i.iii.iie line* im ihe.iwoofthn
iiiiiiH,-. mnl in ucti'-rtif-, tritimmil ami ileal in
eli-rirleliy iiliileli't'iiie |.nwer.
Datiti Dooomlior i.n ii, mm.
W;tlter lltirulelt,
I     43 'J fullcltur fur Appllotllt.
J           CRANBROOK, B. C. J
* ill
u   ************************ tb
* PHTEH MATIIESON, I'roprlelor. J
|J ************************ £
J   When you  are liuti^iy  nnd   uailt ^
V          a gooil men)  j;n to   the  I'.hhI it
2J          Kootenny. 1*
I|l   When you  ure tired nnd wont it J
m\          (>ood rest go to lhe Knut Koo- ip
jjj         tenay. jjj
I  When you nre thirsty end wnnt ■< J
■ft          liood  flunk   go   to the   l.nst ,|.
1*          Kootenny. 1-
jf   In fnct whi-n yon are in Cranbrook 2}
,*.         stop at llie Bant Kootenny. ip
'■ftfd-tftf (CM.-041*1*1* *»*>»>
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shepherd R'y Co.,
Rctl    Alotmlain   Railway   Co
The only nil mil route between all
points East, West nnd South lo...,
Intermediate Poinls.
Cnnnci-liitp. nt
SPOKANE nil), Ilio
Great Northern, Nurthmi Pacific
and O. R, & N. Company,
Comiests :,t
Nelson  with Steamer for Kaslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Councctfi .Inllv
At    llossliiir-r   Stage   Dully   for
Clrand Porks and Qreenwood.
it. a. Jackson, lien, v»n, lit,
I h.ivc Rood wood of .ill lengths.
Lowe ordtrs .it Townsilc ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There are a tew points lo
he considered in building,
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have you lalkcsl with nnyone about bniidi,,*?
Cnnie -ind kq mc or let nto sec yon, ll may
Uo us both good.
Contractor. '
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
•n at - f*"i an   13 <m
v_ At*   i c*i
cific Railway Lands
Th.    Annnitl   Report   St......   ll.,,.   Till.
Country I. Advancing lt,i,.l.l,v.
Tho annual ropot't on initios   und
in,„,,,,.-    in  I'm1.1.In  allows  that  tills
country     ih udvun, liu- rapidly,    nl-
tlioltgli mtiuv .nil bo k..i ,., .-..-.l ,.. ......
Itow Hinisll ii plnco in.i, soil holds In
In tli
li.iiv  i„.  |uo
our iiuiiiii*
,,1 pr
..,!., I ,.
iHtir  _ 	
I.T.I.S     „    	
In 1880 tho pruil
ol I'niiii.lii ss,,,. Ions
tl>„, s.l Uu. Hm,i-.l .'
per i-en
M tins
will so
ll,.-   I',
Sketch   of  tl.. ll.suiSS....   N.vl.*.toi   IV,...
To.ik th.  Ih,..ml Over.
Tho nobis island and flourishing
city of British Colombia whul, bear
Mi.-    u,nn..    of Vancouver nre teatl*
ItlOliy to tile debt ol our wester,, seis-
cotuit to iliu, .tiniiii less navigator
uml explorer, Ho,,, rn 17.-.8, Vancouver wus only thirteen years old
when    I ,,,.-i-.-.i the itriiisi, navy.
seivuiu nliiu.sl   li e.hulely after   as
[iiiii-.iiipiiiuii ,,, the sei-i.ud and third
iii lhu
I,   III
as Unit ol the I
not be forgotten,  however,  thai
Increase is largely slue ,,,  il„. ,,1
diggings uf lhe Yukon Tlie pro
tioiiate valUO of the dllTcrent inin
products was,  in lain.,., as folios.
1. Hold     _   	
2. Coal   and   coke       .„ .
a- Oopper 	
4. Bricks  (estimated)  „  ...
5. Nickel 	
0.  Silver   	
7. Building stuna  (cstlimilei
8. Petroleum 	
9. Lead   	
10. Lime (estimated) 	
11. Cement   ......  „	
112.   Asbestos    _   	
IH.  Nuturul gas 	
14. Oypsuin 	
15, Salt 	
10. Xron Ore 	
17.  Sundry   under   1   [i.e.    ...
illiet-1 hill     WH ll
bwesi     coasl  ul Aiuorlca,
llil   uot   In-Kin   until    ITH'.i,
ivlng risen rapidly in bis
|irof(-»nlort during ibe uii-miilmu, lm
wus   dcHpiilchi'd     at  Uu- I tend id    a
MiN.II    Hqiladr.ll eeeive    I lie     Mii-
'iiiili'i   ot  Nnolka.  ou  Hie  ihlai.ll  now
known by bis mum., from tbe Spanish Uoveriimoiit, Me was also io
mil..' u survey id Hi.- coasl nortli-
waril, i<> ascertain wlmtlier tha
stiaii id Juan de l'n.a was molly a
Btrait, ntut wbelber some ineiilis ot
co in mu n lea tion ilnl nm exist by water bel ween tha Pacific nnd tho groat
lakes ot Western Cunada. Four
years was spout by Vancouver in
i liis work, during which he wintered
iu lho Sandwich Islands and rucross-
..[ to ihe American const with the
spring. Ju 1703, his mission completed, ho returned to England, With
characteristic zeal and eiinrgy he nt
nine plunged into ihe work M preparing an elaborate report of bis
operations and discoveries, but be
had nol completed bis task when nu
May 10, 1708, It- died at Petersham,     iu     Surrey, his end doiibll.
ones; a regular attendant at the Bit-
lings, but un uncommunicative one.
Th.'iu In* sils in his seat, day after
day, bis Iron-gray hair baroly dls-
cernlblu behind Hie beads ot tha
Other occupants ot tho Opposition
benches, taking no part in the dia-
LUKHlnuH innl going nud coining so
quietly as ordhuil'llj to attract little, if any, notice, it is Interesting
to wonder sometimes what Charlemagne Laurlor thinks    about it all.
What   fancies  puss   through   the   busy
brain beneath that Iron-gray thatch?
Hoes lie ever meditate on the tricks
fate plays upon her mortal puppets?
Hoes bo ever envy the distinguished,
brother so near to him by blood lies,
no fur above liliu ia tho political
world? linen ho ever wonder at tbo
partiality of the fickle goddess who
makes one brother the lirst Commoner in ull lhc bind nnd of tho other un
obscure, silent, bock bencher? Does
cent, operations ana atscoverios, but be he ever wish to exchange* places with
12.88 J had nol completed bis task when on [his    distinguished   half-brother,    to
butter thu peaceful quiet of bis scmi-
ohseiiniy for tin; trials and ttibula-
•1 18 hastened by the active spirit which ' tit.na, ihe rewards und worries, of
■1 17 : i'-fl him to bear more perhaps Uu-u those who sit iu the fierce white light
■1.10 his full share of ibe hardships neces- of publicity? Uoub'.less strauge
;, n;t Mirily incidental to hid stirring thoughts sometimes chasa themselves
2.42   career. ■ through the brain of this quiet little
-j .i7 |
On* thu Uoit Coufplouoai In l-nrllnmcDt,
(lie Othtir Am.int.' tin. Silent,   Un-
iiuiu-eil  BAOk Bencher*
Charlemagne Lai
tOtlve of L'Ass,.iti
brother uf tbe I'r.
Ih.'i,     but  child
Carol us    Laurier,
tbu only bun by  (I
Charlemagne Lu
older than Ins .1
brother, ami be I.
Toronto Star. Ho
ler, the represen-
ion, is the half-
lei the same fail first wile of
in* Premier being
second wife,
ler is lu years
iinguished balf-
ks it, boJ'S Tho
ne of the silent
1.(11 |
1 Ufl
| man on the buck benches, but it is
doubtful if tb" Older brother be-
I grudges the younger his greatness. If
| he does he gives no sign
lhc Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $500 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Kiss Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ,,l principal nnt! inl rest, except in the
ctise of lands under S2.50 nn ticrc, is divided into ten instalments ns
shown in llic tabic below; lhc first tu he p.-titl nl the lime of purchase, (no second one year iron, tlatc of the purchase, the third in
two years „nd so on.
The following table shows the amount of the annual instalments
on liifl aires nt different prices under lhe above conditiuns:
11,11 nm ni $2.50 per acr. Isi Instalment 551. .5 o equal ,'nial'is al $50.00
3.00     •• ••               7I.M 11              60.011
3.50     - 11               85.90 »              7(1.00
4.00     » "               05.85 "              80.00
4.511      ■• "                107.55 '.               DO 00
5.01)      •■ "                 10.85 11             100.00
Kimberlev is ",c' ',us'ncss al"1 shipping poinl for the
J North Star iiiul Sullivan, mines.
BEAt ex ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrouk is ",c (liv'sinni1' P0'1-' °- ",c Crows Nest Pass
Railwny and llic commercial centre uf Simh
Last Kooienay.
V. HVDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For fuiil'i-r Information Apply lo agents as abuve ur ie
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If the land is paid for in full at the
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent un the amount paid in excess of tbe
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also lui- for sale
in lhe'following town sites in Fast Kooienay: F.lko, Cranbrook, Mnyelle, Rilcti.
cner, Creston and kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in .siv and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range ami the gateway to the White
Qrouse cupper fields.   J. !'. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent.
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Ascnt, Nelson, It. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Canadian Iron in Hiit.iin.
Tho London, Kng-., Speaker says:
"The arrival in tho Clyde of 3,500
tons of \ng iron from Canada is a
development of some significance.
Hitherto tho iron which has come
into this country has l.c.'ii brought
from the continent ami the Onlted
States when production Uiere has
been in excess of the demand; and
so far from Importing from the Dominion we hnve sont it ait average
of about 10,000 tons annually. Tho
shipment represents tlio first effort
of tha Pemtidon in.n Si Steel Company to cultivate a foreign trade.
This concorn is of a magnitude equal
to some of the largest establishments
uf Pittsburg; it owes iis Inception
to American brains, which were
prompt to recognize the iron and
stool manufnet urlng possibilities of
the country. Us works nre situated
ut Sydney, Cape Breton, an*- from
the immediate neighborhood it
draws Inexhaustible supplies of good
ore, coal and Hmcstono, nt prices
which bring the cost of the materials to only about :is. ;iti. per ton,
as compared with 18s. at Pittsburg.
Doing located in Canada, tho company pays no duty on sueh of i's
products ns nre consumed lu tht
country, and its position al tidewater :.ives it n great advantugu
over American rivals for the purposes of n foreign trade. Moreovci,
it receives a bounty from ilu* Canadian Qovernmont, and tins audioes
to pay freights to and landing
charges In England, Tho whole ol
tin- Dominion Company's f.
sLft.ii uf tlie Premier uud Colonial Sec-
If til I-*  of Neuf.rllHdUlHl
II..,.. Robert Bond Premier and j ip ;i, Urni:ll it, to ,|li: ,„,.,, „„.,.,
Colonial Secretary of Newfoundland, j hi.rSi probaMy more su> but the Pre
is returning    from    England, after \miM of Canada makes no display o
tiling with the Colonial Olllco the | ,.-„ cnioliona, Tho *„,„... duV( wearv
question, so far as   it    ,nff r,-lsJ-iMy of ilw S(Vniin(,iv m\lea
Ami  I', Ov r.'Tu  liw ,,,,,,,,,,. ,ie'^**#M*#***^^^
can l:
tiled iu dealings between lho
colony nnd the llritish Government
without consulting Kranco, Though
born in St. John's, in 1857, Mr.
Bond was educated at Queen's College, Taunton, England. His father, .Mr John Bond, was a native of
Torquay, Devonshire, who conducted
an extensive business at St. John's
as a branch of a Bridj
ini'tii. Tin* present Premier studied
law, but before being called to the
bar entered politics in 1880. In
tsS.'i ho was chosen Speaker of 11."
Assembly, and on tho retirement of
Sir William Whit Way in 1886 Mr.
lioml became lender of his party. On
Sir William Whltoway'a reiurn to
politics in 1880 Mr. Ilond entered
his Cabinet at Colonial Secretary,,
which post he held almost, continuously until 1807. In 1800 he was
ono of three delegates Io England on
the French shore question, and the
same year was appointed by both
tho Colonial and llritish Governments to visit Washington to arrange a reciprocity treaty. In is-.-j
he was sent to Halifax to consider
i lie fisheries and other matters witb
representatives of our own Government, In 1895 ho wns at thu Otta-
wa Conference. Mr. O, A. Dana
wrote of him: "A comparatively
young man, but his tact and ability
entitle him to rank with tho leading statesmen of tho day."
budget dobate, the Premier crossed
over to lhe Opposition side and wan- S
dt-ml up through the labyrinth of <ty
spats to where his half-brother was §
sitting. One hand he placed with a Jj
caressing motion on the older man's
shoulder, while with the other he
■hook bands. Just a few words Were
exchanged, and then the first Coiu-
tablish- | mont.r |n Canada cainc back to his
place. What did tho Premier say m
that brief Interview? Probably nothing   Very   much,   but   lie   n.ndn   for   lha
moment the obscure little man wiih
tbo Iron-gray hair tho cynosure oi
all eyes. Doubtless. If Charlemagne
Laurlor is a sensible man—and lhe
chances are that ho is, else he would
not be where lie is—he feels proud of
the man who throws a shining lustre on the family and tbo narno of
Laurier,    ami    in content witn    tlio
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co,
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,    KIN US   OF-
mofl.'st   measure of  redo,
that Ims hitherto boon lii™
,1     Blur/
Snrrao.   of   In,
r..tr.l   .1    A**,,   al
rimi*  rsts.l
i-ti i.utl.'t  in  Canada  itself
likely  to bo found for tho -
ns ..input  of over 'On. 000
annum, there i*1 ever;  pros
regular shipments an n big
England.      In tact, Can	
threatens to prove n llior
competitor than either .■
Uorman Dr nolglnn "
llll.U   11.-I   Slflft   Ill
News    despatch fn
uuin    by
ly, Vankei
li might Interest lhat pui
know that a Rood many
Mr    A.lai.i  Fnlli,  ..   merchn
. in
only   "Ynnkiw    Di
"Uod     Stive  lhe  i
ti.ii-.lunl   tvhlstlhiB   ol   1
tinned,     in gradually
Into repeal Inn the must
i, ii.i record thai ins <■
iiut ample reward obtn
dn Lunate cobbler.
■a by
Ifttl mirage on Lako Huron   on j
,iii Saturday. The surface of
lake appeared to bo elevated at
ngle ol about twenty degrees, t-o
from Front street in Sarnla the
ovorcd sulfate of Lake Huron
visible over the top of the bUlld-
ui Point t-'ihv.trd. Tho contour
ie shoro was plainly visible for
i' miles, and tlrti uneven surface
tlie ico holds broken here and
• by si icnks of open water could
.-it Btratchlng away till losi in
ti-.tuii.t- of tho northern horizon.
most Bfngular fen I ure of Hie
nl ti. I.. 'U Wus lite King i iiut* lllll lliii which ihe surface of the lake
an-il at Intervals to rise iiiiiI
At one lime the ice-covered
■mi.tiv of the lake would be barely
visible above tin- lower intervening
buildings, nud presently, like the
raising <.f a drop scene In a theatre,
tlie landscape would appear to rise
till the shore of lhu lake and the
■teamen Imprisoned iu the in* field
would bo plainly visit,i,. high over
tlie summit of Fort Gratiot lighthouse,     ns if suspended in mid   mr.
'ti.' singular ph inonon lasted for
b'Vernl hours, and was viewed with
en Immense amount of interest by
the townspeople of Sarnla.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New Vork
,     WsiSl
Portl ml
St. Paul Chicago and all 11. S
.nu,............ „...*.....
In  PontlpclluQ  Willi   i,
to lho , in  I i
Ing |,roai ..I  William  I.;
■ i...  .vlnrli  ss,|.. ill   ono 11
iii Toronto Hay, Mr. Tl
ol IIH Mclllll street, To
„s „ boy i„ si.iiiiisiii.. I
il,.,,  Air.  ll......r Imti a p
,..|.i,,f.,l     tu bo iin* ono
'll,,*     wiih b'otoro 18.-.0,
Why .,'■'. im Tlt.lr Uf.,..
i'""-"-      i    Sotii,.   Ontario   ...liloru nro dlfloun-
U „    hm   s,„4 whctlior or nol ,. solf*t'CB-iactliig
I..- print-   tlrillBl, sttbjoct could klM the Itnnd ..I
Markon-   lho King,   It all depomls on tlio point
I.-|...-,,..I   ..I \ i.w.    soys    Tlio    Woodstock I0x-
us siuiw   pross.   No self-respecting cltfzcn could
...    says   kiss anybody's   hand „s a tokon    of
.members   solf-nlmHolnonl; yol if ho looked upon
,„k pt'rss| ti,.. coromony merely as an acknowl-
■ ono in .i-ii-stum.   odgmetil of IiIh allegiance, there is no
is.,,,.    Mr. Shaw   riiisnn why Ills   self-respoct     sluuild
. sold  uml  pawiod   suitor,      Old corcmonlos  limy  be ro-
.i.ni ol Mr. .1. M.   lalned l.niB after their original   hIb-
..,   i.,  Mr. Wheeler,   nlflcanco Ims  departed,    Why  Kliosild
Shaw, tho bod .-(   „ man tnlso „it    liis hat to a lady?
hosed l.s  Mr. .Ins,   Aacordlng to the original significance
•o Alt..-,-,, Ontario   of iho custom ho offers h.-r an insult.,
s tins wus ssbusit   for by removing his lint ho prosuinea
i that, slio is carrying „ club or   some
j other niut'tlerotis w,-n|ii„, concoaled In
tho folds of hor drnporloa, Whon   ho
1 imti.-.- an odd.   i„|„.s „ii ],is i,„t bo says to her   In
iok in your eye,   t.nw-t,:     "There is   my naked   head;
silinl's thu mat- . siimsl, II It you waul to."   Hut   who
tor? ; ever ,hi„ks of tlio oriyln ot the cua-
Bvo—0 Adilie!    From ilu- manner   nosv?
in which you lot mc have my own .	
way in everything, without „ word ! rii,,,, with Vonpntou. s,.tis...
of romonstrance,  I aomeltmes can't,   ti,0 p,,Ht 0, Drills!, Columbia for-
hclp    lliiiilsiiii- that I am not your   ,,S,H     |S    ft j,i„nt. railed Iho devil's
liist wifol     | club.   It    hiss    spikes which, when
—*  I they enter the flosll,  break  off    and
to Fro,,,.,, on I'.lntlti-!.. , produce poisoned wounds, which lea-
Poppy oil  is rncoiiimcuUed  by the   Uir,
art stores of Toronto, ^_^____
s svus ]l
lli.l.lil, ol 1
County. He tl
TotirlSl Sleeper Service
1*1   l.s Revolstoke Wed. I ri. on,l Sun.
.tlSl   l.s Oiinmore .1.1 .l„n.  Tliur. Sat,
l.v Kootenay Landlnii Prldny
St, Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
Wecf **• l(cv*'1*"1''* Mon. Wed .Frl.
Vancouver, Setttlle, Coast
Stenmship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
Through hiniklti-s In Hiu'epc via nil Allnnllc
Prepaid tickets [rem   nil  points  nt  lowcs
| Rough and
| Dressed Lumber,
| Dimension Lumber,
I fhingles and |
I riouldings.
♦ ♦♦*-»->->*>»» + + »»»»»v.»'v»»»»^*«+'» + i***<*»****##****»#*n!j
Kelittt-il Thtnu^houl
One of the Most Com fort abb
Hotels in linst Kootenay.
Newly iMiruislieil
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnuhrook, tl, C.
Hotel Kootenay
The best nf ats.iiiii.itlali.tits
(or the trnvelini; public.
. r.\. Alii....', lis, wir.,..
Now, ,,.|1 ,,i
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
(icncral .lobbing....
Onltsldc Orders Promptly
Attended te.
Livery S
Proprietors Jt .* j*
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he oukci
up for 'Icliciencics o( shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that-, -md more. Wc not only nuke perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but wc put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of  selling   at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
the -toth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
The .*•-.-• > ** j* ** j1 j*
Hotel S &
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
American Drinks, Leading Brands of Liquors
and Schlitz Famous Beer dispensed by the popuUr
bartender, Charley Armstrong.
J. R.DOWNES, Prop.
What Will Be, Will...
Clothe Yourself with Warm Clothing
And Your Houses and Furniture with
...Hutch's Insurance
Teams sin! ilriverf. furnish,-.! for any
point in the .listrirt.
Manager   .*.*.*
Wc have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
If ao, di.n'l h.»    1) p 1   "TI P D    Thc n"'v Wl",l"*llt '■'I"0' ""," '■
■   t-< l~. I I C 1\.   South bail Koeteaa).    Writ* ler Price.
until ynu sec.
Cranbrook, B. C. * * -O-
PELTIER is also agent for
This is thc supply point for South East Kootenay. ID
......,.. ,1
Balance oi blouses and Skirts at  bargain
prices to make room tor our  spring stock.
A lew good lines left.
Bargains hi heavy winter suits, Pea Jackets
and Men's and Bov.s Overcoats.    Call in,
®-FA»-i)-;.  a*-®*-©-®
Thursday, Friday ami Saturday,
1   February 20th to 22nd, 1902.
Grand Hockey Tournament, lor the sentor and junior
championships oi thc province: Five Skating Rac«c.s,Six Snow-
shoe Races, Ski Running and lumping, Carnival Masquerade,
Cutter Races lor Pacrrs or Trotters.
Single Fare lor round trip on all railways. Tickets on
sale February 20, good to return until February 2*1. For programmes or any information address, H. W. JACKSON, Sec-
Carnival Committee, Rosuland, B. C.
Hotel s s
Quests Comfort b Specialty
Hood Stabling in Connection
Neuresl to railroad ami depot.    Haa sccomtnoda-
lions  foi   the  pul.lii   mi. Htm 1 inl   in  Cranbrook,
sl.   nt liitr,,,,,'in ..\ti-l:..r..f snitr I ls.it,"   I1
$ Amatonr wnrKWIll raeelvn nur beat atten  J
-J,       tlen.  N 'fW'tlollt .'..ir. -.1 l.-it.il        »
The Fire of a Night may destroy the
honie thnt took many years anvlnga to
Insure with Palmer
C. R. Palmer,
Manufacturer's Aseni.
Fire and Life Instir'ce
Cranbrook, 15. C.
J;     LOCAL   NOTES     S
« »
Picked  Up About thc City  by Asking
Questions nf Many People.
I'ronrieioi <>r the
Candy Kitchen
Candies, Fruits, Nuls,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. oive «<• c«n
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy of Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Official Watch Innpcclnr for
Crown Neat iHvlelun C. I', ti-
Kilfyre kills tin.-,
Palmer, Policy, Protection.
A. Juyeu of Pernle was in town yesterday.
Is your lift* adequately assurt-il? If not
see Palmer,
Kilfyre will put mil n lire that water
will not affect.
Mrs. IO II. Small has gone to h'ernie
to visit friends,
R. Joyce and bride of Kimberley were
in town this week,
Miss I.eitch will given hirye Valentine
|.nrty tomorrow evening.
"Penny wise ami pound foolish" pen*
pie do not keep Kilfyre.
Archie I.eileh nml Hil^ar Home visited
Prank, Alta., last Sunday,
Palmer soils Siuger sewing machluea
on easy monthly payments.
Charles McNab, the lumber deuler of
Jiiiiiny was in town yesterday.
Mis. and Miss Mitchell of Ferule weie
visiting Cranbrook last Friday.
IO v. Fortune gw* •" Nelson next
week In meet with the pteshyleiy.
W,  I*'. Tale mn.le a visit to Fernie this
week to Inspect watches fur lhe C, P. It.
1* J. Smyth, editor ofthe Moyle Leud-
ei, (nine up Monday to attend the dance.
Mr. ami Mis. V. IT, Maker entertained
a parly ol Irietids on Tuesday evening
William Carllu nnd Al Doyle of Fort
Steele, have gutie lo the coast for a brief
Charles Reid lias gone to Marysville
to take peimaueiit charge ol his drug
V, Desauluier, '.he well known hotel
man of Moyle, was a Cranbrook visitor
Piotect your properly. Now is the
time in see Palmer nbout lhat lire insurance policy.
iV, S. Kei.y c*n ie down with tho Fernie hockey pOj"- niul rooted lor his
new home lu. ll,
Mr. and lis. W. F. Tate will enter-
lain a nui-ilier of friends at progressive
pulio this evening
Rev. H. Dunlop of Nepnwa returned
home last Tne day afler several days
visit wl'h  lev. Auvache.
"It never loo late to mend," was nol
wriitei it life assurance. Purchase a
policy li ui. "-''.'er NOW.
Mrs. T. A- Corey entertained a large
party uf Irietids iu her handsome home
ou baker bill lust evening,
The sacreuient of tbe Lord's supper
will he observed nt the Presbyterian
church next Sunday morning.
There has been quite a heavy fall of
-iUow during the pail week, which is j
good thing for the lumber men
Mr. nml Mrs. W. W Duble aud sou
Willie went tu Fernie Tuesday. Mrs.
Doble will visit with .Mis. Keay.
Wm O'lleani bnd h letter this week
from Jack Neabltt. who is now in the
1,'julei-u country.    He is doing well.
George C. Kuhhins came down from
the North Star mine lasl Saturday evening.    He is taking a short vacation.
"lack" Noble, formerly with tbeC.
P. 1< mi lliis division, passed through
C-l an brook this week on his way east.
Don't add the worry of existence! to
he sorrow your death will bring to wife
and little ones. Insure with Palmer Now.
Mr. and Mrs N.J. Lowes gave a party
tu a number of friends ou the evening of
February 3.    Everyone present inula
good lime.
1- 1*'. Williams of Spokane, secretary
and treasurer of the Sullivan Group
Mining Co., left for Nelson ami Spokane
Richard Stewart, who was hurt hy a
premature explosion of dynamite lasl
«cek while digging a grave, is able to
In* tint again.
Il is now stated that Klko will celebrate tlie 2-4tl) uf May ihis year aud that
the residents of lhat town propose to do
ii up in grain) style.
The Knid Martin Concert company
will give a concert on ihe 71I1 of March
under tlie auspices of the Ladles Aid
ol the Presbyterian churcb.
Mr. J. w. Moody nt Cranbrook will
be married to Miss I.. Dunham ot Nel
son uu February 31st. Tbe mairiage
will lake place ill Calgary, N, W. T.
Tomorrow is Valentine day, and many
tender messages will he exchanged am1
many a spite will be vented by the aid
of the outrageous colored distortions.
Oilpiu expects another car of furniture
very soon. To make room he is offering
ten per cent off fiom Ins already low
prices.   His stock is by far the targes1.
.Mrs. Clarey of Grand Forks left fur
her home Tuesday morning after an extended visit with Mrs. K. II. Small.
Miss Wellman, Mrs Small's sister accompanied her.
J. Nieilersia.lt, the Moyie brewery man
was in towu Monday. His brewery is
pulling out a fine quality of beer these
days and Ilis trade is extending to other
towns iu the -listrict.
Thc at home of Misses Arnold ami
Cardiff lust ThuTwtay evening mi ihe Odd
Fellows hall was a great social success
There were about sixty guests present
nnd the evening proved a very enjoyable
Fred Auvache, son of Rev. Auvache,
has entered The Herald oflice to learn
llic business. Fred is a lively, active
buy with the happy combination of intelligence and energy ami should make
a success.
Art Mallinsnn was hit by a hockey
stick during a practice game Inst Friday
evening and had one of his shoulder
blades cracked. He is incapacitated for
wurk hut is doing as well as could he expected under the circumstances,
Among those from Marysville who attended the Odd Fellows hall were Mr
and Mrs. Hull, Mr. ami Mrs. McKenzie,
Mr. nud Mrs. Melihistrey, Mr. and Mrs.
Limlsey, Mr. and Mrs. McMillan, Miss
Jaquith, Mr. Stoddard, Dr. O'Hagan and
Mr. Williams.
■50,000 ton
Prom Kou Steele Prospector.
Messrs. Forsyth and Rae, who have
been working on the Stanley, returned
In Sleele on Tuesday. Mr. Forsyth reports that 370 feet of tunnels aud upraises have been run on the property.
Two leads traverse the clnims, lhe galena lead 011 the Stanley has eighteen
inches of high grade galena and car.
Iiouate s;tlie copper ledge on the Goldeu
Fleece is live feet wide with ten inches
of solid copper on the foot wall with
copper in a concentrating form shot
through Die balance ofthe ledge.
From what can tie learned there is out
so much snow in the mountains as is
usual al Ibis season  of the   year, and it
is predicted tbat the mining season will
commence much earlier this yeur than
last. If ibis is so we may look tor great
progress being made in the mineral de*
velopment of ihe mines nl the district.
In fact it number of mines ou Tracy
cteek have   worked all winter.
J. A. Harvey is expected home from a
visit to the east today or tomorrow.
Mrs. Henry Kershaw Is visiting her
daughters, Mrs. h. W, I'atmnre ami Mrs,
II, Kershaw Jr.
Constable l.iddecoat is ill at tbe Foit
Sleele hospital,
George Watson is hunting in the vicinity of Fish Lakes.
Don McKay is acting as constable
during the sickneBS of Mr. Mil dec >at,
Pr.iiii ilu* Moylo Leader
The ice hai vest on Moyle lake has
commenced. Messrs, liawke & Itienton
ami Joseph NicdeiHtndt have formed a
partnership. They alrendy have contracts for one thousand tous of ice.
Some or this, of course, will he shipped
to outside points, a good portion of it
going lo Cranbrook and Marysville, The
saint- parties sill
contract frum the -O P. R in view and
the chances are favorable for them pelting it. Only married men who aie
residents of the town will lia given employment and 30 cents au hour will be
be tbe wages pai I Thej aie getting 71,
cents a ton for their ice loaded on the
cars here.
Tbis week Wui. Hamilton sold bin iu
leieai iu the International hotel tu bis
partner, F. \V. i-'iuli, aud left for California this morning. A rouslug dance
was given at the hotel last evening tu
his honor. "Billy" was one of lhe pioneers in Muyie and stuck to lhe town
through iis various lips ami downs. He J
was well lilted by everyone, aud the best
wishes of lhe entire community go with
Jack McTavish ami Chas. Livesty were
in Kimherly ihi-, week, They are r.ot
putting nn any mure men for Ihe present
at (he mines then-.
Tbe cold weather has bcetl causing
the Moyie Walei company considerable
annoyance lor several days past imt the
difficulty is now over.
Chas. Furrell lelt Thursday for Sum-
met Lake, Oregon, He will return to
Moyie about May
I N. Tati. returned ihi- morning from
Faribault, Minneso a, where he has been
011 a visit for several weeks.     He is here
to remain.
An addition 20x30 two stories high
will be built at the rear of ihe Kootenav
hotel. The building will he used as a
storehouse, laundry, etc. Tbe lumber
lias already been ordered. Joe Tiuiub-
ley will have charge ofthe work.
I 'inin itn* Mnrysifllii Tribune
Tbe smelter company's oflice wlil b-i
lu use in a few days-
Mr. ami Mrs. Bernard led for North-
pr.it, Wash.,   ou   Tuesday   where   they
will ies,il<- In future,
The saw mill U closed down but If tbe
weather keep* Hue woik will be re-urn-
ed in a few days.
Mr, and Mrs. John McDonald left for
a few days visit to Fort Sleele on
The Itev. Bowering ami l>f. Henry
carae up from Cranbrook on Tuesday,
Charles Early started 10 burn another
k in ot 50,000 brick last Wednesday.
Norman Hill Is enlarging his store to
make room for goods which he will
bring up from the Bast shortly.
Preparations are being made hy several Cranbrook families to spend some
of tbe summer months lu M irysville.
Oeo. Ted lock, mechanic of the C. P.
R, shops at Cranbrook, paid Marysvllle a visit, on Saturday and returned
to Cranbrooa ou Sunday;
C. K ItOiil has come up from Cranbrook and will be In Marysvllle permanently hereafter In charge of bis drug
store. Mr. Keid Is not only a druggist
but an optician of years experience,
and will devote a part of his time to
this line of work.
J. P. Fink, manager of the Fort
Steele Mercantile company, Cranbrook.
who was In town on Friday.
Mr. Fink is doing a gotd business in
Marysvllle for the reason that his aim
at all times Is to please his customers
and give them the best In tbe market
for their money.
The first bricks were laid on thc
roaster building on Wedneseay. It i
rather a strange evidence that the man
who laid the tlrst brick on lhu Granby
smelter was named O'Brien and tbe
man who laid the tirt brick on tlie
Marysvllle smelter is named P. O'Brien.
By Monday the management expect to
have from 35 to ;tu brick li.vers at work
acter of the mm,which came under tie
personal observation of thu writer,
The history cf British Columbia will,
no doubt be written some day and of
course the early history ol the
Kootenay* will be part of ttie therne.
This will be Incomplete wlttioui the
story of I'jthei Fai lhat good niau who
lived up 10 that golden rule, that embraces more than all ibe churches can
teach, be loved lib leliow niau. Htj
lrwiu was a native of Ireland and n
graduate of Keble college, iixfurd. He
was ordained us a clergyman of tie
Church ut Kiigland in 1883 and was curate of Rugby until 18S3, In the latter
year he came to Brtt sh Columbia and
was appointed chaplain to the Bishop
of New Westminster, and missionary of
the large district which comprised the
;ese. He married Miss lanes hut
was soon after left a widower. Tills
was a loss from which he never fully
recovered as he had a great affection
I'm his wife, In 181111 he was made
rector of tbe Anglican church at itossland ami was a prominent figure lu gi od
woik In that city until aUutn iwo years
an i. when lie resigned to go
tnlo missionary wuik In   the   Slmllka*
meeii     country.       \\e    understand
thai        a        ci lilm It tee       has been
appointed in Itossland iu erect a memorial to tbe memory ol Father Pat and
that subscriptions for the same are being received at. the bank of Montreal in
lhat city. The subscriptions are limited lo une dollar but so far the form lhat
lhe memorial will take Is nut decided.
Subscriptions can be lefl with The
Tribune ami ihey will he duly forwarded 10 Uisslanil.
Metal Market.
New York, Feb, 10,—Copper quiet
steady at i'2}i cents,   Lend Steady.
Bar silver, 54
London, Feb, 10.—Lead closed at
/»I 8s 9.I __	
I:ather Pal Dead.
Marysvil'e Tribune.
Ttie death uf the li-*v. Henry Irwin,
better known In the Kooienay country
as "Father Pal" will come as a shock
to all who bad the honor ut his aci-ualm-
Father Pat died In Montreal, the
other day, while nu bis way to
England wbliber he was going to enjoy
a well earued test and id recruit hli
health which had become somewhat
shattered by years of work In the mining camps of the  Kooteuays.
Ills death Is an Irreparable loss to Ills
friends ami will leave a blank In the
personellc of the Kooicuays which will
Ue Impossible to llll. First and
everything else afterwards was Father
Pat's watchword. He had a heart lhat
was always open and ready to alleviate
human suffering, mental or bodily, and
often at the cost of the necessities of
life lor himself. Time and time again
he has turned out of his own cabin and
bed 10 nurse therein some fever stricken
m tier. Many a lime lias he given his
last dollar to one whom he thought
needed it more than himself. On one
of his trips to Bast Kooienay In 'in
Father Pat turned up In a very swell
suit of clothes, and it must be remembered tbat Father Pal as a rule did not
wear good clothes, and tbe writer re
marked the fact and twitted Father
Pat with being a dude. "'My dear fel"
low" said Father Pat 1 "the hotel keepers In Itossland gave me these for a
Christmas present because they knew
that I could not keep money," and it
was true that the hotel men of Golden
city knew that had they gtveu Faiber
Pat money he would have given It to
some oue that he thought more needy
than himself inside of 24 hours- This Is
given as a small example of the char
$4 '*><><?<HS>   IT PAYS TO DEAL WITH BEATTIE   ^ ■ --
Everything Looks dooj for i'oiith East Kootenay.
Marysville Tribune
Spring, gentle spring! wlil scon be
with us and wilb iis advent an era of
prosperity, the equal of which has never
before bten known In South Hast Kooienay, will dawn upon us. This prophecy
is made with a ftellig of confidence
Which Is seldom found iu the breast of an
e.llluiial wtiter. But as a sliaw shows
which way the wind blows, and as com*
iug events cast their rbadows before,
so do the events of the last few months
precurse a wonderful development and
a tremendous Influx of population into
our district In the near future.
As we have hail occasion to remark,
lu some previous articles iu this paper,
the eyes of the Investing world are
turned, and turned favorably, on
South East Kootenay.
Cradled between '.he Rockies and the
Selktrks, South Bast Kootenay has lain
dormaul for some years owing to various causes, lack of railway communication being the principal one. Bui
wllh the construction of the Crow's
Ne«t railway thing* bcj-on io take a
change. As all great things come slow,
ly. so has the development of iht? resources of tt.ls dlatl cl come slowly, but
very surely: and nu .v ..1 tbe eve of ihe
opening up of spring South Kast Kootenay Is look!"g forward to 1 magnificent
futnra. Those who are fortunate
enough to own property in any of the
many prosperous and growing towns of
the district are to be thoroughly congratulated. Many may have "hungoii"
to their holdings during depressing
times bul, Lhelr faith In tbe con itry
having stood linn, ibey will shortly
reap the reward that is by right coming lo them.
Perhaps no part of lhe dislrict is at
present, being taken more iuterest In,
both by thc people iu the country and
outside, than lhe Sl. Mary's Valley and
me country trlbutaiy.to it. This district is by uo means new to the hardy
Kast Kootenay prospector for a trail oi
his pick and shovel, his cabin aud his
claim stakes can he followed foi many
miles ou both sides of that beautiful
mountain torrent. Bui like pioucer
prospectors in other parts of the pre-
vince the claim holder ou lhe Si.
Marys has had to face that bug bear of
all mining enterprises lack of transport'
No matter how rich lhc showing*] no
matter how promising the lm!| gallons
may have been, the very fact of the St
Marys claims being so far from railway
aud water transportation has kept them
In the back ground so fir as the outside
world Is concerned for capital will not
come tu and develup piopertles
thai Is not adjinant to trans,
portalljn facilities. The building of the
Klmberley branch of the O. P. It. and
the building of Hie branch into Marysvllle weie both steps In the right
direction but llie continuation of the
latter branch up the valley of the St.
Marys will bring, uot one. bnt a do/:eii
or moro valuable properties within
transportation distances and these wlij
be able to give a good account uf themselves when the I line comes.
Tbe erection of the smelter, refinery
and white lead wurks at Marysvllle
will give an additional impetus lo mill
ing activity lu the whole dislrict ck
peclalty in lhc St. Marys country. The
building up ut many prospcroui towns
and mining campa will extend the already good market which the ranchers
and fanners of the dislrict have. The
general activity will undoubtedly attract capital from lhe mooted centers
of the east and from Europe and a very
short time from now South Rial Kooic-
uay will be tbe mccca of thu capitalist
seeking good and safe investment for
bis money.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
$* %&tomG*m*$mmmM%&i - n • ■ o,
Blank Books
A large invoice just received. '*="$
t-verylliing in the way of sta- i$rS
tionery, the latest and best.      '\ 3*
R. L:. BEATTIE, "":"Rl,""lsl pi
-i     00> <*®Wto:mim®>>tototo®$toO®0S$
H></<*■--'--O.   v"r   IT I'AVS TO HUM. HUM Ill-Anil-   &to'fctoOtoO]
i % to
toi o
to* to
to." to
tot to
tot to
A Proof....
of the business we are doing is tin.'
amount of goods we are using. Besides
our big opening stock we received a big
car just three days before Christmas.
This has been sold and another car lias
been ordered and should arrive about
the first of February.
Don't forget that our rir. Miner
does fine repairing and upholstering.
J. P. FINK, Secretary.
Next Door to Poslofficc.
Fish Foods for Fast Days!
Finnan Haddy, Smoked Halibut, Kippers and
Bloaters, Salt Mackerel.
In tins we have Crosse 1% Blackwell's Plain
Kippers, MeConnachie & Smith's Kippers in
Anchovy and Tomato Sauce, Finnan Haddy,
Silvocea Herrings; Best Brands of Lobsters
and Salmon; French and Native Sardines.
AK,ctrvaplc(irucericsG. T. ROGERS.
Pioneer  Hardware Store.
A Complete Stock
Of General Hardware •'|
Always on hand.   Can fit you out with ( )
Harness,  Robes  and  Cutters. |j
Call and inspect my stock.
Just Arrived....
Car load Feed, Wheat, Oats, Bran, Chops
and Shorts. Quantity and price to suit
Our line of staples are always the
choicest and are only exceeded by the
great variety of them.
Hill & Co.11" b*-^.
Wc wish the people uf Cranbrook and South
Easl Kootenay a Happy new year. Our Mr.
W. D. Hill is now in the eastern markets and
will make extensive purchases for thc Bijj
Store. In the mean lime come in and sec our
bat-gains in Dry Goods and Clothing.
The Oldest Established Hardware House
of South Hast Kootenay
Cook Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and sec our line.   Will make attractive prices lo clear.


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