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Cranbrook Herald Dec 22, 1904

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Array h3l;
S ,
^.gtiUUW Ht
JAN 8   1005
H   &>
mn ■■■•■
(■*'",; ■■•'■'iA ";*
iJmt.SroiKt.Cr wm. r^jri.V'^c At.' ,.*^./.,>-.' v1 "•■«•>,' ww .'•<-.«• '.•'.i-.v v*.-,* v*.-^-.. .,»?«« JSa-i
«* wit WHOLESALE .* .*
Wine and Spirit Merchant
Importer of Foreign Liquors
» •
; Cranbrook Beer
• •
I Schlitz Beer •
. ♦
• Fernie Beer & Porter •
| Bass' Ale j
:   Guinness* Stout
A complete stock of
from the distilleries
of Toronto, Waterlno, Wnlkcrville
and Hamilton.
The finest and must complete
Mountain Dew
Dewar's Special
Loch Achray
Four Crown
J. HIRSCH and SONS' TOM GIN, the most ex
cellcnt of Canadian Tom Gins
j Grant's Dublin Ale i A .„„ |ilM, „,- ,vts „,„, Sherrles
•        and Stout dlreot''""" si'"1"
; nz-arnTT i Champagnes, Clarets nml Brandies
,| BOVRIL | direct from France
assortment ol SCOTCH and IRISH ever imported
In wine quarts, imperial quart* and
Sul.liini's Extra Finns $200 per M; Conclins Finns,
SU", per Mi Pnyne's Plinraobs, SliO per M; Puyne's
Pebbles, $40 per M: Payne's Lucenlns, $40 per M|
Tnssn's Mintos, $50 per M: Ttisse's Koosevelts, $50
|.,'r M: Simons' Villiino, 85 per M; Simons' Liptons,
SHU per M.
Try a Box of Sublimes Extra Finns at $2.00 per box.   Ten Cigars in a box
•phone; 17
A Few Words of Suggestion
The Big Store, the Big Stock, the Best
of Everything
.4' f»
1 Your Druggist f
* f
# Nun should have a drugi'isl, uno >
j whom ymi can know, aud whn euti *
4 know vmi    \ druggist's trade si i.i t
4    I..-   Inllliili.l      ntl   i.il'ili.li'lm- I     lull      J
product nl knowledge   Wi.   .»
* Men.
2 urge you thoroftiiu tu go
* uiih inn Kioto an.I its management, »
t feeling sini- ihat ilu- lieiier aeqilnltil *
1 i-l yuu un- Ilu- mmi' rVfUtoli  yun will J
* Ii.im- fm conthloiice nml con 11 mini ml »
X liitiago. Ut- want your trade, and nfl 9
*g a hasis im   ilns trade we Wnll I   vmi *
* 1.1 (.vi ilmt it is worth while lot yon »
* l'i     riuili-   lli-iv   lul   drugs.    YlHI     will 'J
g nm   havi- tn trade Im* hmg before J
ymi will   have abundant   reason   for »
making   ibis  vmir    sternly   IradliiR it
plane. 2
For hacking roughs—the kind   Hint 4
i.linnst.    tear   vnn    I,,   pieces,   Dr. .»
Scott's Prescription, No, 77,    is   „ *
quick relict.    It ships  Iho   tickling 9
Ruinations ii. Hi,' throat, soothes anil »
. heals Iho irritated air passages, anil $
l,v Its tonic fllVrts ,-,mines y„„    In J
t'hiow „tT tho disease.  To have   tliis i*
\ work ilonc well you must use 9
Dr. Scotts Prescription No. 77   %
5 lor nil kin.ls ol Coughs, Colds, Snio ♦
j Tlirnnt, llonrscucss, Bronchitis, etc. $
2 I'rlco r,iie. 2
•♦♦**♦*♦♦♦•♦♦**♦» »**»»**»*v v**v
Wlien vmi ,,sk fm a ,r, lain I'nt. #
e„t   Me'liiiiii   nl   Ilns sin,,—yuu    gel J
,    il     Villi arc nut  -ink.,I  In 111   "smile X
J l-lilng nisi us gnod." §
,       (Then  ymi  In.,,- I,  |il,s. ll|.li,,11   lilli-,1 5
* Imie you innv ,el\ on lis cuittalnlng *>
J, ,,,,, wl.nl   in.' lim-,,i, has .mlcrcil— #
*■ ii,,il,ing n,i-i,,i i>„,i nolhlng left out, S
*;     Tins is one .,1 ,»,,  ways ol   doing J>
5 hustncsi tlml has wuii in. us   many 9
«  i,ii'iiiis anil eusii'iiii-i:,. 2
I Nip Your Cold! [
« Tho best time lo cure a cold is
S when ii starts—in " nip it in tin-
* Im,). ' On.- ur two doses of *
|     Dr. Scotts Laxative Cure     g
5 taken at the   firs I sign—a sneczr—a 2
J i-liillnt'ss-is 'enough lu |ircvclll an al- 9
1 lack.   A   box uf   Scott's Cold Cure 2
«■ near at   haiul, ready in take, makes *
g " catching eulil " ronlly unnecessary. 9
v„t^**f^VvT»* **«#*«##**#*##
^eWhere it Pays to Deal the Year Around**
flSSS^fsS'l*?*?*' '-.''.*-.*<  .''A.*' P«a '.'i*.-^-*! IcWi^,i« V'.^.V  /',.«,*^. .-''.^-..rf t.i^??f.'lVai^?V
C. E. REID & CO.
We wish to thank the people of this district for their liberal patronage since we
have opened our store in Cranbrook.
We have endeavored to meet the needs
of the public, and their trade is evidence
of the fact that we have succeeded.
Wishing you all the compliments of the
season, and assuring you that we will
leave nothing undone to merit your patronage in the future, we remain,
Yours truly,
K^slirfiJ1*-^'iLi'1*'^.*? *i.,?"c'.V* *^*lc>m* •^W'-X ^*\^+* *&i*&!?r'2*
t'^.*-,*x*    iT'-r^'vwi-''.■*-,*'   ,'-T.*-t*t■,'•'.*»■/*• '/•',•*»,**   i'.*m\*t>    iT'-'^'i.i
C. E RED & CO.
Wines. Liquors and Cigars     I {
We carry the best line that money can buy. *s*
We make it our business to meet the demands
of the trade, and nothing is too good for us to
buy when the people want it. ** To the trade
of the district I want to extend my thanks for
their patronage, and ask them to call on me
when in Cranbrook. ** Your interests are my
With compliments of the season, I remain,
Yours truly,
»■<« «,**»
• «■♦♦••*♦•»>»♦«.»
j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. ■
THE   (IlAMlltOOK;    lll.ltAI.K
Bigger and Better Than Ever!
Within the past three weeks we have more than doubled our stock of «,*«***
Jewelry, Silverware and Cut Glass
and are now better prepared than ever to furnish la the people of Cranbrook and East
Kootenay anything which may be found In an up to date Jewelry store. Ami now we In-
\iU- you I" see, anil it will be a pleasure for you t" look, we feel certain. There's a wide
range ol possibilities offered von. There Is a completeness about our stock, s.» that every
member of every family can choose fitting, sensible, handsome and useful presents for
Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc., and many oi the articles cost utile money. Weare
her.- to please you ; our time is at your disposal; use v, hat you will of it. People in the
surrounding district who have not received one of ..ur catalogues, kindly drop us a postal
card and receive one by return mail. It will solve ihe perplexing question of what to give
for Xmas or upon any other occasion. Besides buying goods from Canadian houses, we
have imported direct from English and American centres; therefore our prices are as low
as first class goods can be sold.
Watches from $1.75 to $100, Diamond Rings from $10 lo $250, Solid Oold Cuff links from $1.75 to $25, Gold
tilled Cuff Links from $1.00 lo $.1.50, Solid dents' Chains, from $15 in $50, Ladies' (iold Lorgnettes from $10 to
$25, Hold Pilled Lorgnettes from $4 to $20.   And a large variety of Sterling Silver and flatware.
Thanking you for the increase of business during the past year, and trusting to
merit your patronage in the future, we remain
Yours truly,
FF> * fy'y > ****¥¥* >>
A IN U t£t£&t£*tT!i
iM i, mmsn «m»«»««*
I ,1111, ROO
Tlml,■ was niiiili popular liilcrcsl
shown I,, li.r marriage at lite Indian
village mi Wodncsda) ■•! Young Chlol
Velio* Tail and Miss Millie Mu
, , m Siring, oldest  daughlel   ol  Old
I'l'   I  |,   I In- I'Hil,
Tall and graceful the beuil.lt.il bride
passed in... the church through an
men nf wild hups and sunflowers, and
ascended the centre aisle, leaning ,„>
the nun of her i-i.lcsl brother,
Wliisii,-l.,i,-Tln-vuinl    'ri,,, anthem,
'   \rc There Anj  Mm,- al II Like
Y„u," lean exquisitely ren.lcr.il In
Hie ehidr, .,,,,1 Hu- hridesmnids ,1m
lilhuled  t,, niimeriius guests    lovelj
souvouirs  icj    head work.    Tin
* bride was iicautiliill) attired, havint
I |il,ll.,l '.ills., in.-lii-n with Ining
liueliskii. sleeves eangl.l uilli
el lali Inssels. There was u
-,; ,,,1,,- and ,,-.l "I cheap cheese
i, with revel's ul assorted rid...
rail emhroiil. r,   iu n snow    shoe
ville iii-.li Kloro'i    while -irinv liais.
With   lln- ml,,-, li-.ellii-lll  1,1,  Ihe  lim
The. bridegroom   wore   a   pair   of
ll. II. Thompson,
Barrister nml Solicitor,
poplar    trees spreading   otitsln   the
-;,!,■:, of im- church.
[,, the uunv.ililnble absence nl the
Bishop ui Strawberry Canyon, the
very It,,. Tarantula Jake, of tho
Cupper King ;>»,! Paradise Valley
Mining Camp, ollicialc.lt assisted by
1,11 Medicine Snake, „ friend of tbo
Inn 'li Him 1, ltiilil.it mul Running
Unll noted ns ushers. The service
was fully choral, Knur Grown Mo-
'I'd, ish presiding with tbe hag pipes
(l.-i.rt;,-  lliviiiin-r
HI    liul.i.ll  M. Ki.i/i.     Lumber
l'.,|ll|,,lll\.   I 'llllll,I'm.k.
' I      bill    will,   m-.i   I'l    I.Ill   (,In
,i      I'm    -Lu i    was .,1 mil   leiiiMli,
,-m il         mill I    will,   pink
luus |ll, I,   ' n,l,,',, up, ,, ,.    iivci  .,  lionl
„l I  ellilliui  mm,|,,„.!   mill   Inn I,
skill   k.lillp   .,.,,,   be.lll  ,-i,il.i,,   Inl,     llllll
Iiii   Im! with weasel ,,,,1 i.issnh   Tin,
,.,-:       n      I ■    I .I.MI'   	
■'   llhl.l   .   mm   all  l.lll   linlliiln   i ,,l,,-, ,i ' III I. Ill   in,1,mil   silk   slripoll   skirl   1111,1
ii [.mill,  I,mil i. lined nub ii,I,nnI ii "ii  ilini  u Ill ini'li an Iceberg,
riiHuii tissue ami caughl Willi Imn;, 'I'he bride, us she came down ihe
ui   dn'rpbi'idcr's plaid,   lb.  veil was nisle nn llie arm ol her husband,   in
ui   ,,.,,:.,.    sill,   I,,it,   mm tn iled spile ,.f l,vr cii|i|ii-i-c.iliireil complex
with ,i  ,,.,-., -l...i,. I nin.iili nfSiiiiih  >  looked muncwhnt pale.
I...si Ki, , , i.i v I,., ;i t mi tints. She I 'I'lm charming hi Lies,mods looked
,-.,,,ieil ii n.ii'elnli llml llml set-user, radiant, und scatlcrtd bouquets
,ii>> in these lulls ,ui,l also n lovely around like seed wheal, ami looked
Blu.we.  l,i,in|ii,,    nl  .ni-e,  peas   nnil  as   lull ni    dcvlln.enl    ns   n Pacilie
nior s   glories.    The bride's   Iralii euas-t dog Is lull ol Ileus
w.is in,i,„- by bet ruling ousiu, II,,1,-1   llhili ihe register wns being signd
In-Tlie liluiii,,-i.   nl n,l,    a   very llie cnhgiegntlon    sang,the beautiful
pretlj iiiu. Iic.ui. in ii typical hull ibyinii. " I've (lol My Ryes ...i Ymi."
un buckskin sun. with sin liters' Miami Ihe service closed I,, the strains
heud-wiirk   iowclcry, il plug   Inn    n-s'of " I'll he With You When Iho Hoses
big as   „ buss drum ninl a Tobacco HI    Again" inarch hy Knur-Crown
Plains tuilu-v pi,nnc. l.McTnvisli uu  the ling pipes.
Tin-   i  'liii.lesiii.iiils   nere   Miss ]   The,,' were many handsome   prcs-
s.illv Two-Kettle. Miss l.enplug- cms from friends nf lmil, bride mul
Antelope. Miss Stella lllg-Moon, ami bridegroom. Al Ihe conclusion ol
Miss    lllaok-'l'oiiialiawk.    Thev  wcro tho   wedding   ceremnny llie   bride's
allired in very pretty picture' di iparents held a reception, which   was
novel gowns of unsn.oked buckskin, largely alteudcl.
the fullv giilhciiil skirls,,! which A marvel ql Ihe confectioner's nil
wcte I illumed with runs ni moiiii- was the bride's cake, and II,e Mul-
laln goal clilltoii, while Ihe liodlrcs "gnu was Ihat Ibick you conld't
had Iranspareirl yokes nl sklin-inilk stick your fork in the gravy, nml Mm
lace, niitlliml with buffnl.i rhlHoi, guests wont nfier the refreshments
over folds „l |,i„i-,-iili,r,,l prim mul a like con's alter [.led chicken. The
ileepj luce frill. Elbow shevis with lmpi»y cmple rode I" Ihe hyacinth-
...'..Ill netting Inee Irills ninl wool tinted and piclures,|„e berg ill Koos-
lilnnlii-l cross hells. Thev nil wine villi', llie Inurist's paradise „! Sniill,
very pretty .smoked tanned, l,,,,lh-| East Kootenay, for Ihe lirsi port'
picked iocs moccasins and llie Hoos-'ol the huneyniouu.
lug of Kililberley,  which  has   always
kept. Itself before the public eye    as
the honii' ol the famous  Nurlh    Stjr
.nine, mill   will fur many a year    lo
come he associated will, the growing
fur,lines of Ihe Sullivan group, where
ibey have luii.liiin inns uf silver-lead
nre   i„   sight.   There will be   things
doing iu   ktniberley   before we   have
lime lo look about us.
'llie C,   P.  !!.  tracks  run  right    by [Movie  Hi vi
llie    Kimherlcy    .Milling   Company's
I premises, and dirccllj 1,,-liiml them is
Orange U,i,vc Lake, a prelly little
!sb--ei of water, apparently specially
jdusigned by Nature for the lietter
lliaiidling of' llie limber which grows
profusion   around    il.   'Die limits
lumber trade, and is of special significance when '■ :..- business knowledge m experience uf
ih,,-.,' concerned in lb. entei p. ise
rxi &*
.-ijwtiu, at».■'"
The Kiniherley Milling nnd
Manufacturing Co.
I |, lit   Killll'.-llnv   llie,,'  In| Ill'll to
> .i r.markn! I, < leganl ' bunch " of
prime Inuini'nf, pn,,' mnl li,,    riling
T. S. (iill, I.'. Iv. ll.li.nl' K.
■' ijjti
HL '  *
•I. II. Cnslnlto, I. A„ ll. I., of E
I'    E .   Ti--    S. Gill
First  Engiuecl   I      ,   limey.
First A- istai I I ■ • Tinis.
Second  Assistal II.   J.
Guide, F. Ruth
In-',: nn,' Age, t, .1    II   ,'.,  '.,1...
Grand    Intern, I -...    I  .,,,-,   T.
S. 11,11.
General Board Imen!   «'. Ed-
Local    Board Tl.os.
Wardn.an, N   ' . .   .
Alternate tlraml i la . ' - il Del
egato, 11   McG    I.
't lie   iilll i-rn.-   id   -.1        --I ..,;   ,',,, iol,   is
to combine the. ii mot
ne  enginei.      i-li -," ial,
i al  mnl    in'' Ih        :      lai ding  to
guard   llicil    ',....,, interests   ami
promote   •!.,", eral    wellare   in
'I In- i  priin-ip        ft In-  In otber-
1 1    ,,t ma.,    ami  lhc    : indalneirtal
principles   •-: ti ide,        Ilo   unto
I,III!  I -,     .1 ■ .1.1,1       I'l
l|l,l,,   loll        n'l III       laW      III
li.iiinonj  will   'i.    11,vine admonition
Un- hand •<: fell...   I-H   i    l.el.1 out  lo
elgllly   lee,   lielole  Vull  colli.I     see    ,i
brunch    This " buneli " runs lo [oil,
 uv million   led, alld makes   as
nrelty ii lumberman's liuuti.iel Fit.
bushier., purposes „s exists ii, East
Knolei.ay.   No one mm, woujd   call'
,o   ne.il   such   a   " lull loli-llolc."     nn
■lames     tlinfi'    became     president,
Charles Splinted hloo-prcsl.fenl,   ami
r    \   Cloaklll  secrotary-lreasurei   id
ihe Kimborley  Milling and  Manufac
luring t'n, Ltd., whtcl, owns   i-hoso
l.'.nililiil   liuiils    With   Ibose   geiille-
....... is associated Mr. C. A. Cock, nf
The metiibers of Ibis cpuipany are
bv no means lne.vperict.ceil in the
lumber business ol Easl Kooienay.
\li     Greer is    ihe   most   cvleilslve
building    ir.,,-,..,'   in   rra,,lir,,,,k .
tlr. Cook Is Intimately cnnuecleil
with   tlie  general   Indiislrlal develop-
met I     of    tin-    Country,    null   Messrs.
Spilslcil and Onskiil have been, until
quite recently, connected will, the
t'raubrnnk Snsb mnl Hour facility ,
Mr. (in.kill having been llie manager
of llinl   llll Ivillg c,,ll(-eru.
Tile limits were acquired witbia
lhc pasl few uiniilhs. mid now llie
plant is being Installed close  bv   Hi,.
r   P. It. trucks. Ir    which  a spin
will he constructed right in, to tbe
mill Tbe mill will he of the mosl
improved patletn, and huve a capac.
Ity „l I',.null feet a day. The planer
mil]   will he nl equal capacity,    A
j,,- ,,n Ion hills ami benches, affording   ,i down hill draw  I  all    ihe
•ompa-ss points lo Ihe lake, along I
win, I,  the Ions emi be floated  to  Hie']
mill    Mature ,11,1 i h l„i Ihe I is ,
in rendering Ihem easy of operation .
ilu- ,    r   i:   conl lib.. I.d    splelulidl)
bv     l-lllil.itlg    ils   line    ull.llg   Ibe   l.lke
.I'.ore, leaving jusl ,„ 'imugli   ..,, i
ibe null ,,,,,I iidices between il and
lln- Wilier. The linn lias do,,,' Hie
lesl   ninl   is   doing   it      Well   llinl   linn- |
la   Hie ii.iiii.-  Implies,   Die linn   mil
.in   u I    I ala,, nn considerable'
in-  in  ihe  nuinulncluriiig hue.     The
chief .i|,|(itlls me no si I'tlllgcrs ,o lln-
1'1,'iiien's which iniiu iluile ,n success
m this latter brand, of ibe Inn ss.
Wii'.iil, ihe puhlle i-s beginning lo
Like nolo of Ihe |i,n linnl.iiI, good
lorttilte of lliis i,ewe.-., enmpi'titoi in
H.e I li.r Industry, In getting hold
ol  SIICll  .'. I,,,,,able  p,ope,11.     I,   is
, I    lo   mnl,,-   mono)    lor all co„-
lumber!,',' I,lav not ho In II,e
Crahbiook banuha belt, but still, no
fntlll e,ii, bo I,itm,I wiih (be situation
of tin- concern ot which we speak,
when ii i.- in Hi,- (limine Grove region    There lie owners nee! fear no
dalinifie ,,, lliell i rops flolll frosts,
anil il snow comes, why lb,',, they
shall Inn,' tin- bcltei 'mads therefrom.
There is mil a concern In East
Kootenay in n position to supply a
belle, article in Ihe lumber lino that,
llli.s,   owing   In   Ibe ell-ill,,less  of     Hie
Irees i,„ ils limits. To a thorough
knowlidge ml ihe business will he
willed ., ,', ,,!>.,!,zntion ol ri-spoiisibl
Thus. YVnnlniiiii, 1'. A    K .   B,  L.
the   lumber I,
and sympathy
I,.'.,!,I,      I   Ml   , ,1,
mi  helpfulness nrce.v-
Idow and orphah, and
llelnli-il   lo  lln
I I I'nrlum
,er   lo     provide   I'm   il"'   future  of  his
'family through  Hie Ins. ice depart-
nieiii, created for Iho pin puse of pro-
Iccting Hu- v.ell.iii- oi all mouthers
and their dependents.
.   Wini The Herald would like to .eo
authority, which must  result iu   as- ia a rending room -lor Hie employees
sum!   |il„t,ess  ami   linaiii-i.il   success,   ul the 0.  P.  It   nl   llii-.  point,   Such
         Tbe Im:;,' investment „r lliis   cm- an Institution would prune-of   Kieal'
new ol  in men will. 2« horses   wiU'Pauys capital iu a inn venture, in a   bonefll  to lb.-  inn „r   men who
he kept busv about ihe business, and.now locality    is a mosl  eiii-iinriigiiig  niako   iheir   liendqiiarters   at   Cran-
will add nonslderahly l„ the well be Islgn ol Hu- liinnlc   vitality   ul    the brook. THK  CRANBROOK   HERALD
East Kootenay Lumber Company's Mill at Cranbrook, B. C.
Easl Kootenay Lumber Company's Mill at Jaffray B. C.
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding. Shiplap, Dimensions, Boards
MOULDINGS OF ALL KINDS, of which we carry
of the above stock, all thoroughly air dried and in prime shipping condition
We make a specialty of
and I
Large Dimensions, Tamarac and Fir Piling, Cedar,
Telegraph Poles and Fence Posts s A & s s
....All Orders Receive Prompt and Careful Attention....
with Ml Philip.
Ml VUehael Phillips. Ill Tobacco
Plains, recently sold aim,,I lunacies
ol in-. Imiil ,„-.,, that place lo Hi
Scott, of l-'.n i Steele, for the sun, ot
till.Win cash. The lac! ia remarkable
but it is more remarkable In [In stg
i,,I'm,mm as it    IiiiiI-   lo   ,,,,,Iiiiii  Hit
.laic in   ol   Mi    Secretary  Wilson.
oi 'In- I nitod States department ol
.im, i. ul ■ ni..I estimates a,,,! Kluttsti, .
ib.,i ihe luii'in.iii, are Importing an
nuillv   upwards   ol   I I.u........... wmth
ol nhe.i,   11,1111 Hi 11 ml. Colllliibi.i    Ilu
II i.nle   I >   Ilu.   Ill,,ml,   Ciiluill
In.i   Wheal   '    "-ml   lo strengthen     llll
Hon , iiuisi ii tun wheal grown   In
Mi, aitii     and     Indiana,     while   Hit
, lninn.,1 colislllllelils ol lln still nre
being . xhuilbtcd l>> ,,,iiliiini,in, i ion
ll.e  land  disposed   ,,.    |,v   Mi     I'lni
l,n-   Iinm    Imn   -.nil   I illinium ol
i.iib, i ,n,i,e lbun 1 1,1, so IiiiiI he
-.till ivinlua a large luleiesl It. Hi.
 in. wuii nIml, In- bus linn   a-
lung   and   mi   hii.ioi.lhll    nlelllllleil
ll, IH1II, WllCll , 1 li ml In.lln o| ,|ge
Mi     I'l,.lolls   |,.||   I iml.onl   in   Hie  se,
u.e o, Ihe I Iii I.,,:, Il.n Con.pau),
bound   via  P na, Im  Viet i, ll
0, Ilu t a 1,-n luimlhs experience ul
Dial I'l.ui'. he w.« set.l I.. I'mi
Sheppnrd, some nubs south ol whore
Trail now   stands,  and   took   up   lim
,1 's nude.   Mi. Ilai.listi. I hen cbiel
,iu,l.'i ni Ihat are ul who Is   now
pi,,.,,,' .ni,-i.,,i and general man ...
all,,,,s ,,. I.,,nl strath.' i
In isi.', \ii Phillips wenl I.. Pmi
Koolvn.iy, on Tobacco Plains, at thai
til,,,' a:, unfm tided olilpnsl mulct the
nil m,In In ll oi Mi. Ilanlisly, who
was lepn si-uiiil at the outpost In
Ml Linklightei lie II was who
brought the lost gold dust and   nog
gels I n! Iii   ihe Fludlcys on Kind
lev 1'i.e:, ,„ IsiiS, I,, Walla Walla
which l,.l to Hie famous rush to wild
lit,is,,   in   I sn I,   mnl.   Indeed,   nud
dcutnllv in ihe op, g up oi South
uu British Coluinhln
Whin Ml Phillips came in Iron.
Fori Shi'ppnnl be had with him ...
[nterpretei an lro,|U..ls India.., win.
pio.ni so utterly unsatisfactory that
I,- {M> Phillips) decided ll,,,, ii wen
bet in  ti, Irani lhc Kootenay dialed
and ,,is| se with Hu- very doubllul
services ul 'be talk-maker This ill
came lo pass as planned, and Mr.
Phillips now can boast of as goisl a
knowledge of Hie language as any
inmi ii. Iii ii mh 1'ohunlrla.
Tbe chief I i;ule in those davs was
in ilm fins, of which iiliiini' $7,0011
Worth was procured during each season.   Tlie   pi ice    paid    Im It i was
iu,i excessive, to sav tbe least, but
t ad. skin of i,i.u tmi or beaver ibe
Poll ml credil III Hie liooks ol Ibe
eon,pan, I.., S3. 'I'hev would he
nimliimi nowadays, will, about Sill a
skin, so  that   Hie  volume ol business
done li Ighl   lie  put  down al  SI I,	
utcoi.ling in present standards. Six
or seven huiili.d buffalo robes used
to I e ilike, in each season, Iml were
considered .,l s„ lull,- value ttl.lt
they wore usually un up inio , u -
l.i-i.i.. is, im ns, nn.l, i saddles ami
j...i s   They  would ue simpl,    prici
1. -   In.n      I'll... ley    Eldlcll,   HI      Viol
ly places,  In icuiole head Wales   ul, gam/.,-,!  mi   lhc  31st  "I  March,   1903,
manv an  ,.,„„-d stream where   no by   C,  M   O'Brien, "I   Chicago,    11-
man had come since .he making   „l limns,    nm, loday    , I   the
,1,.' world. During those winter el- stn.ngesl unions in this district, lis
nir.siiuis he worked out lhc tope- management has been chsractcrUed
giaphv „i" Uu- Crows Nest district, by conservatism am! s",»i judgment,
ami established, what even ihe In ,ami. as a result, ,t has been .Indians ol  that   I...,,' did not  know,  the I means ,,! doing a   "real   ileal  1,1 g I
oxlatence ol a feaslblo pass ln.ni cast I lo ihe community. The officers a,
to wes,    through ihe main range   ..( presenl are a- follows
the Rockies, The lirst nail through
Hie I'ass was ot bis construction, and
lo Ion, belongs Hu- exclusive crcdil
ot being Hie liist man whn reci.gnig
.si the existence ol Ihe coal iu thai
..■g.on. and caused ils occurrence to
be known to tlie world.
It \I• I ISI   I III lilll
Tlm   ll.ipusl     el,null   has  been   In.ll,
im-, most exeelleul  piogiess the pas,
two    yours.    P ,-•   Hi ,   lea.
He,    \, lie was „i charge and   did
womleiiui  wmi,  in building   up    ll"'
nlilllill    und I    ml,else   ,11,nil,
italics     lie    was   called    to    Nm,
Sim   ml, I       ami    Jn      un ee.-.l, ,1     l„
He,     Sloal,   .,   ion,.-,   inan   nln.     ll.e,
lul  Iiii nl in  ilm. Held, and    will.
signal -- -     ii,- i. u , -    mini
ol  Lileul,  il.nl  Im . .1    I li
eu-.i e   ll ii-liiliel -I it    III.-  I luii, I,
.iml  pi   it  mi    lill  u bet let   I „,
.,1 found ,
I Mil imn i iii urn
rims' church I i   Ile,
I In, clock He.ieli.iiii. nlio bus Im, n
nm.   m   nu, unl . oi  i e    lb- has
I   Well   in  In-,  null.,   nn.l  bus  mail.-
ilu- church siioitgi'i in main ways,
i ndei lu- guidance ihe building bus
men enlarged mul oihorwise unpin,
.il I ilm nml, ol ibe church   ex
ti-imi-il in \.it urns ways.
CATHOLIC fill l.< 11
SI      Mnr, '.-■ iluu, I,    is    ,n a iiinsl
no.pel.His eimdilio...    ll   has a    mi'.
large   congregation,   nn.l under   the
null'!,fill eve ill Im, llinl llueleUc, ,1
.8 being increaseil euch neck. The
building has been greatly In.JU'ovcd
the past year, Hu- Interior linviiig
!>,,„ iilmosl entirely changed hy now
il, c. r.lt nns.       it      Is     l|llilc    plot aide
'hat uexl season the cbun-li will be
considerably enlarged ami oihcrwlso
President, W. (1   Oliver.
Vice President, ('has. Lane.
Recording   Secretary,  ll     .1   Corbel i
Viiiiiiieia! Secretary  ami Treasurer,
f    It    Manning.
Cunril.   Thus.   Mlslln
fluide, Thus. Boytoi
Place  I lime .,1 meetings, r   I.
il.' Hall. Walls' Hiiililnig, ceil lim;
I am! ib.1.1 Saturday ol II p   in
K -I. Smvtli
Kilitnr Moyie Lender
I'll!!  CARPclNTI'.R S  I MUX.
The r. ll. nf c, A .1.. uf Cranbrook, was organized nn March 3f,th
this ye, with ihe following officers :
Presilcl, .1. P. l:Hidings.
Vice-President, A. Nestllll.
Recording Secretary, G, Mustard,
Financial Secretary, .1. P. Iluch-
Treasurer, .!. Kiiuiison.
Till':   I'RKSHYTIIRIAN   CHURCH I   «"aS"n!°K.^effl.Arel,0r'
Tin- Presbyterian church, iiiuler the    The moon was slarled Willi a inein-
le.i.liiship „i It,,, iv. w. Pminue, D.lbcrshlp ill twelve, and ,1,.- ,, her
o> bis nm iilood herd, undressed in
li. lhi.se c.nlv dais iis now, Iho
Hudson Hay Company sold -■ •., I
goods, ..i... iheir inm was ciiic-i' ■',-1
., panacea for mure than hall ol ihe
.IK „l in,. 1, sini maintains its re-
pute, nml with those best "acpii'iil
wi' us virtues" il is novel drunk
im ept before or alter meals , a
mode ol sunt moderation which
lends to prolong lilo almost inilcli-
1111,-1 V—II im, dm, t take Ion much al
a  li     I'l, lit \   of   Ibis choice spi It,
an.! ..Hum „i ils kindred, I ,1   lis
wny Int., Wild Horse camp in Ihe
days o! iis ohiofost gb.ii. Pete.
Ilo, Ie. now ol Fori Slcolo, was dispense! 1,1 cbiel   ,,,   H,e   diggings    When
paying !■,. bis supplies be always
,'.,„„■ down wuii the dust, gold dust,
and maybe more nuggets than gold
dusl      From   tht.    i I ol   Hading
. I 10 IttC pl lu -i "II you .lie sails
In ,1 ,'■ 'I, ,l,e seem ni. down will, the
ilu- I " \|„I III, I, was ,liisl ut pinny
lli   'ho e   in .i!   .lu, ,      Tbe   lint      tl 111
in,iu Foil   K mi,  which Mi   I'lul
I I, made In Fm i Hope, on Hi,
l-i.isi i rivei, lie took out iin pound
m-i i i     avoirdupois   ol   It,    worth
.,' , III    ' IS        I'll.    Inns,    llinl      i'(
Hu 1 ll     nnl.     1 ll.i I     piei s  Inn l.-i
II i- I ,-'l„,l pn I'l .leupl, n,,e, nm'
II W., , mum,,I, ,.,l u sigll lieliue ile.i'l.
Inl   -iin   --in    In  lie   semi   n.ill.m
w ,1, I, iu   ml In-  load
II. I ii      Hi   ,!, I'll,  ,,|   in I   i,,,, It
ill   n     in m   -unl   limn   l'i 1 I   Koolel.al
,,, I'm ■   i lope iiii   now  shoes   eat,,
m . ,!,,    nil nei s..,,ii    ' reuul iiiu
I, i   ile   I,, p'i  ,',    nn.l, r.iiuir.i! In.
llll- in -.1 yell s ll.i l,i,,; \llei iIiiii
ih |i.H llie luis ii. ss ilnlil ul, -.leu III,
but     In I.u,      lln      n,,n      nu,    ,,,1     tie
, n in ,1   ull   iu opal..,      nm.      mull -
w.i,   I.n    Hie   .mini.il   Hip mil   null lln
i i-  un i  gold     the pack horses wor,
  'I-   1".'"- ,- i' "I' I" packs ol
IIIU   11        i  n I I   ull   si,,, I,   Rol   Used
lip .Inl li Hie |.ml seasons lln,lull,
w.e.    en,lull,      fuelled,     usual!)     o"
some .-I I in 'be nml    Wh<" ovel)
l        n.m.   ni     le.iillliess.     H<>-     lung
 ,i    w.s    begun   towards     Fort
siu-pp ml with some !.'>„ pock anl
unils Mi,,i ,, shml spell uf lest ill
I.ui   mi.-upn,I the march was    n
mn-,,,1   ..I    Foil    Hope,   llhele   ll"' »..|l
pin , im   in.- ii.-m   i.-.u   wen- luaded
UP   nn.I   .i    I, tut ule   lu   Poll    Shep
paid    I'm,    Knolcna)  was abandon
, ,1 din nn'. ll iiiiiinel. as It  was mil
nuiiu mil,   [ot llll.nl ,u stand a siege
1 he     lll.li 1,1,vt     alnl    III I   111
ilia us     ihe lu n-lii.ii,   Iocs   ol    the
li,„,|,i,ui   l.lhes      [UghI   il   is   I.i    s.i,
liiul    the    K...... nays were i.u    ami
aw,ii tin- i..-:ii i anil braver men, am!
in.on a i,me defeated their marauding iocs   win- (numbered tn-,,   to
one II.lii raising was a nourishing
not nm I,, in llmm davs. When III.
snmiii, i    h.ul waned,   ami Iho   snon
l-,,i' '     i nay Was resumed, and   s.
the lumili..,.- Weill on [nun year li
Tho Hudson Hay Company gave ,,,
ihe fur business iu ibis country in
the   year   18(17, and (hereupon   Mr
\ . h.m continued to prosper, Hu.
lln- let lllil'ty-slx names were added
in ihe roil, a veil substantial in-
cit'ise. The rile of baptism was ail
iniuisicn',1 tn thuH one persons, one
o, itliich wus an adl.ll. The church,
whirl, seals [nil, al limes is taxed lo
the uiiuo.i ,o boi.l lln- evening congregations. As a ciuiseipli'licc, the
inii.'leu ol a building fund has been
stailc.I, aud a new clitic,' is looked
fm uexl summer, whirl, will llkclv
tost tun l.-ss limn $fl,llllll when colll-
I'h.' ladies' aid have been looking
after Hie eoiiiloris ol lhc pastor ami
Ins nife. bv Ins-tailing Ihe oleoliie
li.'i.i mil imp. lies
The Christine I'liubaioi" soclely is in
n   inns,    ti Istiing   eondiliuii,   ami
Will     llollhlliss    inlill 'Unite,   as     lasl
leal, In ihe home mission until
' The pallor's Hlble class ,s   large,
and have promised tr.0 Im' I""!,,' missions fo,   Hie \ea,   [DIM.
II is cxpeolod Unit Ihe giving In
the missions will more than double
but oi lusi year,   'll.e outlook   was
level   mole boll! till.
now increased in lolly, ami there is
30th, Pint :
Value ol   Imports dutiable - 111 161 mi
Valuo ot    nop.-ns flee 1.1 l.Viui
Total 'I me	
Hull   mil'-1 led    . ,,,, ,„, ] i
Su  for yea.  ending So.     30th,
Value nf   Imports duital    ■ HI i	
,. Iuc ol    In pt>. ts im' 1.3,733 in,
Tot, 1                 ... (
Duty   collected .. m. n
Increase for u-.u i'"'i i ve,  :	
Imports duitahle 171,03] Hi,
Imports  Im- 'i 38" 00
Duty collected ...(17.302.37
li I.n.!    reven 'ollw
port of t't.iiil  ilu. " n   ■  yea.
Spirits -. ■ i '
Mull Sun nl
Tohacco    . 'c.j i,i
l.icnim. 33	
I       1IK2.II
•llll"      it: iMiHiu.K     11 1 ' 1 RIP
Th,- Cranbrook PI.. Iri.   i.i 1 I Cm
'ml I |gi     f.,1 lunl      h,
local     men   nml      I"1-'!   Capital     Till
■ Ol |n. , I... ill l'i..i, ll ., .. I .lln,mi.'
of   elilel |„ iSO,    .1 lot    Hie   Ull 11.1.01       ,'" i ■'
initiui:' up iluu  mono)  in ., pem.au
elil     III'm  lllu I  :     n Iml,   "l|„- ll  l\ i I ■■
expres ing doublH us t.. ibe   lubilil)
,,l   ilm town      Mle.   Hi,-,   llllll      ,1
oil i  tnllin,   u lirst , I.m,   olectric
liglll planl ..mi .-ml ii u. noil mm
lllilg   o'di !     Hie,    in.-.    1 lim  ,I,>,n.mil   tin
a leli i'h.uu- exchange, nil I ro Hie)
.iml Ih, v had pul in a local exchange
and run I s in all   In   sun nl ing
towns.   These ii  win, have heel. ,„-
leiesiril m these Inn enterprises are
el.III!,,I   lit   all   1,111,1s   o|   nmlil     \	
of them an- wealthy, and nnl one ol
Ih-'in b.i,e drawn down oi.e colli tu.tn
their Investments in these two enterprises np in Hie present lime. The
i.ilu-.-is ul Hie c gii.i.x nre us follows: Preside,,,. .1. ll. King, M  P  P
M.     Mcluiiis.    secretary;      U .11 ,
Slocks, manager.
For year ending Oetolier 31st, HUH.
the number of   horses, rattle,   ling,
anil   mull s   passeil   lul   in.pet lion    nl
Uu- pmis ni Cranbrook, Itykorls aim
Go-towuv,  Well- as follows :
Horses,   Mill :     catlle, r. 17 ;   hogs
:i.s ,   mules,  I.
W. S   BULL, V S ,
Ooveriim.nl Veterinary Inspector.
Till':    lllTllillll.sT   (Til HI 11
During   tbo    year   Hie   Methodist'
Church iu Cranbrook has made steady   a treasure ltola.it n hand that is.,
ami   permanent    progress   The irus   rredil  lo such n vouttg organization.
ices ha,,', il ig ,In- le.ir, paid   nil'The union has never had any trouble
the Indebtedness mi Hie church build,  as u  is i died In  men of excel
im.. nml nlsu purchased an additional   lent  judgment, who are asking   nnih-
Ini alongside ol Hie parsonage,   hav-Mng Iml whal m Inii to omployet ami
ing now a   properly    with lut,   led employee   The prrscnl officers me as
triiiiiage. ami ample loom fm eiilai-I   follow.,
Ing the church when necessary,   Theyj    Presl.lenl   ,1   11   MacDnnnld,
ban-  also     installed  imn   Frilik    ,e  I    \ „ ,■ !':,- , ,-ei,   1-'    Fool
ilciiuis, .inl have mo, ih.- hes, light      |; cording Secretary, -l   Landry.
i-il church „, lown.   Tin- Utiles' Aid     Financial Secretary,  li   Coughfln.
soeieii  h„s ,v| I,,l al   (350   in     Treasurer, •'   Knudson.
painting   mid decorating Hi,-   iltni.li     Condueloi   lleo, Copley.
ami pa's,,,,.,-,    .i.i.i.i,   very   much   l"l    Hard.',,.  .1    SpiNI.-.l
A  I'.ini'.s Bye View ,,i' Crnnbrook,
Hie appearance  I cnmlorl of     in
tunI.tin .-.     Thu,    hu,,    also   ] wiled
a   'nn   Individual  silvei    cniuinunlou
Bel    lo   the   el ll   lllllllll'.   the   veal al
ll osl  ,,[ (50,
'Im- pastor. He,, S, .1 Thompson,
and I,,, people have labored harm....
ninn, -in.I happily together, with tbo
result  llinl  there an- now  130   , ,
inumcaiiis nn the toll, accessions lo
the membership being made nl   each
cm,, nm    The   Sunday scl 1    is
prospering .....Ie. Ihe able ami luilh
fill supc.iiilcndcl.cv nt Mi. W. T.
Reid.    ITie    Kpivmlb league    has    a
membership „i abonl   Hi. und    Im
lhc mil Im,i.m-1 :u leadership uf Dr. K
W.   (' rally,   is   doing   good   work
mi g ibe young people ol Iho church
The girl's 'mission liainl. Ihe young
csl of Hie church's organizations, is
imiihtiiiliiug an orphan gill at Ihe
Kllnmaiil Indian school, at a ensl of
$50 a year. The church has shared
::,,,-,     it-, ■   •- ,i    e    iin Hie     prosperity and   growth   oi
Philips decide   lo reman  n ll.e lis-  (,    ,         , wiMl mail™ towards
trlei, tak-ng up ,  eonsideral plan-1 ,'c .„    ,„ „„   ,R    ..,.,,
I,     .,   exeelleul  laud ,    .       ,   upbuilding   ol
His  intercourse    will,  [be  trappers '.'    ,. ,    .,......,ii.      .{hie 1.    s Ihe
of those davs limiiliarizisl him    with   '    , . ,,'[ • ,v , , m   inil v
Ihe t I lib' ..[ I hose men,    and   B""> '" '"'> ' """">'
also    Willi  iill    thill    appertained  to I  o	
sp-lrHf ibe wiidcnSs had" slipped!    CRANBROOK  LABOR UNION,
into liis blouil, called him into lone-     The Cranbrook labor union was »r-
W \TI-:ii  WORKS  POMP \N\
This     ,..,i   a   local  npniiy wit
f iml lo i„,i in ,, system nl waloi
works in Craiibriiuk. Mali) ol Hi
men iiilcleslisl arc lhc same urn
whn organized  lln- eleelrlo llghl nml
leJopl c   companies.   Tins ouuipan)
Willi cmnimii.l.ihli' /cul fmnii-,1 Ihe
company litis si tier, ami In a slum
till.,- ,1. molisllaled  liiul   II   wns mil a
paper company,  lurl  ; gniil7.all.ni
that     liii'.ilil   bust IS.    Hiiliin     llui'i'
months after ibe papers wore signed
ihe company bad a (ir-sl-elnss syslem
ii.st.itii-il a,id was selling water In
ns patrons.   The planl has   cost    a
hlllll Willi the idea In view Ilia!
Craiibrook would grow ami need a
much huge I'l.in' ih.in a> lhc present   li ,  so  Ihjil   Hie , putty    cm
easily meet ihe demand nl a city 11
in.nun people. The offlcel's ol Iho
company nre : ,1. II. King, presi
de,,, ; I.. II V.iiilieciii, vleo-prosi
delil ; W. P. (lind, seeri-liiiv ; \\
[Stocks, manager ; V. Hyde Hakci
James Ryan ami M. Mclnnis,   direct
! \ U,unIm ml Increase in the llusim.
Hilling Hie Past   Venr.
j Tlie Increase lu Hie business nt Hi
pnsl office ,s ., veil  good Imllcatio
I id the growth ol lite town, am] ll
Importance in a conn cinl wny.   \
I Iho I'lu,mil   lime Hiile is more   mini
I hiimllt-,! ui  lliis office nml more   re
cime derived than al any other oiln
along    ihe line   ol ihe' Crows Noal
Pass    Railway In llriiish r,,Inn,In
ami  ll   is  the sixth biggosl  nllice
British     Colillllhill   in    lillllll   ul     re
eniie.   Tlie increase in business   over
.1. A. Motherwell,      Mas, yont is more .1.,.., I', per  cent,
_ lln nli Ihe province Hie inwns of Van-
KA'WW   " J»  '"■  t'ONDHCT- aTOwVVvSHnlnsle?lare' lb"""!."'!,
ORS "f.es Hint lead   t'rniibrook in volnmo
„.,    ,     ,  , .   , of   bus ness done    al  llie respectivQ
II"'   local   I nil   ol   ll ler     Ot   pnsl   nllices.
rallwa)    condurlon. is In a lliiiirlsli-l   The"Crnliiirnok nfllcc wns nrganizeil
iig    condition.    This    ,1,vision    |s' In Se r, 1808, and R. E. Beat
known is Hie Klk River division   No 11'1'- lb'' present Incumbent, was   up
Hi;, und tl hers ai  the   presenl pointed as poslmnsler.   ll is nothing
tinie are as follows: I tor a single    mail  Inliave 2.IIIIII    ol
Cbiel   Con,liieliu,   .1.   It.   HcNal.ll,     n.ore letlers nml  Hum live  lo   seven
xssistuiu   Conductor,  Tims. Cavon. socks   of   newspapers    mul tiiin.lli-
Tin- Cnmull,in   lillllll ,.1 Ciuiiim-ri-,- Stuff,
.  Win,,-. ,1. II.  Milium. ,    li. Ileimult
uin-i. P. I .  Mlllpils,
Let us fit up your
Bath-Room   with
snowy white
Porcelain   Enamel
goods   ■'! «* •.< t*
Urn        -
< 1
Dt. est
C:     o
X ^
tZ. 3
> PQ
ti 41
x *
Heating and
Blower Piping and Mill
Work a Specially. . ..
gives perfect satisfaction, More
are in use in this
country than any
lflg££7 J j   other range	
t v ,'„'»•>■ t-'.„'^>:s;'.-,';*•''B'mT-v? v-'-'''- i-'. -'-'s-'■-''"Ci:w'-.,'*i^Lfc''.,Ti^lfc''/;'i«r.'S^SB'SS^B^SJ
mm m M jki» 'Mm a;? & ?<■ £■$ Wfffi * $m$m>
P. Burns & Co. i
I mini Ihe liiiiliagelui'Ut ol Mr. Ileal
lie lhc olliee is today one of the best
equipped     ill  mil      lown   Ibe size    id
Cranhrook iu Western Canada. There
are :i7n boxes aud every oilier convenience Ilia! money can furnish, mid
Ibe business is carried .... in a manner satisfactory in lhc public. Miss
INT'ltPASI-; .VI' CI stums OFFICE| i,l|Han Tanbniisor has charge „l Hie
money order deparlmeiii, and    M
Secretary-Treasurer, T. A. fury
Senior I'mnliu nil.  II.  I'ellil
.L'lnor    c lucior,   s.   A.   Itiini
Inside Sen iin,-!, 1). .1   McLennan,
Outside Sentinel, (loo. (loougcnn.
I'bt   Business   Shows    Plainly   11,,'
Orowth u! llie Town and Iho i.ls-
M. II.    Small,    cllslouis nllieer    at
ibis point, inis luri.lshml The  I .raid
Hudson   has   Ibe    general   delivery
A  111(1 TASK.
If miv man wauls lo know llie way
lo Mart for ll.e asylum nl New
the following ligii.es linil will Five a W'i-;lliiilisr,'l, lei him 111 In gel out
pretty gonil idea nf Ihe grinv'li oi a folly page paper lu u weekly olliee
Crnnbrook and Hu- district,.,( v Men In linen week's lime. The Herald
II  is the commercial centre! |force is familiar wttli conditions, and
Collections made at the outport of abonl ready to give Constavlo Morris
Cranbrook during year ending   Nov. I a trip to tho cuasl.
Desire to. extend the greetings of
the season to their many customers throughout the district and
thanks for the growth of their business during the past yea.. In
the future, as in the past, this company will keep the best in the line of
1 Jmh and Cured meats, San-
1 sages, Tish and (Same, etc., etc.
I       ,
^ To please the public is our aim
j| and every effort  will be put forth
^i to accomplish the desired end.
as   ______^____
iW-WWOiyr."'':/5!'-,.'1:1 '-..,'.•v--^. ,.',:'-..i '/^-tv«. t.^-^r.. !/^-t>;."!A^., :.^4?i, 'ir^ THE   CKAMtliixiK   HBRALT)
a. a.
THE HERAI i>. . .
On March - Im lirsi num-
|,m   m   [bo   I ■'■'-,-    IS
sued      M   lln was   nol
luiiili  ol  a towi   hero,    I.   iai-l,     III,
pi.,,-,- ,.,: iisttsl i "   I.US1-
txvu hotel
fi.iiilu. ok
lown    a
Hint  wus mn
to     1011
.'.",' X
lell I hi
cm ,      I'l
.lion i.  then  appreciation in a   thou.
.1      ami u has I n Hie an., ol
-,,   ,,.,-,,■,   I.,    iv-  propel   leeognili,,,,
Today   Tin   11, 'ul.l  occupies its on,i
:    the   be-1    buil.lil.gS In
■Ii,   pi,onee im    ihe printing   busl
im s ll is equipped with inode,,,
o-.ii lilro-l v   ol   mull   kind,   including  a
■Moiii,line'   Upesiltillg ■lime,    alul
lias a large 'stall ni compclenl and
loyal ii".. 'li" Herald im- man)
in iiroveme. ts in vi. „. and hopes ,o
nuke Hu- paper during ihe coming
veal one ,h.,i will he wanted In
OVI iv home  i shuck iii Hns ilisliiel
'Ibe   Chrislmas   .iii.ni.il    ibis   year
„ ,       .l.uleil    null     ihe    iileu   Hi.,,   ,'
would he abonl tweut) luur pages.
which would have bee., ., his paper
Im a low,. ,1,- s, u .., Cranhrook
Bui n ha. grow., until it is tn™ ft
i,        with ih.- cover, making iu   all
ax.a........M......t..*.tl|lal1 cuiilum-d tn make lot il a louiul.
-*-. limi on which a suhslmitial and   pi
,.„,„,,■„ *.-,„.
HWittMH «-, ana till'
It    i::   itillicill    to   speak    oi    Hie
growth of fiuiilirook without lay.., ■
oneself open to the   charge "''   oxag-
g-cu, , of being u " boomer." ll
is no, ueeiss.in   lo exaggerate   when
,n i, nm.:   Hu- progress  .he   lown  bus
 ill    and  The  ll.-ral.l has I... desire
to Ulead guilly lo th, charge oi   he
j,,..   a   •- I me;   "    W.ek   ail.T     Week
,1,   Ncsl   Puss  i.ulnav,  as  I
.ii.inci, .-oiuiiieii i.u centre must be
a.  binlileil.     The    prophecy     ..i      the
♦ In. t the early days has   bee,, Inl
X| filled ., tlifnisaiu'l lol'l. Today Ihoro
.* is no, a more prosperous city lo
"   Wesl    Canada,   ami   nol.0    lo,     lis
s i,  which  Hie business  i,   bases!
on    ii    liiiuci   fiiunilaliim.       Year hi
year   Crap-brook   has   grown   belte,
coliltlleteiallv,    it    I,as    increased    ,,,
populatioti, and with tins gradual Im,
steady [urging in Uu- Iront, has come
an increased conOdence in the limn-
ol the town, iml only on Hie pail o[
the residents, Iml on the pa,, ol all
those wi,., have acquainted then.
selves wiih Hie true conditions \s
Hie   dins, ,1    potirl ol ibe   Crows
Ibis pap,, In-- ehron el.d Hi
an.I  il   is pleased    In
,  1     In,  .     In,  II        < Ul
I        Ilm      |,,ll,III    li
judge Slllll.      I"       .',    'Iml    H"
presenl   Ollilol   In    had ed   -ul  mm
lmil    lim  be,   Ol   Ih
papei I-, Mm pi lu       ilmi
Utile  no  man  01   i llllll.'  ol   .null     ban
ci'ci dictated the pul   ■  "I  ll.e impel
uud   no iiuiti ho   ' " i   hi en .il.li-    i.
senile ptlbl! ..Hon  .1   oi,   "I lu In   111
I'lii- Moral,!'.-, Presenl II  the Mi.it, Business Street.
would iii any waj in  another individual oi redo ■ ii, ■■■ 'I.- crcdil oi
Hie ciiiiniii.il. 1,, ii -i -i feeling nf
peso,ml spite, ll, have In ul In be
independent,   wc   ■■■■■>    Hied   lo   be
foiling is,    ,,'c    have   ll'iod     to be
right. Ami ii.e years we have spent
iu Cranbrook have Imn mini with
happiness   ,, rsonal sail faction
Wc hale  I" In. lakes, -unl we know
Ihat we have unl pie, nl every one.
Np human being ha ovo. puhll lied o
Itewspapcl mul luiled 1„ ■: the flrsl
oi  succeeded in doin. Hie I. it.-t   But
lhc people of    Cranb I   bun-    been
luyal   to   The lie. lid      They    have
has cost a pretty   sum state    that during all nl  Hull    lime
upor nl  Hns  magnitude,   there has mil I n a neck Ihat some
ami In all probability II is Iho bug- ihiiig ol an encouraging nature could
est   pnper ever  issued  from  a  u'ceklv not he said for the lown.   ll litis liev-
ollue   m   u   Ion ii      lhc sim of    Clan-   01' bad a boom     The people   di 1
I k.    vie   believe Ihal il  will   do  wuul ah n.   Ami id lucre is hard-
good Hu- Cranbrook nnd Iho whole ly u power on ciuili that could keep
district, nnd carry Ibe Pilings of ll.e cranhrook from enjoying tlio bright
wealth und possibilities ol South destiny Ihal is in si ore for Iho place,
F.asl Kiioleii.iv in ihe four ends of H .ins conceded I.y those who figured
Hie eat ll,. [linn cause In effect, [ruin Hie vol)
 0  inception of the low,, thai Crnnbrook
,,.,          ,       ,             ,      ,,,      ■ mnsi    surely l.e a prosperous place,
I be number ol   Annuals, although ,,,   |uCat|01li    ils   environment, Us
S.fiuo,  will  fall  from  moo I,, :!,uuu tributary    territory,   and tho   mide-
hoil ol  ihe demand. | velnped   resources ,,[   litis territory,
tlie   mining and [umber Industry   ul
the disinct, as Hu- natural    rkel
ol   the agticiiltin.il  mleiesls, as    the
In' ,,lile   l.'Siileiillul   town   ill   Ilm.    see
i   ns  the headquarters nl     n
in pm taut corporations, ,,  musl pel
I  be    ,<u iiupo, Lou     centre and
mi ssuil,     go ahead In    Ihe  .<•
even lust, i   -huii u   has il. II"- past
Inn   Ihe p.. I  yen.   ,1 ha   In	
    I   sal. .I.n lol 1   . Ion ill    .unl  ill :l
. in  l.ui'i.,1         tl.ll.)   new     I"
inns   bloi-ls   I..I1C   ten,I   ,1c. I,.I      I     .,
I,,e        i,III,In I    III      I Is,         n.mi
I,-.I -        \     i I'b.e     .,   I.m    ol
n      works      bus    I       in  lulled,
Which   nub   the minimi.  , Ie. I -In
 I   lel.pl -   'mni.     in,.      Hie   nm
1, In. lie   -   ol   i,   I.m . I   , II,       I'll, in   in
11,e  chilli be 1 1   l.utl.l,nn.    mill
, lie .  .un   ..I   Ihe  l„ ■ I   hospital
n. Um nm   Canada, a cnniplclc    tin
nil I.    uilli   ->    um,   lil,-house,
ip',,-,1 mill hose. I,vis book .unl
,..„ilil lunl, mul -lln liooessull
.'quipu.cl.l,    all    In-.iiii".  Hie salisbie
u,        i.m. 11,  ol   n     I Inn     ivesll III
nun     I lull     is    up I,, dill.'     Ill    -mm
linn-        'llie  pupillul   is  lull,   I   um
and perhaps iu     Unl.  Hu- lmil,	
u il,,-    l. um.    Central, which is
,„,   uii   us. I   [ad,   ,,u I   ill   nil |il,in
Inlll,      Hi limn,,lie         cull
im, n ui   on   Um  d   lo   Spokane
Iron. SIllUC pi-int mi llll- fn>„ In,,
lul       Uis!      ol      ClilUbrOoll,      IUC.Ills     il
-ion III  iii  litis lown ilm in.-, ll il
■in i.i is.' Iii evil, .he mosl sanguine.
I In-   III lul,I   e   fiUiliil.il!   oi   Hie     I'll
tin,   of   IT.ill! li     ll   has     WUlehell
the progress Iho p.isl lew louts Willi
ll  catllllllls  ele.  Ul.ll  bus    -en-    Ill
doiibl loibii Ihal Um results mil
Drove ,-„,,,u-nlli siilislueloi) lo every
une luloroslod in Hie welfare ui   the
There have   I u  spc.il   during lhc
pusi year In Iho town, not including
llie iniliviiv or sawmills, over $Uin,-
in,u ii, liiiilillngs nml oilier iinpr.i.T'
ini-ius.   Ft.I  a lown Ilu- size id fi.iu
l,look Ilns Is a un- '—ill     e.l one
Hull even  tili/fii has reason In   [eel
proud  ,,l.' Below are  Iho lig s gii
-ii   In    Hie  illlleiein   contract ,''.-,,    ..,,,1
i ol buildings put up by day work
Ihal    will   aggregate   suino   sibi, i
.1. P. Arinsiiuiig, residence, 'i:!,:.ii'i.
Joseph Jueusoii, improviillleius J-'il'll
Wallet Jaciisuu, iiiiprovoniouts, .-..'-
.1. Uriel', bouse ami shop, {1,100 , ,1.
Ulcer,      llnplinrlnc,,,      nu     I'osill.'lll'O,
11.',,, : U. N. Han si. „, collage, l-Mtu,
si. Eugene Hospital, }S,0II0 ; V. II.
Baker, store building, tsiiu ; ll. 'I'.
Hugt-is, wai'cliouse, S-l.iu; H. P.
Perry, ham, Mini ; ,1. Lensk, Improvements on house, $100; Wang
Cta.il, store building, $-150 ; f inn
brook Sash and Door Co.. improvement, $.",1111; Cranbrook Fire Hall,
ii^n ; .1. Manning, repairs, Iluu,
Mr. Mighluli, Ill-Hires il, slnlc, Mil, ,
slum wink tuul repairs, M.OIIO , A
It. Dovvnes, linprnvcmeiiis, (Dull . .1
!•'. Armstrong, for Ctirrio estate,
$700 , Leslie Inks, residence, 51,300;
store building on Aimslrong aveiiuo
SU!" ,1.    B.   (i.urull,    resiili-uec,
11,III... , Mr. Shall,,ii, collage, JSIIO
Allien  Slalcr, residence, SI.inn , .1
II.   ,\li 111 I,In,   warehouse,  $1,11110 .     Ml
• lolliilf.   cotlago, (7110 ,   .1.1,     lb
Iriltf,  slnlc  ilnpnilelii, Ills,   Willi ;   P
Clopp, siui'f building, $2,10(1 ,   flu-
Ifi-.d A  Co., si  lix'Hiros, Xlitii   P
M.iilnst.n. Ilnlel hiiilding, $l,f.llll , It
P. MnlTall, Icsiileliee, $0110 , -I Pi
Fink,    .li.iiim   Pink,    $2,:illO ;    John
*".iltili ,      John  Fink,  $2	
OovoiTimonl    Imil.linm,.     $500 .      Hi
II,,,    linproicimnls,    $11111      J
\. Harvey, $2,1100.
.1   ll. .1 W'KSON.
Vi v Ihizell,   hum,   $71111 ,   .1
II Dorr, siuic. $-l:lii . elms Lnia
restaurant, $7011 .   Mi   \ an Hill
lcsnl.-l.ee,  $1  ,     ll    II    Hill  ,1   lo
inproveiiienls    at utoro,    $70u      I!
II.      Shnil,   s ,      $1   |fill ,        -I        M
Pliiklmiu,   resilience,   $2,1 ,     	
Powell,      residence,    $l.f.O;      Wing
C'liuug,   store,   11, ,      IV   ll   lie
Farlnne, nihlltioi, , (I :!„„ , -\
.lolliiii- residence, I.:.:'.. .1 Biciinan,
residence, $700 ,   Klectric l.igbl ,<> .
.ulil,In.i,    mini
I.   .1   JOHNSON
1'    Ha ,,  losiilelice,   il,".un .    11
\. Lncey, n-.-i.b-nie, tl, nm , ). ,,
Lupine,    business  I k.   'I,         ll
I-'    lllllil     Im .mm.     |,l,„ I,,   $|,|0ll        ll
V,      Join,::    collage,   II.iiiiii , I
l-.lw.-ll,     im.idel.ee,   i 1. um ,        I    \
Ward,     collage,   ll       Multiloba
II,,1-1    .1,1,1    l-still.   S    I',,,mlu,I,II
1 ,,   ,,',,,i„l, lit,I.   mi.u ,     In     \| i
liiiill.e.   . ...i'l I    J.,1,1,1 II,   I,,
lioiie ' .I"' H ,1 Ilm ■ i.l, ad-
ill    I li .   I luu,   ,l,,l      II
111'...Hill: III \ 'I 11
M    I!   bim>„ I  ul   null.  | l :	
'I, i I.., In. 1, nun .    II   I    Ileal
lie    .ml.l t   in  ilriq,   .Im, .   I 1 :	
III I me., Ii-.nlelev, VI luu ll
II.      Inn.',     resilience,     IT I,
lillllll pi.i,elm l.l   ill    I I.   lillllll
Hi mlu lllluu   $11,llllll ,    Plesl's I	
t'l.llllll      Hi    Knm   n.l.lii,.,,,  , si
deuce, n mil , \ lllniill, residonco
11.nun Imperial llolel, in- holm
(.11111 .    Foil     Slu, If   Mi nnmnl- Pu
llli|ilo,i men,-,   III   nl ,   ..'Ulil .   f lull
tiliuil.   llolel,  lliipriivol.lel.ls,  $21111
In    im- pieparalil. I   Ihe t -mm
fur  Tin- Herald  Antiunl   Ibis  vein lb,
editor has been Iii lii iio.tgh   :>.
liiiie   lhc  nsslsllllil I   Mr.     Joscpl,
Rynll, who has ilium all nf Ihe , ul
side work iu the nay nl visiting tin
mining mul luiiiber camps, socnniir
di, ,u and embodying Hm same tu
articles foi iho' Animal. Thai hi,
work lias boon done in a mosl nrlisl
ie manner, Ibe reading of Ibis paper
mil |il.ive, mul what is nn,le, he has
broiighl lu his aid a llinroiigli knowledge ni i Iill,,ns, unusual ability os
a writer, and a cousclcnUnits   s|,irll
nf enthusiasm in tile wnll:  Mini nldll
bring aljn.il only nm- n-sult, mul Hint]
is   iinqiiaiiliod   success.    Tin- Herald
editor feels ei.nllilelil   I Ilu I   Ihe r
will take as much snllsfnotlnii iui
leading Mr. Ryan's articles as lie litis |
iu preparing Ihem, mid Iho eiillnr
lias in reviewing litem prior to pulili
* '     4*
9 ft
*> ft
O ft
1 Light Company, Ltd.!
Jhe Cranbrook Electric I
■aTsar-«N«s»\B- w>..ie.«N«.v!»s«..,ar.i«>g«v|!^
Also operate Long Distance Telephone to Wardner, Fort
Steele, Mayoolc, Ktmberley, Marysville, Staples' Mill, Cm
thers' Mill, Waltsbttre and Moyie, and local exchange in
Cranbrook, which gives communication will, every business house .ui.l nearly every residence in the city.
We carry in stock ,1 lull line nt
£!cGtn&a, Fi,\turc$
consisting nl Shades, Lamps, Chandeliers, etc.   The capacity of plant will be increased this week to 2200 16 candle
power lights, thus Riving firstclass service al all limes.
■sjr.«s.B.jl.,>v.|f.^..ff. ij-Ksp-- ii.jes.ae, ursjff-af- asTsB- iuTsjrsB»aT.»r.»s«sft.
ric Light Company
Cranbrook, B. C.
To talk Xmas Photos, but just-
in the nick of time to invite you
to visit our	
Where you will find
In the latest settings,    Something
to decorate the walls is always a
Christmas present that fits	
_1_ THE  CRANBBOOK    111:1; VI.n
., I ' -..-.'■'  -«,',-, - ,■-.', -.'."'T<- .■•."» '-.'•'T'-'.'',T'-.'".T'-.-     -V".T<- ••   '   <• - r'y>
t*3r. •*
'^j*., •
y. ■ ■■
j. ■ •
ADDITIONAL    M.W   I    11 HI ,
the   in w   buildings   put
'I.,,-.     1,    lint    -tin   [0Ul»W .
.    > \V.  It   Beattv,  huve Is-
•K,v lu.lu nm -,,   liken HI""
, .... I o i.,..- I..:   tlanv   \.
4Jr Livery  stable lul Paul H
The largest and best furnished
hotel in South Easl Kootenay S
.atej, $1.00 Per Day
. •j.
I  >■■....■ [ni Mi. Swulaii
tt    '      . '     '.'-XV    .lull	
l G
. '
Tli.-r-   have   been   oil
erected it, Tii,,  town up<
-i terabit?   mone)   ho ■   In
r   brewerj   building
 t  (10.00(1      \,i.'
,. ■ i   |)....i   K.,< •■•■: \
M          \     \l     I'.l,,'.
Was    hi    ihe i.. i ;''"■■ i
Mi      ll.itil. .-I    h]h ul
(500    ■, till 1-. v,    ;.,!,],
■ w .     i,,r\    ivsideue?   -   ".'
are many others, Iml il
Uj ascertain all        ihi 11
I. i.)
si CRI i   sui M
1  :    '     - ■ in     :,,. ml,,
nud/atioim    tin-   lir«l
btt n     ,1 ■ ..ii.i/.M   li- if  i■■
1 ■       ,. ! t..       I.>.l   .■
|.i,,:.|ii inns condition J
i     Noble Grand,    ami   i    H
.'.  I.'!,,' V ll-
, :       I'.i'   I,.-:.'    I i:i,.
Iialli   iii   thu   weal      \\   I-   '
Wondiinlul Master, and  M    \    lb
.-. i ,'Kil \      Till.   Kt.i
■i „!,i/, .1 tbe ui si
'In       LruilgtMt    IlidgV   il.      |
..I im mlrei h  ii,  tilt  lou
i'vci \  ineviliiR new men ■■
■ j, in. .mil nnancid.ll)  tlie lodgi
ii iiiu-   condition,   dam.     \ ■.«
 |h-i -I ihe Royal Seal   and S   i
is    Chief    t haneellor.    The
Urder ol foresters have reei iiih
guinzed, and meet twire a  wit*!,
Met'..wan is    ('hie! Banner, and    \.
Aheriiuthy  is seerelary.
A (.KKA'l   POROR ()!■   MKN
Favorite Hotel of Theatrical
... ■■*'.
Jf-'jaj.      J
l&S;    4
1 McCALLUM & CO. |
|       HARDWARE I
< ►
i >
■« »
i i
t        Pipe and Fittings, all sizes—galva- I
i nized and plain. I
4                                                   ' »
Oil Cans, Wheel   Barrows,   Drill f
1 Steel, Band Iron, Bar Iron, and Steel ►
4 >
** ol all kinds. [
Logging   Utensils,  Peavies, Caul, i
j   I looks, Saws, Axes. t
Building Paper, Flint Roof Coating •
Bath Room Fittings—See our Yo- [
4 I
j  Ho Heater in action; ho1 water in one ►
1 minute, »
Stoves Ranges, Fine English Cut- |
* lery, Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, etc.
Blacksmiths' Cumberland Coal.
Machinery Oil, Heavy Coocls, etc
Warehouse, old No. 1 Herald Building
See ooi win.low for Admiral Togl's Flagship, ll.e [anions "Cranbroulislti''
Tbe lleinl.l  takes pi„b
who  lllilkc   ,1      III   lull.   I
u 'f'   ii unywhc n ibe fnoo ol ihb   loo
ejfejj   slo.,1  iln-le is a turoc 1,1 prime's wh
1   me iiioro talll.Iul ami loyal than 'l'i
Herald hovs have been in ibe   uwli
I'.iiiul     ,,l    RclllllB  mil V p.,
pnper iu less ibmi three week's Hi
ami eiiiit nn Iho rejinbii wmi, li
sides,   Thev   have worked earli    in
lu'o, Sundays as   Well ns  \l i.n
ami ■"■ ei, all.,., ,!.,, in ibe ,,.-
Tl'ei   have   liiinbeil ui   sn   ,,,- -.
si",In! ill   lell, mill  inked nl   mil   .
iiii,n iiu-v hung ,,], llieli iipiiui    ni
lo   laugh   asiiiii   ul    eighl  Die iu s
niortiinii   when   aiuilliot duv's   ivo,
would   li.min.   .1  bet I p.  force    	
eieelisl the melallic emblem '
lh.ii.vhl of lllllllll ii wheel mi -i in, ■
ami ihri.Ugll il all Hide wus i-,„,
„,,,',,,-.   I,. 1111111   hulls,   no   Iin,I   let lu.
ami ,i ueiicial dell re In make lln- 	
dens of each Ughlcr.   ll.  I,   Hillin,
is  ilie Inreu.an    ami nil   ..I    Iiii
His ivui.l goes in ibe back pari „
ilm shop, and moiiv lim, < iu <!
I,mil, A. S. He.iiiell is the golilh
man who prodiires Ihe nrlisiu
ininlnm. in lhc ndverliseoii nls
l'i. Ilami-s is lhc press feeder,
looks allot' the cylinder .mi
presses.   During Ibe work nu II e
mini,  Hi   ll   .1   Tlioini  ol
nan. In. liml charge of lbs
tvp'oselttng machine, and lie pbn
,m u.is,  n- ., Baker 11,11 In,I,   w
a  nialio,    .Ml    p.   Ullilcv Inn iiccii
I'l.ssinuii   during iho bin rnsli,
!.,,   dune his wmi:    will    The
biivs   Willie Welsh, belter know,
" tims.uiie Willie," and <;.-..._.-
ei-    ot    ■■ Speedy   (lourgc," are
handy nnes arnuml Ihe shop, and
evorvlhlng Ir unking hank ,1,
its I,, carrying out ashes    Mi
soph  Ryan,  Ihe genial  Irishman,
.lone   mi   immense   ainuunt ol ;,
work on Ihe Annual, .....I slill u
tains  Ihal  he has brains lefl      \
Hi- Old Mail, well be kepi  ruslli,
unci     ihe   payroll   every    Sal ;
niehl.   Sexl   Satiu.l.ii   niV.lt,   Ibe
lice    will   close „„:,! Ihe     follow
Tnesdav, and The Herald loroo   .
lake ., well earned holiday   I'l"' l„"
li.,-.,. il  well, more lli.in well,   and
[he nli! Man desires lo publicly rec
.m'o.c the (act,
INTERN VTION \l.     Issni'lVTin-
up A 1.1 ll-'li MIOTAL MPi'll IN
President, A. N. Ilnwson
Vice President, IV   0.  Ilavwni I.
Financial 8ecrelary, s   Poole
Corresponding    Secretary,    .1   So
Treasurer, S. Willis,
ttllido,   K.  Ililucin.
Organized in C-ranhrook in   Marcii.
I'ln.'i, by Ihe rlHTeip.il branches undo.
lis   illtistlictinll.
Helievinc il it, he lhc natural rigid
nl those who loll in enjoy lo tl-
Inllesl possible extent Iho weallii
eieaie.l by tlieir labor, and ruuli.-u
that under Iho changing liiilttslri I
iniiililions ol our lime mill Ihe eno
minis grnwlll ol svuilieiiles and oils i
mi aggregations of capital, it i
Impossibh, lor ns lo oblnln Ihe full
reward ol om labor oxcepl In .„„
i.ml,si acllun.
Ami     Mlcvlng     llml ni'-'uiim. ' i
I si mi s ul principles ,,,,,1 dire, '
ml in conservniivo Intelligence b
iiisbos Hie In-.i medium hi wlih'b ■■
the wc.ilil, which wo create, nml .'I
promote Iho general welfare ol    „ ,
 robots In  Improving mn   Iru.lo .ml
...cul conililii.iis, Ihorob) ol.-va.in.
'lie i.l.t. clll/onshii I b) u   i '
in '.   cell   "Hml    ill   nil   llllll Id .   I.M
iin   ii  iiiilii'-Hv. unite an
in   ,,   In  all  in  , -  In In
BROTHERHOOD     OP     H Ml ll I \
Tins   is     mil'  nl   HlO  si	
w.n    iimllii-iilli.lm   Willi  a   local Iml <
in   Crnnbrook   The lodge men'
0,1,1   Pelloiv's  ball     Al   a   leceiil ele,
Hon ihe following ufllcers were nam
ed :
Hosier, P. Dingiiiun.
Vice-Miisici. George Monnhon
Seeri-lniv, I). McLean.
I.iniiial Agent, ('. II. Knock
4 >
- ►
4 »
4 *
4 >
I >
' »
•I »
■I »
-. v
4 *
4 »
•I 1
4 ►
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« •
4 1
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4 ►
4 1
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4 *
4 1
4 1
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4 y
. >
4 *
< !•
4 »
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4 ^
4 »
« 1
< I
4 ►
t >
« 1
4 ^
« »
< *
4 >
4 1
t *
. 1
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4 »
4 1
4 >
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4 1
4 1
4 >
: V
1 *
-' 1
4 *
4 1
'. I
< l
i 1
4 ►
4. th
4 ►
4 Ir
4 »
4 1
•j ^
The commercial stopping
place, and the best known
hotel along the Crow >* '<
Hoi and Cold Baths
Barber Shop In connection
Commodious Sample Rooms
Nearest Hotel to the
Send Your Baggage to the
4 ►
4 !■
4 1
4 e
4 I-
4   >
4 :■
4 :•
4   ►
4   >
<   >
'4  >
I   >
\* ►
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; ii
;    )
.-   ysi-^xj *..*A**.a*....***i^.....,iA....i..*....-i.....
;    ':f:C' *fV»».»»f..».»4»f**»i.».....'f...l...'r».....t'."'
< cm
m I
The Largest Real Estate Agents.
Mining Brokers and Insurance
Agents in the   Kootenays	
—1 I—d
8} I
JJU1W      '-.-
o, I Ion.  England
I lo
I ninn
I.,..,.loti ami lilnlie
So.lll     III
IS RE M. InS'l X I i:
Tw I■'!!■:!■: INSl RANCH
?tE I  ill'!,ni I i:       I I   DILI I i
>k?       nil:
lj^ MINIMI    S'ltH   l-m
I,,"  i ii and I'm,,,i
i) '
l me-ulii I in
Cimleilerotu... Life
Ollllirio    leeiilelil
'    ,11    Imn    RilllWU)     leeiilelil
I   I   SI s   I'lilnlllV    ami    limn
inn i jinn,
in) i     Plulo Oliuis
Hull!.,I,I      Slu     Hllilol     III   |.ii In,■
ml  Iiimii  ,' pan)
Mnsi \   In i.n IN
REI.l Ulli.l'l 1   VND
,,l   Ul WTI-'.KD
BR W.'ll nl-'l- ll i
Mnl IK
lil ,11;   RI I  i
i nil:
tl \HII\I ll
I i.imi
M \l;'t   VILLI
: ■.
i Vil
^    All Kinds of Houses for Rent and
,111111 Mill     .\L,ril. ,    X   .     ...     nil",  ur- "JVVtftiiS fatl   	
Delpgale to convenlion nl   RufTaln ! fa'?*    ^
"• '■■'"-'^__0— m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmi'i
The Crows Neil Iralgc ineel
Oilil Fellow's hull lirsi and I li I rtl :
days ol 11 o'clock.  The ollieers
us' follows
Master, Byron McFarlane
Bocrtcary, ,1. S. Shaver
Collector, Charles Harris
Treasurer,  Leslie Lolicks.
Although   (hero   wore I,SOU   o
Annuals prlirlcd tor sale, Iho nm
inn   exhausted    In ...Iv	
Iwu dayi    before    llie papal  w.i
itm  ffl
$$ I     Head Office Cranbrook, B. C, THE  0EANBROOK   llKWAl.n
.    IHii<IM<HN*MiHi4il|
Hotel S s
Tht Baiit vi Weallli I
ill      *f" y^
B. Ij. Short $t Company
t 9
* V
a o
a. * , afs
ll   is  nnl   lullg since  ll.e shales    ot|H
tho Crows Nest Pass Cool Company \9
wore on tbe bargain counlor, am! jol, \*.
bus ol then, were being sold lor any-139
thing toi'v woitbl realize. One gen- ■
llcnian u.'is offend ., block "I Inn :,, I'si
u.-i    eelils    cull     llu.l   lie  closed     llie   y
ileal  Iiis      nn.■line     -Ho,  iniubl   d>
in.iv be value mi $1,100,    ns   theirs
shares,     ol  n    |n,l    value of    2.'. each   V
now   sell  .,I   > I'm     T ■all.   Ins, nil,, 4$      ...
ho vicissitudes ami iho nnui iriuu.pi. j*   iMuos,   Panels, Frescoes, Borders and Ceilings.   Chaste and Classic   T
i, *►
Interior Decoration
Dan McDonald
Frank Clapp
First Class in All Respects
Purest Wines, Spirits, Cigars
Toflsoria. Artist ©n Premises
]f You Visit Cranbrook
ffl -% GO   TO   THE	
1     We keep the BEST and LARGEST assort- I
as ffl
% merit   in  East  Kootenay.   See our FANCY |
I BOXES for Xmas and New Year gifts.   They 1
| are filled with the best CHOCOLATES AND I
ffl BON BONS that money can buy. I
ffl ffl
I Leary & Co's Handrolled Chocolate Creams j
ffl „___   ffl
ffl ffl
Choice Tobaccos, Cigars, |
1 Cigarettes and Pipes and
| Smokers Goods & S S S |
| Jill manner of Soft Drinks     XII Kinds of Truit     HH Kinds oflce Cream In Season  jgj
m ffl
ffl   »tf .* Bring  Your   Little   People to   lhc Cr.inbrook   Home   of   Santa Claus jm •(*   ffl
ffl    , _   ffl
ffl ffl
ffl        Installing special machinery for making special candies        ffl
la p. tisdalb|
H Leave Your Orders for All Goods from City Bakery §j
1 „ _. ffl
iii  the Crows Nest  I'-iss I'oal .'on
pail) may point  Hie wnj  in tin-   de
lelop,neiit ..I    nun resources mul
.en.- ,n Indicate the mistake which
I bo public is making In nol Inking as
deep   an   I nicies I        as   Colonel
Hake, and Ins associates took In tlie
mull   iu    il.,- days  when    I-'-I   Knot-
. ♦ • Contracts *.♦
4>   taken for entire painting (interior and exterior), papering anddecoratlon   9
9 of private houses, hotels and public buildings a
i ^Latest ©estqne is *s?m ^lperiT ™i 1
4-> U Mouldings always in slock   &
of Sign Painting from
most elegant designs
Mmiogcr  Crunlirooli Hruivory.
1 We Make a wSpecialty
I  in burnished gold in glass to the largest signs and"buildings'-'
I - —_	
9    A large stock of high class Wall Paper, Houldings and     <$
| Colorman's (ioods now on its way lo us I
Cranbrook, 3- C I
euiiv ivus a  Lllousand miles [in,,, ant
It, was Mr, Michael Phillips, ol
Tobacco Mains wliu lirst called thu
public attention tu Hie coal resources
,,( the I'mics Nesi. He had been
iiiiiiiiiiiii along the creeks iiuw known
us Michel, ' Conl, and Morrissey
creeks in ihe Into sixties and the
early sovetittes, am! noticing lire outcrops oi tliu mineral reported lite occurrence, Without n, I .actiiiu 111,-least
attention. Mr. Phillips wns then in
Hu- employ ol the Hudson Hnv Coin X
puni', anil ims afterwards ' Indian 9
agent at Port Steele. A
In  ist I, when the Kootenay   mill   Y
i??«H5S'lnS M Armstrong Avenue
river, Mr. Cornelius Hoolli was gohlHH *
commissioner at Wild Horse,   li was MM
K£ SSr'ui'biit jiS^^^^*^*****^*^**^^^^^**^^^^^^^^^^*^^»±$
Mcl.cud, ami inllowed llie route since
adopted by the railway, except in a|
low places. Along thai trail thocoal
was outcropping strongly, as it
thrusting itself on Hie attention ot
Hie passerby.   However, no one read
arlgill   tin-  s|i!iinx   message  of    tin
black musses o[ (uiiirii wealth   until
1880.    Ill    Hint     '.mil     Colonel   Hake
IiiiiI been returned as member lor lhc
district in    ll„> Inc.,! administration,  ,
mul shortly   utter  boil, he mul WH- j
Ham Penile, alter whom llie town of
Per  as II  is called, look up   the '.-_-.
mailer seriously. l^'-l
" I en li.it  year," said    Mr
C.    III.   Kiiwiir.ls,   " mul    [hero uu
liotllillg here oxcopl   II Iii camp al
11,ul Nurse, und Hire., or four    >
on Pony Crook, There were not
inure limn 17 or 2(1 white, men   ro
lll.nl   III   Hie  01.11 i   In.mi    ImiiiIciiiiV ! |SfJ|
al     Ilia!    li        1 i,mill    nam
v*m W'^'M W'^'M W*A
oi   11.01..."
ml Colonel linker Im
c. ii. i i,iii
I'm r. iml. t- ti in I   Sullcltiir (.'riinlirook
Pel,,,,-, I'ulollel II,,!, i    V   Hub   Hal,
el, .1    I.   II phut  ami  Hie Hon   P j
IV.  Allium,  lor  Hie purpose ol   lull,   HI
pros],.'. I il.i-.     e\a ling    I   -.lalil
loi'.itioiis   on ilm deposits    III .llll
InS,'.   M il I m, it,   Pel nic  tool,   in  a   pn
pooling    party .1    slaknl l„,„„„il
a,-,,", in Hie neighborhood of Mi, Iml,
Coal ami Morrisscy crook
In  1888 implication was   ii.nl,' lot' n
charier  to conslt'llc!  a  tnilluaii fl '101
the Crows Nest to Kuskaiiook, luiiloi I
lhc title ol Ilia Croivs Nest & Koul-
enay Lata Hallway, which was grunl/-
ed with a subsidy ul '.!,,,iiiui acres uf
or .'i.viiii.tiiiii acres for lhc 18fi miles
between Ihu propose,! torminals. The
promoters wore no! rich men hy any
means -mil were littl a voice crying
III a wilderness unknown lo Ilm capitalists ol ihat day.  Bui ihcy   wore
 n oi  the  faith  tlinl- moves   lit -
tains ; they Itopt hammering away,
mid achieved a glorious .success,    a
lie Shall see.
Wo next lind 11,e charier for II,
construction vented in Hie British
Columbia Southern, which w. 11,
[lowland, of Toronto, undertook to
linn,ice in the yen,' INtm. ||,. provitl-
e;l llie necessary funds lo carry oul
Ibe surveys, which, by ihe terms of
the concession, had In he begun with
in ii certain time, mul llml llmewasj
th,'.. perilously near ils expiration, I
Colonel Baker and Pernio bud pmi I
IrSW  pectin,', parlies all over Iho    district
Clapp & Rollins, Props.
The Wentworth is one of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. It has recently added 15 bed rooms, nicely
furnished, and refitted other parts of
the house, and it stands today one of
the best hotels on the Crows Nest line
Opera House in Connection
Write for Dates and Rates
W*mW*mW*M E*_r* J W*aw»MW*aw*m W*aw*m W*mW*L\ ¥.*aw*I v*_ THE   CRANHROOK    HERALD
Feed a^nd  Livery  Barns
Removed from Baker Street to
new and more commodious premises on Cranbrook Street, adjoin-
VanDecars Royal Hotel.
REIN UP where you please and
my horses will stand until ordered
to move.
The best exercise lor a man con-
lined to business is a spin astride
of one of my thoroughly broken
and gentle horses. It arouses the
heart and makes you fit for the
strain of your work.
Would you wish a good horse to
get good board? Is not the merciful man merciful unto his beast?
Why certainly. Then try Hand-
ley's board for your horse.
Proprietor,   Cranbrook,   B.   G
i'Very rammer, and i>y thi   meana bad
sained a very thorough ki twledgfl ol
AI toe resources ol the emu.' coal area
R when   Howland,   in   the yeai    1896,
Si tran-sfertvd     tht-   British    Columbia
m Southern charter    to tin    C   p   u ,
"™ which    thereafter   becan ■    .dentin ■ l
-ll \\ fctfa tl i   proji i;.   In the iaine   \'-ai
j— 'in- C   V   K.   survey   pai m  ,   ttiidei |
~m Messrs.    l.umsdcn and tl         tarted
-Ji from the Kootenay Lake ■   I   tt ma;
»be of   interest    to sun.-   tbal  while
Mr. Hogg was engaged on this   stir-
-Ji vej   he ran across the g lena   leads
«. which he Btaked aud recorded as   the
J" Uoyie .un)   Queen ol tbe Hill      ai I
Ji     ild Foi  i'H     Those   lauus   rorm
«! pari <it the group now operated   bj
W ■!;,■ Famous SI   hugene Company.
-Ji Hi   is.17 tin-    formal ■■ rvcys   wen
Mt finished,   and contractor!  had   taken
f up their posittona ready   oi the  win
Ji i,i work.
], " It,  November ol  188 . '  said  Mi
2* E iw.ir.ts, to   whom   wd   ari   jreai Ij
■Ji Indebted lor lite loregoli ■ lai ts, " 1
Ji w.is iii iho   presenl  town ul Fernie
5" The   only   resident    ».,      Ueiandei
'«i Stewai I    1 had ridden tu thai point
ji and ..   hay was nol to be bought, nu
5" mattei   u hal   nej   yo   inighi ofti ■
r' lot ii .it tlt.it lime   you i am imagin.
y .,..»    gratelul I fi ll     when Slewui I
£ bared ins valuable si<>, k with   me
ir \  man I llie   olten dop-iided un    lil
-Ji 1...1 ,.• in   Uioie days,     l shall nevei
£ forget -ii.it l.in,in.--     at.'I .ui, . i.„i -.i
«r   a) ii'- started a hotel    iftei and
-Jl cleared    537,0011 in li   moiiili a bu .
!    In   |8f)8  (be    Oruwa Keal  enlHerh
Si  ivi ndy l>u  work, and no hicun
■_ side)able pari ul th.- heav> n > ma
YIchiiier)  had been brougbl  in un *,■.•
•ll gum    umlei exceptional! \ <iiili. mi , u
i ciimhlanccs     ol   bad    weathei    and
FlHi'Vire mountain grades   The   iuteii
Do you know where the Government Offices and the Public Schools of Cranbrook *\
are    ?????????????•
Directly opposite you will find
Who has put $2,000 into a
General Blacksmithing Business
During the present year
Horse Shoeing is a Specialty
Repairs of all kinds have my strict personal
A complete stock of
and general iron work for wagons and buggies
just imported from Hamilton, Ont.
E. D. Johnston -2? Cr»Lr\brook
as in be ready i" ship   we.
»l lhc innmcnl lhc   ('    I'    I
came through, nml in ilns H	
pal.) succeeded lllitlol Hie cell,-,,
mnl,annum, ,,, Ml. Hlalo-iimic. .,,
till'   111 HU-   lll.lll.lgoilielil   ,,|    \l 1'      |
Siiiiib. tin- presenl mine limpet lo, I.
In ISIIII Hie     lirsi    I,ilo- i     tl
Crows Vsi was pul ,,„ the tnarlio
nml in lli.il  leal  William  I'm me an
P.    li    siiuilh opcncil   lhc   Minimi    en
Tin- Morris
mines stnrtcil work
iu 11)113, jnsi nliniil the I line Hie
great, desolating nowspaprr war
Broke out hclwecn Hie partisans   o.'
Hie     (',   I'.   It.    ami     Ihe     li.   N.   H .
which had commenced to invaite t'au
iiilii'ii territory in search ol coal lor
ilie st.iiis markets. This marketing
ol Cunnilinn coal in tlio United
States was iloclarcil lo be a political
vrimc nf iho insi magniluilc, in
which the tl. N. It. replied thai ii
was a blessing, iu ihu. there was un
siillicicnt market in Canatia—a con
ililinii Hull may become more apparent in a ecu. nr so than il is [usl
H.M.i.KV' li'i US OS iiii
now     So ii went, a game nf Colin
ami Shmi   over again,    lu tl I
Hie C. P. it. gnl coal lamls galore,
anil Hie li. N. Ii got In,I,I ni a 2,1
per cent, interest in tlio Crows Nest
Coal Company, together Willi a working arraugcincul lor tin. marketing of
the coal .11 lhc stales. Koiuoliuw,
alter all Ihe huriy burly of iho grenl
days of tho newspaper war, now
ilm Hie tltisl is lunl, nobody seems a
penny tho worse for both companies
getting .1 slice of what Ihoy were
contending lor.
In connection with the Crows Nest
tn.i!  measures bluer war has    been
carried on, sturdy blows have   been
stricken, ton! blows have been delivered below tho bell when Ihe referee
was mil looking, ami many a gallant
spirit   tailed Hum   the hope deferred
winch muhclh Ihe lie.,11  sick.     ll   is
not surprising    Hint the wealth   ol
those   extraordinary deposits  should
rouse   the latent devil   ol greed   iu
men,  When Ur. Henry M. Anil   was
FS'invsi it'cd will, lhc nohl medal ol lhc
tS\ Royal Geological Suciety  In London
| Iv' staled lu   his   address   to thai
§   leal,usl     body   lll.lt   RlO coal   III     lhc
IS Crows Nest basin was ol so groat
H extent that it would permit lu.iiiiu,
Sfe- Clin tons being taken limit it annual
§ I, for 7,111111 years without exhausting
ns supply.
In  iiiii.i ihe   Crows Nes! collieries
 produced   5S7.SSS   tons   of coal,   of
8! which 310,837'tons wore converted
^1 lulu coke, producing I 111,Hit tons ol
*'ih.ii   commodity,   This output    .cp
lesmils all advance of IIB.IIM   Inns on
gjllh.it ol 10U2. ot about an pel cent,
P: the advance in coke production being
about -Hi per cent. The governmeul
iiiiicnl report on the progress olmin
lug fm Iho vein llllll! sins i '■ Willi
regard i.i coal mining, Iho collieries
ol the province taken collectively, did
mil produce as much as iu 1003. The
I'tows Nest collieries show a sol,
si,n,tiiii increase both in Hu- produc
imn ul coal and mike, while Hie
coast eollicries show u inoro Hum
equivalent decrease." Therefore, the
Crows Nest collieries produce fai the
greater proportion oi Hu- con! and
coke mniput ol lliilisli Columbia
The capital nl the company is 1.1,
: .iiitii   divided Into  I in,mm   sham
nl  Hie pal    value nl    $25 ;    121,-IBO
shales    have I it  issued.   The    lllvl-
ilemls   paid during HUH   a unl    In
Mil! 624, making a total paid di,,
ilninl t„ April last ni I'HnS.iilm „,
more than 25 per cent, on Hie entire
During Hu H, ol Nine,,,her Hie
uut put was ll.'iii'i Ions ol cm!   I,,,„,
Mich.-I, Coal c I, nml I'm! de, Ihe
i id   li.r Hie pic mas ini,nil,  being
ill.Hit tuns, in Noveii.bel Hie Still coke
ovens ut Imn me produced ll.lhVl loin,
and Michel, villi .115 mens, made
11.157    Inns,    or    31,Id.   I„„s  il, u.l.
Notwithstanding ibis ,• ,„,„s  „„i
put nl coal Hie compnn. is in a p<>
sin,,,, l„ double its i,niiiiii al iiiui,
day's notice.
We    have, ,„■ ding    to   fir.  Anil
sevctiiv thousand million ions ol coal
ill    Ihe    Crows   Nest  area.   Scenlv
liilli.n.:.   of   Ions.      Han   .inr    win,
stuns    to rcnli/.e what Ilns  uns-
supposltlg     such    r,'illi/-illlilll      lo     lie
humanly possible—believe that will!
such a source of energy and power,
lliis country around us can long re
main an Infant wailing Im* lim feed
ing bottle „f capital lo be llirnsl be
Iw'eeii ils lips'.' 11, is absurd, on lite
luce of it. I! wo now set lo work
anil dovclop our Iron resources, believing in our high destiny ns Baket
ami Penile did, wo can, will, the
Crows Nest coal at our doors, make
Iho Cranbrook district lite most. Important and active manufacturing
centre in Canada.
Sniilli East Kootenay has a number of lirst-cliiss newspapers, in fact
H,o quality is superior to tbo average found in a new country. The
pioneer Is Tlie For,, Steele Prospect,
or, A. II. Grace proprietor. Then
tliore are the Moyie Header, li\ ,V.
Smyth, publisher; The Pernio r'ree
Press, Mr. Wallace, publisher, and
Mr. Watson, editor; Tho Pcenie
Hedge, Mr. I.nwry, publisher, and
The Herald. Tllesespapers have done
ami are doing much for the host interests uf the district.
Bcaua ■
4 »
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4 1
4 *
4 *
4. ►
4 *
4 *
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4 1
-1 »
4 >
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4 1
4 »
! ''
. 1.1. a. **.*. A^., *««aa**aa* ..............
( ,(
"The Tailor Makes the Man'
The Man Looks Like a.
when he crimes dressed from the hands nf
McSweyn <& Griffith
Wye Leading Tailors j&
Dinner and SacK Suits
and Dress Suits
a Specialty
4  *
4 ►
4 *
4 *
. »
. 1
4 »
4 ►
< »
a >
■S 1
4 f
4  *
'  A,   i.
Painters, Decorators &nd
... Sign Writers ...
Theatrical Scenery and Drop Curtains
  =TO    ORDFR=
Paper Hangers, Interior Decorators
General Contractors for all kinds of Painting
WAT T      PAPFR      We carry t,,e lar£est stock of Wall Paper in
W ri.l-.J-.   I  f\l L.1V      p(lst Kootenay, together with a complete line of
PLATE, RAIL and ROOM MOULDINGS  to match all colors and designs
We Employ None but Skilled Craftsmen
Our Men are Ready to Go Anywhere and Do Anything in Our Line oi Business
CAPITAL $1,000,000
II. A Bright, Block River Fells, Wis., Pres nnd den, dan,
I!. 0. Boynton, Secretary A. S. Trow,.Treasurer
.1. O, Trow, Local Malinger
This company was oig.inir.cd and incorporated
for the purpose of operating upon the thoroughly
psospected, unexhausted placers of the famous Perry
Creek, in East Kootenay, B. C, The shallow diggings on Perry Creek were not inferior lo those on
the world celebrated Wild Horse creek in point of
average yield per cubic yard.
immm of tons of Uirgin Brawl in sight
Plant all installed, four miles of Hume, ],000
inches  of water, hydraulic   giants   in place for the
work in spring.    For shares apply to the Head Of-
ice ol the company, Black River Falls, Wisconsin.
oseph Ryan loins the  Army
ol Christmas Shoppers.
That',    a live   town of   yours,"
laid   the travel!,-,   tn inc.
' .'iniibiiiol.        I enquired,
yes, i'i. mini nil,," lie replied, not]
dil      us  In-    Iiii   Ihe end    uii a cigar.
,    i:.i;',i,.'     .1 town,   ami keeping
' nm    ail    Hie    Him.     I   knew    lite
] I.lie  -line   IS"s    . , ,|  can   llnce    bniv
I, "UM      i   hi : In   tn   lillllll "
|   " Ui re   ion Ihere   recently .' "    1
■ -li   i Iml il," lie answered." You
see I ,'.,   eon, i ■ oast, .nnl my tmu,
ilnln'l    „,,,,,.       .,,    I -i .ml I,    until
al i     ,   in    ,,    in,      llainii-,     lim.;
em' nil i,   iii.   hand,    I thought   I d
IlilVO     -i     loin,   nl,mini    ami   see     bow
Inn       I,- I,   ill , ,n      fin i   Innis     Wnnk.
liy,    [was  i.i-.ii     lou know  li,    'I',   j
It '   I oil I.nik  whul  ,i inl,    lis,**
lli.it b,< has not i-.nl .i I bird christian
,,,.,,,■■   beginning    with   P    i'lieu    [I
would In- II. I. I' II ilin ,t I ul.
I'.n Hi, H Well, but In- l, i lee,
Ihal    I'VC. ,lm ,      nil   .,-    lln-     ■ ,-T      W|ls
coming down quietly his ilellv.rj
wagon was i i.mi.i    -iml goin ■. n,. led
Willi all   I I i   I i-l.ms .„■ Ilu, , ■
' l.inl.,,    said   Hie clerk,   ' il   „ ,
ll.ro' bv lell ,oin,.III. Ilon'l 'm ■ w
what     li   will   be     lik, 'hi,.'   ii.
" Then, surely things were doing at
Ttsd.iic's .'ami,   Kitchen   I' -,,  ,
have   been   o scon i i   i.-n
wuii then  children    These si-Is   kit
Inn! n I nnl ol sloi km; Imn i,,, , ,
 I   llii' exact   things   thev   iv„-,,|-d   III
II. Tlie, cul iiimii, tin-,,- .,'.1 mil,,,
and n iin mil mi Inn,-ii I ■-.;,. ,,,,<
nl   I'm, „l   lhc  l.nllis sec i   Inv  nl
cigars I in   imn   wlm -Imiml    li.-i
■• Ion   1 w   Teniplol.n.'s ;     Ileal
lie',   ll   use,!     I.i   l.e .     .lings,   book-.,
tunc)   gn..ils.   I   weiii  ,,i urns     There
was  mi  mistake  abonl   it,   Hi li
w.m   nn      ll   looked   to   llie  .is   II     Um
rusli     ovorl ,           propuraii ,ns
Kverj  one     there,  Iriini     Toiutib'l ',,
liiiin. Ii to In.- newest assisl.iiit, see ,i
,-d v.,nn out Willi w,,ii, 1 mini Ihat
tl,   I,   stalls   al I   II  .1    III .   n.mi
l.mis iill ueai 11 |i m 'l'i ' In w
how Tempi, ton .,,,,! bis help can
■  ,.,l ii. inn a inoie aclivi  n.i.I- you
! Imperial & Hotel I
mid   noI
H  ,li|i.ii
■ Tin-   ( I
Cattle Coinpam
A flerrv Christmas
to all  Herald readers and the
people generally of South
East Kootenay
When in need of goods in our
line, yon will make no mistake in calling at our store to
inspect our stock of
Dry Good5
Boots & Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
Crockery and Groceries
This stock is new ami Fresh, bought
on the best markets for CASH, and
we are in a position to sell as cheaply
as any other reputable house in the
Kootenays  u*  ,.* ..* Ji j> ■< .•' »* .< ,<
"Yours to Please" is our motto
n I, crowded 1 In,, gruvos ul l.ni-l am
tu.koys, and all llml goes lo m, la
t'lirislliins a im in on,', 'ion .!: nm
sec how Hie, wore in.I raking in 'in
luceuleiil   Imn  green    It  kIlilies   in,
In,   Im!     linn     lininln  a  little     I,.   I'i
Hutu mil
" W. '1. Ileirl ,\ t'niiiii.iii, u,ie fail
1,    nn   Ibe   |illli[i.   an,!   lllnl'iie.-u-   ll
ii enterprise descries success. 'mm
twice ,o squoc e  Ihrnugl,   Ihe   pack
Iml   1 nl   llml       ii   liillnli.'l   nl   I.., in
bail   organist d    a   <U in,'   wedge,    "i
c Lined     nl,,',      nn.l  headed   'I'e ol,
Tin-ie was ,, ii,nm.,| bulge gettini nu
Un walls,  s,,  |  sholllisl  ,i suggestion
In It 'I'. In pill ill .1 lllllllll I'M,'I
Hon Ii. Ins lileiiiisns Hell W.,M il
In-li,11- he sees  Christmas   line   in   Ilm
■   I),,n'l     know      wlieie    I'm.iii:'ml.
hides   Iter population, im1   > I d ->
n w nm ml, il nl litem liter nl Hie Kurt
Stele Mercantile store. Vmi kn ,w
Iho hoiks '.' Well, Ihere wore pcopio
upstairs, downstairs, and iu the has.,
...01.1.   II lln, can. -ni.is   '„:.
emptied ilnii  pockets on gruoorics or
lul llnir,. ii ii was hard In gel in
llieie, I swcii il was impossible lo
-., i mil as long as yolli cash .,■" I
nagger in tlie ring.   Tw.is all ligni.
'   Sam    lllgbliill   has   lliings   coll., Ig
Ills  wm     lb, has  as  bcaulilull)   [m
] nisl'.i'd and well stocked a store   us
yuu will lind ilnii   Wiunlprg in   Van-
coupe,     l.el   me  lell  um. he is    lay
inn hands    on SSI! ., ila)      lln.,
houses     llml have travellers nn    ihe
I road    IH is i.n ,  ,,ii ; ie  ■   busy
Im, the wholesale! bus. on Hie i.-t ,.i
Small & Matheson
Have You Stopped at
the Imperial ?
If Not, You Should
It is a new hotel, newly furnished, with first class dining
room service
Remember the Name.
Imperial s Hotel
i ■] should sa) so. decidedly'1 replied
lln hi,,I,.i " I wont .nice lo
Tale's in gi'l  tlie lone n' day,   and
long cm-wed wiih presents leinly nn
lielivori    line „l his i„los wiy, jtaok-
ell   Willi   pros, ; I,    111   ho  seal   nil,     ,,,,
Christmas  I.m   ami Hit  lockers wore
,„ -i similar roiulition    , senile i
at the eoiinlol was snuggling Willi
himself wlu-tho. lie would cue SHiU
or Slin lur ,, diamond ring im some
lady   friend.   T.il.-'s bus! s   dining
was   la
limit   ,1.1.1'   ,lines    VV
year   Th,,',    tils     tt gross,  I
should ;Inn!,.
■ Nm   you wouldn't 11,n.l, that lln
Had   I liiwnro   -line would    be
much ,|„,ci,,iiel In   Iho hnlhlny   sea-
sun  '    l.el    me   1.11   Inn   llllll   McHlldO
4    Coll paltl    llinl   H '.lliecls   ll     deciilell
impioi nt    in  'Imn   trade.   People
w.m ,. slocks   I.m   ilii'in in   ulitiul
111. i     Mn,.   nm      11111,'     l.i.lv   uf     Hie
I i mm i  ■,■■: n  iho heart ni    tho
"III       1,1   |l ll   ni   ,,   new   since       ill
Christ.  11, Iho Is im is dead iill   (he
lull on!  ill   nest   > m-i      Hclll'illo    mil
ol   ■-lh.,l   I,,ml   oi   lown   C'lillll k   Is
I d  I w  where you w,n 1 ,
    , iried 	
'    Ne.ll     llellliile H   I   inl     ,0,1,1)     I",
,,, live  s iii al   M IV ,.  Me!-'.,,
laito's    Then ■ -tail will iit'isl tl il
mn    whon Ibe hnllda)i are done     I
11,11 1    1    1    III  IIS   In -.bow
in,   l.i.n  I"  ibe prill lots, Iml    Iho
n.oi'iniil I     'd I was li I
„ ,,,,,,      weigh!  I,"'iin' dm,	
IT,,- uwnel   ol  Un   woighl  v, .ml. ,1   ,.,,
place    v- I wanted „ul) inl tulioii
I allowed  Iho 1 0 the Indie}! ol Ills
ml, nnd  en   olbel   fellow      rush
T'W.r   CO. g   Hi   111   Wine     nl      rn  'It
I w, li I hid ii chun  visiting Iho
lumi    i,in si s "i ike I |,y   land
ni  MnrruH  e.   Mol'ini  "when   llieri.
l.e delighted lo do Ihe rosl Htti. Wil- ] sleighs wiih silvei hells,
mn won', eiack a smile hardly. Ilo, bells,' said I a, lefl lo im, a
. i|ioin accustomoil  lu such   orders   my Irleml, c.  i:   n, ,,|, whn
ul ih.,1  which graced the hoard in   lb.'
i„ meal    Christmas  talc ul  Tin)   Tin,
, nml Hob I'l.ii Im i
I'    Hi.', iinell had  c'1,,'11,   slore    i I
a   over)  kind ul (rn i nuts    Pinion
; nuts,    ebnciiiiiis,     ooeounuts,   ha/el
, ' inns,     and    nut-   ! dirt. I    know     III,,
■    ml        l-'llll'm    too.    II.   .tales        III
 ^-m^m i.i
"When I visited 11.11 Hros.   tilings g i   1„ ,eo    N..,,..,  iv, , Id
were going splendidly.   That's   whal ul a glance, lell ,,,,, ,,i  ihe govvuitig
Hie)    wanl.     Tilings   llml  go.   So of every doll in ifte window    I simp'
slore keopois for     iln-in,  I warraul n ooi i. bin Hie, mn Im., id ,,i I
i,,n.   Tliu Hill's are away out In iho tlicil tta  is leg  fat dolls   .ml boxes,  in I -is,  In prolusion    n
lirsi  line nl Ibeil  business now,    Willi lean,  rtlbhot   dolls,  ninl ,,( wax. sloop    ""'>   ''■'"' uppeurisl   In  l.e  milium Iii,
only nail a dozen iu  tlielr class.    I lug dulls .u„i dolls wnlt phnnographs '""'I '"'' orders,   (iuoi! i„i Imn !
inoliiise  um   Ihal   mass  nn- all  Inst- in  then   little inshlos  llial  call  'Ma       ''"' "' Hros   ll.avol)  [iirnisbvd ll
looters,   and   lei     no daisies   grow -II.,," ,„   "Dudtl) " iinluiul     as lib-   l,in|i w.ih lb,- h,i ,,i nrtii-ies    Hi
under    Iheir business feet.   The   at- Tlie)  are Hrimgl)   recommended    n.i  Scribe required, and while making t
mn, at Hill's was ,ho cc|,ial ol am - lining n , practice i"i Iiii nre con    ""'   parcel   I hud    a look     uroum
tiling I h,,,l   seen m mv wanderings, iiiigciicies   Would um care lo hivo.il Moves, ranges, vvatoi hralers, bulb
nml slums a marked luoreuse mi l,,-i m presents ol t ks'!   lime.   Indeed   Rl'anlle w ,    im ware,  mm  wai
vcai's trading, in,' the gems    of Ineraluro,     h'tuiev DVprv mollnl kiml ,,,  im
"The    salesmen a,   Hums A   Co.'s articles.   Here   again.   The     im-iii
llniil, nl, ..ml lh.se things bci
were a treat lo sec. Why they
handle sausage in a way 10 make
your teeth wiHer. Watch iheni pat
It big masting cm ol beef, a top lib,
or a sirloin Willi a big cleaver, Put
it and bring out its luscious curves
ol lean ami nil. Thai's worth the
price ul admission. Hut they revel in
tne turkey. They lay yuu down an
erstwhile strutting tyrant uf some
barnyard wh., was' lightli bultheroil
in make a Cranhrook iiolidav, mid by
Hie wuld ui Ahmed, the Sultan ill
all Turkey, you'll sell you, mothcr-
iimlaw to buy that bird.
"Manning & Siddons were gliul
enough ,u sec inc. bui were too hurried lo ecu wish mo Hie compliments
ii, Hie season. They have a double-
barreled trading gun. if they miss
you Willi soft goit.ls, lltey luing you
down, coin am! all, Willi their grocery barrel, Ami liciims were falling
around their counters as last as Ibe
-Inns when attacking 203 meter hill. I
might have sect, more, but A. 0.
McUormol! called mo out and said
iluu Un- follow we -ite all in Hie habit nf   i ting between Hie ,,-,s   al
Hie llienln was down in Ins place.
The Hoy was Ihere Wc saluleii him
His inline is, luu Mumm's the word
Anyhow, I drank Ills blood, mil ol
pure liloitdhhip, Shades of old nines,
Inn Hi.it's tlie place where yuu can
bud hot Hid fun am! uiieiidln, Innglll
e>. There's not a headache in „ l.ai
nl ul 'i,  I lake nn assurance   il
would  ileale it  soul  llilliel   Ibe  ribs ..I
death    llumpi ■  ol ,| , bushels of
g I lellowsliip, mnl  In.ii,I.un by Hie
mil,m    ■ liim- niiuthw," said   \lit
having regard I... Iho i.u i llml „ lunl
nee,  Hew   wnll line wing   Then nu
oilier, nu.l   I Hunk, iiiinllii.     There
w.c. ,,,,,   a  i,Mill.'I   ,,i,   Hie laid  be!	
I   qui!.
One  '.w.illow   does   111,1   lllllko  11 sum
un I.   lull    the  few   SWllllmV ,   I   li.nl   ill
Conn  in.!..' all.   Conic Willi only son has lid;..
., dollar o,   two, ",  come with    'lie """'" ■"'*>'■<'■>
piickcthooli ..I  Hockcfclloi I r. !■: I"""' '"','"-
He..! will content you. [ni .''":'''■
I ll.klllg     Tin     ,.,
,ti nml genu! ' ,
oves  iliuiik  ,,i
cine,   escein    ,','"•
hilt   |ll hum   has     bell
I w.iidnn.i u|i in l.e.nsk ,\ Henderson's f'''1   nusmess      Iningiue   plumhini
In   see ihe   luicsi    slyles iii winter '!'■"- great liiismess.   Iml.) Pun,,.".
suitings,   i   wisl   n    Morn Hl"v    . ,""     ' shuddered  lo Hi in
tTiristiiias, ,,i i is,..   He looked   ui   71'" l;''-"1 happo  n.yscll one ..
me   coldly und    made answer:   "It  "l"'''   •'■'■'•    when Iho   i r, tn
vmi hnd abonl (ml,  sill Is ul   elolhes V",v    necos-siii)      pluuilioi,    hnvo    li
all in   In- read)  i,v   Clirisl s I-:,,-, SIK" -
and saw uu chance of gcinng a wink ,       '■""""  ''" «,,•"  '"!l"'     Vt
ui sleep llll Ihen-IIapp)  I'lut-iiii.u- ' ouck Mc.sweyn, ,,t     cSwoyn ,\  nm
Wiih a dozen people lln'ucnng   Ihel,  nil,i ','"1 "' •"  *'"'■' " a   'Hlllt.
i unl,,
> slure, Iml   I nn I  In
noses .ui ilm windows, ,1 „„,
Still, iradc is grenl.   I hav > lick ""■   "'ls. ', "H
coining,     lliough 1    have in,-   down '"f V1    i        	
pairs of   kiikeis   on   mv hands   Hli-t f,    '",'       ,'       "''
li.i-nile."   .loliii  can   vv.uk  oil  an ele "'»   .I"'"1'    ""      •'
gnnl  iokc iniw  and again, 1".''! "' M     '"""
llv  Hie lev. dill  voll ever    ev.llliilie vv 'I Ie   silh,   limsi   n
the'line ol goods llml  is kepi  hele'.' "I!  ,""!'" ' .',.   ,,, ,V''i,.',V,7,V,;,',„
ll is Ihe only place in Hie wesl whore "8!"'    M' s'"'""'11 i'.>umpn».
I    Will,    up    I"
III    .m '    Mini.
I..   Ii I     wnli
over   saw   Iho   genuine hand mad.
had  h.'llel   lmil,  III   toe   llilnugb  snuik-
In,mm    | ,|
i,,   in      Before.| Mcll,
ISO  in, sell
nil.   ami
nil-  llll   llie s ml   I
limn,   lo   g,.|
Then   i,   ,,',,
wauled ns I larked  across  in Mcl'.il-
l.iin's iiii id,vine   cinporiun.    Maybe I
was w u.  bul   I  could swear  I   saw
i, know   Ihal  lire,]    [eellnglTogo's llapship In Ih,   vvi w     Vfi
,    wlmii     il„- llghls begin    lo  lalnl)  1 lind g"l n few slu.is tu   tne,
irow    dm '   Vmi   bow   you rejoice but f sllll bud my wenlhor eye upon.
„,,,-,, ,1-,-, hrlii u up nmiii" Thai',1 li i waiilisl  quip n mining enm|.,
„!   .   Uii on''-     sign did Im   me-     I   eeiiiinilv   I  sllotllll I i  up  McCnlluli.
,.,,'t    ,,v,.|   ,!,    Hie    in i/e window  of   & Company.   Ves, oi  u logging camp.
tl,,     lown      Tliere   was   a   crowd  If a hunling I « I     W. I d   Hn.1
an I    ii       In  ihe Hid Coimliv a , visit   tliis slore nm!  provide   myscii      ---—-*-, ,.
Iioliceiiian     would   ho lltero keeping wiih    n   dn-lu    Winehcsicr.   behind key ol rejoicing, some cooking tie t-   won'l   rojoio I
 „!,. moving on.   I'oslllvoly  il    is Which ' » ' ,Ml     s",c '" I"1'*'1"''' sl1' >ml ll"' mailers wlih'li go   ,v, .,, uliiii
Harris   iw s from   West ScuHnnd   »} R,1"88'„,   .'"m"'*",','",%,",'"!',""',''
There   are ..Hie,  g Is as line,       "'"■* ", '; '   ;',-"„■;    ,    ' '""'J"  '
nothing   hcti,i       Hev I   a d..„l,l,  "" K    ', ,, '!   l..»ui.ii. •'>"
llieie   is  a   llonrishiUg 'business     being   "".ll ^   J1" \>; ,   ,           ,      „
ilonc in Ibis eslalilishinciil  in all lines  , , |(        -j.  ,        ,
ul Iniluiiiig.   I receiiilv saw there  a   ' j"       ,       , '  (    ,    ' .'  .,  ,t,''
' t1 ' ™ diiiy nnisi  iniioi ;;,,"' ■   tl11  ,;,,„„, M ;,,.;.
1°   costumes    I.u          the  ,.,,,    s ,„,.       ,„ ,    ,,,
eliq.lll'0   ilflel    In     heal   I       I I till,
ha.   I n   mil    III   ill   Llll'       I iii    ,'l.nl
tn   sa,    I ikon     '  I    In ...liim
.i...in I   he.  niil.e,..      \,,n     ,1	
.,.1     i    I lllll I  luiiili!    III    win, I,    I      I ,
Cranbrook fashionables
l »,    I     II, so,    Ib.	
belle, ball Is mi,  musical ' I want
nl    in g.-i   hi-i ii   prescnluble luu I
WUgun,   un   iilllelc   (in   ice   ami   iillli,
ninnl     and wen,  ,,,    Mn, C nil   ,
llii'm     place .a,   \i-in i .<  am	
Villi   call   gel   .1   line    he     am,.'-,
degree ol coinlorl In which Hie pe.ipl
Hill     ill     I'l.nJ I V nil
kill       In ri',     H     I, ll     IS      imI
, ,,,     ,  ,,„ ,„•' .,    vi,ii I,.ni I-1, id      ami    gel
'.' t'ra.d.r , live ,  Iho u i, nl  ,, ,„,,,,,    ,„„    Ml , ,     ,, „
Inl   ia  li   mul    nil.   Im    Ihe m       II
l ,. I     ulil   ii ,11,im    Im wliu li run
inn!   nn  lmil     lull   „,,„l,l  Ie,
III-    Slock     I.,
Illelne.es      I   Iinm  a   prell)   lull
and   I   can   silill   SU)    I   iiiui,I     il
line   despair,   win, it  In
him.',   iiilioi",   I,,  pi
Suites ,,l   tu
d  In
bui! Hie   special
rrrommcndulinn    uf   lielng Inn0 ele
giiul anil iii.ieii'.il    Thi'.'.'   liim,I
reds ,,[ ixlreinely pmlv ilnngs here,
iiinliii.ci,-.. iici'iishuiii! tallies. i-Hii',
vviiHtig disk.-,,  ami   Hie quilinlcsl   In
lb-    dw.,,1   tables     -n  Id.., I I,  vmi
ever laid eyes nn.   Tl, isic   wagon
nn   I.,   pn       Hit,! in,
,     let mid,      In
 ii     Iiii I   luilli.e
Innc  1   mn   Inn
.    Im
I   In,
■one ,..,.  in -.iml   i     Wc
un!   I   I'   ,,   hit lln I   lie,mi   !„   I lie  ., Ill I
ileitis  <>,  him Imn  Ini'.i      , I lali
■ llocolale     lie s.      Mil inlel    i.imu
hlnnoil down Hie iilellmric r IV  nn.l   half Ihe    f s nl i'.,l,i	
il    nn  lull,   am! if I slayi'il   intleu   bcanioniis ciiine
nngcr     il  would     I,ml. like     lliirly;   s,,,-,,     m,   r,-|c„<l      'lis   Clirislin
mils,   I hnd s ay in ibe  nu    n,,,,,   ,,,,,1 w|„,l(, ,.,  ,,„, |lrar|    ,,,'
.,    ....      , ,-                -       -    -    line    nine   ill       ll.illlc    Willi   1,1,-1,1.
r'„l,',T    i   insirfiii     That „, Hie iiindilesi     grizzlv nu Ihe   SI | Hie wnll mils ami  Hie wine.   Harris   Say    when I    V      c,   Hnwness, von
Iv In- Im" llieie is n mngle M nv's   river.      Were IraTll room lit-' Hros. supplied me will, u bird   ul   ,i   |mvc lliuoll In nmiwer fm    IlidnT vmi
i-ood link   calling everyone tings my necessity, I'd invest   in   a|bii-i!.   I doiilil if bis gluul proportions   ihink     Pommory    extra    •- ,1
I,,'In     iilendldlv slnrkoil oslahilsh iY„-llo   healer, a IIHie devloo   Ihal will not    enlirolj  eclipse   even    the enough     wllhnnl  lopping il oh unl,
mi    ii ,,,„ have   i mind In Ireal will heal vour bull, walor lu „ ,„l„- lolly     brow      ol      Hie    head    of, Usher's Iliad, Label ,h.,l smell  Duel
,,",,, ., fi'.ii dim ul ling    I   have ule   uud li  lev old  nowspapors will  ihe house as I sii lioliind hint   enrv-1 ihan  roses  iu  .lime''   Well, "lo!    mo
,,, iiiinli Unit mn enii gel   ii   do Ihe nick     in lieu m' more   solid Ing.    lie's   11   proper   Turk.   o(   Hie   have
Wilson's.   Hon'!   slop a!  $2r,(l   on   [iml.   I    don't   know    why   MeCiilliim   (rue  'cul   mul
st   a   wee  hit   nippi
^^^ nenin '   I.ici   v.uir essence nf   Christmas gnod-fol
, ,,i my feelings;   I'll take one  suggested    llml   II    wnsja   splendid Tbo llairls fiiniily ^r., slnutg in Imd,   lowship.   Hear! of Hie. it v_,.u would
ust as'cuoil a grace,  ovening lor a walk, o. a drive in one   Hie lul  ol winch is  yellow its Hild  hue,,   f.,1, (iro.irul   v   laliTos,    give
unci   -,-i    Certainly    nf    llamlley's    ur   McK Inst revs   nr Horse gold    01 geese they oner   an I Ilowness' good wines a el ee lo got
In unl. i   and I shall   Clenry & Doyle's sleighs    'Hoar   the amazing variety, everyone as gootl os  In   llieii   psychological   enchantment.,
ul   15011  will,'    [lis!   as n 1 a  gr
Her  ,i
Wilson will III! I TI1E   OBAN BROOK    II KHALI)
Otis Staples' Mod
Vast Capital Invested "in Plant
and Limits j* j*
ern Sawmill	
Slaple's mill has already b.',"„,e US | o,m ^ U|i(1()| ,„„„„„ ^uril,
much a li,„,l,„,„k ...  iMt Kooiena,   „   M |llgl.,lious ,,,,  „i pump gov
 ,   „s towns, because   I' Union Ibe rale ui wmkiug the put...
a """", ,., w into .. inn,' i"«u w.iib,
promises I" s1"" .. . ,,,,,,n ,
' Thee is a place lu   « .'
in llsell-
.mil the
xael ratio to the demand!
ll   II   has     me,el,    lu  l.eei
tell, ol  pipes aim bldlalil
I    olelciv lillllll a City. "" '""'     ""  I which Will lie,work lhc enure   cs.al,
,-„v  site "I    which could be stolen, |H»ta>Wi.l.-ill jwtll; move »-;>;ii»l;,,*1>'
i winch | In
ll ,
InMblllens'sli.ted'.,»',>   ll"W«   »»'. '"»
I.U.IU.,18 Ui      (j,,,  suples     i-
and m"   IUlsse.1, oil Ihe Ikil ,s||,:;„i,  .alb.ns ol  w.n.i   with ll   Hue.
,l,,s   plant   is goii'8 »l, ■ '" '        '   „| „ bjdiaullc gla.il    ll  y besato
'          |y said Ihal    no null   In Canada    is
more carolull) protocteil again.,! lire
Vs lending i-'nfi luiThei  Inward Bale
li,  all     11,0  buildings -,,e slMlulenllv
bcpuralrd iron, cael, uihei  lu provoul
the pusslb.l.n ", „,'■  ,preud.ug liuin
' •■•- ,    uB.  I,-, to gel an   "-"''lone   milt   iii in,-   net I     Uno nuglii
l'"-> "''  vv,,„l, in   Slaplea  , with....! risk I oibors,  bin
illine shop
i pi.- want "■ '-;";*,l'"v
I'.llli', 01
the I ro
,sl In' CttlT'ldl '
which   stretch   loi
ml bun, and leadi Hum
s unit   miles
no chance li, Ileum, taken I,,I the ill.
ol even one, as Ihe lire lit-.liniii-, ap
Idl.tliee.. Ull i le.nl, Inn, ill .1
sill,nun mul, told  Ibe mil,     ili.n lu
I.I.I     Im
•„  """■  I  ,|  . ,||,,,s.null Him, had  been il
ilung  Ihe   hOUVllj w '"Iiu^'1\'|i',v   [tidolltally,  he he
I.n  ,
■    '" I          ,       u   ,,,,m     ,,1,1,-lllullV.   lie   llOW'llllell    Hie   l0W     ITllC
,„l,.   ,.|   n,e loolhllls nl  Ihe .Sell.,"---!,,,   ,„„„.„„,.  „|„,h   u„„„,  |„. ,..,,..  I,)
.   iMinuev   ol   about   elgl.l   miles vh   SU|,|ra,
"    '      ,,,    a   nve<   Hie   Mai vsv ille      llesule lhc dig  bun,,- is tin mill,
'"""   "•'""""''   ""  .     . ,-eslle   ll-'i   I   in  leuglh,   In   all  in    width.
branch, lakes one lo the long its. ^   „„.„„„.,   depaiTuieiiis,   the
iiiul'e aei.'ss    ihe si. Mai) s tun  ' eqiiiiniii'ii, here will in- as peifecl   -is
* I,,; il.it, son.,' SO acres >' "   „ -v .,,,,1 long cx| iico can make
,,„„     lust beyond the bridge,    ami   ll    The host lime and la.hu,    saving
S,ded on the'east aud south by lo   'CS.aic    b, .lul ,   special
ml  uu   Hie  n.illll  ll)   ll"'  I      '
can-  ben
selected    b)
ll.     I-.   H'
Staples I.u  Ins operations.   A    u-.v
In    ibis regard
lias boon exorcised
^„,1..,.. .......,',,,,, erected    fm   than   in   reducing   lire risks,     Mr
k,i.:;:"«""- ■■ t-^jkrs^^r'fi
cut     on Hie bench above where   mo ||,nn v.liit-li deprives him oi Hie means
Ictn'lioiiirv    ofllees now  stand-     This   ul ear,ling a    dec line   He    .-s
dwelling is so totally dlhercnt   Hu.,.  tj'«'c,'>''c, S«»l»'l^,.l^v™l.»f;
in other mining
id,-tits ,,, bis t
ami knowledge
i Inr as bis sl.il
wlial we
or lumber camps, thai Ihe visitor Is     „    ,   s.,„, „,„ „„ l|w(, fu|.
at once prepared lor surprises, lhuy ing Hie logs as tliey come   Hon,   ihe
certainly arc in store for him. Some pond, mnl, ii may in- said, tills inclli-
dislnncu beyond Mr. Brackett's house !"' »'IJ' ''n'rl •' Very i sulci able sav-
are two large buildings, one being a ^V^SX^ wholfuseu
combined   otllce ami   slore, ami   lhc f,u similar work,   steam " niggers "
oilier    tlie planer buildlllg.   A    spur uf all kinds will be used fur tinning
Irom the nearby tracks ut the C. I'. ,''"' logs un the carriages, mul, t[ one
ll. is carried iu (rout of those build- „..,.V ,f,V'i-ni i,!' "i'i"' ,v'"'i,',,y a',"'
.   ,.,., , POWOI,   tliey will   lie iilile  |o liiukc llie
nigs, a little examination shows largest kind ol slid,- dunce like a pea
that lliis spur develops into a little on u ilium head. Hiuig saws, anil the
system ol standard gauge Hacks Usual linulai saws, will also be in-
which are run irom iii Iroiii ol Ihu 'J""1.1 ',„£,. J'" B'tlliiiil floor Is a
plane, duwn lo a junction Hon. , ,,ni , S" m" ""'' ns'"ly
winch one line branches „u lo lhc mm"] ""' '"«■ Illls '» » curious
(ioutj. oi tin- machine sliup, uud another continues along down " Uie
yard," ii a fifty-acre suction of
prairie rail lit called •• a yard," ami
tin iiiiil along hy the bank of flu* at-
MlKi.il |iuiul where flu' logs, will in-
dumped, ends alongside the mill. Tlio
0. I1. K. engines will not he needed
in tin uii\ ot tht- hauling oti Uu-
Staples i ail way, fur Hit- I iin- is
equipped wuii ns una locomotives
mnl cars, ull beating Iho name, utls
Staples in large letters, ami muuln-i -
i'il nil complete. The engines art) ol
the Shay type, linllt hy the Mum
Locomotive Co., al Lima, Ohio, with
three vertical, instead ol horizontal,
cylinders, which actunle Iho goaied
horizontal shall, whence the motive
power is applied to the wheels. R)
ilns device every wheel becomes a
diiver when running, or a rutardei
on a down grade. Tlu.se engines have
a hauling powei very much grealci
than those ol the ordinary kind, but
they are, not record breakers in the
mat ler of speed, They cau haul
freight up und down grades which
would scare a mogul still, no mallei
wlm I amount oi sand it laid claim
in, ami Walk away with a loud on
the level which would break Ihe
hearts ul Ihch old-fashioned
brothers, Koi this reason thev have
been adopted extensively nu heavy
grades fm tin ml ling ore, ele , in such
hill %  sections   us uu- found    around
KuSStaml,   I'hoeniX,   ami   localities    ul
,i like contmu Ovci th" Staple's
limits thej will be employed to do
the logging instead oi horses    Theii
J, A  Amolil
Vrnol.l .t KolmVW,  lusurnnee i
ll.-al Kstiite AgentHi C ran brook
W. A. Rollii
Of Clapp A HiiIiih-    I'rii
worth Hotel, t'liu
enco oi the lumber busim ^ in    the' itructica work ot. the c   i'  K.   fm
ehiel   centra   of Ihe   trade m    the l well-known    Uewilin-y i  up    me
l iim-d States, is an event deserving JMoyta wai largely used        lacking in
ol some comment.   If points, tor out* I supplies ol various sor1 Sand
thing, i"    iti.- thitting ol cunditlona Point, Idaho    Alcohol -tie  ehiel
from tin- sin*',   tiiit-oi-dau- methods supply, I fancy, and mi
ol   lumbering,   which,   ihout,h    welt [of julloiis were takei :„u to the
enough suited to lime* when lumber 134-mile bell, !" be kaki
could   he   made anywhere, and   suld and >,.lil by the nunthi whi kc>
anywhere, arc   now gradually   being peddlers   who   in •■-■■       ■    railway
fi.ii-itl   nn.   diauetuue   by   the   ex-.workings.
actions of   a    Berce competition.   It'    I" lKh:'* ihe travel    ■ i «e
represents the hist Inn- nl    pressure  w*re '" a sorl ,>f coma
which will drive the man who doubts  two   oi    three ■••.
the future smress ot the lumbei    in- back to be supported bj    he   Chinese,
dustry    in    Kast    Kootenay    to   th,-  on Wild Hois,-, .■!   v I,.    .,t   privato
financial   wull .     it   represents   the |
clasia oi eompetition which  the Hril  !     	
Ish Columbia manufacturers mtwi
contend with in then owu province,
if they menu lo do business at u
profit, More than all, it points to u
suit- and i-ettain means of prolonging
tho In.' "i what t^ now the cniel
source ol the commercial standing of
ihe Cranhrook district. Further, tl
is a good omen ol continued good
times Mr. staples is not ibe man
in im." i huii.ii,-.is of thousands -i
dollars in creeling a plant such us
bus been attempted to he described
to work up a product which wmild be
exhausted in u t«w years Ibis u,
vestment ol American capital should
give every doubting Thomas amongst
ns something to chew on, und nn
press In 10 wiih ihe Idea that the future ol South Cast Kootenay is very
During tlie course of a conversation rotative tu tho enterprise, -Mi.
Staples said .
-• Kronk McDonagh, ol the McDon-
agh Manufacturing Com puny, [£au
clahe, Wis., gave it as Ins opinion
that tie plant i am Installing   w,ll
be, for its capacity, us peifecl as uuv
on tho American continent. The null
will be able to bundle timbers of Mi
feet in length, ami the edger is an M
inch " Pacific Const ■ 'machine, with
a battery lor two mcb. and another
for on; Inch lumber, the latter being
designid lor sawing vertical grained
" Tie power plant ot llie mill is
ample for an establishment of double
its sice, a fact you may not have
■• I shall lu1 prepared, at the .shortest notice, lo t\c\ out stud up to M
feet id length, uud 1 hopo to make us
good lumbei' us is heiii., put on the
" Tbe planing plant is as complete
in its equipment, having one 0x33
inch I Iny t double surfncel', besides
four other smaller machines. I shall
tie able to provide mouldings of any
design, and also shall mutch and
dress nnylliing up lo !) Indies thickness nnd Hi Inches in width, I propose tn pay special attention lo all
kinds ol ship piling and oilier largo
material, as well as tho mosl special
lines in dressed lumber.
" The lath mill will huve a capacity of 70,11011 iu ten bonis ol working
" I expected lo ho aide to run the
mill iui' a mouth oi two this lull and
winter, but delays in getting iu the
machlnot v has sel me buck, .so that
I shall mil be able to do more than
start up anil saw for a week or ten
days, so as to tune up and smooth
the running of ibe engines and implements in   equipment generally.    I
ball, however, start us early In the
spring as the weather permits, so as
to gel   my stocks in   readiness   for
shipment  in June.
" i cordially invite all lumbermen,
umbel  dealers, nnd all others Inter-
sled In a really up-to-date plant  in
ull   ami   look over ibe  mill, planer,
ower bouse an.) machine shop,    .iml
tmvince    themselves of the accuracy
if what  1 have stated, and that    ah
pportunit,   exists fot establishing a
umber business which shall be a cred-
t to nvj  plans and lo the country.
'• 1 naturally expect a share of the
business which may ho offering."
Bull  River   Power
and Light Company
It Will Furnish
Electric Power
for the  District
iltlHIIII .WS»******«»W#M»)»*. ■/*•}**#****•**** *****
4444*41 H»tHHf*r)4H114H
mnl with an insatiable appetite
odds ami ends of lumbei which
unit he woi ked up into any thing
te profitable than fuel. ' Such
aps ate run dnw a through a shout
o the mouth ol \li llogu, who
lion 'of standard gauge railroads ihews them Into pulp, ami Dings
through tlie limili wln-re former!) a them Into a couveyoi to be delivered
timk i.i sleigh toad sulllced foi nil l" ihe automatic arrangemeni which
nm poses This railroad will be feeds ihe furnace Ovei ihis convey
r.iiniiiieil with st.ni.laid gauge ran. ol oi will .ils,. no all the sawdust, chips,
511 uuu 111* capacity each, ami filled etc., picket! up by the cxhaitsi lau.i
with ah brake* ul llie latest pat Nnlhi g will In i *■
tori    This is tbe first logging    rail I    in.   lumbei ■   mill will    be
mml 1,, iu' Iniroducrd Into llrllisb hoisted b) an endh '!,...: lo tin
Culumbla It appeals reasonable lo suiting works, which can best be de
ib ink ihat ii Ul Staples considered scribed a* a grid.run ol forty parallel
n wise to -.1.111 opetatlons nn his tracks, on which will run an equal
iimbi'i with sn. ti Improved methods, nuinbei ol small truck* Kadi irtiek
ihiM who began wiih horse woil when tilled will be ■ in iiudi whul is
ami now find llieli limits mi nm lo ..iM.ni ,t " iran :<' imi nhich In
nu Incoiiveuieni distuiice, will rw llie nun takes awaj lln- load lo Its
advisabilll)   nl  adopting traction eu    propel    numbered    pile    ami lelleccd
,,,,„.    ,| |,.,v|      ns A means mil    ol   allcywm    Thu*  Jul ol  first-class
llieli 'd'nliciillies '","  v ;,;    ' " '   iwa)  aildreitiied, like
Knllmvlng the trackway   we    re i Idler,    to   Ulcywaj    M., Pile  d.
the machine simp   wlu.h is blggei b)   and can Ihere In   found when wanted,
Lu  ihat mt of lire mills which we   while n  loud ol shiplaji may  go   mil
see heie and there, being Btl feet   b)   wldrtwsiil    in   VlUnwa)   I'.  Pile 21
in    Ih  plant consists ol steam    en    The   sorting   works   will   ,,< i liken
j'tne, forges, drilling machines, lathes  kind nl pi   lofliu       enetnl    foi    ihe
.>(..- ui ihem is hiK enough uud now    mill,  twi >n    haii-il ng tin-   entire
ettin riioti.li   ii, Imn a piece ot sb.i't     mail
int .! i loiir.~plaii.-i tor all kinds      \   I   feel np the river above
..I steel ami Iron work, sere* litre id    Hie mill, il has hen run   m to
in!■  n,,„ i   hack s,»h   i,n    culling  uupplj   Uu   popd,   .Mi feet   in length
sleel,    pictiv much us   an ordinary   hy  I i«1 in width, from ahlch the
sau sillies through wo.nl, nml lastly,   logs will he I (fieri    The u|iuel    pari
a sti'.itn press wfiieli puts a cat wheel   ol lliis ci I Is   hen\iiy  rrtbhed,    it,
on nn axle ns easily  as you    would   ordei  lo save il h lug damaged
shovo u spool down on u jielicll      Nn  bj  fresIieK,    \i ■    I (Id \.n.\,   from
appltanie which cut eRectfvel) ileal the ini.ike a rhosl powerful sluice
wiih any condition likely to' arise, gate bus been constructed so ihat,
ntbei on the railway oi ibe mill, has. while a sulltciont supply ol water will
been overlooked In the oquipmenl        I always be kept In ihe pond, un iloml
The   engine    house is   si  hmit   can injure Ibe canal oi  Iho   railway
Ihrougl I, sn feel Im  38, and    324   Irnnking, which, rurmlng m f   ihe
to   ib,-   eve   plates,    The nlvanlxcil   bunks ol the p I. permit the curs to
root is supported on sfcel girders, so nm eb.se beside it. The logs will be
that the entire shell of this mosl im- dumped right nil the ears into ihe
pui taut building is absolutely fire-1 water, nml hauled then just as they
ptnnf. Three hollers, built bv Wil- may be required, The pond ami mill
flams Hros, ot Minneapolis, each six represent lhc end ami chief depot oi
teet iu diameter, by 18 in length, and the Staples Kail way System.
carrying Tl Hues of t inches dlamct- We now follow tlio railway round
or, will supply power to the main en-Mo the west ol lhc Hat, pass where it
gilie, buitt by the McDnlintigh Mnnu- flings an arm from the junction over
laclurhig Cn'., ol Kail Claire, Wis.,-In front of ihe machine shop, where
w i Mi "S inns, cylinder 21 inch., there arc standing a number of
.in inch stroke, fly wheel 12 feel in Freight ears belonging to Mr. staples.
diameter, and Hi'inches oil the face. These were built by the Interstate
li'iib boilers and engine are bedded in Car Company, nf [Minneapolis, and
solid concrete, (he engine foundation came all the way from thnt city
being It feel in depth, 81 in length, loaded with a variety-of machinery,
and 2H in width. A high velocity en- etc., for Ihe plant,
gine, supplied with steam from Ihe I The planer will have an Installation
nuiIn boilers, will run n dynamo of nf the newest machinery, and will lie
sullicient power lo furnish light from capable of turning out an almost etul-
flllfi incandescent lamps, and 2b big less variety of all kinds of finished
art) burners. These latter will ilium- lumber. The mill will have n capac-
ituite the yard, railway switches and ity of fully forty million feet ol luni-
sn on. In tbe engine house will also her pet year,
be installed a Mlnke duplex fire pump' Tbe starting tin of this great ennui the type most approved by the rem, al the head of which is a man
board of underwriters.   It is ul    12 uf great capital and of equal experi-
tu c. m. row -inns
To ihow who have been In tho
wesl during the last two decades, tho
progress am building up of the put-
ticnlai I'- lion they live in must
make intei 'Ming stud.
Twenty rears ago the west was a
ho, mm ., happ\ go luck) country lo
live n , everybody well .-11 and (hlngs
pi osperous, Comparative!*, the population was small, und' the ric'i
sn Ikes reported from tune to time
caused the majority lo keep moving,
ami, with a few exceptions, the towns
and communities were nnl on tlm
stable basis thai they have since
gradually settled down to
The west Uuu was a ranching country, owned or controlled by tho few.
but Hie plodding fanner has pushed
bis wnj in, aid tlie ranch is practically a thing of the past. Individually, the rancher, perhaps, was belter' oft, but where one was earning a
living, probably a hundred are doing
mi now,
Wo '.in notice the same thing pretty
nearly all ovef, and (he increase in
population calls line's al lent ion to it
moii- tin,ii anything else. Our district ot Southeast Kootenay Is a good
example. Twenty vears ago there
were not 20 white residents, not only
iu ilnii district, hut Including what
is now SouiInvest Kootenay. And
yet, today, where 2ti years ago about
as many men were making their living, there must be nearer 20,(100 at
Iho present  time.
Twenty years ago the government
offices for Kootenay district were at
llie " old camp." ' Wild Horse and
Knoli-nay tlnm comprised what is
now north, south, cast and west
Kootenay, tho whole government
stall being a iinn-rcsiilent gold commissioner and a mining recorder, who
beid every conceivable olliee, as a
matter id fact, thirteen or thereabouts. The support of the whole
district depended on the Chinamen,
some one hundred iu number, and
four or live while men mining gold
on Wild Horse, Perry and .Movie
West Kootenay was a terra incognita, aud with the exception of a few
miners on tlie llig Mend of the Columbia river, no part of the whole
district except Wild Horse and vicinity had a single resident. The Canadian Pacific Railway was in course
ot construction, and. uf course, along
the actual line a large number of
navies and others were gradually
trooping In, nnd In 188it the government head office was moved to Donald, one olliee being left at Wild
Our portion nf the district., now
Southeast Kootenay, benefitted to a
large extent temporarily liy the eon
means one had. 1 oflen wonder, what
would huve happened to the country
except for the Chinese miners lu all
probability il would have been left
to tho Indians until such lime as
quart/, prospectors would come along
m tuul nm bidden wealth.
In 'ST William Pernio began his
coal prospecting operations, and for
ton year's every suminei would :iuo
him out in the Klk rivet country
with two or three n.eii tracing uu
.sonic co.U seam ..r other, and defining the area ol what is one of Uie
biggest coal deposits in the world.
Our lirst influx of population began
in ISti.'i, when the Nurlh Star mine
was being developed and Ihe lust
quartz mining done in ihe district,
'Ihis discovery was the turning point
in our history, and front Ihat heu;i>n
the succession of further discoveries
anil the general prosperity wv have
experienced since then. This largo
body of me was, of course, useless
unless some means of transport w-vs
provided, ami such an almost Inexhaustible amount meant steady t.-iil:
for some one who could deliver Hie
ore al a smelter. A steamer was
constructed at .Jennings, Muni . and
many thousands: ui tons were shipped
by the Kootenay river lo Ureal halls
Mil other smelter points. There is
no doubt that the notoriety llie district' got from the North Star mine
hud more to do wiih tho eventual
construction of the Crows Nest Railway than anything else, though the
Kernie coal Ileitis assured tho tonnage indefinitely that a railway hopes
In get or >iv ahead befi re building
The railway through the Crows Nest
Pass made good times fot everyoiu!,
aid enabled one mote mine, the St.
Kugeiie, at Movie to ship ore, a
thing Impossible before the advent of
the railway. Our timber began lo be
turned to account .nnd now ihere are
probably more men directly and in-|
directly working nl aud deriving'
their living from the Umbel indnsiry
than any other.
(hu districl in twenty years has
made enormous strides, and from a
barren and poor count n now teems
with people nnd Industries We have
no means readied mil limit , we
stilt a young community, and
tliere nre hundreds ol square miles
that afford the prospector every inducement lo im nut and try his luck.
The sinelici at Marysville means
nunt> to our district than most people think of, if it is tu tie a customs smelter ; thai is, K they will
bit) ami smelt ore from outside mine
owners. There are better prospects
(one could almost call ihem mines)
mi lite St. Mary's riVet and its
blanches than one can see un worked
In any pan of ihe continent, but of
such quality nl ore ihal will not
stand very long shipment, and now
that the 'smelter is about complete,
roads will be built, a railway spur
more than likely up Ihe large district
drained by tho St. Mary's and ils
Our country has a good, steady
growth, and its solidity is established hy that means, the reverse gener-
The measure ol a nation's prosperity in commerce is ihe cost at which
M can dispose of its unishi'd manufactures in the niaike's uf the world;
"1 ,      lu   put   ll   III     UUOltiel      way.   the
prosperity ot a naiiun can be gauged
by her ability to undersell Iter uelgh-
burs, and still derive a business pud
i' The essentials foi ibis ability
uii—cheap ami plentiful iuw matei
nils cheap and convenient Ii.Uisp.H
latum, and cheap ami convenient powei Tins lattei esweutial, however,
| by  mi means includes cheap laboi  m
its conception    Iron and  I are Ibe
i.iw materials pie eminently neii*s
sai v loi national progiess Kast
Kootenay bus a wonderful abundance
ol both one and the other, as she also
has   ill  nipper,   nickel,   lead   and   /.inc.
not mentioning tin* precious metals
Transputtatlou is not all that li
should In-, but the CI, N ll, is now
reaching out its hand fm Us shale ni
the coal traffic oi tin- Crows Nest
country, and the Central Kootenay
Hailway will soon open up aiioibei
avenue for commerce.
In the mutter of cheap and con
veniont power the country Is back
ward. Steam power, apart from its
many inconveniences and drawback-,
is far and away more expensive than
many of its users appear to realize,
III one plant willi which the writer is
acquainted, Fernie coal is laid down
at $2.1)5 per ton. Taking tliis as u
basis, and charging for merely a
pumpman's wages and depreciation ol
plant,  the
Don MoKuy
Supervisor of Roiuli nml Trail"
ally being the ease when such a thing
ns " booming " takes place. WV
never have had a boom, and do not
need one to establish our reputation
for recognition as a good, healthy
prosperous community,
The Kootenay Central Railway will
give us an nutlet to the north for onr
coal and for our northern neighbors
an oullet for their ore from the
Windermere country, The building ol
this road means a very much increased population and an increased population, who are doing well, as they
assuredly will do, menus a largo addition to the prosperity ol tlie district as a whole.
We wish the Cranhrook Herald a
very Merry Christmas and many ot
them, and trust that tlie Christmas
Number will always con thin such a
resume of wealth, health ami happiness us this nne shows that Cran-
lii'o,-It and the district ia llie proud
possessor ol.
i   per  horse  pow
hour works nut at  2A cents.   To   oi
dlnary steam users coal Would   cost
$2.iMl per ton, and there would   also
have tu be udded lo ibe calculat	
the wages nf a certificated engineer,
and, possibly, tbe wages nl a fireman
also It is, therefore, sale to say
that, in general, the cost of stean
power may lie put ut it cents pet
hoi so power per hour, In the casi
of uu engine winking ;,].. days iu tbe
year, and Hi bums a day, the cosl
ot coal derived .steam works mil at
$03,1)0 per horse power per year. In
the particular case from which those
figures are deduced, a 20-hursu power
boiler required oti Ions of coal during
the month of October, working In
hours a day. To tliis expenditure
was added tail for wages, and $10 I'm
depreciation, Any one can mnko llie
calculation from this data.
No doubt iu saw mills, where tho
fuel costs Very little, tile expense ,.,
less, but then there is to bo consider-
d ihe interest on the immey invested
i an expensive plant, aud also depreciation, su t ha l even iu t host-
places steam power must cost, from
$70 to $76 per horse power per year.'
In this connection it may he pointed
out as an interesting fact that ihe
Ureal Northern l.umner Company, ol
Vancouver, which started business in
December, l!)0.i. is using eleclrli
power supplied ihem by Ihu Vancum
er Power aud Light Company. It Is
reasonable to think  that  Ibis  lumber
itipaiiy is using the power they Hud
tin- cheaper ami most convenient.
The Hull River Powet uud l.ig'at
Company is now installing a plain
which will afford u means of cheap
production of industrial goods, which
cannot fail to greatly stimulate both
trade aud manufactures of all kinds
in Kast Kootenay.
With such a plant we shall have our
electric light ready fur use at any
hour of the day or'night, Without be
iig al the mercy of the vagaries of
steam engines. The electric range is
now a recognized udjunct of all really
first-class hotels and restaurants,
possessing the beautiful feature thai
it produces heat in exact proportion
lu lhc necessity of the article being
cooked, wit bunt Inordinately heating
the apartment in which it is set up.
Electrical radiators, for in tenia I
heating, me also coming into general
use In modern houses, especially in
ihe residential portion ol the eastern
cities. By means of a switch we can
produce the amount ol heat wo need
iu any room aud have that Ilea!
maintained with perfect steadiness, a
feature in must agreeable contrast lo
the old-fashioned slovo, which hardly
knows a medium between a roasting
boat aud arctic frigidity. Iu future
Iho man-of-ilic-house will need only i
press a button, and the good angvi,
electricity, will save him tho necessity of chasing out to the wood pile,
and laying the seeds uf a domestic
rebelliuii as he try's to get a fire
started. How many thousands of otherwise happy homes have been wrecked hy the'exactions of the tyrant
.stove? Their number is legion. Oil I,
then, with those pestilent destroyers
of domestic peace.
With electric power mining property
can he very cheaply prospected, ..s
all that will bo needed is a dynamo
to lun the compressor plant. Should
the prospect prove to ho a mine, an-
nihil dynamo will do ihe hoisting,
run the concentrator, haul cars, do
the pumping, light the mine ami the
bui filings, eut wood, nm the machine
shop, blow the forge fire, warm Un-
bunk bouses, or cook a local lot the
\isitiiig directors, ll will do all
these things ul the same time, nr any
one or more ol them us required
Watching over ull Is the quiet little
OloCtrlC meter, keeping noiseless tally
on the exact amount of energy the
mine is using, so that ibe powei
cau be laid on or oft, according tn
the necessity of tlie amount, and paid
for in precise proportion to the
amount used. There are u few things
within ihe resources of electrical sd
enco which would make the Oenli ol
llie days of Aladdin " hump themselves, if such ethereal beings could
ever stoop to such vulgarities.
These facts have struck many practical minds, with the result that, one
by one, the great water powers of
the country are being harnessed.
When the great Niagara is made to
work, almost for its living, as one
might say, instead of being a mere
spectacle for tourists and honey-
mooners, all hope of more drosaic
streams escaping the common fate is
gone forever. So it comes abonl thai
the hour nf fate has struck for itml
river, nnd at ibis minute American
brains and capital are hitting ami
breaking its giant strength, lo the
end that it may turn the wheels of
commerce, and achieve its purpose of
existence—to be nf use to mankind.
I   Standing on the bridge which spans'
, ihe
moii in it..ni .,i ihe camp,   the
seem lo hello* .      powei, pu\v
ci. '   'I ii.-.   roai   lo  Hie winds,  " who
cau taim   ■ i t'lu j  laugh in   de-
,:-mn ,.- iiii i I.,ii. uuv.n a hundred
Icel ad in iheii pate glacloi green
robes beih eKed *wtn Ihe i.m > wov»u
lace "i ih. ■!.••'- aiiili spume spra,.
We shall souii see wlio lhc tann is
we, and huw  t'Xai I tj   ihe process   ..i
UUIlUg     In    ...O...    .  <   .,-1   ..   if I
'i hu  powi I   i on pan)   whn li  was <u
£ /eil   In   lit Uie   : t     Uull
ilur    was  : iurporah.i     inder   the
laws ..( South n.  ami has   foi
cap lul  : 1, ■     I      president    is
tieoi   .     i.     Ih i,l. I     .-I     Bel 'It.
Iowa, mho is m , ;. cul In pi nal
.:. e ol tbe Wun.s in progress I),
j- iniiiiti ■ I i ai ■■ ■ U . vice
l'i ■ ..;. i i , in i W I'nchaid, ul
Auiuii     1 ■ tary. and  t. ll
Smith, who is un- picoiactii "i Uie
\uioia I nisi „i,i SaUitgs Hank, is
ibe ■ ■'■., iiuei S th ddtai j lo the
powei company aic two others,
nameh . Hu Oold Hivei Placer -Mining t ompauy, and tlu Ptichatd Town-
situ Cuiiipuu)
'1 he   harnessing   of    Ihe   power ol
Bill"   IIU'I    IlilS   In'eli   : pnkeh   ol   a-.     ail
engineering feat oi almost unexampled   dai
i.i- ii im- diversion of
the water wen- atietuplcd uear lhc
falls,     ij .,,,   happens, however, that
ile   a lmil aboie    ibe
Tails Hi, Livi i is a somewhat shallow, placid stream, (lowing iu a wide
bed beiwet n rathei low shores, and
a good fifty vanU across. Sn that
ilu- problem of putting a dam In
place when ihe ft'alei ii now at the
lowi st ebb -ii win, h it has been ever
known, bee • s u simple mallei to u
in i Mi   lletidei son s experience in
this cliiss ol work. The dam will go
in. That p. eel lain, but will n slay
iu whet, Hull rive!  gets on  Iho war
is ibis : Owing lo ihe pcculini construction nl the dam, the more watei
which rushes against and over it, ll.e
Of. Mil.'S
Of King*   Miles, Deiitinl-i, Cranhrook
resistance which the obstruction niu.it
overcome is reduced by a half, incline the dam 23i degrees and tho
water, as it rises, foot by foot, will
bear down on (he structure, and actually help m hind it all the Drmei
to the lied rock. So much for the
gravitation principle,
Ki,m. shore tu shore al the place
where the dam will be eroi ted, imbed rock "t ihe i ivei is in plain
sight, covered at presenl wiih about
UAIXK'i \J. 12 12 12
two feet of water. In one place it is
above the water. No difficulty can,
therefore, arise aboui questions us to
In a work of this character everything, almost, depends on the skill
aud experience ol lhc man who is
sponsinlc fm lhc construction. In this
case it may be said ihat Mr. Henderson has been frequently consulted
in an advisory, or expert, capacity in
relation to undertakings oi a similai
kind. He has bad charge ol one piece
nf work winch involved ibe control ■ ■
a rive) Willi a flow ol ..li.lHiii cubic
feci per minute, and has limit dams
un rivers whose bo loms were im lb-
lug bui sand.   Hi-  work still stands.
It may  be ai tu i he is capable   u|
dealing with Hull rhn .
Tilt: ki.i wk
Will be a magi,iin.nl piece nf woik
oi fl.auu icel iu length from the Intake to the pres nre noustocks ovei
the wheels. The grading is finished,
and tl is a grade woi tb speaking
about. It is as wide a ft street .
wiuii limn many a street in London
town r-eit. The walls ol Troy were
renowned because two ehariou—mere
single rig, luppeii) hapenny affairs—
could he driven ahreasl along them.
It hardly overstates the case' lo say
that three four-horse loams could be
driven along tins flume grade,
The  fall  imn,  tbe towel   end uf   the
fllimc   lo   Hie   Wheels   Will   he   273   feel.
It is a fortunate circumstance that
the slope ul the bill down which the
pipe will he canted Is sufficiently
easy to enable \ia- joints to be secured 'to the very strongest foundations
Tins will save 'lu- necessity ol put
ling tn extensive foundation work Ii
the power house to near the weight
both ol the pipe and the heavy column of water whh h It will carry. In
some power plants these foundations
ate i norinously  expensive.
Tbe wheels which will  generate (hi
electricity will be somewhat of   tlu
percussion type. The series will consist of probably ten Interchangeable
units of wheels and dynamos, .if 1,000
horse power each, su that all may
be run as one unit, or any one, or
mote than one, can be cut out for repairs in the event of accident or
breakdown. Taken generally, the
plant will greatly resemble thai
which is now going' in nn ibe Puyul
lup river, California, and will exhibit
ihe verj Bewcsl   aud most approved
ilivue-, in electrical engineering.
No one will bother ihemselvi I with
such un unwieldy powei aa Meant   it
thev  can  gel   the same service    Mom
electricity al a price relatifely
equivalent. Ask any of ihem what.
their .-'cam powei costs them per
lun -.- powei pi i yeai. and thi n In
quite what pi ice is paid for tin same
nmounl of electric energ). an yti i
will be convinced of what a field fur
operation exists for such a plant :i
ihis, Take Trail smeller, owned by
the C. P. R. Klei tricity is ns.-,!
ihere ■ xi lusively. Hues any ore think
it would be used for an hour if steam
were more economical ' The power
in that case comes all the way from
Bonniligton Kails, neat Nelson. This
leads naturally lo considering for a
moment at what distance a powei
company can operate profitably irom
the generating point. The Spokane
people supply powei and light in tho
■ni    [)' Vlenes, and .ill the    mlnei
und that mo; t busy section of the
mining world The distance from
Spokane is about 110 miles, Over
ibis distance the loss • i potential
dues i ol exceed I per cent, As ..
mattei i I fai t, tt less than what
the same compi nj had to i on tend
with   In   ,i .ii-' I   eight   miles
,i- :   ..   '• ,,  ■      pi. '..,■ ,,-. ■ _ '..
10 milcj. Mom Biui river, can.
thereb  •      gel    powei  a> ehi ap,    or
i\\  v,, as ihose in Kmnie oi   Foi I
Stei i     Cranl k,   Moyie,   Morris-
w\        Michel,      Wardner,     Jaltray
.1.,: .  mi.,' and Kimberlej  will all   be
within the easy  iudius ,-t cheap   and
■ unveiiieiit powei from Bull rivei
The ■ nl)   ihing which might cause
twinge ol regret is imnl Ing of
what migbl have been, if we did not
let people with more brains and
pluck sii.ip it from under uui very
We see iho sound business
sense oi ibis undertaking now, when
^^^^^^ in .1., ,.n>:>- ihal. i:\  l"
ttic astute promoters "more   power
nm  elbows," and pa)   the   piper
ol the current he .sends
el   the
panv Hint Bull
.s there.
:■ ., i, on
. dreamt
dn ises,
ig Bull
pass thai
its bed will be made dry as the palm
.i  yi
And what a harvest
uicri \,. be ol yi Ih w pi a ns whci
in, . . tiydi ilu giant ■ -■" in theii
woi at bed ro k.   By  ihe soul
■*. Midas, tl makes one gold-hungrv
uuly lo think ol it Tho w rili ts a
t.iii io a> ragi i it i\ ith as) vo
lung-handted ut !»hui l . long fi I
. huice. lie does not go .-1 far as lo
say that ibis statement is meant a-s
a bid lor a .on of gold shovelling
when the foreman is looking tlie other way, still, il tt bo accepted In ilns
spirit im objection will be raised,
who honestly shovels gold foi a Uv-
ng is worthy of all respect.
the Townsile Companj will depend
ur its success on Uie b*"-''1 fortunes
if Its two big brothers. Those lusty
young giants ate bound to help n
along to a splendid prosperity,
ilns company, wnctcot A. 1{. Sltpp,
i rreuencion,    V  ii,, is president,
iai jonu t. budges is general manger, buius about j.uuu acres of uiu-
t-i limits,    lying    around the   mnl,
i.iLt. is skua lea just south of    lhc
taples   plant,    fhc si ling un the v .
p. it., at which tne lumber is loaded
i shipment, is aoout one and a ball
ilea iiom the mill, a good    wagon
ad connecting the two.   'ilns wagou
toad    ia easily   ;■ Bowed—wnen   you
w it,  aud ..      ...   In a kind    ul
general  way,     .•  teamster udd    tho
wtitei to    Keep to bis left, and   the
rest was easy ;   could h»\ miss   the
,d—so he said,   lie kept over to his
I, and got it-;; by  the load of   his
selection at     no place in particular.
flien another toad was followed,   a
good, plain wag   . . ,... -., tt after ..
whne it seemed lo lose oil interest lu
the , o mtrj. a I id utterly.    So
u.< . he with aboui (Be dozen others. Uia cay use turned round and
actually winked al ...... thereby intimating tliai Uu waa lost, lie Was
not I".-:., b .' Ihe ■. ling bad sunk under ground, loi ui. the track or trace
lie could hnd ol it. Mural—Do not
trust your uninitiated self to logging
roads , ibey stall out well, gi.e up
business in thi h ..: t ol the forest
pi iu-•■...:   and lead lo—profanity.
Howevei, when the siding was
fou id, it presented a icetic oi much
activity, .n four It eight cars were
being loaded with as tine a description ni lumber as evei was .shipped
to ihe North West, By following the
right road the milt was soon reached.
ii ia a line new, up-to-date concern,
wiih every sign ol prosperity aboui
it. All departments were being run
al iheir i apacity, but Ihu woods
trews were not doing much at the
llie mill turns out 35  feet   per
day, Ha planers furnishing all man-
uei ul llui hing mat ci iai. '1 lie corn-
pan) employ ■ abo it BO men, with a
stud '•; 20 li  ■  <
'I in- general conditions of these
limits are much tho same as tbn.se ol
the Noith Star, and therefi re tbe
fogging i an be done at a minimum
expeuse The properly is or a singularly park-like appearance, which at
■j,' '■ iggesi ■ he di mesne land i ol
the old    ■ o tnti j    Ai i vol y  turn   of
the load y 'Xpi i       the lalluw
de-1 grazing, as iu an Knglisb park,
hut in.- ban polei -: an lutflan teepee soon despe    I Iii  ...   Ion
I have bad. .aid Mr, Budges,
nnsiderahle experience In the lumber tn de, but tie\ei have I seen a
country su adralrabl} adapted to logging a's this is. There is no necessity fot swamping In tho sense we
understand   that    term In tbe east.
We  do   not   have   lo   make   loads,    lul
the simple leas.,n that we can run a
truck anywhere wc need through tho
open woodlands. That is why you
gm tangled up going down to the siding. We run the roads wherever we
have any need for the horses to go,
or, to    sneak correctly, the   trucks
" Out umber is of exceptional
growth, and veiy sound. This saves
no end of waste, both in tftne and
material. We can reach every acre
of qui limits with the trucks.
"We started in business here in
July, 1003, and I am clad to say
have done well, ilmii^b the limes
huve nol been sn very good. Still,
we have sold pretty well alt out lumber, and will have to do some logging during the winter to keep up
Willi our orders.
■ 1 think the talk about depression
is somewhat exaggerated. There has,
of course, been some oi it, arising, in
my opinion, from a tendency amongst
the lumbermen lo cul pines This
will Boon right itself, AH will b«
f D
■ K'-2: 0
a*seocrtm^f'a:gef FINE FURNITURE
in South East Kootenay
Our Prices Are Lower Than Ever !
We have an easy plan of payments which will interest you, and can give you more for your money than yon can get
Undertaking and Embalming
All work in this line entrusted to us will receive careful
and courteous attention.
Carpet Squares. Linoleums
Window Shades i Poles. Go-Carts
1 ILM.;;
I'm-n;:"':   If  ♦ IkS
1 fi
■i, twM
,<   '«'   *yc,V*^,£n/'',i-',/'*,'t,,,.'*'Vt.'i/Vt,'J'yt,'L^ '*-'"7-'t.'"i'-^*-^-', ^,T't-',.'*-t7'C'',«i;'-'^'t''Vr'*'^-t-',.'*Vi.', '"-'Vr.', '*'".■ t.', '""Vt.\ '*'T't.'. '"*'"r'L-.'   IT >|J JliTr ff >.) sACfS^ml Jj'.C.TUr»J IT,-' •*'-r't.'"'..-T'-J.', rW*tfr.*i »*'-/'.■'.. -■
JOSEPH BRAULT. Proprietor.
The Canadian Hotel is one of the largest and best furnished hotels in the district.      The  meals  are
praised by the boarders, which is the best recommendation.      The bar is supplied with
- 7 high quality Liquor and Cigars.
The rooms are comfortable, neatly kept and have plenty of light.
i"  !•
'c' ■■V
The East Kootenay
Lumber Company..
Prosperous * Organization with
Bright Future*
Mm Archie l.elleh is the dee
of used it in making .1..' lumber  which
i went in," the present ('. r   it    de
' not, Iho IvelKhl nflict'8, buildings and
•'' ;,lsi, il,,, water lowei    Tho |,l„,,i   ,'l
'", Uml mill wus i ,„.,,,I- removed I"
I'nhnnl &  II.,
ll,,,,.,'  engag",!   In   II,,'   lumber-   li
luss in    KitHlern   Urltlsh   Uolnm
 I derived his knowledge, ,,", ,
huoks, by thorny, ul  fru.n  Ireali
.   ,      ,.;   .,.„.  „,.,.,„.. ,,, ,,, ,,,,,,i  where it mule,id i.flectlvi' service
1™   »" '   "''"" "'"I"''1 ,„   Se|.le,l,b,.|,    |m,S,    ,|U.   (ll...      MS
experience ,„    ,!„• bush, in  .'„    Ihi |incurptttnU-d   under ,l„- ,,.,„„■ "I   Ilu
river d.ive, ,„ Ibe "nil. and In every t/rauuroul,  l,timbei  I','..,|,.,,,v.  I.,,,,,,
,,„,,,.,! exrrullvc oupiieil)  „|,,'„   tl, »,i -nnil,     '  ' " """
i „'., ambitions i,„m, possessed
., dole „- ,' i" 'I' itllhl)  n
i-i mm, ,1,'inll ,,, ,1,,  i
uu, seems nuidesl onuuel. i.nw, il
I,,,|,< ,,| ,1,,' aubncqiicnl dovclupmei.
lul  ,,„• bus v     l,n,  tlie lut'itl l,„,„,
I,       «l,,'I, llli'ln   ,,,    Hl.,1   ,|.i,     Ul   .1,       In,,.,,      Il,n,
I,,' hnd    , '1,
l,lnl   ,,,   , ,n
ul Ins ndi.pl
I, ,, 'i -
detail '■..,>''
,-.   In.   Ill
Work,    ll
ii .Ins mnslei, ".
aureness nml dell
i,<, ni    .,,,,,,■■    ,,'
mnl      Hull   enable   In
In grasp ,1„. ureal 1
,11,1  In, I ,,,       lln- il n i    .,
I„l.ll,/.,,„„, '
Ilm  n,,|„m,i In   •„-,,,ml   mill
enableil ilm ciimpnui   In I, lie ■' c,„.
IIIU I ulil, ll I, nnl l.il.in, ii,,m ibe
All,,',I.,      11,1,1,,.,,    nml   ,',,.,!   ,',' ,      '"
[ttrnisl, it,.,, i-iimpi.li, tvilh :,,tipu,tiim
ll'l'l nl Inn,Inn pari "I which was
used in mn m  ilm Ilall inal mii.i-a
.1.    I.elllbllili-e nml   lln    In nlm ill,
Iho  ll,,',,,'.   .nnl mn.  llll, I    imn I, ,„'
.,,,   I. I,--..,',.,,i mm,    whirl,   ,1"' ''
l„n I.i   , ■minimum li.nl  III hand    III ll,,'
III 1,1,1
trio ll.
' i.  1'.
Imn 1  i.
,  ,l,i> li
>i    ,,l,i
-,-|,li s
'ii'.-l, ,
nil,   „|,
,.   S||
A. Li'ili-1,
I're.ililonl Kast K,,„,,-,,:,,■ l.,n„l„-r,',
tl,,'    game nf    business,      Iii,' in.isl
moves, ilm during combinations win
in,,,,,    i  iliielei-   imninl   liim   mm,    I,
lory nl ,, ,-,,iiniu.   II,- was mi, al„
[ho i ,. in Hi,- sum,- nl being i
lirsi   ,n   engage in iin' In,si,i,'ss
,'niiil I,,    inn li,,   was
lluuncln ..■,-,   ni   those i
,,,, ,1m ll
in III,' 11,1,
,1,   S,      .1,,
,l,m In ilm
I.n,' nl ll,,' business ellgllgollieills nl
Ibo t-uu.pnu) lln- iiosiliou ua* sol i
mm.   I. conlraols ue.o ,,, |„> lived up
In.   .mil   l.nlli     I.n,i,   ,,1,1,   ens,'linns,
evorv minute nl every I, ■ hnd 	
lUiluil   I,, ,„ nnl,li'       ,'. Inln   lln    In,- V.n
,„-,!„B „i mi,, mnl ,,! lln- In, lilings,
ll,,- online and boiler wore haulod out,
thomsclvos ,,,I I,,,, In pal Is.   (lu   llio
iiitorii i mi iin- day oi Ilu,   in,'   ll,o
engineer .nnl Ins asi-i-,„,,,s wore engaged in repairing lln- ,i,ni,, factors
of ,1,0 |,nw, r sist.-m Sn i, was in
every olhei dop'urtinonl nf ilm ruined
.ml! nud l„ Hu- in,,, I'Vliiii.irr, or
exacllv olgln davs alter ,1,,- lire, ,!„■
aim 'wore spinning ngain, uml ilm
Imsinoss resim.oil as il nolbing oiil of
,1m ni.1,,,.,1, had l,,i|i|,onoil.
That li.v Iambi Mi. l.elleh „ i'-s-
s„n. I' showed bin. thai Hi,' con,-
puny should Increase ,1,,- capacity ol
Hie mill, ami bo lhot'ofol'0 al onee
orderwl a plant In handle, nnl 15,0011
led ,, day, bin 111,000 (eel. Tim ma-
chil-or) lllel, pill in i,iilnr is now hi
nporalinii n, ilm principal mill he-
l<„u;i,,in in ilm company. I'niislruc-
I lf,,i, mi iltai concorn was begun u.
l.lni..'. ls!.„. .,,,.1 liiiiilm, was being
I mn.lt' in ,1,,- following ii.uulh, During
Um summer ..I ISIIII hulli mills were
Kepi busy mi lumber which was shipped in il,,- Kuril, Wesl,
Mini,' ilm rniMiii„,,|, Lumber   Corn-
first iinm i al,,.- and iirganl/c   a  1
roiidiliou l,i copo will,   ,1m possil.ll
Hies     -.-.I,i,:. Ins    i.nnli,    i,,i  soeilu
ahead enabled him in perceive would   i
arise, ami which ,1
11.-   came in   I'raubrooli   in    May,   SLl
18117, as ,1m representative of Leilch
II,,,s , ol Oak Lake, Man., ol   which
pa rship Im ,s ilm soniur me.nbor.
.'..,nl,,,,,,I, w.m mn horn then. Looking a,i.inn!   lln- i-iiiniUv,    which     was
marked mi ilm maps i.l ilm day   as
" nlm,,, parkllko prairies, mil « I-
,-d.'   Im  lln-njil   ,,   .ui exeelleul   Inoa  I1
Willi M
Ilm mi
a iiii   11:
cul   [III
\    was   extending iis operations,
terming   valuable,   trade c lec-
I'lS     ilOgllll       In    sen       llle   (Il-ll,       n!
,gs and mail, Hi,- rapid growth uf
piolllable business, l.ensk .v
ler stalled ilm s.isl, ami door
ISIIS, ami Uobinson .v
,1 their mill at nml,   in
,„'   ISIIII.
I   Ills    I,
I" I'.," ship
Oak    Lake,  and
James M lie, .,'
pel I,ia,ie,il mil!
t.'ruiibrnnk wns
sepli's crook, aboui
low,,. There was
1' II al ill,,! Inn,
els   ..I   11,0   snivel
open prairie, -" n
lu bring „, Um em
carriugo ami Hi.- go
planl limn Cloldon,
thai being tlm mm,
c i'  i: ,,i tii.it ii
In Fori Steele llie
u„ road ii,is   fair),
tli.it    i ,   i"    i'i
ha,iih be called ..
pice led
185 i
's,    Si
im     I-
Ilm lall ,,f llll,,. Ilm i.l.l
s moved ... Palmer's Uur,
,' a contract was taken t.,
in lies fur tbo Sl. .Man's
Iwny. Tl„- ,,,,11 lunl ,., 'li.
Im ,ni,,,,,„,,us shin    system,
s  well   as  ilai.   an,,   I,,''    lln.
I means Ihei' had tlie guods read) lot
brothers at delivery according ,.. cuntraet. Ow
llie, in-law M"G lo the short lime limil allowed
I   ilm' li,st!'"   the contract, ,,s fiililllmcnl    led
,'eraled    in  scars on ilm me, v nl those associ
on  SI -I,. |al'"' w'"' It-
above ilm     isu.iis mill \n. i was in operation
ill 'nt ilm (' ' i'1 l!""' ''"'I al -iiimii  ,1m same lime
'eni  the nick-  the   ''' "' Lumber   Company,    ,1m
across    ilie  I'ark-Mitchvll t'ompuny, ami the Me
mo necessari   ,--'1'1 Lumbei  .',.„,|...ii>  began to take
Moms' oMhi In 11)02 Mi. 1.,-n.ii ie.ili/eil what
,n,'n,. .'I'll',, nun,, exlslod [or an ainal
■ i1('. gamallon ul llie then operating l„„,
,1,.,. Iierinen into one groat corporation !,»
,,-'. handle all    ,1m i ie, comprised   ii,
'.,;    !!:,-   llritish   ,',,!'.mlu.,   Smiilmln    land
,■     wl ii    ■ ■ i voslcd in ilm C   1'
'div   mills,"   win!.-  rivel BJ -ml   an uitlul  oi  lettien  n.l     to.      N,■.'',.
lake II.    are n  lu    the West   thai     the ui.-i.   ,      log null
case .1,,-i.v -unl  i:.,,i.   e.,„- w.-.e   unable t"   nrecl I
.-,: -..      ,',    Thus,'     Hulls   i'.ireaseil   ' rn
met, ,,. ,--■ ami iu the limit .a their pow. i., wliil.- a!
",l   leu                        Hnd ■-.   to   un the same    lime many        v.   eol.cer.ti
i lion with ii,- rushed in ..ml became m-i  i luu
'll..- i-.:■ i-..ii,  ir n market era     1'. was   mil..mm.■ ■
in   ilm So.       vi,  '  a- rate "i   immigration » mail
il,,,,: , i   ,   tire outpui ■!..'' i.iii.eii .   as a matte.         ct, il   fell
p    i; .    niih    which   lumpan]   they aw,.y very consideratil) ri
l:a ; expired    '       'i   suit   ihal   Ibe     output   l| J     ■■,,■!
w,ii rn,   ■■■        uexl      lit y, irs,   ,"  ,"u,,,   ami        surpa    d, the   de-
lilllus!i   \   ,■■■       "ninn     ■ :,   .,,-..     .,    inatl'l.     Kv.'ll   111   111.*   I." ■  '"r.
I.ilje      |ll,l      ol mm-!,!,      poll'S     liHg   ,„....,1,   'U trt'lV, l"H     '   I I       m
BWill I.      1-1 I 1  -I   -     ■    1,1,el s.    piliUg, ...
i.-ii,um   un     mm, l,„ dii    material glut ol stocks in all -l: etii ----t
1,'uun   ih,       I iwi   in irs 'Im.  have ,- ovei i luctiou the ■    ■■ ■!
ni,i led           ,'   I'   1:     vuili .(limn the present dull times .
,          ,i   m        lumbei    e\- Americans   ■■■   contend   ■    ■ .  ...
elusive rn    ties    tin „, count  nl     hu 'O". have ha I a surplus >o ri I,
cxlRte. ,  'Ins important  contract which theii  I,    maikr,,  ■.■■'■    ■■■,
ilm I-:.,.-  Kouieuay t'ompan,  is   liee able lo exhaust    Theii   rad,
,,.   a ■ miisiit- iai,),-   pxtoni in,in    tt- Ual i enableil llreni       make a big
ni.-.n ,■    mi     from tlie chai       ■' ■' prullt mi then higher gi
v., i   iini.s ,.i   ilm markets    -,,    the sn ihat 111.*)  pi ,,h    ■      : •    ,i
North IV.  i i r, i   III      li, ,.,!.. la al I'tlung
In   'im    ih.    i,n,,i,.,!,,    hipped -, which   rejireientud    ..
 ■!•   I.. '   nl   I,um i      'illn ie,l   ' . ■ nail) ,, nil
... iill   I ll.lll height . It I ll.e .p     itc into ■,,,    ... ■.,, , re
„.,.,   ., onittlui,  iinm these   cars the retail,      onuall) ■   I
Win.hi    Imn I.   1,'H   lllil, In!       US    it    tU    llll       I I '   I
Hutu , in, I.,,,   in w.i in. n mil,'   "   sum. i .    It. prefer, lie.
l-.-ii  siis'l,   -im,, ,i"n    I       ' v,Iml    dearei.     Itul rtivtc
llinl--        II '      Ie, '     -■!     lU.l.lll I      U'il i !,    ::,     mnl       , m-i     I ll.-.l li     lllll.
lead,   li    tnal lu-1     I lie lo     uppl)   i •   trail's ,.    'Mm -,l  ., ■.  ■
in-.., I,        llinl,   lo 1    .m.'i   In   nilm,   inn   '    as   ihe  llll,ml,   I  [..pile  .',. and
he i .n ltiiio.1 nil lliruugh the winter     ■ u„   piti ,,, ,1 is,  thul  llie i
Si,me   I |ih     |„     in,i  i     'i,   ,i.iline.    is in,!   DcllctllHli   In  ,.n   '■       I ni    .,
Who   Will    ill    !!'•'   line     ...mil-    men!     l.l      \ lue, „',il,   I ..„ |,e, i, ,.,„ The
.leal,',   ',',    'lie      -     wh"   lllukl
1 iui.li,   !,,i Im charge,  i, '. foi  tlm
I Alnel nan ilumpago as  lie  would    [ur
I Ihe   belle,   'lass     ma,.   ,,,l   [rolll     Ilm
llritish   ,',,!,itnliia   mills     The   iw,.
unlair   America ni[i      have
tin,iw,,   a  iiiseuiii.uin.   li^ln   un     Um
lumbei  trade „l Rail  Km nm'.
I     Ml     I.elleb   is  sliuii.l,    ill   [.,,,„■    ci
'a  proleelive  larifl,  uial  is  ciilii'inco.l
Ihat   Um      uml,ninn li  ul   llm'.ml      l'o-
luiiiliia   would   giie   ihe poiein nt
any guarantees ,, may ileeu, n.eoa-
saiy lor ,be iirnpor safe-guarding of
i the Interests ,,, Hie settl, rs .,,,-1 general     .-"„s,i||ie,s   II,   11,0   S'orlll     Wesl.
Ile would give such guaraiileos, il il
I were only  lu help ,.. .1" away    wiih
You know,"   said Mr. Oalhraith,
I', ■ ■  Ste ■'•■
llml    i .    , .um   '■■     n.ui. ,
liter, accurtlii ■ l.
•ml ,,I He '"i libel     Ilai,
!■'■ Il.lh    1)1 .    nm,       -IV
years shm I ol u,  ii.il tpialifyiug pel
lmil   ul   ii! :,    leal -  ,   a,   I   ,1,1, I-   ■   I
1      m,n   ,:, iin.. ir     I-'-ni,    u,
ll i-i'     \l,   brothers     well'
buwei, r, I Ihe earliest   date
i„l ,,„ Willi Ilm
I -,- It   w,        . ■     lie.I      i    '   'em
Ihal  I.m.  mil in.m Ilelleulli   I I
the am,
S. .1. Morn™-
Hi Slonoll ,v   Mela,lane.
li, [   things  as   tliey  are,   try    I.i
persuade lliemsclves Ihal tomorrow
... nexl day, ,,i nexl year, I'ranbrook
will he .ui her last liiianeial leas l,^
rause uf Ihe exhaustion ol Hm umber around here. Mr. Leilch sals , „i-
phatlcally, thai   in- cannot  recognize
Iheir  leasmiiin'  as  being worthy ul  a
moment's cuiisidornlion, ami declares
ilmt such lull, is mil mil) fallaeueis,
,,„t is   injurious in Hm j,,..Kress   .'I
our country in g rat, ami  to   nut
thriving yu'iing citv In iiarticuiar. The
following ini-iiliin. which is perfectly
Hue. will illustrate ihe 'illa-.-y nf
tlie uie., "' limber exhaustion.
When Mi. l.eiieh had lhc entire
equipment "f Iho presenl C'raiilirn '!,
mill laid around lhc yard, ready foi
,,,s|.ill.il    a  re,lain  genii,',,,,,,,    ••(
son e experience in Hie lumber   busi-
said Im.  turning ,"   Mr
in'l want ui all  tins ma
" Wnll
Ihe   0
nil    wo
nit   111,'
Mt    \    ll.i
porlnhlo en
sn W
.   Willi
,,„, ,   ..-...; winch immense tract   ptuli
,..,, ,   .   I)   -ii',,- l-,.!!ilis ai,- covered    will,
...  i lalild    lii'iii, i      The    idea    w.m
||      | „ i       ,   ■    :   . .   bill   !m' Ml      than   1li.lt,   U     Was
,.,,,,,   ',',,' Wh ..,        -   ■   ' hm . iu  Innsiness slaiulpoiul,
j,,,. * ,|,,|     s iw      n   ,1   il i    |l      .lie   ,       I',    It     "111' ill-
eel, rtosses tin, lavnted it.   He hud ilm loresight   to
,,ll,.    vi    ihe P-'-'.' whul    ia)   ,„ ,1m luture,   ami
n„    ,|,|,   ,1     ui   leahe-l     Hip  snn.es,     Ihal   would a I
a plant "i IS,    tend such ,,u org wlion as Im sug
la,    I wuii   gest-ed, ii ii  were equipped .,,,,1 rend)
in   lake   Ibe , (iiiulii, no, asion    b,     Un
hand    I.,l.e    man,  utile,  i inception,
In,- enliatitios,  il   bad  Ilu- ,1,
| people "I    ,h...   um.
i       and, ,,,', ml ,,, Inking Hie glum
      ,1     , „po   .,, originulol   ui
',,,!.,!    ■  w,,-   a-hittlnl il"„,i I" sun
nm low, 1   i ..llllll ions.       He   Ine.llil      It]
have e,c,y   I'm.I,,-, company on   III.
li,v     V '■   l.tull n   .,, luu'  as a     ,
III del one  in       i/atiul,    Iml   ,1   el,ile.l
In   1'r.inl » l.uiiiiii i   (' pan)
■ ,   I'arl  lliiohell ,' inn,,  ami    ibo
I lime the
llal   llle    BltO
,o quills   mi
..ml   there
out presenl
,u,  and old-
,, !..■ with
as the Um
,i u   is    out
.   Ibe    oilier
i,,. such „«
n-   I.„Loads.
, now hems
,i     -n   mi -    I
ilm uexl  Ire
I il      a   nm    um   n tU.fulfill    " -'ii   lln   1'
j I'   li   Iii i n i  eh uii-ii'   i.i   Ha
mi   I., i    I I, im   a.   nil: III    In-   I .in
li.l    Ilm   pill |n   um   .a   II      I.u  in.
,     'I ll,    |U.ii 'I' .Huh,\    ul    111' I'nil
conception ,-- puw doinonstratod lot,
il   Iho .,,',.1 us  w „    as     Hm,
existed     ,„   I'ml,   ,1m    oupitllll/utioii
would easli)  lie leu I , Hie am '
| then  sme.-ll,      The  opporlUUlly   us hm,
Uilnli!        nil   llle   ,,ii,''„,hub'    oi     Ilm
idea, und ihe liii.iiuinl grasp   ol   Hm
ma,, who  thullglll   it  all out.  is   es
i.iiUi ],ml ami lull, recognized.
HI    ilie   l-'.asi    Kootenay   Lumber
neti ' Company,    as    cnnslllulcd     tudny,
liulilllg.   I,'pi   sle.ulill    al   work     1,11   Ai-i-hie  Leilch is preside,,1   ami genei-
.1 nl)-,  IS'is. win ii building begun    In .,,   manager,   Alex.   Molfal is  soerc-
puniest,  ami  young  t'rnllbrook    was,   larv-lreasuror,   and   Kilgar  II e    is
1,1,0 iinoliier I'nntagruol, fairly howl- ueconntnnt.   The directors are ,lames
ing lor lumbei wherewith lu  clartc Mundio, uf   Mnnlrcul ;    Thomas   11.
ils ,'iii'lle.   These were busy days.  '[  Mnhall, nf Cards Mia.;    W.   11.
Hie Infant oilv bee ,- Iraeii.ms, ihe Miles, n[ I'orlago la   Prairie;   Mal-
p„l ,•         i-i-uiii'    msislanl   Hint    i,s colli!     Leilch,    ul Oak  Kak,'.,  Man.,
wants !.'   applied, su ihal Ibo   mill lien. Lelloh and Archie Leilch,
flows bad u, gel a hustle on, and nu-    The limils    include   al I. 150,000
oilier nn lop of ihal, again.    To  add acres all told, nf which ill,lino  acres
I,, limn husllement, the linn had tak- have liecti purchased hy Hie company,
en a ronlracl from Ibo C. 1'. II-   In the remainder   bring held from   the
supply  Hes,  bridge  limbers,    piling, government and    Ihe ('. P.  II.    All
switch  lies ami other material    for ihe limils ate tributary !»> llie K„,,|-
sixieen miles uf the ,u'w road. onav and Movie rivers, including that
Hy  Ihe en,I    nl August,  1SII8,    Ihe portion   nn '.he St. Mary's river l,„-
rniistiiutiu,,   e,uno;s were engaged in low- iho lake,
building   Hie railway   lo Crniibronk, The four mills al Cranhrook,   Jnf-
a,„l iu H,e following moiilli a   small [rav, Palmer's   liar and Ryan call I urn
saw mill was started al ibe nnrlh of out  12,iii„,,n0,i feel uf lumber in iho
iho     inv.,,,      which     ilm    Leilch year, or apprnxlmalcly  150,000   feet
Inn      purchased      a      few      days bach day.   The l',,,nl,,',,nk and Palm-
afler   it    begun     operations,    und cr's liar mills are. what  uie   culled
■I -    when
lours   .,[
,  ni      Hu
tu lb,- United Stales prod
iln.se   very   men slam th
their tariff walls in- ihe fa
Canadians.   Tim  Americans are    un,
to t,o hliimeil fur selling Iheir lumbei'
iu tho hosi market ;   ihe lanli    lies
with Hi.,se win, continue t<> pormll il
,.. he Iheir host market.
ll is tils opinion thai, as Iho Laurt-
gnvernmenl   bus   received such a
marked endorsalinn ui Iho soundness
f ils general    pulley at  Ilm    I'eeoiH
elections,   il     will   feel   itself   iilslilieil
ii, dealing thoroughly with lim lanli
question. Signs nre mil wanting
Unit n„r American cmsins feel Hi,,,
im,,' is something ,,l llie sort in ihe
ir. The coming eveiil oasts iis shail-
■W in> ll,e I,„'tibial urns nl Hm Alnor-
.'uu magazine wrileis,  wlm.  iu    al-
' jfl
W. P. Tat,'
ieweler ami ,,|itieia„. Crunlirouk, 1', (J
.m,i;i,m,i,.,,-.      .   -!^ HMiiMHUi t*Hl .,,.<,«  '•
A   Glance    Back
Thirty  Years .
R.  L. T.  Gal
braith Tells the
Story   ot   Early
Days .•Ms*.--.-!
int.r.tii.tr-eiji-,1 m.f':..fi.,f[.nfi.n;s;ifnfni..
..     u.  I   ,.
i In
- .  Pai .
VV. 11. Wil
n,l Optician, ,'
i.l. .
ai Omaha,  N,
boo,, Ibe, 1)
ml     owing in
W ll. MVrTnrlnni
,,,» a Mi'l'urltiiu-, i
most every responsible journal, touch
un some aspect ul " reciprocity Willi
I'.uiaii.i." Some advucale It, somu
ilcnouiiec ii, ami others again .say iu
su many words, Dial wo are [mils
iml ii> protect uur young Industries
liy adopting a strict tariff, iu preference tu ilu- tlangoroiis half-way house
nf reciprocity, The agitation nas no;
reached ilie proportions of a political
issue, hut ii is plain thai lhc thought
is Ktiiriiii; amongst ihe A merit an
people. Tliry argue,, very likely,
thai reciprocity is heller than hav
ing the tariff liars raised at uur sidt
ut tlie 111ili parallel.
As lu ihe inline, Mr. I.eittli is en
lirely hopeful, and sees better iiair'h
ahead fur next year. I Ie bellpYus
ih.it conditions would right thei
selves if the lumliei' manufacture
will curtail operations lo an extent
which will enalile them to reduce
llieie stnets lu leiisuiiable dimen-
sinus. Tliere .ire good leiisntts ilm expecting a laricoly increased immigra-
tlon tn the Niiiih West nexl spring
Tin1 assured construction "f the
Grand Trunk Pacific will Uw\ in the
opening up nf ibe immense fertile
country towards the Pence Ilivei
Pass. The line crops recent Ij bni-
est.-d, and tlu- generally blghlj pros-
letotis condition uf the whent-grow-
ng ait'ii, must iil.su leu.I in Increase
Immigration. Such, very brlelly, nre
the nn I ii Ions ut Mr. Leilch uu Die
presenl nspeoi ol ihe lumber Indtisl-
Tin1 htislness uf ibe Kast Koolenaj1
l.iimhet t'ompany Is now iu a hai-
monlous ami must satisfactory condition. I.fiKniiu.', will go uu steadily
during the winter. Largo ami remunerative contracts uie in hand,
and ihe sharehnlileis have reason lo
congratulate themselves ih.it tliey
have a man ai the head nf affairs
capable nf grasping public belli,
measuring ihe elTecl uf ibe trend of
opinion, and formulating a policy iu
anticipation nf tbe conditions likely
in arise. Verv rarely, indeed, ilu we
find a man who is master nf evcrv
detail, from Ihe (.tilting of tlie tree
to ibe marketing nf ibe lumber, and
nt tbe same time take an intelligent
and prominent pari in directing tbe
larger matters ut ihe policy which
shapes ami affects ibe markets at
their very source and inception.
It is very interesting to note what
a number of clever, ambitious young
men Mr. Letlch has brought    aboui
This Krcul
eecutl) enm-
ihe constnitl
be Sinus mid nil,, r wai ■
like nib.   Imliaiis,    n  was    ll	
ben-- guarded  iu many sect s    hy
Hie I nited Si,ihs suliliers. On arriving ui Sun Kr.u.eiMu 1 took the
steamer " Callfnrnlii " fur Portland!
dr., from which pninl I ascended
ibe Columbia river, and in .Im- time
reached Wallula, and ibeiicc liy stage
to Walla Walla. There I met my
brother, .John, after .1 separatum ol
twenty years. I may say thai it
was he wlm organized the tlrsl Territorial House ni Representatives tor
Idaho, ai the city ol l.ewislou. When
ibe legislature adjourned he decided
in visit Hu- Souihern States, but
when passing Klmliall.a Kerry, on lhc
Spokane   river   uu bis way   i"   l'""
IhUltOI',   be      saw   SOI110   ul   tbe     gold
from Findley Creek, Thai pebble uf
gold, thrown across the tide nf his
liie, delleeled him toward Wild
llnr.se. Incidentally, i! also changed
ibe eitrielil  nf my life,
'■ Tn go back a iti.le in the run nf
tins story : When my brother came
ii, Wibl Horse be found Iho ground
;ill occupied, ami therefore turned bis
attention more in ibe line uf slrlct
business, such as ibe establishment uf
a ferry near where Kmi Steele
bridge Is now built, and the m.ii t-
teiiiinee uf pack trains tu carry in
supplies frum Walla Walla. Ih' was
also interested in cxlcnsive stme
keeping lien- at   Korl  Steele,   Perry
cut, ibei. He soonci ihev make up
their minds tu have douu with it, th»
better lur ilu country. If better
methods ate mi laken up, then it
will resolve Itsell Into a (tuestton nf
tlie survival nl ilu- [ttlost Hit'
moment pooplr with greater brains
ami energy resort in them. We have
not far tn «<> Un an "hject lesson
pointing iu 'be road which must ha
followed hy tlmsu who would succeed
iu the business. Willi belter ami
more up-to-date appliances, the timber around Crnnbrook will last for a
number uf yeai • to come.
Mr. l.elleh ttKiees thai tbe presenl 'him to till responsible, bui suhoniin-
eondttion of om chief industry is not ate pnsitinus under him. In tliis be
entirely encouraging, and that it has seems in have ibe faculty sometimes
been unsatisfactory fur some lime attributed tn Carnegie aiid Rockefel-
hack. The
smile cm tail
1). .1. M.-Swi-yu
MePweyn .v i.iiilliii, Tailors, Criinliruo
Creek, Joseph's   Prairie (now  Crai
I lo and at Wibl Morso.
'■ Von will umlerstnnd from ihis
hart- ontlliu's thai though I am hi
an old-timer uf ihnn yi-.ns' standing, siill 1 can claim, ihrnugh my
Innib, rs, snme ac(|Ualnlaiiec w itb
ibis counlr) from ibe earliest date
uf its history.
'■ 1 well rememhel' my journey tu
line from Wnllfl Walla. Krom Ihe
lime we reached a point about -'•
miles from Waitshurg, we saw nothing hul open country eovcred wjlh
cattle and horses, Think uf the
thousands uf elegant homes an,I
thriving towns which have since
sprunLi; up along uur line ol march,
I believe lite same magic 1f.iii.sf.irni.i-
tinli    will    have  taken    pi
customs, with immense satisfaction
in himseli We iam<- along M the
Penile d Orit'lle, ami no m Uonner's
I'cirj. 'ii. j, it, (barge uf mj ,,i.i
friend   VI.  M. i owley, limn tin-   i.».i
\.ile   •!    \n'i ,i.   ,' \    Wil'kloW,   .iii.l
Aim uuu if.-ldes in Spokane. It i-
•■! i i"i.- in ittiulc thai il was he, -i
lellovi eouutrynuiii <,f mine, who gav»j
nn- mv hrsi Iitiioductiui] lo ihe
Knt.tt-naj Indians, iliruugli Chiel Ah
1.1I1..111, who l hen ruled lioiiuei
Kerry kn.it, n„\ till e Abraham w„s
a mriuush pu uu. .1,11' figure, 1 dis-
lim ilv  recnlleel  llml  alien I was id-
' -I I., him iiv   Mt   Cowley,    he
wai   .,1111..I  in In-   [mi regalia, eon
••.'liii^ ni ,1    hu i.,.i;  bkirt, aud    his
>'        ■'■ '. -M-I. "     t\ lil |l|   III,    ,|ll,' ^.li-
 ui   (his   mode ',\,   1,,   i\,! 1    m isl
have      hei 11      ai.      ,U utnill ,,    ■
the vet)  .'■■•■  Hiplex ■ 1   \ehilli
-■li.  i"i     Ihe     ni.- .i|uii.,i--    wele an
tlbomilmliol, .1   llie  fill)   at     Un
UK..-    How   In- endured  then   attj 1
I i'..mini  line, ;..1  ihe) -.itii|!. de
voiiied nu-.
Tin manner uf Cnwlej • introd 1.
tinn nf me in the ehiel was splendid
l\ .ii'f.'.r and Ihniigh Abraham did
mil iiudeistaiid a word <>i it, sliil In
was \ imIiK inipressi il bj Ihe digtiilj
.,1 'In-   uiiml nt the language
•■ ttre.il chief, ' quoth Cowley,
" slayer of ibe grixzlv, Ibe buftahi and
ihe lordU elk. Inud-voiml son ui Ibe
lliutidi i, hear me. A young chief "■
ibe pale laces craves audience of you
lu- routes Hum ibe nuld suit, lii, it-
mind, Krom Ireland, which as
Tommy Moore si'^s :
Is great, ghniuus and tree
!• 't-i  ibiwi 1 ni ibe earth
Ai.-I lirsi nem ..1 1 ea.
'Ihai s c.t.-.-i, in vim, vmi hieknrv-
shiiu-d lieiitheii. lim 1, i thai pas's
He ni) friend > fib ml, Smoke his tobacco, when vmi can Pass him 'li-
ciluiiii t. and likewise thu lime o1 day
with youi native and cuttiuvd poliu-
1.' ss. He good in him, an n \>-
diin't—well, jou know Cowley "
" Strange as tt,,- introduction was,
I have nevei lust touch with lhc In
titans 1 1 thai da)  tu this,
•■ Krom Movie Lake we passed <■:.
tu Joseph's Prairie.   Joseph was the
see I    chief nl  the   I ppei   Koou-na)
Indians, ibe bead chiei at that lime
being Michel, whose name comes
in us associated witn ilu- town •■<■
MU-'iel. We crossed Joseph's Creek
nearly opposite Colonel llakei s
place, ami followed the south bank ol
the si ream tun it we came tn (Jal-
hralth's Kerry, where 1 met mj
tiro titer James, irom whom I ha I
been separated as lung as I bad been
Irom John,
'■ i-'tuin ibe date nt" my arrival iu
this district mv leminisi ences an
chiefly nf a business chnrai ler, bui
the) may be ol some interest. 1: was
at ibe suggestion ol Colonel Ketlei
and my brothel thai the ferry was
established. Previous in ns opera
lion fur public purposes ihe river
Wits crossed either many miles anuv
nr an equal numbei nf miles below
ihe present site uf Knit Steele.
■■ My brother established a trading
posl where Catlln an.! Uurick's store
imw stands, an.I some six years attel
bought nut ibe Hudson Ua) Company al what was called the Kootenay    Pusi.    We   bad   also   Stores     al
the old town uf Wild Horse, on the
presenl site nf Cranbrook, and a'
Peri) Creek, where we also bought
out, the Hudson Bay people, taking
over their stocks, inlcresU, buildings
and sn forth, Wo had also a ti..
slock ranch nu Joseph - Prairie . yu •
can see sunie uf ihe fellceS -iill slaml
inii nn ibe mad in Marysville. Tht
eni ire ground now occupied *>;.
Cranhrook was uur propcrt) at that
" Besides the general store bmi-
ness, we had a large number uf paeK
animals with which we maintained
two trains, one uf mules, ami one oi
burses, in llie carrying business between ibis country and Walla Walla.
with which town tbe trade was almost exclusively conducted. Going
uut unloaded, ihe trams took aboui
eighteen days for tin- ■!■'." miles ui the
journey, anil ibe return usually occupied abuu t twenty live da vs. In
'i.l the frelghl rates wet.- $1,51)0 ..
tun. ur 75 cents a pound, Later on
thev came down graduall), uut il,
when i came in. the) bad fallen in
12A cents, lu U I made a contract
with a stirvei party engaged in seel -
ing a mule lor the C. I' II. nurlh
tn pack in supplies from Spokane
bridge al Hi ccnis a pound. All Ihe
packing bad to be done in the summer months, sn thai ii became, literally, a case uf making hav while the
sun shnne,
" Of ibe really ureal days ,,! Wild
Horse I cannot speak frum acuta!
personal experience, as its glories
were a thing nf tbe pas! when i came
in. In 187(1 ihere weie noi above .pm
men working mi ihe creek. On Pern
Creek there mlghl have been 75 or su.
and mi Palmer's liar and Mum,, lln
ei there were about I" all told
Uh.il linallv depopulated these creeks
was ibe exotlus to Cassiai ami Omni-
" Even 1:1 'Tn we had a t.-w nf the
typical western mlnei'H still with as
in ibe Lamp. Nn nne knew, ot cared,
fur thai mailer, what names 1lu.i1
fathers Imn-. The) were Knnwii as
Wibl (loose Hill. 'Pea Vine Jimmy,
Untieing Hill. Iil.uk .lack. Shirt Collar Hill. Vcast Powder Mill, nr names
equally strange.
•■ Tin eccentricities nnd wild extravagance  Of   men  ul   Iheir class     is
.ilinnst beyond belief, '''he following
incident occurred in a saloon un Wild
Horse, and is ,111 Illustration nf the
kind nl fully which an excess nt
money will induce some men In Indulge in, when ibe drink is in anil the
wit is mil. In Ibis slor) there is an
unite) si iai um nf rough good fellowship, which marked mnsi uf their lavish spendings. One nighl an old-timer
twe may call him ('ayttse. Pete,
though that was uut bis proper
nam'') was holding forth right royally it: the principal liquor slore,
" setlin' 'em up " fur all comers, and
pnsM'ssed  with a   Wild desjie    tu    la'
ihe   very   prince   nf generous, good-
jheartcd    fellows,   ib-    was bent    on
!'■ '■   ■      'In-..-a to lmil some   other
OH    :-     ■ ;   ;. tteViQg   his   w,,iiiuis',l    f.-el-
If    ■   tt ' :  ll  .  bai k  tn ihe    bai    lu*
deep Iboughl (01 sum.- mm-
'■'' ■     id with gravio .■! a
1 -• ■
i'P foi  me.     I
'■1 " "' ■   ■■'    me stakes    is
J    '!'• ;'">< «h.nk ol it.   (rtivi
, ,| ...     IH.VS     J  ii   a   I Ulil-
m'-,;;:,:;,?;v,:. «•• y£r«
li, .„■   night.'
'     ''  teep dejection olhts
,,',;;,   •,'.'';"." ever) glass   ,,,1   u„.
:  'v'  '   'into, with In,
:, ,      ■•'■^'^ii^s'^,^
si :.',ir-\«:-
ll    '',■-■ .'''mi";:;
"W dust un Hm ,■,,„!,.,., and
1 '      lu Pa) himself foi  ihedam
»-o I,,- had dune t       ..hi helure. II.-
" ' ''' " 'm- ■ » i  ' 'I.,- nuggets. 1 |hc I,., ni,,,, ls
snupl) op.e ,,, its audaoious grandeur.
I ■ lun , I'ory did, rent elass
ol with    whom   public atlairs
have :,t"-.i ,h' ir.o i. nl, m coulact,
'•'■'■ „,i   oarlloi  irold ,-.„u-
n Isst, n. i      Tin ,  uie  mIv   Iriili-
„„ : I iecall--.be nam, s i i Captain
i""-li. . Ih, ii.-'. r,-,i ii ItidHy J
111 no.s, ii,-iu r. iirunaesher,, iu
'he fiiunl) ,-i , .1 u, ilall ,-i
Iniiilii. .. relation ol Iho prostnt aa
Iri.tu.ti : i, iai and Judge t'owell
i.iuii I l.-iiii,-1,  t'ount)   T,;,|>, laii    \u
I- I  I'll       i.l ! .,I.,|   Ilu,|,e,
'"    H"      '■' ' -. II      11-'.,
1   da) - in ■   wilh-
" >nn,  Inl    'In |    ,, ■ |alnlt   had   .1
u'iv wide administratiic 'iuiisdtc.
' •■■    ■- '  Math, u   It,, ,,n ll .'nm waa
In   „.,. uued
lawyer, .,.,1 l v,, l „.!,; ,, !.,„,,,- , ,
mailed ability, 'ih,- „-. fs „.„,.„ |
have ■     li... -| were nut pr„l, ss..,., ,1
L:V- '    »    ,0     lell nl   I.i.i;     ,,m.
e.,t..,ii and real ti mt, - li suiso, win,
li   ad '■   n .   lb  law, .ui,„,l.„s
'•'        . ' '   iml imt ao,   riling t„ ,,'-,
ll'V' :-     -I'-  .'.      ;-      !,-      ii am.     at
-    .\-a eenei
al   rule
I'll. 1,1
'   A     '     Ih M .speols ,,[ the
dl trlet at „ d K , sjtcclo | an, ,„
op ii n ih, • ih , wi i novo, s„
■""'■  ' ' tl    W,   I,.-,,-    had
l[ ' i ■ ' '■ othe. [da, . n eras ,,(
l'r""' rity, .: ; , nrrreponding
I'' •- , ■'■--■ ',',- .,:- passing
:' '■    I     L' latin   imt   now,
'"' ! ■■ ' I i'inccd -..al Ihe turning
"i   Hm   nisi   i,„|   „[   ,|„. Kootenay
Geo. Hoggarth,
"'   i1"--'-- '      -  i:-    :-.   I'roprieton
' ' ■      ... ... ... .   u„ root.
i entral  Railwaj   „.:, mark Iho   be-
,..i.:..'., ni what w... prove to be a
:"'-' P' ri rd m: prosjier.t) „:.u sleaJi
i-"-!     -   '•''-■ .-■'■ a- abundance   ui
,:''   '■'    ,-    -i-u i maintain
.bete 1., still in plenty   in   oui
Placeri on w'ilu ii... . ^„j jjun river.
nlm naiel), our ores have bleu ol
;.:.,-'„,,..)  .... lalue lo us, ,..r lu the
"' ty    al    large,   owing lo tbe
I" :'- ' Ihe   ii -..  railroad    will,
• '    ■■'    -■', ■     : •    bulll   M,  as   to    h.-Ile
'huso pi un rtltn lauiii »-ht,,, a l„-a\y
I m'.-m-i .i a)   hi   fine, ted in the neat
. .!  .im
1 in '.
ranch and Unit,
■ ■v....-:.,-    l    be-
..•-  a..-;.,   lb- east
^j rivei cannot be
glowing.   With ru
gard -.. tl
pics ,i, ll.
,'   j:   ell
■. ' ■ .
ble !■ flture ol   a{j-
. it appears tu me
in lu .,  matter    of
'■■...:-■   good    trees
i have   per-
Is radian
Ilm Ilm.,   .,
iruving ,-,
.1,-,.;,   ul
and  (.it
i ■   .
bind    .,
'J raiisparent,
...   Teli :.,,',!     ami
.    foi   theii
rtssful.   There   is
ailable foi    mixed
""     J I making ii  record  thai  night, and    I
mother twenty years around us hr*i". I think lie made it.   During ibe seance
a friend nf mine had occasion   t
into tlte place uu business, and I need
hardly tell vuu, was invited tu drink
idltions may lead    to  ler.   At anv rate, il leaves him com-'stands when I fir.st passed  tlml Wa)'.|am|   showed such   frood r.-is..us   lor
' of operations   dur- paratively free to plan and construe!   T|„. ,|iief's name was Carry, su call-  bis   declining   ilu- honor of the   old-
in Kast Kooleiiay. I
1  Tb.- Spukano Indians  were lords'
of the    soil uf where Spokane   now I
ing ibe winter, bui be is nut uf oplll-1 tbe future nf tbe industry nf which he     , .            ,    ,   ,          -,  ,_ ,,. _, timer's    hospltalit)    l",,1  Pet
ion   that   itte    depression will be of is ibe responsible head; and look aft- ri "'  rnnvlnced acalnst his will    On    the
lung  duration,    The presenl dullness   er tbe present,, while tbe various de- Garry, now Winnipeg, lu be educated (>tl)|.t. si|((<  *          |      Wu||'](|     UN(](ir
mav be attributed primarily tu uver partments uf ihe organization are in  as a missionary lo bis people.   Uuv.- m,,.),   circumstances    be strictly    in
production.   In 11103 there was   such (competent hands.                               |evcr|   [,0  ri.Vcrted   to bis aboriginal order.   Being on this side, however,
an Id farn .:..     i*  |    astounding
wb.tt   a   ij -    till) ■.,,.:;    produce   We
Uport !!■■:: :;..- North West and
'■I.' i ;<l:< i-s. whii I, uiiglil as well be
aiseit at home I u piotitlng . nd
reat advantage .\ fm ranch Und.
uu   have   nm)   ■,, ■. ■■   ■., Ken wick's
Ir,   PttV i.-ii ..   Pal   l/mik s   ui   .lulin
l.evelt's in I.- convinced that mlnei -
al, plenty though we have it. is lur
from he iu • ■,! nnl) resource. l*or
all thai may be thuughl in ih.- contrary, H , lln Iai im i and ram 'mi
who ate tin- real mainstay** uf :l"v
'■ Mill,   I   must   say a  final   rol 1 tu
to uur minerals,   Coming norlh ;r. o.
l-.lku we have large Ijmiies uf . ivet-
lead and copper al (' i'i iwav, 11 'be
Kmpire group, l e.-tl not e.ill v,,ur
attention tn the Hull river imn'and
coppei propel ties, ur in the immeufl
power plant which is being Instal,«l
close by them. Tb..t locality ought
lo grow Into a second Pittsburg nw-
ing in the ilns- nroxiinily nf th-ise
enormoiiK masses ol high-grade iron
in Un- coal held., uf ibe Crows Neat
area. Ustly, there an- bodies •,
low-grade ores on .Mans ('reek and lis
vicinity, which, I should not wonder,
will rival those iu ihe Boundary
country in both extent ami productiveness, As fm Wibl Ilnrse, there is
giniiml enough there, si dl untouched,
in keep imn busy fur ihe next furty
" The progress nf ibe world, and
the demand foi ibe Industrial metals
arising from ibe advances in science
and civilization, cannot much lunger
allow such quantities ul raw material
in lie undeveloped. I never lost faith
in ihe great destiny uf this splendid
country, and now, h-.>s than ever, am
1 Inclined tn throw up my steady iil-
leyauce, to it." rut'. riuxr.nooK herald
;«♦*♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦*v »»»{■■>-* **«>*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*■»♦ ***tt~***4.fi******4'4>**4'**4>4<4'**>*>4>*4l4i4^4t4>4}4}4}4}4>*4>***4>***'>***»4.******<f;V4.f
iii ♦■«»♦♦♦* .>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦<♦♦♦»>♦»•♦♦♦•♦»♦♦♦♦♦ W«»MMMM«M»»M»»HMtMtMWM«W«»«H<tjMM«tMMMMMMMWM«<M<»MtH««MM»t«i
•t to
if ♦■
r<» ",.'
(,, -> • o
B> V ■'.'')
« !>«»
+ 91*
of *i
If ti
Bft s
• ♦*0
(a «■ - a
«<• $-,',}
«l *■->,!)
l>s ■;.-1?
.. ■- - • ■
0 ♦•:>>*
■ -. v
■ -:
-11 •:•
.   :•
I. . .
•:■ .• o
H    5
■%OOOOOOC>OOOOOOOOOCM>000<K>OCrO<'OOOOOOOOOOCK},>000000000000000000000000000000000000000 .
oooooooo.ooooooooooo^ooooooooooooooooooooooooo.oo.ooooooooo.ooooooooooooooooo.oooooooooo,' ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.:] ! I .
f )' '/
lisTAIll .ISIIII) 1867
E. C.
Board of Directors:
W. B. Hamilton, Esq.
J. W. Flavelle, Esq.
John Hoskin, K. C, L. L.
Frederick Nicholls. Esq.
B. E. WALKER, General Manager
.     .       VICE-PRESIDENT
James Crathern, Esq.
Matthew Leggat, Esq.
A. Kingman, Esq.
Hon. Lyman M. Jones
ALEX. LAIRD, Assistant General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of Branches
Branches of tbe Bank
in Canada
British Columbia
I ..111 is
Vancouver  (2
New   IVestllllll!
maniioba and north Ulv-st
,'ill in.in
Pi,nee Albeit
Hod fleer
Medicine Ilai
Swan Itiver
Moos n
While lluise
I' ilu
Porlage I
I'llgin '
Ilm, I
"I, [ I nllii
In the United Stales
New Yuri
San I'Yati'
I'm Ham
Branches of the Bank
in Canada
Bank Building; to be Erected Next Spring at Corner of Baker
and Cranbrook Streets
Ontario and Quebec
'rn,                          II.	
nib               S.uill    Sle     ll.i, is
t'Ville            (lllolph
 1,                 llellil,
iiiIIi.i,              Sunene
''ml!!'               1 Inn
1  Via
1   ''"
-,ii-, i,l          llrnnlfiird
ille.il              Sttallit,,,-
mil              Ornngcvi'lle
Ihi'll,               T Iiiu   IS   offices 1
,t\\,\                'I'm,,,iiii  .1 liuii
linen 1       Paris
i.mi mi         Dresden
•kllill              Walker, ill,'
ml,.              II, villi'
1  Pen,        tVlarlon
iil.slni-k          Purl   Pranees
dwir            Si   Cntharinos
maritime Provinces
hersl            l.unoiiburg
ll,nun          tnllgonish
dletnn          Sprlngblll
rlngtun        New Glasgow
Inoy             llridgewalei
mlng            Sael.v	
i i-..,,             Halifax
Deposits Received.   A General Banking Business Transacted
SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT   ^   Deposits Received; Interest Allowed
Present Rate of Interest, Three Per Cent
Banking by Hail
Deposits may Im made and withdrawn by ma il.   Ontiif-li.wn Accounts receive every attention.   Communications addressed in the manager of the Cranbrook branch will receive prompt attention,
Cranbrook Branch
.£ S *rf
F. C. Malpas, Manager
'.' o □
9':' °
♦ ♦
• »♦♦<,*♦♦*«       ..♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•-,-♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦, .♦♦»♦♦«« .»♦♦♦.♦,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦rt»ttitttltiitttttiltiititttUtttttittitiittt********,»» *+*%
♦♦♦♦.'>♦♦♦♦'><< .^♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦s»^+.>«>»»<i,»+«»»««r»^»»M»»^ THE   CRANBROOK    llll!At.I)
The   St.   Eugene
An  Institution
That Has Done
a World of Good
H ospital	
re Impnrlanl
Sister    Mary    ni    Nazarelh is tho
S„|ie,,.'less ttl llle SisllTS ul I'l,a,III.
nine ,,, muni,it. win. I.aio charge  ul
llie  lluspltal ul  Si    i:„u,e,,e,    win,,.
i,  ihe I -i ut ,1,11,11.111 las, ,	
li    December,   5711   patients   wero
ti.it.-.I i.u Un- many butts ami   ill.
ul   III.      'the   limn,III.    ul    Hns     la,,'.''
number wore surgleaJ cases, requiring
lle.lluielit   In,    Ibe   accidents   lllcillolll
,.i   Ihe     lives  nl   Hie   l.l,I,ua,I,I.     Hm
, ,    .,,,.1   tbe lumber, ,    Plight)
 -,-.e-   I'l  typhoid fove.  eaine „,'
.Ie,    Hie  all,' I   Ibe  lluilu.ll Blllfl
Dm t.u   .1   ll   King, I-'  tl   lit
I.   ,'   li, hup    I,  ,s   i ,',, ,n
,,. he llllll   ," |,„l   iiii  reiul.l   Ihal     -
■ I.,   huge iiinnhe, i.l cases, .,,,,1 nu
unl,., ...litis    Hm   peculiarly    malii
 ,   ,,| 1   Hm ile.eu-.e  Wlllch    IV.
|u,mil,nl    eapill.lll)   a I   Un,.In
..1,1,    luu Ilm  e.,11   he alUlbnle.l I
relation lo lb,
percentage ..I recoveries allei  upera
mm  ,1    skill  nl  Ihe uperato.
In llii!  npail ni Hm iluthing   um
III    ,lm   ,',,-. ni,  .mil   llie  Sislils     .,:,
i.i'sliiii' while an operal  is ii. |.r,
,-ess     i-i , mul, led absululol)   slelllo
lh.it  is,    In,- It m-ii  Hm possiliil
,l,   ,,l   Hie plesonuc ..I septic baeillu
ivl.ich nn'.'li,  nml H'.ii  w.n   i.. ■	
exposed    -,,",   sn.la.0 1   lead   I
Intal ipticatinlis    'I'bo ''"' l"1 ■- '"'
lo.e    i,|„'tuli,,L',  ba'ho    Ihoii    ha''1
um  aim -  nu    iolotal   ini'i n   ■  in
n.l    ,i.   '
Ul.,,.      I''	
ll, ,|    I,.,,,1        ||. .1,1,1    ,  li   nn,    nlmi'l
li n.l nl     ml.  a-   a   'ul'    ll.e) onr-
nil,        ml   -nl       IU-   Wlllol      h,
,,,.   u, ,   i  I.-mi   «-,,' Hm ,     I'"',,
 me.il, eioii  Hi.- need I  Iiii
a'u,u      .11,   ..,.    in.,    .ll      I, n, In ml
I   antiseptic    solution.
St. bWiin Hostiitnl, C'riiiilirnnk, II  C.
this disorder.   01 ihnso fatal   ease.:,laiitiso|ilio, but are kepi
some, a, least, wore admillcd   wli'iij i/ing ,,.,,,, until wauled
tiegleet,   iu   sumo   lugging  camp or luthi ur. I, eu-n i
other place where proper attentiuii is sn, nu I,  fm ., , i
not in he expected, had rendered re-llnto ., ,, ,y
covory hopeless. One pnnr [,ll,,w;ai,l,s.piic
prai-ttcally kilbd himself by walk ng sistom ,'i i
truin ll.e. dopnl In Hm hospital when , rathe snr
I.i-. temperature was 1„.">. Tills pmi'- neai porlo
i-,l In he une ui Ihe ialal eases. Dur-lski.l aid n
lllR Hie elelel, months nf Ilns vear bv snlno su
there have he,-,, in Ilm llnsptlal llur-III. , Hm -n,
lis-n eases nl appciulleltis, all nl slerili/atinl
Ml,i'l,     we |.er..l,il      ,,,,,   Ihe    pa   111.   u  Hi ' al
hunts   all .nuking   sulistaclury   re- pruporl)
covol'los       II, hue     llle     leal'   expit. s ' Innards
.,,,-, ,,,„, palfenls will have be,-,,   a,t (sue:   a nuiiil
tuiMi.i  in ihis admirable inslllulc.     pen licilis
'Ihe new caslern   exleiisluii,   wbieb  heal ,,   in
ah..ul (limbics the accum Iiititin   nf pri.s.'til    to,
itm hnspitnl, is now structurally cm   wl I,    n't
pleie.l, retinites uulv llie installuli,:, and quick  i
nl   Hm     necessary    'iinuaee   ,,i supply   as   I,,     is   I,
ilie sleam circiiiatui'y system fm  tlio  in nn he
beiilili'.'. "I Ibe apai'lmonls, In lolldel 'Hie V. mil 1
li le.uh l,„ iho reception nl patients henna n i
This -iiiilihuii ii, iho promises, tboiigh | the dirTonu,
involving Hie rnmiiiuirilv somowbal in vnu '! shall
ili-1,1, was rendered nec'ossnr) In 'in' rays nr iho ravs ..i P.
mn '.ml nml grnwlng demnnds n , tliu.li u',.li,.,.l Hue ,
Hm ,n deal attendance which a prup b, ,pl,s nl ibo remote ,-,
e,l, rui.durted buspllal aUnt'ds |h.«l,   « ill reveal Hu- c,i
The -in-., nl ,1,.' usululnuss   ..i    Ihe linn ",  revnlI amnngsl i
InsiiliHe embraces lhc eniintry ft I il" s,   n-i-'. againsl
Wilnie   Hm imnh.   ,.. Pernio    "'rn well  boil,    "i   'im clnn
the east, and ,s lio.lu.lnl mi Ihe we I   hi :lo!i" ,'un pliunti ,1
In     Kuolcnal   lake, ami    south   n„l nveiii |,|, . . ol I, ' end,
southwest     by     ihe     International liili'    ol n I-' b ensl  -1
lloundnry, extending from llyker.i '-...--. II lil]
tlatewnv    As ihe po|iiilalimi ..I   H .                  lakm by rat
Huh-   a   nu leases   Ihe  cie-Uei     hi o lu lhc hu
I    li!   ll
 'Ill,      is      |,„,
nvor.il will, lb,
Tlm   l.islerian
•aiilniess „	
e   ealliu.l   In  . -
as is pussihle   will,
e   iill, III.    II   is    sail,
I  hnrllios .llml uu
..n.li, i..ii .„'   absolute
.   death would occur
Inl   elleels  ul   an .,]„', uhuI,
ll,,11111,1.       11      is    ill     SllilillL'
III,    ido.ll     eiiliditnill    Hull
have     leu' succi'ssllilly
H,o huspiial  duriiur.    the
-. i.     He    e     tl, iei, re,
in,nil,i.ir,   pal i,,,   a    sale
ivt-ov, rv, and lollow   I,:,,'-
 in    Hn-ui I, ilm    x ray
i   .,.:,- hurl, iii bod.   Yes.
- in,,.    Shall   „e lire a lev.
> ,     uiuule   ill   ,.lilniile.     u,
,-e In l,u\i   Ihe  I waine,  a,
iiscuss   ,„, Ibe X-
■qlloro! '.' N".
wh. re si.,a
-,-.s,-, ..(  Iho
a     iii.nl.-   device "I   inu-siaeing   a
small   uullej   mlu  Ibe I,ame    nl     tbe
end ui the bed, the .-.n..- I ihjecl ...
reached with the leas; , .-. te -:
room, ,,m! wnb the bum possible
din,-,nm,a , ,,, the putieiii This ingenious appliance   was   invented    b)
mm  ..I   Un    Si iters,   ,,,,„   attached   ,"
si. V ..it's    lb- in',.,i -,i  Portland,
Oregon, ibe Provincial [louse ul thu
Noal  th,-  1-1, ti v aril is  Ihe ■!:   '
Store.     Yes     i,   ih sen, H   Hie   liaum     -n
ill in., store In a hospital in the III I
1 , -jl,: I ,    ,1    Would   he  called   a     ei .,:
mac). u rn a .1. i    nu ding name, p. ,
l,n|>s,   Iml   > ,  pharmacy  ul     then,
all  is as p, el  ., -  this,   ■ :   is    l- pi
in a h . mj"; ilu i bnl.lll.le is If luu
wall, . :, si I.u li,lilies, lule n luui,
al   ibe lowosl  ItK'kel    where such are
use,,.    I.   v Iml  .,   III lul   ,,l     ilium,
Iheie Iiii.I.lb.I nwui mil nl -.mil,, yuu
ma) expect lo nml mix vomii u in it"'
para .uric bottle.     Hut be.e.    when
MUl     ■!■■    ,,    pee|>   -I,     I,n,n    |un   ■<     .    J'Oll
nml   iin   un, in, unged,  ...tl    eve..
II, neat h.-l m.Uif.il I,,,,. I,il, an,!,In
'he,,- ie     ,\ i . ,     ,,in       alnne   allot ll, ,
w iih n iiiu mutual pns'lsinn, so Uu,,
lb,    iii    nml   iju.illl,   nl   mn Il   i       in
i-i. hi     I but. Iii,- the   arrange
       t.u     ,' n  1        H .       ui   '"I
I,umh  tn iiue ,,p, ratine   i ', a de
lull. Im -rn. Im, I n perlc -nu, ,,[ ail
■ In i nm ,    I,   |iiul,ls   lu '
it..   ". neral o.uicei imn "I a hospl!
-il i ihal i.l a place you bale no
pal lunl, ,   ile ue   In   visit,   unless    as
., mallei u, iluu. wl,,, l     mum    pel
I nl.   , Ml,  ,1,1,1,    will ,11
|il,sM,e,   s.iimueil   Willi   Hm   Il-ll	
iMrl.nl i no il, Hut nun mental pul -
is .lis, iiln.i     tun ,ii,   snr.)   hm n.i I
in  mil hnpe Hm ..mn  i.u, nun iu.i
.Tie ..mi i  luu Im     M   Hm   Ilm
I'll.il  .-I   SI    Huge.,,', ' In-    ulln I
'   n.l     0,0.111     I In.i ml      dill
quisitely typical oi lhc     ■ i .,, those
wh.. a; lend i,    Lil lie we
win, pass ii-,- portals ol thi
pray,i.   bow  uulv   il
true luuiit ,,[ tlm In'.,,
charity,   ami   truly .;-    i    loio that
undelln s what we hav,
une.    ll   i,  u i  to
a ,ua,i,. otic    more I. i u
lips in  Urn ..1,1 \,
lactic I
Ibe    Nulu...lie - Iml     ,i      '.'
wander bv Hm   huri
Duwiisiaii    nr.   pr.t a
'.,,.,<■ , in ,eni, nt lyp, ...
Hie tippei ale   each
provided with bath a.
lu.-iils. tu, ni: hell en
Hie il.isj.i- l,m.
uv.-r less  tl -..
Si:ili i   w In. im    i I	
is cook also, '   ■ mn ■
uut   iii     lb.-   steel   I.m
inn -i pan, I," .. ;,,..
and [ul k eii lisibie. I
i-   shining,     il'Mlm   ,i
Milium, neati.i        i'abl
int.s are shi.nl
in.-.    Will.     ll.i
I',...i    is   SCI
!., .     I.    :, -
I liaio 1..        '
meal   nl        I nii'l,.!,,
away, and    here 'in.,
arrayed in    Ihe i  i     u
cute pantry, and liatli ,,11
.,'   I     a, I   il"-   I! II
HMllimsMlMlMl 11 IM imMMMfMMtMMMitiM
Bull River and Bak
er Mountain Iron .
Showings That
Indicate Wonderful Deposits...
IU I.I,   RtYKR   IRON   MINKS       | -I.   Mill,  of    Hie 0.   \    l{.,   when    a
Cul ami ii.■!. Iiavv proved   i"   lie l':iu- !""; ""•• i v <>n 'in- Crows Sesi
' alerialso, the ,',,,„ ',„, ^T' ^^ T^iT'Tl
-I '■      0)     „l    Hi''    H.ltwl.   elnp.re. ,.,„■   ,;.. ,   „,,„   |.|||SU„rg
I l'|   del.veil I.e.   eminence   Iron. Iron. Ilu- comhilul  the l« a-
ame      lurces     ",    permnneiii lerials   al     euiivenionl  puint-
»""1111'|'""""i""' ■""''   »■» "imi: -':"" 'ai'::."::" 1;,:."',,,
bolll     I.i    iimi   "I   tlm   M'' inn    !,,! r'n ii   till .   ol Ihe I lui'i'ns, .,', ap
I.,    .    ih, 1.1 ai    llian 1   know,,   ,"   pears   [uu.   ih   p, ii, n , artiele   al
,la)    -I In    I    I'-i '   Knul    real)   releired  m,  ,,,„l. ,„ lollows
llisolullle mailer, K :,:.    silica, lit '.".
iill,',     SI   I,',  ,       tun    Ins,,,       I.Ill
'I  IM  ! ,
Hie n-iiilm  ,,/,,
nml   lute   1
e. S|
ills il
-.   and
Hie gtnd,   lull
uml air—llluso
1,1   S,
I I Ii, hand evervwhere, ami   wl	
ibei have ,1'uie Iheir duly nl doslruc
,1 II e, il nrganisms and bacilli
lltey 'el  I" wnrk lu .ruiise Hm cuck
les   nl     Ihe   Ilea, I   uf     II,use   Will, Ut'C
sick,  mi  u, meiilinii ilie message   ui
life and hnpe Ilnv speak tu Hie   cull
Mil.  uie clean air and  Iniglll    sum
um il nly enrallve ngonls wlile't
pervade ibis hnspleo fur Hm liealiug
nf men's nillimlils Tlie Sisters IIH
ahuiu un Iheir errands nt ivnmnilty
eiirin, will, healthy cheerfulness, pure
hear led laughler, wurds nf .'.in.tiirl,
anil Hie ilef 1 in-s ,,[ lunch which suit
lens Ibe unpen lies n[ Hie siekness
mul pain ..I many a poor fellow in
uhu, 11 sucl, tender attention is as
strange as lite ministry of Ond's
amsois. Ay, and tliey esteem II as
highly as any angelic ministration.
line line fnung fellow, (air haired ami
blue eyed', win, explained tlinl be.
poor lad, was fur six weeks on his
back owing t,, an unsolicited inter-
flew wbieb his lunl Ilall will, a ei,
volar saw. was careful lu say thai
lie iiiiiiid nnl Inse his lunl, nml thai
h spita
Ilns   wide
is    Hm    I'l' I',     n.i' I     III"    um
nienl-fnl     en 1,        ilium,    cumpn
traelnre    11   longr.   be    i
nt H,e "ii- eon  Ihal
•■ W','1, un elate, he'll amputate
\l.lll    I"  Um.   "I    I'U     -"
Or. .1   11. Kh>K, M. I.. A.
. In Ihe man luu   tut,I
nil",,     lie was aslusl il
ul  he.ii kind 1.1 bin,'.'
nI   Im.   Ins  eies     I,ulil
i    Hns   |iluee   Is   a     find
mill whn  'Is  will, .,„
il '    Hell,   luu   Iml
,el V
mils i'l
l,t uii;   I > Isetf,    ui
I,    uml   eleehe.lliess.    lei    II
whal cornel ol II art'i
Im "ilmi  day, during   the
niHci'S nml  Hon 1 Hm  Iiiui; ami liri'i'li, ('rniilirnok. II. 0
mm, n.l, aimed        surgical      a
., ,    rn   lien,i    general aim...
luui I,,,  Hm cuinlui,   ,,, Hie pali
I.-   a   lati   nIml ul   Ilm
i i Hm surgical depal "
will   r -inim    thai  ,,„ nperal	
.mi, 11. i,e   is  ueii'ssiii,   an  em
"I I" Ul-.'.     Ill       III.Mil        llllll
Im,ns.    11,0    nn"I.  III     ulmii   lite
ill,!   he   .1.'iH   Willi
tlm ii.ilmnl   is    jilaeeil  iu  Iho
gieul  wai I and  Ironlod accniilln
Ihe   -ni" s   uf     ibe   iilnsie
When Hie lime tor nporafing art
,,   I.m ■     n    ,     a  llgillil        : .um
"I     s.illiu'     I-,,  I,     111,      J i     IM,-llllll,--
ul  a   limb
lln,,.I,- ii.-   i.i,-. .,, improved nielli
,„ls   ,,,„  i,, i ,u ., i.,„ an-, eunsido,
eil      nnl   ,;   -i   !■   I,u      um nnl      , -.,- ,~
n I   wiih
,„. 11,  had   ," save  Ibe pain nl    i.m
III), hi   ilium.    " double bis lie.ul up
i  .i  ii  gb    i  plan which    ro
,11    a   lab   i I a pi'n, Heal  ml"    ol n
,11,111   aln. I,.,,I  l.ul   two beds I'm Iii.
icsls, ii mn   no, and n vol')
I w.e, nnl long
i.le.lms lake Inn, Iron,  ibe waul  sbol'l  mm     I, Ih-   un, - I
u,    a  wheeled col   In    llie   du-ssm , ennnah nu    Hi.-    hu ue, he   wns
,   mil    when   Ihe  pall   t.. lie upelnlml     inula      Iill   he  lil Til   11,   ami   if    he
ui, ,s  iluuiiii! lili  anllsepl-lcised will, happened    l„   be Inn slmrl fur    Hm
a   -.iliiliiiii  ni  In .hi,null- ul  nil',,',,,',', inl     one, Im lias    en,  dniiii In   Ilm
ami ibe pnlionl made nlherwise rendv lunl IIH In- w.m reduced in Ibe prop-
nu Ibo ndinlnisli'iilinn of the amies- or prnpni'tiuns. 'Ilm ..1,1 hnspllal
ih-iiu. lie ,s nexl reniofod in the'heds nl ilm days ,.i His. flaiup ami
surgery jirnpor, where wo can safoiv iflolscy I'rigg wore beds nf Inrluiv,
li '.no i,i,„ fur a mnment, as wo limit bill now things are all cbange.1 in
round ." see whal wo shall see. The this    rcgnril.     Hero in Ihe accident
i|, ' ll ebh'llv  remarkable    for warn  we li'ul beds,  Ibe ends n[ which
,,- spoil.ss elcanliiioss, and a   total full dnivn ami torn, a ililnal-lon ,.r
a'sonee nt all evidence nf Hie knives |exlel,sin,,, nn which an injured limb
and Instruments of the surgeons pro-lmay I'ti   extended.   II  is   sometimes
fessi.,,,.   Tl poraling table   is   wI. very dilbeull alter a Iruclure is set,
nniler •,    perfoel lintlery of   electric In   I p Iho   ends nl   lira bones   in
lights,    t„,l  Hint operations bv   nr- prnper aiigmnoiit, uwlng In the lai-
lillclni    light    are lavnreil    bv   any oral    |„,I1 „l Hm    solos,   lu   snob
means, bui because they may lie mo- eases a weight, nporntlng over a pul-
essarv. Aluiig Hie waifs are presses, ley, ban sometimes in lie resorted to.
kepi in perfect order, containing thu In   I,,-up   Hm    limb al   ils   normal
Viirious appliances required to be
b',,',1   wtien surgeons wage successful
battle will, dentil,   Beyond Ihe   sir-
gery is Ibo stcrlli/ing room,   aim,,si
leitglb and preveni an overlappliig at,
Ilm hum   ubete Ibe break ooeiiri'ed.
llsuall) Hiis pulley is an i, vonlciit
aud grewso  looking ubjeet, hut by
■ ,'   '•    Ie, -   "I   Uns   suine   Unlul    wen-
atleiidini   lo    Ihe wolll.disl   Ilm,, s
. > Uu dopnl ol Hm M.meliiih.iii rail
waj a, Mnkilen, when a .lapanese
shell,   huisinn'   a, us,    llml,    un
lliippi     li.u-i      ,.illn!   limn    liiitnu    ,|,
Hi,- I,.,!   u,li..iii ibe)    were sn faith
mill      sorting,     faltllllll    nr Ho
death   Ml Hu..' wore lulled   "Client-
or im     un   lmil, ,1  Im   uhu
I,us down lie- lib' I", Ins friend." s„
s  Hm (Heal  Tuaeher,    \u,l   nlm
do Hm Sislois call lhe„ 11 mini '.'
lur    wl... limil'.   Iimi,   aid.     bui
.-.I,,-,-,. Uv Iin, rn  her, win. is   sick,
I I. .-..  I urns., least  and    dm
■ pis, j ni men.  Their house is his. in-
In I   I ,   nn.l   III,',,'   snlieilude     will
.1     in   ->■■  null  -i   unl ill,     be
he  m   vllal   lei gllUI  be  .1,1,1,  ..[  what
i li,      nm      profllled   he   Iill     II,"
requlreinonl   ,...   easily  al I allied—nl
being p.m. uml Kirk „[ mind ... body
' Nollting," mnl   aiiothel    pntloi.t,
win,   has   I II    ,,   Hm   lluspllal     SI..,','
Hm middle ..[ liei September, suiter
ni"   limn   tfplleid,   " is   Inn  a I   for
l,ui   lu  i.u,   ul he S,slels."
Thai    is'   ni',i,     Mn praise is l„"
high, bin Ih.ui.-h " nm Hm [illness
,,[ II,,' bearl Ibe lips s|„'.,l,ell,." still,
mm ealllinl eulltemplalc lim saetiliees
liiiiilu hi Ihnso ladles „l lend",, and
very nllen .-I arlslnernl c natitro,
wllllnlll Iwllng H.i' mis. din, I,is eyes,
kmiws wbai iiiai,v a pnnr, ruiigh,
bard living, uiieducnleil Icllow tliinks
id Ihoin, bui uno ami all can furinu-
i.irn-   ihu ,1 iiii, " vnu Iml,    they
are kind."
All llirntigh Hie linil,linn are private
rnii.ns Inr pnlioiils win, do unl desire in he in Ibe ordinary wards.
They are beautifully furnished, al-
must luxurlnuslv, snnic nl Ihem, bui
Hm splrll of Rlinllglll ami air rump
llirnllgll Ihem in a way Ihat gladdens Ibo boar,. Tbe only bint Ihat.
yuu ge*t thai limy are nut private
iiparUnelil.s in a tirsl-elass hotel, is
a temperature char! near the bod-
side, and a thermometer tn keep account nf how tlu' sloan, radial,,,' is
doing ils dulv In keeping the room
at a healthful degree nl beat. Near
by is Hie community chapel, beautiful iu ils simplicity „f gold and white
I Honors.     Helnie Hie altar burns
Ibe hull mini   iu.,, nan I,,,
lie- spnl   nu   <l llll pel   I,,u
if j """■ ■'!n"
■)  ■ e. II   111,-  lull'..".,
.,     5 .1.   ."'ml      I"     I
Rev, Putlior (' "lu.
I'lm Well Known I'rielt, Mis.lol.ury ami
and  Ihe (all,ess llleroot.   Aeniss I	
il is a storeroom, redid, nl ul .HI
in,,,,nor ,,[ dalnliiioss, [run, whul, a
goudly   percentage   ..(    ilu-    ihrifij
huiisokeepers ..1    t'a lu  n iin    got
man) a wrinkle as in how, exuctii
Ihe tiling is done.
A few minutes after we ai Isido
and  a,   llberl)   In il no   i i -,
as in how Ibis uiu.si prujn i u I,allied,
(did  Si in!   lu  Ihe sllHorillg mi nu   In ul
luiiil here.
Yen  I rlefly     iin-    stun    is ilu- :
Long before 'Hm eonsl tun,   ol   um
L'lOWS   NesI   blillieh  ul    hu  I'.    P.    |{
was iniiiiimiu'"!, Hm Sishis of . har-
HV bud eh.ui.e nl Iho -i Inn I [„r
,ho Indians, as llml also ham a I llle
prcsobt dai. Win-,, work slal 'ml mi
llie a, lunl building ul Hie Knul. ai.a
a crowd ..I men were on pin ,1 aoei
dents wire frequonl and tvpin.i.l | ri ■
alenl A, lu-i. ,1„- aocnmniodaii,, i
was ruugh for l„sti nun, luu nu •:,,
sink   ami   ailing   ti.O  rol.d.1 nl        -Mm
very   "had nil I      Tu the enduring
crcdil .,1 ,'m em,,..„■;,,i,  lit    ',1    .1.
II, I .   I, I   It   he  |>ii,   ,,,.    ul     Hial
he Interested himself ,,„ beliall ,,;    ,
linn,   and   nnlnm.l   Hm  Si,    ,.   ., I   ll.e
Missiiui t,, undertake Ibr nursing   uf
1      $.1,111,11     II   unl   ,,|    |hi
Hui'tiiui    ul    the     .Mi sun buspllal
which, after serving ., unblo pur|	
,,, ,bu cause rn' sulleriiii' during lb.
early vcars nl I'rnnbrunk's roquii'o
mens nf ilu  district, ivlioroii|	
,Mu, ileei.1,,1 lu lillllll ill Ibo pi.u.
where the tnwor nl Si    I ii. '-. bus
,11 till   I.HM".   ils   . 11.111 m 1 -,    III
Tlm    Ilishtuliuli  is,   a.  Iai   as     Inn;
slide, uu"I" sell -uipiimini' iii moan
id pallenls wi,.. uie alile 1" pat f„
medical Irrtttmenl, ami alsn   h,    Hi,
,'.„' ml ului'lit grant ill anl. 'Ilm ilnii
ull   llie   hnspllal   is   enm.l.lel'able I
is steadily increasing in prupiu Iin,
in ihe Increased demands nn ils   ,,.-
, n.ulalinii.     Iliglll,    il    is  I,, ...,,
Ihat  this  cnndilinn  impusos   nei 11..,'
UheusilmsN  nut einhnlTasslueiH   nu   111
I went)' si oi in
realize    Ibe
which has III
1.1, ulil
": ."   ' '   """     .'luui Uu.   .1    s        hum    I ill .    ,||||,|
,1, mil in. i i ir, i' i.     I-   , '"'■■'    Un       |>li<, it.ii,i.    n . :   und lucini
the,       tin .1     ,-mi     Hu ii   milium   h "■   l;l ■"'■"'■    lb' ni'-"   give   II  mm
-  ■ ■ ■ ;,.:."";:.,,:'.■■:":,";, '";■ !:,::■ ::;,!■;
load    'I  li   lb"'    ' I   M.    V   tl f i  1..., ,.. m n     whul, ishonn,
 ,1,   nulll   illnI    wul.UW.il      had    eii      I    dull,,,   Ollilll     I I„li!,,.|
 I, discoiinlnl su,-.   in ih,- volume   willi^l'ul, id  Krani  pr.nl
,u rn'   iralbc,   To handle Hi.- ...upul
 , ■ ii  Iumiiiiu in.'."' .ui    „i   lb,,     i     ■   -
eleel    spceial   ducks     Im   nOCnU...     II,nil,I    .,1      I'll Isiml.;.      Ile     linlhei
il.il  ,,(    Iho Heel   ..I  '-I.' is    en    I""""1   I iai   whereas   Pill.hum    pi,
,1 uns b„s „. .\, s ',„.i. ,'.;;;,",";;;;; ,;,■';"-.;: |u;'",„;"',i!'''i„,';;,
Ha, hn,s an-  m    be  |,„n, Hull ,1,,,   ,,je j,-„|, „,,'. ih,   sain,-
>,,,Inns in Hip world  markol   would  he (111.95 per ton afte.
rI»r7irtmrTl^i.Tdr< gi-^ ^^Tn^.'^lSr^^i^
I .',.111,1 ions was slu,, alnum! ., sleam : ,,, .inn,.   \.m..
,.,-    in    u'-.i, I'l    lbi.il     ,ninnies    .Hull     I,   would  Im .1  Von  unsv  mailer, II,
' t1:,,::.,,::;::,''';!:;,,,,';'^
pul   iii ■ imihtiuii liy
lisi-iivi'ij   ami   ili!Vi'lu|imi'»l    nl
.1. iinstls, nr  iu  \\\
iu,- ini.iiK-i.il tt-iirlii is ai
ilcmutiil fm-   Imn.    The |tl'Ki- ol    |mr
Iron, ilu- ilcniiiiiil foi  ii on ilie   opt'ii
tn.ul..-l  ,ni ' llllinillil   «.l   Hi-' Klucks
(if ii  kmiwii  iu In- available i	
ilnnil,:!   |,M(|ii,s. -.,   nli'   i,.list,l, t.-.l    l.i
in,,.,,, i, f-.    n.  I.,'   ;li,    si   ini'.iliilil,'
il.lt,,ill, 1,'IS    I.,I     III.Ill .ll   ll.'.  till' ,IH'.I    "I
lllgtl   .IM.I   ll'/'   [IM'SMIII-   ill   III.'    I IV)
tli.ltk.-l:-  .it   Un-   Wllllll
I inn, witlimil t'liiU  in Minell  il.    i»
pilblii! iiv.h: nl a cullllliilllily, Inn
wlii'ii fininil ocelli lin^ in CollllllPlTi.il
qiiniitllics .'I.is.' liy .1 cmil o( coiikliin
iliiiility, ilu- future, |)i'iin.iiii'Nt pins
per liy nf llie scciiu of micli occurrence
is assiircil.
In Kast K'oolenay we liavr coal   "t
lln- viiiiu mi..!11 >, in nuuiitilies   ivck-
 -tl  liy i'\p<iis at   liillimis nf    t.uis,
Durllip; tin* .'iirri'iil year close mi a
million dollars woi III ol colm wilt
(law heeii pniduceil fioui tlio lil tit in in-
-.1 i.\ tii
coals .if    K.'iiin-, Michel, Mnrns
sv), an.l otlief places.
hul, hnvo wo sol tlm iron ore ? In
ilvaliiitf with th.' Hull Rlvef Kalis
Power Company, rvFcrencv was matin
In     \\\r     in,ll     llvposI'tS     nil      I'Yllwirli
moiiiilnlii, jnsi above Uie falls.
It is now iimi' in speak more fully
about  ihis properly,  which   musist'
U. K. Benttii
■ nnd (it,,' nf
I'mi rs,
Rev. Kutli'-r  Ouol.otir.
PiiHtor of Si. Miiryu (Mion<
Sisins. Perbaps llu-y know, .
thi-y (In iml, ib.n lite) ouglil li
Ihnl Iheir mlnislrullons posse
" iniicli  nf  it.it   win. h  main
ami. ;is the grailivtil nf tin* mountain
is very stwp, the tram would have u
reserve nf power which could ho utilized in raising ;il! hiii.K ol supplies
t.i th,' mine.
As tlif mi' is ;i hard, massivt' item
ni Mi', blasting \nll lie nvcvssary, .unl
power drills must bu used in sinkinj-.
the blast holes I'owei i.n the com-
pressoi- plain, li^litin-, hauling ami
' ' Ired put'lKises can lie elivaply ami
vvf) eouveiiletill) had from th.' Hull
river company at the fool nf the
mountain Thv claims carry a (ait
qiMiilil) ni limhm-, wind, van he used
in ihe (wildings, etc.
Tliis extensive oeeiirrence of irnr,
ore and lime lor fluxing puipuses—
tn• iti i.. In- hail, tu- ii remembered, f-.r
Hie cnsi ..f titiarryIng—with tin- ail.l.jil
advanlagc ni a cheap and convenient
coke supply, is nf prime impoi lance
io the Cianhinok district, Iml whci
nil ihis is proven, a still larger matter remains tn be considenil, viz,
ih.it appearances point to tin- pron-
liility thai th.- entire vailey between
Fciiwicr. moiinlnln and Wardner .nnl
Baker mountains mi tin- opposita, cr
west, sid,- nf the Kootenay river mav
prove, mi examination, ' tn conlafn
Iron diposils uf national Importance.
Tliis may he more apparent when we
consider ihe fut-is in connection with
Ur. 1?'. \V. (iivoii.
ol Home   Iwetily-onc claims, embracing an area of about (Hill acres.
And licit' is ii tunnel driven inlo tne
ir ihs id Kciiwick mountain. Thai
expression, " imn i ihs," exactly describes    Hie    formation,    lor   they
spring, one above     i her, circling
lhc breasl nf a huge buttress, a very
mounlain    in   iis If.      Tn    he   more
technical, ll iccms in   in ii.io
beds Ivlng nlinnsl in blanket veins
with ,i <h|i towards the south, The
laces nl those lid:, have Invn expo*
oil, in iitsirl) vertical section \,\ enw
inn, nnd slmol up as  iclmil pled
pice, mill show Ired ovei led ol In um
ihe van Ing in tlm kiiess from two
to ti ii ie,-i, each separated from its
iielghboi  U\  i\ baiitl of barren   mcti.
ti;, i   ihe cresl  uf the n Main    lb.
suine nvn -r.il eomlitlons ptvvail l'i
plain Inugiiaue, it i-- j hugr ipiarr) nt
Iron and dolomillc lime sloiie Thai
is   ihe only  wu)   t •rlbe it,    <'J
thai   Hie    public   tltaj    ie.ili/e  its     n.l
lute and extent. It can !»' wmi,.-it m
KlepR, nnd Im'IicIivh ol ore. hiimlrcd. > i
yards ii' length, can be shot mil,
lentli as  'hi-     railroad    grades    nrv
hl.isliil   -.1,'H"   Hi.'   sides   nf  lllgll     hri'K
lilnli:.      \-  in  llie i|ii.itiittv ol of
in,'  prop
A. ('. I'.owii.-ss.
•mile    Mentor    in    Wines
I.i,|iiurs. Ctniilirook, h. C.
/'uin'ssible' ,'!,''V,'!'1'1'.' ,[l':^'"',':MK!i      HI10I I'    OF    IRQ
an""i.lva,,'in'"neiual ilgurvs    It Is   .1 CLAIMS,
motintn f   iron,      It is a ease nl in-i,.n 'in.-   to    \l. s rs     M Hon   an I
ir.ic, imn everywhere, shown liy   na    Kclimoi-k.   Thi-   group,   Kiiiintvtl    on
line    in lln-    most  gel s masses,   the south Kid  ll.i ll.i cleek, which
aided    lo   tl wners  with tunnels,  sepnrates Warduei  Iinm Haker iiioim
■I    if pits,   cross cuts .ii,il    "pen euts    in   tain,  was    located in Oelober    lutt.
plenty, llelow  ii,  sllgbtl)   west  of nor'h,  e
i that In an arlicle nn this properly hy In grmi|i <>| five ('aim.-., in whieli V.
Mi ('. Ilungerfonl Pollen, which ap- T Reid. of Cranbrook, is int.ivst.d
whole world kin," and Hint, then- (poured in the May, lUliU, number of! It has long been known that Bake!
fore, .should the occasion arise in the British Coltimhin Minim; Record, I mountain contains imn, hut vet)
make a   call Im'   aid, ihat  then Ibe he slates that the probable theory of  little id a definite character has evm
liU, great, warm hearts nf the iraia I ibe orlnin nl tin- deposits is that they ] bee nl.' known  in lhc public con-
meii, the liimberuien ami  ihe miner—|consii1iile   an overflow    fr     some  cerning either that deposit ur dial nn
not lo speak nf the resl nf the com- .central fissure, lying at right angles Wardner mountain. The examination
miinitv—wniilil make them lav down, in the strike, nr bedding, of Ihe made In the writer leads htm to he
their lasl dollar in aid of Ihem. who hands, Certainly, th,- npnertrnnce ..f lievo that Hie deposits occur iu par-
know m> rallying civ save the wail of  the   properly supports    Hie    Iheofy.  allei   veins,   or   lodges, divided    hy
the   orphan,   ami  'Hie   henrt>wrung Tlu terinl     hiel  for   the   public,   bands ..f    magneslan lime r..ck.   The
moan nf man in the toils of   misery however, is ihal  ihe stnfi is there in   strike of those ledges is nearly  th
and disease; of lln-m f»r whom the enormous masses, iimi development and south magnetic, dipping east at
(i:iniz: line  nor  the hrealh of plague will show up still further
Looking across the valley towards
Hull rivet one cannot help wondering
if any geological c. 'ii.-. I ,.ii .-rusts
between tie- two bodiet ol oie, winch
ate identical in quality, and oci ur in
a similar formation. Ii m,ty he ihat
one reprcsuuis the eastern ami thu
other the westi i n outcrops of a
syuclino emhiacing the entire valley
between    the two   points    Kxamiua-
llf    Mill   A    l ■...    "..;„■.,      Me
Cranl k. B. ('.
ti. i.iy   i s    hypothesis
Man) ]i i.ins ex st   w   .. are ''-■ tlrma-
iiin of ji.   ll is nut, for a nm   eni
attempted to I.n   i In- dow n ,,s   :;,.,..
logical   law .    ,:   i-    i ..,-si,,l   .;s   lt
possihilit)   , : ■■ nn ie    If,    liow
■i, it be 'li-   'in-' explanation nl ll ■■
id 11 ions nl  th.   foi mai mn, then itu
portance to this ., mn \ and In the
Cranhrook   disu ii      cannot   lie exag
rial.-,!        It   is  esl.1 ..: J
at,-, that  ,\\    's>. separated
\   ,t   \.llit '.   Sol           \ , -   v, ■ ;.     we
n!   eMeli    ',..'..
lentlf.il   qilalin ,   eCeli like
..1iii.il'":,.     rtllil   II
i |i, -ul    v ',-, .     .    : . ■,..'■'
I . lllo, :. . ..,.', i:     ihe
\\<>    i bos • p.'i ilanl) ne\
i ,.'"-   -:"■ -. Chi   fa . -v  re
eiuhlanee     liet wti two is  in
iron ■  ihat   wi       Uu ■    ■ fei    Ihem
i, .   . ml   cannot
.- p                     H
,1.':,' -  i !.-■., . ■       ...   . Ss
he   valle)       lei ■■.'■■- ol  the
VOtltI : .-.'.     i ,'.    '
'I' .,   ot..     da)   ■'   w   - i insidered a
narked  m ■,   nl   Ie oi i
lid  kieiwli Igi      ■  :■ lhc  very
il. a o| , \ -'.'t.i i- ,,i  iron ore   in
omuu n ia!    '.I.. ■'■'-. ,'.    .,f   coui-
i-xisting on  hull
river, Ward
The people
the   fortun
ail  the n-iiit; .sun    of
a   |       rtj   within
in ;t» . . line, (mm
Cranbrook postolTn e, ■ con lil ions
.fleeting wlm h ; turee   ot
progress aiid pi -'■• I ,-y w ei tiie Inin-
her industr) v. II 1 ■ - passid away.
That n.i ■".'.. w ill i. ii take place,
however, until headaches .;,;■..■ ceased
',, ti-"'" Ie mosl I
A   lew    nays ago a man n( pessi-
,; -'i      lun .'.   ,-Il   n\\||-
■r   o!    real   • st, •■     in Cranbrook,
ii""i :..'•! because i - were .such
hat 1:-' . - ., only deal *■-"" on the
n vest men I     of      SI alter    two
nonths in ccrlait   I lots
•■ I -mould  make e,  lie wailed,
Iml  what  i- ■■■ ' •■     ■   ■ : our   town
wh.-n the lasi cai :   ..:   i himlier t;ues
out V   I  hini   '.-■.-    • ■   ibei .  ro   I d
hold on, thoui      tit      -■ ■ we had
■on n.-a:   :■       :.■ '    im, and   others
kc   him,   ' grace,   we
have ih,' trin, . . and    the
and thi the   /.me,
Itkew i.-.-     ■: ■     the   silvi i.
We    cuiil-i   li .."      with  iu-'    a
trifle more ;. belief    in
our i" tnt: v.   > i y ti ust    is
the   best   national     as ■ '-it begets
To relui', ■>> (In I'.- - "in-T trroup
and  tlie claims  il i;    Rcl I    ;
interested. Their p isil ion is pel '■■< :
(or shipping, a-- •; ■ ' }• R, passes
within about Ij miles or less of
them. The railw a i cai be connected
with th.- pn pi i • ii >-.' hei \>\ spur oi
by aerial tram w ith. it he sliglitest,
trouble "f an ■ nginc r.:,: characlci.
Kiin-r tinihei foi mining purposes
than that un ';■• i laims eannol be
seen Powei galore can l»e had Irom
Ha Ha creel . .. > on «ori tu
operate drills, etc,
Finally, it    ma)  In    i d thai    the
Besseme  ai al) ->:v no
trace ut eil hi pi It t "i sulphur,
while it t- ,.:- rich iii metallic nun
as Hie me rrom Hull river.
If a sugget tion mighl be ..rierei-1 to
the fortunaie owner.- ol those fine
properties,    il     -     I  Im   11
les >..
he   ,1
, 1 i.l -   .
■'■li.- .,'
nun i -■■ ' :• Ui; than
ipeni be 'l.e    ca •■
■ the south
,,si cornel ol tin Hla< l!*" ieclaim
.Inch -I:.- writei   thinl ■ mnsi he fullv
:. ,- ,-, • Uriel     ii..   ledge should
.■    'i;,.;, il aim li ike, and an
|,.'i, r.;!'  ■  •   ■ ,   v..- I  from  ,'
o diseovei  whnl  lat r. I connection 't
iai have ■■' ith th   otlt     i uti rops he
lms terrors.
It is well we hn
lesson amongst i
charity, and that  tin
It a very slight, angle from   Ibe perpen
at  plopet'tj ;    one nf whose dicular.   Th.'  ilevvlopmvul   is    Insuf-
h an   object'exislence,   value  as  a   national   asset Hei.nl   to deleiniitie positively if Ihis
(jiiickei - ol extreme Importance, and certainly dip is maintained  Ihronchout  ihcen-
ef ot benelieinlly nflecling the Immedialo I lystcm, but  the imlleat'
an unipieiichahle lamp of devotion ex-   hunting of the dollar,
our race actuated bv higher,  purer,'locality, everyone who has ihe inter- th.- expt
and    more Godlike ideals  than    tlie,ests of Hie country at  heart    si Id - tend   to
j thoroughly famlliarizo himself. James point.
us ut Hie outcrops would
niitin   ir, except   nl   une
1.. H. Vim ilm-iir.
irlolor Rovnl Hotel, Pninbrook.
ttveen it nnd    where   ibo   discovery
posl nou siuiiiis
I'nssihlv Mes-.is Mellon and
Suhinn.k hnvo tailed ," grasp iho
nature ,,f Ihe somewhal peculiar formation, but iln-y have suecoedod in
six,win,, up a deal nf very lino mim.i-
iiI all tho same. i in:  cliAMii.uoiv   BKBALD
■cnvsi ■■■■
«■ o,v > ^b"
Cranbrooks ■ Pioneer - lewder
Bcsi of Plated Silverman
,< We have the largest and best assorted
stuck ..( JEWELRY ever shown in Easl
Kootenay. The following are a few of our
specialties: Oolil Watches of all sizes, Gold
Chains, Gold Bracelets, (ioltl Necklets with and
without gem set pendants, Wedding Rings, Gem
Pings, a large assortment of the latest designs;
(ioltl Collar and Cuff Buttons, Gold Lockets,
plain and set with diamonds; Pearl Jewelry, an
up to date line; Gold lie Pins in nobby patterns,
Gold Society Pins, etc.; Hanlcure and Toilet
Sets in ebony and silver. Fountain Pens all
special design of Crows Nest   Pass  and  can   be
supplied with the names of (he following towns
engraved on the back Ryan, Noyle, Cranbrook,
Fort Steele, Kimherley, Wardner and Elko.
In Enamel Goods we show a nice line iu
Maple Leaf and Flag Brooches, Sasb Pins, Mat
Pins, Bracelets, Pin and Ash I rays.
We have an up to date OPTICAL PARLOR with the most modern instruments for
correcting defective vision. We guarantee satisfaction.
we are the official watch inspectors for the
C. P. R., we are in a position to give y in tlu best
satisfaction in high class watch repairs. Clock
and jewelry repairs receive prompt attention.
hiiih (.Miles .nid iill makes
Diamonds Set and Unset
n \
v. -,
.". i /
^rtf^Clfii    iVntf* *t  ')ur'nS a Slx years' business career in Cranbrook, no person lias bought
article in this store that was not exactly as represented.
fliusji r(tg»™-ii    m^  vt' *
mantel docks
-W. t Sate*
Official Match flnepector C. IP. IR., dvows West ||>ass Division
3cwctcr nno $pttclan
graduate of Canadian   siu-iv
ibaiittic (Joiieae, Coronto
We Guarantee Comfort
^W-'v^!V ■'!■-'
This product has been on the market for the past six months, and is growing in
favor clay by day.   The beer is pure, healthy and first class as a home beverage <& *&
Also manufacturers of Mated Waters * «  * Orders Promptly Mended Co
A Valley  of Great
Mineral   Resources
Full ot Mineral
Wealth and Agricultural Possi-
ohiilenpyrlto, which can he Irnced
Huuiuib the entire lenglh ul ,be .s,i
claims   It nli,....  enlne HH« tiresnme
.1.1.1,1-       il    „,.1.1    In        ,1,1    HUI    llllS   .M
Hu,ml,li.ill     bun.    whieh   nre.
M'lnsi. runs iibuu, m , i   i iin- ores
..I  ., Im   luui. ,,l i  p rallel  i i
mi ibe u.isi -i.l. ul ,',,|i|iu, I'm k, un
..nliieiil   ,,l   the  SI     II  ii        II, Iwn ,i
llll, bun-., ,-M'.m ' 111. ' ■'' '''
llraeio iniui.'l and „|,en r,.,«,  In   the
I,I,-In     I    ,Ui    l|,|.    luMllnl.     ll,.'   llllll LUII'
.u  all,Hide  I      lull)    I, ■' '     .'Wl
uuil    me,, „,o,     Thi ■    mil    I'.,,,'
i ,   ,.l    ninl   im,  tn- il     null
liiliiu        ill!u-ll   due. ,   nil   lln.    loud
,,,,  Ibe III I .   eli, I"' lend  in
e\| I    i.i  , mi  I i    luonlbl)
tlm   il  , mi.1,,,.tin.,n    .In",   m    m
m.;i| o   iu    llllll li     I'.u i-i
II       i'|" li    '   i     in    l.e   1       4.
ii   ul   nm I,       n-     llll I   ,l„>  lend
 Ii lance ,,1 ua ie. I    In    iIii-ho
■ ul  .    Hie    Hill,■ ., I   111   IM 1       ul
-.ninl    mil   I ell. .luu
I  .     I.nl   um u Sill l   In  I.u  uielil.ui,
ill,     Wnllld         he    su,prised    il   II
im i el um   I luii   Hiuie  were Ml    Icel
 e iii ib.   same dislii.ioo    I,  is .,
in|.n..   nre   .|ii.i,,m   i'lni,ilu.  inui     .,
I. n   II,   lie,:-lil,   u-hn li   It, Ie   | ll    uu,
m li bars,   I  'I ml   ,, be,
 , -     IT   ,ui M„,„,      	
i,,-i ,,., i of   llie ihu mi tlu,   llrnoc
1,1 nlm'  ,-, ,, hu   iM.iliii",  in    ulmii
Iluu, ts ,i lead id snl i.'i .'lllll
t.,-t    wide    Tl  urn oihcl  ii let
llll   lend-. ,,::   lb.   Mm  ll nnl s Ii side
nl     llle   l.eune.    un.    '" I    wlllel,
uuu lu ll.e i.i unl I'liiui,	
uut  ill bet nipper i-i..,..-! ii  which the
wilier lias ev.r   n u.   ll  si l.e t'e-
peainl ih.,i iibui .s lure stnled du.s
rn,, depend .ui hem sue evidence, nr
s.e.unl I. nl experle .,,■. ,1 ,s ,„ el,
ed i,.i iii ilie ivrilei „s Ihe i.suil .-f
.,,, oxamiiiiiliui, made fur business
On ,'„■ nppnsile, nr sunn, side nl
He Si Man s, ,s Ibe Welcome
group,   cmsistin'i!   nl    Hu-   Wclcuuie,
I-. lis,',     ,,i ,1   IV,"   iillu'ts     utilise
nanus lb, wrilei cnttlil nnl Bet. Tbo
lirineiiiul  '.»,,.',   "i  Ihis prnpoli)'   is
Mr.      (lent;,'      1 l'l|',lll,U'l,     uf    Kl'll|l|<
Wash., vim nl Hn- [ires ,,' innmenl
has ., 11, w "i in, ii uu Hns itrniuul on.
Rasril in develnpmciri.   (in Ibe   tu-sl
,„'„-.,I ins 1  .'in,,i'i. nntl ii'uilo   ii
law  uu I,   "I   I,lie  "ie   l.llu'll    mil
nml   s'i rod    mi llie il I'.     H    w.m
Hi,-II -lit    Iin'   Ilu-. Welcome lend   ,',„'-
i.si !.,' will,    Ihal    mi  Hn- llracc-
itrul.c, Iml i, appears mnsi probable
■lun Hie latter lend pusses In the
insi    nf    lit.    r,-i|,limit's   properly.
Whellli r Ihal  bo llle cas ■ nnl    is
b.iiill,   nuum inl. Inr Hu' lend Is qllilo
bk ei„u,-.,l, .unl e 1 onnuish In slam]
mi Ils merits ns n remarkably   line
M...,e tin- lli.ieelin.lue. un Ihe I'll,-
icrpri.se L'lniiiul. „ luiuiel was driven
nu lhc lead, hu, will, ivhnl stieeess
Iho writer eaiinot suy, us tlie   pnrtal
lln mn know Ihe valley ul Ibe St
Mary's river» No? Well, the loss
is ynurs, nml ibo gain will bo   yuu. .
lllli-li     lull   ,-,.'   .UU,     see   I,    It)   -HI     ll ,
beauty.   A .mv miles In  Iraiu   Irom
f brook luhu'.s   nm ,n where    r
opens   Hs   i -H ,u Hn- east.   Cul
lowing ibe iMi'-.m I  n   ll.ni -
villi, ., sini,, Umi,nun lakes ..■■ wllh
n |il  Li.I., ihe primal onmlil >
Hun,".      N •    shaped  II   ill Intcll
ll,   ,.  uml   lln    ,,,„ I,  ul   liei   bn,nl .    um
tu.   lul    luilu.illi-il,   --ue   b,    Hie     in .
coll.--,    ...... ,,.'.   n,   en,In       Kip
'lie.  une t     I,nm   luui  siuli  u   I I     in
mcul.il vision w hen Im ft toll
" in.  you  l.iu.'i     I hi, I   Id.,, lune.l   Inn
l.el    .1"   lull     I it    llllll    im u>
llitb   Hi.    tun    III III le.l   I"",   mi'
.,,  ill, end ,
And   Iho  I..     uu iMiiine.l   -.linnJ'
where   a    man   mnj  .... i. .....I
'IT,      Hm   flick    ul        lunl   e.Uiue |,..I.S
uuu,      Hie   b.'liil   '
ll   is   IhelO   Hull   lie      Iiullii',     11,  ',
mn   I'n.b   I   I-. nn.l  liners,
To u silent, smnkj   Iml.,in llllll  »"
l.llull    ■
Tn   ii onucli   nl   new pulled bemlnck
nitli  tbe sintlii-bi m, nut   [noes,
Pol'   llie   lied  Clods nulls  us mil     mill
lie inn-.,   ^i.
IlurristiT ninl Solicitor Crnnbrook
If you c,»> wilii luii n,,<i reel, surely
much mul tvunderful luck will be
ynurs anione; Hie Iroul of Hie river,
and  Hie .sullen, liungrj  char therein.
Su H  Shall  bolide you un sweel     Mt.
Aluiv s lake which ,,,-sHes like ,,
Inniuil jewel iu the bosom of llle
iniahly Selkirk's. II vmi would lane
a i ilie, uml go in the high ground
near Hie bond uf Hell's ' Roaring
Creek—for Hut, is ,,s proper, if .sum,
nli.,I prnfane, tcengr.ipulc.al n.iiiie-
mn may, il guided in  a vermin, •,
lent   trapper  ul,    Ibe  wrilei    .vol i
,.[. t.u-Me lhc iui//li. .iml kluill lim
ilu,II nf dealing In dcalb uiib Ihe
must dangeruiis beasl ui ehase, bin
mine, „., Hu- fuee ni the earth .   ul
t nay   meet  Hie gentle, cow eicd
cariboo ' Acl towards Ihem as a u 10
,.|i,ilTs!n;in.     (ur      lb,',,'    pres,-I Milniii
nun iiimii Hi,- saving ul lives uf
iinuiy u gallanl  prnspootur   Heel  arc
quite plentiful, uml smallc!  ga, i
i i, in ahundnnee Mn.ul.l be,,lib In
ynur   ,|„,'s,. ui   Hie henling Inud   ..i
lesl, llieli nm mil tin,I ,, ni III,' ,, .
nu. ni,,, Ihe In,■... 11 ui Hie balsam
perfumed    woods   Should you   wan,
I mil.i-i.    ,ul   |uul,  nn.l  liu.nsu,    I.u
lb-,.' is Ii,ninl ml mull lunl klinwl
III     Hill mil    Cullllnbin    bum   in   nun
Hi,, vnllej rn in Hi,■ ,' I'. Ii, laud
grant. Cure um l„i mineral ' I ler,
,s a Inud mil "I il I' is luui'. in
Him innrvollnn   rnuntrv   ..l wliteli Hm
III,llll     .  ■  . ,.',    nlllll'i)      mill  ii
ii I,. In .'    kepi  ii    soon
lln,    '      .      il,   ., I.     ,m    lln     Uml      "1       'I"
Uii ii   I   um    Mill.  Im   .ill   'I o nniol
mlu tl sini .,,, t  Ihe -'.     '
tin- mil,,  nl  Iho s,   Mary's   ., i.n t
0|    im   liii|iuil mil  which iml I  '1
i, ' mul"  u tl!p up u- Inl
Olliee Camp, snme Imn   miles  li n,
Mm, si,Ilu
s ,, years ago Hi ie was a iltu ri
,,|  e\i item,ml   .i lul   Ilm  null lie-   -ml
llinilliliiiiis     '.ml   bv    Cnppel    ,
nn I     ,<> sate .,   ,..p .III   Hm  ,1,11     I'l
Iin. .1,    In Sl,.|.l
I'.'iHlni', Bnptist I'liiii'i'li l'riiiil,r„,,li
,,, sue ihal    ilm    i.-nli-- hnvo   I,
.:.. i  , minentij    sail ,ln, l,.|,   it    ull
Hi      llii1. uu     Henri   in     •    M,- ml
un .   , -i          ,                Hail's   lul.
":.,.1  n„   write,   Hull   Hm i
.rn i   ami   In      shun i   brail     nl
I.M ' , ,|l„,l I    '     Im   I II
li    .   ■     . i'i|    mil
rn       , ,   ,   . iii.t.l    s    [eel wide       II,
\leilln    ll.-l     'I    -Unl   |U"'
pool,,,',   Ulul   In.1.1      llml   II	
i luiin, ii, iho lower p- i Hm   Mil
lul    in     pa! Inclsllip   mill   bm   luiilliu,
III     -I.il,'imn. '    -'■
leiin-.l null nil  resliocl     I1   Has    In
iii,,. Hu  . Hi i da)  I.. ■"  '  "i lb
mil  Iin i  .lupine I ' r,    1ml   tv.
u      ,   '    ul ,,, ilm mil., ni Ibe si
Mm,'.,    wh uu i    '-'I   nl   ,1 '   sou
I nls id    Hi.   galom, ,   Hn    I'lu
Icrprisc lend    'i t- - Im I ."I "„i  In
Hm  I., i,   '.un ll.i   nl    Mails'.,Mm   Whore
ii  ,i„. senl  [oi  trial purposes,   and
nil, m  ,i   i. ,11  he  . i... l.-.l -is -    n
llml   Id nn-  op I m
I'm .n . i i, i i m Is ,,u -in li
m mil ilu mineral ,s excccdingl \
mil.   m  siinpll   n   prullllrilive  bm   tu
nr ntn'ilc   , im      'Ilm I mi ,,lli
leads n> lim ml. nib ruliuii of ilm
Iraiispni'l   fiieiliiii's.   ns Hn-   wagpn
mill ,,'.',„ Mill IS, ill,' lines null' In
Ihu lunl nf Ihe lube, llllll thereafter
,1,0 .inlll'Ury ii- nv.'l' a punk ll'nil. 'I'llu
ttiBl.fi is Hint Hm nru inilsl lie here,
us iiii,ilnii,id,le In Hie owpol's illld 11,0
Industrial world us su much , ilry
ruck, iniill railway Ivannpnrl is secured.    A chnrlrr   inr II oiislruc-
lu-i nf n road Ihrniigb ibe valley
wns granted lasl c'l-iuiiury. Concern-
ing lliis proposed road il is admitted
llml i," engineering diulcnlties exist
easl uf Ihe I'lireeli range, bui owing
In Hie slinri dislnneo between the
range nnd Kootenay lake, a very
considerable   dilllciilly dorR exist   in
I'm I     S le  H,    iniiko a  loi'nrd    nl
claims, a suli uiiiee was establlshol
in a liiHc shack which ibe men called Hi nlllcc—hence Olllce Camp, Tn
Hn  I    ' "I llii.. place is the summit
lu i il.e i'lireeli Kaiigc, Willi   the
passes loading down I,, Pilot liny on
Kniiluiiiiy Hake, tin luiviill's 1'i.ss.
Speaking iu general lerms uf the
mineral nf the valley, II nmy bo said „,.ilin» u pr-.i-li.-nlii,'- route in tliL
In be childly copper, wiih gnbl in Ibe | lakcshure, wbieb cm. deal will. Iho
pvrlto, lliniigh galena nisi, ocours, ns| nbrupliiess „f Hm descent; nr. In
uill be seen hereafter, Tn deal lir.,1 , [mi it in aiinlhol' way, the wcenl
will, ihnsc properties' wiih wbieb tlif ffrum Hie ensl is made in aboui IIIv
writer is best acquainted,    refer -o  miles,   while   Hie doscenl [run,   Ibo
 st   I ado In   Hu'   Itracebridge liciglil   of laud   In   Iho   edge of the
group, bolunglng In Messrs. t.nvalt, | wnler 1ms In lie inndo ii, six,,.en
lla'ward,   llurdcii   and Iheir   ansncl-  miles,   nr even   less, perhaps.    This
itles.    The group   cuusisls   „[    ll,o crux   wns over    when   I.nv.ni's
(irnoio, lienbiivli, Itracebrhlgo, Hrucc- Pass was explored nnd surveyed Iv
bridge I. taction, Rcglira and Snnwil-  ngltioer, said lo bo in he onion, and are staked along a load   nf  piny „l   the (I, N   ll., Some   years
i^o. ll ,s laid iluit a tunnel of
iibnut miii yards in length would iilvc
Hie problem. Thli lael iai littBcd
In- the writer Iron, Mr ". , [wyard,
iin, waa "„e ul tne party "• tNesur-
ei. 'Ibe construction "i -ins l.i-o
,'.,l.i .ue mill iiie li-- - ", toning   Ume   bel ween Cra   -■ > >k   . n.l
ei         ll     lllll    l„  II  ted    ,"lue
U»e   III   llle   lie.il   inline.   Iml   up     lu
In- present nnl .. word has been   ul-
itic.i ,,, leak out as in ilu-   iiittu-
iiuis ,u , nin i  ibe r   I'   it.   ut   tbe
i   N. ll, with regard '., it.    During
i.  mils  pui' ni Hm present yeai ll
„.i. preltj ,i. ely stated in Hie news
pup,-,, ihat 'lu- 'i   S   U    meant   to
.-imn ui i Hn- In.uu i   .. ini ii, connect
n nnl,   ib,-ii    Crow.   Neil system,
,1  mnl   securing i, direct ruulc   im
i mil .unl , oke ii..in  ihe I'eiiiie caun-
,u ,,, in. smellers "i the Uuuudary.
I lllll     Hie    ll.ll     "I     Hu     MU.nlllll  Ml,11    ,,.
iimi   road  in-,,  dawn,  Hm pi,i< ileal
ilcelopiu, III   ->l' Ihe  "le   liisli.s n[    ill.-
s,   Hm, s   valley   must  remain  us
ll   llie i Mills   III   llle   womb uf  tune ,
.ore u. nu- pity.
in    peaking   "f   ibe   mineral   re
 , i„   valley, II musl by in,
me.im be assumed   when the merita nl
I,i.u ulu ul)','  mul   Web.une gruups
Im,.- |„, ii touched upon thai Ibe lust
i,l i     urn    in ilu. connection   il
,  be well  ,..   .rn   il..,i Hn- billowing very i.,,,-1 ■ luiuum, ul sunm lew
llle    principal   el.llllis   Wlllll)    ll.l,u
i.e.-,.  linked   uelwivu Mum.,,lie ami
e  Camp,  tb'.'s  ,.",   |i.eie.id   tu  el
., ,,   lentil ul  tlm ..umbel   which
ii, m llml it ,s luui.- Hi,,,, a iiiisti
Illume ut iheir n.eiHs.
Ncilfesl I,, M.i.i.-.i.llo no bud Hm
Millie,     bulunging     10   Ibe    Ale.U luui
It.... Ii.-.m. un I'Melleii! prupurly,
bowing line pyriliu cupper uie, ami
well divclopwl -i ttell us nicely sit-
il nu ciimciu'iii traiujpurt in ubo
I,,,. \,ui In ulu ilie claims nun
be.ng    dcvcluped   bv    Messrs    Mel'i-id,
1 ll.tuuii ,,1 Cranhrook, foi commercial graphite.  This minora) is une
m ul. li  ilillimml   through  Ibe   A milium
I iliuii   ut   Ilm   Uiintuu.iy euunliy,
Inn   litis is ibe only   p,..pony where
II neel is   ill  sllllieielil   ,111111V   111  1,0 ni
mil in    tn    Hi,-    i uuuuul    world.
tin,ie H nre ibe gold eoppcr claim's
belonging l" Messrs.   lug.e, ami Till'-
i.u.,,   unl,   ul,    is  assoclalcd In
Kim;. u( I'm.,1,1unk. John Curie.. is
suul in hiiie un exccpllni.ally lino
showing „l copper •„,■ on Ihe llnmile
Dunn     ,.,, All,, crii'k (leurge llewar
wns lim Mvslery, where .here ,s ,,
fniir-fnnl bdoi' ni bur,,He. The writer bus soil, n nugget ui eupper wbieb
was sin,'lied Willi an ordinary coal
iin- lion, u sample ui this nre.   Nu
,,it pper is fniiml un ihis   claim,
luu il e.iu,,,,I  bo ascertained in whnl
, nl mi uuu um It Is en,',,, red
Null,,'    copper   is    iilsu    nnl     iiii   Ilm
inngncl, n near-by claim, belonging
in Mi. Ciirlin, nl Fori Steele, anil
Mr. Win Ment'lmi,,. On the Dominion
Ciiiisuliilii.,',1, within "mn feel uf ibe
i'. I'. It. survey lino-lu, lite ('. I'
It. hiis tlm n survey through iho vnl-
-H,uie is rcpurleil in be it vein ul
galena live fool in width.   Tins prop-
is   owned by ,, Spokane synill-
■■ uml is ii most promising one.
11 high reputation counts Inr any-
hiug in mining, lb, u no property
■an ho boiler than Hint belonging lo
Messrs. Tlinnipsnn nnd Charlie
Ijuuriistrnm, nn.l called ihe Malachite
'■'nun the "„' taken nut nf Hie lead
m ibis line prospect Hie writer
iiinks ihe iniino ,, musl fining one.
,,, White l'-|sli Creek Hi.- besl do-
yclnpcd prnpertv is iiiui belonging lo
ibe Selkirk Hinum Company,   li lias
elm,ns. will, ledges nl fruu, [our
.iiii feet in ivi.iih The values
it.un -I in UT per cent, in cop-
H, ounces ,„ silver, .,,,,1 S2..',u per
In gold. Close rn, f,„„ fee, In
luiuu-i null, bus beep dune, lu
sneaking nf White l-'.-h Creek, sidn
shiiiibl nnl he lost ni Hie claims nl
M,. Jnaeph Tnnlinuser, who is ,,ls,,
the owner nl Hie famous W'nlly
,l.,i,„. near l''.„i Steele, ai which
pl.iee Mr. Tnnhai.ser resides. The nre
i, Hm Wnlly runs [,<<„, $00 tu S200
per inn in gold, silver and copper,
llieli us Hns 11,,,,,, is, tbete nre those
wlm s.,i Hi.,' Hii.se iihuh he has „„
IVhllc i'lsl, Creek mo richer still.
l'li,y .ue being sieiidili developed
Tho writer saw sumo ul ibe While.
ImsIi nre, nud if Mr. Tlanlniuser has
only enough nf it. ,lie,, il may ho
-uiuiv s.ii.i ihal be bus ,, mosl valuable properly.
There ,s some veri nice rnneh lan.l
down bv Hm i.,,,1 ui Ihe lake, mosl
ol which is inclitilpd i„ Messis
Me.ulmins Iml.luu; II is said Hull
something 11 e a mosquito has been
„eii, nml positively, ,,. rather, neai
Iv positively, nlein,lied. ,,, Hns In
i.ilni ,,, Ibe carlt pari ui Ihe lasl
summer,   Krom Iho writer's   ex|n"'i-
, ,100, Hlls lines Unl SCOllI I'll, Hell llll
pussiblu,   bill   Hi  Slplcl   Justice  In  litis
tin. land, n may be only Hie   itm
spiuisible     lllll,     uf     nm minus
i,-mums Tin- writer certainly did see
sumo   kilnl ui n   mid    mnl, nitli ,t
mnsi awI.iI beak, ami fears.  logs,
nlniii he was tub! was "a something
I,In- "    l,   Was  flnilllt;   nil  .,   sleel,
.1  nl,   I,111 sleet,   bill   .1 (ml s,/e,l .
I" give  loqiutte pen pleltiro ut
Hm scencrj uf ilns vallej is an in,
imssilnllly. II mill bu mi I li-il iisi-en-
m un. I,,ei,sin nl  Ibe eiilile ut llllli.h
Columbia, will, Hs mountains, glne-
.etn. prccipiees, rlvors, rapids, lulls
and gflmpses nf park lil.u views which
il    ml      llle    [I'lilesl      uf    Anton us
Shakespeare pletprbil  it.   'I'hero   was
une  se    Hie   V li, ul   fill,   llevi'l     Inr
gel lb wus in.iiiiIiiii'. by Ihe lake,
nnil deep ui tinners, nmid which
Hie humming birds whirred, or hung
poised   III"'   11,11m.   UT, els     Hill   f I  ,,
 slrous    lull luiiiuiil  nf Hull tltous.
audi "i I,'ei ,ffi n mountain which
slnuil gn/iiig ill ils i,nu relli'i'liun in
ilm waters, Opnleil an eagle Ihal
slnyed iis II,gin tnr a in,it.mul, us ii
n In, in,    ii     the Ml I III   lunl fallen
un,it mlu specc. as be suli' bis
coiuitcrpnri enibptilinenl Rail below
Imn in Iho mag|c lake, where lhc
glaciers. Imieiits, s„,,w liei,Is up,I
pine Hoes j,ppe, red tn live a second,
,I,inured  elisleiiee.
Tlie dny Iho valley heinmes a highway [iir'the imirisi and Hu, gluhe-
IruMer, thai lay, (nu. will be llie
i»u< when il mil lie iho mainstay < i
ibe Marysville smeller, and ilsgroil
rcRnurccfl heenmo a reveliili,,,, in tt.o
mining world,
»*4.4!111.111*11 H         -.
The Crows Nc-i Pass
Lumber Company ..
IB, U'.pouti.'..
••§«« iimniim u nit .in
Any description ,,t Hn- ,:-.-..■ i
Industry at Wardner «ilhuut .,   preliminary reference to the men   nln.se
names are    must   pro.,
Nnl    Hllb    ,1.     Ill-   m il:-, ,. i
I ul. .     uld    Pet, I     I.llinl.        "Mil    Unl    In
according ,n the litin      f thli
Titian, gen,I. in, n const,lute : in Urn,
ut Ureckcnrfdgc mul 1.   u   n,n    Ihal
is justly ei en: in • u i i important railway conlrai tin. ei
terp.ises    in Western Canada      11" ;,
uie   presently   engaged In     	
siruciuii i>, Hu- great diloh .
I jo   miles   Bonth ,,",,   Calga.)
which Hu- r   I'   it   in
)-•,. „",, im  iin- purpu
ing irrigation lo 8,01111 „ ,ems   ol
lam] u, the wheal bell Tins is Hm
ii.nsl extensive uml, i laklli i ul Hm
kind ever nttemptisl in Nm ii. Aim ri
e.i    TI.0    Hnik  is im,I.-i   ilu   pel nl
.lire,,i.u, nl Mr. Hreekenridge, nn ui
r.iiiu, iui-i.i    whieh   leaves    llr. I.uiul
in,no mod   lu .illiiiii  n,  -Im mlu
esls ui Hm t'nnvs Nes, I'ass l.tllllho.
Ciu. nt Wardner, in which hull, ho
ami ins partner are sn intimately associated.
Mi I.und tins Inn. in Chrlsllans-
luil, Swede,,, null years ng„, uml
came ," the United Slates mil, his
pnnn s when nine years .,11. The
family   set,inl   in    N,„,1,   Dakula,
I'. Limil
Muii.'.m-i-. Crows Nest   Pnss l.uiii-
bur Compitity
Close bv Fori Steele Junction the
Adolphc 'l.mnber Company began
wurk in July Insi. It is a partnership concern, whore,,I \\. II. Ilrillilh,
of MeSwoyn .V Ilrillilh, merchant
luilnrs, Ciiinbrnnli, is manager, and
I'-. % Adolpl, is secretary. II. V.
A.lnlph, barrister, ul llranduli, Man.,
is ills,, interested iu Hie enterprise.
Tho li.in owns ten million  [eel  ,,f
limber, ur enough lu keep Iheir mill,
ui :H,iiiiii capacity n day, rimnlngtor
two nr three yours. The planer is uf
2,,,ill,,, feel capacity ii day. They
hnvo aboui n million feet of lumber
ready fur the market, They have a
35 burse power engine lor tin, mill,
and a lit horse power auxiliary on
gine lor the planet.
loved nftcmnrils to Montana, and
later still to S'poknpo, Wash, ilrcck-
,,ridge ami I,nud have been out,,moled wilii the railway eoiiirnctjng bus.
jness lor nniny years. Tho many
winks undertaken by Hm partners
gave -Mr. I.inul an nppnt luiiilt ufvis-
Hiiig all p,i|ls ni llrilisli I'uliiiiiliin
and studying Hm possibilities they ol-
feied   lur   hllsiiu-ss   upcral inns.  Wnrd-
ner appparetl In him tn offer exceptional advantages im the conduct <d
lumbering on a large scale, .unl investigation showed thai Hi.-renliuui
were quantities, nf timber ut Hie Otiesl
quality, yellow pine chlelly, Willi „
i,i,r admixture ul Ur, .lamarne
spruce .unl cedar.
Tbe Crows Nest Lumber t'u H'.is
urg.inizeil nud iiionipni.ileil   for   Hm
purpose nf luming n,,---,- res cos .<»
eiiintneiei.il    uses, uml  il    nl  presenl
in,I,Is uie,    In,,. I notes, i,u   which
are growing abonl 800,000,000 ieet
uf si.iiulino limber, Mr. John
Broekonridgp is Hie president, Ur.
William I'liill,,, ni Carllu .v liiniel.,
,,( Km I Steele, mm uf Ilm piuuool
im-H-buuls ul j'.nsl Kiu'feliiiy, is viee-
luesideni. mid Mr. I.uiul ia managing
tlireetiir ami sccrolary-lreasurer.
The company bus luvosled S12T,	
m the imieh.ise, ."luiiuii. im nud Inslal-
latlun nf Ihe plant ul Wunlimr. I low
pcrtecl i lu I plant is mil l,e shown
further mi. Fiiteen thousand dollars
were expended iu Improving ibe lug
ging emuI,linns nu Kootenay river ,
,l,o wnler stslen, fur lire prnleetinii
ami domestic   purposes oust sn.,,,,,, ,
ihe   liunrding    house   fur    Hie i ,,
sliil'os nud ,,lilies required uu   oxpt'll
,11,,,,,' nf 112.UHU, lilul   $12.1,111,   , ','
Weill in o,pupping ibo lugging camps,
nml constructing Hu- rninls Ihruugh
Ihe limils ;   ol H172,  in nil
Climbing Ihe   si ill slnncs nf   Ken
wiek  M turn n„e glmiuiis mm mum
I wondered whul could be lhc menu
ing nl nil Ihi' Menu, uml Rllllike which
I 'saw rising all.,,' tn the Rnulbward.
[ did mil know lim e In  filch, mul
billing n,nib' enquiry fniiml i, wus
llrccltcnridgo H 1,,,,,',1's iuIII-riicIi il
is very usually called. Visions will
nut legrol seeing ibis really splendid
concord.   One   on,,    d.. n grcal dcnl
Will.       tl2;,..„„.    bill       Im     HUHid
dream thai il could Im sn rnnjurcd
will, ns lu produce Hu- elTccls which
nre sn improssiiely einleui here. Tin
eiili.e mill e,|„ip,imiii nu-- mnnufnc-
lumil by Ibe Wnleiuus luminu Works
Co., ul llr.inllunl. iml . u i.u l which
speaks fur excellence mil ore
elaboration, 'flip usual circular saws
tor cutting the logs mi" 1 ils   un
displace!   i„   tat'or  ut   Inn  llnllbleill,
ling baud snws.   These , ,,,11,-ss  steel
111,I s.   llllll   leelll   nu   llle  edge '
each ulil,' lu slip ihrmigh T.',,„„„ (eel
,[ liiiiilu't in a y,',,riling shin uf lell
hours, nr (50,000 fee, lieiiveen them
l„r tlio day. Tin, carriages nro liii.il
will, steilln-sel works, nnd Ihe be/.
deck is taken oarc ol by sleam l„g
kioliovs. sleam loaders nml steam niggers, nu bull, sides, line!, ilinnoo »
lug lias when it gels amongst Ihal
gni.g of slean, kickers, nml niggers
and loaders, whn tuss ii abonl us u
druiii iiii.Jnr whirls his linlnu, nil su
hold and gay. Aiiluiiiiiiie handling is
brought lis i-liiso t„ porfoctiou ns is
possible. Even lite slabs nl'o out
automatically to fnur fool lengths us
they eotno from llie saws, ami iiiiiu
niatii'itlly delivered In lite lath mill
fur automatic manufacture, and ibe
sawdust and shavings automatically
food Ihe battery nf fnur hollow
which drive Ihe two immense twin
engines. Those, giuuls are never in a
hurry, never in a fuss, never ilislnrh-
ed ii, nny way. They shoot bill a
right nr loft arm,'will, a biceps
muscle fnur inches thick, ami spin a
fly-wheel, the wind nf which would
lift your bat nlT. wiih nil Ihe calm
nud repose nf the pair uf thorough,
broils they certainty nre.   They make
nnlliiug ui the ir,ii,i.uI. [eel ol I lie,
a ilay fur which they are responsible.
The dry kiln used liy tbo company
lis,,„■,. and was manufactured t.i
Hit- Standard Dry Kiln ..., m Win
im.i|„,li In Hm bisi place, Hu- lumber to   l.o    iron,,si is subjected   (ul
,. t,-Jul   In,'lis   In   tin-  action  "I  s,,|tel-
i-.i',-i,   -t-uii.  nnnli up,-,is  ilu- pole.
ol ibe wood and removi h nil gum and
in      Krom Hns partineul
un  ul.   linens   til,I.   Hie llll   kill.
prop ,, where ., beat ol i„„ d, -m
K.iiu   is applus!    The kiln can   Ileal
.',,,.  ie,-i iii luiiili,-, u day.
- plan, r null is equipped win, an
independent, automatic teed luui'.-i
and I.,,.,,' .slide i.ili,' engine,    which
upera,     ,   large planers, rip-saw,
i in ,,ii ,.,n , ami eihuiisi Ian,    which
, ni i vi.ii   ilm waste •'( llie   null
10 Ih,   I,inn,',,    llesule ,!„■ plu ml!
,    in,- loading platform, ululigsido ol
nlmli   is a spm Irom ,1m   »    I'. It
M.u ,.     where nine cars can be l".ni
rim iiliiui shop ,s u particularly In-
'-rn   mim,    pall     "I   Hie     nulls.   The
material for ibe baud saws is   pur
, I,., i«| u    ut several hundreds ul
pounds    weight ,   a long, cuuti „s
ulil     sleel,   .|tiil.■    inm.,',,I    ",
leelh.   Tins  iililnu.  rs  III nd,  I bed
mul iii.imil ,ui Hm premises, one large
autun.atic   Idol    mul   a   number oi
 ill,-!  linn lime -   being engaged   un
Ibe uml,. 'llie 1,1 i-I -si,up ,s driven hi
un iudupendont steam system m Hi
■ ni in
Khun a mountain stream Ruine two
nules away, ihe water supplj isear
inu in six inch inn, pipes, which .„,
Umllii, .I.U nil uiui ilm yards ami
buildings, ami delivei wate, lu Hi.
bm hydrants at a pressure "I ■',„
pnuuds iu ihe square miii.
Ihe compan, s boarding hoiiso is
mm ul Hn- host in Hn- west, and
compares mum than favorably   with
sunm    nil    hotels.       Wlllll    aids  Ihe
comfort und elllcncy id ibe hoarding
ostabllsli.no.il  is Hm ilu i    ihat    llie
coinpnnj   keeps a lirsi-elass   g. ml
storo in Wardner, where they oarri
u stock which would ilu credit   to a
There are aho.it 10,000,000 loot ul
lumber nnw ready fur. the ptnritol, all
ni which uill' In' shipped ," Ihe
Nurlh Wes, liming ihe winier.
On llle occasion nl Hie mill being
closed down uu Hm Itlltll November,
Mr. I.uiul addressed his men and said:
" I, is wild pinluund ,,'gmi thai 1
have lu ni.ni.unn. H,„i nut sailing
sens,,., is nver Inr ibis vour, and Ihal
many nf im, will lie compelled in
leave Wardner lur a while. Where
ever nn, may gn, I H'Usi llll,I lulu
omul,,,-, Hill relleel Ibe sunm crcdil
mi   nm   llinl   ins   llml   ulmii   yuu    all
inniulaiucd while in llll. ciuplny uf
this company during ihe past year.
1 an, prulld l„ snv Ib.il I never suw
a in'.'- uf iiimii -su lu,ill ami Inillilii
as yuu have been. I 'lb.,,,1, ymi all
iu,) hearlily, und wish yuu gtiod
luck, a Merry CltrlRlmas, and a safe
reiiiiti in your ulil positions nexl
Speaking nf Ibe present depression,
Mr. [.uud gives il ns his opinitu, II,ul
Hie l„„iher industry musl ciiitlmio tu
stiiier until tin- lini'iiiiiiiiu Oovcrnmonl
will protect Iho Can,,,linn u.anufnc-
liircr against lun flue dumping,,,, lim
American surplus Into our natural
markets iu Manfloba and Lho Norlh
" ll is noi a question „f the price
of lumber, but whether or nut tlm
lumbermen "I Canada shall he por-
miitid in calculate ihe amount nl
lumber whlph. may lie required fur
Hie Canadian mnrk'ol, anil lu he pc-
mitleil iu iiii thai requirement.
Wh,'Hover tile market is sull'mlenlli
pruiiclod there will lie u sutlieie,,, influx of American capital l„l„ Canada
It, insure tlinl degree uf competition
whieh will bo lho safeguard uf Ihe interests nl ibe , sinners ull through
Hm North Wesl.'i
Cranbrook Sash and
Door Company . . .
A Ut...prion, latti.u.lon
Close by lho tioiinl „f tbo C. I'. It.
at. I.'eatlhl'nok, iiiui having a spur run
ning from tile inalii track into Hs
private iluiuniu, is Hie factory id the
Cranbrtuik Sash and Hour l.'nmpany,
iiH'iinl and np,ruled as a partnership
o ■,',,, by Messrs. II. A. McKuwali,
Alberl Slalev, Willinm Slalor, John
II. Spiu.cc and Allan S. Nicholson.
Owing In ilm drill's arrangement
[ur iheir supply ul lumber, il is hard
ly uu exaggeration (.. suy Ihat ll.e-,
provide Hitir material direct from
ilm forest lu Ihe consumer, uud on,,
suli ill prices so advantageous In
iheir customers thai compel!tors are
put entirely in Hie wrung nox—unles:
limy call   got lumber as cheap,   uml
Hint  Hill  pt'iive I nsy mill ler.
Tlu, factory is run by a 50 burse
power engine ni Hie hori/nniul type
whieh also keeps under cousin,,,
tprossinu the lit,, pump and ils
huso ennnoclioufl ready In dcnl with
uy null,,,'uk nl lire a I n mumoul's
.iiriiiug nl any point iu the works.
tie machinery equlpmetil nn Hie low-
t  Hum i si'sis ..[ ii moulder „l lite
cry latest design, winch ensl $1,100
Near Ilu- wnnderfiif moulder are
planers o| all, kinds, scroll saws,
liiiiiil saws, fl'el snws, and il variety
nl w,.uil-i,lining lathes, t'p stairs
are „ pur/lmg crowd uf power operated Implements, pn/./.ling enough lo
nno who dues mil  know them   fmiii
end     In   end.    Hid   lull   ever   llllllk     „l
linw ibe surface uiis g,,i ,,,, lho pan*
els ul Iho dl.ors, ulu.. whul, nro ship
pod [lou, ihis fnotory ? Well, you
may And an answer from thai sandcr
whieh stands in the Inr end „( the
building. Then lluue nro mnrllslng
machines, lenoning machines, sasl,
fiaine mm,1,ler ui, ll,e plan ui Ihe
grenl um- down Rtnit's, uud a combined s.tsii nnd dunr clamp, ,„,t tn
meiillnii ,, sitsi, (rimmer whieh will
lur,i yuu uut ynur dlnmnnd-shnped
lioiiis nr your mure quaintly-sbapcil
Hniliie lights, II yuu are lncllnc.1 tu
tbe medieval stylo.
(laving seen sn ,„„eb, nno begins In
linvo n glimmer nf an idea of hut, the
slttll is wutlu'il ,t|, frum Hm rough log
inn, Iho liiiislu-il ariiele nf cnminet'ce.
Vnu see ibo material fur a donr panel gn Ihrmigh a machino which niakei
II assume a form suggestive of whal
H mav ultimately bo. a second makes
H have a mure familiar look, n third
lakes il iu hand, nml having perfni'm-
ed sunm ceremony nn il, makes il
ready inr another, so thai as vnu
liink, Ihis. Ihal anil Ihe other is rendered unto il until H grows before
ynur eyes quicker than a I lind,,
fakir can mnl,,' a mango spin,it (mm
seed In fruit Hot,, il is ready fur
the lunc.ll.ni of the sunder, whieh
whirls n round affair, like a camel's
foo! shut will, glass, up nnd down,
ami back and forward, Iill Ibe panels
id Hint door glow wiih Ihe friction,
and lake nn a smoothness ns ul Ice,
There sin,uls yuu, door ready fur llie
banging ami varnishing, and all seasoned,    tun, because il   lias lain long
e' -tl, in ,be drying kiln to prevent
any   possible chauce ,.i   warping.   Ii
you diuuld like a lancy design lui the
gable  ul   youi   net.   house,   I,   ,s     belt
ibe various pans will be assembled
uml  unl   i.meihei   si, ns   n, he u,    ihe
' ' i" itiuu in sta.nl packing and
transportation t„ ns destination,
iway ull un lho prairies, perhaps, Oi
' s, windows, buib glared .,,,,1 miii,rn,,1 mouldings, handrails andpan-
■I work ul ovei) degree oi elaborate
iinisli, couuters, bur imuigs, uud su
nn in. ilns lactury bus snipped dui
ing this yea] no less than 3UU freighi
ears lull, ur enough lu make a cou-
t,minus tijiii nl uie, a mile and a
luartei in length. Tins huge quau
nt) m luutenal was s..bi arouud
nuns,;, Penile, Michel and tho entire ", in,-   Nurlh   West.   I, should
  I," imsullen Ihat  Hm luui   also
suld rail,,-, mule than n, luivaluui
.', luu our loads in L'rauunios during
Hio same period.
.speaking ,,i Hu- demand lor lhc
produce ol this lummy in Hm town
Hi. Nicholson suul il,.,, their busi-
u'ss was u priut) inn index ol ,|„.
progress nl Cranbrook ns ., wholo, as
Im, nn,: dil'CCtl) ulieeleil by 'tl„,
ullelll.it nuns  uf  llie  ninliluig   |r,„le   Ile
-.n.l iimi Hi,' demand .,„ then guuds
.Mis dutlblo Mh.it il bad been n, HIUII
and was .sun steadily un nm increase. During Hm posl summer ll.e)
"uiiii hate round a markol in Cranbrook ,| I hoi r capacity wus double
whal il is. There are houses going
up III all directions, Inn the .email,
able feature ,s that H„- very grcal
majority an- all ol ih,- elugnut, i,-si-
ilcii'lial kind. II is ibis which gun-
such a stimulus tu their trade in the
iliuimdiiile locality.
1, is interesting tu have la s,,i
thai Hu- bun secured a contract from
Hu- r. r. it. quite recently to supplj
500 sots ol ,'iillb' guards'lu he used
over sniiie hundreds of miles uf the
railway. The nbjeoi of those appliances is in prevent cattle from gelling unit, the right nl Hav in,in lu,
,-t crossings. This impurtaut con-
n net will exhaust over iiiu.utiu fool
.., lumbei. uml bring 1-7,011.1 Into llle
llllllk mm,unl ul Hm luui. li null
..Is,, keep lho planl (airly bust nu
llle nexl   tWII 1,inI,lbs.
Tim drying kiln bus ii capacity   ol
i,,.„,„, leel, mul is .ibulil il.s pellei'l
u denee nl   llie lumi  US CUI1  be seen II,
Hns lucallly, Tin- lite lighnng ap
uliitnoes a,.-, von rightly, kepi ilu,.
beside It, lliuiigh ln.se wiih   mrulcs
Inched uie hm mn, all parts ul 'Im
I-I.ieb nartuct is a practical and ex
pen, need uperativc ," his own spei
lul depn! im, ul, which be mn nidi
,upon,,,,',ids, lint Hulks ,,, ,n Hi.
-ido nf Hie regular etnpluyecs. 'this
uisiims un itlettnoss, ami an absence
nl itupiniitulile dawdling, which is
mosl notable. Allien Sialei has
'barge ni lb,' glazing department,
where every variety ol slalmtl, Irost-
d, plate and crown glass ,s kepi In
tuck,     I'erl,lips    vmi     in,gin       lli.li,.
Ihal iho warning, " lilass, in.
t care," would induce tcndei
handling by Ihe freight men nf Hn
orates <>f lliis valuable material
which puss through their hands.'
Well, you would be iiuub mistaken,
and il you saw oiatolull after crate-
full unpacked iu su wrecked a condition Ihat yuu would fancy sumo kind
ut pane-killer had been exploded
amongst them, yuu would understand
ibo lutiliti ut iho warning. And the
snsl, and dour people have tu stand
lho luss, ns the guuds arc shipped ui
owner's risk ; und a very pretty rusk
it is too, something like yn tu I
against a crate Cuming mill all its
contents unbroken,
Allan S. Nicholson ,s secretary and
ai-euiiutniit, and also general man of
aiTail'l in lhc nltice. 11. A. .MoKuwan
lias Hit, general manufacturing department inl his special sphere. William Slater oat, lun", his hand to anything, being able, by means ui an
eoceiiliio chuck, to turn you a cube
as true as a die, or witli other tilings
whereof lie knows, will produce spiral
balusters ut the airiest creations ui
lho turner's, art, ltigltt and propel
it is that he has charge uf tin- turning, fret suw, scroll wurk department. .Mr. Speiice sees lu the all-
liiil..,, tit.it shipping uf tlie guuds, and
al.su hikes general charge uf the yard.
The enterprise was a .success hum
Hie day, in Hills, when it slatted,
under tlie management ui .Messrs.
i.i'usk and Slat,.",', tho second
linn, in point ut tin,,', lu begin o.p-
erallous iu tlio lumber way in the
Cranbrook area, 'the success lias
been continupus, as the dividends
loll, nnd tinder the present cotiscrva-
lvc and experienced management, it
unnm fail i„ continue profitably
applying its customers within the
wide scope uf its upera.liii.is.
d- icribed :   '■ Prom    Foi' • ■ .•!,■   tu
Cranbrook oi    Km,   Steele -i
station, ui sum,- point on Hu- Crow.
Nes, Im,- between    ,1,,- said
und Cranbrook .,-. n.aj i„  n.,„-   con-
vein, nt "
On submitting the -- heme to .,
meeting ..I [riends it wai decided 11
still think it lab, nl, ti ask .pen
lii-ully   lur   tie   I,uii,luu id   only   the
two see,urns  ul. mnl south, ' with
the gener.,! [.unit n, build brandies
as might he f.,,,,,,1 um essaf] I i.m
of ciiursu, ,:,-,,■ ilti led il mi. rn
name, mul, mn , ,':,,■ ,' , assion I
ri.n.lli suggested Ihat nl Hm " Kuot-
etiny Central,'' wl li t tnaulmuus-
ly nd, pled
fit furlberance nf Hm sch. ■ u I
went lirs, ,i, Ottawa, poi
before Hie railway eummi  certain ,.Iiu-i iu,-. v..:. t: ado tu tbe
fiirm nf ..ur bill, but il.- chairman ul
Hie commit  Mi I'.i.i.v. kindly redraft! d vario, - ' „, ,0 ,,rj,,g
ihotn !,,",,, inn, cunt u i itv '.villi tbo
Model Hi'l rn' [he I.e. isltil ■.-. nml
without lurtbet nppi liliun, H passisl
tlm . imiiuii im and alio, ihe Caster
recess. Hit.ii,eli tlm II.,,:.,-, loyally
lll'i-d   ,,u   Im   Mi    1'    I      -    ,1,      ,,,,,
member   al    thai    hum   Returning
home I n,m s, nl mt i ...i;,,:,.|v u,
Ottawa, it,ul, aftei a in la. experience    ihere     IM,      Sutberl I    being
chairman ut ,1m railway rummltlco,,
nut   , lutl te!   v . tl lho
Huns,  mul also ilm    Senate without
fiiiilmr dlOlcullv
A subsidy I...mi Ml  'n   ibo
uiip.ini   In   lho   Provincial   I.m.," I.i
■re during   Hm soss  n,„i,   i,„i.
unfortunately, wns repealed Hie following yea,.
'I'he later I i. im . ■ ' il.e undertaking need mil,' be lui, 111 Uuu lmil »p-
.,... 'Ibe b.ss nf Ihe  iiiuinl subsidy was discntiraging, but did nut
put un .-lul ti. ..ui , [ful:. in fm]!.,.
fur,    fortunately,     ihe empant  hnd
C. llll.im. rlnt.i I'.-.. ll
PrtMidotit Koolenny I'- ntral   H.til-
lis  Pith   President
Taking a trip east in llie summer
of lsitit witli, a view lo tlie promotion of it mticli-iieedcd development
railwuj on tin- east siitc of the Kootenay river, I rcUivneil somewhat dls-
cotiragcd, but still strong in tin1 lic-
Mel thtil such a road must eventual,)'
In- built. The trend n( cvenls during
thi- months followinK my return having convinced mo that, though my
Inp had apparently failed, it had not
lictii all a failure, and I decided that
it would he politic, at all events, tu
secure a charter lor the roatf,, then in
contemplation, hut now,, with the £»
sistaticc of many good hiends and tho
backing of the IWuiiuiun Government,
about to become a reality, at least
in uaUi us the " Kootenay Ccutral
11 may be interesting lo note the
leading foatures of the original
schema as outlined (ui udveiliseiiifit
iu The Oazctto. Considering tlu lor
pography of \\w district, the " (ay uf
the laud," the natural trend of ';is
Vitlieys a'nd streams, I proposed to
call the company tht* ,l Fori Slc'le
Central Railway Company," and t.-ir\
for power to build a series o! railways, radiating Irom Fort Stiml
north, south, east and West. The
southerly radius was to iuu Irom
Fort Steele tn 1-Uko, or .sonic )>,i
lielwe.n KJko anil Wardner, thence to
ihe International Boundary ; the
northerly to Windermere awl OoMuti;
the westerly by way of the St.
Mary's Valley 1" Lower Kootenay
LiiKe , and the easterly following up
Wild riorsc Creek ami cutting through
Ihe range    to Fcrnie     or Sparwood,
been strengthened bj thi . essiou <.i"
Mr. i'olh-u as .. jhme! Wei itirectol
:md vice-president, who, giving himself to the promotion ol the ' scheme,
wnh ad his well-] . iwn ... rgy and
i-fctiiusiasiit, has spent ungrudgiugly
of his time and means tt   . tho
enterprise up to iis present satisfactory position.
Airle.UL'b Mr. Blair, afti t the passing tl our charti r, had given me
some encourage] lent t. ■ \. ct .. .--iii-
sidy from tin. Di mil . f. ..., u applied !"r. it. the .- >i< a , I tyti2, a
was not given. I;, (act, nu a-.-ii.L-
auce \\hatt■^,■: was -, led •,, a:.-, railways m th>.- west, ■ iving partly lo
uie short session oi Uia\ year, but
inure to the general politii al .ii^ord.-t
ran.pat.1 it. legislative circles at Victoria. In the s« :. ,,; iau3, however, havii ■ -..,:. -,, Ottawa ia
cunnt-cioii with ,ih.- renewal ..1 uut
charier mul ihe pron otii n of iu
complement, the Kootenay, Cariboo
and Pacific, I was granted a:, interview wiih the Premier, who \<-;v
Kindly ami without ..:.;. hesitation,
after I bad explained the ..;
ur proposed roa nised the as-
istance wanted ,:. reafter, Mr.
Pollen, having come lo Ottawa, kept
the matter alive, cordii
of course, by our member, Mi Gai-
liher, ami, u: iml. bj all the Biitish
Columbia contingent, and 'ouatds the
close of the 1".'.-, weari ■■ jt.-ssion,
had the sat fai lion ol "-uu the
subsidy actually \oted by tbe House,
as here quoted Iri m the it
" To the Koolena) Central Itait-
way Company, foi  a \»xe .-; railway
from    tlolden   to the    Im, lin.ial
Boundary line, via v, ii del i ici ■ i nd
Fort Steele, and cro ting th ■ ■"• \*n
Nest raiiuiA ai oi ncai Klko, i t
exceeding Im, miles. '
That tli,- building of ;t rail-
k.w ovei Ihis :'< le ■-. ..i !.'• i ' ,i .'lent to     lie     v.!   !■   ■ f   ■..-■     K. , 'i-i.a'-'
valley    i I    not be enlarged     ipj»
Every    towi   .;, I ...    will    ■■-
ceivp, a slim :.:..' and
growth ; yes, I ligl ■ i ij cvt ry
town irom F, i ;-■ r., Ni [son, to say
nothing <>f th.- I.. ;. . ... hplace,
Fort Steele. N-v. li ■■■. t ■ will
spring up alone tlm nr.n line, rot the
resources 11 •!!<■ . alle) ..!-■ ol the
most varied nature ant) when fully
exploited will suppoi I manj a jn ■ »>-
perous town and a new population,
running up Into the n n . yes, and as
the years pass, hundreds of ihous-
aitds, Tin- forei ts ,.f the vallc) and
of iis tributaries houl I !...i foi more
than a generation, ., ,i j| , ared fur
ou ihe plan of con i it ion uud »**■
newat -;o well eufortxil bj i. ■ t( V-
eriinii'iii of Oermanj, i hoiild in at
perpetual value.
In agilcullure and iti fruit grow ng
tbe valleys nf the Kootenay .. -\ ro-
lunibia, practically ihe sam;, .tie
among the iiri".-i to be found in Uie
province. Within them, wiih an (-n-
terprisiug farming population, j,i uid
be grown almost all the produce le-
quireil liy tlie more strictEy mining
While no une can desire to .IjihIvo
the Miult.-i^ ol \\,-t Kootenay of a: v
custom «lm I the j < an legit tm.it.Ciy
hiinille. it appearj i.. rne It u ill become a iii.it'i i nf i- ji ralive htm-
sit\, on th" eomph lion ol Hie mm1.-
cnay Central, Ihal there ■Im.il.i >,e a
large smelter erected'somewhere i.eur
the soulhfih i-'.,I .,i iii" line, tnd
what belter s'ltes could be found than
Bull river or Klko, with Iheir mag-
rtificnnt water powei for electrical
smelting—the method ni the future.
'I'he Kootenay Cent ral Company 13
empowered by its chattel to operate
Kinelteis oi refineries in connection
with it1- railway, ami it is to be
hoped the company now in conliol
will keep this point'in mind, [or so
best will it be possible to Increase
the parrying business of tbo road. In
any case, I have every faith Ilia! such
smeiters nnd refineries will, sooner or
nib end
There    was    also   to be    a series of  later,  be built towards tin
ht*auch Hues, une of which was thus lul the valley. Till:   CRANBROOK   11 KHALI)
I **>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦ »♦.»♦♦♦•*♦♦♦♦«,»«4>»r !♦»♦♦♦♦*♦♦*♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦» 5»-» ♦»*!>♦♦♦»     .->♦««•«••«».»♦•«»«♦«*»«««♦♦«♦««•»«.»«««•«««•««•««»«««•««««««««««•««♦•«««««•«<.«...<. '
♦ ♦* ,,f,Ml?
S rtl
*'" il
, ... i-
i,, * •
5     1
-   ■  ■■:'
it i
- ?.
i i
«,« e
.   .
■  '■■>.''
«ll 1
«' *i'S
■■•<■■* S
(" <? * 2
( . I   '*'
./ ruCI
?" '-"
PAR VALUE, $1.00
...Shares Are Non=Assessable...
This istl
,i.l..r |,r, ,ln
IK'SSol' tills
I nmy In.
inotlerii ;i
ing power
i.l  Imlm,
ml   for
I lii-
ulu l-ui-li
various nn
.'iml ll„
Niagara  li
'nils iimi iiiu
I iu silu.'lli"
luui! ninl ri
Drill is nlm
■or ami tliis
?B llllll In
nny lias art
' full,
l„ l,u
ill b
us lln
111! tllO     llUV
ilislriliiil.'il   I
mglioul   Klirxl
Btago ivn.'ii
i'ssitry nnil Hull
I readily li.lll is
■iteimti'ul  posi-
Ensl ICootoiiny linsiii't'ivi'il ut ll
suul, I, producer ut   power is tu	
River lulls ,'l,|i,|,l III,ui
purpose mul nr,' siliiiil,',! in n mosl cm
li,„,   I'orilisll'illlllilll,  III'  pulVi'l'  ill    ,'ltll'     llllmullllll.
In ilu- coiistrii.'tion ol' these plants tlie tlnin ul
>!„' I,uml ol' Hm   Ilu   is  ilu■   st  in:
feature, as slioulil heavy freshets wash il
tlio spring the plant would Im klle until r
The promoters of this company have ha,
tloal of experience iu handling  water,  i
bitiltlittg their .Imn mul II  so that H
will not nulls.- operation in the ,'\u,,l of
catastrophe, Tlie bottom of the Hume
lower than tlie bedrock upon which llie
built, which overcomes ihis Hillleully.
1 l.DOD miners1 inches of water can bo en
on, The water will bo eoutlncteil from i
by means of n Hume otto anil three ipinrte
in length, lo tlio power house, which ,
will given fall of 27.1 foot, und the riven
siillii'ieni water al all times to generate
10,000 H. P.
Tlm flume will bo constructed of lumber, und
circular in shape, hooped with steel, Being
built in lliis. milliner, grail strength is obtained,
leakage and repairing bronghi down to ;, minimum and lltn'hit s..l' illinium,' uiiusi'il by exposure li> the weather will be overcome ns much
ns possible.
The Ilu,,,,' will lie lrailt on u good foundation,
principally solid rock
It bus I ,, found l,v investigation thut litis
out   il.
ii great
mil are
i' plant
such I!
will be
dam is
s„ that
Im .Imn
rs miles
I islam','
power ('im bo readily sold iu the neighborhood
for nl lonsl $50.00 per horsepower per onnum,
ninl possibly some higher prices can be realized,
for sleuui power in the mining districts eosts
from $125 to $ 150 per horsepower per turn run
and as this will be tlioouly water power In this part
of the country, onr estimate of: $50 per horso
power per annum is very conservative, but even
at tins price, the eompuuy would be able to pay
a dividend of 7 per cent on a capital of from
from four to five million dollars, the cnpltitl of
this company being only $1,000,000.
Apart from tho regular lino of business as n
power company, another sure dividend producer
will be automatically brought (.toutby the drain-
ing of the river between the d.iin ;iinl the power
plant, Ihe water travelling through the flume instead of through the natural channel of the river
whieh will be lefl dry, It is well known thai a
considerable quantity nf placer gold has been taken unl in past years and nt the present time.
gold mining operations are being carried on with
satisfactory results. It is anticipated Ihat several millions will be taken from the bed of the
This company has acquired UH) ncres of laud.
which includes the site for tho power plant nttd
company's offices, etc. Upon this land the com.
pony have also laid out a towns!te as it is only
a matter of time before the demand for town
lots in this neighborhood will become very active, for, besides the business whieh will be the
outcome of the development of this power many
properties in the immediate neighborhood will be
opened up, among them Mull Kiver Iron mines sit-
nated within one mile of this property, and claims
to be the largest body ofJBessemor iron ore in lirit-
ishColumbia. Negotiations are now underway
for the opening up and the development of this
mine whieh will necessarily be worked upon a
large scale and employ a great number of hands
Also tributary to this towns!te are the copper
aud silver lead properties known as the "Old
Abe" and "Chickamuustoue" groups of mineral
claims all situated within two miles of the town-
site. So that, situated SO favorably to so many
probable payroll producers, this townsiteenn bo
counted upon as another dividend paying portion of this company's property,
The Bull River Fails Power and Light Company's stock represents all the property which the company owns, and the number of shares you possess represents the measure of your interest in their property. The water power, gold mining and townsite belong to the stockholders, and your stock will participate in all the profits derived from said properties as well as from such as the company may hereafter
Shares can be procured upon application to either
ssssss BEALE   &   ELWELL ==
LocfiJ Brokers for the Company
I ♦ ■•;,
,■-■ ■ '-■
-■   !
s; •
it is
■   - ;
«.■ ■ %
■•i .*
■■ - ■■;:;
' ] < v
5* is
I! . S
'  - ;'<<
- -
ei (•> ** 3
ii* ■-
if IB
«>t .t™
iffffffftff ———« ,*,.,.,  ...   aMMttmmmmmmmHM   Tffi«mil«MttiitttM10H>t00MMIHflMHHt»tttf IHHtttttf f f f tt t"*'"""*""""""""""""""""""'' ♦ 5
MMMii»»y^llii!*t? '^•♦♦♦•♦u,   ♦. .♦« ►"♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
wwm, mmttmtmmtH * MHMNMNNH
|«»*«>««««>MMtMMMMtM«tMM»«t>«««««™MM»M»>MtM8MM<>M»»«,lTiC .'J THE   CRANBROOK    HERALD
The Lumber Industry a Growing One
Its Further Development Will
Mean Greater
Prosperity.^ i.***
pn li ih* hi
nl strict \\
Tlie rapid exhaustion ol tlio tiailier.be grows the better house bo roqulr
ol tin- t niti-il siatcs is sn Impressing les. Tho mure comforts in lite be may
i'.sell on tin- at tout ion .if ibe public, possess, lhc groatci tlu- anxiety of
llml mean* are being sougbl lor the otheis to have .1 share "i the earth
Conservation of this must Important lou! ol which he derives-Ills comforts,
■ -i.m.y .nnl Ins Independence,
allei wavo ot Immigrants mil
in, nml breaking Into units, spread
far nnil wiilf, t.> the north, west and
sontli from the line oi tin C. IV H .
.(■-   hey also will t.'ll in ami    break
along the h I advance ol th.-   0
\   It.   Ovei   that region lies a   mm
i„> In- lumber ol llritish Colum-
Ih.i  [01  generations yet  null.mii.  Just
lift   I.nl. \ ,   '..i\e   III..I   .1 hi   lllO   \e.lls   .ill
vance .mil  the     North Wesl becomes
 - .1,-11 eh   ml led,   Hu-    oiaiki-t
,hh    improve   as new    de
servatlon ol Hi.
In tlml coiintn
national asset.  'I
forestry is being
forestry laws mm
ed, such as have
success  (it   the
Gorman wni.ill.imi
the   extensive I.n
supervised    by pi
liri.ils. who, hv reason ol In.' 1011
nml const.mt   [Ml I rots ilnriii",   111.-m
met mouths, reduce ihe risk ol    los. as
by tonal 1 outlagratiou tn the mini   van
iiiimi.   Agftlti, 110 liuibei  is, undei niij   um
cm une lame,   perml I   to  be    nil  wit
until   it     'I,.,11 luive   nrrived at  mil  ma
apparently slrike him that tiu-re were! public on tfa
men at liie head ot aftails m Canada
who would Keep watch and ward to
see that if ilie lumberman got his
tariff, there would be certain condition* attached to it, meant lor the
protection of the man to be ultimately benefitted,    the settle!
erstandi     Mi,it il.>y
give what seated    Picsi' Koo 1
veil ami Ins followers
tin- saddle ol tlie ti.  Q.   ;'
a square ileal to the »<
whom ihey, hi-..' everyoi    ■
pendent in tin- long run
The " o.tiotis, expensi      aud inl il
t'lieial consumers ol the North West, [erahie   imposition, '  ■•      am   uu >■■■
It  i.n n.w abundantly plain that  ihe! the Hon. .Mr. Greenwaj t> Inn.
trend ot public opinion, and even if'ber dealer's associatiot
legislative opinion is in the direction survive the inside pres
ot ihe Imposition ol a protective tar- opinion about them, and rual
ift in he based on guarantees   to   bo I pressure "I ti"'   Lumbei   Wai -.-
Kivei   by Hie lumbermen.   The state- er's Association, whieh wi
International As
of Allied Mel,-.
s, Cranbrook.
maturity, anil fur every nee tin I Ue i
down, ten of a class best suited lo suii..d.
the ground musl he planted by the uuss.
remover of ihe matured growln. By mo, .
ihis means reforesting proceeds, ics.-, .1
foot by font, with deforesting. In un 1.
the result it works out that by llie pic-ei
time any particular forest is cut out urouui
to its farthest limils, ii has been enay
partly rcgrown where operations first | sue is
ivo engaged iu tbe industry thu
.1   UaliaUmU and Aliiul'icali bUS-
ni.-n,  ir.iL-ht'ri with ample   cap-
,.ii ,iii<   Uiierican is us power-
i,'.e 1 .uiiiek in grappling with
nil   to
started.   Forestry, tu short
ly the scientific application ot nut
al repair to the damage arising from lot
man's necessities , ll
It is not in the States only Ihat u\
tho waste of forest growth is calling fa
for a radical remedy, in Ontario fa
und Quebec the same vital question is i u
even now demanding attention. De !\
uleiiou from destructive fires walks is
hand iu hand with wasteful methods hi
ot lumbering, which destroys three ho
times as much as is converted Into ai
marketable produce. Within six years 11
the Province ol Ontario lost b) lite fa
573,000,0011 feet of merchantable him- bj
Writing nn the necessiu ol public! [i
edii".itieit in toresti'j as .1 means til ai
dealing with forest waste bv fire, ni
Dr. W. F. Ganong, of Si. Johns, say4 1,
" in this aim lorestrj and tbo luui- m
heriueii agree. Where they diltcr is iu w
tins, that the lumbermen is cone
nl only with the prollls ol the |i
cut ami near future, while tbe foi
ry system aim to bring the for
Into their most productive condit
and tn keep them there, so that 1
will continue to yield the nmxin
ol profit Indcfinllely. ' Then- is m
vii tne in th.it word indellnitt h
shows that science, applied 111
proper legal supervision can prol
the useful lile and public financial
suits of the lumbei Industrj in
own   neighborhood lot     all time
ssioii ami    all-
Hit' Kast Knot-
111 in 1 trade, a condition wlucli
.lulling wiiu ihe rest of Bril-
isii L'olimiuia.   According to the leading men in the industry, the   source
oi the present sag iu tne progress of
the uuliisirj  is to be found, tirst, iu
ovei  production   amongst the manufacturers here at home; second,   unfair conditions of competition   with
Vinericnns in the markets of   the
h West .   uud, third, in the cx-
co .I an   organization   amongsl
retailers of .Manitoba ami the ad-
ig   provinces, which persistently
as .1   serious    handicap on the
-li Columbia producer hy unduly
im;  inferior lumber shipped    In
U1H1 regard 1
ritish Columb
ixiely to taki
ai keis, when
li to high pi
ivcr product*
it  arose 1101
k    de
litage  .
tint element
rices ami .1 lir
1 Mistained. A time
he home mills were uti-
with a greatly Increased
meet the market's re-
This induced a iiumbet
pul In huge plants ami
odiii I on a jaded market
1- .
,\ hi.
11 by the appllca-
demand and   sup-
ease it  will lead-
the  bun   given M  Mi
..Ilowed in those toi whom
■- nded.
Vinerican competition is a very dlf-
This consideration ot condll I   teretil    kind nt disorder,   and   yields
nm door, leads   us   hack to   Brit  ;h '. nh    lo   (he law ot Ihe survival   ol
Columbia, lo which the largoi    fael     the contestant   who can longest    al-
licfore     led     point    immis'tn I I] lo be hied  to ,1 financial white
The American tmesis are   being  cut di else lo the remedial powei
nut in   all directions,   and Ihosi    ol • ., : bj  Ihe people ol Canada to
Ontario and Quebec arc following tli«, -.1 themselves b)   the adop
t'nilei sitrh conditions It is only [mul: up ■ )■,. commeiee of tho 1 nlted
ol mountains, covered with a fnni bj putting on a pro-
timber, should attrncl the attention lee I ve tarifl \ gentleman ot meat
ui the lumbermen ol tins tern I tiada experienc In business aflairs recently
nml Ihe United States As an ex sol that he did not greatly sympa-
ample of how Vmerlcan capital is hi tl 1 w Hi the lumbermen hi their
ine. Invested in Canadian llmbi ition tot .1 protective duty, lie-
in.iv he ..ml that at tbe sale ol foi     ild nol  understand   why
est Innds tu-ld .11 Oltawn in  Decern U   I   '1 Columbia could   nm
bei    1003,  S   II   Shevlln. ol  Mlime 1       Uctun   al  as cheap fl  rale    as
Residenco of .1. A. Harvey, Cranbrook, li. (
apolis. purchasrd limils in tho Rainy
nvei '1 sirii'l to the extent ot $815,-
150 ft, •. incuts, between purchase
oi nm. s ami equipment of plant, as
much or even more, arc being made
around us. It is mnnitesl that where
such sinus are going Into tbe lumber
Industry, it must, under normal and
just conditions, be remunerative.
To the north and northwest ot its
lies aa immense country almost
wholly bare ot timber, apparently so
lefl hy a beneficent Providence to
the end that il needs only lo he
tickled by the settler with a hoe lo
make it smile with a harvest ol golden grain. Bui the wheat-grower anil
tlie beef-grower inusl have houses to
live in, and the more wheat and beef
American, nud tor another reason, that when they got this duty
Imposed on foreign stuff they might
cinch the consumer in the North West
to the very lasl hole. It was plain
thai be was talking as " the man in
Ihe .street," who always knows a
thing or two, even if he does not
know tin- entire tacts which alTect
the subject of discussion. This par
ticular " man in the street" did not
know Ihat the Americans can purchase limber lands, out and out.
fiom ilie big railway companies at
finm $1.50 to $2.50 per acre, and
Ihercafler hold those lands free o
nut or royalty, and Ihat labor i
cheaper in the Puget Sound country
than it is here.   Further, it did   not
nietiis of Messrs. Leilch, McNab a„ I
Kim; leave no doubt thai such guarantees will be readily given, and .
sensible modus vivemli arrived at
witli the powers thai be. This agreement will al once protect the settlers ami consumers against the operation ot what might crow to be an
actual trust 01 monopoly on the one
side, and also protect ihe lumbermen
irom wboiiv uniait competition bv
ibe Americans on Uu othei The
granting ol the reasonable requests
oi ihe trade now depends on pupulai
support, and ihat support will, no
doubt, be given, provided the public
gels .1 square ileal horn those wli 1
will he most benefited thereby.
As to ihe existence ol unfair con
ihtimis in ibe North West, arising
it..111 ihe practices nl western lumbei
dealers association, there are on tec
not papers ol an entirely public thai
inter in pro,,1 ,,f i\i -,,, thai theie exists no reason n.i mealy-moulheduesa
m tin- discussion ot a mallei of suen
vital Importance to mn common interests .Mt Me Nab has pointed out
ihat 'he general eonsumel ol tin
North West derives no benefit m 1,
(lured prices from the fact Ihal llie
Canadians are undersold in then own
markels bv the Vmericans This ami
mii,'i cognate mailers were the underlying causes which led up to the
agitation of thi* spring oi |an;), which
sn stored the ptiblii' m Wauilobtt, To
quote ,> few pnhlich proven lac Is: lu
February, IMi.1, Mr. John Vrbuih-
no'. n.avor of Winnipeg, and a lumber dealer, stated tlml he had been
bovcoiled by the North Uesi Lumber Dealers' Association, heeause lie
declined lo submit to their exactions.
A eivu- committee sat at Winnipeg lo
Investigate the charges against this
tiou,  and,  on  the 2nd    April,
s.iry, drive a strategic   wedge   into
their vitals bj si
settlers and others    in    thu    V 1 ih
In ilns    giante ovei
the son-s ol the bod)  ■
industry have beei Iii • ti d     as also
the agents to which su, It ill- musl,
in ibe oidinary common 1*1 - com ■■
ot aflans, yield and gi ■ way ro
newed health and well lied provid
ed that tbf agents ol - ■■■ lie intelligently applied. Grant I
shall be, llien the luturc 1 ed caus.-
no uneasiness, but, on tin - trary,
ear: be looked forward lo d .. time
i.t as iiired prosperity foi uu nt j
ti.T. Ro
11 brook. !'..('
IIMI.!.   reported   to   the  council   "that    ,,.     . .  ..•..,,,... ,;.., -ten nml Oioek
a lumber combine Injuriously affect- Stoll,eRml 1,lilt> ;'    .   „ '.
iiif; the    interests   of   the  city and
country did exist."   In March,   1003,
Ihe Hon. Mr. Qreonway, in the  Winnipeg Free Press, denounced the
Cranhrook climate is famous ihe
.f ihis combine, describing it world over. Visitors to this part nf
iis an odious, expensive and intol-jthe district have carried the tidings
erahie imposition." He promised to of ihe magnificent springs, comfort-
bring Ihe matter before the tcglsla- able summers, glorious falls and
lure in Ottawa, and, as a result of pleasant winters to the four ends of
his action. The Toronto Globe, of)the earth. Many people despairing ol
April 37th. said that the government life have eoine here, only to grow
would Investigate tho nature of the healthy and happy. No where is there
conspiracy to keep up high prices in!a better climate,'no where one that
the North West. On the 30th of .meets the desires of the people gen-
April  a   petition to   the   Dominion lerally to a greater extent.
tin- necessity arises [01 cun
timhei  that 'llie mill shall gi
suli- the trackway and   ,1 ■ 1
Hi.   lake as possible.   Transportation
facilities ol   the   best kind   will   be
ail. 1 tied by the situation ol tht   Dai
Lake propel ty,
tiiuploymeut is given lo il) men iu
woods and null, ami some ... hoi -.
are kept, busy abuul the concern. Alt
lumber has to be hauled to Crau-
brook for shipment, bui it is pos
sil.le that ibis uiay lie avoided some
time in the future.
The olbi-ials ol the firm are .1. \\
Robinson, president ; William Alt-
Kenzn . \ue president and geni ral
manager, and George Bremucr becre
larv and treasurer.
Mr, McKcuzic, like Uu- others engaged in ihe lumber Industry in lltta
lot alitj, is strongly In favor uf .1
tai if] being imposed on tho importa-
ti 1 Hi.-    Am.-!lean produce,    aim
believes it is the only reined) foi a
condition wbieb is destroying ihe en
eit'v .,nd the investment o| Canadian
capital, Mote 1 ban that, it is pro -
iu.  equal I)  1 uinous to American cap
I till invested on lliis hide, lie also
said that improved met bods ol log
ging should be introduced, and thai
pohsibi) ins own mm would have lo
poor the iieccssiij o| uuwi 1 mode
ul working.
Mi ll.i r (im...un. ot Vnncuuvei
wh., is interested In the sale ol all
I,inds oi sawmill nunloii. 1, ,ti.
equipnn nt,   was   present ilm ing    lln
t vetsal on  wnb  Mi.   Mehen/ u, .inr
Hinted   lb.it  b.s  I less   it   lulu  ie
10 ,,11 pans oi lliiitsh Columbia am,
nl.ie.d bm. in cnliUel wiih Ibe lead
um men ol ibe Americans engaged in
the   lumbei    trade hnv.   The)' .01,
v/iHioii.  exception,   11,  mv I   soim,
means being adopted lo \>u vent .
eoiilitiuttiiee of ihe present unfair condll ions. Some lew i.e. oi ed n-eiprot-
ii\. bui Hn- inaiorih w.-i.- ,i^ pro
nouiicedly in fa\or o| a hard ami fasi
nsirieiive latin as the most advatic
ed ol ihe Canadians could desire, lb
said Unit the question vci'v serloush
alb ih d tbe interests of I hose elig.lg
ed iu the machinery business lu uie
agitation making for protection, In
said that the lumbermen might count
on   ibe  cordial   support   id   those    en
gaped in the steel and imn mauufae
taring industry.
bo,*' that 01 the saw r.ir-
riage v chain and hook, operated
bj  ■■;■'- Hi,in from the
watei .11 I la) '!, 111 beside the saw.
'i be '■'■ in 1 ,-i Ihe llui ie is carried undei th tin- Wateruus
boilei. . i ■ ng away every
si rap oi awd t, chips and dtavjngs
nol needed b\  the automatic teed ar-
"i  ce    The saw-
dii t, chips, and su forth, are not carried in tn the creek, bui are spread
over .1 waste piece uf mound near
the mill. The logs villi which we
palled con pai j at the south end of
thi ^, rtii.: pond, and wbieb were nol
jus' then needed, huic -one ripping
thn igh a \ Hume inio the mill pond
proper, frum which iiici will be steer
ed with ;i     ke pole    int..   ibe   teed
be dt
w hi 1
■ ■   ■< ■ - , liable* logs to
ici   uvn iles, 01,  In other
, the snim   t- suli  is al Mined .1-
concern had 23 miles „f |0g-
ailroad extending through all
ol lhc limits, with the added
tage (hat the road bed costs
g to 11 .iMitaui,   while ibe Water
\- as locomotive,
ew.   The watei  In ni- the lo
each standard shoiild he able to
" lain " over a space ol 15 or L* feet
in iliauietre. Ordinary i\x iucta poles,
such as can be bad b)   the    tho isanl
anywhere   [oi    1 ...t    ,,f  cutting
ihem, ean be used lo 11 . ke the pipi i
and collars toi the . I Mr, Watts
has iioetiir.l a machine for boring I'm
pipes, and also inakuip necessary collars. This machine will not be protected by anj patent, so thai the
public may have the tutu it benefit it
it. t nder thosu circumstances thu
pipes will cost very little indeed, and
th.- whirling sprinklers can be screwed into ihem withoul the smallest
trouble. The standards will not be
nioie >n the way of working in the
fields than a small tree would be.
This application of lhc sprinkler idea
10 largo agricultural purposes, will be
see  full operation on  Mr, Watts'
farm at Wattsburg next summer, and
a better opinion formed of ns practical efficiency than can be had from
any description, however elaborate.
Mr, Watis cordially invites everyone
to mspei t the invention, nnd trusts
it ma) provi nl pub! tin ■■:.■
Where is the Brittslm 1 n do not
ivo Ibe very  id-,   -   „    ,.   ard    of
A Wonderful Pi tec of Timber
The mill ami its appurtenant
thousands ot acres of limits extending
up the mirth, wesl and east forks of
Palmer's Bar Creek, are the properly
of Albert   Edward Walts, one   time
Lodge No. 178, Brotherhood of Railroad Carmen of America, Cranbrook, B. C.
Government from the people ot
Southern Alberta asserted that suchji
a combine positively existed—indeed, j J
it still exists—and cited iu proof that £
whereas in 1001 boards cost but $10 If
pet thousand, that at the date ot the
petition they bail advanced to $21
per thousand. It also showed that
during Ibe same period Hooting bad
advanced from $211 to $31 per thousand, while shingles ami lath Increased proportionately. Those figures
speak fm themselves, bnt as a further
emphasizing ol their grim significance
it must be stated that while they
were steadily advancing, enormous
quantities of American lumber was
being poured into Manitoba, free of
1I11I), ami sold at prices with which
it spell ruin Im tbe British Columbia
manufacturer to contend. To still
further drive homo that argument, we
find that Mi. .1. W. Coburn, of the
l.adysiniib I,umber Compauv. stated
111 i'he Viet,11 ni Colonist ol November nth lasl, that notwithstanding
lhc fact thai Ihere were then lKII,-
000,000 teei uf lumber iu British Columbia ready for shipment to the
North West', still no less than 450
ear-, of material had been shipped
into Manitoba ami the adjoining provinces dining the previous mouth ot
Octohel from ihe Stale of Washington alone.
The only practical means of dealing
wiih this luiiiber dealer's association,
whieh has proved as injurious to the
people Within the scope of its operations as it has to the lumber in-
dustrv nt British Columbia, seems to
have been bit upon by the forming of
the Lumbermen's Manufacturing Association, winch will fight the dealers with an improved type oi their
own weapons, and meet them on their
own ground, ihere to contend for the
welfare of the ranchers, setllers and
ordinary consumers.
In tliis brief interview of the general conditions of a most important
industry, lhc suggestions of Mr.
I.eiteh hearing upon the necessity of
improved methods of logging, and, indeed, of better business methods ot
management all round, should not he
lost sight of. They will, doubtless,
press themselves on the attention of
those whom thev most concern, without any undue laboring of the point.
The matter nf the revision ot the
tariff on American lumber imported
Into Canada, may be safely lett to
the officials and responsible men at
the head of the Mountain Lumbermen's Association, who may rely on
' having   the   cordial support   ol   the
Oi t,f Liverpool,  which sits by Mersey s
* stream, but since 1807 Identified with
J East Kootenay and its industries
kh Not long after Mr. Watts eame out
*,to British Columbia he made a most
j extensive  and     representative  collec-
* lion of the ores of the province,   and
* sent them tu London, where thev are
J now exhibited in the Imperial insli-
* lute. For this presentation he ro-
jj ceived, not nlonc the marked and cor
-   'Mai thanks of the institute, but also
What Pluck and Energy Ma.
This firm erected its mill on St.
Joseph's Creek, about two miles up
stream Irom Cranbrook, in ihe summer of 1800, the Kast Kootenay
Lumber Co. aud Leask aud Slater
(now the Cranhrook Sash and Door
Company), alone having precedence
of them in Ibe lumber Industry ot
this district.
For greater convenience in handling
of their bigs ihey erected a dam
arross St. Joseph's Creek, whereby
a pond ot rather more than an acre
in extent was formed, from which the
logs are lifted to the mill as lequir-
d. The mill has a dally capacity of
40,0110 feet, working the ordinary ten
hours sidfl. Its plant Is entirely
modern, consisting of two boilers',
working al 133 pounds pressure per
square inch. These boilers were built
by the Waiernu.; Company, and drive
powerful horizontal engine, by
Hews t on. Gamble & SI an wood, of
Cincinnati, Ohio. The carriage is
provided with steam find.' and the
floor on which it stands is equipped
with rotary saw, live mils, trimmer,
slasher, ami edger. On this level
there is also a lath mill, with a dally
capacity of 20,0111),
of the government
There are quite a number of fbiitfiii
to be learned al Mr. Walls' line establishment, We have high authority
for it, that there is no new thing under tlm sun, hut when one discovers
something whieh is new lo his experience, he has something lo speak
We have heard il iterated on all
hands that new methods nf In^i-if.
must soon be adopted in Kast koot-
enav. It would seem as if Mi, Walts
anticipated ihat condition when he
took un those limits before the C I*
it. had pushed its mad almost pnsl
lb- place where the door of ihe mil
now bangs, for he devised a pla*i
whereby the creeks (Itrotigh tin- lim
its i|„ jus lonninj; for him,   That idea
is not new, uf < rse, but  we   shall
discover a new application of ihe
piiiK'ijiles nf water transportation he
tore we shall have finished tins discretion.
Mr. Watts, has, at a cost of ovei
$0,01)0, erected seven dams on the
smaller creeks tributary to Palmer''
Bar Creek, ami known as the east.
wesl. and north forks. One of those
dams, on ihe west fork, pens had;
twenty    billion feet of Water.     This
Adjoining the mill building   is   the dam, like the other structures of h
planer shop, with a planing machine ercciion, forms a pond, or small lake,
of large capacity, and also a mnulil-1 wlucli acts as     an auxiliary    depot,
  '     0   he ^1'ere logs are kept  until driving    is
ing machine.   These are found   1.   .
insufficient for the purposes    ot   the necessary.   Then the slttic
increasing business, and it is intended that more effective implements
must be installed. A resaw machine
will also be added to the planer
The timber limit!? tn the Immediate
vicinity of the null extend to over
fi.OfiO acres, their situation eorre-
spnnding with the general conditions
prevailing around Cranhrook, and
being easy to lot: over. The company
also holds 5,000 acres near Klko,
part of the limits touching nn Bain
Lake, a most convenient sheel of
water for llie purposes uf Hie business. The C, P. H. crosses through
a portion of this most valuable piece
of property, and it is intended when
■ ing
■ are open
ed, and away go the logs to ihe chief
depot, which is Palmer's Bar Lake,
On tlm Glh December logs were being
.driven from the last-mentioned lake,
(down In and through the dam, which
is at the north end of the sorting
pond. The peculiar efficacy of the
sorting pond is this: Suppose a loi
of 2-1 foot logs are wanted for the
mill, nml that -they are lying here in
the water mixed with those of other
lengths. In such a case two sluices,
set close together, are opened al the
smith end of lhc pond, and as lliev
lloat down with Ihe current, those
wanted for Hie mill are steered into
a flume which carries them right into
the building, and at a level ot a tew
ational Associalion of Machinists, Loth'
ss.  Onmbrook
■■ That   Hume
Wans, " i.s very
,i 01 um j,1.1.1. ,
llie usual i-n-v.tL
ii.iL   Will
nc    sui-
ugh wan
Mid Mt.
t* wu
llie At
.stops, ioti
itli me lei
lie absurd!)
issippi sini
iii.h   nig  wiuslle,
small boiler.
" Never heard of that famous 1
Air. Walls. Ulna ailed bur,
now 1 ''
.Nothing much,     only when
rather more than
the mills, so 1 tlio
Ihu water does a
all my work."
" How in.no hoi
" Eight aliugeth
ed in the woods, 1
it tn
ami the
tlisl   to
ere enough? "
ltd,   " ami   It     ti
ough lui some ui
;hl out this plan
ual proportion 01
,i do you use 7'
.   Six are ungag-
in   the  pul [loses
1 use for driving
iringing out saw'-
roads aruund the
lul    the    ill j\ iii_
ks, I should have
cut off a widi
The timber has
space, many acres iu extent, around
the dwelling house and mill premises,
ami i.s now in un advanced condition
uf cultivation. It i.s planted with
1 nut rices, slrawhet nes. bush (ruil
and vegetables. Mr. Walls Is tin
uulv place where the writer has seen
the cultivated land, literally taking
the field as the forest recedes. The
portion of the cleared land at the
north of the house is its pretty a
piece of tilled ground as one would
care to see.
Most ol the Kootenay land will
grow almost anything u It have irrigation. This touches a matter which
is foreign to the subj el m hand, bui
when a sensible solution is here to be
seen of a problem of grave difficulty
to hundreds around us, a description
of il may be of use to the public, and
this is what Mr. \\ i-As .n specially desires
He has en cted  two
the real li •: . in v., ,i Knglish ale ?
Marty, an they are no Englishmen,
d they love it • • Mi Watts has
■he malt, and lho ; . and ll. whole
aparatus for the pn d letton 11 as fino
.1 drink as evei bt. ■■ ■ 11 the brim ol
cup, glass, noggin, stuup , 1 can. if
a sou of tl, blm,:..' I uie wouldn't
mind being all 1 w ttiug the inside
of in-, neck v.; .. a dro| as good as
Guinness' he can hare it ben*, and it
will hi- stroi - ' 1 ■ . to make him
talk ol Ins grandfathei - race horses
after he tries the second "dust " of
it. Gentlemen uf the excise department need take no alarm, nor need
the directors ot the Cranbrook brewery feai ii.'.' jerou tub a, since
Mr. Wai'.- estahlisht tit ia meant
.or private cons	
The brewerj I 10k .-. ./-I- out of
nur coursi ,■.  . .  find uui wny
nock to the mill ... a
As   the   gravitation 1    water dors
Hi" great   majority -f the   l< ggtng,
-,' the same law d< ■ - a >:• tl   ol   tbe
tvork in the mill I ... .. ..   1 be boards
as they come fi 1 a   I go  over
the live rolls and .    bj  gravity
u the planer, thi re t ■ assorted
,nto the various classifical FI ey
then go on gravit)  iru ks lo the   al-
..•ywavs .■.:.■: ..--:: ■..:   Kwn
the fnn:!.* cars from tho
C. P. R. tracks ed auto
matically also ,-. let kinds
it squared tin
Scroll   and   turned newel
posts, l-al! .-■■ rs, all  the    other
■.   ■ I     that 1 turned out,
iul only thorough!) ned wood is
■iied in this
Fully 31' pel cent I the entire output of the Iin its j first-class finisn-
■ng stuff, though ;'. pel cent 1- considered more tl an tht it) ol Lb ■
'units around 1 'rai bi - an produce
.if the million lei t of I in In 1 in stock,
more thatt>.50 pei cent, ol it Is nist
Mr. Watts is a practical, clearheaded businci a ' :. , ; v.. II satisfied with the conduit ■: things as
he finds Ihem. He bos more orders
mi hand than ho d.. and has had
even to decline several good orders
recently, He complains, however, ol
the methods ol 1 ome o| the northwestern dealers, one of whom, alter
holding back payn ■ nt 1 I ir cars
ot lumber for some months, demand*
ed a rebate ol who!!) 1 u tillable
amount ofi tbe fixed contract pries,
and suit check with thi rebate deducted. The checks were returned in
sianter, accompanied with a letter
which causpd that man lo regrel he
[did not abide by his contract.    Sub-
i rough  sequent matters made that man wiser
Royal Hotel. L, li. VanDecar, Proprietor. Cranbrook
il   material,
but sul
50 feel
at lite end nf the clcn
higher.   These are t
nl, one being
ither, away off
ing. very much
lopped  with
wind mills, wbieb will pump water
into tanks set close under'the Vanes.
'Ih.se lulls are n. have chilled steel
ball-hearings to the main axle, and
also to all moving parts, so thai oiling will hardly be necessary. The
water having been elevated will descend into a scries nf parallel wooden
piprs set about 11 foot under ground,
and    thiitv feel  apart.      Iron pipes
with swivel     joint! d .sprinklers -
such as arc used foi lawn sprinklers
—will be screwed Into the wooden
conduits, and with the amount uf
pressure to be had fiom the   lank';,
still, ami possibly sadder.
" As for the tariff," .aid Mr.
Waits. " I am, of course, entirely In
favor of It. In adopting a strict protective policy w,- shall be only doing
as we are being done by the Americans. " The force of 'the expression
did not strike me al once, bui I see
Its beauty now, " Done bv the
Americans." Just so. Done to *
By the way. Mr. Fred Kclsall, son-
in-law of Mr. Walls, ts the son ol mm
of the partners nf Kelsall & Beech-
ing, of Hull, England, the owners ol
the fleet of fishing trawlers which
was fired on by the " mad dog " Hus-
siar squadron tn the North Sea ou
the 22nd October last. THE  CBA.NBBOOK   I1EUAT.0
»••• ••••*»6**c««** },:*»»•■
• ,   .. .♦ . - .,♦.♦♦.♦♦ ••••••••«•««•••♦««»«••«•♦««»•»•••••••«•«»»•««*••«••»••«• •••»•••«»«• »«•«»•«••«««••••«••• ***iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*****»*«*<*«*****+**^*>*
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 , „„_. ... .... ...    .        ...... .. igofl»a«Wr»s««#8!»ytS
|g| -
iff! I
of* •
C, f f (j,
«f oa
• ♦*!■>
819 4*Q&
• ♦■»•
■ •» • a
• ♦♦li
© * <> ■>*
• »*e
Q .> f (If
• **o
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00000000000000000000000006000006000000000000000000000000 00^00000060660000000 0O00O66000OO00OOO0O00T>666666OOOOOOOOO0OOOOOO66r-'"
. . -000666666660000000000000000066
if f
CAPITAL       =       =      =      =      =
Directors :
T. R. MERRITT, President
D. R. WILKIE, Vice-President
D. R. W ILK IE, General Manager E. HAY, Assistant General Manager
W. MOFFATT, Chief Inspector
AGENTS AND CORRESPONDENTS in all parts of the world.
DRAFTS Bought and Sold.
Special attention given to Savings Department. S Interest
allowed on all deposits of $ 1.00 and upwards.
Wellington Street and Leader
Lane, (Head Office).
Do. Young and Queen Sts.
Do. Young and Bloor Sts.
Do. King and York Sts.
Province of Ontario
Province of Quebec
ST. THOMAS (East End)
Province of Manitoba
(North End)
North West Territories
Province of British Columbia
CRANBR.OOK BRANCH       &      J. F. M. PINKHAM. Msvna^er
x v;.;
*  I.' u
0 ..16
0 •.' .'
5 oo
00 0
oo 6
0 6 6
Cu 00
00 o
6 0 6
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0600066660666666666600666666 $oo6^6066660<>000006666000066666666000606666660600660000000000000066CH>6f0.666666666666660666666i>'';
666Ct66066666666666666666666<> aooooooooo000000000000000000006666600000000000000000000000000000000000Q.. 0000000000006600000000 O
lit? *tt*ttt *t* ttttttttttf^♦♦♦"'Ifff♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
Sf i
Sf •
If J
if i
if x
Sf f f
i * ♦ i
If v,u
If 1
if it
o*f J
«f«. /
The  St.   Eugene
Greatest   Silver-
Lead   Mine   on
the American
Continent )j*jM
Mine   at  Moyie
ill.ltlllllllllKlll.llllllllHIII.IIIIIII.I' *»•••••
The St.  Eugene Consolidated Mining ,',illl|,i,,,l   buhls 1.-11 claims ...I  III,'
iii'sl si,),- ot Moyie Lake, divided   in
III   ll,,.','  gl',.U|IS   i'..ll,'.l   llll'  Si.   Kllgl'lll'
Movlo nnil l..,Ku    shore groups,   re
s|i,',T,u'ii'. Tho s,   i-:„m'„i'  . i..nn.
Inn,,  ivlt.ili ,l„- entire   proper,)   'I.'
rlveil ils iu,,,,,'. was fneuleii  nn   lhc
nn,i, .I,,,,,-,   mn, i,v   ,i,u ii.'i.'i.uui
I'-lllliU     ,',„',,,|.l.       1,,-illl   ill    ill,'       lll.ll.l'l
ntlHitiiin helwiTi. .'..uilli.ml. uml I..it
Steele, while    lln- I'.i.u «... jncnli .
-. whal lulu, in  il,   -i -   ('.„.,
iu. iu.i, (tu* general ,.......,--..-. ,..,   lhc
i..iii|,.nu .   I',.■,,..,,. ,.. ,l,u , when
il,   ,',..„ mile il,,- I..,.,,, .1   ,1m
I'.i.'i, I,u   linil lunl year, milmed
.".,',■■ „•,..• us     well ,,, ,„„,.' develop
ii,,-,., ,.s  in,,, uu, .,uii,.|,,,   nml
luui,,,,'. Hu,i     ilu    ,.'„.    he   Si
I' ,„• lll|l|„',l in,., ilu- I'.-,.-, i, I.
in May last.
'rii.isi' hemes si,i,iv l„,\i mining pays
,,,,,1,'r fi,v.ii,ilil,', ami nnl even ver)
ii-iv favorable, eoutlitions, ami makes
,  u ler I,.,u i, i"um   ,.l , ,1,...
ilu. company's si.irk sl.intls ,il as lou
a lim...- as || iL.us inilay. Low us ,.
is, yiu; may llml ,, Irani enough lo
get i,l al.) price, I,.1 iii.. owners h..l.J
11.   lake ml, age ol   ,1   hull
 I,.,. I.u,    ,.u  i.l,.., ,1  means    !■,
Ilium    „,  III,; illvt.len.ls.   'I'liu,    1.im-
'li, lilemls    nun   be expected ,\ ill    , -
ninth, very apparent .1- ive resume .lulus, „,   nt .iu    |ii,,|„-iim uml   show
mlu,   lur. 1 11 .11 Until)   ,1    111     Ilm
im"     01 ore  1 im 11 ul '	
.1....- manufae , ,•. ilu- [.reseul
'I'l,.-,.- is lit, ,." -     it)   uu    uu, int..
,1,.'   I.I. I'        M I.M ll      MM   ml    III,-       llentl)
lti'siilfiii',' of (i. Knots..... S„|i,.ri
I'. I!.. I run
it,'..,!,':,! I raws Sral   Division   C
irook, I'.. ('.
lie i,iil,„',',l Father Coccoln I„ pur,ml
agilalion ol  ,1„- Silver-Lead Miners'
lhc two i„ In- developed as one prop
Association in   he carefully listened
erty.   Uml, ii.u.i steadily ahead   un
in i.v ilm responsible ministers ol the
der   ihu   supervision of   Mr. I'r.uiiii,
nonunion (lovcrntneiit, with Ihe   re
until  iu    18115  .111 eight-loot   veil.    11'
sult  Unit  in    Jul,    I'liil, a lumus ol
galena was opened up. whieh iiuluivl
tin n i.m uu- granted for all   lead
Mr. .1 ,   \. Finch, ut Spokane,    1..
smellcd In t'ntindiati plums limn Ca
Inn  out  li,.- inlcl'esl  nl Fatllei  ,'...■■
nadian me, which litmus, in a modi
cola l..r   $l3,l>uli.   ,tii oi widen   ,m,s
fied degree, was Inter nn conceded 1,1
spent by the good priest i„ lhc erec
Canadian lend   ores   disposed   ui   in
tion   nf the   in-ill,,,i„! church ol   s,
foreign ciiulrics, except  Ihe   United
Kugene at tl,,' ulissi,.,,. ,1, u,.' ueccs-
States.   Tu this most jusi amcliorn
sary schools, houses and huildlngs ,0-
lion ui ,11,fail conditions may im at
ipiiri'il   by iii,,, inr educational   pur
1,ilm,mi    ,lu-    renewed   aclivity    nt
poses amongst    lhc [...Hans, ami    in
propcrlies like lhc St. Kugene,' hav
pushing   in,nu,,! lite irrigation   uuu
ing large   bodies ol ore nol parlicu
fa,',,,in-, operations    which have,    11
l.ulv rich 111 silver values.   1,    nm,
sober (act, mud,' the wilderness bios
also lu- assumed Uml iin- grunting nl
sum us ilu- rose.   Ii is necortling li
tlm lend lumus wus 11 slrong Induce
the  eternal     Illness   ol   Ihings that
mum in ,1„- Sullivnii ('iitui.ii.iy 1.1 ','
Father Coccoln     is now engaged   in
su.uc work un the Marysville smelter,
creeling    nnolhci    beautiful   church,
ami to gel  tlm   suli,,,t,i mine   ir,t,
 eli    un  the  model nf lll.il al    Hi,
shape im shipping.
Mission, in Ihe lown ..( Movie.   Tin-
In   May Inst the   outlook Im'   tin
is miii' complcleil, us lar as Uu-   u\
lumi industry looked sullicietitlv   ia,
teinals arc concerned, Iml  the ii ler-
nrahlc to   induce M,   Cronin in   re
i,,r   decoration sliil requires   lo   In
si inn   operations wi'h u crew nf     '
in,-,,, which nmnl in has Iinm Increased
Ilelwcen    ISM   .mil    I8!IK    U.ssn
uiiiil Ihcri  uiu 'un, J.",„ men engage
IT,mm nnil Finch nciuireil tliu   Lake
1,1 Ihu iisiiu  ami null    Were il 	
Shore ami Moyie groups by purchase,
a great    shot lege nf watei nu     "'
spent isu.„,„, in developing and show
washing purposes lite niimhei ..f „„,
ing whal   ,l,u  ,.',,1  res cos ni    tliu
,1 1 have 1 11 uiui.iiu'l,   increasei
iniipuiii   wuii' likely  tu ilemonslralc
and ,1m oulpul, I„i ..- Iliniigh ,'  was
with iin- application nf furthei    eap
iiuruu   11,  iu,,., 1 -...;.
Hal,   nnil   in Is I,s|ius,',i „|   iwu
From Mm  ,.. ' ui .■• N'< ven l.e
llii.ils nl ilm i  interests in the Hood-
ilm mine surrendered up iu,.l".,   loin
erhain-lllnckslock   svndicale, ol   Tu
uf em,,..nn.iluu. ore, ulmii gave .1 1.
iiiiitu       liiiinmliuluh afle,  ilm   deal
Ill,',,   ..I    l.i.T, ns   nl   coned,,rules
was      consul, led,     JlSn.llllll    was
llv    ilif uml nl     ll,u   v.-ui  ll	
spent in ,1 quipmenl ol lite   mine,
have   been produced close   on  15   1
iiiu! in sliil  lunl,,',  explorations     '
inns   .11    . oticcnllati's,           .     ' ' '
what was now being demonstrated t.
be a 11,,,,,' nl Ibu Inst class
Mv   April,  IWlll,    ihu conconttntni
litis, witl    *  ■                 ...uiii.
v,.,s lend)  I m-i Hums, uml In M.n
, lean nre wttl   „   i'l, whi, h nu v, il!
n! Ihal lu.ii work ton. be Inirl) 5	
Iiuvu to pjysei   , '    " --. ourselves
lu hale si.,, t. ,1 ii, lhc nnil''. ami  Ilu
The nn;:,  v,.     . ;■   dcnl  In -, great
t.ropeii)   iml   1,11   a   shipping   hash
1 \ ■, i, on    -  -, ■.   -. ■,:  i - -1  use    1'
*» This conl n'luii iinlii -luii, Iimi. nl,,-.
tin   null.
the cud,lions ni   il,.- sii,,-, 1,-u.l    ,1
tlusttv m llritish r.ii luu   he, -•
those mines pimliicinp  1 ran
siliu, ,,' Ihe mn uml upwards   ,
■           ■" 1                      :■ 1111,    th,
lie \\u,l,e,l 11,   ii plulil
From n.i, in llerembci "1 IIMO, th.
' ,.          \\                                                  unlislatll
niinu    produced ovei   i-,,.„„u Lu
l„ 1 '  -    -    ■' '. '            '  1
in,-    II,Ull   » til, ll   11,3(11   inns .-I    -
...                  Illillg   il
centrales ,,.,.■ procured mul     '
[in,       I.u I'al ■
a uinss   price   "1 si liiiiTui      1    11
Iron 1          I nl",   i"
Uns  sun,   ',.,.1   10  l.e  deducted   ll   ■
111,-- I    . II   ,-,lli-l   -.Ml''     Ill,'       illUl
Krsi.li'ii.v ot 'I'. W. Lwisk, Cninlirook, R. C
oi    . |ipio\im,llelV    IS   |.,v   (.'hi.   i,|   111,-
iiiiii.' receipts, leaving Sfl27,'llf)
available foi clearing oil' liabilities,
paving wages, providing lor wear ami
t.'.ii. up keep oi Hi,- plant, ami toi
dividends on $:i,500,000, Ilu- capital
slock rn' tin' company.
Krom January to .July of 1001, Hie
property produced 10,151) Ions of ore
Which vleiiled 12,025 Ions of conccn-
I111! ■■ of cntial grade to tllal produced ;i limil, Iml owing to the
steady depreciation of the prices of
hoili ' lean ami silver, Hits aniounl
produced only $01(1.5(11 gross, and
$272,301 iifi. after the deduction of
. freight ami treatment charges. The
proms of ilie fourteen months work-
lug from May, limn lo July, MM,
were sufficient lo pay off all ciiitciiI
indebtedness, working expenses, anl
dividends to the amount or $21(1,Odd,
ami leave $200,(10(1 In lln- Ireasuly
available lor future development,
which, il inav fie said, never censed
from Ihe date' of llie close down iu
July, 1001, until work was   rcstii 1
acler, This new punm will In- ot.
hand at once, and when Installed will
In- alii.- lo heave 2,500 gallons pel
minute into the mill, or about enough
io 'lo ilu- business of the mine ami
loavi  a fair margin for luisv times.
When Mr. Cronin was giving the
materials for ilns article, he spoke
of ,i certain new strike which had at-
traded much attention when the
knowledge of il became cnrrenl
through the Movie Loader, and verv
kindly suggested that lhc writer
should have a look at the scene thereof, aud he in a position to describe
whal lie saw with his own eyes, ami
leave nothing lo hear-say evidence.
The writer jumped at the chance, for
mine managers do not care, as a rule,
lo have strangers making Inspections
of their properties. If mini' owners
had lo show what Mr. Cronin makes
mi mystery about, it may very well be
said that they would be glad enough
to make exhibition of it. He Ihal ns
ii may, some hour or so nfier Mr.
Cronin had made the suggestion for
a trip underground, the writer:   met
Mr. James (l'Leary, the ti reman   of
tin- l..t...- Shore workings, where, by
ihe way, l- i nn u art lus con
trol a',  ilu  shall house
Tins building, both in extent ana
convenience, easily surpa -■ - the ..Id
I..- Hoi shall house a' K ...:.<i The
' ■ i ■ engine ol t
w 'in).ii< ate lirniii pat '•■• i built by
ihi l M 'iiw.i h,.n Loiupal ■ ol < ll tura-
v..i.  low.i   and is in chi i
Ulackbui ii       h     is
watch .in Tinin.ti   ui ■
,'i  Ui. -■    [ "   ■ ing ni1     let Some
one it.'v a n 'i >■•]•' I pulls a bell-
rope,  nnd hang,  ban
i'i                  I.-.- I  a   j>; ,,v
I: (111       I 111    ■ llgilie         OUH     ii,l -
tenon 1.1 ,ht ,,i hand with levers
ami brakes an,! valve tin p I
in obedieni >■ lo hi a i ard toui It,
spin ilu' drums, and up from tbe netV
t»r ipgioi I ml - b v, o-ton cai ot
..ie. winch h whirled aloh to the
tipple, iun out mi .i trackway, Irom
which ii . iie.oui.-s oi silvei .nnl leu i
,ne   pit! In il   ii,I.,  ,i   luu   wild  as   lill'e
ceremony as o n     were nothing    ',,
lliug j lim,ilini dollai ■ woi Mi m| i, ii
< i.il • .. i v it |p inn. ,i caskel big
etinii Ii !,' i  a wli..I,* lamil)
Soon n w.i'. our no ii i" desi end
i.v ih. i ,i■■■', which is in.,'. i'ii-.i w nn
.oil..io. ■ , , lull lie -, id lli.it should
Ua- i*alili< break,   ihe  Weight   ol    the
vehicle    ! rs loin   rati helled cams
again .1 lie aide post -. .unl ilu- fast-
.i ii,.- i.iU .mil ihe grcatci tin-
wi i Ij I,.- ligblei llie) [am Into the
woodwork    lo'iii-  dov ii  one feels a
i i. sense  .'1   light lie:   ,   wl
-in ■ ' i. bopr lli.il Ni.' . ngv will ao'
.1 Mtii.i wholly from ti,id,-! yum led,
mil tl. n, <i. In ,r- a thisile down,
von I.' ni .it the boilom ami ulep ■ it
n ih,' shilii'ii    Most prtipcilv nan -I-..
■: 'he 11, t , i'..t a lrackwa"\ .mv,:-
twaj from it and hides ilscli in Ihi
lar!, ,i a  liinucl    the ken    of
in en nil.-     Ue follow  the iraekwai
irsl I'M hundred feci of ii have been
ue il.oii.h ci ii!,n\ rock Then a
li oi ,' . mils in ilu- ii.titi-iii oi ill,
>.ls The\ are no longer rough, Iml
•row smooih ns we ndvaiice, .\
lanci ,.i th- roof shows that tin- ore
wns niel wiih here, vou can notice a
rjimm i, hie the ' rellectiou from
broken steel, here and there. The
foreman nolicps tl,- glance, ami ex-
plain, that from that point to where
Ihej ire now gelling out ore, some
Mine hundred vards awav, or so, as
far as from the C I'. R. depot to Ihe
end of linker street, they have bee::
" in ore" all the woy—concentrating
nre. lie also explains Ihat the next
level was directly above us, hul
some 130 feel higher. 'I'he tunnel is
ahn'it eight feel wide on the average,
though wider in some places. Just
consider what  this really means. We
Ml in iin- St. Eugene Ih     '-li   Ci-n-
m is repoj led to be lo .      i., sirep
ui. account ol ilu- vicis
ifulusiry. nor    need he,  m-hcu lie   ,s
mining ore carrying 8-1 ol
;. id, woi ■'. to him 11 ■ :
I*, not to
valin-s oi th.- silver. \
nn-   business, ihis   bla . i   bui
lion ,mi ot ihe bowi i
at tlie rate ot DItj ton
\•  '.v-' go back \'i\\.'
liy a diflerenl    street I
which we camcj Mi   < > I ■
that v.. , ■.    ■:. •   :, IHU
Iai>■ ■('   Hi'1    in-,in-'' I 1)25
fi. ■  below  :!,<■    !'. mil
■ -.v,   ih,' level of Ihi
ihr I... e    and    mn    I
uttally from the botto
",-.■1     wr  .,:,■     tl
thi other, .ul in on , ami in due
lime will lie nnned i" '■
able account    That wa    . I Ihal  ih,'
llilli'l    ll.nl   Miii,    '■'     ■ ■
was   equally   interest ii
u ■ ;.. valuable, to be
pjiei  leveh.
The Si   l   Rene litis, i Iwentj
one motnli-, shipped  12                   ol
conn titrate     aloin ,   will     I    i ■
i,iil\    ..f th,-   , lean   o ueil
|R1 112 tons, oi fai .,!      « iy   more
than al!  Hie nntl,
hi.,    pi t   logelhel       !
may be mentioned  thu     t v pin ,pci
Ity ol ilu- SI   Kugene
Canadian fluid Klelds i      p« \ lo re
rent ly    dwlare a dn idi .: pel
..-in ' .-a Ith capital,     . laitei
c panj   i    .   hn . ,,i   the
slock .'t ihe f,,i in. t
M  wns ,i    peculiarlj
nn,- of ilns most  luii i    ■ ini!  lrip lo
note the ait of hope .,; .   i-ii ral well
being whieh prevade   ll    |ireltj town
ol     Movie,    ||     is    dip ■  I  ni     lo]   il-.
progress on ibo :,,i ■  ik-   Si.
Ku-me,     Thai   'lo    i     . ,   i-   made
plain l.v Ihe scan   "1. "   ire vis'
Ihle as'  the resull ,|    ilu    leiiml    of
idleness of ihe mine    I) his un
happy  seas in of ecllpsi   '!>• Iv uses he-
weatlur-heat li in app ii nu e, \ov,
I hose iniiiites are hell j repaired in
all directions, new bu Id u .i;. go
ing up, new rcB'deticcs .,i ■ cot !; tnk-
lug on an atmosphere ot I ntra\ the
bin cases ot lhc commi i -i U men li!-
ler ihe platform at the depot (trust
vour drummer to smell out good business), and wherever one l'o.s tlie
word is the same, " things are ntuii'j;
Well."    And   lo   keep   ilie  cause  of    it
all before men's eyes there is a whirl
oi steam anil smoke, and a roar of
machinery down by ihe mill, where
the Inscription "St. Eugene Con.
Mining Co., Limited," proclaims the
local habitation and the name of ibe
greatc3i silver-le.nl producer in the
British Kmpire.
Gradually Hie had new . leaked   out,
and the mining journals math- no dh
^tnse ihal in their opinion the   mine
was exhausted.   It  did nol    surprise
ihe public,    therefore, when in    May
ta^_M.._s. s   i-'owler made an >"C
atninatibn   ol   tBc propel ly   and rec
ommended   the  direcloi -.   that   llie;,
.' further development wot i. lo
:.i taken.    Tin  end had i owe
.hois   disposed of a balance
in the treasury I.y declaring .i   imall
dividend   as a kind ot last g I bye,
closed down ihe mine, paid oil th,,
men, and only hit a lew lo dean up
iii,* slopes .u-l tidy things foi .i long
;!   HI .
i i, i.i iii,.si- m,,si depressing ami
■ ■ u ,i i)..' circuinstani es the   prop
erlj was placed under the manage
il    M:    Kt.il    \|« l..-o,l    I'm i.n.
who has been ussoi Ialeil with Hi.
ue foi nine "i li n ycai -    He   had
seen it grow   into ,i great piodin •■!.
i J,, .- relations Willi  il   in  ihe    days
ol its waning fontine, and look ovei
Mi.- control  a!   Il.e  \. IV   low.-si   ehli ..1
ihe tide oi iis piosperlly. Luckily,
no man knew lhc ground so ihorotij li
ly, and tl was a foi lun.ile • in um
si,u,. i'   foi   all   lone.-l nnl   thai   llle I'l ll
plight oi ibis great propelIj appeal
eil to Iimi in a [>ei uluii personal way
foi hr had a w.ii ui regard for lln
ground wnlt which ins own life   \>m
lit-i n i ml up for    so many years.
.I.-, liuig.iis located the Korih Sini
.Hid ll. K. on ilie 22nd August. IKU2
ami his associate, James l.angi.
(Correctly Liinglois) slaked the lliicl.
Horn ..ml Iiieaiinaiighi on the sain
dm. On ih.- 1st Octohei following
tiny gave an option lu William Cm
son W Is, ol Quebec, al $10,000, '"■
tlie l-l July,  ISIKi,  Mr, Woods   pei
fecled  his  title,  and   U'aiisfen'eit    In
Itilerist to Air. Donald l>. Mann, wh,
wuii certain others- pr.ivi.leil a tap
ifai of $130,000 to push the develop
men I o| Ihe property.   It  proved    li
he .ui unexpected iiowitv in the   way
of development, for iry where    Ihet
might, tliey ran againsi ore , not ci
eenirating   ore.   either,    hut    elei
shipping ore, and    Ihis has remain
tlie  most   sulking characteristic
the mine fiom thai day to the   pn
•ut.   Ai   anv rale, during this  wo
hey    took mil   and  shipped  no    Ir
ban 11,nno tons of clean ore ruiuil
ill ounces  lo  Ihe  Ion  iu silver,    a
; j Moyie Lumber and
Milling Company...
A Fine Mill Site,
Excellent Facilities, and Extensive Limits .** ..■*
Ann iluu,■ capital is a,   ,1.,- back of. both pockets well lined.   III. pockets,
lhc .;>', iu [.umbel anil  Hilling   Com- though, have -i  woeful facility
pain,   the      |,i.   nli 1,1     IU il        llouill'i I li i
tin       mm: ll  I I.   i'l    lie; Ihe  plane,    building
Itnii,. i-irclaiy.   Hugh ,!.,-      ; I                        v.:.,, i.    gets
t' rot, era! '    nagel    "i    the lite hot breath ol its life froul a boll-
. ompai.) *    -m       in     Ilu-' ici  ni.m-i   it. I              ire, Is waiting
Kool ilo get a cl                    ■:„■ s',-,-1 ,,-,-tli
v., -       - '   .rn  . ■ ■:
Im,,'    i'-'   'I ii i musl    have
 i, :..-., omprehen-
stve eye foi     ..   Iiiisi ad. anl
of lir.sl-eli     - fur loggi.
i miilumi!   ,' i'i   I., li".-- i lansiiol'  -u
il,-  m-ii   best I  i.u null    si' '
COtHJ.1   su-      .,,.,;,
.-   ■    '-■' ....   Ibis < ti  ■  nl n
. ' -:        ihi   east si.1
runs     hel ivei li    Ihi  I l.nvcl
Ilu-. n- lul,       ll ■    i.u   nail
i   on!)  l"" , i, (bat
i     ,.-   - illn
chine, ami -i woi iii  ful moulding ma-
i bine i'-' n n mi ■'■ ol the mm.    I
lumbei     I nd hen    I comes    A   man
„l   , ma    dag   '.-a-
ihe moulder,
teiror, ft'hir-r r-r
-    ':..i'   end,
smooth    , aiid bi -ult-tl. and
ed above and he-
tl mi   tlie
While  the
mal her Is
m      y  with    a
Cninlirook Firo Brigntli
were walking rn urc <'iiilit teet   wide
I   I        Ml.   ulu,   Ittis  nn-   ivellt     down
: ,    i,i. ,,s     Iiiii,  deep    mlu llie
la ■ -!. lions ul ttm mountains, an I
..«.,, nn u urn- ilm 1ml,iiiii ui Mpyle
I.u,-. icld ' i'lni' in the retaining
im.! s. ,,.s vi, might call Ihem. ,\hovj
us uu- ,i i, -u im it-.-i iliiuk. Fancy
walking thuitigh a lancway will, a
in.uuu-,, ,„    sllvct    nml   lead of uu-
- IIOWII llep ll,  ulu! a  lmil nl   1.10   feci
m  ilm;  „i  Um     same material,
uml m-i   have the idea.   I,   somehow
ll    '        ;1u- siiuuis nl  ih,. New    ,le-
Mlet walking Ihe length „! a good,
ni      lifci  ol  iin. utitlei   miilil,    iv
I ilu- imprisoticl gnomes nl
mine ii,     ih,- .hup,- ,,(    ., |„„,-i
-ii li   - mil,   jabbing „  hole in  ihe
       \ i,.n    n.   I il    across Ihe
 Iml-'   '    lnuusl,   nml    his   sits   ,1
ii i  -■    Icel ns ii i- ivnnl
,-i.  while    -lui    '   lends   chuck."
Ilevi.u.l um rn- H nil rn working Ihe
i  i' m   "I, nml disappear!   in   Um
;. .  i,    .    mi the nulls lull hack in
U    I'. !    M'Tl-.l.    lui'l    HI     s,,.       |,     |S    |i|,|,
Ii    ie.1    ,1 ,u, nt „ puiitiiiniiie scene
I!"     r. mm      of   Kilvel    uml    ,1,"
      , '  ih,   Mn,-  '   Uu nr.' wuik-
u     >-.    Ilv, i    il  is above us,   below
I!    . I-  II. ni,I,   sules.   lie    111"
I, inhl, ,.-   ovei   il,   soiling  ,„„' hauls
t ii    nml,' lucre .   silver, sliver
■venwhere, Iml  nol  ., dollai   lo pm
■ -,s  though ever) I
i.i. ... load,    11.nv
    i,    ,    tl,,-,,.    ni    ihal   Iml
li"',', ilu I know, I mm tell vnu on.'
thing, iii.,, ,1 mich th,' slope is siv-
,ee„ iei't wide, ilm,,' is nn srgn nf a
foul null, mid very 11 tlio him ni a
hanging wall either. It may reach
.n.i lui hundred!, nf yards ' In Ilm
west, ami gn down t,, tlio abysms ni
Hm earth, Iml Ihere it is, a marvel
in su,-. uml certainly Ihe grunt.'si
showing nl clean galena which lite
eves ol inns, men ever 1,,'held. Later
nil llie drill will have Jnhboil n round
nf holes her,' anil tliere, into which
m, iiimlul ,,f slicks ,,l dynainfio will
he slowed away and duly touched oil
as the men tpiit their day's shift ui
work. 'n,e„ ., dull roar will shake
,1m lulls, and another llftv tons or so
will he ready to go up in Ihe cage
to he added 'lu Ilm horde il, Ihe bins.
And ,,f al! this wealth in, nccoitnl has
lieen taken, because lite shipping nf
litis clean ore lias as yet hardly
Hul still, a mailer nf $7H.nflfl will
he distributed „s :, kin,I „f Christmas
gill It, Ilm shareholders, and will become payahio on Hie lull, of December, so as |„ keep oil iliill times and
pul Ihem on tlie best of good terms
wiih ihoniselves, uml make litem enjoy llieir turkey all Hie heller. Let
it, lie said thai tilings are so   [ailing
A Property Tlui   lliou^ln
liasi Kootenay
The famous North Star mine, near
Ktllilieiley, has as large a share in
the upbuilding of ihe early fortunes
of l-'.asl Kootenay as ihe l.e Itol and
ilie other giants of the Rosslnt'd gold
copper group bad iu attracting attention ami capital lo ihal nren aiid
n. Wesl Koni,-nay generally, ami i:
was the remarkable foi inn.- nf .Joe
lliirgois, now engaged in ranching
neat Ashcrofl, ni he ihe locator ol
both of  ibnse great  properties,
The hotly of ore on ihe North Star,
from which up to July, hHrJ some
•10,000 tons were shipped, oei upleil i
shallow basin in which [1 lav nearlj
flat, and covered only wiih   surface
deposits.   It bore no nnalogj  ' \
other known hotly of galena, wiih ihe
pos-.iblc exception of tbe Blue Hell,
north of I'iloi Hay on Kootenay
lake, which was worked almosl en.
liiely on the ' glory hole " Hystcm,
The " glory-hole " plan was irm,l io
some extent nl the North Star, ami.
if the trim naiure of the deposit had
been fully apprehended from Ihe beginning, it is possible ihat the ore
might have hucn mined with a steam
shovel, as il lay sixty or seventy feet
below the surface clays and Wash,
Mr. .John L, Parker, lho late manager, seems lo have had llie idea Ihat
the ore body was an overflow or hit
eral enrichment from a central lis
sure, and did iptitr a large amounl
of sinking in Ihe hope of establishing
the soundness of his theory, hut
whether his snppnsitinn he correct or
not, the fact remains that the result
of bis developments at depth did not
prove encouraging. Prospecting with
the diamond drill was Ihoughl to
have pretty clearly outlined tlm
boundaries of the deposit, ami convinced tlie then existing management
that, the end had been about reached.
j0 per cent, in lead. This was sent
by wagon tu the North Mar lauding
on tbe Kootenay river, 21 ntilcb
away, and thence by steamer to Jennings, Mont., for transport lo Great
Kalis smelter. As prices then wet-
for both lead ahd silver, it need not
be said that ilu; ore realized an immense sum. but vim company not
alone spent every dollar ol theiv
$130,000 capital on the mine, bin
every dollai procured from tbe sale
of the ore also. These expenditures
gave     tlie management    a    realizing
use of the true value ot the property, ami led to its being operaU*J
s a sn-ck company, witn a capital
f $l,r»0li,000. 'Die mine hus pmu in
dhidcuds no less titan k.i.n.umi, oi
about in per cell I ■ on ihe entire capitalization, and only the othei ilaj
declared a further dividend oi 3 pel
vent., .in even) which caused people
to wonder whal iresh turn ilu- un
limes oi ibe North istai uad I alien.
During the past summer various
rumors were < io rent oi new s.i o.es
on lhc Norm star, bui iim>i people
look ihem to be only the mini mo,
cm which herald linai extinction, nlh
crs Ion track of Hnn. oi hope ol
Ihem, but one ol two of a mote snn
Ltmif tempi rnmclil rati those n poi ■ -
down n. iheir sources with ihe resull
Ihal   il   cm  he .staled   with o, i lain!\
thai llieie is ore in sight, there IV
siill halm iu ClilUad, How much Ihere
is caimoi be slated, how long II will
Insi is not known, but al this mo
meiit ihere nre Tim tons oi ore in the
bins, which will have been shipped before ihis intelligence is made public.
ami there is mure where that came
from, Some of this ore was bail out
of the "glory-bole" near tlie incline
shaft, at which point alopcing is going on nt presenl. The laic dividend
was paid out of ihe proceeds of ore
by the handwork of an average crew
of twelve men, nnd the Tun tons now
awaiting conversion Into the means
of paying another dividend is tlie result of similar operations conduct.'}
under Mr. Cuiran's supervision.
The present manager is ghoul Ibe
last man in llritish Columbia to speak
ahont himself, bis business, or Ins
hopes for the future. Ile would not
dream of even hinting ut a hope
which might not be realized, nor
would we feel ourselves msiitleil
such a course, but il is hy no means
an uncommon experience to find ihat
the stopolng of one body ot ore gives
a hint that leads directly to the find
(lip of another, and we cannot liclti
wishing that such may be the case
with ihis mine, and that ils good
forium may continue till the North
Star again asserts itself ns ihe largest shipper of clean galena ore in
Ili'si.lrii.v .,|' CVcil Pivst. Cmnhrook. B   C
of a  ca
Tim   li
lent,   ai
lake an
all Ihe
or .so I,
and pre
the ti.it
Ihe  I	
lOgb  In
.is  (hel
driven i
a Inch
..y ll.i
iv Incli
'Hi,- in
llle WOoi
mill    let
inns    an-   1 I,"mi    ... i-'-   in , ,
at lie  io  ihe  wesl   stile ol    tin
:l close liy  the sn-n.-s.   ml on,
mn.' -suu.it.- not. s ui   extent
was  no'   remarkable  lot    m;;
driving   w. nt    on for   thn-
by any
The sj
lery o
sure ■
These i
inch    e
gers, d
single :
Into tl
and tin
111.-     le
time o
to   be
Aboui ,1' hoi ■    ati   ised nbo it
ii dm   i, u .in - Iheii chief woik
cture oi in \v..<- mai him i ■
w mill is equipped v. nl, a ha
■' iw.. boilers carrying .; in
if 120 lbs. p. i square inch
supph powi r to a rcmarkabl)
glue id horizontal pattern, -i
ivlindei, .-m im h - trokc, a
ig -Ja nu s This gives ampli
for the liea\ v i arriage wilii
il feed on io which ihe uu..
hauls ihe logs Irom the lake
, them t., il, steam loader,
with its ,,it' :nl tht -I.-am tilg-
ance ihem about into the best
,- for Iheir advance to the big
iaw, which howls .unl whines
icir vital.-, and when through,
ihem rn. ibe live rolls, thereto he blashed with five saw
s, edged w ith a live-a iw ed^cr,
d   with a    twiwoan trinuni i
hot n  In
to ibe end
accrdotal as it per-
:    ■   ■    ■   ■ ■        i       ■. acer
eat fortv I an
a il -     •' - 'if. Ami
feet ol        her   in
■ in day    ol   ten
lime mosl  tidily
gat [i every   chip and    scrap
hj   Mi    Moulder,
r the He'     il      i oi  Sir Jo-
• :"'    Sui tig   ■;.■ :n  in a
vi levtce,     which
lakes   t te   of them-
P Piper ol Hani-
across    the
■ isim --.
ton, for it n the ins tram o
■■aks    the
.   ' v.     ' ■ : ■
Vlter thi slu!   has passed
tin  oiiieai the   fli .t-
hed np by
the    : ^ Ilu   planer,    ..ii
.  • ■       and various ai-
eyways ont i    ■ g platform,
spur from
the V   1'   '■'. Hen  ,: hn of
• .   ■ led,    am!
maybe tl --amis
*,.'■■ may. il     yi u look
:  thi   \v,-rk of
di    M K \    Mi    Matcher,
i,'   the    - -      Joseph Surfacer
himself, the  Moyie
;.      er Co.. r Ci  nbrook, an I
',.".■■ ■   go "i   St.
Eugene largesse ol great   sue-
'::•■>     to
■■'■ :. ■ h     was
hi nor, and
say I.
\\ :.■ ,,- mines
v ere nan ainl   like St   Pat
rick Si      Col imbkill. but    they
than those
which bear the nami lies with
a lurid pa 1 . I ;■ ■ loi I pi esent,
and an ind future 1
M:   ('..:: ei       the mam gi■:    :   tl
gn .* enterpri      I   an At lerii an and
com ■■; ned to make       idei        :"r    a
body ol                     I Idei -.   bnt
he ■" 'ime mi re ei i-
;,:., -,i.. -. favor of a tariff 1 eli j
impost the importation of the
; : ■ f the I id of hi iiirth than
.:■.;.    Cai       ■ them
all.   A • he not a question
ol patriolisi - il  . the absence of il bui pure q ■ st ion of
hu    , play,   lie
Rosido I ■!- 1'   Fink. i'r,„,l„"-'K. ll  C.
is splendid worl    .1
luu ihree luui In
diameter i-   ikimmc
1! ami Hayed, .iml
fllt   llltn   IlllchcS  uiu:
! slices, .mi! slam-
nmil   nml    lammed,
I'lliiutl      lillllll,'-'I
slush,-,! uml uii.il.
bedevilled, quick-
er than    ian
iullui,'   ,1m opera-
lions.   Ami ul! in,-
'-IIIU'   ilm   llii;   SilW
is howling mul whin
ing for nun,' logs
to satisfy 11s ii,,,,
toOlh.    Sn     unei
tlie business till, at
the etui of a 1,'U-
hour   shill,   u".	
I'-ui    ,,!   linnlier
stand in ilu- crcdil
,,f  lhc plain.   A,
a    pit,ell.  nn,!   luu 1)
.1 in in- tin-   do
luuiuls  ,,[ trade   rn
mic   such .1 pinch
full, ilu- lullv sheet
-. show 00,000 and
i-v.'ti 70,0(10 feel i,.
the same time, nr
equivalent tn about
Ins.,  ii'et in 21
hours,     1 low ,.,„
,1m  11,nils stand
suul, demands, nm
may ask 7  Well,
thev have a mai tor
nf 11 r|uarter ol a
billion Iuc, ,,> spar.
> overo Ihere   be-
yond .Im    narrow.
in Ihere is   no
great   harm   ,1",,,'.
and,   besides,   il
means moncv nn   1
l„- company   .iml
money inr lhc low
, ui Moyio   when
lite festive lumber j
ack comes in with
. th.' prest nl leprcssion, and said ihat
■ as a membei ol iin- Mountain Lumbermen's '.--"I iatlon, he would do
all Ihal in inn. lay i" bring about
ihe Imposition of a tariff. Nor is he
tin: only American doing business on
this side win, is as much in favor of
protection for his investments in
Canada ;is any ot Ins country men in
lhc Smn-.s are nn" the safe-guarding
of their interests in thai land of tho
dollar, against the possibility of
Canadian dumpinc—if such a thing
were possible. Mi. !■:. W, Belknap,
of West Superior, and Mr. I). W.
Wiggins, of Ashland, Wis . never dis-
giiised fiom the writer their utter
disapproval oi ilu- want of a tariff.
They both have .-xn-nsi^e limits iu
Ihe valley ot lhc Duncan river and
along ihe Arrow lakes, ami would
now, to the writer's certain knowledge, have iheir plants in operation
if Ihe conditions were favorable, and
the relations between Canada ami the
United Slates were not in their pros*
eni absurd posture, iiii: cranbrook  mkiialo
, • .. '--)M3««Q:**e«,c>6«-'M««**M
———«8—« —————M
S* *«»♦♦♦♦♦»»*#♦♦*♦*♦♦*♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<•♦■» '»♦*♦♦»«:»»♦♦•*♦♦♦♦♦*♦« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^^^^^^^♦♦^^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦j^r^iir;;
.♦«♦♦♦«««.»♦«*♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦*,«♦*<'♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«»♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦♦♦♦♦^
i i v
If i
Its"--    j
I - • 1
* frti
.   ■■ ..
|4       ml
if i
. '■ - >_.
;;'; ■-'■
,. - ,-.
M -   '      '
K3 "'.   I
k-- -.-,1
(■-"•. ,-■>
K l> si- <J
..'■' - u
t'M.     '.    ''>
f, •:> ft a
M :-'m;'4
&f s»
«,<> <-■■<»
C   v,,;.
i *•♦.«
«:■' -it
{,)< ,s-i»
r .■-...
e.. .:■•'";)
C   '   m,
i f ♦ t
iff a
« f f ■
<*'.'' '''I
if   *»
if fi
If 4
DONALD  GRANT, President
A     A     .*.     A     A     A
*       A       A       *       A
A       Ji.       A       *       *       *
A     a     A     A     *
A      A      A      A      A      A
Because Iheir out put is
a   semi   hardwood,  and
the best finishing lumber
in Canada today, <£**<£
A      A     A     A      A
A      A     A     A     A
A      A      A      A      A      A
Because Ihey pride themselves j
on turning out material properly   manufactured.     Their |
planeman know s his business.
You will not be troubled with
material that will not tit
together. <£
im iM
', Wi$S,
We have a stock of between four and five million feet now
on hand for which we would consider a reasonable cash offer
either as it lies or to be placed on the cars, manufactured
We have over two hundred million feet of timber behind us.
We have rivers to drive it on, a lake that forms a natural
reservoir to hold it in, a mill site that cannot be beat and a
plant that, for its size is the best in British Columbia today
If you are a Lumberman, a Speculator
or an Investor, come and see us ♦ • ♦ ♦
;lm ■'-&
v..-j-.'.-- ,i
'--Si''', m-ifi'
'','.'■ si V-.!
Wfc ?&t ■'
>'';,*., f-:K
are open for any deal wherein we can
see an opportunity for mutual prof it s s &
sff J
if f 9
• i • * 2
i i *T
iff f
"••'- ii
P + f J
a s f*
, ,, *6
... m •*•
tt f f •
. «■ »?
,i < <v»
. ..tn
■ , ftt
i «■$!
f s»>l
1   l!.»l
ef fl
iff 1
ft i
■f ♦«
• ♦t«
C"     'I
fi '■> <■ M
e v ♦ f;
®-r.<, 7,
Sf f 9
V. *''-'''
iff v
• »«"»<•*«•*♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦ ffffffffffffff^UM,   >ff««ff^«»f«^«4„V4-f««>>»«4«*0f4>4*4*4ff«»««««*l>fff*fffffl»«*^«O«ffff«ff«*0*^^f**f*f*f*ffffffffffffffff^^fff^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I
nit THE   CRANHROOK    lirilAl.Ii
&S*'.S;.i^i^/S^^j£!r**5^ -3«* !?J»fiS •/»..-..«• •,->.-t.-«. •/».<-.-«. 75SWewWi?55?8Si53»^
m -
HI jgiamim^^
V\iSi>;    3H SIS
** I Jacobs (Dublin, Ireland) Fancy Biscuits, Cakes I
and Short Breads.
H 1
|| 1 Lorimers  (London,   England) Sauces,  Catsups &
H 1 and Vinegars. 1
§& I Grays (Glasgow, Scotland) Marmalades. i
PI 1 1
IP | English and French China. i
m ffl Hotel Heavy Rolled Stoneware. 1
1 Bavarian Glassware. |
i *
H as        The store in Cranbrook where you can pur- |
Sj I chase with perfect confidence knowing the quali- 1
m N ty will be 1
• ■ ■- * m
I  £ K$!
^        We carry a sufficiently large stock of staples 1 &;,
fH to fill any hotel, camp, mill or mining order. 1 «m
ffl ^ S
&        We are ever on the lookout for novelties, 1 **j
*! ' ^ .*>
1 something new if its good, but always all the old i *r%
ffl I ag
1 reliable products of such manufacturers as Cross 1 §i
| & Blackwell, McConnachie, Kielers, Price, Bor- i S<
ffl.     {   7mm\m4WmVWmmmWSatf*1 HKm    ■■■ «~rf2r=S=r","'=££fiS^^ | ffl
| cleaux.Long, California. McLaren, Toronto, John- | fg|
l | Sife
I son, Swansea,  Tobler, Berne, Murillo,   Seville, | ™
. .. I
Iii 1
| Codou, Marselle, Morton, London
T. R. TEA   -   -    G. T. R. BAKING POWDER 1 W
T. R. COFFEE   -   -
ffl u
ffl  _
% m
m      ■
1 mj
1 'PHONE 23
P. 0. BOX 34
Cranbrook a C P. R.
Divisional Point
The Mo,
Uig. On.
.iillililiiHiiillllOW ings, anil the plan's whoro each shall
*   |iiiss lim ullii-r.
^ .Mr. T. Miirlin, llii' divisional on
n 'glttccr, will, liis asalstaM engineers,
*, iUesura. li. K. .M.u-A, Hi... anil Louis
S Huriubulso, have also thoir otllces In
ri. I tlio tlt'piti hullillngs, where all the
JI plans, „,..\vi,,irs and titiips ,„,' i»,"
$ pared. These genllcinen represent
ivlial tiniv In' called Ihi' llinlli,',„.,Ileal brains of the olllclal slaft.
In in,, depot iiu.l ale situated the
bhief repair simps „[ ihe division
under Mi- Kriclison's charge. Tins
mcchanlcnl      dei.arltitenl     employes
!'i„-t-    ul    Mi.'     A.   11     linger,   null
Hours. II.  Alkcns ami  A.  Hcl'owi
mn nl iii,  locomotive .itui c
slilnli'iii   and   nervous   prostration.!again, and   1iil;£.',1 out again in   lie head nf Crawford Hay.
  .    ....,,.,..    ,..,,         •.,_:.,    ._    ....     V,      ...1    ,.i.   ..    l.l I 'I',,..   ...., ,-      Mil:	
A balance sheet ol tlio Canadian
Pacific Railway is highly Interesting
l„r the ordinary „,.„, \ii„> is unbless
i',i „l i,„> ol ns slock, iml for ilu-
happy receive,  "I lal dlvHenda whal
page ,'f ll"'* Writ oven, holds audijrjcpatlm'enia respectively,
absorbing raiding? Stockholders m, . ci,i,.u,' 11,11,,-, is passenger and
may st.n al homo Iron, church lor I fr.-iehl agent, having u stun ol six
th,' ,,,,'iv fun "I roadlng such returns, I nssistanls. The express department
but they will halloo an anthem ur aU„ ooni(,s ,,„.,,., ms jurisdiction.
bo, nitli all tin- greater bclicl in an| ,nil. tijvis.it.jutl pay roll runs lo
overruling Providence which lays „!)„„, $1111.1,1.1. n nimiih, wlierool lull)
tlu-i, lines i„ pleasant places, when ,31,0011 nm|s Ils waj into the i,.,,,,,s
those most consoling evidences "1.0[ the merchants ami bualnosa pen
prosperlt! come along In theii prop   p|l, o( ,.kui1,,-,„,k    i„ ihis latter sun
,-r Boason.   Take ., sample Irom   lhc  |s n„.|M,|,.,| ,,   ,, miinlh, which go
accounting submitted in tho general tl, „ay 1M1, ,.,,,,.,.is.,— in Hie round
mooting ol 7th October, lima Uross |„,,lsc anj i-,,,,.,,, shops
earnings |.„ th,' iimi ending Huh „, i,„i,s„n has lully 1 ,'„,> hum
■lime, 1!10:1, M.VJ,. t7:i 1 working lwcwRnry [„r ihe operation of the
,xp,',,s,s. $28,120,637. and net earn i:, ,.,,|,\ ,,, rallwaj lor lho conduct
Ings $15,8811,815.   Cash on hand   $1»- ,,, „|,„|, i„. \a responsible.   The num-
lir..lt,s.     il"'   total   assets,   (3-,l,    ,„, -mployoos din's nn, dllloi  nta
imn.Hi,, ;    nnil     the   eonipan.   own.   ,,,,.,,;v  [rom the ni.ml.oi  tin ,1,.- ,...,
I-.: „s, ■',,, ,,-,,-s ol land In Mr... liiua  ,„„ u'sl ,,,„
and Ihe lonilorlos, and J,7.,»..,i» | T,,. pn8Sengcr service coniieClns
nerca In Urilish Coluinhla. I" addl „,lU n„. millll roaI| eunslsts nl in
' trains a day . one bound west, pass
| Ing Cranbrook at 0 511 n in , and
limed in rcaoli Kniilennj Landing al
; I it, p. in The oast hound passes al
:, in   ,1. in . and is    limed  It, r, ach
- Hul  Ilai al II d   ...    Thoro   an
two '  Im -ils." mm- li I easl, I.-., v
' in-.  IT.ml,I",'I,  nl   I  n.   in..  iiiiiI    Hi.'
I n't. i    in i Ivlng   ni   7 p   in    \ n i
fill    service la   maintalueil   with
ii.ii,. -.iiii-      iimi     Iviiiiberley.    The
I,.! mi,  ,-. (hit i„ .\    nn li.-,  lown, .'n.l
tlm |atIt-,     is i-liisf   In   Ihe tannins
North sini .mil Suilii mlu     iin
I,ill.,    I.n.  I    i  "I       i"
■ i it   .t.i ,i   -  as ill  sm, liei  al
Mnrvsvillo is blow, mil Staph ■
big -..,„  ...Ill gel - unlti    in lln   i" In
Hi.- -.,1,1,,- will i Uii)  in- -i   .Luii
('nitsldcrnhtc      Ittiprnvi'mrtits    nr,
pi. I.   -mi!   ,, ill    "    .,,    ,    |int   in
hand lot    belloriug    it,,' otlin.il   nr
I- odall.tu i>,   ,1,'- 'ii'poi  i,„,I,inn'.
In '.mm. I   n eoniplet u slut,  is to
be n.tiliil. an Hint  Ibe i'h,!,,'   ground
I, ' iin be devilled in ilm imaseuge.
nml express s,-i, len, A new ,„-!.•!
t'llii'i'. nml new walling rooms will In
provided, nml Hm superintendent's
nil,,,- mil In- moved upslalra.
During   ti,,' pnsl   year the   ropati
I shops bine had about 70(1 square Icel
,,,ni to iis equip nl l,.r land travel I ol working space added In t luui al a
it    owns heels   on the Atlantic nn.l.cost ol $r,,."iiii,.   New machinery   tins
Tlie surgeons—terrible fellows ymir. laid on a,, anvil, where by n blow of
locomotive surgeons are—had ,1m ,,:-'a Rammer the presiding ollinal can
als oi one patio,,! strewn all  a,,,,,,,,!   tell by lhc ring of llie still rod-hot
the    1! '.    Drilling   machines were metal   whether   it   hns reached   tlie
lun inn holes in new portions of bur proper state of roscillency.
anatomy,     planing    machines    were     Then the whistle blows, ami   in   a
shearing   awny othct  pii-n-s of    lie.  moment  nil    is comparative silence,
ltilorii.il organs, n lathe ItU   enough and   llie surgeons   a,,' washing   Um
lo turn a hlllel of sleel 2,1    inches. black lil I nl tlm lho locomotives-
in diameter ami six feel long waa which is ..il-,.lt lliolr Imnds and
quietly lii,i„t: eurij ribbons ol   sleel arms,   preparatory   to   pong li
e part of hot reversing gear,
a horrible tombed shaper was eating
,,,,,, so nn- pari ,,l her slide valve-
ami ,,,,-,: Crash! Crash! Smash! a
big pi'i.t' ii'liii't ,.i ,i steam Iin,,,,,,or,
unl, ,, „is,,,„ lik,' .in elephant's leg,
lo,,,, with a jar that
hurt my iiem- mi a connecting   rod
Those surgeons ol tlm iron I
very many of lh,',n, I.anct
' il,!'
1'lle eon,,try, taken gem rally, is ol
an open, rolling, park-like character,
The trees are Fairly scattered, with
open, grass-covorod glades between
them, and hardly any underbrush,
Oiie can take a buggy and a pair of
horses and drive from one end in Um
other nl si I Uie liiggt'si    limits
over which ttm lumber companies
have logging rights. This description will convey a gotnl Idea oi Um
appenrance of the country l„ Ihose
wlm have nnl sen, il, but   it  is    not.
I'.u-ilk' oceans, on Hm Clronl Lakes
nml on Uie waters nl llritish Coltnii
bin representing  117,883 gross    Im
also been Installed which cost $1,0011
It will im „f Interest to the  pul.il.
lo know  Unit   tlm I'.  1'.  11. Ill
nago    If   tlm Kiissi.uis lunl as much I ranged    to   take liiii.i.i.n gallons   ol
In war vessels—assuming   thai   they .wafer a   day    from  tl,,'   Cranlirnok
hmv to tiaiignle Ihem or fight them Water Supply C puny, whieh   will
—lap,ii mini,, ii„,l herself bard   sct'bring in a revenue of over $!,",„„,I,d-
t,,   i-ii'-Tiiiii    her supremacy in liu lars a year.
\ | mv   - ,,. The repair simps are well worth a
Comity, irom Um general lo lho I visit from anyone win, likes In sen
particular, Cranhrook is a divisional how n hnspllal for loco,unlives noil
point „„ the Crows Nest branch oi passenger ears is conduct,',!. There
lliis system, and being 11,,' head-1 were eight sick engines in ihe wards
quarters ,,1 Mr. O. Urickson, ihe III,,, olhor day, out ot Um thirty
divisional siipi'iiiileiidi'iil, it tnav Im which go tn make up ilm si lit] over
described as Ihe ncrvu centre, In more I which Mr. Kagor is, as you ..light
senses than one. of tim line running suy. phyntcinn in chief. Some of Um
from Medicine Hat to tlie Kooleiiity invalids Were suffering from sore feet,
Landing. Mr. IV. l'\ Hayncs is lho. llmir tires hud got. worn down a
superintendent's chief clerk. irtlio,   others   hnd   stomach trouble
Mr. Chudlt'itrli, witli threo assist- from detects in lit,' holier tithes, one
nnts Working Blghl hours a day each, had heart disease from something
keep in electric touch will, every I having gone amiss Willi her cyiiud-
tr.-iin travelling on tlm division, ar-lers, and two appeared lo lie aftlictcd
ranging limit' goings and their   com- I with general breakdown of tho   con-
A. li. Hitfinr
(ini'iliv,-   l''iiri',„„,,,  I'riitilinitik
ml   1
making gouts   ol   rod-hot iron
1  lumi 1  ol  It.   Then,  when Im
Ig h.n   ,,  ..Iimiis im,  not she) got
,  .n  ,1m faro Iron,  Um Walloping,
,  , II iimiiii     ll.i ut mil  liim.
Ml. Illllll, '■! .llllll,        1.1,1,1   U-.IIU, ,,i....,  -	
Willi it touch nl thf Manchester or!mean, to apply lo the purls which
Hiritiiin:li;ini twang in tlie nun <»f run up nn lite Im.thills of ihe ureal
mountain ranges, fur there llie forest Kt'owtli is really iletise. Close hy
the rivets, such as the Kootenay, the
Movie anil St. Mary's, there are
lam! tracts nf alluvial land Mill  n
their tongues, nnr is llie burr nf the
ider or the Yorkshire man miss-
ing, either.
^J444i4444D4fr(tff frffrf ff<t
Great Agricultural
H.nh La.nl* jml Qrana Om>ottut
Italic ! Smash ' flash ' ami nmUh-
er perfect h nocU mi I Smash ! lie,
p,.i.r riovll. I1- ready fm' the drill,
ami ilu- planer, ami thon the laMw,
ami  the rtltapei  ami all  theii   Minlmt
BleH    ie, ih.   Wl  I      Such    smoke,
steam, grime, lire, hanging and
smnshlng you never heard or saw e.v-
ccpl in a 'loeo'iioiive hospital.
Tn um- sill" is the tool shop, wllOtB
W. (i. \l;titin looks after Uie making
of tin- taps, iml (lies, metallic packing, reamers, eutlers, gouges, and -.11
the siir^icil Implements lor tin* «i.r-
grons. Ile is the dentisl for things
Ihat bite, ami cut, and tinl'j;e.
Down nt Ihe end are the range of
forges, and farthesl away of all Is a
lik, pol-lielliid iifiair, wilii grecnish-
yeliow (lames ever issuing from Iiote3
'in the iron door that shut ils ugly
moil Ih. The door is red hot, and Ilu?
month is while lint, ami Ihe coke
that is in Ihere is holler than—well,
whal is it for'' This red-hot Moloch,
with his mi,ml out, through lhc roof,
is where engine springs, carriage
springs, ear springs, and springs of
low degree which have lost, their
soring, get the spring put back into
Ihem. .lolin Grant presides over the
monster. He and another lake a kind
of devil-tongs and sling a spring into
llie coke hell for a few minutes, lug
It out again, ami cool it in an oil
ball) Then Ihere are forty-live
smelts around and Iwenty-thrco
stenches. Brittle as glass it Is when
they lake it, from that grimy bath
Hack to oltl    Moloch again, reddened
" I remember," said a gentleman
lo Ihe writer, " Ihe lirst day I came
to Cranbrook. It was in the middle
of July, and the country was everywhere scorched with a long drouth
at the time. I walked in the direction of Mr. Archie Leltch's residence
over a road Inches deep in alkaline
dust. Here and there a gopher scuttled through parched, withered grass
ihal rallied like so much wire. It
looked as il lhc Sahara could not
he more sterile, and that agriculture
war. a thing out nf the question. Hut
looking around I noted ihe splendid
finest growth, and wondered where
tht: giant pities got infill' moisture
Irom 7 They are nol deep moled
trees hy any means, ami it therefore
appeared lo' tne that tliere must he
water a few feet below Ihe surface.
Siuh I fniiml to he Ihe case. Dry
though the SlU'faco may he, sliil Ihe
lite-giving moisture is never far
down. My after experience nf ibe en-
lire country around hero convinces
me Ihat, with irrigation, even St.
.losiph'.s prairie would he made lo
flourish like a garden."
That limy he a Hide strongly put,
hut the broad, sound sense of the
statement remains. With Irrigation
the land in the imiiicdinte vicinity of
Cranbrook, thai Is the parts lying
within a mile or so nf Ihe cily, nre
capable nf producing everything
which the more favored portions outside tbe mile radius are able lo pul
on the maiket. Wherever water is
found, there you will lind luxuriant
vegetal ion. The worst nf the land is
good if water were available ; where
it is available Ihe conditions are
occupied.   From   Wasa lo Klk river,
_ along    ihe   valley of    tlie  Kootciuy,
* I theie are   thousands or acres of i-i ij
* land mi which no settler has . w i ul
*|up a stake. This land has a consid-
m orable amount of Cottonwood Iree.i
J growing on il, and also small sir ib,
ifijhut none of it presents any dlUlctlty
Hi in clearing.   The soil is a deep, black
loam of grcal depth, capable of growing cinps almost indefinitely Without
the necessity oi manure, since it is
chiefly id vegetable origin. Around
Fort Steele there is a considerable
amount of prime laud sliil unoccupied, and the same may be said ol llie
laud to the wesl of Cranhrook < <-
tending along llie C. I*. K. Here
there must hi' about 1,1100 acres t f
beaver meadow which form part nf
the Maker eslate, and is open to local ion.
Last summer nuHo a number nf immigrants came iu all Ihe way from
Wyoming in their prairie schooners.
All have found suitable locations iu
tin- Immediate vicinity of Cranbrook,
and one id' them, Mr. James M.Taylor, is now doing splendidly with a
milk ranch close In Ihe town ; Mr.
Taylor gets Hi cents per gallon for
his' new milk. Many or the iniiiii-
granis who pushed in here lasl summer have gone     oil   to   llie    beautiful
Windermere country, and are doing
well, so Mr. Taylor savs.
The best land can be had from llie
government for S"i an acre, and sec
mid-class laud lor $3.50. The lands
owned by the I'. P. H. can be had
mi Ihe same terms, hut nu ralltel
more advantageous time allowances
than the government permits.
The farmers have the best market
in Canada for Iheir produce in the
nearby towns, and iu the lojtglng and
milling camps. Tlmse latter roiiulre
large quantities of hay, oats, butler,
eggs, beef and pork.
The prices tn be bad arc something
startling, when eompnred with those
prevailing in the old Country. Hm
ter realizes SO cents a pound, oi
about equivalent lo a shilling an.I
threepence in F,nglfsh coinage. I'-iCgs
sell al IU cents a dozen, or nne shilling and eighl pence.   All other pi ices
In the late summer the   Cranbr
prairie is far from being a picture of ol farming produce arc equally high
fertility, but water can he got   any- Mr.    0,   (I. Powell    now   occupies
where oil it at a -depth of ten   or   a Fenwiek's ranch on  the banks of Ibe
dozen feet.    We have not beard    of Kootenay    river    near    Fori Steele,
anyone sinking a lube-well into this which   embraces about  1,200   acres,
water stratum, and using If. lor agri- of    this big tract    Mr. Powell    has
culliiral purposes.   One of these   ap-J about ■Hill acres  under  tillage,    ami
pliances would supply water for quite the remainder in pasture.   lie    says
a large patch of ground.   Whether the thai ihe country is not well adapted
water lies as near the surface of   tlie to sheep farming, as coyotes are cu-
prairie beyond the Mission is a ques- llrely loo numerous, and would provi
lion which cannot lie answered,   hut destructive tn both sheep and lamhs
How are useful to consume waste
from home, but with the price wbieb
can he had for grain il would hardly
pav In convert litem into pork
ny will suon come when scien-
tilic irrigation will convert that
splendid plain into productive farms.
When   we exclude   St.   Joseph's and .,,„,   , ,   ,	
Mission prairies, we can say at once' Knot crops of all kinds do excel
that the rest of Ihe country, of equal lenllv well, polaloes especially,
iil-litude, is tillable bind. The tim- which are grown as a mamma! crop.
Thev constitute a standard article
on the markets, realizing a cent a
pound, ami retailing at, Irom a cent
and a half to a cent and three-quart
ers a pound    The general quality is
her, of course, interferes lo some extent with agriculture, hut its deitsiiy
is as nothing when compared with
what is being successfully dealt with
iu Ihe neighborhood of Nelson and the
good, hut those grown on a loamy
soil with a considerable mixture of
sand are specially excellent. Thev
are a reliable standby, uml if stored
in a properly built root house will
last from one season in the beginning of the next, without showing
any sign of deterioration.
Wheat is nol much grown except as
feed for poultry, but used in lliis
way is a most remunerative crop, On '
lite Powell ranch oats are expected tn yield ")0 bushels to
the acres in average years. Last i
season was one of phenomenal drouth
there having been no rain of conse*i
quence Irom April to November, j
N:Mwnh.-:, Hiding this very scri-u::
drawback the oat crop did well,
though there was a falling of! as
compared with more favorable veals,
'I'he crop did not do at all well on
Ihe higher ground where it caught
none of tbe suh-irrlgtttion from the
Kootenay river. Mr. Powell had 130
acres of oats last season.
Alfalfa should prove a successful
crop on any ground of sandy or porous nature, where the roots have a.
chance ot descending in their search
for moisture, but where tliere is a
hard, impervious subsoil the crop
woflfl nol prove a success.
Timothy is seeded iii with oats as
a first crop on bottom land, and is
a money-maker. On high ground it
will need irrigation. At present (5th
December) it sells in car load lots,
laid down, al $10.30 per ton. Meadow bay sells at $11.35 per ton in car
lots lifid down in Cranbrook. In Ibe
spring and early summer timothy
s.'lls al $30 a lou, laid down.
Mr, Powell has fattened two-year-
old steers off bis own pasture which
dressed 000 pounds. Beasts of this
weight sell iu Cranbrook at from
$.18 to ilu each, n line remunerative
price for range cattle, and it may be
said ihal there is any amount of
range land to be bad in the district.
Tbe dairying industry has not been
exploited to any extent, as those
who have milking stuck in the vicinity of the towns prefer to sell the
milk direct to consumers.
P.iulirv fanning is a highly successful and most paying business.
Ktrgs sell al iO cents ,\ dozen, and
chickens at IR cents a pound, dressed As egg-producers, the Brown
Leghorn is tbe correct bird for ilie
country, ami for the general utility
fowi tlie Hull Orpingtons are exeelleul, being good layers am! hard t"
he surpassed for the table. Turkeys
hardly pay at present, nnr will they
until the country is more settled up.
This country is particularly well
adapted f,.i fruit culture, especially
apples, Mr. Powell's experiences
With Hie Duchess of Oldenburg and
Bed Asirachan correspond with tlmse
nl Mr. (lalhr.iith, of Fort Steele. Ho
will plant out four acres next year
In addition to what be has at pres
cut under fruit trees. Cherries grow
Well along the valley of tbe Knot,
eiiay river, Ihe May Duke being the
best tree for ihe locality,
Tlie general conditions of agricul-
tuie ale entirely excellent all through
the East Kootenay district, aud for
mixed fanning tliere are thousands
of acres still open for location. As
was sai.l before, the C, P, R. offers
really good terms to settlers of the
lands of Kast Kootenay. These Include Ihe whole of tbe Lake Windermere country, ihe most, tieautiful
land iu British Columbia from tbe
agricultural standpoint, That sounds
gb.wing, but it does lint exaggerate
iu llie slightest degree.
At Ihe present nmmeiit the logging
and mining camps are the very best
markets for llie general farming
produce of lho North West, and the
hniiie markels are almost wholly dependent on ihem for supplies. There
are not emougli cattle in the Cranbrook vicinity Io keep its market fed
for two months, ar.d .so it is with
other farm products. Intending sct-
tlers fivm other places, who read
this paper, can form an idea fiom
this fact what a field lies open to
them in this vouio;, thriving and
progressive country.
Wi.,Tv.r called Canada " Our I.adv
of the .Snows,'' did ber an incalculable amount uf harm, and all for the
.sake a pretty locution, a trope, a
mere turn of liierary craftsmanship.
Taken by and lar^e. as the sailors
say, such a description is nothing
slmrt of a libf-1 on British Columbia.
The climate d.-pt-iids ..n ihe altitude.
Cranhrook is 2,900 feet above sea
level, .us! though it freezes healthilv
those nights, ' as we draw on to
Christmas, still you see the majority
of the people going about without
overcoats, mils r.r overshoes. In the
Kootenay valley it is still more genial, hut if you take a trip up the
mountains, you will get all tbe cold
you want, and that even in the blaze
of s*immer, when the humming birds
arc whirring in the gardens of Cranhrook and beds of wild flowers, Yes,
humming birds. Plenty of them, too,
and of many varieties.
Farm wa-^es arc high when measured by eastern standards, and still
more so if compared with those paid
in the Old Country, being fully irom
eight to twelve limes as high as in
Ireland, For gor,d men $40 a month
with hoard is about the average. For
young man with a knowledge ol
farming, no better means oT finding
out the conditions of the country can
be suggested than to hire out with a
respectable    rancher,   save    up   the
wages, and keep an eye on the pns-
siliilitiis around here Let lorn then
put the savings into a homestead,
register It under the Homestead Act,
and fuitil tin- advice of Horace Orecly
" Oo west, young man, arid grow up
with the country." We have the
country right here around us, and
when you sec il, you will love it, on
we all do
" Wages and ibe expenses uf living
are high," said Mr. Powell, " bui I
do nnl look upon them in the light
i a disadvantage, since the hitch
prkes we get for everything we pro
uce renders them a matter ol very
mall moment If wages ate high,
nen can live better, dress better and
educate iheir children belter, thereby
king trade better all around, If
Ihing expenses are high, we live
ci.mfoi MiiK and heaehily. The
lain! c.isis us practically nothing lo
begin with, and ihe tax,- arc a triMe
compared With the burden of landlordism in oilier l.ihU Ue know
what true Independence K and have
the assurance Ihal ever) days work
which we put into (Tie land Is so
much momy banked, no: t,.i tbe landlord, but for ourselves and our
" I am an American, and ha\e had
experience in many parts ,.f the
Slates, Including Uie wheal belt of
Kansas. I have also been tlnoiich
ibe North West up as far as the
Peace Rivei, hut after all my wanderings I have never seen so perfect
a country as this is for mixed farming iu point of climate, soil and ease
of ciearlng.
"There is no general condition prevailing in Ibis country in prevent
any man who understands his business and is steady and Industrious,
making a thorough success of mixed
and dairy farming amongst us. When
all is said, it is Ihe farmer who is
the backbone of a country. Farming
may not afford a very attractive occupation In the man in a hurry to
get rich, hut, is the surest business
of all, and will leave a splendid heritage  to our descendants."
Wc have lo lhank Mr. Powell   and
Mr.    Sterril,   the    manager for    P.
Burns A Co., for a deal of the infor-
| niaiion in this article. TUB  0BAKBH00K   lIKlfAl.D
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