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Cranbrook Herald Apr 5, 1906

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IS".'"!.- tlbr„r
< *-.-
•"•"». nc.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
11. i: WALKER, Osneral Manage
Al I*:x. LAIRD, A.si. OenlMsns
A ganaral lanhing businsai Iran.actrd    Account, may h. opened and conduct.il by
mail wllh sll brancliet ol (hit Band.
DcpoNlW uf   $1   mid ii pun i J*.  rccclvcJ,  mul  Interest  allowed ut
current rule*.    Tli*; dcpnr-iliir it Hithfcot to no Jcliiv \vlmt>
iVUP In the  withdrawal ut the  whole or uuv
|Hirtiuii ul  thu  dcpo-.il
Cranbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
Capital Pai j Up $3,900,000.        Reserved Fund $3,400,000.
Total Assets over $39,000,000
D. R. Wilkie, President. R. Jalfray, Vice.-President
Branches in Provinces of British Columbin, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec
Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM  DATE OF DEPOSIT at current rates and credited hall yearly.
| J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     i
* <_
I Will Sell
5 roomed dwelling on Cranhrook St. for $550.
Payable $200 cash and hal
■       ance at $7.50 per month
I until paid
■ [larch, 100O |
Tlie council met In rogulai * iloii
lasl evcniinr, all li,*iun prewni bul
Alili-iiiian Greer. Atici Uw reading
i.l llie uiiiiiiii'. Tie 1.1.iii ll I Ileal
Ile  .mil   Sen,-l.lll    I     .11     Hi me: '       ul
Hi.. Hoard   nt   li.ul.-. ap|iwml 	
ioiiimii te,* ol the !i,,.inl asking 1t1.1t
tlie council i-iiiiseni  11, pay  ii.,*    ei.
|i,-nse 1,1 ,, committee In visll ' al
gar) lii tiilsihes.s I'iNilK'i'leil mill Hi,
KlMiteliay felitl.il lallw.il. The
mallei   brOUgbrl     OUl   i|uit>*   a   illsi u.-
siiiii ami ilu- opinions 1.1 all wwe
iin-iv enpivned. Alderman Tisdaic
saul lie OOlihl not  mv uli.il  a    _ulu-
llllllee ei,lllll  |n,s:.llilv   dm      ..l,l,*ltii.,i,
Jackson  thought tlinl  tin,   hail liet.
Iel     Mall     lllsl l,y   enlli*.*.|n.liilime
A 111.*, ni., 1,    Ityan wu_ ul ttie opinion
tll.lt   lhe  OOllnCll sli.illlil   In .11    III,   I'M
lieiise, as ii was im the benefit ol
ihe town us a whale, nml he lavored
a committee ul liie. Alderman link
agreed iviih Alderman Ryan, and
liiulu-il upon the move as a must iiiiiii,nam um- fur ilie future oi Cran-
tiiniik. Alilerman Murphy lavured ilu*
uuui* luu thought ihai a committee
.,( three was ample. A motion was
made hy Alderman Pink, Boeonded by
Alderman Ryan, ihat the eouucil endorse the action nl lhe ll.ialil ul
Trade, Tliis was carried, all ml ing
lm ii oxcept Alderman Tisdaln.
Alderman   Murphy  voted   that    Uu*
cuUlilil   pay   llie  expense  Of  u     riilil-
miHee ol three, wbieb was seconded
by Alderman Fink. Alilerman Kyan
movcil Ibat lbe council pay lm it
lummitlee of live, whieik was alsu
seconded bv Alderman l'*lnk. Tin
alilenilliien t was lus*t by u lie voto,
Milermeii Pink, Ryan ami lhe Mayor
Voting   lbe nlliiuiaiive,  a:i.l   Alilel met,
Jackson, Murphy an.l Tisdale voting
in lbe negative du the motion ul
Alilerman Murphy, Aldermen Ryan,
Fink. Murphy and the Mayor voleil
in the aliiiuiative, and Aldermen
.laeksuii ninl Tis-il..le in the iiegnlive.
After llie vole had been laken.
Alderman Tlailnle said il luokeil in
bim like throwing nway $HIII tor 11
littk* experience.
Aldoi'maji Ryan—We all have In
pay tor experience, ami ihe. may In
cheap at iluu price.
A. (llelliel applied for a license as
a bill poster. Tin* spplicntlr/n wa.
releiiiil in Un* legislation commll
Mayor Rogers stated thai tln-r.
ha.l iii'tti a strike nf the prisoners ai
ibe city jail nn ihe [are served, lm
which the city was paying only 51)
cents a day pei man. The matter
was referred in th.' lite .""'I police
i uiiiiiiii tee tn advertise for bids.
Rids lm* building sidewalks nn
streets ibat lead tn the residences
ncross the creek ami also toward the
hnspllal were received as [ollnws
W. W. Hageman, ilil 57; Vi. Really,
$85(1: ll ll. I.eask. $335. The work
vvill be Iel tn tbe lowest Bidder,
The resl nl tbe evening w.m devoted
Hi discussing bve-laws
The full,™in,; reporl ol ihe finance-
committee was presented:
Meeting nl the finance commiltee
Iraki in ihe City Clerk's oflice, Present: Alderman Pink, in tin- chair,
aldermen Murphy ami Tisdale.
The   following aceounlB were   pas-
School board orders, __ in :iii
Inclusive      S-161 ll
Salaries   fnr   tlie   month    oi
March   .
.1    I.eask,  renl  nl oily offices.
i"   11   Prest, expenses lo Per*
day     I.i-ililiriilce is a kii.nI lown. ami
I-. located  righl   In  become a      much
large) one
F Gurd—I iin inil believe that
-he average man takes enough axer-
cise ui tiie summer months. Riding
i. a  good ilnii,: ami I .,1 ra think 'h.i'
 I   Mall   even    il.n    is   1,,-iielicial
1 1..-II   I   Hunk   lhat   I   will   lake
up goll ihm seas..ii There Is i'l-nty
ol i \ei. i i m ih.- .',,iii. and also an
incentive, Pol ., imm wh,. is compelled in ilevt.ie    miis-t nl every day
'•• worl    .il   a  ili-sk    oiilsnle evelel*.,- ia
Imperative    tu   maintain
;,...!   heal'I,
wm tin* InrgMl month In tbshli
tory of our watch repair ditpari
iiimii.   Tbr-ra'i n i-i-MMini,   v tptve
cartful nn.I p.iiHHi iking iiiti-iii	
I, i nttg tt ii I'll 1.1< repair it iiii lnlljf
KUttriinlit'    uur    wurk     WhuIii'm
whi  hv until di nprna imlve
uin-Iill all.-iiiiuii
ji j* T H E ** j*
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
I D    Mellii.le,   account   to
March .list   	
\    liieiner,  re  ll dices	
Prospector tor printing	
(1. T. Rogers, telegram   	
r  p  i;  Telegraph c„	
Mei'alluiii A*   Co.,  account  to
March .'list   	
Cranhrook  Electric Llghl  Co,
Ftuk  Bros.  brooms 	
Cranbrook        i'n - oporative
V  Dcsourdl, waiei .
II Lamont,    hauling trees
Beattie ,v Atchison, olliee supplies, etc.   .
Vi I   Supplj    Co ,   w.ilcl     Inl
lire   ball
Pin.   departmonl pay mil lor
a un
I'R WHIIOOK      llll.l.    I SE
Lasl  Tuosday evening there
hold u special meeting "I the IT.ni-
lirook ll...n.l ol Trade that will stand
I..I some I in.,' ns Hie best that was
ever Imld in Cranhrook. Tbe meeting was culled by President Beattie
ai ibe council chamber tm* tin- purpose   ol     lliSCUSSing    the   best   pulley
in pursue in protect Cranhrook a interests si, lar as lhe building nl the
Knni,-nay Contra! railway, ami othei
uncit,-,s of lesser Importance. Hv
hall pasl oii-lii o'clock the room was
comfortably (llleil, but for ibe m-xt
bail luun Ihey kept coming in until
llieie were many standing, ami Mie
i i was  packed.      \t   least   llfty-
llle   to  sixiy live  were   present,     anil
hat-illy a man who did nut own Cranhrook ii-al estate, or was ungnged in
business. It was easy to siv lli;il
ihe people bail gathered for a* purpose. Then- was u determined aif,
a peculiar something ibat plainly Indicated thnl Die audience lunl ttatm-r-
r.l fm business, and hv lhe lime adjournment Imd lieen taken tbe pi-,
i|.,llill.s  showed  thai   was  the ease.
I'resi.Km Heallie was in lbe chair.
while Secretary Ihihcrln ollliiaio.1 in
bis rciiilat  position.     Mi..    Health*
tail.,I Mu* hall rollmjj mill, ,, l.'W
remarks us lo lbe nbjecl nf tbe meet
.ii,;,   dwelling lui,Ily   upon llm    mi-
eiil'tani-e   nf   ('r.iu.ilnnh   llll.ng     Hindi*
ilu- sniiiliein teruiiuiil ill ibe Kootenaj   Central,     there was work   lm
sll   In  do.    and   llu*   nlliivts  ol       III.*
Hoard nl Trade could ilo liiile with*
.ill  the as.sislanie iif  the peoule gen
May i Rogers was hearlllj in tavoi
i any movement llial would lend
io give in Cranhrook the Koolenay
Central. lie knew nl the resources
of the Knul,uuv valley, ami said
ib.it farming had always proven    ti
l.e   Uie    liaclilu.lie nl   p.-'l ut.ilielit   pins
In announcing the change in the business here
tofore conducted by the undersigned, owing to
the retirement of Mr. John H. Fink on account
of ill health, we take this opportunity of thank
ing our many friends and customers in Cranbrook and surrounding district for the very lib
eral patronage we have enjoyed, and we bespeak
for the new firm a continuance of the same.
.lames   Ryan   had   he
rallc)   in he traverse,
.mil   knew    ll!
mil I
11   ll.o
I   Sharkey,   Nel*
is ii good lown in com
a line liilnale, ll   Is olea
ivb.it  is mote, it  has as 'ine a Inl ol
peoplo a:   nne call Uud  III  lbe pinl llu
 I, ll
luce 1  like yum   way
liusl.lels.  ninl   you  ale luu
mn.   lm  people like Ibis
mil always win
id    |o
P. S.    The announcement of the new firm wil
appear in the next issue of this paper.
I)n ymir eyes fusilybet-'ometirt'il when rpiulinp nr HtlltlyittR
nml tin1 letter.) run together? Mn your eyelid*! twitch nr
your eyes witter antl Iweome btomlnhut Are yoir troubled
witli frequent lieaftncbeB, ili/zinw-m, (min in the eyeball*
or aluve the brown or at thu buck ol the neck. Ninety
l«r rent of the above ailments enn be cured by gliiHm-n
properly fitted.
W. F. Tate & Son, ^
Official Watch Inspector!, Crowa Nest Pasa Division. O.PR
^______________^     aaa ▼
v\   n    llill-l Imvo    jnsi relurnwl
l i a umi  in Spokmio,     li is
protiy city, ami I w.is MtpeolnHy
nm.np.1 vv'nli iis i-i.Miiliiii-ss.      Thoj
Imvo minh' inn' miiii^ iln-n' .nnl max
lilllii III BtOCkB. I vlHllCll all ul
IIiimh ami iiill-i'il wilh Mn> proprtotom.
Thi' lin-i olian i s nt i lm i town Imve
one mlvaniiiK'1 ovor uur mcrelmtitB
Itcrc, They do practloally a cast)
liiis-iiH-ss. Tire crotllt system in
Crnnbrook is ton oasy, 'run many
piii|ili- fall into tlu- hahil of buying
i.n credit and wtll have i-blngs clmirg-
iti eviLn with the money ri«bl in Utcir
iniclii'ts. The systi-m i.s linil for tlte
iivrrrliant, and it is Imd tor the
buyer. There is too much of it in
Cranbrook, ami in a town like this
wltere Ihv greal majority are working for a regular salary the extensive credit system is without cause.
R. .1. Mighton—1 paid Mie lown of
Let'Kbrid« a vis-it ami tcoi a glimpse
of Mie effect, of immigration Irom the
SdaU's. The town is full of people
coming from Mie Republic In locate
lands in Alberta, You will see one
biim-li of people on om* corner, maybe
Il.hcy aro all from Nebraska. On
another will lie five or six talking.
Tliey are perhaps from Iowa. Ami
that, is lhe way ynu will see il   it'll
hi.mull the
lhe road
il was rich in tim-
nil agricultural lands,
ib- was imi prepared jusl then lo s&
whai was ihe best policy in follow,
Iml would sn^-sl Mint a citizens
committee be appointed to take up
lhe mallei and get the necessary lit-
t uiiini inn.
-i i> McBride suld ihai he took
,m unselfish view nf Uio mattor.
Kverj section uf country imist have
its supplj it nlei. ami now Craiibrook
Imd become the supply center nf th s
wh i|e section. It would !»• an in-
juslice io the pooplc nortii uf Cntii-
brook nm in give them direct connection wiih Cranbrook. He want-
■ .1 to see a committee appointed ami
wuul.] be perfectly willing to pay llw
expense of hitnseff nr nn.* man Ai
Ins juncture President Heat tic said
ihai lie did nnt think thai il was
ian im the board to Impose upon
i-hosc men wlm were generous enough
in pui up lire expense money (nr a
committee. Mr. McBride, continuing,
said Ihal Mien Ih; would favor asking lhe council to meet lhc expense,
,nul when il came to getting tlie road
n' necessary he would be willing to
Irtedgc lhe city lo the limit,
W V. Gurd said that he would like
io see Cranbiook the teiuiiiial, and
in* was nf the opinion thai there was
ample reason fur Ihe mail being built
lien- ralhcr Mian connecting with the
i'imu below Wardner ot JaUray, ' A
portion nf Mie North Star line mighl
lh> used, and this line owing lo '
creased traffic ami the certainty of
mail being limit up lhe Si. Marys
.al ey   musl   soon   be   improved.      Il<
lav..mi the aplhilnlment ot a strong
ci,iniiiil lee,
I. ll \aiil)icai favored what tuul
lmn   said nml   WOtlld  (In all he could.
*i VI Carroll, nf Kimberley, said
Uini ii \mi,id he easy in bring the
mm11 in way ol Bkukumchuck and
Kimhciti-v.  and  [.utunate  thai   Kim
l.rllc.    Was   fslnllllsl.t-,1   |ul    1 tlfl L'   was
plenty   ol    1-oiilinKO   tliere nnd more
ci.nihil',    The i I was iiii|iiuiaiii, as
he innkcl tu sii- ii extended north u>
iiir *i ui,..n and own <n Bdiring
sii.uis.      (ii-i  ilu-   di,uii'i clmiiged
am! an easy  grade lo Cianl k can
lie mull J  found.
V v. Simpson spoke In favor of
.niiiiii. ihe appointment ol a strong
i- ii iit ami keeping evei'la»th»Bly
,ii |t,
W. T, tield favored Mu- committee
Iden and Immetllato aolhHi, lh- was
.ntiiiilctii ihai ilie rir.nl wouhl he a
greal thing fm Cranlirnok ami Miey
should du all iu Mien power to get
il. The Iifwu wmilil iie iusl what
the  peuple  made  il.       lie  innVril  Mull
a committee in* appointed and this
was seconded hy 13. Klwell.
The committee appointed was as
lollows: J. I). McBride. W. K. Gurd,
(I. T, Rogers, J. II. King and V.
llyile Baker. W. T. Keid and K. E.
Simpson were named as alternates
A. Hamhley askwl that lhe committee report at a future meeting,
The president, R. K. Heat-tie, and
Secretary Roberts were appointed as
a committee to gn before the council.
President ReaMie siigfp'strd that I
as ihere was considerable husiness
ahead the hoard meet every two
weeks, which mel with approval.
I'lesi-ilent Beattie, .1. I'. Kink, and A,
I,. McDermot were appointed as a
committee to see tire ('. I*. It.- of-
fu-ittls re keeping freighi sited open
later and having*an agent appointed
at Klmberley,
Advertising committee and lit) club
eumnvlttee re|Hirted progress.
The meeting then adjourned.
As announced last week there has
■htii a change in ihe business of
l-'itik Brothers, of this city, owing
io continued Ill-health J uhu 11. Kink
was compelled to retire ami seek ,i
change of I'limale. The business was
turned Into a stock company, ami
Eugene Doberer, lormerlj manager
nf the Tiiies-Wood company's branch
at Michel, became largelj interested
with J. P. Kink uud E. Paterson,
who will remain wilh the business,
The Herald was iu error last week
iu stating tho name of Mu- new
company and lhe amount of llie capital stock. The name is in he The
Kink Mercantile Cnmpany, Ltd., ana
Lhe capital slock is $100,000. So
successful has been Uie busuics*-. m
the past, and with the confidence
l-lmt the people have in the new linn
as constituted, nearly all of the
stock sold was taken hy local parties, thus making il not only a big
institution, but strictly a local   one.
As was staled lust week the new
company aro arranging to secure
larger and belter quarters to meet
the expansion in the business thai
will follow the carrying out of lhe
plans now matured, and hnpe by fall
lo be locainl in a new building. As
to the future of the new linn then-
is no doubl. The held i.s here fot a
coinpanj uf ample capital wilh men
who thoroughly understand ihe business, and Uio Kink Mercantile company writ meet all of these reuuire-
ineuls iu every particular. With iti-
growth of tin- business in Ibis ills
Liii*i during the uexl year, litem ftill
bt* a corresponding growth in ihc
business of Ihis company, as ihey
will lie fully equipped in inn-i in,-
commercial demands ot th.- proplc in
every  conceivable   maiinei.
Signs of Summer
Ba»ebal| Bats
Catchers' flltts
Lacrosse Sticks
Lacrosse Balls
Golf Sticks
Golf Balls
.lumping Ropes
Carts and Wagons
Children's Garden Tools
Flower Seeds
Lawn Seeds
Vegetable Seeds
You can get the best of all or any at
II lilt li.il I I
ii* 1*1 i.i ir display,    fl 'in
♦«♦«♦♦♦♦««♦♦»♦«♦♦*>«♦♦*«•♦♦♦♦«♦♦«.♦-. «-«♦«.««• *»♦♦
l.OMI  Tlill' Kllll  UlU
COMES    Al.iiNK   FROM    lllll
i-li.i|i Imi
Leonard I
looking iml
yi'ins nt an,',
(Tiiitl/iiiiili, i
Hip liuin lln iiium!'.i
InUlil I
Umi Itm
'I, an	
king Hn*   im.
, Em . .ii ,
IK. I vj
Ziniaiidcl and
Pontet Canet
■   |   .*■,..!
ed hi. i i.   [ t ii re
Wh'ilonk' vMiif.. LIqaira, Clgan
Pheifl i;     (rinbrooli R C,
live wilh lus uncle and a tin I.   Mi.
and Mrs.  Ilaiilnli -w. uh.. Imve   a
ranch   near    Marysvlllo,      \   repre
seniaiive of   Mie   Herald    saw    lhe ■
liiile fellow   this   morning   and was
wonderfully    Impressed     with     hh
brightness and self possession,      li<-
inhl the story of the trip in a thai
maimer. He eame over mi the Lake
Manitoba, and was twelve days and i
a half on board. "I was mm sick'
only five minutes. Wasn't thai
pretty good? We had trouble only
oner on lhc voyage. A hig lish
got into the screw of the ship. Thai
made   trouble,      We   landed   al       Sl
John.     Everybody was good lo nn- '.
1   had  no   trouble.      I   had   to     si.iv
over at Medicine Hal a day.       The
trains didn'l meet.     1 saw ,t to!   of
tilings.     I am going to live    with
my uncle and aunl on the    ranch.   I
guess f will like this country," and.
Mien  the  new  Canudian  gathered   up,
the reins of the team preparatory to
driving home with his uncle.    While
in t-own he visited the Herald   office
and watched  ibe type selling machine, whieh he thought was quite    a|
machine, and took away with him a I
slug with his name and address.
o o
T ISeen htre since 1808   Liable to si.n liru-ri.
is uow taking tlm fly, especially Royal CW:li-
niiin. Professor, Co\vdunj<, ami •Parniachene
Belle, Wc carry a large stock. Bettureomu
in ami unl outfitted while nnr assortmenl is
complete, ()i course wo hnvo mis. reels, lines,
loaders and all accessories.     Sen our Windows,
Cranbrook is an Example
of Grit and Success l* **
Wh.it Outsiders Think of Eist Koott-
nay's Metropolis J*   J*   J*   J*   J*   J*-
Br J. Young Beyer..
SuH Correspondent
oi Calgary Herald.
Cianbu.uk, It. t\, March atl-(By
Herald stall mail).—Those who luve
nici   tin- vast   sin lilies of  Ihis  west
cm countrj through which that "thi
steel band, ' the c, p, it., penetrates,
will ofteti wondi'i what can he the
interest of the many congregated
around the little depots of the pto-
poiin natel) little towns une passes
lliruugli, lu many cases huw apathetic the looks uf Mu* loungers, ul,
n nul apathetic, then curiosity uke
ils plan—curioHt)   which  would  iiitli-
caie lacs ui bright interest in othei
luat'tcu, Une wonders what hope*
ami ainoitioin. an- centred tlien It
uu), the) ate ai least uui uu Lhu
but lace       Une   passes   in.oij   sue
ptaceh   v\ 11 In Ml   suilicii u i   iu(ei est   LiO-
iit(S .ti UM'i tu recall tneui Ui oui
memory, au vast is Lhu tuuntij, aiiu
:.<> imn ii.iim Uiu iu tei est uii urouu
i.s.       i lie   atmosphere,   however, u
t IdUtllUUK   is   lot all)   illlleiclil.       Clie
(wis a something even in ute ap-
pmacii to it wlui-ii advines us thai
Here is a lown with all tue aleitne&j.
ui scii uvHIeni interests and enter*
prise,   raising it    above its fellows.
llieie is SOUiehoW aa  indcliiialile [eel
ing uf difference between the mere
sight ot those wait tig at tbe depot,
an,i ihose so oiun seen in oihe
towns, whuh marks Cranbrook as being something different. in other
Words, you know vou aro approach*
ing one ui the active towns ol the
west. liven belore leaching thf
town you pass suw mills, buck
yards, mil way shops, and so on, auu
ihus iivc ve a hint tH not aire*d)
known) nl approach to a town of
activity, ( ranlirook is ihe greo
distributing ceutei Ioi the suieltu
towns around It, Moyie, Korl Steele-
Wardner, Marysville, Kimberley, etc.
and all ihe outlying industrial con
ciTus, su ihat if wt- form om impressions oi the business life of tiuii-
biook merely b) tho appearance oi
lhe oue long husiness Street, known
as Baker, Ihen Indeed we should li
jnsi us superficial in out estimate, us
oui friends the American syndlcttt
writers, who have been lately il>in
through the wesi in a superllcnl
kind ot a way, forming and voicing
conclusions which any weii Informed
traveller knows an- almost infamous
ly erroneous.
Cranbrook is a divisional point on
the Clows Nesi system oi the Canadian I'acilic Itahway company, lh
tnrles west ol Maclcod. It is almost a terminal point. All trains
stup lim- and all trains ehangt
crews, ibis being one of the main
I.,ctois in determining the causes oi
activity and progress ot the city.
Then there is the large revenue flowing min the town Irom Mie pay roll
i.l tbe railway company. Cranniool*.
is essentially a railroad town and
center, livery otiier man we meet
on ine street beems io be a railroader, In the places vvheie one heats
con versa tion, and so forth, the main
sitlijcel seems Lo be railroading aim
Indus trial enterprise. I'racucali
everyone In Crnnbrook, directly u
Indirectly, is, io some extent anyway, iliyrmlent on ihe prosperity ot
Mie railway, lumbering or mining industry tliere, the luture ol which seem indeed lo be
bright nue, mul wink depression may
have attacked other towns, Craubrook has iu const-! ueuce always
maintained a steadiness in its husi
ness life.     ThctC lias nevei  been any
is the
lion I
and consequently   never    any
Steady and justified growth
keynote of   Uranhrook's posl
C.       1'.     it.       pay     toll
as        already        ind ca ted
_    Mn-   oue   thing    in    which
lhu business men ol the town ate
mainly interested, is about $02,000
niontli at present, with further iu
creases foreshadowed. Of course,
this amount also represents the pay
to men up and down the line at
places subsidiary to Cranbrook. It
does nut refer exclusively to the
Cranbrook railway premises only
but at any rate all these outlying
points are avenues fot Cranhrook
The C, P, It. expended S300.00
during 11105 in making concrete water
ways under the road-bed in this divi
sion, and providing permanent con
crete foundations for the bridges between Lethbridge and Kootena
Landing, in order to secure per man
ence of construction for a permanen
road, also $58,000 on ballasting, Mil.
mm on widening embankments; $fl,fll)0
on loose rock, and other amounts
making a total expenditure of $-418
000 laid out on this one section. The
pingiamine fnr this year is far unit
away larger, and will mean a great
increase in money, men and prosper
ity at Cianbrook. The entire 21
miles between Lelbbridge and Koole
nay Landing is to be n-laid with
new and heavier steel. Kach mil
mile will take Via tons of steel, or,
s.iv. 311,375 tons for Mn* entire div
t.iii.e Kach ton of tails will cost
lesc n-ive ol freight) Ydd, or $880/
275. Laboi win cosl in ibe neighborhood oi $1,350,000. The effect of
these Improvements will l«' to make
the line Identical in permanence and
wfuipmcnl wiih the main line of the
C ti. ti , tho oiijtct being to secure
running conditions over the Crows
Nesi road as good, sale and comfortable as those which exist between
Spokane and St Paul, Minn., via
lhe C. P. K., ami Soo 1 ne system;
which means that the C. P. R, means
to step into direct competition with
thc United States roads for transport of passengers from the Northwest States to the eastern seaboard;
The actual distance from St. Paul,
via North Portal, Moose -law. Medicine Hat, and Cranhrook to Spokane
is shorter Mian any route which can
he followed entirely on the south Isde
of ihe r.iili parallel. The future ol
the local trade is also to be remembered when considering this fact.
Without going further into details,
which might be furnished ad lib.,
space permit ling, ii can reasonably
he inferred that Cranhroak is hound
to be a great railway center, and it,
is a'lso staled positively that the
Koolcnay Central will build into
Craiibrook and give it an interest in
'he Windermere and Golden country, t
The lumber industry is a great
one. with a gseat future trefore it, in
the ('ranbrook district. The prairies
of Alberta and Saskatchewan, with
Ute!i thousands    and   thousands    of
square toLes of rich, fertile soil, and
..itn all tin* consequent need 'ot lum*
uer, its tapid and continued settle1
ment Implies, solves in a most re*
utarliable way the evei puzzling ques-
...on ot neatly ull otm-t Industries,
.hat of a market lt is the abend
ance >■■■ tlmbei in British Columbia
and tlto want ot it iu Mie piaiue
country which seems to form a uat
.ral dovetail, making ioi a general
industry and prosperity in iltei
totally different sections of Western
v'aiiad'a- Klolll Creston to Feline
a traveller may he said to pass
througu one Immense lumbering coun
;i. Saw   mill  allei   saw   null   in
uusv operation every tew miles, piles
nl -logs and ties, and every indicat mi
ul the tapid development and n
cream ol a gum Industry, Tin- following inu'ivstiiig particulars ot the
transactions of a few of the *.
companies operating In the Cranbrook
list riot are ample indication oi thell
.lugiulude, both present and potential, of ttfjs great Urltlsh Columbia
Crotneria mil, has o.ioe acres   oi
omits, employs   au    average of    40
men, pays iii.wK. a mouth wages, cut
1,000,000 fm last year and will r
,,eat this In 1900.
The Cams Nest Pass Lumber
company owns and operates an acre
age of 70,000 along Kootenay Kiver
uid ils tributaries, employs 200 men
pays $18,000 a monlh, cut 12,000,000
.cot in 1905, and expects to cut 15,-
iHIO.OOO feet this year.
ihc Kast Kootenay Lumber pom*
,iany has 80,000 acres of limils, eni
,doys 300 men, pays $13,000 monthly, cut 3:!,ooo,uoo feet In 1006, and
*ill wilh the Jalfray plain, cut 30,-
iiOO.OOO in 4000,
The Moyie Lumber company lias
over 13,000 acres, employs till ineu
•v-hen    tn full   operation,    ami pays
•i.jon a month in wages.
The North Slat Lumber company
ovus 10,000 acrw of limils, employs
,5 men, pays about $3,700 a month,
tad an output of 10,000,000 feel in
The Standard Lumber company
.wns IH.O00 acres near Fori Steele,
ivorks 50 men, pays m.iioii a month,
ut .'i,nuu,tf#0 feet  last  year.
The King Lumber Mills, Md., has
18,000 acres of limits, works
awn, pays out $1,000 a mouth
•vagi's, and will cut over 10,000,000
icot ihis year.
The Otis Staples Lumber company
iw.is 'dU.OOU acres of limits, employs
,73 men-, pays $7,000 a month, cut
,0,000,000 duel last year ami vvill cut
15,000,000 feet   this year.
The Watts Lumber company, ot
.Vai'tsburg, mvus 12,000 acres of limits, employ upwards of 50 men, pay
>:i,5O0 a month, cut 1,000,000 feet
.ast year, anb will double output in
These figures will easily show how
l'ranbrook benefits from ibis indtis-
ny, which as yet is only very siight-
,y developed as compared to its possibilities,
The mining industry ol lln' Kooteuay country is a subject which can-
not be dealt with here. Books
might be written on the subject,
W ihoiit doing more than merely
skirt the Immense possibilities and
wealth, intent and in process of de-
.elopinent, ol Eastern and Western
Kootenay. The v.ssltudes of the
mining industry in Hritis-u Columbia
lurm a history in Itself, and Mie subject is too vast and of too complicated a nature ta Ihi dealt with within the limits ol a short review of
conditions such as this. Suffice it
lo say that the general opinions of
experts in this branch of industry
point to a universal tone of renewed
confidence iu the mineral resources
of British Columbia. We often think
that .t is the very magnitude ol the
mineral wealHi in British Columbia,
its very proluseness, which is responsible for the variations from
time to time in its speculative side
Perhaps wit* there somewhat less
of a plethora of mineral wealth
tliere might fee more development,
solidarity and general prosperity to
the indusrtiry. There are some immense mining operations carr ed on
contiguous In Cranbrooki notably the
St. Kugene mine at Moyie, one of
tire largest lead mines in the
world, tbe Sullivan and .the
North fvtai mines, and many,
other vaiuaWe properties, vast quau
titles of ore being constantly shipped
to the swelters.
('ranbrook is a great garden spot
and large protits can be, and are being, made in the raising of fruit,
vegetables and grain. This class of
agriculture has hardly been touched
as yet, tlie town being so young,
only eight rears of age, both iu the
apple variety and all classes of small
fruits have been successfully raised
for years, and at teat on is being given in the direction of gardening, etc.,
to tbe bench land surround ng the
town, or, we should say, city, as
Cranbrook was recently incorporated
as such. The population is in excess of 11,000 people. In the matter
of municipaJ development ibe citi/eni_
have Imi n far (rom idle, and we lind
all tire modern conveniences that can
bo desired. There are admirable
educational facilities, the school hav
ng an aggregate enrollment of 'JaO,
and it will shortly be necessary to
provide increased accommodation,
Tlw following are a few of the many
advantages and institutions whicli
testify to the enterprise and advancement of the city:
The government offices :or Southeast Kootenay are located at Cranbrook. One or two items of official
statistics for this department are ot
interest: Heal property assessable
in the district, 1005, t2,o»0.22fl; personal property, $835,000; wild lands,
The customs '"returns for the past
year also show a very gratifying increase over 1904. In dutiable goods
there was an increase in vaiue of
$31,01*7, and in free goods $18,750,
while the increase in duty is in excess of $10,000.
Tlie St. Eugene hospital is an Institution which is doing most beneficial work for tbe hundrttls o* patients crowding to it. The Sisters
of Charity control the institution,
which is one of the most perfect It
equipped and regutated hospitals lh
western Canada. Krom 500 to 800
patients pass through it annually.
The entire establishment is a picture ol cheerful brightness and charity m its true.it sense. The Institution is general    tu all ways.       No
matter who you are, or ot what
creed, if ynu an* sick yuu ate welcome.
Electric Ufht, telephones, watei
supply, lire protcct-ion and all classes
ui local Improvement ate curled on
successfully at t lanhrook, and many
aie the businesses and industries to
whieh we would like to refer, but it
would take an entire issue of Tlw
Herald lo do jusLce to all the woiks
and possibilities oi Hus section ol
country. Chinches ale well represented' i.\ the different denominations,
tin- Pti-st.vieriau chinch in particular
having recently ereeted a very handsome place oi worship to replace the
one Ihev had occupied since Cranbrook vvas Cranbrook, but now quite
inadequate in iheir needs.
Hotels, an) number of them, all
good ones, loo, and run in a very
quiet  and nnlerlv   manner
Cranbiook has also In.inches of all
ihe inijinitaut fraternal societies, and
all ate prosperous,
Outside ut lbe material benefit
which Cranhrook offers, as a place ol
residence, where pei feet climatic
conditions exist,    beautiful   scenery
abounds, ami social life is in many
ways superior tn tin- average town
ot litis else, ii wnuld he haul lo
choose a bottei     spol  than    Cran
fcSDOk, often ealh'd "Tbe Queen Cltj
of the Kouienais." ,n„l from a m.i-
tenalislii' Kla.nTpo It I we have given
Sufficient data In s|i.iw the it-mark-
abb- possibilities which Hie town
and district   pii'senl.
V. V.. Simpson, of Hie Cranbrook
Herald, and bis palter supplied ui.niv
of the fads aud Statistics herein
Mr. Simpson. 01 "The (Md Man,1' as
he is oHtfl known tn his friends, is u
fartor in Cranbrook life and develop*
ment, ami he, through his energy ai*
hyinboii/ed in his real newspaper, Hie
Crantrook Herald, is a striking proof
in every Issue of the whole-souled
way he has tbe alms, ambitions and
hopes of Mie ftiiure nf Cr.iiriuook con
•.tantly before bim.
A meeting was held ;>! ihe Windsor
hotel on Thursday evening, the 2!tl
of March, fm Hie purpose of organizing a e|irb to he Known a^ "The
Lundbreck Atlvlct-lc ('lull." The chaii
was occupied hv Hr. A, C, C. Johnston, who called lite meeting to
order, and explained the purpose for
which tlte meeting had been called.
After a I veiy discussion all round
lhe "Liuwlbreck Athletic dull" was
formed with the following officers;
lion. Pal i oiis—John Breekeuridge
and Peter Lund.
Hon. President—Cap lain M, N.
(larl and.
President—Dr, A. C. C, Johnston,
Vice-President— Mr.  A.  N. Mouat.
Hon. Sec.-Trea-s.-Mi. P. It. Mun*
Commit tee—Messrs.   II.  Shaw,     H.
HI. Itogers, J. Morris, E. A. Frishy,
J. O. Allison.
Curator—ll, Madden.
It is the intention of the club to
put a football team in Hie field this
season, and en ler Mie Grows Nest
Pass League. Luiwlhreck has a number of good sturdy players to select
from, and will undoubtedly lum out
a Hum which will provide a number
of lively malches. The secretary
P. R. Muiit-on, will he pleased t-o
receive letters from the secretaries of
any of the other clubs in the Pass,
lor the purpose of arranging matches.
Casey—Phwat's a garage?
Hei My—Sure,     it's   wan     n' I him
horseless  livery  stables.
Wigg— lb* doesn't know a good
thing when he sees it.
Wagg—Of course not. He's a
Tlte provincial library in the Free [
Reading Room, Watts block, is tree
to all and contains one hundred vol-;
umes, all new, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful arts, literature, di^l
scription ami travol, fiction, juvenile
books, biography and history, by,
some of tlie best authors of thc day. J
Any resident ot Cianbrook or vicinity is entitled to the loan of these
hooks as long as such person com-!
plies wilh the rules, having first I
signed the agreement, which wilt be
presented by the librarian. Below
aie a lew of the talcs to be complied
Books must lie handled with care
and leaves must not Iw turned down
Two volumes may he drawn by each
reader and retained lor two weeks
The line of live cents shall Iw paid
for each lunik kepi over time, and
no l*K.ks shall Iw lent to anv one
lo whom books or an Unpaid fine oi
lines are chained.
A reader desiring a ImkiK nol at the
time in the POSC m.iv have it teseiv
ed for lum fm fntty-eight hours at
ler its return by giving noliee lu Mm
A reader lel'irnlng a hook, which
is not reserved may renew 11 lm
I wo weeks,
In addition to this library the room
is suppliH with th«' leading news-
papers from the Atlantic to the
Paeilie, also maga/iues ami periodicals,
The room is nicely furnished and Is
a comfortable place to spend your
spare moments, and is not run hy,
nor in the interest of any elpinii,
party, or tiii|uo. Everybody welcome. Remember tbe place, second
tloor, Walls block, over Mlghlon's
tobacco store, Baker street,
Ca:iada has 35 chartered banks,
with 1,100 branches.
Canada's hanks have 70 niHltOlifi of
paid-up capita),
Canada's banks have SO millions of
notes in circulation.
Canada's hanks have assels of (191
millions; liabilities, 554 millions.
Canada's hanks have increased their
sseis by over 000 million since Confederation.
The capital of the Dank of Montreal, originally $350,000, Is now M
Only fi other banks in America ot
Europe have a larger capital.
The capital of the Dank of Commerce is 10 millions.
Canada has 1,000 posf office and
government savings hanks.
Thev have 21(1,000 depositors, with
H2 millions on deposit.
22 millions additional are in special
savings l>anks.
•123 millions are deposited in chartered banks.
4(1 millions are deposited in loan
conuianies, private banks, etc.
Grand total of savings: 519 millions; or $100 per head.
Discounts 'by chartered banks,
1905, 480 millions.
The bank deposits ot 1904 showed
an increase ot 50 millions over 1003,
Cainda has 250 branch banks in
the Northwest; tliere was only one al
TVenty-tfve years ago it was difficult to
sell spring wheat flour lor pastry at anj price.
l'eople didn't want it—they were using
soft, winter wheat flour, and savv no reason
for changing.
But hard wheat flour was persistently
pushed and prejudice has heen overcome.
Tlie women tried it, succeeded with it and
appreciated it.—To-day hard wlieat flour is
the favorite for pastry as well as for bread.
The flour that is doing the most for
the reputation of hard wheat flour is the
brand known as
Ogilvie's Royal Household
It is hunl wheat Hour ut its bent—milled
by modern methods, retaining all of the
good ot the wheat and none of the had—
it is without nn equal for every kind of
baking in which Hour is used.
Talk to your grocer about it—if he
isn't enthusiastic it's only because he isn't
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., uum,
"Ogilvie'. Book for a Cook," contains 130
pages of excellent recipes, some never before
published. Your grocer can lell you bow 10
gtl it t-'KEE. 4
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
$1.00 For Six Months
H eraldPublishingCo.
tar Sj-inj Sjitinjs, Trouserings and Rainproof Overcoatings. Newest specialties in
all lints. .* > .* J*
-■-.._• ,«,   w  „     mmmm     .      »    „  ,    IHGTAILOH "
♦•:":.<"M":.*.>.>.:":.<.<..><-.:..:..:.:.:..:-'... :••:••:• •:••: :■■:••••:•■:••:••:••:••:••:..;..*._.<•*♦
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any lime.    Wc arc- on deck 25 hours
out nf i lie 24
**   P. BURNS & COMPANY   **
V, mlisali and Itelall
Presh nnd Cured Meats
Presh    Pish,   Game   and
Wc supply only Ihe best.     Vour
trade ti solicited
Markets In nil the principal town
In British Col umbli
/ / NOTICE 11
b_gs to notify tlie residonts of Bisl Kootouay that bo lius i
mliM n MINERAL WATER FACTORY'i.. liis e.tab.
lislitiit'iii ninl would cordially Boliuil anv rositlonl or traval.
er to call or semi for a sample onler (particularly l».v the
trului uml guarantees his gooils superior In any in tin* ilis-
triot. Tim public am rospectfully .tii-uesteil to visit iisinul
sample the noals at the factory.
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, 1!
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in jj
make call and see the new stock of Ready 1!
made clothing just received. All Union! I
i •
XcaMno Business
1)ouses ot Abates*
V111C    C|H Sinclic-t- cii iv.
Muryivillo  liaa
,'nm,■ iuii, lui*own.
The '"ii ii UOW lias
a |*. iin in,*ni pay.
mil      Tin* llrniiil
,'iui   Im'.iiIiIi     I'l,
ilurai" thu Inliiiii mu
luisinesfl hmiBi'fli
1 Central Hotel
K. Johnson, Proprietor
fcj Dining Kiuiiii service the host.
I lie I. ,'iiluix ho- ti
Iel  in  lhe St. (J
Marys   valley. S
The place to slop when visiting lhe Smeller Cily
■^JJ ...»     r.HVV     IO    O.V|.      1IMVII      TI.OII.Ug      UIV     IJIU V| | VI      Vliy        JW
" 1
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor |§
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of S
the best hotels in thc district. Headquarters for ffl
the people. ffl
i Marysville Drug Co.
J£ We carry a complete slock of everything in the Jjj
tm Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away ffl
O for your goods.                                          ffl
"""~ "  m*mmw * -'■
*       INTKIEKSTINfi   1TKJ1S        >*'
Miss Cranston, daughter ol Lord
Provost Sir Robert Crouton, was
at a meeting ol the Corporation ol
Edinburgh, presented by the raafU-
trati-.*, ami members of council with a
ihH.klt'1 .un! diamond pendant, on ttie
occasion "I her marriage.
Dr. Fuloher, tbe tnecHctd ofttoei foi
Ohlng-ford, which Hn on tin* edge »f
loping Koiyst, states m Ins month!)
report that th.1 fiV-8 people who ilnii
at Ohtngfold In .lannarj* wen- a^-it
ii*s|«i*ti\t'ly niiM'ty-three, sevnity
live si-vinrty-two and sixty-live.
At an average rate ol ten m les an
In hi i Mn' new London t-ounty council
motoi liuM'iinlne BUOOeattUlly negotiated Mie -;iii'|n'*.'t Utiti in the Hamp-
ttotd ihstiK't, on some of whicli a
ste.nuei drawn hy honw WOtlM han-
Ihvii iiii.ttili* (o reach the top.
A tcnurkahlc Iiiiiii ol Bpnrrowi
was seen to settle in an oiohaid ul
Piiicliheck West, near S|ia.Min:;. lt
was estimated that thev mus*t have
numbered between .lifty thousaiid anil
a liiiwlml thousand, every branch in
tint orchard belltg loaded  wilh  Ihem.
Messrs. 0. L. Watson A company,
Glasgow, have just completed a model ol Mie Htoht Stutiirwk IL, de
signed by the late Mr. Watson, and
which wus tlw challenger for the
America cup. It will be presented to
the New York Yaotlt Club by Sii
TlHimas Lipton.
The membership ol the General
Federation ol Trade Unions increased
during last quarter hy 80,190, and
the reserve luftd ol $3,896 t-o ii2a,-
331, while the Income of £5,778,
against an expenditure of £1,883,
Kiu> out ol eight ofllofols contesting
scats last monlh were elected.
Mr. William Griffith; the agent at
lk'aumaris, has rceeoved from the
clerk t« the Menai Bridge district
council a cheque for four pence, being
the amount due for a half-year'.-,
title rent charge, payable by that
council to the rector ol Llanfairpwil*
gwyngy 1 igaacrycli w y n d r<ihiv 11 sen t d y si -
That a man in bis time plays many
parts has been exemplified at Worcester at a meeting of the ceditors of
Sidney -lames Grist, who had been
soldier, sailor, policeman, railway
clerk, bookmaker, clerk anil publican,
lie saiW thut the most prolit able
was bookmaker's clerk.
Mr. Smuts, advocate in the Transvaal, and [ormcrly Boer general, who
left London recently on his return to
South Africa, said he was thoroughly
convinced that the government had
the inlerest of all parlies at heart,
ami t-lut nothing would he done to
favor unduly any particular section.
Sixty-one passengers were killed
ami Tti? injured on railways m Great
Britain from July to Septembei
last, 135 railway servants k IM and
1,706 injured, ah Increase ol 62 ami
17 trom" tlie corresponding quarter ol
Alexander Dobtole, ol Montrose, pin
nil in a punt with his six-yvar-old
•-on to attend to some boats in t-he
river South Esk. Tlw little craL
capsized, and Dobblc oaugbt bold of
his son .nul held bim up for a lew
minutes, but Just as some men in
another punt got alongside him the
father loosened his grasp and sank.
The boy was rescued.
The historic Ivy House paper mills
ai ll.iniev art' to Iw removed to the
village ol OhWdleton, near Leek, it
was In tlwse mills that Messrs
Fouvdrtitfcr sot up ami perfected Uw
machine, which still bears theii
name, foi ibe manufacture ot papei
from tlw continuous w-oh. Belore
ibis method was Introduced papei
was nude entirely  by  baud  in  small
a pauper lunatic belonging to tin
tlnanngaen (Lanes) Union who recently died was found t-o be Insured
by seven dlfleent persons foi
amounts ranging up to £1,000, hm
wlien asked <<> detra) the cost ol
bm i.u i he beneficiaries unattlmouslj
refused The    workhouse   inasiei
staled that there were other men
miihI.uI.  Insured in the workhouse.
Tin* only place iu tlw country whew
the police COUH  business is conducted
at a pubHe house Is at BlofloW, Norfolk. This has Imvii going <m foi
mn- IiiiihIhsI years, OiM lbe brewers
liaVB made mi ehaige lo Ihe aut-holi-
tii-i fm lbe use of the room. A new
eourl house will be ready toi ocou|ia<
lion in a forlirlgbt and the magistrates aie leaving tliell old quaiteis
with a  feeling  td  M'gll't.
tn announcing tlw facl that a
ivorklngtnau has t>eeu cremated at
iin- local crematorium, ihe Laucastei
li.iiiy I'osi expresses the hope thai
ibe example "will soon and fhipitiii
lv be followed" by other workmen 111
ihe borough,
A Lynn bankrupt told the official
receiver that he lost some, sheep hy
death ami thai lie killed the remainder to keep t'ltem alive. This was
his way of explaining that he wai.
able lo make saleable meat of them
Fred. Pounder and Henry Lowes
Imve 'boon presented with silvei
watches by the West Hartlepool l-Mu-
eaition Committee for ton consecutive
years' complete attendance at school
Fifty-* wo boys were presented with
silver medals, and fifty girls with
brooches, for five consecutive years'
complete attendance. The scheme
for presenting medals and brooches
was started in the Diamond Jubilee
year of the late Queen-. The total
presentations now number frM.
Exciting semes were witnessed ai
a meeting of tbe Lisnaskea Rural
Council, Ireland; wlien a large number of ratepayers thronged into tbe
council chamber and protested
against a proposal to erect a pump
in ihe village of Derrylln. Tbe intruders refused to leave, shouting
"We are the bosses ol the place." An
attempt to transact business resulted
hi such uproar that tbe meeting was
adjourned   only,  bowevri
cumed when  the   aattiptunpis
1,^,1 public to k«*p tiui'ii pretty well
j iu pied with iis struggle to rise
There   is every   prospect thai    ai i    * ,altll,V bead will weai the bat ii
lateur International ni»tch betwrvn  tbe =""»»*- way.
England ami Ireland a 111 be
fm next season.
There is a wave ot purity sweeptop
over Knglaml and "i every Itand we
read of ilie determination ol
in authority to check rowdyism. Tin-
West Yorkshire Association arc
checking bhe misplaced etttliusiaani "t
(•he jimiois wlm nepire to become
sen ji us, ami \W Laneaitbire Awsocia-
tion actually suspended ,i man loi a
month for using fmil language lo ,i
The secretary ol the S.A.A.A.. Mi
Ii. s Duncan and Mi Tom Krawr,
one ul the oonmtltteemeu, began
thell li-nd year ol service at Un annual meeting lbe otfcci evetung
The members ol tbe Lcaaowe Goll
iiul) have decided again I Sunday
play, likewise against an incres od
siihscnpt'ion. There li qpite a re-
latlonsnlp between the Saiftwtb and
Loose change is attracted by the
atmospberd ol the pool i u
The laboi mg man can make people
Stand arotind  when In- puis Ins     fool
There is much poison m tin-
printci s ink.
Publicity helps Utile with the di
vorce evil,
ll is astonishing to know whal
good brothers and sisters some nun
of mind is ragged on    the
A piece
,\ man   is understood to he righl
who is ou our Mile
SSeal ihat counts is home grown,
Mi-u may squandot their wages, but
economy with the tiuih is charactoi
He among all classes.
""T".,M .n'.,,^'1''Nl"'T wl '^^Alu^:An\;l !X
"WOHTHLESS" HIMNU pollticlaiii
In tlw early days ,,. Rossland
when Le Hm shales were selling al ;'
ants, a shabbily dnwscd man ontota
a small t-aihn simp in n snmll lowi
in Oregon.
••TafclNir," said be, "1 w.ml a suit
of clothes, bm I have no liiolicv. If
ymr'-ll make me a suit I'll give yen
M0Q#fmres t.f Le Rol stock"'
The tailor demurred ai lirst. id
Wanted cash; bul after a while Uu
persuasive powers of the miner won
upon bim, ami Ire accepted lhe s-haies
in exchange for ibe clothes. Tine,
years passed away, Careful develop
ment proved that the LeRoi uum
was a property id great value, aiid
wise   men began   to gather    in odd
Hocks of the Block. Thev were able
to irace all the shares, except "1,111111.
Advertisements were Inserted for Hit
missing shares, wilhoul meeting with
a response for a long lime. After
tlie lapse of some monl lis the tailor's
eye happened to meet one of the advert isemenis. lie remembered thc
5,000 shares thai had lreen given him
for tlie suit of elolhes. ami wh.ch be
had thrown iulo an old soap box
containing rubbish, lie bad forgotten the name of the mine. In (act,
he had regarded the stock as of no
value, and thc suit as good as given
away. Finally he decided to look at
the certificates, and to his joyful
surprise found that tlwy were the
Identical ones thai had been advertised for, ami were worth $1 a share.
He surrendered tlie stock upon payment of tho r value and departed for
An almost identical incident has
just developed at San Francisco, A
tailor named Nhoensiein wi nt to
Tonopah a little mon* than a year
ago and opened a tailor plwp, "One
day," relates Shocnstienj "a broken
gambler came Into my shop, lie was
Wear-eyed and shakj after a night
at lhc tables, and broke, hul 'the
lust of the game was still in bis
Wood, and he wanted to play more.
" Bill— lie knew me well; anyway.
lirst names go in Tonopah—'Bite/ he
remarked, 'here's a bunch o| Tonopah
Extension. Give me fifty hones, and
it's yours.'
"My whole capital was $80, but 1
decided to buy. I gave luui ". lln-
money and bought a round of drinks,
which cost $2 more.''
Sebiwiisticn tlwn wenl lo San
Francisco. He left tiro stock behind
When Iw changed rooms. He later
returned for it, and was Informed by
tlw landlady that it bad been
thrown in the cellar, and mighl possibly be found there. Then- iii an
ash barrel lay the stock which three
weeks ago was worth $27,600i
Sohoenstnen put the s-toek iu a hank.
Four weeks ago he received an oiler
of 11.500 for the stock, lie accepted. A little later he learned to his
sorrow that the stock was worth
$27,500 at the time lie sold. Still
later he learned thai Schwab, the
steel magnate, had sold 11 for $600,-
000. Such is lUck.-D. W. IL. in
Vancouver World;
A cold snap causes people lo jump.
Tbe eoal man is capable of giving
lire average salary a black eye.    .
lie who laughs last  laughs alone.
Mixing ideals is about Ihe same as
mixing drinks.
No husiness is so bad Ibat il cannol summon virtue to Ms defence
The mornings are always cold lollowlng the depart tiro of ibe cook.
There is always room in public
plftCOS devoted to tlie expansion of
Reputation as a fight PI  fakes man)
Generosity   thai is   worn on    tho
sleeve is likely   lo be losl.
There is n standing Invitation io
religion to take on enough ui Uio
world to make itself popular.
Newspapers are so wicked ihal no
man blushes to In* caught iu Vheir
A weak mind grabs at straws.
Gilds are reluctant to cover tlieir
ears even  in  the coldest   weather.
Some men hang to iheir money
with such energy thai they lose their
hold everywhere else.
It is useless to reprove the springtime boy, for tlw game of keeps is
Sometimes callers are receiveil wilh
apparent pleasure and taken leave of
with genuine satisfaction,
People who think to themselves
have security with their friends.
A pig in a poke is content if the
trough Is well filled.
Conscience is easily summoned, hut
bard to find.
It seems to be tbe husiness of   the
It la haul lo leali/e how happy Wi
are until we aie miserable.
Memory is always short, no matte
how prosperous the times.
Men      who    shave      Itieliisi-lves nie
ptoiid of tbtir scars.
Faultfinding is unlike charity, hut ii
begins al home.
A jolly doctor is Ignorant id    the
taste of bis own medieine.
Many men declare their willingness
to help if the way to the pocket ean
he disclosed to them.
A literary cluh is employed in polishing.
When the temper rises il is time (o
open   the door.
Auger's lirst suggestion is Ibat the
teeth should Iw ground.
The Innocence of children gives to
many uieu the sense of foolishness.
A   brothel's    keeper has his heart
Some nun do most ol their traveling in search tor a place tt; get out.
When a hoy comes home without
anv mud on him it may be taken as
absolute proof that the walking is
Girls with a cultivated smile should
follow it up with a knowledge ol
It is awful to be in a hole and have
oino one pouring in water,
People who weep for others will he
wept for.
Busy men when they are sick have
time to think about being good.
Well matured plans do nol leave
much room for wind.
The sniallness of men's minds provides a tremendous stumbling block.
F.   0.   E.
Meet    in     I'aluioie     Hall    ovi'r.
Thursday. '
C, Muss Talc, IV. I>.
A. M. Mack, VV, Hot',.
Visiiinjr IhmiIu'is cordially Invited.
Meets every _ud and 4th Tuesday In
"Uood Teui|ilars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
A. Melon .in, U.K.    . J. Sluij, Sec'y
.1. O. G. T.
Meets every Friday night above Pal
more's Store.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets every   second    and    toutil
Saturday in Patmore's Hall.
Visiting brothers always welcome.
II is impossible to predict where
things in llie air will light.
A (.noil word is .sure to llml congenial company.
A generous man will not busy himself in smitling out generosity serving
to illuminate lhe minds ol his neighbors.
There are people who are earnest in
preparation lor death by living to
themselves alone.
Some men arc so narrow they lack
standing rooni-
Tlii. siuing ol a tiger is never heau-
Pride goel.li belore a somersault.
Hare stairs will prove the hanlnns*.
ol boys' soles.
The man who shares Ills honors has
mure lor llillisell.
Vanity appears tn hest advantage
in ilie faee ol a mirror.
Much Iriith is burled, with the result ot a-ikling Hi the world's green
Because a man sinnkes Is uo sign
that he is hot.
ll is Ulisate lo lie up to ililliienis
pcii'luil nn stilts.
A messenger Irom heaven novel
ctiin|il.iins inei* lira absence ol the
Miss Mansfield will do laniy type
writing lor afternoon or evening entertainment, al reasonable rates.
Uucss work questions supplied, ol
typed from copies. ti-v
Take notice that thirty days attci
dale I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Woiks
al Victoria [or a special license to
cut and carry away timlier from oli
the folluwing described lands in Kasi
Commencing at a post planted al
the Intersection of the western boundary of lot No. Ilti-ii, group 1, with
the northern limit ol the right-ol-
way of the B. C. S. Railway, llience
south-westerly along said northern
boundary of the said right-of-way
seventy chains, more or less, to the
northern boundary of lot 28U">, grou[
1; thence west 20 chains, more o
less, to lhc narth-west cornel of lot
2805, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 100 chains, thence soutli to the
nortiiern boundary ot said lot No.
3693; thence west along said north-
era boundary to the north-west cor-
nej ot lot No. 3.113, thence south
along the western boundary ot said
lot to the place of beginning.
Wm, Iliggins.
Dated this 10th da; ol March, A.
D., lDOt. II 51
•society AND I
CiiEsi'Lsr I.iiiiue Nu. S3
Cranbrook, B. C.
.Meets every Tuesday  at 8  p.  in.  al
New  Fialcinily   Hall.
J  A  Arnold, K.K.s.
George Tliompson, C.C.
\isitini!   brethren  cordially invitee
lo altcinl.
..ranbrook Local Union 1241 of Ihe United I
Brotherhood ol Carpenter, and Joiner,     j
of America.
Meetings every Thursilay evening al !
I. II. G. T. hall, over Patmore llios.*
Visiting bietbren cordially Invited
Ired  Vuill, Kdwaid Koule,    .
 R-e.-See.  Presideui I
I.O.li.P. VtTilty Le<|. |
_M1 j No. 42. Meeti every
V&9* Monday night al I
New fraternity Hall. Sojourn-
mg Oddfellows cordially invited.
K. II   McKay, M.  I).  11,11,ngt,
N- O. Sec',.
Iraihrook Ledge, Na. i.
A. f. I A. M.
Regular meetings in
Ihe third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
S. II. Hosktns, Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, W. M.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineer*
and Surveyors,
THOS. T. MiVll'TlK,  p. L   S
I   T. LAIDLAW. U   K.
p*-t m**H>?4"?s. f <$*-^^-H-4>
I First-class Work by Experi- X
| enced  Hands. £
I    The Cranbrook Hotel
| :
X   Facial Massaec a Specialty   £
| T. E. SOUTH.   Prop r.
♦♦♦frM • > •*. i • |.......,.,,,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Knell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc.
Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - • - 1.30 to   11
Alterations • • • • 1.30 to 1.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK ::    ::    !!    ::    B. C
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong av.
I to 11 am,
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   I s in.
Office la new Reid bloc!
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
People who want job work done
cannot afford to pay for poor work
That is why it pays to get worl
done at tbe Herald oflice. No complaint is made of the work tunic oul
here tor the reason that it Is up to
date and the work of u, to dat.
winters. That makes a dillercae.
»lt»  anv  WlrtK'l
If ynu require any hired help, either male or female, write to us. Our
charges are reasonable.
Employment,    real   estate,   Insurance aud commission agents.
44 tl Wetaskiwla, Alberta.
**■* '*■*■ s-s-s-x
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is mod.mly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
A nie. Photo, the kind	
we make will !*," tbe mosl
acceptable Easter '.ift ::
Prest Photo Co i
Vt Bay anl Sell on C.mmisiion
WANTED.--Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days ailer date I Intend to tpply to
the Honourable, tbe C'l.icf IJotDml*-
sloiier of Lamls ami Works lot a license   lu    prospect   for   coal   and    pet-
roleura on the lollowlng described
lands, situate almul two miles from
the mouth ami about one fouith
mile west of small stream running
northerly Inlo u,. Flathead nn-r and
•bout two miles east of 0, I'. It.
line as surveyed, South Kast Koolenay, B.C., anil lies adjacent to E.
K. L. Dewdney's claim on tlie east:
Cnmmeiniiig at a post planted at
the south-easi corner, iH-iii-i tne imt-
lal posl, tliei.ee niniiiig north 80
chains, thence west sii chains, llieme
lioulh 80 chains, Uience east o"
chains to place ol commencement anil
containing 61(1 aires.
Cecil 11. Winter, Locator.
.lames Fisher, Agent.
Located this 29lh day ol .September. 1901. ,..,
Notice is hereby given th.it one
month alter date an application will
In* made lo the Clovcrnor In Council
hy Valentine Ilvile Baker, .lames
Ityan, Charles ll. McNab, Charles
Oeorge Lyttleton und Viscount t'oh-
ham, under the provisions ol Chapter
'11, nt the Revised Statutes of Canada, for permission i0 construct
d-ains. booms and other Improvements
for logging and saw milling purposes
in llie Kootenay River in South East
Kootenay. British Columbia,
The plans of Uie works proposed to
be constructed ami a description of
tlie site thereof as required hv the
said Act have been deposited with
tlie Registrar ol Land Titles at Nelson, B. 0., and wilh bhe -Minister of
PubHc Works at  Ottawa, Ontario.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., this
llilh March, l'JOG.
W. F. tliild, solicitor for the applicants. _2-5i THE   CRANBROOK    II Bit A 1.0
Hv the Herald   Publishing Company,
l^Cj /CLi*m*~>n**v-*\
Editor and Manager.
The Herald Is'worth 110 a year. It
eosts only t'l. No man in South
Kasl Kootenay ean altord to be without it. and everyone living outside of
lhe lilsliiet, who is interested in the
progress ot this section, should read
it it publishes lhe news whilu it is
news, lt is controlled absolutely by
the publisher, No clique, party or
Individual dictates Its policy- ll
dou't tiy to please the people. Its
desire is to publish a newspaper that
.ill he a eredit to the community.
Send in youi subscription and you
will us Ih.inklul eier alterward.
Advertising rales »i per Inch, mugi«
column, per iiioiitii, uo more and  "o
"Rinding   matter IB oenia per   Ilns
to ,. id.eitisris, 10 cents per Uns
:„ imul-ir ad.ei users. Business
locals me   cents pei   Hue each Inser-
|| imi desire to reach the puople ut
Suuth Kast Koolenay you must Ul-
Vertlse In The Herald.
lh, Herald has a first-class |ob
plant, and lis »„rk is ot the best.
The Herald don't waul charily. II
wants a square deal on your Job
«ork. II we ean't suit yuu la quality and pilee, kick, and send your
work lo some Cheap Jobs house Is
Uie east Ihal never spesds a cent I"
A better committee could not have
been selected.    The project is sale in
thc honds ol these gentlemen.      The
people   ean  resl    ass*ured  that  what
con be done lor Hie besl Interests ol
Cranbrook and lhe disiriet along 'his
hue   will be done.       The   Herald is
wisling to abide hy the judgment   "I
these gentlemen as to the best policy    to pursue,   and    feels sure thai I
they will receive the cordial sup|ioii I
of   the   |HS>ple generally in all lhat |
tliey do.
1,000 zv Week
Tlii.s is ihe giiiiiuiiiec'l circulation of ilie Humid
Press ro. uml subscription lists open to Investigation I.y mlvertlsers .ut »»y
Tin* I lei uld gives a dollar
iii value lor n dollar 111 money. Tlie Bilvertlser lis" th«
righl lo know what li« i»
receiving fur Ills money.
Tlm llorulil i» one imi*'*
llml courts Investltlgiitlon.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦» |
|     HERALD AGENCIES     ;;
Ihe Herald will be found on \ \
sale al lhe followlnf placet: ,,
Marysville, Marysville Drug Slore , ,
Wardner, 0 Donahue'* Slore '. ',
Mnyie. S. K. Harvle'i Drug Slore ; J
Ryan. R. P. Hlnlay ; »
Fernie, I'urdy's Book Slore , ,
* 1.1k.., Holbrook'a Book Store
♦ Cwnbrook, Seattle & Atchison's < >
X uml C, E. Keid & Co. a < >
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦W '
The cily council ol Feinie ami the
newspapers seem to he a little at
outs on the eiiy printing; proposition.
The result is that the city clerk, acting on the Instructions ol the council, has written to the Herald, and
others papers In Alberta, lor quotations on printing to tho city. The
Herald answered the letter, thanking
Uh* city council lor the courtesy extended, but declining to make a hid
Ior the print hig under lhe eircuiu-
Btgnces. Tbe K^rulo Free Press and
the Fernie Ledger are dohig all In
their power to build up Kernie. Tlte)
urc classed annus the besl newspapers in tin- west. They have worked
early Mid late to promote the besl
Interests ol Fertile and the Crows
Nest Pass country, The proprietors
oi each paper are enterprising, loyal,
citizens, who pay tales Into the city
coders, aud who spend llieli time
and money for ihv advancement ol
Kernie. They pleach home trade an.l
home patronage Ior ihe benefit oi the
home business man ami are consistent iu thut preaching. When tliere
is any printing to be done for thinly, the papers of the ojty should
have It. Kor this reason the lleial..
declined to make a bid tor the work,
as it does not care to be the moans
of encouraging ihe city council 01
Kernie to form the buying out 01
lown habit, when the goods can In
purchased In tho town. As to thi
cause of the differences, wo knovi
nothing, but we    aie satisfied    thai
the newspapers of Kernie have mn
committed any crime great enough lu
warrant ihe board of aldermen Lo
buck commercial Institutions iu tholi
own town. H Is true that the papers may have not agreed with tin
aldermen, but i.s that a crime? Il
may be in Kernie and Russia, but
thank the Lord it is not lhe case in
Cranbrook and the rest of tlte world.
The Herald would suggest that llu
city council of Kernie get together
and boost for their own lowu ami
their own Institutions, And as a
public body, issue a proclamation
that it is against the best Interests
of the town to send money away
trom home for any kind of work wlien
it can be secured at home on a satisfactory basis. Then call in tin
newspaper men and talk business.
•ril(. (<ml|hmol. Iwanl "f trade held
  ..I iin- best, ii m.i the hest meet
jhfr I,, jis history, lasl Tuesday oven*
i„g ,,i     n„- .-. nl   chamber.    The
sptrll thai innkes towns was maiti-
[,.,*,,i There was no display ol or-
ulory, i hero was a lack of tlw bom-
Inutile, them was an evident desire
hi promote the besl interests ol
Crnnbrook and lira district us
whole, im' upon a broad, liberal
nl un, wilh malice toward none and
good feeling foi all. I' was a great
meeting, n meeting tlml those presenl Imve reason lo fool proud
u]_    iU|l|      ,,ih'      Uml     thc    town
has reason '" 1,ri l'1"1"' °'*
l-'iiiiiii-iiiiine, 11 was representative,
everj branch ol business, every oal-
Irng in the town displayed lis In-
ii-n-. i by having some ono Ihere,
.\ community ihal can hold ihat
kind oi .i meeting, tlml can display
ih,- spirit llml predominated on that
ut-i :,. llml has tlml k nd ol busl-
i,.-. in.-:, will win in Its flghl lot
in<i,|ii-iiiy. lot Hn- true winning
quail l |i s were ver) much in bv|-
The Herald s .uncle lust  weok   on
the   ii t ui speedy    action on    the
pari ol the Cranbrook Hoard ot
Trade and llie cin council to pro-
h-,-1 Un- Interests ol this town so
I.u as lira Kootena) Central is concerned, met "Uh the enthusiastic approval of Un* people generally and ro*
suited In President Ueatlic calling a
meeting of the Board of Trade Ior
Tuesday evening. And that call met
with a hearty response on tho part
of tin- people The council chamber
was enrwded and tbe question was
discussed in a careful awl conservative manner, Men who realized the
importance of the proposition gave
tlieir views in a clear and concise
manner, and as ,i result the following committee was appointed to take
up Un* matter:
,1,  l). McBRIDE,
.1   ll.  KINO, MP.P. j
W   V li run.
Col, 0. C, Porter, (or two years
editor of the Calgary Daily Herald,
will leave that paper this month to
accept a position of Importance on
some large western daily, which one,
it is not announced, This news
will not be welcome to the Colonel's
many friends through Alberta ami
British Columbia. During the lime
that Mr. Porter has been in Calgary
In* has been untiring iu his efforts lo
build up the paper to which ho gave
his services, and at the same time
has done everything in his power,
through the newspapers and personally, to advance the Interests of the
town. Being a man of wide experience in the newspaper world, both
in Canada and lite United States,
having worked in many cities, his
knowlt<lgv of eoudit ions and t he
soundness of his Judgment, made his
advice valuable in public matters unu
he was greatly in demand in conse*
queues on all affairs of a puhlii
nature, Among the newspaper fraternity Uie Colonel was whole-souled.
As secretary of the Alberta Press
Association, he did a lot of work to
make thai organization a success.
He will be missal in Calgary ami
Alberta, and it will be a long time
before J. J. Young will find a man
who combines such versatility as a
newspaper man, uml the endurance nf
a Missouri mule to do two men's
work day in and day oul. The Col-
nel has the best wishes nf the Until and its editor, but we would like
o see him al the head of a paper
with a substantial interest, niMiei
than working the best years of his
life on a salary. The time is coming for a lot of us wlien W0 won't be
so active, and when u man reaches
the stage that he cannot do two
men's work or three or four in an
emergency, Uhu be becomes unfit, for
a working position on a daily paper.
Here's to you, Colonel, and may
your glass always Im1 tilled, may the
mahogany under which you throw
your feet three times a day be loaded with the best that tlw world affords, may your bank account always
Iw on the right side of thc ledger,
and may your success in the future be
even greater than it has been in the
»■      -
There should be a systematic movement right away toward getting an
appropriation for a Dominion government building for Cranbrook. Thc
necessity is becoming more apparent
every day, and even with an early
appropriation it will he a year or
1 wo before one Could  possibly      b«
Our stock is now replete with
and we are showing the newest creations, so eagerly sought
by the well dressed woman.
We have iust received a shipment from the old country of
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Ladles' Neckwear a specialty,
See our window (or a most
beautiful assortment of the
Latest Collars,
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A fine line of Muslin Waists,
Embroidered Suit Ends, Suits,
etc., etc.
Dress well! It costs no more
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20tk Century
It is the besl, made by skilled
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the newest and stylish patterns
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ready for   occupancy,
even longer.
und perhaps  |H|,   Columbia    should   get a benefit
along the sume lines.
There is timber enough in the territory tributary to Craubrook to
keep the mills going lor the next ten
to fifteen years,
The circulation counts with the advertiser, since ii brings him results,
Ami that is whal tbe advertiser is
aflei The Herald has a circulation
in this disiriet thai it is proud o|
ami is perfectly willing to verify
tlml circulation wilb every man who
pays it money fm advertising. The
IIcm-Id believes that the advertiser Is
untitled to this knowledge when ho
pays out his money for advertising.
Spring is here und now It is up to
the government to lake action on
furnishing a road to the people of the
St. Marys valley. Tlio population
uf ihat section of lhe country is in-
creasing, and tho work of develop-
men! ■>[ mining properties i.s under
way. What is mine the bridge that
bas been naked foi over the Sl.t
Marys so as io cut down tho dis-
liincc between Cranhrook and Marys !
villi* ami the many people living    in
bolh sect s, should surely be   built
this year. Tboro is no longer any
valid excuse for delay, and those
politicians wlm Imve the ear ol    the
goven ui. should gel busy and pro-1
ini ih. u I'liunii. 's good, The im-j
■nii'iil s huve been needed ami
been promised, but huve not
made. Now is the time to
ilns mallei, uud if Ihose parlies
wlm stand righl with lho powers
tlml be, will Blarl a movement in
this direction ihey can gel a petition1
that will roach Irom bere to the
Mission, backing ihem up in their,
laudable effort.
The Rossland Miner is publishing a
Sunday paper these days llial is a
credit to lhat town and lo the pub-'
Hither. j
Tlw boards nt trade of British Co-1
lu nubia should lake up the matter of
urging the Dominion government to
pay more attention 'to British Columbia in its work of publicity, Tlie
Hon. Mr. Templeman, who is a resl-l
dent of this province, thoroughly |
understands the situation and could
do a power of good and would du so
if the matter was presented to him. J
Alberta,Saskatchewan and Manitoba
have been made familiar lo the world
hy Hie excellent advertising given i
those provinces by the interior tle-[
parlim-irl.     It Is now time thai Brit-'
The little work done along the line
ol Investigating tlte life Insurance
companies of Canada have shown up
some truths that are startling iu the
extreme, All the credit for moving
the governmenl in this matter is due
Editor McLean, ol Hie Toronto
World. He was called a crank al
first, then a vHliatt and a blackmailer. But he kept on in his paper iluy
after .lay, ami month alter mouth,
until llw people were al last aroused and the Investigation was demanded. The people are easy to
tool and mulct, and whal is more
they wrll stand it year after year
unless stirred up by some persistent,
Independent man like McLain. Some
soft soap, some re-assurrlng articles
in newspapers carrying page advertisements lor the insurance companies, and the guileless public is lured
into peaceful slumber and make no
objections lo existing conditions.
Publicity is lhe Iwst protection thai
can Iw given to the public, and it
was publicity lhat opened to tho
gaze of the world the rottenness ul
the life insurance in Canada, the
sume as il did a slmil lime ago in
the   United   Stales.      The  people     of
this country owe tbe Toronto World
a lieavy debt of gratitude,
And speak in; of publicity, they
miii more of it in British Columbia.
II there waR more publicity, there
would be fewer Kaien Island deals
and gills ol lands to railway corporations,
■ I. A, Harvey and 0, II. Thompson, two of the leaders of lhc Conservative party, are in Victoria tills
I week, Il is to be hoped that they
will urge upon the Hon. Robert
Green the necessity of building a
road up tlw St. Marys valley and a
bridge over the St. Marys river,
The Phoenix Pioneer advocates the
systematic boosting of the Boundary
country. The Pioneer has been doing that very thing for years and it.
Is about time that the people took a
hand in the game.
It is about time that the provincial government formed a booster
Stand up Ior Cranbrook today, tomorrow, all the time.
Calgary has just gotten out, a
directory and mi the flexible hauls of
directory computation tth' Herald of
thai city now boasts ol 20,000 inhabitants. To estimate the population uf a town by the directory is a
good deal like figuring how rich you
arc hi, pulling in ynur mining stock
at par. But lhe lime is coming, and
tlml M'i y soon, wlien Calgary will
have 20,00(1    and   several     thousand
■ Sume paper recently said that
hoard of trade banquets were good
fm- a town, as they brought the business nu u together in closer relationship, uiiil gave each an opportunity
to j^et aoirua'lirted with the social
side ul the others. Truer words
were never spoken, and eveiy town
needs tlml  very kind of treatment.
j    It often takes an outsider to    sec
I wlml a resident of a town fails    to
sec,   especially    when it     comes to
; chances fnt prosperity,     A visitor to
Cranhrook the other day, speaking of
this    lown   and the   district,   said:
"The    people uf   Cranhrook do nol
seem to have a proper conception of
; what  thoy have in the luture if thoy
j will    -get   up aud rustle for   il.     I
don't  know of a town  Dial bus bet-
| ter chances ihan Cranbrook, but   Unpeople will have lo wurk together for
whal they get.    No business man can
afford to sit down ami wuii for   Uie
lown to grow.    Every mun wants to
pui his shoulder lo ihc wheel,    Thai
is iin* way i.i win success.
Newspapers In copying items Iron
the Herald should mil lake the items
from ihe "Seven Years Ago" column
ninl print ihem us current news. Just
ii short lime ago a prominent trade
journal mi the coast printed tlm news
uboui the Cranbrook Lumber com.
patty's saw mill burning which occurred seven years ago, and handed
it oul as a live piece of news. That
is about as near up lo date as the
average trade paper gets with news.
The people of Craubrook are under
oMIgalions to the Calgary Herald
for the excellent review of Ibis town
given by ils staff correspondent, .1.
Young Beyers. It was done*without
the request ol a cent Irom the people
of Cranbrook and will do tlw town a
power of good. We reproduce the
article in this issue of the Herald.
states the pasl month, Everybody prints all the news ol Oris districl '
wants i,i learn something about the The mun did not remember tho name
Kootenays. of tlie Herald, hut he could give   uu
accurate description
The Cranhrook way is the winning  M
way, |   The Herald is of   lhc opinion  tliat
Aldermen Jackson and Tlsda.e made
President  Beaitle's suggestion that u m|sUlke when they opposed lhe mollie Board of Trade meet every   two  tion  that   ,,„,     „,„„,,„  [)av  ,,,„,    ,,,.
weeks during this summer is a good |)ens(! „f a ^logaHon app tod    b)
one.    Tliere is much for Uus body to the Board of Trade to visit Calgary
lo within  tbo next few months, and 1B Nation to tlw Koolenay Central.
They were entitled to their opinion,
but better authority was never given
Keeping everlastingly at   it  is, the l(( thl>    tepresentalives in Uie   city
way to win.     Thut  applies lo towns C0H„C|| t„ expend a little money ihan
was back of lhe rwpiesl  made by a
committee   nl   Uw     Boaid  ol  Trade
thai went before ihe   council.   Never
in   ihe   history   of   Crnnbrook    had
there been more properly owners ami
taxpayers gathered ou au occasloii nl
that   kind, and     nevei    was    there
lhe way lo do is to do.
as well as Individuals
Every man in business and every
property owner should be a member
of the Board ot Trade uml also attend and take part in the deliberations, lt is a duly that he owes to
himself and in the community where greater unanimity shown on ,i
his interests are being promoted   by
tlmse who arc moving,
The CranbiYKik Board of Trade
Should never quit tint I that bridge
is buill across the St. Marys. The
people up tbut wny rfrgbtly hold
the opinion tbut if the merchants nf
Cranbrook want their trade thoy
sh.. ii 1.1 rustle fm il. Thai bridge
and a shorter road would be a standing invitation Ihul Cranhrook want
ed lheir business,
(!ranbrook has reason to expect
belter accommodations on the North
Star branch than prevail at the
present tunc. The traflic is Increasing and to crowd people inlu a eui
the way it is dune tm some oeeu
sinus is uot the way in immi ilu-
travelling public.
taken. Alderman Jacksnn voted in
favor of the motion io endorse th"
action of the Boaid uf Trade so fai
as Ils wmk regarding tho Kootenay
Central was concerned, hut would not
consent to the council becoming responsible for any expense Aldei
mun Tisdale nppustsl ever) move in
regard tn the matter, taking lho
stand thai tliere was uu us,* doing
anything, Mayoi Rogers nud \1dei
imn Ityan. fink and Murphy .nvored
ihe motion lhat thr council pn) tlm
expense   ol a   eommlll if    three,
sinre lln- move uas lm 11n* lii-mlil
of tlm city as a Whole, ami hy Hi*1
cily paying  tin1 expense  the burden
wnuld   fall   where  it   should,  on     Hie
tnxpnyers, and nol mi a lew generous
enOUgll     In     pill     up     tin-     IKS'i ,sai .
luini-.      in   pep resenting Ihe    i pin
in a public capacity, il is necesHaiy
occasionally In ad somowhal contrary In one's personal views, when
there   is   ample  cvhlenee   that      lliosu
views do nut coincide with the greal
majority uf  the  people Unit    ihe <>(•
The readers of the Herald this week
should rend the article Irom the Wil
mer Outcrop giving information as
iu    Hi-   resources nf   ihe Kootenay
valley. It bus hti-n prodlclcd thut iin- Imtder represents, The op|
within len years ihere would Imi a aldermen were lionesl in their at
population from Cranhrook lo ((olden of .111,000 people, and the marvellous resources of lhat section furnish the very best basis for lhat
predid ion.
Clean up while you think ol it.
Make Cranbrook beautiful.
The Herald has received 'quite a
nuni'her of now subscribers Irom
Euslfiii   Canada   and      tbe   middle
When yuu have finished reading the
Herald, send it lo some friend. Or,
better still, subscribe for six
monIhs. It   will  cost  you      only
titde, hut in this case Ihe wisdom uf
lheir action is questioned hy many,
Cniii'liiuuk has reached the stage
where she must go forward or hack-
ward. The town can no longer
stand still for any length of time.
As to which direction the movement
will be depends upon the peoplo,
The people ol Cranbrooi. are working   within their own  rights    when
they IjoosM    Ior the Kootenay    Cen-
The Herald     received a subscriberI tral.       Cranbrook is entitled  to it.
Hie other day Uirough a friend who and the people of the valley aie   en-
had been asked to see that the money  fettled to have direct connection with
got lo Uie office ol "that paper that Cranbrook. TUE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Oar stock is now complete in Ladies1 white lown, organdie, silk and
ciiiliroi.lcni] linen blouses. Prices
$1 to $12
SMN Waist Suits
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Iin. luslro, I'liiiviis chilli nml Bilk, in
all the ttttOBl simile, I'miii
In ibis department we are show.
iiiL. sumo very pretty designs to
suit every person from the
Child's Tains and Sailors
to the
ladies' Dress and Tailored Hals
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ng i
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ro run ilu* expense
veterinary,    Try them thi.
n ami see In ra* ofleotlvolthey
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Sunday next  is palm Sunday
A week from next Sunday ti Eos*
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include everything that appeals to the
critical in music, and to those who
know the nature of piano construction
A third of a century has firmly entrenched them in the hearts of the
people of Canada.   Before buying see
C. ROSS TATE, Local Agent
M. Mclnnls, of Elkmouth, was in
town las*t Saturday,
ITr. King visited Elko last Sunday
un professional business.
A. I*. Chenetie, of Marysville. was
a Cranbrouk visitor Tuosday,
Wanted—Furnished room in modern
house.     Apply  Herald olliee.       2-*
Hen Thoil, the pioneer of Wardner, was in lown last Tuesday.
Kor Sale—Six roomed collate. Will
sacrifice for cash.    See Harris Hros.
Hear in mind tho hospital ball. It
is an annual affair and always popular.
fi. T. McGregor, of Movie, registered at the Cosmopolitan yesterday.
A. W. T. Olark, of Moyie, was at
tlie Royal last week for a couple of
Mr. Frazell, local manager of the
Cranbrooi. brewery, spent Sunday in
.lames Joyco, of tbo Standard
Lumher company, was iu town last
Su turd ay.
A, .1. Miller, the well known rancher of Skookumchuck, was in lown
lasl Friday.
IL MncDonnld and L, Monleith, ol
Wilmer, were eucsis at Uw Cosmopolitan Monday,
Mrs. C. 1). McNab ami son left for
their old home in Sjcw Brunswick
last Sunday.
Mis*, Galliraiih. of Fort Steofe, has
been visiting friends in Cranbrook
ihc pnsl week
For Sale— Eight room, well finished
house on Baker Uill. Appi)
to Dan Burton. -lb-Li
Will someone let ilie Herald know
if BUgai beets could W raised anywhere in tins valley.
(i Welsh has Imiii transferred from
Medicine Hal to Cranbrook and has
moved Ms family here
W    K    Mel'lne and family  were     ul
tli,' H.-vai hotel last Thursday on
theii  waj   io Nova Scotia.
Someone is Inking & timid poisoning
dogs this year W. T Reid lost a
fine spaniel In this way last week
,i \1 Carroll, of Klmberley, was
in town Monday and Tuesday of this
week uud registered at tlw Royal.
,lus*t received, at A C smith's, a
shipment of imported cigars, Hocks,
Henry Clays and Prince He Gales.
Three dozen Plymouth Rock chick-
.n*-. for sale, Slfi.OO do/en.      Applv  lo
Suniucl McLean, Mayook, H   C. I-U*
Mule skin Congress shoes, just  the
Ihlng for rail mailers, sewn soles* and
soft waterproof uppers.—0. T.  Rog-
l ll Fink .unl W II Bunco went
to Hull rlvei yesterday to look at
some uiiniil); properties in that section.
C    K    Diencbtey  and   .1    Whitehead,
of Minn-, returned Friday trom a
trip to Windermere nf'tei looking up
Mark Dick, Un- popular forward of
(he 'own fooMm'll leam, came down
from Fernie foi n few davs visit last
We will have eui flowers and plants
iui 0o ■ti,i Lea\e your orders ear*
Iv so that we can procure.—CL T.
.I c Calhoon, proprietor of ihr
fine new hotel ut Cardston, Alberta,
was registered at the Royal last
Messrs Finch and Jones, of Marys,
vllle, were in lown ibis week in attendance at Uie mooting of bhe license
Thr council arc considering Uie
proposition nf extending the limils
of Ute city north, taking in several
of lhe C. P. ti. blocks.
Low prices on lion beds at tbe
C. c. S.
Miss Wellman assisted the office
staff at t'he Fink Mercantile company
a few days last week in the prcpara-
lion of the slock lists.
When vou think of -buying a piano
sec the C, C, S.   .
Mrs. Carter, mother of Mrs. M. B,
Kin*;, left last Sunday for Coal
Creek to visit with her other daughter, Mrs. (Dr.) Keith.
Al. Doyle shipped by express to
Montreal] this week a fine little pony
that be had purchased tor Mr. Mclnnis, of the C. P. R.
Don't forgel, the Fifth-Eaton concert Saturday evening. It is better
than ever Ibis year, and is to be
fjiveti ns a lacrosse 'benefit.
IV. It. Prouse, C.IC, who has been
confined to the Sl. F.ugene hospital
with typhoid fever, was able to leave
Ural   i'listllulion Tuesday.
Low prices on iron beds at the
C. C. S.
A   piano agent    was arres-ted
Cianbrook Uns week for seliinn wit
ont a license awl fined $5 and   costs
and told to secure a license.
Mrs- T. Whalen and Miss Snow returned Iwmie the latter pan of last
melt after a week's visit wnh Mis.
A.   P.   Chtnelte.  ol  Marysville.
W B, McFarlane is In Kelson this
week ou husiness.
Tlie St. Eugene hospital annual
ball will In* Md tins >eut on the
Kith of Uns month. Everybody in
Cranbrook should have a ticket.
Mrs. .Jones ami baby returned    to
their home ,n W-urdner last Sunday
Mr. .Jones came up alter them, The
baby is much Improved in health
A puiiftW gave birth to twins yea-
tenlu\ at the Mission au<1 Uw newly
born babies were brought to town
.md baptized yesterday atternoun
.1 \ McDonald, ol the WycNUo
hotel, came In town Monday evening
■uttering from a Blight attack oi
pneumonia ami is now |ti the hotpl
Tlie hist oi April wu- passed ovei
ui Craubrook with wu lew pranks
This was probably due to Uw Iai I
thai this ye.u ii arrived on Sunday,
For s.nii*—Sellings oi egg« from
Mioioupbbiod Wlm,- Plymouth Rocks
and Single Comb Leghorn*, t*. ""
per it J. E Ciilic.i!, Cranhrook,
U   C
Babies socks In colors, child reus
and misses tan und black cashmere,
double knee hose. Price fiom g5u.
to 50c, according to size.—G, T.
The school trustees held a meeting
lust Saturday, There was very
little business of Importance, Trustees Harvey, Reid and Elwell were
Tliere is still an Immense amount
of snow in the hills. One can hardly realize it when he sees the ground
so clear around Cranbrook and the
grass rapidly growing green
Don't forgel Uu- Firth-Eaton concert Saturday evening.     11  is butter
Ihan  ever   this      year,   anil   is   to  be
.;iveu as a lacrosse benellt.
Don' t forge t the F i r Hi- Fa I * ut concert Saturday evening. Il is hotter
than ever this year, and is to be
_jlven as a lacrosse benefit.
William Sohmock, wlm has been
with Harris Brothers (or some timr,
is arranging to o|nn a pork, poultry
and grain market uu Armstrong
avenue about thc firsl of next month.
Fred Starkey, president of thc
Nelson Board of Trade, and one of
lite best hustlers and the best of
fellows' to DO found in Mir Kootenays, was in town last Friday and
Why pay rent when you can buy a
large cottage on Baker Hill with
lots -li feet frontage, for $025.00,
Two hundred and fifty dollars cash,
balance on terms. Apply J.'S.
Arnold, Box 10(19, Calgary.       53-It
,1. Fit/patriek, of Ihr Marysville
smelter, received the sad news
Thursday last ol the death of his
father, which occurred in eastern Ontario. Mr. Fit/patriek left for bis
home on Friday's train.
As the work on the Sleinwiivdcr on
the North Slar bill is showing uji
so well, a road will lie buill lo
that property this summer to facilitate getting In  supplies.
Wanted—Pound keeper Ior Cily of
Cranhrook, For particulate apply to
C. 11. Prest, City Clerk, i-tl
Constable Morris has received word
from Superintendent of Police, F..S.
Husscy.io look out lm anyone who
mails obscene postal cards or any
of a siiUKcs-iive character, or anv
.me who sells cards nf Ihis character.
Fm Sale— Kggs for hatching, rose
und single comh hrown Log-norus,
rose and single comb black Miiiorcus,
one doHar por sitting of thirteen,
live dollars a hundred; also a few
sittings Barred RiK'ks (lin^lils) $> a
«tting.-A. Jolliflc.
Tlte Electric Light uud Water
Works company Imvo moved into
,heir new building und arc now* comfortably situated, Manager Curtis
•ais that in their in w quarters they
can get around with some degree of
com fori and satisfaction.
Eggs for hatching from Blue Barred Plymouth Rocks, $1.00 per 13
$5.00 per hundred. Call at Mrs. W.
F. Doran, three miles west of Cranhrook or drop post curd Cranbrook.
Mrs. Jennings and sun. of Fernie,
passed through Cranbrook Wednesday
on their way to the coasl and Colorado. They huve rented lheir hotel
ami are now going away on a vacation fur two years to gel some results for their bard  work.
Miss Louise Esplnosa, who hus
lieen redding in Cranhrook Ior the
past year, lias ^otic on a few months
visit to her sister, Mrs, F* ff. Nicholson, ol Pense, Sask., and will also
visit her former home in Winnipeg
belore reluming lo Cranbrook,
Patmore Bros, have the reputation
for doing the highesi grade of tinning, sheet melal and blower pipe
Rev. J. P. Westman will have
elmrgc ol the regular public preach-
inj services in the Melhmllsl church
next Sunday, Evening subject, "The
Greatest of Questions." The service will open wiih a oonprogalional
song service.     All air invited
Don't forget the Firth-Raton oon-
ccrt Saturday evening. Il is belter
than ever ibis year, and Is to be
given as a lacrosse benefit,
.lames Macdmmcll, Ihr well known
railroad conlmotor, passed through
Cranbrook lasl Monday on his way
to Fernie. Mr. Maodonnell Im* Iwen
busy all winter with the construction of Hie speiicrs' bridge branch
ami says that liie road will be continued.
When you think of plumbing or
heating your home, you naturally
think of Patmore Bros. Thc reason
is: We make a speeiullv of these
lines. We handle the very lies! grade
of goods aud are very much Interested
in civing you satisfaction, Uut reputation is at slake.
Anything that will benefit lhc St,
Eugene hospital should bave the
universal support of the people of
Cranhrook. It has hern a God.send
to this community and In the whole
district. The annual benefit hall
will he held on the HMh nf April this
There are some fine calehcs of
trout being made these days. Lester
Monday and Wilt Rollins nnd George
Mender went on the following day,
Clapp and Walter Lamb wenl out on
and hoth parties Iwought lheir
boskets well filled of speckled beauties. Both catches were made at
Fish lake.
i      These  are  "puliuy"  fays  at   "Thi
. I   H.lm    "
Prim " i ^a*9****"************.
Jj. !l>Me Bakei Ui in Nil        i [J      OBSERVATIONS I
A   l\   Bohart, <•( Wardner,
Cranhrook vlsitoi  yestcrdaj
"Tlie Palm" foi Un- besl in c a
feet ions,
Don't forgel that ■' !•' Bradley .\
Co   au* selling   wall  papei      below
Fred Robinson, Uie lumber buyer
was in town a few days nos week
on business,
Foi   Rent—Siddon's    five    roomed
bouse, fiuitlru and stable. Apply t
R   Louusbury j -it
Wall papei at cosl ,n .1 F Brail-
ley A Co.'s Come while you can
secure a lew seleci uu.s.
Horns made candies, trulls and
mils ui     rin' Palm "
Col llind.-isi.il .'.uu,' ovei it• .in
Ins ranch tins week i<n a few ila.s
wsit wilh .dd friends
I'.-i.i Lumi, oi il,.- Crows N.-st
Pass LuiiiIh i toiiipain, ui Uuidn.-i,
wus in  town yeslriiliiv
.l..t.n Breekenrnlge, ul llw con
Iracting  inm     ul   B reckon thine    &
Lund, is iu tuwu loi I.n.
T T. MiViiiir and A ti Fenwick,
of Foil Steele, wmi  to Creston i.s-
leiil.u   (..   snt.i-v   some   lllllliel   limits
Air   Fenwick     Ims   in iiiut  n,*i-^'iii...i-
Wi- always liave the fresh kind   oi
candies ul   "The   Palm
Bakei streel is veij much Improved
at night* by the placing ol  two arc
lights,  one al   ihr Ciai ok     hotel
niiiiii, and lhe olhci at thu eornei
oi Un> Co-opeialivu stun-.
.lot* Dobbs, oi Mi. Dohbs, as .Ior
would harmoniously term himself to
his friends, will open an hotel ai tin
new town of Tabet ahoul tlie 16th uf
the mouth, The name ul the new
holel is the Union, ami ii is newly
furnished throughout, ll,'in Alt. and
Mrs. Dobbs uie well uml favorably
known in Cranbrook and then mail)
friends here will wish ihetn all kinds
ol prosperity In the i new venture.
When you Html* uf buying a piano
sec the ('. C, s.
Tbe cond'lliun of ihr road wesl ol
Cranhrook is mine the best nntl
Superintendent Erlckson is kepi bus)
night and day Uk.sc tunes lu perform Mie many duties oi his position, To be superintend.nt uf ihr
Crow is anything but a sinecure, Tlte
man who can make good on this
division can make good ou any division oil the system.
When vou think of buying a plnilo
see the C,  O.  S,
lu Rc vol stoke a Chinaman was liu
cd Jin and costs [or spraying clot-lies
by slrooting thr water irom lus
mouth, in Cranhrook all ol the
Chinamen sprinkle lheir clothes in
Ural manner unmolested, ami yet it
is conceded thai  it     is a dangerous
proposition. Health  Ulltcer     Con
nolly should give this matter attention, aird if ihere is uo by-law to
buck him up ask the council lo puss
Complaints arc heard io the effect that boys roaming about the
woods adjacent to town are entering
shacks on small ranches whvlo tin
owners are absent aiid-wanMily des-
iroying property, Messrs. Smock
and Kerr, who huve shucki suuih ul
town, are recent sufferers in this
line. Ii is a pily that some of these
young devils cannot be caught at
their work and properly punished.
Are you Interested iu a furnace,' If
so, we would he pleased tn lalk it
over wiih you.     We have snmelhing
Interesting   to   till     you.—Pal e
The license commission met yesterday at. the point* slat ion wiih
Commissioners llill, of Movie,
and Edwards ami Doyle, ' ol
Cranhrook, present. An application from Finch ami Jones,
for a license at St. Marys lake, and
one fi'i.in Fred Drew, lot a license at
Kiiiilrt-rlcy, were refused.
When vou think of buying a piano
sec Uie C. C, S.
Gel your clothes eloaiied al. Cran
brook Dye Works.     Up-to-date work.
The Herald slafi will he increased
by another man th.s week. .1. 1).
Mftvecty, formerly with the job department of ihi- Edmonton Daily
Bulletin, one of the largest job offices iu Western Canada, has accepted a position in Um Herald job
rooms and will devoir his energies
and talents in pleasing the patrons
uf this paper. The Herald believes
in employing competenl men und is
willing to pay good wages for thai
Wanted—A large, unfurnished room,
or a suits of rooms, by single gentleman.    Apply to Herald olllce:
The Odd Fellows of Cranbiook will
hold their anniversary services this
year on the 32ud of April at the
Presbyterian church. Rev. Fortune,
who is a member of Key Cily lodge,
will preach the sermon. Seals will
he reserved for the members of the
urder iu Uie center nf the churcli, and
after fnrmiug at the hall, the Odd
Fellows wilt march io ihe churcli.
There will he a departure this year
Irom the custom of former years, as
the services will lie held in tlte evening.
Don't forgel ihc Firth-Eaton concert Sutuiduv evening, It is beltei
ihan ever ihis year, ami is io tm
given as a lacrosse benellt.
Competition is kivn in all lines
nowaitays, The temptation is lo
promise much and fall short iu   tli
*»-«* **fl*«*«c*&c-cc c $ae ««r
We beard of a 'business man in
Cranhrook ihe oilier da) who saitl
Hut in- preferred io get his printing
iti Vhe east us he cuuhl suw- Uum
iiiH  mils io one    dollai pel  Ihuu-
sumt ..ii his Ut.rr beuxls and env.-
loj>es. toi the sake ol argument,
we will gmut thai -such is lue ca.se
Ue Know   pi,iiiei s   in   lne  east      who
are working lot   Vi_ to Hu a week
ami yel llie U.i did pays llOtU til. to
*-U iol   Ihe same   w\nn.       tiut     the
pomi  thai wu w,.uhi ukr iu    bring
i.at is ihal u.e. men in lhe easl wm,
do uui pi nning iui ytiq will nevet
ipetuj a eenl wii'h you ui with an.
...h.i business mun in liuiibiook, u
i.r   lived   lu  he  a   lhOU«l,tnl   \eais   ulil
and >ou continued to gel youi priming ul kun during all oi in.it  Ume
i'n   ll.f   ioliu.il)    llie   isiilul   u|      liu
ii.'i.iid umi tun enure i.,u.- buy ever)
dollai s worth oi siuii thai ihey iim-
ot Cranbrouk tncrehants The Herald pays ..ui m wages ..lorn- between
H.iMi uml Ki.imiu u yeai, uml the
uioiiey is speiiI ii-in item tu Cranbrouk, li goes io husiness men uml
In.tei men n helps iu make business in lius town. It helps to m
urease the revenues ol Uw merclmni
Ami whul is imiii- in,- man who duei
youi prut11tig in ihr cast  has nevei
suld  nnr   Wold  or  performed  on-*    .a
ioi ihe advancement of mur husiness
oi i.u tin* prosperity ol tne town
i»n ihr ..ihn hand the Herald is doing something ot  thai kind wck m
..n.i week oui.    li ti \ .m- „ut lot
Hn* ehanec io saj something that
will beiiclri yuu and thr town Now
ihere is just om- mine point in this
matter, 'ihr Hernld is nol un on-
jeel .of charity. It is not bringing
up this mai ter as a childish pun',
bul us a mallei „f justice. If Uus
oilu-e could mil do voin work in ..
saiisluclory uiaiinei il would nul ud.
"" I' '»" any grounds, Bul inr
Herald has spun Umusntids of dollars in nn,- in Cianbrook a nist-
class printtirg plant, and with thc
ni..!.rial, n has sveund ihr services
oi the besl printers n could employ
so thai thc work Untied out would
lie hrs'i class in every respect, What
is more Uu- prices a'te reasonable In
c.ety respect. Now, if this is ull
tine, ami lh. re is mil a husiness man
who wHt question a slirgle statement, is il any more than u^hi in
expeel ihal the punting ihal fcuu be
done iu a satis factor) manner should
be done here in town.     Every   mci-
ehuul      CXpeOtS the people  lo putinit-
i/.e the home business- man,'und ue
should he consistent uml do as he
would have other people .lo bv him
That is commercial reciprocity and a
square deal. The Herald Is pleased
to state that as a rule the Cranbrook merchant docs as he preaches
in matters of ihis kind. But now
und then will hr found one who does
olhrrwise. On the square, now is
it righl'.'
"Spring has eamo." Now is the
lime in make the necessaiy Improvements about youi premises. For
eight years this town has been
known a.s "Beautiful Cranbrook."
But it is anything but that just
now Thu streets are a disgrace.
ami are being unfavorably commented upon by sl rangers. Our of t In-
best a'dveiiisemciiis that any town
can have i.s clean stiecis. And in a
town located as is Cranhrook, it
don't cost- much money to ktvp the
streets in perfect order, Baker
street, which is seen, not onlv bv
every vlsitoi to the town, bin by
those whu pass thiou^h on the trains
as well, is more like a iiiiiii hub- Wmn
anyl'bing else.      A   Ut tie   work   Would
drain the streel and clear It of the
ice on the shady side. What we
want to cultivate tlnse days in Cranbrook is mote iinuiiL'i'pul pride, more
streel pride. The town i> glowing.
It is hy nature a beautiful spot, ami
it is tip to the people tu .lu theii
part. II will make you feel better,
it will make your business better,
and it will make every \isitor to the
town that much more enthusiastic
mer Cranbrouk. Ash heaps on the
main streets, unsightly ridges left
by the water works, mud holes, old
paper, many rocks of all sizes', all
lltese things contribute to the p-u-
rral had appearance of the streel.
Now is the time to use a liltic
paint. There are several buildings
that would In- great lv improved bv
an application of paint. It don'l
cost very much and it not onlv improves ihe appearance uf youi property, bu' it Increases its value and
protects ii as well. Let us" all work
togetlrer to make Cranbrook moro
Those dog tags cannol come too
s.m-u. The mongrels are getting too
thick around town to be comfort-
Thc reporl of the Cranbrook public
schools f.u ih,- month of March is us
Toi.11 attenilauc
T'.tul eniollimi.
is:. ■
Division I    a   a   Maini'il. Principal.
Total   il.iih   attendance 53U
Total enrollment . m
Average 21 1
Peif.-n   att.-n.lui.ri—Louise   Rollins,
Olga   Wuen,     Cw-jlia      McCottuell.
Charlie McGowan, Kind Itaiiibatdt,
Frank Sissons
Division  II.,  MH.s Brock, Teacher.
Total atlenduuee on
Average i. ns
Nlimbri    uf     pupils |i,
Bovs >;
Girls i-i
IVii.-.' a-tieud — II.i.n MeKHton
Sybil fflrite .lessle Kennedy, Joe
Bourgoyne, Kin \um\ lm*/' Smith
Saiie (lilhs, (i,-i!rudo McDonald,
Lillian Leask. (Irace Welsh, Winnie
The regular batch of spring runaways occurred last week. In every
case ii was due to leaving the horse
untied. Hero and there can he found
a horse that will he lell untied with
safety, hul  they .ue     mn numerous
"Watch Cratrhrook grow," is a
good slogan. The trouble is how-
pver, there are some people who are
perfectly willing to sii down and
watch ihe town grow wilhoul nut-
ling forth am priori themselves Tins
fm  all tn gel in uml pull
actual   performance,      We endeavor] logethei
to make   our deeds   covei  all    mu — —■—
promises.      Vour  plumbing  contract     Still  room "» the list of* tin*   100
i.s not completed until we have your club  to place u few     mure names,
fullest approval.-patn  Bros. Honeslly, now, don't  you think  you
Tommy Cole, of the Royal hotel Is should be there'.'
wearing a  smile of supreme saiisfae-  _
Hon these days.    Tommy is a check-     That  eitv and    provincial  building
er player from Um Old Country and is going to look all right, and whal
Ior years he was secretary of     lhe 1 Is more it is budlv needed,
checker elub in his home town.    The - ■■      4     ■___—
otltor day he played Frank Dickinson, ,.,,„,.,,.,.■■-. , ,<T m. IV,nT„., ,
who has hem wiping up Uie earth VUHKKl 1 LIM OF KM)I BALL
with a lot ol would be checker play- OFFICIOUS.
ers for tlte past month, and Tommy 	
won two games and made a draw of The local football club has per-
the third. But the end is nut yet.| reeled Hs organization and the list
Dickinson is not satisfied and one of now stands as follows:
Utese fine days there will he a royal
Low prices   on    Iron beds at   (he
c. c. s.
Constable Morris i.s intending to
make application to have thc ballast
ou the North Star brunch between
Cran-brook    and   Wvcliffe   leveled
Hon. Prcsfdent-S. .1   Mighton,
Hon   Vice-President—R    E. Ht-attie
Prcs-iduit-A. M. Black.
Captain—R. Baldwin.
Yicc-Capluiii—R.  Fdmondson,
Secretary—Frank Lewis.
Treasurer—P.   Haywood,
lion.     Members—Drs.     King   and
little more so that' walking will be ^/ecii. Messrs. Af L McDermot, W
easier. The other evening coming Martin, L H VanDecar, T. Cole and
down from Marysville white the train 1 -Limes Kerrigan,
was at Wycliffe the constable stepped —'—♦	
over to the holel lu ultenil lo    some ROLLING THE HONES,
official business and while there the; .Jidiu— Black lolls mc he has a
I rain pulled oul and lefl him.! brother who is a rait ling good uc-
"Baldy" had to hit   lbe trail aiiiv-  lor.
Ing in town several hours aftei the Fred—That's a fact He's one ol
train. the end men in a mtnetxel show.
Miss I-;   L,
Actual attendance sf,
Averaae 10.3-1
Enrollment 17
Perfect aiim.lai.i-. —m, |\a Carl-
wiiiht, Oeoixina Cartwrlght, Mildred (Turn, Arlhui Fowler, Lillian
McCowan, Charles Morrison Jessie
Murgatroyd, Bertram Mui .,,:,.\,l
Edgar Nobles, Olive White, Harold
Hiekm.roU._uii, Carl vie MeNahh Wilfred Dull.is, Magkiire Brault Mary
Lea than ser,
Division    IV .  Miss     F      \1   r.„i-
wright, Teacher
ii ;;
...idutiet*- Laiiieitu    \1111-
„ H.i.'el Buikltt, Wesi, v Fin-
ley, Wanda Fink, Gordon Fowler,
Carrie Moore, Hazel T.u Uu
Miss     Ruin
Total attendance 770
Total run liim in 50
A \ era-..- 15
Pel ti-i-x a 11 endance—('la rence A g*
new, Vcrn Fit/.putiuk. Norman Fowler, Douglas McCowan, Wm Moore,
Lottie Moore, Raiusford Parkcs,
Oordon Wallingei
d    Louis   Stewart,   Passed    Nellie
HamHey,   Delia    Drummond, Charlie
McCowan, <>ku    Wlgen    Aleck     McCallum, Cecilia McC011m.ll
2. Louis Stewai I.  Louise  Rollins
3. Nellie Hundley, Oeorge Baker,
Victoria Hilliei vleck MU'ullum,
Olga Wtgen, c- ■ lia MeConneB, IMla
DrummotKl. Passed Charlie McCowan, Robert Uurie, dean Bridges,
Daisy McCallum, Ethel Culver, Joan
■Jones, EHreda Drummond, Spry
Morris, Maudie Short, William John*
i:\uLisiI LITER VTl'RE
2. Charlie Mi-Cowan 3 Vleck
McCallum, Dells Di immoud, Louis
Stewart. Pa--.*-! Roberl Laurie,
Nellie Hamlley, Elfreda Drummond,
Olgn ff-teen, Gladys Oasklll, Ethel
Culver, Wm Johnston, Birdie McDonald, Uulse R.dlo.^
1 Louis Stewart. 3. Robert
Laurie. Passtti: Olga Wlgen, Wm.
Johnston, Gladys Ouskili, Delia
Drummond, George Baker, Cecilia
McComiell, .lean Bridges Aleck McCallum. Louise Rollins,
1    Aleck McCallum,     Gladys Gas-
kill.     3.       Louis  Stewai l,     RobeM
Laurie,   Willijm   .1..:.:.-'.,;.        Passed:
Charlie McCowan, Nellie Handley,
olga Wlgen, Joseph K.-mnsiv. IW'u
Drummond, Victoria Hillier, Cecilia
McConnell,  Daisy  McCallum.
Now. this opus," explained the
musical sharji ai the piano recital,
"was written while th.* great com-
poser was iindi-i ihe influence of
"I'm glad to know that," responded Robinson "Otherwlne I should
have entertained thc idea thai n wus
written whrle Ik* was under ibe influence of Goodorbam 01   Seagram."
do everything in
thc cartage line
Pcrrv * Tiizgerald
Telephone 6j
I farm for Sale \
♦^ Sitnutiil 011 tlie Kimti'iiaj.
X river, one mile from Jfnyook,
A containing ll'.H noros; HUai-n-B
X liottniii lumi; TiU acres*llillier
A cultivation; new li-motn tnoil-
T ith iiottimu. Also :i"i lii-uil
A uf i-attl" anil five horses, with
y till farm iintilements.
i "or particulars apply to
X    Simucl McLean, Mayook. B. C. t THB   CBANBKOOK    ItKRALO
: e *; es<« «se, M-fre************"*******1'
l.i*. Sunday List,     (latilcaux wenl
■ a aew puce just opened, where
i* was  mil   .-.ilppos-cd  to be    any
bul  lumiil   sum.  uml  lmil     Ins
.in.l bands quits badly burnt.
(Prom iw "uu*
Speaking nl mlnii
Joseph     NeWerstadt,
resident "l Moyie, bin trot» ol Itiv'na,
,,'„, „, n„- Lwdcl  Ibal 'a- l" """*
luca-lion and belt*
wrll ill Ills
salt ini real
B,,lli*;  U|i uo
un   KegHM
lli,u* is a t-Aul
ana l,uililint;.s an
aul...     'I'liv post omce i
a-liluliilli* mi   'In'  li'lullli'
U.,/,-1 flint- is u|i Hum liaimiU.ik
u„ a vlsil  »Hli Miss I'","'1, ','"   , I,
ill ami Mis. I', -i McMahon ell
M.'.n.iu n.i Spokane .nnl Seattle
The, will return aboui April lOth.
Herb   Lowes, while iilayuiR baaKel
j,ail Tuesda) nlglit, sprained
quiii- badly and is nov,  in
i ran-
llll/llk   1
J aim-
in I.." i
mdn wi
III*   is   1
lu the *
Moi 1 lm*'
s Kerrigan, ol Cranhrook, «a>
., nn. week i.ikuih orders lot
i!i*i and 80(1 ill inks, ui Whicli
'„,u llie leading liialiulai'liiivi
I-.um'II. wlm was up Imm
,-y Mines Wednesday
tlul Hn* eoal company intend clusiun
••hull iiiii.*.- at llial place, anil in Uiji
uveal Hi'-"' "ill be nothing lot 'I"
i„-i,i,l,-1„ ilu but get uui
and Mis. m. j. Harper have
. block i.i li'is in I'iiii'lii'
,i havo buill a house, on mu*
They liave rented tla-ii
place in Moyie to V, J, Campbell,
blacksmith al lhe St. Kugene. Mrs,
will leave Iol liei new liome
A, bin Mi llnrpei will rc-
mam >i> Moyie lm a li-w months yel.
\li and Mis Harper were aumiiRsi
Un* oWenl residents in Moyie aim
Uielr departure will cause a gener
fit-ling ul regret.
Tlie liaskel lmil game rue-day
night between picked u-ains trom thi
iuiui. .m.i mill result-oil in a ilcciden
victory lm Hn' mine team. Tin* scon*
was ll in ii     Worminirlon, Clotmc
,vk a
I In-Ill
I I..I ]«-i
Strong liuw.llll
tram, wliili* ll'.i
llll    llll|>l'.•*:>!	
i.uli*   a   particular!)
lllll- (III  llll*   lllllll
Ilt'l   mill  llsovi  IHOVI'll
ilelence.      Negotla*
..iiiii-il mi lm a garni
iviili Cranbrook.
The gun i-lub mel Inst Monday, anil
Hn- members win, took pari made lln
following scores nul nt D.i: Cameron,
in. c.iiii|iln ll. in. Armstrong, «
\  II
s as
i*t<   Mi
farrell recently won turn.
tin>i in Amalgama'ted «■«»,.
O'Parrell as soon otter
possible wrote our check*
i  in- owed, nnil  then    In
nun   in   liis   wife in    Hn
li II.I -mil.
(Ki. ,i.
the Kernle Ledger.)
,,    Wl
i, president ul Uio    Eual
.timber company, ul Cran
s a l-'i'inii'   vlsitoi Tunis-
A linnet named Crosl was killed
by a fall of    coal in     the mine    a1
Mtehel    vesleldav   aflcrilOOIl.   t.-U'Oll-'l
Bleasdell lefl on the local this
morning to bold an inquest.
A meeting nf ihe Athletic association will be beld in Hie Koyal hotel
dining room on Friday evening t"
make arrangement a for the coming
season of sports, All baseball,
football and lacrosse eiiMiusiasts an
asked  lo attend.
Postmaster Johnson lelt Sunda>
evening for a short trip to Edmonton
and  other  northern  points.
.tl   output   tor   the   week  did*
ing V,
Coal Cn
A   da)
iuiseil   to
libeir   jil'i
sl, thc r
Kernie  Free Press.)
or   so i,ii..ic mu uejiariurt
.rciei, tunnel' manager    ioi
.s-Uuoil   in.,  bete,   lnc   atuu
miii   unu a nuiiuwuiu liu-
i& as a token oi Uieu    n-
nue ago the C,  P.  lt. pro-
lay iiovm a sidewalk .nonb
■pei ty leading Lo lite depot
is ine new uepol was hum.
not know which is noedeu
depot or ihc     suii
WC   WOtlld  IlKC to see culi-
ivork commenced soon    on
I' rod Deinsey and Fred Brcketl
were each lined $'-•'» for gambl|iug, on
Judge ttil.son and Mis. Wilson wen-
up from ('ranlirook on Tuesday tu
attend "(hn Hoys" play.
Miss Fuss, of Minneapolis, arrived
un Wednesday lo visit ber sister,
Mis. Mitchell, Ol Coal creek
Miss A Ikons, ol Macleod, was in
the city yesterday, stooping oft a
day while on her way to visit iriends
at Cranbrook.
T, H Man in, barrister, ol Frank,
was man led at Mclti'iue llal on Uh
1 Ith ins-t Tb.- In nli- ivas Miss Kuhy
Foster, daughter of ('anon Foster, ol
Tire local (ireat Northern olbctals
repoi t Hi.i i ilie I tn migration tralllc
froth the Slates has maintained a
stead)  average of aboui ;iu per   day
foi      'lhe  week. To-day   ahoul       .')((
came  in,  hound  foi   Allien,i.
Harry Man in, an employee of tbe
Klk Lumbei company, was injured
this week by a log rolling over him
He was taken lo the hospital, where
he was dolus Wt ll No hones were
broken, but lie received some serious
David Clark, the popular proprietor
of the Clark hotel, Morrissey Mines,
left this week for Pilot Hay, wlrere
he will conduct a hotel. He moved
ail the movable material to his new
home and closed up the hotel.
Mr. G. Moll, thc new manager tor
the Kernie branch of the Canadian
Hank of Commerce, arrived yesterday, and is now busy with Mr. May
taking over the management. Mr.
Holi has resided at Victoria for 11
years, being wiih the bank ot British
Columbia prior to its amalgamation
with the Canadian Bank ol Commerce. He is delighted with the
mountain scenery surrounding Fernie
and altogether he is favorably im*
pressed with our city. Mrs." Holt
and family will arrive here shortly.
Bishop Mclnturfl, who went over to
Spokane for a few days, returned to
at Spokane wrote a reply to a
treatise by Hei. Rasmus on sheep
stealing and lhe Spokesmau-Kev iew
thought it worthy of a cartoon, Mrs,
Chfcfholm, deac-onness Ior the Alamo
colony, has Ixen collecting funds in
this eity for ow-i a week and reports
good progress. These people have
offered to care for souu- of the IK'n-
ttingtan children or to take the whole
family if it Is tltou^ht desirable.
Miss Haft, stenographer for the
Trites-Wood company, *us taken ill
wilh appendicitis on Sunday and the
following day an operation was pet*
formed, winch we arc pleased to reporl   WAS  SUlCCSSfUl.
The new Presbyterian ehuix-h at
Coleman will he opened nest Sunday
UeV, Alex. Dunn, D.D., of ('alguiy,
and Hev. J, {', llenlm.ni will take
part in the dedicatory ceremonies,
"llalph Connor" assisted this church
with a grant ol 4500.
(From the Blairmore Times.)
Wednesday, March IH, Hairy
,ml .tack and Walter Fisher, who1
,iaic been spending the iiintvi in the
JKI Country lett on ihe return trip
■o Blairmore. i
WedUCSday   was the banner day  at'
.ne Coleman wiiie where t,-i>?5   tons
,A coal     was    mined, handled     and
.dripped on one shift |
liar vey Murphy, ol Macleod, has
purchased an [merest ui the Ueopgv
Cobley Co,, of Fiank, and will have
charge in tuum- oi the dry goi«is department of thai linn. .
J. ti. Uordon, ot Nelson, who left
iK-re last week on a trip to the
e'lathead count iy returned on Sunday. Mr. Uordon repot is having
uad a bald trip, hul llial the trail
into the counti) mil sool) be open
inr travel. ,
A modern and updo-date tipple of
i,tititi tons eapaciiy is to be erected
at once by ihe Canadian-American
Coal & Coke Co., uf Frank. This
tipple, Ior which the contract has
necii let lo Con tractors Sinclair and
Kraycr, of Blairmore, will he ejected
•u (he spur leading irom tht main
line lo Ihe mine al the point where
ihe scafies arc now locatid. It will
nc titled up completely with screens,
picking tables, automatic dumping
ap/iauces   and    other  conveniences
•nul will have a bin capacity of over'
.i.iioti   Ions.       Over 'i;Ai,wn  feet of
timber will he used in iis construe i
linn and work will be commenced up-
mti it just as soon as material   cau
ne delivered upon ihc ground for lis
construction.     The Frank mine is at
present giving employment to   some Though w
200 men and is turning uut and ship
plug over 800 tons of coal per    day
The towu i.s enjoying quite a   boom
ami   many  new   buildings    -are
eteeUd at  that place.
big body ol
low grade ore receuth Capt. Armstrong said: "1 think I should be
satistied if 1 can make only $1 a ton
clear out . f a log body ol low grade
ore and I think any one should.
Take the liiani mine'lor instance
Supposing 1 could only make $1 a
ton net uut ol everj ton. All 1 need
do is lake out in "tons a day aud 1
would have V-0 a day, and that
would sa'tlsfj mc, for I kiiom tliere
is enough ore there to keep up that
rale ol shipping (or long years after
1 bu\c crossed ihe (Ileal Divide. II
a nun has a gieat quantity of
bv should be satisii.d with small
profits for it i-» sine, whereas a
small body ol high grade urc is nut."
Tliere should be money in this
camp tor ore buyers who will    uur*
chase ote ou the dump at lhe mines
and pack il oul thinisehc* Then
aie a niiuihci of pioperlics Iterc in
the bands of men who can mine   the
Oie but who h.ne not the capital
neirssafi lo haul it oul and wait [oi
Uieu paj i.ii'jl lliei gel the smeller
returns, In stune cases Ihev would
bUVO    to    wail   six    molit-hs [ol
turns, iihteh makes it Impossible («>i
them to m-ivf- shippers of theii properties no mallei how enterprising
they may he, ami these mines must
lie donmuit until the railway reaches
Messrs. J. Thompson and IL Math
ers, who weie here from Kort Sleeh
a couple of necks ago, have applied
for a gold placer - lease on Findlay
creek. They have ahout completed
arrangements   with   capitalists     tr
spend $150.bull in development Work
on the creek, ll is the intention tt
put one of the most modern dredge*
to work on ii next summer and worl
the ground tlw roughly to [bed rock.
Placer milling bas been carried on on
this ereek at intervals for many
years with more or less success, bin
the operations have never been
tensive enough lo prove the exact
value of lhc ground.
"Wiihin the next ten years then
will he a population of thirty thou
sand people in the Columbia Valley,
'between Golden ami Cranbrook," re
marked ,i Wilmer business man tlu
other day while latking over the
railway situation. lie is more than
right, and it ti. likely that had he
divided the years hy two he would
probably have made no mistake.
(From The Frank Paper.)
The lire   commissioners arc raising
ihe bell lower on the lite hall for the
uet'ter accommodation of tlie big new
lire bell which arrived last week.
'I'he trustees of the' skating rink
association have closed up accounts
tor t-he past st-as\,n, which is slwwn
thereby to have been a highly successful one.
Superintendent George L. Fraser is
stepping high these days, apparently
leelmg nimself an individual ol more
Mian the ordinary importance. A
friend seeking the reason discovered
il to bv the lact that he is a grand
daddy, a buby having been born to
his daughter, Mrs. George Turner, bt
Phoenix, B. C, during the week.
Rambling Reveries
may  not  change the cot
Kor a mansion  tall and grand,
Or exchange a little grass plat
For a iMUiirdless stretch uf land-
Yet there's something brighter, near
Than the
wealth we'd  I bus    com-
Though wc have no meai
Cosily pictures, rich and rare—
Though we have no silken hangings
For the wails so cold and bare—
We can hang them o'er the garlands,
For flowers bloom everywhere,
We can always make home cheerful,
If the light course we begin;
We can make its inmates happy,
And their inust blessings win;
It  will  make the small  room brigbt
II wc let tlw sunshine in.
When we gather round the fireside
When the evening hours are long,
We can blend our hearts and voices*
in n happy social song;
...     , , , , , I We ean guide some erring brother,
lhe International company is beat      Ll,H, tlim fl„m „H,     vh (tf %
mg all records these days.    An average of    i.iiiU tons   of coal is being   \ve
mined daily, i,lfi0 ol   whicli is being
hijipcd and -uu tons goes lo the
coke ovens. The ovens are all
miming and then* is an eager demand
for tire uoiie. li nothing Intervenes
ui interrupt ofieralions to-morrow
and nexl day, the output for the
month will exceed that oi all previous months by more than 10,OOU
may fill our home wilh music,
Aim! with sunshine brimming o'er,
If against all dark intruders
Wo would firmly shut  the door-
Yet, should evil's shadow enter,
We must love each other more.
There are treasures for the lowly
Which the grandest tail to find;
There is a chain of sweet affection
Binding friends of kind nil mind—
!?*_,2'°ffi ^..SiiSH IS"? J!!?  We majf reap tlte choicest blessings
"   ' ' '            From iho poorest lut assigned,
planning tne organization of a lota.1
aUteltic association to lake conlio
uf all spoils for the summer. Th
games tliat will be provided for wil
ue basehall and looloall and a good
team to represent Uw town *t each
of these games will lie put in the
tield. A few practices have been
uad which have shown up some good
material and the buys expect, to
make il known that Coleman is in
the running  this season.
General Superintendent Jamieson,
Superintendent of iiausporiation
Price and Division Superintendent
Erlckson, of the C. P. IL, went wesl
over lhe line ycstciday afternoon,
travailing special, and Mopped a tew
minutes iu Frank. Mr. Jamison
brought a hig disappointment lor the
people ot Frank. When asked cou
oerniug ihc proposal of the  company
to change lhe line, cari)iug it aloiuul
pasl the mine and building a station
on the west side of lowu, he said
the change coirld not he hoped lor
this year, but added that ii will undoubtedly be built next year.
The contract Ior building the new
tipple, ore bins, etc., for the Can-
dian-Ainericau company has been let
to Contractors Kraycr Ai Sinclair. I
The material is all ordered and it is
expected to be on the ground and
work under way within a week or
ten days. As has been previously
told   the plans ot  the company  eon-
The enemy is more easily repulsed
if we never suffer him to get within
us. bul, upon the very fust approach, draw up our forces and light
liim without the gate.
A man who lives right and is right
has mori* power in his silence than
another has by his words. Character Is like bells which ting out sweet
musjc and whieh when touched, ac-
clden11 y even, resound with swivt
Every parent should feci to thi
greatest extent the responsibility ol
training llieli little ones: they should
know thai their characters must Ih1
shaped, then lives must go on, only
one foundation can he laid, only une
structure built, hut the building must
g<i up, and parents ate greatly responsible fi r its merit How'prayerfully we ought to strive to help
them lay such a foundation mi earth
tint their structure may bo projected
beyond the stars.
Tlte beauty of the Holy Land at
this season and the peculiar ceremonies enacted in the oriental churches
entire new handling com-hinc to draw to the Holy City
cost about $00,000 and pilgrims and tourists from every corner of ihc earth to witness these interesting aiebra*t ons. No other
Two more cars "of ore arrived at cite in the world presents so costno-
Mie smelter this week, one from poli'tan an appearance as Jerusalem
Golden and the other from the Slo- does at the time. Russians, Latins,
can. Copts. Armenians, Syrians, all gath-
The foundation -for D. C. Drain's er in large numbers In the Holy City
new Blairmore hotel is about com- for this week. The Russians, to
pletod and it is expected work on tho whom Easter is the greatest festlv-
Imilding will start shortly. itv ol the vear. are repsesented    in
Joe Emmerson, secretary to Gen- largest, numbers. Thoy walk wear-
era! Manager Whiteside of tlie West ily over long distauces attired in the
Canadian Collieries company, left quaint Russian garb, carrying their
last week on a visit to his home in prov'sions in knapsacks on theii
England. He was given a farewell hacks. Thev suffer many discom-
entert-ainment by his friends Friday forts on this long pilgrimage'in the
evening. His place is being filled by hope of fcjius winning eternal salva-
R   II. Palmer, of Red Deer. tion     Ior     themselves or for     the
S. Gaodeaux, a miner employed in   wealthy penitents     in whose
proceed  thiough    the eouutiy     their
melodious singing fills thc air.
The Christian legends connected
with plants generally explain their
behavior during Pass.on week. The
aspen still shivers with remorse because when Christ passed, it had
boldlv faced the heavens instead ot
iMiwihg its bead rl company with the
other trees. The Saviour cast one
look on it, and the memory ol that
sorrowful glance la handed down evei
to this generation.
The willow w\is used for the scour
ges and ever since it has dropped its
arms in misery. The elder is commonly supposed to bo the tree upun
whieh Judas hanged himself, and il is
not even to be touched as firewood.
However, it affords a safe refuge In
a warring of tire elements, fur not
even lightning will deign to sinke
it. A fungus that grows ou lbe older and Is ROW known as Jew's e.ns
was originally called  Judas'  imi ■
The exalls, or WOOd soitel, v as
standing at the loot of the cross and
received sonic djops of Uiv piedous
Mood. These she still cai ill's Tin'
Italians have the hume legion and
tali this little blossom "alleluia,"
if the veiy tlowtus rejoiced in  the
Tbe papers which tell their circulation are those which can Ih* depended
Why Should the advertiser, any
more than the grocer, be compeilod to
purchase that ol whieh he has 'no
Buying advertising space in a daily
oi weekly newspaper which do not
throw their circulation books open to
the public, with the fullest guarantee
I      the claims   made are genuine,
great gifl to lhc world
anemone, loo,   is said lo
stains of Christ's blood,
Work makes men. Luck usually
fails. Pluck nearly always wins
To succeed in anything uur mint
overcome obstacles. Force and lib re
are built by hardships, Grit is as
necessary in the making ol a man as
gumption. Hardships ate not always handicaps, Often thev are
helps. You will understand this belter in twenty years. Mean whi,e
permit oue who lias lived that twenty years and more, to advise you in
this". Hang on to your job until
you are sure of a better one. Dependable. Iioys are in demand. And
no boy can lie depended upon whu
does not fipish the \As:\i ||e sotfi bis
hand to do. However disagreeable
uur work, do it thoroughly, Do it
better than the average boy will do
it. In that way yuu will come lo
he known as a depemtable hoy. And
mind you this: Men everywhere are
looking for capable, honest, gritty,
dependable boys, The sooner you
let people know t|iat you are that
kind of a boy, the sooner you will
get a lietter job. And don't be in a
hurry to give up the work yon
ready have, He sure something belter is offered. Wait awhile. Du
your work well. Promotion will
come. And do not envy the buy
who has uu easy time. You would
much belter pity him. He has ,\
good time now,' but some day be
must "make good." With his flabby muscles and his easy habits and
his many wants he stands a far poorer chance I hati you. Remember
above all, young fellow, you are
making a man of yourself.
All the world over Easte
son of greal  rejoicing,
is a sea
iH'gins fo easl off Ute dinginess
winter and nature herself exhibits the
spirit <>t resurrection. Palestine, the
spot where the resurrect ion we commemorate took plaee, is supremely
emblematic ol the season, because
there tlie spring suddenly bursts
forth and all the venduie and (lower
spring up as though a magic wand
had been waved over the land, tor
the excessive dreariness of winter is
broken in lbe Orient when it is.still
winter in western lands.
Camborne Miner:—The biggest toad
like buying sugar only  to find
sand when tin* barrel is open.
"Oh, yes,"    replied    the
have many warm Iiieirds."
"Do  they  live in CranbrookV
"(Hi, no, tbey are dead."
Take notice thwt the partnership
heretofore existing between the und
ei signed, Daniel A. Macdouadd and
FrOIlk E. Clapp, as hotel keepers
Cranhrook, under the firm name ol
"Ma<*d"nald A Clapp," has Ibis day
lreen -dissolved hy mutual consent.
The business will Im1 continued by
said Daniel A. Maodonald, under his
own name, who assumes all lhe liabilities o| the said partnership and lo
whom all debts due said partnership
musl be paid.
Dated at   Cranbrook, this Slsl  day
of March, 1006.
J. A. Harvey.        l>. A, Maodonald
;2-:U Frank E. Clapp.
:: Cranbrook   Foun- i
dry and |
..Machine  Shop;
;; McKinnon & Johnston ;
Wo nro pri'iHinil to
(In iill kiiuls of repair work heavy nud
litfht, uinkt! enstiiiKB,
turn shafts, etc.
; ; Scientific     Horseshoeing
S)nop».a uf Regulation.*, for disposal of Min-**
eralB on Oumlninn Lands Id Manitoba,
th: V>rlh*em Territo s and the . ukoa
11.111.1*1 nmy v.-
-.1 Kl $111 If t
euul an.l (to h
MlU.    K >->
iii-re*. fan in-acq il
!■>    "ll"   111
ninl',in..     I.n)
mi* rati* of
l.lntlf J.IUH...I
■s- i >lll |lllt.
■hums ut eight
s mnl over
Ok ...iinpaiue-. ll
uaj .'i.UHi i-nti
niuiil-, ■>■*■*
i-r'i centilt-iiti-
li-il   Inr   IIU«
if H.flt-iMl iiiui
r i
II llll 1. lillllll
•i 0 1'HHF
mr, Saving db
mineral   ti
itii-iiii- a cm
1  u
iauu iei*i ny
lbs IMM "i.ii
1 |m».u,l.e._r*
ii"llic-miit' at i>
..it tlie Una
r vi-ln.
i Miiill  Iim li-.-"
tlilii lirteeo
A. W.McVitiie   I
|! Dominion and Provin- {
cial   Land  Surveyor. J
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
Notice is hereby given that Ihlrt
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works (or a license to cut, and carry
a way timlier from the following described lands in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked
George Geary, located at the northeast corner ol lot 836; thenoe east
411 chains, thence south HiO chains,
theme west -ID chains, thence north
Iiiii chains, to place of beginning.
Oeorge Geary, Locator.
Dated this 8th day ol March, 19UC.
Notiee is hereby given that I, Allan S. Nicholson, have this day
withdrawn from the partnership heretofore carried on under the firm
name ol the Cranbiook Sash A Door
company, between myself and Albert
Slater, Henry A. Mcfcowan, .John II.
Spence and William C. Slater, and
the last mentioned persons will carrv
on the partnership business, and will
collect all debts due the partnership
and pav all its liabilities.
Dated al Cranhrook, B.C., this 1st
day ol March, 1906.
Allan S. Nicholson.
Witness: C. Darling. 50-3t
Pete's Barber Shop
Has removed trom tlie Vi'i'iitwoill
hotel to next dour to A. I.-. How-
ness' and opposite new bank binlil*
iiiK. I invite everybody. My win.
will Rive satisfaetion. First-class
barber shop.
P. J. I.L-ithauser, Hgr.
Notiee is hereby given that thirty
days afler dale wc intend to apply
to Ihe Chiel Commissioner ol Lands
ami Works at Victoria tor a special
license to cut and carry away timlier trom the following described
, ,  ,     ,.      ,,,      ,,,,        i   Commencing   at a   post   placed at
ot logs c*ci stacked and hauled    on  tht, sm„*„.,lst. cnniCT ,;, ,„t ft0. ,je8
sleighs in lliis province was put    up Kast Koolenay district, thence   east
and lauled yesterday at camp 3    ol 80   ehains,   Ihence south   80 chains,
the Bowman Lumber    Co., situaleil thence west 80 ehains, thence north
about two and   a hall miles    below 80 chains, to place ot commencement.
Camborne.    The load consisted ol IS ltobinson-McKciizie Lumber Co., Llm.
cedar logs six liers   high anil seven.      ited.
logs to a tier, and measured iti leet Dated March 5th
it is i-nsy to linve clemi
i-lotlit's when then' is u first
class liiumlry in town. You
can't atTonl to patronize elii-
ilese when you enn get your
work done liy white people iu
a white way anil at prices that
will appeal to anyone who
wants i-oixl work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Cranbrook. II. C.
II inelies from the ground to the top
ol Mie load with a width of 1-1 feet.
10 inches. The logs were Iti leet ,n
length and the number of leet contained in Uie load were 15,.'177. It Parcel 2.
was hauleil by Iwo horses and photo- Notice is hereby given that thirty
•graphs of t-he load were taken by days alter date we intend to apply
Mr. Tucker of At.lowhc--.id. anil the to'Ihe Chief Commissioner ot Lands
Miner has arranged to have cuts and Works al Victoria for a special
made   of llie   different views    which   license   lo cut and   carry away tini-
plant, to
w-hen    completed llie output of    the
Prank mine will once more go to the
thousand ton a day mark
will -he reproduced In a future issue
of this paper together Willi a descriptive article. The load was put
nil hy ,1. ti. McCarthy and his men
wlm now Imld tlie record for llritish
Columbia lor Hie biggest load ol logs
lalrmore Times:—While it may
uol be pleasant, reading to some of
the business firms at Pincher Creek,
the lact remains that the new town
laid out at Pincher station hears all
of ihe Indications of being a serious
rival to the older town on the creek,
This new town lias a very large ami
rich farming ami ranching country
to draw trade trom and is already
lillnly cslaiMislieil as the grain and
caiMc shipping point for that section. Although V. Vi. Watson, lhu
owner, has only had llie laml platted
inlo lots for a few weeks, already a
larice number lias been disposed of in
parties who arc creeling places ol
husiness upon Mnnn. II. (lalvln, who
is acting ns general agent for this
new townsite. Is a hustler anil fullv
capable ol showing Intending purchasers ihe many advantages that the
new lown possesses as an ideal business location. That Pincher station
will soon become a thriving husiness
conimui.lly is apparent to anyone
wlm will lake Hie trouble to iiivesl
gate its many advantages. Tho
proposed railway Irom Cimls-tnn
through Hni Kisblmrn country K |a|i|
out so as to connect wilh Hie Crows
Nest, line at Pincher station which
will make that place one of Hn- principal railway pofnls iu southern Alberta.
the   following  described
ber    from
Commencing at Ihe southwest corner Robinsoii-McKenzie's Lumber
Co.'s Limited, timber limit, southeast ot lot 01118, group 1, East Kootenay district, thence south 80 chains,
east 80 chains, north 80 chains, west
80 chains to place ol commencement.
Robinsoii-McKenzie Lumber Co., Limited.
Daleil March 5th, 1906. 50-5t
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens A Rockcndorl
Opposite C. P. R.
Si.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
j J. Edgar Davis
I       BRICKLAYER and
A       Furnace, Boiler, Range,
A and Fireplace work a special- X
f* 1
J        All descriptions of stone
X work miller taken, t Inlere li
| will reoieve prompt attention,
t'boue 115. 1*. O. Box 854.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work it. our advertisement, but >
put thin ml in the llemldjto
empliHRlke it.
eil.'.!  .sitliln tn
1>i il l"lhi'
Ii-i, ». -ii tilth
mj ill-'., hit
iir-raniiiiiii i"i
> .iii.'rti'.i mr
<> Miuhnr nt
Iih.It linn nml
llinl).ill  Mil
Hkl.ll    l.-,lli.
ui'l   mil-Ill*
, omrj ii»-.
i*i ly.    nu
ill, ttuut-
Cm*. iin< t'lil
'l' I
tr i
i i in,mt
lent) tm Uf-
l<m nuin ii
ii, I.U ni Hi
•tun. iml a
<r lnoik, imi
•lllll I-"*-.
>■ lm.: 1.1ml
.i.111111 ■■■*>
1' lllll HIll<-ll
IQllVUII   ul
tm nml Ihs
eituj; iim \
IUI "i  \Um
ulilalli mil.
ti'lni   nt   U
1 ut Uio In-
m'i right licoufluetl to lho mbmi-rg*
b.in 111 (lit* li.<T li'-liiss lou w.ili-r
■...nj. -1 I.- Uu- rights ti; .ul iienumn
,11wlm may uv m- enlriei lur tint
,11, v\herolllO IUM*e imij  ilra.i>ir to
tluul iu
> lease nn
c pitny
bit on lln- .'t.u.-1 iifn-i it Lnit-ill
•ri ilgtnu in tlm Yukon Torrltoi
liu< miiis ea.'h um) Liu gtl
m-i im 11 term of iwi-ni) your
lie lessee's right lieonflm
u,-ii ur tiiirs is ib.- rlvi 1
,k, Umi Limiiiii.tr.. to l)tj 11
lilt 18i lilt) ur Augusi lllll
Uie ii'iiM1.
he lessee -.lutll Imve one i
.hill IW
t Lu .-.fit me
Ml.-ll lllilf.        Itflllitl, 5:
.mul ilf pcr mlu-lure.
,. fi i-M. iun*. 111 ttie Y-iki
i, river uuu mli iiiiittis i
111 len^lti,  n.i'iiMiii il <
ull   .lilirtli.li     ' -
Sl\    IfllMH
uited to 11 tr>-e
n, lilso it-no a
t<> the sulimertf-
icluw low Muter
1 hy us , ii-ui.m
yourol tm- time
n .'I'i'f.iiiiiii
ie lease, uuu
11 six yean
1I10 i.'i lirst
111 e
110 :
> Mt.ili ne ito teet s
nmiki-il hy two 1
rerrltory. -Greek,
.ul noi exceed -tu
. iiu' base une or
i-i-k or guleti, tin
ill other
, 1.,'Sts,
lUliees.    Eutrj uiini be 1
tl Wi tim li-n ilajs. if thf ..,um is wlitnu
ilk-sot uiitiiiig reamttfi s ultu-e. imei-xir*
1 lowed lur I'.ti'ii nail.iimi ii ii-u ml es or
•rsiui or coiniiiiiiy stftklUA I
i-i miner's Goriluetite,
scovoror of» nen mine is
1 uio loot to leugth, .uui
t.f iwo. l,y.V led alii iu*- In-
i,!,i. h no loyally sluli be
$111.   Utiyalty nt Hit-1
,. m.i
.ou Territory io
1'niiiii'ii tu a
U the party
1, "11 tue out*
charged, ilie
uot hm and
,e gottl ship*
v paid lo lue
1 miner shall receive a grant ol umi
11 out-liiliillig vlullil ou t'iit'li si*|.;iral« river
en or .:uieii, uut the suuu' miner may huld
niiiiii.er of claims l>\ imiehase, uud liee
11T1 niuy wmk Uieu DlallUS ui i-,iiinerslii)i Liy
iu um ii-i' uml  pit>iii_! fee ot ;..    A elaiio
. t'f oaiiii -u.-ii, mui anotheroiiiaineu ou tue
u- creek, gulch ur river, uy giving tiouueauil
eu.li year to
1111 ha
ii rk must bedoueon a
value ol ut leiisl j.'im.
ii'itilleiiie Unit work lius been iiom
uuit'tl 1'iifh year; If uol, the cliuin
lueUto beaoautloned,anil open io occupation
1 i'iimv hy a free miner.
lie buuuuaries or u cluun may be iletlued ali-
itil) Uy lutvliii! a sunt') in,i<U.,nul puhlUliiug
11 the Vil
III,    All     ili)itl'|'lti|
'<l   Dominion
it Ti-rrliorles
.;   lor pctloieiilii,
f Cm an iuillvhiii.il
ill 1
unnany hav-
!• Ty ,'H the 1.111,1 lu
e |
■ piiyltiK ilUailtllles,
ui'ii iliseovfi), un a
lut exoeviUng
i.fliitliiii; tlU' ull we
1 sii,-ii other
> tie ili-li-iiiiiiitil, »
ut lhe rateo. sum
acre, subject
it such rule as ma
-invillcil  bf
w. w.coitv
Deputy of ttie Miuistei til tbe lu te
Dept, Interior.
Lower Amstrong Avont
Pernio on Wfiim-^ri.iy 'to remain hc.rc'tlw mllierv ol ihe nw*tinl com pany on   they come.       They belong to
h rtny or two      Dr. McTiclurft while   Ute nortih utile, was severely burnml  Orieittal   Qrock ehuroh,        As tliey  riieutfl,
Pat came home late on St. Patrick's nifiht, having imblm«I too tree-
ly in lhe cup t-hat cheers. His wifo
was not in the best of humor and
.spoke thus:
Patrick wbait -do you call yourself?
I'at—A man. And what Is more I
never saw a respectable family without one.
His wife—What is a man?
Pat—A man ti a wonderful invention.    And what Is a woman?
His wife—A woman is a (great improvement over your wonderful invention man.
Pat-Well, Mary, that's what the
men are walking up and dowy Baker |
street    for, looking at the improve-.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
way of doors, windows, trail-
soms, etc. Kiln dried lumher
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and onr prices are
satisfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Take nolle, that thirty days nltii
date I iiitt-nil to upi'ly to the t'liii-l
t.'<Jiiiniis.sii>iii-r ot Lamls anil Works foi
a license to cut anil cany awny timher from tho (ollowiiia; itcscrllicil
laiwls in South East Kootenay:
Commencing al a post ahout om*
mile south-west ot Skookumohuch
river, and near Sydney Jollott's
Houtli-i'iist corner, thence Uiu cliains
south, thence 40 chains west, thenci
Hit) chains north, thenco -III chain;
east lo place ot coiinncnueincnt.
C. W. Wilson, Locator.
Located this 22nd day ot Kehruary,
lfHM. 4_-5t-
tor a particular purpose is easy  tor
us.    Uccause we   have litem tor  all
Kinds ol use.    Naturally our
is lur superior to that 01 the home
which has lo call cual during the
week and carry his owner 1,1 a funeral
un Sunday, II Santa Claus saw out
horses he would pension on his oi,l
relndcors, i*h„i> up his old slolgh ami
iiiu- a iin Ironi iis. Vnu sli,,uld do lho
s.iiiu- when you roqiilra tin* .oivicm ol
11 horse and carriage fm any purpose,
Especially ns our scale ol charge!
makes 11 really cheap transit,
III. Mmidlcy 1.1 very Slnhles
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shots made new.   All kinds
uf repairing,   (live mc a call.
Notice Is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the firm
name and style of the Pine Tree Lumber Company, is this day dissolved.
The undersigned, MaJcolm Melnnes,
will wind up the partnership business
and ls entitled to collect all accounts
due, and will pay all the liabilities
ol the firm.
M. Melnnes,
J. W. Agnew.
I   Dated **   Cranbrook this 23rd day
ol February, IMI. 4t-tt   '
Livery S
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point In the illstrlet.
E ask men to judge Fit-Reform
— nut so
much by
by   tlie
what wc
Every man wants the BEST
VALUE for his money,
BEST VALUE means hest
cloth—best tailoring bent tit
- besl style.
You cannot
Reform Suits i
by anv other
nutliing   else
service garments sii fine,
lecause there is
in   ready-for-
The strength
our    argument
in    F i t - R e f o r m
i r
I Mining and Milling supplies, coal, iron, steel
cant hooks, saws axes and numerous other
{articles required in the above lines, including
camp steel ranges at
I   McCallum & Co.
L r:i:ii ^i
•*»*%-**%«.**-*••»*% *■ *
l B C. Livery and Feed  Stables
First class Rigs, safe nnil stylish i
um)  puck horses for nny point in
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Siiiiit'olil stand opposite Btatton
.i"i-i"i"i"i-.i-.i"i"i'.i"i"i--i"i">"i-'t-'»"i-'t-.i"»*t">"»"»-t-i..i"t"i"»"i"i">-i-i"f. i"i.i i'i'
The Municipal Council of
the City of Cranbrook hereby
give notice that all yards and ||
lanes must be thoroughly
cleaned of all rubbish and nuisance by the i.sth day of April,
and that the Police have In-
i| structions to prosecute persons •■
not complying with this notice. ::$
C. H. PREST, City Clerk
Dated this 29th day of March, 1906*
| D0--AN0 DON'T
(San Francisco Eiamiuei)
Women could enforce the single
standard ol morality.
How' Not by Hand ol Hope.
Not b) conventions. Not by talk
fests. Not by sending committees
before legislatures to importune ior
drastic law^ that it would tie Impossible to eiiioice.
lt is a sad truth that ull the feminine crusades against what we arc
pleased to cull "the social evil" have
4u might  Im tli little or no results.
The millions ot women who tuve enlisted under tin.**, banner have been
like the immortal King of Fiance—
Mut matched up lhe lull and then
marched down again.
Men have never org-anued a single
society, oi wasted a .-.'ingle speech, w
held a single assembly (or the purpose ol pi umi'tm- virtue autoug
women, .unl yet they have kept the
eutiu- li-iiiiiutie sex coi railed in the
straight ami narrow path tor centuries, and will do it lo the end ul
How have they worked this miracle,
when nil ol women's prayers and in-
i-au-tatious huve been in vain?
Not hy woids, but hy deeds. Not
hy mass meeetiugs, but by individuals. Not by "resolving," bul by
The lone man simply refuses to
marry a woman unless she can show
a clean and unspotted record.
In that on« little, tiny, conclusive
faet lies tlie whole secret of why
women, us a nei, are pure and good.
Men don't preach women lumi lies
ou the subject. They don't argue
wilb women about il, or plead with
women to do right. They merely
bar " 'or Into woman's paradise
against the woman who bas not a
clean slate.
To the woman who "has thrown
her cap of good repute over the windmill," aa a witty modern puts it,
man says, in effect: "I will amuse
myself with you.
"I will give you Jewels and money
and champagne, but I will not marry
you, nor will I permit you to associate with my wife, my sister or
my daughter."
Just that. Nothing more, but
human ingenuity could not frame up
a greater discourager of immorality,
or a more potent plea for chastity
and general circumspection ol liehav-
Try it with a dash of
Tomato Catsup
,.|, i
.Mr. it.    s. On.lo|i, a   well known
Iiuii tint  tnnlH-l  nii-u-liaiil  i.i  Uiini,*i
returned Iro
Sl llll.l
yesterday, wltere he bod been m eon-
nt-cluni with smne Um,1 deals in llie
Interior. He is spending a slum
tune with Iriends in thv oilj prloi
to returning to the Inlei ioi
Incidentally Mi. Gallop Is qhlclly
making arrangements loi llie development early in tlte spring ol a largo
body of copper ore. which Ito localed
•last (all on souk* ofalms lu- slakid on
Horse Thief em-k in     ihf Columbia
nl i
A woman might be willing to take
her chances in this world, but she
doesn't want to be cut by her friends
in this.
Wlien a woman sows tbe price she
pays Ior It is social ostracism.
When a man sows wild oats the
price lie pays for it is a headache
next morning.
Men write thc price tag on women's
wrongdoing, and women write tlie
price tag nn men's wrongdoing; and
il is because men value virtue more
Ihan women do that women are better than men.
In one single generation women
could bring men up to their standard
if they had the nerve to do it.
Suppose women should imitate men
in this manner.
Suppose women should assume the
same attitude aliout dark brown
pasts that iiwn do.
Suppose women should cut out the
forgiving art, as men do.
Suppose a young man knew that unless he lived  a decent  liie he would   .       ■       .    ., , ...
not be invited to sit at our   dinner  m« °      ^Itgrowing,   w 11
tables, dance at our balls and escort   uonJ_A    MVWUagw     01 m
our daughters to the theatre,            I "IP'T?™ ,U'AS tUul.mm'u]'
Don't vou know   that the  ranks of  sl J "-lead, line anil coupe
r arming   and     stork  i
Valley. Mr. thkllop has been milting
and prospecting fm many years, and
claims to know a good thing iu I la-
way of a mineral proposition when
lie sees it. And he certainly believes
lie has one in this case. The outcrop, lie says, shows a solid body of
»»re eight feet iu one plate, while in
several other places only a lew yards
away there are otitcropplngs three,
lour and live feel wide. He bclloves
they are all connected awl belong to
one massive ore deposit, which, from
the sample he brought hark wrlb him
after his disco very oi the claims,
gives promise of Whig very high
grade copper and gold ore.
As soon as the snow goes in the
spring Mr. Gallon intends tu put a
force of men at work developing ihis
or*' body and packing in supplies In
establish a permanent camp. lie
slates that owing lo the high price
of copper and the returning confidence
of investors in legitimate mining enterprises; especially iu the t'olumbia
and Kootenay districts be expects to
see another mining boom in the interior of llritish Columbia within the
next two years.
Mr. Gallop is very enthusiastic
about the little known but rich possibilities of the Columbia and Kootenay Valley lands, in response to a
request by a Province representative
for information about these lands,
Mr, Gallop said:
"Along tlie Upper Columbia and
Kootenay rivers, between Golden on
the main line of the Canadian I'acilic
railway and Cranbrook on the Crows
rrade ore,   th
lr.u.il,l'   [ton
point nt view, aud
the motl   permanent,   pi
ilu- safest  investment  fm
corned        As a   rough t
would   BftV   lhat   the  huge
in   the   Uiiuiiim.'if    dislriel    Wuiilil!
average   fiom   $-10 in   Sim pei  'nn,
: though  we have -.nine   lhat   will     rut)
i up in the burnt mis, hut   lliey aie the!
exceptions.       The   valleys' ol    »*>«■!
streams are much wldei
I in West Kootenay, an.l all*
1 easier access to tlie mines
■ a WOgOh m   railway.
i    "The reason   those mines
Iielng worked is due  solely
luck of railway transput lut
| arc many other streams h
j two mentioned from    ten  to    loriy.v _* *■_„   -n..,   „$   r~-~
'inii.-s long that are practically   un -»* of the city of Cran
explored, all (lowing into this valley  ¥ .       .        n    .,    r . *\*
und  having every  evidence nl     being   % bl*OOK.      Parties^   haV- ?
equally rich in timber and mineral.    \X X
lumbering   is being .j. ing closets   to clean, .j.
■s  the
The City Council     3
have,, appointed     ;■
R.Stewart j
thej official 'scavenger-j
Nest, we have a valley a humlrei
sixty miles bug and Irom threi
eight miles wide,     li is simila
I topography   to    the   Thompsoi
'Okanagan valleys, with a  mil.it'
ven more    desirable  climate,
I land compares favorably with i
valley mentioned, for grazing,
i  and
eil her
lone this season hoth on the
j bin and Kootenay rivers, and a
of the more enterprising miner.
developing  iheir   claims on   thc
ferent  creeks along the valley.
"Quite u number ol new sett I ers
ate coming 111, and inquiries are being made regarding the land, all oil
the expectation of ibo Kootenay Central   railway building   th rough    the
valley this st-usoli.
We are all living on lhe hope ol
the raiiwav coming soon; and though
hope deferred maketh the heart sick,
we arc con Helen t WO huve lhe cream
nf llie earth when it does come."
;!* refuse matter to haul
A A"
.;. to the City dump •{•
1*1 grounds should leave X
The |
% city must be cleaned. X
X Aihliess UoX   I US. &
A ***
•!• orders with him
gements are
a new type
nes succoss-
■ H*s.
a good, long think and resist a lot ol
peroxktod temptations before be shut
the doors of society in his face''
Suppose every mother shuld incu
no beautiful and good youug girl—
the kind of girl he means to marry
when be settles down—would have
him for a husband unless his escutcheon was as unsullied as her own.   I
Don't you know thai the ranks ' ol
the Johnnies that hang about stage
doors would be decimated, and a man
would consider once, and twice, and
a hundred times, before be engaged to
anv •■■lil-tle aftairs"'.' For men, no
less than women, look forward to
having a wile aud home aud children
o( their own as the ultimate happiness of life. I
Suppose that every married man
knew that his wife would uo more
forgive lum for being untrue to her
than tie would condone her uReuse if
she wus false to him. I
lKni'l you know there would he
fewer side-stopping husbands? For
men ate no fonder ot the scandal, lhc
chaos uud tlw misery of a wrecked
home than women are. |
Suppose eveiy mother should inculcate InU) her sons the same Ideals of
Virtue that she does into ber daugh-j
Don't ynu think that it would
raise the standard of morality
among men a million pet cent?
The only way tn reform au evil is
to reform it. Talking about it, dot*,
nn good, Women will never reform
mon as long as Ihey condemn lbe sin
bul welcome the sinner to theii
homes uml hearts.
They must do as men do. Kst-ah-
lish u standard ol morals, and refuse
tn many or publicly cnuulenance all
wlm dn nol come up to it.
In this way women can abolish the
social ovit if they wish, but in this
way alone il can he done., for men
care nothing [or what women think
as a body, but, every individual man's
happiness depends upon what some
one woman thinks.
by tinman ner
ring the
id 11
m Horse
um    the
■re load-
I may be
around the
i' uud fnur
es     iu one
to get the
of Novem-
louiUi crop
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Mrs. Cranhrook Street—"I never
have any trouble wilh baby. I've
only to sing to bim and lie goes ofl
to sleep at once.
Mrs.Baker IHII-"What a knowing
Fred—"A pretty -girl, even if ahe is
poor, can have all the attention she
wants, can't she?'"
Archie—"Yes. There's only one
that can heat ber."
Krea-'-'Who's tbat?"
Archie—"A homely girl with the
A Cranbrook maiden named May™
Once strolleid in the dark on her way,
She met a young man
Wbo kissed her and ran
And now she goes there ev'ry day.
Whatever the Cranbrook clergymen
may liave to say-, about It tbe furni-
| lure dealers are advocates ol   brief
been carried on in the
. few sett-lets iu a de
1 for a numbei of years.
last  three    or four   q
have started planting s
with    the     most   gratify
Three   years ago nue     t
about a hundred apple lie
Thief creek, lour teen mile
river, and last yeai  they
tvl with fruit equal in qu
raised iu the province,
Iruitb vvill do equal!)   we
seen from ihe faet  that
Columbia  lake we get  thr
crops of   wild   sttuwbei t:
"Yes, it is quite cominm
third aud fourth crop ol .*-
there.     Why, on tbe 22ml
ber  last    full      we    hud
shortcake made frum the
of- berries.
"Thc    snowfall     around   the  lakes
during the lust seven years hus been
from  three to six inches, and rarely
remains   longer   than    two or three
weeks.     Horses aud cattle range ou
the benches and     river bottoms    lhu
year around.
"In regard to both large and small
game tliere is uo other spot on   tho
continent that can touch it.    In the
valley and iu the mountains on ol titer
side you   can get    white
tailed deer,   goats, bear,
and bighorn sheep, and the river bottoms for ninety mihs are ono great
duek pond swarming with waterfowl.
The few     tourists    who have visited
the valley all ague  lhat   the world
Offers no  liner scenery.      TJi.it
beautiful valley, without a y
er for tbe sportsman.
seeker or  investor,  a bet I
ing. ranching, slock ratal)
growing,   should remain
ami unsettled is only on *
tho     world's   WitHlnc
years  to     tbe    wealth
wheat fields of lbe Northwest.
"Though during lbe Hummer months
we have steamboat connection from
Windermere to Golden, Micro is    no
doubt that lhe lack of railway communication has kept lhc valley in tho
dormant state it now enjoys, and 1
bave not the least doubt thai if the
Kootenay Central railway builds ihis
Reason, before it is half completed
every foot of land vvill he taken up
by liomeseekers. Tourists will wonder why Ihis paradise was not discovered sooner, and our great ore
bodies will pour a stream of wealth
to the smelters that will attract investors from every part of tlte continent.
"The great mineral belt in which
is located the St. Kugene uud Sullivan groups, the North Star and many
others continues across the St.
Marys river, and follows the eastern
slope ot the Selkirks in a northerly
direction, and parallel with the upper Columbia valley. This great
ore zone, which is noted for the ex
tent and permanence of its ore bod
ies, is crosscut hy the many    largo
uud    black
moose,  elk
■I   Bill)-
mist home-
ei in min-
g, or fruit
u par with
lm twenty
nf the greul
London, Apri, i,—Ana
now ih-ing made to tost
of engine which, if it pi
ful. may cause a greater industrial
revolution than that which resulted
from the discovery of the steam engine or tho application of electricity
to motive power. Ttie patentee is
uu Englishman, who bus alreailj
achieved sume success as uu'Inventor,
This new project ho designates as a
triple economic air engine, and if tlie
inventor can justify all his claims
the business of lhc coal miner will
bo practically ended so far as tlto
industrial requirements aro concerned, Summarised, ihe claims Uu the
new engines arc as follows:
Tire economic air engine will save
the use ol coal uud all cost of fuel.
It will take lhe place of sleam,
which will not be required
lite pressure of air constant,
will drive a locomotive, propel a
ship, work a mill or forge, and wilhoul using gas, water, coal, electricity or oil, and It will entirely prevent smoke. The economic will he
more powerful than any other cylinder ol equal description, It will
have tlie use of large boilers, and
noi more than two will he required
for large works. ll has -two or
moro boilers tilled with compressed
air up to the pressure required iu
each boiler; tne economic cylinder
will keep up the pressure of ait il
set to work, lu locomotives and
other high-pressure steam boilers the
wear uud tear is considerable, Jl is
claimed by the inventor tbut the use
of water and the constant change of
temperature pressure all have a tendency to pull them lo pieces, which
cause serious rents round tbe rivet
holes and other parts of lhc boilers
This wear and tear will he avoided
by the use ol the air engine. While
this still remains to be proved, the
doing away will) the use of coal in
smelling appears lo be uu accomplished fact.
J, Corbin Field, deputy governor of
the Canada companv, who is now iu
London, said yesterday llml bu hud
just received information of an important experiment, whieh resulted in
proving that smelting would be sue
ct'ssftilly achieved by eleetiicily. Thu
experiment's were made not hy a
body of men seeking to float u company, but at the expense of the Canadian government, with a view to
the development of the Iron me industry, lie bad received Information
ihat. the results of the experiments
were delimit, and conclusive, and ihat
ihe treatment of ore by electricity
could be profitably cai tied on.
Notice thirty davs after date 1 Intend to apply to llie Chief Cumiuis-
siouer nf l.auds ami Works for a
special license to cut and carry awaj
iiiivhei Irom tho following described
lands iu Suuth Bast Kootenay, B.C.:
(I) Commencing at n post placet!
ut the north-west corner ol A. Cameron's timlier license, thonce wesi
forty (Hi) chains, thence north oue
hundred and sixiy (IBO) chains, thence
east furtj (H'l chaius, thenco south
one hundred and sixty (ltiO) chains to
ihe place nl beginning.
lU) Commencing at a post placed
at the north-wesl corner ol A. Cameron's timber license, theme east sixty (UH| chains, thence north one
hundred and twenty (120) chains,
thence west sixty.(00) chains, thenee
snuth one hundred am) twenty (120)
chains,   to  the place ol beginning.
i'-t) Commencing at a post placed
at a pnint forty chains west of the
north-wesl corner of A. Camcroo's
timlier license, thence north one
hundred and sixty (100) chains, Ihence
west forty (-Hi) chains, tbence snuth
une hundred and sixty (100) chains.
thenee east forty (-10) cliains, m the
pluce of beginning.
E. J. McVittie.
Dated this 7th day of March,
lllUti. l-5t
(Form F.)
Take notice that I, Tims. T. Mi
Vittie, F. M. C. No. B73773, agent
fm Frank Williams, F. M. C. No,
B-73710, Gits Kullman, F. M. C. No,
B73781 and Walter Van Arsdalen,
Free Miner's Certificate, Eo, B73786,
intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to apply iu'the'Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, lur
ilu* purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant nf Die above claim.
And further lake notice that action, under section 37, must In* nun-
.noticed boforo the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dalrd tills 28th day nf Match, A IV
Take notiee that thiily days alter
dale 1 Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Wurks lur
a license to cut and carry away timber from the ful lowing described
lauds in South Easi   Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at the
noiti.-west corner ol Robt. Little's
No. 2 license, theme llill chains
south, thence 40 ehuius west, ihence
160 chains north,   thence     10    ehuius
eust to pluce of commencement.
0, S. Frizzell, No. i, Loeator,
Located this 22nd day ol February,
1806. 4fl-5l*
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend lu applv to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for
a license tc cut and carry away timber from tlte following described
lauds in Souih Easi  Koolenay:
Commencing at a post neai 0. S.
Fu//ell's soulh-west   cui li i   uf No.  I
license,     ihence    100   cbains   north,
thence 10 chains west, theme lull
chains south, thence 40 chaius east
tu plate nf commencement.
0. W. Wilson, No. '2, Locator.
Located this 22nd day of February,
19UK. 49-60
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I inteml to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
at Victoria [or a special license to
ut and carry away timber from the
following described lands neai the
west boundary of Eust Kootenay:
Beginning at a pust planted at
about oue and one-hall miles south
ut Goat tell siding on B. C, Southern
Uu lway, ami running 50 chains west:
llience 80 chains south; tbence SO
chains eust; thence 80 chains north
to the place of beginning,
47-5t James  Joyce,  Locator
Take noliee that thirty days after
date 1 intend to apply to ttie Chlel
Commissionei ol Lands and Works lor
a license to cut and carry awaj timber from the following described
lauds in Suuth East Kooteuay:
Commencing nt u post at tho nmth
west coiner ol C W. Wilson's Nu. l
license, thence 160 chains south,
thence 40 chains wost, thence lbd
chains north, tbence 4U chains east to
place of commencement.
Robert Little, No. 3, Locator.
Located this 22nd day uf February,
CJUii. 49-51*
Take notice thai thirty d^yi alter
date 1 intend to apply tu the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Work!
lur a special license to cu! and cany
away timber Irom the following described  lands  in  West   Kootenay:
Commencing a; a p ist planted ou
the south side of the B, c. southern
right-of-way abuut a half mile northeast ot McNelllie Siding, thence e^»t
one half mile, thence north one halt
mile, thence east one ball mile,
thence north »ne half mile, thenc*
east one mile, thence north om
half mile, more or less to the B.
C. southern rlgbtrof-way, tbence
south-westerly along said' rlgbt-of-
way to point of commencement.
E. D. Shackleton, Locator.
Datod   February   6th,   : .-ft'       4B-6t*
Take notice that thirty days alter
date I intend to apply to \ht Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works
at Victoria for a special license to
cut and carry away timber from
the following desciibed land near the
western boundary of South Easi
Beginning at a post planted about
one and one-quarter miles south from
Goatfell siding on the B. C. Southern railway and running east 4U
chains; t-her.ce south 160 chains;
Ihence west 40 chains; thence nortl-
HiO chains along the east line ot
James Joyce' timber claim,
Dated the 8th day of February, 1&06.
47-5t       Allan Manson, Locator.
Mr. Stoplate—That sung alwayi
moves me.
Miss Tersleep-If I'd known thai
I'd have sung it an hour ago.
The Christian Scientist— Sicklies*
only a manifestation of sin.
The Regular Practitioner—'IMi
madame, your husband is on the n
to perdition.
Passet-By—Is that your pork down
there on tlie road, guv'nor'.'
Farmer—Pork? What d'ye mean?
There's a pig o' mine out thete.
Passer-By— Ah, but there's a motor
car just been by.
1 I0t*
Tbey met on a bridge. Each held
out his band, and they shook, and instantly realized that tbey were utter
strangers*. Had not one of Ihem
been a genuine Hibernian the situa-
streams flowing into the Columbia j tion might have been embarrassing,
and Kootenay from the west, notably "Begorra, that's quare," says Pat,
among them 'being Tohy and Horse. "When we wor so far off thai wo
Thief creeks, near Windermere, on, couldn't see aich other I thought It
which are located verv many largo, was you an' vou thought it was me,
•bodies of principally, or what we and now we're here together it's
would call in British Columbia,   me-1 nayther ol us."
Noliee is hereby given that thirty
days aflei date we intend fo apply
to the Chiel Commissioner of Lands
ami Works for a special license to cut
and carry away limber from the following desciibed lands iu Smith Easl
(1) Commencing a' a post planted
ul the S. W. corner of timber license
No. 0573, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence eust
Kb chains, llience south 8(| chains to
the [dace nf beginning, containing
(HO acres, more or less.
(2) Commencing at a post planted
at. the S. W. corner of timher license
No. 8574, thence west 80 chains.
thence north 80 chains, thence east so
ohains, Ihenee soulh SO chains, to tlie
place of beginning, containing 040
acres, more or less.
(3) Commencing at a post planted
at the S. W. corner nf license No
6575, thenee wesl 80 chains, thence
north SO ehains, thence east 80
chains, theme snuth 811 chains to tlie
place nf beginning, containing 040
acres, more or less.
Ml   Commencing at a post planted
one milo west of ihe S. W. corner of
timber license No. 6574, thenee west
40 chains, thence north 160 chains,
thenee east 40 chains, Ihence south
llill chains, to the plaee of beginning,
containing 010 acres.
Joseph Whitehead Ross,
Hales  Kingston  Ross.
Located the   15th day ol    March,
Effective, Sunday, Jan. 21st, following changes in passenger train
schedule: No. 3 leaves Rexford 10.4*
a.m.; Bonners Ferry 1.30 p.m.; ar
rive Spokane 5.40 p.m.; leave 6.00
p.m.; Adtian !M0 p.m.; Pacific
Avenue 5.40 a.m.; Everett 5.4U a.m.;
Seattle 7.00 a.m.
Nu. 1 leaves Rexluid 1.00 a.m.;
Bonners Ferry i.iii a.m ; arrive
Spokane 7.00 a.m.; leave 7.15 a.m.;
Adrian 10.80 a.m.; Wenatehee 12G5
p.m.; Pacific Avenue 6.48 p.m.; connecting with No. 272, Everett 5 58
p.m.; arrive Seattle  7 '111  p m.
No.  2  no change.
No. 4 leaves Seattle 8 00 am.;
Everett 9.1fl a.m.; I'ai itm Avenue
"i.iii am.; Wenatehee :t u", p.m., AJ-
liaii 4.69 pin., arrive Spukane B.26
p.m.; leave 8.40 p.m., Bonners
Feiry l^.'Jri a.m.; Rexford 6.02 a.m.;
No, 250 leaves Rexford 5.20 a.m.
connecting with No, 4 S win ton 7.3-i
a.m.; arrive Kernie 8.00 a.m.
Nu. 246 leaves Fernie In.00 p.m.i
Swinton 10.26 p.m.; Rexford 13.40
a.m.;    conne cting  with   number  1.
Through sleeping cars operated between Spokane and Fernie. S.eeper
fare between Spokane and Feinie
Fernie to Vancouver 23 hours and
45 minutes, connection being made
With No. 272 at Pacific Avenue.
Extra local trains Nos. 265 and 206
will be operated between Spokane
and Leavenworth, leaving Spokane
4.00 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.m.;
Wenatehee 12.03 a.m.; Spokane 8.00
a.m. Buffet sleeping cars will be
operated between Spokane and Leavenworth, trains Nos. 205 and 200:
also extra train between Seattle and
Skvkomlsh, leaving Seattle 0.30 p.m;
Everett 8.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenue
8.15 p.m.; Skykomish 10.20 p.m.
Returning leave Skykomish li.00 a.m.;
Pacific Avenue 8.09 a.m.; Everett
8.23 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 a.m. Local
train being operated between Bou-
neri Ferry and Spokane will be wltb*
'Sugar Dia rn«)Gl."arr m.de from ftyjff noSugjr; grown on our own planhlions.
rtnd crysblized lo i_.emble Rock (ondy. in. grains darkle like uncutdi. inonds-
II ib I be mosl delicious 5ti*3ar rod? for FcaorCoffee:— Sold Every w.iera...
IIKHIWIMI   KKllltllAltY   I"',        ISE
SLEEPERS i \T-\T. ~*\
li,-i ween
Seattle and Chicago
via the
(ireat Northern Railway
Fur ilri.illiil [iitiirtiiatEnii, roll's, etc., call nn or address
II.;.. Iii;u k.i,„i,,
I Kernie, I). C.
Milulictunrs ol
Rough and dressed
I.UI1BER and
Also all kinds ol
Jalfray, Ryan anil
Cranbrook, B. C.
Head Olllce, • tr.nbr.ok
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
im it Calgary lluklter .Shop
Oeo. B. Powell, Proprietor
|.'nr high clasa wnrk III .lyolng,
I'luiiuhig, pressing, repilirlligiiml
French llrv Cleaning a Specialty
Weiloall kinds ollnilles'work
On S.-il,- AI'llll. lltli to Uilli
Good Returning Until
April 17
Tickets "ii Bate at allO. P. K offi.
ci's. Porl Arthur in Vancouver, in-
i-luiliii*.- K.»i.t.-n.-iy Division points,
t'or lull particulars apply to local
ml-'-ills or write
0. It. HILLIER, Agt. Cranbrook
.1    S    CAItTI II K    .1    I'OYI.I..
D.P.A., Nelson    A 0 I' A. Vancouver
for Out Week Only
j We Imve just received it largo
; shipment of canned cream whicli
; we wuul to turn over title week hu
; offer you u bargain whieh you enn
■ nut uffonl to mini..
: Family size, reg. 15c, 2 cans 25c j
| Hotel size, regular 3k, I can 25c j
Thla cut In priced will only hint
until Wednoflilay, April 4th."
We huve in Block over 20 kMa I
of chocolate.) and our home-made
candy le the beet in the Kootenays ;
The number uf the 100 Huh in in
cr'asmg but not us fast as it should.
The committee on publicity is (hung
good work and within a week will
have a complete reporl to make to
lhe Board of Trade. The pamphlet
lhat it is proposed lo issue will covet all ol th? district tributary lo
Craubrook and will prove a great
booster for Mils district, as it will
give, the absolute facts, and that is
all this section ol ihe country needs.
I will sell my painting and papering business at. a price lhat will meet
(he approval of a purchaser. It is a
snap for any painter and paper hanger, as there is no better opening in
Ihis line in B. C. We are giving tip
this business lo engage in another
F. .1. Bradley A Co.
Last Tuesday evening, the Fire
Brigade Basket Ball team ol this
town went down to Moylo to play a
game with a picked team of that
town The game was called at 1*
o'clock in the Ka-gle hall, which was
anything but a g*«»d place to play
basket hati, as the light was poor
and the eel.Ins low, The score
kept even lilt about one minute before tune, when Movie seined a goal
ami made the score stand M to iu in
lavot nf Mnyie, After the game ihe
players and spectators Irom Cranbrook were entertained at a supper
given them by the Movie Athletic
Association at the Manhattan hotel,
ami aV. were loud in the!) praises of
the hospitality   thev   received  at    the
hands nt the Moyie team. After the
banquet speeches wen- made hy Rov.
Westman, ol Craiibrook, and Messrs
Kaiiun and Clothier, of Movie, and
aflei seveial songs weie suivg Mie
Cranbrook crowd .caught a train
Ironic, wishing that ihey could have
stayed longer, The following people
accompanied tlie team from here: T.
Stark F McKay, It, Mercer, J, Walker E. MeFarlaiw, F UcOonmH, tf.
Qreer, W. II. Wilson, W. Hayward
ami lire Herald representative, W,
Welsh, Hev. West-man acted as reel, The following is the lineup o(
Hn- teams:
Moyie—D, A. Ayres, W. Trainer
ward; J. Wormiugton, center; 0,
Voutid, M, Kamtii, defence.
Cranbrook—J. Davis, vv. Hamilton,
forward; W. DeBeck. center; J, Brechin, V. Marshall, defence,
Mother—Johnny, did you take that
hig piece of cake oul of the pantry?
Son— Yes'm.
Mother—Why, I didn't think it was'
in vmi! I
Son—WHI, all or il ain't; some of
it is in sister.
towns, including Cranbrook. The
gun club is forming rapidly and can
boast ol over 40 members and still
more coming.
Mrs. Walter Clayton, ot KinvVrley,
is home from Morrisburg, Ont., where
she has been visitiog Iriends.
Miss R. Snow and Mrs. WhelanToI
Fcrnie, have spent the past week as
the guests of Mrs. A. IV Chenette,
ol the Royal hotel.
Tlte Falls View hotel will be giving
a dance shortly after Kaster and
Cranbrook and other outside points
will have an opportunity ol attending
as a Special train will be run on
llut   occasion.
Moyie Leadcr:-St. Eugene lodge,
No. dl, Knights ol Pythias, was or-
■ganued in Moyie Thorsday night,
With a charter membership ot 35!
Wm. Irvine, vice-grand chancellor
commander of the province, was the
instituting officer, and the decree
work was conferred by the members
of Crescent Lodge, No. 83, Cnwi-
brook, who   came    up on
tram.       Following is a list of    the
officers of the new lodge:
G. II. Fiiidlav-C. C.
C. A. Foott^-V, C. C.
E. A. llill-Pielate.
H. P. barge-K, of R. A S.
R. Campbell—Master Finance
A. B, Stewart—Master Exchequer,
A very close and exciting game ol
association football was played al
Marysvlllo Wednesday evening last between the Smeller and Town teams,
resulting in a vlotory for tlw town
team by a close score ot 1 to ti.
Many spectators were ou hand
ami heartily cheered both sides.
The teams were composed as fol-
Smoller—Bisltop, goal; Wilson,
ICmpson, lull backs, Johnson, Fieidi-
er, Mellt.i, half hacks; Durick, Mc-
Kiuslry, Sproule, Wales, Morrow,
fm wards.
Town—Lomprey, goal; Jackson,
Jonas, full backs, Itipson, Fii/.pai-
rick, Crowley, hall hacks, Conover,
Callaway, Mackay, Bi isseau, Olsfi,
J. McLeod, who acted as referee,
was highly satisfactory in every respect.
I lal In
Kcksioiiii, proprietor of the
hotel at Lethbridge, and
great advocate of legitimate sport,
has written to Hoggarth *\. Rollins,
of the Cranhrook hotel, asking thai
the challenge cup put up hy these
gentlemen he sent to him at Luth-
.iiHlge to be placed on exhibition ai
his hotel, Tlte cup will be sent and
will serve Io show the people of
Lethbridge fhai we have gol some
true blue sports in Cianhi'ooli. The
cup is a handsome one and will attract a hit of attention.
Be sure and attend the concert next
Saturday evening at Wentworth hall.
Vnu will gel more than your money's
wori'li, fnr the Firth-Eaton combination is belter than ever this year,
and that is saying a good deal, but
vou will also give the lacrosse hoys
a Iill
!*■   a  lacrosse meeting
evening at Wentworth
There will
nexi Monday
How almut thai baseball club?
Cranbrouk should have one this season.
Most ul the Inwns on Hie Crow this
year will have both lacrosse aud
baseball clubs.
Sport, good, clean, legitimate
sport, is a great recreation.
Constable Routh, ol Movie, was in
town last Friday.
A. W. Davis, ol Calgai), was at
lhe Craubrook this weeh.
Harry Bradford, of the Wyclllte
hotel, was in town lo-day.
iM. Robsou, ot Keg in a, was a
Cranbrook visitor this week.
It. L. T. Galbralth, -f Fori Steele,
was in town lasl Saturday.
Harry Drew, ot Klmberley, was m
town a couple ol days this week.
I'. AlcDcrinid, of Medicine Hat, registered at the Cranbrook this week.
W. D. Hill and wife relumed <u
Tuesday from tlieir tup to Spokane.
II. W. Davis, ol Wyolllte, was in
town last week (or a day.
Harry Dimock, customs officer al
Kiugsgate, on the Corbin road, is Hi
J. W. Williams and L. (i. Williams,
of 1'eacklatid, were at thc Crairlnouk
this week.
Thc annual ball of the K. of
lodge will be held on the 2-tth
this month.
D. A. Ayres, ol Moyie, was
town this week and registered ai
G. A. Collin, M. Howe and G.
Edwards, ol Moyie, were Craubrook
visitors this week.
K. A- Hill came up from Moyie last
Mouday to attend tlie meeting ol the
license commission,
IV Helme, the C. 1*. R. express
agent for this districl, was ai lhe
Cianbrook this week.
James McNeil left last week for
Taeoma where he has gone lo visit
his wile for a few days.
Mrs. (J. H. Brcmner gave a birthday parly lasl Monday evening n
bwiior of Miss Mansfield.
W. A. Allan and C, D. Wreyfonl
of Vancouver, were registered at
the Craubruov this week.
The Straits Settlement coin is getting scarce iu town. They go ioi
only twenty-live cents uow.
R. B. Benedict, of Mayook, was in
town lasl .Saturday on business con
ueeted with his lumber company.
J. W. Robinson returned to-day
from Red Deer, where he has been
lhe past month looking after the
company's iuteresls.
The dog tax has been made $1
because it  It  was made M.titi,  under
the   municipal act   every   man who
paid a tax on a dog could vol
J. 11. Taylor, who recently sold
his milk ranch, left lo-day wall u
btmch of horses Ior Sheridan, Wyom-
ing.    The family lell last Monday,
Albert Mutz, the Fernie brewer,
who is making the Ivor that made
Milwaukee jealous, was in town today.
James D. Fraser, driver of tlie
Windermere stage, enjoyed a well
earned vacation in the city all this
week. He will go on his usual trip
ti. R. Yates, of the Staples Lumber company, was in town last Sat
urday on his way to the west where
be goes iu the interests of the.company ibat he represents,
The Cranbrook Dye Works does all
kinds of work in cleaning feathers,
cleaned and curled trimmed hats,
fancy waists, ball dresses. Tliere
nothing to fine Ior us to clean aud
make Hke new.     See our ad.
Thomas Starbird and wile arrived
Irom New York and other eastern
points last Monday and left on Tuesday for Wilmer. Mr. Starbird bas
been east on mining matters and
Kaiiun-Master at Aims.
Ilaivev-Mastet ol Works.
Llvesley-I. O.
Monkhouse-O. G.
(Nelson News Cor.)
Marysville, April 3.—The snow ._
nearly all gone and preparations are
being made by prosjiectors to start
work on their assessments while the
mining companies are   making Wielrl l«"lini"wry"good*oVr"The*prosuects
riln-.it    {_,,-    t. Uu   ._ n r.i in,.,*     .,,..!-    -i        ilu.     ■_ ..   _.° '.  ° ' '
Cameron—I*. C, C
W. Orcbard-P. O. C,
K Harvev-P. C. C.
A   Hill—P. O.  C.
meeting will he held in Ihe Min
ers' hall Monday evening, at which
the regular mooting nighl will tie
and other Important business   transacted,
Amongst those who came here ti
tissist in instituting tlie lodge wen
the following: fi, H Tliompson, W
H Wilson, C. E. Reid. Ross Tate.
John Fink, V. A. Rollins, F. E.
King, A. M. Black, .1. Fleishman
F. Kuinmer, T. M. Roberts, |f. Mercer, A. 0. Rnwncss. all of Cratilliimk
nnd N. Minis, of Trail, and Dai
ninas, of Ross-laud.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs, C. W. (Dr.)
Green, April 3rd, I90fi, a girl.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George Ted-
lock, April 3rd, tim, a boy.
Burn, to Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Krap-
frl. April 2nd, 190(1, a boy.
Burn, to Mr, and Mrs. Otto Hough,
Elko, April 1st. litOH, a girl.
Bnin, to Mr. -ami Mrs. Oeorge
Sheppard, March 26, lfl0f>. a girl.
plans for the summer   work at    tlio
different properties,
The B. C. Mining & Development
syndicate, with headquarters at
Rossland, is taking steps to ship in
more supplies to their mines as soon
as the roads will permit. Thev have
had a forte of men engage-d all winter under contract and the ore is
showing up to their entire satisfaction.    Thev will increase their force
and push work as fast as conditions,  ,   .        ,, ,     ,
will  permit.     The  people  bere     are,slH?d  TOuW  "ot    *»  kePl  °P™
looking forward to these mines prov-| 'or     l'hc     accommodation   of
ing a valuable asset  to the town of
Marysville. I
Mr. Leaviek, representing capital-'
ists of Colorado, has a number of ■
properties under bond, the principal
of which is the Mystery owned by
Robert Dcwar and situated on Alkll
creek. lie bus let a contract, for|
the construction of a wagon road
Irom Uu- main mad to ihe Mysterv
and as soon as th
velopmetit w
lhe aid nf
Leaviek is ,i
for the shoi
Ior the coming season
H. N. Merriam, 1'. P. Merriain, (1.
II. N. Moulsman, forming the party
ol civil engineers who have been at
w-ork on the Corbin road the past
winter, passed through Cranbrook
this week on tlieir return to Winnipeg, They stopjicd over one day at
tbe Cranbrook hotel.
The committee appoint wl by the
Boaid of Trade to si* if the freight
shippers, were fortunate to meet
O. II. Becker, the travelling
freight agent in town to-day, aim
satisfactory arrangements were made
within a few minutes. Hereafter
lhe shed will Im- kept open until five,
o'clock for tire receipt of shipments.
'-'Our Boys," J. II. Byron's
charming comedy, will be presented
in Wentworth hall on Friday
comieclol wllh
oiiH'hlv satisfied w
Mu- St Mans an
summer he will v
with   lhe  iiili-nliii
peiied,    de-   April  2(1,  by    the   Fernie    Operatic
k will he carried on hv   company, under    lhe supervision    of
diamond   drill.     Mr' I Mrs.  McEvoy, assisted by Mr. Cree,
cxpei t on mining   and   Mr,    Frechette,   Mr.  Spencer,      Mr,
ime thai  he h-as   heen   Coulthard,    Mr,   Lauty,  Mr.   Heaven,
lo sla
nines he is thor-
ihe prospects of
uiing ihe coming
other properties
f purchasing
Miss  Alexander,  Miss Suddaby,   Mr
Carsan, and Miss Johnstone, for   thc
benefit of Mie    Free    Reading Room.
Save the date and give llie visitors
from tire   sister   city a good rccep-
jol .dated   Mining  lion.
owning copper     Senator King arrived yesterday
Dominion Cont
ny uf   Spokane, owning copper Senator King arrived yesterday t
lies allow- ihe lake, are about spend a lew davs with liis sous,'Dr.
rl active operations. They have j.   jl,   m.    B.   and   F.   E.   King
 s ,hMlv °'     ore exposed and   daughter,    Mrs. Nobles.       Mr.
handled as soon King    was    accompanied hy another,       ,,   .    -, .      ..    ,,      „ ,.
sonrMaw, R- D. Richardson,    who ff vhm (i,aim:.l *•? l a>' IloM
un   el
wliirli  ean  lie
ns I Ik* railway Is built.
Tin- Kails View hotel muter Hie is in tlie lumber and merohamUsa
iii.iii.iRein..iii nf .1. . 1 '(Ingle, |8 total business near r-bi*,man. lt is Mr.
a goml   business. I |„s    hotel     is   Itieliarils-on's  first   visit   tn   bills  sec-
Ihnroughly u|i-tn-ilate ami a more
u.yliiriiiii proprietor could not be
fniiiiil in the Kooteimy.
The secretary nt the school   board
l Seven Years Ago |
1 in Cranbrook *# je |
I : I
VwtftWKttttHI 9004W
Fathers Coccolo and Welsh officiated at the dedication of the new
Catholic church a-t Fernie on Easier
For two or three weeks, W. F.
Tate, will open a watch repairing
business in the Aiken block until tbe
building adjoining the Cranbrook
hotel is completed.
Percy Irving returned from Seattle
Monday night. He says that Mr.
Small Is improving rapidly and will
leave for home soon hy the way of
Vancouver and Golden'.
Frank Rankin, so well known along
the Crow, as a member of ttie engineering corps, has resigned and gone
to Wardner to take charge of the
Fort Steele Mercantile Company's
store at that place Mr. Rankin is
a man of ability and is sure to make
a- success* of this new departure.
Last Saturday was the first ot
April and the day was taken advantage of by several practical jokers
iu town to enjoy some ol their
pranks. And one of the best was
the 25 cent piece thai was nailed to
the floor of the Commercial hotel.
Many men saw two drinks in sight
but were met with sad disappointment when they tbey found that tlie
25 cents would not loosen.
P. MeConnell, of Deloraine, Man.,
arrived in town on Monday evening.
Mr. McConnell represents J. A. Anderson A Co., of Winnipeg, wholesale commission ageots, and has
purchased the bakery of S. B. Eyre,
whieh will lie occupied in a lew
weeks by his firm, with a lull line ol
farm produce, meats and provisions.
The bakery will be continued in connection'with their other business.
A meeting ol the ladies was held
in the Knox church yesterday afternoon and it was decided to form a
Ladies Aid society. The regular
meeting ol Mie society will be held
on the first Wednesday in each month.
Tlie following ollieers were elected:
President, Mrs. Bremner; vice-presid-
enl, Mrs. VanDecar; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Kicker; collectors Ior three
months, Mrs. McMullen. Mrs. Greer,
Mrs Grant, and Mrs. Wilson.
Bob Shaw, of the Geary livery
barn, objects to the report that he
,s running a lodging house.. The
other morning when he went to the
bam, two stalls were packed with
men who had (ailed to register, but
who did not forget to take the stable's hest blankets and robes for clothing. Bob says that, he has a gun
loaded with some samples of quartz
which he borrowed trom Harry Milton, and that tie will give the next
contingent of lodgers a warm welcome
Veslnrdiiy and to.dav the annual
stockholders meeting of Hie C. P. R.
is being held and acl ion will be
taken on the suhjccl of building a
branch to the North Star aud Sullivan mines. It was staled this week
by a rail mail official who should
know Meat tliere was no lunger any
doubt   but  thai   Ihe branch woirld Ire
built this Rummer, and furthermore
that it would he built trom ('ranbrook.
Maurice Quaiii, William West and
Frank La-tin left for Nigger Creek
wltere thev will do development, work
       A 50
It.   tunnel     will he run    in   on thc
tim, au4 he is verv  well  pleased wilh .  A   fj**^*1   'J011 W   ^rfSb!"
what  lie has seen:     Both gentlemen N everything In Sight a-t the build-
will leave in about ten days for their ">« occupied by Art  M.Hto.i, taking
return trip as Senator King is   due an csjiecial fancy for   chickens.
has been notified by the education de- at Ottawa oh toe opening ol the sen-1 was H^hi^..  last   Wednesday   aftcr-
partineiil  thai  money would be    ad- ate
vanced by the department to pay
current expenses and outstanding
bills, until such time as the district FORT
can be assessed, when the amount
raised wHI he handed over to the
board,  less   the amount  advanced.      I
E. J. Clayton, townsite agent, reports the sale of a number of lots,
also the sale of a house and lot in
Belangee addition for a good figure
Marysville will not be behind other towns iu the wav ol sport this
season, steps having lreen taken Ior
the forming of a football team, also
noon by Mike McNamara, who gave
the alarm.     All  tlie available weapons in    Crows Nest were    brought
up and A. Good, armed with an axe,
I. Cramp, a club, J. Hart, an American bull-dog pistol, M. McNamara,
I an axe, started in pursuit  and   soon
Saturday   night thc    Royal  eame up with' the animal, who had
Jt ...... -
hotel at Fort Steele Junction, owned turned at bay In a dense growth ol
by A. McCool, was destroyed by lire, underbrush.     A few shots were fired
the inmates    'barely escaping    with to bring him   out in the open, but
tlieir lives.     Some of the people had this not proving effectual all hands
no time to gatn?r their clothes    and advanced to the attack.      The   lion
had to get out the best tbey could, sprang at Mr. Good, but a well di-
    Tbe burning and the contents were a reeled blow    with the axe  put him
a gun elub.     Last year the football   total loss, and there was S2,0fl0    in- hors de combat.    The skin in luture
team made an excellent show'ng, de-  surance,    which  will not near cover will adorn the     Crows Nest   dining
(eating all comers  from neigiHtring   the loss. hull.
I'llONO 57
Wi- always hnve nn ktuul a large sinek of firBtclaBS quality.
Wo are installing the latest machinery tn i'ii|*' with nnr In-
iiii-nitiius Batisage trade. At iireaeul we are Belting one-half ton
per week of the moat [wluteiililti Batisage I'ranlirook oIUkhib
have instill.
The now depart nt in nnr husliiosB is tho famous
are selling us fast as thoy enn lm oun.il,
Vmi will receive attention nml civility from all onr employi'i'S
4* 4*
Big Wall Paper Sale
t Sacrifice Our
We are giving up the *
Wall   Paper  business, Jt
and beginning flonday,
April 2nd., we will
Complete Stock
* ^,
* of Wall  Papers. Room Mould *
J ings,   Dado   Mouldings   and J
* Plate Rail.   These goods must *
* sold
* *
4* This sale will continue until *
* every   roll   of wall   paper is *
j cleared out. *
4> U *
I Painters and Decorators !
O 4*
F. J. Bradley & Co.!
* - >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< »♦♦«.«»♦♦«««.«.«.♦«.
, I..
, I, i
• i, i
• i,,
i ii ,
• >i i
• ,i i
• ,i i
i ,i i
, „ i
• I. >
• i.,
• I"
• Ml
• I"
I ,1 ■
1,1 ■
. ,. .
, ,. .
, ,1 ,
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20.000 ACRES
nt the very pink nf tin' seli'i'tml Inmla in the beautiful Knotrtiny
Valley, Kust Kootetmy, B. t'.. e.tentltiig from Canal Flat to
Elko, uri> nfftireii fnr Hiile nt innii ,11 to **l!l |ierui:re.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility,
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
Tin* lain), present every lentiiru nl iiBefnlnesu, incltiiliiiu Mm.
bered benaliea, lirnshy lints, marsh, prairio nnil lueaitov.. i'ln*
lirushy Hilts, niftrsli nml moiulow lnmls coti.i.tol ileep, lilnck
loam; thebeneli laml being a _amly loniit, .plontittljy nilnpieil
fnr fruit culture.    Where irrigation nmy In* necessnry nn lho
benches, water oan be had Irom ilm mountain, k*, dowlng I mm
il„, Rockies inlu tlm Kootoimy river.    Tlio I I« nro fullv am
vuvii.1 nn.l suuu. nl Uio lnia fiavo been mil,,Iin,I,-4 Into (uncoil
farms nf iiliinit 80 acres oaoh,
Tli,. purchase prluo will Inli' tin. tlnihor, which .'nn In. anM
by the purchaser without nny liability to govoriiinotit or othur
royalty. Tho timlier will in many nnaaa re thun ronllxe lbe pin-
ihiiN,. prii'i', nn.l wlllliialltiaaeamiiturlally rocmt|i the ninniinlMii.
vestoil.   Logsi lm .li ii niiiiii, ICoolonay rlvor, wlilah lonoli
ea every Iol eavo ono, Tin- main wagon mini through t ,„ valley
paaaos over or close in each lul, ami Mm iirnnoaoil K,,,i„ mv Con
tinl railway will parallel Um wagnu mmi.    Thu 0, I', ll. la lo
l*.,i furlbor pnrtlculnra apply t..
Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ****************444444
:|:| The Cosmopolitan 1
H-M-H I I I I I I I I llll II I |-M | I I I I
HI-H-H-I-I-I-IH I 1 I I IIII1III-H-, | | || -|
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
» h hum. i tu in hw mi in ii 1111 n i n 1111
1111 h 1111 h 11 in ihi iiii iiiiii iiiiiii j j i i4


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