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Cranbrook Herald Jan 31, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President,
B. B. Walker, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
1.1 aaa
= »*   -
SMS ®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-®-®-<£>-   ^^<g-(tHSh®-®-®-®-®-®--®-®-®
Great Clearing and Discount Sale
Now is the time to purchase whilst we are giving Special
Discounts off {or cash. Bargains in all lines oi Dry
Goods, Furs and Gents Furnishings. A full line of Boots
and Shoes going at cost.
Estate, Geo. Bremner & Son.
~(iy^>-®-®-®-®-®-<!y*)-®-®-etHt> ®-®-®^§r-®-®-®-®-®-®-*S>-®-<!>-
Fair Warning   Last Call
Saturday the 26th we will ring down the curtain on the last
act of our great Underwear, Blouse and Mantle sale. And
what a sale it has been! Nothing like it has ever before occurred in the city.
What we    ti/p Jft   When you read        If »c cn
advertise   TT ** uu      our advertisement11*3™
Now il you have not already taken advantage ol the
great sale it will be well for you if you do so now.
Reid & Co.
Tanuary Clean up of Gents'
Clothing and Dress Goods.
What are you buying in these lines? We have
a most complete stock, too much in fact in our
three stores. We will exchange goods for
money and offer big inducements.   Cafl and try
Hill & Co.
P. S.—We have bought the Leask & Rankin
stock to sell and low prices are going to do it.
Money Talks
Goods Must Go
The Sacrifice Sale Begins Saturday. When we
cut, we cut! We give you one-fourth, you pay
three-fourths and take the goods.
A dollar saved is a dollar made. This will be a
dollar saving sale.
The Winter dpods Must Uo
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
si i si! ® i (•> i Q: ® i ni i cfi i ®: fi> i ® I ® I ® i ® i ® i»i ® i <•> I si i <*> I <sii®i®i®i®ie>i
Immense Line of Carpets and Rugs, imported direct.    "'
At Gilpin's
The King the Last lo Lot* Upon Ihe
Queen's Face.
Arrangements   for    the    Funeral
Pageant Are Now
Ottawa, Ont., Jan.  25 —A proclamation was iaaued today appointing Saturday, February 2, as a day  of general
mourning throughout Canada.
*       Lasl View ef tke Re-ulu.
Cowes, Isle of Wight, Jan. 26.-1245
a.m.—With a pathos an 1 solemnity such
aB seldom marks the passing away from
daylight into darkness, the royal family
yesterday took their last loving look at
the features of the dead Queen. About
100'clock in the morning the shell was
brought into the bedroom, where were
waiting King Edward, Emperor William,
the Duke of Con naught, Sir Jas. Reid
and tbe royal ladies. The latter having
retired, Sir Jas. Reid with reverent
hands, assisted by three trusted house-
bold servants, in the pretence of the
King, the Emperor and the Duke, removed tbe body from the bed to the
coffin. In death it was lovlier than in
the closing days of life. Not a trace of
the ravages of disease were visible. The
servants having retired Queen Alexandria, the princesses and the children were
recalled and with lingering steps and
stifled soba they passed slowly before the
white robed and peaceful figure. At the
foot, never moving, stood the King, and'
when the mourning crowd bad passed
there remained only the son and grandson of the Queen. Emperor William
wept even more bitterly than the royal
ladies. Finally be also retired and the
King was left alone. Sir Jas. Reid,
beckoning to the servants with the lid,
asked the King's instructions. For a
few seconds the King stood speechless,
stricken with emotion at the last farewell. Then he said quickly : "Close it
finally ; it must not be opened again."
Thus the remains ot England's greatest
ruler were forever closed from human
McCUrys Stoves and Ranges, the best and cheapest.
<■»■        Furniture in all grades, every line a good value,    g
5        Blankets, underwear, caps, clothing, etc. at greatly
Preparations lor the Funeral.
London, Jan. 26.—The preparations
for Queen Victoria's funeral are gradually assuming definite form. It promises to be tbe most tremendous pageant of tbe generation. Tbe influx of
members of royal families and representatives of foreign countries bas been so
wholly unprecedented tbat the court
officials are finding it difficult to procure
suitable accommodations, the royal
palaces beiug totally inadequate. The
procession is expected to occupy two
hours traversing London from Victoria
Station to Paddingtou station, whence
the funeral train will depart at 11 \i$ a nt..
reaching Windsor at 11:50. Tbe colli 11
will be couveyed In tbe Queen's special
saloon carriage, attached to the royal
train, built especially for the diamond
jubilee, by which the late Queen and the
royal family will jouruey to the royal
King to Head (be Precession.
Tbe king, as chief mourner, accompanied hy Ituiperor William, will ride on
horseback at (he head of the procession
through London, with Field Marshal
Karl Roberts, the commander in chief
of the forces, and stall iu close proximity.
At least six battalions of infantry, eight
squadrons of cavalry aud a number of
artillery will participate in the procession, besides the multitudinous aisem-
blsge of peers, members of the house of
commons and court officials of strange
title and stranger garb. The streets will
be lined with soldiers, but the route has
not been definitely fixed. The coffin
bearers will be noncommissioned officers
from from the troops composing the
household brigade.
reduced prices.
Por anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithing in connection. Satisfaction
Q. H. Miner.
The Puneral 01 February lei.
Cowes, Isle of Wight, Jan. 24.—The
funeral of the Qneen has been fixed to
take place at Windsor Castle on February and. The body of the late Queen
will be removed from Osborne House on
February ist. It was the expressed de-
tire ofthe Queen that the funeral should
be mililaiy in character.
Piano Tuning.
J. B, Eshlemin. practical tuner of
pianos and organs, is in the city for a
few daya on a professional visit. Owners
of instruments requiring good work in
his line, should avail themselves of this
opportunity to have them properly adjusted. Mr. Eshelman's reputation as a
competent tuner is endorsed by tbe old*
est and best know piano makers in the
Dominion. All work fully guaranteed,
Arrangements for regular visits will be
made If sufficient work it assured to
warrant the undertaking. Orders left at
lhe Cranbrook hotel or witb Mrs. Costi-
gau will receive prompt attention,
[From Tlie llernht Comajwi-riant]
R. S. Gallup te doing nine work on
liis claims on Horsethief c-sek.
Woik is being conlinui-'l on tbe Iron
Cap, which adjoins tht h *d Line, with
what success uo one seem-, lu know.
The Paystoue, owned by W. S, Santo
and H. O. Jennings, is nuother claim
which will be heard fioui. Some tine
specimens of copper have been taken
from the property.
The town of Peterborough, which is
the general supply point for the mines
oil Toby, lloreetbiel and Spring creeks,
boasts ul a population of 3 iq people with
good stores aud hotels. The townsile
owners expect to put in a water supply
system iu the spring.
On Horsethief No. 3, S. T. Coffand
others have a most promising silver-lead
claim. Une cross cut tunuel has heen
run 70 feet, the lead encountered at 60
feet showing tbe ledge to be six feet
wide witb Ihree and one-half feet of ore.
This property will be further exploited in
the spring.
The Windermere country will undoubtedly have a boom during the coming season. Everything points that way.
The opening up of miuea which are producing ore from the surface is tbe magnet which ia attracling investors. A
number of companies are now operating
tbere with a success which is pbeuomi-
nal. Eveiyoue who cones down frum
there are loud iu their praises of the
country and the wonderful showings.
On Bugaboo creek, 35 miles north of
Windermere, Mr. McKeeman has two
claims which will be extensively worked
next season. They are tbe Sunrise and
the Sunset. On the surface the ledge is
eight feet wide, showing two feet of ore
which will average 16 per cent copper.
It is advantageously located with good
timber and au abundance of water, and
the property can he worked by tunnels
running on the ledge. There is a trail
to the claim and it cau be worked the
year around.
There are several oiler claims in the
immediate vicinity of tbt' Paradise which
have excellent showings, among them
tbe Silver Crown, owned by C. M. Keep
and others. Several men are employed
in its development. A jo-foot tunnel Is
being driven and the lead was encountered at 25 feet, with a fine showing of ore.
The Silver Belt is another belonging to
the Keep syndicate. It is the intention
to do extensive work on these properties
in the spring. The Shamrock, a prospect owned by Montreal and Windermere parties, adjoining the Paradise on
the north, gives promise of becoming
valuable as the Fara$i*9 lead runs
through tbe center of the claim, Work
of development will commence on tbis
property early in the spring.
The latest arrivals from Peterborough
are S. T. Coff and Robert McKeeman,
wbo have been there for several mouths.
Mr. McKeeman, in au interview, said:
"1 have been working on the Paradise
group for some time, and must say that
it has a wonderful showing, Shipping
ore was takeu out from the grass roots,
aud nearly all of the openings show ore
of a shipping grade. At the present
time they are taking out 150 sacks of
carbonates daily, or about 10 tons. This
ore will ruu 50 per cent galena and 50
ounces of silver. Tbe ore is sacked as it
comes from tbe shaft. At the lowest estimate there is $100,000 worth Of ore In
sight. Tbe shaft is now down 100 feet
and so far there is no change iu the character of the ore. Drifting is going on in
the 50-foot level, starting with eight feet
of carbonates. A cross cut is also being
run to tap the main lead. This work is
now iu 150 feet, with 30 feet to ruu before tbe lead is encountered. This will
add greatly to tbe value of lhe property.
Captain Armstrong has a contract to
hall the ore irom tbe miue to the ore
houses on the Columbia river, aud is
taking down 35 tons daily. He has 50
horses raw hiding the ore to the wagon
road at the mouth of Spring creek, and
11 wagons Hre used lo haul from tbat
point to the river, making one trip per
day. This ore is all taken through the
town of Peterborough. When tbe contract is completed the company will
bave $30,000 worth of ore in the warehouse ready to ship to the smelter as
soon as navigation opens. There is now
700 tous of ore at the landing,"
Nineteen meu are at work on the new
draw bridge across the Kootenay at tbis
place. Tbe timbers are all out and it is
expected that the piles will all be driven
before tbe ice goes out, and Ihe superstructure completed iu the early spring.
It is learned that large quantities of
deer are being slaughtered by tbe In-
diadsln the vicinity of Sheep creek, between 130 and 140 having been killed
the week before Christmas.
On Wednesday, January 30, 1901, at
the residence of Mr, Lester Clapp, Mr.
Frank Clapp und Miss Alice Beckwith,
Hev. Bower ing officiating.
The Herald extend* congratulations
and wishes the happy couple ull the
happiness possible.
Hoi. Joseph Martin Improvlif.
Vancouver World: Hon. Joseph Martin's numerous frieuds in this cily and
throughout the Province will be pleased
to learn tbat he has so far recovered
from the effects of tbe operation recently
performed upon him as to be able to
leave St. Paul's hospital and be able to
be about once more. In a short time
the honorable gentleman expects to be
in bettei health and condition than he
baa been for some time back, much to
the gratification of his friends generally,
MINES   ********
Will Open Afsli.
Mr. Reid, ot Reid, Campbell & Co..
Moyie, was in town yesterday. Speak-
ine of the close down at the St. Eugene,
he said he had every reason to believe
that work would be fully resumed as
as soon as the necessary number of men
could be secured. It is thought that the
railway company has made tbe concessions asked, and tbat shipments will be
resumed at once.
lPn-111 The Herald (.'oireipoudenij
There is every reason to believe that
tbe mining district east dt the Kootenay
river will, during the coming season, re*
ceive greater attention than ever before.
The field is large in extent and an excellent one for investment, Many of the
properties which have been opened up to
any extent have fine showings, but capital is needed to exploit them to the
point of production. Io the put, owing
to the distance from transportation, tbis
region had not received the attention
which the mineral showings would warrant. To be sure, a few years ago there
was a demand for mining properties and
several important deals were negotiated,
but for the most part the bouds were
given to speculators who organized companies and proceeded to sell slock for
development purposes. When tbe
amount received from stock sales was
exhausted the properties, in most instances, came into the bands of tbe original owners. This kind of mining is not
what is required to put ths} industry on a
stable basis. Capital must be induced to
come iu and open up the mines, Amateurs in mining are not needed.
It ia pleasing to note that men of experience in the mining world are beginning to make inquiries as to our resources
aud ask what we bave to -offer. The result will be that in the spring many of
Ihem will come inand see lor themselves.
In fact, this Is what our people want—
someone who can intelligently examine
and report on a property. When this
comes the country will go ahead.
Of course the probable Construction of
a railway is having a tendency to direct
attention this way. There ii no reason
why, with a railway, this district should
not be as well known as any other section of the province. Aside from the
Slocan, there is no other part of British
Columbia where the surface indications
are generally so good as in this particular section.
The district has been handicapped for
want of railways, bnt with tbe Crowa
Nest line completed and the probable
construction of the North and Sonth railway, this bugbear will be removed.
It will not be many years before East
Kootenay will become ai famous aa in
the early *6o's when miners flocked here
from all over the world, hired by the
enormous output of the Wild Horse
A Bl| Mlslsj Dial.
A deal of considerable importance was
consummated in Fort Steele on Saturday last whereby the New Gold Fields
syndicate of London, England, have secured a bond on the Galore and Jew
group t f claims on Sullivan bill in close
proximity to the famous S-vtlivan group,
This waa engineered by N. A. Wallinger
and Beale & Elwell, The first payment
on the bond was made os Saturday afternoon. The Galore group, consisting
of tbe Galore, Santa Ann* and Htnma
Fraction la owned by B. C Smith and
others. The Jew group, comprising the
Jew, Velvet and Mac, Is the property of
J. D. McBride and others. .
The plans of tbe comp-fny regarding
these properties have not been fully outlined, although by the terms of the bond
the work will commence by the first of
May and be continued during the life of
the bond. The proximity of these
claims to the Sullivan and the well
known prominence of Ibrf corapsny warrants the belief that extensive work will
be done during the summtr, and before
snow flies there will probably be another
property to add to the list of East Koot-
enay'a producing mines.
The New Gold Fields syndicate is the
owner of the well known Violet mine
near Rossland.
Tbis deal is tbe first recorded on this
year. _____
St. E-tftM Coewelrattr Cfas-tS Dews.
Mooie Leader: Tbe St. Eugene concentrator was closed down tbia week,
and 160 men out of the a?0 employed at
the miue were laid off, Mtffnager Cronin,
who returned from California a few days
ago, when seen yesterday said tbat the
abutdown would be for an indefinite
time. The company has finished its contract aud bas not signed any renewals.
The shutdown is due to several causes,
amongst which is the difficulty of American smelters in obtaining dry ores for
fluxing purposes and tbe excessive freight
charges over the C, P. R, Thia renders
it impossible for the American smelters
to treat the American silveY lead ores at
a profit, therefore they refused to renew
their contracts with the mines on this
side of the line. As tbe smelters In
British Columbia are unable to handle
the ores of tbe district, tie silver lead
mine owners find themselves without a
market for their produce.
It is expect that the Do-Minion government will take some action at Ottawa
this winter to have the freight rates on
the C. P. R. reduced. Here ia an illustration of their treatment toward the
miue owners.   The C. l\ R, charges $6
per ton on ore between Moyie und
Creston, a distance of 55 miles, while the
Great Northern haul the same ore between Crestou aud Great Falls, Mont.,
a distance of 300 miles fer $300 per ton.
Mr. Cronin estimates that the returns
on ore now is $12 per ton less than it was
a year and a half ago. He estimates $6
a ton on freight, $4 per tou ou labor
caused by the difference between the 8
aud 10 hour shifts, aud $2 per ton in the
fall iu the price of lead. To the preseut
output of the St. Eugene mine this
meaus a difference of $1,200 per day or
$36,000 per mouth.
Over 100 men will still be employed
by the compauy doing development
work, but Mr. Cronin says that Ibis
number will be cut dov;u providing the
trouble is not settled within a reasonable
length of time.
It is not expected tbat tbe trouble will
be of long duration, as a speedy settlement is looked for.
Mining Notes.
Several thousand ore sscks which have
been stored in the ore sbeds at North
Star landing, have been taken away and
shipped lo the Velvet mine near Rossland.
N. A. McKinstry, of Kimberley, waa a
Cranbrook visitor last Monday, and
called at Tbe Herald ofiice. Mr. McKinstry reports matters in good shape in
the Kimberley district and looks for a
busy season tbis coming summer.
Robert McKeeman come down from
tbe Kimberley district Monday. He
says everything is booming up tbere find
that tbe coming season will make a
great advance in that territory. "We
bave demonstrated that we have the ore
there, aud now it will be easier to get
capital for pushing the work. Tbe
Windermere district is all right."
G. IL Ililliard has returned from Sand
creek where he has just completed a
coutract for 100 feet of tunnel on tbe
Waterfall property, owned by the Langley brothers. Thc work was doue on a
working bond and an interest in the
property. It is uot known yet whether
the bond will be taken up. The first
tunnel was ruu -20 feel, ami the last work
was doue lower down Ihe mountain to
give depth to the workings. It is estimated tbat with 25 feet more of work tbe
ledge would be reached. The upper
tunuel shows a two-foot ledge of galena,
and the lower work was through rock
heavily mineralized, making a showing
tbat promises rich deposits at that
[From The Herald Correspondent .
W. A. Wallinger returned from Kimberley on Friday last, aud went to Tobacco Plains on Monday.
W. R. Ross went to Cranbrook early
this week.
J. A. Harvey went to Fernie on Friday
Fritz Sick, of the Fort Steele Brewing
company, was in fowu a few days last
week. He says the new brewery at Fernie will be completed and ready for
brewing in about two weeks. Tbe plant
is new and up-to-date with ice plant and
all of the appliances for making first-
class beer. It will have a capacity of
ioo barrels per day, although, probably,
only about 60 barrels will be turned out
at first. The building will be 100x100
feet, three stories high. Mr. Sick is satisfied that he can compete wilh any outside concern, and make beer which cannot be excelled.
ob McKeeman came down from
Windermere an Friday last and is full
of enthusiasm over tbe mining outlook
for that section.
About half the population of Fort
Steele have succumbed to the prevailing
epidemic of grip. At one time last week
four employes at the government office
were down with it.
It is learned that Sergeant Dick North-
way, of Windermere, haa joined Howard's Scouts, and will for the present le-
maiu in Soulh Africa.
M. A, Beale returned to Moyie on
William Cariin, who has been east for
several weeks, is expected home in a few
According to a letter received in Fort
Steele the other day, Col. Sam Steele, of
Stratbcoua's Horse, is laid up with entile fever at Cape Town and was uot able
lo sail for England wilh tbe Strathconas.
A clergyman from the diocese of Manitoba is likely to be appointed lo the
living at Cranhrook, He is reid to be
an able and eloquent man,
A Word of Praise.
Tbe Herald editor, ou former occasions, has said that there are limes wben
it was a pleasure to lie the editor of a
newspaper, since it gives one an opportunity to say a good word for individuals
wbo deserve it. At this time Tbe Herald
desires to say a word for a lady of Cranbrook, wbo has, by her kindnrss of
heart, her good nature, her willingness
to assist in any work social, religious,
charitable or patriotic, made here-self a
necessity to the people of Cranbrook.
We refer to Mra. J. R. Costigan. Since
she has taken up ber residence bere, her
talents as a musician have been always
ready at the demands of the people, and
ihere bave been many conceits, balls,
entertainments and social gatherings
lhat would have beeu flat failures had it
not been for her good work. Tbe Herald, speaking for the people of Cranbrook, wishes to tbank Mrs. Costigan for
her services in behalf of the public. Thia
towu is fortunate, not only iu enjoying
the benefits derived from her work, but
also from having such an accomplished
musician as a permanent resident.
The Board of Trade Gels New Life
and Energy.
A Strictly Business Meeting; Governed   by  Business   Ideas
The board of trade meeting held last
Monday night at Leask hall WSS the best
meetiugofthe kind ever held In Cranbrook. Over 50 of the leading clltzens
of the town were present and enthusiasm
characterized the proceedings from statt
to finish. It was a strong indication of
how tbe people of Cranhrook feel aud
the confidence they have in the future of
the town.
A. Leitch. president of tlie board, presided, and F, K. Simpson officiated as
There were various questions presented, matters that the best Interests ofthe
town demanded should be given prompt
alteution, aud those present engaged In
a general discussion uu points brought
A vole was taken on the question of
a division ofthe mining district, and bv
a unanimous vote the secretary was instructed to advise K. C, Smith, the local
representative, to the effect that Cranbrook was opposed to auy such movement at this tune.
The matter of providing a suitable
jail, court house, aud public offices far
the transaction of public business at
Cranbrook was discussed, and a commit
tee appointed to urge upon the government lhe necessity of doing something
at once in this line for the general convenience of the whole district.
yutte a number of minor matters were
taken up and discoased, the ideas of
those present beiug thoroughly ventilated,
A committee composed of the chairman, secretary, V. Hyde Baker, W. l-\
Gurd and John Hutchison was appointed
lo carry oul the wishes of the meeting in
regard to tbe matters on which definite
action was tsken.
It was late when the meeting finally
adjourned, but everyone present said
thiy were glad to have been there and
that such meetings of Cranbt^ok'i board
of trade would result in a great benefit lo
the town.
It was decided tbat hereafter meetings
would be held on the second Monday of
each month.
OM Fellows Instill Officers Elect for Tbis
Cranbrook Odd Fellows held their lirst
meeting in the new I.O.O.F. hall last Friday night, and installed tbeofficers elect
for the present term. There was a large attendance, and everyone present expressed themselves as more than pleased with
the new ball. Ihere is the lodge room
proper, the necessary ante room and a
commodious reception room. The new
furniture for tbe lodge room has not all
arrived, but wben it does the Odd
Fellows of Cranbrook will have one of
neatest lodge rooms in British Colum-
umbia. After tbe lodge closed a smoker
was held and a general good time had.
The officers installed were as follows:
Noble Grand—Matt Rockendorf.
Vice Grand—G. A. Leitch.
Recording Secretary—A.L. McDermot.
Financial  Secretary—Harry   Parsons.
Treasurer—Sam Morrow.
Warden—Vincent Liddicoatt.
Conductor—Rev, li. Holford.
R. S. N. G.—Corey Dow.
L. S. N. G.—A. A. Currie.
R. S. V. G.-A. K. Leitch.
L. S. V. G.-IL Parker.
O- G.—Peter Matheson.
I, G —F. R. Morris.
R. S. S — B. Walters.
!,. S. S—M. Nicholson.
Chaplain—F. ti.. Simpson.
Change st Ihe Coimopolltioo.
J. li. Halton, formerly ol WindsoT
Hotel at Ntimo, and the Capitol hotej
at Houston, Texas, has leased llie dining room and sleeping apartments of
the Cosmopolitan hotel, and taken
charge. Mr. Halton is an hotel man or
long experience and will give the business his close personal attention. Mr,
Small will retain control ofthe bar, aud
lietween tbem they propose to maintain
the high standard ofthe Cosmopolitan
and make it a desirable place for the
travelling public.
The New Superintendent.
C. J. Bury has been appointed superintendent of the CroWi Nest Pass division,
with headquarters at Cranbiook, to succeed Mr. Cameron, transferred. Mr.
Bury is a railroad mau, He has had
long experience wilh men, and he has
tbe reputation of Insisting that every
man is worthy of his hire, aud that
everyone should get pay for his work
and work for hia pay. That is a system
that will work in a most beneficial manner to the compauy and to the men.
The Herald welcomes Mr. Bury and
trusts that his administration of affairs
will bring to him additional renown,
He lias a great lield lor hia talents. CRANHROOK  HERALD *
y£E. /lZa^>rS*>-*-*\
Editor and Propriutc
TKttM-i ill' SUB.10HII-TIUS! ~      |
Tlw Hertiw desires m give tttf newsn! llic
dlstrlft't. ir yon know any uboul yeur town
yuur mill,- or your (leo'tle, semi It to tills ollice.
Tlio idea uf expecting moo lu do
.,,ulli of work for fco Is orepOBltir-
l'.iy fulr prices uml the woik will
woik sty it will revolutionize] mluliig,
und will greatly lessen lhe present cost
of drilling, thereby making mauy low
^nuk* properties profitable mtt .*... The
machine is made entirely of iron nml
weighs but 123 pounds.
The district of South East Kootenay,
and Cranbrook, is entitled lo a change
so far as the government business is con
cerned. For months and mouths, one
government after another has failed lo
take any action in this mailer, and the
people of Movie, Ferine, Kimberley,
Klko, Wardner and Swansea still come
to Cranbrook on the railway, ai.d theu
are compelled to hire conveyances and
drive (3 miles to the senl of government.
The population of the district is growing, the government business is growing,
and Cranbrook is growing. The needs
and conveniences'^ thfl people in Cranhrook and the other towus throughout
the district should be considered, and
the time is now To compel people to
ride 24 miles by wagon in all kinds ol
weather to transact government business
is a rank imposition, Every lown in lhe
district has direct railway connection
With Cranbrook, except Foil Steele, lhe
towu where the government offices are
located. Furthermore, Cranbrook, owing to her railway connections and geographical position, is the natural and
railway center of the district. No olher
town can compete with her in tliis
spect, a fact that is conceded hy all. It
is the logical center for the transaction
of business, since more people throughout the district can reach Craubrook
with less inconvenience, th in they can
any other town tu the district.
Tbe Herald is not advocating the removal of ollices from Fort Steele, nor is
it urging this matter to boom Crnnbrook.
Crnnbrook has been steadily growing
since the time the town whs surveyed
anil is growing on its merits, Rut Tin
Herald is opposed to taxing every person
in the district who has business wilh the
government, by way of additional expense, to advance the fortunes of auy
one individual.
It it is not the intention of the govern-
ment to remove the oHiices, till well and
good; hut, let them designate some poitil
on the railroad as a place for holding lhe
sittings of the county court; as a place
for a registrar; as a place for the district
j .il, to save expense of transporting prisoners by wagon road, If, iu the opinion
nf the controlling powers, Feruie,
Kimberley or Moyie is the best point, so
be it, Cranbrook is the logical point,
antl every resident of the district, should
he give au honest expression of opinion
will concede this. But- whatever
done, let us have public ollices on the
railway, the natural means ol 'transportation iu South Bast Kooteuay at thi.-;
In other wonU, it is time to get into
tlie mill century method of transacting
business iu South East Kootenay,
South East Kooteuay looks belter
every week, Next season will be a hum
It seems that when one desires to send
a private telegram iu this part of the
country, he would better mail it.
Eber C Smith, formerly of the Kossland Record, has gone to the Ph.lliplues,
Augutaaldo had his faults but he did not
merit such punishment as this.
If the business houses 011 the .main
street of Craubrook were destroyed by
tire every properly in town would be
loser,   lluild up the lire departmeut.
Cranbrook citizens, when aroused, nre
inclined lo do business in a business-like
manner, The board ot trnde meeting
last Monday night was a practical demonstration of this fact.
There is uo need to be worried over
the temporary shut-down of the mines,
A satisfactory agreement will be reached
in a short time, and conditions will he
better than ever before.
It was 70 degrees below zero iu Daw-
son a few weeks ngo, and the dogs wenl
mad in consequence ofthe extreme cold
A lot of people In British Columbia
would he mad, too, if the weather hew
would play any such tricks.
The Engineer and Mining Journal of
New Vork, the greatest paper of Unkind on the American continent, commenced Ibis month issuing a Canadian
supplement in recognition of the increased Importance of the mining industry of Canada,
The movement for incorporation is a
move in the right direction. Cranbrook
should he incorporated. It would be to
the interests of every property owner,
Including the C. P, R. The revenues of
this town should go toward building up
the lown.        	
The Missouri legislature, in refusing
to adopt resolution of sympathy for the
people of Eugland ou account of the
death of Queen Victoria, branded itself
as a combination of ignorance, assinity
and prejudice, the equal of which does
not exist anywhere else In lhe civilized
The people of lhe I.ardenu country -jay
that a mail service that does not curry
mail h a poor thing, The Canadian government should spend a lew more dollars in British Columbia on the mail ser-
Mr, G, C, Ilinton, electrical engineer,
of Victoria, has been in town for the
past week and has been engaged making
some changes in the electric light plant,
with the result that the light is now better than ever hefore,
Messrs. Anderson & Pollock have been
awarded 'be contract Tor the bridge over
Elk river at tlie loot of Gemmltl street.
A start has already been made to get out
timber for it and lhe work will be pushed
ahead as rapidly us .possible. The contract price is something over $2,500 and
liris   to   be  completed   by   lhe  end    of
Miss Lee met wilh a very peculiar accident a lew days ago-    They haven pet
kltteu or half grown cat in the Loupon
St Liverpool Co'S. store. The kitten was
lying sleeping on a pile of clothing and
Miss Lee came along, picked it lip suddenly and went to put il on her shoulder
Tin* kitten was evidently startled and
struck oul wiih its paws, one claw catch-
ing Miss Lee In the eyelid of her left eye.
She naturally gave lho cat a Midden jerk
away, but puss hung on, giving llie I
Such 11 lear its lo necessitate tlle calling
of.1 doctor, who had to stitch lhe
thus made. The wound is now healing
nicely and Miss Leo is congratulating
herself that the kitten's claw did not
catch her eyeball insleid of only the
Rev. 1) L Gordon is expected home
for the first Sunday iu February.
Six "tin horns" were run out of town
this week by Constable McLeod,
Eemie has been badly in need of a
good hospital for the past year or more,
aud the public generally will be pleased
to learn that Ur. Itounell has been authorized by Mr. Rogers, managing director
ol the coal company, to at once procure
plans for a firsl-class iip-'.o-tlate hospital
lilted throughout with every modern
Improvement, with an immediate capa*
city of twenty beds, and so constructed
lhat a large addition cau lie made ul any
time without marring appearance of the
building. The new hospital will pro
bably he built iu tbe park, over looking
Coal Creek, which would be an admirable spot for such au Institution, Work
will be commenced ns soon ns possible
Mrs. A, Joyce is expected home about
lhe first of Janruary. There is no place
like borne, especially if it be in Britisli
Thomas John Allen and Miss Jessie
Meutiessy were married ou Wednesday
evening al the residence of tbe bride's
parents, Rev, R, ti, Still man officiating,
Mr. II. W. Herchmer, barrister, went
to Calgary on Monday evening's train to
meet n brother 011 his way from South
Africa, where he had been serving with
second Canadian contingent.
Jonn J. McDonald, a brakeman in the
yard here, was badly hurt on Sunday
last. He was boarding a freight cur and
had just reached the top when he slipped
and fell, his head striking the rail and n
spike entering his hip. In addition to
tliis he got a bad shaking up and has
since heen suffering a good deal of pain
Inwardly, also from the cul on the
Mi Fred. Barnhardt, ofthe Bank of
Commerce, is iu Cranbiook this week,
relieving part of the stall' of the bunk in
that town.
Dunsmuir Is After Money.
Montreal, Jan.'14.—The British Columbians want inoie uionev from the
Federal Treasury. Premier l-unsiniiir,
who was in the city today, stales thai he
will have nn interview tomorrow wilh
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and II011. Wi S.
Fielding, relating to Increased aid to the
province. The Premier says that Iliilish
Columbia has paid $42.000,00,) iuto the
Federal Treasury since the Province
came in, 2S years ago, and has received
little, comparatively speaking, in return.
The Province would like to aid the construction ofthe Coast-Kootenay mud, as
well as the projected line to the Yukon
by an all Canadian route.
Attorney-General Kbert, who accompanied lhe Premier, is quite ill at the
Windsor holel,
9 9
Frum Tin* Herald Correspondenl
The Sullivan mine shipped during thc
past week 400 tons of ore, averaging 55
tons per diem. It is uot yet known
whnt the intentions ofthe company
with regard lo the coming senson bul
either a tramway or a spur rnilway
A bond has been secured on the Jew-
group of claims adjoining the Sullivan
pioperty, by lhe New Ooldfields synd
cute of Britisli Columbia, amounting to
#15000, und work is expected lu com
mence shortly. This group consists of
the Violet Fraction, Mac und Jew min
eral claims, and tire very promising
properties. Besides the above several
deals nre pending Tor other properties in
tbe Immediate vicinity of llie Sullivan
mine, nnd if lhey go through more work
will he done.
The Mount Sicker iV British Columbia
Development company will probably
start woik on tlie Qua litre! I property
next week, where lhey have a fair fissure
vein with ore, to work upon,
Messrs Beale and Elwell report several
transfers In real estate,
Paul Hundley went to Steele oil Sun
day nml hits not yel relumed,
Harry Drew, the popular hotel proprietor, has been sick for u few duys
hut lie is now up and about again,
News Notes.
An application will be mnde again this
year for n charter for the Kettle River
Montreal luid a (1300,00a fire last week.
r\ 111 ong tbe buildings destroyed was the
handsome board of trade building.
Hou, Lyman Johnson, of Toronto; Mr.
A. T, Wood, of Hamilton; Mr. George
McBugh, of Victoria county, Ontario,
and Mr. Robeit MacKay, of Montreal,
have been appointed to the senate,
A Machine Drill.
An inventive genius at Colfax, Washington, has invented a machine drill that
is said to do as much work ns eight men.
The machine is operated hy nne man,
whn simply tlimes a crank, which revolves a wheel to which is attached four
4-pound hammers, which strike the drill
with terrific lorce, each blow being
harder limn (hut struck by a man, By
turning the crank nt a moderate rale 216
blows are struck by lhe hammers itl one
minute* This is suid to be the work of
eight able-bodied men. A number of
mill Ing men who have seen the machine
Kusslainl's Carnival.
Ron sl aud, Jan. 35.—The I*
winter carnival commlti
good progress with its plans lor the car
nival which is lo take place Irom FebrU
ar)* ilth to Wit, Already fiom outsld'
points tbere is promise of a very larg'
attendance, assurance having been received Ihnl hockey clubs fu ill Nelsoi
Saildon, -xevelsloke nud Boundary will
participate iu Hie settlor championships,
and there is some prospect nf teams com
ing from Calgary nud other points
Ladles teams will also likely come from
"Nelson and Revelstoke,
London's View ol l.aurler.
Vancouver World: Sir Wilfrid Laurier's speech at Osgoode hull, Toronto,
last week, on the relations between the
United Kingdom and iis colonies, is referred lo hy the London Times, winch
expresses uppiovnl of the Canadian
Premier's remarks. Il is to the continued combination ofthe fullest nnd most
intense local patriotism with high
petial  spirit  that   the Times looks for-
ard with confidence for perpetual unioii
of England nnd her children.
The News of the
World and the
News of South
East Kootenay
ntt  all  tlit  news   rend
New York World
Thrlce-n-week   Edition   and the
Cranbroook Herald
The two papers for
$2.25 per Year
The present readers of The
Herald may take advantage of
this offer by paying up arrears on
subscription and suubscribing for
The World and The Herald.
To learn the news, just as it is--
promptly and impartially-all that
you have to do is to look up in the
columns of The Thrice-a-Week
Edition of The New York World
which comes to the subscriber 156
times a year.
The Thrice-a-Week World's diligence as a publisher of first news
has given it circulation wherever
the English language is spoken-
and you want it.
The Thrice-a-Week World's reg*
ular subscription price Is only $1.00
per year. We offer that newspaper
and The Herald together one year
for $2.25.
The regular subscription price of
the two papers is $3.00.
Try it for six months. It will
cost you only $1.25.
Land Notice.
Notice h hereby iilven iliat thirty days nfter
is llun* I Intend lo apply tn tlio chief roiiuuli
mer ol itui.ls ami works for 1 ilssion it
-er from the foltowlw
'I'll"''! liimli
sal '
!   IJM'lll
0 chains- thence
this ut tiny of I
euHt ui aim
east iiicliitiii*
T. W.
n[ hii
its, Ihem
in iduoonf
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
rn an* 1:1(1*0 it Cranhrook Ofilao
ami K0111-STKitr.1t.     in nml m Hanson Hloek
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk it over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business a.i our work
for lasl year will show. Call
on'us for plans and ideas. It
Will pay you.
Greer & Co.
CRANBROOK, ' BritishjColumbja,
*% rDAMRDnnk" ,s the divisional point of the Crows
If vK/\nDKV;UIV Nest Pass Railroad.
[1% C*f*'^tlhPrink  *h'as a l0=sta" round house, large machine
i|l V-/I-CU1UI UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex-
■?■£•? tensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
g£ Kootenay.
I  Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
-® i i,\iic ni -«i,iiil li  I -.id   l^nnfonav
tions of South Kast Kootenay
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts
South East Kootenay.
]/;<!) Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after |i|
|!| week.
*•* Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,   lJ
manufacturers and investors.
||        For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
J B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,        •■*
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence  Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I. O. 0. p. Block     Cranhrook, ll, C.
Meats and Poultry IM. mcw & co. I
Markets al... J
* Cranbrook,    Wardner, J
r< il u    a• J I -wranorooK,     waroner, _
ror the Holidays. fk-uE^i^ii-*!
a®   ®.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
  jjj nie and Fort Steele.   J* m
Vie ere better prepared than ever lo aervc the
people of Soulh East Kootena}- In our line.
The best of Heats, Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Fish
and Oysters.
*t*t*t See the annual display.
**************************************************** <*
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
a® ®a-aa
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
w j. Vf/ The best of accomodate
Leading ¥
Hotel    *
lor the traveling public.
McriAHON  liROS.,
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
■••j Builder dt
:::*:Crnnbrook. II C
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
llave you talked with anyone aboul building?
Come and see me or let me see you. ll may-
do us both good,
Solicitor, Etc.
imiiH or commerce I'ldg.        cua si'.iuhik
Furnished or
Inquire of,,.
R. S. McNElL.
Durick ave.
Pet Your   Photo   Taken
and put on one of our New
Christmas mounts. There is
no gitf that will rivc more
pleasure to the friends in the
Prest, Photoghrapher
Contractor and Builder
I Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
J. ;»
I Shingles and |
| Houldings. |
At present am building the new St. Eugene
hospital and a number of two story tind oilier
Cranbrook, IJ. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc,
Craabrook,       :      :        British Colunihlu
Physician and Surgeon.
0-mOK   SUKIII.OI'K    lll,('l'K,
CRANBROOK,    :   I   :        I   I    11. C,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   HERALD.
"Failure," snys, Ken to, "te. In it sense,
ihu highway tu success, lunsuiucb as
evory discovery of wii.it Is false leads
us to seek earnestly nfler what Is tine,
nnd every fresli experience points out
somo form of error which we shall
afterward carefully avoid."
Defeats nm! failures bave played a
great part In Uie history of success.
lt is not pleasant to tli ink Hint more
• in- less uf defeat Is nbsolutely iuv.*s-
femy to gront success. But tbnt n is
true every student of history Iiuowb.
It.'feiiis mnl rniluros nre great developers (if character. Tney nre the gym-
iinslti which have Blrengtheued the'
muscles of iniuthooil, Hie Btnmlua, (bo
backbone wblcli hnve ".vim \Ictorics.
They Imve made the gluuts of tin* race
by glvlug titanic muscles, bniwuy
Blucws, far reaching Intellects.
Uow true ii is Hml poverty ofton
bldos bor cbiiriiis under ugly masksl
TliousandH Imve been forced Into great*
lies-i   liy   tlielf   very   Bll'Ugglo   lo   ItCOp
tl%frolf from lho il *.  Hho is oftou
ilu* only ngcut tmiun* cnu employ to
rail a ninn mil nf himself nml push
bill) oil to WUH! Hie goill Which she Innl
fitted hlm lo rciii'li. Niilurocants lltllu
for IiIh ease nml plonsuro, It Is tin*
mau she te utter, ami slie will pay any
prlco or rcBort in nny oxpodlont in
lure Iilm on. She musks ber own ends
in man's wants nml urges hi in onward,
oftentimes through dllllcullles and ob*
stucles which nre well nigh disheartening, but ever uuwiinl nml upward
toward the goal.
Itittl ii l*un*|iUlu.
The ltev .Itihn lliyiu** wai fa mnn*
rm liis pnhy Riiylugs, Ai one time,
snys cue ni our eyclinngeH, he over*
henrd his ilniigliler nml some young
frl. ml-* erltleislut! eerUtlti nelglil or>
more severely than was pleasing to
b'm, wherei'iioii in* procpfded to read
•hem a lecture on Hie sinfulness of
■■Hut. rmher," reinonsirntPtl his
duughter, "we musl nny something"
"If you can do uoihlng lu'ller," retorted .\lr. Baynes dryly, "id n pumpkin iiml roll li n'mut. Tlml will be nt
lenst nn innocent diversion."
Not long afler wnrd a conference of
ministers) met ai his house. During
ilu* eve'llug au earnest discussion un
certain points uf doctrlliu arose, ami,
from tlie lolly pitch of some ol' the
voices, it seemed ns if purl of Hn* disputants at lenst were In danger of losing llielr temper.
At tlmt (tincture Mr. Ilnyncs' daughter ipiictly eiiter"d tlie room, hearing a
( huge pumpkin, sin- pni it down in
' from nl' her father ami snid: "There,
father, roll il uhuui,   Hull ll a limn."
Mr tiaytii's was called upon tin- an
e*-p'.nmitirn. nnd good humor uas ro*
which (louts over Britain and all her
colonics is emblematic of ihe adage,
"In union thoro is strength." The patriotic ladles of Canada enn exemplify Ihnt tillage, and'indulge a patriotic sent iuicnt, by as.sist ing i heir
English, Scotch ami Irish cousins who
produce t In- pure machlno-made
GREEN lens of CoylOll nnd India.
Tea  drinkers   will   find  the   Itlue   Itil>-
bon. Monsoon nnd Salada green t<*.is
a pleasant change from Japans.-Colonist,
Tuo Mi>oh Latitude.
With a bright smile Hie beautiful
Eskimo girl lefl us to join Hie merry
throng In ihe hnih* umi.
■•Your dnughlpi is a gay butterfly!"
I cxelnlmed, desirluy io he very complimentary
••Fm mj pan, I thy'l think much
of this social life." irplietl the mother,
wilh -u.l.len veheiiti lice. "Tlie idea or
dipieiiiH every night nn away nlong
In Mai eh and ih.u lying in bed Host
day tliilll Aug   I <■' Rliell a mailer!"
It i.a*. un mj ■•• iigue to sn; Hint
these yoima !"■' '■  had ioo much latl-
Jas. McKee, Linnwooil. Out.
Lachlin MoNlel,       Mabou, O.B.
John A. McDonald, Aru prior, Ont
0. B, Billing, Maikluim.out.
John Mader, Mnhniie Huy.N.S
.Lc-WiH S. llutler. Ituriu.Ndtl.
Thene well known   genllem IU all insert Hint    thev were   cured   l*y   MIN-
\ i.akn of inst ui'.i u>\
"Whal did   \iuii  Lili Baj  when tho
reus iih  liMii  asked  hor  Uow   old  slu*
wus "
■Slo*  lull!   bun   slu*   WUB  old  OllOUgll
in know  botloi* limn lo toll  how   old
idir   wni "
ii alwaya depend  upon  tie*
ol a   dog   tt hen   In*   wnn*-   hi*
. ^^.ft^.^t^.^^.;., .[..^.^^^j..
Uo Wan Very Terrible In War, but
Kiisily Disarmed by a Wuiuau.
* ■■!■ ■!■  ■!■ ■!■ -I-I- ■!• ■»-
Whenever tbe widow, Magdalen
Moiiostnry. sent her son, who was
studying law iu the residence, his
monthly stipend, she always accompanied it by a closely written eight page
letter. Whnt wonder then Hint when
the occasion really culled for it and the
ease was Important she should have
sent lier elder brother n communication which might easily lie mistaken
fm* a volume, nearly every tenth Hue of
which appealed to him to save (In* family   honor  ami   Hml   Immediately   ami
without a moment's delay.
"My Btreugtli Is exhausted and my
son Is obdurate," pleaded she. "ami l
tl.i imi dale say a word, as he inline-
illnlely throws mil hints nml makes
threats which Hill It ca my blood nm
old nml my henrt In stand Btlll. I am
antlclimtlug Borne torrlblo calamity. In
my opinion tin* best thing Id do would
p.- to talli (o tiie girl herself, only i
could md <lu ii. as 1 tuu nothing bm a
mere w an     Willi yotl It Is different.
Vou, being » man. could do it so mueh
belter than I.   The lm 'of our family
is at slake, anil  my whole trust and
confidence uro anchored on you."
Thus appealed lo ami the case being
so urgent, tl)'1 general lost not n   tno
meat's time. Having consulted n lime
tablo ami seui a telegram to bis sister
saying, "I am coining." he lefl oil tlie
sp.it. "I shall hit Ibis lily) right
through tin* center," muttered he.
twisting Hie ends of his musliiche Into
such lie ive ends ns If he Intended to
spear the Idyl on their points. Tin*
whlow. Magdalen Monoatnry, could imt
do otherwise Ihall meet hlm nt (he de
put ami, falling on his neck, sob her
soul out on his manly bosom, On the
way home slu* did nothing Imt lament*
"duly n tailor's daughter! Only n mi
lor's daughter!" The general made n
deprecatory gesture. "All right, my
dear, ill) right. Console yourself. I
am going to see things."
As the carriage rolled along the sin
gle street of the little province town
the news that the general had arrived
spread like wildiire, nml nl the market
square n smnll hoy yelled: "Won't (til
lora get It. though! Tlte general bus
arrived." But Die prodigal son. he whn
Jeopardized the family honor, was no
where to be found, as he had lefl llie
house early In (he morning.
"Never mind," snid the general, "I
hnve pome to see to things with remind
to the girl,   i do not need liim "
"Shall I accompany yuu. He Is has*
"No. Indeed. Women Invariably spoil
everything. I will manage wit hou)
you." nml straight ns n ramrod he
started on his errand to the loud chink
ing of his sword, which struck lhe side
walk nt every Rtep. until lie reached
Ihe hut in which Hie lailm* patched
and steamed the pants ol ihe poorer
citizens of tbe town, lie was followed
nt n respectful distance hy a small reg
Imeiil of barefooted children, who staled in awestruck admiration at his hei
llgeretit mustache am) gold embroider
ed collar ami who whispered among
themselves, "Ue is golng.to the tailor's,
aud lie will murder Gate witli that su
The general dually noticed the crowd
of little ragamuffins, and their sight
made hlm furious. Ii.* could not very
well disperse them, I'm- a general could
nut so far forget his dignity ss to no
tin* the children ol the rah'hlc. but on !
reaching his destination lie gave the j
door such n tremendous pull Hint the !
tailor, win. for lhe last live minutes !
had hceu trying lo look dlgiillled. near '
ly fell off the table
The general remained Mantling on
Hu- threshold lie looked Hu- tailor up :
ami down and Hn ll down and up itud j
flan Ily thundered in his most military i
-accents. "Are yotl the, bossV" li the ;
tailor had dared to nuswer truthfully, I
he wonld have answered "Nol exactly." As it was, however, he nnswered -
with humility, "I nm, bul I hope yon !
win kindly excuse it."
The general  looked  the frail  little |
man over once more ami thought with- !
In  himself: "What  un acquisition to j
one's tamilyl   Something truly to he
proud of!"
Here the Mrs,, who. to do ber justice,
bad much more presence of mlml thai
her husband and was much lho cooler j
uf the two, offoml a chair to the geu- !
eral, snylng, "Won't you accept a section of um* modest little bonier"
But the genernl frowned her down
nnd remained standing.   "Thank you,"
•Mi.i ii* Hti'lly, "I hava no intention of
sitting down.   1 wan: to speak lo yeur I
I'he girl was probably nor iinprcpar- j
cd, for Bho stopped through a half open i
door nnd said, "Mete I am. general."
Then the general did quite uncon- i
Bciously wha: so far he bud for: itten
to do.   lie painted   -it tl ■   i
critically examining, the girl n.-. i
Ihriaieiied bin family with a wlsal-
She was .siem.i r. hut <-f a mn * - It
llgure. she bud du exquisite head of
soft blond hair aud uiagnitlceut blue
eyes tfusplelously red around the cdg« -
;ts If they bod shed a good many tears
There wns so much dignity aboul thla
youug girl, who was a schoolteacher,
that she seemed entirely out of harmony wiili tlie surroundings In the father's hut
The geueral turned to tho tailor ami
asked in a considerably milder tone ot
voice. "Is this your daughter?"
Hut Ihe girl opened the dour itltu the
Bitting room and said lirtnly, "Kindly
step this way. general." The next moment   lhe  general   saw   himself  alolio
witli her in the scrupulously clean sitting room, tie look a chair, while she
remained lennlug ngaiuat tlu* mantel.
ltut the general did imt remain seam!
long,    lie almost   it edlately  nrose
ngnin, lie walked out of one corner
i*i Hn* room into the other, furiously
twirling   his   mustache,    n*.-   looked
rigid ami left ami up ami down a:..I
then became await* ihat lie did i -
km.w imw to begin. Finally the girl
said. "1 thought yuu wauted to spi-uk
lo ineV"
The -general struck a martini altitude, grubbed hlB/iword and Btuttered.
"Ves. yes. Imt perhaps you have already guessed whai I hove come for?"
-] Ihlnk I have," faltered the girl
The uld general heaved a Btgli of relief. "In lluil case." said be. "I have
not lunch more tu add. Vou seem id
be a superior sort nf n girl nud will
therefore understand thai this marriage is llut"-
"To he thought of." the girl managed
(o liulsli, with n choking voice. She
wns ns pule us death und lier features
set ami expressionless, bul she Blood
straight hefore bim and looked squarely Into his eyes.
The general retreated n step, fie
was very much emhnrrassed nm! decidedly uncomfortable. It seemed to Iilm
us If he would much rather have been
in the thickest of the hoitle than where
he wns. An umiccotmlable feeling
akin to fear began creeping over him.
and in order to tin somelltlng ami re
Hove lhe tension he said hi a voice ol
thunder, "My nephew is a guoii fur
nothing, (lot! forsaken reprobate!"
Something like a red Hume --hoi lit I o
the girl's eyes,   "llo itul slander liim hi
my presence," suld slu* threateningly.
The general was elTeelively Rihuieed.
lie fell as If his mission wns nt on end.
and yet he did nol wnnt to aeknowl
edge himself hen ten mil- yel leave wiUi
out having made his pence wlih lhe
girl, lie Imd the need of snylng something comforting tn lhe girl wiih ml
exactly apologising. He approached
her ngnin ami said in a sort, hesitating
voice: "Excuse me. my child! I iim sn
sorry!" At the sound uf this genii.*.
appealing voice the outward composure
which the girl Innl been keeping up
with difficulty completely forsook her.
nnd she brake down Seizing hnih the
arms of the genernl with au iron grasp.
she called oul III a voice ilhbize witb
passion: "Then why do you wnnt to
kill nieV What has brought you bere?
Whom have I dishonored ami whut
blot is ihere on mer"
The general fell as If some one was
strati;,'!in:: Idm. nml Iht n he became furious ai himself, lie brought his list
down on tbe Uihle with such force that
everything dance! upon it am! running up am! down ihe room, shouted:
"Whatever did I come here I'm? Is
Oils my funeral? Am I a detective or
ii hangman? Is it my business to persecute women?"
"Forgive me," stammered the frightened girl tearfully,   "i did not mean
"l-'oiglvp v..u? On the contrary. I
beg your pnudon Whal must you
think of me? I fi tti a soldier, not :i
lawyer, and I sl nil set thui no om in i
tests you    1 eiiuu lose, iu Hums, ami I
Ab PabukuU'S Vkhi-taiii m I'ii.i-h cun.
tain Maud rake mid Dandelion, ih y care
1. v. i and ii dm j Itomplalnls with unerring
certainty, i liej *il».* contain Koota und
li> rt* which h tve spcciSa virtues truly wonderful in Uii r action on Ihs stomach and
b iwt ]-. Mi. r. A.'I lirnan bs, Shakespeare,
write-: *-l consider Parmelee's Pills an excellent remedy for BtlloosneBi and derangement of Ilk* Lifer, Ijuviuif u-od them myself
for some time.
(Vtntl  I- Surtc-r  Pop Iht   i-*--.*--**.
.*...-., ■        mi .   si  i]
:■ i Hull  . use ilie \ nnl
■ In y*   In   yi Ul   *- e.   Mt
"No." said the minister: "I tin not,
"Well," snid the expectant Uenedlit,
"l have come lo ask ynu tu marry me
now. and 1 want ii used."
"Certainly," replied the other. '-It
■;.,:!] lm done." nud presently tbe couple   i • nl solemnly before him. "Jmnes
T ,"    ;.;ii.]    the    i l.-l —\ ll.iill.    "do    >*01l
lake this w-inan to be your Wedded
Wife!"      "1    du."      -Ho    >„il   s.leiunly
promise to love, honor and obey her o
Ioiik as you both shall Ine?" Uorrur
and rebellion struggled wiih th.* mtne-
tltles or the occasion  on  tho  bride*
nr n's fuce, bul he t boklngly resp md-
■ d. ■*! .in." and the meek Pride dec...
rowdy prom 1st tl lu her turn.
Vfter Hie cereumnj was over Hip
Drkl 'groom said .■>. itedly nside io ibe
■*iave    minisle!*:    "Yotl    mislimiel *sl 1
n.e, sir: you uilsuiidersloud mu! I re-
I'r-rie.l to tl,.- woman's promising to
obey." "Ah, did you. Indeed?" serenely ansv.-rcd bis reverence. "Hal I
'link whai is good ror une side Is good
for Hie nt lier. don't you? And, my
friend, it is my advice to yotl lo say
nothing mure about il. for. ns an oh!
married man. I can tell you you'll ha veto obey anyhow!"—Woman's Journal.
DolillMt lu- •'»''  l'ur Hlm.
-C-l nll^lHM'Xt 0---  I hnvcevi p h*-rd
from peopli fi i nol I ij*Hig llielr b
snid a collector ft : a pit mbienl  lirui
: *     .i day, "I gol tbe neatest t< Iny
froi   ii very ivenltbj! mnn w lm nlv.avs
■ tves   the   house   ii   bill     \'u   matter
whether the bill is for ?10 ur $100 in*
always pays *S">    l ha»'e gone back the
out.. Winn.*   ,,lvl w,,|'t; ,inti v- ' *-:*' uiore, and once I
(Vent back twice lu one week, ami he
paid me .■?.*"> eneli time and set aied glad
to see me.    1 gol lo know hlm pretty
well, ami  lhe other day  I  asked  him
in used l.y doctors   why be did nol pay it all. ns I knew be
o indicate poverty nf the blood. The    hnd the money '
ulttrinitig.    especially  among    young,    -"Welt,  -aid Hn* old felluw, *if I **u\
girls, uud a large  percentage of the   ,.,,„ ,   ,....i.;|U j 0W(, .-,,„ lU onp . tm,
Ai I'AitMr.i.r.r.t, •"/bobyaBLH 1'ii.i.s con-
tuht Mn nd nike mid Dandelion. Ih y cure
Liver nnd K chiey Complaints witli unerring
cerluinty.     I luy  also  contain   Hoots and
Horba wliich Inve upoolfio virlnoa truly wonderful In thoir aotion on ihe atomaon uud
boffela, Mr. E. A. OalrncroBS, Slinke-jpenre,
writes: "1 ooOBidcr I'unneleii'B i'ills tin ex-
oollont remedy fur BlllouBiioaj and derangement of tli.* Liver, having u .ed tltcm mysult
for some time.
GoiltlOll'N  OlllllliJIln,
Music Is lho mosl heauilful art. but
it Is the must tleteslahle profession
Itul is not Hint right? That which belongs musl to heaven shutild fnre worst
ou earth.
The public moves much fnster than
lhe liniivklii.il, nml thercfure (he I mil
vidua! must plnce bimself before his
nge If he desires not to be behind it
Wagner has some Idea of tbis sort, li
is a necessity which every true artist
must realize. Croat men may be said
to lie for every age save their own.
Small men are for their own and none
ether.- ' lleminiseences,"    in    Mucin I!
Minard's Liniment Gores Diphtheria.
A Volinu Olrl Oml,ir.
Mnttlo IVeiii's ii, till,hum SiiiiiiBs, Arlt.,
Is pniil iii Iir ilii> .vmiiiftisi it-uipi-rntico orator in lln' Unllcil St-jl.'H. Sim is n gill
of l.'i .veins nml hns inki'M tlm IiIkIicsI
prifti' wlilch Mil- Wi-iiuim's rluisiiiiti Tom-
IH'iiiiii-i' iiiiinii hns iu In-slow for oratory
nml elocution  in li*ui|ti*rnnc'p pnonltilig,
tl manlaillon'a illmpoml medal.   Tliis
slu- wnn ilnriiut llii' iire-iolil yi'iir nt I'ns-
rait, Ail.. I'ri'VloiiB i<> Ihls s|». |,m| won
llultors nn tin- lrni|,i'rmi,i> liliilfin-lll.    Al
the age of 12 she mtfiVBl  Umi'  IllI-
fnr lilllillc siii'iikiin.'. t«„ pihl uml on.,
silvrr, fruin III,' Wnuian'a t'lnistimi Teni-
poranco iinjiin mi,I n niril.il given in Hir
lllgll tcllOOl nillll'st III  llll' IllWU nlll'l'l' sill'
lives.   At M ■.•rare „f nge slie nun llie
gold   mcdnl  nl'   llie   \V n's  l'lin.-li:iii
Teiillieniiiie nnl'in nt Itogera, Ark.
I :
Will, tins lie mii'liml t loor iiinliiut
Into the VVOlllsllOp. ll here ll;' ! :i [ 1,, r
illiil the mother Ot lhe girl were, mill
roared with n voice whleh tiin.le the
wnlls shuke: "I inn ilsklnj: f.t: llle hllltil
nt your dnughter ror my nephew, ns
Bhe evidently hives the mural nml vnn
0.1*0 IKit ^(iliii; to sny ine nny, I,in yen
lire golllg In let lier nilllTV him     There
imw * ai in.! everything is aeltlcil sat-
lafnetorlly." Arrived nt Ids sisters
honae, he plncotl himself In limn or
her nnd 111 n voice loud euollgll 1 •
henrd l,y n whole regiment he sold: **|
Imve seen l,i limits l'.\eryIhiiift; is settled ns It might to he. All you huve to
d IW  In In see  Unit  llie wedding  Is
celebrated nt onee, tut yon ennnot es-
peel me In lm, lei till, e llie Inuniey Iwlee
nil    lhe    sum,'    Inisluess '*    Ini'ii-I |
I'l'iun tlle lleruiuii fur I'lltsluug I lis-
"1 Ami llmt wilh light meals my taMlth
liiiiHnves," s,ii,l iiii lOsklnii,, and down
Went uuelkei' eiiiidle.
'lhat Anuria to the Boat Ju(turnout of thc Best Peoplo and Qots Right
Down at the Cause of Disease is DR, CHASE'S
* hi
te Hie deadliest tuid  most
painful malady to which
mankind is subject. Dodd'n
Kidney I'ills will cure any
cane of BrlRhfa Disease,
They havo never failed iii
oiio single ense. They aro
the only remedy lhat ever
has cured il, and Ihey aro
lhe only remedy Uml can
There are imitations  of
P.idd'-s Kidney Pills—pill,
box and n.nno—hut hnllft-
tions are dangerous. The
original mid only genuine!
cure for Brlgilt's Di*»e;iiiC is
Dodd's Kidney Pills are
fifty cents n box at all
thu  land     .mui   hml     some  nl    Mr.
Chase's family remedies 7 Why Is it
Hint Pr. I'hnse is honored mul cs-
leeiuul in- a inu! physician of undoubted Nkill V Why is it tlmt Hr.
rimse-.t Kidney-Liver l'illn me kept
hi tin* family mediclno chest us indispensable fm* everyday Ills which
arise from constipation nnd sluggish
action of the liver and kidneys?
ii. is because Hi*. Chaso's remedies
me nil honorable medicines, Medicines
Hint have been tried in tho severest
cnsi-s and proven to be of most unusual value, The.v are Immensely successful bemuse everybody lias learned
to have eonfldonco iu thom and conll-
donce In their discoverer. Dr. (.'hnse's
Kidnoy-Llvor Fills huve for nearly
a quai'lor of a century taken lhe load
tin the greatest seller which medicine
dealers handle, and thin enormous
sale is enUrely duo to the downright
merit, which the.v possess. They euro
when othors fail.
It, in when Ihem Is a bitter tn.ste in
ibe mouth, heaviness uhout. tho stomach, headaches, backaches, pubis in
Um shoulders ami limbs and depressed, languid feelings, that peoplo Hun
lo Dr. Clinse's Kidney-Liver PUIS.
Torpid liver. Inactive kidneys and Irregular bowels are the cause of    at
le.isi scuii tenths of human ills. Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver pills Invigorate
111.*sf organs us no other pteparal ion
was ever known tn do; and whnt is
best of all, they not merely ulTord relief, bul strike decpor and make thorough and lusting cures.
Mr. Waller Booth. Consccon, Prlneo Edward county, Ont. sl-iles:—"1 wiih troubled
for Borne years witli kidney aad liver dlsoase
mid imiiir-i in my buck, nnd my stcmin-h waa
so bad I could not eat hearty food nnd bad
difficulty ln keoplag nny fond in my stomach, I was ao nervous tlmt I eould scarooly
tnke ii drink of witter without h [>i 11 j ri l; much
of it, my tiiinii trembled no. and 1 Imd Inst
flesh, until my weight fell from 166 to"""
"Hearing of a simitar otiso thnt was cured
by Dr. Chase's Hi-medi. s, I commenced by
hiking Dr. OIlOBO'B Kidney-Liver l'illn, nit
boxes of which entirely cure*.! my kidney and
liver troubles,  I then began Dr, Ohase'i
Nerve Ifood for my norvousneBS. It s!n-n«th-
I'ni il my i-ionuti-li iiuti wliolo Bystem, ana I
unitii'd in flash, I cannot speak in terms of
too great nrniso for Dr.Chaso'S Kldnoy-Ltvet
I'ill- nud Nerve Fond, for bosldsscuring mo,
lhey did my father, who la an old man, a
grout deal of good, 1 Imvo every conlldence
in recummeiiiling those remedies."
Mr, .1. J. Ward, J. P., eorllflos that he
knowd Mr. Walter Booth, nud iimt iliix Mnte-
ineut of bin cure Is perfectly correct.
The olmncos nro Ihnt your neighbors have
iiHod Dr. CIuihc's Kidney Liver I'HIh. Ask
Ihom, Ono Pill a do.o. 26en box, ut all
donlors,  or Edmnnaon, Hnhs &, Co., To-
There la more Catarrh In thia aectlonof tht
country llinit all other diaenaei put n **■■ -riicr,
mul until tin* list fow years waa auppoaea tn lie
Inoiir.ilil.*. Forn Brent many years tlortnrn pro-
niniiK'ed It ii I. cal tUseiUC, ;ii'l ine-iTilic I Wai
romcdloa, ami Lv i.-i^tunilv fallhiit to cme
with lornl treatmen .prononnced lluieurable,
ScieiiM* lm- \irti\vn catarrh to be a i-enstitu-
tlounl dls. tn., ;it.,i tht-n-for** ii*i|iiiri'!" cnnstlta-
tlonsl tn>at)iu>nl, llnll'M riilarrl. i nn*, iiianu-
factorodby F..i. i htneyACo., TMedo,Ohio,
U lho only oonstltutfonal ciiri- mi iho market.
It la taken Intornally In it i»es irom luiroi.n t-o
a tcaai ndii ItactsdlroollyootheUoouand
muwua aurfaeoa ol the syan-m. They offer one
hundred dollars fur anv cast* it fulls to cure.
Stunt fnr i*in*;i]*iv-n)i.l le-Mmmilal--..
Addwas,      I*'. .1. IHKXHY & Co., Tolcilo, 0.
8old by liniB-rtitB, 76c.
Halla Family L-ills are thB beat.
Jlmaif s LiuiniiJiit Cores Distemer.
(llllfk  ( ollcetlon.
"Mv! Whoi a splendid library yout
busutind bus. Mis l-'hisblnptoo li
musi Imve t:ii:>*ti Iilm veins and year--
to get ull I hose books lORi'llUT."
"Ob,   no      Wv  moved   in'o n   house
two yoars ago (hal had book shelve*-
bulli all around om* room, nud he done
il    iu   about   I'nee   weeks."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc.
"Well, this Is gront, I must sty."
"Whnt's the mmtci•'•"
"I gavo liclht money to net uie some
liluiffl in Paris, nml |u*ie she semis a
lute --.villi litem worded ns If she wen*
nl oi ihem.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget ii Com.
\ \ Stocks and bonda bought, eold and
i ,        curried   on  margin,    Listed
i i luininu Btocke carried
\ y.-uiiK Lady Ht  Coboi
Ca*t* Witt. Prononnced HopelM*. Telia
HowShaBeg-alned Dealtb and Strength
-A Leaaon t« Mothers,
iluwetln'i' too numerous i
1 of CO
lUtUHOUiri    -.uu   iMiMnn, »«     : ff||| co)|(,p(   R0  (^.   tIl,l( ^  ^^
:-Zr7 ^r::r%r:;r z \ m T.«  .r. >,., fo,. *. »•«-,,..
noiible.     Tie- nrst  indication of an-   wwetliin-etocoiiw-t
iieiniH is a pale sallow or wuxycom- i    "' don't know whether thnt wns UN
I ilox ion.   This Is followed by loss of   reason or not, but I let lho subject drop
appetite, froquenl headaches, Indlspo-   nnd mn Just golnu around there now
swelling of limbs,
olent   hear,   palpital Ion    end   fro
.lilting his. These Bymptomi
ill I..* present, hut Die mor.
the groater the urgency fo
for iinotherl
There never wns, nnd never will   l>e, I.
universal panacea, In one um dy, for all lib
to whioh fl* t-h in heir—the very nature ol
tunny QUratlvce beuirf auch that were tiie
Bhould he persisted in until a.11 traces   germs of other nnd differently seated dis-
f the Iroublo huve vanished. Ammo;   onies rooted ln_ the system pi llm patient-
bo thousand)
Un* i
ml  uii
io   health through  iin* iisn    of    Dr
Williams' Pink    Pills, Is    Miss Melt,
I toy il. an estimable young lady who?
borne is ai Cobourg, Miss Doyd givu
le  hove  \ niiislu-il.   Annum*    l ■"■■*•'8 ruowu in hh* eyBieiii ui   uio  iHiiien:—
la wlm Imwi hiiitn  hfniitrhl   ■ whlll wuuld relieve olie 111 In turn Would Off*
is who have twan J™}W«J , parato the oth r. Wo Imve. howeTer, In
urmK oi .ne Lrravo '' ul1| f Qnlnlne W1qo» when obtainable In a sound
roHtorcd anadulteraUd etato, a remedy fer many and
'- grloToua ills. By lis gradual nnd judioloua
use the frailest systems are led tniooonvj-
lescenceand btrength bj ilie Influence which
Quinine exerts ■ n nature's own reMorut vos.
It rollovos the drooping spirits of those with
wlioin a chronic Btaie of morbid deepond-
eticy nud luck of n tcre-t in lift- is a dlscasQi
nml, hy tnuiiniiliziii*,' tho nerros, disposes t<
Bound imd refreahlng sleep— imparts rlgoi
lo tlte notion of Um blood, which, being
aiiuiul'ited. courtes Ihroughout tlio vein-,
itrengthenlng dm headhj animal fnnelioui
of iho sjBtiin. thereby making activity i.
necessary wsuii, Btreugthening ihe frame,
nnd giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand IncrvaBed Babslanee— result, improved appotlte. Northrop &, Lyman,
of Toronto have given to lhe public ihtir
auperior Quliiinti \\ ine at tlm usual rate, ni J,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists. Ihll
wine upproachex nearest perfection of any in
Hie market.   All druggists tell it.
her experience as follows :•—
"lt fs nearly ten years since my illness lirst commenced, and although 1
was doctoring more or less T received
little or no benefit, ns (he doctors
ditl nnt seem to iitiderslnmi my trouble, Two yenrs ugo my health became so hud Hint another doctor wns
called in. uud he stilted Ihnt. my case
was n. most sovoro type of anaemia,
nud that whilo he eould help mc i he
i rouble hml progressed to such a
Btago Huil he could hold nut little
hopes of a cure.    At this time f was
ns pule as chalk, iny eyelids were
swollen and would hang down over
my eyes like sucks of water, My feel
and liiiihs would swell, and wen* always cold.      1  wus siibjcel   hi violent
headaches, seven* pa,lpitatfnn of the
henrt, nml if I si imped over I won d
bo so dizzy thai 1 could scarcely regain an upright position. My tippr-
lite failed nu* utmost unliruly, nnd 1
grow  so    weak     that   I   was  a   mem
wreck. While iM this dominion I
read iu a newspaper of tin* euro of
a young girl whose nivo was much
like mine, through tho use ,.r Hr. Williama' Pink Pills, nnd I tiotormlneil
io fry them. Those who know undid mil think tiny nioiUcino could dn
nm any good or that   I  would    ever
gel    hellet*.    hilt    I   determined   at       nil
events io give ihe pills a fair trial,
I have used them for nearly a year
with the result lhat I feel like a new
person. The swolllng In my eyelids
and limbs hns disappeared; iny appo-
lite is good mid my fuce is regaining
lhe color which lefl il years Ugo. I
can sew ami do work about tlie house.
und this gr ■hange in my condilioii is due solely In Ihe use of Ih*.
Williams' Pink Pills. It Ir nol too
little to suy Hint thoy Imve saved mv
life und I strongly urgu girls whn
are similarly uflllcted to give ihem u
thorough trial.
l.iirui'Fit  of   Adlitutl-j.
Mr. neddurd In Ills booh on wlmli
n-mliuls renders llmt although incur,
nntlon te opt io picture thu giant i■■*,■
tiles of ilu' Jurassic nnd  ci-eim-i**
periods ns having exceeded lu she it
modern iiiiinnils yot In fncl there Is .*
evidence thai tlie earth bus ever con
i a I ne tl either ou llm lund or in llm *-■
creatures exceeding ihe vvbnle lu bul!-.
The iimintuoll) wuii larger ihnn (be "l*-
pliant. Imt rhe Ichthyosaurus could n '
match  the whale  I'm' size,  nllhnti;: ■
with lis terrible jaws It would doubt
less have been lhe wluilo's muster.
TRY IT.—It would be a gross injustice to
confound tlml standard hcnlliic agent, Dn,
Thomas' Eolbcxbio Oil, with ilie ordinary
unguents, lotions and mlvcs. They are
oftentimes Inflammatory and astrlngont
The Oil is, on tlie contrary, eminently cooling and soothing when applied externally to
relieve pain, and powerfully remedial when
swallowed i
Knew Thc-v  Wpre  -\rm-Henin.
A complbiietii nml n slur In the mine
brenih tin* In » lePer I received from
a Washington girl In Paris,
"We wen* dining nt Joseph's the other night," slie writes, "when a delightfully dressed woman silling al u thli!e
neni* wilh n pnrly of three seui one of
tbe men wliii her lo ask fnlher If we
were imi   Amt'l'lttllllH,    She seemed  'o
be snylng 'I told you so' to her friends,
uud ns we enme mil she slopped me 111
the corridor to explulu her odd pro-
ppcding.   Elm was politeness Itself.
" 'Mnde-uolselle will pnrdoil KIP." •-■l",
Raid with the most charming aceeii'.
'lint It wus n wnger. I hnve wagered
my iiii*-dinml thnt we -ahull seu .".>
AmeiicutiftS ihls evening. It Is now 'lo
we hnve seen, nml Mine. II., who I:
wlih us, would mu lielleve yen were
Aiiicriciiis.   Mais, l was sure—Sll|*i*!'
" 'Why were you so sure of it V I ask.
"MnUama Unshed a dnKzIIng smile nt
"■Oh." she snid. 'the A mer lefl oh hsro
always the voices of ilu< worst nnt' Hie i
manners nt table of lhc very, very
hest.    1   wns   sural'"
The DUenHed  Uleli  et   lln il en-lln tlm
A great deal of graiideur always
makes me homesick, It isn't envy. I
dun't wnnl to be n princess nnd have
lhe bother of winding u horn for m<
oul riders when I  want in nm to thi
drug store for postage sl a in [is. hill
pomp depresses me l-lveryhodj wa
Rtrnuge, foreign Iniimingiv wi»rn i I
Ing nm from the rvnr. iml«eh'ns Hun!
were carrying pampered lap dogs - I
creats on their nasty Utile imiiIh ■
ered bhmkets. fat old women wild . ■
lepsy nnd gouty old nnn with m-t ■!*, ■•
For 50  Years
mothers have been giving their
children for croup, coughs and
Mothers—have_)*..« Smi.uii in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly—
if your little* one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save vour child's life.
:*}-xJxd'it''L'?l:«'-!. ":)}-•
.Sill • CoiMUUiplloil  Cur.. I, „,|,1 i„ i,ii
arurtKliftM in t*,u,ii,l„ ,ii,,i United i-mi,-- ,,t
•11,, :,„,-. yi.llii i, |,„ii|,,. i„ ,;rft.„, II. i, ^ I,,
Kt   1..   Sll . Hi. .1,1.. Rllll  ... 1-1,1.    A |,rl„l,,l
RiianMiteo rot, wilh every bnttl.. II ,,„i
-."*• t ftiniftil.,,1 K» to jour drusghl ,u..l
1^1 yonr in,in, j Inifk.
.Vritc for illuftitiied coo, on Oonsurap! ii.   ^eat
nltnout colt to you. S, 0, Weill & Co., ronnto.
I tleiil tlnn  i lil«  rt-ne.
um  :        inl'yi   .',...1 .11,1
■ : ft in
llll'P   I ,.:.ft.  11*1     '■ .   BlorRl    I
ho mar ■!■ ,■•-.   '■ I ri nr hanil
.' ;i>   !„■ I... ' ■   I HI .    Ill   „
iliglilt-i   Oh       nn'l In     Vou i
■ liwn iln-i    ll .     V. .....  whoi
»i-.I lo ii i- In ■■ ■ mlilotl so ilia
il liiinll) api-nlt, :,ihI lt<> InoktH
k nnd nervous I hml to burrs
any "Vos" lo 1.,-vy, hlin from fi
-London Answera.
i- Bengal mi ilry   «
. llie bodyguard ol  Hi.- ,
ml i'l   India,  ivaa :■
;i < IT-.\
I..  !
I no
! lln
■ll ilft
mn being linlf rnrr
vd in n
Id It,
l,le«, nml lln. di-geni
I'.'l   0
rope tins lining born
* 1	
in in
with n slelti'iibig f
lie   1
iwlllgbl wiih luriiliij,
Idm 1;
nil II
lain hills, nnd  	
Hlnwlj eonilns Into i
, IV    1 *
gh-lllg llinli'ii llmlen
In Hi
'  nil
'.III-    (IMS.     llllil    111    III
nil*, iviih htildlllg oul
lllnenee li'lil llllli III .1
lift", ■
lirailiiii'.- 1.mini Hell
Iii VVttl
I to
ills Atiililtlnii Ht'iih/cn.
Btobbs— Whon In* wns a little bor, he
wns nlwnys singing "1 Wnnt to tiv an
Rlobbs-Aml hi died young, l su;*
Blolibs-No; but lie's hnd bis wish
grntllied. llf's bnehlng Harastoriner*f
L'olosBal Aggrugiitlon of iuteraaUouui
Butru.-rhlliidi<ij>iiia Record.
No l.o"i;i*r \pcil-?d.
Pni'ke— I've Juki hud u>y lelcphniio
inkt'ti uut.
Liinc—Whnt tori
Parke***-Sly nest d-^-u- neighbor pul
om* in.
We hnvo no hnltfttlon In i-nvinu llmt Dr.
J.O.KolloBg'aDywnleryOordlal fswlthout
doubt the iii*-t roodlolno over uur. am a lor
dysentery, dlarrhwi. ohol ra nnd till Bum-
mereoroplalnti woiloknosi.tte, U prompt- i
ly givi-n relief nnd never fml.- lo Hh* .1 a | os. I
itlvceurt*. Mothers should never be wiiuuul
a bottle whon llielr children nre t- ethlngi
At Your
Our hanusomcly illustrated WO page Catalogue
will be sent you on application.
This will place the
largest and choicest
jewelry stock in Canada
at your disposal.
He are doing business
on the clor.cst possible
mat gin of profit, guarantee ssfd delivery of goods
and cheerfully refund
money if you tire not
thoroughly satisfied*
Ryrie Bros.,
Yon;r eai Adttslit Si,.,
DiAiioxo    -10U0ST0.
A*wV ari»r-Tft* * -1 mmmmmm ■   * ^ '
. ^mmmwi -■*."— -■
By Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt
1 make thi- proposition U> jou fairly, and
carry it uut -fairly—JTOO d'.*n*t havo to i*> a
cent till you ate cured. 1 could not do this
if my bell wn$ not superior lo all olher pIpo-
frical body appliance?. It never costs a cent
for repair-?; I warrant that, and it gives a
current which -toucan (eel.and regulate and
which will tit burn.
Tou mifiht thick I am takirg long chances
on iny remedy. I don't. There its more in
electricity, rightly applied than you think.
It performs wonders in a broken down mnn.
It not on!) k-u the wheals of health nna
•rigor in motion, bnt makes a man feelso
gl riously youn? and light-hearted lhat be
can't help telling of it.
Pay me when cured—tbat la my propod.
tion. hii an easy one lor y-u to accept
Will you accept it: Th-:-n don't wait nil
your troobk g- ts chronic.
FREE BOOK i-/  ^i aSrt :;
troihrtrri.-sl.i*t.d3ilitg.    Itisseol MaW
Dr. M. B. McLaughlin
130 YONGE ST., T0E0NT0.
(Tn<i» Uark Begisterad Korember II, 1W01
Dr. f-anche tzrtn-t to taka Instnunsnta t*ck
a: halt price If parties u-in*.** t*.-**-m kit n-jl bev
fiflrt'-d **"'■.-. *j.- ■ ;,* for flv- "-re-It*.
' -.rrh of *.h- H- :■'.. *.-:.'. I '*-■'.   :.-. a i.ew r:.»n
Urs. T* h. Omk> nualpsf, *ty«: Had mi-
t-wed u itotd sg nt-s from h-.g'.-\ ■'./ ■■ *.*•■ .-..* l
li rellevnd m*: at p»:a. and i i * x weaki I **j
Mr. W,0 EUworthv.VriBnlpeg.atys: I htTi
■niff-: ed for'• Tf»:i with ir.lcu.ar rh^un-.a-nrrii,
*v,i- !n hoi; *'*I '•.: I -*•■.• and -,—■: r*ln±'Al
everr reiripflT, laelodlag meanteriatn rralvan*
ism. electric 1-elt. -sic    I bare BUM Ozyd iwr
lire. Gag ier, Wlanlpeg, mi»: I harena«i u
beneficially   with my ftn.ily -arheiwver -nek.
and it ),;,--:■■. mt 01 levari i^dH-^-ioi. an'l la
SuVdealer^ wanted In ->v<Ty d;---rlrt. AAilnum
Wm T. 'iibUns, Oram Exchange. Wtanlp if.
Bend for li'y.liieta of girttefal re;>oru
Thp ronttr-furnKuii Bmll*d.
A t'lTtiiin chTpjnmn when pwirblnji
i'xii*tti|Hiriiui'iiiisly .tutiohi'd uu the mih
Jiti of iiilrnclcs Sotnt' pi'Opli*. hr snlil,
luul .lim.-uliy in tli'H'lHlllg lln* uilnicil
lolls blimi'H or tin- lllhh'. iih. fm i*\
niiiplc. Ilu* si.iry of lliv gpwfli tlml
Uu in :i iu's us.- iiuii|i< io liis inn sut.
Lnoltlns Holi'iiilily nl tlu1 rongrpgo
tluii Hit' pii'tifli.'i lmmnuTi'il In his ci n
iHiiluii tvllli Un* ii*innrk. "Why shniihl
lldl   (lull   till) Itl'   till   1188   to   SIH'IlN—lit*
iun.li* nm in Hjn-nk "
Marrit.1 v HMO tbo iW il
Wlfi ■ rn-'i.'l. * ,'i crru
hll    irr. k-ul-.nli.-.       IU
ourM ".ll iruwer ali uu
'iiiiri.T. |1.00 i-.*r l-.i
■aSolent lor tna .unntti
triuUli'-m. *.-![.■,..,.!■ i
— t: Mi .-. .1 ro., Irr.
U.M   »:-'. WlnnlpX.W-iD
tot    *:.*.;,»;. l'i ..,■,;.'..
j Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg j
Money lent tit lowest nilos.
Slocits and bonds bought und sold.
Kuilwiiy and otimr (nnn lands In
4t Manitoba and N. W. T, for Hale.
*r     M.tjirt iiiiil folders Bent on upnilcn-
« llun.
4)    (hilt coat from I.nlhbridgo,
4'     I'nrvrt nuoU-d toall rnllwuy points.
" LEST WE FOllGlilT."
Ladles of Canada :
Tho bond of union boLwirtn U.i
mothor country and lier colonirb te
strong, in Ilmo of necessity Um colonics hava always been loyal. Patriotic Canadian Indies, while ilu-j
cannot hOhr arras in timo ot wur, cnu
assist thoir lirother colpnlatB In r
Biibstanllal wny. Ceylon and liiillc
produce Lho lineal OREBN li'as
Drinkers of .inpnn toon shoitUl 11>
Ihom. Monsoon, Batadn und i-'m
Ribbon packota nrr known id nil.—
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest
179 Owen Street, Wlmilpr----.
Brass Band
Inst rn tne Drams, Uniforms. Ete,
Lowest prices wer quoted   Pine catalogue
: CO lllnstritloni inellsd free.   Write ni for anything Iii Miir.li* iir MiihIi-hI liialriimt'iiln.
Whaley Royce A 0o„ Tm^\SiSm',—,
\ W. N. U, 301.
mONEY—-. 1
"f    To Loan on Improved funua nt cur- t
t     renl r..te^,   Wnta to T
T NAJtCSi IliJi'.l vBOH *  BLACK,      f
a, wmsiyrti, HAH, j
^.f ^9^**^.9*9*9 a*t.9+-9->**-+9—*—9
Mi.ii-rmtiir. .1   Kj TIKIS. IKK, Wlnnlpif,
Catholic Prayer
alar*, ii,-, *■,.* \- ■-.*-• Bu
nr-,i,;ii.r :», i.,].,.-.,-;..;:-,: Hur
r.plTtpromtitfttlcnuaii   'i J,'
liu.il..   ItoiNrlea,
OntelUM. Beep*
1 Recommend
nil mothers who want their bttblej X
to litivi* iiink, flfun, cltiir, und *
healthy skin,
•nf tin* (liu
; ♦ Tilt ALBtfiT TOILET n? CO., BJh'IKEA!, t
| •       Msnufscturtrs ol ihe Celeb-■ ted      ♦
************************** 1 WAR IN CHINA
Beattie has .1 stock o( China now on hand. He needs
the room. China breaks, but the prices he has
placed on these articles will not break you. Cups,
saucers, bowls, fruit dishes, plates, etc, latest designs,
and thc best.
Oo Aftet It.
A Qreat Opportunity.
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist. £
It Fattens 'em
Hiniii pure ininl fattens the children and
grown people too	
We ask attention to our stock ol palatable, nutritious cereal
loods, the finest proportions from wheat, oats, corn, barley, etc.
If your appetite needs whetting just come in.
and Crockery.
00^000^0^40444! 000004090000
<£ Rossland Winter Carnival    Tuesday to    |
I and Curling Bonspiel       Satim,a>     |
February 12=16, 1901. <^
...Thc Program Includes... 0
H Eight Curling Contests under the auspices of the Kootenay Curl- a
,*r ing Association. ;;
*^ Snowshoe races, Ski races, skating races for Provincial champion- \
9       ships and for men and boys. *v
v Hockey Tournament for senior, junior and ladies' championships In
*•*■(/•        of British Columbia. Q>
-*.''• Cutter and Dog Races, Coast hi); Contests, Carnival Masquerade v
4> 0
Tf $3,000 in Trophies and Prizes $3,000 X
V* Rates for single fare for the round trip on all railways.   For v
Sj|        further particulars see posters and program or address *V
Y     H. W. C. Jackson, Secy Carnival Committee.Rossland, II. C. T
Moyie is almost entirely rid of the
Chinese element.
P. J. McMahon has entirely recovered
from liis receut illness ami is nhle to be
on duly again,
J Bill, ofthe firm or Hill &Joll, was
in Aloyie looking ufter his interest this
Tom Rader has none to Seattle lo meet
John Day. They will he in Moyie iu a
few days.
Prank McMahon returned Tuesday
from a visit to Ins old home iu Grand
Forks, North Dakota.
}■: J Peltier, who recently purchased
Uie wine and liquor department of the
Foil Steele Mercantile Co., was In Movie
the first part of the week netting uc-
q it alined ami hustling for business.
John Day is ill Seattle atul is likely to
be iu Moyie before long.
P, J. McMahon has been quite sick
(luring the past week.
There will be an immense amount of
ice put up ou Moyie take tliis winter.
Const utile Drummond has bc-n
knocked out with la'grippe for several
days past.
There were 12 new members initiated
into the miners' union last Tuesday
Mr. atul Mrs. Martin Foley, formerly
of tliis place, ate spending tlte winter in
allien, Utah.
The movement against the Chinese is
working very satisfactory lo those who
started lhe ball rolling. The business
men have all so tar adhered lo the re
quest of (he anti Chinese committee.
The cardfl which tbe miners union had
printed, on which were the words "We
Neither Patronize or Kinploy Chinese
Here," are now displayed in nearly
every business house. Iu most cases
Uie cards wete asked for by the business
men. The Chinese are acting glum and
seem pretty well discouraged, and it is
said that most nl'them are getting ready-
to move out. One thing is certain they
ate getting bul little if tiny woik to do.
The while laundries are overcrowded
with work.
* • •
Beale & Elwell,
hire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley Jt Moyie jt Fort Steele.
g    The Prospectors' Exchange    1
n, B. C E
X01IAKOR,    PUKE  M11.I..B
J:     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About lhc City by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Dr. Ihu tier is in Feruie Ibis week.
Trimming silks al half price nt Gilpin's.
l'aul Rookes lias returned from the
Fresh consignment of Manitoba dairy
butter at'Roger's,
Mrs. Dowsllng is in Winnipeg visiting
her other daughter.
A, D. Orant is taking a trip through
West Kootenay.
A. II Gregory sold out liis household
goods   lasl   Monday.
ti. Sick, the well known brewery man,
was in lown this week.
Have you tried McVittie's new billiard
tnbles ?   They are all right.
The races at the rink last evening .were
a pronounced success in every way,
<i. II. Uichnrdaon uud Frank Rankin
returned to Cruubrook Ihtn morning.
C. 1*'.. Mansfield and Charley Armstrong
weie over from Fori Steele lasl Friday.
C. W. Durdsatl, superintendent ofthe
Sullivan mine, was in lown last Satur-
Col. Henderson cun * up from the
ranch last Saturday lor a brief visit ill
Mrs. E, J. Peltier and young .1011 arrival from the easl this week to |oln Mr.
Messrs. J. A. Harvey and W. R. Koss,
of l-'ort Sleele, weie Cranbrook visitors
Rooms to rent. Apply at The Herald
ollice.     Centrally   located   ami   partly
Next Saturday has been officially proclaimed as a day oi mourning through'
oui Canada,
ti I Hill nud Clarence Miner eame up
from Moyie to speud Sunday with Cranbrook friends.
The new Sl. Hugene hospital te being
filled up for OCCUpaucyt and the patients
will be removed next week.
First class roomB, well furnished and
heated. To be had with or without
hoard.    Apply lo Mi8. Nelson.
Mrs. C. M. Edwards has been ill ami
is now ut Si, Eugene hospital. She is
reported as rapidly improving.
Those persons who have furnished or
unfurnished rooms lo rent will please
leave names at Tbe Herald oflice.
Appropriate services in respect lo the
death of the (Jtieen were held last Sunday in the churches of Cranbrook.
What Craubrook needs is a steam
laundry. There is not as good an opening for one iu British Columbia as here.
A. 1). Parker., of lhe bank, returned
this week from his eastern trip. lie reports a most pleasant  time and lie looks
C. A. Hell, C. P, R. auditor, with head-
ipi.irters al Nelson, has been in town the
prist week.    He is a cousin of Dr. Hell of
this city.
The C. P. It has placed a time ticker
lu W. V, Tate's jewelry stote, and now
Mr, Tate gels ihe exact time direct from
tin* wire.
The meeting of the quadrille club was
postponed until last Thursday night,
when lhe members met at tbe horadof
Mr, und Mrs. F. ti. Simpson.
G. II. Gilpin has heard from Mrs.
Gilpin, who is still sick in England.
She is improving, and expects to be able
to return home sometime iti May or
George Taylor has been in Wardner
the past few days superintending tlie
loading of the machinery of lhe old saw
mill there. It is beiug moved lo a timber limit near Fernie.
II. McVittie is arranging for ti grand
billiard tournament next mouth. Quite
a number of tbe local Schaffers and Ives
intern! to take part uud no doubt there
will be some great records.
There will be a match game tomorrow
night between the hockey teams of
Moyie and Cranbrook. The attendance
at the rink should be large for the game
will be a hoi one, antl interesting Irom
start to finish.
Tlte Herald has secured more new subscribers in the lust Ihree months than
during any six months since it was pub
lished. The people waul tlie news of
South East Kootenay and therefore tbey
lake The Herald.
M. Mcluues it Co., with the enterprise
that characterizes that firm, is preparing
10 build 11 large ice house ,at the slung! -
ter honse, and they will put up a vast
amount of cool-'em quick lor next season.
Mrs. John Breckenridge will leave next
week fur New Westminster, where she
will visit relatives for a few weeks, and
then go lo her old home in Washington,
Her large circle of friends iu Craubrook
wish her a pleasant tilp and safe return.
K. J. Peltier is feeling good over n
quick shipment made for bim by tbe C
11 K. He had a carload of goods shipped
from Hamilton, Out., on the 14 h, and
it arrived in Cranhrook on the 34th.
Thut beats the record.
Services were held at the Eugllsh
church lasl Sunday moruiug and even
ing, Mr. J. F. Armstrong being iu charge,
The Ladies' Guild have purchased a
beautiful organ and an excellent choir
has been organized with Mr, Haines as
R Louiistiuiy, father in law of George
Taylor, h«s relumed to his foi titer liutiie
in Edmonton after 11 visit ol several
weeks in Cranbrook. He will dispose ol
bis interests in Kilutoutoti and COttle
back here, us be looks upon Ctaubrook
as the leading town of this district, lie
will start a poultry farm and look after
the market of this section.
Cuok Slave for Sale,
I have a cook stove fur sale cheap.
Call add see it. Leroy Sage.
I buy or sell anything.
A Poor Policy.
It is a grave mistake for any newspaper to boost a mining property lhat it
knows -.ir should know is virtually de
fund. A paper that continues to speak
in flattering terms ofa property that the
whole community and many mining investors throughout Canada and the
Slates know has beeu allowed to rest for
the reason that there is nothing in it, in
jures it owu reputation and is a positive
detriment to tlte district. People do not
forget, and they nre not fools, When
tbe name paper is honest, and speaks|of
u legitimate proposition, it is discredited
on account of llie other. It is a poor
policy lo boosl an absolute failure ii
milling.     __^^___^___
Persons  found cutting wood of any
description   on   the   Cranbrook  estate
without written authority, will be prosecuted. Vi Hyde Baker,
For Craubrook Estate.
A Big Thing for tlraobrook.
The building of the new bridge over
the Kooleiiay river at Wasa hy Mr.
Hanson, is Ruing to be of great benefit
to Cranbrook. It will place Windermere
people from 10 to 12 miles nearer tbe
railroad, as they will be able to reach
Crnnbrook now sooner than lhey could
Fort Steele heretofore. A gentleman
who came over fiom Fort Steele Mondov
stated that in all probability the stage
that now runs from Fort Steele to Windermere would be changed to run from
Craubrook, as it was nearer, and would
give direct communication with the railroad.
Wong Comedy.
Has purchased of Wing hee, his laundry building, the lot nud business and
has taken possession. Wong Comedy
will now have full charge of the business,
Wing hee, he quit. Save your laundry
for Wong Comedy; he will do yonr work
right.    Remember the name.
At the present time there is hardly a
family in Cranbrook that does uot read
The Herald. That means that when
you have anything to sell nud tell the
people about it, lu the columns of The
Herald you reach the very ones you are
after. Wheu a person enlers yonr stoie,
you are anxious lo show your goods and
tell of your bargains. Hut all of the
people in Ctaubrook do not cuter your
store each week. You must tallc to
tbem iu some other way. The Herald
is the medium. The people read The
Herald. Make the advertising a part of
your business, Change your ails. Show
tbe people that you have something to
sell. Impress upon thein the fact that
yoit want Iheir trade. You are talking
to 1200 or 1500 possible customers wheu
you talk to the people through the columns of Tlie Herald.
This is worth remembering, Advertising pays,
Jab Couldn't Have Stood It.
If he'd had Itching Piles. They're
terribly annoying ; hut Buck ten's Arnica
Salve will cure the worst cose of piles on
earth. It has cured thousands, For In*
juries, Pains or Bodily Eruptions it's
lhe best salve in lhe world. Trice 35c a
box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by R. ti,
Beattie, Druggist,
Meeting ol l.itense Commissioners.
There will be a meeting of the license
commissioners held in Cranbrook, Sat
nrtlay, Febttl ry 9, 1901, nnd at said
meeting the application for the transfer
of the wholesale license of the Fort
Steele Mercantile company, limited, of
Cranbrook) lo K, J. Peltier, of Craubrook, will be considered,
H. W. Barnes,
Chief License Inspector.
'lis Ussy to Peel flood.
Countless thousands have found a
blessing to the body in Dr, King's New
Life Pills, which positively cure Constipation, Sick Headache, Dizziness, Jaun-
d'f.e, Malaria, Fever antl Ague, and all
I.i ver nnd Stomach troubles. Purely
vegetable; never gripe or weaken,
Only 25c at R. ti. Heattie's Drug Store.
Pursuant to Hie Creditors' Trust Beeds Acl
and Amending Acts.
Nnilco Is hereby given thai George 11 sinner.
uair)liiuonhiiiiiM-.HHiiii Baker .sii-m In ilifttiwn
nf UrniiTirook In the Province of lirlilsti Col
win lor tlio I nnme ami siyls or <
llniiiiirr ,\. son. a-, (Ji-anal Mi'ii'liiinu, hy
nl As lKiiiiii*iit tur Uii* liiumiit of I'retlltnrs,
1 K -iut-* tno iwiMlBY or January, i 01. muni
jiiiisiiiiiui- 1.1 iii- Creditor's fruit Uentit,
ii'ilAtiii-mliiiKA.-hlmsKt-int-'it   ami a„.
mun It.ilii-il liliwn.l  Mi.rliii-k..  of I.t-IM
Alberts, .Nmili Wim 1V1.11.miM, mui dmitt
tlt'll I'll.!   Ill
I Acl
t, nit
HOLD properties wnnte-thtt ntioe for Knstern investor*..   Parties luivlnx mining fflj
I iiiiiitiim.  Wo Oeslre to Ijoar rrom prospectors who hnve iiroraliln,*. mineral claims lit __
K3 No. 4 K.-W.-G Block, Nelson,
ig]       roM, Sil-.er-l.pail uiiilCnpiiei- Mliie-t wiinti'il at   llio V.
On Deck as Usual With New
Things and Good Things
Old-Fashioned Buckwheat Flour.   It is the real thing.
Chicken feed, Oat Meal not rolled cats, and bran.
Canned goods in case lots, the best brands and at
prices that will make vou smile.
The celebrated Salada Tea.
Our butter, have you tried it ?
I s the kst.
the Grocer.
son  u  <
I |iro-jierty lur sale art* requested l<> a
Br.tlsh Columbia,   Prosectors
llielr liendqiiarten when In Nolso
j Oorresiionileuce aollolted.   AilUrt
Telephone Nn. hm.  i\ 0, Box tin
il samples of their ore to the BXOHANUK
is I ie.-turn
a requested to mako tho itxoiUNiit-i p"
1, All Minutes shnuld bo sent by oxpross, l-ropAlil. S3
is an coinmmiloatlons to f)*' j
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, IJ. C. £]
R J- Peltier
Wholesale Wine and Liquors. Agent for Calgary and Schlitz beer. Office and store opposite Bank of Commerce, BakerSt., Crailbrook,
British Columbia.
his personal estate, credits and elleets. wluoli
limy lm si-l/i-il nml soli imikT i'.\.*ciii.iii ami a.I
Ills ivtil BStAtB, 111 li list In pay tlm vi-'illtnrs »(
the saiil (ii'iu-ite lln* 111 ni*r ami Son. r.ilalily ami
pnipo tiiHiati'iy llieir iusl cl-iium wiilumt pit'ler-
eiii'e or priority ncooniing in law.
Tlie sahl IVeil nl Assignment wasexeeiileil hy
lliesalilli*-.*m:elliviiiiiei* ami tin* said Knlieil
Ktlwaiil ShcrWk ini tin** luth day .liu-iiary, ttmi.
All pi'fsuiis havlii(,f claims an ui st tlie saiil
Uforge llremiiei & Swum' ivijulred to llle ivltli
Uu* Assl-jiit-i- mil pat tieiilars ni' Uu Ir e aim uuly
vei llleil, ami llie nature ul tli.-* securities If miy
lieltl hy Ihem <>r licfon* ilu. Jtilli di.y ur .January, A. 1). 1001.
And nolice Is lieivhy giM'n that after the sal.l
SBth day nf January, nwi. ihe Assignee will pro-
ceiM t.KllHtiilnili* the assets nl tin*estate aiming
the parlies enl Hod tlii*i-ct*j, li-ivhjj renaril t.i
tlte c iihn only "f which tliu assignee Bllilll then
have had notice, ami that the mild assignee will
nut lm responsible for lhe assets, r any pat
1 hereof, sn ilhtnhulcil to any person or persons
iirm nr cor| oration, uf whose debt or claim he
shull nol then have had notice,
a meciiiij; of the creditors will be held on
Mwidayllie'jstlnhiy of January, A. I). ll'Ul, In
the sun I premises of the said debtor, Haker
street, Crniitiinok. Ilritish foluiiihia, at lhc
hour of two o'clock in llie arternoon
Dated at ruuib ouk this t ith day of .lanuarv,
A, D. 1001. W, !•'. tU'ltl),
Solicitor for the Assignee,
1,0.0.1*. Key Cl v Lodge
Kfl.43, Meets every Friday night at (hell- I1I1II oil
itaker street,   sojourning
odd Pellows cordially Invited,
J. l'. Pink \v. I*. curd
N.fl. Seo'y.
1 Cranbrook Lodge, No. 31
A. F. & A. At.
Pursuant lo lhe Creditors' Trust Deeds Act
and Amending Act.
Nntlce is hereby given thai John Leask and
Francis r. Hatiklti ratryinn on lui*.!iicss in the
[mm nf Cianl.i<..»i ia tin* I'mvlne.- ..r Itritsh
Coliinihl-i aslallnis mul men's witlltlers under
the tirni ami siyleuf Leask \ KaiiKln, liy Doeil
of Assignment for the henelit nf creditors, bearing date nt 7th day of.limitary, liKil. iiihIb In
puisiiam-eof the Credit..in' Trust Heeds Act
and Amending Acts have imiuteil aud assigned
unto Creighton Kuss I'alinei*, of Ciaalinml.,
iSritlsli Columbia, Clerk, nil the personal estate.
credits and ell'cts of the said John LeasK nml
Francis C. Itaukln, and eaellOl them 1 luu It par -
lierstiipand prlvato whlcli may lie seized ami
sold under cx»ciitlua and all their real estate
nml of each or them in trust to pay iheoredltors
or the said Leask \  Katikin. ratably and pr-i-
portlonately their just olnlms without prefer-
i-neeni* prinrity aeeiinliii:: to Imv.
'ihe sal.l Deed of Assignment was executed by
the said John Leask nml Francis C, llatikiu oa
the 7th dny of January, lOOl, and bv the said
CniJiton Koss i'aliucr onthes'th day of January, loot.
All persons having claims against the said
Leask & ituukln are ri*.|uiie.l to uie with the
Truslee on or before the lath day of Jauuary,
I'.wi, full particulars of llielr i-mlms duly verille 1
ami tlie nature of the securities. If any held by
And mllco Is hereby given that after Ihe said
2flth day of Jananry, umi, ihe rrusteu will iun-
eeed to uisliihnte lhe assels if the 1 stale among
the patties etilltled thereto, having rcunrd lot It.*
claims wily of which he then shall haw-bad
notice and that he will nnt lie responsible for
the assets or any ran thereof so distrlimted to
any ler-onor ticiniDsof wlmsc claim lie shall
not then have luid untie.
A nieeling ol the creditors witl he held on Saturday the aith day of January, i;«u.attivo
o'clock lu the afternoon, at the pmces of w. F.
(innl, Solleilnr, Cranhrook, lirillsh t'nliimbla,
Dated til Cranbrook tliis iiln day of January,
A. 1>. VM, W. P. (iOltl),
Solicitor for the Assignee.
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions jt
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       jt
Meet by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. I.. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mining and Uencral AgnDI.
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. R.
City Bakery.
Vnu have got a tradesman help to
support Iiiui and get quality iu return.    Delivery to any part of city.
Cranbrook, 11. C.
(im* of tiie Must Comfortable
Holds iu i*;ust Kootenny.
Refitted Throughout
Niwly I'nrnlalieil
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Craubrook) H. C,
lipguliir meetings mi ilu
third TimiMia) or iht
\ (siting bretliern welcom tl,
\v. F, Gunn, See'y.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers in
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store. Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbiook, B. C
Upholstering end General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work iu tlie district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economies! way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Adrian G.  Hanauer
MI-S02 Rookery Olilj, Spokane, Wash.
Jli'lliliiuiiiu-ift r.n Siilllvini llrmt'l iili'l
Norlli Blur. Wilt, in Hit,, t'ltlii'l tiny-
Ui|| nl' mllii'll.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Capital Wanted
In develope the rich mineral resources ot
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are ottered for .-sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. For
reports and information, address
Heated by hot air throughout,
ihe dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel S &
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $1.00 per day.
Cranbrook Electric Ligh[Co^Ltd.
Hlores, 1 i  i—5 ..  .    ft  ro ft 40
Offices, - 16 C. P... -  6-15        95    t 35
Hotels, Etc. ) (16 and upward.. Hn    1 10
Private Houses 75c for 16 candle power
Private Houses  yte for   8 candle power
to per cent, is allowed ou all accotiuts paid before tbe mth  of
the month.
Appllcat 011s may be made to tbe electrician Mr. EC-part wbo will
quote the cost of wirinif, or to the undersigned,
Chaiiderllers, nlnules, etc. at Miner's hardware store.
JAMES RYAN, rianajtiiiK Director.
-®-®-®-®  0> ®  '•> ® ® ®-®-®-®-IS>-® ®  ®  (!)  (jl  l» <» <•!  W  i.i  (•>  (!)
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
I Cranbrook
f .
®-®-®-®-® -®-®-®-®-®-®-®-l,)- _^®-®-(r^®^-K!MSH»HiV(B-(S)-<i)
Moyie T
a®   ®aa
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.   Has i-icromiuodn-
tlons for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.


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