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Cranbrook Herald Jun 25, 1903

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
lion. 010, A.Cox, l-n-ai4l1-.it. n. li. Walkkk, Oi" Man.
Hall lip   Capital
Talal  Ke.aari,.
Deposits Received,   licncral liuiikiiii; llusiiicss Transacted
SIVINUS n\NK ltKP-.ll Ml'NI    Di-amll, Itetelvcd   l.llrell Allan*.
CRANBRllflK H < INCH. F. C. M ALP AS, Manager.
(Bearing Out Sale
Rememper 70 cents will now buy as
much as one dollar anywhere else.
We have sold an immense amount ol goods
lately and have still a fairly complete slock
left in all lines. Consult your own interests
by enquiring here first for all wants.
l*l»l*l*l*!*l«l*l<f>|(|l$l l4l*l»l*l*kl«l#l*l«l-ii|<l
Capital, Paid Up
| T. R. Merrit', Pre*,   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pre,, and Gen. Manager |
J A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold availa- *
m ble in every part oi Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
3 attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     J
%M*M-* **(»»* tt*t*»*f***»tttt(*f*ttl*C*»t*»*t**»tt£
Pearl Brooches are Not Fads      q
Thiiy iuv nlwnyK fiwhioimblu.    At prpson) pearls nte particw- H
Inrljf fiivnntl.    \\V hnvc ilu-in uiiulo up in -Stnrs, Cwscenta B
ami a variety of fancy tU'signs,   Tln*y arc nol as weponaive as X
you may tliitik. £j
W. H. Wilson, Jeweler and Optician, 1
Bla... 44.	
High Water
Has delayed shipments of fruit
but we expect that our regular daily
| shipments will soon be resumed when
we will be iu position to fill all orders.
Company, Limited
I East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House
Boubofr Clocks
eT 31
A choice sdection
Graceful designs in gilt
Pretty patterns in porcelain
An appropriate gift to grace a lady's bureau, and at prices that will agreeably
surprise you.
Gbe 3cwelcr  ^«"Ji'"">»
,*■• ■=>«■*>& >*M*»*M*«&.F*t"-e**-     I
t observations \V\U. BE AN HOT FIQHT
The . Mil Mini is in receipt of (in
invitation from the i-ity of Ni'ltmn
tn attend tin- I'in celebration in
tlmt city en .Inly 1 nnd 8, N'-ls4,ii
will iiii.- nil vi-titon. a glorious
time,    That is a way Ihey llUY4-   ill
lliiil town,
Hit.- is tin illiHtriitl.in of tin1
value ef The Herald uh iu. advertising medtuui, I-'. I', llt'iijdiiiin
put in ti lot-ill Thursday announcing tlu.11»- wanted to sell his pr4.p-
perty on Armstrong avenue. Before 10 o'clock Friday the deal wns
closed with A. Lnplerre, and before
night In- hnd three more inquiries.
Tlio people nnd The Herald.
One of the moat expensive farces
perpetrated upon the tux payers of
this district is the taking of
prisoners from this district to Nelson for incarceration. It has cost
tl.ous.iuds of dollars in the past
few years, thnt might have been
saved l.y having a gaol nt some
central point in this district. It is
time for u change,
When in Spokane lust week we
saw several former citizens of Cranbrook. George LeitBk is prosper,
ous as a contractor and hus several
buildings iu hand. He lives in u
comfortable cottage, and Mrs.
Lensk is enjoying excellent health,
She has n Yankee girl baby born
n few weeks ugo. Vince Li.ldi-
lont is living with the Lensk's and
doing well. Joseph Schaieh, the
druggist, formerly at Moyie and
Murysville, is in business there
und doing well. He has u line
store uud litis worked upu splendid
business. Mr. Trout, formerly of
Murysville, has u big coal deal on
un.l expects lo make sonic money,
Frank Bums is working for the
electric light company. Hunt.
the druggist, formerly with Beattie
hus been with one of the lending
stores in that city. Quite a number of others from this district,
whose iiiiines we do not recall, are
now resitleuts of Spokane,
Spokane is n beautiful city.
Without n doubt it is the liest
kept mul most progressive city in
the wesl. On every hund one cm
S4v evidence of improvement and
advancement, Thestn-etsareclenii,
its business blix-ks art- modern,
ond its homes an' pretty und ot.
tmctivc. Beattie says it is the \
tinest looking town he ever saw,
iiiul nearly everybody who scb it.
says the stiiue thing.
„   *4>   *
We lnul a fine trip uud although
it is hard, we have gotten down to
work again, Hut a trip like that
iloes any man good, especially a
newspaper mini, lt is plensunt to
feel ns if you hnd money once in
nwliile, even if it is not true, but
when one awakens from the ilreinn
(lie shock is n little tough. But
we ute as much, saw us much, and
hnd OS good u time ns any inuu
worth a million. A good deal
t)(-|H-uils ii|a.ii, how you ft-4'1, not
how uiueli you have got, and we
feel like 11 niillioniiire if we were
traveling on short money.
It w.-.s lleitttie's first visit to
Uncle Sam's oountry, uud he says
he is glad thnt he took the trip,
ami thnl he believes it would do
any mail good to see the country.
All KM  if  hi  ii  Sulk East
Nothing Positive as  to Probable
Nominee  oi  Either
A Big Year's Baslaeu.
The Imperial Bank of Canada
litis hud n most prosperous year,
ns is shown by its annual statement just issued, The net profits
ure $481,128.12, and the bank has
paid u dividend of ten per cent for
the yenr just closed, and after adding §100,000 to rest account from
the year's profits and $411,312
from premiums received on new
stock sold, carries forward at credit
of profit nnd loss account, $1(10,-
i!8(i. The rest account now stands'
nt $2,<>;ifi,*tl2 while the total paid
up capital is »2,!l83,89li. This is'
a great showing, uud places the'
Imperial iu the first rank of
Camilla's great financial institutions.
Vancouver World: It is evident
that the Rossland Miner either
does not know Joseph Martin's record or does not desire to do him
justice. It remarks that the former leader of the Provincial Liberals can "nlways drum up a follow
iug of oltice seekers un.l time
servers.'* As a simple matter of
fact Joseph Martin is nhout the
lust man in British Columbia politics to have this kind of a following, The worshippers (it the
shrine of Martin believe in the
mnn rather than hope for profit
through his political victories.
His whole record in public life
would make nny other course on
their part nbsured to a degree.
J. F. Armstrong, government
agent, hus been appointed collector
of votes for this district.
Smith Curtis has announced
that he is out of politics. Smith
Curtis out of politics would lie
like a fish out of water.
Richard McBride has accomplished what no man has done in
British Columbia heretofore, He
has made party lines au nlisolute
fact in this province.
No matter which party wins, it
will lie nn improvement on
previous conditions iu this
Tiiere will lie a hot campaign in
the good old summer in this district of .South East Kootenny.
It is conceded thnt Wells will lie
re-emoted in South Eust Kootenny
without nny trouble, He gave his
district more than it ever got before, and now the people are going
to give him vindication,
D. J. Elmer, of Moyie, has protested iu the Moyie Lender against
Tom Cnvin ns the conservative
caudidute. Of course that setth'B
The lust election took place ill
June WOO, when J. R. Costigan,
E. C. Smith nnd Win. Fernie were
the cnu.li.lnt.-s, and tlie district
included ull of South Eust Kootenuy.   The vote wns ns follows:
Hmllli      I*. niio     gan
Mini.- Illl Illl 111
Cr iiliriintl lil'J 7 7.1
Wurilncr  Ill II B
Kilt.    .1 7 10
T,a*7 t'r***.,     11 It 0
Felt Sli-nla   III! 711 li
Ferule 4:1 ill*! 117
Mliliel  14 0 (It
Wtt«n     II 8 II
Ktii|iln*     7 II 4
Kltiil*,.,!,*)  BU '-. II
T.ittil 41M .1411        107
This yeur the district is divided
nnd the totnl vote three yenrs ugo
for what now constitutes the Cranbrook district, wus ub follows:
Fort H.wle 170
Mujl, 1110
I ruul.rui.li -204
Wardner  Ill
Wa.a 14
Trao, Cn-uk    0
Klmb.rl.jr .17
There will be uu increuse in the
vote this yeur in every town except
Kimberley, Fort Steele and possibly Moyie. Murysville, Perry
Creek, and Ryan are new places
with quite a number of votes.
Vnncouver World: Although as
staunch a Tory us nny iu British
Columbia, John Keen, president of
the provincial mining association,
who passed through Vancouver u
duy or so ago on his wuy home
from the const, is not lit nil inclined
to blindly follow the new government by forced seizure,   It is iu-
ileed most probable that he will
himself oppose the present provincial secretary, minister of .nines.
mini.tiT of education and minister
of agriculture when he presents
himself for re-election la-fore the
voters of the Slocan. The conservative paper of Kaslo. Hon,
Mr. tireeii's home, and the great
la.lk of tin- conservatives in the
district appear t.» l*e againsl flu*
reigning Pooh Itiih. uud it begins
l4i look very much as though his
"snaii" would not Is- of a nature
exciting envy among politicians.
Since the Moyie Lender has outlined the polloy for the different
newspapers In the district, the
editors will lie saved u lot of worry
during the cumpoigu.
A Liberal-Conservative club was
organized In Moyie Tuewluy night.
Nelson Tribune: "Tom" Given
of Craubrook is likely to be the
Conservative standard bearer in
Crnnbrook riding. Mr. Given iB a
conductor on the C. N. It,, and one
of thc most populur us well ns solid
men ou the Crow's Nest rond.
"Tom" would be it sure winner.
There will Ix. a meeting of the
liberid.conservative association
next Monday night ut Wentworth
John Keen, of Kaslo, hus resigned from the conservative as-
socintion because he cannot swallow McBride.
The liberals of Cranbrook held a
lurge meeting Tuesday night nt
Lensk's hull to discuss the politic id
situation. It wns decided to ask
the central association of this district to call a convention the first
part of .July to nominate u candidate for the provincial parliament.
Mrs, W. B. McFurlnue left y.-s-
tenluy for Montreal where she
will rt'iiinin with her husband
while he iB undergoing medical
Two Me. Killed by Train.
Lust Sunday morning the west
bound passenger train run over n
inuu sleeping on the track between
Coal Creek and Fernie. Wednesday morning the same train struck
an Italian between Coal Creek and
Fernie who was trying to get a
hand car off the track.
Replies to Mr. Elmer.
Editor Herald.—Will you kindly
allow me to reply iu your columns
to the letter of D. J. Elmer whicli
appears in the Moyie Lender of
June 20th.
I am afraid Mr. Elmer hus been
led ..stray by rumors and suggestions naturally arising during a
political campaign, even though
it is yet in its incipient stage.
The only action the Cranbrook
Conservatives have taken up to
(lute hus been to form the Cranbrook liberal-conservative nsso-
ciution ns stilted iu your columns
of lust week, aud to attend to the
voters lists.
The meeting wus not of "a few
conservatives" but wns u w.-U attended representative gathering,
lifter public notice hud Is-en given
through your paper. No candidate whatever wus selected und
I muy say that bo far us I mn
aware the conservative Jmrty in
Cranbrook do not intend to do any
of the "hole in the comer" work
which I understand, wus the
feuturc of the lust local campaign,
When the time comes u candidate
will be selected openly nnd fnirly,
nnd whoever he muy be, whether
Mr. Cuvin or some one else, he will
lie there to stuy uud to win.
I sincerely hope thut in the coming campaign both parties will go
in to the field with a determination
to cast aside locnl prejudices nnd
to fight the campaign squarely on
the issues raised in the province,
and for the best interests of the
district, and I trust, though I be-
lieve Mr. Elmer did not so intend
it, that there will be no further
effort made by nny one to raise
locnl difficulties,
Yours Truly,
U.H.rge H, Thompson.
Big Expenditures  al   Perry  Creek
This Vear.
quently tested with the object dl
dctcriuiiig the most profiltbl*
means of working to the bed-feck.
Two Companies are Making Extensive  Improvments
Th's Seison.
QUAKTZ   LEADS    BErit'R    THAN   LVil
John Sherwood, the owner of
some valuable gold properties on
l'erry Creek, was in town Tuesday.
Mr. Sherwood has resumed work
ou his property, and he says that
it is showing up better thun ever.
The development of the quartz
properties on l'erry Creek show
thut lhat section it l.ouiiil to Im*
one of the greatest gold .'null's iu
British Columbia, In-th in placer
and quartz, Mr, Sherwood's work
has demonstrated thut the veins
increase in size and value in depth,
and that they can lie worki d
economically, Properties with the
showing of those on l'erry Creek,
if located iu Idaho or Montana,
would la- in grent demand nt big
prices. Once capital gets started
in that camp, there will Is- no sto_>-
ping it for it is one of the liest
known, nnd the time is rapidly
npproncliing when the mining investor will appreciate this fact.
Will Add Machinery.
The East Kootenay Placer Mining company are now engaged in
sinking a slittft to lie-rock on their
property ou Perry Creek. A mem.
liei* of the company in an official
interviw with the Fernie Free Press
Tlie recent clean-up from the
thousniiu yards of gravel which
was moved by the steam shovel
Bhowed most satisfactory results in
gold, and demonstrated what the
promoters were anxious to prove
that the surface gravel carried the
yellow metal in such quantities as
to guarantee purchasing of additional machinery to facilitate the
work of the shovel. A. Bunks
who has lieen superintending the
operations leaves for the eust todny
to secure this machinery which
cost ulxiut $2,000 more. This added machinery will increase the
daily capacity to nearly 1,000 yds.
nnd reduce the stntf of employees
from ten to five. At this estimate
and according to the clean-up
average, the shovel when in full
operation should yield a dnily
profit of nearly $200, while the
surface gravel on the claims should
yield u total value in gold of £17."),-
A block of 5,000 shares have
been put on tho market at a value
of $1,00 each and these are aliout
nil tnken up. This step hus been
tnken solely for the purpose of
raising sutiii ient money to meet
the added expenses, and to keep
the company out of debt. Up to
the present the slinreholders linve
.mid up enough on their stock to
meet ull expenditures nnd when
the plant settles down to steady
work dividends will nt once be
The Bteiiiu power is now being
used for hoisting purposes in sinking the shaft to the bed-rock, It
will bo also used later on in digging
a large ditch to carry the water
from several miles up the creek to
the sluice box on the bed-rock. It
is expected that the bed-rock will
yield large returns. A shaft was
sunk on thiB property by Col.
Baker ill '87. but a dyke was struck
lx-forc they had drifted far and
the work was abandoned. It is
known that a rich puystreak was
then discovered, from wliich wns j
tnken nhout $4,000, At the present time, three miles below the ■
company's cluims and n half a
mile below the fulls, bed-rock is
yielding pick ami shovel work $20
per day per nlan. The dirt from
the company's shaft is being fre-
Blf Work si Perry Cre*.
R. O. J,-linings, superintendent
for the Perry Creek flydnuilii-
nnd Mining company, cum* is
from Perry Creek Monday to took
for twenty or thirty men. Mr.
Jennings is one of the last potted
men on mining conditions in thit
distriel. and he is Iree to say that
tin- compauy he represents has iu
l.t.iiil one of the biggest mining
priij.isitions in British Columbia.
It hus installed u saw mill nnd is
now ready to cut lumber for tho
tt unu- il is to build. The flume will
la' three and n half miles loug,
four feet wide uud three feet deep,
und the wuter ut delivery will have
.. lend of tiiiil feet. It will tak«
4H0.U00 feet of lumber to build the
flume. The company hu* about
three miles of ground, and is going
ut it ou it big scde. It will take
all summer to complete the work
of preparation uud require an e*,-
pendlture of $110,000 to $40,000.
This is uu indication of what will
lie .loin* next yeur in the way ol
taking out gold from thc rich
ground thnt bus been thoroughly
prospected, and shown to 1» satis-
factory in every way,
Casadlaa Bask d Cimiiw ut  Ik.
Halifax Baakisi Co. New Oae.
The Winking business ill Canada
is evidence of the growth and prosperity of the Dominion. One bank.
ing institution thnt is making mar.
velous progress is the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, which hae, a
branch in Cranbrook under the
management of F. C, Mulpas. Tlie
amalgamation of the Canadian
Bunk of Commerce und the Halifax
Bunking company which took effee*.
on June 1st last, brings into tbe
maritime provinces one of the most
successful uud strongest banks in
Ciniailu. The system embneee)
practically every commercial center
of Canada from Sydney to Van.
couv.r extending to the principle
cities of the Pacific coast, firom
Sun Fransisco to Dawson, and haa
branches in London and New York.
The Bank of Commerce waa first
established in 1867 and the Halifax
Bunk in 1825, At the end of the
first year's business the Bank ol
Commerce hud a paid up capital o|
$918,868 and u reserve of $40,000.
Since then each year has shown a
substantial increase in both capital
and operations until the present
uinouiit of its paid up capital ia
$8,700.1X10. In growth its deposit*
is ulso Been u good proof ot it* pro.
gress. At the close of 1867 Ihey
amounted to $716,000, while at the
close of 1IKJ2 they hud reached the
splendid figures of ViVm&fl. Its
reserve hus ulso grown from tbe
((mount giveu for the first year to
$2,500,000 nt the close of 1902. It,
wns founded originally as a local
concern and it wus many years he-
fore its directors sought fmak ter.
ritory. It wub not until IMfeMU*.
the lunik possj-ssed any branch*!?:
outside of (hiturio, with the exception of Montreal und New York.' In
18'.i:i they extended into tbe {train
belt of Manitoba, and Mra iM*
British Columbia. Ill I'M' it
amalgamated the lunik of British
Columbia und ull the btumtmm
of which were tninsfeffW I* *m
Bunk of Commerce. The neil im.
portmit amalgamation was that
wliich hus recently been completed
which gives it brunches at all tht)
important business centers of tb«
eastern provinces.
Mawalc Qrssd Officers.
The officers of the Masonic
lirund Lodge were elected at Van*
couver lust week ns follows:
(irnnd muster, Rev. C. Ensor
Sharpe, Esquimau* deputy grand'
master W. J. Bowser, Vancouver;
grand senior warden, T. J. Armstrong, New Westminster; grand
junior warden, George Johnstone,
Nelson; chupluin, Rev. J. F. Clin-
ton, Vancouver; treasurer, Harry
Wntson, Vnncouver; secretary,
Kols-rt Brett, Victoria; tyler, B,
llosker, Vnncouver, TUB  CltANIUtOOiv  HEBALD
E.litor and Proprietor.
om y4'i4r .-■:•■••
Ml lUOiill.S -   -  -	
The n.ml-1 ,l.-4ln-t... i-tvi- Hi. tu"*, ". lh.
illstiloi. 11 yw" ItBji, a"." '(I""" ¥"ur l*"-"
 r inlil.* in y.iir I.-euplv. -44*11.1 ll U> .It" «***•
Soul It Eusl Kootenuy will lie a
worm battlefield during the "lining
provincial campaign. The former
districl has bw.>ii divide] and in th.
future thnt portion lying cast of
the Kootenny river nnd south of
Hull river will Ih- known us th.
Fernie district. It will includi
tin- towns of Michel. Fernie, Coul
l'nek. MorrissVy,Morrissey Mines.
Elko mid Jtilfray. Tin- |xirtion
lying i.i'iitl. of iliill river nnd west
oi lhe k'ooleitny river will Is- known
ns Crnnbrook district, nnd Includes
lite towns of' Crnnbrook. Fort
Steele. Moyie.''Wnnlner. MnryB-
ville, KinilK-rley! North Star Mine
 1 Ryan,     f'.iiili-r   the new law
lli.il went inlii effect upon the dissolution of the house, nil voters
lists tire iiulljlied, and a new list
must be mude.in accordance with
llienew (Icsiriiiiilion.'and it is absolutely necessary for n limn to
liuve his. iinme ou the new list if
be is to vote nt the coming election.
Already the work' of collecting
voles is under headway, mid severnl
hundred nMM>sl!»sve been registered up to (Into in this district.
ivill preach laith morning nnd
evening. At 3 o'clock in tho utter,
noon the Sunilny school will hold
n very interesting commemoration
service. The choir has arrang.-il
special music tat the day. A cordial invitation is giveu the public
to attend these services.
II is early in the game to predict
the names (if'cundidntes iu either
party, as n **vcek or Urn duys oft
times brings alMiut mat^crial
changes iu flu- situation. A number of the '('(iiiscrviitivcs of Crnnbrook liui'e" urged the name of
Thomas Covin, and his backers
have heed* 'enthusiastic iu their
work, souii-'going so fur us to Buy
thnt Cnvin would Is' a candidate
regardless'of thi- results ofthe conservative '('oiivention. Fort Steele
conservatives'seem anxious to have
.1. A. Hi.fvev' lead the party, although it Tins In1.... stilted thnt Mr.
Harvey piwitively declines to
accept the honor.- R. L. T. Gal
braith has Ix-cu * mentioned, and
Monday n'strAng rumor was",.flout
thnt friends of Government Agent
Arinstron'g wr-re active in that
gentleman**!) behalf, "Uncle'Jim'
Ryan is still a favorite with inuiiy
iu Craiilirook,' but he bus publicly
(lccllireil'.llijit I.I. wanted none of it,
On the liberal side there seems
lo lie noUiiiig definite. Dr. .T. *,H,
King is jipptirently the favorite,
lint conliuiies' to decline. R, E.
Beattie wbiil.rlxj'frccep!nble lo the
party, lint-lie .-ositiv.-ly refuses,
IV, F. ("liuil. tin- barrister, is still
■ ni the lists and George Hillicr
.ind .loliii Leask Ureoften mention.
.-.1. Tne'libeFnl convention will Is1
lield inn few-weeks, and by that
time liiirly seiiiimi-nt will have
.-rystjili/ed u.ki.. some one of those
'A Bar to Prosperity.
Ttossfiiiid Miner: With the
smelters of Sandon. Britisli Col
iiiiiliin. running nt half of their
eapncily the output of the mines
is curtailed to the extent of muny
thousand' tons. This is going to
have a. very bad effect on the min
,-ral production for the current
year. Tin,' whole trouble lies in
lhe fuel ^iPjUly, There is not sufficient i-okc,
There never will lie sufficient
enke nt'reiijVinublc cost until other
collieries (hau the Crows Nest un
available. If is therefore absolutely essential that the Flathead and
Lodge Pole conl ureas be opened
to development without further
delay,        .   ,1,
With the opening of these new
ureas, it. is not to be'expected that
fuel • from thnt source would lie-
-.ulfici.-iit guarantee to the mines,
.ind plans lor .levelopment on a
Inrge scale now .It-laycd solely Ix-
cause of the fuel situation would
put into operation forthwith.
This is all that stands Ix-twee..
the Kootenays and the greatest
possible prosperity.
- 1*—-ll r-	
The Wesley Bi-Ceateaary.
The Methodist church through
nut lhe world will celebrate the
200th Anniversary of John
Wesley's birth on June 28th 1(108,
The < 'rnulirook church hus arranged for Bpeeial service* Unit duy.
■It 1 -v -1 II While. Biiia-riut.-wli'U'-
pf mission* fpr  Briliuli  Coluinl.i*
Bell   Regulations for  Mines.
Denver, June 10. Under tbe
system adopted by lit.- Western
Federation of miners in annual
convention every 11.iin- ivi-sl .if tin*
Missouri river and in liriiish Columbia will use the following code
of signals:
Oue bell, hoist: one Ml slop lit
iu motion 1.
Two la-lls. l.iwer cage.
Two bells, to put cuge 011 or oil'
the chairs,
Three Mis. hoist men to surface,
Two Mis. IK.use. then  t    hell,
lower to next level.
One .hell, pause, then two la-lls.
itiist to next level.
Four   bells,    blasting    signal,
'iigineer must  raise  Ilie cage or
bucket a   few   feel   and   lower   il
again to show  his attention, then
one hell, hoist men from blast,
Five Ih'IIs. turn on steam,
Six liells. shut off steam,
Seven la-lls. turn oil nir.
Eight la-lls. shut off nir.
Nine la-lls. danger signal lease
ot fire or other danger), then ring
station   signal  where the danger
exists.   No person shall  ring nny
igntil bell except the station  lender, except in  case of (lunger, or
when'   the   mnin  sl.nl't is   lieing
Three signuls for sinking   three
■ two   one liells,  when  the cage
isl nl surfiice.   send   ilown  empty
Three--two -two -two bells,
siin.l down .trills,
[Three—two three la-lls. send
ilown picks.
station nm.i.s.
2 liells -1 boll 100 Station.
2  "■   — 2 '" 200     "
2  "   -ii  " :ioo    "
2   "   - 4   " -100     "
2   "   -6   " 500      "
11   "       1   " liOO      "
!1   -   -2   " 700      "
;(   -      ll   - WW
;t   -   -4   " (.KK)     "
;i  "      5   "        11KK)     "
4    "    -1    " 1100      "
4   ••    - 2   " 1200      -
4 " - h " i:ioo "
4 " -4 " 1*100 "
4 " -5 '• 1500 "
,|5 - -1 " IfiOO "
5 " -2 " 1700 "
5 " -8 " 1N0O "
5 - -4 " 1VKJ0 "
5 " 5 " 2000 "
Where electric lit-lls are used  in
connection with the other la-lls:
If cuge is wanted, ring station
signal, station tender will answer I
Reply 1 bell to go up.
Reply 2 la-lls to go la-low.
If station is full of ore. uud station tenders wanted, ring station
sigiiul uud do not answer buck.
2—1- Jl liells are rung, engineers
or station tender does not understand, repeat signal.
In ense of (lunger or accident.
ring station, tender will reply 1
bell, ring tl bells.
One copy of this code should be
ix.ste.1 on the gallows frame, uud
one before the engineers,
.1,1   A„4'.4*44.   «-|4.>44>>[4-   Ol,.,'!  Til*.  I. K...«b-
lt.l.4,,1 al Miiaaru Fall-. 0»W—OftaJM.
4,1   III.'   .»IU..44.rl4,,4,,l.
Tho Vary Itov Plus lludcUpb Mayer. Ims recently been .i|.|...ini.*.i General 44. H44' Order 41I Carmetttcs.   l-'ii-
llicv .Mi4i.t- came te Anti'tica ft i.nt
navurla In hi- early boyhood. S.4U11
alter hi*,    ordination us priest,     11.
1875, be joined llii- I'm ini'liti* Order,
,-.n 1 because 411 liis real uml ablllt*,'
SOOll  l.i'i'illit
or holdln*
lins     lll,,S,-|l
aller oBlc
viiu-iul    li.
i< held thi
.1.-.I    bj    I'uilt.
luliv tor ins .
uml us inlssli
una culletl 1..
11.* ii-
•Ilu- i-ui 11.-lit.
N..tii-,-i.lunii.v given lhat I, It. oaa»r-
-d-pud, Intend llirtj (I'l■'','>» attentat. t»
u|.|ilv   lu  lit. ...i.......   .'.tliiai H.iuii.r   ut
Liunl*. nn.l w„rk, tor lh. n.»*ii.* aid Uw
Chlel li.tiiiiii. toner »l I .nil- 4K.il Wurk. ol
til*. I'...vii.i*. 1.1 I'rit .lit-u'tiiiiliiiili.ralii-euw
to prtwwel l.tr.-uiil uiul 1 erroleliin upon the
laud.-hial ul 11.-*- I'lutli.ii I (Iter lu titan tb-
.iihli'Ni ,* noerol lit-' I'li-viii**..! Hrili.liCn*
liiiiibiu. ,l,-.,-rilii-.l 11. I.illinv-t
inuu i-iti-iiit   u iiii.I   ut  Ilu- iii.rilii-ii.t
n.r ,-r uiiiikfii "A11-1..1 IVheulhr'anortheaal
Xil-IKT IHMl," .1,4*144-.. H4,   t'lllliU. H.llltll. . ,44*111*.-
stlaehulo. Hi'-t. theuv. so chain, tu.it It,
tluiiivDUrhaluaaail to 1141.1 ..I .huibhiuh.-
nit-ttl. nml i-iintiiiiiitil! '*>I" ii.-..-.
l.iii.-iir.tiiMin. unci,
n     ansiis lillKti.i.KR. I.ooator.
lnul (I.
•I'm- f.l
,■ I tho tour
I-   III   Uu*   l'liili|.|.tu.*s.
t much pr -...    The
I'lllll...- Mm, t- is iiiiii, nretruM l..i I'lll-
,- i-rna-nl  I..-...I ..f ibe
Now is  the time  to subscribe.
$2.00 par yenr.
At li lllflellii,. uf .lie ex.' llllvo uf tin. I'i .uu,-ol
CoiiMi.rv.tlve A-tHix'tatl.. I, li"l-l ill I'll uvar, Hit-
liriiiliice wa.-1 vl.le.l ml., it..' .llihlun, lor or,
8illll/.lltliill l'iii|>ii,e.. Ilu* Iiinil -4.44y lloillllltll,
IvlHltill i. liiatli* uu iif tlie full .ivlntl i-niiiii'liil
eliatiu.i ilMrii,.,: ii.*v4.i,'.ik.'.i..liiiiiiil;i, l-'i-i-ini*
Cri4iilirui,k. Vititr. Kiisl... S..-IUI. lira.nI Fork.,
i.r eowuoil, the lllyof lt4,asl unt un.l (hc'.ly ul
NkImiii. ai Ilia-iiiiii.-.....'tin:: I.i.-* (..u....i'ii: lo-
Ni.ht.loii, uat. iiii.iiit.'.l:
I. ■Ihateunvi.ii.l'ili.luriii.tuliiitlliiifaiiili tales
fur llielnlier.i „f the lu-il.lalllll ils.i-iiilily hi' mail.'
up t.r 4l4.le1.atu4 chii.iai a, fullua.:
1.) III ..1 y eli'i.tiual Ills l-li-U.«.rai- .1 -I.*-;:.,.* I. I
every tllty llllll fnu'lliii 4if Illy v.i.i>, jmlla I in
lhe liriivlll Inl elei.tlo.1 hi'lil In neon, iiii.I If i|u*
.■Hv i.s.lnlilt'il hiti. ivur.ls. th ini.i.oill Hot (tola.
*.,!., fur .ai'h want Nhiill lie Iihho I uu llli'l .'oto
on h'.l In .-iwii war.1 at Uu. Iuh. uiiiiil.-ii.;ii clou.
(li) In otlla, c.<ic|,ir4l ll -.-..'l.-li. u ui ili-le-iali*
fur every titty ur fim-itu*. of fitly vol,. ,444,14-4. ul
Ilie I rovtncial ef-ctiull liniil Is !U ll, flu. llGlO|{l.l i-s
tot-ea|i|M*rt!.i!.eiltfl l-ullln-. 1 Jan'-,. 01* u, ..ear
theretos« a'.li hu fair tu tlie Voter, ..r .1,0 .1 llnr
mt u.-liitiliuilioo I,
It' Tiiei-lui'tlmiuf ileb-naUs-.hiill 0 ' al |illlilli'
luueliii*!*!, hehlHt ii-lclKiial-..! .*.*.nul l* 111-.- In
eauli iiullliu.illvhliiti. or In i-at-li uat-.t lu city
electoral dhtrlut,. If the city I, Oiyl-lcl Int..
wan),. At nm-li pnlill ■ llli-etiilK. only 1I11-.U liliu
Jilu.lliu llielust'lve.s tu rule Iur the cull liil-tle 01
i-ail'lliltitt', eleiite I i.t thu liomlll'llillx cmvi-iiln.a
■a>;,ll he enlllleil lu a vule t r ileieituti*.
il. THO weeks nollci. -.Iti.lt he nl.-.-u iilllli. l.ilti-
lli- tiu'tilili*, at wllluh .lei -isat s ti:e to lie elect it,
Otlil U'lmloutlO). I'limeiiliulis sllllll lie lu-iil III
illy electefal ili,trli*t, t.*..,, Inys afler thf ilay 1111
Which delegate, are electa I. Il'lil In utllul* i.let'-
Wal' |4trlt...H seven il.., atter. All ti,itiiilii(iIiu,i.H
iliriiualiuut Ilia iirovluce 11 he uiiiitj. a. 11 I'esle-
M-14V. ..ti*.a. alaue lo each ele 1 ir.ll it|;.fl-'i, .i,.|
on *'. ■».»'. (I»y.
1,  ilTgol cJIbi ..
far do. eu.4i on ul ilelegu*. 10,1,1111,11,11
i'i uu 1 .*. ..ftiiK^al.'..f inilillo tiu'i-lhms
..isl "... tl." -niuurtiuum ot of .l.lu-tate., 11,144
the llii.'. all* date .of iiuiii ually : fu^v.ittluin
I in ,4-4y.*ri4|iH.ate»|a, .-..rlcle -dial! lu, pra-iara-l
'byl'e ««l.i*f o/.ll-e.eeilll.veuf .!„. ihilsluu
lu »W'I. Ui4-*iw4».'ral4W|>l'li''i' me Mlluiilu, ami
11. M'*.l '-tar tue iiaiuat of i.re.lJ*w aV' f.-1'1 C-
I t.i, ul ilot l'n*,lu lid t'iiio.4-11 .tlie ...i-i-iamiii.
'   a -.-ia.1*!. 0/1*4. |.roy,natal ,-^,-,-*^ii, ,* ...t tu-
I14.I-I ill V.ii4-„i4.4,i wllltlii a iiioii.ti. i.*i'l Uu* .tale
f,.r hul.lliiK 1I/-4rli, i-4/iii|ii|*i,i(_ 1 owfuull-'iis will
turn imil«»**- .ITiirti HniiSniN.
I li-i-si.l ill iif til- I'l-mlui'lil
1 I't-Atf .r.Vill.l.VO Ap-4...'..,_1||.444.
\n) on, .'line bill, I in,
uii ut i,I lb.* "I.I.'1 lllll.'S
1.444 . 1,4 I ISO, ivlu'ii Iiii* linsmli-r
II.. itiu. 1.1 Ir.fl nut.al llio in..oust it- 1.I'll,'i   ,11   1.1 1    I.,nl.   ol   M..1111I   I'm' I.
'It.. 1 n-ii ry ' f 11 e order, written by
itii-iii! 4*;*s. iMi-i-ts Unit  it   una f.llllllt-
uil liy .In- I'i 1.i.lht Isutkh. In Iln.
i'iiiI.v .1.1,1a iif Uu Curuielllo i.t-.ii-i-
tin- ttu-iiilu-is wen- ciiilu'lli-il t,i wi'itr
it HtripQll I11.I.II, but Hu- present eurli
4if brown with 11 white cloak bos
beon in iisj for inuiiy 1,1,,,.i,-.-.I yenrs.
l-'i.i- 11   I1.111;  .1  they   W111' lii'iioits.
kenplnp, nloof Inuu tliu liiililliiliiins of
iiuiii, l.ut when ilu- Miilii.iiii'iuiis
4li*4.i.. thftii iuli. Kiiiii|ii'. in Uiu lliir-
teenlh i-i-iitiir.v, Hi,..v begun tn live in
-nt,'   iii-st   Curi.ioiitca ot roino tn
Aiiii'iii-n were l-'utliel-s Cyril Knoll
uiul \uili-i* 11 nl..-,. ivbo conn' li.-.in
Stl'nssblli-g, lliivut-iii, on tin- In-iit41-
tltllt nl llislii.|. Mifci. of Koiisiis. uiul
n'llli'il ui LeuVQiiivoi'tb.    Other 4-4,111-
....uiltlcs iit'if (i.r I ut Englewood,
N .1 , I'lttsbtirg, Ptulucuh, K.i . un.l
nl Mugul'ii l-'ulls. .Int., iiml 111., or-
ili-r s unt bppiiaie nn [iti|.ol'tniit fuelor
In ll.11 plnircb. 'I'hp Nun* York foundation ..f tlm order is ibe Churi-h o|
inn* I .inly uf Mnmn I'liniiul in Ensf
p-ilb.sli-cet, 1,,'Uvi-eti rtrsl uml t-'.oi*-
niol iiiutnii-s. over which Ilie llnv H
I', Hoii(.liwel| presides Al tin- tlino
nf tlie in-. Mclllyun ti ml I'livi'is.v |i|
llllll purisll lhe Cui-iiii lili-s i-iiini. ft'ntii
llnlilill nml fniiiuli'il (lie new i-bllli'll.
'Ilti'.v ivnt'Ki'il Willi their usual success
in the ouiv church, mul orgultis-i'd 11
111 ssinn liuiiil, with bi-iiiliiiimli'is   ut
'|*1... iii'.iiii|iiiii*ici*s nf tho order In
Aln.fi™ nt;. ul Mugill'u Fulls, mil.
A 4!litnic ui Ilm |.bi|..' slinws llml thu
seven rule*, by which (.ho bralhephood
\v s govcr I  in  ils early  |l|i>**  I'lH!.'
I ecu e'-.'-i'v relaxed. Then tlu* fni-.
mi'liio  l|i*ed  in mi  tinfa.-ulshi'll    cell
uiul      ill sliliui'il     from     lilt   i-nnifnils
wli It e uiueil In Ip l.lgl.|y iTi.cil liy
otliors     Thu llusplcp nf  Mount   Cnj.-
Illll     i*.    II     I I'llllil'lti     ,1141,14-1-1,    S|t-„l|ll|ft.
null rimtliiig rooms, lino .l{ii|ng
i.iiiin mil an 11 iippolato.l sb-i'iiln-r
oluirtnieiils. Hero ninny nl tl.-.- n.eiiii-
In* s nl ihc order live. wh|ip othct'9
i.i'i|iy tho htiadfi.iliic '.*.iniiu.s|i'ijt tu-tir-
Ni.ii.-i- is hereby given tlmi I, the tin*
ilorslgnnl, Inleiiil Ililrty (IU) .lays after
.lute to apply to Uie Aielituiit I'l.iiiiuie-
sinliui' nf Liliuis tttltl Works fnr .lie Pis-
tii.-t uutl tin- Chlel Coinnitialoiior ui
Lumis nn.l Winks ..( Uu. I'rovlnco t.f
lititisb .-iiliiinl.in tor 11 lleenio-to pn.s-
|..r. for iiml iiii.I petroloiun upon ilu-
hunts eusl nt tllO l-'liilbi-ml river in tlio
si.lllli|.|lsli-tll   i-nltn'r  nf   .III' l'l'nvillt-4' ol
llritisli. -4.lmt1i.iu. de(icrtbe.l tie [ollowsi
Cai1.111e111.tt1g al 1. ens! at tho soutli-
im-si corner innrkotl  "W,  M.'*li|aiP»'
snlllliucst .-..,...'.-|H> I," llll'lll'l. Kll lllmilie
north, tlieuce80 i-lmins oii.i, tliaiieeBO
i'liains south. tllollOO ntl.-liaiita mist tn
ln|iiistut'i'i.llillll.|li'|.|llt.l)t, l-l.|ltllini|lg '.HI
Dated 7th .lay ol May, nXlu.
II IV. McADAMB, Iioeator,
Notice ia hereliy given that I, the ult-
.lersii.-tiisl, intend thirty (110) ilnys otter
.lute to apply to the Assistant Commie.
binot'i nf l.niiils Hint Works for the l'is-
Irict and tlie Chief Cont..iissin..er of
fjinds uml Works of tin. Province 4.f
British Cohunhi*. for. a license to pro*--
luil for coal nml i>.-tii.li*iiiii ii[h.ii the
lands east of Iho FlathiHid river ia tlie
tMuitlieustern corner of tin- Province ot
llritisli Coltuuliiii. itesi-i.l.'it us follow,:
Commencing ut u post ut ibe northwest 4-orner murkeil **W. 1'. Tiernev',
nortliweatcorner post," thence SO el.itin*
-.itillli. Ihetii-c SU i-i..,.,,-. 4-ust. Ilien.-t-SU
chains north, thence SU chains wee. to
li.st ..I i-otiimeni-cneiii, uiul containing
lllll acres.
Holed lad Mm. 1803,
ll       W. 1\T1KRNEY, Locator.
Notice ia liercby g|f,B ,|,B« I, ttietin-ier-
.igu-sl. Intend liuil, (*-)) ,|„j, oiler Jule lo
iil„,ly In lhe Aaaialaul I'o-nmi-Mio-ier ul
LiiiiiU mul Worke h,r the Uialrict uml tbe
l.'hiell-oiiuuieeiimee 4,1 Laad. and Vurk. of
ilie Protlnceol BritiahUoluaiMa loin llttna.
In proapeet lor conl nml |ii.|iiil,uni iipon Hie
huiil. cos. 4,1 .lie t'lnlbead river in lit. Moulin
ea.lem cm. r 1.TJ1 he Prutiltre nl llrili.li 141.
Iiiuil'iu ih— ■ 1 licit ue to hae:
.'oa.aii-.ii-.ag at 11 |,o.l n. .lie .onlliaeel
niruer maiVd-A J. Marae' .oulliact ,or-
n,-r poet,-- t*ieBi*e SO 1 h 11114, iioi.b, .bmu-e
80 ctiniue eu.t, lliem-4, 80 cbuiii. M.U.I..
Ihelice 80 l-bl.lli.  We., li, poet ul i'44tum.t.i'e
ii.,-at, uiul <- -btuintn* tl.o aen.,
Ilittol Till Muy. 11111:1.
II A.J. U.tllKS. I  Ior.
a  "1
' branch
I' 1
I'll ,    v c
ur slims a
•II 1
us  1
ie hovel
nnlt'il llli.n
hi lie
1   Mil
1  III  Ihc   s
,s  hull  nu
.1 Is'i
-il   Ul
.toll, :■*..
|*,*,*,i  II
'll*   ll
ill    ll
ill    1
1   11
i'   (I'll
tc lilllc
.'11 i   V
th- -.uimi
11 tod 11   1>
,1-1, re "liis l
1   In
„   1'
..   'I'liil-i- ure
• 11
'. or
l.llVdl, |
ll I'upui'lj
i-i ii-
uy ull
Lclniig tn
.1   1
iv it it ft
iv  oxccplli
S OF "
[Ailiipl <i(it ij.'vi-i .t.i'.e, aejitfWior tilth, IM )
1.  Tiiat tliu ootivoiitlmi riMillrins Hm* j»o*lI^y
nl Hie iiiirty in ilia iiutti'rmii |irity,l»cwi units
a nl ti! Is; M ivii.-islil|i mil Liniirnl nf nil-
wiivs iiiiii ilii'ili'vi-lii|ieni.-.it "f Ilu- iurli'H.Huiil
les iiir.-t.-i nf t.i.- iirnvliri' iu ind il.i.vii m tliu
nliilfti-f.iittilii|ito<hiiDeloiitir, is.i.. wtiU'li Is us
"Tn uutlvaly n(.i If) iho rnitntructton of trull-
.lii'iiii'.rlimi: tl-i-nii'li'i -liiifil pm'tlnin »r Hit* turn-
vim-.- uml Hi'- liu.liliiiii ft 1'invilji'i-1 H'H"!* ',,,:»l*'
nf imliili-iit-i'i-stlly.
"Tn ml» -t 1 Id* nr.ii'liile* hi* uovotntii'iit mv|l-
i-1't.hHi nt r.iliw.i •; lu s.i Nir ii-: tlii-i-lri'-iiiiil'iilii-i'ii
of Hi.' 11 iivln 'i. iv II iiiliuil. iiml Hit' a.liiii:lmi "r
tin-1 rliioliiw iiiiii mr liuil m Hlinniil li'-uraiit.' I in
■my raljAiy ni ii|,-.ii> **+V■">*■ *•! ■«■* n»- Kjve Ill,i
uun-miiiitiitnf i|*n lir.Minut'i'iiiifi* /i| i'ji^i'siiver
lim. Initiiisul.liineili f witli tliu np:|iiii nr imr-
,-llli It.
"In lldtl b \ HSslll liy i'iite ulil In Hn-ll'vil >)>
incut tif the ii-'i'ii-iii iii'ii 1 nmi in i! a ui flu' prii-
Tlltlt ill ill.! iiienti'lii!
tlii'l'nileil St tr
im, li
unl c
iv.tli 1
Hi.)  tjif II Hm lull-
in I,   iii'1-..ini'li-.lii'I.
•iU'l.Kl'tillU Ci'-'ill-Ill
r it.-riii.lii ii|i|iri'H'il
I' NV-tl'lll  lllll     111-  I'l'
I.VI.V I'llllSt.'ll 'tlllll 1 I
iinn-li iiilvsiiitiui* tn
Tint in « ii'iinmj{i! ilie inliilii Inilm'ry, til'
tiiMitlmi nf 111'tiillirt'i-iiiM mini's slinitl.i tic nn
tin- hush of it i-Mi-ciilH'-,'' mi lhe net mull s.
I ilml tin- liii-i'iiniient uwiii-ishlli nt Ifl-
illume >vst''|i;* slmni,] Im liiiiit_/|it a'umt mil llml
sti-ii In im-;ii,.,i| -.il mi nr iniiil.e iiItlHtcs.
,'.    Tin1 mi r.l.iiti.r.t'T) .-nl ..re 1 t lifts r
t.i he ilis,...*..-.! ul 0 Ll hi-r.--.-r;. ---I rr-mi siiIl- or
li-as-, s.i thnl -l.ili' i>.mi m| -niiKH limy lju easily
ir tlieir u|Hirut ull bMiiiik' nocBS'tlry
nr *i
ill   111   tht! i.iil.. laml  lens's |irov!ltloll
slimlil In* 111 n|i' f.ir lef.iriHtliii; mil thil mejis
siuml'l n.--l;jii'N f.ji* tl| ■ iff lernl iire-erviillmi nl
f,n(i I-* hv im .*..J».J ,au.(li/.l tl.n \\ i.H|it[tilil,'Niriii<
tlllll nf lllllher.
7. "Men iiiul iHii'lM'-' "H U"1- *1'" W"fltie
|ii'-.\| ei.s|i,u'il|i..,M-t.'i'e7"illilM'lli.HliTsiTlir.'
iin'.'v -hi 1.i.i .(f .i.l.ll.'l.tli'ir
8. Tlmi 1l«> ma | 1 ni he in   tern;| In Hie wuy
nl -.Hli.l.lv iil'.'l ii!i|irn-iij;i'l >th f.ll   I.Hi  iii'iivltli'f
res..'III1MII lll-J li iiiilnliui
shvcr-li'iiil  In.hmlili'Si'r lh.' |>i'i
1-1 mul ii i! 'linu-eil hi llml.ii|iiis
ml f..t
ii'h 11 1
.I I .
i.iporl any iiniiiiii
lui. 1
,», Tjiitt iHiiiil sinal ills|niti's ulninst lntin-1-
.il.lv if- Hi ii-. i-r«' »t lii-aiiilhiinrv ■>< Hi t. HiV
Inrli-'H iliri-n I) i.'ijiiui-i'ii-'tl mul tn Hie inihlle. le *-
is.iiHmi -limilii In- ims'iii'ij in -iruviilt- means r.ir
nn aiiih-ahli- a 'Jiintimi il »r sifu i ills|inlu.i he-
I teen I'liitiliiyeiMii nl I'liiiitii*,.'*..
II. TLiit It U atlvls thii-In I'islfli'tlie tiu.ll|(fiii'-
Iill'L'n'ili. raiv I'inliirts of Hit' |)IJttVlllB i W tlllll
ell-. 1.I'm ini-'in fui'.is |.ru'l call e '•>' 1110*1118 nl
I.i* ili.tt* ..it III" siiil raw i> ...Itn-ls Blllljlillt tn
f.-li.ilenttli.. h.,1,,1- in wliiili! nr part when liiaui
liielui'Gil lu lliljih/  |n)j;li;;i.
Tiiflfew Pfotice
T ki'iKitiii'Unit thirtj-iIuvh utter tin J- 1
ln'0 il tn xs|*|• <> In tiie fliii-l CoHimUsioji.'i-
til LmiiiH nml iVurkii nt VitToiin fnr n lieetixi'
iu cut nml rnin* uwuy HtnliiT from tlm fui
t'.t'iinii'ii'i.ii.' ut u |uimI pin nl inl nn tin.
Hiiiij'ien-i I'dfiii-r nf Int. 424, gl'iilip Otlf,
llii-iici-i|n|-.lli till ciiiuiiH flloflg lhe find line
l.fH-ltil Int 4>4 l-lieniv*-nMl ,t, .'Iijjjiih to the
Hoiilh'Hcl I'liini'r of \V. I'lijliji.'s H^Imi-
Hi 'iin.-, lln'in'i> nurlli 40 clllttnn, ihe.nee rys)
■10 ollllijit, Hji'inr mill Hi 100 ollflln* tp Uie
Jl.irlll line nt Hiii.) Inl tJS."). tln-nee Wi'Ht- illimif
juitl nnrMi 'Ilie of Inl, J'Jfi, Hj-litv r|||l1ll8 In
Hm i ii | lir-gilining, pniilaiiil^g-flW noiofl
Hilllll llilii hili ..Untie lliil.t
i I MnliliPU llii-.'l.iniiilf'.'.
Nutiri' la horouy Ktvon ti
tlorsltfiietl, iliteml thirty CM) liiiyu ufU'r
ilnt** tn npply to tin* Aestatant Commla*
siiiiicr nf laHlula mul Works for the Din-
tHct iiml (lit1 (.'liief C'otiiiiHHuioiier of
Lumis tiiiil Works of tlu* Province of
Hr,ti*»li Col um bin for a license to pron-
pect fnr conl mul petroleum immhi the
liimls oust of the Flnthi>uil river In the
aouthensterti rorner of the Province of
British Colombia, described «s follows:
Commencing at n post at the north-
fiist t'lirner murketl "J. Stewart's north-
ouat corner post," thence KO chains lonth,
tlieuce SO c'mlna west, thence 80 chains
north, thence SO chains east toiwatof
*jommencemcn,) ami containing 640
Uutctl 7tli duy of Mav, A. D. 1903.
11 ,f. STKW'AKT, locator.
Notice U hereby given that I, the un-
tlerslgncd, iiitpmf thirty [W days after
dnte in upply to i|ifi AssistiHit Otimmis-
aloner of Lii'mls nnd Works for tho IMb-
irict nml the L'hief Commissioner of
Lmids mul |Works of the Province of
British Columbia for a license to proapeet for conl ami petroleum upon the
lands east of the Flathead river in the
Southeastern corner of the Province of
llriiisli Columbia, described us follows:
Commencing ut a post at the northwest corner marked '',1, I,. Hetallack's
northwest corner post," thence HO chains
snutli, thence SO ehalns east, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains weat to
post of cotiimeiicijinent, and containing
040 acres.
Dated 7th day of May, A. It. W03.    '
11        ,1. L. RETAI-iiCK, Locator,
Notice is hereby given that I, the un*
derslgnor), intend thirty (801 days after
date to apply to tl|u Ase|Btm)t IVmim}**-
sinner of Lands'and Worka for tl)e Pia-
trlct mid the Chief Commiaaioner of
hinds mid Works of the Provjnce of
BrUisl) Cfllwpb,*! tor a license to proapeet fnr mini nmi )iptrp|(iu|p ution the
lands east of the Matbtiad rivwr in tbe
southeastern corner Of the Province of
British Columbia, described as follows:
Commencing at a post at tbe northwest cnnier marked "W. li. Burnhnm's
northwest corner |**ost," thenceSOchains
soi|tb, t|)P|ice 80 chains east, theuce HO
chains north, tJiPHPs? Is!) chains west to
piwt nf cnmniencempilt, mill PPnt-tHHDg
(140 acres.
Dated 4th duv of May, A. D. 1003.
1|        W. 0. BUHNHAM, locator,
Entice js boreby «tvep thnt I, the UU-
(jprslgnetl, intent) thirty (30) dayB after
ditto to apply to the Assistant CommiB-
fsiniier of bunds [Hid Works for tha PiB*
trict nml the Chief ComndsBloner of
bniiilsmiil Works of the Province of.
British Columbia (or u license to prospect for t'liiil and petroleum upon the
lands east of the Hatheud river in the
southeastern corner of the Provinco of
British Columbia, described as follows;
Commencing at a poBt at the southeast comer market! ".I. Fred Hume's
southeast corner post," thence 80 chains
north, thence HO chains west, thence 80
chains smith, thence 80 chains east to
post of I'nmmcii.'j'ineiit, and containing
ii40 ncres,
Hated Ttli day of >Iay, lflpS.
J) .1. Fpp IIUMK, Ixicatpr.
t*>qtij:D is bpreby given til?*1 'j ,'1-e im
iliirsignnd, intend thirty (SfiJ dayB n/tpr
ditto tn apply tothe AsslBt^nj Coipmis:
sinjit'i* of bands and Work* for the |>is,
uictund the Chief Commissioner %»f
bands uml Works of the Province of
British Columbia for a license to pros-
,iect for coal mul petroleum upon the
lutuls east nf the I' latbead river in the
southeastern corner uf the Province ol
British Columbia, described tan follows:
Commencing nt a post at the southwest corner marked "Frederick Klliott'B
southwest corner jMist," thence[H0chttinB
north, thonce 80 chains east, thence 80
cliupis south, llience 80 chains west to
pnst nf iiimiii.ciici.'iiienl, and containing
HID ncres.
Dated 5th Mnv, 1003. 1)
I'ltl'.liKltH'k ELLIOTT, Uicutor.
Nntkcis l/urul/v gjvim thut 1, the tin*
dersignet! fltjfft/f t|f|r*iy jM) day* »|t/jr
date to upply to t||0 Artsjst^itf%m(H:
sioiicrnf ),utu]s t)iii| \) »rjfs for t|i,c District und the Chiuf r»inmias|oiipr of
bands und Works of (lie Provjnre of
British Columbia for u liceiiae to pros-
iiect fnr conl und petroleum U|hiii the
lands east of the FiatheHd river in the
southeiist comer of the Province of
Britisli Col Uiu bill, described ns follows:
Commencing ut a post nt the southeast corner, muiked "W. O. Hoae's
southeast corner |iost," thenco 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thonce 80
rlmins suiith, thence 80 chains eust to
post of com'i'ueiii.'pfneiit," nnd containing
ti4o acres,
Dated 7th Muv 1903.
1.1       ■       W. O. KOrSE, Ixx-nfor.
Notice js bereliy u^fifi that I, the "U-
dersigned, intend thirty (.ifl) dap after
diite to upply t,Q the .AssistuntCnnijiifs-
t-injij-'r "j f .iiiuls nnd Works for the Dis-
trlot und the Pfojpf ,C,o;nmiB8|io;ijt?*i' ol
Land? uud Works o| tbp prpyifipjo pf
British Columhin. for n license to pfos.
poet for coal and petroleum upon tie
lauds east of tlie Matbead river In tl.o
southeastern corner of the Province of
British Columbia, described us follows:
■Cfimtiiencini*; at a post at the north*
Wesl k-m-iijfj* (parked 'W, 0, Moresby's
nortJiwest vnrnvi'p^,-" thence 80 chains
south, tlieuce HO cbutns past, Ihepco 80
chnlns north, IJience SO CJinins west to
postol cnnimencemetil, and containing
lilli acres. ""
Hat.-il.nli Mav, 1.HVI.
•)-}      ))r>9* W°pSByj I^H'ator.
Notice is hereby given that I, ihe uii-
dersignetl, intend tiiirly (110) duys iifiei
date to apply lo the AhIhIquI Commis*
siimci of Lands mid Works fnr the District and  ibe Chief Commissioner nf
bunds and Works uf the Province nf
British Cul mn bin fnr a license to prog.
(Hit for conl und petmleuui upon tbe
lunds nut nf tin- Hlttheud river in llli<
southeAHliiiTi corner of tbu I'rovlnuoof
British Columbia, domitietl in follows:
Commencing at a i»n*t nt the southwest corner marked "ft, ■*•*. Knwler's
sniiiliw est corner post," t hence 80 chuiiis
north, theuce 80 chains eust, thence 80
chains south, tbem-e 8(1 cbnius wnM tn
Hwt of t'liniiiietirniiiiiiit, and t'ontniniug
14(1 ncriis,
Dnti'iHib Mny, luoa,
H, (*, KtHVI.FH, I^Hiutnr,
Notico Is hereby given thnt I, the un*
lersigned, intend thirty (80) duys alter
late to upply in the Assistant Commissioner of bauds and Works for the District ami tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works of the Province of
Britisli Columbia for u license to proo-
pect fnr coal and iietroleum Upon tbe
lands east of the Flathead river in the
southeastern comer of the Province of
British Coliunbin, described i\" follows;
Commencing at n post nt tbe northeast comer marked "P. ('riddle's north*
east comer i>ost," tlieuce 80 chains
south, theuce 80 chains west, thence HO
chains norlh, theuce 80 chains east to
■post of commencement, and containing
H40 ncres.
Dated 4th Mav, l!H)lt.
11 1J. CHIDDLK, Locator.
QNuliiviH li.r.hv  givi-ii lhat   I, lli,. nuili-r-
■Ignwl iutfuil tlilHj* (HO)ila.vs tiiin .Inu. n,
ii|i|il.v   tn   III,*  Ann Hlnin   I'oUMUkloiWf   nl
l. IhiiiiiI H'urks fur ilm District uud ths
Clllvt (.'iiiniiiiiwi ,1 n «t l-iunl-smiil WirUnl
Hn- I'ntuiiiv nf UHllKtiCnluMbllk tur u Ihvnw
i<> |intH|*ii t Im ,-,-iti iin,| -H.|iiii,.|iui ti|iiin i)t<-
liiiiil-tuiKt „| ih.- Flntliwul livi-riiillii-Huiitli
fiiHti'iinn mriillli.. I'mviiin- ml British In
liimliiii, iIuh-iiIhhI \\t lullUWSt
P0M0 Illg*iitit   |iniit    ul   ttdtliUlh I
.iiiai-r innrU-.l * T   M   M'nilPl MUttwill inr-
HIT |'nM*." ilm HUi-halbl iinrlli, ll ii. hu
ehalns wist, Ihenee BJ I'liiitim smith, theitra
so ,)i.,Ihh I'list iii |hhiI li roniuiei.iiin.ni,
[Hill iniitnlliiliH tl-tll tteri-M.
n.ii.-il *Jii-i Muy, Hin;i.
II T. M.WAltli, Liiiitor.
Niiilii'iK hoivlljr given lluit I. tIt.** iiiiili-r-
MSUeil, Illti'inl lliirt v (HO) l|»i'S iiltnr ilnli< to
nplily In tlie AwUlttiil riiinmitwini.ir nl
I,ttin's atld Works (or Ibe DiHlrli-t iiiiiI ilm
i'iiii.|t'nnii)iiHsiiiiii>r nl i.iiiitiM nml Works of
I lie Province Ol Hril isli Cnlntutiiti Inr u lii-i'iit*f
in prospect for coal nml |.i-tn>li.uiu un»u tlie
tauils cast ot the Muthead river in Ihsioulh-
paiitrn enrner ni the Province nt HriiiHli to-
hiniliiii, .|.'Mi-rilM',l uh lull iwh:
Cummenclng at n lumt al  ihnmiutheiiHt
rt truer innrk.'il "Aitruu II. Kelly's Huiittii-iist
enrner post," thence SO chnlns uorlli, theore
mo I'lmius west, then™ no chuini south,
llii-iiee HOiliiiiiiM t'lisl In jiiMt ol eniiinii nif-
nii'iii, and conli.iniiiK uin acres,
Ihit.il .'iih Mav, lliiut.
it        A.Mt'N H. KELLY,Locator,
Why you should bay
BeCaUSC It I, Hi? ■»«■ quali.y
Because it i« tie n4...i i».4jnp cu»»
Because n l. ih. i».*.e». 1.1*1. (,•*«
111 14. Ilk* 1 Itlg
Because lUe la*, m MluaWa f.ir
preniiuui. aal.l Jaa. I, If**
BeCaUSe *•  -mamnli-e evety plu*
BeCaUSe y-mri-eatr, 1. a,,lh,i,l,nl li>
ll-llll.ll   \, 41'   .11   Il4*y    . 4,,44
air .144. Hi.l.li tl
THU liMMItH TlimtCII CU., ll*.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Qive me a call.
Notice ie hereby given that 1, the Undersigned intend thirty (.10) days ftfttir
date to npply to the Mttstant Ununiia-
sioner of LandB and Wurks fur the l»i[i-
trii-t itnd the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds nnd Works of tlie Province of
British Columbia for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum upon tbe
lands east of tbe Flathead river in the
southeastern corner of the Province of
Britisli Columbia, described ub follows;
Commencing at a post at the south*
east corner marked "II. B. Thomson's
southeast comer post," thence80 ehalns
north, thence 80 chains weat, thence 80
chains aoutli, theuce 80 chains east to
IMist of commencement, nnd containing
U40 acres.
Hated 4th May, ism
H       H, »* THOMSON, Locator,
Take mil ice tlmt rtlxty dayi u'tt-r dati I intern) tn tipply to liiu Honor, the Lieutenant
Governor lu Council, under ii«-tinn Tot the
■'Hiver* iiml St ream.* Ad, IhBti," C 4-1 nml
.7, toileim nlistmeiinns, lun'dem, log iamn,
siingn, etc., Inuu the U'.l nml bunke nl
Memlim- croek, east Koutotmy, Irom ita
aouTi-ulouiuuth, mul lo make eneti other
Itnpmveuientsas mny I* iimiasar-/ fnr tin*
ilnviiitfnf \o_w, to noiiftruot mirting honms
at Its month; nUo iiicullei-t tniln unt he jmlKt
ut the inuiity court wuy Hi.
Crunlirnok, S K. Knntenay, Mnv ao.nto'l.
11 (I.I.KING,
Notice is hereby given that I, the nn-
dersi-jned, intend thirty ['Mi) days after
dnte to npply to the Assistant Cmiuuia-
sioner of linhds am) Wmti (or the His*
trh't anil Iht) Ch|e( Cominissloner of
Ijindsaiitl Wnrks of the Province* of
British Columbia for a license to prospect for coal and 1-f.troleuu.i upon the
lands east of the V'lnthpatl rW*gr in t]ic
southejistprn pprnt-r of tlieProvimieof
British ColumMu, il-jsiiiibt'ii as follows;
Commencing tit n pnst at the northeast corner market! 'Ut. A, Froi Vcux'
northeast corner*|>ost," thence 80 chains
south, thenco 80 chains west, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains east to
(h»M of commencement, and vontuiujiig
IIP ncres.
piitpiHtliibiifnfMfly. A. n*. i«n.
}l H.A.VHUl VKl'X, Locator.
Notice is hereliy givon thnt I, tbe undersigned, luteud thirty (-10) days after
date to apply to tbe Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for the his-
trict and the Chief Commissioner of
bunds aud Works ofthe Province of
British Columbia for a license to prospect for eoal and petroleum upon the
lands east of the Flu (bead river in the
southeastern comer of the Province of
British Columbia, described aa follows:
"Commencing at a post at the aoutli
east comer marked I. N. l>iitly's south
etiBt corner post," thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence At) chains east to
post of commencement, und containing
040 ncres.
Pitted 2nd May, 100,1.
|f |, N, PALLY, Locator.
Notice is hereby given tbat I, Die mi-
dorsigjird, fptend thirty CtO) days after
dat-n to apply fp i\m Assistant Cojppiin.
sioiipr of Laptts nnd Works for thc 1Mb*
trict ami the Chief Commissioner of
Lumis awl Works of tlm province of
British Columbia for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum 11)100 the
inmls mist of the I* latheud river In tlie
southeastern corner of tlie Province of
British Columbia, described as follows:
Commencing at a p-itst at the northwest corner marked "IL II. I.eimie's
northwest corner post," thence 80 chains
south, theuce Ktl chains east, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west In
post of commencement, uml conttuning
040 ncres.
Dated 4th Mny, 100't.
Mny, 100:t.
JLILLI'.NNII.. Usator.
Notjce is |iercby giyeu that I, thi; np-
<birti|gpi;d, intend thirty (HO) duys after
date iff api'ly hf the  Assistant Commis
sioper ol Liin.'fB urn) Wnfkt) for tlip Pjs-
trictund the ldi|ei i-ojiKpisstonyr of
Lnmlsawl Wpfty t4 tbp |frpvfjicp pf
British Columbia for 11 Itcimse loprpa-
poct for coul and pntrotmiin upon the
lands eust of tbe Flnthend river in tlm
southeastern comer of lhe province of
British Columliin, described us follows;
Commencing at a post at the southwest comer marked "John KUiott's
southwest comer post," thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains cast, theuce 80
chains south, tlieuce 80 chains west to
post of commencement, and continuing
lill) acres.
TVri\ed and Mhj* 1003.
■U'    f7^'^|^7(J,pj'ator.
^iilieoin hei.'liy given tfint I. the timjer-
Bignet), iiitcpif 1 hii 1,v f ;)<t) il'iyH ift«r date -io
apply •;,' •"*■' A^iiplan^ i-NipinlBBiiiinir of
I.iuifjfi nml Wn-'kH for 1 lie I'-isirict until he
C|)^P"WW»Mi« ««• ol &*&* of|d^Wpr|((i (jf
the province uf U.ilioli (.'olufHliln fill' a bpcntji
to pi'iiHpeot for mini q»d petiol-'um upon the
luudeiuHt ofthe Plat he'itd iiv*T in "I l»»? u»utli-
eio-t in cnniiTof the Province of Bill iuh Co-
lunih'ti. ili'si'1'iln-il uh fitllowH:
Comini-mingHt a 1 nst at the northenst
corner mm kt-d "Uotitngiie S. Davys'north*
eilHt enrner ntnt," tlir-nee 80 ehllilis BOlltll,
jhi'iiir 80 chniiie west, thenee SO itiaiiin
north, thepcepOchftlne cunt tn post olcom-
menrenent, nni/eiimninin^U-iUurrcg.
"'Iiate.lV'iid'Uiiy. I..W.I.
II MO^TAO-UR H. ntJ'V, l.oentnr.
Timber Notice
Tiike notice that lliiity dayi utter dnte I
intern) tn apply to Ihe Chief I'ommiiwluuer nt
bunds and WurkB nt Victoria for tiptcial
lieenwto cut nml carry away Hrabt-r from
thefnllu-Apig deBinbtd IuiiiIh tn the north
east of >fiiryuviile in Honth Bust Kootenay;
('omnisiieiiig at the sunthwist corner ol
i.ni 2*J48, lir.inp one, thence went 80 rtiniiia
t hence north 80 i-haiiis thence eusl HO cbniim
tin ii.'e mini h 80-chulnsto iilaieiilioninii'iiii-
but. .1 at Marysville, .luiic &th, luoa.
1*J      Murysville l.uttiher I'n , I.I J , Locntoi
Timber Notice
Notice in hereby given that thirty duye af
ter date 1 intend to apply to the Chief lorn
missloner ot Lands mn) Wnrks at Vhtorlu
h»r U Kpecinl liiH-use tu init nml carry awuj
tmilier Imui I tie inl lining il< mriitt'il lumis lo
the nnrtlieiist ol Uiirjni ilie, in Snutli Knt»l
Ciitiuui-iieingat a post nhtii'iil atmul 20
ehdns frmn the north-feat corner nf Lol
9*340, Group one, Ihnice north 40 chains,
tin-Nee «est tun i-lniins. thence south 4
(■buhls, (hi nee east HlO i-huhm to place ol
imni tin-ill .uii nt.
Dated ut Mary,vill,', June rob, 11)0.1.
I'i H.8. Miiiiulinii, l.niuti
Land Notice
NnlVe is lierehy given ihut tlO ilnys tiftei
datel intend to npply tothe chief cotuniis
hiniier nf bamls nml works lor |iertuli>s<ou t
purchuss the   (iillimiiig ilem-riheil  lund in
Snulh Kiift Kontiiu::
Cmnmeiieirg tit a po»t pluntel at Ihe
southwest comer of bnt No. 2H71, Ornilp 1
thence mn lh 40 i-huiiiH. ihenee west 40 iIhoiih
llience south 40 i liuilis, thenee eatt 4(1
chuins lo place of beginning, containing 1(10
Cranbrook, June 4th, I90JI.
ii Thos. Maycock
Timber Notice.
Nolice is hereby given that thirty days
after (lute we lutein] to make application to
the Chief Commissi one.- ol Lunils aud Works
at Vii-toi in, for o spei-inl licenae to cut aud
carry away timber fmm tbe (ullowiug de-
«!|*Un'i| Ijpnls, pi Smilh Kiwt Kootenuy:
Coii|iuein-j||(j at t||e jjuijtli v^t porner of
(', 1. Klii.h"BHji|.'.-iii| tinilier |ie.'|jne Lfp mr\i?2
group one, theiiee mmth 40 chains   them
east   lip c|ialn*>, itn-mr north 4ii ehulus,
thenee Hl'dt )40 I'lniiim l« jjltiee nf eninmeiire
Ihiteilnl Murysville Ilay |-"i, |IW,1.
10   MaryBVillel.umber Company, Idmtt-nl
Timber Notice
Notice It hereby givun that thirty duys
alter date I intend to apply to chief commis
sinner of lumlsiiml works fnr ii spcciil tiailwr
litviine totiit mil curry iiwut limber from
the following* lands!
Commencing at the north west comer of
King Meri'tintih) Co's Sntilb Alrii-im Imui
grunt (Troii|4'r lliiminoml) riiuiiiug wist
HO i-lniins, th n v nuilli NO ebiiiiis, tlunc
eusl 80 clinlns, tl.em-e north hii nfanlni U
poifif .,1 c uimijnccnfe||t, ni|iluliiliig mo
acres more or |i»i*.
Hf.j.'dMf.y'->:i, H|i'-'f.
1"  H Nobles
Vmhtt Nptiw,
Tufciinotii-elhiil Ihirtyiluyw nfliir i|Hte I
i|l|eud touiu'ly to Itiu tliinl Commlssloimr
,6f IhiiiIs and works for s|H<cial Ijeenw to cut
Iiml curry «w".v Mllllwr from the fullowiug
de I'libed hiuds:
Coiiiliieniiiig ul ii post on the north eust
corner nf Kims Kny Ins pre-emption Nu 817,
theuce east 00 chains to the western bound
ary ul lot 451)), group 1, K. D., thence south
HO ch .ins to Int. 077, group one thence nest
17 chains to lltitin|i Culutuhln Soithern right
nf way, theuce northwesterly a'oug said
right ol way to place of begiuning -nutuiii
hlg -l-'O acres more or less.
Dtileij Jdur-TUml, lpOU.
Timber Notice
Nofice U hi-r,;liy given thut thirty days a!
ter dti)e|i|iteiijj to app|y to the Chief Cnm'-
mff/jio|fBr of bauds ijud Worj^s a|'V||it(|r)a
lor a i||eciul iji-renfije to eu| uud c^rry-away
|i|||l|erfri|iii t))e (ollmtii)g <Wrii*ud li,m|s,
situule in FJnulli Kust Kootenny:
Comun-ijoiug ut a post phial i d at the sou t b
east corner of Lot 4lt4 In group one; theuce
south 80 chains along the west line of lot
4-Jf., group one; llnince went 80 cbulns,
thenee imHh HO chains tn miiil lot 4J4,
thence ivff-80 eh ins clung the south line nf
Inl *&$» tW (dace id lieglniilug.
|Hi'i*tkCI:ti^.lune, lDO'l.
'W- Tbnmai Yoiiiik-
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  idfis,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Th* most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
011k. at RoMtact, Arautna* A...
F.rt....,,   -   •   •   •   *.M I. II
Allcr-K...   ....   l:Nla3*J*
E.c.la,.    ....    7.1*1.1:1*
CRA.-. BROOK,    :   :   : :   E. C
I have good wood oi all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite oflice receive prompt attentior.
Richard Stewart
C. Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Pt. Steele Brewing Co.:
61.11^1, |),,l„,|i, Minpc.^,
Chicago ant) points east
Tliriiuirli Palace 1,4,4) Tourist Sleflper,
lllllliil. ti,.,, fl'-Rat Siii,mliiK'l.ilii!li-y (*l*r,
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
(1..W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
,* '
mm ~r
Shoes for Every Walk in Life
INFANTS' Red anil Chocolate Slippers nnd Boots
IHII.IIRBN'S Toe Slippers, Canvas Slippers and Shoes.
MISSUS' line lace anil llullnii Shoes, Toe Slippers, etc.
HOYS' Canvas Ox for-1; and Sit im. Lacrosse Shoes, liinli and low
LADIES -A fa icy a., ir.e.l slu:'*,, Slippers, Oxfords and Shoes
MEN The famous SLATER SHOES,also summer canus footwear
$ Butter and Eggs.
Dairy Butter, rolls antl tubs 33c
Creamery Butter, 14 II) boxes 25c
l-KK**, P-'i* dozen 251:
Fancy and Staple Grocery Store,
Cranbrook, B. C.
St... Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock Io-v
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
The Line-Hardware •
The System-Large Stock, Low Prices j
The Field-South Lasl Kootenay
The Name-
Cosmopolitan Hotel |
Cranbrook, B. C.
Gntrally situated,   Every in idem convenience. ft
Bright and well lighted sample rooms,
30 feet long*
Sitting and   reading room reserved <
exclusively for   commercials and*
their friends.
Spacious and newly furnished bedrooms.
Best appointed dining room in the district.
The cuisine and bar noted for quality and variety.
Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The (roods will suit you -,,
The cut will suit you
The making will suit you
Thc price will suit you
Though our fine Parlor
Furniture has not yet ar
rived we have some special values in
Hardwood Beds,
Iron Beds,
Chairs and
The Macconnell
Furniture Co.,
Armstrong Ave.
Picked Up Abort Ike Cily by Arid-.*
Question sl Muy People.
St...ilny ivns tin- longest tiny <-f
tlw y.'iir.
Mr. Douohuc. of Worthier, wns
in town Tuesday.
' M. A. Benle returned from tile'
roust lust Thursday.
Mr. Hazel is building a neat
cottage on Baker hill.
.Tames Ryan lins lnul his Baker
hill property inclosed,
Henry Parker visited Macleod
severnl ihiys lust week.
Dave Newell, of Fort Steele, was
in ('raiil.iu.k last Friday.
Dr. Watt, of Fort Steele, was a
Craiilirook visitor Monday.
Mr. aud Mrs. J, Breckenridgc
left Monday for Frank, Altn.
.1. A. Harvey, of Fort Steele,
was in town one day last week.
Tommy Stark came up from
Wnnllier Sunday to visit friends,
Mrs. W. D. Hill and ehillMi
were visiting Moyie relatives Inst
.1. D. McBride left for the co.tt
lust Friday to Iv nliseiit a week or
ten days.
F. Derosier, the well known
hotel mnn of .IntTniy. was iu town
A Sl..>riilaii, of Llko. win a
Cranbrook visitor Friday and
George S. Kildinti. of Miich-cal.
visiti-il in Crnnbrook several days
tliis week. ,
Mr. nml Mrs. Barney expect to
1 -ave in 11 few weeks for a trip
down east.
lire. King and lircen an- building an addition to their residence
nnd iiHii-e,
T. T, McVittie and wife and .T.
T, l.tiidlaiv were Cranhrook visitors
Insl Friday.
Rev. McKillop, of Lethbridge,
|s visiting his daughter, Mrs, U,
11, Mrciiiner,
Minm Hennell iiii.I Miss Woods,
nl' Murysville are visiting friends
in Moyie this week.
II. II. Miner intends to take his
line slalliou to Calgary next week
at the time of the fair.
Superintendent Taylor and wife
art- now comfortably located in
tlieir honio on Baker hill.
The walcr was so high at Wusn
(liis yearns to enter the dinning
riH.in in N, Hanson's hotel.
Dr. Fagin, of Victoria, official
liiiillli officer of the pn.vii.ee, paid
I'riinlHwk n visit llis'l Wl-t'k,
S, II, Murfuw Ims been nppolnt-
til district deputy grand master of
the I, 0, 0, F, for Cranbrook,
Fernie was visited by n bad fire
lust week, Fortunately a rnin
storm prevented it spreading,
Wallace Hamilton, of Frank,
Altn,, spent Sunday with his
mother mid sister in this city,
.Tames Greenwood, n C. P. B.
operator of Lethbridge, was ill
town visiting friends on Sunday.
Ef: Kjna ffjiscj.lle.1fe {*•#(
Htiyl-i S\||i((|iji •iYI.|>1uh flit noeoiint
pf flie illness pf Mrs, H, Relnemuii.
Frank Collett, the well known
mining promoter, was in town Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
I Good houses are in demand in
Cnuibrook these days. The town
is increasing in population every
C. P. Stickle, who lifts 1h*cii cul- The L ..lies ot Chris! chinch are
ter for M. Mclnues, left for liis making iirr.iiiccineiits for n sti-au*.
hoii... at UesMoin.s. Iowa, last berry nn 1 ice oieam social to be
Saturday. given  Wednesday  evening   .Inl.
.1. -M. Beckett, repivseiilini; the rS:l'-    F,lrtl"'r ["n-li.'iihirs  will  be
Mail and Empire of Toronto, was J **•"■'•'" "' ,"'xt 'v''''k's 1**-1"'-*-
iu town lust week in la-lnilf of lhat ]    Xul sine • the lii.,'h water of 18iU
publication.      ^ .- have the uios -intoes lx*en  so bail,
Mr. anil Mrs. .1. L. Parker were 'At Wlls"' Fort S<*"-1" *""1   Wiuxl-
in lown last week on their wnv to
the North Siar from n visit lo their
Alberta ranch,
Mr.      l'assiiiore      and     thr
daughters left Tueseny for n ,-isitl    Mr. ami Mrs. H. U. Fink. 1
with relatives in Toronto and other|ento "f "'" F,"k 1h,-vs- have "' *■'-
i.l from  Spokane  to Crnubrooki
and an- now settl.il  here  ill  the
General Superintendent .Tit.ui.--1 Ar,„,i,i  ,0„.w,    This ,lmk,.s j,
This company offers for safe several parcels ol the choicest
FARrUNO, fJRAZINU and TIMBER LANDS in the Valley of
the Kootenay. .-t Adjacent to RAIL and WATER TRANS.
PORTA 1 ion.   j,   uouj Lo^al Markets.
ner they drive the people tu slielli:
at times, and at Wnrtlner it i,
almost impossible for the men 1.
J work.
'!   Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Kink.
.<    Easy Terms.
For All Particular; and Information Apply to
T. G. PROCTOR, manager,
V. HYDE IMMiK. Cranbruuk Agent. NELSON    B   C
eastern points,
riuteiiileiit .In.ni.--
m.ii made n Iriji over the Crow Insl
wi'i-k in  company with Superin.
l\ulcnl Taylor.
Messers, Rader uud  Drummond
were in low.. Thursday making
purchases for their new hotel at
Morrissey Mines.
A. Vroom's new liutise oil Baker
hill is pmgressiug favorably, .Mr.
Vroom will have an attractive
place when through.
Mr. Fitzgerald has bought out
Williain Welch's dray business.
thus giving him the entire business
ill this line in the city.
The Australian, Morrissey and
Alexandria. MorrisBey Mines, are
the hotels for the traveling public,
H- L. Stephens, malinger.
-Sl. H. Morrow was confined to
his home most of last week by
siekucBS, but is able to resume his
post at the Fort Steele company's
Alliert uutl Emil Banks were ill
from Perry Creek last Fridny,
They report everything moving
along in fine shape in that well
known mining camp.
Muster Herbert Taylor, who is
attending school ill Winnipeg.
arrived Sunday morning to spend
his vacation with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. .J. G. Taylor.
Rev. Childerhottse. wife and son
of Parry'Sound, visited with their
cousin, A. Motfatt, and daughters
Tuesday. They had lieen attending the assembly at the coast.
Harry Fairfield, malinger of the
Geary & Doyle stables, has greatly
improved the premises by the new
addition. It gives him the room
that increasing business demands.
•I, McDonald has leased the C.
P. R, lioiinliug house and mode n
iraiiiber of improvements. He
proposes to do all he can to milk,
it a pleasant place for the men to
Andrew Xeidig. of Fort Steele,
has been doing some painting for
J, R. Dowues the past week, Mr.
Xeidig is au artist with the brush
and gives satisfaction with his
G. H. Gilpin returned Monday
from a trip up the Kootenny riv
He spent a few hours at Wasa and
says the mosquitoes will assay a
million to the square inch iu that
F. C. Benjamin, the piiinter, bus
sold out and gone to Detroit, Mich
Mr, Benjamin was 11 fine workman
nn.l a good business man, and his
many friends here regret his .1.
The handsome silver ten set
given by the office stuff of the C
P. R. to Mr. nnd Mrs. Willium
Darling arrived this week and has
l>ecii in W. F. Tate's window for
several days.
Rev. McTavish and wife of Cum
dntf, have been the guests of Mr,
and Mrs. G. II. Bremuer the past
few days, Oil tlieir return from tin
assembly! Mrs. McTavish is n
sister of Mrs. Bremner.
Ti.ni Wellnian's shlW" of race
horses linvo been capturing many
purses at the Seattle races. Last
.week he had a winner nearly every
day und considerable coin came
his wuy iu consequence,
Robert Ross, for a long time
connected with the C. P. R. shops
in this city, has been promoted to
the.position of ear foreman with
Ihendqunrters nt Feniie. The appointment is n good one, for n
more cnpable or lietter fellow does
'not sign for his'monthly check on
the wl-ole sys.te.in,
The   people   in    the  Tobacco
Plains country an' anxious aliout
I the building of that  bridge  over
I the Elk river.    For more than n
year the British Coliunbin government lins allowed those people  to
lie cut off from the market, and to
bu  virtually ostracised frQm, the
world.   H is. a shame nnil a ilis-
' grftpp, l.|*.l the people linve goc*d
reftson to kick.
.1' tin
. plcnsant.-r for all
■ of tin* family.
I    The 1'linir hotel ill Nelson iiiuler
the management of B. Tompkins,
i is becoming n  favorite  res4irt   for
the traveling public.    Everything
is kept up iii  fine shape and the
! table   represents    tl...    liest   the
market affords.
David Griffith met with an accident last Wednesday evening by
stepping oil' the high sidewalk near
the Wentworth hotel after dark
Hi- was liinlly shaken up and com-
pulled to got to the hospital for a
week, but is getting along nicely
0, H. Pollen, who is nt the head
of the Kootenny Central railway,
has gone east, and will visit England In-fore his return to interview
tile financial backers of the project, The corps of surveyors, who
have lieen at work all winter, linvo
suspended wurk pending Mr, Pol.
lin's return.
Hugh and Charlie Mclnnes
returned Monday from Montreal,
when' they have lx-cn attending
school. Both lioys have grown,
and Charlie, the one afflicted with
blindness, has made great progress
iu his study of music and now
plays iu a manner that displays his
natural talent iu that direction.
-Tames Finlay, of Kiinlierl v,
was in town a few days last w.-ek,
Mr. Finlay met with a serious ac.
cident last week, while rilling a
horse and leading another. The
animal he was lending became
startled and jumped backward,
catching a finger on Mr. Finlay's
right blind lx-tween the rope and
Buddie honi, cutting it off lis clean
us if done with u knife.
tl    '
(•■* *•>*>••♦*»#»
Bl( Liberal Meeting.
Next Tuesday evening n meet-
ing will lie held at Leask.s hall and
every citizen of Crnnbrook and
vicinity who cures to affiliate with
the Liberal party in the coming
election is requested to be present.
A shipment ol GENDRON WHEEL GOODS, including
Exprers Wagons, Baby Wagons, Go Carts and Combination
Ga Carts and Baby Carriages.
ho 11 'll
-.1 lo"
b nre tin
• stored
.iv them
1..--.I nu
ii room buck pf il;
id quote pri.-es.
Our Motto:    liest Hoods at Lowest Prices.
nl tin* price-sara
store.   We will
Beattie, the Druggist.
A. L. rtcDermiit A. C. Bowness
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants
Schllti Beer       i The Highest Brands Tht i.r,t»i ...
of SCOTCH and
Fernie fleer
Bass Alt
Uulnne s Stout
be,.   A.Mr.oit.1
ul llumc.li.
A complete stock ol Cigars, consisting ol the
>.Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," "Irving," -Barrister," "Monument," "Hilda"  and others.
Mnll Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17
Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Agents for T. Lcbel & Co., Hay and Grain.
This «
tin- vine,
kinds of I
SOU lI'lviM
a big
be thi
1.-st and cheapest  for
even- dav. fresh  fn.ui
,.1 p.*.
J-i't the l»*st.
erving as th.
King ilercantile Co.
(Sl.*-* ♦♦♦••♦ .
*♦. . . . 44.  ,
...... .{g
For Sale.
Disirable residence on Baker
Hill, furnace and water conveniences. Apply to G. W. Pntniore. 7
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Beale, Hutchison
& Elwell, brokers, Crnnbrook B. 0,
Norlh   Stur      I1IK1
Sullivan..  5
St. Muhi.ih'         4.1
Pajno       lllll
War Euglt ConBoliiluted  14
1-uj   Hull  1
Ann.rlean Buy  R
Iiuiii,mill   -.ill
Crirn. Net Conl ttnll.OI)
St. Euit-.ni. lit. Min...         10
Can. Oil anil Coal Mliin l.til         .I'l
Alliertn Cuul nn.iCoke     fun
KuBtCrou-H N.-.M'ual  73
Hwtyuarters fer Clothing lor
PftQes Were N«ver So Low
Our line is exceedingly replete, comprising staple, which are
the standard for excellence and merit, while the collection of
Overcoatings and Trouserings contains many exclusive and confined styles of the best foreign and domestic manufactures and
our entire collection has no equal ior complete and varied assortment and stylish designs and colorings.
The Leading Tailors Cranbrook, B. C
Hotel 3 3
finesls Comlorl s Specially
(iuod Stabling In CouecIlM
Nearest to railioail anil ilcpGt.    Has accon.moila-
lion,  for the public unei|tialle,l in Cranbrook,
Hoi and Col.l Baths
9        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
H None Better in the District
§ Rates $1 and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for elean-
B Uness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
B oi liquors and cigars. 	
'%jntmVmTVK*M**t***mm THE   CRANBROOK   HEHALiy
A Business
If you  dress for  business with  any cave, are
[   particular liow you look,
Tailor-Made Clothing
was made for you. Stylish in the best form—
quality such as any man can be glad to associate
with—prices that commend them to good business
If you want to lie sure of getting this highest
type of custom-made, ready-to-wear clothing, look for
til is label  in  the  left
breasl pocket.
lt is growing more
i.ptilar every day with
the   good-clothes-wearing public.
Royal Brand Clothing is custom-tailored in a
wholesale way—made from the same high-class
fabrics, trimmed with the same serviceable linings
as tbe best made-to-order. You cannot get more 111
clothes—it is common to get less.
For nl* •> th. Bnt Cl.thl.ri
mfactUKlt by 1!  A. SHAM, J. CO., Motilrrul.  I
The risk oi fire is greater this time oi the year than it any other. See that you
are iuUy protected: We reprerent good and substantial companies and can ofler
you extremely low rates.
.miiliTi mul  Mukei
■i ol Ttiilor-Made Clothing. RcBdy*lo-W«r.
-^i*ivi*i*yi*i'e>i<i»ivi*i*i.i'i>i-M'>|*ij.| -hs* i **• I -1-1 *.* 11-1 -!• 1 ■•* I *y I -i-1 v I»1
..V Hot Weather is here.    -    Everything is Dry. 5®
Look out (or
Better Insure Today j®
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C. :•,;.
♦J ♦ I •» I ♦ I ♦ I« I«I * I * 101 «■ I * I *<•! -i-1 * I ♦ I «>J »
Manufacturer oi
Tents, Awnings and Mattresses
Upholstering and Qeneral Repairing of Furniture
j Leave Orders at Sage's Second-Hand Store
» • • •-*>-• ♦♦«*>4*nnit*i« ■**»• mn«m»« •
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor tar lhe Imperial Bilk .1 C...S.
Th. Ciilmiifll lave.la.eal ... L... Cu«B..y
Cranbrook, B, C.
and Builder  .*»
Alt work guaranteed.   Sc. .. hcf.rc
you hallil.   II will pay yoa.
Cranbrook, B C
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Sink, B. C
Livery 3
Proprietor* J» J* «**
Teams anil driver. faruUlied for aa,
point in Ilie ilistrict.
Manager   >   j»   j*
wanbrook U.it, N.,)l
A. F. * A. N,
4 lli'lliilur iiii-'-tliii:. nn Un*
lliiiil -ll.nr-1l.4y 4,1 tin
1 l-.:l in.-. In-llitt.il wali'iilii-!4l.
M A. I:,air, 9.0'/,
[.0.0.F,    Key Cily lodge
Nn. .-J.  Meet, every M'.lt
day niiilil nt Uii-li- liuil un
linker .tree!,   Bojoiirlll-i
O44-4I h'4-lluwH eoiillnlly linlli-il.
V. II. MurcM. M. I>. Iti.lii,,;-..
N.   0. Sao'V.
ll lo Hi a III.
1 loti p. m.
w *
{ Just In—A fine assortment in *
Ice Cream, Fresh  Fruit, »
Vegetables,  Tobacco  and »
Armstrong Avenue
************************ tt
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Want a Lead Pipe Cinch.
F-pokMQ -U<-vi.*.v,-lmi'>IUIi.
Apparently a ijimhI den) ol feeling
Una been aroused at Michel, Brl-'
lisli Columbia- liy the attempt »>f
tho Crow's Nest Pnss Conl company t«> require iln tennuts .»> Blgn
ironelatl lennuey agreement,
On a letturheml of the Michel
miners1 nuion,    Oeorgo W. Car-
<M Hi-nils a comiuuuleatlou tn
Tin- S-jhiki'siiitin-Ui'vifw, tuul en-
IosikI a copy of tho uhjectionable
^fi'i-nii'iii. Tin* communication
Fernie, B.C., May 1. 11108.
1 hereby agree to rent from The
Orow'B Nt'Ht Pass Coal compauy,
liiiniti'il. for the house aud pro-
mists known ns Nn. eighteen
street, in Ml oil el, in the province
of British Colombia, at the monthly rate of nine ilnlltirsj. to Uvoini'
dnr and payable in advance, on
tho fii'Ht day of each and every
month during my tenancy.
I agree to ki'cp the said house
unit premises, including tho water
tups and connections, in a giol
state of repair (reasonable wear
and tear excepted), and same in
clean state, making good all damages done to windows, doors, walls,
or any part of  tl)*'  said   premises
1 also agree imt to ns&ign or miblet
the same, or any part thereof, or
make any alterations, without the
written consent of the owner or his
agent, and will not carry on any
business or calling that may be
deemed a nuisance; and t argree to
clean the sheds and outhouses
when notified by the owner to do
bo, and also when leaving to give
a month's notice as required liy
law, in writing, and when such is
given T iiRree to put a notice "To
Let" in the window of tht
And T ngreo that the owner or
his agent may seize till or auy
of my goods and chattels for rent
in arrears, in case T leave the pn
mises, and may seize said goods
and chattels at any plnce that I
may have removed them to.
whether on or off the premises
and 1 agree that the said term
hereby granted may be determined
liy the owners at any time by giving one day's notico in writing of
their intention to do so. which
notice may be effectively given by
leaving the same with a grown up
person on the demised premises,
or by placing the same on some
portion thereof, and that upon
such notice as aforesaid being
given, 1 will forthwith pay all rent
up to mid including the day of giving up possession, the broken
period of any month to be calculated on the basis of a daily rental
all of which rent is to become
forthwith payable, and to immediately deliver up quiet and peaceable possession of the said lands
and premises to the owner or whom
they may appoint, and Ih1 liable to
lie ejecte I therefrom either by
force or as a tenant or tenants ever
holding without right or color ol
right under the laws in that behalf
and also tlmt as Well as myself all
thoso in tjHissessioii of the said
premises may 1>e ejected therefrom
by force.
Undertaking And
llraili. ite o' Champion college or   U. S
Office and atore, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Com*
mere, Cranbrook, ll. C.
U.lul.tcrl.1 .ad lleatr.l l-ir.llure Repairing
Will atteml to any work in Ibe district
A|t.l I.r Ik. Brute. Marble Mi llr.nlle
'Worll.   Taabalaut, IKa-Uluae. tie.
From 'lif Fn*.* Tn-i...
Mr. A. 1.1-itrli. of Crnnbrook, wus
in lown Tiit-stliiy.
Rev. A. Dunn, well known in. u
pioneer Presbyterian missionary iu
tliis district Ims secured liis B, I',
tltplomn frum tlio roluiul.il. Dili-
rsilv N. V. He in.ss.h1 Ids <-x-
iiiuiuiitii.us with honors, averaging
i| por cent uu nil i»i|ix-rs,
Tlu' now liot.-l nt Michel wns
opened lust evening under the
unine of C, .1. Eokstrom & Co.
It will Ih' personally iiiiuiuged hy
Mr. Eckstrom of Wnnliier. who
has left his business in tlmt town
in charge of nu assistant.
Mr. D. V, Mott returned lust
veiling   from the const.    When
nski-d ,*|s to the truth of the report
'•j- the Vnijcoiiver Wurlili ti mim-
mary of which appears In this Issue,
lie stated thut he wns in no way responsible for the article, He pre.
suuied Hint the World hnd drawn
its own conclusions in attributing
certain motives to the government.
He had nothing for publication be-
yond the statement that the government lins ns yet granted no lenses
on block 4514.
Telegraphers Met in Cranbrook.
The telegraph operators along
tin- Crow 1ii-1i{ a meeting iu Craii-
I.ri.uk lasl Sunday [or the purpose
uf discussing mutters of importune!
to tlieir organization, The tnect-
ing was held in Wenlhwortli hall,
ami in-fore adjournment n vute of
thanks was tendered Messrs. Rollins nml Dickilisou fur the free list
uf the same, Beside the local
orjerutors, the following geiitleinen
were present: W. H. Cavers, Letli
liriilgi'* A. Douglas, Macleod; W.
T. Watson, Pincher Creek; H.
Yenger. Frank; H. P. Buck,
iMii-liel; ,T. W. Crane, Fernie; J.
Austin, tlko; J. H. Wilson. Ward-
ner; A. I.. Cou/ens. Fort Steele
May Build • Brewery.
N, Klousiiian. of (-iroenwood,
was i'n town tliis week looking over
Ilu- lield with the idea of building
ll .bl'OWel'y. He expressed himscli
as being w.-ll satisfied with the put
look, nml iiiiy run.-Iiiiii* tu kn-ati'
Land Notice
Niitlifi. li4.r,.|,y -.iven ,liu,. Hi.ly .la.ii.
till., .Ii.l. I Inli-ml to i.|.|.|.v Ui Ilia rim 11'Ottl
nl-wioiii-r ul LuihIm nml Wink, ut Yii-luriu.
Illl'     |IITIuiwiillll     14,     |IU1.'I.I1444>    till'     (lllllH.illH
,l,*H*rilii,l liunl iu Stnilli Kii.t Kiiiili-iu.,
l-.imuii-iii-iii-t ut it |ii„t 44,t „,>rtlii-ii.l ri.r-
iiirull) I*4,,4|,-h |.iv.-a,|,'i..ii tlii-iii-i. tii.tll.
itli.ng wmt liiinii.liir.v ul 1.1.,,-k -I.'.'..... 711
-liitjii. ni.iri* or I'*.. I.i ...titli li.iatiilur.v ot lot
4*2.1, tlli-lll-,. Hl'Ht 441,1114.   .ul.l   lim.   -I.'.  .'llllillH
uioii-i.r I.*, tu'I'l,, m   Yuiiiik'h |,r.',.|ii|.ll..n.
llifiiiT .until 7.1. Imui. lu  11. Kojie'a n.irili
IllUil. llll|H|. l-ll.t    I*. lIlllillM ,4k  | ,lll,'4. 4,|  lll't-ill
lliuu runi iiiuiiiK a.s. a.-n-M ntorr or I. **..
Ilmi*.! li. li ,luy ill Unv, Ulna.
l-f*4i4, tlie l-roipei-tor.
Barrister Thompson and J.
Hiiti'hinson, Crnnbrook, were nt
Steele Tuesday.
A Btreak of gold iiui-rti- ten
inches wide hjis bt'eil Struck in
the Venus mine on Wolf ceeek.
F. C. M.ilpas and family who
were visitin- Steele during last
week returned to CrunbrBflk Mondny,
Fred King. C. Wntkins. 0, .1.
Bennett, J. A. Motherwell. .1. A,
Duck, A. Wihnott and H. Bray.
all of Craiilirook, were at Steele
Sunday last.
Provincial   Election Act and Kedlilrl
(ration Act.
The dissolution of the legisln
tun- will bring the redistribution
A.-t into force. New voters lists
will lie prepared and every voter
must now make n fresh application
nnd send It to tl... collector of votes
after the latter is nppointexl.
The qualifications of a voter nre
lieing a mule Britisli subject over
21 yenrs of ngn, n resident ill province for sis months, in the district for one month nnd being able
to read the net if so required by
the collector,
Applications must Ik- under oath
or iitKriii.itU.il aud may bt. signed
before a constable, postmaster or
other official.
The npplicntion must give the
full niinie (initials nre uot sutti-
cient) the occupation and the
residence so thnt his whereabouts
enn be easily ascertained. (Section
I Ml. Iii towns tlie name of thu
street, the side of the street uud
lhe names of the nearest cross
streets should Is- given. (.Form
These may seem unimportant
.1.-tails but the man who omits
lh.'in from his application mny
have this application contested.
A voters uniue will iippenr on
the voters list as follows: Smith
•lulin. Cranbrook, eust side Lewis
street, lietweeu Hanson and
Durick, liil-ourer.
Be careful iu making your np*
Yorrbsey Mines Towiiite.
An Auction side of government
lots will be held ut the office of F.
M. McLeod iu the townsite on
Thursday. July 2nd. ut 10 o'clock
in the forenoon ruilwny time.
Terms one third cash, one third
six mouths, one third twelve
An upset price lias been placed
on inch lot.
A fee of ten dollars will be charg.
ed the purchaser for a crown grant.
Fort Steele, B. C. 18, June 1H03.
J. F. Armstrong,
Government Agent
Immediately, a good mill sawyer.
Apply lo  The   Forster   Lumber
Company, Crows Nist,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Rnilwny coinpnny control a large area of tlie
choices! farming and ranching lands iii the Klk. Kootenny, Colnuibiii
nnd Slooail valleys in the Kootenay district and iu the Kettle river uud
Okanagan valleys in the Boundary district. A large majority 6f theso
lauds arc readily accessible l.y railway.
at*, at
lie. nt
ac. at
ac. at
W-. F. GURD,
B»» liter, Solicitor, Etc
For np*to-*lnt« people in wliut the  #
will give yon.   We uin'iui Ihti very #
latest in (Jnruniis Mill I'liliiuinii's S
Yes, and the CITY BAK-
ERY is the place to get a nice
wedding enke and ornaments l
i» the lntest style. Why send
your order put qf tqwil ltn.lt
perhaps have the iceing broken by shipping, Prices riglit.
*>.. M        0.ae>lt. M. B. Clare.
j)»«»...» «... cgi
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
O.I.M. Order. Pranplly \
Allt.dc. I..
%. 4V44^4V»-44-«l .4444. ,,,,,,,,,44 41®
Proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen
Carrlei acompltteatock of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. ni« >■ • <••■•
e##*#♦***#♦#####♦##*♦ i
ohn Ellenberg,
^    .w.utt in the business and
<   bit work always ranks with
!   the bat    Call and see him.
;   Repairing boots of all descrip-
.   flops, from a cork sole to a
!   lady's finest slipper.
Mill Machinery
B. Tompkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel of the Kootenays. Hood Snn.ple Rooms
Special Rules to Commercial Me...
The figtffpgntti •iiiMiuiit <>f |iriiiri|»;il uml Interest, except in tin* caw
iimls miner -j**-."*** i«*r tiore, is cllvlnei) luto ten iitBtalineitta us bIiowii
'In1 tiihlr below; the Hrst in Ik» puiil at the tinir «')' purchnBt*, the bcc-
one yeur frum dntu <if purohuse, thi- tliinl two yenrs, tuul sn nu.
following tnbln shows the amount nf tin1 annuiu tustuluients on
ncres ut tliiriniit prices under the above conditions)
itf$2.&0perne, Isl iustalnu-tit $ 6fKtil,tiequul iltBtul'tBof t 60,00
11.00pi»rne. 1st luBttilinenl 71.U0,0e<jun1 liiBtal'tsof 00,00
ii.fiO |m-i- tic 1st iiiHtiiliui'iit SH.tiO, .1 i*i|uul iustnVta nf 7(Uio
4.00 per ue. 1st iustuliiu-iit U5,86tUequu! insttirtsnf HtMMI
■1,-V) |httn*. 1st iiiBtuliuent 107.85,9e-qttnl uisttil'tsnf '.HI.OO
S.OOpernc, 1st instalment (19.85,0equal insttirtsnf loo.oo
Lumis imdor $'l.ui) ]N-r aero nru suM nn Bhorter tlino.
If Imui is pa iii fur in full ut thf time nf purchase, a reduction frmn
tin* priri* will lie alluwttl i'i|iial tn ten Int cent on the auumut |Mtid in
excess ot the usual cash Instalment,   interest at six per cent will be
rlwirLi.ctl nu OVordllQ iiistahui'tits.
The coui|Kii.y is also interested in the following towiisitcs: Elko,
Cnuibrook, Kimberly, Al.lri.lge, Kitchener, Creston. Proctor, Nelson,
Qerrnnl, Lemoiiton, Cnstlegar, Cuscaqu City, llrnnd Forks, Kl.olt,
lire.-nw.a>1. Mid-A'ny. Nnknsp, Arn.wli.iiil. Revclstoke. Donuld und
Kainluops. Terms of |u.yn.enl nre one-third cash and ll.c balance in
six nnd twelve mouths, with interest.
For further p.irticul.irs upply tu the following local agents:
W. M, Frost, Uuti'wny, Montana      .1. A. McCullnm. liriiiul Forks.B.C.
R, H, Bruce, Wilmer. B. C. G. A. Reudell, Eholt. B. C.
V, Hyde Bilker, Cnuibrook, B. C.    A. Ferguson, lin-cuwood, B. O,
,1, T, Bill-gens, Kitchener, B. C.        J. 1). Siblmld, Revelstoke. B. 0.
E, Mnlliindniiie. 4lr„ Creston. B. O, Thomns Al.riel. Nakusp. B. C.
U. K, Stocker, Cusi-.ule, B. C. F. .T. Fulton, Kuu.loops. B. C.
F. C. Elliot. Trout Luke City. B. C.
Or to ALEX. TAYLOR, District Land Agent at Nelson, B. C.
Or J. S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
The government is going to
put in a firstclass wagon
bridge across the Elk river at
Morrissey. .*> Morrissey is
bound to be "THE" town and
is still the "Bid" hotel
Morrissey, B. C,
H. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
1 P. Burns & Co
W-Mltul. ... Retail
1 Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Prtsli
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best,
trade Is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
I a iCDOUtQOIMifilii^ttBWBCBBtBBai


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