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Cranbrook Herald Jan 16, 1902

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The Canadian Rank of Commerce.
Hon. C.icti. A. Cox, President.
Paid Up Capital   .
Total  Kcniuir.s'H
ll. IS, W-ALKitk, lien. Man-
... -.Illlil.llllll IHI
.   .1,5.11011,11011.110
A fleneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Hank of Scotland.
flail Orders
Our Mail Order Business is growing
all the time. -
Because we give this special atten-
tention and have the stock to fill
the orders. We also give our city
business careful attentisn and always supply nice, fresh goods.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd
J. P. FINK, Manager.
Canned Deliciousness
We have it. The finest fruits and vegetables put up by the finest packers in the country for the finest trade in the city. Housewives
always enioy a taste of others' work. For pure
excellence try a jar of Home Industry preserved
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
-&» ll Is generally conceded itmt (liipin handles
fi I. l-uriiitiire, Carpels, House Furnishings, elc.
& 2. Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats. Shoes, elc.
% 3. Groceries, Flour, Feed, Crockery, etc.
•>¥ 4. Hardware. Stoves, Tinware, Explosives, Fuse, Caps.
M, 5. Wall Paper, faints, Oils, etc.
Ni>t a smattering of each, but good, heavy, complete slocks In all
lines, lu several lines the largest  In the district.   Gilpin's trade ex-
,, penses arc as low as any othei Btore selling one of above lines only,
£ consequently we can sell goods
nnv one Hm' store must have to live,   Vein best interests demand thnt
vim trade nt
i-h-i*, •* -*, Vfe-Vh ■» \i V \VMfc\V
4CCIUENTM.LV   killed.
ooooooodooc oa .ox )ooo90Q@orao
(j it,:..........   w.,..^..,-.-,*   Ci......   O,
i i
Pioneer  Hardware Store. H
A Complete Stock q
Of General Hardware -g
Alw.vys on li.tnd.   Cm lit you out with Q
Harness,  Robes  and Cutters. 1
Call and inspect my stock. Q
Joshua L.-iiin-i Ntc-.tr- With u ■■..■.Men Death
Monday Horning.
Men going to work at the shops Monday mornlug were bonified to see the
body ui a man lying <>n the track Iiv the
coal bunkers, Tin* head uml shoulders
were on tbe otilsi.lt' ol the rail, while
the heavy dense across the buck told
plainer Hum words tlie cause oi the un
fortunate man's death, Au examination of the remains ihowed that the
deml iiiiiu wan Joshua Collins, an employe of the company, who had been
working In the freight abed (or the past
lew days, Constable Morris was nuti
bed ami he called Deputy Coronet Moffat.   The rentaius were taken in charge
by Undertaker Cmpbell, ami Unit afternoon an inquest was held, The j iry decided thul the Ulan had met with his
tenth by falling in trout of an engine
backlug out of the round house. He
bail lelt the freight shed n few limine ii it.
before and hud evidently started across
the track with his coal bucket for coal
aud slipped just um the eugi ue backed up.
Inquiries developed iiie fact that Collins came from Walkertowu. Out.,
where he has a brother iu business, His
relations, were notified and the remains
held until yesterday when M. Mclnues
received a telegram from Walkertowu,
asking him lo look after llie burial. The
funeral will he held this afternoon nud
the remains interred in the Cranbrook
Prospects Not Encouraging.
James Cronin, manager of the St, l*.u-
geue, near Moyie, 11. C, is back from a
trip to California ou raining business,
says the Spokesman-Review. Mr
Cronin is not optimistic iu regard to the
lead situation. His mine is the largest
lead producer iu Canada and is one of
the largest in the north went, hut it is
practically shut down now on account of
the low price of lead.
"We have about a dozen men at work
on development, but we are taking out
no ore except us is encountered in dead
work," said Mr Cronin yesterday," The
fall in the price of Loudon lead hns affected us most Injuriously. A comparison of our financial results last year and
in 1900 shows the difference, lu tyuo
we shipped 17,221 tous of concentrates,
worth $1,100,99445 The net returns
from the smelters were $627 414 62
Speaking roughly, nbout 60 pei cent of
tlie assay value was net profit from the
smelter, with only the cost of milling to
■During 1901 we shipped ia 025 tons
of concentrates, worth $616,561 07. The
net smelter returns were (372,361 79 or
about 40 per cent of the groSi values. If
we were shipping now tbe result would
still be worse for lead has gone down to
about /"io ;.-. per ton lu Loudon, instead
of about ^ 16 or ^'17, winch it was dining lhe early part of last year.
••I do not look to see anv early increase iii the price of lead The Euro
pear, countries where we sold oui product
are too pnot to buy It, Germai ■ is almost broken financially. It experienced
such a meteoric boom thai now it is undergoing the effects of a collapse. Bug.
land Is poverty stricken, us the result »f
the Hoerwar, A good put ot the lend
product is usetl iu making paint. Germany aud England are not buying paint
now. That is a luxury ou which they
are cutting down. Tbe price of lead is
boded to'be affected as a consequence."
I. 0, 0. P. Installation.
The officers elected foi the ensuing six
month! lor Key City lodge, 1. 0 6. P.,
were installed last Tuesday evening as
Nohle Grand-S. 11. Morrow.
Vice Oranil— A. K, Leitch.
Recording Secretary—Harry Parson;
Financial Secretary—William Sim oh:
Treasurer —A. Manning.
fln» the Celebrated Mild Horse Was
"Bob"  Don:  Was A,nor>->  Those
Who Found Rich Dirt In
the Early '60s.
Odd l-'cllsiw-,' Dnn-e..
Tlio member, of Key Ciiy lo.l,e of
thin s-ity have iirranKs'il to l,s,l,l Ihelr minimi ilaiu-s- sn, Mntiiliiy, February in, at
Wentwor.li ..nil. The committee Having lhc ninth's in .'hiii^e propose to give
n good entertainment. It will lm the
lust dance before Lent.
Wc wish the people of Cranbrook and South
East Kootenay a Happy new year. Our Mr.
W. D, Hill is now in the eastern markets and
will make extensive purchases for the Big
Store. In the mean time come in and see our
bargains in Dry Goods and Clothing, *
llif Hotel Opening.
A train load of people went lo Marys-
ville on a spinal Monday evening to attend the formal opening of lho Royal
hotel. The party was met at the station
at Marysvllle by sleighs nud taken direct
to the hotel where they were greeted by
Mr. anil Mrs McMillan, the hosts of the
occasion. Dancing was the program,
and two rooms down stairs were given
up to that purpose, U wns a jolly
crowd, and everybody had a good lime.
The traiu returned to Cranbrook about
4 a.m.      	
Canadian Pacific Railway.
The tonrist sleeping car service was
effective January 1st. The Canadian
Pacific railway will operate tourist sleeping cars on the following scheduled east
bound trains: Leave Kooienay Landing every Friday for St. Paul, Tot onto,
Montreal, Boston, etc, Leave Dunmore
Junction Monday aud Thursday tor St
Paul, Toronto and intermediate points
Westbound, leave Revelstoke Sunday,
Wednesday and Friday for Vancouver,
Seattle, etc. Full particular can he obtained from all local agents.
J. S. Carter
D. P. A. Nelson.
Robert Dore, one of the Wild Horse
pioneers, has had a varied career and he
aud Dan Griffith were among the crowd
that came into East Kootenay when it
was a wilderness. The following article
printed a number of vein's ago in the
Golden Miner gives a good idea of conditions that prevailed timing those early
■'Robert Lake Dore was the liist pioneer of East Kootenay and tbe discover'
er of the fabulous richness of the placer
diggings on Wild Horse creek. He has
been engaged in milling business during
the greater portion nf his lifetime
When comparatively young lie war. attracted hy the spirit of ndveuture to California and came to that country in June
1850. Along with u coubIu ha was engaged in mining in that country until
May 185S when he first came to llritish
Columbia. He started from Sin Francisco to Victoria and went up the Fraser
river in a smalt boat. He mined on
Emery's bar and iu the autumn went
back to California. lie left California iu
1S62 for Idaho where diggings had been
discovered and in the fall of 1863 he
started out with a prospecting party of
seven to go to the headwaters of the Columbia river. He had received a letter
from Montana telling him that gold had
been got iu a creek at its headwaters bj
h halfbreed Indian called Fiudloy. This
creek is now known as Findlny creek
and although close lo the headwaters oi
the Columbia it empties into ihe Kootenay.
"Winter came on mul n.- , *-.re unable
to get in so they returned lo Walla
Walla valley where the party spent the
winter. Ou March 17th, 1864, they left
for the Kootenay country. There were
no trails nnd they had no guide. Dore,
however, made ihe acquaintance of an
Indian chief called Spokane Gaery who
drew him a good map of tbe country
ami by that map they travelled and after
a journey of aboul 400 miles struck the
Kootenay river about four miles ninth
.if the St. Mary's river. Tbey saw not
a white man in the whole course of that
long travel.    The rivers were crossed OU
tufts and the horses were made to switt
over. They bad 25 horses for pack ami
'.addle uses. They had lots of grub when
they started but it was giving out by tbe
tune the Kootenay was reached. This
river whs crossed and the first camp was
pitched on Bummer's Flat. This was
about the beginning of April 1&O4 The
Kootenay Indians they found very
friendly. They remained some little
time on Bummers Flat and from there
three of the boys went on to Findlay
creek, but finding nothing they cume
bnek, but by this time gold hail been
struck rich on Wild Horse creek. The
creek had no name but on their arrival
they saw a stud horse near its uiuutli.
He was alone nnd 30 they named the
creek Lone Horse creek, but the name
was afterward changed into Wild Horse
creek. Mr. Dore went up this creek to
prospect. After prospecting for several
days nothing was found hut after moving further up the creek about four miles
u creek claim was sttuck then bar diggings were found. Mr. Dire found the
liist gold right iu the bottom of the
"When encamped on Bummer's Flat
it party of ten came in from Montana
under Jack Fisher. They were also bound
for PlndUy creek.   Tbey went there but
came back discouraged, tn the meantime Mr- Dore had moved his party up
the creek and were busy prospecting,
The water iu  the creek
57 per tiny, hut Mr Dore has paid as
high as JS per day.
The cause uf tbis great influx was thnt
the moment Mr. Dore struck it rich he
sent bnek to Walla Walla for pack trains
to come in with provisions, aud also sent
out news us to the richness uf the country. People soon came Hocking iu. Provisions were very scarce until the puck
trains got tu. Mr. Dorr's party lived for
one month on flour and coffee without
sugar. Four hundred pounds of Hour
was all they bad to serve them Provisions had to   be   freighted   from   a   long
distance, and the cost ol freight Irom
Walls Walls wai from 75c to $t per lb
Tbe price of flour was fi 50 per lb.,
bacon was the same price.     There were
lots uf drinking saloons but there was
comparatively very little drunkenness,
The tlrst Chinaman came iu in 1865   He
kept a lodging house.
"The first government officials came In
about three months after the camp was
formed, By that time there were 3000
miners at work on the creek. The first
gold commissioner was Mr. Haines
.Mr. Dore speaks highly of Mr. Haines
He says,   'lie was  a   perfect gentleman
and tt very flue man." Law uml order
were maintained by a committee of about
fifty of which Boh Dore was president.
Tlie members of the committee weie selected by him. The only serious offence
was prior to tbe advent of the gold
commissioner and wns a murder committed by Yeast Porter Bill, a desperado
from Montana, who shot a man called
Tom Walker. Yeast Porter Bill succeeded in escaping from the ciitnp, but
as soon as the president of the Law uud
Order committee heard of the occurrence
lie followed in pursuit, and overtook
lilm near Brewery creek. He was rolled
up iu his blankets and asleep. He wus
waked up and with lhe aid of Mr. Dore's
shouting iron was persuaded lo hold up
his hands, allow his pistols to he removed and walk back Into camp.    He
was given a fair trial.    A judge, sheriff
and jury were elected, who tried him,
but be was acquitted. The committee
were not satisfied so be was told to clear
out within half an hour, which he did.
Intimation was also made throughout
the camp that if any person drew a pistol or knife in camp short work would
be made of him. Tbis had a most
tranqullisiug effect ami the camp was
one of the most peaceful camps in the
north. Shortly after this event the
Commissioner came lu. liis arrival was
not expected so early or else the prisoner would not have been so tried but retained for the commissioners aiaposai
of him.
The commissioner had only a recorder
with him aud a constable was appointed.
The claims were all properly surveyed
aud laid out, and there were no disagreements. Everything remained orderly iu
the camp. Tne extent of a claim was
mo feet, but original locators were entitled to 15-1 feet.
The diggings continued good for four
years, then a new excitement broke out
down south 111 Coeur d'Alenc which tool:
uwiy a great number. Mr. Dore sold
out aboul ihis time and went north tt
Peace river. This would be in 1870 lit
afterwords with a large parly explored
the east side of the Rockies opposite
Wild Horse creek, for traces of gold going through the mountains, hut they
were unsuccessful. Eight ot them then
crossed over the mountains and came
back into Wild Horse creek where they
sunk a big shaft. They went down a
depth of 80 feet aud bad to stop, as they
had uo machinery to pump out the
water. This shaft is about three miles
above the ground owned by the Itivicta
Placer company. This shaft is now
owued by another company, who has
done some mure work on it, It is an attempt to discover the old channel of the
Wild Horse creek.
Mr. Dore's next resting place was up
in the Cassair, where he abode one winter, then he wandered on to Alaska.
Tbis being the north limit he returned
south and got as far down as Uld Mexico. Prospecting through Arizona, New
Mexico and Colorado some few years of
his life time.
The District is Looking Bdlcr Than
And Development is Demonstrating; the Large Ore
there was great difficulty in getting
down into the bed ofthe creek, s> the
bars were prospected and many of these
were found to be very rich. Mr. Dole
himself put iu his first sluice boxes aud
the gravel was so rich that they had to
wash up about three times a da/. The
largest cleanout tu one day was 250 ozs„
about J4500, With ,the aid of a howie
knife and an axe Mr. Dore made a
wheelbarrow which assisted operations
so extensively that four men working
together with the aid of the wheelbarrow
would average about $7000 per week. A
ditch was also put in, the water iu
which could readily have cold at fi per
inch per day. Mr. Dore afterwards constructed a larger dtlch called the Victoria ditch and which still exists .it this
day. This ditch held '2500 inches of
water and was sold for four hits, 50 cents,
an inch per day. The cost of its construction was $45,000 and it look two
seasons to finish it. By ihe time it was
finished there was a great change iu the
camp. There would be about 3000 men
In cfliup and all doing well.  Wages were
Snow iiadly Needed.
The need of snow by the lumber Interests about Crauhrook is becoming
more Imperative every day. The different companies have thousands f logs
lu the bush 1 but up to the present time
there has not been snow enough to move
them. Tne season is so late now, lhat
lllgh andlQTetl   wju,   „  heavy  fall  of snow it   is
hardly possible lhat a snow road can be
kept In condition very long at a lime. II
tbe lumber companies are Compelled to
truck their logs for next season, it will
menu a very heavy additional expense.
Cranbrook vs. Pincher.
The Cranbrook Hockey teaui leaves
today for Pincher to play their first
schedule game of the season with ihe
Pincher team. Tbe Cranbraok leain
will line up as follows:
Goal—A. L. McDermot.
Point—C. Prest, captain.
Cover Point—T, Bryans.
Forwards—II. Dowsley, N. Royal, II.
Ross aud A. Mallinsou.
Claimed By Default.
Last Friday evening was the date
scheduled for the hockey game between
Moyie and Cranbrook. The Moyie team
failed to put in nu appearance, ami lhe
Cianbrook boys went to tbe rink, lined
up, and scored a goal, and claimed the
game by default.
Marys vil.e Tribune,
A few years ago if one mentioned
Kast Kootenay one was Invariably asked) "Where is It?'1 To-tlay things are
somewhat changed, East Kootenay is
distinctly "in the public eye," Toronto
and Montreal know where Eist Kootenay is. New York, Chicago anil San
Francisco know where lusi Kootenay
Is. London, Berlin and Pans also
know where East Kootenay Is. Why '
Because the known wealth of the
mountains In out district has „rut abroad
Where is there a mining man lu any of
the great centers named who hns not
heard of the Sullivan, the North star,
the St. Eugene sod the Crow's Nest coal
Ileitis and has not a pretty good Idea ct
their woik' It la an accepted fact that
K 1st Kootenay has come to the front
as a mineral producing region. Let us
see what Kist Kootenay is producing
and then let us look Into iti luteir
wealth awaiting only the adveut of
capital and railway communication.
First let ui visit ihe great c >al pro
duclng region of the Crow's Nest Pass.
There Is enough coaWn that region to
supply the whole of the American ecu
tliient for years to come. The estimated output for ltlOl was about 100,000
tons of coal and 100,000 tons of coke
There are in operation 134 coke ovens
at Fernie anil 812 at Michel. The output of 1002 will leach at least 500,000
tons. New openings are being made at
variour. points and shlpplnn wlil-.com-
inence early In this year. Now ut ns
look, briefly only, at the Movie district.
t>u,t„w 101.11, »«onrding to the report of
the minister of mines, tne at. Bugeut
mine produced more lead than any
other single producer in the province
or nearly as much as the combined output of the Slocan district. It shipped
during tlm year 17,000 ton-- ore valued
Dt 81,000,000 and paid $310,000 In dlvl-
dens. The Society Girl, situated on the
lame lead has shipped trial shipments
and Is being developed in inch a waj
that It will soon be a regular iblpper
The same may he said of tne Anrora en
tne opposite side of Moyle lake. Agate
the Windermere district, a district of
undoubted worth as a mineral country
awaiting only the Don Horse to give Its
riches to the world. Such properties
s the lied Line, tbe Silver Belt, tbe
Paradise and Pelphlnc, the Silver King
are household words. Then the Ball
river country with Its vast deposits of
Iron and Its great silver, gold and copper deposits. The Star Group of mines
lu this region are too well known to
need discretion here.
Tnen the Perry Creek district with
Its paying placer grounds. Wild H nse,
that historic creek that produced stime
820,000,000 In the early T.O's and has
been producing ever since, palmer's
Dar with its silver lead properties,
Tracy Creek with the famous .Ettella
mine, which by the way will ship as
soon as navigation opens.
Then to come nearer home the Sullivan Group and the North Star two of
the greatest silver lead producers In the
province situated, so to speak at our
very door. The North Star having
paid 8237,000 In dividends, of which
$117,000 was paid last year. The S.illi-
van has been a regular shipper bul profits have been put into further develop*
Then last but not least the tipper St.
Mary's country which Is directly iribu-
Uiy to our town, ls only In Its Infancy
but will be a producing section al a
very early date. Such properties as
the Great Diue and the Hard Scrabble
a rich copper property, the other a
silver lead mine, cannot remain lu the
back ground when railway communication Is established. Nol only Is Kast
Kootenay, as has been shown, a mineral region, but it ls a timber country
of no small merit. At the present t!m-r
theie are lltteen saw mills producing
approximately about 400,000 feet of
lumber per day  and  employing about
100 men.    Tula lumber flnds a ready
inirket In lhe vast provinces to the
eait of us.
As an agricultural country Kast
Kootenay Is well to the front. The
Windermere district ii a farmer's paradise. There In the fall of the year may
be seen vast Acids of wheat, oats and
other cereals while cattlej and sheer,
graze at will on the magnificent range,
the Kootenay Vail, y above and below
Fort Steele. The St. Marys prairie at d
tbe country arouml Cranbrook are also
good farming districts. Of lhe towns
in East Kuoteuay much might be
written from old Fort Steele to
young Marysville, sultlce it lo
say ihey are all prosperous
Fernie with a population of 8,600  the
metropolis of the coal region Fort
Steele the gateway to Wild Horse,
Tracy anil Hull rivar. the county s?ai
and the location of the government
cfllces. Cranbrook the divisional point
ou tlie Crew's Nest railway a modern
town and a great distributing point.
Kimberley near which are bcated
tbe North Star and the Sullivan mines.
M .yie the llvllest mining camp !n the
district. Peterboiougb, Cantebnry,
Athelmar and Windermere growing
towns fn the Windermere district.
Morrissey. Jaffray and Michel towns on
the line of llie Crow's Nest. P. .to tbe
junction of tne C P. li and the O1e.1l
Northern and last but by no means
1 ast, cur own new Infant city of
Marysvllle where the first sraeiter in
lost Kootenay am! tne first lead te*
ii lery In Canada are located, tn a few
word-., then. ihU is what we have within the bountt-i of this district and the
gieat world outside Is getting to knew
it and the big dollar from the world outside is slowlv but surtlv m-aing lis
way into Hast Kootenay to make mrre
big dollars (or the capitalists and 10
build up a large and prosperous pipu a-
tlon in this district.
A    flkllilil:    AM)    KOMI.
Two ImpruM'iiiL'nt-
.,1 Ihe n
irent  t.
, and tl
district will
the first expeiiditu
opening .-I spring.
there will also be at
continuation  of th
Bad.)   Needed   In  This
e bridge over the St
.nth ol Perry creek is
.miliar with the situ >-
.le In this part ol the
;..! lhat this be one 0
urea made upon the
hi this TOunecllon
;ut r
> the
id   is
.   m.l
his extension desired
uld be
bout 1
or it- miles above the
uld be -
pn pt
'•\    in
benefit to those own*
Alki  creek,   pyramid
ek, •:■ 1
"iti-.i','   between the
nt less deleveloped, some, in fact, would
be -O; -,■ ; - ■ t \' sumnier, if transportation fncilit es could be given the peop'e
uf that l.v illty.  A1, -.it nine miles abov ■
property, one ol  the l.^st for Its -tage of
development found in British Columbia-
Tee need for this  road is pressing, sin-?e
It will benefit a large number who have
put in big sn nu in mining in tbat valUy,
and   aUo  prove a  potent  factor iu tne
tnrtOer .leyeiOjJUieti!.   u;   .......   f,...-.    -.
to fie one of tr.e riches', section; in British Columbia
The authorities should bear these tiro
points In miud when figuring on im-
provmertsin  this ^.district next spring.
Hull Chssert Chased.
A jolliffe   md C   Abbott  had quite an
experience  on   New  Years day     Tbey
left Cranbrook on b
Arnold's ranch, beUv
tion, to capture a  n
the r
Tile 1
;.: Kent to
itcele juoc-
I] that has
ranged there for some time. Leaving
their horses at Arnold's, and taking Mr.
;ong in the way of reinforce*
tbey started 'in foot for their
Alter a tiiree unle walk along
road track, they flushed tbi ir
1 a bunch of bushes, and at the
me their game sighted them.
opened the entertainment by a
ittaclc, and tbe valiant hunters
hurried to telegraph poles for protection.
It was impossible to climb tbe poles sc a
gameofdodge was kept up with everything looking like success for the bell.
Just in l!me their dog took a hand in t' e
fun, which diverted the animal's attention long enough to permit Jolliffe to
get a rifle ball where il did effective
wotk, ami the bull dropped in Its tracks,
Result ul Rsllwsys,
Canterbury Uutcropi The Port Stet'e
stage did not arrive in Windermere Isst
Sunday, and consequently there are a
lot of angry people both in this distrfct
and along the route of 75 miles.   Many
unholy blessings have been shower, d
upon the posiofiice othcials and trout ie
is brewing,
This service has bren running many
years smi a number of raucheri i re
located along the route, Rome of whom
will have to travel nbout 20 miles for
heir mail, A number of bnitnesi nun
here'.lo th 11 banking In Cranbrook si id
will be grestly Inconvenienced      Tin re
has always been a good  deal   of freight
and passenger traffic ovei ihe route.
However, it is thought thai ihe m-til
service will loon be re-established and
run through to Peterboro—It is sincerity
hoped it will. The tact that the Golden
mail has not beea run twice a week is
pointed out as a reason for th's hope.
It Is now intimated liy some that the
Steele mnl will be again run, ami tbat
two malls a week wils be run by sta^e
in the Ainter, while in summer the bo <t
will bring up the two mails from Golden.
James Greer. ConlraUor.
Those desiring carpenter  woik  dope
may leave orders at my  house or  with
my foreman.
James Greer,
An organist for the Presbyterian church.
Cranbrook,   All applications to be mat e
either personally or in writing to Mr.
Geo. Uremner, Cianbrook not later than
Tuesday, J inuary at st, CRANBROOK  HERALDl
You      ce
E.Utoi and Proprietoi
Out year -  ««
slj month*   i,im
rite Herald desires t.i jjtv-e lhe news of me
district k yuu itnuw am nbmit youi tmui
your mtne ur youi people, seud tt to this office.
mil:   ro  stop.
For the sake ol the reputation of
those who are being made the victims cl
condemnatory statements, The Herald
would like lo see   the   question of hotel
licenses silted to the bottom. If ll Is
true that only men with money can
secure licenses whe i there is a contest,
ihe people should know it. If It Is true
that a case lo be successful must be
given to oue party only, tt is lime such
8bu»e ol power wa*- stopped. The Herald has protested on former occasions
against reckless accusations lhat Involved the names ot olllce holders lu
South East Kootenay. It Is neither
fair or just to the victims cf such Indiscriminate statements. Justice to these
men demands that such talk should
ceaae, or that they demand an Investigation of their olUulal acts, io show tu
their vllllfiers and to the people in gen
erai that they have been maligned with,
out cuse. The Herald has faith lu
humanity. It Is loth to believe itutl
men occupying positions ol trust ami
honor would stultify themselves by accenting money lo Influence ineir decisions.    It also bnillves lur thus,ike of the
Integrity of tbe district ami the good
uame of all Interested that It is lime to
cail a halt on such talk,
: . e new:
the district*    It works tor  the  district:*    Ii is
owned by ihe tn^   clique or
[action. It is v .      costs only $2.00
* >m***********iii***tt* ii.
JH  *ms*****'i*ii*:i*mkt*ii Jj
1J   When you  are bungiy  aud want   -*-*
issatn, well beloved,  wus wonl '"
ur mi.--  laboi
Whtll    might    WUI    WKII
I.uli sl;
"To-uioi-nnv, frl. tuts, will :.,   h not her day:'
And in that   fullh i."    : ,'.   uud hu two
Lonf  lit.-  Lis  provorbl   while  the  worli
■hall roll
To morrow   CreMi ahull rise from mil   tbi
Ami new   hn|iliac ■..:..
Willi courage foi  Ha ......
Dinsaiiiir is out with an appeal to the
people.   That won't save him.
A year ago the people of llritish Co
luaiula said that Joe Martin was dead.
and now those Mime people aie shaking
in their boots over the same Martin
Fur a political corpse Joe Martin ere
ates considerable consternation.
Tne department of mines of British
Colu nbla sent out a map and descrlp
Hon of lhe tl arse Fly placer grounds
this w.-ck. This Is the first Intimation
the people of ibis province lias had that
live nie.ii and not fossils were in charge
of that depirtment. Lit the guod
work go on
Lead and copper are down now. but
unreasonably so. iiii only a questlcn
ot a tew months when the market will
be normal and mining operations will
he n-vimp.l Rtni-1- '...■>-"- -.-.vi- al
ways   ijcen   a  detriment   lo   legitimate
Over capitalized mining companies
are having a hard time In the light
against low prices of lead and cupper.
Do the people of Cranbrook want in.
corporation^ It is a .j.iestion for the
property owners to decide.
li is amusing to bear men who have
been absolute fallmes in everything
theyn have ever attempted In life,
knocking Individuals ami institutions,
A roast is always a boost from such
Alter looking over the Held and comparing notes for the past year or Iwo.
one cannot help bun conclude that
Crauhrook is a substantial town, and
what lu more tbut It is steadily growing
better. Real estate in Cranbrook Is a
good Investment ami Improved property
Is paying good interest on tbe Inves -
The Herald would state that a little
snow Is badly needed In lliii Immediate
vicinity. A fall of from four to sis
inches will bu satisfactory,
if you don't want the people to know
What \on are selling, don't advertise iu
The Herald.
The present condition of the provln
clal government is a strong argument
infjvorof party lines. What Umiak
Columbia needn Just now Is n government thai Is responsible lo bouib parly
Individual responsibility in politics
don'i go very (ar, and cabinet harmony
seems to be an impossibility under existing circumstances. Ths province has
hail Dinsmulr government Martin government and other Individual governments. They have all proved unstable
aud triesponslble and there wilt be a
change for the belter. Confidence wll
ha restored and progress will take tne
place >*t Inactivity,
Tht Presbyterian church has increasd
Rev, Fortune's salary. There i* something in a name after all.
There are people in Nelson, In Fort
Steele and In some other towns who
still express doubts as to asmelterbe-
Ing built In Marysvllle, hi the face of
the fjet that the frames for the buildings are nearly completed, lhat the pay
roll !a*it month was over 8701)0 for constructor!, and that -ibotit rrO-^-o worth
of machinery in now on the way here
and more being purchased. There are
men In this world who would rather be
knockers than anything else, it Is
theii nature.
Rosslond Mit.ci i An Interesting urn
tng ileal was closed in a local broker's
office a day or two ago when lhe broker
linloided 9,000 shines fully paid up and
non-assessable, on a "mine" located
within the 100 mile limit, upon su
ar (p. ilium" •* The consideration was
a dime In cash ami three beer checks.
about ii ft* m ■      •■ -O*. claiming to htlTe
;,t ,       ,i jnlost him, nnd the
mder arrest three or
toys v.     ■ i enrue Into the ens*
i,     !   , ui u named Suiters,
i   i      n ni the s'tntt' itoruiiil
my house ut lo o'clock
n confession.   He wna
ii  ■ Ins.   Ulggltis bud
bj m  i lent    ■   Imlil of soma love let*
t.i-. whk*li the young man bud written
nnd i . .I refi  eil in i Ive them up tot
- ti ui $n ti   Noi having the money
to puj   w lib und being rendered ilea-
pi mil', lie had gone to search the boiiso
• In
"I nil  II
:  I in  io go iu  the
■ s- otlii-r ease, they
nu i i. Ii sure that they
■ mined by young Suiters,
"I tluu he would mnke no
si i otiJ to clear tip u few
sfj   iii.v own curiosity.    1
lu ascertaining thnt ho,
re with any girl and had
: iwn io write n love let-
on tbe night of the inur-
n :t town 20 miles away.
.   ■■■ beenine known to tho
; id  to drop  their case,
pi (tested  to  the  Inst
llty,   I bud lost my keen
ttter when a strauge
■   ..liml herself na Mrs.
:ti my oillee fo mnke a
,    was n wuinan of 40,
1   nt. iO.m and claim-
.  | w nnd to reside In a
;;,    v-'!u- ii was who
.' and she had with
from which iho shot had
it good meal   go to  tbe Kast ft
S   When you  are tired and want
(\ good rest go to llie Rast Koo- -ii
1J tinny. *
, When you are thirsty nnd want a JJJ
p good drink   go   to  the  Mast *
I* Kootenay. J
jj Infuctwh n you nre in Cranbrook J
(i        stop ui tlie linst Kootenay, *•
20 White Chester Pigs, 5 to 12
month.-, old.
200 Chickens; some pure bred
prize Light Brahmas and
200-Egff  Incubator, by Stahl,
with electrical attachment,
foster mothers, etc.
Bun.- Cutter, hand and power,
by Humphrey.
J I For particulars apply to
G. H. Gilpin- Cranbrook.
Look lot the
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
for the
111.1 tu- Up'to-Date.
Winter Schedule
.. Effective . .
On October 13th
A New Feature
A mo, lain    i'\|,!iiii,,.,l ii,.,,. |,0 „-.,
u, I....V "thnt  picture over s-o„.
■i "
anil sv..,ilsl liny 54,000 for il
"lllll   il,   is   ,„,,    ,'.„'   BlllO        \.'l
III','.?   is    !'<„'      B,,|C,"   Bllltl   the   p,
"Y.u, aro uml,'(■ .-.,,„,,. at,-,,,,.,.
"Coma iiiiss'. coma ,i„.s-.  I'll
you is'liiii ru ,!,, — these old
tares nro nil the k<> nnd I need
! ic-
„„u for my     ,,,'sv Iiouko — III
you   $5,000  for  it.     What do   '
"I repent," snld the prlesl   "
It, is not fur sule „t in,,  prk-e   \
Ing hero is for solo - there Bl.Il)
pieces left ,„ tl... world where 11
i„g Is bought nor sold, nnd you
In o,.e of     ll,,,,,, now."    The p
then  turned un,l  retired  whence
1£ '   __
came, leaving    ,i„. visitors wo,
,i„! at    his   h,ek of business ,-i
J\ st);.-..-
nt nihil
■   1
.. .   a AT HI
Ool.r,-.', ,;,„„, Klinil..
Arthur .1.  I.,l,ly has returned
Chicago,     nfter     buying  saiuipl
ill -■ .j
a   -
what is probubly Hie longesl n
niol.ilo tn],    over made in Am,'
For sixty (lavs lis; bus  1   tr,
guilt,  i
l nt i
lug     throughout   lho Easl. , ml
<i..... ;■
thnt time he i..ss coveresl in ire
■   ||
3,000     miles.     Mrs.   Eddy
nlto '
l'sstsli',1 hi n ,  , I,.,,,  two 11
ol   tho     Journey,   Including  tho
from the Bust Is. Flint    MM,
ll V
,   ,
wii.v    ,,f    the Canadian roulo.
Eddy said.
"Tho Caiiiidlitn mails nre , ir
nwny the bs-sl  Ihnl  ss-.- . „c„i , ,.
They nro ions stretches of r,(l
Kin  miles    ol   hard   mnr-i-lnm  r
tit • i i
beds,  Itopl    in admiral 'omlil
•I'lii-.v aro oven heller than our
to tipsi
of.    .'
you ;i
■ ,.. ti) .. i   is, hml wronged ber
bile passing himself
a single man,   She had hnuuted
i .but he had dodged her,   she
i.i  im-t   htm on  tlie street.
■ :.., i . cad..! her.   As a last re-
■ ■ . d i uti :'.'<! his house and
ibe ioIsi that brought blm down
'. espi rieucc as a lawyer I never
;     :....     t r atory,  bul  before
' i      :, in ibe police, as in
.   H■ - v.. proved that she
,  :, tu uisirous liar or a bit
flic lady ill whose bouse she
il to h ive Btoppod had never even
: h r.   Then I discovered that
tl no daughter nnd thnt Mr, Hlg-
■ ; 1,1 nut have known her and
:-' liml not  visited Imr town for
.     T i     tip   Ibn  Mm**,  aha   »-....
night cf the murder.
ore Instnneo, nnd it
. :   lln   :•. Ileiilous at once.   A
■ ■ ; man named Wells, a resl-
■i the town, gave himself up to
., ".■ in. the murderer, lh- clnlm-
bu a Bomnitmbullst ami thnt the
\ :i ■ done   while lie  was asleep.
n't ll ink ho ought to bo piiui.sh-
- ■■ anted to l>e tried and uc-
I    Sot oi e true stntement did
ll ■   in all his story, and he was
■ take his leg und get out. Thu
'or the true criminal was kept up
. but he wns never discover*
I    ,i vs.n- no doubt right lu
t tb  ■■■•   The man entered the
■ | -. and, Mug discover*
t     e|-od, lu' fiiv.l tbo rami
;■   it .'-■■"i.pt si.    It was more
111;   y that he wan a stranger to
■ 111   unturally ask why those
■ should have charged themselves
i . i me ilmi tbey wero not guilty
i ;   ysleinn eould probably give
d.arcr uuawet. My theory Is
:,,.' bad taken un Intense Interest
■ ■    U, and from argument with
bow ibe crime was corn-
how thoy won!.I have com-
.   in v Eot to the point of bellev-
ii   imy actually did commit it.
i are bj no means rare, and tt
be for sojne such  reason  that
often n fuse to accept .1 plea of
and l Ive tho accused a fair trial
: life nnd libertyi   Xhero are peo-
-    vi i'\   lawyer and  detective
.':o are itnxioits to ho witness-
1    !-■■ and will perjure tbem-
.   ibe stand without socmlug
nre of It, nnd it is in carrying
I    singular line of conduct or
of thought that one may eumo to
.■ himself.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
There are a few points tn
he considered in building.
' George Laurie has wood
of ail lengths. See him
before buying.
a to ilu-
tiii fin u
1 ItttllWI
Riven ilmtappllintlon .villi"
mr /.mu* tha si. Mary'
1>iiU|- to e nstii
11 in
or Us railway ir.in aiuua pnint nn
tl-ccompaiij's prcfant Hue nt nillway 1 lichee
nortlu-rtj anil westerly by ilia North Kootennj
fie-s in 11 iiiilnt nn lh.- Knoti-iiiiv lllvrr In lit ul-.li
Cniuniblii between VVunlne.- and tlie interim*
tli.ual buniiilnty.wltii inilluirltj nlso tocnnsiriict
ut,in,-lies it..in am 1 olntrt on ilia pnijiosuil linn
ig lines tor the use o(
i'. transmit uo.) ileii
'i.her Will, uml.
Walter lianvick,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
Crows Nest
Leaves Kootenay Landing liasl-
hound Tuesday .'mil Friday
Good work, Good   Material ] Leaves Medicine Hat Westbound
and the price.
Sunday and Wednesday
I'.,,- time inhles ,111,1 iuil Information, call on
,11 address ns'*irc*t his'isl annul,
A. 0.1'. A. Ajenl.
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbroolt
J. S. CARTBR, D. P. A., Nelson, il. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'vCo.
Have you lalkcJ with anyone .boo, bulldlr,-.? Ncls0n & F*' SllCphard R'y   Co.,
Come and see me "or let me ate you.   It may I Red     Mountain     Railway    Cti
tin US bnlli jimid.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office nt Pe-idcncc, Armsstrru," Ave.
Forenoons. >:,!l> to II
Altcrnoons   ■   -   -   -   l:.10 Is, ,l:.t0
Evcnlof-s   ■   -   -   -    7...II to 8:dll
:raniirooic,   , b. c
1, ■
The   Mi.'liiKiin   r
,s, tin' Slulc, ... nro those ot
In lho Ensteru Slates lho 	
(food  In patches.
"For  tho  Information  ot nu
blllsls eonteimil
ot Unnailo     I     ■
i,*,.0:   :I   ,.    .;','      ,'     Q      ",      !
:   1 . 1.   U,
,■ .,,       1,1* I
trip liy        '.,:,:':
ho lm ' I 10 kill the , inn
llsi'.V Rive 11 receipt,
tho 1'us, 1,1ns pos,
tho     co v     tor
slip,    which   ,'nn   1."
1 •'"-!■     porl     ot
amount nf your ,,,',
ways I,CM ,0 class
aoconrl-hantl; lhe .1,,
n'lich   li'ss."
Poor Old <>„,,,.
A Workworth pnpor tells of ;, l„
Hnr -.-ho bo„i-h,  isvu shooLs of sli
fly-paper mul look 11 , ,,, iii. „
lu catch lli,- peskj   insects Ilia I
slsteil     .,„ pi-ovp-ittn-i his     mn,
s,,o,i*i..     Cnrofullj' placlns  then,
two chairs by his brat, he went
tor n. smoke, bin whon  ho reltir
ho hml forgottotl nlioul   the II., 1
11,1,1 sal down. Will, ,!„> pulieii'ee
,l,,l, the Irousors were pulietl    oil
fncilllnto  lho removal  of  lhc pa|
Ilis minil became so nbsorheil in
iimpiiinllon Hint he Bat tiowt, on
olli",- chair, "ul nl respect     for
I ' bncliolnr    11 veil is drawn 1
tho second ss s.
N-sn.t,". II..- It,it.,-.
We In nerii -s tho ejrtrtior-
, jinilic    ''I   Sni'timliis
,  tho Inits'i I'eni-
ini,,,. There 11,t, t have Ij.'.-ii some
'.;.,sal renson for heslowlng such
nest hut, .'vin •-". It ss-ars'i'ly
seen,, hi!;: .,1,1,' t., rums' chllslrel. It, n
...   '. . I   ;,,;:.,   ,1 Is  ItlflllO  tllUin  n„-
partleiitarly    In    Ihelr
■ .       ri,,. 11,,:.,, „!' 11 uamo,
 ;,- difficult that, II
I     I , nrs ,1 number of ynuna
;  ..." l' togethoi't „ll their tllllllos
     ret   ps','l,„ps Ihere  1,1
1    ,1 ,. a would .!,"„.-.' for dully
. ,-,   us,,    Ai,il  ilu 11 when 11
, ',.. 1,us I,,.',, ti Ki,t of enro
. ti ken that It is olio which
well in conjunction will, the
,   1 ml .,!:,  Hml tlie Initials ,le
; ..,  . 1111 unsuitable word.   Clinrlcs
1  ,::;.',1.ir.l ,„„l Itnlph Oliver
... im   Instnneo,   nro   names
<l ss rs  .'ill in full, i'tlt tu
Indispensable in
Every Home
A Reliable
Thermometer ^
;  and Barometer
i       ,
Worth $100, speclallr made to
meet the climatic otHidl-tlons ot
Western Canada, w-ill be wnt
free to every yearly ■ubicrlber
•f the
Season 1901-1902
Cut out thin aJvertlfonwnt
and forw.'ird tu Free I'leai with
one dollar and receive Weekly
Free Press for twie year toK<*h-
•r with a handBotno thcrniiJin-
ever and bai-ometer,
NO, 183
Certificate of the KcRlMratlon of an Extra*
1'r.niiiciiil   Company.
Itn* 1,000-000,000  Mii-
Au-.ir.tli,1   j.;  (ho Wnol  con
tliolr I'm
10 n   y.-nr.
.    ( ., v, here Won  Chooae.
it  had      Bel the mouiitnlub or Indln nnd i\
ry. uud    T «   i»werfol   trlhfi   oinong '
. '■ " extrnordliinry ctistora pro*
I   vails. nen'a ri Ins npphrently hnve
...  j ! reeujtnltlon, for the Indies
In nd, but    of ll 1 .'im ehooee the|r own htia-
,.    1,, in    hm ui ii Blngle imly  '"in to do
,.,   1            :,    oon .:.  I ■ -i lies i" chnnffo her Btate
I .-; b . n servant lo pin n hundker-
,• tun      '   tl    r finil   chl Iml ol the man oil whom
,,.,1   -    ■               been , I   1 1.0,1:1. nnd he In obliged tu
nr ui,   had entered the    innrrj . . t.nh-s.*. he can slmw ho ih toe
I-0 1-liiouao for plunder.   &.ftei  boido ttuya j pum 1 (.urehaBe her ut thu prk-e her
^iiajr arreited a galoon keepet iu u towa | futbei nulrea.                                 i
(.nd .11 1
fjirore  I
tn' 1 11 .
he StU(
«'VI   ! .   tl
tn- mil
nnd n't
n ic.'.s.'
If.,   j
1 hi n-i.y certify Hint ttia "Olovar l-eal Mining
ind AUIiliift ennipnuy- i-peraonal lini'iiity,"
Ims this day Ih-oii roRlaloretl as nn Kxtra-l'rovln*
cl;iti-i.ni|.nny miliar tho "CompanloB Aol, lBP7i"
id lm tryiuy.--Kx- to onrry out nr efluct all or any oftlieobjectii of
tlieCnmimuyto tvhlch the lealstatlvo authority
 , . 01 the LeftlilHtitro ..f nrltlsli Columbia extends.
Tin- lieiut OtllOOof thiM'<.iii|iiiny Ih Nilnnteil In
tlio city of Spntmno, mate ot Washington, U.8,
1 ii.. ii nnt ni the capital or Iho Company is
fiTM-m, dlviilcil inin i,ww,oooaliare« ofuillve)
Tin* hwiilt.mofi of the Company in this pro-
viiice issituiit.' at CiaiUironlt. and .t.iiin hvmi
CostigAiii bnrrlitcr ut law, wlmsa addross li
Crniihrnok afaro»nW, is llie uitiuney fur the
The iim.' ofthe oxlflioncnof the oompimyl.1
tifty M'tns. The Computij i.i tiitviidiy trailed
niiilorKemionWoftlioaalil Act.
iil.fti under my hiiml nn 1 Real "f Oflice at
Vletorln, prnvlnoo of nrltlsli Cotiunlilli* till* Otli
day of Aitaiwii nwi.
s. v. wnnrrnN,
Itfulstiar »r joint htuch comimnloi
Licensed Provincial Assayer
.ml 1.>||,.' ,;,.-„-,' 1
laiiuru -
ley,   lt,C,
in ill nre
y nt  North    1
ITompt stten'li
the "0(11111
tlie  limit!
i-\e]i<|in 1
inles Winding 1
■ o(   iiie ■•( row
1   ( din,'nil),  1.1:
.'   worth Mm- .M
in the mat
Act, 18P8. ;ii
Nest I.111 .t i
lied," 111 1 iiulibitiiiu,
Knttce l.i hereliy Rival tbut ;.t an lixtntnri I-
iii.ijti.ii ml M.-i'tii.s. "i the Crow's Ni t l.iin.l
mi ivwhiinifiit (amiany. 1. mimd.duly n-
voiu'ii im.i lii.l mi uetober liiih, A. t), itwi.a
ri-snititi.ni re.jiifriiii: the said company to lie
ivoimdiip was duly piuseil; which resolution nt
ti subsequent Estmnnllimri aencral Mecitng
duly couvenca and liQltl mi Novombet 7th, a. 11.
1901, was du'.y confirmed as n spoclid resolution;
At such last ini'titimii'i mcetluglhe anpolnt-
uifiiis -if William l'.'ii'.iniiii Bnlsbury, Rsq.,nf
the rit) ofVanoouver in Hie Province of llritish
Columbians l-fquijiator and ot ll, Abbot, Ksq.,
t.i the snme place ns thsimctor for the purpose
Notice is aisn given [pursnaut to the "Companies Winding ru Act, i-iii." Section 101 that the
Creditors nf ami others having claims upon the
siiid Company nre required on or before the
,'uth ..f December, A. i>. IHOU lo semi their
niiint-s m.il nd tresses, Ihe partlatiais of tliolr
debts nr claims and Hie nature of the securities,
if any, heiiibj iiiini io \\iitiiiin Forrlman s«ls*
bury. Vancouver, It. c, tin* Liquidator of the
said Company.
Ni.ti. i: is further given that after sneii last
 ntlnned dato iho mnl liquidator will 1 roc 1
to distribute the assets nr iin; said Company
among the imrtlcfl entitled itiBrcto bnvlngre*
,-iiui .niv in ihe claims of whlclihe shall than
have notice.
Date.I ni Vancouver, ll ft, November 11. nsii.
•Ohboms I'lnuliott,
.Miiekinmm liitiiiiiiig, (irauvillo street,
Viiiii'.nivei, 11.1'.
nai-4»v       BoliL'ltor lor the Snlil Liquidator,
I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge
No. li     ,\|erln e.ety I'll-
tl.i> m,:ht tit 111 Oil hull mi
I Ml 1(01 sheet.    Sojourning
Odd t'ellowsconllnll) Invited.
Matt l.'oek.-ml.-if I'. K. HI11q.s1.11
N. ii. I Seti'v.
The only all mil route between all
points Rast, West nnd South Id....
Intermedial.: Points.
(irt'jii Northern, Northern Pacific
and (>. R. & N. Company.
Connects nt
Nelson  with  Steamer lor Kaslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects dally
At    Bosshurg   Stage   Doily   for
(Jrand Turks and (ireenwood.
IL A. JACKSON, (len. Pass. Agl.
uanlirmik Lodge, No. .14
A. P. & A. M.
tt.'i'iiini' meetings on lhe
third Thursday nr ihe
\ Kiting brutliern wolcomed.
W. IMllUtn, See'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
iVtininji; Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Slcdc, II. C.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders al Townsite s.llic receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Something for You
A bcnullltil "lllnsK Sin. Hount" will, ."<>r
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tahl.i-.-l plslsirs'is Inks,, li.lors' Ctirlllrtlll,.
Csiiik' aisvs, niul -lis' ii^ liiin- lit ks'I ..itr
siiii-iiiin" work out. N„ work promise*!
ir..,., ii,i* sinit' before llireo wectie from
tlm,' „l sllll,,*.       PRllST, I'halograpticr
Coul laclt.r
ami Builder  j.
All work -iiiiranl.'s'il.    See UN before
smi build.   It will pny you,
Crnnhrnok, It C
Nelson :Tent: and
Awning : Factory
r an brook,
tiriit-ii Colombia      Tlllitl. MAI1SIIN, M(iK.
floyie's .
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for lhc traveling public.
eroprletors, Printing is Our Business....
■ •
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your  order
To The Herald Office
■■.•..    -..•.•.•.■•.■■.■.•.-.Mri
 ' •' •■ •■->■ S)
■. ay Lands
The Co ty control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Ko ■ in acre, th   latter being for first-class agricul
tural -;i by I  .-   Railway.
  I    Ur, Smith    could nut tell
j in,,,h about il,i:
80ME ADVICE ON  THEIR CHOICE BY ' wlllcli tilt, world is lull.  Ho i',.,..„l
PROF. GOLDWIIM SMITH. I -'' "I'™™™ Island" and "King Hui-
1 i.itiiin H Mines    .uiiuii* llto guud otten.
 ' | lie  spoke   "I   JllllO   Ail'.,'li   "'.   „     lu-
Toronto Norma, sotiool at.tdant. A.i.ir...- ' tlialu  Hhukenpeiilo,   possessing   in    ..
ll'klll sin*' llic !".»,',   „t   filv-
0.1   li,   tha    l.u.1......   Scholar    l.tto.-u- |
lure, l-u.l no.l I'ro.uu., IM..'ti»».,U--llaU     j|(
llto King [ur i'i.,.,1- Valuaol u I'll,,.,.     II
Library- ,vor,.r. no., t-oata.
lo N
nl po
,  "K,
Ol  dr,,,,
At lilt, opening ol Lho 'I
nml School il, >„',  .In
islor ,,l Educiitlon sv,,,,
US','.    IV,tl,   .'.pool.,I    ,1
.lioi.'o .., books tor I
Mr.   Mm,'„„il   mom,,,
„f Lloyd Harrison,"
feel ptirirall of Iho i-'im-Ii- I,
Hi,' days when her uovols "
lllnr,     Mr. Smith  was lifl'al
day, lhu Mm-   Hcott wns ,„,'  riad now, b,
..,,,,'.1 lhu s,„      A.., ,,,1.,,,'v. I'll,, llri.lo .,,"
ivurds oi    ad-   moor"  on,I   "Old   Mortality'
,',' !0     lo   ,lio    well      WOl'lll   I'.'.oli.'B.   'I'll.'   I
uil "Tho    I.,,',-   i'io.iio      Ho.,.,ii,',, vols |
Ilio     r,.Ill,i.il    ,,,,.in,.,I     history, uml Scull
.     .
ifliiui .'..fill <<f Hml Sout tO ti I "n*
dull .lii.iri.iil.
is of Payment
| rest, ei ccpt  in  lhe
■ ■ ■ .   tnfmenl   ■
•     t to be paid al llm i  of pur-
ln     ih.- nvu un   ■ . •■h b
'imtii'diiil imti .   .■        ■    ,
,. vri uil      -Ir.   i*   S    Hi ■  i
i-  . no um ■ ■'.. ' vb
jtrh I'.-iul.-r iHl.i.r C,     to ^^^^^^^^^
.' .■        4       tn. ■.  ■
'.   ..      ■' -v The loll
f on Ion  -
1 pvcretl i
A   ffll
ilill   8UW     HI  Uml
The  idyll  ul  u  lu
History ut ih.- United States, llm hardly loss than others. Npeukitig ut
United Kingdom," "Oxford nml Her Thuckoruy, Mr. Smith suld: "I lined
Collegus," .in books from which     ho tu see blm,  wo wore together often
hud      Bonullj   dortvod much plcim- 1 lo is supposed to bo cynical, und  I
lire, uud which no toucher should   bo ih.  not  suppose  In:  is uulliuly   free
without, They  were masterpieces   of from it,, Imi. nl   tho bottom bo    is r.
tho English luugungd mid their   uu- very good fellow." Ulckumt emtio in
thor, Mr. Qoldwln .Smith, would ad- for prnlsu fur having given Hi'' world
dress tho students. „ huurty laugh nud huviiig sweeten-
In opening.  Or   .Smith snld ho did ed the breath of society. His "Christ-
not pii5poaa tu give advice or     In- uma Carols."  were speclully  praised
struct Ion. Those they had. and    un us deeply religious,
thorn rested tin.1 responsibility of ac- Mr.    Smith     warned    bis hearers
ceptance.    In    this ago of progress, against promiscuous nnd tt... free In-
whlch men, porhaps not very his tori- diligence in novel rending.      Without
cully, called "the Victorian era," lie careful    Boleution such is pernicious
thought education had kept full pace , tm.l sure to iiutmir tho menial ubili--
with every other branch of     know- ties, lit conclusion Mr. Smith said:
ledge mid effort   hecomtng almost    a '■ "You ladies und gentlemen are sut-
■clenee, ihough neither teaching nor ttng    forth    in    the bright   hopeful ' The level simllynt nn
training would convey tu the     stu- , morning of life. I huvu come near iis ■    lu refl auu yellow in
dent*, the moral qualities su essential ■■ close and  am  looking buck  upon   It, : A"''_ ,''00-!|, * l"'"l,h -;
for successful  teachers.   Referring  Lo Yuu ure    gazing,     no doubt,     wit It    ^[ m tiia mliist  wlt'u
tnention by the Minister of Education enquiring uud wistful eyes Into    the   ' ^non a Uubeiieti si.n
of liis connection with Oxford Univer-1 veil behind which is the future.  If is   a williiw-ui-ouac snrvej
slty. Mr,  Smith said:                              ; my hope tbat  when  tin- veil   rises il       .Nor hlilUeu wuU-Uiiitf
"As professor of history  there,     I will disclose a future of happiness."    j
had one Interacting and delightful pu- i	
pll, our    present King.     (Applause.) j WILD LIFE IN ONTARIO.
While he was at Oxford 1 used     to
lecture tu blm privately, un history, *~~~ ~       ~~~~","~,~."            "         The on
and afterwards had to go and exam- „         »ta «d itair flrtite.                   Ufi jlnlluteiI lifnlli|1J  lvmk.
die him. Ilu never allowed me to se" -----* hhick stiuirrul is su persistent*    0Iil-.1I.-ui  to tbe law or nun
thnt be    wiih bored, und the    King, '->' bunted and  is sueh compui'uUvely      u\h pautonuto and  vain i
who eould be    bored by n professor
without showing that ho wus   bored
—(laughter)—should be quite able fo
listen iu a municipal address."
ncwed laughter.)
The necessity  Of  popular  eiluc
. tin lull
-.•''■:■ ,
•.-    toto    .,        *,oo   -       - 7i.9o •■ m'm.f
I ,.„
Kimberl and shipping point for fhe
J   North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agenis.
Cr'Itli'I'OOk 's ",c -!'v's'olia' i'"'"-°- •'"-' Craws Nest Pass
and the c, iti  crti.-il centre of  Ft.tith
■■ mtenay.
• V. HYDE HAI ER, Townsite \  i
Hi']'   HUMS'.   I0S
IlTOIIllllg li.'i
Will, , innu,
Ravontpur Toll. SomsllllnjI ..l.ui.t 9qulr-
rel. and Their Habits.
Tho block sspilrrul is so persistent-
ly huntod and is such conuuiraUvcly
eusy a„„,u lo luiB that tin' duj  cannot Ijo fuf distant when ho, !<><>. will    Hi- pn
have vanished from thu woosl-s     ,,i      ""
lu-i olslcr Ontario,  writes Huvonspitr    in   a\f }"
Tho Star.   In  fsiYorod  scelions llicl-u   ,.,,',''
plenty loft vol, however,
dost iiiii-ii,
,i„-  B.-t'llO,
ii.'.ul on l.ie:,.
, ,„,, d.-iin,,'.',
r striitlesl ny,
liuirei, witli pnile,
in a country such as Canada     ,vns I l''"'li suuirrel plo is b, „.. „
next dealt .villi. Absolute monarchy, j unfamiliar dollciicy on tho
Mr. Smith said, might dispense ivilh sportsman s     lablo. In oart;
popular odueullon,  but  without    iti hu"-'k s'l1"l'n,|s must nave b,
no soli-governing country could    es- ,l,rr""-•' nuniorous in ttester,
capo aiinrchy. Tho speaker was onco ! '"■ ' '"lV0 '"'",''1 *"lM l"1'1
ii    member of tho commission     up- residents of Surnla ol  ck
pointed    by the llritisl, Oovornmcnt mlgfatlons thut must
to toko    up nnd report upon     tin
scheme of popular education, and ro
nioiuhorad quite wall Mr   Lowo'a .'..,.
leal r.'innrk:  "AVo aro educntiag   oui
masters." He (Mr. Smith) confessed
however, iiiul the thing which recon- !m'   -sll'l,;lm    10 usoaiie sis.m on.-
I'iloil Imti to a system of Slut,' odu- Michigan a old-Inshioned lores,  llr
i'.si.iois was his ooiiii :o in Hi,. Iain- Nowadays ,t is sllll possible lor  l
iiv rather than in tho    Stntu.     The . '-,"**•?' If*11,"01' '" '"'« " l1"'''" "'   ,
lt(,   black squirrels i„ u days slioot, t
the linis' wlii'a he could galher is ...
on load In tho so,a,' period   is   b'
Tlio  black  s.'iiinvl   Is    ...
ex to
1 1
beet, ,
issured 1
by   lh.
'SO   11
st ci
t 1.
th.'j   1
ll has
1 pi
•k ivitl
I lu
For lurthcr Inlormotloa ,
■    us above nr In
'■•, Disirici Land Agenl, Nelson, R. C. or
Lands under S2.iift per acre arc sold
on shorter lime.
i! the lam) is paid lur in full at lhc
lime uf purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal lo leu per
Cen I nr, the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment
Interest at si\. per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company ha? also hits fur sale
'ii ilit. following town site-- iu East knot*
enay: Elko, Cranbrook, Woyelle, Kiich.
ener, Creston and Klmberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
.;i-.li, ami the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the greal
Iron inn;!.: aud the gateway in the White
Orotise copper fields.   J, I. RURQESS,
Tow nsitc Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg. |
f-3p>    f< - -:: •?", ;r^v":i^.'''0:.'"
s.  .        ■ ■ /   I
'■kj? (
The .*• -< •.*- -.-' .** ■■* .*• ."-
_aw and rlaning Mills
C ■   EC, B.C.
!   if
jpV\ Cosmopolitan;
O Hotel & <,*
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
day    niiBht    conic     whon tho Sta,
-vouhi be a power untlroly wise
nine,liiicoat. raised above all Inctl
ol poopto. ami more like a di
-AU,    K1NUS    i.'i''	
ing. Ilu, at present political Interests were paramount and could not
bo denied. Ol courso il was oxtrunioly
difficult to ainkii ihu public ichnol a
conti'o of moral training, and poopto
tire beginning to complain becauso <>f
that, isissl ho was not surprised to
note a tendency to ,'liiit,i Mtata old
for private schools provided thoy at-
taiiu',1 a certain standard, II.' was
atraiil thnt the laiidoney ol ,,„' pros-
cut   system was lo diminish tho    in-
torost ..I parents In their children.
"What is quite cortaln, however," ho
concluded on that point, "ia that
wo have tlie system and  must    koep
dorlully nindi
.cots away  Irom Ins pursue,'
Is a hollow In his t,v,-   A. tc
.IB,i I ran across a quartette i,
ol,,,. but beforo I .:,unit gel
iill  lour Innl vanished Into I
elusion ol a hollow in,iii.
An interesting plioso ol ,!,
rel '''a'snoa is the liostili,.
tl„. reds and sin- blacks, ., I
thai   B rally  obtains   tin ,
Is.',, species must fraterniw .1
occasionally,    I     have soon ■
that wore halt rod nnd In,a
Many hunters Bccuse lhe red
.-.-Is ol oia.i-.nl.il ing tl
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     I he 0.,,1,'iuv
Much ptoosuro was oxprosso.1 bj M,   j -'""   lll'"'k sm	
Smith at   M,    Harcourt's    ■■■ ts   ,;IU1|> '"'" •"      '"'   "
on private librarlus, and loachers 10 | ,'1'"1 '','J11I#'■, '   "'" '
properly euro for thotr pupils neosl ,1
careful   selection   of   '„„>ks   ,,.     I p
up thotr   ono   culture   A thorough
knnwledgo ot one B<aaI hook of renl
Importance was worth a greal  ileal I
,"...'.- than „ Bliporncinl knowledge ol A ""'""' ■-"'"'■"" -*•«*•
 hois. Those    who •■'"    Salmon     pack 01,  lhe  frnse,
I other dtlos   nnd \ nt™  toi  lho so 1 Just  cl,     II
In some nl ,1,0 larger towns had easy 1 Without precodonl ,„ tl„- hist,
,,,','oss through tin. libraries     tu    a ""'     Provlnco ,„' llritish L'.,
groul iiiinili.-. ot books, but there wns According    to tho statistics     <rhl, ,
nollllng to approocll tho ploasut-o   ol 'iftVo J"st   roached  the  I'laborles    lie
11 library of their own soloctlon  Phil- Pnrtmont, tho total pack nl Mnrkeyi,
osoph. sounded somowhnl sovore  but oaliimn PUI  up hi the     Itiver
ho would advlso Iliem lo read Bneoti cunuorios nmounts to lho   en.
In history they should rend M 1- t"1"1 "' 040.813 case   ol
lay. who    was aliuosl un, id "'""' ""'   The pnek lot the 1
In brilliancy ot stylo  Only, In read    "   tho iiorthorii rivura I
,,u,    Mm, II  w„s sv,oi t„ ,,.,„"ii,i',.,' od at 800,000    this  nidi    tn lh,
Hi.1,    lm ivns a llttlo too Cocksure    llmbueli and s,,  pack will give   u
Lord Kelvin hi too romarked     1   '"t"1 ll"   *■■'■  "" "' """'■'    '""'
Wish I svas as i-orksuro of    aiisllnn- million and „ quarter ... ,           1  ,
lis    Mn ilny     is    of    everything." ! ••"'"' ""'     l"l"l  Pack of the V	
1    I
Good Table and Every Accomn-.csiati'on.
American Drinks, Leading Brands of Liquors
fi. and Schlitz Famous  Beer  dispensed by the popular
.'    % bartender, Charley Armstrong. ^r
Dressed Lumber, j
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
Dimension Lumber,
 ' ■•
first, as ll    ■ ■
hingles and f
, -;•■>**-■" ."•■■.."*-■■- -■ -. .
UIII!,'       1
lllis    111,,'11-,11 *
■soil 1 withhold .
Iiv.' I„ Tc
..as 310.naa ,.,        nnd I lie lilghc .'
i       previous     lo   this   tvn     19U7,
} whon BOO, Ihi) cases w, re pu, up
,-„.    re wore "histories      Muring Oie past live yea,
1.I100I   l'r.'.',„n„.     most I ug" I""'" I""'1  '" lllc Uniterm™ has
nlnu.si onljri'ly ,,,, the wn,. lit, flail
w,',,' running.     According to olflclul
ftguros.   tl,,',-..'  has  ,„',',,   11,11 ■	
Soi'I.i-si. sub 1 parked ,,„ ,i„- I,user 11, tho pas, seven .sears. Calculating   It;   llllll   1"   tli" ease,     something
-1 Is
Klllglll'a  History  of  MubI I ivns  re-
I'.aaiiieialeil hy Mr   Smith as 11 trust-
worthy, iuipnrtlnl and .veil wrlltun
book   su
s.l  ,s  IliBll  .
lenriieil ami mosl   nenirate.     Proudo.    ' " "l""11   '-'■ "'''"'
loos,      |.i.'l,„es,|„e   an.l   less   aeiiir,,,,'   ! >'0nrS   |.,eV,„„s   ,,,   IR|1
Ti  ss,,,, cm,,,,,.,', who deal, with   contracted lor Its llsh
lhe porlnd of rhurles I , ami Looky's   "' I""
iidlil,,able works ' "
. Ill the poets. I'I,a,,,'.',', who ,,,',;„,!
the line of IQllgltSll poets anil saw , Im
dawn ol |-„Biisi, poetry, should bo
road Then there was Shakespeare,
'"Itend htm und re-road htm,     over
and over again." salil Mr Smith, "ki' 17,83
"you can never waste an hour devot- ] caught and
oil     to the rending lit Shislsespeare."
Two inon toworod above all   others
i,,s poets. Shakespeare und Homer
|l.ln the whole ID. , I,ought Homer
ranked uttove Ids great   rival. Ho
swished lie could give them real uc-
»-ess to Homer, but unless they know
tlreek that wus impossible. Tlie Hoariest approach they could get   in   tlio .
J'lnBllsli language to Homer wus new clay pipe. Now pa did nul ap-
Boolt's Mnrmion. Pope und dray P'* ll,e qulckonlng hand lo the seat
Wore also referred to. He had lately <>' -h" liulc '"u'" trousers, bu, ,00k
boon reading again Irom Burns, llis hopoful by tho hand nml nskrsl
(Wordsworth und Sholloy. Th,    tor-1 him l" eome    n,    „,„i base a real
»ncr, ho thought, Wus on the whole «"uli smoke. Then pa lit his plpu
loo  cureless   In  his  writing  to  class I and  passed   It   to   Harold I  tilled
1wit.l1 the other two. Wordsworth pub-1 *"11' '"-v- Hnrold asked If he could
llshesl     « great deal that was     not ! B° "P stalls and tup on  the   front
more than ordinary,    Shelley was u   ,'"""1     window, so Hint tho    other
classic now. but he wus u revolution*, D0J" c""111 """ llim smoking.
1st, and hnd he lived in these     duyn      Al"l  Harold  lapped.
iwouhl probublv have been us an An- I    Then    ho cu lown nnd tmokod,
archlst, not of the eluss Hint resort- I and    swelled,  and swiilloweil     Thon
ed 10 murdor, but of the class lhat   -™ b,"'"t al"' "i'1"1' '" k"1 '" hod.
prutostcd against tho restraints    ol I    Whon ho got well 1,0 told pa    he
luw und sirdnr. Tennyson, ol course, | m|lW nover, nevor smoke again,
*»aa u remarkable post, not only b«-     P" iH " W|H" «">'■
ot his mastory. ol tho urt, but      T'lu kid la wiser tliuu he wus,
sl  in Hi.
Willi     lhe
year's    pack,      Ihis has been 111
sen, to Bngland.
I'a aa.1 111. Hoy IVill, ,. I'ipo.
A West'Bud in,,,, came homo
expoctodly tho othor afternoon
found Ms ntnc-yunrrold son ia a
neat  tho houso smoking le.
1   IlCeoa
ibinson& McKenzie.
nd Pianino; Mills
Saw a
Cranbrook, ... C
• In I'tinu-la Thol
WiEliniii I'r,--Mi mnl I lis.it
In 17(18 thi-y came from l'hiladelphln I ■    »   .-   ,n    „     n
to «m.o, vuh 11..- id,« ot Htart.nff|L.B, VanDecar, Prop,
■ ■ r,  but   11..' iliHit-iilti.'s    in
were so  1....i.v j
that 11 wi    a [till year l>.
..   hi  1 , ii       \.i  inuL.T-
..       :■ ;■.;■!.        Ill    |H    --   II    ■ I    llUHl
in hi- nni',,11 .I irom 1 n 1 hi.I. niitl
skilled labor did uot rxIhI. Ovt-r-
rnming    nil oliHiat'h-R,  huwovcr,  Lho
nml    hor «'i 'Hi" O'l'.'i ■-■ 0ii7ettQ
appc 1 .ui ti.r 31sl  nt .luw     I.' O
"ri 0 hundred ami fifty HUhncnli-
.■!■'.  I from that duj  Cmmda   Wtu
aevnr without d ni vvi \m\» r.
/.iinti's Uin i" (>.'. Slnrkny.
Thin in.'i<l.'nl of Hu* into Roy. Ur
Manhny, of I-'ormosa, i» told by d
corroHpoiidunt ol Tho London Ad*, ir-
Llst-r: "I had the i.I.m.m.iv ..f boinj
acqualntod with Dr. Mackiiy boiiu
ynai'B ago. Uo preached For us it
St.. Miu-y's Proshybcrlan C'burcl
about 80 years ago, 11" also Kpoki
of hit) inn ni i.n «,f going .ml ns .1
intsBiomiry to Ur* hi-atlum in For
inosn, wli.-i'i- ho i-.it.ii after wint. II.
wiih filwiivs n mnu of great i-nin.-sl
n.'Hs and liis heart was nl
wot!\. On ono occnalo
Ing iv churcli ho nmt 1
township for 85,000, and without
apology demanded that n. I'.: Krut at
ooca, Tho amount was made up ami
sent by return mail,
All Kinds Of
tough and Dressed Lumber
i You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
li !.„. ilioi'i lun    S>?-1M  'I* I ITT f)   The Only Wttoleute Uqoer Dealer la
until you see..    I   I.". 1-. I 1 l^lv.   South Rail KeoleiMy.    Wrlle for l-rlcea
Cr.uibrcok, B. C. -ft sr,   *S=
i.TII-.R is also agent for
Tht.. is the supply point for Snulii East Kootenay.
Ansln-Amcricnn Fire I Comi  ■•-	
Equity Fire Insiira   ■ (   Lowest Rl
Ottawa I'irc Insurnti :c ,   „
I .,-,.,,,..;,,,;..      |rflnce !   Prompt Scttlcmcnfs
C. R. PALNER, Agent  for i iro and Life Insuranc     :: 0. 0     <*,*&   v*&
Cranl root   . ritish Columbia.
. v^ok
(iuc*!*- Comfort a Specially
Qood Stnbllflg in Connection
I'lijior Wood.
l'npcr wood ia us hard nn wood it-
nolf, is BUHceiUlblo of bi-illiiint treatment, is vitHtly lighter, perfectly adjustable und absolutely ilreproof.
The erection of skyscrapers liuctusl-
taitil n very Ek-rlous study of (lro*
proofing treatment of wo.nl, nnd ihe
rv..nil Is Hm* paper is i-omlng very
largcb Into use in all eases whero
woodwork has* lo lm used, Ii is particularly adaptable for etUlngs   uud
Ik becoming    pupular fur tliuL     pur-
A. T. Vroom,
when build- j [ilncksmtthlng,
::,,i"   hoelnjr,
Wnjion Plaklnp.
and Pnlntini
O ii
id nml depot.    Has nccommoda*
-  ttie public uueqnalled iu Cranbrook.
C I ■
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
 Proprietor       J,
. »...».-........♦*•)
roving On Nature
All kinds of  work   givei)   prompt i
Attention, and wc will guarantee j Those w.tntii'.sr chimney    I
satisfaction to oiir patrons  in all s places, boilers fined, or any job
wc io. Yours for trad,-.      work In the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
functions of the tailor.     By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc.   It is our business
i        lhat, and more.      We not only make perfect lilting
:h ..ct off a  good figure and improve a poor
ut material in our suits which some tailors
would nol think of selling- at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
ttrj Tailors') Cranbrook, B. C V, '.  '.  .
.   .   .	
:.) & GO.
Balance of Blouses and Skirts at bargain
prices to make room for our  spring stock.
A few good lines left.
Bargains in heavy winter suits, Pea Jackets
and Men's and Bov.s Overcoats.    Call in.
: : I
®-i»-4>  ...
: | : •:. *£$*-3
::: r.
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock ot
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
II you buy ol Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Illllclal Wold, Inspector lor
Crow.. Nest slisici.,,, SJ. I1, k*.
i **************************
\l      LOCAL   NOTES     S
Candy Kitchen j
llllll,'. iii'i,in,,l,!l"-l", ,; "1
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes anil
TobaCtOS. Olve us a ci
to— !
Livery  S
Proprietors .* .* .*
Teams and drivers furnished for nny
point in the dislrict,
Manager   ,*  .*    •*
Vroom & Dezall    j
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jabbing....
Outside Orilers Promptly
Atlt.-ii.ial tn.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales. Elc.
Soda water tn siphons.   The most
economi-al way to handle it.
Home Hade
That is what ours
is like.    Try it.
City Bakery.
Our buna, breast, coke anil tickets fur sale ut
G. T.  Roller's grocery slurc.
Undertaking; And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Office mnl store, Aiken block,
near CatiatllHti Bank nf Commerce, Cranbrook, I- C
UpholHterlng end Qeneral r-urltllure Repairing
Will attend lo nny work hi the tllslrlcl
Picked  Up Abmtl the City   by  Asking
OiR'stiiuis of  Many   People.
II. H. Gllmore of Vaucouuer Is in the
W. W. Doble made a business trip to
Klko lust Saturday,
M, A. Ueale, of Moyle, whs a Crau
brook visitor Monday,
A I'unly, of Fernie, was in lown over
Sunday visiting friends,
il I-. Stephens, of Klko, came down
Tuesday between trains.
.Mr. mid Mrs. f, J. Kennedy are the
guests of friends in town.
W, I,, t-'oisy of Klko, was visiting
friends in town last week.
Mis R. Dudley and daughter were llu-
guests of Mrs. tl, Gotigeon.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hull of Marysvllle, were in town Monthly.
Archie Leltch visited Lethbridge and
Intermediate points this week.
At L'ntiiljni.ik ou Thursday, December
2b, tlie wife of W, h. l-'oiiy, of a .son.
Mr. Rickets, the well known Moyie
merchant, was a Crunbrook visitor this
The Masons will huld their regular
monthly meeting tonight, and install
Vroom & Dezelle have a change in
their ad this week. This firm has a
branch establishment in Marysvllle,
A. I-eitch left lusi Saturday for an t-x-
letidetl trip to the east, It Is possible
lhat Miss Emma Utiteh will return with
Dr. Green, who was looking after Dr.
King's practice during the latter gentleman's absence in lhe east, has returned io Moyie.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Motrow returned Friday from Nelson, accompanied by Miss
Jackson, a sister of Mrs. Morrow, who
will remain with them for home lime.
Will Clarke came down from Marysville Tuesday aud left lor lilko yesterday where he will paper II. L. Stephens'
new hotel for llit: firm of Pieper Si Cur.
l-'emie Is now lied up under lhe quarantine regulations. No one is allowed
to leave the place, ami relation-! with
Hit- outside world is virtually cut oO for
the time being.
James Ryan and J. lv Fenwick returned Monday from their trip to the east.
Tliey evidently enjoyed the trip ns both
..I the gentlemen hnve lhe appearance
of being improved iu health.
Tom Green, an employe of lhe Cranbiook Lumber Company, was injured
while loading lof-js at the Palmer bar
mill yesterday, He was brought lo the
hospital and is doing nicely.
A charily ball wilt he given at Fott
Steele  on   the evening ol Jan. 24, the
proceeds in be used for the benefit of
Victoria Jubilee hospital of that lown.
Pickets will he ft 00 and {3,00,
(V. P, Tisdale lias opened a candy
kitchen on Armstrong avenue, just
south of G II Gilpin's, and carries a
line stock of fresh candles, fruits, nuts,
elc.   .See  his ad in   this week's  paper-
At a meeting of Key City lodge last
Friday nighl it was decided to hold a
ladies' evening on Friday, January 24
The Odd Fellows have established a
reputation as entertainers, and a pleas'
ant evening is assured.
Louis W. Bo wen, superintendent of
the Kalispell division of the Great
Northern, and Mr. Flood, car accountant, with headquarters at Spokane,
were in town yesterday iu Mr. Bo wen's
private car, They had been to Klko to
look afler the Gteat Northern extension
The last dance of the Kutre nous club
w.is its greatest successs this season
Th-re were about 75 people present, ami
it seemed as if each one was
bent upon making the event a success
A number of out of town guests were
present and everybody had a good time.
The next dance will be held Wednesday.
January 22.
Fred Smyth, of the Moyie Leader,
was in town Tuesday, lie reports business in general a little quiet just at present, but adds: "We are all right in
Moyie. We have got the mineral, we
can get it out cheaper than any lead
mine uu tlie American continent, and
when tin* mines open up again Moyie
will bt-out-ol the best camps in Can
Changes (or advertisements must be
in the oflice on Tuesday morning to insure insertion. The Herald goes to
press Wednesday afternoon and ads
brought in later than Tuesday are liable
lo be crowded out. The Herald is anxious to accommodate its patrons, but if
the oflice is Hooded with copy for
ihangea on Wednesday, it would be impossible to go to press.
Aa Aaauil Mcding,
The annual congregational meeting of
Knox 1'resbyteriau church was held on
Monduy evening last, January 13th.
The reports submitted were of a most
encouraging nature. The following is a
brief digest of the reports from the various organizations in connection with the
The session  reported eighteen names
added to the communion rolls and three
removals, leaving a net gain of fifteen,
The Ladies Aid reported a total
income for lhe year - —        f 409 jo
The C. K., with 13 active and 16
associate members, a total income of ...... 27 85
Sabbath School    — ...    19645
Revenue from envelopes ami collections     - -. 140S 35
Century Fund         —       713 ihi
Total  -B2754 y5
The incoming manager board eonsis s
of Messrs. A Uitcb Sr„ M. Mclnues,
A, Mofiatt, G, T. Rogers, J. Mclntyre
and Ceo. Laurie.
A pleasant surprise was sprung 011 the
pastor when, on motion by Messrs
Mnli.it unit Mclnues, it wns resolved
unanimously to increase the present salary hy $200 per annum.
Fruiii Hie Moyle l-emler
II   N   llrentou won the handsome gold
watch at the Central hotel.      Ticket No.
13 was the lucky one,
Gomer Jones, book keeper for G. H.
Miner, was in town the first of the week
checking up the books of the branch
Vic Desaulbler is in the Coeur d'-
Alenes looking after his interests. He
will he absent a week or ten days.
Quite an enjoyable dance was given at
Frith & Hamilton's hotel Thursday
William Mills is having a house built
on his lot south of the brewery, facing
the lake.
Yesterday was the 12th anniversary
of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. P. J.
McMahon and it was duly celebrated at
their hotel in Klko. Frank McMahon,
ofthe Kootenay, was down to attend the
Will Ilillier of Calgary, who was here
for a couple of weeks visiting with Mr.
nud Mrs. Ivl Hill and Agent G. Ilillier,
returned heme Monday,
The case against Park, Mitchell & Co.
for throwing sawdust in lhe lake, has
been dismissed by Chief Magistrate
The winter so far in the mildest ever
experienced in Moyio.    During the past
eek there have been warm showers and
there is not a particle of snow on the
townsite nor ice on the lake.   The paBt
ouple of days has been typical May
At lhe regular meeting of Witdey
lodge I, O. O. F, lust Monday nighl, the
following officers were installed for the
ensuing six months: J. S. MacKachern,
Noble Grand; F. J. Smyth, Vice Grand;
W. L. Reld, Financial Secretary; G. T.
McGregor, Recording Secretary. Only
one appointed oflice was filled, that of
R. A  Smith, as Warden,
From Fort Steele Prospector,
There are several mining propositions
near Fort .Steele, and a few other enterprises which will wake this town a live-
y one this year if they are carried out.
A knocker is always a detriment and a
disgrace to any community.
Mrs. Ruth Poison, matron ofthe Fori
Steele hospital, gave an "At Home" on
Thursday. There were about 80 Invited
guests present who pronounced it the
most delightful party given during the
year. There were n number of guests
trom CanlTrook, Kimberley and other
towns in the district.
We understand that Mrs, Harry Anderson bus been appointed assistant matron
to the Fort Sleele hospital. She is a
graduate of the Royal Jubilee hospital,
Vicoria, inn! comes well recommended.
Eleven men are now working at the
I.siellu mine.
C. M, Keep of Fori Steele, is now
manager of ihe Kvndrlcks State bank at
KeudrickH, Idaho.
— From tli.* Free I'rois
Rev. D. Holford, D. D.,  has heen laid
np with appendicitis,  but is doing well,
W. W. Doble, Cranbrook, auditor for
1'. Burns & Co , was in town on business
connected with the company thia week
I', Burns Si Co. are remodelling the
second floor of their building and making some handsome office suites.
W. S. Keay and wife, late of Cranbrook, are domiciled at the Royal. Mr.
Keay will have his office in the C. P. R.
freight offices for the present. His removal here will prove of very great con*
venience to the business men of Fernb,
whs have business wiih the customs and
revenue departments.
than lust year,    The  result   of  the nili-
utclpal election In Vancouver is said to
have significance, as the defeated candidate for mayor was supported by J. F,
Garden, M. 1*. P., and C.ipt. Tallow, M.
P, P., both of whom are opposing the
Dniistiinir government, The successful
candidate was supported by the News-
Adverllser, which is edited by ex-FL
■ance Minister Coitou uud it is Intimated
lhat Cotton may be *;ked to join the
government as finance minister.
Large Smelling I'laat.
Anaconda, Mont., January 7 —-Something nf the maguitude of the new
smelting plant ut Anaconda can be seen
when it is understood thai lo build the
works ii tool, more than 10,000 carloads
of material, Of this 1000 carloads wen-
brick. Over 25,000,000 feet of lumber
were used in the buildings nml (Inme,
This Hume delivers 50,000 gallons ol
waier every minute. Fifty thousand
yards of masonry were constructed In
the work and   mote   than   150 000 yards
of earth were excavated lor foundations,
The site occupied contains 30a acres,
seven acres ol which me covered by the
concentrator building aloue.   The ca
pacity ofthe works is fully 5000 t-lis of
ore each -14 bonis. It took 11 force ol 900
men employed from June iSlb to dale to
complete ihe Immense plant. This is
certainly the largest smelting plant in
tlie wot Id.
Will Meet February 20th.
Victoria,   Jan.    10,—The   Legislative
Assembly lias   been called  to meet on
I-'ebruary 20th, which is one day earlier
From thf -M.uys*.in,* Tribune
lOn   I'ugb   and   Chicken   Fete  have
formed a wood trust.
Mrs. J. Lindsay anil child returned
from Moyle ou Tuesday.
Chap, Early has been under the
weather lately but Is around again.
Old man Grace got a train of cars
from the Fort Steele Christmas tree.
Charles Adams was In town one daj
last week, and informed The Tribune
lhat his claim on White Fish creek was
looking better than ever. They had a
ledge that showed 13 feet on the surface
and the cut was across only 1 I 3 feet a:
yet. The showing is decomposed
ipiaru with copper and iron, and lhe
values will run high. They have run a
2U foot tunnel and will continue development work.
Work Un Smeller Hiiililiiij-s.
From tlm Marysvllle Tilb'nne.
The work on the smelter buildings U
progressing rapidly. The weather ban
been extremely favorable aud lu consequence Foreman McKenzle has not
been delayed at anytime. The foundation stone for the roasters is lu place ani
ready for the concrete.   There arc five
Car lOatlS Or Umo and bi-lolt waiting    (or
the com-jle-Uon of the spur which will
be done hy Tuesday, so that a train can
be run right up to the t me iter buildings
The frame Is going up for the power
house below the bank, and It will be
completed wllhtu u short time. The
oflice building la now Inclosed ami woik
Is progressing rapidly on the interim
The furnace house, sulphide building
aud roasting sheds are ready for the
corrugated Iron. The tnat'e woik for
the ore track Is nearly completed, and
on every band Ih evidence of progress
It Is enough to make the heart of any
resident of Marysvllle heal with glad
ness to see the Improvement going on
that means permanency ami prosperity
to the town. And the men who are nol
getting In lino aie laying a foundation
for future remorse nnd regret. The
time t» make money iu Marysvllle I*
now, before there Is an Increase In
prices lu reality, which Is sure to come
with the big rush lu the spring.
A Hood Story.
The following is a good oue from the
Bobcaygeon Independent :—A story Is
told of a D ilbl young man who Is very,
basbtul. He called on a young lady. In
Sitnco to spend the evening, and whei
he got ready to leave he realized thai
a heavy rain was falling. He had no
umberalla or riibbei coat, ami when the
girls father asked him to stay ail night
he readily consented. Next morning
when he was invited to a seat at ilu
table, he very reluctantly consented
He was very nervous and agitated. He
sat opposite a mirror, and discovered
that he had forgotten to comb his hair.
Then he dropped his fork on the floor,
anil aa he stooped to pick It up be upset
the coffee pot. Matters went from bad
to worse, until finally in despair the
yming man quit eating and put his
hands under the table. The loose end
of tbe table cloth was lying on his lad
and when he touched It he turned pal ,
lie thought It wan his shirt, aud that In
his nervous excitement while dressing
he had forgotten to put the garment iu
Hide his trousers, Thai, he thought
accounted for the smiles and einliarass-
ment. There was uo time to lose, lie
hurriedly stuffed the supposed shin
Inside his trousers. Two minutes later
when the family atose from the table,
mere was a crash. The dishes lay in a
broken mass on the floor. The young
man pulled three feet of the table cloth
out of his pants and Med through the
back door, He is yet In lhc woods back
of his home. The young lady he called
on ls open for engagement or a less
nervous young man.
How Cape Nome Uut I.a Name.
Cape Nome has been a riddle lo geo
grapliers tor years, lly no method
could they illscover how It came to be so
named, I'rof. Davidson of the University of California has just solved the
problem. After a great deal of Inve t
gallon in the United States he communicated with the British Aumtraliiy, aud
h'.s is the information received: "Wheti
the MS. chart of this region was being
constructed on board II, M. S. Herald,
attention was drawn to the fact thai
this point bad no name, and a maik
(.' Name; was placed agalast It.   In the
hurry tif despatching this, chart (mm
this ship tbis' appeared to have been
inked in by a rou^h draftsman and appeared as Ci'ipc Name, but the stroke ot
the "a" being very Indistinct, li was interpreted by our draughtsman as'Nome
and has appeared with this name uver
Since the Klondike was discovered li
has coulilbuied 8o5,000,1)00 iu gold to
ihe wealth ot the wortu, it yielded
last year 888,000,000. This year's pro
due Hon bus, however, beeu couMdet-
ably smaller.	
Thiitoea Are N0.1  kutgtiu Commanders
oi tn* Mom Ui-,Mnuiii.iii.it Order of
St. Mietiaul itml Hi. Qgorge.
There are already eleven Canadians
holding the rank of Knights Com-
rautuiors of the Musi Distinguished
Order of St. Michael and St, Uuorgu,
to which Sir John Boyd and ills
II1111111- t-lcut.-Uoveruor Jetto of umbo*, were raised us a result <>i lhu
visit t.i II.It.II. Hu- Duko of Cornwall
uml York. 'I'll.- order, though older
th.ni thut, uf the siui' of India, line
boon placed after i< In dignity.
Founded in ihih to commemorate
iht> j.lining of the Ionian Islands under tin' protection of (Jrent Uritaln,
It wus ui lira I limited to Lhe unlives
ni thusa islands .nul of Malta, und
"to .such other subjects of Dis Majesty as may hold high und confidential situations In the mediterranean." lu 1882 its three classes wore
fixed at the numbers of 15, 20 ami
SS respectively. Since 1808, however, tlie classes have boon enlarged,
uttlil their nlimhot'S now nve. First
class, Knights Grand Cross, a.CM.
G., 05; second class, Knights Commanders, K.c.M.to, -200, and third
class. Companions, C.M.C , U4.2. The
order bus also been extended to include uny person who has rendered
valuable services either in colonial or
foreign affairs. The motto of the order is "Aiispicitim mollorls aovi"
(the token of a better ago). There
tiro live Canadian members of the
lirst cluss.
Hon. Louis Amable -Tetle wus horn
at L'Assomption on Jan. 15, 1880,
and received liis early education
there, ns a fellow-Student with Sir
Wilfrid Lourler. Called to tho bur of
the Province in 1862, he established
a wide    practice in Montreal. In
187-J be entered the House of Commons as member for Montreal East
by defeating Sir George Cartlcr by
a majority of 1,255, and continued
to sit for that constituency until
his appointment in 187S us a Judge
of the Superior Court uf tho Province, In the same year ho wns appointed professor of civil law in Laval University, nnd made LL.D, lie
wus one of lhe three commissioners
appointed by the Dominion Uoveni-
niunt in 1801 to Inquire into tho Bale
des Chaleiirs mattor, und on dan. 20,
1808, received his present appointment us Lieutenant-Governor, in
succession to Sir .). A. Clmpleau.
Sir John Boyd's caroor is too well
known to need recapitulation here,
He received tho honor of knight ho.nl
in 1800, und ims been Chancellor of
Ontario since 1881.
In*. Peterson of Mcmti university
Oaino to Canada In Mai', 1805, to
succeed Sir J. \V. Dawson as Principal, having held tlie position of Principal uud professor of classics and
anclenl history in University Col-
lego, Dundee, since 1883. He was assistant professor of humanity for
two years in his own University of
Edinburgh, after taking u degree nt
Oxford, where he won tho Ferguson
scholurshlp, open to graduates of the
four Scotch universities. Ills unrllor
education he received at the Edinburgh High School and at Edinburgh University, gradual lug in
L875, the youngest man of the year,
but first in first-class honors in classics, He was also .successful in currying uH Ilu? Greek traveling fellow-
Ship', and fur some time studied ut
tlie University of Gottingon before
returning to Edinburgh to accept
the Mackenzie scholarship for eminence in classical and English literature, Principal Peterson was created
LL.D, by St. Andrew's University
in 3885, and by Princeton In 180U.
Mr. Joseph H. Pope, who becomes
n C.M.G., is Under Secretary of
State In the Canadian Civil Service,
which appointment he received In
April, 1806, Born and educated in
Chaiiottetown, In his earlier yoars
ho wns a bank clerk, but entered tho
civil service In 1878 us titivate secretary to his uncle, tho late Hon. J,
C. Pope. In Soptember, 1882, he
was appointed private secretary to
the lute Sir John Macdonald, and
serving in that capacity until Sir
John's death in 1801, Mr, Pope
gathered the material for a biography of that distinguished Canadian, which he published in two volumes in 180-1. Ho is a student of
Burlier Cnnadlan history, and in
IMS'.* won a silver medal offered by
Lieut.-Governor Angers for tho best
critical and historical essay on the
life and voyages nf Jacques ('artier.
The itev. Oliver Matiliieu. Principal
of Laval University, and Principal
Grant are eminent Canadian educationists, nml their careers are intimately known to most Canadians, us
ure ihose of Mr. Shnugluicsny, Mr.
Oliver [lowland und Major Mittido,
wlui Imvo also boon honored by His
■'-«■«' § K     <&♦   IT PAVS TO DEAL WITtt U&ATTIE    ''• '
A large invoice just received. ^Z&
Everything in the way of sta- gi r"gj§
tionery, the latest and best.
R. li. BEATTIE, M^m?
NlA^H^'-'" ' f:f    "' ms TO DHAL WITH BEATTIK   <>••>> ^gJH>£)h
r", ; Blank Books
Bite H
to* to
to>z $
to* to
tot to
We have ti very fine assortment in
Fancy Furniture, Yon should see
our Chairs, Rockers, Jardiniere
Stands, Easels, etc. Also a fine
line of
OiS Paintings
framed, and the prices are right.
J. P. FINK, Secretary.
Next Dour to Postofiicc.   w
..Dealers in...
t Wall S Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes-,
riouldinsrs, Etc.
'J$\ Paper Hangers and Decorators.
-TiuiLSLilUi^iJ US'Jcji.. :...Z. ut -Oi ^.^ JL2.jL^ilt^ .It^iJtjjTaiiu"-!. ,(..*, J t -..*-.-Ju.,i\i.. .* ■. ilA.ii-lo„JLj tdSiLLiiil
Tropical ■*■• tin drown i« Toronto.
Mr. Muthew U.vaii of 181 St. Cliir-
etis avenue, Toronto, on tho gift
and rocommonthitlon of a neighbor,
pi tin toil Bonio seeds in his garden in
lhe spring. The result was the
growth of a long, gourd-like product, whose size threatened to exclude from the laud other vuliuiMo
vegetuliles. Mr. liyuii submitted a
snitiplo about four feet long anil ten
indies in dininelei- to fhe Depuit-
nieut of Agriculture for nn opinion.
Prof. Unit of ihe Ontnrio Agricultural College, to whom tho question
wus eventually referred, hns written
ihe department thnt the vogotable
is a     eon id, commonly     known ns
Hercules' t'lilh (Logeinil-in vulgaris).
'This is supposed to be tlio gourd
Of history, which enme up in a
night, referred to in Jonah iv., li,"
says Prof. Hutt. "We have a number growing hero which will bent,
yours in length by nearly a foot,
but their diameter is less than you
mention." The identification of
this product is another proof of the
tropical character of our climate in
Sate ItuilHiij Trurollng.
Hallway traveling In England     is
the safest In the world. In America
one passenger In every 2,400,000 is
killed; In France one in every 19,-
000,000, and in Great Britain only
one in every 28.000,000.,
Should not be without this
Kin-Hee Nickel Plated
Quick Coffee Pot. Simple
In Construction .ind Perfect in Its Results. Gin
be had at the
THE KiN-HEE QUICK COFFEE POT       I'I M fi     MFttf.ANTll V    f.fl
THE ONLY PERFECT COFltE POT MA0E.   iV ' n u    111 1,11V rt n I 11-. i<    •»"•
«dhows Mm cof.
notnt. il Is lillt-tl
li boiling water
oalfto hiIiuiim'k-
II standi for ana
crsedt thon ll la
lv to servo,   a
<l inn do ii
The Oldest Osfablislicil Hardware House
of South Bast Kootenay
Cook Stoves and
Healing Stoves
Come and see our line.   Will make attractive prices lo clear
When You think of Insurance
And joii should Ihink of it with winter coming on
You think of HUTCH
See him or his rij;hl bower, TOMMY TURLBY
in all the
Towns in
m ■  ■  ■
P. Burns & Co
VVbuK-rti.lv and Rdnll
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Qame and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.


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