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Cranbrook Herald Sep 17, 1903

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VOLUME   is.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
lIllN.f.l-ll.  .ll'il-C.  I'll-li.ll-llt.
I'i:I U.i  Capital   .
total Kciotircca
11. K. Wai.kkr.
.... 18,700,1* 1.00
.    .   3,000,000 on
.    i'.OOII.IItlll no
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted
SUIVii lii-il, lit I'tl'liliM   lii*ii..-iis Kccclred   lulcresl Mlowed,
I1AXKIM1 ll*t   MAU.   l..-i--ii ■ um. in- in.i. 1.-4.H-1 iiuli.l.unu i.v nmii.
In tlm iiuui- i lh.- I'niii nl. I u-li will mvlru |im.n|il iillentititi.
Water Proof Coats
It is now time to select
your coat for Fail *9
Our line is here and
we can assure you they
are perfect made garments, i* Tlie quality
we guarantee as well
as the price.
East Kootenay's Ilij: Mall Order Minute
A [A ] A \ A | A |  M  i I  .*• :  .*■ I  M A I Al j* I   |  i  > .*.  ]  J ' .S I  .. *  .  '  J     *> | A I A | .!,   ,i     -»
jl We are now in our new offices next,. I
?! door to the Fort Steele Mercantile com- II
%        . . ,     If
i* pany's store and are in a better position •[
T? than ever to carry on our business of j\
fr of Real Estate, Commission and Insur- f
ii, S ' Q #_
I ance Agents, etc., etc.    We shall be jf'j
\ I pleased to receive a cail from you.
a   ,   ,   i   ,
Cranbrook District, B. C.
.     .     .     .     .    .    .-       .    .     ;   ..    .    .    S    .    .    .' '.;.'^i .
+MH11 ? 5-:'3 -3 3 »*>-3 3-3 3 2 3-33-M9-3* J-S-H-J-3 5 i *•$ •} 5 2-5 ? 5-35 3-3$i 3,,j
5! Capital, Paid Up              $:,<*S3,8***6                    *
S K.-.i                                     J2.636.3I2                        J
| T. R, Men-lit, Pros.   1). R. Wilkin, Vice Pres. aod Gen. Manager J
T-  „._-_ t*
J A general 1> ml;iini business transacted. Drafts sold avatta- l"
•»» ble In every par! oi Canada* United States and Europe. Special a-
I Attention to collections, F. H. MARSH, Manager,     $
%H3;((£Eft::;£*t: ;fCii e-t-8-ttfrttEttf- t**ef»S**«tftf*4*'
Q Mon lo Iii. ' ur Iii h grade movements.   -Insl received n nico Q
B •■'"' '■' B
, j 21 Jeweled Wallhatn, Elgin and linntlllons q
9 Conto in nnd It n look nl lliein.     Ituvo n Bpoeini 17 jewel jfjj
■"   ■■                     '."-". nt'-i i" • :ivi-t-i-.-isi-iit sjn.   i'nii'l r(
B, «,Mi,.|l ,,„
ni lilt..I iii cilv
| :;.-■:-      '•-.■■'   *.i....
■ ■-
Mr. S!i;i*a. tin* mi.ivtnry of Ihu
l"nii.'tl M.it.-.--. treiisnry, in n ilis-
iii- id i i.I' ilir tiiuuu'ial (jm*Btioii
in ili.il -country, il.-clnntl tlini whnt
WUH IM-ilUil WAS ii"! .'in «*l::slii*   (lol-
l,*n'. Imi mum1 |n".>»iaiutis liy wliich,
lUltllllllllK'ull) tht' ;iUL'lvi:;iti' Vol 111111'
til    llollllN    8l 1(1     IIMlV.'i.r    wlli'll-
i'\i'i* nud •aIicivui* morn dollars
w, iv iifi'ilc-I. Tlllll i'* ii"l oritfual
with llic lionomlilc •ri'iilli'iiii'iin.
Por twenty yciire wc have Ix-m-ii
I'luliMvuriim In devise Boiue surli
Bchcmc Fur uur | ersoiial use, Inil
un tn tin* prcseul time Imvc failed
it> make the old thing work,
A citizen of Crnnbrook boughl
two h liitc ducks ;i few mouths ugo,
and |inl iiuui nn feed to got tliem
in good condition for eating. He
also owns n while hull dog. Last
Siitunlny lie told liis ChinoBo cook
tu kill the wluteduck aud roast it
for Sunday tliimur. Thr Chitm-
ni.in looked nl him in surprise, und
in broken Engliah profa-stod. "Kill
tlio whili'iliirk," Baid the gontle-
inun. "I want roast duck for dinner tomorrow, nud don't forget it."
Thnl afternoon tho Chinamen
walked into the house pulling the
gentleman*s white bull pup by ;i
rope, and Baid t" the lady in ehnrgo,
"Yousnvey kill dog," ' Nnturnlly
she Bnkl no, and asked why he
ffnnled to lull the dog, "Tie teltie
me lie want white dog roasted Sunday dinner." Tl took boiuo time
to explain mattei's and sftvo the
man of lhe house from a dinner of
roast hull pup iunteu.I of roast
U -u'  'J
There are hundreds of people
througlioul Uritish Columbia who
will he plcaswl to know lhat the
report reganliug the fatal illness
of Jim Wanlner wns grossly exaggerated, It is hard lu think of tho
irrepressible Jim dying, That
moans to -jive up, and no one ever
knew of him doing thai. He hus
luni Ini ml ri ils of thousands* Imt
more often he has been without n
cent, and yel he was always lhe
same Jiopehil, confident, debonair
Jim, positive of the Eutnre nnd
never regretting the jast. He has
made thousands for himself and
thousands for other people, 'nud
when he wen I broke it made no
ilifferewce in his sunny nature and
[Jensing manner. When ho hnd
money, he was easy, as he could
never say uo to fl friend in distress, and today there aro men
from Mexico to Alaska who. at
some time in their career, have
received favors from his bounteous
hand. We have known Jim War.1-
uer Eorseveral years, and we trust
lull he may live to strike il big
once more before he .-ashes in on
his last game.
Our   friend  "Hutch/' the erst-
while   I Bter  for Cranhrook and
South Last Koolenay. bill mnv a
resident of Peruie, has secured the
agency for the townsite if Cole.
man for Iii** linn, the new lown
thai is io Ihi put ou the markel by
the Clninby Binolter people, who
will develope boiuo valuable eoal
areas near liiainnoie. "Iluleh."
as a real estate hustler, is a peach,
There are none heller in this pari
..r liriiish Columbiii and he will
sell all kinds of property iu lhe
lown for two reasons lirst. it is a
legitimate enterprise, ami second,
"Hutch" has the happy faculty of
handling a proposition of lhat kind
in ti winning way,
jj Getting Into Shape!
j i I mn p l!ii:i_' my linrdwiii'o Btoclt into slmpii ns
It mpiilly nn poHKilile.   I i'iiii Kitpply Hie ili'in.'iiiilu
_ J in in.\' lino, no mutter wlinl. yon wnnt.   The
liirgesl mid besl stooli in tho district.
J. D. ricBRIDE
Mallici in's Hold.
Potor Mnthesoii Ims hml pliins
pi-1'li.-ii'i'tl Cor his now threo story
hotel llml. he intends to build on
Bnker street, it' he secures tho
license. They provide tor the
usniil i'tiimis on lhe lirst floor, in-
rliiiliii*.; ollii'i'. Imr, dining room,
kitclier otc, The lower floor will
l.'Si'l lincli live feet, nnd on the
front thero will bo n vi-minln. The
next, two stories will bo givo up
to bed rooms nnd two parlors,
making twentythroo rooms in nil.
Contractor Groor is to build the
hotel nnd work trill be slnrled ns
Boon :i:t Iln- license question is
Tin- lilieral i-tiunj heltl Tnes-
tlay niu'lil nt Wrnltvurlli hull wns
the formal opening of their i tun-
luiiL'ii iii Crtitibrook, The hall
w.-is crowili-d at .-in i-.-irly hour, tin-
lialcony being reservwl for lhe
Iiuiii*. II. K Beattie olTicinU-d as
chairman, and S. Ir». Ta*. Ini*. lilH-nd
i-.*iii<liil,-iti- in tin- Nelson district,
l*i. ('. Suiiili. liberal candidate in
the l-'.-riii.*district and Dr. ,1, II.
Kiiiu- liberal catnllilate in tho
Cnuibrook district, occupied Beats
mi iln* platform, Mr. Benttiu introduced Mr. Smith lis tho lirsl
spc-ikcr who spoke briefly, regarding ,-i chnngo ni'i'dnl in iln-government and closed with words of
pniisi* for Dr. King.
Dr. King was tho nest Bnenkor,
ntnl when he nroso tlio great crowd
prest'tit gavo round after round of
cheers, It wns Mr. King's lirst
nppenrnuco on ,*i public platform in,
Craubrook nud many were anxious
to sec how lie woultl ncquil Iiiin-
self. He spoke fur tlireo quarters
of uu hour, defining hia position
ou the political issues in n plain
outspoken manner, Ho referred
to some stories thnt were being
circulated regarding himself nnd
denied the truthfulness of them.
He deplored such n policy of cum.
paigning, und declnrcil that he was
in tho campaign to mako an honest
fight on tin* issues nnd not indulge
in porsoniilties. He reviewed lhe
governments of the past few yenrs
in this province, und snid that the
McBrido government wjis made up
ul' the people thnt lnul been condemned by the iiulilii* in the past,
lie spoke of the ri'i'iuil of tho lib-
end party on tlio Chinese question,
nnd lnlior legislation, the bill now
ponding providing for the eon.
sti-uctiiiu of the Grand Trunk ruilwny. nntl maintained that sueh n
record wus in itself ,*i gtiuruutoe
of what tho party wonld do in
liriiish Colmubiii if placed in
power at the coming election. In
closing lie expressed confidence in
tho support of tin- labor vote in
Ihis district, for tho reason lluit he
fell they would sliiiul by him in
the fighl In* wus milking for nu improved condition in tho political
ntfttirs of the provinco, and not be
leil .-isiilc by pnrty prejudice or
sliinilcroiis slorios. When he sut
down lie tvns loudly clicert-tl,
Mr. Taylor was then introduced,
lie is uu old cnuipaigner uiul n
strong, pleasing talker. He prefaced his romnrks with a glowing
tribute to Dr, King, saving Unit
the peoplo t.E this district were
fortunate in having n enndidnto of
ids ability nnd character, Then
Inking up Ids argument 'u' spoke
oftho Individual governnionts of
the pnst. suying that ull of the
people of the province welcomed
party lines us n restraint in the
goveriiinent of tin* affairs of the
provinco, Ho referred to the
grent grunt of liunl to the Duns-
niiiir'u. the grunts to oilier corporations, the cold lunil den] in this
district, saying tlmt public lands
had thus been given uwuy to pri-
vnti' individuals for which no
return hml boon tiinile to the people. He named tin- members of
the McBrido government, nntl
ninny of his leading supporlcrs.
and snid that it was tin- sume old
crowd, posing now as conservatives
mul asking the peoplo to endorse
I In -in. And yi't no policy hnd been
announced, uo action taken In
show lhe people whi-i't' lhe government stood on llic important issues.
Mr. McBrido hud been asked questions, but had dodgi'd lliein, He
hnd failed to doolaro his position
on the South Kust Kootenny coul
hinds, nnd other public matters of
importnnco, He did not count on
platform pledges, He thought it
best to judge by records, and Ilie
record of the liliern] party on
questions nffocting tlie people of
llritisli Columbia, was a record
thnt must inspire tlie people witli
confidence, He compared the
Grand Trunk bill with the concessions inade ut the lime tlie (', I',
11. wus built, nntl det-liircd Hint the
dill'ercut'o showed a long step toward government ownership, Ho
believed ill n leiise system of thi'
coul Inuils of the province, so thnt
the people und the provinco would
'be benefited thereby. Mr. Taylor
was well received uiul vigorously
applauded throughout his ud.b-ess.
1 As tho opposition was not represented hy nny spenkers, tin* meeting closed with all singing "God
I Save the King, and three cheers
I'm- King Taylor, mul Smith.
Conservative Meeting.
The Conservative party will form-
nlly open it's enmpnign in this .lis-
trictthisoveiiingatWentworth hull.
Hon. Chns. Wil,  K.I'., president
of tho council, .1. A. Haney. (i.
II. Thompson, und Thomns Cnvon,
ih mservativo  candidate   will
address tho mooting. Dr. KiiiLr.
ilu- liberal candidate, has been in.
vital to participate in ilu- discussion, and will bo present for Ihut
Nomination Day.
Edwnrd lilwell, returning officer
for this district, has issued a proclamation, naming next Satuwlny,
Ilu* I'.tth. iis nomination tiny, tho
lunil- being 12 o'clock. The school
houso is the place where the papers
nre to be filed. The polling places
nre Ryan, Rhoda, Moyie. Craubrook, (three booths), Perry fi k
Hydraulic .Mining company's
ciutip, Murysville, Norlh Star
mine, VVllSIt, Fort Steele und
Messrs, Cnvon and Hnrvey hold
coiiBorvuttvo mcotingsni the North
Slur mint- and Marysville Monthly
and Tuesday nights.
iit*. Charles Wilson, who speaks
hero tonight ut the conservative
mooting, is credited with being one
of the best orators in the province.
Tin- poliiicul atmosphere is growing warmer, Both sides in this
district ure preparing for a series
of meetings during tlie next two
A. S. (ioodeve, of RoBsllllld, is
tho conservative candidate in Ihut
riding. Mr, MncDonnld, the
solicitor will stand for the liberals,
W. H. ('lenient, who tukes Neil
McCullum's plnce us Liberal enndidnto for Grand Forks, is author
of Un- high school history of Canada, and ulso ii work on the Cuti-
uilinn constitution,
The conservative mooting tonight will in. tlie opening
imli of Unit pnrty lu tlie campaign
in Cranbrook, Mr, Wilson is a
good talker, nntl there will be locnl
speakers to add interest to the
meeting, Both Mr Caven and
Dr. King nre expected to tuke pint
in tlie discussion.
Pugilist Fitzgerald In Tronble.
Blairmore, Altn.. Sept. 14,- Juek
Fitzgerald, a well known pugilist
of tlie Crows Nest Puss, hns boon
niTt'steil. nnd is held for trial as
one of the results of n stubbing affray In which he wns mixed up this
According to the stories of witnesses it nppeara tlmt Fitzgerald
and a man named Jnmos Milne
hml a tight early in tin* morning to
settle un old grudge. Fitzgerald
got the worst of the tight, and ti-
ually gave iqi nud went off to the
Frank hotel.
Later it is alleged that he attacked Miline with a knife, stabbing
him BO viciously thut recovery is
considered impossible mul tonight
the victim is reported ns being inn
dying condition, His wounds are
six in number, the worst tint- being
a stab through the back, which is
thought to have cul through a vital
iirgun. Miline has been unconeious
since the stubbing took plnce,
Fitzgerald served a term in the
Nelson jail n yenriigit.on un ussault
charge He lirst cumewi'St iu Is!1*-
when tho Crows Nesl I'ass line wns
building, working uh ii section fore-
tiiau for some mouths. Since 1 hen
lie bus been living at one or other
towns along the puss.
"Fit/." is well known in Crnnbrook, He met Golf iu tin- ring in
Ihis town two yenrs ugo and wns
prominent in pugilistic circles in
Moyie ii few years ugo, lie litis
been in etmsidcrnble trouble, und
this I'rucus muy prove n silencer I'm'
some time,
New Firm,
Tlie new firm of Manning &
Lncey opened their store today in
the building formerly occupied by
G. IT. Gilpin. These gentlemen
will run n general store, nnd ns
liolh nre well und favorably known
In the public, they nre bound to
do u good business,
Tils Union Protests.
Crnnbrook, September 1 Ith. Iiinil
Editor Henild, Crnnbrook, II. ('.
I>eai* Sir b'nclosi-d you will
Iiiul copy of resolutions ndoptodnl
meeting of the Crnnbrook Lnlior
union, lasl Satunlay night. Will
yon be kind enough to publish the
s*' ' in   yom- rallied  paper Ihis
we.-k ami oblige  the  m,.,„l, ,*., ,,,-
tin- union of tliiB.listri.-t.
Very truly yours,
[real] H. J. Lipsett,
Secretary Cr; nlirook I'i.ion.
Crnnbrook, September 12. I'.iiiil.
\\ herens.nii iirticlewusprinted in
Ilu- Movie Lender of September
12th. falsely Btuting tliiil th.- members of ih.- Iiiiiu]- unions of ihis
district hml decided nol to put
a candidiite I'm- tin- logisluturo in
the.  Held    Ui-    I UlborS    of   llio
i-nrious unions prefer to endorsi
ll"'  enndidnturo  of .Mr. Tl ms
Ami whereas thero is no found...
lion I'm-such :i report sine* a  can
didute wns nominated, Mr. Willium
(Hiver. president ..I this union, who
declined lo nccepl the nomination,
Ami whereas, the members of
the unites unions represented
then determined to placo tu- other
candidiite in the field, therefore.
He it resolved, Uutl this union
protests against tin- bilne position
in    wliich    Iiiiiu-    roprescntiitives
Imvc I ti  |il.ii-i-i 1 I.-,- tin- "Moyie
Leader's" article.
I!.- il resolved, thai this union
by ils action did not endorse the
candidature ..I Mr. Caven in any
sonce whatever, or I.ind its m an
bora lo the slightest degree to sup-
purl him.
lie it resolved that this union U
hiking uo politic,*,: Btnnd, nnd th il
it's members an- n -ling us im!,..
pendent citizens, privileged to us.-
their intelligence in rotiug for the
candidate, who in their ..pinion is
the best ninn tor the district :iii.i
Ihe province Dr. King tin- lil- ml
onndi'dnto, or Mr. Cnvon, the con-
sorvntivo candidate.
lie it resolved that lh.* Moyie
Loader, the paper thai published
tho article ami also ilia! th.- Fort
Steele Prospector, ami lhe Cranhrook Herald be nskc.l n. print
tlioso resolutions for the pur] o ool
pinning tlu- unions of ihis districl
iu ;i prop.-r light 1-eforc the
W. G. Oliver,
Presidenl A. L. 1', No. 3fi7,
Cranbrook, B.C.
II. J. Lipsett.
Secretary A. L, I'. No. 307.
Engineers Explain,
Crnnbrook, September 11. 1803
Editor Herald.
Don-* Sir* Iseenn article in the
Moyie Lender stating thnl a meeting was iiei.l in Cranbrook recently, and docidod mil to bring out a
labor candidnte for the coming
election for the reason that Mr.
Caven wus suitable as a candidnte
to the members of iln- unions.
I wish io note through the
Hernlil. tho Moyie Lender and
und other papers interested, that
the H. of [,. I*:, as a l.o ly has lak.-li
uo part what ever in party politics.
That Mr. Caven has nol had any
promise nf our support ami the
report is a ennnrd from liegining
In ond,
T, S, Gill. Secretary,
| The  Herald's (kesitng Contest Closes
September .10.
ll.. ymi want tin- $20 set of
Do you -. on ll.- 815. nmeraV
Hn you ti ,-,' iv-.y. nr'ssuhscrip.
■'■■ a '-Tii'- Hen.1.1 fn-o,
Th. r  u-,ll I,- tlm |. ttlt-ky ]*-..; I,.
'   ,; boo     -    tin -ii.    All
' i lie a paid up
■ill-- riln .-   i .   Th -   Hi ndd,   and
m il i- i'i-- elos-i-ti        I., the num.
'"'1' ..f ■    hi election  in
East K.hiten ii which imi i des
the Craxbrxok im l-'iiVi: nil-,
is.-. Tin- first gel - the dishes.
Tin- second the camera. The
tliinl Tin- Hernld [or two yenrs.
Don'l delay.,
The total numb, r of votes registered in '.': ■ i, ■ distri -; . :- 23SII,
All of them v.;:: nol -. -:,-. The
number in isl ie.-i - ril*. In- less
than 2-v. hm i -.- m ich less is
ilu questi   -
Vou.       . . „|   t]„,
Fori Steele M, rem I      company's
store.   a,iul   the can..   ,-,    R, K.
Beattie's drug -.!■---. Call at both
placi Si
Pay up your subscription if you
ii.- lie ii ;. ii subscriber, aud send
in your gu ss. I; -. -,: are not a
subscriber, 51.00 or S2.00 will mako
you one
Send ill y ■;: guess AT ONCE.
V( IL" mny bo the .■:,.* to got tho
firsl prize
Don't delay.
Messrs. il I ,v Elwell of this
town have received a statement
from tlie miiuageui lit "f the Sullivan Group Mining company ut
Spoknui to th i Ifecl that their
j hands it.- tint by th" failure of tho
- lore to pul ".! twenty per
conl of tlieir -*■ ck to lie used ;.- a
bonus for tin* purchasers of the
■ •'!..'-. . Iv ing * ■ 'iii- condition
no work will 1..- done on the smelt-
er nl M irj-sville or in the way of
working iii.* mi* . ;.. I thnt nothing can b*-' dono until this assessment of twenty pr t- ut of tlieir
stock i- u.et.
Thi- letter lo Messrs. Benle &
Elwell is iii lim- with the statement
nin■!■■ by Mr. I.-ivi ai. t!,.- mauager
"f the company, when in Crnn-
brixik u few weeks ago.
(iillis    Pcverclli.
A wedding look placo in Si.
Patrick's church Wednesday September Ulli. when Rev, Father
tTeanotte united iu marriage Mr.
Michael (Iillis. c. I'. II. ongineer.
of Craiilirook. uml Miss Catherine
I'evci-i-lli.of Ma, Iiml. Tho church
wns nicely decorated for the omission, Tlie lii-iit- was assisted In
her sister. Miss Ethel Peverelll,
of Thornhill. Men., nml tin- groom
was attended by Mr. S. Hays.
They left in Ilu- cvenilig I'm- Crnnbrook where thev will reside
Medicine Hal News
Mr. and Mrs. (iillis arrived on
thi' I Ith uml hate taken roomB at
lhe   I ie   of Mrs.   Odell,    where
they linvo been receiving the con-
gl'atulaliotis of their malty friends
iii Crnnbrook. Both are highly
esteemed in Crnnbrook, nnd Tin
Hernld joins in wishing thom every
happiness nnd prosperity.
Plenty of Coke.
The Crows Nesl Pnss Conl coin-
puny is now in shape to nice! the
domnnd for coke, Thoy linvo
expended nearly $500,000 tho pnst
yeur iu increasing the number of
ovens.uii.l  iu  ilu*  future will bo
ready   to  u t  uny   increase   for
coke thai may arise,
Thc Evan'- Groti;*.
When th.- properties nlong tin-
St. Marys valley hnve become do-
vi loped bo that the richness of that
section i-, fnlly demonstrated, its
prosperity will bo due to th.- p-r-
-e'.-eraii'-e nnd intelligence of a few
hardy miner.- who n< ver give up.
Among tho.-.- of this class ure the
Evan's brothers who have n valuable property near the Goal river
summit, consisting oi four claims,
tho Curfew, Twilight, Sunset and
Pacific. Th.-re in. li en 160 feet
tunnel driven nnd four miles of
trail built. A thr.*e foot or.* chute
ims lieen shown np 2'«i foot long
and tin- ledge can 1»- traced Tiki
feet, i in one of the claimB where
considerable work hus been done,
lhe tallies in gold, silver nnd copper aggregate •-!". while on an.
otlier property tii" value in fpld
alone runs S20, It is work like
lliis thai i-i going t ' -li'itv lie- true
valves, mul later when tin property
is sold nt a big pi-ice. peoplo will
say. "the lucky Evans boys.*'
.V.or'e/   Park
(in iln* Imli. September, nt Sl.
Michael and All Augols, Luke
districl B.C.. by Kov. R, Connell.
Sidney Frederick, of Craubrook.
B.C., fifth son of ilu- lute Hev.
George Morley, M. A., muster of
Lord Leyei sl'.-r's Hospital, Warwick. En-.'., to Milt li-i-'l l.ii in. you utter
daughter of Ilu* late Co], W.
Athertou Park, of Leylium Hall,
Yorkshire, Eng.
Mr. Morley has been a resident
of Ihis district for lie jinsl six
yenrs, where In- has practiced law,
nnil his friends will join with The
Hernlil in wishing Iiiin nntl liis
bride a life of prosperity ami hnp-
piness. Mra. Morley will nceivo
a most eoriliu! welcome from tho
people of Crnnbrook. THE   UltAXlinoOK   IIKRALD
vE. /dGG^^<^-->\
F,litot* and Proprietor.
liu- lli-nil.! it-Hlrea 1.. •-■lit* tlio n,*4v-..l liuil -tn-i It .-..a tnimv uny alhiul y-i.t lunil
your in in yunr rctifla, a-ml ll to It. Uw.
Crows Nesl Cual Company.
Mr, Jnlt'niy.oi f the directors
a,„| n heavy' -lock holder of the
Crows   Nl-Sl     I'ass   Coal   ,- |.a,,,.
wa,. in Spokane lasl week ami the
Sp..ko.in ,11 Revii tv lias thii- to sal
of llilll ami tin- c pint :
Mr .laiir.u   has   de  for  ■•
iu Id*- great Crows Nesl Pass Coal
company, operating ihe soft coal
ili-pusilti near l-'.-iin.-. B. I'., ttlii.-li
Mr .laltni) suvs, "ttill supply   In.
IMI   I.nc   ol   coal   a .la.    tor   11111111
yeai**., a -.Iin--:   to lli.-'  gi-ologists
wild have iic-pe.-l.-.l Iln- po.peril.''
Tin- capital of iln- 1".i.y  is
SII.UOO.UIK), in $25 shares, nnd six
teal's aur" lhe shares could bo
Wight in Vaiiciiuver nl So each.
Then Ilu- .lall'ray iiilerests look lhe
urine actively   iii   hand   and.  wiih
the i slritc'li f ilu* Crows Nesl
I'ass railway lo il„- Caiiadiaii
Piieilic, the [uture was iissiired.
Sin,*,* Iln ii the slock has Bold up
to *l'S, n share, and is tpiotetl now
a! al I S75 a share, even with the
Canadian slock markets in such  a
pi nri. .its ci mt lil ion.   The tut Vance
iu Iln- shares has been fifteen fold
in sit. years. A lilllc more than
a year ago the capital was increas-
eti from .-y.1 IIII I.l It III lo 8:1.1 ll lll.l mil.
nud the extra capital was issued ul
$112.50   a   share.      At    that    li	
.la s   .1.   Hill   bought   S800.000
worth of Iln* slock.
"It is a mistake I., think thai
Mr. (Till is in control of the mines,"
suiil .Mr. .lall'ray yesterday. "He
has only a minority interest, nnd
while tt'.- should like to hate his
counsel iu tin- maiiiigemeiit of ul'.
fairs, he is not even represented on
tlie directorate,
"I'Ap.Tls say Ihut we have lire
greatest eoal deposit in the known
world. We      have       111    ll Is
through which We lul ill coal   al
.Michel, l-'eriiio ami Morrissey
mines, ami at ouch  of  those  lun.
Ill-Is    lliere    are    three    mlils.   0110
above the other lhe bottom for
water, lhe middle I'm- haulage and
the lop fm' ventilation. Sonn- of
them area mile long. We hate
(iiiii coke ovens in operation am
shall have ."iliil inure milking ink.
Ihis fall when «-.-shall lie conscr-
vutively able to produce 121)11 Ions
.if coke a day. Alrea.lv svo have
supplied Ihi- liriiish Columbia
smelters with coke so freely thai
some of them hate begged us lo
slop shipments.
"W'e have been spending iniu-li
money Intely on capital account,
nml liy October we shall bu able I.
increase our production of coul I
-IIUIII Ions a day, iiiul il ttill li
broitghl up In .'iiuui tons daily b
the lirsl ot Ihc year.
"Our pay roll is 8.1.10,000 a
luiinlh. U'e have opoiieil virgin
grounds from which nol a Ion of
coal has been mined thut contains
112 .senilis of coal I'llllgillg from 2 t
illl feel in thickness. Tin- eoal
scams lie very Hut. ll is estiuint-
ed tlmt one' tunnel can In- run
under the mountains   Is  miles  in
coal fro li-   of   olil'   collel'ies   lo
uiint her.
"We have lunil   112  houses  For
tin* n ami have oil other   build-
ings, including lurge tipples."
A.I ul lii'Vi-l.l	
1.114,    11.4
I.   Tlnil Ous -...in,-mi i llllllll- Ilu-  |Hilii<4
,-t ill.-lolly uiilu. mat i-.4i |4|..4in,i.i: ...ulii ,il 111 I-. II nn   , ■     |l    lllll   .nil,ti.i   Hi   1 141
ivuyaiiml Ilieilevclu'-eiiK -l ■ 1 Ilie ;i--ii.-ii'l-tiiil
i.->i,ir.-i--,iiiin■ |,i-,..i ... i4. l.i.i ,l,4„ii in iin-
i,l.illi.oiiii,..ii,l,-in, ,,•;.. ,4,. utu . nln. I. i- ii-
C. I'. K Cunl Properties.
Pernio l-'rc- Press:   C. M. Henretia cu in from Lunil' yestenluy
on n business trip. He states thut
llin 0, I', li. hnve instituted a mining ami iiielalhirgicnl departtneiil
for ilu- purpose of developing coal
properties to provide coul I'm- tlieir
own consumption. 'I'lu- company's
property near Banll'. about five
mills Irom lhe lown and within
tin- pari, reserve is being steadily
(levelopi d by a force of I". men.
Twu seams of Bcin-bilutniiious coal
nre lieing opened uud two senilis of
Bouii-antliracite are also thoughl it.
,-sisl   there.    A    railway   spur   ol
two and i -half   miles   iu length
will likely 1»- l.uilt in lhe spring.
'I'lu* coal is of nm d steamliig (|iial-
ily nntl will In* very useful for ruilwny purposes. The kciiius dip al
im angle of abou 15 degrees. At
Moosejnw the company is sinking
n shaft ou their coal properly nnd
they expect to proilnco n lignite
eon! fnr domestic purposes. The
<'. P. if. have abandoned tin* idea
of building cottages nt these two
places Ihis fall but it will be done
Jo the spring. Tin* Inst of the tnen
prospecting I'm* ihc C. I'. ll. n1»vo
Michel on ilu- Elk ennii I yester-
<bjy. They fouud many evidences
of iibuuil.-iiif i oal deposits on the
40 claims Iini l.y the C. I'. IS. X..
•samples hml lx.-i.ni broughl out l,,
be tested iiiiiI Mr. Honrett-i would
.ml express opinion l.-v/iiul tho
conservative slatemeul lhat "it
looked .ri ml."
Froo. On-1)»»*|' il.i.
Fifty coke mens are   now   c"U
Icl.'tl-    Al."Ul hall  "I   Ihis  nun.-       ,
i ..     .i,....,lv   in  .....    ii,,]   -ire   'I.1...1.1I1' 'in U'<- I.-, iivn-l t..iui.ni-..I tin-i-i..
U-r   lire   nlniul)   in use .um   an . ^.T,.-,...,,,,n..., i,„ .., _„,,,■„•■ no.iii, 1,0.1,
turuiiigonta Bpleudid sample ofi'"„l}JJ^jS^g,,,,,,^,„ .,,..,.,,„„..,„ ,„i„.
,,,1,, Tin- construction w..rk t.n!i;;-1;;''.,;1.:.;:;:::'.;,;',:,;,:;;':;i;,!:,:1;4.;;:,;:::.;
l„. i.v.in has i.cci isidciably';;;;;',	
!  1        1     ,*,...   ,,   i|,,.   .,.., ,.,.i|.    ,,f   KuVHiai ii ni ill,- -irniiiicet-i-iiti In i.il.-uu-i
lelnyiilowing to tin   Btnmij   oi ,Mtll „„,i,■„,,.,.,., ,„,u, , ,,, |.,lr-
I'l-it k. |' -'-'oo,,-!,-., v 11-141 ivs .in-ii.i ,11 Un-.I-nl a,
I nit'iii ni tin- iijriL-iiltiir.ii 1 -.mi,-- m nu-i-i,.
Tile Wi I'll of ie llicill*: lhe   Ulnde |""."'-,|,;1Ii,  ,„..,„.  ,,„,  ___,_„ ,i„.,4,i|
..11ii1ecp.it. ni i-.n-... is utiiii- ^!,!:.:,i';,,l,:';;:;;;:.:;:,;:;;:i:!:L,;';;;2',.r!!;:i:;
tcadiit on. Two work irai,.- i ^::;^::,G^G:i:,.::G G^XGl
„ steam shovel ami two crews of';;.'.";',„,1,,'..t,"*,V •;.•";":.'.,,';::',■;.■,:.i*,*;.'.*,';'.;-'.v.'.T1.*.
 ■■ are employed.    Tl..- .Iin   is '^'VVi'lttoTi'SBoiiietiiiiii 1...1..11.-
biugus..!ii.iiii 111 tin* trestle jusi [."'Kvi";:!!!™;^.;?!';;;..^;'!''!-	
-n-st of the town,  Tin* iuIu of ■ \,\GG\.G^,»u\:,G..;:":iG^ .G'Gi
1 till-ill iifil.li r-.      I'i- pit   1   ..-.-*1*. oil- 1  *(4\   Y *rx o i-^.*-.---**.       I.lllll:       l>i Cu lull,  .-t*t*-l-t«**M444*i*i:,A.«,4.
 iiiim,.:.,.-,. 1.11.1 .a-is. i.-s.iiiit.i 11    \ U1ir      IliKiMi,  -Jf   ffi-'-W******.- ' •• 4* 1
te=KKarasrrfras INeW Uairv 6?Si& ftassras   join, liiienberg, 1
,,, .„   , ,....,, i ,,     I...-I,,,. , | ...   , *<    ' Uiifci'i .Iri'i-l.   -Wlourlntt 3 "'      ■»
..o,. ,.,,....,i I.,,.. ,„..i tl..*. in--'••'.--'. \\\     ..   .,.,,,,_.,.|| i,.,.. ,.,„,. t   (-,,,„. :o,i4ii--,.|i„,v-.-„„iii,n,,„„„,„. ll v,       rtu/iriiiurni
:r..;r;;,::r"^ j-mtg ««■ ? lhe SHOLMAKhR |
imui in.in-I, 'inn i. -i.-iini- 4,i.i<ii. iiml mn- [ and will open a dairy.    Those ih-.i
an,,!, I,.,„ ,,,M-i. ,,„„iii,i„i. i.i i-ii.ltj- siring lirst-ciiiss  milk should  boo
I1""  " ' "' " "'" ""'   him.    lie will suit vou.
ii. in
'III-Imi ii.tii.-niilivi- ii ii.riitiiilil  ....il
In it- liii.liiiliiinii-ti til lull >.t On- I'lil.lii- nil >i
|,l*illi*i|iilll} i.l i. -lllllll  lunil ..I
ni -iiiii- ui,-. iiii.I n-iiiii n
iii i ii in.l.i nl ilmi iiii..in i, I,,, «.., i I.i mi nnI,
mi's luni.11 i, i,i-ii,l. I .
-liinul mill in lli- i-;i
I.'  I'" I  "I
444,4- 1,4.11.1     I Hilllll
I J.      IN REAR IIF IVEM'IVIIRTII 11.11 liL      *
* »
J   Pioneer in the business and   *
A lil-tli.-'.un |.,i.„i,. I.i-ii.i n3 Helmut |„r I
 .'-"( IU-    U--I- - s ■ nm,.
i Iht   s.t,.>li*i *-.:!«... I. ..I..*.*,-      I'lilniiil, ,1 I,, u„. I
mi- H | '"Kl tuillllli"      ill I I I.'-I-1..iiinil i-i
„„.„, „ 11,1,..liii-i-.., ii, i„i,B r-'OM 11,.,-h- .,.,.1
un-uilerl'.1.' " im..-.-.in-    -.'... I,„.
It,i.iirni.,*,lli..ii„vj* ll„. iini ..,,,.- .„,„ii„|
I lmvi-mi ci in mv i,iiiiiii.-i- of nuts . bi. work always ranks with .
nu'l'uii|iri-|«.c<ltot.mii«l.|i.iri.iiillliio *i the b.-st.    C.ill and see him. '{
.'.'ii,"-"i'il'l'.'.1''no- GG, *•""■1'"- -* llt * Repairing boots of all d.scrip- *
i-ii-l.iiii.-i.                          '                '   * tiops, from  a  cork  sole  to a S
I   liirv-l.llil           2 I.iav-t- fines'* .Un**. *
nl  ili,<iii. mul
<n-lll in-lil  Oi
i-rl .1, Iiiiiu-nl  lli- I,-tut
Ill uiilil- i-i.nl nml ml Inml. ill I.
it Illl* Work .•llKill<*S ltrukt* Mil Moil- | *■,'i,, '"jEVfJ^'V t,^a'Sr*>,lrob«a"aV«^l&.'-ntl'P.    ni   'I'"   llilil    'I   II mi*   i
-in] ami .. crew if....! Caul i-'G:G;;;oGGGt:,■■:,.:..,::,.:.,.";;r:,.';;,v: ji'1;-;;*;1,;.*,*„,:':,;;,*(!:...,l *'■'''"
was soul do...i I" i■ ■ l uie  it-   which !KJoJ,w ""'"''" *" * I "'.1!,,.,',',..""n,.",„'.'i'i.... ,,,,,,1	
tt,.-.   done   iu   li   to allow   llii*j,,« 'I'SVi'lAr SLuAm"^.-?™.'
expli-ssto pa--
The second of Uu- series of  bin
ilanees which ilu*  lllllllilgelllenl  of """*,'
iln-   Alexandra   hotel   int.-mis  to "I,"",1,',
give during the coming season vill * "'Su'i'ii -, i-i -,-;i,i iiuiiun.-i-jii
-I'l ".  HlH.M-l.il.
i o* i-in an initli ., .in. ,. ..i.-iiiiii-ioi-
 I   lUII — l.
,.   ili.niii.-l ;...l.i'iiii<.iilii i i nun ui <>i iii.-
ri-  11   —-ll. 11 ii   |„    .,  I.I-  1,1 Kill I'll,,11  lil-l-llll-
lllU l-Vl'lll < I     -i .11- liu-1
-   lll.l 111-lllll 1 till ll.- II' Ill-Ill lllllll-II..J-
i lit I- iln
iiiii. shiivii t: in:i'mu  oo ii. i.,i,i,ni
ii- Ilu  -I,ill   ul   -llr ml-  ,l,i,l I I..,
I' a Ili-.lii.i.ill Iiiul   i-,.|i,.i-i.,-i,lii
I In--I
It""!!' * I
nl I
ll. Vu
.1. <i. CUMMINGS
l'li.< I...., lil-l,,,,,,! Nun  W. Ml in
iii- i n.i.i- i: «, w iviii.,.,,11,. n ii
At. Inli-ii-iili i,l 11,lunil,in
I'll-Ilmi. It  M.lii i.l-. I-i -,..... „l II i'
i,..^.,v*::!*,|:-*1 ,!:;:■;;,*■-'■'■ - ' '*■«
'i-S's::S;:IM GGGGg: w. f. ourd
REV. C. J. BRBNTON, M, I, Head Mailer.I
""."'"I'l''- ll'"'.'.- "iiui it'll n j Irli'l'il'air'
Timber Notice
-'... .!....- nil.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
tilANlilldilK,   lll-'lTisll   COLUMBIA
l-'ISIll.    lllii'tllitl    (ii) Hi    l-|.i
I Iiuui-uuInn  i  a. iiiim
17th.   Mn-ic ttill I..- provided  l.y ;',';,'.''\\::1G'T',CG!-' ',il mJ'iSi'S!
ii,.- i-'ernie ..rein sua. whicli ii. ii i^';:,','-;;.',1;?,';',,';,',,'.".'.
giinriintee   thai   this   end of ilu- iiu'h.i'-m'.'.'i.Ml.'.r!.',
enlertaiiimeul is !,, I„- well   looked   ISffi'liSIf*™,"
al'lcr. nud un clegnnl h ll will   lie  i'll,!!1,1l,'';;!l','!,';)'',.J!;'l1',il
sen ed ilnring the evening.    Every-' ,ur iVl mtv'i'.io nlS» lu'i'iTi-'iiiiiviaa-tviniii j Tili- .-.'im'",'.."?* |.',V''i.i,-",*-.Vii'., !.'•,', .'r.'l' iio'-"..,'.
Ihi.Iv is M'eli-l.llli'. ami   a    repetition   mv a!'',V-'''ill- 'sai|,,'-ii'''^-",!'lv'-'''iii-i-i !'.'. I -"..I'i" Bi.i-.'fi .1 '" i.|-nliii aIiiiIi. nt
„f the good   li njoyed  al   the StViMI'liSK llfutt*" """ '"""'"' Ij;,^'™1; S-iSmi,,™!'"mT,iI»
opening bull is pi-omisc'l lo iill who j | .:,n..i.,iij,,i, „ H ii„, ,„,, |,,,  ,..,  ,„ t,,ja
lun.pl -I. (I.) in*. I  viili-.ll liillllfl.la.
..- It"- t-i "I ii.li-..llli"|,i-...iii-.-.
.-ii ni. Hi I-l.e it,in Hi-is,-in, Hi,a no i.ii,.
j   lllll.il   -llli.tllll" lllllliil    lll.l    111.141   lll.il
| rati. iiiiiI iiaslil  *, l-ii.il nnil in liiilm Iii
Ii.i ini
Snys Smeller Tries llnlilup.
Uossluiid. II.  C  -Si.pt.  2,    Th,
i-i. ii.i-i:-i-i.in. ni iiiiii.iii'iiiiiniii
Al n Itl...-iI,..,.4.-:,11..-i  I,, I.I  iii   -il.i ul
, ,    Villli-nllf  ll  nml  Till ..I l-'.liiiii.f.i.
leal' Ihai Clllllllllllll s Hers   wiilllil   |VII_, ,|,,.,,,],,„,,,;. ,,-ni, , miaiuliii I:
seek   !»   secure I"   theuiBolves ai   I- Tin- lu tun illairllniili I the
share of Iln- bounty mi lend  gninl ■ j |„,'|Vi,'i'iiii'i"n„'i' ..iiIiKij"..' wnnlfi'r mii "t
el l.y tin- f.-.l.-ral  guveriuiieul   for iiuhiIiii r «™t tm*  it i.iIj-Ii.b ilia-
tin-     relief   of    proilllccrs    in   Illl'   ""'"'i*,,,,.,..,.,.,..,,
KoolellliyS    seellis    lo    have    Ill-ell ' vm-iiil iiiiiI   (lllllliil, III |.
reniizod iii ih.* ct .f nu- st-'ii"";';;];,'.;;';,1;;!!,,,1;' " 'i"""'1'""
Eugene  mine al   least,  in   which |   :t   st it it lie nilrli.nlIn nt. niiyil in
•'<*»"   A.    I" I'-   of   Spokane   G^^Z ^V.'*^,.*^
heavily liiloresled.    Accoming I.. m.,t-ktml .Imli in--ilvt-n <v.il,.»t. ,1»ii»i>i>uml
Director .lohn C. Drowry  iln-  big1 .if'-ii--... =.n-, i -rt ant..*t tlm
. , ,, . ' '        i 4-..H..I l|.,-|.rilli    Ill   III- ill-Ill I|i-Illl-Ill
lead mine ul .Moyie cnn not ul   tlu-   ,i u,,.,,,,,.i ,.,,,,,,i ,,i n,- in.l-.lii ami pna*
prcseut    lime    secure    II    rule     of   wnipf  ml.a, Hint  prnfl-ltia mailo naalliat
freight       irelitmenl   Iron,   the• tfjgff,^^T " "* '
Canailian Smelling works nl Trail I   -I-   Ita Inl nine I limit.
.,, .       -,.,      -   ,i        ,. ,    i | Km v riiitv.i.i; lli" t'liiiiimi iiiilniiv, lli-
Ulllllll    l^.l    "I    the    liglire   i|llolcll   ,,,,,,„.,,,„ ,,, 11,.. I.',n„| oiiliinj; ii iiiiliin.i-
liy    lhe    Sllieller    for    SI.    Ellgl '( All • il |...lnl   '"I tlie'e..i.l --m-l .'.I
.     .,       ii, I lliutalnliil; n  I- in  Ilie mill lll'lll pin! nl
 8 1" •'••'"'■'•l I"**'- ,1,,., ,,.|,- -„„,.  l„ llieeaat,,,,,
Mr. Drewery Buys: "Under thcBo' t>«„u,i...-v »i ii mi ex ni nl ntilii-tii
" ""«» ";" »'■ l!'«  ^\:GnlG:GG^i!G""GG^Z
never operate, for we refuse to  be u e.ii->- l.ri li Hihh, wilta nii-iiiiani-eiliui*!.
held up l.y any railway or smelting I   ■"' ■tii.-mi',«,wii,.-iii "I,',1,'" J'^1 "*."","
corporation.     Tin-   SI.     Eugene|l"."Z,.""       	
I i- -tlii.illie nut Ulnu nl nm,- nlil
tile lllllliil}. tliilll.ll.t- liill,"|.iiii'iiii-il. iiiiniiisl
ii i. mi iiiini-ii Ii.i ilm-,.insiiuiil Iii mlnlns
tlmt Ilieil- |iitiper|4.' iiiiiiiil,1 i xellipl it	
Illl lllllll. lull lll-.t    ll 1   Hilllll    llllll    111- |itlS.
rm s.l.-lrlll niiili.,uii,n |H  iii.l.m-, nml  |,.|„|n
Uiili' *ii|l"llie llivraln (i-.ipil.il mul
r.'t-tinpli'-iiitiit of liilinr i Inlna enter-
pit-", ilm-i.i' .v ti'liiiilmu lhe .lei-|.|u|i.
]iiii]I.I-{ lis-  pi-iisp-lily   nl  II iiiiii^ |.
liillinl.i*, nml   }iii'V"iitini*   ili,< eiilnrsll I
ui-,,in-,i,-I ivi-mi,. lu i|„. priirliii-i.luell,
coiupiiiiy i-eganls lhe tittitnde ofl   "• Thai.nei.le*r'hi.iii,,i.«i,..i.i,lI ■■■■•-t«l
1 l — ..i.i I-,mil iiiim: liu* IiuiiIh iii-I.iiI-iI
Ihe smelter us un nttempl to seem
a   slice   of   Ihc   In .iiniy lli.it   was  mill
granted Im- the bonolil of the  producer exclusively,    (iur company
stiiuils ready l.» close  n cotitracl
with tho Trail s Ilei Ilu- basis
of iln March quotation for  I'reighl
uml Il-t-.itint-iit."
The Wardner liana-.
Thedancu to be given by the
employes of the Crows Xesl Pass
Lumber company ul Wai-dtior Into
been postponed uiilil Friday evening, September 25, The dunce
promises lo be one of the besl
ever held iu the district. .Messrs.
II. Darling, D, Breekouriilgo, '•'.
C Holiness and William Barclay,
well known in Craubrook, are
prominent among those who have
the dance in charge,   Nothing will
be left undone lit Ul.'lke the liccnsioll
II pleasant one to ull. and ipiito 11
number from Craubrook are
anxious lo attend, if Irunsporintioii
can be arranged.
SiTimil Election.
The election of school trustee
Insl Saturday wan largely attended
und unusual interest won manifested, Scleral names were presented
but nil withdrew Inil -luiucs (Iill.
und be wns eleeted unanimously.
Mr. (iii! should mako nu ellicieul
member of the board, lb' is a
man wiih children te educate nnd
naturally will lake n great interest
in the work, and what is more, lie
bus lhe courage of his convictions.
Craiilirook now has nu excellent
board, and the members ttill give
the schools their personal attention.
Hugh Mann Killed.
Winnipeg, Sept. II, Hugh
Mnim, thi' well-known railway contractor, and a brother of i>. I),
Maun, vii'i'-pi'i'sitlcnl of lhe Cnn-
.■i.li.an Northern rond. wns killed on
tho C.N, It. track, west of Erwond
loilay. whore ho was inspecting
ihe . .irk of n track layingmnchinoI"■"' ' » "■ '  '■'l"'--'"'-"*'" »r.w m
,.,.,, ,,      .' I"1'' lBilfil-IIIIU.nl"   iiluili   line liunl" llii,
ill wliu-li In- was Ihc inventor, ,.ru,| , ,,mhonj^l, u«riiIn-at nf ini.-iii i.nt.
Details as to tin- cause nl'itcnlll I'i"11
I,Liiu. iii.-ii- t.i-nttnlile Im
,. 1.1.4 ns | m»ll>le i -.in.
pimnpl 1'n.v i "iii-'i-iii-m-i le.
7.   T I." v li.tiii'iil  - I'l kft'l'll
ll'i'l'li'lnir! li'inue'iUiK  ,',,1,1   i ..Iti.l'i'J .KUlnal
 Im*. I tni,t<nnil il -"in. im ilu
Illinium-lllllll] una ii| I" aali'llera nml re
 ii-.-.   Nn raillt-nl  B" ► Ll nidi
in tin-in lllliK Intra tiilliinil  lul niillt'e In 111
pun is i i-l.-il. HlvlllB lull  apt mil)
s.   A. Hi,. |.,,,,-iii— n ill  il-lint  ll)*
Il.i-."III" nl u.Ilmi  it.  I I.i-i, ill lllllll*'
in-Ill-1 Illlell" in   ini.f I'fltpi't-H-IW	
Iiiii ttunl, an iln. turn il in li-lie-ilm.i "liiu
•lul' I Imli- -ii-;i-l)ti"iiliililiill.iiii'ii'
linn mul einplii.. liunl li,vi*V"i.f nuilli. nil liiu
iiiiliiiiii.pii.u-r. mi.I lie nti|.eill til inn*Inllttit
llla-m'all ul I„- Hul imi liinlilin
in mu- elfni-la In |iruleel iituselvra nitiiltial
Iln- riiiiiiina riiinpi'ltlllllt ..I   Imiinii n
alnililnril nf il i-.r iiisl i-ntllflirt nel s-l.i
Iiiim  ilmi in   i-ii-ili/.-il   pnipl-a, iiiiiI iiiiii
-iiii*k every  ,v  I iililljnllnn liliallle...
sl.ipnlii.il Iln* lun mil nlliiii Uu- K".i|i".
ii.   'liiennveriuuelil   ult-tlil   In pt-i-vilil Hi"
ttii.-i- uml iiiiiiiiue I'uii—il liy btrlki'M nml
I.--I,.1,111.-.Ill,,I lllllliil,,-!   i-ii"!!   li'llllll till
liiinli, iii i rutitle,iiiiiii iiiiuiii. nl prevent In*.
Hot-li hi I ikon mil I... Is a, uml it- iinn "iiiii., nilnpii.in nl piilHnry nrliltriilinn.
In,   'llii-   llaenl  si slim   nl  Ilie jioiviiui
-liii-i-iii ih-iI in i-i-o-i.ui.   -rii--.ilI In,ul.l
li -ui pi'ii'i'.-,i"i'iitlu-r llml Itiillla
0,1. mil nu uilill.Inn .luillltl In-lllllll. l» the
.M.i in.iin.,- esee|il fnr tmlilii-nm k«
|iiii|i-il.i i-li,iiB-iil'l"ti'i-n|iiiiil-
ll.   Tlie r, liillilu,- nl tin- r.'Hilim'Hiiltlu.
|ii,,,i n, mi n-.-t Im- ill- li-iulil "l Ilu
I pie tuul Inkiim I'l'l'-il.i" llieiiaarea In pie
villi Illi. ulii imli 1 III" pill lil! tlilllllllll
I lll.l
< I.II
llilll |itirpt|HI!!>, p.lll II i-*  I Iiii   III   Hi" p
I.'    Tl .in.l linn iii.il iii. inn liuil-"1
14,11.1,  Illl,Mill ll-    pl.1III!   "I.Ull.I   III
il-i-liipin-iii nl ill- ii.i ii uiul .'ui'inilli
il„-lll.l | inl,! nl lie* iiliiivepiinliiii do.
luuMilij—I nmi li,t hull-ill Mil " llvelealtoiiiitt
...in alien Hi- pull  nu- mliipliil     In
llii>- nmiii-i ti"- On i Oi- i Ii-iini-1> ,.i,
Hlllialtllllllilly  M-'ii-l  I...'   I Iniili.   ..I   li
l.llllllllll <il lll.il'ul liuliiln ,'->  nli". IiiiIiIi.m llilll It I inn. I- lllll-.as III'* **'*"i I 'UU-1.
i iiiiili-lli'il   nn   iiiiiilllli.il   iiiiinilii.l lul nil   Iii
'lim ex.eilllVt. ul Ihu llriiisli t iilliniliin l.ili
nl .Ui
tin,, In tlie Inlli,iiiii-i:
Th" prini  is mi 11 fi- "lu gilirrill
I'li'i-liuu, uiul Iur Ilu-lll.l lime In Ita hlHlnr.1
tliu -iiul-.l   is   In   ii" nil,illl- til   llpuli pni'li
llitlltllii  nnil --14.   ill   III"   pinviiii-i, lmvi
Jli'l',1 I'urii-il i4ti lii-t ilnli nyiir. -i.i I inlu. Iii,iiii,I
i "jit 1'ri-rut Im- l.y Inltn at. i haa liy iirlneipli.,
l.y pi itiil l-un im*.'uu nt liiilii-i- iluni In- pnii
|ii-i-..ii-i!li-i-iiii.,:i». |n il.i.piu.1 lliiiiliiiiiliinm
lllllllllil-ea lu the auvinit ni.t"iiiiiii.u-iiif tin-
pl-ui-ilii-i- hull-1 II i nil flit if".   Tliel'iini-,
IJllliallllli!-. I'miiii nml |ii'"tiuii.-|iutii'iitii"iii.
Illl VII IlLI-ll IlllllltSl    l III ill I.l*   IlllllpllH-ll nf,	
Hi-rvtilifia. iii" jireniil *,-ni-nninil. nl
iiluili Hu* lliiiiiii.il.!- lti.ln.nl ll-llriil- i-
[iii-inii-r, is 11„. mi I utu I all-rt-raiir in I rnillliiiii
, ■ , llllllli n.   ,. uii "in ti Ml mi,I "III",
■IK'ln<-kmg. I,,.,„„„,„,I,,. ,„-,.„„,*. ni.,,,,-,i,.,-.i„ „,
Jlecciiiiil WHS nboul   lo  JOat'l   if   Imal .Imt   uml   iii'ii-l.t- uti.-iiii li--lii'i
"..-'V',"1 "■'•) i-pni--' -i"' mi ran- ■!;:;:,:::; !7i;:x;;:jr:!!:t "LG.
J";|lls '"i''- | .|-|.-li' luit- it   uu- etli-iil l,,r Ihi, '(.',,
na uutl ua iiii priillla, unit atiulitil liiirni j.i-i
lil-il-'ollil IN  l.tXIi Ali.Ml.v'lslilATIilN
-fi'l   Weil. -.il..-i.liii,l.i il,"ii,i,.,ivu.
live'lolil-} nl I I mums ni* ii-ii.viil biniiiH
ll-.irla ul Iiiiiii nllleli   lim, i,[,;i4ii,.',I iii Iho
lil-l    |.'l Hii.liil.it. • ii-vtu
is-IJ Iln. pnlilli. I I. in I iiui [ur the tu-iiiiiii.
ti J»"il-   i nnil" ml im
ilu-o.v.   In   im nl ii-iili-iiliui-iil lnmla,
iii-l.iiiu- in*- hiiuieateiiila muter pundlttmi.
iiliii-il.lin l.-l|.--lJi|!l,v»i-iili-"ll,i. lunil luili'-
llllll M-llilTB.   |-| lilli ui sun ink,iiiiiii uu
ii- i" ml t'litiiiii inml. lii im- Mini- ui
-liiiulil In- iiliinjiii'il lit* ttinyiiveriiltlelit, nml
 Ii-nvinliilili- ni every -_on-n»  uill-..
I,n-ilm liiliion iiii iiiiii, niniil,..
Till-: I-AIIIIIMI IMirsT||V_|„|  ItreoK.
tiUln-t Ilu. impiiil.n.i'" uf ii-iiii-iiliiu-,- in Uui
iiill.ir.il.l-liiiroiiilil ullli" B4,i-,.|. in ,,ii ii
lli.iii.ll-ilil.i-   pin III-..I    m,     ,-lli, ,-„i    Im.lH.
11.1 Thll litlit lllllll.IB Ill iiiiii   iuilliii ,v nl
uiiii.ii,ni il- ii.,l„il lui.il ,-ii lieiiviin-
1,111,1-u lliuu   lliey slmlilil hnve In ulini
ui li-iii'.    W" iiiuiiil iiini'i Ii.-isliiilnn
inilklui!   I I. iii-lu,li,l in iii- viiiiiuis
ill.ll!,!    Ill'   114,     ll".III.illl"    f|,r    . lllll,.',li,.1|     i|»
ipiiki.t'   us    |.ii-il.|. ,    Thin   nlml"   ipii-ntiuii
niillH im*  |-i*.imi| I  iiil-nliiiti nml sill i,t
iiiiuiii lintiia ll lileh slu,II I,- in  in ju.I |„
I tin utlller. til On an lnmla nml lain tlux-
iin,vi*ri4.illli"pi-..ii  us  i,   ivhulo.   I-J In
lllelllletl-al uf ii.-ili-iilOu-" in  nlnn  is nun.
 m.i luumn ns I ley lu.lt, IIiii nilealluu
ut Ilm proper illl llilloiiul ihe in - all|i|il.v
Iur li rlKH.lun |nirpn<i.« ileninnila nml niaal
' i."pi-iiii|u   iiitiiniiiii  Irani ili,. -.uv.-t-ii-
1111.111*1-   ill"    Ul-.s.-lll    llllll.    "I   -jslllllul
eiin.lllletlnit  iiiiiI   ninililiiiiiiiu;  nulla  uml
li" 'I'lu- In ii, I iv ili.lrieln it - i.iii.l*.
urn innluil. anil in  I ii   m.i   lliuu .iinn |,„n
 ti  'I '   lii"   I'li-t, uml I- Hi- itu-niiil
nml ii.i-iiipt ..isli-ni 4V.ii.-l. I,,,.. I , a,, liina
i'iiii.il-   iii:ai.tii-ti„.   ii,mihi a,,
aliiinlit l„'iii|i,-,i,i-,l,,.  mi , ,,i ilie-rrotv
imti-.i|*at. nlBiif iiiiii,-iii|.in I illairli-la
ill reapeet ul si.iul, ii „i,,l ,.„| „,„
nhi-l .iil-i|il,,l"   piuvl.   i- nun liiiiml
III III"-lunil-.-.
Ill   VIM IA I. lll(illlS-lt,|[i,|-,l|"»» ,,[„||
.|il-»liuli  ul piiily iilllliiiti  Hn,  Hula,, „|
Hi" I'l',vi uml I  n.-Oliilini, .-I.mil,I
lie l-uli ii.-li iiimi-i nl.    Wiiii-, li !;- ,,,,,1,1
ul lii-lt ul lliiuiiniui, piililn-.i. n-IiimiI ilyMip-
purl III" mm I'm 1 tun   in jmiii-riii Iln,,.
nu. He,hull ut iii- ,,iiii- ilain iu,i,i nm,l
liniil)* li|iiili III" pinl-i-linn   ,,i  iiiii>|i,i,|,|,.|iv
'  *"lu- uIO.l.liliil   hilllll', llllll Hi, Hilllll
Ulan I M ui Ilellfclil   ... Hip piiu-ii in
iiluili.null pi,iti,luii«ii, ii .hull in in nil
, run,, iiiiiii,, uiul Ini,™ iai.1,1- piiivu,.
"inl    -"I I.    11-   blllttl    ul-..   str-iiiiniiHl.v
pU'„ U|  Ill"   lllllll    t-iuiiii, I   || a..
ii'li'i, .., <l "in- liii.iii-iiil h-iliilluilH, iiiiiI
tl"-lllllll I-i"   lull   lli")ll|il,l    nl   illl   righla
Bi"'I. Us  ll" lilll-l-   Iiml    apllll   ,1 III--nil-
Ill ilil.elll.il ll. ll"  |lp| I   In  nil   put,inlil.
nit.i, in Uiiii.li I niu ii   in arlmi n p.
piilliiiiil) linn | i-.n-iilnl   In lh „ ml Hi,.
i-i,,,ii,,,-,,i iii.,1 in. « allien l,4i,l um
4li,4i,i  im,  iii   il,   piniiii,..   iiii,I   tn   ,,.| in,.
,!iti", |i.ii-in„n'"iiiul ,tuiil- iiuvi- inil lit
 ■uiull-lii.iii.l-iiu  ."rul Vi. I	
Bilinrl lleiiileiaon, 1'n-al.l	
T.S. ll„xl,.r,S,-,-"l,„-y.
The Herald liivcs llic News.
.........._............. .'•
Have Vou Any Palntin*. to he Dane?
On Any nf Vniir llonniB Ncctl Papering?
Estimates given on large con-
truclsi W'e don't wnnt tlie
eallh. We Wllllt to please
you wiih lhe wtiik nnil recoiv
reasonable puy.
Iliniil liolel, Cra ihrnuk
lllll"   I     ..I'M'     I.l
,11111   I' ti, |.   ,|i|. nnil   Unl |., ill   I I   l..i i.i 1,,     .4 '  |»| ,       ,-      , ,      ,'|,4,.
,p,.,i4,lli ni,,. ,i nmi ,.„ ,., nmi) inl, i   OK. I-. I:. KINO,
n.iiii il,-I, iiiimi,- ,i .rrilini i.ii.i-   ii,,,,,,,,
Hiiii'tiiMrii'iuii'iuaiK  DENTIST
I'U It  ul   ll   pul   pli I   mi   the
■"' l"pJ   '■(  "'llli'l.   '"I'm. 'u   S ill linn  OI'ICK IIOURSl
haerve ..em* Ilie null  n.si eunier nl  it,  ll '        :, ,„ ,3 „ ,„.
"ra.llunl'.Xu ■Jll, rl ,".,1,,,. ,.., ,,„;        ,„,,-,	
.Ml*. II. liimlf .nl-, x„   io ,- a, ,.,,„, j CRANBROOK, B. C.
.  lady's finest ulippci
i >
. ,-,*l*4fVVV*.VV-.*VVVV-,V4,.,V4„,,
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
(Mil shoes made new.    All kinds
oi repairing,   dive me a tall.
East Kootonay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
Iii-lu-I lion hul he St, tl ,
I) ii4 iin- [1 Itiah Cittiliiilil i ,-'.,ii".n i Im |
Ul.l.   llli'l-   •  lilU    ,Hill     ll    111-1,1    V    ,,.4. Ill
In ,1 lllll nil. mil. i.-.
Iiiiliil -.'Tillilu) nl Anan,t. Iluni.
-'■'' Am..- Illit II.
Timber Notice
ThI-c n.ili,i- iiii tlnva nfter -l.ili- I iiili'inl
ll|i|'lv In III.' I'lii'i'l I'l.iiiliii-.-iiiimi- ul
Lumls uml Works III iVi.-liuiii Inr n s|m-
.-inl li.i-iisi- in mu nml enrrvnwnv tin -
inuu ilm fullnivliiB <lc, rihnl Inml, in
s.mlli liasl Km ivy:
riiiliiimiii-iiu.'al n'jin.-l [ilunl'il iilinut
'4 of it mill-I'liuii llmi'ii-l liiink nl |',.|iv
I'ui-k nml iilnii- -i.i,- il. fli.iiiip,,,!,'',
initial pusl Ihonco nut SUcllllina, llu-m-i-
ncu-ili Sll elmlns, Ihcni-it w.-sl mi cluiitu*,
Ihonco mail, sll .Inuu- tu lh.- |niintof
i,iii.-iisi.pi,.iaiii.i-,-,iii mon,
-I l.l-.lis  li. I'l.l-illn,,.
L.md Notice
N'.il'eu i- liii-l.v tiv-ii ilmi uu .Ini,,,!,,..
'lull'I i Iln'ii|iply mil Iii.-f .'..iiuui,
-illllnl Ul 1.11,4]- 4111.1 llllllll in Viiln.in Im
P"tl|]it,UII    I  i   piiri-llllHIl   111"   fnl'llllill--     lilt,
eril.,1 liunl il, Suiuli Must  Kllli.i-llin!
I imiiaeiielna ill a l'"-i p'niileil mi Hm rnsl
,iil-"fn in rii t iini: i> I..-iiiuili lurk ni
Miehelereefc, lllllliil I linn nail n ln.il mile,
nuilli   nl   Ilm    liileraxell I   tile   lunil
liomiilnr)- ..I hit   l.-.s*. -,iiinp 1   nin, il„
-uiu i,, ui i.ii'i, i.i iii-iii'i .'ii-i:., ii hi,
eiuitli Sll ill   lliiin.. ii.,I   SO ell lllltl  In
Iln-lilni-e iiMii-Biiuii:*.'. -   in"- UlO imr,,
UU M  Mi 11.im,-.
nl' .liUIN I-', VaNIU'SI-IX,   I.aii;
i'l-' I'll.INK, Al.DHUTA, HKt'liAi*.
N„ii,-i'i, horeliv irlvcn Uml tomlon
will I..- ii ivi-il (nr llin piiroliiini nl l.i.i
iill llliii-k -lil. llllllll -I,, nu tvliielt liii-i.-
Is ori'i-liil n smuli friinu. ilivflliu*. I,..u-,-.
Turin, will Ik. cuhIi, pnviiltlit 1,1,01, ilu*
 Iilotiiiii nf tho aiilu.  'T.'inli'i, mnv Im
lull ttilli W. I'. 1.111.I. snli.'iliii- I'm'il,,*
iimli-t'sii'iiiil, lkik.tr slrei-l, lininlii-onk,
nml ttill Im iiicivnl up to iho thlnl ,lni
..iS.'pl..|iil.,.|- llllli!.
.1. I-'. AIIMSTllON'll,
21 iiiii.-inl Ailiiiinialrntor.
Timber Notice
Till inn llml   llilll.'.   linr. nllCl* iluln I
inl I liinpp'.v In the Chief I'liiiiiiilasloaer nl
I.nnil- iiml Worka fm- 11 rpeelnl li ,- o,
in-lil ri I Inml- in S I, l-iii-l Kniiln'iiiiyi
I' Inln inil 111 ll II   .,1    J.1.111,l- I nil llin nn'-l
lu.ik of IVrrv ei-.-ek ill N. IS So *, i..|ii,|
pu,l, tin line |,,,I Sll nliniii,. limn e,lllllll SU
nllilillH. tlmllnn nn,I   Sll  n||-,i[„. ||,n| ,,),
Sll ilmi,1, I.,   Hm pli .1 .ii:icii"iii-"ii,ii.t.
Iluln] llll'i S-ptinhiir, Iiuvi.
H'l .1.11. l-'.irqnhar.
Timber Notice
T.ill-liulii'i' lint  rim;,  ilu,,, li-44iii lil.   I
innml I.,iippi-t.illu.i-lii.ti-,,,nmi,,, f
I J,uml Wink, ul   I'm u-lii  Inr II apeelul
lii-iio-l il  1 enrry u-in.t' liiuhi-i-fi	
Ill" lolliittlllg ll. Ilnl'llll'll Inin!,. liiiiml Hili-
llli h nor,lii'ii-t ni M..1) -vill-. in i.iiiiili'inl
luu uiii-iiil n piml   plintlnl nli ml mil
.viii'il. ni-,1 ul Hi" iitnflineal nuiii-r uf l.oi
Nn -JJIS,li.i.uo I.Hi uniiiii*.' 1 linui-
li. II III In, II. ■„ in.,I Inn mill,.   In in- ,,,nili
 llilll llul Milium 111,1   in lien tup	
ul li-llini.hiii.
Selileliil.il- lllh, 11103.
iJ'i S S  Miniiliim
Timber Notice
Tiiin-iini..-" Hml   limn   iln.i, limn niil,. I
i....inl In nppl.i In Hi- I In-l I a-iiinil' nl
I I,nml liniil- ill   Vi.lui'iii    ur 11 npniinl
Imni-nl'i mil n.iiT.i   unuy ll.nla.-r  Iiiiiii
Ihiilii'lonlnijili'ai'l'ltiiill I,, nl 111111111I
 llilll     Anil, li„l   .,f   M.ii'.i'M'il!"  ill
Suiiili Un.l. IV ,v.
I'liuii  his nl    p.,1 [illiitn.l ill.K mile nml
ul Hit*,.nilli iveal enrner of lol -JUIs. i|i,.,n-
riiiiliii>n nmii mii", Ilm iu-,1  mil",
|l Muulii lelh i-iu I um- mile, in
(he pli ttnviiih.il.
Si*p|nllllln|-!lll| .Unil
ll| S.  I-'. Willi,,**!.,
Timber Notice
Tnke in 'lire Hull llllll)* illl), llllll' iini", I
liiinnl liiiipply iiillntUiililUunuulwliii.iir ul
l.iiinl, mul Wiiii., 111 Vinli,im Iur 11 np<nlnl
HeeiiHuto nil un I i-.ii-r.v -inn)- Itinhoi* ti-.im
Hi.-fulli.,thi-<l .nninil Inn,:, in Sunn, |.'.,,i
Kiiuli unv
luiiuiiiimiu-riil n [mil plniilnl uu Hm <<ii,i
liiilikiil'I'iiT.vl-liek nlnun hie   I-I.   I,, l-laiil-
leinh', hililnl pu.ii, mul iii iii" iiuiii,.iv,.,i
corner ill li.  I.. I' il. nli'.-  iiiuli.r lunil:
I lll'lll!" nut SI) i-luiillH, Ill-no- nuilli SOelulllIB
ll nt-tin-1 Ml I'liuhl,, limn, i>-iniili.Sll "Iniiii,
1" llli'l in,    ut 1 1 in-,,
S.-lili lulu 1 III lill'il.
|JI|   ' W, I',, (line.
Notii-i, ia liiireli)-at veil .lint llin* moiilhanf.
In* tlie.Intl.Il.'lnul II11 nppliiiitiiill niil I nln
In H."   hilllll limit   Hi fi- ' nl   Vll'toi-liilii
t'h,lll8l'tl..H.III lll.el.iilll-i" l.illlil.ii'1'i 111
luni)'. I.niiilii! ,1 Si A in.,'n |! 111 I,iiuiliri'
I'l'lupini)'. Liniil. il
(3. II. THOriPSON,
Tin.- Colonial Invtsuniiu and Una Company
Crnnbrook, li. C.
and Huilder  .*
Ill work gu.rantecd,   Sec us hefore
yon build.   It ttill pay yon.
Cranbrook, li I
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,   ic'ttr,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soo.\ water In siphons.   Tlu-most
Hamster, Solicitor, Economical wy to bundle it.
Notary Public. |,ks, K|Nli & Qj^ff
Snlhitiir Iur tin* Imperial llnak ol Canada
Physicians ami Surgeons.
Ollice ni Residence, Irmslrong Ave.
Fnrenonas,   ....  t);3ii ,0 ,,
Atlerannns   ....   I:.llllol:.l0
Urcnln-ts   -   ■   •   ■    7.30 lo 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :    :      •    I*. C
Undertaking A,,d
Grnilmte of Champion rolli*^c nf   0. S
Office nml store, Aiken block,
near Cntinilian llniik of Com-
ii'ercf, Craiilirook, B. 0.
Upholster!ng nnd (icncrnl Turnilurc Repairing
Will tlllemi in any wnrk in the ilislrict
Viittii tor thc ilrnnilon Msrblc and tironiio
Woi k *..   Tombslotics, licailsloiies etc
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agoiils in Cranbrook lor
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Surveys 0|	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
F. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
Timter Notice
I ilti.-l.li tlllll.!  ill,,11. I,Illl-,|,||l.   1,1,1,1,,!,   I,,
In- I'liiil I'unilii-i >i,| l.iiinl. uml lliul-
ii! lul. ii<.II I'.nn-n I;.4'iih-I,i .-iiiiiii,|,-;,ii.v
nun' ilii-iuiilii ii i,. r. Ili,i4ii inli.M-iil.i-il
|iru|ii rtj*.
Ciiiiiliielirliignl  il.i- Biinlli nr.-i roraar nl
La iUII lin-t K mill}* lli»ni.i|,ili -,.,,,iiiii
<!> i Iini ii- llu-m-i- ivi..l Ul, Imui - -I,...
mln! l.V.iii iln i,„. -il, mn , ki,,,,., il,,.,,,,,.
i*iii.I lu I'lin.li. in....- nr li-aa In ]i.,llil  nl 	
I I-
, Si'l Irllilirr I.i 111 a
I.. II. VimlliHinr.
ri-:iii'ii'ir.\Ti-: m-* uh'hovkmkntb
•■I'.liii-lavnii-li".  "I'.liii-ktviil,*!*",  "MiiIii-
i-liin-A "Krln" inlnenil 4*liiiiii!..
Sitiinloil in ilu- l'ort sii'i'ln mining ,livis-
mn     nf    I i.i'l     l-.iiiilt'linv   ilimni I
Wlii-i-i-l.n-iili-.l: iii, ilm Vi. Marva
rivor, on Un* oust bIiIo, nhovo ll'ie
--..-.lit i.nk [..i-ii.
Tnki-niitii-i' llml I, I'rtiiit-is.l. O'Roilly
..( Nolson,   li. I'., ^ n,:,.i,t l„r Henry
ltrou*_hton Thtinisou, froo millers' i-i-rti-
lit-nli* Nn.   II 71MS0,  inli-iiil, ntxtv iluvs
I'liuii Iln- lliiin lii-roof, in npply'lo tin'
iiiiuiii-. renurilur for oorlillcntoa of im-
.'i-i.f mils, for iho purposo nf ohlillll-
iu-; erown ttmnta of tho nhovo i-lnhns.
Ami iniilii'i- inki- nollco llml ni-linn,
llllili'l'.-i'i'liiill   .'17,   IIHISI   III'   I'OllllllOIICOll
holoro thu isauiiiit-o nl sil.'li eortlllontos
nf linprovoinonts.
Dnti-il tliis 1st ilny of Ji.lv, A. H. 1003.
-ii I KAXt'ls .1. 0'IIKII.I.V.
Timber Notice
Tnko notli'o llml tlilrly ilnys nlli-r
ilnli* in*   i in .-ml   In npplv  In llin Cliii'i
I'l-iiiiiii-i r ol l.iin.l-' I  Worka, ill
Vlnlorln, tt.r ii ppwlnl llnoiuo In cul nn.l
I'lirrvil uv liinlii't- frmn llio tollowluu
. I.—i i 1.. *. I IiuiiIh ill Pool Ill-mat K unv"
I. I'liiinni'iiria-.' ill ii pii-l pliiutfil ititar
Iiii. win!Imciil comer of but i,-is*.', nml
i,l,o,,1 21 i-liniii*. tit'<u nf hn -.su| on.ini 1,
ilii'iii'i' niniil sn iliiiin-: tlieneu ivcal su
rlminsltli. f m.i.IIi Sll .linn,.-;   |l.clico
l-ilnl Mli'linia*. In Ilu- tlllll*,] nf Iwullllliu,
 ilnliiiiiK (HU iii-ri'a num. ur leas,
:.'. Cniutiieiii'liiK ni n |iosi .ilntileil
neur Hn- nut I Im fit i..nii'i- ..I A. li.
IVnll'a I'll* fliiplinn Nn. 777, lliolini
tvi-.U Sll rlinins; Ihl-lii-ii imi'lli Ml I'linliial
llii-lll-li t'lisl Slli-linilis; I Inn,Hi snutli Sll
l-llilias In   Illl'   I'lilfi'  nl   lll'llllllllil,   nil..
miningillOiiiu'-itiiiiuioiii loss.
Iinti'tliii Omnlirook, tlm Wuli, ilny ol
Allium lUOJrl.
:',*■  Wiitlshiir-i l.iiinlioi-Oompnny, 1,1,1.
i'i:iiTirii!ATi;    nt-    uiprovhmknth
UINKIl.ll, Al T
"limmntil". nml "I'liiiiinls", nil *nl ilnlins.
Siliiiilril ill Iln-l-'in-l Sli-i-lii mhilii-r ilivi.inii
nl Final Koolimny illatrlrt. It li.ru
I toil: llnlli" Si. Mnrjailvi'V.
Tnke in -li.'.' tlini I, A. II. li,iiiin.,I n! Kuslii
II. I.., n»niu'iit Im-M. .1, il |„, (im. mliera'
ii'ililli'iili'.Nn. II (lllfiOn inli'ii.l. .lily iln.vs
inn,I tin- ilnli* In ri*.il, In i,|i|.|i In tin. niliilnit
rrmnli'i- (.it 1-lllli.nlo nl imjimvainriitri, (in*
Iln* plll'lioao nl nlil niniil-. iriiun Hinii's of
tlio nlinvo ilniitis.
Anil Ill.-U.n,- Inlii. In.tin. I Im, in-tinn, miller
si-.-liimil". .niisl  In. rniiime I  Mora Ilie
Land Notice.
Xiilli'i' In linieliy  eiun llllll   sivlv ilny.
nller ilule I  inl. nil   In ii'i'ilv  in I lie CI.I-I
''i.mini....nin  nl I Is mul   iiinks Im- in
r I inK nl Iln* S iv.iiiiliiilnlliil. .Villi's
I I. llin I   SUyi-nili-   llllllll.    Inr    Ill
llllllll.   W.-li Iin I.-nil  Ml lll.l snlllli.  in
nil -111 i liuins In ,intnl   nt intiiini-iii'i-mi'iil
i nntnliiltig 11*10 nen*a.
-..J Sie 1.1' .1   Antislriili,'..
I'lnnliriiok. Ailiinsl llllli, lllllll
llllllll III     Illllln ll.  II.  I'.,  lliis lllllliil  nf    IsSlllllll-t!   nl   MII'll       111 Iiml,»   (,|   i,n|,|,nn
illll.l-,  lllllll, I lllllllS.
IV, I', ("lllllll, Inli-illlils-'nili.ln.viilAamii.l,A. ll. Ill-lit
Hi s.liniiin a r tin-A|-|ili.-,ii-s. '       -.lil A. li. Ilejlniiil, Asi-nl.   |
T I C K ll I S
SI. Paul, Duliith, Minneapolis,
Chicago and ooinls east
'I liliiinili I'lilni-e iiiiiI Tonrtst Sli-uiu-is
lllllliil; nil I llnlli". S Iiiin; l.llirniy I'liis
l-'nr limns. l--n:ilni-s iiml l-'nl .lifoi-mft Ion
01.11 nil nr lulill-i-ss,
Q. W. P. A., Sc.-ittlo, Wnsh. iiii: cbanbbook  herald
•". A .*, .'. A *» *<. m, A
4fKf *.-**t*>*',>'t*******'**^^
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
NEW STIFF IIAT's    \-.hi| ni of tlio ii.-tt- l nliini ;
jnsl iu li tin- Mint, i
Sl.A.TI'.i; Slli UN     t   i.tii ,.| ..1,1  lull assortment of tin- *
frmiDUH "Slatuh Sn-';: van Ui \" hatl nrrivwl: v.v imr wimlnw ■*
I.,!- lit I,-.
Reid & Company
'■ v Vf-.-V** Vff . 1'***"Vl','V.'-,',".".»l*l
For  S.,1.'   House tuul   lot, M.!|.il..t v.*.      in ovor tl,   c.  I'.  R. [;,':*,--.   , v*;""      ■" V'-   -      -       . ''• V-Vi'V-**!3
Finuis trucks from  Morrissc)  in  Miohol. g '
li,.v'   Vnvache   is   bavin-*   hfa Snhmliiy 13th,  inst. currying  tho S "U  Pa)'S tO  Dl'*.!!   iit  Beattie S
'   '     .' general   uu.i.ugor   --I'   tin-   tin-iil ___V
resit .-in- • iiauiti *i . . . •*-,.    , ,!,.. :, , ,; ■     ■ -.  ,.;.-,.   1.1   i, ■-I,-iii.
Northern   nnlivuy.     Anion   othi-r .#•       •   * ' ■'             ""
business thoy  purchased th,. Mo. 'uf l-""pl---   i1 i'i-.s i...|.-.il with ii .lriiguial who curries n com
*i*, ni
Mrs. .1. II. Si-otl  IsisU-r.Miss
N'l-vin. n-iui-ti.-ii in-', -i-.i-i-k Iiuui lliiin- const.
Mrs. M McIniu-8huslKH.il con-
iiin-1 to hm- h.inn- Un- nasi  vi.-i-l.
*i i **:*:tt*^***'*i****:*:*:****i **.
1    ILia^.       -
V frJU&U&\ v- -M *\\., -A; i-    vW'--- "i        -
Wo a.'.n- ■■-.:.i-l; ii,)" in Creamery Butter but -vi weekly con- X
_^ si..;-,,:ii,-„i.i of -I'llKSII PRAIRIE ROSE" from '-BRAN- G
1   DON CREAMERY in ono iiouiul bricks.  Prion-Me pur lb. nl   Wi
— - ._ . — ^
Cranbrook, B. C.
m   . <?-
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. R. Downes, Proprietor
-4*> **«y'
|3 Firstclass House, Centrally Situated <■>
m I
ra Commodious, Well Lighted Sample |
a Rooms $
<*> _»
B*™*g«?-«»-g*i-*^^ ran1 tE»-fS5i*?*5:
ELGIN J If you arc thinking of purchasing .i watch I
WALTHAM :     „ .       ,        ,    .,   .. .       , |
17 l(i 'I 21 " ca   in       examine Ihe high grade move- j*,*.
JEWELS | menls we sell for C. P. R. time service.
m. tf. Unto
oiltciul TOatcb Inspector
li, 11>. III.. tiCiMVU lilCvt im*--
Sbe ScWClCl*      vision
t>. -iMi-A'V.ifllaV-MM^ «NtaWnW^
ma mm wm -■ , ■ ana ani • ■
i |
!j Get that Spring Suit j !
i »l I ' ;
i Leask & Henderson's il
Doilgllll     l.anils-i-    i-.iiii, ally's    ii
!■ i a nml from nil iijijn-.-.i-tiiii'i -. it
is very evidenl tho Gronl Northern
|44- .,•!.- v ii] .- -nil thoir lino from
Morrissey to Miohol tbis Bummer.!
Mi- Ri -i ii-i-..'. agent  at Cnlgnry,
i> iiitniiiL   to    l-'.-riiii-   t.. bu nl
I-'. Si,*|,h,-iis nsnuout.   Mr, Rem!-
il".'   tl.-'s    in;, lit    at     Fori    William
Bin liarunini- in i-i'ivis. 1 iiiw.il*.■
otc, for ti few ilnys opposite tin
livery l.aru
For Sal-   'I'l,.-  Ensl  liootoiuij :
hotel    property   with   tlini'   lots. P-"**v* to Ills «olii|* to Cnluiirj'
Apply to W. F. Huiil. ,''""' '" :i" uti-t'-'liil.' ruilwny iiuiii,
Hat,-    yon   sun   The   tlerolo.1
,, mat Beattie'silrnustoro *>'E*>-
Rohiiiil,   the   lit" year olil  sou
pi lock,    if   |.,.-.-   In ilial   witli   ,.  .irimj I   who i-iii. iill ;i  -2r
pi   -1 i|iinii-I   ii i   written without   tilHtitutioii.     ltiaysto|n
il.-iil with a i|i-ii:-_i !,..;.   |.      ly ll    hesl v his line. Kk
"b Tin- i-i i*l   ol      il    ;    ■   id -a . ■    un i-i that it %
■jl- [lays to ilial witli G
I Beattie the Druggist i
G% ki«**.':i,';5 ;? -; %'*-*'.) % '.G-'iG 'j -i'G'G^^M-l
If  \4,n   ti-aiit   a   -In
 -l*. ».i t" tin-   ".in
,-   for   lllll.'
r s i.ii
ui   Mi
ni   Mr
lit., the liven hi
VV    K.   Noble,
nl il o'clock, ol
S.iliii.lav llften
scurlel fever.
HiiKh Mc s uiul Colon Leitch      LittloRolniiil'siloathwasth U
will Ik. entered al lh.'  n.-v.  „c I f|lUitJ, |(| _,,,,,,,„ roff,.m
nt Calgary tbis month. cases iu the town.   II,- wns sick
Frank   Murphy,  »li"  wonl  to ..uiy two  ilay-.  l.ut   iln-  disease
St. Boniface to nttciid school, came mude rapid progress, nnil  In' win
h o sick last Siitunlny. | unooncious from the t'n-st.    Hi'. -I
' II. Kiiii*. who Is a brother of  Mrs,
Hev. C. R.O. Poole, ..I' Nelson,
wns Ilu* guest nt' Rov Auvnobo
Tbursilny mul Fridny of lusl woek.
snve 'tin-  boy, Inil withoul uviiil.
Now is tbo t  I., gpl stovoB,|Thl, {uiiL-nilwiiB .-, ,Lni,-i one, ami
iiinvaiv. etc, al your own price al | wua ,,r|,| .„ ,,„, di^.rtiikliiK t'ooms|
tho warerooius opposite ilu- livery
1.^1 lli- r.i'utl*. niil .'iiii you
riie cut «.\ ill suit you
rhe mnklng \\ iH suit you
I lie price \i ill -nit you
E •.■;•! "'•-.:•.Mm   IHHEBHBMBBBK1
'• A A A A 4 A A t. *. A A   *.   *. -t". .'   .'  4. * A ■/. .* t. * st* D  "j* '"* ■*• * * '* *'.***".-*lO.*ilC****'»**'"'*'***'
\: £■
Tho Secret of Success
s • I-     :'
_i We iii in'ml ■ o.ir I; i- ;e un '    . ----I iin- ■ i1 - of - fiUBUge I t the faol ^
fi ilmi tu           i.'ii niiili 1} in -■  ini'iil mil ih" ii- !•: i|ii-'tl- :;
j ilyof. ..-I iniili . ol'l linalile, Filch weuli ... ■■ iak*Bi ■ t.-i-l Ibosnleo j
< nl'llii-pr.-tii.tif wi-.-k.   Thin npt'iikB for itm-lf.  Never mind whero >
< t,4n buy tuiil- oilier menls, buy llurris ..V .lulliii'.-'i. Biiusa-j;o.' :J
|        HARRIS & JOLLIFFE        |
9 *
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
Nuns Better In the District
Rates Si nntl up.   Short Orders and Oysters
scried in any stylo from 8 p. in. to 6 a. m.
l__J The table is the best, the rooms nre unsurpassed for clean" ;i^
O liness and comfort and lhe bar is supplieo v/itli the best brand O
f"5 of liquors and clginrs. f j
P L. B. VANE'EOAR, Prop.        %
Picked  l'|i About llic City   by  Asking
Questions of  .Many People.
ll I    lli-uitli'.-.    advertisement
this week.
Iin-," yon iii'i-n Tin* ITornld
i-.iiii fa ill Beattie's drug slurry
Tin* public schools ruitmiii closed
oniiceouitl ofscurlu! I'-v.-r.
Mrs. I.. II. VaiiDeeni it nblo tn
be out agniii lifter n severe illness.
The heavy frosts lhe past two
weeks is having it; effect on the
F. ('. Mulpis spoilt Snturdny
i'litl Suiiiluv with his fniiiily nt
l'ort Steele.
(i.. li, th" Full Steele Mercantile store mul seo The Herald set
Mi's. Kiiuiiti.ii. nl' Wiinlnerwere,
visited several duys lasl week with
Mrs. K. II. Small,
Mr. lliuiiiiuiinil. nf tin* Great
West,-in hotel, Morrissoy .Mines,
wns in town Tuesday.
N. Mi-l.i .nl t'.iriun cnn- down
from th..* North Stnr Sunday ami
lefl mi Monday for Nelson. '
Henry Pntniore, father i.l' ll.
I'nliu..!-... nt' this town, bus been
npp itilo-1 postninster al Morrissey
H.-i-. Taylor, nf Moyie, was nil-
initli'il In Si. Hugenu hospital mi
I'li.-s.l.-iy Bidfering from n lm I
alia.-k nf typhoid fever.
Pali Murphy, iln- engineer, is
alili- tn lu- nut a-*,*;iin. anil expects
tn I... nblo tn resumo his nm nn
llin road in a short tini".
Mr. Clark, who is wiih iln- Ensl
Kootenuy Lumber company al
Rynn, mis brought tn tin- St.
Eugene hospital lust week sick
niili typhoid fever.
Th" Herald office has received
an apple iiiim-il mi David Griffith's
l.i.i.* i Un*  Wil,l   Horse,     ll  is
ample evidence nl' ilu* Imi thai
trail .-iin In- successfully raised in
'ml Bection.
(I.. I.. ilu- Fori Steelo Mercantile slore and in-.- Tin- Herald set
..I dishm.
T. Kenned) has purchased lhe
building next to his store nu llnn-
* avenue ami rebuill II I'm- residential purposes. II" has also
eroded a lurge warehouse mi  ilu*
.1,1111    |i,|.
Mr. und Me*. W. II. MoFitrlane
..ml biiby returned from Ilu- eusl
Tuesday, whero Mr. M.-Fnrlniu-
In-* I  Im- Bevel-id months receiving medienl treatment. He is
very   auioli   improved   iu  health.
!,. s. Munlock, <'. Vroom und I).
Breniiier lefl Tuesday I'm' uu tint,
ing np lh" Si. Marys country
Mi*. Vroom will return Stttunltiy
mul Iln* other two expect to g.
uver Ilu- summit tn Pilot buy.
Mr. uiul Mrs. .!. 1,. Pnrker
returned Saturday from Btinlf uiul
left Hint nth-moon I'm- the North
Stui'. Mr. l'ni'ker's condition is
very much improved, a 1'nct tiiut
many   iu   South   Fust Ivyoteniiy
will hi* plensod lo know.
G. A. Allison, clerk in the supt r
Mrs. ,1. li. Downes and two i„tol,a0ufsoffice horo,hns resigned
daughters relumed uestlay frum hiB ,„«.,,.„„. to „,,,,.„ t|„. position
Pans, Prance. Ar,-. Downes went 0{ shipixir with tha Fast. Kootonny
In Fer,,,,- to meet the,,,. On ,_„,„,„,,. ,,mil„my „t Kv„„. j,,',
arriving lit Orniibrook they «'»»t M„son ,,ns boon in Cruubrook f.r
immeilintoly to tho now home -Mr- lm,r „ y(,„r ,„„, hl that short ti„„
inwiu's had prepared for thou, on ,ma ,„„,,,,., ,Kwt „f h.-umh.
Iiiiker hill. It wns n happy reunion
,*,-! Ilu* daughters have boon nttend-1    Superintendent Taylor mude uu
ing school iu Paris, mill  hml not, ttllh-iui Irip lo Ferine Jl.inday.
iti-i-ii   their   parents   I'm-    several I    A   Great  Northern spooinl   in
y. iirs. ' ehnrgo nf t Iiiutor Hholton   ns
Noble, nideil  I.v   Dm, (I
HarveV, tin! nil
, •
Wi* have up-in I .'.'r new stun, in the Gilpin -vi ■  i n on .".-
Baker stn-et.   We will earn-n gi-nend li •
.      Fancy Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoe-*,
i   Flo.    dill* in' .1. »iil  ll' of tbe ll ■   . ■   •    '.
•-      Wn   in. lint.lll'lll-  llii
i        MANNING & LACEY
lllH    pDWl'I'    Id
oUhd Mticcommll Furniture Cum. | CRANBROOK, B.C
rutiyltu! im'ni morning, Rev.Auvn-
clii' iilliei-iiii l(.  nml  the roiunins
wore  intern ■!   in iln- Crtmbroi I;
Littlo Rolniul wns ;i lirigbl boy,
with n sunny clisiKJsition mul kiml-
ly lu'iirt, tuul liis BUtldoti dotitli is n
Bovoro blow t" tin1 t'iiinily. uiul ;i
grout loss t" liis many )0Ulig
Arnold & Roberts,
Real Estate and Commis»
sion Agents.
Houses for Rent or Sale.
For Snle
Houso, Bilker Hill.
IliitiS". ilausnti Avi'ini".
Houso, Arnistroiig Avenue,
Store. 2-storey bldg Arnistroiig uv.
Miui-inl clitini, within few miles of
Ci-nnbrook, bouse mid 2 lots. 8-10(1
For Rent.
Houso mi  Iiiiker Hill. SKI month.
Cottage oil* Halter Street, S7,
Houses for rent nr Bide nre  inserted in this list freo of charge up-
it is reported from Montreal that
S. .1. Hungorforil is improving s ml
Ihut it will not In- necessary to
oporntc.upon him.
(In lollu- Fort Steele Merenn-
t ile stnre nnil see Tin- Mi-rnlil set
of dishes.
The services ill lhe Alethodisl
church next Suiiiluy will In* conducted by the pastor, Strangers
iu tlie city ure eortliully invited,
Kov, W. 10. Dunham supplied
the pulpit of tin- Methodist church
hist Sunilny. His sorinona were
of u high older, nntl reflected credit
mi sn youthful n proncbor,
J. Brault, of tin- C'mnidimi liolel.
returned this woek wiih his fundi)'
from un extended visit to his for-
iner home in Quebec, It has beei
i|iiitt'ii uiiinlit'i'of years siiice Air.
lirnult    has   I ll   hack,   ami   lu
thoroughly enjoyed his visit.
.1. I'. Pntton, the lntichinist
iivi-rhuiili'il The lleralil's big press
nml ougiuo this week. This district is fortunate in having u mtui
like Mr. Pntton. II.- thoroughly
understands his business und eun
givo iiini-hiiii-ry nf any kind tlie
attention ii needs.
Hav,. ynu sneli Tin- lielill.l
ciiinern nt Beattie's ilnig storoV
Rev. S. .1. Thompson visited
Michel hist Sunday where In- of-
liciiiti'il at the opening nl' n now
church. Tin- new building is
centrally situated, is substantially
Iiuiii   ill   il   ensl    nl'   lilinlll  $1,200.
lint. A. F. -Marshall tin- pastor
deserves much credil for his sue-
cossfnl lalini's. ami lhe  MothodistB
of Miohol iiiv tn  li-  grotiilnti'il
on the nont and huiulsniuc building in which tlu-y now worship,
Th" contractor wns Charles (.reel*,
brother of - bis. (ireer ol' this city.
"II pays lo ileal  with  health'"
bus become n  well  known saying
throughout   this   district.     Thi
peoplo have learned by exporienoi
thut such is tlie caso,     There ait
only n few drug stores  in   liritisl
Columbia thai enrry sueh n  stock.
not only in size mid variety, Imi
in (jnnlity,    Vnu  gel the best ntl'I'liis is nn oxoct cut of a line nt
Bonttio's, ns ho will not substitute Clothing wo niv ngents I'm-, uiul
ii cheaper artiolo font dear mu- iu jtllis li!"' ,,',"1 ,>'■•>','"',,'.'.!"') ''.,"".'
1   ,.             ... store in Cranbrook, Hill A- Co.'s
compoiiiKltng prescript s, | Mtimmotl, clothln„ n<.u-s.-,
Vou mny vote for Cnvon or vote
I'm- King
Both piirtics say they'll tin nny-1
For B. ('.
''.My   time  uutl   my   talents   nre
yours" snys T. ('.
"I'll |.ii you one bolter, I'll nursi
without fee."
Snvs tlu* Dr. "nnd proscribe only Q
T. 11. ten"
Thiit's Ale.
For a few days 1 will give the pi,bli,; some
great bargains in Stoves, Tinware, Hardware, etc., in Uu ivarerooms opposite
Geary i*-: Doyle' livery barn,
Tlu-re will be u magnificent display of fruit,
vegetables, live stock,
poultry, nntl the finest
mineral exhibit ever
made in British Columbia.
***$■***********<■:■■' ''■ 4****
<i> A. L. flcDcrmot *.. C. liowncss   "-
P             MeDERMOT Ca  BOWNESS, <*
ij* "Whok-salc Wine   and    Spirit  Merchants *S£
V Schllti Octr       i The Highest Brands          He L«-ic«t >od HS
IH Pernlei Beer       I ol SCOTCH nnd            I be.i A««rtmeDt uM
m\ Itiisa Ale
*v (iainac s Slniil     l
^^^ l.iquur-* ^T-
***ir A complete slock oi Cigars, consisting of the n
<$ tiPharnoli," ''LaFortuna," "lr\in^.'" "Uar- <Jj
^, ri.-iter," "Monument," "ili!J;i"  and others, -*•>
A), Mall OrJers Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17 J^
mv Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C. %
U\ Agent:; for T. Lebel »& Co., Hay cuiJ Qrain. W
**.&************* :, v r -r £3 $ 9>*M
j    TINSMITH and PLUMBER    j
.  I am opening up n shop in part of ihc ti   ii   Ci ilpin building  ,
j  next to the Aluecouiiell  Furniture .-":;    i I   -iii  enrry n   <
S.,,k  „,S,„
j   teiition !;it-i
♦  Givo un- ;i .
1 the jol.l.ing
mil -_!.-t lh.- bonefil - f   i)
il -!.- -1      : i-.     Especial at-   !
Wi!' Ik- readv ill ll 1- w d i"-.   ,
iMiTED ::
M;:iiuf,*i'*tur,'r-j ol
| Rough and Dressed Lumber
North  Stnr  uiul   Vinir
teams drill for $1000,
Shiiiiii'oclis vs. Nelson
will pifiisi* llif lovors nt;
mils at Cranbrook, B. C.
will receive | rompt attention.
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made! '.
This is thc question that people nre mostly interestci in, and is ♦
tbe magnet lh.it ir, drawing; them to our slore, to a live and mod- ,
cm tailor shop, it's the store tbat saves you  money.   It's where J
you get value ior your dollars. ♦
Cranbrook Block                                                     Cr.ir.broo*r:, E. C. *
S)*»*> *♦,» »> »-»»-»--»">®^)*» ••>*>-»• *>•>»»•>• *.>m»n»M ■(£)
Proprietors. [t_3
il Cranbrook
il Hotel 3 3
..........._.... **.~~~®,
Ouests Comfort a Specialty
('iiuiii Stntilinn in Connection
• t
Nearest lo railtodd ami depot,    ITb( ner ■unniodn-
'inns  f„t   Uu* public ii»i?(|iin11t'.l in CrMthrooU.
ll.il and Colli lllllllS
 Proprietor      '•
• *
■ '•> TIIE   (.'li'AMIIIIMlK    Itl'liAI.H
Ml   .
■-1    ;?»
S-5%3 ["■ .: *^.'J--*A'-:
4^*. The liest breakfast,  Qinuer or
|j* :V5      ■*•-,.,,,. i- fm- :t child is
Victor ■»«■»»«•
Cvaporatod C-fe^l^
It is the full ct um »- milk, ei ie.-r.it.--l .ind
sterilised. Ii i, i-i-iii- t" the bone, ilc-.il and
muscle building elements.
MaR.es Happy Wealthy Babies.
Mid. b, cn-rimm,..,.:. i ai.......i Hill Co.. Caarton.»i4ya, t-.li.u_
A STRAIGHT TIP TO INVESTORS Don't bo gulled into risky outside speculations whioh nun exist
only iu ilu- I.-nil" imngiiiiition of iugeuious promoters, Invest your money right here in Crnnbrook. Reul
estate lu re is now mi the booui nnd .till give yon n moro speedy und uuiv return for your mouoy. Wo bavo
'■"tiiiil snaps In offer. T. M. ROBERTS, Customs Broker ond Nolary Public
1 SPOKANE, OCTOBER 5 to 13 j
% MORE   THAN   S30.00C    IN    PREMIUMS %
1 Greatest Attractions and Bi^est I
1 Amusement Features Ever Secured 1
■W et
'jii   Ai.KII I'l/HUAI. KX1I1I1ITS        KTOl'K SHOW        l-'tlt'l'l   IMI 11   if
€5 11M.1: : IUKSK.1 l-:vri:iil-:i> lllll BVKNT 1:1111 DAV
% $10,000   IN    PURSES
hav ]»
"Ml Down  Town  Street Carnival  livery   Ni-tbt,  Vaudeville 3s)
'lil Specialties and High Class Circus Features !ij.
I Special Cow Rates On Jill Railroads ^
■% Concession Privileges fur Sale   Write fur Premium List.    II. ti, Sllmmel, Sec. vij
SP. Burns & Co
in all ihc
Towns in
Wholesale nail Retail
Meat Merchants
0 Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsli
A       Fish, (lame and Poultry.
gn juitet ■-"'
i£i£       0 We supply only the best.   Your
_f        trade is solicited.
If ynu arc in Iruuhle with ynnr engine in
any wny ur your huiler is k'ukini; ur needs
washing send fur mc. I hove n fare; pump
mul full set of (mils fur ilolnj; all Minis nf en-
Ri iit .'imi bailer repairing ami cleaning right at
your mill.    Call ur semi a curd In
J. I' PATTONi Machinist, Cranbrook, II. C.
Lranlintiifi Lndcc Nu. 3
A. F. & A. M.
-■-••...' ? *  ,**// J
W^G      ,!,
Inr ini'i-tlii-is mi it
I    Tlllll Hill)   nl   til
tlsllllli! I1I1.I111-11 IVOlcOllli-tl.
il .1 llMi.n, S01
^  InU-ni 111 Curiums uml I'liitiiiiiins       |        STEAM WATBR and (MSOLINH
m**vwww*ww*wv*rwm**vw****w**t ':
I Eagle Cafe
George Pai'
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
JJ George Pai|tiin, Prop, j
The best restaurant in  *
4 South East Kootenay.   *
% When   you   visit   the   J
4 town be sure and try it >
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Mill Machinery
r®-®-<6-®-<!>~®~®-®-®-®-®- ®-<a
Harriage      j
9     Vt-s,uiul the CITY  BAK- 1
•j) l-illV is Ihu iiiiiii, toKut 11 uii*,* T
I In tbu luluBl Blylu.  Why scud <f
I yiiiii-i.i-ili-i- .uu  nl' lown mul ,|
f |ii-rliu|is Iiuvi- ll.c ifi'iiiK liriik- £,
v en by shipping,  Prices right, i
9 I'linne 51 llppc.lt. Mi B. Church
•)      C. W. WILSON,      T
-<ir-®~®-®-®-®-®-®-® -®-®-®f®
Livery  3
Proprietors ******
Teams uiul driver, furnished for any
point in Uu.- ilialrict.
Manager   „*  jl   Ji
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Rcpairin.;' ml
General Jobbing....
Oalsl-k- Orders Promptly
Alli-iul***! lo.
Proprietor nf Llio
Candy Kitchen
larl-ii'sai-i inpltlcto ■!,,,'
C.indies, I'ruits, Nuls,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. aiveuaacall
MUMWMMNM   -, *. .-L    -        -.  -    MM   u«av—•-
~  *""~~" ■ H. L. STEPHENS, Prop.
If you wish to see the finest hotel        ' MOPPISSPV B C
dining room  In  Fast Kootenay * mUI<l<l»Ll ,  l». -v.
come lo and stay ai llic
This is thc big hotel at the Junction.
Everything comfortable. It is the
place to stop.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
'i hi* r.-tiiiiiliiin I'lii-il'u* I'iiil'viiv ,*,,i!i|i.*iny , uniii,1 ii largo iiivii nf tin-
choicest fnriniiiti- ami mnehiiiij- lumls iu the Klk, Kootenuy, Col biu
 I Slocan v.ill, vs in the Kooti-iiuy ilistrit-l mid in tin* Kettle river uiul
(lk.'iu,i.'.i.ii  viilloyB in 11,,- I'.uiiiiiliirv ilistriet.    A luw inujoritl ul'llu-se
lunila tire remlily t iwibht by ruilwny,
'I'l;.' niri-iv*,!
ulini ul |.niiii|iiil I intercut, exivpl in tlieetii
Drewry fur Kin*;. hmrtiesiire now en_j;iigi'd in tlrivinij;
The following letter was received " t iit.iu-1 in. tho vein, whicli is Bidd
lit llr .1 II. Kim;-. Iiiitii .1. t'.: li In-li't'in llii'''''tusix I'i't't iii wiillli.
Drewovy just beforo be lefl for prankMeCnbc, nil olil linn r in
Montreal! this district, is now ul I'm-I Sini|i-
Mi.yii-. B.C. S.-|.; III... 1008. iS(lll. hi a letter lo u friend ul
Dr. .1. II. King, Crnnbrook,B.C.     s lube snys: "Porl Simpson is
Uy Dent-Doctor t'rgcnl busi- „ beautiful plnco, inhitbital by
l,,-ssc,,l!,|!,-ls,i,,.|„li','ivi.|',.l'Muni-i;i|iipl|| m hi(|i.ms ,|Mi| ,-, wl)Uu
real, lliis ittturiioon, nnil I t«-;ii- h . ,,     .. ,, ,
will be nwny from home for seven "" ■""i  v'"l!ll'u       Alr-  su ''''"
weeks. I um sorry for this, iis I
hoped nud fully expuctid to bo in
tlu- Crnnbrook Killing during Ilu-
cmnpiiigii wliicli is in.tv nn. uud ilu
wli.-ii I could in help roll up your
majority on llio illsl of October. I
will ilu my besl to getliuok here before ilu- light is over, und, in tho
iiii-niiliiiu-. 4tiiiit liiussiiri-yiiuiif my
hourly support. As tin* uomiueo
nl'tin', l.ilii'i-ul pnrty in tliu district,
vi.ii nr titled In.'ntnl shmilil  iv-
coivo mil only thu Inynl snpporl of
every Liilierul in the riding, luil
also tin* votes of those who, though
I nii'iiilii-i's of Ilu* Liberiil   pnrty,
the United Jtino Workers of Amer-
icu llu-y could ilo nothing in lis-
matter. Flowovor ninny better
thinking inetnbors Booing the injustice of .tho drivers' contention
olfored to givo up thoir regulnr
jnlis In go nl driving rnther tli.-m
sn* tbo mines idle, This tv;is nol
nucossni-y ns tho compuny secured
titlu-r regulitr drivers nud the work
■ n i i     v     proceeded ;is itsuul.
will open n   general  inercliiitioise '
store there. ,.    .. ,
For Sale.
Tin*  JutticB  Greer   bouse,     it
ITEMS  FROM   MOYIE      | will be sold ut n  i» bio  price
ind ou sulisl'iu-tiit-y ti-rins.     Apply
n-.-ui ilu* Mnvii* i.raiii*.
Mrs. Unlit. Ciiinpholl  is visilin;
with Crnubrook IVii-iuls.
Herald olHce.
Housi Fur Sale.
Six room house. Baker Hill, furnished, two lots illl I'l-i-l each.  I...u
price for ciisb.-Apply nt Townsiti
Miss   Aiinie   Attwood   wns   in
Crnnbrook visiting with Mrs. I'rest
this week,
Those whn ull.-ml,-il   the Ci-.-in-
iirc desirous of seeing turned out of i brook celebration on  Lubor Dny t
ollice thnl "uggregnti f incnp- BUj. it w,-iS by fnr tbo besl tbey ever \
nbles" who hiivo for tho piiBl   f™'I ntlonded iu Hint town.
yenrsso be-dovilod tbo nlltnrs nli j      Tbo Hernld is giving priz
this Province.   Tin-liilierul  pnrty     Mr, nnd  Mrs. Kneitzel returned
slniiil I'm-Iln- building up uf iln- | ,,  V,.S|,,.,.;IV  from   Cruubrook
country,   Tboy nre ever rendy  I   '
give u iiohiin'g liiind tn niil   in  ll
SOMIii'MNG 1011 NOTHING     ;
devolopoinent ul' tbo iiitturul resources of Cunndii, nud the generous l.'.-iillinuiilvsiii-i'i'i'iitly given liy
Ilm Liberal Uoveruineiitiil Ottuwu,
should Itinke u\n-\ iiuiii in the
Craiilirook   Riding slmid by Ibe went to seo bis bi-otliov-iii-luw, W,
where tbey bud tnken their children wbu were sick. Their youngest child is mil yet nut ul' dniiger.
A. T. Clurk ri'liiriii-tl Wednesiiliy
front Wiillinllii.  N.   I).,  whero  be
I'm' Ihusi* who guess lhe olos- j
i-sl In Illl- till,* eusl in Snulh _
Ensl Kootenny Ihis full.
Tin- lirsl   |ii'i-,-j- is u i.i'! uf
dishes un exhibition ;it  ilu* j
Kurt Steele Merctintilo .•..in-  }
I In- si-,-.iiiii is U eninem. In !
putty Ihnl  ht'lpt'tl uur districl   iu T, Jiiiiioboii, who is very low villi      bo soon nt Kentti-
timo  ul ii I.   Tin* lend bounty
melius the oniployinonl ofhundreds
ul'men in lhe Kootonnys ut good
WJiges, uiul lhe (•niisi'iiiu'iil. prus-
pi'i-ily nf ull clusses. II tins the
lihor.il pnrty tlllll recently pussed
li-gisliitiiin increiising tlio ttlX from
sjiin tu i-cmu mi nil Cliiiinmencoming into Cuutidn, This virtuully
iimounts In exclusion nml the
lulioring men nf liriiish Columbia
un- thus protected tigiiiusl tlm
"yellow" pusl. Surely Ilu- wngt
onrnet's will stand loyiiliy by liu
lilieral pnrty in lliis contest, uml
du whnt they cnn tn put liberals in
power nl Vlctorln,so Ihnl Iln* uf-
I'itirs uf tliis provinco will bo conducted un the sume honest, clean,
progressive lines ns liuve oliiii'iieter-
j/.ed Dominion utTnirs ainco tlm
liberal pnrty ciimu inlu power nl
Again nssuring ynu nf my lieurty
supporl ntnl trtiBting thut  I  tuny
lit- nblo In sonrriinge mutters thnl
I cnn speedily return mill  be with
vnu. "shiiiildi')'tn shtnililer in  the
thick ofthe tight."
I reniiiin
Very Truly Yours
.I.e. Drowry.
brigbts disi'.'isi' ul' thi* kidneys.
Mr. Juiuiosoii is ulill very low iiiul
his nlli'liiling pbysicilius tin nui
think In* will live over ll month nr
Suliscri »* I'm* THK   HERALD
:.'.uil ii yenr,
l"t  iln- ri'<jsinM.ir.
.Mis. C. M, Edwimla uiul Ih»t
isti r Mi-aa liiuiniator wcmv vtsitiiiy
1. Slct'li' Tn.'Hili.y.
•1. (i. ('iiiniiiiiiKs is now cntriip'il
hi Burvoying tiinbur liutitB in iln*
Klk liver vullpy.
A numbor of Stoolitos visited
Cmnbi'ook Mondny 'Lnljor dny'.
Tliuy i'i'|»irl liavinii' n p!i',*iH.*iiil
D. Bull' returned I'rniu Wilnn r
Tliui'sihiy. He reports Uie nun
plclion nf the trminviiy nt Hn
Ptnnnignu minoB.
T. T. McVittie, I'. L. S.. return-
ed from Rock crook Thursdny,
svliero In1 lias boon ongnged in sur-
vi'vinu; timber limits.
A roporl fn>m ISlko snys thnl
two  |ii'i:s|H'cinj'n  hnv-p diecovovod
mul Ini-.'ili-d ii mmnII lipth   nl'  lii'tn-
I-'rain Ilm I'm. Piwb.
.Mr. Wheutcroft of this plnco bus
been given the contract of enlarging
Harry Howard's hotel al Bliiit-inon*.
Theuilililiun will Iii- 40x50 foot aud
two storeys high. The Cosmopolitan, while u good sized house, is
imt largo enough In ticoitunodnto
the liusiiiesH in sight.
Dovelnpi-nii'lit nt Coal Creek
mines is going steudily on. Al
Nn. I the cunl is being wasted uu
tlio dump ns the Iriiitiwuy is iiicom-
pli-le owing lo tin- delny in tho arrival nf mils, Two t-iii-s ure expected shortly und by October Isl
tlm I'liiil will Im landed ul Ilu* tipple nml si'vcriil rooms will be in
oporntion, lu Nn. *"t threo drifts
liiivi- Btlllck cold. Devi'liipnienl
work hits lit'i'ii t'uiiitneiu'i'd nn Xn.
II, which is siliuiteil cliist' by Nn. I.
uml by the nml nf the yeur il will
be sending oul conl, Nos. U. 7 tuul
H will mil be developed unlil next
year, Thr linulngo engines nl thc
mini's ure being placed nn the beds
nnd connected nud alterations uro
being mude on the tipple In suit.
A report from Morrissoy itlules
thnt on Wednesday tlu. drivers in
tin' Mni-rissi-y mines dotnuudod -Sii
ii duy iind went out iu u body, on
Ihc ground Unit tlio drivers ul. Conl
Creek uud Michel were receiving
tbiil wage, The contract wnge for
this wurk in tin' Iwo yenrflgri'O-
111.-nt.signed April 1st wns Si:ir*0
uiul it wus shown to thom that no
chniigi- hnd been mude nnd Hint
the drivers at Conl Crook and Mi-
hi'l wi'l'r receiving exactly the
unu'. The [union wns npppidod
In nnd lhe lucid manager, wns Inlil
by mu- nf I he lenders I lull since Ihe
The tliinl is two years' sub
Bcriplioii tn Tlm Herald.
Rend liu- ml. un tlio inside
page, ll will tell ynu nil
ubiiiil it.
J II' you wnnt
| Fresh Fruits,
| Fresh Vegetables, |
| Confectionery,etc. %
«; Our prices iibvuys ronsoiiiililo,
***' *********** ***** ******** i»
Flour, Feed and
I Iiuvi* moved my store in the
room just iiiil'lh ul' the llliperinl
bunk ccrner. I will enrry u lull
Block of
Hay, Grain,
Butter and Eggs
My prices ure nlwnjs the lowest
ntnl thu cjuulity is the besl.
nl IiuiiIh miller sj.ii'.i |h-i< nore, is ilividiil  inlu tin instalments ns shown
by Uu. bible Mow; tin* llml lu I-,- .mid .-,t ihe ti I' -nirohnsii, llu-si-i'.
"U'1 yar I. Int.- ..f pui-rhii-i.-. th.- ihinl two yearn, uud u.
bo fullowiiig tulihi i,In,tn. tin- .-in,,,,,,,!  uf ||„. iiiiniinl ii'BUiliili'liU ill!
Ull) ai-rx's al ilill'ereiil prices under lim iilmvi' lilionsi
UK) nc.ill$2.51) (httie. Isl iuslnl nt M 5!I.Hl,lli*ipiiil iiiBtld'tBof I ."ill.lKI
Uillae.nl il.lK) per ac. Isl iiiBtuliiicul 7I.HO,lli.||tial limliirtuuF 110.1X1
11,11''"'-t.i ii-.ii|..i-.i.- Isl imil.ibii, nl s.'l.'.tu. ..i,-,|ii.-i| iiisinl'iiuf 70.00
Ul'lac. Ill    I.IKIp, I-,,,-. Isl in-.l.ilm, i,|      i.i.i.Vi. <.l,.,|,i.-,| iii,.l:il'|.. ,,|'     Ml.tHI
Hill IM*.Ill    l.-'illp.-l-.-i,-. I.-.I illHtilll.il nl     In, -.,.'. ml i„..|,-||'|.,,,f     '.HUM
Uii) ae. al   ...mil«rac, Isl instiilmenl   I t!>.H.'>, tl t-tpml inslul'ls ol   I00.1K)
l-iaudi let !<:' 'ill |.,-r .-n-i-i- .-ii-,- i.uld mi shorter tun.-.
II   lailll   IH  I'.'nl   lul'  ill   lull |||   |||,.  linn- u|' |.,livi|i,-,-. ||  Inilllnlnili   |'|i,||,
the price will l«i nil,nml .-,,n.-iI i., i,,, ik-i-conl nn Ilie amounl paid in
excess of the usiiiil i-nsh luslnhneiit. lutereBl ut six per cent will Im
charged mi overdue iiistnliueuui,
Thoeonvjiuny isalso iiil.-n-sii-d iu ih,* followingtownsitesi    lilko,
Cranhrook, Kinibei-ly, Aldridg.',  Ivitcheuer, Cn-slou, 1'i-oclor, Nolsoti,
Oornml,  bm mu. Cnstlegnr, Cnseadu Cily,  Hrnud' Porks.   Klu.ll.
C-treenwood, Midway, N.ikusp, Anuwhea.l, Uovelsloke, Donuld mid
IvnmloopB. TerniB ul' paymeul imi onu-tliinl cnsli nml the balance in
six nud twelve months, with interest.
For further ptirttculiirs apply tn tin' following local ug. ntsi
\V. M. Frost, Hntewiiy, Moiitaitn      .1. A. McCall  tlrand Forks.B.C.
I!. II. lliiin-. Wilmer, II.I'. ii. A. Ueudell, Klmll. I',. ('.
\. Ilyili* linker, Craubrook, ll.C    A. Ferguson, Ctiii-nwooil, ll.C.
•I.T Burgess, Kitchener, B. C.       J. D. Bililmlil, Revelstoke, 11. C.  *
I*:. Mulliitiiluiiio, Jr., Cri'Stou, II. ('. Thomiis Abriel, Nakusp, I'.. C.
II. K. Hloeker, Cnscnde, IS. C. I-'. .1. Fulton, [CniidoopB, I'.. C,
F.C. Elliot, Troul Luke City, B. C,
Or J. S. DliNNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
al Calgary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It lias thc St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo-y
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
9. Dealer in O
B Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. (9
IS*-®-&-® ■ ©-©-®-is*-® -■•>-®-<t)~®--i.y-®-i!>-®-®.-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-i*
ulili* iron  mi   hiiiul creek.    Tin* coul company \yovM not rccognizu Buinple rooms
Formerly Hotel Pliair
13. TOnPKINS, Manascr.
This hotel is on., of lhe besl  iu
llriiisli  Coinmbiii uiul  up t i-duto
■■I  every  respect.      Well  lighledl  i^ ^_s>_.,  ^^_^ ^^_g>_eMM^_e)^^h^^,i, ,^
iji-uj- -si-t.--i-ti.--ti ui *4!i-i!i-i!j-«>-tt*-'B - ~®-ta -sWp -ta-ta-®-®-®-®-®-®-®
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining il
)'f   Room Service.    A comfortable place to stop in the ff
i   center of the town. |i


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