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Cranbrook Herald Jul 27, 1899

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^9-9* ••••** *> •*>■• * *»•»• ■>-*>■•■•»♦•■*-;»>•♦♦■•> •*■ •■•-»-»-•* *■•*•*•» •*■■>•>* ■>♦-*-•*>-*>-**-•*■■» w
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     |
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. E. Waikbr, Oen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadvillc of East Kootenay.
Terminus ol North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
P. (1„ KIMBEM.Y,
Via Crailbrook
■*99 9*9-*>-9a> 9 »®
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rallnoad and depct.    Has arcnmmoda-
lions for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
The Kootenay and Algoma
Gold Mining Co.. Limited.
Shares are Non Assessible
It is a Purely Local Company
Books Open to Inspection by Any Shareholders
Work is being prosecuted on the claims near Waneta,
on the Columbia river, on which a fine showing of ore
Is already exposed.
Work begins at once on the Union Jack, which Is universally pronounced by competent men to be a wonderfully promising claim.
Buy shares now before the 5c Issue is all disposed of.
Work 00 the North Star Branch Cotn=
mences This Week.
Outfits Coming in and the Town
a Scene of Busy Activity
The contractu for the construction if
the North Slar branch are let at last
Tuesday the final bids were accepted,
and the names of the lucky men antl
their sections are ns follows:
Prom Craubrook to St. Marys rivet,
seven and one-half miles, Keid and
Next four miles, Grant and Shady.
Next three miles, Peter I,uud.
Last three miles into Kimberley, M.
If. McCirty.
Leitch and McDougnl have the contract for all the timber work ou the line.
The contracts provide that the woi k of
grading shall be completed hy the 15th
of October, and the woik will he pushed
forward with all the speed possible.
M. J. B. O'Brien arilved lasl week nnd
will have general charge of construction.
Engineer Richardson has gone into
camp near tbe St. Marys, and is fi nibbing some points on tbe location preparatory to cross sectioning.
Actual work ou tbe road will begin
this afternoon or .tomorrow on Reid and
McRae's section, aid the otbets will ful
low suit as noon as their outfits get here,
which will be within two or three days.
Already quite a number of strangers
are in town, and business is picking up
till along the liue. The hotels are
crowded and everyone is feeling happy.
whet it i
decided to take out the ore;
11 '.:.■.■ ui i . , development a
long w iv
ahead iu order thut when it is
decideJ 1
1 takeout ore ibiptuentswill be
s.   The vigor >us work now go-
in" mi   i'
,1 certain  indication that  the
pr iperty
a all right.
Mining Nutes.
N McXeou* Currau, of Ibe Norlli Slar
mine, wai in town yesterday,
Ii C. Rgan was in lown yesterday,
He oat) been looking Bt some Weaver
creek properties, *
1 . P, [logan, „f Spokane, and J. D,
Swords, irrived ou the train Ibis tnoru*
ing, and left al onct- lur the Sullivan
property. -    •
At the Toronto Clothing Store
A Snap.   A line ol Boy's Suits bought for cash at a sacrifice, will be
sold while they last (or
$2.50 a Suit
Don't mi
 Reid & Co.
These suits arc well worth $3.50.   Don't miss them.   They can't
last long.
We have closed out our entire stock of Hardware
to G. H. Miner and have a small stock of	
Prints and other Dress Goods
Which we will sell at cost to make
room for our mammoth stock of....
Men's Furnishings^ Groceries, Shoes, Liquors, Hay and
Oats 3 3 3
North Stir Group Sold.
Montreal, July 21.—One of thc biggest
mining deals of recent dale has jttst been
successfully negotiated by McQualg, Ry-
kert & Company, of this city, acting for
a syndicate of Toronto capitalists. The
deal Includes the famous North Star
property near Cranbrook, lt. C, and five
other properties iu the same group, v
the Buckhorn, Dread naught, Maverick,
Daffodil and O. K. mines. These properties have been owued for some years
hy a syndicate composed of D. D Mann.
William Mackenzie, of Toronto; Sir
William Van Home, H. S. Holt, R. If
Angus, James Ross, Hon. A. A. Thibau-
deau, and other leading Montrcalers, A
new company, to be known as the North
Star Mining company, bas now beeu organized, with 11 capital of $1,500,000, of
which 11,040,000 bas been allotted to tlie
original owners In payment for lhe pro,
erly, aud {1460,000 shares have been set
aside as treasury stock, to provide working capital, etc. Ofthe treasury slock
260,000 shares have beeu bought by Mc*
Cjuaig, Rykert & Compmy, acting for
leading capitalists of Montreal and To
ronto, of whom thcpiiucipal is Seualor
Geo, A. Cox.
Ihe directors of ibe new company are:
1), D. Mann, president; Hon. A. A
Thibauneau, Montreal, vice president
William Mackenzie, Toronto; II. S
Holt, Montreal; and O T. Porleou**, sec
ssrs McVUlie Hutchison and John
i; have be n ptwppctiHg theli quartz
ledge on the Patton ration, about u mile
an I a hulf fr< tn town. A few charges of
powdor showed up a well defined ledge,
which assays over $2 in gold, and the
owners will put in more work shortly.
A claim known us the Star has been
corded Ibis week in thd name of Oliver
Burge, our old townsman, now of Dun-
can Cily. Tliis claim adjoins the property on Perry creek now being developed
by the English company under the management of Mr. Yonge, ofthe Invicta.
The Koulenay and Algoma Oold Mining company has put men at work un
tbe claims in the Trail district, and
negotiations are in progress for a sale of
I ho**-' properties on such terms us to put
the company 111 possession of ample
funds for oilier work and the shareholders m iv expect 11 dividend before the
end of lhe year.
There is greal excitement at Wider-
mere nvm the Red Line The lead is III
Bight on )u.tli Bides of tbo mountain and
over the fuimmlt, giving a base of 451x1
feet in length with a depth of 1500.
Where the ledge has been cut across it is
2b leet lu width. With a width of 10
feet of ore running $[0, Mr. Mill ford, M.
ti., manager for Fraser it Chalmers, estimates thai Ihere is fjjo.uio.oooof ore in
sight malting the biggest known mine iu
the world, Mr. Farrell, M. ti,.. says that
if the ore carries only $25 In average
values it will be another Comstock.
John Hamilton and McCuIlongh are at
work on the Itiuuel on tbe Uelleview and
I,ock Out dninis on Palmer mountain.
This property will be one of the first to
be added to ihe list of shippers in this
district. The shnfi is down some eighty
reel and shows goud ore throughout.
The tunnel will stiike the ledge at a
much greater depth. Tbere are only
about Unity feet more to drive aud then
the Belleville will be practically a mine.
The success of this work and tbe prosecution ol work tinder difficulties are the
result of llie unliring faith and energy
of the well-known Hamilton "boys."
These are lhe sort of stuff that make a
mining cmnp a success,
Thomas Donnelly and Frank Decker
have just come down from tbe summit
of Weaver creek with some exceedingly
fine samples of auriferous quartz, They
have completed the assessment work on
the Helen Mary, and are confident they
have a good thing. There are two ledges
which meet ou the claim, making an
eight-foot ledge. About eighteen inches
of rich quartz shows on the ledge as far
as exposed by the two open cuts and the
tunnel. The latter is in ten feet, and it
is tlie intention of the owners to con*
tinue it as a permanent working tunnel.
Some of ilu- quaitz can be seen at tbe
offices of McVittie & Hutchison. Mr.
Donnelly owns also the Dewey and the
Victory, near .he Hamilton boys' claims
ou Palmer mountain. There are several
well-defined ledges on these claims
which aie reuinrkubly well situated for
tunnel work and show sufficient mineral
on tbe surface to warrant extensive development work.
Notes of a Trip Through the South
East Kootenay Country.
The North Star  Has $2,000,000
Worth   o(   Galena   Ore  in
Sight at Present.
And we won't take a back seat on prices.
Goods delivered to any part of the city.
Mail orders promptly and correctly shipped.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Ganbrook st* Fort Steele ar* Wardner
Upper St. Marys River.
Mr Armstrong, the government Agent,
reports that there are n great number of
prospects being developed in a pcrnian
cul way in the upper St. Marys country
Many claim owners are not only doing
tbe necessary assessment, hut are push
ing development hi n businesslike way,
and report the showing of much fust-
class copper ore.
There can be no doubt tnat thc upper
St. Marys river will before long be one
of the biggest copper camp-i of the
Kootetiays A branch railway from the
North Star branch can easily lie built to
this camp, nud probably the location
line would in uo case be more I hau a
hundred yards from the present pack
trail. Such a railway Is undoubtedly a
matter of the near future, aud the tonnage which will be carriid over that
branch and from Kimberley camp will
make the North Star railway one of the
greatest ore carriers iu Kootenay.
(Jovcrnmcnt Building.
Government Agent Armstrong has
posted notices calling for tenders for tbe
building of the government building ut
Cranbrook. The plans and specifications are on file wilh Constable Morris.
Election of Fire Wardens,
erumeut   Agent   Armstroi g bas
an election of fire wardens for
rook naming Monday, July 31,
hi a.m. as the time. If a poll is necessary the voting »ill continue from 11
a.m. to 1 p.m.
cal lei
Fur Sale or to Let.
I will sell or let on easy terms my
boarding bouse property on tbe east side
of towu.    Welt located for doing a good
business. Joe Brault
The Chickamun Stone Will be a Mine,
Prospector: John A. I'ink went down
to tbe Chickamun Stone on Monday Inst
He says lhat witb the present force great
progress is being made. The tuunel is
now in 191 feet. Tbe future workings of
the mine will be conducted on an extensive scale, and no ore aside from that re
moved iu the course of development will
be taken out. In a short time another
tunnel 100 feet lower down the hill will
be started and nil shafts will be sunk nt
convenient intervals. Tbere seems lo be
no doubts in the minds of the owners
New C. V. R. Storehouse at Cranbrook.
h. O. Genes!, chief storekeeper for the
C. P. R.» (with headquarters at Winnipeg, and II. Nevln, storekeeper at Macleod, were in town last week. The
headquarters at Macleod. will be moved
to Cranbrook as soon as the buildings
here arc ready for occupancy.
The New School House.
While M. Mclnnes, one of the school
trustees, was in Winnipeg recently, he
saw the land department officials and
bad the deed for the school lots forwarded to the piovincial government.
It is quite probable, therefore, that in
due course uf lime work will be stalled
on the building.
Kimberley'* New Hotel.
Tom Wellman and Julius Hurel, ofthe
Royul hotel, have let a contract for their
new hotel hni'diiig at Kimberley. It
will be 5a by do feet, two stories high,
with a kitchen 20 by 30 feet. The
that tbe Chickamun Stone will be a I building will be finished In tbe best of
mine of more than ordinary merit. As style, nnd when completed and furnished
development goes on large areas of j will cost between $5000 nnd $6000, A
sloping ground will be made available   IJ Grant has the contract.
Those interested in tbe mineral production of this province will before very
long pay a great deal more attention to
the mines and prospects of Kast Koote-
nay than has heretofore fallen to the
share of that district, says the Rosslaud
Miner. For several years there have
been scattered through the vast extent
of that district many prospectors, and a'-
t hough the number of gold hunters bas
been far from sufficient to thoroughly
prospect the wide field, tbere efforts
have resulted in tbe partial opening up
of several remarkably rich camps, and
the discovery of a large number of promising prospects. Miuing men nre beginning to see a luture for this section of
tbe province, and many have entered it
iu search of 111 vestments. None of
them, so far, have beeu disappointed,
and a number of transactions of Importance have beeu recorded of lute,
Mr. A- K- Maedonald, wbo has returned to town after spending a mouth
iu the various camps of tbe district,
says a season of great activity has set in,
and h<s account of rectnt development
throughout Hast Kootenay is highly favorable, He gives the following information regarding the properties he visited:
In tbe Moyie camp there is a great
deal of activity, owing to the recent purchase of the I/ike Shore group by lhe
Canadian jGoldfields syndicate and the
acquisition uf a controlling interest iu
the St- Eugene by the Gooderham-
Hlacltsiock syndicate. The latter property is working somen ami development
is proceeding rapidly, while work ou the
tramway and the concentrator building
is well under way. The mill is being
built beside the Crows Nest railway
track, on tbe bake Shore ground, the
tramway being about a mile in length,
An nir compressor is ou its way lo the
Lake Shore mine, nud tbe installation of
concentrator is contemplated. In the
meantime three shifts of men are working and the smeller contract made by
the previous owners Is being completed.
The Moyie aud Queen of the Hills,
which lie between the bake Shore and
St. Kuhene, are not working at present
beiug under option. The Society Girl
which lies over the mountain, and is
supposed to have tbe St. Kugene lead,
has developed into a producer, having a
good deal of shipping ore on tbe dump,
and a large quantity blocked out iu the
mine. A wagon road has been construe-
ttd from the mine to the St. Kugene
road, aud the owner ofthe claim says he
will ship forthwith. The town of Moyie
is becoming quite a busy camp, and is
one of the very few towns in the Koote
nays tbat have not been built ahead of
the mines.
The best developed mines at present
tributary to Cranbrook are those ou
Mark and Sullivan creeks, where the
town of Kimberley is springing up. The
North Star, the first and greatest lode
mlue in Kast Kootenay, owned by Dau
Maun and William Mackenzie and tbeir
associates, is truly a wonderful property.
It was located in 1893 by J. Hourgeois 0!
Red mountain fame, and soon afterwards
bonded to Mann. R. O, Jennings was
placed in charge in December, 1S92, aud
immediately began tbe construction of Ja
sleigh road from tbe mine to the Koote
nay river, a distance of 34 miles. This
was completed in Febiuary, 1893, and
hoisting machinery and pumps were immediately installed. At this lime, although comparatively little work had
been done, there were several thousand
tons of ore in sight, the surface showing
of galena being 23 feet iu width. In
1895 a wagon road was constructed, and
a shipment of 6 j tons was made.
Freight aud treatment cost $42 a tou,
but smeller returns showed the ore to be
worth ffiS a ton and the owners were satisfied of the value of their properly.
Tbe depreciation of silver occasioned
the closing down of tbe mine, which resumed orerntions, however, wheu silver
took an upward turn, and shipped to fhe
Nelson, Trnil aud Great Falls smelters
er 7000 tons of galena, averaging $58 a
ton. Superintendent Kellogg, who is
remely conservative, gives the follow-
ingiigures: On the old vein, at the 30-
foot level, tbere is a 500-foot drift, 400
feet of which is in continuous ore. On
the 60-foot level there is n crosscut tunnel of 400 feet in length, witb 200 feet of
a drift, which is all on the same ore.
Higher up the mountain there is
another vein. A crosscut of 10.1 feet
from a 200-foot shaft has reached tbis
vein, on which work is now in progress.
The ore iu the second vein is of higher
grade galena, and carries values in gold
throughout, while tbe lower vein gives
only occasional values in the yellow
metal. As to the amount of ore In the
mine, Mr. Kellogg will not say further
than that the property can make regular
shipments of 50 or Go tons a day. Those
who may be supposed to know however,
say tbat thc ore body on tbe fust vein
bas a width of 90 feet, aud the ore already blocked out amount-- to over 40,-
000 tons. Such a showing would certainly justify the capitalization of the
proposed new company at $3,000,0-10,
which is tbe figure said to be fixed.   Ar-
rangemenls have been made to install a
20 drill compressor plant on the Stem-
winder, to provide power both for that
property, which te. also owned by Matin
and Mackenzie, aud the North Star.
The Stem winder, which is separated
from the North Star by the Dean group,
owned by Jennings and his partners, lies
on the steep side of lhe Mark creek canyon, and has the largest showing of solid
ore in Kast Kootenay. On the surface
lhe ledge appears to be 150 feet wide,
having ure entirely across. Near the
level of the creek, and in the middle of
the ledge, a tuunel has been driven 79
feet in solid arsenical iron. At the end
of the tunnel a ciosacut has been run a
distance of 86 feet to the lefl, and this
also is in solid ore for the whole distance.
These workings present a unique appearance, not a speck of anything but
ore being visible anywhere iu the tuunel
or crosscut or on the dump. The ore
averages $12 to £14 throughout, |[i ol
the value being in gold. As neither
wall has been reached the Slemwindei
may be considered an immense property.
On the opposite side of Mark creek is
situated the Sullivan group, which is re
garded as one of the best mines in tbe
district. It possesses a great ore body,
which has not as yet been fully defined,
The woik so fur done goes to show that
the ure shoot lies close to the surface,
aud is from 65 feet lo 125 feet wide and
500 feet long, wilh a depth of 45 feet to
70 feet. Il is 11 galeua of fine appearance,
carrying, iu the solid ore, values of $30
to ^45 iu silver and lead. There is also
considerable concentrating ore iu lhe
Development woik is in progress on
the Kimberley Consolidated, comprising
six claims on the line of the North Star
lead. Tbis property has a good surface
Tbere are about So miners working in
the Kimberley mlues, but thb nutnbei
will be largely Increased in view of the
shipping facilities to be afforded by tbe
branch railway from Cruubrook, which
it is expected will be completed within
three mouths.
In the Pyramid or Alkt basin, which
lies some ta miles west of Kimberley.
several promising copper properties are
under development, white a great deal
of prospecting and preliminary work is
under way in the big section of Kast
Kootenay known as the St. Marys district.
Between Kimberley and Cranbrook
lies the Luke creek camp, in which are
to be seen a number of big showings of
galena, and ou some claims strong copper ledges. Though the prospects iu
this vicinity have not been developed to
any great extent, there is no doubt this
will be au important camp wheu work
on a larger scale is commenced The
best showings are on the St. Mary's Carbonate, black Hills, Mammoth aud Martin groups.
Ou Boulder creek, a branch of the
famous Wild Horse, are located the Big
Chief aud Dupont gioups, which are
tributary to Fort Steele. The Big Chief
group has five distinct leads, ou all of
which mure or less work has been done,
resulting iu a big showing of free milling ore. The niaiu ledge shows from 12
to 30 feet wide, carrying values in every
part, while the narrow paystreak on the
hanging wall averages about $4000 in
gold, some assays running as high as
$11,000 to $13,000 in gold. There is also
a paystreak on the footwatl, and a crosscut from the working tunnel is being
run to cut it. The mine is owned by a
syndicate of eastern capitalists, with Mr.
K. J. Walsh as engineer in charge.
The Dupont group is being operated
for a syndicate of eastern men by C. F,
Hauniuglon. It possesses a unique
showing of free milling ore, and is a
proposition of the Treadwell type, with
this advantage, however, tbat values run
higher than in the big Alaska mine.
Tbe main ledge is apparently 260 feet
wide. Average assays across the ledge
for a distance of 4000 feet givo returns of
from $4.90 to $8, while the 60 foot "paystreak" iu the middle of the vein averages $18 to the ton. Stringers from four
to five feet wide running into the main
ledge, give assays as high as $800. AH
values are in free milling gold.
On Wild Horse creek, near the mouth
of Boulder creek, a Chinese syndicate is
engagid iu hydraulic placer miuing under lease, and are believed to be making
got d pay. A number of Chinamen are
also "snipinu" along thc old diggings,
working over old ground witb rockers,
and evidently make good wages. No
other actual placer miuing is in progress
on this creek, but there are miles of rich
ground awaiting the operations of the
companies which bold tbe leases. Several tunnels are being run to reach the
"old channel,'' which is believed to exist to tbe east of the present bed of the
stream, aud though some old-timers ridicule the notion there are many who hold
to tiie opinion that there is a pay channel below the point whore the coarse
gold played out, and persistent efforts
are being made to find It, Needless to
say, if such a channel is found millions
of dollars in pumpkiu-sced gold and
nuggets are to be looked for, arid the
men who are spending their money in
prospecting for the original bed of the
creek will secure a rich reward.
The Tontine group of four claims is
situated four miles south of the Big
Chief. It bas a 25-foot ledge that can be
traced for 3000 feet on the contact of the
porphyry and slate. The ore, which
consists of chalcopyrile arid copper
glance in quartz, is scattered through the
ledge, showing in places nearly four feet
of solid ore. The general run of tbe ore
concentrates five into one, and the concentrates carry 45 per cenl copper and
$8 lo $ iu iu gold and silver, In driving
a 50-foot tuunel considerable ore has
beeu taken out.
On Hull river, nnd a producer of placer
gold in the '6o's, there is a big porphyry
dyke carrying mineral along its entire
length, so fur as prospected, There are
probably   2u claims  located   along  the
dyke, but the greatest amount of development work lias been done on the
Chickamun Stone group, which is being
operated by J. II. Fink, a member ofthe
syndicate which owns the control. This
property has a very fine showing of high
grade ore, assaying from average samples between J30 aud **5u to the ton.
The values are in copper (appareutly
telrabedritel and silver, with some gold.
A good deal of work has beeu done, aud
there is a large amount of shipping ore
iu sight. The veiu is a contact. When
the lower tunnels are continued
aloug ihe ledge, the management expect
to huve sufficient Oie blocked out to enable them to make regular shipments
without interfering wiih the develop-
ment ot the property.
Ou Sand creek, which is also tributary
to Craubrook, there are several big shaw*
ings of copper ore, chief among which is
the ledge running through the Kmpire
claim and the KI Moro group. While
no great amount of woik has been done
on these claims, it cannot be doubted
that tbey will prove of considerable
value, as they have good values in cupper and gold across the ledge, which
shows 40 feet wide on tbe surface nnd is
traceable across three claims.
They Try to Injure  This Town
and Thc Herald.
Bd Small returned from Windermere
last week, where he has been for some
lime. He said be was surprised to find
Cranbrook still alive, and that The Herald whs stiil being published. Ou being
questioned M to what be meant, he said
that he had been told at Windermere
that Craubrook was about wiped off llie
face of tbe earth, that there wus to be no
railroad building here, that three merchants had quit business and that The
Herald had been closed up aud the paper
was no longer published. Such outrageous, contemptible, sneaking lies as
these aie not the result of accident.
Tbe details were too carefully prepared,
and the intent lo iriure is too manifest.
So one would lie guilty of such work except one consumed by jealously on account of the rapid progress made by
Cranbrook, The statement nbout the
road, lhe merchants and The Herald
shows this. There are a few men in
this district who hate The Herald and
Us editor like the devil hates holy
■vater: uot for personal reasons, however, but simply because Tbe Herald has
been one of the factors in the upbuilding
of Cranbrook, Such stories are on par
with tbe one so freely circulated last
year to the effect lhat no one could live
with safely in Cranbrook owiny to the
water here, which was a breeder of all
kiuds of diseases. The author of tbat
malicious fabrication is pretty well
known, and the author of this senseless
He will be as well known before many
weeks. The attempt to injure The Herald and the town of Cranbrook is so low,
so mean and so dirty that a yellow d< g
would sco:n tbe individual wbo would
resort to it. And what is more, it will
be a boomerang, for ihe position of
Cranbrook today as tbeBsupply point of
he district, with another railroad building, with the merchants all doing well,
with The Herald carrying more paid ads
than any paper in tte district, give lhe
lie direct to such idiotic mendacity, and
shows only too well the animus of the
scoundrel's work.
Another Case ol It.
R. E Beattie received a letter from
the Morris tobacco house at Victoria regarding the shipment of goods to Cranbrook, in which the statement was made
that as the C. P. k. agei.t at Cranbrook
had been rrmoved the freight would be
prepaid and charged in the bill. As
Cranbrook is the divisional point, thi-,
shows either deplorable ignorance on
the part of the Victoria firm or the work
of some maiicions slanderer Kilber is
bad enough.
Cut by s Knife In Jumping from a Buggy
to Stop ■ Team.
A. D. Grant, the contractor, met with
a peculiar and painful accident last Monday that came near proving fatal. He
had been out to Kimberley with Tom
Wellman looking over the ground for
the new hotel building he is going to
build there, and was reluming home.
Wellman was driving and Grant was
sitting witb a loug-b.aded knife in his
bund whittling a stick. Coming down
one ofthe hills on the other side of the
Mission one of the singletrees broke and
the horses started to run. Grant, ou
impluse of the moment, jumped to grab
ihe horses. When he struck the ground
he stumbled and fell. The knife which
he held was turned toward him and the
blade entered his right side, penetrating
stveral inches, Wellman brought him
as fares the hospital and telegraphed
for Dr. King, who went out immediately.
Mrs. Grant and Miss Klla Gratil also
hurried out as soon as they heard the
news. Mr. Grant's wound did not prove
as serious as was feared at first, and it is
thought that be will be around in a few
days. _	
A nent tbe Death of Brandt,
The Herald is in receipt of a letter
from one Frank Miller, of Sioux City,
Iowa, regarding the death of Harry
Brandt, wbo killed hismisticss and himself In this city a short time ago. The
letter tells of the upright life led by
Brandt while he lived in Sioux City, and
of a sister who lives there, the wife of a
prominent railroad official, Neither lhe
people of Cranbrook or The Herald are
sufficiently Interested iu thc demise of
Brandt to warrant the publication of a
long letter bearing upon his former virtues. Everything considered, ii is beat
to let his name rest iu peace. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY   JULY 27   1899
V, v. SIMl'SON, Ktlltor ami Manniwr.
Tliu Herald desires to ittve tlio nam ol the
iiistiii't. it yon know any aboul yuur town
your mine or yuur i»wi>1p, bbuO n to tmsomcc.
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for taming out first-class Job
Printing arc complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
i.iib* uf Toronto
Contractor «.■*■ Builder
The importance of the people of a district advertising lhat to the outside
world cannot be overestimated
A few days ago an eastern paper bad a
notice to the following effect: "There
aie fifteen shipping mines within fifteen
miles of  "(the blank   represents a
Smith Kast Kootenay town, but nol
Cranbrook). Of course, this was not
a true statement, but it showed that the
people of the town in question had been
advertising Iheir town, and tbe above
statement will find its way all over North
America and will be believed by reason
ot its appearance in print.
Although we recommend the people
of Cranbrook lo stick to tbe truth—because, goodness knows, the truth about
Cranbrook and South East Kootenay is
good enough—we would impress upon
ihem the importance of each and every
one of them doing their share ul bringing tbe lown nnd district before the people of the cast and the people of llie old
country. We would advise that they
speak of the district of South Eost
Kootenay. for the advancement of our
district means the advancement of our
town, Craubrook being the only logical
center ofthe district.
This matter of Individual advertising
is not hard to manage if each will do his
part. There are two simple methods
within the reach of everybody:
First, In writing letters to friends always speak of the district, tell of its
wonderful mineral resources, of the shipping mines, of the prospects lhat are by
degrees becoming mines, of the climate,
and so on. Tell i f the North Star and
Sullivan mines, of tbe St, Eugene and
Lake Shore, and of any mines nud prospects iu the district that you have
knowledge of. Tell of the neighboring
towns. Tell of Ferule, the great coal
tov n; of Moyie with its mines and bike;
of Fort Steele with its resources. Tell
of Kimberley, the North Star camp and
projective point of the North Star
branch, and other points in the dlsliict.
Tell of Cranbrook's position us the supply point for all these places, Show the
distances from Craubrook to such mining sections as Palmer Bar, Ferry creek,
the St. Marys aud so on. These distances will bear comparison with the
distances between these points and any
other town in Ihe district.
Second, send at least one copy of your
local paper to some one each week.
Don't send it each week to the same person, but first to this one and then to
that one.   ,
Ity these means the district will be
kept before the eyes of a vast number of
people. It is the cheapest kind of advertising and the very best, because one
contented settler in a district saying lie
is contented carries more weight than a
whole trunk full of advertising matter
from outsiders.
place where labor und brain will btlug
belter results than right In this district
Tbe man who is here eujoVB an advai -
tune that people living iu les*- favored
localities do not. He should tuke advantage of it. It is the chance of bis
"Bob" Ingersolt, the noted agurs'.ir,
has [passed over to the beyond. Tlle
question of a hereafter is no longer a
mystery to him. As a man wilh his fellow men. and Ills family, he was an Ide 1
citizen; as au intellectual giant, he was a
power; and as an orator, wilh the ability
to garner simple words into garlands of
beauty, be was without a superior. And,
as a lighter against the Christian religion, the world bus never known a more
able or persistent one.
Who said Cranbrook was not all right
The building ofthe North Star branch
from Cranbrook tn Kimberley means ft
big boost ahead for both places.
The eight-hour law, like Bntiquo's
ghost, will uot down. It persists iu rising arid, harrowing the souls of the politicians. 	
The North Star branch is more material evidence of the fact that Cranbrook
is the natural business and supply center of this great disti ict.
Secretary of War Alger, of the United
States, has resigned, and Ihere is a growing conviction that he has been made
scapegoat ofthe ad minis I ration,
South East .Kootenay today has the
brightest prospectsof any district known,
The man who locates here lays the
foundation for future prosperity.
Premier Laurier has declined to tuke
tbe testimonial of $100,000 from his
friends. There are politicians iu tins
province who would not be governed by
such modesty.
The Herald has no railroad news "that
will thrill every citizen" of the district,
lt simply publishes the facts regarding
the building of tlle North Star branch
from Cranbrook to Kimberley.
The Herald extends the compliments
of the season to Brother Grace, ofthe
Fort Steele Prospector., and Messrs. Oal-
bralth, Shier, Harvey, Walt, et al., and
also au invitation lo visit Crnnbrook aud
see work progressing on the North Star
branch. _____
Ainmttora ttnnil it is unwise fur us tn say
uiiii'li about the present cabinet orfelu.—(Jolileii
The Era is evidently waiting for the
band wagon and is not disposed to make
the error of criticising the wrong parly.
Such political sagacity and Intense conservatism rhould surely place the editor
next to the driver,
The Herald has never gone wild on
railway news. Week by week it has
made statements that have beeu confirmed one by oue. Tbe reason for this
is very plain. The Herald kuew what it
waa talking about, while some other
pipers were guessing, or willfully mi;
r 'presenting things on account of n petty
If a man would stop and ask himself
today, ["Where can I go and do both
than in South East Kootenay," what
COttld he answer?    There is no place to
day that has a brighter future, and no
ami ■
rtlly n
in company
iy 1 liui "conmiorotl." 'Huh wa* not
Hetr own taut*, bociutsa we know
they Imd talent amongst ttiein, lor wo Iiml scan
t:m<- lloxt before time ami again, when sho Imd
im opportunity to iltsjiluy her elmrms ami hor
ability, imt in a lime tlie former were concealed
beueutli tin' folds of an niiiuin- i>*nk wrnppoi
Ml   !
• lattei
i- pa
e lib
nr l'i
• l'i
of Ull
The above effusion from Uie pen of
brother Henderson is a surprise and a
shock to us. Great must be his wrath
against thnt pink wrapp r. Can it be
possible that our modest friend was ou
the guarantee committee?
EKE   Till:   PICNIC.
pine tree's sliiuly branches,
noiille, murmuring brooklet,
ilmperfui r Die Btimiuor,
the music or llio wntor,
Where the sons of bird nml cricket,
Minslctl wuii ilu- peaceful whisper
or Uu' leaves, an- carried thither
lij thewimls or infant summer,
Stands a sroup of rustle tables,
ttustlo itsa bIujjciI forest,
As tin* roi*ks nt judged mountain,
as tin- fenco of nnclont structu e,
Stands llicso tables en- tlio picnic
l-'rotn tlio mountain, rrom Die river,
Prom iin- streamlet, from tli'! woudlnml,
Cumo the spirits of tlm kindly,
Dome those patient, thoughtful spirits,
Also coinos the son) or Tempest,
llut ui peace he soeuis tn wander,
Mceras ns gentle as tin- iicutlesl.
Ami lie iionrs the others inltdly,
"ii; Thou spirits vast ami mighty,"
Spake tiie wakening sunt ut Tempest,
"Como ihougli hero nn goodly errand,
-sl III
11 111 lllll t
Yoa, tlmn on- -iim lomlty s-H-uki'tii,
Loudly yot, thy tonohatli wlsilom.
vviisi thou unl ih lu our mission?"
"Surely, brethren, 1 am with tiu-o
Tlm I Bomolliues speak 111 anger,
Vol um 1 not ever with tlieov
What is ltut wllloll tliniispeaUeth,
An tlmn he who's hrcttlh u blasting.
When In nn«er .Iimi a t roaming,
When groat trouble n ind tlieu gather?"
Thus tho splrltof the l'orost
To ilir rnniiesilltoiiddrcssoil hint;
-lint whou comos sweet, gentle summers,
Loving, mild, serene umi peaceful.
All thy cures tuke wings uml vanish
Ami thy pence Never with theo
thi tin pvlloiiuri'tuiuetli,
Tears thy loved ones from thy bus m,
Tears thy gem In summer fnini thee.
Know wi-thut thy heart Is lender
Ami Hint sjII N never wilh thee,
That thou ravoth nut fm* vengeance
Only when anoth r suffers,
1 miy when ihyaiiiiimer dictli.
Vet would wo, Die ninny spiriis.
Chide thoa for thy wliirul passion,
< hill-- theo fur thy thoughtless notion,
(tarest though not for the many
Thou bust crashed while raging onward
scare 1 ling ior thy iiiigel summer
WIm is basiling 111 Hit* sunshine,
In the laml uf birds arid Mowers,
Mid will llvangah side thee,'
Seoi   Thegiill t or my Kingdom
fallen erehslf' wasoiltlod,
Kent a uniler nro his fibers,
lit-ut nud broken an' ins brunches,
<'ilu veil tlmn imt sore ti see hlm?
Alii Thouwcopcthl That becomes thee
Passionate in lovo umi angor,
i'nssloiiulc In joy mid Borrow."
"Peace be with thee, soul of Tempest,
Wc are cumo and many are wo,"
Softly speaks the Itiver spirit,
"Cum* lo uld um every Image,
Cleanse the path of youthful mankind
That thoy may onjoj their picnic
I lurk!
I'., ut- ii
1 tli
t trm
r keg.
mipty bet
Horvliirf us the ou'y standard
Of tlieSablmlh lovers'table,
I'euptlmtoiH'S and llrm the accent
As ef mountains twls Ing, swaying,
As or foothills all unveiling,
Crushed mid 111 uigicil iiy an enrthrpiake,
Deep and mindful ns the darkness
Aro the tmies of Moiimaln spirit,
As the case tut offervescouso
Comes beforo Ids lordly vlsbn,
"Who wltliiu this mortal kingdom,
Whu upun tills World or Hhiloiu,
Wrought such gross, Bitch high pollution,
limit u table on 11 beer kog,
on a keg which scarce la empty,
(in 11 kt-giliat sowed dldiou irv
Itound tills tabic un ih,- morrow
I'liten id iiiiiiiiiui littlo. lui ueii
Shall they have no other tubte
Must thoy cluster r idubcorkcg?
No, the Kntos nro over with thorn.
us down iim pathway
1 if in
I'nlhwnyoftlio Utile children/1
Wlillo tha spirit of iho Mountains
ThiM wns speaking to his ktmlred,
bisli' 1 from among iho bmnolios
1 ui.- w in) heard the voice or Tempest.
ii ilie
1 l'\i
press hm
Hoard tii.' m.mm.in
Was that oue a talking parrot?
Veal but know he mu thou language,
Knew it imi rruui running Waters,
Knew u not from swaying Forests
llemlfng breaking to the westward,
Nm from Hooks that rumblo downward t
llul Within ii m Wilkes a longing
toullglit upon the table,
Ou the outer edge to perch hlm,
'lilt Hover, imd he did il.
Down the siupe tiie boor keg scainporcil,
Leaping over rooks and bushes,
(Had once more to gain his fraction),
■■Naught) Polly I  Now you've done Itl
yonder coines tlio taxidermist,
He 11(011 mindful ul thy plumage,
Spread thy wings and soar to sky ward.
stay! ihere comes no taxidermist,
imi Kt. Michael umi aTniiueri
Hoth an- llioilglltfill men and clever,
Pour ihem not, tbey will nut harm theo,
lint win build anow iho table,
Using not an ompiy boor keg
As Its only stny and stiiudard."
Slowly mc 1 gtadaand moimtniii,
uiowly ovor Idll and river,
Steals the shadows ui the evening.
passing Is 11 throng of splnis
Hieing home to bide the picnic,
Homo lo wait tlio coming morrow.
liuiu'wurdti.r BlltogoodSl, Mlolinol,
iioinewiml turns Uia sturdy Tanner.
p.,liy, thou wort near a plucking,
Heck theo, too, tliy cage itnd slumber.
-II, W. I'arr..li,
nml Hanson avenue $
over nostolllco  $
All Sizes nf Photos np tn Mxli g
Finished in Plalinu or Polished. £
Views uf Cranbrook mid Oilier g
Points of Inlcrst in British Col* j|
umbia Will Bt: on Sale f_
3 Prest & Co
Planing Mill
jis eei Sash and ::
Door Factory
. .Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
G. Johnson....
\jr Assayer *-
* Metalurgist
Moyie, B. C.
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build •
if so, see ...
'*A. Contractor and Builder
Lang Gin,
. Proprietor of
And Bakery.
Board and room,    $5
Board Alone $4
The best bread, cake, pies, etc., in
the city.
Canadian Pacific Railway
The New and Direct Route from
East Kootenay
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
...A.VIl ALL...
Eastern and European Points.
Pacllc  Coaal, China, Japan anil Australia
..First-class and Tourist Sleepers	
-Timou'tn phom-
Tntvi'lnu I'liss uui-r Aci'lil.
Nl'.Mi.N, II, (*.
1-, .1. COYI.lt, Hm. I'nsaonner Ant,,
Vancouver, 11, c.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning,
11. W. IlKltCII.UKIt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
lie is a busy man, because he pleases
Ibe people, but be will furnish you plans
ami specifications, ami j^ive you esti
mates ou any building idea you may
J,   J,   B.C.
Those contemplating bulldlDg will ao well to let
uie figure oa the contract!.
Cranbrook, Britisli Columbia
Parrott Bros.
„,Dealers in.,.
SS Feed ss
Farm s Produce
The best of..
This space is reserved for
Robinson & MeKenzie.
T. A. Creighton, l
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
-    The housewife anil Ihe bachelor should deal wilh him,    It will pay Ihem.
Hay and Oats
On hand at nil times.
Call ami sec ua	
Van Home avenue, between
Commercial and Royal hotels
Freight and baggage hauled to
and from any part of the city.
Teaming  of   all   kinds  given
prompt attention.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
WAGOjS  wood-work
Promptly Attended tc.
Paper Hangers
Decorators dt
Modern Work.   Estimates Furnished.
Dealers In Wall Paper and Mouldings,
11 you Intend to paper or paint your
building lei us figure on your contrail
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
Tbe only rill route without change ol cars
between Nelson and Rossland and
Spokane and kossland.
Leave HjW a. in.   NKI.SOX    Arrive ttiftd n, m
•'    12tO0    "    KOSSLAND     "      11.80   "
"     B.8D a. m.   Sl'OKANB H.10 p. Bl
Train that leaves Nelson at 6.20 a. tn, makes
close connections Ht s*«ikitne lur  ull   1'hcIBc
CilHsI jmlilt-i.
PassenKera for Kettle Itiver and Boundary
Creek connect nt Marcus with itago dally. ',..
0. U. DIXON, 0, 1*. itT. A„
Hp kiin.-, Wasa
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and  Liquors  at the  Bar
The But Slock, lhe Moil Sallilactory Price., and
MriKlua Work.      Kcpalrlni Neatly Elected.
(^9 9a9 9A.99ttm-ma99aa*>aa*-ty*a-aaaaaaaaa>*iaaaaat>aaa aaaaam-a®
Royal hotel,
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Class in Every Respect.
^9++*,+-. ,tMtHt ■>•»■> 0 •>»»*>*•» l»»«*>»*>«0»»»M«M ■ »®
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Tbe Central Hotel is open both day nnd
night. The bar goods nre first class,
and the dining room is in charge of
Thos. McCarson, ami is second to tione
In the Kooteiiays. Free sample rooms
and the best aud quietest bedrooms in
the town.
£ The North Star Hotel is the large and
* magnificent hotel at Kimberley that
Jj is just finished and is furnished new
jj] throughout.    Everything in connec-
£ tion  Is first-class.     When you visit
J Kimberley,   don't   forget   The   North
I Star Hotel.
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Fort Steele DCCF
Brewing Co.'s   PoftCK
Best on Earth   j*'
in Wood or Bottles       *Jas* Kerrigan, Agt.
Cranbrook, II. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
tt •
England has her khnllfn and wo have
uur Agutniddo.—Indlnnapolta Nows,
There's nimiiinir.il rot-almost overy ship
now, tun thla only argues for mom sliijis.
—Fhllndelphia Nortli American.
Tho mnn who Invented "imgal fond" Is
il.'int. One cnutiot retrain from wondering
If ho now hns wings ont tnll,—*Now York
Ono orotic explorer thinks l>r. Amlrro
haa found the I10I0. luu fully ■■* ureal an
ftohloveiiinit la to ho Able tu tell about lb
—Baltimore Domhl
A gltutsof Schuylkill wittor, In Hi yrea-
nn condilioii, enn hodlstliiKiilBlied fromn
glasBof heorby tho fuet dial it Ims nu
froth on lop.—l-'bllndolplilo UdRer,
A man who tvlwl tn commll ihi.chlo, imt
inlsBcd Ids heart, wiys Hint for same (lino
te- imd lii.'ii pmctletng with htiystaeka for
Inrgota. Kvltleiilly ho inlsjinlgml thoattto
nf Ida heart.—Stin Fmnolscoi'iiil.
li may it.', as thrt l^ohdon Siiectidoranya,
thai tho resurvo fotvoof \1uorlet1 Is too
gront for llio security nf tho imtloim
AmorlcA'a ivaorvu foreowlll nol hurl thom
ir tiiov ilo mn fool witli U.—KiimtnaOlty
It Rcemalhat wvon ■olilloncniitiiKd tho
city of Oroytown, Nloaragmv, ami put tho
governor In Jnll Tim only iliiTerenea ho-
tweeii thUaiul nn opera liuulToiwrfdrniiinco
Is that aiuwlern show witli pratwr Bhigin'g
would usomorosoldlers.-r -la-Journal.
Il Li safe tonssei'l 1 Imt It' (horo lio no
hotter proof ngnlust Mollnoux than tho
Idonllflcatlon of his Imndwriilug in- so
called ^oxperta" lio will novor boconvlot-
nl A dozen "exports'! of equal ability
enn hogot to sweur tho othor way, mid
thoro vnu are, gentlomon of tho Jury.—
New York Joiirunllst
MWs ui tneai me unkrnuuft Fricui
Clement Scott has pnbUshud 11 volume
bf ohon stories, cnlleil "Mtiilomm Mli'i,"
Carl aolilnmrk',B now openi, "The l'i Is-
oner of Wnr," I'tia been given "(luring tho
Bonson In mosl of iho Cluvmmi theotcrs.
Ifrnnklyn Fylos hua just (llllshcd n hlgli
clnsa 'u.'liHlnima entitled "Kit ('arson.''
Chii'*.s Frolimnn will |H*otliicc tlm piny.
Mnrioii Manoln is said to huvo lost lier
voico as the result of a euro token for tlm
purpose of ridding her nf thu den.-,* habit.
Her flnowork ihls season hnsussured
Miss Ida Compicst a position at tho head
of ono of Frohumu's companies next season,
Roland Keed has jnst projldded n Oer-
nian ijjlnpthtlon pnlltletl "ills Father's
liny," which is being credited with boing
ll Sllt'Ct'-'S
So many of the chorus glrla In "Tho
Ddlo of Now York" who wont to London
have married Englishmen thnt Qeorgo
Loderer Is tbluklng of hiring a transport
in takeover :i now lot.
Mrs. Patrick Campbell is to ho soon
soon in an adaptation uf "Tcss of (lie
rt'UrbervlllJJ." She Is starring in Kngland
with "Magdo," "Tlio Second Mrs. Tan-
ipicr.iy" ami "Tho Notorious Mrs Ebb-
The German emperor has continued tho
work lm commenced ns 11 dramatist two
years ago with "Der Burggraf,'1 llo nr-
ranged the scenario for"Holandof Ber-
lln," recently given in Berlin, soon to bo
used as un opera by Leoncavallo.
Anna Held has 11 •j*:io,0t>0 dress. The
dress itself is 11 Parisian dream, imt its
extraordinary cost is accounted for hy tho
fact tlmt (ho embroidery is Interwoven
with gems, practically alt tho jowels possessed by Miss lb-Id. Diamonds are prominent among them.
Ask ior Mind's Liniment cul we no t
Dyspeptic Pasaenger— Do'yoti mean
to tell mo 'you paid that trnlnboy 30
cents Tor those threo half ripe bananas?
Cheerful Passenger — Certainly
That's better tlitin to hnvo to give up
iho money to other robbers nitd gel nothing for ii We're coining closo to Kansas City now.
batft-iu* suit tu sunt,      1
first MesscugerBoy—-WrifsdArwiit'
tor, Johnnie—yer walk Inrao?
Second Mcsscuger Boy—Mntterl It's
n wonder Vto not dendl
"What happoned'"
"Why. u bloke down do gtreol Bout n
pro-iosil nf mnrriuge by mo to the gal's
olo man !'■■'..
S|.n 111 hI> [fonnr Woundeili
First Spanish Citkeu Chrnmbnl
These Yankee pigs are insuilVrabh'l
Second Spanish Citiien—Ol courso
Hut what is yonr complninl "■
First bpniiish Gitieoti l-offeretl to lei
one kill; tne for a poso, and he kicked
mo and roi'imod tupay - Ouinlfa VPdrld-
Mrs Mnrchlson —Yes, linn Isnn heirloom Wo wouldn't part with it For a
great deal
Mis Rnulolgh—Oh, did your hna-
band get it for yon at Pnddlngton'at
Thev had hucIl lovely bnrgnina in them
Inst week.
III*.   \ IOTP.
"This rejillv pains mo, Willie," snid
the ..Id putt'man as ho picked tbo boy
up ami laid him u< loss his knee
••Well," replied tho Iwy reaignedly.
"nt least I've never beetif fobl i'lmtiuli
to deliberately Inirt inyself "- Tills
burg Dispatch
Keep Mtnard*s L.inlmeat in tbB llonse
llo I uu -'nt <>r Droit t It*
Have you not found yourself froquotttly
wilh more lo my llmii you had breath
With which to say It?    It is quite as gront
u fault In talking to hnvo to interrupt the
UtternilCOOf a word (.1 take breath as In
Ringing, unless, of COltr-flO, it ho done to express some speolnl einul Ion, The roposo or
control, whleh is tho outward nnd vlalhlo
sign of self coin ml, cau never he acq tilled
unless die breathing la regulated. Practice will help you to regulate It. Bopoat
these seipetices,   ilrst, aloud, then wills*
"Tho weak eyed bat, with short, shrill
ahriolts, lllta by on leathern wings."
"Thu wind coasoth, and tho Wave dis*
inisseth us all."
"I saw nu old man roll railroad irons."
—Kalheilim ti. .hinkunimnn In Woman'*
Homu Companion,
Thn "White Man's Harden," Mr, Kip.
ling, is not all poetry'.— St- Paul liloho.
Thu"\Vhllu Man sliurden" Is growing,
hut I lien tho white man is growing also*.—
Kldgowood(N, .1.) News
LChillng Isn littlo lato with his "Take
Up the White Man s Hunleii The Indian
bminiu a burden (he moment we wanted
Ids laud and we have been taking hlm lip
over slnee, or rather sending hlin up with
powder ntul lead.—Kaunas Olty Times.
\111K n.'iiiiiioi i:\ iilimi miuuIv, Prices
Ijttvoror Vi-iii-Ailvn ill,
Onecifeet of (he war in Cuba hns taw
to diminish theesporl ol Cuban sponges
by fully one-half. The Cuban sponge
fliharmpn ftet a license io flsh in Cuban
waters only upon condition that they
-hall serve in ilie navy If required] ami
so many liavo been called upon for this
service tlml tin* tuke of Sponges has been
materially reduced.
Cuba furnishes legs than 11 third of the
sponges used in this country, but the
curtailment of that Ripply helps to put
up prices thai havu been advancing l'ur
years, The supply nf spunges conies from
Florida. Ollbn,    Na-au.  Moxiei.  and the
Mediterranean. Ordinarily aboul two-
thirds of the supply, iu value, comes
from Amoriean waters. The dpjuuttd for
sponges has Increased naturally, while ihe
world's supply has mil kepi paeo with it,
li h.s within rccrpt years actimtly diminished, owing in enroless methods of
llBlilug and tn iiverilshin;.'. iii supply ths
lncreiisud ilomand,
The sponge ls.ol slow growth! II takes
two oi* tlnw yenrs for ii to attnlu commercial «lm In all eoimtrles In whoto
walo s sponges grow Ihere ai1'' law*
aga'usi iho pulling of lllile tipongea until ihey have roaeliCd a certain grqwth,
Jus! as there are law- against lhe taking
of lolwters and of sumu Ilshcs under specl-
(led sizes.    The.... laws   hau-   im-11   to a
greatei bias exlont Igunved,   Jn sumo
walers sponges have boon fished for, with
rakes and nets. This method has Inni
prohibited lu Nassau, ll was found nut
operatlvu In Florida waters, nn  account
of the nature of the bottom.
-With the supply nol equal to tlie Increasing demand prices have steadily advanced. One kind of sponge (hal sold
horo less than twonly years ago at UO
conts a pound now seUsar is'.'.'iiia pound.
Thu advance in other sponges has imt,
been proportionately su great, lint It has
been large- and the tendency of prices is
still upward.—New.'Yni'k Sim.
,\ Opori ICm-usi- tai'Oumi.
'Lias'HIaekhurn was. In bis tiny, ouo
of the most successful and notorious
inoonshlnora nf southwestern Virginia.
Still, 'Lias was by nu means an unprlli-
rlplctl man, His cobtempt for the revenue laws was complemented by a regard
for a code nf morals, peculiarly his own,
that gave Iii 111 nn little worry, for it particularly Inveighed against nurcasonablu
Inebriety, 'Lias never was drunk without cause, aud "any other reason why"
being 110 reason for a drink to his logical
lulnd. he wus often sober for five consecutive days.
1 After one of these periods of abstinence
'Lias found occasion to smuggle a Hm
gallon "knlg" Into Tennessee. 'Idas had
a qunsl-convictlnii that in spit* nf his
generous gauging of the barrel, it shortage might bo noticed when ho delivered
tin' goods, ami the suspicion weighed on
his mind 1 itniv tlum tlie "kalg" on his
shoulder.    When he   ranched lhe   part of
the mountain trail called High   Knob,
the greatest elevation thereabouts, be felt
so worn out by worry nud fatigue that
he decided to rest awhile. The beauty of
'the. night brought eomforl to %lns's
soul, ami tlie softness nf the turf to Ills
ha iv feet. He threw down llie "kalg,"
stretched himself on tlie grass, and shut
his eyes for "fo'ly winks."
Around High Knob ihere is  only oiia
Hung thicker thuu huckleberries and
moonshiners; it 1-* rnttlosnnkea. Consequently 'F.lns, wakened by a sharp pain
111 his right great Ine, was not al all sur-
pri-i'd to see an Immensse rattler wriggling awny. 'Idas sat up. A groat contented -mile spread over liis face. He
drew ihe "kaiR" a trifle nearer, pht out
Ills left foot and shook it at the retreating snake. ■    •
"Chaw away, oic man," -aid 'Idas,
"l's just as well prep-ired fo' you as
though you'd given me six month-" notice,''—From the "Kdltor's Drawer," in
Hurler's Magazine,
1 !<
titcniiiil Colonel   1 mi 1 j-Ki.ti. Who
War  tl.ii 111   Kill la tf.
Boldler by nature, from curlio 1 li 3
hood at home on horaeback, w ith firm.
erect and easy svut  rode at tie head 11
the column hh Ideal ■ i tht bean ■ tl *■ ■*
From beneath thewide and -*1*.
turned brim oi the soft felt hat  which
bore m> tawdry pinnies, the large, di ■ p
ttt bine eyes wero peering with more
than nana! alertni ra   The look of kindliness which eame in moments of repose
or gentler mood was none, nnd somo
thing bard and almost savage had n
placed it.  The broad, high fori bead, the
shaggy brows, prominent check   bjones
and bold assertive noac tpld not only
the story (if his Gaelic origin, but the
bulldog tenacity ol the man.
Abont the eava and neck heavy half
curling tiifisnt di ejiblbch hair hung bo
stiffly and Btnbbornly that they were
Bcitrcely awnyed by tho-strong, cold wind
which Bwept ibe Bnowflakea in minla*
tare clouds from the treo topH and Benl
them pcnrryingto thegronud 'I hedark
mnstacho and heavy(Bliort chin lward
w,ero grny with frttecti moistoro of lhe
expired nir.   Tin musHive, firm net jaw
told of the slt*eii:;lh cf will wlii- li v.i.-
tercel all.   The compressed lip und deep
lllisb   oi   the   face  be-jii'k.'  tllO   i'l- dv
basin ess of Hie honr.   nix feel and two
inches in stature, broadshoiildeVed ami
of athletic l'ranm. well might   out* say
there wa-* in him
A coinbhmtlon ami n r<>rm Indoml
Wlii'ii-. very nod diil soeui lu not his teal
Tn give tlie world ussuroticc of :i mun
A plain caped overcoat of coarse,heavy
homemade gray, closo buttoned tn tho
throat, reached' amply beyond Ibe knees.
Abont tbe waist, and hackled on the
outside for quick and ready use, there
was a broad black belt In which two
"nlivy sixes" showed and from which
hung tlmt famous saber, heavy and long
and, against all military rule,:, ground
to a razor edge, and swinging from the
right sido of lhe cavalier. No regulation
Baber or school drilled swordsman, this
tell handed scion of thb Anioiicon pioneer. Imt in all our war thero was nbnb
other that did such bloody work. To lm
crude and earnest mind "war means
lighting and fighting menus killing."
He could cut or thrust deeper with 11
sharp than with a dull .sword, and if in
the melee be should happen fo hit one
Of his own, it was all intended for llie
good of tho cause.—"Lieutenant Colonel Forrest at Fort Doiielson," by John
A. Wyeth, M. D„ in Harper's Mnga*
euro DipUieria.
French Village.
cure Croup.
Capo Island-
tbe best remedy on earth.
Norway, Me.
Can't Get Away-
■•ll-l'l  - W-MltllUJt f.lilt..
Now, Sttvphon has always prided himself on his llgnro. Mrs Strcphon (Phyllis
11- was) snys ho has tin* only figure in Ids
"Your brotbcM' figures,*' sho said,
contemplatively, "well, thoy're.not lost,
they're only gone h.'loiv. Hut ymi—with
hroadcr shoulders aud 1 he-t, and nar-
t'lwer wall*!— you'd have li fltst-HitC flg-
uro—a really htwk-'coal 4 llguiv.. you
So for a long time Strephnn exulted
ever his fw-otbars.*
"I've been married  elglif   years, '   bo
was wont to say, "and I can still wear
1113 weddlug eoat; that's proof   that I'm
not getting fai
Mul this pride had its tail.
line afternoon Phyllis met him when
he eame homo with a determined look.
"WhnI does this mean?" she demanded,
waving a hill U-fore his cyiv. Ho looked;
"What'- the matter* 'the t.iil —= paid/'
he said.
"Head it, ordered rii-.Hl-.   It ua. for a
black  it and "vesf atid   llllil   troii'-rrs.
and was a year Did,
Rtrepbou's eye- mel Phyllis' and -aid,
beforo ihem.   At length Btreplmn Rpokc
■I've heen married eight years," he
Ndd, "hut I nave unl. on a wedding garment. Still, I've kept my figure," with
a ulniiee al Ids Wife, who glared Beortl-
fjlllyjll htm in reply, ,
"Now,   If   I hal    is   not   my 'wedding
coai,'- wild Strephon, "whore la mywed.
ding '-'"in"
. Phyllis ffliMiLil.
"I lliliil; you must have given ll
away,"   she  said,   timidly.—Now   Vork
An Oritltmrj I'ooi >.
"What's ihls;-" exelnlmed the young
Imsbiuid, referring lo the memorandum
Bhchnd glvon hlm. "Ono dozen egg-, »
pound of raisins, a bottlo of lemon extract, ean ni condensed milk, dime's
worth of ground cinnamon   and   half   11
dollar's worth of sugur.   What  do you
want wlih all these things, Uellridaf"
"I've got a dry louf of hatter's bread,"
replied the young wife, "ihat Tm going
Ik pave by working up Into a bread pudding. 1 never let anything go to waste,
IJonry,"—Chdrinoiit (N. H.) Eagle,
Ami He Tni'iit'il [tell.
Tho large, soggy, expansively built
man who had kept bis sent for flvo
milea roso to lcnvo tho car.
"Oh, thanksl" gratefully exclaimed
fonr of tho young women who hnd stood
all tho wny an thoy umdo a tmnultnnu-
011s rush for tlio vacant space.—Chicago
Tribo no.
til" siieiiiDiiriiii si.     •     Toronto.
To He Been  Frequently  nt  (lie Delhi
of flats Nile.
The "green ray," an optical phenomenon which has been made tlm foundation i;if a htory by Jules Verne, is a
Hash of greenish light seen as the limb
of the sun ri-e.i or sets under certain
condition-} of lhe atmosphere. Thu sea
horizon is good for observing it, but
the effect is occasionally seen in the Alps
or other mountains, rind, according to
Piotlley in a paper lo llm Acndeuiio des
.Sciences, Paris, it is oftcp to bo observed in Egypt from tlio point of Hie delta to Alexandria or Suez, either nt rise
or set of sun.
The ray is distinctly visible, and always of an emerald green, which is
brighter us a rule at sunrise than sunset At sunset, when thovyocuu follow
the eflcet bettor, the ray sometlmt a appears longernnd ultimately takes n blue
rinjie. This blue ray has nlso been observed preceding iho "green ray" at sunrise, for example, by Mr. William Gaff,
near the ruins uf Memphis, nit fnr from
the stepped pyramid of Saggnrnh: llo
even thinks tin* ancient Egyptians were
familiar with it. because in 'monuments
of the fii'th dynasty atul others the sign
of "Kha," representing tlm rising sun.
has the outer streak uf a bluo color and
the two inner strenka are'greeu. Their
writings also speak of the greenness of
lhe sun on rising, aud tbey liken it to
8n emerald.
Tt is evident from all this that tbo
"green ray" is nn objective, .not u subjective, phenomenon, and that the hori-
lonof the sea has nothing to do witli it
Nevertheless, tin* state nf tbe nttiioa-
pbere evidently lias to do with it. mul
that of Egypt, ordinal ily pure, seems to
have much, for the ray is seldom scon
elsewhere- on land.
nunnera' Pntrnn Sulnt.
Why was st Barbara chosen to be
the patron saintet-s of all gunners'; It is
ono of those things which tiro to be
known and which one ottgbt to know,
but does not. Meanwhile there1 is the
fact that she does Intercede for all gunners by laud or s< a In llm old French
navy tbe Sto Harbo was tho gunroom, and the name maybe found with
that meaning attached to it in all dictionaries Moreover, in Franco sho is
the saint not only of gunners, but of ull
tiro brigades Tho sapenra pompiers,
who, for some mysterious reason, nro 11
regular chopping block for jokes, hold
their holiday on llie'day of her feast.'—
I'iii-l'iirg Dispatch"
lln rt to ul turn Verittfi Tlieoloor,
Small .bihnny had on Ills lWclothgi,
mid his mamma fold bim not to play in
the dirt with them on.
"Don't they have any dirt in lica'ven
to play Inl" be asked.
"No, of courso not," replied his
"Then what do littlo bny-j do up
ihere?" queried Johnny.
"Oh, they play harps and sing nml
sit under beautiful  trees." was Ihe ro-
"Well," said tbo litllo fellow, "I
dou't see how they can havo trees if
there ain't uo dirt. ''—Houston Post.
In nnnrtlcloon Peking Dr. Goldbaum
doolarea tbat a pawnshop, where ho can
put up his wardrobe, seems to he an Indispensable institution to tbo Chinese
Tho telegraph messengers in populous
French towns uso bicycles for tho distribution of thoir telegrams..
Don't linger nt tho bottom of tho ladder. Either go up or down.
Don't expect n ennt of paint to cover
n woman's ngo successfully.
Don't insurii your lifo and then proceed to work yourself to death.
Don't think u woman always achieves
greatness when sho gels a husband.
Don't think n mnn dwells next to tho
roof merely for tho sake or iho view.
Don't expect a girl to furnish proofs
of her statement to tho effect tlint Bho
cau't sing.
Proving Tlmt   trtcumoul   in   Not   Al-
vraya Sturety S)ieiultit|t Breath,
They had put in a new rnngo at a
Lnfnyette avenue residence, and a
plumber was called to adjust tho pipes
to the m w Bilunti n li" did the work
rati facb lily. 1111 -..■]. n tho bill came
in the man of tin nsi fial I nbceking
things and ewore by all that waA ■..-'■ tl
1I1 it be w mid light the thing clear
li tho snpn c iurt of !!)•■ United States liefore 1." would yield'to much
"Tout's my bill, sir," said tho plumber stiffly when reeu "We chargo by
ti." hour, and my man was at yonr
house live I nrs 1 n thnt v b 1 know
when lm wont ;uA when hoenmo bnck
and thero i- the evidi oco in this turn
book I charged regnlnr rales, and I'll
collccl tho hill, im matter how inuuv
courts yon tnko me through "
"Ton hit that 111 make you spend
more than ibe account before I'm
tliroiiyh with yon I Hi not tlie man tn
stand quietly by mid see myself robbed."
"How hmg was lhat plumber Using
those pipes?" asked the man of biswite
na soon as be reached homu.
"1 should eny ubout three hours."
"1 ihoughtso I'll show Ihem. His
boss say-, he was hero five homu '
"Yes, jnst about. Do you know that
workman's a regular socialist. Ilu let
drop lhe remark that the rich of ibis
country should be compelled to divide
their wealth wilh the poor I took him i t,uu
right up, l'i r such incendiary doctrines
must be corrected, und we argued from
10 to 12. 1 Hatter myself thut I put
some new ideas into bis head."
"Ideas be hanged I   I'll pay for threo     iVy.A!,
hours' work, nud you may settle for the   loaaea pn
two hours'wrangling out. of  **onr al* I
flfttl, 4>xciAxf- *U   4hA/   CtVAjUutM, <t*
**M*C   \*£A/
tlt-i/b CL4LAO
Is TYliui You OUGHT t„ u<„ BEGAVfi
25  CENTS   PER   LB.   CAN.
healthi b dis'tni
,. ..   life were j m !ir->:
\   *«--*V     "-^*-'   N 1-*•■*i:ion.    (ioLl. •-.
\    -"ta/      jtZP*—''' ■'•'■■■'-■•'.■•■• 1VTV
Si>iiS^* Dron 11- • ri
lend von your g
it Thi. o-it.j la!anc8 tn one ww
At 1
1* genertl
lint time of
Ml   R-
ple or
titty etna-
1 .i Th-^e
uvnnd enr
i lit  1 tlum SIcXIo
Ac Tool Gr.iiil' r
V Grinds a 6ft. Sickle
M VIN   -1 REI 1.
j epublic gViiiviivc Stocks
^ '':':,"" :'i" ,:!;'";:!i"-; ".steo's,"SlftSis''Republic Mining cm
ni i.f
orld.   1 .ou except
nnnoBintu mgafn
ul I.OHC 1 iiir. llutl.- iiim!  llmti
I    1, AUIT.l   I'.VItKi:):. Mini
Smfeii "Republic Mining Camp"
inn one o( tiie rlch$M Kpld-produelag
1 Infio-mi-ii iv- in prosre^i of evsnli nt H«-
■ imiii Inteutllng purchM^f.   At i-nnni 1
nn. Prlnceu Maud, Reindeer una Jumtiu.
Broker, 1- Aili'liiid-* st. K„ Torauto,
32S and 200 Vork St.,        •       London, Oat.
lud.ny 1 S)toU ItaiWolpli Stmt, ehicitT'. HU
<Joiior.il  Insurance Atrotit
*' imillcs   lte|.iv-iMiti-ilr
Quebec Fire Assurance Co.
Koyal Insurance Co.
Sun Inburanca Ollice
Union A'.surancc .Society
uaacB ol Inauranca traniocieit, hikJ
ptly ami HatlifRtitorlly actilta.
To Curl Peutlieri,
The simplest wny In ivetirl feathers Is to
shako Ihont boforo n elmr lira anil then,
with n ]ui|ii'f ktiil'e nr the bllllltalttoof  n
penknife, coax ihem to thoir oi*lninal
form, treating each tomlrll Bepnrntely.
Another way la totliHuptlio fonlhora anil
curl thom rouml wnvlng pins, leaving
litem iiir sm hours, then lonsun the wnvoa
by tho goutlo application uf a oomb,
1^2 <„
Iii-lnirii 1, „ rai l.r ,1
not nttcuil I'olliy...    l\i 1
fialion lu                 (1, \\
iii  ! i
T t it-1
h' imi
Tlio Into William Munis' library brought
at lis Silk- :i tMlal RUUI „f $84,000.
llolnmu Hum bus Mulshed hlaplotura
ol "TboMlrocloor tbo Sacred Firo," bo-
Duy and me tbem and
3* hi wilt be delighted
with results. If not
satisfied money refund.
ti. Mr.imfactared by
Borrow, 3tewart k
Milne. Hamilton, Cta.
Owing to the advance in Metals
and the great demand for M1KADOS
In the United States, the manufacturers have advanced their prices,
and. as our present stock is limited,
we would advise intending purchasers to place their orders with as little
delay as possible. We have sold
about 450 since thc first of March,
1898, the great majority having been
placed within 40 miles ol Winnipeg.
up and put away, READY FOR
NEXT TIME, in three minutes.
mo, tho (otilor monitor ol   "**™»Adepot, ,m ?ri?R.» st, win.«lj«t
itlcmy, has ontorccl upon hi* :       BEV'
nn*.   Ilo rooolvoil 11 prlzo |       Wo Mnl
sk yonr dealer for GRAHD JEWELS.
Kniosl Ug
tho Pronch ai
Injin tho acniloluy for a jini-iii 70 years iiko
nml has bcun a monitor ol thnt body sluoo --   ■ —-     -
1881. I    Tlm fflduors of tha BOW1II8 niaclilnos 111
li.na Bonhour Is now at Nloo ivhora aim ! "'» "">'"' Crown Soap U.i.'s competition
,,,   H       ,   1 , „ ,,,      „ ,1, ,     ;   11    • <"' tho iv,','t rmllliK Alirll 22ud aro as foi-
,11 11.11 1 tooiiiOBlto ihnl ol M, Cam. l0K.s. Wlauljnir. Mr . I.iim,,n, Honm IS,
bun, herolil frloml anil host. Ihotiunous Hlaglns lllk ; Manitoba, Mrs. Lutt, Cross
imlutor is oxtromoly rutlo to pooplo who Lnko; N ft. T., Mrs .1. F. Mownt,
lutrmlo upon hor; but'ts inostcbarnilng ta   Princo   Albert.      Tho    Royal   Crown
thus,; sll,' knows uml likes. Soup On. Will enlltiliu,' tliis  competition,
,,,   .. ., xx.—.— giving away threo maoblnos eaoh Monday
KUtii'i LfflMtit li mil ir Ply-Uiani, ■- ■■
irreujjomtcoli n
1:1.111 ItKi
In tnurh. tone and &u-
l.-h tb*y have i.o equal,
ftiitL'il :n every town 10 act
IS., •-'.*■.: King St., \v«..t.
cviT-  Municipality In the 1'rorlDCf of
Ituukof Ilaiiillt'iii linlldlnc
(..irriai;.-..   Whsjuh*. nnrrti«».  W liidnilllt,
*&   toCK**UlTT l'LOW CO., nioutpec.
L11CM, STE7LE i BHtSTOL  circle t«i
«-P«t«« of Groeertei     fcHRgSSu
fVrile US. linn.litem,Out.    L.8.A B,Sple« CRANBROOK   POSTOPFICE
i fjiiim
Molls t"i ilospaloli are
Km- otutarn points »t **:;| «• '"
Tbiirmlnys and Satunlnys.
Vex HQfliarti imltitt nt lt3U 11 tt
Wfiltiosil.iy.sitnil b'tldays.
KnrHt. Mim-'im Missiim ;it lu ;i  in.. sa:in*ii:i\**i.
Malls nrrlMiit* .it tlu-mllWiirr duo iin folliiWB!
Prom Dostorn points nl B:30 i*. m., Momlays,
Wetlucsdays and PrWoys,
Prom wi'.-ii'rn points nt 0:30 a. a\„ incsiiays,
Timisdiiy- and Saturdays.
Pram hi. Kuimuo Mission at m a. in., satiinlnys,
It   !■:   IIKATTIB, I* M,
t'ostoiilcc at Cranbrook, U, t'- Juuoaa, i«w
|      LOCAL   NOTES
Picked  Up About tbe City  by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Maggs & Hughes for hammocks.
W. S. Keay has purrhaseil a new curt
Fruit for preserves at P. McDonnell's,
Dr. Corsaii came over from Steele yes
Alex Goyotte is painting Mr. Donald'**
G. II. Miner and wife visited Moyie
M. Mclnnes left Tuesday for Fernie
and Macleod.
W. ti. Gurd made a professional visit
to Nelson this week.
John Moneylaws is confined to his
room with the fever.
Hazelwood Butter at the Fort Steele
Mercantile company.
Walter h. Main's circus will be In
Cranbrook oa August II,
Joe RobtlHard has been assigned to
Creston as C. P, R. agent.
M. Phillipps, of Tobacco Plains, wasa
Cranbrook visitor Monday.
Purvis Moffat is now wilh G. II. Rich
ardson's engineering party.
F. H. Crossley hurt his back on Tuesday by fulling from a wagon.
Archie Currie came up from Moyie
Sunday to attend divine set vices.
Tom Wellman left yesterday with his
string of horses for Windermere.
H E. Beisley, C. P. R. superintendent
at Nelson, was iu town Tuesday.
Some great snaps in Kimberley lots
McVittie & Hutchison.
Mr. Morley Ims his ofllce building
completed and has moved into it.
Tbe new C. P. R. coal chute for this
city is uow in course of construction.
J, ti. Musgrave has returned from the
hospital and is much improved in heulth.
Hazelwood Butter at the Foil Stick*
Mercantile company.
G. II. Gilpin visited Moyie Sunday,
returning to Craubrook Monday moid
Father Welch left yesterday for Ross
land where he will be located in tbe
The new C. P R. boarding house is
about completed. It is a fine looking
Robinson St MeKenzie are now ready
to fill orders for lumber.
Miss Hurle, the nurse, is now perman
ently located in the Aiken block, where
the has fitted up rooms.
Ca e > Ames, of Moyie, lighted up thc
streets of Cranbrook Monday with hi:
sun kissed auburn whiskers.
Father Leduc, of St. Alberta, and
Father Ulanchette, of Pincher Creek,
have been visiting Father Cocco'.a at the
William Lank-tree- the Wardner Poo-
bah, spent Sunday in towu. He wore
his linen coat and a confidence-in*Wardner smile.
Lord Craubrook, of Cranbrook, England, has sent a donation of money to
the church wardens of the Englieh
church here.
Harry Moore, well known during time
of construction, was drowned recently
at Peterborough, Out., while crossing a
lake in a cauoe.
Get your Screen Doors and Sash at
the factory. T. W. I.eask.
Messrs. McVittie and Hutchison have
been doing a big busiuess in Ihe disposal
of stock in the Kootenay and Algoma
Mining company.
J. Leask is having a wood awning
built in front of the I. O O, F block.
Mr. Leask has now one of tbe best looking buildings in the city.
Al Doyle has purchased an interest in
the Geary stables, and will Jtake charge
of the busiuess. A better mau for the
place could riot be found.
Postmaster Cann aud Harry Cummins,
ot Fort Steele, came over Sunday. It
was a pleasure to tee those gentlemen
enjoy the sight of a passenger train.
Tbe Sunday school picnic given lust
Thursday was a great success, and the
ladles and gentlemen who had it iu
charge are desetviug of great credit.
Wben you ask Beattie for Tanglefoot,
tbe best fly paper on earth, he dues not
offer you an inferior substitute. Consequently, it pays to deal at Ueattle's drug
C. R. Watfon, who tins been iu Cranbrook for some time in charge of tlie
noi th and south rond survey, has gone
to the coast on business connected w.th
his work.
Steve Hanson, of Montana, a brother
of N. Hanson, of Wasa, was in town
Thursday ou his way t*> tbe Jailer's
home. The brothers had not seen each
other for ten years.
See Maggs & Hughes' new stock of
picture mouldings. Framing done at
eastern prices. ■
Anna, the little daughter of George
Bremner, tipped some boiling tea on her
feet and legs last Saturday, badly scalding them. She suffered great pain, but
is rapidly recoveiing.
Rev. Foi ome, a Presbyterian minister
from the east, who is taking a trip
through this country, stopped in Cranbrook over Sunduy and preached that
evening to a crowded church.
Hazelwood Butter at the Fort Steele
Mercantile company.
Messrs. Keay and Patterson made
their regular trip to Fort Steele Saturdays,   The rumor that they will put on
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
Q   (j   Cranbrook, B. C.
a  stnRe   between Cranbrook   and   Fort
Steele proves to be unfounded.
Messrs. Kelly aud Klllett, two of the
well known railroad boys, went to Moyie
last week tor a, fishing trip They gol
several baskets full, ond Mr, Kelly Won
two bout races on the lake and established a reputation for pulling a great
The Commercial hotel is now prepared
to take care of its guests in n manner
that reflects credit on llie hotel, and the
managers, the Joyce Itiothers. They
have everything in good shape aud the
service is being praised by all wbo stop
Furnished rooms fur rent, convenient
to business part of town, Word may be
left al tbis ollice.
J. F, and G Joyce have been enjoying
a partial reuuion of their family. Two
of their brothers, Richard Joyce, of Ferule, aud Thomas A. Joyce, of Itossevaiu,
Man., arrived last week. There are fair
more brothers, but all could not gel here
at this time.
Legge & Williams it the name of the
new restaurant firm that Iihs lakeu John
Willis' place. They understand their
business and are prepared to give satisfaction to tbe public. You should in
their meals ond learn their rates. They
will do the rest.
Robinson St MeKenzie have tneir mill
iu good working order and are turning
out lumber every day. The work of
constructing the buildings about the
mill will commence at ouce, and within
a few weeks they will have everything
iu good shape.
Messrs. Small and Musgiavc, proprietors of the Cosmopolitan hotel, are do
iug a heavy commercial trade these
days. Their rooms are always fnll
The man who stops once always returns,
because be is well treated. And that
means a good deal iu an hold.
Buy your Sash and Doors dirt :t from
the manufacturer, and save yourself
money, T. W. I.eask.
T. J. Forrest is making good progress
with bis hotel building, and expects to
have it ready for opening by the middle
of next mouth. The fi out of the building is being veneered witb btick, which
will make it one of the most attractive
hotel buildings in the Kootenays.
Rev. Henry Young, 11. A., arrived on
Tuesday morning's train and will hove
charge ofthe Cranbrook and Fort Steele
Presbyterian churches. Services will be
held in Cranbrook every Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock, and In Fort Steele
every Sunday morning at 11 o'clock j
Now is the lime to secure a good hotel
business.   (11500 buys a paying business,
McVittie & Hutchison.
Mi-s M. Atlantis, who for the past len
months has been working with the
Harry Lindley company, is spending a
week with friends in Cranbrook. Miss
Atlantis is on her way to San Francisco,
Cal., where she will visit her brother for
a lew months, snd take a much needed
A. II. Mansfield, for a long time one
of the dispatchers iu Cranbrook, will
leave Sunday for Le Marge lake in tbe
Yukon country to take a position in
charge of a telegraph station. Mr.
Mansfield, during his residence here has
made many friends who will regret his
J F Armstroni', Fort Steele; N Quel-
li'tle, -Missimi; W G Fonseed, Winnipeg;
Thos Wnntuon, Ferule; J C Nesbitt,
I Moyie* A Martin, Sudbury; M Mclnnes,
Fernie; L O Genesl. Winnipeg; T H
Nevlll, Mncliod; \VJ. Nelson, Rossland;
C F Smith, Rossland; Jus Bannerman,
Nelson; M Phillipps, Tobacco Plains;
G ti While, Fernie: C II Conuers, Ward*
lur; Joe Kelly, Sl Paul; WS Nenteth,
Elko; I) McDonald, Peterhoroj Geo
Plishee, St John, Nf.l; A F Grady, Macleod; W T McClement, Chicago; 1» B
Wallace, Toronto; M Shady, Creston;
M Grant, Creston; A McDuugal, Fernie;
J J McNeil, J Hreuuaii, Coal Creek; ThuB
Waiiman, Macleod: J II McVetty, Nelson; C P Roland, Warduer; E B Vincent,
S C I'aton J V Waite, Calgary; C Ston-
soti, Wnrdner; W J Hatch, Nelson; Alex
Grant; Joe Dobbs, Fernie,
II M Laml), San Francisco; Geo Hu-
gill, Fernie: Miss ti, D Gilchrist, Laggan:
A R Trites, Fernie; A R Canning and
wife, Helena, Mont: A G Campbell,
Rosslaud: Alex O'Neil. Fernie; Miss
Pearl Ronson, Kimlier1e\: J Hambly,
Sirdar: TC Young, Sparwood; Thos A
Joyce, Itossevaiu, Man; R Joyce, Fernie:
Ed Mallaudalne, H M Killaley, John
O'Neil, Jas Kitchir, Sirdar; Geo Johnston, Moyie; M C Dertholf, W J Montgomery, Nelson; D L McGregor, Medi
cine Hat.
WJ Ht.iderson nnd wife, Alex Beth-
anie, James Campbell, Winnipeg; II
Middlelou and wife, J II Shaw, J A Harris, Ii L Cummins, E J Cann, Fort
Steele; Jtio J McKay, Vancouver; C R
Dibon, Hamilton; N Hanson, P Rosen
dale, Wasa; T C Willman, Mud Lpke;
John Taylor, Rossland; M Lindsay, C
Kaufl'inan, Moyie; Granby Delgardno,
Kimberley; Dan McDonald, WM Wil-
son, Victoiia; N Waddlugtou, Kamloops
A Singular Co'lncidcnt.
Lethbridge News; One of the singular
co-incidents which crop up in railway
circles wasti<. jenily noted at Medicine
Hat. When several years ngo llie C. P
R. purchased the Gr't line between
Medicine lint ami Lethbridge aud llie
guige was widened, tbe first standard
train over ihis pit M of work was pulled
by H. C. Cooper, engineer, and W. McF.
Evans was expr< *s agent and baggageman. When the road wns extended
from Lethbridge to Macleod these two
were on the first standard train over that
poition of road, and ftgaid, wben the
da'-y se. vice was inaugurated to Nelson
last mouth the same gentlemen were
again iu with the first train.
Greenwood is to have two new church
buildings, Methodist am-. Baptibt, each
10 cost about fi 5<.u.
On the Robton Road.
Cascade, B. C —J. \V. Stewart, superintendent of construction for Mann,
foley Bros. St Larson, contractors for
the construction of the Columbia St
Western railway branch, now being built
into tbe Boundary country, has just returned from the raillicd, where, with
tbe track-laying and bridge gangs, there
is the greatest scene of activity, All
winter aud summer long tbe contractors
have been bending every energy to complete the contract at the eailie.it possible moment, as the C. F. R., owners of
tbe line, were and are more than anxious
to secure tbe heavy tonnage of the district which is uow being handled by the
Spokane Falls St Northern via Bossburg.
This will soou be realized.
Two or three weeks ago the tracklayers were nt Gladstone, sixteeu and
one-half miles from Cascade by the surveyors' measurement!*. But between the
two places there were no less than
twenty bridges to be erected. Some
were small, but others were large, like
that crossing the Kettle river, just cast
of this cily, which is 1600 feet long anil
130 above the river, Progress from
Gladstone has, therefore, been slow on
this account. However, Porter Bros. St
McArthur, the bridge contractors, have
redoubled their efforts and nre nuking
good headway, Two shifts of men have
been put on, working nine hours each,
from the earliest streak of dnwu till
darkness precludes further labor. The
result is that today the trnck is laid to
within sight of Christina lake, near
English Point, and between six and
seven miles from Cascade by Ibe grade,
Rossland is suffering with an attack of
tin-horn sports,
Rossland's cily jail is cmnty, the first
time iu 22 mouths.
Nelson has disposed of $60,000 in 20-
ycar 5 per cent debentures at 107, the
best price yet obtained for municipal
bonds in the province.
The Kaslo St Lnido-Duncau railway
hove their right of way cleared between
Lardo nnd Duncan City, a distance of
twelve miles. The C. P. R. has four
miles of grading done in the same
R. E. Gotnell, formerly state lihrnr-
ian, but now editor of the Greenwood
Miner, says in a recent issue of Ute paper
that bis ollice can boast of n linoleum
covering all over the oflice floor. The
Miner must he a mine.
Sash and Door Prices.
your doors and sash at the factory
O.G. 3
ft 6x6 ft 6x1^$   ..
ti 70    each
11   2
ft 8x6 ft 8x1^,..
1 80       "
11     2
ft 10x6 ft lovi-Mj.
I yo       "
sash, glassed	
1 35 per. pair
"          "     	
1 40       "
"          "     	
1 60       "
1 6u       "
THOS.   W.
CRANBROOK, : British Columbia.
***************i***H*******t****t*****t**nutt >    .
I CRANRPOOK ,s the divJs*onal point of the Crows 1
1       'V^11 **-> a\SJ\J IV Nest Pass Railroad. M
•*• **
I Cr*anhrnnk' Has a io-stall round house, large machine I
I wi ciuui wiv shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- *
tensive railroad yards.
?| Cranbrook Is the natural and commercial center of South East II
1 Cranbrook *s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- U
tions of South East Kootenay. M
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in 1-3
South East Kootenay. *
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
U Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, j||
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTflENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,       «
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
line of	
Try our 5c Cigars.
Opposite Cranbrook hotel.
Kootenay and Algoma Gold Mining Co.
Head Office at Cranbrook, B. C
Capital Stock. 1.000,000 shares it par value ot II each, NON- I Incorporated aider tbe laws ol British Columbia with ion per-
ASESSABLE. | ,011| Liability.
President, A. Leltcb, Sr., Esq., J. P., President Cranbrook Limber Co.   Vice President, M. Nellies, Esq, ol M. Mclnnes S Co., Cranbrook
James Rvai, Eeq„ Cranbrook; Ocorie Bremner, Esq., Cranbrook; J. H. Kin, Eao., M. D„ Cranbrook, J. R. Coslltan, Ean., Q. C, Craubrook;
T. T. Richards, Esq., Cranbrook; F. E. Simpson, Esq., Cranbrook; Joba Leask, Esq., Cranbrook; *-r,"*ir0°K'
Hush 0. Henderson, Esq., Moyie; A. J. Mc Arthur, Esq., Paisley, Ont.
Solicitor, J. R. Coitliai, Esq.. 0. ft, Craibraok, B. C. Bilkers, Tbe Canadian Baik ol Commerce, Cranbrook
McVittie & Hutchison, Official Brokers.
John Hutchison, Sec'y.
Now developing the Union Jack and the St. George claims near Cranbrook, and the Kootenay and Aieoma
claims near Wanita in the Trail District.
Pioneer Hardware Store
We heve a few..
left.   Will give you a bargain in them.
The flies are here and the season
is well advanced.   We will sell
Land Notice.
Notice Is liereliy given that wic month sftai-
date 1 Intend tou|i|i!yit> the Chlet commissioner
nf Lnnils nml Works nt Victoria lot ikimihwIou
to purchase an l.laml In tlio Kootenay liver op.
oosite lots«37J and 1901 in group 1111 Ilia l)l,tr.ot
or Kn-st Kootenay at the nor|heuvi corner or
which 11 iwml Is planted murkel "A. MtfU'a N.K.
corner (mat. Said island containing ten auies ot
Unit, more or lea,.
A  M'lllll.llAl.l..
iinti il iiiis ituiii day or .iitin>. i«'9.
S. F. MORLEY j» J,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
W. F. GURD, B. C L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook, Brlllah Columbia
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    n. G.
Itlj; reduction In
Midi til'lldl' .Movi.|iii.|ils
Engagement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sets, Etc	
Woik nml ilonils (timranteeil
to (live tinllaractlon,
W. F. Tate
Cranbrook ...JEWELER
Official Watch Inspector ror Crows .Nest branch
Screens, Doors and Windows
S S G. H. Miner
.at cut.
- I
I Tonque....
®                           Is the best ■ummer berenge koown.    It Is ■ hot weather r
@                           tonic.     Try one bottle and be convinced. r
Is the only stick v flypaper made.   We sell It and offer ni ®
®                           substitute.   Fly Pstsoa, Ptlts, IihcI Pawrltr, and all thiogs .7
naruua.u  tn n,i.L.  Hlm   maraa-lU   llu'i.n "
necessary to make life worth living.
Postoffice building, Cranbrook   @
(.   It Paya lo Bell It : :
Beattie's Drug Store
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
J-iautacturera ol ill Hilda al
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Cummerce.
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Beat Selected Stock Ever Carried in South Eaat Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs jA ji ji ji
A Full Line of doccriet on the Way
HILL & CO....
J>      Mclnnea Block
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $a.oo per day. -     ,      ,    —   -
Short orders day and night.       Cranbrook, D. L>.
East Kootenay TT&J
di Hotel di   ""*"   I
"The ,* Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
Choice Fresh Fruits received three times ■ week.
Oats, hay, flour and Feed.
Our grocery stock Is complete and fresh.
Gents' Furnishings, a good range.
Boots and Shoes well assorted.
Ppiinrprl snip nf Ladies' Blouses, Ladies' Dress Skirts
Keuuteu baie 01 Md Udie8, Underekirtgi
Solicitor, Etc.
lank ol I u nim-roi! lll.li;. dlA.MUIOOK
II. L. Cummins, C. a
raovmcuL land sikvevo*
Tliis hotel haa been refuted antl refiirnlalieil.   The table
ia tlle best.    Sntiafactory ralra ffiveu rcgttlnr bonnlrra.
Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:       Ganbrook, B. C. Jj
Will not spoil your next roast of meat if
you purchase one of our wire platter coven,   Jt   All sites In stock.
BICYCLE REPAIRING a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed.
The Cranbrook Hardware Co.


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