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Cranbrook Herald Jan 17, 1901

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• 001.
Hon. Gi o. A. Cox, President.
Tl   Canadian Bank of Commerce.
B. ti. Walkkr, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Busy Stock Taking
Odd lines will be sold regardless of
cost. Great bargains in Dry Qoods
Boots and Shoes, Etc. dtdtdtdtdtdt
G. Bremner & Son
Fair Warning   Last Call
Saturday the 26th we will ring down the curtain on the last
act of our great Underwear, Blouse and Mantle sale. And
what a sale it has been! Nothing like it has ever before occurred in the city.
What we    U/p An   When you read U**c cn
advertise   "T c u"      our advertisement1 * s s"
Now if you have not already taken advantage of the
great sale it will be well for you if you do so now.
Reid & Co,
Tanuary Clean up of Gents'
Clothing and Dress Goods.
What are you buying in these lines? We have
a most complete stock, too much in fact in our
three stores. We will exchange goods for
money and offer big inducements.   Call and try
Hill & Co.
P. S.--We have bought the Leask & Rankin
stock to sell and low prices are going to do it.
^ *-^-^—-^r—
Think of quality
Think of freshness
Think of variety
Think of prices
Think of your money's worth
Then you will think of the
| Port Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd. %
9 9
Bargains for the Week
Ladles' Velveteen Shirt Waists,
Ladies' Silk Waists
Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose
Men's Tweed Suits, good wearers,
Men's Blue Serge, splendid value at
were $1.75 now $1.50
were 7.60 now 4.50
were 35 now 25
were 7.50 now 5.00
16.00 now 11.50
One third olf on all dress and  trimming  silks.   This  means
any dollar silk (or 66 cents.
Save money
and trade at
For anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithing in connection. Satisfaction
G. H. Miner.
The Lake Shore Hotel  Is  Entirely
Twenty-Five   People  Drop  From
the Third Story to Save
Their Lives.
'I'he Moyie Leader of last Saturday
gives the following account of the lire :
Fire broke out in tlie Lake Shore
Hotel this morning uhout six o'clock
and in less than two hours nothing wis
left but the smouldering ruins of the
hotel, the Union Restaurant, and Foiay's
barber shop. Lewis Thomson's office
adjoining the barber shop was torn
down to preveut the spread ofthe fire.
The tire started from a lamp which
exploded in the washroom ofthe hotel
and in a few moments the house was in
flames. There were no lives lost, but
many of the occupants of the house had
narrow escapes. Nearly sll those rooming ou the second and third floor were
compelled to jump from their room windows. Those who received injuries are:
Kd. Whitney and Jack Russell, musicians, slightly crippled about bodies;
Pat. MeNeil, pretty badly burned about
face aud arms ; Fred Irving, ankle badly
sprained from jumping; Bob Mills,
ankle sprained ; lieu lleniuiinger, Win
Green, Dan Drain, A. ll. Barrick and
Dau Mcintosh also received injuries
more or less severe. There was nothing
saved, und those who were in bed ouly
got out with the clothes which they had
on at the time. Mr. and Mrs. Frith,
who were running the hotel, lost not
ouly there chillies, but between $40*1 ami
#500 111 money, The hi tel was owned
by C.J. Clayton, of Nelson aud J. M.
Lindsay of this place. It was valued at
about $3,000, and was covered by (1,000
TllO Union Restauraut was the property of J. M. Chaltertou, It was vulued
at $500 aud had uo insurance. Ii. Pope,
who had the building leased, got most of
his effects out und his loss was slight.
The building in which Mr. Foisy had
his barber shop was owned by F. \V,
Frith,    It was valued at about $300
The cabin of Joseph Frobus, near the
Union Restaurant, was also a total loss.
Some of the buildings in the close
vicinity ofthe fire were only saved by
the good work doue by those who turned
out with buckets, shovels, etc. The Melnnis block across the street from the
hotel whs scorched, but no great damage
Messrs, McNeil. Barrick, Drain aud
Hetuminger were taken to the hospital
today. Drain has a broken ankle and a
badly sprained back.
MINES   tet5*tffr
Siime Is-Jdents.
Mr. and Mrs. Frith and their baby
were sleeping on the second floor. Mr.
Frith heaid a a cry of "fire" hut thought
it was some of the men joking down
stairs, Finally he heard the tramping
of feet, and by this time was wideawake.
He got up, looked out of lhe window,
nn-l then unlocked the bedroom, aud
saw a sheet ol flame in the room opposite. Throwing a blanket around the
baby and pushing his wife ahead of hitn
he hurried forth, not stopping to get
anything in the way of clothes and they
stood around for nearly ten minites
barefooted with snow up 10 their knees.
Miss Sarah McAllister, a sister of Mrs.
Frith, was culled and started to dress.
A man came along the hall kicked in the
door, saying us he did so, "ihere is no
lime for dressing," aud carried her to
safety oulside.
"Hilly" Hamilton, who has charge of
the bar, was Sleeping with Dan Drain.
Drain woke hiin, and they started for
room 16, from where they could drop on
to llie roof Ol the bar room. Drain got
M-pumlcd from Hamilton and jumped
fiom another window to the ground,
breaking bis ankle.
Den Hetuminger, one of the men so
badly burned, could have easily escaped
as he was on the first floor when tlie lire
broke oul. He look desperate chances
to warn the others by rushing lo the
third slory, and was caught in the
Fred Frith had f(.t.<* in cash in his
pit tils, nud lhey were left In the bedroom. "1 was thinking of my wife and
bohy," said Fred.
Hilly Hamilton lost his bull dog.
A miner, who hud worked for months,
and by economy had saved up nearly
f.soo which he had in his trunk. He lost
nil of it and his clothes besides.
The latest word from the hospital is
to the effect that all the victims of the
fire are doing nicely. Two days ago it
uas feared that complications might set
in ou two or three of them, and tendered
their conditiou extremely dangerous,
but fortunately that crisis has been safely
Hugh John Out ol Politics.
Montreal, Jan. 10—A Winnipeg dis-
patch says Hugh John has dropped out
of politics for good, aud will form a new
legal connection in Winnipeg, having
decided not to re-enter his old firm of
MacDonald, Tupper, l'hippen & Tupper.
He hus beeu offered two seats in Ontario
since his defeat in Brandon, and has also
heen pressed to remain In politics by Sit
Charles Tupper, hut he positively refused to entertain the question.
The North Star.
The three bin producing mines of K ist
Kootenay—the Norlh Star, Sullivan and
St. Bu gene—-are reported to he iu excellent condition by Manager Robbins
ofthe North Star, who Is m llie city,
says the Spokesman-Review uf lusl
Mr. Robbins states thut the monthly
record of 2 coo tons itom the North Star
has beeu steadily main tattled throughout
the year aud could have bein far ex-
eeded had Die company nol thought it
advisable lo increase Hie ore reserves In
preparation for llie lai-ge output that is
contemplated for the present and future
years. Accordingly a very large amount
of development has been done during
the past year, und  enough ore has  been
blocked out, according to Mr. Robbins,
to sustain a large output fur u year or
two at least.
Tbe Sullivan.
"The Sullivan, which is on the opposite range and also near Kimberley
station, is looking well, and, with llie
completion of the uew spur from Kimberley station to the mine, it wiil he iu
a position to largely Increase Us output,
The property appears to be oue of very
high value.
The year has not beeu a notable one
in the development of prospects in Boat
Kootenay, and it is peculiar thai, wilh
three such mines as we have, there bas
been so little activity iu the smaller
properties. The district is a rich one,
and there seems little doubt that the
three big mines are by uo means the only-
possible producers iu the district. There
is, of course, the difficulty of transportation, but even that should uot hinder
the exploitation of the excellent prospects that are reported Itom many
points. I look, however, for a large increase iu the opperatlon of prospects iu
the near future, antl I believe tliat the
district will be found to hnve many such
mines as the Norlh Slar, Sullivan and
Kugene are proving to be."
Carbonate King tiroup.
Prospector.—Manager II. Olson, of
the Carbonate King group of claims, was
In town on Wednesday. The Carbonate
King Group is situated on I-Iardscrabble
creek, n tributary uf tbe Skookiim Chuck-
Mr, Olson says that a 100 feet of tunnel
and drifts have been run, the mineral
zone has been cross-cut for a distance of
60 feet, tbe zone is heavily mineralized
with iron and urboiwtes of lead. At
the end of the cross cut considerable galena is coining in. Mr. Olson returned
to the mine on Thursday. Work will be
coutiuued all winter.
Looks as Though There Was a 1
Fight Un.
Governmental Concessions and Jim
Hill's Charter Are Also
Mining Nuli-s.
It is the intention of the government
to extend the wagon road now built to
the foot of St. Murvs lake, along the
lake, and up to the forks. This is a
proper move, i.s it will give transportation facilities to a large district lhat
promises to be one of the richest in mineral in South Kast Kootenay.
N. A. Wallinger, of Fort Steele, was
in town yesterday enroute heme front
Kimberley, where he bas been negotiating options on several groups of claims
on the North Star bill for un Knglisli
syndicate. Mr. Wallinger says that if
hts company secures control of these
properties they will begin active devvl-
opmeut work early iu the spring.
[ Frunt lhc Leader)
The concentrator is running, but not
very steadily on account ofthe weather.
Miss Tibbatts, who taugh the Moyie
school last winter, is now teaching iu
in the Creston school.
The ore uow being sacked goes to
Hamburg, Germany. Already over 51m
tons have been shipped there.
Vic. Desaulnier. is having an ice
house built, and will soon begin the
work of putting up bis summer's supply.
Mr. Williams and family, late of
Feruie, have opened the Bremmet house
and are ready to meet the demand of
those needing hoard and rooms by the
week or month.
C. J. Rose has returned to Moyie after
a six month's visit to his old home iu
Grand Forks, North Dakolu. Charles
went east wilh the intention to remain
hut found the country uml lhe people too
slow so again drifted west,
Tbe Moyie Hotel had a narrow escape
from fire last Wednesday evening. Andy
Johnston was lighting one of the large
lamps when the oil ignited and the blaze
reached the ceiling setting the paper ou
fire. Andy's presence ot mind und cool
head saved the building, though be is
carrying a pietty badly binned hand.
Constable Drummond returned yesterday from Nelson having iu charge
Michael Haggurty, who was arrested in
Phoenix on a warrant sworn out by
Moyie parties, charging him with
obtaining money and goods under false
pretenses. He will he given a hearing
before Chief Magistrate Armstrong,
Monday. Haggurty is a miner nud was
in Moyie about six weeks.
Ottawa, Jan. 10.—The World of today,
with the first authentic news of the
mighty light between the C. P. R. nnd
tbe Crow's Nest Coal Company and
Others was eagerly canvassed here tonight by politicians, aud tbe parti sinus
of either side. There was it meeting of
the Cabinet today, and it is believed
that the quesliou came up. directly or
indirectly, for consideration. At all
events Mr. Turte had a lengthy interview with Mr. Shaughnessy in the C. I'.
R. offices Wednesday night, and the
Minister of Public Wonts started for
Ottawa prepared to urge Mr. Shaiigh
liessy'fl views upon his colleagues, llut
he is up against Mr. Illair, who is deud
against the C. V, R,
Sir Richard Cartwright and Mr.
Sutherland, who cume here today, are
with the C. P. K. Mr. llluir is bucked
by The Globe and Mr. Jaffruy, president
ofthe Crow's Nest Coal Co., by Senator
Cox, by Mackenzie & Mann, who are interested iu the North Star mine, by the
Gooderham-Blackstock syndicate and by
the niluiug companies generally. Mr.
Shaughnessy, fiom his side of it, has
declared war to the knife, and his reprc
sell tat Ives are hete today to answer the
charges of Mr. J off i'ay and his associates.
No one is able to say where Jim Hill is
in the situation. The Crow's Nest Coal
people say Mr. Hill is with them, and
Mr. Shaughnessy admits it. If that is
(he case, there will be a light iu purlin
ment this session to prevent the Great
Northern, Hill's roud, getting a charter
In build into the Crow's Nest,coat fields
The Crow's Nesters will support it, and
the government will find themselves in
a light corner.
Some of their supporters think the
Crow's Nest Company huve had enough
of concessions. But Mr. Jaffray and Mr.
Cox are bard men lo beat. The C. P. R.
representatives here sny that Mr. Hill
has bought a large block of Crow's Nest
stock, or at the very least has agreed to
lake up all the new issue that is to be
made. Several hundred new coking
ovens wiil be erected as fast as money
and men can do it.
Ouly oue compromise is said to be
possible, and that is that the C. P. R,
have their demands in reference to the
Intercolonial grunted, and if they get
that tbey will make concessions to the
miners and Crow's Nest Coal Company
that will be satisfactory all round. But
the answer to this is that Mr. Blair is
bent ou a fight, and that he will nationalize the Houth road, putting the Intercolonial at Georgian Bay. put on a liue
of boats at Porl Arthur und then encourage rapid construction of the Mann-
Mackenzie road across the continent.
The Grand Trunk, it is said, threaten
to come into the fight if the government
buys the Booth roud, aud they will ruu a
fust freight service between midland and
Montreal or Portland. The big financial
concerns of Montreal ate said to be
siding with the C. P. R. as agaiuit the
government, and the Crow's Nest Company and its financial associates iu
C. J. Bulger Is a0^n8 B91 Special   Provincial Constable at .Michel these days.
Deputy-returning officers Hre begin"
ing to wonder when they are going to
receive a cheque from the Dominion
Government or Returning Officer McDonald.
The many friends in I'emie of Rev. D.
I, Gordon will be pleased to learn that
he was married to Miss Anna Porter, of
Pic tou 1 Ont . on January 2nd. The
titer Press extends to Mr. Gordon and
his bride lhe hope lhat they may Hva lo
a ripe old agt- and enjoy all the blesslugs
of health, happiness aud prosperity,
Snow shoveling front roofs has been
very much in vogue in l-'einie this week.
There is nearly two ftet of snow on the
s, This melts, runs to the eve and
freezes there, und iu doing so backs the
water up so that in many cases damage
has beeu done through leakage. Clearing the eve of ice in most cases has sufficed lo remedy lhe trouble,
Constable Mcl.eod is to be congratulated. 'There hasn't been a single case
in the Police Court this year. "Archie"
irtalnly has the town well in hand, aud
apparently iulends to keep it so. A
ouple of undesirable characters came iu
from Nelsou during the forepart of the
week, but were told lo "git," aud accordingly took the next train out,
F. A Wright, of Cardston, Alt., a well
known School teacher, was -.u-cideutly
shot deud on Thursday evening last by
II. D'Arc, druggist. D'Arc went to a
back room for it revolver, which he was
going to loan another mau, uud on coming iu the store wilh it, snapped the
hammer und instantly killed Wright,
The deceased and his slayer where
bosom companions.
There nre 11 lot of meat] teattisleis
around Fernie. no matter who they
meet, be the BIlow or mild deep or other
wise, ihey never think of turning out a
Iittle and giving lhe pedestrian hulf the
road. The oilier day we saw oue gee-
haw force a little girl into two feet of
snow, while a slight pull on oue liue
would have let the child pass without
getting Into SHOW up to her waist. The
law entitles everyone to half the road
nud some- of these senseless mute driver*,
should be mule to give Et,
Large Grata Warehouse.
T, Lebel, of Pincher Creek, ha? been
iu town the past week arranging for
establishing a grain warehouse iu Cranbrook, Mr. I.ebel's firm is one of the
largest iu Pincher Creek, aud lust year
they purchased over 30,003 bushels of
oats and about Six) tons of timothy hay.
They expect to put up a large building
and be prepared to handle grain 011 11
large scale.
Record for tbe Year.
Prospector.—The reporting and issuing of public documents pertaining to a
district like South East Kootenay is always interesting reading, and to mining
men, everything relating to the mineral
resources and the progress of the district
in general it is of more than general
Tlie Government officials at Fort
Steele have just completed the compiling
of tlte years work.
Certificates Recorded  703
Locations  500
Certificates of Improvements.     37
Conveyances  310
Partnership Agreements    12
Documents Filed  yi
Affidavits of Work 1048
Free Miner's Licenses   6HS
1*'. M. Licenses to Companies 	
'I    "       "        to Substitutes.	
"   "       "       Special ,      y
"   "       "      Special to Companies.
Total   Revenue    from   Free    Miner'
Certificates   id,336 qs     Total     revenue
from receipts ill general $5,036.75.
i'lncer Claims in force	
*■ "       Partnership      4
Miners Leases :.
'■ "    in force      6
Records of Abandonments       3
Water Grants and Permits     16
Kruger is Dying.
Word comes from Europe that President Kruger is In u dying condition, and
thut his German physician states that he
cannot live a month,
Sold Out For SHI-MI.
It is reported that   Peter   Larson   has
sold his interest ou the Red Line  prop
erty al Windermere for f 10,500 to McsSl
Col let te, Starbird and others.
A Concert Closes Wiih a Fire on the
Narrow  Escape  of  Many   Young
Girls   in   Light   Cotton
Sir Alfred Milner Tells Hlm that tie Should
be Ashumeil uf lfim.,i'lf.
Sir Alfred Milner, the High Commissioner in South Africa, has rounded on
Stead in the following wholesome
fashion :
I have received your broad sheet pur
purling; and 11*1 you have asked mv
opinion, ynu shall have it.  and I  will
Iso forward it to the press. My opinion
is that you ought to be ashamed of yourself for circulating so vile a slander
against your fellow country men, Vou
seem to have made it your mission iu
life lo vilify yonr country and to slander
the brave men who have suffered and
home so much for their country. It
seems to uie a pity that you don't re
move yourself to France, and offer your
services to the gutter pres-t, where they
undoubtedly would he appreciated. As
to the letter of "A British Officer" I decline to believe lhat any British officer
could so demean himself as to spread so
gross   a   calummy   against   his   fellow-
Idlers, without having the courage Uj
put his name to tlte end of it. If,
indeed, any British officer has stooped so
low. 1 can only say he is a conteiitpiibl
coward, and I should like lo have the
opportunity oi telling him so to his face;
but in my opinion the British officer
iloes not live far front the office of Mr
W, T. Stead. Personally I prefer to believe the testimony of Lord Roberts. Sk
Redvers Buller and olher brave general
as to lhe conduct of our soldiers in Soulh
Africa. I don't know if you bave taken
the trouble to read Lord Robert's touching farewell to his troops, wheu he
speaks of the gallantry-- the patient en
durance, the good conduct and humanity
ol our brave soldiers. If you have read
it and it has not mnde you feel ashamed
of yourself. I fear nothing will,
[Prom The Ifcrold Correspondent!
N. Hanson, the Mayor of Wusu, went
to Fort Steele ou Tuesday.
The small force at present employed
in the Bstella ure showing up the property iu good shupc,
A number of mining properties in this
Vicinity ate being steadily developed,
and several of them are expected to he
put OH a shipping basis before spring.
Construction of the new bridge across
the Kootenay at this place, has heen
Commenced. Eighteen men are at present employed in driving piles etc. The
work is in charge of P. Bile. The
bridge will he completed before high
water in the Bprlng. This work is being
undertaken by N. Hanson unaided by
any appropriation of the government.
When completed it will prove of great
convenience to lhe traveling public.
Mr. J. P. Wardner Is Dead.
Mrs. Wardner. wife of James ti. Wardner, the veteran western miner, is dead
at Milwaukee. Her demise occurred a
week ago at tbe family home, 736 Franklin street, according to mail advices received in Seattle by fticnds of tlle
deceased and lhc bereaved husband.
Mrs, Wardner died of pneumonia.
News of her illness reached Mr. Wardner, who was en route to Seattle, in lime
for him tO return to his wile's bedside.
Mrs. Warduer leaVCI a husband mid
■even children.
The musical and literary entertainment that was given at the Met hod is I
churcli lust evening came near lermiuat*
ing in a wholesale conflagration, :*.. -i
the close of the ; rogiam the large oil
lamp hanging over the platform began to
grow dim, due lo lack of oil, and Mr.
Gltlis took the church step ladder, a
dangerous piece of furniture, and *r-
moved the lamp. .Mr. Reid to >k one of
the lamps in the main par; of tbe church
and passed it up to Mr. Gillls, who
mounted the step taddei to place ll In
position. Jusi as he reached the top
step the buck part of the ladder, nol bi
ng tied to the trout part, slipped, ami
the whole ihing flattened om. dropping
Mr. Olllls uud the large lamp 10 the
iloor.   The lamp struck bant, throwing
I up iu a sheet, which Iminedis el) in -
mie ignited, and a coluiuu ol flame
arose to lhe ceiling as a result. Mr,
GlIHs. although he h*d » portion of
his clothing saturated with oil, gi 1 I
the lamp and righted :t, thos preventing an explosion Intense excitement
ensued, and for a moment it wai :...*•. I
that eight or uiite of the young girls
who were penned in behind the flames
in the choir reces*. would be victims
of the tire. They all had on light
gauze dresses, and the dinger was
great. For innately the llarnes were
soon extinguished hy a number of men
using tbe rugs on the platform to
smother them, and no one was injured.
The church was crowded and it is to
be regretted that such an euj tyable
entertainment was brought to so sudden a close. Those who did their work
did it well, and the audience showed
their appreciation by enthusiastic applause at the close of every number.
The successful manner iu which the
program was rendered demonstrated
ihe fact tha'. Cranbrook bas some excellent local talent.
Aad Craabrook Has Utile or No Protection
At Pre seat.
It is time for the business men of
Cranbrook to awaken to the realization
tbat some "action must \te taken to secuie
lire protection. The recen*. nre at Moyie
should serve a*, a les-»f.n. The town has
secured 500 feet of hose, hose wagon,
etc., but uo provision bas been made lo
take care of the apparatus. At tbe present time the hose lies in the ho*j«*e
frczen, and would be unless in case of a
nre. The officers of ibe fire brigade
have no means provided for drying the
hose, and no money to bave tbe work.
done. There are no ladders foi use at a
fire, and a debt of about $90 bai _ ovei
the department, for which those in
charge are asked each month lo settle.
The time for action is new. The fi'*:
may be tomorrow or next week, and
then it will be loo late. No man iti
business cau afford lo permit further delay, and no man in town wbo owns a foot
of property, can afford to see the fire
department remain Inefficient fm w ml
of means.
Whal are you goin-4 to do about it .'
It Holds Its Annual .Meeting   snd  Elects   a
New Board on Thursday Lasl.
Tbe first general meeting of the  Craubrook Blectric Light company was held
last Thursday evening at lhe Cranhrook
hotel, with Ur. J. H. King in the chair
and W. W. I>uble as secretary. Tbe
provisional directors, Messrs. King,
Gurd,Ryan,Mt tan-ess and Bremner sub*
milled tbeir report to the stockholders,
which was accepted.
A new board  was  elected   BI   follows:
Dr. J EL King, James Ryan, B   Slocks,
M. Mclnness and V, ti,  Simji*O0.     The
new board met on Tuesday  and  elected
tlte following officers:
President, Ur. J. II. King,
Secretary, F. H Simpson,
Treasurer, W. W. Doble,
Managing Director. James Kyan.
The Carnival.
The carnival held at the rink last
Thursday evening was a great success
There was a large crowd in attendance
aud everyone seemed to bave a good
time.    Prizes were awarded  as  follows;
Mrs. F. M. Medhurst, as "Good Luck,"
best costumed lady, gold bracelet.
Charles Stevens, best costumed gentlemen, the "Label Man," shaving mirror .
Miss Kitie Stewart, best costumed girl
"Scotch Lassie," glove aud handkerchief box.
Fred Small, best costunifd hoy, •'Good
Luck," games.
Alex McKinley, besl comic costume,
"Mrs. Jones," shaving outfit*
For Sale.
Pure bred   (imported)   pedigreed   St.
liemard  dog  pnp.
Six   mouths   old. CRANBROOK  BERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
The Nelson Miner accuses the Herald
of undue familiarity, because a mistake
m made in the Ileruld columns in the
names of two of Nelson's prominent
.-ill/.ens. In the same issue was news
items stolen bodily from the Herald and
appropriated by the Miner. The Miner
should bs more cautious when it indulges in captous critic! m <■
. tha
itne year	
St\ IllOlltllS	
The Herald Aetlres In give tlie news or tlie
dutrl-at. ir vnu know any nbout:yonr l"svl1
your mine or your ii-aoirte, wmi it t.» this office,
The othcial records are a good thing
by which to judge ofa mining district's
prosperity. The cold facts are recorded,
and uothing else. There is no false
entries, no exaggeration, nochance for a
b-*om. Nothing but the untarnished
truth is written on the official papers,
and the story told by the records «'
Soulh Kast Kootenay for the year i'
te one lhat demonstrates to the utmost
satisfaction of the most skeptical
there has been a vast amount of.leveU
ment work in this district during
past season, and that -Ahe faith in it
mineral resourses is greater than eve
It is no small thing by any means ti
find tbat there were 104S yearly assess
ment affidavits recotded, whieh show
thut the work on properties thronghou
the district is being carefully kept up
And since this means that *f 100 work ha
been done on each claim, it is evident
that ihe showing 011 these properll
must be good, else tbe expense of asses
ment would not be incurred. There
were 500 new localitious made during tht
year, which is evidence uf itself of tlu
most convincing nature, that South l-.asl
Kootenay is a promising field for tilt
The Herald heartily endorses the senli
ment expressed by the Fort Steele Pros
pector, that this showing "presents i
most satisfactory stale of affairs in relation to the mineral development of this
district." South Kast Kootenay today
bas three of the best known mines in th
province ; lhe Eugene, North Star am
Sullivan, and as has been repeatedly
stated by Engineer Frank Robbins, of
the Norlh Star, there is every reason to
believe that in this district there will yet
be found many North Stars, St. Eugenes
and Sultivans,
It has been amply demonstrated that
the mineral is here, and furthermore
that the ore bodies are of sufficient extent lo prove attractive lo capital. The
coming season promises to be a lively
one iu the district, and the development
during the next twelve months will
establish the reputation of South East
Kootenay as one of the richest mineral
districts in Canada.
Cranbrook is entitled to some recognition from tbe government. Not next
fall, or next year, but now.
The idea of the government allowing
$100 a year for school expenses in a town
the si/e of Crailbrook is ridiculous. And
to expect a few citizens to pay the expense is an imposition. Cranhrook
should have fair treatment.
The people or Craubrook sincerely
symputhi/.e with Moyie and those of her
citizens who lost by lhe recent fire.
The Miners' Union of Moyie have
taken a determined stand against Chinese
labor in that town. (Jood luck to them!
The Chinese and Japanese are today the
greatest menace to universal prosperity
in British Columbia.
Alderman Towuley, ol Vancouver, was
elected mayor, defeating Alderman McQueen, The result insures a wide-open
town for lhe coast metropolis.
Nelson settled their municipal tight iu
a sensible way. The people picked out
John Fletcher for mayor, and five good
men for alderman, and then said, ''these
people go." That settled it. There was
no election, no contest, nothing hut universal acipiiestnce.
The Trail hoard of trade is after the
government for some showing Tor tbe
money paid in way of taxes, etc. Crnnbrook is in the same position. The
government revenues of this town are
rapidly increasing, but the benefits are
small. In fact, aside from the schools,
little or no money has been expended hy
llle government for the benefit of Cranhrook. 	
The Nelson Miner has changed muii-
, ageincul, and Editor Beaton retires. Mr.
Beaton was a persistent fighter, and he
had good timber in his ijuarrels with
John Houston. The fact is, both papers
fought a ruinous fight, as both lost
money sieadil**. The Miner has got iu
new blood and new money, nnd will
change to the morning field again. John
Houston has not said what he wilt do.
Alter a toss of several hundred thousand dollars, the people of Calgary are
arguing about inefficient fire protection,
Cranbrook will be iu the same hoat if tbe
people don't do something.
January is always the quiet month of
the year in any town, either in an ngri
cultural or mining country,
She tiave I'm "Prlncemi" tu Ueeoui-u ft
Plain •■•tlm."
It wus recently n*p»rt«*d by eahW
that Prof. Dr. von Bsmnreh nud his
wife luul celebrated iheir silver wv-d-
ding. Before she married t-ae doctor
plain Mra. von Ksumreh wua Prlnoaas
Henrietta von SehleHWlg*-l«*4stelii-Son-
tlei'bui'K-Auffiisteiihurg. The present
empress ol Herman}' comes from the
same family as ta ber utece, Dr. Von,
Esmou-h had for 43 yeara |«wl Iweii
director of the ramyloa] clinic of the
Kiel university, and hla 1
rid i
>d l,\
fuel ihat hi- is one of tlie mosl successful surgeons of llermnny to-dny.
In his i-liiiiieul deportment nloue lu* bus
performed more than BO.ooii operations,
whieh do noi Include hisbenefieenl labors im consulting surgeon uud chief
of ihe military hospitals nl Ucvlln dur-
tbe wars of Ifififl and I^Tu-TI.    Ilia
popularity tbroughoiil tier
manv is not only due lo his ability as
u surgeon., hut to bis thoroughly <>■'-
-g-RlllHlng  the Society of tin*  lied Ijoss
Although :-l years old, In* is phj slenl-
lv in porfeel liunUli. and his almost
youthful elasticity is quite rin*prising
He is a pn-ssionnte hunter, nnd for sev
oral weeks every Bummer goes iuto the
hunting reserves of tlu* llnvartnn frontier hunting for chamois nud other
mountain gamo.
As tin* wife of Prof, von Esmnroli
Prim-ess Henrietta has understood
most admirably how tn maintain hor
P'liii.ioiis to ilu*. highest, circles, ami 111
ilie tnme timu to nmlte for herself
uu honored position among tin* friends
nml niwoi'ililes of her husband ul Kiel.
The. empress of llermnny culls Iter af
fectlonately '•Auntie Doctor."
On* War ft Tell Inn Thut a Mun Ih
UHtlng ohl.
"There are many signs indicating
that old nge la coming on a nuin," remarked an aged gentleman ii> 11 Washington Star reporter, "bul one uf th.
■ureal is wben he finds thnt liis bus-
pendera have a way of slipping olf the
shoulders. At first be thi.d.s there i-
soiiiethiiig wrong witli thesuspendors,
und tie tries lo remedy it by tigltl
ing them up. For awhile tliis eiirw
the trouble, but. in a little while there
ih more dipping and he gets 11 new pah
of suspenders. Rven they slip olf and
make hint feel uncomfortable. After
awhile be discovers the trouble i.s not
with tho suspenders hut with himself.
As 3 ears roll on a man he gets more
and more round shouldered, and unless
be luia his suspenders braced up by
connecting 11w nt with a bund behind
tbe shoulders fie cannot keep them up
I remember, some years ago, hem in;
two very prominent men speaking of
the fuet that lhey were gelling old.
One of them was aL the time vice president of the United States and the oiher
was a leading senator. "What makes
ynu think you ure growing old?' one
of thom aalted of the other. *I found
it out,1 was the reply, 'a-s soon lis 1 (Hs
covered thai, my suspenders would not
stay up.' 'That haa been my experience
also,' I-II.IU4' fnun the questioner. Neither of the gentlemen referred tn bud yet
readied bis seventieth year, but thev
had boMi discovered they were growing
o-Jd by Uie same luoldent in their lives.
I have never known it to fail. Aftel
n man reaches sixty bis shoulders grow
round stew Illy, and by the time he is
seventy-live his shoulders bnve lost ull
their original si/e and formation."
A number of the British Columbia
papers published a two dollar and a hulf
ad for the Poulc Publishing company for
which they will receive a seventy-five
cent book by Parson Sheldon. The
s niii' newspapers would have given a
home merchant the highball if he had
■skid for lhe same favor.
Wbr    lhe   H11M   Ar*    Mot    Got UK   lu
A slory was told on the dock recently in Seattle of three young men who
were eured of lhe Alaskan fever in a
very practical manner, j-uys Ilu- Post-
Intelligencer. Tbey had concluded
thai they would go on the Al-Ki, and
hud purchased three berths.
"Now, you hoys," sunt the aged adviser, "want in remember that it's
pretty eold up there. It's pretty low
temperature here to-dny, but nothing lo
what you'll find on the Yukon. Now,
let me advise you. Deforc going to
that country you would better have
some experience. You may not like ii
and then yon will want io come hack.
To-night promises to be pretty oold.
I have a tent ui my house that I used in
Alaska. You hoys lake lln* lent out
on Queen Ann hill and sleep iu It tonight.
"It Is now ten o'clock.     Dun't eat
anything unlit about elghl o'clock this
evening, Then build a tin* in your
tent, cmik some beans and bacon, ti\
up suuu* unsweetened black coffee and
make a mi'itl.    Until bedtime all a rou nil
the firo smoking and chewing tobacco
and playing ranis, nnd then fix up a
rough bunk on tin* ground and sleep
until morning. If you enjoy it, go to
Alaska; if not. slay at linim*."
Tin* boya caught up with the Idea en-
thiudnstiniHy,  nnd  promised to curry
out tho programme. Whether ihey did
or not is not known, but tbe other
morning three miserable-looking hoys
canceled three tickets on the Al-Ki, and
as they humbly left the steamship office
one was heard to sny:
"Do ynu suppose it really gets that
cold in Alaska?"
Craubrook  has always stood on her
merits, ami bun always experienced a
■teudy growth.
The time  bus come for one or  more
imellerb in South tit*A Kootenay.
Aa   EhioinoioKiHt   Advane«t  n   New
Theory lo Kiplaln t In* 1'ht-iinniruiiu.
lu our youth we were taught tlnn files
ndbered to the celling or to the window
pane because tbeir feet were provided
wiitt suckers from which they had tin*
power of exhausting thc nir, says the
Hartford Couriint, This was disproved
by the fai-t lhat a Hy oould run up lhe
side of nu exhausted glass receiver
wlu-u a vacuum tinder his feel would do
hlm no good, even if ht* had the power
of orefttlng it. and by (be further fuel
that a microscopic examination showed
that his feel were not provided with
makers, bin with multitudes of hairs
frum which exuded a fluid In min til a
drops,   it whs then suggested tlmt this
fluid was viscous or gummy, so that tho
fly adhered by a sort of mucilage. This,
too, was disproved,as Itnvnsshown tlmt
the fluid possessed no adho-stve properties,   l\y n scries of careful experiments
detailed In Our Animal Friends Dr.
Drerhiild proves that capillary attraction, iho adhesion of water to n surface, i**. enough to support ;i fly even if
he were BO per cent, heavier than ho is.
The hairs give out an infinitesimal drop
of water, and as there are a great number of them tin* fly Is enabled to hang
on the celling and to tickle any sensitive surface on which he alights in a
highly scientific manner. __ .-,
a 1. in.) Record, 1
Some of the antiquities of ihis country which find their way into tbe inu-
-,'inu.- are rivaled In ace by a living
creature at the Koo, li is an alligator
terruplu, or Mississippi snapper, whose
130 pounds of substance hnve been accumulated iu a lifetime of five centuries
or mon*. Ai hast. Unit is whal the scientists calculate, and they sny that
there Is no reason to doubt tbut tt was
puddling around nan little turtle In tbo
Mlssbudppl when De Soto flrst gazed
upon the river. The glnnt terrapin
measures aboul live feet Rrom snout to
Up of tall, and drnrlng ita re side nee at
iii.* Zoo ii has grown nol n par-tide, It
Is ioo lazy to move nbonl much, ami so
nature lias endowed it with special
facilities for catching food. When
hungry it lies in tin* water with Its
mouth wide open, ami tlie bright little
red tongue looks so much like a worm
that tl serves us n bait to attract flsh,
on which lhe terrapin feeds.—Vbiladel-
pWaJteoorO, »~ ■■■
—Palouse, Wash., is short of wood,
an unprecedented affliction, and ear
loads of timber are being shipped in
from neighboring places, What never
beforo bus been known there, coal isla*-
Ing fed to tho llres lu the city's pump-
w. F. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Drills'-, Columbia
Phy.iician and Surgeon.
ni'T'd'-sllKlM.orK  '(LOCK,
•UANI1KOUK,    :   :   :        :   :    B. C,
Solicitor, Hte.
HaiiKaf commerce Wilff.        UltANMtouK
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk it over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business ns our work
for last year will show. Call
on us for plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co,
G. Johnson....
\J/ Assayer
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Lowest Rates Best Service
To nil jmiritw in Caniulu rtml the
United Statea. The fufie.t
equipped trull* crossing the rnti-
liiii-iit. Hor further particiilnnt,
im to little, lutes, etc, apjily to
A. 0. P. A. Agent,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbrook
Tradi Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
nil,,11 1, iir.ili'il.ly i'i,l,„)ti,l,l(>. I'uitimiinlrH.
h..ii,,irii'i|yr..i,ilili,„ll„l. I luiiilli.inknn l'.t„nt>
-.■ii, ir,..,. 111,11,1 ni.i.niv lur....'iirlniiimtent,.
I'm,.111, t,in,.» 111 r,,, 1 l.' 11 Munn t, Co. r.cul.e
ll'fi l„! imllit, v'llli.niL Llmrun, In tha
Scientific American.
A liiiiKl-miiioir ilin*-iritii-il it-i'cViv. I.nrun-it olf.
nil'itiii'i nl nm* hi n-niil!.* innrm-l, 'liTinrl. f:la
■.■•■ii ; I--111 iinmlliMI.  Hold tiy nil iiiiwhIi'iiIith.
MUNN SCo.38,B"«""'* Hew York
iiiiiui-ii niiii-ii. ina v st, Wrtf.ii mm-in, 0. u.
* <*>->fT$j$?l 1 v ta ........... . »T$T*w»Mi>n*,!)
CRANBROOK, - British Columbia.
C\D A NIRDHnk" ,s the divisional point of the Crows
■Vrc/AI^DIK'-LNJIV ^st Pass Railroad.
M  Cl^nHfOok  r'as a ,0=stall round house, large machine
H ^* CUIUI -UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex-
m tensive railroad yards.
1*8* L ^*m
fl Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South Kast
Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
i tions of South East Kootenay.
W ■$ nt
v^ Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I. O. 0. F. Block     Cranbrook, B. C.
y* Notice dt
To holders of Mining Stock In any British Columbia or Republic Co.'s
1 am how in a position to give holders of mining stock the best brokerage service
ever i n tr oil n ceil into Kast Kootenay. I have connections arranged In Spokane
Toronto, Montreal, Toledo Ohio, Boston aud New York. Besides being In
close touch with the West Kootenay brokers. My charges for either buying
or selling will be as follows:
Stocks selling under 5c per share 'Sc per share
Stocks selling at 50 aud under 15c per share %e per slinre
Stocks selling at 15c and under 40c per share.. ^c per share
Stocks selling at 40c and under 50c per share  % c per share
Stocks selling at 6nc and under   (1 per share   ic per share
Stocks selling at 1.00 and over 1  per cent on money
Next week I will issue my first weekly list, so get your stocks listed with me
as soon as possible.
Meats and Poultry nnSSEoTI
.Markets at.
rOr    tlie    HOlldayS.    |KimUrley,MoyieF.r-|
J nie and Fort Steele.   J- m
We are betler prepared than ever to serve the
people of South Cast Kooteoay In our line.
The best of Heats, Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Fish
and Oysters.
jtjtjt See the annual display.
®a-a a~aa-aa^a
►8   (baa.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
(•)♦-»-• -»-»-•> ♦-*-•»
»•**-»♦-»-»-»<§ (•;■»-•»-■»■•»♦•••»
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
1 j. \V The best of accomodations
Leading 2
Hotel    *
for the traveling public.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-ALL   KINt'S   OF-
\*r  na
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and thc price.
■•"*■ Builder v*
•••••Craiihriiok. II C
Get Your  Photo   Taken
and put on one ot our New
Christmas mounts. There is
no gitf that will give more
pleasure to the friends in the
Prest, Photoghrapher
Have yuu talked with anyone about bulldtni?
Come and see me or let me see you. II may
do as both good.
Contractor and Builder
At present am building the new St. I'ujtcne
hospital and a number ol lwo slory and oilier
Cranbrook, 11. C.
| Rough and
1 Dressed Lumber, I
1 Dimension Lumber, \
•> '
1 Shingles and \
*. i
I flouldings.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing .Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   HERALD.
An he wakes nn luja n-tliinl-.ni in ilu- m.*:i:.
Looks   ridiculous  to   ku  hlin   i   In   ti :u.|
An wben iioboily ain't  I00M11  lotl In  ro ol
Uut I rvchon Uml Hia Maker, when be ilui|» I
be wm di.ii. when k* l
11 wuGiit a dance t mot iier ilowti u< I'alv'mti
Shi's ,i bunch ol kiss)' iw-miicm uul.lur th
liiilitnin Mi.nl.;
Iluill up 11 •nii.iii  titan ii ilrr-ipy, wilh ilu' mh
Blily -'	
Th.it Is ii|.t  In) ibi ii.iii H-tiii ibe rouu
11,1 ,i url -I  lorlm clltlfi I ihrd up In
Tin l'i I tin 111 ion I" n (IiiUIi, itnrl ynu frelln
An Un* iiiiiii)  -mil.' Uml  ih. l,i red mm  mi
Wai Ibi    un   t'.l   l .1,  „  mi.ih  hulfui-ii i
III-   ll.:
An I teemed l.. Itonl nn no!Iiln
Boliicboii t'.iiiL'hi -..iv i m tm < in
Kent 111:-1. ) uii.-n i ->.,,... .-,-.i i,
...I t
• i( Imlli ul IM,
Ain'l Iii
An in
1 Will ..
For   ii
llilnkin, i.f llial little
igle, in a gorl ut mtikj
rallle like I uted to on
icb a-lldtikln K Hki-'
rin in my heart an bava
i   to   lln*   crMjr   huuJe.
Montreal.  Fr«e Bus. Ain,
P. 91.50 up,    E.P.Sl.OOca.
Timely (Irltltitsill.
A'^'S Y'Mt  *r   ■ ■■■■■
"II (Kn
8trange. Kmmn. tlml
Ilu- house given id ub
Mr. Thomna Bnllnrd. Syracuse, N. Y.,
writes: "lhave been afflicted for nearly a
year with tlml moat-to-be dn. mil d d-Btms-a
dyspepsia, und at times Worn out with pain
and wnnt ol sleep, and, alter trying nlmo.-t
everything recommend-, c, I tried ono box of
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. 1 am now nearly
well, imd believe they will euro me. 1 would
nut bo without thorn for any money.
.11 iti'Jit Do llim Good,
IV. -x .*-.
"l hnvo n wit viiln.ii.i.. work tm-
tltli-,1 'Uow in ti.-i nidi.'"
"Well wlii Jou'i you rend it J"
0. i*  mill Ut.'a ■*-- CO.
llcnr Sirs \ r,-« ilo-'H uro I n-iia
taken with n Ri'vpt-t' rum nnd contraction ol lho conls ol in)  li*    I
had i" I il"'" linme I" n rl«      l
could nol Blue r ntiln  and wnn un
able In |MI   in.       lo lhe Moor     *,
friend   lold   n I your   min llin "
Ll NISI KM I'    I  on '  Iiiiiii*  i"""   llw
lirfti niiiilienllon   I waa nlilo lo wnlk
and Uie imln i nllrelj .llmppenrnl
*-. •nu iim i»  imine ns lreol>  ns
vnn  III ■   I  consider  ii   the lw.il
reined..   I  hnvo .-vet used
I'lntlNTOl'lll ii iM.llllV
lllKenall,  "n1
.in,.,.,),.,I   r.iini.
Caller Vnu iim.i. I.iiili' hns heen **•
posi'd ni sunn ill '■ ■ iium,1 his iH-iuisi'B
I'ldlitri i- Imve?   w '    ri, n i pill t isli n ll
Inni nf ,.-.,1.1 .1,. ill i  Inn  mnl, 7    Tlml
, v.li.n   mi   nml Inn   i         nil u   I
,,  I      ■  Ullll   . "
1' lllllllll      ll    ,.   ' III     11   I.      I
In ii      I*   i Ill  I ■   I
liflil   llin  Hi  .   ,1
are Blmply kidney disorders. Thokldlieys
filter llio Iiliniil "ol" nil that shouldn't no
there. Theblood passes through tlie kidneys ovory three minutes. If the kldneya
do their work no impurity or cause of
disorder enn retnnin in tno einiulntion
longer llin" lhat timo. Therefore if yuur
blood is out of oidcr vour kidneys imvo
follod In llmir woik. They lire in need of
stimulation, strengthening or doctoring.
One medicine will do all three, the lincst
ami most Imitated blood medicine thoro
♦ ♦
* tin Wail I.iinbl,, II,,, Ac,- nl *
. the Girl lli> Loved, uuil It A
-          Troubled llluj.
* ♦
* *♦•♦•♦■♦•♦■*■♦ •»•♦♦ ■*■*■*■*
Miitllu-w Hallldnj Blghed. Stic- wns
so wayward, so provoking, so lovable,
no pretty!
Itul lm wus mueh ton ulil.
Mutitu'w cniiio from Quaker Btock In
lhc City nf Brotherly Love, lie wns
touiticrnmcutnliy scilntc uml ut 38 felt
himself in be quite u Mcthuaelnh. lie-
sides sim Imd, so iii spenk, growu up ut
Matthow'a knee, he having Blood in Imr
nml Inn- brolhci* Iii li  pnicutla for
Bonictlilug like 12 .veil's evot* Bluco
Mntlhcw's besl beloved frieml, Uow-
unt .Iny. took Ids Invalid wife awny fur
u sen voyage, lenvlng bis lwo children
in Hm good care of n innhluu uuul uml
Iiii lm-. ss nl'l'nlr.'i In llie safo llll mis
nf  Mnltbow   llullldny,   bnnkori over
sluee Hie good ship Ai ;i Weill down
in ii feuri'iil gnlo In the Wesi Indies.
lllll HOW llm lllll, uf Mulllmw'n self
Imposed guardianship wus nun-. Howard Joy, .Ir.. Imd mado a s leaaful
siiirl In Hm world nnl wus qnlto ready
in glvo dear old Mnl uny pointers In*
i led nbonl lifo in general.
As inr Miss Kvclyn Itiisseii Joy, us
idm  Invnrlnbly  uml   unnbhrovlnlliigly
sllbsei'llied llel'self, whom MnllllOW
nulled "Kve" 01* oil. I* "Miss Idle-
wild"—well, she, too, luul mnde n s	
eessful siiirl Iii lifo after Ilu inner
of ift-lrls. she wus 10 ("Jusi Imlf my
nge," Matthew often dismally reflect,
cd). she imd charm with ull its powor
of winning love, she wus coquette to
the linger tips, and slie wns imist fnir
In see. Besides nil this she wns n lllile
lilt of uu heiress, nml uiuny swuius
enme riding by.
Matthew watched all this with n patient sort of despair. "Pool!" lie culled
himself, with very hourly self contempt.
It wns to t|iinsh n dnrllng pinn of his
pretty sister's thnt Howard stalked into Miuiliew's ollice one moruiug, his
brow wrinkled in u portentous frown.
"Mm," ho suld abruptly, "ii seems to
me Evelyn bus been spending money
liko llie deuce lately, llnven'l you
boou letting her draw lur interest
ahead of time?"
"Sometimes slie bus nntk'tpiited a
little." ho suld slowly, "inu ii Is uo
great Inaiter."
"But it Is very Imd for her," suid
Howard, wiih n parental ulr. "You
know yourself, Mat. slie bus no more
idea of business Hiuu a luillerily. she
ou^lit to lenril lo live wilhin Inr lu
conic. And she Is becoming quite reek
less nbonl money muttera nnd—olliei
Matthew pricked up his enrs. "Whal
other things?"
"Why, it is chielly Hint pinywrlllng
fellow, Duvnl. Hi* hns n coiuedy to be
lll'iilllft-hl  nut  iu  N'CW   Veil,   lln.vl   wneli.
and ubout 20 young people here pro
pose to make up a puny for tlio 'ilrsi
night.' Evolyu is- among tliem; They
imve u rather good chnperou. us it imp
pens, but"—
"She must nol go." sul.l Matthew.
"1 thought you'd see il il.nl wny."
Howard replied, wilii ;i iniislietl ulr.
"Sn nil you huve tn do When she do-
ninn.ls money for lids expedition is in
sny 'Nn.* Vnu can do ibis because she
bus overdrawn her nccouut."
Two or three duys nftor this visit nf
Hownrd's Miss Idlowlld went down
town to see Matthew in liis olBee nl the
hunk "on business," ns she snid do
"Give Hie poor cripple a dime?" she
snid in her absurd wny.
"Certainly," raild Matthew, with
grave pollleness, nud lm I   ', n Url-jUt
new .lime nut of II little ri il if ,-,.;; i
flesh from ihe mint and handed ii ;.i
Imr. So nhe looked n little disconcerted
nnd obnndoucd tliis uievlmd or attack.
"Matthew, I nm bankrupt. Insolvent,
forced tn make nn nsslgnmcnt." she
suid In n plaintive, spoiled child lone.
"I   Wnnl  snipe  mnn,'.',     ll   Inl  nf lUOUOy,
Iii  fact- fm- ii  vcrj   Bpeclal  purpose,
•Mny I have It?"
"A hu':" repealed Matthew.
"Ves, that's ii: nt least u htindrcd.*'
Mnllhew   looked   grave.     "Wlmt   Is
Ibe    speeinl    pmrnse."    he    luquired,
fcrvoutly hoping she would tell hlm nil
nl.em the inni...- sl theater pnrly.
I   s,   ret,"   suid    .Mis,   Idle
dreaming Hml long suffer!"-; Matthew
would tnke her at her word.
"Very well." lm said, mul he wns u
little paler as h- spoke.   "I will lake
steps to this end ni , ,-.   Vnu will Iiml
I hnve mil utilised my trust."
lucenscd us slie was, Miss l.lk-wild's
bend drooped wilh somctlllug like
sluiuio ut these weeds.    Never lu her
life hud Matthew spukeu to ber like
this. Never before Imd she felt abashed nnd frightened In his presence. A
swift sense of his liiielity uud her owu
lugrutlludc rushed „ver hor.
"Matthew!*1 she faltered, nud she
took u stop forward, but he turned
■Ami will pardon me If 1 leave yuu."
he said formally.   "I nm very busy Ihis
lie held Ihe door open  fnr her. nml
with burning cheeks she hurried nm.
uul iu. wnrd wns B-pokeu by either us
Ibgy parted.
1" ' Mnllhew wus cut In the henrt.
Certaluly she tried tn make ui ids
ti, him in u thousand wnys. Indeed.
lu-r manner in hlm wus sn much gentler Hull hu begun In think 'In' Innl
guessed hi- s'ecn-l    Ihnl she pilled llllil.
Mnllhew lived only aboul Imlf n
block from the Joys, und Evelyn .vafl
in llm hubil nf running I" uml mil nf
his hoUSO ns If il   were kor mvn     Bho
mis n very s| hll pel "f Miss Ahhy.
Matlliow'B  innldcu  sister,   who  kept
I se Inr him.
Mnllhew went Into Ids sillily oue
ovoulng aboul S o'clock nud closed lhe
door, glvlug sirici orders that in- wus
imi iu be disturbed. H wns about 15
miliums Inter, .lust us be hnd Bottled
down l'ur his evening's rending, when
he henrd lhe doorbell ring, limn quick
footsteps running down lhe hull, followed by u gulltlc Hip ut his door.
llo did mil sny, "Como lu." but got
up, witli some Irrltutiou, nnd opened
the door.
II wus Miss Idlewlld ill evening
dress, with n frothy kinking piuk thing
over her heud nnd shoulders, Inugliliig
and out of brenth.
"Mny I come In?" slie sold demurely.
.Mnllhew looked ut her llllBiniiiugly,
still holding ou to lho door.
"Ahhy Is mil." he snid. "She has
gone Willi SOIlie billies ID n leelnie."
"How lively fur her!" snid Miss Idle-
wild rather quickly. Appureully she
wus her old self this evening.
"Hid   yull   enme   over   here   wilh   llll
wrap but tlmt llimsy thing?" nsked
Mnllhew, Linking his very ei-nsse.-u.
"Ves, grandmother." This was what
she called Matthew when he lectured
Ho hail hitherto borne such gibes lu
patient silence, but tonight it lingered
"1 object lo your nthlrcssliig mn hi
Hint innuncr," he snid Willi an ei'.ml.
"I beg your paid.in. Manlmw." sho
snlil. looltlug ii little rrlghtellcd. "It
wns only in fun."
Then ho snid: "You will tnke eold ruing buck. 1 will semi lur u slin.vl."
And hurting ihe boll as he spoke-
"I'm going to take ymi liiiluo nnv,."
he suid. "and I waul ynu lu wtlaf '.:::.i.
Lot mo pul It nrmiiid you."
"I won't huvo ll!" -I s'-inimed excitedly, tears gathering iu her eyes.
"Now. Kvclyn." said Matthew gravely, "lhat is childish. It h- n winter
nlghl. Vim hnvo mi an indue.- dressi
Vnu must pin nn a wrap.   .' u.i pm! .:•
lily Miss I'ally I Howard are llllt'ilsy
about ymi.  Come, !..- reasonable."
"I will go home," said Miss Idle, lid
in u trembling voice, "slueo yuu are s ,
anxious lo be rid of me. Itul I will llut
need eilhor you ur ihe shawl."
"Vnu will nevertheless have both nu
this occnslon," snid Matthew sternly.
"Ami 1 will ii,.i discuss the inuiii r
wilh yuu any longer."
Sn snyillg, lie went up to her nud put
the shawl ure.unl her. whether she
would nr mu.   lu trylug iu evnde him
■ I
!"-l u ,.\. liu-." he snid cenily after a
pause, ii u.i as lm spoke lm carefully
avoided Imr oyo ami siare.i wm, rapt
nb nrptlon at tho enrpet.
"lle.vai'ier," continued Miss Idle-
wild, wiih a grand nir. "I will mnn-
up. my own money matters. Then I
will know Jusi how much 1 have nud
spend li as 1 plenso without begglug
I'm' it. I mn nf mm.  I I will mu endure such treatment nny longer."
All this she suld   lu linger,  nevor
nud nil. in his nn -.
Matthew nlways snlil he completely
lest his head nl t'-is moment. He forgo! himself- forgot cveryihlugbut Hun
Hie iiiil In- loved was in his urtns lit
"Kve." he suld desperately, holding
her eh.se nml all his pent up man's
soul breaking Its bonds, -yuu kuow
that I love ymi!"
Then ho released her quickly with an
expression uu his fnee ns i.f nne ex-
peeling the heavens l" fall, lint Instead uf falling llm heavens sei moil lu
open their golden piles to Matthew.
Ier Miss Idlewlld, till swathed us she
was like nu Mgyptian mummy, looked
up ill hlm Willi wet. tnughlug eyes.
"It tuuk yuu it Inn;; time In iimke up
your llllnd. Mnllhew." sho suid plain-
lively.-  Buffalo News.
l'i-,,,,,),.,: .ini.
"Hnvo you called on Penelope since
she p.t back':"
"Ves, but I'll hnve to go ngnlii."
"She got stnrtcd Ilrst In telling her
summer experiences, nnd 1 didn't get n
word In edgewise- about whut I'd boon
ih.iug nil summer,"
Whon Enei'g'3 is Lacking, Whon tin* Brain
Gets Tiriil iiml Un* Nerves Starved and
Exhausted, \i*u Vitality Conies With the
I'se of iir. Chase's Nerve rood.
II is wln-n lis- health begins I.) (nil, when lhe lirst symptoms ul ex-
hallsfiou show thcuiBelvos, Hull tin* body is most quickly benefitted by
lie- use of lit-. I'lms-'s Nine t-'ood, the groat blood builder und nervo
restorative, ll lilts fulling men uml women from lhe bonier hind ul ner-
vous prostration, paralysis and locomotor    uiu\in. nnd relits thein    for
body Ir
being ei
hud llr.
moro. '
l<.  h
>6 yen
ig (no
nut :
ml the
ui this
111.    Hr
' huil
oy In
11 lie
.  C'll
pe  11
I   le
In t.
sen., tlweu Sound, Out., writes:—"It is a pleus-
i.'iits I havo derived from the use of Dr. Chnso's
of nge, nnd for about llvo yenrs my life wus
nervousness, weakness   nnd extreme physical
 !p,   nnd  hut   Hushes   would   puss   Ihrough   my
I consulted mir family physician und two olher
ihat about my timo id life I was likely lo bo
continually grew worse, und despaired of ever
Nerve Food eamfl to iny notion, and ns wo hnvo
nok 1 hud conlldonco iu tiio doctor. I was so
•ccived (rum ihe lirst box thul I bought throo
up. ami mado me (eel healthy nud young
u greal blessing lo me, uud 1 hope this tes-
niiii, weak, nervous woman suffering ns I did.'
Ih. I'lmsi'B Ncrvo food is |uv|>iin*<! in condensed pill form mnl contains llio vluniciLta ol naLw-a wliluli go to form rich, rod blood, strong
iiorvcn mnl linn lii'uliliy innscli--.. 11 gives Hurpt'tBhig vigour mnl energy
to mind mid body and gradually und thoroughly robulids and reconstructs
tlio lihHuis wastud by ovor-oxortlnn »r dim'tiao. CO ix-nin, at all (loalorsj
or UdmtuiBon, UateH & Co.( rorontoi
u\i*:  i.dun   i i its   DESERVES  AN-
Lndiua ni ran.Hia—Sisters
Ureal Uritalu takes n.urlv all Hu*
uxporti d produce ol Caiuda, ISugllsh,'
sinU'ii and Irish boys produce the
leas "i t •■> 1 nnl India.,
Canada consumes eleven mil lion
pound* ui cokir«.d and dottured Ju-
puu Oteen Teas Green tea of pure
natural srwn leaf arc bt'ing introdin.-
ed frum Ceylon mid India They aro
now on salt* Wilh all live nanus
Stutesinen see obstacles xo preferential trade within tin- empire. \ mi
ladion can sweep usidc all obstruction
Bring patriotic sentiment on your
breakfast table Your *-rm*i*r will
l:i*' these i  teas If ynu only Insist.
'ih.* Saludn Ton compan> inn.- placed iIji-iu in hundreds nt' stores,
M nr. other l.'.iilmu' linns have siup-
ini-nis coming. Only laggards await.
Mi-* JuropinH "i' lj-jo ra'      ii'itiiM*-!
Ills clIOH l-
Woarj   Hill  mh cheup restaurant I   ■
'Sny, gimme a cupplo u\ eggs
Waiter'— "How 'I    mui    want     'em
Wni..   11.11   -   What's  Hi- -hll   in  ile
wall '
Wuii. i - ■ \m i in. din."
Weary Itiil- "Den cooh em on er
i hick Blleo uv  ham— Bee!"
'i hi-re ulvit was, nnd never will lie. a
universal panacea, in one i> m* dy, fur all ills
to wit,uii il* fli ih llun'—tin- very milure ut
muny euriit vefl bv'nut such tlmt were tlie
yeriiiu i>( oila-r and iliil-ri-titly Be&ted dis-
nates rooted in the system of the putieni—
whut nuuld relieve nne ill in turn wuuld aggravate tie Di li r. W'e huve, however, in
-Quinine Wine, when obtainable in QBOUnd,
uimdulUriit- d state, u remedy fur ninny una
grievous Ills* Hy its -.'rudunl nnd Judfelous
Use the (ruik-s* Byattms are led into convalescence and ?tretij;th I,;, tlie influence which
■Quinine exerts t n natnre'a own rentorativefl.
H,ve!ii'vi*B the drooping spirits of those with
whom o chronic state of morbid de--iiond.
enoyand lack of Intcre-tttn life imidiseuno,
mui. by tranqulliElng the nerves, di.-i»i.-i*- to
sound and refreshing sleep—imparts vigor
to the notion of tlie blood, which, being
glimulutcd, courses throughout the veins,
btn ngtlu-mng ihe hen thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity u
neccssuvy result, strengthening the frume,
imd givinp life to the digestive organs, which
niiturnlly deinuud incr. used substuncc—re-
bult, unproved appetite. Northruptfc Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public their
superior Quinine Winent tlm usual rate,and,
gauged by the opinion of scieitltats, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of nny In
the market.   All druggists sell il.
FOlU'.li  .\C\I\.
Il,*__'*li  inUi-s iwn i,i inaki'ii i|
sh.*—"Yes; mid it's necessary i
both should Imve more than u
ing of indifTorence inr each other
"Look nl   hulibs."
■'What te  Ue doing?"
"Riding in an automobile with
horseshoe pin on,"
A   Illl'LO.MAT.
Slie—Yes, it's nllw-tl enough to
say uow ynu think I'm pretty, Yesterday you said my nose l urned up
Hi—Weil, dem*. T was thinking ii
shows mighty poor tusti* in backing
uwuy from such a lovely mfallth,
Very many persons die annually from
cholera and kindred summer complaints,
who might huve been suved if proper remedies had been used. If attacked do notde-
lay in getting a bottle of Dr. J.D. Kellogg's
Djseiiteiy (Vr.lial. the medicine that never
falls to offeel a eure. ThottO who bnvo u-ed
ii suy it acta promptly, ami thoroughly subdues the pain and dlsenso.
Teachur—Whal happened to s,ini-
•-,in after Delilah cut his hair?
.lohnn.v—lie gol fired from tin* fool
ball team.
Minard's Liniment Cures DijMtieria.
Vane tllory—1 iiopo Swaitislmi saiil
nothing aboul nm Um .itlim- liight,
old rhai-7
Cecil Swarv.—Xol a word, ohl
man In imt. wo had quite nn in-
. oroBl ini, conversation.
ill'  1 NHOIillTl-'ll PEDIGltEE.
Tho profeasor's granddaughter was
lokinift- nt a half-tone portrait nf
'rim-.- Albeit, nl Flundors, ntul llm
iiichps-s Marie Gnbrlcllo, nl Bavaria.
'Ulni are Illi'Sn people, granil-
nlmr 1 " nlm naketl.
"Thoso are llm Belgian heirs,'' ic-
iltcd tlm professor.:'
Minard's Liniment Cnres ColJs, Etc.
"Miss Attleek seoius verv much In-
tcresjtetl in thnt hoiim'.v rid niuslc-
Ves. She heard that he made
overtures quite frequently."
It takes u derrick to raise u laugh
in tin* oil regions.
Probablj It is because Uu* oarth
is round thut so few people ftet on
the square.
I'iii-h.-rs mul tumblers nmy be
classed as household acrobats.
Minard's Liniment Cares Gamut in Com.
[J It
BROKERS. . . .
Stuck, anil boetls bought, .old nnd j
carried  on margin.    Listed
mining fitockB carried
i       BROKERS, ETC.,       &
! Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg •>
Money lent at lowest rates.
Stocks and bonds bought and sold. JJ
i? Hallway and olhor farm lands in w
A) Mnnltoba and N. W. T. for sale. ♦
t-    Maps and folders sent on amilma- '-►
•It tlnn. *
•I     (lalt coal from Lelhbridge, i*
•I,     l'rieea quoted to ull railway points.
t'otmuy—Sov, paw
Ml     1-itKS-  W.-ll*
  ;    Tomuiy—What  Is lhc dilt.-n.nce I"
Mr. Figgs—Tin' praci leal polll i
mj son, is of the Kind thut does
ilie  * poor   but  highly  respected
Mrs   F.oudleiyh Ves. My duugli
tor pluys lhe ptuuo bv ear only,
Mrs   Netdoughre—Indeed*'      Some-
FiT« Doetoti In UousulUtlon Gnvu tho
SiiQer-tr 1ml Little Hupu ol Hi-i-uvery
-How Hin Ltffl Wuii Saved.
Brockville Recorder.
Among the old families in the
township oi' Augusta, in the neighboring county of Gronvtlle. thero is
none bolter Known or more influential,  than those that   bear the name
Ol"    His-*   I      The   DlSSelll
the earliest settlers in
and have ovor sinee tc
pari iu »\l moves ta promote ns
welfare, ihe sui :l of Hns narrative Mr Sihis Disscll, is .ui,* of the
younger members of the family, who
-..in.' eight years neo lefl Canada to
some yours ngo l.-fi Canada lo make
Ins in.uu- in ti,.- Mui,* ,,r Xobrflnka.
Il* has passed through mi oxiwrienco
(iim.isi unique, und considers tlmt he
*s fortunate in being alive io lell ibo
Tho story, as told in Mr. BlssoH'a
own words, Is as follows—"in tho
autumn of 1808 I sustained a serious
injury through having tin* tine.*- of a I
pitchfork penetrate my left knee. Tin* '  Amn"1"K   Letter*   tieeelrcd   ii
■-' blow Kruger 1ms re-
among Icetvtd yet is th,* offering of his hat
wiihIiId by a '-*01"'"" periodical publisher for
a,.-iivu   the greatest  number nf new suhserib-
FAGGKD OUT.—None but thoa' who
have become fugged out know whut a depressed, miserable f. ellug it is. Atl strength
U gone, and despondency has tnken hold uf
the sufferers, '1 hey feel u-> tin ugh there .s
nothing   lo live  for.   'Ihere, Iiow.vit. if u
eur.*--<ui box uf Parmelee's Vegetable I'l m
will do wonders in restoring health und
strength. Mandrake and Dund, lion arc two
of tin* artioles entering Into the composition
1 of I'liiniele.-'Hl'illfl.
If you ii' ! itTering from Weakness,
Ta ns in ih* line . ]•.]-■ im nisrn,
Luml ngo, >-i n -feoni rul lack i.f \ Ital-
Ity,  i can eure ynu, and only nsk jou
My beautiful Illustrated 80-page lunik
in senl  FltEE ou apidication, und a
mil-   nil   aboul   mv  w.inili'l'dil   r.l.r.c-
TIUC  BELT ami how it cir.-s.
Send fm- it today,
De. M. 15, McLaughlin
+.»+».+«■+... f..,...+■*+*■+... f.», ♦ -a,
tMOI^EY^—.  t
ly healed, hut I .inl
noi enjoy the boiuq health I Imd previous io the accident, and It was hut
a shoii time before 1 wns compelled
Lo toko lo my bod on account of i x-
irutlatlng pains in my limbs nml
KifiTuess in my Joints. A dorlor \*.as
culled in, nnd he lanced the knoo
three times, nnd then tuid mc the
trouble wns hlood poisoning, lie
treated im* fm* some iim,- Inn I
steud'ly grew worse, nnd Iinally live
physicians wen* called in for consultation. My entire system seemed to
be alYeiied, nnd lhe doctors said the
trouble had roached one of mv lungs
and tlmt they eould hold out hut tilth* hope of my recovery.     After m-
ig   ill   bed   for   eleven   weeks,     I
deeidid  ih.it.  I   would return  to   my
ohl  home j-*, Cniinilu.    I  wus so unuh
run down, and so weak (hal   II    wns
(pieslinn whether  I   would liu*    to
ach there,   bul    I wns nevertheless
determined io malt i effort  to    do
Al'tei* u long 'Hey under I lies,*
mosl  trying circumstances, I reached
I was su used up. and
presented such nn enmcinted uppenr-
ih.v Unit mv friends hud no thought
thui. I  would recover   I  i d io
drag along in this condition ior soveral months, when one dny u eousln
nsked uie why I did nol try Pr.
Williams'   I'ink   Pills.    I   wns   willing
to try nny medicine iimi  wns likely
lo run* m.*, nnd I s,-nt I'm* ll supply
of lhe pills. After I Imd been using
Uie pills for aboul ihree weeks I felt
un improvement in my eondll ion.
From   thai   timu   I   gradually    grew
hei ier:   new   hi I     seemed  coursing
ihrough my voilifl, He* si illness iu my
Joints disappeared, mid Hie agonizing pains which had so long tortured
me, vanished. 1 look in nil ten or
twelve boxes of Hr. Williams' Pink
Pills, nml 1 lum* no hesitation in
snylng Umi I believe tbey saved my
life, for when I ralurned lo Canada.
1 had no hope of recuvcry.
Mr. Bissell Ims since returned io
his old home nt Lincoln, Neb., but
the statements made nhovo inn In*
vouched for l.y nny ol' his friends in
this section und h.v ull of tlie neigh
bors in the vicinity of his old home
hr. Williams' Pink Pills run- kucIi
apparently hnpoUss cases ns Mr
llissill's. because thej muke new,
rit'li, red hlood. uud thus reach tin-
root of tin* trouble. These pills ure
the only medicine offered Uie puhlii
Unit call show u record nf such marvellous eures after doctors Imd failed
U you nre ut ull unwell this uicdi-
cino will restore you to health. hm
be sure you get ihe genuine with th*
full name "Dr.    Williams' Pink fill
for Pule People," on the Wl'llppei
around encb box.
iiUhlmter rn' I
First Uurglar—"Sh-h!     There's   n
cop coming down tin.* street."
Second Uurglar—"Mou.se tbe glim,
llun.     We won't   get. enough    swag
out  of this joint,   to stand  a  clivy
with bim."
eli,'   V.
Mr. Bonder—More monoy,
must, think thesh er mint in me.
Mrs. Bonder—By     your brenth    i
would soy there were several in yuu
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
 ,  of the ear.  itn
w»y to mire iliafnes-", mnl that is by ROiiltittl
tiotifll ri'innlli'S iMUness Is ciin-n-il liy un It
flamed condition i.f 'Iw inueoua lining ..f the
Eustachian tobe, When this tube gels ntl.im-
«d you Imvt* ii rumbling hhuikI or lmptirtect
horing, mnl when it Is entirely close ■ <i*-afto. r»
lstlie ri-Milt, mil iiiili.-H tin* infliimniiitl-ni enn
be taken uut ami ild**. tutu* restored to Its normal condition, hearing will hu destroyed fir-
ever( nlliocasca out i.f ten are c*iu*.eil hy i-i>
tarrn, wblih In nuthhig but nn Inflamed eon-
dltlon of ihe nine ob surfaces.
Wewilluivu tJiiu Hiindri-<1 nollnH for uny
I'Utteof Ii, iiftuss (i-HiiHi-il i.v .'iitiirih) that can
not be Otirfld by lliih'*.rai.u*.h < ur.:. M-iitl t-T
clri-ulur-, Iron.
K.J. CHKNKY it W., Toletlo, 0.
Sold by riiugtitau.TSe.
Hella Kiuully Ttlla nre thu beat.
totters tn tin* pension nillce di
injuries nnd the ronsulis why tln-.v -Ie- ;■
reeeivo n portion nf the houutj of 'il.-
goveriimcnt.    Here un* sonic u( ihe es
tr 'dlnary epistles ihat  bnve been re
eeiveti hy the couimUsieuer of pctisiun**.
"I vurlly believe thai Orvlile Jnmesuu
is fntlged from eitriiili hte leiivln hei-o>
lie is inn fntt wnys 'JlHJ putmd nud Imv ii
family to feud—thc unborn Ihluka iu
huve dropsy Imt 1 no he have uo drops;
because Ue wuuld bust if I.e hnd tu lu
sides him limn In* uuw hnv bcsldcf wid
he are without villous Imblts or refer
cucos. 1 uo he Imv solid fut vlttels In
Iiiui uu im dropsy."
"The way I got mv win* lugcry v,n- ;:
ketcliln of a hog. The imi: wor u boh
Inu; nnd mu- captain wniited her fm- toi
cge. We wus ehuslii the sow nml si.,
crawled threw a limil in n rule fence. I'
wm- ti big hou I and I ihm 1 wnr aboul
the sis of u hog and tried to cinwl throw,
hut 1 -stok nml uii,- t,. wlglc "ut I
(brode the rules off nml mir hi: me on
my lied  I nocked uie Beiisless.    1 ,1.
imt think the sow pig Imd uoihlng to dn
with my Hue of duty tm I did uot keeti
the hog.-Wtch sin- never wur cnught."
"New   1   Wlllll   J.ui «.!' Ihe i oiii.-enir of
penseits to givo mo a phila in your otlitb—
i hen 1 wont nsk fm- no monr nitc te
pctiscn jns-now.- i cnu ilurk o. k. l".;t 1
cum htber, or I end boss ihe oihor clurku
niulk them stun n  ami rase dewlit
entile) peiisoiiK Ki-npe them from huh*
luge whosporln iu ulil a ours in fuet aki as
jnueter or superviser seeing uii tiiiiiL--
gone rile."
"1 fust got to he u total wreck from
liver mid kidneys then 1 wits n totullj
wrecked liy consumption whieh came one
me.—Now I mu lutatly wrecked by .inn;.
troubles, Bprulnsnud hard marchiug."
"I gut blood poison by belnge hit with
ii liens eg whieh wns imt good when you
senl my pensen 1 wnnt the Deed mad
sos my wife cnut ge- nnue off il—bin
throde the eg^*	
SKEPTICISM. —This is unhappily un
ago of skepticism, but there le one point
upon whieh por-jons acquaint-* d witb the *>ub-
]ect agree, nanie'f, thnt Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
tric Oil Ib a medicine which can be relied
upon to cure u cough, ic-move ]*n\n, heal
eorca of vuriuua kinds, und bonetit any inflamed portion of tlie body to whleh It te
A Public Character.
T    To Loan on Improved farmi ut cur- •?
t      nnt rites.   Writa io *♦*
"t  NAItHS, ltlil.l*— ()N A  BLACK, f
re oi'portune time to select
Xmas .Jewel I ery could hard-
availed of ihnn the present.
ia ample time to pick, and
!_       our mock  is    plentiful.
Wj, Leave    your   ordering
i?^t   ino late* nud th.*re's a
possibility of some one
. getting "the last' of tlie
selection you'%-o decided
The demand for onr
Ninas Jewellery threatens to eclipse all previous records, so our
advice   la  '..■ do   your
Cho      ng    or.I    OKIM'.U
Our hnndsottu      new
Illustrated tiituiogue—
s.-iti free <-m application
'.**, -  how   easy nnd
-■■ ctorily it  can be
B. & H. B. KENT,
The Le.idiat; Jewellers,
Pat—'"Ihey do sny that O'lJouM-
lian is aflber getlin' to be a Kfeut
,-1111111)1111 since ho got his mon»;v 'von
th' ould cotinthry."
Miko--"FaItIi, mi' Ol'm glad to
heur tlu.i. li's been many a year
thnt he's loon nfllier troyin' to gel
on ih' police fooreo-"
03CTT D 01ST O B. .
{Inia Mar's KfKi't-prolNuver.-.WrSl.lMO i
Dr. S&nc**ie ierw# .; lake ins:Tumerus back
nt half price tf I'arues 'i'lnv ihen*. ar* not t*on*
eflittd nfte; tu,: g l:r flvc w-rtki.
V. Free, Whi i:-g. utj: I h»ve used ' Oivil-
..nor'- for two -a*e*kl for Bruwddtll and C-a-
•..irrh of th* H- «d, m-i I f*-*l  ik-? x i:«w man.
Mm, V. L. G-oV, Winiifi*-e. «*yt: 1 had Buffered ur-to'.d ag ui-i [Run Br:*?!.: * DiHUe. ktiA
u reliev-cd ui-: -A Paio. azd i. ■ i ■*■- -k* i wu
>;r- ff.G KIl*or:hr, *^"::,r.;r--C' Rivj : I hsre
■iuff-* f-d for**! T-san *>ri:L *rti'--ft. ar :h*Tiina'isini
t.1* in hospii:*! for S »eeks. and U5*d alnn-^t
every T*r.:-tiv, lr.clji.ng icej-j.-r;-?^, palv&D-
isin. el-ctrtc i-el!-e*.c I h*tw aesA Oxjd.imr
lOdavt mi 'ee-s.-rttv: r.or-i i-t:;e*fit tLtn frotn
:.yib::ig tlsa.
Mrs. Oagntr, w\nni\ytg, »ys: I hare uaol ti
beo-afidally with my fau.ilj* *»*l]-::,-?T.r sick.
»nd it haacure-i DH c*J»**T-fri; ir.dig-ii-.i'jn and la
sn*xiejler* ° .i.t.-d :a every dtstrlet. Addrt-a
wm T. GlbUait Grain Ei.:bar:i.--;, Winn^p-g.
•ieii'lfo.-B.-Jk:eu :■'. gr~\-.t*l rtf-orts.
Brass Band
l„.w*.;: prie-s-s crer qout-tfl l*';ue ca'jlogue
CO l loxtnUoni mailed tmt-. Wt.lt u-. for any-
thlrff In UtutC or Mu-t* Hi InttnimetiU.
Whaley Eoyce te Oo„ ^l^'Si,.
Mann..,- lur, .1  by THOS. 1.1 B, ITjuofpef.
Catholic Prayer IXXi.'Z&T-
olan, Kelisriou-tPhturf*! Ma:oirv,andCIiorch
Ornatiientn, Kdii^i'lorial W'rk* .Matiordi-rirfr
cel-re prompt attention. [|. & J. ^-;;:r & CO, Jsn-BiJ
I Ua-VAHA,    FACTOKV,Montreal
Somi- Live Newa Muni a Front n \>r*»
llree»i>   t:.\el.:-.tiiii*.
[Copyright, lOOO, by C  I). Uewia.1
While Tiie Kicker is not exactly un
Independent puper. we nre not mixing
politics to any grent extent.   The fnct
te,  we unut   lo hold mir Job us just
master nlong under tin* next ndiulnls*
trutlou, uml ive don'l propose to bounce
oiirself out by letting tie* euglo screntn
too lollU.   We used to be nil ciithtiM'..-'
tie political partisan, hut we lived on
roots ami herbs us u reward.
We regret lo learn thnt Cnptnlli
Johnson shot himself i" the foot ihe
other day while pulling his gun on a
man from Tombstone who doubted his
veracity, but long, long ago we ad>
vised Ua* captain to carry n squirt gnu
Instead uf a pistol.   Hi; intentions nre
good, but he never knows whleh end
of a gun te loaded.
Very few of our fashionable people
are oul of town for the summer. In
the Ilrst place, they can't nfl'onl to go.
ami In the next they ure ul'rnhl ol
running ncross old net] mil ntn titles wbo
will ask them whether they broke jail
or were pardoned out.
We are the only postmaster In tin
known world who keeps his ollice open
every duy in llie year ami up to mid
night every night, nnd yet tliem an
folks lu thi.** town v ho wnnl to know
why lu hlaswfl we dop'l hnve hoiuu nc
loininndiilliui ubout us. We haven't
shot anybody yet. but how much long
er we can hold on te an unknown quantity. M. Quad.
\  M-:i'I*;ss.\l!V  PHELLMINAItY
"You are tin* queerest man thai l
wus ever engaged   to "
"In what respccl7"
"Vnu haven't snid a word yet
aboul being unworthy ol mj   love.'
With our i *!do of filling
mall orders, a man living In
tho "heart of the Rockies"
can do business with us
almost as satisfactorily as If
living In tho city.
If it's a Diamond Ping, a
25c. Collar Button or any
artlclo In the Jowolry line,
All goods marked In plain
5  figures  - strictly   ono   prlco.
Carriago chsrijos   paid by  us
and   monc-y   rot untied   If   you
e'esiro It.
Our hatKl&omoly Illustrated
catalogue sent freo.
,-m.*„,v,. »„*.*.. TORONTO.
t.ilat'lithid IbSI.
fl iw.-'l 1,)*   -:
■-  *. A trained
"-.- «tll -.t.-t.-- ... ■
r.-- 1100 l" box,
'..-'. I'.i ■'-.- ... ,■ -. »
tOMM A*intn,iM-u
A H*AV\l CO., lori-ou.
■   trAVu.itr+t  H»
of -alt j* *:l Ut-.ttlit.
The Only Printers' Supply
House^in the Northwest    *
17A Owen Street, Wlnnl|x-(-.
You feel better after
robbing against se.it, grease, paint,
etc,, when you have at hand a cake of
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
There te nolhin^' like it for removing heavy dirt honi Iuinds or fnee,
And the ur, one of its principal In-
gradient*, henla any sores or tuts.
Dealers in j^ood soap sell il.
ThS •*■-'■•''t Toil'*- SoaP Co- *M/"J-' Mtrittrtol,
W. N. U. 209. It Pays to Deal
With Beattie
1901 Diaries
Call and see them.
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist, i
A Convincing
Argument *&
There i.s a point you cannot
tail to appreciate, and that i.i
the quality oi our goods. Jtjt
"Reliability" is uur motto.
Quality means satisfaction.
Satistactlon to you means
business to us. Am showing
this week nice assortment ol
evaporated Fruits. All new
stock.   Call and see us.   Jtjt
(let a sample ol our Tea and Coftee.
Tlu- HeraliljH nnw equipped with
the finest joh plaut nml the largest
slock of printing stationery in South
Bust Koaleuny. TheoQicelstn i
ceipt ofa number ofthe latest faces
iu job type and the besl writing
stationery that can he purchased.
Tin ne, with modem machinery,
perforator,   numbering   machine,
und meu who have been educated
ns printers in leading job printing
establishments in the cities, to do
the woik, guarantee printing "equal
tu tbat done in any city, toe
Herald is not a country job printing ollice. It is a fully equipped
city job nilice in a new town. If
von nunt job printing, and waut it
right, eiill nnd see ns.
Our work is onr solicitor.
»«**■*■«■••(§, •©♦*»
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specially
(iood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to ruiliond and depot.    Hns necoiniiiniln-
ttons for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
and Crockery.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     2
Picked  Up About Ihe Cily  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
A. Leitch is in Nelson this week.
G. II. Miner visited Moyie Wednesday
Tea tleliciousness,  Rogers keeps ibe
I)r. King wns railed to Ferule Monday
Charles Theis came up from Spokane
last week.
George  Dremuei
last week.
r   visited   Lethbridge
W. I). Hill is in Lethbridge this week
on business.
Paul Rooks was taken to the hospital
last week, ill with fever.
Mr. end Mrs. John Fraser are confined
to the bouse by illness.
Ontario fancy evaporated   apples
cents per lb., ut Rogers.
Mrs. Keay has been quite ill, but is
reported as improving.
The Odd Fellows v.ill install Iheir
officers tomorrow night.
Another consignment of tresb dairy
butter aud eggs at Rogers.
For Rent—lwo warm, well furnished
bed rooms.    Apply at Heruld ollice,
Mrs. P. 1) Hope, of Movie, was visiting fiieinls in Cranbrook this week.
Wm. Small is the new engineer at the
electric light company's power house.
Frank Dickerson bas opened a handsome barber shop in the Cosmopolitan
The change in the weather came jnst
in lime to save the snow roads lor ihe
lumber meu.
Rev. Hedly, of Fernie, officiated at
Christ's Church last Sunday morning
and evening,
A series of meetings will beheld at
tbe Methodist Church, commencing
next Monday.
There is a moral attached to llie lamp
accident at the Methodist church: Use
electric lights.
The A. F. and A.M. lodge of Cranbrook will install there newly elected
officers this morning,
Miss Dolly Watt left Tuesday for a
month's visit with relatives at Regina
and olher eastern points.
First class rooms, well furnished and
heated. To be bad with or without
board.    Apply to Mis. Nelson.
Tbe quadrille club will hold their next
dance Tuesday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs, F. ]•;. Simpson.
Miss Margaret Keay arrived yesterday
afternoon from Silicon City, called home
by the illness of her mother.
Ben Thiel, ibe Kimberley tentorial
■Hist, and one of the best in British
Columbia, is visiting in town
Those persons wbo have furnished or
unfurnished rooms to rent will please
leave names at The Herald ofiice.
Mr. Oleiicann Campbell and Mrs A
BIgginga of Moyie, were united in marriage at Fort Steele ou Tuesday night.
Misses Kittle Stewart and Gertie
Smith bad a runaway last Saturday
while sleigh riding. Neither ol the girls
were injured.
Mrs. John Hutchison has been visiting
friends and relatives in New York City
and Boston the past two weeks, nnd will
return to Prescott the latter part of the
John Hutchison, probably one of the
best known real estate men and mining
hrokers in lhe Kootenays, says that
everything points to a lively lime iu the
district next season.
There was no quorum   at tbe general
meeting   of the  ntheletlc   ossoclatlon
railed for lhc 15th. Another meeting
hss beeu called for Tuesday -13rd. .jp.m.,
at the iDWtiuite office,
W. A. fialMher, M. P., will stop at
Cranbrook when enroute lo bis new
work at Ottawa, as the guest of honor at
a banquet to be leudeted him by the
members of his party in this district.
Mr, \V. F. Gurd and sister, and Mrs
Krickson went over to Fort Steele hist
Friday. Miss Gurd and Mrs. Krlckfoil
went from there to Fish Lake ranch and
visited with Mr. C. M. Edwards several
Indian Agent Galbraith is authorized
to pay $500 encb for a pair of mountain
sheep or goats, or $1000 for a pair of
each Tbe animals must be delivered
ulive to tiie Indian agent. This is the
largest offer yet mnde for these animals.
Rev. Robert Reid preached a strong
sermon at the Methodist church last
Sunday evening. Mr. Reid lias shown
that he's a thinker, an able speaker and
a man with depth of thought and tbe
courage ol bis convictions.
It is now quite probable that the
members of lhe Strathcona Horse will
return iu a very short time. There will
be a number ofthe hoys remain in South
Africa, having been promoted to various
positions in the army, but neatly all of
the South Kast Kootenay contingent
will return.
Dr. Kennedy, of Lelhbridge, was in
lhe city this week in consultntlou with
Dr. King on some serious railroad cases
that the latter has in charge. Dr. Kennedy and Dr. King have charge of the
railroad work on the Crows Nest branch
and for the pasi three years have had
much work together.
spring. The Silver Ciown, Paradise*,
Shtimtock and Silver Belt group, all
carry tbe same lend. They nre situated
iu what is known as the Paradise Basin,
head waters of Spring Creek, a tributary
of main Toby Creek.
■Tlfl Easy lo Feel Uuod.
Countless tbousnnds bave found a
blessing to the body in Dr. King's Now
l/lc* Fills, which positively cine Constipation, Sick Headache, Dizziness, Jaundice, Malaria, Fever and Ague, and all
Liver and Stomach troubles. Purely
vegetable! never gripe or weaker.
Only 25c at R, ti Beattie's Drug Slote,
®-®--®-®-®-®-®-*sMa-® <v-®--®-td-<S-(ai-<a)*<s:* ® ® <S ©
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
t Cranbrook
Moyie ;
(?--®--®-®-®-<? ®-*®-® ® ®
A  111
it Fer
Masonic Lodge at Fernie.
Masonic lodge was Instituted
e last Friday night, and there
was quite n gathering of the brethern
front various points in lhe district.
District Deputy Grand Master Morrow
of this city, had charge of tbe work.
Among the visitors present were Messrs.
R. I*. Beattie, Dr. King K H Smell,
Di. Bell, II. McVittie and Hugh McMillan, of Crnnbrook, and Messif, Harvey, (".race, Mejlrlde, Ross, Armstrong,
Barnes aud Nelson, of Fort Sleele.
After tbe lodge had been instituted a
banquet was tendered lhe visitors at the
Royal hotel.
Joh Cuuldu't Have Stood It.
he'd   had   Itching   Files.    They're
terribly annoying : bul Ituckleu's Arnica
Salve will cure lhe worst case of piles ou
earth. It has cured thousands, For Injuries, Fains or Bjdily Eruptions it's
Ills best salve in the world. Price 25c s
box. Cure guaranteed, Sold by R. ti.
Ilft-altie, Druggist,
[Prom Tha Herald Correspondent 1 '
Sixteen inches of snow war. the record
for last week.
Tbe aune-c to the hospital is rapidly
ueariug completion.
The uew bell for the school house
arrived uud has been placed iu the
Don McKay left on Friday for
Spokane, He will return early in the
'•Dad'' Sprague, lhe pioneer hotel
keeper of Tracy, is still holding down
thnt town.
Christmas and New Years, in Fort
Steele, were noticeable from tbe fact
that Messrs. "Tom and Jerry" weie nol
on the hole) registers,
Tbe crop of New Year's resolutions ut
Fort Sleele, was estimated at 25 per
cent on January 1st. From reports received today it is now estimated at less
than 5 per cent.
M. II. MacFarlane is expecting to
secure a contract lo extend tlie tunnel in
the John I,, 100 feet, This properly is
located on Lewis Creek, nm| has tie
extensively developed, It is owned
largely in Spokane.
Land Notice.
•i' Is hereby -.hen llun thirty days after
te I Intend to apply tn the iditef cominls
nf inn is ami works for permission to
I cany nwny Umber from tin* fulluwinn
ed 1.imi-
ni'iicliig nt the northwest corner of !«t
gruiinnnca utli IJasi Kootenay, iliem-R
ju i-iuiitH. tlienee 100 0 Bins west, tactic
1 elinlns, tlienee east l£i chains, Ihenc
0 elinlns, 1 hence east 4-1 elialns tn place nt
rii'i'tneiil. T. W. U-.ASK.
i.iis ist day nf December, tool.
I    Cranbrook Electric Light Co. Ltd.
§|j N0.0F I.IC.HTS    DUSK Tn 12    AM, NIGHT
_1       Stores, ) I  1—5  -fi 10  fi ,<,>
HI       Offices, [•  16C. P... ■* 6—15        95    1:5
£-5jj       Hotels, Etc.  J 116 ami upward So    1 10
p3       Private Houses    75c for t6 camlle power
§*H       Private Houses 50c for   8 eanille power
10 per cent, is allowed ou all accounts paid before tlle loth of
the month.
Applicat'ons may be made to the electrician Mr. Kwart wbo will
quote the cost of wiring, or to the undersigned.
Chaudei tiers, shades, etc. at Minet's hardware store.
W. F. GURD, Secretary-Treasurer.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Thirty days alter ilatp I Intend to apply to
the elder commissioner of lumti and wnrlts for
1 i-ruiis Inn in I'ut 11111 carry away Unmet* (rom
tin* rollnwina described laml: Cominottclnjfat
a |n.sl on Kast liue or (', Mc A* lam's j>r>--*"in j'l Um
mi,st. Muryirlvnr,and running e.ist hi clinln,
thence snuth ISO elinlns, thenoe west 80 chnins,
thence north 1*20 i-hulus to -mint uf OQiiuitence-
W. li. MeKiirliute,
Dated ni Crnnbrook, December i;, 10J0,
Tliinj daya ar
i hiet ('nnim.fisli
permission local
foll-iwuiB descrtl
date [ jtitetet tn nji|>ly tu
or of bands ami Works inr
nl carry away timber from
il land: Commencing at a
liost mi tiie south bank ot st, Marys river about
twu mill's nbnve un nt li nt Terry creek, ami run-
In*- south   ISO chains, thence east no dint in,
ihei north 120 chains, theuce w--st hi chains
i.i point of commencement,
Chester McAdntn,
Dated Cranhrook December it, v.m.
Notice Is iieri-hy given tlmt -"ji da) s niter date,
I inten i lu npjily tu the chief Comnilsslstier «t
Minds nnd Works fur the norm i-8.ni io imr
itiii-i*iiu>followliiKilawribeil landsi ah hlauil
s tii'itetl on Moyie hike directly opposite Moyie
City ami containing mie nere moro or tins,
Crnnbrook, U.O., Dec. 1st, num.   O. II. MIN Kit
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
Hotel S &
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Kefitte.i Throughout
One nf the Must Comfortable
Hotels iu ti.nsi Kootenny,
Newly Furuished
Cranbruok  and  the District   Shew  up  in
bund Shape.
Magistrate Armstrong held n court <>f
revision ill Cranbrook. last Friday, to
receive complaints from projWrty owners,
lie hnd little work to do here, as ihe
people seem lo be well satisfied witb Mr.
Nelson's work.
Speaking of the assessment iu Ihe
district, Mr. Nelson said thut it hml increased 6o per cent in the district, but
that in Craubrook there wns nn increa e
of 8o per cent, (luring the past yenr
This is a magnificent showing for the
district as a whole nnd especially for
Craubrook, awl gives a practical illus
tralion thai this town is growing with
the district.
Another Kiel) Strike.
Peterborough, Windermere District,
Jan, to—Authentic information wns received in town this morning regarding
au extraordinary rich strike of over eight
feel of carbonates on the Paradise mine,
Spring Creek, a tributary ofToby Creek,
This is the second rich strike on thin
property within a month. The Paradise
is one of lhe coming mines of Fast
Kootenay, The ore bodies now uncovered are something wonderful, Pour
bone teams are hauling Paradise oie
ItltO   Peterborough lor shipment Iu llie
Tbe mil) nil rail mule between all
points Fust, Wesi ami South to,.,.
NliLSON ,„d %
Intermediate Points.
Connecting Ht
SrOKANB with llie
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and U. I". & N. Company.
Connect, nt
Nelson  with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Connects nt
Myers Palls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connects daily
Al    Bosshurg   Stage   Daily   for
lir.-ind Porks nnd Qreenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pm. Ajl.
Furnished or
R. S.
1 lunik nvf.
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Craubrook, 11. C.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon riaking,
and Painting.
Livery 3
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Proprietors jt jt jt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
riiANitnooK Cranhrook unicp
tuu Fmt-r Stkxi.r.     15 nml til Hiiiihoii lllock
Adrian Q.  Hanauer
i|-S02 Rookery Bldf, Spokane, Wash.
llei„t,|iiJiri,:i, for Sullivan llroini Hint
Nitrtli star. Wrlle oi wlte either liny-
uift' or bell,Hi;,
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams anil ilrivers furnished for any
point in tlle district.
Manager   Jt    J,   Jt
Be sure
you are a
to thc
Feed a Cold
Starve a Fever
Tradition says thc remedy is a good one. 937 persons m
Cranbrook have a cold. To feed a cold one should be
careful what they eat.   We have just received a fine line of
Fresh Fancy Biscuits
Fresh Eggs
Fresh Butter
See uur teas nnd cuffee
Our prices are right un everything
KING, The Grocer
Night School   1S2-S
DR, GRIMES has opened a night school in Cranbrook. and will hold
regular sessions, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
SUBJECTS: Penmanship, Book keeping, Commercial arithmetic, Correspondence. Instruction will be individual,the needs of each pupil
being taken into consideration. He is a graduate of Albert college.
Bel vie w, Arts and Commercial course; also Zanerian Art college,
Columbus, Ohio, and has eight years experience teaching in business college, six of which he was principal.
i ® i ® i a
Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley J Moyie J* Fort Steele.
®tb   *    Ji'
If -4 f
Capital Wanted
I ii develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONOS. Por
reports and information, address
l.n.n.F.   Key Cl y Iodic
*fS JE3E"^K   **■'"• I-*.    McoU emy t'rl-
^*p5l-§8^ ''''• "'tl'l il ""*'*' ''tl' °"
linker street.   -joJOttrnlng
[lllll Felline-eorill'illr Invited.
■I. I*. llllli W. '•*.i<:nnl
N.ii. See*!*.
Cranbruok Lodge, No, 34
A. F. S A. M.
meetings nn Hie
Tlnnwlnv ol tlm
iPW,'***■> "l"""*
\ Islling brctltern weleoni d.
\v. v. (luitii, aeo'y,
City Bakery.
You have ^ot n tradesman; help to
support hi tn anil get quality in return.   Delivery to any part of city.
Cranbrook, B. C.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Given  .special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, II. C.
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Hill.Inl Wnkli Inipcctor for C. P. K.
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions **
Mining; Claims
lite.       jt       jt
Made by Cottncl
Toys Must Go!
In order to make room for
a large shipment of art
materials and musical instruments, I will sell my
entire stock of toys at a
sacrifice; come early and
get first choice. We have
everything you could wisli
Cranbrook Music Emporium.
Undertaking Al"*
Gnulunto of Chntnploti collego of r. s
Office nml storo, Aiken block,
near Cntiadlnti Hunk ol Colli*
uiiTci*, Crntibrook. li C
Ufthulmcrlng and liencral rurn It ure Repairing
Will iiltoml to miy work in the district
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mining and Qeneral Agent.
Crnnbrook, II. C.
Subscribe for the
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   The most
economical way to handle it.


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